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f'W5QiQk :ff YW? 4 B41 O' -Y5 "'Ql 2 av The Green TOWUSh1p Consolldated School was dedlcated ln June 1922 Sherman Rothermel was the trustee The flrst class to graduate from the new bullding was the Class of 192A conslstlng of Charlotte Frank, Floyd Rash, Ada Keller, hartha Jackeon, Earl Balnter, Glendora Curtls, lloyd Curtls, Noble Apple, Ada Barrett, Dllford Roberts, Gladys Balnter, and Joe Henry H K Hendrlckson nas the prlnclpal and A H hurf1n the trustee . ,.,,,.m M X . J'i17'Y? W' -- . , .f'?3?'A:? 'M H VA X X - V x gf., -Q.. 1 ' ,H Q ' ci H, , E 7 , . ' of l, .1 535 r ws, , 1 2 ' H 1 -. , ,K 1 2 if V A , , . 1- 7,,.,,,.. V , V, K. W , N, I y H' --'W' ' W ' 1 . M . ,. 'Q .. ,, -1 ,,s H 1 I it s pry , , SX- K. , h I , X 1' ' V- if ' l -W "' ,A- . A . n A 5 1- -ld Q . u . . Y . . . . 1 5. Z' .1 Marion Jackson Trustee 'il Mathew Frank Zpomdafi Q ' A Robert N Wampler Industrlal Arts Cecll E Elllott Superintendent Hancock Countv Schools Indiana State BS Indiana State MS in at Harvey Hays Clem Jackson 2 Sl X A U an i"' x X f, , ,QQVMAIWR X' . JA, , S 5 f K if , dm . K-z X 5 , 4 gd Q A Administration ? i . , an . , 'J , A I!- fi , A 'fy ' . F 1 X x 1 'X S . KATHLEEN WHISTLER Commerce Physical Education Indiana University BS fResigned l 18 521 RUTH HARVEY Mus1c Soclal Stud1es Western College Ball State Illinois Normal RUTHE O'NEAL English Librarian Ball State AB Indiana State Butler WILLIAM H REED Sclence Mathematics Butler AB Central Normal B L SMITH Phys1cal Education Social Studles Ball State BS Butler MS 740451 C3 Ah W t S ,Jun f geo 3 EDNA RUSH Commerce Physical Education Central Normal AB MURIEL TICE Home Econom1cs English Ball State AB Earlham Purdue LOIS HUMFLEET Grades 5 6 Ball State Central Normal RUTH ULLMANN Grades 3 A Manchester Ball State Butler VEDA FROST Grades 1 2 Kindergarten Butler BS Ball State ROBERT LEE REGER Class President Basketball Baseball Track Student Council President Dramatics Flyer Annual CAROL ELAINE MARTIN Class Treasurer Class Presldent Class Reporter State Chorus County Chorus Sextet Sunshine Society Sunshine Treasurer Sunshlne Presldent Student Counc1l Student Council Treasurer Dramatlcs Flyer Annual JAMES ERIC BARRETT Class Treasurer Basketball Baseball Track Dramatics Flyer Annual S THOMAS O'NEAL Baseball Basketball Dramatics Annual AUDREY LEA FILSON Glee Club State Chorus County Chorus Sunshine Society Dramatics Yell Leader Annual J-'J-'J-'flfx-HIP-P11-' 1-'J-'J?'vJ-I-'J-'U-'J-'IPI-'NMI-'L'k-JN 1-'MJJPP-'YOPOL' J-'I-'J-'JP 'I-'NUI-'-I-"fl-"V-'F' JAMES LAWRENCE DUNLAVY Class Vice Presldent Basketball Baseball Track Student Manager Dramatlcs Student Council Flyer Annual MA Y LOU HAYS Class Secretary Class Treasurer Glee Club State Chorus County Chorus Sextet Student Councll V1 Glee Club P1an1st Sunshine Society Sunsh1ne Treasurer Dramatics Flyer Flyer Editor Annual BARBARA J Class Secretary Glee Club State Chorus County Chorus Sextet Sextet Pianist Sunshine Society Sunshine Vice Pres c President ANE WHETSEL ident Sunshine Recording Secretary Student Council Dramatics Flyer Annual Editor ROBERTA MILLER State Chorus Glee Club Sunshine Society Student Council Dramatics Flyer Annual L I l Q fa I-' 0 0 - 0 l'l'l - I-' 2 47 , ,lllll' fllil' f - I I I I xnxnxe do xoxoxo to PHP' to do to AnLNnturoxu F1 xuxexuxuhouauam I I I Illllllll I IIIIIIII 6 I l D O 25 5 5' D A 0 ff' ' 9 w l -19 0 'S '1 ' CY CD - H - I 0 A I HH 'J H 'rv we 'r 91 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I fPlP4-L4P4'fJ-'J-'J-'L'4-'MII-'YXJUJI-' F'4'PP4'NwkuL' ' x I-'J-'I-'P'J-'N4'k9P'JPMJJPlP JP!-'J-'N-d5'l-'F' '37, Carol Martln Bob Roger Audrey Filson ,ov vs' Tom O'Neal Barbara Whetsel J1m Barrett ., .av '55 Mary Lou Hays James Dunlavy Roberta Miller 5 .FJ 0 4 A f 9 , " 3 ' x,,, ' 1 5 W r kr X , lil X if 9 , 4' ' A f V Wm? It was on September ll, l9LO, that thlrteen frightened llttle k1ds bravely walked into the first room on thelr r1ght at Eden H1gh School Mlss Iva Hendren was the first to welcome s1x of our present graduatlng class plus D1ck Davls, D1ck Dyer, Dick Hlte John Phelps, Dick Raymer, Sharon Snlder, and Janet Surber Patty Schuyler Jolned us 1n December of l9L0 to make us fourteen The same group plus Orvllle Bell and mlnus Patty Schuyler went into Bessle Crit ser's second grade In l9b2 our class consisted of Jim Barrett, Orvllle Bell, D1ck Dav1s, Tick Dyer, Audrey F1lson, Mary Lou Hays, Dick H1te, Carol Mart1n, Tom Oneal, Dick Raymer, Sharon Snider, Janet Surber, and Barbara Whetsel Julla Sprlnger, John Hamilton, and Betty Pogue Joined us at different t1T8S durlng the y IP Besldes being 1n a dlfferent room we had a new teacher by the name of Mrs Ester Cook Janet Surber left dur1ng the summer, so of course she d1dn't start the fourth grade w1th us but Betty