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A K ffl 1 f 1 .. 6101-L Q , 5252 W 'SW P u , L.-4 'A---..----..-f-.,..-.-11- -- .- -----.,-A-- -- -4-M fw - X- AM ,, .-....- Mm.. ...,.,,.... ,-, .,- -,,,,4....,.,..,....R, ..,-,g,g..,..4,g,L,,,A, JK, Y. H n,,..w-14 A if ,W 3 ,,1- - L. , . ,X 44-.1 Q. f 'r .g,.fI.' 5,4 iq' , U 5 A9 , .f' ,Q 9 --rw. wkQ'lM..Q:e9U'1-v- I .9 X Q N 'Nr-f' 'Z' ,WN Jn ,xy wiklg- - Q. . Q v hg h , pf ,,. 7 ffiw. sf ,r 2, f fl U-I . ig.. , A W-ng "ev ,Q 1- , U, , ,xs,. .S ,,, S, 5 Qt Mg X ,.X-- R .Q ..k- Xfqfjl A " X' " i' f. Li? . ,i Q T' X-M I . ' K wi A mir - . - v X XXX N X A x X V X, QLX x..k,. . 933 .. vi - K k Q .K .. 5 M Q mx Q. v Aw. Q. N gs '31 vm. ,,. -mow -Nqr W I ,wa-. hreword This, your 1958 Edentonign, is a record in pictures of this year in Edenton Jr.-Sr. High School. As the years go by this book will take on added signifi- cance,for in it you will find the names, faces, organizations and a ctivitie s , aspirations and achievements which have formed our 1957-1958 school year. You, as an Edenton Junior-Senior High School student, have played a very important part in this book. Whether your contribution was great or small, it was a vital one and could not have been made by anyone except you. Without you, our book would not be the same, our story would be a different one. So, this is your story-the record of you, your friends, and your classmates. And, to you who are Seniors,.we who have produced this book, hope that as the years go by it will keep alive and vivid your half-forgotten impressions of your Senior year. 1 'S f 1x0-A 1, if 1 , W Q W wr- ik- . LA i" Q .N X Q .H-ff' Q 1 X X 1 5 ix KQQ Q N W3 Q Mrs. J. Clarence Leary, Sr. Mr. M. A. Hughes Haard Of Zfrustees Mr. John A. Holmes Superintendent, Edenton City Schools Secretary of Board QQ. QNot Picturedj Mrs. Pauline Travis Secretary Mr. P. S. McMu11an Mr. Thomas Chears Chairman Mr. William T. Harry, Sr. LAI Mr. J. H. Conger, Sr. C N CXL' A ,f- Mrs. Eddy Faust, B.S. Texas University for Women Mrs. Alice H. Belch, A. B. Flora MacDonald College Mr. William Billings, A. B. Catawba College Mrs. Gloria M. Bond, A. B. Duke University Mr. Alton Brooks, B. S. Wake Forest College Mrs. Mary L. Browning, A. B. Randolph Macon Woman's College Miss Annie Bullock, A. B. University of North Carolina Mrs. M. Margaret DuLaney, A. B. Murray State College Miss Jane Frieze, A. B., M. A. University of North Carolina Vanderbilt University, Peabody Mr. Cecil Fry, B. S. North Carolina State College Mr. N. J. George, B. S., M. A. Waynesburg College University of North Carolina Mrs. Margaret B. Jenkins, A. B. Converse College Miss Evelyn Kilpatrick, A. B. East Carolina College Miss Ann E. Lassiter, B East Carolina College . S. Miss Ann Mayo, A. B., B. S. hculty 7,1-. G xl s . gras E' .1 '- , ni, " . '3- Q... ki -:sg sr ew.. I 'Ri 5 if -ug -nf . East Carolina College X gg.- V fi Mrs. Rebecca W. Shepard, A. B. ,W Woman's College, University of North Carolina SQ F Mr. Victor J. Tucker, B. S. East Carolina College Miss Coleen Ward, B. S. High Point College Miss Lula N. Williams, A. B., M. A. Wake Fore st College Appalachian State Teacher's College Mrs. Grace W. Byrum, B. S. East Carolina College Mr. Gerald D. James, A. B., M. A. East Carolina College ei -in l N-- ,wx 7 .x,gs ' fs . tl, Secretary .W 6 5' L. .-. fi. .Ugg A gs ' 1 - In x al ., e 3 gg. Q ls. Principal S1011 an I Q 5 ser A' .Www XX QL , xx 'A it Q, vi . N33 . an was 'lfs Q- r g . . f 1:44 l' X 'HQ ek - .A '51 Q A . A 'X A 4 A ,s Q A 9 ' Q Y .... 4.. sf-- t Q4 ,Q Jerry Holmes Patricia Bunch Linda Leary Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager f 5 N , Q 3 4' 31. g if C., ,M X 4- - Billy Harry Anno Stacy Photographic Manager Assistant Business Manager I ,Q , y 'R 7' K L ka P I 'I Gus Hughes Ann Spruill Typist Assistant Photographic' Manager N-s Y'- , I Qu 'y I Grace Whiteman Maude Lee Corprew Tvpist Proof Reader QQ' ' Jack Gverman Proof Reader Faye McClenney Art Editor Miss Ann Mayo v , FQ 'vs Mr. N. J. George Annual Advisor A . ,-si" 9, . Annual Advisor ssl' V' ' Tommy Kehayes '- Ex-officio member fl V 3 G' 41. A ". ?'t W Deanna Hollowell ,Aw ,Ex . Q, A Assistant Circulation an t' 4 ,R Manager Q- ' Ki f, XL? Ray White 4 X x Circulation Manager Og? aff' Viv' . Xxx, QQ 1 rx KKK SM fi Nw. wwf-1 D , mpwmis' x. S xr -ii 1' M iggzxf-SA 'A X. .. 'Q- Q l,.N,.,M..! ffikfi PMA: N an '...g.-V Q -..,, Nr A-gf ' wg x sw I . :rim 0'-Twin y J Q . fi' ,Q 4 ' ,DN . 5 x ' 1 Q' I JE! ,rx 1--:cf A ROBERT EARL ASHLEY TRANSFERREDQ Football 45 Track 45 Basketball 43 Monogram Club 43 Baseball 4. JAMES HENRY BOSWELL Steering Committee 35 Band 2,35 Science Club lg Student Council Reporter 4. ROBERT JOEL BOYCE, JR. Stagecraft Club l,Z,3,4g Vice President 4g Chorus 35 Band 2. SANDRA LEE BOYCE Band 2,3,4g Band Librarian 3,4g Band R e p o r t e r 43 Basketball 43 Interviewing Editor of Spotlight 4. KNAPP CHARLTON BRABBLE Baseball lg Basketball lg Shop Instructor 49 Bus Driver 3,4g Stagecraft Club 1,Z,3g President 3. DELORES CHARLOTTE BUNCH MARY ELIZABETH BUNCH F.H.A. l,Z,3,43 Library Assistant 45 Band 1,Z,3,4g Supply Treasurer Z, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Recording Secretary 4. 10 Seniors X I C 6 Q W' it "nm - 'Tn get 'i fk 10' tw, -4. AQ aim -GUN w""'1ur PATRICIA ANNE BUNCH Class Secretary 35 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,45 Majorette l,2,3,4, Pony l,25 Chief 45 F. H. A. l,2,35 Vice President 2, President 35 Girls' Monogram l,2,3,4, President 25 Glee Club l,2,3,4, Accompanist 2,35 Treble Clef 1,2,3,4, Accornpanist l,2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Marshal 3,45 Editor of Annual 45 Spotlight Staff 45 Basketball l, 2,3. CHARLOTTE LAVENIA BURGESS TRANSFERRED. K A PAGE YVONNE CAYTON xv f' Treble Clef l,2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Glee F Club l,2,3,45 Girls' Monagram 3,45 F. H. A. 15 Cheerleader 2,3,4. S yi f-,,,. . ,gl L JESSE HAROLD COPELAND Science Club 15 4-H Club 1,25 Football 2, 35 J. V. 15 Basketball 35 J. V. 1,25 Base- ball l,2,3,45 Monogram Z,3,4. MAUDE LEE CORPREW Q- Q" Twi- 15 Qi I 'N AQ, F H A 12 3 Historian 3 Glee Club 2 3 4, Annual Staff Typist 4. SAR AH ELIZABETH DAVENPORT F. H. A. 1,2. WILLIAM STOKELY ELLIOTT, JR. National Honor Society 45 Marshal 4. ll kg. 4399 'lYw? lk S., . Pi '44 A A 5379356 19 P Qffifl. ,fe Q -Lg. - '- im 'lt N hifi ,gt X 0040 9 1 ' 1 -Fife' -. if 'riffs My . iififxic x. y 4 . "f..i'firl:'-Ip 1 f. -ft -- iv- f' "T," ' l A keag-or l BERTHA WHILMENA ELLIS F. H. A, 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 35 F. T. A. 2,45 Treasurer 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Band 2, 3,45 Library Assistant 4. DAVID BRECKENRIDGE FLETCHER Student Council l,2,4, President 45 Foot- ball l,2,3,45 Monogram Club l,2,3,45 Class President 1,25 J. V. Basketball and Foot- ball 2. PAUL EDWARD GEORGE Band 1,2,3,45 Football 1,25 Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 2,3,45 Debating team 3,45 Monogram Club 4. WILLARD RAY HALL J. V. Football 15 J. V. Basketball l. WILLIAM THOMAS HARRY, JR. Football 3,45 J. V. Football 1,25 Mono- gram Club 3,45 Science Club 1,25 Hi-Y 2, 35 Student Council 45 Annual Staff 45 Spot- light Staff 4. Sk- . 19--.- r KRW: Vis... 1, i LL- -,N . in-v' CHAR LES HUGH HOLLOWELL Science Club 25 Hi-Y 2. CLYDE RAYMOND HOLLOWELL In-. 