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-f Na 4 1 x..- X-Lf -JH .am N5 X W4 lt .gg iw Q4 I4 ff v 14 LL Y 4 5 3 T L ' R 1 xv , , 5 - .V . . ,Q X . V X114 gxmgl' gee, Q' . ' g :M gk. :, ' , . 1 1 :. 1 . , x 1 ' ' . - - . . s " x ff ' , x g K ' ef , 'I . ' - .. ' E 1 J ' 5 .J ' R -, ' fr ' V . pf. - X- , M W I . V V gi V. f ,N ,v , f, y sing . . -V 11 , 1 515 0 ' I V , V- T ' 1. -2 X . rs- , I .Y-- , i i -. i , L gy I. ,lx A V Q gif.. t ,V . K-. Q J 5' , . -' .V 5.1. '. ' ' x 5 ' s , .1 1 f ' ' : , L ,yi V3-9.7. f , .if 1 V. 1 ' ' ' A 1 x '4 N 3 , ' , .,s' ' n- - -' -w Q. 4 4 '. - , A, .- I: A : ,ve 1 - . .5 .4 .D . L .- v A 'dvi , t . 'Y' - . L ' .K 'w . - 1- , ,Y s ' 5' , . . .. 1- ' - , .'V V" .' ' if v ' f, Q ' - s 1 , . s 1 , - kr If ef V " 1 . j ",. 5. , 1- Q A ' .' - ' , : 21' ,gf Y ,f " I 1 , . ' ' " ' A if . . P . I A f '-f pf' - f ' ' , . - . . A ' fr' - 5 A . Q " . 1 ,f f K 3: ' f f . w , s . - 3, , .- , .. , H, 1 f . - .f -- 5 ag , V V . 'Ji , ' ' ' . A, . : , .E ,. Q, , ,.f, , J .. ' , -, . . I i - 'A 'V , , ' ' 1 A Y ,, ' , V 1 X .V rc- A Z I , ' 4, V ,I ' 4 ,YT , Xu - -' ,f V F, ,, , In I - T ,f fl: Q V T . 19 I., I, , ,rg QA ,nf -If A V ' w , , Q . ., . . . if N . 1, . , 'f A ' , 21? , L C7 ff' .1 .1. -' 1 .-" 1 'I x' ' ' 'j 'K , -.' V 3 , yi f, H ' , I .X if ' QJ K - K 1' . .JJ , h 'd"'L,-fi. . ' ' ' .5 . ' N X, if V ,' f A J fc . , h K h Q f If 1,111 . . ,K V.. I ,f N E, V. . ns " - ., Vx '. . , " N- 'X' - fr? -. -. s ., ix- .N ig, 'v 5 4 A 'S ., J Y, : . ' -. - .. fu ' ' Kfj, '-pf. 1 ff- ' 1 1 if .Lg ' 1 -, 11 . -x ,N Q ,Y -yi 'Pg ' xm: ' 1' 1 A I K - R V , 2. A ,f - - -f, H-' , . f- 4 ' ' . te e ,. 1 ix 3- fr. 5 Ev J 1 ki ,xxx V f I 'X , K. .., A' 1, , X - f Qi-f., . ,nary ix W XJ. ,A 1 ,Xi Mx ...J Af , 1 .1 w'-' -. A . ' , . ' . . N "M, Q 1' ' V, . IT-W , M' , , - " M X 1..- -1232 . , YQ! . -' uf - V x ' ' x , - . k",pQ3-f Qi' -' 'X 1 x in sa xg N , . - 4 5 5 x. .A . ' , V - . 41 ' l N5 t f 2 55: V U ' ' ef f , ,F ' -,Y 'ff vi, ,il lay..-?w,h,,f.ffvW,f -fi ,P-4 . ff J' ,,,, C, ,,.,. ,,.f gy, - km- .aw-L' - 4' Y ?fT""5 95' 2,4 , f i 5134 i '75 ,W .1 ,f ,-V ,P ...f, ..,,,. Q-91 .J-'Iwi .' 1 - ,-5,4 .M ., ,cv W" rv -r ,..,:-,,! f ,,4..,,-v f.,.,cJnf'J 1--f 5" 'H .vzqwv Lg , ,X . , an J,,,.,Y,. .. 'H Aa ,Sf 5 V, I N 1..fuH-in. -uf 5 M .VI 'fx M. -H 4- - ,vs x V . Kg. kv.. -.,. wits, 24-xr, n. X' xx ,,,,, r. f ' - fav ,1- f. law. V. f-N V ,- 1 , X MJ - X M e A, - X f x A , A xr- Y V ww Ykv 1 . , . TQ ll Qi Sl U 1 El ,U Y 1 1 J f fn 1 J X ' - I 2EiilgwQ1fz l'fl?1lgf1 ,rmiihuul t ' ff -, Vg-f 35 47 1 fr :VP I l 1' Y Q' Of,,,JfJJ, J Nilylal JJJHIV J 5 ifiiliul' 'SKLVJA Qvsvzias' A ,.- .131 V V ,- OPENING CLASSES Seniors Juniors Sophomores FACULTY CLUBS I SPORTS OFF BEAT ADVERTISING INDEX CLOSING I I0 I2 38 50 60 76 I22 140 I50 'I72 'I73 1 si Q54., faqs 0 Q-, if FI L 2 ,o .1 i 4 '. K l . 32 I 'JY s a l,, ,ggumtc . , A k . fsf I., fwli ff X ff f. 1 , f! 'urjw 1, 'l li i h h .,f ,ff Our history books tell us that the pyramids of Egypt are the mightiest and most long- Iived man-made structures in existence today. Through the many centuries they have en- dured, for no other reason than the fact that their foundations are almost indestructible. Edgewater, like these wonders of the past, is being erected firmly and strongly on a framework of tradition. Though a compara- tively young school Edgewater has been build- ing steadily, laying stone upon stone. As the framework of tradition mounts in stature, so grows the school. 1' 2 i? 45 Z 55 5' x 5 S X Z 2 E. 23, a 2 X ,iv -. ,I QE Q f gg? Qi! . ge- + me Q -. ,N Y S ::,g1v-iss l:y:yn" wx' A NEW TRADITION established in l956, the morning flag-raising, has become an integral part of Edgewater. ZW ,UAA W 1 fl 1 fk mm 4 A Lwlw sr' ? P 1, K 4 AM, 4f45'f5 1335? Q uf W i,if"'u I ,.i, bf bfi 'mam Q fi "Shake, rattle, and roll, fighting Eagles." Yes, the deafening roar ofthe enthusiastic Eagle rooters thunder loudly across the spacious gridiron. Edge- water has a strong reputation for backing her gal- lant teams to the hilt. Follow the team. lt is a tradition that Eagle backers pack up at least once a year to travel with her football team into alien territory. . As the year rolls on, basketball, track, and base- ball take over the limelight, but important too are the wild minor sport games fought daily in the rough and tumble gym classes. The world of sports belongs to the whole student body. Everyone from the puniest sophomore girl with nothing but spirit, to the hefty senior fullback on the football squad is an important part of sports at Edgewater. Q M. -an f .,.ss BEAUTIFULLY GOWNED attendants and their escorts, representing each of the three classes form an arsle for the traditional Homecoming Queen Busily buzzing bees, scurrying to endless meet- ings, iam sessions and rehearsals-these are the active fun-loving students of Edgewater. Clubs galore furnish the energetic Eagleite with the opportunity of taking part in worthwhile projects and activities along lines most interesting to him. Also appealing to many are the gala dances offered intermittently throughout the entire year, the rousing pep rallies, inspiring assemblies and mighty athletic contests which traditionally fill the year at Edgewater. The name, Edgewater, signifies not iust a hollow place of work and study, but a home away from home providing security and a sense of belonging to her students. no 'ilbf J KW -5. wx x 9 ' L I . ! , r ' 5 ? V A Q' '52 f 3' .4 ml A , V 2 . ,, 2 y , 527 455' f D wi? Q ' 1 an 'W , 1 X ' 1 ' Zn, ' ' -.-I .' M," N - ' , V V, . A 5 'fwv fa- '- 'fu -f ' f ..- 2. -A I A M - fiwi.. ,Q if M 35 , ,iw lm f : ' ---- -1-avr" ,-.1-': .,., A , W 4 V? 57 ,fm lijyf mu ,.. , 52 s f A-J M WZ. N Y V ,:i,.,iA W F I In w 2, X ,Jr ,H 4 V, gf M ,LF .uhm In H AI. A M , - ' .,,y,,... Tri., .h M . Q I N, Wu Am , V ...., Slams The Junior-Senior Prom, the Faculty Tea, and the Homecoming Dance are all traditions establisheduby the classes-and all traditions cherished as a part of Edgewater. From bright-eyed sophomores, standing on the thres- hold of a new and exciting experience, to alert iuniors, entering into the multitude of activities with enthusi- asm and vigor, to aspiring seniors with eyes on the shining future, each firm and unmovable step is built. For year after year, class after class, ideas are initiated which will, if worthy, become new traditions-traditions that will hold an important place at Edgewater and will not soon be forgotten by her many students. i --I T- Q 1 i 5' isn - ,VA t -xx X rl. . ' is- . . .ii . , , W f - ,, g l.. 7' Q' 'J - .. I ' - W V iiu f f w A .1 .Y ACREE, Nancy Taylor, Treasurer, and Bill Wright, Presi- dent, sway to the sweet strains of music at the traditional Junior-Senior Prom, Margaret Adams, Secretary, and Mark Gluckman, Vice-President, speak to Mrs. Holbrook, Class Sponsor, as they go dancing by. THE SENIOR CLASS As leaves turned to red and gold, we, the class of '57, began our final year at Edgewater. The excite- ment of being a senior was realized with the ordering of rings, name cards, announcements and measuring for caps and gowns. The weeks flew as we prepared for the traditional Senior Fashion Show and Class Day. Fashion and fancy were beautifully depicted in the Skyroom of the Angebilt Hotel. Christmas was here and gone and it was l957 and fair time. Hamburgers and hotdogs sizzled in the senior booth at the fair. FRED ACREE: Transferred. BARBARA ADAMS. BETTY ADAMS: Glee Club '55, '56, '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Red Cross '55, '56, Student Council '55, Sophomore Carnival '55. MARGARET ADAMS: Sr. Class Secretary '57, Varsity Cheerleader '57, J. V. Cheerleader '56, Graduation Usher '56, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Future F. ADAMS, B. ADAMS, Everyone will long remember the Junior-Senior Prom. Hearts were light and gay as nimble feet glided over the floor to strains of sweet music. ln years to come our hearts will dance again as we think of this unforgettable night. As the time for baccalaureate drew near, there was sorrow in the hearts of all. Graduation ceremonies were viewed through misty eyes as our years at Edge- water became cherished memories. As we heard the last strains of Pomp and Circumstance, we realized we were no longer citizens of Edgewater but of the world. Nurses '56, '57, Student Council '55, E Gals '55, Sweetheart Contest '56, '57. MELINDA LEIGH ADAMS: Sophomore Council '55, Student Assistant '55, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Office Assistant '56, '57, Gregg Writers '56, '57, KPresident '57l, ADAMS, M. ADAMS, M. AIKEN, G. AKERMAN, E. AKINS, R. ALDERMAN, B. ALDERMAN T ALDORA, B. ALGEE, B. ALLEN, D. AMMERMAN, F. ANDERSON, B WE FIND OURSELVES SENIORS AT LA GRADY AIKEN. EMORY AKERMAN: Transferred from Coral Gables High '56, Varsity Football '57, Varsity Track '56, '57, Stage Crew '56, Safety Council '56, '57, ROY ALEXANDER AKINS, JR.: Band '55, '56, D.C.T. American Club '56, Future Teachers '56. LINDA ANDERSON: J. V. Cheerleader '55, '56, Pep Club '55, '57, Tri-Hi-Y '55, '56, Homecoming Attendant '55, '56, Homecoming Queen '57, Sweetheart Contest '55, '56, ANDERSON, L BANDY, G. '57. BARBARA ALDERMAN: Band '55, '56, Majorette '55, '56 iCo-Captain '56l, Assembly Council '55. TRACY ALDERMAN: Sophomore Council '55, Student Council '55, "The Perfect Gentleman" '55, Pep Club '56, Bond '55, '56, '57. BEVERLY ALDORA: Latin Club '55, '56, '57, F.H.A. '56, '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Art Club '56, '57. BILL ALGEE: Band '55, '56, '57. DOROTHY ALLEN: Band '55, '56, Future Nurses '56, '57, Latin Club '56. FRANK AMMERMAN. BARBARA ANDERSON: Campus Crusaders '56, '57 lVice-Presidentl, Tri-Hi-Y '57, Pan '57, Graduation Usher '56, Varsity Cheerleader Co- Captain '57, CLIFFORD ANDREWS. PHYLL ANTHONY: Choral Society '55, '56, '57, E-Gals '55, Girls' Varsity Club '55, '56, '57 iSecretary '56l, Student Assistant '56. BILL AVERA: Key Club '55, '56, Latin Club '55, Sports- man Club '56, Bi-Phy-Chem '57. DAVID GEORGE BALLENTINE: Eagleaires '55, Photography Club '56, '57, l-li-Y '57. GENE BANDY: Tri-Hi-Y '55, '56, '57 Choralaires '56, Choral Society '56, FFA. Sweetheart Contest '56, Future Nurses Club '56. ANDREWS, C. ANTHONY, P. AVERA, B. BALLENTINE, D. 'txt' ,J 3. 47 BARBER, E. BARBER, E. -ff ,MW BARBER, L. We af. BARNES, M. BARNETT, J. BARNHILL, B. BARRINGTON, J. BASS, B. BAUER, J. BENNETT, K. THE ARRIVAL OF SENIOR CLASS RINGS ELLIOTT BARBER: Art Club '55, '56, '57, Reporter '56, '57, Campus Crusaders '55, '56, Student Assistant '55, '56, '57. EVELYN BARBER. LAMAR BARBER: F.F.A, '55, '56, D.C.T. '57. MARGARET BARNES: Honor Society '56, '57, Secretary of Future Teachers '56, '57, Latin Club '55, '56, Gregg Writers '56, '57, Tri-l-li-Y '56, Torch Society '55, '56 lSecretary '55l, Office Assistant '56, '57, JAMES BARNETT. BRUCE BARNHILL: J. V. Football '55, Varsity Football '56, '57, Key Club '55, '56, '57, E Club '56 '57. JOHN BARRINGTON: Baseball '55, '56, '57, E Club '57. BOYD BASS. JOHNNIE BAUER. KEMBLE BENNETT: Varsity Basketball '56, '57, Swimming Team '57, E Club '57. BEING AN OUTSTANDING SPEAKER requires work, practice and self- anolysis as demonstrated by Buck Rogers and Joyce McKee as they record their own voices. X1 PENNY PATTRILL, OUTSTANDING in her Artistic ability, paints a striking portrait of Nancy Taylor, who is known for her ability in the field of Music. ff! BERSON, L. BLOOD, L. BORK, A. BOSSE, E. BOYNTON, C. BRACEWELL, E. BRADLEY, J. BROWN, J. FILL THE AIR WITH EXCITEMENT. LINDA BERSON: Sophomore Council '55, Chorolaires '55, '56, Tri-I-li-Y '57, LEWIS BLOOD. ALLEN BORK: Honor Society '56, '57, Key Club '55, '56, '57, Student Council '55, Torch Society '55, '56, Junior Council '56, Sopho- more Council '55, Band '55, Junior Clciss Day '56. ED- WARD BOSSE. PAUL RICHARD BOWAN: Baseball '55, '56, '57, D,C,T, '56, '57. CHARLES CLINTON BOYN- TON: F.F.A. '55. EVELYN BRACEWELL: Eaglettes '55, Tri-I-li-Y '56, Future Nurses '56, F.l-l.A. '57, Campus Crusaders '56, '57 lPresident '57l. JUDY BRADLEY: J, V. Cheerleoder '56, Varsity Cheerleader '57, Home- coming Attendant '56, Sweetheort Contest '55, Gradua- BUSHMAN, J. BUSHMAN, J. , tion Usher '56, Tri-Hi-Y '55, '56, '57, Thespians '56, '57, Student Council '55, Art Club '55, '56. JOHN BROWN: Student Council '55, Jr. Red Cross '55, Junior Council '56, Hi-Y '56, '57. JOHN RANDOLPH BRYAN. WANDA BRYANT: Choral Society '55, '56. JIMMY BUSHMAN: Student Assistant '57. JUDY BUSHMAN: Choral Society '55, Gregg Writers '55, '56, '57 lSecretary '57l, Office Assistant '56, '57. ROBERT BUTLER. GAYLE BYNUM: Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57 lTreasurer '57?, F.T.A. '56, '57, Choral Society '55, Junior Class Day '56, Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference '57, LEE CARPENTER: Bond '56. BUTLER, R. BYNUM, G. sowAN, P. BRYAN, J BRYANT, W. CARPENTER, L. 1- , 'N ve, mf' '79 ff? ' , VV, ., '52, :'f"fw,"' COOPER, J. COPPEDGE, W. COSSIN, P. COWEN, S. JOHN COOPER: Campus Crusaders '56, '57. WINNIE COPPEDGE: Safety Council '56, '57 fVice-President '56, Treasurer '57J, Tri-I-li-Y '56, F.T.A, '56, PATRICIA COSSIN: Varsity Cheerleader Captain '57, Junior Varsity Cheerleader '55, '56, E.l-l,S, Sweetheart '57 Homecoming Attendant '57, Student Council Treasurer '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56, Choral Society '55, Future Nurses '56. SIBYL COWEN: Library Council '57, F.T.A, '56, '57, Drill Team '56, Latin Club '56, EDWIN DAVID COX: "Our Town" '56, Civitan Club '56, '57, Jr. Red Cross '56, '57. CAROL CRIST: Color Guard '55, '56, '57 lCaptain '56, '57I, Eaglettes '55. FAY CROUT: Campus Crusaders '57, Music '55, '56, E-Gals '55, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Eagle Eye '56, Jr. Red Cross '56, F.H.A. '57. SUZANNE DANIEL: Council '55, '56, Tri-Hi-Y '56, Red Cross '56, DON DAVIDSON: Transferred from Brounstawn, Indiana '56, JANET DAVIS. JOANN DAVIS: Future Nurses '56, '57. CHARLOTTE DAVIDSON: Student Council '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Gregg Writers '56, '57 lVice-President '57I, F.l-l,A. '57, Student Assistant '57, Office Assistant '56, Glee Club '55. LYNN DE ANGELIS: Latin Club '55, '56, '57 lPresident '56I, Library Council '56, '57, Future Nurses '56, '57 CPresident '57I. VERA DEEN: Jr. Red Cross '55. GWEN DERRICK: E-Gals '55, Choral Society '55, J. V. Cheerleader '55, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Future Nurses '55, '56, Office Assistant '56, '57, Graduation Usher '56, Junior Class Day '56, Senior Class Day '57. JOAN DIAL: Student Council '55, '57, Torch Society Majorette '55, '56, Band '55, '56, Sweetheart Contest '55, Choralaires '55, '56, Honor Society '56, '57, Latin '55, F.F.A, Sweetheart Contest '56, F.H.A. '57, Student Club '56, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57. ' SENIOR CLASS DA AT DICKSON AND VE CROUT, F. DANIEL, S. DAVIDSON, D. DAVIS, J. DAVIS, J. DAVISON, C. DE ANGELIS, L. DEEN, V. DERRICK, G. DIAL, J. 0 , THIS FRIENDLY PAIR, John McKnight and Norma Harrison, laugh over a good one between classes. GEORGE FAIR: Safety Council '55, '56, '57. CAROLYN FENNELL: Office Assistance '56, '57, Latin Club '55, Choral Society '55. MARTHA FILLYAW: Choral Society '55, '56, Jr. Red Cross '55, E Gals '55, Campus Crusaders '56, D.C.T. '57. SUSAN FISCHER: Tri-I-li-Y '56, '57 ITreasurer '56, Vice-President '56J, Thespians '55, '56, '57 lScribe '56, President '57l, Latin Club '55 fSecretaryl, F.T.A, '55, '56, '57, Pep Club '56, "lr-ligln RINGS VISIONS OF GRA FAIR, G. FENNELL, C. FILLYAW, M. FLANAGAN, P. FLANDERS, J, FLEMMING, S. Window" '56. PATRICIA JEAN FISHER. PAT FLANAGAN I-Ii-Y '55, '56, '57, Blue Ridge '56, Band '55, '56 Dance Band '56 Sophomore Council '55. JACK FLANDERS: SANDY FLEMMING Assembly Council '55, Pan American Club '55, Safety Council '56 '57, Future Nurses '56, Eagle Eye '56, '57 CExcl1ange Editor '56 '57l, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Blue Ridge '56, ALBERT FREEMAN Football '55, '56, Track '55, '56. JOE FULLER. DUATION he ,raw 1 I ,. NJ SCHOOL SPIRIT AND PEP is created, maintained, and extended throughout Edgewater by the vigor of Linda Anderson and Pat Cossin FISCHER, S. FISHER P FREEMAN, A. FULLER J Q 'Y HAMILTON, J. HARLAN, R. HARLIN, N. HARPER, A. HARRISON, A, HARRISON, II. HARRISON, N. HARTMAN, w. HAUGAARD, J. HEATH, D. EVERYONE WITH MINGLED FEELINGS... HEATH, w. JAMES HAMILTON. PAT HARLAN: Band '55, '56, NANCY HARLIN: Torch Society '55, '56, '57, Latin Club '55, '56, '57, Eagle Eye '57, Junior Class Day '56, Choral Society '55, ANNETTE HARPER: Gregg Writers '55, '56, '57 CTreasurer '57J, Office Assistant '55, '56, '57, Student Assistant '57, ANN LORITA HARRISON: Radio Club '56, Jr. Red Cross '56, Gregg Writers '57. BRYANT HARRISON: Radio Club '55. NORMA HARRI- SON: J. V. Cheerleader '55, Torch Society '55, '56, As- sembly Council '55, Cheerleader '56, Tri-Hi-Y Sgt.-at- Arms '56, Alt. Cheerleader '57, Honor Society '57, Student Council '57, Assembly Council '57. WILLIAM HARTMAN. JUDY HAUGAARD: Band '55, Sweetheart HENDRICKS, A. HENRY, E. Contest '55, '56, '57, Tri-l-li-Y '56, Jr. Red Cross '55, Band '56, DICK HEATH: Choraires '57, Eagleaires '56, HEYWARD, T '57, Music Clinic '56, District '56, State '56, Choral Society '56, '57. WILLIAM HEATH: Torch Society '55, '56, '57, Student Council '56, Hi-Y Vice-President '57, Odasagiah Business Staff '57. ALBERT HENDRICKS: Band '55, '56, '57 lCaptain '57l, Student Council '56, Civitan Club '55, '56, Dance Band Leader '57, ELMER HENRY: Junior Council '56, Jr. Civitan '55, '56, '57, Band '55, '56, '57, Track '57. GENE HERRING. GEORGE HEUNISCH: Band '55, '56 '57. TOMMY HEY- WARD: Safety Council '55, '56, '57, Student Assistant '55, '56, Jr. Civitan '55, '56, '57. HERRING, G. HEUNISCH, G. 3 -f'! HOLT, K. HOLMES, M. HODGES, A. HOGAN, .l. HOEFLER, R. HOLLWAY, C. SIZZLING HAMBURGERS BECKO ALYCE HODGES: Eaglettes '55, '56, Glee Club '55, '56. ROBERT HOEFLER: Choral Society '55, D,C.T, '55, '56, Student Council '55. JUDY HOGAN: Student Council '56, '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56, D.C.T, '57, Pep Club '57, Glee Cfub '55, Student Assistant '56. MARGIE HOGAN: Glee Club '55, F.H.A. '56, '57. DONNA HOLL: F.T.A. '55, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Student Assistant '56, '57, Visual Aids Secretary '56, '57, Junior Class Day '56. CLARK HOLLWAY: HOLL, D. HOGAN, M. HORNE, L. HOUGH, H. Football '55, Sophomore Council '55, D.C.T. '56, Hi-Y '56. MYRON HOLMES: Latin Club '55, Civitan '56. KENNETH HOLT. LINDA HORNE: Band '55, '56, '57, Student Council '57, Queen ot Eagle Band '57, Model tor Senior Class Day '57, Red Cross '56, Future Nurses '56. HARRY HOUGH: Baseball '56, '57, J. V. Football '56, Band '55. "WE'VE PLOUGHED THROUGH tons and stacks of books . . . ' Carol Schlichenmaier and Laurie Hurtubise, tops in Composition, glean new ideas for a theme. L I FRIENDLY, smart, peppy-Best-All-Round are Sissy Sellers ond Jon Johnson who have a great time barbecuing at a friendly get-together. N CR I X , ITF' X HOWARD, P. HUDGINS, J. HUEBNER, J. HUFFMAN, Y. HUNTER, B. HUNTER, P, HURLEY, J. HURST, G. HURTUBISE, L. HUTCHESON, PAUL HOWARD: Varsity Football '55, '56, '57, Track '55, '56, E Club '55, '56, '57, F.F.A. '57. JAMES HUDGINS. JACK HUEBNER: Eagleaires '55, '56, '57, Choralaires '55, '56, '57, Choral Society '55, '56, '57, Junior Council '56, Student Council '56, '57, "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" '56, "Chimes of Normandy" '57. YVONNE HUFFMAN: BROWARD HUNTER: Music '55, '56, Photography Club '57. PATTI HUNTER: Thes- pians '55, '56, '57 Nice-President '57l, "Beware the Bear", Choral Society '56, '57, E-Gals '56, '57, JANE HURLEY: Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57 fVice-President '56l, Future Nurses '56, '57 lChaplain '57J, Senior Council '57, F.F.A. Sweetheart Contest '55, Junior Class Day '56, Choral Society '55, Eagle Eye '57. GWEN HURST: Glee Club '55, '56, Pep Club '56. LAUREEN HURTUBIIE: Tri-Hi-Y '56, ITHIER, T. JACKSON, E. OWDS TO THE SENIOR FAIR BOO '57, Future Nurses '56, '57 tSgt.eat-Arms '57l, Thespians '57, "Best Foot Forward" '57, "Roughly Speaking" '55, Safety Council '56, '57, Latin Club '56, Junior Class Day '56. JIMMY HUTCHESON: Civitan '56, '57 tSecre- tary '56, President '57J, Odasagiah '57, Student Council '55, '56, Student Assistant '55, '57. DONNA JO IRICK: Drill Team '55, Sweetheart Contest '55, Library Council '56, Graduation Usher '56, D.C.T. '57. THOMAS ITHIER. EVERETT LAMAR JACKSON: Hi-Y '56, '57, Track '56. LINDA JAMES: Library Council '56, '57 fPresident '57l, Safety Council '56, Tri-Hi-Y '56. PHILIP JENKINS: Band '55, '56, Baseball '55, '56, Bi-Phy-Chem '56, '57, Junior Council '56. BETTY ANN JENKKNS: Transferred from Boone. T H . IRICK, D. JENNINGS, B f l 1 JAMss,L. JENKINS, P. .4 MW ,,V ,..,,,. N. fr tt.. f Q, ,Q fl LAWLOR, J. LAYDEN, E. JANE LAWLOR: Choral Society '55, F.N.A. '56. ELIZA- BETH LAYDEN: Tri-l-li-Y '56, '57 lVice'President '57J, F.T.A. '55, '56, '57 lPresident '56, '57l, Choralaires '56, Blue Ridge '56, Latin Club '56, '57, Junior Class Day '56, Choral Society '55, '56, Glee Club '55, NANCY LAY- MAN: Choral Society '55, '56, Tri-Hi-Y '55, '56, '57, Future Nurses '55, '56, Graduation Usher '56, Jr. Red Cross '55, Junior Class Day '56, Senior Class Day '57, E-Gals '55, '56, '57. BILL LEACH: Civitan Club '56, '57, Track '56, Swimming Team '56, Weight Lifting '57. VELMA LEE. WILLIAM LEMMON: Cross Country '55, Swimming '55, '56, Football '56, Track '56, RICHARD LEWIS, DARLENE LIGHTFOOT: Gregg wrsiefs '56, '57, Choralaires '57, Lead in "Chimes of Normandy" '57, President of E'Gals '57. BOBBY LOCK: J. V. Football LAYMAN, N. LEACH, B, '55, Choral Society '55, Varsity Football '56, Student Council '57, D.C.T. '57. GENE LONG: Transferred from Columbus, Georgia '55, Varsity Basketball '56, '57, Choral Society '56, '57, Baseball '57. HAZEL LOTT. PATRICIA ANNETTE LUKE: Gregg Writers '56, Library Council '56, Odasagiah Business Staff Treasurer '57. CAROLYN LUKER: Transferred from Tampa Jefferson '55, Art Club '56, '57 lpresident '57J, Eagle Eye Staff Artist '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56, Spotlight Seekers '56, '57, Jr. Red Cross '56, '57, F.H,A, '57. VICKY ANNE LUND- BERG: Editor-in-Chief of Eagle Eye '56, '57, Quill and Scroll '56, '57 lVice-President '57J, Latin Club '55, '56, '57, Bi-Phy-Chem '57, Jr. Red Cross '56, Junior Class ENIORS WITH TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST LEWIS, R. LUKE, P. LIGHTFOOT, D. LUKER, C. ' fl ' Day '56 JoAN LUNDEQUAM: D.C.T. '56, '57, Choral Lfffv- socaefy '55, sfudem Assistant '57. Jovcs LUNDEQUAM. LEMMON W LOCK, B. LONG. G. LoTT, H. LUNDBERG, v. LUNDERQUAM, J. LUNDERQUAM, J f ,fKm?g. , :wg .f,g. ' " ' "Wi" its SYLVIA PETERS AND VICKY LUNDBERG, Journalism leaders, com- pare notes against a background of awards and achievements. I x'- A qvbg. f . RONNY MARTIN: Bond '55, '56, '57. BEVERLY MASLAR: Stu- dent Assistant '56, '57, Book Store Worker '56, '57. MONROE MAULDIN. IDA LOU MAYHEW: J. V, Cheerleader Captain '56, Latin Club '56, F.F,A. Sweetheart Contest '56, Future Nurses '56, Choral Society '55, '56, '57, Sweetheart Contest '56, Tri-l-li-Y '55, '56, '57. CHARLES MAYNARD: J. V. Football '55. SUE MEADOR: l l 1 l X I INEZ WESTGATE AND BUDDY PATTON receive recognition for Scholarship from Principal Orville Davis on Awards Day. Gregg Writers '55, '56, '57 iSgt.