Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY)

 - Class of 1951

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Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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WWW r r 1 , I THE SKETCH BOOK EDGEWOOD PARK BRIARCLIFF MANOR NEW YORK TU NE CEDE MALIS, SED CONTRA AUDENTIOR ITO. VERGIL 'Q X l X X 4 x f ,102 ' ' ' V X f'0nN 1 wf HW g N KW Q 1 1 Z N ' 5 N S ew , ff X - fx , .bv X 5 A I 'P X t XI t x lv r ,o,1 In ' -X UlllllH!n 1," I 1 he aisle f 'iimqwwldni r v 'N 'gf ' ,I ggfltei-Sg ijjejiiifg Weezer' ., me . N gm wx. if 'iv 1 Ein e x X w .1 Sz, kffrji ffegba-"" s6" ' 4? ' ll -Wh, ,,wf:.ffff' ,Q gi A N Lggiii? e ' ye 'f ls Y W" l ' 1 lX ,, f Q :QQ 41414 , X ,sixqy f c ' N K 1 fu 'QQEEANWNNW - get g if . fi- A if f he N ' V ,, NW 541555 1 vi X 3 xii, an giftmm UW NWQM v 'III eases f ' 1 ? -41 ' if N ,.- jj ,V 'gi :E ii' Iss' ' ' f 'glafv Wigs 'Q 111 'g gi ii! il ' is 'f""1- pw- ,willllh , R it N ' vl"' l, i at e, , J-gifggwiiimxwinm Ml Q' A e- ' l V Q' Q: 5' 2' SVI lih N A 1 ff: if - XXX A f lk wap, X ,Eh . -mWy,.2f:,eg.,t ::: 555 -ga. f in - 5 f , i e i V x i Milli 4 I i Shan x Q .Q . . 1052 6 , 5 - f Y .i fl gl ,N ii V I 'I n ,jx it l 1 32,10 V V pmllilllliall All PM f he D if ff me-""::.-:-:-,'gQT-'-'fiiii Z ml? ' Wil" 1 'i ' - f ' l '1 t ZMAf ' Once upon a time, high on a windy hill, Peter Pan visited 'i 1 i ' liihll - 'I ii ' a group of children - children thinking only of play and l l , I ' -' i ' ' A 'J' A . :F-Fi? " " X i- .- 2 games-children who never, never wanted to grow olcl-- 'F ll il 3 li 'i h 11 x ' H' Il' KV-Ziff" W CH3. atonce-- If 'll V f-f i I ly7v'7i'l I 1 1. ' i mem f ir ' , P TNR 1.11, ' - . -K-A ' ' ' " I.: hz f fe., W ,., 'kv f , - J 9-' Ar ,Q-"EF 46 " 5 fe . Q Q5 A K! X , T N x , rj K U I x X x fx 5 "1 X1 X 2 f X vi, f ,U j A ,qx I, T E X f , wa- ' X ,1 ,cf 'A x AX- 'A j X. ' ,I , ,f is AX 'Q x ' N , ,f x if 5 K r ug X ! X . L 'W M U 90 ' 'f u 11 WQ9. x ' I Imll f gf? " ly , f -if 11 , 13135 ix W X '- "Cr?kx :sk V ' I E iff 5' ,fy 1- 1 f V4 - ' H , Wm ' "'l"l PT AIMIIMJE wmv i K5 K 4 .f NJ..f1,y:2,Ei Lzhfgyqe- ' my ,, I, f mf f - I i is .L : X A im 'm y Bi 1 X' ,fy X! f'II ' I' N A J f ' 525' I91u'!'f .' , .ff 5 bfi 'NM 'X A ,Z gf . A , Foreword ENDY has left the Land of the Lost Children. The great glass windows have closed behind her, but the door to the nursery will open into a brand new world, with brand new adventures, for it is time to grow up at last. In many ways, our desires are patterned after hers, for we were eager to play at adulthood and anxious to reach it. Yet, as we look back, we are more inclined to be as Peter Pan. We wish that we could remain in our childhood forever, having a new adverture every day, every hour, every moment, as our imaginations guide us. We have known pirates who were chased by Indians, Indians who were stalked by wild and ferocious animals. We have seen it all, and we have been part of it all. We have had wonderful "Nanas" who have cared for us, watched over us, we have even learned to Hy. Nothing has been denied us, for we are the greatest wonder of the world, we are the children. 1 We have had incomparable adventures which we will never experience again, but now we are to step into the most wonderful, most exciting, most inspiring adventure of all-the adventure of life. The memories of our experiences in the Land of the Lost Children will remain with all of us. In time, with some they will gradually fade, as we become concerned with the seriousness of the tasks which we are about, Peter Pan will fly into our rooms less and less often. Yet, others of us will never forget when it is time to return for a while and see that the spring cleaning is done, that noses are wiped, and that trousers are mended. And as time goes on and we are no longer able to make the long journey our- selves, Wendy, our children, and our childrens children will follow the same path in our places, with Peter Pan at their sides. It is they who will refresh our minds and renew our memories. Through them we will become the possessors of the greatest power of all-- the power of never growing old. V Dedication N behalf of the 1951 graduating classes we wish to express our deepest appreciation to MR. AND MRS. WALTER POWNALL for their unfaltering efforts to make our life at Edgewood Park run smoothly and harmoniously: to Mrs. Pownall for her unfailing patience and beneficial guidance as our Social Directress, to Mr. Pownall for his tireless vigil over our comforts and conveniences. We gratefully dedicate this yearbook to them and we will never forget their friendly assistance throughout our years of preparation for the unlimited experiences which lie ahead of us. " l ,.,-I ,,J X 1 ffl" -, ,, ' ' wlgnifii. , -descended a band of skillful and ferocious pirates, who inter- 5 l glllil X I , rupted those happy dreams of carefree play, limited their time ll I l I , for gleeful games and introduced the burdensome yet worth- ,mf ww lm i ty ,s A J while tasks of life. L fl ll' 1 .. V -mln!-Innings' WW X 1 1 f-ff' 2 "'fI'i7li 2 ' ,.ff"" I-I W W - HW' I umm I Q. ---I!--f . f , mfr' VW' 7q,z': 7'WW - 7 W an an an x-zmt x xvigg i ,il HA? V V UW I V ' 1 l nl 'X X M Eg ' L E' X A , 4 Z' --rf:-fa 1- ' . If ' . " ' L- 0 1 3' BU A U' 90 ll i I 'A Li fl q if I lv "FA X rg 1 ,Q "I I, Q! I ' , R l ff J : f f, T f:f'.'-uv J1QgiE!Ff1.1a gg, ., ,I : rl E f. -ff .25 '22 Z JM mwfmw S I , OSCAR N. BARBER, Director of Bitxirzeff Aiimiiiiftratioii AGNES REASER WALLACE, Member of Aiimiriiftratiife Committee SHANNON C. WALLACE, Secretary-Treamrer HARRIETT REASER SOWELL, Prefiaeaz af Boaral of T rafteef EDWARD DELANEY WALTER POWNALL Bursar Director of Maintenance 8 EDNA MANTHORP MECLETA ZIEBACH, Principal of ELAINE D. POWNALL College Preparatory Dioiyioii NORMA CARLSON Social Direczreffef ALICE BILLINGS, Guidance Coiimellor LILLIAN H. HART Academic Dean 9 FLORENCE A. MILLIKEN IRENE E. REID ARTHUR M. Goss Health and Phyxical Phyfical Education Golf T Education RUTH BARBER Secretarial Science 6 Secretary to the Academic Dean fnor picruredp HELEN M. CROCKER M d' l S ' BERNARDINE MCCRUDDEN e ml Meme Secretarial Science EILEEN MCGUIRE MARIE THERESE MARSH RUTH JAMES X-Ray 6 Laboratory Technique French Secretarial Science 6 VELMA HUNTLEY MARTHA MARNA GRAvEs Secretary to the Academic Dean Science Spanifh BERNADETTE FITZGERALD BERTHA A. BAY LOUISE WAGNER Secretarial Science Medical Secretarial French, Spanifh 10 CHARLOTTE ROGERS Horne Economic! MABEL POLK Fine Art! Crxot picruredj DONNA A. DURIN Coftarne Dexign HELEN THWAITES Fine Arif JEAN F. HAYS Interior Decoration LILLIAN R. ELLIS Psychology OTTO HOUSER Chaplain, Social Stnclief MARGARET O'BRIEN Kindergarten, Primary Eclncation JULIA D'AMBROSI GRANT SMITH Organ, Piano ELIZABETH M. MEAD Mnyic KARLENE K. STEELE Englifh MARION CLARK Speech Arif ETHEL HOUSER Merchanclixing Englifh HELEN L. BOWMAN BETH VAN ETTEN Clothing Englifh FRANCES CHRISTY MARY VIRGINIA BOWMAN Merchanclifing Englifh 11 LUCY M. EVELETH KATHERINE MCCONE ANN WOLF Librarian WINNIFRED HASSELBAUER Poft Oyjice Secretarief to the Barxar GRACE HALPIN Book Store DOROTHY B. GREIG, R.N., C.M.B. OLIVE B. BERGLUND, R.N. MAE RENNING Telephone Operator MARGARET WARNER Telephone Operator GWEN WORTHINGTON Telephone Operator CNot pictured? HELEN MARKS Dietitian THERESA O,BRIEN H ouye Regent 12 Y1 ' W Y 'xxx tm fi , if X 'J AEP EX XA, Z' 'li pp T? sr XX ,N K at M24 i ANA A EE A Q Q X Q xx Q 9 f . X 5 X Q ALICE ANNE T ERRY, Prerzdenr A A DORETTE HORSTMANN, Vice-Premienz fy XX X ' JEAN ECKLES, Secretary Nw 5 Xp 1 DAPHNE TENNY, Trearwer -A A A A Miss IRENE E. RIED, Arivifof Nuwwj '86 f X A 'H N5 X I' AAEE SENIORS r r 52 it CULTURAL AND V i w X r A p A 'E E X PRACTICAL ARTS tlfiipirfwpffirw X . 5 NA xxgugd Xi , X if gt,,,N-Y A W x A' X A J ' A' 4 f E s ei? E , X V , 1 -. - E Alf QQ, 'NJA 'A Q X E NNXYXN A the-j x 'E X Q i X ,KS -QL'W I-- me ,Q K ,ifff The eldest group seemed to possess a power-perhaps a power of magic, perhaps a power of skill-they worked hard and some were quite clever-it was said they could do most anything- "Annie" SECRETARIAL ANN ADAMS Scarsdale, New York S ecre tarial Club I, II. A quiet mind is richer than a crown . .. "Annie" has a knack for commercial law . . . a love for classical music and reading "This Side of Innocence" . . . will eat anything but liver . . . likes to dance to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' . . . most any college is fun for a weekend . . . a full and happy life. "Pere" MEDICAL MARILYN ANDERSON Queens Village, New York Medical Association I, II, Riding Club Ig Ski Club I, House President. I think, therefore I am . . . "Pete" likes parties, sleep and food . . . but there is a serious side to her nature which commands respect . . . "Sinclair Lewis", "Song of Norway" and "Doris Day" are all good ways to spend spare time . . . that must be spent until October 1953, when "Pete" tells us those wedding bells are going to ring . . . good luck. 14 "Bandana" GENERAL BLANDINA BABCOCK Glenview, Kentucky Editor of SKETCH BOOK, Glee Club II, Athletic Council Vice-President I, President Ilg Laureate Stalfg 'Varsity Tennis, Captain I, II, Varsity Basketball I, Co-captain II, Boot and Spur I, II, Ski Club, Vice-President IIg Religious Club IIg Life Saving Patrol II, Fire Proctor II, French Club I, II. Frankness coupled with sincerity identify her radiant personality, out- standing indeed . . . "Bandana's" horses take the prize at every show . . . "Bambi" and "National Velvet" rate the top of her movie list, and "Harvey" heads her theater likes . . . with her loveable personality she cannot help being happy and making others happy. r "Barb" GENERAL BARBARA BAKER Baltimore, Maryland spanish Club 1. The warmth of her genial courtesy, the calm of self reliance . . . men are a highly favored subject, but V.M.I. occupies a majority of time and thought . . . those favorite songs, "Oh johnny" and "Again" Tony Martin singing . . . Monday mornings and tests are awful . . . loves badminton and basketball . . . nice bridge game . . . "If I could only learn to cook." 15 "Betty" MERCHANDISING ELIZABETH BANGE Ossining, New York Merchandising Club I, II, Sewing Club II. Her stature and bright completeness set us in humble praise . . . "All My Loven, "Some Enchanted Evening" at West Point, "An American Tragedyn, are greatly favored among others, blue eyes, dancing, fashion shows and Ezio Pinza . . . dislikes false people, exams and rainy days . . . hopes to work in retailing store or maybe to travel. "Nance" SECRETARIAL NANCY BASSETT Southington, Connecticut Fire,Proctor IIg SKETCH BOOK, Business Manager II, Junior Class Treasurer, Secretarial Club I, II, Secretary I. The final and perfect flower of noble character . . . "No Other Love" but Cornell University . . . dislikes the distance between Briarcliff and Ithaca and empty mailboxes . . . strangely fascinated by pink convertibles . . . loves Doris Day, swimming, W. Somerset Maugham, "My Foolish Heart" and last but not least, "Tommy" . . . knits argyles . . . wants to get her degree and then . . .? 16 "Ben" MEDICAL BETSY BOWERS Briarcliff Manor, New York Medical Assistant I, ll. She leaves behind the lingering essence of companionship. . . always smiling, "Bets" enjoys any good movie or play . . . minor surgery is her favorite subject . . . likes basketball . . . she should, for she's had an excellent coach . . . dancing, and good music . . . she's not too little to find success and happiness in this big world. "Renee" MERCHANDISING RENEE BROWN Q New York City, New York Boot and Spur I, Ilg Editor of Laureateg Merchandising Club I, Ilg Parapsychology Club I. Her diligence is the secret of her success . . . never see her here on many weekends . . . wonder where she goes? . . . enjoys her riding classes . . . that natural curly hair, the envy of us all . . . "Gone With The Wind" . . . reading and writing are hobbies . . . loathes that "no mail todayu sign . . . would like to continue school in New York. 17 "Janie" MERCHANDISING JANE BURROWS Birmingham, Michigan Camera Club IIQ Glee Club I, II, Merchandising Club I, II, Boot and Spur I. She is a maker of music, she is a dreamer of dreams . . . Kurt and "Janie" . . . we can't think of one without the other . . . she couldn't be happier . . . dancing to "Penthouse Serenade' on a Yale weekend . . . loves a gay party. . . admires the quality of naturalness . . . the poems of John Keats . . . "Lees play bridge' . . . those phone calls . . . her ring . . . very soon, all those dreams will come true. "Vee" INTERIOR DECORATION VILMA BURSNICK Simpson, Pennsylvania Glee Club I, II, Edgenotes Ilg Sewing Club II, Interior Decorating Club I, II. Her modest answer and grateful air, show her wise and good as she is fair . . . teases all the time . . . dancing to "Stardust" sung by Frankie Laine would satisfy her beyond words . . . vast collection of foreign dolls . . . likes golf class . . . knits all the time . . . her ability in her major assures her success in the future. 