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'Wal only ia lieu an aol dn inowiny a fling, Jul alan a oefl.laa'n acl in leaokiny iff.. gie claw o 4.970 cleehbaleo lie Wzlyaaey 70 lo Maldlncg education mean- ingful a applicable to the lives of students is the plat- form of Mr. Carlton Martz, educator and personal frlend to all of the people whornre e nc ompassed by his under- standing, his hard work, and his incurrent ability to make stud ents think for them- selves. " T h e b est teacher I've e ver had". . . "I've learned more from him than anyother teache r". . . 'He treats his students like human beings' . . . are some of the com- m ents afforded by students w ho have had Mr. Martz in the classroom. Mr. rMaxtz's Civics ana U . S . History classes have m a ny times been the arena for heated debates and dis- c ussions with Mr. Martz as the overseer and frequently, referee. Hi s life has been one of c o n stant reading and study f or the students benefit as well as his own. Mrs. Martz 's a c a d e mic background ln- c lud es attending two Iyears at Mt. SanAntonlo Co1.e e, goingon to California Poly: technic at Pomona were' e received his Bachelor of science decgree, and, finally attending laremont Gradu- a te School were he earned his Masters of Arts degree. Members of his class e m phatically agree that as one students puts it: 'It is almost impossible to win an a Lgument with him". . . and " e is one of the most in- formed men on world affairs I have ever known. " Probably one of the re asons for this is that he is a member of the California Council for the Social Sciences and has contributed to its program by heading a section meeting at the state convention in San Diego last year. Mr. C arlton Martz un- d oubtedly has what it takes to make a classroom click. It's his interest in others and th e things around him that m ake Mr. Martz the superb teacher his is today. He has the uncanny power to spark his students into realizing that Civics and History are m ore than bland names and faces. And that islwlgy we feel that Mr. Carlton arrz is in every resgect one of the greatest teac ers ever to set oot on the Edgewood High School campus. "'! l FACULTY... WORDS OF WISDOM Good Byes are frequently difficultg this good-bye. is one of those for me, As ad- visor to the class of lt'J'7l.1, since your firstdays as Edge- w o od freshmen, l've come to know many of you, both inside and outside the class- room. Wehave tex erieneed to ge ther such unlfhrgetable events as class meetings, car w ashes, candy salse, soc hops, planning the prom, a It is nearly time to say good bye to you, the class of 197 ll. Graduation is a ti m c for mixed emotions. lt is a time to remember friends activities and to be proud of many line accom- plishments. ltis also a time to look forward to all the Challenges and opportunities that lie aliead. A s you look forward ret member that you are a very special person and that only Well, four short years have passed and you, the class of 197 0, are about to leave Edgewood High School. Gra- duation isbut one ofthe nu- m er ous goals you have set fo r y o u r s elf. Remember when your goal was to be a ble to play with the next d oo r neighbor, eat an ice cream cone or ride our bike? Seems like yesterdlay, doesn'tit'? Graduating from grade schoolto intermediate schooland on to high school Life is a work of art. Your graduation from Edgle- wood will provide you wit a rough sketch which, in turn, represents all the tasks you have achieved so far in your lifetime. Each stroke upon your c anvas will add to the total effect of a true work of art. Fashion each stroke with per- s e v e tance, sincerity, love a nd wisdom. If these are la cking , your painting will May I share with you what m a ny have found to be the key to a meaningful life. Love is the ey. Faith is important but not the supreme factor. The mind of man stands in the center of two worldsg the material and the spirit- ual. The one to which we respond controls us. The question then is: which w orld will give us the true meaning of love? Which course in American history, and looking forward to grad- uation. This year, the ceremony willbe special for m e. I share your pride in this achievement. Itis customery in a state- m ent of this nature to offer advice and direction. Boing b a s i c a 1 ly conservative, l don't intend to break tradi- tion. During your years at youcan fulfill your destiny In our society today there is much to bctroubled aboutg there are many serious prob, lemswithwhichtodeal, and y et we have many thingy to be thankful for. Just t ink how happy you would be if you lost everything you have right now and then suddenly got it all back again. Do not lose sight of the goodness in the world because there is much to be upset about. is a goal that all of you r e a c h ed but at times, I'm sure you had vour doubts. Graduation brings with it a greatdeal of responsibility a s you are our country's fu- ture leaders. For some it w ill be the end of our for- mal education and for Others it is just a start. Don't do as so many before have done - -don't underestimate your potential! Set your goals high and work hard toward them. represent a facade oi meager a t t e mpts and insincere ef- forts. This results in regret. With this, remember the w ord s of English journalist Charles I. Morgan: "The art of living does not consist in clinging to a single mood ofhappiness, butin allowing happiness to change its form w ithout disappointm ent. . . for happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up. " A s you feel this need for will give the supreme good? 'l' o find the answer requires a searching mind and spirit. "What 1S love", someone asks. To me god is love. His love has nineingredients: patience, kindness, generosity, humility, cour- t e s y , unselfishness, g o o d tem per, guildlessness, a n d sincerity. T h e s e are only 'obtained in a true form through a spirit filled life and not a materialistic ego- Edgewood you have learned much, some from books and some from people. Use your knowlege to acquire more knowlege. Use your understanding of people to gain greater understanding. High sc hool required four yearsoutofyour life. Make that investment pay off. Never stop learning. Never stop understanding, Norm Silvey I ho pe that you will go forward from your graduation day as responsible, concerned individuals meeting each challenge with faith in your ability to make a better life not only for yourselves but for all mankind. Those of us who remain at Edgewood "place our trust in you" the graduating class of l9'lU. " May yo u live all the days of your life". Geri Williams More and more responsi- bility willbe placed on your shoulders as you leave home, go to college, go in the ser- vice or get married, and start families of your own.- I hope Edgewood has helped in pre- paring you for these responsi- bilities you are about to face. Iwish to extend to the class of19T0 a warm farewell and the courage to face this world of ours. Don Cawthon c ha ng e , guide your brush with maturity. Don't be too eager to follou or fight what others have sketched tor yor.. B ew are of limited thinking andradicalapproaches. Use your colors of individualism for th e unification of the w or ld which God provided for us. Make your paintin c om plete with love. Ang remember: living is loving. ' Alison Hache seeking life. "If have all faith, so as to r e m o v e mountains, but halve not love, I am noth- ing. " Outofthe heart come the issues of life. C o uld this then be the key to life, s e ni o rs? May you be searchersof love, the True love. May the theology of the True love guide you. John Haymond AWLWHW' Lil-Us 3-r-Li '21-9U :-:: .... ::S'x" :' -Iisilsf-E 'f1.L' s--W ,i.., L, ., s i ' ' Q t at If V: :QQ 1 ,Q t 1 I t 1 I L I 5 x W hen you live to dream and set a goal you are on your w ay to a successful uture. Life holds a bount- iful measure for those who set goals and know when, w h e r e , and how they plan to achieve them. Whatever the mind of man can con- ceive and believe it can a ch ieve. Remember no more effort is required to be high in life, to demand abundance a nd prosperity, than is re- quired to accept misery "Faith, hope and char- ity. . . " is a familiar phrase taken from the oldest of books, the Bible. Asl con- templated my m essa e to you at the beginning ofgyour in d e pend ent odysseys, the words kept recurring. T h e w orld's people are phenom ena lly large in num - berand it is easy to develop a se nse of purposelessness. Still each of us has a dutyg know it and show allegiance and poverty. A gklleat poet has stated t is trut through "I bar ained with Life for arpenny, An Life would pay no more, l-loweverl begged at evening these lines: When I counted my scanty store. "For Life is a just employer, He gives you what you ask, But once you have set the wages, Wh , you must bear the task. - "I worked for a menial's hire, only to learn, dismayed, That any wage I had asked of Life, Life woul have willingly paid. " to it. Each of us has people to whom we are responsible: know them and be loyal to to them. W e ha ve been beset by w a rs from the beginning of tim e. If we attain peace, w e are now threatened with environm ental pollution that may deprive us of the air we breath. But if you will attain some perspective on man's situation and con- sider all man has achieved, You are number TEN!!! The 10th class to be grad- uated from Edgewood High School. The first class to b e graduated in a new de- cade. Althou h this is a milestone for Etggewood High School and a certain distinction for the class of 1970, in future years as we nostalgiate there T hi s June will mean an end to four years of learning and experimenting at Edge- wood for me and for you. Both of us will have been ob - served, judged, and branded with the approval of our so- ciety. My tenure and your diplom a , the rewards for faithfuland acceptable per- formance, could befor us the end to the searching and in- security. We have made it and can now rest. The only problem is that I feel less secure than I did in the beginning of this qua - drennium. The c on st a n t groping for answers has pro- uc ed not even imaginary intellectualsecurity, but has revealed a universe of frus- tr a t i n g, endless possibili - ties. And yet I have found myself compelled to explore this labyrinth more deeply, almostasifl were psycholo- gically dependent upon the uncertainty and, chaos were m y euphoria. Whenever I feelthat what Ithink, or do The Class of 1970 is in- deed fortunate to be grad- uating at a time of chal- lenge and opportunity. It is your generation who will solve the problems of over- c r o w ding, pollution, pov- erty, and hunger. This is a great time to be young as there is the chance for each Frank Karasek you should have great hope th at solutions are now at- tainable. Be leniant in judging men and actions you cannot u