Edgewood High School - Memories Yearbook (Edgewood, IA)

 - Class of 1958

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DEDICATION HOdAdD KRAMWR Long before we seniors started to school, a man closely ident ified with our school system, was hired as our school custodian H is Howard Kramer, affectionately known as Joyn For the past sixteen years he has kept our school spotlessly clean, and the luster of his highly polished floors reflect the twinkle in his eyes, the kindness in his heart, hls wit, his pleasant person ality, and above all, his willingness to serve Mr Kramer is one of the most Llportant people on the school' staff, and certainly one of the busiest yet he is never too busy to stop and lend a helping hand whenever ft is needed, whether it be fix ing a locker door, or helping a little tot remove stubborn galoshes To think of our school without the presence of Mr. Kramer would be like thinking of it without school desks and other fixtures. So it ls with deep pride and appreciation for all of hiswkindnesses, his sincerity of purpose, and his faithfulness in the execution of his numerous duties, that we, the SENIORS OF '58, dedicate to him this yearbook of E.H.S. Memories l " . . 1- A .4 1 vw p . 0 UI e . . . 1 O . . IT S 9 O 0 Allllh. FACULTY A E CHRISTENSEN qgn Superintendent .... Upper Iowa University, B S I S T C U of Iowa, M A Major Co merce Minors Political and Social Science, Biology, and Industrial Arts Senior Co sponsor, teaches Industrial Arts G M RANDALL Principal U of Utah, U of Washington, U I U S T State L of Iowa,B A Upper Iowa University, M A Iowa State U Major English Minors Social Studies and Biology Co sponsor for seniors Sponsor hool Annual and Chicano Trips Teaches Typing Qneech, General Business, and Business Arithmetic UEVON SCHLUGEL Upper Iowa University Graduate Major Mathematics and Physlcal Education Co sponsor of Sophomore Class Teaches Advanced algebra, Geometry, Solid geometry, Trigonometry, hysical Education, General Math, Algebra, Baseball, and Jun4or High B sketball 55 o J R LENGUADORO Wartburg College, B A. I S T C Major Phys Ed Minor Biology, Social Studies Freshman class sponsor, , Boys' Baseball, Girls' and Boys' Basketball, and -A Track coach, teaches Social Studies. This page sponsored by Chapman's Hardware and Attorney Fliehler Z ESTHER P KENNEY Iowa State College B S Fresno State Teachers, Fresno, California, Upper Iowa University Major Vocational Homenaklng Education Minors Science and Social Studies x:5' Teaches Homemaking, English, Physical Education, Dramatics, Co sponsor Junior Class WILLIAM O KENNEY ova State College B S , University of California, Davis, California, California Polytechnic School, San Luis Obispo, California Major Science and Social Studies Co sponsor of Junior Class, Sponsors Future Farmers Teaches Vocational C A MOLLENHOFF West Texas State College, Iowa State Teachers College, B A , InstrumentaL AVA BROWN Lennox College, Upper Iowa University State University of Iowa, B A Upper Iowa University Major English Minors Political and Social Science, French Freshman class sponsor, The Tiger's Tale, Library, English, Shorthand This page sponsored by E Cohn and Sons. Inc , Eby'S Sportiva Good Co , Business Supply Co , and Montieur Studio 3 . .3 p : .I .i fb. 1' ' Agriculture, Adult Evening Class, Science, Chemistry. fb , . HELEN Busruw University of Nebraska, University of Iowa B. AQ Eighth Grade NONA ZEARLEY I S T C and U I U, Elementary Graduate, Sixth Grade HELEN THOMAS Upper Iowa University, Fifth Grade MABEL DURFEY Iowa State Teachers College, Graduate in Elementary Education, Upper Iowa University, Seventh Grade This pape soonsored by Richards' Cafe, Dr Compton, Moser'a Market, and Chapman'a Grocery 4 TAELMA ESTLING Uoper Iowa University Second Grade 1 C JP KATHRVNE LUCEY Upper Iowa University, Fourth Grada HENRIETTA WALKER Upper Iowa