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1 , WM W WWW ' j ,,g,W W3 0 LLJJi 7 0531 Mtg? V NN My FIJI MQ fm, FU S36 H' by of Ky W ps gyx ,, wwR,yF,,QW W vw 'VWQVU Kb W gm my .5 ' X ul 4 J Uwwbfxj , l ' DQ, 1770 , wfwa hmmgsrim A NmL! m7! ' , A , willy , L Q . dA m AA M HVw A W W,Qg95?- qfygigf if bg flu NQQUQ My 3503 MW 2 wwf? Mui PEARL 'N IVY 1970 Edgewood Regional High School Atco, New Iersey VOL. XI YOUTH IN MOTIO W .,,.-M x ,U 47 rf A 5 fn aj 4 , T AND A vt tt!!! ii f , .mtl 1 , Q,-'NN , L kkk'kk' 5: ' ,. K - , 1 unn- wasp kk K sux l as Nm 1, - QA V K H! K A RH f ,L., , I . V: .:. A ...-. 1 -1. TEACHERS, CLASSES AN TUDENTS F f"'w X ,, , 4 3 'L ' . -- .,,. , 'll -,.,-'Ja ,i .. .V .. -. -. - . fi F OOD, THOUGHT iwi,,':s'f:,:s'x:sf1szf' ..,-,fi AND SPORTS a, ,N ,Q-...,, W. .V .V P' ffpfz?5"!' "' M ,mfs 1 2 K' 5 " " ? X f , 3' , ,,., ,, ,.,,,.. -,:., A BEAT, A RHYTHM, AND A I LEFT TO RIGHT Mr. Tweed-Chalrman of Music Department and Band Leader, and Mr. Rowland-Vocal Music Teacher l KALEIDOSCOPE OF MEMGRIES REM BERI G ALL THESE THINGS X -wqzf' T 9 ,1 ,ff 1-wr--? 1 l "'. 1 j1:::?575fSSTr:::" ,. ,..W, .. . ..,, . mvewzrgzfesxfsfiffzfg:ffm , 's1.n:5Mm.,,.,f53, . - ' "5 10 'ia f f Q Q Y Q-N' I CHILDJLR fs J- ' is - -, . - Q! ,, f 1- 5 B an .nu NOVEMBER u :- 4 5 8 I N I2 I3 ' I8 I9 20 5252627 A,,A4,,,,. , , 7 8 I4 I5 2122 2529 -J-wi 'Y I WHW.Jf'J5 L,n..f Y 4 1. N W- ,Www M,J'fMf'fW"Y L W P x I , 4 b s 5 XJ 'Rm I I 5 - ,pf 3 1 ,,, 5 12' 9 ADMINISTRATIO FACULTY For the success and advance- ment of any endeavor, organ- ization is vital. This organiza- tion needs leaders to initiate and coordinate the diversity of affairs continually occurring in each segment of the society. One such leader is Mr. Neil H. Pinkerton, Principal of the Edgewood Regional Senior High School. 12 ADMINISTRATION 4 Reason and calm judgment the qualities especially belong? ing to a leader, insure success. These characteristics are attrib- uted to our Assistant Principal of the Edgewood Regional Senior High School, Mr. Charles McCrossin who,with the assist- ance of Mr. Pinkerton, shapes the educational background of every student of Edgewood. Moving others to unravel the ,confusion of formless beauty, fostering our under- standing of others stimulating initiative through his dedica- tion, describe the words and actions of one man, Mr. Peter DeCuzzi, Assistant Principal of the Edgewood Regional junior High School. Quinta Those with experience in- spire, assist, and move us to- ward what is right. Thus we stand when they have left, rich in their example. These words express to the students of the Edgewood Regional Junior High School the example of leadership present in their Principal, Mr. Harold Pierce. 13 Social Studies Department SITTING - left ro right - Mr. Joseph D'Agosrino, Mrs. Mary Gillespie, and Mr. Michael Schreiner, STANDING - Mr. 4 W Edward Cuneo. Special Education Department Mr. John Schoeller Miss Georgia Gibson Mr. Samuel Harris 5 I Business Department SITTING - left to right - Miss Mary Deisher, Mrs. Catherine Grib- bin, Mr. Max Oran, Miss Dorothy Durborow, and Miss Doris Jones. 14 Mathematics Department . ll fig. i. """"f"""""-1 SITTING-left to right-Mr. Michael Schreiner, Mrs. Yvonne Reckard, Mr. VC7illiarn Pincus, Mr. Walter Andariese, Miss Ella Walker, and Mrs. Kathleen Petters Science Department in fb SITTING-left to right-Mr. Alfred Schoenberg, Mr. Melvin Drew, Mr. Stanley Krantz, LR. Charles Smith, and Mrs. Mary Ann Lafferry Language Department SITTING-left to right-Miss Ann Marie Kohler, Miss Agnes Galli, and Mrs. Helene Barbera, STANDING-Mr. Leonard Chanoux, and Mr. William Lyman English Department SITTING-left to right-Mrs, Katherine Daugherty, Mrs. Mary Fouhey, Mrs. Peggy Fern, and Miss Janet Anderson, STANDING-Mr. Wallace Sickler, Mr. William Lyman, Mr. Lee Tomasello, and Mr. Rudolph Levak Seventh Grade SEATED-left to right-Mr. Spitalieri, Mrs. Marshall, Miss DiNatali, Mrs. Wolff, and Mr. Petitti, STANDING-Mr. Cantor, Mr. Jewell, Mt, Sewter, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Finlin, and Mr. Welsh Eighth Grade FRONT ROW-left to right-Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Lawley, Miss Errera, and Mr. Bermudez, SECOND ROW-Mr. McCundless, Miss Shuti, Mr. Ruberton, Mr. Troop, and Mr. Taylor, THIRD ROW-Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Switenko, Mr. Newman, and Mr. Charney i is L Women's Physical Education Department Men's Phy LEFT TO RIGHT-Mt. James Ingles, Mr. Wilmer Black, Mr. Lewis Tezak, and Mr. Russell Bates STANDING-left to right-Miss Gloria Melendez, and Miss Emiko Kaneshiki KNEELING-Mrs. Hazel May, Mrs. Joan Maguet, and Mrs. Lorraine Hawn sical Education Department 9 Homemaking Department lllixif X -K, x J ,4 ry x ' ,fy , ' im 123 f L X A 1 . X I 1 l .Y N ,Q L x fi . DX D? ' 4 Ng ' f--.X J E l Q SDN, , -, rj nn ll V xv K .1 . A J xr XXQ A X XVX X A t 3 EQ PM , ,. X .I N X X LEFT TO RIGHT-Mrs. Janet Kramer, and Mrs. LEFT TO RIGHT-Mrs. Frances Paxton, and Mrs. , Delores Fiori Elizabeth Sacker Industrial Department f, We f f Pi M MSL aj? f U f A of Q 1 at A Aw .f tw HV b Q N or . 1 4519! , - - ' ff R2 f?-1 U .4 tff D Xp Y ,,jiA6"1lXx . aff" X, 1 M , ,I 0. if X X, fwifl-W xr N 2 JA XM nk K 1 X 1 259.4 ,FH Al ,X-sf, X Ara .1 Q"-up f ,iw l 'U'D"I"Y ,5 if ' 1 xx ,X ll ly, ,NJN .1 . at K ,SSE V XA S V .A V-qv' l Q 'Q' , jx, . . X, f ", Fa - . XX. X: , 'ft J 1 L31 'l I U E l 055 ., f fu ill' tiby KR fy 'W rv ,Tw XA J' . . 3 1 gf, Xl ,af A ll! : V JI , -as 1 v X rv H A r ,, ,, qi J A , ' , :X 4 ,f 4: 7 ' . rf :nf K ' J we My ,,f, f I Jr KE M X, A af N 7 if f ' V h fajw A 1 X 1- ywlerf NU , ., J, ' fxfxv -if 1" V fi? 54 I '15 -,ri ML! 354.5 Vf , , ::: J 'V SITTING-left to right-Mr. Glenn McCracken, and Mr. Edward Fanz, ' STANDING-Mr. Robert Turner, and Mr. Walter Knott 19 X, - X x XM I l l 2 l l nowmenvmr 'ffgg' X voammnmuoe -as Guidance Department . Y as J LEFT TO RIGHT - Mrs. Marjorie Driscoll - Guidance Counselor to the Edgewood Regional Senior High School, and Mrs. Eleanor Tischler - Guidance Counselor to the Edgewood Regional Junior School. 'wa 20 Mr. William Lavin - Guidance Chairman to the Edgewood Regional Iunior School. LEFT TO RIGHT - Mr. Carl Rickershauser - Guidance Chairman ro the Edgewood Regional Senior High School, and Mr. Joseph Johnson - Guidance Counselor ro the Edgewood Regional Senior High School. Department Heads Mr. Anthony Narducci Supervisor of Instruction Mr. John Keenan Athletic Director and Snpervifor of Physical Education A Mr. Peter Anneski Learning Difahilitiex Specialist N Mrs. Pauline Richie Librarian f Mrs. Esther Dextz Y A A L Senior High School Nnrye 45-v iv l fl as , if l 3. ,. Mrs. Loretta Canralupo Iiinior School N nrxe 1 . Secretaries we ,, Q Bw :Q-V Mrs. Elinore McFerren-Principals Secretary of the Edgewood MIS- Catherine BIQCSE'-RCCCPfi0I1iSf Regional Senior High School Mrs. Dorothy Knight-Assistant Principals Secretary of the Edgewood Regional Senior High School Mrs. Marianne Bramante-Register Mrs. Margaret Buscerni-Teacher's Aid Mrs, Mary Thomas--Principals Secre- tary to the Edgewood Regional junior High School 1 Mrs. Ruth Zoppel-Guidance Secretary to the Edgewood Regional Senior High School Mrs. Edith Hudson-Guidance Secre- tary to the Edgewood Regional junior High School 'r Mrs. Lois Cozzi-Assistant Principa1's Secretary to the Edgewood Regional Junior High School SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Mr. Leonard A. Westman I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of member of a board of education, according to the best of my ability, and that I possess the qualifications prescribed for such office. These words, spoken by each school board member, symbolize the virtue, ability, and sincerity required for their appointment to such an office. Activities in which members of the Board of Education take an active part are the juvenile Committee and the Teachers- Board Relations Committee. BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT-SITTING-Mrs. McClain, Mrs. Middleman, Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. Sulli- van-Board of Education Secretary, and Mrs. Jacovelli. STANDING-Mr. Dawson, Sr., Mr. Ragan, Mr. Leonard A. Wlestman-Superintendent, Mr. Woloszyn, Mr. Mauriello, Sr., and Mr. Shaw ORGANIZATIGNS Yearbook Peggy Falzarano-Editor and Mr. Cuneo--Advisor i I ILI Creativity, inspiration, imagination, motiva- tion, and work equals Pearl 'N Ivy '70, These qualities are manifested in the yearbook staff. We, of the Pearl 'N Ivy wish to use and develop these qualities to produce a yearbook which weaves a tapestry of memories for all our fellow class members. Fannie Daniel-Photography Editor Nancy DeLaurentis-Typist LEFT TO RIGHT-Dante Mammucari, joe Liberta--Sports Editor, and joe Mauriello Staff Yearbook Staff 1970 and Advisor, Theresa Hermann- Business Manager Mr. Edward Cuneo UE' Karen Kampmever-Ads and 4 A Margi Anderson-Senior Section Soccora Veasey-Literary Editor I ef Hui mic A Nadine Sabin, and Ifathy Zito xr 727 27 Student Government Officers 3' David Weaver-Prexident 'HV- Joseph Tedesco-Treamrer Donna Fonte Corresponding Secretary john Volpa-Vice-Prexident Linda Conner Recording Secretary 1. "Given ,L H f , . Student Government Representatives Members are as follows: KNEELING-Donna Fonte CCorresponding Secretaryj, STANDING - David Weaver CPresidentD, FRONT ROW-left to right - Linda Conner CRecording Secretaryb, Pauline Finkelstein, Vicki Lombardo, Lori Stella, Naomi Evers, Carol Grimmie, Kathy Myers, Robin Fuhrer, john Wiggins, Gloria Wiggins, Che-Che Burpee, and Donald Errera, STANDING-Mr. Ford CAd- visorb, SECOND ROW-Anita Fonseca, Gail Pas- sarella, Nadine Sabin, Angelus Intesstimoni, Margie Anderson, Joan McGuckin, Teresa Campione, Haneef Ali, Patricia Fonte, Barbara Beeks, and Betty jean Clark, THIRD ROW - Linda Lee, Paula Gray, Stephanie Armstrong, Nancy Gaspero, June Furgione, Barbara Errera, Patricia DelCamp, Donna Young, and Anna Grasso, FOURTH ROW-Sally Battling, Linda Wolfe, Donna Totora, Joe Testa, Phillip Pizzi, Randy Peddle, and Anthony Draft, NOT PRESENT -David Gibbs, Joe Tedesco CTreasurerD , john Volpa CVice-Presidentj, Susan Fonte, Lynn Wiley, Larry Parker, Anthony Tedesco, and Diane Gaines Student Government Advisor Mr. Ford Responsibility, loyalty, patience, and in- terest are principles manifested in our Stu- dent Government Advisor, Mr. Ford. He, our Student Government Officers, and Rep- resentatives have encouraged initiative and school spirit. "Democracy in Action," these Words represent this year's Student Govern- ment activities and the leadership recognized by our fellow students. National Honor Society Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - KNEELING - left to right - Linda Conner, Nadine Sabin, Barbara Finkelstein, and June Furgione, SECOND ROW -- Peggy Falzarano, Eileen Schliefer, Ron Finizio, Donna Young, Frank DelGuercio, Barbara Maccaroni, Joan Ervin, Barbara Errera, Donna Fonte, and Lynn Wiley, THIRD ROW - Jeanne Nardone, Ursula Bresser, Linda Moffa, Denise Williams, Teresa Campione, Carol Soisrmann, Linda Conte, Cynthia Culver, and Haneef Ali, FOURTH ROW - Dominic Perna, Anna C. Grasso, Joann Sutton, Linda Wolfe, Gaetan Panarello, Dennis Fitting, Joy Seamon, Albert DiGerolamo, Linda Kolasa, and Sally Bartling. P,,,.E,.,,?f c f Z C O I3 Future Nurses The girls who make up the Future Nurses Club are guided by the wisdom and talent of Mrs. Esther Deitz. Members are as follows - FRONT ROW - left to right - Linda Lynch Nancy Pierson, Cheryl Weinberg, Susan Pisecco, Linda Condo, Nancy Reid, Marlene Buser, and Mrs. Deitz, SECOND ROW - Mary Jane Priesrley, Ramona Stallard, and Carol Weinberg. F. T. A. Members are as follows: SEATED - left to right - Edward Sabin, Nancy Pierson, June Furgione, Debra Frederico, Anna M. Grasso, Barbara Errera CPresidentD, Mary Jane Priestley, and Linda Kolasa CVice-PresidentD, STANDING - Betty Jean Clark, ijackie Thorton, Lori Stella, Joann Sutton, Peggy Falzarano CTreasurerJ, Anna C. Grasso CSecretaryj , and Thomas Hunter. F. H. A. Members are as follows: SEATED -- left to right - Laura Sell CPublicity Chairmanb, Gail Passarella CVice-Presiclentk, Kathy Myers CSe-cretaryj, and Norma Munoz CTreasurerj, STANDING - Cory Trexler, Linda Moore, Wilma Hendricks, Lori Stella, Rosemarie Scardino, Jill Liberto, Kathy Kolysnyk, Grace Soitstmann, Rhonda Scardino, Donna Buscemmi, Debbie Ekins, and Marsha Dilks. French Club Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - left to right - Patricia Fleming, Carol Dredden, Sylvia Bailey, Angela Puleio, Elizabeth DelGuercio, Sherylene Ridge, Peggy Falzarano, Nina Reburn, Kathy Myers, Barbara Maccaroni, Nancy Pierson, Roger Bradshaw, Barbara Finkelstein, and Gary Miller, SECOND ROW - Lori Stella, Betty Jean Clark, Stephanie Armstrong, Nancy Arnold, Sunday Calabria, Kathy Kolisynk, Donna Buscemi, Linda Lynch, Elizabeth Rowand, Cheryl Rodio, Virginia Velie, Mary Miller, Karen McCormick, Evelyn McClintock, Heidi Mower, Irene Pliner, Jeanne Nardone, and Donald Lemons, THIRD ROW - Rosemarie Scardino, Rosemary Altomare, Jill Liberato, Paula Gray, Linda Lee, Sue Ann Mammucari, Kathie Zito, JoAnn Sutton, Gina Rossetti, Linda Sacco, Robin Simonetti, Mary Ann Simpson, Donna Boyle, Fareedah Arzeez, Hawa Jones, Anna M. Grasso, Sally Battling, and Anna C. Grasso, FOURTH ROW - David Bentley, Carole Grimmie, Stephen Maccaroni, Donald Errera, Robert Castagna, Stephen Capoferri, Kyle Covington, Robert Carracciola, Floyd Riley, Wayne Davis, Rhonda Scardino, John Ewald, Khalil Ahmad, Jane Blatherwick, Jack Palladino, and Ernie Romeo. Folk-Singing and Dancing Club Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - left to right - Sunday Mammucari, Mary Jane Priestley, Hawa Jones, Sunday Calabria, Rosemary Altomare, Sue Ann Mammucari, Stephanie Armstrong, Nancy Pierson, and Joann Sutton, SECOND ROW - Angela Puleio, Sylvia Bailey, Khalil Ahmad, Leslee Crowley, Linda Lee, Jeanne Nardone, and Debbie Richards, THIRD ROW - Lynda Lynch, Ramona Stallard, Michael Trexler, Stephen,Capoferri, John Ewald, Robert Caracciola, and Sherylene Ridge. Spanish Club Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - KNEELING - left to right - Gary Bergh, James Poaches, Stanley jettel, Clemente Washington, and Glenn Warfield, SECOND ROW - STANDING - Susan Pisecco, Miss Kohler CAdvisorJ, Margie Corbett, John Barts, Alex Seabrook, Naomi Evers, Debra Stokes, Wendy Horne, Mar- garet Ervin, and Miss Galli CAdvisorD. Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - left to right -- Barbara Elling, Paul Veltri, Gary Nelson, Clement Scharff, and Susan Fonte, SECOND ROW - Dale Toomer, Carol Chappell, Corinne Trexler, Florence Huggins, Deborah Flick, Hawa Jones, Linda Richardson, and Mr, Edward Quinn CModeratorl, THIRD ROW - Joseph Napoliello, Regina Knoll, Linda Kolasa, Gaeton Panarello, janet Granberg, Mary Zimmerman, and Bernard Whitney, FOURTH ROW - Dale Guy, and Barbara Errera. Latin Club National Thespian Society Philosophy Club Members are as follows: LEFT TO RIGHT - Ursula Bressler, Mr. Chanoux CAdVisorD , and Parn Bramlett. Members are as follows: LEFT TO RIGHT - Barbara Errera, Deliah Redd, Joann Sutton, and Barbara Finkelstein. Stage Crew Members are as follows: KNEELING - Bruce Schafer, and Advisor, Mr. David Bermudez, FRONT ROW - left to right - Joann Novella, John Ewald, George Brown, Frank Snuffin, Clem Schraff, and Ruth Patterson, SECOND ROW -- B. Whitney, Cindy Rowand, Deby Adams, Sheryle Ridge, Ruth Rasmussen, and Pam Bramlett. AVA Club The AVA Club is directed by Mr. Alfred Schoenberg. Members are as follows: LEFT TO RIGHT - Melvin Mathis, and Bob Reitz, NOT PRESENT - Joe Schnelock. 