Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ)

 - Class of 1960

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Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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R P "fp cf A, vnpnrnneipffsindpf V, " 4944543:waive-sfuafafafnufu P ' , e 1 ., ' A -1 M4 , xp S , x.f ,X N J is f' 4 M I ' , K ,,'h1 ff, ' gwae, . W i ff 'Z Eg" 1' 4 A Q J xivkz-g Q '13 3 W I FRON T s 2 Q I 3 f - f L THE SENIOR CLASS OF JUNE, 1960 If'858I'lf5 FOR TI-IE FIRST TIME .xdalminidfrafion TABLE OF CONTENTS eniord Mn clercfcwrimen cfi ui fied Carol Sarappa Editor-in-Chief Christine Ace Associate Editor EDITORS' FQREWCDRD We, the first graduating class of Edgewood, wish to extend our warmest apprecia- tion to our parents, the Board of Education, the faculty, and everyone who has made our dream of a beautiful new school come true. Although our past four years have not been easy with adjustments necessary in opening a nw school, the administration and staff have not only helped us to over- come these obstacles but also to enjoy the challenge of opening a new school. We hope our underclassmen will carry on from where we have paused in making our school worthy of a community that has had the spirit and derterrnination to find a way to provide the best possible education for all the boys and girls in our community. 3 'lflf It would be difficult for us, the first senior class of Edgewood Regional High, to isolate one person as an object for dedication. Instead, we wish to insert these pages as a tribute to our princi- pal, Mr. Neil H. Pinkerton, and to Mr. Leonard A. Westman, Vice-principal. These two men, at this time of our commencement, symbolize the true significance and spirit of Edgewood High. Not only have they taken a personal interest in the appearance of our school and insisted upon a high standard of behavior and scholarship, but have also shown sensitiveness in the little things that often escape others. Indefatigable workers, they are never too busy with conferences and meetings to notice what goes on around them and pause along the way for a cheery word or a friendly talk. 4- 8 i i.....1. 1.i....-1- icafe Always they have shown theirwillingness to explain the prob- lems which puzzle our minds and thus help us find' interest and growth in our education. For all they have done toward making our school years forma- tive, and our appreciation of Edgewood High stronger, we ex- press our deepest appreciation. We hope the pages of this first yearbook be ever a testimony to these two men who labored so much in our behalf. 5 CUR SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Congratulations to the first graduating class - Edgewood Regional High School! I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity of presenting the best wishes of the Administration to the iirst graduates of Edgewood. Some years ago as you entered high school, Edgewood was nothing but some blueprints, some statistics, and more or less a dream. As you progressed through your high school years you saw that dream become a reality and a large tract of wooded land become a high school campus with a new building. A building is not a school. It becomes a school only through the efforts of the stu- dents. As the top class for the past two years, you have helped Edgewood become not only a school, but a school with ideals and the beginning of traditions - an educational institution of which we can all be proud. You have worked hard to make these things come true. As you enter the next stage of your life, whether it be further education or the entry into a chosen field of work, it is our hope that the same sincerity of pur- pose and eamestness of endeavor you have shown these last few years will continue to help you achieve your goal in life. The best wishes of all of us go with you always. JWJ-L Frank L. Donahue Superintendent 6 5 E 5 2 1 E 5 E I I f . ...W .Aan mm, Nan my-arm, m1 -s: Ew.mz, OUR GLIIDING Nlfxfilyt "ifllt'7a 6 - .-,, K Q At last we have reached that goal which one day looked so far away - graduation. I congratulate you who have persevered and attained this goal. May your new life, beyond high school, be a successful one in whatever endeavor you've chosen. It will not be an easy one but if you have initiative and determination to strive for the things you want, you will succeed in obtaining them. I sincerely hope your training at Edge- wood will help you greatly. May I share with you the pleasure of being the first graduating class, and there- fore, without a doubt, the best graduating class of Edgewood Regional High School. Welcome back to visit us at any time. MR. NEIL PINKERTON, PRINCIPAL Each of us dreams of something Hne and great. Graduation day represents a milestone along the road to the corn- pletion of a dream. Several years ago, Edgewood Regional High School was but a dream and now you represent our first proud graduating class. I sin- cerely hope that each of you will con- tinue to make your dreams come true in the future and continue to build on the fine foundation your graduation represents. MR. LEONARD WESTMAN VICE-PRINCIPAL THE BOARD CF EDUCATIO Public education is a function of state government. The state delegates control over the operation of schools to the Boards of Edu- cation in the local school districts, and prescribes in general the conditions under which the Board of Education must or may perform its functions, thus the local school board members are the individuals charged with the legal management of the public schools at the local level. This includes providing the school, prescribing the courses of study, hiring of all personnel, and purchasing all supplies, text books, and equipment for the efficient operation of the public schools, as well as being charged with the responsibility for providing an accounting of the expenditures of all monies in accordance with an accounting system prescribed by the State Department of Education. STANDING Dr. Blair Davey, Clementon, Mr. Lawrence Batten, Berlin Township, Mrs. Elizabeth Mossop, Chesil- hurst Borough, Mr. Alonzo Norcross, Winslow Township, Mr. Nelson Shaw, Lindenwold Borough SEATED Mr. Frank Donahue, Superintendent, Mr. Michael DiGangi, 11 President of the Board, Waterford Township, Mrs. Edith K. Davies, Secretary of the Board, Mr. William Rainier, Vice President of the Board, Pine Hill Borough. Not Pictured Mrs. Virginia Wannewick, Lindenwold Borough and Mr. Horace Morrison, Winslow Township. OUR SCHOOL DEDICATION A PICTURE STORY V 0 F OUR SCHOOL'S PROGRESS 12 I Mr. Eugene Patterson Mrs. Doris Salati Freshman and Sophomore Years Junior and Senior Years OUR ADVISORS Mr. Joseph D'Agostino Yearbook 13 English - Dorothy Day Mathematics - Doris Salati Social Studies - Minerva M.S. - University of B.S. - Trenton State Teachers Ward Pennsylvania College M.A. -Temple University ' S1391 A i SQ tr Q1 gi ,fa ,,, 'Q ...L if 5 . Kg 3 S A , , , ,ii gli ig, i + A is if , , Business - David Skammer Science - C. David Jenkins M.ED. - Temple University M.A. - Rutgers University --:'. . cy k V A t, ., Vi S v 1 ws 62 tif 5 f iw E, is Phys. Ed. - Robert Zardus Industrial Arts - Edward Fanz M.A. - Temple University B.S. - Trenton State Teachers' College s nit mVL el ,K E 7th grade - John Spitalieri Homemaking - Barbara 8th grade - Peter Anneski A.B. - Syracuse University Leuthold O.D. Southem College B.S. - Juniata College Optomety 14- Y. Q 11 ,Q-n, 2 - Richard Benninger 1 - Walter Andariese M.ED. -- Penn State University A.B. -' Montclair State College 3 - Paul J. Benoit B.S. - St. Joseph's College 4 - Barbara Bent A.B. English Montclair State College we le, , ,, L ,, , , ., ,M Wm lv., r l. ,,l,s11M,f-Q, ,Ls-wawwxt-qi .mQi,M,-t,,1,-V-is thins, zf z1lfw,gt1'aAy ,, ,,--t mf, ,tw Iemsvi-awww .1'f:Mffwp..t.szitac mywfiiz-ww r- M-l'swa5mmw-X ,lima':wf?Hf5iagtQ-wz fi mefwzifwatrw-iz-Frwerfgswwt,-wsffs fgfslgwga-iam f gt-vzwtwwm-iw A+ -wwgm-S7 , ,ia--wwtg:3,e'5?5wi,f,ff,9f2,.i,f5e,gwvggsfww of21.tqigwwgwgymfwQwtsssifip xv L, ,yi Iggy on qs, 2.fm,.L'j1,ss S9 Vi lyHy:,rQ,j1:1t5c,w:315,E: f:i,Evj'f,r1svlT.'Yin 1533-W' ,IM f . l,Li'Af?Jf ,zJ1.f'sv21'f4, I lmlfaa M-.1 -Q qi.tfwytrteatifssyiibgiiwiygtfiyiq .t,slirfz1w: ss, . may wzamis- fa I ,smfmi.,,f f':m.mfx,l A ' f ,esgeiilggf rigfwrru t ', .g1flg:-,, or is f, is , , ., f: rl ,A tm .,L, .,,L S ,,,ta,,Qm.t N-1.,,L,,L,M M7W,W1f-we .3 1' an 1:ff1a,,,,,,aW,l--vwf +fwwi,f.i:-,1 fe,1w1'swsl.l.f mr--awaw m.t,m2mwt::,,- -m,,mf-5-,te Us-f'f1'tMf sfvwitfw:-x ifzzzwvztsfifvtmzfl tzvrgwwpiffsg -sfzgziselsafweivsw-:ml ,fwfr .1:ffrrwsfvitfssf'1m+,ssiw-.fm .MH , .W at it 3, t, .5 M, ,L , 5, Ma J, ,L ,lf ,f,1,e15s1QQ5l,m ,Q-gttvgfgaiggtsti-W fl.:f,.um3gg1fml:t:f S ts-www:wg3,f3s,z-L23,tags ,gesvwgfn ..,,mftsyiwfg-mfzltgsz:ff,saM'mgg Lieifgsww, 51152291 ,sf me at-' were Zim? 525' tsaf':2s,g4Qx?Wiii2f1Q M-wif-'t"" fmsgswe-V f 'tim A ww Maw fqgwgm fur. any ff-'sff.f,s+,Km2 ,M -,tt .,,: , ,M is -,-, Q.,z11r.,1 7 tt,-,, ll. ,k,,.t. S .W V- , ,, ff ,.,r::zt 5150 f ' gSi?515il3 1575 C5911 V, faux,-, s 7 H... ,5 ,KWH ,, .V ,. , W. H ww Wk., , f no V tions- -, f mwifsezri -f , .. :fn gn, 4- 5 f f,,,f5At, is at,Mk,frfv,rt,.,,5,4-W,at--v,.,,.W.w.w,rr ff faa,Wwfr,:,,,,,lfMQ, 'Ef2zt1'AW'g?e1"i3"i. MQW skull' 9s92Z'tWy:s'f.esffwW'sl2z1"9'51ef'f'ra Q a:?"'-551'-Hszeili' 'J'H11-ffl.E55'Af3W"'lfsGl57sz?UQL? - 59' 4'T'1E1"1V"l'4ffl We meatgggelras,1Miz-mgiwi?W1w,:,a ft.v1:i'.t3gf5gmtQflzfftf sf2,frmm5mfs:Ea,iw- , twfafwfygs,Wf.5 -if LJslbwwwfs-gfwfgsalfg :gH591r,,,1,,ml:q,7WsfW,,M.,ffm,f,q,,.W.,tgzr, VKM-an, .L--,mfMgz.,a ,pw.wnfsxmsrgbiffgnMsq,,re5f,zV ,iwamswf,fi-lfw.,,Wfs+ :wsi'sywla,,z,,g1t x,,W,1rWw,,m,m,,ri,,7g,.,v,,,,f Q-15.5,-,755 wiwnewliisrffw.t:s.xfm,,A fgwtM1f:2r1-wsifai rsafiifsfwfw-Lawg' .sa ,1,,,,i,, ,ig,.fWw,lMw-,,f,w ,fm ,ff -,z,.f,,fsfMa,,,ss ,ir-za,-,.aYmKLg5wa4 s5.,,+,x,,Kft.s1iX,aaf .i,,.,,..g ,f,X,aZ,, 1,,,ft5g,k,f,,1wi,3,w,W:Vlgte-lfgwfwvgsizirll:-s + ,wr-W4sa?g4e::z1l:ezi: '+,wem,,:szrzefwlw1memfs1f?Ma1fv.4a-wi+w1irw'ret ,-,iirw,.wgttwfaw1r:s,y.L,'f,'.l,15l,,er1a,ef:gt2- its-f'm,,z1w.,,, 1',:mqf,i2nmalw,tg, z,fwqp1:t,q ,:f,v,,,itftggggtiqiigifgf' gr?w,1t.eQ:sf-.suit newgmfmizmtgirl-xg.im,gSzP:sj 1 ' ?5g5?lfQE2Q5'71', , 1-QQ:Yt51f?LLa37i5'fr? 2f,'u,w,- "'f.i5-v?11ii2ZfiM'- yw - ' TEA,-l iii Mi Ml? . Q 5 - Wilmer F. Black B.S. - Trenton State College 6 - Marian Boldrick B.S. - Temple University 7 - Daniel Borelli American-Mitchell Designing School New York DeBalex-Fleisher Designing School, Philadelphia 8 - Michael Bresser B.A. - State Teachers' College Tim isoara, Romania li. 2- Armond F. Cammarota B.S. - St. Joseph's College 1 - Robert Burns B.S. Temple University 3 - Norman Crawford B.S. - Temple University 4 - Viola. Cribb B.S. - Penn State University ffff, .... T- ' ' l V'fE?Q 1 A - ...... Maki, M ng-1, ---, : t nzl .. .,,, milf' -W1-W-H -MQ Q ww? '--- - A x I .. ..,, nm-:W 'M' ,CMC :eff ,. W ,M1"fI'T'fMTI.,t 5 - Joseph D,Agostino A.B. - Penn State University 6 - Esther Deitz, R.N. 7 - Vincent DiBiase M.A. - Madison College 8 - Joseph DiStefano B.S. - Glassboro State College 2 - Norma Gillman B.S. - Moore Institute of Art, Sci- ence and Industry 3 - Millard Goben B.S. - Illinois State Normal U. 4 - Janet Hauguel B.S. -- Temple University 1 - Barbara Friedrich B.A. - Gettysburg College my-,XX3,X1X X X X2 X as sr, - ,..,: MSX-f-m,,: XX 5 Xa 14 fQSQ215ii'k,r1- . , X - S 15152 Lili?-' fi-X !,, -X iilffff ' 5535755215 . 553,'Ziff-?7f9ff1st11X:l ff , 3fs5as?l5i7fi,.!Xr . . ' ., .W . 5'15iTi51Z5iLS'f5' h S 2 irxisfxiiii?i713Q??H55zii.' 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West Chester State College X ,X ,X ,X X X- X- s,t,-,M X,,s,XsX: X-r:fXs1sff-,fezevWim- X+1Qs,rsvsssXssX-7,XX,--X,fX,sQ,ss,esYA2X1--me-fXXfX,f1r W MewsXFXX,XX.-,XXXQXXWJ 'Q fe My --AE , , ,E Xi,,,,.,X,f,-,wsm,X,-Xe- , X,iXi,.Xi-tX-W is-sw 1-, Xen ww was h if est 8 - Dolores Krone B,S. West Chester State College, adelphia Conservatory of Music Phi finest 2 - George Lockwood B.S. - Temple University 3 - Thomas Loveland, Jr. B.A. - Rutgers University 4 - Dorothy Maketa B.S. - Temple University w MM: mow Will gsxtifcmwkg 3' 53523135i'9YrEif31ESQ'5tlmQ 39Wd95f3W3i31WQ?5?Sfif'f"A ',Y'i'i5iW Miikiifiwx "'fW"3WfiA29 iWmUisgff"" W' Jil we we uwuwafmwetf-ui 1...i-wesizltwyegif-Miuu. Q . 3.11.--mnixegey,eg-im, ,vlffemiwefffiffiliri A .t Y W 8553-,w,f,. yinwvf- M1 -.np .,M,iy,4,L,,W6M. .l7,,, , B.S 1 - Jack Krone . - West Chester State Teach ers' College iswxwxxy w .a2W,,ww,f.ftfx Vg- rm K ,. tt f5TX?9ENX1i,v'53,i1,,.. Giitifiiiiv ,M Xxiirllfxrisw' . + 1,5618-ores .M f-with Qeevsssmss mst. ww. 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F-- -SfA,Q.,Wfs,s,,:f-:fame Y my 5 August Thomas B.S. - Trenton State College 6 Gail Walsh B.A. - Wells College 7 Harry Weiler B.S. - Temple University 1 Peter Sagan Q Michigan State University 8 Sheila Weiler B.S. - Temple University L, ,A ,, B.S. College Harold White Bloomsburg State Teachers' Dorothy Wydra B.S. -- Temple University Josephine White B.S. - Bloomsburg State Teachers' College John Zakarian B.A. - American University of Beirut OFFICE STAFF pel, Mrs. Jean Schmidt Mrs. Barbara Karstein Mrs. Vera. Jacovelli. L to R: Mrs. Ruth Zop- Doctor - Daniel Santor, Nurse H- Mrs. Esther Dietz CUSTODIAL STAFF BOTTOM ROW. L. To R. - Anthony Jacovelli, Gus Cresczenzo, Alma Barrow, Joe Pino, Head Custodian, Dora Eldridge, Albert Mas- sino, Joe Volkert. TOP ROW L. To R. - George Wozniak, Frank Scherfel, Law- rence Parslow, Charles Duble, Erwin Fer- ster, Edward Phy, Cornelius Market. KITCHEN HELP Ist. ROW: Mrs. Duble, Mrs. Kauffman, Mrs. Volkert, Mrs Thompson, Mrs. Dornbrowski, Mrs. Keene. 2nd. ROW: Mrs. Jacavelli, Mrs. Drud- ing, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Jervis, Mrs. Striewski, Mrs. Grasle, Mrs. Zarrella. 22 - 4 4 -MH' wwf--f -ww -- M 7' W 4 V,-1, A 5 f , ,um.m,wwu,fmm gaswmwm-Q-n an ummm W, ,Ja , W MESSAGE FROM SENICR PRESIDE T I am sure that all of you will agree with me that our senior term at Edge- wood has been one of the most enjoyable ones that we ever spent in high school. In our senior year we truly caught the spirit and the enthusiasm of an organization, marching along together, and sharing many responsibilities. There was, of course, lots of work to be done, and without the full and wholehearted cooperation of the entire class, my job as president could have been very difficult. Now the time has come to separate. Some will go to college, others into the business world. No matter what we do or where we go, life may not be an easy one. However, if we work hard for the things we want, we will suc- ceed. We have a good start - our parents and our teachers have pointed the way. As the Hrst graduating class, we must double our efforts to make a good name for ourselves and thus set an example to the other classes that follow. I consider it a great privilege and honor to have been President of such a fine group, and with all sincerity, say, "Good Luck Class of 1960? JOSEPH CALABRIA CLASS PRESIDENT w 26 Joseph Calabria CLASS CFFICERS Left to Right - Lorraine Neher, Secretaryg Charles Calabria, Vice Presidentg Joseph Calabria, Prexidentg William Ross, Treasurer. