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 - Class of 1956

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ZEIVJ' 7-f"'9"'e"fl"f '"fxf??7ia5w.'-"k""'i',Q'T.- ff""'.ssffiv7 Tf",.f'1'?'4'f.55!B 'V ""!i1f':lf'ir': .IEW YW'i'2'9 i""Q??'f:T Jafife IQ! 1956 Dedication .............. Superintendent's Message . .. Principal and Trustees . . . Faculty .............. ACTIVITIES Annual Staff --'--- Student Council ---- A Cappella Choir ...-.-.... Glee Club and Choraleers ---- Future Teachers of America ..... .. . Future Homemakers of America Jr. Red Cross ............. .. . Y-Teens --'--- F. B. L. A. -- Canteen .......... Palette and Brush . -- Library ........... Band ..... Pep Squad . . . Raider ...... La Amistad ... Thespians . .. Photography . . . Mathematics .... SPORTS Football . . . Basketball. . . CLASSES Senior Class '56 .. . 'Junior Class ...... Sophomore Class ..... Freshman Class ........ Senior Class Prophecy ---- ADVERTISEMENTS .... SCHOOL LIFE SECTION . . . Il r""" , 4-0 -... ...-- 'fi' L u LL1 11 Ln. L1 LLA LAK 111.1 1 ILI' Q U ml. 1.1.1 1' -juf 7- vZ'1,.v .Him ...LSL ---U ...E Li IU " .611 'I11 11.117 of guiiv 111.32 11.1 llanflx XL'. 3..1..1 1, Lit. If 1.17 'Ik7..L. 117L...-A.1-t..j,1l.T.111 cars, lr. l'r.11-.11 1.11.gE.1i11.1t:.. Qf.."Q..lQfN, G11 .T .QC ZULQIQ ":11..11...' 1.1 I11 11- .11-lN.11AIQ1..1L".x.1L1 -'1 I -311.-. mlm .1 IL'..L'i.L'. :1111f1v .1:1l1.'. U11..-2 hu J1rU1i1111 tim .".rI.1pp1lE.1rI11o11'11ns r.uc1'.'V 1 Q Ex1l.1..' i.. If.. 1.1.-. Tm- 11.31. '111f,L.'1111-111 .vflur 1.f1 .-1.-A111151 -111.m-1 Q.11i 11 ruler 1111 .1112 .Nw .1 xik' ,- QL 1.1 1. ..-11 .. .u11111' IQ.-11.12 X11.gf:, 5 4... 17: f.1...f. 'M-g..i.,gf, ..1.x..if..1L'f4E,..f.l1-...Lf 'l'Q.1 fr. 11 .. .f:1...1 .:1 -' Z1'..15.s Lf L-pL5...l14. .1I,.1A.T..nT 2mL..lif1g1 I1.11'., K'-. 1.1 A 1, T..1 .11 . 1 IQ., ,.1.gLg,.1' .rnjpiu 11211.11 I ' 1- 111.11 r.. l 1. 1... .1..4.:11-. Sup fp' Grlfff, 0, 10 what became A ual one "l wonder ' as we look through this ann ol johnny '?" That is what sorne of us may be saying day in t . Nearly a thousand students are pictured in this hook. What a v. otentialitx' lor real civic, social, andrnoralleadershi there is anion so P . P niany fine young people! lt is my hope that we will not have to aslc the question indicated ahove too often, lt is rather iny hope thatex-students of Edgewood High will he clear- ly seen and generally known in San Antonio because they are truly living ' ' ' les they have learned at honie, at church, and at according he 'uture. 'onderful to the princip school. fi ' ,lj , li. , 'I f ix- fppfy KX? 4 .L , g' 'l ' 'Fl 'S M ..,? Rm... 5 '-J' .T"a.." .93owzd K Jfuwteeo Roy Barrera President S. R. Fuem L. 0 5,3 , L Q Manuel V Lopez M ANTU Auto Mech MR ED N BEHRINGER Comm Math afamif MR ARMANDO MR Hl:RMAN BALDARAMA BANKS Healthk P E Shop MRS ROSIE BEJ AR Secretary -v' I Mr Balderama sees that everyrhrng s rrrm ar Edgewood Hrgh MR FRANK BIRMINGHAM Marhemaucs pn. img Mr and Mrs Cardenas Mr Forester and all who attended enjoyed the jumor dance ON 4-+5-to frm ...N MR MEREDITH BRIGHT Mathemaucs MISS MARY LOU CAINTU Secretary po 1019 MR JOE CARDENAS Vlce Prrn MISS MARY E DAUNOY Lang Am J MISS MARY AGNES CURD Secretary MRS DOROTHY DEC KER Rcblbtrar 1 yt., 1 - if - 1 1 Q , 'I e I- , -SAI ' - f I ' A be I R d r V ., ju. N f X X xg jr! I I Syn I I Y xx I I ' f 'ff A . " Q' +R I Irrr I . I--- -,, , ,, 1 n V , , , , A ft 'I ' :eil I . 3 i . . . x Y -S 5 - - . IQ A ' , x' hr A 7' . H A VU' 'L r,'9" elf S. ,, 3- .3 1 7 C? f -W w ,f I if I I ' ' H f . - X .y A A . 4 I- I 6 1810 Speech Cor Mr Antu s class ln Auto Mechamcs IS not ALL fun IIR JOE FR XKER Comm Subjects MISS -XRDENA B I-IACKNEY Lang Arts I MRS AGNES GR KH AM Health Sc PE MRS LORENA H-XYNES Cur Coord MRS GENEV X FOSTER 415 Q MRS EVELYN MRS HELEN MRS ANN DESHA Comm Subjects MR ERNEST FARRIS Shop DICKSON ENGL HND Nlurse Comm SubJects MR JESSE MR RICH ARD FERN ANDEZ X FLORES Mathemaucs Soclal Studles new - MRS OP AL HEIM Home Ec MISS ALICE HOLMAIN Home Ec Mr Lovelace looks over muslc for hxs band classes A f vf' 'Q .i MISS IESSIE HOWLAND Lrbrary MR CH ARLES T JOHNSON Lang Arts MR DILLARD MRS MARGARET A rsABEL VY Socral Studres I -I MRS MARIORIE MR JAMES M JOHNSON C KITTELL Lang Arts Health 84 PE 6,9 Coach Isabel and Coach Maddox have a conference wrth Eagle Pass Coach 'O -gl' gras-915 mme teacher who can really enjoy her work Mrs Ivy and her art class MRS ALTHEA MR MITCHELL LeSAGE LOVELACE Home Ec Band MR THOMAS MR WINFIELD MADDOX F MEYER Health 84 PE Lang Arts S h MR ROSCOE MACK Band MR EDGAR W MILLS Counselor 'vu ffj. A '7 Af Mr Farrls explatns some facts about art of leather work Y ubt CEI nugrgb sh MRS DORIS MRS CARMEN MISS ANA SAINDERS SAUCEDO MARIA SOSA Lang Arts Study Hall Lang Arts MISS INORMA MR BEINNIE SOSA STEIIN HAUSER SCICDCC Asst Supt Q' MR ROY STENSLA ND Lang Arts 'f ,IA ,7 MR E F H. MORGENROTH Shop MRS CLARA PARK Lang Arts I ka 5 I MR HUBBARD MISS LIZETTE NEELY OCONNOR Comm Subjects Lang Arts MR LEONEL MR MARTIN PENA REYNA Sclence Comm SubJects rf' fo if' ,- Part of our cafeterxa staff MRS ORA R. STEPHENS SC1 ICL MRS ESTHER TRULSON Chou 5 MRS BONNIE TIIOMPSOIN Ikalth and PE MRS MNYA M IJILSON Comm Subycts 1? MISS DOROTHY TIMMS L01 5 Arla MISS BETTY WISE .JILII A PE J' JR. ff? I, , 3 ff S .N Thats Mrs Stbphbm by the a luam lm II Blology claus .. Mr. Joe Cardcuas, Vice Principal and Dann of Boys 10 I Clubs in Edgewood are becom- ing more and more popular with students, judging from the increas- ing number of studentsparticipating each year. Here are some of the reasons why: at Q06 ,tc ,' 'il' tl and and sometimes a art ll ,JL if ,p , , 3 3 J r IW Uh fm maipw ,f 1 4 ' A asf Sta I if A ,M-N M ,Y ww f Q. -'Q' 'wt- m,,,,.