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Ll, VOLUME TWENTY, 1972 IIIIIISIIIIIIIII "BY THE LIVING WATERS" ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32804 Published by the Odasagiah Staff Sports . . . Academics . . . Organizations . . . Classes . . . . Advertising . . . Indexes . . . .41 .77 113 185 .277 .304 X I1 xg 'ir .., ff 'I' x x X ip' Q A slap, a squeal - thus man is born, a tiny speck of human- ity, eager to grasp life in its fullest context. From this point, his destiny will be molded. by his family, by his friends, by his environment, and ultimately, by himself Will he merely reflect the image of those around him, or create a unique 1 lifestyle of his own? He grows. Standing upon the threshold of maturity, he hovers precariously, undecided and uncertain. He sits upon the fence of life . . . the choice: to fall back and remain the child, or plunge ahead - seeking new depth as a human being. Each day brings forth a new experience to shape his life. His face illuminates with fresh ideas and insight as his perspec- tive of the world widens. Perhaps at times he is forced to compromise instead of senselessly arguing, and thus learns to be sensitive, considerate of others. He probes. He discovers that his very existence is worthwhile . . . from this day forward he is an entity in his own right! K J Man is born, a tiny speck of humanity, eager to grasp life in its fullest context. His destiny will be molded by his family, by his friends, by his environment, and ultimately, by himself. i .. We -an Ww , 77 ,V '91 7' ,, ew 2 feiwf - W "1 1 4 - Will he merely reflect the image of those around him, or create a unique lifestyle of his own? K Standing upon the threshold of maturity, he hovers, undecided and uncertain. The choice: to remain the child, or plunge ahead to seek new depth as a human being 'X Perhaps at times he is forced to compromise instead of senselessly arguing. His face illuminates with fresh ideas as his perspective of the world widens E , -Q. S.L"S5gF'Z-: - - - Ei1 - X Mm, S g. ,. .. . i M' I 1-IP. 1' J H 1 V 1, .1 91 vuqyrrdf' ,N .,' 'P " -v' 7"'w: 1I'Yl"1' X Y 3 " 4 4 1 . He discovers that his very existence is worthwhile . . . from this day forward his is an entity in his own right! sst f l Above: Mrs. Abke's years of experience become evident as she demonstrates, to her students, the art of pounding a lime bit ofknowledge into thai, dormant brains' BeIow.' Patience is mirrored in her face as Mrs. Abke concen- trates on students' work, then looks up to confront another in the endless series of questions in her teaching career. WW 8 ,y Above, confused junior Bobbie Smith looks to Mrs. Abke for an explanation in typing. Below, Bobbie's dilemma is resolved. Mrs. Abke's understanding of young people, from instinct and experience, aids in helping students comprehend the difficulties of communication. 18 years + 34 awards : ? What do eighteen years of service and 34 certificates equal? A yearbook dedication. Mrs. Louise Abke sponsored Odasagiah for eighteen years, from 7953 to 7977. These eighteen years of high standards resulted in 34 awards, including six Medalist and eight All-American, the highest a year- book can receive. Patience and fairness are her strong points. Veteran staffers also remember her ability to push and get the job done, not always easy in the frantic madness of a yearbook room too small for even a team of Atom Ants. Past, present, and future staffers thank you, Mrs. Abke, for the Odasagiah tradition. How one hates to get up in the morning, especially upon leaving a warm bed for a cold room and a long day of school. M2 Wm 10 ,1 from warm cozy beds to cold hard desks go the students Buzzzzzzz! The alarm went off, rise and shine, time to get up for school. Had to beat that 7:30 tardy bell. Sleepy eyed students found their way through the still lit halls in the early morning. And the parking lot filled with cars and bikes as the day began. 4 lt's a long walk to make on early Monday mornings. lt's not quite a bicycle built for two, but it sure beats walking 1 Taking the bus isn't bad . . . it's the running when you're late, waiting in the rain, and freezing when you forget your sweater. W Top left: There's nothing like a joke to start off the day. Lower left: Caught in deep concentration, Pam Elliot tries to open a stubborn locker. Top center: Edgewater Studs find the bookstore a perfect hangout. Lower center: Here lie the remains of a hard night's work. Top right: Posters always make for a good grade,' Jamie DZ4mico and Patty Heavener aim to get it. Lower right: ln early morning, headlights may be the only light. before the bewitching hour of 7:30 Once at school, no one wants to go to class until it is absolutely necessary. So, from the time you get from your car, bus, or bike to the building you have to find something to do until the bell rings. im W wwf Above: The mass of information dictated over the PA system is often interrupted by Joe Smith and Jeff Golub. Right: The stu- dent body starts the day with the pledge of allegiance, part of the morning homeroom. homeroom, it's new The bell rings and people depart to homeroom. Music plays, meditations begin .... Shall we meditate A quiet moment to think, chat with a neighbor or even pray. Please stand for the flag salute, l pledge allegiance .... A pledge to our country, its ideals,' the freedoms it gives us. l t's the same old thing day after day. "Shall we meditate," can be heard in every room as Lynda Boyce gives meditations. www -. 1 . Q. . . x I 1, ,gg ' b-Sys: :I 'nf :Q--f:-,-a.:.e X :-,. " ' ' " -' ' ' ' ,' I- . '."'-5: f -f 6 g5:f2'31,, f' ,J-'sv' 2.5-T?-,LfQ'.f -if QM -1125524 "is - vsezgi, , A .l.,W " sm1.qgSph551:1 ii 15 . 0 Right: Dale Snead finds that his jacket makes a dandy pillow for a quick snooze, Below: "lf you ask me, l prefer threading needles to film pro- jectors," frowns Miss Lewis. Lower Right: Tracy Anderson can't resist the temptation of the mirror. i, Mas plans to disprove the old legend, "lf it's made in Japan . . .' .Ame sf if .Qi ifffffgii xi'H'1J-'55'i',,k1s Q -gk' Q4 ,Pi 9 . V . h gs. .-,ea , ,a,-ze-m4w1!ae.s-swf, 'Q-spM:.ss+sauwsxa.:.,,+.ffm:sf ' X' sk K' -iggfw l - ' ' if i ,msg ,. 'QF s Q kk if s 5 E Y ' AWK ,ff 4,1ff" ' ' ' , v , , ,.,.., in 4-gn-f--' .vM"' L EC first period lends itself well to many activities First period was a trying experience. lt was so early in the morning that the birds weren't even up yet, so some felt that they too should go back to sleep. After the long walk or ride to school, primping had to begin again before you could even look presentable. First period was a good time to do homework that was left undone from the night before. And first period was always a good place to carry out projects whether it was decorating doors or trying to thread a projector. Left: When holiday seasons are near, brown wooden doors are hard to be seen. Below: Even on a cold hard table, Meg Ferguson is able to catch forty winks. y 1 7 l l 3l"iQ:SE'jgf5F?ff'.jQ5L:' 5 5335? Spieiiixaltfiifitf ive- ,fisrfes -- A .. 'fe.-gzwgfmtfirbi-. M we R 4 X K Qfflfififp gf "NX t mi at -up . -l 8 Nkx N wt at if t tx X 3 ' N P m , S tg 24133 K X classes offer more than just academics Edgewater offers a variety of courses for students. Although a student may sign up for a class and get it, he may not always learn that particular subject matter. For example, there are chorus classes where you learn to draw. Or there are Sociology classes where one can learn the art of the gab session even without the help of the teacher. And if you prefer to take a course without books, there's always P.E. or advanced hallwalking. ,an 'H Q' A Above: ln solitude, Coach Thompson overlooks his class. Right: Silhouetted, tennis shows its mystic beauty. Left: Pam Rivers and Hal McNamara help each other out in Advanced Hallwalking class. Below: Linda Samuels hopes that painting pretty pictures will earn her an A in chorus. --..,,x Everyone listens intently as Mr. Smith gives his profound lecture on the sexual activity of the aborigine. lunch, love it or bring your own What can you say about lunch? That it breaks the monotony of your classes. lt gives you time to talk to friends you haven't seen for three or four hours. Or maybe, it even gives you a chance to fill your empty stomach. There are a variety of ways in which that may be ' accomplished.You can buy a hot or cold lunch, ice cream or candy. And if you don't like Edgewater's food, you can bring your own. a Glen A yers loves that cuban. Sharon Harrison finds the Edgewater food very pleasant and enjoyable. lf the lunch room gets too cool, you can always eat outside as these kids do. 20 hvg, ,M.-adv is .,,,i l A r V. 'W Mike Penney finds his bag lunch from home is best. pf sig 1 On warm days, an ice cream bar cools Leo Korn. 'Luncheon on the Grass' not a Edouard Manet, but a Dennis Horn people in class Class can sometimes be intriguing, boring. embarrassing or funny. And more often than not, it's the people who make it that way. Far left: Chuck Williams, Top Left Center: Charise Gar- rett, Bottom Center: Nancy Braun. Top Center: Dee Far- kas. Below: Steve Jacobs. Lower Right: Connie Blackman learning is found in more than just books Educating the student is the prime function of the school. Books are just one facet of learning. Experience provides for another. The experience of saving E the life ofa diseased child is a learning that can't be achieved in books. To be able to exchange ideas with people of other countries is a great learning experience also. 1 . 1 Psychology encounters many topics: for one, this chicken. "The United States of America, where will lt leave us tomorrow", reflects Hal McNamara. 24 7--f"! Everyone who went had a good tirne at the ALSAC carnival. Davis Gaines and Joanne Thompson are caught in conversation while Fora Danztler makes lots of money to help ALSA C 's S t. Jude 's Hospital. Above: it is a rare day when Mr. Smith can be seen without his mask. Left: Ragady Andy becomes life size as Mr, Jordan clowns it up for Costume Day. mJm, Above: A n gelo Perdue escorts lovely Val Tillman onto the field as she is pre- sented to the spectators. Right: Whatever the oc- casion, Davis Gaines shows his Eagle Spirittby wearing his red and white derby. He and sophomore attendant Janet Rushing are shown here at the dance. A chicken dinner is easy to grab if you want to get a good seat for the parade. Ask Shelly Ward. Floats come in all shapes and sizes. Left: Homecom- ing 77 will be an event that senior attendant Pam Rivers and her escort Roger Hirshey will not want to forget. Below: Clowns Mitzi Maxwell and Cindy Lank- ford add much fun and frolic to the parade. homecoming '71, 'we've only just begun' 76 trombones led the big parade although our Eagle band isn't quite that big, they did lead a big parade. Homecoming festivities began on Thursday October 7, with bands, floats, beauties, clowns and bicyclers, marching, walkingand riding up Edgewater Drive. It was truly just a beginning for along eventful weekend. Sandy Long and Elisa Eunice keep the greyhound tied up. to K iiiii . it . .. 1.1 ..ff fe. W ' f "lr W , twwfaliirix. f ' ' ' all ritsy chosen queen lt was a warm night and the crowd was tense. The time had come. The crowd quieted as the queen was named. "lt is with pride and pleasure that l announce Edgewater's Homecoming Queen .... Miss Ritsy Pierson. The crowd cheered. Ritsy received the traditional kisses along with a stolen one from her escort Jeff Anderson. Sophomore attendant Pat Page and escort Ken The night becomes Ritsy's alone as it is made known that she Matthews await the announcement of queen. has been chosen 1977 homecoming queen. 1971 Homecoming Attendants KR to Ll: Flitsy Pierson, Robin Scott, Mary Greenland, Pam Rivers, Caryl Curtis, Debbie Wason, Patty Hevener, Missy Sutton, Val Tillman, Suzy O'Hara and Bitsy Owens. Not Pictured: Janet Rushing, and Pat Page. 28 f ' T .13 J ' ,4i lb i K W X X V' M 2 ' uvx W. 'X x V i Q E 5 Wffwmfff rr WRWM ' M . ,l l k 1 li fa f"' X' - :V A lJ l H u lJ111l j M" k W X M' + L+ W ,f 1 ,,1 , W ,K , f 1 fu f eagles have pride inside Pride is alive and well in Argentina. lt just got up and left, never to return. But some people refuse to believe it. A cheerleader puts forth all effort to let the team know she's behind them. The cro wd cheers for a victory, and the Eagle in a world of its own prays for a win. . 1. "Goooooooooooo! is the cry heard from the stands as the kick-off to begin the game is made. 30 H1 . 414, 5 Eagle Pride is when you let everyone know. Min 4-gn,,u D.-ff'M' if ,f 0, 1 Y Q l 1 A v 2 . 5 Q. f i, if V ,g g ,, V fa. ff rg' " ...um H- As the Eagles score a big 6 Suzy O'Hara displays her approval, A student Incognito portrays Edgewaterfs Almighty . . . The Big Eagle 31 mas 81 jean bring japan and africa closer to us Because of the success of AFS last year, Edgewater got a taste of something new. Two foreign exchange students instead of one. Masayuki Yamaguchi ofJapan and Jean Freedberg of South Africa answered our call and came to live with Walt McCuIIy and Jan Soldinger. ,J f J C Mas and Jean are presented to the student body during the homecoming assembly. if' W, A , M W Jean finds a restroom pass a useful alibi. Mas becomes Americanized by celebrating the tradition of dunking for apples on Halloween night. 32 boone week 32 - 14 sm 'tu rke ve' iii f ii, f y e it victory prevails i iiss . 1952 was the magic year. It divided one into two and thus began the years of the Eagle and Brave. They would be more than just crosstown rivals, but a tradition unlike all others. As years went by, Boone Week at EHS came to portray tradition and rivalry by bonfires, skits, socks and pep rallies. Then as always, the big showdown came at the T-Bowl on Thanksgiving Eve. Caught between the helmets of men, Coach King exemplifies his desire for victory. Ig' Mgr Above: Barbee Dyer sacked it to the Braves best in the annual Soc lt To 'em Day. Left: The Boone Bonfire shines bright against the black skies of the night. Qlfgll .Edgewatefs top five are lR to Ll: Vivian Bartell, Nancy Easton. Suzy O'Hara. Janet Perkins and Val Tillman. Nancy Easton was chosen as runner up. miss edgewater: assembly to pageant Miss EHS took on "a new look". lt shifted from a daytime assembly to a glittering evening pageant. Contestants were involved in practices and interviews, as members of Civinettes rushed about preparing entertainment. After the girls were intoduced, the judges made a tough decision and chose five semi- finalists out of 12 deserving girls. Finally Suzy O'Hara was chosen to reign as Miss Edgewater. 34 As the judges selected Suzy, little did they know that she was soon to be runner up in the Jr. Miss Florida Pageant. Mx. pie eaters unite against pie This was the feeling of 22 contestants after consuming 80 cherry and apple pies in 5 minutes. Key Club sponsored the contest which was held during the sweetheart assembly. Although the object of the contest was to see how much could be eaten, many pies ended up piled in empty chairs, poncho pouches, laps and everywhere on the face except the mouth. Bill Bordeaux exhibits the winning style, a handful in the mouth is worth two in the seat next to you. F5 Bill Peetluk complains of foul play as Gary Phillips boasts of a few "extra" pies. "l can't believe l ate the whole thing!" sighs Jim Holt. Mr. Himes gives Miss Curry a helping hand as Mr. Vickery begins to look for the Rolaids. L ZW ara -'lf' f .' H - ff,va,,. W w he -- ' , ' 41.22, tr ff ' , V M , f J .1 W ' WV ' Mg ri W W at f fn if xg ' 4 . ,W .1 f B 'f by . F AW ' K eleanore davis reigns as sweetheart Pretty girls, an assembly, a basketball game, a dance and plenty of valentines spell Edgewaters Sweetheart activities. The Sweetheart contest was held in conjunction with Valentines Day and basketball. Student Congress planned the assembly and the evenings activities, while the basketball team proved victorious over Colonial and chose Eleanore Davis as Edgewater's 1972 Sweetheart. Right:Eleanoreand Kelvin joyously dance the traditional queen's dance. Above: Senior attendant Delaine Lee and her escort Kevin Gabriel. Right.' Betsy Culpepper presents the bouquet of roses to Sweetheart Eleanore Davis as Co-Capt. Mike McCants and escort Kelvin Castell look on. 5, ..,. I xirr , 1 get 17 Jeannie Kittinger and Wayne Whitener take time to snack Chuck Wason presents Janet Perkins under the array of hearts. before halftime ceremonies. 1972 Sweetheart Attendants, KR to Ll Sophomores: Spring Teall, Donna Yowell, Debbie Dunn. Seniors: Jeannie Kittinger, Janet Perkins,EIeanore Davis,Becky Bryan. Juniors: Robin Jordan, Mary Jo Lasso, Chassy Alleman, Not pictured: Senior Delaine Lee. 22? i 37 1- Z lt's Main Street U.SA ., perhaps the safest and cleanest street to be found W, -vw an hw ,Me 4- 41165 it 'bib mfwxvft :ample Zrffl-Bkwf 404454 4064090 Mainly iQf0wlQf 'F 'Q W .F ,, ,. tw . .Qu -w Z -:bf pm 4' '2- ssiffg S A if ts 5. , 4 - j . ff. , . Q 1 ' y 4 1 is ' . - 2? X 4 X if 'hw' 'W ' .awww fvnuw-ww mf 137' ' , 9 1 2. :1 Mg 2 b ,.,-hilg-::f,3 1: ,QL fi 'e , l 9 . 4- .,,' I asa: 1-1 E I 1 'Ki 'B' WN" ! ' Above: Pretty Jeannie Kittinger tempts customers with coca-cola at Coke Corner at WDW. Right: Rising above the Kingdom is the Magical Cinderella's Castle the center point of Disney World. , a fantasy for young and old On October 1, 1971 a new world came into existence. Forty-five minutes N off of interstate four a kingdom like no other creates atmospheres ofjoy, enthusiasm and happiness On the weekends, students could either earn or spend lots of money. Disney employed many students from Edgewater.. Jobs varied from being hostesses and selling cokes, to being a big mean fox dancing down Main Street. J. Worthington Foulfeliow does his best to charm the girls and amaze the children and he succeeds with Toni D71gostino. Toot! Toot! '34li aboard the Admiral Joe Fowier's Paddleboat! " This is one of the many ways of transportation at WDW. Nga, . X walt disney world . 9 1. .nam As the day comes to a close, the parking lot once again becomes the scene of activity, only this time to empty rather than fill 40 H E 41 vw 1.1 .y. . U A s A " Br' , Q A2 H A Vs vs?-95. "H ' , f..,-- R k 1 ' 's , H, . ,..f " ' - 'M N y 1 , , - X 3 ,Q 4 5 The end sweep is per- formed by Chuck Wason with Jimmy Eller and Greg Voran leading the way. 4:22154 The "fearsome foursome" of Larry Smith, Ed Metzger, Tom Wells, and Matt Zettler annihilate the Hornet quarterback ,,,L , W! W'm7 f .J Kssfis "' David Cooksey, in the most serious contemplation of a close game. Gary Bassa, twisting and turning up field for his usual fine showing. edgewater eagles preseason favorites in metro conference Eagle power showed to be one of the leaders in the Metro Conference again this year. 1971 was the year of skill and luck along with hardships and bad breaks, as great aspirations were held for Edgewater High School. After working hard several weeks before school started, the team went into the Jamboree blazing - defeating Colonial. and losing to Leesburg High School. Edgewater, through the season dealt many surprising "hands" as the record showed. First came the Jones game, which EHS in previous years has walked off with, lost to Jones. Later Oak Ridge dealt a surprising blow to the Eagle pride. There was yet the great game with fourth ranked Winter Park. who under the crushing hand of the Eagle offense and defense suffered their first and only defeat. 45 l these are the men of the gridiron Chuck Wason, with good blocking blasts through the middle of the field. ft 'lm--1 fs f Lg 'Y ,. fa'i:Q5'i-, r':..-'Q'-55131.14'-Z::fV3?LV'5" 3 'TN WV? .1 A-4?.'Ii5il,f 5'Wi',"?"L'fi 7 ' if 'YQYQPHW' ffl- vi gffwj' be ,.vgf,'3,j2,' fi.. ' .f,I,.. j .J n '5 '-"'-V . A - --G I M . A Q ---vw 1-fw,w,e1 -. Y , ...th ,, ,. ,. , M ,. , , ,, ,. , . . .. ' ms... -5,1 A fwfr- . f. - .Q-I-nf: fe,-View f-,, f.f.w,sAw,er ' -we-ff,,riM.4. ,t,. f5a,,.g,.-s,,,..:,f,4, , ,.,k,,,,.,,,. -W., . .ww-m- - ,. V, . , - ., .gf V. , , fa, ...m-waiwlwm-fue ' ,, -. Y ' . ' -EW" ,- ',"', wmxgzi' ' 1 Y' 755f"1f5'lJY'fj?" f T. 71 1225 iwfi-Q32 -- 'l?W'5i?5f ' f :sl fiivfl- Ezfgefil-if J . fs- F ' ' 1 ws 25? ,S ...Y Tam . . ., I K 7 ff fiww if i Y' f' " 'f ,f in FSFWS1? ..?fTfH?f1f'e' 'nfs ..-diese' ' - 'W - 'if W 'iw ' " fmmw "L U -5 aid? ...fr f . - ' 1 ' f 'J ,s ,,., , , it Tl ' VV" ' f 'i ' ' ' . r ' ,Sw 4. .?'- fe lt- 5 1 f K - 95: ' ,vQt5i1Qigi's my A 1 M1551 1-f'f,yfm gk: Lgggf. -- 1 g . .1 - 3 ff'-if W . V, J , V . ' I r . 3 r Q 5 . r my , 7. ' I . a r ' - I . ' M . , V L ' " 5 , . A 4- M , if . , . ' - 1: t . , 2 - ff -A 2 - Q' ,gsifzff - 'if --v:,,K' .mf :f.f.tv5ariz ff -,wg .1 -ya-km 3 'W ' it , ' ' K :Z H A L L ' .A ' 1 . ' ' - , ' . f ,,,, if 8 . A 5 'Hfggf""., ff W' ,. " 3 , ., V, 6 7 , K me4?ffJ'4f.mifgwwiel'?'W'W1ff?i1"ff'--W"?f-fifdgsf. , s. -.. g V nw- V. , 3 - Fullbacks Jim Eller, James Eady, along with Ouarterbacks Chuck Wason and Walt McCully and Halfbacks Gary Bassa and Wayne Gandy are the Edgewater 1971 powerful offensive backs. John Firios cringes in pain while team Trainer Jim Holt and assistant Wayne Rogers administer first aid while Howad Kuehn and Chief Statistician Jerry Rose tally statis- tics from previous night's game. 46 fe of -f 'H E wr ww: A-51 Ns? wgm-1.913 .eat-A7--qv-.-mwffgtgsfwrw-we-Q-11-.1-f1-fsflwvgi',-,ff-ww-fm Qli -.--2 -wwwffaf to-Sq-mfg?-K ears-f-gviagieawfs . gw--'Qs-1wsff-:f-www -w'1fe1-- fy swez4-fe,Sw-.iw--rms. Q- .mei -f-fmgmy',1g-ef---W:gsygtwffrilewfi--.ew Q- gl ,-of eta:--few 253MSM5131Q5551Q59EY33515?335vNT355ii?i'RfEfs9-f5fQS57Qw2Y'.iiY-D?ffS:Ti15'-55315?-Feflisv A-313243 - . 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W 5? vw Q2 V J - QQ A Fifa W gsiigg s-ati--sgs-.3,3 'A 2 -N W' U 'eiiif ' 'Q of 41515 1'-Lagssgtfgzf 75 , fs.: jhiilrqgx , .W 5 f M33 .1-Mimi , 75,112 -.E-53 eat'--xii 1-KL.-,315 Lf.gg-5lst-Lsfgngy-17.:,T:.5g5g:3x'Q-sww,f,ja.3'jLL,:w .tzgg5::,l555.5gsX5V-5551551 Vfjggifiuqlhii mf, i7lg2i126?TU-fiifgy 3:31-ggmgsjg. ig 1Qw:1.gf,:gr3g3f,3.5wMj5 iw .- The protective offensive line consists of George Fleming, Ned Smith, Steve Prochaska, Coach Maples, John Tegg, Bill Bordeau, John Salas, Richard Newton. These are the real men of the gridiron. f- - wfpnm,---,-Q James Eady led by Wayne Gandy breaks into open field against rival, Boone. pn-umm ,,:.. Ends I. to r. K. Gabriel, T. Horan, P. Eason, J. Stuhl. M. Strum, J. Hansbrough, G. Arrington, B. Eacret and Coach Dolce. Halfback Chuck Wason turns the corner against arch-rival Boone. 9 C. Wason gets handoff from W. McCully. Latching onto the ba!! is Phil Eason. 48 Steve Prochaska and Tommy Wells bury Merrit lsland in Sentinel Star Bowl. mx,a6,4,?,,, Defsnslvellne froml tor L Smlth E Metzger G Voran J Jennings T Wells and R. Atkins. Coach Kmg directs defensive backs Dave Hanks Tim Sachse John Myrlck Don Evans, Dennis Cook and Jerome Gamble. 43 new Merril island vanishes under Don Evans and RobertAtkins as Dave Cooksey and Ed Metzger look on in Sentinel Star Bowl Greg Voran leads Chuck Wason into a hole against Boone. 1 O. B. McCully passes behind back James Eady 50 eagles finish strong second in metro. Opening up the gridiron season, the Eagles were upset for the first time in the school's history by a strong Jones High. Recovering from this shock, the men in Red and White rolled to five consecutive victories as the offense started clicking and as the defensive overwhelmed opponents. Included in this string were Bishop Moore, Deland, the annual Homecoming game with Lyman, Mainland and dealing the eventual Metro champ, Winter Park its only defeat of the season. Oak Ridge once again pulled the rug out from the Eagles feet in a bitter 21-14 defeat. However, Edgewater rose to the occasion once more as they closed out the season with three consecutive victories over Colonial, Evans and a 33-14 shellacking of arch-rival Boone. With this the Eagles earned the right to face the 6th ranked team in the state, Merrit Island, in the Sentinel . Star Bowl. Playing perhaps our best game of the year, we were nosed out 29-28 in a bitterly contested game. Steve Prochaska and Robert Atkins were named to the second and third all-state teams respectively and Chuck Wason received the M.V,P. which climaxed l a fine Eagle season. David Cooksey and Donnie Evans follow the ball against Merrit lsland Eagle defensive led by Tom Wells and Ed Metzger smothers a Mainland Buccaneer as Dennis Cook rushes in. J.v, FOOTBALL boast impressive victories over bishop moore and boone The J.V. Football team kicked off the season with an impressive 38-6 victory over Bishop Moore. After overcoming some hardships which they encountered in the next two games, the baby Eagles came back and stomped all over the Boone Braves, 34-6. A 20-8 win over the Evans Trojans and a scoreless tie with Colonial ended their season with 3 wins, two ties, and two losses. Leading the gridiron men in scoring was Mike Thompson with 4 touchdowns and Willie Arrington with 3 touchdowns. Ken Mathews added 7 extra points during the season. These boys, under the expert leadership of Coach Newlon, have worked hard this year. . lizilll f ' ' ' , A M 'B ' t Hqfi X .s..i at rr- T -T ts t s. 1 if 4. L, T' , W .. ,..b , fr Q53 T f Qi' A O T L ,,,V Sly. Coach Newlon supervises at an afternoon practice. H' 'l lli3"1n2rv:?1:ve A 2- 4? Front Row: Harry Porter, Buck Lawson,Mike Hanson,Don Odham, Skip Defoor, Jeff Kelly, W George Ferrell, Second Row: Richard Williams, Mark Howard, Willie Taylor, John Eberly, f Gerry Crumrner, Gary Williams, Roger Howard. Third Row: Ken Miller, John McGinnis, Keith Canada, Carroll Rainey, Rodney Newman, David Beeler. Fourth Row: Scott Bates, Coach Newlon, Mike Tolar, Ed Ellis, Bill Kellar, Mark Bornstein. Fifth Row: Wayne Rogers, Ben Tanner, Jeff Dunn, Paul Johnson, Bill Stopher, Greg Smith. Er 52 varsity basketball Richard Ouarterman leaps high over a C olonial defender to shoot. 53 Whlie shaking off a Grenadier, Jeff Anderson prepares to move in for a layup. 7,7 QR 5-QP' .-4- Z W -. ,,, , , . .,.5 :f : ' . -4- Bottom: Wayne Gandy, Larry Gorman, Glen Johnson, Jeff Anderson, Joe Williams. Top: Manager Johnny Miller, John Hurley, Clarence Haynes, Joe McFarland Richard Quarterman, Alan Siliski, Mike McCants, Manager Henry Long varsity l basketball J The Eagle Varsity Basketball Team was predicted to be number one in the district. Although, they did not achieve this, they did prove to be an admiral for to both Boone and Mainland by beating them, Led by big Richard Quarterman. our Eagle team became one of the most respected around. But the most important part of the team was the coaches. Coach Paul Haskins along with Coach Willie Jones, were to be given credit for our basketball team's fine performance, along with the players. . Coach Haskins assures his team of an easy victory as team spirits rise. 54 I Above.' Mike McCants easily out jumps opponents for a score. Upper Right.' Larry Gorman's tricky moves help him set up for a goal. Lower Right: Glen Johnson sets up for a plus two. Below: Joe McFarland shows why he's king on the board. ,, Metro ranked Mike McCants couldn't be stopped by Colonial. Richard Ouarterman and Glen Johnson show they won't be stopped by the Colonial Grenadiers. Head coach Paul Haskins pulls the team together for a midgame conference when they plan their strategy. 1 Above: Mike McCants by-passes two Winter Park Wildcats for two points. Above: Richard Ouarterman jumps skyward to "stuff" number 53 of Colonial. The Eagle cagers come together to stop Colonial from scoring, 57 JeffAnderson moves into stuff opponent. XIII' Alan Siliski towers above the others to grab another rebound, Edgewater sets up a tight defense in order to halt a threatening Colonial drive. 58 .