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V in S . -xzzmven M fg f W v -,w i ,Zn 4 .I 53 af? AS' ui ark J K 4 ,, K, ii: K ,M . u . 4 , 6 J' 4 2 my if ,N xy -x' sw W 5 - qv-wel if , 'wwf we w. ff f,Q, ,V ' Q V 5 -W ,. ,M af ' M El . ,Q Mg ' ,SAT QW Q X A K 9 f 4 bg Q 1 9 K Q Ei W 'HJ' M I T an 'V kink ,fy , 7 K K . " gs A Q 5 X M WK 85991, v? X 1, Q ga pf f 'WW gow Q ,Q K K ,, W h x ' K V K , I W ,Sh WJ was , W , - j fa , f , ,fm , ,, K, X, . K KK' ,K 5, 4 K, I Ks I K V , K ,NA aff K K K M KK . -A K ' ,K J an K f -, . f ' ' ,, f K Q 'W g 3 K, , f - if J ' - A Y' - ,K KK Wg K , 3 Q X Y sv 5 , W ii: ,, fb M 4 E ' aff? 2 sf H Y 'H 'L W 6? Q 'P' W in 5 Q' J' r A 5 Q 'y iff. f V -' - fffi ' ' H '-L' 5 V L ' ' W f 3' 32' 1 mg. Y- , , f 1 A vw- qw. aw. ,V f,, A ' f-Q , ML, ag, - ,, K , Q .. J J 1 f Ji ,W 3 ,A S 1 gf 1' sl 'Qi Y 4' P 'N' 'f V 1 " 5 r Q 4 QQ? K r A E f MZ IL XJ? 1 2 'Q H W 9 " , IEVVN 'W M "' ,'Vi4'L in ' K ' ki V , '- 'K f, T75 '2'.' J . f,,':-" "ff '-' 1 : 1' ff. ".' ' 7 gfyl J ,. ' ,. 57' if ' ' '?" ,:" W ' , K ' 1 T 3 I P A af 1 2 13 K t 1 1 ,S , ., i it 5. if V E. 'Q Z I Q. i B 3 Q 4 , L' t: 5 5 1 5 ns 1 i E .5 I I W s E 1 k X i 1 5 I s 5 1 . 4 , y 3 'w v '5 bi Wigan PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS or Enmzwoon HIGH SCHOOL ,M N W L MADISON, WISCONSIN M V J ., -ff' K I,-' M 3 fp' ,f 1 1 , V ff" Wy. 11 5' ff' QRUSADER A I I 9' U jf JM vaalrass IJ' , ,A f V f 1' 1 l I Q Q X E Co-Editors Activities kX47't. . . . Business . A X H sg if Q. sg tx f X . . . . . . . Mary Dingeidine, Norbert Esser 9? . -Kathleen Aspel, Mary Doxfney, Salle Laneville . . . . . . . . . . Ruth Leuthner, Wayne Pope . . Henry Linden, Frank Gilardi 1 X Circulation . . Gregory Cain, James Hobbins six X Sparts . . . . James Hanaway, Norbert Esser 0 Typists . . . Audrey Paff, Lauretta Sullivan A .. A X 1 'Y .,, df, SE X A Je ' - ' X 7? If , H ' 1. Wi , 71 1, QL , 4,1 ying: , R 42 w ii yu GT SZ Q H 3' 5? 5 E ,E FOREWORD We, the seniors of 1950, are standing at the half- way mark of the century. Looking backwards, we see that in spite of depres- sions, wars, and other tragedies, that our coun- try has made tremendous strides in the arts and sciences. Due to our me- chanical achievements, we have another problem added to our lives--the right use of leisure. We offer this yearbook as a record of our work, study, and play, hoping that it indicates our progress in becoming uChi1dren of God and heirs of heaven.H poi ff- ' .. .1 ve 4 ..,., e fb ., c ., '-17,-Q gif' :Q 1 W fig-,. X -. I ig. ffiifk ., ,431-g'g.2.f1" gm., ,., N, we nf 4 .2 if If X 4, af I Q f ' Hilfe mf f f U his 115.4 I Humhfx it V I ,, e K ,, Bl Mc Q 1fL"-wf5:'FQg!2ifKMr1- .K ,,., 15 , , we e fe an . 5151.24 Q4-,a4fn!iffh,fiz,.Q J, " -e :W 521 ,I i . ..'I'.I'C' ,... N. ,M Sic-..'k Lf 1 , H 4 :nik f iii, EXW' dl ,RN 'I si I n i I ?' will 'xx' - , Q-W -Zur Lefmz B':"L'P, 57,40 matpatnnl 2lf4Z!m,w 0 ,Cannon , pk. 15 wbae zIna,aL-nip? foulawkip ami 2-0'-5 for 'flgglidill and flntcgeatual Janiafmnvt m.,m.,., W to nk, an 1417 yaw- mw affurafiutav ml 441.etLffi2a-fbvw, wg the iqndagtzniq, efped of I4-mn leliufv Mid wfane, if the 61'lLJlvJ47'.n leg-14511 1' af 112 43, E., , A ' .1 'i all i ew 'DN ,, ,. f ig! Q 5 tem? I 'W .Q Vin- K .B .ff 2 iw-1 hs WM! Q, ,Qu 5"'TS"'5 3 is 5 av mg M ' 0 1,. ' ' :J r"'M ',,,....-0--M w A 4 . -7' Y i.Q L91 .V . 41.5 JEAN ALLEN uHer air, her manners, all who see admireJ' All hail to a former student of Holy Angels in Milwaukee. She desires to continue her education and eventually to become a nursery school teacher. G.A.A. 4. PETER ASPINWALL UMen of few words are the best menf' uPeteH, president of the MEN Club, considers winning his letter in track, his most thrilling high school event. He is planning to take me- chanical engineering at IKUH. UEH Club 45 Dramatics 43 Football 43 Track 3,4. ,50 BEF, I9 fl' 7.wwlli"y Yi Q A W gmgbbfpgfu p M , iff X N Z eo. C1'WOODlE KATHLEEN ASPEL 'Here's a girl with heart and smile Who makes life a life worth-whileJ' Kay looks forward to a nursing ca- reer at St. Mary's in Rochester. A friendly smile and charming person- ality have gained her many friends. Mission Club 1,2,3g Crusader 4: Dramatics 2,3,4g Flame Throwers 3,4. JOSEPH AMATO uSometimes I sit and think! Some- times I just sitin A true man of leisure, Joe's chief interest lies in playing golf. He will devote himself to the grocery business instead of going on to school. Athletics 1,2,3,4, DONNA BAINES HShe has friends many! Few foes, if anyl' You will find Donna on the campus next fall preparing to win the HBig Storyn S500 award. The best of luck, Donna! Envoy 3: Dramatics Club 35 Glee Club 2,35 Mission Club 2,3,4: G.A.A. 3. f 5 BARBARA BASSLER HHer smile is the sweetest that ever was seen, She's the loveliest lassie that trips on the green? The Christmas Pageants each year will always remain in Barbara's memory. She plans to attend the University of Wisconsin. uHer ways are quiet and her purposei steadyl' Judy is planning to continue her education at Edgewood College. Her only hope is that there will be a veterinarian course offered before next fall. lission Club 1,2,3,4: Dramatics Club 4: Envoy 35 Flame Throwers, 4Sec. Treas.l 4a -at MARILYN BONGARD ul saw sweet beauty in her facef Marilyn, a transfer from West in her sophomore year, delights in listening to popular music. This smiling girl will not go on to schooh ANNE BOBERSCHMIDT uHer eyes, stars of twilight fair, Like twilight,too,her dusky hair? HBobbyH has traveled extensively in in the West. Anne's admirable ambi- tion is to be a success in life no matter what her undertaking. May Crowning Queeng Mission Club 1,2,3g Senior Council, Dramatics Club 2 3' N H S 4 A 1 FREDERICK BENTLEY uWho will entertain the populace when I am gone?H Fred's later plans are cen- tered around horizontal en- gineering and travel to the West. Fred is always laugh- ing, and a welcome friend to all. N'est-ce pas? Athletics JOAN BREITENBACH Hwhat a thing friendship is, world without endl' Bookkeeping was Breity's most enjoyable class. She is an- other future kindergarten teacher. Mission Club 3,4g Flame Throwers 3,4: G.A.A. 3,43 Dramatics Club 3,43 May Crown- ing Attendant. JOAN BRINKMAN HHappiness is speechless? Here is one of the stalwart members of the glee club. Her future plans include attending Marquette or St. Mary's Nursing School. Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mission Club 41 Dramatics Club 2,3. CATHERINE BURKE uThe lustre in your eye, heaven in your cheek, plead your fair usagel' Catherine for is it Bernice?5 plans to continue her educa- tion after graduation. Her black, wavy hair is envied by all Edgewoodites. Mission Club 3. CHARLENE BRUNNER A gal we d all like to know a little better? Charlene plans on keeping the fairer sex beautiful by becoming a beautician. Her sweet disposition has made her well liked by every student. ELAINE BURMEISTER ULittle tasks make large return.n Elaine, a member of the band for four years, will miss this activ- ity the most. After graduation she plans to travel a bit and then return to further her education at the HUC. Band l,2,3,4. MYRELLE BRUNKER HPublic energy No. lf 'Brunkn is planning on being an air stewardess after graduation. Myrelle's ability to keep everyone laughing has made her many friends. Myrelle, incidentally, is an expert hunter. BERNICE BURKE UAll who joy would win must share it--happiness was born a twinl' Bernice hails from St. Jude's in Wauwatosa. She claims her chief asset is Catherine, but we think she's tops by just being Bernice. A promising future includes study- ing at Marquette University. Mission Club 3. MARY BURMEISTER HHappy as the daisies that dance on ber wayl' Mary, being very ambitious, plans to continue her education come a teacher. Her chief is traveling. and be- delight Club 22 Club 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,41 Library Glee Club 1,25 Dramatics Mission Club 3. DAVID CANNY nI'm an old cow hand--P Dave is undecided about his future, but whatever it be, we know he will succeed. Last summer he worked on a dude ranch where he fished and lived the life of Huck Finn. Glee Club 3,4. f , X X x f I 1 f , I' GREGORY CAINV ' S W 1 UThe wisest mah is often the one who thinks himself the least so? 4 1 ' . Q I ., After, graduation Greg will attend the U. of M. He especially enjoyed being treasurer in his junior year andIbQing'an inderested member of the Crusader staffh ,- ,si Treasurer.3, Crusader 45 Dramatics Club 3gmGlee Club 45 Athletics 1, 2 3 4, ' a. tc THOMAS CAINE HBouncing through life on a joke with four wheelsf' l Tommy's chief interest is anything that moves--but mostly his little yellow jeep. He has found his noon escapades the most thrilling. Glee Club 2.3,4: Mission Club 22 Dramatics Club 4. lg', 7 "r 3 . ,,l JULIE BUTLER uHow my Julie's eyes do smile!H Julie spends a great deal of her time with the twins, at school or at their home in Wauwatosa. This graduate of Saint Patrick's will never forget her trip to the Mound. MARILYN CARNEY HBy diligence she wins her way!n Marilyn transferred from St. Mary's Academy of Milwaukee to Edgewood in her junior year. She claims her chief asset is her ability to eat much. Future plans for this lassie include living in Florida. aus-.M MARY JO CLARITY HIS she laughing? No? Then it is not she? Mary Jo, a charming lass from Minnesota, entered in her junior year. Coach Clarity and her Uboysn were tough competition to Edgewood's feminine Crusaders. Flame Throwers 3, Mission Club 3,4. MARY DINGELDINE UShe carries with ease Qualities that please.H Mary's sterling qualities were brought out as co-editor of the Crusader, and class secretary in her junior year. Crusader Co-Editor 4, Court of Honor 2,3,4g Dramatics C. 2,3,4, CPres. 45: N.H.S. 45 VB-5' Crown ing Attendant. MARY ANN DAHM N UThe sweet expression of that face Forever changing, yet the same? Mary is a proud alumna of St. Raphael's. Among other things, Mary Ann will always remember, fand very vividly toob the fire in George Beil's locker. Glee Club 1,23 G.A.A. 12Band 2,3,4. r ,z5.1E..,g"31. TSQIT95, , saw: ' X- Sw?-. - X2 ww.. 4 Af'-f , ffuiihx. 1 1 ,3!2..Lr'w-ig, JOHN DI CRISTINA uSilence is his one good art of conversation? Ladies, take heed! John can't tol- erate girls with short wavy hair. He likes to travel and plans to see the country in the near future. Marquette will be this lad's Alma Mater. Athletics 3,43 Mission Club 3. DEAN CORCORAN UNobody wi l foyget the way mpg? could use hizlegifacafted t1oe!fI'l,,f A y if ,I Deaf1,,1f1Gf many n'ckna111es--in foot- ball! he is c'a'lieri the "Toe", in baswlbf the ' ye"g and inbase- bal Fhe AZmH.!6Er what more could f f a 90 ,Bw 1 .rf sf Vicdfifres. 