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, EX LIBRIS T i s - ' i THE CJ. HURST RANCH WEST COVINA, CALIFORNIA THE PRESENT SITE OF EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Ifa tX J rfWzl t l sd wrU a 6 l l Published By The Associated Student Body Edgewood High School, West Covina, California Editors: Patti Dougherty and Warren Burgess Advisor: Mr. Vancil Dunahoo A DEDICATED TEACHER A DEDICATED LIBRARIAN May I remind you " of a man . . . One R espected by all who know him . . . One who Vital part of Edgewood High School . . . One Abounding with Numerous inspirations for us all . . . One who C ontributes in such a way that he I nstills in us all, the L atent desire to succeed . . . One who Donates his time to others with U ndividing efforts . . . Never asking so much as a " thanks " in return Always full of Helpful advice to anyone in need . . . One dedicated man who is One in a million! Add the above traits into one, And multiply by five. The result . . . MR. VANCIL DUNAHOO A man who gives everything And asks nothing in return. A DEDICATED ADVISOR ... A DEDICATED MAN! MR. VANCIL N. DUNAHOO Merced and Orange . . .1915 Orange Avenue. . . 1948 • r Industrial Arts Class ... 1 965 ' MB West Covina. . . 1965 8 im li I] T - r - ■ 3 ' ' tP lt 1 pal Merced Avenue. . . 1965 Merced and Orange ... 1 965 Orange Avenue ... 1 965 THE PAST IS PROLOGUE . . The recorded past of that piece of property in the city of West Covina that is now bordered by Merced Avenue, Orange Avenue, Durness Street, and Trojan Way, begins in 1771 when the Franciscan Fathers founded the San Gabriel Mission in the present city of El Monte. In establishing the Mission they claimed as their estate the entire San Gabriel valley. Five years later the mission moved to its present permanent site. With Mexican Independence in 1810, most of the mission estate was taken by the government. In 1842, two major land grants were awarded in the San Gabriel Valley by Governor Alvarado. One, east of the San Gabriel river and north of the present San Bernardino Road, was given to John Dalton. The other, east of the San Gabriel River and south of the present San Bernardino Road, was given to John Rowland and William Workman. In 1868, Rowland and Workman divided their holding, Workman taking the north-east section of their rancho, and Rowland keeping the remaining half. In 1876, Workman ' s banking interest in Los Angeles went into bankruptcy and his rancho was mortgaged to " Lucky " Baldwin for $200,000. Workman committed suicide shortly thereafter and Baldwin foreclosed on the mortgage and took over Workman ' s property. Baldwin used what is presently West Covina as range land, leasing parcels for farming from time to time. The first recorded use of what is now Edgewood High School is in 1883. From that date until 1887, T. F. Griswold and J. R. Elliot leased the land from Baldwin to grow wheat. In 1903, Baldwin subdivided some acreage in the present city of West Covina, selling the land for $175 an acre. Among the first settlers to buy land from Baldwin were Max and Robert Dancer, who purchased the land on the southeast corner of what was to become Orange and Merced Avenues. The Dancer brothers drilled a well on the corner of their land, then in the fall of 1905, sold the property to Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hurst. The well is still pumping and supplying water to the residents of West Covina. That accounts for that fenced off area in the northwest corner of the athletic field. In 1908, the first roads were laid out in West Covina. These were Service, Orange, Vine, Irwindale and Merced Avenues. Up to that time, Glendora Avenue was the only public road through the area. West Covina ' s diagonal streets date back to this time, as Glendora Avenue was a straight line from Glendora to La Puente. At this time the area was called Walnut Center, but at the suggestion of J. L. Matthews, editor of the Covina Argus, the area became known as West Covina in about 1909. The first school house was built in 1909 on Sunset Avenue. The first year there were eleven students enrolled. West Covina was closely identified with the people of Covina, and didn ' t begin to have much feeling as a separate community until World War I. At this time Covina purchased land near Azusa and Cameron Avenues for a sewage farm. The people of the area became very upset and to keep the sewage farm from being built, voted on February 3, 1923, to incorporate as a 6th class city. At the time of incorporation the population was 507, just seven people over the legal minimum for incorporation. One of the first large annexations came about when Covina bought property just east of the newly formed city as a sewage farm, so the people in this area asked to be annexed to West Covina. Population figures for the first three decades of West Covina confirm the rural atmosphere maintained. In 1930, the population was 769; in 1940, 1072; and in 1950, 4499. Then came the building boom! By 1952, the population had risen to 8361. In 1953, the city had 13,088 people. By 1958, the population had risen to 45,500 people, and the school district purchased the Hurst property on the corner of Merced and Orange Avenues as the site for West Covina ' s second high school. In the fall of 1959, 700 Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students arrived at the not-quite-finished Edgewood High School. In the spring of 1961, the first class of 196 seniors was graduated from the school. The class of 1965 numbers almost 400. The class of 1962 started the senior court, the class of 1963 finished the senior court and presented the clock. The class of 1964 gave the sprinkling system. In 1963, a victory flag was established, trees began to look like trees, and an attractive, well organized campus greeted the Edgewood students. Then in March of 1964, the bulldozers once again converged on Edgewood to start the first additions. From the time the Spanish Fathers claimed this land, through the agricultural period, and then as a high school, many physical changes have taken place and traditions have been established. Thinking of the past in perspective to the present, and future — the 1965 Aurigan has selected as its theme — THE PAST IS PROLOGUE. THE PAST IS PROLOGUE f 4 : 4 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP Clifford S. Thybe Superintendent John Eastman Associate Superintendent Fred Trott Assistant Superintendent Norbert Fuelling Assistant Superintendent ADMINISTRATION . . . SCHOOL BOARD Clayton Glass Kenneth Chappell John Gunn Jack Warshauer Joseph AAichelson PRINCIPAL . . . LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY . . . ASSIST ANT The 1965 Aurigan points up the com- pletion of another very successful year at Edgewood High School. We may look with pride at many achievements in ath- letics, dramatics, music, scholarship, speech and all the other facets of a com- prehensive high school. Life has many aspects, but we pass this way only once. It is our sincere hope that you will ever cherish those memorgble days at Edge- wood, and that your future accomplish- ments will never dim your remembrances of your days in the Halls of Troy. J) Roscoe J. Vanimar Principal SIS?! ANT PRINCIPALS . . . SUPERVISION . . . ASSISTANCE . . . John J. Hochberger Assistant Principal Phyllis Stronach Assistant Principal COUNSELORS . . . ADVICE Arthur Wilson Patrick Trudel Marion Peterson FACULTY . . . LECTURES . . . JOKES? QUIZZES . . . TESTS . . .FACULTY . . . " ■ v?$ ' ftJ - Turn around and be quiet. Keep your eyes on your book. " Zippy pickles IBM . . . FACULTY . . . GRADES . Suanne Huffma Frank J. Karasek " Now what was I talking ■ i. tog AILURE NOTICES . . . FACULTY . . . TROUBLE . . . • ' Frank E. Mas ' -, Mervin W. Metz Please keep the mumbling down. ' Geeeez FACULTY . . . HOMEWORK . . .MORE HOMEWORK . . . 1 1 Jean M. Myers Rose Na " Quit running your mouth. " " Got Kathryn E. ODonnell " Do you have a hall Dixie Olson " Goodbye boys TARDY . . . DETENTION . . . FACULTY Merida Pribble Keep your eyes on the book! Dian Rouse " Do you all see thi: ' J 4 " l Louis A. Sergio Right group Keith F. Shirey Are you going to the hall ' " RAPID EXITS . . .FACULTY . . . PROBLEM REPORTS Michele Smith I don t wont to shout when I giving my messages. " RESEARCH . . . FACULTY . . . STUDY . Betty L. Weaver Hilton Webster If you can ' t say something nice, " Sacri blu. ' don ' t say nothing at all. Ward R. Wenner " Well, I just thought Id see if you ' c WEEKENDS , . . FACULTY . . . HOLIDAYS Thomas R. Youngerman Kathryn Zahrt Come on you guys, cool it. " " If you maki JJFW1 SECRETARIES . . . FRIENDLY . . . HELPFUL Mrs. Nelson CAFETERIA FOOD . . . INDIGESTION CALORIES CAFETERIA MANAGER Dorothy Madison FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Newlin, Elsie Jackson, Beverly Hickey, Dorothy Snow, Loretta Oden. BACK ROW: Theresa Stater, Flora Candeleria, Viretta Mayberry, Helen Bowen, Hillary Jones, Mary Wood, Margie Long, Lyllus Trout, Wilma Sanderson, Jean Jackson. MAINTENANCE HARD WORKING . .. COOPERATIVE imeau, Clifton Booth, Florence Press, Ernest Van Pans, J. George Schaffer ES for s mm vyj. fir hVv A ■ MM fa y ft ' y i ' " • w ■ fii ' fm , THE PAST IS PROLOGUE J Af„ ACTIVITIES . . . SOUNDS OF TROY . . . SPEND MONEY Come to the ga Buy your Aurig Pick up your Sports Be lay be picked up OKLAHOMA tick ent Thursday Red light . . . Green light ing Queen 3rd p tuy your EHS pilli Get your ASB tuy your candy appf night books in by 8:00 A.M. Pork Chops, Pork Chops, Grezzy, Grezzy Sing along with 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 FRESHMAN DAY 12 SCHOOL BEGINS 15 16 17 HELLO HOP 19 21 22 23 CROSS COUNTRY SOUTH HILLS FOOTBALL BISHOP AMAT 26 28 29 ALL GIRL ASSEMBLY Go ' Toe " . . . Go Jl Senior Yearbook Pk CROSS COUNTRY GAREY CROSS COUNTRY NOGALES FOOTBALL NOGALES SOC HOP 14 inn am TESTING CROSS COUNTRY ORTHVIEW FOOTBALL LA PUENTE SOC HOP CROSS OUNTRY i ST COVINA 17 2 P.T.A. MICKEY ELLEY ASSEMBLY CROSS COUNTRY COVINA FOOTBALL COVINA HOMECOM- ING DANCE 9 10 VETERANS DAY CROSS COUNTRY BALDWIN PARK FOOTBALL SOC HOP DAD ' S NIGHT STAGE- 0- RAMA 16 A.F.S. ASSEMBLY 18 19 TEACHER ' S VISITATION DAY FOOTBALL LOS ALTOS PARADE ARCADIA CHILDREN ' S PLAY 23 24 25 THANKS- GIVING HOLIDAY THANKS- GIVING HOLIDAY 28 30 HOMECOMING COURT QUEEN JODI ISAAC . . 