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ff-ab M 3 7, x v X n '1 ,d A 5 2 fi 3 5 if 1 1 1 wan. UL.. mil- m' mink X - 4. : I 45 r- - , .yg Q. ,gg Lg I The 1956 Leg of E Staff proudly presents ,I is IHIUNIIUI' euseeel t t ""g J"'.-5 ' ""' A e e W UF 5 . . . vmes g Edger en High SeheeL f Edger en, Uhie ., K Wmkee , Xe, jr, 4 4 e bl ' V k IIEIIICATIII The Log of E Staff respectfully dedicates this edition of the annual to those students who have attained outstanding achievement in their work in Edgerton High School and who were honored at the annual Awards Day program held at the close of the school year. Reserve Foul Shooting Award - Bob Lehman Varsity Foul Shooting Award - Tom Kitchen Most Valuable Player Trophy - Tom Kitchen F.F.A. Awards - George Studer Duane Miller - Public Speaking Jack Sindel - Extemporaneous public speaking Duane Miller - Chapter Star Farmer Jack Sindel - Farm Safety Duane Miller - DeKalb Outstanding Senior Forest Weber - Ohio Bankers Award F. H. A. Junior Homemaker Degree - Pat Buchs, Janet Fee Jeanette Goebel, Virginia Landel, Helen Robinett, Betty Skaggs. F, H.A. Chapter Homemaker Degree - Judy Karnes, Judy Kimpel, Rita Nichols, Janet Shepard, Victoria Stark, Charlene Radabaugh, Cathy Moffett, Jyhrisie Maxwell. Varsity Foul Shooting - Duane Miller Reserve Foul Shooting - Kenny Franz Weber Most Valuable Player Award - Joe Miller fBasketballJ Z Baseball Percentage of Hits - Tom Knecht and Jim Rinkel Mason, Sharon Krill, Delores Sumner, Eugene Stetter Baseball Most Valuable Player - Tom Knecht QDay-Ford Janet Wagner, George Stotz, Jim Rinkel, David Awardy Blosser, June Rosendaul, Pat Buchs. Arion Award fMusicJ - Marilyn Burkhart presented by the Junior High Spelling Contest - Sue Emanuel American Legion and Auxiliary, Eighth Grade State Test fHonorable Mention in the Countyj Perfect Attendance - Duane Rinkel, MaDonna Hill, - Marjory Keppeler, Joe Skaggs, Duane Schooley, Marjory Keppeler, Denny Kimpel, Betty Koch, Betty Marilyn Bible. State Scholarship Tests - Jim Rinkel, Betty Skaggs, Phyllis Town Talk Award - Marilyn Trausch and Duane Miller Goebel, Carlton Schooley, Jerry Tucker, Keith Robin- Reader's Digest Award - Marilyn Trausch son, Gail Bauer, Darrell Balcker, Mary Lee Krontz, Senior Class Honor Awards for Scholarship Beth Callender, Lora Jean Smith, Marilyn Trausch, First - Marilyn Trausch Carolyn Schimmel, Charlotte Norrick, Second - Juanita Emanuel Lehman Sports Award - Duane Miller Third - Carolyn Casebere 3 BMRII EIIUCATIIIN MR. DALE STRAWSER MR. WENDELL MAST MR, JOHN LUTTERBEIN MR, PAUL C, MILLER fClerkJ Mr. Lutterbein's term ex- pired on January l, 1956, and he was replaced by Mr. Marion Monosmith. Pictures of Mr. Monosmith and of Mr. William Mast ond Mr. Russel Miller, other members of the Board of Education, were not available for this publication. 4 CLASSES 2 ,f fi. XA H i If iam: 5-'ifailux Q FIRST ROW: Margaret Bishop, Michael Boman, Gloria Briner, Marsha Callender. SECOND ROW: Paul Catlin, Jimmy Dunkle, Kenny Engstrom, Judy Entenman. THIRD ROW: Tommy Fix, Rex Gallant, Angela Gentry, Gloria Helms. Flli 'l' Gllilllll We have twenty-six boys and girls in our room this year. We have read the basic Pre-Primers, Primer and First Reader, several supplementary readers, as well as library books. We have also completed our workbooks in Reading, Numbers, and Language. During January we collected Eskimo stories and pictures and made a miniature Eskimo village. We visited the Post Office, Library, Fire Hall, and a play house at the home of Sandra Johnston. Two of the activities that we have planned together and in which all took part were a "Pet and Puppet Show." Each morning for one week each boy and girl had an opportunity to twirl a baton, do acrobatics, sing, read a story, or do anything of his own choice. We also were happy that Angela Gentry from our room appeared on television on Station WIN-T, Waterloo. Both First Grades had a picnic lunch and games at the park at the closing of the school year. .,5 ,: , 1, ,... FOURTH ROW: lla Mae Hinsch, Shirley Kimpel, Gwendelyn Lewis, s Michael Murray. FIFTH ROW: Pamela Priest, Steven liodocker, g Carol Saurer, Jimmy Sechler. SIXTH ROW: Jimmy Stahl, Steven .Q Q ,, 'vig g. Stickan, Larry Van Tilburg, Edward Zimmerman. NOT SHOWN: A L 4 5 ' Sa dr U d rw d. F n a n e oo S .th ,.. Mrs, Wilma Weiner is the 7 l. 3 .4. 'M' teacher of these first J E. f 9 ft graders. I ' J ' f , W u 1 - -'i, , er ff: 3 s fffi, J ' "--' .- ' .2 Yvf K 1 'K we M- -ff .. i 'dia' 'L . H 1 .- i -i.. rv: FIRST ROW: Kathleen Badman, Frederick Bergman, Katherine Bigger, Clarence Creamer. SECOND ROW: Robert Draggoo, Kathleen Engler, Kenneth Fiig, Barbara Harman. THIRD ROW: Shirley Harvey, Saundra Henricks. Fill 'I' GRADE We have read the three pre-primers, the primer "Fun with Dick and Jane, " the first reader "Our New Friends, " "Peter's Family, " and "Good Times" by Scott-Foresman. We also read a first reader "Around Green Hills" by Betts and "We Three" a reader for inde- pendence . Most of us know our letters - the consonant sounds and the vowels. We have learned to count objects and write our numbers to lO0. We have worked combinations and learned the meaning of number facts up to and including the number ten. Our trips to the library and the Post Office were a lot of fun. We learned how to get books to read from the library. At the Post Office we learned how the mail gets to and from the Post Office and how it is sorted. We made a farm and wrote a story about it. Plans were made to give o little play for some of the other grades. Our picnic was held the lost week of school. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Herrington, Larry Huffman, Steven Koerner, David Krill. FIFTH ROW: Diane Krill, Stanley Rohrs, Gregory Schott, Terry Sito. SIXTH ROW: Nancy Stetter, Robin Timmerman, Edward Underwood, Ralphweber NOT SHOWN: Paul Swift, Edward Bigger, Karen Underwood, Linda Metz. 'T Mrs Jennie Richards IS our teacher this year 1 Q mmh" V FIRST ROW: Karen Albright, Donnie Baker, Shirley Bruot, Alana '1 - ff ,:1. i sr" ,rg Win fj, T I f,,p Callender. SECOND ROW: Brenda Chrisman, Ronald Cramer, 'WWA-i i - i1'A2 1 riir? ' r f ' Michael DeGroff, Perry Dunlap. THIRD ROW: Judy Ford, Shirley ' if :'ii 5 2,335 Grandey, Madonna Green, Cheryl Harker. rf'-Ni N f ' 'b ii' if 5":5",1:x' 'fm' We began the school year with thirteen boys and ,uw . ....-M .I-. ...... 923212135 335233 g'1f2S'-S! - r , atm.-.af-M iMi:if"5"..3 it T fourteen girls. We were ioined later by Linda Roberts, W Cary McCutcheon and Linda King. This made a total It enrollment of thirty for the year. We enjoyed parties at Halloween, Christmas time and on Valentine's Day. During the week of Washing- S7 iil W Q ton's birthday we gave a tea for our Mothers. Just it T x before Easter we made Easter baskets and dyed eggs to put in them. Another highlight of the year was the operetta "The Kitchen Clock" by the first, second and third grades. Two members of our class had speaking parts. Alana Callender was the Broom, Fred Kimpel was the Dustpan. Shirley Grandey, Linda Yarger, Brenda Chrisman, and Shirley Bruot were Stars. The rest of the class sang the Broom and Dustpan Song. We have made notebooks, learned poetry, and read many books. One of our projects has been feeding the birds outside our schoolroom window and identifying our feathered visitors. F A, A - , Another proiect has been the study of famous pictures. We have espe- -f ...al . cially enioyed Sir Edwin Landseer's dogs and the portraits of children painted by artists in the days before cameras were invented. , FOURTH ROW: Roger Kessler, Freddie Kimpel, FIFTH ROW: nk Q. ,Ili Delvain Kittle, Jane Koerner, Carol Lutterbein, Jon Ort. SIXTH if ." ROW: Sam Seevers, Delores Siebenaler, Ronnie Spangler, Linda Stockman. SEVENTH ROW: Charee Thompson, Terry Warner, mtg T N td Keith Whitman, Linda Yarger, NOT SHOWN: Linda Roberts, g r "Sli Tommy Pierce, Cary McCurcheon, Linda King. Our teacher this year is Mrs. Anne Rassi, .4 FIRST ROW: Roger Ashbaugh, Sharon Boger, Fay Buchs, Betty Coplin. SECOND ROW: Barry Dohner, Irene Fee, Wayva Gall- ant, Cynthia Green. THIRD ROW: Susan Hilbert, James Hughart, Jared Keppeler, Sharon Keppeler. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Kimpel, James Koch. ECO ll Gllilllll We had twenty-eight pupils in our room this year We completed our required workbooks and textbooks, besides several supplementary readers. Every pupil read enough Reading Circle Books to receive a certificate. We also visited the Public Library and many of us became members so we could get books regularly. We took two walks looking for beauties of nature and exhibits For science. We did some simple exper- iments, also, to make us alert to the world about us. While we worked hard, we had playtime, too. We did finger painting and smoke pictures, clay modeling and crayola work . We made paper buildings and constructed a ram . This was complete with house furnishings, livestock and Farm equipment loaned by the pupils . We worked out units on "Good Health" and "Good Manners" and made booklets for one . We entertained our mothers to a tea, at which time they observed our regular class work. We had part in the V if in ,... - il f' "'r' 7' , , , ,f-iz .. YJ 1 'Q '12 .. ,' '-'. " S ' f. ev - fi '. v..