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THE MUETHN T .f E IGH H00 R TAFF SENI ASS V I 5 V4 :X M 1 K I K ' X 12 1 'f x kgflx Q8 Offi 1 1 Y b k 1' th ED WAT HH C L A bl dbyu b f th LA IATS d OR CL EEUU CWI No one is in a better position to express appreciation for the friendliness and helpfulness of one of the members of a school faculty than the graduating class of '47 This marks the eleventh year of Miss Hetland's service to Edge water High School During this time she has been a constantly will ing and able teacher and counselor So, because we are proud to have been able to know and work with you, Stena K Hetland, it is with utmost pleasure that we dedicate the nHUaTANu' of 1947 to you fi 'LQ up LFZIQIFJT F Editors in chief Elaine Hodik, Grace Fryrear Chief Mimeographer Lorraine Johnson Assistant Mimeographers -Juliene Uttecht bhirlene Burgasanr Circulation Manager Delaine Frank Artist Virginia Teter chief Reporter Charlotte Ferry Reporters -Barbara Bond, Margie Willard, Barbara Warriner, Jean Rear, Betty Brown, Eleanor uallegos, Frank Dalton, Bill Parsons and Richard Odell CLASS SPONSOR Geraldine Proctor 3 Sports ---------------- - ------------------ --Pat Lowe ITFJELJLTY X'- MR WILLIAM NICHOLAS Coach Principal Social Science PhyB1C81 Education Freshman Class Sponsor Boys' Advlsor MR JOHN SOMMER Superlntendent MISS STELA K AETLAND MISS GERALDINE PROCTOR History Commercial Engllsh Journalism Senior Class Sponsor Lariat Club Sponsor Jun1or Class Sponsor Girls' Advisor LISS BARBARA SNYDER HR ROGER RIES Home Economics Science Eighth Science Mathematics Eighth English Sophomore Class Physical Education Sponsor Eighth Grade Sponsor HRS JgANET1'E GARTQN IRS EDITHA S PINDELL lluaic I-'tin 5 . . L Q 'Q Q, C Q I Q al.,-' 1 .V ' ' 4 ' S F - , , K LU EP-JZVVI ' ODE TO SENIORS ' Once we were Juniors, but how shout hurray The days of our misery Have all passed away We're Seniors with freedom And courage galore We ditch all the classes That might prove a bore And paid close attention CAnd spent many hours in Rooms of detention? Now we race down the halls With speed unrefined Our faces from worries About studies unlined We set the styles and examples for all, Especially our stopping to Chat in the hall Now heed us, you Sophomores And Juniors alike Stay with it, endure it, Remember the right One day in the future you'1l Wake up at last Ano find you are Seniors, What more could you ask? 7 ' I I For years we have struggled I EENIDFE Frank Dalton 'Dutch' Football 11 12 Football Captain 12 Basketball 9 10 11 12 Basketball Co captain 12 Student Council 12 Class President 11 Jouraliam 12 B111 Parsons 'Willie Basketball 9 10 Football 11 12 'lass Treasurer Journalism 12 Junior and Senior Play 8 YN - " '11 - Class President 10-12 'amy J 9 E gf 4 fu 1 Shlrlene Burgesser 'Burgy' Pep Club 9-10-ll-12 Glee Club 8-9-10-11-12 Sextet 10-11 Journalism 10-12 Mixed Chorus 12 Vocal Ensemble 11 Class Secretary 10-ll Clase Treasurer 9 Dramatlcs 9-12 Pep Club Historian 11 Band 9-10 Trlpple Trio 12 Secretary of Lariat Club Junior and aenior Play Drill Leader 10 lilllam Burcar 'Bud' Basketball ll 12 Class Secretary 12 10 Football Captain 11 12 Boys' Glee Club 12 lixed Chorus 12 Junior and Senior play Richard Odell 'Ode Basketball 9 Vloo President ll Class Treasurer 12 Journalism 12 Senior Play Elaine Hodlk 'Hodiksburg Pep Club 9 10 ll 12 Drill Leader 10 Glee Club 8 9 10-ll 12 Trio 11 12 Sextet 10 ll Journalism 9 11 12 Editor of Lariat 12 Vocal Ensemble 11 lixed Chorus 12 Trlpple Trio 12 Class Secretary 9 Treasurer of Pep Club ll Band 9 10 Dramatlcs 9 12 Junior and Senior Play 9 in X R-1 George Menzies 'Lefty' Basketball 11 12 Football ll Track ll 12 Basketball Captain 12 Senior Play Roger Baker NCodger' Mixed Chorus 12 Boys' Glee Club 12 Junior Play Journalism 12 S orts Editor 12 P Student Council President 12 