1964 PRINCESS SHARYN LEWIS PRINCESS GINNY PAULSON PRINCESS PATTI DAUGHERTY PRINCESS JUDY BUNDY HOMECOMING . . . VICTORY . . . ALUMNI . . . DANCE . . . 3AM! -AME. . .ROYAL COURT TROJAN SPIRIT . . . CLASS COMPETITION . . . SPIRIT 0 Presentation of Spartan will The Victory Flag becomes a familiar sight PINT ROPHY . . . SPIRIT RIBBONS . . . VICTORIES rOUP (To Paid Political Adver ft The Victory Bell becomes a tradition at Troy. FROSH ASSEMBLY 2 FALL SPORTS BANQUET MIRACLE WORKER BASKETBALL MILLIKEN FROSH ASSEMBLY 8 GRADE CARDS ISSUED WRESTLING CHINO BASKETBALL LAQUINTA CHRISTMAS ART EXHIBIT CHRISTMAS BALL 14 BASKETBALL TEMPLE CITY WRESTLING CHARTER OAK CHRISTMAS PROGRAM WRESTLING SANTE FE ART CLUB BANQUET WRESTLING TOURNEY SAC E.H.S. BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT E.H.S. BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT XMAS VACATION 21 22 23 24 25 COVINA TOURNEY COVINA TOURNEY COVINA TOURNEY COVINA TOURNEY 31 4 BASKETBALL BOSCO TECH WRESTLING NOGALES 11 BASKETBALL COVINA ASSEMBLY WRESTLING 18 BASKETBALL LA PUENTE 10,000 BOOK 20 25 BASKETBALL NOGALES SEMESTER FINALS 14 20 21 BASKETBALL BALDWIN PARK SOC HOP BASKETBALL NORTHVIEW SOC HOP WRESTLING COVINA BASKETBALL BALDWIN PARK 3 HELEN OF TROY CONTEST BASKETBALL COVINA SOC HOP i.H.S. WRESTLING TOURNEY 8 BASKETBALL NORTHVIEW WRESTLING LOS ALTOS BASKETBALL LA PUENTE LINCOLN ' S BIRTHDAY VALENTINE ' S BAIL 15 BASKETBALL WEST COVINA 17 18 BASKETBALL NOGALES WRESTLING C.I.F. PRELIMS WASHING- TONS BIRTHDAY BASKETBALL AZUSA GYMNASTICS LA MIRADA TRACK GLENDORA 26 DONKEY BASKETBALL GAME t % THE MIRACLE WORKER . FALL PLAY . . . DRAAAA rHE KER by William Gibson WoxL £.1 » Larty Fritz Susie Barbuto Nick Maassen Peggy Test 9 . . . £f. .... Patti Erwin . . . Jim Karasek ... Linda Reitan Mike Olden . Mike Raymondi Patti Elley Nancy Chapman Chris Contopulos Fran Kimmelman Carmen Morales Pam Promack Linda tapie MIDWINTER ROYALTIES W-4 - ■ Mr . QUEEN SHEILA RINDE IES 1964 ? sl PRINCESS BETTY WEST PRINCESS SUSIE TRIMBLE PRINCESS ELENA KIMBALL PRINCESS SUZY WEST a IDWINTER MAJESTIES MIDWINTER MAGIC . . . TINSEL . . . MISTLETOE 1 k jtMft ' m If- ■Hi A Dream Con VALENTINE ' S BALL . . . QUEEN LINDA TWEED .. 1965 PRINCESS JACQUETTA REINECKER PRINCESS ALLISON DANZIGER PRINCESS PRINCESS LINDA PRICE LINDA MYERS ART CLUB . . . VALENTINE ' S BALL . . . CANDID CUPIDS Queen Linda and Her Royal Court Smile, you ' re on Candid Can . . . BE MY . . . VALENTINE A Trojan Valentine ' .! ' • • Lovely decorations were created by the Art Club Memorable Evening BAND DINNER BASKETBALL OF. PLAY-OFFS GYMNASTICS GANESHA TRACK MONROVIA ALL SCHOOL REVIEW 6 8 TENNIS- BASEBALL EL MONTE GYMNASTICS NOGALES LEADERSHIP DAY SPORTS NIGHT BAND FESTIVAL 15 16 WINTER SPORTS BANQUET TRACK NORTHVIEW BATTLE OF THE BANDS 20 22 BASEBALL TENNIS BALDWIN PARK GYMNASTICS SAN GABRIEL TRACK LA PUENTE TENNIS BASEBALL COVINA 27 A.S.B. ELECTIONS TENNIS BASEBALL NORTHVIEW GYMNASTICS WEST COVINA BASEBALL TENNIS WEST COVINA 12 13 14 NNG VAC DISTRICT VOCAL FESTIVAL BASEBALL TENNIS NOGALES 26 TENNIS BASEBALL LOS ALTOS BASEBALL COVINA TENNIS GYMNASTICS BALDWIN PARK IOPEN HOUSFJ TRACK BALDWIN PARK TENNIS BASEBALL BALDWIN PARK TENNIS BASEBALL NORTHVIEW 10 SCIENCE FAIR OKLAHOMA ASEBALL PUENTE TENNIS JOHN ODDARD SSEMBLY SPRING SPORTS ANQUET 24 BASEBALL NOGALES TENNIS 18 GRADE CARDS ISSUED GIRL ' S LEAGUE INSTALLA- TION 19 BASEBALL WEST COVINA TENNIS 20 27 8 22 MAY 31 MEMORIAL DAY P.T.A. SPRING MUSICAL YEARBOOKS DISTRIBUTED FASHION SHOW 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 FINAL EXAMS SENIOR LUNCHEON GRADUA- TION SUMMER VACATION BEGINS 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 30 OKLAHOMA! . . . MUSICAL ... TRY OUTS Many a New Day " OKLAHOMA . . . O.K.! " )j " i fJ-T — T " } 6 L| |p ; ,»L A -,j 1. .» " » ti ' OUTS REHEARSALS . . . PERFORMANCE IT ' S A SCANDAL! THE CAST Aunt Eller Vol Thurnell Curly Jack Dowding Laurey Chris Mallon Jud Fry Nick Maassen Ado Annie Carnes Susie Trimble Ali Hakim Lennie Stathakis Will Parker Pat Reed Fred Tony Duhon Slim Brian Esselbach Ike Skidmore Jon Salminen Gertie Sheila Johnson Andrew Carnes Greg Carroll Ellen Pat Oswalt Kate Jacquetta Reinecker Sylvia Judy Montigney Armina Patti Dougherty Aggie Toni Gaines Faye Jeanne Jacobson Vivienne Maria Estrada Other Girls Jan Collins, Sue Jackson, Donna Wykofka, Sue Dinovo, Sheila Rinde, Sue Burns, and Maria Ciarfalio Cord Elam Bob Calandro Jess Ben Eells ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT MICHAEL A. OLDEN LEADERS . . . DEDICATED . . . RESPECTED . . . SC 52 ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY VICE-PRESIDENT PATTI D. DAUGHERTY SCHOOL OFFICERS . . . HONORED 53 LEADERSHIP. . . . CABINET MEMBERS ORGANIZ A1I0 Pat Zinn Secretary of Activitie ATION LEGISLATURE . . . FUTURE LEADERS AURIGAN DEADLINES PICTURE SCHEDULES . . DECISIONS . . . PROOFING PAGES . . . BEDLAM ILIAD . . . DEADLINES . . . LATE ISSUES WORRY COP ' Nancy Costanfino Sharyn Burski Georgette Bogdanoff Pete Ashlock % ft $ H i 1959-60 %9£cau Editor — Linda Fox Advisor — Mr. Teresa 1960-61 Editor — Linda Fox Advisor — Mr. Dunahoo 1961-62 Editor — Janet Blumenfield Advisor — Mr. Dunahoo 1962-63 Editor — Nancy Jo Reddick Advisor — Mrs. Hall 1963-64 Editor — Jeff Johnstone V) $i Advisor — Mr. Youngerman COPY . . . PROOFS . . . OPAQUE . . . NEWS ft® ?Q§ Elaine Larzo Sandra MacPhe William Mads Barbara McAlli CALIFORNIA SCHOLASTIC FEDERA TlOr fS fet 1960-61 Pres. — Harold Olsen Adv. — Mr. Hochberger 1961-62 Pres. — Meredith Getches Adv. — Mr. Hochberger 1962-63 Pres. — Mark French Adv.— Mr. Wilson 1963-64 Fall Pres. — Patti Dougherty Spring Pres. — Wes Sagawa Adv. — Mrs. Heuck PRESIDENT. . PRESIDENT. Wes Sagawa Cindy Prim $9Qff f 9 Melanie Dahl $ $ £$% $$ Charles Hay TION . . . HONORS . . . TROJAN SCHOLARS Marta Mahoney Steven McCabe Carole Morgan Terry Parke Mike Roberts Karen Shimahan Steve Trabucco Earline Walker Dave Wodhams ATHENIANS . . . GUIDES . . . WAITRESSES SPO W7Uft tu-9 1959-60 -Barbara Kelley —Mrs. Stronach 1960-61 —Dale Cross —Mrs. Kaiser 1961-62 —Sandy Sanderson —Mrs. Stenton 1962-63 -Nancy Jo Reddick —Mrs. Stenton 1963-64 —Connie Broomhead —Mrs. Olson ' t vaue $ Carol Embree i SPORTS NIGHT . . . SERVICE . . . BANQUETS PRIAMS . . . SERVICE SLAVE DAY SADIE AOI I HAWKINS DAY. . . FOOTBALL PROGRAMS USHERS f Hi Ik m Dennie Reed Mike Roberts I 1 Dove Wodhams GIRLS ' LEAGUE CHRISTMAS BALL Glenda And POM POM SALES HUSH DAY . . . SERVICE ■ Linda Frankl Nancy Godlewski Pam Promack Mary Jane Stephe AEOLIANS . . . TALKING YEARBOOK . . . CONCERTS . . . SPRIh l u-fkitu i. W-if 1963-64 Pres. — Brenda Hudson Adv. — Miss Keopke SPRING MUSICALE . . . " OKLAHOMA " . . . REHEARSALS ASSISTANT ADVISOR Mrs. Bridges KEY CLUB . . . SERVICE . . . KIWANIS fctett C Z, fyuc- i 1960-61 Pres. — Tom Dougherty Adv. — Mr. Dunohoo 1961-62 Pres. — Tom Dougherty Adv. — Mr. Dunohoo 1962-63 Pres. — Jim Stothakis Adv. — Mr. Stoecklein 1963-64 Pres. — Scott McAdam Adv. — Mr. Stoecklein HOMECOMING . . . SCIENCE FAIR Steve McCabe sr Dave Woddhan ART CLUB . . . EXHIBITS WORK NIGHTS ... ART TEA ?k4tt L p. 1960-61 Pres. — Pam Hafner Adv. — Mr. Fountain 1961-62 Pres. — Pam Hafner Adv. — Mr. Fountain 1962-63 Pres. — Patti Elley Adv. — Mr. Fountain Karen Anderson Richard Bach Tom Baedor Robert Barragan Gary Ball Kathy Bates 9 f r Dennis Childers Nancy Davidson Carol Eischen Patti Elley Donna -Feliciello Jackie Fernelius Linda Ferree Cyndie Gaber Cheryl Ganje Paula Godderz Jim Hay Phyllis Hebebrand ' TEA CHRISTMAS SALE . . . PROSPECTIVE PICASSOS Pot Hussey Kathy Jacobs Trena Kane Marilyn Kilbey Kathy Lavin Linda Lawrence Sharyn Lewis Michelle Lyons Joanne Masek Kathy Mathias Sandy O Dorsey Michael Richards. Margie Richards £ d T mk. Sharon Wochholz Donna Wykofka FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS . . . EXECUTIVES 1959-60 Q Pres. — Gail Stone Adv. — Mr. Cawthon Mr. Candio 1960-61 Pres. — Gail Stone Adv. — Mr. Candio 1961-62 Pres. — Lois Nagy Adv. — Mr. Candio 1962-63 Pres. — Jan Boles ;f, Adv. — Mr. Cawthon 1963-64 Pres. — Linda Giger Adv. — Mr. Cawthon FRONT ROW: Sue Jackson, Sue Heath, Laurel Day, LaVere Foster, Kathy Cooper, Sharon Burski Vines, Charlyn Calnan, Susie Barbuto, Margaret Naftis, and Karen Moody. BACK ROW: Sue T Van Winkle, and Sue Radofsky. Romero. SECOND ROW: Debbie Kraft, Sherry Trimble, Linda Holloway, Cathy Burd, Sharon FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA . . . CHILD CARE I % " lhjt9li4tU Z 959-60 U Pres, Adv. Shirley Buchcanan Mrs. Ramey 1960-61 Pres. — Joy Engelhard Adv. — Mrs. Ramey 1961-62 Pres. — Virginia Wachsman Adv. — Mrs. Ramey 1962-63 Pres. — Ruth Johnson Adv. — Mrs. Zahrt 1963-64 Pres. — Tina Thon Adv. — Mrs. Zahrt I I ' s 7 FRONT ROW: Pamela Hunsicker, Barbara Strasbaugh, Alice Hughes, Barbara Carlisle, Carrol Vesely, and Patty Brown. SECOND ROW: Carmen Karady, Sue Jackson, Matilda Beeler, Linda Burnett, Joy Mead, and Ann Rasmussen. BACK ROW: Earline Walker, Marsha Olmsted, Nancy Davidson, Doris Wellman, and Patti Musulman. FORENSI V-O DEBATES SPEECH TOURNAMENTS W -ft it . THE FORENSICS SPEECH CLUB, EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL— ESTABLISHED IN SEPTEMBER OF 1964 ' -£$£. ADVISOR FRONT ROW: Jack Dowding, Ricky Romero, Chuck Hay, Mike Copelanc Prentice, Laura Torrence, Marlene Robbins, Pat Zappa, Janet Baxter, Lc Zinn, Kathy McKinley, Patti McKinley and Bette Toland. , Larry Costello, Tom Austin ura Bowden and Peggy Test and Lois Wilcox. SECOND ROW BACK ROW: Paul Irwin, Cynthia Mary Merten, Valli Price, Becky Key, Pat P " JW " " 1Mb. aJ j JL T ii ii Pm • w 1 1 s j % fm ,1 £ ■A J Hi L " A ' " Hl ll E S J 3 ■ . ' ■» r» t 1 r i : J mk. kit . j r f f y i r mt— m i 3 TS FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA . . . EDUCATORS ( PRESIDENT Becky Key 7 i 9 4ti±cp. fae M 1962-63 Pres. — Donna Campbe Adv. — Mr. Sergio 1963-64 Pres. — Becky Key Adv.