2, Prom Kiyng 35 Home- coming King 45 Pres. 3, Athletics 1,2,3,4. ' MARY DOAR UI'll be merry and free, I'll be sad for nobody!' Mary can usually be found with Ellyn Ann, Myrelle, and Janet. A dressmaker's school in New York is Mary's future destination. Glee Club 29 G.A.A. 25 Camera Club 23 Mission Club 2: Dramatics Club 1. DAVID DOLL HTo work or not to work! That is the question!n URedn, who tries to believe he has red hair, dislikes Hbackseat dri- vers like Jim Hobbinsn. Although he likes forestry,'he plans to attend Marquette to take up dentistry, the profession of his father. MARY DOWNEY UHere's one who'll not pretend, But is and staysa faithful friend? Mary plans to pursue kindergarten teaching at Edgewood College. She can always be counted on to help whenever needed. Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Mission Club Officer 2,3545 Dramatics Club 3,42 Crusader 4. Xin-rf BERNARD DONAHOE 'He's taking the steps of the lad- der to success, two steps at a time? Another one of those rare mortals who constantly gets good grades! uSpiderH has not as yet decided what to do in the future. Senior Council, Quill and Scroll 3: Envoy 3,43 Athletics 1,2,3. 1 J'- PATRICIA DONAHUE UNO gems,no gold she needs to wear, She shines intrinsically fair? Canada, the Eastern States, and Wyoming have all been visited by this charming lassie. However, she still prefers to attend our own University of Wisconsin. Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Dramatics Club 31 Mission Club 2,33 G.A.A. 1,2. f gf' RICHA QOLQff f J.. 4 f jimi nual cheergulnkisfisva f sifgf of lwsjgggm.-'ff' jf, 121 A cjrifeer in spapls ann uno ng is - tlpgfutur forfggk. He email-'good basefb l game, a his pq? peeve is-the Chi c go C:?s4xReceiving h s di- ma' ll be memor- ble event. KV Glee Club 41 Athletics 3,4. JAMES DOYLE HThis is a quiet boy, but quite a boy.H Jim plans to work after grad- uation to earn his fare to California for a short visit. He will never forget Sister Alexius' bookkeeping class. ls that good? Athletics 2, 3, 4. 'ik ,,: f' 5' f, i,t.i i at ti .tl-. DONALD ENDERS HLife is a pleasant insti- tution! Let us take it as it comes? Don readily admits that he is undecided about his future plans. He spends his spare time at Western Union where he is No. 1 messenger boy. Athletics 3, 4. MARGARET FAHEY HGoddess of Efficiencyl' Sister Alexius' bookkeeping class gets this senior's vote as her favorite. Margaret is the lone Edgewood representa- tive of Fitchburg Center Grade School. Nursing holds her interest for a future career. . . t 5: I .- ' w., N it X.. Zi.?..15X13.a5ii'a u su J .' '..."'A5 ,W NORBERT ESSER UA leader born to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders! HNibsH will continue his education --probably on a sports scholarship. Much of his time as a senior was spent on the yearbook as co-editor. Athletics 1,2,3,43 Vice Pres. 32 Treasurer 15 Glee Club 3,43 Presi- dent 2: N H.S. 4. M f 4 Q g fy . , ,,,,. A . .4 .fs - Q .,,ew4 T ii f ssnn 'fV?ff JOAN FAGAN HLaugh, and the world laughs with you? In the memory of the class of '50 Joan will take her place as a girl with a great sense of humor who plays 'Saber Dance' with the utmost skill and style. Flame Throwers 3,45 G.A.A. 3,42 Dramatics Club 3, 43 Mission C. 2, 3.4. ROBERT ERICKSON Ulf he had been present at crea- tion, he might have made a few valuable suggestions? Bob plans to go to the HUD,--that is, if he ever masters the art of taking notes. Bob's chief skill is teaching golf. Pres. lj Court of Honor 1,2,3,43 Treasurer 2: Glee Club 43 Athletics 1,2,3,4. CELINE FARRELL UBorn for success she seems with grace to win, with heart to hold? Celine entered as a resident stu- dent at Edgewood from St. M ry's at Pine Bluff. Her artistic ability will be developed at the Layton Art School after graduation from Edge- wood. Dramatics Club 3,43 Band 1,2,3,4. GEORGE FORSTER uHard work is the best investment a man can make.U UHappyH is looking forward to re- ceiving his diploma as his most memorable event in high school. He plans to continue his education at the HU. of W.U Athletics 1,2,3,45 Library 1,2. I i FRANK GI DI ' I ' ' 1 LAR 1 I 9 H1116 would rather be' out of th' I Mhorld than ouf offstyle.' I bs Frank plans to an dfangactiwiel live scjoolq- ohq, fox' mo t'ciaris. He was glad to see his himdbon the Honor R011 the gifstfsix weekswof his sen r a . n f f 10 X9 5 if! ' I i,-p Crusader 45 Secretary 2. ' ' . fx , , DOROTHY FREDERICK UA great devotee of the gospel of 'getting onhu Dorothy's favorite role was ULittle Pink Schmitzu in the football pep rally. England is the objective of her future travels. Mission Club 2,35 G.A.A. 4: Dramat- ics Club 4. ff ' 'H Nur! Jfff , 'is K. DARLENE FRAZIER Ult is good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood.H Darlene's ambitions include Teachers' College or secre- tarial work. She gladly leaves behind her Edgewood's cafe- teria line. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Dramatics plub 4. RODNEY GALLAGHER ULook, he's winding up the watch of his wit! Soon it will strike.H Five years from now will find Rod giving Bill Stern competition as a top sports announcer. Rod's magne- tic personality has gained him many friends. Senior Councilg Envoy 43 Athletics 3,4. ng ll O f JoHN GI X " xiii! X J f- 4 XXX "Push-bull! Cliqkl' qi, ekg Change fifhps that qwuic' in XIJIJQJI nmfinly beat rthe ibigl rn- ' B Vi l , Ugg m Q1 lk ccaqions b manages U31 ellis! he side-3 linesffor efD,'ze pictures of Qhe, pHeS,Xtoo. He holds nodgnufies ainst photo- gfavfww-? . l,2,Bf4:,gpres.4Xg Envoy lee Clup 43 Athletics G xv. D'ANN GRADY HAn ever smiling friend to all.' D'Ann declares that Sister Natalie's six week tests will be her most remembered occa- sions duringthe future years. She has pleasant dreams of becoming an airline hostess. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mission Club 1,2,3Q Envoy 2,35 Drama- tics Club 2,3. JO ANN HARWELL HEyes of a pure woman, whole- some stars of lovef' HJOH hopes that dental hy- gienists do not have to get up early in the morningg for if they d0. she may decide to change her ambition. She, too, remembers Sister Nata- lie's English exams. A PATRICIA GROSSE 'Silence is goldenl' Pat's ambition is to continue her study of music, and with her won- derful start she should succeed. She dislikes being told what to do but never protests. May Crowning Attendant, Dramatics Club 3,43 Library Club 1,2,3,4: G.A.A. 3.4. JAMES HANAWAY HHave I said enough? Or should I say more?H HBig Jim'sH fame lies in basketball where he claims, 'We ran up a pretty big score to win that one!n His agreeable personality makes him a favorite. . Athletics l,2,3,4g Crusader 4. JOHN GREENHECK uGive me 80 acres and a plow, And I'll plow my way to success? John plans to be a future farmer of America with one of the leading cattle farms in Wisconsin. His most memorable occasion in high school, he says, was the last day of exams, and we agree with him. DONNA JEAN HAUSER HShe'll win her fame With a crayon and her brainf HDee'su artistic talent, which was frequently displayed in the decora- tions for the school dances, shows her ability. She hopes to become a commercial artist. Mission Club l.2,3g G.A.A. l,2,3g Dramatics Club 2,3,4. W ELIZABETH HE Iss UHer sincerity is of genuine elo- quencef' Betty's sense of humor captivates all who know her. She has won the hearts of many of her classmates. Betty holds strenuous objections to only one thing: the 7:30 bus. Glee Club 1,2,3,4L Dramatics Club 4. THOMAS HOFFMAN Uwork? Where did I hear that word before?H Tom takes justifiable pride in the fact that he is one of the eight Hoffman brothers. He spends his spare time as assistant janitor at the Hoffman House, with hopes of becoming its manager some day. JAMES HOBBINS HAll the boys would like to know, How he manages to tie that bowl' The U. S. government will have trouble breaking up the 'National Tea Co.' monopoly with 'Chief Jus- tice Hobby' its president. Crusader 42 Dramatics C. 35 Flame Throwers 33 Library C. l,2,3. GERALDINE HOFFMAN HGirl of My Dreams? Gerry's quiet manner will come in handy when she is a doctor. We will always remember her as our gracious Senior Ball Queen. Senior Councilg N.H.S. 41 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. JOHN HIGGINS HA 'jack of all trades' and a master of many? ULukeH takes pride in his ability to sleep on school days. He plans to major in commerce at the UUn.He says he will miss the fifth period card games. Mission Club 1,25 Library Club 2. SUSAN HUNT uShe is the center of all distractionl' The most memorable events of Suzie's high school career were the drives in the family car HCleoH. Sue plans to be a teacher, but hasn't told how, when or where. Cheerleader 3,45 Dramatics Club 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: CPres.5 4: Mission Club 3,4. , vi 4, vw, a RICHARD JOACHIM x alt is by vivacity and wit a man shines in company.H If on your travels you should happen to see a thriving business with'Delby and Yoke' on thewneon sign above, you will know that Dick's chief ambition has been accom- plished. Athletics 2,3,4. JOAN KARLS USilence is the most perfect herald of joy.H Joan gladly bequeaths the 8:20 silence bell to the underclassmen. She reluc- tantly leaves behind book- keeping and shorthand with Sister Alexius. Her plans for the future point to steno- graphy. 1 MARGARET KALSCHEUR Ult is her pleasant nature to be calm and undisturbed.' It must be her charming smile that keeps that slick, maroon conver- tible around. The vacation trip which Peg enjoyed the most, was her Christmas trip to Florida. JOAN KALTENBERG UGolden hairlike sunlight streams? Joan,whose chief charm is her blond hair, is an alumna of St. John's grade school in Waunakee. Art class gets Joan's vote as her favorite class. Mission Club 23 Band 22 Dramatics Club 31 Court of Honor 1. PATRICIA KAHL HHer youth with fun and laughter will not pass swiftly byi' Attending a business college is what Pat plans in the fall. The religion and English tests that Sister Natalie used to spring will remain forever in her memory. Glee Club 1.2. ,fl i Q , N WVU vincruinhzut Wg! "GQy'3e5ly.Xliyf,yzffekards to,'Broadway." CK ml ' innyn degli t 4 r audiences with her dgglcinfhabiffftyv Qhigifls ac- cenpe by,hbg-ftalkatxlvef' uexeyes. Broydway or ollywoqdfis her chief ambitiony'She p ' to go to the HU. of W.n after raduation. X Q Band 1,2,3,4. PATRICK KLEINHEINZ UWrite me down a studentl' Pat considers getting out of alge- bra the happiest thing that hap- pened during his four years. He is another fan of Sister Alexius. Manager, Basketball 1,2,3,4g Flame Throwers 33 Mission Club 35 Drama- tics Club 3. ELLYN ANN LATHERS HShe's not a card! She's deck!n a whole Ellyn considers Prom and getting biggest include --is she her driver's license hef thrills. Her future plans more school. By the way still with us?