35 Hi-Fi Club Members are as follows: Mr. Chanoux CAdvisorJ, FRONT ROW - left to right - Ursula Bresser, Pam Bramlett, and Matt Fiorelli, SECOND ROW - Tom Fanelli, Debbie Rossetti, and George Nelson, THIRD ROW - Don Brobst, and Robert Grover. Aquila Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - left to right - Linda Kucheruck, Ursula Bresser, and Mr. Lyman CAdvisorJ, SECOND ROW - Donna Young, Linda Kolassa, June Wientz, Linda Wolfe, and Pat Worrell CEditorD, THIRD' ROW - Randy Pedclle, Donna Totora, Eileen Schliefer, Barbara Maccaroni, George Nelson, and Kathie Zito. Fantasy Ushers the Imaginative into a 1 i I Y J X High Ground CAST OF CHARACTERS Name Pbillipr .....,...........................,..... Anna C. Grasso Name Brenz ....,,,.,.. ..,... R osemarie Scardino -Wet. IQMPIW -R-----C- ------- 164996: 5252996 ,hilly Peaiffdges Wil1i,am ,,WCh5f zrier Wlary Bonaventure ........ ....,.......... J oAnn Sutton Dr. jeffreyr .,....,.. : .............. ..,. .... S t ephen Capoferri The Mother Superzof ...... ............. L inda Kolasa Melling .,......,.......,...,... ,.......... K enneth Kerr Sarat Cam ,........ . ..... Pauline Finkelstein Mir: Pierce ............ ........., .,.,... C i ndy K. Brown Martha Penzridge ............. V ..........,. arbara Finkelstein K 5 Xviiiw Kp! p gi QT", f 2 l l W M assi F FKYQK 1 ' :X L ki 1 I Stephen Capoferri explains to JoAnn R A ggi fs w 'law ' Sutton how harmful dosages can ki Q. 'Tl fi ,, appear harmless. ,I A ', 'V - ij eff' ' l Ky J up 'xx . Q l 'Q ii' A" ,va l S 5 tl. . Xa ss sxiy L, ri V' Finkelstein. J' 4 ,V 21 , U' ts 1, Being removed by Ken Kerr to 3 ffl await her execution, is Pauline I 1. I. Jeanne Nardone searches for news- paper clippings of the trial. JoAnn Sutton is reminded by Linda Kolasa of the importance of her vows. Barbara Finkelstein recollects the upsetting circum- stances of Sarat Carnls trial. Anna C. Grasso is told by JoAnn Sutton that mercy and kindness is far better than efficiency. Come Blow Your Horn W ,Ax versation. ,..- ei-1 SLB 4 an-2 -JI DB2 N5 55 es Uqvx Em U20 Se 95' 289 N9 CAST OF CHARACTERS '- Alan Baker .....................A.............................. Joseph Napoliello Peggy Evam .................................................... Jeanne Nardone Buddy Baker ...... .................... L arry Hartman Mr. Baker .......... ..,.... M r. Charles W. Smith Connie Dayton ...... ........................ B arbara Errera Mfr. Baker ............................................ Miss Ann G. Shepherd A Viritor .................................... Miss DiNatali CGuest Artistj Gratitude and appreciation are extended to Mr. Charles W. Smith, who directed both High Ground and Come Blow Your Horn, and to the students whose talents have illuminated our stage. Smiling graciously and Waving delicately is Jeanne Nardone. The Drama Department of EDGIEWOOD REGIONAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Presents CN! CUME BLUW YUUR HORN Friday, February 27, 1970 Edgewood High sdiiddi Auditorium 'Q Donation 31.00 Curtain Time 8:15 P.NI Miss Ann Shepherd in the midst of a fainting spell hands the phone to her husband, Mr. Charles Smith. Joe Napoliello tries to explain as Barbara Errers listens impatiently. Teenagers are noted for their idle chattering, and the formalities of The music of the Night Riders adds to the romantic the Ring Dance do not hamper it. atmosphere- that surrounds the juniors attending the unior Class David Gibbs and Linda Conner standing beneath the huge replica of our school ring. Ring Dance. Beneath the huge gold ring are David Weaver and Louise Bay. When worn - this once cold, impersonal metal expresses a unique meaning for each individual and catches the trials and joys of the past four years. This thought lingers in the minds of the juniors attending the Ring Dance, held February 1, 1969, in our school cafeteria. Ring Dance Off to places unknown are Linda Moffa and her escort Frank Nastasi. Impossible Dream . . All the joy and honor of being a great lady are bestowed on Carmella jacovelli as she is crowned Queen. The beginning of - an Impos- sible Dream. "Long Live the King " is echoed through the halls as Peter Ingemi is crowned King. Impossible Dream, the theme of the junior-Senior Prom of 1969, represented the dreams and goals of Edgewood's Seniors. Highlighting the evening was the crowning of the King, Pete Ingemi, and the Queen, Carmella Jacovelli. The Prom was held at the Wlilliamstown Knights of Columbus Hall, May 29, 1969. Senior exchanging memories, food, and talk at the WiHiamstown Knights of Columbus Hall. 41 1970 HOMECOMING QUEEN 1969 Homecoming Queen, Ginny Christ- inzio, gives up her crown . . . to the new 1970 Homecoming Queen Teresa Campione. AND HER CCURT Shirley Chappell 42 Linda Conner ow lf""b Dottie Murren "Y" iw' Z n 'P x 1-df S. I ,j.,LE,5' 4 Q sg 3622 1 vw-.- -ey- 1 i With such energetic cheerleaders, how can Edgewood's team help not being the "cream of the crop." The leadership and guidance of Miss Ann Shep- herd gives her cheerleaders the vitality and spirit that keeps all our teams on the top. They stimulate school spirit and arouse our sense of loyalty to our school. Their eagerness, versatility, friendliness, and con- geniality radiates through every cheer. Our cheet- leaders lead us to where the action is! Most important, they exhibit the true and unselfish gift of school spirit, which every school should possess. Varsity Linda Conner, Dottie Murren, and Lori Ann Frederico display their spirit. Give me an Cheerleaders -L 4, , S , A, my 1 , Come on Edgewood! FRONT ROW-left to right-Linda Conner CCO- Captainj, and Dottie Murren CCO-Captainj, SEC- OND ROW-Barbara Beeks, and Debbie Rossetti, THIRD ROW -- Sandy DiGangi, Stephanie Arm- strong, and Patti Wooster, FOURTH ROW'-Nancy Gaspero, FIFTH ROW - Judy Spotwood, SIXTH ROW - Debbie Frederico, Che-Che Burpee, and Debbie Toomer Filled with pep and vigor are our Senior Co-Captains, Linda Conner and Dottie Murren with the littlest cheerleader of all, Lori Ann Frederico. American Division Olympic Edgewood vs. Glassboro Edgewood vs. Deptford Score: 7-6 Varsity Football This year the Eagles exhibited true ability, courage, and vitality which has gained them the number one title. It is their efforts and skills which has made every member of the student body proud of their team. They have given the school the excitement and thrills of the best football season in Edgewood's history. One, Two, Three kick! Speeding toward another victory! Score: 14-O Randy Peddle alert and ready for the next play. -Ykgglf I' V4 . 6 Attempting to tackle his opponent At the line of scrimmage are joseph Mauriello and George is Daniel Talley. Moore. All Conference Champs Edgewood vs. Highland Edgewood vs. Clearview Score: 15-0 Score: 16-8 Our number one defense man - Robert Reid. Striving to gain more yardage is Bill Crouthamel. Toomer. Russell Cook searches for an open man to complete the pass Racing to block a pass IS Cornelius g . A Team This Good Edgewood vs. Eastern Edgewood vs. Score: 27-6 Washington Township Score: 28-0 Leaping to block a kick is Charles Mauriello. Daniel Moore springs into action to make a successful block. Stretching for a interception is George Moore, Arthur Williams, and Roy Petters Bruce Henry. hasten to tackle the opposition. lust Has to be Edgewoocfs. Edgewood vs. Triton Score: 14-6 V cf Offlnwur fmwi . CLf Edgewood vs. Overbrook Score: 14-0 FVaitigZ2 Y Oiiiiw W I CQ Qt :E Racing toward a goal post for a touchdown is Calvin Wilson. Wiwbmj tj. ,STR SLU E' Q, 710 VN action on the field. Anthony Burke watches the p EXTY CA R' Mr Johnson, Head Coach few pointers on football strat- a gives Harrison McDowell a P i agem. The team's determination and ability have rewarded them with 4 1 a perfect season of 9-0. . ag - .., - I x 'r We're Number One YvwixwWlbiivqw. if wg X,.m1 ,x, , Because of his fighting spirit, Mr, Edgewood vs. Williamstown Score: 33-0 VARSITY COACHES Through the expert coaching of these men, our Varsity Football Team has won the honor of being the NUMBER ONE DEFENSIVE TEAM in the State of New jersey and the Olympic Conference Champs - American Division. They have given the team the spirit, vitality, courage, and the willingness it takes to win. All of which have unmistak- ablely resulted into a perfect season for Edgewood. Without their lead- ership and knowledge, our football team would not be . . . The BEST ever in the history of Edgewood! NOT PRESENT--Assistant Coaches -Mr. Richard Stewart, and Mr. john Schoeller The efforts and abilities of Mr. Lewis Tezak-Assistant Coach, have made our football team the one to beat. Joseph Johnson-Head Coach, has led his team on to history making victories. The enthusiastic coaching of Mr. Harvard Miller-Assistant Coach, has given our team the courage to win. Through his inspiration and strength, Mr. William Taylor- Assistant Coach, has instilled vibrant energy in the heart of every player. 222, ,,,, "21f'i ,w Powder Puff 4 gr- , , 1 ... ,. .. l 5 , 'l' f gif -. Tv--"""3', if L lta fkfrlggh z if -is , :,,,iAx, , g?v':"? .- ,M ,r! ,,, ,, , ' lk S Y , I l V 4 gl 'l l lf I 'l TIT! 1 . 'X X , 5, ,E-xm M N M Q , K f irsr t Q, , tg -15 :9 Spirited cheerleaders clowning at the goal posts L. Speeding toward another touchdown! QW They're off and running Hang in there girls! Gaining more yardage! In a Very exciting game, the girls of Edgewood beat the girls of Overbrook, with the score 48 to 0. The girls proved to be just as rough as our number one Edgewood Eagles. The coaches of the team were Mr. Ford, Mr. Barrett, and Mr. Schreiner. With their help, the girls' tremendous efforts, the cheering cheerlead- ers, and the roaring fans, the 1969-70 Powderpuff girls fought hard to earn themselves a shut- out victory for Edgewood. Photographs courtesy of Herb Seidman, 709 Wayne Road, Lindenwold, New jersey 51 Diane Stella CO0-Captainb, Cindy Culver, and Dolly Wanzer in a mad rush to capture the ball. Girls' Hockey Team Clayton ...............,.,, - --,--- , -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--, Gateway ....... 2 .......... ---R .,,--- ---,mn Highland ....... - ,..... D-, ,,,----, ,,e,,, , Triton ...............,..... Q ..,,-,,,,. M ----- West Deptford ,....,,.. ,,.,,,,, Deptford ...,...,.,. .,.,,....,,, - ----,-,--,,,,,, Glassboro --.- ...... - ...,.,........ - ..,,-,,,,, ,H- Overbrook --.- ....,.........,...,,..,,.. ,,,-,M Washington Township --.n ..,......,,,,, Eastern --.- ......................,., ---, - ,- Deptford .............,.,,.,,., ,,-,M,, Clearview ...,.... ,,---,, Laura Sauders hustles her way toward the ball. Mrs. Maguet, Coach, keeps a watchful eye on the action on the field. We They 1 ....... - ..... 0 0 4 1 1 0 2 2 1 2 0 0 ........... -- 2 1 .............. 0 O .............. 1 0 ....... ---M 2 4 .............. 1 5 2 Linda Burpee CCo-Captainj is ready for action as she swings at the ball. waiting for the game to start LDVYQAJ I' If ffzflff y A jim , . LMA :QQ M as MW - :CL mf Evette Kassian and joy Seamon A JM, .QW 654 C rx jf fu L Coach Ingles watching his team in action. c u 'l .? lf, 5' K- Go get'm joe! Don't Worry guys, they'1l pull through. Soccer i V Watch'm fellas! Whereld the ball go? Olympic Conference Members of the Varsity Basketball team are: FRONT ROW-left to right- Diane Stella CCo-Captainj, Linda Burpee CCo-Captainj, and Dot Powell SECOND ROW1-Pauline Collier, june Furgione, Barbara Maccaroni, Denise WiHiams, and Loretta Sullivan Our Girl's Basketball team, coached by Miss Kaneshiki, has exerted its abilities, skills, and school spirit, which has led them to become the Olympic Conference Champs. Team Eastern .......... ....... 4 0 ........ 3 8 Woodbury .... ....,.. 4 8 ........ 2 5 Glassboro ..,... ....... 4 1 .....,., 44 Triton ............ ,.,.... 4 6 ........ 2 9 Deptford ....,... ....... 5 0 ........ 7 Highland ...... ....... 5 o .....,.. 27 Clearview ...... .,..... 3 8 ...,.... 42 Overbrook ..... ,...... 4 8 ........ 12 Deptford ......... ....... 4 4 ........ 17 Triton .......,... ..,.,.. 3 9 ........ 18 Highland ....... ..... . .. 51 ........ 5 O Clearview ....... ...,... 4 4 ........ 40 Overbrook ..... ....... 5 3 ........ 19 jump it up, Diane, jump it up! Girls Linda Burpee makes a desperate attempt to keep the ball. Reaching to gain control of the ball is Barbara Maccaroni. Champs Miss Kaneshiki gives the team a few pointers. B a S k e 5 a 1 UP, UP and AWAY! The members of the J. V. Basketball team are: FRONT ROW-left to right-Laura Souders, janic Haines, Minnie jackson, and Dolly Wanzer SECOND ROW-Lynn Wiley, Linda Siderio, Donna Fonte, and Helen Collier THIRD ROW-Judy Trexler, Debbie Wanzer, Pat Fleming, and Debbie Flick 1 l Get that ball and rake it away Boys Basketball The Basketball Team members are as follows: LEFT TO RIGHT-Bruce Ballinger, Donald Hickson, Ronnie Reid, Trimmer Green, john Daunoras, Jay Finnigan, Ed Baylock, Joe Liberto, and Clarence Griffin, KNEELING-CENTER-Mr. Edward Cuneo-Coach Coaches Ed Cuneo and Mel Drew. The Basketball team's rec- ord was 10 wins, 11 losses- Eclgewood's best record in the last three years. Ronnie Reid made All-Conference. Those who received Honorable Men- tion were john Daunoras, Ken Watkins, Trimmer Green, and Robbie Reid. Trimmer and Ed receiving uniforms from Coach. Packed house at a home game. Coach Stewart, along with team mates, watch- ing intently. In Action John grabs a rebound. Jay recovers jump ball. Team St. Joe's ....ee..... Williamstown Hammonton Overbrook ....,.. St. joe s ........ Highland ,r.... Triton .......... Clearview ....,,... Overbrook .....,. Deptford ..... Highland ..... Glassboro ..... Triton ..,...... Gateway ..... Clearview .,... Eastern ............. Overbrook ....... Williamstown Deprforcl ....................... .,.... West Deptford Washington Township Kenny in for another two. We They 66 57 72 65 54 49 47 53 77 59 73 61 68 61 71 85 63 89 52 50 93 57 54 52 45 53 57 53 63 94 69 74 ..,..... 72 67 ...,.... 59 52 ........ 54 Ronnie attempting to score Eagles on the Court Robbie skies high for a rebound. w X , L L K ' if t xl X Ui we x X Vx, ex 5, x XX 1 L Q X.: I JJ 'Q we ,X N ,F X2 ,x- - ,., v Vx X x J X 'X X V N X , Well, just don'r stand there! What is it? Jump if up Jay, Jump if UP! X' J Clarence, look behind you. . A ., nun: B1 i Cross Country if oak W S E Wpgf S350 FRONT ROW-left to right-Ted Jones, David Ness, Scott McClintock, and Warren r Walke SECOND ROW-left to right-Mr. Russell Bates, Coach, Robert Emmett, Donald Rut- ledge, Primo Wansley, William Richardson, Robert Reite, Frank Allore, and Mr. William Pincus, Coach Frank Allore and David Ness warming up for the Eagles cross country team. Team We Triton .........,a..a,,.,.,. ...... 4 1 West Deptford ......, .,.... 2 2 Deptford .............. ,,.,.. 1 7 Clearview ..,...,... ..,, . . 29 Glassboro r..,....,......,,,,., r..,,, 2 7 Overbrook ,,......a,,,a,,O.,..,, ..,,.. 3 7 Washington Township ,.,.., .,..,, 2 6 Williamstown ..............., ,,....... 4 0 Eastern ...,... - ,,O,,..,.....,.. ----- 18 Gateway ra,,.,.l.,,a..,. ,,a,,a 4 5 31 43 Haddon Heights .a,,. ...t,. Highland ......,....... ,...,r They 20 34 46 ,-.----,,. 27 29 21 33 18 45 17 --.wrnm 24 17 .-tw. -1 Sr it at ei' M if XJ if A-fd . 1 .1 1 1' Q.,-fi ,?' 