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 - Class of 1937

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Edgewood High School - Sylvan Yearbook (Edgewood, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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E 4 . .t , , . ff. . ' p 'bl A .-, Y X. , V I W ., A , . A. A3 W f, 'f'S',T- is i y. . ,- A . F w , f ,V .5 I - ' A' , 1' I' - 4 f','rf'f."r.f ,, fr'- Jf -f ., , ff, QW, L. V' mt- X 'J fdwgm 'lwr X". , lxw if' '44 ' 'WWQCWA f .jf FE, 4 b .' ' if ' , :- V.- "U W . I ,. -.f, W iwkf , xff Z .. ' ". '. ' .5 .Qin . -. r,,:g w, . , x . 4, N " f. '-. ,.1 W. .4-., 4, . . 'V -F5 ,f V.-J , V f N '- wr . , .Q -I - ,.4,f , I naw .iv eirbi. 14, If .Et .':Jf-'bf -X25-gan: ,il-K Y . 745 2. - ' X Q:?Q:,'f. 11. 'Q '-3 , gi., if , 6,3 fb . uf N I "v 1 ' w A .j un ,L ,N - . M ' .1 I . gh 1 , . 'w,. M '.1 A ,J . ,,,l .,,, E -r . 'E , 19 . , .', itz- -M. L I LN. 7, ,. uiqgi, if s mrs r. 'ff v.' , w x h 1 . -,L 31 M. -.x V, .,,,' V, I:- y .Vg vim- 3.15-U X ' q'umq,- qi, s .-?,- 29 + ' "f52':-2?k,J2!,L. M :.:,,4 , 5' '- ,A,:4 r , 4 Q. .vw '..v",1 ', V -- f -I, . -f ,,1 ,e J- .. HI. LQ , ' QV' JT 3,-,.A , 3? J. 'YQ J., +. 4 ,. . " f . 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V31:.5'VA:V.-.apf U- V, ,..+.Zgg iv, .355a,A,,Vt7-gif.. 2,131-if . ,.' -V V. - . V, ..-. . -V' j..LV.V 'wT V .'3 q,1.ig 4 LH' -V " ' " ' ' Q . f ' yf zi.'V3'?-W A "fT3Va::ffiw,'1-:iii Vfi3..Qf4-L' Q -,mlm .y.'fJ.V1'i- is - ' ' f V Y WV:'?Xf'4IJ'!Q"ffiE?EiiT125Tf5:3i25f1'.:. HIV ' ,wx-H 't .1 'f'. '-' , 'Li -75,5 I I L f . -' 1 - 'v ' . , - , A 9fif2'1.?'f'3i:.-' .. ,'1b'a,f V QN,'.7 V- H- -,, 'ti .,, . ,lg .V ' ' "4 1 " .,v ,,. . 1. 1--4-, ,4 "lv , I .. 4 , , 7 . A V. ,JI FOREWCDRD As a bridge to span the years of time and keep alive the memories of our school days, we, the class of 1937, publish this twenty-First edition of the , :wngf ,i. ,,, 1 .,. v, , .m - fr .L,, :- K, ,. .w ..,, ,., ,,,,.f. . :LM .Qu -3. .U ,Y........ .,,..,.,.1L -. ,M vm- .gift , ., v , ', 'JJ' N -.4 , 1 1 X - Q ',4 M Ara ', X, ,,,. ",'q,' .Q ,.- Mg., ,nm .,,, . mf . f V -3. Jul. , '. 'wr ,, ,- . I, L, it FV., 'F A Fii 7f T h e S Y LV A N iE7b?QTi.i- 'Y 553 School Board GI.l'INN li. S'rm.'rz, l'rv.vidv11f ............Yw...,....,.. ...... 1 51 XYest Hutchinson Avenue Mus. jmrlcs I. RIl'I.Al.I,ICN, I'1'rv PI'l'XflI't'IIf ,,,..Y.. ....,...,,.,........... 2 Ol Heech Street J. f.2Il.lHCR'l' QVIUK, .S'l'!'I'l'flIl'-X '.,. .,,.... HI XYcst Hutvllinsou .Xvenue VVr1.1.mu N. livm '... ..., ,.......... ........... 3 4 6 Locust Street Dk. GILIHQRT F. Loma ,..... ....... 1 56 XYest Hutchinson Avenue C1lA1u.1as .'X. RUWAN ..,.... .,,.......... 450 Maple Avenue Five Six Alma Mater Hail to thee, beloved Alma Mater! Thou well-loved home of happy hours, Soon thy ties, dear school, we must sever, But thy I'l'lC11l'1'lCS in our hearts will ever live. REFRAIN : Dear Edgewood High, Dear Edgewood High, We will love thee until the end of time, Our hearts are thine, For weal or woe Until life's school doth close. Though the sky with care and worry darken, Adversity may crowd the nightg Yet the pulse that feels the blood of Edgewood Will thrill at the sight of Maroon and White. Alma Mater! loved until time ceases, Whose praises many hearts have sungg Home of youth and spring of fond ambition, Thy memories shall keep our hearts forever young FACU LT Y MN ., , E ,T ' 2 1 'X 'I9:3"X2 1 1 yy -L.. f L . .1 '- ,4 . M2 , , . Q- The SYLVAN Faculty I11 III 1 NI1'I',I.I-'IsIl, X. II.. NI. .X. AI.XI4X' -l.1N .. 1 1 1 X1111 XII.XI,l1, .X. I1.. Xl. .X IJ1 Il 1111 I. .X11.1:5. I1. 5. X1111111 NI. X1.11x, .X. I1. I1 11111 1x XI X.XI1I.X, XI115. I.. XX'.11.'1'1-i1: I-I I'11'1'1"1"1' IIIIINX 1111111.11, I-. S.. NI. .X. XI1111' If. I 111 ' "s111 X I' IIPNIII 1 Xllll 1 X I XI X X1-1'111'I S1111:111'11 X I' Q .. .1 .. I111 1 1 XIIlXIfI' I' N I'1I NI. XI11s. II. I' N111-1-'111' X I' X I1 III NNI-.I1,.X. I1.. XI. .X. I..Xlll.X ILS111 1111 XI 55 I XX 111111, l11.,.X.I1..NI.511 M1111 IQ. 5lI.XX XII X I XI X XI Xl 11111 I111x, .X. I1., NI. .X. X'II.XICI1i'I"I'I1' I1'11" I x I 111 XII 111 XI. NI11 1.1 I1I., ,X. II. II. N1-1111111 XX'1.1111.111 I11f111 111 I' NI1111.1.11,.X.I1..If1I.NI. XYIICKII' IX XX XII X1I X I 1. in -li The SYLVAN H Ten Edgewood High Edgewood High forever! Give a cheer for you. XVe'll defend your standard In whate'er we do. Hail, hail, the gang's all here 'Round your colors bright! NVe'll stick together for The old Maroon and Vkfhite I" c LAs's ff as 'I -,wt L-, . A, VA, --W. Vg. .K. . , 1, . 1.-.- ,,-T .w.L,,.,.,:.1gtM5,h ww-14:91 1 5: mf 1 , j, V-:.g.1, 3 X ' 1 1 'C' , ,M rr- A . -V: -s N. , ,P ., :L x 1 The SYLVANf flWlW I NIICIQS. ILXICOIIII ILXILICY, ICUIIICIQT Bzlske-llmll II, IV Class Vim-v-l'1'esid1-nt IV Ilnys' film- l'luIn II Clams ' ' IllNIlll'lll III, IX Clase Sn-r'l'e-t:xl'Y I all I II, III. IV Fmnth: . NVIQ- " ' nu 4llIIl I, II 'Z' XII'I't'III'II.I., Xl.XIll M4 IJIIXYICIII., .IABIICS Cl'I'l'Il' I'lI'llIl4'llIS II, III, IV Class TI'l'1lSlII't'l' IV Class Sn-vm-l:lx'y IV Funllvzxll III iirls' .llhlvliv .Xssm-iutiwux FuutlmllAI:111:1p.:':-1 II I, Il, III, IX' Qvlmlnrslnip Sm-il-ty II. III, 15i1'Is'1lIe-I-lllllvl, Il. III. IX IV Xlusic- t'IuIr I. II, III, IX' Sc-ivm-6 Club IV Qcimnw- Illllll I, II Stumlvnl l'uuncil I Qtunle-nl 4'oum-iI III Sylvan Stuff IV QXIVJIII Stull' IV TlIII'fl'l'lI Sylvan ALIIICN, JEAN Cercle Francais IV I I Girls' .Xthli-tic Association I, II, III, IZYYJ I Girls' Glee U Music Club I, 11, 111, 1V Orchestra I. 11, 111, IV Scivnce Ulub 11, 1V ANIDICRSON, HAROLD Cerclo Francais IV Class Vice-President II Edgrecator Staff III Science Club II, IV ATKINS, JULIAN Boys' Glen- Club IV C1-rcle Francais III, IV Edge-czitoi' Staff III Music Club IV S0h0Ia1'shi1i Socivty II, III Science Club I. II, IV Sylvan Staff IV IIIGLEY, IIIISIILA Ce-rm-le' FKIYIIICHIS Ill, IV Girls' .Xthln-tic .lssociltiozi II, III, IV Girls' Glue Club I Music Club I Scif-lice Club Il I Q 3 1:0lll'ff'l'll IIONN ICR, MARY Girls' Athletic Association I, II, III, IV Girls' Glee Club I. II, IV Music Club I, II, IV Science Club IV ISOLJN. J MAN Art Club II, III Ct-rcle Francais III, IV ITIHSS Treasurer III Dramatic' Club II. III, IV l'1Ug:ef'atur Staff II, III, IX Girls' Athletic .Xssocizxtiun I, II, III, IV Girls' Glee Club I, II, III Music Club I. II, III Si-hnmlmship Socially II. III Sviviu-e Club Il, IV 1:uuN, JOAN Art Club Il, III, IX' Ci-role Francais III, IV llraniatic Club ll, III. IV lCdf.1't'C21t0I' Staff ll, III, IX' Girls' ,Xthlf-tic .lssouizition I, II, Ill, IV Girls' Glue Club I. II. III Music' Club I, Il, III Scholarship Sm-ii-ty II. III Svieiicv Club IV Sylvan Stuff IV BIIENNAN, RUSH Art Club Il. Ill. IV Ce-role Francais IV Dranmtic Club ll, III. IV Girls' Athletic .Xssm-izltion I, II, III, IV Scivncv Club II, III, IV Seniors Sylvan ILIU MVN, IlI'l'l"I'I IC r'l-rm'II- I+'r:iiu':i1s II, Ill, IX Girls' .Xlhlu-lim' .Xssuv II, III, IV Girls' Ill'-v I'IllIr I Music- Cluli I S4'IiuI:il'sliip Suvivli' II- III. IV S1'Ii-m'l- CIIIIB IV Sylvian Stull' IV 1'.XI.IlXVl'II.I., I,0l'ISI'I ,XVI I'IIlIl I, II, III IH-iw-lee I1'i':im':iis III, IV Vluss XIIVI'-I'l'4'SIIII'IlI I -- "- ' III IV IH.llu.ll11,I,IuIv II. , I'l4Ip4iw:ii0l' Stuff IV llirls' .Xtlili-liv .Xsmw I, II, III. IV Girls' Ill'-I' I'lulu I Alusim- 4'luIr I S1'Iiul:ii'Hliip Smwiv-I5 II. III, IV sI'Il'lll'l' Ululi II. IV ' Sylvnu Stull' ll CII I I PI'IN'I'I'IlI. 'I'I'IIP Crnilil-1, DHILIS .XVI l'IuIm II UI-l's'Iv I"l'uu4': 'S U A .4 , , . . Girls' .Xlhle-I ia- .XB-IHIIVIIII iuu I, u, lu, IV Alusil- Clulv 1. u, Iv ' S1-if-m-v Ululs II. IV Q3 ,W UIJIIIIIN, MANY .Xrt Ulub II, III, IV Cn-rclo Fram-uis IV I'lili.:'m-vallul' Stuff IV Girls' Athlx-tiv .Xsswwiuliou II. III, IV llirls' Ulm- Club II Music Club II Scieucn- Ululi II Sylvan Stull' III, IV UUSTLY, IIUIIICIIT Buys' GI.-.I Vlulv IV Music Club IV SI'I1'III'l' Clull I l'IiIGI'II.M.XN, l'II.I'I.XNUIll-I U1-i'c'Iv I+'i'zim-:iis II, III Iirziiuutiv Club Ill, IV Girls' .XIIIII-tic .Xssuvizili--ii I. II, III, IV llIrls'1lIw-Cluli I, II. III, IV Musim' t'luli I, II, III. IV Sc-ienvv Ululr Il, IV Sylvain Steiff IV UIIHIVICIII., lII'1l,l'IN l5l'2Illl2lIIl' Club Ill, IV Cvrvli- I"i'zu1v:iIs II, III. IV Girls' .Xthlvtic .XsS4u'i:llilllI I, II, III. IV llirls' HI:-e Ululi II, III IXIusi1'l'luI1 ll, III Sm-in-ucv Club ll, III. IV Seniors lfiffvvli Sylvan Cl'I4X'I'IIl, .I EANIYE CL-1'c-Io Francais III I':lI,LL't'l'RI0l' Staff IV ' U Girls' Athletic .'NSS0l'l2lt1UU 1, 11. iii, IV Y IiiI'I5' Glvv Club I, II, III. IV Music Club 1, II. III, 1V Sc-hulzwship Socielb' 11, 111, IV Student Count-il I. II, III, IV Sylvan Staff I, III, IV CL'Ii'I'lS, FRANK CUSIC, IQLTI-IICNA .Xrt Club I. II, III. IV Cerc-le Francais IV IGsIg:'vcutor Staff IV I l Girls' Athletic .XSSUCIZIIIUII I, II, III, IV Girls' filee Club I. II, III, IV Music Club I. II, III. IV Scivlim- Clulr II Sylvzui Steiff IV ILXXV!-RUN, IIOISI-IRT Ifoullnull AIZIIIHSUI' IV Musiz- Club I, II ln'cIi--sire! I. II, III Sc-hulzirship Soc-ivty II. III Sf-ivnvv Club IV EVANS, ROY Class View-I'l'vsifIx-iii III Fuotiazill Maiiug. 1' III I Q 3 SI,I'ft't'II G G GI A ILL IG, SA HAH ELLEN Art Club II, III Ce-ri-lv Francais III Girls' Glee Club II, III Musir' Club II, III XRBAHK. MARY Ce-role Fiwinvziis II, III Girlv' Athll-tic Associaiiou I, II. III, IV Girls' Glam- Club I Music Club I Sr'ivuc'1- Club II USUN, MIXIIKIAIIIGT ,Iri Club II, III, IV Cvrc-Io Fiwixu-anis IV Class Seci'elai'5' III Ilramatic Club II, III, 1V Girls' Athi:-tic Assuuizitioii AI, II, III. IV Girls' G1 0 Club I, II, IV Music Club I, II, IV Science- Club II, III. IV 4IIilPl,I,MI'S, IGVIGIIYN Cf-ra-lv Frzincais III Girls' Athi'-tic Asswiaitioii I, II, III, IV Gi1'ls'1iIw-Club I, II, III Music- Club I. II, III Sc-le-ucv Clulu I Seniors Sylvan IIAIN, XVIl,I.I.XAI IIIIIIII I, II Iluslie-Ilrull III, IV l'i'i'1-li- l"r:iiu':iis IV Alu:-:im-1'Iub I, II, III, IV 1Il'f'IIl'NIl'1l I, II, III, IX IIASH. AIAICTON .XVI lflub I Iluiul I I2uys'llIn-1- l'IuIl III. IV Ivraiuuntii- Club III, IV I'I1I1.1i-vnlol' Slzlll' III, IV Alusu- 1'Iub I, II, III, IN III'I'III'Hll'1l I, II, III, IV Svii-uve Club I, II II.XI'ICI!I1'II, IPICAN Buys' film- Club IV Musif- 1'Iub III. IV 1u'vIu-str:i III, IV Il.XI'IlIlIl'II, IJDIIICIIT I'l1II.Ll'1'IIIOI' Sl:ll'I' III Sylvain Stull' IV Q3 IIl'II.ICK. IQICVIIIGN Baud III, IV l'IiIp:vcziIui' Stuff' III Musiv Club IV 1u'i'Iu-st1':1 III, IV Svii-iii-v l'Iub I IIIIII., ,IICAN .XVI Club I, II Ci-rs-Iv FI'2llIL'llIS III, 1V Ibmiimtiv Club III, IV Girls' .xtlihliv ,Xssucintion I. II, III. IX Girls' lllw- Vlub I, III, IV' Music Ulub I, III, IV SI'I4'lIl'1' t'Iub II. IV Student. Uouucil IV IIII,I,, AIAIQLLXIQIGT Cc-rm-Iv I'II'2llll'4lIS IV Girls' .xtlili-liv Association I. III, IV Girls' Glu- Club II, III Musiv t'Iub II, III III PIINIG, XVI IIIIIAIII .XVI Ulub III. IV Iiuud I. II Ilrziuuitim' Club IV Music Club II, III, IV lll'CI19SII'2l. II, III, IV S e n i 0 r S Seventeen Sylvan HURST, ANNA MARIIC Art Vlub I, II, III, IV UQ-l'1-lv I'1l'ElI.'ll'2llS IV Class Svc-re-ta1'y II lvrunmtic Ulub Ill, IX Icljlgl-'IQ'2llIIl' Stuff III Girls' Athlvtir- Association I II III IV v ,. . Q- -1 w lfirls him- Llub Ill, IV Music Club I, II, III, IV Hrclwstrzl I, II, III, IV Sc'hnlz11'sI1ip Sox-im-ly Il, Ill, IV Scif-in-v Club II, IV Sylvan Staff IV Hl'Ml'HlilCY, ICVELYN Art Club III Cz-rclc Francais III Edgecator Stull' III Girls' Athletic Association II, III, IV Girls' Glen- Club II Music Club II Student Council III Sylvan Stuff IV HI"I'CHlNSON, DURIS Cvlw-lu Francais 111, IV Girls' Athletic Association II Ill IV Girls' Glee Club II, III, IV Music Club II, Ill, IV Scivmw- Club IV Sylvan SHUT IV JOHNSTON, PAUL Boys' Glee Club IV Cm-rc-le F'ranL-als II Music' Club IV Svivnce Club II Eiglztccaz 193 .Il JNICS, IIUNALD Cwrvlv Frzlncznis IV S1-iviwv Club II, IV KIGUWN, IVALTIGR Band I, II, III, IV Boys' Glev Club I, ll, III, IX' llrzmmatic Club III, IV Music- Club I, II, III, IV Orchefstra I, II. III, IV Sc-if-nc-v Club IV KIICKNAN, FLUIll'lNl'I'I Cn-rc-lv Frunczlis IV Scivnm- Club IV KINZER. DAVID liund I, II Music Club I, II Sc-ie-nce Ulub I, II, IV Seniors Sylvan Ill-II-Il'Il, II.XI:11I.Il S4-iviu--A l'lulw IV l.l'IlYIS, AIAIIY 1'--rn-lv I"l'lIIII'JIIS II, III. ll Girls' ,lililn-liv Assuvisil' I, ll. III, IV Sviwiim- Clulu Il, IY lnrlllt, .IUIIN lluunl I. II, Ill. IV Iluslia-tluaill II. III, IV cw-1-vlv Fruuvnls III, IV Drauuaiilv Vluh IV lfrmllmll II, III. IV Nlusil- 1'IuIr I, II, Ill. IX' ui"-In-sl1':1 I, Il, III, IN Svivliva- f'Iuln II, Il' l.HN12,4ilI.lll-Ill'l' Iliislu-Ilmll III, IV I"u0lIn:ilI II, III. IV Music- Club Ill Ulwliu-r4ti':i Ill Sl'Il'Il1'l' I'IllIu IX' Sylvuu Stull' IX' V IUII Q3 lla-l'l'l.l.Hl'1llI. ISl'lll'l'Il.XAl lluslivllvzill II. IV Iluys' Gln-I' CII Ili ll Ill, IV 1'ei'c'll- I'iI'illlC'llIS lui'-.ull-1' ll Class " ' -1 S ' Iuilgi-1-uint' btuli Ill ill II Ill ll FOUIII: , Music 1'lulm IV Nviviivl- Ululi IX llII'Il.Xl'Il., llOlZI'IliT .XVI l'lulu IV liuskvllulll Il. III IV 1' ' :- ' lu.'.' lfof 4 . xx 1Iie1lulvlll nhill Il Ill IV Music- Clulu Ill . . -I l, KICITII Ifnunllialll ll Sm-in-in-v Club IX nrlili. XYAIIIR Iiuslu-tllull ll IC N Foullvzill Il. IN S1-ivlli-v Vlulu l Seniors .VflI1'f4'6'l1 Sylvan NIORKISON. BI'l'I"I'Y Csrvlu Fl'kIIIC2llS II, III llrzimatic Club IV Girls' Athlm-tic Associiitiou I II Ill IV Gifls' 2:1111-'club 1. II. III, IV Music Club I, II. III, IV Sfivuve Club I, II MUXVIIY, GICOIQGIG Art Club I, II, III Iialusl I, II, III, IV Iluys' IIIUI' Club IV Musii' Club I, ll. III. IV U1'c'II1-S1111 II, III. IV SCICIICU Club I, II, IV O'DONNI'II.I,. THOMAS Boys' Glm- Club III, IV DI'Illll2lIll' Club Ill, IV Football III Music Club III, IV Scienw- Club IV ROISEIITSUN, IGNA Cvrvle Francais II, III Girls' Glev Club I, II. III, IV Music Club I, II, Ill, IV SPIHIICK' Club II Twezzty IU IIIES, RICI-IARII Art Club II, III, IV Iluslcetlulll lXl3.II2l5l'tiI' II, III, IV Iland II, III. IV Ce-rclv Frzlncziis IV Music Club III, IV Orc-hestrii III. IV Scholarship Socii-ly II, III, IV Sch-ucv Club II, IV Sylvain Stuff Il, IV I-IVNI IIIIC, A IIICIC A1-1. Club II, III C1-rclv I+'1':111c'ais III, IV Girls' Athli-tif: Association I, II, III, IX Girls' Glvu Club I, II, III. IV Music Club I, II. III. IV SL-hulzirsliip Society II, III, IV Soil-live Club IV Stuclvnt Council IV Sylvan Stull? l, Il, III, IV SIA ICVM, AIA RY Art Club I. II. Ill, IV Iiand I Cercle F'rz1nc'z1is III, IV lilrlgeczltui' Stuff IV Girls' Athletic Association I II Ill IV Girls' Glue- Club II, III Music' Club I. II, III, IV Orc-he-strzi I, II. III, IV Sn-is-noel Club IV Sylvan Stuff I SIN M INIGII, I'A'I'IIIClA Cs-rclv F1'2lIlC3.IH IV llrmmitic Club II. III, IV l+Icl:.:'ecz1tur Stuff IV Girls' Athletic Association I, II, III, IV Girls' Gle-el Club I, II, III, IV Music Club I. II, III, IV Scklllarship Society II, III, Science Club IV Studs-ut Counvil II Seniors Sylvan 193 SI'llINGI'1Ii, IIIARJOICIIG Girls' Athlvtic Association I, II, III, IV Girls' film- Club I, Il, IV Music Iflub I, II, IV Sola-nvu Club IV VAN KIGNNIGN, GIGURGI-I Class Pre-z-xirleut II Football III, IV Soil-ucv Club II IVAIIK, I'lS'I'III'lli l'1-rm-lv I"i':uu-ul:-I III IIIVIN' Him- Club I, II, III Musiv l'Iub I. II, III Sl'i1'm'4' l'lub I, IV VVAIIK, I,II,I,I.XN CI-l'1'I1' I"I'JIIIt'Z1IH III liirls' .llhlvlic .Xssociuliuil I. II. III, IV Girls' will-v Club I. II, III Muni:-1'Iub I, II, III Sui:-lu'v 4'lub I NV IGI B IC L, IQ L I NOK Art Club II, III, Cerclv Frulicais Girls' Athletic I, II, III, 1V Girls' Glvv Club Music Club I. II IV v III, IX Association I, II Svionco Club II, IV XVIIIHTMAN. .IAC Boys' Glow Club Cerclu Francais K I, II, III IV Music Ulub I, II, III XV ILLS, l,'l'l.X RLICS Iioys' Glu- Club III IV Cerclv Frniu-:iis IX I'I1lIIl'L'2lIlIl' Fluff III III IV Musiv Club . Sylvan SILLIT IV YA IINIXIIII, IIIGILXI .DIXIE KH-11-lu' l"I'IIIIL'8IS ll. Ill, IV Dl'2llIIiIIll' Club I, II. III, IV Girls' .XIIIII-tic I, II. III. IV .Xssouialioii Music Club I, Il, III, IV slim Il III IN Ul'1'l1n'.' 'I , SVIVIIUI' I'lLlI1 IV Sen iors Ticwzfy-0110 Senior Class Officers President ,,,,......,. .... H AROLD ROGERS Vice-President ....... ..... I QOBERT BAILEY Secretary ...,..... ..... M ARY MITCHELL Trea.rzu'er ,..,,, ..... bl AMES MCDOWELL Senior Class History Place: Rosedale Beach. Ti1ne: A beautiful day in the summer of 1938. A Characters: A and Z, two members of the Edgewood Class of l957. The two characters are lying in the sand after a strenuous swim. fsighingj Z ................,....... A Z A Gee, isn't it a swell feeling to be out of school? Yeah, but just think back to all the good times we had. It kind of makes one wish he were back again. ........In a way I guess you're right. Remember the fun we had at the Z ........ ....... A Z A Freshman-Senior Weiner Roast? Let's see-we had Miss Nevin and Mr. Elliott for home room teachers, didn't we? That's right. But say, do you remember the fun we had at the class picnic at South Park Pool when we were sophs? That was keen! .It was keen. But I don't think I ever worked so hard as I did that year. I liked my junior year better. Well, we were rather busy. That was the year Mr. Schrock and Miss Nevin traded home rooms, wasn't it? ........Yes. Remember how hard we worked on the magazine subscrip- tions sale that year? I think the greatest thrill, though, was when our rings came. M-mm-mm-ni! That was something! Well, I think the Prom was better than anything that year. Re- member how proud we were of our banner, and how well it looked with the rest of the decorations at the Prom? I had a grand time that night. had a good time, too. Do you remember the fun we had at Z ........ A Byerly Crest that year? That was a grand picnic! just the same, I think our senior year was by far the busiest. just think, there were the ad sales for the Sylvan and all the work in publishing it, the Washington trip, the fun at the Prom, and our commencing. ........Oh, I remember all that all right, but do you remember the final Z ........ ...... A Tr exams P .Rememberl How could I forget? Well, I guess it's all in the game. Our senior year certainly was crowded, but I enjoyed every bit of it. ........So did I. I guess you are right. Gee, I do miss it after all. t'c1zf-x'-two CCurfai1zQ Senior Class Prophecy Good evening, everyoneg this is station 1-9-3-7. Here we are again on the edge of that scintillating crowd in the foyer of the famous B. O. Bailey theater in New York, from where we are about to bring you a description of the Amer- ican Premiere of Mary Mitchell's powerful epic of the decade, "Lawn with the Weed" as produced by Theodore Chidester of Broadway. This program comes to you through the courtesy of Gibson's Golden Glow, that amazing new discovery for gout. NVe believe that nothing we can say will have more weight than the unsolicited testimony of just one of our satisfied users. I have here a letter from Mr. Harold Rogers, manager of the Isaly concern in New Martinsville, W. Va. He says, "Having been forced to sit out most of the numbers at the Thanksgiving dance, I was willing to try most anything. A kind friend suggested Gibson's Golden Glow. Now I can shake a leg with the best of them." Ask your friends about the merits of our product and remember our slogan, "Gout grovels before Gibson's Golden Glow." It's just fifteen minutes before the curtain and in the meantime I'll try to give you a brief sketch of this crowd. From the pit you can hear the Lombardo-- like strains of Bob Costlyfs string ensemble. Directly to our right is the press sectiong we can see Elthena Cusic filling a notebook with items for her society column. Standing beside her is Robert Dawson, that discriminating critic on whose opinion rests the future of this production. His comments can make or break tonight's stars-Helen Crowell, the recent discovery of talent scout, Keith Miller, and her leading man, William Hain, recently recruited from the Princeton Triangle Show. Oh, this IS a pleasure! Here comes Fraulein Jean Hill on the arm of Baron Van Kennen. creators of the same roles on the continent. Of course, that great character artist, Bob Haubrich, can be counted upon for his usual ster- ling performance. And, alighting from their Packard 12, I can see the charming twin of the internationally known tennis queen, Jean Adelle Boon, on the arm of her husband, William Horne, the famous engineer who specializes in building bridges. Ac- companying them is Mr. Horne's associate, julian Atkins, the designer. just passing the mike is Captain Michael of the S. S. Helena. Captain Michael, you know, was responsible for the daring rescue of that ill-fated trans- Pacific expedition attempted by Ursula Bigley and Evelyn Grollmus. There seems to be quite a commotion out front-just a moment, we'll have the details for you ---- NVell, it was a fight. jack Wightman, one of the stock players, turned on his constant companion, Bud Wills, and clipped him not so playfully. The doorman, Paul Johnston, tried to separate them but it took house detective, Tom O'Donnell, and his assistant, Dave Kinzer, to quell the fracas. Dr. Gilbert Long, who happened to be standing near, reports no serious injuries. It is our private opinion that it was nothing but a publicity stunt arranged by Marton Hass. And here comes that outstandingly successful editor of the "Chicago Sun," Miss Jeanne Culver. VVe hear she is wearing an engagement ring, and it must be true for she is accompanied by that well-known authority on engagements, Mrs. A. B. Cormnan, formerly our own Bettie Lloyd. Here is someone you women will recognize, Mary Corbin, who writes the daily column. "The Housewife's Helpmatef' Her escort is Don jones, president of the Motors In General Corporation about the merger of which you no doubt read in the newspapers. This merger consumed the smaller company which was formerly managed by Roy Evans. Twmzty-Ilzrcc Life's candid cameramen, VVarren Moore and Walter Keown, are snapping an informal pose of New York's most popular night club hostess, Gerry Yarnall. This seasons debs are to serve as aids for tonight's performance. Those who have just arrived are: Mary Lewis, Mary Bonner, Mary Garbark, Margaret Hill, and Margaret E. VVeibel. Such a lavish display of the very latest gowns and most expensive furs! Mary and Margaret have stopped to admire the murals along the wall done by Mary Slocum, noted impressionist. Members of the diplomatic circle have just arrived-Senators james Mc- Dowell and Frank Curtis escorting Bettie Brown, the brilliant interpreter. Right behind them and seemingly in a great hurry are three of America's better known mannequins-Ena Robertson, Louise Caldwell, and Bettv Morrison. Naturallv they are wearing the creations of New York's most efclusive designers, Mes- demoiselles VVark. Grand Opera is represented tonight by the appearance of its favorite prima donna, Eleanore Creelman. As usual, she is accompanied by Doris Hutchinson. her personal secretary, and Sarah Ellen Gable, her press agent. Some one has stopped them at the door-heavens! It's that ever present figure, "The Fuller Brush Manf' jack Lohr. He and his assistant, Alice Rundle, are passing out samples of their special potato brush. Richard Rodes, the famous archeologist who has just returned from Tim- buctoo, has arrived with some of the members of his expedition, namely: Rose Brennan, dietitiang Harold Leech, business manager: and Florence Kiernan, the expeditions trained nurse. They have all stopped to speak to some of their friends. Why, they're George Mowry and Harold Anderson who are engaged in trying to perfect technicolor. VVith them is that eccentric scientist. Reuben Helick, the inventor of the dry shower. Speaking of celebrities, there is that champion skater of skaters, Miss Vir- ginia Reid. Along with Miss Reid are Marie Horst, who we understand is traveling with Ted WHfFCI1,S Orchestra, that top-notch band formerly of Wilk- inshurg, Pa.. and Evelyn Humphrey, that special designer of Navy emblems. Here are a few members of the horsey set: Doris Cooke, who owns the famed Spur and Saddle stables, and Pat Spooner, her fellow enthusiast. VVe hear that Miss Cooke will let jockey Dean Haubrich wear her colors in the coming Virginia Preakness. You all have heard of the sensational night club, "13." Its proprietor and owner, ,lean Allen, is here tonight with Marjorie Springer, the world's First woman football coach. From all reports, she is quite a success. ,Nt last the long awaited moment has arrived-the lights are dimming, and the curtain is going up. XVe return you to the National Broadcasting Company for your next prograini Your announcer for this program has been Bert Mc- Cullough. Twflzfy-fnzfr The SYl.VAN1'qi'?"i Senior Class Will We, the class of 1937 of Edgewood High School, being sound in both mind C ?j and body, do hereby make known our last will and testament: SEc'r1oN I A. For future reference we leave the multi-autographed books, desks, walls, etc., to whoever wants them. B. To everyone we leave the memory of Cooke's and Garbark's silly prattle. C. To study hall we leave all the gum -we stuck under the desks there. D. To future addicts of chemistry we bequeath the beautiful rubber aprons and the very un-beautiful but permeating odors of the lab. SEC'r1oN II A. To the class of '38 we leave the responsibility of leading chapel, secur- ing programs. and compounding a new appreciation speech for the chapel speakers. B. To Miss Ayers we bequeath the stimulating memory of her two rattle- brained typists, Wightman and Wills. C. To the juniors we leave, with all our best wishes, the worry of publish- ing a Sylvan. D. To the incoming freshies we leave Mr. Crouse and Mr. Schrock with the hope that unlike us they will heed the first bell. li. To any rising genius we leave Reuben Helick's fertile and inventive imagination. F. To the juniors also we leave our seats of honor in the front of chapel, with the warning that you just can't study 'way up there. G. To Mr. Crouse and Mr. Schrock we leave the task of initiating green freshies into the dizzy routine of high school. H. To the one who needs it we leave Jeannie Culver's executive ability. I. To Mr. Schrock we leave our astonishing oratorical ability, with the hope that he will hold us up as a shining example to future seniors. J. To the poor, poor juniors we leave Macbeth, American Literature, The Bunker Hill Oration, VVashington's Farewell Address. and all the other nightmares of Senior English. K. To Miss Miller we leave the sorrowful memory of our outstanding abil- ity to murder the English language. S12c'1'IoN III A. To the faculty and the school we leave our thanks and gratitude for four of the grandest years of our lives. VVe hereupon place our signature a11d seal upon this document on this ninth day of June in the year of our Lord. one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven. and do hereby appoint and designate Albert Glessner executor of said will and testament. 'ill Signed, Tim Cr.Ass or 237. Witnesses : Y. Knot Li'l Abner l. Dunno Petit Picpus Twenty-fi've fe Futu F utile LL Ro me 3 E td 404 Glas Q. 6 ld Z I-Ll VJ 24' I-1 -E 2 :- 5 I-' E .E 3 T 70.411, 3' Th 8 SY LVAN S I '-S+' .F img F hw2 .Z gf-1 .Qg'2:uC PQI'-mia 2 u5v . on x..UOU,H'- 2130 'Uv"'x5o"':.9"'U"' E51::.."-'fi-SE?-' 8.wg'5'5Qf'.i:'Q'5E' .igrgmowii fl Emcfcwm 'EI g2'5So: -:pQ53152'5 : -,.. O ' 'Hao 65 .Sith Ei . 235:2- L, gli .QJ5I,:' EE1I'O' :::55g: fq,3:c::G, j.5'E.E. Z....,g5Z S- 105 -53- wiiiggi .gwl-r-1m.5z-m-:sol xc- +5-E!-1-lE,.l. 'EHS Z0-:Eggs 2 53515 of S' -MOut5w'5E E:UE:3,30d izgcQf51.ET:.::.z Y 0-4 -fp: was 'rf-1-IE af.-1 I :cE::2 uqyhf, mm:::,' 543-.SUEQE :Expt-iff :1.p-wa5'fZ5, 'iigl-I-1523 .IBIS 'QV EmSJ:: - N :Hd -I' vi::'::.g"' fi oHg355.ig if 5N':JH BUW' Edwgg -'UCI - .JO 4255- Naam 4:H,i,-9?y1.',2so .N dag? - E cQ.b0::,,r S' 'S' xio"f-'N lx pQ85C::' mesa mill :EE m Vi EU 'U 5. c z. 5 'H 2 'D 'U s Ou ' gh... 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'l'lte ttevet' lttrgttttett M:tt'tlis ltttys tles p:t1'tetl lm' littgluml. lltttttl lttelxl Nllss l'ipe1' :tml Miss lielly were ttttt' super- X'ls1ll's tlttrittg tlte li ltlt yt-:tt'. Speultittg' ul' Stlts, tttt eztttte lrztetitttts, XX'lt:tt et':tzX tltittgsl l ltttttestlt' ltelieve Iittt was tlte ttttlv ttm' wlttt umlersttttttl tltettt till 't Ietv yt-:trs ztlterwztrtls. XX ltztt :t time we ltzull l'eep sltttws, t'1'plte:ts ttl etttes :tml tmtvtes, :tll prtwerl wttrtlty ttt tltett' time spent. T11 irl t'-lltwt The nward we went to the topmost rung of the grade school ladder. Did we feel important, or did we feel important as Miss Seibert and Miss Locke helped us to that position of the utmost rank! The McConnell twins arrived from Missouri. Harold received that title "Windy" which he will probably never lose. irst year in junior high-Mr. Gardner and Miss Stuart helped us to get ac- quainted. Thrills of new faces and changing classes. Truly. it was much fun. Occasional swimming parties and dances fdid we look strange all dressed uplj also formed ways of amusement. First class picnic at Rosedale. A time never to be forgotten. We got a taste of Oral English here. more year and we would be in high school Cwe hopedj Our studies now became more complicated and latin and science were brought into the line. Clubs were formed with the aid of Miss Stuart and Mr. Gardner. A junior high roller skating party went over big. The first junior high paper was put out by several students. The high light was the Spring Hop. best ever given by the eighth grade. Sweet rhythms of the newly formed Le Roy ShaFfer's orchestra. This was soon followed by the annual Rosedale picnic by our class. A really successful year! years in this place and we were beginning to realize why we were here. stress- ed by Miss Stuart and Miss Lyon. First year seemed very big to us but evi- dently not to the upper classmen. Freshman-Senior weiner roast came along full of sophomores. juniors. and weiners. Several members of our class were given parts in the high school operetta. enjoyed by all. VVith the able presi- dency of Bill Thunhurst, flowers were presented to the seniors and treasury deficits were overcome. 'rd year away from graduation for should we think of that?j Sophomore life is a pretty dull one. Few members received football letters. lint with Richard Long heading the classes of Miss Lyon and Miss Piersol, we hope to have many bright spots in our second year of high school. teen thirty-seven slowly passing into the depths of history C as far as school goesj, the class of 1939 do hereby vow to do our utmost to provide the other grades of Edgewood High School with a much pleasanter and happier place in which to spend their school days.- Signed, 'PHE ISNTIRE CLAss or '39. 'I Y Izzrfy-four f 4-Miirhe sYLvAN I -M Remember When: Snag was kicked out of the library? We rushed down to the basement to get bottles of milk? There were hobby shows with open night? We daily skated behind the school? We fought to wash the blackboards? Snag's black and orange sweatshirt was very prominent? The high school crashed the junior high parties? All the boys appeared in school with their "gollarshes"? There was a special party for Miss Stuart's barbarians to teach them man- ners? The hair how rage swept the high school? There was open night at the club? Group piano lessons with cardboard keyboards were given in the "tower room"? Some people were jealous because others got to make "plaster maps" in fifth grade? This was heard daily, "Good night, boys and girls" - - -- "Good night, Miss Seibert"? Everyone flew to school on his rollerskate scooter? We learned ballet dancing at the club? VV e tried to hook in the line formed outside the grade school? Roly-Poly was the regular after-noon pastime? The boys forgot to take down the flag? As little boys and girls we danced to "Pop Goes the VVeasel" in gym class? lt was an honor to be picked to make the valentine box? VVe gazed out the window, watching the church bells being installed? Sight reading in music was required? A jean Hill appeared in her apron after lunch? We all ran to the " jumping hoard" in kindergarten? NVe raced while putting on our gym shoes-and the gym bags? In the spring we all brought flowers to the teachers? The scandal was written in chalk on the sidewalk? We drank from the pool outside the museum during Miss Kelly's expedition? Our bad boys sharpened chalk in thc pencil sharpener? We got tired listening to the same experiences used regularly for themes? Th irt y- five E B 2 -J -lu Os 94.2 3 .E .QI-1 -J U I-I-l M O O I S , w 5 5 -5 3 13 3 bb 3 Th iffy-six' r boy rn as P1 cu junio 'E 'II :s o QU? QE .202 Mb -C23 for E 4.55 ....: 56 Si? argaret. son, M ac Ander .sd P-a O. 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ESEWSEQ .Etf3Eg,,l3 284:32-9-10 W2 .'C4C4V?Ui-5 :Ai 2.35 ini 25: zu-Ci ug: -Et. .ENE 2 9 . 5: i l :: 32:15 5 es385'dES 2 1.43 ' E:Mg,'5.EE in ul Bblgnmmwbo M-...: an :bo-'Sig-,DEE '5..EE"'::o.E 1-012200.11 f1QQf4v2"S-IH 235 2 2 0231525 52Z?Een ...Si-.0550 D4P19'1'E'-F04-I EEEEEES M5549-li! i fm- -5555-9 2623322 3333333 Thirty-seven srQ9 The SYLVAN I wk Huw-li. .lohnstun. llillllllllll, l'h'r'lm-S, 4lllll1l'if', l7I'04l"l1- lllllfifill- l51lVll2l P Kolb, Dis-ksmi, Burgmzin. 1l4lle ltow--lin-nlln-y, Gibson. l12ltllIll'l', 4irI'llQ.1'UI'lC, Fishe-14, livzins. lligle-y, Inn html I ll lumi, Uarrnll, l:lll'l'0S. lllhlll Huw-Crutsl.-y, Hair, Hamilton, Heislvy, lilmi-r, l':W'lllHi, Vrousn-. : tim, .Xn lla-Vson, Ilzlvismi. Freshman Class Oflicers lliwsnm ll ltlllll XX'1l.l.1.-XM llxvisux , ,, ,,,,,, l'1'mid1 USICPII Rizmm ,Y Y H ,, 1'if'l"l,1'4'Xill'lllf l'.xl'l. Alll.I.IlhXN ,, ,s 5. nm I.xx1lf.s xllf,UNNlf.l.l. . llntI.S'Illll Freshman Class History rlllll' class nf 1940 ls quite well upon its way, llcgzm in '27 ill! Il lmriglit SClllCllll3L'I' clay. XXX- wont tu lilllflCl'Q2ll'lCll .Xml were tziuglit liy Miss Vim Cleve. Miss .Xln-xziiiclci' lu-lpcfl lu-V4 "l'xx':1s il yczii' lm-t'u1'e we'fl lcziw. 'lillL'll we were sent tu tlic lirsl grzulc lfm' 1111 zulvcimlrv new. Miss llzirris tzuiglit us our tlircc lQ'sg Miss Milclicfll tziuglit tlicm, tcm. Miss l.uc:1s ziiicl Miss l3c1'1iliz11'clt XX'c1'c um' lr-:iflr-rs in graclc ll XXX- lvziriiccl tn flu must CX'e1'y1lii1ig llizil lmys zmcl girls can flu. flliff-X"t'l-.flflf The SYLVAN tck If.llH'fSH'lPlN', Mnllunt-4-, tflmnm-ll, Plunkt-tt, Muxtif-lil, 'I'rust'hn-l. XX'illuug'llluy, Yi-u:.:el Stork, Strulhn-4 ' . llll Xlitlrllv Huw Llowl, M1-Iiltish Milliglam, J. M1-Connvll, I'm'tzvr, Lum-Q-, lXll'K'llllt', Ret-tl. Ski lil1p:t1m, l.ov1-'lm-1-, Wugm-l', lront Iiuw-l'i'agt-i'. Truun, 'l'lmnipsuti, T4-ssnn-r, Sputum-i', Limlstrom, Stu-w:u'l. l.illt-x Steplmn, Mc-Mantis, 'rllllllll'l'lll1lIl. lil tliircl j,fl'ZlClC the wurk was nut .lust wllat yutfcl cull some fun, llut Miss liyvrs :mtl Miss Ilrtiwn 'lliltl us wlmt sliriulrl lic clinic. Miss llcmictt :tml Miss llrulili clicl tcucli lltis scum- clztss in fmirtli grnrlc, lk-cp stuclics in gn-ugrzipliy .Xml lttstury wcrc mzulc. Long flivisirni gut 115 rluwli, .Xml l'i':ictiuiis gut tis tim, lint Miss l'1pc1':mcl Miss Iliclfstm llt-lpcfl tu pull us tlirtmgli. In spitc ul sixtli gt'zulc's flccimztls. lllc yvzu' wctlt qtttckly liyg Miss St-ilitfrt :tml Miss l,m-lac, l'1ii surc, lltitli lwlpccl tltc ttmc tu ily. 'lllIL'II czum' :1 ncw cxpcrit-tice-ff - XX c Cllll'l'L'tl jtimtii' liiglig XXX' lutiiicl tliztt licrc sclimil wats nu jtilu' .Xttil :tt lllll' wurla rlitl ply. XXX- tiuw :irc in tltc l'l'L'SlllllJlll ulztss 'l'l1:' wurlq is llZll'ClK'l' still, 'lilirt-t' yczirs lrmit www wL"ll rt':1t'li tltt- tmp It wt' lrtit lmvt' tltt- will, 'l'l1c spring' ul ll?-lil ls lint tlirrt- sllurt yt-:tvs IlXX'1lX'Q 'Illicit sztrl tlzircwvlls tn lfrljg'n'xx'tmtl lligli tm grzttltizttitni rlzty. 'l'l11'1'lAv-zlilz ROLL SS CLA AN ESH FR '11 S NL 2 Pathetic Point Usually 'se Othe Baptized bl! CI '.: X-4 121 LL. g.,. .Gossipin oD0. ,.,.D Doris nderson -A cn. 5 no cv 1' -E E 3 5 E E 5 3-1 'F' 44 ... 4: N C03 -cz -c 'Z-E2 828 Q-cr-Qiibomon 3oE::o3o -ogmogo 425 .+-5P1l'25't z QE : 5"E0:5. .1 5 'gg :Nb-I 5 ---- -LE 2473 -:f-x- : -4, 11120 :G :cw sri .O-Ce :Rl 1900 'r-1.5 U 'EM 5:2 .2.E""Q 500 tt1:a""bo'2 Ovbobvcbzw 029.5-5.55: Ewzfrzl-Lg gdfdeom '-QL'-5D1P'U?54f siiiis' SEQ?-9 EQ 'fErv'E,'S':.-.igq --o.r:...:2::u QQHQMNH 95 55515 :rd - I I' :EEi5E5 -605132.25 4.,..CI.-CCM:-'Pl 254.2-S gas .2-dczmig M Msgaaig HEEBEE: ':'Gga.a..qoOz-5 ga cnmmmcr: T he Gi -cv G! : N U 203 5, QEg E Zo-U2 050531-r-1 U-I 'vb-0 "' 5,110 ocumabo ons o HQDQ15 mis 435 'UCI V: :mfg Uvi I aaf' :Mg 'Sw53'U 111128 wcimf- .EZEJ G ,gawk Hm.-,,:s fd,-DU: f'fUQt?'-1 ,5556 :,.9:'5E"' :ning UL"-".ZO QEUUNI- VUEQVQQ 1-:Q, Sad-' :wif :if":2" -"'b1:u'f. ffimxmru -,.,-pg ,GQ :tw 9-. euohgu 555225 f5'?UXllql-454 ouuguiu 5. 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Iiflwzml llzxyw. llvlvll Uickwn. Mary -lame llughllmtlmzun, Zclflu Hit-tl11'iclq, Ruth llt-wil.-3', Ilzmvlml llisclu1'l', Klutllcw r1'fx'-l'Iur1 The SYLVAN H11-It Huw I,illiIlIl'l', I.:111p.:--, Swopv, VV1'ighl. Mitts. 1l1ll-- Huw XY 1r1v1 I, I'i1 1-f, M1-Clllc-I1--11, Smith, l.1111g. Snynlf-1', l,:111glv5', Nvillinms. 