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to Right -- Ist ROW - D. Montcmurro, P. Iuliurci, Mrs. D, Salati, L. Pratt, C. Sarappa 2nd ROW, M. Grasso, Calabria, J. Wright, D. Battee. 27 CHRISTINE ACE West Berlin Secretarial "Chrissie'J "Laughter produces the sweetest dimples." VERNADEAN ALBRECHT KATHLEEN ANGEL Albion C.P. Scientific "Kathy" 'ASilence is Goldenfl JO ANN ATTURO Blue Anchor Clerical H1011 "Those move easiest, who have learned to dance." Berlin C,P. Academic "Deane" "A true friend is like a diamond - precious but rare." RITA ALLOWAY Cedar Brook Secretarial "'Ree" "Reason rules the mind." JOSEPHINE ALOTTO Atco Clerical fffoeil "As sparkling as the evening starsf' "A FAVCJRITE GYM ACTIVITY " FRANK AQUENO Winslow C.P. Classical "FrankJ' "How his wit brightens those around him." EILEEN BALDWIN Atco C.P'. Academic ffl!! "To a young heart everything is fun." NANCY BANKS Blue Anchor C.P. Classical ffNan6IJ "Her key to success lies in art." MARIA E. BARBACCIA Waterford Secretarial "Mimi'J "Busy as a bee." "THE LINEUP" DOROTHY ANNETTE BATTEE Braddock C.P. Classical !fD0tJ! 'Triendliness is her custom." ROBERT BAUERS Tansboro Practical Arts ffB0bJJ "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies." 1e'1w-W , , Wemflzwanmaviafaetriirz, Z.-V Mm NANCY LEE BRYSON Arco C. P. Scientific "Nance" "Her hair is her crowning gloryf' C AROL BU S C H Atco General "Bushie" 'iShe lives to have a good timef' Ei. f i ? .' 3 ' T 5 'if Wiliaffi - 4 . 4 '-:.f?" .' K 5 l E wg - - sw 5 Y mfeeg KENNETH BAYLOCK Berlin Bookkeeping "The jump" "He is liked by all," JUDITH E. BENTON Atco Secretarial fffudyv 'lNeatness is a quality possessed by few." DELORES BOCCUTI West Berlin Secretarial "Dee" K'Come what may." THOMAS BRIMFIELD Braddock General Arts "Tom" 'Carefree as a birclf, iiiill iliiiilii A "3:I5 AND HOME AGAIN." Q! CHARLES CALABRIA Waterford C P SCICDICIHC "Chick" "Like a rare book, bound to please. JOE CALABRIA Waterford "Hey foe" i'Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. CAROLYN CASARIO Cedar Brook "Carol" nCute as a Button." GERALDINE CIANCIO Atco C P ffGe7i!! L'Love makes the world go roundfl CLASS EXHIBITS FIND IN TERESTING ONLGOKERS DOUG DE GOLIA Blue Anchor General Arts "DeGol,' "A fellow of infinite jest and vitality." JOHN M. DE PALMA Waterford General Arts "Newty" "A true gentleman to be suref, JOHN CONSTENT Berlin C.P. Academic Hfohnnyi' "A blush is the color of virtuefl ROBERT COWDRIGHT Berlin Practical Arts ffB0b,, "His laughter brightens many." WILLIAM CRAIG Berlin General Arts "Bill1' "His shyness becomes him." MARIO DE ANTONELLIS Atco General Arts "Sonny1' "The world looks up to himf' "OUR FUTURE ENGINEERS HARD AT WORK" RITA DESILVIO West Berlin Clerical STR ell "Money burns a hole in her pocket." ANTHONY DIGEROLAMO Blue Anchor Clerical f!DigJJ "Humor is his trademark." KIRK DUBLE Atco C.P. Scientific "Deef.vlaye1" "He knows wha.t's whatf' BETTY EDMONDS Berlin Clerical "Pee Ween "This world belongs to the energetic." "PAUSE THAT REFRESHESH WILLIAM H. ELLING Atco Practical Arts "Bill" "Adventure adds spice to his lifef' ANNA MAE FABRICO West Berlin General Arts "Seriousness accompanies a practical person." FRANCES GILLIN Albion Clerical "Franny" "To know her is to like her." NORMA GOTO Waterford C. P. Scientific ffN0TmJ! "A pleasant personality is her splendor." ROBERTA FAVILLA Atco Secretarial "Bobbie" "Her sincerity has won her many friendsf, ESTER FILLIS Sicklervilla C. P. Scientinc HEY!! "Smile and the world smiles with you.', ROBERT FUCHS Ango General "Babu "Quiet 'till you know himf, THOMAS GEORGE West Berlin C. P. Classical "Tom" "Darn that boy he's asleep again." "A SHORT CUT THROUGH THE COLIRTYARDH JOHN GRAFF ffjohnnyil hange Nature." MARY GRASSO "Ginger2' How happmess heightens beautyf' MARTHA GUY f:Marty1n Sxlence IS the perfect herald of joyf, FRANK HALFMANN West Berhn Gener Frank" DAVID IULIUCCI Waterford General Arts "Dave" "Give me a positive character, rather than a negative onef, IDA IULIUCCI Waterford Business Education ffl!! "She had a friendly and confident aire about her." ELAINE HILL Sicklerville College Prep "Elaine" "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst." WILLIAM HINCH Atco General Arts "Bill" "An unspoken word does no harm." EDWARD HNIEDJIEJKO Blue Anchor General "jocho" "In every deed of mischief, he had a heart to re- solvef, ROSE ANNE IRWIN West Berlin Clerical "Little Roe" "There's sunshine in her hairf' "DRIVER EDUCATION GROUP POSE FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHERH JOHN D. IULIUCCI Waterford C.P. Scientific ffIll7l "The road to love does not run smoothf, PATRICIA IULIUCCI Waterford Secretarial fipatll "She is unaware of her humor." BRENDA JACKSON West Berlin C.P. Classical "Stonewall,' "Eat, drink, and be merry." JOYCE KELLING Blue Anchor C.P. Scientific Hjoycef' "She knows the value of moneyfl "A BREAK OUTDOORS BETWEEN CLASSES" DANIEL KOVALOWSKY Sicklerville GP. General "Dann "It is not he that searches for praise that finds it." GEORGE LANG Atco General "LangeM "The highest,wisdom is continual cheerful- ness." SALVATORE LIGAMERI Chesilhurst General Arts rrllign "One good turn deserves anotherf' Berlin 'IA flower BARBARA LINDEN Secretarial "BarbI' of beauty on a stem of grace." it MIRIAM LATVA Sicklerville Clerical "Blonde" "A merry heart lives longer than a sad onefl GEORGE LECONEY Cedar Brook Practical Arts "Buck-Coney" "A penny for your thoughtsfl CURTIS LEWIS Albion General Arts "Peter" "Wit is the salt of conversation." MARY LIGAMERI Chesilhurst Clerical "Hay Mary" "A quiet conscience makes one so serene." "LADIES FIRST, BILL" REBECCA LLOYD Sicklerville Clerical "Becky,' "Happy go luckyf, HARRY LONG West Berlin C. P. Scientific "Reds" "Reserve is the truest expression of consideration to- ward others." RAYMOND LUTZ Atco C. P. General ffRayJP "Anything for a quiet lifef' DONALD MANKOW Blue Anchor General "Don" "His great wits are sure to please those near? NADMIRING A DISPLAY" JERRY MARTIN Waterford Practical Arts "Geritol" "Never a dull moment, to be sure." ANTHONY MASSO Tansboro G. P. Scientific ffT0nyJ3 "The fewer the words, the better the message." PAUL MAYBERRY Cedar Brook C.P. Academic "T ll P l" a au "The end of all knowledge is virtuous ac- tion." ANTHONY MIDILI Waterford C.P. Scientific ffT0nyJ! "All mankind loves a. lover." PATRICIA MATSINGER Blue Anchor Clerical "Pat" "As livelv as a frisky filly." GEORGE MAUGER West Berlin General Arts "George" "Where's the party tonight?" PAUL MAURIELLO Waterford C.P. Scientific "Mauriello', "Sports bring him the highest type of enjoyment." MARY ANN MAURO 'Iedar Brook Secretarial "Mare" "Her heart's in the right place." PAT MASINGER QBACK- GROUND, WATCHES A SMALL DELIVERY ACTIVITY AFTER CLASSES DIANNE MONTEMURRO Sicklerville Secretarial ND e!! "She obtains true enjoyment from activity of her mind and exercise of her body." JEAN MOORE Sicklerville C. P. Classical "Jeanne" "She looks before she leapsf, GLORIA MOSLEY Sicklerville C. P. Academic "Glory "Patience is the key of content." ELWOOD MURRAY Berlin General fIBig LJ! "He has chosen high ideals." "A TRUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT" LORRAINE NEHER Penbryn Secretarial rrRay:: "A smile and a friendly hello are her gifts to all." JAMES PIERCE Tansboro C.P. Scientific "Bull" "What this country needs is a good five- cent nickel." .awswffzaw,Mm5:iismmr-Smww.W-slmmwmmmmwfQf.m,.MM .V., JOHN ROWAND Atco Practical Arts "jack" "The more ideas a man has, the fewer words he takes to express thernf, NANCEE RYDER Blue Anchor C. P. Classical "The surest way to win honor is through sincerity." LOIS JEAN PRATT Waterford Secretarial NLG!! "She insists upon neatnessf' FRANK REED Tansboro Practical Arts "Puddin" "Great talent for conversation is accompanied with great politeness." WILLIAM A. ROHLOFF Atco General "Spider" "He's a comedian at heart." WILLIAM ROSS Atco C. P. Classical ffBillIJ "An apple a day keeps the teacher away." "TURN AROUND AND LOOK AT THE PHOTOGRAPHER, EVERYONE" JOHN H. SACHLEBEN Berlin C. P. Scientific fllackll "He knows on which side his bread is butteredf, CHARLES SAFARYN Atco General "Chal,' "The only way to have a friend is to be one." RITA SAIA Atco Secretarial KFRZJJ "A sweet and attractive kind of grace." CAROL SARAPPA Waterford C. P. Scientific "Carol" "Confidence is necessary for success NMR. WESTMAN SEEMS PLEASED IN A POSTER HELD BY RITA SAIA" RAYMOND SAUNDERS Albion General "Porky,' "To be helpful is man's most glorious task." BARBARA SCOTT Atco General HB b JJ ar J "She passes such a good nature." EL. ANTHONY SINDONI Waterford C. P. Scientific !fT0nyIJ "In every gesture, dignity and confidence can be foundf' GEORGE SMITH Albion General "Smitty:' "Beware the fury of a patient man." BETTY JEAN SELF East Berlin General "Angle', "Such a quiet manner about her." JEAN MARIE SHERPINSKY Berlin Clerical ffsherpll "Style is the dress of her thoughts." RAYMOND SHONE Albion General "Butch" "True humor comes from the heart." SANDRA SIMMONS Berlin Secretarial "Sandy" "Her bashfulness stems from good sense." UUPPERCLASSMEN STOP IN THE MAIN OFFICE FOR A LITTLE CLASS INFORMA- TlON" WILLIAM G. SWARTZ Atco General Arts Buxhelhead "Conversation brings him enjoyment." JOHN W. SYKES Berlin Clerical Practice fflohnil "Such joy ambition Ends." FRANK TEMPLETON Cedar Brook Clerical "Frank" "To be silent shows wisdom." JOAN MARIE TOMLIN Berlin Clerical ffjov NSENIORS LIKE TO D0 ' CLERICAL CHCRES' GEORGE TOON Sicklerville Practical Arts IIR ki! "His humor is hidden from manyf' JANET TOWNSEND West Berlin C. P. Classical rrjann "Next to clothes being fine, they should be well made, and worn easily." when mgiwpww-wwfsasmmws.-mmeawswfnyrwtffwlwwmiim W,lfwiwwqmvimwsswwafiwmwwfz. 1+ l.,--, .M-w..,s-fm. ROBERT WARD Atco General ffBobJJ "Politeness comes from within." ESAU WASHINGTON Berlin General ffBig E!! "His height will lead to his success " SHARON UMOSELLA Braddock C. P. Classical "SharonJ' "She finds sympathy for all." NICHOLAS VITUCCI Sicklerville General ffNiL,kJJ "Curfew shall not ring tonight." ROSE MARIE VITUCCI Sicklerville Secretarial ffRoeJJ "Sweet and petite - need we say more?" AGNES VOLKERT Atco Clerical "Ronniev "Activity of the body is a great asset to the mind." COLLEGE BOUND SENIORS SEEK ADVICE FROM THE GUIDANCE JOHN WELNER Braddock Practical Arts "johnny" 'iHe wears his blushing honors thick upon himf' JOHN WIESSNER Elm , C .P. Scientific "Little john!! "He's a master of his words." JOSEPH WINNER West Berlin General Kfjoell "Handsome is as handsome does." PATRICIA WOOD Atco Clerical fFPatJJ "A good heart is a letter of creditf' NRELAXING AT THE MAIN ENTRANCE" JAMES WRIGHT Berlin General "Teddy Bear" "The chief benefit of dancing is enjoyment." N. ALLEN WUERTZ Elm C. P. Scientific CFAIJJ "The price of wisdom is high, but well worth it." E :t S 'fs 1 ,fs 5 M is 1- N is vi,ff , W. PENNY WYATT JOSEPH ZARELLA Berlin Clerical Cedar Brook Practical Arts "Penny" "Pee Wee" "Friendship is accompanied with "Eyes as deep as the sea." understanding." "LADIES COME FIRST" 48 IN MEMORIAM 'Sei SENIOR DIRECTORY f -p f if f - -My ff Q ff, '--' 671 .- 1,7 . T , ' 'ff' f I 1- -C i 5'-'mx ',.-'T. 437- -1 'XX . f' - l ...L Zh X, f Q- ,, 3 i ' fm, ,352-'-"TT laz y ACE, CHRISTINE: Softball - 1, Colorguard - 2, fcaptain 3,4j, Lead- ers' Club - 3,4, Magazine Drive - 3,4, Student Council Exec. Comm. - 3, Student Council Record- ing Secretary - 4, Gym Show - 1,2,3, Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Three Act Play - 4, Yearbook CCo-Ed.j - 4. ALBRECHT, VERNADEAN: Three Act Play -- 4. Transfer Student. ALOTTO, JOSEPHINE: Hockey, Basketball fManagerl - 1, Softball CMan- agerj - l,2, Newspaper 2,3, Student Patrol - 3,4, Gym Show 1,2,3,4. ANGEL, KATHLEEN: Hockey -- 1, Softball - 1, Leaders' Club - 1,2, Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Nurses' Club - 2,3,4, Color- guard - 3,4, Student Council - 4. AUTTURO, JOANN: Basketball - 1, Student Patrol - 3, Majorette - 3. AQUENO, FRANK: Newspaper - 1,2, f3,4, Editorj, C.P. Club - 2,3,4, One Act Play - 3, Student Council - 4, Bulletin Board Comm. - 3, Language Club - 3,4, Dramatics Club - 4, Language Fair - 3. BALDWIN, EILEEN: Basketball - 1, Gym Show - 2,3, One Act Play - 3, Three Act Play - 4. BANKS, NANCY: Art Club - 1, Chorus - l,2, Class Exec. Comm. - 2, Language Club -- 2,3, One Act Play - 3, Na- tional Honor Society - 3,4, National Art Honor So- ciety - 2,3,4, Student Patrol - 3, Makeup Club - 3, Language Fair - 3, Newspaper - 3,4, Three Act Play - 4, Yearbook fArt Ed.l - 4. BARBACCIA, MARIA: Basketball -- 1, Talent Show, - 1, Chorus - 1, Newspaper - 1, One Act Play - l,3, Student Coun- cil - 1,2,3,4, fExec. Comm. - l,2,3l, Concessions Comm. -- l,2,3,4, Assembly Comm. -- 2, Gym Show - 2,3, Magazine Drive - 3, Dance Comm. - 3, Tennis Club - 3, Leaders' Club - 3,4, Cheerleader QVarsityj - 3,4, Dramatics Club - 4, Three Act Play - 4, Yearbook - 4.' BATTEE, DOROTHY: Chorus - l,3, Band -- 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 2, South Jer- sey Band - 2,3,4, Newspaper - 3, Safety Comm. - 3, Gym Show 2,3, One Act Play - 3, Student Council - 3,4, Dance Band - 4, Dramatics Club - 4, Senior Exec. Comm. 4, Three Act Play - 4. BAUERS, ROBERT: Baseball - 1,2, Football - 1,3, Cafe. Patrol - 2, A.V.A. -- 2, Student Council - 2,4-, Class Exec. Comm. - 3, Student Patrol - 4. BAYLOCK, KENNETH: Football - 1, Student Patrol - 2, Basketball -- 3, Track - 2,3,4, Cross-Country - 2,3,4, Student Council - 3, Publicity Comm. - 3, College Prep. Club - 3, Newspaper - 4, National Honor So- ciety - 3,4, Student Council Treasurer - 4. BENTON, JUDITH: Leaders' Club - 1, Softball -- l,2, Newspaper - 2,3, Chorus - I, National Honor Society - 3,4 CSec- retaryl. BOCCUTI, DOLORES: Bankers' Aid - 1,2, Chorus - 1, Newspaper - 4. BRIMFIELD, THOMAS: Band - l,2,3. BRYSON, NANCY: Softball - 1, Class President - 1, Baksetball - 1,2, N 3,4, C2,3,4, varsityl, Student Council - 2,3,4, fExec. Comm.D, NJAI-ISC - 3, Leaders' Club - 3,4, P.A. Comm. - 3,4, One Act Play - 3,4, Cheer- leader Cvarsityj - 3,4, National Honor Society -- 3,4, Three Act Play - 4. CALABRIA, CHARLES: Student Council - 3,4, Baseball - 