-W f 1: 1 vi' an X. Editor's Message The Secretaria1Training room at the eastern end ofthe barracks Qbetter known as Siberia, by the membersj has served asa working place Cprison campy for the annual sta ff many, many hoursafter school, and on Sat- urdays this year. Through the high pressure methods employed by the sponsors, Mr. Bir- mingham and Mrs. England, we have met the final deadline. Though we found that co-opera tion of departments our biggest hinder- ance, we find that school spirit and sportsmanship are returning to the student body--considering thatall traditions were left at the old school and we have had only one year to create new ones. This 1125 COITIC DUI in our sports, clubs, and school assemblies, and although everyone rec- fr ognizes it for what iris, it takes more than rules and regulations to I, standardise behavior of students. The senior class will leave a record of good behavior, care of school, scholarly attention to studies, and sportsmanship in every meaning of the word. These records will be looked upon and will try to be bettered by Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes in turn. We of the annual staff hope that this, the fruit of many hours of hard work and painstaking precision willbe looked back upon with pride from the graduating Seniors to the last freshman to enter our school. Editor 9' fn' xr ' sl, 51!'1' ...-- f. n ,. :Q- pn R . .sp ...QE 13 Q v 3 """ 5 , 'A' J, Student x - "V.' Left, David Herrera, President nl, 15 sk t a Capfpe The ACappe11a Choir is one of the most respected organizations in Edgewood, and is known throughout the state. Its members work hard to make their programs at schools, clubs, and hospitals entertaining. Q J,',,....a-I I R I I Chaim Three members of the choir were chosen for participation in the all- state choirin Dallas this year. They were: Harry Dunnon, Mary Hall. and Theresa Whetstone. 17" i Y. fi Cfwfrafifww Qiefsa fb 9 9 M 9 vgvf-gQW,9TffPn510 QEeeGEuli ff 6 Q Q 3' 6 4534. 7+ ff' fl .7 KN u J T Y' " M1 i lm.-...Y The F. T. A. is a newly organized club. The club's aims are to provide better teachers for the youth oftomorrow, The F. T. A. is spon- sored by Mrs. Trulsong President is Carmen Saldana, 19 7 6 .-.,...........--nw., w'N 77213 . 'S .013 'Sr 9 1 r- b "- ,X 1' 97' v. Kms is wot 21 1' I K 1, JUNIOR RED CROSS AIMS We believe in service for others, for our country, our community, and our school, in health of mind, and body to fit us for greater service, and in working for better human rela- tipns throughout the world. We have joined the American Junior Red Cross to help achieve its aims by working together with members every- where in our own and other lands. , 0 I K x Miss Wise -Sponsor ACCOMPLISHMENTS This year our council filled produc- tion orders as, match covers, party caps, etc. which were sent to the various mil- itary hospitals in our area. Early in November a program was given to ac- quaint the student body with the operations of our I. R. C. A Christmas tree was bought and decorated for the Bexar County T. B. hos- pital. Gift boxes were filled and the enrollment drive was successful. Boxes of cookies were filled for the military hospitals also. Members ate together at the Christmas Banquet, held here at school. Edgewood has received city-wide recognition for the Junior Red Cross work. 23 3 1 Get-togethers Dances Y-TEENS is an organization sponsored by the Y,lx',C,A, The group works with an outside sponsor and participates in as many activities ofthe regular Y, C, A, as possi- hle. Some examples of these activities are pictured on these two pages. ! .K 5, Q K W. M, is ft I 1 3 5 leeno, UD Sports ,', 59313 'sh I' , gy I . If Lf 2- 0 "f'.Ipf' it 1 ' 1 NS A gan 1! .9 ,J ' s A.. 93 a Com ments 0 . U M13 S , . MC1xrett ig X Speech, Club Officers Sponsor I8 me Sewes P rv unCh YO Ma ' and 505.66 Canteen, Canteen Committee is the organization that provides recreation for Edgewood students twice a month on Thursday nights with such activities as ping-pong, checkers, and dancing. Mr. Roscoe Mack Sponsor I 1 9:12412 X W f X U X 1' 'ff fi f if ff """' Leprrano Plneda V1ce Pres Gerda Voelkel Pres lfffi Nancy Rodemeyer Treab b if Yolanda Davlla Sec Norma I Harper .9 Re Mrs Ivy Sponsor 3J fy K? X, f X H 4? Xi 7 X .,,, 1 f -A - - P ' f , pf! f r r 9574! ' ' , Jr If A P- I 5 ,7 an f- e 4 I 1 L . 'K ta 1 1. ' A-D 4' ri!-4-fb '13 rs f x. 1 if 1 1 Xffwx ,wx nl.. . y 4 ' LJ ' .Q , V ' ' .-.M N , A , I , V . 7 1 'G . . ff K ,E kfl W ' , fn, I ' ,. ,Q A gvT'3 363' 'Jr -f-xi" J -V, U' .. W , Q,5fQ2v:m Z fi- ' " " .. ' , 1 , fw w t 41? -'f 4 4 r- 1.Lwh!M5' ' Above- 3rd year art Below -Art club if ,-I ff 0 Q73 I r 1 x 1 ,,1 . , "5- KW TA L, IC x bag, QX gi ax N' N 32 'L I R. , Lf-.W ,N .M x Q e . -. ..:. ,F my 0 x N 8 8 Ro xxx ix W xeaiix XXX X45 Yea a x a a a Whue a a a a a 'foo uw? GX C L. yea ea X' XX X vB 3 X ix xx 'oO S LA ck X' bxygk 5 Ti-ZSYYX ado O S e YO Fmghx ixgfdu Qu G Z EO R GV-ind YS G 90 go Rdklaxde go Red Ram or L33 X hx S ek W 93 6 WW hilfm gm Wx X Xu s fo X we K ,Ax C15 Q a X NL Vu go: the x 3 m We reohiheh e 3 m W L ve gol the mam sham s on dx beam he we That s ready her to 5-C km em ahve Come R211 rs s M11drcd Elsn 91' SCHIO r Cheerleader 692' sofa 'rXoXd X x to BYU img Hokd nghi seam fx Hokd u hx :oath hghl Yea a a a a a 'S am hghv r gonna w N me gonna w N r gonna w x we to gouua wm, W to gonna mu w ye gonna wm xomghv Y a a a a Leamx XX feek sharp, hue. 