1111111 Ilow Slxwrw cvfvf I, l'w-le-rsun, XY--sl, l'2Il'l'X, Silxllwwll, AI:1rX'i11. l,iII1-ll, Sp:11'1', Alu xlUl'l'iSlllI. Students of the Eighth Year l.:111g, -lust-1111 l'illt', Ifllml l.1lllgfL', Nl:11'tl1:1 Kitts, l.1111isc I.1lllgQll'f', Nlury ,xllll S111-1'w1111rl, I,1ll1Illkl I.:1ti111c1'. lluris Sillllhtbll, 13111111115- l.i111-ll, livlly -l:111': Smith, l'I1:11'l1-s Xl:11'x'i11, Peggy Sllj'IIl'l'. lluhlmy' Nik'f.llIK'IIl'l1. -Izwk Sp:11'1'. 'lc':111 xlk'l'zIllil'K'. .In-1'111111' Sllllllll, Allllll' Xl11111'c. llZll'1'f' 811411111-, kIt'Ill1 Kl111'1'is1111. 5:1111 XXI-wt. Nl:11'yI1vHc l,Zll'I'f', X'11'g1111:1 Xxvilliilllls. Ik-lly' l'v11'1's1111, l'l1:11'I1-s XXMNI. .xllllil .Inm- XY1'1gl1l. llvlc-11 l"111'fv1'-111111 The SYLVAN 9 eeee wk Huw- Ewing, .X4'l2lIllS, H14-nxv1'ig'lll. Klux:-V, .Xlh-11, Cz1rlwri,:'ht, .lunl-S. H1 mlvollum IFOIIHIIIPII. 1'r:1wfnrd. I-lung, wldlv ltuw-F:u'nwr', Uusic, A. .lnhrlsnnu J. 1121111111-I' liemwll F fl-uwlxn-x' Imnnll 1 ml llml Illllll C tl I . ia' 1, Us y, llym-'. , , A. 4 , l'IllIlf. Huw--IM1up.:l:1s, Img:-, lmv, lllpL',1l'1llll. l'1'1-elmall. .Xmlvrsm1. JUIIIIIISNOII, llnuglnw I lnhn ' ' I 1lI'f.X'-ff sun, l'i1'I!lllQ'!'L1', Ixlllms. Students of the Seventh Year .xlllllllm liulmcrt Allen, llcrvl .XII4lCI'SHll, vlzmc Hcllllctl, R4uime1't Hilmzlll, Ilumtlly Hlilllllf, I'.l:u11c f4IlI'UX'l'ig'l1I. l3zu'lm:11':l Unstly, Clyde L.l'ZlNVl.Hl'fl. Ricllzlrfl Q-1'CC1lllIl11, I'iI'Il!lL'x'S C usw, I l1cmlm':1 IDIIIIZHIICII, Sam lblnmmlzls, .Iuhu Dyer, Ilnxyml IHXYIIIQ. llllly F!lI'l1lCl', Sidney PIII' Iiulms, llmx':1rrl IQ-i11Iw1'q lla-1'I1c1'l tnmlm-1', lgclgzu' l2:u'clm-r, blanc liznrlzmrl, Nlzlry l.u 1i:u'1'n-tt, lCmlw:u'r1 lllclxwright. Mary Hull. liulmc-rt IIIll1QllZlWIllll. Xxvlllflll IliggIl1lmttu111, slum- llmlg. XYiHi:u11 Illglllklllll, hlulm hlullzlmsmm, Murjm'iC -IHIIHSUII, .XllCIl'L'j' DIUIIIISMII, lilurizl jmmcs, Al2ll'jllI'iC Kinzcr, Putty The SYLVAN I uk Iiuw Moss-r, Stoltz, New-l, Alvlil-un, l,uclwig', Sprin,1:1-r, Suylll-V, Alznrklv, S1-hu I1 XY1l11il'l', I'1':l14l-1'. Ill - Huw '1'1'll1-"1. 'l'1Ililllil74, nhl, Wzltliins, 'I'l1rvmpsnx1, Wlmy, J. NV:llln-1', 'l'lmr1n- lt- ml'l'1-l' llllivli ll' nl liuw Sinmpsml, Xl44l'u1'1x1i4-k.'l'l'u:u1u, Mille-V, l'. Alrwm'--, I':u-suns, Yun Nurlmlll. Nllll Nl:-u:ll'I, ll, Xlrulrlv, l.1u3'4l Students of the Seventh Year I,l IH1, I,ll1'll111Y I,m1vfi,g'. XYi11i:l1ll .Xlzlrkla-. 1.1-wh x1K'f.lll'lll1k'1i, Ruth k1K-1g1'fl11,-1191111 XIl1.c'1', Klum' lam .X1lNl1.f', 1.11-V10 Xlfnmw, 1':1ll1 X1mrM'l', 11llg1I 17131153 A1:m1w 11111, Xm'111:l11 l':n1x4ma, liilly 1'l':1g'c1', Huy' fjlllflx, lzflwzml 1fL'k'f1, X1:u'jm'iL' Sulmlrz, 1.uis Sm-1, 'lznnvf 51111111-Cl', llclcn Silllpwu, 1:11111 S111:111. QA1ll1lCl'1llL' Sllyclvr, 1.n'slL'l' S'lll'1llgk'l', Sum S1cw:u'l. Klum Slullx, blzunes 7111111-l'1. Nt-il '111l1Illl1l5. Nllllllbll 71111011113-llll. L'1t:l1' '1'1nnnpmu, 'lczm '1'1luI'lll', illml '11l'll1lll. Marilyn Vim Xliflllllll, ll XY:l114c1', -1111111 Xx'Zl11il'l'. NIIIVX 'I XY:1t14im, Shirley alll' L'l'1l' llll' mln- JI T h e S Y L V A N i Cinema Connections Come and Get It .......... Old Hutch .,........... College Holiday .,......, Hideaway Girl ,..,.. Big Broadcast ........ Swing Time ...,.... Black Legion ..,.,,,.. .,.......Selling weiners at the games Doris at 65 lld grads gloating in halls Hookeress .........Vox Pop chapel program Opens every assembly ....,.'iSC1'111ltCS in the art and domestic science rooms Road to Glory ........ ............. ,...,,.,..,. If s e those books you carry home Fury '...........,,,..., ....,.., X Vhen we clon't know our English Cloisterecl ...................... ...........,,.......,.r,....,,.......,.. I n the office Men Are Not Gods ........ ....... A in't it the truth Tarzan Escapes ...........,.. V........................................ B Ob0 One Rainy Afternoon ......... .....,.,...,.V..,........... A Xll the girls' hair is straight Three Smart Girls ........... ........ B ettie Brown, -leanne Culver, Alice Rundle Stage Struck .......... .,...............................,,................ I Dramatic Club Ladies in Love .......,.. ,.,...,. ll Iarg, Docle, Helen, loan, Peggy, etc. Our Relations ......... ..............,..,...,Y.,.,..., VN latching us graduate Pigskin Parade ......... ........ T he football team Call lt a Day ',.,............ ...... ................... 3 I 35 Redheads On Parade ...,..... .........,....-.. T he 1300115 Born To Dance ......,..................a.. ...........,.,...............,.............. T ivelyn Humphrey Charge of the Light Brigade ..,.....,. .....,, R efreshments are served at school parties Mary. Queen of Scots ,.........,.. .......................,...w.................i.. N lary Mitchell M an hunt ........................ Romeo and Juliet ,.,.,..., Before a dance .......,..Mike and Helen T,et'5 Sing Again ,,,,,,,,, .,...., - Xnother 'Z0mmuI1lfy sing Short Subjects ....... ...........-.--. l Gilt Zlllfl Marty' Forty-sir 1 , 917' ,R ., Q., rf 1 x .rn -3l'ff1A-'Jw ,: ,wpwv .A +4-4-'elif iiii vig The SYLVAN ri-A Class of 1934 Adams, Milton, 1036 East End Avenue, University of Pittsburgh, Freshman. Aiken, Elizabeth. 150 Gordon Street, Allegheny College, junior. Allison, Alexander, 438 VVest Swissvale Avenue, Working, Hoover sweeper salesman. Baldrige, Lucille, 145 Oakview Avenue, Wilson College, junior. Baldwin, Mary, 215 West Swissvale Avenue, Pennsylvania College for NVomen, umor. Bethvime, Betty jane, 5 Love's Lane, Working, Walter 1-I. Burns Company. Bigley, Charles, 1227 Braddock Avenue, VVorking, Murphy's 5 QQ 10, Homewood. Borland, Donald, 207 Elm Street, Working, People's Pittsburgh Trust Company. Brown, jolm, 450 Maple Avenue, Bethany College, junior. Burke, jolm, 117 Linden Avenue, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Freshman. Burt, Dorothy, 346 Locust Street, At Home. Castle, Lois, 117 Lincoln Avenue, VVorking, joseph Horne Company. Childress, Beverly, 6 Clairton Street, Bellevue, University of Pittsburgh, junior. Cholka, Vvlllllllll. 450 West Sivissvale Avenue, Working, Riclgeway's Meat Mar- ket. Clark, Elinor, 121 Edgewood Avenue, Working, I-I. Heinz Company. Collins, Katherine, 218 Beech Street, Carnegie Institute of Technology, junior. Cooke, Marjorie, 232 West Swissvale Avenue, Working. Graybar Electric Co. Craighead, Rodkey, 159 La Crosse Avenue, Working, Mellon National Bank. Crotsley, Harmon, 175 Gordon Street, Carnegie Institute of Teclmology, junior. Dain, Sinclair, Munhall, Pennsylvania, Working, Koppers Company. Dickson, john, 227 Oakview Avenue, Carnegie Institute of Technology, junior. likey, Dorothy, 1117 Savannah Avenue, Working, Equitable Gas Company. tiarbark, Michael, 150 Lloyd Avenue, Villanova College, junior. Gibson, Elizabeth, 428 Elmer Street, Working, Union Trust Company. Gnndy, jeannette, 1114 Savannah Avenue, VVorking, Equitable Life Assurance Company. Hamilton, Anne, 1420 Walnut Street, Working, Goodyear Rubber Company. lleginbotham, Erla, 112 Lincoln Avenue, Working, G. K. Stevenson and Co. Henderson, Ralph, 808 East Hutchinson Avenue, VVorking, Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. llisdorf, Helen, 616 Greendale Avenue, Susquehanna University, junior. Hoffman, Frieda, 501 Greendale Avenue, VVorking, H. E. Ransford Company. llughes, Edward, 122 Dewey Street, Cornell University. junior. Humbert, Lawrence, 321 Coal Street, Working, Atlantic K Pacific Tea Company. johnston, james, 172 Gordon Street, Working, Mellon National Bank. Kennedy, Mae, Deceased. Keown, Harry, 247 Maple Avenue, Slippery Rock State Teachers College, Soph- omore. Kiefter, Margaret. 218 Dewey Street, Carnegie Institute of Technology, junior. Kinsey. Archie, 310 Maple Avenue, Bethany College, junior. l.yngheim, Kjell, 112 Gordon Street, Carnegie Institute of Technology. junior. Klzwill. lean, Frankstown Road, Working, National Cash Register Company. Mitchell. Kathleen, VVashington, D. C., Working. lllumaw, Henrietta, 131 La Crosse Avenue, South Side Hospital School of Nurs- ing, Senior. Mnnson, Elizabeth, 242 Race Street, Working, National Union Fire Insurance Company. Murphy. Gertrude. 410 VVest Swissvale Avenue: Oberlin College, junior. Randall, Lorin, 133 Dewey Street, University of Pittsburgh, Sophomore. Forty-nine ' The SYLVAN?'li'-in Ransford, Herbert, 219 Garland Street, Allegheny College, Junior. Remaley. Donald, 458 VVest Swissvale Avenue, California State Teachers' College, Junior. Remaley, Russell, 458 West Swissvale Avenue, California State Teachers' College, Junior. Remington, Leighton, 207 West Swissvale Avenue, Washington and Jefferson College, Junior. Riley, Gayle, 113 W'est Hutchinson Avenue, Teacher of Piano. Robey, Marion, 416 Greendale Avenue, Working, Shadyside Academy. Rodes, Nevin, 402 West Hutchinson Avenue, VVorking, Bachrach Industrial Iu- strument Company. , Schobert, Irma, 511 Greendale Avenue, At Home. Scott, Elizabeth, East End Avenue, Columbia University, Junior. Springer, Harry, 215 Race Street, Working, I-Ialler Baking Company. Stephan, Dorothy, 1117 East End Avenue, Working, New Realty Company. Stoltz, -lane, 151 West Hutchinson Avenue, Oberlin College, Junior. Straw, Edward, 1301 South Braddock Avenue, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Junior. Straw, Virginia, 1301 South Braddock Avenue, Temple University, Junior. Stroman, Mary, 155 Washington Avenue, Bethany College, Junior. Trussell, Margaret, 135 Lloyd Avenue, University of Pittsburgh, junior. Van Kennen, james, 1203 East End Avenue, University of Pittsburgh, Junior. VVagner, Mary, 119 Linden Avenue, Working, jade Beauty Shop. Vlleikert, Beulah, 228 Oakview Avenue, Indiana State Teachers' College. Soph- omore. Ufightman, Marjorie, 108 Maple Avenue: Studio School of Art. VV1ll1Zll11S, Oliver, 111 Harlow Street: Carnegie Institute of Technology, Soph- 7 omore. VVilliamson, Mark, 211 Lehigh Street, University of Pittsburgh Medical School junior. Class of 1935 ,f'Xiken, Louise, 447 Locust Street, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Institute of Technology. Anderson, Roy, 187 Lloyd Avenue, University of Pittsburgh, Freshman. Bakken, Anna, 414 Morris Street: VVestminste1' College, Sophomore. Bigley, Mary Louise, 1227 Braddock Avenue, VVorking, Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Bishoff, Mason, 165 Lloyd Avenue, Vlforking, Bethlehem Steel Company. Boon, Elizabeth, 226 Garland Street, VVilson College, Sophomore. Bruner, Harold, 606 Cascade Road, Forest Hills, University of Michigan, Soph- omore. Burke, Jane, 413 VVillow Place, At Home. Cargo, Virginia, 1122 Mifflin Avenue, University of Colorado, Sophomore. Cogswell, Robert, 215 Lehigh Street, Vlforking, Union Savings Bank. Creelman, Elizabeth, 309 Wfest Swissvale Avenue, Carnegie Institute of Tech- nology, Sophomore. Douglas. Helen, 314 Laurel Street, VVorking, Bedell's. Eschholz, Phyllis, 229 West Swissvale Avenue, Carnegie Institute ot Technology, Sophomore. Gable, Thelma, 451 Morris Street, Married, Mrs. VV. C. Caldwell. Garrett. Bettie, 1116 East End Avenue, University of Pittsburgh. Sophomore. Gillilan, Xlfilliam. 200 Maple Avenue: Purdue University, Sophomore. Fifty --- The Grollmus, Edna, 212 Dewey Street, Pittsburgh Academy, Freshman. Hagy, Edna, 6811 Thomas Boulevard, Penn Hall, Freslnnan. Hain, Isabelle, 106 Gordon Street, Working, Reymer's. Hartzell, Helen, 310 Coal Street, Working, Photostat Service. Hughes, Henry, 122 Dewey Street, Wellington College, England. Hutchison, Robert, 310 Walnut Street, Pennsylvania State College, Sophomore. Johnston, William. 710 Walnut Street, Grove City College, Sophomore. Keiser, john, 149 Race Street, Carnegie Institute of Teclmology, Sophomore. Kiehfer, john, 218 Dewey Street, University of Pittsburgh, Sophomore. Lange, Eva, 8009 VVestmoreland Avenue, At Home. Langham, Margaret, 309 Edgewood Avenue, At home. Leavenworth, Lois, Shaker Heights, Cleveland. Ohio, VVCStC1'11 Reserve. Soph- OIUOFC. Leech, Milton, 104 Uakview Avenue, Working, Harbison Walker Refactories. Leerberg. Eileen, 426 Elmer Street, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Soph- omore. Lehr, Marjorie, 448 Locust Street, Stanford University. Sophomore. Livermore, Robert. 223 Chestnut Street, Grove City College, Sophomore. Lloyd, Bernice, 448 West Swissvale Avenue, Wforking, Pittsburgh Mercantile Company. Luyster, William, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, At Home. Lynch, Margaret, Working, Motorola Radio Company. Lyngheim. Mosse, 112 Gordon Stret, University of Pittsburgh, Sophomore. Mason, Olive, 1425 Macon Avenue, Swissvale, Vtforking. Clay Pipe Company. Mayberry, James. 900 Hill Street, Wilkinsburg, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Institute of Teclmology, Night School, Freshman, Working, Pat- terson, Crawford. Arensberg, and Dunn Law Office. McCallister, Marianne, 126 Hawthorne Street: Wheaton College, Sophomore. Miller, Mary, 410 Morris Street, VVorking. McCann's. ' Moiles, June, 836 East Hutchinson Avenue, Carnegie Institute oi Technology. Sophomore. M oore, Robert, 1436 VValnut Street, Carnegie Institute of Technology Sophomore. Morrison, Roger, 220 Lehigh Street, University of Virginia, Sophomore. Moyer, Sallie, 410 West Hutchinson Avenue, Viforking, Rieck Mcjunkin Dairy Company. Nicholson. Mary Lee. Frankstown Road, University of Pittsburgh. Sophomore. O'Day. Robert. 112 Dewey Street, Stanford University. Sophomore. Price, Ruth. 225 West Swissvale Avenue: At home. Renton, Elizabeth, 108 Oakview Avenue, Indiana State Teachers' College, Soph- omore. Schultz. Dolores, 210 Lincoln Avenue, Nursing. Scott. Charles, 320 Coal Street: Grove City College, Sophomore. Smiih, Hector, jefferson Road, VVilkin:-zburg, University of Pittsburgh, Soph- omore. - Stewart, Frances, Nursing. Thomas. Benjamin. 440 Locust Street, University of Michigan, Freshman. Thorp. Ruth. 416 Morris Street: Working, Union Switch K Signal Company. Uhl, john. 156 Oakview Avenue, University of Pittsburgh, Sophomore. Voexrtle. Rita. 229 Oakview Avenue, VVorking, Forbes Street. Oakland. Weiliel, Mary Bee. 420 Maple Avenue, Pennsylvania College for Women, Soph- omore. Xveldon, Clarissa. 216 Beech Street, Lake Erie College. Sophomore. VVentworth. Beatrice. 824 East Hutchinson Avenue: Pennsylvania College for VVomen, Sophomore. VVilliams. Alice. 437 Elmer Street, Pennsylvania College for Women, Sophomore. Fifty-om' A Class of 1936 Aiken, Richard, 150 Gordon Street, VVashington and .lefferscn Colege, Freshman. Allen, Mary Elizabeth, 608 Greendale Avenue, Grove City College, Freshman. Anderson, Henry, 120 VVest Hutchinson Avenue, VVesleyan College, Freshman. Bailey, Williaiii, 238 Garland Street, Workiiig, C. L. Johnston and Sons. Bateman, john, 431 Locust Street, University School, Post Graduate. Beck, Kathryn, 319 Coal Street, At home. Burke, Elizabeth, 413 VVillow Place, Scott Night School. Charters. David VVm., 227 Garland Street, Roanoke College, Freshman. Colbert, Kirk, 812 VValnut Street, Workiiig, Union Switch and Signal Company. Coulson, Elizabeth, 155 Lloyd Avenue, University of Pittsburgh. Freshman. Covert, Caryl, 315 VVest Hutchinson Avenue, Grove City College, Freshman. Craighead, Florence, 159 La Crosse Avenue, Carnegie Institute of Technology Freshman. 3 Crittenden. Philip, 229 VVest Swissvale Avenue, Pennsylvania State College Freshman. ! Crouse. John, 160 W8Sll1l1gtOl1 Street, VVittenburg College, Freshman. Daley, Ruth, 138 21st Street, Homestead, Robert Morris Business School. Davison, George, 210 Hawthorne Street, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Fresh- man. Davison, Hugh, 210 Hawthorne Street: Clark School, Post Graduate. Elmer, Patricia, 427 Elmer Street, University of Pittsburgh, Freshman. Esbenshade, Ruth, 515 VVest Hutchinson Avenue, Miss Conley's Business School. Fleming, Dorothy, 130 Oakview Avenue: GriFfith's Beauty School. Ganster, John, 442 VVest Swissvale Avenue, jones and Laughlin Steel Company. Garbark, Thelma, 150 Lloyd Avenue, VVorking, Bell Telephone Company. Good, Robert, 1505 VValnut Street, Lehigh University, Freshman. Hamill, Marion, 224 Maple Avenue, Seton Hill College, Freshman. Hamilton, VVilliam, 335 Locust Street, Vlfashington and jefTerson College, Fresh- man. Helmich, Edward, 633 Greendale Avenue: Vlforking, VVestinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. Hiles, Nancy, 1031 Mifflin Avenue, University of Pittsburgh, Freshman. Holleran, Michael, 611 South Braddock Avenue, At home. Howell. De Witt, 301 Chestnut Street, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Fresh- man. Keener. Nancy, 124 Gordon Street, Carnegie Institute of Technology. Freshman. Kieffer, Elsie, 218 Dewey Street, Indiana State Teachers' College, Freshman. Kingsland. Harriet, West Hutchinson Avenue, Bouve Scliool of Phvsical Educa- tion, Freshman. 2 liinzer, Carrie Louise, 205 Elm Street, Pennsylvania College for XVomen, Fresh- man. Kistler, Elinor, 1128 Savannah Avenue, Allegheny College, Freshman. lfuhbach, Marjorie, 561 South Negley Avenue, East Liberty, University of Pitts- burgh, Freshman. Linderman. Richard, 844 East Hutchinson Avenue, VVorki'ig', VVe:tinghouse Elec- tric and Manufacturing Company. l.inderman, Robert, S44 East Hutchinson Avenue, VVorking, VVestinghouse Elec- tric and Manufacturing Company. Fifly-Iwo m"'W'l.f.1f. "7 T h e S Y L V A N i., McDonald, Nancy, 829 East Hutchinson Avenue: Robert Morris Business School. McDowell, john, 112 Race Street 5 Pittsburgh School of Trades. McManus, Mary, 1039 South Braddock Avenueg Working, Bell Telephone Co. Megee, Peggy, 317 West Hutchinson Avenueg University of Pittsburgh, Fresh- man. Meyer, jean, 123 Gordon Street, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Freshman. Moore, Edgar, 323 Coal Streetg Jones and Laughlin Steel Company. Morris, Barbara, 125 Beech Streetg Lake Erie College, Freshman. Neel, Dorothy, 826 East Hutchinson Avenueg Duke University, Freshman. O'Neil, James, 107 West Hutchinson Avenueg VVorking, F1ude's, Inc. Peters, Anna Mae, 405 West Hutchinson Avenue: Bethany College, Freshman. Proellochs, Mary Louise, 406 Morris Streetg Carnegie Institute of Technology, Freshman. Rockwell, Elizabeth, 140 VVest Hutchinson Avenueg Kingswood School, Post Graduate. Roessler, Victor, 814 Walnut Street: Working, Socony Gasoline Station. Roney, Florence, 444 Locust Streetg Working, Westinghouse Electric and Manu- facturing Company. Shirley, Leonard, 119 Gordon Streetg Princeton University, Freshman. Simpson, Eleanor, 831 East Hutchinson Avenue: Miss Conley's Business School. Skillington, Charles, 406 Willow Plaeeg Pennsylvania State College. Freshman. Stehl, Virginia. 