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.w 1 ' K fa-J '..'- 2 .gn 4: " W , u A n ' Q , .' in , . 1 1 lx' fat .,1 fl. j., 1' J . , v w l I, ei I . ' 'I -uf , A w . wa" ,B ., .3 . . 1 .- '- - gf ..,,r . ,-M., -- w 5. HLA. :J '17 -. 1 I iftgkffi , .E 1,- rf . 15: ji' i . ,gig I ' 45:35 4 Ty . ,, N u JJ r I U J A x I: 11- . 1 G' 411 f " , ,gym . .1w.i"n ,. Q, . xr-11.1 5 1 1 - ,s 11 till. '. -ff 1 . 1 r ,,: 31 1 -1. A. TEWEWE5 'au' 1' 1 -Q CVQ -.x qxguyr-F n -.,1-,, 4 ' zz " 11 rj' . 1 18 ' -f. .f 1-. i x gji -5 -A -' , . 1, 1 ' V-Q " .iv ' , f ' if. ' . , qw, . - . ig " Y. fs 1 fi- ,, .. if se. 1:1 1 I L5 1 ....,'fi'1 -' r ii - 1, " A ' if j 1 5- yi N . . -1 - 5 A .,.sf u K 1 ,. . KH ' 1. f 1257 1, 1- 1 -ti'-LX 1 1 1 . , 'g' 1 1 1 -. . :fi - .1e.."7 Min, , lxifv' , 'i ,V F, 1 4: VHA , Q 1-5 .,1'-, 'I' ' iv il 11 1: '15-5 gs fi, -fi ' .-ffl -1 'XY ' r A Q. 11. ..-.-M L-nl-1:5 -1 1.3 -:. -gl A L, fr 1 Q. .fd ' : Q 55152 R 'i-1 1- ' :ig Il'-, . , :L-,.. M.,-.M - E 11 w:f51i?1.?'l'h'x. A ,Ai-A my 1- i'- - 1. U 21" , 1 , 2 -' A 7, 'Y,,..i LJ " qw, j ' ir: 4 1,-3 ,mx 1 HWY ij. '9 JSF li f ' ii 1. 1 1 V Wi: 2 11 ' 'F -- iq fo -i 1: n 1 .. lu. i. 1.7 . g. ,. 1 lu 11. Jr! r. . . aa . fx - 45 fr, ,QQ- -1 Y . K, ..,f. Q 1 1, ., ,1 r . V . f 111 I, , . - .Ti 713: iff? 1 ' ' 1 11 A , 1 1 1 . ,, ,. 'J,3f,,k,. . . '1,.: ' " .' , 12-4 .P Ziglgn 1 QM .-4 .1 1 -11. f, y"iE N? . fu 'v .,v J., ,: , xv 1 ,. , T in ' r E5,4i,i 1 fa .51 . i-yi 1 -P a P Jim 79 8 C 5 3' Co-odhon ...... ...... C ynfhla Hawkins Marcia Schultz Business Manager ..... ........... P aggy Wood Advisor ..... ..... ......... I sabol C. Kumar 'I R ailing the memories ofthe post school yeor, co-editors Cynthio Hawkins d Marcia Schultz review "The Edgewood Story." Jim ,fdwzwmn gm, Jim 7958 jqlmn, Edgewood High School Edgewood, Pennsylvania J si uk 1, I-R txgt Faq -....,,,,M PS illl 1,4 From 8:40 to 3:45 Edgewood High School occupies o mciior port in the lives of the students, A graphic presentation ofthe year's highlights in word and picture L v 1 ., .,.. ' 'iv f mf'-Tm' . I ip , , - - ' --.z:g,e5h f . . ,Q I . 7 wg, ff5:'f"?frQf . 4 ' ' 'i 'f,55xIi' i ,-.- ' : -"' ' 'ix f jg .5 11.-4. K . ,A gf V 1 ., .C H ' '-J .- - wi 531332 3 Q, gif -V ' ' i i it f,-wk ,-'e " if ' x A '1 - 'rfvm-.431-:livli x::.2' J 'E 1 L V e 1 f What better way to cherish every golder g V memory of a year's activities in the life of c W , 5 .j , 1 1' A D. high school student than by the time-testec 'K . '.f- "-V , - ,"V method of story-telling. Always a favorite -t.' Q ' ' ' and effective way of recording for posterity i if ' 5 - the history of man's activities, the story methoc 'A lends itself to the presentation ofthe meaning- ' 55.111 ','v- .vyl .W N hlvr ful and exciting events ofthe year. .-V. ' 'ff 17 Hence, the Staff of the 1958 Sylvan has 1355 '.4.. 3 ff, ' Aff: ff "., Y recorded the serious, the gay, the thrilling ' 'Y ":..f5' moments of the curricular and co-curricula: ' '.0',v 'E "., K I . V1 ' .',A I- "'A 5 phases of life in Edgewood High School forthe f 1957-1958 year and presents them to the A Q-Q: reader as "The Edgewood Story." K . Introduction pages 1-5 Classes pages 6-43 Activities pages 44-63 Athletics pages 64- 78 Patrons and Advertisements pages 79-104 Sue Rengel and Bill Birdsall hold coveted diploma. 4 Students roar at the antics of Radio Star Rege Cordic Toclay's students develop into tomorrow's citizens The American Field Service representative, Terry Beal, talks to Mr. Crouse about his experiences in Denmark. 5 ' 6 Administration Curriculum Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Eighth Grade Seventh Grade MGI g tyrdtlb it 6 1? I Nm A K I J 'uugx lgg . 1Q4S.all Q A ai -J i Educator promotes fundamental principles of education Possessing a respect for learning and a desire to provide opportunities tor those who have a genuine longing for knowledge, Mr. Fos- ter C. Crouse, supervising principal ot Edgewood Schools, promoted, this year, as in the past, a school program designed to meet the challenge of a changing world. ln coping with increased enrollment, teacher appointments, curriculum enrichment, budget es- timations and other related administrative du- ties, Mr. Crouse demonstrated his awareness of Mr. Foster C. Crouse, Supervising Principal. the responsibilities of educational leadership. This administrator's many years at Edge- wood as a teacher and supervising principal have provided him with a sympathetic under- standing ofthe problems and interests of the stu- dents. Moreover, such an association, giving an opportunity for analyzing, comparing and evalu- ating educational trends, has resulted in the con- tinuance ot an academic program that occupies a prominent place in "The Edgewood Story." Miss Louise Doty, attable and eiticient school secretary, spends many hours in executing the duties involved in the smooth, running of a school oftice. J Dr. Arthur Koenig, Mr. Robert Campe, Mr. Edward Strothman, Mrs. Charles MacFarlane, Mr. Allan Garland, Dr. J. G. Quick meet in regular monthly meeting. ,Schonl QDLIJUL To provide for the educational needs of the boys and girls of Edgewood has been one of the primary obiectives of the five members of the Edgewood District School Board. Believing in high academic standards, the Board has formulated policies and procedures that are destined to establish standards of high scholastic endeavor at Edgewood. Mr. Alan Garland, president, Dr. Arthur R. Koenig, vice president, Mr. Edward Strothman, Mrs. Charles Macfarlane, Mr. Robert Campe, con- stitute the voting members of the Board. Dr. J. G. Quick acts as secretary. .1 . I-. . . 'l7'Zc6'lwuL, Jcarhelz, ln her role as guidance counselor, Mrs. Elizabeth McClure advised and counseled many students on subiects varying from selection of colleges to matters of conduct. To assume this position, Mrs. McClure found it necessary to relinquish her sophomore English classes. However, that department's loss has been the whole schocl's gain, for under her su- pervision, the area of guidance has been made a vital and informative part of the school's pro- gram. Mrs. Elizabeth M. McClure HEAD TEACHER AND COUNSELOR .SdmL67fw Well-planned curriculum and special services aid in development of youth With the emphasis on high academic stand- ards being promoted in this period of world-wide tensions, Edgewocd High School has maintained a curriculum that aids the student in his prepara- tion for future study in institutions of higher learning. Providing an excellent background in the academic field by offering four years in the languages, French, Latin, and Spanish, fcur years of mathematics, English, and social studies, and three years of science, Edgewood gives the stu- dent an opportunity to prepare himself for com- petition in any field. Furthermore, courses in ad- vanced English, speech, college algebra and iour- nalism create further opportunity for advance- ment on the part of the interested student. Art uperintendent of Buildings, David icFarlane, directs maintenance staff Administering polio shots is one of the many services f school. performed by Dr. Roland Neal, school doctor. Miss Dorothy Quinton, Mrs. Gurli Richards, Mrs. G. H. Schwarz- lcopf, Mrs. Mary Flick, Mrs. Dorothy Kelly, Mrs. Margaret Hiles. and music courses, too, offer the oppcrtunity for creative expression while studies included in the home economics, commercial and shop areas take care of those boys and girls who wish to partici- pate in the practical arts. Adequate instruction and special services were provided by the teaching staff of twenty- eight, a guidance counselcr, a doctor, a dentist, and a custodial force of tive men and one woman. A survey of the curricular aspects of Edge- wood High School indicates that it is a school de- signed to provide for the needs of the college bound student by offering those basic subiects, which, when mastered, will give boys and girls a feeling of academic accomplishment. Gene of the custodial staff lends helpful and friendly aid to students and faculty. Pot Winton explains her Buhl Planetarium prize-winning lotin exhibit to Clegg Holli- day and Carol Koppel. The process of varnishing the finished pra- duct is explained to interested seventh graders by Mr. Cclteryahn. Ninth grade girls display skill ond agility as they perform on the mats and the rings in gym class. 11 Jawlfff Students prepare the tirst draft for themes in an advanced English class. High standards of academic endeavor set by teachers Mr. Arthur Betts-Physical education coaches football and Mr. Robert M. Colteryahn-Industrial arts sponsors school basketball teams patient, potent, and popular is an printing proiects diligent, dexterous, and dignified de- avid sports tan received B.S. from Penn State rives pleasure from gardening and boating . . . obtained M.Ed. at Pitt Mr. William H. Buell-Biology, 8th grade general science Miss Helen C. Cooper-Health, physical education adviser Photography Club adviser rational, reserved, and realistic of G.A.A. ardent, agile, and accommodating enjoys likes photography and archery . . . secured M.litt. at Pitt opera and the theatre . . . won M.A. at New York University Mr. Betts Mr. Buell Mr. Colteryahn Miss Cooper 12 Mr. Eric .l. Curtis-U. S. history helped with Senior Class activities .. . iust, iovial, and iudicious .. . likes to take it easy . . . left for Washington, D. C. at end of first semester Mrs. Harold W. Edwards-French I, II, Ill, lV . . . advises French Club and Senior Y-Teens . .. trim, tactful, and trustworthy active in church work alumna of Allegheny Mrs. Robert Einwachter-Junior high math, reading spon- sors junior high newspaper tall, thorough, and thoughtful participated in tennis won 8.5. at Slippery Rock Mrs. Vernon Flullorfy-Spanish I, ll, III, IV advises Spanish Club apt, agreeable, and appreciative loyal to her native Columbia graduated from Pitt Mr. Paul C. Gardner-Pennsylvania history and civics, algebra ll supports school activities sedate, sensible, and schol- arly ... ardent bridge player ... M.Ed. at Pitt Miss Elizabeth Garland-Music conducts music organiza- tions pretty, practical, and proficient enjoys putting on productions . .. secured B.M. at Michigan Mr. Allert R. Glessner-Plane geometry, solid geometry, and trigonometry sponsors Senior Class wise, witty, and worthy likes to travel obtained M.A. at Pitt Miss Shirley Gundlarh-Typing and shorthand . . . advises school typing proiects graceful, glamorous, and good- humored . .. enioys German travels . . . graduate of Pitt Mr. Curtis Mrs. Einwachter Mr. Gardner Mr. Glessner Dfssecting worms in the fnscinating experiment. 13 biology Mrs. Edwards Mrs. Fluharty Miss Garland Miss Gundlach lab proves to HM, is f'vfvl1u 'NNW , 1 3 -s--v Faculty stresses responsibility for citizenship Mr. Joseph J. Hradnansky-Algebra I, II, III, Bth grade general sclence is a iunior homeroom teacher competent, co- operative, and constant . . . is widely traveled .. . M.Ed. won at Pitt Mr. Charles W. Huffman-Junior high history and geography organizes intramural basketball games relaxed, reli- able, and respected .. . faculty ping-pong champ . .. obtained B.A. at Pitt Miss May M. Ireland-English III, IV, advanced English adviser to Scholarship Society and Sophomore Class cor- dial, cultured, and competent . . . likes traveling and reading received M.Ed. at Penn State Mrs. W. A. Kemer-English ll, iunior high guidance ad- vises Sylvan and Edgecator Staffs . . . detinite, devoted, and discreet . . . participated in national sorority work . . . awarded M.Ed. at Pitt Mr. Hradnansky Mr. Huffman Miss Ireland Mrs. Kerner Mrs. Maitland Mr. Matzen Mrs. Maxwell Mr. McCann Mrs. Reuben Maitland-English Ill . . . one of the Junior Class sponsors .. . interested, intelligent, and informative . . . gradu- ate of Allegheny College Mr. Robert C. Matson-Chemistry, physics, orchestra . . . directs band friendly, fair, and fatherly . .. likes science, music, . and young people . . . obtained M.Litt. at Pitt Mrs. R. E. Maxwell-latin l, ll, III . . . Freshman Class adviser able, acute, and absolute active in school and com- munity altairs alumna of Wilson College Mr. Donald McCann-World history, economics, and sociology . . . one of Sophomore Class sponsors . . . easy-going, elticient, and expressive . .. enioys reading good books . .. received M.Ed. at Pitt l5 Advanced home economics students experiment with a new ecipe. ichool shop olters .lim cmd Dan training and experiences in :ractical arts. Faculty combines teaching Mrs. Paul L. Mclain-Speech, advanced English Dramatic Club adviser and director of Senior Play genial, gracious, and gifted devoted to speech work has Pitt as Alma Mater Mr. Neil J. Nelson-Art . .. directs annual Art Exhibit . .. neat, notable, and natural likes to draw in his spare time secured M.A. at Pitt Mr. Walter E. Pickett-Physical education teaches health and gym calm, casual, and congenial derives pleasure from fishing and hunting graduate of Normal School of Gymnastics Mr. Thomas J. Pikunas-English I, health and physical educa- tion coaches tennis is assistant basketball coach adaptable, amiable, and athletic enioys golf and tennis alumnus of Slippery Rock Mrs. McLain Mr. Nelson Mr. Pickett Mr. Pikunas 'I6 a proportionate amount of club activity Mrs. Reitman Mr. Schoepf ja K ,w'-2-Y, J itll' 'I7 Mr. Rodgers 'G' Mrs. Whitecraft - 1 if " . S f 'f Mrs. Renee Reitman-U. S. history one of senior homeroom teachers . .. studious, serene, and sincere . .. has painting as a hobby awarded M.A. at Wesleyan University Mr. George T. Rodgers-Junior high English and reading assistant coach of football team virile, valuable, and vi- brant likes all kinds of sports obtained B.S. at Clem- Son Mr. Albert Schoepf-Junior high language arts, English ll has a sophomore homeroom helpful, humorous, and high- spirited likes sports cars and iazz received M.Ed. at Pitt Mrs. H. R. Whitecraft-Home