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4.- fvqg., an 2, K i . . " i- jr. .Q 3 A - Q 'A , rv L I . A - .L f f .. 1 , .WF f-pm' . 1 ,5- 'wi' . V. Qhggff 5? 1 f :x . I, , ,. 1 , " '.?vL 5, . 2, Z. fp" ' ' - j:F.,F m , 3. . ., 'f I w 'Q' . . .+ - . ',- . J ,1' .. ,:, ., ..1: 1, ' A A' :gag ,,- . F.-4 -. f, k .Q 'yQ55Tf-' ','.Fs:-A,iW'3'5-X-7'f fa ,j YQ QQ 'tj Eff 'X -L - '.L9?- 1 I . : ' ' 7 . n ,qw v 1 V f -N -. . 5 ,--- Mi. I if L N ' A. 'Q -9 N. . ' ' :EJTL7 JQ ' f.5,'SLl. 7 ' - hd. 4 n. , u - u 3+ m 'Me f-fum W As you travel o'er 1ife's pathways, you will en- counter numerous experiences you will wish to relive, countless footsteps you would like to re- trace. Your days spent at EHS will always be among your most cherished memories. Through the pages of this 1957-58 yearbook, we have tried to recapture moments you will want to remember. Our desire is that as you leaf through these pages you will have "June roses in December." We I "The person who has a firm trust in the Supreme Being is powerful in his power, wise by his wis- dom, happy by his hap- piness." Mr. EARL I. LIGHTCAPJR. B.S.g M.S. State Teachers College, West Chester, Pa., University of Delaware. There is a transcendent powerg in example, we reform others unconsciously when we walk upright. Dedicating one's life to reforming others is one of the greatest services to the human race. Still another great service is dedicating one's life to the development of desirable ideals and concepts in the minds of those who hold the future of our c hands. Many times we have felt confused opposition. As we think back over our four years of high school, we realize that his understanding, wisdom, and experience guided us in the right direction. A knowledge d an experience far surpassing that of our understanding. To a man whose search for everlasting wisdom has not been in vain, we, the Senior Class, in appreciation of your sturdy hand of guidance, take great pleasure in dedicating THE ARIES to you, Mr. Earl J. Lightcap, Jr. Thanks for having kept us in line with the proper procedure. ountry, and indeed the entire world, in their small 3 General John R. Bums, Mrs. Robert S. Fletcher, Harry W. Spraker, Charles W. Willis, Mr. Earl J. Lightcap. 7060, 6444 ' ' 1 - 1 I I it was cold and windy that day, the day ground was broken for the new school at Edgewood. . .as cold as it was when the stone was laid for our new Edgewood High. . .we stood there at ease and shivering, looking forward and ever onward. . .to what?. . .we thought and dreamed. . .what would our future be at this new school. . .what would be our fate in four unpredictable years. . .we would wait. . .we would see. . . 4 E? Mr. Cu1ver's Commercial English Class Mew came aame we Mr. McKnight's Physics Class 6166! gm , . H ' f-'- V Q35 g C I Q 'l Cx B. Harmeyer, Mr. Walker, J. Lane, P. Stewart, J. SanBoeuf, and D. Munro. . . . Yes, we worried about many things . . . individually and collectively as the Student Council . . . just think . . . our class was the first to start the Student Council . . . several of our members had key positions. . . we were the leaders, and it was time for us to lead. We worked together, solved problems of all the many functions we guided and fostered through our last short year . . . Jean SanBoeuf Jack Messman President 57-58 President 56-57 7944177 FIRST ROW: M. S. Chapman, G. Montgomery, E. Riveria, L. Pennington, B. Shields, K Srlvena, A Murray, S. Day. SECOND ROW: E. O'Quinn, D. Munro, J. San Boeuf, B. Harrneyer, P Stewart S Rembold. THIRD ROW: G. Warner, R. Rayner, M. Howell, M. Bailey, Mr. L. Walker, E Watts, C Doster, S. Fisher, H. McCracken, J. Lane, P. McComas, L. Sullivan. FOURTH ROW: J Messman J Brawner, J. Bauer, E. Anderson, J. Valcik, A. Sedberry, K. Thomas, V. Blackburn. I we!! one-z 4 66046 do two, 4 cw we ' diced danced, Bw Nei, Aansoi penny alzdaea , . . chaggled to W. cbrpzoae casino! cpdzcft . . . mm! any dk cd adacbe? . . paaakgtdeuydt ' 7 fl SW! Jack Messman Editor Jack Messman--Editor Mr. Culver--Advisor Jo Ann Morkosky Business Manager Chief executives make plans n-wa L, xx w Yffw-4 Helen Dale Staff at work Photography Editor 8 V ,Wd A... .A , .iw A. 22.11535 as , H A ., W, ,.AA,, A . 17 .W -1AwJf,fA.w,w ,, M M ff .. '- WA-Mamv wf ,,.g,,2 :Z :yi-'rim , , i .AIM ,gg Q A Qwfkfrswzfsffiwfw'w,sw ul ,,,, ff : M k ' iw wfff, Mmm A A A ' MYSQL. N", Mi -Uxlwwlgi A ff ,Mw,fL,,,A:Qz,,A.?f - V f,,, 1 ,A ,WM- '5 5 i W sw? 'wma 1225-MEAAfgfAm1 ,. X fy-,NLT-.w,gZ A f1-fgA,,, - 1 1 ,ff-asf' W 5 A A fwfwfuf-ifmiafsfifi X WWW Q fb A W 5 Qwffgr? W. ' LQ, 355 N K1 gag -wann- : , A A25 N: fi 12 ffiifi i WA W' W S5 H 1 , Q, M ,A ,wa , A fe e mf: 3- '- . M y f if . - -.52-W51'-9:'. - -54 mf 7 ,, , Y., if-fm W 3 i ' 2" ' r ' 'Y Ai ' 15 sigh ' Aim ' Q a -:X Y d. A 4229 ' Wy re? fp, Z atb 31 X 'Q . -N' if 1 .. ff' .ff '- vw -M f 9? gi rm ,,,,, JK Q 'f 1 .F ff" ,AA ,A ww W W5 A XA 52 QW A 5 2 A A E Ab 5 .Jr Q4 AZ ,, ' 1552 , H ' wx?-wg :ww ' ' ff JM A , if W Q55 1 f A A A - ' 4 fkgfwfzzi., .,., f XQAQF' img? fwigzgv . ' . 'K SWF? ' L' Rf, :via ' " gli ,Y ' f ,A ' , ., A+, f .Q A N: f -A.1AA,.A yfef A , A .,,.A. , f f ,lf A, s x , .vf "THQ Q 22453: HP? ' 3.2.2 : X 'Ji 5' fl ff5sff3-wsif ' 1 5' - 1. 'Ziff . .,,f.,wv'. .,.x,. .,., I , 'uf 'af f - A A AA AA we , ff . - X' -QM, A M ,iv A., 'fiwf if Q. M 5 f . ,lem N X. SK! Q M -B 'uh Q W: 'Z lx ' if 5 X 9 K Q ey'- F Aw K 5-ifmxse qv M ,, 2353, ,f A .A M, -, .Vx Aw .M gg, My .f,.?,, A The "5'7 " football season was not a winning one for the Rams. However, we cannot criticize too harshly. We realize that the Rams played under a handicap throughout the season. Before the season began and continuing through the slate, a plague of injuries struck the squad. Before it was over four starters had received injuries incapacitating them for further contest. The record stands, nevertheless, one victory and seven defeats. Possibly their best game was against the hard hitting Havre de Grace Warriors. Although they went down in defeat Q14-71 the Ram defense was sparkling, however, their offense couldn't gain any momentum because of an over- whelming amount of penalties. They defeated North Dorchester Q31-OJ, but in the residue of the season they were decisively beaten. Without the large amount of injuries, whether they could have faired better or not is pure speculation and is something we will never know. 4 wa f 4' M 45" 5 at 'i X, lr 1 r FIRST ROW: A. Ward, D. Dean, B. Reinke, Valcik, J. Wachter, G. Lampman, T. Strickla M. Kennedy, J. LaRosa, J. Bowman, H. Alle: Mgrs. R. Roberts, B. Nelson. SECOND ROW D. Dehne, M. Miller, J. Hausner, T. Heintz, Coaches Graf 'is, G. R. Harmeyer, R. Beall, C. Beall, T. brook, J. Holzworth,Grafton, Coach. THIRD N: Pasqual, Coach, C. Isaac, S. Valcik, N. fberry, F. Taylor, P. McShane, B. Sewell, P. Suigan, B. Chandler, S. Horinka, B. Ingalls. Pasqual 3 aa, -5 L I . 1 K , ff 5 - -.o jl I Senna Aberdeen ...... Havre de Grace . . St. Pau1's ...... Howard County , , , , , , North Dorchester . . Wicomico ..... St. Mary's . . . Elkton . . . . 34 14 26 31 0 26 20 31 182 FIRST ROW: L. Shunk, E. Watts, V. McG1one, J. SanBoeuf, J. Cornes, J. Hughes. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Simmons, Coach, G. Dale, D. Diem, C. Barker, R. Makarewicz, B. Harmeyers, W. Richardson, S. Fisher, Mgrs. G. Collins, C. Frey. "The outlook is good, this is the year," was the thought in the minds of many persons and the varsity team as the '57-'58 basketball season opened. This was to be the best year ever in the history of the team. Then came the big night of the first game which was played on the home court with Havre de Grace when we started the season off with a good victory Q50-321. A tenth grader, Dotty Diem, was top scorer for the year. Other stand -outs were Judy Cornes and Sue Fisher along with the defensive star Jean San Boeuf who was our co- captain. Many volunteer hours were devoted graciously in practice under the supervision of a fine coach, Mrs. Simmons. The fighting sextet played hard and right winning 7 out of ll games. Their energetic spirit and unceasing pep proved that they had the will to win, but could also accept de- feat without a discouraging word, and profit by the mis- takes madeg therefore, we can look forward to a more successful season. 6406 Mrs . Simmons, Coach Sconce EDGEWOOD OPPONENT 50 Havre de Grace 32 39 Elkton 9 42 Aberdeen 13 30 North Harford 36 52 West Nottingham 13 29 Bel Air 39 35 Havre de Grace 31 43 Aberdeen 18 43 West Nottingham 31 28 Bel Air 32 29 North Harford 33 p, fa, 2 FIRST ROW: J. Davies, A. Brown, B. Cook, W. Wainright, J. Hayes. SECOND ROW: G. Collins S. Rembold G. Maners, D. Yanahonis, M. Blackburn, Mrs. Simmons, N. Hinkley, M. McGuigan, T. Dean, J. Fisher, L. Sul- livan, C. Frey. 13 Coach Grafton X 5 K e - .2 1' o r I Vrfr ., 5 or Coach Pasqual C. Beall, P. McGuigan, B. Chandler, W. Keister, J. Bauer. Scand St. Paul ...... Brooklyn Park . . Havre de Grace . Perryville ..... Elkton . . . Bel Ai' Aberdeen .... North Harford . . Elkton ....... West Nottingham Havre de Grace . Brooklyn Park . . Perryville .... Aberdeen ..... West Nottingham Bel Air ...... North Harford . . :Tiff 5, 'f H W ? M 9 E Q W f i q xx Q? l "" M 5 'ff if 5 Qi - s 445, we iQ ? y I " gf 1 ' v 8A A . M A ,1l' k N , , l, K, , ayjv il, L ,,,L ..,? ,.. E ? A Q ., m ,.,,,g,,4, FIRST ROW: J. Hughes, A. Fellenz, C. Beall, S. Rembold, M. L. Davis, D. Lambert. SECOND ROW: S. Fitzgerald, S. Fisher, V. Ross, T. Dean, R. Dick. THIRD ROW: J. Collins, N. Hinckley, F. Slaton, L. Ham- mond, C Dale, B. Moyer, Mrs. D. Culver. "Hey gang, let's go -- we just gotta win this game!" Hard work co-operation and fast playing were displayed in the Edgewood High hockey games . . . the clatter of sticks hitting balls and the shouts of the players were evidence of excitement. Two years previously, the team practiced the whole season without scheduling any games. Last year, all the teams in Harford County met at one time and played several games. This year the team played six games, three of which they tied and three of which they lost. The last game, which was played on the home court, muSI have meant the most to the team for it ended with a scoreless tie showing definite improvement. Mush appreciation must be given to a most deserving coach, Mrs. Dorothy Culver, for volunteering so many hours of her time. Mrs. Dorothy Culver, coach 64016 Baker. Coach McKnight A first was initiation in Harford County this year when Edgewood High School participated in Inter- Scholastic Wrestling. Although wrestling has been carried on in a lesser fashion, this was the first year it attained varsity status. Much credit should be given to coach Malcomb McKnight, who was largely responsible for the squad 's newly aquired stature. Although the squad did not win any engagements, they still were very impressive. They lost by a slim margin to St. Paul, and they were beaten again in another match. For a first year wrestling team, the Rams showed much enthusiasm and were very successful. Some of the outstanding performers were Don Yarnell, Lewis Davis, and George Lohr. FIRST ROW: C. Casteel, T. Thompson, G. Lohr, A. Lohr, C. Culp, L. Davis, Mr. McKnight SECOND ROW: T. Hill B ' , . McCommons, J. Richmond, D. Munro, G. Lampman, T. Thompson, D. Seiser T Pete Rivera, Dennis Fellenz, Herbie Allen, Ann Sedberry, ril Grafton. 7 Heading into its second consecutive year, golf cer- tainly caught the fancy of some seven powerful lads and lassies. Several days weekly these mighty seven, Bermuda shorts, jagg shirts, and all, flocked to the Army Chemical Center golf course to try their luck with the woods and irons. At the time of this writing, E.l-l.S. has only engaged in two matches, however, both were clear victories. The first team tourna- ment was staged with Charles Baker and Pete Rivera trouncing Aberdeen 26 to O. The next match was with West Nottingham. Although the score was not overwhelming, the Rams came through 6 to 0. Mr. Merril Grafton handled the coaching duties for these linksters. Even though the season was short, E.H.S. feels confident that the team will continue to display its golfing prowess throughout the years. Doug Munro, Spencer Harman, Charles Baker Mr Mer "M 'mi gli E 1 Sys, if Mr. Merril Grafton '11 its 4 .Eff If 'S' ML ., , 1-Q. , 'NEWWN " ' ', : 5 7, . fl x A S' . 1 "" N x ' x :Af JL ' K, ., ,eww A . - , : V . I A , X 1 YQ i . 1 X ' M Mrs. Biegalle Ann Sedberry Captain C. Smith, A. Sedberry, B. Preston, L. Dehne, C. Coulter, J. Bauer. f x , gffgflwwygiqf ' S ,iff I XZ .. 1' , ., -n ,Jlpsffif 1 I 7 'YJ W f 7 ' .,.ff f Wm' 'J- 12. , fs ,K ,WMM V f,,,,,pw A F e? l ,gy QW? Far beyond the realm of physical fitness and physical skill lay the more basic objectives of physical education -- these objectives, leadership creativeness, and development of personal virtues, can be readily observed in our leaders. Each year, outstanding students possessing such qualifications with a desire to improve upon them are appointed by the department to assist with the gym classes giving them the opportunity to ex- perience leadership qualities. WWKW , . , Om ozgaonfgatchne eeemed aatdofcled . . , and we maze alfa to evpfzew amulaee an adddetrica, ybwmafiem, aaa alfuzwdtckd and nuaufe . . . 70:14 Zdfzrictmaa, aan vzaddtdonal Zduutmaa pageant . . . amid- , f,.,,M5 ig ' ' af 'W ,wwf I mag .V ,ir 3, , , ,. ., W, U If f S2921 , , 4 H x - A ' as 1 32 at K W1 L , K l l ,... 3 J QV, SR 54 K P ,,f . f il 5 ROW ONE: T. Heintz, H. Allen, B. English, H. Snell, C. Baker, S. Harman, J. Widrnan, D. King, Dr. Longyear. ROW TWO: L. Mason, E. Saclera, D. Webb, T. Hill, D. Rawle, J. Hopkins, B. Frey, J. Swisher, C. Coulter. ROW THREE: S. Richardson, B. Jenkins, L. Ziomek, A. Lewis, A. Sonberg, E. Goff, G. Harmeyer, J. Crouse. ROW FOUR: M. Welch, B. Little, D. Fellenz, W. D. Welch, L. Howard, B. Hoffman, D. Wheeler, R. Stewart. w46te...and Me 441069 aaacefu.'.,.zememdefz...wa4n? :Z uaeli.. ROW ONE: C. Frey, B. Cook, B. Skipper. ROW TWO: E. Riveria, H. Hayes, M. Rogers, S. Mont- gomery, L. Cook, J. Bellmeyer. Dr. Longyear, Director 244:45 2 2 Mr. Eugene Culver if X Each year, the Speech and Drama department, under the direction of Mr. Eugene Culver, presents as its cumulative dramatic exercise a play incorporating the various dramatic principles learned throughout the year This year, ANTIC SPRING, a play in one act, was pre- sented. The play, written by Donald Hall is done with- out the assistance of either sets or props, and revolves around the actors ability to pantomime. The cast for ANTIC SPRING, selected by the class casting commit- tees included: Ginger ..... . . Helena McCracken Robert .... . . Jerry Cablik Sam . . . . . . . . John Holzworth Gwendolyn . . . . . Loni Dehne' Elbert ..... . . . Leland Johnson Blossom ...... . . .Diddee Moree Student Director . . . . Jack Lane Betsy Moyer D Moree, J. Holzworth, L. Dehne, J. Cablik, L. McDaniel, H. McCracken, J. Lane, Mr. Culver. FE Q Q Ar A A wfggi 1-msgnzg-un ge' 2 s wi' 'Q X. if Q fag YF ,y k f' Z -3 . Jghsrmu, NSF f iM'r 2 51'-'C"x W ' An, 0 I 9 5 ffm '74eS ' 66444 Offdzaa Jeanne Hughes, Secretaryg Joyce Brown, Presi- dentg Tom Heintz, Vice Presidentg Charles Beall, Treasurer. . . .The senior class. . .fifty -seven of us. . .privileged to be the first senior class in Edgewood's history. . .huddled together for meetings . . .we struggled through English and P.O.D. classes. . .were paired together to help each other. . .failing slips. . .open book tests. . .to- gether. . .but each an individual. . . 