-ua junior varsity basketball Although the J.V. basketball team did not have quite the successful season we thought it would have there were hints of great progress and that the varsity team would receive alot of help next year. The J.V. team gave some ofthe teams considered best a hard fight and often came out on top or behind by just a little. Coach Willie Jones smiles during time out near a victory. Jumping over a defender, a J. V, Eagle scores again. Mike Anderson executes perfect form on a jump shot. 59 1117- 7 , ,,,,1, ? it Q 1 Q' ii Bottom Row: Coach Max Miller. Mike Lanham, Chuck Wason, Jim Seagraves Greg Parrish Dennis Cook Mike Hepburn Tom Horan Manager Mike Bornstein Coach Tommy Thompson. Middle Row: Kenny McCollum, Roy Culluson Tim Sachse Marc Strurn Walt McCuIley John Sweitzer Willie Tate Bobby Geisler Back Row: Barry Sheaver. Danny Perrin, Jeff Kelly, Bill Bardeau, Rodney Newman Jim Klindt Kim Strum Above: Willie Tate fires a fastball in an effort to down another batter. Right: Mike Lanham exhibits perfect batting in an intersquad game. .ml Starting pitcher Greg Parrish shows form that keeps Edgewater Num- ber One. Belows Kenny McCollum prepares to receive a ground bail. xxx sNs,r f varsity baseball :JS Roy Cuiiison stops a high fly bali from being a base hit. This year's Varsity team looks better than ever. There are at least 12 returning seniors, including senior pitcher, Greg Parrish who will lead Edgewater to the number one spot in metro. Overall, this years prospects have proven great. a team wins not the individual TEAM has always been the key word at Edgewater, and this year's baseball team produced one of the best team efforts of all. Strong team spirit and determination were the decisive factors in Edgewater's many victories. 1 MQW ff 9' ak , X mm , ,M NMMA 'Q Ag- Above: Dennis Cook stops a winning run with great drive and a fast move. Below With a quick toss from Chuck Wason, Wait McCuily tries for a double play. 3 2 ,nf I 2 . , 2 i i i l E if E 4 , - 4 ' .11 L' Q if ' 4,1 . A , SW, ,-as , ,K s ,V i , ' M. gy garwets- -,gw"', I , e N I -, ,W K, 7 WU- iffy ..-., ,Q . " T79 it 1 ,mg A i. HM ,, X 5 t Q., Ast ,A ,, f i, . I ,L , WX: .Ag--1 ,ET y I ffigwffqffffwy fl, A -tl 3 ' j y f V 4 V ,- 'JM -f,.,fA,,,fV L,t,gi,-5. ob- . N., .W M, , .W ,f .. , . in axttwl , e....t, fi , - Q . fw"f""""'t'V!'i4QsQ,,.. 'H ft" at .ftff 13'1'w'?'f+!L 'f ' 1 +A Y K fl' N W 'K .A n K-'Q '- ,, -y 3' f A' if - NM' A A' W X N ' K K J "'iiL"'i fears A , I " ' Y f , ' :B ' 'T' 1 fir! '?9f5f3-X 'ilw - ' fH'NfL'ff2L5f'7f f. , . A' , QA:- j , f, -- If f . " ,. 5 -A A i 7' '. K, Ty. Q1i24'f1g1,f:f?,'fQ7g5gw ,K . ky if 5 a aw 'Y K f , '- 3' fy,Sf25':fwf:, sf 15 ,, , -A, - wi ai-vii ff-rs, M ' H .. W xmgfy, k..,V , L I '.....4 . 1 :si Z if nf' w,! I -su.-5 YK XXX X X4 Above: Marc Strum stretches to insure an easy out. Below: Tim Sachse Above: Jim Seagraves shows his idea of a bunt Below: Chuck Wason drills it to first for two away. eyes an easy out as he chases the ball. rf' ' f f ' " - ' A ' f. iq' , Vw:?'tc"""f'ffi-4113.514-'A-1' for a victorious season Mike Thompson and John Bryant practice relays after school, track team shows great promise Coach Benz, new to Edgewater this year. has been working hard to improve the performance of our Eagle track Stars. Several of them have set records in both state and local competition. Dan Mattox, John Tegg, and Phil Eason are among the outstanding team members. ew .. ,k..: Ee: i John Tegg practices with the discus in preparation for 6 big meet. Marc Hoover and David Shilling begin the last lap of the race. 64 start out the season by placing second in wildcat open The 1972 Track winner by placin Shilling, and Da n Mattox were among the Eagle men who won honors. We expe rest of the seaso me Team has already proven itself to be a g second in the Wildcat Open. Phil Eason. David ct even greater results out of them for the n. Coach Benz and Dan Mattox are involved in a tense moment during a crucial meet 65 A team realizes that practice makes perfect With the knowledge that to become the very best, they must strive to improve themselves and their skills, the track members set out to make 1972 a prosperous season. Everyday after school they withstood the grueling hot sun in order to get in top condition for their upcoming competitions. , M 3 is x N X 5' 'S '?!.s5.s-':- - W Phil Eason and Mike Thomas strain to improve their hurdling records. Q.. Ace Dan Matrox prepares to vault into first place. 66 Bob Walker and Jesse Madares practice the two mile run in preparation for a big meet. 4. 51 I :: Q Debra Bryant and Johnetta Daily, two girls new to the team this year, have worked hard in perfecting their track records. 67 X 'Q4rriie"Arost unioads a big drive down the middle. J. Losey, C. Curly and T. Dinwiddie watch as S. Arost swings. f -tm , X ,, ' If pvc X .ki 4, if ,, P 1 fa, Mr -ff A ifiiftw , A' L? A . f fr , . 3" 421' Mig., Q., ,f H X . , . 'r 'V at ,ff . 1 . or 41 4 . we ff 2, Sgg , ,, f' r -K mftas 3 i W , -W , .1 M , W , ,g,V ,,,. . , , , ,E , , whit 4.21 . ' :if ' iw: .t-379' x' Ns , t ' 8 ' ,, . - ' 5 ., :'- .f . 'i J Q: .24 - " . img-k.,.,,.f1t ,AfffggmgvfsSfiyfafffq ,ffff L"' W i" ,f 5 -, ff lt V it . , , X K "f i H it t, L , WMM. . .D . , ...W , ,. , A, ., t, ,,, ff fa. 1 Ni? gg W ff ne- ! .fr Wg :gf we as 4253, aff . if , , 4-7,12 its AM -5 sf yy W g f-MJ We --,...,. , 7 i -Y 0, Y ,s.wfM- , , , .W ,E-M. V . 'y QMS? 1 ' 9 T ,, :gyf j wi , .V " w e 1, .1 iff? , , Y' UA? f V i . i w r b I Mgt. - V- f, 3' , g ' . i ,. . - , w w f ar ,:, K f ggwwffly yr- M .. 1 f i t ,ii i - ffgg f ,F i 'A L li W f 'P '2 , i ' ,. ' JV film-,,:5fCf::',71' Mi hifi! . ,, : ,gwws,,, ,Ms ,Q i s Q, f,gfj3.M y ' . 1 I ' 5 f an-at M45 1 'm-":- ff flgfkf-'V fkgi, 2' -' ,H ty 1 -1 V' ,, ' ff i -V ' "ffm 1 'adlirit-rw, f eagles drive towards state title After three years of hard work and patience this year appears to be the year when the eagle golf team goes to state. With a strong nucleus returning from last year's district finalists which included "Arnie" Arost, "GoIden Bear" Fletcher, "SIammin Sam" Steele and Chip Curly along with promising sophomores like Tim Dinwiddie, Pat Siegfrid and Keith Losey, nothing should stop the men in red. Coach King takes over the reigns this year and seems pleased with the early scores and results. All in all it looks like a very promising year on the links for Edgewater. Chip Curly blasts out of a sand trap. edgewater 2nd place: myrick leading scorer After a very rough start at the beginning of the season with scheduling problems, the Edgewater soccer team finally got rolling and never seemed to stop. Knocking off teams like bowl- ing pins, our eagles raced to a fine 6-3 record. With players like all-star John Myrick, Danny Shannon, and Tim Taylor along with Donnie Evans and Don Pierson our foes ran up against a blockade to score against. Shannon posted four shutouts and in all only allowed four goals the entire season. Myrick led all scorers with 9 goals and this represented the highest total in the county. After such a rough start we were pleased to end up so well. Donnie Evans crunches a Bishop Moore Hornet as Edgewater rolls 5 -0, Soccer team from l. to r. bottom: W. Cordell, R. Rodgers, J. Myrick, M, Willard, D. Dyer, D. Shannon, T. Taylor, D. Pierson, D. Evans, B. Moorse, and D. Hensly. Top l. to r.: Coach L. Goode, M. Yamaguchi, F. Preston, B, Barker, E, Yeadon, D. Stokes, C. Crist, M Kittenger, D. Purell and Fl. Robertson. John Myrick wisely uses his "head" against Bishop Moore. 1 l s , ssg,s5fg.f .s..t.,... -Q. 'T if ,s A-lsf..,f 2 we 852525 J X .. . . ,fb ' ' ...fix if-518521-. sv X . is W ' .. . 1 , ' ' Park . 1? s -Q7 r . . . . . X M, ' N li .ss .N Ns.. . , ... st . . . as A '- ' 1 J .. . ' .- - : Q . fi . .. A -. - X - fm xs k .L I fini, X X -s if Q, ., . -- .s,M..,,5s . Wi, ss , esmqgsfg as Q gf H3 S tate g8 l77E. ranked, Robert Johnson diligently concentrates on his Stretching for a good return, Tom Brownlee scores an important point. Below: Edge-water's 1972 Tennis team consist of, back row: Bill Brady, Tom Brownlee, Mike Fiedler, Barbee Dyer, Sandi Long, Lesly Teel, Sherry Hupp. Kneeling: Jim Blau, Robert Johnson, Jennie Kitenger, Sally Maguire, Spring Teel, Ann Gunter. girls 4th and boys 3rd place in '71 metro. The 1970-71 Edgewater Tennis Team left their mark on the Metro Conference. With a combination of Senior, Junior and Sophomores, both boys and girls team were strong contenders all season long. The Girls team finishing the season fourth in their conference were led by Marsha Kirkland, captain, and Kathy Blackburn, co-captain. E. H. S. girls tennis meet defeated four times and winning every other match. After the dust cleared E. H. S. finished with a 4 win and 4 loss record. The boys team led the girls by finishing third in the Metro and tied for third in the district. Bruce Nants was the captain for the boys team and Mike Calhoun had the best individual record of 12 wins and 2 losses. Under the coaching of Mr. King the boys and girls teams made a fine showing. Many of the players will return for the 1971-72 season which will be under the coaching of Mr. Cook. The 7972 captain, Barbee Dyer, plays hard for she is determined to win. Sandy Long uses her sklii, even during practice. l 1'-M 6 5,-W -an eagle oarsmen stroke on Despite problem after problem this year. the crew team finally got going. Not being supported by the school, the team faced a serious lack of funds which they finally curtailed. Being a member of the crew team is not like being a member of our football team for despite the dedication and hard work they put in every day there are no headlines and glory. Every day they march down to the V.F.W. post for nothing but a grueling practice and sweat. With this dedication and hardwork our crew team should have nothing but the sweet thrill of victory. Masayuki Yamaguchi, Hector Santiesteban Roger Howard and Joe Santlesteban are strongly backed by Exchangettes and Coach Lidenberry. Carrying the bulky shell is another problem the crew team attacks daily on its way to hard work and victory. L. to R. Bottom: Coach Lidenberry, Steve Wilkes, Tom Smertrek, Jerry Amos, Charlie Filko, Bruce Wigle, Brett Weller, Robert Guilkey, Bob Evans and Allen Morvetz. Top: Wayne Slaymaker, John Carpenter, Bob Akers, Doug Cranford, Paul Clossy, Chris Welch, Steve Shilling, Dan Degard and Steve Harrison, With coxy Steve Wilks shouting orders, the crew team strokes on in the choppy waters. Runners from l. to r.: Mark Hoover, Mike Thomas, Dan Maddox David Shilling Joe Koogle and Jeff Anderson shilling 1st: eagles 3rd in metro Led by ace David Shilling, the eagle harriers raced to a strong third in the metro conference. Shilling won individual honors in the conference, second in the district and seventh in the state meet. Other eagle runners were Jeff Anderson, Greg Peele. Marc Hoover, Dan Maddox, Doug Lyons and Joe Koogle. Coach Benz in his first year at Edgewater should be acclaimed for his strong finish this year and his rapid rebuilding program. D. Shilling leads the pack against Seabreeze with J Anderson a close second 74 My ,Wea . ,. .M ,, 1 4 55? Z 3 rw f i E, 7 swiivi TEAM "They're off!" is heard as another race is begun. Front Row: Kathy Edwards, Gina McCollum, Karen Porter, Selma Rapoport, Ronnie Snyder, Alice Schwartz, Ed Lindgren. Second Row: Cindy Lankford, Robert Turner, Buzz Roberts, Randy Lail, Coach Chantos, Third Row: Coach Critchett, Sam Fogarty, Marshall Ross, Laura Hinsey, Dan Critchett, Kathy Young, Bill Whitrnire. 75 1972 - a good year for swimmers The 1972 Swim Team, under the expert leadership of Coach Chantos and Coach Critchett, promises to be a great one. Returning swimmers include Alice Schwartz, Buzz Roberts, Robert Turner, Cindy Lankford. Sam Fogarty, Kathy Young, and Bill Whitmire. Powder Puff Footbail separates the men from the . Starting practice in January, Coaches for Civinettes and Exchangettes turned their players into rough, tough, she-men. The score last year was 12-6: Civinettes favor, so for the Exchangettes it was a revenge game. The 1972 game was scheduled for March. So the outcome is unknown. Good luck to both teams and may the best menm win! CIVINETTES: Clockwisez Donna Sutton, Cindy Lankford, Jane Kirkland, Cathy Young, Carol Curtis, Toni D'Agos tino, Denise Neudecker, Janet Perkins, Ritsy Pearson, Above: "Ready, Down, Set, Hike"! But where's the Ball? Row 1: Left: Carol Clayton, Glen- da Newcomer, Bar- bara Keith, Jeannie Kittinger. Row 2: Kay Dickerson, Bob- by Smith, Pam Hayes. Row 3: Kathy Gunter, Tracy Porter. A 77 JR SA- Q K Nr V 1 3 riff? I V.. - - , f.,. nw ev X .11 9? , 1: 3 U . flu Q -ii: ,I g W 'x+sxffitE9Eg1g .4 administration introduces behavioral objectives to the curriculum Edgewater introduced behavioral objectives this year to better the quality of our education. The state of Florida's Department of Education took them into strong. consideration forthe accreditation of our school. This placed more restrictions on teachers in their planning of each class. Principal Norman Kent skillfully led the faculty into this major change and the revising of the dress code. Mr. Don Kidwell, who was formerly American Government teacher and Dean of Student Affairs, took the active role of Curriculum Research Assistant, lVlr. James Cinnamon and Mr. Jim Heise continued serving as Assistant Principals. All four, lVlr. Kent, Mr. Cinnamon, Nlr. Heise, and Mr. Kidwell worked diligently together to coordinate the Administration of Edgewater High School. Principal Norman Kent discusses one of many problems con- fronted. rg. . 4 S Mr. James Heise takes a break from his strenuous work asAssistant Principal. 80 ADMINISTRATION I I, I Q Mr. Cinnamon performs many duties assigned by the Prin- Mr. Norman Kent takes time out for his daily exercises, keeping ClQ0al. in tune with the present physical fitness program. 81 administration welcomes don kidwell ,fs 8 A . H? A 46 M. Mr. Don Kidwell assumes new role as Curriculum Research Mr. Jim Heise inspects the busy halls of Edgewater. Assistant. The Heads of every department meet at Faculty Staff Meetings which were held at various days during first period. TTY Ulla.. U - n GUIDANCE guidance service improved for better com munication "Service to students first" was emphasized by the guidance staff 3 Q as counselors saw more students more often. Much of the R record-keeping formerly handled by counselors was done by Mrs. Betty Hall, guidance secretary, in order to free counselors to spend this time with students. Through educa- tional and personal counseling, they helped students work out constructive solutions to difficult problems. Since students are assigned to counselors by alphabetical order rather than class, counselors got to know students better during their three years at Edgewater to make their work more meaningful and effective. Assistance was offered to students in planning their educations. The guidance office provided information on post-high school learning, whether in college, jobs, or other types of training. s "No, l don 't think Wellesley is for you," advises Kathy Harter to Bruce Aunt Emma, EHS's experienced unofficial guidance McKee as they explore college possibilities in the guidance office. counselor, pauses on her way home from a day of advising. Mrs. Juanita Borysewich Mrs. Agnes Ezzard Mr. George Hall Mr. Wayne Johnson 83 media center offers wider information to students and faculty For all the hard working EHS students who avoided using the microfilm readers because of the necessity of taking notes. salvation came this year in the form of a microfilm reader-printer. Edgewater was the first school in the county to have this machine. The media center added more of everything. including a new librarian, Mrs. Peggy Ward, as it offered to students and faculty wider information and media. The center benefited from proceeds from an athletic department candy sale in November. The video-tape recorder purchased with money from last year's sale was put into use. A new organization, the Orange County Librarians, cooperated for improvement. Mrs. Vera Poitier Miss Sandy Ulm Mrs. Peggy Ward Notes? No Robin Stover found a better way - the microfilm reader printer, a sure cure for writer's cramp. Whew! Mrs. Vera Poitier handles the organization of the card catalog. 84 5-. Mrs. Betty Hall keeps up with the pile of student records. Mr. Dale Burkhart Mrs. Betty Hall Mrs. Anne LaBelleman Mrs. Jo Magrowski fees. files and film galore "But I paid that fee two weeks agol" was a common cry often heard by our Treasurer, Mrs. Carol Snipes. She had a big job keeping track of all school fees and the accounts for all school clubs. As each student entered school, a mountain of paper work had to be done. This huge task was the full time responsibility of the office personnel. The job of keeping up with new magazines, books and film orders, was just one of the many duties which were performed by the library secretaries. These ladies did a big job in keeping our card catalog up to date and keeping all magazines on file. Mrs. Marjorie Bailey Mrs. Francis Bass f .. . gif f 5 3 2 Mrs. Julia House Mrs. Grace Johns Mrs. Lois Tegg fn new aesthetic experi- ences enhance english Delving more extensively into the philosophies behind the arts, Miss Jill Curry's Humanities ll course was among one of the several new English innovations, including Mythology, Debate, and Drama lll. Humanities I enlarged its scope with frequent trips to Loch Haven exhibits and theatrical productions at the Colony, such as "Romeo and JuIiet." As for the theatre, our enthusiastic second period Drama class presented a very successful assembly featuring excerpts from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Mr. Howard Smith Mrs. Terry Van Nortwick Miss Curry's Humanities ll class eagerly discusses Plato's limpreg- nablel Republic. The many trials and tribulations of a concerned yearbook staff show on the varied expressions of ll, to rj Mrs. Van Norzwick, Richard Trux and Penny Orwick. f 4 Z E 2 ki lf 3 fy pf , 5 X f , if' I .,1., A , M F7 i tyrti i 1L" T f V ig f f gf 5 1, K ' .aug Mark Sami attempts to direct at a drama rehearsal. key english if .t ' i Q5 i ku ' S , it x... X " , X MY- Alan WiChm3f1 Mrs. Elizabeth Williams The Red Baron lalias Tom Kennedy! expounds on his many youthful adventures with Linda Lovely in the South Sea Islands. 87 5 Q 3 Y Creativity prevails as Miss Miragliotto and George Griffin proceed to demonstrate the daily life of a dinosaur and primitive man l?!!, Mrs, Donna Armstrong Mr. William Branyon Miss Jill Curry Mrs, Betty Duncan Mrs. Miriam Foreman Mr. Thomas Kennedy fi Q5 is as EE S 33 :ix X x 259 gt QS 55? 2 88 Miss Agnes Miragliotto Mrs. Linda Reddick S 2 Miss Linda Romigh Miss Linda Romigh's dramatic interpretation class holds her spellbound as she listens intently The speech classes use only the most elaborately conceived technological advances . . . ad- vances . . . advances . . . advances . . . rs Carolyn Simon wi W. social studies department emphasizes 18 year old vote The 18 year old vote was emphasized in the Social Studies department to inform Edgewater students of their new prerogative in voting. Debates in the American Government classes helped the students make objective opinions about the candidates, American Government teacher, Nlrs. Susan Fulford, said, "we're trying to get the students involved so that they can in turn, involve their parents." Mrs. Fulford is new to Edgewater. A new concept in teaching Social Studies called, "the Inquiry Approach" was put into use by lVlr. J. D. Smith and Mr. James Sutton. This let the students inquire for themselves about what they were learning. This method had strong emphasis on audio and visual aids. Mrs. Fulford ponders whether to give a pap quiz or not Miss Lewis explains to Cindy Lankford and Gary Arrington about their test. V W QMDWF Mr. John Chantos Mrs. Susan Fulford Mrs. Susan Gluyas Miss Joy Lewis 90 W Mr. Richard Oberlin if w 2 ,,, Q, , ' me , 5 , ,, .ei oeae . . o 1, , A QU ' A, , M , "ms f 4 mi 7 5, 5 WW ff X X ff I ff 4 m I ang? J Y F' 4 , f Q fl W fy f Q, fy 32, f 'fa f f ' ff-K 5, ar ,gf s 1 1 4 X A' 4 -.Q i 'jffwiig -I X ' f f 4 ' 4 f ,M K ff 1 I gf! ' f f x no' Mr. Sam Porter Mr. J. D. Smith Mr. David Stermen Mr. Chantos points out the Canadian border to his American History class. Mrs. Gluyas answers questions in psychology W class. Dale Brugh and Mike Pace get help from Mr. Porter on their ciass assignment. .MW ywwawfww ' I yr f f 6 ,iw Wm A ,,.,,,V ,,.., ,, VW , , V , ,WW WW WWWWW A,,. . Z-',,,..,4,,,,,y l.. Mft, ,, ,Q f U ficiwiff- wx' ff ff , , M y 7 me H Wh M' ' if f' 'Mgr ww , F . f .E "HMV g, f .A V, , A351 Maw, r if 'ffigzzg' 'X X f., f W ,.,V ,, M. V , Z, .,,, ,. , , ., A nlgm ...., 5 I uf-aww, WW V V VVVVV i Humana., social studies awards outstanding student Mr. James Sutton i " . 3 K ' M l gs Q' N if Q X so R st X XX s Mf- W00d'0W Vickers Mr. J. D. Smith teaches his sociology class while Jeff Anderson and George Metzger converse Mr. James Sutton, one of the teachers using the "Inquiry Approach Method," looks over students' work. K :ya , , if E I3 Dig ur 3 Q i A k Above, Cheryl Kemp and Donna Vincent collaborate on a biology lab, Below, Clara Gornell and Jeff Cowherd view chem- istry reactions in the lab. ig ,t if , E xx? xx pollution, ecology, man A class with no books! According to Mr. Gornto, that is exactly what Fresh Water Biology was. Pollution and its effects on fresh water life were studied in this course, This was only one of the three new courses offered in the science department this year. This is the first year for Fresh Water Biology. lt was offered at six other schools and has great possibilities for the future. The other two new courses were Chemistry ll, which was an in-depth study for the college bound student and Biology Il which was for the average student. Along with the new courses, the Science Department also had some new teachers: Mr. Vickery, Mr. Gornto, Mr. Michael, Mrs. D, Thompson, Miss J. Trtilek and Mr. Jones. Returning from last year are Mr. Cook, Mr. Himes and Mrs. Milstead. The Science Department took on a new look, drive and ambition with Mrs. Milstead as Chairman. Mr. Clifford Cook ., , iw Mr. Himes explains the reaction of aluminum and why heat is given Off- Miss Trtilek discusses a biology experiment with a group of students. Mr. Gary Gornto Mr. Charles Himes Mr. Willie Jones Mr. James Michael SCIENCE Mrs. Peggy Milstead as f 4 5' J l Test tube, microscope and balance, a way of life for biology students. Mrs. Dorothy Thompson Miss Jeannette Trtilek -.q.q,.M-me--0-4 Mr. Kenneth Vickery Here, a student practices and learns to apply the knowledge she learned in clerical business courses to help workin the office 1 i' fy We is "W fra 5 fa ,Ks 'li We .M Mrs. Louise Abke Mr. John Alien Mr. Carl Atkisson Miss Mary Jane Bailey Mr. Dan Critchett Mrs. Birdia Bradley Mrs. Dorthea Eason 96 Mrs. Grace Gruber a,2,S,l,d,k,f,j,g,h, . . As business and commerce have increas ed, the need for capable office and clerical workers has increased proportionally. Edgewater's business departments have eased the situation though, for with the patient help of Mrs. Wishau, Mrs. Bailey and the rest of the business department, students were trained in the skills essential for these important career openings and occupations. Typing and shorthand courses not only prepare students for these jobs but are also a big help for college-bound students. Diversified Co- operative training or just plain DCT, provides financial aid and work training. c..-g li-wi Students of Mrs Abke s Typing 2 class drop everything when Mrs Abke has something important to say to their ever-listening ears All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, goes the old saying. On senior test day, senior teachers break for grub and gab 35 Ei my My W W' 'mr A student assistant's life isn't always a bowl of cherries. X ' its 1' F KN msg X FX XQ Q Q13 X . ---- .. .. 0 R ,.. t t,.:.t . , .. - X 'fx f"' ' 315' ht... .- I 5--fa 5. sig . Sam Tish Mrs. Marilou Humptlreys Mr. James King L1- Mrs. Judy Newlin Mrs. Louise Tally Mrs. Dorothy Weiman Mrs. Marie Wishau Mrs. Wilson shows how to use one of the speed reading booklets. practice makes perfect Everyone should develop his reading to the fullest extent of his abilities. This is the purpose and goal of the reading department. In reading, students were taught through practice. Each student progressed at his own pace. He was trying to increase his speed without losing comprehension. Reading also helped the student who had a reading problem. Through use of modern methods and machines, the student became proficient and continued his schooling with better grades. The reading courses were challenging and held the interest of the student and at the same time reading abilities improved. vw 31 l Mrs. Garland Stiles Mrs. Mary Wilson if Mrs. Stiles lends a helping hand in finding the meaning of a troublesome word. now we got it! With the lifting of the tax exemption, Edgewater got on the ball and purchased the Wang 320 computer system. The com- puter didn't carry all the load though, for with the help of qualified teachers, math students developed well-rounded back- grounds. Knowledge gained from these many math courses enabled interested students to proceed to higher math levels. Pupils who took business math increased their knowledge of the importance of mathematics in today's business world. Mr. Theodore Benz if tr? If ' ' ' 7" 'twin fl 5223 . 1 ttf a".f rrffwz ff'-V a rf' ,wat we we M 'V -I J . l W r Mr. John Brewer i Mr. John Claxton 'Algebra ll teacher, Mr. Bill Jordan, starts out his day the right way - with a smile on his face. Below, Miss Mink demonstrates the unique unit of measure that equals 700 kilof minks. 41,4 fi, f 5 vmt 7' fa- it 3 i A 4 5252 4 6 1 100 .L., .. wig A' N r 3 XEQX . . . 1 ' - In . Q x .W .1 3 :AK .. Q K -- .E - . .-K.gK.--,:K,.-K.-- S -- gl W X sl' Qf ' We A be KV M QWMWMMM Q . Km. . f... W. NW.-N ..A: X, VA.. -..X . .K ,..W.. X -K - . .K K 'lx R sw Mr. Stanley Cieplechowicz .WMM Mrs. Molly Crews Mike Fiedler and Jeff Landers mix math with Journalism. Mr. Bill Jordan K 4 A . il 5 it ., . f' , . r . 'an Mr. Max Miller Miss Cynthia Mink Mrs. Rebecca Webb 101 Mrs. Edna Williams involvement in foreign cultures highlighted as key to understanding Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?" Although this may represent nothing more than mumbled gibberish to some people, to French students it was a familiar sound at the start of their class each day. The culture and history of many countries were highlighted as the Language department promoted a greater under- standing of various civilizations of the world. German classes were treated to Mr. Dan Hallman's slides of Germany which created greater interest in the language. Mrs. Opal Bevers' Spanish ll classes wrote letters to an imaginary pen pal. Advanced classes discussed culture of Mexico and tried Spanish recipes. Acting out stories was a major part of Russian activities this year. Mrs. Opal Bevers Mrs. Judy Brooks Mrs. Marie Coopbr "Merry Christmas?" questions Russian I student Tom Pratt LANGUAGE Vg 'H ?iJ5f7a,Z , ,ew , V ' 4,09 ff , , egg 1, , f 3 'f M, Mr. Wampler watches as Jim Bentley discovers a startling fact: ceilings don 't speak French, Q 1-ii - we 3 i t t if ':" L "': K . ' '::" f I ,- A L ,'-: L in " .,,. .. X - Q? in sfw Mrs. Jane Crow Mr. John Sheehan Mr Dan Hallman f Y L SSXXQH1? ' ' A Mr . Everett Wampler 103 f Hola! David Crawford and Randy Dotts apply Spanish amen- ities as they perform a dialogue in Spanish l. 1 Q 3 5 5 mem K N . vssuunsfc. N . f Del Kiefner arduously explains the intricacies of musical finesse to band captain Dennis Horn during one of their daily practices creative atmo sphere upheld Bogged down beneath a veritable mountain of newsprint, lVlr. Bischof managed to mumble a few dis- gruntled sentences before suc- cumbing to the wood pulp avalanche. At this point, one might ask-what else goes on with those nutsy art fanatics? The answer is simple: with our new and wonderful Arts 81 Crafts Instructor, Bob Jones. and Mrs. Cope's soprano songfests lbehind the auditoriuml, an atmos- phere lending to a variety of whole- some aesthetic experiences has been created. Mr. Glen Bischof Mrs. Athalia Cope Mr. Del Kioftner Mr. Ed Sincic Mr. Bob Jones Mr. Leon Theodore Si Z. i 4 if , 4 Z ,J-f 1 5 ln Mr. Sincic's classes, precision and accuracy are the rule - as Milo Lynch Itopl and George McCormick have learned 105 1 3 i Q .5 -as -fy:i'-:-- 'wxxaa-:vS:': .Q...,: -. -' Ewinas...w "Uh-oh. You mean it didn't say two and one third yards?" Terry Rafter ponders her dilemma. "lfl cut this way . . 