nderstand. This is charity and only this will bring peace. When you set out to "do your thing" let that 'thing' ebroad in scope to inclu e the advice of this Biblical axiom. Mary Herbener are far more important things wewillremember about you as a group than harsh statis- tic s . Probably the finest thing I can say to you as'a group is that you have kept your head' while all around you were others los- ing theirs. Vancil Dunahoo is unquestionably ri ght, I begin to prod and question my own contentmentg or, if Ifail to realize my compla - cency, you have always pro- ven willing Furies. For this reason my only ad vise to you can be to re- main exciting, curious, and open to all possibilitiesg and to avoid the scnility of cer- tainty. I also hope you en- counter people as stimulat- ing to your growth and vi- tality as you have been to mine, Philip Gary person to contribute to the tv elfare of mankind through positive leadership and cit- izenship. Congradulations on yolur past accomplish- ments, and best wishes for success in your future en- deavors which will so strong- ly affect the lives of us all. The Counselors AFS - CHAI 81 RICK...G00dbVe Seniors: lt's very hard for me to s ta te, city, community, expressm feelings in words and, especially, your a b o u t the past year that I have spent in your country, school. As an exchange student I found out that a Dear Trojans, To introduce myself, I am Ricardo Schonfeld, your AFS student from Argentina. Yes, Argentina is my c o u nt r y, the land where I was born, the place where I was raised. I come from a small familyg my father, 44 years old, isa chemical engineer: my mother, 39, is a house wife , no w studying third year of Law, and my only roft her, Roby, 12, getting re ad y to start high school next year. My life in this city was quite different compared to here. Back there I was a tt e nd ing a military aca- demy: Liceo Militar General San Martin". O u r school year runs from M a rch through December. Therefore, because of this visit to your countrty I have- n't graduated rom high school yet. Once back in my countrylwill have to. 1 . cut my hair, and go back to th e academy for five more months. Sports are an important activity in my school, because as onlya few of the other schools we have our own soccer. rugby, basket- ball. tennis. track and other fields or courts. Here I was on the football team. It was quite an ex- perience, especially the first two w eeks when I didn't k no w w h at was going on, how ever, I had to follow everybody running, jump- ing, etc, etc.. .. The relationship bet- w e e n teachers and students is quite different. We must si t straight the whole hour, a nd w hen we talk to them w e usually mention the w ord "Sir". We also wear u niforms to schoolg most of th e pri v at e schools have their ow n uniforms, with c oats and ties. The public schools have also uniforms, kind ofa white "shop coat' . Now when the year is al- most over, I begin to think in what has happened. I also look to the future and I see hopefully. . . along way to go, but believe me will never forget this year in your country, this year with you. Many were the things I have learned from you, and m a ny the activities I have enjoyed with you. To all of you, to the authorities of the school, to my counselor, my teachers, to all those that in one way or another helped to make this year something that I'll gear for me seems short, ecause now it's time for me to go back home. t But it seems to me like I ju s t c a me ,here be.capse5I.a have enjoyed myself while' the time has gone. I don't know that I've done a good job or not while l am here, but, believe me, I've tried as much as I could. I enjoy talking and knowing seniors both boys and girls. I don 't know how many of you that l've known, but I try to know as many as I could. As you know, no one is perfect then Iam sure there are some seniors thatl don't know. I would like to tell you that it 's honored for me to have a chance to graduate w ith you, Senior Class of '70, and to attend your school for a whole year. l would like to thank all of you that helped me, talked to me, said to me, and other things. Under the American Field Service I cam e here to spend one year of my life in America, to ex- change ideas, to learn new things, and to tell you about my country. l know I am going to leave West Covina, a place where I have spent a year, my home, my school, etc. , late in June. All AFS students will have a bus trip to New York. My friend and I are going to fly from New York, July 19 to Bangkok, capital of Thailand. I will go back to study in Prince o Songkhla University -Science Faculty. Hopefully, Iam going to be a doctor. So this is probably the las t chance for me to talk to you. No words can express my feelings except, "Thank you" for everything you 've done for me. I will never forget this year for the rest of m y life. If in anyway I can help you, please con- tact meg I will be glad to help you. A nd if you have time to write a letter, please do. I will appreciate that. If some of you have a chance to go to Thailand, please stop by and say "hi" to me. I hope you will re- memberme somehow when you hear the word Thailand. "Chai from Thailand" will remind you. Iwish you all the best of luck in your future years. never torget, and very es- pecially to mLAmerican families, THAN YOU ALL VERY MUCH. For you seniors, you that a re also living with me. let's promise something all togeth er: The name of Trojans will be always with us, and so m eho w . some- ti ni e, we will be together again. . . Ile lfuy Pa an of fray l MQW? -C""'qIhs ' 1 -.J . C3 '!"""""7 --any K W, 4-mal, l 'fn-an - 1-f 49-14,43 eg ight' . iix sg . 1 J' ' is-use A S K 63' Tommie Trojan I will to anyone who wants E' fr, it, what remainsofthe -Q..- 5 spirit, consciousness and Q N'-5 good regards for all that re- m ain at EHS and hope they increase. The will, desire, and courage to face the ' battlefielsoftheclass- room s. The hope to live through all and to fget somer ' thing our of now or tomor- row. Any how Ihope that the rest of you have fun your next years. N 'Killa' llllwg lllllll 2 , 1 i Sembr Wills I John Megowan I leave to Mr. Fountain, a map of his stockroom, I also le a ve him a genuine recording of "more", To Mr. Marta l le ave my art gallery. To Mr. Dunahoo I leave my hole punchings. And to Edgewood I leave a guide to campus cleanup. Cheryl Danio To my sister, Sue, a free pass to Me and Ed's Pizza Parlor for ever y Sunday night and a passionate purple van. To D ar cy Johnston l, OOO rolls of correction tape. To Glenda B agley a good Christmas Ball picture. To Arlene Laboto m y ggose-bumps on those cold evenings at football games. To an da Brown a brand new "Baton List", and a U foot ta ll baton to go with it. To Teana Mosler a life- time supply of hot dogs. To Mrs. Harris a trip to Japan. Janet Marie Laing I will my beautifully faded green P. E. shorts to unfortunate underclassmen, you know, the ones with the rip in thelzack a nd the snap missing. Also I will the memories of great ti m es and experiences I've had with Paula Morey and Deb Skorheim to the future E.H. S. students. Anne Marie Hischar I will to Rick QFlashJ Gorden a pair of pink velvet leatards To Mr. L. A. Sergio my big big dictionary, my unsurpas- s ab le Jewish accent, and a donut to go with his traditional ther m o u s b ottle. Randy Moersch some striped boxers to to wear under his neato white slacks. Mr. Martz an olive- w reath crown--All Hail! Mr. T. a 1950 Studebaker, Mr. Wells a pair of full length pants. Q Ellen Meir To my dear sister Mary, I will Randy Scott. To my dear M r . T eresa, I will a good year in the stock market and a gigantic "Tha n k Y ou" for everything. To next years eadership class, I leave a bottle of tranquilizers and a s olution for clean campus. To Tom McCoy, a bronzing kit for hisjacket and the best of all possible luck. To Chris M oe rs ch I leave my incredible knowledge of chemistry. To Da ryl Knapp I leave some perfumed Talc for his pool games. Glynnis Alexander I, Glynnis Alexander, will to my sister, Glynice, Doug Kent w rapped up in a large In-N-Out Hamberger bag. To Susan Felderl will an engagement ring from Carl. To Don Delay I give a smile! To Vicki Conlon I will a very large boo full o f v ery dirty jokes. And last but not least, to Mr. M onroe I will a room full of girls so he can flirt with them next year. A gyg yi We , ,A H , sf. . - wg 1 s . A' . fa' ' . t , li , t M r i .M A nov-Q-1, Sembr Wills Sherry Smith I, S erry Smith, being of sound mind and bod will to Miss Williamsa P. E. class without Banner girls fNo thanks to Mr. Jessup. To Pat and Mark a lot of patience. To the Junior class girls, Iwill a GRRR and large kill QGood luck next year in the Powder PuffFootball Gamej To the whole Junior class alittle less spirit, and trash picks, To the Freshmen class I will elavator shoes, and the study unit sheets from Sergio S enior English Clf you start now you may know themj Then to Ray Ecclestone, I will a girl as wonderful as the one his brother has. Roger Martinez I Roger Martinez will to Jon Watson my knee. To Richard Burgess my Rambler. To Dave Baxley driving lessons. To Dale Ad am s a point average of at "least" 230 points on V ar s i ty n e x t year. To Lynn Naslund less ailments. To Candy Conners more of her parties. I, Kitty Kou al, will my brother the best of luck in his three ears le t at EHS I will Pe Club more s irit next Kitty Koupal Y . . 