Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY)

 - Class of 1950

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Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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..-,, , -1, .41 l'l'-7" UML. - ""'f"'5, ' RJ- , UL. Nhv-1-vw-1 . O2-L-l...,., Z"il?KW, g,,.a?22f-'iffy-4 QLXLL-L-Q0-W-AC'-pi ,, fwaf ofa. 19504 WM Q-Qfbwyf I 'I Wiz FRISINTS PLAYBILL HIQIUHHH UUE I in , H . l W J l A 4' l " f "I ik . HL -.' 1 t VA f F EQDQEWQCDQD YQHTIRR 'HD v in H +2 1 'E va ,341-Q'Q1, "W dag ...qi RK 'Sm W nm "l'sQIg1, 4,45 s ,gk 'L . xl .5 , , ZA Eu 'af T1 , fa A 5, L '-" ' WWF? -, ' 'N ' SSR ' -L "Q Til.. nm ff' 77 nresemts CTLLE ft Repertoire of School fife Setting: Ygriorcliff manor, View York Time: june, lQ5O ww Ii .81 ij HE CURTAIN is down after the last Act of our school year here at Edgewood. Every scene was a memorable one which we will often recall with much pleasureg but now we step forward to assume new roles, thrill to new experiences, and start a new life. This SKETCH BOOK presents a "PlayBill" program of our dramatic year. 1950 at Edgewood was like a play in which we all had an important part, taking care that our performance contributed to the success of everyone con- cerned. But now we are on our own, we have no scripts to follow, and our critics will be the world itself. We leave more than our school and friends, we leave the glorious sunsets on the Hudson, a beautiful campus with its hills and trees and lovely walks, things we have had about us every day and are now a part of us. We will miss the sound of the boat horns on the river and the beacon in the distance keeping its nightly vigil. Never will we forget the contributions Edgewood has made to us as individuals, as we pass through the stone gates of our campus, seeking new horizons and new accomplishments. 5.-xtlllllr. E " ' A' ' f, ,- 1 -ibw H i 11.f A . W. ,., . . . .. , ,. .A 1P 1--f--, - 1- 1 - ' ' ' - ' il 3 3 Y 3 T 3 T 31 2 X Q L fl . ' "" fx QM 1, M x.X wgmjdlli u YK 1' ' M" H W ' HUIHNM A 4 W w M . . . ""'11'H11u1n .w f ww, w lmf' 1 , f, ' M 'Y' 'X' O D A IVID NVIII Ill IN H S TIF IR A 'Ill' lil KO? N Oscar N. Barber, 1Ji1'f'1'lm' of B 11.s'ir1f'ss flfInzin1'st1'11l1'0n Agnes RCZISCI' xvillllltf, P1'f's1'fIffr1l 0fB0a1'11 of 'l'1'1l.vlf'6s Sllzumon C. XVallnc'C I-Izlrricu RCZISCI' Sowell. 1Jl'7'l"l'f0V of flrlmissions B ll V511 1' 6 l'1dYVZll'Cl Dclzmcy Lillian H. Hart, Acrulenzic Dean Mecleta Ziebach, P1"l.7ZCl'fJIl1 of College Prepa1'at01"v Dizfision Alice Billings, GllI'flIl71C6 C01l71,.S6'H0?' YValtCr Powuzlll lllwfcifor' of MIlfI1lFlII1IICF 7 E, THE Classes of 1950, gratefully dedicate our SKETCH BOOK to the entire faculty of Edgewood Park. We sincerely appreciate their patience and unseljish ef- forts and thank them for the many helps that they have given us while we studied here. Our teachers have been our guides through many fascinating fields of education. We have learned to paint, to assist in medicine, to become fine homemakers, to design and sew our own clothing, to sing, to type, and to teach children. Some of us have learned the value of our books and have been inspired to go on learning and working toward further goals. As a result of the tireless eHorts and earnest under- standing of our teachers and advisors, we now stand on the threshold of a new life, taking with us knowledge and experience that will serve us in our future. N x p HP IUIII 'I I 'IIlH'11Iw11Il"''I"'I"""W I II I' VII, 'IIWI I ,fi I III -VIIII IM I I I-.1 II II VIIIIIIII I I II I I I 'I I, I 1 I ' +I' I' II 'Im' I W Im II I IIIIII IIIIII ' xr-r ' I I I II 'I I I I 2 WJ! I IIIIIIIIEIIIII V III I I +121-'f I '--- III ILM II I I ,J IuaiImIL I I I ,II 1 ,, I -'s I' .' -1' 'Ii I wh ' I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII V , I I:I F :I 'IM s Uv I,III,uI .1 U 1ru1Is'QW1-w,,L 1 I 11 L " - ' Mr lb 1: Qs f X I -xx Z-- Pr- RIN I 1? XI "N - ' f L1 , 1 I' Xxx illllg, 4 x' ,-,.-Asliilv , K 'lim I lVII'm""'1-..., lllllllllll s ',' -.nIu'.-1-A tN",,Y mm u' llllllllllllll 'I' I. I Q HM' ullllllllllll :MHEiinfv"1-numnun un-umm' U.---mn.-ul Il-H"""""' ' mn' ' E gl - 5 -' I E 3 'al S Z EJIII EII I EI" EI' EI YIIII 3 3 j '22, Y- Y 1- Y ! L Y ax ,V !5i f Z4? j4g Y- WW , Q Li --. ,- ,ggi ,, ff- 4 x7 yum XII- g Is wg: xsxgkfifqfifx :fix :xx Sq,1,I,joI0IgEkf,fi .wwf It ,,v,9QXwYXS' A X Kg' I 'L - lA ' 'X I . .X9x9uuex?X?'r':4X :X III -ggi? NI ,,I'i 'fI X nr , . 2 ll ffm IX s. 1 ..'T R N b'?BT-EEFIXQWQQ .y...x x..... IU:I:j.T::Iyx-ixy- II Ivlvfp vw. flli. ,Fur ml", -1 IIr,I,,.rv1J-RX lvkw1wI'wXmlJWQQwxw NxiXXX xxQAAX.q g4QQ,,,L,,,f,,l M 3231339525 fix-'-95521 x X NY I " , x If 'P' 2'3:Qtv" " UVM u 2 xWI'MWfv N I l'1l"""IIII 2 I I'II1II Q1 I I mum I 'IIII IIIWIIW K ILL! Us 'TI mIWjIkNI 'II II """'I" R xwvw NIM: my . -I I XP'kXXxIIx WWE1 '.9Iqs',b' MXN? Nxmxw y R 1-1 E1 'i ,Q I I I. xv, IN LI "'QQxixs05 LQ KN ff I My f if ' YI ??.:+1'1+f'fI ggi XG' II- iIixIixxuQix:xIixIxv KCWRQWW f. -X-hy, - . . -f a. - x-3,4 --2-y I I, I II ,II III WW III II IIIII III X 'QIIWIIITII IIrI'IN'IIIIH K I LWIIU' I L X. ix ,yQj yy I 5 I N X' I I. 'QSNXKNSXX ' .N !l 1 " A LEE X A1 ILIIII II QQ R lx - I Y V.: I I I X , I I fm- .X c I I, II Q 'N 'Iy I sg " Q. , ri'SII X II .I X I I 1 I , - fI kggiQ3fm : -I - I I Y IIIW: "MIX I f 'X .s.?-'-:SSS I XI 'I IIF A KC KU IIL 'Ill' NY A IN IIDD S 'III' A IIF IIF I llc-rl1z1clc'llc Sllzunlmorsky .xllll XX'ollK Xvillilllll I'c1'1'y YCIIIIZI Huntley Sr'r'1'1'l111'ir1l .S'1'1'r'11r'r Ruth launcs Sf'1'1'1'I111'i11l Sr'if'111'r' Sf'1'w'lf11'x' In Ihr ,'If'n1l1'1111r' 1101111 Clmzmrlollc Rogers llunu' Iim11r111111'.s' I'n.s'l Uflirr' X-H1131 111111 l.11l1o1'11lr11'y Sl'fl'IIl'lf 'I'r'z'l111iq111' crlmzmlillc AlC'Cl'llllKlL'll Hvlvn Nl. f1l'0K'kCl' S1'1'r1'l11rfnI Sf'f1'111'1' Hcrlllil A. Buy AIe"Ilfl'III S1'11'11r'1' AlI'llfI'lll S1'r'1'r'ln1'i11l Louise XV2lgl1Cl' Marie Thcrcsc Marsh Cmnt Smith l'1J'I'IIl'll, SIJIIIILYII I'1l'l'Hl'l1 flfgllll. Piano fLl'2lC'C Hzllpin Mzlrllul Mzlrna Cl'ZlX'CS Elizabeth M. Mead Bnolcslorz' Sfmnislz Music I0 Norma Iackson Szumski Nancy Lauer Irene E. Ried Cos-tunic Design Merchandising Physical Education Helen Daker Helen L. Bowman Arthur M. Goss Fine Arts Clothing Golf -lean Ferrera Frances Christy Florence A. Milliken Interior Daroration Mzfrrlzandising Health and Physical Iiduration Margaret Ross Marion XVilder Grace N. Rosser Lillian R. Ellis Ethel Houser Mary Virginia Bowman Kindergarten, Psychology English Primary Education Otto Houser Patricia C. Muller Lucy M. Eveleth Chaplain, Speerlz Arts Librarian Social Studies ,gn- ll 3 U 4 15 2 hi l'1l2lillC D. Pownzlll Dorothy B. Greig. R.N., Cf.M.B. NfJl'Ill1l Carlson Olive B. Bergluml, HN. lilizzlbelh M. Goss Sofia! 1J1'1'e1'lrf's.wfs Xvilllliflljll Hzlsselbzluer 'l'llCl'L'S1l O'lh'ien Domllmy Marlin Helen Marks llouszf Rzfgwzl S6'I'7'Ffll'l'l.F'.S' In Ihr Bmzwzr llzelilizm , aff! w I2 evading azclies Seniors Cultural and Tmflicczl :Arts .-EV. . -f - ' ' A -A few! 41127 'IYIJW-IUZQ 1105:-wulfil' ' L-24 IIIIIHHH Sv i s me e, X M s-11lUL,s Barbara Young, President Janet M uehlhof, 111.66-P'l'6SZ'd67lf June Tuefel, Secretary Sally Meehan, 71T6IlS'1lT6'V Miss Irene E. Ried, Class Arlzfisov' I3 Marianne Allen Wellsville, New York General Student Council Vice-President ll: Home Economics Club Ilg Merchan- dising Club lg Lens and Shutter I, President IIQ Athletic Association I, Ilg Basketball Varsity ll. Affable on Student Council never a nasty word an ideal in good nature popular Snow Queen. Doris Amerman Jackson Heights, Long Island Merchandising Merchandising Club I, Ilg Boot and Spur lg Home Economics Club I. Dory-Dory was a junior Conover morlel wants to be a Henry Benrlel buyer baby face, blue eyes loves the summer time. LUX w it? t , 1 "- fy I 'n fl Milli .Q V A la' q ssl E- ' t ' , -T.- V ',QfZ!iii-llavligslflf 'Wim gf ...Q ' ' I 4' it ' "' " . is jf -1 -an y A l 'MQ'-1 14 l Qf:l1l:" ' HQ Hliilllilla gif i i ,ie H l'- if , . h as A W hit? A ff A at SES' M .. ' 1. C " Phyllis Atwell Lowell, Massachusetts Fine Arts Art Club I, President II: Lens and Shutter I, Ilg Athletic Association Ig Fire Proctor IIQ Ski Club l, IIQ Life-Saving Patrol 115 SKETCH BooK Art Editor II. Phil has the makings of an ice-follies star hand-paznted ties enviable curly hair "Holy smokesf' Suzanne Atwood Watertown, Connecticut Merchandising Merchandising Club I, President Ilg Parapsychology I, llg Athletic Asso- ciation Ig Fire Proctor Ig House President ll. Sails and remodels old homes Sue has stylish heauty gracious and understanding antique copper. 15 jEELLJ1uJL rm QM XILIM 2- is-.13-,,, Q Il 5 is iX F X W ' 11 -J--7.7 - fx if lr 'li L ,. J-Q Cl' ' -l -'asf ' l lillli W DTR' ,fliff 'in K 1 1 f'-11" K ef 7 ll is Qiffi--1-":l1 - 1 A ' ll his M M -i C ef' ar . af.. .Lg , if -i If ,- -- -' 4" 4' ftf- - " , ' 'A-fixx ,f ,. -iu. "C f"'2:'.:',5,x V 1 - Lenore Bynner Austin Bucks County, Pennsylvania Secretarial Science Secretarial Club I, llg Tennis Varsity II. jovial, witty Sissy an eye for style pleasant manner harmonizes. jane Mildred Barlow Middlebury, Connecticut . Medical Assistant Medical Association I, Ilg House President II: Glee Club I, Ilg Religious Club Il. M1:sic-writing-dancing efficient Medical worker serious and quiet dependable 16 .A Nancy Barthold Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Medical Assistant Medical Association I, Ilg Fire Proctor I, lIg Ski Club IIQ Glee Club II. Pug nose and little-girl smile collects antique caps and saucers special baseball games iinpish . . . -Ioan Bitner Lansdale, Pennsylvania General Glee Club I, Ilg Edgenotes IIQ French Club 1, II: Fire Proctor 113 Para- psychology Club I3 House President II. Gray, tailored suits and Mexican haininerefl silver and turqiloise jo would love to go to the Orient Warsaw Concerto, two carnellias pep plus and cheer. . ,gl .n " ' f C ,,c. A t f l li ie P l lr l 17 Antoinette Bove Bronxville, New York Merchandising Merchandising I, IIQ Parapsychology II. Nannette dreams of going abroad in the near future a past master at the piano pet peeve is presumptuous girls friendly and fun. joan Scharmann Bowles Montgomery, West Virginia Medical Assistant Medical Association I, 113 Boot and Spur Ig Ski Club Ig Athletic Asso- ciation I3 Life-Saving Patrol I. "I wanna go back to West Virginia." long blonde hair and blue eyes .Io's an Edgewood glamour girl cute little ditties. H WML I8 uw ml:-" no EE 4 llll. e IX E S HIRLTI 1 , ' w vll iii X -' a s A Q . . fxzifg 'll E i 1 ' ii -QR fi! w I I l li L Cir? X D, 1 . - tsl ficil- A A t , . lt ' . 9 V, Eliot vs.-5715: QV, vw-N It V 1.6 .w ltvytfixrvr D L ,K ' - i "Misa--C Egifts' 3 ' L ' -N'-f I rf 'Q't:"S'-5' - .'::'-.cd-v., - A Lf.: Ax -' V-fe - - - Elizabeth Ann Brahney East Orange, New Jersey Interior Decorating Interior Decoration Club I, IIg House President I, II: Parapsychology Ig Fire Proctor Ig Tennis Varsity I, II3 Ski Club I, IIg Athletic Association I, President IIQ Basketball Varsity I, II. Diets are broken at first glimpse of food smashing forehand drive cheery Irish wit "That's fabulozlalsf' Barbara Brenner White Plains, New York General Merchandising Club Ig Boot and Spur I. Zeta and Barb big weekends away perpetual motion generous . . . impulsive. 