-, ., .1 I t f - -wi,l,: f'g,: K ,-3.71 , I f 3, Lux, Hx.. Ta, 1 'jg' is 3, z ' QM A K fffgf, .. fi, K: 'WW ," fps: ,Lg. I, "ff N.. ' H 51516, . X A Nix E+" ff P5514 TQ Q ' 'I ' Q if . . - -11' r dlfq zs Christmas program and were elves for the operetta "The y - Kitchen Clock ." .,, sls ...,, 1 , .U "' We have kept our room bright and colorful with sea- J ,ett sonal decorations, and made little things to take home Y "- H I '1 I W I . . . . . I I y I .., 1 . which we hope will bring back pleasant memories of this 5, g .fn t X S ' is S school year. is as -1 ' 'ttl . W i lf 2 .2 ig . 1 are M fwfr' L .- wg tr ,mf .Q If Xtra. . :fi 55 .,, r in . 'vs M ,www ' s 9 H3 hum fr, , .K :kk ..,' 4 Nh . ,, .. . """Q"s. Hs- , ,,.,, f -fr - wr fi , , "'q.f.w ,q 1 , ,rw wr rg .r ,, , C r."',' M ,,'..' SJ" ft MW t ae., --"' N 4 . le- - 4. , -3- .......-.N I Sfgyn ,fl-59,04 I A - FIFTH ROW: Jeanne Krill, Susan Lehman. SIXTH ROW: Janie McClelland, Lee Nihart, Michael Pence, Betty Rosendaul. SEVENTH ROW: Jerry Seevers, Max Sharp, Carolyn Thorp, Jerry Timmerman, EIGHTH ROW: Marcia Wilson, Wayne Wilson, Robert Witsaman, Carol Yoh, NOT SHOWN: Joyce Underwood. Mrs, Bernice Schooley is the teacher of our second grade. l ::"' . il jf -. .., VVViVjV V . V j . V FIRST ROW: Wayne Badman, Bonnie Burkhart, David Burkhart, Margaret Vi V i -M V zrii TV Coplin. SECOND ROW: Karen Sue Engler, Ronald Favourite, Tommy ir , VV VmVA 1 ,, , Hawkins, Shirley Helms. THIRD ROW: Greg Jennings. Sandra Johnston. f ' . g',- r' :" ,,, ig V ji, Zandra Keppeler, Barbara Koch. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Koch, Paula ...:::.::',"::. T .b',. . 21: SV 552V Lees, Lynn Lehman. Fr, V av 191 A WWW , f i . .r JV. I S' .V ff ,lf lqigtmgl -.1 . il'-f ig! " ' " fi liw' H- it if 1- . aw- V -, oryao ,, if o'-' iii1.11fi1-4' 1. . f.l2,.- . tex' i f .- itfi1:Qssgtif fliiliiidl vflezssw . .. , ff ' "-" ,agar , reef V 5' ' 1' . as it 3 str "' 'av J s- fl" i s - l,., V E4lX"tu'l? ...a......-1-n Tlllllll Gllilllll Our third grade began the i955-56 school year with fourteen girls and fifteen boys. We were later joined by Larry Seslar, James Frey, Barbara Bigger and Vincent McCutcheon, but Ronnie Rohrs moved away so we now have , V V V V, V V thirty-two. 1 L sl i yela 5 R . . . . . .1 W , ry . an V 1 V V The fall months sped by quickly with activities centered r 'gill V itr, ' V 1 iz. around the story of Hiawatha and the story of the Pilgrims. at ,li ' We enjoyed parties at Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's if C :li l iiii Wisi Day. In February we also entertained our mothers with an V, afternoon tea. if if C iili Q ug, W iiil E liii Our grade shared with the first and second grades in giving the , cr, V ,,VVV VVVV V spring operetta "The Kitchen Clock" in which we had several of the VV L VV leading parts. Tommy Hawkins, Kenny Rodocker, Charles Stetter and VV . g ,Vi Vgf Stephen Walker were Shadows-of-the-Night, Zandra Keppeler was . V V the Night Lady, Tim Ijlliller was the Rag Tag Man I and Sandra T yy, . P Johnston was the Singing Teakettle with the remainder of the class M VL V. A VV A Q ! forming the teakettle chorus, S . During the spring months wie discovered that among the stones " ' on the playground were many fossils. We began to examine all V ii, if stones and to read books about them. We collected and ident- VV ,V isf ified more than twenty-five different kinds of rocks and min- fr. lllli ,,2 erals. Look for some of our names among the geology majors of the college graduating classes of l969l j . if .4 - ' vwikiiwfwiks as ss FIFTH ROW: Phyllis Miner, 'rim Miner, Charles Murray, srxru ROW: i,i, .V VV V V Sharon Pence, Kenny Pfeil, Connie Rath, Thelma Riehle, SEVENTH 5 A, 5 ROW: Kenny Rodocker, Ronnie Rohrs, Joyce Rowe, Larry Seslar. EIGHTH A m peg, rri- r'1, T ' '-:, ' A 4 -.ffr ' 'i'i - r ROW: Charles Stetter, Eugene Thorp, Stephen Walker, Paul Yoh. NOT VVVVVVV L, VVVV : SHOWN: Barbara Bigger, James Frey. l ",' Q , 'Q ' C W ji .fVffVV:j???iV:, jVV jj g,f. fiwya. . V SV -ysvsiw-T s.. is Soak .1xV. , V: VL E as N 'T is is . ,,,,, ini , V? V ,,. - 'i'l"32.i'53f r s wi Mrs Mar aret H ' 5 'lrl r'. -.',' I kiwi f . g Ovtman 15 our S ,, f . . ' T T H i'-- teacher during our third grade 4 4 His. 1 sf, YP career. gf "RV ' .5 N T' 9 swassmlfs :tam - .ser mwssms, -leg-'Wm 'rmmwmamm . , .,s..s,..1 T-.t....,c.l,M..,f.,,.. t sgezae '1 1 it 7 .:.:wv.s:zz1...f, 11-V 5e.a.eff: at as2-mt.efs,w2f.fsw. . 'WM L 3' in - 'li' f g 1:11 m1wm11u :w.s1s: , I" ,4 ii illiinli f, 'W Q 5 'wa .y,,rg'a,,.rfQ1kf. r rrrstsfgilwifpilijj fi' " ' ff1sfl,5:1.ggf! " 't' ' ' iilfiihs r 5, ' ' ' "ij e F E533 eiiieiiif glmwgfii .f ,pr ,, , 1- f , Qrij ffiie ,flfii K 6: -:, , f irfig. ' gtg..-zasiiisglt .gif- 4. r ' 'iiiih 'F . 'ia 'ai ft' fieirrtea : K- - .. f -- '. 7 , l sf,'.,:. ,' 5 , .jjj .VV .L "V , fi 777521 ' .. jf f V.. :- my .. ' 5 . , K -f wwe: .sr-f f5,rwalq"x .- . f t e .fda --: " '- H. 1 - M: f, 'ff- .tw .. -if-A -- 4,111.3- Fr - 1 FIRST ROW: Richard Bible, Vicky Bigger, Jane Chaney, Deanna Drum. lf s -' SECOND ROW: Cheryl Dunkle, Phyllis Frager, Billy Gruver, Loretta Ted James. FOURTH ROW: Anna Kittie. Herrington. THIRD ROW: Kenny Hilbert, Edith Hill, Richard Hughan, T y y g K M lag ' , Wm if s ,f E X frm 4 i ,gi 2 6,1 S , - ,Q Qq i ffssz Ma, y 1 . Q f H 'em fr , , , .rits-ai.. " M Tlllllll Gltilllll . ,:3,,:.,-r... wM,,,? , , , The activities and experiences of Mrs. Welly's third a T - 1 :2-, . 1,1 1 '- graders have been numerous and interesting. They have rrw -v-, re' - if 'B ilr - . T T '- been meaningful for they have grown from our textbooks. . l B T i-': . A correlated curriculum was used which means we brought if ttiii spelling, English, reading, science and other subjects together in one topic. ...Tis sw ? 3 , N an r if Q 1 , 'lg ,. 'wil' is ky Mil 'If 34? B 'M 55529. f. , ff,,.i?'af K , . . .. ,. .. -W . f , iii illff' , H .gi.ig3F'v ss - ifi irlmgggggi ' . ' V , .M , r rw ..,5,, ggi. Era., fs.. ' ..,. . ' gf if f y 5 , si. ..-infra? ' "uf .sf A 5 ,, M . We started the school year last fall with an extensive ' tggy l 5 ytgg ,ggy,,.. , i ,V.,, health unit. Cleanliness, ProPer food, 90od manners, islt W illil W l llll care of the teeth, and other phases were included. T l"i 5, EI: , if 'I I' 4, s A Our art work has been strictly free hand to develop so Q! Q t our ability and originality. Finger painting, water f T SE.. s E: m,,g.,,V5, . . . . esr. T painting, and smoke painting were three 'nethods Dec- grgy , made as Christmas gifts. At Easter each child created "N r , if Q . . . . ,1 1' .,, ':-:- 2 l , r orative candles of paraffin and milk bottle cartons were either an Easter bonnet or a bow tie for an Easter parade. W' if ff ' M We also made the state seal of Ohio, learning the mean- ing of each part as we created it. Health, travel, and bird books were made. This spring Mr. Bunting provided us with the opportunity of visiting his maple sugar camp. We really enioyed it. Last of all the biggest proiect was the zoo which we made. A camel, zebra, elephant, and giraffe were made of paper mache. The habits, location of natural homes, why we have zoos, Qt care of animals and zoos were only a few of the facts we learned. We spelled zoo words, made story problems about the zoo, and wrote stories for English. All in all, we had a well-rounded, busy, eventful, and fruitful year. Of course, besides all of these things, we studied and completed our numerous textbooks. . ., . . . ,. M, . .D in , - . .,, .ii,-uw, si, ,sn ,ez Hf-l ,Q , ...si .. Q . L 2 5 I' 2' H. af. Y . , 1 rg , I ww . , , sir.. 5 Y, sk! W ' was ll ie I5 ' D E B t FIFTH ROW: Linda Keppeier, Bil1Koerner, Elaine Krin. sixrn ROW: ,, 3 g V' B A Linda Krill, Donnie Landel, Tony Linn, Larry Logan, SEVENTH ROW: 5- iffy ' . ' i -r" ig Barbara Merriman, Terry Meyer, Kim Miller, Kaye Pierce. EIGHTH B 1 . . ..., " , , f f f .1 , ' ROW: Barbara Sleesman, Charles Sumner, Connie Jo Wallace, David ,r igfggfli '-,ff' ' 1. i i' F' Yxi- ' ' 'fii.fQl,tiQ1iT1 ' Se lf' " , I A tt' i .,- .,1, V. . ,, 1 .,.,,VV , Whrrmore. NOT SHOWN: George Nagy, Jo Ann Morrrson, Brenda zri' T ' ' Rubens. -'- -f ggwwg, 5 'wif' , .1 .gg Q' 4' 3 , J 9 .-', 2, rlnhfwsrundsmim, " fi H-'f , ipwi, - ' sssissss::'s:f::f's:f.+ 1 Y' 4 ssrs ,,v,..4,.v,4f 232531 Iffffff S , "" . if ... in nw., fl rr , . I . Wei . wi, X air fsaizj X? ff, , 'fiS:zgg" ' .wil -, -. ,.... 3 , .. - fi - :q-arHr.'?' i . lf' in' , . , . is :a:14"'f'.g,, 'Q .m-'sekmxf i. gy.: f,y3W,..' . K ' i A 3 is . , . i -sri iw fi 'tr Q fit. , ., i. .. . , K X Vita-f 3' , Our teacher for this year was Mrs Janet Welly, ,. f , 'rs 'X at . . z in ir 5 1 si W i ..W, ,EAL h . I X P 5 W." L "s W , N FIRST ROW: Barbara Ashbaugh, Lois Barker, Sharon Bible, Sandra Boger, l Q SECOND ROW: Janet Casebere, Karen Free, Jimmie Guillaume, Richard I r-i- if -irri E If? Heffelfinger. THIRD ROW: Gary Kepler, Dianne Kessler, Sherri Kisse- berth, Denny Knisley. FOURTH ROW: John Knox, LaVon Koerner, Darwin . i.i,,, i,i, s Q sirfg ef H Krill, Pamela Landel, FIFTH ROW: Lowell Mason, Donnie Mast, Linda mash' g f' it 43 K Ei- ,. . Meyer, Keith Nihart. SIXTH ROW: Eugene Ordway, Vern Parsons, Linda Prediger. s 7' -...ff . 9 r .. 