'P ' P. . P year. I will Tim Roberts good luck with girls. Bob Flores I, Bob Flores leave the following: To Rick Steed, a suit case of conservative clothes and a script. To John M egowan, a box of broken pen points and an empty bottle of ink. To Mark Gamer, a mu zle. To Mr. Fountain, a loud speaker. To Coach Wells, a new whistle. To Mr. Sergio, all the play money he can handle and a softer grading pen. And to Mr. Monroe, a new radio. Carole Brammer I, Carole Brammer, leave all my best wishes and friendship forever to Barry Dunahoo. I leave my great athletic abilities to Jenell Shields and also my 2 pus -ups. To Pam Dunahoo and Vicki Yotti, I leave my P.E. excuses. To Scott Matthews, my skateboard and my ability to ice skate and a lo n g las tin g friendship. All my extra lunch money to Brad McAlpin. To Bob Hertenstein my knowledge and good grades in Math and Science. To Mr. McCulloch, a cure or lock -ja w. To Danny Metz, my brown mascara for h i s m us t a che a n d a Charlie Chaplin poster. To Nevil Maassen, a date. To Ilana Dowding, a sumrner's supply of gas money. To Pat Riolo, an award for being such a great riend and many more years to use it and patience and luck withJ.H. To Pat and Karen Gurr, alot more good times and friendship. My coordination I give to Debbie DuBus'ky. To next years Homecoming Court, my memories and shock of this year. To Karen Gurr and Mike Gaines, more patience with each other and the best of luck. Cindy Collins I, Cindy Collins, will to Chris Pyper my broken down alarm clock to wake her up in the mornings and my set of keys to the "blue bomb" to my brother, Randy. To Kathy Clay- baughl will my hairbrusb and to Maren Hamilton two small curlers for her side curls. To Vickie Poet I willm short hand pen that has run out and to Scott Danforth, george Daniels, Ken Romanek and Greg Stel a penny. And last but c er tainly not least I will to a very dear friend fhaj Pat Mc Hugh adate with the most bashful guy on campus, to match her personality. I Glynice Alexander I, Glynice Alexander, of semi-sound mind and body, do hereby leave Mr: Fountain a great big THANK YOU and I hope a quieter 3rd period Art c ass, no Vic Conlan e nough power to get through your senior year without Don and to all of Edgewood High a ig kiss Good-Bve. we dll p e i ' A 4 W W i To fi! NMA V l 4 '1ll7::""'+, H . X p . l C L llyrlllllllllllllllll lt L my - J lliiliiif Sl' When you hear of the "Wild Bench" there is one person who should always come to mind: Brent F lotron. Brent has lead the Wild Bench to the heighth of its fame and has con- tributed greatly to the a mo unt o " Yelling and screaming" which rivals thatofthe Pep Club. Com- pleting his last year at Edgewood, Brent Cby Divine Ri gh tj has been voted for the Best All Around Cmainly because of the way his body is shaped. J Freshman class Vice President, in his Junior ear the Vi c e President oiythe LettermansClub Junior class Vice President, and the cur- rent ASB Vice President is a very im pressi vc demonstra- tion on just what Brent is able to perform. Br ent informs us Qeon- stantlypthat he, besides he- ing th e American Dream a nd G od's gift to Women, has done a lot more for Edgewood than most people think. He was responsible for our swimming pool, he pu shed for the Administra- tion to let us have Saturday a nd Su nd a y as holidays, a nd he makes the Sun shine and the grass green. But when Brent is not being funny, whichis rarely, he is one of the most deter- mined people around. Play' ing Varsity football hislunior a nd Senior year, Brent had corralled "Player of the W e e k " against La Puente. This year his has also played Varisty Basketball, con- tr i buting immensely to the spirit and moral of the club. T h e w a y Bev has been running around school for the past four years like a chicken with its neck cut off, it's amazing how she can be a cti ve in so many of these ex t ra-curricular functions. B e sid e s operating her im- port - export boot-leg bus- in e s s, Bev has found time to walk the hi h'wire over Niagra Falls wiiile smoking a ho o ka ' pipe filled with bagal crum bs and pepperonis. Some of her other minor a c eomplishments are being the dected Forei fn Exchange Stud ent Abroatii Freshman Cla ss Le gislator, a three y c a r mem er of Aeolians, Presid e nt of Treble Choir in h er Junior year, short- stop for the New York Yan- k ees, and the present Vice President of Mixed Chorus. She has been elected Pres- ident of the FTA for two consecutive year, September " Gi rl of the Month" in her Ju nio r year, Senior class Vi C e President. and Junior Class Legislator. ln October of her Senior y ear, Bev was chosen "Girl of the Month", and she also has been both Treasurer and ll i st orian of the California Se hola rship Federation in h er Jn ni or year. Bev has b ee n an energetic member of the Drill Team who won the honor of Best Showman- ship also in her Junior year. W h e n B e v is not shooting e raps or kissing babies, she finds time to be in Pericleans and Athenians, a member of A F S for three years and a pa rtieipant of Girls League for four y ears. Pulling sneaky business de als, making money, and paying off the Los Angeles La kers to blow the series. are some of the strong points which won Kathy the MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED title. Kathy first got her desire to succeed when she won 4345 in a Bingo game at Vegas, But to succeed at Edgewood High School is a great ac- complishmentfbutit all de- pends on how you look at it. J As Co-editor ofthis years Aurigan, Kathy has been of immense help, sorting through all of the dirty boys a t h l e ti c pictures with her blood-shot eyes and sweaty palm s. Aside from being Co-editor, Kathy is also this ye ars Miss Business and has won the annual Bank of Am erica award. You can always find Kathy, somewhere, but she's u sually skulking around the b ush es reading novels or e di ting yearbook pictures. Kathy has monopolies on the Frnitmachine and the snack- bar, she controls Edgewoods Sewage Purification For B etter Lunches program and K athy also pione -red a for- mula that will convert Edge- w ood from using electricity to Rosita Re-fried beans. So Kathy Monohan. what- ever you may be doing, we here at Edgewood salute you Qby the light ofa re-fried bean,J Gly fo MIGGGJ Literally devoting his life to school, Marvin Gross has achieved a superior scholas- tic and athletic record. A- m 0 n g a c c omplishments, M arv in is the President of the L etterman's Club, a staffrnember of the Iliad, a ha r d-working individual on Priams and Pericleans, is the editor of the Odyssey, fwhewl Jbelongs to the Cali- for n ia Scholarship Federa- tion, and has served as Soph- omore and Junior Class Presi- dent. A s an interestinglnote of interest, Marvin as been the inclispensible ingredient in the production of the Senior Edition. As you will probably notice, t ere are some very interesting " pho tographs' on the pre- ce e d i n g pages. Marvin, who sometimes likes to play "God", is solely responsible for thes e "creationsf'. Is this s ome hidden desire of Ma rv 's to prove that even "you know who" makes mis- takes! l 1? 'P 'R A thletically, Marvin qw ho incidently is the Var- sity Porta -Pit Maintenence Technicianj is a four-year ma n on the track and foot- ball squads, laying Varsity onboth for two years, while completing two years on Bee basketball. To forge ahead, always pu shing upward and onward are just a few of the many r e a s o n s why Marvin Gross will be the.Most Likely to Succeed. . sflllbf Wills Fred Chacon I will to Rick Barker a good mood. To Claudia O'Farrell my car and to Chris Pyper a new wig. To Kent Nelson a deeper voice. To Bill LaBruna a muzzle and a can of hair s p ay. I will to Marsha Miller 20 pounds. To Jill rklarasek Iwi l my F in Biology. Michael Tessier I w ill me appetite to Tim Dostal and he is welcome to it. I w ill my outrageous mouth and vibrating, booming vmxie to that well known quiet femenine girl! Sally Newlon and to a ny ignoramous theachance to enter Mr. Stoecklein's physics class and become a "frustrated plow jockey". Also emg a very studious student I wish to anyone who wants it m y chair in ICM to sleep in. To Mary Kelly my fantastic unsermountable typing abilities. Peggy Reed I e ave my disintegrating sweat pants to Kelley Yeomens w ho has shown an intrigue toward them and will best ap- prec ia te their convinience. This year I hand over the p e r p e t u al s to p watch to Mr. McCulloch who has been cau gnr running to scnool, too. My perch in Trojanarres is willed to the alto with the best soprano bird call. Mike Baxter I will to Debbie Ste w art some growing pills. To Bob Swett my great football jersey 333. To M r . S to e c k l i n Physics. To my lab partner Mike Douglas a congradula- tions for putting up with me all year. To Brent Flotron a pair of hands. To Bryon Taylor my ability to do the Bu tterfly and back stroke. To Cindy Dell some hair. To Ken Yetter my ability to play basketball. Karen Gurr I w ill to Tonya Dooley a years supply of toothpaste and toothb rushes for her braces. To Carole Bremrner summer so she won 't have to go surfin in the cold winter. To Pa ttie all the happiness with I. To Martha a barrel of Kentucky fried chicken and her old car to eat it in as some- thin g always spills. To Ricky Steed a clothes SIOIB. To Debbie Renteria QEuro el. Bruce Carr a Datsun to get to the Bucklys resident dry 5 warm. I will to Martha, Pattie, Grady, Skelly and all my other close friends the .hap iness of knowingl you and last but not least I will to my-boyfriend a gcpod eig t hour night sleep, health, wealth and happiness an me. Tom Mille: To all the members of the senior bloc of "'Il QA. P.E. . Physics, ICMJ I will the ability no procrdstinate and domm do any F's cos. to the Nth power where N increases without bound. Stef. Ernst I will my pet Tribble to Stephanie Jepson. My two tickets to Hades I leave to my sisters. My Sordk l leave to Debbie K ing. To Mr. Sergio, I leave my banth. My Jetan board and pieces to Ray Bawden. Laurie Mueller Iilill mmy sister Jodie next year's foreign exchange student: to A nnette Allarde and Patti Langfor my surfboard racksg to Bob Hayes a car, and to next year's ICM class lots of luck. Georga Thomas 1 do hereby will my outxtandin abilities in Chemistry and Algebra to Tiona Pecaut and Cgarlene Vetto. To the next S ec . of A c tivities I give one bottle of asperins to make if-"r head feel fond. To Chris Vento. 1:f.ti.er:ce and eneufh C alled "Bubbles" by her f r i e nds, Nancy Youngquist has so much personality that it overflows out of the top of h er head and dribbles down to her knee-caps. Nancy is so friendly that she even talks to herself, which could end upa very dull conversa- tion. g But ifitwasn't for k ids like Nancy, Edgewood would be a lot worse off than it is already. Q Sometimes called " Show- boat Bumpus" by his friends. G ra d y ha s performed his song and dance for four years here at Edgewood. At the drop of a hat Grady will go into his Fred Astaire Flam- ingo on the cafeteria table. Gra dy is very proud of his a u t o g r a ph collection, his m o s t prized on e being of la ference wefl' n ga three- gui N e ville Maassen. or as his friends call him, "Navel", has the unequaled ability to find humor in just about any situation. There is never a dull moment whenever Neville is around, If his isn't doing his animal impressions, he canbe found bouncing around the campus with his traditional lemon juice bar in hand- NIGHT l I5 Dancing and acting ner w ay to fame fbut not for- tune as of yetj, Debbie Du- busk? has accomplished her- sel in the field of Drama and Vocals. Playing in such great plays as A Mi summer Nights Dream and The Boy- fr iend, Debbie has been an excellent performer, but all ofher fans would love to see herflet a hart that 'Eevealsn' .ual .mezztgqmf Senior Wil s As the fornicrfight mana r g cr fo r Rocky Graztiano, C ha rlottc Kiyan has gotten h cr hrai n s thc hard wav, fshe had to study in bctwcl-n sparring bouts with thc C h a in pj. Il nfortunately Charlotte was fired from thc job when shc K. O'cd Graz- tiano three times. Charlotte studiesdiligcntly, and often burns thc midnight oil read- ing far into the night. Foss c ssing a brain that weighs six and a half pounds, K cn llaygood, co-author of Theflat in the Hat and How to Speak Fluent Zambezi, is