economics di:ects the Fashion Show . .. candid, cheerful, and creative .. . experiments with flower arrangements and new recipes ... graduate of Michigan State Typing students concentrate on speed and accuracy. ,- -,,i M .. -l 798 ' Find new frontiers bring new responsibilities September 1954-June 1958! What happy moments are re- lived as the members of the Class of 1958 reflect upon these four years! In recalling the activities ot their freshman year, they remin- isced about the 'Fun and excitement at the Freshman-Senior weiner roast. With the addition of the Forest Hills students, their sophomore year was highlighted by the acquisition of class rings, the presenta- tion of "Pennies from Heaven," their Soph Hop, and the production of "Club Sophomore," an assembly. Winning the Play Day banner proved their outstanding athletic ability. During their iunior year, they honored the seniors at their Junior Prom, "Hawaiian Holiday" and presented their second assembly. To climax this year they held a class picnic at North Park. Assuming the leadership of activities in their senior year, the Class of 1958 presented a play, "Family Circle" and held the Winter Prom, "Moonlight and Mistletoe." At Commencement, as they listened to Dr. B. V. H. Gilmer con- clude his speech, they realized that this was the last time they would be united as a class. However, they were consoled by the thought that, though they would all follow a different path, memories ot Edgewood would always remain in their minds and hearts. Senior Class officers Cynthia Hawkins, secretary, Mr. A. G. Glessner, class adviser, Carl Hein, president, Allen Parkman, treasurer, and Bill Birdsall, vice president, discuss agenda for the year. Karyl Andolina Karyl Sylvan 4-Spanish 3, 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3-Music l, 2, 3, 4-a Cap- pella 'l, 2, 3, 4--Ensemble 'l, 2-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4- G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Dark-haired, intelligent, energetic enioyed singing and sewing . .. planned to be a math teacher Michelene Arianna Mickie Music Club 4-a Cappella 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Cheerful, ambitious, talented . .. commuted from East McKeesport was affiliated with the Opera Ballet Company wanted to enter Broadway musicals as a dancer Rebecca Arick Becky Spanish Club 3, 4-Y-Teens 3, 4-Music Club 3, 4-G.A.A. 3, 4 Friendly, talkative, well-groomed was an enthusiastic nurses' aid always had a kind word for everyone pictured herself in a nurse's uniform Arthur Aylsworth Art Sylvan Staff 4-Dramatic Club 3, 4-Photography Club 2, 3, 4- Scholarship Society 3, 4-Baseball 2, 3-Basketball 2, 3 Tall, reliable, casual ... was an avid sports fan ... debated study- ing either science or engineering Leonora Bachman Niki Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4-French Club 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4- G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Well-poised, trim, sophisticated won riding awards en- ioyed her weekends at her farm expected to become a fashion designer Terry Beal Terry Sylvan 3, 4-Dramatics 3, 4-Spanish l, 2, 3-Photography 'l, 2, 3, 4-Music 3-Student Council 3, 4-Senior Play-Baseball Mgr. l, 2, 3-Football Mgr. 2, 3 Mannerly, competent, reserved A.F.S, exchange student .. S. C. president ... college-bound nking highest in scholarship were Marcia Schultz and Tom llliams, pictured below. .ii KJ Karyl Andolina Michelene Arianna Rebecca Arick Arthur Aylsworth Leonora Bachman Terry Beal Reveal enthusiasm for clubs and athletic events 19 Pearl Bender William Birdsall John Boslett Donald Campbell Carole Campe Samuel Colbeck I9 3 jnnim Pearl Bender Pat Y-Teens 3, 4-Music Club 4-a Cappella 4--G.A.A. 3, 4 Cheerful, sincere, fun-loving . . . found pleasure in music and archery ... loved working with underprivileged children ... antici- pated becoming a social worker William Birdsall Bill Class OFFicer 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 2-Photography Club 'l, 2, 4- Student Council 1, 2-Senior Play-Football 1, 2 Witty, handsome, polite hobbies: guns and cars concealed a chuckle behind his smile going to Muskingum John Boslett Bos Dramatic Club 4-Photography Club 4-Music Club 4 Easy-going, mischievous, restless spent his spare time with the boys enioyed participating in all aquatic sports antici- pated life with the Navy Donald Campbell Don Edgecator Staff 4-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4?Stage Crew 2, 3, 4- Baseball 2, 3-Football Mgr. 2, 3, 4-Basketball 2, 3, 4-Van sity E 3 Energetic, friendly, well-liked captain of basketball team planned to go to college Carole Campe Carole Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4-French Club 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4- Music Club 'l, 2, 3-G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Quiet, studious, helpful . . . could hardly wait for chemistry class .. . enioyed ice skating . . . planned to study chemical research Samuel Colbeck Sam Dramatic Club 3, 4-Spanish Club 2, 3, 4-Photography Club 'l, 2- Baseball 2, 3, 4-Football 2, 3, 4 Blond, reserved, carefree received awards in swimming, canoe- ing, and archery sought a career in geology Senior couples sign celestial roll at entrance to "Date with an Angel." Sue Conley Sue Class Officer l-Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4-Spanish 3, 4-French l, 2- Y-Teens 'I, 2, 3, 4-Music I, 3, 4-a Cappella 3, 4-Ensemble 4- Senior Play-Cheerleader 3, 4-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Blonde, pert, popular cheered teams to victory planned to work Mary Cuccia Mary Spanish Club 3, 4-Y-Teens 3, 4-G.A.A. 3, 4 Considerate, well-dressed, studious collected popular records always had a friendly "hello" for everyone aspired to become a secretary via Robert Morris School Anne Cypher Anne Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-French I, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Music 1, 2, 3, 4-a Cappella 2, 3, 4-Orchestra 'l, 2-Senior Play-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Witty, carefree, fun-loving held lead in Senior Play antici- pated college life Mary DeMay Mary Spanish Club 'l, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Music Club l, 2, 3- Student Council 4-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Athletic, neat, eager favorite sports included tennis and swim- ming wanted to become a world traveler Mariellen Dougherty Mary Sylvan Staff 4-Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3-Spanish Club 2, 3, 4- French Club 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4 Striking, polite, talented loved Hi-Fi music summers at Conneaut Lake . . , hoped to become an artist Richard Drago Drago Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 2, 3, 4-Senior Play-Basket- ball 2-Baseball 2, 3-Football 2, 3, 4-Varsity E 3 likeable, smiling, lively was never known to be serious .. active in all sports . .. considered college life 'ed most attractive, Fritz Keck, and Janet Stoehr listen to Karyl iolina and Pepe Estrada selected as most talented. Sue Conley Mary Cuccia Anne Cypher Mary DeMay Mariellen Dougherty Richard Drago Train for the future through present experiences riellen, Pat and Evelyn exhibit mixed emotions at the end of a ng" day. Marianne Edelman Marianne Edgecator Staff 2, 3-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 2, 3, 4- Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Music Club 3-Debate Club 3-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Friendly, sincere, helpful possessor of expressive brown eyes . . . expected to go to Penn State Jose Estrada Pepe Spanish Club 4-French Club 4-Orchestra 4-Student Council 4 Cordial, mannerly, versatile . . . exhibited outstanding ability at the piano . . . excelled in all water sports intended to study engi- neering in Barcelona, Spain Robert Ferry Bob Spanish Club 1, 2 Tall, easy-going, unassuming . .. his favorite subiect proved to be printing spent his spare time working on his car , .. enioyed the game of basketball hoped to enter the printing business Carol Flick Flicker Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4-Spanish 3, 4-French 1, 2-Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Music 1, 2, 3, 4-a Cappella 2, 3, 4-Maiorette 3, 4-Senior Play-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Peppy, genial, brunette . .. gained a position on a tennis team . . , college next Ruth Friend Joanie Edgecator Staff 2-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 2, 3- Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Music Club 2-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Petite, smiling, soft-spoken enioyed watching stock car races .. . sewed in her spare time . .. desired secretarial work John Fulton Hoagy Spanish Club 3, 4 Reliable, amicable, sleepy . .. knew all the tricks of the printing trade . . . could often be found at the Druggy . . . favorite sports included football and basketball looked forward to life as a sailor 22 79 Marianne Edelman Robert Ferry Ruth Friend 8 Pepe Estrada Carol Flick John Fulton Treasure rich memories of teachers and classmates Nancy Gilmer Miriam Guth Cynthia Hawkins Carl Hein Emily Gibson Matthew Gray wk., Best dancers Carol Flick and Bill Birdsall demonstrate a new step for Janet Stoehr and Allen Parkman, chosen most popular in class Emily Gibson Emily Edgecator Stal? 2-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Music Club 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Blonde, cordial, neat looked as if she stepped from a fashion page enioyed all her vacations considered a secretarial course Nancy Gilmer Nan Class Officer 2--Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4-French 3, 4-Y-Teens 'l, 2, 3, 4-Music 2, 3, 4-a Cappella 2, 3, 4-Ensemble 4-Student Council 2-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4-Senior Play-G.A.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4 Keen, gay, well-read lead in Sr. Play will study speech Matthew Gray Henry Edgecator Staff 2-Dramatic Club 3, 4-Photography Club 2, 3, 4- Band 2-Senior Play-Football 3, 4 Boisterous, fun-loving, casual liked the outdoor sports . . avid sports car fan ... sought a future in medicine Miriam Guth Mimi Sylvan 4-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-French l, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 1-Student Council 4-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Likeable, blushing, humorous student director of Sr. Play going to college Cynthia Hawkins Cynth Class Ofticer 3, 4-Sylvan 3, 4-Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4-Spanish 3, 4-French 'I, 2-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Music l, 2, 3, 4-Student Coun- cil 4-Senior Play-Cheerleader 3, 4-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Witty, reliable, spirited co-editor of Sylvan college-bound Carl Hein Hein Class Officer 4-Photography Club 3, 4-Stage Crew 3, 4-Stu- dent Council 4-Senior Play Dependable, well-known, active . . . exhibited his leadership quali- ties as the Senior President . . . intended to study printing manage- ment 23 we 'W Janet Hewston Carol Holliday Marilynne Jogeese Frederick Keck Mary Kelly Gretchen Kiphuth 798 Janet Hewston Janny Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 1, 2-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Laughing, friendly, tall filled spare time with photography and bowling anticipated working in an office Carol Holliday Carol Spanish Club 3, 4-Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4- G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Casual, earnest, gracious worked exceptionally well with young children active in all sports wanted to teach deaf children Marilynne Jogeese Marilynne Class Officer 1-Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 3, 4- Y-Teens 1, 2-Music Club 1, 4-G.A.A. 1, 2, 4-Debate Club 1, 2, 3 -Senior Play Creative, well-read, casual subtle sense of humor planned a career in psychology Frederick Keck Fritzie Edgecator Staff 4-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-Football 1, 2, 3-Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4 Tall, blond, cheerful was possessor of the flashiest sports coat in the school . . . listed sports as his favorites . . . aspired to become a lawyer Ma ry Kelly Mary Edgecator Staff 1, 2, 3-Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 1-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Fun-loving, pleasant, amiable was president of Spanish Club was an avid Lennie Dee fan hoped to become a secretary Gretchen Kiphuth Gretch Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4-French Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4-a Cappella 4-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Spirited, active, dependable hobbies inc'uded reading and driving . . . included college in her future Ann Ritchey, Fritz Keck, voted best dressed, congratulate most gracio Irene Maitland and Pepe Estrada on their selection. Daniel Kurtz Dan Photography Club 4 Courteous, helpful, good-natured enioyed swimming and driv- ing could often be found working on cars was a faithful basketball fan intended to enter the heating business linda lamberger Lindo Sylvan 4-Edgecator 3, 4-Dramatics 3, 4-French 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4--Music 3-Student Council 4-Scholarship Society 3, 4-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4-Senior Play Genial, level-headed, diligent ... spent spore time sewing . ,. future social worker Charles leberknight Chuck Draamtics I, 2, 3, 4-Music I, 3-a Cappella 3-Stage Crew I, 2, 3, 4-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4-Football 2, 3, 4-Basketball 2- Vorsity E 2, 3 Roving, cordial, active . rugged guard on gridiron planned to make his million Thomas Lindgren Tom Lanky, quiet, 6' 9" active in YMCA and