— Mrs. Hall I FRONT ROW: Diana Smith, Alice Bremer, Estelle Lieberman, Cathy Price, Pat Brown, and Michelle LeVme. BACK ROW: Becky Key, Marga O ' Dell, Diana Sunker, Patty Brown, and Rhonda Key. LETTERMEN . . . DONKEY BASKETBALL ATHLETIC urn PRESIDENT Gary FRONT ROW: Barry Bei 959-60 Don Zel Mr. Cawthon 1960-61 Jim Rawls Mr. Cawthon 1961-62 Mike Houlihan Mr. Morris 1962-63 Mike Monteleon Mr. Wells 1963-64 Mike Negrete Mr. Wells si .-i Ball, Mike Raymondi and Don Pope. SECOND ROW: Rod Jordan, Bill Per ney, Mike Bloss, Bill Welcher, Tom Bishop, Dave Thrash, Jack Ferreo, Pat Colu Parker, Mike Church, Terry Dick, Randy Knight, David Eells, Larry Dunlap, Mark Crowl, Larry Bell, Tom Zi Randy Dong, Don Monteleone, Jerry Pe Tony Duhon, Don Weimar, Pat Slaney, ing, Art Wiley, and Gary Patterson. er, Sal Ramirez, Darwin Newlin, Ernie Gorrill, Bob Parker, and Gary Baxter. BACK ROW: E Hill, George Cavin, Richard Mears, Jim Aloi f, George Hernandez, Dave McHenry jward Levy, Don Langford, and Tom H Ken Thiessen, John Gerving, Don Long, II Hutchins, Steve Harmon, Bill Bohlen, Don Bascue, Steve Burrie, Jeff Muller, Roger Doverspike irtsock. THIRD ROW: Andy Richard Bach, Jim Bernatt, Ed Villa, Reyes Gonzales, John Tucker, Dean Busch- mmmsm LITTLE OSCARS . . . MIRACLE WORKER . . . ONE ACT PLAYS fh t . 1960-61 etuie- Pres. — Dale Cross Adv. — Mrs. Peterson 1961-62 Pres. — Dallas Johann Adv. — Mrs. Peterson 1962-63 Pres. — Roberta Burgess Adv. — Mrs. Peterson 1963-64 Pres. — Gary Davis Adv. — Mrs. Peterson FRONT ROW: Michele Lyons, Lynda Kline, Gail Lockhart, Sheila Farrar, Jim Karasek, Linda Reitan and Sharon Savoie. SECOND ROW: Nick Maassen, Elena Kimball, Jodi Issac, Sharon Sagemc Mary Correll, Melinda Dahl, Trina Martin, Kathie Browning, and Sandy Zabala. THIRD ROW Peggy Test, Suzie Barbuto, Mary Fritz, Linda Tapie, Sharon Peterson, Patti Elley, Karen Yaklin, Carmen Morales, Linda Franklin, Nancy Godlewski, Terre Madsen, Vicki Swan, Daryl Thomas, Key, Nella Thompson, Paula Haddeman, and Beth Shriber. Larry Fritz, Diana Smith, Kathy Skipworth, Valle Prentice, n, Donna Harling, Suzy Radofsky, Georgette Bogdanoff, Linda Studebaker, Mike Olden, Patti Erwin, Charnee Hotz, Maureen Cronin, and Terry Jordan. BACK ROW: Shari Stone, Beverly Hudson, Cheryl Kitchen, Cheryl Patterson, Becky NURSES CLUB . . . TRAINING . . . VOLUNTEERS 4 y u,f 4tt L J %Ul£ ' $ ii Noreen Sahscente ■L 1959-60 Pres. — Larona Cox Adv. — Miss O ' Donnell 1960-61 Pres. — Larona Cox Adv. — Miss O ' Donnell 1961-62 Pres. — Merrilyn Salminen Adv. — Miss O ' Donnell 1962-63 Pres. — Mar ion Stanford Adv. — Miss O ' Donnell 1963-64 Pi es Mi n Sti infoi ■■ I ' ■ 1, ' : y ?% Arlv Miss O ' Donnell ' ' .■- ' :£$■, FRONT ROW: Noreen Saliscente, Lori Wetzel, Dottie Custis, and Sue Carlson. BACK ROW: Marlene Ruiz, Mary Bonillas, and Kathy Cas. RADIO CLUB . . . COMMUNICATIONS i P s3 w J 1963-64 Pres. — Phil Armstrong Adv. — Mr. Casey PRESIDENT . Allan Emery FRONT ROW: Mario Vasquez, Norman Booi, James Schwalb, Scott Schaeffer and Ken Runge. BACK ROW: Wayne Romanek, Dan Longerbeam, Jim Walker, Jim Pomeroy, Allan Emery and Tom Miller. THESPIANS . . . HONORARY ACTORS . . . DRAMA . . . | w9l tt p. Pres. — Lyn Wirsing Adv. — Mrs. Peterson FRONT ROW: Nick Maassen, Suzy Radofsky, Donna Harling, Mike Olden, Beth Shriber, Eva Bonar, and Elena Kimball. SECOND ROW: Bill Lee, Sandra Zabala, Shari Stone, Sharon Sageman, Cindy Primeau, Nancy Chapman, and Peggy Test. BACK ROW: Terry Jordan, Daizy Karady, Patti Erwin, Jimmy Karasek, Susie Barbuto, Larry Fritz, Linda Reitan, and Patti Elley. THEANNES . . . PENNANTS . . . BANQUETS PRESIDENT Cynthia Pi } l£,fk tWZ cuUC- 1960-61 Pres. — Linda Krause Adv. — Mrs. Buckwalter 1961-62 Pres. — Kathy Bach Adv. — Mrs. Geis 1962-63 Pres. — Allison Danziger Adv. — Mrs. Sonner 1963-64 Pres. — Jeanne Jacobson Adv. — Mrs. Sonner FRONT ROW: Sue Burns, Barbara Gunn, Sue Harmon, Sue Jackson, Pan ner, Diana Smith, Melanie Dahl, Joy Mead, and Sandie MacPherson. Jensen, Donna Raymer, and Cindi Price. BACK ROW: Alice Bremer, Sharon Shn VENEANS . . . POISE . . . CHARM QU PRESIDENT Suzy West lUr i y 959-60 cp. -Carolyn Crockett -Mrs. Miller 1960-61 -Carolyn Crockett -Mrs. Harris 1961-62 -Paulette Sullivan -Mrs. Harris 1962-63 -Paulette Sullivan -Miss Wilson 1963-64 -Angie Calderone -Miss Wein FRONT ROW: Nancy Godlewski, Marilyn Kemp, Mariana Turner, Linda Kline SECOND ROW: Janice Kemp, Janet Scott, Pauline Buffa, Terre Madsen, Sharon Jodi Isaac, Elena Kimball, Sharon Sageman, Vicki Swan, Janet Wilson, Sheik Vanda Boles, Linda Fi Van Winkle, Patti Stev Rinde and Pattie Oswal QUILL AND SCROLL . . . JOURNALISM . . . PUBLICATIONS ' %ef2z ti uc . The Quill and Scroll Club of Edgewood High School established in December of 1964. FRONT ROW: Patti Dougherty, Nancy Costantino, Cheri Newbill, Marlene McCormick, Mary Fritz, Suzy Radofsky, Eileen Cronin, and Mariana Turner. BACK ROW: John Diezsi, Denny Fox, Art Wiley, Dick Loesch, Mark Crowl, Steve Ball, Greg Welter, and Warren Burgess. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . . . SPORTS m 1959-60 Pres. — Ann Burns Adv. — Miss Kordones 1960-61 Pres. — Sue Watson Adv. — Mrs. Naslund 1961-62 Pres. — Nancy Jo Reddick Adv. — Miss Williams 1962-63 Pres. — Doris Moser Adv. — Miss Williams 1963-64 Pres. — June Alner Adv.— Miss Williams G.A.A. BOARD FRONT ROW: Sue Harmon, Betty West, Marlene Moser, and Maria Estrada. BACK ROW: Karen Moser, Linda Baily, Mrs. Weaver, Penny Ford, and Maria Ciarfalio. PLAYDAYS . . . BOWLING . . . LETTERGIRLS LETTERGIRLS FRONT ROW: LaVere Foster, Marlene Moser, Carol Embree, and Marta Ma honey. BACK ROW: Karen Moser, Linda Bai- ley, Maria Estrada, Penny Ford, and Maria Ciarfalio. JUNIOR-SENIOR MEMBERS FRONT ROW: Laurel Day, Bon- Sandy O Dor Phil Pat Cox, Karen Cherie Neering, and Linda Mil- ler. SECOND ' ROW: Maureen Cronin, Cathy Burd, Betty West, Eva Bonar, Judy Johnson, Pat Brown, and Bette Toland. BACK ROW: Margaret Naftis, Cheryl Kitchen, Phyllis Scott, Trena Kane, Marjie Richardson, and Shyrle Darby. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE MEMBERS FRONT ROW: Nona Henderson, Lillian Estrada, Kathy Nichols, Eloise Kolbe, Debbie Wong, Kathy Yelle, Teresa Martin, and Leanne Hancock. SECOND ROW: Claudia Smith, Carmen Morales, Sandy Stephens, Alice Bremer, Sue Denova, Jane Sue Wi Lynr Harrell, Donna Miiler, and Anita Levine. THIRD ROW: Candy Day, Mary Perez, Sue Harmon, Barbara Gunn, Joy Mead, Sharon Shreiner, Diana Smith, Tonie Ford, and Ruth Almlie. BACK ROW: Donna Walton, Sue Amanson, Shirley ' Dickinson, Jan Blume, Michele Hope, Chris Williams, Karen Bailey, Gail Bassford, and Caren Born. DRILL TEAM . . . PARADES . PREC FRONT RO W Valerie JT hnrnell Mary Rice, Charnee Hotz, Phyllis .Cala, Cindy Primeau, Strasbaugh,(% gr n HansorTj Susie Trimble, Sharon Van Winkle, Pat Zinn, Dell St. Laurent, Chilton, Patti tlley, Julie Nonemaker, Donna Burns, Sue Groves, Diane Gardner, Kathy BACK ROW: Sue Turner, Debbie DeSimone, Carolyn Frisbie, Melanie Grace, Cindy Olson, PRECISION ' %bfkati 9. SWEEPSTAKES d6 ue M 1959-60 Drill Leader — Kathy Kirkpatrick Advisor — Mrs. .Davis 1960-61 Drill Leader — Kathy Kirkpatrick ■ Advisor — Miss Sorenson ;} 1961-62 Drill Leader — Dedra Anderson Advisor — Miss Wechsler 1962-63 £ Drill Leader — Johnetta Craig -.;•, Advisor — Miss Ishibashi - ; 1963-64 j- Drill Leader — Sharon Van Winkle! ' Advisor — Miss Ishibashi s» ' M Myrna Valdez, Chns Beck, Linda Dietz, Karen Miller, Carolyn Wright, and Charlyn Calanan. SECOND ROW: Anna Sheri Stone, Shirley CathcarJ ' , Susan Matheus, Carol Hutton, and Sherry Vines. THIRD ROW: Judy Bundy, Joyce Skipwith, Mary Jane Stephens lNella Thompson, Sharon Oberly, Sue Heath, Janna Carver and Debbie Kraft, ly Hudson, Donna W Rafka, Mary Peterson, Barbara Smith, Jeanne Jacobson, Donna Feliciello and Pam « « ASSISTANT DRILL LEADER A i V i LEADER . EADE BAND. . . HALFTIME . . .RALLIES. . . FRONT ROW: Mr. Dawson, Cindy Primeau, Margaret Bn Brander, Kenny Hall, Ricky Paulson, Larry Clark, David An Smith, Martin Leonard, Maiy Parker, Richard Guizado, David