Henderson, Jo Ellen Huffman and Betty Saylor d1d along with another new teacher this t1me Mrs Helen Br1dges Our large class soon began to dwlndle when D1ck Dyer, John Hamilton, Betty Henderson, and Betty Saylor left Our loss was somewhat compensated, though, by Jeanne Snider who goxned us 1U November Full of knowledge, we entered the flfth grade under the leadershlp of Mrs Lois Humfleet James FBUSIHQEP, John Jones, and Ann Weddle go1ned the same group that were together 1n the fourth grade except for D1ck Raymer who had moved to Pendleton Tony Slmon and Harold Beyers go1ned us in the spr1ng to make our class agaln elghteen James Fats1nger, Jo Ellen Huffman, and Harold Beyers weren't 1H our slxth grade class when we started 1n 19L5 Perry Cottrell, James Dunlavy, and W1ll1s Gregg JOlH6d room for Ivan Kemerly Dick Raymer, an old classmate, came back to st rt the seventh grade w1th us along with Bob Reger from Fortvllle Ann Weddle had moved durlng the summer and Ivan Kem erly and Betty Pogue left came to take the1r place When we came back in 1ng Towards the end of School Those who d1st1nctly Helen Alexander, J1m Barrett, Orville Bell, Peggy Cook, James Dunlavy, Audrey Fllson, Mary Lou Hays, Sue Holliday, John Jones, Carol Martln, Tom Oneal, Dick Raymer, Bob Reger, Jeanne Snider, Sharon Snider Jul1a Spr1nger, and Barbara Whetsel Arlene Arnold moved to Anderson in November only to have her desk f1lled by Roberta Miller from Chicago Julia Springer, Peggy Cook, and John Jones withdrew at different times during the Sophomore year Roberta Miller didn't start w1th us that fall but she must have gotten homesick, for in January she Jolned us agaln Jeanne Snider and Sue Holliday didn't start as Junlors with us, Orv1lle Bell de cided to quit school, and Sharon Snlder moved to Wilkinson Dick Raymer spent a month or so in Fortville but like Roberta he must have missed us for he came back to finish the year out w1th us A 'comer and goer' was J C Odem, who was w1th us awhile the first semester of 1950 Now in 1952 the Senior Class consists of Jim Barrett, Tom Oneal, Mary Lou Hays, Barbara Whetsel, Audrey F11son, and Carol Martin who started out together plus James Dunlavy, Roberta Miller, and Bob Reger three f1ne classmates and a credlt to Eden early 1n l9b7 but come sprlng Clemle White and Sue Holllday the fall the year of l9b7 Perry Cottrell and Clemie Whlte were mlss Arlene Arnold Jolned us from Lynwood Junlor Hlgh wore the name of Freshman 1n l9b8 were Arlene Arnold, Mary High School It was stated in the previous paragraph that there were n1ne Seniors Well,that's not exactly true because at graduatlon there w1ll be one more Martha Hatfleld, a Jun ior with Senior rating by completlng extra work, will be able to graduate with the Class of 1952 WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN 'Sunni 6 Jim Barrett was a Romeo? James Dunlavy whistled at strange girls? Audrey Filson wore braids? Mary Lou Hays didn't wear glasses? Carol Martin 'laid an egg ? Roberta Miller came to Eden? Bob Reger had long hair? Barb Whetsel Wmarriedn Tom Oneal? Tom Oneal was called Shirley? The Senior Class made T. N. T.'? I . u- 1 , . us, but Willis left soon after he entered. Then Tony Simon left in April only to make - Q n 1 . - , . . . : " , . 2 V . . ai' . n . We, the class of nlneteen hundred and fifty two, of Eden Hlgh School, Green Town shlp, Hancock County, State of Indlana, belng of sound mind and disposing memory, declare this tc be our last w1ll and testament, hereby revoking any and all wills heretofore made ITEM lst We direct all our petty expenses, debts, and excess merchandlse to be buly paid and accepted by the class of nineteen hundred and fifty three ITEM 2nd We w1ll to our loyal faculty the memory of our Smlllng faces and all records of below 'B' grades ITEM 3rd We will to our beloved school mates our ability to get along together and also the follow1ng personal possessions JAMES BARRETT, will my mopping ability to Kenny Pope JAMES DUNLAVY, w1ll my reserved manner to Ronald Boden AUDREY FILSON, will my 'poodle' haircut to Jeannette Bell MARY LOU HAYS, w1ll my spectacles to anyone who can't see CAROL MARTIN, will my 'gift of gab' to Hugh Griffin ROBERTA MILLER, will my ingenuity to Mr Wampler THOMAS ONEAL, will my baseball ability to Don Hasler BOB REGER, will my one handed dPiV1ng to anyone who has a girl BARBARA WHETSEL, will my headaches as annual ed1tor th1s year to next year's annual editor ITEM 5th We do hereby nominate and appoint the class of nineteen hundred and f1fty three executor of thls, our last wlll and testament, and lf for any reason, they should refuse to accept sald respons1b1lity, or for any reason fail to fully and f1n ally settle our requests, then we appolnt the faculty of Eden H1gh School executor of this, our last w1ll and testament, on this f1rst day of May,n1neteen hundred and flfty two iedwfmmwguwmrd qggQWf'N64f37QJ 0C24fcJi'4144r Zur -ZLGWZFV Cxi24iAhbgg?jE2Z1 Signed, sealed, declared and published b said testator the class of nlneteen hundred and f1fty two, as and or their last wi l and testament, 1n our presence, who at the1r request, in their presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as w1tnesses there of thls f1rst day of May, nlneteen hundred and fi ty two '2i525Zfi1f CZZQZHL6? 