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Q N if 2 f hh what better way to say thank you to two very influen- tial people for the help and under- standing that they have contributed to the many students that have passed through the halls of Edgewood High School, For their unselfish contribu- tions, we the 1975 O d V S s e y Staff proudly dedicate the 1973 Odyssey to Mrs.Florence Press. There are many reasons why a person leaves an im- pression on another. This person may not be a class- room educator but is an ed- ucator none the less. This is the type of person that leaves an impression and this is the type o f person that is Mrs. Florence Press. Mrs. Press is known to smdents on campus for the help and understanding she has given to girls partici- pating in girls physical ed- ucation. She is e type of person who is always willing to lend an ear to anyone wi aproblem. And, you know that she will always give it to you straight when she tells you something. She was our chiefseammender and zip- per fixer in emergencies and er favorite past times were running after pep squad members who had tried to IC f wash out their paint brushes in her first aid sink or try- ing to sweep out the adap- tive room floor when it was covered with signs the girls had just painted. Mrs. Press loved her job and the kids, and said that it keptherlyoung I Hope that we are a las "young" as Mrs. Press is at her age. Health is the most important thing in her life and her philosophy is that one can overcome any situation as long as they have their health. There are so few people in this world who live life to the fullest. We can say that Mrs. Press is one of these people. "She is one of the nicest people we know, " and she's always cheerful and ready for a good joke. It is a privilege to know Mrs. Press, for she is the type of person whobrings warmth to everyone she touches. There are many reasons why a person leaves an im- pr ession on another. This person may not be a class- room educator but is an ed- ucator none the less. This is the type of person that is Mr . Robert Christopher. Mr. Christopher, or Chris as he is called by the students and the coaches, is a man of complete dedica- tion to his position and the athletes he helps. He is the type ofman who s ends more hours of after worlgtime aid- ing pre o ple than few others we ow. Chris is the man in the background in all sports vic- tories. He doesn't seem to get much credit but his cre- dit comes full in just a sim- ple "thanks Chris". You'll always find Mr. Christopher getting the equipment and uniforms ready and he is twat better wav to sav thank you to two Very iv1'f'l1Jer1tia1 neonle for the help and understanding that they have con- tributed to the many students that have massed through the halls of Edgewood High School. For their unselfish con- tributions, We the 1973 Odyessy staff oroudly dedicate use 1073 Odvessy to My-, Robert Christopher. generally the one who puts the guys back together after the game or match. His love for the kids and the job is evidentin his dedi- cation to both. There is not a day that you can't find him g e t ting something for one coach or another. When you alre the person that the coaches and kids depend on to get everything right you really don't have the time to r e s t. As one person com - mented, " We just couldn't get along without him." There are not many people in the world who are as dedicated to a job and the people involved as Mr. Christopher. His satisfac - tion comes through the knowledge that he is needed not only by the coaches but especially by the boys. It is a privilege to know Mr. Christopher or his is a ded- ication of love. BEST SENSE Somedage take a look towards the nior Quad at brunch or lunch and if you see a crowd of people laugh- ing and havinga great time you probably can be sure that Jill Blaylock is in the middle somewhere keeping everyone in stiches with her infallible sense of humor. After putting in her applica- tions at Stanford, B.Y.U,, U.S.C., U.C.L.A., and Berkeley, and being accell' ted at all tive. and giving much consideration, Jill has decided that she doesn't want to leave her friends and hometown so she will be attending Mt. SAC in the fall of this year. when our "on the spot reporter" asked Miss Blaylock what her biggest dream in life was, she replied, "all I want out of life is to be rich and famous. " Jill's pet peeve is a dull weekend, and her hobbies are laughing and party going. 01' H011 0k The one person respon- sible for stirring up the four fluids in the body that determine a Persons disP0' sition could be none other than our own John LUMBYB, alias 'Uncle Eddie". Yes, Uncle Eddie has w0n the title of Best Sense of Humor. Being head clown in Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth. John spends the greater part of his summers traveling writer, his latest book is, 'Teenage Sex and Acne Problems". Since laughter is John's purpose in life, he keeps the student body in hysterics byl occasionally wearing 's muscle-man shirts to school. Because of his amusing personality he has had the rare opportun- ities of working at such places as Carousel Roller Rink playing the organ, hat check clerk at Sunny ide Up nudist camp, and he also had the lead role in the movie 'Johnny Lingo", BEST DANCER Unlike Shirley Temple, Carla Iacona hasn't exact- ly danced her way into the hearts of millions and made a million dollars at age three. On campus, how - ever, she has earned herself the title of Best Dancer. C a r la started in dancing school when she was three years old and is still attend- 1 n g. She dances ballet, MUST ATHLETIC Edgewood's 'Most Ath- letic' award this year goes to Carol 'KILL 'EM' Forrest. Carol, who has obtained national fame for being the first high school girl to let- ter in all -male football, plans to continue her career with the Los Angeles Rams next year. She has also achieved reco nition here at Edgewood K gor being the first and only girl ever to gualify for Letterman's lub. Varsity Coach Wells attributed the strength of our tackling force this sea' son to Carol. As Coach Wells Dut it "We w ere strong, but the team never would have done as wel-l as as they did if Carol hadn't been on the team. ' Carol's naturally ag' Eessive nature goes hand in nd with her success in sp0rts. She has lettered four years in football and two years in wrestling. If you ave ever seen arol rin an opponent, you will know the audience goes wild when she gets them on their backs. Some of Carol's hob- bies include lifting weights and a 10 mile jog be ore and after school. Scott Hertenstien is this year's most athletic - according to popular votej but it was reported to this reporter that he is not the true successor to this crown. Actually, the real winner w as I acques E. Strap but Jacques was robbed o this crown because of non-sup- port from the studentbody. Scott has been a member of varsity football team for three years and is a four year lettermen in wrestling. He is often seen working out to improve his game after schoolfof course, the coach does not always know what game he is going afterl. toe, and jazz. Carla is presently a Varsitg Cheerleader and a mem er of Trojanaires. After graduation Carla would like to tryout for the Young Americans or go to Mt. Sac. Since Car1a's life long dream isto have a car- eer in dancing she feels that she will have reached this glial onlywhen she becomes e dancer on the Lawrence Welk Show. This year's best dancer award goes to the old twin- kle toes himself, Arthur Ed - dy. Arthur is a member of the track team and he says that you can work on run- ning and dancing together. It has been said that watching Arthur dance is a strange and unusual exper- ience. Cllhey might mean that Arthur is suange and his dancing is unusua .D Arthur 's future plans in- clude becoming a famous member of the All American Johnny Mann Stand Up and cheer dancers, or making the bi? time by becoming one o the Real Don Steel' ers. vs sf. OST LIKELY TO SUCCEED What is success? I guess for a person at Edge- wood High School success is measure by what future you have in life. Well for one senior, Sally Hicks, her fu- ture is the brightest and that is why she was voted Mostt Likely to Succeed ----- feither that or the fact she counted the votesj. Sal? worked hard com- pleting er education taking such hard courses aslntro- duction to Bookmaking and Elementary Safecrackin Sally plans to work for po - itical parties in the future. "You can see how a person like m self could be a use- ful and, neccessary part in today's political society", says Sally. With her quick mind, hands and technologi- calskills, we are sure Sally will find her place in life maybe Levenworlh, Chino, or good old Folsom Prison. Jefflviaedais this year's winner of the most likely to succeed aw ard. Itis hard to say something about all of the things thatleff has going for him here at Edgewood. After all, who else at Edge- wood could make enough moneyby polishing bowling balls at the loca bowling alley to buy himself a car. Jeff was raised knowing that money is not every- thing---but lack of it is. He hasa joylous future ahead ofhim. W en we asked him what he wants to be he said that he is going to work in the stockmarket for was that the supermarketj. Jeff gave usafew tipson what to uy. First he said to invest in ele- vators because they are on the rise and not to invest in surgical needles because they have hit the bottom. FRIENDLIEST Linda Smith, known as one of the friendliest seniors at Edgewood, is never at a loss or words or a smile. Linda has one of the hap- piest dispostitions believed possible by anyone. Having been Secretary of Finance for two years, Linda also finds time for activities out- side ofschool. Scuba diving water skiing, and snow ski- ing are just a few of her many hobbies. Given a chance Linda will try any- thing at least once. Having graduated mid-term, Linda is presently working with her father and ta in a night school course at Edt. Sac. in accounting. One of Linda's lifetime wishes is to marry a rich old man and have lots of lovers. Dynamite Dwight Owens, or the Big "D as some females refer to him, is one of the friendliest people at Edgewood High. Dwightis extremely friend- ly and gets around a lot, as numerous females have told me. Dwight can be seen everywhere making friends. He s in and out of every- thing, everywhere, always lea ng the friendless with a friend. Dwight is ex- tremely talented. 4gEvery- one knows of his brilliant track career and it won't be long before we see him iin the 976 Olympics. Dwight currently holds a national record in track, which he obtained in his younger years. BEST ALL AROUND What comes to your mind when someone says could it be that the person is so obese that they are round and noticeable. Or. is it that Cyou always see them aroun ?No, it's voted upon for the person who iS best at everything. This year's best all around is Gail Goldstein. To give you an example of what she does ln an average day we will follow her around. Morning starts early for Gail and she arrives on cam-- pus at 6 a. m. to set up the campus for another busy day of education. At 8 a. m. Gail goes to her first period Cauto mechanicsy at 9:05 brunch starts and Gail can usually be seen breaking up Fights. At 9:10 Gail goes to her second period Qornimentail horti- culture j. At 10:15 Gail 'oes to her third period Fclass in self defense and karatey. At 11:00 shebreaks for lunch and goes out in front of the school to speak on the hazards of smoking. Then she goes to her last class ofthe day QA. P. 56I1101' sexj. After that you can see Gailhelping Edgewood's iinatathletes out bycoaching them at their various sports. Now you can see why Gail Goldstein has been voted best all around. Tom Davies has' defi- nitely lgot to be considered best a 'around bodies at Edgewood. No, he isn't fat. For one thin , he's alle around becauseaiis muscular arms are lartgely round. This is mainly rom football--- Tom was varsity this year. However, a football 1S not round, unless of course you cut it in half. He ets his round brain probabgy from his classes, which include ICM, Tom is really a he- man with the girls. This also puts him in the cata- gory of all-around because om really knows his curves. Yes, in a round- about way Tom is our all- around. MOST TALENTED It is not often that we at Edgewood High School are honored with such tal- ent and beauty rolled up in one, so it is only right that this dyear's most talented shoul go to the one and only DEBI GRANNEMEN. Deb- bie, or Bubbles as she's nick- named by her friends, is a fabulous dancer and show- man Cand some of us have seen some of the shows that her and her boyfriend have given us on the senior qu adl. Debbie has been a member of pep squad this year and you can see her at rallies signing autographs for her many ans. Future plans in- clude makin and starrin in the story og her life witg an all star cast and Burt Reynolds as Mike Hernandez. After this is done she will retire and become a meek and mild housewife. How would you like a date with the most talented guyoncampus? Well, here e is, Mr. Everythin . Keith Wetzelis our jack -og- all-tradeson campus and to top it off, he is a perfec- tionist at everything he does. A few of his special- ties are art, drama, and swimming. He has won numerous awards for his art- work in both city and state contests--- colla es, oils, pastels, and just :Shout any- thing you can think of. As for Keith's acting ability, I'd say his perfor- mances speak for themselves He was the star in Blithe Spirit, and played a major role in the Black Comedy, MOST INTELLIGENT Being able to spot her 10 mi les by the candle in the window, you can see Linda Bosserman batting her beasy baby blues far into the night figuring out ways to become more intelligent. From all this effort Linda was chosen, if not in reality at least by looks, "Most Intelligent. " You can see Linda or the "Blonde Bomb", dashing a nd other assorted thin s through the ASB on her daily d uti es as ASB President. Bossy Baby has received such honors as being the promi- nent editor of that campus classic, The Iliad and the only person who can be 10 feet above everyone else without using life-boy deo- dorant. We are sure Linda will re a c h a n INTELLI- GENT, SUCCESSFULLY HIGH LIFE, When they were handing out the brains Gor- don Hamachi 'went through the line twice. During his entire sentence at Ed e- wood he was one of the gew students who did not re- ceive a single F, D, or C for that matter. His senior year Gordon was able to pull off "A"s in Physics, Introduction to Col ege Math and Advanced Place- ment English. Yet Gordon still had time for some of his "fun" pastimes such as improving his chess game, translating War and Peace from the original Russian to Pig-Latin, and goving Einstein's Theor o Rel- 1t1V1 . As or 'e uture, Cordon plans to have his brain placed in alcohol and preserved in the Smith- sonian Institute. which were two of the most successful plays we've had all year. fOfcourse, the all ear. fOr' course, the fact Zlhat they w time theONLY two pla s t 's ear has nothing to do with thbeir suc- cess.J Keith has also par- ticipated in a few under- round flicks. However, we gre not allowed to disclose the names of these X-rated films in a fuvenile maga- zine. Keith is a regular "Burt Reyno ld s" when it comes to posing for nudies, and believes in the old say- in , "If ou've otit, flaunt its Eyeryonegknows about Keith's body, but do they also knows a out his brains. Well, let metell you, Keith has brains aswell as bronze, which is proven by the fact that he's a four year veteran of CIF. BEST PARTY GIVER Edgewood's campus is known or its drunken brawl parties. At the top of the list of party givers, sitting on top of a ottle of Straw- berry Hill, isConnie Camp- bell. At one ofConnie's parties you can see such things as blood shot eyes, a mad rush towards the bath- room, laughing, stumbling, and passionate couples in dark corners. A Campbell party could be compared to an 'X" rated movie. Not only does she have open parties but she plans little private parties by candle- light for her and Pat. After graduation Connie plans on going to Cal Poly, studying ehavioral science to be- come a psychologist. The thing Connie dis ikes most is phony people. Her acti- vities on carnpusinclude be - ing Secretary of Activities and she was a princess on the wrestling court. Lee Mascher, one who enjoys parties and some- times gives parties, was elected best party giver. When Lee has a party the house is loaded in more than one way with people. Along with the usual ice cream, punch, and cake, Lee's parties turn out pretty good. After graduation , because Lee has the great ability to' climb, he was consi ering becoming a mountainclimber or joining up with a circus, but due to his weakness in the knees, he just might end up at Cal Poly. When Lee isn't busy messinlg around and having a goo time, he enjoys going to school and spend- ing his time wisely. Vicki Yotrj, knoyn by Kliitiil-f,..:i'f ,corv'11u-,mlv one and all, has wo and e spe cially deserves, the title of Most Insane, for re asons quite obvious to eve ryone who has had a chance to come in contact with her. There are not enough words to accurately describe Vicki, her actions do all the talking that is necessary. When Vicki is around, people look on in amazement, and wonder where she gets all her ener- gly. l've never seen any- t ing quite like her before, she doesn't have a serious bone in her body. While Vicki isn't scheming or cut- ting up, she is active in pep squad and after graduating is unsure on what she wants to do, and where she wants to go. Pr' . retorted io as Ffl8Cl'vf'PLl'S "EvilKxu-wil 'or "big Red", has unanimously won the title for Most Insane. Kurt, between trips to the hospital, occasionally rides his Suzuki 400. Be- cause Kurt is such an expert rider, he is tentatively be- ing sponsored by Gemini Motorcycles. In September, Kurt plans to continue school at Mt. Sac, but is not quite sure what his future plans are after that. Kurt was questioned a- bout what he would ask for if given three wishes, but due to schoolcensorship we were unable to print them. He did, however, say his pet peeves are flat tires, tickets, and dull Friday nights. , ER" " Q! L- V s jg, .r " . Hi - , -Q , - me vi .. - kv f , ,. gtg 4 ' , . 1 A ' 4 Sei-" - ' , ' s- I 3 A .. s . 4 ' .- ' g so , , 1 'tw--:B , .' f - Q 'x f I ' -, fi'iv3,QQ!UaE"..Q,f?