3,4, Vice- President of class - 4, Wrestling - 4, Yearbook CBoys' Sports Ed.j - 4. CALABRIA, JOSEPH: Student Council - 2,3,4, Gym Show - 3, Language Fair - 3, Wrestling - 3,4, Class President - 3,4. CASARIO, CAROL: Student Patrol - l, Homemaking Club - 1,2,4. CIANCIO, GERALDINE: Hockey - 1, Basketball -- 1, Softball - 1,2, Lead- ers' Club - 1, Student Council - 2, Future Nurses' GUY, MARTHA: Club - 2,3, One Act Play - 3, Newspaper - 3,4. Nurses' Club - 3,4, Hockey - 4. COOKER, MARY: HASSELBUSCH, ROBERTA: Library- 1,2,3,4. Hockey - 1, Basketball - 1,2, Chorus - 1, F.T.A. COWDRIGHT, ROBERT: - 1, Future Nurse's Club - 2,3,4, Language Club Basketball- 1,3. - 3, Gym Show - 2, Newspaper - 4, Yearbook DeANTONELLIS, MARIO: - 4. Basketball - 1,3,4. HEGGAN, LOIS: DeGOLIA, DOUG: Chorus - 1, Junior Miss Club - 2. Student Patrol - 3, Football - 3, Stage Crew - HILL, ELAINE: 3,4. Chorus - 1, F.T.A. - 1,2,4, College Prep. Club - DePALMA, JOHN: 3, Language Club - 3, Gym Show - 2,3, Language Vice-President of class - 3, Football - 3,4, Student Fair - 3, Dance Comm. - l,2,3, National Honor Patrol- 3,4. Society - 3,4, Student Council - 3, Yearbook QLit- DeSILVIO, RITA: erary Editorj - 4. Hockey - 1, Makeup Club - 1, Student Council - HINCH, WILLIAM: 1,2, Student Patrol- 3, Cafeteria Patrol-3,4. Wrestling - 1, Football - 3, Track - 4, News- DIGEROLAMO, ANTHONY: paper - 4, Student Patrol - 4. Wrestling - 3,4. HNIEDJIEJKO, EDWARD: DUBLE, KIRK: Football - 3, Wrestling - 4. Football - 1,2,3,4, Basketball - 1,2,3, Baseball - 1,2,3, Track - 1,4, One Act Play - 3,4, Language IRWIN, ROSE ANNE: Fair - 3, Wrestling - 3,4, Yearbook - 4. Basketball - 1, Student Council - 1,2,4, Gym EDMONDS, BETTY: Show - 2, Magazine Drive - 3, Student Patrol Chorus - 1, Band - 1,2,3, Language Club - 2, -4. Softball - 2, Basketball - 3, Career Club - 3,4, IULIUCCI, DAVID: Hockey- 3,4- student Council - 3, Audio Visual Aids - 4. ELLING, WILLIAM: IULIUCCI, IDA: Student Patrol- 4. Archery - 2, Newspaper - 3,4, Student Council - FABRICO, ANNA MAE: 3,4, Hockey fManagerJ - 4, National Honor So- Chorus - 1,2, Civics Club - 1,2, Student Council ciety- 3,4, - 2, Decorating Comm. - 3. IULIUCCI, JOHN: FAVILLA, ROBERTA: Amateur Radio Club - 3, One Act Play - 3, Lan- Hockey - 1,2,3,4, Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Softball guage Fair - 3, Student Council - 4, Three Act - 1, Leaders' Club - 1,2,3,4, Tumbling - 1,2, Gym Play - 4, Talent Show - 4. Show - 2,3,4, Student Council - 1, Yearbook IULIUCCI, PATRICIA: CGirls' Sports Ed.j -4. Hockey - 1, Gym Show - 2, Cheerleading - 3, FILLIS,ESTHER: Student Council - 3, Class Exec. Comm. - 3,4, Chorus - 1,3, Language Club - 2,3, College Prep. Yearbook-4. Club - 2,3, Exec. Comm. - 3, Student Council - JACKSON, BRENDA: 3,4, Language Fair - 3, Student Council Delegate Softball - 1, F.H.A. - 2, C.P. Club - 2, Gym - 3, Newspaper - 3, Three Act Play - 4, National Show - 2, Fashion Show - 2,3, Tennis Club - 3, Honor Society - 3,4 fPresidentj, Yearbook - 4. Language Club - 3, Language Fair - 3, Newspaper GEORGE, THOMAS: - 3,4, Dramatics Club - 4, Three Act Play 4, Newspaper - 2,3,4, Student Council - 4. Yearbook-4. GILLIN, FRANCES: KELLING, JOYCE: Basketball- 1, Hockey - 1,3,4, Gym Show - 2,3,4, Hockey - 1, Basketball - 1, Leaders' Club - 1, Nurses' Club - 1,2,3,4, Student Council - 3. Nurses' Club - 2, Student Council - 2, Dance GOTO, NORMA: Comm. - 3, Color-guard - 3,4, Language Fair - F.T.A. - 1, Future Nurses' Club 2, C.P. Club - 3, Yearbook-4. 3,4, Gym Show - 1,2,3, Chorus - 4. KOVALOVSKY, DANIEL: GRAFF, JOHN: Basketball- 1, Football - 2,3,4, Wrestling - 3,4. Baseball - 2, Student Patrol - 4, Wrestling - 4. LANG, GEORGE: GRASSO, MARY: Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Baseball - 1,2,3, Cross- Chorus - 1, Hockey - 1, Student Council 1, Dance Country - 4. Comm. - 3, Exec. Comm. - 4, Cheerleading CJ.V.D LATVA, MIRIAM: - 4. Chorus - 1, Student Patrol - 3. 51 LeCONEY, GEORGE: Baseball - l,2,3, Football - 3. LIGAMERI, SALVATORE: Football - l,2,3, Basketball - l,2,3, Baseball - l,2,3, Football Trainer 4, Student Patrol -- 4. LINDEN, BARBARA: Leaders' Club - 1, Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Student Council - 1,3, Dance Comm. - 1,3, Class Secretary - 1, Gym Show - 2, Colorguard -- 2, National Honor Society - 3,4, Yearbook QBus. Managerj - 4. LLOYD, REBECCA: Chorus - l, Gym Show - 2,3, Student Patrol - 3. LONG, HARRY: Radio Club - 3,4. LUTZ, RAYMOND: Baseball - 1, Football - 3,4. MANKOW, DONALD: Track - 2, Wrestling - 3,4. MARTIN, JERRY: Basketball - 1, Baseball - 1,2,4.' MASSO, ANTHONY: Football - 3, Yearbook - 4. MATSINGER, PATRICIA: Majorette - 2,3, Junior Miss Club - 2, Assembly Comm. - 2, Dance Comm. - 3, Hockey - 3,4, Stu- dent Council - 4. MAURIELLO, PAUL: Football - 1,2,3,4, Baseball - 1,2,3,4, Wrestling - 1,2,3,4, Exec. Comm. - 2, Student Council - 3 fTreasurerj, 4 fVice-Pres.j, National Honor Society - 3,4. MAURO, MARY ANN: Chorus - 1, Journalism Club - 1, Newspaper - 3, Student Council - l,2,3, Yearbook - 4. MAYBERRY, PAUL: Band - 1,2, Language Club - 1, Fencing Club - 1,2, Student Council - 4. MIDILI, ANTHONY: Student Council - 3,4, Baseball - 4, Wrestling - 4, Talent Show - 4, Three Act Play - 4. MONTEMURRO, DIANE: Basketball - l,2,3, Leaders' Club - l,2,3, Student Council - l,2,3, Tumbling Club - 1,2, Cheerlead- ing 2,3,4, Gym Show - 2,4, Class Exec. Comm. - 4, Yearbook - 4. MOORE, JEAN: Basketball - 1,2,4, Hockey - 1, One Act Play - 1,3,4, Student Council - l,2,3, CRecording Secre- taryj, 4, Gym Show -- 2,3,4, P.A. Comm. - 3,4, F.T.A. - 1,2, QVice-Pres.J, 4, Cheerleading - 2,3,4, National Honor Society - 3,4, Three Act Play - 4, Yearbook fEditor of Photographyj . MOSLEY, GLORIA: Chorus - 1, Nurses' Club - 1,2,3,4, Newspaper - 3, Dance Comm. - 3, Three Act Play - 4, Year- book - 4. MURRAY, ELWOOD: Track - 1,2,3. NEHER, LORRAINE: Basketball - 1,3, Hockey - 1, Leaders' Club - 1,2, 3,4, Tumbling Club -- 1,2, Student Council - 1,2,4, Exec. Comm. 3, Dance Comm. - l,2,3,4, Gym Show - l,2,3, Softball - 1, Majorette - 2, fHead Ma- jorettej 3,4, Class Secretary - 4, Yearbook - 4. PIERCE, JAMES: Basketball - l,2,3, Track - l,2,3,4, Football -- 1,2, 3,4. PRATT, LOIS: Tumbling Club - 1,2, Student Council - l,2,3, Archery -- 1,2, Basketball CManagerJ - l,2,3, Ma- jorette - 2,3,4, Gym Show - 2,3,4, Usherette Club - 2, Leaders' Club - 2,3,4, Junior Miss Club -2, Class Exec. Comm. - 3,4, Yearbook - 4. ROSS, WILLIAM: Football - 1,2,3,4, Wrestling - l,2,3,4, Track - 4, Class Treasurer - 4, Yearbook - 4. RYDER, NANCEE: F.T.A. - l,2,3, Leaders' Club - 1,2, Student Coun- cil - 1,2, Class Exec. Comm. - 1, Hockey - 1, Bas- ketball - 1,3,4, Colorguard - 2, Gym Show - 2,3, National Art Honor Society - 2,3,4, National Honor Society - 3,4, Language Fair - 3, Dance Comm. -- 3, Yearbook - 4. SACHLEBEN, JOHN: Football - 1, Basketball - 1, Track -- 1, Student Council - 4, Glee Club - 4, Chorus - 4. SAFARYN, CHARLES: Football - 3. SAIA, RITA: Hockey - 1,2,3,4, Basketball - 1,3, Softball - 1, Cheerleading - 3,4, Leaders' Club - 1,2,3,4, Tum- bling Club - 1,2, Gym Show - 2,3,4, Class Officer - 3, Student Council fOFf'icerJ - 3,4, National Honor Society - 3,4. SARAPPA, CAROL: Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Hockey - 1, Leaders' Club - 1,3, Chorus - 1, One Act Play - 1,2,3,4, National Thespian Society - 3,4, National Honor Society - 3,4, Cheerleading - 3,4, Class Exec. Comm. - 2,4, National Art Honor Society - 2, Student Council - 3, Dance Comm. - 2,3,4, Yearbook CCo-Editorj - 4. SCOTT, BARBARA: Student Patrol - 1, Chorus - 1,2. SELF, BETTY JEAN: Basketball - 1. SHERPINSKY, JEAN: Basketball - 1, Refreshment Comm. - 3. SIMMONS, SANDRA: Basketball - 1, F.T.A. - 1, Gym Show - 2,3, Year- book - 4. SINDONI, ANTHONY: Football fManagerJ - 1, Student Patrol - 2,3,4, Football - 1,2,3,4, Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Baseball - Yearbook - 4. 1,2,3,4, Class Oilicer - 1,2, Student Council CPresi- VITUCCI, ROSE MARIE: dentj - 3,4. Nurses' Club - 2, Student Council - 3, Majorette SWARTZ, WILLIAM: - 3, Yearbook - 4. Stage Club -, Three Act Play - 4. VOLKERT, AGNES: SYKES, JOHN: Hockey - 1,2,3,4, Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Softball -- F.T.A. 1 1,2, Student Patrol - l,2,3,4 QCaptainJ, l,2,3,4, Leaders' Club 1 1,2,3,4, Tumbling Club -H Newspaper-4. 1,2, Student Council - 1,4, Gym Show - 2,3,4, TOMLIN, JOAN: Dance Comm. - 3, Tennis Club 1 3. Student Council - 1, Magazine Drive 3, Hockey - WARD, ROBERT: 4, Refreshment Comm. - 3. Art Club - 2, Civics Club - 1. TOON, GEORGE: WASHINGTON, ESAU: Student Patrol. Basketball - 1,2,3,4, Track - 3, Cross-Country - 4. TOWNSEND, JANET: WIESSNER, JOHN: Basketball 1 1,2,3,4, Hockey 1 1,4, Leaders' Club - Three Act Play - 4. Transfer Student. 1,3,4, Student Council - 2,3,4, Softball - 1, Gym WOOD, PATRICIA: Show - 2,3,4, Cheerleading - 3, Yearbook - 4, Basketball - 1, Student Council - 2. Three Act Play - 4, F.T.A. - l,2,4. WRIGHT, JAMES: TURNER: RONALD: Football 1 1,,3,4, Basketball 1 l,2,3,4', Baseball Talent Show - 4' 1 1,2,3,4, Class Oflicer CTreasurerJ - 3, Class UMOSELLA, SHARON: Exec. COIIIIII. 1 4, Student P3.t!'0l 1 Student Council - 1, Basketball - 1,4, Leaders' WUERTZJALLENZ , Club 1 1, 1 132,43 Art Club 1 1, Newspaper Student CCUHCII 1 I,3,4, Band 1 I,2, OI16 Act Play 1 1, Drill Squad 1 3,4, Gym Show 1 3,43 Dance 1 3,'Nat1OHal Honor Society 1 3,43 fVice-Pres.j, Comm. - 3,4, Language Fair - 3, Tennis Club - 3, Three Act Play -' 4' Yearbook 1 4. WYATT, PENNY: VITUCCI, NICHOLAS: Student Council - 2- 53 THE LAST WILL We, the class of "1960," on this twentieth day of june, in the year nineteen hundred and sixty, do hereby bequeath the following beloved possessions to these fortunate people. Gloria Mosley leaves her worn-out typing eraser to her sister, Carol, and hopes she doesn't have to use it as much as she did. Kirk Duble leaves his football practice socks to Mr. Weiler and the biology department. QWonder what they'll find.j Mary Grasso, in a state of panic, leaves one worn-out gym sneaker from a set of three to her sister, Rosalie. john DePalma leaves all his racing forms to Miss Cribb. CGood Luck.D jean Moore would like to leave all the experiences shels had on Student Council and the fun she's had in sports to her deserving brother, Nate. Paul Mauriello leaves his football uni- form to Santo DiAngelo. joan Tomlin leaves her U.S. History II book to Mary Agnes Mona- han. Carol Busch leaves all her homework assignments to anyone who may need them. john Con- stant wills his moldy, scummy gym towel to Kathy McGrath. josephine Alotto leaves all the fun she had in school to Ronnie Bombaro. George Lang leaves his old basketball sneaks to Dave Stallard, if they fit him. jean Sherpinsky leaves all her nerves to Jean Gundle. Anthony Masso leaves his empty ink pens to his brother, Robert. Anna Mae Fabrico, at the point of a gun, leaves her rusty old gym lock to her gun-crazy brother. Bob Bauers leaves his silde rule to Jerry Martin, who he thinks will be back next year. fBet Jerry hopes youlre wrong.j Ida Iuliucci bequeaths to her cousin, Mary Iuliucci, her patched gym suit and dirty sneaks with the missing tongues, and, also, Ida wishes Mary to have as much fun as she had during her four years of high school. Anthony Digerolamo leaves all the juice at football camp to Rocco Dippillito. Barbara Linden leaves her appetite to Mr Skammer. Dan Kovalovsky leaves the seven-man sled to all future linemen of Edgewood, in particular to Bob Baldi. Geri Ciancio leaves a gold-plated belly button to Kathy Norcross Ca very interesting giftj. Bill Hinch leaves his razor to Dave Stallard, who fin Bill's opinionj always needs a shave. Pat Wood leaves her dirty gym sneakers to any deserving junior, whose feet are big enough. Frank H alfmann leaves his two rear bald-headed tires to Mr. Westman. Sandy Simmons wishes to leave all her homework to the Cowdright girls fthat name sounds farniliarj. To the most desirable senior of "1961," Robert Fuchs leaves all his books. Rita De Silvio leaves all her fun in biology to a certain junior with the initials, R.P., if he wants it. Frank Reed leaves to the next pure-blooded genius in the Practical Arts course, his slide rule with instructions on operation and maintenance. Mary Ann Colonna leaves her good behavior in her senior year, to her brother, Joseph. To his teachers, William Swartz leaves all his books and he leaves his pen and notebook to his sister, Diana. Nancy Banks leaves her old paint brushes to Ruth Orchard and hopes they'll bring her as much luck as they did to her. Ken Baylock wills his sweaty gym suit and track apparel to his brother, Corlette. Ken hopes he will grow. To Jukie Belcher, Ronnie Volkert leaves her hockey stick and number "12." john Graf leaves his books to his cousin in 1961, if he makes it. To Anna Mae Self, her sister, Betty jean leaves her gym suit and socks. Ray Lutz leaves a two-man sled to anybody who wants it. Dolores Boccuti wills all the fun she had in high school to her cousin Austin Bombaro. She also leaves her gym suit and her old, wet towel to her other cousin, Ronnie Bombaro. David luliucci leaves all his unfinished record-keeping assignments to Miss D. Wydra. jo Ann At- turo, in all sincerity, leaves a used-up box of Regimen Tablets to anyone who is over 250 lbs. She thinks they need it. fWe're sure they thank you, Jo Ann., judy Benton leaves her typewriter, that hasn't passed a timed-writing in two years, and all the fun she had during her four years in high school to her cousin, Kathy Mac Dougall. Harry Long leaves a worn-out square root and logarithmic table and also a burned out radio tube to his mathematics teacher, Mr. Andariese. Mary Ann Mauro leaves her big gym sneaks to Lor- raine Iuliucci. jerry Martin leaves his Industrial Math book to some unfortunate senior P,A. To her sister, Vicky, Rita Alloway leaves her pleasant memories of Edgewood. Bill Craig leaves his can of spinach to Jack Wichtrowski. fNot another Popeyelj Curt Lewis leaves his last sneak to Gabriel Haliburton. Barbara Scott leaves all her bad nerves and bad habits to her cousin, Steven Streck. To Mary Ellen Heggan, Dot Battee leaves all her clarinet reeds. Mario DeAntonellis leaves his dirty pair of work pants to the metal shop teachers. Rebecca Lloyd, in critical.condition, leaves her used gym suit to a certain gym teacher who never gets dressed, but expects her stu- dents to. Eddie Hniedjiejko leaves one, new pair of gold pants to Mr. Hershey. To her sister ,Io Ann, Mimi Barbaccia leaves her beloved cheerleading uniform. Tony Sin- doni leaves all his dead soldiers to the new recruits coming in. CPlease explain that one to us, Tony.j Esther Fillis leaves all her gray hairs to her brother, Tom, who will never have any of his own. Cls that the truth, Tom?J Bill Ross leaves all his wrestling duds to Mike Laginestra. Miriam Latua leaves her dilapidated sneaks to Laurene Morrill. Frank Aqueno leaves all his Latin I 8: II notes to the janitor, in case the price of oil goes up. fEconomical, isn't he?j Carolyn Casario leaves her used toothpick to Natalie Santone. joe Calabria leaves all his love now and forever to Carole. f"The Tender Trap"j To her sister, Joyce, a future majorette, Lorraine Neher leaves her baton. Charles fChickj Calabria leaves all his physics tests to anyone who canit understand Mr. Jenkins. Chick thinks they'll need them. Martha Guy leaves all her "Abs" and "B's" to Vaughn Guy. To a member of the class of "l96l," Bill Elling leaves his title of "senior." Brenda jackson leaves her brain to the Museum of Natural Science and History. fWise choice, Brenda.j Anthony Midili leaves his crudy old gym suit to his brother, Ronny. Lois Pratt leaves all the fun she had in her senior year to her cousin, Jean Grisso. A football uni- form is left to Baldy by jimmy Wright. 