131 Oakview Avenueg Morton's Business School. Stewart, Betty jane, 204 Oakview Avenue, Scott Night School. Walton, james, 161 Oakview Avenueg Lehigh University, Freshman. VVeber, Dorothea, 421 Locust Streetg Carnegie Institute of Technology, Fresh- man. VVeitzel, joseph, 515 VVest Hutchinson Avenueg Pittsburgh School of Accounting. West. joseph, 462 West Swissvale Avenueg University of Pittsburgh, Freshman. Wilscmii, Rodgers, 626 Greendale Avenueg Working, Wills' Plumbing. VVood, Helen, 311 Garland Streetg Robert Morris Business School. Apt Ad Applications "Friendly In the Fed" .................................................................................. Desk Seats "Vmr.r Only Add to Their Mf'll0wm's.r" ............................................. ..Chapel hymns ".f1.rk the Man Who Owns One" .............. VVhat the lowest common denominator is "Did You Say Tru Ccnfs."' .................... To Mr. Gordon after breaking a test tube "Six Dclicious FItI'Z'0l'SH ........................................................................................ .. ............................'l'angee, Savage, Coty Sub-Deb, Hudnut. Tattoo, Kissproof "They Satisfy" .................................................................................. C's on one's report H57 I'arif'iic's" ................................................................................................ Late alibis "Burk lfcmzy Rides .'i!jl7f1l'. ................ That little chap with the great big accordion "Thr Hrmlefast of Cl1r1111pions" ................................................... A Xsk jack Armstrong "99-4-VIOOCW Pure" ................................................................................ Edgewood girls "For thc Smilc of Hcaltlz "...... .............. I 'hysical education is just the thing for you "Your Hart Frivnd H'n11'f Tcl! You" ............ Wfhat the Economics exam was about "fmt as Fur Away as Your Tl'It'f'110lIfl'n .................................... Friday nite's "date" HFUIII' Roses "... ........................................................................................... I jrom corsage "lf'.v l7utcd" .....................,....... ...... L Xnd your last hope for the Prom. too "H'ufvh Ihr Fords Go Ryu .... ............. I Valking home from the "burg" "lt'.v Toasted" ..,....................................... .......... W 'our back after the class picnic "Good to Un' Lust Drop" .......................... ........ f If the curtain on the senior play "First Ht- M'1Il.Yf?l'f.Y-7111011 Hr' Slmulx ".,. ......... T hat rumor circulating about F iffy-tlzrm' The SYLVAN The SY LVAN s -1 , The SYLVA'N':l Song Sheet VVhen My Drea1n Boat Comes Home ....A. Lost .,....,...,.........,......,,........,A,.,.A............. You Do the Darndest Things, Bahy ...... Please Believe Me ........,..............e...,.... Me and the Moon ...... Accent on Youth .,.... , XVas It Raining? .,...... Dream Time ....,....,......e.......Y Let's Call a Heart a Heart ....... You've Started Me Dreaming ...... These Foolish Things .....te.,..., You're All I Need .......,.....,, Plenty of Money and You ........ .... Graduation Green freshies ,...."Aw, Miss Miller!" Prom date ...,..,Senior girls' hairbows ..,..,...,..c....Weiner roast .........Study hall ..,.Valentine frolic .....,.,,Chapel speakers ,,.....Bair and Bentley ......The right answer ........Betty and Al Mood Indigo ......................,. ...... R eport day A Fine Romance ...,....,.,...,...,..,,,.. ...... P eggy and Gil One Never Knows, Does One? ...,..... ................ ..... F i nal tests Home on the Range ....,..Y.....,...e,Y. .,e..,,. D omestic science class l'm in a Dancing Mood .....,, ,e........,.,i..i..... T he Prom VVould You? ....,.,e.,,e.Y.... ...,.......... U h-huh Star Gazing ...,.,V....,...i,,..ee.....,.... Y..,........,......, G eneral science There's Something in the Air ...,e.... ......., C ildors from chemistry lah Sweet Adeline ................e,..,,.e.... .,.,l,.. T he "Friday night boys" lt Never Dawned on Me .,.e...,, .......... .......,.. T l iat formula lt Can Happen ...i...i.....e,e.,,. ............ A n "A" Us on a Bus ..................,.. ....... l n Washington YVill You or VVon't You? ..i..i., ..,.,..... P ass me? Never Should Have Told You ..,,... Blow That Horn .,.,..,....l,e,,.l,..... You Turned the Tables on Me ,...... Rap-tap on VVo0d ........,...,,........ Summer Night .e...e...Y..... Gee, hut Y ou're Swell ..i.ri,t Fifty-si.1' ......English test ,,....,.,Dutch Keown .,.....,.Music room desks .........Machine shop ...,..Graduation dance .c,.Senior class I . 1 x , - M. ga, g-4 up 1 ., - . 1'-A:-ww . wwf 4was':':.-.1 ifw-:a1.m:' nu' H11 'N' -wa?-," 1 f- -'nf 1 1, .. .- by-1 -n Q, V. .1 A . J. .N 7 Fw .,.'. -,I ,W ,N -v 4 . ...M-'. A , . -s 12 ,, -tax. . . 2 .V H 4. .-rn , x 11.1. , 519' ' - ..1.f',. vu "' ' ' T3 .' " "-: , .N A . , .1 v. n ' All .-l K.. ' Y 414' 1 - , rc? . - V rm' ' fA ."' "" 4 . -ai... .' n'L The SYLVAN I 1 I nu "ofa:-ml. I.ix'iwgsim1. 1'n'4-v1m:m. Hovsl, Wills, Hull--S. TI1lllI1I'I1'Il, IIumpIuw-v inn' I.l-fywl, IIIIIIIIIV, Iimwn, .lu:1n, Alliills, f'llSIK', Curluilx, lmllps.. Mm-Iboxxw-ll. lvxuxxll Ill1n:aII1 XX'm141, nw Alvlillislm. Miss Nl'XK'lll1'j'e'l"l'llIYQ'1'. A1111-11111. Sp41mu1'. Sylvan Staff II XXXI-f I'I'I.X'I'QIi Ifclllwx'-111-LI1w I I I III" IIIUIXYX Xwixlsxn. I,lIIIl'I ASSOCIATE EDITORS XI.11'Iv II-vzwl Xvzlmlvllxic Iirglllifzati--IIN IiH-:1x1.1u- Inu-vluuqux Nlnxir H1'g.111if:1Iiw11- HIIIH-1-1 I,I111g Iinxw' ,X1I1IL'lIL's XIIM' IQIIIIIIIL' Iiirl-' .X1I1In'11n'- Ihlly Slmunlvl' XI1l11I1lI Ylmm II.,-111 Xrliviliv- IQ--In-VI IILll1I11'I1'II t':Im-mI'u' IIIIIIVIKN XYIIIN ,IwIwN Xlxurx XIIIVIIL-II Sl'1lI'1" Iimlilwl' I"I1-znxwx' l'wm':uI -Illnim' Iimliuwx' XIII1I1'uI I,ix'ingNZw11 Su1rIm111w1'v I'iIIIln1' XIQIVQJIVI-1 NIVIQIIINII I'SI'i'NI1III.lII I'lIi1111' ,Xmm Iznm- XXUUII , I'fig4I11I1 lim Ia- IQIIIIUV IDI-1'-1II1y ISIIIHJIII , S1-x'v11II1 Ilvxlflv IMII11-1' ART STAFF lim-Iliv I.I-:UI IJi1'n'n'l1u' uf XVI SIIII-In IIIIVIN IIUHIXQ' 561111111 I"l'IL'Xt'II Xlnry lhrlmin Klxlrimm Ilrqgwi' I-fI1Iu-11:1 Vu-ir Ilzxrry IIIIIUIIIIDSUEI BUSINESS STAFF IQIrI1:11'fI Ilmlv- .. ,, .X1Ix'L'1'1IxI111g y.I2IIIJlgk'IA ,Immw NIvIJ.,xxn-II H .ITIINIIICNX llxlumalgm' -Iulinu .Xtlxiux , .Xviftznnl I'Tll5IllL'Na Xlzulzngvm' TYPING STAFF Klznry Llvrlrin, Ilircuiwr Xlznrw II-nwt Iilf-1111m-v f.I'K'k'I11lJlII I'fx'cIy11 II1m1pI1x'cy ICIIIH-1111 Vuxir Ilurie Ilulcllinsuu Xliv Xcxxnxvyvr , I'1lll'llIIj ,Xclxiwr l'II'f'f1'-IIIIII lllx' tll nThe SYLVAN nn,,n lim-lc ll0XVfl'lIIll'Jl1l. Fish:-r, Hzllllriggv, lguiwk, ll--my llivingslrm. l4'l'0l1I l:UXVf'llllll1ll1', Hill. All: 1lUl'1l1llI, ClllX'4'l'. JtlllJlllSS4bll. Senior Student Council hlraxx Illu, ,,,, l'1'1'.vl'rlw1l! l,llXl'IA lM1.1m1rp1c . I'im'-l'1'l'.s'1'u'f'11l XLIVIC lQl'xm,rc ,, ,, .S'm'1'w!lz1'y -I mx N141 Q'l'l.x'1ilc , ,, 'l'1'mx111'4'1' MR. Ihrlumx l'Atll'I!lf,X' lff'z'1'.vl'1' rlllll' N-llim' Slllilwll flllllllCll. c1'ez11ccl in llllll tlmmgll thc 4-ll'm'ls nl' NIV. NIL I Huh. tllc SllIlL'l'VlSlllg' 1ll'lllCllJ2ll. IS nm- nl the nlfln-at zmcl must llllllllflllllf cum'rl111 lg lnlgzllmizzltifwlls in tllc sclmul. 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Alulwlsml, Miss Sllllll'l, Illwlz, l'Hl'l-lllllll. Junior Student Council S,XXll'lCl, Nlulcumlf: l'1'l'.vil1'l'11l Nllxxlxrc L-lil-'l"Xl.XN I'll'f"l,f't'A'ltf1'lIf .Xl'l1liliY -Illll Xswr: .Sl1!'l'l'f1lI'vX' I'.xl'1, Xlfllllilf 'l'l'ul1.v1r1'l'1' llu- lllllllll' 5lllfll'lll L'u111u'il. am Hfgllllllllllllll fimilnr ul llu- Sk'llllll' Slllllk l.4lllllk'll. lu-lp ilu' 5llllll'lllN ul Ill:u'v lluwllsl-lx'vs in Il vlwsvr l'k'lIlllUllSllllb with lllu l'lVllllX' lu lll'lllll1ilL' 'm llllk'l'l'Sl in ilu- ucluuvl, mul lu Nllllllhllf srluull :u'I1x'1tu-s. lluu --mu lvrn111'1ll11tu'rl In ilu' Sllflill :l1l:ln'sl1t tlu- unun' lllQll ,-cluull lux' 5 u 5 - . hllllllg llu- lY4IYt'l'lf' l'ill'lj', Il ll2ll'lX' in xlllffll, :uul llu- Slllfllg' llup. . ,.,. Xl lukl l-l-.IXN N Il-l N ll-2 Nl XXlNli Ullfl-'rll,xx SXNll'lCl. 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Ii1i111'. 811111111-:11'11, I"111'1.1 1111 111-111vn. v1.XXl1iS .X11'1J11NX'lC1.1, , , 1, l'1'1',1'i1l1'111 -11x12 .Xx111i11s11x ,S'1'f1'1'!111',1'-'l11'f'1i.1'111'1'1' 1111. 1'11111's1i , .S'1'111'111' 151111111511 .11lf'l'.1'1'1' lX11ss NI11,1,1i11 , !11111'111' l"111'1111W1' .11!'z'i.1'1'1' Nllss 1'11i11s111, ,S'11f1!111111111'1' !"111'111l,1' .111-z'1.1'1'1' ,111lL' S1'11111111'N11111 S111'11-11' 1x 111111111111111111111 1111' 11111N1 51-11'1'111'1' 111111 k'XL'111'1Yk' 11111111 11'u11111711111111 111 1111' high N1'1111111. S111111'111N 11111111111111111g' Ll 11 111'111':lu1' 1111' 1111- N1'1111111 11111 111' 11111111111111111111' 1'11'1111-11 111 11111 111L'1lI1JL'VN1l11D 111' 1111- SV11111111'-11111 S1lRk1R'1f' 1111' 1111' 111111111111, XL'E11'. 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XXZIH 1111111111111-11 111 1'1'1'1f1' 1111' 1'1111N11111111111 111 1111' S1'11111:11'N11111 S111'11-111 '11111x 111'g1111 11111111111 11-X'1l1'11Il11l'1 111'11g1'11111 1'1111g1111-11111g 1111' s111111'111x 21N 111 1111' 1111-1111111 111 1'111'1'111111 1111 , 5 111 11111111111 111111 1111- 11111111I11111111111x 111' 11111 1111111114 1'1111111111111w. X1l'11111k'1N 111 1111- 51111111111-11111 N11'11'11 111211 1111 t'11fI11J11' I1I1'111'.' X1.111111!11 111111111' 811111111 1111-111-111111 111111111 N111111N111'1'f1 21 1'1'!1l1Ill' 1'11'L'111'11 111 11111 1111111 111' 1111- 111'1-N1111'1111:11 11111111111 111 N11111111111-1 The SYLVAN XI14I1II1 114111 I,l11y1l. Nw- uw Ilorsl, Vusim-, 1'1'uw1'lI, Km-I1I1-1', Aluss, 1'111'I1i11, Sl1':1lI1::1r11, Al. Slullz, .XIII I 1I1l1'1:14. XXX-ilu-I. I!uu11, .I4'fIII. SI111'11111, ll:1ly011. NI:1Il11111m, I1llI'Iil', ' I XII1I4'I"40Il S11-I1I, I14'ILlIII0Il. I'I1I. 'l'I1o11111s1111, II, NIv1'u11111lI 111 41 I r1Iu XI14I1'11-I IWNII1 'IIIllIIlIIlII'HI, XY:-IIILI. II. Shultz. XYIIII1-. IIiII, IMI -V14 11, 'I 1'-. I'II :III I 111111 Ilwxx' Ilmll-S, II-11110. I:I'4'IIIIIlII, 4liI1s1111, Il-11111, IlI'lIl I'I"llDI'I' l'1"11-'I1I ull. I1111Ir-1 II. lslvy, I"1'i1-s4-II. XX'1l,1 1,1 XI II111:x1 I'1'1'v'1I1'11I -I xw1. XXIII-QIQNHN I lm l'1'1'v11Iu11l IQf11:1f1:'1 I '1 I5 1 1.1 Sm1'vI111'-1' S1cx111x If1:11aw1-.1.1, I1'.'11v111'f1' M155 XXX: I,.Xl'Ii I'1r1'11II-1' I1I1:'1'x1'1' II11' X11 IIIIII 'lIIIIIII1QII 111111N11:1IIx' Inu' III 111q.1111f111q IIIIA 1..11, Il.Ih 11111xnI IISIII :1 xx111'lI111I11I1' 111'g:1111f.1111111. I,.11I1 11.11 NIIIl IIN I1lIIIIlIIIIg 11 Ima IIIIXKII 111 IKIIXK IlIlI'I III NIIHIINIIIIIQ wI11111I :1v111'111w :1111I Iv ls, 1 ,, ,, , , .- . .N. klI1III. 1I11 w1I11111I .111-111111111111 .N'1',l'I 1'fII11 44 t The SYLVANI I wk Iiuw- Corbin. Summ. Ill-wis, 1.1-hmnn, Kivrvmn, Allen. Yu1'nz1lI, ,Mann Iluou. Sl--Ill II, ,XlI4I4'I'SOIl, T. iizlrlmrk, ,Immun Ilmm, Slum-um, Iliwlln-I:1Is, XYils1m, I'--ters, XVI-ilu-I Milviull. IPIIISIPII, Brvnnall, Mnss. c-uml Iiuw-Null, XYiIrI1-, Alullsmm, Ilohr, Ilrngm-l's, .I. .Xmlw1'sm1, XYig'l1tm:ll1. Hzlin. II1-Iivk .Iunm-S. Ii. I:2lllII'I,!4l'. lille, XICIWIIIOLIHQII, Kinlvr, Strzxllmf-:n'lu. Wills, Uouk--, I'IllIlIilIIl't'X. Ihirml How- VV:llki11s, Sim-Ii, Ilmlc-s. .XIliIIl!4, Iliulvy. AI. 1lzu'I+urk, th-ullmus, Vmllsml, 1'r:uw- I'nl'1I Ifrom Iloxx'--Sgumm-1'. llulyml. I'. I:2lI4II'IQ.I'1', Ilumlle, Hill, Iilwlvvn. Hurst, Clwxvvvll. S+-Ilrnpp, I ul all Cusia-, "iv , Le Cercle Francais Illi'1"1'x' Iilwxvx , ,, ,,,, 1.11 l'1'l',virlw1!4' MAIN' I.12w1s , 1.11 I'im'-I'1'4'.f1'fl4'11lv hI.xa'K Imun , , , , In .S'lw't'ffri1'v -I.xNlc .Xxmznsux 1.41 'l'rw.m1'ivw BILLIQ I.YuN . lm C'm1vv1'Ilw1m' I,c Ccrclc Francais has heen zm active CDUIZIIIIZZIIIIIII Im' lIllI'iCk'!I years. 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Boys' Glee Club 1Q111:121:'1' L'11s'1'1.1' , l'1'1.-11111-111 1111111 11.11.1..1x'1'1'N1c . .1 ,S'1'1'1'1'l11r1' 111111 'l'1'1'11.f111'1'1' 1 111111111Q 111111'11 1111- s111111-11'11111 1l'11L:'111Y 11P1'1'1111b1' 111 X11111- 111 1 1111-1-11-111111 11IQ,'11 1 A . 4 I .1. -rx A N1'1111111, 111- s1-1- 11111111 s11111111-1' 1121115 1L'1lf1111g 1111' 11115 11121111 11111-. 111111 1111-1' 1111- 1-11- 11'I111l'1'N 1114 1-111-11 11'1- 111111 Niguw 11Z111111lQ' 1111- 11111'1i1'111111' 431111111 1111-1'1-111. 111- 111-1-11 11111 1'1-1111 1111- w1Q'11 1111-1' 1111- 111's1 1'111'1'111111', 1-111' 215 11'1.- 1111111'11111'11. 1111 1111'111111111111w 5111-11 111' 1111111- Yl11l'L'5 1'1-111-111-s 11111' 1-urs, 111111 11'1- 11s11-11 11 11'1111k' 11C1.ll1'L 111'1'111Q'. 11111 11.1111 111111-1 111111 1111- 1-11111 11215 1111-11-11s1-11 111 1111111111-1'. 111111 1111- 111115. i11s11'111-1111 111l111'111s 115 111111 5111-1'1111 1'111n1-s 11'1-1'1- 1111111111-11 111 111'1'11111111111111t1- 1111 1111- 1111-c t.1111l 1111-111111-Vs, 111- 1'1-11111-st 111111'1- 1111151K', 111111 1111- 111115 Q1-1 11111 111L' 51111116 1151-11 111 1111- .1111---'111-111' N . 111111111 51l1'111g 1'1-s111'111 111 A111510 111111111 11l1i1i 1111111- 111 1111- 111's1 111111 111 N1ZlY. 1111-1' x111Q 1111 1111- x1111Q'x. f111111111Q11 11111- 111111111 11111'1- 111-1-11 s111'1'11'1c111 111 1'11111'1111'1- 114 111- 1111- 111111-ss 111. 1111- 11-st11'111. 111111 1-1111 111' 1111i11g 51-1'1-1'111 111- 1111- 1111111111-rs 1151-11 111 1111- C11111' 1111-111-1-1111-111 1-x1-11-151-1 11'1111'11 1111151-11 :1 1111151 s111'1'1-ssI111 1'1-111'. 111-1.111s1- XXL' 11111- 1111-11' S1l1Q'111Q 111111 111-1'1111s1- 1111-1' 11111'1- 511 11'111111g-11' 111111g1-11 11N 111111 l1111S1L', 11'1- 111111- 111 111-111111 1-F0111 1111s 1111-11s11111 Q'1A1I111J, 11111, 1'1-1111zi11j,' 111111 111- 11:11'g 111111111 111 11L'il1' 111111 sc-1-. 111- g1'1111g111g11' 11-111'1- 1111- 1'.11g'1-11111111 111115 1.11-1- 111111. 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Freshman and Sophomore Girls' Glee Clubs The St 7l'Ht JM! llil-I Ulfl7lL'liRS ,l4lSliI'lIlNli .lottixxssox ., , . ,, ,, l'1't'.vitle1tf litnxxettti l't2'1'tites ,,,,, SUt'1't'fill'3' ttml 7il'4'tlA'I1l't'1' FRICSHBIQXN Ul7l"lL'lilQS , ,., ,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,, l'1..t1d411f Xottxm 'ltzssxttiit , X' moi Nm I,,x't'tx1tatt ' " ,, ,,,, .ht'l'I't'ftIl'.V lllltf ,l'ftl.X'IIl'l'I' hall of the lfreslittiatt and Sophomore Girls' lilee Club is just clown the foyer zt few feet ztncl is very siniilztr to the Senior tllee Cluh, we tincl. Their nuntlmer is ztltnost its large. :intl they sing quite :ts sweetly :ts tlo thru hig sisters. Xle eztnnot help helievingg that the gap left hy the gttulttzttittg girls ot the Senior Cluh will he well lillecl lay these up :intl ever coming freshmen :t st it wht init tres. 'llltis section of the lllee Cluh also took pztrt in the Spring liestiyztl ztnfl g sueh at lot of fun out ot' it that they tell us that they :ire going to :lo their liest to niztlxe it :tn :tnnuztl event. :incl it ntost prohztlwly will he. The girls report to us tltztt they clicl not get enough to :lo this yeztr, :tnrl to this we reply. "Cheer up! There will he plenty to tlo next year!" ,S'i,1'fywt'1'5 ffl! nfl The SYLVAN I 11-k Huw Hillllillfbll, 111-VSI11-y, II1-11111-, Ili1-1111'i1-11, IY:11'1s1111, .X11l'II, K1-11w11, 11il1ll, XY11111 H111'111-, 1lQlllllIl, 0'D:1y, S11illi11p:1011, 1111111-s. NI11I1Il1- Iluw I111nr1x':111. llihsun, Y1-:1g1-1', 1l11x1'1'y, ll:111l11'i1-11, 'I'111111111s1111. Y111'11:1l1. H1-111-1 S1111-11111, l,ill1-y, Al:1l111111-1-, XVIII-2ll1'l', M1-K1-1111. .l. M1-1-Illish, .X111l1-1's1111. II1-Vsl, 1l'1lIll Huw His1l111'1', I21':1yl1111'11, 1':V2lllS, A. .l111111w11111, NW11111-, llzxwson. ll. J11l111s1111, Nl. NI. l'IlIis111, l.11I11', I-I11111-1'. Orchestra 1112111111112 K11111111' . , l,l'1'.VIlf1'1ll XY11.1.1.1x1 l1.11x .. S1-1'1'1'l111'411 111111 'l'r1'11.1'111'1'1' 5111111 1111- 511':1111s 111' 1111- 1-1'1-1' llfllylllzlr nN1l'I'1'j' XYi1111w XY:111z" 1111111 111 115. :1111 I11111111'111g lllll' 501150 111 111-:11'111g. 1v1- 1'111111- 111 Il 1:11'Q1-, W1-11 1IQ11lL'11 11111111 11111':11'11 1111 11111 111 1111- 1'1ll'1'lf1ll14. .XI 111'S1 VVK' w1111111-1' :11 1111- sim- 111 1111- 1'1111111, 111011 1111- 11115111-1' 1111111-:11's 1111vi1111sf 1 1111- 111'1'111-s11':1 1111s 1111-11-:1s1-11 s11 ill sim- 111:11 i1 1111s 111-1'111111- 111-Q1-ss:11'y 111 1:1110 ll 1:11'g11 11111111. '1'111s 1'1'Il1', 11111-1' 1'1111111i11g' 111151-s, wc 111111 11 11:15 :111 1-11111111111-111 111 11v1-1' 11111 . . . . . 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The usual music fm' the hume games was il1l'HiSi1CIiiIX' tlielmml whicl mzireherl the spectators In :md fmiii the field. zuifl if there was :my luck til' enthus- l-lwlll. We Cilllllflt hlzlme the hzuicl, The chief uhjeetive uf the HI'Q'Uli7ZltiUll this veit' ww i ' miif UI' A. . . V 1 .s tu get mmiey Im' new lllhiSU with this piiipuse iii mind they gave Z1 grzliicl llCl'fUl'Il11ll1C0 une night lezituriiig hluliiiwii, the mztgieizui. :mel pzirtly fulfilled their uhjeetivfs. Ixrlgeivmnl zmgzuii was well 1'C1JI'CSL'IIICfi :it the Spring lfestivzil hx' its bzmcl lie ui thi 1 'CI se s uigztiiizzitirmii has iiicrezisecl year hy year. we are expeetiiig' tu see Z1 ggei' :mil hettel' hziiirl next full ,X1f'T'!'lIl,v I The SYLVAN 1 I 11-11 IZ1111' S1111-11111. 1Ii11s1111, l,1'1-1111:111, .l11:1l1 1l111111, Yz11'n:11l, 111-11111-. M. .XIll11l'5lllI. A11'li1'1l1 .11-:111 11111111. 171111111-, ICSI1-5. NI11I1iI.- H1111 I'. I!:111l1-ige, A1111-11i51111, 1'111-I1-11115, 1'1-1-1-l111:111, XX'i1s1111. 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X 1:11111- 51-1 1'111' 111l1151'11. :1 111'z1111:1 111 K111'151111115 1211-. 11:15 111'l'NL'111l'11 111 111 1111-1 111' 1111- 111':1111:1111' 111111 11151 111'11Pl'1' 1111- 1111'151111:15 11111111:11'5. 