Jrace Fryrear nJe W Pep Club 1 10 12 Jlee Club 9 10 ll 12 site' 9 10 Cheerleader 12 local Ensemble 11 Band 9 Journalism 9 ll 12 editor of Lariat 12 student Council, Pep Club 12 Dramatics 9 12 Class oecr tary 10 Class Treasurer 9 Junlor and neniorPlay Charlotfe Perry ' har' Pep Club 9 10 12 Cheerleader 12 secretary of Pep Club 12 ulee Club 9 10 11 10 local Fnsemble 11 Mixed Chorus 12 Journalism 9 11 12 student Council, Journalism 12 Dramatics 9 10 12 Class Treasurer 11 Chief Reporter 12 Junior and Senior Play fum 1 10 ' ff s .. . - L , ' - Y 03: 'fb . Mixed Chorus 12 ' e . L - fi J -I Sl LI 1 'W ' ' ' L., Y H 1 Delaine Frank 'De Den Dramatics 9 10 12 Class Secretary 9 Class Treasurer 10 Vocal Ensemble 11 gi Pep Club 9 10 ll 12 Secretary of Pep Club 11 Cheerleader 12 Band 8 9 Jlee Club 8 9 10 11 12 Mixed Chorus 12 Journalism 9 12 Junior and Senior Pla Vice Presid rt of Pep Club 12 Pat Lowe 'Iris Basketball 9 10 Journalism 12 Senior Play Faye Willoughby 'Babe' Jlee Club 10 ll Pep Club 10 ll 12 Mixed Chorus 10 Dramatics 12 Junior Play B111 Wheeler 'Pee Wee Basketball 9 10 Class Treasurer 10 Vice President 12 Student Council ll Junior and Senior Play ll Lorraine Johnson 'kainie Glee Club 9 Lariat Staff 11 12 Dramatics 9 Junior and Senior Play Dale Blankenbuhler 'Bllnky' Basketball 10 11 Football 11 12 Junior and Senior Flay qwendolyn Petticrew 'GWBDO' Pep Club 9 10 11 12 Pep Club President 12 Mixed Chorus 12 Ensemble 11 Class President 11 Band 8 9 10 11 12 Junior and Senior Play John Famini 'Fntso' Basketball 9 11 12 Class Vice President 10 Junior and Senior Pley 12 ll mu , rg Y one Club 9-10-11-12 SQ, ik Betty Howard 'Betts' Pep Club 9 10 11 Treasurer of Lariat Club 10 Junior and Senior Flay Juliene Uttecht Jeanne Pep Club Correspondent 10 etudent Council 9 10 Glee Club 9 12 Pep Club 9 10 12 Mixed Chorus 12 Vice President of Lariat Club Junior and Senior Play Joyce Botteron 'Jo' Pep Club 9-10 15 an se ' rv - - - - 'Y-.,Lf. ' - - FHUTU ef' cw " PHUPH EY Z lm ' E 42 0 , Raw ,gr -nl?" rf xx V52 ith' YQ! Q! ,Lam Q WI' 0 14 H .. na 4 . ,.. ' 3' , -iq tt' ,Y - ,AQV I 0' Il' V- Ei .4 +2 X I ,IX C22 f i X Hill!" Oi" A ia. I ' f "Tv ' 4' wwf Q fq 0' f I H a- , I W 5 fx' 3 5 K 41... 'Na v A ' ' s .gif . .':7Q1:, , L VT I a.,.o.0'5,1 5: - Q . ' P85 xg if 3, U be 5 f' Q . 9 A I . i f 4' M D x.. ' ' ,lg -, an . ,Z W----""""" R .qv ' e3af32u fb 4'.S2v ' 'W3' . 0-ln' X y . X ' 0 4 Qs fX QJB L' A FIYANKIF wflffifff um 3' Q... W L6 1, x TONES X L- -J K-T mu LUCWJ K A A A' K si Ill Liga-Si L wx ifiiiv X5 , k A L K M, 1 X A f " 1' J, Q , A ,, A V If X va I l I 3 Q 2 r Q' ' "JW Ii. i g' ' V .,,,,:,3Aswl AI q 4 Q X ' j A K HH Hlllllhmuun . ' . Q tg' 1 F 3-2' - If S - Q ' if If 5 a J Q, ,U 5 IX I XX ' 1 z - Yv- 5' W 6?- .T MJ Q ""' 4' ' Q xx 4 da 1 N X l DP' ' ' D 5 'Mu . l , V5 ELHEE WU We, the class of '47, realizlnv t e tr mendous loss resulting from our departure from E H S , do hereby represent our last will and testament We w1ll to the honorable Juniors and teachers our best seats 1 the auditorlum and our good behavlor Joyce Botteron wills her quiet ways to Virginla Teter Dale Blankenbuhler wills his driving abllity to Ed Dexter Shirlene Burgesser w1lls her clothes to Barbara Bond William Burcar wills his ability to play football to Marion Allison Grace Fryrear wills her smallnes to Eleanor Gallegos Delaine Frank wills rer ability to play the piano to Jeanette Lynn John Famlni wills his ability to get along with the g1rls to Ray Strohmeyer Elaine Hodik wills her singing ability to Iris Waibel Pat Lowe wills his ability to get a car to Phillip Strohmeyer Lorraine Johnson w1lls her ability to ride a horse to Margie Willard George Menzies wills his beautiful dark hair to Miss Snyder Charlotte Perry wills her ability to get her man and keep him to Bar bara Warrlner Bill Parsons wills his winning personality