-5 ,'f'5v?'3' 5 1 A I ft w w " , f Y " , Iili TT' l"s"-s'2-Ei' 'FM ft 1 H X BE TIG The peop eof Edgewood I-LS, have voted Margaret Lucero, "Kisser ofthe Year". She has a very tilght schedule, but somehow a ways finds a few minutes of each day to devote to practicing with her new est kissingpartner. Since she has started train- ing she has increased her tongue span by 1f4 inch and she can bench txess up to five pounds. She has an ex- ceptionally strong tongue, which most likel comes from years of caretkiil train- ing and long hours of prac- tice. Amon withher sched- ule referred to above, are Trojanaires, working on the Iliad and Odyssey sta fs, be - ing a member of Atheneans, and she is also an ex -Hag twirler and pep squad mem- ber. But, all these activi- ties only take second to her tutoring services and les- sons, all for a small fee of course. fFor further infor- mation call 333-4283, Dave Elliot, or the guy with the "Liquid Labios", was chosen as this year's "Best Kisser". There is no doubt that Dave was best contendor and, unlike most athletes, Dave says that it's allin the action fand we don't mean wristj. But besides walldng around cam- pus with his Magic Mug" Dave is a talente art stu- dent, plays guitar in his own band--H T DAVE AND HIS HOT LICKS, playstennistill 4:30 in the morning--SURE YOU WERE DAVE: and was captain of this years Varsity Swim Team. Being very versatile, Dave has otten the transfer nethod gown quite well. He has now found a way to continue his swim strokes out of the water. From this show of talent we feel Dave will make it all the way"- occupation wise. Dave is now the leading practitioner in tongue ailments. is K TROJAN TWOSO E what goestogether like pickels and peanut butter mus- tard and chocolate sauce, vinegar and milk? Only one thing, Sherry Rosencranz and Greg Frank. This could be the rea- son that they were licked for this year's Trojan Twosome fplusthe fact that they have been going steady for more than eighteen yearsj. One may wonder where they met Cand if you don't, l'll tell you anywayl. They met in the hospital. They were born on the same day at the same time and two days later Greg Gave Sherry his class ring and they started going steady, qOne reason they have gone steady so long is that she can't get the ring off her finger since she has grown so muchl. When we asked them what attracted them they said that it was love at first sight. WOLF gl WOLFESS The title of wolfess this year cotifd not have gone to a more deserving person than "Hot and Nasty" Su- zanne Stoddard. Suzanne who has been dancing and singing since the age of 4, is currently atw0'year member of Tro- janaires. She plans to major in drama next year at Mt. Sac orCa1Po1y, and is hop- ing for a rewarding career in show business. Suzanne's hobbies in- clude water -skiing, going to the beach, and coming out when the moon is full to chase boys. After school Suzanne can commonly be seen crusing around in her green convertible mustang, which matches her seduc- tive green eyes. uzanne's goal in life is to be rich, happy, have 10 children, and a good hus- band. CWell, maybe not 'WWF' quite in that order.b Wolf Brad Huncovsky, alias Hunchy, must be t e biggest flirt on campus, for that is what his nickname reveals, Bradisoneof those Varsity football players and we all know what that means, wolf-wolf. His hobbies i n clud e motorcycles, girls, dirt bike ridingh and .... well, girls. Brad as a unique way Of sw eeping girls off their feet. He hops on his motorcycle and grabs his girls Cusuallty three or fourj and rides o f into the sunset. WhenBrad isn't in West Covina he can be found in the desert balying at the moon with ot ermembers of the "Rim Runners" Motor- c cle Club. This is a true characteristic of that wolf. t' "'.. -4 f . -1'--yu ,n V, I . f gf 'A 3,1-sri ' , , . -5 . ,- - ug, fu 1 If " .J K 1 Q 'QQ Anyone who has ever tried to talk to Cathy Gon- nella knows that she deserves the " Wittiest" title. There's never a dull moment when Cathy enters the conversa- tion because she always seems to amaze her peers with her incredible quick wit. When asked what her petpeeve was, Cathyreplied "soggy cereal!" Some of the ings Cathy likes to do mostin eworld are, going to the beach, skateboarding, eating ice cream cones, and reading comic books. Miss Gonne la is presently en- gaged to be married and glans to be wed in Novem- er of this year. Cathy's future involves settling down to a happyqand domestic life with her usband, and later MOST SPIRITED Jumping around and yelling at the top of her lungs proves that this year's Most Spirited is either Susie Matthews ofmore common- ly known Paula Pep Squad in the flesh. Susie won this coveted aw ard for having the loud- est cheers, the highest jumps and, in this time of apathy, the most school spirit. But basically Susie won because she hast e biggest mouth on campus. Susie's future plans are ITTIEST on, her fam ily. People say that Rey Fastis the wittiest person at this school. Rey has shown quick thinking and excel- lent timing. Once when Rey was getting ready for one of his world famous track meets he had the dis- pleasure of finding that when he took his sweat pants off in front of the stands, more than his sweat pants came down. But Rey being quick thinking and of course fast, came up with a funny little saying which had everyone laughing. Unfortunately we cannot tell you this saying do to censorship problems. Rey's hobbies are col- lecting goldfish and flush- in things down the toilet, fwhich sometimes go to- getherj. During Rey's spare time, like Friday and Sat- urday nights, you can see Rey watching Sesame Street for new jokes. Rey's other hobbies included being a member of the varsity foot- ball team, which nick- named him fumble fingers fast. Rey's plans for the fut- ure include becoming a famous bdllyda famous bellydancer and doing commercials for such companies as Dr. Pepper , Mounds, and the Bic Ba- nana. to continue school next year at Mt. SAC where she plans to become an airline stew- ardess. Presently her major hobby goes by t e name of Steve. When the term "Most S piri t ed " comes to you, what do you think? Well, it could mean a lot of things. It could mean that you drink a lot of booze which would make you full of spirits, or you could be reincarnated and become the Ghost of Christmas Past. In the Od- yssey, most spirited means only one thing, and that is Andre Jackson". Andre has spent a lot of time and nouble to become a yell leader, but we think mostly, trouble. He made up cheers that were so good that even the referees laugh- ed at them fafter they gave us technicalfouls for themj. Best Personality--Bonnie Rutan, Jim Boyles Shyest - - Sue Jones 1 , I K Best Dressed--Diane Fitlin, George Perez Life of the Party--- Life of the Party-- C andy Winters Craig Plet enik Q -7'-' -,ag La Best Eyes--DOm-la Gilliland Best Body--Pat Perez, Steve Prew ell Best Eyes---Wayne ROse Best Hair--Cathy Johnson. Ty West Best Smi1e"Lafi Roberts, SCOII Inglish LIZ CHAVEZ. I, LIZ CHAVEZ, being of sound mind and bodly, do here- by bequeath the fo lowing. To my dear MR. TERESA I will a pair of rubber gloves so that he won't leave marks and another, LIZ. To my charming fHa Haj brother l leave enoug spirit to last him through his remaining 2 years at EHS and the will to want to do his best always! To my lifetime friend and buddy BETH, I will a bottle of shrink- ing pills. a Pair of binoculars, and the next summer on "time. " To LEEANNI will enough boy- friends to last through her life- time. To PAM I will a book full of smart aleck comebacks for those people who are constantly buggingrher about being a fresh- man. o ARTHURI will peace and quiet and another float to build! To FRANK I leave being a playboy to keep him busyii To DEL I ave a "I wi not c?dinAirIilain" btifton. To DONNA I leave "Sloe gin". To LYNN Iwill another car which she doem need. TOKARENI will Happiness To DON RICHARDSON I leave' a zipperfarmor platedj. To BRAD I leave mel To my PARENTS I' bequeath tranquilizers, and ano- ther lud flike mej and one big 'Thank You!" And lastbut not least. to all those people who were friends oi fnine and anylone who ever both- ered to say' i" or smile back at mel syt ank you and good luck! Bye E S. PS To DAN and 'rom 1 say "thanks, " you know! Also to MINDY and MERLA I leave all the thank your that they so right- fully deserve for putting up with me. To Steve Herfert will all the love in the entire world and' a great big Thank You for trying his hardest to be nice to me. BRUCE FREEBU RG g I, BRUCE FREEBURG. being of sound mind and scrawny bod, will to my brother three more long years at EDGEMONT? To STEVE ZAWROTNEY I will some of my fabulous control. . . try tor get the ball over the plate will ya, Flame. Also, good luck with ol' Gary and don't get a Code Shoder. l'o TIM SKORHEIM I leave some earplugs for the next time MR. D. gets on lyour case. To TOM WAGNON will a haircut and someone else to show you how to do a yearbook page, To PAUL HARMON' li will a hot date with DEBBIE CLARK. And tor COACH KRETZ, COACH LAS- SALETTE and MR. D, Igive my thanks. -sn JN at t' 'Ts a f 4 Gm A,-0 as-5. Q95 WENDY SNYDER I, WENDY SNYDER, in sound mind and body, hereby will the nurse a weekly patent that has more ills than CARTERS has pills. To CLAUDA SCANACKE I will mysquare dance partner as l-loBo Kellyg one tennis shoe with a smelly sock. The shoes and socks also I will to BEV BARNS. To BILL GUYETTA I bequeath all the rotton classes I never took! To MRS.ALISON JOBLONSKI Iwill another SUZI Q. housewife voice with no acting ability who talksin rhymes, riddles and cir- cles: another non-typeable 2nd period, NIENE lab asst! To MR. RICHARD KINZLER I leave my beautiful voice whichis never on key. To MRS. MARIUN PETER- SON I will another nutty student to listen to. I will to Edgewood High School my locker back and he pwith Dealing off all the flow- ers and signs. MA RY DAN IELL This ism last will and testi- mony to all ofmy friends and to evergone left at Edgewood. To DEB IE NELSONI leave a lasting friendship for us and hope that shef finds the happiness she's been looking for, or has she found it? Don't forget about our letters, BOB and I E and what went on. To JANET GLASBRENNERI will a great big thank-you for listening to all of my problems this summer and for a way to all those parties tlnt we went to. You do remember the parties, don'tyou? To SABRINA SMITH, CATHY JOHNSON, GAII.. GOLD- STEIN and JILL BLAYLOCK I 'leavea greatbig GOOD LUCK in the future. All of you- have been .so special friend and I'll always remember our sophomore year. 'the future. All of you have been special friends and I'll always remember our sophomore gear. To TERRY TALLERIN , my buddy, may we always stay fri ends, for your friendship a ways has and always will mean some- thingspecial to me. To MIKE I willmyheartand I hope that our relationshipwill last and last for- ever and that nothing will ever come between us again. Hey HOT TUNA!! I hope you and Gary can get together and stay therebecause you are Gary's fool' like I am Mike's fool. Ha! I-Ia! I will to DEBBIE RAYMER a clear conscience for all of the things that she has done to hen so -called friends in the past.Last, but no least, I will to everyone that wasrftmentioned a free pass to come back to Edgewood and have a smoke! !! CONNIE CAMPBELL I, CONNIE CAMPBELL, be- ing of sound mind and healthy body, will all of these things to all of these people. To SALLY I-IICKS Iwill Tom 's Tinker Toys, agonga monster and also all the creditfthatsomeone else gotj for all the hard work in ASB. To NANCYI will all the gas money Iowe her, and myl maroon jacket. To CATHY JOH SON I will an- other one of my parties. To JILL BLAYLOCK I leave more wrestlers to kiss. To JANET l will some- one who will listen. To GAIL and GOGI I leave a paint brush. To DWIGHT I leave my finger- nailfile. To DONALD RICHARD- SON I will lots more excitin blind dates, muscle, insults ang a red paper rose. To REY FAST Qslowj I leave a can of Camp- bell's soup. To PAT I leave a punching bag,mylittle box, and ree lessons on how to act like the three stooges, talk like John Wayne an make noise like a sheep. Lastly I will hirn me forever. DEBBIE NELSON I, DEBBIE NELSON, bein of questionable sound mind ans body, do hereby will to SABRINA khubbyJSMITH a free tri pthrough Mr. Norton's maze. and a new paint job and faster bicycle pedals for her car. To CATHY kiss the boys and make them cry. To JOHNSONIwi11a crate of aPPles to throw at on comin attackers. To JANET Cs't'r'e'tEc'hJ BLAS- BRENNERI bequeath the best car award for senior irls. I will to MARYCflirtJDANfELL a one way ticket to Virginia. TOJILL 0t's coolj BLA YLOCK I will success in finding our dream world. To GAIL Ugullyiblcg GOLDSTEINI give laughin gas and the guy of your dreamsi will to DEBB Efrowdyj RA YMER some nerve to do things to make life exciting. To the two cute little Rim Runnersl will two first place racing trophies. o DAVE VEGA I bequeath the ability to live up to the words "El Macho". To GREG SNOW I will a decent conversation, one Bart doesn't have to translate, and to BART a lifetime supply of hap- piness. To BOB DRAKE I give a scholarshipto an insane asylum. I will to BILL HOOPS another ear in Mr. Norton's psychopath cfass. To MARK fpooh bearj COKER I bequeath allthe chills and thrills of beingin high school, big deal! At last but not least, to BILLY because you deserve the very best in life, Iwill you myselfl and a memory like an elephant so you won't orget me in case you go to Utah, but most of al Iwill you ............. I!! DAVE ALOI I, DAVE ALOI, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following: To my brother MARK, I leave my lettermens jacket whichl got from my brother. TOM. To the coaching staffl leave a WARNING three more ears of an ALOI. To P.M. V. Illeave my scholastic ability and a locker all to herself---Good Luck hext year. To COACH KRETZ I leave my thanks for helping me to improve myself as a baseball player but more important as a person. Thank you. ELAINE ARNOLD I, ELAINE ARNOLD, will to TERRI a Pair of blinders to keep her eyes on the road instead of on uys. To MARIANNE I willa Ietter pos t m ar ke d from the French Rivera, and a Pair Of rocking chairs so that we can get together, and remember "the good ol' days. " Also a place in the top ten for her verson of "Down by the Ol' Mill Stream, " and last but not least her own personal King Kamanawanalaya. To MISS LINK I will an all paid course in square dancing with a privatefelligiblej instruc- tor Qmalej. And to CLORINDA I will a bright sunny slay. REY FA ST I, REY FAST, being of sound mind and body, do here- by will to MR. KARROT-BAG two quality lab'assistances like Zots and me. l will to RON ROENICKE my fantastic inter- ception ability. I will to ROBIN VALENCIA some stilts and about 40 shovels. To PAT GATESI will a straight foot and some more excuses. To LAURIE GETTLER I will a dream come UUE. To DON RICHARDSON I will a banana, a mounds, and a Dr. Pepper. To ELENA OUALLS I w ill a relationship that could nev- er be. lwill to NANCI HEACOCK patience to keep it honorable. I will to CHERYLBINFORD a com- puter dating card. To CHRIS ORTIZ lleave someshoes of nor- mal height. To SYBIL I will some clothes that I won't hate, and a song sung blue. And last but not at all least, I will to BRUNO, INGLI SH, KARI, and this 'school a big LATER. SHAUNNA STAUFFER I will all the squirrely P. E. classes to MISS LINGENFELTER, so she can keep up her' supply of walnuts. I as If W 1 COLLEEN SWIFT 1, COLLEEN swirr, being of half-way mind and someday body, do hereby bequeath the following: To LINDA SINGLE MAN I will my letter writing ability, a good insult for MR. T. the ability to talk to D. W. and mcy ever-lasting friendship. To B NNIE BIEDERMAN I will all the pizzas she can eat, a foot- ball team she can practice with, apackage of yellow MciaMs, and my friendship always. To LESLEY I will my coor- dination for cheers and basketball games to use it at, the Olympic male contingent ofl9'I2, and my alreadg too-lotgg-lasting frie 1- ship. o KEIT lwill is wife. To ROBERTA SWILL I will more happy years at Edgewood. To MR. and MRS. SILVEY I will another "Norm's dilema, " and all my love. GARY VINSON ' I will my mustang that's missing a few of its horses to VICKI WILLIAMS. MA RIANNE TOMS I, MARIANNE TOMS, here- by will the following: To ELAINE I will a box of wheat thins, another place to "park", a job, some confidence the ability to "maintain" better, and a lotof thanks for everything she's helped me with. To LINDA Ileave the first and last" Chemis - trypartner of the year" award, a day with D. W. and ARNIE, To CANDY M. I will a new song to seranade patients at the hospital with. To DAVE H. I will less of an ego. I will GOGI another exciting week at Carlsbad, and lessons. To MR. MEOLI I be- queath someone else to laugh at his jokes and last but not least I give to any brave soul my ASB position, all the boring meetin which go along with it and a ful? book on how to protect yourself from all that goes on within the ASB office---note Chapter---the Directors of Student Activities, MR. T. GREG ERANK 1 I, GREG FRANK, will to GLEN CASE a car with an iron body and some "Blue Label. " To KATHY CASE Iwill my spelling ability. To A-T I will an OZ. To SHERRYI will my love. To DANDYANDYI will all the IIO' phies he could ever dream of and to COACH KRETZI bequeath my "rifle" arm and pulling ability for next years catcher. 0 0 D D U cm nn nt. dh 'IF JL ELF, suit. To FIPA I Q A JL 'x F THIS WPT REBLLY WNW BUT YOU tizi-,'i HNOXW 5 HELEN SALANITRO I, HELEN SALANITRO, be- .ng of sound boldly and mind, do bequeath to JO IKEITH the a' bility to eat a chocolate sundae first, thenabig bowl of chili and not get sick, and being able to meet somebody in a picture line and cope wit them after they have totally messed up names in a telephone conversation. To MELODY NEELY, the only person I know who is so concerned about ecology she gets down to the 'Grass Roots ', I leave the ability to go to Hollywood and have acardiac arrest just sit- tin in a car. To PATTY CARREON I will more of the sincere efforts she gives to finding ways to irritate er boyfriend. To DEBBIE SAVAGE I leave the abilityto be a back seat dri- ver when stopsigns are concerned and being a super-saver when dollars areinvolved. I also leave my ability to "hop on cars". To TIONA PECAUT, my "sing- ing sister" may you 'Hold Tight' and 'Take it off' all your life. Iwil1toJANI MIRASOLE my ability to sing soft and not al- ways on key. and my ability to keepa car from stalling, hitting wa1ls,being painted on and hav- ing gas spl led on it. To SUE NOE I leave my be- loved knowledge of history and good taste in teachers. To MRS. ELLEY I will my ability to be a positive thinker about my career. To MR. KINZLER, my favorite teacher. I leave a memory of an out-of- pitch soprano, fal ing asleep and gasping for breath a ter the song "Gloria", MARILYN SCULLY To Edgewood High School students I will the ability to love ore another and to accept people for the way they are. I'm going to miss everyone, and probably we all won't keep in touch, so I wish that you all make the right decision in your years to come, and I pray that you'll all have a Happy Life! Thank IANI, DILEO for her friendship. She's acrazy kid! And l thank KATHY GONNELLA, CANDY WINTER S, VICKIE YOTTI, KIM SMITH, CARLA IACONA, and everyone elsell I will to LARI ROBERTS the Lord's blessings she really has her head together. IwilltoDAN ST. ONGE the lost piece to my puzzle!!?!! And to BONNIE RUTAN I say keep the Faith! Love and Peace MARILYN SCULLY ED VEGA I, ED VEGA, being of half- breed mind and body, hereby will to my cousin DAVE a glass- magnet, a rare South American telephone pole tree, a trained ilyl, and some confidence. To C RIS I will Colorado, a truck that will run forever, and nothing else, because he has it all. To little TOMMY DAVIES I leave a continuous movie, with sound- track of all his exploits and ac- complishments, and some shoul- ders. To TIM I will a hot car, LORI, and a year of fishing. ' To STEVE I bequeath a full length wrap-around mirror, be- cause he is so foxy Che thinksj, a beard, and a irl who isn't paranoid. To LIIEDA I will m oody fonly because she is dum! enough to want itl, and the abi- lity to settle down and get what she wants. To GAIL Ileave some self-confidence, because she has a lot to be confident in, the ab- ility to get herself together and staighten out, and all the luck in the world. To her friend DEB- BIE I will a new voice, and a leashso that she will know where I am. To PAULA, a junior that always stays slim, I will a long party, and thebiggest plants ever. To DANNY I bequeath a frontier club, adpool cue up his nose, a water be , and the directions to CHET HOWARD'S grave. To KAREN LOADS and PEGGY ZA- BH. I leave "What can I say," and a ca-ca. To WENDY I will A.P. English, a pass from the "Warden", and a tennis cham- pionship. To VICKIE and SHEL- LY Ileave a drunk Saturday, and aguy to meet their requirements. To CAROL I will some mayon- naise, asecret from VICKIE, and ababy to be a doctor for. Final- lfy, tomyselfl will the ability to ind some more friends as bitchen as the ones I have now, cur: they're the bestest. JULIE CUTTRELL I, JULIE CUTTRELL, being of partially sound mind, do here -- bybequeaththe following to my beneficiaries at Edgewood High School: To MR, SILVEY I leave KBUS 2977: to MRS. GEIS, a box full ofcliches we never used in Eng- lishg and to MISS WILLIAMS, a full page ofhalfbaked PE excuses I never got a chance to use. To BEV BARNES I'l-ave a microscope eyepieceg to BOB MOREAU a popcorn popper top: to PATTI WILLIAMS, my thanks for being such a good friend. And finally to all my other friends I bequeath every bit of luck and happiness they can ever get in this world. tm. fr KJ 5 f sf. 2. ti fl I is if I O T' 'QE 'ES U S ZLL nf? Ser' fu. T EQ: LLOYD JOHNSON I, LLOYD JOHNSON, being of sound mind and too short o body, do herebywill the follow- ing: to MAR DRAKE a set of football pads: to KEITH WETZEL a case of shaving creamg to VICKI YOTTI a headshrinkerg to BOB HUNTER a low rider: to HOWARD OSHIRO a job with W. E. Blank Enterprizeg to MIKE HERNANDEZ 1 tOn of T. P.: to DEBI GRANNEMAN a strawberry: to GARY STOCKMAN lifetime tickets to Santa Anita: to RANDY MCTAGGART, a