111'11:11111111111111 11111-5 .'1'11lII1'1'H :11111 1111111 :11111 x11ll1I1'I.H 1111111 1111111-1' 5111111-111 1111'1'1'1111I1' 11'1-1'1- 1 1111 1111I5l111- 111 5111111111 111111151 1111- 111'111'1-11111'1- 111 1111- 111-111111111111' 111l'l'1111QN 111 1111' 1T1'z1111:1111' 111111 11:15 11111 N1111'N5 11l1'1'11l1Q' :11111 11111- 5111'1:11 ll11'1'I111Q. .N11'I'1'IIfKX'-I 1111 1111 if it The SYLVAN l it Bawk liuwgl.. YVz11'li. IC. XVz11'k, Mitchell, XV1'ight, D1-11111-, xvllll K+-11111111, Conraml, N1-1111111 XVoilu-l. lmwsivn, IilN'lll1'l', I11111p.1'l11s, K1-11w11, Atkins, Millvr, f'1'1-11l111:111, Slil'lll2't'l', l.11vv- X 1:11-1-, Ki1-1'11:1n, .Xllv-11, iilfllilll, Sw-01111 li11wgSI11c11111, .lean H01111, l.1-wis, .l0z111 IS111111. D. Stoltz, M, Stultz, Kinzvr, l'l1l 1401112 ll11p.1'1-l'S. M1-Iluwm-ll, M1'Cu1lougl1. .X111lv1'r11111, ll11l11'k11st1-, l!al1l1'iy:1-, lJ'lJ1111111-ll Brl0lVl'X Tliirfl Huw 111111-s, limles, l,1111g', 1'1141k1-, Humphrvy. Biglvy, CVOW1-ll. l:l't'llll2lll, Gibson, l:OllIl8l', l'1':1wt'111'1l, XY1'il11-l, Hill, In-111111111 1111111111-. l"1'1111t llow -8111111111-1: Swupv, l:l'0NVll, l'1llllx'l', Iivlllltly. IllL'liSUIl, Lloyml, Hurst, l':4lXV2ll'tlS l'1clcc'tt, 1'11uls1111. The SCIQHCC Club liliR'I4R.XNI sIf4QAl'l.I.lPl'liH , , l'fA1'.v1'zlv11l Vlilill limalclzs ,, , I'im-l'1'1'.v1'rl1'11f lJ11'14 RHIJICS 1, .S'1'1'1'1'fr11jv l51c'1"1'1' l11111x1'N , ,, 'l'rf'11,v1n'1'1' KI11. Culcimux 1 l7111'11I1'1' .l1l'z'i.v1'1' H11' 5k'ltllLl Lltil 1 . '- -1 ' 1 l1z1s 1111611 111'z1ctic:1llx' i11z1cti1'1- 1l111'i11q the past X'L'2ll'. Ill ltll'lllL'l' 1'c'11's this sucicty has hclrl l'Cg'lllZll' meetings 111'11vicli11g the 111c111l1c1's witl 1w111st1'11ctix'c. as wt-ll 115 1-11te1't:1i11i11g 111'11g'1':1111s. Tlu- 1'c1l11i1x-1111-111 fm' 1111-111l1L-1'sl1ij1 IS 11:11't1c111:1t11111 111 11110 yczu' nt il 5L'I6llCC. M1-L-ti11gs 1111- he-lcl twice :1 six-wen-ks' pcriwrrl with z1t least twu sucizlls Cltlflllg - '1g1':1111s uf lnisiiicss meetings C'f7llSlSt of talks ln' e111i11c11t lllCll 1111- xx-1111 H11 1111 ut thc 111-Irl of scieiice 111111 111':1cti1':1l scieiititic CXI1t'l'lllll'lllS. .S'1":'1'1rfk1'-f 'IVO ini ' ' The SYLVAN e Mt-4'ulloup:li. llatultrlt-li, l.onp.:', Mt-Ibowt-ll, Crowell, l,0lll'. llill, lingers. Sun-Up 'l'he senior elztss this year, :ts :t ehztnge from the fzunily plzty usuztlly given, pre- sentefl "Sun-l'p," at tragedy ol Tennessee inountztin lile. 'l'he tlrzunzt eoneerns itself with XX'iclow Cztgle, zt typieztl ntountztin wontztn, hztrrl zts roelc :intl just :ts unyiehling. llei' huslmztnrl hztrl lmeen lqilletl yeztrs helore hy the lztw, ztntl she hates the very nzune of goverinnent. XYhen her sou. Rule. :tunounees that he is going to wan' in :t "tiuv'inetit feud" she n:tttn'ztlly is up in ztrins. Seeing thztt he is so get on going. she witliflrztws her opposition hut ezut not untlerstztutl why he wztnts to go. Rule lllIll'l'll'S lfninu' :tntl goes oll' to wzut Klztw L':tgle reeeives zt telegrzun which neither she noi' lininn' eztn rezul. .X young strzuiger, seeking refuge from the storni, eoines to the ezthin :tntl helps trztnslute the niessatge. "Rule is tleztrlln XX'hen Maw Lltgle le:u'ns that the strzutget' is the son ol felt 'l'ui'net'. the revenuei' who killeel het' hushztncl, she is :tlmout to shoot when Rul'e's voiee eotnes to her telling her thztt the hoy lit-lore her is :t "1notliet"s son" :intl that there is enough killing :tntl hztte. Klztw is softenetl :intl lets the hot' go. The sheritf threzttens to tztlte Nlxtw to jztil, hut he ehztnges his tnintl. The linxtl seene shows Klztw tenrlerly eztressing lQule's hoe. while outsicle it is "Sun-L'p." .h1t"Z't'llfj'-f11l't'3 The SYLVAN + -' Who's Who BOYS ELECTED BY Tl-Ili CHRIS Most popular .......,v... ...........V,.... ..VV........,..Vv..........V....., .... .,....V, They all like you. Snag. Best dancer .......,.,.............. ..............,. Yeah man! Swing it! Best looking .......,..,......,,,l,, ,.l...,l.,.,...,..,.lll,..,........... Oh, you dreat big handsome mans! Biggest line .....,...,,..w.......l,........,..,....,..Yl Does he string 'em along! Nicest smile ,........,.,i..,..l..,..,.l,.,.,,.....ll...........lV,,...., ..i.. You'd make a good toothpaste ad. Bud. Best-all-round ......,.,............o.........,.........................,.o He doeth all things well. Best athlete ...,......,,..........e......,.......w............. You gotta be a football hero. Best personality . ...e,V.,......, ,V..,....,..... V......Vv..... . . Three cheers for our president! Most studious ........tvt..w...... .. ....Y.w. ,...Vww .-.. . . Don't work too hard, jim. Biggest flirt ,.......................,,Y..,.,........ VVatch those eyes, jack. Most likely to succeed ...... ......... Up and at 'em! Harold Rogers Jack Lohr Red T hunhurst jack Lohr Bud Van Kennen .. Harold Rogers Bob Michael .. Harold Rogers blames McDowell Jack Lohr Dick Rodes Biggest pessimists ...............,.VV..........,.....v.,w..w...t.......... .,... l lass and Lohr Avv, now, boys-it can't be that bad! Biggest optimist .........,..,.............,.........t.,... ...... X Vindy McConnell just bubbling over with cheer. Most courteous ........Ytw....t...,..................,......... ....... B ud Wilmle The age of chivalry still lives! Quietest ...,,....,........,. ....................................... .,... M I ames McDowell Still waters run deep, you know. Seventy-four --AT-Lirlie SYLVAN flwwp- l Who's Who l GIRLS ELECTED BY THE BOYS l Most popular ............................,,. 7 ..,...................................,.....,,.,.... A.A. Gee! How does she do it? i Best Looking .... U .,...........,.,...,....... l .,...... Petite, pretty Peggy. J l Most likeable ...............,................ y .,,,..., ....... Gee! These juniors. Best dancer ............ ,.... .......A....... .......,.......... Can she trip the light fantastic! l Most cheerful ...............,.........,... J ............... Must be that smile, Jeanie. , l Most SlllCllOl1S .....................,,............., But not a bookworm. l Most dignified ...,..............,.................. Perfect poise, we calls it. Most likely to succeed .......,.,....s ..,............ You'll reach the top, Jeannie! Best personality ,,...,..,,,,.r...,.,...,. ,,,...,.,..,, Peggy's got what it takes. Best-all-round ,.................,,.. She's A-no-1. Louise Caldwell . Peggy Coulson Nancy Crawford Peggy Coulson Jean Boon Jeanne Culver .. Elinor Weibel Jeanne Culver Peggy Coulson Jeanne Culver Biggest flirt AAA,,s,, v..,,,,, ...,,..,....,,,, .....,,....,. l . o nise Caldwell And a dignified seniory too! l Clglggiest .,,, ,,,,,,,.,.,.,,,.A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, L ,.,,,,,,,.,,,A,,,,,,4, ,.....,. H c len May Johns Sl1e's got that certain something. Biggggt line ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, l ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,l, ....... D K 7l'0tlly Stoltz Feed it to 'em, Dodel, Quiefgsf -,,,...,,,..,,,.,.44.w,.,,,,,,v,,,,.., J ,,,A..,A, ,,,,,, M arian Grapel' Not a sound out of her. l S eventy- five r The SYLVAN ?-- The Washington Trip As of yore the good old Pennsylvania Railroad made the little band of seniors bound Washingtonward feel more excited if possible by the fashionable late ar- rival of their private day coach. That half hour getting last minute instructions from family, friends, fellas, femmes, even fatigued seniors who had stumbled up to bid fond farewells was probably the longest in history. We all got to know Mrs. Crouse who, because of Miss Cooper's inability to go, was the feminine chaperon-and the best ever. . Then Number 154 steamed in, our car being the last of twenty-three. When we said private day coach, we were merely ignoring the party from Etna at the other end of the car. For about the next hour all were content to actually sit still and watch the scenery go by, but that's about as long as it lasted-both the sitting still part and the scenery going by. Maybe the perfect deluge which interfered with any scenery seeing started the numerous change of seats, trips for water, turns on the "observation platform," and explorations to the lounge cars and pullmans up ahead-anyway, we thought for awhile we really would need the galoshes "Mom" insisted upon. After a period of slow starvation fEtna was closer to the diner which made us lastj that chicken surely tasted good, but we do1z'f like "BAKED ORANGE MARMALADE WITH VANILLA SAUCEU!!! CP. S. The chaperons had cherry pie.j We arrived at Harrisburg at 2:30 just as it stopped raining. Our substitute plans fmade during the downpourj for taking in a movie instead of the scheduled sightseeing in the rain went all for naught. The New Educational Building was our first stop. Dutch's mishap with the revolving doors and those lovely magical curtains were the highlights of that tour. Believe it or not, we watched said cur- tains go up and down on an empty stage for fifteen minutes straight. We 'spect the constellations on the ceiling of the auditorium would have meant a little more if some one had explained it, but anyway we could find the big dipper. Next was the trip through the state capitol building which really was beau- tiful, According to our guide, we saw the greatest, largest, smallest. onliest, most expensive. most beautiful, most signihcant,-any superlative you might say was represented in some fashion in that building. Most everyone spent the extra free hour eating or stocking up on movie magazines-then back to the train and roast beef dinner and cherry pie. QP. S. The chaperons had ice creamllj Nothing much eventful happened from then on into Washington, except the Gibson-Brennan stand-up strike all during the backing up process from Baltimore to the nation's capital. The view of the Capitol by night as we left the big Union Station for the New Colonial was beautiful. The rest of Thursday night was spent by some in unpacking, some in a boring show, and some riding around in taxis. That last wasn't quite so opulent as it sounds, for Washington is literally overrun with taxis at 10c a head. "Did I say 10c? Yes, I said 10c.', And so to bed. i'RFffffl1lgl Room Service calling. Six-thirty A. M." As we stumbled back to bed after this heartbreaking message, we muttered vaguely, "Le'see 3:00 to 6:30 makes three hours of sleep, and welre supposed to sightsee all day." Finally after breakfast, we were duly introduced to our guide, Mr. Mercy, our driver, Bob, and our bus Number 4005. All were grand and promptly taken to the hearts of the Edgewoodites. That morning we visited the Bureau of Printing and Engrav- ing, the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court building, Congressional Library, and the Lincoln Memorial, not to mention at least passing everything else important in Washington. We firmly believe Mr. Mercy to be the most in- Sewn fy-.s'1'.1' -411-if The SYLVAN T---al - telligent, best "rememberer of names, dates, and pfacesf' and teller of some of the best or should we say worst puns that we've ever known. .Xfter lunch came the long trip down to Annapolis. We recognized different parts of the National Naval Academy from various movies about them, but they were thrilling to see in the flesh, tvsfrrially the midshipmen.j That night back at the hotel who should walk in but Pop VVeikert ! ll Were we ever surprised and pleased--a touch of home almost. Saturday there were all the various legations and embassies, the Zoo, Arling- ton, and Mount Vernon before a big lunch to fortify us for the trek up the Wash- ington Monument in the afternoon. Somehow we feel Mr. Mercy's one mistake in the entire tour was when hetold us it was easier to walk up than down those 886 steps. A fter saying goodbye to Washington, everyone piled into the train for Balti- more and the Old Bay Line steamer, "State of Maryland." If possible the meals on the boat were even better than those at the hotel. "We all laks ouah chicken Southahn style naow." Wish we could say as much for the luxury of our "state- rooms," but those overgrown closets just can't warrant it. CP. S. The chaperons had a lovely room with a double bed and an adjoining "bawth."j CP. P. S. Oh for the life of a chaperonj Mrs. Crouse's "Powellisk" rendition on the lounge steps, along with the horse races were the big events of our first night out. So far everyone weathered the dips well. Easter Sunday brought the trip through some of the southern points of interest: Yorktown, Williamsburg, Fort Munroe, Marine Museum, Navy Yards, and Old Point Comfort where we stopped at the Chamberlain Hotel to wait for our boat. Being a little matter of two hours late, we had our dinner about 10:00 P. M. on the rollingest, rockingest boat ever. Everyone was a trifle worried about eating, but very little restraint in ordering was observed on anyone's part. Needless to say the last night of our vacation was marvelous. Out on deck with a full moon on the water, or dancing till the orchestra left, then a Round Table of Reminiscing till the wee sma' hours capped the day. Next morning arising at six-thirty, we breakfasted for the last time "South- ern Style," then sped to the station in more of those lovely taxis. The journey home was maybe less active, but due to the untiring efforts of jack Wightman, who saw to it that none slept, and Mr. Schrock, who kept Jack awake, all and sundry missed not an inch of the scenery and sights till the dear old streets of Edgewood hove into view. Twenty-four tired, dirty, excited people stumbled wearily home from the most wonderful jaunt to Washington in history. No one lost, no one injured, nothing broken-all accounted for. Sophomore Hop A veritable bumper crop of school parties for this year was added to sub- stantially by the Sophomore Hop, held at the Community Club on the second of April. Establishing a precedent for years to come, the sophomores broke practically a law of underclass inactivity in their sponsoring of a party. Delightful music by jimmy Annis's orchestra fthis was his third engagement out of the total of three parties givenj kept attention centered on the ball room. liy this we don't mean that the game room wasn't well supported, for there were many who liked to let their dignity slip a bit and play. Invariably a high spot in any evening, the eatables surpassed even those extra special Valentine refreshments. By the way. didn't you "luv" the punch! Seventy-seven The SYLVAISI m 7- Freshman-Senior Weiner Roast "You can't fool us. VVe're going anyway." So spoke a brave part of the freshman class as they trustingly trudged towards Pup's Foot despite repeated warnings that the annual hot dog outing really was postponed on account of rain. Not till they had waded in mud to the knees at the golf course's deserted camp fire clearing, did they believe. The next night the seniors, in anticipation of a return engagement by Jup Pluvius, held their famed frankfurter fry at the Oakview shelter house and grounds where at least the food could be saved. Happily though, the heavens re- mained dry till time for all little school children to go home anyway. The evening was characterized by familiar food, faculty frolics. friendly freshie-senior feeling, and cheers and song-not to mention Jack l.ohr's gracious rendition of f'Come and Get It," "Line forms to the left," "Anybody Waiina Pretzel P" "Let's get the guys that hooked the pop! ! l" Despite the belatedness and damp atmosphere surrounding the event, the freshmen and senior classes fwe don't count those benighted sophs and juniorsj turned out en masse to the hest "Freshman-Senior VVeiner Roast" ever. Music Club Party It can safely be said with such echoes ringing from all the corners of the club that everyone enjoyed himself hugely at the first school party of the year. All congratulations were well deserved by the Music Club, which sponsored the event. The social committee fairly outdid themselves when they procured Jimmy Annis's smooth swing for the toe teasin' and the lovely voice of .lileanore Creel- man as star of the entertainment. Those terpsichoreanly minded squared off early in the evening and, pausing only for pumpkin pie and cider at one time and the floor show at another, kept Mr. Annis's rhythms flowing continuously until the Cinderella hour. In addition to Eleanore Creelman's singing. there was entertainment by Patti Gene Baldrige, Helen May Johns, and Tom Q'Donnell. The great masses fthe rest of us who don't soloj indulged in a very successful community sing. Another hit of the evening was the game room. The lounge was equipped for every type of indoor sport imaginable to amuse those who preferred not to dance. Junior Prom In and out amongst ferny bowers and flowered nooks, fwe hardly recognized the good old Community Clubj strains of lovely heart-throbbing music led the twinkling toes of the juniors and seniors as they "did" the Prom of '37. Soft breezes, fbelieve it or not they had electric fansj theitwitter of birds, and piles of posies all made the scene of beauteous damsels and their handsome heroes most breath-takingly spring-like and gorgeous. Carl Eddy, with his continental .rhythms and jimmy De Palma, made a really "marvy" musical complement to this'decoration scheme. Truly we can say that the "Pause That Refreshesu actually completed the cycle of a perfect prom- decorations, music, and punch. Scwzzty-ciglit ATHLETICS ,...m.... l 'll-IMT -4 A ,Y-fax' 1 w 1-saw-4 , T ' A5'I1S"1?S115L '3:,'Q3.EfffE fff?7fi5:N5f5'S2 51321, jj? .1 1 ,.' '.- --' f.'i- '. -,.. I X',l' 'is' ' ' ' ' xZ"'1Q vvn 1 A , f f s f -f f x ' ' - , V' , . A , 1 , . , 1- - 1 , 4 ' ANT. ,1 f ,v,. Wh., . 'K Y. ' 1 -XJ, ' r. X. 359 .qm- . 9, ... .QV , Lot is ':-J' x " ,-J X. , , ,. J V A , x ' 1 'f x'-.. ,J X, ,V . '4 xx. .,..r, .mx The SYLVAN 1 ,'1 . 1., :1111 I11,ws1111, Il1114111's. V1111 K1-11111-11, 'I'111l1111l11's1, 41:1l'11:11'k. XI1, 11111111. 1111111 Il1111' I.11l11.5, M1-1'111l1111uI1. 'I'111111111s11l1. l11llI1'. NIi1'I1:11-1. X11-C'1111111'l1. IJ1111:l11s. Football 1936 . 1 , 1111 11111111111 Nl 111111 111 11.111 11111111111 111111 1'1lg1'11'111111N 11111111111 m1111111 111g L'1' 11111 111111111 11lI1l'l'lX 11'111111111 111'1'1'11111w 11':1111111g 115111111 111'11 11'1ll1'I'1lII lkllll-llvfl Ill 1111 111111111 1111' 1K'JI1II 111111 111 111' L'fl1I5ll1lI"I11lX' 1'1'1'1111N11'111'11'11 111 11111 1111111111g 111 N111 1 1 I 11'1'1'1'1' 11'1111 1111 'll'lxi'll :11111 1111- 1-1111111-111111111 111- 1111- 1-111i1'1' 51111:111. 1111' 11111'11'1111 11111 111 1111111111111g 1111- 11-21111 l11'g:111, 1111- 11131 11-11 11'111'11s 11'1'1'1' 5111111 111 1111- hl1'L'lI11 111 f1II1llIIN III 11l11111l1IIl'1lIIl15. 111111 111111w1'11111'11111 1111' 111's1 Qilllll' 111111 xvL'1'l1lI1l 1-11111111 1111111 1I11N1 1111's 111 111- 11-11111-11 11111, X111l 1111411 1111' 1111111 11':1s 111'11':111 I 1111' 1l1'N1 '11'111:11 , 1 1111111111 11111 111111111 1111111111 1'1'111111'1'11 lllll 111-1'1'1111w111wx 11'1111'11 11 1111111 1111 1111 111 1111x111111111111 111.1111N. 1111' 111'x1 1111-11 11114-11'111111 :1g:1111 11115 111l1"'11'11 111 111111 1IINI 11111111 x:111111 111' 51-11111111-1' 111' 1111' 111111 1? 11. 11111 1lu'1' s1111111'11 11111N111111':11111- 111111111111111111. 1111- 11-:1111 1ll'X1 l1ll1l'lIL'Yl'11 111111:1w11111'1 :11111 11:15 111 11111 11111 :1 111111'1- 1-1111-1'11-1u'1-11 11':1111, 1111 1111111111113 11llllN1l I11 111111 111' II 11111111 11 11111 1'L'N111I 111 .1 1111111111111111 1'1111 11'11111 :111 111l1'1'1'1'1111'11 11.1wa. 1.11QL'NX'1I1lK1 1111111111 1111 111'11 1l'1'l1lx 111111 X1 111111 1111 1111- 1'I11Il'1' 11131 111111. 