27 JAMES LONSON ANDREWS Academic Activities: Science Club 10,115 Photography 105 "Lo, the Gaunt Wolf" 105 Yearbook Staff 125 Science Fair Planning Committee 10. Plans: Guidance Counselor. Possesses a crazy Ford . . . found at the A SLP or out running down deer UQ . . . happy-go-lucky Lon . . . often at Kings- ville. BARBARA ANN ANDERSON Commercial "Bobbi Activities: Glee Club 9,10,11,12. Plans: Receptionist. Barb . . . would like to change her bus . . . a cute, true blonde . . . more fun when changing tires . . . handy with a needle . . . quiet but nice. llmnll JOSEPH IRVIN BAUER, Jr. Academic "Jinx Activities: Football 9,10,115 Track 105 Basketball 9,10,11,125 Baseball 95 Student Council 10,11,12, Treasurer 125 Science Club 105 Glee Club 105 Senior Ring Committee 11. Plam: College or Armed Forces. A11 around guy . . . Lucky Jinx . . . bashfully bold . . . pas- times: girls, troubles, and sleeping . . . ace athlete . . . every body's friend . . . crazy for Buicks. 28 CHARLES LOWE BEALL Academic "Charlie" Activities: Baseball 9,10,115 Basketball 9,10,11,l25 Football l0,11,125 Student Council 95 Science Club 9,10, ll. Plans: College. Charlie, our boy . . . bashful as they come . . . doesn't have much to say . . . terrific sportsman . . . easy going . . . Holly High High School . . . unsung hero. JAMES H. BEA LL Plans: Machinist. Usually found with Carl or just driving around in the Hudson . . . likes one girl . . . can be depended on to do his part . . . friendly . . . machinist's apprentice. MARILNE PATRICIA BECK Commercial "Becky" Activities: Assistant Office Secretary 11,125 Physical Edu- cation Leader 95 Field Day Exhibition 9,105 Glee Club 9,105 Basketball 9,105 Hockey 95 Science Club 105 Dance Decoration Committee 115 Yearbook Staff. Plans: Secretary or Housewife. "You know what Curry did?" . . . altar bound . . . loads of fun . . . usually with Nancy and Barb . . . gum crazy. 29 Vocational "Bear" ROSALIE MAE BOOTH Commercial Activities: Glee Club 9,l0,ll ,125 Yearbook Staffg Office As- sistant 11, 12. Prett hair . . . works at diner . . . likes Bill . . . crazy laugh Y . . . active church worker . . . always talking! JIMMIE JACK BEVINS Vocational "Jimmie Jack" Jimmie Jack . . . hot Chevy . . . nice guy . . . hails from Kentucky . . . southern drawl . . . usually with the boys or working at the station. "Rose" JAMES EDWARD BRAWNER General "Gentleman Jim" Activities: Band 9,l0,llg Science Club 105 Rambler Staff 119 Basketball 125 Cheerleader 123 Student Council l'23 Yearbook Advertising Staff. Plans: College Our "Gentleman Jim" . . . dark and handsome . . . lots of fun to have around . . . well-liked by all . . . neat dresser . . . certain of success . . . enjoys Mr. Culver's rolls. 30 JOYCE ELAINE BROWN Commercial "Joy" Activities: Student Council 95 Cheerleaders 9,l0,l15 Glee Club 9,l0,1l,l25 Science Club 10,115 "Curtain Going Up" 95 "Lo, the Gaunt Wolf" 105 Modern Dance Concert 115 Softball 95 Fashion Show 115 Bus Patrol 9,105 Christmas Program 10,115 Athletic Award's Committee 115 Assistant Office Secretary 11,125 Ram- bler Staff 115 Dance Publicity Staff 9,115 Senior Class President Plans: Who Knows? Blonde . . . has a job . . . always ready for a joke . . . Bill . . . likes a certain Mercury . . . usually seen with Jan. RUTH ANNE BROWN Goofy Activities: Glee Club 10,115 Library Board 9,l0,ll,l25 Dance Decoration Committee 125 Science Club 10511. Plans: College Quiet and attentive . . . likes reading and speech and drama . . . giggles . . . good student. GEORGE STANLEY CHURN Vocational "George " Activities: None Plans: Undecided Very good looking and extremely quiet . . . Giraffe . . . dark hair . . . pretends to be shy, but we know better. 3 1 Academic " " GLENNA RUTH COLLINS General "Jake" Activities: Glee Club 9,1O,11,12Q Basketball 1O,11Q Major- ettes 115 Softball 93 Hockey 93 Drum Majorette 12. Our majorette . . . has her diamond . . . great gal . . . pretty hair . . . always with Virgie . . . sweet and petite. NANCY MAE COMBS Commercial "Nan" Activities: Student Council 115 Library Board 9,10,113 Glee Club 9,1O,ll,l23 Science Club 9,103 Assistant to Office Sec- retary 11,123 Softball 9,103 Basketball 9,10,l13 Bus Patrol 9,1O,113 Chairman of Dance Decoration Committee 11g Senior Ring Committee. Never stops talking . . . giggles . . . Ed . . . typical steno . . . marriage. HELEN ELIZABETH DALE Commercial "Helen" Activities: Library Assistant 11,125 Assistant Office Secretary 11,125 Glee Club 9,l0,11,12j Science Club 9,10,11Q Photog- raphy Editor of Yearbook3 Dance Decoration Committee 11. Plans: Attend Harford Junior College. Short dark hair . . . "Daring Da1e" . . . shutterbug for the an- nual . . . will work like a fiend . . . outdoor type . . .summer home . . . office pool . . . Airborne. 32 LEWIS DAVIS, Jr. General "Dago" Activities: Football 10,11,12g Basketball 9,123 "Curtain Going Up" 93 Glee Club 9,10,12. Plans: College or Service Academy Our Dago . . . fabulous . . . exaggerates something awful . . . always causes a riot . . . always busy doing nothing . . . every- body knows and likes Louie . . . crazy dancer . . . loves English'?! WILLIAM RUSSEL DEAN Vocational "Sonny Activities: Patio Party Committee 11. Plans: To own my own business. Drives a light blue Ford . . . Likes girls and would do anything for them . . . nice personality . . . works at Anderson's . . . good dancer. DENIS E. DEI-INE Academic "Denis" Activities: Baseball 109 Football 10,11,125 Basketball 10,115 Student Council 103 Dramatics ll. Plans: College or Military Academy. Movie-star material . . . oh! that brilliant Buick . . . likes rock 'n roll . . . distinguishingly gray . . . very reserved . . . good student . . . "work it out, let's see." 33 JOAN CHRISTINE FINK MARJORIE MAY ALETI-IA DUFFIELD General "Margie Activities: Pep Squad 9,105 Tumbling Team 9,105 Archery Team 9,105 Dramatics Club 95 Y-Teens5 Bi Phi Chem5 Math Club5 Home Economics Club 105 Science Club 10. Plans: Undecided Long red hair . . . very quiet . . . extremely nice . . . new to us this year . . . constantly snapping pictures . . . refined. H General "Luck " Y Plans: Womens' Army Corps Headed for Wacs . . . nice to know . . . has hidden talents . . . Lucky . . . quiet and dependable . . . will get along well in 5 her chosen field . KAREN ANN HARDY Commercial "Karen' Activities: Science Club 10,115 Bus Patrol 95 Student Council 115 Softball 95 Dance Decoration Committee 115 Assistant Of- fice Secretary 11,125 Rambler Staff 115 Patio Party Committee 115 Field Day Exhibition 9,1o. Plans: Secretary Never without a problem . . . pretty eyes . . . gift of gab . . . likes short hair . . . has trouble with flat tires . . . likes Chevy's . . .crazy about Pa. 34 AUDREY BROOKE HARMEYER Academic "Brook.ie" Activities: Glee Club 9,10,115 Science Club 10,115 Modern Dance Concert 125 Yearbook Sports 125 Library Board 10,11,125 Vice-President of the Student Council 10,125 Patio Party Committee 115 Dance Committee 11,125 School Spirit Com- mittee 125 School Scrapbook Chairman 10,115 School Historian 115 Basketball Team 9,10,11,12. Plans: Nursing and becoming an airline stewardess. Just call on Brooke . . . great asset to EHS . . . Fran . . . a great gal . . . friend to all . . . will be a success in whatever she chooses . . . has a favorite '55 White Sun Valley Mercury. EDWARD THOMAS HEINTZ General "Tom" Activities: Band 9,10,l1,125 Glee Club 9,10,l15 Baseball 95 Student Council 115 Football l0,l1,125 Basketball 105 Wrestling 10,11. Plans: Undecided Likedby all . . .just call on Heintz . . . Hey, Mouse . . . Likes to eat and sleep . . . dependable . . . how did he ever pass economic geography??? huh, Joyce and Jan Ui. PATRICIA FRANCES HIRSHAUER Commercial "Pat" Activities: Leader in Physical Education 115 Dance Decoration Committee 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Advertising Committee. Plans: Secretary Likes skating rinks and bowling alleys, not to mention all the diners . . . cute as a button . . . what a riot . . . great character . . . Mr. Culver's special assistant for yearbook. 