--or has she moved to California? Dramatics Club 3,4,fVice-Pres.3 35 G.A.A. 4. ., f 'Q 1 s ,, Eh. GEORGE LANG HI have not yet begun to speak!H George likes to think of the days spent fishing and hunting. His yearly trips to the North always met with a good time if not a deer! By the way, George doesn't like reckless drivers. Athletics l,2,3,4. JOH LANG uHis is the power to do things and the ability to do them well? John's clear tenor voice played a wholesome part in the Glee Club. It is also exercised at class meetings where he presides as the HPresP Athletics 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 3,45 Class President 4. SALLE LANEVILLE 'Tmr beauty,asa spring, doth yearly grow.n Salle will study at the Uni- versity of New Mexico to be a research chemist. We missed her cheerful presence during her prolonged illness. Envoy 2,3,4p Crusader 4: Dramatics Club 41 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. JOSEPH LEUTHNER HWell, now the way I look at it--' Joe's chief ambition is to travel. So far in fulfilling this desire, he has journeyed to California, Idaho, and Canada. ' as RUTH LEUTH ER HA friend is a person with whom I may be sincere! In addition to supporting all school projects, Ruthie took part in many outside activ- ities, including Youth Coun- cil 4, Loft Executive Council 3,4, and Loft Secretary 3,4. Secretary 2: N.H.S. 4: G.A.A. DELBERT LITTEL 'Courage is an essential of high characterf Delby's trip to Chicago with the boys was the best of his high school escapades. Atten- tion boys: Ifyou need a place to sleep, go to Littel's free boarding house, it's quite a fad. Athletics 1,2,3,4. JAMES LINDSAY HBeware! I may be greatln During the past summer, Jim has worked for the Forest Service in Washington, Idaho, and California. For his career he plans to under take mine engineering at Platte ville College. so fx M MARJORIE LINSCHEID uShe's true to God who's true to man!H Marge gets rather disgusted with good bowlers for some unknown rea- son. She will enter nurse's train- ing but is undecided where. Flame Throwers 3,41 Court of Honor 43 Dramatics Club 3,4. HENRY LINDEN uLife's a serious proposition, girls, too? Probably for the first time in his- tory Saint Joseph was portrayed with red hair. Hank hopes to con- tinue his education at Loras and eventually own a business. Court of Honor 3,45 Crusader 4g Senior Council 45 Athletics 2,3,4. JANE LUDDEN UFive foot two, eyes of blue, Full of fun and beauty, too!H Of all her classes Jane enjoyed glee club most of all. Next fall Jane is going to Saint Teresa's, Winona, Minnesota, where she will prepare to be a kindergarten teach- er. Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Mission Club 41 Dramatics Club 2,3. J , ,. MARILYN LUDLOW HShe really has quite a 'rep' for being fun and full of pep!n 'Maren keeps the ball rolling both during classes and on the basket- ball court. She plans to continue her education at the UU'. Mission Club 2,35 Dramatics Club 2,3, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. MARY'MAHER HThe best of life is conversation! HFrenchyH, very fittingly, pro claims French her favorite subject and greatly admires Sister Norbert Her most memorable event was winn ing the French Award. Mission Club 2,3,45 Camera Club 4 Dramatics Club 45 Flame Thrower 3,4. MARGARET MARY LYNCH HYour smile so sweet, eyes so true, The world needs girls like youf This Irish lassie transferred from St. Brendan's, Chicago in her soph- omore year. Margie claims Sister Natalie's English class as her favorite. Court of Honor 33 Mission C. 2,3,4: Dramatics Club 3.4: fVice-Pres. 45 S . alt g'r'?2?, rafig. t w ,.,. fi -me -'r'2 f, v:'.. a 4 ,E .sll H it , CARL metro ' J W affix' . , . I uFor !Q9Q,LQ9J'bQll8SL,t9ll,f UCalH has been v y active in athletics throughout is fwysm at Edgewood. His gggatest thrill was being aptain the clarity footballfgzme. He plans t6 go to the UU' in the fall. Athletics 1,i2,3,4f Glee Cllgb 4. ,-f f 4 L I . J t'w..,f LUETTA LUKES UWhat is true, simple, and sincere is most congenial to her naturef' HLueH is contemplating the University of Wisconsin as a possible location for her many talents. She greatly enjoyed the sewing club and will always remember Sister Norbert's French class. Mission Club 2,33 Dramatics Club 4. LOIS MCCABE HThe voice is a celestial melodyJ' Lois' beautiful voice has brightened many a gala occa- sion during her school years. Very appropriately she plans to study music at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Dramatics Club 3,45 Mission Club 1,2,3. . :Six P CATHERINE MINTER Ulndividuality is the salt of lifei' Although Kay is undecided as to her future plans, she has very definite convictions about certain other things. She admits that oral reports provoke her. Kay agrees that sociology is her prized sub- ject. Mission Club 3,43 N.H.S. 42 Flame Throwers 3,4. JAMES MUSSMAN 'In my Merry Hupmobile.U This senior takes pride in owning a car and coming from Blessed Sacrament. Jim, who hopes to become an auto mech- anic, can usually be found learning the trade at Larry's Super Service. NANCY MUNDT nEver filled with the rapture of living? UNance', famous for her portrayal as an angelinvarious school plays, thought seeing the Black Hills one of her greatest thrills. In the future we will see Nancy at the HU. of W.' Band 2,42 Dramatics Club 4: Mission Club 3. DONALD MURRAY HThe tragic stage was set--and then the clown walked in? Don went to Boston for his vacation several years ago and considers the time for traveling well spent. He plans to continue study but with- holds the name of the school. Library Club l,2,3. A 1 ROBERT MULROON Y URemember the mighty oak was once a little nut!H UBQH aspires to be a second Knute Rockne after completing the Phy. Ed. course at the HUD. His diploma will take the place on the kitchen wall of his one perfect geometry paper. Athletics 1,2,3,4. MARCELLA NEUHAUSER HShort, but sweetln After seeing the tall freshmenlfor three years, Sally has finally given up hope. fShe's 4 feet 11M inches now.5 Maybe it's her height which makes her dislike the cafe- teria line. 1 PFWK? tiff MARY JEAN NORDBY HLife seems but one pure delight? Mary Jean, an active member of many clubs, looks on St. Teresa's Col- lege in Winona, Minnesota, as her possible goal in education. Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Dramatics Club 3,43 Mission Club 2,3,4. MARC PILON HHe will make his worldf' 'mark' in the Buzz doesn't like taller than he. He mechanics and own a girls who are plans to study garage, in the meantime, he practices on the family car. Athletics 2,3. AUDREY PAFF HSomeone great, she's sure to be? Audrey plans to take up commercial journalism at the HU' in the fall. She can be counted on to tell you her honest opinion of all things at all times. Crusader 42 Senior Council, Drama- tics Club 3,45 Envoy 35 Quill and Scroll 31 N.H.S. 4. PATRICIA PERTZBORN HHai1 to the queen who in triumph advancesln Patty has been the envy of the fairer sex at Edgewood. The senior class has finally decided to keep a special crown on hand just for her. Prom Queen, Homecoming Queen 4: Dramatics Club 2,43 G.A.A. 1,4. RUTH OTT USO win the wonder of the world,a smile from her bright eyes!n The future will find Ruthie in an office typing letters, as she plans to enter secre- tarial work. She will never forget the A she received from Sister Alexius. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 fSecretary 45. WAYNE POPE UAn intelligent man! All will agreel' An active man about town, Wayne plans to continue his education at the HU. of WP The excellent art work in the Crusader shows the results of his four year art course. Senior Council: N.H.S. 4: Crusader 45 Vice-pres. 25 Athletics 1,2,4. 'high KATHLEEN PURCELL ULife seems but one pure delight.H Kay's pleasing disposition and wit have made her a pleasant person to be with. Future years will find her doing secretarial work. Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Mission Club 1,2,33 Dramatics Club 2,3. GEORGE RICHARDSON UHe could make clever verbal incisions, cauterized with wit.H G. O. plans to put his artis- tic ability into mothballs while he studies medicine at the UU'. Is it his fast talk- ing or his blue eyes that keeps Jean interested--? Athletics 1,2,3,4l N.H.S. 42 Mission Club 1,23 Envoy 2,3. JOHN REINDL HIS June coming?n Hunting, skiing, and fishing are favorites with John who loves the great out of doors. He plans to be come a mechanic after his gradua- tion from Edgewood. DOROTHY RICHARDS HA 'Dot' with a lot of 'dash'.' This petit lass is from Ridgeway. Dot and Ginny are the HSalt and Peppern of Edgewood. Dot has her hopes set on becoming a kindergar- ten teacher Glee Club 1,21 Band 1,2,3, Mission Club 3' G A A 1 GEORGE RAUCH 'He is well-paid who is well sat isfied.' George's spare time has been di vided between building a new house and taking expert care of his bro thers and sisters. He considers physics his favorite class VIVIAN RING HAlways quiet and demure, Never in mischief that is sure Vivian is proud of her ancestry and just as proudly displays it on Saint Patrick's Day. Next fall Vivian will continue her education to become a beautician. 41'l',F CLIFFORD ROELKE UHe never puts things off, he just puts them over.u Cliff not only worked hard in school, but also outside of school. He and George Lang are the author- ities to contact in questions per- taining to Edgewood's field machin- ery. Athletics 1,2,3,4. MARY SCHAAF UA smile of hers was like an act of grace.U Mary's drawings are often seen among the art displays in the school halls. She plans to attend theHU.of W.' and some day be a MONICA RYAN uShe teases, yet she pleases!H Monica does not intend to go on to school, but plans to work as a stenographer after graduation. May- be it was her cheerful smile that brought the Federal Bakery such quick success. ..'1ix ,MN y teacher. N.H.S. 43 Mission Club 2,33 Drama- tics Club 43 Envoy 2,35 HSword in Handn 2. , f ,K F in ELAINE SACHS Hlt doesn't take noise to make a personality.H Elaine claims she has trouble re- membering things--especially deten- tions and dental appointments. fHow convenient!J She has not told us her future plans, but we know she will succeed. N.H.S. 4. DEAN ROGERS HMore ability than has been brought to life.H Dean detests getting up in the morning, and would like a job where he could sleep un- til noon. He plans to go to the 'UH. and may take up journalism. He is fond of music, especially jazz. Envoy 2,45 Track 2. MARJORIE SCHMITZ HThere is more to life than increasing its speed.' Obtaining a diploma from St. Teresa's College is Margie's aim. Sociology has been the most enjoyable class-of the four years she has lived at Edgewood. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Dramatics Club 4. THOMAS SCHMITZ UKeen sense, common sense, and room for nonsense. W Tom will never forget the day it snowed so hard that school was closed. He plans to coach sports in the future. Athletics 1,2,3,4g Senior Ball King. SYLVIA SHIRE HA little time for laughter, a little time to sing? Sally's friends are fearful that she will some day talk herself into extinction. Her gift to keep up a steady line of chatter is equalled by few others. Court of Honor 25 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,3,43 Drama- tics Club l,2,4. ARLENE SCHWOEGLER UShe's here! I heard her giggle? Arlene likes the uvacationn part of school best of all--study halls not included! Perhaps her trips to Wisconsin Dells are what make this time the most interesting. Sociol- ogy class has been the class most enjoyed by Arlene. 'U' ,L if JANET SHEEHAN Nwhen Irish eyes are smiling! HJanv is undecided as to her future plans, but would like to work in an office. She will always remember Sister Alexius's bookkeeping class as her favorite. 3? 4: . 1 3? fi ,,,..f FLORENCE SCHUCHARDT HHer ways are ways of pleasantnessg all her paths are peace!' Florence transferred from Central in her junior year. As she plans to become a nurse, her pleasant ways will surely delight the patients. Among her high school memories is the weekly sewing club--her sess- ions. Glee Club 3,4. LUCRETIA SLIGHTAM UHow her fingertips can play such sweet thunder? HCretiaH is a zealous member of the senior council and an active member of many clubs. Although she likes history, she plans to make her career one of nursing. Glee Club 2,3,4g Senior Council, Dramatics Club 43 N.H.S. 4. JEAN STEIN uCharity is the very virtue of her heart? Jean is undecided about her future plans but is certain the most mem- orable event of her high school days will be graduation. Here is Jean, where is Betty? Mission Club 2,33 Dramatics Club 4. ROSEMARY SPELLMAN Hwith a Song in My Heart? After graduation, Rosemary plans to enter Whitewater State Teachers' College. Rosemary's exceptional voice has been a welcome asset to the glee club. Glee Club 1,2,3,4. LAURETTA SULLIVAN UA maiden, fair and entrancing, Possessed of fondness for dancingf This talented senior is noted for her welcome contribution to the floor shows. Her pet peeve is home- work, but it apparently helped her maintain straight A's. Glee Club l,2,3,4Q fPres. 453 Crusader 41 N.H S. 4: Dramatics Club 3,4. .,W . r 1 MAURA KAY SMITH uJoy in life shines through her cheery countenance? This red-haired beauty hails from DePere, Wis. We will miss her friendly smile and sparkling blue eyes. Maura Kay plans to study nursing or education. Dramatics Club 3,41 Band 2. ROSE SWEENEY ELIZABETH ANN STUMPF HA silent address is the genuine eloquence of sincerityf' If she does not join the armed service, Betty will enter the busi- ness world. She enjoyed art class more than any other. Conceited people are her pet peeve. Glee Club 1,2,4: G.A.A. 1,23 Mission Club 1,2. UShe furthers the good neigh- bor policyl' Rose considers Sister Alex- ius' shorthand class a rare subject but reluctantly ad- mits that she does get some- thing out of it. She looks forward to graduation as an occasion worthy of some re- membrance. Mission Club 2,35 Dramatics Club 4. ,. .V 3557 33213 agxif. iyigix dw4Qf5f JEAN TIEDEMAN uMiss-Chievous of 1950? Everyone who knows Jean is attracted by her keen sense of humor. She is going to the MUN next year and plans to have all her classes in the afternoon!!! Library Club 1,21 G.A.A. 15 Dramatics Club 3. MARY VILBRANDT HTo know her is to like herl' HAggieH considers UStudents who don't speak to youu as her pet peeve. Her voice, which she claims is her chief asset, has been a valuable addition to the glee club for four years. College or the bus- iness world is her future plan. Glee Club RONALD WADDELL USize is not grandeur, and territory does not make a H8tl0H!n Ron considers his short sta- ture his chief asset, yet dislikesbeingcalledushrimpd' His height will not interfere when the fire engines roll out of the station, for HChief Waddell' will be very prominent on one of the trucks. 'R 52 fi ,- JW 'Uh PETER VIVIAN Ill-Ie man' ten can keep silence well. That s silence is wonderful to lis- to? the past few summers, Pete has For been working out at the R. a W. rootbeer stand on Park Street, but in the future he would like to go to the U. of W. Rgfxx qg,,yg. 1. vi' MARY VALENTINE uBewitching brown eyesg shining mirrors of bubbling enthusiasm? Mary is especially adept at knit- ting argyles and making French fries. Her gay parties are enjoyed by all. The only way you can annoy Mary is to call her HMary Anne? Dramatics Club 3,43 Mission Club 4. BARBARA WALTER HA girl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrowsf A project of HThe Flame Throwers Clubn of visiting the hospitals and bringing gifts to hospitals at Christmas brought Barbara her most fun. She plans to go to the HU.of W.n next year. Glee Club 2,33 G.A.A. 3.4: Drama- tics Club 3,4. H. 2 K , 'Vt FRANCIS WASHA HI am here! Shall we begin?H In his future years, HDustyH will recall all the days he Hforgotn to come to school and went hunting instead. He will fulfill his am- bition by attending auto mechanic school. JUDY WIEDENBECK uHer ivory hands on the ivory keys stray in a beautiful fantasy.H Judy claims her talent at playing the piano is her chief asset, and has definitely proved it. She will attend Rosary College in fall. Mission Club 1,2,31 Band 3,45 Dram- atics Club 2,35 G.A.A. 1.2. .. ,, fr' , , 1 4 , i ' 3 Q 'l ' 5 k 1? ' - MARGARET WERVE HA true friend that's forever a friendf' Peggy has quite an unusual career in mindg she plans to work for a year toward her goal as an airline hostess. Glee Club 1,2,3,41 Mission Club 3: Dramatics Club 3. I' gf MARY JEAN WHALEN Ulf everyone cheered like this one, Every game would be a won onef' Mary Jean will study medical tech- nology but has not yet decided where. She is noted for her abili- ties to drive the pickup and to talk her way out of things. Cheerleader 4: G.A.A. 1,2,4p Drama- tics Club 2,45 Mission Club 2. ,pf MARY CAROL WEBSTER NHer report card is like the first page of a dictionary-- all A'sP UWebH plans to attend St. Teresa's at Winona, Minn., next fall. She will long be remembered for her perform- ancein the 1949 Variety show. Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Mission Club 1,2: Dramatics Club 4: Envoy 32 N.H.S. 4. MARY WILLIAMS UWell-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech.H Quiet, petit, and smiling, HDiH reflects on ber trip to Sinsinawa with the rest of the Glee Club, and says it will always remain in her memory. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mission Club 3,43 Flame Throwers 3,4. STANLEY WRIGHT HHonor lies in honest toi1.H HHot Rod Stann is known in and out of school for the car he drove dur- ing his junior and senior years. When it ran, it ran wellg but when it stopped, he, too, stopped. ROSEMARY ZEVNIK "Rare compound of frolic and fun." i Rosie hails from Middleton. We saw her talents as a cheerleader in the i Q "Homecoming Pep Rallyl' Her future ff plans are undecided. Library Club 2,33 G.A.A. 2. 'Qn 'uv' P5 rl S 'esaxgfg , X Cy ov V H N540 FV si MOR? ,E sumo S1 ,, ' A ,,,,.-.M i,- A iivi WOK BALL B45 rw-w ksfg 4 A C2 Gnfmumlom BALL 44 r 4 vi 4 i J 65 4? ss W awe f -' 1 5' 1, 0 Q N F 6 Qc C5 U' 06, . ood W Q- 0 6' i S 9 2-H-""" its f Un derclassme 17 JUNIOR OFFICERS M. Christofferson, Treasurerg R. Rocca, Secretaryg J. McCormick, Vice-Presidentg A. Bennett, President. W. , 1. 2 . mf? ggQgg ulp ,l vE, ygwiwm Alighieri Anthony Arnold Bennett Berigan Beyler Birrenkott Bohne Bollig Botham Botham Brockman Brunner Brunner Buechner Burger Carmody Chandler ChFiStOffQFSOH Coan Coleman Conners Courtney Crapp Crowley Davis Diederich Doll Dunn Eckstein Enders Endres Farrell Farrell Fitzpatrick Flad Flynn Frederick Gallagher Gill Gugel Hand Handel Hansen Harbort Harris Hart Heinrichs Hoffman Jerrick Karls Keegan Kellogg Knoth Kroeger Lacey Lacy Lathers Lease Link Lottes Lyons Martin Matts Mayville McCormick McCormick McCormick McCormick McNamara Meicher Meixner iiiiVliiii mug! l'emQ aa e ' 'M , 'lyq qyn Q A l lL swla L fum. W' . ev v ? S ja! 'fl 91 'awry L if F av, .g we-.-f af Q X XR ,ws w . v. v 9 : . ii ' ASW, , , 5 l k5k.n fakes? 9 X is Hw3f?"+ ia... .b. 1 ,va as Q as if .1 "NU" wwiiv' can I A" .. if X p a ge KX L4 an 1 . QE , eww 3 K F Q WU , 1 tl .X 0 Q xg 5 1 W Jrqgff W I N610 5 ,Qi ,rr W 12? -uw-K "J el W M , ,fix ,Q ea' ,.f J oil A ,X u kg K U Mergen Miller Moran Mott Mueller Mundt Munson Ohnstad O'Nei1l Page Page Petranek Ponti Raffel Reindl Reiselman Rocca Roessler Ross Ruhmer Saubert Schlimgen Schlimgen Schmelzer Schwoegler Segersnn Shafer Siudzinski Spahr Statz Straus Stricker Sullivan Tierney Trainor Wartner Watts Welch Whelan White Wilhelm Zander T. Armstrong S. Baines M. Ball M. Barry J. Bennett J. Benzmiller C. Blaney M. Boehmer M. Boltz T. Brader D. Brown R. Burger C. Burmeister T. Burke P. Bystrom P. Cafferty J. Canny J. Cantwell M. E. Casey SOPHOMORE OFFICERS J. Keleny, Treasurerg L. Hanson, Secretaryg M. A. McCormick, PresidentgT. Haen, Vice-President. Q5 'Q .ff , h , V.. -- Z V 4 tk - . 4 ' ... W.. fe - 3 " V. ,iyjw Q :lf ,1 x ax 9 a 1iT1aQ?g5fEiQ3 Q M11 I Q if A5 ,, I . .gp 'B f-in 'Pa fkif :Q 6 V "lV as fi E A, L . Al , AE -. I V K . . I I . . Nh W J Illlgigif III iI! ci' . Egg ,xg Q iiwf Y l. lx xx f iw' in w,, A li iv K ,..., -. 3 lf , i i ef- 1! f iw . xr f Q 3 1 if I w new C 3. 3 A . Q Aifg.. Z A 'S' f D LZ D H 7 A ,'q. Kg . D Q l ,i T I i n K5 L7 .nsii D F 3? W5Q-1 qiiiiin 1 Clark L, Clements Coenen Collins Conlin Corcoran Coyle Crapp Dahlem Denu DeVoe Deweese Donahue Downey ' Doyle y Doyle ' Dunn L. Durkin Eikel Endres Endres Esser Esser Esser Esser Fahey Feirn Festge Finley Fleming Fiore Gilbert Gill Goodenough Greenheck Greenwood Greiber Haen Hagen Hageman Hanaway Hansen Hanson M. Harrison Hauptman Healy Heiser ff 1? Huth Jacobs M. Jones Jones Jorris Kahl an Kalscheur Keleny Kennedy Kirk KODD Krantz Kratcha Laking Lee Lemberger Leute h 3 Longua . ef Lorenzi i3 Ludlow Luther Lynch Mack Mackesey Maurer x McCormick McSherry Meehan Miller Miller Moritz Muskat Nachreiner Nilles Q ,gl Noltner f x Ost rows ky out no 1 X as X K 1 W. .K . .i ?. .X 431. 2 X742 A EF if Q, .,,, K LN 7 ,if 'ir , ufYEF 1 ii X A 14" iii ils iv'x .sry MKN ilqdijan ii bg .EE ez, 5 2 N.. pd! be N W MISVIX. iiiEEE?!E5 m wr H ,L L W fig ' v.f -V G. 