'Q John Tegg supervises as Dixie Dugan stirs a batch of brownies, "ls it edible?" he asks later, as he samples the finished product 106 K w ' s .Lx ax 'if'-be i . . A Grate, ow! Sharon Shank makes cheese and knuckle salad. Him Mrs. Sarah Lou Garbrick Mrs. Tybee Kahn Mrs. Helen Kelley Mrs. Jeannelle Walden HOME ECONOMICS home ec introduces new wage-earning courses for -minded students Luscious aromas of baking goodies filled the air in the lower 200 building again this year as girls in Home Ec classes learned how to prepare good-tasting and nour- ishing meals. Two new wage-earning courses were added: Alterations, taught by Mrs. Helen Kelley, and Home Fur- nishings Management with Mrs. Tybee Kahn. Six students in Personal, Social, and Family Relations, formerly Modern Family Living, took part in a panel dis- cussion on dating in October. Foods classes entertained parents and teachers at teas in December, and in Jan- uary, girls taking the Human Development course pre- sented a series of children's parties. Field trips were taken by several classes. Alterations students visited a tailor to see that type of work being done. Fabric shops, ready-to-wear children's and ladies stores and department stores were visited by those in Fabrics and Textiles, and Foods classes went to a grocery. Deep in thought, John Hansbrough explores future possibili- ties in Modern Family Living. physical education expands to intermural sports The sounds of hard labor came from the athletic field as physical education students finished up their daily exercises. Students were given the opportunity to participate in intramural sports for the first time this year. New parallel bars were put into use as well as equipment from previous years. Students took part in various sports including Eagle ball. They also, as years before competed in the Physical Fitness tests which involved the 600-yard run-walk, sit-ups, push-ups 50-yard dash, broad jump, and other tests of the students fitness. The Physical Education Department accomplished its role at Edgewater in training and developing the physical side of each individual student. Coach Newlon explains to his gym class how to run a mile. 4 fa, ,.., 'M-...L wr . 9 I f, Mu. f. if if-I 1 Qfjiiikfi 'Q 1 v 4 f - .. 1 45431, Wyse,-f'4r. - , . .-4 at mt 'yy we fi we at ,V ff 'I ggiivgaigagu ' ' . . V .ii ,,., ,, .i fe iwrl wwfe ,ff Tp - 41 ' Qt . Q A ' . if ,JW ff. Y .7 f . V., K2 , :..f..l iw .1 . 4 - y vf..i'r' 1, I 'ggi .Vw ' Y M. ff T 1.2 T . 1 ff , My-A. , gf. an i.. fs Vilas if Kjfwasif . ' . ,ty . . ,,,, it e " . , 1.1. Q X S . mf Q ' nr .. V A f ky" i ma, K' Et iw if i 1 I ff Mrs. Joyce Gibson Mrs. Sara Keithley Mr. Paul Haskins Mr. Philip Newlon T is 1 iv 1 is X N " -u -'uw-0-Q.-.. 9, 1--N-Q awww- - W -A.. N-f vw .ff ' M ,M ,,.,L..- -,xi aww- --,,.. Y: . K 4 f ,S , ' x 7 1' Q'xWJfAfff f-gf'tl1'955?2'i Q F453 '24 fy, W ' L- Mfg A Q ... -A -vx.--MM V. xx fifwff K X ,fig K i. w will .- M QQ Q, Xaffifi W wmjewfwm, 41 'M' 1 A6 . Wx A 1 -' .aw-.N .-nn' -V .M ..h.---M.. .X-.Aww gf--. 2-1-' 9 N., Q x.. -5-wg-xgirwgxw La-fi r PTM 6, X X, 'F Q XM X 9 4 'w. ! nr l. 1 '7 QYQQ' 'W ,f5P 'Q . 2 Q52 ,ji ' ,ju f x mi Q ? 1 ,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10-redlightl Varrooommm! Screech! Crunch! Smash! Contrary to popu- lar opinion, Edgewater drivers education course provided sophomores with the unique opportunity to learn to drive safely and efficiently and earn a half credit toward their graduation while learning, The course required 30 hours. In the classroom instruction they emphasize the knowledge of safety and lawful motor vehicle operation, as well as economic maintenance and instruction for driving in dif- ferent types of traffic conditions, Practice driving offers drills in maneuvers and in normal traffic conditions. il' g i- s flllllilllllili 35010 filif ,. .5 so or rrsrs f -.ef .' K , K t ' ft Mr. Bob Dolce Mr. Phil King -- - K 1 t - fi. Mr. Robert Maples Mr. Tommy Thompson j ' , r iff " V W f ,f efeggfef' or WW? Stop! Look! Listen! ls a popular theme of Coach Maples in this instance, but somehow, those students always seem to get the mes sage wrong! 0 2000 students to feed When people ask, "What is Edgewater?" you answer "The Campus Beautiful," and the reason for this is the support- ing staff. They are a dedicated group of people who work many hours sweeping, raking, trimming, washing dishes and cooking meals. These are the people who prepare a wide variety of hot and cold lunches for our student body of 2000 and serve them on two lunch shifts with the greatest speed and efficiency possible. Then there are the custodians whose job starts when we leave, to have the campus neat each morning. They often work late at night, cleaning and helping with special activities. -,ie Lunch room workers make ready desserts for the hot lunch lines. ips W 'P t iKK" . . ,gs ' 'S' kghk . fx " ,- . . , M . N.. EXW- h 51 . A -'s' Ss 5 E f tt e 2 is W t ,, .ts A I .,,, ,W Yi, . N if 5 3 'li . .. ski R ...,t. . .. ,sf K. .t ,l .Mr .uf W .. A tt' - was . A K wN,,.,.,.. . .M A 3 -A ,iw ,, ' eg New 1--uuunhll ass -r " 5' .t.t . ,. ... 5:52. 3 :s n "' X" - - r Cafeteria workers prepare a huge pile of dough far lunch. 'Ib Andy Evans performs part of his duties, keeping the lawn mowed. 5 4 take two aspirin, drink plenty of fluids and rest in bed l Although Edgewater didn't use this motto all the time, the school clinic provided plenty of mothers tender-loving care for students on the down and out. Edgewater's clinic was run on a completely volunteer basis and with the help of the students and the P,T,A., it was a helpful success this year. This student finds that with the grey ladies' help, she doesn't feel quite so bad after ali. Another victim, Chris G onzolez, carried away to the edgewater clinic. 1 12 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 9 ni '15 I- .HW ,111-' '3- e .A-. .4'f5.'. 3f?f'1,.l . . ,wi-.Pi , A V .. , . 'v ' 1 ' 'V ,J-,Q Q ,, I . -' AH , ' . .f+Eaafms a, . - ' - Viv -3, .1359Q".,rf:x-v'.r.?f.:h 3 1,1 'Q' f f ,va W' jvf- 2-aff v' ' . f . :":I:"'3 ' , r 2' 'U ' .' w 'f. M9111 ' Q94 ,"' y -3593 59, ggi, V- 245, v, 5,-'Q 4, 41' 1 - , .. , 'z, .fl 1 L' - A 4 , . .. , . x.s!1y-- ' Q: 3.,. 1 f - ' -W.: 'I . , W ' ' :sf , x J . Q: A y r f- ' i W X If 0 ,- Q, , I I 'WF 2 3,5537 a 1 Y Q 5 2 if 2 M kewl , qw i 4 2 ti A 'ii ,A 1- 'x .ir A .- I c 'V E X1 Q Y K A f " fs f 'fy ff'-' ff - ff' f x CHORUS enjoy the world, sing a song Edgewater's chorus sang their way through this year, by presenting a Christmas assembly and numerous choral presentations. One of these was Rudigore, which is a satice on melodramas, This production rounded out the musical year with traditional as well as modern songs for Edgewater's choral group. Qs is Cassandra Kelley is caught deciding the color for assembly's props. Row 1: Connie Mason, Sharon Harris, Dennis Lyons, Donna Sawley, Bob Gilke, Martha Walton, Pat Thomlinson, Valerie Vereen, Barbara Jones, Maxine Blue, Mary Barrington, Audrey Johnson, Maxine Hood. Row 2: Lane Isley, Sherrie Alderman, Terry Bradford. Cathy Williams, Alberta Jones, Mike Figeuroa, Connie Blackmon Candy Cole, Randy Dotts, John Myrick, Robert Woods, Linda Samuels, Gloria Jolly, Catherine Jenkins, Lee Cordell, David Hall, Melvin Grant, Chris Hinkle, Johny Miller, Robert Johnson. 116 Our chorus takes to nature, as Mrs. Cope leads her golden-throated group, Bottom to Top: Connie Blackmon, Robert Woods, Debbie Clark, John Myrick, Robert Gilke, Sharon Harris, Terry Bradford, Valerie Vereen, Martha Walton, Chris Hinkle, Mary Barrington, Alberta Jones, Johnny Miller, Robert Johnson, David Hall. Row 1: Robin Brown, Celeste Benzer, Kathy Kube, Sherry Dobson, Connie Blackmon, Row 2: Marion Wilson, Diane Barnes, Rhonda Smith, Alice Schwartz, Eleanor Davis. Row 3: Wanda Alexander, Sharon Blue, Karen Graham, Alice Ray, Lydia Mohley, Row 4: Ken Levi, Randy Bellew, Bill Spencer. 117 U. ,pn-gggv-ev-r--'M' M W?-in---f--f A, Q Id President, Craig Phillips, conducting one of his weekly meetings. homecoming and sweet heart elections: revised Having a new constitution approved allowed for many new changes affecting Student Council. The Student Council with the one legislative body was no longer in effect. It was now the Student Congress with a two legislative body, a senate, and a house. The senate was composed of six representatives, president and vice president of each class and the five student congress officers. President, Craig Phillips, Vice President, Kelvin Castell, Recording Sec., Toni D'Agostino, Corresponding Secretary, Sally Maguire, and Treasurer, Sam Fogarty. New sponsors Nlr. Branyon, Mrs. Fleddick and the Student Congress began working in late June to prepare for a new year. The parking lot and candy sales were setup as Student Congress' main money earning projects. With homecoming early in the year, elections were set up and activities were planned. The theme carried out was "We've onlyjust begun" and Ritsy Pierson was crowned queen at the half-time activities. Once again ALSAC proved the concern of the students with Edgewater collecting over S1200 in one week in the class competition. 'fi ',,, 3 iiewf Fa,,fi,iv9 Officers Sally Maguire, Toni D'Agostino, Craig Phillips and Sam Fogarty led the Student Congress to a very successful year. Front: Karen Blackburn, Debbie Bolin, Delaine Lee, Eleanor Davis, Larry Bright, Gary Coburn, Chris Welch, Pam Rivers, Kim Anderson, Cindy Lankford, Linda Kit- tenger, Suzie O'l-lara. Dixie Dugan, Mary Wilks. Back: Mitzi Maxwell, Candy Cole, Ed Dennis, Davis Gaines, Craig Phillips, Kelvin Castell, Sarn Fogarty, Toni D'Agostino. Sally Maguire, Tom Beers. Val Doyle, Lola Calle. Caryl Curtis, Debbie Dunn, Tracy Porter, Bruce O'Donohue, Buzz Roberts, Mr. Branyon, 119 STUDENT COUNCIL Qi Vice President, Kelvin Castel, listens to Mr. Branyon. 71" wb -. .. 1-, Members of the Student Congress count votes for Sweetheart Student Congress Representative, Tom Beers, works hard selling candy at lunch as money making project, Wil in-.... Members of the Student Congress discuss possibilities for future student activities at EHS. Seniors: Tracy Anderson, Nancy Braun, Cinda Browning, Nancy Cowels, lran Davis, Phil Eason, Bobby Giesler, George Griffin, Pam Hayes, Andy Jones, Gary Landry. Sharon Marvin, Bruce McKee, Mike Pace, Steve Prochaska, Sally Royce, Steve Shilling, John Stuhl, Shelly Ward, Bruce Wigle. Juniors: Vera Adams, Nancy Bower, Wanda Butler, Doug Cranford, Yogi Daniels, Bill Frankel, Mitch Gilbert, Chip Headly, Ping Huang, Sarah Karst, Jay Losey, Joe McFarland, Debbie Morgan, Sherry Potter, Ricky Richetson, David Shilling, Daryl Stone, Dawn Swanner, Jordan Wallach, George Young. Sophomores: Willie Arrington, Terry Bradford, Betty Carter. 121 Jeff Anderson Vivian Bartell Tom Beers Judy Behn Nancy Braun Liz Bruner Beth Caile Jeanette Carpenter Toni D'Agostino Barbara Dennis Barbee Dyer Sharon Early Phil Eason Charles Filko Jean Freedburg Davis Gaines Charesse Garrett Fran Greene George Griffin Marilyn Grover Liz Hamber Doris Hamilton Dwayne Hastings David Huang Jerry Hurst John Jordan Paulette Judd David Kaplan Leo Korn Donna Kubik Dan Mattox Jan May Sherrill McKinney Donna McGarry Alma Morton Jim Ness Y ,XtW- it Iyt .tft:,,tl, ,ity , Z L r frgi-as , tt Q - :W il U if rw., X During the National Honor Society tapping ceremony,Alan NHS service, leadership, character, and scholarship During their annual spring ceremony, the National Honof Society tapped 31 underclassmen, The main objective of the club, is to uphold the schools code. It encourages students to strive to do their best in service, leadership, character, and scholarship, The lighting of the candles, symbolizing the four qualities for membership, is always an impressive part of the tapping ceremony. Slides of the school were also shown, at the Siliski lights the gold candle symbolizing scholarship. CBl'efl"lOl'ly. ji! PM H , Qteziggfgtfifxf' ELEQQST P, ggi? ' , " I , , .,, , a k, AWK, af 4 Z at ww- H :mi-,Q f at Sharon Yates Masauki Yamaguchi l Not Pictured: Michael Barko Charles Burke Gloria Courtney Yvonne Jones Henry Meer Janet Perkins Tom Rybolt John Tillman Alisa Peterson Craig Phillips Donald Pickerill Don Pierson David Piatt Fred Runner Joe Schmerler Alan Siliski Jan Soldinger Brenda Walton Bruce Wigle Kevin Williams r, 4 ip' E helps students by tutoring The National Honor Society continued their tutoring program this year along with their other projects. They sold those delicious brownies on both of the lunchshifts. along with washing many cars. In March, the top five percent of the juniors and the top five percent of the seniors were chosen for the society. , ,t If i X V' .f - r Q '- f 1 3- ,F Sf' r f Q ,, , , t , , 5 , 1 5Q 5!'T'x S ' ' . 4 g -we S or Si T 5 t ., 5 if - ' S 33 Q . fr 3 A-'S' , , . -ts? J Eilsiiill'-,-J - I f " lg 5 - we e 1, Q X fr Q. . 4' . 4 fa. 1 ' S t T r P .-. fit V ' ""..'f - " ' 1 ' Q 975 i Q Z " 'g X fag ' , P ,gib I V Q i l l S , ag RK N H S ix Q K x X ml S i E X X t ,, Y X 2 .-.. , , 3. it - W we rrfr f at fx t t Yvonne Jones, chap.,' Joe Schmerler, pres.,' Fran Greene, hist.,' Jan May, treas.,' Tom Beers, v-pres.,' Liz Hamber, sec, Below.' Yvonne Jones helps Chuck Fazio as part of NHS 's tutoring program. 2 Q W" S iiiXx si? of 1 Front Mitzi Maxwell Vicki Smith, Elaine Francisco, Marie Gregory, Ping Huang, Kathy Gunter, Sprite Spinks, Mary Wilkes, Cathy Melrose. Second Row: Walter Hellinger Dale Morehouse, Bobby Hall, Chuck May, Mitch Gilbert, Jeff Cowherd, Jim Klindt, John Rife. Third Row: Jackie Olicker, Candy Barr, Karen McEnany, Tina Kerns Debbie Morgan Margie Johnson, Suzanne Staton, Bill Frankel, Mike Fiedler, Donna Hendrickson, Jerry Rowell, Brian Ware, Penny Orwick. Not Pictured: W3 4ZXf'v,!Pfk'tVf7" ,A , -, 4. , . x A tr' -.? Ping Huang serves hungry Chuck May a taco at the Alsac Carnival. Karen Gooch, Secretaryf Sharon Yates, Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Brooks, Sponsor: Beth Caile, President, Ping Huang, Treasurerf and Janet Perkins, lCC Representativeg display the Buzz Harris Award given annually to the most outstanding Spanish student. honoraria miembra El club de espanol, this year chose Priscilla Nieves. a sophomore, as an Honorary member. Coming from Puerto Rico, she gave the club a new understanding of Spanish life as it is. The Spanish club collected for Alsac and had a booth in the Carnival selling tacos to the happy crowd. ln the spring, the club took part in the annual Colonial High School Spanish Fiesta, where members viewed skits and presented dramatic interpretations. The Annual Buzz Harris Award will be presented at the Awards Assembly to the outstanding Spanish student who has taken two years of Spanish at EHS. Front: Julie Flynn, Gina McCullum, Mari Forsyth. Don Pierson, Bill Frankel, Priscilla Nieves, of Puerto Rico. Second Row: Beth Calle, Ping Huang. Mark Turko, Brian Ware. Brenda Burian, Sharon Yates, Judy Behn, John Hedrick, Viriginia Woodbery, Back Row: Mary Anderson, Frank Flinaldo, Doris Hamilton, Charlie Filco. Margie Johnson, Mary Greeland, Fran Greene, and Cathy Melrose cool off outside after eating tacos. torch society With the hopes of being selected for the National Honor Society at the end of the year, the Torch Society worked very diligently on planned projects while at the same time they studied earnestly to keep up their grade average. Torch Society is an organization made up of honor students from junior high that are not yet eligible for National Honor Society here at Edgewater. One of their projects for this year was having a reception for the EHS exchange students which was held in October. This was enjoyed by the entire student body. Officers: Front: Brian Ware, Pres.: Virginia Woodberry, ICC Rep.: Candy Barr, Treasurer, Back: Karen McEnanny, Sec., Mrs. Kahn, Sponsor: Donna Hendrickson, V Pres, Members of Torch await their walk down Edgewater during the Homecoming Parade. First column: Mrs. Kahn, Mary Wilkes, Josie Howington, Mitzi Maxwell. Kathy Melrose, Terry Lorenzen, Karen McEnanny, Kim Boyce. Second column: Brian Ware, Bobby Hall, Mitch Gilbert, John Sparks. Third column: Virginia Woodberry, Candy Barr, Cindy Crinshaw, Penny Orwick, Nancy Madry, Dixie Dugan, Marie Gregory, Barbara Madry, Donna Hendrickson. 126 inspirational thoughts with us Shall we meditate - amen. This Phrase started off each morning throughout the year and was given by some mem- ber ofthe meditation committee. The meditation committee works hard to prepare a daily inspirational thought that travels throughout the school to help students face their daily troubles with a thought of love. The clubs chairman, Linda Boyce, lines up students to participate daily. Mrs. Armstrong, the club sponsor listens attentively to each student's thought for the day. Any student may participate in this enlightening experience since it is open to all students at the beginning of the school year. Lynda Boyce, chairman of meditations, puts much feeling into her daily message. From Left to Right, Carol Marsh, Eileen Makinson, Shelia Trimm, Eleanor Davis, Karen Ross, Davie Goans, Doris Hamilton, Val Doyle, Joanne Thomson, Lynda Boyce, Robin DeSimon, Lena Russell, Cindy Lankford, Sue Neff, Elise Chernaga, Suzie O'Hara, Bruce O'Donohue. 127 il1l1VlYJHlfMUViPf'fx friendship stock "Welcome Jean and Masayuki," proclaimed the billboard in large red letters as the Edgewater American Field Service Club welcomed their two exchange students Jean Freedberg, from South Africa and Masayuki lor Mas, as he was soon dubbedl, Yamaguchi from Japan. The club members soon discovered that exchange students are expensive additions to the student body and lost no time in raising the necessary funds for next year's students. A dress-up day was held and some weird characters were to be seen in the halls, who on closer inspection turned out to be faculty members as well as students. The sale of friendship stock showed the enthusiasm of the Eagles to share experiences with future exchange students, and a class competition realized many valuable dollars. At the AFS assembly, the functions of the club were explained, and much interest was stimulated by the sharing of experiences of area exchange students. The Cheshire Cat? A cuter smile cannot be found anywhere - it's Jean Freed- berg, and Sammy Fogarty enjoying the beauty of Loch Haven. Front Row: CL to Rl Barbara Dennis, Sherrill McKinney, Karen Porter iTreas.l, Mitzi Maxwell, Mary Wilkes, Doris Hamilton, Jan May, Vivian Bartell. 2nd Row: Dan Fraser, Pat Fekany, Dee Farkas, Dixie Dugan, Marie Forsythe, Sharon Early, Alisa Peterson, Davis Gaines. 3rd Row: Peggy Meadors lSec.l, Ping Huang, Joe Schmerler, Susan Shipley, Jo-Anne Thompson, Linda Boyce. 4th Row: Jackie Chastang, Randy Brooks, Jean Freedberg, Sue Neff, Cindy Mras, Tom Beers. Back Row: Mary Anderson, Brenda Walton iPres.l. Joe Smith, Roger Robertson, Mas Yamaguchi, David Huang. George McCormick, Chuck May. 128 I . i -Q .. ,ft - ww Y t Note the splendid form as "Mas" Yamaguchi shows the Americans how to do it. AFS Howdy! lt's Brenda Walton lpresj and sponsor Susan Fulford.' high spirits on AFS Dress-up Day. Under the direction of IU, Joe Schmerler, Jan Soldinger, Jan May, and IRI David Huang, the mem- bers are inspired to greater heights of friendship. 129 EQ ij Flow 1: David Baker, Diane Johnson, Robert Tubbs, John Aker. Pat Bowman, Mike Fiedler. Row 2: Mike Hevener. David Peral, Jack Herman. Steve Coenson, Heather Henry, Mary Ratliff, Don Altshuler, David Pelaez, Art Gaskey, lat righti Jeff Lander. X .. Li tdla ' 1 'Y 'rg Q D - X X D lf 1 KX ni Mary Ratliff, David Pelaez, Heather Henry, Mike Hevener sit around discussing the previous news editorials. "Buy one and hide one," says Sherry Potterfield to James Landers. 130 5 ge fi S , G X ., 'SEG w it 3V,f t Steve Coenson, Pat Bowman, Don Altshuler, Jack Herman, Robert Tubbs, Jefl Lander relax after meeting a deadline. Q, tl T keeps apathetics T aware and alert Eagle Eye staffers this year cov- ered a variety of events. This was mainly due to the many activities taking place on cam- pus. Thus, it was an easy year to gather material to write on. The paper kept the campus apathetics aware of what was happening and stimulated their minds with the sarcastic editorials so commonly used to knock what's wrong with the school. Not keeping any boundaries. the staffers widened their per- spective to cover new rock groups. local beauty pageants, of which ESHers were in- volved and a poll on whether WPHS students favored a smoking area lreIevant?l. All and all the staffers seemed to deem it a good school year al- though their fight to avoid censorship was lost 131 EAGLE EYE EAG LE BAND C. Seymour, S. Jackson, A. Taylor, D. D. Huang, A. Walker, P. Rang, S. Trimm, J. Winsowski, S. Guerrero, N. Madry, B. Barden, L. Fink, B. Talton, A. Barrington, D Russell, S. Eunice, K. Burton, T. Charlton, W. Stevenback, G. Burkett, C. Martin, R. Clark, D. Horn, K. Covell, D. Horner, S. Memory. T. Holdorf, T. Barko, E. Lombardi J. Dailey, C. Whitmire, B. Potter, S. Watts, B. Sanders, R. Simpson, S. Hepburen,D. Clark, L. Pepper, R. Bernhard, R. Morton, W. Skinner, D. Shupe, C. Medley, T. Bird R. Forest, E. Harris, E. Makinson, C. Chapman, R. Vezina, V. Thackery, D. Welch, J. Hurley, J. Foster, B. Madry, B. Haire, M. Gill, M. Theiss, C. Mudd, D. Potter, J. E Montsdeoca, G. Lyman, V. Avery, L. A. Murphy, R. Hayworth, L, Bright, D. Doss, S. Kowslowski, J. Kelly, P. Blackman, B. Battle, J. Gagne, J. Cook. Second Row K. Krager, J. Mason, R. Semour, S. Lalonde, F. Amato, C. Jackson, R. Mackey, A. Kane. B. Trapp. eagle band! "1-2-3 Pride" was a familiar count off of the Eagle Band as they started off each performance. The band pre- sented many enjoyable half time shows for the football fans, participated in the Orlando and Sanford Christmas Parades and added much enthusiasm to the pep assemblies. They were one of the two bands in the district to get straight superiors at marching contests in November. The concert season was also important to the members because it shows their ability in playing their instruments. Bill Potter and Sandy Watts were two fortunate musicians to be chosen for All-State Band. Solo and ensemble Centests was held Front: Dennis Horn. Middle: Dixie Dugan, Betty Talton, Karen Burton, Angela Taylor, Richard Simpson. in February and the band again Showed Back: Carter Whitmire, Steve Eunice, Mitchel Deutch. Band Officers. that they are number one. 132 W 'M 'Hi f ,,,, W ,,,, ,,,,,:9qs A f IvIilMwww M-ww, in 1 4 ' 5 3' 1" r fl H J VVVV VM' ,, ,Zi , 1 t 4 I t 2 L ff: '- 1'-' M ' Z f ,, "- G N I lf l ,,. I' , 1 ,' ,,f A iz j f' V ,,', 697 'ML 0 ,Zi "Cut the jazz and play it straight," says Mr. K ieffner. :Maxi 1' ts 5 N 1 . f if KJ v Drum major, Mitchel Deutsch, is the leader of the band. 'Wipe that smile off your face!" orders Mr. Kieffner. ww ,, -, . W A 'M ,Q um, w ,, , " ' Y A , ' ' my 1.-:Lg tw wg v ,, O ,L N A . .133 no I V A-.mi ,, ,A ,, M. .ff,, Vk.-. 3 537, M ga, fi W " kr T' K KY KN, .M . . , . M . . , . , . - f-- As, ww'.fe.,.,'.,t,.., ' And now Edgewater High School proudly presents the "Marching Eagles!" under the direction of drum major Mitchell Deutsch. 133 A fs l ,A Theresa Charlton says these are times you need three ' f18f10'S instead of two. That inspection was really rough, butl didn't get any demerits. if my NO ...ef With great pride and determination the "Marching Eagles" participate in the homecoming parade down Edgewater Drive. 134 majorettes twirl on Sequin, velvet and lace were seen at the head of every performance of the marching band as the Edgewater Majorettes led the Eagles with their skill and grace. The majorettes performed at football half-time shows and were also seen in parades in which the band participated. New uniforms were the goal for this year's majorettes as they worked all year with car-washes and coke sales to band members after hot practices. W f 1 x s , isa., r s Dixie Dugan, captain The majorette corp taking a quick coke break after a long, hard practice, Carletha Charlton, co-captain K Debbie Clark Sheila Trimm PBUY Patten 135 11955, flflfifi' E courluunusfldff W W gg Another work party? Officers are Bruce Wigle, Pres.: Jerry Hurst, Vice-Pres.: Brett Weiler, Sec.-Treas.: Bob Evans, Sgt. at Armsi Barry Baumgarten, Chaplain. Les Rogers. Historian. Left: President Bruce Wigle 'leads the flag 3549... 358' salute at assemblies. ' Below: The death of a Boone Brave, alias Robert Myer, was pre- sented by Hi'Y at the Boone Pep Rally. W fe., 7g at Hi-Y did it again! For the third consecutive year, Hi-Y has won the winning homecoming float trophy in boy's service clubs. ,rx x HI-Y As Club Sweetheart, Janet Perkins was proud to make goodies. i small but powerful Even though Hi-Y has a small membership, they come on strong. Members are fighting hard this year by helping teachers, caroling, coaching Gray-Y and making prize-winning floats to keep their Best Boy's Club Award, But the year was not all work, Hi-Y had the honor of working at the Florida Citrus Invitational. The State Youth Legislature in Tallahassee also provided Hi-Y with a weekend of fun. Left to Right: Policeman 1, Frank Amato, Bob Abbott, Barry Baumgarten, Tom Rybolt, Bob Evans, Bruce Wiglez Pres., Brett Weiler. Paul Kunz, Jerry Hurst, Jim Brown, Les Rogers, Policeman 2, Jeff Greene. Left to Right: Tom Beers - lst Vice Pres Jim Klindtv Corr. Sec., Davis Gaines - Sec., Mr. Bill Jordan -Sponsor, Bruce O'Donoghue- Pres., Steve Johnson Y Kiwanis advisor, Steve Kidd f Jun. Dir., John Jennings - Sophs. Dir., Andy Jones - 2nd V P., Steve Wilks - Treas Left to Right: Alan Siliski, Mike Lanham, Bruce O'Donoghue, Marshal Ross, Craig Phillips, Ralph Kruger, Jay Losey, key members. A-fter a clean-up project, Pres. Bruce O'Donoghue expresses pleasure. 138 KEY CLUB ologyz restores lake From rowing a kayak in Lake Eola, to collecting money for ALSAC, Key was again one of Edgewater's most outstanding organizations. Key Club International has progressed to its present state by taking personal ac- tion upon demanding situations, thus living up to their adopted motto, "Per- sonal Action: Prelude to Progress." The will to be great and careful supervision of Mr. Bill Jordan has helped the men of Key Club reach their goals this year. next project. Key Club Mom, Mrs. Bass and club Sweetheart Suzy O'Hara discuss Tom Beers, 1 V.P.: Andy Jones, 2 V,P.: Dan Spact: Mark Hand: Jay Jones: Gilbert Russell: Jeff Landers: John Hedrick: Steve Wilks, Treas.: Jim Mosley: Chip Headley: Skip DeFore: Tim Sachse: Bill Rush: Mike Vermilyea: Jon Jennings, Soph. Dir.: Jeff Jennings: George Fleming: Jeff Cowherd: Steve Kidd, Jr. Dir.: Davis Gaines, Sec.: Doug Cranford: Bill Bardeaux: Jim Klindt, Corr. Sec. 139 if Q rows kayak for ec- X CIVITAN L. to R.: David Clarke, David Cooksey, Chuck Wason, Pam Rivers lsweetheartl, Paul McConnell, Jimmy Blau, Roger Hirschy, Tommy Brownlee, Micky McConnell Bobby Harris, Keith Classon, Steve Katz, Curtis Cordell, Doug Dyer. Steve Katz displays prize-winning salesmanship during the EHS candy drive as Micky McConnell excruciatingly draws out his last dollar. ,,f""""! I ff 140 gang activity at edgewater The notorious Hirschy Kid led forth his merry men on escapades of fun and excitement, while Mr. Cieplechowicz played the sheriff in his futile attempts to curb these raucous spirits. Believe it or not, much work was also accom- plished. The band collected for ALSAC, ire- member - take from the rich and . . .l, built badly needed soccer goalposts, and while tripping through our infamous senior parking lot, they filled in the more obvious holes before making a hasty getaway. Civitan also participated in the true spirit of pledging this year, and as always, the young victims could be seen peering sullenly over garbage cans. . . but humor prevailed, and the new members managed to stick it out, paper cups ice cream sticks and all. iii KW Civitan members David Cooksey, Paul McConnell, Roger Hirschy and Jimmy Blau inspect the flagpole and decide that cleaning it will be their next club project. 