University, Third Grade I' "mn LINA ROMIG Upper Iowa University: First Grade This page sponsored by Waterloo Paper Co., Nehi Bottling Co., H. k H. Distributing Co., and Peter Pan Baking Co. 5 .V--1 ,4 y A u U0 ' X 6 NADTLYN C INE Kindergarten teacher Upper Iowa University, Elementary Education, VELDA OSHEL Baylor University, Waco, Texas Vocal Grade Music YYRLE SCHLEGEL B A Upper Iowa University Vaior Elementary Education and English 5 r Bb WTfh DRYER Secretary for Grade Teachepg This page sponsored by Wesley Coonfare, Ford Propane Gas, and Behrens, Kehrli, and Fobes 6 Garage, 'T 5 . , sf' g ? " 'f 4, A Coe College, Cedar Rapids: T.S.T.C., Cedar Fallsg A U nor? A t. l g X-T. ,v SENIORS LOUIS ROWELL l1YepUI Baseball 3,h: Boys' State 3, F.F.A. 2,3,M5 Class officer Mg Dramatics M3 Salutatorian M JAMES COLE nOh, boy! Baseball l,2,3 M Basketball 3, Class officer l M Bova' State Delegate 3 F F A l,2, Newspaper staff M, Office secretary M, Annual staff U Wramatics M VEPONA SHERD' AN nGood heave Vocal music l,2,? M Band l,2,3,M, Basketball l,2,3,M Class officer M Office secretary 1 2 M, Newspaper staff 1,2,3,M, Annual staff M Librarian l,2,3,M, Band officer 3,M, Basketball captain M, Dramatics 1 3 M Tnstrumental small vroups l 2,3 M, Coronet solo 2,3 Valedlctorian M RONALD FOUSEK Confound it' Basketball 2,3, Track 2,3,h Newspaper staff 3,M, Class officer M Annual staff M Letterman 3 W F A l,2, Track captain M Vocal music M "Sui This page sponsored by Madlom's 7 . n . g I . D I . . . U , . . . . o 3 ' A 5 DEN- X A ' L ' I v ns' . . al 1 . . 9 .v 1 . . . 9 1 ' 9 1 I - Q 0 ' I ,V 9 3 ! ' n J ,tj o 3 gs s - - - ' 2 - ""'i ,-flglff, A f c,yz2a4 VAYLA KRAMER 'Jeepers' Basketball l,2,3,h3 Newspaper staff 2,3,h: Vocal music 1,2,3,b3 Band 2,3,b5 Annual staff hg Majorette 2,3,hg Dramatics 3,h, Musicals 1,23 Librarian l,2,3,U3 Brass sextet h PATTIANNE JONES 'Yes, dear Office secretary 3 Class officer 1, Newspaper staff 1,2 3,h, Assistant editor for annual M, Hot lunch 3, Dramatics h Mixed chorus 2 IARLENE CHOPAHD 'That's a good question Librarian l,2,3,h, Dramatics 2,3,h, Newspaper staff M, Substitute chee leader M Office secretary M, Hot lunch l,2,3,b, Annual editor MARDELL GEEVE 'Go to work and Hot lunch l,2,3,h, Dramatics 3,h, Glee club 1, News aper staff 3,h Librarian 2,3,h, Annua staff b This page sponsored by The Edgewood Community Savings Bank 8 4 D 5 23 . D . . . 9 p Mr ' I n . . . - . , A , . . . . M A I, 7 si' ll . . . . . 5 , HOBERT MAIERS nLet's go someplace' Basketball 2,3,Mg Basketball captain Mg Baseball l,2,33 Track 2,33 F.F.A. 1,2,33 F.F.A. officer 33 Class officer 33 Annual A staff Mg Newspaper staff My Vocal music 3,M3 Dramatics 2,3,M3 State Champion, cattle judging M REGINA VASKE nOh, you ki s' Annual staff M Newspaper staff 3,M, Librarian 2,3,M, Dramatics 3 M Vocal music l,2,3,M, Hot lunch l,2,3, Basketball 3 CHARLES COLLINS Hot Toddy Basketball 2,3, Track 2,3, Newspaper staff 3 M F F A l,2, Boys' chorus M Annual staff M Class officer 3 NANCY LEWIS '0h, nuts X' Band l,2,3,M, Newspaper staff 2,3,M, Librarian l,2,3,M, Annual staff M, Class officer l,2,3, Basketball l,2,3,h, Vocal music 1 2,3,M Basketball captain M, Dramatics 3,M, Musicals 1,2 Hot lunch 3,M, Clarinet Quartet M This page sponsored by Strawberry Point Chamber of Commerce 9 ROBERT TIMMERMAN 'Oh, boy I' F.F.A. l,2,33 Newspaper staff My Dramatics 3,h- Annual staff hg Track 33 Boys' chorus M JOAN ELLIOT 'You're going to get it' Vocal music 1,2, Dramatlcs 2,h, Librarian 2 Class officer 3 Hot lunch 2,3 Queen candidate 3 Office secretary VERA ROMIG an Vocal music 2,3,h, Dramatics U, Newspaper staff h Hot Lunch M Annual Staff 5 VINCENT FANGMAN Get lost Dramatics 3 M ' , ' '3' h This page sponsored by Texico Tankwagon and Kent Feeds 10 . . 