Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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gaussian. V-J.-ez-: , Y , f f fr - -1ff,5.,5?3.4,gg.:v.:'rg-.Egg-3,32 Q:-f,-gag, -fe.. -- ' - ---5. - ff " f" 'r'f -. ' :1,.,. , -:ff-M - - -f.-f. -'-f--2- ,-f. 1. -. ... ...Q - v. W pr: w.. ., ,la-34' .. .32 ii? . ,A fy if a fi 41'- -wc X if 'V THE 1953 SKETCH BOOK Encswoon PARK BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NEW Yomc The l953 SKETCH BGOK Staff Urescf1 lfS G 06306 0 moo O C 0 0 0 Ooooog C 3 ca .0 Q o o Q ca C o 0 2 0 0 Q 3 0 0 9 Q ocaooe O 0 O 0 000045 00600 O O O C D 0 O O O O O 0 0 O O o CJ Q O CD 0 Q 0 ca O 5 0 G D O 0 O 0000 0 one Vo FOREWGRD N THIS BOOK are contained the memories of our years spent at Edgewood Park. These are the bright spots in our past-they will stand out in our future like lights on Broadway. In presenting this book, we, the editors, hope to bring to mind all the things that will forever remain a part of each girlis life. While at school, we have each followed a chosen path and found a career in the making. The successes we have encountered have surpassed the times we have stum- bled along "The Great White Way." This will he an incentive for us to continue on into a successful future. The girls that are leaving Edgewood Park this year are as original as "South Pacificw, as sentimental as "You Belong To Men, as successful as Ethel Barrymore, as simple as "The Quiet Man", and yet as deeply moving as usudden Fearw, as natural as Herb Shriner, as humorous as the team of Martin and Lewis . . . they make up the "Hits of the Seasonn! We beg your indulgence for using the terms of the theater in the titles for the Administration, the Faculty, and the Staff. MANAGING EXECUTIVE l W MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 1953 LESSINCS on these young people of the Class of 1953 who are so soon to go out from us. I hope that they may be given to see that they will write the record of their years in human lifeg that the value of their living will be measured by the qualities they put into that living. I pray that they may from day to day add to their faith, courageg to courage, wisdomg to wisdom, patienceg and to patience, Godli- ness, kindliness and charity. May they give their best to life, and in giving, receive from life the best, so that their joy may be full. HARRIETT REASER SOWELL 5 PRODUCER LILLIAN H. HART. Academic Dean Assistant Producers ALICE BILLINGS, Guidance Counsellor Mlilll.IiTA ZIEBACK. Pl'l.IlC1'IJIl1 of College Preparatory fr MANAGERS Osczfua N. l3A1:1z1cu llirvzrlor of l3llSilIl'SS AIlIIl1fIll'Sfl'Ull-OII WALTER POWNALL LIDWVARD 1jELANEy llireclor of Mflillleluzllce Bursar 7 DIRECTORS First Row, le-fl to right: Alivf- W. Billings. Social Stucliesg Gloria Str-cklrr. Sl'4.'I'C'lHl'l2il Svie-mf-: Laura Wolfe-, Coslunu- De-signg Arthur M. Goss. Golfg Eileen McGuire. X-Ray and Laboratory 'l':-vllnique-1 Elizalwth M. Nlvad. Voivv, Piano. Harmony. anal Music Appreciation. Serond row, left to righl: Nlvclf-Ia Zieliach. Mathematics. Latin: Karlvnc Kc-nt Steele, Englislig Marion V. Clark, Sp:-roll Arlsg Hs-len L. Bowman, Clotllingg llPI'lll3 A. Bay. Secretarial Scieilce-3 'Nlartha Marna Crave-s, Spanish: llr. E. C. Rogvrs, Holm- Eronomics. 0 O DIRECTORS First row, left to right: Lillian R. ElliQ, Psychologvg Ethel M. Houser, Englishg Frances A. Christy, Merchandisingg Otto H. House-r, History. Bible, ancl Sociology: Margaret Lanmlhy, St-ivncvg Anita l... Smith. lntcrior Dvvoration. Serond row: Lois Mohley, Seicretarial Scicncvg Martyvonnr- Dc- honvy. Fine Artsp Ps-arl Kurkhill. Englishg Dorothy l.. Uranrlt, French. Spanishg Julia 4l'An1lJrosi. Mvrchanclisingg Penelope D. Ve-ras, Secrfltarial Scivncvg Irene E. Riwl, Physical Eclucationg Florence A. Milliken. Hwalth and Physical Education. Not pictured: Dora M. Bell, Frvnclig Helen M. Crocker. Medical Sciencf-3 Mary Warren .lewf-tt, Commercial Lawg Elsie Barnes-Oakrfs, Kinder- gartvn. Primary Eduvation: Crant M. Smith, Pipv Organ. Pianog Beth M. Easley Van Ettvn, English. 9 MISTRICSS OF FAIX MAIL MISTRESS OF SUPPLIES Mlss ANN XVOLFIC MRS. Cmrrff IIALMN MISTRIZSS OF DINING-ROOM BOOK SUPERVISOR I'ROPICR'l'IlCS MISTRESS Miss 'I'HlcRl':sA O'I3RIlsN Miss HELEN MARKS MISS LUCY FVIQLIQTH iw: IE. l5I'IRGl.l'MJ li. N. HICAIXVII SUl"ICliVlS O 10 Nl.-XRION Clllslloml H. N. SOCIAL DIRECTRESSES SECRETARIES TO MANAGERS AND PRODUCERS MARGARET TUREK LOIS MOBLEY R1,A1Nr: D. I'owNALL MARION Donor-1 NORMA CARLSON KATHERINE McC0NR XVINIFRICD HASSELBAUISR MISTRESSES UF THE SWITCHBOARD ANN PAM: MARCARIQT XVARNI-YR MAE RICNNING 11 ..f ,Q ,,.,- 445 LEADING LADIES I X NXfNffXKfwXffXf --0 0.QUQQQQ-9029995 X Q LQ Q27 , f 2 X X2 3 X ' 52 W E jg f 1 Q 9329- GCS. 35:-LL'-4' Q 1 X ,.- I ll ' ' 7, , H ' W -,,1- vl- -,,-i il- iii- iii- -,, , I 1. --1. -l-- l-,- Y -. E '- , i ' T. --5. f N , , 7 . , L. A - -EQ' .gi -V -Q-1, ' wg, V i S , fwggflf w ' XEX ' I E I Mi.- E-f-ML N 4l5' X B -.ii U 3- ...f...i L.-. . - Q i ' , - - --s -Q.. . +, g ? ., - , -g - g Y W -. 5 , , er S- A l 1 ...1 l L F www-N? I i .f -,-1 ,ff-' -1- SE ICDRS NANCIE LONGMAN JUNE UECONNOR President Secretary PEGGY RUSSELL Mlss IRENE R11-:D Vice-President Advisor 13 K CHRISTINE CAROLYN ALBRECHT Fort Lauderdale, Florida GENERAL Glee Club II: Drama Club Ilg Religious Club II, President II. "Chris', . . . China doll complexion . . . her sweet friendliness is accompanied by a readiness to laugh . . . The South's cheerful cherub . . . "I Like Mike" . . . where e'er she goes sheill always pack friends . . . Harcum transfer . . . which pleases us! . . . "Fordham Had A Little Ram". JEAN BACKES Wallingford, Connecticut GENERAL Home Economics Club I, Ilg Secretarial Club I. "Jo" . . . adds spark and zest wbere'ere she goes . . . twang, twang of the guitar . . . "I Want To Go Home In My Own Car" . . . discover "What's Coming Off?" . . . all her ways are winning ways . . . "Connecticut is the Place For Me". 14 CAROLYN WILSON BAEZ Miami Shores, Florida N ' GENERAL Spanish Club I, Hg Camera Club I, II. "Lyn" . . . Florida su , ine . . . can't get out of the habit of sunbathing . . . Miami is America! answer t ' Shangri-La . . . adores parties of any kind . . . doesn't think much of the flights home . . . easy to get along with . . . 'LYou Are My Sun- shineu. MARCELENE BARDINELLA Port Chester, New York MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, II, Treasurer Ilg Thimble, Needle and Thread Ig Golf Club I, Ilg Parapsy- chology Ig Daisy Chain. "Mamie" . . . or better yet, "Half-A-Peep" . . . pert and petite . . . Oh, those gorgeous clothes . . . prime authority on all . . . sweet and angelic . . . has a special flair fax' talent. . . sparkling eyes add to that adorable smile . . . "Oh, You Beautiful Doll". nc 15 CYNTHIA ANN BARRE Springfield, Massachusetts GENERAL Medical Association ilg Athletic Association II. "Cyn" . . . Oh, Those Penn Weekends! . . . gracious manner . . . delightfully natural . . . free with her smile . . . "Well, I never!" . . . beautiful brown eyes . . . all for Boston . . . usually found writing a very special letter . . . tall and attractive . . . "Sweet And Lovely". PATRICIA ANN BAUER Morris Plains, New Jersey MERCHANDISING Daisy Chaing Student Council Ig Merchandising Club I, IIg Athletic Association I, IIg Basketball Team I, II, Captain IIg Ski Club Ig House President Ig Radio Broadcast Staff II. "Pat" . . . or is it "Hoppity"? . . . excited laughter and dancing eyes . . . her personality glows from within to brighten everyone's heart . . . cheers for the Orange and Black . . . digs that crazy Dixieland . . . energy, excitement and enthusiasm . . . so very sweet . . . "The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon Youn. 16 JOAN BERGER Hawthorne, New York KINDERGARTEN Kindergarten Club llg Publicity and Advertising. NIO" . . . all the way from Cortland State . . . has a wonderful way with children . . . invariably running between Joan and lVlarilyn's rooms . . . and what memories . . . second home is the Dutch . . . her heart belongs to Woo Poo . . . vivaciousness, vitality and vim . . . that "An pin and ring are here to stay and thatis a "Sure Thing". JEANNE LUCILLE BERNIER Waterbury, Connecticut MEDICAL ASSISTANT Student Council Hg Medical Association I, Il, Secretary Ilg Fire Proctor Ig House President Ig Dramatic Club Il. "Boots" . . . ardent bridge fan . . . usually found in the "smoker" . . . but her thoughts are "Beyond The Sea" . . . adorable gal . . . smooth personality and a smoother wit . . . we just love her dimpled smile that leads up to infectious laughter . . . 'LWhere's my mail?" . . . 'gYou Ought To Be ln Pictures"! 17 ' 3 J' , . CLAIRE ANN BOLAND Ossining, New York MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, II. Winning disposition . . . always has a big smile ready for everyone . . . occupies a reserved place at the day students' table . . . fashion minded . . . longs to call Connecticut home . . . "Oh great" . . . and we think she is . . . 4'Dark Eyes". CAROL ANN BONARDI Shrewsbury, Massachusetts INTERIOR DECORATION Interior Decorating Club Ig Parapsychology Ig House President IIQ Arts Club I, II, President II: Fire Proctor IIg SKETCH Book II. Noted for her long dark hair and beautiful teeth . . . has the cutest accent . . . terrific sense of humor . . . '6What shall I do?" . . . has great luck with blind dates . . . promising ability as an artist . . . sparkling personality . . . the first gal at breakfast . . . "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody". 18 1" .IANET ANN BOSLET New Hyde Park, New York CosrUME DESIGN SKETCH BOOK I, II, Assistant Art Editor Ilg House President Ilg Fire Proctor IIg Clee Club IIg Art Club IIQ Entertainment Committee IIg Merchandising Club Ig Clothing Club I, II, Vice- President II. f4Jani'7 . . . long blond hair plus blue eyes . . . witty, huiiiimrous . . . sleeps through anything . . . 'LThat went over like a lead balloon" . . . nominated for "Fastest Letter Writer Awardi' . . . 'Tm awake" . . . retirement age will come early . . . good friend to all . . . our own little night hawk . . . 'flust My Billn. JOAN BLANCHE BROWN Worcester, Massachusetts ' MEDICAL ASSISTANT Medical Assgciation I, Ilg Golf Club I, II. "Joanie" . . . short in height but high in humor . . . smooth combination of looks and charm . . . has great love for the Marines . . . perfection in a white uni- form . . . '5Oh, honestlyn . . . daily correspondence with Camp Lejeune . . . "Am I Blue" . . . No, lim Brown! 