the most intelligent per- son at Edgewood Cwhich a i n 't sayin' a heck of a lot c o nsidcring thc mentalities of some of Edgcwoods' stu- dcntsl. .fffool cfnefzyelio 3329 39915 Louise Landolfo, known for her ability to do a Triple- s u m m ersalt while standing on one leg and reading a Mickey Spillane novel, was ov erwhelmingly the choice for Miss Energetic. Louise gets her energy from eating Post Grape Nuts and exercis- ing vigorously for three and a halfhours on her Slim -Gym and then shootin the Color- ado Rapids in a iarrel. S e r v i ng tenetati vely as our Senior Class President, Greg Carter, or as his friends call him, "Beau", was a- w arded the title Most Ener- getic. fGreg was unable to a c c e pt the award because he was too tired to come and get it. J Serving as one of the ni a n y e d itors on the Iliad staff, fthe editors are rotated weekly to prevent spoilagej, Greg has been a tremendous asset to the Iliad, Cathy Plesko To Mr . Fountain I will every ounce of my deepest ap- prec i ation for his assistance and guidance: to Mr. Monroe som e driftwoodg to Linda Cannon my thick hair and a 30 pound surfboard: to Mr. Sergio a million in "Ser io dollars" forthe most outasite English class I have ever hai to Janice A lla nd e the ability to eat all of her hotdogg to Laurie Mueller my a bility to run the track without feeling too bad afte rw ard: to my sister, Carol all the success I had d uring my high school years: and to all the class of '70 all the success and happiness in the future. Skelly Miller I will a pin to Mr. Sergio to deflate his ego. To Mr. W eb ster I will a decent pair of socks. To Sally Newlin I w ill my small mouth and big feet her sister willed to me. A lso , I will my heart to the underclassmen girls to break b et w een them! Last of all.I will Martha "Hollips" Lang a a couple of ice cubes. Bland Rice To my sisters, Susan and Joy, all my good grades? To Terry Stew ar t my locker and my seat in Concert Choir. To Lloyd Johnson some of my weight. To Giib Church and Debbie Stewart all the happiness in e world. To all Trojans the happiness that I have had at Edgewood. Ann Stewart I w ill Lydia Artz another year of Spanish with Lorraine Garcia and me. To Nasty Pat Hiegle a gallon of milk, a nd to a certain dark haired junior best of luck 'with M. S. and to Mr . Sergio all the play money in the world. To M iss Lingenfelter a worse class than 3rd period she deserves it: 1 1 Karen Woods I will to Chris Behrens a date with Dave Christofferson. I will to Mr. Mark a whole orchard of tangerine trees so he will never run out of them. I will to Brian Malloy a car so he and his girlfriend won't have to walk anymore. I w ill to Mrs. Quimby another beginning shorthand class to r evive her. I will to Mrs. Meyers a great big eraser to to era se the mess Chris and Ima e on her chal board. I w ill to Rog-er all the yogurt in the world. I will to Ron K eener a course in driving so he won't my to hit anybody else in the parking lot. To any underclassmen thinking about takingbookkeeping 3-4, I will a bottle of Excederin. To Denise Lafayette, I leave a teacher for her to brown up to. To Mr. Sergio and his 6th period class I leave a new top to spin in case the other one wears out. To teachers and x-teachers Iwill three more stooges. To Steve Skipwith a tea cher that will let him sleep in class. I leave a dare with Ken and To Pam a date with Rick. Ken Yetter , 1, KenYetter hereby will my winning ways in the gambling circles to Coach Ken Wells. Also, I leave my jersey num- ber and gridiron nickname to anyone who may desire it. M y hardwood wizardry and place on the "Wild Bench" goes to non e other than Chris Moersch. To Al Frazin goes my r e p er to i r e of r i s que jokesg may they last him through the 1970 -'71 season. Linda Cannon To Ca thy Plesko I will my 14 pound surfboard and my old tennie s shoes. To Janice Allande I will my used tube of U ltrabr i te toothpaste. To Laurie Mueller I will my ability to get beyond ' the breakers while surfing. To my brother, Gary, I will my ability to get good grades and the family car. To Mr. Fountain I will my best of luck to a fi ne ar t teacher. To Mr. Sergio I will 100 Sergio dollars for such a good English class. Senior Wi ls Greg Carter I w ill to Ralph Maeda my trusty lab partner, all his lab r e ports I had reproduced in the library. To Mr. Mays, an entire class of5tudents like myself, so e would not have to te ach around the sleepers, he could join them. To Dale M a gner for Jon Watsonj I leave my right knee, so he will have a pair of bummers . Finally, to A vin Frazin, I leave m y subscription to the "Pervert's Post", and "Good Luck" at next years parties. William Roberts I William Roberts do, with sound mind and body, will to E d g e w oo d High my borrowed gym clothes, to Mike Jones enough mo ney for a squirrel cage, to Jill Karasak a pair of elephant tusks and a one year pass to a hair dresser, to Mr. Sergio an ego, to Elaine McKenna a tongue to fix, to M ik e Baxter his brothers ability or a muzzle--or both. to C arl Ciarfalio my nickname fPorkJ and my unbroken hand and to Dale Magnet a hurt knee and a broken hand Sr my ability to get hurt--AND COACH WELLS GOOD LUCK! ll Mrelgan Weeks I egan Weeks being of sound mind and bod will to Dexter m y eraser for all his mistakes in bookkeeping: to my sister Susan my shovel, hoe, and weed killer to Work on her plot w ith, to Mr. Sweat four cans of tulipsg to Mr. I-laymond a half-way decent joke book. I will to Sherry and Jay a nice big diamond, to Pat and Mark lots of understandingg to Rick Y aklin a girl as wonderful as his brother hasg and to Jane Wyatt another Rod and my lunches, she can have my project too! And last of all to the Freshman class each a pair of elevator shoes. Bruce Hall I will my tried bones to Coach Wells. I will my brain to Mr. Mays. I will my locker to my one and only girlfriend Thisha Rector, take good care of it. Michelle Lumia I will the administrators one saw, as it may be the only thing left no open their minds, and the drama department some new costumes to replenish the wardrobe. Charlotte Kiyan I, Charlotte Kiyan, will to my sister, Carol, a slide rule fo r chem istry next year and a wonderful senior year. To Mrs. Wheeler, I will another Pep Squad as sweet and quiet as this year's and a louder voice, and to Kelly Yeomans a life-time supply of apple cores. Sherrie Ross ISherrie Ross will my old beat-up typewriter to Cindy Haas. My assembly seat to Larry Roberts. My seat in the cafeteria to Susan Geiger. Jodi Ball the locker she wrote no-no's on. My gym cloths to Maureen Calnan. My extra credits to my senior friends who didn't make it. Laura Jones I will to all the counselors, Mrs. Bauer and Mrs. Dunn alot less pr oblem reports. A closer police department to Mr. Hochb er get and to Mr. Kinzler I will my brother Mike's voice and to next years seniors all the problems of the Senior Quad. Don DeLay To Dexter, my bottom locker. To Dave Baxley, my half ofthe chemistry bill. To Greg Stel, a l00lb. bag of pretzels to make up for the ones I scarfed from him. To Glynnis Alexander, "happiness". To Glynice Alexander, my P. E. shirt to remember my by. To Vicki, my sideburns. Jfool dillkefelio M f N"lX X, lil? D I ,W Pi n nin g people on the quad and throwing body blocks in the halls are some of Randy Moersch's "activi- ties", which have won him the title of Most Athletic. Capping off this season as the ca ptain of the varsity foot- b all a nd wrestling teams, Randy has also ran varsitv tr a c k for three years, tqu'enJla'e4l 7 '2 " , two-hundred and eighty-three pounds, runs the fi ty in 5 seconds flat are just some of the reasons why Georgia Thomas w as selected as 'Most Athletic". Georgia has had an early interest in s ports, mainly because her parents gave er a football o n her 4th birthday. Elaine's one word vocab- ulary which consists of "Hi" with a smile attached to it is about as friendly as you can get at Edgewood with- out getting mugged or being called a "sosh". Relatively new here at Edgewood, Elaine has learned that be- in g c o n stantly friendly to 3, O00 people can be tirin , so she makes up for it gy w eating a tee-shirt that sa y s "Hi, dammit. "Shut-upstuped", 'Back- off Honey" and some other phrases uttered in his native langua e are some ofthe re asons ghai Bunyagidy has r e c e i ved the Most Friend - liest award. You can bet y o ur bagel that every time ther e's a crowd of people. C hai will be in the middle o f it telling one of his dirty T hailand jokes. - ar .... r R 1 . if 'K ll i f 'L ,, . , . r ' 1 r i we A . . ll - ., I LA,, gl 1 f-Zsgsfgg q . t 5 - if st: -. H . .. We 'l . 1 X' fi . L r F 1 . , y , , n b gg LV,L I . " L l 5 '53 1 vr if r' i 3 1 S s L X ,, 5 Q gig. .. yeh ' if ' V 4 . l iirc K, ,K ,l "h', " li L ., ,,. Me wear Plot Tl' hi s is the story ol' l'he 4.-Preat Plot-'a ntagical idea concei ted in the ltrngrcnl minds ol' tr mysterious few. ,-'X few teachers, of course. .X few seqnigri teachers, though. One cannot assume that mystery could produce anything magical unless sen- iors were involxed. Un the other hand, magic looses all meaning when stripped of its seniors, toll. Take, for ex- ample , the cold, bright morning when Senior Marvin Gross mysteriously parked his briaht yellow street-machine in tlhe seventh row of parking stalls in EHS' parking lot, instead of the tenth.. Strange, isn't it? The cru- cial question we ask at this point is: "How is this rele- vant to the Great Plot?" So, to get on with the G r e at Plot , it happened that, late on the eve ofthe Dayof the Great Plot, Louis by Geroge Merten Sergioslowlyleaned back in hi S C 0 lll fo-Rest reclining c h a ir, a joyous, contented b ut exhausted look spread acrosshis features: at devious gleam in his eyes. It was Julie. The lamp at his well- worn but orderly desk flick- ered for a few seconds, and Louis all but blend ed into the dim surroundings. Slowly the satisfied look was blend- ed into the dinidiirround- ings. All year long, it must be n o t e d, Sergio had always been seen trekking the length Q rr ti hr elim of flue trans .sf Troy with the most worried a nd concerned look on his fa c e - - a s if, the students w o nd e r ed, he was feeling crnmmy, or life, Une to the thoughts of a liberal artist, li a d a b a ndoned him. But little did they know the truth. N ow Ser gio dreamed. Deep in sleep, Sergio d re a m ed . He saw Joseph Stoecklein hustling smooth- ly from dee buildingto coun- selling, a slide rule twisting evilly in his hands. He saw himself pass by Papa Joe, looking neither left nor ri ght hut worriedly forward, seem- inglyignorant of the rushing crowd of students engulflng th em both. Then, for the most brief of instants, Papa .lo e 's eyes shown on Louis. a nd Louis in turn passed the word. They has passed each oth er up the next minute. but not before Sergio picked up the slightest hint of hidden nr y s t e ry from Stoecklein's fiance. He smiled inward- y, excitedly. The Great Plot was onl Ruth Geis peeked into the E n g lish office that brunch, empty coffee cup in hand. Seeing no Sergio within, she smile d , m uttering "Poor guy. Well, I've done all thatl can for him. " Mother Geis left. C ar lto n C. fxlartz fthe "C" sta nds for f'Civics"3 strolled out of C-o, locke his door and continued some- where. Funny, no one ever seemed to '-'now where he was headed. He was either pushinga movie projector or st ridin g by with one hand pocketed, but that was it. Today Mr. Martz observed a gro u p of student radicals smoking by cee lockers. Pursing his lips, Mr. Ixlartz thou ght finely about their topic of conversation and in - tellectual appearance. Looking up, he suddenly no- ticed the swift form of Papa Joe running up, glanced with a frowninto Stoecklein's an- g ered countenance, passed the w o rd , and strolled on- ward, his hurried strides leading him nowhere from the scene of the bust. But, UQ. f p. A-3-ef E , 2 Q z. ,, . 