1 , YS -f .Tri fi. N if if J TKOIYHIPIC Conference til al , v9 0 .... f at rt ei :tif sf 1 as it it , . X ,J -f if 1 2 WW ill to ig nm M f' J 'K " ' ' AE ,Sv 5.4 ap Vi yy if Fm 'J ' 'fl LV Qfwgx W . ,Uv r., ,Mfg P if in ew 'Vim st 1 ,s 4 -T' K. ' 'fi t A if V '-in 5 N V vm -Q , W., .. ' v ' TW r it y .W ,ifiifa Q John Volpa CWT. 981 wrenches his opponent into a V235 Qi ,X if x . t .. .155 Qi, 'Mew , Nw ig positron. Q 'ii ' ' ri , , 1' fbi Qp 'F f Trying to wedge out of the hold is DJJ tw M' X Steve Kennedy CWT. 1065. ix Robert Emmett CWT. 1151 endeavors to flip his opposition. . , . FRONT ROW-KNEELING-left to right-Roy Retters QCO-Captainj, Attempting to get a grip on his wrestling opponent is Pat Casey CWT. 1365. George Moore CWT. 1413 main- tains a powerful hold in this match. and George Moore CCo-Captainj, SECOND ROW-STANDING- John Volpa, Steve Kennedy, Robert Emmett, Bryan Poaches, Ralph Weikel, Pat Casey, Art Williams, Charles Mauriello, Bruce Henry, and Randy Peddle. Team Record Of 14 Wrestling Matches - Edgewood won 12 and lost 2. Freshmen Coach, Mr. Mac- Duff, observing our Varsity Team in action. Wrestlhig Champs Go Art Willimns CWT. 1481 holds his opponent Ready tO begin the match is Roy Petters on the floor. CWT. 1575. Randy Peddle CHWTJ takes a strong grip Bruce Henry CWT. 1785 at work on the mat. Winner of another march is Charles Mauriello CWT. 1683. on his competitor. Mr. Texak and Mr. Ingles observe the moves of each wrestler. 61 District Wrestling Champs 'c70" Roy Perters Edgewood won the Districts, sending six district wrestling champs to the Re- gionals. Arthur Williams was chosen the Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Tourna- ment. We give great thanks and apprecia- tion to the Wrestling Team and the Coaches. Pat Casey John Volpa iw u Mr. Ingles George Moore Steve Kennedy 62 Arthur WiHiams Girls Sol tball "69" Girls Softball Team Members are as follows: FRONT ROW-left to right-Donna Fonte, joy Seamon, Miss Melendez-Coach, Lynn Wiley, and Margaret Briggs, SECOND ROW-Delores Fonte, Eleanor Briggs, Denise Williams, Pat Wanzer, Nancy Pierson, and Diane Stella "69" Team Record Team We They Highland ............, ,..... 9 ........ 1 2 Triton .,.................. .,,... 6 .r...,.. 1 1 West Deptford .,.... ..,... 19 5 Gateway ............,.. ...... l 7 1 O Glassboro .,...,. .,.... 2 4 2 5 ' 14 8 10 Releasing a smooth curved ball is Lynn Wiley-Pitcher. FT. A x X l,...,. ,- .Ns -af,-Ll xv 'Vx 1-..-X ------H qs, Z . -fm 'Kg ra . Highland ....,.... ...... 5 ........ K cry- ,y Xfveff XA- Ml GN l Deptford ..,.,......,, ....., 1 1 .,,,,,,, 1 fx' ,. Q- 9 N , Lx! Triton ..............,..,.. ...... 0 ........ Q -f ix-ft-X B All 'ww 71' , 'T' X West Deptford ...... ,..... 7 ........ 5 I I , ,xy I mo ix ,'l,,,,,,. 1- l Gateway -----------N --nu 6 ----nn 4 C, .gHzwXs Qxk g-'vv-,5,'N-fa-"U'Y' sh Q Glassboro ...... ,..... 1 8 ...,.... 10 1,13 X Q Y LW, ,N.,,,,,-,V ec:-3--A-S Deptford ...,.. .,,... 1 6 .,...,,. 6 1 ' OWN ' , V , 1-FX, V ,vying lk J B ixw-,-'Q ,,,,.,,,,l. K, 'NNW V UH , A ' 3 3.14, V., f-L , Y ,,s,.c.,,.r ref-A t g sg g Observing the actions of their team- mates are Mary Campbell and Diane Stella. Miss Melendez-Coach, keeps an accurate record of the teams' trials 1 and tribulations. An energetic crowd breeds an energetic team. L, M, .ccc awe ..,, 65 "1969" Baseball Team Boys Members are as follows: LEFT TO RIGHT-Ken Guy CManagerD, Alvin Robinson, Robert Vfozniak, Monty Graisberry, Roy Petters, Robert Pelikoski, Bruce Henry, Skip Norcross, Coach Black, Dennis Fitting, Doug Palladino, Charles Dixon, jerry Heggan, Anthony Cataldi, Carl Carlamere, Frank Spraclley, Eddie Englebrecht, and Dale Guy CManagerJ , ow-o-A Qg Qcsfb -u-CN ccvnmllfli wma MFE wl'lll-.E "1970" Baseball Team YOOQ QCOMG' y 1 YYHF FRONT ROW-left to right-Mr. Black, Varsity Coach, Dennis Fittin, Roy Petters, Dave Bentley, Bruce Henry, Chuck Dixon, Chuck Mauriello, Tony Draft, Clarence Covington, Bob Pelikoski, Dale Guy CManagerD. SECOND ROW-Dave Durgee, CManagerD, Alvin Robinson, Chuck Stowell, Louie Rodio, Steve Unangst, Danti Mammucari, Monty Grais- berry, Frank Spradley, Ken Guy CManagerD. X Baseball BASEBALL--1970 April 7-Highland .,....,.........,...,,...... away April 9-Triton ...............,...... ......, h ome A ril 14-Clearview ....... home p ..... April 16-Overbrook ,....... away April 21-Deptford ....... ....... h ome 3' April 23-Highland ..... ....... h ome A A April 28-Glassboro .,.,. ....... h ome i April 30-Triton ....... .... a way i May 5-Gateway ........ .... a way May 7-Clearview ...... ..... a way Englebrecht up to bat May 12-Eastern .,....,..,.. ...,... h ome l May 14-Overbrook ......,..r.. ....... h ome T May 19-Williamstown ..... ..... a way i May 2 1-Deprford ....,........... ........ a way May 26-West Deprford ....... ....... h ome May 28-Washington Twp. ..,,.. ..... a way Alvin Robinson chalks up an- SECOND other run for Edgewood. Mauriello, D. Perna, White, C. Rodio, G. "1969', J. V. Baseball Team ROW-J. Liberto, C. Covington, J. Kosmolski, C. W. Crothmel, W. Darling, J. Czyzewski, D. Bentley, Coach, H. Miller. FRONT ROW-left ro right-B. Watson, J. Valentino, S. Unangst, J. Chonziaki, L. Brown, K. Williams. "69" Boys Track Team FRONT ROW-left to right-Glen Warfield, Gregg Woods, Robert Emmett, Edgar Terry, and john Wiggins, SECOND ROW-Jack Tuff, Robert Reid, Matt Simone, Dave Ness, Mark Mazur, Dave Gibbs, Kevin Spotwood, Frank DelGuercio, Dave Emmett, Bruce Ballinger, and Paul DelGuercio, THIRD ROW-Mr. Morris--Coach, Dan Moore, William Zoppel, Fred Flynn, Warren Walker, Mark Reid, Calvin Wilson, Richard Higgins, Harrison 'McDowell, Ted jones, and George Moore, FOURTH ROW-Randy Peddle, Aron Walker, Alan Bey, Leon Wanzer, John Bey, Primo Wansley, Bill Snuffin, Robert Chappel, Frank Allore, james Blunt, and Mr. Ruberton-Coach. Flinging a shot put is Dave Gibbs Dave Emmett clears the high lump and is victorious Off to win another race are Matt Simone, Robert Emmett, David Ness, and Primo Wansley. Boys Track Ready for more high flying ad- ventures is David Emmett. "69" Team Record Team Glassboro .....,. ,.........................., Overbrook .,,,,,.. West Deptford ...... Gateway ....,....... Eastern ........... Triton .....,... Clearview ....... Deptford .............,......... ....... Williamstown ..,..,............ ....,.. Washington Township Highland ....,................... ....... We 70 71 54 72 92 63 78 48 90M 98 91M Striving to out run his opponent is Primo Wansley. is Harrison McDowell arching to gain more yardage. They 56 55 72 54 34 63 48 78 35W 28 54W I by xi.. , ,- Dan Moore approaches another hurdle. Hurling a disk into the air is Jack Tuff 67 I Stretching for a swing! i W M34 Get that ball and hit it back! Boys Tennis FRONT ROW-KNEELING-left to right Donald Barr, Gary Phero, Russell Cook, George Nelson, David Brown, and Gary Nelson, SECOND ROW-STANDING- Paul Guliotti, john Brenig, Robert Bailey, Mr. Scholler, Coach, Wihiam Terry, John Ashmen and Harry Kirn Up Up and Away! Team We They West Deptford .....,., ...... 5 2 Gateway .irr.......,,,. - ...r.. 1 4 Triton ......,.... - .... .,.. ...,,. 3 .......... 2 Deptford .,....,...,........... ,..... 5 .......... 0 Williamstown ,....,. - ....,... ,,.,.. 2 -,,,,---- 5 Washington Township --,- .........., 0 ........ .. 5 Highland ....rr, C ..i................... - ...,. 4 ..,,,,..,. 1 4 Wins - 3 Losses When is the ball coming down? Oh, no! The ball is stuc to Presiding over her court is Mrs. , May, Coach. IZ!j,' , . Girls Tennis FRONT ROW-KNEELING-left to right-Deborah Flick, Christine Bresser, Donna Young, and Barbara Maccaroni, SECOND ROW-STANDING-Linda Michaelis, Vera Kapi, Laura Sauders, Mary Woodword, Angelus Santos and Linda Kolasa Team We They Glassboro ..,.......,,........ ---- ....... 3 ,............. 4 Wesf DePff0fd ---- --------- ---f -------------- 5 Wins - 2 Losses 1 Tie Gateway ............... Triton ....,........ Deptford .,,...,...,....,.... Williamstown --.- ..,..t..... Washington Township Highland ........,.......,,...... - ........... 7 3 0 3 2 0 3 5 4 5 ...,.......... 5 69 .,1 V, gmail ll' W"W LJ! JN! 1, " ' J' i if , ip ' W il If ,il , new NPV ' hx 'Ei ,rw , A ybb' V l O Nfl' 5 f Q 7 ,I , fd V y U 0 1 f P I . ,fl f 1 ,f ' 1 .l , 'VU' . 1 H f , I 4 x Af ' A1 4 QL' J ' J I ' if . X' . ' . If af 4, ff G: 1 4 1 L i I , ,fly I 'f gif 'W J ir ' f 1 Ml, fn, Vis ,fi rv I I f ff , Color Q Qiygn yj,,z!'l if ' I I Guard .1 'J w ,i L, - , l ,' r fs, , I, XV, , J f' 5 lv M7041 All Q by N0 2, l I J ' fi! ll , X 70 if f I f' f' ,M jflfb ' l .yr ' Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - KNEELING - left to right - joan Davis, and Linda Heggan, SECOND ROW - STAND'- ING - Clora Demby CCaprainD, Kathy Boyle, Elaine Von Rhine, and Terry Heiderman. Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - Mary Totora CMascorD, SECOND ROW - Robin Simonetti, THIRD ROW - left to right - Linda Kolasa CCo-Captainj, Marlene Gilbert, Peggy Greco, Phyllis Jeffries, Enid Ortiz, Linda Wolfe, Barbara Harvey, and Donna Torora CCo-Caprainb, THIRD ROW - Alice Campione, Nancy Pergola, Donna Weimar, Donna Young CCaptainJ, Kathy Wireman, Sue Pisseco, Jackie Thornton, and Debbie Horvat. Color Guard A Drill Squad Members are as follows: LEFT TO RIGHT - Barbara Mac- croni, Clora Demby CCap- tainl, Elaine Von Rhine, and Linda Michaelis. Aggies 43310 if 5 'CMA . 6 Q? vldwgigkxsbx 0 Q, lb V l Ma or s. 51- V fy g, 78' it .fe xx Qgkgioxiilil dj, lsr' Sv lu- ' if te ,eitscv :wif S' ,, H, 32 M, l ty Members are as follows: FRONT ROW - Barbara Errera .CCaptainJ, SECOND ROW -- left to right - Marianne Buser, Janice Haines, Anna C. Grasso, Evelyn McClintock, and Theresa Redd. Adding to the music of the band and the action on the field, are our Drill Squad, Color Guard, and Majorettes. These girls under the supervision of Mr. Smith can be seen performing at all football games. Their expert routines and precision marching con- tributes greatly to the excitement and en- thusiasm aroused by Edgewood supporters at our games. Mary jane Priestly - Featured Twirler Band Members are as follows: CENTER - J. Poaches, FIRST ROW - left to right - J Trexler, K. Wade, H. Bresser, C. Bradley, R. Stallard, N. Emenecker, E. Reburn, L Hartman, T. Hunter, R. Russ S. Weinberg, J. Creato, M. Murray, K. Smith, T. Cuthbert M. Hoyle, P. Coe, B. Barnes and N. Reburn SECOND ROW - K. Parrott, M. Terila E. Markowski, N. Evers, J. Ott, C. Trexler, L. Aldrich, and L. Priestly, THIRD' ROW J D. Adams, K. Myers, M. Markowski, M. Peters, L. Sacco, K. Covington, L. Lynch, N Speziali, P. Horvat, D. Rowan, L. Kucheruk, N. Munoz, L. Moore, N, johnson, L. Iuliucci R. Ludovich, G. Daniels, C. Robinson, S, Aposile, FOURTH ROW - P. Fleming, B Flach, D. Errera, L. Midure, R. Mauger, W. Alcoy, R. Hoyle, D. Roemer, E. Peters, L Conte, R. Flores, J. Flynn, D. Dowell, C. Flynn, A. Gibson, FIFTH ROW - M. Corbit N. Stallard, R. Lowe, P. Veltri, L. Williams, S. Maurer, P. Pizzi, R, Leach, K. Davis K. Covington, P. Volpa, S. Ridge, A. Maloney, SIXTH ROW - P. DelGuercio, S Maurer, J. Maurer. Strike up the band! EdgeWood's Band in Action 9 9 111. if fij I Z ,M 5 9 fs A .,,.,- '+s...f 1 M' ' - sf----.- 211:35 Lk N-qv ""'F'- . ':f" ,,a' K ff!! ,X 67,3514 ' ffff-, M g if-f.p 41i22Zff'f4 ,,.,,w 1 X, ,,, ,, J. A, 1 'f v-4, wx MMM S W' ' m va, -wi Q-"E-- E I 2 E 3 2 V Q 1 Q x a . Q . 0 , . 3 .. I I E 4 M2 DERCLASSME 172 1175 173 Class 19 177 176 Q 1178 180 5183 181 Class 19 1184 188 J 190 172 1175 173 Class 19 1 v- SF as 177 1176 178 180 1183 181 Class 19 188 184 1190 M202 M204 M203 Class 19 M208 M2 06 M210 Class of M211 1973 M215 M214 Class of 1972 M222 M223 M217 Class 19 WSQSYEQEWW Q ffgigfiiygf A Wg:gWV5i5?jQ N M226 Qi' S158 S142 S141 Class 19 WNW X Q5W9yi N!Qgj' UVM, W wwfjwggw 1 M SZWMW 015 5936? 16' 'f" J 9 fi C V? X 1 f ' x If 3 . , 1 . , ,X I' N Bd S149 . ,Q ff-'J t,v, .,,. ukjb Aw A,A xr , Lb MVK u r' 4-a C2 ' ,. f P-fp"-L N' Q 'HQ at '37 .l L-o X 7 5 'Lf xqfu 1', T2 ,qcgfgbu S' cm kt 1 S- rw? P Kffff -QfH5f', .gg 1 Qf f Q ' Q S136 89 Will MW SWIM? ill will Ml Members are as follows: FRONT ROW -- left to right - Naomi Evers, Sally Battling, Donna Fonte, Cindy Culver, Kurt Williams, and Russell Cook, SECOND ROW - Angelus Intessimoni, Alvin Robin- son, and Monty Graisberg, THIRD ROW - Mary Ann Muncey, Nancy Pierson, Joy Seamon, Lynn Wiley, Loretta Sullivan, and Donald Lemons, FOURTH ROW -- Tony Draft, and Robbie Reid, NOT PRESENT - Hawa Jones, Susan Mitchell, and Jeffery Toomer. 90 ll' unior Class Officers Executive Committee Junior Class Officers are as fol- lows: STANDING - left to right - Mary Zimmerman CTreasurerJ, Nancy Gaspero CSecretaryJ, and Nadine Sabin fVice-Presidentj, SITTING - June Furgione CPres- identl. i SENIORS M ' N dx X y ie ' lo' f , ' rw fl A F f L nr' Kfffx kg e Q 3 15X S I cannot say, and I will not say That he is dead - he is just away! With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand, He has wandered into an unknown land, And left as dreaming how very fair Its needs mast he, since he lingers there,' S 0 think of him faring on, as dear In the love of there as the love of here,' Think of him still as the same, I say: He is not dead - he is just away! - james Whitcomb Riley MEMORI M LJ mx Senior Class Cfficers Donna Young-President l l The Senior Class of 1970 will be remembered by future classes at Edgewood for its contribution to athletic achievement, its contribution to scholastic achievement, and'the services given to the school. It was a great honor to have been elected President of the Senior Class. I realize that my job was a terrific responsibilityg but thanks to the cooperation and unity of all the Seniors, this year has been pleasurable and rewarding. We owe many thanks to our class advisors, our teachers, and the administration for their knowledge and guidance. Now we are prepared to take the final step-GRADUATION. QTUTIQJ . Senior Class President 7 li l Barbara Errera-Vice-Prerident T Magi Anderson-Trearurer Donna Totora-Secretary Senior Class Executive Committee Members are as follows: FRONT ROW-left to right-Donna Totora CSecretaryD, Margi Anderson CTreasurerD, Barbara Errera CVice-Presidentj, and Donna Young CPresidentD, SECOND ROW-STANDING-Teresa Campione, Pat DelCamp, Lisa Hinson, Linda Conner, Ken Watkins, joe Testa, joan Ervin, and Linda Burpee Mr. Edward Cuneo, Senior Class Advisor, supervises and helps our executive committee in all of its activities, which includes per- sonal name cards, booster buttons, senior class trip, senior bulletin board, commence- ment announcements, and the preparation of graduation. orenfina .f4n,cLefa xyalleef jrancia Jdfdlre 'lflhfham Affowa J6.fM,m ,460 Wyargie .!4noler5 gugene .fdlapzzgafe on IYEIYILZCMKRJG you za, JOAN. ..!4JAlll2n mania! genfky War? 