-ot-Arms '57J, Choral Society '55, Student Assistant '57. SANDRA MERRITT: Torch Society '55, Chorol Society '55, '56, Sophomore Council '55, Junior Council '56, Sweetheart Contest '56, Trifl-li-Y '56, '57. JOHNNY MILLER: Hi-Y '55, Glee Club '55, '56, '57. ALLEN MILLS. MARGARET ANN MITCHELL: F.N.A. '57, Tri-Hi-Y '57, F.H.A. '57. TRULY A MOMENT TO REMEMBER MARTIN, R. MASLAR, B. MEADOR, S. MERRITT, S. MAULDIN, M. MILLER, J, MAYHEW, I. MILLS, A. MAYNARD, C. MITCHELL, M. ,f . J? 25. F ' v"'7 l 4 4. . ,,, w'g 2 V ff f ORAM, E. OWENS, W. PAICE, R. PAIT, S. V PAREDES, T. PARTLOW, D. PATIRY, M. A. PATRICK, E. PATRICK, P. PATTERSON, L. AS ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE ORDERED. EDDIE ORAM: Basketball '55, '56, '57, Band '55, '56, '57, Track '55, Choral Society '55, THOMAS WAYNE Ke Club '56, '57. HARRY PATTON: Honor Society '56, lPresident '57l, Odasagiah Staff Sports Editor '56, PATTON, E. PETERS, D. OWENS. ROBERT PAICE: Safety Council '56, D.C.T. '56. SHIRLEY ANN PAIT: Choral Society '55, '56, '57, E-Gals '55, '56, '57, Choralaires '56, Treasurer of Choral Society '57, Student Assistant '57. TONY PAREDES: Sophomore Council '55, Torch Society '55, '56, Choral Society '55, Pep Club '55. DAVE PARTLOW: Odosagiah '55, Pan American '55, '56, Key Club '56, '57 lTreasurer '57l, Bi-Phy-Chem '56, '57 lVice-President '57l. MARY ANN PATIRY: Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Gregg Writers '57. ELIZA- BETH PATRICK. PATRICIA ANN PATRICK: Band '55, '56, Latin Club '56. LINDY PATTERSON. ERV PATTON: PENNY PATTRILL: Torch Society '55, '56, Honor Soc ety '56, '57, Art Club '55, Safety Council '55, Tri! I-li-Y '56, '57, Junior Class Day '56, Junior Council '56, Odasagiah '57, Pep Club '57 lSecretary-Treasurer '57l. PATRICIA PAUL: D.C.T. '56, '57 lTreasurer '56, '57l. MARY JO PEIRSOL: Choral Society '55, '56, '57, Choralaires '56, E-Gals '55, '56, '57, "Chimes of Nor- mandy" '57, State Music Clinic '56, District and State Competition '56, '57. DON PETERS: Glee Club '55, Art '56. Y '57 '57, Quill and Scroll '56, '57, Pep Club '55, Boys State '56. i PATTON, H. PATTRILL, P. PAUL, P. PEIRSOL, M. J. PETERS, S. PICKRON, B. PICKRON P POLLACK, W. POLLARD L. PRICE L N SYLVIA PETERS: Odasagiah '56, '57 CPhotography Editor '56, Editor '57J, Honor Society '56, '57 CVice-President '57l, Torch Society '55, Quill and Scroll '56, '57 fPresident '57l, French Club '55, '56 fSecretary '56J, BUDDY PICKRON: Transferred from Nicholls, Georgia '56. PEGGY PICKRON: Tri-Hi-Y '55, '56, Jr. Red Cross '56, Campus Crusaders '56, Safety Council '56. FRANK PIGNONE Key Club '55, '56, '57, Junior Council '65, Varsity Foot- ball '57, BONNIE PIKE: Majorette '55, '56, Band '55, '56, J . " L THE WORLD'S A STAGE . . ." is demonstrated by Mary Jane train and Susan Fischer as they display their outstanding Dramatic bi ity. PIGNONE F PIKE B PUGH L PYL J E F Red Cross '55, Art Club '55, '56, F.H.A. '57, Safety Council '57, Latin Club '55, State Twirling Contest '55, Variety Show '55, Minstrel Show '56. WILLIAM POLLACK. LINDA POLLARD: Transferred from Wildinsburg Senior High '56, Photography Club '57, LINDA PRICE: Transferred from Great Neck High School '56, Tri-Hi-Y '57. LEONARD PUGH. JANET MAE PYLE: F.H.A. '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56. THE WHITE CANDLE of Character is lighted by Nina Shuler as Louronne Cash lights the yellow candle of Citizenship during the traditional Honor Society tapping program. RACHTMAN, P. RAYBORN, H. REDNER, M. REDNER, P. REINARD, K REYNOLDS, P. RHODES, Y. RICE, R. RICH, J. ROBBINS, J THOSE ALL-IMPORTANT SENIOR EXAMS . PETE RACHTMAN: Safety Council '55, Radio Club '56, N.F.L. '56, '57, Weight Lifting '57, Eagle Eye '57. HAROLD RAYBORN. MILLICENT REDNER: Jr. Red Cross '55, '56, '57, Art Club '55, Spotlight Seekers '55, '56, '57, Eagleaires '55, '56, '57 lPresident '57l. JERRY WILLIAM RICH: Torch Society '55, '56, '57, Latin Club '55, '56, '57, Bi-Phy-Chem '57. JUDY ROBBINS. BONNIE ROBINSON: Choral Society '55, E-Gals '55, Tri- Hi-Y '56, '57, Safety Council '55, '56, Junior Class Day ROBINSON, B RUSSELL, R. Thespians '56, '57 lSecretary '57J, "Beware the Bear" '56, PHOEBE REDNER: Glee Club '55, Eagle Eye '56, '57 lAssociate Editor '57J, Spotlight Seekers '55, '56, Thes- pians '56, '57, Quill and Scroll '56, '57, Jr, Red Cross '57, "The Fighting Littles" '56, KEN REINARD: Chorus '55, J. V. Basketball '55. PAT REYNOLDS: Tri-Hi-Y '56, Art Club '56, '57, Spotlight Seekers '56, '57, Jr. Red Cross '57, F.H.A. '57, Safety Council '57, Dean's As- sistant '57. YVONNE RHODES: D.C.T. '57. ROBERT RICE: Choral Society '55, '56, '57, Choralaires '55, '56, '56, Sweetheart Contest '55, '56, Graduation Usher '56, Student Council '56, '57, Assembly Council '56, '57, Future Nurses '56. SHERRY ROBINSON: Choral Society '55, Latin Club '55, Graduation Usher '56, HENRY RODDENBERRY. ARTHUR ROGERS: N.F.L, '55, '56, '57 CSecretary '56, President '57l, Jr, Optimists '56, '57 lPresident '56J, Torch Society '55, Honor Society '56, '57, Operator of Sound System '55, '56, '57, JAMES ARTHUR ROOT. ROBERT RUSSELL. ROBINSON, S. RODDENBERRY, H. ROGERS, A. ROOT, .' V """7' SMITH, C. SMITH, H. CAROLYN SMITH: Band '55, '56, '57, Tri-Hi-Y '55, '56, '57, Art Club '55, F.H.A, '56, '57, Campus Crusaders '56, '57, Junior Class Day '56. HARVEY SMITH. MAR- LENE SMITH: Transferred from Apopka High School '56, Junior Class Day '56, Senior Class Day '57, PAT SMITH: Student Council '55, Art Club '55, '56, '57, Safety Council '55, '56, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, J. V. Cheerleader '56, Future Nurses '56, Jr, Red Crass '56, Pan American '55, Assembly Council '56. JUDY SMUCKER: Choral Society '55, '56, Choralaires '55, '56, Eagle Eye fAsso- ciate Editorial Editor '56, News Editor '57J, F.H.A. '56 '57 tl-listorian '57D, Campus Crusaders '55, '56, '57 MARILYN SOULE: Choral Society '55, Tri-Hi-Y '56, Future Nurses '56, Jr. Red Cross '56, Band '56, '57, 1 , a I 'E' if , 2 lj ,Af r I if SMITH, M. SMITH, P. BOY SOYARS: Torch Society '55, '56, Bi-Phy-Chem '57, GERALD SPARKS. JIMMIE LOU SPARKS: D.C,T. '56, Choral Society '55. EVELYN SPINKS: Maiorette '55, '56, Band '55, '56, Student Assistant '56, '57, Vice-President of F.T.A. '57, Latin Club '56, '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56, '57, Safety Council '56. DAVID SQUIRES: Student Assistant '55, '56, Art Club '55, '56, '57, Monitor '55, '56, D.C,T. '57, Bible Club '55, '56. KAY STARLING. TOMMY STEELE. FRED STEINMEIR: Safety Council '56, Glee Club '56, '57, DAVID STEWART: Band '55, '56, '57, Dance Band '57, MARY ELLEN STEWART: Color Guard '57, Campus Crusaders '57, Tri-Hi-Y '56, Choral Society '55, Eaglettes '55. HONORING GRADUATING SENIOR GIRLS. SOYARS, B. SPARKS, G. STARLING, M. STEELE, T. SPARKS, J. L. SPINKS, E. 5 SMUCKER, J SOULE, M. sQuiREs, D. STEINMEIER, F. STEWART, D. STEWART, M. E STOCKWELL, C. STROBEL, S. T E STRUNK, D. TANNLER, F. A , Z 0 STOLTE J. STORY, C CECELIA STOCKWELL. JOE STOLTE: Visual Aids '57 CURTIS STORY: Choral Society '56, '57, Eagleaires '56 '57. MARY JANE STRAIN: Torch Society '55, Latin Club President '55, Odasagiah '55, '56, '57, Thespians '55 '56, '57, Spotlight Seekers '55, Quill and Scroll '56, '57 NFL. '56 '57' French Club '56' F.T.A, '57. SALLY STRECK: Gregg Writers '56, '57, D:an's Assistant '56 Student Assistant '56' Student Assistant '57. SHIRLEY ANN STROBEL: Torch Society '55, '56, Latin Club '55 '56, E-Gals '55, Graduation Usher '56, Choralaires '55 Jr. Red Cross '56' Choral Society '55, Office Assistant '56, '57, F.H.A. '57. DAVID STRUNK: Band '55, '56 Monitor '56 '57. JO ANNE SUMMERLIN' F.l-l.A. '56 '57 lChaplain '56, '57l, Campus Crusaders '56, '57 H SUMMERLIN J. A. SUTHERLAND, A. TAYLOR N. TER'-IUNIE, J. STRAIN M J STRECK S ANN SUTHERLAND Tri HiY 56 FHA 55 BOB SWOSZOWSKI Varsity Football 56 57 J V Football 55 HiY 57 Choral Society 55 56 57 Eagleaires 55 KAREN TABORY Choral Society 55 DCT 56 57 Student Fund 57 FRED TANNLER Radio Club 55 56 Latin Club 55 56 NANCY TAYLOR Junior Class Treasurer 56 Senior Class Treasurer 57 Girls State 56 T i Hi Y 56 57 Torch Society 55 Student Council 55 Choralaires 55 Choral Society 55 56 EGals 55 56 Blue Ridge 56 JOCELYN TERHUNE Choral Society 55 LA RUE THOMVSON Choral Society a ettes 55 Tri HiY 56 57 Color Guard Campus Crusaders RALPH THOMPSON Glee Club 55 56 57 Band 55 56 57 TABORY K. THOMPSON R. SWOSZOWSKI B. THOMPSON L. THREE SERVICEMINDED PEOPLE, Margaret Barnes, Walter Juergen- son, and Lynn DeAngelis, are always eager and willing to lend a hand. A 'I' I JERRY THORNTON. GWEN TILSON: Tri-I-li-Y '55, '56, Glee Club '55, '56, '57, Jr. Red Cross '56, GARY TINKLEY. RONALD TOWNE: Track '55, '56, '57, J. V. Football '56, NATALIE TRAVIS: Student Council '55. HELEN TRAYLOR: Stu- dent Council '55, F.T.A. '55, '56, '57, Pep Club '56, F.F.A. LEADERS OF TOMORROW, Mark Gluckman, Lynnwood Dunn, and Kay Chicone, discuss their future plans after the graduation exercises. Sweetheart Contest '56, I-leod Groduotion Usher '56, Secretory of Student Council '57, J, V. Cheerleoder '56, HARRY TUCKER. HUEY TYRA. CAROL UPSAL: E-Gals '55, Choral Society '55, '56, Triel-li-Y '56, '57, Future Nurses '56, Choroloires '56, ROBERT VAN KIRK. SENIORS AT IMPRESSIVE BACCALAUREATE. THORNTON, J. TILSON, G. TRAYLOR, H. TUCKER, H. 45,'f3r3!'5,j TINKLEY, G. TOWNE, R. TRAVIS, N. TYRA, H. UPSAL, C. VAN KIRK, R 2 ff f ' , 7' I ' 31 . ,,,, 3 if .tif . ff .ek fx 5' 5? ' ' , 'ai fi 34 'eh "":'r ww-ni PLANNING THOSE LAST MINUTE DETAILS on the commg prolect are Carol Enckson vlce president Fred Fralley treasurer Mary Wilson sponsor Mickey Shapiro presldent Francis Fltl patnck sponsor and Lucy Ellen Jeffries secretary E CLA The rumors went on parade and wnth each eager step they ganned recognltaon both mduvndually and as a class Thelr second fun packed year began wrth the of the baby eagles The posrtnon of the junnors at Edgewater was now fnrmly establushed as they helped the sophomores get ocquamted The school days flew by wrth a flourish and soon football season was well under way The bustle of Homecoming frlled the arr wlth excnted planmng and hurrued constructuon of floats for the annual Homecoming parade Added thrllls were provided by the fmal arrangements for the post game actave tres Though a but sad over our loss to Landon spuruts quuckly returned as the rumors managed a haghly successful Homecomrng dance Decoratrons were befrttmg the theme Moonlzght Serenade What fun we had at the Knddues Dance The ruotous contest and costume parade auded nn maknng It a terrufuc success and of course at was for such a worthy cause the Youth Center Rumors of a novel basketball game now created much Interest And what enthusrastnc spnrlt was dlsplayed as select faculty members opposed certaln Come and buy somethrng from me These were words commonly heard as junnors proceeded enthusnastucally to sell merchandlse at Ivey Day Not only was It a worthwhule expenence to the sales man but our treasury was expanded The most Important event of the year the Junuor Sensor Prom was now on the agenda All those hours of planmng and replannung produced an evenmg to be remembered forever The rhythmnc musnc gorgeous decoratnons and dreamy atmos phere helped bamsh all cares as we danced trll one How proud we were to have been hosts for thus last occasuon when as rumors we lead the parade But the fanfare and the marchmg feet dued away unto the dustance as the school year ended and we separated for the summer to go our varnous ways ' X U . : . . I . I . . Q . : . , . annual party given the first week of school in honor senior classmen in a free-for-all game. ll ll ' ' ' ' Il 1 II . , , I - , . . ' D I ' 1 ' 1 I ' . . ,, . ,, . . . . , , II ' ' I ll ' ' . . . . . . I I I ' 38 fff ff ff if W E 1 1 iw Judy Ablcht Mrcl1aelAIeks Doreen Arra Hornet Baker Bobby Acor Patr ck Adams Frank Alexander June Algee Sally Arthur Carol Avera Gall Banks Mary Banks W 4 ,ff Vi? f f !! ii! f f Muek w, X 5 HN Gayle Adamson Eleanore Albano Juanuta Albert Bonnne Allen Bully Allen Roger Ammerman Lercy Azar Prlssy Baggett Loretta Bagley Chester Barclay Thomas Barnett Wnlluam Barwnck 'N M? 1' N.. Sandra Alderman Earl Andrews John Barley Lynn Basden E JUNIO TRADITIONALLY FIND THEMSELVES Cynthna Baumgardner Peggxe Beagles Barbara Belote Karen B nn W Kathernne Beasley b B nn 1 Blll Beck Eleanor Bell Jan tB r m .lvn B r lsman Patrlcla Bell Mar l1a B erw ler Q-rim at f Ex Q 'xv 'ir 3' 5' r 8. 4 . u 2 l A y I I I I in gl M Y X?" A 453 as ' -f ., we lx T M fs ,slim 'll 39 Duane Bellows Perry Blgelow Jw ,fx Q lv-P, AY mfs Jlmmy Blackwell Howard Bowen Larry Brrghton Nancy Browning Ann Burton Ronald Carpenter , x r l Karen Blame Thomas Breedlove John Brmkley Bull Bruce Tony Bushman Patrlcla Chapman Cynthia Blair Patty Breese Suzanne Brockman Charles Bruce Susan Butler Frank Chmco 'map T IT ,rf I Yoh Blanco Don Bremer Joe Brooks Carolyn Bruner Jean Coffee Jan Chittenden or +4 553555 Qxwf 'N X AW' 1, J John Bleam Earl Brewer Lonme Brooks Tlm Bryan Bull Cage Jenny Clements -Q 1 RN mm' 4 ,X 40 Martha Bloom Vlvlan Brewer Jimmy Brown Barbara Burgess Janrce Cannon Beth Coler WSF 'P an '? JZ . 229 7,21 J f J ' ,, 1 - 4 4245? Dean Bowen Curtrs Brnckley Loulse Browning Bonnre Burns Sonny Cappablanco Betty Coffee l NC 5 M,W4..,71, 52454 , , , ww ' Carole Coffee Jane Conner CEP J- 2 ., r , . , ' 5. Q A 4 i Q 1 Pat Coffee Walter Colby Thomas Conner Charles Cook Jane Comer Howard Corry . 'S . I 'xr ii ig! 'i Mlke Conley Ben Crosby THE FALL HOMECOMING DANCE Mary Curtls oe Davis Dowd Drxon John Dnxon Sonja Doyle Alice DuBouse Cee Cee Dyer John Dyer 495 Martha Davns Lynne Deeb Kay de Mnlly Morgue Donley Jean Donohoe Leon Doss Joan DuBois Steve Duckworth Barbara Duke Kathy Dzntko Douglas Eddms Lucy Edenfneld , Q John Conn Byna Jo Cumbne ean Denton Karen Douglas Harruett Dunbar Boyd Edwards 1 f Q 1, xl, Bert Connelly C1 'fl 5 CL rn 0 c 5 3 5 u: VI Tommy Deserable Verlee Dowd Cecll Dye Glenda Edwards 'li 1 filer? WMM RSXM I 'N- l' abs- 41 I fgny ,du ,.. B Q x L r J ' 1" V s 5 ' J . E IJ 'S A ' ' 4 N 3 J f ' I ' Ee D ' J .,,, -- - .. . ',, Q 3 4 - 31' ' r ' 'S J if 5 ' . Q, Q' nf so , - - f l l u N ' " eaifw Y J - I J 4 , R , C . J 'Q -so X- x y , gg 1' . S 'Q , N s . " 4' 1 if Q . E 5 K x ll A l X A i 5' my v , v , h xg? .4 4 -4:. :.. , 1 , 1 A' ' J , Sm X , as .' '-" : QI: K A ,X , '- " L 'L . 1 . ,sg ",'1 2 C 5-wi, ,s Q :wi . 4-ff" J 4 Y r 'Q 5 Q N . I 44::4 z. , . if sw . fl Q so 5 E ,s gorge W 45 John Elkenberry Bobby Ernest James Ford David Fntz Larry Gentrle John Gold 'FQ-'UW Gracne Ellerbee Jerry Esslck Leonard Fawkes Bobble Frost Eddle Geunn Lambert Goodnng ea f '9 l f D i f 4 inte Connue Ellnot Charles Evans Cheryl Fowler Clalre Fugere r '- 'nys Tommy Elllot Bruce Falls Fred Frauley Delores Furay Davnd Ellus Gordon Fnllmore James Frazier Bull Garnett 'W' -nr' Judy Ellison Harold Funk Don Freeman Scarlett Gaston M mi Carol Ernckson Pat Flower Nell Frey Oluver Geetlng RE ENACTING KIDDIES DAY AT THE Carolyn Sue Gnbson Bull Glfford Karla Glllwald Lynn Gmson Ronald Glldewell Larry Gordon James Grant Janet Graves Carter Greear Jane Ellen Grrdley -8 1 AX uw -fn 'rx b X 1 K 42 "'!1" U Sas ei:-f s I' 1 H 5 eg P- j , M' 2 W f V ,r ' , 5,7 g ' , 1 , ,A 'A 'W X T W' s we tl at f - Y ' f , " J F J A 6 , "F, D Q. B , f, 3' , ,H -W, .V 'I 1 ll A ' Ml 4 xi.,-I J "qs J W " 1 . J C5 I Z 1 fl Q J , ff J or N me Aw C A AA J ' L '- ' ' 11 .H , L H 6. rp 3 , if rr. J r P g, Y L so W , ,ug .,' my ails, l Q -V I Hx- X Y I vi 3 1 Qwpgw " " lg kl l ' ' , , f'-- f W J L , H 5 V W A - J it I r 4 5 ! 1 J , .V , r , - - "'f " ' , , "' , . I 1 R , -X ,kv W .. ' J K 3 J M 'AAL K f ' ' N. f' xx s, X-. AA if Ka K' sifygggrq, 19' qc' mf W fx? Yvonne Groen Patsy Gruber Johnny Guy Bull Haas Judy Hancock Tuffy Handley Madellne Hanna Robert Hanna Connle Harrell George Hams Charlle Harrison Neoma Harnsan Barbara Hayden Dot Haynes Marilyn Helntzelman Merv Helper YOUTH CENTER DRIVE DANCE Bobby Hewitt Nancy Hildebrand Richard Hull Stanley Hall Lawrence Holecek Tommy Hollaway Jack Horan Putt Horn 'S' 43 55, WW My MZ! 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Evalyn Hussey Bob Johnson Sara Johnson Wayne Kent Mlke Klphuth George Lewus J Sandy Huth Davud Johnson Abby Jones Carolyn Klehl June Kmght Rrchard Laentz Nancy Ives ,Q W ' Phnlap Jackson Duane Jacobs Elsa Johnson Gwyneth Johnson Jane Johnson H6 'M Mm Lucy Ellen Jeffries Duane Johns Karen Johnson Kenneth Johnson ACCUMULATING PER EN Cary Jones Joe Keck Janet Keeney Klmberly Kuley Martha Krllgore Carolyn Kunard Allce Kunz Kenneth Knott Harvey Kabrm Jere Lober Llnda Llnton Dcrwln Lloyd A--f WWW? 'Wx 44 Carl Keenum Emrly Kelley Barbara Kung Margaret Kinney Shirley La France Annette Le Blanc Ann Lockler Judy Long www? in rf 'WML , ,, , lv , 3 X ' B' , ' 6 I K ,X - ,f A Qi, 'tl 1 , K' b I l X Ay N A W ylff',e A 'lll A ' A A , Y K f f V ', V -A . Y 'L' r X 8 ls X . 1 , M A 'A xx Q. -h , f , , RX , 4 k if 5 . A In , V E X l C E P .V 3 I "'-.-,--,-- " 9 V ,. rx x K N' 'J ,.:' , Y Y T s , y , A 2 E, 'f y y ys A fi A Q l. 4 "'2 A gig ,. D f , , 4: .:g.,E. .,.., ,V . ' "in , ' . 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H Z, I I f 4 f 1 .x W John Loughe Mary Jo Lundquest Susle McClain Lora Lee McNerIIy Paul Mahaffey Stewart Mallard WORKING AT ANNUAL Jerry Massey Edwrn Meador Remley Mrmms Gene Moore Heyward Mathews Ray Meadows Walter Mums Carolyn Morgan mwmf gm, aw ef ,wwf "'?"" 4 ig, WZ 1 'M James Mathews Ronnle Meers Chrnstlan Magelvang James Morgan 'ff W X 4 ,M 'I Novle McCree Fred Mann IVEY S Joy Mathrs Judy MllOhICh Suzanne Molder Nrclue Morgan 14 , f f 'ff' Martha McKnbben Benny Martm DAY Lanny Mauldln lm Muller Ronald Mondok Lewrs Morrell Davxd McLean Joy Martm Jean Maxwell Marllyn Muller Ted Moo Nancy Morrison QP' 'W' gf' I' .4 f :J 'iii' sg 45 5-1 'QW 41 1 'gg' JW, f ' 'X Charlotte McManus Larry Martln Lrnda Mays Walter Mrlls Don Moore James Mosteller mywwwffmffe no . , 2 a- "A z" X ' f IJ' I , 5, l 1 X I, ., ' f 2 , g ' A , fx M ' x 1 V V 4 A 4 1 ' ' ,I r I 'K , V' ,, ' . 1 1 Q , ' i1.151AVi,iA V ,.,.,..,,, 6 , gi .V , I , ' A ' lf'3f?5Wfl?Q ' ' - I 52 ' 1 , ..., Y w 5 V, , wi .,.,., I l ,, if W V V' .,,,,. 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Walter Reeder June Robins Jean Rowell Martha Sawyers R JUNIOR THEM Nancy Seals Nancy Seybold Ervm Shames Jlm Shuford Davld Shult Lloydlne Slckles INR QV I 'lv , r f'l WAN- 47 If Stanley Reese Betty Robmson Carl Ruedlger Myruam Scherr Mickey Shapiro Douglas Sums I , Sally Rnchar Gordy Robmson Luclle Russell Margie Schlelcher Jan Sharf Joe Sluder Carol Richard Shelby Rohn Jolyne Sage James Schwartz Ann Shaw Wnllnam Smally A D A ls ,A K Y L f 2 xx wif 5 'Nas' , I ' 52" , 5 A ,ill S V . if VA ff -. J 1 N W' S , V , V V . V V V,,,V.V VVVV V , Q .4 4 , 'iff , '1 5 R if V ,J val , Y' , -J - i ' , VV VVVV V - 1' .S ' 1 . 1 l 21- ll S Q05 1, N s s V? X ' e ' in S R an ' n 'Q 5 fr fi , I , Y - Q 1 , 1 in H' R I y . ,, I' "" 'R is S x :L H . Vg- , I , V KV, ,fg W xi , 4 l ,, is , V f 5 ' ff? J J R v S ' , K . V VV A A , X, f ' If Y , ll V , eq ..... VV 2 VV 'M t v S A-s,NV IJ .A , F O E S . . . fr sa V f VI E ft Y ' , 'J "' ' l 4 , 4 Barbara Smeltzer Jon Stapleton Helen Stewart Bobby Tatum Judy Thomson Duane Trotter QW 'eff'--., Donna Smith Andrea Stark John Stewart Barbara Taylor Sharon Thompson Elnzabeth Tubutrs fe 633525 35 W pp-sd x..,4 Karolyn Sneed Mane Stark Suzanne Stmson Dwann Taylor Brenda Thornton Faye Tucker 1-mil' by I Judy Snodgrass Carolyn Spence Jeanne St Clan Duane Steady WATCHING Ted Straub James Taylor Bob Thrasher Vernon Uhran I 'sf WHL S Randy Stubbs Kenneth Tesk Shnrley Tullman Lmda Vahue ees? A 5 tC....5 X fee-awvefgm 48 3 7 Rosemary Spencer Kay Stanton Merle Stem Vlra Stelnmesr RIOTOUS SENIOR Pearson Sundberg Joan Thomas Norman Toy Harry Van Horn WW wuz vf A Robert Sutton Johnny Thomas Peggy Traylor John Van Horn W the K ,,,,,-f' X.. X4 Joanne Vargish Louis Waters M7 David Vining Danny Voorheis Kae Wagner Jimmy Weaver Bill Wells Ronald Weyland Webster Wallace Susan Whipple FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME Dianne Wilder Bobby Wilson Charlie Wright Jeanne Wilder Gloria Wilson Eileen Zalla Roberta Willard Louise Wolcott Charles Wilkerson Michael Wllks Katy Wisdom Jim Wlthrow Carol Zelgler Sharon Zlckegraf fs-1 Qs., Aaron Edward Akins Dave Alexander Daniel Alexander David Bane Mike Benham Walter Boyte Pelma Brugman Glenn Carlton Shirley Cook Charles Chesser Kenneth Delaney William Cleland Nancy Devore Larry Coffman Joseph Dodd Jerry Colson Clyda Mae Dotherow Billy JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Grooms JoAnn Johns David Guldi Clifford Keen Paul Hall Irvin Lackey Kenneth Hart Anna Leatherbury Duke Cook Betty Ellis Barbara Hathaway Edwin Marsh Robert Corbett Bill Fennell Oliver Hattaway Margaret McCoy Betty Covington Leslie Fowlkes Jenell Hendrix Eddie Megow Richard Craven Danny Fungaroli William Honour Ralph Merrill Elanie Custer Kay Gayle Roger Hurd Joe Newman Nord Danielson Norman Goepper Ken Jenkins John Nicholas Walter 49 Payne Syble Powell Juda Reis Sally Rideout Lonnie Ritchie Don Robinson Bill Rogers Erle Root Bob Ross Carl Rostel Rudolph Jesse Waller Jr Wayne Warren Edyth White Larry White Bruce Williams Melvin Wills Philip Wolkens Judy Wood 'af Russell Frank Rye Richard Seay Alvin Skinner Will Smith James Stearman Jack Stern Bonnie Steinman David Streeter Jerry Taylor G. W. Taylor Judith Tracy Ruth Trimble Kathryn Tucker Gary Vaughn Bobby Walls Jerr Wandless James Wickham Joe Wilson Harry Winslow Blanke Wood Kathleen Wright Myrna K. funn,-,..,, ,tif .a 1 secretory and Bull Gndley presldent E PHOM ECLA The sophomores entered school thus year some what luke actors and actresses on stage for the fnrst tame Thnlled and excnted yet suffering a llttle from stagefnght they found themselves stage Theur fnrst cue was guven by the juniors who honored them at a welcomung party on the potuo Over cakes and doughnuts the newest add: tlons to the EH S student body expressed thenr apprecuatnon As all the other sophomores who have entered Edgewater thas year s crop found at qunte dnfferent from gunnor hugh Classes were the fnrst to be notncecl Wtth more homework and unfamnllar sublects ut seemed at fnrst as though at would be on nmpossuboluty to conquer thus barner Before long however at was found that the teachers at E H S were wullmg to guve thelr help and classes became the heroes rather than the vsllalns Wlth the joln ang of clubs electung of offncers attendnng football 50 games dances and other school octlvutles the furst act or furst sux weeks flew by before anybody knew what was happennng The sophomores much to thenr surprlse could hardly remember that Edge water had once seemed strange to them After homecomnng full scale plans were launched for a bug dance to help tnlttate the Chrnstmas season Plans were completed and the Reundeer Ramp the sophomores ftrst attempt at puttung on a dance was a success Among other thnngs basketball games another bug dance sponsored by the sopho mores and the annual faculty tea helped to send second semester speedung along Soon the fmal act was comung to a close and the curtam was about to fall The hut play Student Llfe At Edge water presented for the furst tnme on stage was over However backstage the players were already lookung forward to the next performance nn 57 58 ' r 1 1 eg.: r a 'vc Q- , B ',. I nf. ' ' l fs , ., i is ,Intl . 8:7 , 1.03 , it 'xo' 1 1 f in k Q' ' 6.1" ' .1 lv 'i ' , l 9. , . . . 4 " I , ,g . . . ' ' - ' 5 . I I . . I . K ' U 1 'XO 0 gm A ,.....,....,,, 3 I ' 1 1 1 . . . . , . . . I . II w 1 , On- I - ,, . . . . . 1 . I I .- . . . . . I ' ' ll ' ll , . . , ' 1 . , . . . I ' I . I - ' 1 - 1 , . . . . , - 1 . - . , . . . . . . , , 1 1 ' 1 I GOING OVER FINAL DETAILS for the annual faculty tea are the sophomore sponsors Mlss Emrly Knmbrey and Mlss Peggy Bruce and the officers Nancy Anderson vlce president Jack Leete treasurer Ann Hendrick 'Q' is if 1 U1 'E' 4 x- me Q ,W I Q A 5 W i 4 i 5 is - arf X V , or L ,i iy ., 3 , J Q A 1 J' ' . u W X lal ' A . . y B y A 4 , J A f. 5 I I' J Y 1 ' J Q. SOPHOMORES CARRY , H K ,, ,V Y , 6,, . , ef . -" . . ., .. ' V i 5 ., F23 A if A ' VAE' Y '.,f -'A" A a , W Q 'sg 6 V? I5 fy , , ' '. wzffggf ,Z Ag eww, J , ,ra 4Zgig..:d?f,, f .eg I f xv ' ' ef I . Qi , v A ' B -' .1 . . A , Q J of 1 , ' -.VI li ll , ' JN :ou Ama 3 3- s i mlivx 'Q ' 1. ,V .rg Tf1.:ilUff4',"'ae..,, , -1' " ' Sandra Aleci James Alexander Larry Alexander Jimmie Allen Jett Allison Jerry Ammerman Nancy Anderson Sharon Armstrong Betsy Arnold Linda Ashcratt Bernie Asmer Arnold Ausley Dale Austin Shirley Avant Joe Avent Ann Bacon Alex Baetzmar' Ronald Baker Larry Barber Charles Barker Joyce Lee Barna Buck Barnhart Brenda Barr Edward Barr Joan Bartlett Edward Bass Shirley Batson Larry Becker Judith Becton Margo Bellamy Janet Berlin Jimmy Berlin Peggy Bernhott La Verne Bigelow Glenn Blair Nancy Block Robert Blumer Henry Booth Lance Borows Duane Bowen Judith Boyce Gail Boyd Paul Braley Morris Breedlove Anne Brewer Judy Brewer Robert Brewster Lucy Brooks Peggy Brown Sondra Brown Patricia Browning Barbara Brownlee Frances Bruce Charlotte Buchan Pat Buchan Sidney Buck Janice Burgess Janet Burkhart Chester Burris Herbert Buscher Carole Butler lda Marie Byrd John Campbell William Campbell Q K-'52 - si., ' u at -535- 3 Q . 'QT' P '11 I' 4. if 1 ' +3 W , D lil' , . 1 z , 2 if 16535 P 1 5 Ati if . tg A I iz. r 1' '? Q A A A' Fl' M 'af P Y 'G if 1 A EDGEWATER TRA , V ,. V ' U fr 2235523 A I , ., .I WJ: 7 F 3 Q Z i 11 ins is-A 53 ,I H9455 I. we jg s 1 .,, a 1 fe A-:anew fi Ny' 1 ' 3 I .L xi ig? 5 va Q DITIONS B B Q A , , 5-1:-1? ,,,gj if 9' QQ? so F? M k ee S. ": -0 9 ,W I -3? 'Q 2 3Q,5 4 Jeannette Canfield Sonia Carlson Ricky Carman Gene Cartwright Jimmy Cashion Joan Castle Jan Castlen Ashley Cawthorn Jeanette Cecil Billy Chance Gayle Chapman Sandra Chapman Grady Chappell Bill Chastain Bill Chepren Frances Cheshire Kirby Chesserr Ruth Ann Chipman Amy Clark Rodney Clark Paul Coler Lamar Collins Betty Colson Clyda Colson Patricia Condon Mike Conley Jimmy Connell Shane Connelly Charles Connor Jack Conner Juanita Conner Richard Conner Dwight Cook Rosemary Cooper Shelby Cooper Adrienne Cornibert Carolyn Cory Isla Cowart Betty Cox Colleen Cox Dennis Cox Charlotte Crawford Jeannie Mae Crawford Fred Criswell Frank Croson Barbara Crusselle Fred Cruz Fred Curry Phil Daniels Julia Dorling Betty Davis Ginger Davis Joy Davison Charlotte Dawson Edward Deen Jeanne Demastus Barbara Denlinger Rickey DeWitt Joyce DiBlasio Joanna DiCarIo Pat Dickerson Judith Dickinson John Dorne Roberta Dorst Billy Dotherow Geraldine Dotson Carl Dover Geret Du Bois Ann Duke Nancy Dunbar Janet Duncan Madeline Dunlap Angeline Durocher Ruby Dyer Guy Eastman Carol Edmondson Lillian Edwards Betsey Ellis Edward Ellis Tex English John Ensign Marilyn Ettinger Barbara Eutsler Brenda Evans Susan Ewin Carl Farmer Jeffrey Fawsett Thomas Fazio Coleman Fielder Bill Finnell Olin Fischer Robert Fleckenstein Carl Folker Anne Foltz Barbara Ford Tommy Ford Carolyn Fordham Ronnie Foster Mark Fowler, Charles Freis Gene Fronk Hurry Gale Eleanor Earlanger Pat Geberth Gary Geer Pat Gemmel Moira Glen Monroe Glidewell Chuck Glover David Gluckman Pat Goodwin John Graham Bobby Grant Linda Gray Glenna Greathouse Jerry Green Julia Green Don Greene Ellen Greene Howard Greisdort Billy Gridley William Gulledge Danny Hall Hugh Hall Larry Hall Tom Hall Robert Hamilton Linda Hand Janice Hardy Judy Harrell Jeannie Harris Linda Harris Malcolm Hawley Judith Hayes Sylvia Haynes Eleanor Heath Ann Hendrick Kenneth Herring Jim Hewitt Dorothey Heyward Patricia Hill Tommy Hill Jane Hobbs Herbert Hoepner Sandra Hoffman Nancy Holder Clark Holmes Priscilla Holt Butch Hopkins Kendra Harney Millie Horning Anna Jane Hoskins Bill Howington Jewell Hudson Ella Breck Huff Janice Huffstetler Mary Louise Huggins Sallie Huggins Theresa Hughes Vincent Hughes Mary Hunt lris Hunter Helen Hurst Guerry Hutchinson Judith Hyatt Glenn lnboden Linda lngalls Betty lrick Joan lrwin Dewilda Jackson Geilda Jackson Bob James Ann Johns Frances Johnson Judy Johnson Robert Johnson Mary Jordan Lynne Junkins Larry Katz Susan Kazaros Linda Keiser Barbara Kelly Sarah Kelley Mason Kelsey Lucia Kennedy Carol Keopke Ronny Keyes Sandra Kilmer Jo Ann Kimble George Knupp Karen Kramer Joanne Kraus Y , T' egg. '4- J 4,3 ,M Q H2 ago ff. 91152 . y ,r Y,,r re,r , Z - - ' A 9 5 J' ,f " 9 - 0 K ,V Q , 1 ' ' I N' A "r-l ' vw- , 4 ,,,vv A'v' ' "W: - or il x A 1,3 .