19 :i. J' ' um' H 5 'SQ X gli, 'XE .P Sui I L -f, vw E 5 ,7 1 ' 'Q 'ii' , ,, .M h., H' ul . N- Te, ' ,e - K .C . , " l' 1" I ,if-rx 4' - f Ill ' 1 , , ' -if l l l ' ' tit- L . I egg--lg: ' ft T' - . utbw i A ,fail -iiilf tg" ff In F i X '55 In ll' 1' I N ,-I Ffa -i 'fi"',. ' Nqr"-' , , . Dorcas Brown Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II: Student Council Secretary IIQ SKETCH Book Statl' IIQ Daisy Chain I: May Day Pageant I3 Athletic Association I, II. Dorcas is vitality itself makes a piano talk "Cute as a button" a good sport. Hilda Brown New Britain, Connecticut Secretarial Science Secretarial Club I, Ilg Fire Proctor Ig Parapsychology I. Any shade of brown and pearls "Tl1at'sfor the birds" quiet, brown eyed nnassnnzmg. 20 Marian Loise Buckner Dallas, Texas General French Club I, ll. Talking an rl sweet sentimental music long rifles in an open convertible quiet at siesta time Texas sweetheart. Louise Ann Byer Trenton, New erse lNIerchandisin ' Y Nlcrcllandising Club I, ll: Athletic Association 1, II: House President II: May Day Pageant I. Tailored clothes with a band-box air eating-with no serious consequences fascinated by perfume bottles Lou Lou-"terrific". . ll El! " NHL 5 i 3 :QQ E ee A'xX . - Pg E l'ai+5l?eEEwi to 'l i l 21 Ann K. Carpenter Atlanta, Georgia Kindergarten Kinclergarlen Club I, II: Fire Proctor II. HGf'07'gl.Il on my mimi." .S'fTOIlgSllfll107'f6"7' of the South f01'f1'ienrl5liij1 and service COIIVSIIIKTIIIK. Stella Marie Carvin Scarsclale, New York Medical Assistant Mecliczll .xSS0l'I2lIIUll I, President Ilg Tennis Varsity II3 Athletic Assn- cialimi II. fl lm1'1l-zuorlcmg club fzreszkleizl "IEW had Il ITFHIEIHIOIIS Muze." zfafrierl abilities monkeys. ax i i iilliiil H IEIEILJLBLL - fx g I yi U: M N ,h i 922: I I mi' fre 'f 'E H 'X 4 -A WTI jiri., J., ,,, 4 f ,A - 'I--hh! . 51 -fix ff f' ' M it D L ' ' A 22 S iQ -. l ll " Illllll f E f Lg i:, X ii' X lil. . if 1 il X ll hi X I S ' " g n w gl . ,fifievqff 1 - V , 'l'h,'al Ii ' ,L L 'V'-N l Q'-:VMI-' ,,,..q,gC.gqfj-v , W 4 :flax :X 2 i " - ,. 4 .. Cynthia Clark, Spencer, Massachusetts Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Association I, Ilg Clee Club Il. 1 f 11l1111'n lzair-c11rl.v all in place "Down in the Dale" szfawy-rfyefl Cinny gray and gold. Gloria Cucolo Suffern, New York General Parapsychology Ig Sui-trail Book Stall II. C11c's Il77llIllI.0?I17l0ZU11 111111 Cozmtry .slzop Cll7I'l folemle people who slrmzi floors 1'e1l-1'1'11m1f'1l glasses l1r'111'l of gold. 23 i. WI gm " i t mb I ' WF Wil, Y 'lagrl Ig J f 'EEEQ-:Sl ' 'Sir 5' fi,'G'J'l"l'i1, 'I ...- Anne De Camp Arlington, Massachusetts Kindergarten Kindergarten Club I, President llg Lens and Shutter llg Fire Proctor II. Photography with good focus little girl features "hello, honey" always sweet. Ruth Marie Demerath Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Merchandising Merchandising Club I, ll: Boot and Spur Il. .Sl111cks, another empty mail-box." Sunday afternoon mystery stories earrings, flainty like herself HB6!7fl1lS6,,. 24 Edith Deschler Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Medical Assistant Medical Association I, Secretary II: House President Ig Ski Club I, II. Edie secretly desires a home in Connecticut alternately serious and vivaciofus knitting Norwegian sweaters "Wow". Ruth Dickey Wilmington, Delaware General House President II, Glee Club I, Ilg Edgenotes II, Smzrcn Booic Staff II: French Club I, President Ilg Athletic Association Ig May Day Pageant, Life Saving Patrol I, II. Cuts a cute figure on ice hair like gold lover of candy is sweet herself. , if Mn! " .4 ' ' it is in it - 1 ' igiwq a , c nel' is 25 Mary jane Dodds Broadalbin, New York Interior Decorating Interior Ileforalion Club I, llg Fire Proctor ll: Parapsychology Ig Athle- lit Association l, II. "Ol: gee, a11oll1e1'fi1'e 1l1'z'Il."' DII!l1lS1'6'S unasslumerl humor Sff"l'l'0IlS games of Canasta lmittiug zvlziz. jo Ann Donahue Czllskill, New York Merchandising lN'ICI'l'll21llCllSlI1g Club I, II: l'il'Clli'll Club I: Parupsycliolc:gy I3 Fire Prog- tor ll. Io zlwams of 1l1'z'rf1'71g a Ijncoln Continental dangling earrings and HI7llIlIlZli7lgfl6Tf1lHl6' "1'H never smile' again." glowing blush, long Hyf'-laslzefs. dx - gi l1,':u I - fi if lg llgllllx H Jimi F. I ig l If' ill' li C Stiff' E ' gi T :g!ili.li.l1, if H V -.-, 1 L! P 41 ,V 'I l "iii nf f, , ,H l . - 26 244311 . I l!Ill"' A A I i B vl 1 1 ' i " ' I S , 'Q 5 - '- I .. H' 'info' - N ' . -553A i V. L ' ,Q f""o N"-1 ' 1 l w":"VL-" .,..,--f:'.2.,:7.. t - .1 3 ,- 1, N Q A 1 , Joyce Donaldson West Orange, New Jersey Medical Assistant Medical Association I, IIg Glee Club I. Knits ski sweaters loves medical work a twinkle in her eye conscientious joyce. Toni Drum Mount Vernon, New York Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II: House President Ig Fire Proctor Ig Glee Club ' ' ' I ' tion Ig French Club Ig I, II: Edgenotes II: Ski Club I, Athletic Assocla Religious Club IIQ Parapsychology II. Visualizes her own camp artistic, musical, dramatic tremendous school spirit ever-emcient 27 yi' j g Q IEW-EILJGJJL - It 1. Y A' X I -.-- ii T ia 'NE SQ A I Dorothy -Ieanne Eckert Loudonville, New York Kindergarten Kindergarten Club I, Ilg Ski Club II. Ballet length clothes and silver mink I Afghan dogs and water skiing "I'm not very annoyed." violets. joan Emery Cayuga, New York Medical Assistant Medical Association I, Treasurer Ilg Fire Proctor IIQ Boot and Spur I: Religious Club II. Always three letters at a time problem of chenille fuzz flying clown to Alabama understanding. 28 Marjorie Fabian Newton, Pennsylvania Nlerchand' ' l . 1s1ng Merchandising Club I, Il: Parapsychology l. H011 lmdrlylu music and scraplzooks loves slba1'klz'ng jewels Marge is serene. Mildred Feldman Irvington, New Jersey Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II: Boot and Spur Ig May Day Pageant. Alarm clocks go ol? at the wrong time! Millie rletests bright lights happy-go-lucky 1 f "How you domgf' , mv , if EBI! " HEEL fe e H ? X will is fs . . i -R E V 1 W W V , . igigi .J ,-E or :WSW 'ss ,A l l w 3- - he ' b a 29 1 Lucille Marie Fitzpatrick West Hartford, Connecticut Kindergarten Kindergarten Club I, llg Ski Club I, Ilg Life-Saving I, II. Nursery school all her own playing bridge while knitting Fitzie ripping argyles quick and snappy. Shirley jean Freburg Miami, Florida Medical Assistant Medical Association I, II3 Junior Class Presidentg Daisy Chain. Ash lzlomle hair plus the new look x'Th0se dust rags and vacuuinsf' bridge and Canasta wizard beautiful Miami tan. 1X 1 1, U1 i4-:i f - .4 fi EH 'lm w- --. I -114- il gy hll x N fl 1 + s 'ill fbi eeee .til , -I H ,.,,, 'fs 'rr' 4 ' sr .,-:X 30 Q. . ll MH! " lllllll 5 is ? v El - slr A . . t .Fig N 4 ' Vi-iii rf - --, Tiff? 1 51 'E 52111 if ful ' it mln K ' Phyllis Freer Ashland, Ohio Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Club I, Secretary-Treasurer II: Fire Proctor I. Phil likes Hires and the word "sweetheart" f'Well, where will we go this weekend?" just a short trip to Lafayette, Indiana petite, mirthful. Nancy Gerwe Chicago, Illinois General Loves Fridays-beginning ofthe weekend fun-loving gal "It was hysterical." considerate. 31 dx fl IBEW H EEL M '3 ' it kill- s is , aaost all tiili ' I ,.,, 'fm t ' , 4 it .-A-.ex Helene Elizabeth Gretsch Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York Secretarial Science Secretarial Club I, II: Golf Varsity IIQ Athletic Association IIQ Life- Saving Ig Lens and Shutter Ilg Ski Club II. "I'm too tired to get up for breakfast." Grate's a crack bridge player spun gold hair tiny. Caroline Hansen North Haven, Connecticut Home Economics Club Ig Spanish Club I, II. General Willing and industrious knitting and Guy Lombardo treasured stamp collection likes secretarial work. 32 Winifred Catherine Hasselbach New York, New York Merchandising Merchandising Club II: Home Economics Club 113 Dramatics II: Lens and Shutter II. Winnie's blonde hair and dimples dancing, swimming, and more dancing future personnel director versatile and clever. Beverly joan Herr Millersville, Pennsylvania General Kindergarten Club IIQ Glee Club Ilg Athletic Association II, Lens and Shutter II. Bev likes oil paintings and golf hates chewing gum loves the semi-classics dignified. X fe .- l Q, 'if 2 .ikx , .illizf f,-, , H E 11 33 S. ll Joyce Hewes 1 Y Graton, Connecticut Merchandising Mcrchzuidising Club l, II: Spanish Club I3 Athletic Association I. Loves to bid and make a grand slam no trump portrait of sophistication Sal's deep-throated chuckle lzewitching eyes. Dorothy M. Hinsch New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York Secretarial Science Secretarial Club II: Sm:'1'c:H Boots Stull, Business lXIzmuger II: Lens and Shutter Ig Athletic Association Ig Spanish Club I, llg Ski Club Il. Helpful, l1al11j1yDolty excellent executive "fourth for bridge?" a Deans List usual. gx - , ,,... ' seize- fx "y y, 'MINE' H IEE-L J.E.1lL W I f , , was lf h E - I, I I .- I l .I i' - ' . ff -. Wg A 34 X it n. X WE It-f W M k i ing Q E . llf " " llilll fe-A :E - 21? EEE Alt ' , . ii .1 ti v f i -,tm l, E X, at I . A S1-Z-fiiflg irw '1' . 1' l lwzfsrfr- L a t V N-, -.0.:w.:1:'f.-,. V A ,fa X f A W - 0 - Marilyn Holters Asbury Park, New Jersey J ' ll' Ski Club ll. Medical Association I, Ilg Fire lroctoi , t with 7ifa Never a dull momeu , , perfect posture to set OH striking clothes an apple a .lay Florence Horner Langhorn, Pennsylvania Merchandising Club l, Il: House President I. Flair for designing clothes summers at the shore "My blue garterw Medical Assistant unforgettallly natural. Merchandising Fl0's domestic 35 - ,im H IEELJ-I1-ill gil? X gf! lswzi- Q4 ill ' 1X 1 'I V Q f. 5 I 'E I ' W... I! X, wi 1 I ' -- . 1 R ' -- " I' ' '-I 1' E, V all P k i xlv , V W li SQ Qin K I K i . f 'I I' I 1 l a l l lf r gi ii is l - 4 - W5 ga ', ,-U ,-ar, ,, -N V -2752 - all It -11, , '15 h F .Ar "' If N' ' A TI". , D ' -'LR'-1 Mary Faith Hughes Albany, New York Secretarial Science Secretarial Club I, President II: House President I. A'M1Jj1j13', plmse fairy my cigarette casefl efficient and effei'ziescfr1t Faith is lim cute smile. Julia Hunt Norwich, New York Medical Assistant Medical Association I, Il: Ski Club I, II: Life-Saving Patrol I. Il. Hales to hear floors slammezl likes I1 Ford of any kind a fine swimmer sense of humor. 36 i Nancy Jean Hunt Miami Beach, Florida Medical Assistant Medical Association I, IIQ Vice-President of junior Classg House Presi- dent Ig Student Council II. "Trains take so long to get to Miami." mystery stories and Western movies beautiful hands reliable. Nancy Irene Huston Dansville, New York Medical Assistant Medical Association I, IIQ Fire Proctor II. Full of pep anfl enthusiasm would like to go to Bermuda sails in a snipe Henle." 