19 .QF . MURIEL ANN BURT Garden City, New York MERCHANDISING French Club Ig Merchandising Club I, lIg Fire Proctor IIg House President I. "Mickey" . . . "with your hair of raven hue" . . . habitually haunting room 214 . . . mistress of the 88,s . . . friendly and feminine . . . "Would I kid you?" . . . aims for a career that takes her around the world . . . the Waves? . . . slim miss headed for success . . . "Have A Good Time". ELSPETH JEAN CALDWELL Manchester, Connecticut MEDICAL ASSISTANT Student Council II, Presidentg Medical Association I, IIQ House President Ig Fire Proctor lg Religious Fellowship I, II. "Betty', . . . big hello for everybody . . . admired and respected by all . . . "Don't throw out the Creatinine solution!" . . . trusts her hair to the inexperienced . . . high school fan of Edgewood, also . . . may she be surrounded by good luck and success all the rest of her days . . . "You,ll Never Get Awayn. 20 'W W KATHRYN ANN CANTONE Pleasantville, New York MEDICAL ASSISTANT Medical Association I, II. "Kitty', . . . and just as cute as one . . . arrives at E. P. in that smooth green car . . . for her daily collection of blood . . . short black, curly hair with a flawless complexion . . . sweetness personified . . . "What Does It Take?', CATHERINE CEDRONE Pleasantville, New York MEDICAL ASSISTANT Medical Association I, llg Vice-President II. 'gCathy" . . . those famous dark eyes . . . shine when a Fraternity is mentioned . . . no one can be as perfect as "Kenji" . . . but Cathy certainly tries hard . . . future patent designer . . . shorthand was made for her . . . but the question remains . . . "Will l use it after all this hard work?H . . . personality plus . . . "Going Places and Doing Thingsn. 21 PATRICIA ANNE CROWLEY York, Pennsylvania GENERAL Clee Club Ilg Dramatic Club llg Secretarial Club llg Fire Proctor II. "Tappie" . . . our traveler from Harcum . . . the inevitable soaking of tired weary feet with witch hazel . . . those poor suitcmates . . . beware! . . . all ocean vacationers -she might be on board . . . that soaring laugh . . . a sincere personality . . . great sport . . . cherished friend . . . one of the best . . . g'You,,. MARY ELIZABETH CURNALIA Oxford, New York MERCHANDISING Dramatic Club Ilg House President llg Fire Proctor IIg Parapsychology Ig Religious Fellow- ship I, President Ig Merchandising Club I, II. 'LLady in Blackv . . . has a room stocked full of good things to eat . . . big brown eyes . . . innocence? . . . complacent with a gentle voice . . . "Irish,' . . . cheerful, calm, capable . . . no dislikes . . . patience . . . yes . . . "Sophisticated Ladyv . . . Indeed! 22 ANITA CUSNIR San Cristobal, Venezuela GENERAL Athletic Association I, IIQ Sewing Club I, II, Secretarial Club I, II. Little Anita . . . our pride and joy . . . always happy . . . especially when she's going to West Point . . . bright smiles for everyone . . . neat and petite . . . watch out . . . that Spanish temper . . . can do without Monday mornings . . . early to hed? . . . "Army Blue". KATHERINE THERESA D'LUHOSCH Poughkeepsie, New York MEDICAL ASSISTANT Medical Association I, II, Treasurer Ilg Atheletic Association I, II. "Katie" . . . changing the room again and again . . . lives for trips to the country . . . just an outdoor gal at heart . . . magical blond streak . . . "Thanks a hunch" . . . just can't understand moody people . . . dresses with taste . . . "I must studyi' . . . friendly and unforgettable . . . "How Are You Going To Keep Them Down On The Farm?7' 23 KATHERINE DOORUS Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey SECRETARIAL Secretarial Club I, Ilg Treasurer ll. uKay7' . . . quiet and unassuming . . . neat to the point of envy . . . usually found oundin awa in the t in room . . . curly hair . . . "What a char el" . . . as P g y H YP g n . g calm and as easy going as a tropical breeze . . . a cheerful HH1 for all . . . "Home- work". WINNIFRED VERONICA DWYER East Orange, New Jersey SECRETARIAL Sewing Club Ig Secretarial Club I, Ilg Athletic Association I, II, Secretary-Tre asurer II. 'LSissie" . . . "Oh, you kids" . . . heart of gold . . . youive got us guessing . . . why the diet? . . . what feet! . . . "There goes Freddy" . . . waiting ten years for a 3575 pay check? . . . bound to go far . . . full of life . . . lives for good times . . . "Memories Will Linger On Like Melodies Do". 24 ADRIENNE EAGER Middletown, New York SECRETARIAL S ecre tarial Club I, II, Glee Club I, II. "Aden . . . has the cutest freckles . . . loves Woo Poo . . . Happy-go-lucky atti- tude . . . nothing bothers this gal . . . sweet, sympathetic, and sincere . . . what a giggle . . . friendly to all . . . "Younger than Springtime". CARROLL ANN FELDSINE Poughkeepsie, New York M1-:RcHANDts1Nc Daisy Chain Ig Merchandising Club I, IIQ Athletic Association I, Ilg Water Safety Patrol I, Hg Fire Proctor Ig Business Manager of Radio Broadcastg Ski Club, Golf Club. "Beans,' . . . craziest kid on campus . . . the voice that stirred nations . . . peppered with pep, sugured with sweetness, spiced with vivaciousness . . . a good looking dish . . . our "Carol Channingn . . . everybody's pal . . . always in on the mischief . . . "Ain,t Misbehavinv. 25 n . i KATHERINE LEE F ORMAN Middlebury, Connecticut HOME ECONOMICS Clothing Club I, llg Camera Club I, II 3 Parapsychology Club I. "Kay" . . . originality . . . a gal who likes to be different and is . . . a great sense of humor . . . is packed full of knowledge . . . does something about her ambi- tions . . . always found clipping out articles for that interesting scrapbook . . . what she can't clip, she snaps . . . "Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes". ELLEN FURST Pleasantville, New York GENERAL Varsity Golfg Glee Club I. II, Secretary Ilg French Club Ig SKETCH BOOK Advertising Editor Il. Ellen-the gal who is fun to be with . . . energetic and efficient . . . goes after those ads with a driving force . . . so fond of that Ford Convertible . . . very talented in the music field . . . smart dresser . . . can be found at any College Campus . . . "Music Maestro, please". 26 JOAN AUDREY JUNKER Ramsey, New Jersey MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club IIQ Assistant Editor of SKETCH BOOK Ilg Senior Representative of Athletic Association IIQ Glee Club Ilg Water Safety Patrol ll. "Joni" . . . cheerful, calm, and capable . . . the gal with the overabundance of mail and phone calls . . . short brown hair and dancing eyes . . . sweetness . . . an Army fan . . . very definitely 'Qin the swimn of things . . . Green Mountain's attrac- tive addition to the class of '53 . . . 'LStardust". DOROTHY JOAN KEAR Dallas, Pennsylvania M1-:RCHANDISING House President II: Fire Proctor II: Merchandising Club I, II, Dramatic Club I. "Joann . . . "Hi, Peoplei' . . . that's a sign that ,loan is here . . . the only gal who sleeps with a pillow over her head . . . she must really hate alarm clocks . . . won- derful red hair . . . a tinder box of personality that is sure to set the world on fire . . . what a vocabulary! . . . "Sitting On Top Of The Worldn. 27 .IOAN FOLEY KEITH Carlisle, Pennsylvania GENERAL Athletic Association Ilg Merchandising Club II. "Peep" . . . set a match to the Keith personality . . . Results: Flaming hair, crackling wit, and glowing friendliness . . . a fireball of "sensationality" . . . never without friends . . . "Now That's the Truth" . . . vitality plus . . . forms a long line of EP Alumnae . . . "Always Leave Them Laughing". PATRICIA ANN KING Shore Acres, New Jersey MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, IIg Fire Proctor I, IIg Golf Club Ig SKETCH BOOK Photography Editorg Parapsychology I. "Pat" . . . loves receiving mail . . . never at Edgewood on weekends . . . noted for her terriiiic sense of humor . . . never seen at breakfast . . . laughing brown eyes . . . a friend in need . . . What would the SKETCH BOOK have done without her! . . . "The King and I". 28 .sk DORIS KIRKENDALL ' Trucksville, Pennsylvania GENERAL Medical Association II. "Bunnie" . . . one of the cutest gifts from Harcum . . . constantly found laughing or worrying . . . famous for her threatening to join the Waves . . . social errors . . . her temper . . . animal friends and letting her bathtub overflow . . . she's Rayls bundle of Nitro Dynamite . . . always getting letters or telephone calls . . . 44What'lll Do?', HELEN MARIA KUCZMA Speonk, New York GENERAL Kindegrarten Club Ig Fire Proctor llg Secretarial Club II. Helen . . . cute figure . . . walks at a fast pace . . . quietness . . . usually found slaving over shorthand . . . loves lemon cokes . . . "whozie" . . . known for her crazy expressions . . . dislikes studying and lights out . . . a great future is in store for a wonderful girl . . . "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Babyw. 29 1 JANE LEACH West Orange, New Jersey GENERAL Medical Association II. "Jimmy', . . . our gift from Sullins . . . she says she's tired, but does she look it? . . . full of wit . . . usually found in the Stone Room . . . horses, sleep and red cars are her choice . . . to own a string of pacers . . . HI'll have a nervous breakdown" . . . "Oh, you sweet boy!" . . . 'LEverything l Have ls Yoursn. DIANE LEE Clearwater, Florida GENERAL Thimble, Needle and Thread. Il. Sullin's loss meant Edgewood's gain . . . universally liked . . . 4'Pistol", where did you get that nickname? . . . ain,t misbehavin, just having fun! . . . "Not much longer here to stay, for in a month or twol' . . . day dreams of Ed . . . and her miniature will come true . . . rebel with a southern drawl deluxe . . . One Hundred Days Till Junev. 30 JANE ANNE LEWIS Pottsville, Pennsylvania MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club IIg Clee Club IIg SKETCH BOOK Business Manager II 3 Entertainment Com- mittee II. Jane Anne is never without a joke .... When she isn't trying to diet she sings, and oh, how she sings . . . she loves football teams . . . routs for her winning team . . . her sincerity and love for music will carry her far . . . a wonderful gal . . . "Singing In The Rain". ELLEN LINDSAY Great Neck, New York GENERAL Clothing Club I, Ilg Foods Club I, II, President II. "Bunny" . . . cute as a button . . . contagious giggle . . . known far and wide as a scrumptious cook . . . chaperoning house-parties at Lehigh? . . . bubbles pep . . . her room is a meeting place for millions . . . found in the midst of fun . . . "Scatterbrain". 