Gustafson, Bill Riehl, and Gary Custis. it, Laural Winn, Skip Stater, , and Chuck Steinway. THIRD id Tom Gettys. BACK ROW: P Mo PARADES MARCHING ASSEMBLIES PRACTICE j wf a 4ti4. Z Andy Clairmon ROW, Marilyn Carol Morgan, 1960-61 Pres. — Tom Randal Adv. — Mr. Roberts 1961-62 Pres. — Dallas Johann Adv. — Mr. Dawson 1962-63 Pres. — Jeff Nonemaker Adv. — Mr. Dawson 1963-64 Pres. — Gary Davis Adv. — Mr. Dawson Bill Goglin. SECOND ROW: Barry Hall, Ann Rassmussen, Carol Kuzmiki, Gary Loudy, Phil Case, Brian Whitesell, M( Mark Miller, John Trabucco, Larry Biederman, Harry Brink, David Schiering, Chock Larson, Mike Casey, Jim Maceda, ( a Lickerman, Kathy Case, Dean Stoa, Dwight Carey, Sherry Nearing, John Craft, Jim Walker, Ed Wiengart, Randy Car TVER (JMrTii r Lfi«: (rfflgP iK Vg ifer dl i ! itT 1 I VOCAL MUSIC ■ MISS DONNA KOEPKE DIRECTOR OF CHORAL MUSIC CHORAL ACHIEVEMENTS MRS. RITA BRIDGES ACCOMPANIST LA OL VOC3L O J 2 C Maria Estrada and Greg v. unrornia 3 t e Carroll were selected to VcoV IS., TROY TONES . . . PUBLIC APPEARANCES . . . ENCORES CONCERT CHOIR . . . MIXED VOICES DIGNITY FRONT ROW: Sandra O Dorsey, Donna Feliciello, Regina O Dorsey, Linda Myers, Sami St. Laurent, Cindy Primeau, Andy Allen, Danny Salles, Bruce Suela, Carolyn Jeanette, and Linda McGuigan. SECOND ROW: Linda Onesty, Daisy Karady, Nancy Barclay, Arlene Price, Mary Leech, Susie Trimble, Price, Susie Kerns, Margie Richardson, Sue Jackson, Beverly Hudson, and Jeanne Jacobson. THIRD ROW: Maria Ciarfalio, Ginger Amos, Mary Ann Pat Reed, Carl Davies, Mike Macias, Janice Collins, Bonnie Bullin, Patti Elley, Linda Kurtz, Linda Pesqueira, Yvonne Geisel, and Linda Kerns. BACK Isaac, Gail Lockhart, Maureen Tyson, Scott Schaefer, Greg Carroll, Richard Barclay, Mike Fulton, Dick Glider, Craig Fuller, Randy Odle, Marie Estrada, (C. ' . J ' . ' FRONT ROW: Tom Bridges, Ron Manning, Ben Eells, Russ Byzewski, Don Christy Erion, Tim Avila , Bob Calandro, and Dick Glider. BACK ROW: Larry MEN ' S GLEE . . . BARITONE RICH TONES ADVANCED GIRL ' S GLEE . . . SOPRANO . . . HARMONY BE mmm .Y.V v, ' . sl.K i ■! • V - » FRONT ROW: Linda Glennon, Shelly Gettler, Kathy Wright, Karen Shimahara, Donna Contopules, Sheila Farrar, Chris Vkinson, Carolyn Skelton, Chris Mallon, Bonnie Bullen, Diane Dowd, and Pam Jenseji. SECOND ROW: Beverly Scott, Mary Newlin, Claudia Smith, Sandy Bentson, Robin Figley, Dinova, Loretta Riole, Lynn Harrell, Susie Kirby, Margaret ' Naftis, Marsha Calnan, Jan Blume, end Betty Geisel. THIRD ROW: Donna Ward, Julie Pat Germann, Bee Crespo, Peggy Dougherty, Sue Amundson, Donna Raymer, Darla DeSimone, Shirley Carhcart, Sheila Dunaway, Teresa Summers, gne, Cheryl Roberts, Donna Miller, Linda , O ' Neal, Dopna—Eadiman, Debbie Metchnekoff, Geri Moon, Patti Dougherty, Linda Ahiolas, Pat Cox, | Shirley Dickinson, JoAnn Hernandez, Chris KellerXlane HouserSMelanie Haproff, and Barbara Gassett. H ' uChhisl lote y FRONT ROW: Ruth Richardson, SECOND ROW: Marcia Foster, Anona Hennchser Grimwood. THIRD ROW: Dodie Gleeson, Chris Li Kelli Fox. BACK ROW: Terry Gaines, Lynn McAdi Toni Ford, and Marilyn Hutton. Gebhart, Terry Woods, Barbara nrichsen, Honor Jackson, Glenda Kathy Peterson, Sue in Rasmussen, Janet BEGINNING GIRL ' S GL) c fat BALANCE Parti Dougherty is: Sjwrei Cheri Miller, Theresa Meyers, Chris Williams, Anita Levine, Ch e Carlisle, Juanita Quigley, Carol Buechert, Deanna Bumgardner, Susan S H C -0 r ' . Nonemaker, Cheryl Ganje, Carolyn Wright, Linda Studebaker, Jolene Kenyon, Parker, Susie Koval, Linda Ferree, and Dorothy Kamm. BACK ROW: NanxV- Oe e Judy Allen, Rita Ebbers, Gloria Guirino, Ellen Follman, Judy DeFalcorfKa- : - J v ■ O i " b " Beauregard, Becky Tr Anderson, Marlene Re :, Rhonda Key, Elaine Johnson, Kathy Tatum, Penny Fisher, Frances Dean, Ruth Ann Rice, Mary Nailor, and Sharon Graham ins, Susie Mendoza, Sue Doss, Michelle Levine, Sue Farrell, Suzie Morales, Cathy O ' Zanich, Kathy Johnson, and Debbi Alice Anderson, Nancy Carlson, Bobbi Turner, Annis Hinchcliffe, Cathy Olden, Chris King, Connie Moore, Joyce Jobson, anc jndy Owens, Delcie Emis, Camile Copple, Wanda McGowan, Linda Olmsted, Elaine Herman, Marsha Daniell, Michele Poland 1 rvrlz: — 7 ■ rn r,i t r I I BEECH IW V r .1 il 1 gf i! f FLAG TWIRLERS J a MAJORETTES Si Air y- sJ d ' 4 8 T .A ;t f r - THE PAST IS PROLOGUE c CLASS OF r ft n n n n Christy Adams Sandra Amos Alice Anderson Brenda Andrews Donna Anton Karen Ashley Dennis Baedor Donald Beau Gary Beckman FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 Jade Collins Claude Connell Andy Cooper Michael Copela Camile Copple Terry Corona Janet Cruikshar Craia Curtner Thomas Czubek Randy Dabe Roger D ' Agostin Brian Dahl Martha Darnell Linda Daniels Terri Dauer Karen Davis Frances Dean Albert De Angeli James De Busk Robert Dennison Leigh De Wees Adrian De Witt Marilyn Diaz Sharon Dobbins Jim Douglas Mark Drissel Rose Duhon Bruce Dzieza i e @ 9 a r - : n f FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 . . . FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 Penelope Fisher Ernest Fowler a no Kirk Gerbracht Stephen Gettys Scott Gibb Paul Gleason Dorothy Gleeson Richard Godderz Merle Godinez Bill Goglin Louis Gonzales Reyes Gonzalez David Goodrich Tom Gordon Robert Gossman Sharon Graham Allan Graubard Ralph Gregory Michael Gress Patsy Grigsby Deborah Grimwood Richord Guizado Larry Gulick Thomas Gustafson Robert Guthrie Greg Guy Gay Haddeman James Hall Nancy Hambleton Paula Hammond V fo f p FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1 968 . . . FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 L P s » «» » » « ;, © £ r i r 1 8 4 fc z a n 9 Q s ? © £ 9 Jeanie Haube William Havar Anona Hennchsi Priscilla Hollo Joilyn Hurlbert Robert Ingersoll $ ff»? Gerald Jablonsky Honor Jackson Marsha Jackson Joyce Jobson Cary Johnson Diane Johnson Elaine Johnson Rhonda Key Carolyn Kiefer Christine King Paul Kirk Wayne Kline William Knight Eloise Kolbe Howard Kujolic Joycelyn Ladigo Maria Landolfo V IFRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1 968 . . . FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 Mike Landry Patricia Lane Greg Lang Donald Langford Beverly Larson Charles Larson Sharon Larson Diane Lawrence James Lawton Mary Leech Christine Leetin Michelle Levine Sharon Liebermai Winifred Loesch Charles Lombardo Michael Loney Nancy Long Danny Longerbeam Steven Lorden James Lorenzo Gary Loudy Susanne Luemmen Lynne MacAdam Christine Machleit Stephen Magruder Thea Mangels Carol Manning Maryellen Mannini Nancy Maples Cathy Maron Cynthia Marshall Teresa Martin Lynnette Matzke Gary May Gary Maynard MM ft " ft n n A h 4k n i ft 1 ' , © fin A A ft f f ft It a 9 Judith McCabe Mark McClellan Kenneth McCliste William McClure Kathleen McConr Larry McCormick Timothy McCoy Sandi McGinnis Robert McGuigan Patricia McKinley Tim McNevin Cindy McNulty Loretta Meeker Wanda Megowan Linda Melsheimer Mary Merten Linda Messer Stephen Metz Christine Miller Jacgueline Miller Jeffery Miller Robert Mi lie Mil James Millspaugh Stephanie Miniszev Jim Monahan Jo Anne Moody FRESHMEN CLASS OF 1 968 FRESHMEN CLASS OF 1 968 Russell Mooney Connie Moore Don Morales Lucille Morales Suzanne Morale; Edward Moreo David Morgan Susan Morrissey Susan Murphy Robert Myers Mary NaMor Thomas Nance Ronald Naslund Daniel Nelson Pamela Nelson Kathryn Nichols Shirley Nicholson Nancy Nording Carl Nordstrom Carl W. Nordstrom Ned Novakovich. Jr Harold Olson Kathy Oshiro Kazue Oshiro Shigemits Oshiro Cynthia Owens Genkichi Oyadomari Catherine OZanich i f ft fen | ft k Steve Page Ronald Panian Cynthia Parker Mary Parker Richard Parker Karen Pate Richard Paulsot Deborah Peck Laura Pedersen Jeannie Peiffer Mary Perez Corliss Personett Frank Pesqueira Albert Peterson Kathleen Peterso Bruce Phillipson Clara Pickens Leslie Pitchford Michele Poland Roy Pollard James Pomeroy Donna Price Michael Price Stanley Promack Alan Rangel a I ■■ ' TV fS ' 3 il r to to r IFRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 §9 A,Q0A9£ Madeline Redtfeldt Susan Reeves Randy Reilly Ken Rhea Donna Rhodes Ruthann Rice Ruth Richardson John Rollii Wayne Ro Dawn Roudebu Robert Sandc John Schroeder Ron Schulte Maryann Schultz Craig Scully Mark See John Sexton Patricia Shaffer Steven Shaffer Vicki Shaffer Cindy Shilling Debra Shimahara Tommie Shryock Dennis Shull Karen Smietana Diane Smith Frank Smith James Larry Smith Rhonda Smith Wayne Smith Patricia Stalinski Jolianne Starner Marceline Steadrr Randy Steed Timothy Stel Sandy Stephens William Stephens ncf f? s n She sv. Gary Stevens Catheryn Stewart David Stich Dale Stoa Dean Stoa Barbara Strasbaugh Loren Strunk Robert Studebaker Michael Stutte David Sunker Suzanne Sutherland Larry Swartz Jayne Szturman Kathleen Tatum FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1 968 . . . FRESHMEN . . . CLASS OF 1968 Cx a 9 n ft ft II (B William Taylor Melissa Terry James Thompson Tina Thorne Kathryn Thrash Roger Thurnell Linda Timmi Joann Tippit Don Tobias Jeff Todd Laura Torren Ricardo Torre Joe Torrey Becky Trask Lynda Trimble Terry Trout Robbie Tucker Claudia Turner Garry Turner Elaine Tutt Fernando Ulloa Steven Uthus Maxine Van Meter Mario Vasquez Carroll Vesely Kathleen Vita Juanita Walker Mark Walker Olen Walker, Robert Walkei Carl Warfield John Waroff Alicia Weingc John Wellaue w ■ ' 1 -. e ft H Michael Westlur Georgia Wetzel Donald Wheeler Kathleen White Michael White Brian Wiens Lyndia Wilcox