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 - Class of 1974

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: (- t - oA- ' OcL JOA Jj uu cu ■Xkx. uj, .m aXJ jj jl. cu(VXL n. - xyeA i uuqt rruxdJL J jilcucA otAjLS oXjuj . nnnuJU Mjxff yucfi ojo, ui litQAJ2 cut jUt. CJULAM oyn jcuuAjc iJ UG asL oynd . cimim ju a dj-uut yi TYL as nxx juboJM jyujL Jmu j xAx AxH u X JUjTuk o Q juu jmh ay x.iy Auyn txJL t£ jurx i AJyoJLtu jjijiju aynycL cruUzramyry xajiM ■MAJjJtf ACAM. THE 1974 AURIGAN PRESENTS A OF EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Volume XV Editor: Mindie Mueller Associate Editor: Debbie Michel Advisor: Vancil Dunohoo ' .■( ' ■ I ' fll ' l| ' ca. »g. known him iHM past 11 years, attest to his devotion as a flTend. He respects Everyone, and in turn, is respected hy all. He |ncessions at our football games; is chairman of the science depart- lemistry and physics; and serves as a i iend to all Trojan stu- urigan is proudly dedicated to ' MR. ROGER MAYS MR. RUDY MEOLI ■i ' . . I ' j ' M 1. s K j I a : " v k j 1 1 " ■ z r ' J v.. " m ft fROUp H --UJ NOi in r ' f ' t -♦ tfS.- I )ftonu, ArU t ■ I ' • ;i ' •f,V., ' % i 4 I o : c TROJAN COLLAGE Everybody ' s going surfing . 11 Kaffee, Tee, oder mich? And the band played on . . . 8 THE YEAR ame plan? " ' r Y w. Say Cheese! Alice Cooper? Trojan GroffiH? ogi« THE YEAR 9 1973 HOMECO COURT ' • r- i I r. ntt ■iiSSiWr-,: . . PRINCESS PAULA VETTI AND ESCORT ERIC DUNAHOO PRINCESS DEBBIE MARX AND ESCORT DAVE HAND m " ' yi yVV i ; ' - i. J K J P ' y dUTTl L ■ t-v iS -» » ' icKENNA PRIN . - 4 Martha ond Dennis toast the occasion. Tiona Pecaut, the 1972 Homecoming Queen, crowns Shelly Krueger. The 1 973 Homecoming Court reflects the excitement of the evening. Couples enjoy Homecoming Dance ofter the gome. Queen Shelly arrives in style. THE WARRIOR ' S HUSBAND No one calls me fati What ' s a husband? T V ■ 1 Do you swear to love this man only? OhI Dorlingl What a surprise! ? (f. . ' Toughl You still have to fight her, Hercules! A gih from the Greek Warriors?! 1 2 THE YEAR fight her, HerculesI ' ■ " ' i ' Kneell No-no Antiope, not that! FloshI Latest newsl May the best man-uh. Warrior win. ?1 HE YEAR MEDIA CENTER Mr. Dunahoo explains functions of Media Center to concerned parents. Students can enjoy a nice atmosphere while working with new facilities. JM 1 || | t::! Onlookers admire one of the many displays. Girl watching is still prominent among students. iii» iV4.1Si Materials for individual projects are always on hand. U THE YEAR Reference materials ore readily ovailable. A classic example of organization. ojanaires added to the holiday spirit. Bfyone had a ball at the Christmas Boll. nto ' s " elf " jingles around campus. The Art Show storted the Christmas season. CHRISTMAS AT EDGEWOOD . , . He ' s gonna find ouf who ' s naughty and nice. The Junior class showed Christnnas spirit. NATURE j - .yj CHICANO CULTURE Try it, you ' ll like itl The breoking of the pinota was one of the many festivities during the week. BAUfDTA A %o hop concluded the week. Scrumptiouslll cHILAND .ULTUK Al WEEK. r- .1 iimn Students ore seen enjoying Mexican bread. ± " Ifj «» The Mexican bread sale was very successful. The Mexican flog provided the theme. Publicity . . . 14 16 THE YEAR SPIRIT WEEK rt Club said it — the team did iti Sign, sign everywhere a sign. ' J-: ill HWrH Juniors speak truth. Joe Partiese authenticates Varsity Band float. St Of my BLU£ e score was predicted by the Seniors. Freshmen have the right idea. r -- Seniors provide resting pttfte for Sparta. THE YEAR 1 7 TROJAN COLLAGE W m Back to the SO ' s Leslie races her trike. 1 8 THE YEAR Thank goodness for ' 74 and mini skirts. American Graffiti revisited. eove if to Pep«. A wrestler ' s reward. THE YEAR 1 9 1973 STMAS BALL COURT f PrincMi Bonnie Ohison and Prince Doug Johnson -l .W Princeu Ria Loboto and Prince Randy Suela m f QUEEN RUTH BROWNELL AND KING BOB DRAKE - ' i k " m J V Princett Nancy Bouerman and Prince Pat Kelly Princeu Lori Nines and Prince Dave Lyons 20 THE YEAR A moment of happiness for Queen Ruth and King Bob. A festive occasion for the 1 973 Christmas Ball Court. Coke is served by hostess Karen Smith to Mrs. Ozanich. J . Santo Clous?? Something to remember . THE YEAR 21 EDGEWOOD BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Ron Roenicke in suspended animation. Chino player penetrates Trojan defense. Jim Williams shows accurate form. Cook fifei from lop of key 22 THE YEAR Jeff Cook sets pace by winninfl tip. mMjm " N ' oin : LHAnrK ' m Dims . ' TI n COM .Vo-T cmW Edgewood places fourtfi in annual tournament. Hester goes high over Chino defender. DONKEY BASKETBALL Sifn The starting line-up. Suelo shoots for two. Eat your heart out, faculty. Behind-the-scenes action. Mighty Miller will bend over backwards to make a basket. Kowboy Kirk shows style. otlerson talcM up donkey hurdling. At Edgewood, we really move our toil for you. Wohoo Wells rides againl THE YEAR 23 WRESTLING TOURNAMENT i PRINCESS JUDY HILBERN SANDY ffllDERSON PRINCESS TRISHA MONACO •Tk THE SWEETHEARTS OF TROY ■rCHtC ' Tony Gonrwllo: 1 st Place, 1 36 lbs. Dan Shannon: 2nd Place, 141 lbs. THE YEAR 25 TROJAN COLLAGE Streak Threell You ' re Outlll Jungle Boogie. Self-explanatory 2« THE YEAR Dr. Demento. And the beet goes on. Mr. Mayeda added to Edgewood Sta«. Cheryl Barnes Butineti Education Michelle Hembree Social Studies MOST PROMISING FRESHMEN Art Deborah Hillenburg Vocal Music Tomoroh McGuire Mathematics Paul Sornecki Instrumental Music Greg Stith Boyi- P.E. Ron Hayes Steve Moggord Regina Robles Tom Wallace Science Ornamental Horticulture Industriol Arts Foreign Language THE YEAR 27 ALL SCHOOL REVUE Trojonairei. Hi ill [ - Bogpipe rock. Grouchol Elliott and Gray. Ms. B. 28 THE YEAR ■Midnight troin. Green Odyssey. Norman and Shaw. Snow whot? Water bottles. Get off the gym ftoorll THE YEAR 29 1974 SENIOR PLAY « DEADWOOD I ]! DICK Unhand her Black ' n Redl Cast Ned Harris TTT7 ? Bill Ryan Wild Bill Hickok Rick Van Lent Lily Blossom Leslie Bush Rose Blossom Debbie Marx Shelly Mp Krue- ger Calamity Jane AAindie Mueller Lynn Giles Blackman Redburn Doug Hopkinson Director Mrs. Alison Jablonski Name yore pizen. I got a feelin ' of forebodin ' . 30 THE YEAR I Our herosi Don ' t touch that wicked womani . ■ % 1974 PROM COURT ' .« SS DEBBIE MARY AND PRINCE VAN HESTOR PRINCESS LIND, AND PRJNCE JEFF COOK . - QUEEN SUE WELDON AND KING NESTOR JIMINEZ PRINCESS PAULA VETTI AND PRINCE CHET MORALES PRINCESS PATTY C AND PRINCE DOUG JOHNSON ONE ACT PLAY FESTIVAL " ladies Of The Tower " " The York NoHvify Ploy " " The Inexperienced Ghost " " The York Nativity Play " 32 THE YEAR " The Inexperienced Ghost " BLACK HISTORY WEEK Mock lolcnt wa f atur«d throughout the w «k. A ■ 4 n S 1 K 1 m M Km Rf F i March 11-15 — Block History Week. Block Hiitory Week pretented educotionol and enioyoble activities. Black students contribute to oil areas of the extro curriculor program. tpridrin bloc k wil r ei Ujima odds to tt e Cosmopolitan atmosphere of Edgewood. THE YEAR 33 - C ' S? Ji iWdLmmi tMA i T: A ;mi VARSIT n Allen, Dave Kruger, Randy Suela, Mork Alba, Ed Monfegue n Fiores, nMHpi P|PaiBrct Borden, John C awfo d,to ' ptoin Bob Orok«, Coptain Don $ha ' Monoger Run Cuevos.fHIRD ROW: Monogir Steve puixodo, Cooch Gdry Kretl) Oavid Daniels yWeod Coac Ken Wells, ond Trolner Bob dhristopher. BACK ROW: Rick VonCent, Glen Grigsby, ul Reed, ond Coach Paul Breif. — . . «L . FOOTBALL oktr, S««w iBgyi, Owt Morole . a Ab«ISo Kl z, ' A(fo fc (!ftWytw 5iHEW ' Rfel9MB »? Ro nVU Mart ovaoe Mark Bridqewatrt. J«ff Toortimt VARSITY FOOTBALL Randy Suela moket cut off of o fine Delgado block. Cooch Paul Breit Coach Gory Krefz Coach Gary Roenicke Head Coach Ken Wells Mark Alba Don Allen Ernie Delgado mokes sudden stop of Rosemeod runner 38 COMPETITION Mike Baker Mike Biteiti Steve Bogan Richord Borden Mark Bridgewater John Crowford David Daniels Ernie Delgado Captain Bob Drake Honk Donahue Bill Sfewort mokes first down cotcti ogornst South Hills. Mike Bitetti turns up field for a long gain. Dan Flores Grant Garrison Huskie runner stopped for short gain. David Geney Donn Gonzales Glen Grigiby Roger Hohn Chris Hillenburg Mott Hunsoker Joe Kovol zeros in on Shonnon post. COMPETITION 39 VARSITY FOOTBALL Trojan purtuit ttiflei La Puante ground gom . David Sloan Bill Stewart Randy Suela Jeff Toothman Mike Bitetti cuts back for extra yardage. vA sr EDGEWOOD 6 Bishop Amat 27 14 35 6 22 46 20 Rosemead South Hills Wilson La Puefnte West Covina Glendora Covina Lot Altos Rondy Suela on hit way to an eosy six. fj Rick VonLent AAckey Weingart 51 13 20 7 6 21 6 49 COMPETITION 41 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Greg Guizodo, Duan Fiihcr, Stcv P«as«, Dick Allen, Lorry Talkington, Bill Davidson, Charles Ro»mon, and Roger Altop. SECOND ROW: Bob Alcott, Mark Ambrut, Cory Burch, Andy Morgan, Wendell Bfown, Don Mylei, Don AAiller, and Brian Hailain. THIRD ROW: Cooch Paul Hitchar, Pat Law, Dave Gilbert, AAike Floret, Mark Rudy, Pepe Martinez, Joe Tombrello, Bob Rodriguez, Jose Chavez, and Coo h Pete Aronda. BACK ROW: Scott Poet, Frank Trulton, Rick Vetti, Kevin Betebenner, Rick John- itone, AAike Wolff, Ron Miller, and Kerry Meyer. JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON EDGEWOOl 14 20 13 . P V 28 Covina 7 Los Altos i Captoint Frank Trulton and Andy Morgan. Coaches Pete Aranda and Paul Hitchar. 42 COMPETITION SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Copfaini Kelly Dunahoo, Bob Unverferth, and Paul Harmon. Coaches Gib Maxson, Karl Major, and Ron Potterton. SOPHOMORE SEASON EDGEWOOD ESUS BishJl mat Rosemead 35 28 ' ' «««M MiiMtM MWk 23 FRONT ROW: Tim D jnning, Kevin Monahan, Andy Gnnjteod, Bill London, Trey Savryer, Dewoyne Wil»on, Mike Schunnm, Steve Florei, Brod Hillmon, ond Tim Edwardion. SEC- OND ROW Don Codimo, Matt Bitetti, Jerome Korojek, Jerry Mendoio, Lamar Sepulvedo, Rick Writer, Brent Freeberg, Jim Peterjon, More Vega, Larry Thompson, and Coach Ron Patterson. THIRD ROW: Coach Gib Maxion, Tim Wood, Steve Novarette, Larry Morlinei, Joe Povereiii, Paul Harmon, Kenny Letellier, Ray Jones, Rick Naiobal, Dovid Romero, David Zylstro, John Toothman, David Esquivel, ond Cooch Karl Ma|or. BACK ROW: Larry Martin, Dean Truox, Kit Brondrup, John Borden, Kelly Dunahoo, Javier Sanchez, Greg Caldwell, Scott Sovoie, Mark LoGier, Doug VonCuro, Scott Slater, Robert Unverferth, and Dan Nodow. COMPETITION 43 FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Coptoinf Mike Hohn, Bob Eorl, Greg Tognetti, and Sieve Bridgewater. Coochei Doug Miller, John Hoymond, and Dwight Ek. 44 COMPETITION FROSH RESERVE FOOTBALL Ao»t Voloable and Most Improved Don Scott ond on N«ilon. Coaches Doug Miller and Dwight Ek. FROSH RESERVE SEASON EDGEWOOD r Damien ' ftVest Covina Chaffey Don Lugo West Covina 6 Damien 2 Chaffey 6 Luthern 28 Bishop Amat «ONT ROW; Tom Hunt, Bob Krouse, Roy Arondo, Ron Flores, and Joe Underhill. SECOND ROW: Cor! Bremer, Tony Duorte, Richard Von Oslrond, Michael Allen, lee Conklin, Keith chulti, and Richard Davidson. THIRD ROW: Coach Doug Miller, Rob Vita, Morty Menosco, Mike Ingenluyff, Bill Droke, Rick Hester, Steve LiCouse, Brion Myrick, and Cooch Dwight Ek. ACK ROW: Dallos Borden, leH Noslund, Croig Prentice, Louis Judge, Pot Jocobo, Scott Honne, and Gregg Botes. COMPETITION 45 VARSITY BAND FRONT ROW: Dave Smith, Gu» Smith, Rick Rocco, Mark Kennedy, Richard