31 NANCIE LUNCMAN Freeport, New York MERCHANDISING SKETCI-I BOOK I, ll, Literary Editor Ilg ,Iunior Class Presidentg Senior Class Presidentg Para- sychology Ig Merchandising Club I, II, Secretary Ig Dramatic Club I, IIQ Vice-President Ilg Radio Broadcasting Staff Ilg Daisy Chaing Athletic Association I, Ilg Tennis Team I, II. "Clyde'7 . . . bug on bridge . . . our gal with the three B's: Brains, Beauty and the Bestest . . . always en route to some male college . . . continually "talking up a storm" . . . believes in the old adage, "Parties make the world go round" . . . crazy about the Charleston . . . and we're crazy about her . . . 'LNancie With The Laughing Face". JEAN MCANDREWS New Hyde Park, New York COSTUME DESIGN Art Club Secretary Ilg SKETCH BOOK I, II, Art Editor llg Clothing Club I, Ilg Merchandising Club Ilg Athletic Association I, II. The instigator of the Shag . . . always just an inch away from trouble, but never out of the excitement . . . lovely long eyelashes . . . does things at the last minute . . . "Janet, Pu-leze get up!" . . . cute combination of dark hair and eyes . . . "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". 32 SALLY ANN MCCAI-IILL White Plains, New York SPEECH ARTS Junior Class Vice-Presidentg Secretarial Club I, IIg Entertainment Advisor lIg Dramatic Club I, II, President IIg SKETCH Book I, Assistant Advertising Editor lIg Radio Broadcasting An- nouncer I, IIg Golf Club Ig Ski Club lg Entertainment Committee Chairman II. Three cheers for "Mac', . . . one for her sparkling personality . . . another for her boundless enthusiasm . . . a third for her all-round popularity . . . crazy about football games . . . especially if Rutgers wins . . . striking appearance has i'0ur Gal Sal". ROSEMARY MCLAUGHLIN Garden City, New York SECRETARIAL Athletic Association I, II, President Ilg Secretarial Club I, Ilg SKETCH BGOK II: Art Club II, Varsity Basketball, Softballg Golf Club I, llg Fire Proctor I, Il: House President I. We'll never forget that famous smile of "Roe,s', . . . curly brown hair that is certainly an asset . . . she loves to get the latest 'Glow down'7 . . . "That's for sure" . . . likes sports . . . always has a good time . . . a wonderful future is in store for "Roe" . . . '5Rosy, You Are My Posey". 33 NANCY LOU MARSDEN Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club II. "Nance" . . . big blue eyes . . . "Let's face it, l7ve been hit" . . . fascinating smile . . . a swell friend and a wonderful pal . . . still looking for another advertising man . . . dresses oh, so nicely . . . Billy's or the Biltmore?" . . . "Undecided Now". MARILYN MARSHALL Ravenna, New York KINDERGARTEN Kindergarten Club I, II, President 119 Glee Club I, II, President Ilg Edgenotes II. "Little One" . . . our sprightly little "Mouse" . . . as bright as a new penny . . . has a definite winning way . . . very dependable . . . sweet and loveable . . . ardent fan of servicemen . . . will go on writing plays for children . . . '6Sweet and Lovely". 34 JANET MATHESON Oldwick, New .Iersey GENERAL Boot and Spur Ilg Secretarial Club II. "Jann . . . complains her naturally curly hair won't curl! "Giggles,' . . . charmer with the uke . . . t'Oh, really noww . . . 'AWE must clean this roomw . . . a real horse lover . . . on horse or by foot, she,s bound to go far . . . L'Making Love, Ukulele Style". HELEN MARTIN Worcester, Massachusetts MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, II, Clothing Club I, II, House President I, Golf Club I, IIg SKETCH BOOK Assistant Photography Editor II. "Honey,, . . . a knittin, and a purlin, . . . great sense of humor . . . just give her a trip to "Home Sweet Home" . . . usually found loafing . . . in the bathtub! "Do you know what?" . . . Success to you in Merchandising . . . true asset to the SKETCH BOOK . . . "Ain't She Sweet". 35 JEAN MERRY White Plains, New York KINDERGARTEN Kindergarten Club I, II. The roar of the engine . . . the beeping horn . . . and into sight comes that famous black Studebaker . . . itis the only thing that gets Jean here on time . . . another Dutch enthusiast . . . loves the little ones . . . cute gal who's considerate of all . . . "Jeanne With The Light Brown Hairw. PATRICIA NICHOLS Hartsdale, New York MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, Ilg Religious Fellowship I, II3 Athletic Association I, IIg Sewing Club I, II. "Pat', . . . Hi, you all" . . . drawled with an Oklahoma accent . . . has a yen for those wide open spaces . . . canit seem to get up in the morning . . . sets her hair by moonlight . . . shares with all . . . constantly trying to grow long nails . . . "Redhead, Everybody Loves A Redhead". 36 BARBARA THERESA O'CON N OR Maplewood, New Jersey FASHION DESIGN Athletic Association Ig Sewing Club I, President ll: Fashion Design Club I, Ilg Golf Club Ig Art Club I, Secretary Ilg Costume Design Club I. "Bobbie" . . . slim fashionable figure . . . pleasing smile . . . designs her own clothes and makes them . . . found reading fashion magazines . . . loves the shore . . . "Check thati' . . . has that ability to make others at ease . . . "Fifth Avenue". JUNE FRANCES O'CONNOR Maplewood, New Jersey MERCHANDISING Secretary of Junior and Senior Classg Home Economics Club I, Ilg Daisy Chaing Merchandising Club I, IIg Glee Club I, II g Athletic Association I, II. "Oakie" . . . curly hair . . . laughing blue eyes . . . always gay . . . never a dull moment . . . likes the male species . . . dislikes Monday morning classes . . . 'Tm going crazy with all this homework" . . . "F ive Feet Two, Eyes Of Bluev. 37 uw r OI CAROL .IEANNE OTHOTE Rockville Center, New York MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club Ilg Foods Club IIQ Athletic Association II. 'flinxl' . . . beautiful hair . . . "Mercie Sakes" . . . where do you send those packages of goodies? . . . sincere quiet charm . . . likes to party . . . gentle blue eyes . . . knows where she's going . . . "My Blue Heaven". VIRGINIA MARIE OYER Bethlehem, Pennsylvania MERCHANDISINC Athletic Association Ilg Sewing Club IIg Merchandising Club II. ",Iinny" . . . neat as a pin . . . late, except when food is concerned . . . found in 468 . . . true member of the Temperance Society . . . to be successful . . . "Wake me up in the morning" . . . likes friendly people . . . 4'Goofus". 38 in JOAN ELEANOR PAUL ' Chicago, Illinois MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, Ilg Sewing Club Ig Spanish Club I, IIg Athletic Association I, II. "Joanie" . . . soft brown eyes with a touch of the poet . . . petite . . . thoughtful and considerate . . . usually found struggling with the mystery of argygles . . . in- trigued by artists . . . peaceful disposition that insures a happy future . . . always ready to do her share . . . "Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes". NANCY LEE PERKINS West Hartford, Connecticut MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club II. "Nance', . . . good-tirne lover . . . "You know what I mean ?', . . . platinum nail polish to match the streak in her hair . . . "I'm in Love Again" . . . fascinating smile . . . real close friend of all . . . "My Favorite Song". 39 CAROLYN FRANCES RIGGS Evanston, Illinois MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, Ilg Clothing Club I, Ilg Junior Merchandising Representative I. "Carrie" . . . adds spark and zest where e'er she goes . . . adorable figure . . . fashion plate . . . sincere and sentimental . . . especially about 4'Army Blue" . . noted for those monograms . . . g'Where,s the old boy, Smitty from the City?" . . chic brunette . . . "Faith Can Move Mountains". JOANNA RIZZA Lynbrook, New York GENERAL Clothing Club Hg Home Economics Club II. "Joan" . . . one of the gals from way back . . . Sugar and Spice and everything nice . . . a dash of pepper for her pep . . . some ginger for her snappy wit . . . her eagerness to have a good time makes her a hit in any season . . . "Open the Door, Richard". 40 BERNICE RUBIN Scranton, Pennsylvania GENERAL Medical Association II. Red hair . . . tiny and cute . . . "Are you going down to the lab?" . . . Penn State for me . . . playing jokes . . . amy fingers hurt" . . . loves music . . . Oh, so intelligent! . . . sharp wit . . . a loveable personality . . . 'LWho?" MARGARET WYNNE RUSSELL llion, New York MEDICAL ASSISTANT Clee Club llg Student Council Treasurer ll: Athletic Association Vice-President Ig Daisy Chain Ig Fire Proctor lg Medical Association I, II, President Ilg Vice-President of Senior Class. "Peggy" . . . 6'Lovely to Look At" . . . delightful to know . . . has a yen for good times accompanied by sentimental music . . . bubbling over with laughter . . . "Jeanne, what will I do?" . . . pint size package of personality tied up with a big smile . . . "Peg 0' My Heart". 411 JOSEPHINE SCAFIDI Kingston, New York SECRETARIAL Basketball IIg Secretarial Club l, IIg Golf Club I. NIO" . . . everyb0dy's friend . . . nobody could miss those beautiful, big brown eyes . . . sporty clothes strictly out of the fashion magazines . . . cute, plus sincere equals a terrific gal . . . "Come, Josephine, In My Flying Machine". GRETCHEN BLAIRE SCHAEFF ER Auburn, New York SECRETARIAL Secretarial Club I, II, President IIg SKETCH B001-1 Staff, Assistant Business Manager Ilg Fire Proctor II. "Gay" . . . acts just like her name . . . becomes a soprano in the bathtub . . . loves to use expensive shampoo . . . has a crowning glory to show off the results . . . adaptation of Veronica Lake . . . never late??? . . . "Let's Have A Party". 42 ROCHELLE CAROL SCHAF F LR Elkins Park, Pennsylvania KINDERGARTEN Kindergarten Club I, Il. "Shel" . . . busy, faithful and persistent . . . especially when homework is con- cerned . . . the good Samaritan . . . always herself . . . "Isn,t it wonderful?,' . . . never has enough time to do all the things she wants to do . . . headed for a successful future . . . "Rainbow Round My Shoulder". MYRNA ANN SHAER Brookline, Massachusetts GENERAL Medical Association I. Noted for her four weekly phone calls . . . faithful to homework . . . ambitious and hardworking . . . never misses a breakfast . . . must have that afternoon nap . . . '4What are you asking me for?,, . . . said with that true Bostonian accent . . . bubbling personality . . . loads of mail . . . it must be "Love Letters". 43 JOAN ANITA SHEWRING New York, New York MEDICAL ASSISTANT Medical Association I, Ilg Athletic Association I, llg Student Council Secretary llg SKETCH BOOK Staff II, Editor Ilg Treasurer of Junior Classg Varsity Basketball II. "Yoni', . . . one of our most attractive gals . . . 