919?'?Hr5'5'7f,,,gn:p, vamfih, are Q 3 it must be noted, he had pas- sed the w o rd - -and -yet the Great Plot was on! Sergio eavesdropped on Mr. Wenner, teacher of m ath em a tics, ICM, and other hardstuffs. Mr. Wenner had paused in the middle of a tirade of differential equations, an absent, far- away look onhis face. Even as he began to mumble, the chalk was poised--ready to scribble mathematical state- m ents of the most violent n ature . "'I'hete's nothing more powerful than an idea . . . . You don't know where you are untilyou get there. " "Oh, b0yl ' Sergio b rea th ed with a grimace, "IC M must be a winner!" Yet the word was passed. Norman Silvey passed thro ugh the Sergio dream. H e was fingering his growth of side- urns, probably pla n ni ng next year's fan- tastic crop, as he instructed his O-4 class. A P e e ki ng Tom would have observed Sergio quiver a nd grin a little while still in the grips of sleep, for in s piration of inspirations! Si lvey had suddenly broken off his lecture on Far East civilizations, stepped down from his carpeted dais, le a ped to the door opening into the rear of 0-3, opene it without turning the knob, and passed the word to Sergio next door! " By George., I thing he 's goincg to do it! " Silvey cried won rously. A few weeks passed. It w a s after graduation cer- em o ni es. Various parents a nd students were scattered over the grassy amphitheater th at was the scene of many te a r s , smiling faces, and ha ppy gestures a few short m i n utes before. Dusk had fa ll e n . Nearby pine and spruce trees stood like shad ow y scarecrows in th e sterile warmth of the e v e ni ng gloom. Even the sounds of voices floating across the lawn carried a note of despondency, as if tonight were truely the end, instead of the beginning. Then out of the dusk ap- pro a ch ed a single, dark, trenchcoated form. It slow- ed to no nchalance, then petered out to aimlessness, head bow ed as if in con- tim plation, But it was joined by another, sporting a co at, before too long. A third , with a sweater, walked up, and then a fourth. Soon the group had grown to a crowd, which then expand ed to a party. In seconds, wonderof all w o n d e rs, the party had a- c hi e ved m ass movement proportions! Somewhere in the mass, somebod began to whisper. Ma k e that several people. Well, what happened is that soon the mass was a quiver- ing, turbulent body of hand m o t i ons and mouth move- ments, a ll in a seriously hushed tone! lt wasthe Edgewood High fa c u lt y gathered there on that forlorn space, telling a bout how it had struggled, reached, attained, hesita- ted, failed, and started all over again day after day for four years: nine months a y ea rs, four weeks a month, fi ve days a week, seven hours a day, etcetera, in a m a g ni ficent effort to ed - ucate! And it had suc- c ee ded in grand mystery-- grand magical mystery! The Great Plot was over, for a while, at least, The t e a c h e rs had not gathered th er e to pat themselved or their backs. No. The Great Plot had worked, but the G r e a t Plot would have to be started again next year. Zeal i iiii .fwfr 41 lb-s 1' , Richard Rice was sel- ected as having the best "bawwwwwwdy" on campus by a panel of thirty-eight drooling girls, Richard can be found running around the halls in skin tight P, E. trunks performing gymnastics tricks and goinginto his imitations "Charles Atlas". Ri c h a r d attributes his physique to his ballet teacher. Exhibiting one of the most thought provoking "bods" on our campus, C arol Presnell is quite a c o ll e c t i on of molecules. When Carol walks by, there's sure to be a rise in temp- eratur e and a speeding of tn e pulse and heartbeat: so e at yo ur hearts out boys, and look at that terrain! Wea! T n e unique thin about Claudette Martin is Stat her clothes are made by Union m ember elves and munch - kins. Alwayskeepingin sty- le with the latest fashions, Claudette wears the latest in c anvas nylons with high top Army Surplus combat boots, ,, topped'off with a Green Bay Packerfootballhelmet. Be- ing well -dressed has its hangf ups though. Sporting a Catsup stained sweatshirt with ruffled cuffs and collar, flashy Rick Steed is noted for his ability to wearjust about anything and g et away with it. Why just the other day Rick was seen wearing see -through shoela - c e s , a bow -tie that lights up and says Merry Christmas, a nd a Roy Rogers tee -shirt t h a t s a y s " Visit Beautiful Flatbush, Minnesota. .ferubr WUI: Susan Graham I will my sister Cheryl Danio all the memories of our exciting w ee kends. I also will her Whittier Blvd. and all the West C oast Vans and the members. Also the ability to stay out of trouble. I will Teana Mosler the biggest taco and burrito in the world. To Wanda Brown I will a super big "Hughhie". To Glenda Bagley, Mr. Jessup! Trudy Torrence ITrudy Torrence being of sound mind and body do will blue and silver snow flakes to Miss Williams and my loud voice and some patience to the next Girl's League President. My great GAA ability goes to Pat Shanley and Pam Marks, may they have as many bruises as I do. My apple cores go to Kelly Y eomans. And to Miss Lingenfelter my ability to keep my temper! Dona Oshiro Iwill Debbie Albers International Airport and the Jumbo Jet. To Kristi a sprained ankle and a new coat. To Bob Phillips, the b i g one everyone missed. To Ray Ebbers, Seal Beach To Cheryl Stoa a irst gear, to Tonya Dooleey the ability to shift in a automatic, and a ticket for 5 in a 25. To Ronnie Keener a years supply of thyroid pills, and to Jim Quinn a big hug, and a trip to Hawaii. Jim Miller I, Jim Miller, in my sound mind, will to Dan McMeeken m y cross-country time. To David Miller, my track shoes for the two-mile run, to Scott Danforth and all other future Physics students, sympathy, good luck and pityg to anyone planning on taking Psychology, the ability to laugh at some of Mr. Shaw's questionable jokes: to any potential German students, Viel Vergnugen. Finally, I most humbly bequeath to all new-coming freshmen, some "fond" memc ries at El-IS. Patty McHugh I will to Mr. Fountain my everlasting laughter and embar- r asment. I also will to Mr. Fountain an exact copy of my class ring. Thank you Mr. Fountain for your help and ever- la stin g friendship. I will to Cindy Collins a new door for the p a ss en get side of her "blue bomb" and a inside door handle for her side of the car. I will to Barbara Marquez a he ar in g aid so-she can understand others when they are talking. Iwill to Helene Sciortino a dime a week for phone calls and a compact mirror for her purse. Marsha Puz I b equ ea th to all of next year's students at EHS the mis- fo rtu ne of a five-period day, the horror of three lunch periods, and a beautifully littered campus. Craig Dong I w 1 ll my car to Cindy Collins, my Mickey Mouse watch to Tim Gilkison, to my little sister QBonnie Biedermanj, I will a se at on the firstbus, to Mr. Kilmer, my .infinite knowledge to math, to Mr. Franco, my automotive genius, to Mr. T . a new record of "The Star Spangled Banner" fcomplete with a new PA systemj, to Mr. Martz, a life- time subscription to the Free Press, to Mr. Mays, my slide rule, and to Ross Biederman, all of my debts and IOU's. Kerry Woolston tc L ouise and Debbie a giant key. To Karen Leventhal my old pornporn s . I will my friends the ability to do som ethin g without getting caught. Mrs. Wheeler a new p a ir of knee caps in case hers pop off. Carol and Cathy the ability to pay attention when I talk to them. Carol Kiy an my gpld loomers. To Debbie Albers a filing kit. To Debbie Ro erts a "4f3 Cheri Brady I will my little sister, Karen, my empty tube of Clearisel. Senior Wil s Chris Behrens I will to the Counselors, Mrs. Nichols and Mr. Hochberger each a new shiney fire extinguisher. To Mr. Mark, Karen a nd I leave you a tangerine tree so you'll have a tangerine everyday. To Phil Bistline,my locker so he can pick on the freshman who gets his. To Tessy Goy a longer dress so the guy b e low her locker won't look up! To Mr. Cawthon a P. B. X board that really works! To Karen West I leave Mike Baxter! To all the juniors, my share of the Senior Quad. Cheryl Stoa Iwill to Claud Martin a ruler to measure her hair fevery dayj Jean L uppold a course in poise and posture. I will Mark Donnelland the hair atSolana Reef. Ilana Dowding 10 weeks free surfing lessons. Linda Cary a tube of erace. Debbie Albers International Airport and a jumbo jet. Donna Oshiro 2 inches on every one of her skirts. To Kris Guge an E width shoe. To Tonya Dooley a free pass to Cliftons Cafe- teria. Ricky Steed I will all my bellbottoms to Gary Prentise. I will my ex- p erien ce and many dark corners to Jenell Shields. I will an empty table at lunch to Elaine Villa. I also will the Dram a and Music Departments U2 of my knowledge and a song a nd a dance. Last but not least I leave Mr. Mc Culloch a grin. And to Mr. Fountain my lavender pants. Cla udette Martin I, Claudette Martin, being of sound mind and body, will to Cindy C arroll the five inches willed to me last year by Debbie Woolston which I never received. To Dan Maggard a n invitation to every formal dance next year since he en- joyed his last one so much. To Scott Toensing a teepee som ewhere in the wilderness with white fur carpeting Qjust in casej . To Mrs. Schneider, a lab assistant next year with s ome thing to do Qfor a changej. To Linda Wilt, a role of toilet paper to stuff the cavity in her head where a brain should be, and to Bob London a new steering wheel fwith no holes in ity to replace the one that got ruined when my finger had to be sawed out by the Fire Department, also 30 lbs. to be distributed evenly throughout his being, a ward- robe of decent socks, and a summer in New York. Elaine McKenna I, ElaineMcKenna, will to Daryl Knapp a king size oak tree for his own use, to Tim Roberts the ability to cook a steak, to the 5 th period