- J Y ,.. r ,.,.,,,,,, di, ,.,,,. ,-..:.- W ,v,. 3 ,r,,. . sw, , ,, ,, ., , if 4 ": Q " 'j:j:2, V ., . ' V , f .,.- .I .. of . Q 1 'Q 5 sg , t IP , , if V - . v Q ' 4 'S ' 2. ,' J W' ' i ' W i WELCOMING PARTY G 34551 K ,ar IVEN fi I 72 1 y 4 K g X78 2 y Q I z ?T P a ,ul A 53' Ov 9 9 1 4,,l f fffu fig Zz I V it -r, N s 6 'YB' 3 lv '1 ,nf ,wc 'sf 3 if W , fy 3 I 4' E, . 1 4 V is Wye? f, "W nf, 9 'Z F X W ' . 3' ef, ' "cf ' 'X , 1' v 4 I r A W 3 'Z f 1 BY JUNIORS ON PA ,ik a 'lx ew- New 5 ogre. J' fv- J 2 v 1 4 Z Wi ffl TIO 1-image ,Q .u,,M, f pe 3, A or , ,J . ar ,, ,fr-: , eff, O 56 we fl' f Pat Kreskey Ronald Kreskey Linda Kurth Faye Lafler Harry Larson Penny Latham Theresa Lauria Dave Lauson Bruce Lazar Kay Leach Ervin Lemand Myra Lester Alice Lewis Jerry Lewis Milton Lewis Patsy Lightfoot Arthur Liming Dick Linton Verdonia Locklerar John Lofton Patricia Loomis Carol Loudy Nancy Luke Jack Leete Dale MacDonald Marie McCormick Dorice McCoy Paul McCoy Linda McCulIar Charlene McEver Dudley McGarity Mary McGee George McGill Maureen McGuire Patsy McKee Linda McLain Carol McPherson Kimball Malcolm Darlene Malson Cathy Martin Sherry Martin Karen Mayhew Louise Maynard Steve Mazak Harold Meilstrup Julia Meitcn Yvonne Messer Kathryn Milam David Miller Margaret Miller Tom Miller Judy Mills Linda Mills Lillian Mims Sundy Mitchell Sharon Mize Bucky Mizelle Anne Mogelvang Henry Mollnhauer Billy Moore Gail Moore Fran Morello Jimmy Morton Nancy Moye ff! E 2 'WE H51 f , CW' - I fgzigsse were -:- .... t J ,,, for 41. ,J W as 5 f J , ,W ,.,., , m y , A J 9 r , , f f' ' , 79" J 7 'Y 'J +1 H41 :gif 4 . lt ,V .N if gi 1 I f A i i ' ' f' ., ,gi 1 J I 4' or l Z4 Qzl ' Y r 1 ? f , . 'ff I . - to B il' 3 X - , Q f J' A Cv ' A 1. TAKING ACTIVE PART W 1 --:f- 1 yxrrsvgw .gr ' if nge it 1:1 1 , .V ff Q ,' A Q- iv. ' V ws, r -X A AQ? Y- I Norma Mullins Abert Murdock Randy Murdock Peggy Murphy Barbara Musselwhite Jerry Myers Sybil Myers Betsy Nagel Shirley Nairn Robert Everett Nason Barry Nelson Barbara Neuhart Shasta Newbold Jo Ann Newman Nancy Newman Sylvia Nielsen Sonny Norman Mike O'Brien Peggy O'Neal Beryl Otterson Bunny Owen Bill Pacetti Joanne Page Wayne Page Patricia Papot Leland Park Marilyn Parkinson Jim Parnell Patti Parrot Sandra Patiry May Patrick Patsy Patton Vivian Pearce .Ierree Peeples Rachel Pelletier uarbara Peoples Diann Phelps Pat Pignone Barbara Pool Carol Fopejoy Joyce Powell Mike Price Cille Puckett Pat Quackenbush James Rafter Clifford Rawsen Owen Regan Sylvia Ridley Mark Riley Carol Rishell Mary Jo Rive Donna Roads David Robertson Robb Robinson Virginia Robinson Barbara Rogers Dorothy Rogers Helen Jo Rogers Rosalyn Rogers Jane Rose Bryan Rucker Christine Rumpf Dorothy Samford Brenda Sanders Jim Sapp Roger Savage Bill Scott Harriet Scott Coral Sears Marie Settanni Ben Sharp David Shaw Gary Shaw Jerry Shelton Tommy Shiev Bill Shively Ray Shuford Edward Shuler Kevin Sickles Sarah Ann Sims Elaine Sinclair Mary Ellen Skeen Sandra Sloan Judy Smeltzer Alice Smith Audrey Smith Chris Smith Janet Smith Kay Smith Leigh Smith Rita Jo Soyars George Spencer Sharon Spencer Barbara Spotts Darthea Stamburgh Jane Stancliffe Richard Starcher Duane Stark Jimmy Stark Kenneth Stephens Sandra Stephenson Jerome Stieger Arleen Stone Donna Stone Jack Stone Barbara Struble Edna Summerlin Joan Sutton Janet Swangren Robert Tannler Ronald Taylor Gloria Tesky Walter Tew Harold Thomas Mary Thomas Gale Thompson Bert Todd Bill Toole Jerry Totman Laura Sue Trimble Joy Triplett Ray Tucker Carol VanKirk David VanValKenburgh Bill Verigan Steve Voorhees Sue Vredingburgh Robert Wagner 1 V . Hy ,fi lvl I X, if if, xv 'D 4 :L f 'W 4- fl 1-K 5'-7 , ya J ,av ., , rs 1 T ' K ' T? Z if 'U' IN HOMEC :ff f J 3 . A .V 5 2 4' i J 3 . ef J QA, "' ff l f 'T OMING PARADE fr,i J QM!! if l ,Q ,as ,. flew , .. 'cgwi' if 2 W re, Y , K af, . fp r ii y P3 J B , i 0 , g 1 'M' 1 rl' :se 3 ,, M J W - x f 1 4 , I a , 2 0 A s'A, rYZff""Z1'r '- ' " -an 'X is Dale Wagoner Patsy Waite Jim Wakefield Warren Wakeman Susan Wall Fred Walsh Janice Weaver Joyce Weaver Jack Weber Sissy Weber Myrtle Webb Bob Weir Carolanne Wenger Nancy Werking Peggy Westgate Carol Wicks Ronald Wicks Ronald Wikel Woody Wilkerson Peggy Williams Marjorie Willis Caroline Willits Jan Wilson Margo Wilson Rolland Wilson Ronnie Wilson Skip Wilson Orren Winjum Lorin Wiseman Kenneth Wohlust Billy Wolfe Gretchen Wolsey Richard Zerkle Marietta Zeek Lynne Wright Sylvia Woolever Joye Woods George Woodruff Virgil Wood Barry Wood Adair, Jimmy Adams, George Alexander, Donald Ashcroft, Lindo Ashley, Cawthorn Banks, Jerry Barber, Lois Evelyn Bodine, Sondra J. Brown, Charles Brown, Douglas Brown, Faye Brown, George E. Brown, Larry Browning, Carole Bryant, Eugene Buchanan, Sandra Bull, Richard H. Burns, Don Campbell, Bud Canfield, Jeannette Carman, Ricky Carswell, Ronald Case, Mike Clements, Dan Clemons, Dorothy Clexton, Janet Cope, Reese A 'Z' P. in. . Q ll- fx. rr 4 , . .. V, ? f I' i PRESENTING CHRISTMAS DANCE SOPHOMORES NOT PICTU RED Corbett, Donna Cornell, Dale Craft, Gary Dover, Bryan Doyle, Priscilla Drake, Jimmy Driver, Albert James Duke, Doris Levern Dumph, Joyce Dunn, Linda Anne English, Frank Falkner, Joan Falzone, Nick Fox, Carl Funston, Don Gano, Greydon Gatlin, Betty Grossman, Ted Hall, Judy Hansbrough, Charles Hazelton, Harry Henry, Hartmann Hensley, Joyce Ann Hicks, George Hill, Charles Hogan, Margaret Rose Hoinack, Edward Hollon, J. L. Howell, Gerald Hutsell, Donald Jackson, Bob Jackson, Judy Johnson, Bob Johnson, Glenn Jowers, Mary Kennedy, Pat Kimbro, Gerald King, Roy Kirk, Charles Kirk, Sammy Kirk, Vernon Knox, Terry Kraham, Harris Krasemann, Jim Mallard, Alton Marchant, Larry Marsh, Janet Martin, Harry Matehett, Betty Matthews, Charles Mauldin, Randolph Mauldin, Richard George May, Pat McMichael, Robert Milham, Sylvia Holdenhaver, Leo 58 Moore, Avis Moore, Billy Moore, Gail Morse, Edward Ogburn, Cornellia Payne, Jimmie Pierce, Roy Potter, David Price, B. David Pulsifer, Richard Quinn, Connie Rafter, James T. Reinard, Patricia Rhoads, Donna Rogers, Jack Rogers, Judy Helen Rosso, Ronnie ' Schmiot, Richard Sherman, Claude Sherry, Martin Shoaf, Joseph Marion Simpson, Buddy Skirvin, Jerry Smedley, Butch Smith, Fred Sparks, Paul Stevens, Arthur Streeter, Jerry Strumpler, Kennard Stuecklen, Jean Sundy, Mitchell Tomaszewski, Bill Trubey, Denny Ullom, David Stanley Upchurch, Kurtis Usry, Nancy Vukoty, Henry Warren, Harold Watson, D. Charles Wotso n, Daniel Webb, Myrtle Weiss, Ronald Wells, Wanda Lou White, Barbara Jean White, Norman Williams, Bobby Williams, John R. Wise, Gene Wri ht Jerr 9 4 Y Wright, Joyce Wright, Nancy Yarbrough, John Yates, Sally Yates, William Students Bud Tradltlonal Good Byes THE FUTURE STRETCHES brlght before departmg Sensors Jam Wnlson and Llnda Price as they bud a fond adleu to theur beloved Alma Mater r- ANOTHER YEAR for moments luke these Mel Wllls and Lucy Ellen Jeffrles share a memorable good bye BYE YA LL See you next year' Sophomores Knmboll Malcolm and Sandra Chapman end their flrst year at Edgewater wlth a casual good bye to thelr fnends l I l H , , MW' A I 1, X" .. . .. , ff , EDGEWATER TRADITION SHOWS PARTICIPATION IN ACTIVITIES BY atlllt The oldiadage "All work and no play" finds a sympathetic audience with Edgewater faculty members, for part of that special E.H.S. spirit comes from the fact that teachers and students alike participate in the outside activities which are almost as important in learning as the actual classroom sessions themselves. Besides the time devoted to the club or organization they sponsor, Edgewater teachers take every opportu- nity to attend the various sports events, dances, and other school productions in which they take an active interest. This sharing of work and play is a vital part of the ,Edgewater tradition, and one of which we are justly proud. l" 4 W JOHN M BRUMBAUGH Asst Prmclpal A familiar sight at Edgewater functions is the ever interested Mr Brumbough assistant principal with a heart of gold Though his many office duties require constant attention somehow Mr Brumbough finds the time to be an ardent supporter of all that is Edge water s Whether it s cheering lustily at a basketball game or quietly enloying a tense dramatic production he can be depended upon to be there ORVILLE R. DAVIS Principal One of Edgewater's most enthusiastic fans, Mr. Davis may be found at every sports event cheering and pulling for our team. He also takes an active interest in the music and drama departments theatrical pro ductions occasionally even taking part in them him self Being the leader of Edgewater may be a full and time consuming lab but our principal still finds space in his hurried schedule to give his whole hearted support to Edgewater s many activities CATH ERIN E W BRUMBAUGH Treasurer Filling the dual role of secretary to the principal and treasurer of Edgewater Mrs Catherine Brumbough trains the staff in accounting bookkeeping ordering and selling in the busy hub of school activity the office The namesake of the Catherine Brumbough Tri Hi Y is in the audience at many school plays and musicals and may be seen enthusiastically fluttering a red and white shakeroo at football games 62 . . , . I - - 11 rl ' I 1 . . . . . , . . - 1 1 - A , . , . . 1 1 - - " 1 ' Q'-KW. . ss ul . I Q V ' ' 1 1 1 1 Q 4' U . . . . T 5 , I - A - 11 ll A ' , 'V ' If VS ' - SARAH LeMASTER Secretary A member of last year's graduating class, she found a job in familiar territory. Directing the office assistants in a considerate way has wan her friends of all of them. ln her capable hands lies the enormous job of being the secretary of all Edgewater. BARBARA DRUMMOND Asst to the Treasurer With the title of Typist clerk this busy girl is employed here at Edgewater where she and last years seniors were classmates Mr Davis fre quently dictates a letter and Mrs Brumbaugh finds her an invaluable aid The columns of numbers add up to the accurate and efficient work of Miss LeMaster and Miss Drummond FICE ISTRAT LORENA THOMAS Dean of Girls Among all of her extensive duties the greatest is the one that has won her the sincere respect of all of Edgewater s girls Yes Miss Thomas is our Dean of Girls She is always ready to help the sick the troubled and those in need of her wise advice Representing the teachers at the P T A and inspiring her students to love Latin her service to our school can never be repaid HOWARD FLEMING Dean of Boys Being the Dean of Boys he takes o per sonal interest in the welfare of every boy at Edgewater His unceasing selfish efforts quite often go unnoticed in the swiftly moving tide of affairs This man is also the director of the much prized Eagle Plaza and an organist of merit COUNSELING is gust one of the many activities taken care of by our deans Lorena Thomas and Howard Fleming Here they are talking with Allen Bork about the Merit Scholarship Tests 63 0 F A D M I I 0 l . . I l 1 ' ,W 1' , 7 . I I ' ' ,.un- in AQ ' 2 l- x .ff t let' ll! . "' li' L f RUBY RAULERSON, B.S.-ln extending Edgewater's educa- tional force, we were fortunate to obtain Miss Raulerson for the purpose of enlightening students desiring to know shorthand. She also sponsors Gregg Writers. EMORY O'NEAL, B.S., M.S.-Mr. O'Neal is the proud leader of one of the most active F.F.A. chapters in Florida, Moreover, he still crams in such activities as sports and operettas, EMILY KIMREY, M.A.-Guiding sophomores in the task of absorbing English, Miss Kimrey has her job cut out. She is an old hand at this, having taught in Mississippi and Virginia before coming to Edgewater. MARY GORDON, A.B.--Having the whole English department under her jurisdiction, this inspiring teacher never fails to give it much of her time. JOHN DIETZ, B.A., M.A.-Steadlly coaching students in the languages of Spanish and French, Mr. Dietz brings out the highlights of these country's cultures, MYRA AGNEW, A.B.-Not pictured, This careful calculator adds up to an excellent mathematical educator. She is chairman of the faculty social committee. MARY VESTAL, B.A., M.A. 1 This alert teacher is the head of the biology depart- ment. Along with the added work of this position, Mrs. Vestal is in charge of Edge- water's tuberculosis x-ray program, ?1"1,'i. at These Department Heads Walking down the halls of Edgewater, one can easily detect its pulse beat, and sense its rhythmic breathing. As we pass the open doors, we are able to hear a variety of sounds which originate from the same purpose - learning. From the typing room we are aware of the steady tapping of keys as the beginners are taught to make the carriage travel more rapidly with fewer mistakes. ln the opposite room a shorthand lesson is being recited by voices unified in common concentration, Similarly, as we move through the corridors, we can see students busily dissecting insects, chemicals reacting, verbs of different languages being coniugated, maps be- ing drawn and various sports in action. Yes, Edge- water is alive-with interest and knowledge. AS IF OBEYING John Daly's command of "Sign in please," Emily Kimbrey, Ruby Raulerson, and Emory O'Neal start their day. ' Y " ruisstu mfnit e r " age.. WL?- 1.8- YF? JOHN DIETZ, head of the language department, points out a place of interest to his hardworking French stu- dents. BILL BARWICK gets moral support from Bill Robinson as he answers o question on grammar asked by Miss Mary Gordon, head of the English department. Help Organize Our Studies FRED SPROUSE, B.S.E.-Mr. Sprouse comes out of his world of physics long enough to keep the members of the Bi'Phy-Chem Club from blowing up themselves, FRANCES SAUNDERS, A.B., M.S.-Keeping "tabs" on the business de- partment Miss Saunders tackles her task with systematic and efficient meth- ods, as well as managing funds for Odasagiah. STUART VAN VOORHEES-As chairman of D.C.T. this man has fourd jobs for many grateful students, and taught them how to advance, He also coaches football. LOUIS EDWARDS, B.D., M.Ed.-lf you wondered who is in charge of our inspiring devotions, it is none other than Mr. Edwards, solid geometry and trigonometry instructor. BETTY JO NEAL-Capability plus thoroughness equal the way in which Miss Neal heads the mathematics department, After coping with this division's "problems," she finds relaxation in reading, knitting, and football games. MARGARET BREWTON, A.B., M.A.-Social studies comprise quite a large field, but this doesn't faze Miss Brewton as its director, The dramatic presen- tations of our school receive her admiration. f I"'l MARJORIE RENDULIC, B.S.-Teaching the basic subjects of home economics, she is very proud of the Future Homemakers of America, to whom she gives guidance and helpful hints. JOAN CAMPBELL, B.A. - Other than inspiring would be Rembrandts, she finds some extra time to devote to the Art Club or the colossal job of organizing Fair exhibits. ESTELLE THOMAS, B.M.E., M.M. - The silver spotlight shines brightly on Mrs. Thomas and the members of her honor-winning choruses. WILLIAM DANENBURG, A.B., M.Ed.-Always on the job as the joint sponsor of the industrious D.C.T. group, he also is publicity man for Edge- water. MALKA WEBMAN, B.A.-A new teacher, just introduced to the profession, she keeps busy teach- ing Junior English. LYLE LOWRY, A.B.-This cheerful mathematical wizard is frequently seen "shooting" things with a contraption that is his photography equipment. "THIS lS THE WAY YOU DO lT," says Frances Saunders, Business Department Head, as she helps Margie Hogan adjust her paper, and Stuart Van Voor- hees, D.C.T. coordinator, looks on. HERE'S A SWITCH-Margaret Barnes explains a solid geometry problem to Louis Edwards and Betty Jo Neal, head of the math department. MARY VESTAL, head of the biology department, watches as Fred Sprouse, science department head, helps Bob Soyers and Joe Kersey with a class demon- stration in electronics. , 's ,, ,IQ 'F 2, ,ll I! Extra-Curricular Activities 1 iv I' MARJORIE RENDULIC, head of vocational home economics, produces future homemakers of America as she helps Jane Lash lay out her pattern while Marlene Wood and Frances Wells work diligently at a sewing machine. THE MUSIC AND ART DEPARTMENT COMBINE forces to produce lavish musical productions. Here Estelle Thomas and Joan Campbell check staging as Joyce McKeown, Bonnie Pike, and Dick Heath give last minute touches to the scenery. - 5' i I2 ., 'V , f M ...ff if I Pk BERNARD FIRKS, B.S., M.S.-l-le is the maestro, en- courager, promoter, adviser and general director of the famed Eagle Band, who will always be in Edge water's "first chair?" JAMES HINSON, B.S., M.Ed.-With traffic accidents at a new high, Mr. l-linsan's driver training classes have more meaning than ever before. EDDITH MONTGOMERY, A.B., M.Ed.-After advising 645 sophomores and teaching English, Miss Mont- gomery comes to numerous school events, PEGGY SELLS, A.B.-Behind the scenes of our plays, we see Miss Sells ably directing and producing expert performances. MARY WILSON, A.B., M.A.-Giving a helping hand as the assistant sponsor of the Junior Class and teaching Junior English, Mrs. Wilson has her finger onthe pulse of E.l-l.S. JOHN BURROWS, B.S., M.A.-Between bombing ant colonies and staring at the "innards" of some unfor- tunate diseased creatures, the biologists among us go on field trips to St. Augustine and Marineland, Mr, Burrows enlivens, yet maintains Order aboard. l-le also sponsors Junior ODtimists, EVERETT WAMPLER, B.C.-Directing the leaders of our school as the sponsor of the Student Council, Mr Wampler finds himself involved in almost everything concerning El-IS. MARIE BRANCH, A.B., B.S.L.S.-The responsibility of our school's library, and the Library Council rests on her able shoulders, LESTER McKINNEY, B.S., M.A.-Mr. McKinney, a welcome addition to the math department, is the "hub" of the Wheel Club. CHARLES HIRSHEY, A.B., M.Ed., Ph.D.-Mr. l-lirshey finds his classes in Problems in American Democracy well-filled. Besides enjoying Edgewater's sports, he also handles all El-l.S. books. JAY WISHAU, B.S.-ln his classroom of chemicals, Mr, Wishau is the expert and serene scientist, I-le is also sponsor of the Key Club and Bi-Phy-Chem. FRANCIS FITZPATRICK, A.B., M.A.-l-le extends through his classes a beneficial phychological influence. A variety of activi- ties claim his spare time, especially those concerning the Junior Class. VINCENT EVANS, B.S.-ln the midst of humming sewing mae chines and snipping scissors, we find Miss Evans calmly attempt- ing to introduce the science of sewing to her perplexed pupils, MR. ROY H. GIBBS AND MR. BUELL DUNCAN ofthe First National Bank and Miss Margaret Brewton, head of the social studies depart- ment, conduct juniors on a field trip as Helen Stewart clutches sixty-thousand dollars. ?O 66 Fill A Teacher's Time On one of those rare occasions when groups of teachers casually congregate, anything could hap- pen-and usually does. lt seems as if those so- called free periods have turned into everything but free. ln this long-awaited hour the faculty cram in numerous tasks, such as taking care of their club's business, doing various assigned jobs, grad- ing endless papers, searching out material in the library, and compiling tests. These time-consuming tasks leave our teachers little leisure, however, once in a great while we do find them engaged in a friendly chat, an early-morning joke, and a hasty exchange of ideas during lunch. BESS KNOWLES, A.B.-Perhaps one of the most active groups on our campus is the National Forensic League, largely due to the many hours that Mrs. Knowles spends encouraging and advising these splendid speakers, HENRY PILKER, B.A.-This jolly gentleman belongs to that special type of person known as a fisherman-which activity he would rather do than eat! Auto mechanics is his speciality. ROBERT BERRY, B.A., M.Ed.-Mr. Football stresses a fair and sportsmanlike game, he has made our hearts swell with pride for our fighting Eagle teams! ROBERT SHIRAR, B.S., M.A.-Another coach of those who hurl the pigskin is Mr. Shirar who teaches American history. FRANK LOUGH, B.S., M.A.-When the batters step up to the plate, home runs and Mr. Lough are foremost on everyone's mind. The other half of his school life in- volves U. S. history. JEANNE PAIN, 8.5.-This biology instructress, a former O.H.S. graduate, has football games at the top of her list. JANE CROW, B.S.A.-Hail Caesar! Latin is this teacher's specialty-her subject as well as her club. LAVONN BENSON, A.B.-ln addition to transmitting her liveliness to her students, she is the "eagle eye" bef hind the newspaper. HELEN EVANS, B.A., M.A.-When taking part in various sports, the girls of E.H.S. are reminded of energetic hours they have spent under the unerring direction of Miss Evans, who also sponsors Girls Varsity Club. ROSE RILEA, B.S.-She is seen rushing through the halls on important business of the Pep Club, or working strenu- ously in one of the five classes she conducts daily on the art of being an athlete. Q lx AS LESTER McKlNNEY PREPARES to sign up time in the library for his class, Lyle Lowry and Everett Wampler confer with Marie Branch concerning reference material. James Hinson, Vincent Evans, Bernard Firks, William Danenburg, Stuart Van Voorhees, David Cramp, and Malka Webman enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the "Bamboo Room"-our faculty dining area. SOMEWHAT ENVIOUS of Jay Wishau who is already enjoying his coffee, Charles Hirshey and Sam Porter wait while Francis Fitzpatrick pours. it f - l Whether they are cheering at a foot- ball game, dancing at one of our flings, taking part in the senior-faculty basket- ball battle, or enjoying a rare moment of relaxation at the P.T.A. picnic, our faculty members are constantly engaged in a variety of energetic activities, When- ever a spare hour can be snatched from their long list of duties, it is very likely that we will find our 'teachers indulging in Edgewater's activities :is often as we do. Not only are the instructors ready and willing to chaperone many of our affairs, but surprisingly enough, we find them ac- tively enjoying the duty. Our teachers are animated as well as able. t As Work Here at Edgewater fQ 1' ,.f Peggy Brice dances with Alton Nolle and John Per Mar pours a fo: Jylflifl, J I ard r ata post game hop. ,jf - jul' 5' , i 'iff' V I K ' '31 f nf! J l X .9 Ii- 1 .i if ! I ,x ' , - i f ' , l ,li j If 1 , tl : .1 A I! fi! XMI r Helen Torrance welcomes a new teacher, Lynn Heagney, as Joe Barkley does the honors of introduction. ALTON NOLLE, B.S., M.Ed.-Mr, Nolle is known far his skill in typing, and Hi-Y members find him to be a very fine fellow and an expert pillow salesman. JOSEPH BARKLEY, B.S., M.Ed.-With business subjects as his specialty, Mr. Baikley is turning out future business executives, even Civitan is on a sound financial basis. PEGGY BRICE, A.B.-Sponsoring the Sophomore Class and teaching English leaves little time to join Miss Heagney and Miss Kimrey at our football games and social events. MILDRED NELSON, B.A., M.A.-Taking time from a full English schedule, Miss Nelson lends a hand to the librarian during her free periods. Ann Shaw hands a play program to May Holbrook, Mildred Nelson, and Marie Cooper as they prepare to watch another E.H.S. production. JOHN PERMAR, B.A., M.A.-An ardent biologist, he is continually doing an excellent job of teaching his students the actions of amaebas and the various classes af plants in addition to managing all visual aids. JULIA HAYWARD, B. S.-On certain days, heavenly smells drift by and ravenous appe- tites are on the rampage, whetted by the home economics of Miss Hayward. She spon- sors Red Cross. LYNN HEAGNEY - This Spanish expert came to us this year from the fascinating land of Cuba. Miss Heagney advises senior Tri-l-li-Y. fr'- THE PTA OFFICERS for the 56 57 year are Mrs Alice Pottrnger flrst Vrce Presrdent Mrs Ethel McDanrel President Mrs Frances McMasters Recording Secretary fstandrngb Mrs Mrldred Haw Iey Hrstorran Mr O R Davls second Vrce Pres: dent and Mrs Martha Martrn Treasurer PTA Promotes A Closer Relation Between Home and School Conductrng meetrngs and planning rnterestrng and In formatrve programs was the mann obyectuve of the Edge water P T A under the guidance of Mrs Oscar McDaniel and an excellent board They had frve scheduled pro grams durung the year Including a panel dnscusslon on student gurdance Takrng part an the annual county wrde Founders Day meeting Edgewater conducted a large portron of this program The PTA s projects are often unknown but they cover varrous fnelds Student Welfare work Cnvrl Defense and Safety Commuttees are a few of the numerous actnvely functuonrng groups wnthun thts nntrrcate organ: zatron qc, -x Mms. Gifford, McManus, Pattrill, Sears, and Parham assist in the serving at a P.T.A. sponsored banquet. 