2.6. ...s 5. ,bv c B FII ll'l'H GRADE Our class of thirty-eight was very busy with long division, fractions, multiplication tables, and measures. We experimented with seeds, magnets, foods, and made a study of the solar system in science. Maps and charts of explorations and settlements in America were made E. W gf ai . if gf., A it f is f -f ' ' " I if I and we also studied cities and famous Americans. V f Readin was based on three textbooks, su lementar , . -V ts ' S gr, 9 Y . fl, books, and the Weekl Reader. I sf sr -...4 . . . . . g ,,s,,"'f '::s:-: gg F We learned finger painting, potato printing, and 1 ' crayoning with watercolor for bird and animal books we A4 ' ij ' made. Some of us learned to knit. A 1 A i We had parties at Halloween, Christmas and Valen- tine's Day and a picnic at the end of the year. We have over lOO dolls on display at our annual Doll Show in January. We also enioyed our visit to Mr. Bunting's sugar camp. We had a visit to the Post Office where Mr. Kepler explained how the mail is handled. Thirty-eight visitors came to I . our Mother's Day Tea. We enter- , it i'.. .K ysss I elss tained with songs, music, and QQ . I 'W l .T three plays. , i ,l' : . . if I We have had a busy year. ligli I t ' s 7 s ,..f, SEVENTH ROW: Delton Riehle, Suzanne B W., schoonover. mourn ROW: John schrader, f j ' f mf, Carol Seevers, Shirley Sindel. NINTH ROW- e-f--'ff A Dick Sprow, Marcia Stantz, Diane Suffel, A V A - i f . uf-21.5 I Linda Walker, TENTH ROW: Dean Wolf, 'Fi' . l Ph , it' ' Ruth Ann Word, Carol Yaraer. Norma Yoh. "-' - gg, V Q e , Miss Mildred Barnes guided X M L s our class through all our iw interesting activities ' ' ' 1 wg if ,M 'Vw 5 MB .Es lx ' ' H - V Isff ' ,. ,.,-,:.. - .., 5, , YZ, 5 W . lllllllllll stiff -3 A N B K FIFTH GRADE, FIRST ROW 1 Lee Bauer, Nancy Cliffton, Herman W M, V Fee, Walter Fitzcharles, SECOND ROW: Donald Gruver, Sharon ' 5 , Harman, Nelson Heisler, Nancy Keener. THIRD ROW: Sharon Kimpel, Brenda Koch, Nancy Ordway, Judy Rath. FOURTH ROW: is 45 David Seslar, Gary Wolf, V: flli i7'1:-1f " K V iog Q.khw:,A,rr, :Q lr f Vgge IST1 3 FIFTH 8 IXTH GRADES We have twenty-eight pupils in our room . Twelve are in the sixth grade and sixteen in the fifth grade. We are the only room with two grades under one teacher in the lower grades. We have finished many interesting projects dur- , ,, f ing the year. We had a month's project on pictures, 1 reports, charts, and current events about "The ff Weather" and organized these into some large scrap books. We made many other scrap books that we T treasure . az .,g .. wi' 52352 as W' Q. .V .,..,,,, i The organization of material for our three bul- T letin boards has been very worthwhile tasks every three weeks all year. At Christmas we did textile painting on handkerchiefs, Dek-al painting on vases for each of our mothers, and used rubber cement and gilt on our Christmas cards . Nearly every mother attended our Christmas program in our room. We made paper box wastebaskets covered with wall paper, Mother's Day Cards and a pie plate frame for our mother's silhouette and gave these to our mothers in May. Our classes were organized and held class meetings every Wednesday during English period with entertainment ' and refreshments served by appointed committees . Our ff ,N R4 reporters wrote for the school paper. is . T , : i ff 'illllll We have all worked hard and feel we have completed R t ttl a good year's work. ,,,, . .,,,, y , 5555 Y , I friivffrf . if 855' f T - ,V M ---. f , mf :- .. l is . 1 :.,11..,. mama- 'l SIXTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Sue Anderson, Donna Buchs SECOND ROW: James Creamer, Steve Hornyak, Richard Kimpel. THIRD ROW: Mark Koerner, Claron Krill, Hilda Mast, Cassandra Norrick. FOURTH ROW: Luwana Riehle, Barron Rowe, William Schooley, Judy Warner, NOT SHOWN: Harold Underwood, We are proud to have Mrs, Nora Hopkins for our teacher thrs year. ff '1 me .uf -' 153,52 3' . +3 4' ' te Y tg .l 5 .iq . - "W 'is re., : , J g y W.: , ' ' M " -.uf -f-aesqt , vs ,..:wf,, f if ,lsr . s,.,.,:,., , ,, 9' , um 1 A J 5 s -, : . my .id r . m,,,SSg Q 9 Y it xg FIRST ROW: Robert Burkhart, Linda Chaney, Beverley Doe, Ellen Kay Dunkle. SECOND ROW: Jack Favourite, Sharon Fritch, Robert Gallant, Roy Gallant. THIRD ROW: Larry Hall, Robert Hootman, Duaine Karnes, Roderic Keppeler. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Kirnpel, Sharon Kitchen, Barry Knisley, Joyce Krontz. FIFTH Glhlllll We have had thirty-six children enrolled during the past year. Some of the projects that we have enjoyed partic- ularly were: the making of the adobe Pueblo Indian vill- age and the Hawaiian scene with the smoking volcano, palm trees, canoes and dark-skinned people . We have studied the United States and Possessions and the British Commonwealth of Nations. Most of us have learned our states and their capitals. We have made maps of each section of the world as we have studied it. We made three booklets during the past year: one on Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, and one about the continent of Africa . In arithmetic we have tried to master difficult long division, dividing by two numbers. We have worked on simple fractions, learning how to add, subtract, and multiply them . ' 7 if e f- W, - , - -.,a,,. ,.,,' fy Q4 x 127'-fig ., . J i : if., rg .f 5 5: ,Yam '40, I ,W if H ii f 1: Z 4 Q s -::: , 5 2' ' ' ft ' ,gl ' 'f , x , . 5, A I N ,. 5 .. 'S J 1 Wg O 4 it 4, . . ,V . a ln art class we have enioyedifinger painting, soap carving, and making three dimensional flowers and pictures. We painted coffee cans with enamel for our mothers on Mother's Day. We ended our year with a picnic. FIFTH ROW: Ned Lash, Donna Lee, Peggy Lewis, Annette McClelland, SIXTH ROW: Richard Metz, Juanita Norrick, Jerald Olds, Judy Pierce. SEVENTH ROW: Phyllis Riter, Larry Schoonover, Terry Seslar, Howard Slater. EIGHTH ROW: Mary Spangler, Cheryle Weber, Roger Wilson, Gary Yarger. NOT SHOWN: Larry Cramer, Richard Ashbaugh, Carol Van Pelt, Beverly Cain, Mrs, Doris Randels is our teacher this year. -, .,r:,.w , .. " - M. fs V A 1. l-f' :.,:. ,:r r- - f a s , ,,g,:,,, H . .,.. , . sr, .5 .J -I out 2 .,., a , 1. Qtr gg D N sh U N J S if 373-, . , 33? . ' , ,g' 1 . 3:1 "V jf' 55 5. 4' Q fr -E .K am , .. 1 fl A M , si X K sa , M., 1 rj fgawg. S r anger all 'if X Q si '- Lad - ,f rea., : s., ' W5 . it in VV .. Qi ff, ,ik V wi - Lai. ,,, , , , ,, J iw - . K ' V , ,K Q ,t,..' Z-fggfS:3iQgA r- ,,, H. : f, 'f 1. , reg ' J ' i' "' :: if ii i E i'l "' ,elf-..: X "l il Q' A ferr: t, , it -7 ' - ' I ww- ,lg D If 0448154 1 . K 2 L A FIRST ROW: Harold Bunting, Ray Bowen, Harold Cliffton, Anna Dickey, . ,L 1 mt . ,Q . arf .,. .f . ., ,. SECOND ROW: Ronald Davis, Karen Engstrom, Robert Farnham, Donita i t j g.: fl E A Dona Lee Gentry. FOURTH ROW: Carole Gerry, Marvin Henricks, ll W ll l Katherine Hughart, Charlene James. lX'l'll GRADE We started the school year with thirty-Four pupils. As two moved away, we now have thirty-two. We covered the material in our textbooks as well as carrying out other projects . ' M9 r sr Favourite. THIRD ROW: Carole Fix, Phillip Frager, Tommy Gallant, v-...Eii1r, -'egg R f l K Vw 1 3 t , ,mx , tr . fr K ..-. - . In arithmetic we learned how to cancel and divide Fractions. We studied multiplication and division of decimals and percentages . We made some magic squares X and stars and did some scale drawing . , A We traveled from Mexico through Central America W s,f T gif F ,,,, A ,W and. South America . We learned about the different kinds ' ,,,srrrir ,R r,,ir, Q l " - of 'people in these countries, their customs, and how 9 lllllll L llly it +V W they live . We also studied about Canada, Alaska, .V F " AUSl'I"GliG, Gf1Cl SOme of l'l1e PGCll:lC lSl0l'1dS . We made mCIpS , - . 1 ,i ight 9 , 5 3 2 1, posters, and booklets of the countries we studied . 2 J ssrri ZR. 3. ggi, We wrote friendly and business letters in English . 3 1 We learned our parts of speech, making posters of some ,Q Q L35 of them. We also wrote sentences, paragraphs, and r .,. studied correct words to use in writing and talking. Q. ,g gy :C , f E We made a terrarium is science which we kept during W fi the school year. W i : i -X -e:' r r, - We 1,3 i W . . . . . th 3 it 3,3 vjj In addition to our routine work we dad many things N A y , ff X--, for pleasure. We attended some interesting assembly programs, had gym classes, and did art work. We took part in the Christmas program and had several parties. We ended the year with a picnic. .i', ' '.,, ,""? K- ' 2 K ," g FIFTH ROW: Tommy Karnes, Sharon Kirk, Dennis Krill, Charles ',a. ' i" . t ee,V', Merriman. SIXTH ROW: Diane Mowry, Duane Nihart, Rosemary Mihuc, ii K 1 Anita Pence. SEVENTH ROW: Patsy Pierce, Steve Sailor, Rosemary -e-..1 5 4,1 V 7 Seevers, Roy Sleesman. EIGHTH ROW: Pat Spangler, Nancy Sprow, ' ' ' hx 'V ' r 5 Kaye Weiner, Tommy Whitman, , ., g 'W li ... I W fig lb. . 1 s .isi if rrs. of ti i t Q, :EZ ' i a 4 iit 1 2 " ' ff" 'H , fp" f ' ' 1 'VH " W' -'- ' Mrs. Marguerite Miller 3 has directed our activities this year. ' i 'Wana Q , t in g r . ii .,,,,.,.g:f gi ' , it .tim A , Ztunavlnmi t snr' .,.: 5 .3 -ss. K' I ,V I "" fm , ,.,, ,L 1 .,-, 5 M xr 34' ' E ,,. X sf i 7 gh.' est? A ,A if ii ' lgqasi I ix 'I s , L 5.1 , ,R N---av. A! r ,gh ,'.+g:.j' :Qs 'IJ-P54 t"':2i:-:off ' s X'tffPii'f:If'5l2 , an .-,.::':g-.: C3 mils 'vw WY www nv'-ep we sm l lawn! Ingle- FIRST ROW: Bill Bloir, Michael Bowlsby, Larry Burkhart, Diana Callender, Jo Ann Chaney, John Close. SECOND ROW: Fred Goldsberry, Jim Green, Sandra Hawkins, Michael Heffelfinger, Bessie Hopkins, Geraldine Koch. THIRD ROW: Sharon Krill, Nancy Landel, Patty Lee, Betty Morris, Lee Norrick, John Olds, FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Ordway, Carolyn Seslar, Bill Siebenaler, Margaret Sleesman, Delores Sumner, Sharon Thorp, FIFTH ROW: Mr, Harley Starcher, Gary Van Tilberg. EVE 'l'll GRADE The seventh rade has grown considerabl since a ear ago . lt now includes . 