'sCoing to Sweden?" . . . very sincere . . . telephone calls and telegrams . . . driving force of the SKETCH BOOK . . . that trip out of bed . . . expressive eyes that win your heart . . . "TNT" . . . Talented 'n' Terriiic . . . Very subtle wit . . . 'gLullaby of Birdlandn. ADRIENNE FAYNE SLUBIN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, Ilg Art Club I, II. "Andee" . . . constantly dreaming of next Fall . . . heads for Philly as soon as Friday arrives . . . one part chestnut hair plus a dash of thoughtful eyes and flavored with femininity adds up to a delightful dish . . . found over the drawing board . . . "Undecided". 4-4 LORRAINE SOFIA Scarsdale, New York GENERAL Glee Club I, Hg Camera Club I, Secretary-Treasurer llg Stamp Club, Treasurer I3 Arts Club II. "Low . . . our own 'Lshutterbugw . . . "Candid7, manner . . . "developed" by friendliness . . . always 'alensl' a helping hand . . . she has no 'anegativen traits . . . a gal who doesn't know what a "Hunk list" is . . . her room is a studio . . . her paintings fabulous . . . we might yet see her in Opera . . . 6'Picture Men. EVELYN STELLA San Juan, Puerto Rico GENERAL Camera Club Ilg Home Economics Club, Secretary I, Vice-President llg Spanish Club Hg Interior Decorating Club Ig Athletic Association Ig Sewing Club I, ll. "Evite" . . . pep and personality plus . . . Evie and Louie . . . Mambo to perfec- tion . . . usually found on the phone . . . "Oh, Cuchi" . . . famous for her cooking and throwing mashed potatoes . . . reading horror comics over a railroad sandwich . . . one of the prettiest Puerto Ricans ever given to the U. S .... our own 'LLady of Spainn. 4-5 MARIANNA MORRIS TOLAND Piqua, Ohio GENERAL Dramatic Club Ilg Athletic Association II. 66 fun. . Annie" . . . Thanks, I-Iarcum, for giving us Annie . . . vivacious . . . full of . . Oh, those imitations . . . usually found wandering . . . her favorites are music, drama, and West Point . . . aspires to be a T. V. actress, and our guess is that she will succeed . . . "Dance Balerina, Dance". ANGELA MARIE VITULLO Utica, New York MERCHANDISING Merchandising Club I, Ilg President II, Clothing Club II, Secretary IIg Glee Club I, II, Vice- President Ilg House President II. "Angie" . . . far from angelic . . . weekending at West Point . . . blind date bureau . . . has a Hair for fine fashion . . . always on a shopping spree . . . Chatter- box-our gal of a few thousand words . . . as likeable as she is lookable . . . "Temp- tation" 46 INGRID ANNE WALLACE Arlington, Massachusetts MEDICAL ASSISTANT Medical Association Ilg Dramatic Club Ilg Athletic Association II. 'glnkien . . . what's a Num-Num? . . . knee socks and white bucks . . . very collegiate . . . always concentrating on a bridge game . . . generosity plus . . . she's all for fun and fun for all . . . everybody's buddy . . . eager to lend a helping hand . . . member ofthe pug-nose club . . . "Ink-adink-adinkn. BARBARA JANE WILSON New Haven, Connecticut MEDICAL ASSISTANT Medical Association I, Ilg Student Council Vice-President II. "Barb" . . . cute Barb is always making us laugh . . . short brown hair with shades of the rainbow . . . "I hate youl' . . . takes over for Godfrey . . . "Meanwhile, back at the ranch!,' . . . unfinished knitting . . . whistling . . . "Any mail, Joan?" . . . last, but not least . . . especially in our hearts . . . the very best . . . 'gTenderlyH. 4-7 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY ITH OUR blue books as a guide, we started life at Edgewood in ,51 . . . the picnic at the lake . . . organizing our class by electing officers . . . President, Nancie Longmang Vice-President, Sally McCahillg Secretary, June O'Connorg Treasurer, ,loan Shewring . . . West Point . . . fabulous football weekends . . . Halloween Party . . . Christmas vacation Lawaited with much anticipation! . . . the WEPS radio broad- casts . . . our aflinity to water . . . the never to be forgotten Junior-Senior weekend, the Pageant and Prom . . . June arrived all too soon .... We were saying our final good-byes to the Seniors . . . nothing left but to pack and . . . Msee you next yearli, September ,52 brought the old familiar faces, tanned and freckled now . . . how important we felt sitting in the Senior Smoker . . . election time for the nations and EPS . . . "I like lkew and HI go Pogou . . . again, class officers . . . President, Nancie Longmang Vice-President, Peggy Russellg Secretary, June 0,Conner . . . the Madison Square Carden Horse Show . . . the quiet which descended when the Senior Mer- chandising girls left for their jobs following Thanksgiving . . . Oh, but the play "Seventeen,' . . . hilarious . . . our Christmas excitement was high . . . the annual dance as lovely as always . . . the pageant and carols brought lumps to our throats . . . we parted with Merry Christmasses to all. 48 Our days were taken up with studies, field trips, basketball games and snowball fights . . . how many hours were spent Charlestoning after dinner in the smoker . . . parades to Holi. you must he a Beta Theta Pi" . . . spring seems . . . sunbathing on the roof . . . ears parked on the hill . . . Senior lmlazers . . . our trip to the heaehes of Bermuda and Florida . . . 1-an you ever forget? . , . soon the ,Iuniors began to stand up for us in Chapel . . . rehearsals for graduation made us realize we only had a few more weeks . . . the thrilling prom . . . the queen reigning on May Dax . . . Med students eapped and pinned . . . songs were sung as we gave the juniors tht- smoker . . . more tears were shed . . . 1-lass dax . . . parents every where . . . "Taming of the Shrew" . . . our last fling lmefore graduation . . . the Day arrixed . . what mixed emotions we had . . . itis all over now. all exeept the- memories. . They will never die! 49 E9 V 'N QQ. kf-X I 'flqaf JI El? E925 Exif? KN :fNa fN1:XfNL X I f wi was T Qqw 4 V. 5 kr .X X Cd ETTI Vnoaf' Populrvn - .- - - Wkvsfc liuilkx 5:0'Succea:K 9105? cdsxwleknc - . .- UWCMZ cdkfrcuc-Emve .. .. f'WNo5'k huax112JN"ou3 ,,. .- VUOSJQ Quan . KIWWOSJC PEXSQKNAKCKQQX.. ..- xrncwk u15faKMq5nk ,, 4, UXQSJC CLKBRQS - .. .. 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Omgohx-xox' K 4 3 ,. 00 SceL,Q-'Qsvii .. Qcme.-'Q 'Boshk - SGAKLX UWCCQHXKK ' - FQLBEKYL-S CQLKAQJFJLK E mph LQ Asa vw. in SGAX UNQ CQJAIKKX Smkfbx mf Cwwxkk F Q gm-Q5 QCLKX3ms.Qkwk -4 KMGSQKN Buff' uw, Cold m.ve.KK 7 ff: V' - BSKV'-3CQ.KdwaKk 1432 OA , I XX I ffl . V , N w 4 CEO x N ff 7-X ff A f M . fl A O ' - L QM a 4 5 LEAVE IT TO THE GIRLS Chris Albrecht leaves her love for the Irish to Ann Fitzgerald. Jean Backes wills her jeans to Maud Cuervo. Caroline Baez wills her University of Miami banner to the Dutch. Marcie Bardinella leaves her roommate to Sue Judson. Cynthia Barre leaves her expression "G.L.,' to Lee Emerick. Pat Bauer leaves with a one way ticket to Texas. Joan Berger leaves for another year at West Point. Jean Bernier wills her empty mailbox to an ambitious Junior. Claire Boland leaves her seat at the day-hops table in the Dutch. Carol Bonardi wills her adorable blind dates to Ann Loppacker. Janet Boslet wills her Marchands to Jo Leisure. Joan Brown leaves her sugar to "T.', Adams. Mickey Burt leaves the power to play the '688's', to Lillian Perez. Betty Caldwell wills her delayed action in the lab to a Junior Med. Kitty Cantone leaves her Med. experiences to Chris Bayley. Catherine Cadrone wills her new formulas to Bobbi Lou. Pat Crowley wills her seat on the Lancaster train to Catherine Pickle. Mary Curnalia leaves her talking eyes to Gay Williamson. Anita Cusnir leaves her troubles in shorthand. Katy D'Luhosch wills her minor surgery book to Joan Wall. Katherine Dooros wills the typing room to Jeannette Machorek. Winnie Dwyer leaves her shorthand scrawls to Marcie Willis. Ade Eager wills her freckles to anyone. Beans Feldsine wills "Getting in troublei' to Jo Perrier 52 ,M Kay Forman leaves the sign in her room to lrene Bodner. Ellen Furst wills her hair ribbons to Maryel Garrett. Joan Junker wills her busy telephone to Sue Nickerson. Joan Kerr wills a weekend at Lehigh. Peep Keith wills the bathtub to her roommate. Pat King leaves! Doris Kirkendall wills the fish in her ink well to Pat Egan. Helen Kuczma wills MJohn,' to Shirley Armey. Jane Leach wills a new chair to the social directresses. Diana Lee wills a West Point uniform to Cayl Chase. Jane Lewis Leaves her fickleness to Evelyn Stewart. Ellen Lindsey wills her snacks to Rusty Watson. Nancie Longman will her dirty tennis sneakers to Barbara Verwer. Jean McAndrews wills her car and a trip to Florida to anyone who sion to go. Sally McCahill leaves the chains on the car to Janie Sullivan. Roe McLoughlin leaves the latest low-down to Barbara McMurrain. Mouse Marshall wills her size to Judy Cohan. Nancy Marsden wills her college weekends to Margot Hickey. Helen Martin leaves her unfinished diets. Janet Matheson wills her lumpy mattress to next yearls lucky occupant. Jean Merry wills her black maria to Hildegard Hinck. Pat Nichols wills her fireman's badge to Annis Singleton. Barbara O'Connor wills her dress form in the design room to anyone it fits. June O'Connor leaves her summers at the shore to the gir Carol Othote wills her calm attitude to Paula Collins. Jinny Oyer wills her promptness to Nora Peverly. Joan Paul wills a noticeable accent to Nancy Hedstrom. Nancy Perkins wills her blond streak to Arlene Welsh. Carolyn Riggs leaves her shrill alarm clock to Del Belson. Joanna Rizza wills her Psych book to Pearl Emsig. Bernice Rubin wills her Penn. State banner to Mary Beth Ward. Pegs Russell wills her microscope to Joyce Dobbie. Jo Scaiidi wills her demerits to Lyn Mutter. Gretchen Schaeffer wills her long hair and other eye to Noreen Cook. 'I' W can ge ls who live inland. Myrna Shear wills her phone calls to Fran. Joan Shewring wills her barrack inspections to Elizabeth Peacock. Andie Slubin wills her very artistic room to Jean Hansen. Evelyn Stella leaves with Louie. Loraine Sofia wills her "snap-happinessn to the Camera Club. Annie Toland wills "The Set" to Margery Lowman. Angie Vitullo leaves her size 515 shoes to anyone who can w lnkie Wallace wills her plaid address book to June Wetzel. Barbara Wilson leaves her bathing suit at West Point. ear them. 53 t permis J---"" 'NW is A -is ml W. I 5' , ,QM .gf gf 'Q v 0 Nm- wan ummm! Dm ,,., E 5 miflwz 1-HQ ' i MM ya A K , 7'-5 Q PIAY M E05 4 E f1'Z'l!Q1Z'S2M, 3: , J A Q 1 5 EQ Q Ll 6' 4 1 X X X' A ff I 1 f kfxj L M C, ku f xX U " M S ! 