to hiss Proctor Gwendolyn Pettlcrew wills her ability to get along with everyone Jean Rear Bill Wheeler wills his friendly attitude to lendall Ball Juliene Uttecht wllls her winning ways with the men to Billie Strong Richard Odell wills his wit and humor to Miss Hetland Faye Willoughby wllls her giggling to Betty Brown Betty Howard wills ber address book to Irene Hendrickson Roger Baker w1lls his sincerity to Mr Sommers We, the Seniors of 1947, will our ability to get along with everyone to the Junior Class and we hope that the fortunate people named above will profit by their inheritances and use them wisely Class of '47 fSea12 16 . l . 1 N u n Frank Dalton wills his basketball ability to Gerry Brauch. O to ff F1 wfwu , I I E3 yXj E m E E JUN I UFE TOP DW I lalbel, B Bond, M Willard, J Rear, B larriner, Iles Proctor, Irs Garton, F Taudfest, E Dexter, L Leigh BOTTOM ROW B Brown, I H0HdP10kS01'1, V Teter, J Lynn, E Ga1legos,B Bruce, P Parker, C Edwards, R Strohmeyer, B lilcoxon 25 students of the Class of '48 entered E H S as eighth graders began to take an important part in all high school activities This year was spent in thinking of ways and means of makinglmnqy for that all important Jr Sr Prom On January 6 they gave a play entitled Girls Are Like That, under the direction of Miss Proctorand Irs Garton They also sponsored a movie, had a raffle and a bingo game Officers for the year were Irene Hendrickson, President Jean Rear, Vice President, Iris laibel, Secretary, and larion Allison, Treasurer Athletes for this class were Ed Dexter, and Marion Allison who received letters in football and Marion Allison and Gerry Brauch in basketball llth the knowledge and experiences they have acquired so far in I H S they look forward to a bright and successful senior year our 'alma mater ' 18 in 1943. They were a sorry looking sight but as time progressed'Qny noe in 'SUP-JHUNUHEE Top Row liles, P Todd, C Newhouse, D D1 Donato, A Kuehn, Brsuch, lr Ries, B Gottschalk, C lartin, M Lerew and Webbe Middle Row Bell, I Pierce, L Bowen, I Coon, P Surratt, L Phelps, Skidmore, J Stephens, B Oatman, D Rogers, and C Swan son Bottom Row R Ferrell, K Buzzard, L Richards, D Mayo, J Weant, and N Jernberg, Not in picture D Greenstien and J Gates The class of 1949 returned to E F S in the fall of 1946 as dis tinguished sophomores This year they had recovered from their Fresh men deze sufficiently to take an active part in the affairs of their school Their first big feat was the freshmen initiation well done too They elected as their class officers B Oat an, President, I Lerew, Vice President, R Ferrell, Secretary, and L. Phelps, Trea surer. As Sophomores their class began to show signs of having hidden among them students with athletic abilities. Such well known person- ages as Don Rogers, Chuck Martin, B111 Oatman, and David layo began to distinguish themselves on the gridiron. They were not lacking in basketball players, either, for they were represented by Don Rogers, Bill Oatman, Chuck Martin, Lawrence Richards, Nathan Jernberg, and Robert Ferrell. Dramatic talent was shown when they presented the play Bobby Sox for an assembly. The big party of the year was the Valentine Formal held on Feb- ruary ll. 19 1 9 'f..".g X I I '- TL V 'ami - lf., L L 'z 2'5" A ngif. Q 4' . 