9 . if Y . . . Fifty-three students. This large number made it necessary to divide the class into two sections. We decided early in the year that we would have a Christmas party as one of our activities. We organized into committees and each worked hard to make the party a success . ln history we not only learned about our nation but also enacted parts of it in the form of plays and skits. We Formed small groups, wrote our own parts, and then enacted them in class. There were many laughs throughout these humorous skits. We enioyed traveling From place to place in our geography class. During one phase of our study we mode I1 5, ,.., , r,.. M, Q , P x 'fi F5 Q sig, if f ,Q z'rr E I 3-I K3 Z" . ' ,1 ll-:jE1',l, I ! ,N I 1 :push "W '2 f' ' -' Q T 21 f ' f :" l ' , - . , . gr t .1 'r' t -it r , , , g ,A U . V , f -::, ,, ,f fy: "Ik jg an VV , Z-i f ..r: 7 L Q 2' ,,.' I "',k, -"ing, I ,fir ww w, I r f Dv ., ,E ' - W f ff . . e, 1 ..V.. , A ' J "1 . ogg- K V' 7' K wwuww i E' - Wy E .I . .A E - X' Y Y 21 '1 -W .. f p fyi r 'i l ' ' 'fl l E . '-': ffl i .t K dv, 52, VM, , 41 -V , A" 4' -uv A it ,. -' sf V J tit 7 1 - , ss fag" ' ' is ,ae AA,. . R an 3 Q gs -' ' lf. . if . ' W , 'Wim lt . ' uf 4" s Q M R . M' 5 ll' "W 5 M ,,,j'W' sf-K g s :A f . Ku FIRST ROW: Shirley Dangler, Sue Emanuel, Fay Entenman, Nancy Fritch, Jack Gallant, Ronald Gallant, SECOND ROW: Mary James, Karen Karnes Linda Karnes, Denny Kimpel, Betty Koch, Bobby Lehman, THIRD ROW: Betty Mason, Barbara Miller, Richard Moffett, Darlene Rath, Betty Sech- Stetter, George Stotz, Janet Wagner, Jerry Wallace, FIFTH ROW: Jerry Zimmerman, Mrs, Leona Betts, EVE Tll GRADE model ships to correspond to the part of the world that we are studying. Maps of minute detail were drawn of various geographical areas. We thoroughly enioyed the books from the Reading Circle list and those which we secured at the public library. We spent a good deal of time in letter writing. We First wrote practice letters to become acquainted with letter-writing proce- duresp then we wrote to a pen pal who was appealing for lots of mail. Sue Emanuel was the winner of our local spelling contest and represented our school in the county spelling contest. We take great pride in her achievements. Several of our students demonstrated their theatrical abilities when they took part in the TAPS assembly. tlltt Z ff sp. - . , '-'Mal -- - - ,s . Qria I .,-- 9, h fir' yan .gl ,E ft .. Tf . wills filter. . s h ,fi A E ler, Betty Seevers, FOURTH ROW: Robert Seevers, Mary Smith, Eugene V 2 wggsyv QQ 25 ,gf V , V .iw V F R R A . 'W 'ss Lmm' E' ' 2? - w1 ,,' :f:., R Yay --f' WXREWW ' , SK r ' l 951 vt! g ,W jug N"W""" O . -.......,,.. . . - 7 E K I K 3 Q' R . .. ...,. li . 1 Q .f Q EVLQXV Q . . W :V 63: f -wg-ws, ' V QQ - Lg K i f .L V A ,S , P, . 4' AA ,, r XFN ft' kf . U . , If Ei L ., V c 5:5 5: ,NR Vllfilw f ry ' ss . W 5. 3 s - :K " , s K ' ' , .fi ra .gg Q ,Y Y iii K IPL X si --is.: Qa, if 'ah or -- P ' P as . J F r i 'Wi X Fi FIRST ROW: Marilyn Bible, Delores Blosser, Lee Chaney, Linda Chris- man, James Cliffton, Marilyn Gruver. SECOND ROW: Jeanette Harman, Madonna Hill, Marjorie Hopkins, Delno Kirnpel, Tom Kitchen, Fred Krill, THIRD ROW: Kenny Maple, Kaye Miller, Shirley Monosmith, Violet Sechler, Jean Sindel, Donnie Suffel. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Theresa 'LY' Vannorsdall, Jeanette Warner. lllllllTll llllilllll There were thirty-nine to fill our room to capacity at the beginning of the year. Since that time one girl moved to Michigan and Gerry Weber came back to Edgerton to occupy that seat. ,C f R R J f R i4"'Mi5 fgfsi s Early in the year arrangements were made to visit the town library where Mrs' Theresa Vannorsdau is our Mrs. Moffett explained the arrangement of the books and the services offered. Class advisor and teaches our Each brought back his chosen book to be added to our own library and be ex- English and social studies. changed many times. Jean Sindel has acted as librarian all year. Several have earned gold seals by reading three of the Ohio Pupil Reading Circle books. A complete study of Ohio's history and geography is made in the eighth grade. A Christmas party was planned by the students and held in the cafeteria. At the talent show for polio benefit the eighth grade presented several acts. 18 ' ff -. 5-gm ,T vm, Q K , . 4! Ii i n 915 ,isis ,a g " def ss ' 7 i 1. as ,TNQ ' K I -N-A4 sr..s.fwayr-if I ws gifs , A V, , 663 M. F LLLL i , f oft 'Mfr T T sglgffgssree? y sf' x f Llsf-ff'2ifI:Zi.'r..s.m-bs" 'cfrxzrfzzi' 'H I ,U sm... H- .. sm 2?.....s,-sr: ss I , 'fs ' 'z55?T"5:1' 112:'::::::z::2 rv?" . ug.z,:rs?ws-112W-..-asf HQ-V 4 , M i 7 if M! wa - ' .es . any 9 Y , 1- A., 1 V v ls 1 . ,L I 1? X I ,.,. gi K N, , , .Y V,2 ' it m fiya, T zm' V, MW K - :js 'f , l . L V My i iii mL'k is it it ' s ,,, ,mf , ,Z s ,,z.i ,.:." . l I K ,x ii ' 1 ,, U W, V , . . f Qf,,' if-if K 1 54 ' ' ' Vk f P gjg vii - "b-' K argf . If V A,,k ,,VVV. ff M A 1' .K ,. .lj f ,f , R S ,A,., A i T .,, T ylli FIRST ROW: Diane Dangler, Shannon Drum, Dennis Engler, Kay Free, ' - f O James Gerry, Nancy Jo Hopkins. SECOND ROW: David Hughart, Howard f i Keener, Marjorie Keppeler, Phyllis Krill, Jerry Krontz, Beverly Lehman, IQ 3 1 THIRD ROW: Verna Parsons, Patricia Raymer, Duane Schooley, Joe F i-V Skaggs, Christine Stetter, Shirley Yoh. FOURTH ROW: Duane Rinkel, O,i' 'ii , Mrs, Doris Miner. T yiii R esl T gffqf - ,A.',, i r:,,, -g, llllllllllll lllllllill Two talent shows were held by the class. The eighth grade furnished several regular players on the Williams County Championship basketball team, as well as a manager and cheer- leaders. ln April the eighth grade state test was given and the results proved satisfactory, the grade median being 120. 890!o of the students placed in the upper one-half of the state. , The girls have been learning to square dance in physical education and have learned several new sports. An evening party was planned by the class early in May at which a mock graduation theme was used. Several are working on proiects for the science fair to be held at the Williams County Fair in September. 19 Mrs. Doris Miller is the physical education instructor for junior high and high school girls. Mes... --" rf, W . Q- l VL,, Q W f"-t QQ? "IN" sz HQ? if -932 12 ff-,,:5E: , f ,,,, A -.sis H, F v i f Y l R, , a , f M, 4 K' im' 54' ij I 2 ,sa whim 4 I ' x , 19 i E kim tam' sf The 2 s- :- R wi-1' R iw ,.,. .i v s r 'gzb Q as f f i 4' so 3 .,:.s. no L. yss ,W WV "O fi is - 1' ll mt! , gt,-fx, - M. A er " r if " .. .Sid s. ' 'f-fl ,si i 1 V 4 f 5 Q... J l il 1 as 'Wg 'Ii 'ag V -sham V4 Q K fm ,rf - -f 57 N E. --: 415 Wm, ..,,.a-1' V, I-if-lex ' , sm' M1 A Vx l ,2" iw' l .'i"l,xicS FIRST ROW: Carol Blomeke, David Blosser, Pat Buchs, Larry Casebere, Marvin David, Janet Fee, SECOND ROW: Robert Grundish, Judy Heisler, Peter Herman, Don Hosler, Marcia Hug, Fred Landel, Virginia Landel, Joe Meyer, THIRD ROW: Elton Monosmith, Helen Robinett, June Rosendaul, Anthony Sanders, FOURTH ROW: Carlton Schooley, Kenneth Sleesman, Edward Smith, Ronald Smith, Fay Thorp, Mr. Roger Strup serves as science teacher and junior high basketball coach, Fllll lllllll The Freshman class officers for this year were president, Bob Grundishp vice president, Joe Meyer, secretary-treasurer, Linda Sechler, student council, Carol Blomeke, and our adviser was Mr. Strup. Mary Lee Krontz, Carlton Schooley, and Betty Skaggs were on the scholarship team and each received mention for their achievement. We had three students who were neither absent nor tardy for this year--David Blosser, Pat Buchs, and June Rosendaul . Aside from our studying, we gave a party for the sophomores and had a skating party this spring. A number of our class participated in band and chorus, and we were very active in basketball and base- ball. We had a Freshman basketball team who finished the year with a record of seven wins and no losses. These boys also played reserve and varsity basketball. T mtv A V my r l. wi Fr ,. A 4.12, 7 L n""".f'.'nunl'i'fflnu f . 'E .,..c..s.,,, X X , A if W ' J ' ,n '.'.'o . f, vi. ,I ::'.". I.,.,,no. 1,011 ,. ,':--'fy osifpfffznq ' :ali QOQ-gggnqza aewltrv' R symffmamw .,.. V J - sv fm 51: , if J if f"- ra ,gf59i?.. ,. '.,. V X J A iff J ,, F, . e R 2i.f,sw rwwwww v .ua , """1'W" FIRST ROW: Kenny Franz, Glen Goebel, Jeanette Goebel, Larry Goebel, Lorraine Goebel, Marlene Goebel, SECOND ROW- Wanda James Richard Ke ler Donna Kim P . , p , ' pel, eggy Kimpel, Magy Lee Krontz, Gene Muehlfeld, THIRD ROW: Richard Nye, Mary Parsons, Leslie Pierce, Lin a Sechler, Ronnie Sechler, Steve Sita, FOURTH ROW: Betty Skaggs, Carol Studer, Lee Spurgeon, Arthur Teegardin, Jerry Walley. Miss Martha Jane Krill is our teacher of business subjects, Fllll HME Kenny Franz made 7706 of his foul shots in basketball to break a prev- ious record of 56470. We were very proud of him. Linda Sechler represented the girls in sports by being chosen one of the cheerleaders of the basketball team. ""4Im,. 2 W l ,r sm "W -11' I , , - 'E v an 1 el rssrsflr-:Shri I .iii rfb, AWYS ,, , A,t' i ., 5 aw- fi? V wk 1 F if Q rf-ff W , X I aw ' M X -rw!! ,HEY , rrz J '-Q W Our Freshman boys also helped win the County High School Championship Baseball Trophy. We had six players on the Pony League and High School teams. We, the Freshman Class of '56, think we learned and accomplished a lot of which to be proud. if M 5, ji J' fr ' me , Q J . ' N S J -ww J R M sw 'u kb' iff Eg il Rss 1 vt td' if S , R 4 l ' 1 ' , aa 5 J Y' 'S ly , ' e.a.w4!" K7 gr riff 1" f...5fiii L H zii' f H X :W , K: ' .Y , J f 2 iiii R J t W' of . W f 1 J . ' ' l 'N 5 L,,. . 