'fx ,f2Qg,gg'7ba qyzznvglkf Cllifit 'Way back yonder in mud p1e days When life was all sunny and ga We gave no thought to the time far ahead When we'd come to a bend 1n l1fe's highway But the time is at hand, as we now realise Graduation 15 here at last Our days are filled w1th last minute plans But our minds turn back to the past How well we remember when down in the grades The girls played house with dolls and toys While the boys dashed madly around with guns Being Indians, robbe s, and cowboys Of course, 10 between times, we studied 3 Rs And passed from grade to grade We giggled, we pouted, we romanced, and grew up 'Til we became Seniors, so staid We know there'll be changes as t1me marches on Swifter as the years go by But through all of l1fe's tP181S, st1ll rem1nisce, And remember these days in old Eden High Days that we now thlnk of as tedious and dull Fun, we know, 1S taboo In the Future their memory we'll hold close in our hearts And remember w1th longing the Class of '52 7 4 ill 1, ' . 1, ' . 1, I . 1, . 1, . 1, . . I, a . 1, . . 1, ' 6? LKMZZ A Wi 222 45 L 777"'44f7W"JAWqj A441190 I A . V . 5915 1 K A of I I ., ' ,ri i-Q , f A9 - f l-- L , 4dr ees 'X ,rig . f I . Ya ' ' I . ' --' we'l1 Do you believe 1n magic? Well, I didn't elther until But let me start at the beginning It was a lovely day in May Yesterday marked the end of the Junior Senior tr1p I was happy but sleepy as I strolled out 1nto the yard at home and sat down underneath the b1g elm tree Just as I leaned my head back against the trunk of the tree, I began to fall like Alice in Wonderland down, down, down, landlng on a cushion of nothingness Startled by this strange happenlng, I looked around me only to see my 1952 class r1ng As I picked it up and started to slip lt on my f1nger, a vo1ce from the ring spoke to me asking 1f I wanted to see what the future held for the members of the Class of 1952 As I gasped yes in a very small and frightened voice, the picture of a hospltal was before my eyes The sign over the gate read Reger's Memorlal Inslde Dr Reger and his pretty nurse and w1fe Carol Martln were attending to the s1ck The location of the hospital' Why no where else but Eden, Ind1ana In another part of the city, on the same S156 as the old hlgh school bu1l 1ng, stood a large and modern grade school Barbara Whetsel had taken over as princlpal since her two children had reached school age Her college education had pa1d off well Eden passed by me swiftly as the scene moved east to a large farm owned by James Dunlavy N1lking Shorthorn Cattle were the specialty, blggest dealer in the Un1ted States The now familiar sky scrapers of New York came into v1ew Out at the baseball park Tom Oneal, the world famous pltcher, was p1tch1ng a no h1t game for the Yankees in the last game of the World Serles In another part of New York Audrey Fllson, now Mrs Paul Woodward, was model1ng some Paris creations for a host of movie stars Her amb1tion to be a world famous model surely did come true and I knew Jim must be the of the nation were plctures of J1m announcing that he was a candldate for presldent And l1ke Harry S his daughter was a famous s1nger She must have gotten her abllity from her Dad' On the rim of the Grand Canyon there was a thousand acre horse ranch Roberta Miller Kwho by the way was a Mrs w1th three small cowboys! had attalned her l1fe long ambit1on by owning a milllon Arab1an Horses But what had happened to me 10 19709 Where was I9 What was I dO1Hg9 It was then that I saw Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas There I was entertainlng the serv1ce men I guess I must have studied mus1c when I graduated after all Now my l1ttle cushion of nothlngness was back at the beglnning of my Journey looked curiously at the ring and as I f1n1shed slipplng it off my fingen my face felt a patter of water When I opened my eyes, I was st1ll under the elm tree A sudden summer shower must have come up and awakened me from my dream1ng And what a dream lt was' Would lt really come true? I looked down at the famil iar ring on my finger It seemed the same yet somehow different Did this, a common class r1ng, really hold the mystery of the future? Written By Mary Lou Hays NAME James Barrett James Dunlavy Audrey Filson Martha Hatfield Mary Hays Carol Martin Roberta Miller Thomas O'Nea1 Robert Reger Barbara