'Z' J. V. Football 15 Football 2,3,45 H1-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Chaplain 35 Monogram Club Z,3,45 Science Club 1,25 Treasurer 2. fl, .. Mu-4 .ff V' Jw. . 5 x X f 12 I DEANNA DOWDY HOLLOWELL F H, A, l,2,3,45 F. T. A. 3,45 Secretary 4-i Band 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,44 Library Assistant l5 Spotlight Staff, Feat- I ure Edito r 45 Annual Staff, Circulation NN Manager 45 4-H Club l. Svniors fe - vs-A T5 ROSA BROOME HOLLOWE LL Q wifi Q. ta-wry-vf K.. SP Glee Club l,2,3,45 Student Council 3,45 T reasurer 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,4, Co- captain 3,45 Marshal 3,45 F. H.A. 1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Girls' Mono- gram Club 1,2,3,4,Vice-President 35 Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3,45 Treble Clef Club 15 Majorette 1,2,3,4, Pony 1,25 Steering Committee 35 Spotlight Staff 4. JERRY LEE HOLMES J. V. Football lg J. V. Basketball l5Science Club lg Hobby Club 25 Hi-Y 25 Spotlight Staff 2,45 Sports Editor 45 Class President 32 Class Vice-President 45 Student Council ON 'vi gt . T l,3,4. STEPHEN JUDSON HOPKINS TRANSFERRED. CAROL JEAN JETHRO Monogram Club 2,3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Cheerleader 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y Club 2,45 F. H. A. l,2,3,4, Reporter 45 F. T. A. 2,3,4, Reporter 3, Vice President 45 Debating 25 Glee Club l,2,35 Spotlight Editor 45 French Club President 3. PHILLIP DOUGLAS JETHRO r rc:-Fr rr, I J, V. Football 15 Hobby Club lg Stagecraft Club 2,3, Sergeant-at-arms 2, Vice Presi- dent 35 French Club 35 Debating Team 35 Bus Driver 3,4, Substitute 3. THOMAS CARL KEHAYES Student Council 3,4, Vice Pre sident 35 lass President 4' Hi Y 2 3 Vice Presi C , - , , - dent 25 National Honor Society 3,4, Presi- dent 4' Science Club l,2. fi 'Sym -y -N 'Lv .l J' ,' 4 A 1 xg .fix in . 'R . 4' Qt? 1. M 'flff 1.4 'YS - 4 lx. 11- "li'i..g 4'--' auf 1f""" LINDA LEE LEARY Glee Club l,2,3,45 F. H. A. 1,Z,35 Teen- Age Council 15 Student Council Z5 Treble Clef Z,3,4, Secretary 45 Majorette l,2,3, 4, Assistant chief and pony 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Marshal 3,4, Chief 35 Girls' Monogram 1,Z,3,45 National Honor Society 3,4, Vice President 45 Spotlight Staff Z,4, Reporte r 2, Society Editor 45 Steering Committee 35 Class Treasurer 3,45 F. T. A. Z,3, Vice President 35 De- bating Team 2. LOIS FAYE MCCLENNEY F, H, A. 1,2,3,45 Library As sistant 35 Spotlight Staff, Typist and contributor of jokes and fillers 45 Art Editor for Annual Staff 4. PERC Y LEE MCIVER Band 1,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-arms Z, Presi- dent 3,45 Chorus 15 Substitute Bus Driver 45 Library Assistant 45 Football 1,Z. F. H. JOHN LAFAYETTE NIXON, JR. Stagecraft Club 1,Z,3, President 35 Bus Driver 45 Spotlight Staff 4. VIRGINIA MAE NIXON A. 1,Z,35 Library Assistant 4. JACK PRESTON OVERMAN Football 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Track 35 Hi-Y 2,3, Se c retary Z5 National Honor Society 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Student Council 35 Glee Club 2,3,45 Science Club 1,25 Marshal 3,4. HENR Y HARRISON OVERT ON Football 2,3,4, co-captain 45 Basketball 1, Z,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4, President 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Baseball 3,45 French Club 3. 1 5 . -A '-1 Seniors fvxiq s--.-,V il A .ul W! H. 3. all -03. hs - P-...- KATHLEEN MADRE OVERTON F, H, A, l,Z,35 Library Assistant 4. la li DONALD WAYNE ROCHE J. V. Basketball 1,25 J. V. Footba Basketball 3,45 Football Z,3,45 Baseball 1,35 Track 3,45 Monogram 3,4. GEORGE THOMAS ROGERSON ea, ez., 4..- Q"-- s kk M. jf! ... K Stagecraft Club 1,2,3, Vice President Z, A' President 3, Shop Instructor 4. s A A X., QW , -wg ,,, 323. 5 IMOGENE ROGERSON "N f Glee Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y l,Z,3,45 Girls' Monogram Club l,2,3,4, Vice President Z, President 35 Stude nt Council 45 Cheer- leader l,Z,3,4, Chief 43 Basketball 1,Z,3 4,-co-captain 4. MYRNA LEE SKINNER F. H. A, 2,35 F. T. A, 3,45 Reporter 45 F. H. A. Historian 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Marshal 3,45 Library Assis- tant 45 Glee Club 2,45 Spotlight Staff assis- tant editor 4. ANN FLORINE SPRUILL Library Club lg Library Assistant 1,2545 F. H. A. l,Z,3,45 Majorette l,Z,3,45 F. T. A. 45' Annual Staff Typist 45 Typist for Commercial Dept. 45 4-H Club Z. ANNE HELEN STACY TRANSFERRED5 FLT. A. 45 Teen-Age Council 4. 15 Q., A aft' 19 .S 9- L -Q fs. ,,.. 17x ' Qi fl! lik' Seniors 'nr'-'A .- 7.0! 'U5 az.. . 15- Wm.. DALLAS THURSTON STALLINGS, JR. J. V. Football 13 Football2,3,43 Monogram Club 3,43 Science Club 1,23 Hi-Y Club 1,23 Vice Pre sident 33 Track 3,43 Spotlight Staff 4. RUTH JACKSON STOKELY Glee Club l,2,3,43 F. H. A. 1,23 Tri-Hi- Y 1,Z,3,4Q National Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 43 Girls' Monogram Club l,2, 3,4, Treasurer 4, Secretary Z3Spotlight Staff 43 Steering Committee 33 Majorette l,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Marshall 3,4. JEFF RAY WHITE TRANSFERRED3 Band 2,33 Class Vice President 33 Steering Committee 33 Student Council 43 Library assistant 43 Annual Staff 4. BRUCE NORMAN WHITE, JR. TRANSFERRED3 Football 2,3,4, Co-cap- tain 43 Monogram Club 2,3,43 J. V. Bas- ketball 2. SIDNEY WALLACE WHITE Hobby Club 13 J. V. Football 13 Monogram Club 2,3,43 J. V. Basketball 1,23 Football Z,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 F. T. A. 1,2,33 4-H Club l,2,33 Track 33 Student Council 4. GRACE HOPE WHITEMAN F. H. A. 1,2,3,4, Historian 2, Secretary- treasurer 43 Student Council l,2,4, Sec- retary 43 Tri-Hi-Y 43 F. T. A. 43 National Honor Society 334, Treasurer 43 Marshal 3,43 Spotlight Staff 43 Annual Staff 4g Secretary of Class 2,43 Typist for Home Ec. Dept. 4. 16 7 . 3' Q" " ' 'Q U in . is. 'tm 'pw SC CECILIA YVONNE WILLIAMS F. H. A.1,Z,3,4, Vice-President 4, Parlia mentarian Z5 Glee Club 45 Library Assis tant 2,45 F. T. A. 4. Not Pictured: BETTY LOU SEIVERS DOROTHY LUENETT WRIGHT F. H. A. 1,Z,3p Library Assistant 4. MASCOTS NANCY HARE JACKIE WHITE ai- . Nm . . I -' , ww ""' f An.. , J. A :.. :': 23 --.,,, , N XV, 1 x Q I "' I wwf' I. I F fx ' - A - 5-.AM gm . -R is N E 41 A I - f 41 N MOST STUDIOUS Billy Elliott Grace Whiteman 'UI 'I-ff FRIENDLIEST Henry Overton De anna Hollowell MOST BASHFUL Willard Hall Charlotte Bunch is 'A X, 5' r x A 1 'E ,gf ,f S gl I W K MOST ORIGINAL NEATEST Percy MCIVOI' Imogene Rogerson Carol Jethro Bobby Ashley ,Q x MOST SINCERE Ruth Stokely Phillip Jethro 1' , . M A ' lwf, y 'Ax nd T? in' nal 'j I BEST ALL AROUND Grace Whiteman Tommy Kehayes in If BEST DRESSED Dallas Stallings Patricia Bunch MOST MUSICAL MOST ATHLETIC Percy Mclver Sid Whilv Sandra Bgyge Imogene Rogerson MOST DEPENDABLE John Nixon Ann Spruill 14 1 I MOST DIGNIFIED Maude 'Lee Corprew Phillip Jethro 1',pRiN,,.pAL WITTIEST F aye McC1enney Bruce White CUTEST Steve Hopkins Myrna Skinner x . 