3 I I 2 W M W X H W fl3iC, Baseball l,2g Track 2 3' F.F.A. 1 2 ' Annual 3 as l f ' I X A S. Qi g f if m es? HAROLD TEGLLEF nF1ddlest1cksn Basketball l,2g Basketball manager 3,h3 Dramatics 2,33 Track 23 Baseball 23 Newspaper staff 3,bg Annual staff M3 Class officer 33 F.F.A. l,2,33 Projection operator 2,3,h3 Musical 23 Office secretary 2,33 Track manager h ROBERT EVERETT 'Oh, oy Glee club 1 2,3 Baseball 3 u, Band 1,2,3 L1 Dramatics 3 M Newspaper staff M N Hin- WAYNE THURN 'Oh, no Baseball l,2,3,h, F F A 2,3,h, Newspaper staff 3 Dramatics M Annual staff h, Class officer 3 5:4 This page sponsored by Athena's and Edgewood Implerrent 11 I 5 I -.4,ae b 1' s 3 1 ' s 3 - s I xj 5 , V I w 'H use mx . ,, I. . . . . I . I . ' 1 jrfrzgix .r' l!" Nagy' iiwh-. ' J UNDERCLASSMEN JLEVENTH G ADL FRONT ROW Karen Possehl, Jean Shingledecker, Carol Bockenstedt, Jolene Wilson, Mary Schultz, Anna Lee, Sharon Greve, Judith Kruger. SECOND ROW Mrs Kenney, Ronald Gaffney, Raymond McDowell, Jr , Krieg, Annadell Nanke, Howard Hansel, Ronald Timmerman, Mr Kenney THIRD ROW Robert Elliot, James Rizer, William Bushaw, James Funk, Ronald Ashline, Charles Helle, Gary Smith, Lavern Gibbs, Walter Clauson, Richard Theisen, Gene Clark TENTH GRADE FRONT ROW Virginia Jones, Nancy Chopard, Lois Rowell, Carlene Rizer, Paul Elliot, Richard Waterman, Annetta Romig SECOND ROW Mr Schlegel, Shiela Smock, Jeanette Kirby, Karen Beatty, Lana Madlom, Karen Jewell, Judith Kramer, Ronald Schroeder, Janet Hagensick, Miss Brown THIRD ROW Almore Taken, Melvin Gibbs Thomas Kramer, James Ernst, Gary Fisher, Terry Hansel, Gerald Streight, Arthur Wiltse, Bryce Hamlett This page sponsored by Midwest Tie to and LlV1ngBtOD and Stone 12 Jeanette Fnnk, Elaine Jaeger, Theresa Taken, Linda Ashline, Beyerly . 2 , NINTH GRADE FRONT ROW Linda Sherman, Dianne Gassman, Grace Uhlenkamp, Juditr Kehrli, Harold Scheer, Robert Streight, Eldon Shaw, Gary Kloster man SECOND ROW hr Lenguadoro, Jean Kruger, Ruth Vorwald, Jeanette Shaw, Kathryn Thein, Gayle Fisher, John Atkinson, Mary Musil, Velma Romfg, Kay Ash, Jeanne Theisen, Mr Mollenhoff Clauson, William Anderegg, Daniel Helle, Tom Lewis, Richard Erick son, Robert Nagel, Gary Bockenstedt, Lerelle Dean, Mary Helle EIGHTH GRADE ff M dl FRONT ROW Lorraine Gibbs Carol Ann Va8k6, Je OPY 9 om' Georg, Jaeger, Lary Klogtegmgn, Dale Jones SECOND ROW Terrence Messe, Nick Wilson, Evelyn Elledse. Gwendolyn Elledse- Barbara Gleason, Mrs Bushaw d b Strand Cafe bommunity Locker Walker's Tavggts ggggkegogggigacyi Burt Schulte, Shaeffer Jeweler, Standard Statiog, Perr1njaquet's Dairy, Jack Downey, A1 Mar, and Lee Totman 13 I QE, 5 I X I Q THIRD ROW: Douglas Cole, Michael Meese, David Ransel, Robert r" SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW Ronald Streight, Kenneth Kirby, Clifford Strang, Robert Schroeder SECOND ROW Bonnie Sherman, Roland Waterman, Delbert Funk, Joyce Vaske, Larry Thurn, Charlene Timnerman, James Anderegg THIRD ROW Glenn Hansel, Ronald Brown, Robert Stanley, Cletus Bissell, Gerald Ernst, David Nagel, Janet Basten, Sharon Vorwald, Tommy Yoe, Miss Durfey FOURTH ROW Barbara Harbaugh, Sandra Johnson, Carol Stone, Connie Totman, Glory Ann Ash, Richard Mangler, Judy Funk Priscilla Bushaw, Judyth Kenney, Barbara Clark Duane Coonfare SIAPH GRADE FRONT ROW Clair Kruger, Gary Elliot, Gerald Fangman, Kenny Moser, Gerald Wiltse. SECOND ROW. Sondra Wilson, Bonnie Ahrens, Reka Smock, Judith Johnson, Betty Shaw, Lorraine Wells, Bonnie Basten, Sue Ann Scott. TH RD ROW: Larry Thein, Carolyn Meyers, Dick Holthaus, David Atkinson, Lorna Debes, Mary Jane Battin, Daniel Elledge, Floyd Forsythe, Curtis Cole, Diane Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Linda Shaw, Jo Ann Straus, Ronald Hansel, Janet Shingledecker, Michael Meyer, Jean Willman, Mary K. Thein, Dean Kehrli. Jan Baker. Mrs. Zearley. This page sponsored by Shell Oil Company and Hubbard Ice and Fuel 14 FIFTH GRADF FRONT ROW Jerry Ingles, Larry Ingles, Roy Ingles, Noel Kramer, Gary Whitehead, Bruce