church basketball leagues liked sports car racing claimed economics class was his favorite hoped to become an automotive draftsmon and illustrator Joyce MacGregor Joyce French Club 4-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4-Orchestra I, 2, 3-Maiorette 3, 4-G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Pleasant, unassuming, fun-loving gave baton lessons col- lected Stan Kenton records considered going to business school Irene Maitland Irene Sylvan 4-Edgecator 4-Dromotics 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-French Club 4-Music Club 2, 3, 4-Student Council 4-Scholarship So- ciety 3-Debate Club 2, 3-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Quiet, neat, sincere . . . loved to dance .., sought o college degree embers of make-up committee, Janet Stoehr and Faye Miller, apply :nge make-up for the Senior Play. I ,L Al. Daniel Kurtz Chorles Leberknight Joyce MacGregor Linda Lamberger Thomas Lindgren Irene Maitland Displayed their dramatic ability in "Family Circle" . Elizabeth McClure tells Nancy about the home economics courses red at Carnegie Tech. George Matsik G. A, Spanish Club 3, 4-Football 3-Varsity E 3 Rugged, energetic, carefree . . . rated chemistry and printing classes above all . . , liked sports, spaghetti, and the color red . ,. planned to study production management Lola Matta Lola Sylvan Staff 4-Edgecator Staff 3, 4-Spanish Club 3, 4-Y-Teens 3, 4'-Scholarship Society 4-G.A.A. 3, 4-Senior Play Blonde, pleasant, dependable . . . co-editor of Edgecator liked to draw expected to attend college Margaret McAfoos Peggy Sylvan 4-Edgecator 3, 4-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Music Club 2, 3, 4-Student Council 4- G.A.A. 2, 3, 4-Senior Play Mannerly, sparkling, modest . . . terrific swimmer planned to study teaching Eleanor McCullough Eleanor Class Olilicer 'l-Sylvan 1, 2, 3, 4-Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4-French 'l, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Music 'l, 2, 3-Student Council 2, 3, 4- Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 'l, 2, 4 Soft-spoken, neat, active liked to cook and sew will be a secretary .lames McCune .lim Senior Play Humorous, good-natured, casual loathed the iob of pushing his car to get it started fond of Hi-Fi spent iunior year at University School looked forward to college life Leila McEwan Lee Spanish Club 3, 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 2, 3, 4-Band 4-Orchestra 3, 4-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Polite, reliable, patient participated in YWCA activities .. played the piano . . . intended to enter religious education 26 79 George Matsik Margaret McAfoos James McCune 8 Lola Matta Eleanor McCullough Leila McEwan Form permanent friendships during years at Edgewood Nancy McGinnis Suzanne Mooney Sarah Moyer Nancy McWilliams Frank Moser Carol Mrosco X.,,,. I , rm . -J I A its Sports play a vital part in the lives of Carol Flick and Don Campbell chosen most athletic. Nancy McGinnis Nancy Edgecator Staff 4-Dramatic Club 3, 4-French Club 4-Y-Teens 3, 4-G.A.A. 3, 4 Hard-working, quiet, artistic spent spare time sketching drove her little pink Morris car looked forward to an artist's life Nancy McWilliams Nance Edgecator Staff 3, 4-Dramatic Club 3, 4-Spanish Club 2, 3-Y- Teens 2, 3, 4-Music Club 3-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Petite, sparkling, amiable disliked people that drove with their horns . . . pictured herself as a home economist Suzanne Mooney Sux Edgecator Staff 2, 3, 4-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-French Club 3, 4- Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 3, 4 Reserved, helpful, neat sewed away her wardrobe troubles liked going to school anticipated being a school teacher Frank Moser Moe Music Club l, 2, 3, 4-a Cappella 2, 3, 4-Band 2, 3, 4-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4-Octet 4-Quartet 3, 4-Scholarship Society 2-Football 'l, 2-Debate Club l-Senior Play Frugal, quiet, sleepy . .. had a printing shop . . . hoped to become a minister Sarah Moyer Sally Spanish Club 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4--G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Mannerly, well-poised, sincere . . . included swimming and dancing in her interests enjoyed bowling in a bowling league de- bated being either a secretary or a model Carol Mrosco Mrosc Sylvan Staff 4-Edgecator Stafli 2, 3, 4-Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4- Spanish Club 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Scholarship Society 3, 4- Debate 2, 3-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Smiling, genial, kind found enioyment in sewing aimed to do work in nursing 27 Allen Parkman Eugene Patterson Andrew Peacock Susan Rengel Ann Ritchey David Runk 79 8 Llcnim Allen Parkman Bigal Class Officer 1, 4-Sylvan 4-Edgecator 4-Dramatics 3, 4-Pho- tography 2, 3-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4-Football 1, 2, 3, 4- Basketball Mgr, 2, 3, 4-Varsity E 3-Senior Play Cheerful, active, witty ., . sports editor for Sylvan college next Eugene Patterson Gene Spanish Club 1, 2, 4-Baseball 1, 2, 3-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-Var- sity E 2, 3 Casual, sports-minded, cheerful , . . favorite sports included base- ball, basketball, and bowling planned to obtain a college degree Andrew Peacock Drew Class Officer 2, 3-Sylvan Staff 4-Dramatic Club 3, 4-Photog- raphy Club 3-Orchestra 1-Student Council 1-Debate 3-Senior Play Roving, goodAnatured, earnest enjoyed traveling and swim- ming ... college-bound Susan Rengel Sue Sylvan 4-Edgecator 4-Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4-French 1, 2, 3, 4- Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Music 1, 2, 3-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4- Cheerleader 3, 4-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Senior Play Petite, vivacious, friendly peppy cheerleader . .. Northwestern Ann Ritchey Itch Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 3, 4-Y-Teens 3, 4-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4-Senior Play Blonde, picturesque, fun-loving was one of those Monday morning haters enjoyed buying new clothes planned to teach after college David Runk Dave Photography Club 2, 3, 4 Tall, quiet, mannerly claimed stamp collecting and boats were his favorites one of the "seen but not heard" fellows en- ioyed working on cars anticipated life on a college campus Carol concentrates on perfect copy, while lola adds headlines to stencil for the Edgecator. .9"'i William Scholtz Bill Music Club 4-a Cappella 3, 4-Band 4-Scholarship Society 4- Debate Club 3 Studious, reserved, friendly . . . spent spare time operating his ama- teur radio station intended to become an electrical engineer Marcia Schultz Marsh Class Officer 2, 3-Sylvan 3, 4-Edgecator 3--French 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 3-Student Council 3-Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4-Senior Play Versatile, active, likeable . . . co-editor of Sylvan .. . off to college Marilyn Scott Scottie Sylvan 4-Edgecator 3, 4-Dramatics 3, A-French 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Music 2, 3, 4-a Cappella 4-Ensemble 4-Scholarship So- ciety 3, 4-Senior Play-Debate 2, 3-G.A.A. 3, 4 Pleasant, amiable, diligent . .. liked camping trips . .. college next Janet Stoehr Janny Sylvan Staff 4--Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 3, 4- French Club l, 2,-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 1, 2, 3-Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Peppy, friendly, popular . .. head cheerleader .. . looked forward to college Robert Succop Scoop Photography Club 4 Genial, fun-loving, roving included cars as one of his favorite interests ... spent his summers at Conneaut .. . used his own boat for water-skiing . . . planned to enter some technical field Sara Swope Sadie Sylvan Staff 4-French Club l, 2, 3, 4-Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Orches- tra I, 2, 3-Maiorette 3, 4-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Well-dressed, modest, willing looked forward to trips to her farm . . . aspired to study agriculture in college ionlight and Mistletoe," presented by the Senior Class on December augmented the holiday festivities. g 29 William Scholtz Marilyn Scott Robert Succop t i. NH, is E. Marcia Schultz Janet Stoehr Sara Swope Look hopefully and confidently toward new horizons iz. the categories of most versatile, most dependable and most likely succeed, Marcia Schultz and Carl Hein attained top honors. Ida Toth Ida Dramatic Club 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Music Club 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Cordial, agreeable, cheerful . . . enioyed working with theater make-up . . . spent her spare time cooking . . . hoped to become a receptionist or a secretary Evelyn True Evie Dramatic Club 'I, 2, 3-French Club 3, 4-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4- Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4 Talented, active, attentive made many television appearances desired to become an actress, a writer, or a director Jaron Warmack .lerry Dramatic Club 3, 4-French Club 3, 4-Y-Teens 3, 4-G.A.A. 3, 4 Dark-haired, cheerful, picturesque enioyed watching basket- ball games looked forward to her Ohio Wesleyan weekends ... will be a secretary Margaret Whitney Peg Sylvan 4-Edgecator 2, 3, 4-Dramatics 3, 4-French 3, 4-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4-Music 2, 3, 4-a Cappella 2, 4-Scholarship Society 3, 44- G.A.A. 2, 3, 4-Ensemble 2 Enthusiastic, reliable, gay student director of Sr. Play hoped to go abroad Thomas Williams Tom Photography Club 2, 3, 4-Band 2, 3, 4-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4- Scholarship Society 2, 3, 4-Senior Play Toll, inquisitive, studious . . . experimented with photography and electronics .. . sought a career in electrical engineering Margaret Wood Peggy Sylvan Staff l, 2, 3, 4-Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4-French 1, 2, 3, 4' Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Music Club 2, 3-Scholarship Society 2-Senior Play-G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Red-head, creative, fun-loving . . . interested in sports . . . planned to teach 30 79 8 ,Swim Ida Toth Evelyn True Jaron Warmack Margaret Whitney Thomas Williams Margaret Wood Jane Younkin PU' Sylvan Staff 4-Edgecator Staff 2, 3, 4-Spanish Club 1, 2-French Club 4-Y-Teens 'l, 2, 3, 4-G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Clever, earnest, pleasant wrote short stories liked sports cars .,. will major in iournalism Ronald Zemenak 20m Spanish Club 2, 3-Football 2, 3, 4-Varsity E 2, 3 Easy-going, mannerly, friendly displayed ability with the pig- skin earned spending money in a flower shop planned to enter the service after college Jane Younkin Ronald Zemenak Complete four years of learning, pleasure, and achievement FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT Talented, personable, and versatile characterize the personality of "Pepe" Estrada, who has been a mem- ber of the Class of l958 during this past year. He has endeared himself to the students by his pleasing manner, his willingness to enter into school and community activities, his adoption of customs typically American such as iitterbugging and "American Teenage English," and his outstanding talent both from a scholas- tic point of view as well as in the special fields of music and aquatic sports. The members of the 1958 Class will never forget '- their associations with "Pepe" and wish for him the very best as he returns home to Barcelona, Spain. I' Pepe's talent at the piano thrills E.H.S. students during his appearance in assembly. 31 First row-P. Coleman, C. Barnett, D. Burnam, J. Batchelder, N. Cofer, J. Beadling, M. Cooke. Second row-B. Brinker, L. Brozak, K. Blashford, C. Crawford, J. Conley, C. Burch, J. Baxter, B. Bowden. Third row-E. Claycomb, J. Browne, C, Bach, J. Arick, R. Champ, B. Cogbill, D. Comemetz, C. Bair, F. Albitz, G. Bauman. First row-M. Gillespie, P. Hawley, S. Griggs, J. Earhart, G. Grymes, J. Gibson, C. Holt, K. Hughes, S. Holden, K. Kennon. Second row-P. Light, S. Gove, J. Gardiner, S. Dodd, C. Donkin, I. Hoover, J. Huber, L. Huck. Third row-W. Leighton, H. Karns, J. Glenn, C. Jernstedf, R. Heller, G. Fleming, D. Jameson, M. Dilletuso, D. Herron, B Hughes. First row-C. Richards, C. Mclntosh, G. Parella, K. Neismann, A. Moore, K. Russell, F. Miller, C. Moyer, P. McCullough, R. Maus Second row-L. Moore, L. Myers, P. Mount, R. Mossman, P. Norelli, R. Roth, G. Morgan, J. Petrus, B. Nichols, L. OFFEII, B. Pat terson. Third row-R. Reed, T. Riddel, H. Lord, G, Lohman, P. McLain, C. Raisig, T. Lohman, B. Ranick, J. Morphy, S. Boynton. Um. OFFICERS President Paul McLain Vice President Cl"0"le5 Bei' Secretary Barbara Nichols Treasurer .. Katherine Hughes Adviser Mrs. Charlotte McLain Enioying the new experience of being up- perclassmen, the class of 1959 began the school year with the magazine sale, a traditional event for iuniors. Joan Gibson and Fred Albitz, two members ot the class, received special awards from the Curtis Publishing Company tor their ex- pert sales ability which aided the iuniors in reach- ing their desired quota. Later in the year, the iuniors presented many talented acts in an assembly which was high- lighted by a fashion show with male members ot the class participating. Perhaps the biggest proiect of the class was the Junior Prom, featuring the theme "Song of the South." lt was presented on May 9 in honor of the graduating seniors. The general chair- men, Roz Roth and Fred Albitz, were aided by various committees as they worked to create the appropriate atmosphere for the Prom. C. Bair, B. Nichols, K. Hughes, P. McLain, Mrs. McLain. I Participate widely in high school activities