70 4 c - .. e l l l ADVISERS MISS EDDITH MONTGOMERY sophomore class Mlss Helen Evans senlor class and Miss Mary Gordon junior class display college annuals and pamphlets to and Betty Wllllams un her college selection "I want to go to collegel What should l take this year?" Conferences and adjust- ments are made and wavering schedules regimented to prepare the EHS, student for a profession or college career after graduation Sometime during the year sophomores and juniors In a private untervuew dns cuss grievances and arrange thear pros pectuve courses to flt the pattern they have chosen to follow College bound sensors do some last minute checklng wlth Mass Helen Evans to make sure that they have sufficient crednts for entrance unto a unlversuty These busy teachers are frnends nn need and to them we are truly grateful for thelr flne work and servuce Blass Advisers Route Schedules Grew Maintains Campus An unhappy student wnth teeth chatter Ing from the cold an a dnrty trash lnttered room would be a pucture of you at school , 4, If It were not for Edgewater s hardwork :ng manntenance staff headed by Ralph Dennart Grounds free from messy paper wuth shrubs and bushes neatly kept are a result of the persustent efforts of these helpful men who can always be seen busuly working to make our school the clean and happy place nt as Day a d nught a part of the manntenance staff can be depended upon to be fanthfully at work TAKING TIME OUT from thenr maintenance chores custodlans Ralph Dennart A E Cousms Earl J Thornton Arthur A Dnckson and Arthur C Smith pose for our camera 71 I 1 - I . n - - 11 1 , 1 I 1 I 1 1 I l I I 1 ' A 'Et . . 1 g' it I I A 2' ' , . ., . ,g I ' 1 a I 2 A Fl f 1 - - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - STUDENT ASSISTANTS FIRST GROUP Frrst row Cyntha Baumqardner P tr Hunt r Barb Adams Eleanore Albano Loretta Bagley June Algee Srbyl Cowen Dorothy Allen Laurre Hurtubrse Pat Harlan Betty Jean Harper Drane Bellows Second row Carol Crust Ellrott Barber Glenn Downes Jrmmy Hutcheson Jack Huebner John Barrrngton Bull Carpenter Howard Carry Otrs Herman Albert Gerrcke Lrnda Anderson Thrrd row Bonnre Burns Nancy Dorst Gene Bandy Judy Bradley Jenell Foulkes Joan Cayce Annette Harper Glenda Edwards Judy Clapper Leah Coleman Nancy Harlm Judy Chastain Rosemary Hart Lors Barber Student Assistants Lend A Helping Hand To Busy Teachers STUDENT ASSISTANTS SECOND GROUP Frrst row Susan Danrel Wrnnre Coppedge Abby Jones Kathrrne Beasley Charlotte Davrson Lorrta Harrrson Joyce McKee Vlcky Lundberg Lrnda Horne Donna Hall Heather McKenzie Judy urrard Second row Bull Lynch Brll Grtford Edwrn Meador Jere Lober Joe Kersey Phrlrp Jenkins Mrchael Bane Harry Hazelton Mark Gluckman Al Morrrsan Brll Leach Third row Lrndo James Sandra Merrrtt Joyce Lundequam Jane Lash Barbara Anderson Gayle Bynum Clarre Fugere Norma Harr son Jan .arrdley Eleanor Heath Sandy McDanrel Betty Jo Moch Patsy Luke Kay Moore Lrnda MacPherson STUDENT ASSISTANTS THIRD GROUP First row Mary Jo Penrsol CeeCce Dyer Martha Krllgore Evelyn Sprnks Laura Ann Slade Sherry Chapp ll Joyce McKeown Shrrley Part Edrth Sums Drxre Lcnts Joy Martrn Joan Lundequam Edythe Whrte Second row Jane Johnson Tommy Holloway Ronald Marcatte Bull Wrrght Darrel Cochran Bob Rrce Jack Stearman Ralph Thompson Jerry Rrch Sal Rrchar Thrrd row Barbara Smeltzer Carole Butler Nancy Seals Myrna Wrrght Beverly Wrngo Carol Wrcks Emrly Kelley Joan Post Duane Steady Anne Dozrer Judy Taylor Judy Wood .AXA STUDENT ASSISTANTS FOURTH GROUP First row Natalie Travre Anne Yarbrough Faye Tucker .sally Streck Wrlloveda Williamson Second row Sally Smedley Harry Gale Jrm Wilson Bob Soyars Marlene Voorhees Thrrd row Jane Lawlor Barbara Vaughn Pat Seabrook Pat Potr rnger Phoebe Redner llllrce Workers learn Efficiency and Aid Arlmrnrstratron MR AND MRS BRUMBAUGH S OFFICE WORKERS First row Betsy Ellis Helen Stew art Mr John Brumbaugh Mrs Catherine Brumbaugh Pat Cos in Barbara Duke Second row Dar ene Lightfoot Martha McKrbben Garl Banks Karolyn Sneal Ann ette Harper Marlene Smith Jane ose Jean Donohoe Priscilla Bag- gett Sally Reis. Third row-Pat Chambers Sandra Hoffman Gwen Derrick Judy Bushman Janet Burk- hart Beverly Maslar Peggy Brown. MAIN OFFICE WORKERS First row Merle Stern Lora Lee McNerlly Tony Santo Mary Joslyn Jo Anne Heltzel Second row Nina Shuler Melinda Adams Bobbie Jean Frost Margaret Barnes Pat Chapman Sue Meador THE DEANS ASSISTANTS Frrst row Colleen Cox Martha Klllgore Barbara Ellrs Frances Johnson Thomas Prrscllla Pranger Mr Howard Flemlng Third row Tommy Deser Martha Davrs Carolyn Fennell Barbara Kelley Shrrley Strobel Mary Jo able Kay Stanton Pat Sanders Dot Newton Carolyn Luker Sara Johnson Mrllar Second row Mrss Lorena Thomas Susan Frscher Calle Puckett Pat Reynolds Martha Sawyers Bull Grfford Ann Doster Elsa Johnson Allce DuBois Judy Mnlanuch Louise Wolcott Joan Deans and lunchroom Stafl Gam Useful Sennee lrum Helpers T LUNCH ROOM WORKERS Frrst row-Anne Doster, Hazel Lott Reglster, Marne McCormick, Nancy Moye, Second row-Gerald Kimbro, Jules Elliott, Ronnie Meers, Walter Griffith. Third row- Joan Thomas, Eleanor Garlanger, Doris Duke. CASHIERS MAKING CHANGE as the speclalty ot lunchroom cashlers Nlna Shuler Joan lrwln Kay McMasters Jane Lash Jo Ann Newman and Jo Ann Grooms l'lll.K c PREPARING FOOD that will help hundreds ot students endure the long school day this staff of cooks Thusea Bradley Annie Mae Neely Arlene Parker Fannie Moe Griffin Tommie Lau Haubmen and Alferdoll Hardenun hurry to meet the ll 00 deadline 9 4 LU NCHROOM HELP GETTING READY for famished Eagles are: Minnie Harrington, Bertha Lord, Laura Trussler, Edna Bailey, Helen Wolfe, and Jewell Hurlbert. lb Mass Fond Production and Tasty Snacks Burh Ravenuus Hunger 1 75 V4 SNACK BAR WORKERS AFTER PRACTICING flinging ice cream into the air snack bar workers Jimmie Allen Shirley Fowler and Bill Haas fund time to serve students their favorite milk shake f I, fix .!.1,. 3?p!f Proudly boasting of her sixty-four clubs, Edgewater offers each student an organization to which he may N. ', 1 t 2 Q 1 Gluhs devote his time and talent. These clubs are concerned with giving recognition to outstanding students, and offering services to school and community, but even more important, they provide each student with a feel- ing of being a part of E.H.S. Through various projects and other activities they play a needed role in rounding out the curriculum of each student, and at the same time giving him an opportunity to develop his character and personality through assuming the responsibilities that membership in these organizations demand. N, HAPPILY APPRAISING the canned goods collected for the needy at Chrrstmas time are Student Councrl oftrcers Helen Traylor Secretary Jon Johnson Presldent Kay Chlcone Vrce President and Pat Cossln Treasurer Pace Setting Student llnunell Ilperates on New Yearly Basis First row Benny Martnn Larry Gentrle Bull Lynch Tommy Deserable Jerry Lewls Carl Dover Walter Colby Darrel Cochran Second row Bonnie Robin son Sandra McDanrel Shane Connelly Carol Popejoy Sandy Huth Patrrcra Bell Pattr Parrott Betty Jean Harper Wrnnne Coppedge Jean Rowell Nancy Dunbar Thrrd row Betty Wrllrams Judy Mllls Suzanne Danrel Barbara Adams Charlotte Davison Audrey Smrth Sandy Chapman Margo Wrlson Betsy Arnold Joan Dual Emrly Kelley Brenda Thornton Nana ahuler Kather me Beasley Susan Butler Fourth row Judy Harrell Llnda Horn sara lohn son Norma Harrison Guy Bull Eastman Fred Cruz Carl Prange Lundy Patterson Peggy Westgate Gayle Moye Jane Ellen Grrdley Byna Jo fumble W WWE me KEEPING TABS ON the mcomlng votes for Student Council election are Guy Eastman Carl Prange Peggy Westgate and Sandra Chapman Under the capable leadership of Presndent Jon John son with the asslstance of Kay Chlcone Helen Traylor and Pat Cosssn the fnrst elected officers on a yearly basls the Student Councul began nts cuvlc and servlce protects Early In the year they undertook sponsorship of the Be Bop Hop whnch featured dlsc jockey Buddy Stevens Later nn the fall the Student Councnl collaborated with the Tr: Hu Ys nn conductmg the druve for the Orlando Youth Center ln thus drlve Edgewater collected over S3 OOO whuch was more than all the other Orlando schools combined As a reward for their enthuslastnc support Edgewater wall be furst to use the Center for their Junior Senior Prom Durlng the Christmas season the Council sponsored X. a variety show urgung all students to brmg canned goods Over 2200 cans of food were collected for contrlbutlon to the Goodfellows Wnth Joan Dual servung as Chalrman The Student Directory Committee publnshed the fourth annual durectory late In November From March 2lst through the 23rd the Student Counclls of Edgewater Boone and Wlnter Park were host to over 500 delegates for the Florlda State Student Council Convention About ZOO of the delegates were guests un homes of Edgewater students The Councll was nn charge of arranglng lam sessuons on the Eagle Plaza whlch attracted hugh school students each weekend The funal project of the year was the promotnon of the annual Awards Day Program MEMBERS of the Student Directory Commnttee Sandy McDaniel Harper and Bull Lynch smlle contentedly as they examine the Betsy Arnold Jane Ellen Grldley Ted Straub .Ioan Dlal Betty Jean product of thelr labors M A7 , J ii' l J ' l 1 's- if , , 'Sv J , I 1 rr . K- 3 X .7 - 7 l - Wy - I A l I I I I ' I . . . I - I I . . , . . . ' ' ' , . I , , . , - I . ev I Q 1 3 , V I 'C , . 3 First row-Nina Shuler, Joan Dial, Mary Jane Strain, Ann Dozier, Janice Cash, Allen Bark, Inez Westgate, Buck Rogers, Norma Harrison, Walter Johnson, Margaret Barnes, Sissy Sellers, Second row-Buddy Patton, Lauranne Juergenson, Sylvia Peters, Sandra McDaniel, Penny Pattrill. Outstanding Students Indueted at Impressive Ceremony SHOWN CHECKING the supplies of U. S. Savings Stamps are Honor Society officers Buddy Patton, President, Nina Shuler, Treasurer, Lauranne Cash, Secretary, Sylvia Peters, VicefPresidcnt. 2-K Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service are the qualifications required for membership in this honorary club. Honor Society students were in charge of the information centers during the first week of school, Selling saving stamps, one of the group's major projects, encouraged EHS students to be thrifty as they purchased stamps each Monday. The highlight of the year was an impressive tap- ping ceremony during which 42 new members were inducted. i2TL.W SAY i 'N' A banquet was held later in the year when all the new mem- bers were formally initiated into the club. To be a member of this outstanding group is truly an honor a student may be proud to achieve. HONOR SOCIETY-NEW MEMBERS Ervin Shames, John O'Neal, Jerry Rich, Richard Nevergold, Linda Anderson, Sandra Sanders, Jimmy Bushman, Chris Mogelvang, Judy Zellner, John Van Horn, Carol Avera, James Mcsteler, Charles Pillans, Sharon Thompson, Howard Corry, Louise Wolcott, Cynthia Baumgardner, Laurie Hurtubise, Frieda Poff, Novie McCree, Sarah Markette, Ted Straub, Mrs. Helen Torrance, sponsor, Nancy Harlin, Patricia Bell, Carol Schlichenmaier, Vickie Lundberg, Eleanor Bell, Lynn DeAngelis, Nancy Scofield, Phillip Jenkins, Jack Rollins, Rcnald Marcottee, John Lupe, Benny Martin, Dave Part- low, Bill Wright. Not pictured-Walter Colby, Bob Soyars, Grady Aiken, Madeline Hanna, Joan DuBois, Larry Gordon, Judy Wcod, Jo Ann Heltzel. Q in Frrst row Judy Wood Harrrett Baker Joan DuBors Nancy Ann Scofield Jenny Clements Lucy Ellen Jeffries JoAnne Heltzel Novre McCree Nancr Werkrng Ellen Greene Alrce Smrth Pattr Parrott Bobble Frost Sharon Thompson Second row Larry Gordon Larry Katz Jullan Mertrn Fred Cruz John 0Neal John Van Horn James Mosteller Howard Corry Randy Murdock Tucky Graham Benny Martln Walter Colby Jerry Rich Thrrd row Theresa Laurra Betty Jean Harper Jane Ellen Grrdley Lrnda Hand Gall Boyd Jeannette E Canfreld Cynthra Baumgardner Anne Foltz Margaret Muller Patsy Patton Mary Louise Huggins Jan Wllson Colleen Cox Barbara Eutsler Torch Society Promotes Increased Scholastic Achievement FIRE EXIT A Such rs the rnformatron on the srgns above each room In Edgewater Those srgns whrch tell where the students are to go In case of a frre or frre drill are the product of o Torch Society project They fund those srgns a great help In makmg the frre drrlls run more quickly and smoothly Frrst row Carol Popejoy Sandy Chapman Ann Hendrick Mrke Prrce Ted Straub Barry Nelson Joan DuBois Chrrs Mogelvong Bully Verlgan Nancy Anderson Marrlyn Ettrnger Lrnda Ashcroft Lorrn Wrseman Jrmmy Berlrn Second row Rrcky Carman Robert Hamrlton Richard Nevergold Ronald The Torch Socrety was organrzed as a carry over for members of the Junror Honor Socrety Members are requrred to uphold a scholastrc average equalrng a B Farlure once durmg the year results In permanent loss of membershrp Taylor Bully Heath Alex Baetzman Carl Dover Jack Leete Walter Tew Bull Bass Davrd Muller Howard Grelsdorf LaVern Brgelow Thrrd row Prrscrlla Pranger Ton: DrCarlo Janet Duncan Joy Trrplett Edwrn Meador Ronald Kreskey Eleanor Heath Peggy Westgate Jane Rose Tuna Rumpf M M44 81 .I' , I , I4 ' v I I .,,f - I I I I I I I I - I I I I t I I I I I I I I I I - I I I - - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - a I l . , . , . - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - - I I I I ' I I I I I - I I I I I I I - . -I ,7 , I . I I I 4 I ' ' LI . I Q I -. I 1 I ' I V I P N . 1 .V H gy, I I. ,I K , "t 1 s W ' ""'n M M M I In ...Q , Q' v .L :If -M - . ,. .WM NWN.. . ..-. 4. ' V A Q., A SAFETY COUNCIL Frist row Pat Reynolds Wrnnre Coppedge Ann Show Pat Pottlnger Laurle Hurtubrse Helen Stewart Second row Mr Edward Srncrc sponsor George Farr Emory Aker man Morgue Schlercher Fay Crout Mark Gluckman Safety Counorl Urges Caution Red Cross Sends And Ahroad SAFETY COUNCIL Safety frrst last and always was agarn put unto effect by the Edgewater Safety Councrl under the gurd ance of Mr Ed Srncrc Thus group has enlrsted the co operatron of other organrzatrons ID their many proyects After sponsorrng the car regrstratrons a fare demon stratuon and a safety assembly they assusted wnth cuvrl defense offered suggestrons for frre arm safety and organized the annual Car Road E O at Exposrtnon Park Wnth a strong record of mamtarnrng safety at Edge water the Councll was again a member of the Natrona! Safety Councrl Honor Roll RED CR The tame has come to joan the Jr Red Cross' Wnth slogans and posters the homeroom representatrves of the Red Cross at Edgewater waged o campangn for the annual drrve to collect money Later they sponsored the frllnng of a garly decorated treasure chest wrth small artrcles to be sent to the needy people of the world The chest was mode by the Auto Mechanrcs boys and paunted by the Art Club Patrents rn the Orlando Arr Force Base Hospital were entertarned by a short varlety show grven by the talented members of the group JR RED CROSS Frrst row Jeanne Wrlder Nancy Browning Amy Clark Barbara Eustler Bobble Kung Janet Smrth Pat Quackenbush Jane Lash Morllyn Muller Second row Mrss Julra Hayward sponsor Pat Reynolds Carolyn Luker Elsa Johnson Bobble Frost Anne Brewer Punky Walleker Pot Harrrson Dot Newton Karen Johnson Pot Prgnone Inez Westgate Thrrd row Martha Krllgcre Gene Bundy Tommy Holloway Kemble Bennett Eddre Cox Bob Johnson Ned Barr Woody Wrlkerson Gorl Wurlow 'oo' ,I I ef' I ' . , J I . , 3 I - I I I I I I I I ' I I I l I g I J R. OSS I, . ,, . . ,, , . . n , , . . . . - . . . . , , , ,, ,, . I - I I 1 ' , . I - I I I I I I I I - " I I I I I I I I I I I I - - I I I I I I I I - I ' I I , Q lf . If t J . lv l . fi' ,If I, , . " 4 ,f XS 82 GREGG WRITERS Frrst row Darlene Lrghtfoot Patsy Luke Chaplarn Carol Mornson Hrstorlan Ruby Rau erson Sponsor Sue Meodor Sergeant at arms Melmda Adams Anette Harper Treasurer Second row Loreta Harrrson Sally Streck Mrss Presrdent Judy Bushman Secretary Charlotte Davrson Vrce Presrdent GREGG WRITERS Struke out that last sentence The Gregg Writer makes a wrgguly lrne and continues with her notes Selected by her marntenance of a B average In shorthand she must keep thus average throughout her membershrp Thus servrce club rs run on a non profrt basis Therr pro Gregg Writers Type Copy QUILL lndustrrously Iaunchlng a new publrcatron at Edge water members of thus honor society for journalrsts stayed busy making plans for the lrterary magazrne that made nts fnrst appearance thus sprung Wuth an assrst from the Englrsh Department Qu Il and Scrollers selected the poems essays short stones and lane drawmgs of E H S students that appeared rn the booklet ,K .-mmx'1I'N jects Include typrng names for Student Durectory and term papers and serving refreshments at faculty meet ungs Two rnutratrons are held durrng a year to rnduct gurls who have met the standards Ilulll and Scroll Erllts Magazine At a banquet held In March the club welcomed rts ten new members Chosen from the staffs of the two publrcatlons departments they were selected because they possessed the qualrtles required for good yearbook and newspaper productuon An eventful year ended wrth attendance at the Journalism Conventron rn Gainesville QUILL AND SCROLL First row Prrs Pranger Judy Smucker Sondra McDanreI Vrcky Lundberg Second row Walter Colby Brenda Thornton Mrss La Vonn Benson Sponsor Carol Schlrchenmarer Thud row Buddy Patton Fred Frarly Phoebe Redner Mary Jane Strarn Inez Westgate Jon Johnson Not pictured Nana Shuler Patsy Luke f, V l , I f ' 3 7 N ' H.. "' 9 ' I I 4- Q 4 'J I . A , , . . - . .' . . . I I A - ' . I I I I I ' I I I ' 1 I , . - , , 1 , 1 ' , '- ' . ,, , . . . . . , , - , . 1 I I I I I - I 1 I ' I . 1, . 11 Q I . - , I . I I I , 'X I 1 fry. V I" L-' '5, -Q 5 " -: :1 I ,, -1 D 4 ' rv x ' , - . A.- - T ' I I I I I I 7 I I I ' I I , , , . ere Lober Betty Jo Mach Carol Morrrson Penny Pattrrll Sec Treasurer Carol Popeloy Jane Ellen Grrdley Vrce President Helen Stewart Mark Gluckman Llnda Anderson Second row Johnny McKnrgl1t Presrdent The Pep Cluh Stlmulates Splut Throughout Edgewater Penny Pattrrll Secretary Treasurer scrambles Into the Pep Club car as Jane Ellen Grrdley Vrce Presrdent John McKnrght Presldent and Mrss Rose Ellen Rrlea Sponsor await the start ot the brg Homecomrng Parade 84 The Pep Club started nts actuvttues un a whurl of football excitement The ttrst bug project was the plannmg of the spectacular homecomnng parade and half turne crowning ceremonres The homecomnng parade wnth all ot the beauttful floats was a huge success, and the presentotuon of the Queen concluded long preparatnon for thus gala event ln addutron, the members of the club prepared many SIQDS, and sold the student body buttons and other morale boosting devices whnch added to the spurnt of Edgewater The enthusrastuc organization was well backed an all nts actrvutues srnce the entrre student body was tncluded an nts membership An executtve board of students chosen from the varnous classes and clubs odmuntstered the Pep CIub's varted projects , ' A' I a K fd V, 1 .2- ' 8' - e Y, ,J , 'e e f A I J ., . , , 3 'M 4, M " nf ' X f v e-t J H H . . I , . . . . I I I I ' I I I - I I 1 - - I - I n n 1 T I I ' I 1 I , 1 5 Frrst row Ned Barr Julmn Melten Bruce Lazar Bob Blumer John Mc Knlght Mark Gluckman Al Morruson Mr Wrshow sponsor Second row Tommy Shrer Ervln Slrames Allan Bork Davld Gluckman Randy Stubbs Rrchey Elwell Glenn Blanr Gordon Muze Jam Sapp Make Pnce Dave Partlow I A M A ls 4 , f Wayne Kent Third row Bull Gifford Jere Lober Roy Meadows Norman Toy Mickey Sllaplro Fred Frarley Mason Kelsey Bull Avera Erv Patton Bruce Barnhrll Jlm LaBrec The Cwle Mmded Key Club Sewes Edgewater and Urlandn Actrvrty ns a word that mnght be used synonymously wrth the KEY Club of Edgewater Ever on the go thus David Gluckman Mlke Prlce Bill Avera and Rrchey Elwell look over some of the many books collected durrng the Key Club Book Drlve group started the year wrth a bang therr furst bug pro ject being a school wade book drive Over 500 books were collected for dnstrnbutuon to both the school and Albertson lnbrarnes Door to door sollcntatron was next on the agenda with the Key Club worknng hard to make the Cancer Drive a success Conductnng an mutratuon for the new members was also carrned off successfully Under the able durectlon of Mr Wrshau the annual project of the promotion of a School Leader Banquet and ushernng at the lce Vogues were completed Thus an eventful year ended 85 AWAITING the rush are Mickey Shapuro Vnce President Mark Gluckman Pres: dent Dave Partlow Treasurer Al Morrr son Secretary ushers at the lce Vogues . A -' 1 1 1 1 ' - i l 1 1 1 I I I ' I ' 1- I I I I I l I I D I V I I I V ' I V I . I I I I D I I I l I - I ' ' I I I . I I I - ' f I . . A . I . xl . I . X 5 4 1 , TI A A I lx . I ,f QE' V 5 w ' i rgfarfj ' . ' - '. X f A f 1 2 ft ' 1 , Q 1 , 1 '- rf 'I W. ' M, 1 I y Frrst row Steve Duckworth James Grant Tuffy Handley Cecrl Dye Jrmmy Frazrer Larry Gentrle Bobby Grant Larry Katz Second row Mr Joe Barkley Mllton Lewls Elmer Henry Bull Wrrght Guy Eastman Jrmmy Hutcheson Don Bremer Bull Leach Buddy Hanna Thrrd row Carter Greear Charles Frels Johnny Guy Edd e C x Dave Ellrsm Bobby Hewitt Jrm LoBrec Ronnie Foster Bull Barwlck l belreve rn my school nts faculty nts standards of scholorshrp athletrcs and conduct Belrevrng rn them I pledge myself to be a good crtrzen of my Hugh School Thus rs and always wrll be the outstandrng pledge of the Junror Crvrtan Club conventron rn Wrnter Park Therr many actrvrtres Included sellrng frurt cake at Mr Barkley as therr sponsor Chrrstmas fume berng rn charge of the flag rorsrng cere mony everyday and berng host to the drstrrct Crvrtan They enjoyed many socral actrvrtres the most gala berng held at the Langford Hotel rn the Treetop Room Junror Crvrtan members were very fortunate rn hovrng Brvrtan liluh Sponsors and Encourages Good Grtrzenshro BUILDERS of good crtrzenshrp are the offrcers of Junror Crvrtan Jimmy Hutcheson Presrdent Johnny Thomas Secretary Cecrl Dye Treasurer Tuffy Handley Vrce President il ah A 86 Frrst row James Taylor Roy Shu lord George Spencer Charlre Pnl lans Walter Colby Levrs Morrell Dudley McGarrty Mrke Wrlks Second row Duane Stark Vrrgnl od R hard Roll Johnn Thomas Fred Walsh Jam Wrlson Davrd McLean Mel Wrlls Buff Sutton Warren Palmer Q Mx 'Q 'T' f-- s , F 9 1 Q I p Ac V 1 is A: A s. , I ,, I , IH . '. . . . - ' . . I . -. l . . .. - D I ll ll I . F! .ers D Y r on T r 4 - 'K -r . Q I "5 K 4 - ' - -V T P L l v T it l Ax. '- WAX f - , xxx 'x Wo, ic , y First row-Walter Juergensen, Lamar Jackson, John Brown, Jon Johnson, Billy Chance, Fred Cruz, William Gull- edge, John Lofton, Jr,, Roger Shape. Second row -- Carl Folker, Arnold Ausley, Rickey De Witt, David Ballen- tine, Pat Flanagan, Joe Kersey, Robert Hamiltcn, Glenn Downes, Bill Gridley. Third row-John Eikenberry, Kenneth Knott, Frank Ammerman, Jack LeHeup, Harry Gale, Bill Heath, Gayle Chap- man John Bailey Jerry Essick I Hl Y OFFICERS Pot Flanagan Corresponding Secretary Bill Lynch Sergeant at Arms Ken Knott Chaplain Steve Shocowski President Glen Downes Treasurer Walter Juergenson Recording Secretary and Bill Heath Vice Presi dent attach and sell Eagle license plates as their main project of the year Hi Y Develops High Standards tor Christian Character This year the Hi Y sponsored by Mr Nolle and led ceeds from this successful venture were added to the by President Steve Shacoski did its best to create main tain and extend throughout the home school and com munity high standards of Christian character funds to build the Lake Silver dock Besides participating in the Thanksgiving Services at Rollins College the Hi Y sent eight members to the They ushered at all home football games and staged convention in Daytona and five members to Blue Ridge the successful Autumn Leaves Record Hop They also Conference in North Carolina last summer sponsored the second annual Hi Y Carnival The pro psf' Lk I First row Ben Sharp Harold Meilstrup Bill Robinson Don Downes Clark Holloway John Morianty Billy Verigan Alex Baetzman Bucky Mizzele Second row Skip Wilson Bob Richard: Bill Wright Bill Lynch Rodney Clark Kimball Malcom Edward Morse Gordy Robinson Mr Alton Nolle sponsor Third row Walter Tew John Wakeman Barry Nelson Bob Swozowski Charlie Harrison Lindy Patterson Tommy Elliott Steve Shacoski 87 , - 4 X I I I , 'S ' N. Ati 1 . E . , r . 1 ' , - - : , 1 ', ' : y y , : , 9 W ' 1 ' . ' - '- I I I I - . . l- I . . . l . ' . r r ' - l . . . I - . , ' ' x t' ' t, we X J an we A or 5 A , an , P U wiffain. f J V f f 4 , If 'I A A 4 P x r , ' I ff 4 l 1 l I N I l .. - s ' ' ' ' X s , wa . 