'Ava Q NQOXYXO J fi T 11 r '70 hx 11 em XOM Y I um hxgh Come OD Raldgts let S DO Our ieam 15 f 1 n e O th X 1 na L 0 V 1 X Q Th L 1 mm all :he uma 1-Y ara. me L and me u Of alll Y L S L h b 6 I Cheer them 1 Ontogbst Ze: ou she gas Emp oh xhe sxane: sxep aside, sxep aside, ass! You' when you'ic OD she , Sup Lex xhc Raiders Q You'h he sharp, ' 3 on the iidd, when you re You'h sxay sharp, When you make sham mouchdowh, So come ou you Raiders, 'rXoXd that Xihe . Oh hoXd lhat XXDC, 'doxd dim hue, Oh hoXd xhat hue X W im 38 Social C2 ficew, Mrs Graham Sponsor Mary Hall Vice -President Carmen Saldana President Susie Riojas Bobbie Street Treasurer Secretary Duff ,fficew -Y' " Norma Harper Marie Wahrmund Lt. Colonel Major Mary Helen Garcia Colonel 7 Af Q x in ' 'x x 0 ' ' 9' 1 JS-x , H -' y .1 Hal, , f 4 - Y Q , Qi 8 . ' Alice Martinez Eva Ortiz Billy arper Susie Riojas Delia Bermea Carmen Saldana Capt. 3 yrs. Capt. 3 yrs. Capt. 3 yrs. Capt. 4 yrs Capt. 4 yrs. Capt. 3 yrs. A 39 Maw Grace Ashton Margaret Mary Helen Garcia Mildred Eisner john Turner ,af Modene johnson J A xg gn X . Q. Maria Berm ea Aurora Anguiano Anna Marie Najcra Geary Kay Aguirri Dolores Hernandez Yolanda Lozano Angie Flores Elida Hernandez Phylis Aguirri V We '7g,I,QLwiJlV x W . 0' Alice Martiniz fad -1 Iii: if 6 1 " T A 1 Captains . 2 ! x . ' I 4 lx lv" f I , X ' 4 1 V X A'-in ,- -O 1 S X P4 to 4-- K X f -1 X, x 5 V, as -f g . Y- f ' V Marie Wahrmund Q' ,au lxorma Harper Marv Ann Curd Marilyn Sorrell Mabel Mayes Pauline Hernandez Bobbie Curtis Olivia Silva Olga Galan Maria Anita Rodriguez Delois Cunningham Barbara Curtis Janie Alvarado Josie Hernandez Mary Hall Gloria Jackson Sandra Chapman Dora Baiza Carrie Alvarez Dorothy Bedford Lupe Velez Dora Corona Mwnuela Rodriguez Sylvia Goewe Lillie M. Blackburn Mary Lou Cadenas Amparo Barboza Mary Lou Dickson Annie Gonzales Sarlh Lou Kelly Flagbearer 'Q 4 ll .. Eva Ortiz Billie Harper X 1 l t l Susie Riojas x X .fgy Delia Bermea Colonel Carmen Saldana Vlajor TY 4 Qaida wi" ' 6 N 1 i-Rf. "X I N f O VICE PRESIDENT 'WN Ame ha Ga una Q 3 ycarsj s TREASURER LH ,V Dolores Medina L V Q : f-3 yeqarswj if 1 t i ' .ar f fi SPONSOR Winfield Meyer Q5 yea rsj 44 PRESIDENT Mary Alice Bermea Q 2 years 1 SECRETARY Ca rmcn Saldana Cl yearsj O '15 The Spanish Club Members worked hard this year to raise money for that special trip to Monterrey during the summer of 1956. One of ourmembers, Francisco Figueroa, receiveda scholarship from the Pan -American Round Table, to attend the extension courses offered in San Antonio by the National University of Mexico. D Standing, left ro right: Francisco Figueroa, Angeline Caponite, Luis Herrera, Aurora Resendiz, Lupe Velez, Martha Castillo, Maria Luisa Garcia, Teresa Gonzalez. Mary Evelyn King, 1811768 COVHII Seated, left to right: Dolores Medina, Carmen Saldana. Mary Alice Bermea, Amelia Gauna, Win- field Meyer. 45 piano, 2 an 1 I--..., I. Wiliv ' A : A 4 f 1 , .Q xi L W x g ! ' F V 2 7 5 E M! Y' vx I , . .-.V W .' 47. ,xg . , . ., .IE Q .il X' 5-1 as fl' 0 At f r-Q 4 3 1' . 1 f ' ..': f' J 1- - 4 ,IK 1 ',,as J AIM' " .- 'QP . :T-1f.?rA.,K Rb: ' ,W Qi :JI l yr '44 I fs 4 Xml' u k,'l1l" l I 5 co- ' 43,141 Q ,ua Q., qu Oc, 'q4: e'e ummm ' u Qlwwgwamff G6 The Photography Club was recently organized nr Edgewood lligh under the sponsorship of Mr. Frziker. The members met during the sixth period this year to learn their trade. Q6 : 'Lin .s-v- , Sponsor Mr. Fraker Treasurer c 9 E, I v5 ' President George Williams fp Vice-UPHQSKXEYK, Secretary Mary Ann Curd Jacinto Puiido Vincent Salazar TNQ gs n s .J ,, . y Sergeant-at-Arms Bobby Morales The Math Club was organized for the first time this year under the sponsorship of Mr. Jesse Fernandez, with one of its purposes the study of the slide rule. Jw- 04' All, ,144 X Y S410 ata, T K X k s I 'L aka? P Ilwr 3 rf ff If I Ugalde ,PG X to I Martmez JV an X O' 'P S- 575117 -iL COACH Tommy Maddox efez 1 iflk E Rlojab Eg? f . K r ff is ,Q 6 H My L7 iz fy ' ' 1 'Q ' :L v . ' , , "l' ' So ' .3 Y T1 tx 'W .,.Q , Eh ' ... ? J' 5 t f U Q" 3, xy A V LM PG , ff I X . s Q W fn' X 4. fl cqx I , Al, 555 XQ XQJ5. f if -L QS? 5 I If - ,Q wx F5 . 1 : 2 L5 'F f 4:1 Q' , J Q2 ' W , ' ff A7 yi f Greco AF V A C . La ,, .VA. A as . gy, Q ' ::. M ' WGN A' P n T' . ' ' - r A sf im--V' 5 G . ,. Am ' 1: 4 4. 2 v I 1 rf fir, -- 3' Y- '35 bf Hs 5 V Y Ill I Ill I' S Ill li an 5- I I,l I' " E. Sorrell I IL! I 2 .6 , W' 5- ' -I .g-GW VL if , if 5 ' if x rg D. Herrera R. Suarez MJ , ' ly-IUC? V Q W S c h e d u I e in I ll n ri I They We 40280 Q Scpt, Ccntral 31 T Sept, So, San L3 6 ,4 4? Sept, Peacock 12 13 'TQZO J' Sept. Tech G Oct. Eagle Pass 43 6 F 5 2 .. ocr. Der Rio 46 13 5, v-4 ' by E2 Oct. Scrm Houston 32 24 Q. A n...v1 04? x Oct, Uvalde 21 6 O fx. Nov, St. Louis CCa.J 43 12 my Nov, Lanier 25 0 QQ? " M' . ,V .M,Jr'f' ' M Sf' , "1 Q.. NNN r .r ,fi-J ,W I AO goxoxe' ,Q XJ' yy I J. Guajardo R. Alva Y t . 2753 Eg g' 2 JJ 5 ll 3, F 1, N A . X . Lwjfu L X t 'A , R, rrcfndnuw ' E - K.- 3 g. .',1-a. , K vsQ -1 5-gf W7hw '1llllr Q-2 Q A iw ,,r" ,all W1 X N 4 .1- 'HQ Huw, "w 8 TOD Donln oc Va dez 211118 Coach Ba cle LR Row F C ohn To L nandpz Lupe Ga c a Fe nando C Haa Bobb Dam c Gua a do OHL B Robe. Sc co d Row Ihoa Abc 1, Cuwan Fommy V gg Laqug Ot, gado x V li Atgri :Yuan-amp , ""'7"'!E!I"P . .,wu-my-v-4'--T M M'-,f,.1 , .. rf'- 5 fs ! fd 55 'Uawitg 93614 Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec 15 Dec. Dec. Dec Dec '55-'56 EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE East Central T Central Catholic H Central Catholic T East Central H Pleasanton H SOUTH SAN TOURNAMENT Pleasanton T Hondo H Hondo T SAN AN TONIO TOURNA MEN T Ian. Jan. 'Jan. Jan, "Jan. Jan. 'Jan. 'Feb "Feb. 