1 ", . f MOST POPULAR Patricia Bunch David Fletcher -We ' wk BEST LOOKING Imogene Rogerson Henry Overton x fl" ' ...ff CLASS CLOWNS Deanna Hollowell Jesse Copeland MOST PERSONALIT Y Anne Stacy Bobby Ashley MOST TALENTED BEST DANCERS A A Eddie George gtarollfleufo MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Page Cavton eve op ms Tommy Kehayes Grace Whiteman Glass History In everyone's life and especially now in the life ofeach senior, there are times when decisions must be made and certain bridges crossed as we design our individual ways of life. In the last twelve years of our lives, we have been making decisions and crossing bridges everyday as we set the pattern of our future. Why, I remember -------- when we first en- tered Junior High School. We were the first class to enter the seventh grade in the new high school building. That same year our p r i ncip al, Mr. Gerald James, began his career in Edenton. We really had a busy year, and our sponsors, Mrs. Alice Belch and Mrs. Mar g a r e t DuLaney, had their hands full. Then came the eighth grade. That year our sponsors were Mr. Alton Brooks and Mrs. Mar- garet Jenkins. Perhaps our fondest memory of that year is the wonderful trip our history class and teacher, Mrs. Alice Belch, made to the state capital. What a time' the sponsors had trying to match our vitality on that trip! When we e nte r e d the ninth grade, we were "one of the gang." By that time we knew almost everyone in school, and you can bet they knew us, too! The boys went out for that great American sport ---- football. Yes, we had several boys on the team that went all the way to the Class A State Championship, the first that the school had won since 1934. It was a wonderful year. Upon entering the tenth grade, we realized that we had crossed the bridge of half our high school days. But we still had many happy days ahead. We were a part of almost every club and sports activity in school. With the help of our sponsors, Miss Nunalee and Mr. Gelbach, we had a grand and memorable year, complete with being regional champions in the Class A State football games. The eleventh grade was a big step for us. This was a year of big plans, much hard work, and a lot of fun. As soon as possible we began the thrilling task of ordering our much awaited class rings. In addition, we had many members of the class on the football team which went all the way to the State Championship for the second time in three years. Quite a few of our members were cheerleaders or very able majorettes and band members. Of course, the biggest thrill of all that year was putting on the be st Junior-Senior Prom ever pre sente d to a Senior Class. Our theme was "Bi-igadoon." We will look back and recall many happy moments working on the prom and all the e xpe r i enc e s we had putting on the many, many shades of paint used to complete the scenery. But when the big night arrived, it was well w orth the while. To top it off, that year from our class, sponsored by Mr. George Gelbach and Miss Jane Frieze, nine students we re honored by being chosen mar shals at the graduation exercise. It was ayear we will long remember. Finally, the twelfth grade! After eleven years of work and play, we had at last reached our goal. We began at once to work on our year- book, aided by our sponsors, Miss Ann Mayo and Mr. N. J. George. The Edentonian was a lot of work, but we had a marvelous time preparing it. Many of the Seniors were active during the year on the staff of The Spotlight, our school paper. Our c l a s swas one thatwas very active in extra- :urricular activitie s . Once again our football team, with many Seniors aboard, won the State Championship for the third time in four years. In October, both learning and having fun, we attended the State Fair in Raleigh. It is hard to say which part of the trip was enjoyed best, forthe entire day'was one of the most memorable ones of the year. The maj orette s , composed mainly of Seniors, came in second ina state-wide twirling contest held at the State Fair. We also gave the traditional Senior Play. Ours was en- titled "Strictly F orm al " and was a bang-up success, to say the least. Then of course, class night and graduation. And before we knew it, we had finished our work and realized our dreams. Our plans had been carried out and now we are left with only memories of our high school days. My, what wonderful things I can recall about our twelve years in school, but especially about our last four. We will carry the experiences we have had, and the memories of our school life and of our friends with us all the rest of our lives to guide us in making our many decisions we will face. We have crossed the bridge on part of our education, but we have not yet learned enough. We will continue to search for, and find, greater knowledge in the fields we pursue--whether it be in schools of higher learning or in our many everyday affairs. De anna Hollowell Historian .Cast Will ,And Testament We, the graduating class of Edenton Junior-Senior High School, after due consideration, do hereby declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. Article I To our parents, who have guided and helped us through these trying years, we leave our heartfelt gratitude and love. Article II To the Board of Trustees of Edenton Junior-Senior High School, we leave our sincere thanks for the aid and concern they have continually showed for the students of this school. Article III To the faculty, we leave our gratitude for the patience and unde r st anding they have shown for us in the past years. Article IV To the students, we leave our sincere sympathy and hope that you will be as lucky as we have been. Section Section Se cti on Se ction Se ction Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Se ction Se cti on Se ction Section Section Section Article V Bobby Ashley leaves his ability to run punts back to Charlie Small. James Boswell leaves his "go1den voice" to Paul Twiddy and his line to Jimmy Baker. Sandra Boyce leaves her job as librarian of the band to Ellen Basnight. Robert Boyce leaves ....... very gladly! Knapp Brabble leaves Bus 1413 to whoever can handle it. ' Charlotte Bunch wills her ability to be seen but not heard to Linda Spencer. Eli z ab e th Bunch leaves her position as clarinet player to Anita Sexton. Patricia Bunch leaves her chief majorette 's hat to some lucky strutter from the class of '59. Charlotte Burgess wills her long hair to Marilyn Weaver. Page Cayton leaves, taking Steve with her. Jesse Copeland leaves his c olle c ti on of jungle noises to Billy Cook Griffin. Maude Corprew leaves her dignified ways to Faye Cayton. Sarah Davenport leaves her fr e ck le s to Millie Willis. Billy Elliott wills his ability to stay out of trouble to LaDe1l Parker. Bertha Ellis wills her driving ability to Lorean Wright. David Fletcher leaves "Candy" to no one. Eddie George leaves his trumpet playing ability to Carolyn Stallings. Willard Hall le ave s the air clear of his K40X0 radio station. Billy Harry leaves his lovely handwriting to Bill Goodwin. Charles Hollowell wills his nice manners and good conduct to Billy Wilkins. 