Whetsel ALIS Jim Mort 'Half Pint' Mart 'Divina WEN Bert Tom Bob Barb Downs CHIEF ATTRACTION eyes feet npoodle' hair sweaters smile muscles baseball hair cut clothes ab1l1ty HE IS SHE IS helpful gust swell little off sweet n1ce cute corney crazy thoughtful 'a good kid' It didn't take long to find out what had happened to James Barrett. In every city . . on f . .J . . I N If W If - N ll N . H ll I1 N " YY W If If 8 Xi-, 41' -il -J? il? X K Class Notto Presldent 'Where There's a Wlll, Fern K1nnaman There's a Way' V1ce President Dick H1te Class Colors Secretary Maroon and wh1te Sherry Hunt Treasurer Class Flower Ronald Boden Yellow Rose Student Council Joyce Clark D1ck Cantwell Top Row: Martha Hatfield, Fern Kinnaman, Sherry Hunt, Joyce Clark Second Row: I Dick Cantwell, Tom Trennepohl, Dick Hite, Kenny Pope Bottom Row: Cleo Kemerly, Ronald Boden, Melvin Jackley, Hugh Elsbury Not Shown: Bud Holliday 9 www wwe Class Motto 'Not at the Top but Climbing' Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors: Blue and Whlte Top Row. 1' -47 Presldent R1chard Boden Vice Presldent Larry Parker Secretary R1chard Poulos Treasurer Paul Jones Student COUnCl1' Shlrley Apple Richard Boden Richard Boden, Larry Parker, Paul Jones, Shlrley Apple Second Row: Ann Moore, B111 Hatfleld, L1nda Jackson, Junior Albea Third Row' Mavis Olive, Darrell Rlchards, Ruth Walker, Dick Taylor Fourth Row Mary Davis Not Shown: Dick Poulos X6 Wy ? ar' Class Motto 'The Door to Success Labeled Push' Class Colors Gray and Green Class Flower Yellow Rose Top Row. 3 ai, Q .i President Richard Elsbury Vice Presldent Sally Hays Secretary Carolyn Dunlavy Treasurer Bob Kinnaman Student Council Carolyn Dunlavy Richard Elsbury Richard Elsbury, Sally Hays, Carolyn Dunlavy, Bob Kinnaman Second Row: Glendora Brizendine, Carl Martln, Rlchard Winkles, Lois Staley Third Row. Dick Albea, Hugh Griffin, B111 Elliott, Bruce Filson Bottom Row: Jeanette Bell ll l ' h Ei! as W eff, X 5 H VWwMt,o H A ,, H,w,A - I Qi B 4-1 X -T 3 743 ' 1,7 17 X , '- , .4 . in Z X x ' ' A, 'XS an JY? J a rar , -4' ' 5 X I ,VX A ' xxx . ' V .J , is ' : -3 : ,l T i eil T' if yvf Top Row: Sharon Tinney, John Shull, Judy Garriott, Jim Reynolds Second Row: Don Hasler, Kyle Hatfield, Jack Cantwell, Denny Curtis Third Row: Judy Maroska, Tony Olive, Judy Jackley, Ronald Winkles Bottom Row: Bobby Fields, Morris Titus 12 as 'Q 213635 3' is mf" 49 atb 71 Top Row I lx I. Carole Cantwell, Larry Taylor, Iona Bell, Tommy Parker Second Row Billy Baker, Nancy Titus, Junlor Huff, Carolyn Joyce Third Row: Lana Fouse, Bobby Snider, Loretta Shull, Norman Elsbury Bottom Row: Russell Van Duyn, Francis Boden, Larry Reger 13 ' ' ' 1 'U' '2- ' -'Of - -. vyq X K ', ' M V . El r f ff , H J i.-QwHEwAq3a.fR! iQ ' V. V . 3 'TQ' Ffl 'ghgf W W, A 1-5 Efj ' 'if kjf ' ' L 'K ik' -0 ", m'z ai! JE . ' A' ff: iw -. .V ' fig' ' ' n'x Nkwvj "fYi X ' ' x ' ' K 7: '. . . s' ' .ar f X A Q , f I NY N ' . al' fl! 1 or C -'li lm 12 4 "l 'Q f '45 I , s' -Q . ,- :xi ' 4' 6 1' 5 i Top Row Melanie Taylor, Jackie Davenport, Rita Alford, H1lton Currens, Barbara Swartz Second Row Marjorie Jones, Robert Tinney, Helen Hatfleld, Jerry Taylor, Phyllis Trick Third Row Carolyn Kemerly, Phillip Rhoday, Joyce Elsbur Phillip Trick, Jane Beaver Bottom Row Max Worland lb 'ad 1 'wt f, al rl -1' ii , 'J' fs, Ili' 1 .X It A Af lm ' ? TT w Uh -3 wv 1, A M1 1 4 . Y . . .J I - A .,. . Ya af 41- 1 rf' x umm 1 1' X N in 45 C' .li i Sas. G Top Row: Gerald Titus, Linda Murphy, Danny Dunlavy, Rhea Mertln, Philip Walker Second Row: Donna Van Duyn, Mike O'Neal, Marilyn Martin, Richard Dunlavy, Linda Barnard Third Row: Patricia Rushton, Shirley Reeves, Jerry Raymer, Rosemary Shull, Patrlcia Bowyer Bottom Row: Judy Baker, Nemuel Albea, Shirley Huff Not Shown: Sandra Pell, Carolyn Poulos 15 Q54 ' , . fijhfzrv 1- , f , ' , B' 55' .J iii' - Q15 i ',,.,4l 1 -,fm -- 1 B 543, - '4 p ' M' Q " I ' AJTQ J' .w' h '.-zw u"'hf 332 - -: 4 ' K-0 f. ve, . , w H.. " . 4 J 1, -. '- YE. A ft " N . fi' . , ' I. 1' K. .Y ' Q A di ' l ,' 1 own!! l 1 " 3 1 4'3- Top Row Ned Griffin, Lynda Trenhepohl, Tommy Van Duyn, Connie Davenport, Mike Tice Second Row Margorie Staley, Ronald Colllngwood, Glennetta Murphy Doyl Raymer, Deanna Lloyd Third Row Kenneth Henry, Diane Hasler, Ronnle Lloyd, Sandra Bronnenberg, Dennis Shull Fourth Row Carolyn Basey, Billy Hysong, Maryl1n Bowyer, Franc1s Jackson, Lois Carmichael Bottom Row Wayne Taylor, Darrell Jackley, Sandy Bill Albea 16 xo-4 xl 4 : d ' 4,7 X D XV D 7 1 D , ' x X as I ii . . Y I as " 'a , Q , X X 1 ' 'A . - . X ia I - f 0 ' A75 'Ll on 4? y TY., . . , N 1 X Hin w 3' 1 S4 4 "'i -I ' Ann 2 Top Row Judlth Jack, Joe Sanders, Ela1ne Boots, John Cantwell, Diane Albea Second Row Ph1ll1p Klser, Francis Hatfleld, Allen Klngen, Judy Joyce, Russell Taylor Third Row: Charlotte Reeves, Larry Saunders, Joyce Clark, Michael Bronnenberg Donna Swartz Bottom Row: Susan Jones, Patricia T1ce, Joyce McCorkle Not Shown. Patr1cia Snider 17 a . f -r'. " I f' . 