1 O x, L W o ox LQ sf I U W0 L 'O' Q J 5730 KJ 1- T K Y wr ! X 0 Xt . fjul 5 ,W , X1 W W j . W! I """-Q. f .IU IDRS MARY L. GARRETT GAY WILLIAMSON President Secretary LRE IEMRRIQR BARBARA VRRWER Vice-President Treasurer MRS. ELAINE D. POWNALL Advisor 59 Dawn Adams Therese Adams Arlene Anthony Shirley Armey Lee Bader Judith Barker Betty Barrocas ,lane Baxter Christine Bayley Dolores Belson Irene Bodner Daphne Botta Alicia Calid Maria Carrasqillo ,Ioan Carswell 60 Gayle Chace Judy Cohen Paula Collins Noreen Cook Maryanne Cotter Janice Cowan Maud Cuervo Saundra De Carmo Ruth cle la Espriella Barbara De Muth Joyce Dobbie Patrica Egan Leonora Emrick Pearl Emsig Virginia Evans Winifred Fee 61 Joan F erriss Mary Garrett Nancy Hedstrom Sue Johnson Barbara Fisher Anita Gera Margot Hickey Sue Judson Ann Fitzgerald Joan Hayes Jean Hansen Hildegarde Hinck Joyce Hopkins Rosemary Juergans Jeanne Kramer 02 Ruth Knowles Norma Levy Marjory Lowman Gloria Miles 4 , Q Ellen Kurash Gail Liedberg Elizabeth Lucas Angela Montes if f ' Joanne Leisure Phyllis Leganger Rosemary Lill Ann Loppacker Jeannette Machorek Barbara McMurrain Elvira Morris Mary Lynn Mutter 63 Elena Nader Susan Nickerson Rita Ostrofsky Virginia O7Such Marie Pacheco Clorinda Parziale Elizabeth Peacock Soeorre Peroza Lillian Perez Sonia Perez Josephine Perrier Leonora Peverly Joan Pfeiffer Catherine Pickle Barbara Prager Joyce Rahl 64 ,Ioan Renoe Adele Sandoval Alicia Sandoval Betty Schlessinger Bella Schneider Joan Schwartz Frances Shaer Annis Singleton Kathleen Smith Jo Ann Smith Joan Stefanik Evelyn Stewart ,lane Sullivan Lydia Taylor Susan Trembly Marian Vanaman 65 Barbara Verwer Sharan Vogel ,loan Wall Mary B. Ward Bethea Watson Barbara Waugh Arleen Welsh J une Wetzel Barbara Wicks Cay Williamson Mary Archer Willis Janet Wright Lillian Zanchetta ,loan Zimmerman Arlene Newman Elizabeth Batarse 66 lf-'I Clara O'Compo Rosita Regue POST GRADUATE Gloria Altamirano Duque 67 -nd.. IJ HSN IIHPXHN 1952 "I!Rl,'XRfII.lI"l" Xl.l!l NI" QITICICN XNIJ 1I0l'R'I' "SII.YICR S'l'Mi ll 68 Q Q 0 -M xx, w 'W -, 'Q 74575, N' ' X A W X M ff , dx ff If XXX X " M Mfg ' 1 1 ax-- ff 7 1 . , - f ff I 06 f 0 X 4 4 7 '2. X4 :Lo I, , .IJ 2 N 4 J dw A, A If 1 I I N I 4 X f I WX 1 Q44 sae bxf 1:4 , SENIORS College Preparatory VIRGINIA RQBINSON MARY FULLER President Secretary MARY ANNE SHORT DONNA VALIKOFF V ice-President Treasurer MRS. ALICE BILLINGS Advisor Knot pictured 70 i BETTE RUTH ANAPOL Fall River, Massachusetts COLLEGE PREPARATORY Spanish Club 4g House President 3. Red headed Bette with the constant smile and Massachusetts accent . . . Tennis and Cape Cod in the Summertime . . . hates 8:30 classes, and college Joes . . . usually waiting for a call . . . but, those men . . . we'll meet her on her merry way around the world. ELEANOR ANN ANDERSON Williston Park, Long Island COLLEGE PREPARATORY House President 35 French Club 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Entertainment Committee 45 SKETCH BOOK Staff 45 Fire Proctor 3g Religious Fellowship 2, 3, 4. "Simply Tremendous" with blonde hair and gray-blue eyes . . . all those pretty clothes for weekends . . . always the Ivy League . . . "All The Things You Arei' . . . "Army Bluei' and T. S. Eliot are the greatest for Andie . . . Sure to be a success in college or the Fashion World. 1. SARAH ALICE APPLEGATE Pleasantville, New York GENERAL Dramatic Club 45 Glee Club 4. Talented Sally who's always late . . . laziness? . . . no! . . . but never late for meals . . . unless thereis liver for dinner . . . talent plus when it comes to writing those musical comedies . . . we think Sally should star in them herself. 71 GLADYS BAHARY New York, New York GENERAL Clothing 43 French Club 4. Just a knittin' and a talkin' . . . my how she does pound those books while she tells everyone to please keep quiet . . . what a smile! . . . her diligence will attain her great fame as a designer. JANET MARY BANCALE St. Albans, New York GENERAL 5'2", eyes of blue . . . 6'There's always tomorrowv, says Jan, and maybe then she'll be living in Havana . . . anything's better than classes on Friday . . . we look ahead and see .lan as a top buyer. with all that intelligence and personality, how can she miss? ANN LOUISE BELL Oneanta, New York GENERAL French Club 4. '4Ye Canis" how that girl can play the piano! . . . carries her rhythm down the hill to golf . . . Lou will follow through life's fairway right in the swing of things . . . with her sweet disposition Lou can't help but have a happy future. 72 ANITA BELLMAN Riverdale, New York GENERAL Spanish Club 4g French Club 4. How curly loves those weekends . . . especially when there's a party! . . . such a nice smile to match that personality . . . someday she'll be going on a party around the world! ANN BRUNEL Boiceville, New York GENERAL Cooking Club 43 Sewing Club 4. Cute Little Annie, hates farewells but "cup-cakeu keeps her happy . . . "Ain't love grand?" . . . most of her time is spent in the "castle" meditating on how to go about becoming Secretary of the U. S .... her future? . . . definitely "Baby Facei' . . . to the bestest ever. LOIS MAE CARTER Wilmington, Delaware GENERAL Junior Class Treasurerg French Club 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Golf Club 43 Religious Fellowship 'Lierasurer 49 Student Council Representative 4g House President 4g Home Economics 4, Secre- Pretty blue eyes reflect her sweetness . . . uYou know itl' . . . How ,bout a floor show with a bird call for background music? . . . What will it be . . . Cadet or Jockey? . . . aspires to be a receptionist. 73 LOIS FRANCES COHEN Uniontown, Pennsylvania GENERAL Spanish Club 3, Dramatic Club 4. Tall with brown hair and brown eyes . . . in the Dutch playing bridge . . . 'LWhat are we going to do next weekend?" . . . Rutgers? . . . Here to dear old Delta! . . . Lois aspires to be a fashion co-ordinator in a New York store. PATRICIA ALBRA CRAIG East Norwich, Long Island GENERAL Spanish Club 29 French Club 2g Camera Club 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3g Art Club 2, 33 SKETCH BOOK 2, 33 Fire Proctor 3g Vice-President Sophomore Class, President of .lunior Class. E.P.,s own clown with those big brown eyes and that sense of humor! . . . '4Who am I now?" says Pat . . . yellow convertibles, T. S. Eliot, "I'm In The Mood For Love" and long talks with Ginger . . . likes people and is liked by people. GILDA TYBIL FRIEDEL Lawrence, New York GENERAL g Photography Club 4. Bridge, bridge and more bridge . . . brown hair and green eyes . . . wants to hustle through Europe with her pack of cards . . . "Pretty Eyed Baby" . . . must take pills for that excess energy. 74 W 1 , ll x- CAROL F ROTHINGHAM Princeton, New Jersey GENERAL Camera Club 49 Religious Fellowship 4, French Club, Home Economics 4. Quiet and thoughtful . . . blue eyes and blonde hair . . . 'CI go Pogow . . . likes sailing and swimming . . . hopes to work with children . . . always wearing a cheerful smile . . . friendly and unselfish is Carol. HELEN ANN ROSEMARIE FULGENCY Havana, Cuba GENERAL Glee Club 2, 4g Spanish Club 2g Clothing Club 43 Home Economics 4-g House President 4, Fire Proctor 4. Oklahoma here she comes, with her brown hair, brown eyes, and turned up nose . . . "Didn't I tell you about that, well now listeni' . . . so neat . . . cute figure . . . Punklin's little farm gets closer every day . . . always exhibiting her likeable dis- position. MARY LOUISE FULLER Catasaqua, Pennsylvania GENERAL Cooking Club 3, 45 Sewing Club 3, 4g Edgenotes 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4g Secretary of the Junior Class. Mary Aspires to a novel career . . . a baker . . . and not because of her talent for cooking . . . "Oh, please, don't annoy men . . . vivacious and talented as she sings to her guitar . . . "Smoke that Cigarette" . . . Mary, and her everlasting supply of malt balls. 75 MYRNA GOLDBERG Springfield, Massachusetts Dark hair and dark eyes . . . looks so nice in school and especially for those weekends in Springfield . . . still searching for answers to her innumerable questions . . . "Simma, what's the homework for today?" . . . bridge . . . her fabulous diet to gain weight . . . the sun's always shining on Mert. .lOYCE MERCEDES GONZALES New York, New York GENERAL So attractive! . . . red hair and blue eyes . . . HI can,t wait until Friday" . . . modeling . . . dancing the Mombo . . . still waiting for the phone to ring . . . Oh, that laugh. JO ANN ITTS New York, New York GENERAL Dramatic Club 4. Cute figure, brown hair and brown eyes . . . "How about Brown's Brown?" . . . there must be something to that color . . . famous for bridge hands, eating and laughing . . . Kandy wants to have her own basketball team . . . vibrant personality and more bridge. 76 JEAN KILPATRICK Watertown, New York COLLEGE PREPARATORY French Club 4, clee Club 4. ' Dark hair and eyes . . . 'LThat's just too much!" . . . doing the Charleston with Sally . . . letters to the three muskateers . . . likes clothes, cars, and sports . . . aspires to be a buyer . . . buying Applegates newly published music? MYRNA KOGAN Conocade, Puerto Rico GEN:-:RAL Spanish Club. Dislikes homework . . . likes taking life easy . . . desires to sing in the Met . . always in the Dutch . . . "Study as I do and you'll get places backwards." GEORGENE LEEDER Havana, Cuba GENERAL Sophomore Class President, Religious Fellowship 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. 'gHey ya alll' . . . always talking . . . Yale and Princeton . . . crazy antics . . . partying and Cuba . . . "Hey Gang, l'm teasin' l' . . . wants to be a Phi Gam House Mother does our personable Ginger . . . usually seen under the clock . . . at E.P. of course. 77 GWENDOLYN MARGARET LOWDEN Riverdale, New York GENERAL French Club 4. Cute, pug nose . . . 'cOh, Boy" . . . phone calls . . . found in the Dutch or picking up her bobby pins . . . dislikes jazz . . . buyer for Lord and Taylor and then mar- riage . . . happy future, Gwen. BERYL ANN LUKS Poughkeepsie, New York COLLEGE PREPARATORY Fire Proctor 4g Spanish Club 3, 4. Tall, slender, red hair, blue eyes . . . Burl talks so fast! . . . "That,s the way the ball bounces" . . . swimming and dancing . . . dislikes correctives . . . Senior Smoker or 569 . . . great humor . . . have yet to see that temper that her hair symbolizes . . . always a friend. CYNTHIA ORR Bronxville, New York GENERAL Spanish Club 3, 45 Clothing Club 3. Light hair and brown eyes . . . "Don't matter nonei' . . . Bermuda bells . . . West Point . . . sweet expression . . . always neat . . . hopes to fly jets with Army husband . . . one of our most attractive gals . . . even sweeter disposition. 