21 Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Se ction Section Se ction Se ction Section Se cti on Se ction Section Se cti on Se cti on Section Section Se cti on Section Section Section Section Section Se ction Section Section Section Section Section 21 22 23 2 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49 50 51 Ray Hollowell leaves the road to Hertford open to George Swain. Rosa Hollowell wills her ability to go steady with so many boys to Diane Goodwin. Deanna Hollowell le ave s her position as the class clown to John Mitchener. Jerry Holmes leaves Ann Hobbs to no one. Steve Hopkins leaves his ability to write so many letters to Edwin Byrum. Phillip Jethro leaves his s i de b u r n s to E lvi s . Tommy Kehayes wills his ab ilit y to talk back to the teachers ina nice way to Jimmy Baker. Linda Leary leaves some of her brains to Fred Britton. Faye McClenney leaves her cute freckles and laugh to Donna Mitchell. Percy Mclver leaves his ability to start fires in school to Claude Barnette. John Nixon leaves Bus 4946 badly in need of repairs. Virginia Hobbs le ave s to be a full-time wife. Jack Overman le ave s his paper route to anyone who can get up that early. Henry Overton wills his ability to kick the extra points to Ralph Hawkins. Kathleen Overton leaves her quiet ways to Annette Owens. Donald Roche leaves school, but he leaves Frances to no one. Imogene Rogerson wills her p o s i t i on as chief cheerleader to anyone with strong lungs. Myrna Skinner leaves her position as the c ute st girl in the se nior class to Judy McLaughlin. Ann Spruill leaves her ability to get Brenda Mooney to parades on time to next year's majorettes. Priscilla Owens leaves her musical talent to herhusband, John. Ann Stacy leaves her "cool" antics to Jane Dulaney. Dallas Stalling leaves his nose to .Timmy Durante. Ruth Stokely leaves to meet "Goaty". Betty LouSeivers wills her petite figure to Joyce Moore. Bruce White leaves his ability to go steady to Ralph Hawkins. Ray White leaves the pathway to Mr.James' office free to some other unlucky student. Sid White wills his position as "Most Athletic" to Sam Letcher. Grace Whiteman leaves her job as secre- tary of the Student Council to anyone lucky enough to get it. Yvonne Williams leaves her ability to get out of Mr. Tucker's class to Rita Wright. Dorothy Wright leaves her height to Georgia Skinner. I, Carol Jethro, leave to marry Billy. Carol Jethro Testator We ' r 1 4 Q 5 WK' 4 1 "M - A QQ:-pn: -, 'ft W 4 - L 'rw . -..Q nrfl' J f , ,. -gi? 1 3 ' 'ff ' F 'ix arf: ' fx W2 S Q Xi ., P f . Egg s' 55 f I f' . n 5 YR 4z..3 W fm - ,gif 'A xx J '13 A ' i'vTk'r-ri ii.. f M Q 4 .fit ' Q fx E i ' , ' 1 - , ' . ' ff 1 , r Aff- , is'?55 3 M Stuff- A 4 bl Q. x fs .. Qs: A V E i JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Jack Bunch Edwin Byrum President President Ted Hardie on Vice -Pre sident Minta Hobbs Secretary Anna Williams Treasurer Zackie Harrell Vice -Pre sident Dolly Wright Secretary Treasurer Patricia Waff Historian ll uderclassmen 1 of K..- FRESHMEN Billy Cate s President .Timmy Ashley Vice -Pre sident Priscilla Bunch Secretary Treasurer u tv Q EIGHTH GRADE Je anette Ashley Pre sident Nancy Spivey Vice-President Joe Mitchener Secretary Treasurer tl ,gn A ii' SEVENTH GRADE Nelia Lowe Pre side nt Wayne Ashley Vice-President Betty .To Webb Secretary Treasurer i 'lf Q N' J, -- xxx' .Q ., 'ul -sq . 'Q ...fx gb A aa an A 1 IVR- vs in A -:Z 4, s f- - ,f r s-- 4 W rgusf Q X w-.W Q X W - .. I i W h ,Q rwxxhimsif 4' is it WI' K' as '-x , "QF-0 wx if ff '-' 4, 1- I mf-fr, First row, left to right: Molton Adams, Gene Ashley, Marvin Ashle y, Jimmy Baker Claude Bzirm-ttu, Delores Barrow. Second row: Delor:s Basnight, Wayne Planchard, Elton Bass Bunny Brinson, Jack Bunch, .lan-t Bunch. 611155 First row, left to right: E. J. Boyce, Faye Cayton, Clyde Cobb, Richar d C opeland, Jimmie Cozzens, Betsy Cracldock. Second row: Linda Driscal, Peggy Elliott, Carolista Fletcher, Calvin Foxwell, Thurman Goodwin, Billy Cook Griffin. Third row: Carroll Griffin, Edgar Halsey, led lldrdison, Ralph Hawkins, Minta Hobbs, Carro1l.Hollowell. ...K N 8, xi ga 1 br 4, vw xl . W ' x, 8. ,um , ,, """" N-.ff ' -,, I f y ,i F 45. Q fig 4" I lo ' k n. so-. 1 it SQL E M W d Q ' 1 D, if ii 5 , A ,ez ,M 1 G V L . . 0 ,WJ , .. ' ,- 'Q 'B 4 . E -s - X , one x H 'W W' Q . 4, ' Q . ...vp f X ' N Q al if r gm " ' S 'Q Y igry 45? 'X i 125 sr' :gi if ,f'w 31 f my i R ix S V 9 , fx 's 'F' X 1 wi K 1 S Q "Nw-2' . Q35 g, If ,a. .. Q, , K in an .,iW. it Tx S33 - QM X5 .H S, , me nv K wwf, me ly ,Ma an . ,. 'N V f il M 5 L' ' X 'N ' "" ...al A X ,QS 5 an l A N First row, left to right: Audrey Holland, Frank Johnson, Virginia Jones, Gus Hughes, Joyce Layden, Peggy McCoy. Second row: John Mitchener, Judy McLaughlin, Brenda Mooney, Carolyn Perkins, Ronald Perry, Pat Pickler. First row, left to right: Donna Roberts, Jan Scallion, Georgia Skinner, Virginia Skinner, Charlie Small, Marie Small. Second row: Linda Spencer, George Swain, Beth Tolley, Paul Twiddy, Alice Washington, Betty White. Third row: Billy White, Robert White, Billy Wilkins, Anna Williams, Millie Willis, Luke Wright Rita Wright. g ,riff --.. - g Xwivsiw row ,,m. F F K .. 44 - is pit i W-, f , ' i gn www ' . xg " X -- f S ,:.HnewagQnw X 1 ' 4 R Q " 'x 'X 33, gi '17, :J an 5? 3R,,g .T V i xr U ' Qi' K .W ..... ' 'Q fn. KX, xg N' g ik" W My V - XL' as ,, A iQ',e3f.'fGi-me , , r 'S M N -a- Q Gr-- ssdls sr , M E e. f GFS , X 1 Z ., , , ,,, K A D 'Q , fi ,,, it ' Q yitux L , :SN N ,K ,.- wa., - kg-L ' - - g HSM l - QV 411 . s,,.- "'N .H uw 1 U8 -'X . 0- lg fix ,W l N -1. .. L x.. . I Q N . . , F' F x.r Lm'L ra J Wwe-li v- i -, 5 if We SC as 'Q M. f- fl- ll ii.. Ki ' M' J Li nl., sa, M' NU -9- tip,--' I Ig ' x. QS e X Q g 1 l U First row, left to right: Judy Adams, Lloyd Adams, Frankie Alexander, Robert Bass, Ronnie Bass, Norma Blanchard. Second row: Harriet Bond, Joyce Bond, Edwin Byrum, Billy Dail, Alice Davenport, Jane Dulaney. as -m L1"""J lr""""A "l IWNQ5 --- ' N... im., F I 'a LL 611155 First row, left to right: .Tame s Ellis, Donald Faircloth, Roland Farless. Second row: Johnny F o r e h a n d , Howard Goodwin, L e wi s Goodwin, Bobby Hall, Robert Halsey, Billy Hardison. Third row: Mary Harrell, Z ac k i e Ha r r e ll, Woody Hoggard, Frances Holton, Jimmy Johnston, Terry Jones. Fourth row: Billy Lane, Sheila Lanning, Becky Lawrence, Henry Layden, Clayton Letcher, Kay Lowe. 'ldv i N, "' 'Mil' 5 -vs l 'Na " , A ' i l li Z' W , K may '75, be 2 1 EK L, ' ' . " ' """ ' ' 'sw L. . Q ,, J Q4 l m I X 5 . A! K ' P- " ,., ,Y " ' Q K ag 4 c 'S x 'l . gm, ' AS. .f B Q, 'rf-Q 'lt ' l if ,L . .. A 'ar-B3 fx, f' ga , ' a.. l i ' " ' It 'S .X- nv , A Ycwm ni' 'lr g, Rx! Aux 4: R ax: vs 1 4. - V - C' 'Cowl P LL' :,- A' f , fr' 2' J N- " ' jihrm t E Sw., H I ,A Q ' I if I 1-we sf B ,fx ,N 3 ' B K 4, . in is 1. , -.. f ?f"! . f M t .I K. - si ' r f"' 'fx "M f . , VX Ib, V' tx Q ,X 1, hx t- Q . f f- fe- . MK, V3 7 S 4 S , SL A 'l 'XX ,..,.. , 95 -rx . ,N N , f ' X Q' 1 . K' ' ll., ...A -xr , v 'P' -M 'N S S , X A iss. il., : P V First row, left to right: Donna Mitchel me ,, 5 159: S .it L 2.94 5 as if X , sa I ,Q -s. .f Gi k l, Ann Owens, Ernest Owens, Lucy Owens, Dickie Pate, Ladell Parker. Second row: Katherine Perry, Johnny Phillips, Betty ' ' Minton Small. Privott, Betsy Ross, Wanda Singletary, Of 1960 Lloyd Parrish Knot pictured .,, First row, left to right: Ida Smyer, Cynthia X Spencer, Linda Spivey. Second row: Peggy Twiddy, Patricia Waff, Evelyn Ward. M h " ,, I ,Q First row, left to right: Ashby Tarkington, Lois Q-.. 1-rw Toler, Johnny Twiddy. Second row: Ray Ward, . Marilyn Weaver, Terry Wilson. Thirdrow: Diana . E S Wright, Dolly Wright. Lorean Wright. P K K .,s. K' 1 ,Q -4 L. i " A A -Y ws. l X. . V ik ...Q i "1 " 1 S 25 Si-A M was ,. R. AQ fl 5' ' te S 3.