John Wilkms Tomas Wilkinso Lee Willems Richard Willes Lenard William Robert William; Sus ;. John Wischnewsky Debra Wong Terry Woods Kathleen Yelle Richalene Yeoman Frank Zabala Robert Zajc Darrel Zimmermar Lila Zorns FRESHMEN CLASS OF 1 968 FRESHMEN CLASS OF 1 968 113 TROJANS NOT PICTURED SENIORS Undo J. Arone Thomas R. Baedor Michael A. Barry Sharon M. Bernatt Eva T. Bonar Albert Browning Albert H. Burgess Richard Burrows Anthony J. Carbone Robert H. Crume Robert S. Feller Edward D. Ferrell Eugene M. Gianuz Kathleen D. Hall Carole R. Jacobs Carole L. Johnson Glenn B. Kenyon Linda L. Kerns Robert M. Kline Sandra J. Kook Linda J. Kurtz James W. Lithgow Jarvis W. Long Michael D. Matthews Michael S. Murray Thomas E. O Neal Gail D. Pate Robert H. Richards Michael T. Rivera Patricia A. Rizzo Susan L. Stewart Melinda S. Tucker John C. White Mary Anne Wi I liar Frank Wykofka John Zeiser CI JUNIORS Bonnie Andrews Richard Bach Jack Beard Deborah Bihr Emily Brandrup Bill Brown William Brown Tim Bullord Dan Calva Pat Colucci Mike Concenia Ligia Davila Kenneth Deitch Tom Delay Suzanne Depreti Judith Dunaway Gary Fetters Mary Forgette Andna Geores Jean Gleason Cyndie Gober George Hischar James Kobzda Laura Kowalski Efren Martinez Jerry Mork Deborrah Mosler Luther Moxley Edward Mustill Eugene O Bryan SOPHOMORES Barbara Andrew. Judy Billington Ron Bowein Gregg Brunker Gary Corretti Virgin Crespo Carol Davis Alex Deitch Shirley Dickinson Peggy Dougherty Susan Dunlap Vickie Forester James Granquist Marline Heitsche Maurine Heitsche Sharon Johnson Phil Le Tellier Lonnie Loquet Dawn Morrison Thomas Pope Lawrence Ross Teresa Summer David Steele Richard Stemple Constance Wood John Yon FRESHMEN Gary Berry Bruce Davis John Dick Suzanne Doss Earl Dunlap Edward Gervim Claude Gilfillai Michael Howel Dennis Matthev Kathy Miller Pamela Montigr Michael Moore Sharon Schneidt Myra Strasser David Weaver Ed Weingart Kurt Wochholz J CLASS OF VICE-PRESIDENT Alice Bremer LEGISLATOR Janet Scott Charles Abney James Ackerman Bill Adams Thomas Adams Julie Aguirre Sandra Alston Ted Amstone Susan Amundson Karen Anderson Charles Anton Mary Anton Thomas Aumond John Avila Jerry Babcock Karen Bailey David Banniste Susie Barnes Donald Bascue Gayle Bassford Kathleen Bates Laura Bawden Janet Baxter Lee Beckstrom Max Bell ft fM ft A PI K ft Stt SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1967 . . . SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1967. . SOPHO John Bernatt David Berry Linda Berry Larry Biederman Steve Biegenzahn Robin Binford ft ft I? ft ft 3 ft Jimmie Black Sharron Blackmann William Blackwell Victoria Bland Judith Blomo Dennis Bloss ft ' r. II ft A :k f 1 Janet Blume James Boatman Mary Bonillas Norman Booi Jonathon Book Caryn Born r t « r Lois Bottari George Bowers Tim Bozek Marvin Brander Sharon Brasher Alice Bremer 116 ft ft •; ft £ n ni ffi o H §1 d r t, n ft f Tommy Brewer David Bridgman Ronnie Brierley Diane Broadfoot Donna Brower Michele Bullen Deanna Bumgardner Daniel Bumgarner Karen Bumpus Linda Buren Sue Burns Rodger Burton Anita Butterworth Carlene Byrne Russell Byzewski Robert Calandro Carita Calderone Suzzanne Caldwell Marsha Calnan Natalie Campbell Joe Capone Kristina Capotosto SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1967 . . . SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1967 t in r i r 0 f - n ft $ f) ft O ft ft Diane Carlisle Susanne Carlson Suzanne Case Glenn Cathey George Covin Renee Childers Randall Childs Steve Church Cheryl Clark Robert Clark Susan Clemmer Randall Clifton Gail Coffman Donna Contopulos William Cooke Mary Correll Pasquale Costantino Lawrence Costello John Craft n r ' ft c: ft a r ft o B « -■ ft it S5 ..A ft ft Jerry Crandall Pence I ruiKhanl- Linda Dahlin Jonathan Davi; Raymond Davi: Candice Day Christopher Deak Linda Deemer Judith De Falco Darla De Simone Susan Dinoyo Norah Donahue Sharon Donley Andria Dooley Diane Dowd Edwin Dowland Stephen Dubusky SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1 967 . . . SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1 967. ft $ ' ft n ft A-k A:fc n i — ft V f% $Lk sfllA L ife 1 r ft ft ft 4 A ft. ft ft ft ft a ft ft Marshall Duhon Sheila Dunaway Shawn Easley Benjamin Eells Leland Ellsworth Christy Erion Steven Excell Linda Fentee Deryek Games Barbara Gassett Faith Gaudreau Glen Geary Elizabeth Geisel Linda Geissinger Michelle Gettler Russlyn Gfeller Dorene Gianuzzi Geoffrey Glassco Ronald Goddwin Ruth Gorden Dennis Graham Gregory Granat Bruce Granneman Robert Grimes Victoria Grylls Gloria Guirino Barbara Gunn Paula Haddemar Charles Haddox Candice Hafner Steven Hall V f) 3 r P fa f PI | Ct f5 ?6Z SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1967 . . . SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1967 Sandra Harmeli Susan Harmon Wayne Harpel John Harper Linda Harper Georgia Harrell Kris Hatakeyamc Brad Hatcher Terry Heider Nona Henderson William Hendry Ann Herman George Hernandez David Herndon Clifford Hewlett Donna Hinz Paul Hobson Robert Holoubek Michele Hope Mark Hotz P P ■ i it ■.:. VI A 4 £fet PI Pi r ft Jill Husebo Clifford Imbro Carlo Inglish Richard Ivy Mary Jablonsky Susan Jackson Marylyn Jacobo James Jacobson Susan James Pamela Jensen Michael Jerome Donn Johnson Jimmie Johnson Robin Jones Dorothy Kamm Carmen Karady Susan Kelley Linda Kendel Janet Kenyon Jolene Kenyon Frances Kimmelma Susan Kirby ©f.flfi SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1 967 . . . SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1967 Gary Kline John Kluender Robert Koerner Donald Koury Edward Kramer Thomas Lacy Lynda Laird Kelly Lammers Laura Langdon Roger Larson Martin Leonard Deborah Leoni Jeffrey Lerner Sharon Letellif Anita Levine Thomas Lindsc Ray Lorence John Ludden Jeanne Mackabl Sandra MacPhers. Christine Mallon Ronald Manning ? ft ft ft. 1 -i? n » ft 4 i LA ft ft 4 fhp b 1 f ' f Melinda Manriquez Dan Markwell David Martin Judith Martin Don Massey Janefte Mathiason Sharon Matthews Marilyn Mauzey Kenneth May David Mayo Barbara McAllister Frederick McAllister Eileen McCardia James McCarthy Daniel McCoy Robert McCoy Bill McDamel David McGahey Dennis McGinnis Pat McGowan David. McHenry William Mclntyre Ronald McKinne SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1 967 SOPHOMORES ft 1 © OIW ' v " ' 4 U i CLASS OF 1 967 Thomas McKinney Margaret McRobbii Andrea Mesa Cynthia Mesa Deborah Metchnekoff Christine Metz Michael Middleton Roy Midyett Jr. John Miskofs Ronald Moersch Danny Moore John Moore Sherry Moore Carmen Morales Carole Morgan 121 1 ' » « f d fi r i o r B n ft r ft ft a n Patrick Morgan Robert Moser Sandra Moungey Ralph Musella Irene Myers Patricia Myers Rochelle Namehns Mary Newlin Lynn Nordby Catherine Nosik Michael O Farrell Gerald Osacho Stephen Ott Daniel Parisi Robert Parker Cheryl Patterson Edward Pauley William Perry SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1 967 . . . SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1 967. Sharon Peterson Carla Pettigrew Rickey Pettingill Gregory Philipson Thomas Plunket Dorothy Pollard Kathleen Pres ofl r ftn Donna Raymer Christopher Redd Linda Richards Cheryl Roberts Stephen Robert ' Daniel Salles Jonathon Salrr Nancy Samule Joan Sensing Michael Schau Betty Schmidt James Schroeder James Schwalb .Anthony Sciortino Beverly Scott Janet Scott Bruce Selby Randy Selby Michael Shadell Barbara Shaden Linda Shaylor Robert Sheriff Robert Shield Karen Shimahar Robert Shobe Sharon Shreiner Mary Sicotte Evie Singer Peggy Singer o o , . ft ft A ft ft SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1 967 SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1 967 Renee Sissung James Souder: Chris Stoddard Christopher Stone Linda Studebake f| O f) f ' 1 °£} (ft ■ © ft Elaine Terrelo Karen Thienes Janet Thomas Karen Thomas Donna Thomason Todd Thorne Timothy Todd Kathleen Topper John Trabucco David Trask Karen Trzcinko Marshall Tucker Alexander Turner Mickey Turner Nancy Turner Richard Villa Craig Wakefield Donna Walton Donna Ward David Warnock Edward Warren Sherry Webb Donald Weimer Jane Weissel « f a c « ■ ' " Z 4L ' W @A6fl SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1 967 . . . SOPHOMORES . . . CLASS OF 1 967 Linda Welter Linda Wendel Deborah West Lynette West Brian Whitesel Larry Wikum Christine Willi Bruce Wodhan Joseph Woods Pat Zappa Richard Ziegle Thomas Zimmf ria r, n v k CLASS OF JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 Fred Barker, Jr. Pamella Barker Karen Bass Mary Baxter Chris Beck Matilda Beeler Carol Beuchert Richard Blake !2k 1 o e Bottrell Bowden Boyles fyfc •ft « £ M Richard Bridges Barbara Brink Patricia Brown Steve Brown Kathleen Browning James Brownlee Cindy Bruns Glen Buckingha Donna Burns Judith Burrer Stephen Burrie Kathleen Burski Dean Busching Pat Byles Carmel Campese Bonnie Canaday Richard Caporaso Barbara Carlisle % - -9 J 1 4 Jt A.k ft « t JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 . . . JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 ft f n Katherine Case Jan Chambers Mike Chastain John Christie Larry Clark Timothy Clark Claire Comer Brenda Connatse Michael Conroy Dennis Cook Dennis Cooper Thomas Cooper Ronald Coverdole Maureen Cronin Timothy Crowe Dale Cs.k Fred Cummings Ron Dabe Christine Dahlem Shyrle Darby Judith Dauer Linda Dougherty Nancy Davidson John Davis Carol Dean Terrell Dick Linda Dietz Randall Dong