18 "Mare" KINDERGARTEN MARY CHAPMAN Broadalbin, New York Kindergarten Club I, II, Student Council Vice-President II, House President I. There's no word to say of her, whose deeds will never be forgotten . . . she is truly our friend . . . parties, horseback riding, just a walk . . . Pratt is preference in weekend jaunts . . . Yale or M.I.T .... Perry Como, "Night and Day", Edgar Allen Poe, "Walk Softly Stranger" . . . tennis and golf in athletics . . . knitting . . . wants to teach school or head for the altar. "Skip" MERCHANDISING BETTY LEE CHURCH New Britain, Connecticut Glee Club II, Merchandising Club I, II, Sewing Club II. 'Tis well to be merry and wise, 'tis well to be honest and true . . . home- work is a problem . . . but football games and Notre Dame make up for it . . . Tony Martin and "Sentimental Me" . . . Lloyd Douglas, "The Black Rose", "Our Very Own" . . . enjoys sewing and knitting as a hobby . . . wants to travel, but marriage and four children have more appeal. 19 "Mary Ellen" MEDICAL MARY ELLEN CONDON Yonkers, New York Medical Association I, Hg House President I, Fire Proctor II, Life Saving Patrol Il. Something attempted, something done . . . has earned a night's repose . . . beautiful with her beauty . . . petite and brown-eyed "Mary Ellenn . . . liked "Keys of the Kingdom" and "Mr. Robertsu . . . 'Tm Falling In Love With Someonev . . . wonder who? . . . ears all the time, but never gains a pound . . . dancing and picnics are favored pastimes . . . A. Cronin . . . and she will remain healthy, wealthy, and wise. "Corky" SECRETARIAL JOAN CORCORAN Rochester, New York S ecfe tarial Club 1, Ilg Varsity Basketball 1. From some inner fire of living come the sparks of her imagination . . . spends any of those scarce free moments sleeping . . . our slumber gal, has f trouble conveying her thoughts early in the morning . . . likes music . . . "Because", Billy Eckstine sends her . . is partial to Cornell and all sports connected thereof. X Ny if VV ff kr it . JRE t ' 'Cf s M l iM 20 "Patti" SECRETARIAL PATRICIA DAVIS Madison, New jersey Secretarial Club I, IIg Glee Club I. I have drunken deep of joy and I will taste no other wine . . . fun-loving "Patti" who prefers sports to classes . . . no college preference, likes them all . . . "Tea For Two" is number one on her hit parade . . . as for marriage . . . she'll maintain it's a wonderful institution. "Denme" MERCHANDISING BARBARA CLARK DENISON Millerton, New York Glee Club Ilg Varsity Tennis Ilg Religious Club Ilg The Laureateg Varsity Basketball Ilg Merchandising Club I, Ilg Sewing Club IIg SKETCH BOOK Advertising Managerg Ski Club II. None knew thee but to love thee, nor named thee but to praise . . . lovable "Dennie', endears herself to people by being so straight forward and kind . . . just the type who can enjoy being out doors as much as anything . . . she has a penchant for exciting books and authors . . . Wild Geese Calling or anything by Kipling . . . she aspires to attain everything from life that is worthwhile. 2 1 "Ginny" FINE ARTS VIRGINIA DU BOSQUE Miami Beach, Florida Sewing Club Ilg Art Club I, Vice-President IIg SKETCH BOOK Stall II. There is sweetness here that softer falls than petals from blown roses on the grass . . . sweet, quiet and above all artistic . . . she loves steak, nice and rare, 'The Roots", "Hamlet" and Mario Lanza . . . her heart bends also to Notre Dame, "South Pacificn, and raising house plants . . . but most of all she wants to travel all over the world. "Jo" SECRETARIAL JOANNE MARIE DUNHAM Watkins Glen, New York S ecre tarial Club I, II. I live for those who love me, for those who know me true . . . oh how I dislike chatter boxes and bells, bells, bells . . . but I find compensation in "South Pacificn, Billy Eckstine, and "My Destiny" . . . her one track mind dwells at Michigan State College . . . happy collecting snapshots or playing basketball . . . marriage? . . . Yes . . . and welll bet it won't be long now. 22 "Irene" GENERAL GLORIA MCALTAMIRANO DUQUE Panama City Glee Club l, Ilg Sewing Club llg Stamp Club Ilg Secretarial Club Ilg Home Economics Club ll. She walks in beauty like the night . . . with her pretty hair and good taste in clothes . . . her wit and wisdom . . . likes the theater, dancing, the symphony and opera . . . could there be any attraction at Annapolis? . . . "La Vida es Suenol' . . . her hobby, photography . . . Gloria's aspirations of finance and diplomacy should be hers to have. Hjeanielf KINDERGARTEN JEAN ECKLES Yorklyn Delaware Varsity Basketball I, Ilg Kindergarten Club I, Ilg Senior Class Secretary. Calm as a lake, bright as the day, warmth of smile she's won her way . . . Wesleyan and "Chipl' under a "Blue Moon" . . . Alpha Delta Phi . . . parties in general . . . John Charles Thomas . . . annoyed at getting up in the morning . . . leaving her date in the lobby . . . favorite play is trumping her partners ace . . . she wants to be married within five years. 23 "Paz" SECRETARIAL PATRICIA ANN FIRSCHING New Hartford, New York Secretarial Club I, II, House President Ilg Fire Proctor II. In her the gift of quiet thought . . . she has so many hobbies, knitting, riding, dancing, stamps . . . loves to eat, sleep and go out, especially towards Colgate . . . dislikes early rising . . . likes Billy Eckstine, W. Somerset Maugham, "I Don't Know Why" and "The Razorls Edge" . . . marriage? yes . . . her aspiration. "Exif SECRETARIAL ETHEL KATHERINE FLEURY Long Island, New York S ecre tarial Club I, Ilg Chorus II. She carries roses in her cheeks and in her heart . . . souvenirs, souvenirs . . . my what a collection "Eth'l . . . kind of hard to respond to those cheery "good mornings" at seven A.M .... loves those two Mis . . . mimicing and macaroni . . . great stage show . . . "South Pacific" . . . another Billy Eckstine admirer . . . your dreams will come true, "Eth'l. 24 "Mamie" MERCHANDISING MARGERY FOSTER Weston, Massachusetts Merchandising I, Hg Basketball Varsity I, II, Sewing Club II, Student Council Treasurer II. A warmth of character that finds sincerest friends . . . "Some Enchanted Evening" at Wesleyan with plenty of males and parties . . . insincerity and inconsiderate people are pet peeves . . . likes Doris Day, Oscar Wilde, "Best Years of Our Livesv, basketball . . . be careful men, her hobby is hunting . . . just a honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean, followed by a happy marriage. "Lee" HOME EcoNoM1cs LEDA RENEE FREID Stamford, Connecticut Home Economics Club II. I love her for her smile, her look, her way of speaking gently . . . look at that ring! . . . we don't blame you for disliking Sunday goodbyes . . . Pratt for every weekend . . . "Father of the Bride" is appropriate . . . loves dancing . . . good music and the theater . . . "Younger Than Springtime", E. B. Browning . . . does everything, skis, skates, plays tennis . . . you'l1 be a perfect wife. 25 "L0lly" MERCHANDISING LORELEI ANN FROST Milford, Connecticut Business Manager Literary Magazine Ilg Merchandising Club I, Ilg Art Club I, II, Para- psychology II, Dramatic Club I, II. A heart as soft, a heart as kind, a heart as sound and free . . . she likes animals, western movies, sauerkraut, "The Song of Indian", jokes and Lin Yutang . . . Betty Smith and Gordon MacRae . . . but not so nice are gushy people and milk in any form . . . a horseman, whose dream is to own a cattle ranch in the West. "Gert" MEDICAL GERTRUDE GILES Union Springs, New York Medical Association I, Ilg Fire Proctor II. Perfection in manner, discretion in act . . . Massachusetts choice of M.I.T. . . . loves to dance. . .plenty of parties and never enough weekends. . .never com- plains and dislikes those who do make it their habit . . . her song is "Again", her singer, Perry Como . . . likes minor surgery . . . wants to live on a farm and continue her profession. 5 , f Ave, Xjwvf of , , , O ., QM 12: Q, -Lua., 5,9444 f,!.,4 ., .ell Kyo lf. pf! Sfrfeau ai --2464441444 , f y 1, f j f' J LQ4, 4 ZXQ, 1010 ELL! ' 4""'f 1,41 4 221 "'t"4"' jc Law! s f-4450 up WA 7-faux fbwkf E7y4,..a W M ,Zia W 4es4,a.,, 5fx.o,Z4.P' M , M! p QMM Q My grudge . fj M iiafgyregg rfyzgiaawz aff 3 ' any! 4, ' agajgvyv , L,'3f0'c'1 Q94 f u W 1 1 wil' I 1 A ', I 'I ' K Fir ' . F ' ' 1 ' I 4 . 1 .i . N .1 v , , .g 5' ' L 'tl' v 1 11' ' A I . I . .Q . .ff J 1. HA' M 'frilly l' I ,lr 'V ,. 5. x "Angel" MEDICAL JUNE ANGEL GORGA Fair Lawn, New Jersey Medical Association I, II. Haste, and bring with thee that jest and youthful jollity . . . her sports are swimming and football . . . likes to harmonize with Angie, those letters by Air Mail, laughing, Georgetown, Shakespeare and "I'll Never Smile Again" . . . dislikes efficiency experts, and unenthusiastic people . . . the nicest thing of all is driving that Bel Air . . . she'd like an enormous family. "Lo" MERCHANDISING LOIS RUTH GRANOWITZ Greenwich, Connecticut Sewing Club II, Merchandising Club II. And yet there dwells all that's good and all that's fair . . . Colby, "Stardust", "Of Human Bondage", "South Pacific", soft music and dancing are among her favorites . . . but those terrible goodbyes on Sund just awful . . . someday lim sure you'll k ' Martin. ays at 9:30 are nit those socks as Mrs. Richard M. 27 "Jo" MERCHANDISING JO ANN GREGORY Baldwin, New York Merchandising Club I, II, Sewing Club II, Parapsychology II. Poised, friendly and self-contained, the cosmopolitan . . . tho' things don't always run smoothly, her "Dream" may be found at West Point . . . admires frankness, sincerity . . . weakness for clothes . . . looks forward to weekends and a well filled mailbox . . . Doris Day, A. J. Cronin, tennis, golf . . . hates Sunday nights . . . she'll succeed with her aspirations, fashion consultant or director of fashion shows. "Skeezer" INTERIOR DECORATION RITA MARIE GRIMM Red Lion, Pennsylvania Varsity Tennis II, Interior Decoration Club I, Secretary-Treasurer II, Sewing Club II, Ski Club II, Fire Proctor Ilg May Day Pageant I. For the future in the distance, and the good that I can do . . . yens for food . . . dislikes fire drills at night . . . Lehigh for her men . . . Bing Crosby's crooning . . . "The Very Thought of You", "The Black Rose", "South Pacific" and Frank Yerby . . . collects miniature horses . . . may continue school . . . later, who knows? 28 "Sal" SECRETARIAL SALLY GRUMMAN Bridgeport, Connecticut Ski Club I, Hg Secretarial Club Hg Religious Club II, Chorus II, Tennis Varsity Il. The lighted candle of understanding in her heart shall never be put out . . . "Sain loves to write letters . . . likes all college weekends . . . a football fan . . . "Because" and Al jolson . . . angered by empty mailboxes, getting up in the morning and western movies . . . never misses breakfast . . . oh, those pajamas? . . . Sally's hobby is photography . . . aspires to be a social worker and a secretary. "Dot" KINDERGARTEN DOROTHY ANN HARRIS Dobbs Ferry, New York Kindergarten Club I, Ilg Religious Club II, Treasurer IIg Stamp Club Ilg Ski Club I, II. Love, sweetness, goodness in her person shines so clear, as in no face with more delight . . . that hobby of stamp collecting helps to pass the time away . . . she enjoys reading "Claudia And David" or to see "How Green Was My Valley" . . . likes food, sociology, Wesleyan University, Vaughn Monroe . . . it would be nice to teach kindergarten. 29 ,V ,,,,,,,, v W ,,i "Sue" GENERAL SUSAN HARTZELL Mount Kisco, New York Glee Club Ig Dramatic Club Ilg Parapsychology II. She that is of merry heart hath a continual feast . . . thetels something about West Point 'cause "I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guyw . . . a Tony Martin fan . . . "Father of the Brideu, C. W. Anderson, riding and sailing . . . and someday a family. "Dodie" REAL ESTATE DORIS HERNDON Toms River, New jersey Glee Club IIg S ecre tarial Club I, II. A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance . . . it's fun to type . . . any song by Vaughn Monroe, "Three Little Words", and the songs from "Show- boat", "Texas 'Lil Darlin' " . . . wonder why she likes Colby College? . . . she can't buy enough shoes . . . many memories found in her scrapbook . . . that's her hobby . . . she would like to become an efficient secretary. 