Wlltse, Dean Sherman, Duane Cu1b61"tS0D SECOND ROW Eileen Hamlett, Evelyn Funk Patricia Meese, Doris Clark, Jann Ash, Barbara Tgken,,Ruth Elledge, Lu Ann Theisen, Joyce Basten THIRD ROW Mickey Yoe, Loras Jaeger, Sharon Erickson, Mary Anne Chapman, Richard Vorwald, Steven F'0beS, Carl Thurn, Kenneth Wulfekuhle, Shirley Ollins, Layton Hansel, Jenn Remig, Mrs Thomas FOURTH Row Danny Hansel, Mary Arthur, Joanne Wold, Phyllis Kenney, Mark H913-0, Mary Bea Chapman, Sandri Friedley, Jane Bissell, Patricia Culbertson, Louis Jaeger FOURTH CRADL FRONT ROW Tommy Burgin, Randy Ryan, Donald Wilson, Quentin Ash, Rocky Barnes, Randy Waterman, Fugene Welterlen SECOND ROW Linda Hansel, Evlyn Forsythe, Darrell Kehrli, Mary Jo Bishop, Linda Strang, Jan Welterlen, Nancy Klosterman, Diedra Diesch, Linda Coonfare THIRD HOW Sharon Gassman, Alan Bottelman, John Scheer, Ardith Hansel, Julia Jaeger, Danny Bushaw, Elaine Thein, Cherryl Fenton, Jackie Woerdehoff, Susan Kirby, Nile Gleason, Miss Lucey FOURTH ROW Joan Atkinson, Lesa Iadlom, Linda Meyers, Kathryn Ingles, Freddie Gremmels, Gary Glawe, Donald Suhr, Betty Beckley, Nancy Arthur, Lynn Rowell This page sponsored by Rulo s, I Fred Sherman, A Welterlen and Son, and Vic' Barbershop 15 ' ar ThInD GRADE F1OnT ROW Dennis Nagel, Jackie Hansel, Monte Kramer, Roger Wiltse, David Gassmann SECOND ROW Ann Meese, David Meyer, JoAnn Shaw, Sheila Nieland, Connie Kruger, Patty Vorwald, Carol Whitehead, Linda Basten THIRD ROW Anne Westhoff, Danny Wulfekuhle, John Chapman, Linda Peuker, Sandra Leslein, Steven Everetts, Rosie Smith, Susan Arthur FOURTH ROW Mrs Walker, Danny Ash, Barbara Friedley, Stephen Harbaugh, Gene Johnson, Tommy Brown, Loras Matt, Alan Williams SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW Tommy Hamlett, Peter Erickson, Carol Gassman, David Elledge, Jeffrey Debes, Suzanne Smock, Grace Elledge, Janice Nieland, Anita Vaske SECOND ROW Joyce Uhlenkamp, Patricia Harbaugh, William Strang, David Kramer, Dennis Kirby Marcia Bishop, Gary Weyant, Wendy Williams, Jean Fobes, Sandra Collins. THIRD ROW: David Kenney, Steven Klosterman Ste h K , p en nipper, Alvin Bottelman, Larry Hamlett, Michael Dean, Terry McQu1l1en R andy Barnes, Mrs Estling. , This page sponsored by Miller Paint Co., Mary's Gift Shop, Strawberry Point Chamber of Commerce, H. B. Stalnaker, and Barney's Tavern 16 ff- COM INATION GRADES ONE AND TWO FRONT ROW David Starling, James Felland, Gary Ingles, Larry Streight, Bonnie Totman, Donna Gleason, Roger Helmrichs, Dianne Jones SECOND ROW Janelle Diesch, Shirley Timmerman, Debra Rowell, Kathy Basten, Sharon Funke, Janice Westhoff, Pat Bulman, Bonnie Fisher TH RD ROW Mrs Schlegel, Carl Martens, Terry Cole, Gary Goss, James Thurn, Gary Hansel, David Hansel, Sharon Leslein FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW: James Basten, Carlyne Meyer, James Hamlett, Roberta Keltner, Kirk Kramer, Rudy Waterman, Eddie Forsythe, Terry Ingles. SECOND ROW: Margie Peuker, Danny Bockenstedt, Minnie Smith, Juanita Fullman, Larry Hansel, Mary Ann Matt, Richard John Richards, Timmy Goss, Lora Smith. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Romig, Roger Arthur, Richard Ingles, Kevin Perrinjaquet, James Bushaw, Emma Burgin, Matthew McMahon, Jeffrey Ryan. This page sponsored by A k A DX Station, Shell Station, Ashline Motors, and Dr. Cassidy 17 4, K ' I P . , -1'. - ' V ' I. ' '.. ' Q , Z w. K' 'i 1- ,. I . ,gy . ., i -- ' 4. "' , Il - , NN, . . . 0 . . e - o e 4 ' I A p ' 'I -" w. KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW Michele Wersinger, Charles Meyers, Becky Coonfare, Bert Bottleman, Gregory Debes, Gregory Schulte, Renna Shaw SECOND ROW Miss Cline, Jon Hyde, Rita Mae Uhlenkamp, Wayne Gassman, Clyde Beatty, Neil Sherman, Diane Strang, Neil Klosterman THIRD ROW James Price, Philip Westhoff, Neil Funk, David Knipper, Pamela Welterlen, Paul Chopard, Susan Chaoman KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW: Robert Basten, Micheal Bulman, Carl Jaeger, Kathy Hamlett, Nancy Welterlen, Karen Christensen, Kevin Brockmeyer. SECOND ROW: Miss Cline, Fritzie Kruger, Connie Wilson, Robert Vorwald, Leslie Johnson, Sandra Weyant, Patricia Lewis. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Nieland, Dorothy Venteicher, Karen Hamlett, Curtis Stone, Marilyn Maiers, Alan Kirby. This page sponsored by Beatty Feed Mill, Edgewood Feed Mill, Appleton Funeral Home, and Ackman Tankwagon 18 l t it "' 'lflli 4n. 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM IUNIOR HIGH BASKET BALL TEAM is 32 Er IU. TRACK TEAM BASEBALL TEAM HIGH SCHOOL BAND IUNIOR HIGH BAND GIRLS' CHORUS ABSENTEES AND TRANSFERS FRONT ROW: Sheryl Miller, Marilyn Stewart, Linda Stewart, Sandra Miller, Galen Moser, James Romig, Patrick Boffeli, Diane Stewart. SECOND ROW: Carol Hohmann, Elizabeth Fullman, Diane Krieg, Harold Sprague, JoE1len Vathen, Joan Elliot, Lola Ashline, David Wathen, Bobby Sabin. THIRD ROW: Shirley Sprague, Susan Appleton, Shirley Shaw, Edith Romig, Cletue Reinhardt, Charles Stone, Sharon Sabin, Larry Hohmann, Phyllis Sprague. Z3 L? J- L QA S U f 5 ." 1- .f 0 7 :gil g' K gk .V A 'lu I T 1 ' Vx v Y fs Q 'Q c 2 NEWSPAPER STAFF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA wggggggq A F, , i W I 'xilih 4 Q W in .U CHEERLEADERS LIBRARIANS FALI. ALI. SCHOOL PLAY I SPEECH ACTIVITIES PEGGY PARKS PETER RABBIT 26 SPRING ALL SCHOOL PLAY SENIOR ACTIVITIES GYPSY ROOM 1. if CNIONS STEW ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS 4 GRADE ACTIVITIES TION FIRST AND SECOND KINDENGAFTEN H 1 2 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM AND BANOUET PERSONNEL WT A r f I I DICE:- Ara uenevleve Sherman Mrs Anita Hagensick Cafeteria Cafeteria ous Drivprs Eli Baker Carolyn Lenguadoro Bus Mechanic Superintendent's Secretary 30 Too, too, tired. d us up. SENIOR TRIP QS From outer space Ready, willing, and able. Q 1 K un 'M s Ql'v Bookends. FOOLIN' AROUND S NAPSHOTS qw ' - ww. K - ' :, ' V Q 2 J xt ' Our Sophomore Cheerleaders from Wst, Pt W sailor Raw' raw' raw' f hs Kewpib D011 Jim D as Santa Bob M learns to dance Be kind to animals NOWB nM1ssn Kehrli wake up, little Suslel He's a cute bride. The IT girl. H1 Our Oooo la la girl Baby, ite, ggld ougsidg, Minnie ha na ha Siesta time 32 N 0 .J 1 ---1 , , ff, A . 0 5 0 0 . U -U: 5 Q . 5 -. x 4 ,. J ' , - ff I . V ,X xi Q I . ' '3 , A X htm - , n, ar , 'sd 'X it .f' ' gaf, - ' : r , . so ,Q W X , ' 1 1 'N I q - . G I , f - J , ' . - V ., xrlx , X A V I x cm' V www' - - - . Verona Sherman Valedictorian 'W-f Weiuns COMMENCEMENT Louie zowell lutatorian U1 Vwwc nmdmwf lotto board me women lhe Hen lndergbartc' Spelling team A Qmmswmetmmn 33 it .., ,. V! 4 - ' 5 l I 1 5' 323. ' f , 5 I r' ' f . . Q K I jf 1 ' . -- V ffs. . ' L 'J A Uv Q A. 3 v ,.-,L . . A V Q, W ' ' n .14 I , ff 3 , Rib? , i ' ,. 1' V as 1 1 - N' . ' 'L I P W , Y "1 Q ii Y '.1 ji". 15 . ,rw SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Last night I dreamed that and I was making a trip to see then I had to travel quite far distance away I dreamed that I began ny L it was 1983, twenty five years from now, all of my classmates of 1955 Some of to see, and others were just a short trip right here in Edgewood First I went to see Wayne Thurn, then ouis Rowell Wayne and his wife, the former Annadell Nanke, lived on a farm northeast of Edgewood Annadell told me that since they had so many little Thurns, they had to trade their Ford sedan for a Ford tation wagon When I came to Louis Rowell's farn, I was very surprised All there was on the farm was a shack for a house, a broken down barn, and a 'MB Ford Louis explained to ne that he had fallen into poverty, when he started a reducing plan that added pounds instead of tak' v a My next stop was at Greeley where Charles