First row-B. Shepler, P. Wolcott, B. Yessel, M. Wahl, P. Winton, A. Sommerfield, M. Savas, S. Shields, S. Scranton. Second row-M. Sidehamer, F. Uram, C. Schwartzkopf, V. Varner, A. Thompson, N. Savage, D. Twaddle. Third row-B. Townsend, J. Ward, E. Snyder, R. DeMore, J. Visser, B. Schrock, S. Vlasak, E. Symons, J. Scott, G. Woodside, J. Sullivan, W. Tamarelli, F. Thomas, B. Schwarzbach. :Jigs ra. as t Junior girls cha? with Dick Drago and John Mossmcm onfier school hours. Juniors enioy a productive and eventful year as upperclassmen 34 , J J. if 5 gd? , ,9 ' :' Yffhwfigfi ff f mx' 'Ex fm Q' irst row-E. Barnhart, B. Clarkson, L. Armstrong, N. Beal, M. Bachman, N. Bell, D. Crawford, J. Anderson, S. Bonine, l. ionstedt. iecond row-B. Cupper, B, Crawford, B. Cornman, M. Escher, E. Cooke, L. Early, C. Cipa, A. Bonacura, R. Davis, R. Davis, D. asley. hird row-J. Farmer, D. Evans, J. Gibson, N. Andolina, B. Farr, B. Calderwood, D. Dodez, R. Ewing, J. Conway, J. Brown, R. fampe, C. Cornell, D. DeCarlucci. QSUPW' Contribute their talents and support to school proiects J. Merrifield, N. Beal, E. Stuckeman, Mrs. Edwards, T. Williamson. OFFICERS President , ,, . ,. . ..,,. ,. .. .. , Ted Williamson Vice President .. .. ,,.., ,..... N ancy Beal Secretary .. .. . Ellen Stuclreman Treasurer .. .. ,.... . John Merrifield Adviser . , ..,, Mrs, Mabert Edwards With one hundred and thirty-one members, the sophomores boasted the largest class in Edge- wood High School. Represented in this group were students from many surrounding districts including Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Churchill Borough, and Swissvale. Under the leadership ot Mrs. Mabert Ed- wards, adviser, Ted Williamson, presidentg Nancy Beal, vice president, John Merrifield, treasurer, and Ellen Stuckeman, secretary, the sophomores entered into many E.H.S. activities. All efforts were turned to the first class pro- iect which was the Soph Hop, called "Date with an Angel." Nancy Beal, general chairman of the dance and her committees engaged Alex Powell and his orchestra to furnish the music. Receiving their class rings before Christmas vacation and producing the class assembly in March were memorable occasions in the lives of sophomores. ..., .,,.'.-f Svlvfw First row-S. Matsik, V. McCracken, M. Otterman, E. Mahlman, S. Matis, J. Rinios, P. Maxwell, S. Richards, H. Minser. Second row-T. Miller, J. McGuigan, B. Roofner, C. Roberts, S, OfTill, S. Muntwyler, J. Mooney, C. Rengel, Y. Matsui, R. Rocco Third row-R. Rhoades, J. Miller, R. Lucidi, B, Moorhead, J. Pettycrew, N. MacKay, C. Mann, D. Logan, J. Osborne, J. Merrifield J, Lamb, D. Morrow, S. McAdams. First row-C. Haase, L. Flaherty, L. Frost, C. Holden, M. Harris, A. Huggett, J. Fletcher, M. Fay, C. Koppel. Second row-S. Hamilton, B. Klemm, S. Freeman, C, Gleason, A. Hosticka, M. Kirkwood, V. Harbay, R. Henninger, P. Hester, R Gonter. Third row-T. Gibson, C. Fink, C. Grabe, R, Kumkle, P. Frye, C. Holliday, K. Kupchak, C. B. Johnston, D. Grubbs, B. Haver First row-D. Smith, C. Wesley, J. Schwarzkopf, T. Wasson, E. Yalch, E, Stuckeman, G. Strong, M, Sable, C. Theilacker, N. Scott, M. Wohlgemuth. Second row-B. Shaler, B. Spor, C. Swope, M. Thompson, L. St. Clair, M. Thomas, P. Wood, D. Schenk, B. Tresser, D. Thomas. Third row-S. Zins, C. Sponsler, H. Smith, B. Stull, L. Wareham, D. Stewart, F. Wilson, J. Speer, R. Schott, T. Varrulo, T. Wil- liamson, J. Treasure. 4.4. Snphv 6 i , . . . Depici a wide variefy of activities Bob Shaler adds a Trumpet qualiiy fo the school orchestra. A conservation display enfhralls Nancy Beal and Dave Evans. Carole Rengel finds Dick Drago's famous smile catching. Jo Ann Rinios admires lined coat made by Judy Lewandowski, E W , l LKLUQRM M5515 ,L L c , 'I "df 52: fi' ' W- ' 4' iz fa ,gi ,Q X, ,ai 144 iff: 15,4 M 52 , 1232 Q ff 3 SQL :ggi limi Sf ' wifi ii-53 2 w 'NVQ I .,,,. lily fy llw J , . R X 'Xa' ,Q ,. L... .x Q -, nw h ey '- is 'J " ' f' f 1 ' -., if K ,Hs tag? '4 ' 1 "' v , ,, ue if 3 1 ww' 2 , if I J X X Xf 4 f A 5 - f f X H - ' ... ...W fi g f 'j y 4 'gf AT 1+ if f ,iv sz - .J A t I ,,, ' as A 5 B L. x Y ak' A Mr I 5 QQ Fifi- . - v 3 ! W ft' N53 Q l .4 sm, f l IS ' S1559 .k ' 'wie 'fa' ' 'E 1 4 l :. ' Q 5 i . I,Q 32' ' Y Q , I. + x A 1 4 . 3' 'Q f QRS? First row-D. Buchanan, D. Devin, B. Boch, S. Brougher, J. Fox, B. Bartholomew, B. Gibson, T. Cummings. Second row-B. Cypher, J. Doolittle, J. Boughmon, J. Dilettuso, C. Garland, B. Brown, J. Carr, T. Foy. First row-N. Klemm, L. Motzen, S. Grcnbe, M. Hughes, T. Hicks, F. MocCumbee, M, Moteiczyk, C. Hostickc. Second row-C. Howells, S. Marshall, D. Harris, H. MocKuy, J. Jefferson, E. Mosten, E. McCracken. First row-N. Raisig, L. Pennington, E. Porkmon, S. Peacock, E. Moyer, S. Rice, J. Peterson, J. Munn. Second row-D. Rengel, T. Mcssmon, F. Morphy, B. Popcke, L. Moberly, B. Suolfield, J. Read, B. Myers, R. Patterson jfmahmnn, OFFICERS President , , Howard MacKay Vice President . Tim Cummings Secretary Molly Hughes Treasurer .. . Scott Verner Adviser Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell Choosing their own courses for the first time, joining high school clubs and organizations, participating in iunior varsity and varsity sports, singing in music groups, attending senior high rec hall, adding to the general school spirit, the Freshmen Class adiusted to high school life. The freshmen also attended many of the high school dances including the Back-to-School Dance, the Soph Hop, the Winter Prom, the Hoop Hop, and the Franish Frolic. For their class officers the 74 members of the Class of '61 chose Howard MacKay, president, Tim Cummings, vice president, Molly Hughes, secretary, and Scott Verner, treasurer. With one year's experience in senior high school, it is anticipated that these ninth-graders will accept responsibility and provide leadership in years to come. T. Cummings, S. Verner, M. Hughes, Mrs Maxwell H. MacKay. J n, Anticipate years of learning and enioyment First row-M. Shields, M. Tefft, N. Williams, E. Wilson, B. Shekels, A, Wolcott, P. Strong, R. Woodside, G. Visser. Second row-J. Snyder, S. Verner, B. Talbert, D. Thomas, J. Todd, B. Shoup, D. Spencer, T, Shoemaker, A. Sable. ldhffb-5 A Gain further knowledge and xi develop wider interests 4 V. Spirited competition in athletics and serious participation in curricular and extra-curricular activities, characterized the eighth-graders as they completed an eventful year. Athletic-minded boys of this class partici- pated in the P.O.N.Y. League, while the Junior Chorus and Junior High Spring Dance involved many of both sexes. In addition, ci group of Mr. Rodgers, L. Argelander, J. Toner, eighth-graders went to the Aspinwall Veterans' Mr- Gvrdnef. E- Myers, M- Bidwell- Hospital. Later in the year these ambitious youngsters compiled and published a duplicated newspaper "The Communicator" under the su- pervision of Mrs. Lois Einwachter. EIGHTH GRADE First row-J. Toner, A. Farr, C. Pryce, N. Straub, M. Warmack, P. Ramey, P. Kelly, J. Ostrader, A. Farnsworth, N. Pryce, J. Spor. Second row-J. Bush, J. Farmer, K. Marlowe, M. Domer, K. Anderson, J. Johnston, C. Maxwell, V. Grymes, R. Lock, W. Gibson. Third row-W. Edwards, J. Gillespie, P. Cipa, J. Barton, W. Hunter, W. Hurtt, J. Mennis, J. Ferry, R. Witzke, D. Ackerly, S. Easley. First row-G. Craig, H. Strickler, J. Simpson, D. Johnston, A. Finlayson, J. Roberts, A. Matsui, M. Turner, S. Koenig, L. Rhodes. Second row-R. Pierson, W. McCullough, C. Reynolds, A. Scholl, J. Lococo, A. Hodder, C. McCullough, D. Caurtley, J. Miller. Third row-B. Myers, M. Bidwell, S. Williamson, W. Friesell, T. Bachman, T. Lietman, D. Olson, D. Brown, W. Hoover, J. Sny- der, J. Wickstrom, L. Argelander, S. Naugle. , QT li-r I . SEVENTH GRADE First row-W. Yang, J. Munzer, L. Myers, J. Townsend, L. Callahan B Albltz S Remington Second row-R. Lichty, D. Long, W. Silverstein, L. O'Connor, l. Boynton E Thompson Third row-D. Clippinger, C. Marshall, S. Sokol. First row-C. Mahlman, J. Weisz, N. Rengel, M. Moore, P. Johnson K Toner J Schwarzbach S Kram Second row-M. Newkirk, C. MacKay, N. Karns, V. Burchard, J Pape S Bowers M Evans J Stoehr Third row-D. McGinnis, J. Leone, D. Oflill, G. Black, L. Roofner Eager seventh-graders adiust to school routine Wide-eyed, timcrous, expectant, and enthu- siastic describe the seventh grade students as they made the transition from grade school to junior high school with a minimum of confusion. Two of the main activities in which they participated this year were the junior high dance and the class picnic. Elected to class offices at the first class meet- ing were Don Clippinger, Terry Schwarzbach, Elizabeth Thompson, and Nancy Rengel. 43 ' Clubs ' Organizations . Music Groups . Senior Play . Student Life v lf' I 44 Y b k tFF d th Syl bly th O ,Ji v ii. Qt .ef ff ,Q Y wi f -rc 5 Q f . i L 1 1 A dramatic episode in the Senior Play, "Family Circle." Co-curricular activities develop interests and skills . ..e,,.,., i ,.,,l, ig?-:,-'i ,- fit ' , g..-,, ,. - -,K , .s-1-,i 'We .- , ....-ff ., Q. fi'-:.:,. l-..- . , .I p.1'f' .. 'IRI Epi, 1 , , -',,,- .Mi 5 A, wig. . ,V -.fp , 9 ., L .,- i. l . ' ',.: . 75's-5.3! -. i . 45 , , , b A, A - "1 'V' ,,,, , , .ln ' ,.g,ii3,zi.-., " .ma- .V LQZEAMA. V 1 1,.,4 4, i. i-' f ' zl29Q',1.v.f:, ,grime - .N ,4 Ii it -,Hx - Q 5553 fr-.9244 'S i tcessions at the basketball games keep Student Council nbers busy. Marking the thirty-ninth year in which the Student Council has been an active organization at Edgewood High School, the current Council en- deavored to continue the established high stand- ards and purposes of former years. Under the direction of its president, Terry Beal, and faculty adviser, Mrs. Elizabeth McClure, the representatives from each schcol organization and homeroom met every other Wednesday to discuss problems of the school. These included ways and means of improving the appearance founul Student government promotes worthwhile proiects of the school, the condition of locker rooms, and the change in elections of homeroom and club representatives which resulted in the addition of two amendments to the Council's constitution. As in past years, the Student Council gave financial backing to all club dances, supported the cheerleaders, and sold refreshments at ath- letic events. They also sponsored the "back-to- school" dance which, this year, was called "Cud- dle in the Huddle." For the second year, the members handled the United Fund Drive and published Buzz Books, the student directories. :irst row-E. Wilson, M. Bachman, L. Lamberger, J. Visser, B. Townsend, Mrs. McClure, T. Beal, I. Maitland, P. McAfoos, M. JeMay. Second row-T. Gibson, D. Jameson, J. Earhart, M. Guth, E. McCullough, C, Hawkins, J. Baughman, D. Easley, J. Merrifield. Third row-J. Snyder, R. DeMore, T. Williamson, C. Hein, F. Albitz, B. Bowden, P. Estrada. ,Srlw 'fm Honorary society stresses academic achievement Receiving special recognition for academic achievement, the sixty members of Edgewood's Scholarship Society appeared in a special assem- bly on October 17, 1957. Highlighting the as- sembly was the speech given by Mr. Donald McCasky, a Pittsburgh attorney and a graduate of the Edgewood High School Class of '36, ln this speech presented before the Society, the fac- ulty, and the student body, Mr. McCasky spoke on the subiect of the importance of a high school education. Under the advisorship of Miss May Ireland, l i Allen, Mimi, Tom, and Linda of Scholarship Society search for information. Mrs. Charlotte McLain, and Mr. A. Glessner, the members ofthe organization were chosen on the basis of scholarship, a "B" average or better acquired during their high school years. ln addi- tion to meeting the scholastic requirements, they had completed at least one academic year at Edgewood High School. This year 20 seniors, 28 iuniors, and 18 sophomores were admitted. The purpose of the Scholarship Society is to promote high scholarship and prepare its mem- bers for participation in the activities of the Na- tional Honor Society. First row-J. Batchelder, S. Rengel, K. Andolina, N. Beal, P. Maxwell, S. Holden, M. Schultz, E. Stuckeman. Second row-S. Matis, L. Oftill, M. Scott, C. Campe, E. True, Mrs. McLain, Mr. Glessner, Miss Ireland, C. Mrosco, E. McCul- lough, R. Roth, G. Morgan, C. Swope. Third row-G. Strong, C. Rengel, S. Richards, M. Otterman, P. Whitney, P. Mount, L. Lamberger, M. Guth, N. Gilmer, A. Som- merteld, B. Yessel, N. Cofer, A. Thompson, A. Bonacura, M. Dougherty, Fourth row-M. DeMay, K. Mclntosh, K. Kennon, A. Aylsworth, C. Jernstedt, E. Symons, P. McLain, C. Bair, B. Patterson, B. Townsend, B. Scholtz, D. Easley, R. Maus. Fifth row-A, Parlxman, D. Grubbs, J. Browne, J. Brown, J. Visser, C. Leberknight, L. Wareham, W. Tomarelli, T. Williams, D. Comenetz, N. Andolina, B. Schwarzbach, R. Reed, J. Merrifield, T. Williamson. W ---V . .,.....J,......g .c4.m...,......,.,,.. -f rs. Kerner, publication's adviser, discusses balance Sylvan layout with Editors, Marcia and Cynthia. SYLVAN STAFF :irst row-M. Guth, T. Beal, M. Schultz, C. Haw sins, P. Whitney. Second row-K. Hughes, 5. Yessel, l.. Lamberger, '. McAfoos, Mrs. Kerner, .. Matta, E. McCullough S. Rengel, I. Maitland, K Andolina. iirst row-N. Scott, C Vlrosco, S. Swope, P Nood, B. Townsend, A fypher, D. Devin, N. Gil- Tlef. iecond row-D. Grubbs, X. Parkman, A. Ayls- fvorth, M. Scott, M. Gil- espie, G. Grymes, J 'odd, J. Stoehr, B. Bird- tall. 48 Wulf' '11, Striving to present an accurate record of the year's activities at Edgewood High School and to inform the students and community of school events, were the aims of the Sylvan and Edge- cator Staffs, respectively. The Yearbook Staff, headed by Cynthia Haw- kins and Marcia Schultz and under the direction of Mrs. Isabel C. Kerner, in changing from the previously used method of production to the let- terpress method, found itself faced by varied