Fiore, Robert Gregory, and Rod Billiter. SECOND ROW: Patrick Monn, Charles Arnold, Lisa Dover- spike, Joe Arnold, Jennifer Williams, Scott Eberhort, Debbie Dinter, and Marina Nolon. THIRD ROW: Steve Plass, Tom Hanson, Diane Ellsworth, Chris Joyce, Lisa McCullough, Leslie Myles, Vicki Pease, Sherri Klante, Mike Hutton, and Shannon Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Lula Jones, Bruce Fought, Connie Bradbury, Steve Lentz, David Marcus, Mitchel Bulthius, Rick Moestos, Mark Gorrobront, Jim Butler, and Cordell Loun. BACK ROW: Joe Portise, Cindy Futter, Paul Sarnecki, Bob Alexander, Mike Embree, Jeff Ploss, Chris Gorrobront, Andrea Sornecki, and Tom Pogue. FLAG CARRIERS: Tamara McCrocken, Becky Arvidson, Potty Beolt, Paula Maxinoiki, Elsa Ramos, Karen Bufkin, Betty Carbojal, and Joyce Portise. Mike AAartin Drum Major 46 COMPETITION dviiof Jo« Partiw Assistant Drum Major Varsity Bond occomponies Edgewood choral groups. I eorrMTt prapar for holftim show. Precision drills w r« on •njoyoble port of holftime performonces. STAGE BAND ONT K W: true Fooghl, Lulo Jon«, Mik» St»v»ns, Tim Roniir»z, ar d St»v« Unti. SECOND KOW: Scoti McOock»o, Dov« »A tcf «ll, Jo« rtis«, Brion Gutfir », Chock AI«xond r, Tom Pogu«, and Todd W»t «. BACK HOW. Rick Rocco, Advisor Al jMsup, Shwlo Fought, G rd«ll un, Tom Lyons, AAork Gorrobront, Kothy Brodbury, i«ff Moor , Joe Arnold, o« d Joyce Porlise. COMPETITION 47 DRILL TEAM Trojoncttn march to victory. Drill Teom displays style. FRONT ROW: Diane Martinez, Tracy Chambers, Loralie Pogue, Lyn Channbers, and Debbie Page. SECOND ROW: Terry Lilly, Rosanna Gonzales, Debbie Mossey, Debbie Helmer, and Pam Plumley. THIRD ROW: Debbie McGuire, Karen Jansen, Dana Hafner, Debbie Bailey, Rhonda Morrell, Cher Wagoner, and Sheila Bowers. BACK ROW: Stocy Wild, Kathie McMeekin, Cindy Champion, and Lorie Solomon. 48 COMPETITION 3 y W«b«r and Suton Weldon luitant Drill L ad n Dorlene Hafner Drill Leader iii ' .fi ' nr-) Mi$$ Susan Lingenfelter Advisor pIflinM is o favorite pastime with the Trojar ettes Basketball fans enjoy a good performance by the Trojanettes. COMPETITION 49 J CROSS NT ROW: Brian We H le, Mike Beucler M)ke Yotet, at Rupp, And Mischer, Larry Nixon, ajMAl|HBfttKirk. COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY Coach Pot Kirk Troy porticiporit ready to start long run. Jeff Rupp challenges Glendora runner. Bill Boyle Bruce Largent 52 COMPETITION Paul Robins starts his stride for finish COMPETITION 53 VARSITY ■?r. ' -. s ' .. ' H ' i i i Dobbs.JohnDMk,J«ffG BASKETBALL 4 r Burdi.Ron M t VARSITY BASKETBALL Jeff Burch makes shot just in Nme. Coach Mik Lostaletta Captain Jeff Cook Von Hester goes high for two 56 COMPETITION Captain Ron Roenicke ■■p: 1 v.,„ 01 YKMU TWt -v ■ f 1 IHi ' r U I Trojans prepare for another victory. Jeff Burch John Deck U) Mark Dobbt Mika Gray Edgewood displays a tough starting five. Ralston battles for possession. Coach Lassolette gives a few encouraging words. John Deck gains altitude. COMPETITION 57 VARSITY BASKETBALL Ml. Roanicke on the run. Loi Altot man g«t intid . 58 COMPETITION D nnit O ' Farrcll A conlesi of jumping abiiitiet. Tom Roitton Jim Williami Ron Roenicka penetrates Los Altos ' defense. I Th boll it up for grobt. Villa Pork d f«nd«ri can ' t stop Cook ' s sAot. Ron weovei hit way through traffic. Hester surrounded by Villa Park defenders. C.I.F. PLAY-OFFS EDGEWOOD 51 VILLA PARK 52 Burch gets on easy two. Van Hester pulls up for o jump shot. COMPETITION 59 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Don Ncilan, Jo« Koval, Paul Reed and Joe Ramos. BACK ROW: Tom Tyner, Dave Daniels, Bill Mountford, Mickey Weingort, ond Andy Morgon. JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON EDGEWOOD 35 38 43 46 51 53 48 59 35 47 .46 65 44 43 435 s 49 47 i Bishop Amaf Workman Bishop Amaf Charter Oak La Puente Covina Glendoro Wilson Los Altos South Hills West Covina La Puente Covina Glendoro Wilson Los Altos South Hills West Covina 38 40 44 40 48 78 52 36 38 57 53 47 61 34 53 57 58 60 r nmm Captain Paul Raad. Coach Mike Show. 60 COMPETITION SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL SIERRA LEAGUE CHAMPS ptaini Kevin Monahan and Bill Araujo. SOPHMORE SEASON EDGEWOOD 51 53 ' 41 48 57 44 54 37 ■i 47 53 46 47 43 67 62 54 56 52 Bishop Amat Workman Bishop Amof Charter Oak La Puente Covina Glendora Wilson Los Altos South Hills West Covina La Puente Covina Glendora Wilson Los Altos South Hills West Covina 53 51 37 32 49 42 52 31 44 46 44 42 49 65 48 61 49 40 Coach DwightEk. | 3B It 11 H| ' H 7 .M.:i iia tONT ROW: Manager John Rodgers, Steve Navarette, Kevin Monohon, Bill Aroujo, Allen Dickinson, and Dewayne Wilson. BACK ROW: John Haynes, Herb Toler, Doog jnCuro, Bill Bnggs, JeH Toothmon, AAorty Goddard, and Curt Hedlund. COMPETITION 61 FRESHMEN BASKETBALL SIERRA LEAGUE CHAMPS FRONT ROW: Jairn Eipinota, Som Favata, Mike Ralilon, and Greg Tognetti. BACK ROWi Bob Eorl, Jon Coppit, J»W Jonct, Aik« Hohn, Mik» Pill, and t a» Kai»«f . FRESHMEN SEASON EDGEWOOO 31 37 60 48 :r 4 l 67 56 57 59 57 41 61 M 4r 45 Bishop Amot Workman Charter Oak El Monte La Puente Covino Wilton Los Altos South Hills West Covino Lo Puent Covino Wilson Lot Altot South Hills Wett Covina 16 38 49 45 50 62 48 50 48 51 50 39 51 39 66 35 ■ C Captain Bob Eari. Cooch Kori Major. 62 COMPETITION FROSH RESERVE BASKETBALL FROSH RESERVE SEASON EDGEWOOD 51 La Puente 54 Covina ih . Wilson 43 Vl 1 Los Altos 44 South Hills 36 West Covina 42 Lo Puente 48 Covina 60 Wilson 40 Los Altos 46 South Hills 49 West Covina 33 35 33 39 46 29 40 37 38 39 60 54 OACHIHQ fiTA l-m. iptaira Ron N« lon ond Jim CorrolL Coach Doug Miller. ONJ ROV : RufwII Salvodof , Gr»g BotM, Jim Carroll, Cory l«mm, ood Ron N«lan. BACK HOW; Riek Htttr, Don Knox, Bryon Mo«»da, Croig Prwitice, Don Nogy, and Don iglcro. COMPETITION 63 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Sue Carman Rio Lobato Curt Fast Ruth Browneli Mary Drake Lori Mines Head — Nancy Bosserman Kathy Mascher Terry Bnese 64 COMPETITION SONGLEADERS P Karen Lodes Becky Smith Debbie Marx Karen Fulton Paulo Vetti Mrs. Bobbie Clifford Pep Squad Advisor COMPETmON 65 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Margo Rudy Robin Moeda Brenda Stever April Tripp Belinda Stever Heod — Diane Stewart 6 i C- ' ' ■ ' : ' ■ ' ■UN FROSH-SOPH CHEERLEADERS Cothy Polinkos Debbie Owens Teri Bass Mary Andrade Cindy Weldon Head — Bonnie Anderson COMPETITION 67 MAJORETTES Tricia Hancock Julie Daffron Heod — Jerilyn Geise Jeonnie Burton 68 ..w.A, cT.TtON FLAGTWIRLERS Lori Morkham Head — Peggy Zabel Lavon Richardson Cindy Beauchomp Debbie Johnson Stephonie Szobo COMPETITION 69 VARSITY I K noo i Ot " " ' % " " " ' - - ftOMTKOW: T xld Pakm. Dan Pcrea Bdi FcMe. John Pcreo, Giry Sonford, Brian Taxe, Xq,, GomeHa md Do 70 coMhrmoN 1 A RESTLING rH VBCSTLl i fElr « 1lR€STl|r« »»» V= VARSITY WRESTLING CHAMPS Coach Paul Breit Captain Dan Shannon Tony uses muscle lo pin. John Perea makes opponent beg for mercy. Dan Shannon shows effectiveness of a double chiclten wing. 72 COMPETITION Captain Don prevents reversal. Pepe Martinez attempts to roll opponent. Don AtUn :mie Delgodo Bob Drake Mike Englebrechf Rory uses reverse cradle. Mike uses Fireman ' s Carry to pin opponent. 55 lJ L. H K P a B aS I oJS |-| g « V ' H H Mt H r ' mf M L V p M Pepe uses Guillotine to pin Wilson opponent. Tony Gonneilo Pol Kelly COMPETITION 73 VARSITY WRESTLING Todd Perkins attempts reversal. Pepe pullifor pin. ' ' • ■ ■ f .. . ' Jf ■ ; Bti V " t3 ■r 4R . f- " Bfcii . ' ' . , 1 Don Allen works for vital points. Pepe Martinez Kerry Meyer 74 COMPETITION Todd Perkins Cary Sanford Brian TotM Mike shows pinning power. b Drake works for stack from referee ' s position. COMPETITION 75 JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING Captain Mike Schumm. Coach Jack Forrar. JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON EDGEWOOD 34 South Hills m 34 West Covina 15 66 Covina 3 55 Wilson 6 23 Los Altos 27 60 »49 Glendora 2 9 i: 1 -1 if- :Nit Wi fTT ' f ' jirrifi " nrriT - ?iin rnir FRONT ROW: Frank Huanle, Steve Pimentel, Mike Fierro, Steve Argandono, Dave Meyers, and Lorry Toikington. BACK ROW: Von Andronigian, Grant Garrison, Kevin Bete- benner, Kevin McNevin, Mike Schumm, Paul Hormon, ond Mark Rudy. 76 COMPETITION FROSH-SOPH WRESTLING I ' RONT ROW: Bill Tolen, Rob V(ta, Gory Moshburn, Dick Allen, Tony Duorte, Brian Myrick, Robert Leonard, Dove Solos, and Robert Welch. SECOND ROW: Mark Coker, Bill I 3roke, Jamie Sonchez, Mike Serna, Don Wetzel, Lorry Thompson, Albert Alvorodo, Kit Brandrup, Steve Sheldon, and Steve Geney. BACK ROW: Jim Peterson, Dan rmngiips Stove Cook, Tom Conkim, Francis Judge, Don Grey, Dole Bean, Tom Campbell, Tom Rulan, Rick Writer, Scott Savoic, and Dove Esquivel ' ipm FROSH-SOPH SEASON EDGEWOOD 51 South Hills 41 West Covina 30 Covina 60 Wilson 33 Los Altos 1 Lo Puente 59 Glendoro 6 11 22 11 23 forfeit 2 apioins Dove Esquivel and John Bordon. Coach Tom Rutten. COMPETITION 77 VARSITY i,A ' l. il, a. ' J!i!muUL ' : ' «- .. ' ...» «. GYMNASTICS VARSITY GYMNASTICS John Wrndle performs on high bar 80 COMPETITION TTTVrVmi Ktn n •» Kyle Davis John Windle dismounts porollel bors in style. I Randy Durham Doug Poresa uses strength on parallel bars. Sue Bosserman finishes floor exercise. Joe Vita shows beoutiful style on side horse. Joe Vita shows strenoth in iron rro« John Windle demonstrates hard spring. Doug Hopkinson Ed McConn Randy Durham executes the lever. COMPETITIONS! VARSITY GYMNASTICS Charles Rossman VARSITY SEASON Mark Keppel California High Alhambra Rowland Bassett West Covina Covina Santa Fe South Hills Pomona John WindU The long horse tests Kyle Davis ' skill. Larry Moore dismounts. 82 COMPETITION JUNIOR VARSITY GYMNASTICS JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON Mark Keppel California High Alhambra Rowland Bassett West Covina Covino Santa Fe South Hills Pomona Mill }i I ONT ROW : Dav» A to»corro, Erie Roienkronti, Grog Durham, Doug Poreio, and Dove Myerj. BACK ROW : Jim Bertolini, Scott Mortenien, Aurttier Wolz, Wolter Le«, Mork I iy, ond Jerome Karasek. i COMPETITION 83 C GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A AND B BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Eileen Galloway, Heather Packard, Beth Trieselmann, Cathy Steele, end Michelle Salis- cenle. SECOND ROW: Barbara Stever, Rosela Najar, Vienna Najar, Cathy Mtta, Linda Gillette, Betty Chang, and Vicki Ashley. BACK ROW: Karen Smith, Cindy Meors, Debbie Hand, Linda Strasbaugh, Arlene Venzor, Susan Juarez, Chorlene Bohny, and AAichelle Jester. G.A.A OFFICERS Freshman Representative Maureen Jones, Decretory of Awards Nina Martinez, Secretory of Publicity Janet Embree, Assistont Secretary Chorloine Bohney, President Lindo Strasbaugh, Advi- sor Mrs. Judy Sweat, Advisor Mrs. Betty Grier, Vice-President Denise Hawkins, Secretary Vicki Ashley, and Treosurer Linda Arrioio. C AND D BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Shirley Milojevich, Karen Sharp, Laura Moshburn, Deslree Gonzalez, Sue Perre, and Jonet Embree. SECOND ROW: Betty Trusty, Kim Mortensen, Lori Dolgieish, Tricia Meyers, Lorie Boucher, Cothy Runge, and Dorothy Clark. BACK ROW: Tino Decker, Monica Miranda, Pom Judge, Coach Denise Hawkins, Jody Walton, Mary Ann Herfert, Cindy Romo, and Karen Brandt. TENNIS FRONT ROW: Oebbie Diezsi, Jeonne Loughton, Arlene Lehoton, Sheryl Downing, Cathy Bradbury, Judy Longeuoy, Carolyn Russo, Karen Mathews, ond Kothy Morrow. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ward, RaAnn Smith, Kathy Valencia, Heather Lindsay, Kathy Ramirez, Debbie Potter, Jeannie OHenstem, Kris Little, Suson Ahrens, Tonny Dovis, Cheryl Johnson, and Tina Fennell. BACK ROW: Advisor Miss Gen Williams, Deanno Nichols, Rita Gerbs, Judy Oliver, Cheryl Sunday, Lori Bell, Korl Head, Dentse Arroyo, Michelle Hembree, Belinda Morgan, Angela Denning, Kim Haas, Lindo Arric I i 40, Love . . . Servicel Swimmers show the determination to win. a Trojan! SWIMMING FRONT ROW: Mory Speer, Jon Austin, Dono Douzot, O ' Molynn Cooper, Rozonne Byers, and Regina Robles. SECOND ROW: Moggie Reyes, Morto Ohison, Joonne Worshover, Terri Villa, Poulo Froijo, Shorlene Compbell, Sleffoni Fielding, Bonnie Ohison, and Louro Deal. BACK ROW: Cindy Muro, Ednito Wells, Joy Wells, Solly Navorro, Maureen Jones, Bndgetle Morley, Dono Hedlond, Debbie Crowe, Karen Saylor, Roberta Roudebush, Carol Hylond, Sue Bossermon, and Melindo Rossmon. COMPETITION 85 I VOUEYBALl FRONT ROW: Ragtno Roble», Cothy Steele, Leilie Normon, Kottiy Runge, Sue Perre, Desiree Gonzalez, Marta Ohison, Moureen Jonei, Karen Matthewi, Dana Hedlund, ond Debbie Hand. SECOND ROW: Dono Dauzot, Heofher Lindsay, Mary Speer, Jeanne Offenstein, Kariiy Bradbury, Judy Longeuay, Joanne Worihauer, Terri Villa, Rosela Naior, Cindy AAeors, Vienna Najor, Tricio Meyeri, Kothy Ramirez, Debbie Potter, Tanny Davii, ond Vicki Ajhiey. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Loughton, Karen Soylor, Ednito Wells, Joy Wells, Karen Sharp, Kris Little, Dorothy Clark, Eileen Gollowoy, Barboro Stever, RaAnn Smith, Steffanie Fielding, Susan Ahrens, Michelle Hembree, Cathy Mita, Michelle Soliscente, ond Michelle Jester. BACK ROW: Lindo Arriola, Deanna Nichols, Carol Hyland, Lori Bell, Judy Oliver, Rita Gerbs, Monica Miranda, Karen Brandt, Angela Denning, Kim Haas, Belinda Morgan, Cindy Romo, Denise Hawkins, Mary Ann Herfert, Debbie Crowe, Cheryl Johnson, Jody Walton, Bonnie Ohison, Karen Smith, Pat Meors, Roberta Roudebush, Linda Strosbough, Ariene Venzor, Linda Gillett, Kathy Morrow, Lori Dolgleish, Betty Chang, Tina Fennell, Kori Heod, and Denise Arroyo. G.A.A. 86 COMPETITION TRACK FRONT ROW: Priscillo Neol, Debbie Bidwell, Kim Mortenson, Laura Moshburn, Janet Embree, Lynn Cooper, Heather Packard, and Beth Trieseimann. SECOND ROW: Kathy Valencia, Ariene Lehoton, Sheryl Downing, Carolyn Russo, Jon Austin, Shirley Milojevich, Lorie Boucher, Betty Trusty, Paula Froijo, and Shorlene Compbell. BACK ROW: Nina Martinez, Tina Decker, Monica Miranda, Melindo Ross- man, Sue Bossermon, Bridgette Morley, Sally Navarro, Cheryl Sunday, Char Bohny, Laura Deal, Susan Juarez, and Cindy Muro. OFTBAU . . , „ ... iONT HOW: Leslie Norman, Cothy Steele, Michelle Soliscente, Corolyn Rujjo, Dono Hedlund, Moureen Jonei, Debbie Hand, Tina innell, Kafhy Morrow, ond Sujon Juorei. SECOND KOW: Tnsh Myers, Heother Packord, Vienna Nojor, Koren Motlhews, Judy Lon- •way, Eileen Gollowoy, Lindo Arriola, Louro Mashburn, Cathy Mito, Betty Chang, Maggie Reyes, Roseanne Byers, ond Arlene Leho- m THIRD ROW: Jon Austin, Lynn Cooper, Morionne Herfert, Pom Judge, Solly Novorro, Corol Hyland, Kathy Ramirez, Debbie Pot- r, Kim Hoos, Kori Heod, Linda Gillett, and Priscilo Neol BACK ROW: Morto Olson, Cindy Romo, Denise Howkins, Michelle Hem- ee. Char Bohny, Roselo Nojor, Barbara Stever, Karen Smith, Jody Walton, SteHonie Fielding, Kothy Volencio, Betty Trusty, Shirley ,iloievich, Roberta Roudebu»h, Arlena Venior, Lori Dolgieish, Denisa Arroyo, Michelle Jester, and Cindy Muro. Sing olong with " Sweotll " RONT ROW: Regino Robles, Poulo Froi|0, Sheryl Downing, Kathy Runge, Sue Perre, Desiree Gonzolez, Jonel Embree, and Kothy Brod- ury SECOND ROW Dono Douzol, Jeonne Loughton, Vienna Na|or, Lon Boucher, Karen Brandt, Shorlene Compbell, Heother Lindsay, oonne Worshour Tern Villo, Tonny Davis, ond Dorothy ClorV. THIRD ROW: Belindo Morgon, Angelo Denning, Loura Deol, Deonno Jichols Koren Sh ' orp, Momco Mirondo, Kns Little, Sue Ahrens, RaAnn Smith, Jeonne OHenstein, ond Tina Decker. BACK ROW: Pat Aeors, Bonnie Olson, Rito Gerbs, Mory Speor, Melindo Rossmon, Debbie Crowe, Cheryl Johnson, Bndgette Atorley, Ednito Wells, Lon ell, Judy Oliver, Karen Soylor, Joy Wells, Nino Mortinei, Cheryl Sundoy, Vicki Ashley, ond Lindo Sfrosbough. FRONT ROW: Darrell Oaviss, Mark Ash, Darrell M rick, Andy Leslie, Tom Lyons, Chris Joyce, ond AAaurice Porks. BACK ROW: Mike Wallace, Keith Connors, Erskine Co 88 COMPETITION SW4MMING Dov Amdt, A k« PeHer, Jerry Botei. Roy Roni«ro, and Bill Swe«ney. VARSITY SWIMMING Coach Pat Kirk Captain Dorrell Myrick Manager Margaret Weimer Dove Arndt 90 COMPETITION Captain Mike Ash Manager Ten Odekirk Manager Lori Veronese Keith Connors Trojan swimmers await the gun. Chris Joyce checks his time. VARSITY SEASON EDGEWOOD 91 Bassette 81 Rowland 70 Alhambra 61 WestCovina 61 Rowland 65 Los Altos 88 Lo Puente 63 Glendora 81 South Hills 78 West Covina 68 Covipa v.. m 65 63 80 74 21 90 68 93 75 78 88 Mn iwimmer gets good jump. r t Swimmers oH »o o flying stort. I Dorrell Doviei Chris Jo c« Tom Lyoni Mourice Pork Mike PeHer Roy Romero Mike Skorheim Bill Sweeney Mike Wolioce COMPniTION91 JUNIOR VARSITY SWIMMIMG Another Trojan win. FRONT ROW: Shelley Riolo, Joanne Worshauer, and Teresa Villo. BACK ROW: Debbie Michel, Caren Cor pora, Wonell Scott, and Mindie Mueller. J I I I ' I FRONT ROW: Darrell Doviei, Brian Grey, Mike Kemp, and Ron Hayes. BACK ROW: Tom Lyons, Roy Romero, Joy Riley, Anthony Ramirez, and Dave Largent. 92 COMPETITION FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING r S ' oup o ' " y " ' boosters. W Baumonn comes up for a breather. ' ONT ROW: Ron Hayes, Jrm Hamm, Alex Stem, Kevin Gray, ond Ralph Baumonn. BACK ROW: Anthony Ramirez, Dove LargenI, Colin Buckmon, John Miller, Steve Odekirk, ' d Greg Arndt. COMPETITION 93 n Roonicke, ond John Ouinofws. 8 VARSITY BASEBALL Coach Gary Kretz Captain Steve Began Captain Mark Bridgewater Captain Gary Louffer Captoin Ed Montague Captain Ron Roenicke Mark Bridgewater scores another Trojan run Keith Freeberg receives encouragement. 96 COMPf ilTION Joe Koval slides Steve Began rounds first voyt Prid« shows determination to win. ' St v« Bogan. Keith Fr»«berg aw aits pick off attempt. m •n 1 Jo« Koval l gs out infield hit. mr m a Manager Russell Cuevas Don Allen Tim Bitteti Bruce Boyer Keith Freeberg Joe Koval Ron Roenicke anticipating. Arroyo defender. COMPETITION 97 VARSITY BASEBALL Rovnick bean down on Spartan 98 COMPETITION ,Morh »ridfl.wot.r d«n» a lpn run " ' - r den p a«on runn ' - Ak % Fr «b«rg combinct for third out. Menaico protects runner. V litteti K9% the coke. ZOT cof»r ect». John Quinones Marc Vega Steve Zawrotn Kr»ti directs. - VARSITY SEASON EDGEWOOD Bishop Amat Los Altos Savanna Pomona Tourney Alhambra South Hills Charter Oak Wilson Arroyo La Puente Damien West Covina South Hills Glendora Wilson Covina Lo Puenfe Los Altos West Covino Glendora Covina COMPETITION 99 JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Andy Bufano, Stave Peos , Tom Rabton, Jerry Mendoza, Matt Munda, Mike Babb, Adrian Sanchez, Lamar Sepulveda, and Bill Araujo. BACK ROW: Andy Morgan, Rick Vetti, Craig Howkin», Jeff Toottimon, Doug VanCura, Mickey Weingart, Rick Johnstone, John Toolhman, Kelly Donahoo, and Tim Sweat. f w % Coach Karl Major JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON EDGEWOOD Arcadia Glendora Workman Covina m Los Altos Bishop Amat Savanna Pomona Tourney Alhambra South Hills Charter Oak Wilson Arroyo La Puente Damien West Covina South Hills Glendora Wilson Covina La Puente Los Altos West Covina Captains John Toothman, Tom Ralston, anc Jaff Toothman. lOOCOMPETITIGN FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL ft FROSH-SOPH SEASON . i EDGEWOOD Arcadia Workman Savarfno Alhambra Charter Oak Arroyo Damien South Hills Wilson La Puente West Covina Glendora Covina Los Altos Workman Tourney South Hills Wilson La Puente West Covina Glendora Covina Los Altos Coch K n W»lll Captain Steve Bridgewater DNT ROW Som Favoio, Mickey Allen, Robert Vilo, Jaime Sonchej, Chock Dovidjon, Tony Hodjon, Pot Jocobo, Bob Leonard and Don icofi BACK Rw»v Rick Vanoiirond, irk Murroy, John LeJeol, JeH Jonei, Sieve Bridgewater, Ken Arnold, Mike Pill, Don Knox, Bob Bufono ond Poul O Brien. COMPETITION 101 VARSITY r 102 :OMI ' ETmON TRACK VARSITY TRACK Coack John Haymond Coach Doug AAilUr Coach John Sw at Mike Hohn clears the bar. Captain Mike Wolff Mark Alba Gregg Bates li I Andy Grinstead makes o victorious vault. Romero cuts the tape. Reed sprints last leg of the 440. 1 Captain Terry Todd n Trojan - i if? Tevault shows Mike Beucler Bill Brightwell Roy Chang Mark Cloussen 104 COMPETITION tCox Andy Griniteod Rick Cusvai i. Chrii Hillenberg V. J 31 no n in front. Alba and Brown complete handoff. Allevato pushes for Edgewood. s Bruce Largent Dave Lyons Mike McGuire B dform. Botes and Flores ahead in the 220. Corney Moriey Dan Nodow Mark Pefter Joe Ramos COMPETITION 105 VARSITY TRACK S0 Albo caught in mid-stride at finish. Wolff beats Wilson hurdler to the tape. Paul (teed David Romero Trojan runners fight for an early lead. Bruce Rondinella Jeff Rupp Grant Tevault Greg Tognetti Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound. Kruger strains to gain the lead. Carrie Gerbracht Gail Sorokowski Lee Ann Wcgnon Pam Wallace Brightwell attempts to go up and over. 106 COMPETITION JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK ONT ROW: Mork ClauJJen, Gory Birch, Jose Chavez, Gary Leoth, Mike Cloussen, and Andy Hischar. SECOND ROW: Tim Wood, Bill Boyle, Joe Ramos, Tim Grinsteod, JeH n«i. Bob Alcoft, John Loboto, ond Hans Witt. BACK ROW: Tim Edwordson, Rick Veronese, Nestor Jiminez, Don Miles, Brion Guthrie, Mike Baker, Steve Smith, Brian Hasting, ott Sovoia, and Jon Hoffer. FROSH-SOPH TRACK F )NT ROW: Dale Boxter, Mjke Yborro, Trey Sawyer, Mike Schumm, Pot Buchonon, Dove Megguon, Dave Stevenson, and Brian Wemple. SECOND ROW: Tony Macios, Tom Ciklin, Don Gray, Tom Campbell, John Reitan, Dove Allevato, Tim Dunning, Lee Conklin, ond Andy Gnnjteod BACK ROW: Dan Nadow, Mike Hohn, Jim Braley, Dove S r»«ro, Alon Witlioms, Tom Tyner, Dove ZyUtro, Steve Flores, Greg Tognetti, Craig Prentice, Jeff Rupp, Dove Solos, ond Gregg Botes. ' I COMPETITION 107 VARSITY IT ROW: Robert Ortega, Dean Scort, and Robert Co m. BA( TENNIS ori.Morfc Ambrus, John 0«ck, BfUQ»litil«EI»a Ramos, and Liio McCuilough. COMPETITION 1 09 VARSITY TENNIS Cooch Mik Show Mark Ambrut Robert Corbin John Deck k Elso Romot damontlrortM datarmination. Don Allen Richard Ortega tho«r good form on hit terve. no COMPETITION iithlll • ' . ♦ » • =i-Ml ' Bruc Littl« Mark Ambrui makes serve look easy. Lisa McCullough Russel Okiishi Dean Scott hustles to return the ball. John Deck puts force in his serve. vj - er Smoshlll COMPETITION 1 ) 1 VARSITY TENNIS Richard Ortega Robert Ortega Bob Earl ftrelches to hit the ball. t Liio MeCulloogh it determined. Where did it go? Dear Scott VARSITY TENNIS SEASON EDGEWOOD Arcadia Workman Bishop Amat Savanna Alhambra Charter Oak Arroyo Danrtien South Hills Wilson La Puente West Covino Glendoro Covina Lp«.Aitos Allen Pettaway Eiso Ramos 1 2 COMPETITION Richard Ortega ' Sajpclts " i ood UNIOR VARSITY TENNIS JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON EDGEWOOD Arcadia Workman Bishop Amat Savanna Alhambra Charter Oak Arroyo Damien South Hills Wilson La Puente West Covina Glendora Covina Los Altos Coach Ron Patterson. ONT ROW: Allen Pettowoy, Dovid Marcus, David Watts, Scott BMtsa, and Michael Yates. BACK ROW: Donald Allen, Anderson MocOonold, Richard Allen, ond Brent Wil- COMPETITION 1 1 3 COMPETING TROJANS SUE AHRENS G.A.A. Doubles Champion. RALPH BAUAAANN Fro»h-Soph Swimmer. West Covino Swim Team. SUE BOSSERA AN Varsity Gymnastics. West Covina Gymnastics Team. ALLEN CRAIG Plays Hockey for Kenora Muskies in Manatobo, Car ado. KEITH CONNERS Varsity Swimmer. League Finals 50 yard Freestyle. LINDA ARRIOLA G.A.A. Doubles Champion. ERSKINE CALDWELL Frosh-Soph Swimmer. El Monte Aquatics Team. JEFF COOK Varsity Baskefboll. All League Most Valuable Player 1 1 4 COMPETITION m ' A KRRELLDAVIES ' riity Swimmar. League Finals 100 yard Butterfly. Imbridge Club Swim Team. TONYGONNELLA Varsity Wrestling. 