1 .. ,-fix . I .cu - N, Q I -5 ,."- , f ,V foie -. fl Y I - ' J A I f J. , 0 XX x V gf' w 'vw ' X - e?i Ek?f'W . ,QL , ' , : X -of 4- . 6 3 'H 32' ' ' f- rf ' .N 4 " N I 4 , - ai . Ulu' 4 1. F - - N ,V 5 ,vg --. 1, . .' 1 we A I A , . 'zu 1 1 as y 'asa LW X O - 5 . :S - O J 1 4 ' a , Z' i , f'y v 7 I I. 5 . 1 1 econ! -dr "' .al "' X15 1 1 2 at x2XJ Top Row Johnnie Apple, Carole Baker, David Rushton, Jacqueline Clark, Philip Dunlavy Second How: Connie Frank, Michel Henry, Karen Hysong, Ronald Kingen, Sue Raymer Third Row: James Murphy, Bonita Swartz, Dewey Printz, Carolyn Titus, Clarel Steelsmith Bottom Row: Wayne Cantwell, Charles Martin 18 7m Wm N. QW f"'xALm.A 3 Top Row Charles Ray Cheshler, Jane Martln, John Keaton, Pegge Jo Wampler, John Currens Second Row: Lou Ann Parker, Charles Carm1chael, Joanna Basey, Rlchard Taylor, Karen Hasler Th1rd Row: Sonny Spratt, Suzanne Apple, Jay Jones, Nancy Relchenbach, Thomas Kemerly Fourth Row: Patrlcla Alexander, Donald Dulake, Gall Staley, Larry Raymer, Sharon Jack Bottom Row: Larry Fouse, Judy Trennepohl 19 a t iv.: F' A... 1 4 5 Lf V V f ' A 4' , is' it 'X ' .J '17 3 - 5 3' 1? , . . N :LtF1'h :. V , I, 'A x , , . ' 1 9 9 , db U ff' N 5 y J' s Q 1 FIRST TEAM RECORD am Plazed Eden Visitors SECOND Team Played Cadiz Fishers Fortville Mt Comfort McCordsville Maxwell Charlottesville Jackson Central Wilkinson McCordsville Charlottesville Co New Palestine Walnut Grove Daleville Maxwell Mt Comfort Kennard Wilkinson Fortville CSectlonalJ JUNIOR HIGH FIRST TEAM am Played Eden Visitors Cadiz Fishers Fortville Mt Comfort McCordsv1lle Maxwell Charlottesville Jackson Central Nilkinson McCordsville New Palestine Walnut Grove Daleville Maxwell Charlottesville Kennard Wilkinson TEAM REC0RD Eden Vlsltors JUNIOR HIGH SECOND TEAM Team Played Charlottesville Wilkinson McCordsville Maxwell Maxwell Mt Comfort Ingalls Mt Comfort Fortville VcCordsvllle Charlottesville Wortville CTo I Charlottesville CTO J Nilkinson CTO J Fortville Nilklnson Charlottesville Wilkinson Maxwell Maxwell Mt Comfort Vt C mfort Fortville Charlottesville Fortvllle Wilkinson Eden Visitors 'N H 51 - 52 To . . 54 46 45 48 44 64 52 50 40 74 57 55 . 55 40 . 41 25 . 50 50 40 QQ .. 59 57 55 28 57 '19 54 5l ' 56 75 l6 45 44 62 ' 26 21 .. 56 55 , 52 24 I .7 45 52 l5 25 28 72 ' 25 22 49 44 57 55 51 34 50 55 48 54 50 54 Charlottesville 54 65 Mt. Comfort 41 59 . 49 Sl 45 26 . 54 49 A 51 45 W' 47 64 47 57 Te -- -- ---- 25 27 l7 l6 24 l8 16 28 55 22 lO l2 49 46 22 24 27 21 . 29 ll ' . 48 26 U . o 24 29 44 25 28 14 . 48 19 2l 16 20 21 20 16 I 59 22 ' 15 16 56 58 . . 51 27 . 58 55 ' . 56 57 21 57 1 56 29 20 l3lXSlilITl3lXll Q f O ' , ' 5 ' K A , . . 'A I . x J vs. F ,V .. 1 1 U E J! A 2 KA K 21 LJ I I 1 7 yy i- -w.-.rp-ff, ar--45 SHS 'T' 3 , . - , , A if , N f' 6, 4 f X C . E X f Y EX xv V f 1 1 1 . ml 1 ',,:V 1 ',, 1 Q 4,1 . . i lx I " 1 . 3 X , f,' ' X f r kb xx 1 ' l ,lf 2 ' I "F-N:::e:11." -1: jf! 1 ' f 'S x : ' N 1 1 f lv "IIT..if E--i iwu All BATTING AVERAGES NAME PARKER REGER O'NEAL ELSBURY BODEN KEMBERLY JACKLEY RICH BODEN RICH ALBEA GRIFFIN POPE RICH ELSBURY KINNAMAN FILSON NNU1v1x.ulOO1 12 2 000 1 O OOO 1 000 200 000 OOO OO .... Q B E Z 5 o 2 .ooo 17 7 1 .L lb 6 A .L 8 ' 18 8 o .aaa 1 1 o 1 Jn. ALBEA ll 2 2 .181 13 2 1 . 51+ 13 1 o . 76 o 1 . 1 o .1 1 o 3 . 1 2 . o 2 . o o . o o . o 25 IW C 'EQ 'E S. If I? l E 'E Y v R S NVD-NTION 3111 QRS HAV1 CAM TFQIA T1 TO 131 1-1110 D1C0fAT11D roqirg c ,1 1 11 V f 11 fl 1kt1'H'I"f v 1: 1 'wx .JL 'wx J. F Y WUC S W 11601, A QVIF9 SI IO 'V+ fa I, I, Jcmc 11.1, Qvmor Cl-ss hald S rs 5 pmtj o r YL 'lr s 1111 4 'S U7 S MI-PTS nm, I1 SOC1' t 1 JN11111 '1 y"s rfom. 1. L 11 f11r d ffwqql 11' 5 v'1Y '1 Hum , CTW L1 vw 11 r. 11. lfjg O L rw 1, 1 1Ca ,,1 1-su pfr " 1 rvui W f PC P 1 1 W c .fdumx 3 111-1 '1 ,,mf'5g, 14 Til' L Qld V111 M W, .ave C.: .mllmg V1 VG' 1 1' cw' n 1 S11 zaflov 'WQ 'sl' hgmk Nl v snqtlng tlcxvto. lhky ghfu 1I"I"l LOU H YS 'ind Ann I N H IN ATT! NIWXNC1- 1.1. 1 bghou. r qw r. M1 1 I1 u ut Q7, 1, have PNCK 'S 3 Cl ASS 1J13LUSSFQ 11 HCV5 0 1 lox, OVXQ u youfn. comm, of, cifd he 1 1 1 I' dw., n Jok 'f LSC' 110115 It 1. .1 1 Tad TA Y, NFW TMC P 1-H TMC!-IFR IQ? SIC NS Mrs, 1. F, 1, PS I C111 I' 111' Q f' 11- t unwf' PCCIILI 0111 H1 S. NO 0, 'md YN tv' SIU COUNO' NN P IU DL CQN11Q11Q1113 vw:- 'N fu Q 'SAL11 9 wr 1r mo'-1 '50 Q 'Q , ff L M w 3 Tv 1,13 JM1 ml 1 1 px V1yd"f v My 1 JJ 4... N X X Q in 2 - - T 1 4 -- - . R ' " ' - - X I PIM1R-TY 1 ' fm K L 1 ,Q 1+ -, -, , ,, , my C A , , - - B ' 111,11 11.71 5 , 1 Q A pl 'A' - ' ' ,, U: 4 -A f. N411 5 mi ,IOP f- 1.i11"1I' 11 1, c:L1 :J A' fl jul' , 1 f-I ,.,..f M J X , A , 1.,., 1 :1t..Q1. " ' y, i ' tru 1J1St'.C1, I' 25' At M ' 'JUWJQ 1. f -', , --1... , . . -11,-r .' ,lin . 