'Feb. 'Feb 'Feb. Sam Houston Lanier South San Central Catholic Eagle Pass Burbank South San Del Rio Uvalde Uvalde Eagle Pass Del Rio DISIIICI AA 29 Games AS-Alamo Stadium Gilbert Moreno Junior 2-years 5'9" Conrad Salazar Senior 3-years 5.70 Roland Lopez Junior 3-years 6'1" W. , W 3 l 2-years E -Q , 'ln ,W P.Ibarra Senlor 3-years C,Chavez Senior C.Perez Senior 2-years 5'11" I I L. Martinez lx Freshman 1 year Sanchez Junior Q -years 5'8" R.White Senior 2-year: 5'l1" E, Sorrell Senior 1-year 5'l0" G.Escobedc Soph 2-vear David Herrera Senior 4-years 5'8" .dw l ,ff :ff Q 23 an 523 '53' .73cwket5aE2 -...Q my If V 1895" ws, A , Q W' W' li I W. . fav-.awmauffinwr End L Coach Balderama R Tony Hernandez lst Row I Lours Ibarra Alex Pena Raul Cardenas Robert Luna Lupe Garcra Henry Lopez 2nd Row Davld Segura joe Valdez Dan1elCuajardo James Johnson Brlly MCKeen John Torres 555 Senior Class committee presents Miss Daunoy with gift of a birthstone ring. I Ci ' eafofof 1 ,wx President ......... ...Porfirio Ibarra Vice-President ... .... Julio Uglade Secretary .... . . Mamie DcLcon Treasurer .r.. .... G eorge Williams 59 vm . Mrs- 7. r iv ,uf , 41.933, A GUEROS EDN A RD ge? ALVAREZ, GLORLX. Pup Squad X L L Thesplau Club Annual Staff 'R ALLISON RLXE A Cappella Chou ALVARADO MARIA Thcsplau Club Spamsh Club H 'Hb' xLLMxN ,IIIBSL Photoggraplu Tl1Lsp1au Club ARIZO A ORA LIA H Llbra ry Club W' Ba nd SLcretar5 Pe p Squa d Chou' Q3 'tr ARREDONDO IRMA Ppp Squad Vollqball Baakctball Sofrball S C Tfilllllllg BAIZA DORA Thgsplau Club Pup Squad S c Tralru lg A L BAKER C XR.LOw BEJAR XNITA H P p Squad KHWWVTQW BEA RDSLEE FRANK Shop Thu Rardcr 1 BEQMEA DELIA Srud 1rCouuc1l Frnsr Pfzalil ur P p squad Cupral II r Cla 5 o L ar r un. F l Library Cl L o Sruub rCouuErl BEDFORD DOROTHY Ixxrbrnarlorml abc Photography .5 C Thebplan Club P.p Squad Ca rrebu '!!',,21 BERMEA Nl rR'1 ALICE Spu 115 Cl b XlC Plualuu bl C Cu C RE Orr r -lux Ball' I BA LDERA MA ESPERA NZA Y TLLIIS SEC Tfallllllg Vollbyball BELTPAN JESSE Arr Club Tlxwplaub BLACKBURN, LILLY F. B. L. A. A Cappella Choir Thespiaus Pep Squad F. H. A. Y-Teens fs fx CA STA NEDA JOHN VS if A I if 'YN CAPONITE, ANGELINA CARDENAS, MINNIE Shop H SP31llS1l Club Llbra ry CURD MA RY AINN L 115 SLC Adusory Vxce Prbs Pbolograpuy P p Squac. Joumallsm stall' L CURD OSCAR 'luuual Staff Arr Club A Cappbll Chou Tl aplall Club CABELLO, MARY R. F. B. L. A. Spaulsll Club F. H. A. Library X X. x XL Ju . V CRUZ MINNIE I' .an U VILX DORA T'1Lsp1an Club C211 mon Jr Rod Cros: Cappolla Chou' Y TECH: A ll 1:11 S aff Sllldulll Councll Phorobraphy Club Am Pr Sldolll Adx Rbporl 1 DEXNITT COINYIE School Olflcb Sec Tralnmb Adx Parllamutarlall ,L I DE LEON LUCY H Spanlsh Club Y 'Runs Annual Sta fl DOMINQUEZ LUPE H XII Club rm DE LEON MAMIE ot11d:.11t Councll Ruporler LC, Spdlllbll Club DUNNO HARRH L1brary Babeball Magr Annual Staff fSub Magr Canteen All Stal Chorus Vo 1 wall DE LA FUENTE JULIAN B Team Football Thbsplans Much Drax lllg "1 DIXON MARY LOU Y T E115 Sec Gnls Club Tllc,SPl3ll Club I l 'E , . ' 1 iv' X V F. 11. A.. ' F' Q "I, 1:1 1 ' 1 . ' X ' xx . F. T. A. ". Q ' ' A ? J v , F' .ml . i F. . A. " ' ' 5 B4 F. B. L. A. 5 - - Q A F. B. L. A.--S". Scc. Training Jr. Red Cross , I ie Y ,- . 'L I .in h F - ,., ,- . I I v . if ' F F -' n Y I A' I r ' I, F. . A. ' ' nh I A ' KX nga l I fb sl, I I 63 ELSNER, MILDRED Senior Cheerleader 12156 J. R. C. Pres. 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CH XRLES Thespran Club Basketball "2 5 VELEZ LUPE Pep Squad .L. . Tlrespian Clul La Amistad Annual Sta ff - Reporter , Ir. Red Cross ,CN WHETSTONE THERESA Pep Squad I Annual St. Con. Sec. Trng. Raider Ed. A Cappella .H l State YBA RBO NICK VA NDERFORD DOTTIE H Art Club Y Teens Canteen Club Lrbra ry Club Rarder .T.-. A TTS LOUISE HARRIETT ' Cfafw, Officers: President ------- Rowland Lopez Vice-Pres. - - ---- I ohn Sanchez Sec. -Treas. ---- Mary Helen Garcia lrene Ashton of ' H' f f , . -q 5' '3' cw . ' A xx 53' L,w, f M 1 George Crirdenah '3 f WWI g Mzirgarito Aguirre Gloria Alanez Betty Albers Alfred .Xlvnrado Q3 in .bi JN xp nz? if? Devine Butler Mary Cgirnpbell Evangeline Castillo Diancian Castro Will Chalfant Richard Cliavrri . ,,-'94 9 Q r V, 4 nr Gat Ming Chin U-3 'MT' 1 E L ,2 Mary Irina Curtinas . Elvi' D 'Al' E ,iq I rg axill- , rma Delgado fi ,tb Isidro Dominguez :O '4 Justo Donias . 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Lupe Garcla Ruth Garcla Susan Garcla Wllllam Garcxa Dewxtt Garry Pearly Garry johnny Garza Lydla Garza Margaret Garza Rodolfo Garza Rudy Garza Marlo Glrela Carollna Gomez Frances Gomez Ignac1o Gomez on pw ao v Prclufv not N 4, 7 avaliable A U 'kb 'Q 'K Y k x Q iff Mary Gurrerrez 'viarra Guzman Jrmmx Haase Ronnre Hacker Melba Harrrs Alfred Hernandez Henry Hernandez Inez Hernandez Joe Hernandez John Hernandez Julra Hernandez Marra Hernandez Marg. Hernandez Moses Hernandez LL,- 43 Phoiograph not avarlable OU 1Sh1n 5 Q-nk a to w'or lr, ff .40 ,J ,I I 101' 4 L ,ff Photograph D0t avaliable Had to Q ,,, 2. g ork VH' 109 HJSQUL When P1CLureS Were taken I? Q cd? 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Edward Molina Mary Montoya Charlotte Moore Jacinto Morales Christene Moreno David Morris AT J .1 6 Q --V .lie -' ' O1 fx 111 - ' S. Gloria Munoz Susie Munoz Ruth Murphy Molly Muzquiz Olga Navaira Cesario Nino John Oetken Maria Olivares Claudio Ordones Gonzalo Ortiz Sylvia Ortiz Janie Ozuna Theresa Paleo Alice Pantoja Linda Pe draza Yi Davrd Rey es Zulcma Rrncon Eugene Rrojas Concha R105 Henry R103 Lupe Robledo Lucy Robles Anne Rodrlguez Crndy Rodrrguez ,lame Rodrxguez Juan Rodrlguez Y' wJ? 45 114i r '? 