1 st Sierra League. Q Sci le DRAKE iify Foortxill. All League 2nd Team Offensive Cord. DARLENE HAFNER Representotive for Miss Drill Teonn U.S.A. VAN HESTER Varsity Bosketball. Ail League Hanorable Mention. MAH HUNSAKER Varsity Football. All League Honoroble Mention Guard. A :e englebrecht S iity Wrestler. 1 $t in Sierra League. 6th in C.I.F. i ROGER HAHN CHRIS JOYCE Varsity Football. All League ) st TearD Defensive End. Varsity Swimmer. League Finals, 50 yord Breast Stroke. COMPETITION 1 1 3 COMPETING TROJANS DAVE KRUGER All League. 2nd Team Offensive Tackle. BRIAN PERKINS All League. Honorable Mention Bock. MARGO RUDY Varsity Gymnastics. West Covina Gymnastics Team. ANDY LESLIE El Monte Aquatics, 3fd in Vorsity 1 00 yard Butterfly. %1 TODD PERKINS Varsity Wrestling, 2nd League. CARY SANFORD Varsity Wrestling, 2nd League. PEPE MARTINEZ Varsity Wrestling. 1 st League. RON ROENICKE Footboll All League. 1 st Team Offensive Split End. AAARK SAVAGE All League. Honorable Mention Linebacker. 116COMPnmON DAN SHANNON Vorsity Foolboll. All League 2nd Team Offenje. Var- tity WresHing 1 »t in Leogue. MIKE SKORHEIM Vanity Swimming. League Finali 50 yard Freestyle. BILL SWEENEY Vorjjly Swimminfl. El Monte Aqooticj. BRIAM TASSE Varsity Wrestling. I st in League. TOM WALLACE Varsity Swimming. El Mante Aquatics. SUE WEGRZYNIAK 3rd degree Brown Belt. Placed Ut in S.P.A.A.U. Judo Ctiampionstiips. STEVE WEGRZYNIAK ) st degree Black Belt. Competed in Judo Champion- ships in Raytown, Missouri. CHARLES WHITE Placed in A.M.A. Desert Motorcycle Races. FRED WORTH 3rd degree Brown Belt. Competed in Arizono Judo Tournament. COAv PETITION 1 1 7 1974 ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Awarded For . . . ATHLETIC ABILITY SPORTSMANSHIP FIELD LEADERSHIP RON ROENICKE 1 1 8 COMPETITION TROJANS IN ACTION M 1 hi ' n:af» M sil " •iPltlE OF COJ F. . % -» ■ ' Ti M ri 4 ' Ic (• t c »■ »• I ' ■. ' I 1. (. S»Te ( y t f ,1 ' A .»«•♦. v ' i - •1K ■i |H ■1 :131 ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY Roy Stewort ASB President Mr. John Teresa Advisor Shelly Krueger ASB Vice-President Vol Wollace ASB Secretary haron Briggs ub$ and Calendar ' oug Hopkinson .i$embtie$ and Activities Nancy Burton Pep end Rallies Porticia Elliott Publicity Patty Mears Public Relations Debbie Michel Assemblies and Activities Norm Perreau Student Store i M. - -I .) Janet Fleming Finance Ron Harmon Publicity Jeff Moore Public Relations Lillian Preweft Pep and Rallies ny Sonchez udent Store Kendro Sheffer Sp«ciol Activities Lori Voronesa Pep and Rallies INVOLVEMENT 1 23 AURIGAN Mindis Mueller Editor Sieve Bogan Assistant Editor " Competition " Editor 1 24 INVOLVEMENT Mr. Vcncil Dunohoo Advifor Nancy 8o»ermon " Involvement " Editor v; Dennii O ' Farrall " People " Editor r Debbie Michel Associate Editor Eric Dunahoo " The Year " Editor Tim Skorheim Layout Editor Linda Arriola Debbie Bidwell Callye Clemens Kelly Dunohoo Keith Freeberg Sandy Horine Rkk Johnston Kottiy McMeekin Matt Muncie Tony Sanchez Kendra Shaffer TomWagnon INVOLVEMENT 125 ILIAD Nancy tot% rmar Poo Editor Shally Kunitz Editor Miss Nancy O ' Brien Advisor 1 26 INVOLVEMENT Rob«n Valero Production M. i. .. . .k Andy Hijchor Writer John Martin Cartoonist Kathie McMeekin Writer . » i Sally Navarro Writer Sherri Peterson Production Sue Weldon Writer INVOLVEMENT 1 27 AEOLIANS FRONT ROW: Pretidmt Li a Buckmon and Vice-President Lynn Glode. BACK RO Secretary Gail Sorokowski, Advisor Mr. Richard Kinzler, artd Treasurer April H man. FRONT ROW: Storr Ledbetter, Ann Northrup, Terri Ford, Debbie Elam, Goil lee, Sally Quinn, Bonnie Flowers, Sue Nelson, Linda Correon, Teresa Sawyer, Mary Andro Donna Hill, and Cindy Williomi. SECOND ROW: Marty Norby, Joy Wells, Sharlene Campbell, Lorie Boucher, Peggy Ash, Karen Brandt, Cindy Kampe, Adro Campbell, t Bell, Kim Haos, Pom Wallace, and Donna Johnson. THIRD ROW: Bill Vlahos, Ednito Wells, Marie Hurd, Sue Delgodo, Patti Word, Dorothy Clark, Shelley Hunter, Barb Word, Cindy Romo, Carrie Gerbracht, Lori Lewis, Jeonette Blosiok, Leslie Norman, and Renee Futter. FOURTH ROW: A onuel Chacon, Larry Nixon, Keith Nichols, Shai Nixon, Lori Scott, Lori Webb, Janis Forrest, Vicki Ashley, Dione Miller, Ro Ann Smith, Vivian Moreo, Sherry Shook, and J.G. Loun. FIFTH ROW: Danny Nodow, Curl Fc Stonley Roble, Paulo Houk, AAelanie Webb, Linda Strousbough, Deloro Hanno, Jeanne Loughton, Barbara Walloce, Roberta Roudebush, Debbie Helmer, Cathy Brown, L Witt, ond Mork Wion, SIXTH ROW: Colin Buckmon, Scott Hart, Michelle Long, Arlene Venior, Denise Huff, Linda Pomeroy, Leslie Bush, Debbie Swift, Lynn Windio, Rosie Vo Jodi Poet, Debbie Hillenburg, Laura Deal, ond Ken Glode. BACK ROW: Howard Bither, Cliff Wolker, Jack Keteloor, Mike Kelly, Peggy Lobriola, Lee Ann Anderson, Shirl ScoM, Kay Word, Vanessa Bayer, Sue Clewley, Terri Munroe, Michelle Jester, Pot Wyscorver, ond Mike Rogers. 1 28 INVOLVEMENT ART CLUB ffONT ROW: Adviior Mr. Jim Monroe, Pr»»ident Dove Moggord, ond Adviior Mr. teve Fountain. ACK ROW: Secretory Sharon Moroscola, Vice-President Chuck illiomt, and Treoiurer Deniie Alievoto. ytONTROW Lynn Glode Sue W.ldon, Debbie Nodow, Peggy Northrup, Sharon Throop, Sharon Krieter, and Cindy Borfield. SECOND ROW: Curtis Fast, He.d, Vogel, Brian erk.n. Sherry Mohler Kn ' s Austin. Judy HMbern, Sue Sutton, and Den, Penny THIRD ROW: T,m Wood. Cothy Weber. AA,ke Ash, Shirley Bulthu.s, Sondi Honne, Debb.e Wolth- rs More Witt, and Gndy Weldon. BACK ROW: Monine Doiley, Roselmdo Slomds, Dov,d Lee, John Martin, Tom Jackson, Kevin AAtchhart, AAke Alievoto, ond Miiisso AAoney. INVOLVEMENT 1 29 ATHENIANS FRONT ROW: Secretary Karen Lodes, Advisor Mrs, Ruth Geis, President Sht Krueger, and Vice-President Poula Vetti. BACK ROW: Treasurer Morgoret Weim Historian Renee Futter, Historian Lori Veronese, Point Chairman Mtndie Mueller, c Point Chairmon Nn v B sserman. FRONT ROW: Jill Ewert, Robin Moedo, Brenda Lono, Letlie Vemer, and Ruth Browneil. SECOND ROW: Potti Cook, D«bbi« Owens, Vicki Boots, Ten Boss, and Bonnie Anderso THIRD ROW: Peogy Zobel, Debbie Morx, Miyoko Kato, Janet Embree, Vicki Ashley, and Deni Penny. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Swiff, Lynn Giles, Teri Odekirk, Debbie Johnsto Cindy Weldon, Laura Deal, and Charlene Bohny. BACK ROW: Lori Hines, Potti AAeors, Sue Ralston, Michelle Saliscente, Debbie Hand, Ondy Mears, and Debbie AAichel. 1 30 INVOLVEMENT CAMPUS LIFE WOWT ROW: Dir ctof Mr. Ray Schutte, Pre»id«nl Grant Garrijon, Repfet«nlotiye 3»oni» O ' Forrell, ond Advisof Mf. John Hoymond. SACK ROW: Repretentotivet Dov« KruQ«f , Undo Johnson, John KoroMk, ond Lori MaHchom. tONT ROW: Ro9«f Hohn, fim Gfinif»od, Lori Rouch«r, T«rri Od«fVirV, Jim Harpw, Donna Johnjon, Fred Kronrwr, ond Jim Andrewi. SECOND ROW: Mary Spe«r, Karen nilh, Steve A. ofloord, Dennn Reed, Jefome Karoiek, Rob Krouie, Diane Steworl, ond Leslie Normon. THIRD R OW: Mike Wolton, Roy Dominguez, Andy Grinsteod, Mary idrode, Jennifer AAorihom, Heidi Kruger, Sondy Lontz, Rob.n EIek, ond Cherle Abre. FOURTH ROW: Joe Gluti, JeW Jonej, Kothy Cook, Bonnie Flowers, Bill Brightwell, Jill »en, Launo Seme, Borboro Wolloce, and Goil Lee. BACK ROW: Rick Noiobol, Oenise Airoyo, Pol Bochonon, Reriee Gorcio, Terry Nozobol, John Garcia, Tiono Webster, bbie Springer, and Gay Rickaby. INVOIVEAAENT13I CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION First Semester FRONT ROW: Advisor Mrs. Roslyn Heuck, President Doug Hopkinson, and Vk President Jeonnie Thompson. BACK ROW: Secretary Laurie Harrison, Treosur Janet Fleming, and Historian Mindie Mueller. FRONT ROW: Janet Verdi, Peggy Polk, Carlo Steffens, Becky Smitfi, Brenda Luna, Betty Chang, and Mariane Herfert. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Drooks, Laverne Brill, Lyn Giles, Kori Head, Carrie Gerbrochl, Goil Sorokowski, Gena Carpenter, and Brenda Knox. THIRD ROW: Denise Domico, Margaret Weimer, Cathy Weber, Beverly Borne: Debbie Morx, Shelly Krueger, Judy Lieberman, and Stan Foster. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Michel, Lisa Buckman, Ed Fleming, Allen Dickenson, Bill Vlahos, David Meyers, Davi Mitchell, Gail Lee, and Mike McLain. FIFTH ROW: Shelly Kunitz, Dennis Mitchell, Nino Martinez, Dianno Gerving, Dan Horton, David Lee, Todd Weber, Rita Gerbs, and Su Clewley. BACK ROW: Pom Hoffmon, Kim Lund, Rio Lobato, Bill Hopps, Brian Guthrie, Rosio Volz, Cathy Polinkas, Jamie Salcho, Manuel Chacon, Mike Ash. Karen Grimes, on Jeff Ponesa. 1 32 INVOLVEMENT CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION ONT ROW: Advisor Mr$. Rosalyn Heuck, Preiidenf A indie Mueller, and Vice Preji- nt Janet Fleming. iACK ROW: Secretary Jeon Thornton, Treasurer Mike Ash, and His- ian Callye Clemens. Second Semester ( ONT ROW: Marianne Her+ert, Cat+iy Poiinkot, Robin Moeda, Tricio Honcock, Debbie Marx, Becky Smith, Pom Hoffman, Morgoret Weimer, Bev Barnes, Cheryl Bornes, Julie ' chrow, and Cheryl Rupp- SECOND ROW: Doug Hopkmson, Bonnie Bulthuis, Jamie Salchow, Lynn Giles, Shelly Kunitz, Sue Clewley, Steve Guizado, Kevin Monohan, Scott ' ter, Koren Morton, Debro Fleming, ond Dione Ellsworth. THIRD ROW: Bill Vlohos, Dennis Mitchell, Denise D ' Amico, Terry Spoin, Judy Lieberman, Debbie Michel, Gail Sorokow- : Lon Lewis, Corne Gerbrocht, Rose Smith, Tommy McGuire, ond Carolyn Russo. FOURTH ROW: Steve Shelton, Rio Loboto, Kim Lund, Gail Lee, Susan Ahrens, Linda Arriolo, ' dy Cimo, Becky Drooks, Dianna Germing, Susan Todd, Lisa Doverspike, ond Sue Nelson BACK ROW: Mike Wallace, Brion Guthne, Brent Williams, Dorlene Hofner, Cindy fidon, Rosie Volz, Jerry Pmsky, Mark Garrabrant, Dovid Meyers, Betty Chang, Kan Head, and Dove Mitchell. INVOLVEMENT 1 33 CONCERT CHOIR FRONT ROW: Advisor Mr. Richard Kinzler and President Terri Munro«. BACK Rl Vice-President Curt Fast and Secretary Michelle Jester. FRONT ROW: Nancy Porter, Becl y Arvidson, Melissa Romey, Jock Ketelaar, Donna Hill, and Michelle Jester. SECOND ROW: Lori Lewis, Melanie Webb, Sharon Nixon, Ri Fotter, Roxanne Urbon, Julie Sykoro, and Lori Scott. THIRD ROW: Debra Morx, Leslie Bush, Cheryl Kahlor, Dru Nolan, Linda Pomeroy, Vicki Ashley, AAonico Miranda, Je Blosiok, and Sherry Shook. FOURTH ROW: Carrie Gerbracht, Cindy Williams, Donna Johnson, Laurie Gettler, Lisa Buckman, April Herman, Kim Moos, Suzette Chappelle, ! Quinn, Lynn Windle, ond Pot Wyscorver. FIFTH ROW: Curt Fast, Ken Glode, Roy Dominguei, Cathy LeJeal, Pat Mears, Linda Strasbaugh, Debbie Swift, Jean Jacobo, J Mirosole, Janice Forrest, and Ra Ann Smith. BACK ROW: Cliff Walker, Pot Anderson, Manuel Chacon, Marty Nordby, Howard Bither, Lorry Nixon, Scott Poet, Bill Vlahos, Nodow, Dean Spiegel, and Terri Munroe. 