- A " Qf me "if" ' its a ' MY' "" ,wx ,1 br. . tt K"" ' we . A I , ,,.,,t s S gg Sl to - jf Ks-ti IN MEMORIAM E S ,S BOBBY BELCH 'A P A' ' L- K X Y if t ' ' X f 'S T .N S S Q -Mswsr.-.MS Q in Q .Nj QX . F 'QQ :xx , M t -rss. . 5 ' M S 4+ 2 Q y si, 1 'Q' 1 W '." S - S li C? ""' A .gy 7 Hs- 'asm F 1"' into N it 'F-A iA 5:0 'vc 41 l M 1 ..- K Ihre! i ' 1 aj 'lr Ty .-1x3 Us ,Q nf ge 1. g 4. 'W fr 4- e ""e "" Fix st row, left to right: Jean Adams, Earl Alexander, .imrny Ashley, Wayne Baker, Ellen Bas- night, Danny Bass, Lula Bembridge. Sz cond row: Rebecca Boswell, Linda Brabble, Fred Britton, Alice Bunch, Priscilla Bunch, Ronald Bunch, Christine Cahoon. 6111.95 First row, left to right: Phillip Camp, Joe Carnpen, Billy Cates, Howard Collins, Johnny Cope- land, Gloria Crummey, Judy Elli Ott. Second row: Freddy Ferguson, Steve Grebenstein, Ray Fore-hand, Joan Garrett, Steve Gasper, Billy Goodwin, Diane Goodwin. Third row: Dick Goodwin Ervin Griffin, Mary Ann Hare, Karen Hollowell, Bubba Hopkins, Johnnie Howell, Crayton Hughes: Fourth row: Judy Israel, Edward Jordan, Billy Keeter, R. B. Keeter, Alex Kehayes, Emngene Kei nan, Gene Lane. .mr '- B Mz.J.l1l- A 'N 1.-. ,,., , ' 'A if .Q .--, , ri, 'Z fs. , R A: in -35 v- .x-Q-M " ' E5 1, 1 ,, 4' sr- - 'I P , -4 , 1'-- U dr, in f 1 7 . " E1 Q Lg A i A l 1 .aw as , " ""' A A ggi " :S-R:-: 1' 55' 1 sf f.. 4, ,ge .1-.,, -Q e. .. K 'V' A --. x iw K if X A f-.lu 'A X' if 'N' ' A K fer .,,,,t. ga., Fig", ,.,4, G- ,ul Q. ea C an X A' Til C' X - 1. I, A A fl 1. ,., std. I ' .. E 5 , , A 1 -, f I l .N we L. 1 .3 G ' ' , 1: 'Q' Qs - , ,gg .i, i vi' 1 R S .Rau ' N' 1 f sv? is 0,1 A L Q 7' Q Q' '-N . 'W M c N S, .c S h e ., if ' 'Q'i ' ' x Ali' . i .. . m A 5 S A M .. . , 4 1 S . if 'if Q . 4' 4 ,N Y , X L x we up If ' ,,.' . ml " s 4 ' 11 5- fi 3 'S 'MX ,ap is ! A ' A X Q 1 S is 4 x P 315 First row, left to right: Lloyd Lassiter, Nettie Lassiter, Vir gini a Lanier, Robert Marshall, Tommy Marshall, Lloyd Mills, Joyce Mitchell. Second row: Joyce Moore, George Nixon, Mary Ann Overton, Jack Perry, Leslie Phipps, Bobby Powell, Millie Price. Of 1961 First row, left to right: Danny Privott, Tommy Privott, Jimmy Rogerson, Lula Mae Rogerson, Jack Sawyer, Dorothy Shepard, Bud Skiles. Second row: Lawrence N. Smith, Lawrence Smith, Not Pictured, Sara Relfe Smith, Leroy Spivey, Carolyn Stallings, Bobby Stokely, Arlyn Stratton, Frances Swain. Third row: Jerry Tolley, Carol Twiddy, Curtis Twiddy, Roland Vaughan, Buck Whee le r , Linda Wheeler, Bryant White. Fourth row: Eddie White, Jimmy White, Margaret White, Peggy Williams, Ray Williams, Bert Willis, Kathryn Wozelka. Q , ,Q Q , Q Q ' '25 p ' f'W'T! i' 1, Q L gs X .N 1 L Q 4. , Q., Q, Q , ik V., , ff- . ,. - ,,, agua- ,J ,- - " 3" I "HQ Q Ji I ' ' , K ...t 2, ,,-N H a , ,M -Q ,, as ,.,, - Q v fm A an Q .s X RQ Q Q X Q K Q in , ,gg gp-.. 1 , ww- ., Y- n x CF. 1 , ix .- R rg, 'rc i we f + H E, , v- ' fin' - Q S fs L-fr v , .Q "' 1- - ' - is . . A 4.. i M ' ' Q. S wr, i . . -. - ff' fe -fs f time AA l Q S il ' X P s I j! 'ggi J Qui 3, T if Us 'sim S, in S I N X 6, A 41, 0 :J 'X ,A ng Q. If 'W 5. in 'ig " 'A " ifgfx gli ,K QL Q If .Q if C-'V gi Q. V ,Q ' ' , 3 5 as i is is ix: Q. it , 1 nl ' A - L 2 ' , ' Y' , ,,- :, '23 i, 'Q ' til, a at fm, 'J , -. lm ' 1... -. 'S J -' " f 5 A gr, Ju' E 3 l 0 X ax li W I 1' ' fp- l fi e A if ' J 'Q 1 -' 'LK- xx, J ' ' T' , Q . ,, AY - h L. 'J - L . - U' -i 12" -1 - " are W A ' Q ' ew M v.: L, 1 . . ' , f .. 1 -W , f A - uf, , ' va v ' r V 1. u . ,H - s ' ' 1 X 5, . f fzgfffx L J ' W 5 J - .fp k, Q, N M- GL K Mn 0 Q r L ACN 2, Q ,.L, ., ., ,N .fzggf , ,ag I . fi . x 4, .- . - ,,,i - EIGHTI-I GRADE First row: Herbert Adams, Joan Adams, Barbara Alexander, John Alexander, Jeanette Ashley, Howard Askew, Leroy Barrow, Betty Bass, Carolyn Bass, Cathrine Bass, Mary Bass. Second row: Richard Batdorff, Eleandor Boyce, Fred Bunch, Marion Bunch, Gloria Byrum, Billy Cain, Ida Carnpen, Catherine Cayton, Frank Collins, Marian Collins, Faye Copeland. Third row: Joyce Cullipher, Charles Cuthrell, Jimmy Dail, Richard Dixon, Nancy Ellis,Harvey Feldmeier, Carroll Forehand, Cecil Fry, Vernon Goodwin, Gary I-Ia r dis on, Carolyn Harrell. Fourth row: Betty Jean Harris, Ann Hobbs, Dickie Hobowsky, Carolyn Holland, Richard I-Iollowell, Walter Holton, Maurice Hopkins, Anne Jenkins, Geraldine Jethro, Julian Jethro, Mary Ann Johnson. 611155 Of I 962 First row: Estelle Jones, Jeanette Jones, Roger Lamb, Boots Lassiter, Barbara Layton, Eugene McClenney, Carol Joy Miller, Joe Mitchener, Dorothy Mizelle, Beverly Morgan, Roger Nixon. Second row: Peggy Phillips, Carol Phipps, Joel Reynolds, Judy Riley, Dale Scott, EmilyShaw, Robert Skinner, Wayne Smith, Nancy Spivey, Jim Stacy, Kay Stratton. Third row: Roland Tolley, Carolyn Twiddy, Patsy Twiddy, Phyllis Twiddy, Vivian Twiddy, Margaret Weaver, James West, Jerry White, Jerry Whiteman, Frank Williams, Brad Williford. Fourth row: Danny Wright, Jean Wright, Moe Wright, Sammy Wright, Cathy Zane, Jerry Nixon, Alton Parrish, lNot Picturedj, s 4 Y' L1 X '! Q' S J A Q F - W - :' A 1' fu '- an f 'P i"'y '- , ,f - ,M - i ' ' 7 if he 2' .sg is ws, fi 2 M As., J 4 A ' if - be Y' . it . , l ' A l XX- 4 7F 5, ,T Y J JDK . 1, ,A as , ,Fx-' iz: .M 'Awe-t il' 'ij we A-AJ J A ff. ' f ' 'ie A ". I. 4 -A - t M 411:-f yew 1, Y .I ..,. 4 J 'ii+i,g.,,, A 'N - M al ' 'W " " 1: vs' J ,nz sr '- '93 5' ' . ig ff- f Y., . I we A 6 5 5 C , - ,, - , Q .L A . h M e , - e , P NNW A f . ' 4-. " 5 'P -A 1 ,'yQx 1' 6? , 'Y 'T S 7 x. I .X ,A of K L Q ., ... Q- -. i 'r Ahh eil' AX if AL T7 Q V 7 I I 'I kb ' I s 4 Am .Lu . ilk, 6- -vs X ' , fi f t 1 A A ' . 5' .X ' ' .6 A' F Y, vw in ii Qs xr, :hk t A :Q Nui? N A , ' K X.h: h I . Q' ,Lax QQ, 1- A X lf, ii, g 4. ' V- A K X gi. A L 4 m- . . Q. Q, . I' X t 4 as P -A E' wi A "4 3, ' a . sf. w - , ' tr' s q l ' 5 s all t. P- P V M A l if 1 c i , gf Q 1 i fi x f ' f f: ' A if P P., . .., M I " 5 6- 5 s ox M K : A ,, A aj Q. K at in . .,, A ... GL a A 2 1 -A A f- 5 . as -e- "' 1 ,gi L . sf aa U . . 1- ' . , t 5 ' ' We f X i V L gl 4 I ' ' s. 'ci its. '31 7 751 SEVENTH GRADE First row: Joan Alexander, Frances Altman, Ella Ambrose, Betty Arnold, Jack Ashley, Wayne Ashley, Rosa Bateman, P. L. Beeler, Ray Belch, Chuck Boggs, Leo Boucher . Secondrow: Phyllis Bouchet, Jackie Boyce, Virginia Boyce, Diane Brabble, Brenda Bass, David Bunn, Doris Jean Cale, Faye Cartwright, Jean Cayton, Joan Cayton, Vickie Cayton. Third row: Dickey Cobb, Louis Craddock, Ernest Cullipher, Mary Lynn Daniels, Warren Elliott, David Etheridge, Eugene Evans, Betty Farless, Donald Forehand, Ronald Forehand, Marlene Gilley. Fourth row: Joan l G 'ff' P lHalse , Paulette Halsey, Gail Hare, Goodwin, Linda Garrett, Melba Gray, Caro yn ri in, au y Teddy Feldmeier, Billy Harrell, Judy Harris, Susan Holmes. Glass' Of 1963 First TCW? Ken Hopkins. Hurley Mitchell, Charles Irwin, Frank Johnston, Janet Jones, Wesley Jones, Edsel Lassiter, Dickie Layden, Jo Ann Leary, Allison Leech, Donna Lee Lorance. Second rowf Peggl' Marfinef, John Marshall, Charles Mizelle, Eddie Nixon, Pat Nixon, Barbara Ough, Jim Panini G3-il PGTTY. Madison Phillips, Mack Privott, .Ton Scallion. Third row: Anita Sexton, Allan Smith, Mary Ellen Smith, Leonard Speer, Irene Spencer, Terry Vincent, Billy Voliva, Mary Faye Ward, Peggy Ward, Betty Jo Webb, Ann Wells. Fourth row: Terry Whe ele r, Raymond White, Annie Laura Whiteman, Bobby Whitten, Franklin Williams, Jerry Yarborough. ,ffl so Q Asif ' 1 r he sf " -t - a G i it rett. -' 4' i v' Y 4 "' -3- " it v K Q Q-1 x :gc t K 1 i K N In 5 A 'Y' J' 1 i'-4 A I ' J I s ' 'J . ., ,,. Q K We Q ' J 1 . e. V+ v, . .