14-Gm . ll lflllu ' HH! eg f in if fx fx Q U 'y i "H -"H"-'-'fi , :ff .- V i ' ' ' 37 Maura Jacoby Peekskill, New York Merchandising Mcrcllandising Club I, II. Likes driving around with no fIIlTlZ.C'lllIlT destination keen interest in merchandising work sterling silver charms shy, naive. Sue Jordan Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York Costume Design Ari Club I, Il: Religious Club llg Parapsychology lg Basketball II. Plays lzrirlge with dexterity beautiful blue-lilack hair personality a-plenty nice dancing. 1 I I ii . , K-" D ,ViElll1,-sg-lx V'i. 1,3 al' 1 .EEF - 'gf' 4" 'Q 2 :"' 'I' N + at Y' I il 47 2 ,II " V. - . V 'ati-Q . ,f fl vm : 3, uic.ig.3m b l 38 N " 1 - Q. J 5 Marie Kamp jamaica, New York Kindergarten Kindergarten Club II, Vice-President Ig Ski Club Ig House President ll: Fire Proctor 115 Glee Club I. Mary 1.011 says little but thinks rntuclz latuglzter in her eyes "Be preparedl' tranquil. Doris Kinney Hainesburg, New Jersey Medical Assistant Medical Association I, Vice-President Ilg Student Council Treasurer Ilg Suizrcu Book Staff II. "Again" 117111 "Cr'1l1'sz'rzg down the River" D0ry's pretty and popular beautiful beaming smile a darling. 39 ax ' .. tx. N,-.. 4 QI-G31-L f 'JA ff fy ' whisk -Q -ss. i Q if fo ' 'M 4 Q E ' c V ' III 'YN I I 1 Q A Ai xi lla N I" I . E ' 5 'g - ,. :ha ,f -IIJI i'i 'Wal ' -n ' .' vi 5: Y' l , K I F' L -, I- I , ' i':'1'.-U.. , , Nancy Elizabeth Lang Caldwell, New jersey Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II. Tall, graceful Nance sophisticated clothes natural blonde "Some1lay." joan Langlois Brookline, Massachusetts General President of Student Council Ilg Glee Club I, IIQ Eclgenoles Ilg House President Ig French Club I. Riding trains is one of Lang's hobbies "lt's tremenjuousf' lovely voice smiling personality. 40 Eleonore Lefstein Ossining, New York Kindergarten Kindergarten Club I, II. Lefty could Hsulf, for Arthur Murray an outstanding dancer "Wedding Samba" vivaciofus, versatile. Doris Livingston Havertown, Pennsylvania Fine Arts Art Club I, IIg Athletic Association I. Dozens and dozens of letters Livie's endless phone conversations "You better wouldnt' Umm! spaghetti? ffflmll . ll l"'ll"" 111311 llillim el ' :HZ 7: X- as f :Ei 1-Q Q Vi A -,if gx 1 , ', filiif 'g 55 I new f I iiiglnlgatsss , X 5 7 I Y 'ees 'A " i Q 1 :-, ,J-.':C'.::-,T-, V 3.5353 -V if - 1 - - - 4l MARIANNE ALLEN APPEARS AS THE CII I I3 1867 17 Poruum 6II gi AGATHA REED IN IIIIIIIIBYII MY FANCY GAIIIL MRIINNIES RECREATES THE WITTY ROSALIND OF A5 Yllll LIKE IT BETTY BRAHNEY 0,93 HANDLES THE hu' I -12 ATHLETIC TITLE ROLE IN PETER PAN VOQCDQD ywz MMM PUHTRAYS A CESSFUL S L f f S S S THE rwflvf Pnunn Loon ME WWII W VEXWA' DOLORES PERESON OF PORTIA IN Ihe IIIERIIHHIIT of VHIIIIE Jfawmanqaflfzaie fnaaeyaawen? Martha Ludwig Berwick, Pennsylvania Merchandising Merchandising Club I, IIQ French Club I, II: Basketball IIg Religious Club II: Parapsycliology I. "Variety is the spice of life" Cocker spaniels and modern homes winter with all its hitter cold Marty's lzeautiful blouses. janet Luke Wilmington, Delaware Home Economics Home Economics Club Vice-President I, II. "Someone to watch over me" jan out deep-sea fishing "Thou Art Talentedl' genuine. IX .- 1 Y-Tub 7 - A, N, 5-+- JEAN' I fx lr ,I .Millie H ' - ,h so ' A in f fl' l l 'XX ,1 N, I. ll 155: Aigvihmx ' f,.,Qfi"l-YT1 "ffl un -'-' --v.4 ,.,., ' ,LA .F - , ' x 'f J 1 ' 44 A 'Q V ll l3'il"" ' ' hy . mm Ill'-lm-'me "s E C- , :E .X X P! . .. I -,E E I sffilzktst ' . V17 , 11.3 , ll - -A-,:,:'.:,g, ' A V Xi ai. I - .I -1 Dotty Lou McCullough Altoona, Pennsylvania Home Economics Home Economics I, IIQ SKETCH Book Staff IIg Art Club Ig French Club Ig House President I. "Fight on, Staten dainty and petite cute, curly hair busy bee. Gail Mclnnes New Rochelle, New York Merchandisin S Merchandising Club I, II: Athletic Association I. Class clown, full of friendliness "Be Witchedv and 'ellow convertibles . 3 . singing in the smoker boundless energy. 45 1 x P. I 1 r x .1 1 A f IEE: l.E.1U- L ' L " M ills E- ' 1 Y 1 Q A r if ,Q ini' IW l ll it :siiili A ' 5 ji I 1 4 11, ,wg V - ,sol-ll.'if,r' ' 1: n ' "' i 4' f i "' ' . i Barbara McLaughlin Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York General Spanish Club llg International Relations Club IIg Athletic Association II. Long rides in the country terrihc forehand drive pretty and poised friendly. Nancy MacFarquhar Fairfield, Connecticut Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II. Nothing would ever bother Mac except to be without her roommate another Edgewood artist loves olives 46 Celia jane MacNamee New Rochelle, New York Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Club I, Il: Glee Club I, Vice-President IIg Basket- ball I, Ilg House President llg Tennis Varsity I, Captain II. "Where there's Sally there's Susie" an energetic athlete an accomplished musiczan charming and cheery. Mary Magner Norwalk, Connecticut Merchandising Merchandising Club I, Ilg Boot and Spur Ig French Club I. Five-foot-two eyes of blue lil, Marys magazines contagious laugh. fi ssss t il ns " " " T4 liz-if ex CX Xt so 'R E T, WRX SX 'C' l" in ' C I ll, rt: --"."JJ"'.2'iff-v-'s I 'Tc sf 4 Yf"?i"ix - - " -f " -17 Marylynn Martin White Plains, New York Merchandising Merchanulising Club I, II. N Pal asa pin artistic talent Grecian features stylish Lynn. Betty Ann Martone Fair Lawn, New jersey Merchandising Mcrcliaxulising Club I, llg Athletic' Association l, llg Ski Club I. "Wall BF Together Again" likes flirty Oldsmobile convertibles saves silver skates snappy. 4-2 1 nl - E fs i X 'l Milli' H lm 7 ,ij l "li ll 1fiFX'f,, W H -ffzili-llill :"'s W: .. ' r t,ss..t A ffm l-+ ,f f" '1vD. l'llH 'll" A i i 48 -4Q-2111 '1 ig:-11 " UE-:UL jH,",H',',Hj K mii X E J Jill- ME E1 ti l-'wa C .. , III 1 iii -gi + x i-X: a s - 1 'E ' 'I 3' , QT" V -,Rx ' -I',' l I ki? , I 1511- is "Jli'. . , Liar- 1 ' ' ,-- -s L f"'Q-r-ff bfi' if-Q, ' 1 ' i, A A--so I . i ' - -'-L:'- .,.,-345g-gf!-v I, A -iii! ,Y Y, X X -' - ' 1 ' Nancy Maynes Albany, New York Interior Decorating Interior Decoration I, IIg Athletic Association I, IIg Fire Proctor Ig House President Ig Ski Club Ig Daisy Chain I. Constantly keeps roommates awake Nance loves listening to Guy Lombardo "I like it colrlfj neatness. Saraann Meehan Forest Hills, Long Island, New York Music Glee Club I, President II: Edgenotes IIQ Fire Proctor II: House President I: Senior Class Treasurer: French Club I. "With Il song in my heartn "Oh, Christopher Columbusf' music forever happy Sally. 49 IW H EELELIEE Age UMW H 1- - IEW 'again Sm ' I xx -an e ' . -- I ' -f f-. , 2 I 'ii i ' n .,.'T U lr ljal W "I , -5: ' giz ,-, X' A. YY, . I I 'I A ll' Qi' .ifs-X -'T K vi I sei-'esp E ,,,, I , ' 'N 1, is 47 5 - ' A 11, I' ' i . 1-If s C, 45' . "J .I - ' Patricia Merrill Haniden, Connecticut Medical Assistant Medical Association I, II. Letters, letters, all the time Pam's New England accent smart seamstress golf, music, dancing. Barbara Michel Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York Medical Assistant Medical Association I, Ilg Ski Club I, II: Basketball Ig Student Council I. A wlziz on the golf links zfariefl talents friendly smile ' B0l1l1ie's dimples 50 Constance Middleton Union, New jersey General Secretarial Club II, Vice-President Ig Varsity Golf II: Basketball I. Connie likes dark hair golf is her specialty "star" sailing pretty. Madeline Miller Queens Village, New York lNrIerchandising Merctlianclising Club I, Ilg Tennis I. Can 't stand rlrijzjling water "Again" her mellow melody bezzuty plus modeling. i l l HH! " ' 4 'U ' ..E X do K R f -R E Ea xixfiee X 1: 4 W , WN Ir, . QI, E M -N,t,:,g,:,,::,m'. A . ,itil fr V Vu. X - - - .., 51 janet Claire Muehlhof Berwick, Pennsylvania Merchandising Mercliantlising Club I, IIQ Parapsychology I3 Dratuatics I, lIg Religious Club l, Ilg Fire Proctor ll. "Il's Bea'uteeful."' jolly laughter quiet voice hates mice. Ellen Near Medical Assistant Medical Association I, llg House President II: junior Class Treasurcrg Athletic Association Ig Daisy Chain. Stratford, Connecticut Wlzerever you see Carrol, you will see Woo "sailing, sailing" small and sweet true friend. 2-'A . . fl J.E.1l-L' -1 i ' 'W 5 w ill MQW ,H EEL A ' ,5 2 tl WMILI .1 It v:A.':',V "LF Q53 lv I-lil -fl. , :.. :L 1- -15, 1. villi i i i 1 V ini'-'--. 52 54' Eu ui" lll1m:! ll!1 5: lim ? - I I.. il ll! - H ' is e-A mx o ' U N ,v,"-Tiifg X -A :gc -to - .. . ,Angie . g i X, ks K is W , , I- - ts. QQ? t 1 " sie'-A' "JV ' ' 1 - " fha' - .V ' u'wFL.gfAlSIefL-E : l .t-, I .F I .,., e.:. g. i n .J eff, as A , - .. jean O'Conner Warsvick, Rhode Island Medical Assistant Medical Association I, Ilg Boot and Spur Ig Ski Club lg Athletic Asso- ciation I, II. Sailing on Narragansett Bay radio serials "I know it" amiable. Nancy Palmer West Hartford, Connecticut Secretarial Science Secretarial Club I, IIQ International Relations II3 Athletic Association I, II. Sailing is a favorite sport New England accent Nan is cute pretty eyes. 53 1 JbjY,E"'E' NME in x H F A A I nu E Y, r-, M A mi l l , ' , fu. Tl 1 It P r 1 Af , V I W I Il ff 'XE L IEFJQBQ . ll: xg -c ,il i.ll- ly ,P sw, . fx K I V QF4 -. Y 'fri t. 1. A V - iff" " Q in V ' - ini 9' N 12. r " ' V . ""':12B 'K ,I -ss... Q 31":".,, , ' Y W .. -ew-13-i,,. we A I xbg Dolores Pereson Ossining, New York Secretarial Science Secretarial Club Ilg Spanish Club I, Vice-President Il. A marvel at foreign tongues skiing is fun neat, fasticlious Dolly tall and slender. Sally Perkins Newton Centre, Massachusetts Medical Assistant Medical Association I, II. Eyes that betray mischief ll laugh all her own Terry's short bob unlimited generosity 54 Marcia Phelps Glencoe, Illinois Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II. Way ahead of the latest fashions hobby is art shining hair a quick smile. Elizabeth M. Pilosi Old Forge, Pennsylvania Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II. Beth hates being alone "While I'0u're Gone" cute, swinging wall-:M friendly, cheery. :4Q92U . ll llllllu' IMI IIZIHEEIJ Te l E i. i..-11-Ei 'N il! ' o .. ' Y 1, -EE' Aeiffg h 1, I ' W' '? trawl he I 'M assa u Tl f .7 if-e A- .. '- 60, ,. .T gil it If g , - 55 Ann Pontefract lNIedford, Massaclnlsetts Secretarial Science Secretarial Club ll: Golf Varsity II. Sailing on the ocean the color real latest fashions snappy, dainty Ann. Gladys Preciado Panama City, Panama General Spanish Club Il. fl real Latin ."lllIf6?'I.CllH lovely Gladys' secret amllilion is to model a lzeautiful flancer "Old Hool:."' . 2 aiF"l1l'!l'l!9lil!l el 7 J ':"-- 'Q' 'aux 'V C: "al ILL: R - -' ' 5.,., ,.,4.,,,Y. - Q, il 4..' ' I .. ' 'IQ , 56 ., ' all BEN! " l' "VH CSX null H' A "V l fsswiu i l fll' ul, 1 1 -1-':4':.r'1f7-, 'gf-2 " ' ' ' - " " Marilyn Quinn' Douglaston, New York Medical Assistant Medical Association l, IIQ Religious Club President ll: International Relations ll: Parapsychology Club 113 Fire Proctor llg Athletic Asso- ciation I. .4 ctive in school organizations Boots is a bridge expert likable lbersonality marzlelous humor. Eddice Ramsay Winstead, Connecticut Merchandising Merchandising Club I, ll: Lens and Shutter lg Religious Club Ilg Fire Proctor II: Athletic Association I. Skiing ranks tops with Edrlice blonde and petite w'vacious popular. 