fire hydrant, amuzzle, and anew leash! l il lg to LENEA BUQUET two left skis: to MR, SCHELLINGa gold record and a l0 feet picture of GLEN CAMBELLQ to MR. SILVEYa book on how to take 100 different angles of the Washington Monu- mentgto TOM JONES WiltCham- berlin's golf clubsg to DAVE MOORE a fish tank, and I say to all incomming freshmen, "HAVE FUN". PA TTY OKURA I, PEACHY OKINURA, be- ing ofslightly corrupt mind, and ye low bod, hereby will the fol- lowing: To SPANKY, PEANUT, CHIPS, MINDY, MARGARET, LINDA K., SHERRI, and all my other dearly beloved friends, I would like to leave you with my love, and a million thanks for everything that you've ever done for me. I especially thank you for teaching me the meaning of the word "BUGAR". BOB RA SPA NTI I, BOB RASPANTI, being of not too sound mind or body here- by bequeath the followinggto my brother DAVE CONDREN a case ofRed Ripple Wine to get his head together, to MRS, OLSON another La - Asst. like me as if she can handle it, to all incoming fresh- men the bad luck ofhavingCoach Breit for PE two years in a row, to COACH BREIT a lar e bottle of Rolaids to get him tirough a couple years of seniors and the knowledge of knowing that he iinalgy got rid of me! and from the lick that used to have 3rd period PE with you we hopehyou get another Click that is just as Good and Obedient as we were- signed the Bois from Coronado, WAYNE B RRY, MATT HEFLIN, DAVE CONDREN, plus one thats stillwith you BOB RAS- PANTI, NNUIEI thaw NNN WNY Pr '52 Q, VJ! f- J F i t uJJ. BILL WOOL ST I BILL WOOLSTON: Leave to my pretty girlfriend NANCY BATON and WILLIARD not for- gettinglove, peace and joy. To AVE ANDRUS I leave a life long stay in Brazil. To GARY VINSON I leave 1 million flow- ers to deliver to Custer and Chris- tiansons Mortuary. To BOB AN- DRUSIwill another set of parents like ROBIN BROWN'S for the next chick he tries for. For SCOTT POET I leave my old Chicago albums and a broken drum stic . To GARY OSHIRO and PER- RY ZABEL I will another bitchen Friday night. To CHUCK BOR- TOLINI I will a slug in the knee To CHRIS HOPPLE leave a box of Vicks cough drops. To MARK ANDRUS I leave Edgewood High Schoolbecauseit'st eonly thing that can stand him. Not forget- tinggood old HOWARD OSH RO, I leave him my fast, sleek, Su- zuki 80. To DEBBIE' Ileave a smile and to SALLY happiness. PAM DUNAHOO To BONNIE R. I will the very bestin life, to SANDY Wt Ibe- queath a watch that works so that she canbe on time for onee, and another great weekend with Steve. I will IANICE DARR that fox doctor. To SUZANNE I will' a true love and the best of luck in life.I bequeath to VICK- IYOTTI the memories from "our place". To SHERRY R.I will the ab- ility to do something useful in PE, I give my brother to Sherry D. To MARILYN I bequeath new brakes for her car and a good bowling Ball. To SCOTT H. I give'a new line, the other one's getting old. To SCOTT Isay a ggeat big thank you for all the ppy times, and I hope there are "many more. To PAT K. I give my talent for singing and ancing. I equeath to DENNIS T. some downers and a pair of roller skates. To JIM B. I will many more parties and I'll even bring the whipped cream! To BONNIE A. I give the ability to put up And lastbutnot least, I will a greatbig thank you to my father for putting up with me through school, an for always being there when I needed him. with my brother. To my brother ERICIbequeath the ability to do something without getting cau- ght! To NANCY B. I leave some sturdy goal posts, and a dirty card to give TERRY, I will MR. K. a new set of ears and a greatibig thank you for all you've done for me. MIKE DEM ORE ST I, MIKE DEMOREST, will to my brother GARY the fastest race horse yet to be seen. and tc COACH LASSALETTE, I leave allm PE experience. To FRED I wifyl some nice new G 60's for his new van, and to HOWARD and the ganglleave all the beer they candrink. TORICHARD BORDEN I will a new horn for his jeep. To PATTI, the girl I love. I will all the happy -memories that are yet to come for both of us, my car because she has almost as much money into it as I do, but- most of all I will her me. UA VE E LLI OT I will COACH NORTON my psychotic condition so that he will be able-to understand his students. To MARTY GODDERZ I leave a pair of scissors to keep up his image. To ELENA QUALLSI willa mouth gag so that I can at least get one word into the con- versation. EVELYN LEFLER I, EVELYN LEFLER, being of sound mind and body, hereby will to DONNA BARNHART a carton of cigarettes, a bottle of Sloe Gin, and another ni ht like the Covina game. To Kllglfl' BORING I will a weekend in the desert. To DENISETRENT I will a lot of happiness with BOB and lunch at McDonalds. To PAM HODSON I give all the happiness possible with GLEN. To DIANE VARIA- BEDIAN I will a lot of happiness with RICK. To DONNA ELROD I give another date with TOM?? To KAREN TICE I will the most beautiful wedding and marriage possible with MIKE. To CRAIG PLETENIK I will another great neighbor like the one who lives next door, on the right. To DIANE BEAUCHART I leave a new wig and a cork for her mouth Calso a brooml. To HOPE LANDONlwill another day of feeding the birds. To GARY LOPEZ I will a racing car and me as a cousin. To DIANE PAR- KERI leave one bottle of Straw - berryHill. Iwill to GILBERDINE PRADO abox ofGirl Scout Cook- ies. To LARI ROBERTS I will all the bottles, newspapers, and cans collected. To DEBBIE I will a date with RONNIE RAMOS. To PATTY BAXTER Igive another plant. To KAREN KILLOUGI-II will all the happiness with GARY. To LIZ Cl-IAVEZ I will freedom! To MARK LEFLER, my brother I will a drivers license. To SCOTT INGLISH I leave a key to his screen. door. To all the under - classmen at Edgewood I wish GOOD LUCK! if -327 I Q. Aw cbmsv NANCY HEACOCK I will to CONNIE CAMPBELL 3 bottles of Strawberry Hill and a week at Salt 'n' Sea. I will to CHERYL BINFORD, a steady and a pack of gum. I will to ROBIN VALENCIA a controllable mind. I will to SALLY HICKS a brave bull and happiness with TOM. I will to REY FAST a ticket to Planet Fox. Iwill to PAT GATES a better impression of John Wayne. Iwill to ELENA QUALLS some understanding and a lot of hap- piness with "Pee Wee". SUERRY ROSENKRANTZ. To GREG I will the rest of my life. To VICKI YOTTI I will gas and a new car, and a happy ife withmy brother. To MARI- LYNIwill a thanks for taking me to school. To ANDRE JACKSON Iwilla healthylife. To CATHY Iwill a great life with GEORGE. To LEE and LISA I will a bedr room. To my brother ERIC I will a tranquilizer. To CATHY MOOREI will SCOTT RUBY for- ever. To CANDY WINTERS I, will an alarm clock and to IANI I will some more good times. DONNA GILLI LA ND To MRS. OLSON, I leave my unknown talent,malicious mouth, and our unusual conversation on ,varicose vains and old wive's tales. Thank-you PAT PEREZ I, PAT PEREZ, will to my little sister MICHELLE a night to sit home and worrg about getting a btliyfriend and t ree long years atE gewood. Tomy big rother STEVE I will a job, and some radical clothes and tapes and new tires for his car. To BONNIE GAINESI will my cousin MARIO and a perfect wave. To DIANE SHANNON a sha haircut and some excuses to Ee absent from school. To MELISSA MENEGHEL I will long hair, a car and peace and happiness with whoever she ends up with. To DIANNE FIT- LIN I will Thursday to go to the beach after school and happiness in wha,tever she does. To JOHN as he reads this on his trip to Hawaii, I will peace and happi- ness with me. Last, to all my friends that I haven't mentioned I will happiness. all IAIL6 LWEONI fzohli- Timao Pasha DRINK out of NX5 1 OR64 Ttlif A4 K I1 440 DEBBIE SAVAGE I, DEBBIE SAVAGE, do be- queath to MISS LINK my position as lab assitant in biology fyou know what Suneany. To BRAD Igive a great big Thank you, and the ability to fa loff the high bar gracefully. To DONALD RICH- ARDSON, I will a lead-free foot and a really great blind date. To HELEN SALANITRO, I will a tripto Hollywood Blvdgand a life- time pass to whatever she wants to see, so she'll never bg turned away again and last of all, I leave her a refrigerator full of root beer she can rink. To TIONA PECAUT I leave all the memories of fun that we have had together these last few years, a parking lot so she can drive to her hearts contents the ability to back out of driveways without not being able to go in reverse, the hours of fun and hard work we had pracricinghfor the Andrew Sisters, and all t e hap- piness in the world. To NORINE JENKINS, I will a lifetime of happiness and a movie ofmemories. To GRA NT, I will more good stories about when they were little kids, and toCLIFF a map to Bible studys so thatnext time we rnake ittal the way. To mly brother MARK, I will the abi ity to gain enough wei ht to weigh 160 bs, plus all of the good times and memories that I've had at EHS. DENNIS MYRICK I, DENNIS MYRICK, will to COACH WELLS a winning football season and a trip to the desert so that he can see what a good sport is really like. To GENE TOGNETTII leave a years pass to the Kung-Fu Karate Stu- dio. To BRAD HUNCOVSKII willa six week course in motor- cycle mechanics so that he can learn how to work on his own bike without tearing it up. To BILL TUSSY I will his own apartment and aRim Runner house warming party. And last but not least I wish the class of "74a lot of luck. DIANE FITLIN I, DIANNE FITLIN, will VALRIE GRAHAM peace of mind happiness, and my mom. To CA THY CARMICHAEL Ibequeath a trip home to California to see her old friends. To STEVE HER- RINGTON Iwill someone to B. S. with next year and a better watch. I leave KU RT BORING a four speed sewing machine. To PAT PEREZ Iwill a free ticket to Ha- waii and a memory book to re- member all the good times we had at Edgewood! And to TY I will the perfect wave. BO N NIE BIDERMA N I, BONNIE BIEDERMAN of lost mind and almost body, leave to my dearest friend QOLLEEN a fifty gallon tank of asthma spray mixed with that "French Stuff. " To MRS. PHILIPSI give my apo- logies for allmy stupid jokes and many haPDy years with Tommy. To LESLIE I leave ny Senior homemaking book with all th good parts underlined. To DENISE A. I give my contact lense and a day without wild. And to LINDA I give my sense of humor and D.W. I give my carpeted locker to PARTICK who did theinteriordesigning and all my green slips. And to all ofEdgewoodI give the ability to not catch on fire anymore. DAN BISTLINE I will to SHELLY KRUEGER myseat in senior sex---may she learn we1L To MARC VEGA I will all my luck in sports. To DAVE VEGA I will one acme girl magnet fthat worksy, a book titled, "How to Train Flies, " plus a monopoly on all South Americantelephone trees. To GAIL GOLDSTEIN I will 10 free lessons on "How to stand on your head in class", the latest book by J, plus one officially autographed 8Xl0 of George Mc- Govern, my hero, and last, nothing but good luck at Santa Cruz. To STEVE SHADELLI will the need for a razor. I will to STEVE HERFERT one auto raphed llXl4 of mg oousin MICK 'FSTA N- LY. To ONNA HUNSAKER I will a lock for her bathroom door. To STEVE MILLARD I will 30 pounds and a set of weights to work out with. I will to VICKY WOLFF one bronz ed megaphon e, and atw eeter and woofer to play with. To PATTYMEARS I will ED VEGA for' a reasonable facsimilej. To ED VEGA--good luck at Pitzer, may you get your PhD fpiled higher and deeperj in BS. To DA E SLOAN, I will VICKY STEELE or MICHELLE DUGAS, take your pick, and I will to JEFF MAEDA my ability to write a paper for MRS. GEIS, To DANNY CIMO I will a new set ofjokes fthis time make them funnyJ. Iwill to my good friend BRUCE BURTON etter hand- writing in college, and a next week that finall comes! To BOB MOREAUI will PATTY WIL- LIAMS. To JEFF BOGAN I will the University of Southern Cal- ifornia Iyjgm deserve each other. To E PYPER I will a char- ter membershipin the John Birch Society. I will to TOM DAVIES a trophy for all his many ac- 53W- I6 Dfllvlus we cw-aw' xl Vgk-1 ITU- BE ALJ.. OVER! xl NOW im-ITB GOIN' DRIVE me data complishm ents at Edgewood High School, plus a new 0CkYgQUC - To BILL FOSTER, I will JOHN LUCSH'S UQ ability to drive to the basket. Iwill to RENE VEGA V a I sit y basketball. To TIM HAAS I will an easy 20 footer. iinall . to all underclass- I will, the Edgewood High And men Pit, and the ability to stomach remaining years here. I our bid fond adieu to all my friends and the few good teachers I had while at Edgewood fthey Call be counted on one hand"'Droviding o.. has five fingersj. KEITH WETZEL I, KET WETZEL being of soundest body, do hereby bequeath the following: To MARGIE W, I willa graduate cylinder, a clean lab shirt,and a germ free crucible. To MR, FOUNTAIN I'm leaving my most prized possession, my mermaid in a tree, my hat size 50, a year's supply of tic tacs, lemons, and assorted fattening goodies, and, of course, a person with a supper age so no one can miss me. To MRS. IABLONSKI Ileave her right arm, a tape re- corder to record things, a chauf- feur, a year's supply of mom's home coo ing,a 16X30 foot Milky Way bar, a four drawer filing cabinet and lots of money. To DADDY SILVEYI leave a pizza. soap suds, a procrastinator in A, P, U, S. I-Land, of course, someone who will ask the quest- ion, 'When do we eat again, MRS. SILVEYI' within 8 minutes of the time we left, a shaving mug, perfect weather for one of his trips, and a book by DR. WET ZELI'Every'thing You Want - ed to Know About Silvey's Trip, But Were Afraid To Ask. " To MARGARET L, I leave a red, white and blue in any size and also, I leave her someone to give hera suprise party. To MRS, LSONI leave clothes and a room that doesn't get dirty. To CAROL F. I will a 591: lamp at Akron, plenty of film, and a watch big enoulgh to se what time it is. To ATTI W. I will an elbow, and, of course, an Sth Ave. and 43rd Street flingf To the swim team I leave t e following: dry trunks, my sweats, and of course Wetzel spirlt, and lots of luck. To BEV B. I leave a mil- lionaire named Wayne and some simple instructions to follow. To DEBI G. and MIKE H. I leave a5 foot6inch puzzle Csub- jecty you know whatj for both of you, and some time alone and a Snoopy for Mike fnight, nightl. To LESLIEB.and RON V, I leave a car with no rear view mirror. To COLLEEN S, I leave some a. smelly team locker room, dripf O G IREIUIIEYS OUR UBKIW1' o brains to fall in love with the right guy. To STEVE SHADELL Ileave somelady luck and U5 to stare at fsorry Stevej. To JULIE C.. I leave a cork to sniff and some Dretzel nuts. To all the people I forgot to mention and the peoplel did mention, thanks for putting up with me. You de- serve something. It's been fun for the 4 years. VICK I YOT TI I, VICKI YOTTI, will to all the students at E, H, S. plenty of excusesto get out of class! To mybest buddyCANDYfcowfaceJ I will her a summer of fun in Mexico with me, and also much happiness always. To all of my great friends in PEP SQUADI wi1labig"ThankYou" for being such great people and especially for putting up with me throug all of my mistakes. It was a GAS! To MRS. CLIFFORIX I will a case of aspirin for all :f the headaches we grave her, also a "Thank You" for eing so under- standing at hard times. To IANICE DARR,CANDY WINTERS, SUZANNE STODDARD and PAM DUNAHOOIwilla million fater- nity parties with plenty of booze. Alzw for PAM I leave a pair of pin. Flannel pajamas and an ever lasting friendship. To mly great big brother JOHN I wi 1 a big co or 'I ' ' t' twith remote control, and a C To CATHY GON- ELLA I l a gas pedal and a brake for her to work, and a happy life with Georgie. TO SHERRY ROSENKRA NTZ Iwill more fun times cruzing a- round West Covina. a driving es- son, and much happiness with Greg forever. To CARLA IACON0 I leave a bottle of parsley, and more fun times. To BONHEAD RUTANIwi1la metal for the best spyer and a visit to come and see me!ToJANI DELIJO I will a he! he! To SUSAN HUTTON I give a crate of in-n-out burgcers. To RON HIDAI will a chec for 310 toJANICEBACl-IMAN I bequeath a sw ell life with Cuder., To CHER YL SIMERAL I will a fun ntkght with those crazy boiys. To L RIHINES I will her da s truck for us to cruz in and happiness with Tom always. To all of my friends that I didn't mention a "Thank You" for all of the grleat times I've had andl hope to ave a lot more with all of you. To ANDREJACKSON I will a life of good health and friendship al- ways. To all of the great guys I wi lmorepartlessolcan sri I see you. Last of all to my Bun I will myself forever. Bye! DIANE VARIABEDIAN, I, DIANE VARIABEDIAN, being of sound mind and body, will a gallon of Slow -gin to DONNA BARNHART and a Mc- Donalds hamburger. To KAREN TICE and MIKE SPERLYN I will a beautiful wedding and an out- a-sitemaidof honor. To DIANE BEUACHANT I will a boyfriend RONNIE RAMOS H-A! HA! and a '73 Colt. To ARLENE DURFEY I will a make-up department in Broadway, a '5 Impala and all the low -rider clothes she can fit in her closet. To DOUG EPPS I will me as his dental assistant in ten years. To EVELYNLEFLERI will JOHN. To MISAKOOSHIRO I will a pair of elevator shoes and a husband that can pay for your wardrobe. To SUE MATHEWS I will an un- bent promise rin form STEVE MARTIN and all tee luck in the world. To HOPE LANDON I will the strength to follow the GLORIA MARSHAL diet and luck with LARRY BAI-TS. To Edgewoodl willa library fthat's fire proofj. And lastbut not least, I will to the underclassmen enough pot to help them through the rest of the years. CAROL FELS I, CAROL FELS, will to JEFF COOK, RON ROENICKE, and TIM HAAS some cherries. To HEFF BOGANI leave a couple of o1dBeach Boy albums. I will to VICKIE WOLFF a paper straw and her secret love. To ED VEGA I will PAU LA and to TERRY MARY, and MARY a ride to the Mira Costa Wrestling Tourna- ment. -I will to STEVE HERFERT abow ling ball. To DIANE I will a lot of luck, BILL HOOPS a shut- up. and to anyone my bent baton! I also will everyone much luck and success. CHRIS ORTIZ I, CHRIS ORTIZ, will to SALLY HICKS a lot of friend- ship and much happiness in the future. To RAYMOND FA STI will a big smile and one free date. T0 NANCI HEACOCK I will some friendship and no more hard feelings. To JIM BOYLES and GLEN CASE I leave two excused hall DaSSeS. To GAYE PARHAM I will a big H0-Ho. T0 MELISSA MENEGHE I will a stead boyfriend. To ' brother TDM Iwish two TB r s Ingres fun years at Edgewood. To MRS. PETERSON I give a big thank-you. To DAN, I will my- alot of love and to seli, and 1 Edgewood High School, Isay, Good-bye. A of 525 JLESQIN' is M ff SU SIE MATTHEW S I, SUSIE MATTHEWS, be- ing all here most Wthe time. ,except for when I'irrfnot, will to BOB DRAKE and TOM RUTTEN another trip to the San Diego Zoo to listen to the walruses "FART?ll" To CARLA IACONA I willag-15-n size box of Kleenex tissues to plug up her tear ducts so she won't flood out graduation like she did camp. and a tape recording of her crying. To "UGLY" D.C. I will two more weeks with me and the beach boys fif she can take ity, a cold bowl of water so she can tell us mor e ab out L.H. during her dreams tha hai, and "Does a Chicken Have LiDs?" To DIANE HUDDLESTON I willacrystalball so she can fin- ish telhng my fortune. and a beach where the waves come up on shore and stay awhile so she won'thavetodiveinto the sand. To KIM SMITH I will a picture of the "twins"in Life maglazine . and an everlastinlg friends ip. To VICKI YOTTI will "C" lunch To VICKI and CARLA I bequeath a life membership to the "I'm hep club". To Cliff? I lgive a lot of "THANKS" or a her help and understanding and a lot more "I remembers". To DEBBIE CLARK I will a new neighborhood to- gether so that we can always be iends, and abig playhouse with padded ground so that when she plays house and falls out of the window she won't break her arm! To ANA BLAND I will the Lind- sey's Clunker Car. To next year's football team I will an "automatic-toilet-pw per-picker-upper". To Coach Breit I bequeath a lab assistant that doesn't always interrupt his class and abox of colored chalk. ToCoach Lassaletl will a recor- ding ofmyvoice---I was told to getanew one. To GLEN, GREG and JIM I will another shadow and name tags so I can get your names straight. To HERBIE T. I will someone else to make fun of at the games--cuz I'm gonna tell Mom HERB. And ofcourse to my one and only, Steve, Iwill me for as long as he'll keep me and rhat's forever I hope!!! DAN ST. ONGE I leave my van to someone who will take over the payments. Ileave my bike to someone who will claim it and take good care of