1.711 ,- w:'1,1cr 114- 1:51 ill' ci V ' J ' '.., . , 1 .., ,A 1.i'1f.', J, L 1 1 1, X. 1:11. . Nw 1- ,- "'fJ"'d - ,.- ,. c,..11fz1..c, 115 .Jeb TA 1 : ,., . , , . . 11 . Y'j,".'l!'. Jcrm F x VMS v."'.U'lfE ' rw iI"I .. Of' 'Pm .1 1 - QHWH gcc --f . . . . gl . 1cr to - . f' , " - ,. .Ljif .LJ v.,c,..1 1 9, Q f ,U the V ., ,, IS S"r:1f:sr1 1 by Thr , lr , f :F ?' J r:11'r1 "9" A5363 ' , .1:'c,::. ,, 1? V' ' .11'1:1j.' iii' -i-1'- vt il. ' 12 ' C " ri1.1f'1LI:sLfx.:.. xr-S 01. W1 it . 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The mow TU 5 11'5:.111i:r:1'1 121 S'1cV,5 'Jil 'P A Wifi V 51? ' 3 qt 3.1!-. ,1Jf1q1p1. 1' be ,V it 51-Ez: W to JCJ1' - 5- YW -19 F -Q-11 r si if :wrt N' "Q di f 1 Q ' 2 In il? 1 of 11,1259 dl 4551. . P'lx'a::1t: HJGL. ', i31:u1V:5 V- V1 'ETB Of " 'af' Sufi' 3 1 l Z A1 , km-v1'. :aunt .-' 't.1 '1 I " ' - I' X On T U17 1'11il1'ir1-111. M 'Y -' 1 '- . 3 1 " ' Z ,.,-. . , , A- u'x' 'K . be 111:11 1 U 4 to , L ed to A V ,-I A 1131? ' 1" 1.3 pl: Air. nggifggf. . phi' 1 '. 11.11121 .011 My 1 , bg gg T r, ww, 51.2. ,d tn .ne , 1 , f- gf: ' N N ' fx , ., -'ffh X W ,WN of ' s Lv -V lg A F-1117. ri' 'I1,2OV' L.' Q" 7g1 1 hx, 4 - - "4 1 T ' ' ll 1' A , ' the fini? lv ,, UZ.. ' 5, F- L. , 1 1 - I' ., I -I' 1 3 ' z':1'.,1. 11.2 .1 A - . 1' j V N itil 13 i 'K -U ,- ,S i 1 fE:'51:":i1-- Y 1 ,Q 'Wig-il- V a?1,1.f tion. C IJ' A , c mu'-. jj 1 lj jig PI - 5ST Qpgf1r1f..Q,1 S ,S ' - - Schoclza, Q .L '. - ' - N., ,W , 1 K K ' " -v 2.-Al .11 A . "4-fr 1 1' his ,hw timir L11 best - ' 'xffz' '?t,1':1.i, Acc fixxf, sl 1 "" " ' ' " r-at-n-rx lil thy I'fWY.A12f:,' for 55133 SJE1 ' F the 12 Lrd g:z'r-.iixr 2Zv'I'iO4 ' 1 ' -4 1 f-12112 11' ir mm? 'Nh All lf- Lai 'CRAZY BUT CUTE' Life seems to be a round of terrific Jams for Danny Dover, an only child of fifteen Mrs Dover, Danny's doting mother, is overly ambitious for her son to be a social success and cont1nually pushes h1m to go dancing, dating, and tea partying, all of which Danny terms sissy stuff Mr Dover says to let na ture take its course with the boy Dan's latest progect is r1gging up diving gear for deep sea flshing He 15 assisted by Betty, Danny's tomboyish girl friend, and K1llo, who claims to be a whizz 1n electronics The three are con tentedly fussing and fum1ng when Mrs Dover orders Danny to get properly dressed for a little teaimlty with the uppish Mrs Dopenduffer and her pla1n daughter, Gladys When Danny finally gets to the party, he shocks all by entering through a window, legs first, wearing only shorts except for h1s head being completely enclosed 1n a f1ve gallon oil can serving as a d1ving helmet Mother says that Danny w1ll simply have to learn social grace and lmmediately springs into action which 1nvolves Dan's easy going dad and glamorous cousin Result, Mother arranges a date for Danny for the celebrated Club dance Dad and cousin do the same, neither kQOW1Hg of the other's arrangements Dan flnds himself with three dates he doesn't want. All Dan wants to do is to be left alone so he can go diving for abalone. Danny Dover .... Mr. Dover ..... Mrs. Dover .... 'Oscar' Betty Shaw. Uncle Joe . . . . . Mrs. Dopenduffer. . Gladys Dopenduffer. HKil1o' Herman Espy R. G. Higby . . . . Susie Higby .... Phyllis Blake . Kathy Brooks . 4 Q a Q s o e 0 Q Q 1 4 o o o 28 Bob Reger James Dunlavy Carol Martln Sharon Snider Tom Oneal Roberta Miller Audrey Fllson Jim Barrett Melvln Jackley Mary Lou Hays Barbara Whetsel Mary Alexander ' W T W Q - 4 if ' '.'4. i , ' , J Q 2 A .-Q, A ,M 3' ' A' V . t. .. Y A A b - To ag .R 3 J I 2 . 'A 5 A . , , if T g To t ' f ws eac2vz?!4q 'THE GREEN LIGHT' 'The Green Light' is the story of an old woman who has slept for a sol1d year, and who, once she 15 aroused, may be able to tell who killed her splnster s1ster The old woman's neice and nephew, a reporter, a novel1st, a mySteF1OUS old man called Aesop, a Norweg1an cook, and a doctor who is supposed to be in ally a mystic solves the mystery and everyone l1ves happlly ever alter except the murderer who, of course, comes to no good end A green l1ght floating slowly about in the darkness, writlng letters 1n the dead sp1nster's hand and turnlng on victrola records keeps the audlence 1U suspense ataall times Miss Mattle Doctor Spaulding Mary Marston Jerome Forrester Klttv Corey Donald Rhodes Tr1nka Andersen Aesop Madame Zenda Audrey Filson Jim Barrett Mary Lou Hays James Dunlav Carol Martln Bob Reger Roberta Mlller Tom O'Neal Barbara Whetsel Y love with the sleeping woman all add to the fun and suspense of the play. Fin- . . . . . y 29 -"'iP'f5?5...--v-'F' LL. Advisors Editor Composing Editor Literary Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Snapshots Advertising Nanager Circulation Manager Robert M Wampler Ruthe Cneal Barbara Whetsel Carol Martin Mary Lou Hays Roberta Miller Bob Reger Jim Barrett Audrey Filson James Dunlavy Tom Oneal --mean: pm: an ,J .