1 34 INVOLVEMENT FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FdONT ROW: Advisor Mr. Ron Kallar, Preiident Don Oomingues, Vic»-Pr« ident J«rom« KoroMk, end Secretory Steve lentz. BACK ROW: President Chories Arnold, Sentinel Anderson McDonald, Reporter Alan Olsen, and Chaplin Steve Huff. ■ftONT ROW: Grant Gornson, Debbie Owens, Vicki Boots, Walter Bush, Mike Wysocki, and Tom Lyons. SECOND ROW: Glen Grigsby, Donna Souza, Terry Villo, Perry Zobel, ohn Korasek, Steve Maggord, and Cheryl Derrick. THIRD ROW: Larry Cloussen, Pot Low, Russell Walker, Ken Pugh, Greg Stith, Ken Hutchinson, Eric Rosenkrontz, and Steve oster FOURTH ROW: Dean Truox, Andy Dubick, Lorry Martinez, Chris Quinlono, Doreen Fiederlem, Renee Schmuck, Herbie Toler, and Tim Chambers. FIFTH ROW: John incoln, Scott Smith, Pnscillo Neol, Jeonnie Hilbem, Mitchell Bulthuis, Scott AAcCrocken, Marty Goddord, Bob Ortega, John Pilgrim, and David Walker. BACK ROW: Jone ipongler, Andy Bufono, Dona Dauzot, Debbie Burgess, Sheryl Vest, Bill Show, Philip Drooks, David Watts, Bob Krouse, and Larry Nixon. INVOLVEMENT 1 35 I GERMAN CLUB FRONT ROW: Advisor Mr. Ron Spence, Pretidenl Mindie Mualler, and Vic -PrMi- d nl Mik Ash. BACK ROW: Secretory Jone Pill, Hiitorion Bruce Rondinello, and Historian Heidi Vogel. FRONT ROW: Scott Beotie, Lorry Wrogg, Brian Wemple, Steve Ploss, Bill loboto, and Dean Scott. SECOND ROW: Renee Futter, Carrie Gerbrocht, Gail Sorokowski, Lori Lewis, Marilyn Longer, and Jamie Solchow. THIRD ROW: Kothy McNevin, Korla Steffons, Peggy Polk, Laurie Harrison, ond Helen Pryjma. BACK ROW: Don Goskin, Mike Ostrowski, Melody Colley, Kommy Crose, and Rebecca Drooks. 1 36 INVOLVEAAENT LETTERMEN ' S CLUB FRONT ftOW: Offic»f Jo« Vito ond Adviior J en Wells. BACK ROW: Officers Don All«n and Jeff Cook. ■RONT ROW: Kerry Meyer, Roger Hahn, Doug Johnson, Honk Donahue, and Poul Reed. SECOND ROW: Bruce Rondinello, Chris Hillenburg, Dove Krugef, Von Hester, Mike AcGuire, and Steve Bogon. THIRD ROW: Danny Gonioles, B ll Boyle, Doug Hopkinson, Mike Wolf, Man Hunsaker, and Ernie Delgado. BACK ROW: Jim Willianns, Grant Jofrison, Mjke Boker, Dove Lyons, Adrian Sorxhez, ond Dennis O ' Farrell. INVOIVEMENT 1 37 MIXED CHORUS FKOm HOW: Advisor Mr. Richard Kinzler and President Jodi Poet. BACK ROW: Vice-Preiident Teresa Sawyer and Secretary Sue Boiserman. FRONT ROW: Lecio Wilt, Barboro Wallace, Elizabeth Gonzales, Diane Martinez, Brendo Confreres, Vivian Moreo, Lisa Vaughn, Anno Vaughn, and Bonnie Flowers. SECOND ROW: lee Ann Anderson, Lindo Correon, Lori Reimers, Sue Delgado, Shirley Scott, Lourdes Ulloo, Terri Ford, Sherry Murga, and Cothy Morris. THIRD ROW: Barbara Espinoza, Debbie Elam, Cindy Kompe, Debbie Ramynke, Teresa Sawyer, Jeanne Loughton, Karen Halley, Adro Compbell, Patti Ward, Elizobeth Corpe, and Billie Hol oke. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Utiger, Patricio Meyers, Dorothy Clark, Deonno Nichols, Cindy Lindhoinn, Joy Wells, Shorlene Campbell, Ednita Wells, Sarah Lindsey, and Kim Bell. FIFTH ROW: Steffenne Fielding, Tammy McGuire, Debbie Hillenburg, Sue Bossermon, Wonell Scott, Dona Dauzot, Sue Nelson, Jo Ann Arnold, Monica Anchondo, Debbie Biegler, Valdo Scott, Roseonn Champion, and Sandy Kory. SIXTH ROW: Mark Kelley, Starr Ledbetter, Rosie Volz, Paula Houk, Peggy Lobriola, AAichelle Lang, Karen Peters, Amy Berord, Ann Northrup, Jodi Poet, Joan Moreth, and Richard Creed. BACK ROW: Greg Vaughn, Randy Archer, Pot Miller, J. G. Loun, Stanley Roble, David Largent, Daniel Weston, Scott Hart, Colin Buckmon, Jock Ketelaar, Mark Wion, and Mike Rogers. 1 38 INVOLVEMENT PEP CLUB ' RONT ROW: Advisor Mrs. Nancy Moy and President Brendo Luna. BACK ROW: ic»-Pr»sid«nt Margaret Weimer, Secretory Debbie Nodow, and Treasurer Leslie erner. ROhfT ROW: Thereso Sawyer, Shirley Richardson, Sharon Soltalani, Sherri Peterson, and Lorene Peterson SECOND ROW: Louro Deal, Stephanie Pilgreen, Patty Ward, Linda 3vella, and Vicki Boots THIRD ROW: Donna Bayer, Cindi Babb, Denise Truox, Lourene Baquet, Terry Brice, ond Sharlene Vaneturp. BACK ROW: Kathy Robledo, Renee Tes- er, Chorlene Amovizco, Gigi Dugos, Pat Ramos, and Nora Chinno. INVOLVEMENT 1 39 PRIDE IN CULTURAL ANCESTRY HiONT ROW: A Ki or Mi»i Jonef Thomptoo and President »e«y Corbotol. BACK " • ROW: Vicfr-Prevdent Ron Pocho, Secretory Rose Prodo, and Treasurer Roy Pacho. ' FfONT SOW: Kottiy Ro,oi, Cfr f : »:k ' o. Art Reyes, ood Debtxe Lopez SECOND ROW: Gndy Morhnei, iohr Sonty, Christine AAorhn, ond Morie Hemandei. THIRD ROW: Aj ce Sorr,, bryJo Otrorez, Siepror,, P,.y»«r, Debtx Nodow, AAorsho Lowson, orvd Dtone CostorefM. SACK ROW: AHeen Durfey, Steve Reyes, Vickj Ashley, Rudy Sokodor, Suta ' " J artz, or%d Mo9g»e Reyes. 140 INVOLVEMENT RADIO CLUB 90NT tOW: AdvttOf Mr. Dovid W» Tv»r, fVewient Bill Goeto, wxi Vict-PrM«i«it Vj« Stx b» i. HOT ROW: S«cr»tory o» Romo«, Tr»a»urer Loren Erfwordi n, ar»d orgaont ot Arms Artdtnor McOonaW. fO trow. On H««und, H Cox. John AMbr, a«j Cortwi D»«app SfCOO fOW: AMce Ottrvwda. otvm Lm, DovMJ Bunvfiold, Morii Kaly. Ra n Robin, vid CvH Sctxvg. Onshn Pofenkos, Dav Kirfc«ood, aid Dovid Wokv. AACK COW: tAO.VEMmTUl SKI CLUB FRONT ROW: Advisor Mr. John Sweat, President Dove Lyon, and Advisor AAfS. Judy Sweat. BACK ROW: Secretary Rhonda Smith, Treasurer Carol Sankewich, and Vice- President Dan Durham. FRONT ROW: Jonel Verdi, Peggy Polk, Corlo Sleffens, Becky Smith, Brendo Luna, Betty Chang, ond Marione Herfert, SECOND ROW: Rebecca Drooks, Loverne Brill, Lynn Giles, Kon Head, Corrie GerbrachI, Goil Sorokowski, Geno Carpenter, and Brenda Knox. THIRD ROW: Denise Domico, Margaret Weimer, Cathy Weber, Beverly Barnes, Debbie Marx, Shelly Krueger, Judy Lieberman, and Stan Foster. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Michel, Lisa Buckman, Ed Fleming, Allen Dickenson, Bill Vlohos, David Meyers, David Mitchell, Gail Lee, and Mike McLain. FIFTH ROW: Shelly Kunitz, Dennis Mitchell, Nino Martinez, Dianna Gervmg, Don Norton, David Lee, Todd Weber, Rita Gerbs, and Sue Clewley. BACK ROW: Pom Hoffman, Kim Lund, Ria Lobolo, Bill Hopps, Brian Guthrie, Rosie Volz, Cathy Polinkos, Jomie Solcho, Monuel Chocon, Mike Ash, Karen Grimes, and Jeff Poresa. 1 JO IkJUrM rjulFKJT THESPIANS K)NT ROW: Advi»or Mrj. Aliion Joblinjki, and President Bev Barnes. BACK ROW: ce-Prcsident Leslie Bush, Secretary Cheryl Kohler, and Treasurer Linda Pomeroy. k ONT ROW: Je« Horriion, Melanie Terry, Monuel Chacon, Borboro Shockley, John Jonei, ond Kendro SheHer. SECOND ROW: Bob Milton, Mark Hall, Becky Arvidson, Rick nLent, Desiree Gonzolez, Keren Jonsen, and Charles Rossmon. THIRD ROW: Scott Hart, JoAnne Siren, Debbie Dinter, Cathy Webber, Cheryl Barnes, Karen Horton, and Kt Moreno. BACK ROW: SCOTT MocDONALD, Regis Gallagher, Debbie Utiger, ond Laura Thompson. INVOLVEMENT 1 43 TREBLE CHOIR FRONT ROW: President Cindy Williams. SACK ROW: Secretary Mary Andrade and Vice-President Pam Wallace. ) h ' . FRONT ROW: Oeloro Honno, AAichelle Jester, Karen Brandt, Grace Moreno, Tanny Davis, Susan Travis, ond Roberta Roudebush. SECOND ROW: Peggy Ash, Lindo Tovello, lorie Boucher, Mary Andrade, Stephonie Pilgreen, Vicki Ashley, ond Gail Lee. THIRD ROW: Debbie Helmer, Arlene Venior, Shelley Hunter, Debbie Nadow, Brenda Stever, Tomara McCrocken, and Goy Rickaby. FOURTH ROW: Marie Hernandei, Diane Stewart, Julie Daffron, Pom Wallace, Debbie Springer, Tanya Webster, Jennifer Markham, and Leslie Norman. FIRH ROW: Diane Miller, Cindy Romo, Laura Deal, Cindy Williams, Kay Word, Lori Scott, Denise Huff, Vienna Najar, and Lori Dalgleish. BACK ROW: Cathy Brown, Betty Carbajal, Kathy McNevin, Janie AAirasole, Yvette Mohler, Heather Lindsay, Vanessa Bayer, and Marie Hord. 1 44 INVOLVEMENT TROIANAIRES Craig Murga, Terry Todd, and Steve Nordby. Mr. Kinzler directs Trojanaires. -%.% m " S «m R V, i ..;« M ,v FRONT ROW: Meianie Webb, Pot Kelly, Dru Nblon, Chris Joyce, Donna Hill, Roy Stewort, Lynn Glode, ond John Bynum. SECOND ROW: Cindy Willioms, Rich Writer, Liso Buck- mon, Steve Morquei, April Herman, Fred Kramer, Gail Sorokowski, and Dove Moggord. THIRD ROW: Laurel Webb, Scott Poet, Sue Clewly, Chris Hillenberg, Donna Johnson, Keith Nicols, Terri Munroe, and Martin Nordby. BACK ROW: Terry Todd, Lourie Geftler, Lester Seidel, Bev Forth, Pepe Martinez, Craig Murgo, and Steve Nordby. INVOLVEMENT 145 UJIMA FRONT ROW: Advisor Mr, Norm Silvey, President Jim Dockery, and Vice-President Debbie Tompkins, BACK ROW: Secretory Jockte Menendcz, Treosurer Sedon Louf- ton, Sergeant at Arms Al Stewart ond Historian Cornell Colbert. FRONT ROW: Lynn Dobbi, Tine L«e, Yvefte Brown, Marilyn B«ll, and Tonda Cattledge. SECOND ROW: Willene Creasman, Brenda Krtox, Saroh Lindsey, Val Scott, ond Don Alexonder. BACK ROW: Rick orb«r, iackie Richmond, Kattiy Dockery, Arnita Daniels, Pat Francis, and Ray Chang. U6 INVOLVEMENT ODYSSEY itor Nancy Bon»rman ond Advisor Mri. O ' Brien ONTKOW: Sh lly Kunifi, Tom Wognon, Eric Dunahoo, AAorgoret W.imer, Don Durham, ond Undo John.on SBCOND ROW: Bob Volaro, Sue Clewley, Voleri. Wolloce, Doog pkinion, and Tim Skofhaim. BACK ROW: Katan Gettler, Kondy Murray, Roy Stewort, Dennis OForrell, and Ullion Prewetl. INVOLVEMENT 1 47 w .J 1 i M l ■, ■ %. ■£ .-J» ADMINISTRATORS Mr. John Eastman Associate Superintendent Dr. Clifford Thyberg Superintendent ,ll, M m m Dr. Phineas Goldstein Assistant Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION 150 PEOPLE Mr. Roscoe Vaniman Principal Mr. Mervin Metz Assistant Principal II PEOPLE 151 I FACULTY Mr. Peter Arando Mrs. Wanda Bacon Mr. Jim Black Mr. Paul Breit Mrs. Barbara Brown Mr. Lyie Buchwitz Mr. Donald Bufler Mrs. Bobbie Clifford Mrs. Babette Corrigan Mr. Bill Covey 152 PEOPLE ARANDA — FROBERG Mrs. Donna De Menf Mr. Jim Duncan Mrs. Mae Elley Mr. Sfeve Fountain Mr. Stephen Douglass Mr. Armando Franco Mr. Voncil Dunohoo Mr. Dwight Ek Mr. Richard Foshay Mr. Steven Froberg PEOPLE 153 FACULTY Mr. Phil Gary Mrs. Ruth Geis Mrs. Helene Goodman Mrs. Betty Grier Mrs. Martha Hall Mr. Sam Hardwick Mrs. Eleonore Harris Mr. John Haymond Mrs. Mary Herbener Mrs. Rosalyn Heuck 154 PEOPLE GARY — LOPEZ Mrs. Alison Jablonski Mr. Jean Kllnner Mr. Pat Kirk Mr. Mike Lossalette Mr. Frank Karasek Miss Sue Lingenfelter Mr. Ron Keller Mr. Richard Kinzler Mr. Gary Kretz Mr. Gil Lopez PEOPLE 1 55 FACULTY Mr. Karl Major Mr. Gib Maxson Mr. Roger Mays Mr. Rudy Meoli Mr. Ben Mark Mr. Doug Miller Mr. Carl Martz Mrs. Nancy May Miss Marilyn McCormick Mr. Jim Monroe 1 56 PEOPLE MAJOR — PETERSON Mrs. Jean Myers Mrs. June Naslund Mr. Brint Newlon Mr. Phil Norton Mrs. Nancy O ' Brien Mrs. Dixie Olson Mrs. Peg Ozanich Mr. Louis Ponawosh Mr. Ron Patterson Mrs. Marion Peterson PEOPLE 157 FACULTY Mrs. Elizabeth Porterfield Mrs. Mary Schneider Mr. Louis Sergio Mr. Mike Shaw Mr. Robert Sherman Mrs. Kay Shively Mr. Norm Silvey Mr. Ron Spence Mr. Jon Sweat Mrs. Judy Sweat 1 58 PEOPLE PORTERFIELD ZAHRT Mr. John Teresa Mr. George Velasco Mr. Ken Wells Mr. Art Wilson Miss Janef Thompson Mr. David Weaver Mr. Word Wenner Mrs. Kay Zahrt Mr. Pat Trudel Mr. Hilton Webster Miss Geri Williams PEOPLE 159 TROJAN HELPERS Mr . Amonda Boty Mrs. P«g Bauer Mrs. Peggy Broomheod Mrs. Kay Burns Mrs. Arlene Coe Mrs. Winnie Dovorspike Mrs. JoAnn Dun Mrs. Dee Dunn Mrs. Ruth