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"1970" g1,qgg SENIOR TRIP THE END Senior Directory A Ali, Haneef, Elm, Baseball 1, 2, Latin Club Allore, Frank, "Rock", Waterford, Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Cross Country 3, 4, Indoor Track 3 Alloway, William, "Bill", Berlin Altomare, Kathy, "Mert", Berlin, Prom Committee 3 Ammison, Susan, "Sue", Atco Anchetta, Florentina, "Flor", Ancora Anderson, Margi Lynn, "Skeeter", Blue Anchor, Basketball 1, Softball 2, Student Govern- ment 3, 4, German Club 2, 4, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Year- book 4, Class Treasurer 4, Executive Committee 4, Powder Puff 3, 4 Applegate, Eugene, Blue Anchor, Wrestling 1, 2, Soccer 3 Arias, Immaculada, "Ima", Hammonton, Softball Ashmen, John, Blue Anchor, Track 2, Tennis 3, 4 Auwarter, Karla Ruth, "Rosebud", Tansboro, J. V. Basketball, Student Council Represen- tative 1 B Bentley, David, "Bent", Chesilhurst, Baseball, Basketball Bergh, Gary, Ancora Bey, John, "Spookie", Sicklerville, Track, Basketball 1 Bishop, Mary, Berlin Blakeslee, Deborah Kaye, "Deb", Atco Bochniak, Mary, "Mary Jo", Berlin Bogan, Brenda Joyce, "B.J.", Winslow Boston, Michael, "Mike", West Berlin, Baseball 2, Soccer 3 Boyle, Kathleen, "Kathy", Atco, Color Guard 3, 4 Bramlett, Beverly Amy, "B.B.", Atco, Hockey, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1 Bresser, Ursula, "Urs", Sicklerville, Executive Committee 1, 2 Aquila 2, 3, 4, German Club 1, 2, Band l, N.H.S. 3, 4 Briggs, Janice, "Punkin", Chesilhurst Bruno, Rebecca, "Becky", Winslow Buckley, Linda, "Buckwheat", West Berlin, Powder Puff 3, Student Council 1, Executive Committee 3 Burke, Anthony, "Tony, Rick", West Berlin, Football 2, 3, 4 Burnett, Diane Marie, "DiDe", Chesilhurst Burpee, Linda Renee, "7-UP", Berlin, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1 Student Council 2, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Drill Squad 1, Prom Committee 3 Butler, Paul, "Fonic", Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Wrestling 2 Buttari, Gregory, "Tooter", Atco, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Student Council, Re- ceptionist 1, 2 C Cahill, Carolyn, Atco, Ring Dance Committee Campbell, Carolyn, "Toothpick", West Atco, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1 Campione, Teresa, "Tree,', Elm, Latin Club 1, Executive Committee 2, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Homeroom Representative 3, 4, Drill Squad 3, Sophomore Cotillion 2, Chairman Prom Committee 3, Powder Puff 4 Carlamere, Frank, Atco, Baseball 4 Carver, Constance, "Connie", West Berlin Chappell Shirley, "Outside", Florence, Color Guard 2 Chimielewski, Deborah L., "Chimmy", West Berlin, Hockey 3, 4, Ring Dance Committee 3 Chojnacki, Jim, "Duck", Berlin, Soccer 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3 Senior Directory Clifford, Joanne, Hammonton Clothier, Denise, West Berlin, Prom Committee, Charms, Receptionist Coleman, Herbert, "Herbie", East Berlin, Football 1, 2, Track 2, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Collier, Pauline, West Atco, Orchestra 1, Chorus 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4 Conner, Linda, "Lin", Cheerleading 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, German Club 1, 2, N.H.S. 3, 4, Student Government 1, 2, 3, Recording Secretary 4, Class President 1, Executive Com- mittee 3 Constantino, Anthony, "Tiny',, Cedarbrook, Football 1, 3 Conte, Linda, Waterford, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cooper, Gordon, "Coope,', Atco Corbett, Sarah, Chesilhurst Covington, Russell, "Russ", West Atco, Wrestling 1, 4, Cross Country 2, Football 3 Crowthers, David, "Dave", Sicklerville Curcio, joseph, "joe", West Berlin D Daniel, Fannie, "Shortie", Chesilhurst, Nurse's Aid 3, 4, Yearbook 4 Darling, William, "Bill", Winslow, Track 1, Swimming 2, Soccer 3, 4, Baseball 3, Tennis 4 Daunoras, James, "Jim'l, Cedarbrook, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Dauronas, John "Pyle", Cedarbrook, Basketball 4 David, Harry, "Buddy", Williamstown junction Davis, Warren, Berlin, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3 DeBlase, James, "Jim", Waterford DeBlase, Nick, "Nitchy", Waterford, Wrestling 1, Baseball 1, German Club 1, Football 2, 3, One-Act Plays 2, 3 DeLaurentis, Anthony, "Tony", Elm DeLaurentis, Nancy, "Nancy-Rene", Atco, Basketball 1, Student Council 1, Executive Committee 1, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4 DelCamp, Pat, Arco, Executive Committee 1, 3, One-Act Plays, Concessions, Prom Com- mittee 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, French Club 1 DelGuercio, Frank, "Frank", Elm, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Government 3, N.H.S. 3, 4 Demby, Clora, "Pete", Sicklerville, Drill Squad 1, 2, Captain 3, 4, j.V. Basketball 2 DePalma, Ralph, Elm DeSilvio, John, "Dino", Cedarbrook Devenney, Diane, "Di", Berlin, Drama Club 1, One-Act Plays 1, French Club 1, Chess Club 2, Philosophy Club 3, Tennis 3 DiGerolamo, Albert, "Al", Braddock, Student Government 1, 2, 3, N.H.S. 3, 4, Baseball 1 D'Innocenzi, John P., "Dino',, Atco Dixon, Ruthann, "Ruth", Sicklerville, Latin Club 1, Medical Explorer Club 3, Philosophy Club 3, 4 Dunning, Sandra, "Sandy", Berlin, J.V. Cheerleading 2, Captain 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Student Council 1 E Emmett, David, "Dave", Arco, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2 Errera, Barbara Claire, "Bobbie", Rosedale, N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, President 4, F.T.A. 7, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3, President 4, Drama Club 2, 3, Thespian 3, 4, President 4, Moming Announcements 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Majorettes 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, Executive Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Government 3, 4, One-Act Plays l, 2, Three- Act Plays 2, 3, Aquila 2, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Ring Dance Committee 3, Cotillion Committee 2 Senior Directory Ervin, joan K., "joanie", Tansboro, Aquila 2, N.H.S. 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Future Nurse's Club 1, Executive Committee 1, 2 Evers, Morgan, "Porgy", Atco, Chorus 2, 3, Library Aid 3 F Falconi, George, "Sack", Waterford, Talent Show Falzarano, Margaret Ann, "Peggy", Waterford, Yearbook Editor 4, Aquila 2, 3, Executive Committee 1, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Student Council 1, N.H.S. 2, 3, 4 Finizio, Ronald, Waterford, Basketball 1, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, Student Council 2, District Band 3, N.H.S. 3, 4 Finnigan, jay, Sicklerville, Latin Club 1, 2, Basketball 3, 4 Fiorelli, Mathew, "Hair", Atco, Chorus, Latin Club Fitting, Dennis, "Big Den", Blue Anchor, Soccer 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 2, 3, 4 Fonseca, John, "Fon',, Atco, Track 2 G Gambino, Larry, "Flash", Elm, Football 4, Track 4, Wrestling 1 Gebhard, William, "Slurp", Atco, Latin Club Gibbons, Esther, Atco Gibbs, David, "Jake',, Winslow, Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4 Glass, Edward, West Berlin Glaze, Donna, "Donuti', Chesilhurst, Band 4, Tennis 3, Student Council 3 Glezman, Joan Marie, "joanie,', Berlin, Basketball 1, Spanish Club 1, Biology Club 1, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3 Gray, Karen, "Kit", Berlin, Nurse's Club 1, 2, Philosophy Club 3, 4, Tennis 3 Greco, Marie, Atco, Drill Squad 3, 4, Spanish Club 4 H Haggans, Sylvia, Arco Hall, Andrew, "Goat", East Berlin, Football Hamilton, Lucuis, "Luke", West Atco, Basketball Harding, Carol, "Carol", Sicklerville, Spanish 1, Student Council 3 Hemphill, Dorothea, "Dotti", Sicklerville, Lab Assistant 3, 4 Henry, Catherine, "Cathy", Blue Anchor, F.H.A. 2, 3, Prom Committee 3 Hermann, Theresa, "Tree", Waterford, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 35 Yearbook 4, German Club 1 Hickman, Evelyn, "Ev", Atco, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3 Hinson, Lisa, "Beckie", Berlin, Spanish Club 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Orchestra 1, Tennis 3 Horovitz, Robert, Sicklerville, Lab Assistant 2, 3, 4 I Iannaco, James, "jim", Waterford Irwin, Nancy, Winslow Irwin, Patricia, "Pat", Winslow Jacynyk, joseph, Atco, Band Jaroch, Margaret, "Margie", Winslow, One-Act Plays 1, Future Nurse's Club 1, 2, Tennis 3, German Club 1,-2, Philosophy Club 3 Jettel, Raymond, Sicklerville Johnson, Kenneth A., "Ken", Sicklerville, Wrestling 1 Jones, Theodore, "Ted", Atco, Baseball 1, 2, Wrestling 1, Cross Country 3, Indoor Track 33 Spring Track 4 K Kampmeyer, Karen, "Faye", West Berlin, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4 Senior Directory Kirn, Harry, Berlin, Soccer 4, Tennis 4, Wrestling Kolasa, Linda, Cedar Brook, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, Secretary 3, 4, N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Executive Committee 1, 2, 4, Ring Dance Chairman 3, Cotillion 2, Student Government 1, 3, 4, Morning Announcer 3, Hockey 1, Tennis 3, 4, Drill Squad 2, 3, 4, Aquila 2, 3, 4, Distribution Editor 3, 4, Mt. Misery Club 3, 4, One-Act Plays 1, 2, 3, Thespian 4 Kucheruch, Linda, Atco Kuhn, William, "Bill", West Berlin L LaBrie, Fred, "Moses,', Atco, One-Act Plays 2, 3, Soccer 4 Lauria, John, "Balloon", Atco Liberta, Joseph, "Shelf", Blue Anchor, Football 1, 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Executive Committee 4 Lounsberry, Harry, Cedar Brook Lucona, Eric, 'Ricky',, Atco, Football 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Baseball 1, Spanish Club 1 Lutz, Donald, Berlin M Maccaroni, Barbara, "Barb", Waterford, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, Drill Squad 3, Color Guard 4, Student Government 1, 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Exec- utive Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 2, Mt. Misery Club 3, 4, Powder Puff 3, One-Act Plays 1, Student Cabinet 2 Maguire, john, "Cindy", Arco Mammucari, Danti, "Speedy", Cedar Brook, Football 1, 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Baseball 1, 2, Student Government 2, 3, Prom Committee 3 Mammucari, Patricia, "Pat", Tansboro, Majoretres 2, 3, 4, Aquila 3, Yearbook 4, Spanish Club 1, 3 Mauriello, Joseph, "P.A.", Waterford, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1, 2, 3 McBride, Edward, "Ed", Berlin, Photo Club 1, 2, 3, 4 McClintock, Michael, "Mike", Atco, Football 3 McDowell, Harrison, "Moose", Florence, Football 1, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3 McGuckin, Joan, "Joanie", Atco, Class Treasurer 2, 3, Cotillion 2, French Club 2, Ring Dance 3, Prom Committee 3, Powder Puff 3, 4, Student Government 3, 4 McGuckin, Joe, "jawn, Atco, Cotillion 2, Ring Dance 3 McIntosh, Julia, "Mighty Mack", Atco, Hockey 3, 4, Chorus 2, Basketball 2, Student Government 2 McLaughlin, Eilleen, Cedarbrook Menna, Lorraine, Sicklerville Michaelis, Linda, "Lyn", West Berlin, French Club 3, Cotillion 2, Tennis 3, 4, Class- Executive 3, 4, Color Guard 3, 4, One-Act Plays 2, 3, 4 Moffa, Linda Lee, "Lin", Atco, Student Government 1, French Club 1, One-Act Plays 1, Ring Dance 3, N.H.S. 3, 4, Chorus 2, Cotillion 2 Moore, Daniel, "Baby", Chesilhurst, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Moore, George, Sicklerville, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3 Morley, Kathy, "36", Cedar Brook, Basketball 2, 3, 4, French Club 3 Morris, Thomas, "Tom", Sicklerville Morris, Wayne, "Low", Sicklerville, Wrestling 2, 3, Cross Country 2, Track 2, 3, 4 Murren, Dorothy, 'Dottie", West Berlin, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Student Government 1 M AeeoclA'r: meowpmwnzo vatuuqu. N. Senior Directory N Neff, Linda, "Neff", Atco Nelson, George, Cedar Brook, Latin Club 1, 2, Cross Country 2, Tennis 3, 4, Basketball 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Aquila 3, Dance Band 1, 2, 3 Neidoba, Alica, "Alley Cat", Atco Noble, Joe, "Joe", Waterford O O'Neil, Robert, "Bob", Sicklerville, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3 Owsianka, Linda, "Lind", West Berlin P Panarello, Gaetan, Ancora, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, N.H.S. 3, 4, Mt. Misery Club 3, 4 Peddle, Randall, "Randy", West Berlin, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Captain 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Executive Committee 3, 4 i Pendergrass, Paula, Atco Perna, Dominic, Rosedale, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee 3, Mock Elections 3, Mt. Misery Club, Vice President Petrillo, Loretta, "Ret", Spanish Club 1, Drama Club 2, Musical Production 2, Exemtive Committee 2, Basketball 2, Softball 2, Cotillion 2 Petters, LeRoy, Blue Anchor, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Captain 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Pratt, Alberta, "Betty", Sicklerville, Hockey 1, French Club 1, Senior Choir 1 Prokosa, Harry, "Moon", Atco, Soccer 2, 3, 4, German Club 1, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespian 3, 4 R Rania, Armond, West Berlin Rech, Elaine, Hammonton Roberts, Carol, "Carol", Berlin Robinson, Paul, "Paul", Williamstown junction, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, Track 3 Russ, Everette, "Junior", West Atco, Color Guard S Schaffer, Charles, "Sweathog", West Berlin, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, 3 Schneider, jackie, "Kraut", Atco Scott, Dianne, "Di", Atco, Student Government 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2 Shepherd, Lillie, "Babydoll", Sicklerville Shone, Paul, Albion Simone, Kathy, "Kathy", Atco Snively, Mary, "Mare,', Elm, Executive Committee 1, Freshman Dance 1, Ring Dance 3 Snively, Stephen, "Steve", Elm Snuffin, William, "Butch", Atco, Soccer 3, 4, Track 3, 4 Soistman, Carol, 'Summy", Waterford Spotwood, Linda, "Lynn", Winslow, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Softball 2, Student Government 3, Executive Committee 2, 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Spradley, Diane, Atco Spradley, Frank, "Sprad", West Atco, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4 Stella, Diane, "Stella", Transboro, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Ring Dance Committee 3 Strack, Debra, "Debbie CStar-Trekj ", Sicklerville Stroud, Steve, Berlin Senior Directory T Talley, Clifford, West Atco, Football 1 Talley, Daniel, "Talley", West Atco, Football 4, Tri-Captain 4 Tamburrino, Cheryle, "Cher", West Berlin Taylor, Mary, "Bep", Atco, Basketball 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Drill Squad 3, Color Guard 3, 4, Ring Dance Committee 3, S.D.S. Tedesco, joseph, "Little joe", Atco, Wrestling 2, Soccer 3, 4, Executive Committee 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Student Government Treasurer 4 Testa, Joseph, "Tuke", Tansboro, Spanish Club 1, Student Government 1, 4, Baseball 2, Executive Committee 4 Totora, Donna, "Donna", Hammonton, Executive Committee 1, 3, Drill Squad 2, 3, 4, Aquila 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, One-Act Plays 2, 3, Class Secretary 4, Student Govem- ment 4, Mt. Misery 3, 4 Tuff, jack, "jackie", Chesilhurst U Unangst, Stephen, "Steve", West Berlin, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3, 4 V Valentine, James, "Jim Bo", Cedar Brook, Track 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Valentino, Rudolph, "Sheik", Cedar Brook Vandegrift, Elaine, "Ace", Atco, Nurses I, Spanish Club 1, 4 Veasy, Soccora, "Sue", Atco, Yearbook 4 W Waite, joseph, "Bubby", West Atco Wanzer, Patricia, "Patsy", Chesilhurst, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Orchestra Ward, Daisey, "Daze", Atco Washington, Howard, "Pancho", Cedar Brook, Cross Country Watkins, Kenneth, Kenny", Albion, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Watson, Clarence, "Junior'l, West Berlin, Football 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4 Weaver, David, "Weaver", Sicklerville, Class President 1, 2, 3, Student Government 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 2 Weintz, june, "Webster,', Tansboro Wesley, Cerelle, Chesilhurst