57 ii iw' H 5 it . .. 3 .lillblllmliill if jd r ,l.? ll.i.lli,rI.,ifl 1.31, Rosanne Reilly WesL Hartford, Connecticut Secretarial Science Secretarial Club I, Ilg Athletic Association Ilg International Relations I. Good intentions for getting 1111101 breakfast, but . . . playing bridge in the Dutch "Thanks a bunch." natural cufrly blonde. Barbara Ringen Wlestfield, New jersey Secretarial Science Secretarial Club I, Treasurer II. Ring's weakness for diferent shades of red "There's no place like Westfield." affable and sincere angelic beauty. 58 Marilyn Robinson Interior Decoration Ithaca, New York Interior Decoration Club I, Ilg Lens Hlld Shutter I, Ilg Fire Proctor I, II. Min collects all types of piotures enviable rosy complexion and curly hair plans for Cornell next year badminton whiz. Pauline St. Laurent Secretarial Science Nashua, New Hampshire Set'retzu'ial Club I, llg Golf Varsity II: Fire Proctor II. "Goody-goody two slzoes."" life's dream is to knit well! dainty and delightful Golf Pro. Y, 3 t, 1 l!IlIlI" ' I' -Jill ' a " ' , - X ' " f 1' ' ll :W m 2 3 1 1 sf F ' ,,. It fi at W - . S re e ,ct ,-g:.g.,:y. A -, ul f - ff ,. - w ' 1 59 - il.: I -,EE-S I . g I-Us-ill Iiiiii l l 'hi Mary Consuelo Scattene Bethlehem, PClll1SylV2iIll2l lXlCI'Cl12'il1lllSlIlg lx'ICFi'll2lIHllSlIlg Club I, llg Glcc Club l. "If I rofulrl only write a lxoolcf' Mary Ann, the early riser orlfl ssarfs and blouses flaslzing brown eyes. Jeanne Schueler Wlesl Point Pleasant, New jersey Medical Assistant Medical .-Xssocialion l, ll: Tennis Varsity l, ll. Dreams' of going fo Europe agile termis player talerztezl arllwt loyal. -gg - R ' IQ!! If fx if y lllll H WL V " ,Q U eve ii I I f?s , it lld lg ' 1 ' - E ' x T - . aw, . N 1 -52?-lliwl 'se We ' - I I war ...P ' 'Sr .T NS-Q' . I iv 1-I ul. . -'ga' l "' ', . I 5:5 P ,, 4.f -"'iQ?'3f'i:'f w ' K 60 ," W1 l ll l II 1 ' 5 1 LAN Luau , l l ilu l il l 1 ' i "XXX, xml -i ? l'iMZgk?'?. site. """:4"""'1""'f:-- in ' ':f"i E, X' R " ' ' ' Nancy Scudder Binghamton, New York Medical Assistant Medical Association I, II. A U710IllIi7'lg-6'U6T-ll0lh61'S-7716M air energy and enthusiasm good, hot jazz always lively. Ann Margaret Smith Brooklyn, New York Medical Assistant Medical Association I, II. "Woulfln't it be nice to fly around the world?" Smzfttyls cheerful early morning manner beautiful jewelry rlepenrlalnle. 61 gx , 5'-'Nix mu Y 'Gul -,-rf-J-We fx my v is . 5 u ll i Qgsiuifs E Q V 'V :Y my , i 5 1 .,, H' JFINY E293 Ml., -W 1,5 A , A , Q, - x . L ga' I-,I , I. i b, up In I l-' ,2'li,S ' -. x i i ' -'Q-:K Elizabeth Smith Dallas, Texas General Ski Club Ilg Glec Club ll. Betty t1'ansfer1'erl from Texas University tall, statuesque delightful accent Southern charm. Marcia Stokes Canal Zone Kindergarten Kindergarten Club I, llg Spanish Club ll: Lens and Shutter lIg Life- Saving Patrol II: Fire l'r0:'lm' llg Art Club IIQ Ski Club I, ll: Athletic Association ll. 1f!lgf?ZU00!l,S Sonja Henle swims as well as she skates Sunny arloies chilrlren "Hi ,c1ztie." 02 Helen Sullivan Cincinnati, Ohio Fine Arts Athletic Association I, Secretarv II' Art Club I II' Varsit T ' ,MI ,I , , , , .y CHIIISLIIQ Ski Club I. Sulliels sjiectacular at tennis leadershijl and frienrlshiji summer sailing clever sketches. Patricia Swift Niagara Falls, New York Merchandising Mercliandisiug Club I, IIQ Parapsychology Ig Fire Proctor Ig Ski Club II. Tip-top jierformer on ice Pat's short, short haircut adores "be-bop" chic. a ll lan! " ' "2 X fx -- ll M 'I lfE f i c e or- ii -"f':H2'- -.- .-.-I -,.,., 'f'-1' 4 5394 " - " " . -.VX G3 1 L e Marguerite Szabo Laurellon, Long Island, New York Fine Arts Ari Club l, Il: Bout and Spur I3 Parapsychology II: May Day Pageant l. Mll1'gF spends most of her time in Harmony Hall HSlll'l'!lllSlH and Mom's nut cake famous for "Wl1atta riot" cheerful. Patricia Tellier Shorl Hills, New jersey Merchandising lXlCl'i'll2il1lllSlIlg Club I, ll: Fire l'mc-lor ll. Handy will: II needle and tlzread Pulls outstanrling sport clothes "Why do they have bells?" quiet charm. r-, J ll il MW E' lEELlE3L ,SEQ Mil ZW 'WX 4-if,-g,,g, Q' A 5 M.. NWS -X 'fl' v ' 1, f H 4 l "lm, -ral 1 T e , , Ii Q QQ. -C if W 141- fs i i, :us ,Q 1 .... '. ' +2 ' Inf- 4 - " . , , , 64 Edith Thomas Home Economics Club President I, Il: Spanish Club Ig Fire Proctor II: SKIQTCH Book Eclitor Ilg Lens and Shutter 1, II. A jack of all trades ping pong whiz E1lie's lovely eyes shutterlmg. Colette Trabolsi Brooklyn, New York Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II: May Day Pageant I. Nlislv C0'Ill!l77lf lie without music 1 Italian food 'Tm lzvmgryf' admires sincwlty. 65 it 11 H mm- 1 fx A -'am Q' 1 1 1 j 1 'ef ' l 'ul h 2 llf Zi- N 'I .W Y '. June Tuefel Newark, New Jersey Merchandising Merchandising Club I, llg Athletic Association Ig Secretary of Senior Class. ultzmiefs' never without two roommates "It highly jars me." Paul West0n's platters a pretty one. Jeanne Vitalius Asbury Park, New Jersey Interior Decorating Interior Decoration I, llg Athletic Association I, II. Hates to be kept waiting "It's for the birds."' vitality and vigor house parties. 66 Madelyn Walk Green Island, New York Secretarial Science Secretarial Club I, Ilg Fire Proctor Il. A frank sense of humor joking in the senior smoker Mojzpys daily letters fun-loving. Genevieve Wangler Short Hills, New Jersey Merchandising Merchandising Club I, II. Snappy as the Charleston 'fthe hills of Granvilleu tzny waist "Oh Mercyfj N ll Ml " lllill if gg Xew X e 1, N - with - ' " ' .- . , , f 5,252 1 E S"' Q74 if A M A 1 , W M JI 2 i - r? XI X T R in :P L, -5 if , 7- A 5" , Q li ' . .- 1 -x -.ceafmz- ',. , A 45.2, is -e XS " ' - - - ' 67 Marcia Suzanne White Atlanta, Georgia Merchandising Merchandising I, Ilg House President 113 Fire Proctor ll: Glee Club II. Marcia drearls 8:30 classes Monday mornings would love a penthouse in New York fried chicken-southern fried, of course small and sweet. Caroline Lee Wilson Darien, Connecticut Medical Assistant Medical Assorialion l, ll: junior Class Secretary: Daisy Chain: Life- Saving Patrol I, II: Athletic Association I. An ambitions medical worker lzalzy blue anrl pearls surprisefl expression lots of frills. 28 t f P ,,ri in 68 -' !!,n:: ul M mnlum Zi -- - -H - AX 1 Qi USU . Z , s A I I 'lm ,, f ' : KA 'Y I I -s - 'i Q if E of W BWI it 'f E ' fell U-, I rss 3 "l 'I lm! ! --fs-'Z-i".C'1:"'-',. Q - 3 jf, ' V- E' 'X - " -' Mary jane Wilsoli Troy, New York Fine Arts Art Club I, Secretary-Treasurer ll. Willie's ready jokes and hearty laugh black coffee and tailored clothes sadness over losing long hair up for breakfast. oan Frances Wloocl Kingston, New York Medical Assistant lVIeclical Association I, IIQ Ski Club I. D011 lznuts and hot chocolate between classes g . conseeutzve weekends at home Woodie naps here and there natural. 69 P f' "' ' " xr--Y ' Barbara Young Wfestlielcl, New Ierse Q y Merchandising Mertbantlising Club I, II: Atliletit' Assoriation I: Lile-Saving Patrol ll House President I' Senior Class P1L'l . , . ' .'.' "sic ent: Basketball Varsity I: May Day Pageant l. "Oli, 10 be Hrs! in the aIj1hal1et."' competent class president graceful swimmm' 11011111111 Barb. Marilyn Young Hackensack, New jersey Interior Decorating Interior Decoration Club I, II: Spanish Club lg Lens and Shutter lg Ski Club l. 01l7'illl5' GF01'gEYlMIIf f?7Illl1lSl'IlSflC jnzkznist "Bye, Bye, Baby" purple orchizls. 70 J Joan Linck, P1'6.9Z.!1F11f Betty Keith Luke, V1'ce-P1'es1'fIe11t Marie Prell, Srcvffrzry Frances York, T1'6Il.91l7'67' Mrs. Alice YV. Billings, Class Arlvisor igly ffifrr H 4 WV Q nw f V s mmuu fllml gl U X n m jl llll YJLL iw! A IIIINWQ V UM X ' i r Q f 'HMM IM lf! is S, As ,i 5 Vis ' m f, l gil: 5 L' I 'l f fhl f 'M i' 5 'W ,M v N: 'Lg' igi-!,g,!' if-Lf. X Zgx L7 Minn 7 ff Q7 ' 7'i1f5l+" i f ':. 'lm X i Hllivillnll -- ' 'Z like i, 1 Senimfs allege Trelbczmtory 71 P f .Ioan Lincoln Albelli Mamaroneck, New York lJrnn1nli1's II: Boo! and Spur II: lnlrfrnalimml Rr'Inlions II. Where is she? Always on the go . . . doing her algebra, trying the lindy hop, or eating a Baby Ruth . . . "My kingdom for a horse," pre- ferably a five-gaited one . . . Joanie relishes ice skating, sleigh rides, black tafleta dresses, "Perhaps," and wind, not rain . . . you'l1 never find her sewing, eating liver, listening to the opera, or on a roller coaster. Emilia Arosemena Panama City, Panama Ypnnislz Club 1l,' lIllf'l'Illlff0HIlI Ieflllfilllli II. Little Emilia, lively and changeable . . . wants, of all things, to be the first woman President of Panama . . . a lover of soft chocolates, the color black, all dogs-has one of her own . . . a passion for sleep, but not for beef stew . . . executes her native dances to perfection with that Latin tempo! june Beach Scarsdale, New York l11l1'r1mIi0rmI Rr'lnlim1s II. june is fond of the South, spring, football games and tailored clothes, blue-eyed blondes . . . "My Future just Passed" . . . can't stand soap operas, loves to gad about the building . . . has a knack for drawing. 