'Uump right in the middle - now! Steve Katz sternly orders apprehensive new pledges, Mark Willard and Micky McConnell. i- Chuck Wason ltreasurerl, and Jimmy Blau lsecretaryl pose for a well- guarded shot before the big heist. Not shown: Curtis Dupree l v. pres.l. Officers David Cooksey lsgt. at armsl, Roger Hirschy lpresidentl, Robert Adkins has a better idea, as he demonstrates to Donnie Pickeriil, Joe K uge, John Salas, Tom Sarreiis,John Te9g,PhiI Eason ? gumumnunm Exchange Club enjoys Thanksgiving dinner with Roast Metzger and dressing Stuart Arost, John Stuhl, Alan Crowson, Marc S trum, Ritsy Pierson, Roy Culiison, Terry Bird. 142 reading! riting! raking! "Cushions, cushions, buy your cushions now!" Thats what you heard from the members of Exchange Club when they were selling those famous cushions for softening those hard benches, while watching our fantastic Eagles in sports. Before school started the members worked with Headstart teaching reading and writing. The members also marched for the March of Dimes in the Fight against Birth Defects. Terry Bird, Tom Sarrells, and Phil Eason decorate a cactus with banana peels. And 'ast but not 'east they rakedl?l Coach Maples' yardi?l. "Monkeying around" S members of Exchange seem to be participating in their favorite pastime. Mr. Vickers, sponsor: Tom Sarrells: Joe Kuge, Terry Bird, Alan Crowson,John Stuhl, V-Pres.: Eddie Metzger, Roy Cullison, Ritsy Pierson, sweetheart: Robert Adkins, Marc Strum, Phil Eason, Pres. MHWHW gc24"'t 4 :.'m,L,,,' 4' , , , f 5k.w-y I X ' ,,. , C? . ttf 5'7" A in f 1,1 , "Let's try to get a little more paint on the poster please! quips Janet Perkins to Denise Neudecker and Toni D14 gostino Biking during the Homecoming parade,' Sharon Marvin and Donnie Evans, Big Brother Lamb Hart, Civinettes' entry for the Miss Edgewater pageant practices for the big night. 144 :wifes . ., . 1211 Us Si Officers Jane Kirkland, Pres.: Janet Perkins, V. Pres.: Elise Chernega Sgt. at Arms: Ritsy Pierson, Chap.: Margie Johnson, Sec Candy Cole,Treas, ,rrfrr , 3 the new miss edgewater is . . Putting on another successful Miss Edgewater pageant was a big job, but Civinettes rallied forth. The pageant gained a new image by having local people judge and presenting it at night instead of in our infamous gym. Civinettes proved they supported Eagle teams by creating pep banners for which they won the spirited club of the week award. They also had such money raising projects as selling the traditional fruitcake, also candy, cushions, and socks. The Powder Puff Football game was played in March against Exchangettes. Civinettes supported Women's Lib by showing their muscles in the Grudge match. Row 1 Lamb Hart, Nancy Perkins, Kathy Griffith, Cindy Lankford, Sherry Potterfield, Denise Helmesley, Sharon Marvin Nancy Braun Carol Curtis Toni Lyn D Agostino Row 2: Mary Jane Dismuke, Shelia Stevens, Betsy Pfieffer, Mary Anderson, Debbie Phillips, Gaily Hoover, Debbie Rankin Sherry Hupp Marsha Fletcher Kathy Youngs. Row 3: Donna Sawley, Jane Kirkland, Donnie Evans: Big Brother, Janet Perkins, Margie Johnson, John Hansbourgh Big Brother Candy Cole Sally McGuire Ritsy Pierson, Elise Chernega. TM ii ik 4 'N Q vs 'V K X tes , Q provides recreation while serving school Although they've only celebrated their second birthday, Exchangettes have gained in rank as one of the leading girl's clubs here at Edgewater. Increasing from thirty- three members to fifty-eight members has helped in their goal of providing more service to the school. One of the ways they served was by showing their pride in their school by making decorations for the cafeteria wall and making posters for which they won several times the post- er contest sponsored by the Varsity Cheerleaders. Although serving the school is the Exchangettes main goal, they also serve as a social outlet for the girls. Par- ticipating in such activities as going to Lil' 500, planning trips to Disney World and workshops, the girls received the rewards of working and relaxing together as a group. Achieving the height of school service is their purpose. N. X Q if 2, -ey-ll xi wg c - Exchangettes take working together as sisters seriously, as shown by Valeria Doyle, Rita Blackman, Christell Doyle and Pat Blackman. W5 v... t 4 5 i i l 1 5 l Row 1: Gabe Squeteri, Barbara Keith. Row 2: Leslie Teall, Clara Gornell. Row 3: Davis Gaines, Anita Spinks, Kathy Gunter. Row 4: Kay Dickerson, Bobbie Smith, Carol Clayton. Row 5: Debbie Bolin, Donna Yowell, Karen Lively. Row 6: Jeanette Carpenter, Pam Hayes, Ellen Kamenoff, Susie Salkin. 146 Row 7: Tenley Hibbard. Susie Stanford, Linda Kittenger. Row 8: Melodye Taylor. Spring Teall. Row 9: Pam Hayes, Tracey Porter. Row 10: Patty Potter- field, Marty Monroe. EXCHANGETTES , Je, A Q' f . , IM, V,,4.,,e,,f34rfZ, i.. b Eden Wilson, Ellen Kamenoff, Susie Salkin, Susie Stanford, Marty Monroe, Karen Lively, Spring Teall and Tracy Porter get together to discuss the next da y's activities. Age . ---M . .. ..,,,,, MM-A k:T' Y'i w4Si ,M ...ti-X . - -.: ,, Rwawfiwi S 2 T1 1-. K 5e'?'QSSS S f ,, Qt -3 5:5 Ee X E-:-3'::5::i: E:E5EfFfE1'-:- S f ,Z -X R x Ew:::s:,::-S. mm, ggg gg .... ,,,. SD? x L-Wg . wal, Lf 'X if -Sis We :Riggs Led by their officers Leslie Teall, Jeannette Carpenter, Kathy Gunter, Jeannie Kittinger and Pam Hayes zoom into providing service for their school. -1-...Q ii Exchangettes Sprite Spinks and Linda Samuels fight over who s going to clean up as Bobbie Smith and Kay Dickerson watch 147 S x is A ::" N' f Eagle X. has seemingly flown the coop during our famous Homecoming parade. anchor aids in alsac drive. Anchor Club created quite a smash this year at the Alsac carnival, with their car-bash, hay ride and fortune telling. Due to all these varied and unusual activities, the members managed to collect more than any other club for Alsac's worthy cause. Hours were spent selling candy door-to-door, which realized many valuable dollars in aid of the school, and the teachers' thanksgiving was made happier by Anchor Thanksgiving cards. Eagle spirit was boosted during Boone week by the sales of voodoo dolls and at any time during the year gaily colored signs were to be seen around the buildings, spurring our Eagle sportsmen on to victory. Besides all this community and school consciousness, Anchor also managed to have jolly good fun, while carrying on the tradition of service to all. QW" 8, Land Ho! Anchor Club Pres. Sharon Yates, V. Pres. Cindy Mras and big brothers l7.l Bruce 0'Donoghue and lr.l Paul McConnell seem relieved to stand on solid ground. 148 ANCHOR i .L U l ki L . K 3,3-.1 " r ,--- 5? ,, R it 3 4 5 2 was ' i l are I i B S N' 'A t, A Left Stairs: Cindy Mras, Dawn Miller, Marie Gregory, Virginia Woodbery, Penny Orwick, Vicky Thackeray, Jean Freedberg. Top: Donna Hendrickson, Sharon Yates, Janice Hodges, Maryanne Keener, Lena Russell. Right Stairs: Patty Hartberger, Marcy Miltonberger, Barbara Wright, Cheryl Hart, Mona Eschelberg, Margaret Prine, Ann Walker, Debbie Davidson. Patty Hartberger and Donna Hendrickson cast the evil spell while creating theirAnchor voodoo dolls. Marcy Miltonberger, Marie Gregory and Penny Orwick try out attractive designs for teachers' Thanksgiving cards. 149 do ya think i ought to paint it red? These were the words heard frequently by Jr-Tri-Hi-Y's members as they proved their spirit by displaying signs and posters all through the year. They traveled to the State Convention in Tallahassee with area Jr-Tri-Hi-Y clubs. and took along their Big Brother Keith Classon. There they participated in group discussion and had a fantastic time. . t A Q L to R Kathy Maloney Sara Lu Rudd JoAnne Thompson Heather Henery Keith CIBSSOH Paulette DeLancette Cindy Seiler, Susan Cox, Terry Tillhgman, Lyn Spark- X. A Putting up pep posters, JoAnne Thompson shows pride in school. her JR.-TRI-HI-Y Cindy Sieler, 2nd V.P.5 Susan Cox, Secretary: Sarah Rudd, Historian 2nd Row: Paullette DeLancette President: JoAnne Thompson, 1st V.P , I an iiff bf ' " ,,"' , ,Lt',,,,,, 2 H o ff'v' 1 --ff- ""' ' --ff 'fV"' - i, ' ' Ms , W dstt is it uma-J MHS'-.. Tri-Hi-Yparticipated in the Homecoming parade. Riding in their entry are Heather Henry and Paulette DeLancette. i 151 Officers: 1st Row: Lynn Sparkman. Treas.g Heather Henry, Chaplain: school earns dough Zap Splat lglub glubl Smash Splash lglubl Shpritz - eeyow! Zonked Again. Soph. Tri-Hi-Y paper toweled their way through another successful carwash. Funds from this somewhat soggy event were used here in school and their illustrious sponsors, Mrs. Peggy Ward, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, and Mrs. Sarah Lou Garbrick also lent a guiding hand at their many delicious bake sales. Tri-Hi-Y's officers also attended a club leadership conference at F.T.U. where they were much inspired. L. to R. Susan Murphy ltreas.l. Marie Bobula lhistorianl, Barbara Sandiord lv. presl. Barbara Trapp lpresl and Susan Deese lseci, are this year's officers. L. to R. Carol Taylor, Starla Trimm, Debbie Stickler, Barbara Sandford. Susan Murphy. Marie Bobula, Susan Deese, Donna Potter,Denise Peterson. Barbara Trapp. "Opps - mind my nose!" Barbara Trapp seems to be saying as she helps carry a roll of paper to make spirit boosting signs. Enthusiasm abounds as J.V. cheerleaders Lola Caile, Margie Johnson and Mary- Jo Losso display their Eagle pride. enthusiasm reigns supreme at ehs "Rahl rahl rahl Sis coom Boone!" So went the various spirit-inspiring cheers as our terrific J.V. cheerleaders lent a hand at the Boone- Edgewater game. . .The J.V.'s also raised school spirit by their many gaily colored signs spurring the Eagle teams on to victory, and the sale of key-rings. The scene outside the cafeteria was legs - spread and Russian splits as each week before the victorious games the J.V.'s practiced fervently. Rah! rahl rahl zoom oops.. . L. to R. Debby Wason lCo-capt.l, Cheryl Owen, Mary-Jo Losso, Lola Caile lTreas.l, Betty Carter, Margie Johnson lCapt.l, Pat Blackman, 153 Watch out, kids! The J. V. express in on its way. Missy Sutton Emotions of Val Tillman, Suzy 0'Hara and Risty Pierson run rampant as EHS scores f"".b 5 Elise Chernega xiii is At a low point in the game, cheerleaders turn to prayer. Pam Rivers Becky Bryan Ritsy Pierson, captain Suzy 0'Hara. co-captain 2 vi, fri PRIDE l uf lllllkk ii ollli 1 . s ' ' o ff' ',.. . Becky Bryan and Liz Bruner hold the pride hoop for the players at the Deland game. Janet McConnell Caryl Curtis 4 Liz Bruner Mary Greenland, Treasurer 4uu11l cheerleaders promote spirit If you looked down the hall and saw a whirl of pleated skirts, bulky red sweaters and fuzzy socks and heard the clomping of saddle oxfords you probably thought CHEERLEADERS, And the next thing to come to mind was SPIRIT... for that's what the 71-72 EHS cheerleaders spelled, The sparkling twelve kept busy this year by selling ribbons, making signs and planning assemblies. During Boone Week the cheerleaders sponsored the 3-"S" Days - Sock-it-to-um, Sign. Silent and the most important Red and White Day - everyday. Chassy Alleman Val Tillman, Secretary J not Three spirited Pep Club members introduce this year's theme, We've Only Just Begun. were Lto R Lynda Boyce Pres Miss Mink Advisor Brenda Burlan Treas Janet Perkrns Vrce Pres 156 JoAnn Thompson, incognito as the Big Eagle. brings spirit J 5 I 1, ,. 4 . f r -3 N 9 .ssrir.m.i,t.:pa.,1. f.S4'f'i?L' w P5413 13 fr ,sz Top to Bottom: Mary Belford, Cindy Langford, Janet Perkins, Lynda Boyce, Brenda Burian, Loretta Cleaver, Beth Calle, Sheila Stephens, Betsy Pfeifter, Ilene Segal, Dorothy Robertson, Debbie Bolin, Janet Genge, Jill Johnson, Angela Taylor, Rita Blackron, Cristell Doyle, Nancy Perkins, Marie Bobula, Angela Johnson, Susan Murphy, Lori Talone, Betty Carter, Margie Johnson, Mary Jo Losso, Lola Cail, Cheryl Owen, Valerie Doyle, Pat Blackman. PEP CLUB "got the spirit?" "let's hear it!" "Have ya got that spirit?" , , , "Yea man!" Pep club proved they had spirit by backing all the sports, Banners, Eagle buttons, decorated goal posts, Edgewater license plates, the Home- coming Parade andthe Boone Bonfire were all accomplished by Pep Club. Pep Club members showed that they were spirit makers. "l knew football was big, but . . . " exclaim two Pep Club members. John Bracker recites to Patty Renoso. Thespians work crew makes ready for next episode Assuming positions, Thespians Joe Schmereler, Gina Sami and Mark Sami go through their stage roles in preparation for scenes from Arthur Miller's 'Q4ll My Sons." 'JG Q Y 5 , ff .w 'i X ' "' ff i rdvgl' ,. i,,,, t Tg iitiwf ,,,f ,M"""'h 57"--f thespians entertain the ehs audiences with comedy Thespian Troupe 557 sprang into action this year with a successful production of "All My Sons," put on in February. The crowd could not decide between raucous laughter and hysterical crying, for the play was filled with emotion of all kinds. As important as the actors and actresses are, the work crew of Thespians was one of the best V around. Under the guidance of Miss Linda Romigh and Miss Joy Lewis, it is not a surprise that our Thespian Troupe 557 upheld the Eagles true unique traditions. Lightmen David Carr and Roger Robertson await their cue. THESPIANS gum., .,...,., ? L 5 L . 51, As sponsors, Miss Linda Romigh and Miss Joy Lewis plan for the next Thespian production. M, vs. ig- A 3 Curtiss Cordell, Nick Hart, and Mickey McConnell work on the delicate art of theatrical lighting. ART CLUB art club members activated artistically Being a member of Art Club was more than just being in any other organi- zation, it was achieving, creating, and producing.This year's Art Clubmembers were a group of activated art stu- dents who were stimulated by extended knowledge of the different aspects of art. Through the help and leadership of sponsors Glen Bischof and Leon Theo- dore, the club has done great things. if Left to Right: Nancy Daniell Sec., Shelly Ward Treas., Ed Lingren Pres.: Dee Farkas Vice-Pres. First Row: Mr. Glen Basenef, Nancy Daniell, Ed Lindgren, Shelly ward, Sue Deonne Farkas. Jolene Nicholson. Sunshine. Selrna RBDPOPOVTV Miko Shipley, Elissa Eunice, Nancy Ratnour, Mr, Leon Theodore. Second Row: Hanson,SandY'-0f1Q- 160 Y KN., Sponsor Mr. Wickman and Pat Fekany prepare a critique sheet. Laboriously work1ng,John Hedrick and Mike Barko seem busy. NFL nfl wins many awards at state. Under the co-sponsorship of Al Wichman and Linda Romigh, the National Forensic League of Edgewater High School participated in several speech tournaments around the state. ln- cluded in these were the District contest and the National tournament, both hosted by F.T.V. Many awards were received by our N.F.L. members for their hard work this year. Debater B171 Franke! does his talking thing at school program. First Row: Jan Soldinger. John Hedrick, Gina Sami, Bill Frankel, Valerie Vereen, Melanie Love. Second Row: Mickey McConnell, Tom Harper, Randy Hillman, S ar m .72 ... U7 :r E cn F .41 g m -. rr U7 QI 5. S nr m UJ 93 ar 9 3 7' 5. :r 3 QP P CD cu o -. no ns 9 Ei P Z C ar I Q, q rt ,.. ,,, Wk is 1 W .Q K we 1. ,, 1 4 . ii l gh uf' Afr- 'ie LATIN CLUB 5 M i C at P FN gg e C . ff ' K .St x' L to R: Brenda Walton, Secretary: Denise Neudecker, Chaplain: Davis Gaines, Treasurer: 5 1,6 Q Sprite Spinks, Vice-Presidentg Jim Ness, President: Janet Perkins, Projects Chairwoman. John Stuhl scowis upon a lowly Greyhound, alias Phil Eason, on the award- winning Latin Club float. If Row 1: Debbie Bolin, Christy DeCoursey, John Stuhl, Liz Bruner, Phil Eason, Bruce Wigle. Robin Stover, Jean Freedberg, Seout Fripp, Cindy Cren- shaw. Row 2: Janet Perkins, Denise Neudecker, Jim Ness, President: Sprite Spinks, Brenda Walton. Davis Gaines, 162 "Thumbs down for Greyhounds!" cry Jim Sprite Spinks and Robert Myer atop the float. Ness, advance school spirit . . onward to deland! "Deland or Bust." This was the motto of Latin Club this year. Deland being the only out of town football game, became the solo destination of Latin Club's traditional Eaglecades. Two full bus-loads of screaming, cheer- ing eagle fans were transported there through the efforts of the club. Building prize-winning homecoming floats, making pep banners, and judging Christmas doors were all campaigns carried on by Latin Club. Later in the year delegates were sent to County and State Forums. "How do we judge on appropriateness?" quip Janet Perkins, Davis Gaines, Brenda Walton and Nese Neudecker 163 GERMAN CLUB Lef! to Right lFr011tlr Floger Robertson, Connie Blackmon, Sue Wire, Wendy Roger Howard, Mr. Hallman lsponsorl, Mary Jo Losso, Mike Thomason, Walter Cutts, Gina Kerns, Kim Noll, lBackl Art Gaskey, Curtis Martin, Larry Keith, Muth. provides students with social outlet Broadening horizons is the pur- pose ofthe German Club. Basically a socially oriented club, it gives people interested in German a chance to meet other such people. It lets them get to know and communicate with each other through knowledge of the German language. They also spent time serving the school and other worthy organizations as working at the Alsac carnival and par- ticipating in the 20 mile hike for the March of Dimes. Roger Robertson and Connie Blackman man a booth at the Alsac Carnival. 164 french club revival is welcomed One of the latest additions to the EHS club scene is the reappearance of the French Club. The reason for this revival is their sponsor, Mr. Wampler. who has aroused a new interest among his students. Through knowledge of the language, cuisine, and culture, it is the hope that it will give the members a better understanding of the French. Leading the french movement on the EHS campus are Paulette DeLancett. chaplain: Lisa Wolhust, ICC Donna Hendrickson, Sec., Paulette Judd, President: Laura Dakin, Sgt. at Arms: Clare Chapman Treasurer: Karen McEnany, Vice President. Front Row: Paulette DeLancett, Laura Dakin, Cindi Martin, Clare Chapman. Gregory, Joyce McCann. Back Row: David Ogden, Adrienne Westerberg Second Row: Donna Hendrickson. Karen Mceananv. Lisa Wohlust, Marie Hector Santiesteben, PauletteJudd, Curtis Cordell. 165 PARAIVIEDICS anyone got a band-aid? Members of Paramedics got valuable experience volunteering their time and service to local hospitals. There they helped in such tasks as aiding patients, keeping up lab apparatus, and helping hospital personnel in various other hospital upkeep duties. They also obtained knowledge of the duties of doctors and nurses which helped them decide whether medicine was to be their chosen profession. Denise Neudecker' it figs: Q Sponsor Mrs. Milstead and Pres. Barb Keith look over meeting notes. 166 Jo Howington, Dorothy Robinson, Barbara Keith, Robin Stover, Rick Umlauf Chapman, Mary Driggers, Joan Cook, Mrs. Milstead, Sacha Braits, NOT Stacy LaLonde and.Jaan Cook take a tour of Hospital grounds. BI-PHY-CHEM 5 concerned with ecology Doing experiments to learn more about the world. Bi-Phy- Chem Iearned alot about their environment d K I and the world Fred Preston an Leo orn experiment. around them. Nu Mg K LCG Sc Rb ST Y lr Nb My Bu ld H! To W P Ro Ni 'if ' 112 Members Bill Frankie, David Peleaz, and Mitch Gilbert watch as Mr. Vickery demonstrates an electric motor. 167 Concentration proves to be the winning as well as toughest factor, as David Huang initiates his successful attack king to bishop . . check-mate Even though Chess Club has not had its first birthday, it has accomplished a great deal this year. Tournaments were held at area schools every Thursday afternoon and Edgewater led victoriously on many of these occasions. The club members could be found any afternoon practicing their chess plays and preparing for their matches. The only thing lacking at their tournaments was support, for it must be the least supported game at Edgewater. Left to Right: Ronny Reese, David Huang, Hector Santiesteban, Donna Freeman, Phil Parish, Hud Dunlap, Mr. Claxton, 168 Debbie Triplet, Janet Slasin, Tricia Perkins, Pat Reddit, Sandy Moncrief, Gail Kamm. The most important instruments a secretary uses in her work are her hands. 169 FSA please take a letter, miss . Members of FSA are planning to go into an always needed profession . . . secretarial work. In order to meet their goals, they held contests and meetings with other area members from various schools. Ending this year, the club helped in National Secretaries Week. FTA read'n rit'n and rithmatic the 3 r's. An opportunity to discover the joys of teaching was what Future Teachers of America offered its members. To learn more about their future careers in teaching, they held meetings. showed films, had guest speakers, and provided tutoring services for grade school children. A UI? E551 FTA 's float in the Homecoming parade, turned out to be a car load of beauties. R to L: Sue Wire, Linda Fink, Jenny Frankman, Leslie Beoel, Beth Belote, Paule Arseneault. as 3' ti Xi . 3 'wks at 1 S. fellowship of christian athletes l J 2 if i 1, .tw fi' it 157 1 ea? M 6, . We A Sponsor Coach Maples presides over a rowdy meeting. " 7145? f:s.:': s,o. V AW? starts a huddle group FCA was a slow starter this year, not starting until football season was over so the members could have time for sports activities. Most of the sports were represented. And a feeling of good sportsmanship surrounded all. A Huddle group was started and all members proved what good Christians they were. Pres. Ed Metzger plans a project with members Tom Horan andJohn Tegg. Row 1: David Shilling, Jim Holt, Jeff Anderson, Andy Jones, Joe Kougie, Kevin Gabriel. Row 2: Eddie Metzger, James Eady. John Tegg. Larry Smith, Ned Smith. John Hansbrough. Steve Prochaska. .-.sv--ng 75,4-ww-. , ....,:., isis.. in , ...., . . ' ' :M-,. -m y - 'git 7,1 ,112 ' W ig Q. it x g! gm, i .K 'tx 8, X 'QV l i Front Row, Left to Right: Nancy Meng, Chrystle Scott, Angi Lipp, Pat Grubert, Lynn Maloney, Marlene Eversole, Mr. John Allen. Back Row: Scott Hunt, Robby Paschall, Tom Marshall, Mark Deal, Roddy Schultz, Jeff Lander, Jim Lockman, Jim Carroll, Tim Blanton. Not Shown: Sissy Harvell, Eric Roberts, Ken Ritter, Arthur Heritage 172 DECA L to R: Roger Hagood, Pres., Debbie Thomas, Treasg Craig Wurges, Hist.: Jim Green Parl.: Jerry Steele, Sec.: Dale Dakin, V. Pres. deca active in local business and sales DECA is a national youth organization whose purpose is to develop future business leaders. Edgewater's DECA students actively par- ticipated in local business, retail and sales. Their many projects included candy sales, corsage and photokube sales. In February, members attended the District Conference held at the Robert Meyer Hotel. The conference was a big success. l Berry Oeitel, Mike Barlon, Chuck Beckivith, John Craig, Dale Dakin, Donna Freeman, Jim Green, Roger Haywood, Michelle Huch Massaro, Nora Rynn. Jerry Steele, Debbie Thomas, Sandy Wansley, Craig Warges, Mr. J. King. 173 on, David Lively, John GAA GAA members huddle up to decide which play wrii help them make that first down. 174 Love-40 is the cali as Pat Blackman awaits the deciding serve. "Never fight with an Ump", reminds Mrs. Gibson, "Besides I 'm never wrong" well it's 1, 2, 3, strikes . . . A homerun. an out, a tear, a smile: GAA members learned a lot this year. Most of all it was the feeling of good sportsmanship. Both enthusiasm for sports and the ability to play marked those in the Girls Athletic Association. GAA girls worked together, and played together in various activities. They held their intra-mural games Monday after school. GAA Seated: Audrey Johnson, Barbara Jones, Sophia Pittman, Teresa Charleton. Left to Right: Donna Brock, Wadie Hood, Sherron Partner, Teletha Wells, Patricia Clark Jenett Johnson. Valinda Lawrence, Patti Harrison, Cynthia Johnson, Johnnetta Dailey, Debra Bryant, Barbara Wilson, Mrs. Gibson, Maxine Hood, Lori Talone, 175 L to R1 David Kaplan, Kelvin Castell, Robert Tubbs, Charles Burke, Craig Phillips, Mike Altshuler, Walter Hellinger, Mark NeJame, Leo Korn, Bruce McKee, a birth of a new club . . . dsa! What is the biggest problem of a new club, like the Democratic Student Association? Money! To keep out of debt, the club raised funds by working in the Alsac Carnival and having car washes. Politically, members worked on election campaigns, voter aware- ness programs andthe registration assembly. Angelo Perdue, 2nd Vice-President, Jordan Wallach, Vice-President, Mark NeJame, President, Martha Walton, Secretary: Pat Fekany, Treasurer, 176 DSA President Mark Nedame, still dreary-eyed, rises every morning to salute his country. ' Charlie Philko explains to Jim Brown the new government policy concerning the registration of the new 18 year old vote. 177 . .. h ' VE, 4 ,e ivmcfj L:-riff' ' 4 Ur JS " if 5 M SA' age gs or rx eigiiggg ., - 4,1 -: ., . , GH'-w,.,,,y A Y ta 4 . . an . . .Wir V L V 5 he 33, fr M -iw - ,IC -2f- A Bobby Amann, Dan Fraiser. Betsy Kalapp, Adrienne it V Westerberg, Paula Judd, Marc Hoover, Fred Runner, ' Alisa Peterson, Sam Fogarty, Anita Askell, Wayne f, 4 I H. I. .,,. M? ia? W Yeadon, Ping Huang, Dwayne Hastings, Karen slr W ffl Porter, David Pierce, Debbie Morgan. , 3 . "eIefants never forget!" Elephants that have not forgotten are the Teenage Republicans at Edgewater. This club is a new club started this year. During Student Government Week TAR's sponsored a debate on all government phases. And at the TAFl's sponsored assembley. U. S. Representative Lou Frye was the speaker, Taking a break from a busy schedule are TAR's club President Dwayne Hastings, Vice-President Ping Huany, Sec retary Alisa Peterson, and Treasurer Fred Runner. , + . 59, 2 ti Rs ' "'+ Q ' 1 ' i. -K "' . ir" f i Z. ax 2 5 - 4 N Q if A 178 'E i S Rodger Hirshey, Vice-President, Lynda Boyce, Presidentg and Jane Kirkland, Secretary-Treasurerg discuss man hours and how to count them. 179 club of clubs! "I See Sea" alias Interclub Council, is made up of Presidents or their alternate from all clubs. Its purpose is to coordinate the clubs in school efforts, including community projects, such as the successful Cystic Fibrosis fund raising drive, for which club President Lynda Boyce was chairman. ICC records all man hours earned toward the best service club awards. These are given each year to the outstanding Girls. Boys and Mixed clubs. IVlr. Branyon was this year's club sponsor. E7 prepares for summer trip and aidsschool The Russians were very helpful this year, The EHS Russian club that is. Although not a service club, they helped in the Candy Drive and came out third in the contest between the clubs to sell the most candy. Also they made fiberglass flowers and Christmas decorations to provide the money needed for a planned trip to Washington this summer. Chuck Nlay. their president says the purpose for the club is to present Russian culture to all students that are interested and to provide interest- ing fun and activities to all members. ln- volved in assuring the success of the club are Wayne Gandy, vice president: Vician Bar- tell, secretary: David Huang, treasurer and Mr. John Sheehan, sponsor. Also planned lat- er in the year is a trip to an Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg. , -aku ,F w pm, , Admiring the Russian Flag is Russianized Lyle Davies. Standing iLeft to Rightl: Fesya Preston, Misha Pratt, Alyosha Bever, May, Mr. lvan VasiI'evich Sheehan. Crouching iLeft to Rightl: Grisha Danya Welch, Fomka Beers, Tolya Wheeler, Pavlik Wilson, Asya McCoy, Bogart, Sasha Davies, Zhora McCormick, Karl May, David Huang, Valya Valentina Bartell, Lyena Walton, Masha Driggers, Lvuda Scott, Zhanka Gandy. CBE lLeft to Rightl1st Row: Mrs. Humphries, sponsor, Debbie Smith, Diane Dill- Mary Sellers. Eileen Farl0W. Pain Sharvuer. Sandi Williams- 3rd ROW! Cyn ingham, Cathy Colwell, Suzanne Drew, Vicky Bowles, Debra Houch, Rosemary thia Schuller, Barbara Bau, Becky Hooper, Susan Mountjoy, Valerie Vickers Mixham, Donna Galbrieth, Mrs. Gruber, sponsor. 2nd Row: Phyllis Sims, Vir- Susan Green, Amy Kottelman, Sally Royce,Joan Mixson. ginia Smith, Diane McDermott, Connie Richard, Linda Diaz, Joe Blackton, www' Virginia Smith and Diane Dillingham practice their basic skills as Pam Sharver and Cynthia Schuller give aid. 181 though busy. cbe finds time to help others. Busy, yes, but not too busy to care seemed to be the attitude of the Cooperative Business Educa- tion students during the year. Though attending school in the morning and working in a business of- fice in the afternoons, the students found time to spread a little goodwill. By gathering food and tid- bits at Thanksgiving, they made Thanksgiving a better holiday for many at the Convalescent home and also by gathering toys at Christmas time, they brought smiles to many chiIdren's faces who otherwise might not have received anything. Giving the students instruction and on-the-job training and otherwise preparing them was the main objective of Mrs. Grace Gruber, their coordinator- teacher this year. To end the mostly business year, an Employer-Employee banquet was given falsifying the cliche, "All work and no play." odasagiah involvement W B Upper Left: Toni D'Agostino, editor, Upper: Buck Thomas, Tom Marshall, Penny Orwick. Lower Left: Betsy Kalapp. Center Middle: Debbie Rankin. Middle Right: Janet Perkins. Bottom: Becky Cobb, Toni D'Agostino, Janet Perkins, Denise Neudecker. 