problems. These involved the compilation of a dummy, arrangement of layout, scheduling of pictures, and writing and re-writing copy. This year's staff inaugurated ci new feature when the members organized an assembly pro- gram to promote the 1958 Sylvan and to present the purposes of it to the students and faculty. This program marked the beginning of the sales EDGECATOR STAFF First row-A. Parkman, C. Mclntosh, C. Mrosco, l. Lamberger, P. Whitney, M. Scott, J. Younkin, N. McGinnis, F. Keck. Second row-V. Varner, C. Schwarzkopf, C. Burch, M. Sidehamer, C. Crawford, L. Offill, F. MacCumbee, H. Minser, N. McWilliams, S. Rengel. Third row-S. Mooney, I. Maitland, R, Roth, J. Petras, C. Donkin, M. Wahl, J. Earhart, P. McAfoos, A. Huggett. Fourth row-S. Griggs, G. Grymes, K. Hughes, B. Townsend, D. Campbell, M. Dilettuso, M. Dougherty, E. Stuckeman, J. Treasure, M. Gillespie. campaign which was headed by Peggy Wood, business manager, and Bill Townsend, assistant. Work on the Edgecator Staff was designed to develop skills in accurate, concise, creative, and forceful expression of ideas and to foster habits of dependability, cooperation, and initiative. This publication, edited by Peg Whitney and Lola Motto, and carrying a staff of 35 members, pro- duced an eight-page, mimeographed, bi-weekly paper presenting as complete a coverage of the school as possible. The business staft, headed by Carol Mrosco, conducted the subscription campaign and cli- rected the circulation of the paper. The activities of the Staff were directed by Mrs. Carol Geis during the first semester and were under the supervision of Mrs. Isabel C. Kerner in the second half of the year. 49 Journalists gain experience on Sylvan and Edgecator Staffs Rage Cordic is informally interviewed by Marge Gillespie for an Edgecator article. Learning the audio and visual techniques of stage preformances and promoting the successful production of school programs were the responsi- bilities of Edgewood's stage crew. Among the settings created by the crew was a 1920 living room scene for the Senior Play, "Family Circle," the music department's show, "I Hear America Singing," and a college campus setting for the annual fashion show, "Miss Co- Ed." In addition to their work for the large pre- sentations, the stage crew, managed by Charles Leberknight, aided in the staging of assembly productions. Planta Klub First row--D. Evans, S. Hamilton, J. Treasure, D. Smith, C. Hein, T. Wil- liams, T. Beal, J. Farmer, R. Campe, Y. Matsui. Second row-E. Barnhart, J. Baxter, L. Huck, B. Boynton, H. Gray, D. Mor- row, A. Alysworth, T. Miller, D. Pea- cock, T. Riddel. Third row-J. Lamb, D. Kurtz, W. Leighton, C. Jernstedt, J. Wilson, D. Runk, R. Heller, J. Boslett, J. Fulton, J. Spear, G. Patterson, Mr. Buell. 50 511140, ffmw Seated-P. McLain, C. Leberknight. Standing-E. Williamson, C. Garland, B. Bow- den, C. Hein, D. Campbell. i l i Learning the "how and why" of photog- raphy was the purpose ofthe Photography Club, under the direction of Mr. William Buell and President Tom Williams. Growing steadily since its organization five years ago, the group, which met mcnthly, had 35 members on its roll this year. In crder that all members could learn the basic darkrocm tech- niques, the facilities of their wcll-equipped dark- room offered an opportunity for the training of prospective photographers. Each year members gain valuable experi- ence by printing 400 grade school classroom phc- tographs 'for the PTA. Cast of play takes final bow. m 'gm To increase interest in dramatics was the purpose of the Dramatic Club. Directed by Mrs. Charlotte McLain, the group arranged programs designed to develop appreciation in the art of dramatic expression. These involved a talk by Miss Mary Johnson, student teacher, on her experience with the Pitt Players, a Christmas program consisting of appropriate songs and stories, and a speech by Mrs. Bess Kimberly on points of costuming. The Club directed by Nancy Gilmer, Peg McAtoos, Mimi Guth, Janet Stoehr, and Mari- anne Edelman assembled make-up materials that were available for the use of all school groups. Potential thespians learn acting techniques 'si row-M. Jogeese, C. rosco, P. Whitney, C. Flick, , Guth, P. McAfoos, M lelman, L. Lamberger, N Imer, J, Stoehr, S. Mooney Kiphuth, E. True, S. Ren il. cond row-C. Hawkins, I aitland, N. McWilliams, C impe, J. Friend, M. Scott, Gibson, I. Toth, J. Hews n, S. Conley, A. Ritchey, P ood, A. Cypher, N. McGin s Warmaclx, E. McCul Jgh, N. Bachman. ird row-D. Peacock, T , J. al, J. Boslett, C. Leber- ight, A. Aylsworth, F ck, D. Campbell, S. Col- ck. A. Parlmman, D. Drago Gray. st row-D. Devin, M. Side. mer, B. Shepler, B. Nich- ., M. Wahl, M. Bachman Roberts, J. Batchelder, K esmann, P. Coleman, J rhart, C. Burch, R. Roth, J adling. :ond row--M. Gillespie, Parella, B. Bartholomew, Wilson, J. Fox, S. Dodd, Oltill, L. Oiiill, B. Yessel, Maus, A. Sommerfeld, P. nton, R. Mossman, J. Gib- 1. ird row-Mrs. Mclain, K. ghes, P. Wood, A. Hug- tt, J. Treasure, C. Jerns- lt, B. Cypher, B. Town- id, M. Thomas, J. Huber, Grymes, S. Mutis, C. Holt, Morgan. I The creche, a traditional Christmas symbol in France, is admired by members of French Club. Creating better understanding of France and the French people was the main purpose of Edge- wood's French Club, under the direction of Mrs. Mabert Edwards. At the monthly meetings of the Club, the French students participated in interesting activi- ties which acquainted them with the customs and beliefs ofthe French. Movies, group games, dis- cussions about the way of life in France, singing of French songs all contributed to a better under- 59. gm, Linquists strive for fluency in speech standing of France. In addition to these activi- ties, most of the conversations during the meet- ings were in French, giving the students an excel- lent opportunity to use their knowledge of the language. The olticers who planned and directed the activities of the Club were Evelyn True, president, Anne Cypher, vice president, Mimi Guth, secre- tary, Gretchen Kiphuth, treasurer, and Sara Swope, program chairman. First row-S, Mooney, l.. Oltill, S. Swope, l. Maitland, M. Guth, Mrs. Edwards, A. Cypher, E. True, G. Kiphuth, E. McCullough S. Rengel. Second row-R. Mossman, C. Campe, C. Rengel, M. Scott, P. Wood, L, Lamberger, J. Warmack, G. Morgan, N, Gilmer K Russell. Third row-C. Holt, J. MacGregor, S. Dodd, P. Whitney, M. Arianna, M. Dougherty, J. Younkin, S. Oftill, E. Stuckeman Fourth row-N. Bachman, M. Bachman, P. Estrada, S. Boynton, B. Ranick, B. Schrock, J. Merrifield, D. Easley, M. Schultz N McGinnis. 52 st row-M. Wahl, L. Flo rty, P. Norelli, K. Ando a, M. DeMay, P. McAfoos, McCullough, M. Kelly, B. her Mrs Fluharty p , . . :ond row-G. Strong, S. ztis, C. Flick, S. Conley, F am, J. Gardiner, J. Petrus Otterman, L. Moore, C Johnston, G. Matsik. ird row-C. Hawkins, B elrels, C. Mrosco, J. Batch- ler, V. Varner, C. Wesley Burch, A. Moore, P. Cole- xn, E. Barnhart, F. Ewing urth row-V. Harbay, J iios, l. Matta, A. Ritchey Jefferson, R. Rocco, D. De- rlucci, N. MacKay, B ghes, J. Gibson. st row--P. Estrada, H nser, N. Klemm, C ase, l.. McEwan, J. Beade g, S. Griggs, L. Matzen, F icCumbee. :ond row-J. Stoehr, H lton, M. Edelman, J. Hews- i, S. Moyer, C. Richards Barnett, R. Maus, A. Hos- ka, E. Mahlmon. ird row-R. Drago, B esser, S. Hamilton, J. Sul- an, B. Arick, C. Holliday Schwarzkopf, B. Corn: tn, M. Thompson, N. Beal Roofner, B, Bartholomew urth row-J. Wilson, J 'nb, D. Morrow, D. Thom- J. Baughman, B. Saal- Id, R. Patterson, B. Spor Marshall, D. Devin, J. Fox Strong. 1 1 f .Spamhh Klub Spanish club promotes varied programs Spanish Club officers and Mrs. Maria Fluharty ques- tion Pepe about life in Spain. Functioning to promote greater appreciation ofthe culture and language of Spanish speaking countries, "El Circulo Espanol" outlined a program to fulfill this purpose. As a self-sustaining organization, the Spon- ish Club sold stationery and Christmas cards to raise funds to carry on various activities through- out the year. On December 16, a Christmas fiesta was held featuring the traditional breaking of the pinata. Co-operating with French Club, the Spanish group sponsored a dance entitled "The Franish Frolic." With Mrs. Maria Fluharty as faculty adviser, this year's Spanish Club was fortunate in having Joseph Estrada, "Pepe," a Spanish exchange stu- dent, to participate in and help with the activities. 53 First row-T. Hicks, N. Beal, J. Munn, L. Armstrong, R. Henninger, T. Wasson, C. Haase, S. Lococo, C. Koppel, E. Cooke, A. Hostickci, F. MacCumbee, D. Devin, V. Harbay. Second row-P. Strong, N. Raisig, B. Bartholomew, E. Wilson, M. Harris, N. Scott, C. Rengel, N. Bell, C. Roberts, M. Bachman, E. Yalch, S. Offill, G. Strong, J. Fletcher. Third row: S. Grabe, M. Mateiczyk, L. Matzen, L. Pennington, E. Parkman, B. Bach, A. Wolcott, B, Roofner, J. Rinios, A. Hug- gett, H. Minser, L. Frost, J. Kirkwood, B. Klemm, M. Escher. Fourth row-I. Bonstedt, S. Freeman, J. Peterson, R. Woodside J. Fox, M. Hughes, E. Mahlman, C. Theilacker, C. Holden, E. Stuckeman, B. Gibson, J. Mooney, L. Flaherty, M. Thomas, M. Fay, S. Matis, M. Sable. Fifth row-P. Maxwell, M. Tefft, C. Gleason, M. Shields, S. Rice, N. Klemm, P. Wood, M. Thompson, B. Cornman, V. McCracken, J. Schwarzkopf, S. Bonine, S. Muntwyler, D. Crawford, C. Wesley, M. Otterman, J. Anderson, S. Richards, C. Swope, S. Brougher. ' 'll-.7 Function constructively in fields of service Desiring to do good for persons less for- tunate, prompted the members of the Junior Y- Teens to include activities in their year's program that would promote such an objective. Contrib- uting to the fulfillment of this, the members, under the guidance and supervision of adviser Mrs. Charles Raisig, entertained a group of young girls at the School for the Deaf by dramatizing a short skit and presenting refreshments and gifts to them. ln order to raise money for the purpose of sending a girl to Bethany College Conference in the summer, the girls held two fund-raising pro- jects, a sale of candy early in the year and the selling of baked goods in the Spring. Beginning with the annual candlelight ser- vice at which officers Nancy Bell, Carol Roberts, Carole Rengel, Nancy Scott, and Merrily Bach- man, president, vice president, secretary, treas- urer, and Student Council representative, respect- ively, were installed and ending the year's activi- ties with a Mother's Tea, the Junior Y-Teens, con- tributed time and energy to the promotion of fellowship and goodwill. Seven foot leprechaun provides an Irish atmosphere for the annual St. Patrick's Day dance. First row-S. Holden, M. Savas, K. Kennon, J. Gardiner, P. Bender, B. Shepler, B. Nichols, S. Scranton, A. Moore, B. Arick, C Holiday, M. Wahl, R. Mossman, K. Russell, S. Griggs, M. Schultz, C. Holt, J. Gibson, R. Roth. Second row-C. Barnett, P. Norelli, S. Mooney, C. Mrosco, L. Offill, M. Guth, l. Maitland, Mrs. Edwards, E. McCullough, C Hawkins, S. Rengel, P. McAfoos, J. Hewston, S. Moyer, M. Arianna, L. McEwan. Third row-S. Swope, M. Cuccia, J. MacGregor, K. Hughes, P. Wolcott, S. Richards, L. Lamberger, G. Kiphuth, N. McWilliams J. Warmack, J. Friend. Fourth row-C. Crawford, F. Uram, C. Campe, J. Petras, G. Grymes, M. Scott, J. Beodling, E. Gibson, G. Parella, J. Batchelder K. Niesemann, l. Hoover, B. Yessel, P. Hawley, E. True, R. Maus, P. Younkin, A. Thompson, G. Morgan, M. Dougherty, N. Sav age, M. DeMay, M. Gillespie. Fifth row-J. Stoehr, S. Conley, F. Miller, M. Sidehamer, C. Schwarzkopf, M. Edelman, P. Whitney, P. Wood, N. Bachman, K Blashford, C. Flick, C. Mclntosh, I. Toth, C. Burch, M. Cooke, P. McCullough, S. Dodd, C. Donkin, A. Cypher, M. Kelly, A. Ritchey N. Gilmer, P. Winton, N. Cofer, S. Shields, A. Sommerfeld, N. McGinnis. .S ' 'll'-J Endeavor to fulfill Christian ideals Affiliated with the Young Women's Christian Association, the Edgewood Senior Y-Teens en- deavored to promote a program that would em- phasize the high purposes of the organization. To advance these ideals the girls worked as nurses aides at Columbia Hospital in Wilkins- burg, organized a Christmas party at the Home for Aged Protestant Women, gave the Mother's Tea in May, and had speakers who talked on sub- iects pertinent to the interests of the group. To perform a service to the high school, members of the organization sold various types Evelyn, Marcia, and Carole prepare intricate decorations for "The Leprechaun Leap." of candies to raise money with which they bought new mirrors for the girls' locker rooms. Enjoying a swimming party, sponsoring the annual girl-ask-boy dance, "The Leprechaun Leap," and presenting a fashion show, all added up to a serviceable and satisfying year for the Senior Y-Teens. Eleanor McCullough, Cynthia Hawkins, Sue Rengel, Irene Maitland, Peg McAfoos, and Lelia McEwan served as president, vice president, sec- retary, treasurer, program chairman, and Inter- Club Council member respectively, while Mrs. Mabert Edwards acted as club adviser. First row--B. Nichols, K. Andolina, V. McCracken, P. Hester, B. Barnes, D. Evans, B. Saalfield, B. Spor, G. Kiphuth, C. Rengel, S. Holden, M. Scott. Second row-C. Holt, M. Wahl, L. Myers, F. Uram, B. Myers, B. Calderwood, B. Bowden, W. Leighton, F. Albitz, J. Farmer, V. Varner, R. Woodside, A. Thompson, A. Cypher. Third row-P. Whitney, E. Yalch, J. Gibson, S. Muntwyler, N, Gilmer, T. Cummings, J. Merrifield, T. Williamson, F. Moser, G. Woodside, C. Grabe, D. Smith, M. Thomas, K. Hughes, G. Grymes, P. Mount. Fourth row-D. Burnham, G. Morgan, J. Batchelder, J. Browne, E. Symons, J. Huber, P. McLain, C. Mann, B. Scholtz, S. Olfill, N. Cofer, S. Conley, C. Flick, P. Bender. a, fappfffa, Choir receives high acclaim "Riding high, wide, and handsome" the Edgewood music groups continued their roles as top-ranking music groups in forensic competition. The a Cappella Choir and the Boys' Octet success- fully competed in the district and county trials, winning the right to go to the state finals at Har- risburg. Jack Huber, competing in the bass solo division also reached the state finals. They re- ceived superior in the state. All the Edgewood music groups which in- cluded the a Cappella, Junior Chorus, Girls' Cho- rus, Girls' Ensemble, and Boys' Quartet had o very busy season. Singing at the Christmas As- sembly, at the Edgewood Community Club for community groups, and caroling in the halls, the a Cappella added much ioy to the Christmas sea- son octivities. ln addition, the 65 member group participated in the "I Hear America Singing" pro- duction in February and presented a concert in Moy. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE J. Gibson, M. Thomas, E. Yalch, N. Gil mer, M. Scott. BOYS' OCTET Saalfield. J P. Mount, B. Nichols, K. Hughes, C Holt, S. Conley, G. Morgan, N. Cofer D. Evans, F. Moser, F. Albitz, P. McLain J. Huber, B. Bowden, J. Merrifield, B Of First rowAC, Holden, P. Wood N Scott, C. Haase, J. Peterson K Grufman, R. Roth, K, Kennon, M Fay, N, Beal, S. Grabe. i Second row-C. Wesley, M. Hughes, L. Matzen, E, Mahlman, S Scranton, L. Frost, N. Raisig, B Bartholomew, C. Roberts, J. Beadling. Third row-M. Bachman, C. Swope, B. Yessel, A. Sommer' Gleason, J. Anderson, S. Dodd, Thompson, A. Moore, L. , 83: W v ' 'rf' ' . T 1 , 8 A JUNIOR CHORUS First row-K, Toner, A. Farr, A. Finlayson, P. Peterson, R. Pearson, J, Spor, W. Yang, J. Toner, S. Easley, H. Strickler, R. Lichtey, T. Fay, B. Cypher, P. Johnston, T. Schwarzbach, D. Clippinger, M. Bidwell, M. Moore, N. Straub, J. Townsend. Second row-S. Naugle, A. Farnsworth, C. Boynton, C. MacKay, B. Albitz, B. Myers, M. Domer, J. Snyder, R. Witzke, D. Ackerly, B. Friesell, A. Matsui, S. Bowers, L. Myers, N. Pryce, L. Thompson, J. Stoehr, C. Pryce, J. Roberts, L. O'Conner. Third row-J. Weisz, J. Munser, R. Dilettuso, N. Rengel, L. Callahan, L. Hodder, L. Argelander, J. Ostrander, D. Ottill, T. Bach' man, B. Hoover, J. Jefferson, J. Baughman, K. Marlowe, J. Pape, M. Newlsirk, D. Devin, P. Ramey, M. Warmack, M. Shields, S. Williamson, C. McCullough, J. Johnston. Fourth row-S. Thomas, M. Evans, N. Williams, S. Peacock, T. Hicks, A. Wolcott, E. Wilson, J. Lococo, B. Hurtt, C. Garland, B, Brown, J. Dilettuso, J. Todd, J. Fox, P. Strong, L, Pennington, E. Porlcrnan, G. Black, S. Koenig, J. Bush. junzin, Uhmzm, Young choristers vocalize in song and melody The Girls' Chorus, which successfully ccm- peted in the district forensic meet, the Girls' En- semble, the Boys' Octet, and the Junior Chorus added their vocal talents to the Christmas pro- gram, February production, and May concert. During the year various students partici- pated in district and county competition. Fred Albitz was chosen to represent Edgewood in the state chorus, March T3-T5 in Oxford, Pennsyl- vania. Karyl Andolina, Frank Moser, and Fred Albitz participated in the County Chorus which sang for Teachers' Institute in October. The lat- ter two went to the district chorus February T3-l 5. Three members ofthe Junior Chorus, Alexis Hodder, Sue Williamson, and Baillie Brown par- ticipated inthe Allegheny County Chorus Festival in April, thus rounding out a year of active par- ticipation in school and district areas. GIRLS' CHORUS Q- .. N. Bell, S. Brougher, C. H7 A First row-R. Roth, M, Sidehamer, J. Gibson, G. Grymes, I. Toth, K. Andolino, S. Conley, M. Jogeese, P. Coleman, L. Myers, M Scott J. Beadling. Second row-P. Mount, A. Thompson, C. Holt, C. Flick, B. Arick, B. Bowden, F. Albitz, P. Whitney, B. Nichols, J. Batchelder, C. Hawkins, D. Burnham, L. McEwan, P. Bender, G. Kiphuth. Third row-T. Lohman, L. Moore, M. Wahl, K. Hughes, E. Gibson, P. Wolcott K. Russell, G. Morgan, V. Varner, J. Earhart, C. Burch, N. Gilmer, S. Holden, A. Moore, S. Dodd. Fourth row-J. Boslett, E. Symons, F. Uram, L. Oftill, C. Barnett, C. Jernstedt, B. Scholtz, P. McLain, J. Huber, A. Sommerteld, S. Scranton, W. Leighton, J. Browne, F. Moser. Flrst row-J. Munn, E. Wilson, L. Pennington, T. Hicks, J. Fox, D. Devin, B. Bach, L. Matzen, P. Strong, N. Raisig. Second row-Miss Garland, C. Haase, C. Rengel, G. Strong, C. Wesley, M. Thomas, M. Bachman, C. Roberts, E. Mahlman, C. Swope V. Harbay, E. Yalch, S. Muntwyler, A. Wolcott, B. Gibson, fhlrd row-E. Parkman, M. Hughes, P. Hester, L. Armstrong, N. Beal, K. Gleason, S. Brougher, M. Teflit, J. Peterson, C. Holden, N Bell N. Scott, B. Bartholomew, M. Shields. Fourth row-R. Woodside, B. Spor, D. Grubbs, J. Farmer, T. Williamson, B. Brown, J, Merrifield, D. Evans, D. Smith, B. Saaltield, M Matelczyk, N. Williams, S. Oftill. Music club provides melodious entertainment To further the appreciation of music among the students of Edgewood, the Music Club, which met on the first Monday ot every month, orig- inated programs designed to fultill this aim. These were planned by Fred Albitz, president, Peg Whitney, vice-president, Barbara Nichols, secretary, and Bruce Bowden, treasurer, with the help and guidance of Miss Elizabeth Garland, music instructor. The highlight of the Club's activities this year was a musical production, "I Hear America Sing- ing," presented in February by the music depart- ment. The evening's program was planned by the students, and featured such groups as the aCappella Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Boys' Octet, Girls' Trio, Junior Chorus, the Top Hatters, and grade school groups. In addition, solo acts star- ring individual members of the Club added to the evening's entertainment. 9 Wluulr, Whether they marched on Koenig field or played in the auditorium, the instrumental or- ganizations of Edgewood added to the enjoy- ment and atmosphere of many performances. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Matzen, both the band and orchestra intensified school spirit. The band marched to several home football games, creating a great deal of enthusiasm among the spectators while the orchestra played for all school assemblies and special productions, setting moods appropriate to the occasion. 'Y Maiorettes: S. Swope, J. MacGregor, C. Flick, M. Side hammer. BAND First row-J. Earhart, J. Batch elder, P. Coleman. Second row-A. Moore, B. Spor, D. Easley, B. Edwards, J. Gil lespie, C. Hosticka, N. Williams, A. Hosticka, C. Wesley, B. Shep ler, G. Parella, C. Holliday, C Burch. Third row-M. Wahl, L McEwan, B. Brown, B. Shaler, D. Clippinger, B, Hoover, B Cupper. Fourth row-B. Schultz, T. Wil liams, B. Cogbill, F. Moser, J Browne, D. Smith, Mr. Matzen ORCHESTRA First row-C. Wesley, R. Wood side, B. Shepler, L McEwan, J. Gillespie, C. Mahlman, B. Ed wards. Second row-C, Bach, P. Estra da, B. Spor, D. Srnith, B. Cupper, G. Parella, B. Shcxler, D. Easley J. Browne, Mr, Matzen. Third row-D. Comenetz, T. Wil liams, B. Cogbill, B. Brown, F Moser, D. Dodez, B, Brown. 59 SENIOR PLAY First row-S. Rengel, L ser. Second row-P. Wood, P McAfoos, M. Schultz, B Birdsall, P. Whitney, D cock. First row-A. Ritchey, C liams, S. Conley. Second row-T. Beal, L Lamberger, C. Hein, A Parkman, C. Hawkins, J McCune, M. Scott, M Guth. Dual cast stages "Family Circle" December 12 and 13 "'I intend to be an actress" was the statement reiterated throughout the play "Family Circle" by the leading character Cornelia Otis Skinner as played by Anne Cypher and Nancy Gilmer. This dual-cast play, presented by the Senior Class and directed by Mrs. Charlotte McLain, was given on December 12 and 13. Miss Mary John- son, student teacher, assisted in the direction, while Mimi Guth and Peg Whitney acted as stu- dent directors. Centering around the life of Cornelia Otis Skinner, its action was set in Bryn Mawr, Pennsyl- vania, during the summer of 1920. Throughout the play Cornelia tried to convince her mother, depicted by Lola Matta and Carol Flick, and her father, played by Frank Moser and Tom Wil- liams, that she had dramatic ability. Contributing to the love interest were the actions exhibited by Charlie, as portrayed by Bill Birdsall and Terry Beal. Matta, A. Cypher, F, Mo- Drago, H. Gray, D. Pea- rnck, N. calmer, T. Will ummm Festive occasions brighten routine of school life "All work and no play" is an axiom that has little appeal for the students of Edgewood. Though they believe that the primary purpose of school participation is that of learning, they also feel that engaging in social activities helps to develcp a well-rounded personality. Arranging and taking part in assembly pro- grams, dancing to the music of the latest records at Rec Hall, originating new ideas for decorating the Edgewood Club tor the fabulous dances ofthe year, formulating interesting club programs, go- ing to open houses are a few of the fascinating and creative proiects that till the off-school hours of the Edgewood youths. Specifically, "Cuddle in the HuddIe," Moon- light and Mistletoe," "Franish Frolic," "Date with an Angel," "Song of the South," will linger in the minds of E.H.S. students as being lovely and memorable events. Relaxation with conversation keynotes the lunch room activities for junior boys. ,Nga SJ , wx M k 1 ra w if "E': S1 . 1- K 5 YN Q 5 ,?,5.:,n X 4, x 5 :M 1. X -. Qi .ww 6' vi. f . J, ,V ,,gi,,4,, 4 PM-2 355422 . . V8 ll: u 6 5 gg 'ik is , Q , .. 'Q ' i f V QM' Y X gn 2 fu I I- l Wi 3533 as x .F it V .. - gum? 'K E 2251 x X fi X xx X ,S is A L , - A , T: Et f ld gF Football Basketball Cheerleaders Girls Sports Candicls hgh thbdldfh 1 79? 96 c 16, nfs 46: ...I Kwgtd f ww 9 .4-- ig 4 fi Rx Smiling cheerleaders promote enthusiasm at sports events. Posting a 4-3 record, this year's football team had the best season of any Edgewood foot- ball team in over half a decade. The greatest change over preceding teams was the improved morale, as the team went into every game with the feeling that Edgewood's team was at least equal to their opponents. Under Coaches Arthur Betts and George Rodgers, the youthful Vikings brought renewed pride to Edgewood. The second year of the single-wing offense at Edgewood High brought about a vast improve- ment over the previous year. In both offense and defense the team made progress, as the offense averaged 16.4 points per game, a 9.1 increase over last year, while the defense showed a 14.5 points a game increase, allowing the oppo- nents to score an average of only 7.7 points a game. The usual offense line was: Ends-Jameson, Heller, and Fleming, Tackles-Lohman, Gibson, and Lucidi, Guards-Leberknight and Zemenack, Jnufbal Gridders attain best record in over half a decade and Centers-Raisig and McAdams. The back- field consisted of DeMore and Johnston as quar- terbacks, Brown and Moorehead as tailbacks, Drago, Dodez and Rocco as fullbacks, and Sny- der, Huber, and Drago as wingbacks. The de- fense included Parkman, linebacker or tackle, and MacKay, center guard. This lineup includes four seniors, eight iuniors, seven sophomores, and one freshman, which gives next year's team eight returning starters and eight other lettermen. Each game a senior player acted as captain for the team. Zemenack, Leberknight, Drago and Parkman were the four seniors selected for this honor. Scoring the most number of T.D.'s was soph- omore, Bill Moorehead, with five touchdowns in the three games in which he played. Eldan Sny- der was second high scorer with four, Brown and Jameson with two, and Dodez, Rocco, Heller, Drago, and DeMore each with one touchdown for the Edgewood football team. FOOTBALL TEAM First row-E. Snyder, H. MacKay, B. Farr, A. Parkman, R. Gonter, H. Gray, R. Rocco, S. McAdams, D. Drago. Second row-B. Barnes, B, Crawford, J. Brown, D. Jameson, G. Lohman, J. Gibson, C. Leberknight, C. Raisig, R. Zemenak, G. Fleming, S. Vlasalr, C. Bair. Third row-W. Tamarelli, R. Heller, D. Dodez, R. Lucidi, J. Arick, S. Colbeck, N. MacKay, R. DeMore, W. Moorehead, C. B. Johns- ton, K. Kupchak, J. Huber, D. Morrow, S. Verner, T. Gibson, D. Campbell. Playing ability, good sportsmanship, cooper- ation with team and coaches, are several of the qualities necessary for obtaining an Edgewood varsity letter. Fulfilling these requirements and receiving their Edgewood "E" were Seniors Allen Parkman, Henry Gray, Dick Drago, Chuch Leber- knight, Ron Zemenak, and Sam Colbeck. In the Junior Class, Don Jameson, George Lohman, Chuck Raisig, Glen Fleming, Stan Vlasak, Chuck Bair, Ron Heller, Rich DeMore, and Jack Huber were presented with this symbol of achievement. John Brown, Jim Gibson, Dick Dodez, Rich Lucidi, and Bill Moorehead were the sophomores who attained recognition in receiving their football letters. The only freshman receiving a letter this year was Howie MacKay. Reserves leap from bench as Vikings score. Every year an award is given to the out- standing athlete in memory of Skip Potts. The lettermen from both the football and basketball teams cast their vote for the highest honor given to an athlete in Edgewood High School. Don Campbell was the recipient of the Skip Potts award for 1958. FOOTBALL STATISTICS E.H.S. , 6 East McKeesport , E.H.S. ,. ,. ,. 24 Verona . ,. ,,,. E.H.S. . , , 6 Sharpsburg , E.H.S. .. , 0 Centerville . E.H.S. . - 'Pitcairn ., .. ,. , E.H.S. ,, , 'I9 East Pittsburgh , E.H.S. . .. 7 Trafford , ., ,. E.H.S. . . 