72 Nancy Anne Burns Rochester, New York SK1f:'1'CH Book Slnfj' lI,' 1'il'I'IIl'lI Club I,' Fire Proflm' ll,' lJ'VIl7I1Illf!'S I, lI,' Ilfllff and Slzzltlrfr I, Tr1fns1U'c'r Ilg lnlerrzzzlionlll RFIIIIIOIIS I, ll. Nancy . . . pretty, blonde, charming . . . fond of football weekends, California . . . black orchid or one gardenia, that Russian dish, "White Shoulders" . , . a certain satin dress, moonlight on the snow, full piggy banks, complete homework, "Egbert," her stuffed animal . . . can't stand buttons . . . wants to be a football center just once. Anne-Neila Cushman Providence, Rhode Island SKIQTLJH Book Assislnnl Editor II,' Aflzlelir' ASSO!'f!1lZ'071 II, Se1'rz'lm'y-Trensuwr of I'iTC7Il'll Club II: 1lIf!'THllff071!lf Relalions II. Pert and capable . . . loves "Dancing in the Dark" by Morton Gould, single red camellia, Strauss waltzes, Mexican zatoni, mid-west- ern hospitality, and a red cocker spaniel named "Corky" . . . adores red- headed little boys, the "'Starlight Roof Waltz," and thrills to the music of Cole Porter. Stefanie Dorothy Drha Huntington, Long Island, New York lllflffilllflilllllll Relations I, II: Home E1'ormmi1's I: Golf Vnrsily ll,' Lens and Slzulter II,' I'i7'6'l1f'll Club II. Green eyes and "Mexicali Rose" are her particular favorites . . . others are munching on raw onions and sour pickles, Wednesday night phone calls, sleep, skiing and winter . . . "VVhy must we get up in the morning?,' 73 Carol Fels Kansas City, Missouri International Relations ll. Tiny Carol, a natural peacemaker . . . ambition is to grow . . fancies picnics, "Again," long distance phone calls, natural people . . . has unusually soft hands and an ability to meet situations gracefully . . . knits in spare time, preferably in blue. Nancy Ferber Hasbrouck Heights, New jersey . Inlrwrffzlimml Rzflnlirms I, II: AVI Club 1, Ilg Ski Club 1, II: Lens and Shutter 1, Il. Laughing blue eyes . . . amiable, enthusiastic Nancy . . . worries about her peculiarly diminishing food supply . . . pet likes are dancing with "Annie Poo," gardenias, sporty clothes . . . secret desire is to par- ticipate in the New York to Bermuda sailing race . . . photography is her hobby. Maritza Guizado Panama City, Panama Iizlfrrlfllfrnznl 1fl'fllfflIIIS SlNI7If.S'fl Club ll. Maritxa . . . kind-looking, expressive face . . . always relaxed. Loves peppermint candies, formal dresses, babies, roses. swimming, rhumbas, stage shows. Has a habit of collecting snapshots . . . Loves to dream about going to Africa, but hates the seven o'clock bell! 74 Anne Harvey Kirby, Ohio II1ft'l'lIIlff0lIIlf IfI'llIff0HS 115 Spznzislz II. Anne can sleep anytime during the day, wishes she could acquire a nickname . . . d0esn't like to study, instead she looks forward to won- derful summers on the "Wyandotte, . . . favors T-bone steaks and French fries . . . she couldn't do without her grey flannel skirt and her mail. Donna Louise Jennings Greens Farm, Connecticut Tennis Varsity I, Ilg Allzlzfiiz' Ass0r'i11lim1 I, II,' Ailllfliz' Co1,n11'il Il,' Bnskvllmll Vnrsily 1. Salt water, fog, and the wind all are so wonderful . . . Donna's penchants are for Nantucket summers, spur of the moment things, grey Ilannels and heavy white sweaters . . . loves "Somewhere Over the Rain- bow" and collecting collegiate hats. Sally Joyner Yonkers, New York Dmmnlifs II: Inlz'nmlim1nl Rr'lnIior1s ll. Dark-eyed Sally . . . dream-like moods . . . calm . . . loves the fresh smell of woods after rain, all music except jazz, New York City lit up, chocolate ice-cream, Whitman's poems, white, not pink, all animals, farm life, but never baby talk! 75 Carole Faye Katz Longmeadow, Massachusetts .4ll1l1'I1'c fl.s'S0l'l!lll11ll II: International Rclalionx Ilg 1"'l'lt'lII'll Club I: Spanish Club 1. Carole . . . vivacious, quick-witted . . . is agreeable to stuffed animals, Billy Eckstine, "I Only Have Eyes for You," rustling palm trees, moonlight on the ocean, fried pork strips, Somerset Maugham, Ravel's "Bolero" . . . hates empty mailboxes . . . secretly desires to be a soda jerk. Marcia Louise Kitzmiller Reading, Pennsylvania Inlcrnailanal Relations I, ll: Imns and Shullcr 1I,' Spanish Club II, Ski Club lg junior Class Vir'1'-Pr1'sidr'nl. "A hand of bridge, anyone?" . . . black coffee, onion soup and lamb chops-delicious food . . . Marcia leans toward semi-classical music, driving royal blue cars, traveling, and weekends . . . "Liver? never!" or "Must we go to bed?" Rosalie LaScala Pelham Manor, New York Glce Club I, Il: Lens and Shallcr II: Inlernalimzal Relations I, II: Boot and Spur I. Tall and willowy, Lee loves Tabu, rhumbas, sambas, and horses . . . she couldn't do without her suite-mate, long rides in a black con- vertible, or going to the seashore . . . dislikes intensely-sauerkraut, last minute dates, and the morning bell, but not pickled herring and sour cream. 76 Barbara Wood Libby Stoughton, Massachusetts International Relalions II. Lib . . . expressive green eyes, clever thinker, lingering smile . . . highly regards "Army Blue," driving in her green Oldsmobile con- vertible, the GA. Club in New York . . . is a terrific ice-skater . . . look out, bridge players who bid without honor count! joan Linck Montclair, New jersey Senior Class President, Basbetball Varsity I, Il, Life-Saving Patrol II, Treasurer of Infernalional Relations II. Toots . . . winning smile, dependability, understanding nature . . . should attain her goal as a nurse . . . hates to be kept waiting . . . con- stantly planning weekends . . . attracted to Tony Martin, driving a car, hayrides, football games, New Years' parties. Lucille G. Lowy Port Chester, New York Inlernational Relations I, II,' Dramalifs I, Il,' French Club I, Vice-Presidenl II, Lalin Club Serrelary Ig Boot and Spur Ilg Athletic Assoriation l, II: Baskelball Varsity Ig Fire Pmrlor II,' Daisy Chain. Lu favors a slow fox-trot, red coats, pink camellias, Broadway shows, French, a smorgasbord . . . "Is excess homework really neces- sary?" . . . psychiatry holds a fascination for her . . . her dark eyes will leave a lasting impression. 77 Betty Keith Luke Wilmington, Delaware 1Hll'l'H1lll0lI1llIfl'lllllUIIS 1, l'it'f'-Presideizt Il,' Vice'-Przfsident of Senior Class: Athle- lif' A.vso1'it1tiori ll, Home liconomirxs Club Secretary Il: Trrfusztrer of junior Class. B.K. dislikes alarm clocks, winter, the snow and ice . . . she likes boating on Chesapeake Bay, "Show Boat," summer, tennis, red roses, popular music, spaghetti dinners at Pete's on Friday nights . . . most important of all, "In My Merry Oldsmobile." jane Marx Birmingham, Alabama Alliltftit' Association ll: 1'lt'f'lI!'ll Club II: Lens and Shutter Il: Iizternatioruzl Rela- tions Il. "I'll never have these socks ready," or "Did you ever?" . . . Janie eats anything and everything, delights in tennis, ping pong, bridge, or dancing . . . adores the South! . . . would love to be a medical assistant. Jocelyn Mercier Trumbull, Connecticut Boot and Spur I, Prfsidtfizt II: Irzternatimzal Relations 1, II, Latin I: Dmnzzztirs I, II,' Allllrlit'As.vot'ir1Iirm I, ll: Baslffdlmll Varsity Ig Daisy Chain. Fox-hunting, English tweeds, black velvet, and college weekends . . . -Iocy hates to write thank-you notes, but would love to be a career woman . . . "Breakfast? I'd rather sleep!" . . . always on the go is this "Wonderful Wizard of Oz," who is equally at home with a good book or a horse-last year she won the Edgewood Park Riding Award. 78 Mary Elizabeth Murray Springville, New York Boot and Spur II, Ski Club II,' Golf Varsity II, International Relations II. Mary, cheerful and poised, wants a modeling job in Buffalo . . . her favorites are golfing and riding, noisy parties, dancing, semi-clas- sical music . . . is forever letter writing . . . pet dislike is the noise of people getting up an hour before she does . . . very graceful hands. Claire Bradford Pierce Milford, Connecticut Elmira Keyg International Relations I, II, Dramatics 1, Ilg French Club II, Spanish Club I. For Claire? the Wanderlust, snowfalls, Rimsky Korsakov, brunettes, English movies, roast duckling, the Waltz and the polka . . . "You're Breaking My Heart" . . . would love independence above all . . . "Cab- bage? I detest it!" E. Marie Prell Houston, Texas Senior Class Ser'retary,' lfrenrh Club II, Athletic Association II. Cissy can do the Charleston! . . . she loves Dorothy Shay, the Park Avenue Hillbilly, coffee and Texas, outstanding clothes, Irish people, bridge, Southern hospitality . . . "Whoever reads Little Orphan Annie?" . . . thinks men in the kitchen and Canasta are both stupid. 79 3 Beatriz H. Pru Caracas, Venezuela lHll'I'lIIlfIi07IllIIe1'1Ilfi0HS 1, lI:Sjm11i.sl1 Club 1, Il. Gardenias, "Stardust," Italian food, Rex Harrison, the beach and hot weather, listening to semi-classical music--all fascinate Bea . . . has a fear of open doors and of bells . . . would love to have a million dollars of her own. Janet Dolores Raymond Allentown, Pennsylvania Allllelir' As.s'm'inlim1 I, Il: lnlerrmtimml Rvlnlimzs I, II: Bom and Spur I, 11. Ian is a great one for horseback riding, house parties, spring weather, spaghetti and meat balls . . . "Why Was I Born?" . . . loves listening to Tony Martin, wearing extremely well-tailored clothes . . . secret ambition for Wellesley or Vassar. Iris Sheila Rosenblatt Lawrence, Long Island, New York IIllI'Hlllff0lIlll lel'llIfiUH.Y II: Spfnzixll Club II: Ilrmnnlirfs ll. Ivy loves Vaughn Monroe's throaty voice, "I-low Deep is the Ocean," group singing, anything red-including strawberry short-cake . . . hates deciding what to wear . . . has lots of school spirit . . . admires true friends. 80 une Rose Ross Bronxville, New York Boo! and Spur I, Il,' Golf Vl1I'.S'lfj' II: lI1lI'J'IIIlfI'0IlIll 12011111.0715 II: l,1'21.Y and Slulllm I: Smircu Book Slufl ll. Playing the piano, Mel Torme, anything Westerxi, good plays, wine red, American Beauty roses . . 1-june Rose loves them all! . . . "XVhy have a big dog in a small apartment?" . . . "T ' 3 ' rax el. a wonderful thing!" Electa Ruckert Salzmann Huntington, Long Island, New York "I'1l have roast beef rare" oth . , . . . er preferences are for navy blue, moonlight sails, barbecues, German shepherd dogs, a chance to cook on a rainy day . . . Luck 's amb' ' " ' y 1t1on is to own a string of horses . . . Monotony is a terrible thing." Mary Louise Vredenburgh New York, New York I7Iff'I'7I!lff0II1lI Relalions II,'SfNH1fSll Club II. Lu believes knitting a practicable pastime and untidiness inexcus- able . . . roast beef and apple pie, "South Pacific," white roses, sports clothes and dancing characterize Lu . . . perhaps Grinnell will make an excellent interior decorator out of l - 1 ' ' ier ix ho knows! 81 Barbara Ann York Midland, Texas lnwrnalimznl R1'lnIion.s 1, Il: Sludfml Council I ll: Virf President of I ' W , - K umor Class, Skz Club I, II, Sprmisll Club 1l,' Ar! Club llg Daisy Clllllill. Deer-hunting in Texas! . . . Zorki, in true Southern manner, loves loafing . . . adores any kind of food, skiing, and flying . . she has claus- lrophobia . . . wants to be successful and has what it takes. Frances York Newburgh, New York Allllflir Assorinliorz II: Irllerrlnlimlrll Relaiimls 115 Senior Class TTUIISIITCY. Frannie doesn't like the Sunday night bell after the weekend . . . "Baby-blue is so Hatteringf' or "themes are the worst part of school" h 1 . . . s e cou d eat peanut-butter continually, or steak medium-rare . . . dreams of gardenias and dancing on mild summer nights. 82 ii . FFA? 5 fr-Q.. 1 iv R , is x 1 D6Ei1f00 32 "' fm I iii 1' ,vi!.Q'i'tFH'n,!U "'HZw'.F-Efwif-"'i7 1 A W it L?" N' w :rl 17. ' if Y, ' tw 4 Y f nga ll UN XX "T N do 1, . Q JOAN LINCK "I would ,il thee to the very echo" - -Macbeth N Qfgi , Ill: lima gg P , if in ,PQ i ' it 5" DONNA JENNINGS " QHerj - arm beats down their fatal points." - -Romeo and julie! 441 .Ah p sl f LCG fi! fs.-965 1 X.. X 3' '59 X STEFANIE DRHA "And 'tis no marvel fshej is so Q," - -Henry IV, I 'U' X Yr! 51 XS? CISSY PRELL " the wing wherewith we Hy to heaven." - -Henry IV, 2 r- W J S X I ANNE'NElI.A CUSHMAN "And smooth Be strew'd before your feet!" --Antony and Cleopatra M9 N - 5251 if-exiilil F 4 FRANCES Yomc "Here's metal moron? 1 --Hamlet I ANSWERS I agpalmouvl -9 ' 91132 'Q I I aAg13en1e 1, I snoloxunq 'g pneldde 'g I I ssaoons 'I .nn I--.- ' 1 W sl 11 N yn f. x5, nx M I W L - - A 'mf"'.vf 'w ,,. ,f-, ,, 1-' M1141 435. x asf' I 1 C 65254 Y ,f 0 ' w I ' I I f f v, g,7,. QQ .s. Wm. nfji me SW y n N I I A , V X 'Q Aid, Dfh f 43.5 LEE,3j4l1l5. L r Q,Q53yU1,,Q.y, S ,f W4 , , ,- , 1 ' gm , A ',4:wuQhf'e!f,uf 0 1 4 W,.,x ,wil , . ,N , H ,, , ' 1 , 1 3 X TK ,ri ,., ,M Az a X V f ,H I ff, "M ' 'W H 111. uw f NH Wh H, , wi N W ' w!i ML' H ul fx 'N w ! JEXSLSEQI ',,,.,f-X .1 Q ,li KJ ' : fN..,,- fi fx-gf ,Yl- - f , 4-P 1-Zi.