1, ., A -. , . .5 W rs:-. fi J M- 4 . Eii H 'Ea 4. by 5-I -an fs-Q J' if r gg iq . Q s w l TAXI? is ,g i FIRST ROW: Darrell Blacker, Douglas Bowlsby, Beth Callender, Denny Dangler, LaVern Franz, Dixie Gallant. SECOND ROW: Leola Hug, Charles Johnston, Judy Karnes, Barbara Kimpel, Jerry Kimpel, Cathy Moffett. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Myers, Rita Nichols, Kenneth Norrick, Charlene Radabaugh, James Rinkel, Sharon Robinett. FOURTH ROW: Janet Shepard, Jack Sindel, William Suffel, Gary Weiner. Mr, Greeley fBabej Shoup is the coach of our athletic teams and teaches history and llI'llllM0llli We started our sophomore year with forty-four students. Our officers were: president, Marlin Pettit, vice president, Jim Rinkel, secretary-treasurer, Charlene Radabaughp student council, Janet Shepard. Mr. Shoup and Mr. Kepler were our advisors. driver training. Among our activities for the year were a party which we gave for the Freshmen, and our sale of Christmas cards. We had a class of very active members. Among the students of our class who took part in scholarship tests were Jim Rinkel, Beth Callender, Keith Robinson, and Darrell Blocker. We also had a number of class members who were elected as probationary members ot. the National Honor Society. This year we were eligible to ioin the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y clubs and many of us became members. B "elseif at 'W ,, 'l ,, 9,1 , , 1 - . Q , 75 ' 4 1?-1, N1 li ,sy n vgk, r ,, 1+ ., be A..-- 3, K JM ,Vk,Vk 5 i I wg? I ,Q,tmF ,,t,??, ,ppp A, "mi" tstti i ' ---ef , as ' W at ssill 1 A was ' if kara W, f , i f A1 5 . ,- J . R . , l s , ,, I r K ' 4 ,t " ' l is A .1 'A 4 N A Qt f, t o f-fs . ,L-' t :"i , I ll ' -Sl' J ' rf rwfrzunu. 7 ""'f'!v l if s stts ' ' ,I . ,, J J l . :ii - ,,,, J J 5' R is J R N ' " J J V hazy ,, M A -W .. K my 7' k,,V I, , -V . ,tm I A Q J , , , .. """"'-P sf if , FIRST ROW: Lavon Goebel, Velma Goebel, David Green, Tom Green, Judel Henricks, Ruth Herman, SECOND ROW: Judy Kimpel, Steve LaLonde, Pat Lehman, Judy Maple, Jyhnsie Maxwell, Weston Olds, THIRD ROW: Donna Ordway, Marlin Pettit, John Polter, Keith Robinson, Imo Rohrs, Judy Saurer. FOURTH ROW: Joanne Stark, Victoria Stark, Robert Wrinkle, David Kennerk. Our industrial arts teacher is Mr. Bert Kepler. Among our class members who participated in athletics were Chuck Johnston, Jim Rinkel, Denny Dangler, Lavon Goebel, Wes Olds, Marlin Pettit, Bill Suffel, Darrell Blocker, Keith Robinson, and John Polter. Judy Kimpel was one of the basketball cheerleaders. A good representation of our class was seen in band and chorus, and many of us were also members of F.F.A and F.H.A. es? KP rf ... My Q ,Q , ,fl j, aww . -:ar . ,. . J. f . N01 Q .ww 'f Q 1 " 1 Q, , Q 1 K1 1 . wi, 5 4 s 4 mg? M-':2.f,f's:::ff::gg:.S! ,, .53-55, usa. 11 was "" Sfw.":..- , agus' M wi 47 5 9 3 'Wg I Y x ai 5 14' . ""'u.,,,xl J A A FIRST ROW: Gail Bauer, Nancy Buchs, Denver Davis, Charlotte Dietsch, Judy Goebel, Roberta Lee. SECOND ROW: Gail Mast, Carol Merriman, Joe Miller, Carolyn Schimmel, Tom Sechler, Sandra Sites. THIRD ROW: Mr. Henry Stauffer, Mary M. Snyder, Mary Stark, Jerry Tucker, Leo Muehlfeld. ' Ullllllll We entered our junior year with thirty-two members enrolled. During the year we lost one and gained one. Sharon Heisler left when she got married in December. Connie Cain is our new classmate. She came from Clyde, Ohio and likes it very much here. Mr. Stauffer and Mr. Koenn were our advisors. In order to build up our cash fund for our senior trip, we decided to wash cars. lt was rainy on the day we picked so not many cars turned up to be washed. In another effort to make money we held our iunior play "Lights Out." It was a huge success, with everything turning out splendidly. Later before Christmas, we all received boxes of salt water taffy to sell to our parents and friends. We sold quite a bit but never quite sold out. The biggest day of our iunior year was the day we received our class rings. We all thought they were wonderful, especially after waiting eleven years for them. 24 Ax 'W fmsl, it ss .gf M ,ws ,N 'Q . . r9?s1zf3?fwk!1 I Q it i K Q W i , J, 1, , ,,A.1WL k C Q ' I jj, jg! " an if , A A 1 Ma .SM - li x is emi cic . ,, ..., R 7 K 2 f S 1 i '- 'S -.Af 1 s exy . K NH! ' iiy, 1 7751 f , ' ' 1' " i ff L -31 g pg- , ' . ea its f ii ff ' ' V. ' ' f I Jh., ,ikknr i f , - Aww 5 is .ir FIRST ROW: Winifred Hopkins, Rosalie Hug, Pat Kissinger, Tom Knecht, Neil Knox, ' Barbara Nichols. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Norrick, Mary Lou Pierce, Carolyn Riehle, Harry Sleesman, Lora Smith, Marilyn Snyder. THIRD ROW: Duane Suffel, Edith Teegarden, Forest Weber, Mr. Robert Koenn, JllNl0li On May i2 we entertained the seniors at the iunior-senior banquet. Our theme was the Mardi Gras and was carried out with crepe paper, balloons, masks, and every colorful thing we could find. Everyone liked it, especially the surprised seniors . Pat Kissinger and Leo Muehlfeld were chosen to crown the King and Queen of the Mardi Gras - Jim Free and Donna Wagner. Six of our members were enrolled in the National Honor Society. Representing our class were Jerry Tucker, Marilyn Snyder, Tom Knecht, Roberta Lee, Joe Miller, and Gail Mast. Juniors on the scholarship team this year were Jerry Tucker in advanced algebra, Gail Bauer in American history, Lora Smith in English, Carolyn Schimmel in Latin ll, and Charlotte Norrick in beginning bookkeeping. At the closing of the year we all bade the seniors goodbye with the idea that next year we would be taking their places in Edgerton High School. Z5 1'QtL'Pa ' ,fi 'tfiiifiiss MARILYN BURKHART -- "To worry about tomorrow is to be unhappy today." CAROLYN CASEBERE -- "A smile is as contagious as a yawn." PHYLLIS EASLER -- "Good words are worth much and cost little. " JUANITA EMANUEL -- "There is nothing wrong with me, it's just the rest of the world." CLASS 0F 1956 Mr. Carl Anderson is the superintendent of our school. CLASS HI TURY We started our high school careers four years ago as frightened and yet hopeful and curious Freshmen with forty-two members. Our advisors were Mr. Hoover and Mr. Blomeke, and our officers were president, Marilyn Burkhart, vice president, Anthony Muehlfeld, secretary-treas- urer, Carolyn Casebere, student council, Bart Kosier. The sophomores welcomed us with a party and we in turn thanked them with another. We didn't think too much about money making this year, although we did have a bake sale and our dues amounted to 25 cents a month. As freshmen some of us joined F.F.A., F.H.A., band, chorus, and some of the boys made the baseball and basketball teams. During this year we lost six members and gained two. We started our sophomore year with thirty-eight members. Our advisor this year was Mr. Shoup, and our officers were president, Elsie Irwin, vice president, Phyllis Goebel, secretary-treasurer, Marilyn Trausch, student council, Jim Free. As money making projects we had another bakesale and sold Christmas cards. Our dues again amounted to 25 cents a month. We were now eligible to join Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y and some of us were accepted as members. Some of us were honored to be chosen to serve the junior-senior banquet. Several of our more studious members qualified as probationary members of the National Honor Society. Thirty-six of us returned to Edgerton High School in our junior year. Mr. Stauffer and Mr. Koenn were our sponsors. As officers we elected Elizabeth Knecht, president, Marilyn Trausch, vice president, Margaret Herman, secretary, Virginia Reinhart, treasurer, Don Hug, student council. The following twelve students were formally inducted Z6 HAROLD FLEGAL -- "A little man." JAMES FREE -- "The best way to get something done is to do it." EUGENE GALLANT -- "Dig that gal I" BEVERLY GOEBEL -- "The only way you can be rich in this world CLASS HI TURY in the National Honor Society: Carolyn Casebere, Juanita Emanuel, Phyllis Goebel, Sharon Henricks, Margaret Herman, Elsie Irwin, Elizabeth Knecht, Sharon Thomas, Marilyn Trausch, Virginia Reinhart, Duane Miller, and Anthony Muehlfeld. We were very proud of our beautiful class rings which we received this year. Earning money began in earnest. Our dues were 51.00 a month. We had a bake sale, a car wash, and also presented our class play "The Campbells are Coming" directed by Mr. Koenn. The theme for the Junior-Senior banquet was "Moonlight and Roses." We had a dance afterward for the students and their dates. Our senior year again found us with thirty-six members. Mr. Anderson sponsored us this year and our elected officers were Anthony Muehlfeld, president, Junior Whitney, vice president, Sharon Henricks, secretary, Virginia Reinhart, treasurer, Marilyn Trausch, student coun- cil . Our senior pictures were taken and we received them in time for use as Christmas presents. Our dues were SI0.00 this year. We sold magazines, operated the concession stand for ball games and presented our class play "Desperate Ambrose" under the direction of Mr. Koenn. Our class was the first class here to sell over SISOO worth of magazines. We feel we owe that success to the wonderful cooperation our class has had through high school. During the second semester some of our more studious members took