0-Q, Q 15 Leonor Rodrrguez P' Mary Rodrrg uez M1chae1Rodr1gueZ Rrcky Roduguez Mary Pelayo Dora Pena Raul Pena Ehda Perez L11y Perez Theresa Perez G1lber1 Pleree Mary Proscelle Corxne Qurnones Davld Ramrrez Enrrqueta Ramrrez Frank Rdmrrez Conzalo Ramrrez Mary Ramos Marrano Reveles -1? ,Q 4 f Roar Roorrbuoa r rg lma Romoro Err Rom ro Amd lla Rubro Lbbaldo Rubro Bruno Rum Olrxra Saou Borrracro Salas Lydra Salazar Mary Salazar Iron. Saldarla Tor aa Salda la Orla Ido Saks Rob rt Salrnas Margarot Salomor ,Q . 17' 'Q f- fav :QI r 'Q 1-W fs f-n ...Q 113 ,I Alice Saachez Flora Sauch z Jesse Sanchez ost, Saich-ez Eunice Scholrz Daxid Sggura Olba S-palv da Rav Solano Barbara Stahl 'rpg 'air a aa .X or Tcmyr ' A cla d Torrcs Jim orrc' Yolanda Tovar Lupe Tr: Vino 11 Lhodm 1N'1111.J1I1S LTIE 111120 Ro F1 11150 1 311111 1114 101.113 YJIILL R11111o11.1 L 11.11 1111 XIJLJ INAJI' 1X1dfll1yL F1 d nik, 1 0.4.3 R051 Mor o 12051. Orobco P11111 191111111111 A1115 P1151 5 1X1.1l'5 P 111111 A111111 111111111 4 UQ 49' nf' ,,f4"'Y YA 15" if fu- ,X fe If 1 x 1 4 .4 f TY? Q r"'? ,1 Y D1aX1111.4 MY X X RICRX X 11 1 xX11fX V411 X1 1 X 1 11 DOI1l111S.,C1 X mor 11111111 X C111 11 X1 111511 0111111 XOLLI M111 VJSLIIILL L. 3 ...nv I x 1 4, x ' 'Q - it 4- Y 'J' V E ff Vy f X xXx 114 '15 'Q rf tg 1' ,.. v-lv Q rv 40 -5 5 '15 C12 men te Va ldoz f ntonlo Vldalua Armando Zamora Jog Zapata Lawrence Zcpcda 'V' Irma Ramtrez Lupo Xlwargz Annte Jones -Xltct Marttnez Carlos Medtna Gilbert Modma Ohvta Mendez Gustaxo Orttz Bpatrtcm Prado , Nancy Rodemcyer 115 'Vfi Lotno CrnL U C a IT L3 D Jo RAHHILZ E los RZIHIO Ly ta R ma t ttonto Rodrtbt Jann Rodrtbnoa P dro Rodrtbnoa Rob tt Rodt LL L Frank Sa tchez loo Sa nchoz Inha Sanch L Johnny Standard Adolph Thomas .fv- 14 "9 , f- . 'N ,7 ',.. I rw? if Lino atv ntos Y X ,O L ' I Q' ', 1 Ja 1-' uckft . K Q In 6 Q , A , J K I n , -:L "1 n ' 'A f AV- 44 1315's A 2 Ubi' . vflmi' i 9. ' I Y X .k-1' C V ,- I' , .nn ' f , U, ' y ,a fi . ,3 .5 , Q 'Y at A - 'A ' - .n ., r- x 9. j W ul A ' C tl Hz. K N , 4 ' " ,N X ' V 4 , 5: f d -rd p ' C, 705 fy A .N 1 gs . M ,Dv i X f r . bv - 7 K V,.- ' . f 1 f , K U X f ff kj t t' y j ' 1, Q I I mit,-'.f ' 4 , Z ' I, -Q I - fi: f-s H X , -J 4 .E K ' 3 ' ' ,V , ' '5 ' V . tl,' ' - t,att f sf' d a ' - ' ' Q ,R W 71 Er? W 2: .L I A! I V , f' N ' Y- K if d X if X I ti 7 df 1 X F 'tx Q X 'Q W- ,fi A vs ' on AV " t A ' ir A .4 f A . Jfji ' N t l, t.,b H . .' V fl , 'a 3 7,-Q Y- H' 6 , , . i ' J .za A . ' 1 .-A ' J Jr,- ' f ' -x A I ' N ,A x , ,. 3 I 5 t pl Jwepaotefwuo ghcedcctaano a 56 EDWARD AGUEROS w1ll come back after graduatton to take Mr Neely s place JESSE ALEMAN w1ll get marrled and he and h1s wlfe w1ll get fat on h1s cooklng REVE ALLISON w1ll soon own Casa Manana by marrylng IIS owner MARIA ALVARADO wrll be voted M1ss Femtnrnrty of 1956 GLORIA ALVAREZ wrth the help of Mrss Howland w1ll start her own lrbrary ORALIA ARIZOLA w1ll reach the herght of 6 feet 1 rnch and marry Frank Chavez IRMA ARREDONDO w1ll be a glamorous secretary who w1ll s1t on her boss s lap DORA BAIZA IS gotng to be the Mambo Queen at the La Macarena CARLOS BAKER w1ll work as head janttor 1n Glorla s llbrary ESPERANZA BADERRAMA Shall be chased by every boy rn school untll she catches one FRANK BEARDSLEE w1ll follow Ill hts brother s footsteps and marry Peggy s srster DOROTHY BEDFORD IS gotng to completely revolut1on1ze the art of nursmg ANITA BEJAR IS gomg to be the next star of The Grand Ole Opry DELIA BERMEA w1ll l1ve a quret llfe w1th her husband and twelve klds MARY ALICE BERMEA w1ll be an old mald and baby s1t w1th Del1a s k1dS LILLIE MAE BLACKBURN w1ll not be able to declde between betng the F1rst Lady Pres1dent or competmg w1th Martha Raye MARY CABELLO w1ll s1t on her boss s lap ln the offlce next to Irma s ANGELINA CAPONITE w1ll Jotn the WAF s and follow her f1ance around the world MINNIE CARDENAS w1ll undoubtedly be the worlds champton prng pong player JOHIN CASTANEDA w1ll co star w1th Jane Russell 1n her next ptcture Law West of the Pecos CHARLES CHAVEZ 15 golng to be an agent for a burlesque show ID Laredo MINNIE CRUZ 15 to be Charles s burlesque queen MARY ANN CURD Wlll run her slster out of the offlce and take her place as Mrs Decker s secretary OSCAR CURD w1ll start Amer1ca s ftrst slave harem AMELIA GAUNA IS golng to be the pres1dent of all the rmportant clubs 1n San Antomo SYLVIA GOEWE IS the famtly type Watch tor hirlgo break a record 1n large famllres 0 ' - 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 JESSE BELTRAN will always wear dark glasses to weddings. Preposterous Predictions, Cont. JOE GOMEZ is going to be a fire-eating trapeze artist. AMELIA GONJZALES is going to invent a false pony tail fashioned after her own. LILLIE GONJZALES will be a great woman missionary or preacher MINNIE GONZALES will graduate marry and have kids and husbands CONME GUITTUERREZ is going to be a Spanish dancer at the Matador Lounge in Mexico City IGNACIO GUZMANJ will be a circus barker for that tattooed ladv MARY HALL will take over Mrs Trulson s in about eighteen more years JANNELLE HAMMITT will lead a double life as being housewife and entertainer in a nightclub ALMA HARDEMAN will dance her way through life BARBARA HARPER will be the airlines shortest stewardess NORMA HARPER will own the greatest collection of wedding rings in the world and keep the Wate Off Company in business CAROLINA HERNAINDEZ is going to become a doctor and vaccinate all the Edgewood students with phono graph needles JOSIE HERNANIDEZ is going to be a ladv matador MARGARET HERNANDEZ will be the captain of Vassar s first football team PAULINE HERNANDEZ is going to