54 AND TESTAME T Rita Saia wishes to leave her "nerves" to Janis Schramm, who probably won't appreciate them. john Iuliucci leaves his "isolated" trig. seat in room M210 to all of his Iuliucci relatives. Christine Ace leaves all her textbooks to her brother, Buddy, who loves to study??? CHow lucky can you get?l To John Garvey, Thomas Brimjield leaves his beat-up old notebook and torn papers. Carol Sarappa leaves her lunch table jokes to some deserving person. George Smith leaves all his school things to Bob Ward because he will need them next year when he returns. CMaybe you'll have company.j Frances Gillin leaves all her history problems to the next sen- ior class. Nick Vitucci leaves all his typing speed to Miss Wydra. CAnother whiz.j joyce Kelling leaves her color guard uniform and hard practice, that goes with it, to her sister, Jane. To Denny Martin, Doug DeGolia leaves the tiremarks outside the metal shop door and to Tom DePalma he leaves his carburetor which is in Metal Shop. The carburetor belongs on a Ply- mouth, not a Chevrolet. fMake a note of that, Tom.j Nancee Ryder leaves her basketball tunic to Peggy Maccaroni and hopes that she helps make our team a success while she wears it. Allen Weurtz leaves his old math homework papers to Mr. Andariese. Sharon Umosella leaves all her cares and worries to Lorraine Croft. Salvatore Ligameri leave his gym pants to a junior for his enjoyment. Sal also urges all boys to try their best in school so they will not' be kept back, This might result in being able to play sports only three years. Dianne Montemurro leaves her cheerleading uniform and all the fun she had while wearing it, to the deserving junior on the squad. jack Sachleben leaves his blue esguaisa joke to the group. Bobbie Favilla leaves her hockey stick and the fun she had at camp, in Golden Rod Cabin, to Carole Mick, that "All-American." To Juanita Moronge, john Sykes leaves the fun and problems of working with the Student Patrol. janet Townsend leaves her locker key to the mice, who have been trying to get in from some time. Robert Ward leaves his dirty gym sneaks to his sister, who is a junior, if she will wear them. Mary Ligameri leaves to Gale Beppel her perfect attendance in school for four years. joe Zarella leaves his last will and testament for someone else to write. To her brother, Billy, Pat Iuliucci leaves all the noise she made in class. john Welner leaves his dirty gym clothes to Ronnie Brimfield. Mary Cooker leaves all her books and homework assignments to anyone who may need them. Ronald Turner leaves all his school books to some deserving teacher who should put them to good use one cold winter night as heat. CThat was sweet of you. to think of the poor teachers, Ronald.j To Rita Viterelli and Sandra and Francine Rossi, Rose Anne Irwin be- queathes the happiness of leaving school. john Weissner leaves'the school to next year's seniors. Roberta Hasselbusch leaves her old Latin notes to Kathy Mason - she may need them. Bob Cowdright leaves his last will and testament for someone else to write. fHave you been talking to Joe Zarella?l Rose Marie Vitucci leaves her typewriter that makes so many mistakes to Betsy Volkert. Us that nice, Roe?j George Manger leaves his faded gym suit to ,lean Canerias. Kathy Angel leaves her shyness to her sister, June. CI wonder why.j Eileen Baldwin leaves her gym locker and her gym suit, which still has a lot of wear, to her brother, Irv. CThoughtful, isn't she?D To Dorothea Arbour, Norma Goto leaves her place at the senior lunch line. George LeConey leaves his gym suit to his brother, Bill, in the eighth grade. Ray Saunders leaves his teachers to Bobby Boddzer. To Mr. Schwartz, Pat Matsinger leaves a quiet classroom and the fun and remembrance of 6A8tB economics class. Esau Washington wills Mrs. Weiler, his English teacher for two years, to Mr. Weiler. Elaine Hill leaves her patience to her brother, Art. And last, but not least, Nancy Bryson leaves her basketball to Sue Ansley. And that concludes the last will and testament of the senior class of "l960." We sincerely hope our gifts will bring joy and comfort to those who have received them. We are sorry we could not give something to each underclassman, however, we do leave with you our fond memories. This will is signed, sealed, and delivered on this, the twentieth day of June, in the year nineteen hundred and sixty. It is witnessed by the following people: I ' , l If ' ly! ,w,, ' V f , , I- a..L1.'z...l 545' .4 If . 1- ,. c. .. G 0 55 ahh Hollywood Bound Personality Plus Cupid's Favorites Kathryn and Arthur Murray Pep 'n Energy Olymplc Champs Racket Rousers Ipana Kids Fine 'n Friendly WHO I Living It Up Mr. and Mrs. Peepers Punch 'n Judy Aiming High Quiz Kids Sak's Fifth Avenue Made for Each Other Apple Polishers Couldift Be Cuter A few weeks ago we decided to reminisce. As we walked down Main Street, we saw TONY SINDONI's Barber Shop. Among his regular customers were TONY MIDILI, JOHN CNEWTJ DE PALMA, and JOHN IULIUCCI. Tony and Newt are co- owners of a chain of gas stations, Johnny Iuliucci has his own band which just returned from a trip to Europe. Next door to Tony's is JEAN SHERPINSKY'S Beauty Salon. In her shop we met EILEEN BALDWIN, now a popular singer, and RITA DE- SILVIO, who is a model for well known fashion magazines. Our local newspaper reported that there was to be an Armed Forces Parade, and as we were impatiently waiting, GLORIA MOSLEY and KATHY ANGEL greeted us as they passed in the street, They are now army nurses. We also recognized LOR- RAINE NEHER as the head majorette for Navyls band. After the parade we went shopping. In our small town de- partment store we met MARYANN MAURO and DAVE IUL- IUCCI who, of course, are now "Mr. and Mrs.'l They are the parents of five girls and one boy, ages 13 through 22. We're mak- ing a fair guess that a few years ago, CHARLIE SAFARYN, manufacturer of Gerber's Baby Foods, did a great deal of busi- ness from these two. As we browsed through the store we saw JOYCE KELLING, supervisor of nurses, at Lankenau Hospital, buying her uniforms. We decided to wander into the fur department . . . just to look. There hanging on the wall was a huge picture of KIRK DUBLE, the "Great White Hunter? By the way, Kirk also owns the big- gest mink farm in the United States. The beauty salon did not have the appearance of a very ritzy place, but it was very neat, the operators more than capable of their positions. JOANN ATTURO was styling CAROL SARAP- PA'S hair. Carol, by the way, is now the wife of a very successful lawyer. Assisting JoAnn were CAROL CASSARIO and JOSE- PHINE ALOTTO. They were styling DIANE MONTEMUR- RO'S and LOIS PRATT'S hair, respectively. Diane and Lois are both happily married secretaries. From the department store we proceeded to the parking lot to get our car. On the way, we met BECKY LLOYD, who comrrienced to tell us of her many interesting experiences as a social worker. We were surprised to hear that BETTY EDMONDS lives only a block away from her. Betty is very active in different organiza- tions in the town, and gives much of her time and energy to charities. Each day our town grows in size and population. We are sure that one day it will become a city. Two clothing establishments opened recently, one of which is LOIS HEGGAN'S Women's Apparel Shop. The other was BILL ROHLOFF's Formal Wear for Men. We were looking forward to a drive in the country, and since we had finished our little tour of the town, we decided to start out at once. A few miles out in the country, we noticed a. mail- box with a familiar name on it. We imagined as much! In the kitchen of a huge farmhouse was the former CHRIS ACE baking pies. Her eleven boys were outside practicing football with their one-time famous father. Visiting with her was MIMI BAR- BACCIA, who is planning to join her husband in Europe in the next few months. We asked if she liked living an army life and moving all over the world, and by her reply it was obvious that she did. While Chris was showing us around her vast farm, we ran into ANTHONY MASSO, who is now an agricultural agent. As we drove away from the farm, we realized that the sounds we had been hearing were not our imagination, they were hunger pangs. Since it would be some time before we would arrive in the city, we decided to stop for lunch along the way. In a short time, we noticed a sign, "FRANK REED'S Refreshment Stand." We couldn't believe that it might be the same boy who was in our class 25 years ago. Well you can imagine our surprise when we found out it really was dear old Frank! While we were there, DE- LORES BOCCUTI and PAT IUCIUCCI came in for lunch. They both work as secretaries for a large publishing company in that area. Dee and Pat are now making S125 a week. We continued on our way, and just as we were beginning to rela.x, the car stopped . . . dead. Fortunately for us, it happened CLASS SPRING directly in front of JOHN WELNER'S service station. John, an excellent mechanic, soon had our car repaired. This time when we started out, we were no longer on the fa- miliar, bumpy, country road. This new, smooth road is one of the many constructions of JOE CALABRIA, an engineer. As usual, the city was crowded with busy people when we ar- rived there. We saw DANNY KOVOLOSKY teaching FRANK TEMPLETON how to hot rod in a truck. You see, Danny has a driving school for future truck drivers, only. A few years ago, Danny was in the chicken business with RAY LUTZ. Ray did all the work. Suddenly we saw BARBARA SCOTT enter a drugstore. We parked our car and followed her. We were dying to know what she had been doing all these years. We found her at the cosmet- ics counter and began to fire all sorts of questions at her. "Barb" told us she had inherited a large sum of money from her great aunt, and has been taking life easy. JACK SACHLEBEN was the pharmacist at the drugstore. We asked him to fill a prescrip- tion for sleeping tablets. He said these pills guaranteed 16 hours uninterrupted sleep because they were manufactured by GEORGE LE CONEY-JERRY MARTIN, Inc. After we left the drugstore, we met PAUL MAYBERRY walk- ing "The Marvelous Mayberry Dogs." We did not speak long to Paul because his dogs had to be at the CBS studio to rehearse for a television show. Walking on, we saw the huge Bulletin Building loom before us and at the same time we all suggested a tour of the publishing firm. We entered the building and immediately recognized the receptionist as JUDY BENTON. We inquired if she had seen IDA IULIUCCI in the last few years. She replied, "How could Ida exist without me, her life-long pal." Judy told us that Ida is now the manager of the bookkeeping department at the Bulletin. Her directions for locating the editor were a little hazy, but after a time we found his office. There on the door was, "FRANK AQUENA, Editor." Frank really has come up in the world. BARBARA LINDEN, Frankls private secretary, was busily en- grossed in her work. She told him a few of his old classmates from Edgewood had come to visit him. Frank arranged for three guides to tour us around. FRANK HALFMAN, JOE WINNERS, and GEORGE MAUGER, who are employees of the Bulletin, had the pleasant duty of showing us each step of producing the daily paper. The machinery was tremendous but dangerous. The Bulletin has its own nurse and doctor for just such an emergency. BOBBIE HAS- SELBUSCH we found to be the nurse, and ALLAN WURTZ, the doctor. Bobbie is now married to a famous rock 'n roll singer, Allen is still a bachelor as we expected. EDDIE HNIEDZIEJKO, an on-the-spot news reporter had called the ambulance and when it arrived we discovered the driver to be BOB BAUERS. Bob's motto always used to be "Have car, will travel - fast!" We thought we'd add a little intellectual jaunt to our busy schedule, so, the Museum of Fine Arts was next on the agenda. Previously, there had been a contest held, and we were able to obtain the name of the winner. But, naturally, it was NANCY BANKS. We were told that her painting was hanging in the main hall. We must admit, we found it quite difficult to interpret, It might be described as three round circles with eyes in them. It was called "Deep Purple." While delighting in other paintings, we met BOBBIE FAVIL- LA and RITA SAIA looking intently at a beautiful portrait. We recognized them at once, and after the usual salutations we finally learned what they have been doing all these years. Rita was mar- ried two years after graduation. Even though her husband in- sisted she quit working, Rita was determined to be a wife, mother, and career girl all in one. And she has done it quite successfully. She is the private secretary to JOHN ROWAND, who is a famous historian. Bobbie is residing in the Warwick Hotel with her mil- lionaire husband. She married her boss. Rita and Bobbie were commenting on the portrait which was painted by NANCEE RYDER. She has recently completed an- other painting titled "The Tall Man." She used as her model 58 meowtev 985 MARIO DE ANTONELLIS, who is making a terrific salary modeling tall men's clothes. Mario purchases his clothing from ESAU WASHINGTON'S famous line of f'Tall Men's Wearfl BETTY SELF is employed as Esauls secretary. We left the girls and visited the other sections of the museum. There was a beautiful bronze plaque on the wall. It was dedi- cated to JOHN WIESSNER, the great composer of that real cool music called rock 'n roll. Man that's the greatest, ain't it cats? Carnegie Hall, here