2 X BQ e e s 0 Je e e e I De s Ne e s 0 O 0 Bs of s e I " e e e e 0 0 Q " e s e s -e e ' . - e -Q , 2 o ' e . ' - FHEEHMEIXI 6-ei Top Row J Bailey, P Teter, E Jurnberg, V Kuehn, H Van Dervort, D Llngg, B Lumberg, Mr Nicholas, L Hackstaff, G De Bro der, R Nylander, P Allison, and D Edwards Center Row J Smith, A Davis, F Fredrickson, A Fuqua, L Gorman, R Dillner, D Lares, L Terry, W McCarty, G De Broder, A Hesservy, I Parker, and F Corbett Bottom Row H Mott, G Harrison, K Kitzman, D Mansfield, B Enarson J Kirk, F Gottschalk, R Phelps, and C Galbraith Not in picture C Swanson, B Hott In 1945 the class of '50 entered the halls of E H S greatly lost, as they looked upon the intelligent and dignified upperclassmen but through a year's training they acquired a knowledge of our sd1ool activities and came back in '46 to become a real part of the school after initiation which d1dn't turn out so badly after all Ready to take up the duties required by freshmen, they elected Harry Hott as representative to the Student Council. The class offi- cers were Glen De Broder, Pres., Ruth Dillner, Vice-pres.g Gordon De- Broder, See.i Pat Teter and Eugene Harrison. Social Directors. Three freshman boys received letters in football this year. They were Dick lansfield, Bob Enarson, and Fred Gottschalk. They also had three of their boys make the first team in basketball - Dick Hans- tleld Gene Harrison, and Leonard Bishop. This class possesses other talent as was proved when they pre sented a play for assembly on January 23. The play was 'Mixed Dates'. The treshn n are eagerly looking forward to next year when they will no longer be freshmen, but upperclassnen. 20 , Y, A' e 32 me, q I 6 I ,fgg ' rx, 4 J P 4 " -ef i 2 V it I x C W K 5 4 X --t C I C U 0 e 0 1 a a ' a s e e s a e a e a I O O G C e a o s s e e e 9 U O O O O "' e a 0 O U I -- . EIEH H EHFIUE 1717? hmm MA IWW Top Ron Bell, C Cory, L Thomas, B Hear, I Pierce, 0 Gaudiot, Miller, R Mero, B lebbe, and G Iillens Center Row Smith C Bellville, Boh S Kirk, M Lasky, L Lynn, Fewlass, Miss Snyder, Fling, and L Bishop Bottom Row Gillaspy B Jenkins, leisner, T Harrison, I Freder lckson, and W Harwood Winslow and B Jones not in pic ture On the opening day of the 1946 47 school term, twenty six bewild ered eighth graders gathered in the high school auditorium to begin their higher education They elected as their officers for the year, President Winona Pierce, Vice President Wayne Harwood, Secretary Teddy Harrison, and Treasurer Janet Bell Geren liller represented them in the Student Council. They chose as their class name, KTK, class colors, purple and gold, class flower, larkspur These young lustangs have taken an active part in school activl ties On January 9, they presented a play, 'The Trial of A1n't' for an assembly pro ram. The KTKsK? are looking forward to their initiation next year so that they will be a real part of E. H. S. 21 . -nr 3 'M A ff 13, ' e 7 - L f ' ' n ,.2 Ee. - L K' f '- wi' ,," ', ' ' , V , ' My it I 4 L Y ,I . M . A3 Q,,M at ' l1f.Q!E E,,Q ag ff g ,il f JZZQ wgaw ' ' Q T V X MQ X' A X ' N Qi "1 KB. fa I ' ' A s L V , M., t.. J, ,, a L. " 6 li," A L ,jp sr 'LT V' iff , cz: 'H' "' f ' , : J. O I O O O J. . I . . : B. , . C. , . . . Es Ro I I 2 To g 9 Ka Q 0 ' a a Aa a ' O O 3 Q Q Q LJLI WHY' TTI I 'LIIUI IS'-H: L47 LHLENUHH UF EVENTE SEPTEMBER 23 School opens 24 Welcome to all new teachers OCTOBER Cheer leader tryouts Football game Mountair here Juniors ordered class rings National assembly, 'Liquid Air ' Football game at Bearcreek Football game at Evergreen Football game at Castle Rock 25 Teachers' Convention First opening of the 'Teenagers Canteen ' Halloween party at school NOVEMBER I National Assembly Football game, at Mountair Armistice Day Football game Bear Creek, here Football Dance Basket ball practice begins Thanksgiving assembly Miss Proctor skinned her knees while coming to Junior play practice Miss Proctor wears jeans to hide her knees' DECEMBER 5 National assembly 'G I Speaks about India 6 The Junior play lO Basketball game played Louisville here ll Lecture by author Anna Bird Stewart 23 24 Christmas Vacation' JANUARY I New Years vacation Basketball game, played Cathedral, here. Eight arade assembly Basketball game, played Castle Rock, here Basketball game, played Colorado Military School there Senior pictures taken Basketball game, played Idaho Springs, there First Square dance National assembly FEBRUARY 7 Basketball game played Castle Rock, there Sophomore Valentine Part-5' Basketball game, played Idaho Springs, here Senior assembly Basketball game, played Mountair, there Basketball game, played Bear Creek, here MARCH 5-6 7 Mountain Valley Tourney at Castle Rock 13 17 State Tourney 21 First Day of Spring APRIL Music Assembly Music Festival at Idaho Springs Senior Ditch Day Senior Play IA Junior, Senior Banquet Baccalaureate Commencement Class Night Color Day, Annuals received . School End. 23 GI DD .J 4. e ' ' . -- . 