182 l Y . i ...., ,nigh XX ,sa H' X mi Upper Left: Reginald Brown, Dixie Dugan. Middle: Richard Trux. Upper Right: Caryl Curtis and Davis Gaines. Center Left: Debbie Phillips. Center Middle: Jean Freedberg, Marie Gregory. Lower Left: Jan Soldinger, editor, Lower Middle: Becky Hooper. Lower Right: Greg Peele 183 f.ap FX A 3, Y ,J ,ff fwjf. .ff -r ir' 1 . .-wg, gf' 511 .f'Z?lf3"""..-vi.,-ff '-" A.. as --fiflfi' P:-if-sm., at ,f va A 'D' i - if 1 ' ,J-',,, , ,. FAM.. K ,M :,.-ef... , as-- H r-4' . c . . - ff f " xfsffixif. it ..,,k'5pf Camouflaged among the rubble is the '71-'72 Odasagaih Staff Left to Right Debbie Phillips Rena Fazio Penny Orwick Pat Fekany Mane Gregory Nancy Cowells Lynda Boyce, Dixie Dugan, Davis Gaines, David Palaez, Donna Hendrickson Buck Thomas Toni DAgostlno Becky Cobb Janet Perkins David Condrey Denise Neudecker. odersagers burn the midnight oil Change. This was the key word around the Odasagiah staffers during the year. The yearbook was subject to a complete overhaul this year. It was enlarged by 76 pages, color pictures were added, had two class periods, prices were jacked, and the staff was given a new sponsor. Pictures! Even with 1 1 photographers, they were hard to get. ln spite of it all. staffers burned the oil and met their deadlines. ,-..-, . .wg ai'-'N' fslvmlf , 11' E J fb PQ? gr. in -1-4 -.5 0 ,a af: A" ,y I If Q 1 X 4 or-Gag., gg: I ., . , 1 -Is.,-Q-M' 'lui Qu... -1 J 'V+ pl '- I e- I . X N.. N 'tm w Q 1 ' .i . 'J g' fr' .N vu, :D-1 'EV' ' .' xf 6 ' A .W Ps L 15 ul 49 N' ,835-ff f'?f". .-vc?-N ' . ' iff Q. 'H . Y.. '. . ,Q ,4- ..,, V A V - X W E f ni-.QQ '36-" " 'YQ-., ,. -QA.-. "' ., ' ,,-' 1 ' Q -is ,' - N 'w W .. if ...- Q .. . 2. .S-- .V " Fm - . Ae .1 X. K New X .. L , . . A 2 K ' Q i .lfg-WS sir? X. -- .S- W 2 af' S W? fb.. 'fi Agn .9 ' 75- iff' . , , VL.. .L . ...ew , .,.., K , K .ig i. f',:L31 ve .1 5 .. Sophomore officers Debbie Bolin, Tracey Porter, and Debbie Dunn iaugh at Linda Kittinger who just can't seem to muster the energy to sit up. 188 Ronald Adamkiewcz Sherrie Alderman JW www' ,W Z! fe.-'Te gf-iafsfqffxtff ' '-me-, 31' Helen Aronson Billy Askew Mark Ausley Anne Axman Jan Bachman Harry Baldwin Debbie Ball Betsy Barden Sabra Barkdoll Bruce Barker Debby Bartlett Frederick Bartlett Scott Bates Becky Battie Leslie Behel Harry Belbeck Mary Belford Elizabeth Belote Renee Betts Teresa Bevell Debbie Billstone John Blackburn Karen Blackburn Rita Blackman Mark Blankership Marie Bobula Debbie Bolin Steve Borges David Bornstein Mark Bornstein Kim Boyce Terry Bradford Marsha Brannen Larry Bras Rosie Bray Vanessa Brewer Celia Bennett Elizabeth Bennett Loretta Benson Jim Bentley John Bersia These sophomores are about to prove how beautiful friendship is O work, work, work but SOPHOMORES Oh, the grace and ease ofsophomores! IW, ,- These sophomores concentrate deeply on typing. 1 I Sophomores find a place far from the maddlhg crowd. """"'H'-v--4, sophomores are anxious about their future Helen Cipollone David Clark Ron Clark Loretta Cleaver Pam Cobb Gary Coburn Larry Bright Judy Bringman Robert Brown Deborah Bryant Betty Buckheit Pat Buckles Debra Burke George Burkett Parn Burkett Wesley Burns Lola Caile Cathe Callaway Cathy Callaway Keith Canada Carl Carder Nancy Carlton John Carpenter Debbie Carroll Betty Carter Mark Carter Ann Cary , it fu-J t v l 7 it K ".. T li- f' XM' l ' -'SIE E 'Rf Xb W Q Sophomore guys in early-morning contemplation of the night before. 193 Roger Cole Darrell Coundrey Robbyn Conner Glenda Cook Joan Cook David Cook Starlett Cooksey Gary Cooper George Cooper Becky Copley Tony Copley Curtis Cordell Chris Cortez James Costello Chuck Covert Tom Crawford Cindy Crenshaw Grant Crist Danny Critchett Joanne Crossland David Crow Sally Cruse Robert Culton Martha Curtis Wendy Cutts SOPHOMORES Mike D'Agostino Lynn Daitzrnan Bryant Damelio Terri Damelio Bill Daniels Donna Dhophinais Beatrice Darnley Jeff Dart Debby Davidson Dawn Davis Debbie Davis Kieth Dean Christi Decoursey Susan Deese Dan Degard Joe Delrio Ed Dennis fi Mrs. Gibs on says, the purpose is to hit the ball, not the teacher! sophomores put spirit into everything they do yt-ls..--"' A Sophomore Eagles give cheer to help burn Boone Braves. Bike riding, this soph. enjoys the homecoming parade. 5 Teachers and students take time to match wits. l I 1 C 5 1 Becky Cobb prepares sophomore for class pictures homecoming-days of excitement for sophomores W me., ek MMM,,,d Beginning high school in style, Pat Page, Janet Rushing, and Debbie Wason ride as honored guests in Edgewater's Home coming Parade. 196 ff iiiii D , i 5 l 75 S Q. J K Ee si , 5 xx .EV tt :., I azz, .J L,A. , 8 5 Lk1.1 4 :., ... ,. X ,... ,. bk ,. if X SX 'S - is i or w E 2 'XZ if 3 !zf . wfffg fm 2 f if , 4 :X .gif f f 51- : N ,il f ,--Xb - ffl O14 ,-if ,.,, "::g-55 fn -Q f f r 1 3 :Wig J in NN, NW., TA, ,. David Dillingham Tim Dinwiddie Ronald Dixon Nancy Dorris Danny Doss Christel Doyle Gregory Drakes Brenda Draper Mary Driggers Michael Drolet Jill Duckworth Hud Dunlap Debbie Dunn Georgia Dunn Jeff Dunn Susan Dunn Steven Duvall William Dyer Marsha Earle Janet Easton Kathy Edwards James Ellerbe Eddie Ellis Kevin Ely Honi Engel Jay Etheridge Meg Ferguson Diane Ferrell Linda Field Debbie Fink Christine Firios Mike Fleming Marcia Fletcher Janice Fontenot Tommy Forest Debra Forsberg Jacqueline Foster Ken Foster Richard Foster Leslie Frisbie Eddie Fullen Pam Gaines l l J Patty Gaines Donnie Galbraith Sharon Garsh Paul Gatewood Daniel Gauthier Janet Genge i i l Mary Gill Debbie Godbold Vivian Godwin Ted Gornell Karen Grahm David Grantham X ln spite of their heavy work loads and busy schedules, these sophomores know there are certain things they can't learn from books M Mary Gray Barry Green Jeff Greene Marcy Greene Kathy Griffith Bill Haire Debbie Hall John Hand David Hanks Colette Harper John Harper Patti Harrison 198 growing sophomores are looking good wwmwwff wjwq, , vfsw4rW Y,,,,,,Q We 4 45,4 Attractive sophomore primps for her class picture. .Wpv, r SOPHOIVIORES 5-si ,,-...4 f f ff f f lf' 'I f Zz" wL,f7QWlsy i' My f "' ff ggi X M, y, Af ,J 52509 rp of o f 4 ,f 'uf , . ,,-'rsf ,Xi f 'Z if ,f ff-34 .L or rrgrgg ' ,,.,, L V ,. in is Z sf, f ,,z , L ,, " ' 'V 'W rf, -X, -4,1025 1 -. ' f .srl ' r,,, r rx 'X 2 -M . E:-E. fa' 2 af' .,. , I , 1 gf Linda Harris Sheila Harrison Diane Harriss Nick Hart Paul Harter Lynn Hartzog 199 Betsy Harvell Larry Hicks Diane Hayes Blake Hiers Lauren Heaps Jeff Hogan Helen Henderson Jacki Holley Helen Hensley Henry Hong Tenley Hibbard Wadie Hood Penny Hooks Galey Hoover Doug Horner Sharon Houck Larry Howd Penny Howington JoLynn Hutson George Hyatt Mary Imbriani Robert Jasper JeffJennings Jon Jennings Angela Johnson Audrey Johnson Diane Johnson Gennett Johnson Jill Johnson Paul Johnson Debbie Jones Denise Jones Diane Jones Jay Jones Michael Jones Steve Kane Casey Kasemeier Lynn 'Keener Larry Keith Debora Keller William Keller Doug Kelley Joan Kellman June Kelly Cheryl Kemp Jeff Kennedy Sheree Kennedy Kevin Kierstead Robert Hoyt Linda Huriburt Bobby Hutchinson 200 Cicero King Marian King Ruby King Beth Kirkland Linda Kittinger Mark Kittinger Randy Kline Rachel Korn Sandy Kozlowski Ralph Kruger Joseph Kuge Sandy Kurtz Deborah Ladianie Gary Langley Darrell Laxton Dan Lefevre Carlton Levi Brenda Lewis Doris Link Karen Lively Ernie Lombardi Roger Long Prentice Lopez Kim Lorenzen Keith Losey Bev Lott Jeff Lucas Connie Macy Curtis Macy Randy Maddox Barbara Madry Nancy Madry Eileen Makinson Lisa Malloy Melanie Mandell William Maples Scott Marqurdt Cookie Marrero Carol Marsh Denise Martin Enthusiasm shows in the face and hands of sophomore, Meg Ferguson cheering In the stands during a Friday night football game 20 appealing sophomore girls in action ,-4 . , . I , , ,.,.., , i,- f,,,,, , ' ' H f fi yy g n f gs 1 3 jjz 1 Q f me f X i .. 6 f fm- ee? ' gf 1. 1 ' ,Z, f I . ef , , Y-av: X ' If . ,, , f fy W W r f f- 4. , ,,,,,, W 1 ?1Lg,r"" if V ki f'MA'A AQ,y f A r fvfmy, gg, uh' ,, 5? f I! 5 f w M fy X , X A 6 e f 1 Af. f f 11 a a F 1 yd ' . if 3'5- Vit , l If P 4 of ,my 5 fi!! fy ff if ,f a U, .f , If 4 I ,.....,L if ,f , 'A K ,, W ...-my ' f llflg , rw- 5, J 1 rf , "1 ,Y ,.f-f I f1",..2"' , SOPHOMORES Pretty sophomore, Wendy Cutts, Cindy Agnew seems to be on the checks her Algebra ll homework. ball, is she trying to tell us some- thing? rii . irrrr to irir ',, Q, V . Q Vf:,, It ,V VVV, XM L5 E fif Wi r my rrrr Q or rrr Y' f"tt or 'A 1 - :firm 1 , N ' r Y "'- .,f "Nk,Z" "":1f 57: .f it f f ,M ,drew W Larry Martin Danny Marvin Leilana Massaro Ricky Matchett Ken Mathew:-' Buddy M-Had Cindy Medley Chip Meyer Robert Meyer Kenneth Miller Melody Miller Willie Miller Kevin Mills Mary Mischuck Marty Monroe Joellen Monseoc Bruce Moore Whitney Morgan 203 Bill Morin Allan Morrison Billy Morse Nick Moscato Curtis Mudd Susan Murphy Donna Myers Richard Newton Sharon Nickell Chuck Niemeyer Cindy Noore Don Odham Nettie Olsen Tom Olsen Marijean Olson Cheryl Owen Bev Pace Greg Pace Patty Patten Steven Peetluk "V", 1, My effigy . . " ,,,. ' re, , T f Donna Myers takes a break and visits with a friend while slurping a creamy milkshake. VNW 205 Joe Pena David Peral Nancy Perkins Steve Peters Denise Peterson Missy Petsos Melvina Pfeifer Laurie Plath Harry Porter Tracy Porter Donna Potter Patty Potterfield Rhonnie Prater Karen Preston Margaret Prine Mona Ouattry Terry Rafter Seaborn Rainey Paul Rang Mary Rawkin Selma Rapoport Eugene Rayle Carl Redder Dan Reed Tony Reedy Mary Fieifenaver Ricky Waterhouse gazes across the room at all the Sophomore girls preparing to have their pictures taken. Robin Rein James Reynolds Andy Riddle Randy Ridenour Michele Riley Emilee Rister Michael Rivers Dorothy Robertson Rick Rogers Wayne Rogers Carol Ross Marshall Ross Terry Ross Susan Rousseau Cindy Rupert Bill Rush Jim Rush Randy Rush Janet Rushing Diana Russell Gilbert Russell Susie Salkin 206 Es ll 4 Zag, 207 SOPHOMORES John Salas Tim Sams Barbara Sandford Joseph Santiesteban Kim Sapp Kathy Sasser Liliana Savino Mary Ann Scarborough Jon Schardt Judy Schife Dorothy Schloheler Lynn Scott Ilene Segal Mary Siedell Cindy Seigworth Martha Sellers Richard Seymour Donna Shader Valarie Shaffer Sharon Shank Patty Shawver Stuart Sheafer Jimmy Shott . Pat Siegfried Debbie Boiin finds that a relaxing environment makes studying easier. David Hanks, one of the few Sophomores on the Varsity team, shows his eagle pride by singing the Alma Mater John Sparks Debbie Spurgeon Jerry Stamm Susie Stanford William Staton Clark Steele Sheila Stephens Willard Stevenback Diane St. Jacques David Stokes Robert Stokes William Stopher Melanie Smith Beth Silberman Rhonda Smith Carol Sills Dave Soyars Sammie Smart Dan Spacht Greg Smith :,..:..'::' XS-vm. S255 'ff , " ff M sk .1 , ., , if ,... , g . X Q . f .1 9- Q1 f 1 34 N- J- 1-Q-I - Jeff' - f- 5 -Q. lp ,, Prix!!! ,---,V 5, -. if ' me it f ' 4 208 Debra Swearingen Oliver Swilley Lori Talowe Vickie Tamburgo Ben Tanner Carol Taylor Ellie Taylor Janette Taylor Melodye Taylor Willie Taylor Spring Teall Victoria Thackery Matt Thilmony Keith Thomas Leda Thomas Marsha Thomas Mike Thomason Howard Thompson Michael Thompson Twyla Tilghman Sy Trabulsky Barbara Trapp Heidi Trento Starla Trimm Esther Tripp Ronald Truluck Bo Trumbo Suzanne Turner Bev Urban Eileen Urlan Amid the busy world of student life, Bob Walker finds time for relaxation and contemplation, 209 The game of fave-tennlls, of course! Mark Vallella Eric Vandunse Mike Ventworth Donna Vincent Greg Voran Jean Walburn Byron Walden Anthony Walker Bob Walker Ed Walker Tommy Walls Pam Walton Sam Ware Debbie Wason Ricky Waterhouse Ray Watkins Julinny Weaver Dan Welch far..-3:-.... s 5-, 1-1.-, 1 7 f or f-"' .:. A .: .-. 1 oi-.,, ' f gy-fr 210 Brenda Whaling Tony Wheeler Robin Whitaker Debbie Wilke Mark Willard Gary Williams Richard Williams Barbara Wilson Eden Wilson Sue Wire l With reports and projects due, Tenley Hibbard retreats to the library for help. Joan Wiseman Jim Wisnowski Robert Woods Barbara Wright Jody Wright Steve Sitter Melinda Wright Lana Young Donna Yowell Tina Zehler William Zorn Barbie Colhston Nz- : ggi 'In -Q 'fi if 4 , S X.. 5 vga, XX. F' , Rx Q w WSW m 1 , V S ,X x Q W gf 32,2 iiffiiff? LJ ,MM an , W 've wiv ' rf if ZZ 4 ww, ff .Q W 4, 1 14, way J ' ,, A," 'V -,wx 7 p ww fb? Q ,E W, ,ww , 4 I 0,,,p,, V W .vw I ff W 40 ,AW W Ag? 4 Ja f wwf, ., A f' 'W Q Q aaa MA l f 4 15 f 1 if A 'qv-J. ,P ' 4,4195 W 6 y 3 ,y 4 is l 2' "Cf i ' A, f is ,Wim mr ,fx Robert Abbott Stephan Abramson Steve Adams Vera Anne Adams Clarice D. Alexander Chassy Alleman Janelle Alvarez Kim Anderson Mary D. Anderson Mary E. Anderson Richard Anderson Terry Andrews Kathleen Antonio Linda Arfaras Milton Arnold Gary Arrington Paula M. Arseneault Veronica D. Avery Jim Bagley Steve Baker Candice L. Barr Tom Barr Barry S. Baumgarten Denise Baxter William Beckett David M. Beeler Richard Bentley Patricia Berger Rex Bernhard Marie Bersia Patricia Blackmon Allen Blalock Tim Blanton Greg Bogart Diane Bolander JUNIORS Bill Bordeaux Chester Boryszewskl Joe F. Bouch Pat Bowman Randy Brooks Beth Brotherton Danny Brown James Brown Joanne Brown Reginald Brown Robyn Brown Ronald Brown Doug Bryant Sylvia N. Bryant Brenda Burian Debbie Burton Karen Burton Ben Butler Wanda Butler Kathy Camp Assisted by the students and teachers durmg lunch the Herff Jones representative sells many rings to anticipating Juniors Shari Campbell James Carroll Lowrey Carter Cindy Catino Nlaria Centurion Clare Chapman Carletha Charlton Jacqueline Chastang Elise Chernega Rosemary Childs Carolyn Clark Steve Clark Keith Classon Carol Clayton John Duke Colbert Candy Cole Ami Colee Dennis Cook Steve D. Cornell Mike Cotter Kevin Covell Jeff Cowherd Susan Cox Douglas Cranford David A. Crawford Jimmy Cropp Charlene Susan Crosby Raymond Cuesta Caryl Curtis Laura Dakin many teachers found relief in silent day l 6 Snvr 'FQ' ju . vi -JL ' f 1 1 'ix XE -s as N L...... . essewfzig-Qgrf .k.. Q will X33 C l QE .QXfifg:Sif. 1 it i is 1 l ggvffs ,. ., age-aTii'1 . if - 32. y - 2' . iz :ini C 125. K isEiQi":'Qif,'3i'giaiigj' A Q15 K I' S, ,X Q"Q J? Q ia l i K . C. . - N3 . S ze. 1-5 Y -Exif: imiwiiiiiigiffi- ' . -H-iii!-12+ 5 SNR 'Ff- 'PS:::P :- 1 f ' .- f - i 2 As Boone week progresses Kim Strum has some fun with his power to mark traitors for talking. ,pn- 217 JUNIORS Jeanette D'Amico Ann Daniels Cynthia Daniels Albert Davies Cathy Deal Skip DeFoor Paulette Delancett Scott Denson Patricia Dickenson Clyde Diller Mary Jayne Dismuke Deborah Ann Dixon Sherry Dobson Michael Doby Curley Doltie Curtis Doltie Luann Dosch Valeria Doyle Barry Dreayer William C. Dreyer Donna Drucker Brenda Dugan Lynda Dunn Chris Edson Elissa Eunice Norman Evans Vicki Falde Kenny Farmer Jeff Fehrenkamp Larry Fernandez Danny Ferrin Cynthia Feussner Mike Fiedler Sandra Fields Emily Filmore Greg Finchum Linda Fink George Fleming Julie Flynn Steve Folan Penny Orwick communicates with the dog named Stupid. X 1' ya' Mari Forsythe Steve Franklin as, .Q l Elaine Francisco Bill Frankel Larry Jones and Bill Holmes do a little experimentation. 9 JUNIORS Jenny Frankum Suzanne Franus Donna Freeman Wayne Gandy Ralph Garland Arthur Gaskey David Gay Vicki Gayle Rhonda Gentry Patty Giddens Mitch Gilbert Wanda Gillies Jan Glisson Kenneth Goff Shirley Goodman Stephanie Goynes Ronald Grant Robert Gray Mary Greenland Marie Gregory Salvatore Gruny Anne Gunter Kathy G unter Bobby Hall Michael Hanson Walter Hardy Bobbie Harlan Terry Harmon Joy Harris Tom Harris Stephen Harrison Bobby Harriss Kit Hart Lutricia Hayes Ricky Hayworth Danny Hazard Chip Headley Danny Heaps John Hedrick Walter Hellinger Colleen Helmer Denise Hemsley Donna Hendrickson Heather Henry fl I 7 ' K , 7 f 7 ,VV,, A ,W ri W -f Ricky Ricks directs chaos for the underclass pictures. "8 As?""" V o r Junlor Kathy Gunter enthralled rn the Winter Park football game shows little emotion. Mark Hibbard Jacqueline Hicks Eugene Hill Marsh Hines John Hinkle Randy Hite Debbie Hodge Curtis Hoffman Tom Holdorf William Holmes Jimmy Holt Mary Hood Betty Hooper Elizabeth Hopkins Russell Horner Roger Howard JUNIORS Junior Class president Chris Welch, speeds his buggy around Lake lvanhoe as Candy Cole and Valeria Doyle hold on to their seats l Sharon Huang Gary Huggins Sonia Gayle Hunt Sherry Hupp Angelo Ippolito Kathy Irvine Lane Iseli Charles Jackson Susan Jackson Brenda Johnson Cynthia Johnson Margaret Johnson Robin Jordan Sara Karst Steve Katz 222 223 JUNIORS Robert Kazaros Maryanne Keener John Kelly Brenda Kemp Tina Kerns Steve Kidd Jeri Kirkland Jim Klindt Kokie Kokontis Kathy Kube Paul Kunz Randy Lail Cynthia Lankford Stacy LaLonde Albert Leighton Richard Lisquier Paul Lessard Douglas Lindell Ed Lindgren Brenda Linse Heather Litka Jerry Long Sandra Long Tom Long Terry Lorenzen Jay Losey Mary Jo Losso Melanie Love Gary Lyman Milo Lynch Robin Scott and Mary Greenland show their excitement, as they ride down E dgewater Drive during the Home- coming Parade. Jim Klindt escorted Robin while Mary was escorted by Pete Wolek. Dennis Lyons Douglas Lyons Donna MacGeorge Raymond Mackey Sally Maquire Mike Mallory Kathy Maloney Cindy Martin Curtis Martin Karen Martinez Jonathan Mason Penny Maupin Claudia Maxwell Mitzi Maxwell Chuck May Gina McCollum Janet McConnell George McCormick Tate McCoy Karen McEnany Joe McFarland Bill Mclnvale Peggy McKinney Luke McLeod Darlene McMullen 'H-'lil WW we 'ii ....,....,. Junlor attendants Missy Sutton and C aryl Curtis smile with enthusiasm on the night before their big debut Escortlng Missy and Caryl were Jeff C owherd and Mike Vermllyea Gail Mayer Peggy Meadors Dennis Meeks Catherine Melrose Nancy Meng Starry Memory Cathye Moore Dawn Miller Marla Miller Dale Morehouse Debra Morgan Bruce Morrison Rusty Morton James Mosley Linda Mullins Lu Ann IVlurphy Walter Muth Nina Neal Susan Neal Ken Nelson Glenda Newcomer Diane Nielson Kim Noll David Ogden Debbie O'Leary Jackie Olicker Penny Orwick Susan Outlaw Joe Owen David Pack Pam Page Van Palmer Ed Park Phil Parrish Greg Parsons Deborah Patten David Pearce David Pelaez Lee Pepper Trisha Perkins Paula Perkins Elaine Perry George Peters Marvin Phillips Donna Pieschel 226 tif 'Master Mind" Randy Brooks intoxicated with his slide rule arduously attempts to calculate nauseating Chemistry. l l Cheryl Plath Karen Porter Sherry Potterfield Stan Price Jimmy Pruitt Carlton Purnell Julie Purvis Loretha Ouarterman Cece Radcliffe Nancy Randolph Ronnie Reese Joan Rhue Joan Rhue William Rice Candy Richard Rickey Ricks George Ridder Eugenia Riddle John Rife Frank Rinaldo it Kenneth Ritter Sally Robins Lynn Roberts Robert Rogers Susana Rojas Dorothy Rollins Jason Roof Jerry Rose Jim Rose Sandy Rosen Helen Rowe Jerry Rowell Sara Lu Rudd Larry Russell Betty Rynbeck Tim Sachse Bill Salkin Gina Sami Robert Sanders Hector Santiesteban Tom Sarrells Donna Sawley Debi Sawyer Jeff Schmoyer Dale Schnee Alice Schwartz Linda Schwartz Steve Schwartz Robin Scott Tom Seidell 8 x, in im 'CMB vg ,, S r 591 ..., ,gr 4-s"" Tim Seigworth Cindy Seiler Charlene Seymour Barry Shaver Steve Sheafer Douglas Shepherd David Shilling Denny Shupe Barbara Siglin Armen Silverbach Wes Skinner Tom Smertneck Bobbie Smith Kim Smith Larry Smith Mike Smith Mike Smith Ron Smith Vicki Smith Ronnie Snyder Anita Spinks B' sq, Gabe Squteri Lois Staehler Charlie Mae Starks Daryl Starks Suzanne Staton Manson Steele Sam Steele Sondra Stevens Melodye Stewart 229 Robin Stover Donna Sutton Missy Sutton Dawn Swanner Judy Talone Mike Tancak Angela Taylor Candy Taylor Martin Taylor Leslie Teall Mark Theiss Miles Thilmony Buck Thomas Deborah Thomas Ricky Thomas Bill Thomas Toni Thomason Joanne Thompson Terri Tilghman Nancy Trapp Leslie Treadway Richard Trux Kim Turner Sharon Vaden Mike Vermilyea Rose Viehman Deborah Triplett Mark Turko Rickey Umlauf Joan: Vanderveer Rob Vezina Candy Walker 230 -rr' Jordan Wallach Rachel Wallace Brian Ware Randy Waterhouse Tom Waters Sandy Watson I :Xi li Q . ig. L kt .... 5 A ' 'iiillfi :Agn J' J' J ui N-'. ii - Ty Heather Henry waits patiently for Q' i "Shoe ln" activities to begin Steve Weimer Tiletha Wells Mellie Westerberg Debbie Whaling Dolores Wheeler Bill Whitmire Mary Wilkes Steve Wilks Ceritha Wilkins Barbara Williams Charles Williams Dexter Williams Joe Williams Lois Williams Richard Williams Ken Wilson Lynn Wilson Russell Wilson Paula Wingert Robert Winbon Barbara Wisnowski Pete Wolek Elmer Wolf Kay Woodard Virginia Woodberry Don Wren Rick Wride Jeff Wright Chris Yeadon George Young Linda Young Kathy Youngs Matt Zettler S is N X X4 'H ' ::' . , ' A Ili . . Q iw : ' , Xa K sf we ' 'X ... Y A- A ,WWI s -was Sandy Long, Elisa Eunice with their greyhound await the Homecoming Parade 232 so by N117 mn ,A 4, W im Senior Officers left to right.' Kay Dickerson, Treas.,' Jeannie Kittinger, Sec.: Eleanor Davis, Vice Pres.,' Davis Gaines, Pres. growers 'mp I' f , J if ,, Iyl wk 1 ' A V ,.,f 4 ff? ' M , M I Wm, my f D 'MQ - vi " A ' Ia D 53 fs, Q , We 234 S 1: H7il'.,1',!MTw,lf,' ' ' W NMLSSSFQ ww 1g : ' .mgszma X Q me-2 A"-' f X Mafia f .l ,.I +si12:1Qif1f'i?Q?fvfs .U .s f - . -X A fbi if ' ' .fh- ir -NE 4 'if V 5 W: "f if ' ' ' ' K . ' ff X L' e .ff ., if sig-' ' 2 ' l ' 1 X Ruben Akers A Don Altshuler Anita Aksell :a f .. -- . -:fr E b,.: H Jeff Anderson Q Paul Attard X David Baker Diane Barnes MJ? j ' W sf f 7 V ,. Tff, gl -if rdf ,V 1- 4.4 Vivian Bartell " wg, t, ,fa uf f gr ,l x +A F S 2 Q . My , 3 ,, ,,ys4r,H,- -, , QW 31 ' , Fred Bartell Tom Beers Ron Albright Wanda Alexander Gordon Allen Rosalyn Anderson Nelson Arnold Stuart Arost ' -- fa i , - JSM '- .. . . 3 -. - fi S A 9 l? . :EI V 3 - Q Barbara Bair Tyler Bamford Michael Barlow if -nw 553. 'fi was Barbee Dyer in deep thought is unaware af an approaching car. 235 Judy Behn Jay Belvin Louise Bint Jill Blackton Terry Bird - I x i. .. , X- G V . . X ' 5 ' - , ss W Q. v - I g ' '- 1 'fin E Q L, : ,Q .1 K img. i 1 i f fsf- A 93,2 , H a w A L fx.e.-qss- mx...--Ka, f, K ssl x XM? K Q wx fi tv at K sw X get we R 5 S M S x X gg 5 X E 5, sa if Xe is New Y wr it X sf' X X s Peggy Bergstresser Roger Bisplinghoff James Blau ' Francine Blue is as-F .. .. new r,,, f f f skim ' QW -- fa: ---- - 4 ' 4 f - 'fef 1 'sir . V35 WE , A iff, A ,,. ,,,, , 5, s, ,, 2,6568 i "Ui '5 'V Jayne Berkheimer Mary Blackburn " ,. . st fs'2::1ms:z:sf X E T We K. -1':1if:f:1gfQi4Q.t Q 3 A i K I Vkik 5' Dean Bomia Mary Berry , .- " A ' ' x t 'q' ., f it X " Constance Blackman Connie Borja Ellen Bornstoin Enthusiasm boils in senior cheering section as Edgewater scores yet another touchdown against Winter Park High. 236 Janis Boulnois 316. 4,179 ' 1 vig? . . xg 51 S2 f F his 'Q J f gf? Q . , , e wx 32 3 so 'i' of X f H ,msg W ..,, . W ffzwiff 4 f, H3 Maxis , 1. V, 'WH ff , W www ' . 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My F RK F me L ,a f , , i-Srffif I . ' ' f wi i St Nancy Cowels John Craig Toni D'Agostino Johnetta Daily 'ilk aim., 'B l Willie Daniels Valerie Dappolonia Mwww, mga , ,. ,, ,w f.,f'55frfi"" D . 4 ., -f.. ,.., A Meme, f--,.:,t.., I., if -7 -5- .,..,-, . ig, SN 'Qs l t vi Y X QQ Q -N X Q 'S 1: 3, Q X? 4 X Q i K 4 ., E Q Z to X .., Daniel Crews Lh.ki t ..vt.VtW ,...,.Q. , J, . efiifi' Dale Dakin W , .aww 5-2 ?5'::'ft'43115? if-V515 ' ' ,1 gi? X55 f ' V+ ft f W mr , ,im ,QQ xg nga ic:-WJQWE5 A ' f'rw,ws :" Ragga' -, gli, , - , ' ' ifiiw S, Allan Crowson Roy Cullison E QQ lf , Q James D'Amico Nancy Daniell SPPW4' K x, eff' iv Q 5 Gary Davis Alberthaw Davis Eleanor Davis 239 Glinda Davis ilw xv mv fi., L , rigs? assess . ., K ' W1 f. -. siggsbf , E5tp5Q,.Qg.:fzsg3 aw-.Q 51 Lgfgxgg ' 'L-3i1'f3i51 ,, 5 . 5 V -112'-':,s:' :. - . 'sity .figs f .ls f . -. '2Q:.:...f'l - f-f Ian Davis Rhonda Davis Mark Deal Steve Demoret .- ,.:..sss. 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' 15 V 1441, W :Zi5'.:f:Z, 2 A' 4 LL ,MM WW 263 wsxzmezwwzaz mswmm mms-'mmrlm' 5 F9- 4 "A' V ez ? i f Wm- ' t"' f-My ,f Garry Welch VIEW? f, ful Y H 2 mf -' f T' pfzw' 755E55i1f?fe , 7 - ' 1. we-f' W, K 2 if -. Wayne Whitener Katherine Williams 33 + 33 : 66. This is one problem Jimmy Bunn solves as he operates the WANG computer in the Math Department. 0' ff if Mila? W 14 if , . J xr ssss - - Michael Willis Patricia Willis Robert Willis W ' mu was - S i s is -sms-Q.-s-fx.-:K . agar-were-21.2-Q-if - .,.,, :L 1 -vi ::T .:' :ir is-J - A -- ..1V.L4:Y' 'S --r-' S , Janet Woodham Sharon Yates iraqi... Arthur Wright Cynthia Wright as . - SX, wx K ss his S 5 we Masayuki Yamaguchi Susan Zallor 264 SENIORS .Q .- . -. -- -251.-1 ,V f N . . 5 .,,. f ,sail- i. ,, .. ., .. .. :fiiffiiig , 4 gr K: r " " - . 3: gay 4 , . S Esate V,-fy-gg.,-K -- .5 . N ss . i r Norma Williams Sandi Williams . S ,.,,s.....S. g g E, ak, K.. ,..L Q. . ' 15 Y..:"'--,-- if ,sf gr . .515 K . Q - .. X RQ. Q! , N.. 5 X x T, Q Sharon Wiss Lisa Wohlust H S ., ' ESBWESX its-. K - ,-s..tiS.g,,. 5-S' --25529255 ' WE 4-:. -- Q X2t.s2f--l--.e- K -a--sgzae k -' f 2- X XX gf-X395 N R S S Q so S s gs Q E so X f . is s X x S -M. "ia--g .. 23 Joanie Wright Craig Wurges '. .' . .. t,..,,.,s ..,.. t o , -u -fr-its--fr-is--.-as-as-f-was t ,-.. swf- S - f -52-W -at 'ENE 'Sise-f1:- - "" ' X , Sfsrfiila-'.'f" 5:. V- . f - A vs. f- " in--6'71 ::."fTT: 'Xs-ff'f.- ' P: T' - A - :E-2 W -. .mira . . : X A ,. ,V .G S5.wa,.a..,. ' - ,. W Barbara Zeliff Brenda Zullo Graduation - the end, but yet a new beginning 265 A AKERS. ROBERT N. AKSELL, ANITA M. - Teenage Republicans 12, ALBRIGHT, RONALD L. - Octagon Club1O, 11.12. ALEXANDER, WANDA LORETT- Chorus 12. ALLEN, CECLIA. ALLEN, GORDON H. - Winter Park 10. ALLEN, MAVREEN LEIGH. ALTSHULER, DON P, - Torch Club 10: Eagle Eye Reporter 11: Eagle Eye Editor 12. AMOS, JEFF M. ANDERSON. JEFFERY PAUL N Winter Park, Cross Country 10: JV Basketball, Varsity Track, Octagon 101 Edgewater, Cross Country 11, 12: Captain. Varsity Basketball 11, 12: Track 11, 12: National Honor Society 12: Young Life 12: Executive Coun- cil 12. ANDERSON. ROSALYN TRACY - GAA. Chorus 10. 11, 12: Thespians 10, 11.12:Odasagiah 12: AFS 12. ANDREWS, ROBERT R, ARNOLD, NELSON KEITH - South East High 10: Eagle Eye Add Manager 11: Pilot Training 12. AROST. STUART L. - Exchange Club 11, 12: Golf Team 10. 1 1, 12: Senior Class Rep, 12. ASHCRAFT. GREGERY LEE. A'l'I'ARD, PAUL G. - Camera Club 10: Eagle Eye 11, 12. B BACHMAN, CLARK B. - Eagle Eye 11, 12, BAKER, DAVID B. - Eagle Eye 11, 12. BAILY, BRENDA ANN. BAIR, BARBARA ANN - TRI-Hl-Y 10. 11: CBE 12. BAMFORD, TYLER KEE - Thespians11,12. BARKO, MICHEAL JOHN - Band 10. 11, 12: Leo Club 10: Key Club 11. BARLOW. MICHAEL. BARNES, SARAH DIANE - Pep Club 10: Chorus 11: President 12. BARRINGTON. ANTHANY H. BARRINGTON. MARY ELIZABETH - Chorus 10. 11. 12: Secretary 81 Treasurer 12. BARTELL, VIVIAN MARIE - Torch Club 10: Jones Honor Society 11: Secretary Russian Club, AFS 12. BARTELL, FRED. BASSA, GARY A, - Track 11: Football 12. BEERS, TOM R. - Class Council 10, 11, 12: Stu- dent Council 11, 12: Torch Club 10, 11: Honor Society 11, 12: Key Club 11, 12: Russian Club 10. 11,12:AFS12. BEHN. JUDY E. - Spanish Honor Society 10, 11. 12. BELVIN, JAY E. - Crew 11. BENZER, CELESTE JEAN - Evans, Pep Club 10: Junior Achievement 10. BERGSTRESSER, MARGARET LOUISE - Anchor Club 10: Exchangettes 11. 12. senior activities BERRY, MARY JANE. BEVER, ALLEN LEE -- Russian Club 10, 11. 12: Chess Club 10, 11. BRINT, AGNES LOUISE. BIRD, TERRY S. - Exchange Club 10, 11, 12: Treasurer 12: Band 12: JV Football 10: Basketball 10: Track 12: Princeton Packers 10. 11, 12. BISPLINGHOFF, ROGER B. BLACKBURN, MARY Fl. - Band 10.11. BLACKMON, CONSTANCE ELAINE - TRI-HI-Y 10, 11: Choral Society 10. 12: German Club 11: Senior Class Rep.: Orlando Jr. Council 12. BLACKTON, JILL CATHERINE - CBE 12. BLAU, JAMES K. - Civitan 11. 12: Secretary 12: JV Football 11, BLUE, FRANCINE LAWANZA. BORJA. CONNIE SHERYLE - AFS 10, 11. 12: Ex- changettes 1 1: Teenage Republicans 11. BORNSTEIN, ELLEN F. - Howey Academy 11: Centrua Club 11: CBE 12. BOULNOIS, JANIS ANN - Pep Club 12: Thespians 12. BOWLESM, VICKY LYNN - FSA 11: CBE 12: Sec- retary 12. BOYCE, LYNDA - Meditations 10, 11, 12: Pep Club 10, 11, President 12: Student Council 11: Jr. Class Council 11: AFS 12: lnterclub Council 12: President 12: Odasagiah 12. BRACKER, JOHN J. - Hamtramck High 10. 11: Thespians 12: Youth Council President 12. BRACKETT, CHERYL LYNN - FHA: Thespians: Pep Club 10: Thespians 12. BRADY, BILL S. BRATTS, MARGUERITE L. - Anchor Club 10: BI Fl Chem Club 10. BRANCHE, NANCY J. - TRI-HI-Y 10: Jr. TRI-HI-Y. President 1 1: Pep Club 10. 