30 "Mimi Lou" MERCHANDISING MARY LOU HICKS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Glee Club I, IIg Parapsychology Ilg Proctor Ilg Merchandising Club I, Secretary IIg Sewing Club II. Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens . . . our "Mlm" loves fun, and animals . . . she's mischievous . . . cute clothes . . . cheers for Lehigh . . . Margaret Whiting, "No Greater Love", swimming, and life in general are just wonderful . . . as to pet peeves, it's false personalities, tests, and dirt . . . oh yes, to marry and have a big family is her aspiration. "Mary Ann" MERCHANDISING MARY ANN HILER Sparta, New Jersey Merchandising Club I, Ilg Sewing Club Ilg House President IIg Student Council, Senior Representative II. Thus furnishing mankind with the two noblest of things which are Sweet- ness and Light . . . you should see that girl on a pair of water skis . . . takes many "Sentimental journeysu to Notre Dame . . . another gal who loves to sleep . . . could sit and knit while listening to Doris Day sing . . . enjoyed "Sunset Boulevard" and "The Voice of the Turtlen . . . tell us about your travels when you get back. 31 "Kaye" REAL ESTATE KATHLEEN MARIE HOHL Poughkeepsie, New York SKETCH BOOK Staff II, House President II, Secretarial Club I, II, And there shall be for thee all soft delight . . . she's an all-round gal . . . no college, just the U.S. Marine Corps . . . "Stardust" is perfect 'cause she canlt get enough sleep . . . a long, long vacation and no studies or rising in the A.M. . . . "South Pacific" . . . reading Lloyd C. Douglas . . . "music hath charms" too . . . those wedding bells aren't too far away. "Leef' KINDERGARTEN GRACELISE HORAK Long Island City, New York Efnglirfgarten Club I, II, Religious Fellowship I, IIg Ski Club I, Hg President of Religious ll . I saw eternity the other night like a great ring of pure and endless light . . . she likes basketball, swimming and modern dancing . . . is really "Gone With The Wind" at mere mention of Cornell . . . she's on a "Carousel" of her own when Tony Martin sings "Blue Room" . . . your kiddies are bound to love you as their teacher when you start that kindergarten school. l 32 , a l 8 i VM-. '0't"' qw ffl 1511 W-466 ALM, , hzdfnu . I 744f""' A I amid gg, Zi, UQ ,Q-Z .J--Q l , -JM, AMAL VM- 4.1 J im.. , I , .Lg .abr-' .xlgcca-60,14 MMLCZ- A , at 1, ,j,a..A. 'JJQIL ,pm-.ff grae!-face. elm., ' ' A thai- "f-'J64 fd" nfla-at QTL: his C"'g,j-4Llz- "Red" MEDICAL ELLEN LAUNA HORAN I Mineola, New York Medical Association I, II. The reason firm, the temperate will, endurance, foresight, strength and skill . . . another medic, shows preference for knitting, sewing, weekends, dances, doctors, and minor surgery . . . Tony Martin, "To Each His Own", Booth Tarkington, too . . . but oh! those bells, that L.I.R.R. and those hedhaired men . . . our best, in reference to that dream doctor and those four children. "Dar" MERCHANDISING 'DORETTE HORSTMAN N Millington, New Jersey Merchandising Club I, II, Ski Club I, II, Parapsychology I, II, Sewing Club II, Vice- President, Senior Class. Rich in laughter and memories . . . has a weak spot for Princeton and "Mr. Robertsi' . . . has no fear of claustrophobia, likes at least seven girls in her room for company, entertained by the "Ink Spots" . . . dislikes speech class . . . she will make head lines in her aspired travels. 33 -11 "Zz" MERCHANDISING ISABEL HOUGHTON Feeding Hills, Massachusetts Spanish Club I, II, Merchandising Club I, II. Let us, then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate . . . she can really move on a basketball court . . . her pet like is driving a truck and favorite subject is Spanish . . . "IZ" plays a good Bridge game . . . Vaughn Monroe and "Miss You" ...N doesn't like "night slips!! or any Monday morning . . . "Gone With The Wind', and anything by Tennyson renders complete happiness. "Bezzyf' FINE ARTS ELIZABETH ANNE ISKYAN Jackson Heights, New York Art Club I, President II, Dramatic Club I, President IIg Ski Club II, Boot and Spur I, IIg Sewing Club IIg SKETCH BOOK, Art Editor. A thing of beauty is a joy forever . . . weekends at West Point . . . endless talent and love for art . . . loves all animals, except spiders . . . "The Moon And Starsl' . . . Pearl Bailey, "Bewitched", "The Divine Comedy", riding and golf . . . likes garlic in her food . , . sideline of dramatics . . . happiness above all. l 54 rrsuev SUZANNE JAMIESON Dover, New Jersey Glee Club Hg Merchandising Club I, llg Sewing Club II. MERCHANDISING A rose as fresh as nature's own . . . tiny "Sue,' . . . reserved but always right in the middle of things . . . favors pizza, blue eyes and Jazz music . . . Lloyd Douglas' writings are enjoyable ways to spend spare time . . . iris the open road for "Sue',. ffLynII Secretarial Club II. MARILYN JAYNE Rochester, New York SECRETARIAL She stands in the light that suflfuses her friendships . . . our Snow Queen from Casanovia, but seems to have an interest at Colgate . . . doesn't like empty mail boxes or homework . . . eating and sleeping are popular subjects . . . regular movie attender . . . seems that marriage and a family are in every girl's dreams. 55 f 71 f f A W f X 0, ' 3 sg ff 7' W M tl zzz' I I j f. X xxx 05 n e zgen f xgg V X MARJCRIE SIMPSON ' 'f5WXwiv?f?TifVhH , I h J- V X X ' E fi N 1, f Y ' A ' 1 Y' V W N QR I X- - at x ' x'f wa V' 1 NN-1 -- -.',. , , F ax, f NJ mf Il l In SJ 4 -, Hb' F1 W iff! AM. elf" X T N. -L45 .iw N Z QQS5 I ,201 , - Mont Likely to Succeed I NANCY BASSETT ,I , f , Wy,XN g,,Amf i4mai1Nq NN, QM N ,X S 5 77 A g ' Q 3 f X w 2, I XX A' -., ,...,4 'TSNNNZ X IT' 1 1 i V 52 XA ww 'W 4- ,YQ I X '-Iv rg' X7 . QM 2 X K' W f i g f ' LS ,W' 6w gfS9 ,. -, 'pl at' A i ' M0113 Popular 'N X JOAN RAMSBOTTOM 5 ff ' fi wiw ff N x B 'I W ' X N r f X X 5 Q 4 Mg' K 'A TX' : -',' A 1' Ny! W e SA N ' Q f tt .XX X 16 , N j XX' X " 2 ' M , E X P N 'QV B , . jp Y, . ,fx 0,.,S59Mf 1 7 i U A md ' 1 X nik' ! MG! . ft-Sf Ee f M14 Q f .N X gk? . WIlfilI:' W k'f ' Y P N f Jin w -- t V In ' , :Mx , Xxwx .lx fQ,ii1!+:2gfigQN f Nfl 56 Y X x fm It X XXX 'Vg 'J 1 :J X I ' Moft Attractive It ,V H X f l CAROLINE PHELPS J , ls 2 W , f i x ' M' XXV? ' A 5: X Nefv' nv.,-.X l , ,,.: t I - j q bg X 2 f' . ' 'I SX Most Athletic M X BLANDINA BABCOCK W Xt K K X X -I Mrk, , X K: 'XJ X 77,4 ,,- A t -' -' 'E7:f XXK LQJ X-X A X' '1zY J ., 5 5 xxx s xr " V ' VFIXXX X H W 7-,JMX X1 X X X! C AMF-4 W f 1 -f "h"tmwt .4 ,- rw, K ,- if YW A MXXB Moxt Httmorom Ag! X 'NH' W' 1: N- :El C -a"!w' 5.x I V ETHEL FLEURY X2 f Hi,41iy ' q'YgF' , -2 N 12. Q WX, f 2 . - 'i :NR aa ' 'vga X - - :ze A X t ina ,?Y - Cf V t ' WW MW? wg' "" X 'J W E ' . "fig W m 1m MJJl1llll :fiit-zi.,1 11 ,li W , 4- f ff? M t 6-F 57 , "Ellie" GENERAL ELEANOR JENNINGS Baltimore, Maryland Home Econimics Club I, President II, Varsity Basketball II, Athletic Council, Senior Representative Ilg Daisy Chain. Her lively looks a sprightly mind disclose . . . great to be so little . . . loves Sigma Nu parties "Night and Day" . . . a good game of Bridge . . . likes Perry Como, Somerset Maugham, "Great Expectations", Trinity . . . doesn't like shaking hands good-night, after Edgewood dances . . . and someday she'd like to marry. D90-A "' S . Q "Bobbie" MEDICAL ., BARBARA JANE KATHAN i Schenectad , New York Xbvn Ai?-AL.. -1, git- -TU" Y V Meditai Association 1, IIg SKETQH Book st 11. i- 1'T"'u"'ii" 3' Gi ii "X A SWL A fair young maiden's quiet eyes, where essential silence cheers and 'yi ,A ' Ly, I , il'a-.-"H -X' blesses . . . to travel in England, swimming, sailing, and horseback riding . . . E ' 'X Q' K V5 55 Life . . . her Chevrolet convertible, her roommates true friends, and R.P.I. . . . J-.tip -. to g , but then there is the darker side . . . diets, moody people, untidiness and rush- Q M v 0 . 2 . W' . - 1 k yqikiygv , U' ing . . . our best to you in your Me ica wor . ,, Sw- 'i 'M' r F., yy L? txt? b,-L:'LgL,,,A,L-f,,,-.. io.. Cx,v4:Q,X.a,: it .nt 1-rt.. 5- .1-Lib . iSLb,.y.k,n.nv ji E i t . -1. iii N.- 'il ut, sa,-am.. -"1""t" 'e'58J'L:" 'M' "' 'MM ' ' 'S' 'Ml' Nail ig.,-,,,.. WJ.x,u...- A xi" 1 - ,g a V . at ,-"".,..x,fJ1,.l4'u :J'T'h vxta, , an 'REP vi f"6"Niu'k"'x's 3. 5.354 K A ' X' .A Qg,,,,,, - 7, 1 ', em., , sw, psy, 'Q' -E I Llvf'-,,,'1,,lf-1,3 4 ..,... J.. t' .Q 5, .fl J". V LM .. I E. f ' A I 'H ! , r , lx I H b J 1 I 1f'NJ - , -xy' VI, :. A-,ri p X4-dfgva Q ggi.. Q , 1 Vi.L,Vf1 A ', 'I jf I kv A! r " 1 , , 1 V ' f A 3 , ' ' ' A 4 'If ' Lqfv n rf i '11, : 14-L! 8 V LJQLQJ fn -.rl LJ, I 3 I ,f 1 "Awe I , I f . .f . fr f. I .1 . 'IMEDICAL I -A " ' I 'i L' l ' '3 V ' "V "NJ ' ' W, 1. I ANGELINE RICHARDSON KEITH A " Q t f if 1 ,. Maysville, Kentucky Medical Assistant I, II. Earth to her is young as the new moon . . . "Angie" enjoys going swim- ming, riding and sailing . . . hates dieting because of juicy steaks and French fries . . . loves gardenias with a card signed "All My Love" . . . E. B. Browning and "Les Miserables" make for interesting reading . . . surgery too, is all important and there's no doubt about your success as a Medical Assistant. "Paz" MERCHANDISING PATRICIA KING Flushing, New York Merchandising Club I, Ilg House President Ilg Glee Club Ilg Fire Proctor Ilg Sewing Club II. She is forth to cheer a neighbor lacking mirth . . . pure from the night . . . and splendid for the day . . . 'lPat's" aspiration is to get off the Hunk list . . . her likes are knitting, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", "The Great Waltz", and Niagara University . . . public speaking, swimming, walking and golf are also pretty nice, but beware her pet peeve . . . it's being frightened. 59 df--. ,Stn . .Litxlf "Sal" MERCHANDISING SALLY ANN KLIPPLE Kingston, Pennsylvania Merchandising Club I, llg Parapsychology Ig May Day Pageant I. Love could be chatter, but friends are all that matter . . . only to dance and dance some more . . . admires tall people . . . weakens at the sight of ice cream . . . neatness and modern houses . . . Penn State for any weekend . . . "Thinking of You", "Macbeth", Billy Eckstine, Sinclair Lewis . . . can't stand dripping water . . . collects antique cups and saucers . . . to be a buyer in New York. "Chad" INTERIOR DECORATING CHARLOTTE KNAPP Tuxedo Park, New York Interior Decorating Club I, President llg Spanish Club I, ll. Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves . . . loves her mail, especially from Lafayette . . . plenty of sleep and lots of food . . . homework -disturbs her . likes "Where's Charlie" and Vau hn Mo . . g nroe . . . another knitting expert . . . things just don't go right on Monday morning . . . ability in your course will make you succeed in your future work. 40 "Paz" MERCHANDISING LEAH PATSY KNIGHTS Chester, Vermont Merchandising Club I, IIg Varsity Basketball Ig Fire Proctor Ilg Ski Club I, IIg Boot and Spur I, Vice-President IIg Sewing Club II. She offers friendship and encouragement from a mind of peace . . . another outdoor gal . . . loves riding and basketball . . . plaid vests, horses and people . . . whatls Yale got "Pat'l? . . . so you don't like empty rooms? . . . Bing and Doris Day are tops on anyone's list . . . someday they might sing "Because" as a duet . . . you will make a super buyer with your personality. "Jeannie" GENERAL JEANNE ELIZABETH LANE Lathrop, California junior Class, Vice-Presidentg Fire Proctor IIg Secretarial Club I, IIg Parapsychology IIg Life Saving Patrol II. Simple beauty needs no introduction . . . hates Sunday nights . . . Hail West Point and Army Blue are held in high esteem . . . "The Song Of Berna- dette" and "The Prophet" are favorites which Ht her personality . . . ujeanniel' would love to enter the Olympics in swimming . . . she could win on manner alone. 