be a dentist at a dog and cat hospital DAVID HERRERA and Maria will raise a Student Council of their own SYBIL HOPKINS willkeep the shorthand pad companies in business writing letters to Harold on their paper PORFIRO IBARRA will be the first person to run across the English Channel with spikes on ALICE JACKSON will be America s next Ella Fitzgerald BARTOLO JUAPEZ will star in the new T V series named The Moon Men ESTHER LOPEZ will follow Arturo to the Caribbean where they will open a fishing Joint ELPIDIO LOREDO is going to open a strawberry factory in Elpidio foopslj Nuevo Laredo ROBERT LOWRY will be so o o sad when the Army barbers get ahold of his curls DAlNIEL LOZANO in years to come will be either a tenant or a warden at Texas State Penitentiary MICKEY LOZANIO will be a caterpillar for H B Lachary SYLVIA LUN'-. will lite on the Sahara Desert and sell water for Sl OO a pint 117 ROBERT HERNANDEZ will go through life imitating his big brother, Victor. Preposterous Predictions, cont. RODNEY MCKEEN will spend the rest of his life at the Varsity Drive-In. SIMON MARIlx is going to be the Army barber that s going to cut Robert s hair IOSEPHINE MARSHALI is going to be the queen of the Mardi Gras GEORGE MARTINEZ with his good background in football he will be a cheerleader in college JOE MARTINEZ rs going to be a great auctioneer MARIA EDNA MARTINEZ with her hot temper will become a manufacturer of stoves INORMA LEE MARTINEZ will repair the T V antenna on top of the Empire State Building ROBERT MATHENY will push the subways in New York City with his little Ford DOLORES MEDINA will be an interior for the White House SHIRLEY MEIER QSAMJ is going to team up with Sally Rand as a fan dancer SUSAN MENDEZ. is going to nxent a cement that you don t have to mix AINDRES MENDOZA will be a lawyer and defend the last of the Brrnks robbers GILBERT MONRREAL will start his own Tiddly Winks factory EUSOBIA MORENO is going to invent a mothball scented perfume HILDA MORENO is going to travel around the world on foot PETRA PEREL is going to m tnufacture two inch long false eye lashes JERLINIE PLEASANT is going to invent an electric ping pong ball JACINTO PULIDO will raise black Alaskan cows that give chocolate ice cream CONES EDM XRD RA MIREL will be an American history professor at Ohio State College for Women ISIDRO RAMIREL will be an undertaker and start a new cemetery tn San Antonio ROSE RENDON after college she will be back at Edgewood and teaching Brooklyn English XURORA RESENDEZ will be a swaby for the U S Navy SUSIE RIOJAS will be the of the I e Capades with her Jet propelled ice skates MARY RIX ERA in four years will be the Fat Lady in thc Shrine Circus OLGA RODRIGUEZ will become secretary treasurer and within her term of office the United States will go broke CAT ALINA RUIL will be drafted in the Au' Force and write all her orders in shorthand ready CONRAD SALAZAR will write a book of nursery rhy mes 118 fwhich no one can v 1- - 5 1 - 1 - I . , . Y, . . . I . , , . I . , . . , . . , Y . , . . . . . ix 4 , . Z ' . I . A, . . - O ' '1 . . Y, . . A Y . . l . A. I M V 1 I, A . . - . s. . ' r ' , , , ,' ' ' " ' ' ,' . s ,- - ' - - - 1 ' 1 v' r' r I . Preposterous Predtctrons cont NINFA SALAZAR wrll organrze a company whrch wrll move Ptkes Peak rnto Death Valley VINCENT SALAZAR w1ll be a professronal dancerf oops' 1 meant wrestlerl and joe Laque wrll be hrs frrst and last opponent CARMEN SALDANA wrll destgn a new cocktarl dress whrch Parts women wrll go Ape over MARY ALICE SOLOMON wrll be declared the sexrest votce on wax EDDIE SANCHEZ. wtll be rrght behrnd Susre rn hrs hotrod OLGA SANCHEZ w1l1 be the presrdent of the It s Later Than You Thtnk Insurance Company JOSEPH SCHOLTZ wrll be a bowlrng prn boy for the rest of hrs lrfe ARNULFO SEGURA w1llbu1ld a flyrng saucer but wrll never reach the moon RACHEL SEPULVEDA w1ll marry superman and they w1ll fly away to hrs home planet J T SHERROD because of h1s athletrc abrlrty wrll end up wrth athletes foot BILLY SIMMONS w1ll keep the makers of .vhrte shoe polrsh rn busrness DAVID SORIA wrll become bored wrth women and turn out to be a woman hater EMANUEL SORRELL w1ll play baseball on a large unrversrty s football team COLLEEIN STEIN rs gotng to be a drfferent arrlrne hostess She s gorng to rrde on to DORA DAVILA shall be the world s greatest plastrc surgeon Mr Forester s nose wt l b her fust attempt JULIAN DE LA FUENTE wrll contrnue the burldrng of the Edgewood Hrgh School LUCY DE LEOIN rs gorng to be the fust pearl drver rn the Gulf of Mexrco MAMIE DE LEON wtll be elected queen of the busrness world rn 1958 CONNJIE DEWITT wrll forget about busrness lrfe and settle down wrth her hubby on a farm rn Kansas MARY LOU DIXON wrll be a famous center on a pro basketball team LUPE DOMINGUEZ w1ll be a famous tree surgeon and keep Edgewood Campus rn shape HARRY DUIxNO wrll be a tenor wrth the lvletropolrtan Opera MILDRED ELSINER shall be a great Broadway actress Her greatest hrt w11l be The Stormrng of Tokyo Joes PAUL ESCAMAILA notonly wrll be agreatstatesman but tsrll be Texas representame to the Unrted States FRANCISCO FIGUEROA wrll teach Mr Flores somethtng about Amerrcan Hrstory ROSA FIGUEROA wrll porson ner frrst srx husbands and the seventh wrll be a cop who wrll frnallv catch up mth her JOSIE FLORES wrll be a tattooed lady rn a new formed crrcus tn San Antonro ll9 , . , . , . , . . . lv I ' " . . , , - . . . , I , . . . . , . . P , , , . . . , l e . ,. . . . . . A ' , T ' ' ' , . . . , . , . . . . , Y. . Yr . i . . Preposterous Predtcttons cont HENRY FRAZIER mll ntarrv Marte Wahrntund s best frtend and l1ve next door