comes John! We left the museum, and since it was such a lovely day, we were determined to stroll through the city park. The green grass and large billowy trees, the birds chirping and the bees buzzing, the flowers of many different hues lent themselves to Nature and all its splendor. While admiring Mother Nature's work, we met ELAINE HILL and SHARON UMOSELLA. They are teachers in elementary schools, and were taking their pupils on a hike. We also met some members of a bird-watching society that were in the park at that time. DOUG DE GOLIA and JOHNNY GRAFF we found to be the most devoted. They are truly ded- icated to the art of studying their line feathered friends. Walking down the street after leaving the park, we saw a sign advertising a newly opened dancing school, directed by JOHNNY CONSTANT. We visited Johnny at his modem studio, which was decorated fabulously. We were very surprised to see RITA ALLOWAY and ROSE MARIE VITUCCI trying to learn the skill of the mambo, rumba, etc. They now work as secretaries in the Primrose Glue Factory. We only had to walk three blocks to get our bus and as we passed BRENDA JACKSON'S Pizzaria we gazed in the window and saw ROSE ANN IRWIN, now a lieutenant in the Women's Air Corp, and PAT MATSINGER, who is the social director on the Queen Mary. Our bus was late and we were all set to complain bitterly un- til we found out the driver was ELWOOD NIURRAY. We met PAT WOOD and PENNY WYATT returning from work. We had a short conversation and learned that they both work as li- brarians. We got off at our stop and bought a popular magazine at the comer newstand. As we leafed through it, we passed an article entitled, K'I'll be Home for Christmas," written by MIRIAM LATVA. Miriam is now a well-known journalist. RAY SAUN- DERS, the policeman directing trallic motioned for us to cross the street. The movie we saw was "Platinum Blond," starring that famous movie actress, DEANE ALBRECHT. The second feature was comedy titled, "Smoke Gets in Their Eyesf' It starred GERI CIANCIO and CAROL BUSCH. After 25 years, they're still go- ing strong. Collecting money at the box office was MARY LIG- AMERI, who was married right after graduation to a serviceman. As we entered, we were blinded by a flashlight. It was RAY SHONE, who manages the theater. We were ushered to our seats in the front, beside of all people, SANDY SIMMONS and BOB COWDRIGHT. They invited us to visit them as soon as possible at their ranch type home in the suburbs. As the news flashed on the screen, we listened attentively to the world affairs of today. NICKY VITUCCI, the third spzlceman to leave for the moon this year, will join TONY DIGEROLAMO who left earlier this month. NANCY BRYSON, housewife and mother of three children, has also distinguished herself in the news. Nancy has discovered a new way to make apple pie, it tastes just like stewed apricots. BOB WARD is the first New Jerseyite who has lost his driverls license by accumulating 48 points over a 12 month period. A huge chemistry laboratory has exploded in Pennsylvania. NORMA GOTO, famed chemist, is now wondering what hap- pened. GEORGE SMITH, lightweight wrestling champion quite a number of years ago, is retiring. Making the news also was that famous orator TOMMY GEORGE, who gave a speech two months ago on K'The Silent Man's Philosophy." BARBARA SCOTT, Heiress to the "Scott Paper I'owe1'5 Corporation, has eloped with the family chauffeur. After the newsreel, we watched the sports events. JIMMY WRIGHT is now the basketball coach at Chirgalantu University in Outer Mongolia. - Next, we saw a review of former Olympic stars. The list con- sisted of KENNY BAYLOCK, one time famous track champion. Ken's home contained trophies of every size and shape. BILL ROSS, a terrific wrestler in his day, is now retired, and living a life of ease on an island in the Pacific. We wonder if Bill remem- bers 25 years ago when he said he'd be sweeping floors at Edge- wood. RONN IE VOLKERT, one time basketball star, was mar- ried a few years ago to her high school boy friend, BILL CRAIG. They had a long courtship because Bill had joined the Navy after graduation and was shipped to Siberia. The movies were very enjoyable, but we didn't stay for the secl ond show. We were starving! One of us suggested a darling little place where they specialized in home style meals. It was called K'Anna Mae's." We didn't realize 'till later that the proprietor was ANNA MAE FABRICO. She was an old friend of ours, so of course, everything was on the house. Anna Mae told us she is making thousands out of a chain of these "darling little places." At one of the tables we noticed MARTHA GUY and JOHN SYKES. Martha told us that she is working in a hospital nearby and John is employed as an orderly at the same hospital. We checked in at the "Brimfield Hotel" rather late. TOM BRIMFIELD, a friend of ours and owner of this beautiful hotel, was rather busy so we did not see him at all. BILL HINCH, a well-known stock car driver, was staying at the same hotel. GEORGE TOON is Bill's personal mechanic. We've been told that George has the "magic touch" when it comes to engines. We rose early in the morning because we decided to visit our dear old Alma Mater. Driving to Edgewood we had an opportunity to listen to that ever popular Country Music played by HARRY LONG. we re- member when rock'n roll used to be popular. Well, that went out with Beatniks and black leotards! When the hourly news rolled around, we tuned in to BILL SCHWARTZ, he always gives the latest, up-to-the-minute news. At Edgewood, we noticed that a new addition had been added to the school to meet the demands of our ever-increasing com- munity. CHICK CALABRIA is the brilliant engineer we have to thank for that very attractive addition. Of course, we visited the Main Office first, where JOAN TOM- LIN greeted us. She has been working as the Principal's secretary for ten years now. At the nursels office we found ESTHER FILLIS trying to persuade a little 7th grade boy to roll up his sleeve so the doctor Could give him his polio shot. JANET TOWNSEND was in the gymnasium coaching the Var- sity Girls' basketball team. After college, Janet came back to Edgewood to teach Physical Education. Jan told us PAUL MAURIELLA was head of the Athletic Department, Paul has had a non-defeated football squad for the last four years. We decided to observe JEAN MOORE'S English class. She was teaching Macbeth. I guess Jeanie really remembers how well her senior English teacher taught it to her, because she certainly is trying to copy his technique. We had no intention of missing the assembly that was to be put on by the Music Department, so we hurried to the auditorium. DOT BATTEE was conducting the chorus marvelously. The mel- ody of each song was enchanting. Dot certainly had done won- ders with this chorus. We left Edgewood after looking over the rest of the school and reviewing fond memories like the Senior Activity Room where we congregated much too often, the cafeteria where we had our Junior Ring Dance, Megaphone Mingle, and our Senior Prom. The most rewarding thing we discove. 2d during our tour was to find each and every classmate happier and healthier than ever. 'KParting is such sweet sorrow." 59 iwimf 60 w Y ? 1 r l I 4 . QW rf , X 3 V .L N LX N 'R in-1 1: ,z 2 H '44 x nu 61 boo 4 144 get if 12 'Z nf? 52 gil Eli-if F1 F I- If Q pl Q, fi E ps c ,lim I 1 1 1 : 7 - Sing praise to Edgewood High School, I' We fly our banner high. 3 The green and white of glory i Q In our hearts will never die. -3 . Sing praise to our Alma Mater, I I . , With song the halls do ring. l ' - ' ' The gift of knowledge given -1' A I Through the strength of Eagleis wings. I . I 1 ' - T Throughout our lives we'll remember thee As a beacon's glowing light. Which guides our steps on the road of life. I 2 - -I -I Sing praise to Edgewood High School : r We fly our banner high. We lift our vozcesg honor thee - All praise to Edgewood High. W : F l b J J J fsf JJJJ ,ss SE iflis ,ills will 3,,.l,sE J1fJr,J-lj. rw-ni P L' 3 JT f Q 5 a 1 3 Q E 5 5 Q f K X 1 E Q 5 1 5 2 E X i S 2 f mm- 'annals 'lf A-.., fum Q1 .Q i . A , X 7 ,ii if Y? 'iw W JLI IORS CLASS OFFICERS: Pres. Rich Ellerman, V-Pres. Janis Schramn, Sec. Eileen Turner, Treax. Ronald Maise. Left to right. Ist ROW. Cook, H., Bush, M., Connor, M., Christian, E., Austin, E., Ar- bour, D., Aldrich, C., Beppel, C., Branam, D., Crowthers, C., Cline, D., Cataldi, R., Con- tardo, P., 2nd ROIV: Buck- ley, F., Bella, A., Cassady, C., Bergstrom, J., Adams, E., Ar- onald, B., Colangelo, R., Bel- cher, J., Alteiri, C., Burcher, J., DeSpirito, T., Anderson, J., Bulger, G., Balderman, F., 3rd ROW: Chappel, D., Bring- hurst, A., Blase, J., Arnold, W., Brown, J., Davis, F., Abramek, M., Booth, R., Bodine, E., Catrambone, Left to right. Ist ROW: Lon- gello, J., McGinnis, S., DeSil vio, C., Esposito, J., De-Luca P., Guido, L., DeVivo, Lloyd, S., Grisso, J., Gerber, M. Fox, L., Guise, C., Mick, C. 2nd ROW: Maccaroni, P. Franke, V., Monaghan, R. Monaghan, M., Fay, J., Mac Dugal, S., Fraser, J., Magill, C. Mueller, D., Morrison, E., Mob ley, B., 3rd ROW.' Grimmie, A. Drozdowski, T., Haliburtan, G. Fraley, G., McDonald, C., Gar- ski, T., Garret, A., Farina, A. Dina, G., Ellerrnan, R., Dun ning, H., Douvers, P., Garvey J., Lenz, E. Left to right. Ist ROW Seibel, G., Yaney, L., Sehramm, J., Rossi, S., Riley, B., Palladino, J., Yenner, M., Rossi, F., Young D., Scioli, E., Self, J., 2nd ROW Riess, T. Schmidt, B., Robinson, A., Regn, N., Poole, E., Pizzi, V., Stallard, B., Smith, A., Parker, P., Ottenthal, E., Spinella, S., 3rd ROW Win- ters, T., Pugh, A., Powluczk, R., Schifilendecker, E., Vernac- chio, R., Schriver, D., Sharp, R., Smith, G., Simpler, W., Reilly, P., Sauser, W., Robin- son, S., Piereson, C. Ist ROW Mohr, F., Heggan M., Orchard, R., Holland, P. Harvey, E., Handy, B., Iles, H. Iles, E., Heggan, D., Kuzdrall J., Iannaco, L., Mosley, C. Kantner, P., 2nd ROW Jen- nings, W., McCulley, J., Masso R., Maffei, R., Holland, L. Nobel, J., Kruske, M., Kosh M., LaLena, B., Maccarella, R Kerman, D., McDonald, C. Holt, R., 3rd ROW Johnson G., Johnson, T., Haliburton G., Hill, J., Keskes, J., McGin nis, D., Hand, R., Healy, Kuzdrall, R., Migliaccio, F. Maise, R., Koehler, R., Whit ney, W. Left to right. Ist ROW Waters, L., Volkert, E., Vittorelli, R., Wilgus, L., Williams, S., Teul- ing, M., Williams, G., Weikle, L., Stetson, M., 2nd ROW Val- entino, M., Straub, J., Viteo, M., Tumrn, E., Lee, N., Wil- liams, D., Vennell, G., Wea- therby, G., Zook, J., Toomer, P., Turner, K., 3rd ROW Wes- terby, R., Lang, C., Laginestra, M., Tiedman, W., Tweed, Lancaster, A. SCPHOMGRES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Cleft to rightj SITTING: Mary Ann De Palma KSecretaryj Nick Gargano fTreasurerj Carol Murray fVice-Presidentj STANDING: Lee Schmidt KPresidentj. Kosh, J., Angerman, C., Church- hill, J., Abramek, F., Cowdrig, J., Cowdright, M., Corneellius, J., Cochran, B., Buelow, D., Brown, H., Ahramek, F., Ar- mano, M., Babli, D., Conley, C., Bovo, L., Bombaro, A., Bra- mante, F., Booton, J., Amatuzio, D., Canada, B., Arosemena, G., Bramante, J., Blatherwick, H., Brobst, L., Brown, J., Brown, R Bulger, R., Ace, M., Albertson, J., Conte, L., Czaplicki, T., Blatherwick, C., Brinkman, C., Baldi, B., Armano, J., B-artell, T., Chillemi, D., Bowman, L., Civa, V., Coffey, J., Baldwin, E., Chojnack, R., Biggs, R., Brink, F., Connelly, B. Iuliucci, B., Iuliucci, M., Hol- land, N., Kerr, M., Howe, F. Maccerella, G., Knett, J., Ju- liano, C., Maloney, D., Mc Dougal, K., Lisnyj, V., Mac- cerella, R., Hollway, P., Juliano L., Heggan, D., Iuliucci, W. Johnson, L., Heckman, J., Ja.- covelli, B., LaVoice, H., Honsel J., Holland, P., Hinch, E., Ken- nedy, L., Henry, B., Macaluso M., Heggan, W., Koch, C. Huber, L., Healey, T., Johnson G., Lisa, C., McDougal, M. Lemon, G., Martin, D., Lunn T., Lunquist, E., Iannaco, K. Madden, E., McCulley, S., Ko- letes, J., Kruske, C., Linner, T Mauger, D., Reise, L., Reed J., McIntosh, B., Piccoli, M. Piscitelli, B., Ponce, R., Safa- ryn, A., Mason, C., Midili, M. Neville, E., Martin, P., Saueo- waid, S., Morrison, K., Mitchell E., Myers, J., Mcintosh, L. Pierce, L., Sauser, S., Norcross K., Radilosso, C., McCarthy, G. McGrath, K., Pliner, G. Mumma, R., Murdock, B. Printz, J., Parrott, R., Murray, C., Price, C., Middleman, F. Schaffer, R., Riley, S., Selso, H. Knoll, J., Parrish, W., O'Neil K., Ridge, E., Ryder, H. Sauser, W., Moore, N., Robin son, S., Menna, M., Petters, Ghraham, A., Gathchel, E., Ehrke, G., Ernest, A., Franke, G., Farina, G., Gathchel, N., Eldrioge, P., De Palma, M., Fleche, J., Dean, S., Erke, N. Eastwick, R., Errera, M., Davis J., Dippolito, R., Gauntt, J., Guise, G., Galani, M., Graff, D. Garvin, R., Elling, N., Harvey E., Glass, L., Grasso, R., Gar- gano, N., Galeski, M., Giord- iano, D., Frabrico, A., Fanz, Glass, R., Daniels, B., Dipozito D., Frease, L., Haines, P. Franke, G., Galley, G., Hanlon J., Grueterick, H., Hahn, G. Dove, R., Gatti, B. Wise, E., Shendock, M., Wil- liams, H., Tucker, J., Schuckle, S., Wells, L., Truax, D., Tarallo, P., Smith, G., Talley, S., Woods, W., Sharp, B., See, B., Shone, J., Sweeney, G. Mayberry, P., Tarallo, T., Thomas, J., Shoe- maker, I., Worthington, E., Toon, P., Worthington, C., Ware, D., Swartz, D., Scott, J., Soistman, K., Weikle, R., Schaf- fer, G., Whalen, B., Washing- ton, P. Smith, L., Woods, A., Walls, T., Mcllheny, H., Weal, B., Wyatt, M., Wooton, M., Scott, T., Sharp, J., Zanchoski, R., Schmidt, L., Sule, W., Whitney, W., Short, A., Wes- cott, W., Simpson, T. 1 J s FRESHME FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Treasurer, Susan Berghg Secretary, Bonnie Lessig, Prexidentg Thomas Arnato, fVice President, Diane Langer, not present when photo was taken J . FRESHMEN LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW: Bring- hurst, M., Angel, J., Buser, M., Bryson, H., Di Blase, R., Arnold, J., Bombaro, V., Brnum, C., Barkoff, R., Capperelli, M., Buckhart, P., De Sorte, J., Co- hen, F., Bargh, S., Baylock, O. SECOND ROW: Adair, W., Capoli, A., Brobst, R., Bill, J., Carnell, P., Bringhurst, R., Carl, C., Carolina, D., Brown, B., Angerman, J., Bolton, K., Bay- lock, C., Benevento, D., Burns, M., Bartuccio, A., THIRD ROW: Brooks, R., Affrunti, F., Baker, H., Arnold, W., Choj- nacki, E., Calahan, W., Cart- wright, J., Amato, T., Balonis, J., Albrecht, R., Bogan, J., Bussom, G., Battle, A. Pe '41 FRESHMEN Left to Right: Ist ROW Glass, P. Cowdright, J., DeLaurentis, V., Copestick, L., Esdale, C., Staziano, J., Eddis, B., Eshelman, E., Frederico, M., Desorte, V., Giandomenico, A., Cotten, R., Douvres, N., Erwin, B. 