'MF ' S 6' r 137 3 2 T J D,-w W 8 Q I 'N X X 3 J, a-iw 1 5 4 in ,ll e S as , We ,R RWE X 'B -' ,K-, Q. 1 . X s X - I. A x QWFQE' ,1 ., ., is I ,Fix Q, 'uf is 6 i R 1 ,Q W! 6, f N J W . 5 R x 5 yi P s 'K 0 li Q ali' K 3 xws x K,Ln 2, jgf3?f xv 45 5 x F Lw. S' AVA, Y c Q Parkinson Pendleton Pertzborn Petranek Pope Prindiville Reagan Reible Rice Richardson Riley RJDD Ritger Rodenschmit Root Ryan Sachs Schlimgen Schoepp Schwarz Schwenker Schwoegler Scott Spahr Spevacek Stam Statz Statz Steinel Strenger Sweet Treinen Vilbrandt Waldvogel Warnecke Washa Watts Welch Welch Whalen Whalen Zander x ' . nl J n Q L 1 n f nf J ,VM I J 1' 2 ' ix 1 - 'J al, I x 1 J ' Ace Aikins Anthony Arndt Baltzell Barry Bates Beck Beyer Beyler Beyler Bigley Birrenkott Birrenkott Blied Bohne Bonaguidi Breitenbach Brehm Brinkman' Brhely Brown FRESHMEN OFFICERS T. Farley, Presidentp E. Anthony, Secretaryg J. Hanson, Vice-Presidentg J. Murphy, Treasurer. 4. 5. "?"""' 3 r E' A is QMQQQQF' x:,Wf55fQF hh h X lf - he 3 r y,y,, A 1' f j Xi ,p-4 : Jai ' as 5 M 5, .V f' j gk? f!g?X -lz Q f.H - '.. T L e r l l D or ' -we K 4- I :Y ,L k ' wg Z 1 an X 3 ' l , , 'D' 1 1 12 1 3 M jk Q 3 are I' . . 51 -1, - sr 1 .k.k ww or J R n f D 5 R .NN Xxx 51 ' r 13 55- , l A I A ggi!!! Wh 51 1 an ggg52gig',, umm, QLD '59 lwi -if , D 'S of L 'i5xH5EEEi we 2-.. nz 'fl X .yAW,. if ,wiggg Egggw tg av . K, , f,,: !ijgk,55,,5'j V VV.l' X i no 6 5. . 2 M 5 3 x WLM nw - Qri 55535 g g ,15w- 5 ., if a ei KA 1 , gfwff 31. V 1 'QQWQ H 'Howl' BF' .. . l l 'A "f' burger Burns Capaul Chlanda Cipperly Coenen Conlin Connell Conway Cooper Corcoran Coyle Cunningham Denton DiCristina Dingeldine Diebold DeFazio Dittner Doyle Doyle Dunn Ellis Engel Esser Falkenstein Farley Farrell Fauerbach Feiler Ferguson Flug Flynn Gallagher Germain Getzinger uorman Greenheck Gritzmacker Gruendler Grumke Guerten Gugel Haack Haack Haack Hall Haley Hamacher Hand Hanson Harrington Hayes Heffernan Heinde- Helman Hemenway. Hibbard Jennings Johnson Jordon Kammer Kelly Kennedy Kroeger Lang Lang Lathers Laufenberg Laughnan Lessner Lindsay Lucey Mack McGraw McSherry McSherry Meehan Meng Menigoz Mulderink Murphy O'Brien O'Connell Q, 2 al QT!! H Q is R? 19' 3 X g 5 iw H A in ? xfzf , Mgr fiwgl x. X R B uma V in Ql'EW E an S ,fb fl, H an , 5 iiwsm A my-M, I , awww 1 W " asv! ,- :Q'ipww f ZAH,4k ,Ev W -.. pq. ? egg QQ? Q !g.?Wpkir ,,,. f. Q f sw, fizx 4i QL m. A . Ea,fH safety? i?'4 28 gg gg iibl I 3 e2!SQ E?' Q, H ' ii K W . gn Q' N fs H f- wnw , u- gf ege i .. "fl, QW x YH. V vi i, , E . Wk W! . , yi 3 A L 2, MXH '.L IQIV " frf' tea . 1' ' V ,,.,., M eHH H el U 'xr Vlkz ':': gl,ff' lggiaxi g t,?i hy?7v X752 'Xt f asa faxrm as 'K Iliff l 5 mg.. iw , lg ,uf 33ggQ f 552 , '!?"'? vs. X Wqiwje , .X 5 li asia : ,qvf 1 .,.,,., Ji, Hf?? ff 9 W AC i wl egg' is al WYE? s K gaH ?l "Wm V W-iw lin wwf H s S . ifv, 1,UgyWw, iv TW X U 4' '54 - ,,. ,,-at I ,H is lf-gf' 5 QQHAHQWE .,,- ' 3 '31 , rf , ' V' H, E 5 ,N A .Q 1 ' '5w,.Jw 2. fEwfgf ' f1v.,w . E xm xxx. T 5 in KJ Qi xy e-o ggakf, 'WQEE' :f'?g2 X 4 has 4 5 so 1n.yzi 5 1 ,. M f at L g'g, L H H 1 , ww Q ,f,y5g Aga dam aiiwssg , I 4 f ff l -1, 'M w. no , ,. 2 SJWEQEHW Wmml fuer . nik NH P E wit, Egg " --F . QQ. W H 'QQ? M ,H W M' gg sn .' ,,s ':. ,gg . L, 43532: ' W5 3 311' A .., in muy? kgkev i i x iw gi X ,A '. W , W Q W .W mm' i555S23g55 nn 3 - Gian ' H if if -1' "" 'sm' fin, R xi w L Q s. Ki 3 fr Sig L . a is J if W , 1 2 5? c n E if Y he R' Q i' Egg? Orvold Paul Pelletter Ponti Puccio Purcell Quinn Reilly Reindl Reindl Reitmair Rhatigan Ritter Roberts Rodenschmit Ryan Ryan Rybak Sauer Schmitz Schroeder Schuchardt Schwarz Scott Shaughnessy Spink Sprague Steffen Sullivan Thoreson Triggs Triggs Valentine Walker Watts Way Wermuth Wes ley Whalen Wohlferdy Yaeger Zindars ' A ,n ' fy ,M . T JM .v fm - f , r EDGEWOOD FACULTY The Reverend Mark Barron O. P Music: Chaplain Sister Mary Hope Principal Sister M. Edward Sister M. Celeste Sister M. Justinia Librarians: Sister Mary Claude Sister Marie Arthur Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Mrs. C. Mrs. K. Mr. D. Miss V. M. Alexius Alphonsus Mary M. Ambrose M. Angele M. Audrey M. Cajetan M. Catherine M. Dorothy M. Faith M. Francia Lay E. Fordham J Kane R. Marcouiller M 0'Connell Sister 'Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Teachers 'iw M. Imeldine M. Lionel M. Marguerite Marie Monica Marie Rita Mary Charles M. Natalie M. Norbert M. Philomena M. Regina Athletic Director: Mr. E. J. Wilke Assistant Coaches- Mr. J. C. McGuire Mr. T. FI Bennett ja yful Q , E A? Mysteries THE ANNUNCIATION fAboveJ J. Ludden, D. Richards. THE VISITATION qAbove5 E. Lathers, M. Bongard. THE PRESENTATION fBe1ow L. to R.b J. Karls, D. Ro- THE NATIVITY CCenterj M. Clarity, J. Lindsay. THE FINDING IN THE TEMPLE CBe1ow L. to R.7 H. gers, J. Allen, Bohne, C. Roelke, R. J. Lindsay. Joachim, G. Rauch, J. Stein. tins f 1 A , a rc .37 I f 4 - .. ' I Vu .z hx Q, , ,. xg' ! x? I at ,, W ,My ' 'f"3' , 2 - I E 3 Q .fl ,img 1 N' Af , 'ull ,A gllm ? ,B , if ,ig ,, . w' I LII '5-45-Q Q Q MASS OF THE HOLY GHOST The school year opens appro- priately with the Mass of the Holy Ghost, celebrated by the chaplain, The Reverend Mark Barron, 0.P. The students for whom it is offered, ask God especially for help in ful- filling the aims of the Holy Year - prayer and penance, and also for His blessing on their work throughout the school year. THE ROSARY The rosary, a favorite fam- ily prayer, was given to Saint Dominic by our Lady in the thirteenth century. This beautiful presentation scene was re-enacted by the Edgewood students to recall the victory at Lepanto,granted through the recitation of the rosary. l flu to R 3 G Jacobs, I Durkin P Doyle P Dovney SEMINARY FUND The purpose of the Seminary Fund is to further the educa- tion of priests. The gift re- presents many little sacri- fices and offerings of the Edgewood students who many times have called to mind these words of Christ: NAmen, I say to you, as Long as you did it for one of these, the least of my brethren, you did it for me-H St. Matthew 25,40. CENTENARY PERFORMANCE The centennial of the found- ing of the Dominican Sisters, Congregation of the Most Holy Rosary, at Sinsinawa, Wiscon- sin, by Father Samuel Mazzu- chelli was commemorated by the play, Nfrail Blazer to Heavenn. The story, written by the stu- dents, tells of the great work done by Father Mazzuchelli in spreading the faith throughout the territories of Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. PRESIDENT JOH LANG PRESENTS A SEMINARY FUND CHECK T0 BISHOP 0'CONNOR 'W FINAL SCENEIIN HEAVEN FATHER MAZZUCHELLI HOLDS A REUNION. fL- to R-5 D- Richards, N. Mundi, S. Laneville, M. Rice, J. Maurer, K. McCormick,Fk Meixner,J1 Tierney,J. Handel, M. 0'Nei11, R. Rocca. C17 MARY RECEIVES A JOYFUL MESSAGE CL. to R.5 A. Paff, M. Downey. 1 .. C25 THE THREE KINGS JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM CL. to R.j B. Donahoe,F2 Gilardi, W. Pope. , I ' CHRISTMAS PAGEANT ifk. The Christmas Pageant, ' Q presented annually by the senior class, was based + ' on a medieval mystery play. A group of stroll- ing players, portrayed by the combined boys' and , girls' glee clubs, ap- fi proached the stage sing- ing Christmas carols. Q' ' 1 lf They then gathered on the Yi? steps of the church to watch the pageant. By the vivid portrayal of the eventsof the first Christm s,thepageant re- awakened in the students the real meaning of Christmas. Left CL. to R.5 D. Baines, H. Linden, M. Downey, J. Wiedenbeck. Q35 THE SHEPHERDS DISCOVER A NEW STAR KL. to R.b G. Forster, D. Murray, J. Leuthner, J. Gill, J. Mussman. 443 THE CAROLLERS RELATE THE CHRISTMAS STORY IN SONG KL. to R.b Row 1: B. Heiss,IL Frazier, S. Shire, M. Webster. Row 2: N. Esser, M. Werve, D. Canny. CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES The Christmas season is one of activity at Edgewood, At the right is shown an annual project as three students prepare one of the Christmas baskets for the poor. Below is the Christmas crib set up in the main hall by the art department for the students who take out a few minutes during the day to say a short prayer. The lighting of the Advent wreath is another traditional ceremony at Edgewood. With only four weeks until Christmas, the students are reminded to prepare for that great feast. I--1 7Ml WW .Q FW A x"'-...N 4,4549 ?""' STUDENTS PREPARE CHRISTMAS BASKETS KL. to R.D J. Fagan.Ia Ruhmer, K. Purcell EDGEWOOD STUDENTS STOP FOR AN LIGHTING OF WREATH MARKS THE OPENING OF THE ADVENT SEASON 0CCASI0NA1'PRAYER BEFORE CRIB KL. to R.J B. Wa1ter,P. Chandler, M. Ryan M Mackesey Mary Schaaf. S. Hunt, Father M. Barron 1 1 J Q f. ,hw-a L J, W A! x 22" 1 K , ww n i Yi S x Kwon 4 1 3 I 0 ,Q .,,,f' 9 sri' 1 ,f"'S .,.-.N xlxfiluwfi KK! -Vi Qfzzmffff , ,Wgrfyff-vw.. .. JW f JM 5 2 3 3 4 ? 5 6 5 ,V.,:.,,i-M 'Iam' .fm A MISSION CLUB The members of the Edge- wood Mission Club, by aiding the mission, both spiritually and materially, and by performing acts of charity, are trained to follow a life of Catholic Action in later life. Some of the many projects accomplished during the past year were: making altar linens, sponsoring a Valentine dance and a St. Patrick tag day, and publishing a club paper. A HHAPPYH DAY AT THE MILWAUKEE SUMA CONVENTION J. Breitenbach, A. Boberschmidt, K. Aspel, M. Downey, J. Beyer .5 CL. to R.5 Row 1: G. Burger, A. Boberschmidt, M. Downey, S. Hunt, A. Coyle, J. Hand, J. Tierney, Row 2: J. Handel, M. Ohnstad, K. Purcell, M. Lynch, J. Suidzinski, J. Fagan, J. Brietenbach, D. Fredrick, C. Meicherg Row 3: Y. Eckstein, D. Lacey, M. Farrell, R. Rocca, B. Walter, D. Brockman, M. Clarity, L. Ruhmer, E. Sachs, M. Se- gersong Row 4: M. Schaaf, P. Doll, H. Birrenkott, W. Lottes, J. Botham, D. Wartner, C. Schlimgen, P. Chandler, Row 5: M. O'Neill, M. Nordby, S. Saubert, J. Ponti, N. Munson, L. Slightam, C. Flad, S. Shire. CL. to R,y Row 1: J. Bennet, P. Doyle, M. Endresg Row 2: H. Wesley, R. Val entine, M. Ryan, D. Endres, A. Coyle, A. Steffen, Row 3: J. Schmitz, M Lathers, M. McCormick, E. Denu, W. Warnecke, W. Esser, R. Burger, Row 4 P. Bystrom, M. Mackesy, S. Baines, M. Brehm, J. Burger, S. Meng, J. Whalen A. Fauerbachp Row 5:lL Eikel, D. Leute, P. Hibbard, S. Schwenker, D. Riley M. Boltz, R. Welch, A. Nilles. CUpper left: "EoGEwoon CHIMESH M STAFF AT WORK ON ITS MONTHLY PUBLICATION. fL. to R.3 M. Nordby, E. Sachs, M. Downey, A. Boberschmidt, M. Lynch. 4Upper right? SAVING CANCELLED STAMPS IS ONE WAY TO HELP EDU- CATE A SEMINARIAN. 