Col Ins was runnlng a brewery After he discovered he couldn't hide all he wanted to make on a still at home, he decided to do it legally and in the open Charles was slowly becoming rich by selling to all his friends At Guttenburg I found Vayla Kramer, the girl who was once going steady with two bovs at the same time, searching the beaches for a man in a sleeping bag whom she stumbled over one night As I was traveling through Thorp on my way to Manchester, I found a small circus that featured Regina Vaske as its leading lady She was the fat lady Regina told me that while she was younger she had taken so many pills that she now weighed S80 pounds When I arrived in Manchester I founa that Joan Elliot, now Mrs Gary Hartbeck, lived in a brand new house Joan explained that she always did like Gary, so after Ronnie left for the service, she and Gary started r1d1ng to work at Manchester together After about a year of riding together they decided it would be cheaper to get married and build a new hore in Manchester St Luke's at Cedar Rapids was my next stop Verona Sherman was still employed by this hospital It seems she had been successful as a nurse, but not successful at landing Charles Collins, so she settled for an intern of similar qualities Now I dreamed that I had to leave the state of Iowa and go to Missouri to see Robert Everett sing on Ozark Jubilee Bob had a long string of girl admirers, but he brushed them aside and said, I still plan on marrying Evelyn Elledge, when I get Elvis's top rank N My destinations were getting farther apart now and I had to travel by train to Chicago where Pat and Howard Hansel were running a dancing school Pat and Howard agreed that they had been considering it ever since the Jr Sr Banquet when Howard proved to be such a good dancer From Chicago I went to New York to s Rob t M ca led umalk all the Time He holds a tglkjngegecog egnoghfsprogram program which no one has broken for three years when I talked to Bob, he said I proably wouldn't get to see Robert Timmerman because he goes from town to town selling medecine to make you grow tall Bob Maier said that the last tine he had seen Bob Timmernan he was six and one half feet tall Bob also told me I wouldn't get to see Nancy Lewis either Nancy was traveling with the Harlem Globetrotters and was fast becoming one of their star players I dreaned that by airplane I went to Germany to see Mardell Greve and to get some of the sleeves out of vests that she was giving away free. Mardell decided the United States was no olace for her after she and Larrv broke up so she went to Germany to live with ner slster. James Cole tried out for major league baseball but didn't make it. He then 1oined a girls' softball team that toured Russia. While on thi trip, he became so involved in Communism that he took out naturalization papers. So my next journey was to the Kremlin to see Jim in his new offic he Marines had sent Ronald Fousek to the Hawiian Islands, so that was my next stop. Upon my arrival I found that Ronnie had become infatuated with a cute, little Hawiian girl who was now his wife. She and Ronnie were now making grass skirts to send to the United States. 34 L - O . O 1 O O A O 5' 0 A O ' s . - a .nr the way. 1 1 ' - .L O O O . V O O I w I C 0 . O , , A , I O I 4 4. I N' I n . . I 4. o' U Q - , - 1 n 3 1 o I A I O O I , . A. A I In California I killed two birds with one stone. Harold Tegeler was serving out a sentence in prison for making question marks out of fly specks on the State Capital Building wall when he served as an usher at the Jackson Day Dinner. As I talked with Harold, Vera Romig cane long earn all From California I went to Mexico to see Vine nt Fangman in one of his famous bullfights when I asked Vince how he liked it in Mexico he said, nFine, especially the girls Marlene! Marlene! Someone was calling! Nas it one of the other old