35 JEANNE DOLORES HUGHES Commercial Activities: Basketball 9,10,11,l2g Hockey 11,125 Softball 10,115 Science Club 10,113 Rambler Staff 11, Assistant Of- fice Secretary 11,125 Field Day Exhibition 9,1O. Plans: Secretary or marriage. Sweet little blonde . . . Georgie . . . usually with Joyce . . has a sparkler, too . . . good athlete. JOHN HOLZWORTH General "Johnny" Activities: Junior Varsity Football 103 Varsity Football 11,123 1 lg Rambler Staff 115 Sports Writer for Yearbook: Dramatics Lacrosse 105 Patio Party Committee 11, Basketball Score- keeper 11,12. Plans: College - Physical Education Teacher Hey John, what's your nickname . . . our fantastic score- keeper . . . blushes easily . . . lives for jokes . . . our guy . . . Bel Air's loss, our gain . . . crazy hair style . . . expert on Elizabethan Theater. "Crazy Legs" RAYMOND HUGHES Commercial "M011Se Activities: Band 93 Baseball 9. Plans: Everybody knows Mouse . . . little guy . . . likes hunting and fishing . . . would rather do anything than go to school . . . always with the boys. 36 RICHARD ALLEN JOHNSON Shop llA1Il Activities: Band 9,10,l1. Plans: Mechanic Al . . . one of our shop boys . . . sports a blackChevy . . . a very nice guy to know . . . has irl troubles . . . a budd to 8 Y everyone . . . always ready with a smile . . . tall, dark, and handsome. RUTH VIRGINIA KEITHLEY Commercial "Ruthie Activities: Science Club 10,115 Dramatics, "Lo, the Gaunt Wolf"g Assistant in the Office. Plans: Secretary and Medical Technologist. Good student . . . works at the 5 and 10 . . . likes to drive . . awfully quiet . . . willing to work . . . college bound. THOMAS JOSEPH KNIGHT General ' ' 'Tommy' Activities: None. Plans: Air Force. Red hair . . . Air Force bound . . . Faye . . . oh that lunch I time rendezvous . . . what's cooking, doc . . . found your car yet. 37 JAN AUGUSTINE H. LIWSKI General Activities: Football 10,113 Basketball 9,l0,11,123 Track 113 Baseball 103 Science Club 10. Plans Anna olis : p . Army brat fnot reallyj . . . everybody's pal . . . crazy laugh . . . slouches constantly . . . likes girls, naturally . . . more fun . . . "What' cha doing" . . . "Gus the Greatest" . . . has been around!! JOAN ALICE LEI-IR Academic "Joan" Acitivities: Science Club 103 Dance Decoration Committee 123 Yearbook Staff 12. Plans: Nursing. The class artist . . . long blonde hair . . . appreciates the finer things of life . . . doesn't care for physics . . . good seamstress. llGuS1l ANDREW HERBERT LOHR, Jr. General "Andy" Activities: Football 10,115 Wrestling 123 Class Ring Selection Committee 113 Patio Party Committee 11. Plans: Undecided. Handsome . . . fine personality . . . terrific build . . . 9, lot of fun . . . always ready to pitch in and help . . . liked by all. 1 as ROSE MARIE ANN MAKAREWICZ Commercial "Rosie" Activities: Basketball 9,10,11,125 Dramatics 105 Hockey Team 95 Modern Dance Concert 11,125 Patio Party Committee 115 Gym Exhibit 10,115 Field Day Exhibition 10,11. Plans: Secretary. Tall . . . usually with Jean . . . pretty hair and eyes . . . goes out for sports . . . often seen in a blue Chevy . . . no wonder its Joe's . . . has a "Rainbow" around her finger. VIRGIE COLENE McGLONE General "Speedy" Activities: Glee Club 9,1O,l1,125 Majorettes 11,125 Basketball 9,l0,ll,125 Softball 95 Hockey 95 Patio Party Committee 115 Sportsmanship Committee 10. Has trouble getting to school on Mondays and Fridays . . . Chico . . . FRANCIS PATRICK MCSHANE General "Pat" Activities: Football 10,11,125 Basketball 9,l0,115 Glee Club 105 Science Club 105 Class Play 95 Band 9,105 Dramatics 11. Plans: College- to become a Physical Education Teacher. Big Pat . . . lots of fun . . . "Hey, Pat, where's your pipe?" . . . nice looking . . . likes to have fun . . . liked by all . . . trips to Wilmington. 39 JACKIE LEROY MESSMAN Academic "Jack" Activities: Baseball 105 Basketball 10,11,125 Student Council 10,115 Student Council President 115 Editor-in-Chief of Year- book5 Senior Ring Committee5 Science Club 10,115 Fashion Show 115 Penny Drive Chairman 11. Plans: College - Mechanical Engineer. Always does his share . . . has trouble with girls . . . straight honor student . . . goes in for sports . . . editor-in-chief supreme . , . nice to know . . . learning to play bridge . . . college bound JO ANN LEE MORKOSKY Commercial "Proxy" Activities: Student Council 10, Secretary 115 Bus Patrol 9,105 Dramatics 105 Glee Club 9,10,1l,125 Science Club 10,115 Yearbook Business Manager5 Cheerleaders 9,10,115 Penny Drive Co-chairman 115 "Lo, the Gaunt Wolf" 105 Softball 95 Music Chairman 10,115 Library Board 9,105 Assistant Office Secretary 11,125 Fashion Show 115 Rambler Staff 115 Sportsmanship Code Chairman 105 Band Queen 10. Plans: Undecided. Willing to do more than her share, and usually does . . . uses H O2 frequently . . . kools a crazy Ford . . . usually seen in the oizlice . . . dark Q?j hair and eyes . . . loads of fun . . . "Naow" . . . E.H.S. will never forget her many excellent contributions. JANISE GRACE MORRISON Stenographic Commercial "Jan" Activities: Glee Club 9,10,11,l25 Dramatics 105 "Lo the Gaunt Wolf" 105 Modern Dance 115 Patio Party Committee 115 Rambler Staff 115 Office Secretary 11,125 Bus Patrolman 105 Science Club 105 Softball 9. Plans: Secretary. Intelligent . . . Kenny . . . sometimes quiet, but a real great gal . . . loads of fun . . . usually with Joyce . . . never a dull moment . . . neat, sweet, and hard to beat. 40 DOUGLAS RUSSELL MUNRO Academic "Doug" Activities: Football 10,115 Basketball 9,1O,115 Baseball 95 Student Council Treasurer 125 Science Club 105 Class Play 9. Plans: Industrial Engineering. Extremely good looking . . . neat dresser . . . reserved . . . college bound . . . usually seen with McShane . . . a heart breaker. l NORTON S. NEWBERRY General "Noot" Activities: Football 10,125 Softball 9,105 Trampoline Team 115 Tumbling Team 11. Plans: Civil Engineering. The class clown . . . new this year from Aberdeen . . . likes to hitchhike, huh . . . everybody's buddy! . . . Good ole' Noot. WANDA LEE RICHARDSON Commercial "Richie" Activities: Basketball Team 10,1l,125 Glee Club 9,105 Science Club 9,10,l15 Yearbook Committee 125 Patio Party Com- mittee 115 Modern Dance 11,125 Softball Team 10. Plans: College. Works at the A QP . . . long brown hair . . . good athlete . . . nice to know . . . quiet . . . loves to dance . . . sweet. 41 ROBERT DEAN ROSE General Activities: Glee Club 95 Football 9. Plans: Join the Air Force. The strong, silent type . . . Rosie . . . nice guy . . . pretty eyes . . . usually with the boys. JOSEPH FRANK RICHMOND Academic "Joe" Activities: Projection Crew 105 Science Club 10,115 Wrestling 11,12. Plans: Harford Junior College, then a Ph.D. in electricity. Joe . . . our favorite intellect . . . P.O.D .... swell guy to know . . . amateur ham . . . has Ford trouble . . . what hap- pened to Algebra I, Joe? 7lBobIl ANNA LOUISE RYAN Commercial "Ann" Activities: Glee Club 9,103 Science Club 9,10,l1,12g Gym Leader 125 Modern Dance Concert 123 Yearbook Advertising 12g Library Board 113 Field Day 11. Plans: Bookkeeper. Small and quiet . . . dark hair and eyes . . . good in bookkeeping . . . nice to know . . . once went to Havre de Grace High. 42 LAURETTA JEAN SanBOEUF Commercial "Sammy" Activities: Ring Committee 113 Patio Party Committee 113 Steering Committee Secretary 95 Student Council 10,11, Vice President: 12 President, Dance Concert 11,125 Basketball 10,11,125 Softball 93 Science Club 9,1O,l1, President: Gym Exhibit 115 Class Play 95 Dramatics 105 Office Secretary 123 Yearbook Staff 125 Senior Class Organization Committee 129 Field Day 10,115 Cheerleader 9,103 Glee Club 9, Bus Patrol 99 Christmas Pageant 10. Plans: College Bound. Hails from North East . . . Madam President of the Student Council . . . Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair . . . friendly . . . fancy free . . . B.A.R .... digs sports cars the mostest. ROBERT SCOTT SEWELL Academic "Boob" Activities: Football 9,10,11g Basketball 9,10,11,12g Track 9,10,11,12g Student Council Chairman 95 Awards Committee 9,103 Glee Club 9,10,12g Science Club 10,113 "Curtain Going Up" 10. Plans: College - Air Force Officer. A tall 6 footer . . . great in sports . . . likes water skiing and track . . . wants to make a quick million and own a solid gold Cadillac . . . great guy . . . off to the ivy-covered halls. ROBERT DALE SHIVELY General "Rock" Activities: Plans: Auto Machinist. Likes Ford products . . . Nancy . . . good build . . . nice to know . . . quiet and reserved . . . friendly. 4-3 V CARL SHUPE Shop HPOOPH Activities: Plans: Auto Machinist. Better known as Dean . . . Claire . . . works at Rickett's station . . . a twin . . . dark . . . ornery but lots of fun . . would do anything for you. LOIS JEAN SHUNK General "Chunky" Activities: Basketball 9,lO,1l,12g Hockey 95 Softball 95 Bus Patrolman 9,lO,11. Plans: Housewife or telephone operator. Good athlete . . . What's cooking, Lou--rattle those pots and pans . . . "The Joker ls Wild" . . . always ready for a laugh . . . wears a badge . . . willing to help. GEORGE STEWART SILLING Academic "Stewartie" Activities: Wrestling 9,1O,11g Soccer 9,1O,115 Science Club 9,10,11g Leader in Physical Education 10,115 Bus Patrolman 9. Plans: College. Goes in for lots of clothes and crazy hair styles . . . drives a Chevy . . . can talk his way out of anything . . . Likes rock 'n roll. 44 RONALD LEROY SKILLMAN General "R0HI1ie" Plans: Undecided. Ornery as they come . . . "Hey, I-Ieintz" . . . blond hair and freckles . . . "Cut it out you guys!" . . . lives for fun . . . can well do without school. ROBERT MADISON STAMPER General "Mountain Man" Activities: Baseball. Swinging Olds . . . boy with a crazy pink shirt . . . always ready to express his ideas, whether right or wrong . . . one of the shop gang . . . freckles. Plans: Mechanic. WANDA JEAN SPICER Commercial "Wanda ll Activities: Glee Club 9,10,11,125 Dramatics 11,125 Christmas Pageant fangeljg Advertising, Newspaper Staff 11. Plans: Undecided. Has her diamond from Joe . . . headed for the altar . . an Edgewood gal . . . pretty clothes . . . seen in a black and red Ford. 45 PATRICIA ANN STEWART Commercial "Pat" Activities: Glee Club 9-123 Dramatics Class 103 Stud. Coun. Sec. 123 Christmas Program 103 Bus Patrol 115 Yearbook Staff, Adv. Comm. 123 "Lo, The Gaunt Wolf," 103 Decoration Com. 9. Plans: Secretary. 5'2" eyes of blue . . . comes from Mississippi . . .typical Southern Belle . . . for some crazy reason, she carrys around a can of beans! . . . soft and sweet. ERVIN MCDONALD YARNELL Academic "101" Activities: Treas. Stud. Coun. 103 Student Coun. Rep. 9-115 Wrestling 10-125 Basketball 9,103 Science Club 9-113 Base- ball 9,105 "Curtain Going Up" 103 "Lo, the Gaunt Wolf," 9. Plans: College, then the Air Force. Don . . . never a dull moment . . . motorcycle ace . . . loads of fun . . . "Tom Sawyer" ffl . . .blond flat-top . . . real cute . . . likes the girls. JOAN MARY WIDMAN General "Wooc Activities: Band 11,12. Plans: Undecided. Good Seamstress. . . Ronnie . . . will make a good home- maker . . . one of Dr. Longyear's students . . . often seen i white and red uniform . . . quiet. LAWRENCE P. ZIOMEK Academic HZOH1. Activities: Band 9,10,113 Science Club 9,103 Vice Preside of Science Club IOQ Dance Band 10311. Plans: Harford Junior College or University of Maryland. Larry . . . very helpful . . . has finally mastered the keys , Front Seat Tag--Science Club picnics . . . burns the rubbe off the Chevy. '71 ,4 Mr. R. Eugene Culver Salisbury S.T.C. , A.A., B.S.: University of Maryland, Pennsyl- vania State Universityg University of Delaware. To our Chief Director, Mr. Culver, the Senior Class sincerely thanks you for having so competently kept the show in progress. Whenever times become critical and help was needed, your advice and direction D your unfailing loyalty and support, and your never ending sacrifices were all serious notes of encourage- ment in our lives. As the curtain falls on the last act, we, the cast, can look back and see many rehearsals that will always have a special place in our hearts. Now that the show has ended, we look upon it with praise, and the Director knows that his work has not been in vain, for the world sees the casting of honest and respectable individuals. 47 H. Allen F. Alter A. Ambrosi J. Bauer C. Beall H. Bish D. Bullis M. Bullock E. Buser C . Cogswell J. Comes W. English M. Famous A. Hanks H. Harris R. Harris J. Hughes C. Isaac B. Jenkins E. Anderson T . Balcer J. Ball V. Blackburn M. Bower G. Bracken J. Cablik C. Casteel B. Chandler C. Coulter K. Cullum K 1 5 D. Fellenz C. Frey K. Gambill E. Holcomb L. Holcomb T. Howell C. Johnson W. Johnson B. Jones 48 W. Keister M. Kennedy D. King G. King C. Liles B. McCommons L. McDaniel P. McGuigan J. Molnar D. Moreau E. Mulkern P. Murray J. Oakley V. O'Connor D' Freddy B. Preston B. Reinke M. Rembold P. Rivera A. Roberts J' Roberts A. Robinson M. Rose A. Sedberry 65444 af '5 D. Seiser D. Shiner M. Shuck J. Skillman H. Snell T. Strickland B. Sunderland F. Taylor K- Thomas B. Tibbs R. Tray A. Turner J. Valcik H. West J. Whi te N. what B. Wright J. Zavetz Ewa df '60 o.Am0ss K. Bair M. Ball C. Baker S. Bauer C. Bevins C. Booth J. Bowman R. Byers P. Carter J. Church H. Clawson C. Cullum C. Culp G. Dale M. Davis J. Denton R. Dick D. Diem R. Doran S. Fitzgerald J. Forbes B. French W. Galle C. Gunther R. Hamilton G. R. Harmeyer S. Harmon N. Hinckley T. Hill R. Hoffman T. Holbrook S. Horinka S. Hose L. Howard F. Howell 50 Baker Ba ngledorf Barker Bowser Brawner Buchannon Cook Coulter Crigger Dean Dehne ' Denton Ernstberger Fi nk Fisher Gleason Gra beal Griiylith Hayes Heaps M. Heaps Holter Hooker I-lopki ns Hughes Ise nnock Ke ene I Ayers J. Lane J. LaRosa J. Latham H. Lehr A. Lynch J. Manning B. Matherly H. Martin J. Messman D Miller T Morkosky R Morrison B. Nelson P. Payne J. Powers R. Price J. Richardson P. Richardson R. Robinson F. Rogers C. Saunders J. Sawdargs M. Sinsko W Skillman R. Stolba G. Stringer C. Sullivan C. Swearinger T. Thompson S. Valcik J. Waehter E. Watts D. Wheeler N. White C. Wiljick D. Wilson 51 K. Z. G. Li les Lincoln Lohr H. McCracken A. McDanie1s R. McPeters B. B. B. J J B E N. T. B. G. J. J. C B. D. W. L. C H A Moulsdale Moyer Myers Puckett Raines Rembold Rose Ryan Ryan Smith Sniegowski Spicer Swisher Taylor Tayman Webb Welch West Wirsi ng Wojs Zavetz R. Kenny P. Knight 461 R. Androsky R. Ashcraft N. Atwell R. Benser M. Blackburn D. Booth R. Bosworth A. Brown J. Brown M. Brown M. Brown R. Carpenter M. Casteel J. Candle J. Collins G. Correll V. Crouse R. Cullum M. Danek M. Doster G. Dunavant R. Edwards W. Eller J. Fuchs J. Gambill K. Cleason T. Green L. Hammond C . Hannigan G. Harmeyer J. Hausner C. Holcomb J. Holcomb C. Hornbarger S. Hose S. Johnson E. Kimmel J. King J. Klein 52 G. 