2nd ROW Hand, R., Handy, R., Fraley, B., Ciarmi, A., Cooker, D., Falcone, L., De- Vivo, G., Hoffman, J., Fonte, J., Hargreaves, R., Cornew, R., Fritsch, G., Doughten, J., Dar- cangelo, A. 3rd ROW Dahl, M., Faralli, M., Cozzi, R., Col- angelo, T., DeLorenzo, A., Gillen, J., Guise, J., Dangelo, A., Crowley, W., Cozzi, J., Ford, W., Garrison, J., Capri, A. FRESHMEN Cleft to rightj Ixt ROW Rossing, K., Neher, Santone, N., Regn, D., Renner, D., Sauro, E., Norcross, D., Pit- cavage, J., Moore, A., Ross, D., Palischek, C., Ratzell, J., Neher, V., Pascht, C. 2nd ROW Romagno, D., Ryder, J., Hoh- ing, F., Santmire, R., Piccioli, R., Oliver, C., Paul, L., Rodi- cosso, M., Paul, A., Moragne, C., Page, B., Owens, R., O'Neil, D., Piper, H., Piascon, F. 31d ROW Rossell, H., Rendino, M., Miller, C., Rossell, L., Pearson, R., Herzer, A., Helfand, W., Pino, F., Hoffman, L., Ritchie, C., Sannipoli, C., Perna, A., Petters, R., Rowand, P.. SITTING Midili, R., Lehner, M., Langer, D., Koletes, D., Lange, T., LaVoice, L., Leh- man, L., John, L., Matchner, J., Marnaio, C., Judah, C., Lange, M., Mahoney, C., Ma- son, K. MIDDLE Manna., T., Lewis, C., Harris, L., Holt, J., Holt, E., Lessing, B., Meiti, C., Maugher, S., Kelling, J., James, S., House, S., Green, N., Hoff- man, G., Grover, E., Marro, J., Martin, G., LAST Mannino, A., Lewis, E., Lloyd, P., Lodge, J., Midure, A., Maise, T., Mas- cioli, R., McGuire, P., Hysley, R., Maccaroni, R., Lewis, M. FRESHMEN Cleft to rightj Ist ROW Sauser, M., Thomp- son, R., Weissman, S., Town- send, B., Stecker, A., Storms, R Tedesco, L., Smith, D., Huber, L., Wingert K., Wyce M., Wright, A., Worthington, L. 2nd ROW Stewart, R., Spots- worth, S., Spinella, G., Toma- sello, L., Spinella, D., Ware, T., Seppy, R., Wise, J., Woods, N., Thomas, W., Wapowskyj, S., Verna, D., Tweed, D. 31d ROW Willcox, J., Sauser, J., Spinella, J., Young, G., Straub, K., Will- cox, J., Smith, H., Willer, J., Schramm, F., Tummer, G., Zucconi, J., Wenitz, T., Wash- ington, W. Sth GRADE 8th GRADE Left to Right Ist ROW Alkazin, R., Ansley, S., Andress, A., Burr, D., Barbaccia, J., Benevento, M., Balfour, M., Calabria, M., Aldrich, M., Chatman, M., Condo, J., Balfour, A., Groft,, L., Crogger, M., Booth, A., 2nd ROW Albertson, W., Collins, B., Ballinger, M., Blake, B., Carty, G., Clark, L., Bortel, L., Brown, M., Boggs, K., Blunt, A., Bush, A., Bullock, M., Gillin, M., Cucinotti, F., Baracho, K., Brimfield, R. 3rd ROW Amatuzio, A., DePalma, A., DePalma, T., Arnold, K., Dowd, J., Cragg, J., Bogen, N., Bynum, A., Blatherwick, R., Batten, G., Auwarter, W., Cooker, R., Clark, J., Czysewski, T., Dixion, R., Baldwin, F., Dixon, C., Block, S. EIGHTH GRADE Left to right: Ist ROW DePalma, M., Foxworth, P., Myers, M., Hand, G., Ernest, S., DiGangi, R., Ed- minston, C., Graff, E., Good, M., DeVivo, R., Guy, S., De- Falco, F., DeLuca, H. 2nd ROW Fillis, T., Ellingham, R., Harmash, O., Esposito, A., Guy, E., Hagains, V., Hand, B., Ferster, E., Govan, L., Haas, R., Groves, T. 3rd ROW Farms, R., Forchion, R., Davis, A., Hill, A., Goehringer, V., Schmitter, W., Hanak, D., Haliburton, J., Grasso, J., Fanz, R., Heggan, R. 8th GRADE Left to right. Ist ROW Locker, D., Johansen, V., Hiller, C., Kuzdrall, J., Lemon, L., Ivanichek, M., Iles, A., Hniedziejko, S., Hill, K., Iles, J., Luliucci, B., 2nd ROW Kruemmer, A., Ingerni, A., Ju- dah, C5, Lewis, A., Kantner, S., Johnson, G., Harry, K., Iuliucci, G., Jones, V., Johnson, H., Keller, B., Johnson, G., Zucconi, G. 3rd ROW: Volloreo, W., Humphries, E., Juliano, P., Johnson, B., Jones, E., Liga- meri, L., Hornberger, J., Humphries, E. 8th GRADE ROW I: Robinson, M., Seeney, N., Spinella, E., Ponce, M., Seth, M., Southard, G., Shinn, E., Sprogell, M., Self, A. ROW 2: Schmitter, W. Scott, W., Pascht, E., Stallard, M., Pierson, V., Rundstrom, J. Reed, N., Piason, J., Santos, C., Roberts, A. ROW 3: Seals, H., Piscitelli, D., Rowand, A., Smith-Bey, S., Pasarella, R., Petruzzi, N., Skochko, B. 8th GRADE ROW I: Moore, B., Murren, V., Marino, C., Meddings, I., McIntosh, G., Mitchell, L., Marinelia, A. ROW 2: Moragne, A., Mitchell, G., Murray, E., Mauriello, R., Nean, R., Pantiuk, N., Mosley, B., Mohr, T., Madden, S., Mc- Kinney, S. ROW 3: McKinney, W., Moore, R., Lynn, W., Mit- chell, E., Maxwell, P., Myers, F., Parker, A., McMurren, A. EIGHTH GRADE LEFT TO RIGHT: FIRST ROW: Walker, G., Vennel, M., Wendt, B., Tobin, M., Tannahill, S., Welner, A., Whitehead, D., Toomer, T., Waite, SECOND ROW: Jennel, A., Wood, C., Toomer, S., Turner, C., Zoppel, S., Tumm, S., Wooster, V., Ward, S., Wilcoxson, W., Ste- wart, G. THIRD ROW: Carolina, W., Wright, O., Van- dergrift, F., Wise, J., Wyatt, W., Tibolette, G., Weal, R., Wich- rowsk, J. SEVENTH GRADE fleft to rightj Ist ROW Bramlette, G., Burpee, B., Carmano, K., An- gelina., D., Arbour, K., Alkazin, M., Broome, S., Burpee, E., Ar- nold, M., Blaese, B., Bynum, M., Benevento, L., Butterfoss, W., Brown, S., Barksdale, N. 2nd ROW Endcott, J., Driscoll, D., Dubell, G., Burchell, J., Dip- polito, G., Curreri, E., Cooker, D., Finkelstein, D., Bradford, J., Dugan, K., Congdon, V., Cloud, B., Clevenger, J., Del- Orfano, L., Farms, P., Block, D., Black, R., Affronti, D., Dippo- lito, G. 3rd ROW Dawson, R., Ellison, A., Dunznire, D., Gas- sidy, E., Eakins, R., Dotson, H., DiGerolamo, R., Everwin, D., Bolton, T., Brown, F., Dove, J., Ballinger, A., Bortel, R., Adams, D., Arvidson, R., Brown, R. Busch, J. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS 74 7th GRADE Ixt ROW Half- mann, S., Heggan, L., Green M., Halacki, D., Frederico, S. Guido, M., Green, M., Heggan J., Grady, L. 2nd ROW Hoopes E., Fulleylove, L., Hoyer, W. Giannini, D., Gunter, M., Greas L., Gebhard, R., Herring, R 31d ROW Gregorio, J., Hoff- man, E., Fowler, J., Herzer, R, Huntersen, N., Furgione, G. Heggan, W., Heggan, N., Gil- len, J. 7th GRADE Ist ROW Sowers, R., Reed, G., Shone, S., Ripa N., Spradley, V., Osterdahl, W. R.obinson, L., Burkhart, M. Quintiliama, N., Solis, R. Scutte, A., Saal, C., Reyes, C, 2nd Row McKnight, o., Mobf ley, G., Reid, H., Napieralski J., Saunders, E., Scutte, V. Michelfelder, C., Santos, M. Rushworth, M., Sabin, N., Sadowski, E., Seeney, M., Sad- lev, T. 3rd ROW Mosley, K., Pratt, I., Robinson, L., Schif- fendecker, B., Schwinn, J., Safaryn, A., Redd, L., Seible, R., Simone, S., Moore, A., Moore, L. 7TH GRADE Ist ROW Mac- Nicol, N., Iulucci, I., Jones, S., Iulucci, E., Iulucci, L., Le- Gonoy, E., Mathews, H., Ham- ilton, K., Kassner, S., Louns- berry, B., Mariano, S., Judah, P., Intessirnno, F., Mariano, S. 2nd ROW Lindly, A., Guer- cioni, J., Pino, R., McAllister, H., Mueller, P., Maloney, B., Powell, E., Neundiorf, S., Price, L., Madowe, J., Martin, E. Longello, J., Maccrella, I. Johnson, G., Pugh, J., Ferina, J., Johnson, M. 3rd ROW Muncey, W., Morrow, L., Pettersen, E., Schiendelman, D., Marshall, S., Jackson, T., Lenl, C., Law- ute, J., Midili, R., McAllister, S., Matsinger, J., Knighton, J., Langston, R., Reitz, F., Perna, M., Pettele, W., McBride, E., Pacitti, M. 7TH 'GRADE Ist ROW Stach- niw, L., Toomer, C., Walker, T. Waite, W., Toegel, U., Weaver. M., Wooten, J., Surgick, E. 2nd ROW Westerby, S., Wash- ingto'n, A., Thomas, P., White, L., Zarello, L., Woods, R., Williams, S., Viteo, D., Surgick, A., Whitaker, A. 3rd ROW Wichrowski, M., Townsend, T.. Webster, M., Toomer, C., Tim- berlake, T., Sykes, S., Wood- bury, D., Westerby, T., Worth- ington, C., Waters, R. UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES Juniors Sponsor "SHARE THE FAREU Junior High Drarnatics Unde class Dance 76 i sun K A C T 1 av 1 13 1 E V S , , 41' .,,, , - W vfiw f ?EQF55Qi EE? 56? Hggf 5x3 . ag! L L Du ble ,xi . 4 -1535. if - W ww , ,,,, B- , , A 111 R . , -Q: fi., - J A gg ' 055 - 1 , 3 t Ng V 1 D .A 3 an K E Oval 5 osky 5 'lf .,,,,,4w,. Aglfl n -:1.y,.,. I . , x f"4X1h"':f" C . ,Tyv-TQ ', x , 1 ,.JQ'2, ,A ,'4,,..,-f- -- H ggvqr' W ,-'. , J - 5.313 -fw.f f M www- f ,. V :.,,::fEf2Ig:E:::,.: ..,.::.::.:1E:,.-sg.. N ,, ' ,Doom 'gil-.JE-'IE' inifklii 1 VV To , .--:rf2'-:!-:5:I-:I-:I-:I-:--21-23-1'-'5:I5:'-'!-:-.-5-Sa:E:I5:2::!-. if mm -' nv sind Q' " ' ' - - .-3.-3.-:.-1 ,,- hoo, Y vw, -. 0 - .......-- .. . ..- ... 1 b I11 ' ' ' 'I-'.-'.- . ' -'-,I'ZHA::3 . . :.-,-'.- LQ - ' -,, ' . -',-..:..:..:..:,..,.., - . .:,.:',-2, I - ,-I,-.,-J.. P: . ,..,.-, V B wax .-Q V - 1 1 -'.-'.- .- .- .' .',.',. ' - .' .' -',- , ,- . ' ' - .- .' 2'Lv:,:'. .I rl..-1 A V1 ' -' ' 'Z:gI:5:1.::.: -52:11-'. ' ' "-'.-:.:,..3-ggi:-325. Q5 A ,rd , l - .-,.:,.:,.', . - - . . - . . - .-,.:,.:p.+, U . . vlxa -x, , 5 f..n 'm:- , .- --0. -mv+Jhf- 'vnu My Q :,::, . - . , . . ,-.,-::H2:. . as fi!! VI -.:: . 1 Q n,:..--'. .'...d,::::. J DNR '52, :1::. . . . fm., ', u 5 I I . ' .st ggi... . ' :.:,..' ' -.. 'QPL 1 ,f, ' -'. . . '-'.-'. '-' "-'I- - ax LW L L .r,.-,. . -,.:,.. -,-5-.-I - , . 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Jap.,-n, . ,,- .. ,..,-,-., -, -, ..-,. ,..,.,.5-.,o', . . , .. -..1 . yi 'FZ' , Sf '-:'j,,v,.,4 r -i.:,.:,..,. ' -'.-.-,.:,.:,.:,-:,-1.-:.-,.-,.:,.:,-2, -..-M , ' 1 . Lf Y my: W 5 H, fnsc'v,5+q+? 1'.ggffxJ5nmmuwfg- 4p,n' A L, ' -.g.n, .'. - -:- -. '--f.-.,,,fW f' . . -'- . V :A X :,:f,:-2-,2SI::::::::.:,::,- ,:..:,..,:.,:!,:..:..:,.:!.:,:::.::. 2. ,I ,, .,.. -,. ..- n,v,-....s,-- - L Y 3 I 3'1" - ' " ' ' --.v'.".f:-'7-" 'A 3,5 ,r'.'H - .. m..., i ,-,, ,T ' 'A , ,.. 3' V ,L ..:.:.l ' ' K' ...rg ' w K 3. 2: w Pierce N 5' 4 I , ,. A' . ' ,zm'wm- igwgg,mg wwgw,w5Egg " M , .R E as, , 2 "HW ' 2 if ' " , +4 Q X .L .SR L ..3, 3 P aul M Ray L auriel utz lo John D e Palma 30 J.V. Ist ROW L to R: N. Moore, J. Petters, K. Iannaco, C. Jones, J. Sharp, F. Middleman, J. Pino, R. Chojnacki, Mr. Nolan. 2nd ROW: B. Maccarella, A. Wood, C. Kruske, R. Dove, C. Blatherwick, T. Linner, B. Kaufmann, M. Galeski, Mr. Johnson. 3111 ROW: R. Schaffer, M. Wooton, L. Huber, B. Weal, A. Grimmie, B. Baldi, F. Brarnante, R. Mumma. VARSITY Ist ROW L to R: Mgr. C. Schaffer, R. Lutz, W. Ross, J. DePalma, J. Pierce, J. Wright, A. Sindoni, P. Mauriello, K. Duble, D. Kovalosky, Trainer S. Ligameri. 2nd ROW: E. Tamm, R. Westerby, W. Simpler, H. Dunning, J. Tweed, J. Straub, R. Booth, W. Arnold, R. Maise, A. Garrett, A. Farina, E. Johnson. 3rd ROW: Coach E. Patterson, L. Huber, Ray Chojinacki, M. Wooten, N. Moore, J. Petters, C. Jones, B. Baldi, R. Dove, C. Blatherwick, K. Iannaco, J. Sharp, B. Weal, J. Pino, F. Middleman. FRESHMAN Ist ROW L to R: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Black, K. Straub, H. Piper, M. Lewis, R. Mac- caroni, B. Petters, T. Maise, Mr. Sagan. 2nd ROW: W. Thomas, R. Hysley, D. O'Neil, R. Handy, J. Zucconi, G. Young, S. Streck, T. Amato, E. Chojnacki. 3rd ROW: B. Piccoli, B. Isles, S. Spotswood, J. Lodge, T. Mischelli, D. Spinella. The Edgewood Eagles, in their first varsity sea- son, showed great endurance and fair play in plac- ing third in the newly formed Olympic Conference League. They were coached by Mr. Patterson, who was assisted by Mr. Zardus, Mr. Black, Mr. Nolan, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Sagan. They started their season by defeating Triton in the first Olympic Conference game and proceeded to win the next two. Then they went into a brief slump but still ended the season with an impressive first year record of 3-4-1. This record was due mainly to the excellent work of their coaches. W 2 ,, ,,., 5 5 ' Q Q -'lf Sm? v M. V., ,,, -W , Q, W ,Q uf xv. ,155 - - ,yi ,Q ,.., yi K ' ,Age -. ., up . Y, ,, Lug 9, am, 'WM . ,gf I 1 , A wgjh I , A , A ' I 3545 ffm 'K ff ', Q 52 ,K ,mm . , .V f - L. .M ,, wr, ,W ' '17 ' if www.: ,017 uf my-U'V5f2 2 "-' I , wi ww ,W , g Wa, ,, iq was gy QM ,gm 1? W 15.1 if , f 5 5 2 5 i E f 3 2 X Ne 4 ' S oz" X s-af' s 'zo 5,5 s MT" 2371 up Agfg QQ :':, 5,3 S' X 5' 9, Sex S N ,Ns X35 .9,Q 5. s 7 I 4 i 5 I ' S ' , 0 O Q Hg: fotofozs, X5 Q ll X as qi. S I fX 'kill VARSITY Ist ROW L to R: P. Matsinger, F. Gillin, B. Favilla, R. Volkert, J. JUNIOR VARSITY Ist ROW L to R: K. Angerman, S. Dean, C. Magill, L. Riess, B. Theodore, P. Martin, E. Harvey. 2nd ROW: Miss Boldrick Qcoachj, M. Guy, C. Murray, S. Shuckle, C. Gra.H', H. La,Voice, E. Mitchell, D. Young CMgr.D, A. De- Rogatis CMgr.D, G. McCarthy fMgr.j. 3rd ROW: J. Tomlin, M. Gillany, K. Conley, R. Grasso, L. Kennedy, B. Gar- vin, H. Williams. 84 Townsend, R. Saia., B. Edmonds. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Makrta fcoachj, H. Iles, E. Tidman, J. Schramn, P. Maccaroni, l L. Fox, I. Iuliucci fMgr.j. 31d ROW: J. Belcher, M. Heggen, R. Orchard, E. Iles, M. Mick. 2 5 S , ,, at ,, 5 6 , W 53 if P. Matsinger Yi mf? , H ,,,, .2 . - E -- " " f L V, P ' Q 'f In. --5 jk - ,M W- we W B. Favilla J. Townsend ,:f if -li . -1. .." 'Ji' an , - -., , 'J ..-- --2,99 , -1 --5-. A 4 fi- ',,,,H, .g ' .Ee ...i.f:--We r F. Gillin - R. Saia V -H522 A 21 QQQQQ iw '- . ?'f74f2ff ,z . V f iff he .W , ,,7u,,, ,L , J W' any I 45 'S ,A ww 5 K if 2 X gr. ri .il 'f r lf if tit it fx are an xg Y' X 5 'X fr i t 'K R. Volkert B. Edmonds teams were coached by Mrs. This year's hockey Maketa, Varsity, and Miss Boldrick, Junior Varsity. The Varsity team started the season by attending hockey camp in the Pocono Mountains where they re- ceived excellent training from some of the top coaches. Throughout the season the girls displayed excellent sportsrnenship, win or lose. Their record was not out- standing, but much ability was displayed. We all hope for a better season next year as we know the girls will try their best. 85 Ss C0u TOP ROW: Coach Mr. Richenshauser, K. Baylock, A. Battle, E. Washington, D. Cooker, C. Baylock. SEATED: R. Brown, G. Lang, R. Forchin, W. Washington, T. Wentz, N. Woods. Ken Baylock Esaw Washington George Lang RESTLI C5 C. Calabria, J. Calabria P. Mauriello, B. Ross, SITTING: R. Brown, L. Bowman, B. Ross, P. Mauriello, J. Calabria, N. Woods. KNEEL- ING: J. Brown, K. Dublee, D. Kovalovsky, C. Jones, N. Moore, J. Graff. STANDING: R. Forchien, E. Chojnacki, Coach Mr. Thomas, Coach Mr. Johnson. SITTING: E. Chajnacki, C. Calabria, E. Tumm, M. Ace, E. Lewis, C. Blatherwick, R. Maccarroni, B, Whalen, R. Westerby, J. Manna. STANDING: Coach Mr. Thomas, R. For-' chien, W. Iuliucci, J. Zuccone, R. Petters, E. Johnson, ID. Mankow, C. Koch, R. Dove, Coach Mr, Johnson. 87 D. Mankow, J. Graff D. Kovalovsky K. Duble The Edgewood Ea- gles' wrestling tearn, coached under the supervision of Mr. Thomas and his assist- ant Mr. Johnson, pro- duced a very enthusi- astic group of boys who showed that they could represent our school with the greatest ability. They had a very successful season. It was only possible through many strenuous hours of training. They believe that in the years to come it will progress to be the most enthu- siastic sports. BOYS' BASKETBALL VARSITY KNEELING - C. McDonald, T. Sindoni, Washington, R. Booth, W. Whitney, E. Kennedy, Coach J. Coffy, L. Huber. STANDING - Coach Zardus, G. Nolan, Coach Black. Young, M. Wyatt, G. Lang, T. Johnson, B. Chapell, E. I Y .w333'4'5'3SWs 2,1 "Middx 53 5 'V V i Q, ' 4 'fQwe.wef52f 4te'A!"g f , 1 ,lllfr , ,rf K X Q lWf0k'4tfd -, 4 Q Af 'A . 