7. . 8. ' . ll. . 18. . 23. . 24- . 29. . 31. . 81 ' . ll. . 15. -- . 22. . 25. . 27. . 28. 29.. ' . I . O O O N 17: Basketball game, played Colorado Military School, here. sf J ' . 9. C . 10. . 140 I 15. . 17. . 18. . 510 O ll.- . 0 14l I 20. . 210 O 28. . 3. G . 110 O Y: . 23C O 25. . 28. . 29 LFFHFH' .NHPF Top Row B Bond S Burgesser P Lowe B Parsons R Odell F Dal ton Miss Proctor, B Brown Bottom legos, J Rear B Warriner E Hodik NEWS ' NEWS ' NEWS' That's what the Lariat Staff does collects, writes, and publishes the news of E H S The regular meeting of the staff is every Wednesday and Thursday morning during band period, but many other hours are spent in the pub lication of the Lariat which appeared bimonthly In the election for editor, Grace Fryrear and Elaine Hodik tied Therefore, Grace was editor for the first semester and Elaine, second semester Both girls performed this difficult task unusually well and much credit goes to them for the success of the Lariat Some members of the staff were to attend the Journalism Conference at the Un1versity of Colorado, but due to the snowstorm they were un able to make the trip The staff visited a newspaper office in Denver and learned many new and interesting things. 24 2 a , o 1 s , 0 9 0 9 U ' Row: G. Fryrear, M. Willard, V. Teter, C. Perry, D. Frank, E. Gal- O . I , I 0 ETUUEN EUUNEI Left to right Mr. Sommer, H, Mott, L Richards, G Fryrear, C. Perry, F, Dalton, G Brauch, G Millen. The Student Council, governing body of E H S , had, as its main obgective this year, 'the promotlon of school spirit in work and in Play' The Council wrote a Code after each class had submitted sugges tions and ideas The Oath of Allegiance, submitted by the Sen1orClass is as follows I as a student of Edgewater High school, pledge myself to the ideals of a true sportsman I will be truthful, honest, courteous, aging others to do them, I hope to develop a spirit worthy of Edge water High School The Council sponsored several school parties, movies, and socials They also helped conduct a Safety First Campaign The election for the Student Councll representatives was held at the beginning of the year Each club and class eleeted a representa tive, and accordlng to custom, the sen1or candidate was automatically president This year, this important office fell to Roger Baker Roger left for service in February, and Frank Dalton succeeded him as President of the student Body Other members were aerryBrauch, Junior Class, Lawrence Richards, Sophomore, Harry Mott, Freshmen, Ger en Millen Bth grade qraee Fryrear, Pep Club, and Charlotte Perry, Lariat Staff 25 O O O O , , 'Q oo-operative in every activity. By doing these things, and by encour- : ' ' ' EHNU Front Row I Goetz P Peter G Petticrew V Teter, A Davis K Dillner, D Miller, R Nylander H VanDevort, D Trlbual, W Pierce, C Martin, N Bell Jenkins B Oatman, J Waibel R Ferrel I Uaibel Debroder, L Hackstaff B Lumberg B Bond, B Strong Not in picture Mrs Garton, Jo Ann and Jean Smith W Ball As almost everyone knows the band is a new organization, and the members apologize for all the queer noises they made at the first of the year They have done very well however in making these noises into pleasing tones They have done a number of Overtures this year, many difficult