'Ball W. Bauer R. Beall P. Branscome R. Brawner P. Brewer J. Bucher C. Burbar J. Butler M. Combs W. Cook P. Cornes J. Davies T. Dean A. Doran R. Evans A. Fellenz M. Fitzgerald L. Gunther R. Haggerty D. Haight J. Hayes W. Hinkle C. Hoffman D. Howell M. Howell B. Ingalls I. Kotapski M. Kotras M. Landau . Lehr W A. Leisear A . Lewis R . Little L. Marsh . McDowell K. Messman T. Mickle . Mundis . Murphy M h . urp y W. O'Quin . Pieper . Prather . Pruitt . Purdum Richardson Richardson . Ricketts Ridgill . Sayers Scott . Schoeler Sellers Shumate Smith Smith . Sobolewski Spink Suite Sutphi n Taylor Thompson Treanor Valcik Ward Wheeler Wilkites Willis Wright 53 J. Lynch G. Manners G. Marr B. Miller M. Miller E. Mizelle D. Osborne R. Osborne L. Pennington H. Radke D. Rajala D. Rawle P. Rose V. Ross E. Sadera B. Sewell R. Sexton J. Shiner J. Spencer F. Spies K. Spies S. Taylor J. Thomas G. Thompkins S. Ward G. Warner V. Waugh D. Yanashonis J. Yarnell J. Younce AQ ge . - Adams Adki ns Aiken Anders Badders Baker Ball Ball Be ck Bevi ns Billings Blevins Brown Buncutter . Chamblee Cha mb ers Cooper Creswell Crouse . Danek . Evans . Evans Feinsilver . Ferren . Fuchs . 'George Goff . Goodrich Griffith . Grose .Hanks . Hardesty . Hinegardner . Hinton . Hodges Holcomb . James . Johnson . Johnson . Koblicki 54 6w4o,f'6 F. Anderson L. Antetomaso . W. Ayres M. Banks C. Barnes 5 R. Beavers 1 R. Boone G. Boyce J. Brooks B. Cheek J. Clapper C. Cochran C. Domby H. Doster J. Dungee J. Fisher B. Fogler B. Frey R. Gordon J. Graybeal L. Greenfield J. Hayes L. Heaps K. Hill J. Hooker B. Hughes A. Ingalls K. lachowicz R. Lehr B. Leizear G. Low J. Lowe H. Lynch L. Manners H. McVey D. Miller R. Miller R. Miller D. Morrison O. Morrison J. Mott W. Nelson S. Rembold D. Richmond P. Roberts P. Roberts B. Ross E. Ross S. Ross C. Sadera R. Shuck C. Shumate A. Singer J. Sinsko T. Spies D. Spriggs D. Strecker P. Stubbs E. Thomas G. Thompson S. Walker M. Wachter C. Watts W. Waybright N. Weil C. Wheeler A. Wojs H. Wojs R. Wulkow B. Yanashonis 55 N. Liles H . Lewis T. Long K. Martin C . Matherly M. McGuigan . Miller V S . Montgomery D . Morkosky J. Price K R . Raines . Rayner . Roberts W M. Rodney M S. . Rogers Sawdargs l-I. Shepard J . Shepard J B F L. J Skillman Skipper Slaton Sullivan Taylor R. Taylor K. P. D R C D C J. G Ward Ward Warner Whitt Wilson Wilson Yeschke Younce Myers D. D. M. J. A. M. F. J. D B. D. G. D D. D. J. P. J. Amberman Ambrosi Anderson Atwell Ayres Bailey Bauer Baxley Beers Beseler Bohus Bohus Bosworth Bower Burke Bucha non Chandler Clawso n Cogswell Cook Cook Cooper R. Crouse A. Cullum S. Day C Davies A Diem M. Doran D. Dufour M. Edwards D. Fortney D. Fuller A. Futty D. Gifford B. Hallmark B. Harden J. Hardy B. Hayes L. Hinkle T. Hodous J. Holcomb P. Holcomb 56 R. Bair Ball Bantner Bellmeyer Blackburn Blevins Brewer W. Brooks Burley Cobb Cochran Collins Crandol Cri gger Crouse DeBord Deel De nr1i ng Eisner Tony Fisher Gorden . Gross H. Haag H. Hayes D. R. Hill Henry R. Holloway Hopkins Horinka 4,4 '65 P .. sr J. Hughes L. Hughes D. Isennock A. Johnson K. Johnson J. Johnston I-I. Jones R. Kregar D. Krenn S. Leizear J. Lloyd J. McCurdy C. McGuire L. McVery T. Meredith J. Moyer R. Moxley R. Mullins V. Murray N. Parks G. Pennington B. Preddy T. Preston E- Rivera J. Rivera J. Robbins C. Roberson C. Ryan P. Sayers R. Shuman R. Siler C. Soul L. Spicer R. Stahler R. Stamper J. Thompson L. Tiller S. Tiller C. Weaver D. Wolfe E. Wright W att R. y E. Yackabonis 57 B. Kennedy I. King J. King L. Mason F. Mast S. Matherly R. Miller M. Molnar B. Morrison F. Myers B. Nelson E. O'Quinn B. Price K. Price L. Price E. Robertson R. Rogers F. Rose K. Silveria D. Singer J. Sinsko F. Stanley M. Stoddard R. Stringer S. Weber E. West F. Willis R. Younce J. Ziomek L. Zirk x..,t . ' L , , Q . 1 ig Pi. . --.-- -g y., '- .M . ' rs 'K . . . R K .A , M an HWS G! G. Abbott L. Andrews S. Atchinson J. Baille P. Cook J. Cooke M. Coulter M. Cumbow R. Firehock D. Fuller D. Gaunt D- George L. Gillespie B. Goodrich M. Haaff C. Hanson G. Harris K C. Har: GZMAU' vfwff x T. Hinton F. Hoffman R. King H. K copi' .MMM G. Montgomery W . Moor C. Moyer J. Pierce R. Polak B. Price C. Pyuen 6 A. Ross T. Rubenacker L. Satphin IJ. Saylor dm G. Sklpper E. Smith M. Sobolewski D- 5 ice! - M. Stahler 4142 R. Stahler MA R. Staples R. Stewart d W 7 J. Stricklan L. Tholen flffh L. Twiford D, Wa1keg M. Welch S. Wells S. West N. Witt N. Witt P. Wolfe J. Wilson 58 '6 E. Billings K. Brinegar M. Chapman C. Denning Dune .'.., LA B GLW R. g F. Eagle . Holbrook Homer S- Kotapski B 'D,W 7 V... J - Lewis .-"' , f " . W: ,.- . . ,ff .,.. P. Little .,.. i f .w s W . rr v. X.. l ' 13' 7461371 mg M Myers A . Nichols G. Oakley yd.. YC 4107! Zgfxawa R. Reinke - A Shaw 1 elds umate K. Yackabonis 1 f A N WW- 1, 4: - v -...mp 92- , mm" W , " ggi UW? 1 5 X 5 K Q , . V E A x i QL: X r K if b fig A. A, ig 'f' ar " ' 1, ,ffm-,z:, ww '-. .f,. Y- jk- f .K ,fm ,gf sr Q. A Q ff ., if- 12 V5 Y IR . , ,, if ' 1 5 S31 w ' My . sr f W - . - , Q 5-fix Q35 4, Qf wg. 4 6 54447 awcended 770, 2.71 Sack Messmgm S 7ffca45??4.Si rkosky . 1644014 f47w'J7uwm2 M A sa X , 'M Y W' ' W .bv - Q 39' 5 3 1 N t 1' W Y 1 ww . K 1,3 iw " A -N-.mmf , N 3 , . W sv X' Zhawqeaz Mr. EARL J. LIGHTCAP, Jr, The George Washington University and S.T.C., Westchester, Pennsylvania, B.S. University of Delaware, M.S. . , . 1404! dn fame game we weze not maacaaze of facakq ef- fafzt4..,cae 'B60t60tg6'l eometddng 4g046f eacd . . , Zcvuzdovg tk nodd- ncy4z'adl...44Zdt4.,. Wea- P-mmzpaz Mr. PHILIP I. NAST Marietta College, B.A. New York University, M.A. . , . maqle 4 fem ,edeiuopddee all dazoca 074646 cue tie timed fddf hy weak ddda. . . " 65 it W , f . s Mrs. DOLORES BACHTEL Mr. LAMBERT AKLEY Home Economics Economic Geography World History Core Mr. JOSEPH BROWN English Core Mr. JOHN BATOR Mr. WAYLAND COATES Attendance Counselor Problems of Democracy Mathematics Business Law Core Mrs. MARTHA CASSELL Core Art Mrs. MARILYN BIEGALLE Mr. JOHN COONEY Bookkeeping, Typing Drafting General Business Training Wood Shop Business Math Cheerleaders 66 Mrs. DOROIHY CULVER Miss CLAUDETTE HUDAK United States History Junior Chorus Core, Hockey Music Junior Adviser Mrs. BARABARA GROSS Mathematics Mr. EUGENE CULVER Miss HELEN HULL English 12, Speech Mathematics Advanced Composition Science Yearbook Adviser Senior Adviser Mr. ROBERT HILBERT Metal Shop Mr. MERRIL GRAFTON Mrs. VIRGINIA JORDAN Physical Education Typing, Shorthand Football, Basketball Office Practice 67 Miss HELEN KRACKENFELS Mr. MALCOM McKNIGHT English, Core Mathematics Drafting, Physics Wrestling Mr. RAYMOND MACE Core V1 , i , Mrs. JEAN LAWYER . . Miss PATRICIA NAUSS Core, Home Economics Senior Chorus Boys' Chorus 4 Cheerleaders Music Mr. JOHN MALE World History Core Dr. RAE LONGYEAR Mr. MARION PARKER Instrumental Music Core, Science Concert Band 68 Mr. JAMES PASQUAL Miss VIRGINIA SILER Drivers Education Mathematics Physical Education Chemistry Junior Varsity Basketball Mrs. MABEL SCARBOROUGH Sixth Grade Mrs. VIRGINIA POINIANTEER Mrs. DOLORES SIMMONS French, Latin Physical Education English Basketball Dance Concert Majorettes Mrs. LUCY SELLHSI Core, English Mr. DONALD REED Mrs. JOAN SLEEPER Sixth Grade Core, Biology Math 69 Miss SARAH TAYLOR ' Miss GLORIA SNYDER Core, World History Librarian Mrs. EVELYN WILSON Sixth Grade Mr. LEVVIS WALKER Mrs. CATHERINE HOLDEN Student Council Adviser Secretary . Guidance Counselor 0 M' Mrs. ESTELIE WRIGHT Art Miss SUSAN WATSON Mrs. SARAH GUNTHER Biology Cafeteria Manager 70 sf Z,, R. K , I, u . ? , !,xr , w 31 fffiwzfgz ik' 7 4 ' 1.715511 1 J ' --z 'i' L? E' I f, 4 x , I 54, +A fm! .. .,:,,,.,,:.. ,A ,M N W! . ,... sv, . ' ,M W ,+ ,. . 14 9' 1 Q M' V. a 3 ig f rw E 'x Q ,W 525,1 53 'F Q 1 Qi ? , .,,,.,,,5 ,rr aw Q A M' I . . 4 -V ' R 71 5 ll " , 'L :Y 2, , 'Q 51. ew f, 1 6, 3? fi W : WA 'gl win ' ' X , wir ' Tig N, .X + 41 I W" I ., PA 'I f,,'x 17: ,f aa - ,.',.1k f 4 " -,..,:, . 