Roger Doverspike Jack Dowding JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 . . . JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 ft ™ n • n o m ft Judith Dunlap Rita Ebbers Ronald Edman Maria Estrada Donna Feliciello 128 t 3 % Gary Ferree Jack Ferrero Frank Fitlin Peggy Forkun Linda Franklii Joyce Freema Mike Fulton Cheryl Ganje Diana Gardner Greg Gardner Lewis Gebhardt Patricia German John Gerving JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 1 " J y Connie Gillanders Roy " G7liespie Fred Gleason Linda Glennen Robert Goalby Paula Godderz Arthur Godinez Nancy Godlewski Susan Godley Ernest Gorrill Robert Graham Valerie Grant Glen Gravette Mike Griffith David Grigsby Doug Grimes Susan Groves Maurice Grylls ml ft 4 es £ fi 9 c ft o o n 129 Janice Hanaway £J k chael Hozelwood Charnee Hotz Beverly Hudson JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 . . . JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 Gary Hughes Kenneth Hull Mary Jo Hunter Carol Hutton Karen Imlay Bruce Jackson Gerry Jackson James Jackson Lucille Jackson Delia Jacobo Jeapne Jacobson Kathryn Jacobson Robert Jankel 4 Jeannie John Pamela Johnson Janice Kemp Manlynn Kemp Karolyn Kent Rebecca Key Marilyn Kilbey Penny Kincaid 9 i »• " - ftfig, $ P . a ft fa ft JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 . . . JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 John Lawder Linda Lawrence Donna Lesheski Stephen Lesniak Estelle Lieberman Patricia Liebherr 131 Richard Loesch Donald Long Marsha Lough William Lowe Chnst.ne Lum.a Laurel Lundeen James Maceda MacNeil Terre Madsen Kathy Mogruder AAarta Mahoney John Makroglous Diana Manocchi Raul Marquez James Marsh John Martin Michael Martin Joanne Masek JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 f) •a ' 1 ft ft p ft r: p p Susan Matheus Norman Matloff Emil Mattie Robert Matzke Robert Maynard Mara McAlpin Mel McArthur Michael McArthur Steven McCabe Beverly McCardia Marlene McCormick Felton McDaniel Richard McDuffii Jerry McNulty ) Karen Miller Mi. Millspaugh Jeanne Miner Donald Monteleone Gerilyn Moon George Moore Pamala Moore Dianna Morga JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 Dan Munoz Linda Murphy Party Musulman Charlotte Myers Margaret Naftis Sherry Nearing Darwin Newln Candice Nording Jacqueline Oberst Denise O ' Dell Regina O Dorsey Frank Offenstein Marsha Olmsted Cynthia Olson Emily O ' Neal Linda O ' Neal P ft ft ft n « ft ft t7 £ ft if A t 133 a n ci a Gayleen Page Ron Papez Salvatore Pansi Jeanne Parker Terrence Parker Gary Parr Gary Patterson Jerry Pesce Rosalinda Pesqu Mary Peterson Terry Phillips Thomas Piper Lowell Poland Lee Ponder Donald Porter John Potts CLASS OF 1 966 JUNIORS CLASS OF 1966 Valli Prentice Sharon Price Yolando Quiocho Charles Raggio Salvador Ramirez Dennis Reed Harry Reed Linda Reitan Robert Renfro Mary Rice Terry Riches Nancy Rumbaugh e Ch fin Ken Runge Cynthia Russell Jan Ryan Joann Sabo Noreen Saliscei Craiq Salter Patricia Sanchez Christopher Schaefer Rosemarie Schauer Patricia Schulte Don Schumacher Rosalind Schumacher George Seckels Michael See Dana Sharman JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 . . . JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 O fi JP| 1 Linda Shreiner Charles Sicotte Kathy Skipwith Mike Slaney Patrick Slaney Claudia Slater C Cynthia Sollace Daniel Steadman Mary Jane Stephens Donald Stich 135 Belly Strasser Ronnie Suela Diana Sonker Victoria Swan Leslie Swigarl Donna Taber if) 1 Robert Tapie Ken Thiessen Daryl Thomas Linda Thomas Nella Thompson David Thrash n ft AM 1 2 Valerie Thurnell Thomas Todd Sheryl Toensing Charlotte Totra Stephen Trabucco m z JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 . . . JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 £ f r ' JUk L L Kenneth Valencia Ed Vandergnft Robert Vondersaar Fred Weissel Joann Weldon Doris Wellman Melinda Wenborn Donald West Robert West Raymond Wingfield JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 . . . JUNIORS . . . CLASS OF 1966 Chris Beck . . . Alternate GIRL ' S STATE . . . LEADERSHIP . . . BOY ' S STATE . . . Representatives, Warren Burgess and Patti Dougherty. Alternates, John Deizsi and Patti Elley. STEWART HONOR AWARD.. 1965 I I SCHOLARSHIP . . . CITIZENSHIP . . . ATHLETICS GARY BAXTER BANK OF AMERICA FINE ARTS . Patricio Elley TROPHY WINNERS English . . . Gary Godward 1 CERTIFICATE WINNERS David Wodhan THE PAST IS PROLOGUE CI 1962 As Freshmen . . . Class Officers President Mike Olden Vice-President . . . Lynne Ashley Secretary Merrily White Treasurer .... Allison Danziger Legislator .... Patti Dougherty Advisor Mr. Cawthon 1964 As Juniors . . . Class Officers President Mike Olden Vice-President Wes Sagawa Secretary Anne Lesner Treasurer Rita Arbuthnot Legislator Allison Danz iger Advisor Mr. Lober Juniors . . . Class of ' 65 m r- 1963 As Sophomores . . . Class Officers President Mike Olden Vice-President Linda Kline Secretary Anne Lesner Treasurer Rita Arbuthnot Legislator Patti Dougherty Advisor AAr. Lober 1 1 fk ■ I ! I ! CLASS OF v. i Ronald T. Addis Linda K. Ahiolas Andrew L. Allen Barbara A. Amendola Ginger J. Amos Karen I. Anderson Rita J. Arbuthnot Philip S. Armstrong Lynne R. Ashley Robert L. Ashlock I SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1 965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS Thomas F. Austi Susan C. Barbuto Irene M. Avila Judith E. Aynes Steven J. Ball Richard R. Barclay Robert Barragan Ronald E. Barthelme Gary L. Baxter Veronica Baxter £kf fctifc } I ! A Marc L. Beaubien Larry G. Bell J. Timothy Berry Barry L. Berson Robert R. Blackmann Christie L. Blakeney Georgette E. Bogdanoff William B. Bohlen Vanda M. Boles Michael E. Bozek I KING CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 J ohnnie L. Brower Mark S. Brownell Pauline M. Buffa Bonnie J. Bullen Terry L. Bumgardner Jerry D. Bundy Judy D. Bundy Cathy S. Burd Warren S. Burgess Linda L. Burnett i ?!:££ Ronald H. Burns Sharyn R. Burski John M. Butler Phyllis F. Cala Bette A. Calmes Charlyn R. Calnan Diedra L. Camp Ricky C. Camp Priscilla L. Canon Randall L. Carlson SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1 965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS Phillip A. Case AAichael R. Casey Nancy G. Chapman Dennis J. Childers Joyce E. Chilton Michael A. Church Maria R. Ciarfalio Linda L. Colella Charles T. Collura Sandra L. Connatser iw r Daina L. Contopulos Kathleen A. Cooper Naney P. Costantino Charles C. Cotter Patricia J. Cox Sharon M. Cr ist Susan G. Croker Eileen M. Cronin Mark H. Crowl Gerald D. Curd i ATlNGiCLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 ££££1 Gary L. Custis Allison G. Danziger Patti D. Dougherty Carl P. Davies Marshall K. Davis Laurel Day Thomas S. Deamer Deborah D. De Simone John M. Diezsi James A. Dunlap « Bonita L. Dunn Patricia A. Elley June E. Ebbers James P. Eddy, Jr. Carolyn R. Eischen Carey S. Elixson Loren K. Elliott Leslie A. Emery Sharon K. Emery Duayne D. Emis i Star l S£ i SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUAJING CLASS fa Yana D. Emmons Gary F. Ethofer Sheila A. Farrar Barry A. Feldman Sharon L. Firman Jo Ellen Fiscus Evelyne V. Forbush Penny A. Ford LaVere W. Foster Dennis M. Fox I 1 5- £L£l£L Stanley V. Frazer Caroline AA. Frisbie Larry W. Fritz Mary L Fritz John A. Fruhn Craiq A. Fuller Patti L. Funk Donna J. Gabler Qarol A. Galey Donna E. Gallagher I PG CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 i Daniel J. Gamble Myra L. Gamer Candy A. Garrett Richard J. Gebhardt Yvonne M. Geisel Thomas P. Gettys Sharon M. Gfeller Evelyn J. Gilfillan Richard W. Glider Gary C. Godward L ' gJM iM£[± fc - . — A III J Sandra S. Gore AAelanie Grac e Elizabeth L. Giant Linda J. Grasty James A. Gravette Tina A. Guirino David J. Gustafson Herman Gutierrez David R. Hambleton Anthony W. Hammock ! SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1 965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS - is i Donna M. Harling Gloria A. Harling Thomas H. Hartsock John W. Haven, Jr. Steven L. Harmon James L. Harper James T. Hart, Jr. Charles N. Hay Virginia S. Heath Phyllis A. Hebebrand I I Helen L. Hefner Dennis L. Henry rene Hernandez Carol A. Hicks Judy C. Hildreth Linda L. Holloway Kathleen E. Hollwig Vera L. Honig Patricia A. Hussey William W. Hutchins I MING CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 i Jonila R. Isaac Dan E. Jackson Dorothy L. Jackson Carolyn M. Jeanette Deborah L. Johnson Judith A. Johnson Larry D. Johnson Sandra J. Johnson Sheila F. Johnson I jMj$ Ma. M . Terry E. Johnson Rodman Jordan, Jr. Terry D. Jordan Trena L. Kane Daisy M. Karady Christian W. Keena Sandra S. Kerns Elena T. Kimball Harvey A. Kirby Linda A. Kline Wo I i SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING Frank J. Knight Deborah D. Kraft Jerry R. Kramer Gary C. Kristofic Diane E. Kunz John R. La Chapelle Gina M. Landolfo S. Dianne Lane Howard C. Kunitz » Pamela K. La Varnway Carol S. La Voire Anne N. Lesner Bonnita A. Lewis Sharyn L. Lewis Wallace P. Lindsay L. Gail Lockhart Jay R. Long Nicholas R. Maassen Michael R. Macias ING 1 CLASS OF 1965 . . .SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 William V. Madsen Sandra L. Mahood Cheryl C. Manocchi Trina A. Martin Kathleen K. Mathias Sandra L. Matthews Bruce E. Matzke Marilyn T. McCarthy Patty J. McClellan Patricia B. McCoy James R. McEachern Bodwyn D. McGhen Linda