-f '-,......-.--- - -.gnu-11-1:11-11 li i f Y. v ' " , X .i Wfpfgrlfj 'V 701 Q 77 H wgrap y 1950 SKETCH BooK STAFF Eclilli Tlioinas, Edilor-in-Chief Annc-Ncila Cushman, Assislnnt Editor Dorothy HlllSl'll, Bll5iIIl'SS llfllilllgfl Miss Marion XVildcr, Advisor LITERARY STAFF Rulh Dickey Doris Kinney Carolyn Mobley J une Rose Ross rXDV1iR'l'lSl NG STAFF Nancy Burns Dorcas Brown Gloria Cunolo llotty Lou McCullough flANDlD PHO'l'0GRAl'llYI liclith rIlll0ll12lS Iinwmzn 'l'11AYF:R MoNRoF Harlsdalc, New York Plzotogmplzs vl nhl Q 4 It , fu 'fa Q f I F l92I 4 Y 'f 5 FJ, Q 5 6' A SSHQX 86 flARAMOND Pmzss Baltimore, Maryland Phnting and Birzrling SKETCH BOOK ART STAFF Phyllis Atwell, Art Editor pp. 2-3, 14, 15, 84-85 Mrs. Helen Daker, Art Advisor Lois Barnard, pp. 13, 115 Eula Metzger, pp. 5, 9 Marguerite Szabo, pp. 71, 103' Helen Sullivan, p. 1 Mary Jane NVilson, p. S3 "WHAT" APRIL FOOL NEWSPAPER STAFF Miss Marion Wilder, A r1zf1'so1' Anne-Neila Cushman Phyllis Long Loraine McGlone Carole Katz asfacfied of the furyv STUDENT COUNCIL Student government, under the supervision of a Student Council, has long had a part in the training of students since educational pro- cesses began. Here at Edgewood Park, the aim of the Student Council is to create among the student body a feeling of the need of a loyal observ- ance of all rules. This leads naturally to a spirit of close cooperation between the members of the student body and those of the adminis- trative force. Only by such cooperation can the real value of a student govermuent show itself, for its aim is to train for leadership, to teach self control and self reliance, and to bring out, in every student, the initiative which makes for independence of thought. This coopera- tion in thinking things through together leads to a line standard of action among the entire student group. The Student Council is elected by the entire student body. The officers of the 1949-1950 Student Council: .Ioan Langlois, President Marianne Allen, Vice-President Dorcas Brown, Secretary Doris Kinney, Treasurer Lorraine Francioni, -Imzior Class Representative Barbara York, High School Representative Nancy Hunt, Senior Representative at Large Mrs. Harriett Reaser Sowell, Advisor 88 .lane Barlow Marie Kznnp 11.921 Rather Ke Right... U PRgS?1?E1ETS FIRST 'llliRlNI Betty Brzihney Ruth Dickey Iillen Neziry -loan Bitnei' Louise Byer Caroline Phelps Marcia Mfhite Ioan Allen Mziriznnle Allen S1ac:oNn'l'i1RM Pzlt Swift -janet Luke Mnrtlia Thropp Betty Churcli Sue -Iorclan Mary Chapinzin AIOZIIIIIC llllllllillll Natalie Knowlton Theo Chzunpion Sue Kehoe Marizlnne Allen 89 fl 0 77 frzglzten the Corner RELIGIOUS CLUB lyn Quinn unril Clmirnmn Drum 1'-Clmirlllnn , Muchlhol' 'r1'lrn'y-'I'rr'u.s'1n1 1 Ulm l"I0llSCl visor 1 7 2 feb,-am!" FIRE 'ROCTORS Murizmm: .'Xlll'll I,i'I'.Yidl'?lf Ann Dc Cznnp Viz I'-l,I'1'.S'ilI'!'IIf Nanny Burns Mr. Artllur M. Goss .-ld1fi,s'm' ff o 77 , apeatry an grey LENS AND SHUTTER 90 Sl'I'I'l'fIl ly- Tl'l'Il.YIl I'l'I akicfclle Me Miss Lillian Ellis A llzfism' 77 H lze .feiier SECRETARIAL CLUB Mary Faith Hughes PI'l'.S'1'Iil'IIf 'flicoclora Cllallllllflll I'if'f'-I"r'rf.sid1'11l Nancy Bassett Sl'!'lil'fIIl'j' Barham Ringcn Trf'r1.s'11n'1' Miss Bcrilaclcllc Sllanlhorsky rind Miss BCl'll2ll'llll1C McCrucl- clcn A 11 7'IAS0I2S' Miss Elizabeth lNICad laid U PARAPSYCHOLOGY CLUB Direrlor adfencl aln far D EDGENOTES 91 l - H Ile Llzflfle U INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB l.m'rainc Francioni, Prf'sid1'nI Bcity Keith Luke, l'ir'f'-1'r1'sic11'r1l l,orz1inc Mcfilonc, SI'l'l'f'll1l'iV -loan Linfk, 7il'l'fI.YIl7'l'i' Mrs. Alice XV. Billings, ,-lr11fis0r 0 0 77 H he Llurtam leaded DRAMATIC CLUB Bzlrlmaru Spencer, PTl'SlLlll'lIf Phyllis .I2il'lCS0lI, l'i1'r'-Prr'.9if1f'r1I Cllurc Metzger, S1'f'r1'l1u'y lvlytlllkl Niclortlt, Tl'1'Il.Ylllll Mrs. XValton Muller, IJlI'l'f'fUl 92 aalff the Comfortd 0 ome U Sue McNamce I'r1'.tid1'n I -lzlckic Mc-Gill l'i1'1'4l'rf'.ti111'r1l INTERIOR DECORATION CLUB alledign for ,giving U A Phyllis Frecr ART CLUB Phyllis Alwcll, Prrsidffrzl Marguerite Szabo, I'i1'F-Presidmzl Mary Jane XVilson, Serrefnry-Trensuww Mrs. Helen Dakcr, A dzfism' eltlly L46 MERCHANDISING CLUB Sue Atwood, Pl4I'.YIfll?IIl Pal Swift, Vliff'-P'l'f'SId!'IIl 'S'J"'i"ff"43"F"""-WW" Ianct Muehlhof, Sf'r'r'vl11ry Marcia XVhitc, Tl'I'fI.YIll'I'lA MISS ,ISHN FC1'1'C1'2l Miss Frances Christy and Miss Nancy Lauer, Adrfiwrs fl dzfisol' 93 If o h Ruth llickcy. 1'rr'sidr'nI Lucille lnwy, I'i1'1'-I'rr'xi1l1'11l 7, .-Xnnc-Ncila Cushman, S!'f'I'r"f1lI'j Bard FRENCH CLUB """'-""f"" Mrs. NIZIHC Marsh, JIIITVIVNIJI' Sb Aix ? Sully AICCIIZIII, l'n'.s'i1lr'11l as, , , Toni ljflllll, I'i1'w-I'n'.v1'1lr'11I Ln AHL h Ln Suc iNlZlL'N2llllt'l'. S1'r'n'lrr:'y- 3 9 , g 'I'rr'n.s'l1r1'r obv .-Xlicc Ann 'l'crry, S2ll'2ll1 Nllllltxll 1 J J Mmlilmgx Miss lilifabclll Mead, lJirr'r'lnr 9-4 v Edith Thomas, President janet Luke, Vive-Przfsiderzl If 5 ' 77 Betty Keith Luke, Sl?!'Tl'fIll'y Dotty Lou McCullough, Trfffswfr HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Dr. Charlotte Rogers, Advisor ttoo,t me 5 - Emilia Aroscmena, Pnfsidzwl Dolores Pereson, Vizrf-Prcfsident If I h 77 Gladys Preciaclo, Sr'1'r0la1'y- not er ang ufage Tr1'nsu1'er Mrs. Louise x'VHgHCl' and Miss Marna Graves, A dzfisors 95 ,,,,..,--P1 ff , I 77 04 ,boctor J .fbzlemma MEDICAL ASSISTANT ASSOCIATION 96 Su-lla C1zn'x'in, I,l'I'.Yil1I'IIf Doris Kinney, l'if'f'-l'n's1'd1'r1I Edith Dcschlcr, Sl'l'I'l'f1ll':Y .Ioan Emery, TI'1'II.91lI'l'I' Mr. XVIIIIZIIII Perry, .411z1I.wr Ann De Camp, Presidenl ff If Marie Kamp, I'if'1'-1'rPsidr'r1l Ccent on Lorraine Fraucioni, Sw'r1'lary Mary Butz, T7'l'lI.Y1l7'f'l' Mrs. Grace Rosser, Advisor 97 Miss ff algo" I OMC an TEN N IS VARSITY Blzmclina Ig2lIll'0l'I4, Crlplrlin l"lm'cm'v Millikcn. Mr. Slumnrm XY:1llzu'c. ,'lrI1'fism's lf 0 27 l 4 all' alfle ATHLETIC CUUNCII, lic-ily lirzallllvy, l'n'.vi1Ir'ul IIIZIIICIIIIZI lizilmcuck, I'ir'1'-l'r'r'.s'i1l1'11I Hclcn Sllllivzlll. Sr'1'rr'lur'j'-'l'r1'u.s'11rm liullx' AIZIYIOIIC. SPIIIOI' lff'fHY'.YI'IIIIIIIITW' C l.z1nc', ulzminr lft'fII'f'Xf'!lfIIfll'I' llllll .ICllllIllgS, 'fl-gfl Srlmnl lfl'!lH'.X'l'IlflIfTl'I' Nliss lrcllc Ric-cl Illvivrn' Miss 98 If 77 anutlfy lla!!! SKI GROUP I"IUl'L'lll'C Milliken rind SIIZIIIIIOII XYz1llzu'C, pirlwisors If 77 lucky Lip SENIOR LIFE SAVING PATROL If 0 I7 WSW f . Ulzejvfzlf Ketween GOLF VARSITY Mr. Arlllur GOSS, IIIITYIZYOI' M4 " I ff o f 77 the ,Guy A Jvlorded BOOT AND SPUR CLUB Alofelyn Mercier, Przfsidwzl Eula Metlger, I'irr'-I're.sirlffr1l Barbara Spencer, Sc"I'I'I'fII77y 'Clare Metzger, Trmsurzfr Miss Florence Milliken, Advism' 'I floating .High U 1sAski1'1'BAi,L The varsity basketball teams of Edgewood Park played six games this season. The first game was played at home with Briarcliff Junior College. It was exciting and close, both teams playing hard and well. The unior College squad succeeded in making the one final basket they needed to win the game. Succeeding games were held with Scarborough School, Scarbor- ough, New York, and Rosemary I-lall in Greenwich, Connecticut. These contests were equally tense and hard-fought. .loan Ramsbottom, team captain and forward for Edgewood Park, scored 44 points during the season: Mildred Pfeifer was the highest scorer, with 53 points. TH E SEASON 'S STATISTICS Tenn: Date Place Edgezvoorl Ojipmifnt Briarcliff junior College jan Home 34 Scarborough School Feb Home 38 27 Rosemary Hall Feb Away 12 29 lli 42 Briarcliff unior College Feb Away 24 36 Scarborough School Feb. Away 41 25 Total 54 93 THE VARSITY SQUAD FIRST T EAM I"o1'w1m1s Mary Butz jean Eckles Mildred Pfeifer .Ioan Ramsbottom, Cajnfain SECOND TEAM Theodora Champion .Ioan Linck Florence Lozito kloanmarie Patterson Guards Blandina Babcock Margery Foster Patricia Knights Susie MacNamee Caroline Borden Betty Brahney joan Corcoran Joanne Dunham Marianne Allen, Scorer Jean Vitalius, Time-Keeper Miss Florence Milliken and Mr. William Bowers, Coaches FLOOR SHOTS 101 Special Students Ivonnc Aboud Bcthulia Diaz Camila Munoz Gladys Sampcr .AIIIPHTU Sifontes Shirley Young 102 Carol Phelps, Preszklent Jeanne Lane, VZ'C6-P'l'8SIA6l677lf joan Rarnsbottom, Secretfzry Nancy Bassett, 7'7'6!LS1l'f61' Mrs. Elaine D. Pownall, C lass Advisor Vfrk., Q! 3 ,F ' 'W 3 fi' ia!! Z gall ff , f . Y nh -XX ' xx Xxx f ", X fWfff'Il 4 mi If 22 Q30 3 +. s f : 2 5 s 5 , ' - I 5 se ' gi if X 2 l if - 1 4 -5' 4 J, Ag dw, n W n ne n e -'ff "V-'ae n N o y Q -, J l: fig, ' NX, a if W f N7 I 111 ' ik' ' x " Q P ' f K e -1, me 4 ,f S xi, ,Q hw, K, N if ff' 'ss - I -if , W, VK, ff ' ' , ' 1.'w.., ,r l 1, xx K , fu' 'A X X -W" f I 7 I J H W n mqamfas fxfl C H Hi? X f I 3 I ww W, sv' W1 N .: f 2 J QX 2 j file S , X ' s 3 ' 5 ,J V .- ' W J T I if 9 n ,f 1 5 ' e 7 f Y fr D , , . n - f k QQ.. .X Q Kg 11,1 M IOYIQS Gultuml and practical Hrts 103 yxllll xxlllllllbl Letitia A111l11't1st: Marilyn A11de1'so11 Blz111tli11z1 Blllllllfk Bztrlmztrzt Baker lilizztlmeth Bange Nancy Bassett l'at1'it'ia Bendcll Dina Bentzen clilflllyll Bu1'tle11 Betsy Bowers Renee Brown 104 fi S N , it R t ..., tx Claudette Awzttl Lois Bartutrtl Roberta Bcrtolf -I :tue Burrows Vilma Bursniek Theodora Champ Joan Corcoran Barbara Denison Mary Butz ion Mary Chapman Denise Daniels Barbara Downey Carolyn Caruso Antoinette Cerri telli Betty Church Mary Ellen Condon Patricia Davis Dulce Deasc Joanne Dunham Virginia DuBosq ue 105 can liaklcs Nlzirgzm-L Evans 1llll'l lflcury Margery lfmlcr 1,011-ln-i Frost lsulmcl Gzxlvin unc flflfgll lix' ,V hm' Q ,W an KQUSIIEI 1 iciu l"i1sfl1i11g Yzllcric lfiskv Pau' l.m'1'z1im: l'1l'2lll1iUlli -I2ll'lIllClil1C lfn, lloluls Gr.-org Gcrlruclc Gilvs Ilunysc Crccnwzxlcl blanc Gregory l06 mst 5115? PM f m ? , H' ,pf 'Q it , M y ja, . t 7'fg . .,.: 'loAnn Gregory Rita Grimm Sally Grumman Sydney Hales 'fucker Halpin Kathleen Hardy Dorothy Harris Susan Hartztll Doris Herndon Mary Louise Hicks Mary Ann Hiler lxfldfgdlil Hogan Kathleen Hohl Gracelisc Horak Ellen Horan Dorette Horsnnann 107 Isabel Hougltttm Noelle .lacubs Patricia Kane Angeline Keith l A Q It ,,., l i ti l 5 Margaret I-Iutltly Suzanne Jamieson -Ioanne Kasper Sally Klipple Elizabeth lskyan Eleanor Jennings Barbara Kathan Charlotte Knapp 108 Phyllis Jackson -lean Johnson Sue Ann Kehoe Leah Knights Natalie Knowlton An Arlene Leatherman Elvira Lindem Marilyn Lock Jacqueline Magill ne Krieg Dorothea Loverro Priscilla Maihofer 2, Q SX 'F- . X al l Xl i:':1s2'i?1:' " 3. i!t'1:T:Ii-: ' 4..