3 :Z 1.3, ,K .,,,, , ' W' Z.. 'JL " V' p gl r avi? fl . l' V 1 ,,,,., ,,.. 1, . ' "WF 7 j -gf.- f2g f 5 f , 1 in 1 A- ' 1 l ' L, 5,5 fx, K, an W . N r , 1 7' 2 1.w'- ,, - ' :.,. ,W A f .,., .A 1 ,Q 2 ' 'fgiggfpg-. Hgfgf H , ffl, "HEY 'Q E" 1 h , 35: 5' 1 4' , , , 2 ff' 1 xgS'?fi.-0 B' 'I Aa 0 M , if 1 1. f, 'R' an V if 1 I lk? fi! 549 Q " '.:s:- K 5 In it . .f ' L' Q.. ,Q 46" -2 kt ' 'Q' wx 2 J 7 . 'f Hx im? Q ,f I: hiv. W Ygwngx lk. WR M- , ra fha K - Q X ,t M f Q 5 , 1 ,. Wu 'ln A LT i "Ly A , in fi SH -w.W-,C ' 5 J Q ?" H' I K itz? af f.. , atc' W ,A I . W .65 .4 X ,J wily v5K'f4f f'f . 3 jk Y L MR .M ,wwf , ,, A M. V . +R- 4- if hi -- :SEIU-nf'22?24 '2,,ig1Q::Lf:'.,7.j1-Siu' Q VA W i' Am Q uf If mi .lg Z 'f R , , SniQ 1 ,1 Sf, ,EMA i Win: mf 3"'HfQ"NM2Q--Q--mv 'S Qi' it 1 Qi' Ui' ,W M" f 3 QQ F2152 fl - Q ' ,ff ,, , ! ii iii lv in 11" 32 5 fa 'Q f 5 Ng? M" 3- PM vu' Ya "--... ' 14 " 'Q lk' H 1,51 ' nil I g'Q Qf 09. ,. ' f 9 Y ,Lf 1 i V -5552? F5 ' if Selva! a4...a pact qoaZ4...acalwe4,..u1e4aaet446en4w4qaa'4aa- 4aaad44,64quzemofuJe4.,.an6eyZofa6ZezZcZe...4 fad: ezcdange. . . I 77 Hgaedewtkwaq 2466 74:4 'geqdamdag Student deceased. . Zemlaak Staff Spade . .... . 1-ifezwazeu . . . 740356542 ?aae4 Seaodofw . famine . Sopiamazee . 7164401660 7 ad Qfzade. . 654 Qfwwle. . 66444 .Zeadefw 'yacaftq ..... 74a Sad . . . . Uma Spaneaze . iw 5 6:4 7 X134 9 ldzai? ,a4ge420z!a26 ERE ,a49e427z'o47 ,e49ee46'ta49 ,ea7ee50ta57 ,e4ge452a'o53 ,a4ge454Za55 ,e49e456ta5X f4?6460fd64 ,e49e465ta70 payee 775477 ,e47ee79to92 We, the graduating class of 1958, wish to thank all of the people who through their very generous advertising and patronizing have made possible THE ARIES. The Home 9 0 Of Q The c s. P SERVICE STATION 'Owe Perfect Sinclair Products-Auto Repairs Shirt! Rt. 40 at Light C. B ff 81 P. G d, O t NEW SYSTEM LAUNDRY om pm on Aberdeen, Maryland SALES-SERVICE RUDY'S 1'All-QR C. H. GREEN 8. SONS 5HQp Kingsviller Md' Aberdeen Maryland Phone Lyric 2-3711 WORTHMAN'S Eooo MARKET H' G' WCOMMQNS 2042?Eusw0nh St reet INSURANCE AGENCY Baltimore Maryland Magnolia' Md' Phone Edgewood 21W2 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS FROM COOMES' WHITE STAR RESTAURANT ON Route 4-0 and Edgewood Road Serving the finest foods of 5 We , CULVER'S 12-B Jinx Bauer ,lim Beall Jimmy Bevins Rosalie Booth STEAKS-SEA FOOD-CHOPS Jim Bfawnfff Glenna Collins and Helen Dale Denis Dehne PIZZAS Ma Brooke Harmeyer Edgewood 680 Tom Heimz Come in and we will aim to please!! giggrjgdfiiighes Ruth Keithley TRAVELERS Tommy Knight Andy Lohr Pat lVICShane JoAnn Morl-:osky Norton Newberry Wanda Richardson Joe Richmond Dale Shively Carl Shupe Lois Shunk Stewart Silling Wanda Spicer Lawrence Ziomek MARYLAND'S LARGEST SHOE MANUFACTURER PRESENTS AN UNEQUALED OPPORTUNITY TO YOUNG MEN and WOMEN TO GROW TO LEADING POSITIONS IN THE PLANT OR SALES DEPT D X X 5 SHQE COMPANY Belcamp, Md. NEAREST RETAIL STORES: Belcamp - BelAir - Havre de Grace PRESTON'S STATIONERY STORE SCHOOL sr OFFICE SUPPLIES HALLMARK - NORCROSS CARDS Bel Air, Md. Phone as LAKESIDE RESTAURANT Prop. MRS. IDA MAE AYERS Edge. 2351 Pulaski Hwy. SEA FOOD COMPLIMENTS OF CHAS. D. JOHNSON 8. SON HARFORD'S LARGEST SELECTION OF APPLIANCES 81 FURNITURE HAPPY COOKING GAS 81 APPLIANCES 42 N. Main St. Bel Air 141 Kopp. armoryl H. K. McCOMAS 81 SON FUNERAL DIRECTOR SINCE 1808 Abingdon, Maryland MOTOR SALES COMPANY CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SALES and SERVICE Bel Air, Maryland Telephone Bel Air 45 or 46 SCINOIAIVIG EDIVSJEIHH HEINIIS fEI'IAAO.L ZZOI JIV IQH 'PIAI 'JW IQH SHBTBMBI' S!'I1V1. X XXXX Has that extra that makes it a great name in ice cream. 5113.228 696 1' Qelvalg ICE CREAM RLWKYS GOOD TASTE " SONBERG'S SERVICE STATION FISHING TACKLE SPORTING GOODS t0uCl1 Of quality BOATS - ACCESSORIES - BOAT MOTORS Belcamp, Maryland Aberdeen 5631 F. W. WOOLWORTH 8: CO. 5-7 S. Maln SI. Bel Air, Maryland MRS. GEO. C. BROWN GENERAL MERCHANDISE Magnolia, Md, Edgewood 2513 DANIEL L. MORRIS AMOCO STATION Rt. 4-0 81 Edgewood Road Edgewood, Maryland Edgewood 4129 COMPLIMFNTS OF 6-C THE EDGEWOOD EAGLES JOSPEH A. SKILLMAN PLUMBING and HEATING Abingdon, Md. Phone: Edgewood 686 COMPLIMFNTS OF CLASS OF 7-C OOMPLIMFNTS OF CLASS OF 8-D COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF 7-E OOMPLIMFNTS OF CLASS OF 9-B 8. MRS. GROSS COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARDS MOTOR CO. COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF 10-C COMPLIMENTS OF 6-A THE BUSY BEE WILSONS BOYD az FULFORD EDW. C. MAISENHALDER PHARMACY Main Street Phone: 65 Bel Air, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF HARFORD CHAPTER ORDER OF DE MOLAY COMPLIMENTS JOPPA SHOE STORE SHOE REPAIRING - NEW SHOES SOLD Old Phila. and ,loppa Roads - Joppa, Maryla nd BALCER GROCERY COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES l n Route 7, Joppa, Mary a d Open Sundays Wilna 1851 Phone: Bel Air 12 HIRSCH'S MEN'S STORE Bel Airls Exclusive Store for Men and Boys Best Quality at Lowest Prices 9 Main Street Bel Air, Md. COMPLIMENTS OF CROUSE'S GROCERY STORE E Joppa, Maryland Wilna 94-5W3 H. RAEMER ESSO HENRY RAEMFR dgewood Rd. SI Pulaski Hwy. Phone: Edgewood 689 RICKETTS' AMOCO STATION Rt. 7 and 24- Phone: Edgewood 252.1 BAUER'S SUPERETTE Willoughby Beach Road Edgewood, Maryland MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP Edgewood, Maryland Phone: Edgewood 54-4.1 FAMOUS GARAGE FRONT END SERVICE WHEEL BALANCING Telephone: Edgewood 52W1 CRAlG'S GROCERY STORE Nuttle Avenue Edgewood, Maryland JOINES MOTOR COMPANY Edgewood Road Edgewood, Maryland Telephone: Edgewood 666 FRANK'S MEN ln BOYS' WEAR Edgewood Shopping Center Edgewood, Maryland Edgewood 334-J CENTER SERVICE STATION, INC. Edgewood Road Edgewood 190.1 ART'S TEXACO OIL COMPANY Pulaski Highway Joppa, Maryland Edgewood 700 COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF II-C COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF II-B FYLE 8: MILLER INSURANCE AGENCY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE 211 U. Phila. Blvd. Aberdeen, Md. Phone: Aberdeen 1373 DOC'S SHOP Edgewood, Maryland CLASS OF I I-D COMPLIMENTS or JOPPA TEENAGE CLUB BEL AIR ROLLER RINK Bel Air 84-8 1 Mile North of Bel Air U. S. Highway 31 Compliments of EDGEWOOD JR.-SR. HIGH SCHOOL P. T. A. A a. L morons ' Direct Factory Dealer Phone Bel Air 105 Nights Wilna 948 P 1 li' H'gh " as I ' way GREENFlEl.o's FLoRlsT Joppa, Maryland 107 South Main Street Bel Air, Maryland John J. Anderson Phone: Edge. 130 Proprietor MOTEL EDGEWOOD Edgewood, Md. Phone 324 Free Television 81 Air Conditioning In all 24 luxurious units AAA APPROVED Gilford and Ruth Smith j Owner-Management L Phone: Bel Air 528 81 1157 X 7,1 MILLER APPLIANCE SERVICE CO. Admiral-Kelvinator Dumont TV-York Air Conditioning A Complete Line of Name Brand Appliances Bottle Gas Service Bel Air, Maryland V Phone: Bel Air 4-38 Compliments of GETZ JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP SONBERG'S CLOVER FARM STORE Watches-Diamonds Abingdon, Maryland 13 North Main Street Bel Air, Maryland Edgewood 56 Havre de Grace 947.1 L 81 H CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Box 665 101 St. John St. Edgewood, Maryland Havre de Grace, Md. Be Well Groomed-It Becomes You COMPLIMENTS OF RYAN FURNITURE U. S. Route 40 Aberdeen, Md. Phone: Aber. 73 PEabody 2-7675 ORleans 5-5260 THE LOMBARD TRANSFER COMPANY COMPLIMENTS MOVING and HAULING OF APPLIANCE DELIVERIES 3609 Ravenwood A B l imore 13, Md. HARFORD COUNTY 7 MEMORIAL V.F.W. POST 5337 and COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. EDMOND SCARBOROUGH, SR. LADIES AUXILIARY HINDER MOTORS, INC. Lincoln and Mercury Compliments of