to Marte and her husband TOMAS FUElNTES1s gorng to go Ntagara Falls tn a barrel CECILIA GALAN wlll sponsor an expedttton to Indra to brtng back altve three ptnk elephants CARLOS GALVAIN w1ll test Revlon s new Ltvtng Ltpsttck ALGUSTINE GARCIA w1ll ftnally end the war wlth Russta BENINIE GARCIA and Rose wtll have a huge dog and cat hospttal fMay y ybe e ey FRANK GARCIA wtll be the tattoo arttst who wtll tattoo the tattooed lady JULIO GARCIA wlll be the boss on whose laps those pretty secretartes are golng to Sll MARY LOU GARCIA mll return to the Valley and ratse frurt OSCAR GARCIA ts dt sttned to be Arnertca s most handsome man ,IAINIE SUMINER S ftrst four husbands mtll be named John BOBBY SWINDLE w1ll play oppostte Mtldred tn The Revolt of Mamte Stoxer ABEL TELLO wxll be the Beetle Bally of the Martnes ARTURO TIJERINA w1ll dunk up the profrts tn hrs Cartbbean beer lotnt JULIO UGALDE v,1ll jotn the A F O' L and stop all the strtkes DOTTY VANDERFORD wtll never decxde whlch she wants Tom Drek or Harry LUPE VELEZ wtll become the Annual Staff sponsor as soon as Mr Brrmrngham restgns BARBARA VOGEL and guess who are gotng to ratse razor back hogs tn Arkan as ARLIS MAHRMUND wtll become Ktng ofthe Hobo Haven MARIE WAHRMUND mll never stop lovtng her next door netghbor HARRIET LOUISE WATTS wlll try to hook all her elrglble rnale pattents ROBERT WHITE mll nt tnufacture bud calls for bob MIIIICS THERESA WHETSTOM3 mtll marry her second loxe fwalterj but alt-.ays l'LlIldlll true to her ftrst love fher Ukelele J GEORGE WILLIAMS wlll be run out of town because mtsused funds of the Sentor Class treasury NICK YBAPBO w1ll be demoted from cashter to package boy at Handy Andy HENRY ZIMMERLE wtll ftnd tt hard to graduate because of hrs lack of mentaltty 120 FORTUNATO TAMBUNGA, because of his great, will join the Globe Trotters. Payrnents less than rent from 44 95 a month Same homes wlth no down pay ment others wlth very low down payrnents Low total cost from 5154 995 to S5 745 Low cost f-on the spot flnanclng Downey Brothers handles 1ts own loans ON YOUR LOT A Home because we have a home to f1t the budget of every workmg man We've tr1mmed costs toa mmlmum yet use the flnest ma ter1als throughout Dr1ve out to day and see our fme comfortable two and three bedroom model homes 2 X ,lu 2 'ms X 2 El ll MODEL HOMES LINDSEY HOMES 126 W Jewell Ave OFF CUPPLES RD -- 3 BLOCKS NORTH OF FRIO CITY RD CHN 0 WN fffcan Qauila Stau Davi1a's No. 3 1007 Hwy. 90W Davi1a.'s No. 1 1102 E1 Paso St. Davi1a's No. 2 2001 W. Commerce "An education is the gift that will be of the greatest benefit to this generation in the future. " N 55 if L M llllllilllllllilll If wi- I ii JM if " N o " "3 5 W H-A-5-Sf """ I V W K 4 i "mil: RAA 122 Davi1a's No. 4 1201 Castroville Rd. ws' QW? gm pf 1' 3 Lx -" A DAVILA'S DRIVE IN ..- 1003 Hwy. 90 West I-BEEN! 123 Emplre Super Market Hgh y OW CA4 8711 1 -'-'llI Doug s Serv lee Station 4956 W C CA4 4132 THERES GOOD EATING AHEAD i ' U 6 fx at 4 4 mm-4 if 5565 7MQ3Uf"'a'f5'3s Q. E, rnf ZW 5 - Jiif COMPLIMENTS Lb 4,57 Paul G SlIberS Co ARCHITECTS W I t h I EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Butter Krust Bread 4 'N . : . .annum . E Jacclvf' , ' E v A , ,A -,tf,.f4.v fp 2 ' EVVBBFZE V :V . M4,:W,,,,,,' , ' S I E ' 9 510 i wa 9 est . omm e rc e ., Jgii Q2 'a rf' ' 4:-f':g:f'f OF N 1' fllr I X' X X X, , ffvnua ,,' ' A 1 A ,-New ,ffff 5 Nd L," J' ff I nf I ' . E' 1, ,J 'Q ' V ' Iv, .s:. 5? 'lil . - '-:ga -'--: 1-' A E W ash 4 'Efmf tQ ,fi slndlluf t -'TEFL' S X 'Lf E l T .I 'Q' 7 I aff. A, '. ' fi? 25? OF ',q.f",5' W Q ru C when you cant gg Shopping .lust Sa Open An SRC Account' Make Your Shopping Fast Convement Easy E roy the se ces of a chorge cco t PLUS the added fea e of p e Q yo r e o a o ts spected by yo Phone Sally Sears About Opening An Account fjkiapcbvplgaaxzafzziedozlzzawamorzey when you have no baby sitter when hubby has the iamlly car when the weather IS bad when you re crowded for time when you don't feel up to lt 51.20.13 CA 3 4311 0 WA 3 3466 Romana Plaza Store Southslde Store For Everything... 0 advertised an the newspapers, or 0 sold In our retall store Phone Sally Sears the next tume you need somethung and can t get out to get ut Youll be pleased wath her selectlon Sears guarantees thus or lt costs you nothmg Try thus new wonderful phone shoppmg servuce at Sears REE DELIVERY No charge ns mode on phone orders totolung S5 or more and there s only o nomunol charge of .55 cents for deluvery on phone orders under S5 Romana Phu Store Southsuda Store M Soledad at Romans Plan O Pl gasa nton Rd at Loop CA 3-4311 WA 3 3466 125 C 6 7231 Texa s Juven 1 Ie 42 ' Manu1actu1-mg Co nc M 327 N Flores -I, Cap1ta1 6 6221 Texas Home Improvement Inc Homes Remode11n E? Commerclal This 215 N' F1ores sr San Antonlo 5 Texa COMPLIMENTS AND MRS JOSE SAN MARTIN ROYAL TYPEWRITER COMPANY Sales Renta1s and Servlce 420 South Maln Avenue San AHtOH1O 5 Texas Dayton R Pascha1 CAp1to1 6 7325 Weir MCMULLEN DRIVE TRAILER COURT DE WINNE S fig? I FOOD Cap1ta14 4941 31 1 West Commerce 24" ACME SUPPLY COMPANY 425 North A1amo CA 2 9073 MUNGUIA PRINTERS INC 701 Buena Vrsta Sr San Antomo Texas A11 ays Attend a Church of Your Chorce DUSTY'S TIMELY FLOWERS Flor ers Plants Orrental Grftb F T D WrreSerK1ce Q 39 W Commerce St If you Contemplare Ma rrrage Vrsrt LA FERIA DEPT STORE The House of the Brrde 802 W Commerce St CAp1to1 ' I 506 N Presa ALAMO BLUEPRINT CO. CA 0 71:6 Comphments GILLESPIE MOTOR CO Sales FORD Serxrce 311Broadnay CA , 1411 COMPLIMENTS of BLACKWELL BURNER CO. 5037 W Commerce CA r 2606 126 Or U 11414-uzfppqnz A 44115 '-' C12 1:6 N T bf' 7 . Q K gggl s , .1 A T 33" T Q , s Of DR. . ' I ' 1 , . QL ' . 