78 I DIANA' ROBINSON Bronxville, New York GENERAL Dramatics Club 4-3 Varsity Tennis 4. Uur very own attractive Dee . . . always a goodie . . . bursting with personality . . . could make Ethyl Barrymore hang her head in shame . . . that beautiful blonde hair . . . 4'Blue Moon and Channell . . . dislikes Sunday nights and grouchy people. VIRGINIA ROBINSON Great Neck, Long Island COLLEGE PREPARATORY Senior Class President, Representative to the A.A., Boot and Spur Club 3, 4, Secretary 3g Dra- matics Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 35 Varsity Basketball 3, 4. '6Ginger',, our best all round gal . . . star in uSeventeen,' . . . has her own zoo from Hamsters to skunks . . . 'LLOng Agoi' . . . ambition set for Psychology . . . sparkling wit combined with wonderful personality . . . never to be forgotten. SANDRA JANE RUTMAN Westerly, Rhode Island COLLEGE PREPARATORY spanish Club 3, 4g varsity Golf 4. "Hooray, four days ,til Friday!" . . . waiting for mail . . . college and modeling . . . blue velvet shoes . . . Rhode Island accent . . . kitchen in 223 . . . always a friendly "hello" . . . sparkling blue eyes. 79 ANN DOALE Zi. SEELEY Hensonville, New York GENERAL Clothing Club 45 Dramatic Club 4. Red hair, green eyes . . .that fatal combination . . . 'gYou idiots" . . . looking for excitement . . . "Flamin' Mamie" . . . likes natural people . . . her future points towards the sky . . . air line hostess . . . dresses with taste . . . a bright future. MARY ANN SHORT Denton, Maryland GENERAL Clee Club 3g Spanish Club 3, 4g Religious Fellowship 3, 4g Fire Proctor 4g Art Club 23 Golf Club 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Class Secretaryg Junior Class Vice-Presidentg Senior Class Vice-President. Ever so friendly and sweet . . . sincere friend . . . tall, auburn hair and gray eyes . . . "Army Bluei' . . . 6'Hi, There!" . . . in 123 . . . cashing in those racing tickets . . . Hill Billy music . . . good word for all . . . MLois, what am I going to do?" ROSA SPRING Caracas, Venezuela GENERAL Secretary-Treasurer of Spanish Club 45 Fire Proctor 4g Stamp Club 45 Photography Club 3, 4. "Pa los Chinosn . . . interpreter on the United Nations . . . Pochocha speaks six languages . . . dislikes the Hunk list . . . light hair and fascinating eyes . . . collects stamps . . . lucky Venezuela!! 80 ILSE MIRIAM STOLL Forest Hills, New York GENERAL French Club President. Long, long hair and brown eves . . . "Bridge anyone?,' . . . in the Dutch . . likes food . . . that triple momho . aspires to college . . . Jergens Lotion . . . "Did anyone call?" . . . found around Mahopac in the summer . . . with her intelligence, Bunny IS sure to go far. ANN STRASBURGER Neponsit, New York GENERAL Spanish Club 3, 45 Golf Club 3, 43 Ski Clubg Dramatic Club. Brown hair and natural ways . . . intercollegiate weekend-Rutgers and Princeton . . . well groomed . . . good taste in clothes . . . knee socks and cashmeres . . . love of good times . . . mls he the one for me?" BARBARA ROSANNE TROTTA Canaan, Connecticut GENERAL F ranch Club. Short, dark, and always on a diet . . . L'Did you hear? Wait ,til I tell youll' . . . 'cTurnip,, is usually found with her sense of humor in the study hall or the smoker . . . a future in nursing . . . friendly . . . where's Rita? 81 DONNA VALIKOFF Toronto, Canada GENERAL Senior Class Treasurerg Junior Class Treasurerg Sewing Club 3, 43 Spanish Club. "For this l'm paying?,' . . . such a wit . . . dark hair, tall . . . green eyes . . . patriotism that would put Queen Elizabeth to shame . . . sweet smile . . . midnight lamp always burning . . . sincerity . . . found doing as she pleases . . . Donne is one of the best! RUTH WILLIS WELLS Merrick, New York GENERAL Brown hair, blue eyes . . . dislikes liver and noisy people . . . in the Dutch spend- ing money . . . dietician . . . make millions fast . . . cook for people in Paris . . . faithful Long Islander. CHERYL WHITE Roswell, New Mexico GENERAL Attractive smile . . . green eyes and blonde hair . . . "What a riot, you all" . . . noted for the cattle call . . . ice cream and Mary's guitar . . . "Mary, can I all have a sip of your cigarette? . . . sincere bridge enthusiast . . . "Guess I'll never be a Yankee ! " 82 GAY HATHAWAY WILLIAMS Rye, New York GENERAL French Clubg Sewing Clubg Fire Proctor, Sophomore Tre asur erg Junior Secretary. So cute . . . short, light, curly hair and brown eyes . . . "Wake me at five"' . . . Gay is always in the telephone booth . . . Yale and more Yale . . . sweet per sonality, understanding and sincere. CARITA CURTIS YATE State Line, Massachusetts CoLLEcE PREPARATORY French Club, Dramatic Club. Pat is "off like a herd of turtlesln when the bells sound for classes . . . always reading and smoking . . . fresh air fiend . . . knitting . . . future in nursing . . . Lafayette or Brown? . . . rates high in intelligence, bound to succeed. DRUCILLA H. MARSHALL Baltimore, Maryland GENERAL French Club 3g Golf Club 3. "What a sense of humor that gal!" Hopes someday to be a famous artist. Rhapsody in Blue, and weekends in New York. Oh! those canaries! Dru holds all her friend- ships dear. 83 SENIOR CLASS HISTCDRY College Preparatory HE DRIVE up the hill in Sepetmber was a new experience .... Then began the eventful days filled with happy hours .... The Faculty Reception Dance started social activities with the reception line not as long as we had dreaded .... Football games at West Point! . . . Before we realized it Winter and Thanksgiving were here .... The chorus gave a wonderful Thanksgiving service. . . . Time flew by .... We were again sitting in the lobby . . . this time watching the Christmas pageant .... Suddenly, the plague of mid-year exams was upon us- followed by College Boards .... Many nights were spent hiding lights from Student Council ..,. Some of us may go on to college, some to the business world, and some to begin homemaking .... May Day, then graduation .... Class Day, Baccalaureate, the concert. . . . The day of graduation . . . farewells were difficult . . . but the memories gathered throughout the years will always be with us. 84 SENIOR HIGH SCHOCDL CLASS WILL Bette Anapol wills to Jill Marin anything she wants. El Anderson wills her memories, weekends, and eyesight to Babs and Pat. Sally Applegate leaves her pony tail to Joan Eaton. Gladys Bahary wills her height to Sandy Nivling. Janet Bancale leaves a bottle of peroxide to Joan Eaton. Louise Bell leaves to Ginny Hatch those special letters. Anita Bellman wills a can of sardines to Rita Rand. Ann Brunel gives a Yale garter to Nancy Thurston. Lois Cohen leaves for the weekend. Pat Craig leaves her impersonations to any brave Junior. Gilda Friedel leaves a year's supply of cigarettes to Jill Marin. Carol Frothingham wills her quiet ways to Ginny Hatch. Mary Fuller leaves her waiting to Joan Myers. Helen Fulgency wills to Pat McDonough her closet after lights. Mert Goldberg leaves her Delicatessen to any hungry Junior. Joyce Gonzales wills her red hair to any Junior that wants it. Kandy ltts wills to Noel Allen her Phi Kappa Psi pin. Jean Kilpatrick wills her bangs to Diana Jenkin. Ginger Leeder wills her ability to throw parties to Diane Nuzzaco. Gwen Lowclen leaves cheese crackers and salomi to Harriet Garfinkel. Beryl Luks gives her temper to Jan Engstrom. Cynthia Orr wills her car to Babs Blomberg. Yeni Rivera leaves her ability to shake her shoulders and do the Mambo to Milly Worcester. Dee Robinson wills to Barbara Robinson her love of the English. Ginger Robinson wills her uwingsn to Nat Knowles. Sandy Rutman leaves an alarm clock to Joan Wunsch. Ann Seeley leaves English IV to all incoming Seniors. Mary Ann Short gives good ole room 123 to Bobbie Hatch. Rosa Spring gives her tank suit to Caresse Oduber. Bunny Stoll wills her long hair in blonde to Honey Bloom. Ann Strassburger leaves with Lois Cohen. Barbara Trotta leaves her long straight hair to Rita Rand. Donna Valikoil leaves the Macarren Act to ldy Lenares. Ruth Wells wills her Long Island accent to Rita Sue Jaffe. Cheryl White leaves to Nancy Thurston new curlers and scales from 363. Gay Williams leaves her history notes to any suffering Junior. Pat Yates leaves her ability to study to all new Seniors. Lois Carter leaves with a bird call. 85 wg Ci ' N f ,If FJ 1 3 ,N 17 N ,D N , f x , , I x -,Z ff gg - NN f X W A l 1 f 1 , 'v i'g X' 9 QW? 9 I ' 1 5 M Sf fi xy, V xl 41? f fuk Q. k L' gif' VTX 55 WX 7 2 , 5 . , wg I 1 44 f 1 I --v ' S-, 1391 9 P7 T-15557:-ig. 291659 MOST P5 WWA" QDRGNOW P lx7yQUl5'7iVF Bgzvssow gxefzipsow W GO,o'2NA PN ER T 'F:AAf?Q7fRQ7L MO57' PAY ,IP 909 I wen Iwr ' 'A-A CHER37 WHHE ,AT EQRFSWAC glow -fi RAl'G EST .ST EANXEER 'm- BIIQSIHNT N .GUN gimme! GINGEIS PAT was ROBJNSON 7- ATTRACTIVE Q- Gfv Mfyfws UEQJ, M com W0 "V7f"'6fNT 5 ST PMNE Efagq Zxu?BiE5 MTE GRNGE RR LEEDE ?7,f af,, I K Xf f Q if? W ,, ww 3 -fff'N::Ei:: g, Q 455537 ,iEg?z ? May QQST 4 M 2 . LJ! o ' '? QNCFZQ Sf? 'fp 4325 Obfivs Efffw Q. fwfr ON !'21f"VG.A Abe wosr ' Z "V-ve UMOROU5 ggggiggsxg Xxxxxxiiiffffff ' I Z . .55 57' AT Came 00,5 CHHOO! if eww CNY REG FIGU f 1, X3 F EIEN Z? A 17.72057-f UIGENC rf- 'M L! cJAAqbq ' 2, diff 4 ' f' B , 4 wp Pi? ACTRE55 gy X C5705 CRAIG f X HZ- 7- RiENDl1E5T S M0395 ,7 Ruglvby fffgsf 'lngiy ANN MAN ,fIffEA'fVA1gy N X IV o f Hom pos 517' DSRSQN 77 Gjlffgr' 'N 'VF YAOST TED fWJ " Z Gs PM Ns fy? fspxxggblgbe , , PW? ww 'J Atl wi YPyP veg 5 w lgssggrf !,4f' 7? 7' EEE? X f Q 'l'Sl.lll'lIl. Ilxlmua-x I3 ml xr .IU IORS College Preparatory l,mllalsmg: l'1'f-1--l'ramlvfzf. C-KIIOI. ,-Xxx I'l:owsg Sl'l'l'1'lfIl'V. Rus aw ,fXl'l-wil.: 7'f-mrszrr-vf'. Num Tm l:s'mx1 ,'1rlzr1'.wr, Miss Lois Mmzum. 00 till Noel Allen Betty Angus Rosemary Apfel Joan Berke Barbara Blomberg Norma Bloom Nancy Ann Conner Karen Creamer Elsa Daspin Joane Eaton Janet Engstrom Kathryn Frazer Yvelise Geigel Barbara Hatch Virginia Hatch Betsy Hoffman 89 f, Lefz to right, beginning at top row: Rita Sue Jaffe, Diane Jenkins, Simma Katz, ldy Linares, Patricia McDonough, Jill Marin, Joan Myers, Sandra Nivling, Diane Nuzzaco, Carol Ann Proaps, Jennie Rivera, Barbara Robinson, Nancy Thurs- ton, Nan Van de Walker, Laurie Winslow, Mildred Worces- ter, Judy Wunsch. 