it. lwill a Budweiser factory to KURT SCHNEIDER I will my tapedeck to MARILYN SCULLY. Iwillmy whip antenna to BRUCE SMITH. I donate my body to science, i.f they want itg i not thrownit in some girls lap. fl' ill lllr- Ill ' Ill Ill I" gy' in' ,C e I CHUCK LEARN I, CHARLIE LEARN being of sound mind and easy virtue, will SHELLY KRU EGERa box manager and also an extra large pair of boxing gloves for her extra small hands. To DEBBIE MARX I will one 1545 cookie, a couple, of rib- bons to hold the hair out of her mouth when she talks and a map ofher locker. To DRU NOLAN I will the carpet from my locker to keep her books warm . To PEG- GY ZABEL, I will a spot in the Grand Prix, and to MIKE ENGLE- BRECHT, I will one big can of Brasso to polish his medals. To TERRI ODEKIRK, lwill a couple of telephone books to put on the seat o her blazer to let her see out of the windshield. To COACH BREIT, Ileave a par- tly opened box of hot tamales. And to the rest of the students at Edgewood, I hope they make it. DAN CIMO Having been declared insane by many people, I do bequeath the followinlggto STEVE SHA DELL lwill abear , to GORDON HAM- ACHI some good jokes, and to ED VEGA a gir friend of his own. To DAN BISTLINE I leave a red light and a cure for the muchies. to ARNOLD TAPIE I will his own personal lizard, to MR. MAYS I leave a book about Mejitahble and Ford Hook's problem preg- nancy, and finally I will DA VE VOLZ. enough papers to last him a week. TOM DAVIES ' I,.lviORG, accepting no res ponsibility for my pathetic phy- sical and emotional states, do hereby bequeath in estate as follows, with malice toward none: To SCHNOPPLE I leave a box of nails and a barrel of oil for his funky truck. To STEVE SHA- DEL I will a beard---and make it fast. To EL MACHO I will a girl who opens hermouth, a late of frog tails, and a telepllione pole tree. To BOTTS, I leave a soft, warm, Husky. To ONION I will a sports car of his own to mangle, and some names for his little black book. lwill CIMO a Mark-Almond re- cord, and lots of friends and hap- piness. To EDDIE I will a little more guts and maybe a little more consideration. To LOREN- ZO I leave a hat big enough to keep his ears warm. To FISH I willalot of happiness and some one who understands her. To all my friends I will a little more thoughtfulness, tolerance, and peace. DIANA HA MM I, DIANA HAMM, will to the class of '73 and to everyone else at good ole Ed emont, all the luck in the worfd. I will to BUD, at least another 12 years offriendship. To BUD, HOPEY, SANDY, PARKER, MELISSA and DIANA W. Iwill many more fun times like the ones we've had these Past years. To my sister KAREN and my "adopted sister" ARLIENE, I will all the good Friday and Saturday nights and allthe partying they can andle. To MIKE S. I wi 1 a couple of keys. To BARB O I leave a giant mushroom. To my "Brother" MIKE, and to JOE and STEVE I will fun at lunch next year without me. To KENTG.I will more graveyards and BUD'S and my locker. To WAYNE B. and ALVOYE P, I will lots of fun. To RANDY B. I leave someone else to walk home with. To STEVE T.. LARRY G.. MIKE N, and p,AvE V.I will more times at-Galster. To MR.KIRK I will a great swim team, to MRS. SCHNEIDER I leave more classes like our 5th period, to JOHN N. I will more good times together like the ones we've had. MIKE SHARP I, MIKE SHARP, being of stoked mind and less body, will to STEVEMINKI allthe luck next year in schooland in surfing: also myracks, board and years of ex- perience. To DON R. I leave a pair of ilorascent clip-ons with his name engraved so that he won't lose them, and all the blind dates he needs to keep him happy. T0 MINDY T. I will a- box of spacefood sticks, a grosssupply of rivit patches, a new pair o blue jeans and something or some- one to keep her warm next year at the rose parade. To the ang Iwill all thepartys to last a ifc- time. To CANDI and VICKI I be- queath all the good times down in Mexico, to MARY DRAKEI will my personal Choo Choo, to NORM I give good luck and all the responibilities with the new statisiticivan toJORGER.I will all the ggs and mechanic service for hisc ee chee ball express to keep it running, to DANA, I leave my dirt bike and all the hair for him to ride it like I did. To some underclassmen I will my gym cloths, to VICKI and JIM I will all the luck in the future years, and to GARY B. and DAVE S. I leave enough money and hair to keep riding Osteens. IW Yovil NNI- LBKDI YOWK5 I av' JOY RICE I hereby give my friends at Edgewood all my valuable trea- sures that they may or may not. envy. To LYNN EBERHART, the best best friend I have ever had, I give all the bottles I can find fand aluminum cansj, as many crucibles as she can stand, two tickets to the l969 county fair, my pillow and my dusty stuffed animals. For MARY A-NNE LAUGHREY, I wish happiness in thefuture with her husband. To LESLIEBUSH, "KUz", I give my gold plated and red and blue ka' zoosfwe shallremember the 'l972 allschoolrevuey, and some, but not all of my frogs. To MANUEL, CHICAN, one or two hours on the Trojan Way. proof that I am a Senior, and thanks for being such a great fri- end and a super nice guy. To PAULA TODD I give evaluation of her poems and all the butter- flies her little heart desires. To JEAN SANFORD, I give some orange yarn so she can make me a shawl. To LESLEY POTT, I will bless all the mushrooms I see, especially orangle ones, and I will give them to er ifl can. To ANDRE JACKSON, my brotherinChrist, I will love and hopein the future. knowing Jesus 'is there and memories of things we did in Campus Life. Praise the Lord for Andre. To LINDA LEE and MARGIE WESTLUND, thanks for being such sweet fri- ends. T0 SHELLEY DUNCAN, who has moved away, I will all my plciems I've written, and fri- ends that will never die. I love ese people for who they are and what they are. . ....... friends. I give these things on June 18, 1973. In Christ, Joy Rice DIANE PARKER I, DIA NE PARKER, will to the class of '73 and everyone else lots ofluck in anything they do. T0 SA NDYI will a car Tat oog- ies! To MELISSA I wil a real y ood shag, if she hasn't got one Ey now. To DIANA I leave more times and plenty of parties. l will to BUD plenty of paper so that she can keep in tough when shemovesaway.ToWET ELINGS I will another year in MRS. BROWN'S class, and to MRS. BROWNIleave another class like Ours! To ARLENE and KAREN I will some more hot fudge sundaer with plenty of nuts and cherries. To MIKE I leave a new side for his car, and to STEVE I will a gravity hill that works. To LARRY will plenty of dessert runs. To DAVE I will some more good times. dv stiff N get U79 69554 I lui if P0 1 1 GOGI MORALES I, GOGI MORALES, of kooky mind and body, will to DA VE ELLIOT a me-me and a baby blue dolg colar with rhine stone. To JAC IE I leave alot of flow ers from night school and a date with LJ. To MARY ANN I will us at Carlsbad with the same guys that were next door. And a phone call from someone Special. To ARTHUR EDDY I bequeath a car load of girls that went to UCR and a whole lot of fun. To DONALDR,I give a rub- ber duck.To ELENA Q. I will the ability to give someone else a chance to get into the conver- satldn. ' To CONNIE CAMPBELL I will alot of luck with PAT GATES, and fine art lessons. To SALLY HICKS I will some credit fordoing alot of work in the ASB office. T0 MINDY TERRY I give alot of fun always. To NANCY HEACOKI will all the happiness that her and Paul can have. Second to last, but very important I will to BARBARA RINGER my white clogs, my tennis shoes. my diamond um- brella. air conditioned shoes fm the next time wetgo to China- town, and exua or the intiaf ring you wanted so bad and may' be next New Year's you can wisl Happy New Yeafstodyoursinsteac of mine. A new eck of card. made of all hearts for your future fortune telling. And last but no least enough courage to go to the Spa etti Dinner without my um- bre1Ia. And last but not least to General State Requirements Iwill the best of luck in the future and thanks for all the fun memories at EHS, Because your tennis and cleats were the best. PS ------ To MR. TERESA I leave a great big kiss. KATHY DICK I will to DARLENE HAFNER a wig so she doesn't have to get up at 5:00 AM for a parade and my whistle for drill leader. To DEBBIE OLSON I will a car and an apartment. and someone to tell her secrets to when I'm not there. To CHRIS COUHRAN I will a nursin job, and a new car. To CASE? RASMUSSEN I will drum major in Cavalers. To SCOTT POET I leave two fixed drums. To TOM POGUEI will what- ever he wants fixed on his truck and a case of? To CYNTHIA CHAMPION I will a "R?' rated movie. To the drill team I wish lots of success in performances. To BILL SMITH lleave a new truck! To SCOTT SULLIVAN I will lotsof football games. And to eachof my friends l leave my phone number and address so that they can come and see me or call me. DEBBIE COLLINS I, DEBBIE COLLINS, being of sound mind and body do here- by will to PATTY a free chauf- fer-driven trip to Palm Desert to see Nature Boy. To DUMBHEAD DEBBIE, I will a true love with wierd toes to match hers. Better knees for waterskiing, all the free double-doubles she can eat, and a free ringside seat to EHS wrestling matches next year. To SUSIE I will a new bowl so that she can play tricks on somebody else, ever old Beach Boy album so that she can sing along, an A St W megaphone, and love and happiness with STEVE. To NED I will a giant jack- pot, better guys, more nature hikes Qlgood exercisej, good rocks, anda rivers license! To WEN- DY I will a personal seamstress Cshe needs a breaklj, a museum to store her art work, happy days. wild hikes, and a guy she likes. To DENISEIw1ll happy col- lege days, success with nursery sc ool, and a giant terranium filled with vegetables. To next year's football team I will enough spirit and energy to beat West Covina. To the unlucky under- classmen who trudge on, lwill patience Cfour years is sooner than you thinklj And lastly, to the graduating class ofwhichlbelong will a peaceful and happy life hereafter in the big world apart from EHS. MELODY N EELY 1, MELODY NEELY, being ofsound mind and bod , do here- by bequeath to DONA IZIUNSAKER many more glorious years of friendship, a large glossy poster of Joe Namath, another AP En- glish class and all of my Monkee albums. To MINDY TERRY I leave plenty of gas for all the times she picked me up for school. To ARTHUREDDYI will awatch that talks so he'll always fbeon time, and he won't be able to make excuses. To DAVE EL- LIOT I leave another Senior float and plenty of coffee to keep him awa e. To FRANK EDDY I leave a girlfriend that will appreciate im. To all mygeachers I will all the love and ppiness in the world forever. To ELENA QUALLS Iwish all the luck in the world with her marriage to PEE- WEE. To MERLA and FRANK I wish the happiness of bein best friends for the rest of their ives. To all mtyl wonderful friends I will all e luck and happiness forever! And last but not east, I will to my sister WENDY, a fantastic Senior Hear that is fil- led with as muc happiness and fun as mine has been. 1 qv vx li QQ E Ee O ,- - Q LANAE BAQU ET I, LANAE BAQUET will my adopted brother DAN SHANNON a smiling life size poster of Ju- nior Samples to bring brightness to his day, and success in sports nextyear. I will MICHELLE PE- REZ a pair of short fat legs. To DIANE SHANNON a lifetime sup - ply of Dristan and a king size box ofKleenex. To LOYD JOHN - SON I will a frecklp removing kit. To WAYNE MATTHEUSI will a big smile and a bottle of :ye drops. To JOEY LANE I will a cast iron stomach. To STEVE PRE- WITTI will KRIS AUSTIN and a ton of ketchup. To CATHY Le- JEAL I will t e guy with the big nose. To my litt e sister LAU- ,RENEI will all the happiness with DALE. 'To PAULA VETTI CATHY MOORE, and BECKY SMITH, lwill pointed toes, hi-gh kicks and lots of smiles, to e. rest ofthe songleaders I will alot of practice ahead. LE SLEY POTT I, LESLEY POTT being 01 sound mind and body, hereby e- queath all of my belongngs to my various fri ends. To IM C. I will the locker, the carpeting we never had, a weekend up at theRiver, 136 dishes with no dish- washer, and my friendship. To COLLEEN SWIFTI will a red van l dozen in -n-out hamburgers to go with the football game of her choice, one exciting basketball game, a lot more good times to- gether and you -know -whos' To SHARONK. I will a pair. ofcold hands, l rain pill, a band that plays the Beach Boys, a dark corner, another lst period art class and another selglment of Peyton Place. To C ERYL fThe Birdj KOHLERI will the ability to re- member, a book on, bravery. a remedy to all her problems, the knowledge that this was her last year ofFrench, and all the notes we ever wrote. To BONNIE B. I leave all those pieces of pizza she tried to make me eat. and the book "The Sensuous Woman. " To my 4th period class I say good -bye and good luck. To ARTHUR I will a band he can dance to. To DQDN I leave an empty sleeping bag. To DAN who sat in front of me 4th period,I will the knowledge thathe will never have to put up with me anymore. To MRS. J. lwill alll my respect, mty acting ability, a large bottle o asprin, myllugh. . and luck in whatever she does. To MR. FOUNTAIN I will another lst period with'7 or 8 stu- dents in it, more brilliant ideas for the all schoolrevue, the know- ledge that SHARONK . is coming 0 Q Q Q vx vi 1... - f back to you. and allmy art work. To MR. KARA SEK I w-ill another Gth period biology class like ours. and all my missing labs. And, as an afterthrought, to RICK 1 will one "drop dead" and a large "later". To the rest of this school I say good -bye. I Cbelieve it or noty will miss you.I have had 4 good years here and now I must make way for someone else. Good-bye EHS my Afuture is calling me. To SHELLY C. I will .new nose, a broadway play written just for her and the son from Tar- tuff. STEVE HERFERT I, STEVE HERFERT, being of sound mind and body, will to MR. T. a halfwaly decent move in basketball an the ability to pull outnails with his teeth. To STEVE MILLARD, I leave a box playdough to fill in his holes, an d a date with GOGI. To DAN BIST- LIN E a Mickey Stanley autograph bat filled with "'. To CHUCK LEARN I will a skin transplant. To BRENDA LUNA, I leave 500 Chee Chee Balls. To VICKIE I will a paper straw so she cannot make er favoritenoise, and a building at Mt. Sac. To SHELLY I give a big HI and a leading role in a soap opera. To SCOTT I will a big sign that reads, CHOKE! and to DOUG a sign that says PULL YOUR HEAD OUT! leave WAYNE some KE-KE's and milk. To LARRY lwill the ability to rip off his shirt. To JAY an DON- ALD I will a bicg SCORE IT! To LINDA Iwill 2? ate with ARNIE. To CAROL I leave the back of a VW, and some new tonsils. To PAM I give a round tops to VALARIE a square top. To BRUCE BURTON I will some eggs and toast. I will LESLIE POTT 500 packs of peanut M8tMs. To LIZ I will a eopard coat to go with her zebra coat and a cork for her mouth. To DIANEI ive a big Okay! To DONI will Sie ability to win an election of any kind. To JORGE and STEVE I will a basketball player the caliber of myself. To GAIL GOLDSTEIN I leave a different laugh and a new mind. To TERRY BREISE I will a key to the parking lot. To Sl-lERRYI1eave a bag o Doritos. To MARIANNE TOMS I will a device to control GAIL'S mind. To BUC and DARRYLE and the gang I will rpxgslathletic suppor- ters and to IO some polish for hisboots. To PAT MEARS I wish agreat senior year and to DEBBIE MARX good luck as a sorlgglleader. And to all students at gewood, in the future, I say "Get invol- 'vedl 1 " f C HERYL BINFORD I, CHERYL BINFORD, being of sound mind and body, do here- by will to REY FAST a martian suit for planet Pox. To ELENA QUALLS I leave another REY FA ST. Iwill NANCY HEACOCK better things to lau h about. To To PAT ATES ? will a JOHN WAYNE voice. To RHONDA QUA LLSI bequeatha better Sen- ior year than mine. To DEBBIE TOMPKINS I will a new finger :for bowling. To B NNIE, KAY, MARG- RET, HESTB2 and MARK I will a no ther one of those Friday nights. To ANGELA I leave some pepper to fill the pepper shaker at Bob 's. I will RENEE JACK SON success in the future. To ANDRE I wish good health. ToCAROLI will all the guys she wants. To MR. SILVEYIwill a bet- ter fifth period than last year. To MR. MARTZ Ileave xxxooo and a book on how to be nicer. To MRS. OZANICH 1 bequeath a better freshmen class and lrast but not least I will to Edgewood my school spirit. LINDA SINGELMAN I will to SUE PUNCHARD and GREG TeVAULT. best wishes in the years to come. To SUEI will a pair of Siamese dogs fof counsel. To BONNIE BOYERI .give thanks for putting up with my intelligent remarks and for being a good friend. To COL- LEEN and BONNIE I leave my book on "How to Quit While You're Ahead" and' my grace- ful coordination. To TERI, I will another chance to beat GREG B, lnyimr Maverick. To GAIL and WENDY Ibequeath another year at Edge- wood. To MR. TERESA I will my love and my red face. To fMARYANN'Eand' myself I gi ve the ,"Chemistry Partners of t e Year gAward". and our ability to de- imolish the lab in one easy step. glbequeathto MRS. DUN another iANDRE for tiling. And, to Edge- iwood High I say goodbye. JANICE BACHMANN I, IANICE BACHMANN, hereby will toIANICE DARR, my pee-chee folder, paper and pen- cil, and another New Years reso- lution. To CANDY WINTERS 1 leave some of my fat. To SUZANNE l will pills that .work the day you take them, and a carburetor that won't break. To PARHAMOVICH I bequeath a week down at Carlsbad with the girls, and an everlasting love F ,l I 1 I , l I l in with P. BLR.. I M To VICKIE I will a lunch pass, all the smoke'em she can andle ina year and driving les- 'sons. To COLLEEN S. I leave the Valinda Liquor Store and Sl, some blue cards, and the fullback position. To DAVE O'DELLIwi11 a carton of Winstons and a nice long talk. To Mr. MARTZI give two Nixonettes. To m brother HARRY I will as much Km in his senior year as I've had, and a girlfriend! SHELLY CHRIST I, SHELLY Cl-IRIST being of sound mind and body, hereby willMRS. IABLONSKI a drunken actress. To LESLEY POTT I leave 2 tons of MSLM peanuts. 1To WENDYI will lots and lots of .beautiful stationary. To MR. KINZLER I will another me. 'ITF LORRETA MELTONI leave a good looking boyfriend that will stay with her. To MR. MONROE I bequeath a harem of beautiful 'girls to look at. I will to MR. SERGIO a great audience that twill laugh at all his stupid dumb. 