41 "Ami" MERCHANDISING AUDREY LARSON White Plains, New York House President Ilg Home Economics Club II, Vice-President llg Clothing Club Ilg Life Saving Patrol I, Ilg Merchandising Club I. He who holdeth his peace, is counted wise . . . favorite subject is laughing and it's seldom you see her not doing just that . . . fond of all Walt Disney products especially "Donald Ducki' . . . "Where's Charleyl' . . . talented hands for dressmaking and handcrafts . . . who's at Harvard "Aud"? . . . any song by Doris Day or Vaughn Monroe . . . just wants to continue to breathe. "Lindy" KINDERGARTEN ELVIRA LINDEMANN New York City, New York Kindergarten I, Ilg Religious Fellowship I, Ilg Dramatic Club I, Secretary of Religious Club II. She holds her thoughts in sight, as they run and leap gay and light . . . an empty mailbox must certainly play havoc with your hobby of collecting letters . . . but your love of children will make your Kindergarten dream come true . . . a salute for West Point . . . could listen to Tony Martin forever . . . . A. Cronin, and "Oklahoma" to make life pretty wonderful for "Lindy',. ' 42 ff "Liam" MEDICAL MARILYN LLEWELLYN Plymouth, Pennsylvania Medical Association I, President IIg Ski Club Ig Fire Proctor Ilg SKETCH BOOK Stan' IIQ Life Saving Patrol II. They do me wrong, who say I come no more, when once I knock and fail to find you in . . . enjoys most sports . . . Penn State is her college . . . Vaughn Monroe and "It Had To Be You", Shakespeare, "Gone With The Wind" and "Show Boat" . . . a leader . . . loves to laugh . . . a future medical assistant. J. "Lyn" MERCHANDISING 'VW RILYN LOCK we ,, , ,- 4 hhu f, L mana . l . e ' d' bl, Ig a C1 11- lo Hg ub II. I .0 ya s,,!' i ca eli tg . r d a as innocent as beauteous igh . h fav ite s Jec un 1. . herfli : moccasins, soft shell crabs, dy I st ti wa s swi mug, d ot ll . . . it's also fun to collect in' t r tu' nd pla id . listen to "Our Very Own" . . . ,Pr XM d l' ve I Stor M tafi , tlh re's always homework. I f W I 43 "Di" MERCHANDISING DIANE MACOM New Brunswick, New jersery Daisy Chaing Life Saving Patrol II, Merchandising Club I, Ilg Spanish Club I, Vice- President II, May Day Pageant. The heavens such grace did lend her that she must admired be . . . Notre Dame has a well founded fascination . . . loves tennis and swimming . . . "Di" has an aspiration to continue her merchandising and make a career of it . . . we know she will attain her goal, for who could do a better job than our pretty professional model. "Sal" SECRETARIAL SALLY ANN MALLETT Maplewood, New Jersey Secretary, Student Councilg President, Glee Club I, Ilg Secretarial Club I, II, Edge- notes I, II. Troubled by the patron saint of music, wit and laughter .... our, oh, so talented, Sally . . . who could play the piano forever and never tire her audience . . . she's a West Point fan, and a popular one too! . . . she'd like a short career and then marriage . . . we know she'll be happy. 44 "Maggie" KINDERGARTEN MARGARET MARVEL Wilmington, Delaware Kindergarten Club I, Ilg House President II. Modest as the morn, as noonday bright, gentle as evening, cool as night . . . oh, how she loves those fraternity parties at Yale, while serenaded by the "WhiEenpoof Song" . . . "Kiss Me Perry" . . . I mean skater done by Perry Como . . . dislikes getting up so early, but she loves knitting . . . marriage and many little ones. "Bobbie" REAL EsTArE BARBARA MEINKEN New Rochelle, New York Glee Club Ilg Secretarial Club II. To her and to the powers that with her dwell . . . O'Henry heads the list of authors while Tony Martin tops the singers . . . Dartmouth, too, has that special charm . . . "Bobbie" delights in dancing and can think of nothing nicer than becoming a professional, someday. 45 Q fi ti tl MERCHANDISING GER MUNROE Pol" POLLY SAN Falls, Massachusetts Day Pageant. n Tower Club Hg May hing like Newto Merchandising Club I, Ilg Spanish Club I, IIg Sewing Large was her bounty and her soul sincere . . . there's not telephone calls and mail from that male fis there 'iPol"?J . . . dislikes home- workg sometimes it does become a bit tedious . . . "Where's Charley" in the "Third Man Theme"? . . . does Vaughn Monroe inspire her to make those pretty . . send us all an invitation . . . and don't forget the reception. clothes? . MERCHNDISING LLY MAE OFFEN Sally SA Connecticut Stamford, "If I Love nomics Club Il. sunshine way . . . "Death Be Not II Home Eco ent on her Gunther, tch for new Merchandising Club 3 She looked a little wistfully, then w Again" hope it will be in the "South Pacific" . . . John . Proud" . . . likes "Red Shoes" and Brown as a color scheme . . . wa otential fashion co-ordinator. ide as from a p 46 "Imb" MERCHANDISING MARIE O'RIORDAN Long Island, New York Dramatic ll, Camera Club Ig Merchandising Club I, President Ilg Laureate Staff, Circu- lating Editor. Laugh and the world laughs with you . . . never a dull moment with Marie . . . can't stop eating cakes and sweets . . . "Always,' thinking of Fordham . . . that modern dance class . . . no one can sing like Bing . . . loves speech class . . . and here she comes leading the Saint Patricks Day parade with one of her swizzle sticks. "Clam" KINDERGARTEN CHRISTINA PAPPAS Milton, Pennsylvania Kindergarten Club 1, 11. True wit is in her nature . . . what oft is thought, is ne'er so well express'd . . . "I Wan'na Be Loved' . . . no other place but Annapolis . . . her big brown eyes are downcst when confronted with an empty mailbox . . . doesnlt happen often . . . "Johnny Belindau and "Carousel" . . . saves "little,' things of senti- mental value . . . your love for kiddies will win your way in the Kindergarten world. ' 47 ' 4 1 1 l --1 "Ie4mnie" CLOTHING JEANNE PATTERSON Bergenfield, New jersey Clothing Club I, II. She knows the time of speaking, and the time of being still . . . "Our Very Own" Jeannie loves the University of Penn .... or is it "Chuck"? . . . domestically inclined . . . she's right, a womanis place is in the home. "Jo" INTERIOR DECORATION JOAN MARIE PATTERSON Bergenfield, New Jersey Interior Decoration I, IIg Spanish Club Ilg Boot and Spur Ilg Dramatic Club Ilg Clothing Club Ilg Varsity Basketball I. She knows not those sweet words she speaks nor knows her own sweet way . . . vivacious "Jo", who has no dislikes at all, thinks it's "Always" nice to sit and read Pearl Buck or go to West Point . . . her plan for the future is to be an Interior Decorator with sewing and knitting as a hobby. 48 ffMimill MEDICAL CAROLINE PHELPS Guilford, Connecticut ' Tennis Varsity I, Ilg Junior Class, President Ig Medical Association, Vice-President II, International Relations Ig Life Saving Patrol I. As rich as the rose: thy simple doom is to be beautiful "Mimi" lov . . . es foods, hates diets, but wants to be thin as a bean . . . liked "Great Expectations", "Life With Father" . . . "The Machine" . . . a twinkle in her eye when Yale is mentioned . . . our Cinderella . . . loves and is loved by all . . . we wish you great success and happiness throughout your life. "Syl" MERCHANDISING SYLVIA JEAN PINNEY Winsted, Connecticut Merchandising Club I, II, May Day Pageant Ig Daisy Chain Ig Fire Proctor llg Para- psychology II. Her humor is the spice of our lives . . . a party girl through and through . . . is noted for adding local color to all her college week ends . . . dislikes people lacking in school spirit of which she has an unlimited supply . . . cute clothes made by Sylvia herself . . . good luck in the merchandising field . . . she can't miss. 49 , f f . Q! Wffftii fn 1 F fm M M4 nf:-W 3 few f fluff l yfa ff oyigkfdipill ii ft wif - itioffjyf JV! my J ANN POLLARD M ' 7 f O - vc1afefbufy,c onnec ticut t f1,V carnal Association 1, 11. ojawmgff Mi gl.- 1 Whate'er she does, she does with ease . . . fascinated by minor surgery and likes to practice on her friends . . . beware . . . weekends head her towards New Haven . . . Shakespeare, "The Foxes of Harrowu, "Gone With The Wind', . . . dancing to any song by Bing Crosby . . . loves horses . . . shelll find success in the life ahead of her. "Jamie" GENERAL JOAN PORTER Wilmington, Delaware A true friend is forever a friend . . . that's "joanie" . . . gay and full of pep . . . liked by all . . . the Princeton tigers are the best as far as she is concerned . . . so is Perry Como, "South Pacific", and Kenneth Roberts . . . just waiting for that little ivy covered cottage all her own. 50 "Berry" SECRETARIAL BETTY PRATT Watertown, Massachusetts Secretarial Club I, II. To live the richness of life, to see it all . . . I love to eat my midnight snack . . . but oh! how I hate to go to bed . . . Boston heads the list of colleges, while for other likes we have 'Tea For Two", "Mona Lisa", and Gordon MacRae . . . "Betty', aspires to be a career woman or a housewife . . . which ever comes first. "1 amid' GENERAL JOAN RAMSBOTTOM W Fall River, Massachusetts Ski Club Ig Student Council, President II, Life Saving Patrol II, Varsity Basketball, Cap- tain I, II, Class Secretary Ig Religious Fellowship II. A hearty to all . . . loves her sleep, football, Margaret Mitchell, Frankie Laine, sports, "Don't Cry Joe" and Holy Cross . . . wants to be a Physical Education Teacher . . . and dislikes studying more than anything else in the world. ' 5 1 T i 'Dean-1 QJA, , if UO gf-na. ' en.-sf . atom 660 JN- I-3 ,value Cgilaahfpiuq 'C'ff'l'?1-'-"Q30'-'-'-' , g,vGC9-'U-' Qeumt ,boc..lC,,tn A 1 ' ,y . i J' , l ' sv "EZ" MERCHANDISING ,T 'tr ELLEN BLACKWELL SAMS I I Trenton, New Jersey Merchandising I, Vice-President II, Dramatic Club II, Life Saving Patrol II, Art Club ll, Laureate Staff, Feature Editor. Spirit of enthusiasm, blessed with endless humor . . . yet sincere . . . "you should have been with me last Saturday night" . . . loves blues, speech, onions and steak . . . parties, "Night and Day", Fats Waller, Tennessee Williams and "Morning Becomes Electra" . . . the Ivy League and George . . . large and famed collection of swizzle sticks . . . she'll travel far and Wide. "Paz" MEDICAL - PATRICIA ANNE SAUNDERS Detroit, Michigan Medical Association I, Treasurer II. - ' Devinely tall and most divinely fair . . . tall and willowy . . . "Pat" loves good music, reading "The Student Prince" and vacations best of all . . . do they all have blonde crew cuts at Notre Dame? . . . detests pop-corn in the movies, especially when Robert Merrill is singing . . . her favorite subject is minor surgery, which is fitting, for won't she make some doctor a line medical assistant. 52 U.noJJc "Slam" INTERIOR DECORATION ' SHIRLEY SCHAUB ' ' Westheld, New jersey Interior Decorating Club I, llg House President Hg Fire Proctor H. Tlfe good arelalways merry . . . "Shirl" would like to curl up in front of a good fire with any book of Maugham's . . . we're sure, with her popularity at West Point, her aspiration of becoming an Army wife will come true. "Show 'L A MEDICAL S 3' . JOAN SCHOONMAKER ' . Manchester, Connecticut Fireilfroctor Hg Medical Association I, II. .r Ofdsoul sincereh in action faithful and in honor clear . . . "Shorty" lives 'for Saturday morning so she can get all her fan mail . . . also enjoys Bridge games and good music . . . born lucky with natural curly hair . . . "Came A Cayaliern 'from Holy Cross . . . Johnny Desmond never sounds bad qpllection of records is something. v 55 ...her i l 1 'Tal QA.. 'B-Evvq -.fag--.gcx,,,,,,..., wwf-has-Avq.R..Qg,xb..,i 5xQ-l.Qp- wg9.,5s.,hk h-J-L Ngbg, .- x"Na-v.,,XX.sa.p.Q.,,.-5 'll'-K'..,.L.,....,. vX,...,,,-' fi .yn-5' W 'Nrv-.g,,e-v-S.'Q,x,,,,Q-,b '3-'k-L-4.55 Nxbasa-x o.l um., as--ab'W's...,e.s,.g,x,,,, y gg, Cb-vs -A-up-L.-. 1 "Hank" INTERIOR DECORATION HENRIETTA SCHOSSLER Oil City, Pennsylvania Interior Decorating Club I, IIg Sewing Club II. And her modest answer and graceful air show her wise and good as she is fair . . . Notre Dame fills "Hank's" eyes with "Stardust,' . . . likes dancing and listening to good music . . . Bing Crosby . . . the good taste she expresses in her neatness of dress, her long blond hair, and her pleasant disposition assure her future success in Interior Decoration. "Margie" SECRETARIAL MARJORIE SERPICO Oyster Bay, New York Glee Club I, Ilg Edgenotes Ilg Secretarial Club I, II. She walks, a brunette nymph, in laughter Squire untroubled . . . those Irish at Notre Dame . . . Dick Haymes fan . . . "Thinking of Youl' . . . likes reading good books and eating pizza . . . her favorite subject is Real Estate . . . she dislikes studying and rising at any early hour . . . "Our Very Own" and "The Philadelphia Storyl' . . . knits beautiful argyles . . . a hint to her future husband . . . wants that Bermuda cruise. 