1111'1111ll1llIl1111l111 111:11111:1111 1111 11'11'1- 111 1111' 1:1 1 1 sl 11111 111111111-1311111111111211 11, 11111111- 1'11l11111'i11g 1"1'111:11, lfilwl 3111111-115111111 111111111 ' 1 11LlXX111I1l 111' 1111- N1'111'1- lil- 21 11 111 :1 511111. ll1111I11'l'L'51IIIQ' g.fZllII1', 111111'.-1'1'1', 1111' 1111111111 11111 XN'11i11' 1-11111111 lll'1l1xK' 111111 1111' 11'11111111g 111111111111 III 1111' 1'1N1 g:111u', 111' N 1'1 11, X 1'1'1'1' 1'111a1' :11111 l1:11'11-1'1111g111 11111111' 1111' 111'X1 11'1'1'11 I'L'Nll111"1 III 1 11 11 111' 111111 11z11'11. 111 11'11111 1111 1111 s1':1s1111, 1'.11g1'11'11111 11111111 1111N111'1'111111w11-111-'11111-111' N11111111 17 11 N1 1 XY'IN 111-'111-11 111 .1 1 I 1' i1 11111-111112 The sYLvAN ' ' Injuries took their toll, removing two of the rirst string men from the lineup. Tlie average weight of the team was less than 145 pounds, and in every game but one was considerably outweighed. Nevertheless, considering that the bovs were practically all new to the game, the season was not so disastrous as the scores would indicate. The lettermen were as follows: Bertram McCullough, left endg Harold Rogers, left tackleg Rigg Ballantyne, left guardg Gilbert Long. eenterg Thomas Garbark, right guardg Harry Thompson, right tackleg Robert Michael, right endg George Van Kennen, quarterhackg George Douglas, right halfbackg Harold Mc- Connell, left halfbackg jack Lohr, fullbackg Wilforcl Thunhurst, guardg Warren Moore, endg Theodore Rogers, tackleg Robert Dawson, manager. Emblems were awarded to Merle Esbenshade, Logan Higginbottom, Jack Dyer, and Ray Ewart. Of the fourteen receiving letters, seven were from the class of 1937, three from the class of 1938. three from the class of 1939, and one from the class of 1940. TEAM RECORD Sept. 2 5-E dgewood Verona ...,.. Oct. 2-Edgewood Sewickley ...... Oct. 9-Edgewood Glassport ...... Oct. 15-Edgewood Avalon ...........---. Oct. 23-Edgewood East McKeesport Oct, 30-Edgewood M ars ................... Nov. 6-Edgewood Clark ....... N ov. 13-Edgewood Millvale ...... Totals ....... ...... Eiglzty-two Opponents .... .. 1T11e SYLVAN 11111111 II1111' 1,4I1ll', I,1111g. 11il11l. M1u1111111. XIV. l'i1'k1'tt, 1"1'1111t H1111' 1I1111111'1111, .X1l'1il'ilIl, Sliirlvy, 1l111l11s. Ic1l111'1R'1i 511611.11-II. C'11f1l111'u 1411111.11111 141111115 .1l1111111f1'1' XX'.11.'1'1f:11 f1ttlSi11t'111-11 w11111'ri111' 111111 111111 1111- 111:11-111111 111111 11' 151131 1'111111- ll 111-111 11-11111. '1i11151111lX S1V1SS1'1l1l'.5 lltlVVL'l'. XYi111i11s11111'g 11-11111 1tl11l1W1'11 IW11 11111K 11115 11151 111 1111- 111 11'i1111 1111 t111' s1-1151 111 111l'11' 11-11151 wt111't, K1lll'111gA wh11 ntr11ig'111 11-11g111- Qlllll 1111w1'1'1-1', ,X1'1111111 11fNl1', 2.1-111, 111111 12. 1'11'141c'1"1' , 11-11' 1 C'11111'l1 1-11g'111'. 1f11g1'11'111111's 10.111-19.17 11:1s111't111111 1071111 1'1111 1111 11g'11i11st 1 1-X111-1'i1-111'1'11 11-11111s. 1':XCl'111 f111' 1111' tirst g111111- 11'i111 .XV1111111 1-s 11'1'1'1- 1111t1'111ss1'11 i11 s11111'11 111111 111'1'1-11111111 111' 1111- 111111-1' 1L'2ll11s 1 111'1-1111i11g, 11111'-11111111 111-10111 111 thc 11111111s 111 Il 411111115 S1111111's1111 ' 11111'1- 111'1'111111t1'11 1111' thc 111111111111-1' 1111'i11-1' 111' X11111111i, .17-If P1 P1 . 1111 1111111101 11115 1111' 111-xt 111 11011-111 1f11g1-11'111111, 25-U. ,X s1-11s11111'1 1111 1111-i1' 11111111- 11111111 11'11s thc 1'i1'1111' 11-1' Il 111111'gi11 111- 217-111. '1'111-11 1 111111-1k'1lQ11L' Q111111-s 11'i111 S11'iss1'11111 111111 1Yi111i11s11111'g'. '1i111' 11151 111 111111 1211111 11'11111, 32-18, 111111 1111' 111st 111 XX'i111i11sl1111'g. .17f2-1. 111 11 1111111-1'1-1' 1"111g1'11'111111 f111'1'11 1'1111si111'1'111111' 111'tt1'1'. .X1i1l'l' Il 511111 11 t111' 11-11111 11151 I11111' S11'IllQ11l Q21111L'S. ll 11'11111111g S11'L'1l1i 411- six Us 1-115111-11. 1111tti11g 1C11g1-11'111111 t'11i1'11' high i11 thc s1111111i11gx 1.1'1'1s111111' 1':11111' 11111111 f111' 1'1f1'1'11g1-, 111'1Q111i11g 1':t1g 111-1'1'1111'11 1111- 1i11g'1'11'111111i1cs i11 11111 11151 111111111 1111 11111 111s1'1's' 11111111 1'11'111111 111 1 11111111-1'. .22-21. This 1-11111-11 11111 11'11g111- 1-11011111111-rs. 111111 1C11g1-1v111111 11'11111111 1111 i11 1111171 1111101-, 1101111111 11L'11l'1'llt' 111111 1.i'L'1SK11l1C. '1'111' s1'111'1-s 111' t111' 1Q5lQ11t' g'111111-s 11'1'11 11s 11111111111 111111-1'-fl11'1 The SY LVAN FIRST GAMES I V r Jan. 5-Edgewood 22 ,.,.,................................... Neville Jan. 12-Edgewood 12 ,,...Q... ........ B ellevue Jan. 15-Edgewood 15 ......... ........ S ewickley Jan. 19-Edgewood 21 .....,... .....,.. B en Avon Jan. 22-Edgewood 23 ......... ..,,..., A valon Jan. 26-Edgewood 28 ......................................,. Leetsclale SECOND GAMES Jan. 29-Edgewood 23 .............................,.,........ Neville Feb 5-Edgewood 22 ........ ...,,.,. ellevzue Feb 9-Edgewood 24 ..,..... ......,. s gwickley Feb. 12-Edgewood 25 ......,. ,........ B .en Avon Feb 16-Edgewood 16 ....,,.. ,....... valon Feb 19-Edgewood 21 ........ ......,, I -eetsdale Totals of League Scores l".ni!i"" Edgewood 252 ........ ,........ O pponents 259 Nlght Life of a School Lad 3:35 "Say, I haven't been doing so well in school lately. Believe I'll take a bunch of books home and do some nightwork. Let's see: History, English, French. I might as well brush up on biology, too. Some- thing tells me that I'm on the way to becoming a new mzm l" EVENING- 7:00 "Seven bells! About time to start in on that pile of nightwork. Boy, I sure brought a lot of it home, but I'm not going to hack out. No- sir, I'm going to do every last bit of it. It will really be something to say that I did all of my home-work once!" 7:03 "VVell, there is all of my history and biology done except the written part. That's always the hardest. Now let's see-Bettie Brown takes history and Rose Brennan take biology. They'll have itfdone so I'll just go to school early tomorrow and copy theirs. It really feels great to be doing some nightwork for a change!" 7:06 "A la maison! Heck, that's wrong. VVhy can't she give us something that we know. Patty Spooner is pretty good at this. I can probably copy hers a few minutes before class. Say. I'm progressing all right! All I have to do now is my English. I think it's the third chapter of Macbeth. No, the second chapter. My gosh, now what were we to do? VVell, I know I'm not going to guess and do the wrong thing. I can bluff through English tomorrow!" 7 :30 "Hi Eighty-fo I've Bob! Sure I'll go to the show-There is a good picture there- been doing my homework since I got home from school-There was an awful lot to do-It makes me sick. the amount of work they give us to do-By the time you get clone. you're too tired to do any- thing else! Well Bob, let's get going." IU' The SYLVAN lim-lc Huw I.ix'ingslnn. I'--lf-rs, l'11lxw-l', .Xll4it'l'S0lI, ,Xllm-11. 1'4ml'auE, lililu-, l'rul1l lluw llilxsnlx, 'l'4-ssllwr, Cru .wg ,- ,u' us Iiulx ll ul. Hurst, XXWIKIIIS I'l1n-llv Girls' Athletic Association OFFICERS OF THE G. A. A. Xl xxx' lJcxv1s , ILxnlpxu.x l'R1n'sr:, l'h1 .IANI-I .Xxnl-Qnswx , Nllliwnluv I,lx'lx1as11vx . CLASS REPRESENTATIVES IVJIIIIIL' i'lIiYL'I' Sk'IliUI' lJll1'iIl Xxvilliiills , Illlllikll Illauuvlu- l'v1n-rs SUIPIIKYIIIUIW xflllllil IR'NNlllK'l' lhwris llx1ii'l1i11sm1 , . SPORTHEADS Iwtliv l.ls-nl, .Xmm Xlznru- Hurst Mzu'g:uAvt MIN-11 Xlzcry ylnm' Klim' -lvzm .Xllvn ,Uitv Rllllliil' 'K'-Ill Hill 'l'Illllll' Vlclxcll , l'I't'NllI1l2lll l,l'l'.VlA!lt'l1l -f'1'r'.x'I4fr'1Il .S'l't'l'Vf1Il'vX' YVYWLUIVVV Iin'pi'i--n'11I:11ix'v lQvpr'uw11tz1lix'n' RU1lIAL'HL'lllIlliX v ll t'1m1'L'wa-lxlzltlxw llxlslwllmalll X-vllcxlmll lliwlgvy' lliking ,. 'i1t'1llliN Xl ushlmxlll liillllltilllnill 'l'r:nrk lfQfhli ' The SYLV.AN l Successful is the word for the Girls' Athletic Association this year, success- ful in respect to its goal, to have every girl interested in and enjoying some sport. Of the entire feminine student body ninety-seven percent joined the G. A. A. Under the skillful supervision and the friendly guidance of Miss Cooper, all the sports reached a favorable termination. Spirit and sportsmanship character- ized the contests throughout every tournament. The same point system, rules, and by-laws were utilized this year. although various improvements were being contemplated. Combining pleasure with business, the organization began the year with a cook-out at which the pins and numerals earned the preceding year were awarded. St. Patrick's Day brought about the annual swimming party which was enjoyed greatly by all. This year, again, the G. A. A. sponsored an interesting chapel pro- gram. Hockey Tournament From the middle of September to the first part of November approximately fifty-six girls attended the daily hockey practices. Of course, not all of them ap- peared regularly. Only two girls had enough will-power to pull themselves out of bed every morning before seven, to hastily jump into shorts or ski suits, and to rush down to the field in the early morning light. However, ten others missed only a few of the thirty practices. In order to have enough girls for a team, the tournament was held among the various classes. Practice must be essential for good playing, because the sopho- more team, whose members had been very faithful in attending the practices, van- quished all the other class teams. Second place went to the junior team for win- ning two out of the three games. This fall the sophomore hockey team and a mixed team made up of players from the other classes were among those teams which played at an officiating test conducted by the state hockey association at Frick Park playground. The other teams were from Tech, Duquesne, Slippery Rock, and the Pittsburgh Hockey Club. Although the score between the sophomores and the Slippery Rock freshmen was 0-0, the former had the upper hand throughout the game. The game was played entirely in their opponent's territory, the ball not once getting beyond the fifty-yard stripe. The mixed team fared better. They managed to get the ball once across the goal line for the only tally of the game, thus making themselves the victor by a score of 1-O. After the games, the girls attended a tea held at the College Club where they met all the other players. E igh ty-six Ti-' T,he SY LVAN i-TTT? Volley Ball Tournament Volleyball was the most successful sport this year in respect to the aim of the association, which is to have as many girls as possible interested and partici- pating in the sports. Having 127 girls out of the total enrollment of 145 in the school taking part is a record which is hard to beat. The practices this year were quite different. All rules were dispensed with except for a held ball, a ball out of bounds, or a ball on the floor. This innovation was a great aid in improving the players. as all learned to hit the ball back from any position. The senior Yellows were wictorious in the first part of the tournament which was played without rules, while. the junior Greens won the other part played with rules. In a fast, exciting contest the Yellows vanquished the Greens in the finals. All thirty-one games in the tournament were rousing ones with long rallies. As a new feature for chapel, a volleyball game between the finalists was played in the gym before the high school students. Basketball Tournament Basketball as the king of girls' sports still has no peer. The lower class teams were especially enthusiastic throughout the season which lasted from the beginning of january to the beginning of March. Almost every afternoon a group of girls from all the classes, but chiefly from the two lower classes, might be seen arduously practicing in the old gym. The old proberb, "Practice makes perfect." proved true, unhappily for the upper class teams, because the sophomore VVhites conquered all foes, thus making themselves the victor of the tournament. . l Undeniably the games this year were better played than those of many pre- l vious years. Plays that were actually used and accurate shooting were the two features which stood out. T Mushball Tournament Mushball this year again entered the realm of those sports in which tourna-v ments are held. To arouse more enthusiasm by having the best possible teams. class teams were formed in place of the regular color teams. As the number of girls who can do better than dribble the ball past the pitcher's box is limited, the making of four teams from the association instead of eight was wisely done. Surely enough, more interest was shown in the round-robin tournament than formerly, and the games were well-played and spirited. E ighty-sc'z'cu Tennis Tournament This year's tennis tournament, as usual, was not completed in the autumn months as planned. Slow to begin, the players were quick to give up the tourna- 1ne11t as signs of winter made them wary of donning shorts and sunback dresses Spring brought about a renewed interest. The players got out their rackets to gain a little practice, and surprisingly soon they took possession of the field courts for the tournament games. The tournaments ended with satisfactory fulfillment of the wish, "May the best man win." Badminton Tournament The addition of badminton to the sport schedule was a pleasing one. especially so for the seniors. This game proved to be quite a popular recreation among those who did not care for basketball. So popular did it become that both a singles and a doubles tournament similar to the tennis tournament were planned and played on the court laid out in the old gym. Because that feathered "bird', does such unexpected things, bringing the play- ers into many a queer position, these tournaments were interesting for the specta- tors as well as the players. Track March saw the first few ambitious athletes out on the track held commencing strenuous practice prior to entering the annual Track and Field Meet at Schenley Oval. However, they had more than that to which to look forward, as an inter- class track meet had been planned to precede the big event. This school track meet also included those timid ones who thought they didn't have enough ability to participate in the other. All greatly enjoyed competing in the various racing and jumping events with their own schoolmates. The track season this year was much more successful than ever before. PCD CJ Eiglzfy-viglza' -eYTTTii-FCCCQQC of T h e S Y L V A N i-'?CT-MCO - . Calendar p SliPTEMBl'IR 9-Again we tread the beaten path in search of education, And leave behind those summer days of short, but grand vacation. ll-Miss Cooper starts plans for the G. A. A. Go to it, girls! The Back to School dance .starts the social activities off in full swing. 14-Seniors elect their president-Harold Rogers ajzrin. Three cheers for Snag! Hockey practice starts. Do people really get up at such an unearthly hour? 15-VVell, the old place isn't so bad after all. just have to get used to it. We have a new course-Spreclien Sie Deutch? 17-Annual faculty weiner roast about which wc hear only rumors. VVere the hamburgers good? p 22-K Jur first assembly is led by Mr. Mclfilfish. .23-First Edgecator of the yeatf comes out. Jeanie takes over with competence. 25-The first game of the "Pigskin Parade" opens with Verona. just to be courteous, we let them have it. 25-O. 30--The Freshman-Senior weiner roast to be held at Pup's Foot. Shucks! lt's called of? on account of rain. OCTOBER 2--C Jur first home game. and another defeat. Edgewood O, Sewickley 25. Our cheer leader candidates demonstrate. 5--.Xnd it rains. Still no weiuer roast. 6--Cheerleader tryouts in chapel. Burros and Davison win. VVhat on earth was Burros doing? . 7--The weiner roast-really. VV e have it in the Oakview shelter house on ac- count of the usual rain. Nfot enough pop. VVonder why? 9--Does this go on forever? Another loss, this time to Glassport to the tune of 26-O! l 13 G. A. A. cookout at the Oakview shelter house. President Lewis gives our long-awaited awards. Did ,you get marshmallow in your hair. too? I5-Avalon takes us over by a score of 26-6. This is getting to he a habit. 23-VV oe is us! Edgewood 0, E. McKeesport 26. 26-We get our first reports. iOuch! 27--Scholarship Society tells us all about Roosevelt and Landon in assembly. Now do you know how to yote? 29-juniors begin selling those' magazines. Ah. me-remember when? 30-VVhoopeel We won the game with Mars. 23-6! Something must have slip- ped. NOVEMBER 6-.Nt least we prove an equal match to Clark. Neither team gives in, so the game ends with a tie score of O-0. Music Club party at the cllub-a great success. Hurray for school parties! 12-Senior girls teach eighth grade boys how to trip the light fantastic-to a phonograph. . 13-Maybe that darned superstiiion about Friday 13 has something to do with it, but anvway Millvale walks home with 13 points. leaving us with O-the mean things! T Eighty-nine ' -1-he SYLVAN el-dl? 17-Better late than never! At last the illustrious seniors take over the chapel programs. Jean Allen leads off with a presentation of home talent. 19-Juniors decide on class rings. And aren't they just too bee-ootifull 20-Football letters are given out in chapel. You gotta be a football hero! 24-Miss Nevin gives us a few shadow sketches from "The Courtship of Miles Standish." Take heed. young lovers! 25-Look purty. now! The first day of the senior pictures. Edgewood invades Gimbels. Thanksgiving vacation begins. Gee. what a feeling! 30-Back again. And we didn't eat too much turkey, either. DECEMBER -l-An original Vox Pop in chapel sponsored by Bessie Buxonfs Bird Biscuits, one of which was presented to each of the little chickadees who participated. 8-The Pitt Boys' Glee Club in chapel. Remember that ducky tenor? ll-A good start in basketball with a score of Edgewood 37-Arnold 16. 16-Seniors start getting ads for the Sylvan. Aw, please, Mister- l7-Queer commotion in Mr. Schrock's room. The seniors have to change seats every grading period, poor things. Most painless way of cleaning out desks. 18-Our Swissvale neighbors walk off with a 25-9 victory. Well, anyway we held them in the first quarter. '72-The Dramatic Club favors us with a Christmas play entitled "A Table Set for Himself," after which we are set free for the long-awaited Christmas vacation. 23-The Delta Gamma Delta dance at the club starts off the holiday festivities. 29-Seniors sponsor the annual Alumni dance. Nice to see the old grads again, isn't it? JANUARY -l-Back to school. Oh, me-perfect vacation! Someone figures that it lasted 1,080,000 seconds. They went awfully fast, though. 