Evans Mrs. Beverly Hacker Mrs. Pal La Curan Mrs. Barbara Morse Mrs. Claire Toler Mrs. Joan Williams 1 60 PEOPLE CAFETERIA AND MAINTENANCE f , n r O n FRONT ROW: Carol Norby, Arlene Fisher, Dorothy Gleeson, Janet Menasco, Celestina Scotto, and Bertha Tirce. BACK ROW: Margaret Shue, Margurite Brandrup, Eleanor Clark, Glorillo Shulli. Pot Wiltshire, and Mary Wood. 5en Chnstenien, Bill Demblin, Roy Godfrey, Joe luppa, Joe Kukenbroid, Al Deloyo, Fronk Morales, Ed Stormskt, and Terry Corriker. PEOPLE 161 BANK OF AMERICA AWARDS Denis Allevoto Art C«rtificot« Jeffrey Moor Mutic C rtificat Ji ' ■ :j Laslia Bush Drama Certificat Sh«lly Kunitz English Cartificate Terri Munro Fin Arts Plaque Winner Judy Lieberman Foreign Language Certificate 162 PEOPLE Martin Nordby Social Studies Certificate Jerry Pinsky Liberal Arts Plaque Winner cho«l Ash i«nc« and AAathamatics Plaque Winner H Jean Thomson Laborotory Science Certificate Clifford Punchard Agriculture Certificate lelly Krueger xational Arts Plaque Winner Shoron Nixon Home Economics Certificate John Perea Mathematics Certificate Oebro Espinozo Business Certificate James Mesorch Trades and In dustrial Certificate PEOPLE 163 J - I w . - s- x I 1974 STEWART AWARD For Excellence in . . . SCHOLARSHIP SPORTSMANSHIP ATHLETIC ABILITY LEADERSHIP JEFF COOK 1 64 PEOPLE Laurie Harrison President Mindie Mueller Vice-President SENIORS CLASS OF ' 74 Jean Thomson Secretary Sue Steodman Treasurer Jonice McKinney Legislator Mr. Peter Aranda Advisor PEOPLE 165 SENIORS Diane Abrams Donald Allen Sandra Anderson Michael Ash Joy Adams Denise Allevoto Anna Andrade Kris Austin Fred Airth Danny Alfovilla Thomas Arroyo Gail Auzenne 166 PEOPLE ABRAMS BERRY David Averill Beverly Barnes Bonnie Baxter Jeffery Bell James Baldwin Mary Borr Vanessa Bayer Bruce Bente Vicki Bartlett Larry Bates Randy Beauregard Bobby Berry PEOPLE 167 SENIORS Charles Berlolini Timothy Bitetti Howard Bither Adriana Bland Janeen Blandino Ronnie Bollig Susan Boots Richard Borden Nancy Bosserman Wayne Boucher Deborah Bowman Lynn Brandrup 168 PEOPLE BERTOLINI — BURTON Linda Brashear Sharon Briggs Loverne Brill Scon Brodsky Cathy Brown Judith Brown Roth Brownell Lisa Buckman Kathy Buehring Karen Bufkin Mitchel Bulthuis Nancy Burton PEOPLE 1 69 SENIORS Leslie Bush Claudio Compbell Janice Cannon Steve Carey David Carlisle John Caferino Manuel Chacon Suzette Chappelle George Chivos Cindy Cimmarrusti Karen Clary Katherine Clory t h 1 70 PEOPLE BUSH — DENNING Suson Clewley Jeonitte Cole Stephen Collier Jeffrey Cook Patricia Cook Kelly Crase John Crawford Phillip Cundiff Michael Curtis Roderick Dolman Terry Dauzot Angela Denning PEOPLE 171 SENIORS George Dimotteo Troy Dinet James Oobbs Henry Donahue Richard Dooling Robert Drake Charlene Driggers Eric Dunahoo Arleen Durfey Dan Durham Loren Edwardson Michelle Elixson 1 72 PEOPLE DIMATTEO — FITZGERALD Paul Ellsworth Howard Emmons Michael Englebrecht Debra Espinoza Irene Esquivel Jody Ewert Janet Forrar Bruce Fought Richard Fels Philip Ferree Cynthia Figord Sharon Fitzgerald PEOPLE 1 73 SENIORS Janef Fleming Daniel Floras Lome Flowers Sandy Foglesong Beverly Forth Stanley Foster Alan Fredricks Renee Futter William Gaeta Michael Gallagher Debbie Galland Benny Galluzzo 1 74 PEOPLE FLEMING — GONNELLA Marsho Ganje John Garcia Donald Gaskin Karen Gettler Tom Gibbs Gary Gilbert Lynn Giles Deborah Gillette Pauline Gilmore Guy Giolli Lynn Glode Tony Gonnella PEOPLE 1 75 SENIORS Mary Graff Valerie Graham Angela Grasso Brian Gray Kent Gray Michael Gray Larry Green Timothy Grinstead Kimberly Haas 1 i i B ■ rm l£71 ilr l K S r r f ( fr m 1 1 lyl ■ Darlene Hofner Roger Hahn Warren Hamachi 1 76 PEOPLE GRAFF — HESS Michael Hancock David Hand Delora Hanna Ronald Harmon Richard Harper James Harper Mike Horrell Laurel Harrison Robert Hartley Stephen Herington April Herman Kelly He-.s PEOPLE 177 SENIORS Van Hester David Hicks Judy Hilbern Donna Hill Christopher Hillenburg Janet Hiltz Lori Hines Gail Hoch Yvonne Hodges Pamela Hoffman Carlo Holloway William Hoops 1 78 PEOPLE HESTER — JESTER Douglas Hopkinson Greg Hopple Nancy Hornsby Danny Horton Sharilyn Hughes Matt Hunsoker Robert Hunter Carol Hyland Cindy Hyslop Jeanne Jacobo Daniel Jasso Michelle Jester PEOPLE 1 79 SENIORS Nesfor Jimenez Cathy Johnson Douglas Johnson Karen Johnson Katherine Johnson Linda Johnson Robin Johnson Valerie Johnson David Joyce Panriela Judge Miyoko Kafo Patrick Kelly 4 P ' m h W 9 m- t HhumbJ A K " c 1 80 PEOPLE JIMENEZ — LAUGHTON Sherri Klonte Nancy Kluender Connie Knox Helmut Kramer Sharon Krieter Shelly Krueger David Kruger Shelly Kunitz Brian LaForce Joe Lane Gary Lauffer Rick Laughton PEOPLE 181 SENIORS Michael LeMay Gary Leath Carol Lee David Lee Lemont Lee Kathleen Leicht Richard Leunis Alan Levene Larry Leza Judy Lieberman Clary Loboto Karen Lodes kAx 182 PEOPLE LEMAY — MARKMAN Sedon Lofton Albert Lopez Cordell Loun Rory Low Pablo Luna KImberly Lund David Lyon Ronald Maesfas David Maggord Ramon Malimban Patrick Mann Craig Markman PEOPLE ) 83 SENIORS Patricia Marsolo David Martin Jill Martin John Martin Kathleen Martin Michael Martin Sheryl Martin Dawn Martinson Debra Marx Debbie Massey Rick Matthews Susan Mayes 1 84 PEOPLE MARSOLA — McNAMARA Kathleen McClister Duncan McCrocken Ray McDonough Christy McEntee Darlene McGahey Gary McGauvran Linda McGowan Martha McKenna Janice McKinney Michael McLain William McMillen Sharon McNannora PEOPLE 185 SENIORS Randy McTaggart Patricio Mears Brian Menosco Jacqueline Menendez James Mesarch Debbie Meyers Deborah Michel Don Milodeloroca Bonita Millard Steve Mink Monica Miranda Janie Mirasole 186 PEOPLE McTAGGART — MORELL David Mita Patricia Monaco David Moore Chester Morales David Mitchell Gene Monahan Jeffrey Moore Robert Morales Christopher Mohler Edward Montague Kathleen Moore Dona Morell PEOPLE 187 SENIORS Vivian Moreo Belinda Morgan Jay Morley Dean Morrison Mindie Mueller Terri Munroe Craig Murga Kandice Murray Liz Myren Darrell Myrick Ronald Nakaima Williann Nance 1 88 PEOPLE MOREO — NORRIS John Naughfon Keith Nichols Michael Niski Mary Nolan Alfonso Navarro Sharon Nieman Sharon Nixon Martin Nordby Linda Neal Jerry Nihiser Susan Noe Mark Norris PEOPLE 189 SENIORS Margaret Northrup Dennis O ' Farrell Marcia O ' Neill Terri Odekirk Bonnie Ohison Evelyn Olivier David Olson Deborah Olson Michelle Orozco Gory Oshiro Barbara Owles Bruce Pagono 1 90 PEOPLE NORTHRUP — PLASS Christ! Palinkos James Pantoleo Jeffrey Paresa John Pecce Deni Penny John Perea Norman Perreau Cynthia Peterson Sherri Peterson Jane Pill Jerry Pinsky Jeffrey Plass PEOPLE 191 SENIORS Scott Poet Tommy Pogue Linda Pomeroy Robert Port Rosaline Prado Lillian Prewett Clifford Punchard Rhonda Quails Sally Quinn Lily Quintana Susan Raaen John Ramirez 192 PEOPLE POET — ROENICKE Deborah Ramynke Larry Rash Russel Rasmussen Cathy Reid Curtis Reinecker Arthur Reyes Mary Richards Barbara Ringer Paul Ritter Goyle Robb Richard Rocco Ronald Roenicke PEOPLE 1 93 SENIORS Patricio Rorick Scoft Ruby Sharon Runge William Ryan Rosaline Salinas Claudia Sarnecki Phillip Server Jennifer Schmuck Susen Schnuriger Melvin Schoumon Barry Schultz David Scicchitano 1 94 PEOPLE RORICK — SMITH Marlene Scicchitano Tina Sciortino Lori Scott Richard Selph Daniel Shannon Linda Sheridan Gary Simeral Timothy Skorheim David Sloan Jolene Smith Maria Smith Rebecca Smith PEOPIE 1 95 SENIORS Steven Smith Timothy Smith Thomos Sorge Regina Spano Susan Steadman Kristine Steffens Penny Stemple Christi Stevens Mary Stevenson Nathan Stever Allen Stewart Billy Stev art 196 PEOPLE SMITH — THOMSON Ray Stewart Robert Stockman Randulph Suela Susan Sutton Wendy Swart z Debra Swift Julie Sykora Suzanne Sylvia Brian Tasse Grant Tevault Gary Tessone Jean Thomson PEOPLE 1 97 SENIORS Cinda Thornton Linda Thornton Sharon Throop Terry Todd Rhonda Toler Deborah Tompkins John Tracy Steven Trinkaus Rebo Urban Ronald Vanschijndel Rene Vega Janet Verdi 198 PEOPLE THORNTON — WALTON Lori Veronese Maria Villasenor John Wagnon Devro Walthers Sheryl Vest Albert Vita Valorie Wallace Mark Walton Paulo Ve«i James Volz Carole Walley Michael Walton PEOPLE 199 SENIORS Koy Ward Catherine Weber Steven Wegrzyniak Carrie Wendel Laurel Webb Marisa Webster Margaret Weimer Lorrie West Melanie Webb Eric Wedderien Susan Weldon Micheline Wetzel 200 PEOPLE WARD — ZAWROTNY Charles White Lynn Windle Irene Woodbury Peggy Zabel John White Marc Witt Cheryl Young Steven Zowrotny Cindy WillianDS NOT PICTURED Edward Adelman Peggy Dalton Douglas MocNeil Robert Andrus Tim Demke M. Michael Madison Randy Bates LoVonne Downing Sylvia Martinez Brent Bauer Beotriz Elizorraraz Robert Miller John Berg Ted Enderpalmer Marion Minich David Blair Marcus Erwin Honor Morley Judy Bolz Charles Faust Wendy Nely James Brooks Bonnie Gaines Bruce Poller Brian Brown Richard Guirino Keith Pascoe Jeffery Burch David Hess Rosonne Pesqueiro Thomas Carrol Mark Igoe Frank Phillips Daniel Casarez Aaron Jackson Paul Pugh Mark Claussen Ted Jensen Susan Ralston Tommy Cozad Randy Johnstone Timmy Ramirez Timothy Cromwell Donald Jones Laura Romero Ronald Curazzato Gary Luksch Robert Rubio Abel Sanchez Lydio Solis Deborah Steele Dale Stevens Barbara Stewart Larry Turgeon Terry Vonderschuur Rickie VanLent Michael Wiens Kim Williams Charles Wilt Gary Woods Alfred Wright Paul Young Mario Zunigo PEOPLE 201 Brenda Knox Preside nt Desiree Gonzales Vice-President JUNIORS CLASS OF ' 75 Jamie Salchow Secretary Becky Orooks Treasurer ll 202 PEOPLE Peggy Labriole Legislator Mrs. Peggy O ' Zanich Advisor JUNIORS ABICH — BERARD Soreya Abich William Alexan der Mark Ambrus Charles Arnold Stephen Auzenne Lourene Boquet Cynthia Beauchamp Marc Adams Donald Allen Van Andronigion Denise Arroyo Lorry Bochmann Robert Borcenas Linda Belton Mork Albo Richord Allen Ronald Araujo Bryan Art Karen Bodion Cindy Borfield Marilyn Bell Robert Alcotl Beniamin Alley Theresa Armento Rebecca Arvidson Michael Baker Gerald Bates Paul Bente Donald Alexander Roger AUop David Arndt Vicki Ashley Diana Baldwin Susan Bates Christopher Berord PEOPLE 203 JUNIORS Potncia Berry Michael Bitetti Bruce Boyer Tereso Briese Sheryl Brown Shirley Bulthuii Shorolyn Cogle Kevin Betebenner Roberta Bivins William Boyle Bill Brightwell Wendell Brown Gary Burch James Colondro Terri Bethel Carl Blair Frances Brennon Rick Bronnley Nicholos Bryon Cindy Burrie Gregory Camorillc Michael Beucler Jeanette Blaszak Terry Brice Steven Brouckaert Debbie Buck Cormetita Butler Thomas Campbell Danny Bidwell Steven Bogon Mark Bridgewater Mike Brown Patricio Buck John Bynunn Sue Carman Wu % . -. 