G. S. R. class good luck in getting your license sooner than I didg to Theresa, Diane, Cindy and W anda another gossip session, to Kim Smith a pair of stilts fif she will give me half of her heightsjg to Randy all girls pig - tails and a real meaningful and deep relationship and a big thanks to Edgewood High for the great memories I have to take with me. Chris Torres lwill to Kathy Claybaugh and Maren Hambleton my ability to get places on time Qespecially to practicej. I will to A nn Stupak the position of Flag Twirler. I will to Doug H anson much success in the band and on the swimming te am. To the Edgewood Trojan Band I will many more s w e e p s ta k e s trophies. And last but certainly not least I thank Coach Cawthon and the great Edgewood swimming team for the opportunity to time for them and wish them many more victories in the future. Randy Scott To Dan Kelly, I do hereby give my football jersey number and my famous hands who I inherited from Tom Aloi. To Mary Meier, All my A civics work. 1 Q j . ' ., 1' VXPA - I3 Have you ever wondered w ho the girl is that "Fred" steals from the clown in the swimming pool in that t o ot h - paste commercial? It's Karen Cadra without her braces. Karens teeth are so white that whenever she sm i le s people comb their hair in the reflection. At night, Karen has a part time job at the Ontario Airport signaling airplanes. Wea! tymilev f i ,, , .s. ll iamhyymw I .,,v,-+A' lsr Suffering from permanent lock -jaw, Mike Gaines s e em e d to obvious choice for the Best Smile award. Whenever Mike smiles, the girls just melt alloverevery- thing a nd dribble down the sidewalk. The secret to Mikes ivory w hite smile is the Ultra- Brite t o o thpaste he b r u sh e s his teeth with Nine times a day. eel gentle o Jfamo EUTXI T015 '-A , i K a r e n gets her sense of humor from watching Ma and Pa Kettle flicks on channel 38, and The George Putnam Pre s ents the Lennon Sisters show. Karen has the ability to t ell her funniest jokes w hi le underwater, fighting off an enraged guppy. But K a r e n ' s greatest triumph came when she wrote jokes for the National Geographic. About asfunny asa screen d oor in a submarine, Bryan Monro e ha s built up the reputation ashavinga "sick" sense of humor. There's thre e things you do every time Bryan tells a joke. You either pass out, throw up, or suggest commiting him to a mental institute. Bryan is really a very funny g uy. Woy 24' Every girl that walks past Mike is always prone to be s w ep t u p into his massive arms and be carried off into the sunset. Asthis years "Wolf", Mike, or Don Juan, as he calls himself, has loved his way into being chosen Playboysg and Odysseys' "Wolf-mate" of the month, When asked if he carried a "little black book", he retorted, "Sure .t's the phone dfirectory. " Mary Carroll, or Hilde- gard Hammerhocker, as her riends call her, is able to ca tch a boyfriend just by s aying She also had a . 45 revolver stuck in his gut whichhelps just a little.. M a ry is not too particular abou t the kind of boys she gets as long as they have tw o arms, can eat her bar- becued jello, and can sing "M elon cholly Baby" in flat. rw Calling each other nam es suchas "Goo,gGoo eyes" and "Cuddles", Marv and Louise just can't keep their eyes off of each other. At lunch Marv looks at Louise for so long his spagetti turn-over. It's contagious too. because Pfam-.7 when Louise looks at Marv, she breaks out with the hives. But they both are compatableg on their Friday night dates at Lover 's Lane, M a r v i n explains Darwins ' Th eo r y of Evolution while Louise cleans the trout Mar- . ,A . . - : f-f A fwrvngev . .. , .. ,A Senior Will A Marvin Guida To Gr eg Carter I leave S15 fwhich was one wild night on the tow nj To Bill Terry I leave my1 enigine and anything else at my house he can dirty his an s with. To Mar Donnellan I leave my fishing gear, and to his Dad a fat lip! To Robin and Debbie I leave the ocean for them to s w im in. To Nevil Masson I leave one manager. To Ray Ebb ers I leave one big LAUGH. To Martha Lang I leave the key to my heart. To Roger Butler I leave my hair. To Louise Richards, I leave 10, O00 baby Koala bears. And to Spanky I leave my job. Larry Watson I, L ar ry Watson, leave my practice sets to Mrs. Meyers, my locker to my brother, and the rest of my things to who- ever wants them. Kathy McCarthy I K a thy McCar thy will Heather Terle a case of bubble gum. I will Jackie Moore a trip to Whittier. ffreejl w ill Ron Harroun all the good qualities his sister has. I w ill Paula Congano all my appy times at good old Edge- w ood. I will Rudy Divin the ability to be nice for more than 2 min. I will Mr. Teresa all the new freshmen brats. To Shar on Wrobles I will Andy Claremont to have and to hold. . . I will Mr. Weaver 10 teenage daughters. Martha Lang I w ill the locker Ishare with Ro er Butler to anyone who w ants it because the lock is broien. My old Studebaker goes to anyone who will tow it away, but only if they are nice to it. I leave to Skelley Miller fl-I. P.J a muzzle to control him. Nevil Masson gets all the "good old" days at Doheny. Marvin Guida gets enough blue cards to last the restof his life. I leave Patty Riolo much happiness. Karen Gurr gets a bib for the next time we go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Karen also gets happiness. To Linda Brownell I just hop e she gets everything she wants because she is a w onderful person. I leave this school to the underclassmen in hopes that they can survive the ordeal. Alex Metchnikoff I will to Daryl Knapp 2 tongue depressors a tube of chap- stick and a one weeks stay at Forest Home. To Tim Dostal onezipper ofextra length. To Sally Newlin and Tim Dostal a tele gr aph system Qtheir mouths can transmit loud and clear enoughj to all peoiple taking Physics next year God's blessing, a ittle luck an a major in Calculus, To Papalae Stoeck ein, Iwill my fantastic brain for doing calculations, to th-e Edgewood Football Boosters my fine cleet football shoes' and la st but not least a couple of ash trays for the Senior Quad. Mark Gamer I will to anyone that has the courage to take it,, my Physics class. To my sister I will all the teachers that I've cometm kno w . I will my team room locker QT-151 to any football player and to him I wish the best of luck. Last to Mr. Fountain Iwill my "faithful" pencil that is gradually shrinking also all my projects that I c ose not to take home. Randy Moersch To my brother, Chris, Iwill the 36. 00 football shoes I wore. To Jim Shannon, my groovy wrestling shoes. To any wack s tar m y track shoes. To the Physic's students of the next school year, one week of accurate data, and the will power to s tre rch Papa Ioe's elastic modulus! To Kitty Koupol I w ill a high paying job or any job at all. To all va-:sity w restlers, the abi ity to not EAT for a WEEK! To Mrs. A -.13 f' sk" Smith ttfi tv- EI-IS one long. over- Senior W17ls Teana Mosler Iwill to m sister Colleen m old m clothes. A d t b rothe r Rohn the ability to keep gait of trouble foilat cferelilsyi clon't get caughtlj Brent Flonon I, Brent Flotxon, being of sound mind and bod do hereby bequeath the followingg To DQYYI Knapp my personal handbook an " self-Control in the Mountains." To Al Frach a monogrammed bag of quarters. To any students igjnora nt enough to take I. C. M. or Physics my inherent a ility to come up with the wrong answer all the time. A nd finally to anybody whcfrhas listened to me for more than5min. and understood what ..as said my congratulations c ause I never could. Nancy Youngquist To mybrother, Deannie. Iwill my old corroded locker ready Sr r aring to go for another 3 years. To Kelley Yeomans I lea ve all my used apple cores. To Jean Wolf all of our broken test tubes and Jim Strasbaugh the lost wire triangles, Ienell Sheilds my old, beloved, worn out Songleading ten- nies. Cathy Miller my kicks to tame her's down a bit. Carol Kiyan I leave the ability to grow some half way decen t sized feet and my short curly hair. Carol Ebele m y "Gre at" essay writing abilities for Mrs. Geis's class. K aren Gasparro a new fore ead for next summer's episodes on likeguard. Mary Frambes some non-slip grip shoes for m ud run ning. I Nancy Youngquist, being of sound mind and body fdebatablej wish to all future EHS Seniors, Best of luck and SO LONG! I E! Diane McGraw B eing of sound mind f'?j and body, I will to the 1970-71 Drill T e a m a sincere hope for contunued success and the frie nd ship that I've experienced in the past two years, to Vince Jacobo and Gary Condren the entire Edgewood Drill T eam to flirt with at parades fall the way in one playlp, to C athy D elgado, some subtle hints and my smile: to Tom Graham and Nancy Youngquist, a lasting friendship through Christ, and to Edgewood High School a hope that the apat y a t thi s school will die and that in the future there will be more people who care. Pat Weaver Ihereby will to all the younger students, the fun I had being active in so many clubs. I will to Miss Williams a P, E, class like she has had 6th period for the last 2 years, know - ing she couldn't do without the interuptions the Bannerettes have her from her dull everyday organized class. Also I will to all the little people fin sizej my knowled-ge of how to cut through the traffic jams in the cooridors wi out bei ng step- ped on or squashed. Bonnie Hoover As I leave Edgewood High School I am leaving many m emories of good times behind. These, I will to my close friends with whom I shared them. To Danny Brown, I will my gottchas and the wink, and of course to my loving sister I leave the teachers I had or should I will my sister to the teachers? To Karen Gasparro, all the split pea soup she can eat. To Lynn a cast, just in case. To Ann and Gene I will the memory ofour bench. And to all the innocent freshmen I will our Trojan Spirit to help them along. Lori Neas To the next publicity chairman of Drill Team I will a big bottle of Excederin. To all the anxious juniors who are al- w ays trying to get on the quad. I will the Senior Quad. The Freshman and Sophomores will just have to wait. To all at EHS I will a good sense of humor so they can put up w ith Mr. T. and his jokes, like stapling your hair together and putting ASB approved on your hand. Good Luck. geo! Jfaifz V Fug.. -'V Equaling Ray? hair in softness and texture. Illana Dowding 's locks remind people of a sea of brown. But long hL1irisn't all as good as it's cracked up to b e. It takes Illana six days to comb it, and nine times out often she loses the comb. And every time she com bs it back. it drags on the ground. gg 5 Q. .V il i. Y I, f ,I if Ififlsfl I1 ' '21 -by i 4' F lo w i n g, curly, shim - meringinthemorning light, d es e r i bes the hair of Ray ' mond fGOldie Loeksj Ebbers. Ra y 's favorite pastime be - si des looking at his hair, is feeding it. fHe gives it a b 0 w l of w arm mi lk each night before he goes to bed. J Ray also