- ,gtf Q 109 Jeanne Lane ann Marilyn Llewellyn Joan McSweeney Sarah Mallett Audrey Larsen Jane Lobdell Diane Macom Autlur Markusson IZ: E ,.,., , ,. , vii-up lxl2il'g2ll'Cl Marvel Maria Mayo llzlmlylm Nlolmlcy Polly lNIum'0C Mario O'Riormlan Prisrilla Osborn Carol lvlczul Clare Nlcllgcx' liarlmara Nichols Myona Nielorth Christina Pappas .lczmnc l,2lIlCl'S0ll llllllllllllifll' l,LlllL'l'S0lll':lll2ilJClll PellegrinoMildred l'l'cil'cr Caroline Phelps 14 0 F 'U I MA X36 ll0 Q Q N? in W K -'i i Sylvia Pinney Evelyn Plummer Ann Pollard Betty Pratt joan Ramsbottom Lynn Rockefeller Marny Rudolph Ellen Sams Patricia Saunders Shirley Scllaub Regina Schoenenberg joan Scihoonmaker Henrietta Schossler jane Searle Marjorie' Serpico Beverly Shaut 111 Nancy Shaw Barbara Spenrer Barbara Tellier Martha 'lhropp ,inv- H? i A' Marjorie Simpson Lois Stein Daphne Tenney Mary Tower i Siw-.es P i . 'Q . 'I' , if X g N, P Wm X X we - X l ,f N Dolores Smith janet Sturn Alice Terry Nancy Truex ll2 Nyclia Soto Pat Sullivan Caroline Theisz Margaret Ungvarsky Anneke Van VVagoner Audrey WVaddell Sheila YVallin Josephine XfVayt Anne WVelch Margaret NVhite Elizabeth X'Vll1ICI'Cl' Frances XVoodings Sandra YVyrtzen ii, 9 4 i """ v ':'. 2 "2' 113 .. Ai.. 'ml' Phyllis Warner Dorothy Hlhittakcr Ruth Zuckmaicr PROXOLOGY ON THE DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF JUNIORS AND SENIORS LORAINE MCGLONE The technical difference between a junior in high school and a senior in high school is approximately four credits. Usually a junior Qin high schoolj is sixteen years old and a senior Qin high schoolj is seventeen years old. The average layman may distinguish a senior Qin high schoolj from a junior fin high schoolj by a few outstand- ing characteristics. First, the senior. Each senior somehow or other gets the impression that she is not only the best-dressed individual in the world, but also the most important, most intelligent, and surely the most popular. Secondly, a brief look at the junior, who is readily tagged in any crowd by her meek expression. The juniors are convinced that they are exactly what the almighty seniors aren't. When in a group with seniors, the poor juniors resemble the female species of Mr. Milquetoast. You see, the seniors handle the juniors in the same way two Great Danes tear apart a coveted bone. Because of this cruel treatment, juniors are often nervous and irritable and are unable to sleep at night. And, of course, since they can't sleep at night, they must sleep in the morning. Very often teachers are not overly understanding when pupils sleep in the classroom. Why this is, the juniors don't fully understand. Perhaps the teachers are sleepy too--after having stayed up all night to correct five-hundred word themes--and want the juniors to keep them awake. Although there is as yet no solution to the existing junior-senior situation, it has been predicted that some- where around l984 the juniors will stage a minor revolt. This will of course come to naught: for although the juniors have grown strong enough to have such an idea, the seniors have grown so in mentality as to perceive the idea of those in the lower intelligence bracket. This nperceiving' is carried on in torture chambers with the assistance of a top junior. One mustn't get the idea, though, that the seniors have everything. Why, the juniors get three meals a day and sometimes can keep their dates, if the seniors don't want them. Finally, it is only fair to state that the juniors gg have clothes, but the seniors like the juniors' clothes. Need more be said? 114 rrzgem U53 urzrores N i ,, ,r Mb wr Qollege preparatory ' gg ?!1'-,2 74? ,7,4xSf xx x g? EXX Q ii Z Xf Mmow QMS 7 rr i 0 fx N 115 Loraine Nlcfllone, Prffsirierzt Hula Meuger, VIICE-PTESZ.Il67It Laurie VViedersum, Secretary Arlene Newmzui, Treasurer Miss Marion Wilcler, Class Advisor Q I llvq , -Ioan Allen Carol Biblio Elspeth Caldwell Cleorzl Elder Fznilh Fenwick Katherine Forinzni Dolores Hagen Elizabeth Hunter Phyllis Jacobs B2ll'lJ1ll'Zl Kenton Phyllis Long Florence Lozito Ilfi Bzirlmm Dzmsky lNIa1'ilyn Godsey Barbzirzi Keisermzxn Pzltrieizl Lusk Carole Lyke Loraine McGlone Barbara Mz1cQueen Eulu Metzger Judith Miller Arlene Newman Ruth Nyborg Ann Poulos Barbara Ross Oliva Saldana Eleanor Seltzer Ina Sipser Carol Thompson joy Tholnpson Margaret June XVetzel Laurie X'Veidcrsu1n Von Bargen ll7 Beginning school in September meant the pleasant confusiun of unpacking, iinding our big or little sisters, and getting settled for the tasks ahead. We became ac- quainted with our roommate and suitcmates, helping each other hang draperies and arrange furniture, while lending an interested ear to the events of last summer and the big week-end plans for future months. Very soon books demanded at- tention as classes had begun 115 and we were cn our way. Our get- acquainted picnic was rained outg nevertheless, that evening we en- joyed ourselves informally in the dining room 125. Members of Stu- dent Council acted as hostesses at 41' in 5 1 3553 f Lf-v our first Sunday afternoon tea 135. It seemed as though life was one class after another 145. We climbed Harmony Hill, pounded typewriters, washed dishes, daubed paint, crammed for tests 1553 no complaints, be- cause wonderful Week-ends always rolled around 165. For some of us they meant movies, concerts, shopping trips to New York 175, or a big time on some college campus. One of our most hilarious nights was that of the Athletic Association Halloween party. We had laughs 185-the barkcr 195 drew us to the side-splitting side show 1105. We bob- ll8 i bed for apples and tried our luck at the wheel of fortune. Scares too-with Frankenstein stealing the show 1115. Fall also meant the Harvest Moon Ball with its pumpkin and corn stalk decorations 1125. How pretty it was to see the transformation from dun- garees to the ballerina evening dresses. Thanksgiving was our next big event on the calendar and we welcomed it with a com- memorative service in the lobby by the choir and student body. When we came back from Thanksgiving vacation 1135, winter tried in vain to give us LGE! 5f.lm,lTH snow. Concerts, recitals, radio shows and dramatic club plays perked us up, though, and helped balance out days of study. Soon the spirit in the air was Christ- masy 1145, and despite warm tem- peratures we greeted the season with our formal tea 1155 and candlelight dinner. The faculty held open house for us in Harmony Hall 1165 and we serenaded them with carols 1175 just before going home 118, 195. 9 Tho-se of us who prayed for snow rejoiced at the few flakes that lent atmosphere to the formal ball which featured our Snow Queen and her court 1205. January also ushered in term exams and buried everyone in books 1215 3 we did not come up for air and relax 1225-or so it seemed -much before our Valentine dance. A plunge in the pool, a fast game of ping pong, basketball 1235, dancing to the juke box 1245, or just relaxing in the Dutch playing Canasta 4251 balanced out our day, with bells punctuating our life and giving it schedule. The slightest bit of snow brought out our skiers 126, 271-some to our ski slope, some to Lake Placid's-but still others were pining for an early spring. A pioneer spirit emerged with the beginning of enthusiastic mod- ern dance classesg they gave us an outlet for excess energy and sent us to bed exhausted 1285. A new religious council periodically pre- sided in chapel and gave us the feeling of self-guidance in our spiritual development. We had a bit of fun watching the foreign language plays, and the pantomime conveyed the plot if we were lost in the dialogue. How lucky We felt if We were the win- ner at one of the cake raffles, but our prize never lasted long. We welcomed spring as we needed its accompanying lightness and gaiety to bolster our winter- worn spirits. The displays put on by surrounding fashionable shops helped us plan our Easter ward- robes, and some of the girls, gifted enough to put their designs into form, presented a fashion show giving us their ideas on spring clothes. Days and weeks passed quickly and May brought our annual pag- eant with the Queen and her court. Commencement was our most im- pressive picture of the year. Grad- uation Day Was our inspiration throughout the year, and with its arrival we have reached one goal. 7 Patrons of the 1950 SKETCH BOOK Mrs. Anna Allen Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Ambrose Mr. Harry F. Atwood Captain and Mrs. Leonard Austin Mr. George W. Babcock Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Baker and Mrs. Harry C. Barnard and Mrs. Albert C. Bassett and Mrs. B. W. Bendell and Mrs. H. T. Bibbo Richard M. Bitner and Mrs. Sherwin T. Borden and Mrs. Morty S. Bowles M rs. John C Mr. and Mrs Brahney ' . Eugene F. Brown Mrs. F. K. Buckner Mrs. Gordon T. Burrows Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bursnick Mr. and Mrs. George W. Butz Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Byer Dr. D. M. Caldwell Mr. N. V. Carpenter Mr. Don A. Caruso Dr. B. E. Chapman Mr. Edward P. Clark Mrs. Mark H. Corcoran Mrs. Helen Sullivan Crothers Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cucolo Cutlery Corporation of America Mrs. Mary Wainwright Cushman Dr. Mr Mr Mr. M r Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Dansky . and Mrs. Wm. P. De Camp, jr. and Mrs. F. M. Demerath and Mrs. C. H. Denison and Mrs. Robert S. Deschler C. W. Dickey and Mrs. William H. Donahue Mrs. Bert Donaldson Mr. Frank Drha Mrs. Ella Du Bosque Mrs. H. Raymond Dunham Mr. john P. Eckles Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr M r Mr Mr Leslie R. Evans Henry S. Elder and Mrs. Frank Fabian and Mrs. Barry Faris . Ralph Fels and Mrs. Arnold Fenwick Joseph Firsching, Jr. and Mrs. Basil P. Fitzpatrick . and Mrs. W. W. Forman and Mrs. Daniel L. Franeioni Frederick T. Frost William C-erwe Mrs. E. S. Gill Mr. and Mrs. jerry Gorga Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF OSSINING OSSINING, N. Y. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Mr. Mr Seth G. Gregory .and Mrs. Herbert Gretsch Mr. Thos. F. Grimm Mr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Waldo Grumman George A. Hales Harnik Bros. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Arthur W. Hansen and Mrs. Earl E. Hardy and Mrs. Theodore Hasselbach and Mrs. Frank W. Hewes, jr. Edwin Hicks and Mrs. William Hinsch Thomas L. Hogan joseph A. Horak and Mrs. Carl Horstmann Earle F. Houghton Harry S. Hunt and Mrs. Nathan G. Hunt and Mrs. G. W. Huston Geo. lskyan James Earle Jackson and Mrs. John Jacobs and Mrs. G. B. Jamieson and Mrs. Harold P. jordan E. F. Kamp Mrs. Anne Kasper Dr. and Mrs. N. D. Kathan Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Katz Robert A. Kenton and Mrs. Harold Kinney Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. joseph A. Kitzmiller F. H. Knowlton and Mrs. Robert Lang and Mrs. F. N. Langlois and Mrs. K. Henry Larsen F. D. Lehn Carl F. Libby and Mrs. O. E. Linck Olin S. Livingston and Mrs. H. Ludwig and Mrs. James L. Luke, jr. and Mrs. William D. Luke Mrs. Harold McCullough E. McGlone, Cooperage and Lumber M r. M r. Hamilton Mclnnes and Mrs. Alonzo E. McLaughlin and Mrs. Samuel Parant Metzger Mr. Daniel F. Mac Namee Mr. and Mrs. Paul Magner Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Maihofer Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Martone Mrs. Joseph Mayo Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Mead Mr. and Mrs. Roland S. Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Metzger Mr. Mrs. Walter E. Michel Mr. James Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Miller Mitchell Delicatessen Mr. Basil Mobley I2-I Greenwich 8-0654 Chaney D'Eiia Ladies Specialfy Shop 244 GREENWICH AVE. Greenwich, Conn. Complimenfs of BOOT and SPUR CLUB BEN PALOMBO 22 Sherwood Avenue Ossining Ossining 2-0986 Compliments of the MEDICAL ASSISTANTS ASSOCIATION Mr Mr. Mr M r. Mr. Guy M. Monroe James F. Murray and Mrs. Dan R. Neary and Mrs. Houston H. Nichols and Mrs. George L. Nyborg Mr. Cameron O'Connor Mrs. Wendell G. Osborn Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Pappas George Patterson, Jr. Edwin B. Patterson Kenneth R. Perkins Mrs. W. B. Pinney Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Pontefract and Mrs. james C. Pratt and Mrs. William Ramsay Andrew E. Reilly and Mrs. George E. Ringen and Mrs. N. L. Rockefeller Clarence A. Ross and Mrs. Max Rudolph and Mrs. A. E. Saldana and Mrs. H. A. Saunders and Mrs. Frank A. Scattene and Mrs. Gordon C. Schaub August Schoenenberg Mrs. Mary Schossler M r Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Frederick Scudder and Mrs. john T. Seltzer A and Mrs. John Serpico and Mrs. Simon St. Laurent and Mrs. Max Stein Mrs. Marie Stevens Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. M r and Mrs. L. R. Sturn and Mrs. A. P. Swift and Mrs. Joseph Szabo and Mrs. Walter T ellier and Mrs. Robert R. Theisz and Mrs. james O. Thomas and Mrs. James W. Thropp Harold Tower Mrs. John E. Ungvarsky Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Arthur B. Vitalius Clarence Vredenburgh Harry W. Walk and Mrs. Edward F. Wallin and Mrs. Daniel V. White and Mrs. Alan Wiedersum E. H. Wilson and Mrs. Charles F. Wilson and Mrs. K. H. Wood R. L. York and Mrs. Howard A. Young CATERSON GIFT SHOP 26 So. Highland Avenue ALBERT KAMP cnenir Jeweuzns also Osslnlnq' N' Y' Expert Watch 8: Jewelry Repairing Telephone: Ossining 2-3340 I47 MAIN ST. OSSINING, NEW YORK ALEX TAYLOR CI' C0., INC. Compliments "The House That Sport Built" of Athletic Outfitters THE FREDERICK PAGE CONTRACTING CO. BOILER SETTINGS 45 East 17th Street New York, N. Y. for EDGEWOOD PARK SCHOOL Specialists in all Sports Equipment Athletic Costumes Blazers, Seals and Beanies nYLo 1 P -L' T o x 9 . it 4' 42' 'F 22 East 42nd Street New York I7, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN ADAMS HENRY, INC. Purveyors of Fresh and Frozen Fruits ond Vegetables T 56-58 HARRISON ST. NEW YORK I3, N. Y. WAlker 5-7724 Compliments of SECRETARIAL CLUB ifrectory Administration, Faculty and Stal? Mr. and Mrs. Oscar N. Barber Donavin Apartments Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mrs. Bertha Bay D Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Olive Berglund H2 Belaire Street, Brockton, Massachusetts Mrs. Alice W. Billings Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Helen L. Bowman 128 East Locust Street, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Mrs. Virginia Bowman 33-I North 25th Street, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Miss Norma Carlson Rl School Street, Concord, New Hampshire Miss Frances Ann Christy R.D. 2, Sharon, Pennsylvania Dr. Helen M. Crocker Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mrs. Helen P. Daker 1390 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. Mr. Edward Delaney Donavin Apartments, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Lillian R. Ellis Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. H. Miss Lucy Eveleth 3l3 Essex St., Salem, Massachusetts Miss jean Ferrera 31--10 74th Street, jackson Heights, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goss Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Martha M. Graves cfo Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Clairmont Place, Nashville, Tennessee Miss Dorothy Greig Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mrs. Grace Halpin l20-A Green Acres Avenue, Xvhite Plains, N. Y. Miss Marcelle Harrigan Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Lillian H. Hart Box l23, Elizabethtown. Kentucky Mrs. Winifred Hasselbauer l0l Tompkins Avenue, Pleasantville. N. Y. Dr. and Mrs. Otto Honser Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Velma Huntley Lake Elmore, Vermont Mrs. Norma jackson Szumski 2 Spring Terrace, Whitinsville, Massachusetts Mrs. Ruth james 57 Hancock Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts Miss Nancy A. Lauer 213 North 25th Street, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Miss Bernardine McCrudden I8 Frederick Street, Providence. Rhode Island Miss Helen Marks Lakeville, Connecticut Mrs. Marie Therese Marsh it-5 Cottage Court, Huntington, QL. I.j , N. Y. Miss Dorothy Martin Edgewood Park School. Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Elizabeth Mead 1543 South Park Street, Red Wing, Minnesota Miss Florence Milliken 530 Rhode Island Street. Buffalo 13, N. Y. Mrs. VValton 'l'. Muller - 68 West 102 Street, New York, N. Y. Miss Theresa O'Brien Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mr. William K. Perry 85 South Highland Avenue, Ossining, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs, Walter Powna-ll Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mrs. Mae Renning 140 East 81 Street, New York 28, N. Y. Miss Irene E. Ried Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Dr. E. Charlotte Rogers 80 Asylum Street, Norwich, Connecticut Miss Margaret Ross Seven Booth Lane, Haverford, Pennsylvania Mrs. Grace Rosser Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Bernadette Shamborsky 343 Main Street, Eynon, Pennsylvania Mr. Grant M. Smith ' ll6-I0 95 Avenue, Richmond Hill 19, N. Y. Mrs. Harriett R. Sowell Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Mrs. Louise XVagner 20 Avon Place, Amityville, L. I., N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Wallace Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N Y Mrs. Margaret VVarner Edgewood Park School. Briarcliff Manor, N. Y Miss Marion Wilder 604 North Hyde Park Ave., Scranton 4, Pennsylvania Miss Ann Yvolf Edgewood Park School, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Miss Mecleta Ziebach Lake George. N. Y. 128 BLACK'S VARIETY STORE COMPLIMENTS Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Friendly Store where. girls can shop of the for all their needs, GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS INTERIOR DECORATION CLUB Tel. 6-I594 Next to Post Office Compnmems HUBBELL HARDWARE co. Distributors for of SUNPROOF - WALLHIDE PAINTS ART CLUB Ossining, N. Y. Telephone I 800-I -2 Est. I 889 JOSEPH TUNICK AND SONS, INC. Westchester County's Largest Furniture Store FURNITURE - CARPETS 103-105 NORTH MAIN STREET Port Chester, N. Y. Student Body Aboud, Ivonne Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C. A. Adatns, Ann 8407 Galveston Rd., Silver Spring, Md. Albelli, joan 622 Stiles Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. Allen, joan Point View Place, Mountain Lakes, N. J. Allen, Marianne 2041 West State St., Wellsville, N. Y. Ambrose, Letitia 325 N.W. I7 St., Oklahoma City, Okla. Amerman, Doris 3517 86 St., jackson Heights, L. I.. N. Y. Anderson, lklarilyn 220-31 Hartland Ave., Queens Village 8, L. I., N. Y. Arosemena, Emilia Calle 50 14512, Panama, R. P. Atwell, Phyllis 56 Fairmont St., Lowell, Mass. Atwood, Suzanne 1156 Main St., Watertown, Conn. Austin, Lenore "Holicong", Bucks County, Pa. Awad, Claudette 9-105 Shore Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Babcock, Blantlina Upper River Road, Glenview, Ky. Baker, Barbara 701 Gilmarys Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. Bange, Elizabeth 29 Forest Ave., Ossining, N. Y. Barlow, jane Middlebury Rd., Waterbury 83, Conn. Barnard, Lois I6 Pinckney Rd., Red Bank, N. Barthold, Nancy 1457 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. Bassett, Nancy 66 Oakland Rd., Southington, Conn. Beach, june 12,1 Brite Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. Beudell, Patricia 2515 Overlook Dr., Cleveland, Ohio Bentzcn, Dina llllevaalsveien 90, Oslo, Norway Bertoll, Roberta 32 Lafayette Pl., Greenwich. Conn. Bibbo, Carol 19 Vernon Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Bitner, joan 609 W. Main St., Lansdale, Pa. Borden, Carolyn 15 Longfellow Rd., Worcester 2, Mass. Bove, Antoinette 12 Archer Drive, Bronxville, N. Y. Bowers, Betsy Larch Road, Briarclilf Manor, N. Y. Bowles, joan 102 Fifth Ave., Montgomery, W. Va. Brahney, Elizabeth 157 South Harrison St., East Orange, N. J. Brenner, Barbara 203 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Brown, Dorcas 233 Hamilton Rd., Rockville Centre, L. I., N. X. Brown, Hilda 188 Vance Street, New Britain, Conn. Brown, Renee 4755 INhite Plains Rd., New York 66, N. Y. Buckner, Marian 3621 Rosedale, Dallas 5, Texas Burns, Nancy 150 Pelhatn Road, Rochester 10, N. Y. Burrows, jane 665 Westchester Way, Birmingham, Mich. BllrSlliCk, Vilma 526 Main St., Sitnpson, Penn. Butz, Mary 110 Norfolk St., Rehoboth Beach, Del. Byer, Louise l-124 West State St., Trenton, N. j. Caldwell, Elspeth ll Richard Rd., Manchester, Conn. Carpenter, Ann 3630 Peachtree Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Caruso, Carolyn 75 Tulip St., Summit, N. j. Carvin, Stella 32 Claremont Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Cerritelli, Antoinette 21 Mason St., Derby, Conn. Champion, Theodora Box 88, Old Lyme, Conn. Chapman, Mary Broadalbin, N. Y. Church, Betty 141 Francis St., New Britain, Conn. Clark, Cynthia 238 Main St., Spencer, Mass. Condon, Mary 85 St. Andrews Pl., Yonkers 5, N. Y. Corcoran, joan 3 Alberta St., Rochester ll, N. Y. Cucolo, Gloria Haverstraw Rd., Sullern, N. Y. Cushtnan, Anne -106 Brook St., Providence 6, R. I. Daniels, Denise 52 Lathrop Ave.. Binghamton, N. Y. Dansky, Barbara 153 Irwin St., Manhattan Beach, N. X. Davis, Patricia 32 Knollwood Ave., Madison, N. -I. Dease, Dulce Kola, Kauai, T. H. DeCamp, Anne 25 Oxford St.. Winchester, Mass. Demerath, Ruth 623 YVidener Rd., Elkins Park 17, Pa. Denison, Barbara Millerton. N. Y. Deschler, Edith 56 West Church St.. Bethlehem. Pa. 130 Where do we run for food and chaffer? Where do we run fo gef faffer and fairer? Where do we run when sfudy bell rings For cakes and coke and candy and fhings? THE DUTCH! Where do we air our pef peeves and gripes? Where do we go when our roommafe fypes? 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Suggestions in the Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY) collection:

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Edgewood Park High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Briarcliff Manor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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