204 PEOPLE BERRY — DAVIDSON Mark Carter Donna Cothcort Cynthia Champion Laura Chaney Jose Chavez Debra Christoffersen Cynthio Cimo Jody Claiborne Denise Clark Michoal Claussen Larry Clemens Valerie Cogswell Dawn Coker Cornell Colbert Melody Colley Linda Collier Rosemarie Collins Morlyn Conklin Keith Conners Coren Corpora William Cox Alan Craig Autumn Craig Kathleen Crane Chip Crase Kommy Crase Stanley Crist Richard Cuevos Michael Curtis Edwino Dobbs David Dolgleish Denise Domico Arnito Daniels David Daniels William Davidson H tf ,y cl v " PEOPLE 205 JUNIORS Dorrell Davies Tina Decker Terri Dionne Charles Downing Kim Duncan Jon Ellsworth Bradley Erwin Darrell Doy Alexander Dei James Dockery Mary Drake Jeanine Ebinger Janet Embree Paul Esparzo Dennis Doy Ernest Delgado Lisa Domingues Philip Drooks George Eddy Mitchell Englebrecht Carmen Espinoso Jeannie Dean Denise Oelorme Elaine Donche Rebecca Drooks Patricio Elliott Terry English Robert Ewert John Deck Linda Diaco Brian Dowling Michelle Dugas Carlo Ellis Susan Enos Roger Eye 206 PEOPLE DAVIES — GONZALES Shcwnec Forris Dianne Fetters Thomas Folden Martin Frazin Thomas Galvery Carrie Gerbrocht Robin Gilmore Curtis Fast Duane Fpsher Paul Forgette Karen Fulton Diane Gandee Dianno Gerving Alan Glassco Sheila Faught Edward Fleming Janis Forrest Julie Fumero Mark Garrabront Laurie Gettler Peter Click ton Feosel Michael Flores Gregory Foy Luz Galeano Grant Garrison Dovid Gilbert Denise Goble Rickey Feese Bonnie Flowers Patricio Francis Charles Gallond David Geney Linda Gillett Danny Gonzales PEOPLE 207 JUNIORS Desiree Gonzalez Brian Guthrie Erick Hort Kristine Heberl Mark Hoffman Paula Houk Jana Hubbard Noel Granada Denice Holbert Richard Hassenpflug Robert Hewus Robert Holley Debora Howard Debro Huddleslo Glen Grigsby Thomas Hall Brian Hastain Andrew Hischor Sandro Horine Cheryl Howell Denise Huff Michael Grigsby Karen Homm Craig Hawkins John Hile Donno Hornsby Cynthia Howie Steven HuH Gregory Guizado Jeffrey Harrison Ledeen Hoyes Pamela Hodson Pamela Houk Ruben Huante Debro Hunter D ? ' i f f-5 ' . .i: ' 208 PEOPLE GONZALEZ — KOZACIK Williom Huntley Thomas Hurley Julie Jackson Karen Jonsen Kothy Jarotz Charlotte Jasso Carl Jeffers Uriel Jimenez Terrill Jmkens Donna Johnson Janet Johnson Scott Johnson Debro Johnston Rick Johnstone Jeff Jones John Jones Debro Jordan Louis Kammer John Karasek Daniel Kaufman Joseph Kaustinen Verdi Kersthold Douglas Kluthe Lisa Keefe Arlene Kikkowo Brendo Knox Katharine Kelley Roger King Cheryl Kohler Steven Kennedy Robert Kirby Joseph Koval Christine Kerfoot Terry Kirby Bernard Kozacik PEOPLE 209 JUNIORS Peggy Labriola Michele Lang Bruce Largent Sherry Loughrey Pat Law Jeanne Lowrence Michael Ledbetler Catherine Lejeal Tino Lee Warren Lefler Walter Lensky Andrew Leslie Lori Lewis Bruce Little John Lobato Michael Lopez Steven Lucero Teresa Lujon Gene Lumia Steve Lund Terri Lyon Thomas Lyons Julia MacOonold Joy Machado Loretta Macias Brenda Manning Sharon Marascola Jennifer Markham Laurene Markham Glenn Marlow Steven Marquez Duane Marshall , Jose Martinez Kathleen Masche Lauro Mashburn 210 PEOPLE LABRIOLA — OCASIO Knstine Mauck Susan McMillen Drew Milom Shirley Mills Cindy Mooney Danny Napolitano Marina Nolan Trisho May Donna McWillioms Diane Miller Robert Milton Andrew Morgon Solly Navarro James Noone Joseph McCoy Catherine Meier Don Miller Alyce Minich Cornelius Morley Donna Naylor Steven Nordby Kimberly McGorghan Kerry Meyer Ronald Miller Sherry Mohler William Mountford Dennis Neill Sylvia Noriega Kathleen McMoekin David Meyers Ron Miller Terrylee Monaco Donald Myles Stephen Nihiser Maria Ocosio PEOPLE 21 1 JUNIORS Jose Ojeda Russell Okiishi Allen Olson Mario Omoro Richard Ortega Steven Ortega Tom Ortiz Tsutomu Oshiro Michael Ostrowski Cecelia Pocho Gregory Padgett Gerald Polacios Steven Pope Maurice Park Warren Parker Steven Porks Annette Povlich Steven Pease Marc Peffer Michoel Peffer Steven Perez Lorene Petersen Roberta Pimentel Jane Policostro Elizabeth Port Nancy Porter Ricky Porter Debro Potter Poulette Price Alvoye Pride William Prisk Scott Pruett John Quinones Thomas Ralston Melissa Romey 212 PEOPLE OJEDA — SARNECKI Kathleen Ramirez Joseph Romos Richard Ramos Joe Rector Michael Reed Paul Reed David Reynolds Gil Rhodes Jackie Richmond Deanna Ricketts Shelley Riolo Debbie Rizzo Robert Roberts William Robertson Michael Robles Eloise Rodas Sandy Rodgers Robert Rodriguez Katharine Rojas Erich Roiko Roy Romero Bruce Rondinella Eric Rosenkrantz Charles Rossman David Rost Cristy Rudder Mark Rudy Katherine Runge Jamie Salchow Rudy Salvador Adrian Sanchez Tony Sanchez Cory Sanford Carol Sankewich Andrea Sarnecki PEOPLE 213 JUNIORS Angela Sauermonn Mark Savage Inge SchaeHer Kurt Schreiber Alfred Schrey Jerry Scotio Lester Seidel William Shaw Kendra Sheffer Sherry Shook Theresa Shultz Larry Silva Kothleen Simeral Susan Sinner Brian Skokan Christopher Smith Cynthia Smith Douglas Smith Jan Smith Ro Ann Smith Ronda Smith Steven Smith Jeffrey Snyder Laurene Solomon Gail Sorokowski Richard Soto Steven Souza Mory Speer Johanne Stonge Daniel Steele Vickie Steele Sharon Steimel Cynthia Steinle Michael Stephens Donald Stevenson 214 PEOPLE SAUERMANN — VESTER Michael Stewart John Strachen Linda Strasbaugh Douglas Strotton Nancy Strauss Cheryl Sunday Timothy Sweat William Sweeney Stephanie Szabo Margaret SzaiH Phillip Talarico Lorry Talkington John Taniguchi Harold Topie Daniel Tarpley Kathleen league Darlene Temple Robert Terreto Melanie Terry Alan Thomas Oliver Thomas Robert Throop Suson Todd Renee Todisco Joseph Tombrello Claudia Tramblie Cynthio Trovis Frank Trulson Tracy Turner Lourdes Ulloa Lisa Vafiades Robert Valero Arlene Venzor Dianne Verner Mark Vester PEOPLE 215 JUNIORS VETTI — ZANELLI Richard Vetti Robin Vice Joe Victoria Tom Villa William VIohos Heidi Vogel CliHord Walker Michael Wallace Denize Walton Jody Walton Joyce Washizaki Craig Webb Dorcas Wiemonn Bruce Wilbonks Stacy Wild Robin Wilkerson Charles Williams James Williams Richard Williams John Windle Kim Wirth Steven Wirth Sheri Witbeck Michael WolH Fred Worth Garry Wrogg Mark Wysocki John Yotti Connie Young Michael Young Parry Zobel Maria Zanelli 216 PEOPLE Leslie Norman President Debbie Hand Vice-President SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 76 Brenda Luna Secretory Eileen Gollowoy Treasurer 2 Kafhy Steele Legislator Mr. Gil Lopez Advisor 217 SOPHOMORES Buff Abbey Clinton Allred Mary Androde Cynthia Bobb Kevin Botes Corol Berry Chorlaine Bohny Sheila Bowers Jomes Abbot) Joseph Almond Denise Aranda Michael Bobb Ralph Baumonn Debro Bidwell Donnie Bollig Katherine Brodbur Susan Ahrens Mork Aloi William Araujo Deborah Bailie Donna Bayer Debra Biegler Victoria Boots Shoron Brammer Chorles Alexander Bonnie Anderson Joseph Arnold Wayne Barker Patricia Beols Matthew Bitetti John Borden Kit Brondrup Duane Allonde J. Jeff Anderson Linda Arriolo James Basick Dale Beem Trudie Blondino Jeannie Boring Karen Brandt Michoel Allevoto Patrick Anderson Peggy Ash Theresa Bass Susan Bemoll Kathy Bogenberger Lorie Boucher William Briggs 218 PEOPLE ABBEY DAVIS Kathleen Brown Jeonne Burton Ricky Callahan Korrene Caudle Nora Chirino Cindy Corman Scotty Crase Monine Dailey Cathy Brown Wolter Bush Potrick Congiono Timothy Chambers James Ciraulo Heather Corrigan James Crawford Lori Dalgleish ' alrick Buchonan James Butler Terry Cannon Betty Chang Steven Clork Kevin Cotter Deborah Crismon Steven Dolman SAichael Buczynski David Bufterfield Nancy Capasse David Chavez Callye Clemens Kurtis Cotter Russell Cuevos Dono Dauzot Andrew Butano Donald Codimo Elizabeth Carbajal Cynthia Childress Bettino Collins Patricio Cozod Jeffrey Cypert Kyle Davis 3ebra Burgess Gregory Caldwell Geno Carpenter Douglas Childress Kelly Conners Sylvia Craig Jullie Daffron Sherry Davis fM ' € PEOPLE 219 SOPHOMORES Tanny Davis Debbie Diezsi Kelly Dunahoo Cynthia Elliott David Poller Laura Finney Brent Freeberg Eileen Gallowoy Dennis Day John Dtmatleo Timothy Dunning David Ellis Pamela Faust Lorelei Fisher Keith Freeberg Ernie Garcia Ine Defeniks Kathleen Dockery John Duvol Eric Emptage Doreen Fiederlein Robert Fitch Gary Friesen Christopher Gorrobront Corbin Delapp Debro Dodson Steven Edwards David Esquivel Steffonie Fielding Steven Flores Cynthia Futter Jerilyn Geisel Laura Deol Daniel Domingues Timothy Edwardson Jill Ewert Michoel Fierro Tess Franklin Regis Gallagher Steven Geney Allen Dickinson Amy Drooks Robin EIek Kristine Fairchild Rohno Filko Christopher Frederi( ks Teresa Gollegos Rito Gerbs 220 PEOPLE DAVIS IGOE Koren Gildeo Martin Goddard Keren Grimes Bryan Haas Steven Hart Scott Heorn Jonathon Hoffer Shelley Hunter Cheryl Gilmore Rebecca Gomez Andrew Grinsteod Cindy Hack Paolo Hartley Curtis Hedlund Paul Hollingsworth Leslie Hurd Laura Giolli Rosanno Gonzales ScoMGubrud Mark Hall Denise Hawkins Debra Helmer Christopher Holt Michael Hutton Robert Click Ruben Gonzales Diane Gueffroy Patricia Hancock Sheryl Hoyes Brett Henson James Hoops Robert Hynes Kenneth Glo Je Joel Granada William Guentert Debra Hand John Haynes Marianne Herfert Terry House James Hyslop Ann Gloye Wally Gretermon Steven Guizado Paul Harmon Kori Head Brad Hillmon Bradley Howard Dennis Igoe m. MM% ( PEOPLE 221 SOPHOMORES Glenn Imbro Terry Imloy Thomas Jackson Chorles Jankel Marianne Johonnesson Frank Johnson Pauline Johnston Robert Johnston Kathy Jones Lulo Jones Raymond Jones Christopher Joyce Steven Koiser Gregory Kondel Jennifer Kondel Alan Kaplan Jerome Karasek Joyce Kaustinen Mark Kennedy Gary Kirby Steve Klovski Leslie Kramer Heidi Kruger Loni Lobruna Mark Lagier Sandra Lantz Marsho Lawson Dean Leblonc Starr Ledbetter Calvin Lee Gail Lee Regina Leech Stephen Lentz David Leoni Kenneth Letellier Ellen Lewis Shannon Lewis Terry Lilly John Lincoln Heather Lindsoy Sarah Lindsey Dean Loar Williom Londor Judith Longeua Jon Longuevan Robert Lopez J. G. Loun Carolyn Lowe 222 PEOPLE IMBRO — NAJAR Debra Ludy Chris Maddox Christine Martin Debbie Matosevic Debra McGuire Michoel Mershon Yvefte Mohler Michael Moreth Williom Luemmen Robin Maedo Larry Martin Joy Matthews Michael McGuire Dovid Miller Kevin Monohon Scott Mortensen Brenda Luna Joseph Manganorda Diane Martinez Pouto Maxinoski Kothy McNevin John Miller Mrlisso Money Matthew Muncie Sandra Lyons David Marsh Lorenzo Martinez Jennifer May Kevin McNevin Catherine Mita Larry Moore Daniel Nadow Gina Mocatee Colleen Morsh Nino Martinez Edward McConn Jerry Mendoza Dennis Mitchell David Morell Debro Nadow Anderson MocDonold Maureen Mar$h Kim Mothewson Tamora McCracken Tony Mercante Kevin Mitchhart Grace Moreno Adelove Najar PEOPLE 223 SOPHOMORES Marie Nance Carl Northrup Debra Owens Catherine Polinkas Danny Perea Steven Phillips Peggy Polk Lorene Pyper Steve Novcrette Paul O ' Brien Richard Pace Vance Parks Michelle Perez Lorrte Pickle Joseph Poverelli Elso Ramos Richard Nazcbot Lauro O ' Mara Ronnie Pacho Joseph Partise Robert Perez Stephanie Pilgreen Janice Pratt Joanne Rapie James Nicoll Carl Ohison Roy Pacho Joyce Portise Brian Perkins Susonne Pill William Prouse Jerry Rash Larry Nixon Alma Ojeda Heother Packard Colleen Poscoe Suson Perre Pomelo Plumlee Helen Pryjmo Jeffery Rea Leslie Norman Linda Olivarez Deborah Page Frank Patton James Peterson Loroly Pogue Greg Pursel Mario Reguer 224 PEOPLE ' Chris Reinrtars fitaven Reyes ,ovon Richardson ay Rickoby ' aul Robbins bra Roenicka John Rogers Dovid E. Romero David L. Romero Cindy Romo Cindy Rosman Roberto Roudebush Coby Rudder Morgo Rudy Jeffrey Rupp Regina Ryan AAelinda Rossmon David Solas Cynthia Salchow Michele Saliscente Dora Sanchez Javier Sanchez Steve Sanchez Janice Sonkewich John Santy Scoti Savoie Chorles Sav yer Koren Soytor Paul Schoeffer Renee Schmuck NANCE — SKORHEIM Karl Schrey Mtchoel Schumm Valorie Scott Shirley Scott Mary Scotto Allan Seeget Lamar Sepulvedo Michael Serno Susan Shoeffer Diane Shannon Leslee Show Borbaro Shockley Motthevy Shubin Joyce Sicuranzo Lonette Silvo Ernest Singer Jo Anne Siren Michael Skorheim PEOPLE 225 SOPHOMORES Scott Slater Cothy Sloan Dovid Smith Mary Smith Tereso Smith Robert Snyder Terry Spain Dean Spiegel Debbie Springer Daniel Stauffer Cathleen Steele Karia Steffens Leo Steinte Vivian Stephens Belinda Stever Brenda Stever Beverly Stewart Robert Stewart