hires an Italian hairdresser to fly over twice a w eek and give him a shampoo, set, and eombout. Winning a first place trophy atthe Snodgrass, Ultio eye batting Championships, Janice Reeves w a s selected ashavingtheBest Eyes, bat- ting her baby blues a record breaking Egoouu a minute. Unfortunatly, Ja nie e col- lapsed from total exhaustion because she had forgotten to remove her false eye-lashes. Wea! Eyeo l Mark keeps his eyes in great shape by closely watchinghenmlines, l.egs and anything else that has to do with the female sex. Act- ually, Marks' eyes are sort of blood-shot in color, but hetakes theln out and soaks themin quinine water which w li i t e ns them, pupils and a ll! Mark can also do fan- tastic tricks with his eyes li ke: mo ye them up and dow n. ITG . C. Sembr WUI: Kathy Pomeroy I xv ill to Mr. Kinzler all ofthe sour notes I have ever sung UI e 's alte a dy heard them anywayl also one large multi- colored drape. To Mr. McCulloch I leave my great ability to a d -lib. To Ellen Boyle an extra inch or two. To any nut .t ho .vill take it-prop chairman for all the plays. To lana Gunderson a cardboard cut out of me to sit next to her in Concert Choir. To Mr. Shaw I leave a bottle ofhair grower. To Edgewood lligh l leave a huge flowered covered tr a sh can. To Miss Williams another pass to Heaven Qwith her luck. she'll need it. Karen West I, Karen West, usually beiugof sound mind and body, hereof w ill to Mr. Monroe a whole bunch of little brushes. Mr. Webster the knowledgefshockb oflris horrible singing. Cathy Miller 2 years supply of food for 4th period class, Dean S tced a little weight so he can outgrow the name pee-wee Miss Williams a big wonderful handsome husband. Class of lxl Tl -all the muddy mess and chaos during the rain. Kurt Reilly a new neighbor. To Edgewood my thanks for 4 years of To Russ Gorden a special key to girls locker room. Karen Gasparro IKarenGasparro, will to Becky Stith six weeks at the Eileen Feather Figure Salon, so she can fall out of her bathing suit in the right places, twenty other darling boys to say, "You're lookin good tonight baby, " and a best se ler entitled, I-low To Ke ep You're Bathing Suit Up While Body Surfing, to Catliy Miller, a frilly illustrated book of The Behavior Habits of Turtles, To Barb Flotron, a new ear to replace the one that was eaten during the summer, and my amazing ability to throw afrisbee straight, To Cindy Stith, a life size picture ofBig Huey, to Wandy Brown, some pizza, and a guided tour of UCLA, to Mr. Stoecklien, my wiggle, to Denise Treon my 3 yr. old bent baton, to Bruce Kent, 200 dealies, to Trojanaires, a landgraber song to sing at Knott's, to Glenda Ba le abox of ruce to Bob Brid es a handbook of Trojan g Y, , g , ' aire routines, to Rick Rice, my supernatural monkey arms. and to Gary, me. Glenda Bagley I will to Cheri Hahne my ability to make spirit ribbons, to Mr . T. a cup of coffee each morning and all the money I o we him for hot chocolote. To Miss Williams a box of scre am ing yellow zonkers, a calm 6th period P. E. class, all the old Christmas Ball decorations and cookies, anda great memory of "The Baruier Girlsl"' To Wanda Brown a ne w baton and a lot more good times. To Pat Weaver a nd Mark Conlon all the happiness in the future., to Sherry Smith my old mascara tube to Karen Gasparro a tea pot w ith a lid glued on the top, to Mary Kelly a dinner at N e w b err ys. To the l97O-71 Banner Girls and Pennants some decent banners and some flags, and to all future Christmas Ball's and activities a new photographer. Lynn Hunter T o Mr . Sergio I will my smash hit English musical that I never .v rote and a l6x2O photo of Juliet Prause. To Mr. Kinzlerlwill my trustee, beat-up Trojanaire folder and my m us ical version of The Scarlet Letter plus all the best m usical talent in the world. To Mr. Gary a pair of polka- dotted sunglasses. And to Mr. Wilson thanks ever so--'I' And lastbutnot least to Greg Uthus my ace bandage to wear in good he althl' To Bryan Munroe another year of role calling in chair. Debbie Roberts F irs t I m ust take pity on Mr. K. to you I will more than " 2 good tenors". To Michael, a little better first year in driving. To Lari and Kathy, something "to get a hold of". To Doug and Pam, 5 minutes in which you are nice to each o ther. To Chris and Claudia, sewing ability Cat'least in making uniformsl. To Robin, 2 new pair of shoes. To Eric a bu tt the lost it in his fall at the mountainsj, for Gene, "To white socksbe ture", To the old "gang", the memories ofPhyllis' house and ofour two excursions to the snow, fany- body got 2 rubber hammersifj To Davy-my-love-I will someone to hiss at next year in choir, better taste in choos- in g "girlfriends", my spot on the senior quad, and last of all, rn y ability to "maintain" at basketball games and to Mr. T. in all sincerety, a student body that cares. Wanda Brown I w ill to Tru dy Torrence my half empty box of yellow zonkers. To Miss Williams I will the blue and silver snow- flak es a nd the snow that crunches. To Karen Gasparro I w ill the two halfs of my broken baton, my whole one goes to Debbie Thom pson. A separate name tag to Glenda Bagley so people can tell us apart. To Mary Kelly a pair o f blue trunks with little feet on them fyou can run around a nd coun t the othersj To Sherry Smith a new great size sn o w sh o e. T o C hicken Little a box of Kentucy Fried colonel. A nd to anyone that wants it, my locker that doesn't open. Mary Frambes I, M ary Frambes, will to Mr. Stoecklein a class that can r e ad a nd ou t think him, to Nancy Youngquist a better m em ory and more time. To my brother sleepless hours stud ying Physics. To Mr. Wenner a class that will stay a w a ke. To Bob Hayes the Senior Quad. To Mike Mendes less a pa thy . To Mrs. Elley some good typewriters. To To Laurie Muller more confidence. To Tim Roberts exactly what he deserves, nothing. To Janey Shaw, good health,and to all the juniors a happy senior year. Linda Hayes lLinda Sue Hayes being of sound mind and body do will my gym clothes to Miss Williams, holy tennis shoes and all. Also to Mr. Martz I will my desk. To Mr. Cawthon my filing project. To Mr. Weaver my math book. To Mrs. Zhart my Senior Sex book. Last but not least to Mr. Stoeckline I will all of those papers I ran off during the year. Caryn McClelland I C aryn M c Clelland, being of sound mind and body do hereby will the following: To Craig Puz, room in the back s e a t o f the car. To Jana Henkel a bottle of tranquilizers anda Grump Schlirpt. To Eina Hansen, her sister's locker. I will my devil costume to John Gossman, who so richley d es erves it, and dare him to wear it in public. I also will Chuck Learn's hamsters back to him. To Mr. Martz I will a class of "Scott Barts". Helene Sciortino I H elene Sciortino, will Joyce Gobel my driving training tea cher, Mr. Mark, To Tina, the senior quad bench tosit' on for 2 years. Mrs. Schneider, my Italian spagetti sauce. And Patty a boyfriend in the future. Susan Felder To M r. Fountain, T leave my S.F. so that he can usethem every timehe paints a picture. To Glynnis Alexander I will Ross Furmer and a very happy life together. To Mr. Monroe a new Art Club to start with next year. Lora Fotheringham I hereby wi 1 my brother to Mr. Shaw--just try and figure him out! I I Greg Uthus' I will my left knee to Dale Magner so he can have to knees to m a tch. I will my mouth piece to Dick Velencia so he may have another for games. Ellen Boyle I w ill to Kathie Pomeroy il quiet side and 2 good pairs of shoes. To Robin Brittan om- pair of white tennis shoes. ,4a3u-64.9. Inj u ries and bad breaks pla gued the '69 Trojans to th ei r first losing season in CoachKen Wells' eight years as head coach at Edgewood. Early injuries suffered by Q ua r t erback Tim Roberts, Tackle Steve Lane, and Run- ning Back Randy Moersch, a .no ng others, forced the Trojans to play their less ex - p e r i e nced underclassmen. and also forced many of the teams top players to under- take thetask of playing both offense and defense. The fi- n al Trojan record was three wins and six losses. M a ny y o u ng Trojans proved promising or the fn- tn re with superb play and poise in the 1969 season. Among them are Sophomores Richard Valencia and Geb Church who had to take over le a dership in the backfield when injuries were acquired b y older and more experi- e nced players. Concerning Edgewood 's grid future, C oa ch Wells commented, "We have high hopes. A few kids are bac , but we will be young and be lacking exper- ience. Next year's outcome will depend on how our kids d e v elop both mentally and physically between now and September. " The 1969 season started offvery well for the Trojans when they won their first ga m e against Mark Keppel 14-12. Keppel had jumped ahead 6-O when sophomore qu arterback Dick Valencia plunged one yard for a Trojan touc down. Edgewood scor- ed again in the second quar-- ter on a 25 yard pass from Valencia to sophomore Geb Church, leaving the score at: 1 4 - 6 . When Keppel had scored a TD late in the sec- ond half, Dale Magnar inter- cepted the end zone pass on the two point conversion try to protect the 14-12 margin FOOTBALL 1969-70 3-6 Most Valuable Best Lineman Outstanding Back Most Improved Coaches Trophy Richard Suela Bob Harmon Randy Moersch Randy Scott Kevin Kelley of victory. Quarterback Va le ncia, playing his first varsity game, completed 7 of 10 passes and was named Player of the Game. In Their second contest, Troy fell to Rosemead 13-O. Senior Bob Harmon, who played guard and linebacker, was honored as the Player of the Game. Efforts were a lea ne title were stymied wfxen EHS dr o p p e d both of their first two league matches. Glen- do r a d efeated the Trojans 41-7, and Covina managed a 8-O win. The lone TD in the games was a result of a -5.4 yard pass plag from Valencia to Jim Straus augh, and complemented by a PAT by Senior Ricardo Scon- feld. Seniors Randy Scott and Rich Suela nabbed player of the game honors in the losses. When the team took the field at its 1969 Home- coming Game, it showed only a 1-3 record. But after galloping past Los Altos for a 14-7 lead at halftime, the Trojans continued to pound their way to a 26-7 victory and avenge the previous ye ar 's Homecoming lossz Halfback Geb Church caught 4 passes for 121 yards, and carried the ball for 45 more as he w as designated the contest's performer. Th e Trojans continued their ne w found winnirlg w a ys by dumping the Sou Hills Huskies 22-6. The first Edgewood TD came on an interception by Church as Rich Suela ran for a two po int conversion. It was followed bya 35 yard run bv Valencia for 6 more, with u s u al halfback kicking the extra point. After the Huskies netted six, Valencia passed to Church for 2l yards and a TD while Suela again added a PAT. Senior the igame 21-7. U guard and linebacker Kieth B ra ndrup was the player of the game. After winning two, the