marches and have appeared at many of the basketball games In the spring the band will begin preparations for a marching band At the spring festival the band will present 'Chi1dren's Prayer', and 'The Voyager' One half of the band members consisted of grade school students, who worked hard to make the band a worthy organization 26 : ' 9 0 Q I 9 ' n , Q O U , e u Back Row: R. Dillner, D. Lingg, D. Hott, W. Harwood, E. Dexter, R. 9 F 0 , e , e , Ge 0 Ag I , A s e : . , , , ' 1 9 E I F?L'5v ELEE ELUE-3 Top Row S Burgesser, D Lingg J Lynn B Skidmore P Todd D De Donata R Dillner D Peterson, J Brauch, P Parker, Bell Middle Row G Fryrear L Gorman D Frank H Van Devort, F Willough Bottom Row C Perry, B Bond, E, Hodik, I waibel, A Kuehn Rot in picture C Newhouse J Uttecht B Warriner The Girls' Glee Club began this year with forty five in number, and at the beginning of the second semester thirty g'rls were chosen as a special A Cappella Club This newly formed club has worked in tensively on vocal placement,correct diaphragmatic breathing and other techniques required of each girl to make a successful club The mem bers of this class have received much inspiration under the leadership of l s Jeanette Carton, who has had much training in vocal school m sic They have sung a variety of songs ranging from Czech Dance Songs as IBBZ lovely sagred numbers At Christmas they presented the well own a e u ah horus 27 N 1 e e , e , s , e , o ' , . . . . N. . by, G. Petticrew, P. Tater, B. Brown, L. Phelps. . - ' ' c , e , e e EUYE I-I FF CLLE Top Row B Oatman, N Jernberg, J Klrk, B Burcar, D Webb, L Hack staff, G De Broder, B Mc Carty Bottom L Lerew, L Richards, H lott Not in picture G De Broder, N Ball This organization of 20 boys is a newly formed group, they have ach1tved t e basic training wlth which to base treir future vocal work It has been a real pleasure to hear an all boys' club and lt is hoped that thls group w111 continue to grow in the years to come They expect to make their first appearance on a music festmval at Idaho Spr1ngs in April 28 7 kj , Row K. Buzard, W. Parker, D. Mayo, D. Rogers, B. Hott, C. Swansay ' A . M I XEU CHUFUE Y' Purcar, D Jebbe, J Klrk, B Pott Third Row Fryrear, D Frank, C Perry, D Llngg, P Parker, J Lynn, Bell, G P9tt1CT6W Second Row Dillner, S Burgesser, E Hodik, H Van Devort, F N111 oughby, P Teter, B B own Flrst Row A Kuehn, I daibel, J Stevens, E Bond Not in picture W Ball, G De Eroder I. H S is truly proud of this group as it is a n w organization this year It has mad much progress during the y ar, d e to the capable leadershio of Mrs Garten They have done ome lovely sacred numbers, some having been a cappella They arealso planning to appear at the Spring Festival inging 'America My Own' a novelty number I Got Shoes' and a beautiful number with the Band 'Children's Prayer ' They presented th Cantata 'Glad Tidlngs of Great Joy' at Christmas 29 oi. an Y Q fxvk - L y 9, 1 , Top Row D. Rogers, C. Martin, B. Oatman, L. Hackstaff, G. De Broder, B. All n 'iq 9 . o A 0 Go O I I . I O N. . ' . Ro 0 n o 0 Y . ' I O ' e ' e v u . ,. . I 9 O ENEEMELEE Left to right Branch, J Stevens, S Burgesser, B Bond, E Hodik Brown, A Kuehn, J Lynn Not in picture Newhouse The above Trio, Sextet, and triple Trio is composed of a select group of girls chosen for their singing abilities These girls will appear at the Spring Concert in April Triplo Trio TRIO Sextet S irlene Burgesser Barbara Bond June Branch Jeanne Stevens Elaine Hodik Barbara Bond Charlotte Nenhougg Iris Wa1be1 Harriet Van Devort Gwendolyn Petticrew Gwendolyn Petticrel Jeanette Lynn Alice Kuehn Elaine Hodik Betty Brown Betty Brown Pat Teter Iris Waibel 50 Jo I O O O I. Waibel, H . Van Devort, G. Petticrew, P. Teter, Bo I O I C. . FE Vi IIH Top Row R Dillner, B Strong, B Lumberg, D Lingg and B Bond Middle Row J Uttecht, S Burgesser, E