- 'Zi " X '-ax 1- I 5 0- "1 " I -A xt All 1 E X T . X ' f 5 X cg- ,Ls 5 X ff- K X 1. 1 - A M V cs, L14 .I ,V 4 J M 1 G - at U, ,ki 'Q M ,ax x Q 5 :Lu , Q 51 q .-4, 2 1, 2115212 L g 3 Q L . V DW- . .. -1 sc - .. sg W 1 W f K. B-, ,J 'lf W Q .. L. 'js ,f V xy I As.. X, 12 C . S " 5 E. I Y' hx qi, v NI'-. - Co - 1 s- md, AM, m"'n :QW 3 FU :VA 71 1111 i fi f if A' YQ , xjd I 1 f L , F P r ei' .0 gf 0 oi, s Pfqi 'iz Xp N5 wif . P-- k5.,1V'. N.. sf .Qs .ev Ui- O ummm L qqfh if Q Q -v' '.-.,5 I .1 tl . 1 I X 5' . , X, . slum 1 1 H1 .. 1 ' 9 0 Ak , u ,--V X "Nw 4 'fs Ng I ' .5 . 34, , ' ,s s Q , 5. an ,wg . f if - -49. Q. " " gm.. -. 4 x.,...i , A ' 5.5563 K. Q f ' 3 L .QML Q 5, 4 .'-' il Student Haunc li . Tu.. I Fletcher Dallgdesident r h Alice Belc Mrshsponsor First row, left to right' G Lorean Wright, G Willis bite gia S Ashle y Bi-in o . raceW eor ' lc' , Marvin Bunn ' H 1 . ffl? S ,sl NVE' Ll' V man Se inner, .P ' y, Vice son, Ja lowell, T Ha M 1" ' , 'V' ' 1" 1 . , cretar atricia Presid n et Bu 1'6aSU rrell, J Y, Waff B entgiR nch, Im rer. S eanett cloth, W x 'gig I 1 f w 2-w 4: Q .4 xv , ert oland Tol ogene R econd ro e Ashle- ayne As Lowe Y ley, ogerson, Rosa w: Ray White, Carolyn y, Jerry Holmes, Donald Fair- hley, Jim Par-tin, Eleanor Boyce, Nelia , Joanne Leary. Third row: Gene Lane, Roland Vaughan, James Boswell, Edwin Byrum, Sid White, Ja Bunch, Tommy Kehayes, Billy Harry. if-'UR A Ck 'W Ns Q Janet Bunch - President C ' H ' Rosa Hollowell - Vice President rl' I' Peggy Elliott - Secretary Millie Willis - Treasurer 6,0 Front row: Patricia Bunch, Linda Leary, Rosa Hollowell, Peggy Elliott, Millie Willis, Janet Bunch, Ruth Stokley, De anna Hollowell, Imogene Rogerson, Page Cayton, Grace Whiteman, Bertha Ellis. Back, left to right: Ginny Jones, Jimmie Cozzens, Shelia Lanning, Cynthia Spencer, Linda Spivey, Kay Lowe, Linda Spencer, Betsy Ross, Carolyn Perkins, Bunny Brinson, Miss Ann Mayo, sponsor, Sara Relfe Smith, Patricia Waff, Minta Hobbs, Kathryn Wozelka, Arlyn Stratton, F rance s Swain, Joan Garrett, Nettie Lassiter, Millie Price, Mary Ann Overton, Judy Elliott, Mary Pearl Harrell. National Honor Society Front row: Brenda Mooney, Peggy Elliott, Minta Hobbs, Janet Bunch, Beth Tolley, Mrs. Rebecca Shepard, Sponsor. Second row: Gene Ashley, Delore s Barrow, John Mitchener, Gus Hughes, Anna Williams, Bunny Brinson, Elton Bass, Billy Elliott. Standing: Rosa Hollowell, Patricia Bunch, Ruth Stokely-Secretary, Linda Leary-Vice Presidentg Tommy Kehayes-President, Grace Whiteman-Treasurer, Jack Overman, Myrna Skinner. fsx- W '-i- -e .... gpg.. . .-f .. . , e . . . , 5935... .S .-. .k.. W.. , . . PM: tff... K ' os, ,. xxwldhiilbbtis-Oi i vi w I ...gy . ' gtg ' . ....t L k NW-. --..............,..,. - N Q. t' A ' Tl singing: E,....a-...................,.......,.,.,,. , I ff 1. Crcble Zlef First Row l. to r. P. Elliott M. Harrell J. DuLaney C. Perkins Second Row I-up L. Leary P. Bunch H. Bond Third Row P. Cayton B. Ross B. Mooney M. Hobbs V, .M Sf. 51.14. First Row l. C. Jethro D. Hollowell B. Craddock Miss Frieze, Advisor R. Wright A. Spruill .T. Bunch R. Boswell M. Skinner Second Row M. Harrell C. Hollowell J. Adams M. Overton H. Bond P. Waff M. Hare J. Israel P. Bunch K. Wozelka G. Whiteman B. Ellis D. Goodwin S. Lanning Third Row E. Kennan M. White D. Barrow E. Byrum S. White A. Stacy t ,ir ...if ft ll -0 5 A all I . ,.-uv' 7 Qs.-1-.W - . lax F Nw ,ww A F4 Assistant Editor De anna Hollowell Mrs. Bond Y Advisor Q BUTOYXS 1?-X CON ND 5 pt ,. X51 P51 -V N55 Carol Jethro Myrna Skinner '-wi i Editor Feature Editor "9 . Sandra Boyce John Mitche ner . ew dwg Jerry Holmes Eddie George Sports Editor News Editor - iii' - Q- X if iff x., w e E 0 t im? :P ' h Q 41- ' my "X i Qi.,"'SP 3 S Cb. Linda Leary S Society Editor .,.,,., ' ' t 15 1 ' "Ai Photographer "ff S . John Nixon tk'i ' A Circulation Manager 'Wt , m Jesse Copeland Jokes 8: Fillers Faye McC1enney Jokes 8: Fillers 'Q' Interviewing Editor Huturc Hamsmakcrs Of America First row: Bertha Ellis, Pricilla Bunch, Linda Wheeler, Gloria Crummey, Shelia Lanning, Historian, Grace Whiteman, Secretary-Treasurer, Peggy Elliott, Song Leaderg Anna Williams, Presidentg Yvonne Williams, Vice-President, Minta Hobbs, Reporter, Carolista Fletcher, Par- liamentariang Alice Bunch, Peggy Williams, Dorothy Shepard, Miss Ann Lassiter, Advisorg Second row: Frances Swain, Rebecca Boswell, Carolyn Stallings, Karen Hollowell, Christine Cahoon, Joyce Mitchell, Ellen Basnight, Joyce Moore, Elizabeth Bunch, Ann Spruill, Delores Barrow, Brenda Mooney, Carol Jethro. Third row: Kathryn Wozelka, Margaret White, Diane Goodwin, Judy Israel, Candy McCoy, Patricia Waff, Mary Pearl Harrell, Mary Ann Hare, Jean Adams, Emogene Kennan, Faye McClenney, Joan Garrett, Mary Ann Overton. Fourth row: Arlyn Stratton, Marie Small, Beth Tolley, Janet Bunch, Carolyn Perkins, Virginia Jones, Linda Spencer, Millie Willis, Kay Lowe, Nettie Lassiter, Sara Smith, Millie Price, Norma Blanchard, Deanna Hollowell, Betty Privott. Fifth row: Jimmie Cozzens, Judy McLaughlin, Peggy Twiddy, Becky Lawrence, Joyce Bond, Annette Owens, Cynthia Spencer, Evelyn Ward, Lois Toler,Rita Wright, Judy Elliott, Lula Rogerson, Alice Washington, Dolly Wright. Sixth row: Linda Brabble, Carolyn Twiddy, Lorean Wright, Linda Spivey, Delores Basnight, Donna Roberts, Faye Cayton, Virginia Skinner, Joyce Layden, Georgia Skinner, Wanda Singletary, Betsy Craddock, Audrey Holland, Judy Adams. Library Assistants Front row: Elizabeth Bunch, Percy Mclver, Ray White, Bertha Ellis. Second Row: Ann Spruill, Myrna Skinner, Christine Cahoon, Georgia Skinner. Third row: Yvonne Williams, Delores Basnight, Anna Williams. Fourth row: Betsy Craddock, Lula Bembridge, Alice Bunch. Fifth row: Carolista. Fletcher, Dorothy Wright, Kathleen Overton, Delores Barrow. X51 wg? .,,' ,- if , t I x :TS "-by U, Y aff fan .S f sit., uf'.!g..,- ' A' is . vv"""-'A I J. Boxfce' Brabbxe' E' ' on, Knapp John ND' I . Jethro' Baker pm11gerrY4 a ' ld . 13234 1A3h1eY, Rona H S D Franc X p Ka es Swa- 1 ren H011OW13,1NSttie Lassit 1 al-bara L Sr, Ida a Ca Yton-Chief,m1gZ?,ilCaro1 ph. . lp 1 S Bolllihetps' Sllsan H I Hefty J olmes, o Webb. K x . 1: X . K my ! f I H!--ev K.: Wx S ik N ,yi X . A N . If CE. if J -fmt . mf. j '. . ' 4 'V wiv -'x .IQ .. mix. " .Y . ,T .wxxsv k .- M m X A . ww.. A "1 v l Q 1 -A X. K. ft' X 5-Q. lst row: Ginny Jones Linda Spencer Ruth Stokcly Peggy Elliott Millie Willis R osa llollowell Miss Ward .incl row: Carol Jethro Linda Leary Page Cayton Patricia Bunch Carolyn Perkins Janet Bunch Imogene Rogerson Rita Wright Judy McLaughlin Girls' , f' it 4 I 0 l 1 L-'il Manogram Lflulzs Hays ' lst row: Mr. Billings, Sponsor D. Stallings, J. Bunch D. Roche, ll. Overton M. Ashley, C. Small T. Hardison, F. Johnson T. Kchayes Znd row: R. White, S. Whitt' B. White, B. Ashley B. Dail, M. Snwnll Z. Harrell, J. Ovormztn J. Tolley. J. lvtitchem-r 3rd row: B. llarry. W. Blanchard J. Phillips, E. Halsey J. Johnston, C. Barnette J. Forehand, C. Hughes F. Britton, D. Fziircloth 4th row: J. Copeland, B. Wilkins C. Cobb, Ci. Ashley B. Hopkins, B. Griffin W. Baker, L. Spivey E. George 51 m .4 w K QI'-s 3 4 a 'EW' Cnr 1 e 'W May AM I 1727 F Vg Us Mrs. Mary L. Browning n ..."v ... -..W V ,, ,,vk it ' M Q n f 05599 'J 3 pn ,jim iw 4 junmr si 1:5114 n T 3 Tala' Vg, W fl 7 ?Deci'mfzf'r . U T' FN 1 D QDAHQQJ I VF 00 MJ ga ,tg -1- VP if 1' F nf gd. QI... :T 9 lil. Q -5-..