4L. to R.j A. Fauerbach, M. Warnecke. fRight5 MISSION CLUB MEMBERS ASSEMBLE SOME OF THEIR HAND- MADE ALTAR LINENS FOR ST. COLUM AN'S FAR EAST. fL. to R.3 M. Boltz, R. Rocca, M. Brehm, M. Endres. GLEE CLUBS The Glee Clubs, under the direction of Sister Justinia, and numbering one-fourth of the student body, are among the most active organizations in the school. As well as playing an important part in many of our programs, these talented young peo- ple are receiving training which will afford them much pleasure in their leisure hours in later years. BOYS' GLEE CLUB CL. to R.b Row 1: J. Gill, J. Schaefer, K. McCormick, M. Clark, P. Par- kinson, G. Schlimgen, Row 2: T. Caine, C. Maglio, G. Cain, R. Doll, J. Conlin, D. Sullivan, Row 3: D. Canny, M. Keegan, J. Lang, N. Esser, J. Mussman, L. McCormick. SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB fL. to R., Row 1: D. Grady, M. Ball, L. McCabe, M. Werve, M. Nordby, J. Brinkman, M. Schmitz, Row 2:IL Sullivan, E. Heiss, R. Rocca, M. Kahl, M. Williams, J. Handel, Row 3: M. Webster, M. O'Neill, M. McCormick, S. Shire, D. Frazier, K. Purcell, F. Schuchardt, Row 4: P. Carmody, J. Tierney, J. Ludden, R. Spellman, J. Rieselman. L. Slightam, Row 5: M. Vilbrandt, P. Donahue, J. Botham, V. Lease, E. Hansen, E. Stumpf M. Downey. E 5 2 I A NEWLY ORGANIZED THESPIANS GAZE ON CLUB CHARTER. qAbove-L. to R.5 Row 1:M, J. Clarity, R. Whe1an,K, Aspel, M. Dingeldine, L. Sullivan, M. Downey, A. Paff. Row 2 M. C. Webster, R. Rocca, J. Hand, L. Slightam, M. L. Durkin, M. O'Neil1. DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS PLAN FOR NEXT POT LUCK. qRight-L. to R,3 Row 1: M. Dingeldine, president, Sr. M. Angele, advisorg M. Lynch, vice-president. Row 2: M. Christofferson, secretary, J. Hand, trea- surer. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club, affil- iated with the National Thespian Society this year, promotes interest in var- ious fields of play pro- duction. Under the guid- ance of Sister M. Angele, the club was organized two years ago and has a member- ship of 150. K PAT KAHL LOOKS ON AS MARY MAURA KAY SMITH AND CELINE PETE ASPINWALL AND FEORGE SCHAAF WINDS A HEADDRESS FARRELL INSPECT THE LANTERNS RAUCH ARE HON TI-TE SPOT, ON DON MURRAY. FOR THE CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. DURING THE QUALIFY STREET PRODUCTION. Q FLAME THROWERS The Flame Throwers, organized last year under the guidance of Sister Mary Imeldine, have tried to bring happiness to those less fortunate than themselves. Visiting the sick and distributing magazines at the State Hospital, entertain- ing the old folks at the Dane County Home, giving presents at Christmas to the poor, and out- fitting a little girl for First I Communion are among the activi- I ties in which these girls engage. 44- GAYLE KIRK DISTRIBUTES CANDY T0 T E LADIES AT THE COUNTY HOME AT VERONA AS BETTY PENDLETON LOOKS ON, NANCY OTT GIVES JOAN BREITENBACH, JUDY BEYER. AND JUDY LUD' MAGAZINES T0 A PATIENT AT THE STATE HOSPITAL LOW, ADDRESS AND PACK VALENTINES TO SEND TO THEIR FRIENDS AT VERONA OLD FOLKS HOME QL. to R.b Row 1: M. A. Dahmen, S. Schwenker, J. Fagan, B. Walters, M. L. Durkin G. Burger. Row 2: D. Baines, B. Pendleton, J. Beyer, J. Allen, M. Valentine, J Siudzinski, C. Schlimgen. Row 3: M. Farrell, J. Botham, M. Christofferson, M. Lin- scheid, M. Downey, M. Williams, J. Ludlow, N. Ott, J. Whalen, W. Warnecke, J. Canny. Row 4: C. Minter, K. Aspel, J. Breitenbach, M. Maher, R. Whelan, G. Kirk. LIBRARY CLUB KL. to R.b Row 1: J. Cipperly, J. Connell, F. DiCristina, P. Haack, R. Brown, J. Capaul, J. Burns, R. Burger. Row 2: J. Wermuth, M. Johnson, B. McGraw, B. Matts, B. Stringer, A. Nillis. Row 3: A. Lemberger, P. Whalen, N. Jones, W. Esser, R. Rocca, M. Sweet. fseatedj P. Grosse. CAMERA CLUB KL. to R.7 Row 1: M. Maher, M. Wilhelm, J. Rieselman, M. Hayes, D. Germain, B. Mc Graw, J. Wermuth, J. Purcell. Row 2: M. Johnson, J. Chlanda, G. Schlimgen, K. Lee R. McSherry, B. Pendleton. Row 3: J. Flug, M. Lathers, J. Blied, J. Capaul. 'R meow noogqa ,f I , xl 4h,'. ' x . F AX Zpiisfoem I X5 .N bf- , I is- X, Vx . e ' A Amrnvawfnfgg LIBRARY The library furnishes the student with many types of reading. In books the student finds the beautiful, the true, and the way to his final goal--heaven. RELIGION Religion, the underly- ing principle of life, must be the basic prin- ciple of education. It provides those experi- ences which develop the ideas, the attitudes, and the habits demanded for Christlike living. 1. TYPICAL LIBRARY SCENE QL. to R.5 N. Jones. V. Ripp, M. Werve,J, Kelly, B. Donahoe, J. Reitmair, G. Richardson. 2. KEEPING UP ON CATHOLIC PERIODICAL LITERATURE R. Sweeney, A. Schwoegler. 3. A LIVING ROSARY M. Boltz, D. Noltner PWM 1' N Rm BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The department of Business Education aims to develop in students those qualities which will aid them on the road to success. It teaches typing, short- hand, bookkeeping and the manipulation of office machines. The students are trained to be not only a credit to an office, but also a credit to the school. PUTTING BUSINESS SKILLS INTO PRACTICE Row 1: B. Burke, J. DiCristina. Row 2: Sister Marie Rita C Burke -1, W I W CL. to R.j Row 1: M. J. Nordby, L. Sullivan, M. Werve. Row 2: R. Ott, L Sachs V Kehl S- Laf19Vi119f ROW 31 J- KHFIS, E- L3-th9I'S, M- Lynch- Row 4: K. Purcell E Burmeister A. Paff. Row 5: M. Schaaf, R. Sweeney, M. Ryan. Row 6: Sister Mary Alexius A Bober Schmidt, M. Dingeldine. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seated: M. C. Webster.L.S1ightam, A. Boberschmidt, M. Dingeldine, L. Sullivan. Standing: E. Sachs, R. Leuthner, R. Richardson, M. Schaaf, W. Pope, A. Paff, N. Esser, C. Minter, G. Hoffman. iQ 'bf mlb. SEN IOR COUNCIL KL. to RJ Standing: J. Lang, B. Donahoe, A, Boberschmidt, A. Paff, H. Linden, L. Slightam Seated: G. Hoffman, R. Gallagher, W. Pope. CRUSADER STAFF Although the mechanism age has speeded the production of printed articles, there is still much work involved in publishing the annual yearbook. Under the super- vision of Sister Mary Mar- guerite, the co-editors Mary Dingeldine and Norbert Esser aided by the twelve staff members offer the results of their labors-- the 1950 Crusader. 1 i TEE STAFF EMERGE FROM MANY WEEKS OF TEDIOUS WORK T0 PROUDLY SURROUND THEIR YEARBOOK KL. to RJ K. Aspel. F. Gilardi. M. Downey. G. Cain. J. Hobbins, M. Dingeldine, N. Esser, A. Paff,W. Pope, L. Su111van,kL Linden,l Lguth H912 J- HHHHWBY. S. Laneville SLIGHT EFFORT RAISES H AVY WEIGHT WITH AID OF PULLEYS KL. to R.5 M. Maher, M. K. Smith. F. Bentley. STUDENTS NOTE CHEMICAL REACTION OF SULPHURIC ACID ON SALT KL. to R.y E. Arnold, D. Lacey, P. McCormick, J. Hand. SCIENCE Science plays a major part in the lives of all and has a leading role in theEdgewood curriculum. A student with the desire to enter the field takes general science in his fresh- man year. This presents the study of natural resources as gifts of God and the correct usage ofthese gifts. A knowledge of biology, acquired in the sophomore year, emphasizes the superiority of the human, intellect- ual being over the rest of creation. In his junior year the student of chemistry experiments with elements and compounds. Physics, a senior subject, is offered to any zealous student who is interested in facts and Hgures. From the studylofscience one learns the use and control of God's gifts. A close-up view in the study of trees interests biology students. CL.to R.J P. Aspinwallg J. Pontig M. E. Segersong D. DolL fy if. Other students get a closer view by means of a microscope. CL.to R.J J. Scottg P. 0'Brienp D. Leuteg E. Heiser CLOTHES ARE IN THE MAKING CLOTHING Clothing is studied in relation to the indivi- dual, her personality, and her needs. The stu- dent learns how to select and buy the dif- ferent types of mater- ial according to the lines and color and in the applicationixmdress. With a knowledge of sewing the student can spend many a leisure hour in an enjoyable as well as in a profitable way. BOYS ARE INTERESTED IN STYLE AND FIT TOO J. Lindsay, R. Schillinglaw STUDENTS MODEL THEIR FINISHED GARMENTS 4L.to R.b Seated: K. Richardson, D. Grady. Standing:R.Zevnik, J. Fagan, M. Kahl. CL.to R.J J. Butler, Miss O'Connel1, H. Birrenkott, D. Brockman, J. Buechner, A. Schwoegler, M. Dahmen. HISTORY American history is considered of such importance that it is required of all juniors. If it be true that history repeats itself, the student is prepared to meet and deal with the fu- ture problems that face an American voter. Then, in the application of true Christian principles, he will be just and fair in all his decisions. ENGLISH Literature and rhetoric are the two essentials of the English program. The stu- dents obtain a relationship with Christian concepts and attitudes from their liter- ature which is based on Cath- olic philosophy. Through this study he attains the power to think clearly and logically, and to read with understanding. In the study of rhetoric the student is taught to speak readily and correctly, and to write effectively. THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER IS THE CENTER OF ATTRACTION T0 THESE HISTORY STUDENTS. CL. to R.5 J. McCormick, D. Wartner, Mrs. Kane. ' STUDENTS TENSELY WAIT FOR HAMLET'S SOLILOQUY, NT0 BE OR NOT T0 BE. . . KL. to R.y Row 1: E. Heiss, M. Pilon, M. Kalscheur, J. Harwellg Row 2: M. Werve, F. Gilardi, D. Grady, D. Murray, E. Sachs, L. McCabe, J. Kal- tenbergp Row 3: M. Maher, B. Donahue, G. Richardson, R. Doll, M. Ryan, J. Leuthner, C. Minter, D. Doll, N. Mundt, Sister Natalie. The scenery on the Edgewood campus provides inspir- ation to the Junior Art Class. Seated CL to R.J A. BennettgCL Roelkeg K. Frederickg V Crapp H Bohneg M. Lathersg K. Brunner. Standing KL to R J J heinrichsg D. Strickerg G. Buechnerg J luechner J. Breitenbach. ART The place of art in Edgewood's curriculum plays a parallel role with beauty in Christian living. Art uplifts the expression and culti- vates the taste. Useful and ordinary things are made beautiful through the use of art. The influence of the art classes displays itself not only in exhibits and in the decorations for the school activities, but also throughout the entire life of the student. The T square and the compass are used by the boys in mechanical drawing to make scale models. Row 1: W. Flynng J. Hansong Row 2: E. Mulderinkg G. Lang: C. Roelkeg Row 3: R. Laufenbergg J. Birenkott. X ,,, ...Q ' ual: fy Jtree 1' THE SENIOR CLASS PLAY Upper Left CL. to RJ M. Nordby, V. Kehl, R. Gallagher, Upper Right: N. Esser, G. Richardson, L. Sullivan, T. Caine, D. Canny, D. Baines, Lower: M. Vilbrandt, A. Paff, K. Purcell, J. Fagan, M. Nordby, L. Sullivan, W. Pope. ENVOY The Envoy, Edgewood's school paper, did not resume publication at the beginning of the year but was revived again by members of the Senior class under the co-editorship of Mary C. Webster and Bernard Donahoe. BAND An up and coming or- ganization is the Edge- wood Band, directed by ' Mr. Don Marcouiller. ENVOY STAFF Their snappy music fur- qSeated L. to R.y M. Werve, P. Aspinwall, B. Donahoe, M. Webster, nishes color and pep to A. Paff, J. Gill, fStanding L. to R.5 J. Hand, J. Tierney, D. the athletic functions. Lacey, G. Richardson,R. Gallagher, C. Farrell, J. Lang, M. Nordby, D. Rogers, R. Rocca, R. Whelen. ,,,1 if ,gf lf' UN J bf' LA- BAND . Dahlem, J. Bonaquidi, N. Bigleyg CL. to R.3 Row 1: M. Dahmen, M. Christopherson, W. Spevacek, G . Row 2: M. Ball C. Farrell, E. Burmeister, I. McSherry, M. Feiler, S. Menigoz, R. Roberts, Row 3: M. Hayes, P. Haack, J. Laking, J. Wermuth, D. Ponti, R. Way, R. Goodenough, R. Beyler, qTop L. to R.b Row 1: D. Germain, P. Brinkman, I. Gruendlerg Row 2: H. Mach, J. Maurer, T. Kam- ' 1 mer, D. Strickerg Row 3: J. Coyle, N. Mundt, J. Gill, V. Kehl, Mr. Marcoui er. M., nf N? A Y x KAY? ww 151 A sw Jia 1 MQ . 