1 1. BRAUN, NANCY R. - Ft, Myers Sr. High, Home- coming Attendant, Student Council Rep. Pep Club Secretary, Omega Service Club, Winter Park, Jr. Class Rep. Edgewater Civinettes. Student Congress 12. BRAXTON, JOHN C. - Octagon Club. BI-PHY- Chem, Crew, 10. BREAZEALE, JOE A. - Brookland Cayce 10: Edge- water 11: Basketball 1O,11. BREWER. TERRY DEAN. BRICHOUSE RALND BEN. BRINSFIELD, DANIEL FLOYD - Altus High School 10. BRINK, DENNIS CLARK - JV Basketball 10: JV Basketball 11. BROWN, BARBARA S. - Winter Park High 10. BROWN, MIKE - BI-PHY-Chem 10: JV Basketball 10. BROWN. SAMMY C. BROWNING, CINDA -- Student Council Represen- 266 tative 10: Exchangettes 11, 12: Young Life 10. 11. 12. BROWNLEE, THOMAS JOHN - Tennis Team 10. 11, JV Football 11: Civitan 11. 12: Young Life 10. 11, 12. BRUGH. DALE R. - Winter Park 10: Edgewater 11. 12:Bl-PHY-CHEM11. BRUNER, LIZ ANN - Pep Club 10, 11. 12: Secre- tary 11: Latin Club 10. 12: Exchangettes 11. 12: Jr. Class Council Secretary 11: JV Cheerleading 1 1: Varsity Cheerleading 12. BRYAN, REBECCA SUSAN - Swim Team 10: Pep Club, JV Cheerleading 11: Varsity Cheerleading, Latin Club. Young Life 12. BUCHANAN. CHARLES P. BUNN. JIM M. - Varsity Basketball 11. BURGESS. DEBORAH ANN - Chorus 11. BURKE, CHARLES B. - Lafayette High School 10. 11: Key Club, National Honor Society, Beta Club 10. 1 1: Edgewater- Democratic Student Union 12. BYRD, KATHY LYNN. C CAIL, MARY BETH - GAA 10: Pep Club 10, 11, 12: Spanish Honor Society 10. 11, 12: National Honor Society 1 1. 12: Jr. Class Council Treasurer 1 1. CANADA, PENNEY J. CARITHERS. MARCIA E. - Winter Park High 10. CARPENTER, JEANETTE LOUISE - Pep Club 10: Jr. Class Council 11: Exchangettes 11: President 12: lnterclub Council 11, 12. CARR, DAVID W. - Chem Club, Thespians 10, 11. 12: Chem Club President 11. CARTER, KELVIN J. - Band 10: JV Football 11: Baseball 12. CASTANIEN. SUE E. - Art Club 11: Young Life11. 12. CASTELL, KELVIN ANTONIO - Band 10: HI-Y. Jr, Class Council 11: HI-Y, Student Council Presi- dent 12. CAVERLY, NEIL DAVID - Evans High 10: JV Foot- ball, Civitan 10: Edgewater 12: JV Football 1 1, CHARLTON. TERRESA ANN - Band 10. 11. 12: GAA 11. 12: President 11. CHARRETTE, STEVE LOUIS. CHEDWICK. HELEN. CHRONISTER. KATHI. CLARK, DEBBIE CAROL- Band 10. 11, 12: Major- ette 10. 11. 12: Chorus 11. 12. CLOSSEY. PAUL L. COBB, BECKY L. - Pep Club 11. 12: AFS 1 1: Oda- sagiah 12. COENSON. STEVEN H. - Torch Club 10: AFA 10. 11, 12: Eagle Eye 12. COHEN. ALLAN ZACHARY. COHEN. SANDRA JENETTE. COLLIGAN. AURELIA BLAIR - Class Council 10. COLSON, CONI K. - North Marion High 10: Stu- dent Council Rep. Pep Club 10: Edgewater 12: Pep Club 12. COLWELL, CATHY JEAN f- Evans High 10: CBE 12. CONDREY, DAVID - Odasagiah, Camera Club 12. CONNOR, WILLIAM GEORGE. CONNORS, MICHAEL LEE. CONRAD, GARY L. COOKSEY, DAVID WILLIAM - Interclub, Varsity Football. COOPER, KAREN ELAINE- Chorus 11. COPPEDGE, SHEILA. CORDY, BILL H. COTHRON, JUDITH ELAINE - Exchangettes 11. 12: Student Council rep. 10: JV Cheerleading 11: Pep Club 1 1. COUCH, JUDY ANN. COURTNEY, GLORIA SUSAN - Evans 10: Pep Club, TFII-Hi-Y 10. COWELS, NANCY LYNN - TRI-HI-Y, Prom Usher, Student Council Rep. 10: Civinettes 11, 12: Young Life 11, 12: Student Government 12: Odasagiah 12. COX, DEBBIE S. - Pep Club 10: French Club 12. CRAIG, JOHN S. - DECA12. CREWS, DANIEL D. CROWSON, ALLAN LEE - Exchange Club 12. CULLISON, HILTON ROY - Baseball 11, 12: Ex- change Club 12. D D'AGOSTlNO, TONI - Winter Park 10: Student Council 10: Edgewater 11, 12: Pep Club 11, 12: Honor Society 11, 12: Civinettes 12: Odasagiah 1 1, Editor 12: Student Council 12: Secretary 12: Girls State Delegate 1 1. DAILEY,JOHNNETTA- Band1O,11,12. DAKIN, DALE S. -- Evans High 10. D'AMlCO, JAMIE ANTHONY - Winter Park 10. DANIELL, NANCY LYNN - Art Club 10, 11, 12: Young Life 10, 11, 12. DANIELS, WILLIE F. - Soccer 11, 12. DAN1'ZLER, FARA KEM - Secretary of Class 11: Civinettes 10, 12: Young Life 10, 11, 12. DAPPOLONIA, VALERIE MARIE - Chorus 11, 12. DAVIS, EDNA. DAVIS, ELEANORE ALICIA - GAA 10, 11: ICC Rep. 11: Exchangettes 12: Senior Class Vice Presi- dent 12: Meditation Committee 12: Student Coun- cil 12. A DAVIS, GARY W. DAVIS, GLINDA JEAN - Anchor 10: Pep Club 10. DAVIS. IAN DAVID - Winter Park 10. DAVIS, RHONDA JO. DEAL, MARK A, - DECA12. DE COSTA, DAVID GLENN. DEES,,GARY ARTHUR, JR. DEMORET, STEVE C. DENNIS, BARBARA ANNE - Evans 10: Girls Crew 11: Art Club 11: AFS, Student Congress Senior Class Council 12. DENNISTON, FAYE E. - GAA, Torch Society. DE SIMON, ROBERTA JEANNE - Thespians 10, 11, 12: FTA. Ken Levi, Monster, does his thing with Sheila Coppedge on AFS costume day. DETTMEFI, DEBORAH A. - Pep Club 10. DEUTSCH, MITCHELL - Band 10, 11, 12: Medi! tations Committee 11, 12. DIAZ, LINDA LEE - President 11, FSA: ICC 11: VOE, CBE 12. DICKERSON, KAY - Pep Club, Student Council 10: Jr. Class Council, Pep Club 11: Sr. Class Treasurer 12: Exchangettes 12. DICKINSON, ROBERT EARLAlnteract11,12. DIEFENDERFER, CAROL PAM. DILLINGHAM, DIANE M. - Evans 10: Edgewater 1 1, 12. DOLAN, ROBERT E. - Demolay1O,11.12. DORRIS, STEVE K. DOUT, ROBERT EDGAR. DOYLE. DIANA. DREWS, SUZANNE KAY. DRIVER, ROBIN. DUGAN, PATTYJEAN. DUNN, EVELYN. DUPREE, CURTIS D. - Civitan 10, 11 Vice Presi- dent 12: Varsity Football 10, 11, 12: Basketball 10. 267 DYER, BARBEE ANN - Torch Club 10, 11: GAA 10,113 Honor Society 11, 12: Tennis Team 11,12. E EACRET, GENE BRANDT 4 HI-Y 10: Spanish Honor Society IO: JV Football 11: Varsity Football 12: FCA 12. EADY, ELLISON JAMES. EAFILE. BARBARA JEAN. EARLY, SHARON LYNN - Winter Park 10: AFS 12. EASON, J. PHILIP - Exchange Club 10. 11. 12: Varsity Football 11, 12: JV Football. EASTON, NANCY JANE - Evans 10: Troyami Tri- Hi-Y5 Edgewater 11: Anchor 11: Exchangettes 12: Odasagiah 12. EATON, CAROLYN F. - Torch Society 10. ELLER, JAMES K. - Varsity Football 10, 11, 12: Civitan 10, 11.12. ELLIOTT, PAMELA MARIE - Spanish Honor Society. ERDMAN, NANCY LEE - Art Club 10: CBE 12. EUNICE, STEVE O. e Band 10, 11, 12. senior activities EVANS, DONALD THOMAS - Varsity Football 10. 11, 12: Civitan 10, 11: Swimming 10, 11, 12: FCA 10, 11: Soccer 11. EVANS, ROBERT CHARLES - HI-Y 11, 12: Crew 11, 12. EVERSOLE, MARLENE L, F FARKAS, DEANNE MARISA - Art Club 10, 11, Vice President 12: Crew 11, 12: Odasagiah 12. FARLOW, NORMA EILEEN - Evans 10: Pep Club. TRI-HY-Y 10: CBE 12. FEHRENKAMP, SCOTT R. FEKANY, PATRICK LEE - Odasagiah 10, 11. 12: Junior Class Council, Inter-Club Council 10, 11, 12: Senior Class Council: NFL 10, Treasurer 1 1, 12: AFS 10, 11, 12: Camera Club 10: Democratic Student Union, Vice President 12: State Student Congress 11, 12: Reflection 12: Young Life 11, 12: Madrid High School. Madrid Spain: Spanish Club 11: Liter- ary Magazine 11: Honor Society 11: Guy's and Dolls play 11. FILKO. CHARLES J. - Spanish Honor Society 11, 123 Crew 12: Democratic Student Union. FIRIOS, JOHN M. FLAHERTY, SUE LOUISE - German Club 10, FLETCHER, MIKE R, - Golf Team 10, 11, 12: Se- nior Class Representative, FLOYD, SUSAN M. FOGARTY, SAMUEL EDWARD - Swim Team 10, 11, 12: Teenage Republicans, AFS 12. FRASER, DAN J. - Meditations 10: AFS 12. FREEDBERG, JEAN - Anchor Club 12: AFS 12: Latin Club 12. FREEMAN, DONNA FAYE - DE 11, 12. FRIPP, THERESE M, - Latin Club 10, 11. 12: Thespians 1 1, Secretary 12. I G GABRIEL, KEVIN E. - Civitan 10, 11, 12: Varsity Football 10, 11, 12: Baseball 10, 11, 12: Track 12: March of Dimes Chairman 12: Youth Council 12. GAINES, DAVIS PENDLETON - Winter Park High 10: Student Council Representative: Prom Page: Thespian Troupe 850: Junior Class Play, Our Town: Senior Class Play, The Importance of Being Earnest: Latin Club: Madrigals: Edgewater Key Club 11, Historian,V12, Secretary: Junior Class Coun- cil: Odasagiah 12: Senior Class President: AFS 12: Young Life 12: Exchangettes "Big Brother" 12. GALBRAITH, DONNA JEAN. GALLION, DON L. GAMBLE, JEROME T. - JV Football 10, 11: Track 11: Varsity Football 12: Soccer 10. GARRETT. ELAIN CHARISSE - Torch Society 10: Teenage Republicans 11, 12: Orlando Student Union 12. GARRY, GORDON W. GEISLER, ROBERT W. - JV Football 10, 11: Key Club 10, 11, 12: Homecoming Court 10, 11, 12: Baseball 11, 12: Homeroom Representative 12. GHOLSON, SHERYL L. GLOVER. MERRILYJUANITA. GOANS, MARY D. - Pep Club 11, 12: Orlando Youth Council 12. GOLUB. JEFFERY A, GOOCH, KARN E. -W Torch Society 10, 113 Spanish Honor Society 10, 11, 12: Secretary 12, GORDON, GARY J, GORNELL, CLARA KALI - Paramedics 10: Lake Highland Preparatory 11: Spanish Honor Society 12: Exchangettes 12. GRANT, MELVIN R. GRAVIN. MICHAEL JOHN, GREEN, JAMES L, GREEN, SUSAN LYNN - CBE 12. GREEN, FRAN MERLE - Torch Society 10, 113 Spanish Honor Society 11, 12. GRIFFIN, GEORGE O. - NFL 11, 12: ICC 12: Se- nior Class Rep. 12. GROSS, DONALD E, GROVER, MARILYN P. - National Honor Society 11, 12: Spanish Honor Society 11, 12. GRUBERT, PATRICIA A. - DECA, President 12. GUARDADO, RAMON BRUCE. GUILKEY, ROBERT L. - Crew 10, 11, 12: Chorus 10, 11, 12. GUNSALUS. CHRISTINE R, H HAGOOD. ROGER D. A HI-YIOQDECA 11.12. HAGY, KEITH D. HALL, DAVID A. H JV Football 10: Chorus 10, 11, 12. HALLADAY, RON WILLIAM. HAMILTON, DAVIS ETHEL - Spanish Honor So- ciety 1O, 11, 12: Writing Club 11, 12: AFS 12: Meditations Committee 12. HAMMOND, DAVID PAUL- Evans 10, 11. HANSBROUGH, JOHN H. A Varsity Football 12. HARGREAVES, SIDNEY B. I HARPER, TOM H,-AFS12:NFL1O,11,12. HARRIS, GLENDA - Exchangettes11, HARRISON. JOHN H. - JV Football 10. HARRISON, SHARON LEE - Chorus 10, 11, 12. HART, BURCH D. - Key Club 10, 11: Swim Team 10. HART, CHERYL LEIGH - Anchor Club 12. HART, TERRY P. - Young Life 10, 11, 12: Pep Club 11: Civinettes 12. HARTER, KATHLEEN ADELE - Evans 10, 11: FHA 10: TRI-HI-Y 1 1: Art Club 12. HARTBERGER, PAT L. - Anchor Club 12. HARVELL, SISSY - DECA Club 12. HASTINGS, KENNETH DWAYNE - Octagon Club 10: Bl-PHY-Chem 11: Torch Society 10: Teenage Republicans 11, 12. HAYES, PAMELA S. - Pep Club 11: Exchangettes 1 1, 12, HAYMAN, PEGGY J. - Junior Achievement 10: Treasurer Trico 10: DECA 1 1: Treasurer 12. 268 HAYNES, CLARENCE LEE - Winter Park 10. HEAFNER, HAROLD E. HEAVENER, MICHAEL STANLEY - HI-Y 10: His- torian 1 1 : SGT. Arms 12. HEMSLEY, DAVID C, - Soccer Team, HENSLEY, RICHARD. HEPBURN, STEVE J. - Evans IO: Baseball 11, 12: Band 12. HERITAGE, ARTHUR J. - DECA11,12. HERMAN, JACK E, - Octagon 10, 111 Eagle Eye Editor 12: Thespians 12. HEVENER, PATTY ANNE - Young Life 11: Sweet- heart Court 1O: Homecoming Attendant 12: Cheer- leader 10: Secretary Jr. Class 11:ChapIain Exchang- ettes. HICKS, JENNY. HICKS, RONNIE L. - Octagon 10: BY-PHY-Chem 10. HILLMAN, RANDY E. - NFL 12. HIRSCHY, ROGER W, - JV Basketball 10: Civitan 10, 12 Chaplain 11: Homecoming Escort 12: Vice President lnterclub Council 12. HODGES, JANICE LYNETTE - Anchor Club 10, 11, 12. HOLLAND, PAM J. - Junior Achievement. HOLLAND, TOMMY L. HOOD, MAXINE YVONNE - GAA 10, 11, 12: Pep Club 10: Chorus 12. HOOKER, BECKY J. - Anchor Club 1 1: CBE 12, HOOPER, BECKY A. - Torch Society 10: Home- coming Committee 11: Odasagiah 12: AFS 12. HOOVER, MARC LANCE - Cross Country 10, 11, 12: Track 10, 1 1, 12: Teenage Republican 12. HOPPER, PHYLLIS. HORAN, WILLIAM TOMMY- Key Club 10, 11, 12. Golf Team 10, 11: JV Football 11: Varsity Football 12: Baseball 12: Young Life 10, 11, 12, HORN, DENNIS PATRICK- Band 11.12. HORNBEEK, GLEN. HOUCK, DEBBIE K, v Evans 10. HUANG, DAVID Y. - French Club 10, 11: Russian Club 12: Honor Society 12. HU NT. RITA. HURLEY, JOHN S. - Varsity Basketball 12: Senior Homeroom Representative 12. HURST, JERRY E. - HI-Y 11, Vice President 121 Honor Society 12: Crew 10, 11,12. HUTCHINSON, TONY LEE - Winter Park 10. HYDER, MARVEEN D, - Thespians IO, 12: Art Club 12: Lake Highland Prep. Drama Club 11. I INGRAM, ANNIE LEE - Chorus 12. J JACKSON, JEFF. JACABSON, STEVE. JENNINGS, JEFF R. - Key Club 10, 11, 12: Bas- ketball 1O, 11, 123 Varsity Football 12: Jr. Class Council 11: Young Life 10. 11, 12. JOHNS, JUDY M. - TRI-HI-Y President 10. I Football players, excited and restless, take a few seconds to laugh, before they appear at the Boone pep rally. JOHSON, CAROL ANN, JOHNSON, DAVID S. JOHNSON, GLENN EDWARD - JV Basketball 10: Basketball 11. JONES, ANDREW J. JONES, ALBERTA LOUISE - Chorus 10, 11, 12. JONES, BARBARA A. - GAA 10. 11: Exchangettes 12: Chorus 11, 12. JONES, DORTHY YUONNE - Chaplain Honor So- ciety 12. JONES, HELEN C. -4 AFS 1 1: Art Club 11. JONES, MICHAEL JAMES, JORDON, JOHN L. - Honor Society. JUDD, PAULETTE LOUISE - Anchor Club 10: French Club 12, JURGELEIT, ANITA W, - Wheaton High School 10. K KALAPP, BETSY A. - Pep Club 10: TRI-HI-Y 115 Teenage Republicans 11, 12: Young Life 1 1, 12: Odasagiah 11, 12: Civinettes 12, -KAMM, GAIL S. - AFS 11, KAPLAN, DAVID R. - Octagon 10: Honor Society 11. KEENER, NAOMI RUTH. KEITH, BARBARA COLEEN - Paramedics 10, 11, President 12: Exchangettes 1 1, 12: Pep Club 12. KELLY, CASSANDRA LAVERNE - GAA 10. KELLY, FRANK. KENYON, LAURA LEA - Paramedics 10. KIMBER, TERRY L. KIRKLAND, JANE H. - Civinettes 10, Treasurer 11: President 12: Inter Club Council Secretary Treasurer 12: Young Life 10, 11, 12, KITTINGER, JEANNIE - Pep Club 10: Exchange ettes 11, 12, Sergeant Arms 12: Tennis Team 11, 12: Young Life 10, 11, 12: Senior Class Secretary 12, KORN, LEO ROBERT - Crew 12: Students for Life 12, KOTTELMAN, AMY - Torch Society 10: CBE 12: Young Life 10, 11.12. KUBIK, DONNA M. LAB, PAUL RAY. LANDERS, JAMES C. - Art Club 10, 11, 12: Soc- cer Team 11, LANDRY, GARY ALLEN - JV Football 10: Varsity Football 11, 12. LANHAM, MICHEAL A. - Key Club 10, 11, 12: Baseball 10, 11. 12: Football 11, LAWRENCE, VALINDA Y, - Pep Club 12, LEE, DAVID ALLAN - Octagon Club 10, 1 1: Young Life 10, 11, 12. LEE, DELAINE ANN - Pep Club 10, 11: Student c0uncai1o,11,12. ii LEVI, KENNETH D. - Football 10: Football Trainer 11, 12. LEWIS, LAURA HUTTO - Winter Park 10: Art Club 10. LEWIS, SHEILA NAVELL - GAA 11. LIPP, ANGI Y. - Winter Park 11: Deland 10, LIVELY, DAVID A. - Florida Military School 11, LOCKMAN, JAMES A, - DECA 12. LOCKMAN, MELANIE G, - Pep Club 12: Future Teachers 12. LOOGWOOD, GARY, LOMAX, JAN L. - Young Life 10, 11: CBE 12, LUCAS, LINDA N, LUCAS, PAUL R. M MAGROUSKI, JUDY. MALLOREY, SHANNON. MALMBERG, MOVA T. MALONEY, LYNN A, - Plains High School. 269 MARSH, LOU ANN A. - Civinettes 10, 11, 12: Young Life 10, 11, 12: Student Council 12. MARSHALL, GEORGE THOMAS - DeMolay 10. 11, 12: Band 10, 11, MARVIN, SHARON A. - Civinettes 12: Student Council 12: Pep Club 10. MASSARO, JOHN W, - Cross Country 11: DECA 12, MATHEWS, JAN - Exchangettes 11, 12. MATTOX, DAN A. - Octagon 10, 1 1: Track 10, 11, 12: Cross Country 12. MAY M. JAN - Torch Society 10, 11: Spanish Honor Society 10, 11, 12: Exchangettes 11: Na- tional Honor Society 11, 12: AFS 12: Russian Club 12: Girls Crew 11. MATHEWS, CHARLES D. MC AU LIFFE, JAMES. MC BRIDE, WILLIAM P. MC CANN, JOYCE E. - French Club 12. MC CARTINEY, MARK P, - Octagon 11. MC COLLUM, KENNY R. - Cross Country 10: Baseball 10, 12. MC CONNELL, E. JAMES. MC CONNELL, PAUL C. - JV Football 10: Civitan 12. MC CULLY, WALT A. - Key Club 10, 11, 12: Base- ball 1O, 11, 12: Varsity Football 10, 11, 12. MC CUMBER, FRANK. MC DERMOTT, DIANE MARY- TRI-HI-Y10, 11. MC GARRY, DONNA MARIE - Exchangettes12. MC KATHAN, BRENDA JEANE - Evans Pep Club 101 CBE 12. MC KEE, BRUCE L. - Student Council 12. MC KEE, DANN LINDSAY - Winter Park 10. MC KENNA, EDWARD MIKE - Octagon 10, 11, 12 MC KINNEY, SHERRILL L. - Torch Society 10: Honor Society 11, 12: AFS 12. Clarence Haynes, Sam Brown, Don Gross, Kevin Gabriel, and Jim Seagraves rehearse a play for English class. MC LEAN, BILLY E, MC NAMARA, HAL B. - Interact 10, 11, 12: Latin Club 10. MEER, HENRY DAVID - Spanish Honor Society 11: Honor Society 11, 12. MELTON, MARILYN S, MEMORY, LEXIE ANN - FHA 11. METZGER, GEORGE EDDY - Exchange Club 10, 11, 12: FCA 10, 11, 12: Varsity Football 10, 11, 12: Track 10, 12, MILLER, KEVIN J. MILLER, GAYLE M. MILLER, PHILLIP E. - Winter Park. MILTENBERGER. MARCY L. - TRI-HI-Y 10: An- chor Club 11. 12. MILTONBERGER, MICHAEL CHARLES A Russian Club 1O,11. MITCHELL. RHUNETTE. NllXSON,JOANNE- CBE 12. MIXSON, ROSEMARIE - CBE 12. MOHER, GARY - JV Basketball 10. 11. MORE1Z, ALZN LEE - Crew 10, 11. MOORE, DONALD R. - Writing Club 12. MORRELL. DENNIS R. MORTON, ALMA JEAN - Latin Club 10, 11: Art Club 12:Thespians 12: Chorus 11, 12. MOUNTJOY, SUSIE M. - Evans 10: Pep Club 10: TRI-Hl'Y1O. MORRISON, KAREN LEE. MRAS. CINDY A Torch Society 10. 11: Exchang- ettes 1 1: Anchor Club 12: Girls Crew 12. MULCAHY, ANNA L. - Anchor Club 12. MYRICK, JOHN M. - Soccer Team 10, 11, 12: Football 12: Chorus 12. N NEFF, SUE ANN - Anchor Club 10: AFS 12. NE JAME, MARK ELIAS W Student Government 12: Interact Club 11, 12: Democratic Student Club, President 12. NELSON, MIKE J. NESHEIM, VICTOR M, - Octagon 10, 1 1: Sergeant Arms 1 1. NESS. JAMES R. - Torch Society 10: AFS 10, 11, 12: Latin Club 10, 11, 12: ICC 11, 12: NFL 10, 11: Honor Society 11, 12. NEUDECKER, DENISE - Civinettes1O, 11, 12: Pep Club 11, 12: Latin Club 11, 12: AFS 11: Junior Class Council 111 Paramedics 12. NICHOLSON, JOLENE R. - Art Club 12: Anchor Club 10. NOBLE, NANCY A. O O'DONOGHUE, BRUCE - President Key Club 12: Student Council. OETTEL, BETTEY JANE - DECA12. O'HARA, SUSIE - Student Council 10, 11, 12: Var- 270 sity Cheerleading 11, Co-Captain 12: Meditation 12: Key Club Sweetheart 12: Homecoming Attendant 11, 12: Pep Club 10, 11, 12. OLMSTEAD, JERRY D. OWEN, BEVERLY JEAN - Sweetheart Court 10. 11: Homecoming Court 12: Sophomore Class Trea- surer 10. OLSEN, ROB W. P PACE, MIKE P, - Civitan 10, 11, 12: Tennis 10: Student Council 12, PAINE, TOM A. - Spanish Honor Society 10, 11: Shore Players 10, 11: Stamp Collectors 10, 1 1: History Club 11. PALME, VICKIE L. PARK, BARBARA JEAN - CBE 12: AFS 12, PARKER, DONALD JAMES - Evans 10. PATTERSON, TOMMY C. -- Evans 10. PEARSON. NANCY P. PEARSON, PATRICIA JANE - Swim Team 10, PEELE, GREGORY WILLIAM - Winter Park 10: Cross Country 12, PEETLUK, WILLIAM LAPE. PEMPEY, SHARON R. -- Evans 10: Pep Club J1i Anchor Club 11. PENNEY, MICHAEL G. -- JV Basketball Manager 10: Golf Team 11. 12: Key Club 11, 12: Young Life 11,12: Homecoming Court 12. 10: National Honor Society 11, 12: Latin Club 10, PENNINGTON, ROBERT E. PERDUE, STEWART ANGELD - Tennis Team 10: Junior Class Vice President 11: Student Council 11: Odasagiah 12: Young Democrats 12. PERICH. GREG. PERKINS, JANET MARY - Winter Park 10: Pep Club 10: Anchor Club 10: Student Council 10: Pep Club 11. Vice President 12: Latin Club 11, 12: Spanish Honor Society 11, 12: ICC Rep. AFS 11: Junior Class Council 11: Senior Class Rep. 12: Young Life 10, 11: HI-Y Sweetheart 12: Key Club Calendar Girl 12: Odasagiah 12. PETERSON, ALISA ANNE - Torch Society 10: Teenage Republicans 1 1, 12: AFS 12. PFAU. EDWIN L. PHILLIPS, CRAIG S. A Student Council President 12: Key Club 11, 12: Torch Society 10, 11, 12: Spanish Honor Society 10, 11: Young Democrats 12: GoIfTeam 10. 1 1. PHILLIPS, DEBBIE JEANETTE - Osceola High School 10, 11: Varsity Cheerleading 10, 11: Key- ettes 10, Vice President 11: Pep Club 10, 11: Stu- dent Council 10, 1 1: Treasurer Sophomore Class 10: DECA Sweetheart 11: Treasurer 11: FHA Secretary 10, 11: Homecoming Attendant 10: Edgewater 12: Civinettes 12: Pep Club 12: Odasagiah 12: Senior Class Rep. PHILLIPS, GARY. PIATT, DAVID M. - BI-PHY-Chem 10, 11: Torch Society 10, 1 1: Honor Society 1 1, 12. PICKERILL, DONALD C. - Exchange Club 10. 11. 12. PIERSON, DONALD M. - Soccer Team 10.11,12: Spanish Honor Society 11, 12. PIERSON, RITSY R.R.R. - Swim Team 10: JV Cheerleading 10: Student Council 10, 11: Pep Club 10, 11, 12: Varsity Cheerleading 11, Captain 12: Madamoiselles 1 1, President 12: Sec-Treas. ICC 11: Civinettes 10, 11, 12: Homecoming Attendant 10, 11, Queen 12: Exchange Club Sweetheart 12: Key Club Calendar Girl 12: Young Life 10, 11, 12. PINE, HILARY S. PIPER, KATHY L. POKEY. BILL R. - Crew 11: Evans Band. POTTER. WILLIAM DONALD - Band 10. 11, 12: HI-Y Chaplain 11:Hl-Y10, 11,12. PRATT, GARY L. - Evans 10. PRATT, MIKE W. W Russian Club 12. PRESTON, FREDERICK R. - BI-PHY-Chem 10, 11 President 12: Band 10: Russian Club 12: Soccer 12. PRITCHETT, DEAN. PROCHASKA. STEPHEN R. - Key Club 11, 12: FCA 10, 11, 12: Varsity Football 10, 11, 12: Track 10, 11, 12. PURCELL. LORETTA ANN. O OUARTERMAN. RICHARD. R RANKIN, DEBBIE L. - Young Life 10, 11, 12: Ex- changettes 11: Civinettes 12: Odasagiah 12. RATLIFF, MARY LOUISE - French Club 10: Pep Club 10, 11: Eagle Eye 10. 11, 12, Associate Edi- tor: Literary Magazine. 1 1, Editor, 12, Editor: Reflec- f . -Q. Angelo Perdue, Linda Boyce, and Paul McConnel, get a big laughi over picture! tion 1 1, 12, Editor: Meditations 12: Future Teachers 12: Iveys Views 12. READ. LORA. REAMES, LUCY R. - Anchor Club 11: Civinettes 12. REDDITT, PATTI A. - FSA 12. REEDY, DANIEL P. RICH, DAVID RUSSELL- Soccer 10, 11. RICHARD, BLAINE R. - Octagon 10, 12: Track 1 1. RICHARD, CONNIE L. - CBE 12. RINALD. MARY ANN - Thespians1O,11,12. RIVERS, PAMELA T. - Civinettes 10, 11, 12: Stu- dent Council 10, 11, 12: Sophomore Vice President 10: Varsity Cheerleading 12: Homecoming Court 10, 11. 12: Civitan Sweetheart 12: Key Club Calen- dar Girl 12. ROBB. GAIL B. - Winter Park 10. ROBERTS. BAYARD - Swim Team 10, 11, 12. ROBERTS, ERIC A. ROBERTSON. ROGER D. - Thespians 10, 11, 12: Soccer Team 10, 11, 12: German Club 11, 12: Jr. Class Rep. 11: Sr. Class Rep. 12. ROGERS, RICKY WAYNE - HI-Y 10: Basketball 10. ROGERS, TERRY MARIE - Chorus 10. 11. ROHRER, SLICE DENISE. ROSS, KAREN SUE - Thespians1O,11. ROYCE, SEVERNA LA SALLE. RUBE. GARY F. RUDD, DEBORAH J. RULAND, SUSAN ELIZABETH. RUNNER, FRED R, - Latin Club 10, 11, 12: Torch Society 10: Honor Society 11, 12: JV Basketball 10: Teenage Republicans 11, 12. RUSHING, SUSAN MICHELLE - Civinettes1O,11. 12: Pep Club 10: Young Life 10: ICC 11: Key Club Calendar Girl 12. RUSSELL, LENA ANN - Anchor Club 11, 12: Trea- surer 12. RYBOLT, THOMAS ROY - Chess Club 10, 11. 12: Tennis Team 1 1. 12: HI-Y 12. RYNN. NORMA A. - Evans 10: DECA 12. S SAMI, MARK - Thespians 11, President 12, 271 SAMNELS. LINDA DENEEN - GAA 10. 11: Ex- changettes 12: Track Manager 11, 12. SANDFORD, MARIAN THERESA - Anchor Club 10: VOE 12. SCHMERLER, JOE D. - Thespians 10, 11, 12: Torch Society 10, 11: National Honor Society 11, 12: Spanish Honor Society 11, 12: lntra Club Coun- cil 10, 12. SCHULLER, CYNTHIA LYNN - CBE President 12. SCOTT, CHRYSTLE WILLIE FAYE - DECA 12. SEAGRAVES, JIM N. - Baseball 10, 11, 12: Sweetheart Escort 10, 11: Homecoming Escort 11, 12: Key Club 10, 11, 12: Secretary 11. SEARS, KENNETH M. - DECA11. SELLERS, MARY AILEEN - Evans 10: CBE 12. SHADER, SUZAN LYNDA - BI-PHY-Chem1O. SHANNON. DANNY H. - Soccer 11, 12. SHARP, BRENDA KAY - Anchor Club 10: Chaplain 1 1. SHAWVER. PAMELA J. - TRI-HI-Y 10: CBE. Vice President 12. SHILLING. STEVE L. SHIPLEY, SUSAN LANE - Art Club 10, 11, 12: Girls Crew 1 1: AFS 12. SILISKI, ALAN W. - Basketball 10, 11, 12: Key Club 10, 11. Treasurer 12: Torch Society President 11,12. SIMPSON, RICHARD A. - Band 10.11, 12. SIMON, ELAINE G. - Art Club 12. SIMS, PHYLLIS MARIA - FBLA 1 1: CBE 12. SLAYMAKER, SANFORD LEROY - Evans Band. SLAUSON, JANET E. SMITH SMITH. SMITH SMITH ,DEBORAH KAY. DEBORAH ANN- GAA 10, 11: CBE 12. ,DONNA M. - Junior Achievement 10. GILBERT W. - Chess Club 10: Latin Club 10: Cross Country 11: Crew 11. SMITH, GINGER M. -- CBE Treasurer 12. SMITH, JOE E. - Band 10, 11: Tennis Team 121 AFS 12. SMITH, MARK BENJAMIN - Octagon 10, Vice President 11: ICC 12. I . -E , I . 7. i K : .fM ',:., X. -:55..,..t.....t..t.s:.. 1 aw' Attitudes change as the year goes on as shown here by, Chuck Williams, Pam Page and Jeff Jenning. SMITH, NED TEMPLE - JV Football 10: Varsity Football 11. 12: FCA 11. SODERSTROM,JANICE. SOLDINGER. JAN A. - Torch Society 10: Latin Club 10: AFS 11: Vice President 12: Thespians 12: Odasagiah 1 1. Editor 12. STEELE, JERRY R. - Evans 10. STEVENSON, ROBERT LYNN. STONE. DEBBIE A. - TRI-HI-Y1O. STOVER. CANDICE LOUISE - Band 10. 11. STRUM, MARC STEVAN - Baseball 10: JV Foot- ball 10: Varsity Football 11, 12: Track 11: Exchange Club 1 1. STUHL. JOHN H. - Exchange Club 10, 11, Vice President 12: Latin Club 12: JV Football 10: Var- sity Football 11. 12: Senior Class Representative 12. SWAIN. CHARLENE MARIE - Winter Park 10. SWEARINGEN, WESLEY. SWOFFORD. PAUL O. T TALTON. ELIZABETH REID - Band 10. 11. 12: Spanish Honor Society 1 1, 12. TAYLOR. ANGELA- Band 10.11, 12. TAYLOR. TIMOTHY NATHAN - Soccer 10. 11. 12. TEGG, JOHN - JV Football 10: Track 10. 11. 123 Varsity Football 11. 12: Exchange Club Secretary 11: Exchangettes Big Brother 12: FCA 10: Home- room Rep. 10. THILMONT. MARCY R. THOMAS. EVELYN - Chorus Vice President 11. THOMAS, MIKE V. - Band 10: Track 11, 12: Cross Country 12. THOMAS, SANDRA KATREEN. THOMAS. WILLIAM P. -Winter Park 10. TILLMAN. JOHN STEPHEN - Chorus 11. TILLMAN. VALERIE KAYE - JV Cheerleading 10: Pep Club 10: Chorus 10: Varsity Cheerleading 11. 12: Exchangettes 12. TOMLINSON. LAROLYN. TOM LINSON. PATRICIA ANN - Chorus 12. TRICE, VERONICA. TRIMM. SHEILA IRENE - Band 10, 11. 12: Major- ette 10. 11. 12: TRI-HI-Y 10: Meditations Com- mittee 11. 12. TUBBS. ROBERT E. A Crew 11, 12: Eagle Eye 12: Student Democratic Society 10. 11, 12: Meditations 10. TUCKER, RANDY LEE. TURNER. ROBERTJ, - Swim Team 1O.11.12. TYLER. LYNNE ANN - Civinettes 11. 12: Pep Club 10. U URBANIAK, MARILYNN R. V VALDES, MAGALYS L. VALKENBURG. GEORGE E. - Interact Club 11. Treasurer 12, VEREEN, VALERIA - Chorus 10. 11. 12: Medita- tions Committee 1 1. 12. VICKERS, VALERIE ANN - Pep Club 11: CBE 12. VOORHEES. ERIC M. W WALDRON. RON V. WALKER. SHIRLEY ANN - Band 10.11. 12: An- chor Club 12, WALL, WAYNE A. WALSH.JOSEPH E. WALTERS. JAN ELLEN, WALTON. BRENDA H. - Russian Club 10. 11. 12: Latin Club 10. 11, 12:AFS 11. 12. 272 WALTON. MARTHA RUTH - FTA 10: Chorus 11: Democratic Student Association 12. WANSLEY. SANDY L. WARD. SHELLEY L. WASON, HUGH H. - Civitan 10, 11, 12: JV Foot- ball 10: Basketball 10: Baseball 11, 12: Varsity Football 11, 12, WATTS, SANDRA HELENE- Band1O. 11.12. WEILER, BRETT L. - HI-Y1O.11.12:Crew11.122 Band 10. WEISS. SHARON LYNN - Art Club 10: Pep Club 10. WELCH. GARRY LEE. WELLS. THOMAS F. - Basketball 10: Football 10. 11, 12: Crew 12. WESTERBERG, ADRIENNE. WETTELAND. CLYDE R. - Octagon 10.11. WHITE. WALTER CRAIG, WHITENER, ERNEST WAYNE. WHITMIRE. CARTER C. - Band 10. 11. 12: Swim Team 10, 11. 12. WIGLE. BRUCE M. - Torch Society 10:LYoung De- mocrats 12: ICC 12: Crew Team 10. 11. 12: Honor Society 11. 12: HI-Y 10. 11 President 12: Young Life 12: Latin Club 12: Jr. Achievement 10: Senior Class Council 12. WILLIAMS. KAVIN WAYNE. WILLIAMS. CHARLES. WILLIAMS, KATHERINE - Chorus 10. 11. 12. WILLIAMS. NORMA JEAN. WILLIAMS, SANDI LYNN - CBE 12. WILLIS. MIKE J. WILLIS, PATRICIA GAY. WILLIS. ROBERT ALLEN. WITTENSTEIN. DEBRA BETH. WOHLUST. LISA KAY - Anchor Club 10: French Club 12. WOODHAM, JANET D. - Student Council. WRIGHT. ARTHUR M, - JV Football 11: Tennis Team 12: AFS 12: Band 10. WRIGHT. CYNTHIA ANN - Pep Club 10. 11, 12. WURGES. JOHN CRAIG - Winter Park 10: DECA 12. WYNN. JOHN A. Y YAMAGUCHI. MASAYUKI - Konan High School. Japan: Baseball 10: Edgewater Soccer 12: Key Club 12. YATES. SHARON L. YEADON. WAYNE N. - JV Football 10: Band 10. 11. YOU NG. STEVEN DALE. Z ZALLAR. SUE L. - TRI-HI-Y 10: Pep Club 11: Civinettes 12. ZELIFF. BARBARA ANN - FHA 10: Anchor Club 115 CBE 12. ZULLO, BRENDA T. - Pep Club 10: Civinettes 12. SENIORS Left: Patty Willis smiles prettily for the photographer as she makes her way to lunch. Below: What better way is there for Greg Perich to finish lunch than to chomp on an ice cube. Caught in a moment of solitude, Sam Fogarty prepares for the big race. These seniors are but a few of Edgewater 'Trade my anchovie for your artichoke?" Jim Blau and John Sweitzer make deal. SfUd6'l'llS Wl70 9fll'0Y U79 Surroundings Of U79 "Campus Beautiful." During class changing, seniors either talk to their friends or think of things to come. 274 -Ill ....-df' J if f,f,...s.N Doris Hamilton displays a pleasant smile while she absorbs World Literature. ,arrv 1 'Drink milk!" exclaims Robert Tubbs, as he and Robert Dout relax on their lunch break. 275 ,uw Her fascinating, intriguing classes make senior Juanita Glover wonder if . . All aboard! Seniors head toward waiting buses which will take them on a humanities field trip to see a series of three Shakespearean plays in a Winter Park theatre. 276 Z7 ,, Z X 277 i' 29' 16558 A Ib. Pr. 1' ' -2:2 'X Q ' Y K ' .V .c V lb 'ly Q . K- egg., , gb: 'v.' I 1 In b 145' , 5 Q 7 213: , .53 lwvu :vu lullll I oz, SAVE 18c, LIPTON Soup Mixes fo. COUNTRY VEG.