1LQq9',Qg3,.,f,, E. Washington This year, the Edgewood drib- blers showed great hustle and en- thusiasm during the season but they still found competition very diflicult, The varsity was under the able supervision of Mr. Zardus, while the J.V. and Freshman had line assistance from Mr. Nolan and Mr. Black respectively. T. Sindoni G, Lang 88 JR. VARSITY FRONT ROW - T. Riess, R. Chozanacki, C. McDonald BACK ROW - Qcoachj Mr. Nolan, Scott, F. Brink, D. Chapell, R. Booth, B. Kaufman, Qcoachj Mr. Black. FRESHMEN KNEELING: R. Piccoli, W. Stewart, A. Micuri, S. Spotswood, J. Marrow STANDING: R. Hyseky, A. Battle, W. Washington, J. Cozzi, C. Ritchie. 89 GIRLS' BA KETBALL Ist ROW: R. Saia, E. Adams, J. Moore, A. Volkert, T. DeSpirito, M. Bryson, L. Fox 2nd ROW: CMgr.j R. Orchard, J. Towsend, P. Maccaroni, C. Sarappa, N. Ryder, C. Ace, Mrs. Fredricks fCoachj. Janet Townsend Carol Sarappa. Rita. Saia, Agnes Volkert Christine Ace Kathleen Angel V . -v 5:23 k93v GIRLS BASKETBALL The Varsity Team was coached by Mrs. Fred- ricks, and the Junior Varsity by Mrs. Maketa. Both teams did a good job. Their records, when we went to press, was Varsity 9 wins and 2 loses, J.V. 5 Nancee Ryder Jean Moore Nancy Bryson '...l i 'el wins and 3 loses. Both coaches hope for an even better season for our girl dribblers next year and know this will come true because of the great effort the underclassmen displayed. Throughout the season excellent spirit and sportsmanship prevailed. From left to right, SITTING - Ellen, Iles, Susan Dean, Florence Mohr, Rosalind Grasso, Linda Reese, STANDING S JoAnn Napinello, Carolyn Murray, Pat Parker, Kathleen Angel, Lois Juliano, Coach Mrs. Maketa. PARTICIPATION IN SPCRTS Mr. Bob Zardus EDGEWOOD STUDENTS LIKE SPORTS Close to 500 Edgewood High Student participated in the 1959-60 athletic activities, with the list running from football teams to drill squad. Our Physical Education Department is headed by popular Bob Zardus, a three letter star in his school and college days. Athletic Activities engaged in 1959-60 were: Football fVarsity, J.V., F reshrnenj Girls' Hockey CVarsity, Boys' Basketball fVarsity, Girls' Basketball f Varsity, Wrestling CVarsityl Baseball fVarsity, J.V., Freshmenj Track QVarsityj Softball fVarsityl Cheerleaders fVarsity, Drill Team CVarsityj Cross Country Coaches Huddle, FIRST ROW,' Mr. Th-omas Nolan, Mr. Wilmer Black, Mr. August Thomas. BACK ROW: Mr. Joseph johnson, Mr. Bob Zardus, Mr. Peter Sagan. STANDING: Head Football Coach, Gene Patterson. 92 COLOR GUARD A D DRILL SQUAD C. Ace C Ist ROW: J. Kelling, S. Umosella, K. Angel, . .'ll 2nd Row- M Gerber :ard ROW: B Mag1 . . . . . Theodore. 4th ROW: C. Alteri, L. Iannaco, P . . h Kantner, C. Ace, fcapt.j M1ss Bolduck. 5t ROW: J. Napoliello. 6th ROW: T. De Spirito, J Abruzo, E. Tidman, N, Lee. S. Umosella I. Kelling K. Angel MAJORETTES Left to Right: E. Turner, M. Monaghan, L. Pratt, M. Kosh, L. Neher, F. Mohr, J. Schramm P. Matsinger, J. Belcher. STANDING: Miss Boldrick. P. Matsinger J. Schramm L. Pratt Feature Twirler BA D AND CHORUS SENIOR BAND CLARINET SECTION - Cleft to rightj Battee, D., Yenner, M., Kantner, S., Angel, J., Wingert, K., Mauriello, R. Not available when picture wax taken: Paul L., Blatherwick, C., Heggan, M. SAXO- PHONE SECTION Reed, J., Hand, R., Michelfelder, L. TRUMPET SECTION Ridge, E., Spinella, S., Mumma, R., Chillemi, D., Tweed, J., Rendina, M., Mohr, T., Matarese, D., Mento, B. Not available when picture was taken: Piper, H. TROMBONE SECTION Hohing, F., Amato, T., McGinnis, D., Tweed, D. Not available when picture was taken. TUBA SECTION Faralli, M. PER- CUSSION SECTION West, D., Durgione, G., Adair, W., Walls, J. TYMPANI Sannipoli, C. SENIOR HIGH CHORUS Cleft to rightj lst ROW: Galani, M., Maccaroni, P., Worthington, C., Brown, J., Zanechkuski, R., Sachleben, J., Wooten, M., Short, A. Dove, R. 2nd ROW: Kosh, M., Yancy, L., Canada, B., Iles, E., Lisnyj, V., Goto, N., McGinnis, S., See, E., Hinch, E. 3rd ROW: La Voice, H., Norcross, K. McCarthy, G., Holloway, P., Kruske, M., Kantner, P., Poole, E., Robinson, A., Ronce, R. 4th ROW: Churchill, J., Morrison, E., Mason, C., Solis, M., Errera, M., Riley, B., Paladino, J., Pease, M. 5th ROW: De Rogatis, A., McGrath, K., Martin, P., Vvlilliams, H., Moragne, J., Mobley, B., Moragne, L., Blatherwick, H. HEERLEADERS Y ...H ' U , lfi Dx Ui U'x"'X',L .J 7 mis A Capts: D. M onternurro R Saia L t , . , 0 R: J. Nobel, M. Ber h Bryson, C. S Capt. Rita Saia c er, arappa, V. Franke, D. Young, J. Moore, M. Barbac ' Cla. Q. sr A ' 1 fc -'Ury fait xx. 'Y a N' f' Jw sf.iE.f,:3'2.gw . ,li fts Capt. Diane 96 G. DiSilvio, N. ww Q Zjmgimgiif we 5'fgQ 6geg QW fx! QB QA new ww.:-if x ..,?""- '-nuns W af' at x f f I K ilciggf .1 my imfifpfs' rtfuri 1 ' - wtf- . , , ...,..,....... M .. 7 M - H- ., "3'9TE5"H-. E'-:T 1" ': ':f-Wi? 'EHEEZTZ .F 1 : - 'e :- ,H . , gg-:3.-.z" Q 5 " .- Q ii H5 X 7 1 .saw fr' , I " V f 4 wa' X0 Montemurro Jean Moore Nancy Bryson Mimi Barbaccia Carole Sarappa JUNIOR VARSITY - Linda Reiss, Diane Ware, Cathi Conley, Nancy Lee, Carol Magill, Mary Grasso, Theresa Longello, Suzanne Dean. 97 STLIDE T COUNCIL Under the able direction of our president, Anthony Sindoni, and the members of the cabinet, Student Council has had a successful year in promoting school spirit and looking after the interests of the student body. Council has sponsored many of the activities held during the 1959-60 school year. One of the First was the Victory Dance which was the first dance of the year and a success. We sponsored an ice skating party at the Ice House in February. The Alma Mater has been completed this year with the assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Krone. The March of Dimes drive netted over three hundred dollars which was well over last year,s amount. Council has assisted in bringing our foreign exchange student from Panama this year and also in sending a Junior from our school abroad. The success of the Student Council is dependent upon the support of the student body and only with the continued support of the student body will Council be able to grow in the years to come. t, 'rftix ' . R 5 1 , .- 91 .3 V is ' F . 'sg , 5 l 1 I STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS, STANDING left to right: Rita Saia, Chris Ace, SITTING: Paul Mauriello, Anthony Sindoni, Kenny Baylock. STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE F., Bryson, N., Calabria, J., Baylock, K., Ace C 3rd fleft to rightj 'Ixt. ROW: Iuliucci, B., Galani, M., Bra- ROW: Dixon, R., Huber, L., Morrill, L., Straub J Mr mante J 2nd. ROW: Sindoni, A., Mauriello, P., Aqueno, Burns, Angel, J., Douvres, P., Amato, T. 98 SENIOR HIGH FRONT ROW: Mary Ann Depalma, Carol Murray, Ida Iuliucci, Nancy Bryson, Joann Brarnante, Marion Galaini, Eve Mitchell, Jewel Belcher, Kathy MacDougall, Mimi Barbaccia, Linda Riess, Rita Saia 2nd ROW Christine Groff, Diane Ware, Diana Young, Janis Schramm, Lor- raine Neher, Ginny' Franke, Esther Fillis, Kathy Anger- man, Terry Despiribo, Francine Rossi, Joann Napolielo 3rd ROW Charles Calabria, Sam Spinella, Frank Aqueno, John Iuliucci, Dottie Battee, Peggy Kosh, Anthony, Midili, Rod Mumrna, Joseph Calabria, Nick Gargano 4th ROW Frank Brarnante, William Iuliucci, Pete Douvres, Dan Kernnan, John Straub, Paul Mauriello, John Tweed, Leslie Huber, Robt. Maccarella, Rich. El- lerman BACK ROW William Arnold, Allen Wuertz, John Coffy, John Sachleben, Ken Baylock, William Kaufmann, Anthony Sindoni. JUNIOR HI H FRONT ROW CL-RD Christine Edminstom, Sue Ansley, Betty June Iuluicci, Shirley Madden, Vicki Wooster, Sharon Simon, Kathleen Hurry, RoseAnn DiGangi, Geraldine Southard, Grace Dippolito, Eilee Eshelman SECOND ROW Robert Dickson, Benny Mento, Thomas Fillis, Joyce Ndher, Susan Bergh, Lawrence Morrill, June Angel, Bonnie Lessig, Margaret Rodilosso, David Adams, Gerald Furgione THIRD ROW John Cook, Frand Piason, Tom Fillis, Richard Stewart, Ronnie Maccaroni, Jack Turner, Thomas Amato, Tony Amatuzio, Calvin LeMon, David Spinella. OFFICERS 1959 - 1960 0 99 99 1: 1 f ffzlieiwif K, iysv' ' - , f if 17- K ,ski ' . pn I :9,, , fi arg. -sr- Anthony Sindoni President EDGEWOOD X b.. 2 X... Q STUDENT COUNCIL FROM THE PRESIDENT: As President of Student Council I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful cooperation that the members of the student council and student body have given me this year. Our year has been a successful one, and I am sure that with continued cooperation as throughout the years Edgewood will attain its hoped for position of being the top school in the area. Paul Mauriello Vice President Christine Ace Recording Sec. gi, 5. , .LL..L Z f Rita Saia , 1 K 'S S Correspondence Sec. STUDENT CABINET I 959-60 CLASS OF ,60 CLASS OF '61 Frank Aqueno Peter Douvres Nancy Bryson Mary Ellen Heggan Joseph Calabria Jack Straub CLASS OF '62 CLASS OF '63 1 jo Ann Bramante ThOrr1aS Amato Marion Galaini June Angel Leslie Huber Laurene Morrill CLASS OF '64- Robert Dickson Betty June Iuliucci MEMBER, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT COUNCILS MEMBER, NEW JERSEY ASSOCIATION OF HIGH SCHOOL COUNCILS MEMBER, SOUTH JERSEY FEDERATION OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCILS Kenneth Baylock Nancy Bryson Treasurer Executive Committee, State Association 100 EDGEWOOD'S FIR EXCHA GE STUDE . . . Q-ISELLA AROSEMEN flux: gi Rim , ,,,. , Z AM WW X f i 3 sf T T A ffl 557 5 fo-J! f M Q ,f .lf W ,N Q If ., L- Wff'Sf W3 i""'w W I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for king this experi- jf ence possible. I 3 Z Thanks to your innumerable efforts I was able to come tlo this wonderful land of E E 2 3 img WW.. K ll" f' d h' d d' dh X1 WWNP E N2 if rien s lp, un erstan 1ng an opaf-W.,W,, ,,y, ,,y,y M ,Q Wm, WM" 12 f Q XX Hxifvas very fortunate to be Sent to Edgewood RBg1OH Fh School as an ex- i if w , . . X . Mkshtgngemgtudent. The warmlh and friendshlp offered to me there by all of you Wlll 'M 1 mi K , be a valuable treasure that fll carry deep in my heart throughout the years. , ,M Wriw 1 f f 'l if 4 It is im ssible for me to blllzid the correft wordg to describe all of my feelings. All Eigfg fexgx Iwi.: fs? ' S' ' Exe:-Wm,,HW Ns .-gf M N Mi I can say is thank you vewmupch. mWW""'+""' W lhyyyl 41 lm VIII N Wffwww ,U.wf'r"w,,,Wmt .XNNNWW Q K l l 2 f H l l 5 f 1 l km fi XRS. 4sJei1WLwh, ff 1 "ti XNIW'-MW ,,,,,' ME NW I ll Q7 Q f 101 . 1L.ffff.- A YEARBOOK . A ' -' H.-2-m..,.w Barbara Linden Business Editor Nancy Banks Jean Moore Elaine Hill Art Editor Photography Editor Literary Editor Q Y is Charles Calabria Roberta Favilla Boys' Sports Editor Girls' Sports Editor YEARBOOK STAFF Left to right. Ist ROW -- Barbaccia, M., Iuliucci, P., Hill, E., Banks, N., Sarappa, C., Ace, C., Calabria, C., Moore, J., Linden, B., Favilla, R. 2nd ROW - Neher, L., Hasselbusch, R., Umosella, S., Ryder, N., Jackson, B., Mosley, G., Pratt, L., Montemurro, D., Mr. D'Agostino, Townsend, J., Ross, W., Masso, A., Simmons, S., Vitucci, R., Mauro, M. 102 Editor-in-Chief Frank Aqueno JUNIORIFFIC JR. HIGH NEWSPAPER I. SEATED from Left to Right: Schendleman, D., Timberlake, K., Mariano, S., Barbaccio, J., Mr. Rickershauser, Guido, M., Herzer, R. II. STAND- ING O'Nowles, W., Congstow, R., Spinella, E., Hurry, K., Lemon, L., Tumm, S., Judal, C., Weber, T., Piasion, F., Madden, S., Nuendore, S., Iuliucci, C., Mitchell, L., Di Garngi, R., Pitcatelli, D., Gaurio, J., Heggan, J., Ellerman, N., DeLaurentis, R. JU IORS SE IOR EWSPAPER AQLIILA AQUILA STAFF FIRST ROW Left to Right: Iuliucci, I., Mohr, R., Parmer, J., Branam, D., CAssistant Editorl Baylock, K., Passarella, R., Wells, L., SECOND ROW:. Masso, R., Brown, H., Schaefer, R., Banks, N., Boccuti, D., Parker, P., Jack- son, B., Miss Wydra, Advisor, Ross, B., Miss Cribb, Advisor, Christian, E., Forchion, R., Talley, S., Grisso, J., Alloway, R. CLUBS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Edgewood Chapter of the National Honor Society began oflicially this year. To receive membership into this society, you must be on the Honor Roll 'and maintain a B average. In the National Honor Society we strive to further scholarships and serv- ice to the school. COLLEGE PREP CLUB FIRST ROW Barbara Riley, Danita Brannen, Ruth Orchard, Shirley Mc- Ginnis, Kathy Turner, Charlotte Sie- bel, Pat DePalma, Lucille Fox, Jo Ann Palladino SECOND : Mr. White, Advisor, Janice Schramn, Diana Young, Roberta Hasselbusch, Mar- garet Kosh, Pat Parker, Peggy Maca- roni, Florence Mohr, Nancy Lee, Carol Magil. THIRD: Joe Clabria, Anthony Midili, John Iuliucci, Allen Wuertz, Brenda Jackson, Mary Ellen Pease, Cirad Bulger, Sam Spinella, Frank Aqueno, Charles Calabria. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ist ROW - Orchard, R., Iuliucci, J., Schramrn, J., Yancy, L., McGuiness, S., Branam, D., MacDougall, S. 2nd ROW - Saia, R., Linden, B., Weurtz, A., 'Fillis, E., Benton, J., Moore, J., Mrs. D, Salati 3rd ROW - Hill, E., Seibel, C., Koch, M., DeSpirito,, T., Calabria, J., Mauriello, P., Baylock, E., Douvres, P., Sarappa, C., Ryder, N., Bryson, N., Banks, N. 104 CLUB MAKE-uP 'X , Z- 'Q D f-5 ,X -43 Qi , ? -if R- CLUB SITTING - Joyce Reed, Frances Howe STANDING - Q-4 o sv I3 9 ?4 11 C -I C W r'r1 -I rn JP 0 I rn W en Z fW Z X llf L f e M " c l fa n OF AMERICA . Left to right. lst RQW - McGuiness, S., Fox, L., Schramm J., De Palma, P., Turner, K., Palladino, J., Young, D., Magill C. 2nd ROW - Urnosella, S., Lee, N., Hill, E., Parker, P. Banks, N., Seibel, C., Townsend, J., Moore, J. 3rd ROW - Aqueno, F., Bolger, G., Mohr, F., Sarappa, C., Ryder, N. Mitchell, E., Midili, A., Kennedy, W. FUTURE NURSES Y'-'IQ 5 Nl- L CLUB FIRST ROW L. to R. Ehrke, G., Hasselbusch, R., Mosley, G., Edmunds, B. Blatherwick, H. BACK ROW Gny, M., Gillin, F., Brobst, J., Mrs. Deitz. 105 SR. HIGH PHOTO CLUB Ist ROW -- Fox, L., Eastwick, R., Gavin, E., McIntosh, B., Smith, G., 2nd ROW - Pliner, G., Heggan, F., Civa, V., Mr. Crawford, Whalen, W., Tarallo, A. 3rd ROW - Wescott, W., Wood, A., Connolly, B., Brink, F., Simpson, T., Lisa, C. UB JR. HIGH PHOTO CLUB ART CLUB Ist ROW fl to rj Govan, L., Turner, C., Edmiston, C., Walker, G., Gill- man, N., Lehman, L., Illes, A., Tobin M., Graff, E. 2nd ROW Illes, J. Wyatt, R., Goehringer, V., Perna, M. Verna, D., Waters, R., Collangezo A., Zucooni, John, Brooks, R., Waring T., Baylock, G., Pascht, C., Carty, G. Price, L., Benevento, M. A., Hill, K TOP ROW Cl to rj Julia Condo, Maria Santos, Emma Powell, Richard Ardecki, Virginia Dougherty, Carol McKnight, Eddie Saunders FRONT ROW Paula Fanz, Mary Alkazin, Ella Mae LeConey, Darlene Hullidci, Ernest Murray, Angelo Lionelli, Anthony Lionelli. 