Trojans wenton to lose two. In a non-league tilt, Baldwin Park d efeated EHS 30-20 despite Randy Moersch's Best Player efforts at tailback and the defensive backfield. A 21-7 loss to La Puente, with Da le Magnar being the top performer, set the stage for the West Covina game. T he annual contest be- tween EHS and its Crosstown MVP Ri ri val was the most engross- ing of the season. The Trojan defense made a tre- mendous effort, holding West Covina to only one to uc hdow n, but that was enough in their 7-0 win. Senior quarterback Tim Robert s, who missed most ofthe early games due to a h an d injury. was the final selection as Player of the G a m e. Closing the season at 3-6, Edgewoo wasnever- theless proud of its many 1969 gridiron heroics. Senior All League Selections Randy Moersch Defensive Back lst Bob Harmon Offensive Lineman 2nd Ken Brandrup Defensive Lineman 2nd Kieth Brandrup Offensive Lineman Honorable Mention Couch Rodger Jens en BASKET BALL "l doubtifwe'llever have a group with as much vigor as this bunch, "said EHS Var- sity basketball coach, Rod- getJensen. With no returnf ing Seniorletterlnan, Jensen added, "We lacked the Sen' ior poise and confidence we need ed 3 explained C,J, , "W e spent nrost of our sea- son with Juniorg and 3 Soph- o rnore which niade it diffi- cultforus. " Drew Kelly was uilding Toward the only senior ot the start- ers. Butwhat Edgewood lacked on the court it didn't in spir' it. Led by the Wild Bench, spirit was at a high. Said Coach Jensen, "Spirit was a great asset. it added much. " With the loss of senior g ua rds Drew Kelly, Rodger M a rtinez, and Pat Adams, and with Brent Elotron, Ken Yetter, Daryl Ek, of the Senior"All Star" group known as the Wild Bench composed of Brent Flotron, Daryl Ek, and Ken Yetter. Drew Kelly goes up lor two in Trojan basketball contest. Wi ld Bench, EHS will lose a hard working group, which C o a ch Jensen said of, "We won 't ha ve as spirited a team, " The highlight of the sea- son, according to Coach Jen - sen, was the Edgewood Bas- ketballTournamentin which they came in Runner-Up los f ing only to Wilson, who la- terwent on to win their lea' gue. Edgewood 's returning letternian for next year will include So phmore Geb Church and Juniors, Al F razi n, Richard Burgess, John Watson, and Captain, Most Valueable, Tom Glas' sen. Glassen. EHS's leading scorer set a new record this year for rebounds, Said Coach Jensen of next years hopes, "Wi th all the other schools having return- in g Juni or letternian our le ag u e will be difficult, " but, 'Were looking forwar d to a winning season. " Future MVP Tom Glassen Drew Kelley has been ac- tive in sports all four years at Edgewood. His Freshman year e played "C" football, ' D" b asketball, and Frosh baseball. As a sophomore he again play ed "C" football, but broke his hand before basket - ball and didn't play sports for the remainder of the yea r. Last year he played 'B" football and JV basket- b all. This year he is start - ing on the varsity basketball squad. Drew is small a 5'5 lf2", but overcomes this handicap with his incredible quickness and agility. In "B" football, he was probably the smallest VH an on the field but had a fi ne year as a running back because of his quickness and determination. Last year in JV basle t- b all, Drew was named the M ost Valuable Player and made all-league, a very high honor. He was high point m a n O n the team, getting m ost of his points by going one on one with his defensive man. There was no one quick enough to guard him, so he scored freely against many teams. This y ear he started at guard for Varsity basketball and keyed the fast break and offense. Drew plans to at- tend Mt. Sac the next2 years, then go to a four year college. WRESTLING SIERRA LEAGUE CHAMPS ' lst PLACE EDGEWOOD TOURNAMENT NORTHVIEW TOURNAMENT Most Valuable Wrestler Most Imp.-oved Wrestler Coaches Award Most Inspirational Bob Harmon George Merten Bob Olsen Randy Moersch S e n i o r George Merten, 194 lbs . , shook hands with Gerald Peake of Palos Verdes High School and the referee oi the match raised Peake's left hand. Merten walked slow ly a nd tiredly offthe mat. He had lost 5-O to the man who eventually won first for the 194-lb. weight class in CIF. At this point the Edgewood High School 1970 wrestling seasonwas over. It can only be described as unreal. N e ver before had the gym- nasium been as packed with school -spirited wrestling fans a s thi s season. The most successful and most powerful wrestlingteam ever genera- ted in the school's athletic history was now only a m emory"a few Iliad new- stories or yearbook pictures. Fini shinglwith 13 wins and one loss, t e team went und efeated in league, won both the Northview and Edgewood Tournaments, and se nt tw o members to CIF finals at Cal State Fullerton. Senior Co-Captain Bob Harmon, 157 lbs, 27-5, w as awarded Most Valuable Player. Merten, whose o ve rall record C27-33 was u ns ur passed for the season w a s elected by the team as Most Improved. Graduating wrestlers will be Tom Calva, 115 lbsg Mi k e C i anci, 1685 Randy Moersch, 141 lbsg Bob Olson 148 lbsg Rick Rice, 130 lbsg and Sid Shepherd, 178 lbsg with M erten and Harmon completed the list. Moersch w as awarded Most Inspirational and Olson received the Coach's Trophy. N ext year's co-captains a re Ju niors, Carl Ciarfalio and Jim Shannon. Returnin lettermen will be Iacg Tanar, 98 lbsg Wayne Mathews, 98 lbs: and Rick Valencia, 148 lbs. Supplementing 1.. season's varsity will be members of the junior v arsity, league champs for the past six years. Senior All League Selections George Merten Bob Harmon Bob Olsen Randy Moersch Richard Rice Tom Calva 194 lbs. lst 148 lbs. lst 141 lbs. lst 136 lbs. lst 130 lbs. 3rd 106 lbs. 3rd Coach Paul Brier Mvw Bob Harmon George Merten rides opponent showing form which took him to CIF Finals. Bob Olsen works for pin against Northview opponent. The 1970 baseball team, plaguedby a slow start, and the loss of Coach Michael Lassalette, made a strong comeback to finish third in the Sierra League. While at practice in April, Coach Lassalette was s truck and seriousl injured by a batted baseball. Des- pite Coach Lassalette's loss, the team kept their spirit and continued all the deter- mination that he had taught them, onlty to fall one game short o a C,I.F. Berth. The highlight of the season came when Mark Conlee pitched a no hitter against his old teammates, Los Altos. Hitting was the early pro- blem of this year 's team as youth and inexperience proved to be a disadvantage as the Trojan's fielded on y returning Lettermen. The Trojans after losing four out of five pre-league games won six of ten league contests, only to drop the las t two games of the sea- son. Coach Lassalette credited the teams continued success after his injury, to the out- s ta n d ing leadership of co- captains, Richard Yaklin and M ark Conlee. The follow- ing game the duo combined as Conlee pitched a no -hit- ter and Yaklin went four for four at bat against Los Altos. " Follow in these plerfor- m ances, it was not ard for the restof the team to adapt to Coach Clieny Wells." Senior, Mark Conlee re- ceive d all league honors witha final league record of three w ins and one loss. While pitching 41 1X3 win- nings, he gave up but 32 hits and 9 earned runs, while s tr ik ing out 49 opponents. C o nlee s outstanding games w ere his no hitter thrown at Los Altos and his 1-0 shut- o u t to league champion, Covina . Besides being chosen on the first team All- L e a gu e roster, Conlee re- ceived the L. A. Times play- er of the week for his no- hitter. Another outstanding senior on this year's :qua w as Catcher, Rick Yaklin. Y aklin was the teams lead- ing hitter witha .349 season, and a . 361 league batting average. In 21 games, Yaklin hit safely 22 times in BASEBALL - QNX? C oa ch Lassalette talking with Greg Reinecker during early season game. Senior pitcher Mark Conlee showing form which helped him to a 3-1 league record. Richard Yaklin team 's most valuable player shown catching in recent baseball game. 6 3 at bats collecting two doubles and two home runs, striking out only three tim es , while he collected 10 R, B. I. 's in league action. According! to Coach Las- salette, " T e future looks biight. We have 9 return- ing lettermen and an out- standing LV. team coming up. We should have a goo shot at going to C. I. F. and a le a gu e championship is not out of reach. " snosuvxnrsav-s4vs4vsoaQsvinr Edgewood Opponent " 2 3 Basset' 3 6 Bishop Amat' 2 3 El Monte' l 5 Arroyo' 4 3 Wi lson' l O Covina O 7 Los Altos 3 O Gary' 1 O El Rancho' O 7 W est ern' 4 3 South Hills O 5 Northview' 1 7 La Puente O 2 West Covina 7 l Glendora 1 5 Covina 5 l Los Altos 3 1 South Hills 6 3 La Puente 0 3 West Covina 3 5 Glendora ' Non-league games 'Pomona ournament i Coach Coleman Foster "This was a building year which will lead to a pro- mising season next year, " voiced Cross -Country Coach, Coleman Foster, who started w ith a minimal amount of returningletterman and some hopeful underclassmen. Edgewood 's Cross-Country team had a season of hard- ships, shortcomings, and a n ew coach with a team of mostly new members. Jim Miller, the only three year r e turning letterman, helped out by Seniors Ken Haygood, Rich Stevens, and Junior Dan M cM eekin. had a season of CROSS COUNTRY Jim Miller runs season's best time of 11:07 against South Hills in a close meet. MVP Jim Miller conditioning, highlighted by a visit from Olympian Tracy- Smith. Smith, who had a redgular work out here, show - e th e Cross'Country team te c h ni q u es for work-outs. W hat the team learned from Tracy Smith they used in th eir practice and meets for the rest of the season. Jim Miller, voted most valuable and the team cap- tain, ran a season best of 11:07. Ken Haygood ran a best time of 11:24 and Rich S t e v e n s, the season's most im pro ved, had a best time of 11:40. J Coach Stan Ford 'Our goal was to develop awinning attitude this year, a nd I feel the attitude was to do something, " this was how Coach Stan Ford, one of the four track coaches, looked at the teams efforts this year. A season of sac- rifice on the team level " Di d what we expected to d o, " a cc ording to Coach Colemanfooter. The other coaches, Brint Newlin, ard student coach Dennis Di cky, b oth helped the team in its season. TRACK 1 .ea 9 "JW . if 1 J Ti . . - J. 1 x sq I sv, C h uck B entso n and Craig Jelenowski clear hurdles in recent track meet. -"- f i Co -Captain Chuck Bentson The C team placed second in the Sierra League highlighted by the setting of tw o school records: a 46. 4 b y the C relay team and a 11 foot 6 by Steve Gray in Pole Vault. With losing only a small number ofseniors, including t e a m and varisty captains, Jim Miller and Chuck B e nsen, the next few years look promising. "We ll be awful to ugh" said Coach Ford of the teams future.

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