Westerby, Linda, "Westerbut", Atco Wiggins, Gloria, "Niecy", Albion William, Denise, West Berlin, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Ring Dance Committee 3, Softball 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Mt. Misery Club 3, 4, N.H.S. 2, 3, 4 Wolfe, Linda, "Lin", Albion, French Club 1, Aquila 2, 3, Cheerleader 35 M.C.D. 2, 4, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, N .H.S. 3, 4 Worrell, Patricia, "Pat", Atco, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Executive Committee 33 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Aquila 3, Spanish Club 2 Wright, Barry, "Reb", Penbryn Y . Yakubovsky, Joseph, "Pudden'l, Atco Young, Donna, Sicklerville, Hockey 1, Drill Squad 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, Class-Executive Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Aquila 2, 3, Mt. Misery Club 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, One-Act Plays 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Government 4 Z Zanella, Dennis, "Zorba", Ancora, Cross Country 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4 Zoppel, William, "Zop", Atco, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Indoor Track 2, 3, Aquila 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, Student Government 3 Mix yy VX ,K My? fy YW? Gif Mi M Y 57 WWW aff ,w Wyfbf Kf,, zm1,Q QS f, f f My Q p f f,MffyffQ?f?9Jf pf J W j my yy 1? MARESSA J W NK M MW M507 Wy I and HL? G 9 MW Q! M FAMILY U QL , C6091 663-0077 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE Al-B's Wheel Alignment Service Front Systems Our Specialty Not A Side Line All Makes And Models ROUTE 130 8: ROYAL AVE. C REAR OF TRANS. TRANSMISSION J PENNSAUKEN, N. J. 08109 Don't Forget This Place. A Better Place Is Hard To Find. AL BRAMLETT Owner-Operator SUN SERVICE EQUIPMENT BILL'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Specializing in Automotive Air Conditioning Rt. 73 8: Harrison Ave. West Berlin, N. J. 08091 PH. RO 7-7997 Compliments of VALENTPS MARKET "Quality Meats That Can't Be Beat" 132 CONGRATULATIONS 8: BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "70" Frank and Jane Lombardo Hairstyling and Figure Control Complete Wig Service 279 W. FRONT ST., ATCO, N. J. RO. 7-1603 Dodge Sales 8: Service IANNACO MOTORS INC. White Horse Pike Waterford, N. RO 7-1687 Sam Loev Berlin Farmer's Market Phone RO 7-1284 SAM'S FASHIONS 'KS mart Outstanding S tylesv Phila, Pa, 1253 Stirling St. CU. 8-0296 Phila., Penna. 19111 Tansboro, N. J. "Congratulations and Best Wishes on The Most Beautiful and Memorable Occasion Of Your Lives? MARINELAND BOATING CENTER ATCO 5 81 10 UP 1-1. P. ANNING, PROP, Phone RO 7-9743 IULIUCCPS FARM Fruit 8: Vegetable Grower Berlin Blue Anchor Rd. Phone LO 1-3357 Berlin, RFD, Cedar Brook, N. J. 08009 C omplimenlf of GREEN TOP INN Route 75 Berlin, N. J. WHOLESALE RO 7- 1745 STATE DRY CLEANERS and SHIRT LAUNDERERS Blue Anchor Road Berlin, N. J. C omplimentr 0 f DIN 0'S CLEANERS 157 Arco Avenue Arco, New jersey 767-4718 Take Out Service Phone: 767-1767 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK The Italian Kitchen Home Made Italian Food Is Our Specialty Now Serving Complete Dinners GREENWAY SHOPPING ROUTE 73 CENTER WEST BERLIN, N. J 135 60l'Yll0Al'Ylel'lf6 of BLUE ANCHOR PRODUCE Blue Anchor, N. 767-0751 Al's Bike Shop Schwinn Bikes Repairs Q Parts 142 HADDON AVE. WEST BERLIN, N. 134 Mrs. Elizabeth Mossop Insurance Agent and Broker Licemed N. I. Realty Broker 559 WHITE HORSE PIKE ATCO, N. J. 767-0174 SPIEGEL FARM SUPPLIES, INC. Cedar Brook, N. J. xi-"' ein ,cfI 5 Congratulations to the Class of "7O" PAUL'S BERLIN SHELL SERVICE CENTER RO 7-2555 767-0388 WILLIAM .IULIANO 31 SON Fuel Oil - Gasoline - Diesel - Kerosene Sales and Service White Horse Pike Arco, N. J. C omplhnentf of DONIO TRUCKING CO. Winslow, N. J. One Stop for Both SOUTH JERSEY LAUNDRY CO. 233 N. Washington St., Hamrnonton, N. J. Phone: 561-0051 Dry Cleaning and Storage Department 214 S. Egg Harbor Rd., Hammonton, N. J. Phone: 561-0525 CCa11 Collectj Hours: Mon. thru Thurs.: 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. Friday: 8 A.M. to 1 A.M. Saturday: 9 A.M. to 1 A.M. TON Y'S LUNCH BO-X Steaks - Hoagies - Pizzas White Horse Pike Phone: 767-4439 Atco, N. J. MAIER PHARMACY, INC. 104 So. White Horse Pike Berlin, N. J. Phone 767-0832 BRINGHURST BROS. Slaughter House Choice Meats - Wholesale - Retail Freezer Orders A Specialty '51, Tansboro, N. J. .f If . . ' ,,, YH I - x . 7 51' PT' MH if e , J -' fl Phone 767-0110 135 136 RO 7-0748 Congratulations Snyder Studig A To The ZITO CONSTRUCTION CO. Class of "70', Photography CONCRETE From 101 So. W. H. P. Industrial Maintenance T0ny9S Tavern Ber1in,N. J. Commercial - Residential and Hayes Min Rd. Atco, N. J. Restaurant Richard H' Snyder 767-2159 I 1 .1 ' , . F ' F7 1' - ne: RO 7-1445 I l il' PAI ' A A I Congratulatio . I1 'J - 1 at h f ' ,4 , Wholesale - Retail tot e 4 ' . I B F t ' I per Store Class of "70" , ' gh NJ r 'n, . ' 'fl . J. G. Strock New Jersey Sfef ' f t f ff' Forest Fire Service I " " 5 , I S F"70 Y Blue Anchor Morton Hickman 1 0 ' 6? XZ I , 1021 lberta . 0 p , f 1 ' ' I CONGRATULATIONS Berlin Glass 35 8 CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES Mirror C0 To THE CLASS Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward A. Kampmeyer OF 0701, Auto Glass Mirrors T116 Bridal 81 Glazing All Types F I Sh Cowan's Esso Station Orma Oppe 767-0724 jaclion Sclsooper Roads 164 Atco Ave. mo, ew Jersey 60 W. White Horse Pike Atcof N' J' 767-9895 Ber11n,N. J. 08009 C omplimentx of T Sr L REPAIR . ,Iudfs Beauty Salon Repairs - Servicing - New 8: Used Parts AtC0,NeW Jersey VOLKSWAGONS R0 7-7211 Our Specialty 60 W. White Horse Pike Berlin, N. J. Phone: RO 7-0641 E. Atlantic Ave. Atco, N. J. 08004 Vince's Texaco Service 152 Haddon Ave. W. Berlin, N. J. 767-0901 D C0l'l'l,9An'lel'lt6 of Holloway Bus Service GARGANO BUS SERVICE WILLIAMSTOWN ROAD SICKLERVILLE, N. J Telephone 629-6374 ongrafufafiona fo Me CAM 0 '70 x X . X, , 1. I Iv 7 f U51 4 N 9 X r 1 ff ffl ,ff X. ,zrrn .-'f f' TPL, ,,7 X.'47"Q,' -,1: ' , Q, --"yy iff' 1, T75 fxxxfj V K.. .-f 1" , !.,f.L. xiwuw ,M -p,, X K, VQSQQQ -' 9 -XSSafrf55 .f xx. - -sf , 9 oF'f'f A f--,1fff""'v'f4 its: xl wk: , 57,1564 f are ,'!,MxiN.15 Www fa, ,,:'-nw: f fa W9 f f "5 wif' ' fY":v 3 M171 ',, , ' "1 it-lx , : V!,f'1v' 1 Q :Fw 5 -A f .S'xw' ',,-v. 9 00,9 'QM ' ' iff- QA 0 if-ix Q- ' 'Q'-' 9 4 wg ,r ' N' wr ,-f A . f ,f. , ' - J. L, X "-,u-'N 4. gg X '19-f 'V v f '.'.'1f', ', fy '-1 W" '-TH' , f-wa 22242 ff 4 'Vim' X' '- ' ' N 'ft ' :Si "I, .I-. 4 ' 1 V 9 " . v , , W., 7 as hai ' I from 1969-1970 STUDE T GOVERNMENT Open 7 Days RO 7-3744 HENRY'S AUTO PARTS General Line of Parts Stella Farms Henry McBride, Prop. . 91 So. White Horse Pike, Berlin, N. J. Fresh Fruits 8: Vegetables i I A 4 A . 4 WWW , W 4 1 ' "4 Sweet Corn A , L I 45 A i . Specialty 1 ' ky! 0 1 0 X W .S. NEW FREEDOM ROAD 1 1 U 1 BERLIN, N. J. MUD A Fruit K: uce eff I Hammonron, N. J. 561-3100 RO 75735 DOUGHERTY'S FURNITURE STORE Rr. 73 Sc Harker Ave. ROBBINS FARM MARKET Berlin, N. J. ' AND RO 7-0040 NURSERY CENTER Nice Things For Berlin-Haddonfield Road Niee Pegple Glendale, N. J. Stationery - Office Supplies GARDEN STATE Printing - Drafting Equipment A Wedding Invitations M Papeteries L 81 S N AL 42 W. White Horse Pike Berlin, N. J. 08009 RO 7-0701 107 S. White Horse Pike RO 7-0718 0702 Berlin, N. J. 08009 139 Phones: C609D 964-7820 966-4950 - 51 - 52 Phila. C2151 MA 7-3195 60I'l'll9AI'l'l elif!! 0 W. H. BUCKLEY Med Cm' Manager ROHREIR CHEVROLET COMPANY ADMIRAI. WILSON BLVD. AT COOPER RIVER CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY 08101 ATCO NATIONAL BANK Personalized Service for Lower Camden County Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member of Federal Reserve System 315,000 Maximum Insurance For Each Account Emi 'IXMJLM fo flw CAM of '70 "Clothes For Youn TAILORED BY AL. SCHRAMM COMPANY ATCO, NEW JERSEY Phone 767-0687 ZAMSKY STUDIOS Official Photogmphem' of the 1969-1970 Pearl n' Ly PICTURES FROM THE YEARBOOK ARE KEPT ON FILE 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA WALNUT 2-5560 Mrs. Naomi B. Monroe H. McCulley Mr. Herbert Smith Irene Brownlois James R. Wanzer Lower Camden County Non-Profit Housing, Inc. Grants A. M. E. Church Mr. 8: Mrs. Curitis Branam Mrs. Maxine E. Evers Mr. Charles Evers Pierson's Grovel Pit Mr. 8: Mrs. Tony Maccarella Joe Shelton Thomas Sovidye Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Adwin Savidgr Sally K. Welsh J. Corbidoe Mrs. M. E. Allen Mrs. M. Lombardo Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Pierson, Jr. Burton H. Wolfe ,El.izahfJL1FWolfe 'Lin Wol e Q'DianHWcie The Frank Huber Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Hudicki The Buffo Family Middleton Family Mr. 8: Mrs. T. Salmon Dennis Zanella Mr. .85-Mrs. Samuel Totora QLB1naF70N orrgratniaiions, Donna Tater and Grace Mrs. Agnes Sampson Mary Elizabeth Totora '82 Mr. 8: Mrs. Seymour Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Bertino Mr. 8: Mrs. Tom Deluca Mr. Robert Esau Whisler's Store Mrs. E. Whisler Anthony C. Curcio Ellen Heggan Curcio '66 Joe DeAngelo Donna 8: Herman Carl Whisler Donna Whisler Dot Maccarella Carl Whisler, Sr. John Sikora Hank McCurry Al Schramm Pearl Attanasio Jennie A mxthony 8: Vicky ' IPD. rs. o n Ervin, Jr. Miss Margaret Ervin Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. J. Davies U r. 8: Mrs. L, Wayne Powell . Ne son vans Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Fiene Tom Sacco, Sr. Al's Precious Metal Al's Surplus 8: Junkyard, Inc. Beverly Turrell Green Robert J. Gebhard Helen Conway Mrs. F. Jackson Lorenz Joas, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Cox Pat DeSorte Charles DeSorte, Jr. Mrs. John Graff Miss Elizabeth Grimmie Blank Dominick Bombaro '68 AC Ralph Madonia U.S.N. '68 Ginny DePalma '67 Patrons Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Hermann Quennie 8: Theresa Forever Sp. 4 Quentin J. DeFalco U.S.A. Mrs. Quentin DeFalco Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Fuscia 8: Fam. Mr. 8: Mrs. William R. Lynn 8: Daughter Christine '69 For Murphy from Tree Quennie 8: Theresa Always Mr. 8: Mrs. Tom George, Jr. Mrs. Jennie M. DeLaurentis Sonny DeLaurentis Virginia DeLaurentis '63 Mr. Tom Tomassone Charles T. Frankenberger Mr. . Volpa '71 a p 70 Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles DelCamp Dr. 8: Mrs. Leo Sell Daniel Sell Dr. 8: Mrs. Brown Dr. 8: Mrs. Crouse Dr. 8: Mrs. Turnier Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Blasko Dr. 8: Mrs. Barb Dr. 8: Mrs. Balita Dr. 8: Mrs. Barata Dr. 8: Mrs. Toegel Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Diano Mr. 8: Mrs. A. J. Kusinska Davy Eckert Mr. 8: Mrs. Jos. Szabo Sally Rosenbaum Dolly Long Mrs. JoAnn Overcash Mr. 8: Mrs. Ken Grabert Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Philson Bob Wallace Mr. 8: Mrs. Gino Parducci 8: Fam. Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Parducci 8: Fam Mr. 8: Mrs. Jerry Raio The Dudley' Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Boyle Monaghan Family Good Luck The Ganley Family Mr. 8: Mrs. W. E. Hall Mr. 8: Mrs Anthon Amato 8: Fam. - V Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Previtera Christein Lafferty Casa La Dama Cherry Hill West CIS the Best? The Brat 8: Franny Wayne 8: Janet Bestline Products Russell DeMark, Jr. Nancy 8: Al Larry DeMark Miss Anderson Dan Rutledge Steve Kennedy Dolores Entriken Mr. 8: Mrs. Warren G. Walker Freddie Niceta Bob Busciero Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Bailey Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Bechtel Co echtel Q h IM. .22 3 Mr. Penman Linda Burpee '70 Mrs. Vivian Burpee "Shirley-N-John" "Meaty-N-Linda" "Bonnie-N-Ronnie" Mrs. Artie Shaw Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Papa Miss Frances Drummond "Ch - - -Chee-N-Venus" ' c afer a 1 E'rfaT Mills Laurence Schafer William Brown Judy A. Youkel Howard 8: Nan Record Ship Wolow Fine Clothes for Men Charles Milbort Steve 8: Diane Theresa 8: John Brian 8: Lisa Condo B. Straub Helen C. Rowley The Midili's Mary J. Amendolia Cindy Lou Caporale Joe Wozniak Dawn 8: Harry Toussaint Ralph J. Condo Mr. McClead Mr. 8: Mrs. V. Carluccio Mr. 8: Mrs. Palmer Mr. T. Buscemi Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Critelli Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Critelli Miss Victoria Carluccio Mr. 8: Mrs. Nash 8: Family Joseph Carluccio Miss Cecelia Carluccio Mrs. Pat Hanan Cora O. Dilks Mr. 8: Mrs. Emory Wagner Mr. 8: Mrs. Joe Corbidge Charles J. Boyle, Jr. Mr. Frank Wagner Mary Ann Manall Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Robbins Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Wagner Mr. 8: Mrs. Junior Wagner Linda 8: Wade Boyle Paul Hoffman "72" Vickie Hoffman "69" Paul 8: Mary Hoffman Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert W. Farley Ed 8: Hilda Chapman Bud 8: Lottie Farley Ed 8: Marge Chapman John 8: Delores Boyle Dot 8: Walt Brown Mr. 8: Mrs. Marion Peters Betty Lemons Phyllis Cataldi Josephine M. Chalk Louise Fiore Carl Lucca Annie Wannemaker Rev J H Costin Nellie Hawkins Theresa 8: Tom Dizzy 8: Harry Dari-Vari Shoppe Mr. Mrs. Donnie Child Joe 8: Rac e Gramm Theresa Perna Rhonda L nn Peru Dorothy Galardi ac e ' W' Theresa 8: Rhonda 8: Butc au ran lyn Hull All American MfS Chrisaynne Hull Charlotte Hull lobal Van Lines Gary Hull Shirley Hull John WaspifGlobal Van Lines Brenda Hull Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Granato Kathie 8: Derrell Mary 8: Ken Benjamin Snively "7-4" Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Snively Mr. Ralph DePalma Mr. Ralph DePalma 8: Son Mary Snively "70" Mary Snively 8: Ken Gardner Steve 8: Helena Beverly Bramlett Mr. 8: Mrs. P. Anastasi Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Altomare Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Castagna Angie Castagna "69" Kenny Meade Richard Altomare Kitty Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Levak Ginny 8: Paul Lorraine Hickman Mr. 8: Mrs. Phil Asay Mrs. Regina Planamento Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Huster Mr. 8: Mrs. John Volpe Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Madden Pauline Finkelstein George Wozniak Mr. 8: Mrs. Yousef Mozaffari Lucy Smith Marie's Hair Fashions Dixon's Used Cars Bob 8: Ginny Welsh Lililan C. Dixon Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Clee Mr. 8: Mrs. David Clee Marie Dixon L.P.N. Mr. 8: Mrs. Maxwell Windham Carmen Midure mr.1!l1E!!'SIlil E obby Joh s n "79" Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward English Linda English Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Kircher Nancy Johnson "73" Mary H. nson PH lis ffries "7 r. 8: Mrs. Al Draper Don 8: Bobby Cat Ida L. Lounsberry Irene M. Lounsberry Harry Lounsberry, Sr. Janet Lounsberry Ralph Lounsberry Julian Delpino John Sikora Bonnie Weiss Fred Weiss Harry Lounsberry Mr. Knott Mr. 8: Mrs. Matis Mr. 8: Mrs. Steve Weber Mr. 8: Mrs. Schwartz . Wm. Michaelis Nescio Mr Al Mrs. Wheeler Mrs. Deitz ,Miss anes Q Betty Simone Lynne Simone Joe Simone Pat 8: Tim Pauline 8: Walt Fran 8: Peg Mullerin Kathy 8: Bill Mary Maloney Anne 8: Joe Stock Mrs. Elizabeth Maloney Diane Stella Duke-N-Paula Mrs. Bernice Pendergrass Doris Smith Anthony Crivelli Alba DeFeo Ralph Pilla Dan Mcgrowan Frank Sacco if Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Dougherty