Sales and Service S. Philadelphia Blvd. DRAGO'S RESTAURANT Aberdeen, Md. I "Always a Friendly Welcomei' Air Conditioned Phone: 108 Compliments Of Edgewood, Md. cocA-coLA Bomms wKs., :Nc Havre de Grace Maryland PERRY'S MARKET Your Local Clover Farm Store Wishes Congratulations To The First Graduating Class Of The Edgewood High School We wish you all a successful future and invite your patronage. LOVE'S TV Motorola Olympic TV 81 Radio Service Hobby Shop-Hardware Phone: Edgewood 5 When in doubt as to where to eat Try THE EDGEWOOD DINER. Located at Rt. 4-0 and Edgewood Rd. We have a nice selection of Sea Food in Season Steaks Chops and Fried Chicken Full Course Sunday Dinners- Half Price to Children Up to 12 years old Compliments of MRS. LAWYER'S CLASS 8-E Compliments of CLASS OF 10-D Edgewood, Maryland Edgewood 279 Specializing in Creative Hair Styles Mrs. Ruth C. Strickland Compliments of A FRIEND REUBEN'S CATERING SERVICE Bel Air, Md. Bel Air-991 Best Wishes for Success to the Graduating Class of 1958 THE JOHN C. MORKOSKY FAMILY Compliments of the ANDREWS FAMILY Compliments of -CLASS OF I I-A- Compliments of ROBERT C. JENNESS Compliments of 8-B AND MR. PARKER TV SERVICE BLACKBURNS GROCERY Qualit Meats 81 Produce Eieizenklgmods Edgewood 690 We deliverflrghongllidge. 328 Edgewood Road, Edgewood, Md. THE PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF HAVRE DE GRACE MARYLAND INC. The Light Refreshment BEST WISHES and GOOD LUCK Clfgonm. 54-0 Queen Street E. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Allen M. Duffield Manager Howard K. McComas Ill Margaret C. Lampmon M!Sgt. 8- Mrs. Frank F. Stewart Lt, Col. 8. Mrs. E. J. Dehne Mr. 8- Mrs. Thomas J. Jordan Mr. Bi Mrs. Elwood Denbow Mr. A Mrs. James Beck Caroly Lynn Barker Philip T. Fisher Redwood Restaurant Chaplain 8. Mrs. Kenneth Lindner C. W. O. 8- Mrs. D. L Pate Donna B Bobby Bosworth MfSgt. 8- Mrs. Allen S. Ingalls, Sr. Dr. 8- Mrs. Warren Lesch Mr. 81 Mrs. T. S. Moyer Gordon Bauer Mr. 8- Mrs. Lee Corbin Michael's General Store Mrs. Geo. W. Litchfield Mr. A Mrs. Robert S. Fletcher Mr. 8- Mrs. Henry Pouska Emanuel Wilt Court Square Stationery Co, Mr. L Mrs. G. K. Cobb Courtland Hardware Western Auto Associate Store Motor Sales Company Mr. 8- Mrs. Robert Gaunt Mr. 5 Mrs. Robert C. Carter Mr. B. Mrs. W. H. McCommons Mr. Thomas F. Hodges Mr. L Mrs. Roger Price Mr. B Mrs. Bernard McNamara Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell C. Lewis Mr. G Mrs. John L. Brown James A. O'Keete Mrs. E. F. Lantz Mr. 8- Mrs. Wesley Everitt Mr. 8- Mrs. Charles A. Frey Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Cook Martha Perrotto Xylpha Lincoln Mrs. Gilbert O. Cumbaw Lt. 8- Mrs. John Berner Dorothy Hose A Friend Mr. B. Mrs. Victor Albrecht Mr. B Mrs. Howard Martin Mr. B Mrs. David G. Himmer Mr. 8. Mrs. Emory Robinson Jackie and Bunky Morkosky H. E. Seeger Diane Drennon Georgia l. Silveria Mr. 8. Mrs. Victor J. Hirshauer Mr. 8. Mrs. Emmett Spicer jammy Dean Mr. 8- Mrs. F, B. McGinnis Mr. 5 Mrs. Latham Martin Cavalier Motel David Anderson Louise Hutton Carol Roberson' Dean King Mr. 8- Mrs. Robert S. Taylor, Jr. R" 'gg 'A - 5 V lunge ,....1 jo l 5 l L ..... .... .i William Faulk Mr. 8. Mrs. A. J. Rhudy Bill Cruse Carole Davies Martin August Gerald Bohus Gus J. Machlinski Goodwin Cobb Mr. A Mrs. Charles-R. Duncan . ,Ricky Wolfe Joe Mages Patricia Chisholm Kenneth Silveira Andy-The Milkman Joe Maler Hayes Harris Susy Fisher Mr. 6- Mrs. William Lemcke Grace Dale Mrs. Elizabeth Greene Mrs. Mary A. Holcomb Robert Staples Mr. 8. Mrs. S. H. Anderson, Jr. Mr. 8- Mrs. Fred Schlereth Y' Mrs. Audrey S. Harmeyer Mrs. Elizabeth McConnell Richard Fortney Mr. George Holdorf Tommy Hodous The National Store Bel Air Hobby and Photo Center James Klein Mr. B. Mrs. Alvin N, Jupiter George Willis Robert Coleman, Jr. t Joan Davies Della Siler Gary Warner Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert H. Frickel Damon McDaniels Jimmy and Theda Aberdeen Restaurant Robert Frazer Mr. L Mrs. Paul H. Frazer Phillip Wolfe Bobby Androsky MfSgt. 8- Mrs. J. Bates Donna Shumate ,Thomas W. Mackey Xi Terry Rubenacker M!Sgt. 8- Mrs. Reitz Thressa Gleason Mr. Edward Thomas Norman Davis 8- Son Mrs. Sleeper Mr. 8- Mrs. James Pouska Mr. 8- Mrs. F. J. Spies Moriorie Dumeld Mrs. P. B. Hirshauer Mr. 8- Mrs. William Domby Mr. Robert Starr Mrs. V. E. Hirshauer Mr. Earl J. Lightcap, Jr. Ricky Miller Q cluudene soboiewska Betty Radlre 'v Mrs. Gross Corolie Booth Mr. 81 Mrs. Biegalle Pat Hirshauer Ruth Ann Edwards Helena McCracken Carol Wirsing Anita McDaniel Pat Richardson fJohn C. Bator wi Budne Reinke vw Jerry Valcik v tl L li ix Kenneth K. Kesterson Fred Alter F. A. Scott Lonnie and Linda Lawrence P. Ziomek Revo Lowe Pres. Allen Lewis Vice Pres. Kenny Messman Miss Lois Duty -E. S. Willis Bill English Doris King Mr. L Mrs. Joseph A. Ziomek Kenny Gambill Leona Yeschke Bruce McCommons Mrs. Charlie Davidson Jim and Margaret Mr. 6 Mrs. Aaron Anderson Ronnie Tray Forwood Motor Sales A Friend Mike Kennedy Mr. 8- Mrs. Herman E. Skillman Loni Dehne' Nancy Hinckley Mr. A Mrs. Merrill Grafton Reba Edwards Tom Ryan Mr. 8- Mrs. Charles B. Anderson, Sr. Col. Bi Mrs. R. J. Karpen M!Sgt. and Mrs. Alben Giannini Col. and Mrs. E. G. Bennett Col. and Mrs. James Allen, Jr. Mr. Russell H. Silling it-lorry Kocopi Toni Morkosky Catherine Hanson Herbert Allen David Jongewaard Maryland Restaurant Lillian Horinka Rosalie Hill Ben Preddy Peggy Jo Earle Capt. 8- Mrs. John P. Byrne A Friend Mrs. E. C. Wright Chaplain 8. Mrs. L. H. Jongewaord Capt. Charles H. Creamer Lt. Col. G. M. Correll Lt. Col. H. E. Staples A Friend Mr. 8- Mrs. Sedberry x,fMai. 8- Mrs. M. L. Mott Capt. Bi Mrs. L. E. Forkhamer V'Barbara Zvirblis A Friend Leslie C. Robertson Mrs. H. T. Timberlake A Friend Mai. 8- Mrs. John Lehmen Capt. 8: Mrs. F. B. Parish A Friend Lt. Col. 8- Mrs. M. A. Ross A Friend Mr. 8- Mrs. Grayson O. Silling Edward Pouska A Friend Mrs. Bessie B. Silling Evelyn Wilson Steve Horinka Mr. L Mrs. John C. Morkosky Mr. B- Mrs. Paul L. Silling David Dean Mrs. Josephine Heintz Miss Sheila Mae Heintz A Friend Mr. B Mrs. David Marll Mr. 8- Mrs. Carl Crisco, Jr. The Hot-rods Mr. 8- Mrs. Donald Price Merla Cumbow Lt. Col. A Mrs. Robert D, George Joan Lewis Ji Marian Chapman ' Dickie George Bill Jones JoAnn Morkosky Larry Devine f,Lt. Col. 8. Mrs. James A. Chapman Lt. 8. Mrs. R. A. Wagner I Lt. Col. 8- Mrs. J. F. Lane VCapt. li Mrs. T. J. Burke JMoi. A Mrs. J. E. Davies A Friend Lee Farmer A Friend Mr. B Mrs. William Froster Ronald Holcomb Mr. Edward Heintz A Friend Coffee Shop Mr. Edward Hanzlik J. B. Crenshaw A Friend Mr. B Mrs. Alexander Watts A Friend 8-C and Mrs. Culver Mr. 8- Mrs. John Gunther Mrs. Cassell Barbara Holcomb Thunderbird Restaurant Gilbert Wood Pat McGuigan yMai. 8- Mrs. G. H. Roberts Holly Hill Motel Sue Bauer Rosalie Booth J u aw u n f J. E W N J. 6 3 A wx 11 xiii

Suggestions in the Edgewood High School - Aries Yearbook (Edgewood, MD) collection:

Edgewood High School - Aries Yearbook (Edgewood, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 92

1958, pg 92

Edgewood High School - Aries Yearbook (Edgewood, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 28

1958, pg 28

Edgewood High School - Aries Yearbook (Edgewood, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 51

1958, pg 51

Edgewood High School - Aries Yearbook (Edgewood, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 14

1958, pg 14

Edgewood High School - Aries Yearbook (Edgewood, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 95

1958, pg 95

Edgewood High School - Aries Yearbook (Edgewood, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 20

1958, pg 20

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