scholarship exams. Also we selected as our class motto "Life is What You Make It. " Our class colors were maroon and gray and our class flower the white carnation. Two boys in our class, Don Hug and Bart Kosier, ioined the armed services during the year and that left us with thirty-four graduates. The class did not get to take their annual skip day. Grades were averaged and Marilyn Trausch was named as valedictorian, Juanita Emanuel as salutatorian, and Carolyn Casebere as historian. ULASS 0F 1956 Teacher of vocational agriculture Robert Leeper. is Mr, . .lam ,, .,,.v , 1. A131 A J PHYLLIS GOEBEL -- "All men are dust, some gold dust." SHARON HENRICKS lSecretaryI --"Don't ever be what you isn't, 'cause you're so nice iust as you is." CARL HERMAN -- "Teachers maygive their opinions, but I keep mine." MARGARET ANN HERMAN -- "Smile and the world is yours." CLASS 0F 1956 Mr. James Ewing in the music director of our school. CLASS PRUPHECY One clear night as I was sitting and looking at the stars, I saw mirrored in the sky the future of the T956 Edgerton Senior Class. In the stars I saw Marilyn Burkhart as an old maid school teacher. She found fame for her class of the "Redhead Donelettes, " a class for future secretaries to Navy officers. I saw Carolyn Casebere and Margaret Ann Herman running a Lonely Hearts Club in Florida called "Still A-Prayin' and A-Waitin'." Harold Flegal was the pro- prietor of a ladies store, "Flegal's Lovely Ladies Lingerie," for a fit you don't have to zip--see Harold. Phyllis Easler had gone to Hollywood and had become a famous movie star in the show "Phyllis Rockets to Pluto." Juanita Emanuel was iust given the Grand National Award because her clog had won the "All American Dog Race for English Shepherds." George Studer and Elizabeth Knecht were operating a dance school called the "Studerettes, " specializing in the new "Jump and Hop Dances." Jim Free had just won the Indianapolis Five Hundred Mile Race with his hopped up doodlebug. Eugene Gallant was a Professor of English at the Westpoint Military Academy for Girls. Beverly Goebel and Shirley Krill were running a Matrimonial Bureau in Las Vegas for only those on their third marriage. Phyllis Goebel and Sharon Henricks were the WorId's Favorite Lady Wrestling Team and had just defeated Mud Montana and Gruesome Gillian. Carl Herman was a ventrilo- quist with Meredith Stark as his dummy. They had traveled world wide and made several trips to Mars and the Moon. Elsie Irwin was coaching a girl's basketball team in Tennessee, "Tennessee Ernie's Big Five," with three Juniorettes as cheerleaders. CLASS PRUPHEUY DONALD HUG -- "A lot of fun to have around, oh, how we missed himI" ELSIE IRWIN -- "When knowledge gets into an empty head, it really has a ball. " TED JEWELL -- "They say money talks, all it says to me is "good-bye' l" MARY ALICE KEPLER -- "Live today and let tomorrow take care of itself. " Ted Jewell had just preached his first sermon on TV over station TLJ. Mary Alice Kepler and Virginia Reinhart were operating the Slenderella Reducing Club at Los Angeles. Shirley Norrick and Lorna Ordway were operating a beauty salon in New York specializing in the latest hair style, "The New Roundtops. " Charlotte Reed and Marilyn Thorp were running a men's clothing store, "Thoreed's Men's Clothing. " Wayne Smith had just won the Billion Dollar Question by answering all the questions correctly in the category of Rock and Roll Music. Sharon Thomas was a lecturer on the "Powerful Power of Woman" and she had just finished writing a book called "Once You've Found Him, How Never To Let Him Go." Donna Wagner had just won the Mrs. America of 1970 Contest. Her special achievement as a housewife was the raising often little Dangler's while maintaining her appearance of a twenty-year-old. Kathryn Yoh had just become an heiress to a fortune in the oil Fields of Texas. She had started a charity fund for Weeping Weepers of Oilless Wells. John Stark was a jockey and had just won the Blakeslee Sweep- stakes riding Toothpick. Junior Whitney was a bass singer with the Five Ladds, starring at the " Ladies' Swoon Club" in New Orleans. Donald Hug was a candidate for the presidency of the United States. Jim Walley had just completed his college education as a commercial teacher and was taking over Miss Krill's job at Edgerton High School. Marilyn Trausch was a private nurse to the President of the United States. Anthony Muehlfeld and Duane Miller had just celebrated their tenth year as keepers of the Toledo Zoo. They had many showings of new and odd animals. The oddest was the I' Double Dumb Drip of Dootledoes . " 0F i956 Mrs. Marjorie Shepard in of Home Economics here, the teacher ELIZABETH KNECHT -- "Good things do come in big packages." SHIRLEY KRILL -- "Cross your bridges one ata time and burn all you have crossed." DUANE MILLER -- "The way to gain a friend is to be one." ANTHONY MUEHLFELD IPresidentJ -- "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." ULASS WILL U L A S S We, the historic class of I956, of the fair city of Edgerton, state of Ohio, being of legal age and sound mind, do make, publish, and declare 0 F this our last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all former wills, codicils, and testamentary dispositions made by us. 19 5 6 We, JIM FREE and HAROLD FLEGAL, will and bequeath our love for "hot rods" to Carol Merriman and Gail Mast. I, EUGENE GALLANT, will and bequeath my ability to be absent from school so much to Carolyn Schimmel . I, CAROLYN CASEBERE, will and bequeath my ability to skip school without anyone's finding out about it to Judy Goebel. I, CARL HERMAN, will and bequeath my ability to type with three fingers and looking at the keys in- stead of at the copy to Roberta Lee. I, TED JEWELL, will and bequeath my ability to alibi my tardiness to Tom Sechler. I, SHIRLEY NORRICK, will and bequeath my unread speech book to anyone who is foolish enough to read it. WE, SHARON HENRICKS AND DONNA WAGNER, will and bequeath our ability to stay at home nights to Mary Stark. I, WAYNE SMITH, will and bequeath my executive ability in F.F.A. to Forest Weber. I, PHYLLIS EASLER, will and bequeath my love for boys to Mary Margaret Snyder. I, JUANITA EMANUEL, will and bequeath my quietness to Connie Cain. I, MEREDITH STARK, will and bequeath my ability to sleep during class to Neil Knox. SHIRLEY NORRICK -- "I may not do the best I can, but I do the best I know how " LORNA JEAN ORDWAY -- "It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice." CHARLOTTE REED -- "Don't cross your bridges until you come to them, but first see where they're ll leading you. VIRGINIA REINHART Ureasurerl -- "She's cute and craz so th b y, ey say, ut crazy is a special way." We, SHIRLEY KRILL and BEVERLY GOEBEL, will and bequeath our U S S ability of learning gossip to Pat Kissinger. I, KATHRYN YOH, will and bequeath my ability to sing to Carolyn 0 F Riehle. I, JOHN STARK, will and bequeath my masculine physique to Joe l 9 5 6 Miller. I, ELSIE IRWIN, will and bequeath my ability to act like I know every- thing when actually my head is so empty it rattles to Harry Sleesman. I, MARILYN TRAUSCH, will and bequeath my ability to get straight A's in government to Gail Bauer. I, JIM WALLEY, will and bequeath my ability to cut up in class to Edith Teegardin. I, LORNA ORDWAY, will and bequeath my bashfulness to Mary Lou Pierce. I, MARILYN BURKHART, will and bequeath my love for the service to any girl with a boy friend in the service Cespecially the Navyl. I, GEORGE STUDER, will and bequeath my athletic ability to Tom Knecht. I, DUANE MILLER, will and bequeath my ability to skip study halls to Jerry Tucker. WE, MARGARET ANN HERMAN and VIRGINIA REIN HART, will and bequeath our ability to fight over the same guy to Sandra Sites and Charlotte Dietsch. I, PHYLLIS GOEBEL, will and bequeath my ability to get along with Andy IAndy Muehlfeld, that isl to Leo Muehlfeld. WAYNE SMITH -- "Never hurry, it uses up too much energy." JOHN STARK -- "Never let your studies interfere with your education." MEREDITH STARK -- "Dynamite comes in small packages." GEORGE STUDER -- "lf at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again . " CLASS WILL U L A S S I, DON HUG, will and bequeath my ability to keep up with the Navy tradition of having a girl in each and every port to anyone getting into 0 F the Navy. WE, CHARLOTTE REED and MARILYN THORP, will and bequeath 1 9 5 6 our ability to giggle to Rosie Hug and Charlotte Norrick. l, SHARON THOMAS, will and bequeath my ability to stay single until after graduation to Nancy Buchs. I, JUNIOR WHITNEY, will and bequeath my ability to be in the National Honor Society to Duane Suffel . I, ANTHONY MUEHLFELD, will and bequeath my ability to keep ahead in all my subiects, especially mechanical drawing, to Denver Davis. I, ELIZABETH KNECHT, will and bequeath my slender figure to Lora Jeanne Smith. I, MARY ALICE KEPLER, will and bequeath my ability to hold my temper to Barbara Nichols and Winifred Hopkins. In testimony whereof we, the undersigned, have set our hands to this, our last will and testament, at Edgerton High School, city of Edgerton, state of Ohio, this eighteenth day of May, 1956, A. D. THE CLASS OF T956 32 DONNA WAGNER SHARON THOMAS MARILYN THORP -- MARILYN TRAUSCH -- "You may fall many times, but you are never a failure until you say some- one pushed you . " "It is better to be small and shine than to be large and cost a shadow." "Character is made by what you