Mahlin Pulley Mrs. Mar larke 'TET 8: Doris 69'-70 rs. Doris u ey William-Pitale Dominic Calascione Sam Ferrino Ed. Paris Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Thompson Mr. 8: Mrs. Gary L. Reed Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Dingler Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Dewey Phelps Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis C. Reed Freida 8: Freds' Garden Mart Mr. Robert W. Lynn Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Massey Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald J. Reed Mr. 8: Mrs. Micheal Gargano Mr. 8: Mrs. George Campione, Sr. Mike 8: Terri Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas DelRossi, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Carmen Campione, Sr. Billy 8: Teresa Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Giacobbe Bridge Avenue Farms S.S. 396 Teresa Campione Billy DelRossi Marc Levicoff Sophie Eitel Ronnie Eitel Bonds Frozen Custard Berlin Carpet Tostallers Helen Rundstion ,lohn Eitel ' Delaware Valley Ind. Gases Pat Eitel "72" Ginny 8: Bobby Larsen Mr. james Lynch Mrs. lames Lynch Mrs. King Mrs. Ingemi Bryon A. Nagle. Sr. Dr. Boagoan, M.D. Linda Lynch "73" Mike Waskiewicz Mrs. Jackson Mr. 8: Mrs. Swede Angelina Carella Arlene Friedly Celia Bonmert Susie Rofe Robert Morris Mrs. Frank Bilazzi Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Johnson Mr. C. Branam Mr. Daniel Pratt joe Lombardo Dale Arnold Mr. 8: Mrs. George Arnold Nancy Arnold Mr. 8: Mrs. Kos Mr. 8: Mrs. Salvatora Scardino Dr. 8: Mrs. Torres Zayos, M.D. Edith Bowker Edgar R. Cox Emily Trout Kathy 8: jimmy Gail Passarella Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Spohn Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Swindell Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Brimfield Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Passarella Brett 8: Bart Passarella Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack McCart Patrons Miss Jill McCart Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Brosic Mrs. Clara Passarella Mr. 8: Mrs. Bruce Boehly Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Breese Mrs. Alice Best Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Wooten The Mounts Family Ada M. Boehly Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Winkel T. D. Craig, Jr. Mike J. Boehly Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Douglas Taylor Mrs. Lafferty Miss Ella Walker R. J. Gangloff, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. James Bradley Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Tighe Mrs. Lucy DeSilvio Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Molnar John McCarthy joe Smith Joe Smith The Souders Family Mr. Tom Ganor S. R. Wilson Dr. Warren Nichols Ruth Rowan James A. Peluse Edwin J. Walter, jr. A Mr. Charles Souders Mr. 8: Mrs. Lloyd L. Lee Joan 8: Larry Ethel F. Berry Lindf8:"Wayne Miller gD4orothy Roma-R rs. Parkinson Mr. 8:,Mrs.. n Check ' fine Furgiolriblx . ' h ' Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Kenney Dick Labinski William E. Middleman, Sr. Fran 8: Barb Middleman Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard Garrett Ken, Marianne 8: Kami Iannaco Glenn 8: Karen "Poke" the 'Barber Carole 8: Matt Newcomb Bill, Bev, 8: Paul Williams Ryan 8: Kathy Kampmeyer- Love You! The Marty Blaskey's Ed 8: Nonette Linden 8: Sons Trudi Mauger Mrs. Mary Lower Mrs. Helen Meade Mr. 8: Mrs. McCabe 8: Gail Margaret L. Schultz Mrs. Linda Rudel Joan 8: joe Morris Albert Rambo Mrs. Charlotte LaBarth Consolidated Pants Mr. John Graziano Mrs. Angie Puleo Consolidate Pants Angelo J. Cresta N. Maiale Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Ferrigno Tillie Ordille Mary Hanen Kathryn Missimer Robin Hood Watson Bill 8: Vicki "74" Jimmy Paris Sis 8: Jim Paris Vicki Paris Mrs. Lillian Canning Arthur Canning Sam Paris lim 8: Sis Paris Mr. 8: Mrs. John Merrow The Late Miss Sylvia Handy Miss Deborah Fleming Miss Alberta Fleming Mr. James Louis Fleming Mr. William Darrell Barnes Miss JoAnn Fleming Mr. 8: Mrs. James Fleming, jr. Miss Patricia Fleming Miss Hilda Fleming Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard DiTullio Mr. 8: Mrs. John Marella Bette Mancuso Mr. 8: Mrs. P. Edmondson Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Bunoza Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Gamber Warren 8: Edith Estlack Mr. 8: Mrs. David Lucier Mr. 8: Mrs. N. Dogostino Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Wahl Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard E. Grimmie Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter M. Ginn Mr. 8: Mrs Harold J. Ferreri Bill 8: Bonnie Rocky 8: Linda "72" David 8: Marie Donna 8: Carmen Cafiso The Berlin Pizzeria Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Stella, Jr. Beth Ferreri, R. T., Class of '68 Mr. 8: Mrs. Garies Mr. Edward Thomas, Sr. Mrs. O. Stephens Mr. Speller Mr. E. Parker Mrs. P. Steele Mrs. Speller Mrs. Alise M. Thomas Mrs. N. Stephens Mrs. C. Parker Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Fanz 8: Sheree Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. Cope Lucy 8: Charlies Deli Harry 8: Louise Cornelius Mrs. Harry Smith Mr. William Knecht Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Lane A. David Curry Mr. 8: Mrs. Warren Fanz P.F.C. Kenneth R. Knecht, Jr. USMC Mr. 8: Mrs. Malcolm Lawson " Liquor Store Bill 8: Lee Wilhelm 8: Chris Bobby 8: Mary Wilhelm Cindy 8: Carmen Mrs. Helen M. Gebhard Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Mitch Mrs. Anna Atturo Mr. 8: Mrs. Mike Fonte Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Rodio D. J. Sarao Mario Mendolia Mary Ann Sirolli C. T. Grasso, Trucking Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Grasso Vince 8: Cathy Angelo Mr. 8: Mrs. Rocky DiGerolamo, Jr. Carmine Rodio, Sr. Rocco Prete Eleanor Johnson "67" Helen 8: Kenny "69" Mr . 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs . George Henry Doug. McCarty Mr. 8: Mrs Sam Bombara Mr. 8: Mrs. john Pajic Mr. 8: Mrs. Packer Mr. 8: Mrs Albert Daniels Kathy 8: Al Daniels John 8: Gloria Conner Dan Conner "Bert" Conner "66" Vet's Bakery Big AMMO Class of "66' "Nanny" Sirolli Raymond 8: Jean Liberto Truman 8: Beulah Wuertz Dave 8: Linda "7O" Mary Gibbs Jack Thomas Marie H. Lusik Dominic Miriello Charles L. Duble Mr. 8: Mrs. James Good The Roger Mauro Family Mrs. Mary Sofield Mr. 8: Mrs. John Hattrick Ken Hattrick '68 Janet Hattrick '72 Mr. 8: Mrs. James johnson 8: Pat Mr. 8: Mrs. William Auwarter Mr. 8: Mrs. William Donaldson Kathy C.C.H.S. Dirty-Neck Gang Mr. 8: Mrs. William MacCrea Mr. 8:'Mrs. Karl Auwarter, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Karl Auwarter, Sr. Towne Dairy Bar Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Tighe Franny "67" 8: Glenn "66" Boys of Hammonton Joseph M. Bruno Norma Bruno Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Bruno Mr. 8: Mrs. Stiles Emma Bruno A Friend Persian Acres Mr. 8: Mrs. Warrington Mr. 8: Mrs. Ferrera Earl McKinzey .Tohn Watson ,lohn Watson Donio's Groceries Mr. 8: Mrs. James Calderella Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Rasmussen Bill's Riding Stables Susan Preston ,loan Rasmussen Ruth Rasmussen Marian Bramante Country Togs Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Ware ,lay Schwoebel, lr. P.G. 8: R.S. 8: N.A. 8: M.B. 8: P.F. "72" Frank Bramante, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Morris Bramante, Sr. ,Toe Willie Namath "12" Rose Ann DeCicco "72" Carole Grimmie "72" Cindy Bamford Mr. 8: Mrs. David Williams Gladys 8: Eileen Mr. 8: Mrs. , te h ' stron " Mrs. Anna Thieme Berard Carpet Creations Harry R. Brosius Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Ensign Dan Corbett "71" Kenneth Tomaziefski Compliments of Nicoletti Motors Anna Lehman Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerard Dunleaog Alice Hozey Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Wells William Ceel Mr. 8: Mrs. Watson 143 Cora Buckley Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Straub Mr. 8: Mrs. john Serrill John Jackson Judith Nazzario Marie E. Krug Carole Bradt Elizabeth Kauderer Mrs. Laura C. Souders John 8: Chuck Souders Laura Jean Souders Mr. 8: Mrs. A. W. Schneider xPeggy Greco '7T: PatriHa ac onald H. Vincent Feldman Carole Greco Robin Fuhrer Elvira Greco Tina Greco Edward A. Greco Mrs. Ed. Greco Joseph R. Derr P. B. Co. M. Fletcher Skip Lake Dottie Black Beatrice Brown Rebecca Michaels Sally Walter Paul Murray Ronald BiLotta Miss Michele Kolisnyk "87" Helen Maliniak Susan Buscemi A Sophomore Cynde Lou Buscemi "74" Frank V. Idell, jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Buscemi Mr. Walter Maliniak Gary 8: Kathy Donna Buscemi H. Vincent Feldman Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Willis Mrs. Eva Trost Mrs. M. Manion Mrs. B. Gallagher Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Morgan Mr. C. Caramanna Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas J. Williams Thomas Noel Sharon Morgan 8: Phil Mangini The Future Mr. 8: Mrs. V. Roach Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell E. Hand, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell E. Hand, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Goodall, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. John Rapp Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis J. Schemelia, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Al. E. Delorenso 8: Son Donald Hand Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Phy Cheryl, Rob, 8: Michael Paul Hand Vince's Texaco Marie DeRogatis Mr. 8: Mrs. Stillwell Mary DeSpirito Jane 8: john Moxford Sgt. Jim Moxford USAE Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Moxford Dotty Moxford Betsy Moxford Mr. 8: Mrs. S. T. Carlton George Yo- ng "73" Dolly Pratt Walter A. Pratt, jr. "75" Mrs. Pearl Pratt Mr. 8: Mrs. William Gouthanel Ricardo Solis, Jr. "8-4" Mrs. Uruala Pratt Mr. 8: Mrs. Everitt Gardiner Karen Pratt "73" 4 Patrons Billy Fitting "john Van 'Ernburgh Chas. M. Reed Howard Simpers Hobe Hartzell Charles LaLena, Jr. Toe and Debbie Karl Ivins Pete Hopta Robert Hilbert David Anderson Mr. 8: Mrs. Nick Scardino lean R. Capella Rosemarie Sirolli The Bradleys The Bradleys Mr. I8: Mrs. Joseph Lovell Mr. 8: Mrs. Sal Scardino Rosemarie Scardino Midge Scardino Roland Scardino Floyd Riley "72" Mrs. Alberta Adams Mrs. Ida Riley Mr. M. Riley, Jr. Mr. Tames Huggins Sandra Riley "71" Mt. Albert Toomer Mr. 8: Mrs. L Riley Miss Hedwig Riley Mrs. Lucille Jackson Fredrick Demby Mr. 8: Mrs. Johnson Mr. Curtis Branam Mrs. Clarie McIntosh Mr. 8: Mrs. Jerome McIntosh Rev. Calvin R. Woods The Mighty Mack I Doris Nowlin Anita Venable Miss Pauline Stevenson Eileen 8: Jay Jay Finnigari "70" Edward W. Finnigan Pat 8: Mike Mr. Thomas P. Finnigan Everett Finnigan Mrs. Anne Schaefer Mrs. Stella Finnigan Sgt. Thomas P. Finnigan USMC Mr. Steve Scheafer William Passarella, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. William Malong Terry Erhardt Sara L. Balsama Bobby Passarella DiCarlo's Restaurant Tip Mauri Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel Tomassone Mike 8: Dawn Tomasello Mr. 8: Mrs. L. E. Carey Leila Guldin Mr. 8: Mrs. Vince Avellino Mr. 8: Mrs. Phil Codone Mr. 8: Mrs. Hershman A Friend Mr. Turns Mrs. Berata Bobby Anderson Roy Guldin Kathy Anderson Mr. 8: Mrs. Rudolph Moffa The Colucci Family Helena Moffa's Flower Shop, Somerdale, N. J. Lou 8: Diane Frank 8: Linda Pike Cold Cuts, Somerdale, N. J The Curley Cut, Somerdale, N. Bob's Bicycle Repair, Clementon, N. J. Muller's Bakery, Somerdale, N. I Mr. 8: Mrs. Lenard Tosti John Henry Johnson Lynn C. Lewis Mary A. Middleman Bob 8: Leona Clyde Caroline McArdle Mrs. Mary A. Smith Sara Johnson W2ltC.r,8cRosa Johnson Cfliileegchltmfp june 8: Fran Sieber Fred Soistmann Mrs. Fred Soistmann Grace Soistmann Phil 8: Helen Iannaco Ethel Affrunti Karen 8: Denise Vaughn Tom DePalma Kathryn Soistmann Edna Iannaco Mrs. Gail Iannaco Best Wishes-G. Mitchell '64 Mr. 8: Mrs. Dale Gehrs Mr. 8: Mrs. T. C. McDaniels Patricia Reynolds Joseph M. Heavey Dick Bodammer Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Fillip Carl Hughes '73 Mrs. Yvonne H. Reckard Patty B. 8: Bobby P. G. Scantlebury Mr. Schwartz Mary Robinson F. Hallio Rev. J. Broom Mrs. M. Self Mrs. B. Geant Mrs. E. Scantlebury Anita Smith Anita Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. joe Buscemi Mrs. Recchmti Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Amato Mr. 8: Mrs. David Eckhardt Compliments of The Family Tavern Franny 8: Barbara Larry Freas Shimmy 8: Bruce '72 Al's Bike Repairs Mr. 8: Mrs. Carmen Simonetti, Sr. Fred Gargano Bus Dr. Mrs. Esther St. John Mrs. Robert Strack Frannie Ventors Norma Bailey Mrs. Bernie Compton Marie CCompton Girlj Kathy CCompton,sD , Qfkzy Schmal 8: DebbieWSt Bobby Strac Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Schwarz Robert Spicer Mr. 8: Mrs. M. J. Majkszak loseph Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Carlson The Aron's Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Virgilio Rocco W. Villari Mrs. Marianne Murphy Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Pfluger Deacon 8: Mrs. Frank P. Brown 8: Family McCann 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Martin Evans Mt. Zion Baptist Church Rev. 8: Mrs. Porter David 8: Delilah Helen Golden Mrs. Veronica D. Williams Deacon 8: Mrs. Boone Pendergrast Barber Shop Robert Kuhn Family Janet L. Howard Mrs. Bertha Berger Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Wingert Mrs. Maxine Arnold Ricky Gallen J. Hughes M. Hughes johnny Maestro 8: the Bklyn. Bridge Ann Capaldi Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Pierson Mabel T. Andrew Mr. 8: Mrs. John Wallace Mr. 8: Mrs. Eddie Murphy Mr. 8: Mrs. Morvin Dilks Paul Zibmalarti 8: Barbie Raynor Linda Stewart Mr. 8: Mrs. Dwight Bilson 8: Fam. Mrs. Theresa Eakins Janet Granberg Brimfield Co. Alfred V. Brimfield Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert R. Mitros Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Sharp, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. John Gaunt Claude Jones 8: Family Good Luck Donna Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Rubba Mr. 8: Mrs. George Jones Bertha Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Allen Jubb Mr. 8: Mrs. john DeVivo Phylliss Walls "69" Robert 8: Kathryn Wilson Tom, Barb, 8: Mom Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert M. Bulger Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Carrado Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank lannotti Mrs. M. Walls Mr. 8: Mrs. William Rodilosso Carmen A. Lambiase Mrs Glass Ann Rosato Dorothy Michaelis Mr 8: Mrs Thomas Ober Kimberly 8: Suzanne Ober Anna M Myers Duke Maloney Larry 8: Helen Redner Mr 8: Mrs. Daniel Boehly Mr. 8: Mrs. David Boehly Barbera Mr. 8: Mrs. Gilbert May Mrs. William Chavanne Christine Lynn Mr. 8: Mrs. Joe Ceancio ,il OHS? Terry Davey if r. 8: Mrs. Lee Tangradi Mr. 8: Mrs. Rene Fonseca Mr. 8: Mrs. Rene Fonseca John 8: Dee Barbara 8: Toe Bellace Deborah Eakins "75" Mr 8: Frank Gregorio ary C Hoyle r. 8: Mrs. R. W. Hoyle Mr. 8: Mrs. William Haines Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Haslam West Berlin Taxi Phil 8: Esthers Restaurant A. A8:M Well Drilling Caps Seafood Anthony Morganti Mr. Harry Broshis Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Clark Mrs. H. T. Mulholland Mrs. Sally Ardecki Florence Clark Edmund DiViro J. H. Gleeson Lester Alice Good Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Hogue Tim Maier Mrs. Eleene Reilly Edward Stella Walter Zimmeruois Del Watson Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Wood, Jr. Six Little Knolls Mr. 8: Mrs. William C. Knoll, Sr. Eileen Scelso Regina Knoll Connie Hagner Celeste Hair Fashions Joe 8: Teri-Ann Caruso Eleaner Casey Mr. 8: Mrs. Allen Cassoelg Jane McGovern Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Klich 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. John Clancey Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Hutchinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard Buczko Mr. Frank Selaver Mrs. Stuart Dilger Donna, Steven, 8: Kevin Dilgea Mr. Stuart Dilger Andrew 8: Diane "75" Mrs. Patterson Mrs. Johnson Kathy 8: Edwin "73" Mrs. Eyps Electric Shaver Shop Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Broome 4 Mr. 8: Mrs. John Broome Eddie 8: DE'Dee"F69" Al Kern Mr. 8: Mrs. John Nichols Mr. 8: Mrs. Don Speece Rachel Broome John Broome "72" Oliver Bailey, Jr. Mrs. Jacqueline Taylor Mary Collins Mr. Ronald White 8: Miss Rosellia Rogers Larry Games Mrs. Short Aaron Walker Wm. Guarbir Lillie B. Robinson Edward Charlton Wallace Sickler Mr. Robert Green Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Siderio Mr. 8: Mrs. Angelo Gregorio, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Domenic Gregorio Mr. 8: Mrs. Angelo Gregorio, Jr. Marie Fiorentino Florence Brady Townsel Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Moss ' Henry Bogan Ann Marie Snuffin Mrs. Catherine Iuliucci Mark 8: Jackie Jeanne Thorton "68" CQdrTrTQZouQgL,,709 Mrs. Susie Reid Gloria 8: David "70" T. Sgt. 8: Mrs. George Dunston, Libya, Africa Mr. 8: Mrs. James Wilson Atlantic City, N. J. Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Gray Cynthia 8: Bootsie Hightower Mrs. Ossie Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Byrd Mr. 8: Mrs. McLendon The Anchora Kids Amy Shifflett "73" The Dixon Family Patrons The Outpost Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Ordille Dave Parkkon Jan 8: Eddie "72" Maria 8: Cliff "74" Rose Mclntosh Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Davis Mr. 8: Mrs. Barry Collins Gloria Davis Charlie 8: Luci Deli Kathy Big Head Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Masino Jennie Leg's From Bingo Old Maestro Du-Mor Joe Big Joe from Atco Harry Sampson Mrs. Eleanor Cagano Mrs. Nancy Sampson Mark Davi S Mr. 8: Mrs. Preston Wallace, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. John Robinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Calvin Ocuann ean Davis J Mr. 8: Mrs. James Nixon Mr. 8: Mrs. Olivo Patti 8: Do nna Powell Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry L. Powell Mr. 8: Mrs. Joe Falconi Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Simmons . 8: Mrs. Len Check Joan Nye John Pagano Mrs. Eleanor Pagano Joseph Paolano Lorraine Creamer Marlene Sampson Eleanor Pagano Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Monroe Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Colon Mrs. Ruth Flores . Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilfredo Rivera Mr. Victor L. Flores Mr. Romon Flores Loretta Sullivan Tyrone CPlukeJ Johnson Lyle Green William Holmes Larry Bird Charles Watson Bertha Shipley Blanche Holmes Ethal Bird Harold Holmes Joseph Little Albert E. Stronge Gordine Hill Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert J. Donaldson Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald L. O'Neil Roxsand 8: Bob Bob 8: Mary Helen DeLuca 8: John Leahay Mrs. Chas. Ward, Jr. 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. J. E. O'Neil, Sr. . 8: Mrs. Robert Sutts . 8: Mrs. Harold O'Neil, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Wayne Ford Mr Mr Mr Jim Layman Stature's Shepherds The Kershaw's Bob 8: Maria Mary Luci I Mike Nurone am a Freek West Berlin Florist Vincent 8: Vicki Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Humphries Mr. 8: Mrs. Gaetan Lambiase Debbie, Kim, Fran, 8: Mike Mr. 8: Mrs. Mirande Mrs. L. Dixon lone Williams The Time Phase Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Perna Dwight Thompson Charles Bancheri Paul Lanzar David Parkkonen Steve Wanner James P. Raso, Jr. Charles 8: Ruch Lombardo James D. Brown 8: Family Alfred Streett Frank Scutti 8: Family 'John Ognibene Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Johnson With lov Don "The Ritter Man" Ufll' 30'1?e2Qlk,Q Da ,'D'6'ttie, 8: Ginny Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Romeo 8: Family Frank Johnson Frank 8: Joyce Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Triboletti Joyce 8: Frank Brian 8: Lorraine Girard Triboletti Dancing Bear Billy Johnson Jimmy Johnson John Johnson Mrs. Georgiana DeRogatis Mrs. Mary E. Davis Sturgis Child-ren Mrs. Robert Collepardi Carol Morgan Joe Walker Richard Geiser Bendix Christensen Mr. 8: Mrs. James F. Horver, Jr. Miss Maggie Livingston Samuel Wolfe Joe Rassa Tack Gardner Mr. 8: Mrs. H. D'Asceny Bingo Connie Baby Roccey Rickie from Fort Dix Mr. Bruce Slater Mrs. Sudie Bland Bruce E. Ramon Joseph 8: MaryAnn Betty Scott Mrs. Tmyrum Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Hamilton, Jr. R. Rickenbach i Herbert Langer Mrs. Leaman Lee, Sr. . Mr. Donaldson Mr. Mousley Jean John Mrs. E. Labor Shirley Tomassone Bus 112 The Ricca Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Angelo Veltri 8: Paul Walt, Lucille, Little Walt 8: Nancy Ann Shendock Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Brown 8: Children James Petrillo "67" Mr. 8: Mrs. James Petrillo Bruce 8: Barb "67" Tom 8: Loretta "7O" Loretta Petrillo "70" Mr. John Foxworth Mrs. E. Thomson Miss Diane Williams Roberta Vivett Roberta Archer Rose Ellerly Miss Maggie Davis Mr. Henry Foxworth Mrs. Molly Foxworth Eugene 8: Terry amily V en . y ak Mrs. une . kows 1 Cecilia A. Newman Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Midure A friend CMeJ Mr. 8: Mrs. David White John T. Hopkinson Mr. Turner Mr. Faris John James Diane E. Andrew Moragne Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Mazur Mr. 8: Mrs. Whitfield Mark "71" Mrs. Eckels Mrs. Munford Marie Watley Little Click Antionette Way Eric Way Lana Way Petie Moore Debbie Toomer William H. Oliver Sarah Oliver Anna Showack Rose Sannasardo Jennie Sannasardo Josephine Fimple Ray Fimple Annette Oliver William Harris Barbara Fimple Audrey Bursztynski Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Adams Louis Seppy Ethel Desorte Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Whitmyer Linda Seppy Barry Seppy "72" Ethel Seppy William McKenna George Freeman Robert Moore, Sr. Fredrick Ellis Robert Powitz Robert Knorr Barbara J. Kostaub Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Patsko Dr. 8: Mrs. Farrell R. Crouse Alex Seabrook Dr. Gutierez Mr. 8: Mrs. Chas. A. Lee Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Johnson Michael is coming Mr. cco Qaetan Panarello 8: a ' Judy MCC us ey The Sedor Family Rita, Linda, Gail, Cary, Norma, Gina Ray 8: Dot Cartica The Cain Family The Blazer Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Morgan Mrs. Gladys Rossetti Fred Niceta Mr. Joseph C. Barrett, Jr. Mr. L. Chanoux Lucy Iannacone Joan Greenlee Joe Cruz Chris 8: Vince Antonini Patricia Sacco Thomas Sacco, Jr. Jennie Mazzucca Louis 8: Anna Miranda Lillian Dougherty Antonetta Mirando Jimmie Duckuoda Herbert Bickmore Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph McGu ckin 145 Mrs. Helena McGinley Tom 8: Joanie Mrs. Jennie McGuckin Michael McGuckin Pat 8: Carol Jim McGuckin Mrs. Ann Weeks Jean 8: Joe Joe 8: Jean Fuzzy 8: Fuzz Bambi Bright 73 Gary Stewart "67" Kathy Bright Chuck Bright Lynn MaClintock "72" Duke Bright Sgt. Bill Yetter Mary Stewart 8: Bambi Bright Joseph Kasian "74" Joseph Alotto Angelo Amadio Joseph Gallo Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Severino Mrs. Henry C. Schwartz, Jr. Mr. Pirolli Jack Masters John J. Kasian Bernard Miller Rudy 8: Maureen Frog Mr. 8: Mrs. Rudolph Valentino Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert N. Gray Mr. 8: Mrs. Seth Townsend Mike 8: Karen d 6 Lindalo en " 7" 13111 Paul2T'GEiT Nancy McBride Nancy 8: Bob Paula 8: Chuck Mike Ott "69" Mr. S: Mrs. Saweswald Mr. George Rusnak Mrs. Florense Rusnak- Mr. 8: Mrs. Steve Rusnak Mr. 8: Mrs. Emery Stuckel Mr. 8: Mrs. Bill Rusnak Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Wolosgyn George, Linda 8: Frank Rusnak Mrs. Ethel Gabriel Mt. 8: Mrs. Earl Gabriel Barb 8: Lee Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank DeBlase John Piccione Dominic DiBlasi Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Colangelo Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Meighan Mr. 8: Mrs. Brever Mr. 8: Mrs. Shuhart, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Tarquini, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Tannahill Mrs. John Snow Mrs. John Snow John E. Snow Delores Boyle Howard Snow Grace Harvey Anthony Dimeglio Nora Snow Johnny Snow SPX4 Anthony Snow Roberta Lewis Mr. 8: Mrs. Jedlicka John R. Barto, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Peterson Mr. 8: Mrs. John McPeak Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Wallace Terry 8: Linda Fritz Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Friedman Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Sturgis Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Denardo 146 Patrons Mr. 8: Mrs. Joan Laggrotta Mr. 8: Mrs. George LeConey Danny "72" Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Jacovelli Mr. 8: Mrs. Corb. Darren Cable Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Valentino M. E. O'Rourke Mr. 8: Mrs. George C. Jacovelli 8: Sons Mr. 8: Mrs. Mike Grisso Mr. 8: Mrs. Tvrone Maiese Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Jacovelli Bill Sauser "68" D ' riestley "68" Carola "6 rmiarrredey "M" Lewis Champage "68" Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Priestley Mr. 8: Mrs. Al Priestley Douglas Priestley Don "68" Steven 8: Jane Rug Bug, Berlin Carpet Installers Arlene J. Eitel Mr. Nathan Stage Harriet Jane Curry Edmund Tann Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Lane M. Miller Mr. 8:WMrs. A. C. Walker us Wal e arty o nn Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerard Rodenheiser Mrs. Cross Mrs. Freeman Mrs. Dickerson Mrs. Coleman Mrs. Tomson Mrs. C. Cross Mr. R. Gloster Mrs. Davis Mrs. Bourgeois Mrs. Gloster Doug Palladino Class of 70 Bill LaPorta Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony DiMeglio, Sr. Jack Palladino Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles DeSorte, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Palladino Mr. 8: Mrs. John Grisso, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Joe Palladino, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Palladino, Jr. Miss Jennie Palladino Duke 8: Paula 15' Pauline, Clara, 8: Theresa Hammonton Devils Jo 8: Johnny Mr. 8: Mrs. Comunale Richie, Nancy Ann, 8: Lisa Phil 8: an o ni Mrs. L. Cantalupo Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Still Pat Schaffer "66" Ernest Westerby Mr. W. Westerby Mrs. H. Westerby Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Brong Mr. H. Westerby Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Hartwell Congratulations-Vicki Best Wished to Class "70" Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Worrell 8: Fam. Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Worrell 8: Fam. Mr. 8: Mrs. Forrest Worrell Mr. 8: Mrs. Chalmers L. Kalebaugh Charles LaLena Mr. 8: Mrs. John C. Jefferies Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Bakley Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Pangia Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Hatfield Marie I. Lauria "Joe Namath" James P. Lauria Regina Lauria John E. Lauria A. Non Emous M. Rockwell Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Masino Abe 8: Dorothy Schiendelman John Schiendelman Mr. 8: Mrs. Ben Ruggeri Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald Harvey David 8: Karen Schiendelman Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Pertnoy Ted Bortel, Sr. The Keegans Mr. 8: Mrs. Rocco Vitucci Shirley Boogar ,Mf.t8LMts. . Glezman Qann 8: oanie Marie 8: John igby Mr. 8: Mrs. Hilbert J. Dunning Rosemary 8: Tommy Scott The Wildwood Girls of "70" Sandy Wimmee The Milliken's Joe 8: Linda "70" Tons of Buns "70" Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Glass Charles J. Howard, Jr. Mrs. Bertha Berger Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Farms Allen J. Wingert Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Bundick, Jr. Karl Evans Manna Family Charles J. Howard, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Chesney Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Farms David W. Johnson Lena 8: Brown Dorothy C. Johnson Carol 8: Stuey Walt 8: Betty Phero Walter Phero "69" Dale Heggan "69" Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Heggan Ted Heggan "67" Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Edmiston III Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Ellerman Richard Angelina "69" Bud. Agnes 8: Les Heggan Frank Mankow, Jr. Edward A. Greco Mrs. Edward Greco H. Vincent Feldmann Bright Eyes Mrs. Donna Greco Aunt Nina Best Wishes Aunt Vivi Good Luck Marie Aunt Betty 8: Uncle Ed Sir Lancelot Greco Margie Jaroch Class of "7O" Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Jaroch Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Conrad Bobby 8: Rosa Flowers Mr. William B. Lavin M uis Zo el Mr. 8: Mrs. Bill Withers Mr. 8: Mrs. Nick Korba Coco Mo Joe Mr. Norman Brodie Ms. Anna Chiumento Miss Alice Daniel Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Daniel Mr. 8: Mrs. DeSorte Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Fox Mr. Donald Robinson Mr 8: Mrs Wilbert Jones R J Lalli Cool Breeze 8: Foxie Mama Mary Campbell Randoulp Campbell Verma 8: Jimmy Jackson Mr. 8: Mrs. James Jackson Mrljim Petitti Max E13 Mr. 8: Mrs. Lloyd Higgs ig,, 3mPbe11 Mr. 8: Mrs. Wallac Sam Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter McMasters ML8:rMrs. P. Terpolilli he Jim Nttmkfrrprtxrwrxvs Lester ouser a Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph A. Conte Walter I.. Mayers Michele, Kelly, Kenny, 8: Dina McMasters John Zorzi Marie Zorzi Miss Jennie Conte Peter the Great Havershap Yanira Tom Wallace Gamma Tau Chi Dulce Ortiz Ann Marie Kohler Mr. 8: Mrs. James Raso Anthony Mazz Ariello James P. Raso, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Sam Angello Elaine Rech James M. G. Daunoras Barbe Edie Rech Gloria M. D'Agostino Anna Cassandra Jones, M.D. Catherine E. Collins Mrs. Ada Holloway Father Craven Charles Berkey Sal Sidone John F. Zingromg V. Ivanov, M.D. John Wilson, M.D. Johann Linder Angle Nerra Lou Culver Robert Culver Annie Culver Ruthie Culver Class of "69" Johnny Culver , Carmen Moore C5yn Ethel Primas Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Parks Mr. 8: Mrs. James A. Brady, Jr. Sam Previtera Miss Renee Games Pat Massaro Jim Lauria Buddy 8: Beaduy Vently Mrs. Guerere Gu fliot . M , The Warner's Mr. 8: Mrs. Glen Albertson Mr. 8: Mrs. Ray Penza Debbie Albertson Katherine Albertson Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Pinto Marco 8: Theresa Bianchini Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter J. Alotto, Sr. Dotalicea Ferronto Gail Alessandrini Jack