-.......l........ 'U 5 6515- QI... U KE Wil W1 L. 9.5.1.- A vs. X 55 , . .nfxy w 32.1 i . 6616 nf " 6,9 Vinh, Q in f . 91 'X Q H ff' 5 as Qi f if e H - -N A X X4 ff ' . "Xf " y 7' sv 4 4 ,za - A ' ' 3, . 4, ,, ' 4 '15 . K 1- S . A 9 G 1' . fs , sl s.' H r' x 4- 5 X9 f ff www km ' b TWV 2' . I U I gms V NOZOCAQ K lx V M 1 f 'WU e 0. 'K I ww X A , " X vi edxgbxggsggioxkjox ' -Q5 99 010100-, 409,6- , I Q, 960 I ,A 150' vp ova ff Q39 qnoxoffa 56 wwf 3 Ps V 5? 6 gg! Oo G Yxovogyg, Pye 4. Q ' CBL 669 ,?NdNQN?ieeXe Ke Ak, X,9O0l?,xK'b65af9E,a0i 961 , I ig a s wx 31' y tw. Y eaigoiczeciooqef' 1 C10 951 3,13 90 OKLXN 08 OOXO -Xe 52,0 P, ie xqv Q Qoiww 1 6' 006 fb Q5 xp f""M '4 ,fy I h 103 I SVG 466 yy ,Q BELL LYRE ,fi 'J' Priscilla Bunch gg, ,S 4. . Yi 'X We by Q Q 'G' 14 Q W5 riff - . 1 0" by Da11?JO1-66161-ag! 0 my W1 ' CQQQOQJSUJ C 8,9 ,LTTL ,SQL R ' ' Q1 Sc ' 2' 4 S ' I N Q 5 gf- Cy Off ' 44' S - 'x fu , 'I 4 17551. mot 1261! W Q D If e, , - Spe,,2ZtQ,ed-31430 lb P E R C U S 5 I Q N A , Y 1.1 -v I' ' xg. K. , -A. , Colriuf 55912, Jack Ashley' Chuck Boggs' Billy' Cates s A xx W CQa:i,11'sF1?oC I , G A lk Q 8002.-elf sms t ap , W Q01 '11, Q, . .. bee! 105 D M .L X h er, Q- ' " - J P 5 M W , . ' nf Mr 1 m A , A. ' 1 X X .4 ,Q W N V W A AN . 5 s-D5 ,Nr L, Tx 7 V gl " . 4. 43 Z fy , ' 1, Vx-'18 L, r W V 04 fs. t - Ovgoc ,I . y 1, Qwuwsww. Lp mi 4' 6 'ef Q06 7+ , J Q. .7 H YL N Q 06 Q A N. 5,3 ww 1 Q 'fs fy to -1 Sandra B oyce, Band Reporter 81 Libraiang Bud Q -A X W4 Skiles, Sergeant at Armsg Elizabeth Bunch, Sec- O retary-Treasurer to Directory Rebecca Boswell, '6 ,If vw xg Secretaryp Ashby Tarkington, Stage Manager. 'O-1: A W o ff Q O , ' ' O 6 V ,N , QQ 93, M3 N K 'Sf fs, o N . Yozozt- 05? o as 1-"QQ F L U T E t t N ee e V ' "W .ff we carol Joy Miner ' A 10 Q JTRL Miss Lula N. Williams ve" - A1 Director who cd moo' 14 1Qo'5'6,b '79 me A or 4-QZQQQNQ Q., W W 0 W OQN 9. if ,Kai J .M 5 I 5., b , it p,' ,,,. A .,, - i . A vdxzogv 6. xmg , A , xv W W r v . L- . X 05500, tux . . or 1: or Q99 550 V H " ,H nf!! f P E R c u s su o N 6001600 s ,bv 14 5, Billy on, Bill Harrell, Lloyd Mills. 4012130 Q ,- Y W!v,, Y , 4403130 r 1 f "' 0' A .. r tt" t M kabegesf W fe . ,V 6 WW, fffiti' - 4' 'C' fy g. X !..! iefjai trrte ' 9 ' w .CJONV 0 L . 256 9 41" ' Q0 " ,wfh-my !,,! ,.," 43 WW' 0 45 Z 0 t w' 'U xx fix'-. N Linda Leary - Assistant Chief Pony Patricia Bunch Chief Brenda Mooney Pony Lorean Wright Rosa Hollowell Jan Scallion The Line Up! Let ! s Have A Party' You Win Again' II A Q' K Q x - ,.,,,.. ,..,,. :gf I 3' X 5 -W. 4 if xv' -- emp, Larry, 8: Moe Our Gang! C Twms ? Old Grandad iii!-'22 kiwi' i - . e X1 Q-E - 3x33 f 1 xg? . Don't Shoot ! Graceious T Old Grandad-Vol. 2 Stop That ! That Was A Good Une ! Doped! ,O Moider De ts? xwa T km B un' me NIV' KS Beauty Queens 'P A Teddy Bear ' You Don't Sav! is M Q4 l-db. W Q1 Hypnotize d Winn! 5? J 1 5? ,F K Teachers Pet lssl LH Sponsors Sr ? 1 l One in Every Crc Q -my -nw 1. x s U l wi, S-Eg? s rr.fe rrrtr, 1 if ng 49: Nt- f if - s rxr , 1. a 'J -. K'-TL. x L 5 Q- Am 5 Nj I . .J V s r so rs . f' 'V' W 1 sw! X Q or U ,P b'l'?i,.. 'f"5"3' lf'4lr'9fr' E N7 X li+'23"1f'Y rw-4-fr-lf-T 's'f'1'?5lff W' he A 1 'WFP ' Jsssgsil. sg! gb ' X f f -4. Huh? t xxklf . A . 'W q .gl A A 4 of A D ' Q Gunsmoke Gorged H' . W A - si' , - ,gs lv. is nge iw .1-.-. Don't Just Stand Th Hail 3 C ll s.. S Wall Flowers A X, f xi ' I I k K 1 exif, I L -, V - A q ' , , :gn Ax 6 F ez! .xxx K, Ali' 'F LSP , F ' ,, is . If ' 2 rss 'figl V? an ' ' , W 1 A . h o,.r W tug 1 K gzlff 43 x K A ll .I T A I 3 Y- V 4 - . N 1 -I ,s - sr sf so s,o s W s s at of W ' ii' Glug-Glug s sl-ssrrf M-HW The Kettles Y s w lr J"'M Cool? ,4 fhlctics 3 , ' .1 3 m ,., 5 31 ,jk 'aff'-?Vt 'P -I 65616 If , 6114 A -I Stuff mflhig Mr . C0ach an GF AS 2 Tight - ll Overton, D. Fletcher, B. ghshley, C. B Stallings, I. Overxnan, B. I Tolley , B. Hop- Hughes, M. Ashley, R.Whlte, B.WY1lte, . d row - I. Bunch, S.Whlte, D.Roche, . dlson, I. Phillips, C. Cobb, B. Will'-1nS, . lvey , W . Baker , C. Barnett, B. Dall, G. hard, Managers, B. Stokley, L. Parker , lst row - leit t0 Small, Coach Billings. 'Zn , . Iohnson. Std row - T. lla! er. -uh row X- I. Iohnston, L. S9 M. Sxigall, I. i'orehand,W. Blanc Harry F Mltchen ldns, I. F. Britton. Sth M. lloplnlns, li. Henry Overton, co-captain 'vy- , x an, --S 4 David Fletcher, co -captai Back Bruce White, co -captain Tackle Back W. 'K Ashley I x R , Sid White Guard 'TQ 2 fl! Qu Guard 4 Donald Roche W Dallas Stallmgs Tackle an A Eg' Charlie Guard Ted I-Iardison Back Billy Harry Guard Marvin Ashley End 'Frank Johnson Tackle Robert White Back Johnny Tackle Billy Wilkins Back Edenton . . .' Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . Edenton . . . FOOTBALL SCORES . . . 12 . Roanoke Rapids. . 12 Wallace-Rose Hill . . . 12 Williamston . . . . . . . 12 Elizabeth City . . ...18 Tarboro . . .28 Hertford . . . . . .27 Ahoskie. .. . . .26 Plymouth .. . ...40 Weldon ...19 Erwin..... . . .28 Farmville. . . ...14 Mebane... John Mitchner Guard J ack Bunch End P .. II 12 I f 3. ff 26 0. .- .- .- .- Nhss C0166 g' , zrls Hugkgmall c H Ward Cach me 7 if fav: ' 1 f rf K ' w,,ff,L ,1E W Top row - ieit to rightz Frances Swain, Dorothy Shepard, Sandra Boyce, Sara Reiie Smith, Mary Ann Overton, Nettie Lassiter, Linda Leary. Second row: Ruth Stoke- iy,Norrna Blanchard, Peggy Wiiiiarns, Linda Spencer, 'Prisciiia Bunch, Diane Good- win. Third row1 Co - captains , Rosa Hoiioweii, 'tmogene Roger-son. Mill' . Mali Willis ager - xnxx ks Alton Broo Mr' Coach gall 1 Hyskgl H0115 Top row - left to 1-ight: Mr. Booolfs Coa ener. Second 1-ow: Marvin Billy Wilkins , ch, Jack Bunch, Elton Bass, John Mitch Ashley, Billy Griffin, Jack Overnqan, Bobby Ashley, , First Row: Donald Roche, Henry Overton, Robert White, Claude Barnett. in .U ,I 4 4 'Qs' ' Q? - mY d Touey' Rolan Manag Dail .nr xr' 55 O -1-.7 -ink ' 1' ."".v. S NWA . .4-1.-. Mr. Brooks Coach lil 3 I 2 A 1' s s ,f 5 F 5' f 9 i .f A 'Q ll, L ly ' 1. L 7, X X. 0. A., f f Xxfa :fr r r' Q' f ,fs I ff f 4-55' i'ff fl! ':" C X ,. J f -: .f' X ,-:-- , . X .234 1' 4 RJ 0 ,' 0 4 1,11 1' 1' f'.'n -'Q' n' ,a 0 4-,v First Row: L. to R. C. Barnett, B. Ashley, B. Wilkins, J. Alexander, H. Overton. Second Row: J. Cope- land, G. Hughes, Z. Harrell, J. Bunch, S. White, M. Ashley. Third Row: Coach Brooks, P. Twiddy, E. George, J. Forehand. Bobby Ashley Jesse Copeland Henry Overton Eddie George Sid White I-'I ,J--., I-i - - 3 .t 5 o gr are ,. fn If White B Wheeler, G. Lane lst row - left to right R. Vaughan, J. Copeland, B., , . B Skiles Znd row - left to right: J. Tolley, B. Goodwin, C. Twicldy ks Coach. D. Goodwin, . . J. Carnpen, H. Collins, J. Patterson, Mr. Broo , 58 First Row: L. to R' . B. Stokley, J. Rogerson, J. Phillips, J. Tolley, B. Willis. Seco nd Row: J. Johnson, R. Halsey, L. Spivey, B. Goodwin, F. Britton, B. Dail. Not Pictured: L. Hopkins, Mr, Billings, Coach, 59 ---..w..