Chris Stillmon Evert Stone Linda Tavello Christine Taylor Mark Teichrow Daniel Tessone Lorry Thompson Carol Throop Robert Tjosaas Herb Toler Jeffrey Toothman John Toothman Susan Travis Alon Trzcinko Elizabeth TrieselmannTom Tyner April Tripp Jock Underhill Deon Truax Robert Unverferth Denise Truox Debbie Urmin Ronald Trudell John Vafiades Patricio Valentine Dougtos Voncura Frances Vonschijnd ' Geoffrey Vann Debra Vovra Marc Vega 226 PEOPLE SLATER — ZYLSTRA Leslie Verner Rosa Voli Debbie Warren Susan Wegrzyniak Karen Westlund Kerry Williams Nancy Woodbury Patrick Wyscarver Richard Veronese Lee Wognon Jeffrey Watson Michael Weingart John Wettelings Dewoyne Wilson Linda Worth Theodora Zanelli Michael Vest Pom Wallace Trocy Webb Cindy Weldon Dan Wetzel Bradford Wilt Heidi Wright Normaly Zawrotny Brian Vester Arthur Wall Todd Weber James Wells Judy White Timothy Wood Richard Writer David Zylstro Terri Vetter Borbora Ward Tanya Webster PEOPLE 227 Sue Bosserman President Tammy McGuire Vice-President Borbara Wallace Secretary FRESHMEN CLASS OF 77 Sue Nelson Treasurer 228 PEOPLE Carolyn Russo Legislator Mr. Jean Kilmer Advisor FRESHMEN ABRAMS — BREWER ileen Abrams lAlcho©! Alba Robert Alexonder Aichael Allen lichard Allen )avid Allevato Ronald Alley Michael Altwine Albert Alvarado Ray Alvarado Chorlene Amovjzca Monica Anchondo Lee Anderson Sam Andranigian Raymond Arando Steven Argondona Gregory Arndt Jo Ann Arnold Kenneth Arnold Michelle Arriogo Cheryl Aubrey Jonene Austin Stephen Austin Danny Baca Ronald Barcenas Cheryl Barnes Gregg Bates Dole Baxter Lawrence Beols Scott Beatse Kim Bell Lori Bell Paulo Bellino Amy Berard Stephan Bernol James Bertotini Sheila Biggs Royce Blake Dallas Borden Susan Bosserman Constance Bradbury Gerald Brodshaw James Braley Robert Brammer Mark Braunwalder Carl Bremer James Brennon Craig Brewer 1 ' ea ££ 0 PEOPLE 229 FRESHMEN Stove Bndgewater Goyla Brown Kelly Brown Yvette Brown Timothy Brundage Doug Buchanan Colin Buckman Robert Bufano Bonnie Bulthuis Robert Burgett Rozanne Byers Yvonne Calabrese Steven Callahan Bradley Cameron Adro Campbell Sharlene Campbell Thomas Campbell Christopher Cantine Gino Caposse Brenda Caporaso Linda Carreon James Carroll Diane Castorena Joan Coterino Michael Centro Lajuano Cerny Roseonn Champion Richard Campion Key Chilton Tracy Chrismon George Chroms Dorothy Clark Lesley Coker Mark Coker Barney Cole Laura Collins Lee Conklin Thomas Conklin Brenda Contreros Steven Cook Omalyon Cooper Jon Copple Robert Corbift James Corey Elizabeth Corpe Gloria Cozod Willene Creasmar Richard Creed 230 PEOPLE BRIDGEWATER — FORD Koren Cronin Daniel Davis Kathleen Donnellon Gi Gi Dugas Scott Eberhart Jaime Espinosa Solvatore Favata Diane Fisher Deborah Crowe Donald Day Tony Dougher Anthony Duorte Diane Ellsworth Robert Evans Tina Fennel! Ralph Fisher Cheryl Cypert Naomi Destgermain Lisa Doverspike Gregory Durham Frank Eno$ Janet Ewert Catherine Ferguson Debro Fleming Kyle Ooniels Suson Delgado Sheryl Downing Tim Duymich David Enriquez Thomas Ewert Matthew Ferris Ronald Flores Chorles Davidson Deboroh Dinter Williom Drake Robert Earl Steven Enriquez Kathleen Fairchild Joe Figord Jeone Fogelsong Richard Davidson Connie Dionne Andrew Dubick Wayne Earl Barbara Espinozo Shawn Farris Brenda Fine Terri Ford PEOPLE 231 FRESHMEN Claudia Forgetle Julie Foster Steven Foster Robert Foy Paula Fraijo Sharlene Frazin Stacy Freeberg David Galland Gilbert Garcia Renee Garcia Cathlene Gilbert Laurie Gildea Sheryle Gonnella Elizabeth Gonzales John Graff Donald Gray Kevin Gray Robert Gregory Sally Grove Robert Guida Dana Hafner Michael Hahn Karen Halley James Hamm Leanne Hancock Thomas Hanson Scott Hart Denise Hastain Diane Hawkins Ronald Hayes Anne Hedean Dana Hedlund John Heim Mark Hellervik Michoel Hembree Michelle Hembree Angelo Hernandez Jeanne Hilbern Rick Hester Richard Hill Susan Heyiek Bruce Hicks Eileen Hicks John Hicks Deborah Hillenburg Yvette Hodges Tony Hodson Angelica Holley 232 PEOPLE FORGETTE — LEICHT Billie Holyoke Tommy Howord Glorio Hurley Lynda Johnson Francis Judge Donna Kennedy Sigfrid Kramer Jeanne Loughton Timortiy Hopple Francis Huante Michael Ingenluyff Karen Johnston Louis Judge Dove Kirkwood Robert Krouse John Lejeol Mortin Honne Christopher Hudson Patrick Jacobo Weldon Johnston Matthew Kaiser Steven Kluthe Lynda Lamay Lore Leoth Virginia Hornsby Curtis Hummel Robert Jimenez Elizabeth Jones Cynthia Kampe Donald Knox Yvonne Long Walter Lee Karen Norton JeHery Huncovsky Cheryl Johnson Jeffrey Jones Mark Kelley Kathleen Kook Marilyn Longer Arlene Lehoton Phillit Houk Thomoi Hunt Christine Johnson Susan Juarez Mike Kemp Sandra Kory David Lorgent Robin Leicht PEOPLE 233 FRESHMEN Cory Lamm Kristine Little Bryon Mocedo Jeffery Mogruder Sam Martin Koren Mathews Loreno McGloin Patrick Miller Steven Leon Williom Loboto Deboroh Mocios Dovid Molone Steven Mortin Angela Mouriello Tomoroh McGuire Shirley Mitojevich Steven Licause Thomos Lopez Tony Mocios Kenneth Morcum Cynthio Mortinez Ann McClelland Cynthia Meors AAichael Milton Undo Lleberman Kothleen MocDonold Rick Moestos Dovid Marcus Dovid Moscorro Lisa McCollough David Megginson Tamora Miner Pomelo Lieder Scott MocDonold Michoel Moggord Dona Mortin Gory Moshburn Douglas McEochern Martin Menosco Horutun Missirlion Cynthia Lindholm Cynthio MocKenney Steven Moggord Janet Martin Terri Mothews Julio McGouvron Jon Miller Mory Mohler 23i PEOPLE LEMM — PEYTON Kellyonn Monahan Cathy Morris Mark Murray Jeffrey Noslund Mary Nickerson Judith Olivier Kevin Padgett Todd Perkins Conjuelo Monloyo Mary Morris Leslie Myles Theresa Nazcbal Ana Noriega Pomela Olson Michael Poire Karen Peters 0«nnis Montoya Kottiy Morrow Brian Myrick Priscilla Neal Steven Odekirk Kenneth Oren Douglas Poreso Sondro Peters Rhondo Morell Kimberly Mortensen Daniel Nogy Ronald Neilan Jeanne Offenstein Robert Ortega Karen Potchen Sharon Petersen Joan Moretti Cynthio Munoz Rosela Najar Susan Nelson Marto Ohison Frank Oshiro Victoria Pease Allen PeHowoy Bridget Morlay Sherry Murga Patricio Nonce Deonno Nichols Mario Ojeda Thomas Ovies Russell Peffer Carlo Peyton PEOPLE 23i FRESHMEN Koren Pierce Aaron Porges Ion Pyper Sindy Reguero Steven Richards Michael Rodriguez Heather Rowland Shoron Rulon John Pilgrim Edward Porges Kimberly Rodcliffe Randy Reid Cheryl Richordson Michael Rogers Arthur Ruiz Sharon Sokatoni Michoel Pill Jeon Port Michael Rolston Tina Reid Sandra Riley Arthur Rojos Cheryl Rupp Russell Salvador Steven Pimentel Rhondo Porter Anthony Ramirez Lori Reimers Doniel Ringlero Diane Rolond Evelyn Russell Jaime Sonchez Steven Plais Craig Prentice Patricio Ramos John Reiton Stonley Roble Merne Ross Carolyn Russo Cynthia Sandoval Jodi Poet Ken Pugh Dennis Reed Magdale Reyes Regino Robles Larry Rost Karen Rutan Ken Sonford m a, , 236 PEOPLE PIERCE — TERRY Michelle Sonford Linda Schrey Cathy Sepulvedo Paul Sarnecki Barbara Schroeder Scott Stringer Marto Sarver Lori Schwabe Karen Sharp Teresa Sawyer Daniel Scott Tedd Shaffer Cathy Scheffler Dean Scott Stephen Shelton Thomai Schmiti Wanell Scott Irene Shield Keith Shullz Julie Sieben Marie Siemer Lorie Sills Stacy Singletary John Skokan Robert Slater Christopher Smith Donald Smith Gustave Smith Karen Smith Patricia Smith Rose Smith Scott Smith Robert Sorge Donna Souzc Jane Spongier Steven Spears Alexander Stern David Stevenson Borbora Stever Gregory Stith Kimberly Stockman Joseph Stupok Keith Sunday Vanessa Topp Kenneth Torpley Lynn Tosse Julie Teichrow Debro Terry V PEOPLE 2: .wi»f trruicK? r. .:louo l« iSflKft FRESHMEN Renee Tessier Nathan Tomoino Kothleen Volencio Richord David Walker Robert Wesson Joy Wells Susan Whitney Loura Thompson Jami Toothman James Valentine Vanostrand Borboro Wolloce Dovid Wotts Brian Wempte JeHrey Wilkerson Scoti Thompson Betty Trusty Vicki Valero Steven Vasquez Thomas Wallace Melindo Welngort Kathleen Wentz Alan Williams Kenneth Todd Dean Tucker Steven Votihoro Mark Vest Wendy Walters Paul Weinstein Dee Werts Brent Williams Gregory Tognetti Debro Utiger Charlene Teresa Villa Patricio Word Robert Welch Corlene Wester Jennifer Williams Williom Tolen Edward Valdez Vanontwerp Joseph Vancuro Frances Villosenor Robert Vita Joanne Warshouer Ednito Wells Suzanne Wetzel Rondi Wills £. ' Mi9 238 PEOPLE TESSIER — ZDZIEBKOWSKI John Wilson Mork Wion Robert Withrow Hons Witt Lecio Witt Lorry Wragg Cossondro Wright Mono Wright Suzanne Wright Michael Wysocki Michael Yates Michael Ybarro Mario Zonelli Mark Zanelll Paulo Zowrotny Ginger Zdziebkowski NOT PICTURED FRESHMEN I Douglas Anderson Roberta Arau|0 luis Bardoles April Barthol Debbie Bermon John Besch Rodney Billiter Mory Bivens Carolyn Bolz Michoe! Broellos Corl Brooks Jackie Bryant Erskine Caldwell John Contrell Daniel Cervantez Diono Albo Mark Andrus Matthew Anthony Nodine Antunez Charles Bollew Rick Barber Debb e Bossier Dennis Brassard Albert Brooks Ted Atkins Deborah Baker Connie Bardales William Boxtey Curtis Berry Cindy Boone Gary Bundy Tonda Cottledge Anthony Cervantez Rosemary Choms Jomes Chnstensen Scott Cooper Cory Copelond Craig Crandell Gilbert Cuellor Karen Cunnington Rondy Darr Lenny Davis Edward Dooling Debro Elom Willram Elizarraroz Patrick Evans John Forshtey Jerald Ferguson Mork Brown Andrew Burleson Lynette Collier Anthony Crane Juli Edens Mary Evans Robert Fiore John Gilbert Chns Gilmore Raymond Chong Dart Croytor Kim Croytor D J. Decamoro JeHery Demke Michael Dmter Raymond Dominquez Randal Durham Mar(orie Everitl Salino Fiore Madeline Fumero Ryan Gabriel Dennis Gallagher Phyllis Graeber Kimberly Grisby Donald Groh George Hager Robin Haight Robert Hart Christopher Hawley Michelle Homsley James Hurd Maureen Jones Ronald Kommer Robert Kirby Donald Labriolo Robert Leonard Gennie Long Linda Lott Peter Mack Shown Mackay Dovtd Martinez Michael Martinez Jomes McGowan Deborah McGuigan James Miller Thomas Mitchell Danny Moore Cynthio Muro SOPHOMORES Jose Guzman Kathleen Hacker Wayne Hoight Marie Hernandez William Herndon Eric Konnerup Charlene Krol Mono Landolfo Steven Martin Dovid Fairow Lowrence Forshtey Michelle Gerard Patricia Horper Brendo Herron John Hodkinson Bonnie Hoffmon Carol Hogan Michael Hurban Kurt Meyers Vincent Miranda Doryl Munoz Ted Phitaboum Yolando Pinon Albert PuHdo Brian Reason Lorri Reid LeAnne Sonford JUNIORS Debra Julian Jock Ketetaor Donna King Mork Lobudo Rondy Lee Eric Lewis Lauro Lichty Jomes McCormick Laurie McEntee Rickie Overton Archie Poulson Patty Paulson Christopher Quintona Frances Randozzo Kelly Rees David Ring lleana Rodriguez Tammy Schwentke David Scott Donna Serna Neol Sheridan Andrew Smoley William Stickels Donald Stone Williom Scondlyn David Serna Jim Shepard Gory Tarbush Steven Taylor Ruben Tijerino Jeffrey Tropp Mondy Vogelsang Ricky Walker Judith Medlock Morilyn Menendez Fred Moscato Donald Neilon Lisa Oelrich Clorence Ownes John Phillips Dentse Reed Jeff Ricketts Phyllis Stopplemoor Daniel Sullivon William Sullivan Fred Temple Shirley Thompson Kathy Treadway Joseph Underhill Jackie Wagner Julie Worrender Debro Wehner Dorothy Woodbury Jacqueline Wooten Ronald Wright Russell Walkry Deboroh Wass Michael Wolf Shoron Yomoshito Frances Young Lesley Ross Alice Sonty Michael Scialpi Gail Sepulvedo Thomas Southern Wayne Stickels Ronald Vovro Steven Welser Donald Young PEOPLE 239 ' - . " r-7 Z " „. ' 11 1 1 rftc. ..■ : " % ' .V % : .ii - ' viioi v ' N J. M.KMi ?

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