L. McGuigan Kathleen D. McKinley Susan D. AAcRobbie Kathy L. Miller Larry R. Miller Linda L. Miller Michel N. Miller Sanford C. Minetti •1 ftktfifc SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1 965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING k Judith L. Mingle Daniel J. Monahan David N. Monahan Judith A. Montigny Karen L. Moody William J. Moore N. Paul Morton Karen J. Moser Jeffrey P. Muller Linda L. Munoz I Vicki L. Murphy Linda L. Myers Anita C. Nordstrom R. Gary Norman Cheryl A. Newbill James F. Nickelson Mary A. Nollsch Sharyn K. Oberly Michael A. O ' Camb Randy G. Odle ING CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 Roger A. O ' Donnell Sandra L. O ' Dorsey Michael A. Olden Linda L. Onesty Patricia K. Oswalt Theron V. Page, Jr. George E. Palmer Danny H. Panian Virginia P. Paulson Margo F. Peck £ JiM V Howard Peick Juan A. Perez Darrell W. Pinney Danny L. Ponder m Vickie J. Perre Donald H. Pope V Pamela S. Perrigue Karen J. Phillipson Darrel W. Poulter Arlene L. Price SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING mam Linda J. Price Cynthia M. Primeau Susan J. Radofsky Michael U. Raymondi Michael L. Rector Jacquetta L. Reinecker Gerald J. Rice Margaret T. Richardson Michael T. Richardson Donna R. Rickman i Ml MM % A £h t jtM :■ Sam S. Ridino Ricky G. Romero Sheila F. Rinde Jan A. Rosen Michael F. Roberts Robin K. Rosenauer Elfe V. Roesies Greg E. Ross Gloria A. Romero Frankie Russo MA w CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 I Wesley S. Sagawa Les R. Schwartz ■Pi - 4jf Chris M. Sandel Phyllis- A. Scott Sharon L. Savoie Claire B. Schmidt Richard A. Schmidt Lois A. Shartel Margaret L. Sherwood Sandra Shield w 9. Max Shore Beth F. Shriber Robert W. Shryock Michael J. Smietana Doris E. Smith William J. Sparkes Neil H. Speckman Lawrence G. Stagno Leonard A. Stathakis William L. Steadman ! SENIORS GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS Charles G. Stemway Waldon J. Sterling Gary W. Stewart Dell St. Laurent Anna L. Strasbaugh Dennis M. Stroud Claudia A. Swift Daniel Tallerino GRADUATING ft Sharyn L. Stone R. Scott Temple Christine L Thon David L. Tippi Peggy L. Test Susan L . Trimble Kathleen A. Trout Dick D. Tucker Ralph S. Todd Mariana . Turner Dennis Tramblie Robert F. Turner TNG CLASS OF 1965 . . . SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 1 W:t e Sfi Susan J. Turner Linda G. Tweed John R. Udink Myrna O. Valdez Lynda K. Vallejos Richard C. Van Buskirk Sharon M. Van Winkle Edward A. Villa Sherry A. Vines Earline R. Walker 1 ii M M John L. Walker Suzanne West flfcfftfc Patricia A. Ward Robert G. Ward Gregory G. Welter Betty L. West Randall L. Wiens Linda L. Winslow David P. Wodhams Richard M. Wohlber V v SENIORS . . . GRADUATING CLASS OF 1965 Candis L. Woods Keith S. Wood Robert W. Wright Karen M. Yaklin Sandra M. Zabala Patricia K. Zinn Maieli G. Yates k i THE PAST IS PROLOGUE ,- Cl qw - FALL SPORTS VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . ft-- ft n =H, j=j 3 2 1. DETERMINATION . . . TEAM SPIRIT . a ha ■a- a ■ 3 V -4 1 ' 5 ' • 163 NCOURAGEMENT . . . VARSGjJJipOTBALL SPORTSMANSHIP . . . VERSATILITY Edge W f Jjj wood W. . . . k . £ax4S LEAGUE wood 6 Nog 1 ! wood o adji ! ■flf; :.. ».... Covinc wood 35 Baldwin Pari wood 20 LosAttgJ 1 ' k. VARSITY FOC n5 - ? w 4 !• ' 3 Mike Raymondi — Co-Captain I 1 FORTITUDE . . . CONCENTRATION O L EXPERIENCED ... BEE FOOTBALL . . . COURAGE Iw c?h V ' V n a L ; v £l 4 " o a a I, n r« - L gj •• W v u rV FRONT ROW: Coach Haymond, Steve Lesniak, Tim Bullard, Mike Slaney, Pat Slaney, Ken Valencia, George Hischar, Jim Aloi, Don Bascue, Rick Parker, and Coach Cawthon. SECOND ROW: Shawn Easley, John Holland, Tony Duhon, Steve Christ, Dennis Reed, Dave Etter, Steve Swift, Don Weimer, Richard Smith, Spencer Metz, and Randy Knight. THIRD ROW: Ron Morch, Al DeAngles, John Bowers, Randy Clifton, Tom Cooper, John Kerns, David Steel, and Steve Bie- ganzahn. BACK ROW: David Ells, John Harper, Art Godinez, Mike Bloss, John Tucker, Chris Redd, Mike Mulley, Dan Markwell, George Hernadez, and Bob Holoubek. TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRESEASON Edgewood Bishop Amat Edgewood 39 Garey 6 LEAGUE 1 ' Edgewood Nogales 1 2 Edgewood 16 Northview 13 Edgewood 13 La Puente 1 3 Edgewood West Covina 7 Edgewood 20 Covina 7 Edgewood 26 Baldwin Park Edgewood 33 Los Altos 14 Coach Cawthon John Tucker AGE ABILITY. . . DRIVE CAPABLE . . . CEE FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE. FRONT ROW: Mark Starrier, Dennis Grahm, Rodger Burton, David McGahey, Larry Hilke, Nick Fox, Jim Fraser, Bill Sims, Dan Salles, Darrel Zimmerman, and Ed Kramer. SECOND ROW: Robert Frank, Paul Hischar, Ranndy Dabe, Pete Esquivel, John Gotterez, Steve Roberts, Steve Uthis, James Cannon, and Mark Shadell. THIRD ROW: Gary Foster, Randy Steed, Rick Paulson, Merle Godenez, Edward .Gerving, Cary Johnson, Jim Hall, Jim Karasek, Bob Calandro, and Manager Russel Mooney. BACK ROW: Tim McNevin, John Schroder, Greg Granatt, Charles Abney, Ronnie Childers, Tom Plunket, Harry Holland, Tom Czubek, Mark Walter, and Gary Kline. TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRESEASON Edgewood Bishop Amat Edgewood 34 Western LEAGUE Edgewood 28 Nogales Edgewood 27 Northview 6 Edgewood 20 La Puente 19 Edgewood 6 West Covina 1 3 Edgewood 35 Covina 1 3 Edgewood 28 Baldwin Park Edgewood 6 Los Altos 1 4 Coach Coach Mungerson iBI H llB Hk. - . I I 170 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY STAMINA I 1% T.9..I9 sol FRONT ROW: Fred Weissel, Bill Bohlen, Jim Miller, Eddie Villa, and Wally Sterling. BACK-ROW: John Diezsi, Mike Allen, Tom Piper, Carey El Don Langford. TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRESEASON Edgewood 33 South Hills 24 Edgewood 25 Garey 30 LEAGUE Edgewood 24 Nogales 31 Edgewood 32 Northview 25 Edgewood 33 La Puente 23 Edgewood 35 West Covina 22 Edgewood 35 Covina 22 Edgewood 40 Baldwin Park 20 Edgewood 45 Los Altos 1 8 INVITATIONALS Mt. San Antonio College Invitational Dominguez Invitational fflKlM 4Pfe 171 ENDURANCE . . . CROSS COUNTRY . . . EXERTION FRONT ROW: Norm Booi, Harvey Gamer, Fred Cummings, and Bruce Jackson. BACK ROW: Mike Evans, Mike Schneider, Steve McCabe, and John Dav FRONT ROW: Tom Henry, Reyes Gonzales. idsen, Carl Nordstrom, and Jim Hutchings. BACK ROW: Dwight Carey, Jeff Todd, Bill Stevens, Bill Humphreys, and f , fKijA »•• - -r ji r V -, a N 5. a VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . . DETERMINATION . . . HUSTLE . . . SPIRIT . . . VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . LEAGUE CHAMPS TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRESEASON Edgewood 44 Long Beach Millikan Edgewood 53 Laquinta Edgewood 68 Temple City Edgewood 70 Charter Oak Edgewood 56 Arcadia Edgewood 40 Chino Edgewood 73 Bishop Amat Edgewood 75 Norwalk Edgewood 57 Arroyo Edgewood 90 Boscoe Tech TOURNAMENTS Edgewood Tournament Covina Tournament LEAGUE Edgewood 77 Baldwin Park Edgewood 58 Covina Edgewood 79 Northview Edgewood 44 La Puente Edgewood 61 West Covina Edgewood 60 Nogales Edgewood 52 Los Altos Edgewood 69 Baldwin Park Edgewood 51 Covina Edgewood 73 Northview Edgewood 55 La Puente Edgewood 74 West Covina Edgewood 76 Nogales Edgewood 67 Los Altos C.I.F. PLAYOFFS Edgewood 36 St. Anthony ' s Gary Godward II T. { JUNIOR VARSITY PERFORMANCE i Hilmer, Jerry Ball, Mike Smith, Wes Sagawa, Ga Jon Wellauer, Bruce Wodhams, Edward Riehl, Nor Jim Ackerman, Dave Monohan, i, Dan Monohan, Jerry Crandall, TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRESEASON Edgewood 33 Millikan 39 Edgewood 30 Laquinta 60 Edgewood 58 Temple City 27 Edgewood 45 Charter Oak 31 Edgewood 37 Gladstone 29 Edgewood 56 Bosco Tech 47 Edgewood 48 Arroyo 40 LEAGUE Edgewood 59 Baldwin Park 29 Edgewood 30 Covina 31 Edgewood 55 Northview 34 Edgewood 51 La Puente 43 Edgewood 63 West Covina 56 Edgewood 60 Nogales 39 Edgewood 54 Los Altos 43 Edgewood 59 Baldwin Park 43 Edgewood 47 Covina 38 Edgewood 73 Northview 50 Edgewood 43 La Puente 50 Edgewood 54 West Covina 49 Edgewood 61 Nogales 30 Edgewood 54 Los Altos 56 BEES . . . RENDITION PERMANENCE a a « n o ,i . Bridges, and (Manager Jim Karasek). BACK m Schroeder, and (Manager Ed Dowland). TROJAN SCOREBOARD Edgewood 55 . Edgewood 58. Edgewood 58 . Edgewood 57. Edgewood 64. Edgewood 68. Edgewood 44. Long Beach .Millikan . Laquinta . Temple City . Boscoe Tech . Charter Oak Arcadia .Chino TOURNAMENTS Edgewood Tournament LEAGUE Edgewood 66. Edgewood 53 . Edgewood 53. Edgewood 40. Edgewood 52. Edgewood 67. Edgewood 47. Edgewood 75 . Edgewood 53. Edgewood 55 . Edgewood 51 . Edgewood 63 . Edgewood 57 . Edgewood 45 . .Baldwin Park 37 . Covina 44 . Northview 44 . La Puente 34 .West Covina 57 .Nogales 51 .Los Altos 42 .Baldwin Park 38 .Covina 50 .Northview 41 .La Puente 49 .West Covina 53 . Nogales . Los Altos Richard Bridges CEES VITALITY COOPERATION FRONT ROW: Dave Eells, John Warhoff, Gary Foster, Steve Uthis, Ge Gustafson, Bob Calandro, Steve Ott. Bill Riehl, Ron Nasland, Jim Fn Spellma. and (Ma Bob Curner, Mark Sta ager Randy Carlson). BACK ROW: Coach Schelling, Rich Torres, Tom Coach Schelling TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRESEASON Edgewood 22. .AAillikan 56 Edgewood 32..Laquinta 38 Edgewood 23 .. Temple City 39 Edgewood 42. .Charter Oak 44 Edgewood 27 . .Gladstone 49 Edgewood 28.. Arroyo 49 LEAGUE Edgewood 47. Edgewood 30. Edgewood 30. Edgewood 26. Edgewood 49. Edgewood 