-35,91 xx ' -. ,'f, " 3 nn 1 :-E 31 -v- :- 14014566 AFM U! 32 Suwaiiae Sade!-y L... vr Mow 33 and Rza! Zdafuw 31+ I Lv . ..,,.,....,-h.,...fh, lr 1 - - , N P X A -' , gfliir' ,fx ' ' X I -- W J I ,Jigga I H , X I , K l Eg Q. ,445 fr 1 A. ,yr Nm-r , X 4"'XK'bfS'LQl ,...- N A x X Y ,K 1-in initials. M , S5-' " 2 f-wg 1 " ' 5- L,'-,-,WA 4"3S"., , 0 T R 0 0 ,J ----"""""" 1 i,.- w..,,. 1 ,fs A, 'f' f : W fl. A L C21 ,g t. 5,3 , H3 A 9. s 5 Q fx if if aa RHJKHQG QKYVJT I Q 9 4 ff P Q f' 1 -25. 1' A W , A .1 r,' fig, if f lak :7'MsgyQC"V'Vz H A3125 SM - I Q f , S 2, 1 if Q W-iam? , 3 , 55 wg x 'L..,,. .. - 1, wgff N,-H BALL PLAY E R5 Love Banos C5600 W hx-J' L W' iv. wiv J' Y is omsrv 7? E LOOKING ,,.....A I ,,,...-vw x, fx ix. V-Q. fv Q 4 f pl .ff V9 K EITERS km' UGH Pill-f3' 1-ff' 'avr' N03 03 F' V55 HARD J' J EFORE ra yor YN 5 Ong 4 .T M s TPM PPY"L6vQ, 0 L-215 U- re Tfme :ff xxop YC, YN! 9 L0-V05 i44iIN APPRECIATION'444 We wish to express our appreciation to those who made it possible by their advertising, for us to publish a school annual To you who are reading this, remember, we like to patronize those who patronize us O V E ALUMINUM CORPORATION OF INDIANA Phone 500 Pendleton Indiana Watches JEWELRY Silverware DR STEIN Optometr1st L R1 K O L N T W D I A M 0 N D S ' at the lowest cash prices K Y E H U D S O N E S O N SALES SERVICE A C 8L5 West Main Greenfield, Indiana Phone 56 NEW AND USED CARS COMPLETE BODY WORK 'BRING YOUR FORD BACK HOME FOR SERVICE' Pendleton, Indiana ESTABLISHED IN 1872 Member of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SHADLEY IMPLEMENT COMPANY J I Case Farm Machinery Parts k Service Phone 716 Greenfield Indiana L2 J C K L E A H Y O M P A N Y P E N D L E T O N B A N K I N G C O M P A N Y Compliments of G R E E N F I E L D N A S H M O T O R S I N C . Phone 777 New and Used Cara Wrecker Service Complete Body and Painting Work Gerald H Norris - Jay Dolfuss - Earl Sexson MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE STUDEBAKER Tractors and Farm Machinery Cars and Trucks Greenfield Indiana ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS INC 'Home of the Best in Sporting Equipment' 1028 Main Street Anderson Indiana Est 1909 Phone 911k A lovely portrait of school children family gatherin b bi ! gs! a es! service men, and brides are prized possessions of years to come An appointment now is lnsurance against regrets tomorrow Porters National Studio 312 Illinois Building Indianapolls, Indlana Ruth Porter, mgr L3 L E A R Y ' S S E R V I C E A C STOHLER Farm Machinery Sales 5 S CORNER HI WAYS 38 and 67 Phone 93 Pendleton HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO OP ASS'N OWNERSHIP OF FARMERS Petroleum Department General Office Greenfield Elevator Lumber Department Co op Farm and Home Supply Charlottesvllle Finly Elevator Patronize your Co op for SERVICE Greenfield Phone Phone Phone Phone Phone Phone Phone V QUALITY Y Indla INC OO 1 l t Ville Fountalntown SATISFACTION na .I Coke stop BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY BY O C A L A T T L I N G COmP11l9HCS of THE D H GOBLE PRINTING CCMPANY Greenfield Indlana 41+ ervice ndiana IIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIHIIIIIIllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIINIIHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIH . . . . . . . L . . . . . 59 . . . . . 19 . . . . . . . . 32 - . . . 9 McCordsvil1e Elevator .... . Phone M-Ville Q 54' WC -CO BO I ,Inc. W A R D T R A C T O R S A L E S FERGUSON TRACTCR SALES AND SERVICE COMPLETE MARATHON SERVICE NORGE APPLIANCES Corner of 23A and 9 Eden, Indiana S GENERAL STORE Phone Eden Eden Indiana FEATURING MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM M ADOW BUTTER MEADOW CHEESE Also Ice Cream Speclalities for Parties, Receptions, Etc Phone A511 Anderson Indlana BALFOUR HEATING CO INC Phone 665A or 7976 1616 South Mer1d1an Street Anderson Indiana BEST EVER MILK AND ICE CREAM IN ANDERSON STEVENSON RADIO SHOP Service and Supplles Phone 3 3536 lL26 Merldian Street Anderson Indlana F. H. P 0 P E A N D o N BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY A5 Compliments of CROUCH M FOSTER FURNITURE Floor Covering Phone 359 Fortville Indiana BRADLEY HALL GREENFIELD STORE INC Westinghouse Appliances Simmons Bedding Stoves Rugs Complete Home Furnishlngs Phone Bb Greenfield Ind1ana D DEPARTMENT STORE Greenfleld Indiana Compliments BYRNES REXALL DRUGS Greenfield Indiana Compliments of COLLIER'S FURNITURE CC 32R2 Wilkinson Phone 23F3 smrley Wllkinson Indlana THE CARTER CO All1s Chalmer New Idea Bolens Garden Tractor West Road AO Phone 71801 Greenfield Indiana Eden Flyers Good Luck Greenf1eld Indian