53 Saltsburg ,. +Cancelled due to flu. Vikings provide thrills for spectators Edgewood 6 - East McKeesport 0 September 13 Strong offense and defense were keynoted as Edgewood sneaked by East McKeesport. After keeping the ball deep in Ram Territory, the Vik- ings finally scored late in the fourth quarter on a 20-yard pass by Tailback John Brown to End Ron Heller, who galloped 40 yards for the win- ning touchdown. The running extra point was unsuccessful and the game ended 6-O. Edgewood 24 - Verona 6 September 20 Although the game started slowly, the Vik- ings easily mastered their traditional cpponent, Verona. Edgewood came to life in the second quarter with John Brown scoring on a 40-yard run and End Don Jameson scoring on a pass from Wingback Jack Huber to bring the score to 13-O at half time. Early in the second half Brown scored again, this time on a short run. The sec- ond string toyed with Verona as EHS worked up the field on the running of Scatback Ron Gonter Veteran players listen to pre-game advice of Coaches Betts and Rodgers. and finally scored on an end run by Wingback Eldan Snyder. Verona scored on the last play of the game to bring the score to 24-6. Edgewood 6 - Sharpsburg 21 September 27 Striking early, the Vikings sccred on a pass from Jack Huber to Don Jameson for a T.D. In the second quarter the Vikings fell apart and Sharpsburg scored three quick touchdowns on a long pass, a long run, and a short line plunge. The half ended 6-19. The second half was a stalemate with the only scoring being a safety for Sharpsburg in the third quarter to bring the final score to 6-21. Edgewood 0 - Centerville 7 October 4 Dominating this game was the defensive play as both teams held their opponents in check. EHS threatened frequently in the first half, but were never able to score, so the half ended O-O. The second half continued as the first until late in the fourth quarter when the Vikings fumbled on Ron Zemenak Dick Drago Henry Gray 7 , Qs. 'R X 5 1 ag air gg km 1 . N W J. np, M ,- av H: Q, ,X W5 'Y - ,. ,e, uf 2 Mfr ,. M-'..f.d.","' '96 wi ,4 W K, -,ivy-, 11- M.: - lj +R. x ww J. xx- - ,E W . Nw, WGN-.gsf Q W MN. 5-:ff-:: E as .:.,,. 3. A an i 1 ' q Q Q ,S ,A Q f R " 5 x- -Q X ' 4-Ag may M fv v L53 F - - ---- w-:- 4 "A xgs, Zi' 2 , 'W J 3 as - -- X 3 A ' A 5 f -1655 . p 4 Wig . J Nigga.. 5 :?52:,r 1 :if- "bv Q 55 ----' wg? f VARSITY BASKETBALL First row-C. B. Johnston, J. Brown, D. Campbell, J. Huber, G. Patterson, A. Parkman. Second row-C. Raisig, R. Heller, G, Fleming, D. Jameson, W. Moorehead, R. Champ. A6'a4lmtbalL Edgewood hoopsters capture runner-up honors Though showing great promise, the young Viking hoopsters seemed to iust miss the neces- sary thrust to win. Thus, the Vikings completed the season runner-up in the Sharpsburg Tourna- ment and Section 16-B. In the exhibition schedule they defeated a section winner, McDonald, 60-47, the lnter-State Prep League champ, Shadyside Academy 51-45, the Verona team twice, 72-40 and 72-33, and the Alumni, 77-45, while losing to section win- ners, Avonworth, 40-77, and Sharpsburg 53-68, in the Sharpsburg tournament final. The section play had a sad start as the Vikings lost to Trafford in the small Trafford gym, 60-68. They snapped back, winning the next two decisively, and everything went well until the fourth game when they were defeated, 45-59, by the league-leading Wilmerding Wild- cats. After this defeat, they valiantly tried to set up a winning string, but were stopped by Wilmerding again, 34-41, to erase all title hope. ln all, they had a record of 16-5, 11-3 in Section 16-B play, and averaged 58.9 points a game, against 47.6 points for their opponents. The team was well balanced, with the first string being comprised of two rebounders, Heller and Fleming, two good outside shots, Huber and Campbell, and a playmaker, Brown, plus a well balanced bench. The J. V.'s also had a good year, compiling a 15-9 record, 11-3 in Section 16-B play. The team was comprised of an unusually strong group of freshmen, bolstered by a group of sophomore and junior veterans. Highlighting this year's intramural sports program was the basketball leage for non-varsity players supervised by Mr. Charles Huffman. The league, comprised of 11 homeroom teams, in- volved a roster of 100 boys. Junior homeroom 17 capped first place, de- feating senior homeroom 21, 36-35, in an over- time period. The members of the winning teams were awarded miniature trophy cups by the Edgewood Recreation Board in recognition of their victory. 18 ML VARSITY STATISTICS E.H.S.. ,, . , H40 E.H.S ...,,.,. ........ 7 2 E.H.S ....,... ,. ..., 72 E.H.S. .,,... ,...,.., 5 'I E.H.S. ..,, ,,.77 E.H.S ..,.. .. ..,,.,, .60 E.H.S .....,., . . M53 E.H.S ....,.. , .. ., .60 E.H.S .,,. ,... 4,...,.. 6 3 E.H.S .,...,.. . . H28 E.H.S ...,.... ,,..,.,, 4 5 84 68 E.H.S ...,... ,, .. E.H.S. ,.,. , . E.H.S. , ,. ,..,59 E.H.S. .,.., ...,,... 7 I E.H.S. ...,., ,. 54 E.H.S .... .. . ,..57 E.H.S. ,..,,. ,,.,,.. 3 4 E.H.S ...,.,,, .. ,..,, 58 E.H.S ..,,.. ,, ..,65 E.H.S .... ,. ,, . .r......67 'Sharpsburg Tournament. Avonworth Verona .. , Verona .,,.. Shadyside Alumni ...,. 'McDonald . 'Sharpsburg ., ,, Trafford .,... , . Franklin Twp. Pitcairn ..,.,. ,. Wilmerding . Export.. .. East Pittsburgh East McKeesport ,. Trafford ..,,. ,. ,..,, .. Franklin Twp. ,, . Pitcairn . Wilmerding Export .. ,.., ,. East Pittsburgh . . , East McKeesport .. Coaches Betts and Pikunas Captain Don Campbell. Varsity quintet receives 'last-minute instructions. ..77 ....,.4O 33 ...,.45 Basketeers gain valuable ....45 M47 experience through team play ,,...68 ......68 .,..28 ....,25 .......54 M73 ,, H57 42 ..,..40 .. 45 ,, 33 41 ,.,,,,50 .. .. 45 . 44 plan strategy with Keen competition results in exciting action 72 JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD E.H.S... ..,.... 40 Avonworth , , .. E.H.S. ..,,.. ,.v,..... 5 9 Verona E.H.S. ...,.. ....,..., 4 9 Verona .,... . E.H.S. ....., ......... 3 9 Shadyside ,. ., E.H.S. .,.. ,...,.,, 3 3 E.H.S. Seniors .. E.H.S. ,,..,. .....,.., 5 9 Trafford . .. E.H.S. ,..,.. ,........ 5 8 Franklin Twp. . E.H.S. ..,... .,,..,. 5 O Pitcairn .,..,, . E.H.S. , ....,. H53 Wilmerding .. ,. E.H.S. ...... .....,.. 3 8 Export , ,. E.H.S. .,..,. ,.r,.., 3 3 East Pittsburgh . ,. E.H.S. . .,...... 45 East McKeesport .. E,H.S., .,.. .. 70 Trattord ... .. ,. E.H.S. ,. ..... 49 Franklin Twp. E.H.S. .,,. ....,.., 4 4 Pitcairn .. . E.H.S. .. .. ,..,..,.. 37 Wilmerding , E.H.S. .,..... , 63 Export ,, ,, . . E.H.S. .. .. ....,..., 31 East Pittsburgh . E.H.S. , .,.. ,, .,..., 35 East McKeesport , Action stops as Patterson scores. Ron Heller iumps high for a tap. we '- xyi if 'iw-" JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First row-C. Bair, K. Kupchak, J. Dilettuso, R. Schott, S. Verner. Second row-T. Gibson, J. Todd, E. Symons, D. Dodez, H. MacKay If Xi jf lx CJ X 15h 1 umkm. ' and Khan , Ffzovlda, "Victory, victory, that's our cry," was the familiar chant of the Edgewood cheerleaders as they combined skill and energy to cheer this year's athletic teams to victory. A sparkling appearance was made by the quintet at the first football game as they dis- played their new maroon and white outfits. The cheerleaders collaborated with their sponsor, Student Council, to present an assembly based on a school spirit theme. Both the assembly and numerous pep rallies were designed to heighten S Jchbn, the spirits of many Edgewoodites. Marking the end cf the 1957-58 cheerlead- ing year was an assembly which featured both the basketball lettermen and the five regular cheerleaders. Advised by Mrs. Elizabeth McClure, this years' squad included Sue Conley, Margie Gil- lespie, Cynthia Hawkins, Sue Rengel, and head cheerleader, Janet Stoehr. Roz Roth served as alternate cheerleader while six-year-old Jeannie Stoehr was the mascot. Cheerleaders-Sue Rengel, Sue Conley, Janet Stoehr, Cynthia Hawkins, Margie Gillespie, and Jeannie toehr, mascot. 3.A.A. Officers-Marcia Schultz, vice president, lanet Earhart, Student Council representative, Miss 4elen Cooper, club adviser, Carol Flick, president, Margie Gillespie, secretary-treasurer. Hbzlaf ,S,l2a!ziA, Girls find recreation in intramural competition Developing athletic prowess, promoting good sportsmanship, conducting intramural competition, displaying fair play in volley- ball, basketball, softball, tennis, and other sports were included in the Girls' Athletic Association program directed by Miss Helen Cooper. For twenty-five years the emphasis in girls' sports has been on intramural compe- tition. As an added incentive, the winners of the various tournaments have played several outside schools including Ellis, Win- chester-Thurston, Ambridge, Wilkinsburg, Shaler, and Chatham. Outlining the intramural schedules, planning activities and promoting girls' sports in general were the duties of Presi- dent Carol Flick, Vice President Marcia Schultz, Secretary-Treasurer Margie Gilles- pie, and Student Council Representative Janet Earhart. Teammates wait anxiously for the outcome of a spike. l 74 Since their sophomore year the present senior girls have been active in all phases of sports. They have won all intramural and interscholastic tournaments in which they have participated. This included out- standing victories in volleyball and basket- ball. According to Miss Cooper, "The enthu- siasm, skill, and sportsmanship displayed by the senior girls, namely, Sue Conley, Mary DeMay, Carol Flick, Cynthia Hawkins, Susan Rengel, Marcia Schultz, Janet Stoehr, and Peggy Wood, have been very gratify- ing." Participating in Play Day at Mount Lebanon on April 25 were Marcia Schultz, Cynthia Hawkins, Susan Rengel, Peggy Wood, and Mary DeMay, This event, in which 15 schools participated, included events in the areas of track, volleyball, ten- nis, swimming and related field events. Mary DeMay assists a low serve. Girls enioy participating in spring sports. Good sportsmanship, character, initiative are stressed in the program Sue and Carol stretch for rebound. WX Q 'T -if N X K4 b ,YN ' ' Maia f n sf X , ,I gg V 1 Q ggi 1 47 J 5 H . if xf vggpjd J ...W A 11 " gi? i , W K. ' ' 'ff' Q V T Y ' A wk ' ' 2 .,.'. n W Q' A . .S Nw 'li' gg , QA m, TQW, Mi ,M H ,,.,., 5 A Q . ,iff D - 4 2 sm ,fg g xxr Q R X V A in our-wdbw' A .ff V . , . I , -:- V V, .ff-P ,.g:.fi Q .,: ..,-5 .. is .s iz? ' W kf 'ff A 3 ' , Ei? , A I S955 ,gli gi . , ,.,.:'.:. E .,. 6 , Q9 ZH iii qui: 'IM NW U M' ,if 'Q . ' is X. g 5 .IWIQJQM is V :ig T, x , Q. ww 6 -Q. W .ay W if 5 ' x Q. -wgwgvgh Ak s . gg, h - 1, if uv Q -, N X I ,, L kXfQL K 1 N J 1 fi'- , , pr L ,H .4 4 , .WLM M Y Ufj1?,' h S :Yu -'N .L-7, ' 4 M ..-- Zi -:Q kwin, :- wffsf' , " 'K ' X K xx V' 5 :in f New , U - A sg , - I 1? ,:,', ., "' N K N h . -. , NW, ., 'Q' "' ".. M - 6 Q It Q K t . S 34 X 'JV -fs 6 -l' QQ NFA? x. x ig - 1 x1'.M,, Y ANS, ' is 1, .pImf"4 af A K wx 'VII E. E. Ritchey 6' Parents of Seniors Lend Support to Yearbook The parents of the graduating seniors have given their support to the Sylvan in the nature of patron donations. To the following parents, the Staff of the Yearbook gratefully expresses appreciation: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Arianna Mr. and Mrs John Arick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Andolina Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Alysworth Mr. and Mrs. Richard Charles Bachman Mr. and Mrs William G. Beal Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Birdsall Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Boslett Rev. and Mrs. Grittin C. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Campe Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Colbeck Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Conley Mr. and Mrs. V. Cuccia Mrs. Ann Cypher Mr. and Mrs. John A. DeMay Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Demmler Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. John Drago Mrs. R. A. Ferry Mr. and Mrs. A. I.. Flick Mr. and Mrs. John Fulton Mr. and Mrs. D. l.. Gibson Dr. and Mrs. B. H. Gilmer Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Gray Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Guth Mrs. W. J. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Hein Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Holliday Dr. J. B. Kelly 79 Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and and and and R. and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. H.M Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs H. B. Kiphuth George F. Kurtz E. H. Lamburger C. E. Leberknight acGregor R. Maitland G. A. Matsik L. R. McAfoos Wm. McCullough, Jr. Thomas C. McEwan Joseph D. McGinnis Charles E. McWilliams George W. Mooney W. L. Moser J. A. Mrosco W. R. Park E. E. Patterson D. Peacock J. C. Rengel William Scholtz J. E. Schultz R. K. Scott G. H. Stoehr R. M. Succop K. B. Swope M. M. Warmack E. C. Whitney J. F. Wood John Zemenak I l Pabwna, .fmt Friends of the Class Contribute to the Sylvan initiating a new way of meeting the budget, the Business Staff solicited the aid of patrons in the community. Gratified by the response, the Staff is most appreciative to the following: Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Albitz Mrs. Laura Albitz Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Bach Dr. and Mrs. Charles Bair Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Bausman Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Bell Mrs. W. A. Bonesteel Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Boynton Dr. and Mrs. Lear E. Brougher Mr. and Mrs William Clippinger Mr. and Mrs John H. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. George R. Craig Mr. and Mrs Carleton R. Cummings Mr. and Mrs Carl E. Devin Mr. and Mrs William H. Dickey Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Doder Mr. and Mrs D. S. Donkin Mrs. J. H. Earhart Mr. and Mrs. B. Engstrom Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Escher Mr. and Mrs. Evans Mr. and Mrs. George C. Farmer Elinor L. Fay Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fink Freedma n's Men's Wea r Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. William H. Friesell, Ellis M. Frost Frederick A. Frost William E. Gibson B. S. Gillespie Ernie Griggs V. C. Grufman Douglas Grymes Kenneth E. Haase Mrs. Gertrude Hagen J Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Harper, Jr W. J. Hawkins Dr. and Mrs. F. T. Herron Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Holden Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Holt Mrs. George R. Holzman Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hughes Mrs. H. M. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. W. Hurtt Mr. and Mrs. Alex P. Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Jacobs, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Jernstedt Alfred L. John Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Kingsland, Jr Mr. Paul Lamberger W. C. Landis Mr. and Mrs. Erik Lawson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Basil A. Lee Mr. W. Leighton Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Macfarlane W. G. Mahlman Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. George Maus Mrs. E. C. McAdams William F. McCullough John B. McCrady Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. and and and and and and Mrs. Lewis W. Morgan Mrs. C. D. Muir Mrs. John P. Munn Mrs. F. Niesemann Mrs. Patrick Norelli Mrs. Joseph Nuzzo Elizabeth Piel and and S. S. Pierson Mrs. C. A. Powell Mrs. Raisig pawns, .tm Mr. and Mrs. R. Reed Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Rice The Roberts Family Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Rockwell Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Russell Mr. and Mrs John Schultz Mr. and Mrs Guy Shingledecker Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Speer Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Stinson Mrs. George W. Strong Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Stuckeman Miss Blanche A. Swope Mr. and Mrs. H. Theilacker Mr. and Mrs. Hall S. Thomas Mr. Phillips Thomas, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thompson, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Todd Mr. and Mrs. Will J. Todd ll Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Townsend Mr. Turner Mr. and Mrs. James P. Verner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wahl R. E. Wendt, Jr. Lorraine Wood Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Woodside Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Yessel A Friend Congratulations from anonymous givers ddv The Staff ofthe 1958 Sylvan gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance given by the advertisers and earnestly solicits patronage for them. CARL C' HHN "' tED's VARIETY STORE Job and Commercial PRINTING 2205 Ardmore Blvd. CH 1-1839 Forest Hills Pittsburgh 21 224 Castlegate Road Pittsburgh 21, Pa. Phone BR 1-9736 BEADLING MOTOR INC. DODGE PLYMOUTH 917 Lynn Avenue BR 1-5463 TURTLE CREEK GREATER PITTSBURGH'S sooo Music stAT1oN MATTA BROADCASTING coMPANv DIAL 1550 Good Music - News - Community Service Morning 'til Night Studios in Braddock and Pittsburgh 82 EDGEWOOD TEXACO SERVICE Established 1889 125 Edgewood Avenue CH 1-9797 RAY MCDEAVITT, Manager 8 Edgewood Pittsburgh 18 DEPARTMENT STORE 1:1 PE 1-3106 Congratulations Io Ihe CIGSS of I958 Corner Penn Avenue and Wood Street EDGEWOOD TAILORS AND CHurchiII 1-0143 WILKINSBURG CLEANERS PEnhurst 1-4765 WONDAY FILM SERVICE, Incorporated 'I' 615 SOUTH AVENUE WILKINSBURG 83 CH 2-1000 MILLIKEN BRICK COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS Incorporated CLA55 QF 1953 MANUFACTURERS Pace Brick Paving Brick Common Brick Acid Proof Brick 2100 Mcnfler Street Wilkinsburg Instrument Company CHurcl'1ill I-2810 A. C. GOOD 8. SONS 200 North Braddock Ave. Plumbing and Heating Kitchens PITTSBURGH 8, PA. 620 Rebecca Avenue Wilkinsburg KEARNEY - McDONAUGH EMPLOYMENT COUNSELORS 2401 First National Bank Building 5th and Wood PITTSBURGH 22, PENNSYLVANIA Express I-T071 Special Counselation Service Available Upon Request WILLIAM E. KEARNEY PATRICK J. MCDONAUGH 84 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1958 WILKINSBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PENN LINCOLN HOTEL CH 1-5600 AT 1-7020 WILLIAM G. BEAL, INC. 142 Carlton House PITTSBURGH 19, PA. Motion Pictures For Television and Industry KELLER BROTHERS HAROLD HARRITY Coal and Builders Supplies Fine Footwear YARDS Brands Include Hamilton Avenue Edgewood Avenue Red Cross Nunn-Bush Stride Rite Troylmg Arch Preserver Daniel Green East Liberty Edgewood HI 1 H03 CH I 0106 618 22 South Ave. Wllkmsburg 85 MCCULLOUGH - WHITFIELD HARDWARE COMPANY PAINT, GLASS and HOUSE FURNISHINGS Easy Tappan Frigidaire I-4483 - Telephone CHurchill - 'I-4484 Wood Street and Penn Avenue Wilkinsburg CH I-6440 REAL ESTATE To Buy or Sell "InSist on MuItiIist" Artist Materials Grumbacher-Winsor 8- Newton Paints for every purpose PENNWOOD WILKINSBURG REAL ESTATE PAINT 8. SUPPLY CO. AND TRUST CO. 8I'l Wood Street Wilkinsburg PE I'I77I HAIWGYS Answersu "Try Pennwood-They Have lt" Si illif SPORT STORE E H H iii 1 la lil I E 1 The Complete Sports Center . m m ll I Qi my ' - !'7!f'l. f! ,.L.l l'I'fI" I P I n n I I 1 -1 -! f f l 8 Q, 772 Penn Avenue f l1llE..,tF..T,,. LD. Home of the Air Conditioned LINCOLN RESTAURANT 7 BANQUET and MEETING ROOMS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 100 Car Parking Lot Available PENN LINCOLN HOTEL PENN AVE. WILKINSBURG, PA. WILKINSBURG PE 'I-6300 PE I-7533 JACK WILLIAMSON, Mgr. For The Finest In Home Furnishings FALLER FURNITURE CCMPANY Three Big Modern Stores fo Serve You WILKINSBURG 707 Penn Avenue CH 2-2200 TURTLE CREEK MONROEVILLE 529-533 Penn Avenue Miracle Mile Shopping Center VA 4-1555 EL 1-2323 VA 4-4101 57 I .' , I U ,. II 1- , -' tv 2 ,, M. , ,'. W I I II f X II . T III Wm II IIII .I II I I IIHIII LI I I Y II I Im: YI ,V .I 1 Xl IX III I II 1 1 f !AII I IMI IIIX flhg II? ia FT M ? Ili I nh , I I . ff , I I . - ,gi - g. J 'WIWMASON ITE Ill ll I rr! ROYALCOTE Misty Walnut Panels Add the luxury look-at low cost-to your living room, den, family room, etc. New Masonite Misty Walnut panels combine a handsome grained finish and decorative grooves for truly distinc- tive walls. Large 4' x 8' panels are easy to cut and fasten. Come in now! CARPENTRY REPAIRING A SPECIALTY MILLWORK - SASH - DOORS TRUCK BODY AND HARDWOOD - BUILDING LUMBER FLOOR SANDING MACHINES AND SAWS FOR RENT li's easy with these 8 new fir plywood bout plans la. N. 7'-9' Dinghy lla. 35. ll'-3' Outboard - X B. 40. l3' I' Outboard Ill. li. l3"9' Yulrl lo. 50. IS' 0 lhcird lla. 55. IG' R bol Ik. HI. IB' llzy Cruiser ln. 65. 20' Cabin Cruiser Plan now to log a season full of boating pleasure with one of these performance-tested fir plywood boats. Big, illustrated plans and light, strong fir ply- wood make the building easy. See us for plans Ex M and easy-io-use Exierior plywood qkfgffg if B. W. OTTERMAN LUMBER CO. 229 Edgewood Ave. PITTSBURGH 18, PA. CHurchiII 'I-7214 ig: 11 1 CH I-6742 Quality Superior EDNA J. ANDERSON Piano Instruction Printing Designing MOSER'S PRINTING CO. 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Braddock Ave. Swissvale R' E' HELLNER GLASSER REFRIGERATION 1107 S. Braddock Ave SERVICE Regent Square 1119 S. Braddock Ave. FINEST FOOD Swissvale Pennsylvania PE 1-2921 - 22 CH 1-4871 92 EDGEWOOD CLEANING CO. INC. MIRACLEAN Clean as a Breath of Spring 7719 Edgewood Avenue BR I-3600 PITTSBURGH 'I8 FR 'I-'II00 CHARLES GRECO BAUMAN CHEVROLET CO. Fresh Vegetables - Fruits CHEVROLET Soles Service Frosted Foods 432 Penn Avenue Wilkinsburg IIO3 S. Braddock Avenue Edgewood SOMERS, FITLER 81 TODD 93 THE MAPLE GRILL 119 Edgewood Avenue R. R. 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Braddock Ave. PEOPLES ESSO SERVICENTER Personalized Service ancl Modern Equipment For Happy Motoring Pennwood and Rebecca Avenues SAMUEL SCHAFER Wilkinsburg, Penn. Manager Churchill 1-9753 FR 1-2100 FOREMOST HARRISON J. HAYS Greeting Cards - Office Supplies Stationery - Gifts - Games - Books 724 Wood Street 6206 Penn Avenue "Fl"51 in Fashhnu Wilkinsburg East Liberty PE 1-9361 HI 1-3820 812 wood Street Wilkinsburg Open Friday and Saturday Evenings CH 1-0812 WALTER S. RADCLIFFE Since 1913 Imperial Washable Wall Papers Dupont Paints Dutch Boy Paints It costs more not to paint 716 Penn Avenue Wilkinsburg GRAHAM'S SHOES Shoes for the entire family l:l 817 Wood Street Wilkinsburg PEnhurst 1-5500 BAUMAN PONTIAC, INC. Want To Be A Good Driver? Your Safety May Depend On Good Driving Learn From Competent Instructors ...Call . . . PE 1-5500 WILKINSBURG 728 Rebecca Avenue Wilkinsburg DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOL 728 Rebecca Avenue Wilkinsburg FR 1-6177 THE REGENCY FLORAL SHOP MARGARET and CHASE TONKAY Flowers - Gifts 1125 S. Braddock Avenue - Regent Square Established 1895 EATON FUNERAL HOME DONALD E. EATON 733 Ross Avenue Wilkinsburg MEATS GROCERIES C. L. JOHNSTON'S SONS Birds Eye Frosted Foods PE 1-3060 - 1-3061 'I' E DGEWOOD GAYLORD SHOP of Wilkinsburg Ladies' Accessories and Sportswear Complete Line of Nationally Advertised Brands 925 Wood St. CH 'I-9804 Compliments of WHITAKER METAL PRODUCTS CO. Whitaker, Pa. Ba nd Uniforms Caps and Gowns E. H. S. Standard Rings AT 'I-0384 Commencement Invitations DON ENIEX Union Trust Building PITTSBURGH 19, PA. Awards--Medals, Trophys Annuals-Diplomas WILKINSBURG MUSIC, INC. 706 Wood Street Pittsburgh 21, Pa. PE 'l-3155 PE I-3255 WILKINSBURG HARDWARE CO. C. F. ADAMS, Proprietor Paints Varnish Glass Seeds and Fertilizer 1014 Penn Avenue Wilkinsburg COMPLIMENTS OF MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT C0. 507 Pennwood Ave. WILKINSBURG, PA. THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS AND GIFTS and THE TREASURE HOUSE 806 and 808 Center Street EDGAR L. WAREHAM CH I-0385 WILKINSBURG GLEN Glu-ETTE NICKINLEY .IEWELERS Watches - Diamonds - Silverware Dlstnbutors Television - Radios Electrical Appliances 614 Rebecca Ave Wilkinsburg BR I 0328 FR I 0439 2010 Noble St Swissvale, P Congratulations SWISS FARM DAIRY from Quality Dairy Products REGENT BEVERAGES Churchill Road and Box 8645 Wilkinsburg P LOTTA COLA VA 3 2500 98 What next, graduates? ITS a proud moment for a senior when he finishes high school. And the diploma can be the springboard to a successful business career, provided the graduate has given careful consideration to the question: "What next?" If you're planning a career in Elec- tronics or Electrical Engineering, the "next" in your life after college could he with Union Switch Sr Signal. If you are not going to college but have a natural interest and ability in electricity and mechanics, UNION offers many challeng- ing opportunities for technicians. At Union Switch K Signal, qualified high school graduates can enter a recog- nized shop apprentice course leading to responsible positions in manufacturing. Or, they can take advantage of our co- jf operative scholarship program to help em- ployees earn a degree at local universities. University engineering graduates have opportunities for further on-the-job train- ing leading to challenging positions in the research and engineering of railway sig- nal control systems, remote control sys- tems for pipelines, and other projects for the steel mills and the mining industry. For capable young women graduates, there are office opportunities as members of clerical. stenographic and secretarial staffs. Union Switch 8: Signal is known throughout the world for outstanding rail- way signaling and control equipment. It offers to young engineers and technicians training and experience in the fast-grow- ing fields of electronics and automation. DIVISION OF WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE COMPANY UNION SWITCH 8: SIGNAL SWISSVALE, PENNSYLVANIA For 12 Months of MOTORING PLEASURE You ccln't go wrong with A Membership in the WILKINSBURG AUTCMOBILE CLUB YOUR LOCAL AAA CLUB Some of the benefits are ' Personal Accident Insurance ' 24 Hour Emergency Road Service ' 24 Hour National Bail Bond Service ' Personalized Travel Service ' License and Title Work ' Hotel and Motel Reservation Service and many others Wilkinsburg Automobile Club Penn Lincoln Hotel PEnhurst 1-9100 6 , 0 V G ,4'fIN:B0Q' 100 S I N C E 1 8 81 T. D. TURNER FUNERAL HOME T. D. TURNER, JR. T. D. TURNER III 729 Wallace Avenue Penhurst 1-2340 Wilkinsburg 101 BEST WISHES TO THE "CLASS OF '58" ZUNDEL STUDIO 'I' PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL WEDDINGS CANDID 81 FORMAL 808 Wood ST. WILKINSBURG CH I-0240 IO2 PE 1-4041 8- 1-4015 SANDULAK'S MOBIL SERVICE REGENT PHARMACY Hutchinson 81 South Braddock - Edgewood SIDEHAMER BROTHERS, Pharmacists The REXALL Store Braddock 8. Hutchinson Avenues Edgewood PE 'I-5194 Mobilgas - Lubrication Car Wash - Tires Call For and Delivery JEP NEWKIRK ELECTRIC SHOP Registered Electrician 120 Elm Street PE I-2897 HOLLYWOOD SHOP Fashions For Tomorrow Edgewood 827 Wood St. CH I-9021 Congratulations CLASS OF 195 8 103 N. H. BRENNEMAN WOLFORD REALTY COMPANY Blue Prints - Photostats - White Prints Incorporated 1916 Engineering Equipment - Drafting Supplies Complete Real Estate and Insurance Service 707 Wood Street Wilkinsburg 925 Wood Street Wilkinsburg FRemont 1-6023 PE .I-0793 KOPP SIGNAL GLASS Engineered to meet the most exacting specifications for use in the safe operation of: Airports Aircraft Highways Gasoline Pumps Railroads Fire Escapes Ships-at-Sea Flood Lighting Colored Stage Lighting Dental, Operating Room Lights KOPP GLASS, INC. SWISSVALE HEATING - AIR CONDITIONING BRYANT - CARRIER ROOFING All Kinds "Let George Do It" GEORGE F. KURTZ INC. Pe 1-8738 The Sylvan the :ooperatio ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Stat? of 1958 wishes to acknowled n and aid of Mrs. Isabel Kerner, Sylvan Advisor Mr. G. R. Zundel of Zundel Photogr Mr. Owen Marsh of Capitol Engrav Kurtz Bros. Prining Company 104 ge and express thanks for aphy Studio ing Company r n ly 7 V f w 'h A Y' n 4F a , Q J U, Nvkx' , A . I M 1 . i - 1. - AW' I il -4' e v I. P E a 1 1 f - V 1 u . n 4 4 - . 4 4 . A I . 5 .an px ya l. VT' 'fi ' A ..4. ,. . - .,1.. -- .' .E"' .S-Q. r' ,n A A -J fl' '. . l X I 1 i , -u 1 .v ' a- - , , i f ' L., 45? I E 1 I L. . ,- X A ' , . ,n .I .I l J A L fn ' u.: , ,. li 5 ..e , -4. " W . V' , 'll 1 , - .px 5 A -1172 kfsx , " . ' .Q,1' .A ,I ru, , . " In + . . K Hrfmfw wwf f f? 'I F. -1:1-Z L: + iffmk.-1.

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