maids that lived in this home for forgotten treasures where I was stav ng after Jon gave me the bum's rush? Or was it nv old Tabby cat mewing that sounded like Marlene, Marlene ? opened my eyes Mother stood in the doorway She said, Marlene, get up! You have so much to do today and class night is this evening I crawled out of bed slowly and as I reflected uoon this dream I was so very thankful Mother hadn't interrupted my dream before I learned the outcome of everyone in class, for, being an old maid, m curiosity would surely have killed me had I not learned the outcome 1 I asked her whv she was there and she said Harold is mv Love and I've been taking in washings these twenty five years to money to buy hardware to smuggle in to him so he can break out of all ry old classmates S ENIOR CLASS WILL Je the senlors of 195 of the city of ndgewood counties of Clayton and Delaware, state of Iowa, belng of sound mlnd and memory do hereby make, publish, and declare thls to be our last will and testament, hereby P6VCklHg any will or wills heretofore made by us Larlene Chopard, will my determination and willpower to stick with one boyfriend to Jean Shin ledeckex I woulon't trade my chance o living in the white house for the wrole navy James cole, will xy carpenter work at Lamont to Gary Smith 11th all your work in shop, you should llHlSh the prcgect I've started by the tl1S you both graduate Charles Collins will ny close relatlonshlp wlth the fra of the Law to Lavern ibbs You should become as fa ous as Wyatt Ferp Joan ll1ot, wlll my ability as a public speaker to onald ilmmerman lou should be well prepareo from all your exp rience at speakinf 1U the study hall nobert sverett, N111 my abllity as a 11 h Jumne to Jlm Jowney It will ne In 1 n y you atte pt to hurol xoll a ay beds ln me Ronald rousek, w1ll ny rendezvous stat on in Bixby Park to 'alter take my sparking pla e as well I, Vincent Pangman, wlll my class rlng to ix 1 can remember wrich glrl ln btrawberry has ore diLficult when they move out of town l Mardell Creve, will all my full skirts nanke and thus prevent so much breath CHDCOIHQ stoop l ratt1anne Jones, will my collectlon of sharon Jreve They come in so very handy Clauson ou ha e acquired one of nv old flames, so why mot mary schultz fhet is, It makes lt even and can cans to Annadel whenever you happen to hickv scarves to I, Vayla Kramer, wlll my talents as 9 aome aker o omorrow to ana alo and 1y Duxumbur boyfriend collectlon to Jeanette Kirby I, Nancy lewis, will my talents as a chemist to Linda Ashline Lo not overwork yourself in maintaininr a place on the honor roll as I have I Robert uaiers will my studious ways to Tom Lewis with the hopes nat lt w1ll asslst you in our conferences wlth ,our n lish teacher 1, Vera Romlp, alll my secret love for elm nrnst to oh ron babin, and my tn stamp oi apvroval oi everythln , to my speech teacher I, Louis nowell, wlll my aollity to collect news to ober clllot and my parking place in Lamont to Charles elle I, verona Sherman, will my abllity to pose for snaps ots to Karen Possehl It seems I'm alw ys ln the wron place at the right time 35 . n. , W J " A O e I H , O n n i . , ' N I1 I . . Il N I Y , . ., of 1. . V , . L L N ' - - Q - ' i , . I,I' . P , Y . - 1 L J . g I, ' S ' . I, , , V I . . . z A A 0 , ' . 1.1 n I, A ' ' M ,,A . V 1 , A W - . , V . IL, Y N. V Q 1, ' A ' U ' Q 1 ,p , r A V . 1 '. ' cog ' la ., if , - ' S Q - N ' . t dark in the ralmer .ouse on your Cnicato trip I, ' ' I' 1- 'fy n V 1 I ' Y 1 A , c . 1 , . . F . . I , . . .l . . a ' it. ' M I 1 . - I , , - 4 . O - 0 ' ' I .. , w ,w 'rw . I V r. . l . H 'A 5. rg V I A A - - -s ' L na' m I v . S , ' ' 0 A W. E , . Q . . E 1' t y K 1 . Q. 'v, -. . , a 1 .1 ' I ' . ' ' ' ' pi K ' . ' e ' ' , . 