13, P1533 -sy zz WM Z: 3. K. Agn, A s...,.,,Q,. W 72,9 5 S5 SWING and SWAY our WAY M. DOWNEY AND L. SULLIVAN FURNISH ENTERTAINMENT FOR. SENIOR M IXER. . T. CAINE AND J. LANG GIVE AN ADDED TOUCH TO THE sHow. BEFORE THEY DANCE"- 'NOT TO G0 BACK, IS T0 ADVANCE, AND MEN MUST WALK, AT LEAST, J. HANDEL, J. TIERNEY, AND M. O'NEILL STAND BY AS F. MEIXNER SINGS, "I WANNA MFRIDAY THIRTEEN HOLDS N0 SUPERSTITION AT THE G0 HOME WITH Yoguu JUNIOR HOPI' SAY J. PONTI AND E. Ross. 4 w THE TH.EME SONG AT SHOELESS SHUFFLE WAS, "PUT YOUR SHGES ON SUZIE: YOU'RE IN THE CITY NOW. ll omecoming CRight5 Dean Corcoran, elected by his teammates, and Pat Pertzborn reign at Homecoming Ball. qBe1ow3 Five players on the Edgewood team as pictured in the HWiscons1n State journaln. CL. to R.J K. Aspel, M. Lynch, J. Beyer,M.Wha1en, M. Downey. HCOACHH TIEDEMAN GIVES SOM LAST-MINUTE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE uBOYSn. CL. to R.5 M. Doar, E. Lathers, M. Downey, J. Beyer, S. Shire, M. Lynch, A. Schwoegler, D. Frederick, A. Paff, M. Valentine, R. Ott, M. Brunker, P. Pertzborn, M. Dingeldine, M. Linscheid, S. Hunt. A 1. V. f Ei' was Q W 'i 9 ,f" fi-R , M " -Q x I gg K , 5 Q, . , ,, QA lp " - T3 if? T M X 'E ffllz'-if . f2f.g,5i'f L. ' Q fa if Qgggil' -SWL, lf, -2 . Jef 2-sw' 5' ., 4, ,K W ,,. . , . !Z!?L. 1 Q sr. i f '5 and ' ,rn www: a ii 5 my "' Q, X A Kxr .5 V W' S , we '. Y. , 4,5 if 13 i- f if Q' il' 5 Jv- 119 as 'fl K iff ,..q., Za Q-swf-sq, 5 I 1 Y I ' -. 7 N a N' iw I 1 'Q x A3 5 4 V s ' j ,I H 1 ' i r v W A gf f 4, N fi Qjraduafian 65117 ji . as., - .UL K if ' s F1 Clsidfdg Afvatenhnew M""'a'! ' A.E1ober-schmich' ' Hoffman Q Lldfhers G. Forsfer A Jffagen King TZ bnbn-ifz. Queen G. Hoffman ff , :wh W W: v. f -:iw wg W sr if 42 L ,Hlifi 35? n are A W5 , if Q aa uv-Q is SQ 1 Q' A ,Q , . 1,1-,fi Y if ,W Ml, ' 9 A 9 ikykk J.: W, 'AQf k .sf J W, an QEMQ nw QQ up Wm M. -V5 as- ,MF MV, ,MV .f Y, W' FY . ,imkmwxs U an 3' Q-A , mf k 45 W ig , YLWA jf. , Kg Q: fi? ,lg ,NX 'gy fl K W , K V, N - ,fm 'pi sd' . f my Wm' Q gas I af, Q Q f ,fl ex 'KRW ,V I xi". n 5 an Ui? 'tw f k ' 7 A ' M :sf H -,fn , A Ty Q J ,f ,, ATHLETICS Athletics plays an impor- tant part in the every- day life of the Edgewood High School student. Be- cause it is the backbone of character development and the best way to occu- py one's leisure moments, sports has an important place in the school cur- riculum. The personality and willingness to work, required of an athlete, continue to exist after graduation. They form the basis for a right re- lationship toward God and toward one's fellow man. fUpper5 Dave Brown picks up a first down against a tough Loras team. fLowery An opposing halfback is brought down without gain by Dean Corcoran and Bob Erickson. 4Above lefty Edgewood tackle John Lang looks on with dismay as teammate Dave Brown is stopped just short of the goal. fAbove rightj Bob Erickson pulls down ball-carrier from Campion. I, I 'f IIII, 'I I I . - sf I X G II I. ' .I I i ' "LIII,1I'I L ,ISI ' I " S PTM Ij'.1'i'S9I K2-1325--QTIMI, fi? 3 I -- "ilvII-"itil I IL . , ., ' I . 'ii-g'I?II,'f3: FE-qw-,.Ifx'IfII'g.'1.E?2II i ff 'I I . I If , "' ., I 1f54f5,Qmi.I,- .5 S I I .- ' .1.IkIe,..IIII,II.,.,Iw-I I :,g4IgI1QIIIII,I K . - I I R I ' 4 ' ' I . QI . ' I 'Tu-II 1 2 . N II I . I f I . I- - ' I I ' - 3 .I ,..,1,,. V N, I, il, , L 'fi f ' .LiIi"I' Q Ln . I W nf ' ' 5- ,Q .'T.f7i'I'1iI:' . Y ' - ' "- - A .Ig-Ili" , ., -I Ii' 'I:3'2L4I3"'i:f5I .QI ,ig I ' ' ' ' -1 IKQQQIII 'I j L'g,iQ.'i,.g.35E2g,, 1 " . - ' Nfl. I 'I I' 3 I aIIIIgI.JII I 'X 'I if-III-. , I MIIISI I, I Iwj' I2 MQIIQ fr I 1 5 I 14' ive I Q ' gal? WI-ff"?I 'I3.I,sIQI I I 'I III' WfI':ffif5- Y'.I.'I1'Qs I' P I I - I'IfIS.Jf?f 2 S qv ' ,ff I . M I Head C08ch Earl - I '39 I T 'I ' 1 I, W1 lke Y ' I-.II I , II5., M, .- -sI2fIIII,..I IIIIIIIImI,,I-IgIi3,',:III:ayy?-IIIIIFQII I if-I sf-sI.i:'g.I:: "hang Siu, 5fI.f'f-'II,IIIa5,I,I'1igIf.Ig.'gs5gq Im IQ L f :I,k'IIf ff' 'I "'fI2i35fi3f"TL-9753, lf-" I -fiIT!f Dave BI'0Wn I- gfwff? I :gIg,zIr'.eQI.gI I I.g,IIIIIIfiIIII-I I'I-IISaI-I- II-.Im AI-fm-I I Iffwf-.Mk Kg:-LII III:3II2Sr.I,1If.f. fII,,II1m-I'1.::- I . "IiI12'II'I Iwi T-gw Im - I.IIfsIIiI-Iliifsijg -isa? Iii"-"II'I-7 I S "-,I2fw'.22II' ' I ,f a I ' K ? I. f1IiiZIbi1 'I ISIIIIIII - I If ' -ifIQ'ffIf'.fsi,Iaf'2,3'2gg3 ' ,If . ' ' ' I . ' I wlfle I .Wx MEPREW1 ' . l .g3I1.I .. HSEWII '-fgilh Ig 'Sb .Wifi ' 4:0 IWW I aKJhh,f,QIg f , I ' 'II 1-Q: I I , I. I . I Wa.. II I, ,.,,, .. I gy. M. ,Y ,f,.,,II.,,,,.I ?fff'I'Q3i2fi 'A f I I , in IIfIIff5IQIfQ . I I' I .I . ' II 1 . I,4I ,I,III,-I,gI,II S. ,I k I,.-,.'I-f.I3I,I . I -II5.,.I5I5I,I-fI.IIfgIr,.I., I, , I I I I A ,. ' -. -, I -- WWI ,g3g?gIIfggQ,IiI5FI,,I,I,M - . ,I I., 41.33 IIWIIIIII as -.M W. ,I .I I I I T5 A ' A - - - I1ii',-iz,a1Ig.gs' I , ' I KI' .I 1' f' I- ewg s-.ImsIIIf., III,II.IIfI.q-gy-I-.I.I, I - , , I III., I.s,,IIIgIII,I-dwg-III I -, II ,lf ui.: .W wx.,-.IW-, .I,I,?cqI,II.gLImI"I,-I 'I I. ,- II -2 . QI I 4 :51, l v. : .. :I-,KI I. I -3? "" I' I ,. I II ,I I . I ',wpQgg.k I . A. , , III 'f esp-IIQII I ',I.IgQI1IIfIIf.':':?,IIIIIIIIIIWQI:ig ' 'A 'I ' - M' II, III KIIII, X 'I if-IZQQQML I'Vfp312"2Iw:I ' - 'FCI I G CQYEC R1ChaI'dSOI1 . WI M YI Sw ,-s'fI3f2IfiII1-f1I'IEf'3Mn -II I..IIII,I ,- '- 'III1-'f'fxIII.'f'I5 I , Ii, I ' 'Q I IIIIISFEII-II -- II IIII I .I I, . IIIIMLIIII -xIrII1IwII'Ii,gI.fI.f III ff-1'-Q5 ILI I..'I i'I I ' '11 , .I-JIf'..:-v1,:III1' ' I '- I -3III,,Ig.II1 f . :LII .III new Q3 I' I,I,.Ip'z.I3iII?wIf'II, I - 1 "g,2Q-y1?fk,5III I A . II III -Igf 1iI.53.g:I54YI1'IJ,:2II.f fpmM:I4f4QF3 I ,IIA I II...1gzI-I-.LII-I, A 4' 'II,I,IIaII,.gI,. 'I I' I Ia ' I Carl Magl 10 ' --f11'5fE HiiwI4eeIII.III 2 'I -IIII I' - I We-'I II If, . 3 I ,ww WIIIIIIIM-wg? Iwww ek I '-II IIII-r'-I1f'II'f, -I mIiI:I.,II, .,.'Ii .If -IgfIfmsIIfI- -I IWIEI-I.f.f91ZIf1IW'IIIL5I- I I '- I- -2'Iffi11 H 2a5mf"'1:?Iff.I2III12?f fi ' I' I 'I I f, QI -I I IIIfg,IAI'I.1iIII'IQII' I' I 'I I' - 'HEI ,.:.I,IIIm,.I .. In-I,III3g,Ix'Q I I :2'I , , 'f ,I I, ' . -' fS53:5z,IIjg?5'fIfzQ1IggIIIfIII- pf' I. K f 'II ' I I..'+2Iy1sK.II'II'I?I:i" Ig:'?JI - 'IIi?gIg?I'IINgfL52,31gf,I fubfw. -' fZ.z,u " v32+3j4 gg fsggggig II fi' I' k- Y I TS' TWZ3 III is 7QZVzViglIn,I5If 'I 15" K 'P-l5ffQ?'.f':l1!?iW 'I V 'fIik'If5' I3v7G'I:Y"..5:' . 'Q:fQ5Qf .. I ' I II I, 'QIIf'II:'I-5 kk.. . I fx' WI auf. V' . WI3fMwIrgI?i-fav .I '1 I.'IIIqwgI.I-eg , I. IIIZYIIQ 'M Im -NI . :- -I-g,gif,,II- QIQIQQQIII- My -'QIMI:-n.I.I--n,IIII II 'MGIIII . ' +a,I-"L5LI-'Ii5Iw.I- . 351 'ZIIJ-II-III.-If . . I .IQ 3, II I III-II , Swv MER, I I MQII i41P,II,II:.,w:,IIII I -' - Im.-IIIILIIVII-'I I1sIIi.vI-WIA .' If I?-wIfI'3III.:'f,I .di-II I .'-IfIgI?L'f,A as -' .III'I'Qe,-MW Skin -I-I . mf I' II I- ' I, . +1 . I I. 2 I . --I I I A , my - QI I tv 'I 'II I I '?1IIfiI . II . .IX I' - I 'H M g I ' ,, L 1 ' If I I 'I ,I . . - I II A1 Bennett I I ' ' I I I I I 3 - jgf15?Jf'I?5WiB'?'Y91'2:lfiII' ,YI ' ' ., I is-'XII If, -. .- - IIA .I 1-ffI-:II I -1-I' II-I? 111 5? I' II 2 ' Lf I ' A T AI ' I If I ,I - 'I ' I I K K W' kW?1?' '!If5.I7ff:s'-?ff'f I X I 5' X " U .- I I. . ' 'T 'ik ' T II 5 17 f'ifizIi?fi?5 L I A ' I ' " ff2fIfIwa.:fI I I I ' I- gg" I , 11" .,, f:I4XnIII,3I.f,y ',-1,.Iz-Ii:I1IfI:iI.II:y..I'fIIs IRIN-QQIQI I I sf-If,. I:IIw'5l'PeII?fig II I' I 'j"ig.giI . WWE' I N iufff I,?.IfImI-,-fri, I I-I:Ig. .. f I . q?2R3iffffi?'fYgL.I,:gg'I' I I I I.I.IIQmize,I I ,. II -WHS Wim-fsI.If.III IQ ' 5 gif ' -1 -MII I IIQ I wfjy- ',,'f"IQqI,' .,, V S . . I . A f20I'ge lla K I I I I' Q John - - ' . k . MCCOI'm1gk I. "QTL 4 I K V r K .. K - .I is .K ? "'n ? l1-ng ,AI . ,I .,,, . In Kia, I sw- f E all ASS1Stant Coach John McGuire Lombardlno NOPb6ft ESSGF x Corcoran ff 11h-fm Vw 3 R if W ex? 'vb 'f y Z N y Ay: H. 195 y- ff' M ew" .5 wyh 96:14 'J ll Roland SMH .K K LED ha, S 1 .Q wx, if '58 KJ -Q- mi, "'1 if ww? A 8 N M S-S 2' my 5 if LL MRM 4 0, xf i ??R X -5, X? iii 33 A ,Q WW, 4 af ww hiv MWQSV fe , I Wan , 'Sh ev Coach Tom Bennett .,,,,,. l I S, rg! ED BASKETBALL Front Row: fleft to rightj E. McNamara, G. Cain, E. Ross, R.HriCkson. Seated: Coach E. J. Wilkie, L. Berigan, D. Brown, C. Maglio, N. Esser, D. Corcoran, T. Schwoegler, T. Schmitz, D. Littel, Assistant Coach T.Bennett. Standing: Manager G. Forster, R. Gallagher, E. Arnold, W. Schwoegler, D. Collins, A. Bennett, T. Haen, W. Stam, R. Peterson, R. Joachim, J. Mergen, W. Welch. 4Lower lefty KLOWBI' I'ight5 DESPITE BEING FOULED, DAVE BROWN SINKS LAYUP SHOT. HSHORTYH ROSS DISPLAYS GOOD FORM DURING CLASH WITH BRODHEAD. Sf Q45 3 07 k ..Q, U i sf',Q1 : WV R f- V-" S ? f'x fu- A I 5 1 , ,ly 3 :M ,- Q ... E E 1 ,Jn LOOK AT THE BIRDIE! LOOK! ONLY ONE HAND! ACTION SHOTS OF THE EDGEWOOD-ST. CATHERINE GAME. ,A 'WZ C iw i . EE ff S 'pf 5 ' W n by F Ii E' .E .. E Aw, ' ,. was 3 vig?- MS4 ANOTHER FINE MILE IS TURNED EDGEWOOD WEIGHTMAN, NKBBERT BOB MUEROONEE EYES TEE EUNWAY BEFORE IN BY PETE ASPINWALL. ESSER., PUTS THE snorr. 495' fmf' Bottom Row KL. to RJ J. McCormick, P. Aspinwall, C. Maglio, D. Noltner, f J Scott, R. Mulrooney, N. Esser. Second Row: J. Welch, R. Doll, D. Doll, G. Richardson, J. Waldvogel, G. Gugel, J. Doyle, J. Yaeger, T. Haen. Third Row: K. Rossler, Coach M. McGuire, Coach E. Wilke, Coach T Bennett, W. Schwoegler. 'T-3 an .n'lIImu.. ,IE- nu 1 Ill """"'llm " I 3-ZX I l V' I ,y1lll7" ' BASEBALL l N A 'N f X X Bottom Row fL.. to RJ E. Arnold, L. Berigan, F. Bentley, J. Lang, "aff G. Cain, B. Erickson, R. Spahr, T. Schmitz, E. McNamara, P. McCormick. ' , Second Row: Coach EJ. Wilke, E. Finley, K. Corcoran, J. Doyle, Head Manager, P. Kleinheinz, J. Spahr, R. Trainor, T. Brazier, J. Mergan, iw E. Enders, K. McCormick, Coach B. Moran. X xx-. ,. Hk1,"v,, M J J LISP 1 'X Q .1 3.7 t. .. A 2 TF' W. , . wh, A A GREG CAIN, DON ENDERS, BOB ERICKSON, AND TOM SCHMITZ LEARN SOME FINE POINTS ABOUT STEALING BASES. GREG CAIN DOES A LITTLE ENCOURAGING. A ,J B 'I Ae 537- '- A .o F 1 r Y AQ K5 W . A A A AEM ,a - vjh' , ,gf J A C --A y X BOB ERICKSON PRACTICES BATTING WHILE L, j f ,I 9 ' x-.