4 A Q , 'Y ' ' N 3 ,bg f Q F 'fe , ,Y i 3 I rr f ' 'P l 1. I ft 1 'B ll l ' 1' i , YM N "' l 1- I l I ' I I I I . . I . l I I ' l I I I I I I I I ' I ' T I I I .I I B I The members of the Catherine Brumbough Tri-Hi-Y became good will ambassadors for the community during Christmas when they played the part of Old Saint Nick by giving food to a needy family, The most inspirational of all the club's projects was the visit to the Thornwell Orphan- age where the attentive children were enter- tained with a variety show produced by the Club. DISCUSSING future projects are Susan Butler, President, Miss Sue Gordon, Sponsor, Helen Stewart, Vice-President, Lucy Ellen Jeffreys, Chaplain, Joanne Heltzel, Secretary, Eleanor Bell, Treasurer, and Martha Soyars, Sergeant-at-Arms. Catherine Brumhaugh Tri-Hi-Y Helps School Arabian Urphan First row-Loralie McNeilly, Helen Stewart, Sharon Thompson, Paulette Patrick, Merle Stein, Ann Shaw, Kay Wagner, Toni Santo, Donna Smith, Shirley Tillman. Second row-Martha Sawyers, Andrea Stark, Lucille Russell, Peggy Traylor, Sandra Scott, Lucy Ellen J ffries Martha Davis Carol Erickson Diane Steady Judy Wood, Louise Wolcott. Third row-Scarlet Gaston, Joanne Vargish, Patsy Pottinger, Dorothy Newton, Charlotte McManus, Sandra Sanders, Marielle Pickard, Carolyn Spence, Brenda Thornton, Nancy Morrison, Nancy Seals, Joy Mathis. First row Nancy Browning Verlie Dowd Yoli Blanco Bobbie Jean Frost Jo Anne Heltzel Katherine Beasley Diane Jacobs Diane Bellows Susan Butler Jane Johnson Martha Killgore Second row Miss Sue Gordon Sponsor Lynn Ginson Bobbie King Cynthia Baumgardner June Algee Gail Banks Abby 88 Jones Prissy Baggett Janet Graves Doreen Arra Suzanne Brockman Betty Jean Harper Gayle Adamson Sandy Huth Sally Arthur Emily Kelley Third low-Connie Garrell Loretta Bagley Jeanny Clements Karen Benn Sara Johnson Karen Johnson Jane Ellen Gridley Carol Avera Pat Harrison Pat Flower Patrrcia Bell June Knight Eleanor Bell CATHERINE BRUMBAUGH TRI HI Y The eager gurls of thus servlce club en gaged nn many school actuvmes also An example of thenr enthusnasm was seen nn the bong up results of the Pngskm Prom A percentage ofthe proceeds of thus post game dance went to an Arabnan orphan whose education ns being expanded through Trl HI Y and The motto of every member To create hugh Chrlstlan standards nn home school and communlty was well nnstlgated through the servuces of the Catherme Brumbaugh Trl H1 Y tn their worthwhile projects during the past school year ENTHUSIASTICALLY DECORATING for the Pngskm Prom are Sandy Huth Eleanor Bell Jane Ellen Grldley Helen Stewart and Lynn Glnson Jumor Uptlmlsts Prnvnle Faculty mth Bateterla Planter Helpnng to make Edgewater the Campus Beaututul these clvlc mlnded boys under the guidance of Mr John Burrows had for theur mann project the teacher s tropical planter In the cafeterua Other actlvlttes Included the Moonllght Serenade dance selling Chrnstmas trees and a twenty flve dollar patlo donation The Junior Optnmusts promoted safety by marktng the parking lot, regusterlng students cars and conducting a bike safety campalgn Fust row-Charlle Wright Chester Barclay Buck Rogers Bob Thrasher Corry John Loughe Mr John Burrows Sponsor Thlrd row Herbert Tlllman Stewart Mallard John Graham Carl Dover Vernon Uhran Second row Don Freeman Wulllam Smalley Jack Rollms Fred Mann Chns Mogelvang John Erkenberry Richard Megow Davld Maller Richard Nevergold Howard Alan Rublnstem, Al DeAngeIls Lance Borows Bull Haas 89 II 1 1 . ,, . . 1 1 1 I I ' I I I I I - ll - 11 ' ' ' 1 I ' - I . - l . 1 . . . , , . - 1 - . . . . . 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 , I I I ' I I I I I 1 , 1 1 1 1 - Us PRECARIOUSLY PERCHED atop goal posts Heather McKenzne Melrnda Adams Laurre Hurtublse receuve rnstructrons and help from Evelyn Sprnks Nancy Layman Judy Zellner Donna Holl and Joan Cayce 'Q I Lobby Leyden Vrce President Gayle Bynum Treasurer Martha Morrms Secretary Lauranne Cash Presldent Joyce McKee Chaplain susan Fischer Second Vlce Presrdent prepare for Beau Contest whrch alded Youth Center Drlve Lorena Thomas Trl HI Y Sponsors Motoroade Banquet A Chrrstlan Organlzatlon serving the school and communrty perhaps best describes the actlvltles and purpose of Edgewater s Lorena Thomas Trl H: Y Helplng to launch the new school year rn a bug way the club presented our lack off banquet and the colorful motorcade at the season s flrst football game First row Joan Dual Lrbby Layden Nancy Layman Sandy Fleming Sherry Chappell Joan Cayce Llnda Berson Laurre Hurtublse Susan Fischer Kay Chrcone Second row Mrss Lynn Haegney sponsor Evelyn Bracewell Nancy Dorst Beverly Aldora Suzanne Danlel Janice Johnson Judy Haugaard Another of the year s hnghllghts came wlth thelr an nual state conventlon rn Daytona Beach at whlch Nancy Taylor acted as presldung offncer Thelr sponsorshlp of the Green Door Dance decoratuon of the goal posts and donatlon to the World Service fund contrnbuted to make thus year one of the finest rn their hnstory Melinda Adams Donna Holl Geraldrne Cheshrre Charlotte Davlson Thrrd row Pat Jennmgs Fay Crout Corrella Eastman Jan Glrdley Barbara Anderson Lauranne Cash Norma Harrison Gayle Bynum Judy Chastaln Gwen Derrick Jane Hurley mx . A - X ' Q . K - . v -, N V . , '1 3 " -1'f , . , o , W , 1 . x , S1 M, X . 1 x . ' X I' 1 , 1 ' I 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 - I I I ' I A I I I - Q ,, . . . . . , . . . . . ,, . . . . . . . . . . ,, ,, . I I I ' 1 , . . . . , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J K" 5 'X Q . . gy S Ls hs, Q 1 sh . 1-K f S l . f L A - . 5 vs L. V 1 4 '. Q '55 it 4x Frrst row Nancy Taylor Gall Warlow Ida Lou Mayhew Punky Walleker Spnnks Heather McKenzie Thrrd row Snssy Sellers Mary Ann Pohry Sandra Ruta Walton Helen Traylor Carolyn Smlth Peggy Mitchell Second row Merrltt Sarah Markette Edlth Sams Llnda Prlce Penny Pattnll Martha Hamel' Scarbrough Joyce McKee Bonnie Robinson Judy Zellner Evelyn Moms Wheel Club Collects Magazines tor South Antencan lands Yes Sur' No sur' Rnght away snr' These were lamuluar words to all Wheel Club pledges the week of mductuon As the year progressed each member partncrpated an the projects which were the collection of magazmes for Bleam Burt Todd Joe Sluder Steve Shacoskl Lynwood Dunn Second row Jock Leete Jeff Allison Wendy Edwards Jtm Ford Edward Shuler Davld South Amerncan couhtrues ushering for Rotary Club and gnvmg a dance Patterned after the Rotary Club It ns the goal of thus orgamzatton to promote service de pendabnluty patrnotusm and mtegrnty wuthm each member Hewntt Jlm LaBrec Gene Moore Stanley Reese John Gold Duck Harvey Cullen Reaves Harry Hough Carl Ruedlger Robert Tannler rs' Q1 llurq I .11 , V: A .L 5 I X , 4 . ., W ' , 55 ' VX Y 'I t 1 ev ' A Q XR J , U ' :- I 11 I I I . I I . - . I . ' .. . . I . I . . , r U r - I First row-Harry Tucker, Frank Alexander, Leroy Azar, Tim Bryan, John Dixon, Randy Bryan, Bob Dotherow, Mr. Lester McKinney. Third row-Jim .W ' A I 4 ' V 4g 1 , Y Q 1 Y I V' , A V -I A 42' ,I t . 1 ff y x W ,. K Q ,, ' V . , I x I J yy , 1 fl s l 21 l 1 A 'K , l y 7 lgg V 'A X 91 5 X are 1 .-.. .fy l ,QL First row-Margaret Adams, Dorothy Allen, Laurie Hurtubise, Ann Shaw, Pope, Gayle Adamson, Joanne Page, Joan Bartlett, Ruth Ann Chipman, Lynn DeAngelis, Dot Newton, Shirley La France, Diane Steady, Pct Harrison. Priscilla Doyle, Sandra Sanders, Caroline Willits, Carol Van Kirk, Carolanne Second row-Miss Jeanne Pain, Elizabeth Tubutis, Carol Koepke, Betty Wenger, Madeline Dunlap, Geilda Jackson. Florence Nightingales ot Tomorrow Aid Hospital Stati During the month of November the "temperature takers" of Edgewater were engaged in the training courses offered at the Orange Memorial Hospital and Florida Sanitorium. On completing this program, the girls were allowed to work in both of the hospitals. Numerous activities brought satisfying results. A needy family was supplied with a Thanksgiving basket. Eligible members received their pins at a social gather- ing in December. The Medical Auxiliary booth at the Fair was "manned" by the Future Nurses who sold sub- scriptions to Today's Health. Members were also sent to the state convention held in Jacksonville. MISS MITCHELL of Florida San. demonstrates to the future nurses Lynn DeAngeIis, Shirley La France, Priscilla Pranger, Susan Butler, Dorothy Allen, Dot Newton, and Anne Shaw, the use of the X-Ray machine. ,, , ,..,, K. , 1, 1:55 KNAW I so ,,. I 'I THIS PATIENT is getting the "royal treatment" from our future nurses, Margaret Adams, Betty Pope, Margaret Mitchell, Diane Steady, Ruth Ann Chipman, and Caroline Wittits. 'K 'T F.H.A.'ERS Bonnie Pike, Rosalyn Rogers, Bar- bara Rogers, Mrs. Marjorie Rendulic, Anne Dozier, Jane Lash, Carolyn Luker, Willoveda Williamson, and Judy Clapper give appro- priate answers to the questions concerning breakfast. Ish-T pgalifaffl 7' 'UCI 4 Future Homemakers of America-The Kitchen Is Their Castle The motto of the Future Homemakers Club "Toward New Horizons," was stressed in all the many service and financial proiects undertaken this year, A few of the activities that they sponsored were packing food baskets for needy families, selling Christmas cards, and contributing to the FHA. state scholarship fund, In addition to this they entered the Doll Dress Contest First row-Jane Lash, Judy Clapper, Jennie Coffee, Bar- bara Adams, Sally Streck, Dee Fuqua, Shirley Pait Rosalie Woods, Evelyn Bracewell. Second row - Bettie Prescott, Patty Lou Sanders, Beverly Aldora, Margaret Mitchell, Carolyn Luker, Pat Reynolds, Mrs. Marjorie Rendulic, sponsor. Third row-Gayle Moye, Jan Girdley, Anne Mogelvang, Janice Cannon, Bonnie Pike, Karen Blaine, Joyce Mc- Keown, Janet Pyle. sponsored by Seventeen Magazine and attended the dis- trict meeting held in Leesburg, Florida, The Future Homemakers of Edgewater were named second place winners in a recipe-collection contest for high school classes and clubs conducted by Seventeen Magazine. Pictures of the girls appeared in the January issue of the Florida Future Homemakers Magazine. First row Carol Richard Bonnie Allen Willoveda Wil Iuamson Carolyn Smith Edwrna Kelsey Lucy Eden field Charlotte Davison Margie Hogan Second row Margaret Hagan Joyce Powell Janice Hardy Shirley Carlton Shirley Strobel Fay Crout Kathryn McKalsen Third row-Barbara Rogers Rosalyn Rogers, Kathryn Milam, Betty Davis, Karen Mayhew, Glenna Greathouse 7 r -wp 1 4' 'ef 95 "yi ina' id .1 f --421 9 1 Y Q X fl Q r- ' J Y 1 X U Q - ,Y KW! i Q L. i. V., S.- I-5 ". -xi, .4 'S , Z is 'ws ,pditchu qltwnn .ffl 4 1 L af Q sf K Q , in :,,, Q- -iv Q 'Q S fag Nw x: fi' Ap Qg it ge M wa hi "A ' iv 4.1" Q .4 , 3 X' fi' as 'H 7 Q- X Q fy! Q 231 ax R 'fs First row-Edward Deen, Bobby Carter, Steve Mazak, Craig Jackson, Richard Harry Hazelton, Tim Bryan, Cullen Reaves, Ben Crosby, Jerry lmber, Bud Conner, James Morgan, Mike Bane, Paul Keen, Howard Bowen, John Gold, Barbe, Paul Howard, Third row-Charles Hill, Jim Payne, Walter Griffith, Joe Wickhan, Tom Holloway, Harold Meilstrup, Olin Fisher, Mr. Emory Harry Wilson, Herbert Tillman, Donald Funston, Danny Voorheis, Lynwood 0'Neal. Second row-Bobby Williams, LaVerne Bigelow, Gerald Kimbro, Dunn, Sidney Buck, Jerry Ammerman, Bill Chance, Oliver Fennell, Jim Drake. Citrus, Battle, Experimental Plots Hold Interest ot F.F.A. By the growing and selling of vegetables, citrus, and ornamental plants, funds were raised for the club treasury. Another of the principal projects of the group was the distribution of the F.F.A. calendars. The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. To create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupations, to train for useful citizenship, and to foster patriotism are only a few of the specific aims of this organization. By means of the club, the members, always heeding the motto "learn- ing to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve," will be able and prepared to make up "the backbone of America" in the future. WEEDING MUSTARD greens, Herbert Tillman, Joe Coffman, Walter Grif fith, Curtis Brickley, LaVerne Bigelow, Gene Rucker, and Jimmy Blackwell tend experimental and profitable garden plots. First row--Nancy Dunbar, Joyce McKee, Sissy Sellers, Evelyn Spinks, Corrella Janet Burkhart, Gayle Bynum, Carol Schlichenmaier, Jane Ellen Gridley, Edith Eastman, Judy Chastain, Helen Stuart, Helen Traylor, Susan Fischer, Gretchen Sims, Betty Jean Harper, Louise Wolcott, Janet Swangren, Mrs. Jane Crow, Wolsey. Second row-Sibyl Cowen, Joan Castle, Gail Warlow, Karolyn Aneed, sponsor. F.T.A. Tries Tutoring: Gleans Hints from Guest Speakers The Future Teachers of America are already working and planning for one of the most vital and interesting professions of today. By teaching in various schools and attending the State Future Teachers' meeting, they gained practical experience during the years "Learning the business from the inside track" so that they may serve well in their future vocation, these career- minded girls, under the guidance of Mrs, Jane Crow, are fulfilling the purpose of their club-"to encourage and promote interest in the field." LATIN CLUB READING CAESAR'S proclamation, Louis Morrell extends the royal invitation to Roman citizens Vicky Lundberg, Nancy Morrison, Elanor Bell, Nancy Scofield, Nancy Harlin, and Jere Lober. fl First row-Sally Huggins, Jimmy Berlin, Pat Dickerson, Carol Popej.y, Ann Hendrix, Malcolm Hawley, Nancy Anderson, Toni DiCarlo, Jere Lober, Wanda Wells, Bill Haas, LaVerne Bigelow, Bobbie King, Peggy Traylor. Second row-Mrs. Jane Crcw, sponsor, Pat Pignone, Inez Westgate, Carter Greear, Heyward Mathews, Vernon Uhran, Koepke Alice Smith Marie Settanni Nancy Werking latin Club Plans "EagIecade": Fetes Caesar at Gala Banquet First row-Linda Anderson, Patricia Bell, Priscilla Baggett, Kathrine Beasely, Karen Johnson, Evalyn Hussey, Sandy Chapman, Nancy Dunbar, Eleanor Bell, Colleen Cox, Gayle Adamscn, Nancy Scofield, Gail Nudelman, Vicky Lundberg, Sylvia Haynes. Second row-Jerri Dotson, Elizabeth Layden, Bobby Grant, Lynn DeAngelis, Jimmy Brown, Jerry Green, David Fritz, Randy Boldly bedecked with red and white posters, nine buses formed the Latin Club "Eaglecade" to Daytona for the football tangle with Mainland last fall. Next big event in the Latin Club was the packing ofa Christmas basket, prepared for a needy family. Clothing and food were collected and given along with a turkey purchased with club funds. Murdock, Gordon Filmore, Ned Barr, Marshall Linard, Bob Blumer, Jerry Rich, Susan Kazaros. Third row-Marilyn Ettinger, Angie Durocher, Linda Hand, Janet Duncan, Beverly Aldora, Dorothy Heyward, Betsy Arnold, Nancy Morrison, Priscilla Doyle, Ruth Ann Chipman, Nancy Harlin, Anne lzialzier, Joan DuBois, Julia Darling, Susan Whipple, Diane Steady, Dorothy en. Dressed in Roman garb to attend the traditional Roman banquet, members carried on the evening's ac tivities in a fashion befitting Caesar, Meeting time is spent on studying Roman history to realize the influence this ancient culture of art, literature, and civilization has had on the modern world. Latin is far from being a dead language as the name of the organization implies "Hodie I-lerique" means "Today and Tomorrow." Gene rronk Jack Leete Mike Price Jim Sapp Ronnie Meers Larry Katz Tommy Shier Third row Vivian Pearce Sandra Patiry Rosalyn Rogers Susie McClain Peggy Westgate Laice Lewis Joy Triplett Mary Ellen Skeen Ann Duke Sylvia Ridley Barbara Rolgers Carol Llhraly Council Elllclently llrganlzes Llhrary Maternal MISS MARIE BRANCH Sponsor KEEPING TRACK of the Ilbrarys materlals are Emrly Kelley Treasurer Sal Rrchar Secretary Lmda James President Kay Murrell Vlce President and Lmda Vahue Hrstorlan lnot plcturedl First row Sally Rrchar Lmda James Lucy Edenfleld Carole Butler Second row Barbara Smelter Slbyl Cowen Beverly Wlngo Thrrd row Lynn De Angelus Carol Wucks Emlly Kelley Lmda Vahue Nancy Seals 98 The qulet atmosphere of the llbrary ns the haven of these book lovers As a result of selllng the popular red and whlte bookcovers the llbrarlans of tomorrow have more funds To use thus money to Improve the llbrary has become a yearly practuce The Dewey Declrnal classltucatnon letters are an example of thus year s plannnng On the dns trrct and state levels the Llbrary Councnl IS extremely active Whale attendlng both the fall and sprung dlstruct meetungs they declded on a state pan At the state Meetlng at Llbrary Asslstants held rn Leesburg Edgewater s gurls were among those who voted upon the organrzatnon s new offlcers PRESENTING THE FLAGS of our school and nation are Carol Crist, LaRue Thompson, Barbara Beloit, Carolyn Brunner, Connie Elliot, Mary Ellen Stewart. Color Guards, Campus Crusade rs Sena Bivically and Devntedly C O L O R G U A R D S A comparatively new organization at Edgewater, now in its second year, is the Color Guards, sponsored by Miss Virginia Macka This fine group of girls can be seen al- most anytime the band appears. They carry the colors for the band in parades, and at football games during the pre-game and halftime ceremonies. They also present colors in our assemblies. CAMPUS CRUSADERS Near the beginning of the school year, Campus Cru- saders presented a most impressive and inspiring assem- bly featuring Christian businessmen. Mr, A, B. Johnson and Walt Meloon, attributed their business success to God as their silent partner. Other Crusader activities included the presentation of an Easter assembly, a Valentine banquet, picnics, parties, and sports events. The club joined with Winter Park and Boone at meet- ings where guest speakers, inspired devotion, and social Issey' 452 as-we ,wi -1 af First row-Priscilla Pranger, Gayle Moye, Edwina Kelsey, Loretta Bagley, Jan Grrdley, Cynthia Baumgardner, Freida Poff, Fgy Crouf, Beffy Pafrickl Judy Smucker. Second row-Mr, Louis Edwards, sponsor, Perry Bigelow, John J 'E ww- m, ik .,. J activities offered Christian fellowships Cooper, Ken Holt, Dennie Simpson, George Patrick, LaVern Bigelow. Third row-Carolyn Smith, Barbara Anderson, Eleanor Heath, Linda Porter, Evelyn Bracewell, Ann Lockler, Carolyn Sue Gibson. First row-Marietta Zeek, Elizabeth Tubutis, Lorin Wiseman, Carolyn Luker, Brenda Thornton, Judy Clapper, Margaret Miller, Paul Mahaffey, Ccnnie Harrell. Second raw-Benita Green, Beverly Aldara, Nancy Seybzld, Elliott Barber, Fred Mann, David Squires, Linda Pait, Mary Lcuise Huggins, Dick Heath, Miss Joan Campbell, sponsor. Third row-Lynne Junkins, Joyce McKe:wn, Barbara Vaughn, Pat Reynolds, Joan Thomas, June Algee, Bonnie Pike, Kay Moore, Neama Harrison, Sal Richar. Art Gluhhers Perlomi Services for School and Community With palettes smeared in assorted hues, and tongues held tensely between the teeth, the artists of Edgewater have done a work of art onthe setting of our musical and dramatic productions. Among their many accomplish- ments, the Art Clubbers boast of winning first prize for their circus-themed float in the homecoming parade and having gold pins for the first time this year. IN AN ARTISTIC MOOD, the Art Club officers, David Squires, Treasurer, Elliott Barber, Reporter, lst Sem., seated Linda Pait, Sccial Chairman, lst Sem., Bonnie Pike, Vice-Pres., seated Brenda Thornton, Sec. lst Sem., Pat Reynolds, Reporter Znd Sem., Mary Louise Higgins, Social Chairman, Znd Sem. sketch Egyptian model Carolyn Luke, who is also p csdent. Their treasury was increased considerably by the sole of fire extinguishers and shakeroos, which they made and sold themselves. The brightest spot in the year for these sketchers and sculptors was their trip in the spring to the Art Festival in Gainesville. The Eagle Artists are always willing to work diligently on posters for club projects. 'X ikfilrl ,JZ RIDING HIGH an the prize winning Homecoming Float are Art Clubbers Judy Clapper Bonnie Pike Margaret Miller Lorin Wiseman Lynne Junkins and Mary Louise Higgins who are portraying a Big Top performance T. ?'. 0 1 STEADILY PERSEVERING rn therr varrous backstage dutres are Darrell Cochran Don Freeman Duck Heath Broward Hunter Lee Hall and Brlly Wolfe Stage Brew labors long Hours on Scenery and llghtmg WORKING HARD behrnd the scenes preparrng the stage for programs are John Lough Tommy Shure Don Moore Mrke Neel Bruce Lazar Davrd Mrller and Davrd Fritz The men who Contrnbute greatly to the general welfare of our school are the members of the stage crew They are responsrble for installing the sound system at our dances pep rallies and other school functions where a loud speaker rs needed The scenery and lrghtrng for our programs are made and manrpulated by these unsung he roes of E H S These men who have put In so much trme proudly wear thenr Edgewater E desrgnated Stage 101 ! ze - I I I I ' l l 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I,' 1 1 g Q . 5 in .5 E 1 . .,,e. - v' L KX' . . lt, RA. I I if x If y X a T -4-4-1 ' IN VARIOUS ATTITUDES of play production are: George Patrick, Marilyn Miller, Biff Sutton, Edith Simms, David Miller, Susan Fischer, Mary Jane Strain, Bill Wright. Back row-Buck Rogers, Jesse Waller, Clark Holloway Patti Hunter, Eddie Cox, Millicent Redner. Thesoians Produce Spine-Iingling Drama and Hilarious Comedy as 4. P V fesur! THE THESPIAN OFFICERS Patti Hunter, Vice-President, Jesse I . I Waller, Treasurer, Susan Fischer, President, Mary Jane Strain, Scribe, Millicent Redner, Secretary, and sponsor Miss Peggy Sells, diligently look through several play books for an appropriate one. ON THE SET OF "Best Foot Forward" are: Pete Rachtman, Bonnie Robin- son, Eddie Sanford, Eddie Cox, Phoebe Redner, Jesse Waller, Edith Sims, Fense drama that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, or a howling farce leaving you literally rolling in the aisles can both be found portrayed to the height by Edgewater's Thespian Troop 557. Steered by their sopnsor, Miss Peggy Sells, these dramatists brought back a superior rating from the State Drama Festival in Gaines- ville for their moving drama "The Valiant." This play was again presented at the Regional confer- ence in Bartow. The production "Best Foot Forward," a comedy in three acts, was decidely one of the high points of the year. Whether "on stage" or behind the scenes, the Thespians acted well their part. Clark Holloway, Laurie Hurtubise, David Miller, Harriet Scarbrough, Biff Sut- ton, Janet Burkhart, George Patrick, Bill Lynch, Joe Kersey, Susan Fischer. Q W-.- . Q ab' -I R D 1 ' , ' xx lik 1 -,..1-- "And so l urge you to concur with me and pass this bill." These words are well known to the members of the National Forensic League for they are used in congress activities that occupy the fall months, At the district meet in Jackson- ville, EHS, took three of the four honors, when a gavel for best presiding officer was given to Benny Martin and the honor of best speaker went to Buck Rogers, who will go to the national convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. The months after Christmas found these silver- throated orators working on productions in dra- matic interpretation, debate, orations, and ex- temporaneous speaking in order to prepare for the big tournament which was held at Tampa in March. CHARLES PILLANS GESTURES emphatically, making strong his first contention of this debate, while his partner Bruce Lazar reviews his case. Jotting hasty notes for a slamming rebuttal, are Ellen Green and Carolyn Gibson. N.F.L. OFFICERS diligently taking registrations for the Congress meeting are standing Joyce McKee, Recording Secretary, Lucy Ellen Jeffries, Chaplain, Buck Rogers, President, Benny Martin, Assistant Treasurer, sitting, Ann Burton, Vice-President, Mary Jane Strain, Corresponding Secretary. National Forensic league Speaks With Vigor and Authority First row-Gail Nudelman, Ellen Greene, Lucy Ellen Jeffries, Carolyn Gibson, Charles Pillans, Benny Martin, Buck Rogers, Jim Mosteller, Pete Rachtman, Ann Burton, Mary Jane Strain, Joyce McKee, Martha Kilgore. Second row- Darrel Cochran, Mrs. Bess Knowles, sponsor. 103 1 . 5 5 1 124 ,,E Q ., - 3 'fag f , or . If , ! em. V - Q .. , 1' 1 'M Q? 'X First row-Shirley Pait, Moria Glen, barbara Spotts, Llo,d.ne Sica.es, Ve.donia Spence. Fourth row-Sandra Patiry, Gail Boyd, Jeannette Canfield, Kay Mc- Locklear. Second row-Delores Furay, Carmen Pelletior, Bobbie Denlinger, Master, Barbara Belote, Carolyn Bruner, Sylvia Milham, Joan Castle. Filth Isla Cawart, Carolyn Kinard, Kay Stanton. Third row-Marjorie Willis, Ethel Kozma, Pat Jennings, Eleanore Albane, Gloria Tesky, Audrey Smith, Carolyn row-Larry Barber, Darrel Cochran, Biff Sutton, Jerry Stieger, Bob Swoszowski, John Wakeman, Tommy Thomas, Edwin Meador, Curtis Story. Choral Society Presents Many Spectacular Prcductinns First row-Judy Johnson, Cile Puckett, Sonja Carlson, Carolyn Fordham, Charlotte Buchan, Second row-Joan Vaughn, Carole Rishell, Ginger Davis, Judy Smucker, Sandra Alderman, Martha McKibbin. Third row-Darthea Stambough, Judy Thomson, Martha Bierwiler, Sarah Kelley, Sarah Markette, be 1,0 ow, Q It L 1 is 1 Eleanor Bell, Patricia Bell. Fourth row-Jere Willis, Karen Benn, Evalyn Hussey, Sandy Huth, Beverly Wingo, Judy Ellison, Joy Mathis, Sally Hamlett. Fifth row-Duke Leatherbury, Fred Steinmeier, Dean Bowen, David Miller, Leland Park, Bob Rice, Don Moore, Eddie Gewrin, George Patrick. I 7'-. , ww. . . f 4 , ,L . -., ij .11-lf' V, ' W' 03, , Amana A ,Q Hg, R , i 4' 'A' First row-Kay Leach, Darlene Lightfoot, Jewell Hudson, Lynne Wright, Darleen Malinson. Second row--Sally Ann Richar, Judy Long, June Knight, Jane Johnson, Patti Hunter, Donna Smith. Third row-Charfene McEwen, Barbara Burgess, Joyce Dumph, Barbara Newhart, Betty Patrick, Ricky Car- . 0 99 man. Fourth row-Ralph Thompson, Judy Roger, Pat Mur.ay, Kendo Harney, Janet Duncan, Karen Douglas, Cathy Martin, Billy Verigan. Fifth row-John Brinkley, Broward Hunter, Ronald Taylor, Gene Long, William Gulledge, Bill Finnell, Tommy Ford. Traditional of the Choral Society are the spectacular productions which require a tremendous amount of work and effort. This year a light opera, "The Chimes of Normandy," won first place in the hearts of those who saw it. The quaint costumes and eighteenth century set- tings added to the pleasing melodies, And likewise the Christmas Memory Book with its living pages set to music enchanted its audiences. But the scope of the Choral Society reached farther than the halls of Edgewater, for groups traveled all over Orlando to spread music. They gave programs at the junior highs, and the Tourist Club. One of the outstanding highlights of the year was the state clinic where the best voices were brought together to sing. The state and district contests were also very inspiring. Many honors were brought back by this talented group of songsters. First row-Nancy Browning, Mary Jo Piersol, Dot Haynes, Judy Hancock, Susan Butler Second row-Eileen Zalla, Bettie Prescott, Toni Santo, Pat Goodwin, Fran Morello, Janet Swangren. Third row-Janet Berlin, Clyda Colson, Edith Sims, Marilyn Parkinson, Linda McLain, Edythe White, Anna , is l' -, Jane Hoskins. Fourth row-June Algee, Martha Morris, Phyll Anthony, Gwen Tilson, Sandra Stephenson, Patricia Browning, Peggy Murphy. Fifth row-Mike Niel, Earl Brewer, D ve Lawson, Walter Reeder, Jack Huebner, Jim Hewitt, Dick Heath, Ken Wohlust, Duane Bowen. 