1 2 7 ' ' T, ' . " -J ' I ' " fl ' "' I - A ' - cA. rs-'261 ' ' ' 22 . . . ' 6-1193 ' V - Comphm ms of BACON S SERVICE YOUR I STATION SERVICE '4 lllblll ak W0 1 est 1 XIIOIIIO Texas gtg? B sr of Luck FAMILY DRIVE INN 00 Block H1 lm ay 00 l es: Good Luck to S mors of Q6 LEBO GLASS CO 1000 C111c11111au St PE 4 G91 Comphm ms of Henry s Flower Shop X 0 2122 Broadway 2:1 Phone 2 CA 6 6343 Q YI , 1 San Antomo Texas .U Radiant Rose Flower Shop 12.93 Guadalupe St yn O en 9 to 9 O0 P M Sundays t1II noon All day on Holldays Phone CA 3 7026 Dehverv Mr 81 Mrs Juan De La Garza Own ETS Cornphments of WOLFF 8. MARX ZIO W Houston Blegert s Garage 3 8303 600 Cuppl A A Blegert Owner R A BETTER J 9 " I wav not I mvrre us Q LJ- TO YOUR -43, Nm mowouv SS 4 G PE 336 Bus Ph CA 0017 CARL A TRULSON '-.UTOMOBILES OE Ixlgrkel San XIIIOIIIO Texas TITO S DEEP ROCK SERVICE STATION o 6 I-hghx ay 90 West 91 Q S II kmomo Save At 3 .gr Leeds I J Z and use our cred1t 1 -an ' 4 801 W Commerce 1' x ALAMO TYPEWRITER SERVICE 4405: So Pr sa St can XIIIOIIIO 10 T xas KAPLAN S DRIVE INN 3 9641 K ? Sb wmiffg 127 . A Trl v L At C .. I 3 5 'Y w'd'1,f'V' 'uw'-J Sa: 5: ' , 1. 4' I 2' ' 'g ' - V T c ' " Q 2,040 I I I . -QV . Q Q V Y fl fm' 0. I - I p : ' l V1 1 .AA M Q- u . . . K -1'-11 - seg' f X . ' . xlhlsul V A ' ,' e - - Q 4 4 - r ' ,s ml . ' I 1- QM, X - - 9 I ' Y ., 1 CA - U . . , , X , , 98... I 5- y I Res. Pl1.- - - ' 7 . . -6- , Q 5:2 ,. . . , tl gf , I. I . Q . , 3 L ' " --X , y I 1 QL . 'S A w' ' GE-2- S' a . ' ...E ' H l 1- . Q . yw,x-- ',U T'A ,9,g,,gL - . . V qL"1:TV'- , -V 1 , L. .- ' I ' j N tulunl '.Q,', XXX 'n1lN"fln,," NN U. 'JCXJN 0 2 C ax V 'vw X 'W af WW Bti 1511 ll X E Q. 53.3 ,tx I,llE BEST PLACE TO BUY, soyQTudents ot Edgewood High ls X XJ Handy Andy Super Markets -xx Sarah Marla and Olga admu-e the attrac uvwhiru1i35md vegetable d1sp1ay atliandy Andy e, 24th Street and Commerce store ,Wm ,H 'lf- xmkgd I 5919 W Commerce 551 Rulz Street CA Z 1463 CA 6 2412 -F1 'll fi PRESCRIPTION Mode rn Pharmacy 128 NX , , 1 N ., ,J C 5 " .,' z 2 ' C.: A f Y , . x ,f 1 " J T " , L L . 1 4. . . N q. ' I ' ' Q 'x ' e . 1 A . .... ,C A to ,C to 1 1 , F ' f fb- , K I, xl Q ii - X S Y I -' 1 IN X x Y-I A No. l . 55 CCCL K NO- Z - 1 1 ay1 1 NO. 1- - 'Lk ,y ,V"' NO . Z - - L, 1 my A i Q, , gli , x V. .1 i- A-1 H . , l ya 2 ,.,, H 57' 2-3- 5221 3 1 1 I I Q I in 'J if - A - ? ' ' gf. Zgg.fJ,H10,Ma'Lgf5L,, f K ll H 1 1- 1. Q 4 'v I l'llY' I Af Employees at Acevedo s are ready to serve you You F Anywhere Anyume Trus t Us Qualuy .. 5095 DRODL 4 WHCLESA 3 al J 1 Cokes are tops w1th Culbert 129 .I T Xa y, lvx 1 a x- A I ooo . l'iQ,:Lr ff ER , lf u - I rUlJ3k N --.MX N5 i 'ss"'w-v H ' 0 Ne' , v 9 P3 rm e -- if ' 3 3-4 . , . ' , 5 r E I . ' , ' V MA u A L f 1 f I F' ,Q . ' K, . 4 e 0 , - 1 IU ll ' ' alan ganna Uamyzanq MASONRY CONTRACTORS 918 Ma PHONE PE 4 4873 Sa AMO Daury Produds F h d D I Af Your Door or S+ore NIETZGER DAIRY SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS uth FJ is 4 - n niol T a Color Prlnts at all Fox Company Stores Penner s Men s Clothing A Cong ratulatlons ci Class of 56 COM PLIMENTS OF GENERAT HOTEL SUPPTY Trlnlty University Congratulates H Edgewood H1gh School Graduates 1956 and 1nv1tes you to v1s1t your home town un1vers1ty wh1ch 1S a fully accredlted co educatlonal hberal arts college Draughon s THE SOUTH S OUTSTANDING BUSINESS SCHOOL There 1S a good pos1t1on 1n your future w1th Draughon s tralmng 1nternat1onally known and ac cepted A Symbol of Progress and Integrlty OLME DRESSED PEERLES HOlMES FOODS CO INC Dealers In CHICKENS AND FROZEN EGGS TEXAS TURKEYS AND BROILERS Slnce 1888 NIXON TEXAS S I I 131 " I fN ITT KJ 5ii S51 :IE Eli l ll - if It It , W I 9 0 I I , X , I K T ' f . L 2 I -. 6 5 . . , g 1 I, O W You can do better than that' The lrttle Monkeys clrmbmg agam 1. 3 lf" Ida dropped We charged for the door? er tray'7 LO I" Been Shoppmg or 1S rt Santa Claus? 13 2 We gossxped before the dance? The Torches on Stage ww Q1 gs' ' Q Q . Q., V . Q.. R' Q, V' . . . A A M , I M' Q L . ....... 3 a A - f, x 3 AJ ' I. if 4 k . . . . h ' ff, 'ft fi.. v if ' ,,, H ,M O SI . . w r vs-'N X i . 'Y AN C 'W wiv . . V . O W , u , 1 A h d H n V I it or or 2 S TM A f I 4 1 X - , 4 A o H ,, ,, tr ' f t - Ant e f I I I X Atta G1r1 x,""' 4 1 4 eff ff? 24? QU.. Cc Faster Y Shrne rt good johnny' 1, , , Know anybody"" 1' ing! :Z fiat ,tr -aff fi Student Councrl workxng hard I 5, J L4 Oscar and one of hrs harem ,-.-4-w--, Lucky Bobby! Two slaves N 4- Them there siaves brought quite a bit of dinero .... 133 Lgfnt X ,rs -if 4- .r Sleepy t1me gal vxf' r T1red already 9'7" Wow' More danc mg ThlS1S Danc1ng'?'P'P'P'? Well then there now Thls xs a D1p"'?'?'P if il They were dolng the Mambo 5? Caught Again ..44 So, There You Are!! 134 J 05 31 rx fhf B, W Q After dlnner i Before dmner Oh Cut 1I out' " Where ya 99 A Merma1d ln Dxsgulse gem fs. Caught Aga1n" Out of Class agalll 6 0 More fun Edgewood delmquents The Wmner' ' 135 all -1.1 :'.:4:3i, ?,, 'ki-J-igl.k..,,.-.d.ywii:,iyT ,fv- . E E ie' '1 Q1 'ix fr Vp?-fr-r ' M -.x - .- A x, in 'E'ffT""3:'??ff'E-" '5 'F"Z'?f77 " 531. '25 '131'f3f"" '-' 1-!if?,?9FT".2

Suggestions in the Edgewood High School - Lance Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) collection:

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Edgewood High School - Lance Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 96

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1956, pg 11

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1956, pg 120

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