- H . f fn X F3 CHEERLEADERS Front Row qleft to rightj P. Endres, S. Hunt, N. Jerrick Back Row Cleft to rightj M1 Whalen, D. Leute, K. Richardson NED CLUB Bottom Row: KL. to R.5 P. McCormick, H. Linden, D. Littel, J. Mergen Row 2: D. Corcoran, D. Joachim, R. Erickson,J1 Lang, N. Esser, H. Bohne Row 3: P. Kleinheinz, G. Forster, B. Mulrooney, C. Maglio, R. Gallagher Row 4: E. McNamara, G. Lang, P. Aspinwall, J. Doyle. Row 5: T. Schmitz J. Amato, G. Richardson, J. McCormick, J. Gill, R. Spahr, D. Noltner V' IT'S A TOSS UP! Above CL.to R.U Jumping: R. Corcoran, M. Ludlow. Background: D. Lacey, Mrs. Fordham, C. Burmeister, J. Martin. G A.A. OFFICERS Above Right fL.to R.b Row 1: R. Ott, secretary, M. Linscheid, social chairmangC. Burmeister, point chair- man. Row 2: N. Jerrick, treasurer, R. Leuthner, presi- dent, S. Hunt, vice-president. STICK 'EM UP! Right: The Freshmen members enjoy a game of volleyball. 'P fL.to R.5 Row 1: C. Burmeister, C. Washa, I. Statz, L. Scott, S. Meng, J. Burger, B. Con lin, V. Hall, R. Burger. Row 2: J. Ludlow, P. Brinkman, M. E. Brehm, S. Wolferd, L. Bir renkott, M. Dunn, P- Sullivan. L. Miller. Row 3: M. Statz, N. Ryan, E. Anthony, C. Paul J. Kelly, M. E. Getzinger, C. Hauptman. ndiiil Horsemanship holds a center of interest for many Edgewood students. J. Meehan, J. Martin and M. Barry I-lvbbie . 'wifi ' 'EGQEEQQ ' . " '51, , i 'f 1 , if vw ...L ,V W9 wr. ,I L - '5':l5i ,5:fy 1-f ,, w mv , -I i 'i ff .fi-fag., Q12 " " Hockey has a certain Bob Page is an enthu- fascination for John siastic philatelist. fo 1 I iii The Botham twins have captured many prizes in yacht races. McCormick. " 1. i"q .ul .r f, Model airplanes make Charles Petranek another prize winner. 1 H. Bohne and G.Langexam- ine their prize gun collection. Another model plane en- Edgewood's Crusader at- thusiast is T. Zindars. tests J. Gil1's photo- graphic interest. A second Dick Contino? Paul Haack a 35 S 90 ww mix Mr. Haack is an expert at woodcarving, too. fAb0ve5 J. Waldvogel, E. Mulderink, and J. Yaeger are engrossed in radio construction. fLeftj Bill Schwoegler scores 255. Amateur theatricals are always good fun for R. lhelan, L. Slightam, and M. L. Durkin. The Trio is ready for another radio painting plays a big Program- t part in G. Richardson's fL. McCabe, L. Sullivan, M. Downey! busy day. if U ! Kgs ik 'Rv --N I IIIIIB III IIE !!fI ww 1 I 'WI' Ia W .135 , S fwlqw .. I QW, iw, 'Swv . 3 5' 1 na 2, '- ,. F' fc. may iw . NZ I S ff 5 Q? 3 usa., I -Q-fit 5 'L ' g 9.4 'V L Resident Students GOING HOME WATCH YOUR STEP KL. to R.D D. Treinor, M. R. fL.to R.b J. Steinel, M. Rice, Johnson, R. McSherry. R. Goodenough, J. Cantwell. -1 nf T' A 1 f A CUTE COUPLE L. Ruhmer A ' WHO IS TALKING? V. Lease, H. Mueller HAPPY ADVERTISERS fL.to R.b J. Chlanda, M. Rice, J. Cantwell, R. Goodenough. STUDY TIME? M. J. Clarity, M. Schmitz M. Johnson, M. Feirn, V. Lease, M. Farrell R- MCShGrry- A J. Siudzinski. I S ET AA-E MEM A-Sw: , . 1 fA?'wQ'52Rf!' T. Ly W WEEK S N , CLAY MOLDING AND ANIMAL ACTING GRANT HALLADAY INTERPRETS PERFECTION PROVIDED INTEREST FOR ASSEMBLIES. AND BEAUTY IN OOD, S GREAT ODT-OD DOORS PETRIE'S WOODWIND ENSEMBLE PRESENTED A UNIQUE COWBINATION OF FINE MUSIC AND BRILLIANT PAGEANTRY. THE REVEREND DEN IS BARRY GIVES INSPIRING TALKS T0 THE STUDENTS ON THE DAYS OF RECOLLECTION. MR. JOHN HOBBINS EXPLAINS BANKING TO THE CLASS IN ECONOMICS. PTA One of the most active organizations at Edgewood is the Parent-Teacher Association, which aims to establish better relations between parents and teachers. One of its most important social events of the year was the annual card party. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Owens, chairmen of the arrangements for the PTA card party, and largely responsible for its success. . A TE"E?" fy "' ,... L. , -,N .XXV Q PTA COUNCIL HOLDS FOUNDERS' DAY BANQUET fL. to R.J Mrs. William A. Hastings, a past national PTA president, Mrs. E. Steul, president of the Madison council, and Mrs. Edward J. Samp, who represented theboard of education. CStanding, L. to R.5 Rabbi Manfred Swarsensky, Dr. Carl Neupert, state health officer, and the Rev. Mark Barron, 0. P., chaplain of Edgewood. 1 .QQ '1 Check your coat, sir? Have a weiner T 1. fb ff c 9-'Z l re t A ,f H". i ,,.. ' if X. J Jim ,ff B 4 emcen N ' Ahoy, Matey' UOh that Oxydol sparkle He went that-away. L I Sight-seeing at Rosary z , Getting ready for school. First years at Edgewood "Seniors 4Janet Cannyy J. Murphy, M. A. Hand, and T. Haley The blg 'Refe I 11, s l , lllqlfig Uwwawafsaissawassssse, in fx -mm 'T lgfw if My ltr I Al 'll A, 'L Thanks fo our 3? advertisers. We '11 il, ,YQ 5 hope our patronage ig i lvl' 1 ll nil 'g I J ll ll K QT u i Q, will expres-5 our gi l r gre fitu de. 'gif 'U l , Z3asm-ls.: Ibn-isa: i , Fl' ' i e 41 x.f Z , The Chocolate Shop l souTH SIDE PHARMACY 548 State Street Famous for wonderful food, served in ' C ' ' a delightful atmosphere you'II enjoy. I L I CRANNER R PH ' Candies for every occasion PERSONAL SERVICE ' Ices and lce Cream 0 Party Favors and Gifts 1123 S P k St I di Omg ma' HM MMM "MADlSON'S MOST INTERESTING STORES" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Edgewood Senior Close Congratulations to the Class of of l950 19 50 ' - I , , Dxeier s LI T 1897 j BIII3F2'f'fI 1950 Pharmacy .-Co Xt OIaI 6-8712 On the Square at State St. I875 Monroe Street CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS or For Trus Fern Freshness And WonderfuI Country FIavor 1950 ENJOY I LOOKIS PHARMACY BOWMAN S HOMOGENIZED Vitamin O Mi lk! BOWMAN FARM DAIRY Regent 'lt Alle' Dill 3'l35B FISH HATCHERY ROAD - DIAI. 5-0016 John Lang, Edgewood High School Senior President says: ASK FOR O S C A R M A Y E R Q Y E L L O W B A N D W I E N E R S FINE MEAT5 Outsells any other brand of wiener in city after city Made from selected corn belt meat ca r Look for the name OSCAR MAYER on S the famous Yellow Band con- Ma nesting every wiener MADISON I, WISCONSIN SINCE I883 T H E S T 0 R E I STUDENT HEADQUARTERS 'whereiashion and quality MEET We're always ready to serve you with the best ofthe newest in fashion. On the Square ' U We Give Eaqlo Stamps i MALLAT PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST D IaI 3-4736 341 O Monroe Street MADISON, WISCONSIN GENERAL SALES ISI SUPPLY CO. MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL at INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 740 William St t ladison 3. Wise nsin I I GRADE A DA I RY PRODUCTS BORDEN 'S Kennedy-Mansfie Id Division Phone 5-455i Edgewood Students Learn a Lesson in Saving "Courtesy ond Cooperation" THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK One North Pinckney Street Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in-.. CONGREATULATION TO THE CLASS OF' '50 Congratulations . . . OLSON 6 VEERHUSEN 7 - No. Pinckney - 9 "Hari, Schaffner 8. Marx Clofhes" Summer Play Togs Headquarters I f for the Smartest ond Newest ln APPAREL FOR YOUNG MEN KARSTEN'S On Capitol Square 22 North Carroll ENDRES G TIEDEMAN COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE MOBILUBRICATION - MOBILGAS Dial 7-1363 JOHNSON SEA HORSE ' PENN YAN BOATS LAND SKIPPER BOATTRAILERS 101 E. Doty Street ladison, Vis. Q C om p 1 imen t s o f ,,:1 vh"4'.V iwaw""'rr,-. 3 0 Y 1' S - Continuous the Bank of the East Slde, if S e rv i c e ef r E In ' I , 'I l " ' Madison SECURITY STATE BANK Eyre 240 King Street 5-1744 AGENTS OF THE ALLIED VAN LINES, INC. The semi-van of Whalen's labovei carries a complete load of household furnishings from Madison, Wisconsin to Los Angeles, California. For your next move, Local or Long Distance, Call WHALEN TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. All Phones 5-2927 601 University Ave. Madison, Wisconsin LARGEST FIRM IN THE CITY SPECIALIZING IN MOVING, PACKING, SHIPPING AND CRATING OF HOUSEHOLDING FURNISHING. Edg fl!66Vl!D l,L,0'lUu Q, JM .ff 0 f f ,JL fl ' 'wifi llel.olmg e S tund iem f, T J dyyw 9- ff! W Outstanding Photography 525 STATE STREET PHONE 53477 . v yu M 5 .4 fbi. rv. ' ii' JJ? . 17 dv! 1,45 f40J7A gLf?4gQQgjfLZ20fj ewood High School's Official Photographer . . " flj Q," 6 . ff- -wwe E41 - T ' , If 4,14 if . 5 TIIEII B ED. SCHMITZ AND SONS 22 West Mifflin St. HARRY S. MANCHESTER Inc. Twice as Pretty when You See Then in Pairs... these Shrink-Controlled Sweaters from the Teen Colony on the lain Floor Gasoline Motor 011 Best Wishes To The Class of '50 DINGELDINE SERVICE CAIN - ASHCRAFT COMPLETE Home FURNISHERS 1925 Monroe St. 3000 University Ave. 3-5727 THE PAUL E . STARK COMPANY HES SITTING Realtors PRETTYMM msunmcs fum SALES - City and Farm Rentals and Property Management A ,- Mortgage Loans and Appraisals ,qihugflik INSURANCE 'I Fire, Tornado, Auto, Casualty, s 1 B A . ms I - " f 6 ' 0 " S Mm, X wg FlSHfSCHULKANR.J,Q9.. wx Qs lemgm QISEQRANCE UNION TRUST BUILDING - I west Main ' -1 X X5 NQJRAESSNWQJIf3M,fSu'2'?fffa.m5 6-9011 MJIIZ- -Enemq JORDAN BROS. Quality Meats and Groceries 1863 Monroe' Street MADISON 5, WISCONSIN BADGER 350 BADGER 4042 Congratulations glass of '49 Home Insulation of Madison, Inc. Dial 4-4771 1440 E. Washington 4-4772 Jerry Sullivan Pat Norris CONGRATULATIONS to Class of '50 HENRY J. PERTZBORN PLUMBING 100. 2509 Monroe St. Dlal 3-2333 lg' M0 0R SERVICE co merciaf ,storage GU 0 T6 UZTZMQ 16.23 nnrne st. 3-6322 Tony - Mel - Connie S C H W 0 E G L E R Dial 6'913i ll BOWLING LANEAS ' 18 437 West Gillan Street fgb. lmluh P G uruzmu PINS CLASS RINGS L. G. BALFOUR C0. Attelboro, Mass. lsTR1suToR - P R. DAGGETT Madison Wisconsin MAolsoN Was. We extend our sincere thanks to the Messrs. R. Disinger, R. Hauser, R. Madigan, and A. Vinje, to Black Studio, De Longe Studio, and Photo Copy t ously supplied prints for Service, and to Miss L. Marston, who so cour e OUT USC. ' John Gill, their time We give a special vote of thanks to our school photographer, and to our alumnus, Ivan McCranner, who gave so generously of of the activity pictures in the 19 and services to furnish many 50 Crusader. Lf im A W. 'aiu . n A QW 6. Q Q, 35 . 4 , 1 f J W. .4 'hu , 'F if 557' 51. " -555 A it, in f ff" ,ja I 9245: SW 1, Q . if ' .+,. 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Suggestions in the Edgewood High School - Crusader Yearbook (Madison, WI) collection:

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1950, pg 55

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