29. Edgewood 26. Edgewood 32. Edgewood 18. Edgewood 41 . Edgewood 36. Edgewood 24. Edgewood 36. Edgewood 19. ildwin Park 15 Covina Northview La Puente West Covina Nogales Los Altos Baldwin Park 30 Covina 32 Northview 27 La Puente 43 West Covina 38 Nogales 47 Los Altos 50 % i DEES EQUILIBRIUM . . . COLLABORATION FRONT ROW: Reye Gonzalez, Bill Humphrey, C BACK ROW: Coach Pope, Dave Goodrich, Tom Larry Eastman, and (Manager Tom Shryock|. I arl Warfield, T om C zubek, Bill Havar d, Mike He rman. Barnhart, Rick Pau son, Randy Genu ng, Chris Hatakeyc TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRESEASON Edgewood 54. . Gladstone 13 Edgewood 26. .Glendora 32 Edgewood 55. .Charter Oak 21 Edgewood 39. .Arroyo 40 LEAGUE Edgewood 36. .Baldwin Park 23 Edgewood 31 . .Covina 17 Edgewood 46. .Northview 35 Edgewood 21 . . La Puente 15 Edgewood 36. .West Covina 20 Edgewood 49. .Nogales 38 Edgewood 28. .Los Altos 26 Edgewood 50. .Baldwin Park 22 Edgewood 38. . Covina 29 Edgewood 25. .Northview 14 Edgewood 31 . . La Puente 28 Edgewood 36. .West Covina 30 Edgewood 50. .Nogales 37 Edgewood 28. . Los Altos 26 idges, Mike Copeland, Bob Isaac, Mark Walker, ank Pesqueira, Claude Gilfillan, Ted Novakovich, Mike Herman 183 wmm VARSITY WRESTLING . . .!» £ G I PRACTICE . . . MT. SAC TOURNAMENT 185 EXPERIENCE . . . DIETS . . . SKILL . . . Edgewood Edg EDGEWOOD TOURNAME i J 1 CHALLENGES ... J. V. CHAMPIONS j a r i r v t V h Bl FRONT ROW: Tony Duhon, Steve Burrie, Jeff Rackleff, Dennis Bloss, Charles Abney, and Terry Trout. BACK ROW: Randy Dong, Bill Perry, Jay Long, Mike Knox, Tom Cooper, Ralph Todd, and (Manager Chuck Cotter). rtVi ift r 1 WUSt FRONT ROW: Don Beaumarchais, Tim McNevin, Jerry Jablonsky, Ben Files, Jim Hall, Vince Sullivan, Todd Thorne, Bob Chicone, and Harry Holland. BACK ROW: Jim Hutchins, Wally Sterling, Mike Moore, Richard Godderz, Rick Parker, Alex Deitch, Dennis Childers, Steve McCabe, Al Rangel, and Jim Cannon. F Wk il c I X • • ■ ! " TJ VARSITY BASEBALL . . . ACTION ON.. AVERAGES . . . BATSMEN . . . HUSTLE . . . TEAMWORK VARSITY BASEBALL } DIAMONDMEN 141 10 Mikt Church Jock Ferrero TOURNAMENT . LEAGUE PLAY . . . VICTORIES . . . TROJAN SCOREBOARD Bfc PRELEAGUE M L Edgewood Duarte Edgewood El Monte " I Edgewood Temple City Edgewood Monrovia .Jk - - LEAGUE Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Ed 3 eW00d La Puente Art Wiley Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Pomona Baseball Tournament Edgewood Los Altos Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Edgewood Los Altos C.I.F. Playoffs f JUNIOR VARSITY . . . HUSTLE . . . VICTORIES • JlpS Ma FRONT ROW: Glen Cahthey, Bill Lowe, Jim Schroeder, Terry Dick, Jerry Lee Beckstrom. BACK ROW: John Miskogfski, Dar Newlm, Roger Dove Redd, Don Ponder, and Tom Gordon. Dennis Reed, Pat Ford, Bob Mo Coach Hilke TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRELEAGUE Edgewood Duarte Edgewood El Monte Edgewood Temple City Edgewood Monrovia LEAGUE Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales POMONA BASEBALL TOURNAMENT Edgewood Los Altos Edgewood Baldwin Park m K Edgewood Covina k W f Edgewood Northview m , Edgewood La Puente M I 1 Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Capta Edgewood Los Altos WES FROSH BASEBALL . . . SPIRIT . . . EXPERIENCE FRONT ROW: Barry Hazelwood, Dennie Johnson, Ed Gervmg, Mike Ker BACK ROW: Coach Meoli, Bill Amendson, John Schroeder, Mike Moon Etter. Hall, Bill Howard, Bob Chacone, Bob Isaac, Rick Parker and Don Wheeler Sims, Ron Naslm, Jim Monahan, Tom Gustafson, Rick Thurnell, and Davie I TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRELEAGUE Edgewood Duarte Edgewood El Monte Edgewood Temple City Edgewood Monrovia LEAGUE Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Edgewood Los Altos Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Edgewood Los Altos Co-Captain John Schn VARSITY GYMNASTICS STRENGTH FRONT ROW: Jim McEachern, Jerry Jablonski, Jeff Todd, Steve Gettys, Larry McCormick, John Perez, Don Bascue, and Rick Wohlberg. BACK ROW: Randy Stead, Jay Long, Donn Johnson, John Moore, Ralph Todd, Tim Moore, George Cavin, Tom Gettys, and Larry Bell. TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRELEAGUE Edgewood La Mirada Edgewood Ganesha Edgewood Charter Oak LEAGUE Edgewood Nogales San Gabriel Invitational Tournament Edgewood Northview Edgewood Ganesha and San Gabriel Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Covina Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Los Altos jk Ralph Todd Coach Cawthon Tom Gettys . mr T 198 mwml , I I J.V. GYMNASTICS . . . FUTURE VARSITY VARSITY TRACK CONDITIONING . . FRONT ROW: Denny Fox, Carey Ehxson, Larry Costello, Mike Allen, John Diezsi, Eddie Villa, George Hernandez, Bill Bohlen, and Chris Keena. SECOND ROW: Sol Ramerez, Bruce Wodhams, Randy Stone, Tom Delay, Tom Piper, Ray Wingfield, John Davis, Larry Meadows, Steve La Fond, and Dave McHenery. BACK ROW: Larry Johnson, Dean Bushing, John Butler, Gary Baxter, Larry Fritz, Daryl Poulter, Ed Riehl, Ernie Gorrill, Jim Bernatt, Ken Thiessen, Terry Parker, Bob West, and Bill Perry. TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRELEAGUE Edgewood Glendora Edgewood Monrovia LEAGUE Edgewood Nogales Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Covina Edgewood Baldwin Park JJJ Edgewood Los Altos Co-Captain — Bill Bohlen Cooch Metz ■1 Co-Captain — John Diezsi 202 Coach Gilmore OUTSTANDING PERFORMERS . . . RECORDS I iLil i «ktfk PRACTICE . . . TRACKMEETS . . . STAMINA B ' W : 9 ' M MM ■lm Kl F M K ' 4p FRONT ROW: Spencer Metz, Ken Valencia, Terry Heider, Sam Parisi, and Randy Knight. SECOND ROW: Richard Mears, Bob Holoubek, Steve Lesniak, Chri Stoddard, George Bowers, and Fred Weissel. BACK ROW: Mike Price, Fred Cummings, Steve Bieganzahn, John Harper, Jim Miller, and Tony Duhon. FRONT ROW: Gary Kline, Dwight Carey, Tim Warfield, Nick Fox, and Ben Eells. SECOND ROW: Don langford, Charles Abney, James Hill, Mike Sneider, and Jim Fraser. BACK ROW: Bob Yates, David McGaney, Don Oertel, Lee Willems, and Howard Kujolic. VARSITY TENNIS ... ALL AROUND EFFORT TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRELEAGUE Edgewood Duarte Edgewood El Monte Edgewood Temple City Edgewood Monrovia LEAGUE Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Edgewood Los Altos Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Edgewood Los Altos J.V. TENNIS . . . EXPERIENCE . . . TOURNAMENTS FRONT ROW: Tom McHenry, Dave Eells, Bob Koene Mork See, Mark Crowl, Steve McCabe, Chuck Sicotti Hatakeyama, Ron Addis, Jim Karasak, George Spellm. Warnock, Howard Levy, Warren Burgess, and Ron McKinn nd Gary Johnson. BACK ROW: TROJAN SCOREBOARD PRELEAGUE Edgewood Duarte Edgewood El Monte Edgewood Temple City Edgewood Monrovia LEAGUE Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Edgewood Los Altos Edgewood Baldwin Park Edgewood Covina Edgewood Northview Edgewood La Puente Edgewood West Covina Edgewood Nogales Edgewood Los Altos Gary Godward ATHLETE OF THE YEAR . . . GARY BAXTER 1965 AWARDED FOR EXCELLENCE IN ABILITY AND SPORTSMANSHIP, THE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR AWARD IS THE MOST COVETED HONOR RECEIVED BY AN ATHLETE AT EDGEWOOD. STEVE BAIL Basketball . . . 2nd team all league All valley honorable GARY BAXTER TOM BISHOP Football . . . Football . . . 1st team all league All league honorable All valley honorable mention ALL LEAGUE SEL FOOTBALL . . . BASKET ECU STEVE HARMON TOM HARTSOCK Wrestling . . . Basketball . . All league 2r| d team all league Mt. Sac Novice champion Al1 valle V 1 5f team BALL . WR JERRY PESCE DON POPE Footballl . . . Basketball . . . Football ... All league honorable mention 1st team all league All league honorable mention All valley 1st team RON BURNS Basketball . . . 2nd team all league All valley honorable mention JIM GRAVETTE Wrestling . . All league EL ECTIONS . . . 1964-1965 ;et BALL . . WRESTLING JIM LITHGOW TERRY PARKER Football . . . All league honorable MIKE RAYMONDI Football . . . 1 st team all league AIJ valley first team KEN TH I ESSEN Football . . . 1st team all league ART WILEY Football . . . All league honorable mention WHAT HAS PASSED IS ONLY THE PROLOGUE Warren thanks PattiTTatti thanks Warren . . . and together they give a " Special thanks " to that worn out group pictured above . . . an added message of appreciation to . . . Mr. Dunahoo ... for advice James Studio of Photography ... for pictures Gary Ball and Jim Hay ... for artwork Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Coe . . . for a little bit of everything Mr. Teresa ... for $, $, $ and more $ Taylor Publishing Co. . . . for printing 213 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY •III The Worlds Bes1 Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " I wm s THE CJ. HURST RANCH WEST COVINA, CALIFORNIA THE PRESENT SITE OF EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL

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Edgewood High School - Aurigan Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood High School - Aurigan Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood High School - Aurigan Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood High School - Aurigan Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood High School - Aurigan Yearbook (West Covina, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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