'idiotic Jokes and the cute things he jioes. To LINDA, a "poor , 'miss-unfortunate undergraduate, I wish good luck. An I will to one lucky freshman my locker, and to Edgewood High I leave nothing. ! ll 1, MARK ANTHONY E M I LI A N O PACHO, beintg ffl lChicano, uppity and proud o it, will to my brothers RONNIE and RAY and m sister, CECELIA, the will and, the know how to wld have every teacher here wrapped try around their fingers like Idid. 3, To the attendance office I leave hx- I the millions of cuts I got away with. To the administration I leave a yearfs supply of Prepara- ltionH. To MR. TERESA, I leave wave. To COA H WELLS I will, a trip to Whittier Blvd. so he can improve his cholo accent. To H .Ola Mexican Flag, long may it i U I- i 1: E pass to The Green Burrito, since I turned him on to their tacos. To my homeboys in the Los Authentics I leave a full can of black spray paint. To the janitors I leave a can of Ajax. To MR. DUNAHOO I leave footprints in his car. To Classic Vans I leave mg oldie tapes. To MISS T OM PSON I leave riothig since she has it all. To MR. ARTZ I leave a book about Marx and Lenin fGroucho and Johnj. To Pica I leave all my Chicano Power and the power to grow and 'conquer all the gringos at EHS-- coAcH BRIET 1 leavela years AV Not Reallillg. To S.GEISI leave an in- vitation to my Bar Mitzvah. To Cl-IUEY LOPEZ I leave his Hot Rocks and ahope he Egivessme my White Trash. To G ORGE PEREZ. I leave my Blue Suede Rock and Roll Shoes. To GARY ZIEGLER I leave my superfly spoon. To SAPO, SPEEDY and CONEJO I leave my Wolfmanjack impress- ion. To DEBBIE TOMPKINS I leave my ring and the memories of that long weeliend.To DWIGHT OWENSIleave a can of Desenex and Good Luck in "76". To all the Chicanos, I leave more -Chicano u s. To TEJIIY GONNELLA I leave my Authentics jacket. To MR. M TZ, I leave Midnight Ram- bler tire tracks.To MR. WEAVER I leave a good mood. To MR. LOPEZ I leave the old days at ELA-IC. To MR. GARY I leave mybad grades which could have been glood. To MR. SILVEY I leavet e Siggund Freud Award. To MRS. G DMAN I leave the tape of Chicano music that wasn't relevant. SHANDEL GAMER I SHANDEL GAMER, beingof sound mind and terrible bod, do hereby bequeath to MR. FOUN- TAIN and MR. TERESA another Gamer to MR, F. I will my ig, my hat and that picture ofpyou in your clown suit, my thanks for being the great teac er and fri- end you have become in the last Gyears I've known you, and also to know that you're only as young as you feel. To MR. T. I will a Secretary, a new Sec. of Athlet- ics as much trouble as me anc the coaches to go along with it, plus thank you for all the help and understanding that you have given me. To MARGARET I leave a clock to get her somewhere on time. a new sleepingbag. Ultra' brite for her shinning smile, Super-Chicken and some courage to face things, Bruce. and hope that you both can deserve each other. And lastlyl will her my love and rhagks for being the fri- end that she is to me. To ARTHUR LUIS I will a clock like Margarets to get him anywhere on time. all thecgas that good old Gertude can hol , risk, another Rose Parade andworkshopon the senior float, a KOSHER Coke---bott1e,may you Find happiness tocgether, law, to be my partner an a great big thank Rffou for everything. To DON CHARDSONI leave LuLu and two brass balls and the know - ledge that he is better looking then his brother plus my friend- shipfor ever and a Geor e Carlin record. To MINDY I wiql ever - thing that she wants from lifye, includinglim for what he 's w orth, 'twoweeks ofbeingalew may she . truly understand the feelin , luck and happiness in the worl . To DONA and DAVE may they both find happiness, even if it's not together. To DEBBIE CLARK I will the-right guy and new feet. To LINDA BOSSERMAN .I leave another Linda Bosserman so that they may live happily ever after tog-tether. To Patty Okura I will appiness in life, thanks for all the memories of the past years, maybe we can have some more to come, and a pretzelnut, plus just a touch of human under- standing. ToGayleHurtt-Parham and Wayne mayt ey be eternally happy toggher. To EVE MINK I leave some Jew erms. To SHERYL I calling her bozo I really mean that I care, and luck always. To LEE ANN, PAM, RENEE, and SHELLY may the next year or years hold or you all the won- derful things t at you uys de- serve. To STEVE HERF RT and CHUCK l.EARNIwill a party and the hope that I'll see you again some day--th? really are great guys. To MI E SHARPI will a ottle of Ripple. To MARTY GODDERZ may you always Love God as much as you do now, luck always Marty. To JORGE I leave the moneyl owe the student store. TOTOM RUTTEN I leave what I previously willed you and the courage to face Sally with.the truth so that you can get to ether on the basis ofwhat youreal vate To an'old and dear friend JIM, I leave you many thanks, 4 I Q. E Sk I -5-R' ...I fi,-J H-7 IE '--1 ll-J 4 5 J! I X' ii is I if I I , I. 5 F 'in 4 i s f 3 li- win the ,understanding that by I Q ik . ,I - H"Z1 2 5 I' E 3 II.-, ll' 3 I .9 Lu . IR . ' i . 5 ., Q -A Amay you make the best of your lifew ateverhappens, andapqem to tell you how much I did care. Togtdhe numprguus-tea-chers that have meant so much to me I sa -thank you for the privilege oi! knowingdlygu. To MISS L NK, MRS. C ORD, MISS WILLIAMS 'and the counselers Ileave my articles in the Iliad, the .know- ledge that a little criticism is only meant to help, and the hope that someday you'll understand why I said w at I did. To the Iliad I will adedicated staff and a male sports editor. To all the coaches I will a win- ning season in any sport and a bus on time. To t e Athenians president for next yearl leave point sheets and honor guards-H the question is, are t ey assets or problems. To the Art club I will a meeting and a President. To the A SB Ilaave another cabin- et as great as ours or a Presidnet, whic ever comes first. Lastlyl hope that someday someone at Edgewmri will look up and see the real yppid outdde 4 6 I I 'll E ARTHUR EDDY I, ARTHUR EDDY, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make out the fond wishes of my will. First of all, to NORINE JENKINS I will the hope that someday I will be good enough for us both to get back togaether again and all the love and less- ings that go alonlg with it. ' To HAND LGAMER, one of my partners in arms, I will a hairy left leg so she can have nights pulling out hairs. like she di to Bruce's and mine. To MARGARET LUCERO Iwill the right leg so she may also feel the pain of aving her hair pulledtout. Also, to ,MARGARET I told her that I would will her something that she really could use, and I willher a complete set of World Books on "How to Get Your Fav- orite Matzner Without Really Trying, and What To Do Wit Him fter You Get Him." TOELENAQUALLSI will hope that she will never again get the same kind of bad officers as TOM RUTTEN, BILL TUSSY and JEFF MAEDA. To MERLA HUNTLEY and FRANK EDDY I leave the wish that someday I will be able to hear these few words, "l now pronounce you man and wife. " To DONALD RICHARDSON I bequeath the hope that someday your ash tray will be able to find another female ash trayl to be with, and also a girl w o will make your life very happy. To MINDY TERRY, I Can't really wish anything, because she has everything. But, I wish for all the appiness in the world with allm love. To LIZ CHA- VEZ I will, man, whether he has two legs or four,and all the "luck" in getting him. To MR. JOHN TERESA Iwill an A. S. B. cabinet made up of nothing but Italians so he cannot make any "remarks" about their background without callingvlhimself the same thing. To TO RUTTENI will the hope that he will never again run for another public office until he learns the lesson that he cannot play God by himself. And to Edgewood High School and all who remain I will Good Luck in the years to come and best wishel. P. S. To SHANDEL I will all the happiness the world has to offer and the saying,"It's Kosher baby, its Kosher. " -TERRI VAUGHAN I will MARIANNE a straw- berry hill full of blue garmanite roses. I will DENIS a year's supply of A8rW hamburgers with extra dressing. To DESIREE I will my best wishes that she may keep the happiness she has wit DENNIS.Last but not least I will ELAINE a ni ht with the lights out and a handful of daisies. ive 'iii ai tous I Yealh. LEAV- ING V9 MNH in l H ill g f f Av sl E f 3 PAT GATES I, PAT GATES, being of a partly sound mind and a partly soun body, do first of all will to all the underclassmen the pat- ience to get out of this school ,with at least adiploma if nothing lelse. I will to ROBIN VALINCI aRoter-Rooter machine to clean out her mind every few days. and a padlock to put on her mouth so she can keep her personal life and PRESIDENT N1XONSsex life to herself. To ELENA QUA LLS I leave a volume control on her voice and the ability to stand some cer- tain people. To CHERYL BIN- FORD I bequeath a steady. To GAIL GOLDSTEIN I will a fag waiter. To DEBBIE RAYMER will stronger gum. To TWINKLE TOES PEACOCK I will a happy married life. To REY SLOW I leave some better jokes Cpleasej. To SALLY I-IICKS I will a little more credit for the things she did lin ASB. To all my fellow seniors who Idid not mention,I w ill the best of luck in the years to oome.And last but not at all the least, to CONNIE I will all of the good luck, happiness, and joy in the world, and me if she can stand me. BETH BA NNISTER I, BETH BANNISTER, OF sound mind and body hereb will mylocker full of dents anc? stic- kers to an unfortunate freshman. To LIZ CHAVEZ I will a steady boyfriend and think bi pills. To DAVE ELLIOTT I Feave a leash for his racing dog in San Diego and someone else to fight with and tease. To the Great John Teresa Ibequeath fifty more years at EHS, many more kids to kick out of the office, and my little sister. - To Mr. Schelling I will a new lab assistant, hopefully one who likesto type and correct job cast test. To SCOTT I will a Senior year as fun as mine and a bowling score of 250. To AR- THUR DDYI give all the spirit in the whole world. To DON RICHARDSON I will a plug for his boat in case it sinks. To STEVE MINKI will som e ice for his neck and talkin les- sons. TORENEEJACKSON Iglive some vanilla ice cream wit out the topping. I will to JORGE RIVERA all the empty I.O.U. S. he wants. To ANDRE JACK SON I give his dream Ngirl and a lot of uck. To FRA EDDY I give MERLA I-IUNTLY and to MERLA 1 give FRANK EDDY. Last but not least, I will to all of friends love, joy, happiness ah-3' luck throughout their lives. SCOTT INGLISH I, SCOTT INGLISI-I, being ofsound mind and body, do here- by bequeath these thin s to these people associated wigi EHS: I gi-udginglywillmy speed and my' antastic knowledge of the game of football to whoever plays left tackle next tyear so that he can' get yelled at or being a toad too. will to all 1974 seninrs some-. thing which I probably won't get. . . alook at t e new ibrary! I o REY FAST I will all the traf-f fic violaters so that he can give them tickets and last but not least- for all the chicks who liked me and never got the chance, I will my phone number C336-13821 P. S. all three days in advance. KA THY UNDERFERTH To LAURE DEAL I will my office of publicity chairman of the ski club. To my brothef SCOOTERI will my golden voicei my great knowledge, patience. and cooperation. I wish good luck to all of the class of '73 and good luck to the underclassmen' who will definately need it. TERRY MCGINNIS I, TERRY MCGINNIS, whol supposed to be in good mind and body, leave to MR. HAYMOND and C OA CH BREIT my slim, trim, and skinny figure. To LLOYD qsqueakp JOHNSON, 1 leave a pound of swiss cheese and a mouse trap. To MR. SCHEL- LING, I wish the bird of para' dise forever flying through his ink well. And last but not least, to MR. METZ and all my counse' lors, I be queath the d ear ple asure, of getting rid of the last of the. Mc INNI 'S! LARI ROBERTS To those I leave behind I say, have a nice life, and God bless you all. LARI RICK LOPReSti I, RICK LoPResti, being of super soundmind but not so sound 2liYtF32.Dhe'3ZYO.2'Al12S'1!OHl an ELL palf of my surfing ability each. also leave m moustache to everybodlvy that has made fun of it. To R. MARTZ I leave my book on" How not to be serious. ' And lastly Ileave my wits, brains and endurance to those people who have years to go at Edge- wood. , glee COON5 FIRE 1 NW-PEVS , 1 X E if I I SANDY VETTER r , X HQPE LANDON 0.13 win MELISSA a ears worth of ,. JU s0una'min.1 and boa , win to fun-filled weeken sanda house- fzfxm ' Y ' full of fighting brothers and sis- ,gat ters to DIANE PARKERI leave a Egg bottle of visine for her beautiful blue eyes, and a years supply of 53, ,fbi munchies. To DIANE HAMM 1 .g,QgU' will a pair of windshield wipers for her lasses and all the mem- ories o those Fridaynights. To TERRI CHRISTI KAREN and ARLENE I will a transfer to an- QEW I 1' 1710 ur il' ,JI other school. Tom sister I give xX9'i' my locker. 1 wil1yKENT a de-' 'sq cent running car. To MIKE In 'Y ' ive shoulder pads, to use wheni jjiff efalls out of a van. To STEVE Iyi'Li N I will a blue voltzwagon, a dog I ., I named RALPH, and a cat named' ' F HERBIE. To LARRY G. Igive a , YI buggie thatwon'tbreak down, and ff y' N to DAVE a frizbie, and his very 'E E own dairy. To MRS. BACON it nhl 0 will one class of quiet students. ' "Wig To MRS. BROWN a crash-course. 1,20 in steno, and to all the rest, who- Nj. ever they may be, I will a life VFIU1.-5' full of happiness. QI, 7 KERRY HABERERN I KERRY HABERERN, with a peaceful mind and soul, do hereby will to all my past four years of teachers, counselers and friends, all my thanks and grat- itude. ' To DAVE ELLIOT I will a clear non-chlorinated swimmin hole in the mountains, to GAI GOLDSTEIN I leave a Person for 'herto laugh with and a cause for laughing ever day of her life. To all t e people of the worldlwill the desire and power to understand and love one 'ano- ther and the power to sacrifice for their brothers and sisters in order to attain peace.- To Edgewood High School I will a force that might lift the gloomy and stagnant cloud of apathy. To nature. a song. . . KATHY MIFFLIN I gait, Wwlill ji? 1 , dll 4 bjgff. f gh, 4. . A ,I ,fill :g:.f'b '56 "iii I Geri, F2 -. -. ll N 1,11 ' I I KATHYMIFFLIN here i out year next year and I hope he I SANDY V?'TER. hereby 7633, 1 HOPE LANDONbi1'1g0f Q4 . , , K' qv L ri ., . g f' 'Q '. . . . WM? . ' l 1, gr , . t ,mei A' wish him. pride in himself. To 14s'0i ' . we xii 0- ' ' . ' av!! 19" M? 1 V, ' i ,rf 'Y s, ,A K ' y 1 i 'Il I i. it-ffl: f 144' , 2,7 ,O sf! I i tw I1- . . - - I by willTOM SORGE a really far- 45, ' H hurries to glpt out so that we can be toget er. I will BARRY' SCHULTZ back his used up loc- ker. I will SHARON RUNGE all my good friends. To LORI SWEATT and DEBBIE MEYERS I will the freedom of not having to pick me up for school or take me home. Iwill KATHY JOHN- SON happiness in the future. I wi11CARLA HOLLOWAY that I'11 be back next year to ive her money and cigarettes. Iast but nor least, I will the class of '74 a righteous year. X I DIANA HAMM a drivers license a van and a ke To DIANE PARKER a long s a and 2 bot- tles of sloe gin 'o MELISSA MINEGAL I will a FOX T BARBARA WIRTH Iwill Sl OOO and Montclair Plaza To SA NDI VETTERanestofowls To MRS BACON I will an art class To MRS SCHNEIDER I willaten speed bike in ood condition AndtoLARRYBA ES Iwi11ME "DA VE VEGA I DAVE VEGA of no mind and accident prone body will nothing to ED because he ap- parently has it all To my bro- ther BUTCH I leave a zipper for his mouth To MARC I leave my football shoes jockstrap and DEBBIE M I will a better time at the Xmas Ball next year I also leave her some peripheral vision but nothing else because she has it all To TOMMY S I leave a year long football schedule To the MUNCHKIN I leave m san- 'ty. Iwill COACH KRE Z one helluva CLASS team next year. To COACH I-IAYMOND I wish good luck always. To next year's seniorslleave the ability to find themselves and be true to them- selves even though I don't have that ability to give. And to PAUL RAMSEYI bequeath a life- time supply of straws. DEBI GRANNEMAN I, DEBI GRANNEMAN, be- ing of sound mind and body, do hereby will to MR. FOUNTAIN y und ing atitude for all the kwa elp andlinspiration an has given I me Also to MR. FOUNTAIN I will an automatic brush cleaner, and an everlastin friendship. To MR. FOUNTA N and MR, MONROE I will an Art Club Chris - tmas party with ONE-HUNDRED percent attendance, many more successful all school revues, and happh memories of whistling. To MRS. GEIS I will one radical black from the Edgewood campus to speak to her classes, and an A.P. class that will talk back to her. To MR. SILVEY, I will a mature, sane summer study group, a game of Dangerous! arallel without a world war, and many happlymemories of APUSH. To K THY MOORE I will my ability to kick and do the sp its. And tmM1KE HERNANDEZ I Twill all my love, and many, many more years together as happy as we have been. ftns year s Odyssey staff the graduating class of 1973 as W5 see rt ' 1 wishes to present "tm fb My my X 1 Q g 5. 3,1 -, ww. ls' 'VTX f . -v"" ""' 'Hi ffiriwi 5 A A uf ,, Q-Mb,, Y WP. ff' 2. ,f '..A.y?"- -5, if , an 3 , gf' M- s 'f yi is gf 5 '52,-wiv Wfwwwt' 1 Div "FUQW!'!'sfff 1w.Q,,. Dm lm! rw-df Efwf ? .f -ii i -f li -YW Y 'ill flzroaglroar the year the 0a'yssey has composed ro the form of a collage Me images Mar may be a mirage of what was a part of Me past foar years MINDY TERRY I, MINDY TERRY, being of slightly deficient mind and obese bod do hereby bequeath the followinlgj To GA GOLDSTEIN one, just one, sane moment---not for her sake but for everyone elses. TO KRIS STEFFENS I leave the chicken-lips of her dreams and the inability to come up with a come back. To DEBBIE CLARK I will a good layout and a life time of producing. To MISS LINK I will a blackmail note for that tape I have of her and MR. TERESA. I will to DON RICHARDSON an eternit on a desert island with ZINDA BOSSERMAN, plus California and the doorknocker of .his choice. Also to DON I leave the tontents of my ashtray, bronzed ind ready to hang. . .in his trophcy case. May he live on "space foo sticks" forever. A - To the teachers I've learned to respect as friends as well as teachers Iwilla great big "thank gon" for teaching me something esides what's in the books. To MRS, HALLIwill the advisorship to our club that never came into existance. I will to MELODY NEELY the money she ow es me because I'm broke, my notes on child abuse, a ride to school every morning and my friendship forever. To PAT MEARS. alias Godfaccording to DON RICH- ARDSONQ, I will the honor of holding the title of "chee-chee ball queen" and all the fun she can handle in her senior year. I gladly will MARY ELLEN another neyear at EHS and a car so she won thave to walk totschool be- cause I won't be around to give her a ride. To ELAINA QUALLSII will all the happiness in the world because she is one person who truely deserves it. To TOM RUTTEN I will the editorship ofthe San Gabriel Val- ley Tribune ifhe really wants it. To MISS WILLIAMSI will no more dumb meetings durinlg sixth per- iod and a girl's P, . staff that isn't quite as strange as the one shehasnow. I will to MR, TER- ESA ten more years of the same old glang, he's got now. Aren'r Iyfut il ed? Good luck at Biola. ARTY! To my ood old Ger- man buddy, JANE SLL, I willthe title of Shyest in next ears Od- yssey, and as much ilimin her senior lyear as I've had. To MARIS KYYACHQ -Iwill avposgtior on the staff of the Rolling Stone", take care and good luck. To SALLY HICKS, who so right- fully, deserved the title of Most Likely to Succeed, I willf all those things she would like to ac- complish and a lifetime. to do them in. J 60 H-no L6 The View HMM WE 109 We WBXTEU kli- iefllb folk! To BETH BA NNI STERI leave all the gross jokes in existance, To MARYIDANIEL I leave one year ofP.,E. without me. I leave all the memories, good and bad from the past seven years 120 Genene -Arvldson. Remember, 'holding hands leads to rape!" To Mrs. Shively Iwill a sixth period class with only five people, even thoughit will never quite meet up to ours, ---thanks for everything. To Steve Mink I will two bottles of Strawberry Hill and a lifetime membership in the "I hate Steve Mink Fan Club". To Dona Hunsaker, 't'he social snob and statis seeker of EHS, I will an enema for her constapated love life, "sexlax", the abilityto let her down, eter- nal virginity, and the big heart- edness to forgive me after she reads this. To Merla Huntlyl will the patience to wait for the right guy and the awareness to know him when he comes along. To Leslie and Ronl will the a ility to hold a kiss for five hours twenty-three minutes and fifty-eight seconds. To Liz I will a years supplly of Snickers candy bars. I wi l to Jorge all the happiness in the future because he's given me a lot of happiness in the past. To him, I will fourty-two hours of straight dancing, a hair trans- plant for his legs and all my l6ve Arthur, or twinkle toes as we call xg? 6 ei 0 J and respect forever. To MARGARET 1 win my X, friendship forever and a boy- 7 friend because she's getting horny and a chocolate-mint flake ice- cream cone. To SHANDEL I will a kosher enema, every record that GeorgeCarlin will ever make so 5 she can play them for her parents and a pair of furlined underwear. To the "gang" I will all the be- lievable and unbelievable mem - ories of the past 4 years, all the love and respect I feel for each one of you, and now that it's over the chance to do it again C'like hell, we will"J. Best of luck in K the future and keepin touch. To my favorite :ister M'Lou factually she's my only sisterj I will the privilege of eing an honorary senior, the secrets of how to go through4 years at Edgewood and still stay "straight" and how to hav ' as much fun staying"straight" as I , had. To Edgewood I say thanks, not for anything you've given, but for what you've made me give myself. V X X TOM RUTTEN ITOM RUTTEN being of de- crepit mind and body leave to those r em a i n i ng at Edgewood "nothing" the sum total of what I've accomplished for and gained from EHS, rig ' 'es DON RICHKRSON I, DON RICHARSON, bein of sound mind and bod fwell sound mind anyhowj, dolrereby bequeath the following to my friends, eniemies and acquant- SHCCSIV 5 A .First of all to MINDY, my adopted sister and my numero uno ego trip, I will everlything she wantsin lifebecausel now she's mature enough to handle it. To MARGARET UCERO I will a rose, and an understanding man. To SHANDEL GAMER I will a lille- time of kosherness and a nice Iewishboy. To ARTHUR EDDY I will a watch so he can be on time and Lulu. To JORGE RIVERA I will luck with Debbie and an official Puerto Rician banana. To MIKE SHARP I will suffing lessons and enough money to buy off all the cops in the world. To CHUCK LEARN I will self-confidence and a cute girl. To DANIEL ANTHONYI wi l a' nother junk bike. To BRUCE HAWKINSI will a do-it-yourself framing kit and the hopes his parents newer find out what he reallydoes at school. To HEIDE VOGEI ,I will a Pair of horse lalinders in hopes that if she can only see one guy at a time she fwil only talk to one guy at a time. To ERNEST HOGANI will a spaceshipto Mars so he can be with his own kind. To MICHEAL MORRI SEY and DENNIS TUR' COTTE, wholsaid I would men- -tioninmy will I say 'HI there! " To M'LOU TERRY I will my body and lOOl "UGH's'!'