90 SOPHOMCDRES 8 FRESHMEN College Preparatory PfCSid6IIl, DIANE FOSTERQ Vl'C6-PFGSIIIZGIII, CARMIEN CARDENASQ Secretary, BARBARA LOCK!-1ARTg Treasurer, XVI-lNCPll-I NISSEN-lVIEYERg Advisor, MRS. MARCARFIT TUREK li- 91 fi?:Q??1f Susan Beisheim Carmen Cardenas Rosalie Governale Judith Hansen Natalie Knowles Barbara Lockhart Caresse Oduber Carole Orr Ann Fleischaker Aida Hernandez Mary ,Io Nathans Elaine Platt 92 Diane Foster Betsy Karnel Wenche Nissen-Meyer Dorothy Porges ' I 1 E 'W' Q Sli' S 1 A :LM Aiil filiz. , A " I K i I A - i " i , S ,s , , , A i ' L F S, LLL,.., ,, , V- I - f - -V -21 f , . . A Wits' Q ' V - , . t its I - gag, ffm W Q X .5 ii 2 4' 4.2: ,HW A 9 L f gg , ij X S r Rita Rand Ann Richardson Elaine Sanders Joan Schwartz Carol Sherman Joyce Sherman Madelyne Whitman Mary Torregrossa Martha Trewhella Judith Van Schoick Janet Telfeyan 93 EATURETTES KX .fy .--' N , -1 ' xx , I MII N I gf A I QWXIW I 'j' ' ' " 6 I- -vkkb Q QWQ, ,'--,i I .... -- , "'4, f X .. f I Q I mf I J ,,.-'A Km Q v':E,1" ,, 4. af v xIXXXxgSX an A ' ,ff ak? I W K ,1 1 I . f IIV , -. wwf I' l uvxy iigl Q , ,,A4,,d-J I m V 'Y Z f?l st wx I mp " N' 3 Vw ss S "" 4f" 'f' A X In lf I F S ""I5'I"" s II ff I 1' x Q X' X xxqxvxx I x' 1. , f I II xx Ss I ' 7 I' 5 I X J X S-I I s I ' S - X .W fx M 'm' ' L x x tx ! K V ' X 5, 9 A ND 'v Q Q 5 Ks xg. ACTIVITIES l lIl'PSfllf?llI, Elspeth Caldwell: Vice-I'rcsi1lenf, liarlrara Wilson: Sl'l'ft'fIIV'AV. .loan Shcwringrg Treas- urcr. Peggy Russell: RPIIFCSCHflIfl'1'?'-Ilf-Lllfgf, .Iv-anne liernierg Junior Class Rcprese1imt1'1f4'. .loyce Dohhie: High School Representative, Lois Carter. Advisors: Mrs. Sowell. Mrs. Pownall. and Miss Ric-fl. STUDENT COUNCIL The council. elected hy the Students, is pledged to create a spirit of mutual under- standing and cooperation between the students and the administration as well as to enforce the rules of the school. In an effort to hetter the understanding and observance of rules. the Student Council. this year initiated a Demcrit System. With the almle assistance of their advisors and of the faculty Discipline Committee. the Council has met and tried to solve the many problems of the new system. Annis Singleton. Patricia Egan. Lois Carter. .loan Km-ar, Angela Vitullo. Janet lioslct. Norma Levy. ,le-an Backes. .lanic Engstroin. ,leannc Kramer. Donna Yalikofi. Helen Fulgcncy, Carol llonardi. HOUSE PHESIDENTS Twice a year girls are selected to act as assistants to the Student Council. The Vice-President of Council. with the approval of the Discipline Committee, selects to act as proctors, girls with leadership ability. Their job includes such tasks as check- ing attendance in Assembly Meetings. and maintaining quiet after 'tlights out", All credit to them! 95 FI IKE PHOCTOHS llllS is ai lltlSlllHll of l't'SIlUIISll1llllf. mul mu' in mlm-li tliv girls must lu-vp at lf-wl In-acl in uuy 1-luis-1'gm-livy. ln our prz1c'tic'v Hrs' flrills these l'1'm'tm's must sve tlizit the sluclvuls 1-lust' llll'lI' rmuu uuuluws. lmvv on uarui vlulliing. uufl lt'2lfl llll'll' SIJL't'lill gruups to tlwir :lf-sigmitf-cl firv stations. llpmm urrixiug: at tllt' Firv Sllllltllli they vlwvk lu sm' that me-rwnlc is llt'f'UlllllPil fur. Witll lliftsv l'rm-tors. we liuw' mrlliiug to lvurll l'rf'x1'4lz'11f, Allglvlrv Yilulloz l'ir'c1-l'r0s1'1lfv1l. .l2iIlt' Sullivan: Sl'!'l'l'1lIfAV. Cloriunla Pzirliult-: Trvrlszzrvr, Nlul'1-vlt-luv llarelinvllu. tVllClrltIHANDISINtl CLUB 'l'l1v NlCl't'llilIlCllSlIlQI Clulv. uucler the guiclam-P of Miss Christy and Miss tl.AlIll1I'0Sl. aims tn slimulzitv inlvrvst in tho rvlail fivlcl. 'l'lw first lIIlll9l'llllilllQI was svlliugr mwvl- livs in lliv clatc rmnn: fulluwvcl lmy Ll Salt- of unusual Christmas gift itoms. Svwral lasliion slums wvrc prvscntvcl whit-h l:f'illlll'l'Cl 4-lothes from Jam- l':llslt'l'S. the- lVlart-vlvnc Shop. aml l,uurif-c Kt'5lI1lIlllS. The annual "'l'urk0y Trot" provvd a great stu-wvss. IIllPI'4'SllllgI spvztktws zlufl field ll'lIlS vmuplvtvfl our M011-liarifllslrig fl'ilI'. 90 President, Marilyn Marsllallg Vice-Presifler1t, Nancy Hemlslromg Serretary, Ruth Knowles and Treasurer, Mary Garrett. THE KINDERGARTEN CLUB The Kindergarten Club. with Mrs. Oakes as advisor. held meetings twice a month. The selling of personalized stationery, Christmas eorsages and stuffed dolls kept the club busy. A social tea was held to exhibit some of the achievements. The highlight of the year was the party given for the children of a neighboring orphanage. l'res1'dent, Ellen Lindsayg Vice-President, Evelyn Stellag Secretary, Lois Carterg Treasurer, Carol Othoteg Committee Chairman, ,lean Backes. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club with Dr. Rogers, as Advisor, ofhcially started its 1952 season with the installation of officers. They have Cake and Cookie Sales throughout the year. Picnics, parties and dinners are given for other clubs and com- mittees in the school. Christmas baskets and Thanksgiving dinners are made up for the more unfortunate people in Ossining. A good club to belong to. You'll never go hungry! 97 l'rcs1'111'l1t, liilfllklfil 0'flonn0r: lffife'-l'resir1e'r11. .lam-l lloslelg Sc'r'l'e!ury-Trerixlzrer. Angela Yitullo. THE THIMBLE, NEEDLE AND THREAD Thv Thimble. lNe0dle. and Thread Clulm is a sewing clulm vomposefl of a group ol girls uf-live and interested in sewing. The rlulv. uclvisecl hy Miss Bowman. lllilliei arlim-los to sell and the profits are used for charitable purposes and for their annual tlinner. l'r1'si1lf'nf, Carol Honanli: l",f!'P-l,fC'Si1lf'IIf. .lo Perrivl': SUFIAIFIIIV-V. ,lean lNlc'Alnl1'4-vvs: Tl'l'!IYI1ft'l'. liilrllllfil 0'fIonnor. THE ARTS CLUB The Arts Club. a combination of the Costume Design. Interior Decoration. and Fine Arts Departments, contributes artistix-ally to the school. Advisors to the elulv are lVIrs. Wolfe, Miss Smith. and Miss Dehoney. Nleetings are held every other Thurs- day night at which time plans are clisvussed for future projects. sueh as sponsoring: movies and making posters for school ac-tivities. The Yearis Work closed with fare- well banquet given to the Seniors hy the Juniors. 98 Presizlcnt, Bunny Stollg Vice-President, Winche Nissen-Meycrg Secrelrzry, Barbara Lockhart. FRENCH CLUB The French Club. with lVliss Brandt as advisor. Jrovides an excellent o 1 iortunitv , ., 1 I H U . for students to congregate and further develop their common interest. Excursions are planned to see French movies in New York as well as movies shown in our school. The club plans informal 'Lge-t togethersw where the members sing French songs. listen to French recordinfrs. or discuss current events and international relations with France. C , President, Caroline Baez: Vice-Presiflent, Maria Pacheco, Secretary-Treasurer. Rosa Spring. SPANISH CLUB With the purpose to lJI'0ll10tC a better feeling and understanding among the Americas, the Spanish Club, with Miss Graves as advisor, conducted discussions on the historical, social, and cultural background of the Spanish Speaking Countries. This year, they sponsored three movies, "Wheels Over the Andes", Wings Over Mexico and Guatemalan, and a picture about the Rubber lndustry in Central America. Besides this, in April, the club gave its annual Pan-American Tea. 99 I 'Wafer I I: ' 1- ililsiv f nl ' me sf l'res1'r1enf, Peggy Russellg Vice-Presiflenf. Catherine Cedroncg Secretary, ,Ieanne Ilernierg Treas- urer. Katherine lJ'Luhoscli. MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Becoming an assistant to a doctor. or working in a laboratory are the desires of the girls in the Medical Association. Under the direction of Miss McGuire, the Medi- rallle to lmuild up its treasury. This money went into picnics. parties, the hanquet. cal Association sponsored the 'Silver Star Dancei' at Christmas. The cluh held a and "our" gift to the school. In June. each girl is capped. and wears the pin of the Medical Assistants. Pff'S1-119111, Gretchen Schaffer: Vice-Presirlerzt, Arlene Welshg Serremry, Janice Cowang Treasurer, Kalhcrinn- Dooros. THE SECRETARIAL CLUB The purpose of the Cluh is to develop characteristics that will carry over into the husiness world. The Club strives to promote leadership, responsibility, and initia- tive. Programs were given stressing good grooming, job applications. and proper orlice procedure. The Secretarial Cluh also sponsored social activitiesg such as a Get- Acquainted Tea, Christmas Party, Valentine Dance, and Spring Banquet. Miss Pene- lope Veras, Miss Lois Mohley, and Miss Gloria Steckler were Advisors to the Club. 100 President, Caroline Bas-zg Serremry-Treasurer, Lorraine Sofia. LENS AND SHUTTER CLUB The Lens and Shutter Cluh, under the guidance of Mr. Goss, has as its purpose to give those girls who like photography a chance to work with others sharing their interest in the schoolis well-equipped darkroom. They supplied good snap shots for the year hook. Prvsizlent, Sally McCal1illg Vive-Presirlenl, Nancie Longmang Treasurer, Jane Sullivan. THE DHAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club, with Mrs. Clark as advisor. began the year with the election of officers. A raffle gave them a head start on their finances. Then came their ulittlev Biggest Show on Earth, Seventeen. The Cast: Willie, Ginger Robinsong Lola, Sally lVlcCahillg Jane, Sally Applegateg May, Diana Rohinsong and Johnny, Jean Bernier. They had the luck of the lrish with them for their St. Patrick's Day Dance. The dramatic year closed with the Taming of the Shrew, making it a great season with a long runl 101 I'resirIcnt, Christine Albrecht: Secretary, Mary Ann Shorty Treasurer, Lois Carlcr. RELIGIOUS FELLOWSHIP 'lihe purpose of the Religious Fellowship Group, under the guidance of Mrs. Houser. is to unite the faiths in understanding. It helps many of the girls to have a liroader outlook on religions of the world. Throughout the year, the group has lveen active in many things. They even published a newspaper, gave aid to various organizations, and two Sundays a month. one of the girls in the club led a Vesper Service. President. Ross-mar' Mc-Lauffhlin' Vice-President, Barbara Verwerg Sewretarv-Treaszzrzfr. Winifred v - y :tl , - . y - 1- - v llw cr' .SEIIIOT RPIft'Sl'HflIf1l'P, ,Ioan .lunkerg junior Reiresentutnfc ba Williamson: Hiffh .School Y v . . ' e z- Represvrilatwe, Lmger Robinson. THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association, with Miss Ried as advisor, endeavors to promote sports for all students by encouraging them to try to win their letters. The large E is awarded for 150 points or more and these points must be earned in activities other than the required sports classes. On Halloween, the Athletic Association sponsored a Carnival to earn money to help pay for the Athletic letters, cups and plates, trips made by the teams, and new equipment which might be needed. 