54 "N ance" SECRETARIAL NANCY ANN SHAW Poughkeepsie, New York Secretarial Club I, ll, Glee Club ll. There did I see much virtue and sweetness . . . one day "Nance" hopes to refer to Fordham as "Our Very Own" . . . Frank Yerby for literature . . . Frankie Laine singing "My Foolish Heartl' are okay . . . "Nance" is all for being led to the altar. "Margie" KINDERGARTEN MARJORIE SIMPSON Washington, District of Columbia Kindergarten Club I, President llg House President II, Life Saving Patrol ll, Varsity Tennis Team I, II. Ourselves, and not our words will count, not what we said, but what we are . . . look at the top of the Dean's List . . . wicked "south-paw" on the tennis courts . . . james Melton and his "One Aloneu . . . frequent visitor from Columbia . . . dim view on empty mail boxes . . . must stop smoking "Kools" . . . likes reading A. J. Cronin . . . marriage and just enough for a doubles team. 55 V 2 I "Jenny" MERCHANDISING JANET STURN Perth Amboy, New Jersey Merchandising Club I, IIQ Sewing Club Ig Fire Proctor II. A smooth and steadfast mind, gentle thoughts and calm desires . . . steak and French fries . . . a preference for Penn State . . . loves football, basketball, textiles . . . "All The Things You Aren, Vaughn Monroe, "Our Very Own", Frances Parkington Keyes . . . takes pictures and knits for her hobbies . . . wants to be a buyer. "Dixie" MERcHAND1s1NG DAPHNE TENNY Utica, New York Dramatic Club Secretary Hg Glee Club II, Merchandising Club I, Treasurer II, Ski Club II, Senior Class Treasurer. She brings us spring, good times, fair weather and warmth . . . shall we ski up to Colgate for a rollicking weekend? . . . hates mail when its all for her roommate . . . has a phobia for "horns" CLena and the young man with a . . .D . . . likes to knit argyles, but may try her luck with "The Gauntlet" . . . aspires to re-decorate the "Bamboo" room. 56 "Terry" MERCHANDISING ALICE ANNE TERRY Berwick, Pennsylvania Glee Club Monitor I, Secretary II, Edgenotes I, II, Dramatic Club I, Il, Merchandising Club I, Ilg Life Saving Patrol I. Our "Alice In Wonderland" . . . there are few to surpass her . . . forever happy . . . itls good that West Point pins don't come in large sizes . . . that daily letter . . . good Bridge partner and opponent . . . likes Billy Eckstine, "My Foolish Heart", tennis, "Peter Pan" . . . a collector of West Point souve- nirs . . . would like to be a buyer of women's clothing in a large specialty store. "Carol" A MEDICAL CAROLYN A. THEISZ Plainfield, New jersey Medical Association I, II, SKETCH BOOK Staff Ilg Glee Club Il. Whate'er she touches doth her nature share . . . it's fun to work in the lab, but even better dancing to soft music playing "Again" . . . friends, parties, mail, summer time, White Shoulders Perfume and New Year's Eve . . .wonder why she doesn't like the 10:50 bells or morning classes? . . . she would like to travel or work in a doctor's office. cg . fi ' P292 H age za, " 1 5 5 --,s ' QQ' ff-, O 4 .ftp Q? is ,-1 Q ft, cvpie, ,Q , C' V ' g . .Vfff lb, - ,. em f f gm we 'P CQ., "T . V -'. Y .. 95 , , ' 'F f- . '5 'rl -- F K- -7 v. ',' .5 ' ,- , . 1 . 1. . v 'Q . fy 57 5 tf , i "Marry" SECRETARIAL MARTHA WEST THROPP Toms River, New jersey Secretarial Club I, II, SKETCH BOOK Staff Il, House President Ig Daisy Chain. And there abideth faith, hope, charity, these three . . . those grades and unending talent in her work . . . "Thinking Of Youi' CJ.B.P.j . . . dancing with tall men . . . her dreams seem to have come true . . . weakness for clothes that she wears well . . . loves musical comedies and murder mysteries . . . twirls a wicked baton . . . Bing Crosby, Doris Day . . . thick rare steaks . . . peeved by exams . . . she'll find success and happiness. g "Marge" MERCHANDISING MARGARET MARIE UNGVARSKY , Gayhead, New York Merchandising Club I, II, Sewing Club II. "Marge,', humble, true and peaceful, likes collegiate looking fellows, dis- cussing her weekends and is fond of any spectator sports, Ithaca and Notre Dame . . . aspires and probably will revolutionize buying and selling in some New York store . . . wants to know "Where's Charley". 58 'Nikki' - INTERIOR DECORATION ANNEKE JANS VAN WAGONER Stamford, Connecticut I t rior Decoration Club I, Ilg Ski Club II. fl C A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance . . . stylish "Nikki, who loves a gay time, and thinks Dartmouth is the place to have it . . . "The Cocktail Partyu, or anything else by T. S. Eliot is good reading . . . We are sure she'll find success and happiness. "Azad" SECRETARIAL AUDREY I..II.A WADDELL Manchester, Connecticut Secretarial Club I, ll. It is not Wisdom to be only wise but it is wisdom to believe the heart fi cl lot of them at Yale loves to watch . . . likes white bucks . . . bet she n s a . . . trailer trucks or drive a green Packard convertible . . . "Goodnight Irene annoys her but not Doris Day and "Miss You'l, "Mr. Roberts" . . . fourth for Bridge . . . a New York career girl. ff 59 "She-She" SHEILA WALLIN Poughkeepsie, New York Secretarial Club I, IIg Glee Club I, II. What is the worth of an th' b REAL ESTATE y ing, ut for the happiness t'will bring . . . it's easy to see, by her twinkling eyes, that "She-She" loves to enjoy herself . . . and that would mean' "Just We Twou her h f . , ero rom Notre Dame . . . likes ice cream Nelson Eddy and an thi b R , y ng y obert L. Stevenson . . . dislikes everything about homework except economics . . . leans toward a domestic life. "Annie" MEDICAL ANNE WELCH Syracuse, New York Ski Club I, President Ilg Medical Association I, II. Books and duty burden life, but still the dance continues . . . thirteen cards will do nicely for any game of Bridge . . . "Annie" is a faithful Bridge player . . . also likes music and sports . . . claims to like clams . . . hates moody people . . . "Begin the Beguinel' would sound devine sung by Tony Martin . . . clear . thehihw ...h " g ays ere comes Annie rn her Mack truck. 60 's -an X. '- 1 X -1 E. 'T ,Y ..., u -...I - n n 7 - 7 ,v "Woody" KINDERGARTEN FRANCES WOODINGS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Kindergarten I, Vice-President II, Athletic Council, Secretary-Treasurer II, Art Club IIg Parapsychology Club IIg Ski Club I, IIg May Day Pageant Ig Varsity Tennis Team II. She was good as she was fair, none on earth above her . . . likes military life at West Point . . . doesnit like to wait for slow people . . . loves everything about winter, sports and deep snows with log fires . . . Edgar Allan Poe, "Show- boat", Frankie Laine . . . likes to draw and someday to have her own nursery school, marry and just four boys. "Skid" GENERAL SHIRLEY YOUNG Waterbury, Connecticut Ski Club I, IIg Parapsychology Club II. Oh, blessed with temper whose unclouded ray can make tomorrow cheer- ful as today . . . "Nick', and Penn State are favorites in all fields . . . loves white "bucks", grey flannels, camel's hair coats . . . The Ink Spots . . . eating lobsters . . . loathes bleached hair, hats on boys, empty mail boxes . . . "Mr. Roberts" and Bing . . . good Bridge game and a constant tease . . . to live in Florida with girls only. N Q ki s i tx, , 6 fad Q il XQIY tb if jwf A' 5' I tj l Nw ' Rl y Y' f s xl, IL A kk! 'R f jf I I Y, , . ' A 5 f ' .- I lr K ,- A 2 -A , ,if A t ' V' , . I ' ' ' . ., . X, ' "Q .f . I , 1 s I l , f . , , - 7 ' I I A Vs f' 4 ' ' f , O CI if Lf! 5 To N 1 1 ku I 9? 1' fly fl , px 2- E f. ' , YG I K ,H CL it 1 J 45 X U ' 351 Q it K 4 ,f I -If , , f A ,f ' I., , .f cy. 4 Q Special Students Jeanette Fermin Georgina Mack Concha Salazar Margaret E. Smith Adriana L. M. Vidal Post Graduates Marianne Allen Caroline Hansen 62 PHYLLIS JACOBS, Premiemf OLIVA M. SALDANA, Vice-Premienz TERRY ROSENBERGER, Secretary JOYCE PETTAPIECE, Treamrer MRS. ALICE BILLINGS, Advifor SENIORS , COLLEGE li PREPARATORY 'l W LQ Qs. 4, Aw it My Q . Q X I 1 f , i ,f1EE' C ' M EEEEECE Mlllllllll llllleggg --you could call them shadows, for age is their Only difference. They follow the same paths Of their seniors and after their apprenticeship has ended, they too may possess that skillful, magical power. Jana.- ici ,2 1 ' JOAN ALLEN Mountain Lakes, New Jersey ujoanien, our perfect five foot two with eyes of blue . . . likes summer, Army football, orangeade, traveling alone . . . dislikes lima beans, Hunk list . . . for her reading, it's "Unconquered" and for entertainment, "Where's Charley" . . . most impor- tant of all, it's West Point and "Our Very Own". LOUISE BALDWIN Wheeling, West Virginia French Club Il, International Relations Club I. "Lou" is liked by all for her cheerfulness and ability to make you feel good . . . her favorite is Billy Eckstine, especially when he's singing "Laura" . . . here's a girl who will go far and we hope she always has the best. JOAN BONDURANT Greensboro, North Carolina "Shorts" just adores tall boys, parties, and food . . . she's loyal to her own University of North Carolina . . . in the musical world she'll take Frankie Laine and Doris Day . . . but most of all, sheid like to tour Europe on her honeymoon with just lots and lots of clothes. 64 ELSPETH JEAN CALDWELL Manchester, Connecticut International Relations Club Ig Spanish Club I, Medical Assistant Club II, Fire Proctor II. "Betts" favorite subject is Internal Medicine . . . likes ketchup, sings "Looney Tunes" all the time except Wednesdays . . . people who always have a cheery "good morning" are drips . . . dreams of spending six months in the British Isles before marriage. PHYLLIS ANN CHURCH Washington, District of Columbia Sewing Club Ig Art Club II, Home Economics Club Ilg Ski Club II. "Phyl", always calm and sedate, with an easy, soft voice . . . has a variety of interests, including Psychology, sports, dancing, and Buddy . . . those black Mondays and getting up early in the mornings are too much for "Phyl" . . . but if Perry Como is singing, it's O.K .... would like to hear the bells of matrimony ring for her in the near future. PATRICIA CULLEN Rockville Center, New York "Pat" is a domestic soul . . . the kind of girl who would look swell in a gingham apron . . . when she isn't thinking up a super new recipe, she is either dancing, playing tennis or golf . . . or maybe just thinking about St. Bonaventure and George . . . we know she'll go far with her cheery disposition. 65 ALBA CECELIA CUADRADO Bogota, Columbia Spanish Club II. Little "Acey", always cheerful, with a delightful Latin-American accent . . . fond of horses, likes reading, Tony Martin, "South Pacific" swimming and Princeton . . . ambition is to make others happy. MARIA VIRGINIA CUADRADO Bogota, Columbia Art Club Hg Spanish Club II. "Deecy,' is as sweet as her almost twin sister "Acey', . . . likes sports in general, "South Pacific", "Hamlet,', "Dante", and West Point . . . among her dislikes are onions . . . our little "Deecy'l wishes to live and let live. BARBARA DANSKY Brooklyn, New York Literary Magazine. "Bobbie" has a strange liking for history, but not overwork . . . he-re's a girl who likes time out to be with people . . . and people enjoy beingnwith her . . . "Bobbie', could read Emerson all day and still be as fresh as a daisy . . . her hobby? men, of course . . . with her beauty-" 'tis folly to be wise!" 66 DOROTHY DORFMAN Gloversville, New York French Club II, sktren Book staff. ' Sweet, likeable "true bluen "D d " , ee y , who knows how to be a real friend . . doesn't like conceited, unfaithful, and insincere people . . . adores music, sports . . . in her spare time "Deedy', collects philosophical sayings and guides . . . domesticity for her. CLEORA ELDER Maplewood, New jersey Assistant Editor of Laureate, Spanish Club II, Boot and Spur Ilg Art Club I' Int tions Club Ilg SKETCH Book S E- ' ' , ernational Rela- ta , Religion Club. Tiny "Cle' loves those long talks with true friends over black coffee . . . dislikes those 10:30 bells, liver, and running the vacuum cleaner . . . could happily curl up with "War and Peace" or R. W. Emerson with the background music by James Melton . . . aspires to "Red Kitchen Curtains". FAITH FENWICK Bridgeport, Connecticut Sewing Club II' I ' ' , nternatronal Relations Club Ig Ski Club Ig SKETCH BOOK Staff. Faith loves those weekends at West Point . . . loathes potatoes and anyone reading over her shoulder . . . her favorites are "Summer Stocku, "Goodnight Irene", a juicy steak, and skiing . . . her hobby? writing that nightly letter. 