'N Wkw ii 'ja , ,J v-44 'tx' C7 3 fl? va r Q, ,W ev if J? u sf' is JL' s 5 MU? nr M Q 5 , wi , L ,Ld First row Duke Leatherbury, Mike Neel, Fred Steinmeier, David Miller, Earl Gulledge, Don Moore, Walter Reeder Fourth row Gene Long, Dave Lawson, Brewer, Curtis Story, Eddie Geurin Second row Bill Verigan, DarrellCochran, Biff Sutton, Dean Bowen Fifth row Jerry Stieger, John Wakeman, Bob Bob Rice, Martha Morris, Edwin Meador, Ralph Thompson, Duane Bowen Swoszowski, Tommy Thomas, Leland Park, Bill Fennell Third row Broward Hunter, Ronald Taylor, Jack Huebner, Dick Heath, Bill i in - o . T J' ' ,,' J e S All i , it 'il is J ,Q ' A , ,N W -, xg' B , If, I gs., 'R ' ' Q 'C 5 , ,,,, .E ,- K . rr W Y V I In , ,',' V 4 6 , nf .. 5 L 3' l. ig" :z ' ml X . , . l Eagleaires, Bhnralaires, and E-Gals Blend Voices In Song 7 --1..AL,.. The Choralaires represented the utmost in skill and musical talent. This carefully selected group of song- sters lent their talent to provide musical entertainment throughout central Florida. On the agenda of this busy group we found singing for the Parent-Teacher Associa- tion, the Shrine Club, Rotary Club, and the March of Dimes. At Christmas these "singin' chullin' " visited hospitals to bring Christmas cheer through song to the sick. Dressed in formal attire this group sets a high stand- ard and one that Edgewater can be proud of. Mrs. Estelle Thomas, head of the Music Department, is the center around which the Choral Society revolves. First row-C. Buxhan, D. Lightfoot, M. Piersol, M. Bierwiler, A. Smith, K. McMaster S. Stevenson, J. Canfield, B. Wingo, S. Patiry, J. Johnson, S. Pait, J. Duncan, P Hunter, J. Knight, B. White, E. Bell, S. Butler, P. Bell, J. Sumcker. Second row-D Leatherbury, M. Neel, D. Miller, D. Cochran, D. Boyen, B. Verigan, B. Hunter, J Frazier, B. Swoszowski, C. Holmes, J. Huebner, T. Thomas, R. Rice, C. Story, E. Geurin E. Meador, D. Heath, D. Moore, R. Carman, ' Nei i ig! J .. ife l. 5 , i 2 ,H -J. gg , .. .. ft. ! iii A. -.YS . ft .2 1.1 i 5 . , , i l Q r fi .ei .sit it sltiw Q 1 'lr THE NIMBLE FINGERS of Don Moore, Martha Morris, June Knight and Janet Duncan provide the accompani- ment for the choral groups. Shirley Pait, Treasurer, Choral Society, Jack Huebner, President, Choral Society Darlene Lightfoot, President E-Gals, Mary Jo Piersol, Secretary, Choral Society, Patricia Bell Vice-President, Choral Society, Mike Neel, President, Choralaires, Donald Moore Librarian, Eleanor Bell, Vice-President, Choral Society, Carolyn Kinard, Secretary E Gals Robert Rice, President, Eagleaires. f 1 i 2 ' 1 .Y 4 Practice makes perfect might well be called the motto of these two busy groups-the E-Gals and the Eagleaires. For two mornings a week they arrive at school at seven- thirty in the morning to begin their work. Evidence that this is their motto was shown when they sang for the Parent-Teacher Association, Shrine Club, and Rotary Club. Clad in the traditional colors of red and white these groups are good-will ambassadors of song. First row-Nancy Browning, Charlotte Buchan, Jane Johnson, Toni Santo, Susan Butler, Shirley Pait, Don Moore, Martha Bierwiler, Mary Jo Piersol, Darlene Lightfoot, Cille Puckett, Eileen Zalla, Barbara Newhart, Kay Leach. Second row-Dot Haynes, Judy Long, Charlene McEwen, Lynne Wright, Judy Thomas, June Knight, Ethel Koaza, Audrey Smith, Evalyn Hussey, Pat Jennings, Sarah Markette, Sarah Kelley, Marjorie Willis, Judy Smucker, Patricia Bell. Third row-Peggy Murphy, Bobbie Denlinger, Karen Douglas, Sal Richar, Carol Rishell, Sandy Huth, Gloria Tesky, Anna Jane Hosking, Joan Castle, Martha McKibben, Patti Hunter, Edythe White, Eleanor Bell. Fourth row-Fran Morello, Judy Johnson, Dorthea Stambaugh, Kay McMaster, Barbara Burgess, Janet Berlin, Cathy Martin, Judy Rogers, Kay Stanton, Karen Benn, Janet Duncan, Sandra Alderman, Lila Cowart, Jere Willis. Fifth row-Sandra Patiry, Sandra Stephenson, Marilyn Parkinson, Beverly Wingo, Pat Murray, Kendra Harney, Carolyn Bruner, Carolyn Kinard, Carolyn Spence, Barbara Belote, Judy Ellison, Sally Hamlet, Joy Mathis. 5 i LHBX "l'VE BEEN WORKING on the chain gang," is sung by the Eagleaires as Mr. Orville Davis provides appropriate atmos- phere. Kneeling-Judy Harrell, Patsy McKee, Margaret Powell, Curtis Darling, Ann Dozier, Pat Chambers, Bob Wier, Frank Croson, Al Hinson, Judy Hall, Judy Brewer, Larry Gordon, John Davidson, Harris Hendricks, Dave Stewart, John O'NeaIl, Coral Sears, Mike Price, Kraham, Jack Huebner, John VanHorn. Standing-Beth Cofer, Julia Sylvia Ridley, Vivian Brewer. THE EAGLE BAND displays it's ability in a special precision formation. A PORTION of the brass section blasts a salutatory fanfare. i r Kneeling-Frank Seibert, Joe Avent, John Lupo. Standing-Lewis Blood, Loretta Bagley, Tina Rumpf, Oliver Geeting, Eue Ewin, Patsy Waite, Charles Hansborough, Linda Horne, Nancy Werking, Judy Dickinson, Denny Trubey, Elmer Henry, Bob Erisman, Leigh Smith, Don Burns, John Eikenberry, Linda Kurth, Sylvia Woolever, Marilyn Soule. The Eagle Band Merits Invitation to Tulip Festival With a roll of drums and a fanfare of trumpets the seventy-two piece Eagle Band represented Edgewater at the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michi- gan. This trip represented much hard work of the band through their endless efforts and de- termination to represent Florida. Their fund-rais- ing projects included: washing cars, selling tickets for the Grand Ole O'pry dance featuring the Eagle Dance Band, and many radio and T. V. appearances-all of which aided in gaining the Eagle Band's goal. I Anne Dozier, Al Hendricks, Wendy Edwards, Sponsor Bernard Firks, Carol Morrison, David Stewart, and Eddie Oram run over last minute instructions for the coming performance. DISPLAYING it's uniforms and instruments in V formation, is the proud Eagle band. Edgewater's band also sounded the beat for its Homecoming Parade and numerous Christmas parades. They collaborated with Boone and Winter Park to add color and entertainment at the Tangerine Bowl half time ceremonies. Various solo and ensemble groups attended the District contest held in Apopko and in the State Clinic at Tampa. The Eagle Band worked tremendously hard in the school and community gaining recognition for themselves and E.H.S. , X, In ,,, ' 1 ,,' I I , ' f ' 5 , , . ,W I T T :Q -vw 4,14 H , , T Q , , Q4 1 i , A an 'il EL . , , . 4 ' D 'Q' ,J aug, .fx 'X " v K! , I ' LINDA ANDERSON Co-Captain fir Carol Erickson, Marlene Voorlies, Judy Bradley, Lora Lee McNeilly. Cheerleaders The traditional yell, "Well is everybody happy?" symbolizes our cheerleaders. Pep, Vigor, and Vitality were displayed in foot- ball and basketball games by these enthusiasts as they stirred up rousing yells for our Eagle team. These pepsters might be called general all-around "tlunkies." Their jobs ranged from amateur adver- tisement and ticket salesmen to cheerleading in- structors and pep leaders of the school, To be tigureheads ofthe school was quite a job, but with poise and gracetulness, the cheerleaders were perfect representatives both at home and away. Mary Jo Johnson, Laura Ann Slade, Margaret Adams, Sandra Scott. G- S. i ffftlii -f x PAT COSSIN Captain 'ir- '-w. F, in " x 3 3 ' r - . ny-Y l il , il I f A I VK, if f ' , , I xx Ee Qs -'Arif dtdf"'2r dC"':" Tina Rumpf Jerree Peeples Loretta Bagley Judy Taylor Majorettes The majorettes, ten high-stepping beau ties, led the band as they performed in foot ball halftime shows, parades and other functions in which the band appeared. Spon sored by Miss Virginia Mack, and under the able instruction of Mrs. Margaret Smith they learned many outstanding routines that helped them cop top honors at District Twirling Contest. The highlight of the year was the trip made by the majorettes and band to the Holland Michigan Tulip Festival. Although preparation for the trip took many months of hard work, all felt it was well worth the effort. Edgewaters majorettes are certainly an organization we can all be proud of. I Q-v""i CAROL MORRISON Captain 11' ww 0? . k FUNKY WALLEKER Co-Captain Patsy Waite, Vivian Brewer, Judy Harrell, Sue Ewin. ii. First row-Lynn Ginson, Carol Popejoy, Linda Gray, Betty Jean Harper, Bobbie King. Second row-Harriett Dunbar, Marielle Pickard, Nancy Morrison. falternatei, Brenda Thornton, Jane Ellen Gridley, Byna Jo Cumbie. iNot Pictured-Theresa Hughs, alternatei. J. V. CHEERLEADERS Hey gang? Have you seen those perky J. V. Cheer- leaders? They did a great job of promoting school spirit at J. V. football and basketball games. Assisting Varsity Cheerleaders, they added color and gust to pep rallies. They were given the privilege by the Varsity Cheerleaders J. V. Cheerleaders lead Eagle Edgewater's top athletes who have earned varsity letters comprise the membership of the "E" Club. Under the guidance of Coach Beech, the club helped to bolster the school's interest in athletics by sponsoring several worthwhile activities. First row-John Barrington, Harry Tucker, Dave Ellis, Bob Swozowski, Harold Rayburn, President, Lynnwood Dunn, Secretary-Treasurer, Steve Shacoskif' Vice-Presidentg Lindy Patterson, Mr. Al Beech. Second row-Jim Morgan, to cheer a quarter at the Boone vs. E.H.S. game. At the Red and White game, which is a preliminary football game, they cheered for the opposing team. Through these performances they gained experience for the big step- Varsity Cheerleader. Spirit While "E" Club Enaets It Some of the main activities were selling ribbons be- fore the football games and selling cold drinks at the home basketball games. Promoting a better understanding and a sounder rela- tionship between teacher and athlete is the main purpose ofthe "E" Club. Mike Neel, Paul Howard, Jerry Essick, Leroy Azar, Jon Johnson, Gene Moore, Bob Dctherow, Randy Bryan, Tommy Deserable. 2 Bullets and Bishops Signity Riile-Pistol Bluh and Chess Bluh First row-Vira Steinmeier, Jack Stone, Pat May, Bill Haas, Dave Partlow, Ken Strumpler, Bob Blumer, Charlie Wright, Duke Leatherbury. Second row- Bob Brewster, Ted Moo, James Phifer, Ronny Keyes, Howard Corry, Broward RIFLE AND Late in the first semester a new club was organized which was named the Rifle-Pistol Club. At their first organizational meeting they elected officers to help get the club on their feet, Their program for the year in- CHESS Your movel The objects of Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. Edwards, are of high caliber. These ideals are to promote active interest in the international game of chess and to promote the friendship which develops from mu- tual interest in worthwhile activity. Chess literature was First row-Carl Ruediger, Jim Miller, Walter Colby, Linda Ingalls, Kay Smith, John Graham, Walter Tew, Bill Garnett. Second row-Mr. Louis Edwards, sponsorg Lamar Jackson, Mark Fowler, Owen Howard, Richard MacAIIister, Y , 4. i Hunter, Bill Lemmon, Pearson Sundberg, John Loughe, Heywood Matthews, Richard Megow, Lee Hall, Mr. Jack Sprouse, sponsor. PISTOL cluded a safety program on the use of guns and having speakers come in and talk on rifle collections. The big- gest project was the establishment of a rifle range on which students could practice target shooting. CLUB procured for the use of all members, matches were held between players and a club tournament was successfully given. This new organization has already produced sev- eral players of great promise who will be respected con- tenders in state-wide events.. Carl Dover, Mason Kelsey, Richard Nevergold, Mike Norris, Ken Goepper, Stewart Mallard. rw 113 'W , aff F .2 ' A er Ji 4 me 1'?Dufrnl Q . ,A R. dw .V M L' .I-.. First row-Mr. Lyle Lowry, sponsor, Pris Pranger, Sandy Hoflman, Connie Second row-Harold Fink, Jesse Waller, Dave Ballentine, Jim Ford, Jim Elliot, Otis Herman, Barbara Ford, Walter Colby, Earl Brewer, Judy Abicht. Wilson, Bill Algee, Richard Nevergold, Lynn Powers. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB "Flashl"-another victim ot the "Shutterbug" is re- leased. The Photography Club consists of eager picture clickers. Their dream of an equipped darkroom is now a reality. ln this room shots of our campus as well as ot outside material are developed by club members. The club helps acquire much needed experience and knowl- edge to become pro photographers. A service project was the pictorial history of Edgewater. Beware! This photo disease is contagious to those who come in contact with a .... Camera, Photography Cluh and lhsuals Also Apply Hohhies in School The duties of the Visual-Aids Department are many and varied. Twice each year, on requests from the various departments, film strips, records and transcrip- tions are ordered for school use. ln addition the Visual- Aids crew must set-up and operate, furnish black-out curtains, movie screens, and clean equipment after use. Visual-Aids crews do all minor repairs, keep equipment in top condition, and the operators are well trained in the use of all types of machinery. Their duties can be described as four-fold-order, supply, operate, and re- turn. Visual-Aids completed more than 600 hours ot work in l956 and l957. Mr. John Permar, Harry Hazelton, John Barrington, Linda Anderson, Virajean Steinmeier, Donna Holl, Joe Stolte, Robert Blumer, Phillip Wolkens display new projection equipment. - !'Q, C7 2. Q "x half ,A First row Vncky Lundberg Judy Thomson Gayle Hardln Frelda Poff Cynthra Baumgardner Pat Murray Suzle Stlnson Lynn Basden Carolyn Cory Mary Jane Strann Second raw Sylvna Peters Inez Westgate Janet Keeny Fred Curry Albert Gertcke Jesse Waller John McDonald Mason pn Kelsey Phllup Jenkins Carl Dover Bob Soyars Mike Pruce Jerry Rlch Ronald Marcotte Third row Mr Fred Sprouse Dave Partlow John Mc Mlllan Larry Gordon John ONeall Chns Mogelvang Charlie Harnson Howard Curry James Mosteller Davnd Frltz Benny Martln Mr Jay Wlshuu A :me and a pnece of wet paper make a battery to promote a general unterest In scnence Phenomena such as thus as well as more practucal reac By backlng a regronal scuence four and encouraging tnons were brought out byguest speakers student demon partucupatlon the club hopes to spread nts Interest to strators and fneld trips taken by the aspurnng scientists the rest of the student body Bl Phy Chem Fosters Selentlsts loan Fund Aids Students Under the dlrectron of Mr Stuart Van Voorhees and at the conve-ment rates offered the Student Confidence Fund Commnttee Edgewater stu The Loan Committee ns composed of representatives dents have borrowed amounts of money up to and In from the sophomore junlor and sensor classes the cludnng S50 Loans are avaulable to all students having D C T the Student Council Vocatnonal Agrlculture and o genuune need and who show the abrluty of repayment Auto Mechanncs THE STUDENT CONFIDENCE FUND commnttee conslstmg of Patrrcla Papot Nancy Taylor Walter Colby Mr Stuart Van Voorhees faculty adviser Lynnwood Dunn John Van Horn Mrtchell Sundy and Karen Tabory examme appllcatlons for loans 5 First row-Mitchell Sundy, Eddie Bosse, Randy Bryan, Bobby Dotherow, Bill Caudle, Stanley Ullom, David Long, Roy Pierce Jr., Jon Stapleton, Bob James, George Adams. Second row-Bob Root, Robert Butler, Larry DeVore, David Johnson, Harry Tucker, Harold Rayborn, Lindy Patterson, Richard MacAllaster, Pete Luke, Huey Tyra, Ronnie Mondok, Henry Roddenberry, Ronny Sirmans. First row Sally Streck student assistant Jim Garrigus Ken Reinard Jerry Thornton Charles Watson William Yates Leslie Covington Henry Hartman Harry Larson Second row Bill Chastain Gary Shaw Reginald Bost wick Gerald Howell John Dyer Woody Wilkerson Joe Shoaf Ronald Wicks Third row Bobby Acor Jimmy Connell AI Driver Bud Campbell Bryan Dover Fred Criswell Al DeAngells Jack Stearman Glenn Brugman Henry Booth Auto Mechanics Build and Develop Industrial Skills Unrealized mechanical abilities in some boys are brought out, developed, and polished in Auto Mechanics under the guidance of Mr. Henry Pilker, The boys learn everything from changing a tire to grinding valves. Auto Mechanics is not a club but a service class. The industrially trained students offer services such as re- pairing and completely overhauling cars, scooters, and lawn mowers, for both faculty and students, free of charge. The policy of Auto Mechanics falls in line with Edge- water's policy of developing the student as a whole. Auto Mechanics trains boys to work with their hands and minds in a simulated industrial environment, 116 15" MR. PILKER TRAINS and guides boys who are mechanically inclined. Gettlng a head start ln the buslness world D C T Club members began thelr school day an hour earluer than regular classes to obtaln lmportant lnformatlon essentnal ln becomlng proflclent workers Galnmg knowledge of Income tax procedure fllllng out forms soclal securlty and Insurance pollcles the flfty mem bers took thus course ln conjunctlon wlth two academlc subjects Twenty seven students partlclpated ln the dlstrlbutlve educatlon phase of the program workmg un business flrms after school ln preparatlon for future vocatlons as salesmen offlce and retall store man agers salesglrls and sundry others lt as nnevltable that thus ambltlous group wlll enjoy much success DCT OFFICERS Karen Tabory Secretary Rlchard Harman Vlce Presldent Patrncla Paul Treasurer Ken Holt President Don Downes Reporter and Robert Hoefler Sergeant at Arms discuss thenr occupatuons agamst a background of the state of Flonda D C T seal IJ ll T Allows Students tu Fust row Ken Holt Jerry Gresham Roy Aklns Bob Palce Phnllup Mosher Gene Herrmg Bobby Lock Robert Hoefler Second row Judy Snodgrass Jean Denton Prlscllla Satterthwaute Donna Jo Inck Yvonne Rhodes Betty Wnllrams Peggy Sasser Phyllls Wise .lean Rowell Joan Lundequam Third row Mr Wllllam Danenburg Mary Ann Patrry Vlrglnla Kasper Peggy Gam Valuable Work Experience Conner Betty Robison Arllne Ollver Dothe Ward Patrlclo Paul Carolyn Gunter Karen Tabory Lols Jones Mr Stuart VanVoorhees Fourth row Carl Harrns Bud Barber Paul Bowan Cecll West George Taylor Don Downes Jack LeHeup Kenneth Wllluns Nell Frey Jack Flanders Davld Squares Duck Harman 117 DISTRIBUTING THE Eagle Eye among representatnves for sale to the homerooms arc Frrst row Barbara Sme tzer Fred Franley Mass La Vonn Benson Prus Pranger Mr Joseph Barklay Carol Avera Lynn Glnson Second row Betty Adams Carolyn Luker Nancy Harlun Sandra McDaniel Helen Stewart Third row Dennue Simpson Walter Tew Sally Rens Judy Smucker Phoebe Redner THE EDITORS maknng out assignment sheets for future edltlons are Fred Fralley Phoebe Redner Judy Smucker and Sandra McDanlel .A ,gay K. 5 WORKING DILIGENTLY on deadllne day before the copy goes to press are Barbara Smeltzer Walter Tew Phoebe Redner Prls Prcnger Mass La Vonn Sally Refs Carolyn Luker Fred Fralley Sandra McDaniel Judy Smucker Benson Mr Joseph Barkley we pn N--rin rig 118 I I my v' ' , V M' , fl It , J . l 1 , , , A 'X ' x -ls- l , ' , ' , ' I ' I I P ' i I I J I . I E , - , , , , ' I I . I . I I I ' ' , 5 , V 4 is 4 ? It P 'N 4 A 95555 , owes-1 1 wt: rl K I. Q H. V ' .A ' ' ' f , - S , ' 'N , A . 1, Eh Q - Rik f' 1 fl , ' l . , '..I 5 .Ll ,I Eagle Eye Scans the Campus Beautitul for Newswnrthy Items Coverlng the news and keeplng all Eagles well nn formed ns the prumary functlon of the Eagle Eye En thuslastlcally supported by the students the Eagle Eye took top ratings ln the state and natlonal contests nn l956 Although wrltlng ns on lmportant part of a newspaper there are many other phases to journallsm work All of the staff members wrlte for the paper Page lay out and photography are two of the other actlvutles of the Eagle Eye staff The busmess staff members gamed valuable experuence nn meetung people as they solucuted advertnsmg from the local busmess furms The staff learned new and better ways to produce a newspaper at the Florida Scholastlc Press Conventnon nn St Peters burg Strlvlng to show all parts of lufe at Edgewater the paper has soclal sports and speclal Interest columns along with the current news One of the special columns thus year features storles about Edgewater students who have llved ln dafferent countrles An actlve club at Edgewater Eagle Eye had two cars rn the Homecomung parade On February I3 they sponsored the annual EH S Sweetheart contest The theme centered around Valentlnes Day was musucal The Eagle Eye was asslsted by the Edgewater Band and the Art Club THE DUMMIES are assembled for hnal rolling of the press by Prls Pranger Sandra McDaniel Fred Fralley Judy Smucker Second row Carolyn Luker Sally Reese Phoebe Redner Barbara Smeltzer Walter Tew 'HB' 'Y F' 1f ARRANGING FOR ad solucutatuon are Mr Joseph Barclay busmess adviser Jenny Clements Prls Pranger and Cecnl West of the busmess staff 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I ' ' 1 ' I 1 1 ' . . I 2 . I D I ' V - 4 yi? 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 ' . is W V V? , V 1 K , ,R ,Xi ' X ji. A l if : ' I . l ' - . - , 1 1 1 mf' KV 4 lu , . ,. A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Dear Student: The year has drawn to an end. Edgewater has closed her doors for a summer's rest, locking inside the mem- ories of days filled with hard work and good fun. In the I957 Odasagiah we have tried to capture through words and pictures those memories The staff and I hope you will approve and enjoy our efforts, and that through the pages of this book and by the special recording of l957 On Parade, you will be able to relive those precious moments. Sincerely, SYLVIA PETERS, Editor Sparkling copy, interesting pictures, and pleasing lay- out are what constitute good yearbook production. Up to the last minute, section editors remained frantically busy counting copy spaces and "cropping" photographs to fit "impossible" lay-outs. But steered by their sponsor, the editorial staff finally made what became known as "that horrible deadline." In the business staff room, managers and assistants Scouted for ads, pleaded for subscriptions, and in general "produced" the financial backing for the book. LEAVING last-minute instructions with Lucy Ellen Jeffries, Nancy Scofield, and her assistants, Margie Schleicher and Lorin Wiseman, prepare to venture forth for ads with Miss Frances Saunders, adviser. Udasagiah Records Edgewater Traditions SYLVIA PETERS Editor MARY JANE STRAIN CAROL SCHLICHENMAIER COPY IN EZ WESTGATE Clubs JOYCE McKEE WALTER COLBY Photography BRENDA THORNTON Layout BUDDY PATTON AL MORRISON Boys' Sports JUDY CHASTAIN Girls' Sports PENNY PATTILL BETTY JEAN HARPER JOHN MCKNIGHT Off-Beat Classes N I NA SH ULER Seniors CAROL ERICKSON Juniors JOY TRI PLETT Sophomores B U S I N E S S NANCY SCOFIELD Advertising Manager MARGIE SCHLEICHER LORIN WISEMAN Advertising Assistants JIMMY HUTCHESON Sales Manager KEN HOLT STEVE DUCKWORTH BILL HEATH Sales Assistants LUCY ELLEN JEFFRIES Secretary PATSY LU K E Treasurer THE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION drives are handled by first period annual staffers Patsy Luke, Mr. Alton Nolle, adviser, Bill Heath, Ken Holt, Steve Duckworth, and Jimmy Hutcheson. THE DAY PROOFS returns frcm the engravers is an important one for class editcrs Carol Erickson, Joy Triplett, Nina Shuler, Mrs. Louise Abke, adviser, and Sylvia Peters, editor-in-chief. 'ij Al Morrison, Buddy Patton, and Judy Chastain talk with 'vc "lp Walter Colby, and Brenda Thornton about getting plenty Q 3 . - . . . . 6:22. , jyix ' t of action in their sports pictures. I . ' . I E ff, qu., Q J sim.. 'w z,-Q' , . , I 'ol ' "1 ' n-'fo - Q- 5. H.,--f. V n' 'F ,,, K A I My ..' l Y C 'I N ' 4 , -,rf 'Zi 3 SS K f l rl axe W 2 X 2 'H V1 f ' "1 , Our advisers, Mrs, Louise Abke, who headed the editorial staff, and Miss Frances Saunders, who guided the business staff, receive our sincere thanks for the endless effort they have put out and the tireless patience they have given us. Special thanks go also to our three photographers, Mr. Alan Anderson, who did the class por- traits, Mr. Charles Greco, group photographer, Walter Colby, stu- dent photographer, and Carolyn Luker, who designed our cover. Penny Pattrill and John McKnight proudly exhibit the first recording of 1957 On Parade to fellow staff members Betty .lean Harper, Joyce McKee, Carol Schlichenmaier, Inez Westgate, and Mary Jane Strain. xt sw. ,Has f"ltss -nr, I I jx Q 4 -cn-.,.,.,, .,. 