Hodik, D Greenstein, M Willard H VanDevort, J Rear, B Warriner, M Coon, B Miles, Gallegos, A Davis, L Gorman, Miss Snyder lst Row F Willoughby, G Petticrew, D D1 Donato, B Gottschalk, F ley, D Peterson Bottom Row D Frank, G Fryrear, C Perry, CCheerleadersP J Stevens, L Phelps, B Skidmore, fDr1l1leadersD Carol Ann Rogers Mascot With flying colors red and gold the Pep Club girls set out this year to surpass all previous years in pulling for their team and boost ing their school The cheer leaders were elected by the entire student body After tryouts, Delaine Frank, Charlotte Perry and Grace Fryrear were elected to the Job which they fulfilled with unusual skill and pep The offi cers to whom much credit is due for the success of the organization were Gwendolyn Petticrew, President, Delalne Frank, Vice President, Charlotte Perry, Secretary Lois Phelps, Treasurer, Student Council, Grace Fryrear, Sponsor, Miss Snyder The outstanding events of the year were the Football Dance and the Roundup, both of unusual success 51 ' ,I ,I 9 1 l 0 5 Q o Z 0 u a . .'u e . E0 Fredrickson, V. leter, L. Bowen, N. Bell, I. Pierce, J. Bal: : O FEW K XXX X X MNMMNNN UAH UMW A n. f-fs f-fi-Q I ' f xx X lllllllllfllllll mf. 11 NELJ1- Ca?-tam Co Capfam l nvvqi Millles Frank Dalton Bal Barcav Uftff Manxweld Gerry 5,-,uh coYe5 Jahuzvy I0 E gfgwqfqr L pl' 5 Castle WQI1 3 J'.um-zvyl7 Musfands dcf2dT9J Iddl, 3 Tdnmavy 7-'1 Musl' 9aFe4red Mount 34 35 ad V 3 Ed G .ilk r Pefagted beg -'eff 56 Dalfoh I ckola! 55 Lea, gue Games Fgbr av, 7 E4 8wa.f9Y l 51' 93-Ste' 3? JI FBI'-u,gvy M4STiH 5 Log! 28 27 br any nav .1 M49 an .- Losf I ev K 2 'Z f I F, ' ' Y I I I A I-V 2 ' . . ,L I H395 . s- ' A 4 4 1 4' JJ r - , 5 of J " J 0 ' as "' , 0 - 5.7 'J ' D. E N' I Kar-I1 '- - . l A 0, " r . X' :fm-gf, 1-11 5 , H' - dwg, f fsn e U ll"'f-hsffwii - ' ' uni G fvff- "I -T.-vm Yi 1' g w E IL-I, r' F657 7 8 ' t g Q, ' -19 ' B ' rvee - 1-ls, H -' 'M EHEKETEHLL TERM Top Ron Liddle Ron John F , Mr Sommer Bottom Ron B , Nathan J Bob E , Kenny K , Fred G Chuck M , Bob H Coach Nicholas, Leonard B , Marion A , Don R , Lawrence R Robert F William B , Dick M , George M , Frank D Gerry The basketball season started out with the usual pep and enthusi asm George Menzles was chosen captain The other three on the flrst team were The Lustangs won three out of their and Frank Dalton, co captain merry Brauch, Dick Mansfield, eight League games Although, they lost their first game in the tournament, E H S had a pleasant basketball season and much credit goes to Coach Nicholas for his out standing leadership and tralnlng The second team consisted of John F , B111 H , Chuck M Bob E Lawrence R , Fred G , Kenny K , Don R Marion A , and Leonard B The manaters were Robert F and Nathan J The second team non many their games and the team for next year looks very promising 54 0, 0 0 0 and Bud Burcar, all of whom were always in there doing their part. 0 Q -og 0 0 n 0 0. A a 0 0 u of HJU l HHLL TEV-N TOP ROW M Larew, K Kitzman, B Enerson, D Rogers, R Strohmeyer C Martin, Coach Nlcholas MIDDLE ROW D Blankenbuhler, F Gottscbalk, B Parsons, G Branch, E Dexter BOTTOM OW Manager, D Layo, B Burcar, F Dalton, J Famini, D Mans field, Manager, K Buzzard The Mustangs got off to a bad start by losing to Mountair in the first game of the season This game wa rough and exciting, but the team was able to overcome the Wildcats Again the team wa encountered by overwhelming odds, and thel ar Creek team took tfe lead beat1ng the well coached team of the Mustangs The Evergreen game was a well fought game all the way, but the strength of the hustan were too great for their team, so of course the Mustangs came out on top This was the first win of the season but not the last The Mustangs went to Castle Rock and came sack with another win to their cred1t. They opened their attack by