stand forp reputation by what you fall for. " "There are always two sides to a story--my side and the wrong side." AUTIVITIE CLASS 0F I956 MARILYN BURKHART Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 Girls Ensemble 1,2, 3,4 Drum Major 2,3 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 School Pianist 2, 3, 4 County Band 1,2, 3, 4 County Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 2 Junior Play Senior Play Arion Award CAROLYN CASEBERE F. H. A. 1, 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Senior Play Librarian 1 Log of E Staff 3, 4 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Eavesdropper 4 PHYLLIS EASLER F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 All-County Chorus 3 F.H.A. Historian 3 HAROLD FLEGAL F, F, A. 2, 3, 4 JAMES FREE Basketball 1, 2, 3 Eavesdropper Staff 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 GENE GALLANT F,F,A, 1,2,3,4 Band 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1,2 BEVERLY GOEBEL F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 'rn-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Junior Play Eavesdropper Staff 4 PHYLLIS GOEBEL F. H. A. 1, 2 F. H.A. Vice-President 2 Class Vice-President 2 Junior Play Senior Play Librarian 2, 3, 4 SHARON HENRICKS F. H. A. 1, 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 2 Junior Play Senior Play Senior Class Secretary CARL HERMAN Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Senior Play MARGARET ANN HERMAN F.H.A. 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Eavesdropper 4 National Honor Society 2 Log of E Staff 3, 4 Girls Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Girls Ensemble 3, 4 ,3,4 3,4 Cheerleader 4 County Chorus 3, 4 Class Secretary 3 DONALD HUG Band 1, 2, 3 Boys Chorus 1, 2 Student Council 3 County Chorus 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3 Etsns IRWIN F.H.A. 1,2 sand 1,2,3,4 Girls Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Girls Ensemble 4 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 All County Band 1, 2, 3, 4 County Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Junior Play Senior Play Class President 2 Eavesdropper 4 TED JEWELL Basketball 1,3,4 Senior Play Hi-Y 2 Eavesdropper 4 MARY ALICE KEPLER Band 1,2,a,4 County Band 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 County Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed'Chorus 4 Girls Ensemble 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 F.H.A.1,2, 3,4 F. H. A. Vice-President 3 Senior Play CLASS 0F JAMES WALLEY -- "Say what you think but think what you say. " JUNIOR WHITNEY -- "Never do today what you can do tomorrow." KATHRYN YOH -- "She looks like an angel, she acts like onep but you never can tell what an angel will do." ELIZABETH KNECHT National Honor Society 2, 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Class President 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Eavesdropper 4 Log of E 1, 3, 4 County Chorus 3, 4 Senior Play Specialties Librarian 2, 3, 4 Solo District Contest 4 SHIRLEY KRILL Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, 4 F.H.A. 1,2,3 Eavesdropper 4 DUANE MILLER Basketball 1,2,3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4 President 4 F.F.A. 1.2. 3.4 F.F,A. Vice-President 4 Lehman Sports Award Junior Play Senior Play Ea vesdropper 4 Log of E Staff ANTHONY MUEHLFELD Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2 Junior Play Senior Play Class Vice-President 1 Class President 4 National Honor Society 2 Eavesdropper 4 SHIRLEY NORRICK F. H. A. 1 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Girls Chorus 1,2 Eavesdropper 4 LORNA ORDWAY Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 F. H,A, 1,2,3 Eavesdropper 4 CHARLOTTE REED Girls Chorus 1,2 F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 VIRGINIA REINHART Junior Play Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y President 4 F. H.A, 1,2 National Honor Society 2 Class Treasurer 4 JOHN STARK Basketball 4 Senior Play 4 Baseball 4 Eavesdropper Editor 4 Mixed Chorus 4 MEREDITI-I STARK Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 2,3,4 Baseball 1,2 Class Play 4 GEORGE STUDER F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 WAYNE SMITH F.F.A. 3,4 F.F.A. Treasurer 4 SHARON THOMAS F.H.A. l,2,3 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, 4 Girls Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4 Mixed Ensemble 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Buckeye Girls State 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Eavesdropper 4 Senior Play MARILYN THORP F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Eavesdropper 4 MARILYN TRAUSCH F.H,A. 1, 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Eavesdropper 4 National Honor Society Class Secretary 2 Class Vice-President 3 Student Council 4 Librarian 2 DONNA WAGNER Band 1,2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3 Eavesdropper 4 JAMES WALLEY Basketball 2, 3 Baseball 1,2 Senior Play JUNIOR WHITNEY F. F. A. 1, 2 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 4 Eavesdropper 4 KATHRYN YOH F. H. A. 3,4 JUANITA EMANUEL F. H. A. 1.2, 3. 4 Eavesdropper 4 Log of E Staff 2, 3,4 2 National Honor Society 2 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Girls Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 2, 4 UHGANIZATIUNS ,f A3199 C W k 4 X 3 l J 4 v 4 C,1Pf .X X ZA!-,f'VWif'7 4f2"v!f112.!QMIWMk FIRST ROW: Carl Herman, Anthony Muehlfeld, Duane Miller, Joe Miller, Jerry Tucker, Tom Knecht, Junior Whitney, Meredith Stark, SECOND ROW: Mr. Stauffer, Gary Weiner, Gail Bauer, Weston Olds, Denny Dangler, Robert Wrinkle, Charles Johnston, Donald Suffel, John Polter, , THIRD ROW: Leo Muehlfeld, Douglas Bowlsby, Keith Robinson, Lavern Franz, Marlin Pettit, Darrell Blacker, Harry Sleesman. fn FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Myers, Pat Lehman, Sandra Sites, Elsie Irwin, Marilyn Thorp, Shirley Norrick, Charlotte Dietsch, Edith Teegardin, Imo Rohrs, Winnie Hopkins, Janet Shepard. SECOND ROW: Mary M, Snyder, Phyllis Easler, Pat Kissinger, Barbara Nichols, Virginia Reinhart, Judy Goebel, Marilyn Snyder, Barbara Kimpel, Donna Wagner, Sharon Henricks. THIRD ROW: Miss Krill, Juanita Emanuel, Rosalie Hug, Beth Callender, Sharon Robinett, Lorna Ordway, Beverly Goebel, Donna Ordway, Sharon Thomas, Judy Kimpel, Judy Karnes, Rita Nichols, FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Knecht, Carolyn Schimmel, Mary Kepler, Charlotte Reed, Roberta Lee, Shirley Krill, Marilyn Burkhart, Margaret Herman, Carolyn Riehle, Lora Smith, Gail Mast, Carol Merriman, Cathy Moffett, Nancy Buchs, 36 L Q Q Richard Kepler, Kenneth Norrick, Mr, Leeper, THIRD ROW: Richard Nye, Marvin Davis, Gene FIRST ROW: Harold Flegal, Duane Miller, Wayne Smith, George Studer, Jack Sindel, Denver Davis, SECOND ROW: Meredith Stark, Gail Bauer, Fay Thorp, Leslie Pierce, Eddie Smith, Muehlfeld, Jerry Kimpel, Dave Kennerk, Frederick Landel, FIRST ROW: Phyllis Easler, Barbara Kimpel, Rita Nichols, Carolyn Riehle, Janet Shepard, Juanita Emanuel, Charlene Radabaugh, Jyhnsie Maxwell, Judy Karnes, Judy Kimpel, Marlene Goebel, Joann Stark, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Shepard, Marilyn Thorp, Mary Parsons, Carol Studer, Helen Robinett, Jeanette Goebel, Dixie Gallant, Donna Kimpel, Marcia Hug, Sharon Robinett, Judy Goebel, Virginia Landel, Pat Buchs. THIRD ROW: Judy Saurer, Betty Skaggs, Janet Fee, Mary Stark, K Iune Rosendaul, Peggy Kimpel, Mary Kepler, Victoria Stark, Pat Lehman, Carol Merriman, Q Winnie Hopkins, Cathy Moffett, Velma Goebel, Leola Hug. 37 - YJ www, OO G FIRST ROW: Juanita Emanuel, Sharon Thomas, Marilyn Trausch, Duane Miller, Phyllis Goebel, Elsie Irwin, Carolyn Casebere, Margaret Herman, Elizabeth Knecht. SECOND ROW: Jerry Tucker, Marilyn Snyder, Tom Knecht, Roberta Lee, Joe Miller, Gail Mast Weston Olds, Beth Callender, Jack Sindel, Charlene Radabaugh, Mr, Stauffer, THIRD ROW: Darrell Blacker, Jyhnsie Maxwell, Jim Rinkel, Cathy Moffett, Keith Robinson, Judy Karnes, Douglas Bowlsby, Lavon Goebel. 38 FIRST ROW: Janet Shepard Anthony Muehlfeld Marilyn Trausch Tom Knecht, Carol Blomeke Robert Grundish SECOND ROW Mr Stauffer, Betty Mason, Kenny Maple Roberta Lee Marlin Pettit Shannon Drum, Donnie Kimpel Y FIRST ROW: Marilyn Burkhart, Juanita Emanuel, Margaret Herman Barbara Nichols. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Casebere, Phyllis Goebel, Carolyn Riehle, Roberta Lee. THIRD ROW: Miss Krill, Elizabeth Knecht, Duane Miller, Tom Knecht, 3-'MW ,H QKUY YI FIRST ROW: Virginia Reinhart, Sharon Thomas, Marilyn Trausch, Beverly Goebel, Juanita Emanuel, Lorna Ordway, Marilyn Thorp Shirley Norrick. SECOND ROW: Mr, Koenn, Sharon Henricks, Margaret Herman, Donna Wagner, Shirley Krill, Phyllis Goebel, Elizabeth Knecht, Marilyn Burkhart, Elsie Irwin, Carolyn Case- bere, THIRD ROW: Junior Whitney, Ted Jewell, Anthony Muehlfeld, John Stark, Jim Walley, Duane Miller, Jim Free, 39 WW LATI CL B FIRST ROW: Lora Jean Smith, Elizabeth Callender, Carolyn Schimmel. SECOND ROW: Douglas Bowlsby, Mrs, Shepard fadvisorl. FIRST ROW: Betty Skaggs, Jyhnsie Maxwell, Imorean Rohrs, Cathy Moffett. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Knecht, Phyllis Goebel, Victoria Stark, Barbara Jo Nichols, Mr. Koenn Qadvisorj LIBRARIA 40 x ACTIVITIE -f"'f' ' ' f 'f , . ,X Af' X, 1' 'if 1 1 ,Aflivj K .fb ,411 Z' C ,fi x f,kQvg112g25 fix f f x mf Sf,..