- GREEN PEA - CHICKE Frozen Food 8. Dairy SAVE 'I Oc, KRAFT REG. American Slicesmz. SAVE IOC, BREAKSTONE 8 oz. SAVE 12c, IGA , I French Fries ae. A SAVE 47c, MORTON Dil1l!6l'S 11 Q TURKEY -- CHICKEN - FISH - MEATI. SALISBURY STEAK SAVE 30" ONION PEPPER CHUCK WAGON SALISBURY 2 4oz. sA1' o - S3 . 0 4- .:, - .K ,,.. . ,K '- . , ..! .5 'I' A 'xl , - I 1. . 5 lb. box . P i nf FAIRW I C P p S BA ' NAB:sco NEW P Escort 4 CRACKERS ' K 8 oz. 39: NABISCO 9 T oasteifes Y 4... if , W f i '!':?077QM: I 2 wi ff J v"" J W1 QWZW MMM wwe 5' W 'HA mm win W M ,VVV my W 1 u L I2 ,,,..wM"" 2' MWF' 3 WM., -.,,-- -i I ? 2 H , f WW" V, 2 A.. ,,,-,, Zi , 5 I ,QW ' iass We 2-A if 2 H ,,,.. , ,, V 1 ,1 if + ,, Q HY? EES JS KH., I Becky Hooper and Pat Fekany were amazed by the magnitude picks to television sets. Stop by Northgate and save money and of savings made at NORTHGATE PLAZA Edgewater and Lee time! Road where you will find all your shopping needs from tooth- 28 O URLA DOW fi r. rf K R' ' f'f"XLE': " N K . --1 If you want a chick, get on your Honda today like Bruce Blackton and Randy Waterhouse did. They set out for an afternoon of fun and excitement with Debbie Rankin and Wanda Butler. On their 35O's rented from HONDA OF OR- , 5. , 5 y +li' 'Q 5 'ill a-if 235 Sometimes blue jean just, aren't enough. For that special occasion buy your clothes at lVlatthew's. Debbie Rankin has picked out a maxi while Lynn Tyler has found a pantsuit for herself. No matter what style you are looking for, it can always be found at MATTH EW'S. LAN DO, 1802 Edgewater Drive. So guys, grab your best chick and go ride a Honda today because you meet the nicest people on a Honda. -, Q f av fi l iii As members of lvey's Saturday Express, Angelo Perdue, lVlary Radcliffe, Joanie Wright, and Pat Fekany stay on top of the fashion scene. By shopping at IVEY'S, you too vvill be on top! 281 will i K.. Y i 1 X , kg - A f K 1 fffsowseeaswt-we 3 . lm 5 K .. -Q. . tk k . flffg 1 Nlelodie Stuart and Mike Thomason wonder at the complexity Street. Contact Southern Bell, the largest telephone company of SOUTHERN BELL conveniently located at 26 West Church in Central Florida, for all your telephone needs large or small. Ricky Ricks knows that when you have a moving problem iere gs FIDE l.lTv STORAGE sl TRANSFER co. can help you out. L 3 i'r' i L 1 at R Their fleet of trucks and well-trained men are eagerly waiting Q to serve you. New 1 , R rr-' f--- , A ,-1 ' ',"' ' ' ' 4, SM LUNCH .... . PIZZA 1 iidiliiii 7 iloe R SPAGETTI CHIQKEN FAMILY PRliQEl1 FRED'S PIZZA, located at 737 Lee Road, selves the best Italian food available. Stop in for a delicious pizza after the game. 282 Q 2 , ,V , lf ' V Iv l 5 , .ilf , Y' we f 3 - .wr 3, ' K L l an Ufxwfyugf .Mama awf z . rig, y . ,332-if , , ' ' A ,,'! I rua-.,.,. What is the FLORIDA GAS COMPANY? It is a beautifully landscaped building on 17-92 that serves our community by supplying many homes with natural gas which is piped all the way from Texas. A l --.,,s Peggy Bergstresser and Ned Smith seem to enjoy their sand- wiches and cokes. You will enjoy yours when you stop at ROY ROGERS ROAST BEEF. It's conveniently located at 813 Lee Road. Delaine Lee knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend, and Kevin knows just where to take her to get the very best. From diamonds to class rings, come to LEE JEWELRY at 362 North Orange Avenue. Nlember of the American Gem Society. 283 C UN GRA TULA TIUNS Class of 72 MCKELLAR BRA UN CA DILLA C 1 000 North Orange A ve. Orlando, Florida 5- ,-" sf r QV az,,.4f4w ff 1 - VVV, ww: W, V, ""- Crash-boom-bang! If that is a familiar sound to you accident prone people, then QUALITY AUTO BODY is the place for you. Located at 2826 N. Orange Blossom Tr., QUALITY can 4424? The first in photographic equipment is CHAMPAGNE COLOR 1917 N. Orange Ave. Steve Franklin, Becky Cobb, and Bob Bergstresser have the right idea as do all good photographers. provide a remedy for your car as quickly as ever. Mercedes- Benz, Porsche and Audi specialist. "Try it - you'll like it," says Tracy Anderson and David Condrey - and you really will, at CHASTAINS RES- TAURANT where the best food in town is yours at 23 N.O.B.T. Stop in before a dance or after a game. 285 Vit Mike Penney was amazed at the friendly service and fine quality of H.l.S. in Winter Park. Amaze your friends, shop the H.l.S. collection! WORJ AM 1270 Flvl 107.7 Turn us on We'II turn you on ' '35, 2 is , 'Z -5 W . xffw 41+ 1 M 7 'Q Delaine Lee models one of the many beautiful dresses available at BRENNERS Shop where there is a whole line of stylish fashions. l ani gan D Hg sh o Re 1-H RHN+5:.Coc.K+HsN LOUXNQC NOVE1 OPEN DHILY FRUIYI 5330 Pm. CLOSED SUN DHYS 1-4 Lea Ro.,Em+...H+ Hwmv-qa,wxN+ER PARK Q44-aoeo Robert Winbon and Candy Cole know that when you have an industrial or construction problem, the boys at STATE TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY can help you out. Jimmy Eller and Bitsy Owen prove that people get carried away when they shop at PUBLIX. If you're having a party, or 288 Stop by and see them sometime. They're located at 1400 South Orange Bl. Trail. just hungry, come to PUBLlX at 2015 Edgewater Drive, where shopping is always a pleasure! X, 5 SSN W' .ws N . ef... , X K 4 When you pull into a gas station you want fast and efficient Mr. Surtees of SURTEES JEWELERS on Park Ave., Winter service, and at BRASHER'S GULF STATION that's what Park, helps Robin Scott and Bobby Geisler choose their Class you'll get. Here David Cooksey is filling up his car as Lee rings. For a very unique ring, stop by Surtees soon! Pepper looks on. If you want the very best in metal works go to CATO STEELE ' pany's hard hats. So remember if you want the finest and best Company, on Forsythe Road just off Aloma. Greg Parish, service go to Cato Steele. Caryl Curtis, Pam Rivers and Jody Walsh test out the Com- 289 Robin Scott and Caryl Curtis show SPRING LAKE FOREST, an area of beautiful and convenient homes and homesites, another developement of Paul Curtis. BOB'S AUTO GLASS 535 W. Central Blvd. -ff' X - ---l::::::uxQ: 'iE:::::::22E- 0 lE:::::---" I Al lt's "beautiful" but not Expensive! GO EIGHTING EAGLES 290 People swing off poles, like CeCe Radcliffe and Jimmy Sea- graves, after they've tasted the delicious food at the BEEF 84 BOTTLE Restaurant on Park Ave. in Winter Park. If you wanna learn to dance and prance, then do your thing at ROYAL DANCE. The place is, 717 West Smith Street: look at Susie on her feet and off her feet! X QSQQ ..T' ' ,. . . , ii.: . Qi. 1 1 , , 1 e f-. - .,..,' I , xfsi 'fff ,'2ff "f"f , ':-ff it lf! ' ' ROTO-ROOTER, Orlando - serves Orange, Seminole and Lake counties. Owners Malory A. Jones, Jr. and Bill Seagraves, lEdgewater Alumnusl combine to offer 32 years experience in sewer service for any drainage failure and septic tank services i Q 3 sewer: Ano mm CLEANSNG HMG A D ,1,,.,.,,, ff, 1,,..,iI'N Drawn flfr Dv-mf if ranging from speedy, expert cleaning to the installation of drain fields and filter beds. Cece Radcliffe and Jimmy Sea- graves give their smiles of assurance to Jim's Dad and lVlr. Jones, if in need they'll know who to turn to. 291 ? Better late than never says Janet Woodham and Donna Mc- Garry as they shop around for some notebooks, paper and other school 'supplies at ALBERT'S DRUG STORE at 2201 if . .3 Lions, Tigers and Zebras in a fabric store! Looks like Sharon Pempey and Nancy Easton were approached by some as they were exploring the jungles of NATIONAL FABRICS located at 3901 West Colonial Drive, Parkwood Plaza. 292 Edgewater Drive. Be sure to stop by for fast convenient service. v,.., Q X K MHP YOUR lx Q CPE mN T E R . f XT ll7 Wlff dfiilfgilir TU EDO , , RENTALS THREE LOCATIONS If . ,, 3.-. ...., . ' :"':i225E:z:1:-- 1 , ,Z:' f 4 ORLANDO 5:55 ,,. .fr ' .. .v.,,,-,. , gig 5--V L ,Mali 261 5 N . Orange Ave n ue .5 . lfll f 422-2456 ,af rx f 4868 S. Orange Blossom Tr. MAITLAND " 665 N- Oflando Avenue ' 64741020 2 l TUXEDO RENTALS -' ,,,, T T 1 2 LSE Tiws Convenience is the key word associated with the COLLEGE step into the comfortable bank to be senfed by an efficient PARK NATIONAL BANK, 2315 Edgewater Drive. Quickly cashier. Jan Mathews and Roger Hirschy decide this is their deposit your money at the drive-in tellers open from 8 to 6 or kind of bank. 293 Y y Jack Jennings GENERA L CONTRA CTOR ORLANDO Jeri Kirkland and Gary Landry know where to go for the Come with me to TOY PARADE and who do we see, Liz hippest clothes in town. Jeri points out a shirt that has caught Bruner and Jeanie Kittenger. TOY PARADE Edgewater Drive. her eye. BRITCHES SOUTH 2417 Edgewater Drive. Go there for a superbad toy and that's No Jive! I 'W' - ,.,,............-..----1--- Sam Fogarty and Barbara Dennis know that FOGARTY BROTHERS TRANSFER, located at 320 Clear Lake Way, is the efficient place to do business. Fogarty Brothers will give free estimates on any of your packing, storage or crating needs. Louann Marsh steps into this bright summer casual from STUFF TO WEAR which is located in the Winter Park Niall. gs BT? 66 BUYING OR SELLING I RESIDENTIAL as COMMERCIAL PROPERTY - OUR COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE MAKES IT HAPPEN. QUICKLY. EEEICIENTLY. , BECAUSE wEfRE BETTER EQLIIPPED. BECAUSE WE KNOW THE AREA. CENTRAL FLORIDA. OR BEECH MouNTAIN. OR THE CARIBBEAN. AND WE FLY You THERE Q IN OUR owN PLANES. gg ORLANDO 'I ' :fi gg I I ,P ,547 I1 -ff' iv . .. if? REAEIW INC REALTORS 90 E LIVINGSTON f ORLANDO 843 3560 61 A ga '9 . ' , - ' , Bccch ri , . """"' EXCLUSIVE SALES AGENTS by I c I I. fa .1 SUBSIDIARY or ORLANDO METRO -,gp y- A ffgruagy-s-Wy .B B, 1 A-f B V-ya was nf? zEa4m.,W.a A ewwmz B. R. sas, .,- was sf cream, san, xmas .az .B ' : Ping and David Huang hungrily look forward to the delicious Chinese and American food at the SAMPAN, 2425 Edgewater Drive. Steve Prochaska can challenge Atlas after working out at EUROPEAN HEALTH SPA, 1780 Park Avenue, lVlaitland. sf ' Barbara Berry discusses an insurance proposition with lVlr. Berry of HALL BROTHERS INSURANCE. When you're in the market for insurance, buzz over to HALL BROTHERS, 27 East Robinson Avenue for the best insurance service. 3 3 ga'-f f . .Qfg s' .,et.,,,t-t 1 Q Y LX mx . ., W ggi, Wgllr W Sharon Marvin and Davis Gaines find that FRISCH'S is a place of enjoyment. Delectable Big Boy hamburgers and other tasty eatables await them inside. FRISCH'S BIG BOY RESTAURANT is conveniently located on 17-92 in front of Winter Park Mall. - 7- - Patty and Dixie Dugan stop by DUGAN'S HOLIDAY GULF at 2900 Lee Road right off l-4, for a quick car clean up, minor services and a fill up after a day at the beach. "Wow, what a beautiful dress" thinks Colleen Helmer when Ron Carnaby proudly shows her a piece of body covering. CARNABY SHOP, located in the Colonial Plaza Mall, is an experience in living - and also easy to get to! David Cooksey and Dennis Cook listen intensely to Mr. Grady Cooksey about insurance and personal service. Come down to COOKSEY-ROBINSON at 830 N. Magnolia. For the groovy 'IN' look, Barry Baumgarten and his Cinderel- la Louann lVlarsh,go to BARI SHOES. You will find BARI SHOES in the Winter Park lVlall, downtown Orlando, and in the Colonial Plaza lVlaIl. Bruce O'Donoghue chooses a sharp jacket and undies from the assortment at PRESSLEY'S, 2308 Edgewater Drive. h s Y , a 1, .-mai "A- A ..os ,.,,.-5 w .M -'k'- .-V.s. 5 - I L N, I---s . 4 I D a 1... , i g V I mf' H' , I O If o ff While Craig White is checking out the engine Betsy Kalapp is Sharon Marvin and Dan Fraser enjoy pizza break after a hard looking Over the interior. COLLIER AUTO SALES 2150 West day of school, TOM'S PIZZA on Algma Avenue hag 3 Conve- Colonial Drive is the place to go for complete service depart- nient take-out service for the person on-the-go. You'll like it! mem for lmD0rfGCl and 9C0nOl'T1Y aU'EOm0bil9S. 'I X Hr- naar-me YRJKC1 Phil Eason teaches Jane Kirkland how to drive a tractor while So if you ever want to rent a tractor and learn how to drive it Donna Sutton and Donnie Evans wait their turn at the wheel. go to HOOD TRACTOR 2120 N. Orange Blossom Trail. qnnv1uiD"' gg-s . t -Q :K .. fs: rr., U . , ...efw ' a- :. ' 1 5 sf? f' Starvation strikes again as Tommy Horan, Jimmy Seagraves, prepare submarine sandwiches for them at GABRIELS SUB- Ed Nletzger, Terry Bird and Mark Strum watch Kevin Gabriel MARINE SHOP, 1807 Edgewater Drive, Qrlando, Florida, RSS! COIVIPLINI ENTS OF STEVE O'HARA AUTO WORLD 2220 N. ORANGE AVE ORLANDO, FLORIDA me ss . Need your land cleared? Call J. M. BUNN WRECKING at 849 Green Avenue. Ask Jimmy Bunn, Ken Levi, Kay Dickerson, Don Gallion, or George Connor and they'll tell you they've been serving Orlando for 20 years in residential and commercial area. 'Nu gw'-s"3"L."Q:. Debbie Phillips admires Steve Kidd's choice from HOLLER CHEVROLET, located at 860 Fairbanks Ave. You'll save dollars at Holler's, they provide the best in town, plus service with a smile. SE EUGENE W. KELSEY 81 SON BUILDING CONTRACTORS TOOLEY-MYRON, 41 Ea D'Agostino and Dennis Ho i st Robinson, will do anything to keep you smiling for your memorable photographs as we see Toni rn content with their surroundings. HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE FOUR SPIRITUAL LAWS7 Just aa there are phyelcel laws that govern the phyelcal unlverae, so are there aplrltual laws whlch govern your relatlonshlp wlth God. LAW ONE GOD LOVES YOU, AND HAS A WONDERFUL PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE. GOD'S LOVE "For God so loved the world, that He gave Hls only begotten Son, that whoever belleves In Hlm should not perlsh, but have etemsl llte" IJohn 3:16l. GOD'S PLAN lChrIst speaklngl "I came that they mlght have Ilfe, and mlght have It abundantly" lthat It mlght be full and meanlngtull lJohn 10:10l. Why ls It that most people are not experlenclng the abundant Ilia? LAW TWO MAN IS SINFUL AND SEPARATED FROM GOD, THUS HE CANNOT KNOW AND EXPERIENCE GOD'S LOVE AND PLAN FOR HIS LIFE. MAN IS SINFUL "For all have slnned and tall short ofthe glory of God" lRomane 3:23l. Msn was created to have fellowship with God: but, because of hls own stubbom sell-wlll, he chose to o hls own Independent way and tellowshlp wlth God was broken. Thls sell-wlll, characterizes by an attltude of actlve rebelllon or passlve Indifference, Is an evldence of what the Blble calls sln. t saggy 90, , MAN is ssvsnxrso "For the wa es of sln Is death" lsplrltual separation from Godl lRomans 6233. God Is holy and man Is slnful. A great chasm separates the two. Men are contlnually trying to reach od and the abundant llte through SINNI. MAN thelr own efforts: good llfe, ethlcs, philosophy, etc. LAW THREE JESUS CHRIST IS GOD'S ONLY PROVISION FOR MAN'S SIN. THROUGH HIM YOU CAN KNOW AND EXPERIENCE GOD'S LOVE AND PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE. HE DIED IN OUR PLACE "But God demonstrates Hls own love toward us, ln that whlle we were yet slnners, Chrlet dled for us" lRomans 5:81. HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD "Christ dled for our slns . . . He was burled . . . He was ralsed on the thlrd day according to the scrlptures . . . He appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. After that He appeared to more than tlve hundred . . ll Corlnthlans 15:3-6l. The Thlrd Law glves us the only answer to this dilemma . . . 009 HE IS THE ONLY WAY : "Jesus sald to hlm, 'I am the way, and the truth, and the llteg no one S comes to the Father, but through Me' " lJohn 14:6l. u God has brldged the chasm whlch separates us trom Hlm by sending 3 Hls Son, Jesus Chrlst, to dle on the cross In our place. MIN It ls not enough to know these three laws, nor even to glve Intellectual assent to them. LAW FOUR WE MUST INDIVIDUALLY RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST AS SAVIOR AND LORD: THEN WE CAN KNOW AND EXPERIENCE GOD'S LOVE AND PLAN FOR OUR LIVES. we Must Receive cumsr 'But as many aslrecehived Him, to them He Save the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name" Uohn 1: l. WE RECEIVE CHRIST THROUGH FAITH "For by grace you have been saved through faith: and that not ot yourselves, it is the gift of God: not as a result ol works, that no one should boast" IEphesians 2:8,9l. VIE RECEIVE CHRIST BY PERSONAL INVITATION "Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any one hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him" IReveIation 3:20l. Receiving Christ involves turning to God from self, trusting Christ to come into our lives, to forgive our sins and make us what He wants us to be. It is not enough to give intellectual assent to His claims or to have an emotional experience. These two circles represent two liinds of lives: g SELF CONTROLLED IFE CHRIST-CONTROLLED LIFE E-Ego or flnlte ssl on t-Igristfgn the MNH! of the throne I-Clrlsi outslde the llIe E-EIU-Ulf WUINUW e-Inu'-.gh qmgmnd 5, '-Interests under control self, often resultlng In of Infinite God. result- dlmnl and Irustratlon ms In Iurrmru with b God's plan Whlch clrcle represents your llle? ,Which clrcle would you like to have represent your lile? The lollowing explains how you can recelve Chrlsr: :OU CAN RECEIVE CHRIST RIGHT NDVI THROUCH PRAYER Prayer Is talking with Cool Cod. knows your heart and is not so concerned with your words as He is with the attitude ol your heart. The follows ing is s suggested prayer: 'Lord Jesus, I need You. I open the door ot my lite and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You tor forgiving my sins. Take control of the throne of my lite. Halle me the lilnd ot person You want me to he." Does this prayer express the desire at-your heart? It it docs. Pray this prayer right now, and Christ will come into your lite, as He promised. Advertisement by College Park Baptist Church PATRONS Aardvark Needle-Work 2124 Edgewater Drive Orlando, Florida Art Grindle Dodge Incorporated 4101 West Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida Band Wagon Music Center 2518 Edgewater Drive Orlando, Florida Danny Russell and Heather Litka Dennie Dixon and Nancy Branche Frank's Camera Shop 1825 Edgewater Drive Orlando, Florida Mr. Joseph L. Hundley Mary L. Flatliff K. S. Hudson Lori Electric 6125 Hialeah Street Orlando, Florida Mama Mia Pizza Edgewater Drive Orlando, Florida Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William R. Vezina Jr Mrs. Betty Boyce Sherrod Floor Covering 1249 North Orange Avenue Orlando, Florida Mrs. Emma W. Winslow advertising index ALBERT'S DRUG STORE ..... 2201 Edgewater Dr., Orlando BARI SHOES ......................... Winter Park Mall, Colonial Plaza, Downtown Orlando BEEF AND BOTTLE ..................... 358 N. Park Avenue, Winter Park BOB'S AUTO GLASS ........ 535 W. 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Orlando Avenue, Winter Park FOGARTY BROTHERS' TRANSFER . . . 320 Clear Lake Way, Orlando FOUR SPIRITUAL LAWS - COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST ..... 1914 Edgewater Drive, Orlando FRED'S PIZZA ............ 737 Lee Road, Winter Park FRlSCH'S BIG BOY RESTAURANT . . . 603 N. Orlando Avenue, Winter Park GABRlEL'S SUBMARINE SHOP . . . 1807 Edgewater Drive, Orlando HALL BROTHERS INS. ....... . 27 East Robinson Avenue, Orlando H.I.S. ................. . Winter Park Mall HOLLER CHEVROLET .......... 860 Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park 292 298 1 20 290 289 286 294 298 289 285 285 293 299 298 287 298 303 296 282 283 295 305 282 297 300 296 286 302 HONDA OF ORLANDO ....... 1802 Edgewater Drive, Orlando HOOD TRACTOR .............. 2120 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando IVEYS .................... Winter Park Mall, Downtown Orlando JENNINGS AND JENNINGS INC. . . . . 1032 Wilfred Drive, Orlando J. M. 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Orange Blossom Trail STEVE O'HARA AUTO WORLD . . 2220 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando STUFF TO WEAR ........... Winter Park Mall SURTEE'S JEWELERS ....... 308 Park Avenue, Winter Park TOM'S PIZZA ........... Aloma Avenue, Winter Park TOOLEY MYRON .......... 41 East Robinson Street, Orlando TOY PARADE ............ 2318 Edgewater Drive, Orlando WORJ .................. 1 North Orange Avenue, Orlando 281 300 281 294 302 283 281 284 292 280 295 290 299 288 285 291 283 290 296 282 288 301 295 289 299 304 294 286 faculty index ABKE, LOUISE - Oberlin, A.B.: Typing ll. ALLEN, JOHN A. - Brevard Community College, Florida Atlantic University, B.S., University of South Florida: Co-operative Distributive Education. Project Distri' butive Education: Delta Chapter of Distributive Education Clubs of America IDECAI. ARMSTRONG, DONNA - Southwest Missouri State, B.S., University of Missouri, Stetson University. 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Blackman, Phyllis 132 Blackmon, Patricia 146, 153,157 174, 214 Blackmon, Rita146, 157,190 Blackton, Bruce 281 Byrd, Kathy 237 Boulnois, Janice 236 Brewer, Nancy 121 Bowles, Vicky 181,237 Bowman, Pat 52,130, 131, 215 Boyce, Kim 126, 190 Boyce, Lynda 15, 127, 128, 156, 157, 179, 184, 265, 271 Bracker, John 158,237 Brackett, Cheryl 237 Brackett, Edward Cary, Ann 192 Canstanien, Sue 238 Castell, Kelvin 36, 119, 176, 238 Castcanano, Karen Catino, Cindy 216 Caverly, Neil 238 Centurion, Maria 216 Chandler, Steve Chantos, John 90, 91 Chapman, Clare 132, 166, 216 Charette, Valerie Charlton, Carletha 135, 216 Charrette, Steve 238 Chastang, Jackie 128, 216 Charlton, Terresa 132, 134, 175, 238 Chavis, Helen Chedwick, Helen 238 Chernega, Elise 145, 154, 216 Childs, Rosemary 216 Chromezak, Robert Chronister, Kathi Cianciarulo, Susan Cieplechewicz, Stanley 101 Cinnamon, James 81 Cipollone, Helen Clark, Carolyn 216 Clark, Cindy Clark, David 140, 192 Clark, Debbie 135,238 Clark Pat Clark, Steve 216 Clark Ron 132,192 Classon, Keith 140, 216 Claxton 100 Clayton, Carol 146, 219 Cleaver, Loretta 157, 192 Close, Jim Close, Sheila Clossey, Paul Cobb, Becky 184, 238, 251, 285 Cobb, Pam 192 Coburn, Gary 192,119 Coeson, Steve 130, 131, 238 Cohen, Allen Cohen, Sandra Colbert, John 219 Cole, Candy 116, 119,145, 213, 216, 222 Cole, Roger 193 Colee, Ami 216 Colhston, Barbie Colligan, Aurelia Collins, Janet Colson, Coni Colwell, Cathy 181,238 Condrey, Darrel 121, 193 Condrey, David 184, 238 Conner, George 292 Connor, Roberta Conner, Robbyn 193 Connors, Michael 238 Conrad, Gary Converse, Greg Cook, Charles Cook, Cleffard 94 Cook, David 193 Cook, Dennis 49, 51, 60, 62, 216, 298 Cook, Glenda 193 Cook, Joan 132,166,193 Cooksey, David 45, 50, 51 141, 238, 298 Cooksey, Starlett 193 Cooper, Gary 193 Cooper, George 193 Cooper, Karen 238 Cooper, Marie 102 140, Cutts, Kevin Cutts, Wendy 164, 193, 203 D'Agostino, Mike 194 D'Agostino, Toni 143, 145, 182, 184, 239, 304, 122 Dakin, Dale 173, 239 Dakin, Laura 216 Daily, Johnetta 67,132, 175,239 Daitzman, Lynn 194 Damelio, Bryant 194 Dameloa, Terri 194 Cope, Athlaia 104 Copley, Becky 193 Copley, Tony 193 Coppedge, Shelia 238, 267 Coppi, Larry Cordell, Curtis 140, 159, 193 Cordell, Leona 116 Cordell, Walter 69 Cordy, Bill 238 Cordrey, Cathy Cornell, Steve 216 Cortez, Christopher 193 Costello, James 193 Cothron, Judy Cotter, Mike 216 Covell, Kevin 216, 132 Covert, Chuck 193 Cowels, Nancy 121, 184,239 Cowherd, Jeff 93, 139, 124 Couch, Judy Courtney, Susie 238 Cox, Debbie Cox, Mindy Cox, Susan 151, 216 Craig, John 173, 239 Crager, Ken Crandford, Doug 121, 139, 216 Crawford, David 103, 216 Crawford, Tom 193 Crenshaw, Cindy 126, 162, 193 Crews, Danny 239 Crews, Molly 101 Crist, Colly Crist, Grant 69, 193 Critchett, Dan 96 Critchett, Dan Jr. 75, 121, 193 Cropp, Jimmy 216 Crosby, Charlene 216 Crossland, Joanne 193 Crow, David 193 Crow, Jane 103 Crowson, Allan 142, 143, 239 Crummer, Jerry 52 Cruse, Sally 193 Cuesta, Raymon 216 Cullison, Roy 61, 60, 142, 143,239 Culton, Robert 198 Curley, Chip 68 Curtis, Caryl 119, 145, 155, 213, 216, 225 Curtis, Martha 193 Curry, Jill 86 D'Amico, Jamie 239 D'Amico, Jeanette 217 Daniell, Nancy 160,239 Daniels, Ann 217 Daniels, Bill 194 Daniels Willie 239 Daniels, Yogi Dantzler, Fara 241 Dappolonia, Valerie 239 Darling, Tony 52 Darnley, Beatrice 194 Dart, Jeff 194 Davidson, Debby 149, 194 Davies, Albert 217, 180 Davis, Dawn 194 Davis, Debbie Davis, Debi 194 Davis, Eleanore 36, 37, 1 17, 119, 127, 234, 239, 279 Davis, Gail Davis, Gary 239 Davis, Glenda 240 Davis, Jeff Davis, Karen Davis, Rhonda 240 Davis, Shirley Dauphinais, Donna 194 Deal, Cathy 217 Deal, Mark 172, 240 Dean, Keith 194 DeCosta, Glenn DeCoursey 162 Dees, Cary 240 Deese, Susan 152, 194 DeFoor, Frank 139,217 Degard, Dan 194 Dehmer, Debbie 240 Delancett, Paulette 151, 179,217 Delrio, Joe 194 Demonio, Shirley Demoret, Steve 240 Deneweth, Sherry Dennis, Barbara 128, 240, 295, 122 Dennis, Ed 119, 194 Denniston, Faye 240 Denson, Scott 217 Derico, Queen DeSimon, Roberta 127, 170,240 Deutsch, Mitchell 133,240 Devore, Frances Diaz, Linda 181, 240 Dick,-Mike Jo Ann Brown takes a break from her daily routine. Dickenson, Patricia 217 Dickerson, Kay 25, 146, 147, 234, 240, 292 Dickinson, Bobby 240 Diefenderfer, Carol 240 Diller, Clyde 217 Dillingham, David 197 Dillingham, Diane 181,241 Dinwiddie, Tim 197,168 Dismuke, Mary Jane 145,217 Dixon, Deborah 217 Dixon, Ronald 197 Doane, Erua Doble, John Dobson, Sherry 217, 117 Doby, Michael 217 Doctor, Patricia Drayer, Bill 217 Driggers, Mary 197, 180, 166 Driver, Robin 241 Drolet, Mike 197 Dru, Donna 218 Duckworth, Jill 197 Dugan, Dixie 106, 119, 126, 128, 135, 183, 184, 218, 298 Dugan, Patty 241, 298 Duncan, Elizabeth Dunlap, Hudd 168, 197 Dunn, Debbie 119, 197 Dunn, Evelyn Dunn, Georgia 197 Dunn, Jeff52, 121,197 Dunn, Lynda 218 Dunn, Susan 197 Dolan, Robert 24 Dolce, Robert 110 Doltie Curley 217 Doltie Curt 217 Dorris, Nancy 197 Dorris Steve 240 Dosch LuAnn 217 Doss, Danny 197, 132 botts, Randy 103, 116 Douberley, Cindy Dove, Sandra Doyle, Christell 197, 146, 157 Doyle, Valeria 213, 222, 217, 119,137,146,157 Drakes, Gregory 197 Draper, Brenda 197 Dreayer, Barry 217 Drew, Jack Drew, Suzanne 241, 181 311 Dupree, Curtis 141, 241 Duvall, Steven 197 Dyer, Barbee 53, 70, 71, 235, 241 Dyer, Doug 29, 140 Dyer, William 197 Eacret, Brandt 48 Eady, Ellison 46, 47 Eady, James 171 Earle, Barbara 241 Earle, Marsha 197 Early, Sharon L. 128, 241,122 Eason, Doretha 96 Eason, Phil 48, 50, 66, 121, 142, 143, 162, 179,241,300,122 Easton, Janet 197 Easton, Nancy 34, 241, 248, 250 Eaton, Carolyn F. 241 Eberly, Mike 52 Edson, Chris 218 Ernde, Brian Gauthier, Ray 198 1 --- -W Edwards, Kathy 175, 197 Edwards, Maudest Ellen, Jim 44, 46 Ellerbe, Jim 197 Elliott, Pam 241 Ellis, Eddie 52,197 Elms, Dawn 12, 241 Ely, Kevin 197 Engel, Honi 197 Ensign, Charles Erdman, Nancy Lee 241 Eschelbach, Mona 149 Ethridge, Jay 197 Eunice, Elisa 160, 218, 232 Eunice, Steve 132, 241 Evans, Andy 111 Evans, Bob 136, 137, 241 Evans, Don 40, 50, 51, 69, 144, 145 Evans, Norman 11, 218 Eversole, Marlene 172, 242 Ezzard, Agnes 83 Faircloth, Lanette Falde, Vicki 218 Falkenstein, Jean 242 Fallen, Vicki Fann, Martin O. Farkas, Deanne 2, 23, 128, 160, 242 Farlow, Eileen 181,242 Farmer, Kenny 218 Fazio, Rena 184 Fehrenkamp, Jeff 218 Fehrenkamp, Scott 242, 263 Feilden, Mike 70 Fekany, Pat 128, 176, 184, 242, 248, 280, 281 Ferguson, Meg 197, 202 Fernundez, Larry 218 Ferrell, Diane 197 Ferrell, George 52 Ferrin, Danny 60,218 Ferruggia, Connie 242 Feussner, Cindy 218 Field, Linda197 Fields, Sandy 218 Fiedler, Mike 6,101, 130,218,123 Figueroa, Mike 116 Filko, Charlie J. 125, 177, 242,122 Filmore, Emily 218 Finchmun, Greg 218 Fink, Debbie 197 Fogarty, Sam 75, 119,128, 178 242, 295 Folan, Steve 218 Fontenot, Janice 197 Ford, Karen Foreman, Miriam 86 Forest, Roy 132 Forest, Tommy 197 Forsberg, Debbie 197 Forsythe, Mari 125,128, 218 Foster, Jackie 132, 197 Foster, Ken 197 Foster, Richard 197 Foust, Sue Fraser, Dan 128, 178,242 Francisco, Elaine 218,124 Frankel, Bill 121 , 125, 218,124 Franklin, Steve 218, 285 Frankum, Jenny 170, 219 Franus, Suzie 219 Freedberg, Jean 32, 149, 162, 183,242,122.128 Freelove, James Freeman, Donna L. 219 Freeman, Donna 173, 242 Fripp, Therese 162, 243 Frisbie, Leslie 197 Fox, Raymond Fulford, Susan 90 Fullen, Eddie 197 Gabriel, Kevin 36, 48, 171, 243, 300 Gaertner, Carl Gagne, Judy 132 Garry, Gordon 243 Garsh, Sharon 191,198 G iga ndet, Cathy Gilbert, Mitch 219,121,126,124 Gill, Mary 132, 198 Gillies, Wanda A. 219 Glisson, Jan 219 Glover, Jack N. Glover, Merrily Juanita 243 Gluyas, Susan 90, 91 Goans, Davie 243, 127 Godbold, Debbie 198 Godbold, Eddie Godbold, Sandi Guzinski, Don Haddad, Dimitri Hadsell, John Hagood, Roger 244, 173 Hagy, Keith Haire, Bill 132,198 Hall, Betty 85 Hall, Bobby 126, 220, 124 Hall, David 116, 117, 244 Hall, Debbie 