scoring most of the points in the first quarter. This was a well-earned win for the Mus- tangs. The Idaho Springs game opened with the Mustangs scoring one unch down after another. This was too great for the Golddiggers, and they began to feel the attack of the hard-hitting team of the Mustangs. The Mustangs were a powerful team by this time and were ready to win the Mountain Valley Six-man Football Championship, but the weather - changed and the football season ended w1th this game. Ten boys received letters. They were Fred Gottschalk, Dicklhns- field, Dale Blankenbuhler, Bud Burcar, John Famini, Frank Dalton, Don Rogers, Bob Enerson, Bd Dexter, and Marion Allison. 55 g 'Lk' it ' 4 M N F , .Q , Q 4' 1 M . ' ,' Q , ,. .A ., 3, ' . i an 2 , , L w -iv lik ri x I had or 1 . o o n o s , Q 0 a o A o n 0- 0 R o F 0 o o 0 ' ' o o n S o . S , 13 - - ' A 1 .. A gb 0 o lr o M B S I L, ,,,v M, gi 5 Y if as 0 2 U'-91' hun. CM? Vlzlf Olrbil- F".""""" WW W Rolla- Z W af gpg on 4vtI:ld up Ferl? "WS gchtl H KKK ut. 441071 an LL 1.. A915 BCH' ffm O Inf, I..cm., Barb. wr L cg 031742 H- N Gordon Y Q -5 1 N1 LQOK J? flu' ly' P0 nl fran ci! th: Leif' if ft' 56 what S ru.-y' FOQ ffill l'0'5 51 a ou Days FAT E 9' h 5 Hp! rod Fran 'DCO 901' feyce 'wit L Faye 1 1 2 , I W K 1 gui 4 , - ' "' 'ai . ,Y , ,,', L+? 'Q ' gy Q. lah 9 1' : El :,, 2 C' I 4, K gf . -, '- Q 1 h 3 ' ' . H' I ni . ' Vg .. 1' ' Q if 595 ' Z,: J 'H ' l 1 X 0 J vi ,, : .Vx W 0 K A it A H 2 .A if , -vi L F 6 affair? K ? 4 n fo . 'iv . lr N 'Hia 'Li ' 'M' W' 'f ' A t iki' - p f af E Y ' 4 a-y i , 9 ' o , ' ' I 'fl A fl M ' ' A W . M Q 1 vm - K 1 Q 'R Q? - K . ' L' 'f 'A will , Z A ri . ' C,-nihgii K ff' ' T 0- , A :ca , y 52 , " - ' K 1., 3 1 A fr -..'3.4,.7. ,..a, Q 7 , 4' UA A, Vx, Anais Y-W ,M 7 A 5 '- V 1 ' B' 4. f W. .. . ,.. . Q y ,Y ,ap A ' H Q ' - 5 e -' A H, w 15g,? n ,fw4 f -" 1 Q V 'im - 71: 1 V, i ff' X . ,, ., it -. I - fi WV'- KW f1w,m -.ii 4 D . ' K In h 'If b !Y M fbhln all 2 mr, off, i 3 Lvvzl is dl' NIB HQCTU Ll-Cl' fnlgf VK: er 1 h! 4' ghurllqg ii ,,,,,n krqeallfdr Inreres rl 'li I: 3 2 Mliht 'Who Batt y ALI C Haier 4 fiarrrcf ply J larry xf"?"5Lf,-w W 954' sl'flK Qggf A Ed! B111 F , Frgnff Grlce Paper Bu, ,Q V1 Glorf,fnnf 8,44 In 19,1 tl JSE- CYF M", wx me Cn-If Bib! 453 livin' Ting! ro-vga To 40, Mar ev "mi" '04 suv .gl 'I draw-4-'Q chef-f Q 1 K ll I' lo ',.o 1 liar-en! The Lariat Staff and the SPDIOF Class extend their thanks and appreciation to the businessmen who helped make possible the publica tion of the 'Mustang" OAUDIOT COAL CO 5554 W 25th Ave La 449 Edgevater, Colorado CRELLY CURE SHOPPE 5558 W 25th Ave La l108J Edgewater, Colorado J J BENSOW Real Estate 5270 N 25th Ave Edgewater, Colorado JUANlTA'S B AUTY SALON 2501 Ames Street La 1528 Edgewater, Colorado v earle dyer 5225 W 25th Ave Edgewater, Colorado BURuESSER'S ECONOMY UROCERY 5590 W 25th Ave Edgewater, Colorado NImPIE'S CAFE 2503 Sheridan Blvd Edgewater Colorado EDJENATER RADIO SERVICE 5203 W 25th Ave Edgewater, Colorado BILL'S BARBER SHOP 5214 W 25th Ave LAKESHORE MARKET 5226 W 25th Ave Edgewater Colorado POINDEXTER FOOD STORE 5858 W 25th Ave Edgewater, Colorado EDIEWATER JROCERY 5707 W 25th Ave Edgewater, Colorado WALT k JIM'S JARAIE 26th k Sheridan PANNON VARIETY STORE 5388 W 25th Ave Edgewater, Colorado LAKEVIEJ JROCERY 2509 Sheridan Blvd Edgewater, Colorado EDJENATER DRUU STORE 2491 Sheridan Blvd La 444 AUTREY BROTHERS 2254 Lawrence St Denver 2, Colorado SCHMITT'S FOOD STORE 5687 W 24th Ave La 546 Edgewater, Colorado I , . - . . . D a I I I I . . , . . I 'I .4 A I 'P 'H Edgewater, Colorado C I O U I I . . A , I I N I I I I I l I . . I - . . 8 HUIIM-ll1l'I IE SMA 5 Q Wfgmjdq Q lf N v1 is 7 I yy' 6 4 1 G" Ll WEMIHI

Suggestions in the Edgewater High School - Mustang Yearbook (Edgewater, CO) collection:

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