67 ' , , KATHERINE LEE FORMAN Middlebury, Connecticut Camera Club I, IIg Sewing Club II. - "Kay" with her unassuming air and quiet manner is liked by all . . . but she doesn't like people who slam doors and "Gosh, those 8:30 classes" . . . "House Divided" makes interesting reading for her, and "South Pacific" is good for music . . . Ben Ames Williams writes to Kay's liking . . . she enjoys sailing, but mostly, give her the good old summer time. PHYLLIS JACOBS Norwich, Connecticut International Relations Club I, Ilg Spanish Club I, Daisy Chaing Senior Class President, SKETCH BooK Staff. "Phyl" is a girl who is truthfully worth more than her weight in gold . . . tiny, studious, except where themes are concerned . . . "You Wonderful You", combined with Washington University and "The Little Prince" are the main interests in her life . . . her aspiration in life is to see the bluegrass of Kentucky. PHYLLIS LONG Douglaston, New York Assistant Editor of SKETCH BOOKg Literary Magazine. "Phyl" is a girl with loads of ambition, and plenty of talent to go with it . . . penchant for writing English themes . . . "The Little Prince", and "Macbeth" interest her, along with reading Somerset Maugham . . . here's luck in your future job of teach- ing, but with your knack of getting things done, you won't need it. 68 PATRICIA LUSK A Binghamton, New York ,"Mickey's', always a friend in need, very helpful, a smile and a good word for all, and she loves company . . . also likes horseback riding . . . would like to take a "Senti- mental Journey" but can't because she's a good Bridge partner . . . does not like fire drills . . . Pat's ambition, Laboratory Technician. ANNA LORAINE MCGLONE Lexington, Kentucky Athletic Association Representative II, Review Editor Literary Supplement Hg Student Council Representative, Daisy Chain, SKETCH BOOK Staff II, International Relations Club I, II. "Gigie" with -the light brown hair, bright brown eyes, and freckles that seem to laugh . like music . . . has a potent aversion to pineapple . . . never minds rushing to History or Correctives . . . wherever and whenever there are people, "Gig's', happy . . . if Thomas Wolf wrote it, or Richard Kullman sings it, it's good . . . "It's a foul day for the races". CYNTHIA MARX , Brooklyn, New York French Club I, Literary Clubg SKETCH BOOK Staff II. "Cynnie", whose "peaches and cream" complexion is the envy of every girl . . . loves golf . . . we think it's West Point "For You" . . . such a friendly girl naturally likes friendly people . . . hates cleaning her room . . . aspires to the career of kinder- garten teaching. 69 NANCY ADDISON MATHEWS Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Nancy says clothes, Yale and "Finnigan's Rainbowl' are nice liver and crew haircuts are just out of date with her . . . with her charming disposition we know"her aspiration of bein a t I ' D ' g op nterior ecorator will work out fine. EULA METZGER Interlaken, New Jersey Boot and Spur Ig International Relations I, Home Economics I, II, SKETCH BOOK Stall. "Dooli" will lend an interested ear to any problem . . . and she usually has a good solution . . . attractive and very pretty, with an unusual sense of humor . . . the University of Virginia is a swell place for a terrific weekend . . . her ambition is to be an excellent dancer. International Relations Club I, Ilg F JUDITH KAY MILLER Reading, Pennsylvania ire Proctor, Athletic Association, Dramatics 1. "Judy", a real friend, favors Geometry, golf, but no cats, please . . . homework, and a day without mail don't mix . . . "I know My Love" Tony Martin and Wes P ' , t oint are all fascinating subjects for discourse . . . her aspiration is to meet a certain football player. 70 ARLENE NEWMAN Putnam County, New York Latin Club Ig Golf Varsity I, Ilg International Relations Club Ig Ski Club I. "Lene", whose kind and thoughtful ways will always make friends for her . . . likes shoes, Club Mystic, and Club Skylark . . . a country-loving girl who canlt stand the Subway rush hour, broken promises and people who are always late . . . aspires to being a successful business woman. ELAINE ANN OSBORNE Brookville, Pennsylvania Boot and Spur Club II. "Mitzi" loves typing, ice skating and golf, and perhaps a little apple pie a la mode on the side . . . a wonderful girl, who is a friend to everyone . . . enjoys reading the "Student Prince" and visiting Penn State . . . "There's No Business Like Show Business". JOAN OSIAS Brooklyn, New York Happiness to spare and willingly shared . . . "Happy Time" Harvard, and Heming- way are favored . . . "Jon can't help smiling . . . Tony Martin singing "La Vie En Rose" makes those brown eyes sparkle . . . "Isn't It just Wonderful?" . 1: 7 1 JOYCE PETTAPIECE Portland, Maine ' Art Club Ig Sewing Club Ig Ski Club Ig Boot and Spur Ig International Relations Club Ig Treasurer of Senior Class. "Brownie", cute, vivacious, and very fond of sports . . . Joyce fully believes in "Theres no place like home" . . . very talented at painting and dancing . . . those letters to Brown University are important . . . a career in Art is for her. SHEILA RUTH ROSENBAUM Forest Hills, New York Home Economics Club Ig Spanish Club II. "Teddies" favorite subject is English, but among her other likes are Columbia "cat sessionsv, and good movies . . . she'd like nothing better than to relax in a hot tub, reading "Never Love A Stranger" and listening to Tony Martin sing "My Foolish Heart." 5 JOAN TERRY ROSENBERGER Birmingham, Alabama Secretary of Senior Classg Golf Club Ig International Relations Club I. This is "sure 'nuff' the sweetest lill rebel we know . . . and there are only about a million boys who will agree with us . . . "Terry's,' infectious laugh is as constant as her good humor . . . "study hall was meant originally for phone calls" . . . likes red fuzzy boots and plenty of mail . . . "My Destiny", and "Jet" sends her dreamy eyed to think of . . . "things". 72 OLIVA SALDANA El Salvador, Centrali America Vice-President of Senior Class, President of Spanish Club Il, Fire Proctor ll. Our very own1'Olly,',ipetite, quick-witted, loves getting letters from her boyfriend long trips babies and cats ' , . . . is agreeable to Pedros Vargas, and Cornell . . . but hates being so very far away from home. 'CLARA BARCLAY THOMAS Washington, District of Columbia Camera Club llg Ski Club llg Boot and Spur Ilg International Relations Club ll, The Colonel's daughter, our own "Ginger", likes boys, neat rooms, horses aero- planes. .dislik h ' 7 . es omework with a passion . . . would love to own a Palomino mare, be an air hostess or a model. CAROL THOMPSON Newburg, New York How those "Yalies" love Carol's wide brown eyes and blythe giggle . . . we like 'em too . . . although she's the life of the party she has domestic tend ' d , encies an someday would like to have a chance to display them. 75 , I .ij CYNTHIA ANN TRIGG Dallas, Texas French Club IIg Golf Club IIg Parapsychology, Club II. . , I , A "Trig", one of our important Texans very musical and appreciates Dixiel d . . . an jazz . . . those "Eyes of Texas" are upon an immediate conclusion of High Schooland a d f l ' won er u time in college . . . with her personality and quick-wittedness we know she'll do well in any field. NAN WALKER Dallas, Texas Sewing Club II. A beautiful smile and a sparkling personality will always mean "Nan" "Night And Day", and Princeton make her happy . . . likes swimming, tennis, and sketching . . . vivacious, expressive little "Nan, " b' ' ' thing else . . . lucky guy! s am ition IS to have her last name changed to some- LAURIE WIEDERSUM East Williston, New York Ifaureate Art Editorg SKETCH BOOK St ff A Cl b II a g rt u g French Club President IIg International Rela- tions Club II, Secretary of junior Class. Our own "Spartan" is truly a wonderful girl. . . usually reserved and quiet, but that's only one side of her versatile nature . . . intensely interested in art . . . we're sure we will be admiring her miniatures in a few years . . . reading Shakespeare on the train to the "Mount' is her most pleasant occupation. 74 . WAN X fA bi X X 7 N 1 I X .. 1 Y .s - jk fi 1' I N J f f M M5 IQ M! IIM .E S2 5 , iff: 5 J X 1 5 . Mo lHIlmUf0IK! Xi Lv, ' . v 4 PHYLLIS LONG . V 'I YH" f Gr w "f . -J w xx u Mon Alblelzc f , . W F NAN WALKER . f 21 ,, It V Mort Likely to Succeed X 2 . ARLENE NEWMAN ' f f,12?i': 9 1 N ' Q , ,Y A N gx 3 , N , wg fy- ,. , , A M A N ff? S - 'T' gi K ' 5, 4 M fizfi ll Q f ' WWII A Jg 4ZZ25 1 ci, 'X AZ! X -lil xx , 127-M Qs : 'N ,, NM' XMI.: WE , h 4-- -Y-,X YYY . Q F- A .. - ,QQ - J - , ,, A PW jgpfv' Q ' s n 2,5 'J 1 H130 I J .A Q 5 f l S a Ma 15 R Y J ri ffff A- I 2 gli M051 Inlelligenl Zfglfff X h 53,5 ' " ?7? . i ' , , in fd YFORAINE' MCGLONE! Moi! Popular sg V- 'X Q PHYLLIS JACOBS X F1 1' .-"--. f x V Zig ? fum, X x I 75 f-X J Nix xy l f X 'tl , f ff- 'F f'mXl' J 1' X l NW X. X Nw .S lb .X lx A E X XQIK Q- l X N JUDITH G1BsoN, Pretidem fs Al SHEILA CAREY, Vice-Premiem ' 4 E . MARJORIE ROWE, Sewemry Q5-'wx V Alf? TVA -X MILDRED MoTToLEsE, T reaxmer 4 J l X MRS. ELAINE D. POWNALL, Advimf . , ll K Y JuNloRs Ji 31 cu LTu RAL AND f f ' QP 3 PRACTICAL ARTS 1 f t ,, A W 9 ll , g J t !i I ' V ' 9? " l fl ,271 YW l ef .3 l XM t Wt x My 'wfw w?JX fixgq 5 f If Q E 6:1 QQ ,mitmmmliltl 4 l t M o M llzqfll ,W Q f l l Q WW A ll 1 si 73 2 7, . fl M S93-. 12 fl X E N ll nn -, fmxli, mkgv' n,, X K I t o sew M 1 Jru V - - -A ' ..f.xJ1--wp,M,,l,,.,MUw I xi nw- X Y' 'dx 1NMM"'J'Q'j Ll" ffA,'11l::: A Xl These are the lost children. A difficult stage of childhood-they are just in between, yet very close to their goals-their efforts are acknowledged now and the lost children in reward, will soon be found. Sheila Abugov Barbara Baer Beverly Bergere Kinta Bousquet Leila Alderson Florence Balkin Karen Berry Dolly Bouwens Fredrica Allan june Bartlett Marcia Blankarn Inez Bove 77 -Q Shirley Andrew june Beach Barbara Bossa Edith Bowen Mary Bowen. Rosa Charni Barbara Delaney Olive Dove Patricia Brand Mary Sheila Carey Virginia Curley Rhoda Dambeck Delores DelVecchio Barbara Dempsey Judith Dover Maureen Dover 9 . - ' 725' ,- 'tiiri' .2If,::wQ2a':' ,. V B . my 78 Q? Q KM? si jane Cartwright Nancy Dc-:jon Darya Donald Dorothy Drew 73 . .. , Gi We ,JV :EZ - . ' ' I . . f 4- - ,riff - Jus I Lp! "',. xi Y 4- Q 7, 1 " at K fig! ly xi: . 1 , . ' 'K A" fx ft, K W ybkk .v ' A, v YJ uv x -A . . 3 X :L I - I sl 5 xxx ix l X 1 , ' ,' . x. - X V. 5 . X ' A 1' X . f' "lf-.. 1 . fl ,VX -' ' W .. ' ' u - L XM l X 1, 4 KJV l 5 ' 1 ' ' ll v I A ' X' n X- 1 Q I J V1 , 15- 1 , 7,fm'fLwf Sf f 7 F, : ,E .I z 35534 'X - ,. A f my -ff-4 gf f flaw Joyce Drinkwine Patricia Faust Beverly Fuhr Judith Gibson Virginia Durland Ann Dworkin Sarah Fawcett Cynthia Finethy Betty Gans Barbara Gehrmann Norma Gil Sylvia Green 79 312 SQ Ye is 3 la: t' Carol Eaton Joan Fletcher Mary Geordan Bonita Griswold li lgL, ,, L Nanci Gruner Joan Harrington jean Henderson Patricia Hern Rona Hesse Lorraine Hochstrate Sally Houghton Anita Keim Phyllis Keith Priscilla Keith Mary Ann King Eleanor Kokol jean Kuchenmeister Judith Leach Mary Lefevre joan Lewis 80 Wif e 9 , t 4, , at wx 21 if it if agagw 1 'Mg"5:- H ,K a, aw my 15V 5 it W x ta. Barbara Libby Gloria Longoria Leigh McDonald Berry Sue Mearns J., 'li' H -fax Qlv ,si , J - f zgikfff ff Q- W , . ' Q wif' ' ' L Y "?+.afg. :,- 'T 4 vw Us , , l NA! 434' Jean Livi Elizabeth Livingston Betty Keith Luke Patricia Lynch Patricia McQuacle Vilma Martinez Mary Jane Meclicus Bertha B. Medina 81 Nadene Logan Jacqueline McAlpin Mary Lou Mathewson Naanne Mellen A ,z 1 1:-f emit ,ldkv 0 I 5 ' " ' Y A ,LA4 -. ,V-1 ,419-1' I ..f'n- at My V C,-3' ffl' , i ,gba-41' X414 ,Wu ,I ,f fywwt, . 1,,.. ,janv jeMa-4 ?f,,,f,,Q,,,.,,,Z l' ,,.yt,,,,,,,,,,1 fyfub f ff' R, 4 if , ,A ff ' gi j7,gv.,f"5Z ,,A,d4i4.,lff4"" 'LK' fc, ' 1104.41 . r ,fi-f r ' lr, 5 'I V A Q. fy I ' ff ,.a,,,-nt., ae-an S-fu .,., Ll l"AL"" I K .,A--.zu 1.1 .,.fCf"Zar-CQ if I Q, Janet Miller Mildred Mottolese Ruth Murphy Helen Naill V JAf"ff" f' Mary Neglia Kathryn Nicklas Pepita Ospina Nancy Persing I , 3, a,6zf' W7 'WJ ' Marilou Pierson Sonja Piyaoui Martha Pratt Patricia Quenelle 42, 19 i 5 'E Regina Rasimowicz Carol Rice Margaret Ritter Anne Rock A14 5' .,f' U K K, . ,VL 33" f,'fC9'45i f 'ff ng 'Y I WiFi". f I AY? Lv-il'-M' , of ' 'i 1' , 1 ua ?'15'i"f'l'ii,Ii' " ' 1 ,yfw K, ak 1 1 +0 in l yi 0-if was 4 i I , , -LL: 7,-Q, Yi' sf .U ' -fa:-Q 4 I Vnws.. . Vt R QVC 'M' Lf ff , K . 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K 'RW jg wx Q. irll-R-JJJM RUTH NYBORG, Prefidem i SHIRLEY SCHMID, Vice-Premienr 'ix , NERMA KATZ, Secretary z" M " MIRA TAGER, Treamref' MRS. LOUISE WAGNER, Advifor J 'N lx fi' f ily' ', I Ju lolzs Q Xxx fly' fl coLLEGE X V' W fm- f 4 ' gm i PREPARATCDRY X Wm fi ff ,. A A - 1 , M , , Wffxx XT- ai X 'H+ X Yi ' it ' l "A.',fQ-J, .VjjgQ"QrQTf'1' :fe-K ll X -X, rl- i 'il ' if " 'Q r la me X .. px I H 'if' - --IQV 2-x:v,'ll,,--X Ax an-gy-S -I riiig-if-uf vig - X " we r, Q 5 'Mm' w?-.511 , ..,..,Mk M , .fun ., ,H i X nm 7m1,.J.,,hl,JH M lwmliwmiqx KE- ,..,-..-- ,db-A. ,,----md!