5--VVe lose to Neville by a score of 22-29. S-Curses! The "Burg" beats us 29-10. A very novel program in the way of chapel today. Chapel in the cellar! The girls demonstrate how to play volley-ball. 12-Dr. Clausen in chapel, who tells us how to get angry. Edgewood loses to a superior team, Bellevue, to the tune of 38-12. 15-Edgewood 15, Sewickley 19, but we still haven't given up hope. 19-The Ben Avon game is more inspiring. We take them over 21-9. Tryouts for "Sun-Up" begin. Pull ye up chairs and set down. 22-We're really getting good. Edgewood 23, Avalon 15. Mr. Bailey speaks to us in chapel on the evils of likker. Take warning, young unsl 25-Ed and Weez give us the low-down on Frenchy and his friends in Oral Eng- lish, livening up the period considerably. 26--The boys are keeping up the good work. Edgewood 28, Leetsdale 19. A little red-head from Wilkinsburg hidden behind an accordion in chapel. -Sylvan staff chosen. How in the world do you fill up 112 pages? -Neville submits to defeat at the hands of Edgewoodites. Edgewood 25, Neville 16. 27 29 Ninety ---f4.-irrhe sYLvAN mll- in .lk S.. 9. 12- 13- 15- 16-- 17- FEBRUARY Swissvale game, 32-19. Nut' said. Reports come out again. Seems like that is always happening. Seniors decide on Washington trip. And, oh. that boat ride! Chester Wallace and Shakespeare in assembly. lidgewood 22, Bellevue 32. Heck! Mystery stalks the halls! XVho stole Miss Newmeyer's grapefruit? The curtain puts on a little act in chapel. Mebbe it was sumpin, it et. l'retty close, but just the same we won. Edgewood 24, Sewickley 23. XV e find ourselves doing ia bit of acting in movies which are shown in chapel. Edgewood 25, Ben Avon 10. Student Council gives us the annual Valentine Frolic at the club. Let's agi- tate for more parties! ' junior class chooses purple and white as their class colors. and selects Prom Committees. Bet you can't top last year's. Miss Piersol's play. I guess tennis isn't such a sissy game after all! Something happened! VV e lose to Avalon I6-23. A number of students, mostly seniors, mysteriously missing from school for a whole afternoon. Now will you believe that 13 really is unlucky? 19-A little more and we would have won, but we didn't, so that's that. Edge- wood 21, and Leetsdale 22. Drum sticks all over the place in chapel. jimmy Annis's Four Aces. 23--More home talent in chapel. Did you know that "Spring ls Here VVith 3- Poems and Bathtubsu? MARCH . Basketball letters awarded to nine deserving basketeers. 3-First meeting of the Art Club. Bill Horne elected president. S-Open night at the alma mater. Tom O'Donnell and the chorus go to town on "Water Boy," and the mammas are told all about dear Junior. Don't you wish you'd been good? 9-An unusual French Club meeting. Monsieur Wightman donne une bell-: proverbe. Red Cross program in chapel. 15-Pictures for the Sylvan taken. Nobody broke the camera!! 16-Edgewood adds its bit to the Tuesday Musical Club program. A little girl plays "The Bee." T Report cards-again. , I9-Movies about Bessie Cow in chapel. Now will you drink your milk? 23--"Sun Up" is given. You'd almost think that snowstorm was real! The aud- ience weeps real tears. Needless to say, the production is definitely a suc- cess. 25-Twenty-two seniors with Mr. Schrock and Mr. and Mrs. Crouse leave for Washington. We don't wreck the train-not quite. 29-Seniors come reluctantly home. Descriptions used are "heavenly," "perfect," and "Oh, that boat trip!" Wightman keeps everyone awake on the train, darn it! 30-Back to school, kiddies! VVas the Easter bunny good to you, too? We sing lustlly in chapel. Those queer people asleep in the classrooms are seniors. Ninety-one APRIL 2-Mr. Kirkpatrick talks to us on psychology in assembly. E 3-Journalism class inspects the Press. Now we expect a perfect Edgecator, class. The Soph Hop at the club. Compliments for a grand party, kids! 6-Physics students perform experiments in chapel. Curtis and Van Kennen stage a tug of war. 9-Dr. Moser addresses us in assembly. 13-Ken Porteous's orchestra in chapel. Swing it! 16-W. P. A. string quartet entertains us in assembly. 17-Edgewood's orchestra plays over the radio. Ah! Someday you'll be famous! Nice going. 20-Chevrolet shows us some very interesting movies. 23-Another home talent program. The Scholarship Society introduces itself in assembly. 27-Dr. S. C. Staley addresses us on physical education. 30-Marvelous Prom at the club. Carl Eddy's orchestra supplies the music for tireless dancing feet. Isn't the banner beautiful? 31-Oh, are your feet tired, too? And when did you manage to get out of that delicious bed? MAY 7-Some seniors take scholarship exams. Gee, you forget an awful lot, n'est-ce pas? 11-W. P. A. dance orchestra in chapel. Oh, for a dance floor! 14-Our own private track meet-just to get in trim. 21-Edgewood walks away with all the laurels C anyway a fewj at the annual track meet in the Schenley Oval. 25-Umm! just like Paris! The girls show the creations of their handiwork in the annual Fashion Parade. 27-Senior exams start. VVhy didn't I study this year? 31-Memorial Day, and no school. Last holiday of the year. JUNE 2-Seniors are officially dismissed. Never dreamed we'd hate leaving so much. General exams start. 6-Baccalaureate sermon at church. T 7-Graduation. Everything is very sad and sweet. How queer to be really through high school! Graduation dance afterward to pep us up. It's been a grand four years, Edgewood! Ninety-two A B c D E F G H 1 J K L M N 0 P Q R s T U V W X Y Z x Q v ' The SYLVAN M m Senior Alphabet is for Atkins--a student is he is for Betty-ra "belle petite lille" is for Creelman-a singer you'll find l is for Dawson-a great master mind is for Iivans+-with his good natured smile is for Frank-whose each step is a mile l is for Garbark-of old Edgewood stock . . l . is for Hehck-whose antics we mock s for Intelligence-of which there's a lack for-a long lanky fellow named Jack is for Kiernan-whom everyone knows is for Lewis?what baskets she throws is for Mitchell-a fair Scottish lass s a blank letter-stands for none in ihis cl s for Opportunity-which we all desire is for Patty-Qwill she ever grow higher? is for Queer-which this alphabet is is for Rogers-our president "whiz" is for Slocum-with golden-red hair is for Toni-1-a baritone rare l is for Ursula-whose dimples are deep s for Vacation-a good time to sleep s for Wills--who chuckles always is for Xylophone-which Marie plays is for Yarnzill-a second Kate Smith i . is for Zest-1-which we now finish with. ZISS X Ninety-tlzree "' ll' The SYLVAN'el- N 1 I, gf- Zippy 1 I r ff ,f , 1 1 W , ' ' - X w f ' , f ' , ,447 f - J , " 'fwd ,Mm f ,7 C' V751 I ' , Y. I f ,H - - 'x Q 9331! ., f ' f IU ' 4 ff f , fyffajs ' ff . , ff f I f W f 3' M, f f, ,f I , ff ' - - fff 3213- My A -V f f! .y fyff f W X .fm 7 ! I ,ill H-1. , "H ,, ff f .ff Q swf ff -K 3 : 1 Sk . in My nts s , f 'A I Xi a ' -- 1 K Hom... , : l f , A v ? . V. I' f f ill s X 12 il A X 9 2 65275 A 'f 12: Ki' Q x wifi. , 3 W' Rr w K 5 f , '- N' 5 f ,' ffilif: N XY 2 , ,' f' 1 fv 1 I Y 5 X 1422! uf, , Qi ,Llpfifhlg-1,6 f u lwfi if ff f i 4'-f J md ff! 'jf ' X! 7M4fiNf ' b f mi . w ' 1 ' fx X Vf' 'S' "Ea-SNS x X , Q' Wx t ,K 7 fa 125, 42:55 "' ' X 5 ' n' If M W l ws u WNW' f 'N ff,,,v, 7' f W , .0 Q wmv ' ffiff wa ' gg? f Q' f f 'eh 'Q-'yfiff If: 'Xb N ' I f 1, W Q px Q ,?ggbg:5 "+! , WW GW ,V SM1 ' 4 2419! - Y Ei N "WWi'7 . ff ' XV! I X 2 , IL, ' 'Zi -Y: W Ni N XQ, "fmt- " , ,f ff ' X x - 1 X I ' 'A ff! YQ ' NH 5 ? ff S9 wi' , Q L. - J - - It uf x . . V ' ' SW? ""lig r 3 'M 5 Q - EM. f 10' ' 1, 'I 2 5lmuI'5 . l!",AlL! ff 'I - x N. - - f I , ' ' 5 run ,Woumut -f Vx A Tialacvlt lk V f X JV!! f j X X T tx A it Sqwln. Uqus ,My , T S E Svrwxcx ,X K ' I 5? VN. 7 ' f f' x X 1 I QQ' S51 W ww X S Agfvf' W ' ! ' hr 6'.'v".1, . f f 'wf?f21fllWQZa ' W Sh -Mm... 3 M75 Ninety-four The SYLVAN-f-441 f , 1 X ul ' " ' - N. .- , 'f 1 , n" ' ,, F, -,,,,-,--, ,Y 1,7 .Y V' I ., ,X - , ' Wirwdxxx Q A X A .4 Q L' Q5 : iv L. H ,ff , I A QM uf! Q54 'x i - E ' 'K Q Cam 'H E A , ff-,gf 'im 1 ' 1" Q -:l?1MflKf7f1 "w F ' N .,A, V M gn A -,Cn Yd ,Pvexztm 4,y,x..., .nn N I , N 2 Sw-1? KJ L M gud thin' Ctfaiunfxon N inety- five T 4 I 41 1 41 41 1 4 4 ,,,:::v ------------------ ---- 4 41 41 1 4 4 4 1 41 1 41 1 41 4 41 41 41 L - The SYLVAN a-0 A -:: Compliments of First National Bank of Swissvale Swissvale Trust Company P49 4 -'31 557'-3:2 400,040-00,04 -04 00' QQQQQQQQQQQ '4"v'0Q0'::::0o::0040Q 'fy-.V1'7'1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 1 11 1 1 41 1 1 1 1 41 1 1 1 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 Qo:: - -::::0 41 1 1 1 1 1 41 1 1 1 41 41 1 1 41 41 4 4 41 41 41 41 4 1 4 ll The SYLVAN hf,?'A'i-' 5.00"'Q,""::QQ:::::::::::::',:.-:::v-:Q-",', 4'f" Y,-'0o'f',.',s00'4-7 P 1 I I lg , CHurch1l1 3079 CHurch11l 2345 1, TC I T' I 1 ' 1, 1 4, ' FUNERAL HOME ll P I, L I : Rebecca Avenue at Center Street I 1, I Wilkinsburg, Pa. i,--,--m,-,,,e,,- --ex-,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,e,,,,,,,,,,:,el Registered Complaints of the Year jean Hill-"I don't see why I should give a reason for my absences when l, write my excuses." 2-55 Reuben Helick-"VVhat it I do eat garlic! ls that any reason to inzike ine sit out in the hall during a twenty minute study period?" 4?-475 Hob Hauhrich-"Now, why don't thy have soap boxes throughout the halls of the school? VVl1z1t good is free speech without the right atmosphere F" 2'-Z75 Helen Crowelli"lt's just zi shznne how respectable the students ure getting. llow can l fill up Z1 whole page of gossip when there is nothing to write uhout ?" ZNZFU Paul Johnston-"Now it they had good, wholesome, white paper, it would 1 he less harmful for 11 person to nialie nice juicy paper wards l" T:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-4, f:::::::v-:::::::::::::::::::::,, 'I II fl 11. 'I i- 'p ' 1 lg Everybody Says 1, if COMPLIMENTS :E 'I 'I 'P lp I 1 I gf Faller's gf gf OF Qt 'u 1, 1, 1: I, . . 1, 1, 1, 1 For Fine Furniture 1 1. 1, :g :g :g Edgewood Barber Shop 1, I: 707 PENN AVENUE lg 1, 1, 'P 41 41 'I ll WILKINSBURG ,I EL P' C' Hoffman II If 1: If sf:Q.5:::::::::::::::::,::::.-:::,3 Lf:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,j Ninety-figlit I I I 'I YAII- 355: 5:55 'Irv II 'I 'I :I I I I THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH I I, II II 1, II II IS A SYMBOL OF THE COMMUNITY'S DESIRE THAT II 'I II 'I ITS YOUTH FIND HAPPINESS AND LOYALTY II I 'I 'I AND UNDERSTANDING I: It 5: 'I +I L- A:::::::::: -:: ':f::: 'f :- ':::::: :ff ::: A ': :::JI Mary Slocum-"It would be so much nicer if one was allowed to leave chapel when one chose to. You know, some of those prograins test one to his limits." 2-to .lack Wightman-"They shouldnt set students one or two seat'-a apart in study hall. That makes it so inconvenient to pass notes around." A--65 Mary Mitehell-"You can get your sunshinein Cod Liver Oil and your vitamins in Tasty Yeastg now why ean't we obtain an education from some source other than school?" f ::::::::::::::: :::: -:::::::::::: :::-y 1, 1' I I Edna J. Anderson I I 'I 'I I Plano Instructzon I 'I I 3 LOVE'S LANE I I I I ..--- 'I I 'I I II I CHurchill 6742 Edgewood, Pa. II I t.-,,,,,,:,- ,,,,:,:,,,m,, -,:,,mm- :md m:::::::::::T - v :::::::::::::6-G IJPIJIJ - J::::::::6::::ET I Hardware House Furnishings Sheet Metals .I I I ' DEMMLER BROS COMPANY I I ' II I I I . . . Wholesalers , . . . ,I 'I I Air Conditioning and Warm Air Heating I 'I I 100-108 Ross Street II I - U Pittsburgh, Pa. I' I Tmners' Supplies Ccurt 2170 .I L9999Z9l95!95 959 959999 5: 95995 5:::395::5:55:5:::55:5fj Ninety-ninr' 4 Pliiili T h e S YLVAN "4-1-J ?,:,,,,,-.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,? ,,,:,,,,,,,-.,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,:, 11 Phcne: CHur.hAll 5536 1, 1 IJNHURST 4600 1 I 1: Ambulance Service 1: 1, 1, 1 1, 1 Q' S. M. Dowler 1, Frech 8 Dasch 14 4, 1 'I FUNERAL HOME 3, 5, MEN'S WEAR 1 1 1, QI 925 Ffanklm Avenue ji 814 wood street Wilkinsburg I1 Use of Chapel Wilkinsburg, Pa. :1 CNCW LOCHHOUJ i .A........... ..A.... .A.AA - 4 i ..........A.. f::: '--"-"- -"--::::-':: '-" '::: ':::"::: 41 41 41 11 CALDWELL '55 GRAHAM 4' DEPARTMENT STORE ,I 4 4: Corner Penn Avenue and Wood Street I ,4 Phone 41 CHURCHILL 0143 1' Established 1889 41 1: McCall Patterns Pictorial Review Patterns 41 L-::::::::::::::::: -::::::::::::::::::::::::: T 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 I 41 41 41 Lf C Ted Chiclcsterf"Sziy, Frank, have you heard of the new game they are play- ing in Italy ?" Frzink Curtis-"Noi XYhat is it? 11 Ted Chiclester-"lt'8 11 card game. The 'linac is wil1l'!" 1101 S. Braddock Avenue Sidehamer Bros. REGENT PHARMACY EDGEWOOD 106 Swissvale Avenue Dm' Hundred Phone: CH. 4015 PHARMACY Phone: CH. 2458 ,.i - FREE DELIVERY CSC 519 rf T i1 e S Y L V A N 111 A: 1 r:::JJ::: A A A AJIIIJJJJJJIJJJJJJJiiffiv-5555555555 - A A - -3555595571 In :U , I 1, 7 1 1h jf JADE BEAUTE SALON. ' 3, 1: Corner Wood and Wallace Wilkmsburg, Pa. I: 1: Marcelling, Finger Waving, Scalp Treatment, 1: Facials, Manicure, Eye Arch :i SPECIALISTS IN PERMANENT WAVING 1, 1: Registered Graduate Operators 4, 1: Personality ,Hair Cut by Joseph :, All Service 35c 1, fi CH. 0291 Hours: 9 to 65 Tuesday and Friday 9 to 9 fi 1 b'6:5?5::99:55 A:::3::::::5:5::999:::::7:55:55 5555 :::59':::9:::, A Mr. 1'ruusc-fin ecunmnicsj "and zinntlicr vital prulmlcin tn he considered is that nf thc fllllll sl4'r11'r111r'v." 4'-55 Miss Carey-fto senior girls' chorusj "Now girls. he sure to take at deep breath bcfurc 'Fziintly Dying'!" : Phone PEnhurst 9621 I CO' We Telegraph Flowers , 1, 4, 4, I G- C- BACHHOFFER Q: Wood 3 Wootton Q: P I I 1 i 125-127 Edgewood Avenue if FLORAL SHOPPE li I if il "Quality Flowers with Service if I , , 1 1 U I ji Gas :: Accessories :: O11 1 1 that Counts 1 ,Q ,g 1, 792 PENN AVENUE 1, 1, res Opposite . Penn-Lincoln Hotel 1, 1, , Wilkinsburg, Pa. :, a"""'::::':::::::':::":::::-A T:::::':::::::::::::::::'-'::::::::::::::::::::::ooo:::- - -: -:::-y I I' I P 1 , J. C. MURRAY 8 SON CO. r 1, I Sth Floor, Chamber of Commerce Building 11 D 1, : PITTSBURGH 1, P 1, 1 4, I Residence-310 Maple Avenue, Edgewood If I I, I 1, L INSURANCE BROKERS If , II 1.f:::--::::::,:: -::,:,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,:,:::::::::J Om' H1md1'vd On C TT" T h e S YLVAN not A r ----- ee -- - - we:-1 r:::::::::::::::::f::::::::::: X 3 3 - 1: 1: 3: Arrow Electric ll ll if 1015 Wood Street :: Wilkinsburg :I 11 IL PE 3904 , 1, 1, EI Beauty .L 1' Everything Electrical :E 'i li Sales and Service if Permanents our Specialty 3 Raiizegglasljfrs' :gem If I1 I1 MRS. A. c. TJIATTAS-, Owner leeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeel 2eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- 'F::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::- - :::: lr OLDSMOBILE il 6-end-8 li THE CAR THAT HAS EVERYTHING 1, The Style Leader of 1937 lf WT' 7 MURDOCH - AKINS INC. ti 520 Penn Avenue Wilkinsburg PE. 2200 Mary Mitchell-"Say, Patty, those boys riding bicycles are liable to arrest !" the law. Putty Spooiiei'-"Mary, l think you'1'e a hit ol?-what are they doing to lnrealc P!! Mary Mitchell-fThc witty Cl'CZltl1l'CD "Czm't you see, Patty, they are peclcllingg without a license." lr I E:::' :::? ?:::: :::::::: :::: 11 :u P 4 U RECENT SQUARE REALTY C0 15 Geo. F. Felger fl omp ere murance 'I :I Maker of Men's Clothes, 1 I P Ig 1106 South Braddock Avenue I: IL EE PEnhurSt 5486 Telephone 923 Wood Street 1, ln 1, . . 1: M.E.Mil1er,Mgr. swieevele, Pe. 11 PEnhu'St 1495 W'u"nSbu'g' Pa' 1, 1 L::,,e,e,,e,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,l L,,, ........ Om' HltlICfl't'd Tivo The SYLVANEE1 AN ADVERTISEMENT OF THE WESTINGHOUSE CTRIC AND MFG. CO. I EAST PITTSBURGH, In the dual meaning of a pbrase ix eajlressecl the double foundation ujmu which a great inxtitution xtands: qualify, and scope of service. Ill: xt-trlttttzttt who ttttitcltt-s the Wlesting- l1tttlsL'tltllttL' plttte to it ntotor knows thatt it stands for 50 years ul' development, constant reseztrch, at reputation for dependtthl: perform- ztnct- thttt is the pride of every Xvestinghouse ntstn ttnd his responsihility to ttmintztin. "Thu nattte that ttteans everythingi' might call to mind at lzthorzttory worker, searching for a lwetter way to control power leztkztge. A work- ntttn at at hunch, pedecting it speciztl tool for doing his joh at little better. An inspector with his microscopic test equiptnent, :ts impartial and itttpersonstl :ts et lmselmll tttttpire. ".. .everything in electricity," of course, estinghouse suggests motors, tncters, controls, circuit hrcak- ers, giant loeottiotives, heating and lighting equiptnent, household products of every sort. its tneztning should also include the equipment needed to make' und lliffffllllft' electricity: turbines and water wheel generators, transformers, remote control systetns-the list seems endlessg some 30,000 products. And so "the nanne that means everything in electricityn has a dual signiticatnce when applied to Xliestinghousez a source of supply for practically tverything electrical: a concern so thoroughly itlentitied with electrical ztchievetnettt that anyone may huy its products with utmost coniidence. p 'az imaemfmwdwm Um' Iltrtttltwt' 'l'lttt The SYLVAN4-+ -W gsaaev-"vase",-of-4-4-Q00 QQQNQQQQQOQO ., H::H:::H':H::' H:HH":'AH"? l l ai DGEWQOD EE ,f cl..eAmNe co.lNc. In I i 1raclea, 5, .L fcleanarabrcathafdjmrg :T :Q 7716 Edgewood Avenue BR. 3600 :g 1, in 2::: -: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-I EE R. E. Hellner 12 EE Regent Square QE I' I 1: . +1 gg PURE FOOD STORES rg 1: Bottlmg Works it li 'v 1+ 1: :E 1107 S- Braddock Avenue if 1204 Braddock Avenue 11 1, ll 1, 'u 1' Edgewood. PH- il ll Swissvale, Pa. il 1, lr 4 'l 1: Phones: PEnhurst 2921-2922 ,i PEnhurst 7614 4 4+ I, It il-::: :::::::::::::::::::l 2-:::::v :::::::::::::::v ::::l Socialist FEll1l1Cl'--Hvvllllt clo you mean by playing trnant? VVl1v clicl you stay away from school F" Son-"Class liatrecl, father!" Holm Micliael4"Since it's your lwirtliclay, Mr. Pickett. were Swissvale I" 2-65 going to beat Mr. Pickett-"Tl1at's line. l was expecting the usual tie." r ------ - - :::: ::-,:,::::,--:,,::::--::: ::::- :::::::::::::-v 4, lp If T. W. STEPHENS, JR. Weddings IL 4, Birthdays :I 'P Anniversaries I il Special Occasions 1 I! 1 gf "FLOWERS EOR EVERYBODY gf I: 615 WOOD STREET, WILKINSBURG, PA. ig CHurchill 5100-5101 1: :n Wi1kinsburg's ffelegraphing .I Gifts Florist U 1, li Funeral Flowers " Flowers by Wire" in It Decorative Specialties to Everywhere ,: l-,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ex: .... :,---H-N:--,- ..,... N .,., NJ O 111' HIIllfiI't'li FO111' 11+-" The A- -aaa A +440 - - S YLVANlQ 4 4 F- v v - v v v iffffiififiv 55: E: 555555555-?::::!:55::555!::::13: 4' Are You Dealing With 4' .' . 