. To STEVEMINK I will several things a book on professional modern back stabing,copi es of the records "Shaft"and 'Your so Vain", and the knowledge that people know what ,he's really like and what he's really like and what he's real P ly up to and that he can't fool all the people all the time---or 'is it any of the time? But STEVE willjust laugh this off, won't you Steve? A To LINDA BOSSERMAN I will a one way ticket to Uranus. To PAT MEARST will Pa: Mears be- cause she's the only one she can get along with, To MR, TEIRESA will much thanks for everything he's done for me and helpinglfin my true identity as Don Ric ard- son and not Donald Duck. To TERRIE BRIESE, MARY DRAKE, MARY SPEERS and all other socies I will the contents of Mindy Terry's ash tray so they have some- thing to be studk up with. To the gangl will thanks for letting me now thatl was wanted. To Edge- wood High Schooll will tha s, luck in coming years and pre- paration!-lfor al the trouble I've causedit. And, last but certainly least I will PATTY OKURA, enough suckers like myself to keep er haPPY in life. MA RGA RET LUCERO I, MARGARET LUCERO, being of pgicycotiemind and ever- bruised b , will to SHA NDELY- BELLY-BABY a million nights of macoroni and cheese at :OO in the morning. A ten-year suppay of balloons and if a I else fai s the super-boober-purnp at Thrifty . ....... fI'llsupplH the dallorj. I also leave her a the banging on the walls of UCR, the begin- nin or LuLu, another fantastic Chrlstmas Eve with fuz in our nose, a New Years out of the gut- ter and a bathroom, all the hap- piness and Peace of Love, Best of Luck, aften and alwajys to my Sincerely Eternal Frien !! To ARTHUR qmatch-makerb EDDYlwill another sucessful TP job, arecord of 'Arthur We Love You", by the 'JNDERWEAR BER- GADE, qyou and Bruce can share 3, anothermass production of 'OPERATION GETTING BRUCE FOR MARGARET", the curse of the Potatoe Salad Fungus, onion hands every New Year. another ORGIE at Gomer's house---what a "RISK" ha ha. some hair on your legs after the orgie, the BIGGEST THANK YOU and a sincerely true friendship. To Boo-Boo Krueger I leave my honor-guard position, a real thank you for beirg my Pep- Squad-Pal, sincerity and hap- piness, all the great experiences we had together and I had: but don't let them get you down--- do whatnyou want! And, oh yea all the White Nights? spent at your house and wel -done donuts. " To MINDY TEIRY I will an ETERNAL ENIMA with Jim sup- pling the equipment. A million dollars for all the rescues and the gas used. And also I will all the TRUTH OF HAPPINESS that come es from " PEA CE THROUGH LOVE'1 To DONA HUNSAKERI will our ossip corner for some other chicis, another Christmas Ball waiting and drinking an hour at my house, and endintg up at Den- ny'sg besides the un we should have thrown our steaks! Also I appreciated you and your com- pany. To DON RICHARDSON I leave being a snaperon at the next Leadership Conference so we C821 put the BLAME on him again, also the "l2 days of Rush Week" - with props to gog especially 2 BRASS BALLS. And I leave an award to your ears for listening to all mly crap, and also my "HOT LIS" instead ofyour "CHICKEN LIPS". To GEORGE EDDY I leave a b?ger Vocabulary! To DON ED- D will a life full of FAR-OUT PARTIES MAN! , two yellow -eyes and the memorythat you could have had me.To STEVE fPee-B01 LUCERO, I will my P. E. clothes no one can say your notorignal, your eyes opened-up to see that vos FOUR 1'VE 4-NED H1 L-IH' QQHOUL. HND WED QU. +xPfT gate? LTI: RLL LGUIED U IMIDIDE me' MID 1 mms QQ if NOW THE WM Asif Pfu. HQQE, fi 7: XJ' no little clic group is better then another, to keep straightg involve yourself with others and vice- versa and to find more happiness at EHS then I didg if it's there? To DAVE ELLIOTT I will a- nother good swim party, a "YOU PASSED UPA GOOD THING WITH D. H." certificate, and I also leaveakiss from and for me to see how "BEST" we are. To DRU, TERRY, SUE, and BEVI leave my thanks for all the rides and insane moments and a group of Trojanaires who are con- cerned with the happiness of what they're doing. Also to DRU I leave the meaning of"PT" and a card tel- liiig MR. R. he doesn't have a " to "T" my Shirley Temple Record and someone to take my place in laughing with you at serious moments. To TERRY M. I will my 'SHUT-1UP", JUST SHUT-UP and the opportunity to meet and experience people as radiant as yourself. I leave PAM WALLACE the ability to keep that' sincere smile and bubbly personality through- out the next three years, and the happiness that she shines on other people. To SUE C. I will the ability to find the cat who ate the bat who flew-out with I, M, 's tongue. JOHN McCOY get the cat from Sue. To TROJA NAIRES next year's Iwill some guys who can lousin- up and sway. some deodorantg a clean dressingroom for the girls, and my place on the end so that thgy can be smashed into walls an slugged in the face. And, I also leave to all the TROJAN- AIRESa great time and the abil- ity not to sing flat. To MR. K. Iwill my geat admiration and respect, the ap- pinessI've received -and my Piz- za Duke who didn't Puke! To PATTY OKURA I will ldl the great memories of the past to carry on our friendship, the meaning'of"bugar", many com- pleted TP" jobs to come, the :lonut-hole and the ability not to give yourself away. T0 STEVE SHADELLIbe- queath another journalism party giving ygu all the ice you want, some t ead to sew my pants when youri p them, an unilckled mind. me when you're sober and best of everythigg at W. P. To MR. KA SEK I leave an invitation to my funeral qthat I won't show up forj, my pre nant brainless fish and all m sugfer- ingp from the smell oi, formal- d de. e yro so VEGA 1 leave me in telligently calculated question, 'are you a Snail"? - To BABY BRUCY, I leave my thanks and just the fact that I'll never regret the gowing thatl experienced Mb MXN? VIEV WOR QW: i si fN withtyou, I leave my apprecia- tion at you once cared enough to have made this person very happyfwhether you know that or notj somethingl: at maybe we've learned toget er, from within o ur s e I v e s about relations and friendships, Pasadena's city hall stePS. some more goop on your shirt, love. because I thin he knows if it's not there neither is anything else: and lastly, I leave him someplace and somewhere -- a time for us when we will be nice, tmderstanding and not fall asleep, even though it portrays our sexual activeness. Rabbit- Rabbit! And ofcourse to EHS I leave ashining light fa candle or even amatchj to see into what's real- ly going on and stand in the face of the sun. SA LLY HICK S I leave a pair of golden shears for the people here to snip out of their cocoons with and to get to know one another. To all of the people I have mel here: Ithank you and I love you. And finially to Edgewood I leave .... VICKIE WOLFF I, VICKIE WOLFF, hereby will to JEFF BOGAN bi ger ears so that he can hear all tge secret conversations in trigonometr . To DONALD EDDY I will a wisli- ing well for all his wishes plus one free wish to do with as he pleases. I will to HEIDI and DONNA a big hi-y and by-y, and to BILL I will the mountains in Germany with no neighbors but a lot of rain fl rememberedj. and a cast I always wanted but never got. To D ANE I will all eight of them and to CAROLI wi l a 6'1" basketball player. To RICH and TERRY I will agood kisser but I'll take the old one, TERRY. To PEGGY I will one date with ED and to STEVE I thank you for a lot of ood memories. To FRANK EDEYI leave SHARON TROOP, To TIM and ED I will a special wink each. To DAN BISTLINE another bathroom that isn't locked. And to Sl-IELLY I will a guy 6', weighing about 170 lbs., with brown eyes and hair, but minus the big shine-on. Also, I wish SHELL' another National Holi- day as good as the old one. PAU LA TODD I hereby leave to all concern- ed and devoted students my dplea - sent pastlhopes and strife uring my 4yearsQat Edgewood. I hope my struggle upward willbring this forth. I eave to MRS. WILLIAMS my want oftrying to keep her go- ing for the years to come. I will to MR. NORTON my urging to know more in hopevthat as many new thing? will be taught in his class as t ere were this dyear. I send MRS. BROWN my un erstand- ing of class control and the hope thatshe will use it and set forth speed of knowledge. I leave to MR. JESSUP the memory of the constant struggle to attain the key that unlocks all. h I hope that others do not suffer terribly from II. To MR. WOODS I leave my unwritten poems, unspoken and unheard but not for long. I leave to JEAN hope, and constant fri- endship that will never bite the dust. I leave to JOY a small cup of happiness filled full. To CATHY I leave wishful joy of memories lon' to come. I leave apart ofmebgiind and take with me a little more than I had be- fore I started---aiiretter under- standing of life, friends never forgotten, and many pleasant memories thatl take wit me on my journey upward through life I will never forget my life at Edgewood. MA RTY GOD DERZ To myl friends at Edgewood, DRU NOLA , Iwill a partner that doesn'tlaugh. To CANDY WIN- TERSIleave the beach house and the PORSCHE, To ELENA QUALLS I will her own little orange car. To GEORGE and STEVE I will three boxes of lic- orice each and a bonus for GEORGE--all the girlfriends he tried to get in the Stud CHI Store. To DAVE ELLIOTT I leave some Break Basic Texturizer Shampoo. To TERRI MUNROE I will a coke date. VICKI BARTLETT I will to my brother MIKE, a CIF next year, I will to all of next years cross country a CIF. I will to JODY, SUE, LILLIA N, MARY and KATHY a boyfriend each so they will quit complain- ing. I will to all my brothers and sisters as many good friends as I have had and will keep. I will to PENNY S. and RHONDA fthe ability to keep their good per- sonalities and to remain the same. I will tomy father and mother my diploma. I will to my husband JIM all of my love and happiness fforeverj. LYNN EBERHART - I, LYNN EBERHART being of sound mind and body will the following: To MANUBLI will my dis- ability to play the clarinet. To CINDYI will my Spanish book and ggades. To I Y I will all the me' mories of my kicked in locker, bike riding, bottle collecting, boy watching, etc. , and Good luck. To MARY ANN I will much happiness in her marriage. TOIQNATHANI wi l all my' love and understanding. PHIL CUEVAS To GEORGE DIMATTEO I leave the Goliden Tongue Award in hopes that it will help him with any and all his girlfriends. To his brother, JOHN, I leave all my tools Qliack saws, master keysf files, and stethoscopej, to furthur his career. To my brother. RICH I leave a good name to follow and all the luck of a super sportsman. To my buddies LORETTA. ALICE, and CHARLENE I leave the memories of a great B lunch and 4095. Finally, to my girlfriend SUREYA I leave everything I ever had and could ive to her. with the hope that sie can remain as loyal as I could. JANI DILEO TO CATHY GONNELLA I will a happy life with GEORGE, lasting fri endshipbetween us and crossed fingers that what you're allergic to isn't GEORGE, lots of happiness always. .12 TOMARILYN SCULLY, who 5 is most likelyto succeed, I leave a lot of happiness and success. She reall knows what she wants ' out of liile'--that's a success in 1 manyways. I also leave MARI- I LYN thanks for being a great .a 1 fri e nd . Shut-up MARILYN. You're neat. , E To Vicki Yorrl 1 leave , 2 life, because she enjoys it so E much and to SHEREE ROSEN- i KRANSI will a lot of happiness. 5 l To PAT KELLY 1 leave a 5 ' "McGovern" bumper sticker, and E a"McGovern Pin" too. To PAM E DUNAHOO I leave a smaller 5 mouth, so her fist won't fit. To ' To BARRY SCHULTZ. I leave a E "might, " or a "I will it you 're .1 lucky, " and lots of happiness. 3 ,r To the people of Edgewood I leave honesty and truth. See the world for whatit is and do some- thing for it, like LARI ROBERTS is. l l u ,f L fllx SABRINA SMITH I, SABRINA SMITH, bein.g of sound mind and body fdon t quote me on thatj do hereby will the following: To DEBBIE imunchkinJNELS Nlwill a per- ect person to drive dyou crazy because you can't fin anything wrong with them to pick apart. To ATI-HU JILL, DEB, JANET MARY, GAIL, and DEBBIE I will all the fun times we had in our junior year when everyone was still friends. To DAVE fEL Macho VEGA I will a piece of gum that will stayin your mouth when you 'ry to blow a bubble. To MR. NORTON Iwill a naw maze that hangs from the ceiling so your future students won't trip over it. To MRS. ZAHRTIwill another Senior Sex Class just like ours to drive you crazy next year. To BRAD CO- KER willa new shirt for the one I almost ripped off of you in the haunted house, a new set of ear- drums, a thank ylou for all the fun times Ihad wit you this year. To. DAN, R DNEY, RUSS, GREG, MARK, EARL, TERRY, BRUCE, BART, BRAD, and BILL Iwill 2 weeks vacation of fun and sun at the desert and a lifetime supply of gas and parts for your bi es. To BRUCE, FREEBERG, SCOTT ENGLIGH and UNCLE ED- DIE LUMAYA .1 will a new way oftalkingwierd---the other way is getting old, guys. And lastbut not least to BART PARKERI will a thank you for the short but sweet times we had together, a friend who will mind is own business and not get your signals crossed, a lifetime subscription for hap- piness in whatever you do. JOHN LUMAYA I, JOHN LUMAYA, being of sound mind, willto the next 145- pound lineman the number 61. To everyone I will more parties to get wasted at andmore trash cans for all the pigs to put their lunch in. SHERI DUNAWAY I, SHERI DUNA WAY, will to everyone entering Edgewood a box ofband 'aidsin case they de- cide to buy hot chocolate in the moming. To MRS. .TABLONSKY Iwill three students interested in drama so that she can start a club. To MR. WEBSTER I bequeath' a book ofteenage terms so that he can my he know s four languages. To ROBIN VALENCIA will a sore throat. To DINO CLARK I w ill a secretary so that she doeni't have to type. To SUE BOOTS and BEWBARNSI bequeath my secret on "how to get good grades and do nothing". MA RGI WESTLUND I, MARGARET ELAINEWEST- LUND, being of sound mind and body, hereby will to KEITH W. a glerm-free wash bottle filled wit deionized water, ten easy lessons in curtain pulling, a towe to take with him to Disneyland and Ueeperslj the Fred 10 lga scriptf?J e lost. To MRS. J. and the Drama Dept. Ileave a few rainy daymad houresfand brokeng flash cu es. To CAROL TREES I leavel, 000 guaranteed unbreak- able crucibles and a mile long piece of gla s tubing. TO IANIS FORREST I leave my picture, "Fortget-me-not". To MR. MAYSfthe ather of Edge 4 wood chemistrly explosinnsl I will 1000 " little" c emists. To PAM- ELA IUDGE-Honey-the-first, I will all the chocolate mints she! can eat, rain puddles to jump in fwhen she's notwithmel, an aca - demy award for her marvelous performance as the Snow Queen gliding gracefully through the snow, and most important of all . . .a smile to wear forever. To my truly sister KAREN, leave her Mickey Mouse to have and to hold from this day forward, soap pperas galore, liver until she turns into one, and all the love He glalve to us to share. Finally, toL DA LEE,I will an unbroken rose stem, a watch chained to her arm, a green thumb ffor a changej, two rabbits ffor a startj, her "honey" forever and a new sister every day. To all my sis- ters andbrothers and every one at Ed ewood,I hope that the know- lefge and joy of love in Jesu! Christ maybring true peace to all of you. PATTI WILLIAMS I, PATTI WILLIAMS, being of sound mind and able body, hereby bequeath to JULIE CUT- TRELL the memories of our high school years, especially those memories ofMR, SILVEY S sum- mer study trip. To MARGARET LIPKA, I leave a book of dirty jokes---some new ones. I leave LESLIE GRINSTEAD a pair of ear plugs so she won't have to listen to Margaret's jokes. To DANA PIERCE I leave a jug of orange kool'aid for the beach. To DALE BEUCLERI leave someone to do his ICM with. To SCOTT EVANS I will-a pair of sexy feet.I will KEITH WETZEL a pair of sexy elbows. To STEVE SHADELLI will someone else to bugin his English class and some- one to help him with his ICM. Tc BOBMOREAU I will a big supply of gum and some broken poker chips. For RONNIE PACHO, I leave another lab assistant he can teach lessons to. To RICH SMEL- LEY It leave some nice curtains from the beach with peanut but- ter on them. T0 TICH, JULIE, BOB, MAR' GARET, DANA, DALE, UTIGER. and DALE B. I leave a deck of cards anda box of poker chips to throw around the living room. To BOB, DALE U. and their friend and mine, DON, I leave all the broken gas dryers in the world. For MR. SILVEY, I leave abottle of sanit Lills to take on his summer stuclly trips. CATHY JOHNSON I, CATHY JOHNSON, will JILLBLAYLOCK a blue 240-Z, a Honda-7 O,and may all her dreams come tmue. To WARRENI will a pi1ot's license.To RON, RONNIE, RON, STEVE, and WARREN, I willagreat big kiss to thank you for allthe great times we've ad together and hopefully more to come. To SABRINA I leave a caseofChantill perfume, glas- ses Cwatch out for the maze and the curbsl, and much happiness. To GAIL GOLDSTEIN I give thanks for her understanding and for just beingsherself, a beautiful person, and OOD LUCK at Santa Cruzllwill DEB fa fellow much- kinj and BILL a house in the de- sert and manywishes for love and good fortune in the future. To OBIwi1la lifetime of happiness and many thanks for making last summer the best I've ever had and one I'1l never for et. To DEF' EE RARIER I will motorcycle lessons so that you won't crash into Cactus plants, nine more years of close friend- ship and fantastic memories, and most of all, all the happiness ih ihe world, CAROL FORREST 1, CAROL FORREST, being of sound mind and body, do here- by bequeath the following. To CHERYL KOHLER I will a year's supply of cough drops, five more TV sets,a guy, one ton of moz- zarella string cheese and best wishes for two more fantastic years at EHS. To lab drawer l, I will back all the equipment that I broke, and, to MR. MAYSI will my " conscientiousness' fm ay he worry in peacej and mg thanks for all the patience an under- standing he gave me this year. To RICK VAN LENT I leave the Pittsburg Steelers. I give to CHARLES IRWIN ROSSMAN II the Los Angeles Lakers and a few inch- es. To LINDA POMEROY I will the ability to give away a secret fit may be hard- ibn: you can do taki- IRRNEHT Howl, Leave ev Elki- BODY Tlflebli CBIUUNPA sun NSWQ1 El-65 ffm! to Nl RH 9:9 UV I Q l -J Bc .ir Linda! band my thanks to her for being my favorite loan and banking agency. To APRIL I be- queath the abilitcy to tolerate fy-pu know wholj an my best wis es for a happy future. To DADDY NORM o Norm's Di1emma,I will the patience to put up with an- other CarolForrest on any trip he might take, fHeaven elp his sou lj To KEITH I will Claudia and a smaller stomach.To ALISON I. I will 10 children, a white porsche, 8100, 000, 000, her own theater and drama workshotp, and a great big THANK -YOU or devoting so much of her time and energy in helping me to become abetter person, and actress, and instilling in me an appreciation of all forms of dramatic arts. To CARL, I will a pumpkin pie every other day for the rest of his life. To CATHY I will Tim and to TIM I will Cathy, To S. B.I will a successful care- er and a husband, and also the ability to write letters. To DONNA I will my love and fri- endship for life, and to MONUA some brothers and sisters. Last, but not least, I will to my sister JANIS, my old Seat in concert choir, two more wonderful years at E. H.S. and a life full of joy peach, and happiness. DEBBIE