-r --vf.1"":A" Q i The Youngest-they are always loved the most and cannot be overlooked by elders nor by ferocious but patient pirates-these are children that belong forever and will never, never, grow old to Peter Pan. F 4 Gil? Q Eleanor Anderson Patricia Craig Barbara Katz Hariette Klevansky Evelyn Benz Elsa Daspin Nerma Katz Mary K. Krebs Carol Ann Bibbo Evelyn Bruni Helen Fulgency Dina Goldstricker Claire Kinsler Mary Ann Kircholl Georgine Leeder Carol Lyke 88 Barbara MacQueen Drucilla Marshall Virginia Metcalf Diane Nuzzaco Ruth Nyborg Phoebe Pappas Elina Petrelluzzi Paula Riccardi Sandra Schambach Shirley Schmid Mary Ann Short Arleen Siegel Sandra Sourherlancl Mira Belle Tager Lois Terwilliger Merelarm Weisberg 89 June Wetzel Gay Williams 90 I95l Skfetch Book Staff Blandina Babcock ....... Phyllis Long ....,.,........ Nancy Bassett ......,........ Marie Therese Marsh .... Helen Thwaites ..,....., Barbara Denison ........ Elizabeth Iskyan ......, ART STAFF Mercedes Vidal Virginia Du Bosque Lorelei Frost Eula Metzger BUSINESS STAFF Martha Thropp Kathleen Hohl Patricia Firsching ADVERTISING STAFF Marilyn Llewellyn Arlene Newman Dorothy Dorfman Editor-in-Chief Arfirtanl Editor Bafineyr Manager .. ...........,..,....,... Adrfifor Advrror ....,. Adrxerfirirrg Manager Ar! Editor LITERARY STAFF Loraine McG1one Laurie Wiedersum Phyllis Jacobs Barbara Kathan Carolyn Theisz Cynthia Marx Electa Salzrnann Faith Fenwick Gloria Longoria Marjorie Simpson Cleora Elder PHOTOGRAPHY Patricia Craig THE CHILDRENS ESCAPE C63 A L 3 :xi-. QZBXQJ x A? J WX l .f ,. fx- f SQA JMD! A EW AQQ. D 9 Q i fax STUDENT COUNCIL Joan Ramsbotrom, Prericienl Mary Chapman, Vice-Prefident Sally Malletr, Secretary Margery Foster, Treamfer Barbara Gehrmann, junior Claw Reprefentatioe A. Loraine McGlone, High School Reprerenmtioe Mary Ann Hiler, Senior Reprefentazioe at Large Mrs. Harriett Reaser Sowell, Adoifor 92 House Presidents FIRST TERM Marianne Allen Shirley Shaub Joan Allen Mary Chapman Margaret Marvel Patricia Firsching Patricia King Marjorie Simpson Mary Ann Hiler Kaye Hohl 93 Merchandising C Club Mary O'Riorclan Prerident Ellen Sams Vice-Prericienl Mary Lou Hicks Secretary Daphne Tenny Treasurer Beverly Fuhr, Jr. Reprerentalive Miss Frances Christy Miss Julia d'Ambrosi Advisory Sewing Club Jeanne Patterson Prerialent Vilma Bursnick Vice-Prefiflen! Joan Allen Se crelary-Treasurer Miss Helen Bowman Advisor Kindergarten Club Marjorie Simpson President Frances Woodings Vice-President Cynthia F inethy Secretary Nancy Persing Treayzrrer Miss Margaret O'Brien Ariviror Art Club Elizabeth Ann Iskyan Preficient Virginia DuBosque Vice-Preficienl Eula Metzger Secretary-Trearmfer Mrs. Murray Thwaites Acivifor Lens and Shutter Club Jeanne Lane Pfeficienl jean Henderson Vice-Prefideni Darya Donald Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Arthur Goss Adwifor Fire Proctors Athletic Council Blandina Babcock President Judith Gibson Vice-Preriderit Frances Woodings Secretary-Treafarer Eleanor Jennings Seriior Reprereritalirfe Marjorie Rowe jariior Reprereriiatirfe A. Loraine McGlone High School Repreferitaiirfe Miss Irene Reid Aafvifor 96 Boot and Spur Club janet Miller Prefioierit Patricia Knights Vice-Prerideril ' Sheila Abugov Secretary Beverly Fuhr Treafarer Miss Florence Milliken Aalvifor Varsity Tennis Marjorie Rowe Captain Miss Florence Milliken Mr. Shannon Wallace Adrriforr Golf Mr. Arthur Goss Aalffifor Ski Club Ann Welch Prefidenl Blandina Babcock Vice-Prefident joan Ramsbottom Secretary Daphne Tenny Treafmfer Miss Florence Milliken Mr. Shannon Wallace Advirom Senior Life Saving Patrol Religious Club Gracelise Horak President Frances Woodings Vice-Prerident Elvira Lindernann Secretary Dorothy Harris Treafurer Mrs. Otto Houser Aoivixor Stamp Club Miss Lillian Ellis Aclvifor Glee Club Sally Mallett Preficienl Jane Russell Vice-Preyidenf Alice Anne Terry Secretary-Treafurer Miss Elizabeth Mead Director Interior Decoration Club Charlotte Knapp President Mercedes Salazar Vice-Pifefioieni Rita Grimm S e cifelmfy-Treafmfer Miss jean Hayes Advifoif Medical Assistant Association Marilyn Llewellyn President Caroline Phelps Vice-Pifefialent Gertrude Giles Secretary Patricia Saunders Trearwer Miss Eileen McGuire Aoivifor Home Economics Club Eleanor Jennings Prefiafent Audrey Larson Vice-Prefialent Helen Naill Secretary Sheila Abugov Treafmfer Dr. Charlotte Rogers Advifor Parapsychology Miss Lillian Ellis Adrfiror Dramatic Club Elizabeth Ann Iskyan President Daphne Termy Vice-Prefident Alice Anne Terry Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Marion Clark Advisor Secretarial Club Ethel Fleury President jean Henderson Vice-President Mary Lou Marhewson Secretary Joanne Dunham Treasurer Mrs. Bernadette Fitzgerald Miss Bernardine MCCruclden Acivirorr Spanish Club Oliva Saldana Prerident Diane Macom Vice-Prefident Dolly Bouwens Secretary-Trearnrer Mrs. Louise Wagner Miss Marna Graves Adniforf Medical Assistant Association JUN1oRs The Laureate Renee Brown Editor Cleora Elder Axfiftant Editor Laurie Wiedersum Art Editor Lorelei Frost Barinefr Manager Marie O'Riordan Circulation Manager Mrs. Mary Virginia Bowman Adoifor French Club Laurie Wiedersum Preridenl Beatrice Medina Vice-Prefident Dorothy Dorffrnan Secretary-Trearurer Mrs. Marie Therese Marsh Aaivifor Edgenotes Miss Elizabeth Mead Direclor FIRST TEAM Blandina Babcock C aplain Mary Bowen Judith Gibson Jean Kuchenrneister Mary Lou Mathewson Judith Miller Joan Ramsbottom Marjorie Rowe SQUAD Jacquelyn McAlpine Barbara Rosenfeld Suzanne Schmid Frances Woodings Basketball SECOND TEAM Eleanor Jennings Captain Sheila Abugov Barbara Denison Jean Eckles Margery Foster Leah Knights Edith Schultz Cynthia Sylvia Marianne Allen, Scorer Ruth Nyborg, Timekeeper Miss Milliken, Coach 103 All Sorts of Adventures 104 N l 105 106 Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CCJMPANY OF OSSINING OSSINING, N. Y. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Patrons of the I95l Sketch Book Mr. Phil Abugov Mr. Harry A. Allan Anna R. Allen William C. Anderson Mr. 81 Mrs. J. L. Andrew George W. Babcock Mr. 81 Mrs. Albert Bassett Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Stanley Baker Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward J. Beach Frank Benz Mr. Charles A. Berns Gene Berry Henry T. Bibbo Mr. 81 Mrs. Oliver D. Bowen Mrs. Gordon T. Burrows Dr. 81 Mrs. D. M. Caldwell Rafael Chami Villamil Mrs. Harden Church Mr. 81 Mrs. Everett A. Condon Mr. 81 Mrs. J. L. Craig Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry J. Cullen Dr. 81 Mrs. M. M. Dansky Mrs. K. Daspin Anne DeCamp Mr. 81 Mrs. Arthur E. Dejon Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert J. DeLaney Frank Del Vecchio Mr. 81 Mrs. Clark H. Denison Mr. 81 Mrs. G. W. Dove Mr. P. F. Dover Raymond W. Drinkwine Mrs. Francis L. Du Bosque Mrs. H. Raymond Dunham T. Gabriel Duque Bob L. Eckstein Mr. 81 Mrs. Henry S. Edler Mr. Austin Faust Mr. 81 Mrs. Arnold M. Fenwick Albert F. Finethy Mr. 81 Mrs. J. A. Firsching, jr. Mrs. Margaret B. Fletcher Mr. 81 Mrs. W. W. Forman 'QA Friend" George E. Gans Telephone: Ossining 2-0302 WILLIAM I. YATES REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE I5 CROTON AVE. Ossininq, N. Y. Compliments Of Jack 6' CharIie's 21 Bert Kennedy, Pres. 21 West 52nd St. GLOVECRAFT, INC. New York 19, N. Y. Johnstown, N. Y. Eldorado 5-6500 Fred A. Gehrmann Mr. 8: Mrs. Jerry Gorga Mr. Morris Granowitz Thos. F. Grimm Dr. 8: Mrs. R. Arnold Griswold Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Hansen Harnik Brothers Mr. 8: Mrs. John S. Harrington, Hedda's Shop James G. Hern Sally J. Hewes Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin J. Hicks Mr. Carl Horstmann Mr. E. F. Houghton Mrs. Hazel Iskyan Mr. 8: Mrs. John Jacobs Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Becker Jamieson Mr. Chester C. Jennings Dr. Norman D. Kathan Max Katz Mr. 8: Mrs. John Dudley Keith Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. King Mrs. Herman Kinsler H. Carl Kirchhoii Marcia Louise Kitzmiller J Mr. 8: Mrs. Leon Klevansky Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Douglas Knapp Mr. 8: Mrs. J. R. Knights Col. 8: Mrs. Albert L. Lane Francis J. Lefevre Mr. Carl F. Libby Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Lock Mr. 8: Mrs. Frederick A. Long O. L. Longoria Mr. 8: Mrs. William D. Luke Mrs. Charlotte Lusk Dr. J. Morgan Macom Mrs. Mary B. Matthews McAlpines Grocery E. Q. McGlone Mr. 8: Mrs. J. T. McQuade Carol Mead Lee Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel P. Metzger, Jr Geo. A. Mellen Elliott H. Metcalf, M.D. Mr. 8: Mrs. Sidney Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. N. J. Mottolese Mr. 8: Mrs. Guy M. Munroe Dr. 8: Mrs. Thomas B. Murphy William Y. Naill N ELSON D. THOMSON Compliments Artists' Materials of the Picture Framing COIN METERED SERVICES PRINTS Briarcliff Manor New York 171 Grand Street White Plains, Tel. W. P. 9-4885 N.Y MORAN REGISTER PRESS PRINTING I64 Spring Street Ossining, N. Y. Telephone: Ossining 2-3l 50 Morris Newman Mr. 8: Mrs. George L. Nyborg Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip A. Olfen Mr. 8: Mrs. Herbert A. Osborne Bernardo Ospina Edwin B. Patterson Mr. 8: Mrs. George Patterson, Sr. Mr. P. K. Pappas The Persing's Mr. 8: Mrs. J. W. Pierson Mr. 8: Mrs. W. B. Pinney Dr. 8: Mrs. Robert L. Pollard Mr. 8: Mrs. Wyman G. Pratt Charles C. Quenelle Mrs. Charles E. Rock Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Rosenbaum Col. 8: Mrs. J. D. Rosenberger, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Julian Rowe Arturo E. Saldana Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Salzmann Mr. 8: Mrs. H. A. Saunders Dr. 8: Mrs. Carl H. Scholermann Mrs. Mary Schossler Jacob Schulman Mr. 8: Mrs. John J. Selkis Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin P. Shulkin Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Milton Simpson Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald S. Smith E. W. Spafford Col. 8: Mrs. A. W. Stuart Mr. 8: Mrs. L. R. Sturn Mr. Frank F. Sylvia Walter I. Tenney Col. 8: Mrs. Richard G. Thomas john E. Ungvarsky Harold S. Van Sise Luis Felipe Vidal Arthur W. von Deilen, M.D. William Vuotto Mr. 8: Mrs. George H. Waddell W. E. Walker Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward F. Wallin W. A. Waterhouse Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin A. Wells Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. M. Wetzel Mr. 8: Mrs. Alan Wiedersum Mr. 8: Mrs. Edgar M. Wilcox, jr Mrs. Lucille Willets Mr. 8: Mrs. Lester Young COMPLIMENTS of AUNT DEEN and UNCLE ELLIOT Copley Slips Bergstein Undergarment Co., Inc. 32 East 31st St. NEW YORK 16, N. Y. "SURPRISE" BRASSIERE The Uplift That Stays Up! 102 Madison Ave. New York City DIRECTORY Administration, Faculty and Staff Mr. and Mrs. Oscar N. Barber Donavin Apartments, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mrs. Bertha Bay Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Olive Berglund 142 Belaire Street, Brockton, Mass. Alice W. Billings Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Mrs. Helen L. Bowman 128 East Locust Street, Lebanon, Pa. Miss Mary Virginia Bowman 334 North 25th Street, Camp Hill, Mrs. Pa. Miss Norma M. Carlson 81 School Street, Concord, N. H. Miss Frances Ann Christy R.D. 2, Sharon, Pa. Mrs. Marion Clark 24 Church Street, Pittsford, N. Y. Dr. Helen M. Crocker Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mrs. Helen Dal-ret Thwaites Side-O-Sea, Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. Miss Julia d'Ambrosi 21 South Grandview Avenue, Pittsburgh 5, Pa. CR. 455 Mr. Edward Delaney Donavin Apartments, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Donna Durin 21172 Maplewood Avenue, Rocky River 16, Ohio CR. 245 Miss Lillian Ellis Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Lucy Eveleth 313 Essex Street, Salem, Mass. Mr. Arthur Goss Pierson Gardens, Ossining, N. Y. Miss Martha Marna Graves Knollwood Road, Woodmont Estates, Nashville, Tenn. cfo Mrs. Sam Kirkpatrick Miss Dorothy Greig Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mrs. Grace Halpin Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Marcelle Harrigan Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Lillian H. Hart Box 123, Elizabethtown, Ky. Mrs. Winifred Hasselbauer 104 Tompkins Avenue, Pleasantville, N. Y. Miss jean Hays 305 Chestnut Street, Sewickley, Pa. CR. 315 Dr. and Mrs. Otto Houser Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Dr. Velma Huntley Lake Elmore, Vt. Mrs. Ruth james cfo Naval Preflight School, N.A.S., Pensacola, Fla Mrs. J. C. W. Manthorp Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, Miss Katherine McCone 12 Pratt Street, Norwich, Miss Bernardine McCrudden , N . Y Conn 18 