4- , l , - , 44 g L . . . F ' - 5 O arold egeler, wlll my t lents of cuttln lD on other I6llCM'S dates to ow rd Hansel It wozks best if vour steady is absent e lna ve ke w1ll my collect on o bottles tc dll 1am bush w l un stand you plan to we a veter1nary FRG these slcul come ln handy ,ne u ll u colle rllnes ole o acele s o erelle Dea1 Rf e you'll have more success than l had ivin oocxt lHmGPUWH VL l mv Charles tlas on seque to xonald sfnloeder wlth the HdlO1ltlOH that lt tax s a great dell o er 1cise to keeo 1 sla e 1e c ol, w e a o l vlll all ou o y aiu any otwer ac e nent ac llSU1 nts th t under lassnen 1nd use ne lci l sen or w o still have artlc s o vi ue 1 otle lse disuosf of w ll ple se turn t em over to me, ,our onorabl hard p2lHS takin , praiswort1y, and exhusted not onsld ousek 19 l s of W do hereby set ur hand and seal wltne s of nonald rousek manor L8MlS obert v xoo rt llnneruan G C C' E SENIOR CLASS HISTORY James Cole acted as our class historian. He and hls committee found that there were eight pupils enrolled in our class twelve years ago They were Kay Carpenter, Robert Everett, Patricia Frederick, Janet Kepp ler, Vayla Kramer, Nancy Lewis, Norman Shaw, and Verona Sherman Robert hverett, Vayla Kramer, Nancy Lewis, and Verona Sherman completed the full twelve years as class members Teachers during our elementary grades were Elsie Lutjens, Arlene woli, Henrietta Nalker, Nona Zearley, and Helen Bushaw In activities in high school the following won letters Nancy Lewis, Verona Sherman, and Vayla Kramer in girls' basketball, Robert Everett and James Cole in baseball, Vincent Fangman, Ronald Fousek, and Harold Tegeler in track, and Robert sverett, Nancy Lewis, and Verona Sherman in band Other honors received were State Dairy Cattle Judging Champion, Robert Maiers, Homemaking Award winner, Vayla Kramer, Boys' State Dele gates, James Cole and Louis Rowell, Band Queen, Verona Sherman Verona Sherman was valedictorian of our class and Louis Rowell our salutatorian Class officers during our senior year were Louls Rowell, Pres , Jales Cole, Vice Pres , Ronald Fousek, Treasurer, and Verona Sherman, ecretary Our class flower was the red rose, our colors, crimson and silver, d our class motto, we will find a path or make one The most outstanding and memorable events during our four years of h school were the Junior Senior banquets of l957 and 1958, and the cnior Cla s Trip to Chicago, April 23, 214, 25, 1958. Class sponsors during our high school years were: Miss Brown and r. Reidisel, grade nine: Mr. Brase and Mr. Davis, grade ten: Mr. and rs. william Kenney, grade eleveng and Mr. Christensen and hr. Randall, ,rade twelve. Names of others who were class members at one time or other, but whose names no longer appear on the class roll are: Kay Carpenter, atricia Frederick, Janet Keppler, Norman Shaw, Alfred Anderson, Rich- ard Vaske, Darlene Adams, Marlene Adams, Janet Smock, Norma wagner, Loucill Forsythe, Lois Glawe, Norbert Glawe, Sharon McManigle, Sheldon Hclanigle, Vernon Peuker, James Moser, and Robert Dettbarn. Thus the history of the seventieth class of Seniors to graduate from the Edgewood Hlgh School comes to a close. 36 L. A ' l' ' '2 ' u ' " - W ' ' ,i Q 'U . 1 ' t 'Q ' o I, R f' U s , ' ' - ' L S 1 L' -' ' 'a n ' ser, D' f. ' . f , ' N , I u A ' ' KW. I, Na' In rn, wi xy , ' ctloa rf - ' xg. T p - -tl t L12 . 1. A fb ' 1 ' ' , in Q .v tiem PWQY. I, R 'g- !', , af , ffl' L ' ' A ,'y 1 L ' 'i W ' '1, H .' ' ' ' 'C T 1 T .9' ' 'n r J . To tr SlfO e Um cl ss f 950, J' 'r ld cena and um wrappers, our model study hall manners, our re ular attendance, 1' . L, .Qi .e. . s and comyh' '.c p ' c ', in .cj.l ,nd be T' e . All L S M t . 4" lo f fl O' 'E ru' to 3 1 . l, 3a.' -1 K ' fl S, 1 - workin , ' - ." i' . ary, A . v . Ee t? l as 1855, K C' V . ln ' s : H n erett i 'S m'.v A t ., et,., .tc., O J O , . ' 1 O . - . : A . . . - Y ' . O F' : . . I H 0. . . Q . N, n n ,A . uig - Q 1 S

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