-4-o-Q -""' ,QA Belhaven . . Ahoskie . . . Williamston . Tarboro . . . Plymouth . . Hertford . . . Ahoskie . . . Williamston . Tarboro . . . Plymouth . . Hertford . . Elizabeth City Washington . . Belhaven . . Ahoskie . . . Williamston . Tarboro . . . Plymouth . . Hertford . . . Ahoskie . . . Williamston . Tarboro . . . Plymouth . . . Hertford . . . Girls' Haskelball Soares . . 70 Edenton . . . . - 43 Edenton . . . . . 65 Edenton . . . - . 43 Edenton . . . . . 59 Edenton . . . . . 60 Edenton . . . . . 35 Edenton . . . . . 60 Edenton . . . . . 43 Edenton . . . . . 50 Edenton . . . . . 65 Edenton . . . Hays ' Kask ctball cares . - 34 Edenton . . . . 46 Edenton . . . . 31 Edenton . . - - 39 Edenton . . . . 58 Edenton . . . . 58 Edenton . . . . 18 Edenton . . . . 45 Edenton . . . . 44 Edenton . . . . 60 Edenton . . . . 52 Edenton . . . . 40 Edenton . . . . 47 Edenton . . eo f' ADS -.....,,,.,...--- YYf,,,,...1. -if 61f -... -,jL,., ""' -f,,...-J'-ff" v-1"""' 1- Help Keep North Carolina Green We Buy Pulp Wood We Buy Cut Over Land With Reproduction On It Congratulations To THE CLASS OF 1958 From The UNIUN BAG CAMP PAPER IIURPURATIUN Franklin Loading Yard Located in Edenton Virginia C5 fi A1 K X 'Q 'xg F. I 4 fr CLASS OFFICERS Compliments of HERTFORD LIVESTOCK 8: SUPPLY CO. Hertford, North Carolina Compliments of GENE PERRY'S TEXACO SERVICE fl- tlollf' MIIB ywffrwm X Edenton, North Carolina RICKS Complete Laundry 8: Dry Cleaners Phone 2.148 Edenton, North Carolina Compliments of S 81 M DRUG STORE Hertford, North Carolina 5'-I Compliments of EDENTON COTTON MILLS AIIIAI HUTOGRAPN D' IDINTDN CDTYON MILL IDUNTUN NOIYN CAIOUHA Edenton North Carolina Compliments of Compliment, of EDENTON BAY FISH COMPANY LULA WHITE FLORIST Edenton, North Carolina. Edenton, North Carolina Compliments of GOLDIE LAYTON INSURANCE BETTY SHOPPE Edenton, North Carolina Edentonr North Carglina Q ' 1 R.H. Compliments of QUINN FURNITURE CQ. Edenton, North Carolina W "9l'f'?" P.M. A.S. Congratulations Class of 1958 TASTEE-FREEZE Mattie F. Halsey Edenton, North Carolina Compliments of THE JIU. SHOPPE Edenton's Newest Popular Price Shop Ede nt on, North Car olina Compliments of ANN E'S BEAUTY SALON Westover Heights Edenton, North Carolina Compliments of BELL'S GIFT and RECORD SHOP K V " t -...fi lm Phone 216 Edenton, North Carolina x , Q Q Compliments of TRIANGLE RESTAURANT N 3 . Edenton's Finest Foods it Junction, Highways N, A " 17 at 32 M.S. C.B. D. H. Edenton, North Carolina MITCHENEREMPHARMACY 5U fff'f2 Ed t North C C pl' t of ,M L, f" ' 'MQ 5 ' X 'qi' 7 4 . -I .. A X' V ' xuvb QQ. 5-yi I ., ,' " Rig B 5' s ' X P. uf A A Y Y R ,,,, we ', ' ' '- Y 1 ' RTS auNcH'S AUTO PA - BUNCH'S AUTO PARTS Ed t rx North Ca Congr atulations Se ni or s from HUGHES AND PARKER HARDWARE Edenton North Carolina Compliments of 1 Bouousr sHoP rx . A I 5 Edenton, North Carolina 'LC' B'H' Compliments of CHOWAN MOTOR CQ. DeSOTO-PLYMOUTH DEALER Edenton, North Carolina H'O' S'B' campzfmm of BRIDGE TURN SERVICE STATION Paul Partin, Prop. Edenton North Carolina Compliments of BURTON'S TEXACO STATION - Y , sg T North ALBEMARLE FURNITURE COMPANY emon North Car Compliments of R..I. BOYCE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR ECIBHIOI1 North Carolina Compliments of EDWARDS' Bomr s. FENDER womcs ' R' I Af 1 I I I f : 'fo P R,C CRR -' Edenton, North Carolina D'W' K'O' Y'W' BILL PERRY TEXACO SERVICE R.B F.M. Edenton, North Carolina Compliments of HOTEL JOSEPH HEWES AND CRANE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 1::., "" ai ' I I g Edenton K N NOTCII C 1 Compliments of B.B.H. MOTOR COMPANY x. Edenton, North Carolina v Compliments of CHOWAN HERALD Edenton, North Carolina v , R S D.S. P.B. Compliments of MAI.ONE'S 5 84 10 Edenton, North Carolina Compliments of .IOE'S DRIVE-IN Edenton, North Carolina EDENTON FURNITURE CGMPANY Extends best wishes and Congratulations to the Class of '58 iii i :Fl :SEE wx . 8""'!5 w..A..,-.r-A ill ' 6 . .. .. -W Edenton North Carolina Compliments ol P 81 Q SUPER MARKET Edenwn North Carolina Congratulations to all the students and advisors of the Class of 1958 from the staff and management of your radio station. WCDJ COLONIAL BROADCASTING COMPANY, INC. Edenton North Carolina LEGGETT AND DAVIS Edenton North Carolina Ede nt on Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1958 from the of North Carolina Q .mx J'.N. Q w X X. N Q, gy HI ax Nw .W X II W 5 XX , C.H. Q. ,x g Lid.: -Q K -1,4 Q it F . w fa- 4-ff, Skis E I .f R.H. 'wr . 1 1 .ls Compliments of SPEDIC FOOD PRODUCTS Eat Spedic Peanuts Edenton, North Carolina EDENTON BEAUTY NOOK ii. xl is-W. , "Your Friendly Neighborhood Shop" Mrs. Pauline Hicks 8l2 N. Broad St. Owner Sf Operator Dial 2210 L Operator, Dot Davis Edenton, N. C., I Specializing in Hairshaping and Permanent Waving NU- CURL BEAUTY SHOP Experienced Operators to Serve You Phone 5313 Edenton, North Carolina Compliments of TOT'S AND TEEN'S Edenton, North Carolina ooii s: in...-f -F in e ', .L B.E. A.S. S.W. Q X s , 'Y 3' 1 'bi X THE ANNUAL STAFF and MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS express their appreciation to THE MERCHANTS OF EDENTON and other organizations for helping to make this publication possible 1 I Tabac 'si W P- ' 4- 11 B.A. A . D.F. 3 -E "" - -1 AJ 11-IE 12.13. c.J. pm Q if L g ,Q 5 ' - 5 M.. ' ARMY, Q. ai? ,Y - Xi? il? at wk ij ii Bunch Know Staff Mrs. Edith Oliver, Mrs. Ida Baker, Mrs. Sybil Barrow, Mary E. Dilidy, Ozola Hines. Eustadians Mr. Clarence Spruill Nellie Knight, Herman Jernigan, Fannie White ful .SV xox ft. n.u-ummm, , V X H 0 M Q r,,A ,n,sIn,s K K 5 nl G. I U Q ,.,.pJ f., WM. 75.5. ' fkb-am, ii l is 5. Haig fiiv fw -A e- I U f w""M Q +V? fiffg' f' M 'Ng' 4 "N- I' y 1-4. mx '4'. 1-,V 15, n+"2"' ' gf?--V 3,2-af WA: 1 guy "3 F51 75 fin, rs i- 'wi N am, Nj 1 . 1 -WT, 'vdy . S?-1 .T ., 4 , 5,151 4 3 Ei 1.50. .. if 4' af. Q '51 P, n,,L,. M, 1 fit, . -HA P4 liwg' VZSQ: P71251 Q.-5 , Sfifwij QW. naw, , f -xx, ' mg, w 145: ki A 4391 :eg-. C24 1.47. yi, Wiki F5 T qu, ff 5 1- 'EA' P! if Aufagraphs 'inm- vw , ww iw 1 ..,! Zg,2Qg..e, Exim gram- .Q af? ,mv g M4 'Sv ff v 1 11 3-1 W. YS is : X fffki g '. K. in ,igaig , Q51 5' K W' 5 . K iff, R-TW R35 5' . i , A . Q..,,,.,., 'Nx"'3'U7' Y r fi K Q . ,gam- Qgf , 1 f g 4 Q 2 1 n 1 a E 5 I 5 1 1 S I E 2 s I f Q 1 1 i E i s 2 Xl - I .

Suggestions in the Edenton High School - Edentonian Yearbook (Edenton, NC) collection:

Edenton High School - Edentonian Yearbook (Edenton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 30

1958, pg 30

Edenton High School - Edentonian Yearbook (Edenton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 32

1958, pg 32

Edenton High School - Edentonian Yearbook (Edenton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 22

1958, pg 22

Edenton High School - Edentonian Yearbook (Edenton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 51

1958, pg 51

Edenton High School - Edentonian Yearbook (Edenton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 59

1958, pg 59

Edenton High School - Edentonian Yearbook (Edenton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 81

1958, pg 81

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