RAYMER I, DEBBIE RAYMER to the following E. H. S. students will: To JOHN Callas EDDIEJ LUMAYA I will carbon copies of "BOBS" love letters to brin life to par- ties. To TOM DAVFES I will the ability to buy heaslthy gold fish. To MR. and MRS. GOLDSTEIN I will a 26th wedding anniversary I promise not to serve at. And to GAIL I bequeath a straight story with all the facts, not tc mention the award for best per- sonality. To KURT BORING I leave a flat tire from Evel Knievels mo-- torcycle, seat belzts for his own bike and a first place win. To Il1.L I leave a pair of tweezers, a night with "P" and a big kiss. To SABRINA I will another week at DONNA'S and BOB'S with all the trimmings like we had last Easter. To "LITTLE DEB" I give a pair of black rim glasses, 3 inch grow pills, and two rothers- in-law for her understanding sis- ters. The only fittin thin I can leave RON, RONNIE, RSN L. , STEVE and WARREN is a big thank you for filling this year witha lot of good times. WAR- REN also wins the sloppy-second album. To CATHY ROSE JOHN- SONIwill 10, 000 fun filled fan- tastic memories of' a suorg friendship for the past 9 years, a pair of scissors, and one certain person, "CATHY knows" ..... . GORDON HAMA CHI Seen your Willies? Senor Wills? He played for the Dod- gers, didn'the? Huh? Oh, THAT ind of senior will! Why didn't you say so? Her.: it is, the New Testa- ment. fActually, since I don't havea previous will on file, it's also the Old Testament. Does that make this a Bible?1 And so it came to pass that upon the 14th day of the sixth month in the year of your Lord 1973 the editor of the Odyssey journeyed unto the top of Mount Tain so to receive the stone fpills upon which w as engraved the New Testament of GORDON HAMA- CHI, And the spirit of GOODMAN looked down uponit and saw that it was good. Now there arose in the land of Troy a vain man. And the LORD HAMACHI looked down upon this and was displeased. And unto him He delivered a greatrain of refuse. And liken- ed unto BRADBURY there ascend - eda pillar of fire from the la nd. And the people witnessed this, and saw that it was good. Long through the night jour- neyed the three wise guys toward the pillar ascending to the heav- ens. And the lord neseeched the people beware of strangers bear- ing gifts. But they heeded him not. And unto the gates of Troy was delivered a gr iathorse. And the people rejoiced and took unto their land the figure. Now, concealed within the bowels of the horse there dwelled the spiritofl-IAMACI-Il, And the spiritmoved in mysterious ways. And unto TIONA He delivered a many-coloured cravat, A fine set of two and thirty idols of darkness and light He delivered unto the wormed one. And the light and the darkness was the first day. Unto the uise of a mentor was delivered afiorde of simians. And under a pall, revered mentor a shovel. And the light and the darkness was the second day. Now in the mystical land of DEE which was filled with sul- phurous odours likened unto Satin lay the fifth month. And the waters boiled and froze, and gi'-eat miracles were performed. And the spirit smiled upon him and upon the wielderofthe burlap container. And the darkness and the light was the third day. And th: spirit of HAMAC1-ll said, let there be fishes in the ocean, andlet them be fruitful and multiply. And DAVIES look- ed down upon it and saw that it was good. And the light and rht darkness was the fourth day. So it was decreed. He who loseswins the race, and all par- allel lines meet in space. And the light and the Harkness was the 'Q stiff W .a 5 ac 5 Q fifth day. And B begat T. Le point. Esoteric. Mystic. Pandora's box kicked over by a drunken bum unleashed all hell upon humanity in the form of the class of "73. And the levity and the sadness y xN'was the sixth day, 1 Q . And on the seventh day ' ' HAMACHI rested. QX And I know this aint legal- ly binding nohow! ! ! ! KIM SMITH I, KIM SMITH,beinfg of sound mind and bod,will the ollowingen To STEVE HERR1NGToN 1 wil! . the whole Pacific Ocean, a love" song that we can sing seriously. and the memories of all the good times w e've had together,"I loved 'em". Thanks artner! To SCOTT HERTENSTEINI leave all the vitamins from A to Z, more sand in your pants, a clean room, a few more muscles and a really "Great" future. To BOB DRAKE I will the"good ol' times" and my little sister? To PAT KELLY Ileave elevator shoes, and anot- her game of CCT. To YOTTI I will anything that will slow her down, and someone to catch her sneaking out at 3:00 am. To CARLA I will something not to talk about, and alot o good Fattening Food. To JIM, GLENN, and GREG, I will Happy Times and one life-long PARTY. To JERRY I leave a Not-So-Big Secret, Qof Blackmailj. To TOM RUTTEN, I will our friendship forever, and the best things out of life. To STEVE P. I leave 2 tickets to last years Christmas Ball. To TIM SKORHEIM, better known as "Banger", I will one bigbang, and a Wall! To MARY S. l will B.C. To MARY D. I leave a V.W. that won't go over 5m.p.h. To CATHYM, A. S, H. er I will a T.V. that has the 3 stooges on every channel, and to all 3 of you FUN, MISCHIEF, and LOTS OF LAUGHS. To CHRIS S. I will a bright and happy future with JOHN, and to that wino RUTH I leave a case of Strawberry Hill. T9 J.vB. I will plenty of" Close -calls'L "Thef' com ination,Rainiy Day's, Hap- piness for you an SANDY, and 1431 To the "FOXY" coaches of EHS I will a school full of win- ning teams, spirit, and good lookin' girls also no COACH BREIT plenty of colored chalk, my Advisor, a wrestling match we never gat around to, and much Happiness always. To MRS. CLIF- FORD our F. W. C. and a "piece ofmind"since we probably made you lose yours! To the Pep Squad leave behind only "GOOD" memories, and I will the ability to keep srtrall problems SMALL. To SUSIE, my best friend and "twin" , I will a new wardnobe fnothing containing green or goldj a camp-out in the Broadway for one night, a bill for all the mon - ey she owes me, a new brain that doesn't think just like mine, a' mouth that doesn't say the same things at the same time as mine, the ability to do-the gplits, an du one big LAUGH at all those suck'- ers who believe all our lies, but most of all a friendship that can't be matched and that will last for - ever. And to all my other friends, I will the best that can ever be willed. . AN ENDLESS SUMMER! MERLA HUNTLEY I, MERLA HUNTLEY, being of partly sound mind, but not so sound mouth, will to my little brother the luck to graduate in three years. To ARTHUR "my brother" Iwish luck in becoming a lawyer so he can fix the traf- fic tickets I get. To LIZ I will some way to straighten her nat- urally curly hair, and a new diet to stay on---she'll never do it! ! Ha! l-la! To MISS LINK I will a nice muscular man to keep her warm on cold nights or a heater. To all of the girls P.E. teachersl will my green and white P,E. prison shirt. Ileave MR. TER- ESA, a very nice wop, another' woip like me to tease, and more ki s for brunch and lunch to liv- en up the ASB office. To JORGE I give all the calories I gained from the candy and cokes-I ought from him. To ELAINA QUALLS I will good luck with the lock on her engagement ring, and " Pee-Weel I wil to LYDIA, my best friend the hope for many more good times, and the hope that a dream we both have will come true someday. To my mom and dad lgive all the love Ihave and my support when they need it. I will FRANK, all the love and ha pi- ness in our friendship and luclk in becoming a cop--so that he can support his family! To the mem ers of the sen- ior class I will all the luck in becoming what you want. To everyone else at Edgewood and everyone who has helped me grow Isay thank,you, and may happi - ness be in your heart for your eternity. Iwish good luck to all. MRS, SCHNEIDER remember our bet for 35.00. To the senior class Ispent mostof my time with remember when this is over we wiill all do this again. . . someday, okay? To the loviest and most comparable couple I know, and almost forgot, JON and JUDY SWEAT I say "Cheers" to mty knowing and growing thanks or everything, lovely people!! was if it 'Was it was the- th.e The Q . asdivflswisdvm, lepoqh ' of sincfedulity season of Light was theseasonfof Darkness scifi- 1 f1geTv'b J", s if ' -,, f x ' W '-.' 4 ' , " QW, .Q-, -I Q ,P . . ,I - y 14:55 ,Y ' :5..,?f,1, 52:3 , L5 . "Rf: f arf".- 'Es ff". :JL ' 5.5 .:?f.1q , ,. ,,- ' " ' .1 .J.1?r'?Q 4' 425 .ily-7 'w:2g'jLf.3iwAi5n :Y . , , af' QW' 7 f 4 'Eff' 53 ' .Qfg.1,,, n-. . ,,,Ve2B,,, +V -W. 3 vggk 5, A. W5 VCE f n 1 ,Q f . , . A L w bf? as 1' s '-4' 3, 5"-ggsavms,-rw as W is Agfmg him +V V 4 'fwfwtzfiflg Q K il A FP sf . ,gy K Af ,xp . ,f'.-.KL 3 .ve X sf: 1 U-sf git? 1" M ' Q E155 gs fl 22.42 aj 1 .di .Q Q 2:2 '- swgsz- , ' 'M R...-,Y Q x .K K, A ,: V 155515513 A . ' V2 -E. nz .ly -, X K, -aw, , ic H5 A , s ' '1 sfrh 4- 335 45" - . Ea gf: 5, ' , ' x rv Q' . as , N. ,rw Q, v we " 1 f'.A,,' s 'gfhm ff-'?"', Fw' - JC' '- ' ' 55. , .5'L'fivfJg'5.,2Y h.w,1,W .L N X. , . , , , , his 51' 1 fg.f?51. s ' ,, v:-'pf22'wf :Lil . A ' JK? ' ' f- rf' ig 'J ' ' M ' , -FY' 1 . K "ggi ' ' Q , 1, I ,V .G .1 vk sg . , ,. ,r -,l ,7Mi,.s.,g .Wg as -f -if 2 '- vpwf. 4, 4 -,yu "S v 4 2 i V fa m BRESWPJSEW, WURDZ RWIZWMB? M How. 'Q'P:'2,5m BE Q WWW' .7 OUR EUTUKE? QEAQXWU Q D Q NWWJ - Q-hm as X g Q Kjfgix ' f '+ F lfx fx, X: 1 1 Q5 . QA E .,Af f-v-- ' 1' 't 5 ,X i a ti E 5 ' i - Q73 i Upon completing these twelve years of prescribed education, it is hoped that you have gained suffi- intellectual prowess to allow you to deal successfully with He society that exists outside these walls of learning. Howeyen besides an intellec- tual foundation, hope- fully you have also acquired some ideals upon which you will build your life, i- deals which you will make an effort to maintain throughout your life, If you leave this institution of learn- ing as caring human beings, adults that are concerned about other people of all races, creeds and social positions, then the educators on this campus have suc- ceeded. If you enter society an honest and sincere person and maintain these duali- ties even when dis- honesty or insincer- ity looms as an easy means or lucrative end, then we teachers have successfully taught. If you are unselfish and sensi- tive to the family, friends and aocuaint- ences that V"l cur- round you through your life adventure, then you have learn- ed our lessons well. Show to others these qualities and theywill be returned to you a hundredfold, You will respect yourself, and self resnectis an es- sential ingredientfbr the goal universal to all humans: Happiness As you enter this new era of your life take time to reflect upon the kind of per- son you want to be. If you are honest, sincere, caring, semsi- tive and unselfish, you will be happy with yan'- self and therefore, able to function more effectively in society. I wish you success.as a human being, Ms. Janet Thompson Rather than writ- ing a Nwords of Wis- domn formula which would be both nos- talgic and hypocrit- ical because no one fulfills their ambi- tions to the extent they desire, we will reflect upon the myths of high school, College has been an improvement over high school but at the same time you must encounter problems of self motivation many times asking yourself is this where I want to go? In answering this dilema we would say the earlier you de- cide where your Hheads atn the eaner to make a goal at- tainable and worth- while, And of course throughout your life you will be subjected to many unwritten 'social lawsu remember the world changes as it revolves, and the political lying, so- cial injustica etc., will improve as edu- cation reaches a plane of equality Cnot that education is unfair but 'the way it's distributed iSJ Also, whether going on to college or not, an educated man isn't necessarily the one with the most de- grees but applying whatever sum dfknow- ledgein life so that your interactions with the rest of hu- manity can heresard- ed as Nhigher educa- tionn and more im- portantly envolve- ment. Finally what we're trying to ex- press has already been articulated in I Corinthians, Chap- ter l3, versus 2 8 3- HIf I had the gift of prophecy and knew all about what is go- ing to happen in the future, knew every- thing about every- thing, but didn't love others, what good would it do? Even if I had the gift of faith sol could speak to a mountain and make it move, I would still be worth nothing at all without love,N Good Luck and God Bless, Jean Karasek and Geb Church, Good Bye Seniors Ymnve rmde it-or have you? Vouv'e made trmle friends of have Von? Youv'e learned all that's really impor- tant-or have you? Youv'e grovvuto :adult- hood-or have you? Nhat do you really know for sure? what I know for sure is that youv'e made it at least this far. My parting wish for You is sensativity, courage anidetermi- nation during the re- mainder of life's challenge. Norm 'ilvev I think we are all going to have to bec- true Hoitizens of world." 'Phe nat- ome the ion-state system with requirements for its territory , military defense, and national wealth cannot contin- ue . Humanity cannot afford it . The time has come Qn'all per- sons to abandon such tliings as national self-interest, bloat- ed military budgets, ever - increasing de- mands for mate rial goods and such nati- onalistic trappings as flags, flag salu- tes, national anthems and loyalty oaths, Thereisonlyone tnie human interest, and that is the creation of a decent life for all on planet earth. This interest willbe fustratedr as long as people in the world think of tkmemselves asinhxwmnts of isolated boxes.Cl- early,the first step in achievingsapeace- ful, unpolluted, and decent world for all is for people -inclu ding yau straduates- to become world citi- zens. Failure to do this, I fear, will only acceleratethose forces which are rush- ing us all to a pre- mature death. Peace, Mr, Martz mee I've got my Seniors: To be brief, my nwords of wisdom' are these: YOU set what you Give aid you can't give any- thing away! Mrs. Elley The days are gone --just as days go by. You have en- joyed the pleasures and have suffered the pains of your age Taken all in all it has perhaps not been a time of rapture. Hopefully it has been a time brightened w'i t h happiness and joy. There is much to he said for con- tentment and pain- lessness but in time that too be- comes more than we can endure. Long for strong emotions and sensations and shrug those days of d i scontentment-- days without spe- cial cares, without particular worry, without despair. You will have days when you wonder, objective and fear- less, whether it isn't time to ge out and get invol- Veda Nancy Gier To the Class of 1973: Nearly four years ago, we were new- comers to the world of Edgewood High School-it's sche- dules, procedures, traditions, a n d sometimes its con- fusion. Although I'm thoroughly en- joying being at home with my daugh- ter,I do still wish I could be spending your last year of high school with you. For in three years I saw sueh tremendous growth a n d maturing i n many of you and made some lasting a n d much-valued friendships w i t h some of you. Life continues to seem more pre- cious and more m s- day. life teries every Surely, our experiences w i l 1 sad- contain some nessg we will wit- ness and perhaps participate i n cruelty. But to pass beyond these things and come out on the other side of sadness to a better knowledge of ourselves and a gentle acceptance of others is per- haps the very es- sense of living. I hope these past four years at Edge- wood have at least partially prepared you to meet life as a great force that moves continually forward the past. To really live, we must move with lifq moulding it when we can, and accepting it when we must. A poet friend once included these two lines in a poem entitled 'Ciaons Reach and let it Qifel go, L e s t possession spawn a greed. These words capsu- lize my farewell wishes to eaeh of you. Reach out to meet with and grasp life. But never hold on so tightly to any particular moment that you be- e o n e fixed and stagnant. For life moves on, don't let it pass you by. Susan Johnson Last summer while at the beach, I had the opportunity to read a book which is' very close to the idealism of live that I believe I wisht: share my thoughts about the book and suggest that you take the time to read it. It is ealledihis Time Called Life, by Walter Rindar, and it points out that there is M CH to do in: Think Hear Initate Qense gums Interest Meet gyaluate Qare answer Listen Lpugh Evolve Lpeide Qove Improve Eulfill Eternity Mrs. Clifford I would like to remind the seniors that life is their oyster, that they should approach their futures with a bright, cheery, optimistic attitude. Lilo the million- aire in this poem, they already have a million things go- ing for them in this wonderfulcnun- try of ours. I've got my the river, I've got my the sea, I've got my name on name on name on the summer skies, They all belong to 118.1118 O11 the violets, That grow in their far corner fair, And wherever Nature has planned peace, My name is written there. As far as the eye can travel, From where I stand in the sun, I've got my name on the singing birds T h a t mate when spring is new, BwtIwon't be self- ish with all the things-- I'll share them, my friend, with you! There is no deed to the river, There is no lock to the seag Not all the power in all the world Can take their joy from me! There is no fence round the Heavens, No vault holds the sumset's gold, The earth is mine and the heavens are mine, till all the suns groweold. The stars are my thousand jewels, And Life is my bread and wine, And all that I see was made for me, And all that I lovq is mine! Anonymous Mr. Velaseo Sounds We Heard --- '69 to '73 Four years ago, about and around 1969, the future class of '73 put its Nconverse sneakeredn feet on the lit- tered, non-political, apathetical, smog-ridden halls of Hgood olen Edge- wood High School. We were called the Woodstock Gener- ation, being that during the previous sum er the historical Woodstock Music and Art Fair took place in Bethel, New York, and attracted a crowd of over 500,000. For t ose who were musically aware at the time, they knew that a critical change had taken place. U0ur Musicn was now taken more seriously and there was an awareness of the lyrics, which were now saying things about what was important to us--Viet- nam, Poverty, and Racism. Politics had very much to do with music. Incidents such as the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, Kent State, Jackson State, inspired musi- cians to write meaningful songs. Let us now go back to August of 1969. On the 600 acre farm of Max Yasgar, who died on Feb. ll, l975, Michael Laing and two other promoters staged the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Origi- nally planned for two other sites, the festival finally took place, attract- ing the attention of the nation and the world. Over 500,000 showed up for the 3 day event which was held without major incident. As one resident of Bethel stated, Hwhat would happen if 500,000 adults got together and drank beer for 3 days,' the answer is obvious. The stars at Woodstock were Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After, Santana, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jefferson Airplane, Canned Heat, Janis Joplin, Mountain, Sly and The Family Stone, Melanie, John Sebas- tian, Richie Havens, The Who, The Grateful Dead, Sweet Water, The But- terfield Blues Band, Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, lt's a Beautiful Day, Country Joe and the Fish and of course, the Peo- A . 