-:?H N 1j XX j if' J ff 3 x Q! ,.xK?,f"""""" ffff' ' . D M ' W X.r':x ffm Elllll BAD FIRST ROW: Lora Jean Smith, Mary Alice Kepler, Donna Wagner, Gail Mast, Carol Merriman, Janet Shepard. SECOND ROW: Cathy Moffett, Kaye Free, Nancy Jo Hopkins, Rosalie Hug, Pat Buchs, Elsie Irwin, Marilyn Burkhart, Barbara Jo Nichols, Sue Anderson, Charlene Radabaugh, Janet Wagner, Steve Sailor, Marilyn Bible. THIRD ROW: Hilda Mast, Anita Pence, MarJor1e Hopkins, Madonna Hill, Mary Ann Myers, Linda Sechler, Mark Koemer, Betty Sechler, Bobby Burkhart. FOURTH ROW, STANDING: Virginia Landel, Judy Heisler, Winifred Hopkins, Kenny Maple, Darrell Blacker, Tom Knecht, Carlton Schooley, Duane Schooley, Larry Burkhart, Fred Golds berry, Kaye Weiner, Mr, Ewing, Robert Farnham, Wanda James, Carolyn Riehle, Roberta Lee, Elton Monosmith, Keith Robinson, Marjorie Keppeler, Nancy Landel. MAJURETTE Winifred Hopkins Roberta Lee QDrum Majorj Linda Sechler Nancy Jo Hopkins J, FIRST ROW: Donna Lee, Sandra Hawkins, Beverley Doe, Madonna Hill, Kaye Free, Nancy Hopkins, Marjorie Hopkins, Karen Engstrom, Luwana Riehle, Dona Lee Gentry. SECOND ROW: Patty Lee, Charlene James, Roderic Keppeler, Robert Hootman, Duane Schooley, Larry Burkhart, Fred Goldsberry Janet Wagner, Marilyn Bible, Marjorie Keppeler, Mark Koemer, Robert-Burkhart, Betty Sechler, Kaye Miller, Mr. Ewing, Director. FIRST ROW: Marcia Stantz, Sharon Kitchen, Charyle Weber, Carol Yarger, Ruth Ann Word, Linda Chrisman, SECOND ROW: Sharon Bible, Bill Schooley, Bessie Hopkins, Mary James, Donnie Mast, Shannon Drum, Barbara Miller, Nelson Heisler, Dean Wolf, Gary Kepler, Darwin Krill, Duaine Karnes, Lavon Koemer, Mr. Ewing, Director. X 43 MIXED UHUR FIRST ROW: Lora Jean Smith Qaccompanistj, Ruth Herman, Judy Goebel, Roberta Lee, Jyhnsie Maxwell, Rosalie Hug, Mary Stark, Mary Ann Myers, Mr. James Ewing fdirectorb. SECOND ROW: Imo Rohrs, Elizabeth Callender, Judy Maple, Gail Mast, Sharon Henricks, Mary Alice Kepler, Marilyn Burkhart, Juanita Emanuel, Sharon Thomas, THIRD ROW: Judy Heisler, Carol Merriman, Donna Wagner, Winifred Hopkins, Carolyn Riehle, Janet Shepard, Barbara Jo Nichols, Cathy Moffett, Elsie Irwin, Margaret Ann Herman, Elizabeth Knecht. FOURTH ROW: Tom Knecht, Jerry Tucker, Lee Spurgeon, Darrell Blacker, John Stark, Keith Robinson, Douglas Bowlsby, Joe Miller, Carlton Schooley, Elton Monosmith, Lora Jean Smith Qaccompanistj, Douglas Bowlsby, Joe Miller, Gail Mast, Carolyn Riehle, Barbara Jo Nichols, Sharon Thomas, Tom Knecht, Keith Robinson, MIXED JEMBLE 44 FIRST ROW: Marilyn Burkhart faccompanistj, Peggy Kimpel, Jeanette Goebel, Janet Fee, Ruth Herman, Mary Stark, Mary Ann Myers, Phyllis Easler, Mr. James Ewing fdirectorl. SECOND ROW: Pat Buchs, Helen Robinett, Virginia Landel, Linda Sechler, Elizabeth Callender, Imorean Rohrs, Betty Skaggs, Jyhnsie Maxwell, Mary Alice Kepler, THIRD ROW: Sharon Thomas, Rosalie Hug, Roberta Lee, Judy Maple, Gail Mast, Carol Merriman, Elizabeth Knecht, Judy Goebel, Elsie Irwin, Lora Jean Smith, FOURTH ROW: Margaret Ann Herman, Wanda James, Karen Cain, Winifred Hopkins, Janet Shepard, Carolyn Riehle, Judy Heisler, Sharon Henricks, Barbara Jo Nichols, Lora Jean Smith faccompanistj, Marilyn Burkhart, Margaret Ann Herman, Gail Mast, Judy Maple, Ruth Herman, Carol Merriman, Janet Shepard, Carolyn Riehle, Barbara Jo Nichols, Mary Alice Kepler, Sharon Thomas, E EMBLE FIRST ROW: Miss Krill, Mr, Koenn, Pat Kissinger, Gail Mast, Jerry Tucker, Lora Jean Smith, Winifred Hopkins. SECOND ROW: Tom Knecht, Joe Miller, Roberta Lee, Leo Muehlfeld, Harry Sleesman, NOT SHOWN: Sharon Heisler. E l0R PLAY MDE PERATE AMBRO En JUNIUR PLAY 'WJGHT 0 TH FIRST ROW: Carolyn Casebere, Elsie Irwin, Sharon Henricks, Phyllis Goebel, Marilyn Burkhart, Miss Krill, Mr, Koenn, SECOND ROW: Mary Alice Kepler, Jim Walley, Duane Miller, Anthony Muehl- feld, Ted Jewell, John Stark, Carl Herman, Meredith Snark. O- iv z ill' WNW -Q :I-g -- 14... .Q -NX 11 X JW!! X X1 xi 3 I -Qi-muh WVQW '54 i - -,V M- ' 1 4' A 5 ""X,' XJ .-.- JY? N V Aw ,f,g., ,H -. .fl ' A 'SIT . 'Wy A ...... X -X f I " if 4' ' x I' I hi. Nw H X MU f K 2 Wa QQ, - X AW' ff N7 MW riff?-X Vg M ff f X - fx lg mfs: ' x gg"- ff ,F ff' ff!! ff t I9 6 VAR ITY "B LLIHIG " FIRST ROW: Joe Miller, Bob Grundish, Lavon Goebel, Darrell Blacker, Duane Miller, Tom Knecht, John Polter flvlanagerl SECOND ROW: Coach Babe Shoup, Marlin Pettit, Jim Rinkel, John Stark, Keith Robinson, Ted Jewell, Harry Sleesman fManagerJ. Al vordton Former Edon Pioneer West Unity H i cksvi I I e Stryker Kunkl e Al vordton SEASIWS IRECURII they 45 56 69 44 40 40 as 41 26 Paulding Eclon Pioneer West Unity Butler Stryker Kunkle Former Eclon Uournomentl They 6l 56 70 69 57 71 45 60 72 1956 RE EIWE "B LLIHIG " FIRST ROW: Wes Olds, Kenny Franz, Denny Dangler, Larry Goebel, Jerry Tucker, Joe Meyer, Bill Suffel. SECOND ROW: Coach Babe Shoup, Chuck Johnston, Larry Casebere, Dick Kepler, Steve Sito, Gail Bauer, John Polter fManagerJ. Alvordton Farmer Edon Pioneer West Unity Hi cksvi I le Stryker Kunkle AI vordton SEASON'S Illilillltll They IO 28 I6 39 25 28 46 19 8 Paulding Eclon Pioneer West Unity Butler Stryker Kunkle Farmer They 33 29 28 34 42 31 28 41 I 1956 .IIIIIIIIII IIIGII III KIITIIIILL Il III FIRST ROW: Stanley Casebere, John Close, Lamar Dietsch, John Olds, Tom Wehrle, Louie Stark, Bob Sito. SECOND ROW: Joe Skaggs, Bob Lehman, Bill Siebenaler, Kenny Ordway, Fred Goldsberry, Gary Weber, Duane Schooley, Coach Roger Strup. THIRD ROW: Clair Herman, Steve Walley, Tom Kitchen, Kenny Maple, Duane Rinkel, Donnie Suffel, Delno Kimpel. They They Fayette 23 Pulaski I7 Stryker I9 Bryan 48 Northwest I5 Stryker 35 Farmer 27 Superior 23 Pioneer I7 Edon I9 Hicksville 27 Hicksville 20 Butler 23 Kunkle 29 Alvorclton 22 WILLIAMS COUNTY TOURNAMENT West Unity I5 Stryker I9 Pulaski 30 Superior 28 HICKSVILLE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Farmer 29 Mark Center 29 Hicksville 22 JUNIOR HIGH "RESERVE" RECORD Farmer II Edon 9 Hicksville 8 Hicksville 20 Butler 20 Kunkle 9 Stryker 23 5th 82 6th GRADE IBA KETBALL in . ,,, .,, r. - Q. .. , . FIRST ROW: Duane Karnes, Jerry Olds, Terry Seslar, John Cape, Tom Cape, Charles Merriman, Tommy Whitman, Bill Schooley. SECOND ROW: Tommy Goebel, Ronnie Stark, Dave Seslar, Gary Yarger, Richard Metz, Tom Karnes, Steve Sailor, Dick Kimpel, Phillip Frager. THIRD ROW: Roderic Keppeler, Bob Hootman, Gene Pahl, Bob Burkhart, Claron Krill, Harry Bowen, DeWayne Nihart, Bob Bunting, Larry Snyder. FOURTH ROW: Coach Shoup, Jim Cape, Mark Koerner, Gary Wolf, Lee Bauer, Walter Fitzcharles, Tom Wickerham, Ronnie Sleesman, Jack Favourite. SENIOR HIGH - Barbara Nichols, Margaret Ann Herman, Judy Kimpel, Diane Da Linda Sechler, wagner JUNIOR HIGH - ngler, Nancy Jo Hopkins, Kaye Free, Janet 1956 BA EBALL 0 AD FRONT ROW: Joe Miller, Joe Meyer, Bob Grundish, Chuck Johnston, Weston Olds, Gail Bauer, John Po1terfManagerj. SECOND ROW: Coach Babe Shoup, Jim Rinkel, Jerry Tucker, Denny Dangler, Marlin Pettit, Lavon Goebel, John Stark. THIRD ROW: Glen Goebel, Kenny Franz, Larry Casebere, Tom Knecht, Steve Sito. PLAYERS AB Bauer 23 Casebere 2 Dangler 58 Franz 3 Grundish 61 Johnston 28 Knecht 62 Meyer 47 Miller 59 Olds 43 Tucker 24 Rinkel 6 0 Others 52 TOTALS 522 OPPON. 506 PITCHING Bauer Grundish Johnston Others SEASON'S RECORD RH EA 2 3 4s333son313A We 9 9 5 7 6 1 11 ,391 0 1 1 3 1 .500 5 Anfwerp 21 17 4 4 2 3 9 14 5 .293 14 Sherwood 3 2 1 2 6 ,666 7 Bufler 3 21 10 34 2 4 5 2 19 .343 24 Pioneer 3 6 4 6 1 7 11 5 .243 i Sfryker 20 27 6 4 7 3 7 9 19 .435 22 Alvordfon 3 9 6 13 5 5 3 7 .191 9 WesfUnify 21 27 4 27 3 7 9 2 14 .457 4 Kunkle 14 13 3 7 13 3 5 .302 7 Stryker 4 6 1 1 4 4.250 1 Eden 20 27 6 15 2 4 13 24.450 9 Wes1'UniTy 19 19 6 17 11 6 2 16 ,302 6 Pioneer 150 184 55 129 62 74 85 118 .302 2 Peffisville 73 81 60 16 89 146 .160 10 Hicksville w WP H R BB so ERA 10 West Unity 5 23 19 21 57 2.2 8 Stryker 5 36 26 32 52 1.9 5 Stryker 2 3 13 14 13 2.5 2 1415 22 24 2,8 14 WON 4LOST 52 They 4 12 6 00 5 I 3 2 4 3 4 1 7 4. 1 7 6 Mrs. Chester KSPWY Mrs. Elmer Clay Mrs. Charles Sanders CAFETERIA COOKS CHIIIIL PER UNNEL Harold Bunting and Don Pierce SCHOOL CUSTODIANS Harold Robinson Wiliam Wilson Gottlieb Kimpel Robert Wehrle Willard Prager Carolus Casebere Clifford fTipJ Meyer Elmer Weisz BUS DRIVERS 13. William SC Mas! SECRE GLASS llFlllllllll SENIORS - Sharon Henricks Anthony Muehlfelcl Virginia Reinhart Mr. Anderson Marilyn Trausch Junior Whitney JUN IORS - Pat Kissinger Tom Knecht Roberta Lee Mr. Stauffer Jerry Tucker Mr. Koenn SOPHOMORES - Janet Shepard Marlin Pettit Charlene Raclabaugh Mr. Kepler Jim Rinkel Mr. Shoup FRESHMEN - Carol Blomeke Robert Grundish Linda Sechler Joe Meyer Mr. Strup EIGHTH GRADE - Kenny Maple Shannon Drum Duane Rinkel Mrs . Vannorsclal I Tommy Kitchen SEVENTH GRADE - Betty Mason Denny Kimpel Janet Wagner Mr. Sfarcher Bill Siebenaler CLASS UFFICER MVIUGIIAPII PIITIIIIIIIZII IIUII ADVERTISERS We urge you to patronize the following Edgerton Merchants. They are our Boosters and have made possible the publication of this yearbook. LUTTERBEIN LUMBER CO. KRILL FUNERAL SERVICE HUTCHlNSON'S BARBER SHOP MARCEIL'S BEAUTY SHOP WEBER'S INSURANCE AGENCY GRUVER'S MARKET MOFFETT'S DRUG STORE ENGLER'S BARBER SHOP DAY-FORD FURNITURE THE SMART SHOP THE EDGERTON HARDWARE MAST'S STORE DICK'S MARKET DAY'S OIL CO. CHARVE THEATER CASEBERE MOTOR SALES EDGERTON IMPLEMENT CO. MEYER'S SUNOCO STATION ROBINSON'S STANDARD SERVICE BUSY CORNER HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOP vnnooxs

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