121 .F I fix W '1 UPI5 The long exciting run- to a touchdown, the clean clear toss to the basket, a Texas-leaguer to right field, the sweeping strides of the pacer, are all familiar and thrilling sights to the Eagle sports fans. E.H.S. students are behind her teams all the way and they whole- heartedly throw themselves into the spirit of the fray. This team support has developed into one of Edge- water's most important traditions-her school spirit. For win, lose, or draw, every game finds a crowd of lustily cheering students inciting their team on to greater exertion of effort and a keener will to win. GAINESVILLE pi 1 'xy V Y sql txt sfvy First Row David Dixon Wilson Holderbaum James Cushion Phillip Jackson Bob Wilson Paul Howard Tommy Deserable Gene Moore Ben Crosby Mgr Mike Neel Randy Bryan Bobby Dotherow Bob Hewitt Willie OMearo Stanley Reese Dude Dunn Second Row Coach Bob bhirar Skip Wilson Mel Wills Jerry Essrck James Grant John Thomas David McLean Bruce AN ALERT EAGLE blocks a pass to prevent a Landon completion. Barnhill Leroy Azar Cecil Dye Larry White James Taylor Tuffy Handley Sonny Soppabianco Coach Bob Berry Third Row Coach Frank Lough Virgil Woods John Wakeman Tim Bryan Frank Prgnone Bob Swoszowskr Bob Rrchardi Bob Hodgson Lindy Patterson Owen Howard Emory Akerman John Guy Harry Tucker 'tial' 'W 3 5 8 ia-Lili. Opening the 56 season with Gainesville the Edgewater Eagles fought to a 7 7 deadlock in the Tangerine Bowl The Hurricanes assumed a seven point lead in the second period but did not retain it With only one minute eight seconds having elapsed since the Gainesville touchdown Mike Neel ripped between his left guard and tackle and went into the end zone John Wake man performed beautifully in booting the all- important score-tying extra point. A scoring opportunity was lost by the Eagles in the closing moments of the game as a Cecil Dye pass was intercepted on the Hurricane 25. MIAMI HIGH Misfortune was with the Eagles as they en- gaged defending state champion Miami High in the Orange Bowl, Facing a fourteen-point deficit the squad fought back mightily as Wilson Holder- baum penetrated the Miami line and scampered I8 yards for a touchdown, Hard luck struck in the third quarter with the score I4-6 An Edge- water pass receiver dropped the ball in the end zone and later, Harry Tucker scored on a beau- tiful 40-yard gallop, but a clipping penalty nulli- fied the score, A strong Miami team tallied twice in the last quarter to make the final score 27-6, VARSITY FOOTBALL EDGEWATERS HIGH STEPPING MIKE NEEL shakes loose from a West Palm Beach tackler for a short gasn around nght end MIAMI JACKSON The Edgewater team journeyed to Muams tor the second tame thus game contestrng the Jack son Generals Opposnng a powerful squad the Eagle team trailed by fourteen polnts but soon scored The tally was made by Harry Tucker after a 49 yard advance on a pass from Cecul Dye to Tum Bryan John Wakeman converted The next Edgewater T D came In the third quar ter wrth the Generals on the bug end ot a 33 7 total Freldnng a tumble back Gene Moore raced 86 yards to score The tunal score was 3913 as Jackson added sux polnts In the last quarter LANDON The Eagles absorbed thenr thlrd loss at the hands at the Jacksonvnlle Landon Lrons blocked punt and a tumble opened the gates tor two Landon tallues whnch produced a l-4 O halt tnme lead Edgewater s only score came on the trrst play of the fourth quarter when Paul Howard raced l5 yards The tlred up Eagles kept the ball on the move throughout the tunal quarter A spectacular runnnng exhrbutron was staged by Tommy Deser able as he scooted tor 7O yards to the Landon 21 The Eagles were unable to penetrate tarther and the game ended 27 7 COACHES Bob Shlrar 170 if ,all 'WW -QM Bob Berry and Frank Lough express happy confrdence they antrcr pate a vnctory rn a coming game I lg y ,lyvv y V,,y,,,,rrL,,Zr, ,Vry, .:yt, 7 ,,r,r I I A ' A ' - A fr lr - v A 44- Q T 5 . ' ' . -- A ,j t 1 . I A .D l I ' x 1' ' 1' , E . A A 2' , . . - K f 'T' 4 1 X 7 . f l , 3 A ' l ' ' lv , E A 1 f E -- QL rf H MAINLAND A strong defense and brilliant running enabled the Eagles to post a decided victory, the first of the season, when they handed the Daytona Main- land squad a l9-l2 setback. Mike Neel left the scoring to Tommy Deser- able, who tallied twice on short plunges, and Wilson Holderbaum, although it was his pumping legs that provided the power which carried the ball into scoring position on two of the three drives. Edgewater grabbed a 7-6 half-time lead, then Q4-at MIKE NEEL PAUL HOWARD BOB SWOSZOWSKI JOHN WAKEMAN BRUCE BARNHILL FRANK PIGNONE capitalized on a pair of Mainland fumbles in the second half to take a l9-6 lead before Mainland scored with less than two minutes left on the scoreboard clock. EAGLE HALFBACK Paul Howard eludes a Landon defender as he bursts through for a sizeable gain. LAKELAND With the Eagle defense at its height the Lake- land Dreadnaughts were compelled to take to the air in order to overcome a l3-7 Edgewater lead going into the final quarter. Randy Bryan and Harry Tucker were instru- mental in Edgewater's first tally as Bryan re- turned an intercepted pass to the Lakeland ll and Tucker crossed the goal-line. The Red and White backfield advanced the ball steadily after a Lakeland fumble was recovered on their own 45-yard stripe. Deserable was responsible for scoring and Wakeman's kick was good. The Lakeland eleven passed for one T.D. and recovered an on-side kick to set up another in the fourth period to win 20-l3, SCURRYING PAST Landon tacklers, Bobby Dotherow makes good yardage. MANAGERS David Dickson, Dude Dunn and Ben Crosby render aid to an injured player. lnsert: After three years as head man "Dude" Dunn has been tagged "the best" by the coaches. BOONE On Thanksgiving eve a crowd estimated at 7,500 filled the Tangerine Bowl to witness the traditional Boone-Edgewater contention. The Eagles lost a scoring opportunity in the first period when they fumbled on the Boone lO-yard line. Boone's touchdown was set up in the second quarter by a bad pass from center which sailed high over the head of Edgewater's Tommy Deserable, Taking over on the Eagle 23 Boone scored shortly thereafter. Once more the Braves took possession of the ball, recovering an Edge- water bobble but unable to break through the strong forward wall, Boone attempted a field goal which was successful. The Eagles retaliated with a TD, to produce a 9-6 half-time score when Cecil Dye completed o touch- down pass to Tim Bryan. Taking to the air in the final quarter, Edgewater's Eagles roared to two tallies. Deserable fired to Virgil Wood, and John Wakeman converted to put the Eagle team out in front by a l3-9 margin. Bob Swoszowski intercepted a Boone toss, and re- turned it to midfield, After Harry Tucker made some good yardage, Randy Bryan ripped off-guard to the op- ponent's l-foot line, and then went the remainder of the distance on the next play, Edgewater emerged victorious l9-9. CORAL GABLES Coral Gables, the state's number one high school football team, experienced one of their toughest games of the season against the Eagles, despite the fact that they outscored them 35-6. Edgewater trimmed the Cavaliers l79 yards to l77 on the ground. lt was the first time all year that Gables had been outrushed. Coral Gables capitalized on every Edgewater mistake, as the Eagles were the victims of several misplays. Edgewater's lone touchdown came near the end of the game with the Eagles trailing 35-O. Paul Howard took the ball and raced 60 yards for the score and the outstanding individual run of the game. We They 7 . . , . .GAlNESVILLE, . . 7 6 . . . MlAMl HlGH , 27 I3 . . . MIAMI JACKSON , 39 7 . . JAX LANDON 27 l9 . . . , MAINLAND . . l2 0 . . . . JAX JACKSON , . . 21 i3 , , , . LAKELAND . 20 6 , . , CORAL GABLES , . 35 0 . . , . WEST PALM . . 26 I9 . , . . BOONE . . , . 9 WEST PALM BEACH A fighting West Palm Beach eleven exploded in the second half to hand the Eagles another loss to the tune of 26-O. The Wildcats managed only one touchdown in the first half, scoring on a pass play that covered 23 yards. Early in the third period, Gene Moore booted for Edge- water, however the kick was blocked, and ruled recovered by West Palm. The referees, after reversing their de- cision, gave the ball to Edgewater on their own 4l, The Eagles, unfortunately, were unable to muster a scoring drive and Deserable kicked to the Wildcats' 25, Two more tallies for West Palm followed making the score 20-O. The deepest penetration Edgewater made during the game was to the West Palm Beach 35. The bright spot for the Eagles was their goal-line stand in the second period. BOB SWOSZOWSKI RACES with the pigskin after intercepting a Boone pass. X Q17 4 l -f sg ,1 X 'X I l f,,. 3 uf? W , . , ' V y. " Q i l teqxl n 'TT' ,Sq ,x 95. A gy ,i x IV 5 K b kv K J L 1 - 3,17 Y ,Z 4,,V"g,iA, . lrfyyy 3, 3' 'A fx J h6 - r he fit fi,Hg,,.i, 4, ,515 , tina, f .. y 3, y SW' ?f'g,,'s?2 '7 7x. lx ,P 3' " fig iff THE HOMECOMING COURT FOR l956 was a picture of beauty. Resplendent in bouffant formals they are left to right: Carol Erickson, Betty Jo Moch, Nancy Anderson, Peggy Traylor, Byna Jo Cumbie, Margaret Adams, Ann Hendrick, queen Linda Anderson, Pot Cossin, and Carol Popejoy. HOMECOMING Edgewater's gala homecoming festivities were marred only by a heartbreaking 2l-O loss at the hands of the Jax Jackson Tigers. Edgewater moved inside the 50-yard line on just two occasions. After the third quarter opened, the Eagles went to the Jackson 44. Early in the fourth they marched 42 yards to attain the Tiger 47, but both moves were short-circuited by the tough Jackson defense. The only bright spots in an otherwise drab performance for the Eagles were the running ot halfback Tommy Deserable, who led the Edgewater rushers with 58 yards, and the defensive line play of tackle Leroy Azar and center Bob Swoszowski. THE THRILLING MOMENT arrived, and to everyone's delight radiontly beautiful Linda Anderson was proclaimed '56 Homecoming Queen. GLAMOUROUS HOMECOMING QUEEN Linda Anderson seems to float on air as she is escorted across the gridiron by Senior Class President Bill Wright. PAUL HOWARD FIGHTS for yardage as Landon players rush in for the tackle Frrst Row-Coach Kovaluck Bob Blumer head manager J1m Hewrtt Jack Conner Carl Farmer Duane Stark Glenn Inboden Larry Barber manager Coach Beech Second Row Bull Grldley John Grahm Dennls Cox Barry Wood Jrmmy Stark Rodney Clark Arnold Ausley Ph1l Dannels B1IIy Dotherow Thrrd Row Jummy Cashnon Mlke Conley Bull Bass Mark Fowler WINTER PARK i Jerry Wrrght Dale McDonald Glenn Blalr Claude Sherman Jerry Myers Fourth Row Charles Conner Ronny Foster Robert Fleckensteln Skrp Wnlson Alex Baetzman Butch Smedley Guy Brll Eastman Chrls Smlth Charley Frens Dudley McGar1ty OOTBAL LYMAN Under Coaches Beech and Koval1ck the Edgewater Junuor Varsuty football squad opened ITS season Wlfh an 1mpress1ve 39 0 vrctory over the Wunter Park team The Baby Eagles racked up 24 ponnts 1n the f1rst half OCALA W1th the Eagles scor1ng 1n the thurd peruod Ocala s Hornets tallned once 1n the second quarter and tw1ce 1n the fourth to set down the J V tearn 20 6 The SIX polnts were galned on a pass from Bull Grndley to J1rn Hewltt after a 33 yard scamper by Duane Stork MAINLAND Roll1ng up 300 yards on the ground the J V team swamped Maunland 25 0 B11l Grndley and Denn1s Cox represented the scorlng wnth two TD s each Clark converted once BOONE Tra1I1ng by one po1nt wuth less than 3 mmutes re mamung un the game the J V squad moved 70 yards for the w1nn1ng touchdown Duane Stark scored the fnrst T D and a pass from Dudley McGar1ty to Bob Fleckenste1n provuded another sux po1nts to defeat Boone V s The Junuor Varsuty squad suffered 1ts furst defeat at the hands of the Lyman eleven Lyman led by a sux po1nt margun unt1l early rn the fourth quarter when the score was balanced after an 85 yard jaunt by B1ll Gr1dley Lyman tallaed agam for a 12 6 w1n LAKELAND A 30 yard pass from Rodney Clark to Bob Fleckenstem accounted for the w1nn1ng touchdown as the Jun1or Vars1ty team handed Lakeland a l2 7 setback Denn1s Cox scored earluer nn the game J V FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD LYMAN MAINLAND OCALA LAKELAND BOONE l ,. J . V . F L ' 1 ' ' ' ll J J' E.H.s. ..l..... 39 WINTER PARK . , . A A o E.H.S. ........ 6 ........ I2 f.H.s. ,....t.. 25 ...... o In l - E.H.s. ,.l...l. 6 ' .. U ' e.H.s. .,..,... I2 ,,,.,.t1 J. .' l2-7 E.H.s. ........ 12 ..,.... . 7 130 1 ,x V95 fi J bf YV' 'f"'v 1 E 'V 2 Al -afffw 14' :f f' ' ' '31 of , f if .1 vi ,Q-J ' . W 414' -f-:NI Q 2 5 in. ,:, , . 1 V 11, "M 'f"Q, 34 A' ,i ,f 4- A .fi - A' A .f.. W W3 uu- Tlm Bryan Ed S 'X' agar' Mwwwfit' gl due Oram and Dave Ellls prepare t grab the rebound BASKETBALL The Edgewater cage team :mtl ated the season rather slowly hamp ered mostly by snexpernence Wuth the servuce of only one sensor for most of the season the team was greatly boosted by a host of very capable lunlors Jon Johnson the sensor held top honor nn the scorung department huttlng for more than 20 points In many games followed by compe tent Steve Duckworth Other skull ful players rncluded Bobby Hewttt Jam Ford Larry Brnghton Buddy Hanna Dave Ellus VnrgulWood and Claude Sherman The Eagle team rmproved steadily playlng one of thenr best contests agamst Daytona though losnng 52 5l Steve Duckworth tries for a field goal as Jnm Ford awarts the rebound an the Ocala contest COACH AL BEECH MM IP I - A I I , . ff. . A 1 X V l r " 1 it ' ' Q ff , 1 , . A 1 1 I. G' 1 1 , ,, - . . L - , 1 0? A . . . . ' , , k x. x - r - ,W K gf 1 . V ' yr . - ' , ew'-A -I " . 7 4 V 1 Y 9 . U " 1' wmv' ' 1 1 -, mf' M ,W U- ,Y j ,,,.....-ve ' - ' K he W I gn 1 1 1 V v- , www: l 'X ' ' ' ' I , .J-ve-Y" .Wm M if l . I . I . 0 - u ,., I 5 . li V, . 1 . K ,. A s T 1 pg They OCALA JAX LANDON JAX LEE OCALA MAINLAND WINTER PARK BOONE MIAMI JAX WEST PALM OCALA MAINLAND JAX JACKSON JAX LEE WINTER PARK BOONE MIAMI EDISON CORAL GABLES LAKELAND THE BASKETBALL MANAGER STAFF uncludes Ben Crosby Jlm La Brec Randy Bryan Dude Dunn and Bobby Dotherow Bob Hewltt Jon Johnson Steve Duckworth Kemble Bennett Jules Elluott Jlm Ford Tlm Bryan Eddle Oram Pat Adams Dove Ellus Larry Bnghton Buddy Hanna 133 'Zin We 52 r...,,T..I.. ...,.....,.. 7 1 , 44 .I....,.,. A..,..,... 5 8 ' 38 .....r,..,., ,........... 6 1 " 3 53 ...,,,.4.... .....,..,.,. 6 9 6I ......,,... ,,r,...,.., 7 3 A 62 . ,T.,...., ........... 8 o 49 ...,.,,..... ,r..,,...... 6 1 44 ...,.r..,.. ........... 6 7 1' 49 ........... .......,... 6 2 46 .,,.,....., LAKELAN D ,..,......, 74 53 ............ ............ 7 3 , 59 6.4........ ........,.. 6 o X 57 ........... ........,.. 9 o 63 ............ ............ 7 2 65 .........., ....,...,.. 6 2 60 ...6...,.... .,,..,....,. 4 9 58 ...9,..... .......... 5 6 49 ,,,,....,. ........., 6 6 71 ,.,......,. .....6..... 9 3 J. V. BASKETBALL Frist row Dave Lawson Charles Frers Vrrgrl Wood Coach Kovclrck Claude Sherman Carl Muter Buck Barnhart Second row Dennrs Cox Jack Leete Jerry Streger Garrett DuBors Butch Smedley Bull Shrvely Jrm Sapp Facrng the toughest of competutnon the Baby Eagle was necessary wnth Edgewater emergung vnctorrous 62 6l cage team was effnclently gunded by Coach Muke Kova The squad Improved steadily during the season hand luck throughout the l3 game schedule Though openmg :ng the Daytona J Vs a 42 4O loss and the Wrnter the season with a loss to Ocala the Eagle hoopsters Park Junror Varsity a 45 42 setback The team closed came roaring back twice to defeat the same team 4l 39 the season with a 5 8 record and 48 30 ln a thrlllmg game with Lakeland overtime A A 4-so Q EARLY TURNOUT FOR baseball Included kneelmg Tommy Deserable Steve Shacoslu Jon Johnson and standing Mgr Jrmmy Morgan Lanny Mouldrn John Brmkley Gene Moore John Barrington and Mgr Dude Dunn 134 Q I I 1 1 I I - " r 1 I I , I f , T . - I - , ' . .",' lffr,-f'u'e.',' '. ,' 'g'ai'3k- fx.'.' " 1 1- A . '. . . 'fzxx . tt' ,I -h Vx,1,l:,'Ix,',',.:4,'.1, ur ,Y " 'X',.l.L, ,.ff1,xx 1' ll 'l -,"s' 11 '- -' ' 1,1 f"flrf,s 'l 'XJR' xl 5- 'f '.', ff. y 5, - - - Y 1 1 1 ' ' 1,,-, t'1 1 ,Ag Nl, 1 ',, ,.YAL, ,,, .rttvxfrgl rkk' rl. , yfjrgry L..a'.iaw.x ' - 5 P y I , X I K . , v ,txt . xr, .11 'f -. tt K , . . -- 1 I .'.ll' ll il 4' ,tif-1 1519. gtg,-lf, 11 f '.,t,t.w..s..x,1f4n ,-iii., 1 ,xxx r :Hx 1 ,wwf --riffs- ixlfx' 1'-J I1 If' 'fx wr. r x , I. . A x if I N . ,f' ff' 1. " - , -v. Q., X I . X. - .D k I . . V ' 1 ,v inf e. 5 W . au.. er- K AIQ , I . t , ' , . 4 0 f 1 , 1 I I ' , . , r . - ' t Q Tommy Deserable huts the dlrt nn an effort to avold the tag of Gene Moore Edgewaters baseball team 56 runnerup an the Bug Ten performed brnlluantly throughout the 57 season and manntauned a hugh standing un the Conference Although very few players of the prevlous year re turned many capable rookues reported for actlon and turned ln a commendable record Coach Frank Lough provnded the leadershup and funda mental nnstructuon makung fune ball players of those walling to learn and those eager to become proflcuent nn the game A top contender nn the Bug Ten the Eagle team countered the most sklllful competutuon nn the state but Jon Johnson Steve Shacoskl Tommy Deserable and teammates John Barrmgton Gene Moore John Brinkley and Lanny Mauldun sparked the Eagle cause on to victory BASEBALL Jon Johnson Steve Shacoslu and John Brinkley engage In pre game warm up I Dude Dunn Lanny Mauldm and John Barnngton make ready for the pltch if A Jules Ellrot wmds up for a powerful toss of the dlscus gg- WITH COACH Mlke Kovallck setting the mark Randy Bryan leaps stralnlng to get that extra unch Insert The camera catches Dave Ellls form as he clears a hugh hurdle TRACK The talented Eagle track team engoyed an nmpressuve season agann thus year Wnth the flynng feet of sprunters Jules Elllott Paul Howard and Randy Bryon quarter mnler Emory Akerman and the champuonsnlp form of hurdler Dave Ellus the Eagles portlcn poted an meets with top teams from all parts of the state Outstanding un the tneld events were shot putters Butch l-lolderbaum and Owen Howard dlscus thrower Jules Ellnott and pole voulter Pete Luke These boys all turned un top performances and were responslble for the team s contmued tune record Emory Akerman Randy Bryan Jlm LaBrec and Dave Ellls get set for a trlal run SET FOR A MIGHTY thrust IS shot putter Butch Holderbaum ,NN 1.13 h.M-in 136 5. -. Harold Rayborn attempts to sink o putt on the eighth hole as Paul Coler, Allen Bork, Dwight Cook, and Jere Lober watch intently. Tennis The prospects were bright for the newly re-established Eagle tennis team, as they entered upon a season of strongly competitive play. Under the able guidance of Coach Bob Shirar these energetic racket wielders devoted many strenuous hours to practice, Through their efforts, Edgewater again had a team upholding its winning tra- dition. Swimming Competing with several of the state's top teams, Edge- water's newly reorganized swimming team, under the guidance of Coach Van Voorhees, launched themselves into an "event-filled" season. With the talents of veterans Kimble "Fish" Bennett, Norman Toy, and Fred Frailey, these aquatic speedsters established an impressive string of victories. Golf Striving to better the fine record of their predecessors, the Eagle golf team remained one of the top in the state. Due to the skill and dexterity of Jere Lober, Dwight Cook, and Junior State Champion, Harold Rayborn, the Eagles were able to compete in Big Ten and State High School meets, displaying the ability for which they are famed. THESE BOYS represent "Edgewater in the water": Norman Toy, Fred Frailey, Al Morrison, Mark Gluckman, Bill Robinson, Kemble Bennett. EDGEWATER'S TENNIS TEAM, snapped just before going into a fast practice session are Bill Gar- nett, Dave Miller, Fred Curry. Second row-Inez Westgate, Judy Chastain, Gayle Bynum. YJ ' V " ' , ,rw . A f Q X 1 . K fy f :- y 1 .lll. ls ., ' if-tixiffhrxg - ,, 4 .?,V.,b 5 . oc'ps1s:.. . - W- '.i,. .51 ,, , Q.. ,- 'W ' ' k5'O'J5- - 'f' V i 1 ,.n:...' V I l Vp , I vs n W ' 1 fu , . , . . . , narwm-A I , 5. ,:. 'Q' h . . A A , , -1 , ., , , , 1. - f ' , H., . ww .wif I , N- . '92 eg, ' ,, V ,,, 'f"" ' , , . f . 1 " . ,,,4f'v4rfzfW1f?4l "' ' hd4,."7'N H ' f 4 , , -i , , , ,- l 4, ,714 -,.. A, ,X ,, ?,iL1,i,,,,,1 ,, ww, R ,. ,L ., ,-4, .H f M 1, f5,,,5M 5,g,,.4 4g41:,fjf3L. A - , , , , , , 1. , , ,, + ,L,,,.,,, , - '- 1- .., . ' V- ,uw . ', M . Ei, ., ' .. .-.. ,... .,,.,. ,Z , L A . A-, ' 'V 'la Z QWL L4 13,4438 A-,':v',f 'I r ,,, ,lx , . -1 - . I ' "iff .x -- , fk ' Wg ,. "" ' , M. . ,- w Qu- - ff" ' 'Y -, "cw , W . ... -. .,.'-4 ua' f 1:5 . L f A 4, . 'L yd -4 35 X", 1 , p "f M ju , -"Q v ,J V '1' ,, 4. . y J . , J , L . I .A I .M 5 -' " ff: v ' ,. A' ' 4- , 1 f , 5, W ,f X P-...- fr S 517 .uw 1 A tr' 1 " vfv it 45 Q' -0- H ,,," .fn -N-ff!!! R I Aqf' ., , fp, M f' 5:15. YM 54 - Q H 5 if: , Q 5 4 we af X 1 gk Q 1 , 5 Y ffl 5 'U' is X SLIDING IN TOO LATE is Peggy Pickron. Nancy Walsh, lnez Westgate, and Sissy Sellers await her tag-out, SPORTS Under the direction of Miss Evans, Miss Mack, and Miss Rilea, the girls have a varied program of physical education. Fast friendships as well as exciting games develop in this class, as the girls divide into teams to engage in sports consisting of volleyball, softball, hall ball, basket- ball, tumbling, ping pong, checkers, and shuftleboard, These games increase the enthusiasm which is witnessed in their wholehearted participation at other schools in "Play-Days" which present an opportunity for displaying skills in a wide range of sports competition. This is modern jazz, as demonstrated by Betty Jo Mock, Gayle Moye, and Betty Jean Harper Edith Sims is tense while watching Judy Chastain re- turn the ball to their re- laxed opponents, Janice Johnson and Lauranne Cash. .3- 'L v A WW K ' , f M x A f " ..,,g,,-I - ,H I IE 5 r 1' .w kv ww' 4 ' 1 ,f AwJ M.: x K W ,ff ff' L Shown through the lens of the candid camera are the moments yau'lI remember most, the classroom work and fun, the exciting weekends filled to the brim with the wonderful events you looked forward to with anti- cipation all week, the gala dances held on the Eagle Plaza or in the gym, the pep rallies and hayrides, and the multitude of other activities which kept you busy from dawn to dark. But there were the serious moments too, when you thought about the future and your place in it. All these and many more are caught up in the wonderful, traditionally varied activities of Eagle students. Eff nat -Top performance R-Reverence A-Achievement -Diversions -4nHuence T-Transportation -Initiation O-Oneness N-N ovelty A TYPICAL SCENE from "Best Foot Forward" finds David Miller, Biff Sutton, Joe Kersey, and Clark Holloway admiring ravishing Hollywood actress, played by Edith Sims. Edwin Meador, .lack Heubner, Darlene Lightfoot, and Bob Rice portray a tense scene from the "Chimes of Normandy." TOP PERFORMANCE , . . -M ,. A . Q A. " 1 ! , . K f ' , E . v 3 "AlN'T MlSBEHAVlN"' sings Pat Cossin as she demonstrates the style that won for her the title of '56-'57 F.F.A. Sweetheart. ln the fields of drama, music, and speech Edgewater has rated superlative. For those intensely dramatic plays under the guiding hand of Miss Peggy Sells, our students emoted in roles of stirring tragedy such as the tearful production of The Valiant or the rib-tickling Best Foot Forward, and the comedy-filled The Little Dog Laughed. Our fabulous musical shows under the direction of Mrs. Estelle Thomas combined the melodies ofthe Choral Society with witty dialogue as they presented "The Chimes ot Normandy." The band, too, gave us rhythmic marches or off-beat tangos in their half-time shows as well as "rock and roll" in "Operation B Flat." In all phases of speech and music Edgewater has given Top Performance. BETWEEN ACTS David Miller, Joe Kersey, Biff Sutton, Sandra Patiry, Jesse Waller, and Jerry Green make hasty changes in the scenery of "Best Foot Forward," a terrific comedy hit! REVERENCE Reverence is a feeling each of us owes our God and our country, Both of these are displayed at Edgewater by the early morning flag raising and the inspiring de- votions which start our day. There is an additional factor, loyalty to the school itself as evidenced by the high quality of sportsmanship displayed at all school functions. All three of these factors combine to make an Edgewater citizen truly the person who is an outstanding citizen of tomorrow. r frfufff "1 ' ' If ,gk l r i l ' JERE LOBER OPENS THE DOOR for Pat Bell as they attend the church of their choice. -. ff Kc 'Fig 'SH i THEIR HEADS BOWED reverently, E. H. S. students begin each day with a prayer for personal guidance. ,-""""n fi 91 .7 ' 1 99527- l 'ly-tiff-523i ' l ic' vdkilf 4 592-1 ."'2i9'!t s ' V R JUNE KNIGHT PREPARES to give the morning devotions that play such an important role in our school day, with help from Walter Jeurgenson and Buck Rogers who operate the sound system. t v ACHIEVEMENTS RICHY ELWELL RECEIVES the Official document from Mr Davis as Judy Chastain smiling happily walks off the stage dlploma in hand Edgewater is proud of the organiza- tions and people who have brought her honors in every field of endeavor. Her drama and music departments are known throughout the state for their record of fine performances, and her publication staffs have 'fcopped" first place ratings in both state and national contests, Edge- water representatives to Boys and Girls State and the delegates from civic clubs to state conventions rose to hold state and county offices But more rewarding is the climax of the Seniors year the crown of achievements his diploma WITH THAT SMILE of achievement Bonnie Robinson makes the down payment on her class ring to Al Morrison and Bob Soyars Buddy Patton Walter Jeurgenson Jon Johnson and Lynwood Dunn gaze at the scrapbook over Nancy Taylors and Sissy Sellers shoulders as they remember the educational as well SPEAKING on a highly informative sublect Ann Burton as recreational week at Boys and Girls State plays her forensic abnlity wi? sf! FLUR UA in- ,NX - 1-14 - i . , f . . , , , , . ll ' ' ll . ll I , , ' Y' g .1 wf S 'Q t I 'I . ' ll l'l fog- . . ,- f X-14 -., "P: I ll D is x '- 1 ' I r ' ' ' , dis- ., ' . W -mfs, .9 ,4 ' N ' 4' ' , -:apps g - 4 , Y LI' Q 1 f 1: ,sl 0 ' N T ly' in . 4 , , ., , L lv- n' ' 4 , i A 0 '. V' l'-1' UA Q - X i... 5 t A l V kg! ' 1 i . 15 , TE AY: . 5 T 4 1 X h s. . 