3.29 ,--f if 1: -' ple. Of course there were many follow-ups to Woodstock, but none as successful or noticeable. The only incident that named 1969 was the Altamont Free Concert put on by the Stones. The He1l's Angels were the security and what was suppossed to be a beautiful happening suddenly turned into a night- mare with one fatality. ,S ' In 1970 Jimi Hendrix died. So did Janis Joplin.There were rumors about the end and demise of rock.l97O was a stand- still year for rock. I In 1971 there were no more Beatles. Remember those songs.These were the songs that were popular when we were here. Hey Jude by the Beatles,Aquarius, 5th Demen- sion, Sugar Sugar, the Archies, Joy to the Wbrld,3 Dog Night,A1one Again Natur- ally, Gilbert O'Sul1ivan, Knock 3 Times, Dawn, I'11 Be There, Jackson Five, Heard It Through the Grapevine, Marvin Gaye, Raindrops, B.B. Thomas, Maggie May, Rod Stewart, My Sweet Lord, George Harrison, American Pie, Don McLean, Let It Be, the Beat1es,Bridge Over Troubled Water,Simon and Garfunkel, Brand New Key, Melanie. It's To Late, Carol King, Everyday Peop1e,Sly and the Family Stone, Brandy, Looking Glass,A Horse with no Name,Amer- ica,Tears of a Clown,Smokey Robinson and the Mirac1es,One Less Bell to Anlwer,5th Dimension, Without You, Nilssen, Shaft, Issac Hayes, Mam a Told He not to Come, 3 Dog Night,Let's Stay Together,Al Green, The hits are endless,these were just some of the money makers of music while we Remem- were learning how to make money. ber Led Zepplin,Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young,The Kinks,Elton John, James Taylor and Carly Simon. A Ten Years agos they said that our music was just fad, that it would soon end. But how could a thing as powerful as music end.It never stops growing, It progresses. we have the formula and the power to make enjoy and listen to good music, and it will never end. IN A THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN NEAR YOU! Walk Ins S2 00 person 34. 25 Plus Licke i 0 Drive-Ins ' 31:50 cgziigxftgxxssxgil Lion CounrrY.Safari - All Mowpm AAAi was is U 33. 95 admlssronl Dl'iVe Thrll l 'M s .Q Q fgd X ' -21" LIC as - 4 -+ 5 . 'Z' QNX Q Sf Sfamp QAM- g . :J N araaifaiaiszn' S A Rl . Catch-Hollywood 4 1- rrght rn the act. UNIVE SAL srumos Ports 0' all SAN PEDRO me muunc me Anrvnssron , Q 1,7 . A: K , -lr. , fl n I I iii, ,,:, gi Zibq AE "::: ant, 1 4. r 1 A ,, ,A,A4,., Ng, 34. 25 admission ,.,.1.:,:.,,f Q "": .1,:. 1 . "if f fees.: Q ,:,111,::. . -20 7 ,. .1 4 I Q :xx -:.g,-,.,. . .,-....,. , .. 4,.... ..:.:.:. Ja panese Village 33' 50 admission k , ,am ,K ' ' G lf - . . mfgsarlffsi ggme, 4.1.2 X Warnrngz The Surgeon General Has Determrned ,- so 154 all games That Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous toYour Health. V m aiter Bob's Bigboy ' 7043 D- 424 pac' sf L E, .v In -N' Out - 50175 , l f gg ' ' , .,.- Budxveis er. EG Beach Parking was asia-me as S1-Oofday kfyr l 3 514. Q 5 e F5 5' 'zoo-' - 58.50 E X T K A D M, ..... .... . .0 , E LOSANGMS 51-35f6'PaC . PARRELFS : X? 'wvzawzzmaamzfmz1svs:.s:x.:.v.:f,:,:ssxmsa:1wzsa2 -',' ' - ICE CREAM Admission Includes ' PARLQU R . 4- on frdes and shows -. , 453 Busch Gardens - . -F v 32.50 admission ,,,,.,,--B18 Mac ' 604 ow U18 254 ggoes McDon8ldS B 1' ' 604 me' 5, r ,g better QQ 35, OO - admission includes all rides 81 shows Sl. 57f8'Dac 22425 ea. '13th'l Class Graduates Everyone knows why it's bad luck to be superstitious. Cwhy? Because it is stupid! Well, almost everybody ..... D But, how many people really know why the number is considered bad luck? KDon't tell me, let me guess.D Thirteen is a perfectly good number,no better or worse than any other, yet most people avoid it like it was homework or something. Let's examine examples of prejudice people purposely persist in perpetrating a- gainst thirteen. Take clocks as an example of number prejudice. Face up to the fact that the numbers only go up to the number 12. Likewise, calendars are guilty of number-prejudice. When was the last time you remember having a thirteen day week- --or a thirteen week month---or a thirt- een month year---or a thirteen hour day- --or any combination of the above. Turning to the building industry we find still more evidence of public bias against the number between twelve and fourteen. Elevator manufacturers and architects have conspired to eliminate the thirteenth floor from most build- ings. CBuck Rodgers should do so much.D Did you know that of the hundreds of homeowners in West Covina, not one will admit to having a thirteenth floor on his house? This cannot be mere coinci- dence. The mathematics department avoids the number thirteen.Is it just by chance that one always skips thirteen when counting by twos or threes or fours or fives? The science department is no better off. Why is it that aluminum is the only element with the atomic number thirteen? Why aren't there thirteen planets in- stead of nine? These are questions you, as intelligent, thinking, openminded people,should be constantly asking your- selves. The art department also shuns the number, which George Carlin might des- cribe as Hsix twos and a onen, but in a much more subtle and devious way. The only reason why the instructionsHJacose- ly using dazzling yellows,brighten other lesser zonesn is never found on paint boxes or in art books Kunless you write it there yourselfl is because that sent- ence has Sh, or four times thirteen let- ters in it. It's a perfectly good sent- ence otherwise. Let's not forget our religious fri- ends, either. How come there are only lO commandments, or eight-folds in a path? There is, however, some small Justific- ation for the fear and hatred of the number thirteen. Ask Coach wells sometime about those missed conversions fif you darel! Thirteen is a baker's dozen, but then how many successful bakers do you know? NASA knows all about Apollo 13. Then there's the older generation. The number thirteen strikes terror in the hearts of all over-thirty group, Thirteen is the age where nice little kids like Atilla,Sirhan, Genghis, Billy, Lee, Charles, Pat, Dick, and Spiro be- come teen-agers and begin to terrorize the world. fQuick, how many letters in HRichard M. Nixonn?l Finally, there are those who love,cher- ish, honor and obey, in sickness and in health, the number thirteen, After all, nMHis the thirteenth letter of the alpha- bet. These people usually like the numbers l, 18, 9. lO. 21, and lk too. Yes,thirteen is a very curious num- ber. The controversy rages on. Good, bad, neither, both, whatever, and who will ever be able to say for certain? But why let that stop us.There are still a few more numbers left for us to con- template. Let's take seven, or maybe seven and one half, or zero, or maybe nineteen. On the other hand, there's 0.333333-or two,or perhaps twelve,or .... . Wu-.nlm,w.wL ,Y . .. .M , . J 5 1 5 3 l 1 E 1 Our Edgewood High baseball team is to be con- sidered one of the best in the valley. It had eight returning etterman coming back for the '73 season, trying to take first place in Sierra League, Qwhich we took second in last yearl and to compete in C.l.F. The captains of our '73 team are Jerry Anderson and Jim Bocyles. Jerry plays cen- aterage last year. and making all Pomona Tour- nament Team, and receiv- ing an Honorable Mention, also would like to play D10 baseball. Other players on the team that are returnin let- term en are Dave Aloi, gruce Freeberg, Ron Hida, Lee Mascher, Gary Qoenicke, and Dave Vega. Dave Aloi is a returning Y 7 , terfiel and is plannin ro all leaguer. getting second it j i play probessional baseiall team utility and Honorable 'K A A 'Q or go I0 Sag Djegg Slate, Nl6l'lIlOl'l A 1 VHHCY. DAVE 'Y V, if Jim is the Trojan catcher also played on the West and with a .317 batting Covina American Legion CoachGaryKretz B a S e b a I I I Team and was selected Rookie of the Year. Bruce Freeberg is a very fine pitcher for the Trojans this year and would like to at- tend San Luis Obispo or play pro baseball. Ron Hida who plays a good game of base- bal , would like to attend San Diego State in the future and live down by the beach. Lee Masc .er who was Most Valuable Player in '72 was 7-0 last year with a E.R.A. of O. 98. He made all league second team, all valley, and plans on making baseball a career. Gary Roenicke whoisa three year lerterman is one of the strong points on the team. Gary is an all around ath- lete. He is a three -year letterman in football, and got second team all-league aS a wide receiver. Gam played his first lyear of Var- sity basketbal and made first team All League. Last year in baseball, ary play- ed third base and made se- cond team All League. Dave Vega plays first ase and outfield. He is a strong hitter and a fine fielder. Dave plans on going to the Air Force Academy orClare- mont Colle e. Overali the Trojans should be on top this year. They have very fine talent, with the eicght returning let- termen an have a fine J. V. team coming up. The Edge- wood High Trojans "will" be number one, this great year of "73". 1 i l ,W ata- ,-1, The Edgewood gymnas - tics team, under t e man- agement of Coach Richard Foshay, did reasonably well this year by ending the 197 3 season with a 5 win, 4 loss y e a r , Brad Stevens, the team is expected back at al- most full strength next year. This year's top perfor- mers included: Wayne Bou- overall record and a 2 win, 2 loss record in league com - petition. Se nio r Dugan Norris, a three-year varsity letter- man competed in all siix gymnastics events. Dugan's est events are the parallel bars, rings and free exer- cise. Since there is only one other senior gymnast this cher on rings, long horse, parallel bars and high bar: Mark Norris and Tim emke on free exercise: Joe Vital and Doug?-lopkinson on the pommel orse: Cliff Pun- chard on high bar: and John Wendal on on horse. The top QV gymnasts were Kyle Davis and Eric Rosencrantz. The team's managers were Jim Garland and Randy Duram. Track Lead byCoaeh Ken Wells the 1973 track team had a far from successful season as they mana ed to win only one meet. E lack of experience was the key to Troy's season as only eight seniors participated. The Azusa Aztecs were the onldy team that Troy manage to surpass. Lead- ing t e winning effort were ing-ithe winning effort were, as as been true in the pre- vious years, Dwight Owens and Arthur Eddy. Seniors included on the squad were Dale Beuclar. Art Eddy, Rey Fast, John Freeman, Steve Gonzales, Dwight Owens, Paul Ram- sey, and last but not least A len Rubenstein. Gymnastics GI1 Edgewood High School tennis, traditionally not a strong sport, kept up its rep' utationwith the team com- liling a one win, thirteen loss record throughout the season. Troy's perennial prob- lem is ack of depth. Al- thoughled by strong players, the varsity team as a whole was no match for other schools. This year's team was led by captain Kent Hess, Kit Maughn, Tom Grace, Richard Ortega and Scott Evans. Other varsity letter- men were Gordon Hamachi, nis Dale Utiger, Brian Art, John Deck and Mark Vester. Although the team made a poor showing, Coach Mike Shaw had many fine things to say about this years team. "We had a oun team, but they workedfhars and there was a tremendous attitude on the Seniors part. " The Most Valuable Pliyer was Richard Ortega an Most Improved went to John Deck. Those advanc- ing to League Finals were Kit Maughn and Kent Hess, singgasg and John Deck and Ric rd Ortega. doubles. Edgewood High School's Cross Country season started in August, two weeks before the beginning of school. If a school 's Cross Country team is going to have a good season the team should get together during the summer and run. The Edgewood C r o s s Country team was under the new management of Coach Kirk. This is his first year at Ed ewood, and he did an exceient job for Cross Coun - tryand the swim team. Be- fore Coach Kirk came to Edgewood he taught at a schoo1inG1endora. In high school back in the state of Wyoming he was All-State in the hurdles, at a time of 13 . 5 seconds 1180 highsj. He was also All-American in swimming. In college he was an exceptional diver for the University of Wyoming. When asked about next years season he said, "lt looks very promising with many retur- ning lettermen. " This years team had one of its best seasons with three wins and six losses. Many of you may think that this isa ousyrecord, well may- be you re right, but with only tw e n ty runners you don't have that much depth. It takesa -lot of courage and guts to force yourself to run t w o mile s continuously. Cross Country The Frosh-Soph had their best season also, with five wins and four losses. Many ofthe exceptional senior runners will betgtad- uating, and we say goo -bye to capt.. Arthur Eddy, ex- Capt. Dale Beucler, Roland Leza, and Mark Reed. But with manlyofthe runners re- turning dgewood stands a ood chance to be fighting ?or league title next year. Swimming The EHS Varsity swim team under the direction of coach Pat Kirk, underwent a rebuilding year as they captured only one of nine meets. However, Troy's highly regarded Frosh-Sofh team totaled a 'I-2 mark or the season. Leading the Senior squad were Bruce Hawkins C189 pointsj and captain Dave El- liot C173 pointsj. Roundin out the Seniors were Daniel Anthony, Keith Wetzel and Chuck Learn. So phomores Andy Leslie , however, led the team with 358 points and was voted Most Valuable Swimmer. Following' Leslie with 295- 1!4 points was another Soph- omore Jerry Bates. Other awards went to Mike Peffer- Most Inspira- tional, Bruce Hawkins- Most Improved, Chris Joyce-High Point Frosh-Soph, Jerry Bates- Pentathlon and Mike Wallace received the coach- es award. The 1974 captains will be Mike Ash and Darryl Myrick. Troy sent three people to League Finals. They were Senior, Bruce Hawkins and Sophomores JerrgfBates and Andy Leslie. the three, Leslie went on to par- ticipate in the CIF prelimin- aries. BASKETBALL As another Chapter Ends in Trojans sports history the Edgewood High School Var- sity Basketball team closed out their season with a 10-13 win, loss record. Under the leadership of Coach Mike Lassalette this year's Varli ty squad contpil ed the best win loss record fora Trojan Varsity basket- ball team in four years. The season opened up against Charter Oak, as our squad which lacked the as- sistance of any returning Varsity lettermen outscored their opponents by 20 points, handing us a 69-49 win. The result of the Arroyo Tournament was not as txomisinghowever. as Trot suffered two' losses. Mark Keppal squeaked by Edge- wood with a two point mar- gin, whilekrroyo gave Troy t eremalning oss. Troy bounced back after those setbacks and turned in a fine performance during the Edgewood Tournament by taking second place los- ing only to, at that time, the number three team in 3A competition, Garey High In the tw o victories that Troy took bringing them into the tournament finals, Edge- wood d ow n e d Bonita and Workman. Edgewood then entered iIheCovina Tournament, the largest high school basket- ball tournament in Califor- nia which had a total of 23 teams entered. Tro snuffed South Pasadena hut was knocked .out of the tourna- ment b Merina. Atiler all of the pre- league games were com- pleted, Edgewood opened up their Sierra League action with a compiled 4-5 win loss record. The next fi ve grames saw a disaster hit all opes for a Trojan league cham- pionshi p a s Glendora. A 15 u sa . Los Altos. South Hills, and West Covina all handed Edge w o od losses making Troy a cellar dwel- lar along with La Puente, matching them evenly for Troy's next contest. Luckily for Edgewood they beat and surpassed La Puente and captured seventh place. With a record of 1-5 in league Edgewood squeaked by eague leading Covina with a two point margin, boosting their record to 2 -5 . Edgewood was finally coming-1 on strongvand in a rematc against lendora, Troyl raised their win streak to t ree. Troy's battle a- gtainst Azusa saw Troy hold t e Aztects to only nine points in the first quarter while scoring 25 points. A fine effort saw Troy win its fourth straight. Los Altos. who even- tually went into the C. I.F. playoffs, was too much for Edgewood as Los Altos easlly handed Troyits sixth league loss in 10 outings. South Hills. another one ofthe Sierra League playoff entries, humiliated Troy at Huski Pavilion by defeating .ls by over 20 points. After those two setbacks Troy did not throw in the towel, however, as they went on to defeat our cross- town rival, West Covina. Edgewood bumped off La Puente and in their final league and season action were defeated by Covina. Seasonal scoringk went like this: Gary Roenic e 345 pts. , Vince Hart 184 pts. , JeffCook183pts.. RonRoen- icke 176 pts. , Van Hester 153 pts. , Dennis O'Farrel.l 68 pts., Tim Ha:-s44 pts.. Jim Williams 19 pts., Pat Gates 13 pts. , while Javi Espinoza and Jeff durch rounding off the rest of the scoring with 2 pts. . a piece. As the season ended Troy took fourth in the Siena League and as the season endssodoes another chapter in Trojan history. Probably the highlight of the 72 -73 Varsity basketball season came as Troy dropped the Covina Colts 48-46. Co- vina was unbeaten in 19 games and was rated as the number one basketball team in 3-A competition. while Edgewood wasn't even considered in the ratings. With the homecourt advantage our Trojan team came out and took an early 4-1 advantage and by the time the end of the first quarter rolled aroun they enlarged the lead to ll-5. Dazed Trojai fans sat in disbelief as the second quarter started. Both offenses finally started to move, Covina end- ed' up scorin 12 points, while Edgewood scored 15. At the end of the half Troy had enlarged its lead to nine at 26-17. By no means had Troy a ready won the game, Covina wasn't rated number one for nothing. They had been in similar positions during the season, and by no means was a nine deficit out of reac A As was indicative of Covina's earlier play, midway through the third quarter Covina blasted its way to 10 con- secutive points while gaining the lead at 31-30. However. when the third quarter ended. Troy had regained the lead The fourth quarter started. Midway through the quar- ter Troy found its lead once again diminished as Covina caught them at 44-44. Gary Roenicke then sank two clutch free throws putting Edgewood ahead, Covina kept the pace witha basket oftheir own. Tied at 46 all, with 2:52 seconds left, Troy called for a time out. Trojan strategy had shifted into a stall for the last shot, which they success ully pulled off, and in the final secondsof the game Bary Roenicke finished off the Colts by sinking a two oot lay-in. Trojan scoring saw these totals: Gary Roenicke 18, Ron Roenicke 10, Van Hester 8, Jeff Cook 8, with Vince Hart rounding off the effort with 4 points. Despite hating a losing season, lO wins, 13 losses Edgewood Varsity team proved that they weren't to be look- ed down upon. Troy had pulled off the upset of the season and this made all of their work rewarding. Coach Paul-BEn Tom Rutten, Coaches Trophy RE For the iirst time in seven Vears our Va r s i t V wrestlinfg team was with- drawn rom its long held title as " Sierra League Champs". The season open- ed, how ever, with a very assured attitude that we were on our way to the champion - ship as we took a very pres- tigious first at the pre -season Mira Costa Tournament. The team, consisting of seven juniors and six seniors and led by Captain Wayne Matheus, held their own with di g nit y throughout league competition. St a rti n g -off against West Covina, the match turned out to shock both the team and school. Having wrestled and lost the wor was out the next day that we had indeed started league competition with a loss to West Covlina. Too much confidence and a totally un- involved feeling was the air conveyed by many of the STLING guys. Azusa and Los Altos were two matches that held bodcy-ache and heart -break. Asi e from bringing back sore muscles and epe Mar- tinez with a broken nose. The Los Altos match was Thursdavnight of the same week and was one of the highest low points of the season. We lost heavy- weight, the match ended 27-29. It can be said that this match ended it for us. If we had won this strategic matchit would have kept us within reach of our tradi- tional title, making it a a three -way tie between Edgewood, Los Altos, and West Covina. It seems that alonlg with the title. that the "S IRIT- ED ROWDINESS" that built this sport and team into one of the most respected and looked upon in the area. had looked us by. Next year's captain will be Danny Shannon who was also named "Most Valuable Player ", making good showing all the way to CIF iinals, with a record of 27- 6. Tony Gonnella. who was voted "Most Improved" with his record of 26-6, also made animpressive showing at CIF finals. . Thoughthe Junior Var- Slfy Team have kept upthe memory that had fallen from t e grips of Varsityg they carry an 8 year un- de eated LeagueChampion- ship record. and they will by left with the rising of this fallen year, Graduatingwrestlers areg Roland Le za-106, Wayne Mathues-1l5fcaptain1, Ter Stewart-133, Brad Coker-1519: Tom Rutten -168-178, and Scott Hertenstein-Hvy. 'Y 1 H353

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