102 Presirlenr, Marilyn Marshallg Vice-President, Angela Vitullog Secretary-Trellsurvr, Peggy Russellg Librzzrirnz. Mary Carreltg Wrlrrlrobe Mistres.ses, Caroline Baez. Joan Junker. CHORAL CLUB The singing that is heard coming from the Chapel every Tuesday and Wediiesday afternoons is the Choral Club practicing. Miss Mead is the director of the group which sings at the Thanksgiving service, the Christmas Pageant. and gives the Com- mencement Concert. lllembers: Ann Loppacker, Sally Mcflaliill. Jane Ann Lewis. Eleanor Anflcrson. Janet lloslet. ,lurlilli Yan Scliiock. Diane Foster. THE ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE The Entertainment Committee was new to Edgewood this year. With Mrs. Turick as our advisor, and Sally McCahill as our Committee Chairman, we had a successful program of Mthings to do." Parties and games were on the agenda to make the week- encls enjoyable for those who stayed at Edgewood. There were meetings held to discuss hetter school relations, and topics of general interest. 103 KET H BOOK EDITQRIAL E WILL never forget the hectic nights and the countless afternoons pounding typewriters, thinking of ideas, writing, rejecting, cutting, drawing, pasting, and the inevitable deadline! Even though at times we thought our brains would wear out, we plugged on and on and here is the result. We want to thank the Advisors, Mrs. Steele and Miss Christy, for their devoted co-operation and unselfish assistance at all times. Without this guidance we would never have published the hit yearbook of the season. 104- KETCH BOGK STAFF Editor Ass't Editor Art Editor Ass,t Art Editor Literary Editor Ass't Literary Editor Advertising Editor Ass't Advertising Editor Business Manager Assat Business Manager Layout Editor Photography Editor Ass't Photography Editor Advisors: Joan Shewring Joan Junker Jean McAndrews Janet Boslet Nancie Longman Eleanor Anderson Ellen Furst Sally McCahill Jane Ann Lewis Gretchen Schaeffer Josephine Perrier Pat King Helen Martin Miss F. Christy, Mrs. K. K. Steele ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Art Work: Rosemary McLoughlin, p. 91, Jean Hansen, pp. 57, 883 Judy Cohen p 3 Janet Boslet, pp. 50, 51, 62, 853 Jean McAndrews, pp. 12, 49, 83, 84 Literary Assistance and Photographic Assistance: Carol Bonardi, Ginger Robinson Doris Kirkendall, Pat Crowley, and Barbara Wilson. 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Oyer and Mrs. Theodore Sofia and Mrs. Albert J. Bodnar and Mrs. Simon Martin Rodger O. Backes and Mrs. C. Reynolds Nickerson and Mrs. Frank O'Connor Mrs. Lorraine de Arismendi 114- Mrs. Fred C. Kirkendall Mr. Salvatore Rizza A Friend Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. McCahill Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dexter Proaps Mrs. Paul Chace Dr. and Mrs. Sam D. Mount James W. Fuller Mr. Carl W. Trewhella Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M1'. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bell . Henry I. Jaffe Antonio A. Batarse Philip K. Barker Mark S. Eaton Mory H. Cartoon Bader Bakery Mrs. Henry F. Richardson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Stoll Mr. and Mrs. D. F.. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Leach Mrs. Carl Levy Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Emsig Dr. Walter M. Furst Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hickey Mrs. Loretta V. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Vanaman Mr. James Dooros Mrs. James C. Kilpatrick Mr. and Mrs. George Verwer Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Shewring Mr. and Mrs. John R. Renoe Mrs. Harriett Heaser Sowell Dr. J. Harry Pickle, J1'. Marvin E. Singleton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Torregrossa Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Leisure Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pidgeon Mrs. Max Goldberg R. G. Emrick, Sr. R. A. Waugh Mrs. Louis Trotta Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Engstrom Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Watson William A. Frazer Mr. and Mrs. A. Governale Mr. and Mrs. William C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bonardi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Creamer Mr. H. C. Robinson F. J. Schnaider 115 EDHEWUIIII PARK WISHES THE "SKETCH BOOK" success and PROSPERITY Compliments BRIARCLIFF MANOR PHARMACY of the Joseph C. Di Perna, PH.C-., Pl-l.C. HOME ECONOMICS stare Road Briarcliff Manor, N. Y CLUB Phone: Briarcliff 6-1674 EDlTH'S SPECIALTY SHOP Greeting Cards 81 Yarns Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. 6-2087 BRIARCLIFF 6-2189 MANOR VALET A. J. CIOPPA, Proprietor CLEANERS - DYERS - TAILORS Fur Storage, Garment Storage, Rug Cleaning Pick-up and Delivery Service PLEASANTVILLE ROAD BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N. Y. F. J. Cavanaugh R. C. WILLIAMS Cr COMPANY, INC. NEW YORK, N. Y. DISTRIBUTORS OF Royal Scarlet Fine Foods Compliments of FALK'S The Quality Store Since I839 I59 Main St. Ossining, N. Y. Compliments of a FRIEND Ossining 2-1182 KlPP'S LUNCHEONETTE "Where the Elite Meet" FRED GRAHAM I55 Main Street Ossining, N. Y. Serving This Communify for more fhan Ninefy-Nine Years Compliments of THE BANK FOR SAVINGS OSSINING New York Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Telephone: Ossining 2-3800 WILLIAM I. YATES REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 15 CROTON AVE. Ossininq, N. Y. HOTEL OSSINING Fountain 8. Coffee Shop Main Street Ossining, New York Compliments of THE 1896 HOUSE Williamstown, Mass. Packers of "Turkey Villeroy" and other Fine Frozen Food Specialties VILLAGE PHARMACY CILETTI 6' ERTELLI, INC. 89 CROTON AVENUE OSSINING, N. Y Phone: Ossining 403 JAMES J. BIRRITELLA CRElGHTON'S GARAGE Bus, Briarcliff 6-2204 State Road Res. Tarrytown 4-3322 Briarcliff Manor Compliments of BRIARCLIFF STATIONERY PLEASANTVILLE RD. BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N. Y. NATHAN SCHWEITZER 8. CO., INC. Poultry - Meat - Game 509 W. 16th Street New York City Telephone: Chelsea 3-3900 Compliments of RAYBlN'S BOOTERY Compliments of GRIFFIN S. HILLIKER Compliments of BEN'S STATIONERY BENTLEY G' SIMON, INC. 7 West 36th St., New York 18, N. Y. Manufacturers of CHOIR GOWNS, PULPIT ROBES CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS for All Degrees Outfitter to over 3,000 Schools, Colleges and Churches OSSINING PLATE GLASS CO. Gloss For All Purposes Glass for Furniture Tops, Mirrors Re-Silvered Shatferproof Auto Glass A Specialty H. WOOLF I09 MAIN STREET Ossining, New York FRAN-MAR RESTAURANT Roosevelt Square Ossining, N. Y. Telephone: 2-3058 Serving Lunch T2 to 2 P.M. Dinner 5 to 9 P.M. A lu Carte At All Times White Plains 9-4900 DUVERNOY-WESTCHESTER CORP. 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Member Federc1I Deposit Insurance Corp Compliments of THE DUTCH TEA ROOM EDWARD THAYER MONROE 5111 Official Photographer for l95l Sketch Book fn--4lG95!G'Dl'--11' 68 Hartsdale Avenue. Hartsdale. N. Y. Telephone: White Plains 9-4308 Compliments of A FRIEND MARCELENE SHOP 3 N. Main Street Port Chester, N. Y. BORDEN'S-A name that has always been a guarantee of quality Milk and Dairy Products. Compliments of JULES WEBER, INC. 523 West 42ncl Street New York 36, N. Y. Compliments of KINDERGARTEN CLUB Compliments of MERCHANDISING CLUB Compliments of SECRETARIAL CLUB Compliments of the ART CLUB Complimenis of fhe CULTURAL and PRACTICAL ARTS SENIOR CLASS , Com l'ments Complnments p l of the of MEDICAL ASSISTANTS DRAMATIC CLUB ASSQCIATIQN Compliments Complimenfs of of Thread Needle Th' 'mble BOOT and sPuR CLUB Club Compliments ofthe SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CLASS Complimenfs of FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE CLASSES of HIGH SCHOOL Complimenfs of fhe JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CLASS Complimenls of FRENCH 81 SPANISH CLUBS WESTCHESTER COACH COMPANY, INC. Ossining, New York Buses available for charter trips Telephone: Ossining 2-2300 Compliments of ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LAURICE KEYLOUN 297 Main Sfreef White Plains, N. Y. Best Wishes from Laurice 81 Pauline Keyloun Cusfom Dress Shop While Plains 8-6292 Complimenfs of ihe STUDENTS of EDGEWOOD PARK Compliments ot ESQUIRE MOTORS INC. 2182 Fairfield Ave. Compliments of SMITH-MILLER CO. PORT CHESTER, N. Y. 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"America's Largest Florist" Telephone Ossining 2-4700 The Finest Repairs On All Portable 8. Standard Typewriters CAPITOL TYPEWRITER 8. FURNITURE CO. 104 East Post Road White Plains, N. Y. Telephone W. P. 9-9744 W. P. 8-1495 o furniture 0 office supplies We Sell and Rent Adding Machines 8. Typewriters THOMSON'S ART STORE 171-173 Grand Street White Plains, N. Y. Tel.: Wh 9-4885 Tor Over a Century jewelers and Stationers ....TO MANY OF THE LEADING COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS IN THE EAST Class rings, pins and em- blems, prizes and trophies for scholastic awards and for athletic competitions. Quality and Service at Reasonable Prices I.E. CALDWELL Se CU. CHESTNUT AND ,IUNIPER STREETS PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone Briarcliff l270 H EN RY'S TAXI Scarborough, N. Y. 7 A. M. to 12 Midnight Compliments of BERGER'S AUTO ACCESSORIES Otto H. Berger, Prop. 433-437 Commerce Street Hawthorne, New York Phone: Pleasantville 2-3332 THE BERGER HARDWARE CO., INC. General Electric Appliances - Kitchens - Television Hawthorne, New York Phone: Pleasantville 2-2400 BUDDY'S MARKET Fruit Baskets FROZEN FOOD LOCKER PLANT Complete Frozen Locker Service Lumber - Building Materials Painters' Products ' Paint - Fuels Feeds ' Agricultural Chemicals YOUNG G' HALSTEAD CO. Tel' 2-0999 OSSINING East Main St., Mt. Kisco, New York Telephone MOunt Kisco 6-4104 MAGEE'S Service Station 6 Bus Service COMPLIMENT5 Route 100 of the Briarcliff Manor, New York Phones: KINDERGARTEN cLuB Garage: 6-9873 Res: 6-2874 ...L-

Suggestions in the Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY) collection:

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