4' I 4 I I 4, Your Local Milk Company? 4, 4 H' S' Lelghton 8 Co' 4, 44 4: . . 4 ' B k A t bl Q, The Edgewood Dairy Co. , 21 mc U omo 'es , Qi We Carry 1 F H11 Line 44 431 Sixth Street 4, 0 4' 4, 4 14 Strictly Fresh Dairy Products 1, 1, BRADDOCK PENNA. if Ig Phone BR. 0698 Today I2 1, I IL ,, And Place Your Order BRandywme 1145 4, 4, 4, 4, Lf:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J 4, :::.-- - :::::::::::::::::::::L ffff """AA"' If -' A:::: -:rr A ff::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-4, 14 4I 4, 4, EI . EI 4 Choice Meats and Groceries QI , 4 4 , fl J' W' Jennlngs 4' Crosse 8: Blackwell White Rose 4 4, ' 4 4: 4: and Premier 4: I, Real Estate and Insurance 1, 1, 4 , WILT BRos. 4 4, 4 5, PE"h"'Sf 2298 401 Biddle Ave. 4 ' 4 ji 153 Lloyd Avenue, Edgewood, Pa. JOHN R- TAFFNER, PFOP. :E I' Ig Phone PE rsos Free Delivery IL 4, , 4 D::- ::::- :: -,X L-:::::::::::::- - -::::::::::l Miss lllillcr-"Class, rlirl you luring your VVo4mlley's P" liill lluiu-"XYl1y, Miss Miller! 2'-Z5 lllr. CFKDIISC-168411116 milk isu't Ht for CO1lSl1lll1lTQl0lll', 424-rwgc liurt-lin the good ulcl Burt fashioul "'l'l1z1t's fuuuv. I heard that it was good for tuberculosis." f .,,......... :::::::::::::::: 1, 3 I, i 4 I 4 '4 4 44 , crores T. VAN HORN 4, 4 New Regent Salon , 1, Experts in Hair Cutting and :E Edgewood Personal Beauty 5: C Shampoo and Finger Wave ..... 50c 4: 14 Permanent ...... 52.50 and up 4 P gl SERVICE STATION lg 1, 1107 BRADDOCK AVENUE 1, 14 1, 1' at Hutchinson ,, PEnhurst 2050 ' 241 Edgewood Ave. Phone: PE. 0467 EDGEWOOD i,,::,,,:::::::::::::::: - -::::l 4:'::::::::::: -v :::::::::::::::l Om' Hundred Fi'z'e Ti The SYLVANi 47 0 4 U I 1 If Corsages Graduatzon Bouquets IQ I' 11 1 MISS E. B. MAXWELL I: 4, 4, " FLORIST T1 4 I I 3 4, 1, Decoratzons Centerpzeces 1: 11 Phones: CHurchi11 0373, 0374, 0375 I1 1 1, :E 812 wood street wrlkmsburg, Pa. 1, 1 fl 41 4,-::::: A----A---- :::'::: -:::::: ::::- :::::::::::::::: 3 r::::::::::::::- - :::::::f' - :::"r 1':::::::::::' - - ::::::::::- ff- 1 it " 32 II rg DAN S. HEEP 1: rg LIFE . . . ACTION 1: Q 1 14 N if MEATS E: 5: In Photography it 4: 5406 Penn Ave. East End 4: 4: 4: 1' M 1 54 4' 1 4' 4 Ph0l1e- ontrose 548 - 82 :, 1: 4 1 1 51 810 Penn Ave. Wilkinsburg if 921 Wood Street CH. 5224 ig 1 :C HOWARD LETZKUS, Mgr. 1, 1, 'E , . . 1, Phone-Churchill 3842-3843 'g Ig Wllkmsburg jg Bob Bailey-"These 1'o1'ty-Eve minute periods of .Xmericztu history always make :L new man of me." George Burt-"You mean they give you something y0u've been lacking?" E Bob Bailey-"Yes, sleep!" r:::- -:-:::: -:::: ::::::- -::::::: ::::::'v 4, 4, 4, 4, W 4 0 I 4, 4, 4. GENERAL FIREPROOFING CO4 4 4 ,I 1, 1, 4, 2 4, 1: Plttsburgh Branch - - - 642 Grant Street If 4, ll 4, 4 1 ,I AT. 4595 1 1 1 N W 14 14 b,:,:,::,,:::,,,,, ,,:-,:,,::, ,:::::: ,,,: ,:::g One HIIllfiI'Pd Six The SYLVAN 3 3 1895 1937 Enom uNEnAL Home 733 Ross Avenue Wilkinsburg CH. 0836 O 'fl l"l S i .. The sYLvANileee F ---- ----v--- : ::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::: I 4+ fl THE WILKINSBURG GAZETTE ' YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER I AND ITS COUNTRY EDITOR 1 ' EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS to the Q: GRADUATING CLASS L xx,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- -, f """""' :::: ':::: ' ::: I ., Compliments of 4 ,3 GULF OIL SERVICE STATION 1, Corner Edgewood and Maple Avenues li CH. 9352 Free Call For a Delivery lL,,,,,,,,,,,,, -,,,,,,,, v v ...,, M , , -,, I.......... ,, - Peggy Dickson-"VVell. clad. my ll1Zll'liS are under water." Tjllfl-Hvvllilt clo you mean by umler water?" Peggy Dickson-"Below 'C' level." 2-'65 .lzlckenlf you refuse me, Mary, I shall never love Zl110tllCl'!H Mary-"Ul1, tlmt's swell, but does the promise hold good if I accept you? I x::::::::H::::::::' :W Van:N:::HH:H:::::::::: 5, - 'I TZ IE J' W- Rldgewal' E QQ ll0ECHSTETTER'S NURSERY Q Estate E' 1: CHURCHILL 6738 1, Meats and Poultry ' , 'I 104 sWIssvALE AVENUE 'E 1' We P12111 and Pllnf EDGEWOOD, PA. ' For You CHurchill 0134 I i,,,m,,,,,m,,,,,,, 3 . ,E Om' Hzmdrcd Eight ' MM?if733?Tl'1e SYLVAN ----------------H-----------I r-- --------W------------v--JI EDGEWOOD - SWISSVALE I For Fun and pleasure WILKINSBURG ': 1: ROLLER SKATE 1: 4, 1, 1, I I I I Real Estate 81 Insurance :I :I The Lexmgton :I Wilkinsburg Real Estate 8 I1 I 7301 Penn Avenue Take Car 75 ll Trust Cg, 'I It's just a merry go-round on wheels I' Wilkinsburg 8 E Waltzing being the latest fad. Insurance Agency I, ., Phone CH- 9488 31 WOOD and PENN PE. 1772 IL I1 Hyatt D. Ruhlman, Mgr. :I 'I 'I I .po::::::::::::: :::::::::::::J lr::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::J -::'::::::::::::::::::::- :::.-, f-::: :::: ::::q 1, 1, 4, 'I 'I 'I Walter J. Yenny IE EE :E 1: ,I Ann Nycum 1: J EWELER 1, 1: Ig " " Beaut Sho e " 104 ELECTRIC AVE. E. I y pp Q1 I I I EAST PITTSBURGH :I 5, 101 MAPLE AVENUE QI I I I 'I 'I 'I Hclft-9 That Lastn CHurchil1 4703 Edgewood, Pa. -- -- 11................1... ' .........1...1.........1.. Dun jones-"Gosh, my mouth feels like ll parzicle g'l'0llllCllu George Mowry-"NN'l1y Il parade gl'UL1llCl?H Don .Innes-"'l'he dentist has been drilling in it all day!" .7-Z5 Miss Nevin-"llOlI, clOn't you know you Cllllll sleep in study hull?" Hula l,IlWSUll--"YUlllI'C telling me? l've been trying it for the past half- lu Illl' !' - v - - - - :o:::::::0::4::::::oo::::, ::::, CHAS. W. WALMER HARDWARE CC. 1 TOOLS, CUTLERY, HOUSEWARES, ' PAINTS, GLASS 716-718 PENN AVENUE Phones: PEnhurst 0487-0488-0489 l :::: ::::f-p 'I 'I 'I I I I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I I 'I J Onr H uudrml N im? Y"i 1.7' T h e S YLVAN lfi-A Ph -PE. sooo 1 1' ' gf one gi gf Rose Extermmator Company 11 11 11 . ' 630 F 1 Bld .-P tt b h Sllver Salon ff u ton g 1 S mg 1, 1, 1, ATlantic 8147 1 1 1 jf Beauty Culture ,E :E 77 Years' Experience 1, 1, 1, . 1, 1, 1 In 'I JOHANNA M' HARTZELL Extermination of Rats, Mice, Roaches, 1: 113 Edgewood Avenue and all Vermin im: MWJJ1 fxmxm'm'imm:mm' 1' 11 1: INSURE. , ,I FRANKLIN CLEANERS 11 1 11 11 11 11 Main Office and Plant 1 IN SURE 1 :g 1: 1: 702 Rebecca Ave., PE. 3000 1 :E 1: 1108 Braddock Ave., Regent Square 11 11 11 1 ' 1 1 807 P A . 1014 W0 d St. R. L. Zimmerman ,f gf em ve 0 1, 1, 1, 600 S. Trenton Ave, 1 1 1 D ::- ::::: ::::J L-::::: :::::::::::::::::'::: Bill Home-Cwlirm had just taken the cover UH zuicl was prffpared to hand in his Bunker Hill Adclressj "Miss Miller, do you wzuit my 'JXclcl1'es:s,?', Miss Miller-fsurprisecl :uid cleliglitecllj "lsii't this rather suclclen, Bill?" g v--- ---v -v-- -1 r -v-- - ::- 1 TC IC 1 It 1 1. EE Comp ments, If 1 New Realty Co. 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 of 1, C. E. Wolford Ruel B. Wolford I l I 11 1 I If EDGEWOOD MARKET If if Clyde L- Wolford 11 11 'I 12 1 If U:::::::::::::: -'-' :::: A - -:J::-A C-::::::0::::::::::c:::::4-0':: Om' I,H11lII'l'd Tru --,,,,,--- --------------- In-new The SYLVAN 'Ile -- --------------v---v--------------------- -- v---f- 'I PAGE MILK COMPANY Is Authorized by the Golden Guernsey Assn. of Penna. to Sell You Golden Guernsey Milk Why GOLDEN GUERNSEY ? --Here Is the Answer: Golden Guernsey Milk Is Produced Only by Guernsey Cows Deep Cream Line Rich Below the Cream Line Appetizing Flavor Unvarying Quality Call ...... CArrick 4590 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I I I 'I J .,..,-.404-.004-.eoooooov v 0 ..v,. '00, - - Q ........ 0- - - -0, v 0 ...vv , Y :: He---fat Z1 Sclmol clancej "lsn't this dance floor swell?" Sha-4"Yes-especially the spot we have been dancing on for the last hour!" 257 Bliss ixllllL'l'-Hxvllllt are the most coimnon vvorcls nsecl by seniors ?" Ruse lil'Cllll2l.ll-J'l rlun't know." I I I ::::::::::::::04-::::::0:::::q f:::::::::::::::::::::::::::,:,,, 'I 'I 1, 1 .- II II u 4 EFf1C1EIfCY I I Mccuuough Whitfield .5 CLEANLINESS ' It H d Ig 5- I ar ware Company - COURTESY .1 .1 , I :I 1, 1, Wood at Penn Ave., Wilkmsburg, Pa. 4: I I I, Barber Shop cHurchi11 4483 EI 1: 1: HARDWARE I PENN LINCOLN HOTEL EASY 1, Phone...PEnhursf esoo II I1 FRIGIDAIRE 11 I 'I I, ,,,,,,::: - -:::::::::::::::::J 4r::::o:::::: -:::::::::::::::::J Our' Hundred Elrtfc' H 5 "" :Y T::::::::::: ':::: ::: 'I in 4+ Orton Flower Shop Keslaf 8 Power if 1021 Wood Street Fresh and Smoked I: . . EE 55 MEATS Wllkmsburg f: CHurchi11 7245 715 Wood st. PE- 3312 If Wi1kinsburg,Pa. im: 1 ..A. MJ im: ,1:,11,,,,:,,, -11 gxx - - x- - xx- - :xxx- xxxxxx Ax- ? " Let's Always Be Warm Friends " if CARR'S QUALITY c:oAL if PEnhurst 1 6 0 0 Sales Office - Caldwell ai Graham Building, Wiikinsburg l:::: ::::::::::: ::::::,,::::::::::::::::,:::,::::::- ,,, Dick Rolirkaste-Qin :L burst of luuuorj his club. Do you know what we did?" Student-"Noi VVlmt did you do?" Dick Rcrhrkziste-''V-Eight." "Henry Ford :md T went out to i:::: :::::::::::::::' :T i:::: :::::' W E 5 L E Y f 5 Greeting Cards gi 1110311615 STATION gg gi Offffe Supplies 1043 Braddock Avenue Donnioon Goods CH- 9548 Kiser Bros. i,,1,,,,,,,,,,,1,, ,i i ,,,,,.,,,,1,,,,,,,1,1 -11 Om' I'IIHIIl'I'I'fl T7c'1'I7'0 A ,Ei The s Y L v A N fla- 000Q"'0'4-0"Q0'Q - A - -0 - - -'Q ::,,Q ::::::::4-Qf '::::,00::Q::0:: :: Compliments of WILKINSBURG BANK Member of the Mellbank Group WooD AND Ross WILKINSBURG, PENNA. Y ll ll 'r 4+ tr lr 'I 'n 1 5 S l 'r tr lu ln tr tr 1 'I lu 'r lu ln l l t l l l l S S l l l S l Q"'aooo::ooo::::::::f::::::::::::o::::::::-o::::-ooooooooso:-oo-og ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,4-0,00 QQQQ 0 QQQQ .K 1 Compliments t Ao Co f 2 I PLUMBING - HEATING 0 I: 3 CONTRACTOR l 'u v t 'u INSTANTANEOUS HEATERS and VINCENT MARUCCIO S It :I STOKERS on Display I I . . . Repalrmg a Specnalty 8 :r TRUCK. SERVICE v . 121 EDGEWOOD AVE Call CHurch1l1 2810 4, 4, 620 Rebecca Ave. Wilkinsburg ,,,,,,,,,,---,,-----,-- ,,,.. I 2-,,---,,:,:,:,,,:,,,,,,,:,x- A llettx' lirown-"I think I'll s mentl this stucly meriorl writino' at letter to Lincoln." . l . l Ps lgnorztnt l"reshmztn-"How can you clo that?" Ht-tty Ilrown-hliasy! l've got his 'Ciettyslmrg .Xclrlress'!" 4?-Zh Mary SloenmktrlrzunzxticztllyJ ".Xh, yes, hlztck. my lace is my only wealth!" .jack VVightm:1n-tplnlosoplmicztllyj "lJon't you let it get you clown, Mary. The poorest people are often the h:1ppiest!" O'-""""-" "'- N '-""'- -Q :vm """"""" """"NN TELEPHONE l l BRandywine 3400 PENHURST 7231 t x s NE USED CARS For MEATS, GRocER1Es X 2 W and I and VEGETABLES E 2 FORD Delivery l l Tomlinson Motor Company l HILTY'S MARKET 3 t l 2 l 7734 EDGEWOOD AVE. z 1126 S. Braddock Avenue , l t t l SWISSVALE, PA. t Regent Square 1 , 2 Om' H1n1rf1't':l T1IfI'ft't'l! "' e S Y LVAN eefi-lie., T """"' ' """""""""' 7 r'fN"N""' ""' """""' P l 4+ . 1 SHERlVlAN'S BAKERY Ig Comphmem of l A 4 80 W d S 2 4 . '30 niet 51 I SUN DRUG CO. 2 Wilkinsburg 1, t g o 3 azz Wood sf. 734 Penn Ave. 5 HOME OWNED ff QQ wimnsbufg, pa. 4 ER BITE 4 4 E HEALTI-if I3IurEgoodY S 24 Stores Throughotit t BAKED GOODS Western Pennsylvania t::-::--::::--:,: -,-,,-,:,H::l Luxe- e -xx -:::H:::::- - -3 f""N"NN"""'::::":N'T fxxu:H":::'::::::::':::: I . Q 4 4 Austm 81 Barefoot Auto Service EQ gf compumems A 7526 Washington Ave., Swissvale f BR. 1021 4+ 4+ 0 GAS-o1Ls-BATTERIES QI QI 5 ACCESSORIES :E :E W, R, ELKINS -1- 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ - 4 AUSTIN 8: BAREFOOT 1: 1: Funeral Dlfeffof Tank Wagon Deliveries F h S t N th R dd k P Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil Our Specialty ourt tree' or A ra oc ' a' 4+ + L-00::'00::::::::.-:::::::::::::J if::::::o::::::::::::::::::::: .lean ii0llllffl'llSlllllg in after u clzmcc-J "l.m+k at the hezuicmip de pretty lmnrlkerchief I found!" 'Immun l3c+onf"Hut think of the germs it might Clllltlllllin .lean Huollfnl 711, uufl saw the girl to whom it I+clm+ngs!" + 4+ r:::::::::::::: :::::::::'::::1 r:::f:::- :::::::: -::::- A 4+ 4+ S 4+ 4+ 2 72 it ' NICHOLSON'S :E Shoes for the Entire Family fi Qt Skates Silvestro 2020 Noble Street Swissvale, Pa. +I +I I' I1 Sharpened Notaro ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,:-,,,,--emo i,,,,,,,,-- ,,,:,,,,,,,,, Om' H1111d1'f'd FOIH'fK'f'1l + ,The sYLvAN1f1f2-mi QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ,-'Q"Q"Q04"' "',",,",,",, ," - , ,f QQ, , COMPLIMENTS OF THE Union witch SL Signal Co. AND THE Westinghouse Airbrake Co. 04'-""0'QQ"""QQ0Qo:::::::o::::o:::4,::0: -Q0 - -Q4 - -0 - - Om' 1,IHIl11't'll' Fifi i The SY LVAN H pf-.,N,"'0,',,::::::: :::0Q':::::::, -:: 0-',,,,' ,4-Q 1 5 S S N S 5 r r I r v r I ----0,,' Compliments of The First National Bank of Wilkinsburg " Your Community Bank " "0,,"',Q - - - A - A - Y-'4---'0Qv,:---::'.,-"::'."A-0--A+ -A- - - - - - - ',,- - v :Q::::," l':1ttv S Jll0lK'1'THAl1ll'lY Hass is tcacl1i110' mc ll cnrcl f"ZllllC to mlm' after ww , , 5 5 . mzwricml Y" VV2ll'l't'll Munir-"XYl1z1t's the 11211116 of this game P" Patty Spoo11e1'-"I think it's called 'solitaire' " 1 "" 'AA A AAAAAAAANAAAAATT YAAAA A A A A A A A A A AAAAAAAA' CHURCHY si VENER 1 J, KELLER BROS. ff ROOFING 13 HEATING Coil, Building Supplies if Sheet Metal Work J, if 7l? E: 237 Edgewood Ave. CH. 5582 E, fum-- -Nm ml lem, ,,,,,,,,, HMT ,,,,, ?f::::H::::: :::::x::::::::H7 fx: xr :H:::H::::::'::: El C. L. Johnston's KNIGI-lT'S -I soNs :E 1: lg Grocers gg BOWLING ALLEYS 'I II ll 5. BIRDS EYE :I It Wilkinsburg and 'I FROSTED FOODS 31 l 'I ln 1 . E PEn1-iursi 3060-3061 Qi Swlssvale 1 ,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, l LH, ,,,,,,,,,,,- O 4' Hu11a'l'4'd Sl-l'fl'K'lI The s o0,'4Q40:A.'oQ'4A0,4-of-'A4.,0aoQA.'0QAy f A - A Y L v A N in 'I S v - v Y :::::::::- v ::::::'::::,' 4, 1, 7604 Edgewood Avenue EE Swissvale, Pa. Smart Apparel for Women " " - I Q, Fmegan Bros. 1, 4, CH. 3766 I . . ff 5: Commerczal Prmters . . 'I I 816 Wood St. Wilkmsburg, Pa. Phone: Bmmdywine 0555 lp In MNA-AAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAA:AAAI L---AA:,,A:A,,,:,,,,:,,,,, ,,, """':::'::::::::::::':::::-I r: - -:::::::::::::: ::::A:::A A 'I 'I 0 wiuuussunc ssnvicia I I 0' STATION I I Hutchinson Pharmacy 'I 'I :I i Prescription Experts . 'I I C' Alles "A Manny Lazear Service Store" I 1102 BRADDOCK AVE. I I ' 1, 1, Swlssvale, Pa. Penn Ave. at P. R. R., Wilkinsburg I I Phones: CHurchill 9730-9731-5511 :I :I I I "' """ :::::::::::::::::::::-5 4':::::::- :::::::::::::::::::: Miss Nevii1+"XN'cll, fiilln-1-1. clicl that last question lmother you?" fiil Lung'-"Xu, but the :mswer did!" 255 .X Tricky SHIIICIII-gffll thc Neville gzuiicp "'l.'I1cy'll Ne-ville win!" A:::oQo0::04:::Q00Q,::00',0Q,..'4-04044-AOQNQ A A A A A A A A A A A A A - ---------4oo,,---'o0--- JOSEPH R. WILLS "QUALITY PLUMBING AND HEATING" 447 Library Street, Braddock, Pa. - BR. 0319 227 Chestnut Street. Edgewood, Pa. - PE. 8448 '04, 00QQQQQQQ''00,Q0",'0,Qp"'0e' ,',,0,--,,f--'---,,----'v---J Om' lII1lldI't'ff Sczfelzfcc' -Jeff The s YLVAN iaii' rr or Vx: P: 'Pwmm' 3 imNm:mm"mm'mH 1, 11 1 0 if Kfegaf 3 CO' 32 if JOHNSTON, The Florist 1: 900 Wood Street Wilkinsburg I 1: 0 e P 4e-ee ee e Pease aj: 1: Flowers for All Occasions 1: Distributors of :P ' , Y 1' I QQ "Queen Quality ' Butter ji 1: Uniformly Good 2 1: 621 Braddock Avenue 11 im , Y 7 H , , ,j :I 11 EE ,Bend Viewf, Eggs 1: Phone Bkan. 1082 1 1, 1 :E Fresh from the Poultry Farm L:::: "'A :::':::- :":'::: EE every day. Y -,,,- -,,, 1, B PPP B we-. 1 11 Birdseye Foods 11 If 1, 1 1. ' 1: You can serve Garden fresh If 1: Compliments 1: Vegetables and Bush ripened If I: If Berries every day in the year. if If gf 1 fl A11 kinds of Fish- :E 1 1' N Wa t ----- No Bones ' 1 Joe4e2e ,4 w V as 1 :Q CLUTTON'S 'I . 4 ' 1 Wbzte Rose Brand Foods li 'i 11 41 I1 L,,,,,,,,:,..:,,,,,,,:,,,:,..,eel L,,,,,,,,,,,,::, ,,,,,-:,,, Fred Gable-"Miss Lyon, Tm going to sign Mae XYcst at the bottom of my Fra-irch paper." Miss Lyorl-"XN'l1at is the object of that. Fred?" Fred Gable-"T Done lim Wl'11llgii, ?,,, ,,, -,, , ,,,,, ,,,,3 X,,,,,: ,.A,,- ::--,: :- ::::, 1 1: . 'i 1: Compliments of 1: Compliments of Q: QE M mm CAKE SHOP QE QE RFGENT Auro SERVICE P P 1 jg -C 1 QQ coMPANY Q1 Wilkinsburg :: East Liberty 1125 South Braddock Ave. 11 '1 tl . 1 Ed d, P . if Pittsburgh 1: if gewoo a 1: Always Open CHurchill 2800 i-N-:::::::e:,:::H::e xx! L,,,,,,::,, .... -,,,,,,,,:M1 O ur Hll1IIII'P!f Eiglitrmz 95+ Mfg T I1 e S Y L V A N Eie3?jQffM he f""""""x"'::::eeeexxl Ixxex: xx: xx: 'xxl l 1 1 I: Phone CH. 2525 Res. 2023 Hampton St. ,I . S . 1: 1, 11 Ig Systematlc avmgs Ig 1 I 'I 'I ,E H. A. ZENK , 5, Spells 5, 1, 1 1 1 1, I General Sheet Metal Work E: 5: S-U-C-C-E-'S-S E: I1 Roofing, Spouting and Furnace 1: I :I 1: Work I ' 1 1 , EE Estimates Furnished The Simple Easy Way :I 7604 Edgewood Ave. Swissvale, Pa. IS with Life Insurance 1 1 1 llcooovco:::ooo::::::::::::::::Jl I 1 Ee::::'::::':::::::::::":::::'jf I Start at Any Age fover 10I 1 1 . . I 2 :I While You Are m School. :E 1, 1 11 'I I 1, '1 '1 'I Ig "Berg's Corner" I I E. E. I 1' I I I . I II 734-736 Rebecca Avenue, at Kelly It I Representative In Edgewood ft 1 I Wilkinsburg, Pa. of A I ' " 'I E uitabl Lif ssutanc ' :I Dependable Drug and Prescription Store q e e e I 1 1 1 s ' 1 of U. . '1 I Phone CH. 9988 Ig Ig one y S I 1, 11 'I I 4,.,:::,,::,,::404'::::::::: -:::J lr::::0::::::::::::::::::::::::J llcrt Mcfulluuglm-1after trying out for the part of ll half-wit in the class plu-VI "VIR-ll, Mr. Schruck, how was that?" Mr. SL'lll'0Cli-HYUII :wtecl ruitc nzlturzll, Bert. but vuu 1we1'clicl the wart." I . l .2-ch SOIll1II'f-1Clilljllglltlllgd "l lay, you lay, he lay. we lay, you lay, they lay." Sulnluccl voice-"X1mw. lGt's :ull lmreak clown :md C1lL'lilC.U ,,.,,.,,,,.,,--,,,,,e,.-.1--,,',.,, g-::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::- 1 . . I I I 1 1 1 Leader Service Statmn, lnc. 1 1: COMPLIMENTS .Q .1 ,Q 1: 'I If Where the Corners of Braddock, , 1, 1, 1, :E OF I: I: Mo ongahela, and West I 1 I 1 EE :E Swissvale Meet :E 5: F L U D E S 5: 5: o 3: I I I :E 1: 1 "If serves You Right" :g 1 I I: -I 1 it 4,,,,,,,,,,,:::,:-,:,,::,-,:::::.I L-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J Om' H1nm'r1'd .YllIt'f!'t' I I T1++f24+ggiThesYLvANiTf111P r .v.... - ----- .... -,---- The ENGRAVING for the SYLVAN 1937 1 by Robert Rawsthorne Co. , EIGHTH AND PENN ' PITTSBURGH r A::::::- :::::::::f:::: :::: ""' ffff' ""f 09' 1 The PRINTING for the SYLVAN 1937 I' by Tonat Prmtmg Co., Inc COLLINS AVENUE, EAST END 1 PITTSBURGH 1 ,,f:: : - I Om' flIHll1l'l'!7l Tiwlziy . . .f,--:':,'.- ,- -.r...- - ,.-.f V- ' ' :frm 13' 'U' 1 , . . . ' .s ' 1 L-r.,,,J.w f, ,, . I .1 h . t 1 ' 1

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