121, 198 Hall, George 83 Hall Jim r Gaines, Davis 234, 243, 251, 25, 26, 122, 119,297, 184, 183, 138, 199, 265, 146, 128, 162, 163 Gaines, Pam 197 Gaines, Patty 198 Galbraith, Donna 243,181 Galbraith, Donnie 191,198 Finzer, Eileen Firios, Christine 197 Firios, John 46,242 Flaherty, Sue 242 Fleming, George 47,139,218 Fleming, Mike 197 Fletcher Marcia 121, 145, 197 Fletcher Mike 242 Floyd, Susan 242 Flynn, Julie 125, 218 Gallion, Don 292 Gamble, Jerome 49 Gambles, Charles Gandy, Wayne 46, 47, 54, 18 Garbrick, Sarah Lou 108 Garland, Ralph 219 Garrett, Charisse 243 Gaskey, Art 130, 164,219 Gatewood, Paul 198 Gay, David 219 Gayle, Vicki 219 Geisler, Bobby 60, 121,243 Genge, Janet 157, 198 Gentile, Donna Gentry, Rhonda 219 Gezzar, Bill Gholson, Sheryl 243 Gibson, Joyce 108, 175 Giddens, Patty Ann 219 0,218 312 Godwin, Vivian 198 Goff, Kenneth E. 219 Golub, Jeff 243, 14 Gooch, Karen 243, 125 Gooch, Laurie Goodman, Shirley lrene 219 Goodwin, George Goodwin, Gus P. Goodshaw, Margaret Helen Gordon, Gary Gorman, Larry 54, 55 Gornell, Clara 93, 146,243 Gornell, Ted 198 Gornte, Gary 94 Goynes, Stephanie 219 Graham, Gayle Graham, Karen Elizabeth 117, 198 Grant, Melvin 116, 243 Grant, Ron 219 Grantham, David 198 Gravino, Mike 244, 246 Gray, Mary 198 Gray, Robert 219 Green, Jim 173, 244 Green, Susan 181, 244 Greene, Fran 125, 244,122 Greene, Jeff 137, 198 Greene, John Greene, Marcy 198 Greenland, Mary L. 155, 125, 219, 224 Greenough, Alton Gregory, Marie 120, 149, 183, 184, 219, 124 Griffin, George 86,121, 244,122 Griffin, Jared Griffith, Kathy 145, 198 Griggs, Steve Gross, Don 244 Grover, Marilyn 244, 122 Gruber, Grace 96, 181 Grubert, Patricia 172,244 Gruny, Salvatore 219 Guardado, Bruce 244 Guardado, David Guattry, Romona Guerrero, Sylvia 132 Guilkey, Robert 116, 117, 244 Gunsalus, Christine 4, 244 Gunter, Anne M. 70, 220 Gunter, Kathy 146, 147, 220, 231, 124 Halladay, Ron 244 Hallman, Daniel 103, 164 Halstead, Otto Hamber, Liz 244, 122,124 Hamilton, Doris 125, 127, 128, 244, 122 Hammond, David Hampton, Phyllis Hand, John 198 Hand, Mark 139 Handley, Ronnie Hanks, David 49, 198, 208 Hansbrough, John 48, 107, 145 171, 244 Hanson, Michael 52, 160,220 Hardy, Walter 220 Hargrove, Althea Hargreaves, Buddy 244 Harlan, Bobby 220 Harmon, Terry 220 Harper, Collette 198 Harper, John 198 Harper, Tom 250 Harris, Everett 132 Harris, Glenda 244 Harris, Hattie Harris, Joy 220 Harris, Lynda 199 Harris, Pearline Harriss, Bobby 140, 220 Harriss, Diane 199 Harrison Harrison Harrison Harrison Harrison Harrison ,John Patti 175, 198 Ronnie Sharon 20, 116, Sheila 199 Stephen 220 Hart, Cheryl 149, 244 Hart, Kit 220 Hart, Nick 159, 199 Hart, Terry 144, 145,244 117,244 Harter, Paul 199 Harter, Kathy 83, 245 Hartberger, Pat 149, 245 Harvell, Betsy 199 Harvell, Sissy 172, 245 Harvey, Edward Hartzog, Lynn 199 Haskins, Paul 108 Hastings, Dwayne 178, 245 Hatcher, Cheri 22O'124 Horner, Russell 221 Kasemeier, Casey 200 Kierstead, Kevin D. 200 Hayes, Diane 199 Hayes, Lutricia 220 Hayes, Pam 121, 146,147,245 Hayman, Peggy Haynes, Clarence 54, 245 Hayworth, Rickey 132, 220 Hazard, Danny 220 Headley, Chip 121,139, 220 Heafner, Mike 245 Heaps, Laura 199 Heaps, Danny 220 Heavener, Mike 130,245 Hedrick, John 125, 220 Heise, James 80, 82 Hellinger, Walter 176, 220,124 Helmer, Colleen 220, 298 Hemsley, Denise 145,220 Henderson, Helen 199 Hendrickson, Donna 126, 149, 184, Hendrix, Sharon Henry, Heather 130, 150, 151, 220, 231 Hensley, Steve Hepburn, Steve 60, 132,245 Hepker, David Heritage, Art 172, 245 Herman, Jack 130,131, 245 Herring, Robert Hessenaver, Steve Hevener, Patty 12, 245 Hibbard, Mark 221 Hibbard, TenIey146, 199, 211 Hicks, Garry Hicks, Jackie 221 Hicks, Jennifer 245 Hicks, Larry 199 Hicks, Ronnie 245 Hiers, Blake 199 Hill, Gene 221 Hill, Gloria Hiller, Wayne Hillman, Janis Hillman, Randy 246 Himes, Leonard 94 Hines, Marsha 221 Hinkle, John 116,117, 221 Hong, Henry 199 Hood, Mary 221 Hood, Maxine 116, 175,246 Hood, Wadie 199 Index Hooker, Becky 246 Hooks, Penny 199 Hooper, Becky 181, 183, 186, 246, 248 Hooper, Betty 221 Hoover, Galey 145, 199 Hoover, Marc 64, 74, 178, 246 Hopkins, Elizabeth 221 Hopper, Phyllis 246 Horan, Tom 48, 60, 171, 246, 300 Horn, Dennis 21,104,132,133, 246, 304 Horne, Denise Horner, Doug 132, 199 Houck, Debbie 181,246 Houk, Sharon 199 House, Julia 85 Howard, Bob Howard, Mark 52 Howard, Roger 52,164,221 Howard, Sharlene Hovvd, Larry'199 Howington, Jo 166 Howington, Penny 126, 199 Hout, Robert 200 Huang, David 115, 128, 129, 168, 179, 180,246,295 Huang, Dee Dee 71, 108, 132 Huang, Ping 121, 125, 128, 178, 295, 124 Hudson, Larry Hudson, Michelle 173 Huggins, Gary Humphreys, Marilou 98,181 Hunt, Sonia Hunt, Rita 246 Hunt, Scott 172 Hupp, Sherry 145 Hurlburt, Linda 121, 200 Hurley, John 54, 132, 246 Hurst, Jerry 136, 137,246,122 Hurst, Korrie Hinman, Pam 246 Hinsey, Laura 75 Hires, Marian Hirschy, Roger 27, 140, 141, 179, 246 Hite, Randy 221 Hocreiter, Gary Hodges, Debbie 221 Hodges, Janice 246 Hoffman, Curtis 221 Hogan, Jeff 299 Holdorf, Tom 132,221 Holland, Tommy 246 Holley, Jacki 199 Hutchingson, Joy Hutchinson, Bobby 200 Hutchinson, Tony Hutson, Jo Lynn 200 Hyatt, George 200 Hyder, Marveen lmbriani, Mary 200 lmbriani, Mike Ingram, Annie 246 Irvine, Cindy lrvine, Kathy lppolito, Angelo Iseli, Lane 116 Holmes, Bail 219, 221 i-ioiruim 46,171,221 Jackson, Charles 132 Jackson, Debra 313 Jackson, Borothea 247 Jackson, Jeff 247 Jackson, Katrine Jackson, Patricia Jackson, Roxie Jackson, Susan 132 Jacobs, Greg Jacobson, Steve 23 Jasper, Robert 200 Jenfins, Catherine 116 Jennings, Jeff 247, 272, 49 Jennings, Jeff 200, 139 Jennings, Jon 200, 138, 139 Jensen, Fred Johns, Averita116,117, 247 Johns, Grace 85 Johns, Judy 247 Johnson, Angela 200, 157 Johnson, Audrey 200, 116 Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Carol 247 Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, David 247 Johnson, Diane 200, 130 Johnson, Gennette 200 Johnson, Glenn 247, 55, 54, 56, 57 Johnson, James Johnson, Jill 200, 157 Johnson, Margie 125, 145, 153, 157, 124 Johnson, Mike Johnson, Paul 200, 52 Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Robert 70 Johnson, Robert 116, 117 Johnson, Wayne 83 Jolly, Gloria 116 Jones, Andy 121, 138, 139, 171, 247 Jones, Barbara 116, 175, 247 Jones, Buster Jones, Chris 247 Jones, Debbie 200 Jones, Denise 200 Jones, Diane 200 Jones, Jay 139, 200 Jones, Larry 219 Jones, Lynne Jones, Michael Jones, Mike 200 Jones, Robert 104 Jones, Sherry Jones, Willie 94 Jones, Yvonnie Jordan, Bill 101, 138 Jordan, John 247, 122 Jordan, Robin Jordan, Stacey Joyner, Mike Judd, Paulette 178, 248, 122 Jurgeleit, Anita Kahn, Tybell 107 - Kalapp, Betsy 178, 182, 248, 299 Kamenoff, Ellen 146, 147 Kamn, Gail 169,248 Kane, Steve 200 Kazaros, Robert Keener, Lynn 200 Keener, Maryanne 149 Keener, Ruth 248 Keith, Barbara 146, 166, 179,248 Keith, Larry 164, 200 Keithley, Sara 108 Keller, Debbie 200 Keller, William 52, 200 Kelley, Doug 200 Kelley, Helen 107 Kellman, Joan 200 Kelly, Cassandra 116, 248 Kelly, Jeff 52,60 Kelly, John Kelly, June 132,200 Kemp, Brenda Kemp, Cheryl 200 Kennedy, Jeff 200 Kennedy, Sheree 200 Kennedy, Thomas 86 Kaplan, David 176,248,122 Karst, Sara 121 Katz, Steve 140, 141 Knoll, Kim 164 Kline, Randy E, 201 Kittinger, Mark 69,201 Kittinger, Linda 119, 146, 201 Kittinger, Jeannie 37, 70, 147, 234, 248, 294 Kirkland, Jeri 294 F Kirkland, Jane 145, 248,300 Kirkland, Beth 121,201 Kinsell, Renee King, Ruby 201 King, Marian Jane 201 King, Phil 110 King, James 98, 173 King, Cicero B. 201 Kimber, Terry 248 Kimber, Kevin J. Kieffner, Delbert 104 Kidwell, Don 82 Kidd, Steve 138, 139, 302 Kerns, Tina 124 Kerns, Gina 164 Kenyon, Lea 248 Kent, C. Norman 80 Klindt, Jim 60, 138,139,124 Koffler, Bob 124 Kougie, Joe Kokontis, Kokie Korn, Leo 21, 167,176,248,122 Korn, Rachel 201 Kottelman, Amy 181 , 249 Kozlowski, David Kozlowski, Sandy 132, 201 Maloney, Lynn 172 Miltonberger, Mi ke 253 Mizette, Lewis ,, Kruger, Ralph 201 Kube, Kathy 117 Kubik, Donna 249,122 Kuehn, Howard 46 Kunz, Paul 137 Kurtz, Sandy 201 Las, Paul LaBelleman, Ann 85 Ladianie, Deborah 201 Lail, Randy 75 La Londe, Stacey 132 Lampp, Sandy Lander, Jeff 101, 130, 131, 139, 172 Landers, James 249 Landry, Gary 121, 249, 294 Langley, Mike 60, 249 Lankford, Cindy 75, 90, 119, 127, 145, 157 Lawrence, Valinda 249 Lawson, Buck 52 Lee, David 249 Lee, Delaine 119, 249 Lefevre, Dan 201 Leighton, Albert Leitch, Sean Lessard, Paul Lesquier, Ricky Levi, Carlton 201 Levi, Kenneth 249 Index Love, Melanie Love, Roderick 249 Loyd, To Lucas, Jeff 202 Lucas, Linda 6, 249 Lucas, Paul 249 Lunsford, Valerie Lyman, Gary 132 Lynch, Milo 105 Lyons, Dennis 116 Lyons, Doug Malloy, Lisa 202 Mallory, Mike Maloney, Kathy 150 Miller, Kenneth J. 203, 52 Miller, Marla Miller, Max 101 Miller, Melody 203 Mandell, Melanie 202 Maples, Bill 202 Maples, Robert 110, 171 Marquandt, Scott 202 Marrero, Coolue 121, 202 Marsh, Lou Anne 249, 295, 298 McAllisatar, Kim McAuliffe, James 253 McBride, Penn 253 McCann, Joyce 253 McCants, Mike 54, 55 McCartney, Mark 253 McClain, Alex Marshall, Tom 172 Marsh, Carol 202 Martin, Cindy Martin, Curtis 132, 164 Martin, Denise 202 Martin, Jan Martin, Larry 203 Martinez, Karen McCollum, Gina 75, 125 McCullum, Keny McConnell, Edwin 253 McConnell Janet 155 McConnell, Jim McConnell Mickey 6, 140,141, 159 McConnell Paul 140, 141, 148, 253, 271 McCormick, George 105, 180, 128 McCoy, Tate 180 McCully, Walt 42, 46, 48, 60, 253 Levis, Lewis Lewis Ken 117, 267, 292 , Brenda , Joy 79, 90, 159 Lewis, Laura 249 Lewis Linde Lindg Link, Link, Linse, UDP, , Sheila 249 ll, Doug ren, Ed 75,160,179 Doris 201 John Brenda Angie 172 Little, Anne Lively, David 173 Litka, Heather 285 Lively, Karen 201, 121, 146, 147 Lickman, Jim 249, 172 Lickman, Melenie 249 Lockman, Janet Loma x, Jan 249 Lombardi, Ernie 201, 132 Long, Long, Henry 54 Jerry JoAnn, Long Long, Long, Roger 201 Sando 232, 70, 71,160 Macy, Curtis 202 Lopez, Prentice 202 Lorenzen, Kim 202 Lorenzen, Terry 126 Losey, Jay 121 Losey, Kieth 202 Losso, Mary Jo 153, 157, 164 Loti, Bev 202 McDermott, Diane 181, 253 McDuffie, Larry McEnany, Karen 126, 124 McFarland, Joe 55, 54, 121 McGarry, Donna L. 122 McGarry, Robin McGinnes, John 52 Mclnvale, Bill McKathan, Brenda 253 McKee, Bruce 83, 121, 176, 254 McKee, Dann 254 McKenna, Mike 254 McKinney, Peggy McKinney, Sherill 128, 254, 122 McKnight, Charles McKnight, Georgia 62, 135, 616 McLain, Bill McLean, Billy McLeod, Luke McMasier, Kevin McMullen, Darlene McPherson, Sheryl McNamera, Hal 19, 24, 254 MacGeorge, Donna Mackey, Raymond 132 Macy, Connie 202 Marvin, Danny 203 Marvin, Sharon 121, 144, 145, 252, 297 Mascato, Nicky 121 Mason, Jon 132 Massaro, John 173, 249 Massaro, Leilanl 203 Matclett, Ricky 203 Mathew, Charles 249 Mathews, Jan 249 Mathews, Ken 52, 203 Mattox, Dan 42, 43, 65, 66, Miller, Fred Millner, Jack Millner, Phil 253 Miggs, Kevin 203 Milstead, Peggy 95, 166 Miltenberger, Marcy 149, 253 Mink, Cynthia 156 Miragliotto, Agnes 86, 87 Mischuck, Mary 203 Mitchell, Rhunette 253 Mixson, Joanne 181, 253 Mixham, Rosemary 181 Mixson, Rosemarie 253 Mobley, Lydia 117 Moher, Marlane Monroe, Marty 147, 203 Montsdeoca, JoEllen 132, 203 Moore, Bruce 203 Moore, Cathye Moore, Cindy 204 Moore, Dennis Moore, Donald 253 Moore, Sue Moncrief, Sandy 169 74, 249, 122 Maudin, Penny Maxfield, Emma lAuntl 83 Maxwell, Claudia Maxwell,Mitzi119, 126,128,124 May, Chuck 125, 128, 179, 180, 124 May, Jan 128, 129, 180, 252, 122, 124 May, Robert Mayer, Gail Mead, Buddy 203 Meadors, Peggy 128 Medley, Cindy 132, 203 Medley, Kathy Meeks, Dennis Meer, Henry Melrose, Catherine 125, 126, 124 Melton, Marilyn 252 Memory, Lexie Ann 252 Memory, Starry 132 Meng, Nancy 172 Meredith, Duke Mertan, Amy Metzger, Eddie 44, 49, 50, 92, 142, 143,171,252, 300 Meyer, Chip 203 Meyer, Robert 203, 163 Micheal, James 94 Maddox, Randy 202 Madry, Barbara 126, 132, 202 Madry, Nancy 126, 132, 202 Magrowski, Jo 85 Maguire, Sara 119, 145 Makinson, Eileen 132, 127, 202 314 Miller, Chris Miller, Dawn 149 Miller, Duane Miller, Gayle Miller, Greg Miller, Johnny 116, 117 Morales, Debbie Morehouse, Dale 124 Moretz, Alan 253 Morgan, Debra 121, 178, 124 Morgan, Whitney 203 Morin, Bill 204 Morrel, Dennis Morrison, Alan 204 Morrison, David Morriso, Jerry Morrison, Karen 253 Morse, Bill 52, 69, 204 Morton, Genie 253 Morton, Jo Ann Morton, Rusty Moscato, Nick 204 Moseley, Reginald Moses, Kevin Mosley, Jim 139 Mosley, Steve Moughan, Robert Mount, Demetrice Mountjoy, Susie 181, 253 Mras, Cindy 128, 148, 149, 251, 253 Mudd, Curtis 132, 204 Mulcahy, Ann 253 Mullins, Linda Murphy, LuAnne 132 Murphy, Susan 152, 157 Muscato, Nico Muth, Walter 164 Myers, Donna 204, 205 David 130 Pittman, Sophia Myers, Robert 163 NOS, Jimmv As the year closes, Dan Mattox and Beth Caile contemplate their future. Myrick, Bruce Myrick, John 49, 69, 114, 116, 253 Neal, Susan Neese, Tony NeJame, Mark 176, 177, 254 Neff, Susan 127, 128, 254 Nelson, Ken Nelson, Mike 254 Neudecker, Denise 10, 144, 1 166,179, 182,184,254 Nesheim, Vic 254, 257 Ness, James 162, 163, 254 Newcomer, Glenda Newlin, Judy 98 Newlon, Phillip 108 Newman, Rodney 52, 60 Newton, Richard 47, 204 Nielsen, Diane Nichoas, Ed Nichols, Donald Nichols, John Nicholson, Jolene 160, 254 Nickell, Sharon 204 Niemeyer, Chuck 204 Nieves, Priscilla 125 62, 163, Noble, Nancy 254 Noll, Kim Norman, Jim Norton, Davora Norvill, Tim Oberlin, Richard 91 O'Donoghue, Bruce 1 179, 254 Odham, Don 204 Ottel, Betty 173, 254 Ogden, David Oglesby, Billy O'Hara, Suzy 28, 31, 154, 254, 290 O'Leary, Debbie Olmstead, Jerry 255 Olsen, Bob 255 Olsen, Nettie 204 Olsen, Tom Olsen, MarJean 204 Orwick, Penny 88, 12 184, 218 Outlaw, Susan Owen, Bitsy 28, 255 19,138,127,148, 34, 119, 127, 6, 149, 182, Owen, Cheryl 153, 157, 204 Owen, Joe 315 Pace, Bev 204 Pace, Greg 204 Pace, Pack, Mike 91,121,255 David Page, Pam 272 Page, Tricia 196 Palaez, Palmer, Van Palmer, Vicki Papuano, Mathew Park, Barbara 255 Park, Ed Parker, Jim 255 Parrish, Phil 114,168 Parsons, Greg 124 Partner, Sherron Paschall, Robby 172 Patten, Patt 135, 204 Patterson, Tommy 255 Payne, Joan Peabody, George Pearce, David Pearson, Nancy 255 Pearson, Pamela Jean Pearson, Pattie 255 Peath, Laurie Peele, Greg 183, 255 Peetluck, Bill 255 Peetluk, Steven 204 Pelaez, David 184 Pempey, Sharon 255 Pena, Joe 121 , 205 Penney, Mike 256 Pennington, Robert 256 Pepper, Lee 132, 289 Peral, David 69, 130, 205 Perdue, Angelo 176, 186, 256, 271 Perich, Grey 60, 61, 256 Perkins , Janet 34, 37,125,137, 144, 145, 182 Perkins Perkins 1 156,157,162,163,179, 184, 256 Nancy 145, 157, 205 , Tricia 169 Peters, George Peters, Steve 205 Peterson, Alisa 128, 178, 256, 123 Peterson, Denise 152, 205 Petsos, Missy 205 Pfau, Ed 256, 263 Pfeffer, Pfeiffer, Melvina 205 Betsy 145, 157 Phillips, craig 118, 119, 176, 256, 123 Phill ips, 248, Debbie 145, 183, 184, 250, 256, 302 Phillips, Gary 256 Phillips, Marvin 11,14 Phillips, Pennie Phipps, Stan 11, 14 Piatt, David 256 Pickerill, Donny 256, 142, 123 Pierce, David 178 Pierson, Don 69, 256, 125,123 Pierson, Mary Pierson, Ritsy 28, 143, 145, 154 Pieschel, Donna Pine, Hilary 256 Piper, Kathy 256 Pittman, Clarence Plath, Cheryl Plath, Laurie 205 Poitier, Vera 84 Polk, Tom 11, 14 Ponder, Alfred James 11, 14 Ponder, Ricky Popkey, Bill 256 Porter, Harry 205, 52 Porter, Karen 75, 128, 178 Porter, Sam 91 Potter, Don Potter, Bill 132, 256 Potter, Donna 132, 152, 205 Potterfield, Patty 205 Potterfield, Sherry 145 Powell, Patricia Practer, Rhonnie 205 Pratt, Gary 256 Pratt,.Mike 180, 256 Pratt, Tom 102 29, 256, 142. Preston, Fred 69, 167, 180, 256 Preston, Karen E. 205 Price, Stan Prine, Margerat 149, 205 Pritchett, Dean 256 Prochaska, Steve 44, 47, 49, 171, 256, 296 Purcell, Loretta Purnell, Carlton Purvis, Julie Quarterman, Lortha Ouarterman, Richard 53, 54, 5 Ouattry, Mona 205 Radcliffe, Cece 290, 291 Rafter, Terry 106, 205 Rainey, Carrol 52, 205 Randall, Phyllise Randolph, Nacy Rang, Paul 32, 205 Rankin, Debbie 145, 182, 261, Rankin, Mary 205 Rapopart, Selma 75, 160, 205 Ratliff, Mary 130, 256 Ray, Alice 117 Rayle, Euge 205 Raymond, Jean Read, Albert Read, Lora 257 Reames, Lucy 257 Redder, Carl 205 Reddick, Linda 87 Reddlt, Pat 169, 257 Reed, Dan 205 Reedy, Oscar Reedy, Tony 206 Reese, Ronnie 168 Reifenaver, Mary 205 121, 6, 57 281 Richard, Candy Rein, Robin 206 Reynolds, James 206 Reynosco, Patty Rhue, Joan Rice, Willaim Rich, David 257 Richard, Blaine Ruggiero, Anthony Ruiand, Betsy 258 Runner, Fred 178, 258, 123 Rupert, Cynthia 206 Rush, Randy 206 Rush, Robert Rush, William 139, 206 Rushing, Janet 196, 206 Index Seigworth, Tim Seiler, Cindy 150 Sellers, Martha 207 Sellars, Mary 181, 259 Settle, Frieda Settle, Mark Seymour, Charlene 132 Seymour, Richard 132, 207 Smith, Patty Smith, Rhonda 117, 208 Smith, Ron Smith, Viki 181,124 Sneed, Vicki Snipes, Carol Snyder, Ronnie 75 Soldinger, Jan 129, 183, 260, 123 Richard, Connie 181, 257 Richards, Jack Richards, Tom Richardson, Danith Ricketson, Ricky 121 Ricks, Ricky 220, 285, 282 Ridder, Geoge Riddle, Anfy 206 Riddle, Eugenia Ridenour, Randy 206 Rife, John 124 Riley, Michiele 206 Rinaldo, Frank 125 Rinaldo, Mary 257 Russell, Diana 132, 206 Russell, Gilbert 121,139,206 Russell, Larry Russell, Lena 149, 127, 258 Rybolt, Tom 137 Rynbeck, Betty Ryun, Nora 173, 259 Sachse, Tim 49, 60, 63, 139 Salas, John 47, 142, 207 Salas, Robert Salkin, Bill Salkin, Susie 147, 146, 206 Rister, Ritter, Emilee 206 Kenneth 172 Rivers, Michael 206 Rivers, Pam 28, 119, 154, 180, 257 Robb, Penny 257 Robbins, Sally Stephens, Roy Roberts, Bayard 75, 119, 257 Roberts, Eric 172, 257 Roberts, Lynn Robertson, Dee-Dee Robertson, Dorothy 157, 166, 206 Robertson, Roger 69, 148, 159, 164, 257 Rogers, Don Rogers, Rick 206 Rogers Ricky 69, 257 Rogers 1 Robert Rogers, Terry 257 Rogers, Wayne 46, 52, 121, 206 Rohrer, Alice 258 Rojas, Susana 6 Rolling, Myron Rolling, Karl Rollins, Dorothy Romigh, Linda 87, 159 Roof, Jason Rose, Jerry 46 Rose, Jim Rosen, Sandy Ross, Carol 206 Ross Karen 127 Ross Marshall 75, 206 Ross, Sue Ross, Terence 206 Sami, Gina 7,158 Sami, Mark 4, 87, 158, 259 Sami, Sam Sams, Tim 297 Samuels, Linda 147, 116, 259 Sanders, Robert 132 Sandford, Barbara 152, 207 Sandford, Marian 259 Sangrey, Pam 259 Santangelo, Marilyn Santiesteban, Hector 168 Santiesteban, Joseph 207 Sapp, Kimberly 207 Sarrell, Tom 142, 143 Sasser, Charles 259 Sasser, Katyrn 207 Satterwhite, Jeri Savino, Litaina 207 Sawley, Donna 145 Sawyet, Debi Scanlon, Mike Scarborugh, MaryAnn 207 Scgardt, Jan 207 Schiff, Judy 207 Schloneger, Dorthy 207 Schmerler, Joe 128, 129, 158, 181, 259, 123,124, 179 Schmidt, Bill Schmoyer, Darryl Schmoyer, Jeff Schner, Dale Schreiber, Tim Schultz, Raddy 172 Schuller, Cynthia 181 , 259 Schwartz, Allie Schwartz, Linda Schwartz, Steven Shader, Donna 207 Shader, Suzan 259 Shaffer, Valarie 207 Shank, Sharon 107, 207 Shannon, Danny 259 Sharon, lllene 157, 207 Sharp, Brenda 259 Shaver, Barry 60 Shaver, Pam 260 Shawver, Pam 259 Shawver, Patty 207 Sheafer, Steve Sheafer, Stuart 6, 206 Sheehan, John 103, 180 Shepherd, Douglas Shilling, David 64, 74,121,171 Shilling, Steve 121,259 Shipley, Susan 114, 128, 160, 259 Shodis, Joe Shupe, Denny 132 Shutt, Jimmy 207 Siegfried, Pat 52, 207 Sieler, Cindy 151 Siglim, Barbara Silberman, Beth 208 Siliske, Alan 54, 58, 123, 259 Sill, Carol 208 Silverbach, Armen Simon, Sunshine 260 Simon, Carolyn 87 Simpson, Richard 132, 259 Sims, Mike Rowell, Jerry Ross, William 256 Rousseau, Susan 206 Rowe, Helen Royce, Sallie 121,181, 258 Rube, Gary 258 Rudd, Deborah 258 Rudd, Sara Lu 150, 151 Scott, Cynthia Scott, Lyn 180, 207 Scott, Robin 224, 289, 290 Sears, Ken 259 Seagraves, Jimmy 60, 63, 259, 300 Seidell, Mary 207 Seidell, Tom Seigworth, Cynthia 207 Sims, Phillis181 Sincic, Ed 105 Sitter, Steve 211 Skinner, Wes 132 Slauson, Janet 260 Slay maker, Leroy 260 Slaymaker, Wayne Smart, Sammie 6, 208 Smertneck, Tom Smith Bobby 9, 146, 147 Smith Deborah 260 Smith Deborah Ann 260 Smith Donna 260 Smith, Gerald Smith Gilbert 260 Smith, Ginger 260 Smith, Greg 52, 208 Smith, Howard 88 Smith, .lim 91, 92 Smith, Joe 128, 260 Smith, Kim Smith, Larry 44, 49, 171 Smith Smith Smith 316 Melanye "Monne" 208 Mike Ned 47, 171, 260 Solomon, Ellen Soverstrom, Janice 260 Soyars, Dave 208 Spacth, Dan 139, 208 Sparkman, Lynn 151 Sparks, John 126, 208 Spencer, Calvin Spencer, William 117 Spinks, Sprite 146, 147, 163, 162,181,124,179 Spratt, Debbie Springer, Desi Spurgeon, Debbie 208 Squeteri, Gabe 146 Srensen, Steven 260 Staehler, Lois Stamm, Jerry 208 Stamm, Pete Stanford, Susie 121, 146, 147, 208 Starke, Daryl Starks, Chacliemae Staton, Suzanne 124 Staton, William 208 Steele, Clark 208 Steele, Jerry 173, 260 Steele, Manson Steele, Sam Stephens, Sheila 145, 157, 208 Stermen, Dave 91 Stevenback, Willard 132, 208 Stevens, Sondra Stevenson, Robert Lynn 260 Stewart, Melodye Stickler, Debbie 152 Stiles, Garland 99 St. Jacques, Diane 208 Stokes, David 69, 208 Stokes, Mary Stone, Daryl Stone, Debbie 260 Stopher, William 52, 208 Stover, Candy 261 Stover, Robin 84, 162, 166 Strum, Kim 60, 217 Strum, Marc 48, 63, 66, 142, 143, 261,300 Stuckey, Bill Stuckey, Donald Stull, John 48,121,142, 143, 162, 261 Sutliff, Susan Sutton, Donna 300 Sutton, James 91 Sutton, Missy 153, 225 Swain, Charlene 261 Swanner, Dawn 121 Swearinger, Debra 209 Swearinggen, Wesley 261 Sweitzer, John 60 Swilley, Oliver 209 Swofford, Paul 261 Tallone, Judy Tally, Leuise 98 Talone, Lori 157, 175 Talowe, Lori 209 Talton, Bettye 132, 261 Tamburgo, Vickie 209 Tanner, Ben 52, 209 Taurangean, Susan Tawcak, Michael Taylor, Angela 132, 157, 261 Taylor, Candy Taylor, Carol 152, 209 Taylor, Janette 209 Taylor, Martin Taylor, Melodye 209, 146 Taylor, Tim 69, 261 Taylor, Willie 52, 209 Trabulsky, Sy Trapp, Barbara 132, 151 , 179, 209 Trapp, Nancy Treadway, Leslie Trento, Heid 209 Trento, John Trice, Veronica 262 Trimm, Sheila 127, 135, 262 Trimm, Starla132, 152, 209 Triplet, Debbie 169 Tripp, Esther 209 Trtilek, Jeannette 94, 95 Trulock, Ronald 209 Trento, John Trux, Richard 88, 183 Tubbs, Robert 262, 130, 131, 176 Turko, Mark 125 Turner, Kim Turner, Robert 262 Turner, Suzanne 209 Tyler, Lynne 281, 262 Ulm, Sandra 84 Umlauf, Rick 166 Teall, Leslie 70, 146,147 Teall, Spring 70,121,146, 147 regg, John 47, 106, 142, 171, 261 Tegg, Lois 85 Thackwray, Vicki 132, 149, 209 Theiss, Mark 132 Theodore, Leon 104, 160 Thilmony, Marcy 261 Thilmony, Matt 209 Thilmony, Miles Underwood, Glenna Urban , Bev 209 Urbanjack, Marilyann 262 Urlan, Eileen 209 Vaden, Sharon Valdes, Maggie Valkenburg, George 262 Vallella, Mark 210 Van Derveer, Joani Vandunse, Eric 210 Van Nortwick, Terry 88, 184 Ventworth, Mike 210 Thomas, Bill Thomas, Buck 182, 184 Thomas, Danny Thomas, Debbie 173 Thomas, Evelyn 261 Thomas, Keith 209 Thomas, Leda 209 Thomas, Maisha 209 Thomas, Mike 261 Thomas Ricky Thomas Sandra Thomas ,William 26,1 Thomason, Mike 12'1, 209 Thomason, Toni Thompson, Dorothy 95 Thompson, Howard 209 Thompson, Joanne 127, 128, 150, 151, 156 Thompson, Michael 52, 64, 66, 164 Thompson, Tommy 60, 110 Tilghman, Terri 150 Tilghman, Twyla 209 Tillman, John Tillman, Valerie 28, 34, 154, 155, 261 Tish 98 Tolar, Pat Tomlin, Terry Tomlinson, Lynn 262 Tomlinson, Patricia 116, 262 Vereen, Valerie 262, 116, 117 Vermilyea, Mike 139 Vezina, Rob 132 Vickers, Valerie 262, 181 Vickers, Woodrow 92 Vickery, Kenneth 95 Victor, Richard Viehman, Rose Vincent, Donna 210 Voorhees, Easy Voran, Greg 44, 49, 50, 210 Walburn, Jean 210 Walden, Byron 210 Walden, Jeannell 107 Walker, Ann 132, 149,262 Walker, Anthony 210 Walker, Bob 67, 209, 210 Walker, Candy Walker, Ed 210 Wallace, Rachel Wallach, Jordan 121, 176 Walls, Tommy 210 Walls, Wayne 262 Walsh, Jody 262 Walters, Jan 262 Walton, Brenda 262, 123, 179 Walton, Brenda 5, 123, 128, 129, 162, 179,180, 181, 262 Walton, Martha 262 Wampler, Everett 103 317 ff Getting in shape for track, Greg Peele exerts himself in a game of volleyball. Ward, Peggy 84 Walton, Brenda 5, 123, 128, 129, 162,179,180,181, 262 Walton, Martha 116, 117,176, 262 Walton, Pam 210 Wampler, Everett 103 Wansley, Sandy 173, 262 Ward, Peggy 84 Ward, Shelley 121, 160, 262 Ware, Brian 125, 126, 124 Warlick, Bob Warp, John Wason, Chuck 44, 46, 49, 50, 60 62, 63, 140, 141, 263, 37 Wason, Debbie 153, 196, 210 Waterhouse, Randy 281 Waterhouse, Ricky 206 Waters, Tom Wathen, Sharon Watkins, Ray 210 Watson, Sandy Watts, Sandra 132, 263 Weaver, Julinny 210 Webb, Rebecca 101 Weiler, Brett L. 136, 137, 263 Weiman, Dorothy 98 Weimer, Steve Weiss, Sharon 263 Welch, Chris 119, 213, 222 Welch, Dan 132, 180,210 Welch, Garry 263 Wells, Chris Wells, Tiletha Wells, Tommy 44, 49, 51, 263 Wentworth, Mike Westerberg, Adrienne 178, 263 Westerberg, Millie Wetherell, Doris Wetleland, Clyde 263 Williams, Lois Wilson, Mary 99 Wheeler, Tony 180, 211 Whaling, Brenda 211 Whaling, Debbie Wheeler, Dolores Wheeler, Robert E. Lee Williams , Mike Williams, Norma 264 Williams, Richard Williams, Richard 52, 211 Williams, Sandi 181, 264 Whichman, Alan 89 White, Craig 263, 299 White, Judy White, Tim Whitener, Whitener, Mark Robin 211 Whitener, Wayne 263 Whitmire, Bill 75 Whitmire, Carter 132, 250, 163 Willard, Mark 141, 211 Willis, Mike 264 Wolf, Elmer Wolman, Barbara Wood, Gwen Woodard, Kay Woodbery, Virginia 125, 126, 149 woedhani, Janet 264, 252 Woods, Robert 116,117, 211 Woolard, Allen Wren, Donnie Wright, Arthur 264 Whittaker, Earl Wigle, Bruce 121, 136, 137, 162,179, 263,123 Wilkes, Mary 124 Wilke, Debbie 211 Wilkins, Ceritha Wilks, Steve 138, 139 Williams, Barbara Ann Williams, Becky Williams, Brenda Williams, Chuck 263, 272 Williams, Dexter Williams, Edna 101 Williams, Elizabeth 89 Williams, Gary 52, 211 Williams, Jessie Williams, Joe 54 Williams, Katherine 116, 263 Williams, Kevin 263 Wride, Rich Wright, Barbara 149, 211 Wright, Cindy 264 Wright, Jeff Wright, Joanie 264 Wright, Jody 211 Wright, Lorrie Wright, Melinda 211 Wright, Ray Wurges, Craig 173, 264 Wynn, Gerry Wynn, John Yamaguchi, Mas 32, 123, 128, 129, 264 Yates, Sharon 125, 148, 149, 251 , 264 318 Leroy Gorman and Harry Belbeckjump against Colonial opponents Yeadon, Chris 150, 232 Yeadon, Eric Yeadon, Wayne 178, 246 Young, Lana 211 Young, Steve Youngs, Kathy 75, 145 Yowell, Donna 146, 211 Zallor, Sue 264 Zeliff, Barbara 264 Zullo, Brenda 264 Co-Editors: Toni D'Agostino, Jan Soldinger Business Manager: Betsy Kalapp Bookkeeper: Heather Litka Senior Section: Davis Gaines: co-editor, Pat Fekanyl co-editor, Becky Hooper, Debbie Phillips, Davie Goans Junior Section: Donna Hendrickson: editor, Carolyn Clark, Lynn Wilson Sophomore Section: Marie Gregory: editor, Karen McEnany. Nancy Braun Faculty Section: Penny Orwick: editor, Laura Lewis, Dee Farkas, Buck Thomas, Richard Trux Club Section: Janet Perkins: editor, Denise Neudecker, Jean Freedberg, Dixie Dugan, Lynda Boyce, Reginald Brown, Angelo Perdue Sports Section: Ricky Ricks: editor, Mike Penney, Becky Cobb, Greg Peele 3 Business Section: Debbie Rankin, Nancy Easton, Lee Pepper Nancy Cowels, Tracy Anderson, Caryl Curtis. Robin Scott Delaine Lee Head Photographer: David Condrey Photo Credits: Bob Bergstresser, Steve Franklin, David Pelaez. Tom Marshall, Greg Peele Indexes: Rena Fazio, Davis Gaines, Carolyn Clark, Lynda Boyce Faculty Photography Advisors: Mr. J. D. Smith, Mr. Ed Sincic, Mr. D. Hallman Faculty Sponsor: Terry Van Nortwick Professional Photographer: Tooley Myron Studios Printers: Delmar, Mr. Harold Brooks lconsultantl Art: Dee Farkas, Laura Lewis I I !,y,f f 1 Afffjf 'Mgr , ' Some have failed - those who were not loyal to themselves and their ideals . . , Men have always strived to attain meaning in life . . . But the few that have not shut out the world through self-imposed boundaries, have realiked that one need not only harmonize with others, but also exist as complete personalities in themselves. 320 -we-f ' Every man has this potential within himself, but it is his responsibility to display qualities that make him distinct from the masses Men have always strived to attain meaning in life. Some have failed - those who were not loyal to themselves and their ideals - but the others, the few that have not shut out the world through self-imposed boundries, are those who have reallked that one need not only harmonize with others, but also exist as complete personalities in themselves. Though they harmonize, they do not blend into a monotonous pattern. They create the new and different. Every man has this potential within himself, but it is his responsibility, though he be one in three billion, to display those qualities that make him distinct from the masses. 321 X Jma' 1 ffma

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