6 7? ' Y A -T 1 . N I f 5. SX. ' ' 4. I l , ..., V 0 , S. 213 Qs., viklw DIVERSION7 Yes mdeed' Ask Nlna Shuler and AI Drrver what show they saw DECORATED CARS floats wth gurls n fluffy formals trucks wrth vcrlaus demonstrations and many other novelty features made up the colorful Homecommg Parade How about a date Saturday mght9 There s a great show playing at the Beacham O K see you at 8 OO Thus ns a common conversation to be overheard near the lockers or un some corner on campus Many dates are followed up wlth a snack at the Pug n Whistle a favorite hangout of the teenagers TV get togethers and ,am sessuons were lukable duver sions so the gurls kept those refrigerators well stocked for mndnught raids Snnce the opennng of the Eagle Plaza a whurl of dances filled the summer months wnth ganety as the Edgewater patuo resounded to rock n roll Homecommg with nts parade mcludmg the glamorous attendants representing each class the crownmg of the Queen and the pastgame dance clnmaxed the fall social season All of these dlversuons tended to make the hours after school delightful and excltung L SIPPING COKES and munchmg cookles Ray Pope and Harriet and Nancy Dunbar enjoy an evenlng of TV entertalnment L1 xi 145 F, " 5. . f-f' " "rx, 5 ' Q ' , ' x 1. ' -, - y-.J , "N 1 f - 4 1---- , -. Y ,h , ' 'u',--,,. js. -, Q ' 1 of . - - - , V-' 0. ' L ,: - -- ' x , . H., + .' A' .' A . . - . fb - I , i, Y .,,. , V K . U I I I I I ll - I u . . ' 1 - I ll . . . . . . , , I . . , . . . . f I I I I 1 .JL f X . I ' 1 X E32 P' L WHICH COLLEGE is for me? Joan Dial Phil Jenkins and Jimmy Hutcheson consider question as they look over the many catalogues in the college center Playing an important role In community lite Edge water spirit extended beyond the campus influencing both young and old with its enthusiasm and vigor Stu dents applying for labs exhibited the training and efti cnency instilled in them by the E H S faculty The stand Debbie Sincic shows that Edgewater school spirit spreads even to the small fry Q- I Betty Williams under the D C T program ing record that over sixty percent of Edgewater seniors attend college shows the high ideals and goals aspired to by her students No task was too great to undertake no job too hard to complete On campus and off Edge waters influential activities are helping to mold her people into the citizens of tomorrow UEN Ann Shaw Betty Jean Harper and Tommy Deserable grin from ear to ear as they look over the blueprints for a teen age dream the youth center 146 1 , , E If 's .nl . ' lf - g i u , . K X ff -, . b I q., . E31 Q J ,- Ni 5 , ' . ' , ' A , ' ' this A HAND SHAKE and a smile of confidence seal a position for l l 'A """f-.. '41, 1 -if uquv i 'W rnvrmn Jane Ellen Gridley races the motor as Wayne Page and Helen Stewart encourage ITS AN EAGLECADEH Nine buses filled with enthusiastic Eagles Charlotte McManus to shake a leg hit Daytona Mainland and Morrison s Cafeteria with a jolt they Il TRANSPORTATION Employing everything from foot power tjust walkingl to 300 horsepower lCadillacsl Eagles make transit daily to and from school scurry to their many activities and even with the help of a Greyhound Bus or coach car journey with the team to one of those games away from home Fighting that after school traffic is anything but fun but the fact that over one third of the student that Edgewaterites are constantly on the move TRANSPORTATION? Even Jerry Thornton Ken Relnard James Relnard and Mr Pllker are beginning to doubt It as they lose hope of ever digging out the skeeter that holds Claude Cooper and Lindy Patterson never forget 1 1 ,.... 1 X 4, 'S 'YT' L Somewhere in those first few weeks of school comes the traditional pledge week Carrying books shining shoes providing chewing gum and washing cars are the milder forms of initiation but some poor plebes may even find themselves singing solos in the cafeteria Several fair ladies even received gallant proposals from pledges on bended knee Though humerous and some times quite embarassing these stunts provide those points necessary for admittance into the various clubs Tuffy Handly and Steve Duckworth put Virgil Wood and Bobby Hewitt through the tortures of Civitan Initiation g Q E W I ' TD . F' , ' K - ,, , .4 ,,.. I f 'I i E I .1 ln- Q ' M - - 11 11 . T rl ' . . . ,j thx 5 . . . . A A V g' 'I l ' . A t 2' T A I l ', of 'dll - I - . .yi - V fig . .y if V x - I I 4 body drive their own cars is positive proof M' . 1 . . ' . I ' ' '.,fix-fill-143163 'xl , ' . ' I SYM , f'i3.7: 'S 'FTF xl? I f I N I T I A T 0 N . . V . I . . Nl I 1 N I -03 I , C . . . ' 1 4 l - I 1 4 1 1 . . . I , 1 . . . . . 1 2 ' .V 147 Oneness ot her people was tound durlng a pep rally when cheernng stu dents led by our vlvacnous cheerleaders showed their support tor the team It was demonstrated In the cafeteria by students gathering to enjoy the tasty food and exchange ndeas Thus gave all an opportunnty to dlscuss the morn angs events and to speculate about t at terrible test All students looked torward to readnng the Eagle Eye wlth nts nnterestnng and witty artncles Part ot a class period was provuded to engoy nts contents when everyone became an avid crutnc of your nallstuc ettorts Oneness was that feel :ng at unuty when all l5OO Eagles yonned In a common purpose h 'Z Charlotte Dawson presents a slender contrast between the bnllowy sklrts of Brenda Thornton and Charlotte Davuson VELT Every year has :ts share of new song nuts tashuon musts and cute quups and the 56 57 season was not to be outdone Cool cats In even cooler bermudas styled In the lvey League Look lnstened to the rock and roll music of Elvis Presley and danced dreamuly to sooth ang lyrlcs sung by the Four Aces or the McGuure Sisters Girls chose party dresses from the pencul slum sheaths or ITS THAT IVEY LEAGUE look being shown at Its best by Dave Partlow Judy Bradley Margaret Adams and Paul Howard Pete Rachtman seems completely engrossed nn a very mterestmg book Whats that tntle Pete777 umparted added fulness to already voluminous skirts wuth stnffly starched crunolunes remunuscent of the day of grandma whsle the boys clung to the ever popular sport shurts and slacks or levns Humorous classroom nncndents meetnng and makung new frnends and taking part an the varuous school actuvutues combined to make this year a novel one Interesting and excltung i 1.1 1 ll l I x KIMBALL MALCOM'S EYES wuden and Merle Stem takes an anxnous look at her petnte wanstllne as they "dug un" to a soda at Ronnue's t ' rglgj V A u lg? U ' WE. L A Y I V. A 1 I ,a i 5 . y ,, 4 K A N 0 I E S , , . l L, y fl! 3- 3' MN ' i V 149 .cff A ' ""' 5 H I ,al-f W,-H e g', if QQQHQWI5 tif' 75' be 7' 'n', ,fy A U A, f 5 fvft, ,-M X ,, A' . 4. f, . H, , 1 . MQ 4- 'f'ga ,q,2'r,w J H1 WM, , H, N ' 'v , A' Zi Uk gui ' fu , W vi l 4 'V f Ai 4. " 09' ,f Xiu! ., gf. if so 4 gp M ng v 1 . my Q , ' ' 4 9 'Q we f x,, WWW, V, 3 F ,da I , fy I A .- ,,, ,U , 'V -av 4 9 Q if . , . 6? .S J, Q , A A 4, ' ff 5. ie . .ff mt' i M f- 'Y' , 'Q Jitwin, V, 4 5, 5 A it I of t0"", ' .J r 'il "4 f ,QA . 5 F ,f, 3'?,E'wWf,, if 35' Vw' 3, ,JM Q new A ' 7 fm . V ,. -AAA , 2 Equipped with last year's Odasagiah, pencils, con- tracts, receipt books, and that all important explosive sales talk, annual staffers invaded the Orlando business districts intent on the project of getting ads. The follow- ing section is the result of their careful planning and work, necessary not only as the financial backing for our book, but also to the students as a guide of what and where to buy. Our advertisers are truly Eagle supporters and to them we owe a debt of gratitude. Zlduzrtising DYKES MCTORS "Home of Bargains" 1 N? X 1 1411 Ed ewuter Drive XXX EK XXX Q Q? KSN Rfk 64 1--Z',Qg xl QQ E3 . X iq Ni Qx ix fig Phone 3-1661 and 3-1662 1 f '13, Qs . A ,X A 'N-52351 R is XL Q K jam XSS Xlgvx - 4, H53 XQR 152 C gzv- 4 , ,'. 6- THERE IS A PUBLIX NEAR YOU WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE 2011 Edgewater Dr 1050 Kuhl Ave 634 N Mllls 229 N Orange Blossom Trall 851 Orlando Ave Wlnter Park Pune Hllls Colonial Plaza HARRY P LEU Inc ORLANDO MIAMI 100 W Llvlngston 22 N W 20th Sl' Tel 9891 Tel FR 9 3404 Servmg Florndo Smce 1900 wlth Complete Stocks of Quoluty Tools ond Equipment 153 O 9 O MACHINERY-INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES O Studio of Off! Photographer 338 North Orange Orlando We ore Proud to soy we mode The Portrouts for the I957 ODASAGIAI-I DUVAL J EWELRY CO Blunk Hightower Furniture Co W QP PHONE 2 2352 S ll O g FURNITURE FURNISHINGS U"-0 Howard Optlcal Co College Park Servlce Station 2 N tIlM oflcxh P r TEXACO PRODUCTS S 8- H GREEN STAMPS ORLANDO FLA Ph 31352 THE FOUNTAIN ADVANCE DISTRIBUTORS 2Wht 6 Edg JUST GOOD FOOD DAN PETE S SHOP W th Th DUBS Wh T kth DR AD EDGEWATER AT PAR 9388 154 ' 53 es ine Street 'II9 out ran e Aven - 0 . . . . 25 ' . O so or am sl Edgewater Drive at Harvard Opposite os Office 4 E. as ing on 282 ewater D ' . A " i e A o oo e " E 8 Out of Marketing 1 ... Phone F IRCHILD A BUL NCE ERV ICE Phone 2-8118 Examining the efficient, up-to-date facilities of Fairchilds ore Geraldine Cheshire, Benito Green, Carolyn Fennell, ond Johnnie Bauer. Stroud's Rexall Drug Store 100 5. Orange Avenue FREE DELIVERY ON DRUGS AND COSMETICS PATTERSON PERFECTION CLEANERS 3006 N. Orange Avenue Corsages and Weddings COLONIAL FLORIST 1216 E. Colonial Drive Ph. 3-9658 PAUL L. DIXON RECORDS RECORD PLAYERS 2419 Edgewater Dr. Ph. 5-5575 Compliments of MEDICAL SU PPLY COMPANY JAcKsoNviLL: oRLANoo CHILDREN'S CLOTHES LINE 2202 Edgewater Drive COLLEGE PARK Palm Cleaners and Laundry, Inc. 2816 Edgewater Drive Phone 5-3474 Free City-wide Pick-up ond Delivery Service I6 TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU 155 NORMAN HUNTER TELEVISION 2018 N. Orange Orlando, Florida SALES 81 SERVICE 'Q fN 'Q 152 X19 f xx C9 57 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 156 n C F X . Q X ., xl . ,4 . il . ,, 7 - ' ' Q lass of I .A t ji , M NANCY TAYLOR models ca whste evennng gown emphosuzed by a boduce ond apron of metolluc loce over hers of ruffled nylon net Dnckson 8. Ives Junnor Shop 157 Patronize Members of Orlando Automobile and Truck Dealers Association Beltz Beatty Inc Helntlzmen Inc O Central Florlda Motors Holler Chevrolet A P Clark Motors Leperre Pontiac lnc Packard Orlando M Diamond T Sales and Servnce McKellar Cadlll I range Buick Co Co Orlando Motors Inc oto rs ac nc Snmpson Motors Orange Belt Truck 81 Tractor MILLS 81 NEBRASKA Central Florida Lumber and Supply Phone 2 3112 ORLANDO FLORIDA For the Smartest Young Foshnons at Popular Prices u s M A T T H E W S in Orlando an Daytona Beach J rr Efikv'-43' tem W ti 3 glifli' ,L-43. IVEY S of ORLANDO Your Foshuon ond Qualify Store Since 94 , . , 0 0 . 1 n . . 1 0 - I , I lx 1. xr..-'-. , a ' T . vm Co. gk Of 1 iw . Yfffv- Q"-It - A i. 1 fpiia'-,a'f --::' , fsf 'af Qgzwff - r , kz,tgfT.?gg, 3 ' Q Pi? me If Y, xr 1 14 il .:- ...Wig A. , .- . m -:nrt '-9 V r 3---2.l.?.:'lC'T"""i nfllr.-" l' " ?f?3 '33 if I- V 0- M it 'UI .bfi Q- as I .t, ' I O -.fsfyf-cfCfC,x.,,,kJx,,-1-A.fx.f,,g, f 8 NO FINER FUEL NO BETTER SERVICE Q QW D Mld Florlda Gas Company 6 M ZJJMJI S OI APOPKA Vf If Q 7FESBUR ocALA Icfgronn 'IM Z w X ff ff II MII I JIM ALB T L D S E IWAY QUAL W 3WCh hS ORLANDO FLORIDA PERSONALIZE R IPTI NS JIIIIFIIM 22481 wwf V' EMRICH scoLoNlAL ORLANDO 1 9 PHARMACY Rexd Ph E t I 54588 FREE DELIVERY For Cookin , Heotin , oter Heo ' g Refrigeration, Clothes ry' g I ' Ofion O O I N 1l?00 Klart' i s t., rando , fy' , I If ,1 , . I I' I ' n Y , Lf I, . f , , Jyf I I f s I IJ , A9 j N if I ,ff - .X I I I A If W CI I "" I A I 'I NU! ' Q L f X 61 I E 1 KV X I N II' I' I V I 'I ' fy L V f J , V I 1 A , I A I 'Mt I 1 In IP I I C I fed 5f pI I N , I ULD? I ' J al , r 9 I IL! by I x Q1 A ' . --M, X Vx A D - l P x. , if W ,-I , I ,J CV A - J F I R S I I T Y I f' I ML I JI ' I M If I - , JI! .,qN I 'IW ,PX 'I lb 4 IV 7 . urc he III ' I ' n If 1 v ' I X , Lf 1 I I " I I , I J Lf, Phones - - - ,I 'I I ' I Y r Colonioltown or ' Edgewater Drive at Prm t I Y D tor Is Our Referen 1101 C ' I D Ph - ffft f Alglxgf 4, Page VKJMLQJZQMX f if J M we ,df QL JLML B2 f X! 'W I 'Rb ogg' lilac M W We MWQWWW iid cjezfff ,ao -E5 P1646 ZLOF FLoRio wig 7 A364 dw We plan and produce any kin of co fig! 70 J printing forms or business stationery 2808 N ORANGE AVE ORLANDO The TREND is to Citizens National Bank FOR LAS TING BEAUTY Nothing adds a note of lu ury to a oom I ke deep lu ur ous broadloom or sparkl g t Ie A wde cho ce of fa ous name brands fob cs a d lust ous colo s a e now ava lable at M Ile Henkel s. They gua anfee e pe t stallot on on carpeting, file, linoleum and kitchen counter tops. For sensible suggestions on color schemes and room styling, call the friendly folks at Miller Henkel Floor Covering-phone Orlando 2-7797. MIL,LER HENKEL FLOOR COVERINGS "The BANK OF COURTESOUS SERVICE" H17 VIRGINIA DRIVE ORLANDO, FLORIDA WM X c ' 7 Y I ' -I ' if ' I ' I , , I 4,5 . E I . I I 1 1 ' 5 .. X , . I ' J f V I I 5 A Od X , y ' y, . f g y , 1 dd wo? X R Tl-:IE FQTEST o , I f 1 -f 'Lf '-7 , "", N J 4 - f A 1 ' x r i , x i in i . i i m , ri n r r r i i r ' r x r in i B E L K ' S ENJOY THE BEST Q nmmmj Department Sl'Ol'e Manufactured by in . Colonial Plaza Cltrus Make every night a 4 Family Night at Belles. Corporation STORE HOURSI lO A,M. to 9 P.M. Phone 4-2421 3 T I wma? if 'fJwa41,, -- ,f,L-31-cdrffvlunk 332.5593 T QEBIKDS l ..- '-i"' - aulcx noun tl' CONCENTRATED . R E You ALWAYS SAVE AT BELK S M 0rangeJulce emem er- ' ,,, O, as T Alderm , Carol Coffee, and Mike Kiphuth inquire about the savings plan at ori a National Bank from one of the tellers, Mr. R. J. lacuzzi. FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at Orlando 161 ' , I jf' V? I NL THEATRES V tl T3fqNxif92OefcH30TJ4:iALTO X-.V-Q L MAKER TO WEARER BAXTER CLOTHES Factory Sales Rooms 8 E. Church Selecting O graduation gift of a birthstone ring from the large collection at LAWTON'S JEWELERS are Shirley Ann Pait and Michon Murray, assisted by Mrs, Ruth Jones. COLLEGE PARK FLOR3571 will ,fSay lt with Flowers an ' WF Say lt with Ours"Ll9 X 2297 Edgewa r rive M UST ORLANDO, DQ' I Telephone 3-5 Nite 2-0894 HAZEL PETTIGREW BUDDY PETTIGREW PARAMOUNT CLEANERS 1202 E. COLONIAL FRANKlE'S GRILL Fountain Drinks+Sandwiches-School Supplies and Novelties Across from Edgewater High Phone 3-9190 162 Specializing in Chic Junior HEARVo',f,A5H'0N Fashions 0 A - V , In 9 HEARTof FLA 131 North Orange Avenue l l i 1 HALL BROS. AGENCY Insurance-Real Estate-Mortgage Loans Drive carefully . . . you may hit one of our customers 27 E. Robinson Ave. Orlando, Fla. Xp! ,XV Soy If wuth Flowers Soy If wuth Ours EARL W JONE? C FLORIST I 1613 N Mnlls sneer n gif? nj: Q an 0 U Phone 51578 Mo J I N1 If IX? R dreseptan U Ufm ompj ,X AUTO LIFE FIRE Bloomlngton Illlnols MSCORMI ,,HfVA' fill' it szonrfll' V 23 E Church St Or an o a Telephone 2 5186 Orlando Fla Sanford Fla Phone 2 3261 Phone 174 B E PURCELL COMPANY CLOTHING FURNITURE We Clothe the Family We Furnish the Home VISIT OUR WESTERN DEPARTMENT FOR SQUARE DANCE OUTFITS ORMOND A McABEE Your Travel Agent Smce 1930 91 ' AIR, Bus and STEAMSHIP 51 " ' 9 Tnckets Tours ond CFUISES , . my 1 Q " ' WORLD WIDE Sunniland Travel Bureau 30 E. Pine Phone 2 5301 RENTZ FURNITURE 1234 E C Io nal Dru e Ph 3 7287 Reupholsfermg BEN THE TAILQR TUXEDO RENTAL 163 31 E Central Avenue ' F 'I-J I ' . . . . xf! . JH V1 A I I I ' V Qc 9 ' V Q ' , ltt K I f Tv - ' - 4 My A I od' if iffy! , FI . - 'Q , ' 4 o or JF, jd I It IV J I I ' "1 9 I . I J . N of -I1 K S I' . rl I3 .ld X7 Q16 4 I ' U . .Ig , pb fy 1 I 1 Lf fl , I7 A - I 'T'Tfg'93LE'.g5Q- ,1,f, '10 . . I d , Fl . - INSURED SAVINGS Free Porkmg Sove by Moll Drave an Tellers AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Start 0 Regular Savings Plon Now E5 DRUG Co ORLANDO FLORIDA Mann at Lsvlngston ORLANDO FLORIDA JUDY LYN S Phones 2139 W Falrbanks Ave Orlando 2 3725 Wmter Park 5 6181 FAIRBANKS 5 81 10 2141 Falrbanks Ave Mather of Orlando, Inc Good ond Bod Fu mt e 69 E Pune Street 124 W Church Street I IIS Flowers Its U S uol fy Eff cnent ond Cou teous Service Coopers Flowers 81 Greenhouses COLLEGE PARK CLEANERS LAUNDRY SERVICE 2630 Edgewater Druve Phone 5 8933 ORLANDO FLQRIDA Telephone 2 7595 2217 Edgewater JIIIOF IIORI- COI-ONIALTOWN COLLEGE PARK 164 KRAEMER MUSIC HOUSE Phone 2 4907 493 N Orange Ave O I I 2 Jon - ' 985 W. FAIRBANKS The Family Shop ,. r . ur ,, I .,l, l,Or,, Qi, ir r t I I I - Dr. Sports enthusiasts Bob Soyars, Judy Clapper, and Pat Chambers admire PickereIl's fine athletic equipment. A it L, I abd W 'fy ijhffj bs 6:,lQ'q!IQ7?I"y. NJ'-3, ' ' ,xl f Q ihrpligi I Q, C1 . WW! S25 IINI4 I I ,B Jr' Pickerillis Sport Shop Your Wilson and Spalding Dealer 2110 Edgewater Dr. Phone 3-3827 Edgewater Oil Company KEROSENE - FUEL OILS B A R N E S V DRAPERY AND FLOOR COVERINGS In . .ou 'l029 N. Mills Orlando, Fla. 2008 N. Orange Ave. mum MM heaving ail HEATING OILS FALKNER, INC. Roofing and Sheetmetal Contractors SAMMIE BETl'lEA'S GRILL 2304 EDGEWATER muvs Ph. 3.8531 1620 Chicago shoof gfgawiggf TELEVISION Southland Drapery Fabrics e----H FURNITURE or East Robinson Avo. APPLIANCES Orlando, rio. Phone 3-6319 1229 N. Mano cALL Foiz FREE oEcoRAToR ssrzvics ARDELLE'S TOT-TEEN SHOP CI-IILDREN'S CLOTHING I FROM CRADLE TO TEENS 2409 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, Florida 163 Air-Way Vacuum Cleaners 2820 Edgewater Drive The All-Purpose Cleaner with the "Throw-Away" Bag Free Home Demonstration Ph. 5-7410 bd I 9 V .1 Mfdw XXX Now SOON' Success Can Be Yours' 1 1 1 5 1 1111 L 7111 1 L s ou 111g Its not mst 111X i11tu1L but T 1l1Ll1L 111 A.111t1 '1 1310513610115 111c1Chn111d1s111g 111dust1x U111 tht 1JL.,111l11l 1, wood p11 1bSLl1'1I1kL 111 1a1sLs bUC1'11 ind 1t111tt1L lL11X111LS 11111x '111 LUI1C1111UI1Cd 1JL111d1I1Q' scrum oi o wss1111'1t1ts 11 L 11 11110. 1:1111 11fL1OI1LI f11e11c s X011 IL s 11111 1 wt 11111 IL 1311111111122 111 LXL11111L, 13115 4. 1x10 1X L 1 1 11 lk 11JuL 1 I-'Iarlda Fashions Inc 4501 East Co1on1a1 Dr1ve 0 Orlando. Flonda 166 I I J. 1 ' td . ,f Q' .nf 1' lv Cv lv I I 4' '1 'f lv - , fy 6 ' of ' 1 1 ' 1 sf 1, Us ,t 4, F N 'ff 1 7-jd vi ' V M I 7 ,741 U' 1. Q . 2 I j C I, ,L f' A' A ,7 , ' 4' 1- J U'ff' L' J r . ' f "N L ' lb L 'X ff. A Ab " 1 1 nl" 1. ,'-' 1V L Y 4 ' '1 1 4 1,1 f , ' .1 ' A , rxltvv V if V' , ' 1 J' ,I I V ' ', , Q X- '.. L 1 1 I rf . ' , 'M .nt J 1 . I , ,111 M 1 1 J J '1 I' V ' 7 I L I U, 1 II 4' ' ' , 1 9 .1 L JN 1 :ffl ' 1,11 1 ' ' xx! .OI l ' " ' ,Q I ' FU I iq' X . 1 1 I 1: 44 , I ,X Mx W Nlj JL A 1' ftiff 1' 1 K, ll" ' N A 1 , 1 XX ' 4' I 1 'o 'I K ' V ly 'L D I' I ,L 1' It A. J L V 1, b A ' ' ' -L Y: 1 1 1 , 1 U by .X ,-'- J y ki. l VL U' 1 fu' I 1 ,U- lf Z ' RJ . ,fu ,1 lub 7 W ,fu ' 1' 1 kx Q7' ! . 0 At I"'1k1'11Ll 1921511111115 CX'0l'j'U11L' wt tk' with yt L1 to 1 ' iwc it! Y1 ' 1A1.11LI" 11w:11t: y 1 '- 'X " R' ' 4 h' ' HE Isl' X 'fy' '11 , . . fl A lxv. 1 1' '1 ' X I Y A '51 Q .L c 111 IDC p11 5' 11-11 11' 1 K' ' ' 1 L " 15. ' 111.1 ' g 5'-111' 1,111 111t1111s. L' "1 1 ' A 1 " ' .1 'ght 1.'l11'C11' 411 F1-1111111 171:11 115. XVI L' 11111 U1111- 111 tu 1111' PL'I'5l1111C1 Direct 1' amd tu ' 1 lt 1t'. O I Eight students from Edgewater learn how the circulation of money affects our economy. Following this scene at the tellers' cages Assistant Cashier Buell Duncan, Jr. explained how The First National Bank at Orlando serves Pictured above are Mr. Buell Duncan, Jr., Tom my Deserable, Winnie Coppege, Kay Chicone, Bonnie Robinson, Sandy McDaniel, Joan Dial Peggy Westgate, and Nancy Dunbar. The College Park National Bank could be termed "Edgewater's Bank" because it is a close neighbor of the Edgewater High School. Seven "Good Neighbors" from Edgewater High gather in the College Park National lobby to learn how checking accounts are handled in this friendly bank. They learn, too, that College Park National pays TM guaranteed interest on savings and that all accounts are insured up to SI0,000.00 by The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. ,CTP eqe Park wffnfi NATIONAL BANK wilwwm- at dlilwdw " 'lf si TQ ' ll X ""' , fic - K Central Florida. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Fiiist ational Bank aZ"0xzhfzab ORLANDO FI.0RIDA Pictured below are Norma Harrison, Bill Lynch, Jon Johnson, Mr, Wampler, Charlotte Davison, Helen Traylor, and Lindy Patterson. He also painted out that all accounts at First National are insured up to SI0,000 by The 'wi ,O 0 at 3 if CCJRRECT CRAFT 33519 H Skimming along on beautiful Lake Tyler in a trim Correct Craft boat, Glen Downes, Linda Price, Jimmy Hutcheson, Patsy Luke, Don Bremer, and Harriett Scarbrough are enjoying one of FIorida's best loved sports. 'gjviexlifggggg 5-'J PALMER ELECTRIC I lj RTN bi' ,if-f gg J'6'QI,iZv5,l,2t,l. , Ky B -il C O M P A N Y uni i"' s0iLG"3lQ6ZIf 3 L I li,77l:"Ta'6315Lvl 7 . 'i-" gltlbvfs I K MODERN LIVING n y X At Your Fingertips ll DUCKWORTWS GARAGE HERMAN'S LOAN OFFICE 2004 Ed ewater Drive LUGGAGE AND JEWELRY STORE Phan: 3-2601 Established l92l COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING MR' AND MRSA SHDNEY RSSB, prop' 27 W. Church Sf. Phone 2-E048 COMPLIMENTS OF Colonialtown Service Store ANBUNDN GOODYEAR D Ief fl l Your ea f AWNIWGVEN 168 me MILLS STREET 413 VIRGINIA DR. ,, I Thi, Q 652418 SEPVESY 0 0 0 Fast, even cooking 0 Silent refrigeration I Instant hot water Xa' O Economical home heating 0 Modern clothes drying -N Scum 'nrmnurlccpeompauv ORLANDO WINTER PARK L L PUT YOUR SAVINGS TO WORK FOR YOU! BMWI CURRENT DIVIDEND Compounded Semi-Annually Central Florida Wholesale Furniture Co. 2021 N. Orange Avenue ORLANDO, FLORIDA -2 EDS 5 F 75 . VISIT OUR SHOWROOM 99" BUY THROUGH YOUR FAVORITE DEALER SAVINGS SIIIOAN ASSOCIATION 117 South Court St. Orlando I 0-Q1 IV' I ft! I ff 4 2205 Edgewater Dr. 947 Kuhl Ave. A N I 5-8162 3-8437 li HOME OF BEAUTIFUL FABRICS MARCELLA KRUMHANSL Antiques-Oriental Artwares 2924 Corrine Drive 2301 Edgewater A Phone 3-3066 Phone 3-9312 C""'C' and Goss BERT VOURHEES ORLAISIOOS FINEST SERVICE STATIONS 16 1223 EDGEWATER DRIVE 551i m,w DH" LMJNWLS we-fdlwf, JILMQIQJWQXIK fx A T . G . L E E Phone 4-7101 DAIRY ORLANDO, FLORIDA QOINAA fffwuf W 'we-f we +14 MN IIMODERN MINDEDM Mz4g,,v W1-fmwfazwuiw K if gg I Q A A or W'40'IfI'illfI1fI It Img u -r.v.....r, wr ' , 6 xr, , - TI-IE FINEST IN TELEVISION ASSOCIATED RADIO 81 TELEVISION, INC. OrIando's Oldest, Largest TV Dealer I49 N. Orange Telephone 5-1561 ITU sized e re geared to give you th personal banking ser 'ce yo require. Member Eede aI Deposit Insurance Corporate feacn depositar insured p to ' nimimi I I li 309 Interest on Savings Three Drive-In Tellers Bank-by-Mail Service Parking on Premises Day and Night Depos toy Complete Vault Facilities Fully Air Conditioned Convenient Location COLONIAL DRIVE Just East of Mills s of Q- ll o CC I Original layouts, distinctive typography and G sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain Q by standard layout, mass-production methods. - ' r owen, A115 Dxounj, Jac. ' 110 TRINITY PLACE DECATUR,GEORGlA Q vff OPENING r ll-iq TABLE OF CONTENTS CLASSES ,fl fl fvff SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FACULTY CLUBS STUDENT COUNCIL HONOR SOCIETY SAFETY COUNCIL JR RED CROSS GREGG WRITERS QUILL AND SCROLL PEP CLUB KEY CLUB CIVITAN HI Y CATHERINE BRUMBAUGH TRI HI Y OPTIMIST LORENA THOMAS TRI HI Y WHEEL FUTURE NURSES FUTURE HOMEMAKERS FUTURE FARMERS FUTURE TEACHERS LATIN CLUB LIBRARY COUNCIL COLOR GUARDS CAMPUS CRUSADERS ART CLUB STAGE CREW THESPIANS I NATIONAL FORENSICS LEAGUE CHORAL SOCIETY EAGLEAIRES CHORALAIRES E GALS BAND CHEERLEADERS MAJORETTES J V CHEERLEADERS E CLUB RIFLE AND PISTOL CHESS CLUB PHOTOGRAPY VISUAL AIDS BI PHY CHEM STUDENT CONFIDENCE FUND AUTO MECHANICS D C T EAGLE EYE ODASAGIAH SPORTS FOOTBALL HOMECOMING J V FOOTBALL INTRAMURALS BASKETBALL J V BASKETBALL TRACK GOLF TENNIS SWIMMING GIRLS SPORTS OFF BEAT ADVERTISING INDEX CLOSING I L ft! -X I .,.l'7 . I N D E x X .k1.,.lV " .,.. 1 I ,, ,f. ,70f,.-ff .MAS P A S,,.,S.,. ..1.So .. ,I..S ,,..,.I.,,S 7 s - Token SOCIETY ....I ...,.....,.,,.,, a 1 I - - . .I,........,...I.I..I. az " 1- , ,.....,.,......I.I..,. 83 ., .I.......,.,....,,.... 84 - --'- . ...I,........I........,,... 87 -'-- '- .- .....,ISI.... as , .,,...,..S ,,,. a 9 .1 ..., ., ..9o .- ., I S.,,, ,,9I .1 ,S 92 , .. . .,93 S9 . . 1, 94 . I .1 I 96 . , . 96 , . . ,98 .. I 99 99 1. 1, ,I00 101 I ITL. L EDGEWAT A tungle runs the length of your spune The you unto whot you ore the Iuttle everydoy un butter sweet strouns of Pomp ond Curcum cudents thot moke the gome of lute ond rnost ruum provokung memorues memorues of woter As us the tume honored trodutuon of our fruends left behund teochers who helped shope school we close wuth our ALMA MATER All Houl Edgewoter Hugh School' We Sung Our Prouse of Thee Your Teoms Sholl Never Folter Surge On To Vuctory All Houl Edgewater Hugh School Long Wove The Red And Whute And When We Hove Gone You Wull Heor Our Song Houl Edgewoter Houl 11 A L H A I L E R . . . stonce" floot mojesticolly ocross the oudito- of oll memories of the trodition thot is Edge- '3 : , ,gil ...3Vfv' .,' M "'1"xTxV"f".w'+wx V, NVQ' Exfj' tl ' X. -1 .,'.U' pg Q, Hifwifi Q' 'A H H' iU'v'1fL 'I VH II we ff 02752 112. 'X fda? Sq! if , r J, rf ,x-Vg , fl., -5 -if , - -. ' 7 QL ' 5 Z g - U' ."'x K ig, " . . if 51 Qfgrlg , . .W71 I A fy 1? : , . .Y Y- 4 ' ,-. , -'U Z, . . t- ' X 'C' ffl X51 ., f' qyv- h 2 41 7 X. L x .- ,, gif JL, Q . .Z , ,If .' Q1 ff' , , 5' 'Q f ' 1 C' 1-1F..T V 4 X A! I s vt h w - ?. N 2 i ,D G.-. I r f, L 4' , ng N f , . , 71' L X , As 'Pg X X ,r ,Q , . n ' -I . 'n f I V 1 . . ,1 , ' I - I , I ,.,'1iM1K M 'im ,, A .Y . A 'L -. Q kb-. - 5, W, paw-I M

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