Jalicki Tony Scirrotto Boch Mell George A Friend Al's Bike Repairs Bill Thomas Mr. 8: Mrs. Schofield Redz Mr. 8: Mrs. George Hofoouer Dolores Hatala oor Frank e esco Roberta Wharton Kathryn Yetter Richard, Rita, 8: Michele Unger JoAnne Darcangelo "77" Lois 8: Robbie Arturo Major Azbert K. Brown, Jr. Rocco Darcangelo Mr. 8: Mrs. George Small, Jr. "Marge Brown" Future General J. D. Brown Cindy 8: Tom Pasqurella Cheryl Boehly "72" Class of "65" Frank 8: May Parker In Memory of Anthony Girard, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Jenkins Mr. 8: Mrs. Gaines Mrs. Denny Mrs. Green Mr. 8: Mrs. Matt Brady Mr. Willie Washington Mrs. Batts Mr. Covington Good Wishes Class of "70" Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Arnold John Cahill Bruno Fognous Mr. 8: Mrs. Rohloff Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Keller Wm. Stauf, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Spector Mr. Moore Maria 8: Charles Chiumento George Heath Jane Adams ' H. E. Richardson Steve Kelley Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy McLeod Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy McLeod Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy McLeod Mr. 8: Mrs. J. R. Gibbons William Lyman ss er 1 n 'A a s ' Mrs. J. Gibbons Mr. Heath Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Sickler Mr. 8: Mrs. Wayne Sickler Mr. 8: Mrs. Vitagliano Mr. 8: Mrs. Herman Bussom Mrs. Jeanne Trexler Joan Busson Gargano's Bus Jill Liberto Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Mase Mr. James Trexler Patrons Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Testa Raymond McMenamin Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Green Tansboro Tavern Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Nieves Tito Velazquez Lori Stella La Petite Laundromat Mr. 8: Mrs. Dayton Woods Best Wishes Stanley V. Spotwood Frank 8: Mildred Crowder Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin Handy Just a Friend Rocco A. Fichetola Kimberly Ann Handy Ruth Joe Lombardo Robert Mooris Curtis Branam Geneva Johnson Fredrick Demby Daniel Pratt Danial Pratt Mae Demby Mae Demby Joseph A. Fabrico 8: Family The Leroy "Clines" Mr. 8: Mrs, Robert Schussler Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Bacon Tony Tarallo Terry Fabrico Mrs. Mae Fabrico Miss Mary Lou Tarallo Carmella Fabrico James H. Fabrico, Jr. Marie Pimerello Mrs. Charles Ellis Mr. Maceo Tillman Doretha Williams Q Mrs. Ernestine Jefferson Mr. Norman Jefferson Mrs. Miss Clara Johnson Celeste Fortune Mr. Hawkins Mrs. Angelotti Dianney 8: Harry Joe Liberta Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Harding Mr. 8: Mrs. James C. Johnson Mark Harding Bill Zoppel BJIEII-mr reg ac ie John DeSilvio Roy Brown Dawne Johnson Rosemary Howard Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Anchor Thoroughbred Farm Mrs. Earl Kell Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Y James Smith Fred Johnson Joseph Cambell Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph D. Hartman Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Johnston Berlin Cab Boys Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert E. Rankine Mr. 8: Mrs. Alan Rankine Chris, Connie, 8: Corky Therese Testa Trudy M. Mione Marge Curreri Kimberly Ann Testa Good Luck-Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Hooven Mr. 8: Mrs. Bessetti Good Luck-Your Prudential Agent, Bill Elling Good Luck-Karen Dowell Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Dowell Good Luck-Gary L. Milos Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Corn Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Kauffman 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. George Kayati Mr. Stanley Livacz, Jr. Dolly 8: John Harold Eatan Mike 8: Debbie Joe 8: Mary Mrs. Joseph Meade Diane 8: Ronald Bob's Quality Meats J. D. J. Meat Market Mr,,QWfilliam Bochniak Q9blICI11fW9Pi Mr. 8: Mrs. William Monzo Mr. 8: Mrs. Lorenzo Mauriello Angelus Mauriello Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Mauriello Colleen Morgan Tony Caromano Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Angelow Anthony Mauriello Mr. 8: Mrs. Ceasare Napiello Fred 8: JoAnn Mase Dirty Neck Gang Skip 8: Denise Mr. 8: Mrs. O. F. Mammucari Loui 8: Pat Mr. 8: Mrs. Telucky Bob Hopkins "70" Rich 8: Julie Mrs. Rose Pi li C e onaro "Z1,,s Gary Lo Monaco , Miss Shepherd Mrs. Fannie Strickland Dawn Marcus Mr. Bryane Earlene Witfield Peral Smith 8: Family Pearl Smith 8: Family Lucy Merlino Mom 8: Dad Bailey Fannie Daniel Kim, Evelyn, Minnie, Francine Lana Way Lana Way Barbara Daniel Mrs. M. R. Watley 8: Children Mrs. Oratapps Eugene Bey Frank Hightower Donna Watley Deloris L. Watley Mrs. Ellen Eagle Rev. William Muns Mr. 8: Mrs. T. Procharchuck Bill Fauver Mr. John M Mr. 8: Mrs. John Sohanchak Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Owsianka Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard Constantino Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Plantz Mr. 8: Mrs. Lou Rosen E Mrs. Ethel Farmer Mrs. F. Zuchowski Elaine Knopp "66" Mr. 8: Mrs. E. D. Knopp Catfish Mr. 8: Mrs. John J. Toll Sarah M. Sanderson Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Matsinger Cathy Knopp Hobo Margaret Striewski Fred Striewski Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Doris Stallard cCook Good Luck Class "70"-Miss Ga Mr. 8: amily S I - Mrs. . . isecco Mr. 8: Mrs. George Wittaker Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Melevin Mr. 8: Mrs. John Dowd Dr. Edward Stanko lli Frank Scelso Assemblyman Eugene Raymond III W. G. Richard Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Graisbery Harry Kass Mr. Edward Jackson Mrs. Shirlee M. Crawley Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Fenstamacher Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Rice Anthony Smith Wm. Barbaccia Class of "72" Vincent Parcelli R. Gohl James Niceta Frank A. Niceta James Niceta Lorraine Nicetta Lorraine 8: John Mr. 8: Mrs. T. Hassett Mr. 8: Mrs. Alan Enders Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Keller Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Batten 8: Fam. John H. Nuss Marian Long Sandy Long Frances R. Grattini Gloria Cecil Patricia Sports Mr. 8: Mrs. Reynold Brenna Mr. 8: Mrs. J. G. Carver Knause John 8: Connie Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Knoll Mrs. Rapp Mr. 8: Mrs. Brogden Mrs. Julis C. Mowll Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. A. Simons Chi Chi Dog 8: Fuzzy Was "70" the year? Marie and Michael Tommy 8: Soccora Mr. 8: Mrs. John F. Veasey Chris Battistone Les 8: Joyce Fulleylove Joe 8: Vicky Mary Novak Mr. 8: Mrs. J. McGuckin Joe Miller Compliments of Albion Boys Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Grisan Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph J. Iannotti Robert B. Angelow Lee o . P. Annin ev. 1 1amJ. Dewall Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Harmon Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Stanley Banes C. 8: M. Citgo f rah Gallimore Lois or Jean 8: Pete Peterson Joan 8: Gail Albertson Mr. 8: Mrs. John Grebowich Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent DeStefano Mrs. Gussie Lemons . regori 'ne Gregori "7U Mack 8: Jim Terry "72" Grace, Debbie, 8: Elliott Mrs. Peter Gregori Mrs. James A. Ruberton Sharles G. Sarah A. Gordy ' Theresa Midure "67" Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Craig 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Midure 8: Fam. Joanie's Place Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Gallo 8: Family i tlantic 147 f LM Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Tomassetti 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Cosmo Midure Leo Midure "74" Mr. 8: Mrs. Austin Midure Mr. 8: Mrs. Austin Midure, Jr. 8: Family Lucia Masters The Buckley Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Batten Family Karen Hartke "74" Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Crietz From a Friend Henry's Auto Parts Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry McBride Charlie 8: Dan's Barber Shop John Irwin Family Carol B. Silverman Kern's Service Center Kern's Service Center Kern's Service Center Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy E. Edwards Mr. M. J. Pedrick Mrs. Val'N nnen amp ML! nk m Mrs. Marietta Graff Mr. William Graff, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Bill Graff Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Ehrke Mr. 8: Mrs. Gred Nunnenkamp Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald C. Nennenkamp Mr. 8: Mrs. DiSteveno Mrs. Carl W. Auwarter, Jr. Gladys Davis Norman Davis Walter Bracy Grace Yarborough Pauline Stevenson Charles Davis Miss Aughtney Davis Elizabeth Burton Best of Luck to the Class of "70 Googie 8: Larry Doris 8: Andrew Nowlin Mr. 8: Mrs. Salvatore Colasurdo Pvt. Dennis A. Colasurdo Mr. 8: Mrs. Bert Colasurdo Mr. 8: Mrs. John Capelli E. Pastore Elm Dress Company Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Milazzo Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Carter Miss Jane Colasurdo Bert Colasurdo Junior Mr. 8: Mrs. Gary Weeks Mrs. Margaret Schultz The Cronk's Mrs. Joseph Tomlin Mr. 8: Mrs. Scott White Judy Cowdright McGee Insurance Agency Mr. 8: Mrs. George Mauger "6O" Mr. 8: Mrs. Sabin Grace Berge Mr. 8: Mrs. J. L. Contino Mr. 8: Mrs. Jos. Fileccia Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Lowe Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Snell Mr. James E. Adams Jimmy 8: Jeff Adams n Mr. 8: Mrs. John C. Schmidt Leslie - Triton Mrs. D. Fileccia Mr. 8: Mrs. Vince Ross, Sr. Walt Sloan "69" Charlotte Mitchell Frank Saughlin Ivan R. Lloyd 148 Patrons Delores Martinis Cindy Martinis Kathleen Marnell James Martinis Ralph Martinis Lorie Martinis Dorothy Davis Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Mantici Mr. Frank Hendricks Mrs. M. Bangs Loretta Straub Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Straub Dorothy P. Asmus Mae Kathleen Evans Guess Who 4314 Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry M. Nardi The Gang "74" Joe Midili "74" Anchora Liquor Store Fisher's Bar Joe Garambone Tobey's Bar Josephine Midili Lorraine House Ton CataldiL599 Atco Brake Co. Mr. Chester Morrison Mrs. E. Lentz Kathy 8: David Minerva Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Blackburn Mr. 8: Mrs. DeSorte, Jr. Mrs. Richard Weyrich Lt. Col. 8: Mrs. Robert Bothwell Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Soborzynski A Friend A Friend eorge i icote "74' , George 8: Betty Liddicote The Nash Family Julia Kennedy Mrs. Roga McCurdy Ronald Fortune Ed Rapp Edward 8: Dorothy Hickman Good Luck to George Lolgaf Gallery Petite Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Amato Mr. 8: Mrs. Tom Amato Mr. 8: Mrs. Sam Spinella The Mini Eagle Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed Cuneo Mr. 8: Mrs. Tom McCaffery Mr. 8: Mrs. Herb Folleto Mr. 8: Mrs. Don Ferguson Mr. 8: Mrs. Carnaine DeCarlo Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Incognito John Ewen Ronnie 8: Bobby S 8: H Aluminum Siding-Windows Compliments of Tan Baby Margaret MacCrocken Kathleen Noll Dolly Long Patricia 8: Michael Rosenbaum Harry Rosenbaum Betty King Mr. 8: Mrs. Carla Pettek Mr. 8: Mrs. William Pettek Baroness Mr. 8: Mrs. Dom Rosano Mr. 8: Mrs. Campi Mr. 8: Mrs. John Linck Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert DeGrosa Mr. 8: Mrs. Rossi Johnny Linck Sharon Pettek grit. 8:.lSfLrsf ' s .M s Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Bringhurst Joe Weddell A Friend Mary Scharley Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward McBride Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Erickson Mr. 8: Mrs. Grover Can Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry F. Young Atco Liquor Store The Gudas' Family Vitarelli's Country House Katherine Hickman A Friend Philip Tannenbaun Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Evans Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Godin Ferris Motors - Mt. Holly Mr. 8: Mrs. Carlton Evans Mr. Kenneth Stokes Clifford Still Maria C. Stokes Maria C. Stokes Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Davis Mr. Amos Mrs. Lumsden Mrs. Amos Mr. rs. oseph Zito 8: Family athie Zito " , Ennis t ie " " Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter Carels Mr. 8: Mrs. LesCline, 8: Chuckie Joanie Grimmie Vickie 8: Bill Eleanor Pacitti Mary Certelle Doris Grimmie Elaine Simpkins Joan DeBouno Mr. Lewis Grimmie Rose Minerva Lucy DeBouno Jim Paris Mr. 8: Mrs. Paris Robinhood Mrs. Pulley Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Simpkins "Moon" Bill Prokosa John Graziano Dale Heggan Ree Paris Joan Sachleben Nick Sachleben, III Nick Sachleben, IV Martlu Fillipp Cliff, Terry 8: Traci Disney Mrs. Dorothy Disney Jeannette Sachleben Crystal Sachleben Clinton Sachleben Jack Sachleben Grace Reed Ralph Zarro Carl Russell Harry L. Petett Lois 8: Gary Grace 8: Jim Hunter Joey 8: Chris Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Ballinger Mrs. Donie Keys Mr. 8: Mrs. Timothy Badie Mr. 8: Mrs. Ike Mack Mr. George Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Junius White, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilcoxson John Ballinger Vincent Quaranta Mr. 8: Mrs. Simon Woods Peggy O'Nei1 Donald G. Andrew Mr. 8: Mrs. Bobby Reynolds 8: Boys Mr. 8: Mrs. Martin Eckert 8: Son Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry C. Trunell, III Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Ammoriello Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Collins Michael C. Bable Mr. 8: Mrs. John Ludovich Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Berg Rudy Pigott Thomas Jeffries Mrs. Frieda Pigott George Pigott Cathine Roesing Janet Frey Terrace Inn Amos La Bige Mrs. Saverbaum Dominick Amoriello James Birch Mary J. Wilson Roy Birch Betty Pierson Frank Pierson Jim Browning Thomas J. Stanton L. Kenneth Stanton Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward B. Sharp Tina 8: Gary Sharp Mr. Joe Miller Elder Scotland Bailey Lois Dortch 8: Jimmy Fulton Mr. 8: Mrs. James Schwartz Johnnie Wiggins, Jr. Mr. Robert Wiggins, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. George C. Pender Alex 8: Judy Lancaster Mrs. Thelma Matthews Harry Jackson Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry C. Jackson Samuel Riley Vera Tazewell Gus Service B. MacFerren Wayne Alcoy Jeannette Alcoy Catherine Alcoy Mary Alice Sykes Rizzis Delie Rockwell Antique Teresa Russell '69 Hardy Powell '71 Daisy Harris The Class of "7l" Hattie Green Bertha Pupes Mike's Better Shoes Ben 8: Mollie's Mr. 8: Mrs. Sherman Holland Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Coombs Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Lancaster Mr. 8: Mrs. Jo Lucas Mr. 8: Mrs. Berryhill Allyson Kemberly Holland The Warfield Family Sondra 8: Chris Nolan Lisa's Esso Station Barbara Lynn Velie a . 'Horace 8: V Tony s CaTerers Mrs. L. Loyd Sorden Uncle John Legenfelder John L. Sattlemyer Sgt. Velie Mrs. Warren Assoc nnconno Avnuo x x Q J I Qf A I ww M fxfyjjj K W , f ka:-'fri -Q

Suggestions in the Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) collection:

Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 111

1970, pg 111

Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 69

1970, pg 69

Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 110

1970, pg 110

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