Frederick Street, Providence, R. I Miss Helen Marks Lakeville, Eileen McGuire 141-24 Hoover Avenue, Jamaica, L. I., Miss Marie Therese Marsh 1795 Cottage Court, Huntington Station, L. I., Elizabeth Mead 1543 South Park Street, Red Wing, Mrs. Miss Florence Milliken 530 Rhode Island Street, Buffalo 13, Margaret O'Brien 15 Gifford Street, Tuckahoe, Theresa OiBrien Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, Miss Miss Miss Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pownall Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, Mrs. Mae Renning 234 Greenway Terrace, River Edge, Miss Irene Ried Conn N. Y N. Y Minn N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. I 6 East Landing Street, Lumberton, N. I Dr. E. Charlotte Rogers 80 Asylum Street, Norwich, Edward Fitzgerald Horsechestnut Rd., Briarcliff Manor, Mrs. Mr. Grant M. Smith 116-10 95 Avenue, Richmond Hill 19, Harriett R. Sowell Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, Mrs. Mrs. Geoffrey Steele Quaker Street, Chappaqua, Mrs. Fred Van Etten 3 Overton Road, Ossining, Mrs. Louise Wagner 20 Avon Place, Amityville, L. I., Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Wallace Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, Mrs. Margaret Warner Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, Miss Ann Wolf Edgewood Park, Briarcliff Manor, Miss Gwen Worthington 37 Poningo Street, Port Chester, Miss Mecleta Ziebach Lake George, 114 Conn N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. Compliments of THE DUTCH TEA ROOM Abugov, Shelia 331 Cumberland St., Cornwall, Ontario, Canada Adams, Ann Montague 79 Catherine Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Alderson, Lelia-Jane 4 Rockwell Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. Allan, Frederica Marie 58 Oakwood St., Albany 3, N. Y. Allan, Joan Point View Pl., Mountain Lakes, N. J. Allen, Mariann 204 W. State St., Wellsville, N. Y. Anderson, Eleanor 27 Remsen St., Williston Park, N. Y. Anderson, Marilyn L. 220-31 Hartland Ave., Queens Village, N. Y. Andrew, Shirley Jean 5922 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, Texas Babcock, Blandina 202 Crescent Ave., Louisville, Ky. Baer, Barbara 4917 Pershing Ave., St. Louis 8, Mo. Baker, Barbara Ann 704 Gilmarys Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. Baldwin, Louise H. Hawthorne Ct., Wheeling, W. Va. Balkin, Florence 12 Colliston Rd., Brighton, Mass. Bange, Elizabeth H. 29 Forest Ave., Ossining, N. Y. Bartlett, June cfo Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Marsh, Park Ave., Morristown, N. J. Bassett, Nancy Mae 66 Oakland Rd., Southington, Conn. Beach, June Carol 124 Brite Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. Benz, Evelyn Linden House, Greenwood Lake, Bergere, Beverly-Ann N. Y. 109 Roanoke Ave., Fairfield, Conn. Berry, Karen Elodie 3100 Caruth Blvd., Dallas 5, Texas Bibbo, Carol Ann 19 Vernon Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Blankarn, Marcia River Rd., Rumson, N. J. Bondurant, Joan 302 Isabel St., Greensboro, N. C. Bossa, Barbara L. 50 Harbor View Ave., South Norwalk, Bousquet, Kinta Ann Conn. 3981 Del Monte Dr., Houston 19, Texas Bouwens, Dolly E. Beatrixland 8, Curacao, N. W. I. Bove, Inez Elena 12 Archer Dr., Bronxville, N. Y. Bowen, Edith Elizabeth Eastford, Conn. Bowen, Mary Whitney 742 Rock St., Fall River, Mass. Bowers, Betsy L. Latch Rd., Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. an.. . Student Body Brand, Patricia Terri 1618 Seymour Ave., Laredo, Texas Brown, Renee Claire 4755 White Plains Rd., New York 66, N. Y. Bruni, Evelyn Marcella 1815 Market St., Laredo, Texas Burrows, Jane 665 Westchester Way, Birmingham, Mich. Bursnick, Vilma Ann 526 Main St., Simpson, Penna. Caldwell, Elspeth Jean 11 Richard Rd., Manchester, Conn. Carey, Mary Shelia 607 N. Pearl St., Albany, N. Y. Cartwright, Jane S518 110th St., Richmond Hill 18, N. Y. Chami, Rosa J. Calle 65 if 509 Merida Yucatan, Mexico Chapman, Mary Katherine Broadalbin, N. Y. Church, Betty Lee 141 Francis St., New Britain, Conn. Church, Phyllis Ann 4500 Cathedral Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. Condon, Mary Ellen 85 St. Andrews Pl., Yonkers 5, N. Y. Corcoran, Joan C. 53 B Manor Parkway, Rochester 11, N. Y. Craig, Patricia A. N. Blvd., E. Norwich, L. I., N. Y. Cuadrado, Alba Cecilia Carrera 14A 41-93, Bogota, Colombia, S. A. Cuadrado, Maria V. Carrera 14A 41-93, Bogota, Colombia, S. A. Cullen, Patricia Anne 38 Cedar Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. Curley, Virginia 403 Highland St., Milton 86, Mass. Dambeck, Rhoda Joan 373 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich, Conn. Dansky, Barbara Lee 153 Irwin St., Manhattan Beach, N. Y. Daspin, Elsa M. 459 Beach 131st St., Belle Barbor, L. I., N. Y., Davis, Patricia Dewey 32 Knollwood Ave., Madison, N. J. Dejon, Nancy Mary 356 Yale Ave., New Haven, Conn. DeLaney, Barbara Brand 800 W. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. DelVecchio, Delores Mary 620 Dewitt St., Syracuse, N. Y. Dempsey, Barbara Ruth 12 Hayden Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. 116 xx A IRQ IU IN rf FABRIC SH F35 IIAAMAFIONECK AVENUE ' VUI-IITE PLAINS. N,Y.-d SUBURBAN PLUMBING SUPPLIES Thomas L. McCarthy, Proprietor 27 Main Street, Ossining, N. Y. PIPES, FITTINGS, VALVES, ROOFING SUPPLIES Telephone: Ossining 2-0708 Telephone W. P. 9-9744 W. P. 8-1495 CAPITOL TYPEWRITER CO. SALES-SERVICE--RENTALS-REPAIRS RIBBON-CARBON ond SUPPLIES Courteous Service Alwoys I04 East Post Road White Plains, N. Y. MAGEE'S Service Station Saw Mill River Road Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Phones: Garage, 2814 Res., 2874 GOLDFARB FLOWER SHOP Ossining, N. Y. "America's Largest Florist" for Over a Century jewelers and Stationers ....TO MANY OF THE LEADING COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS IN THE EAST Class rings, pins and em- blems, prizes and trophies for scholastic awards and for athletic competitions. Quality and Service at Reasonable Prices LE. CALDWELL 8: CU. CHESTNUT AND JLINIPER STREETS PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA Harris, Dorothy Ann Denison, Barbara Clark Millerton, N. Y. Donald, Darya Groveton, N. H. Dorfman, Dorothy 44 S. Park Dr., Gloversville, N. Y. Dove, Olive Lloyd Monroe, N. Y. Dover, Judith Paul Ney Rd., Cheshire, Conn. 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Firsching, Patricia Ann 90 Hartford Terrace, New Hartford, N. Y. Fletcher, Joan Marie 95 Kings Hghwy., New Rochelle, N. Y. Fleury, Ethel K. 209-15 Whitehall Terrace, Queens Village, L. I., N. Y. Forman, Katerine Lee South St., Middlebury, Conn. Foster, Margery 96 Church St., Weston 93, Mass. Freid, Leda Renee New Field Ave., Stamford, Conn. Frost, Lorelei Ann 60 Pond St., Milford, Conn. Waverly Ave., Clarks Summit, Pa. Fulgency, Helen Ann The National City Bank of N. Y., The Havana Branch, Havana, Cuba Gans, Betty Bashford Manor, Buechel, Ky. Gehrmann, Barbara Elaine 240 Bunker Ave., Meriden, Conn. Geordan, Mary 224 Porter St., N.E., Warren, Ohio Gil, Norma 67 Condado St., Santurce, Puerto Rico Gibson, Judith 15 Gateway, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Giles, Gertrude Union Springs, N. Y. Goldstricker, Dina 282 E. 3 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Gorga, June Angel 13-20 Jerome Pl., Fair Lawn, N. J. Granowitz, Lois Ruth 11 Lincoln Ave., Greenwich, Conn. Green, Sylvia 443 E. North St., Bethlehem, Pa. 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INC of MERCHANDISING CLUB Ossining, New York "BUS TRANSPORTATION" BORDEN'S A name that has always been a guarantee of quality Milk and Dairy Compliments Products of the MEDICAL ASSISTANTS ASSOCIATION Compliments of KINDERGARTEN CLUB Compliments Of Compliments WERNCO FABRICS CO., Inc. f Textile Converters O 253 Fifth Ave. New York City RAMON I, GIL Compliments of Thread Needle Thimble Club Manufacturers' Representative of Industrial Machinery P. O. Box 8235 Santurce, P. R Complimenfs of jhe STUDENTS of EDGEWOOD PARK Compliments of THE BANK FOR SAVINGS OSSI N I NC' New York Compliments of Compliments of RAND STORES, lnc. George J. Dorfman C1 Co Brooklyn's Largest Dry Cleaners Gloversville, N. Y. 77 Branch Stores Telephone 1800-1-2 Est. 1889 JCSEPH TUNICK AND SONS, INC. Westchester County's Largest Furniture Store FURNITURE - CARPETS 103-105 NORTH MAIN STREET Port Chester, N. Y. F-J-Cavan-Gush Nathan Schweitzer 6' Co., Inc R. C. WILLIAMS 6' COMPANY, INC. POULTRY - MEAT - GAME NEW YORK, N. Y. 509 W. 16th Street, New York City DISTRIBUTORS OF Royal Scarlet Fine Foods Telephone Chelsea 3-3900 Complimen+s of +he CULTURAL and PRACTICAL ARTS IUNIOR CLASS Compliments of Sophomore and Junior Classes of High School HUBBELL HARDWARE CO. Distributors for SUNPROOF - WALLHIDE PAINTS Ossining, N. Y. WASHBURN LEH IGH COAL CORPORATION OLD COMPANY'S LEHIGH 2 MAPLE PLACE WOODSIDE OSSINING, N. Y. BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. Ossining 2-0300 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN ADAMS HENRY, INC. Purveyors of Fresh ond Frozen Fruits ond Vegetables 56-58 HARRISON ST. NEW YORK I3, N. Y. WAIker 5-7724 White Plains 9-41 I2 White Plains 9-756l PATERSON SILK STORES, Inc. Cottons, Woolens, Dress Goods, Cretonnes CIO-Sheens and Curtain Goods Simplicity-McCaII-Vogue-Butterick Patterns SLIP COVERS, UPHOLSTERINC AND DRAPES MADE TO ORDER II5 MAIN STREET WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. Compliments of MILLER ELECTRIC CO. Devon, Conn. Compliments of Marx and Punia Y Compliments of JOHN L. CRAIG East Norwich, Long Island, New York White Ploins 9-4900 DUVERNOY-WESTCHESTER CORP. Best Wishes BAKERS l l4 South Kensico Ave. White PI JACK AARON oins, N. Y. SMITH-MILLER CO. Red Stripe Products PORT CHESTER, N. Y, Compliments of FALK'S The Quality Store Since 1839 l59 Main St. Ossining, N. Y EDHEWIJUD PARK WISHES THE "SKETCH BOOK" success and PROSPERITY Telephone Briarcliff l270 H EN RY'S TAXI Scarborough, N. Y. 7 A. M. to I2 Midnight B DD ' MAR U Y 5 KET JAMES J. BIRRITELLA Fruit Baskets CRElCHTON'S GARAGE Bus. Briarcliff 6-2204 State Road Res. Tarrytown 4-3322 Tel. 2-0999 OSSINING Bfiamllff Manor Compliments Compliments of of N CO. BRIARCLIFF STATIONERY FENWICK CONSTRUCTIO 980 Pembroke St. PLEASANTVILLE RD. BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N. Y. BfidgeP0ff. Conn- Complimenfs of ihe CULTURAL and PRACTICAL ARTS SENIOR CLASS "A Friend of Arlene Newman" Alexander Laufer 6' Son, Inc. 230 Fifth Ave., New York I Compliments of Compliments of TITEFLEX, INC. Newark, New Jersey ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BENTLEY Cr SIMON, INC. 7 West 36th St., New York I8, N. Y. Manufacturers of CHOIR GOWNS, PULPIT ROBES CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS for All Degrees Outfitters to over 3,000 Schools, Colleges ond Churches HORTON'S ICE CREAM Since l85l . . . distinguished for its time tlavors, smooth texture and pure ingreclients. The familiar red, wlwite and blue l'lor'lon's trade-mark means fine ice cream toclay as it did yesterclay- as it will tomorrow ancl tomorrow. Compliments of JULES WEBER. INC. 523 WEST 42ND STREET New York, N. Y. ALLINSON G' GERZOF Attorneys At Law 22 Pine Street Freeport, N. Y. Joseph H. Fisher 22 Pine Street Freeport, N. Y. Vintage Crop COFFEES and Individual TEAS W. WIRT WICKES G' SON, INC 6-s-io GOUVERNEUR LANE NEW YORK 5, N. Y. Telephone Dlgby 4-3468 EDWARD THAYER MONROE are Official Photographer for 1951 Sketch Book fs--wma'--,ff 68 Hartsdale Avenue. Hartsdale. N. Y. Telephone: White Plains 9-4308 ALEX TAYLOR G' CO., INC. "The House That Sport Built" Athletic Outfitters for EDCEWOOD PARK SCHOOL Specialists in all Sports Equipment Athletic Costumes Blazers, Seals and Beanies 1m.o,9 .be 42295 22 East 42nd Street New York 17, N. Y. Compliments of the FRENCH CLUB COMPLIMENTS of the INTERIOR DECORATION CLUB CONGRATULATIONS TO THE C L A S S O F 1 9 5 1 "Little Sweetheart" L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY "KNOWN WHEREVER THERE ARE SCHOOLS AND coLLEOES" Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations-Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia-Medals Cr Trophies 521 Fifth Avenue New York l7, N. Y. FROZEN FOOD LOCKER PLANT Complete Frozen Locker Service Lumber ' Building Materials Painters' Products - Paint ' Fuels Feeds ' Agricultural Chemicals YOUNG Cr HALSTEAD CO. East Main St., Mt. Kisco, New Yorlc Telephone MOunt Kisco 6-4104 BEN PALOMBO 22 Sherwood Avenue Ossining Ossining 2-0986 Compliments of a FRIEND

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