106 LU BS STAGE CREW FIRST ROW L. to R. Shoemaker, I., Davis, F., Bombaro, A., Madden, E., Gally, R. BACK ROW Mossop, D., Drozdowski, T., Iauser, W., De Golia., D. 107 AUDIO VISUAL AID CLUB FIRST ROW - D. Heggan, H. Scelso, W. Iuliucci, C. Koch, SEC- OND ROW - R. Gatti, L. Bovo. RADIO CLUB Cleft to rightj Ist ROW Gillin, J., Knighton, J., Farms, P., Brobst, R., McAllister, S., Westerby, T. 2nd ROW Heggan, W., Long, H., Mr. Andariese, Scelso, H., Perno, A. LANGUAGE CLUB Qleft to right, Ist ROW Arnold, J., Green, N., Reiley, B., McGuiness, S., Douvres, P., Mohr, F., Holt, E., Moore, A., DeSorte, J., Holt, J. 2nd ROW Mr. DiBia.se, Palischak, C., Branam, D., Orchard, R., Neher, J., Ervin, B., Kelling, J., Hoffman, G., DePalma, P., DeLaurentis, V., Palla- dino, J. 3rd ROW Kennedy, W., Arosomena, G., Aqueno, F., Turner, K., Spinella, S., Lessig, B., Bulger, G., Harris, L., Piason, F., Schramrn, J. 4th ROW Young, D., Morrill, L., Sie- bel, C., Worthington, L., Macarroni, P., Hamilton, J., Jackson, B., Parker, P., Koch, M., Hasselbusch, R., Lee, N., Magill, C. LUBS SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW L. to R. Hunterson, N., Mederi, D., DiGangi, T., Arnold, M., Hill, A., Wise, J., Osterdahl, W. BACK ROW Butterfoss, W., Rodilosso, M., Pascht, E., Wichrowski, M., Renner, D., Norcross, D. 108 BIOLOGY CLUB Qleft to rightj Ist ROW Ware, D., Arose- mena, G., Churchill, J., Bramante, J., Mr. Weiler, Dean, S., Galaini, M., Bramante, F., Heggan, F., Macalusa, M., Brobst, J. 2nd ROW Larsen, N., Mayberry, P., Hinch, E., Scelso, H., W-ooton, M., Doremus, D., Czap- licki, T., Heckman, J., Hamilton, J. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS Cleft to rightj Ist ROW LaVoice, L., Barkoff, R., Ald- Oliver, C., Alloway, V., Palichak, C. 4th ROW Weiss- rich, M., Cr-oft, L., Alkazin, B., Sauro, E., Arnold, J., mann, C., Carl, G., Bergh, S., Brown, B., Meilli, C., Eddis, B., Townsend, B. 2nd ROW Grover, E., Ward, S., Hamilton, J., DeLaurentis, V. 5th ROW Pitcauage, J., Iuliucci, B., Lewis, T., Stallard, M., Redmond, C., Ross, D., Andress, A., Undercufler, B., Cowdright, J., Calabria, M., Sauser, M., Stecker, A. 3rd ROW Parslow, Tedesco, V. 6th ROW Mrs. Krone. JUNIOR HIGH DRAMATIC CLUB Left to right. Ixt ROW Good, M., Seppy, R., Stenson, Helfand, W., Mason, K., Lehner, M., Pierson, V., De K., Esdale, C., Welner, A., Vennell, M., Marinelli, A., Sorte, V. 3rd ROW Harmash, O., Hand, B., Hand, R., Chapman, M., Tannahill, S. 2nd ROW Mrs. J. Jennings, Midure, A., Herzer, A., Zoppel, S., Harris, L., DeVivo, Wooster, V., Cohen, R., Johansen, V., Tomasello, L., G., Mitchell, G., Sowers, J. STUDENT PATROL Ist ROW Reiss, L., Churchill, J., Galani, M., Alotto, J., Dean, S., Brown, H., Bornbaro, R. 2nd ROW Kennedy, W., Rodilosso, C., Ware, D., Mr. DiBiase, Maccanoni, P., Ken- nedy, L., Conley, C., Vitucci, N. 3rd ROW Ligameri, S., DePalrna, J., Hinch, W., El- ling, W., Sykes, J., Murray, E., Graff, J. CAFETERIA PATROL Ist ROW.' Whitney, W., Wingert, K., Rodilosso, C., Sykes, J. 2nd ROW: Schenaky, E., Maffei, R., Elling, W., Selse, H., D'arcange1lo, A. UBRARY O, 22,5321 me. is ,S-,,,..,,, cLuB l. .l Left to right: Lee Toma- sello, Phyllis Tarallo, Man, Cooker, Linda La Voice, Da- vid Cooker, Ken Baylock. w11,,2,,,L. .Q E'5"TEfE?9: lv -if 1 . .' A X ERHS Student Council James Lanute Mr. 8: Mrs. James F. Wright Mrs. Vera F. Timberlake Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Agnesino Ignatius Namiotka Mrs. Edward P. Richie Mrs. Louis V. Zoppel Mrs. Alma E. Kauffman Elizabeth M. Thomson Mrs. Alma Barrow Annabelle Keene Margaret Striewske Miss Barbara A. Leuthold Mrs. Doris B. Salati Mr. Thomas W. Loveland, Jr. Mr. Zardus Mrs. Elma Rambo Peter Anneske Miss Viola M. Cribb Miss Dorothy A. Wydra Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter Sagan Mr. Paul Benoit Mr. 8: Mr. Carl Schwartz Mr. Vincent DeBiase PATRONS Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilmer F. Black, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph E. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. R. W. Burns Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Weiler Dr. 8: Mrs. Charles C. Larsen Mr. 8: Mrs. Chandler L Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent Ligameri, Mr. 8: Mrs. Morrill Mr. 8: Mrs. George Lang Mr. Charles McCrossin Harold 8: Marion Cowdright Tom 8: Lydia Chris 8: Judie S Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. McHutchison Dr. Edw. Rab, DDS Dr. M. Wach, DDS Edward Fanz Joseph D'Agostina Mrs. Ester Deitz, R.N. Miss Joan Murphy Mr. Leonard Westman, Asst. Pr. Mrs. Norma Gillman Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Sullivan Mr. George W. Lockwood Mr. John Spitalieri Vera K. Jacovelli Kathy Caromano Miss Virgina Rose Mr Mr Mr . Walt Anderiese . Armond T. Commorata . Joseph Pino, Head Custodian . Hannoh Henry, Board of Edu. . 8: Mrs. Charles Kelling Mr Mr Anna Kelling Mr. 8: Mrs. Char Mr. 8: Mrs. Hiram Davies joe 8: Carol Mr. Joseph DiStefano Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Simmons Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Cassady Mr. 8: Mrs. Carville Benton Mr. 8: Mrs. D. Skammer Mr . 8: Mrs. Eugene Meili Mr. 8: Mrs. Tom Carey Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph MacNichol Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Patterson Joseph Gregorio Mr. 8: Mrs. John Grisso Carol and Jack Mr. 8: Mrs. James Sarappa Sp-4 John Sarappa Mr. 8: Mrs. Marshall Ace Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin Hill Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Adair Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Iannaco Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Linden Barbara and Johnny Shirley and Richard Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew Masso Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Calabria Mr. 8: Mrs. Nathan Moore Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice Tucker Mr. 8: Mrs. Stanley Fillis Esther and Ronny office ATCO LIONS CLUB "BE THANKFUL You CAN SEE" COMP'-IMENTS OF L. JOSEPH STAGLIANO Rockwell 7-0516 OP INC "WE GIVE GREEN STAMPS JACK'S ATLANTIC SERVICE BERLIN ESSO SERVICENTER White Horse Pike 8. Atco Avenue Afeef New Jersey Proprietor - MARIO ALIBRANDO "CALL FOR ALL KINDS OF SERVICES" 128 Whife Horse Pike ROckweII 7-9706 Phone: ROckweII 7-2909 Berlin, New Jersey Congratulations to the graduating class of I960 and my sincere per- sonal best wishes to all of my many past Sociologystudents who now depart Edgewood to face life with its count- less problems. As the years go by keep in mind that the hopes of the future lay in your educated and enlightened lives. MR. PAUL HIRSCHY Social Studies Dept. LaROSE SHOPPE 95 S. White Horse Pike, Berlin FOR GREETING CARDS AND GIFTS, KNITTING YARNS AND ACCESSORIES CONGRATULATIONS To the First Graduating Class of Edgewood Regional High School ROckweII 7-II68 EDNA M. WENTZ FREE ESTIMATES 24 HOUR SERVICE AL'S OIL BURNER SERVICE PLUMBING AND HEATING SALES - sERvlcE - PARTS White Horse Pike Atco, N. J. ROckweII 7-2462 COMPLIMENTS OF PANGIA CONSTRUCTION CO. White Horse Pike Atco, New Jersey Congratulations to the first Graduating Class of Edgewood Regional. Good luck in everything you do! THE AQUILA STAFF WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS ALL OUR THANKS TO OUR PATRONS AND OUR ADVERTISERS KEEP YOUR SAVINGS GROWING AT THE ATCO SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION It's easy to save money once you start and get that habit of doing it regularly. At ATCO SAVINGS AND LOAN you can start with as little as 51.00, and add whatever you wish to your savings, at any time Twice a year, we'll add to your account too, at the annual rate of 3 If2'X,, to make your savings grow much faster-come in today and get started-you'll be glad you did. Accounts Insured up to SI0,000 Atco, New Jersey ROckwell 7-1550 "CAMDEN COUNTY'S NEWEST SAVINGS AND LOAN OFFICE CONGRATULATIONS TO EDGEWOOD'S FIRST GRADUATING CLASS "THE CLASS OF '196O' " FROM YOU R FELLOW-CLASSMATES JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 8th GRADERS 7th GRADERS I I I I ll Ki CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF 1 961 1 962 1 963 1 964 1 965 GOOD LUCK "I96O" EDGEWOOD GRADUATES WE'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR SUPPORT IN THE EDGEWOOD BOOSTER CLUB The Pa rent Teacher Associations take great pleasure in extending greetings THE GRADUATING CLASS OF NINETEEN SIXTY and in wishing you continued success and a and congratulations to you I future of noble service and much happiness. Compliments of DANNY MERTZ Compliments of BEN'S BOYS' AND MEN'S WEAR Hardware BERLIN BERLIN FARMERS FARMERS MARKET MARKET BERLIN FARMERS MARKET I25,000 Square Feet of Bargains Berlin-Clementon Road PROP. FLOYD GIBERSON ROckwell 7-I284 GIBBY'S CUT RATE DON'S SPORTWEAR Booth 232 Ladies Dresses Sportwear Cosmetics and Pattern's and Tobacco Mctemnyis BERLIN BERLIN FARMERS FARMERS MARKET MARKET HERBY'S AUCTION BERLIN FARMERS MARKET Berlin, New Jersey Compliments of MIKE'S BETTER SHOES "SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" Berlin Farmers Market, Shopping Center, BerIin, N. J. ROckwell 7-0990 DE PALMA WINGERT'S ATLANTIC SERVICE sTAT1oN OWN MAKE CHOCOLATE5 WATERFORD, N. J. Fairview Ave. BERLIN, NEW JERSEY H. J. PIPER Garden State Feeds Beacon Feeds Baby Chicks Seeds and Fertilizer - l.l V ' .,!.j',,.'.',,1'5 .g I - I PURINF I I , .fH0wS... I vgql.l.l'::ll" I-I x.""" 9 S. White Horse Pike ROckweII 7-0112 Berlin, New Jersey Phone For The Best In Service Go To LOgan 1-5467 WEST BERLIN SERVICE CENTER Haddon Avenue West Berlin proprietors JIM 8- HARRY SMITH AL'S AUTO SERVICE Auto Repairs - 24 Hour Towing White Horse ROCkweII 7'0575 D. A. Priestley Elm, N. J MAIER PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS l04 So. White Horse Pike, Berlin, N. J. If Phone 7-0832 J get Take Out Orders Pizza Pies GEET5- L. E. PANCIERA Black Horse Pike 8. Sicklertown Rd. lAt the Lightl Italian 8. Sea Foods a Specialty Phone: NA 9-7433 WELL DRILLING Cedar Brook, New Jersey Phone LOgan l-4600 SPIEGEL Compliments of Farm Supplies, lnc. JOHN S. BELL Quality Since 1893 FUNERAL DIRECTOR Blue Anchor Road Cedar Brook, N. J. Williamstown New Jersey I TE C0 f DISTRIBUTOR OF TEXACO PRODUCTS - , J .. - ., 4? f FORTE'S FUEL SERVICE INC. W White Horse Pike , Atco, New Jersey ROckwell 7-1300 DEROGA Fine M ROckwell 7-0913 TIS' SELF-S eats 8: Serv ERVICE MARKET ice for a Quarter Century Bates 8. Bishop Avenue Berlin, New York JAMES SARAPPA . . WILLIAMSTOWN BOWLING Cedar, Picket and Rustic Fences B001 Boards - Posls 38 Washington Avenue Pennington Avenue Williamstown, New Jersey Waterford, New Jersey ROckwell 7-2110 n 'Q X , iw, Rockwell 7-0740 ATCO BAKERY 81 DELI. X CQ! R Atco Ave. 8. Church Street Flowers for All Occasions Atco' New Jersey T l h Route 73 Berlin, New Jersey e ep one - 277 Sarah L. Moore Rockwell 7 0 BERLIN FARMERS MARKET "dx ff ,, o l Headquarters for 1 Aj PHOTOGRAPHY V Better Grade Women's and Sub-Teen 7 Slyled BY Fashions Compliments of FAE'S FASHIONS SNYDER STUDIO Berlin, New Jersey Phone ROckwell 7-2159 Personalized Service For Lower Camden County Member of Federal System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 510,000 maximum insurance for each account THE ATCO NATICNAL BANK Atco, N. J. SIMONS CORNER ' Sporting Goods ' Shoes for Entire Family . Men's 8- Boys' Wear ' Work Clothes ' Toys 8. Novelties Lindale Ave. 8- ROckwell 7-0279 Complete Service For All Makes of Cars LEE'S AUTO SERVICE All Work and Material Guaranteed Leaman A. Lee, Prop. Genuine Parts Used ln 3 Haines Ave. Accordance with Berlin, N. J. Black Horse Pk. WIIIIOVHSIOWYM N- -I Factory Specifications , BEST WISHES IT L 7 EDGEWOOD 3 HR. CLEANERS vous Q . White Horse Pike 44 We Carry a Complete Stock of White Horse Pike Berlin, N. J. Phone ROckwell 7-0287 Formal Wear Rental Service Available Sal Buscemi Jr., Prop. ERRERA'S SELF SERVICE Pennington Ave., Waterford, N. J. Meats - Groceries - Produce Telephone ROckwell 7-2108 Compliments of OTT'S AMACO SERVICE STATION Williamstown, New Jersey AQuENo's GROCERY lam 'E F F A Sfffs - GRocERuEs - MEATS - com curs Phone LOgan I-4695 Winslow, New Jersey Joe Lombardo, Proprietor 7""" All Kinds of Repairs 3 Hr. Cleaning Service 1? BERLIN GULF SERVICE UNHED CLEANERS Haddon Avenue West Berlin, N. J. I23 White Horse Pike Specializing in Repair Work Phone Berlin, New Jersey West Berlin ROckwell 7-9856 New Jersey Free Pick Up and Delivery Phone ROckwell 7-0064 Compliments of ADAMUCCI'S OIL COMPANY White Horse Pike Hammonton New Jersey NIS - xglnx IF E-EBRIJEIQI Repairing and Towing .sw H x ii ROckwell 7-2098 ROckwell 7-4237 WHITE HORSE GARAGE White Horse Pike Chesilhurst MELVIN'S LUNCHEON AND VARIETY STORE Hoagies - Steaks - Meatball Sandwiches Serving Breyer's Ice Cream West Berlin, New Jersey ROckwell 7-9727 .lb White Horse Pike Phone Atco, New Jersey William T. Ikley ROckwell 7-9773 D0M'5 BARBER SHOP VALENTI'S MARKET 7 7 Q L 124 while Horse Pike Clementon, N. J. I . Ifil fa Ii STerIing 3-8374 2 Barbers Atco Avenue Atco, N. J. Phone: ROckwell 7-0471 Used - Truck - Tractor - Implement - Tires TRIO TIRE SERVICE Featuring Armor-Tred Retreading Distributors of Dayton and Lee Tires Phone 280 White Horse Pike STerIing 3-6106 or 3-6107 Clementon, New Jersey ROckweII 7-9877 i Tide Water 411- 'Kg l X Petroleum Products A. P. Madam, Prop. MIDILI'S SERVICE STATION while Horse Pike Open 6:30 until ? Waterford, N. J. ' ' i DOUGHERTYS' FURNITURE STORE Rt. 73 8- Harkers Ave. - Berlin, New Jersey ROckweII 7-0040 Terms ROckweIl 7-I 526 SUPER RAY DRUG CO. Prescription Pharmacy Berlin White Horse Pike 81 Taunton Ave. BERLIN 5 81 IO Berlin New Jersey Best Wishes To Class "6O" from the LeROY P. WOOSTER FUNERAL HOME White Horse Pike Phone Atco, New Jersey ROckwelI 7-0539 - "We Go Anywhere" Phone: ROckwell 7-0852 GARDEN STATE FLOOR COVERING BERLIN , 59 West White Horse Pike Berlin, N. J. 159 W. White Horse Pike Berlin, N. J. 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Suggestions in the Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) collection:

Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 25

1960, pg 25

Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 44

1960, pg 44

Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 128

1960, pg 128

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