PENDLETON LOAN ASS Pendleton Ind1ana IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' Compliments of . R O Y ' S R6 Compllments of COX CHEVROLET INC Sales k Service 132 W State St Pendleton Ind1ana Greenfield's RITZ CIGAH STORE WHERE FRIENDS M ET Magazlnes Ice Cream Candy Pendleton Indiana FREEZIT FOOD LOCKERS Busiest Super Food Store Locker Rentals Cuttlng and Wrapplng R E R Curing Greenfield Indiana Pendleton Indiana DILL FIELDS CONPANY, INC McCormick Deering Tractors and Machlnes Internat1onal Trucks Parts and Service Compliments of Refrigeratlon SEARS RQEBUCK at co P O Box 90 Phone 760 Greenfield Indiana Compliments of SMlTHIE'S D X SERVICE Fortville Indlang Greenfield Indiana BOYD SUPER QUALITY CLEANERS Pick Up k Delivery Phone 605 Greenfield Indiana W A H O U S E M A K E T Processing Service For Home Service IIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII M7 S H Est 1912 Ambulance Servlce Phone 37 Greenfield Indlana C X NOHR IIPLEMENT STORE Complete SGPVICG on Farm Equlpment John Deere Sales and Servlce Greenf1eld Indlana Phone 21501 William Ping A Sons ALLIS CHALMERS R NEW IDEA Farm Equlpment Pendleton Indiana Phone 36 Compliments GREENFIEID ICE CREAM Greenfleld Indiana P A C O F U N E R A L O M E lIIlIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' . . I 4 of ' ' A co. K I N D E R ' S G A R A G E Compliments of ' I S T A F F O R D ' S IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIII L8 DODGE DODGE TRUCK PLYMOUTH Phone 27 or 677 Greenfle d Indlana HANCOCK COUNTY ABSTRACT CO COVGF C1t1zen's Bankl Abstracts T1tle Insurance Greenf1eld Indiana CUT PRICE MWGSWRE Greenfleld Indlana KENTON W RUSSELL INSURANC AGENCY Fire and Automobile Insurance Room 2, Masonlc Bu1ld1ng, Phone Greenfleld Indiana CONPLIMENTS OF A Greenfield Indiana LYNAN FUNERAL HOME Phone 92 695 One South Street Greenfleld Indiana Feed Fence FBFEIIIYST Seed Graln Phone 29 R l Willow Branch Indlana HERFF JONES CO DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY, GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS, MEDALS, CUPS, AND TROPHIES INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA JEWELERS TO EDEN HIGH SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVE JOHN MARSHALL Compliments of LEARY'S BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Heating Cooking Tractors Greenfield Indiana FENDLETON LUMBER Ct Supplies Nillwork Lumber Bulldlng Phone 31 Pendleton Indiana WILKINSCN FEED AND SEED complete feed for energy need' Phone 108 Wilkinson, Indiana Compliments of HAMLOND WHOLESALE CANDIES O A HAMWOND Greenf1eld Indlana C I T I Z E N B N K IIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FITZER FEED R GRAIN CC. Willow Tree and Purina Feeds -- WA L9 Compliments of GORMAN'S GRCCERY CRAIGUS SERVICE WB1ggest Little Store ln Townu Phone 276 Pendleton Indiana Greenfleld Indlana Compllments of WILKIN ON'S ACTOR SALES STANDARD HEATING R PIUMBING Desoto Plymouth 115 West Maln Greenfield Indlana Fortvllle Indlana Compliments of HCLbES SERVICE b 1 R d s THE BABY TEEN snor Lu rlcigczgsonega ervlce 19 North State Street ydln 8 penn Phone 783 Greenfield Ind1ana Greenfleld Indiana TRAYLCR SERVICE STATION CCRNER COTTAGE Fortvllle Phone 27 Ind1ana Pendleton Indlana Compllments of LAMB R BINNINGTON k MURPHY EATON TRANSFER CQNPANY T1res Lubr1cat1on Batteries Greenf1e1d Indlana 701 I Maln Phone 170 Greenf1eld Indiana RATTS IMPLEMENT SALES HUGHES SHELL SERVICE JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE Servlce 15 OUT BUSINESS Fortv1lle Phone 361 Indlana F0FtVille Indlana Compliments of Compllments of V AG B H GOFF'S OUALITY MARKET ILL E ELL DRESS S OP Custom Butchering Proces ing k Cur1ng Greenfield Ind1ana Pendleton Indiana Flowers for all Occasions W P WIIIIAMS MUELLER'S GREENHOUSES CASH STORE Greenfield Indlana Fortville Indlana 50 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Tank Wagon Service 128 S. Pendleton Avenue IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN RENNER'S WI Flt the Fut' Fortville Indlana Spencer Publ1sh1ng Co THE DAILY REPORTER GREENFIELD REPUBIICAN Hancock County's Leading Newspapers Greenfield Indiana Dale M Beagle Furnlture Co Home of Quality Furnlture Greenfield Indiana FORTVILLE HARDWARE State Road 67 and Oak Street Fortvllle Ind1ana BAKER COAL AND ICE e comfortable and thrlfty by see ing us for your coal and ice W Greenfield Indlana KELLERMEYER TEXACO SERVICE State Road 67 8r. Poplar Street Portville Phone 357 Indiana Compliments of TRULCCK'S GROCERIES K NEATS Wilklnson Indiana PENDLETCN FUEL E SUPPLY COMPANY lOl East Hlgh Street Pendleton Indiana ROYAL SERVICE STATION 22C South Pendleton Avenue Phone lh3 Pendleton Indiana STAATS PHARNACY 'Be 1007 Safe' lOl State Street Phone IOO Pendleton Ind1ana GRAHAN'S DEPARTPENT STORE For Your Clothing Needs Pendleton Phone Zbl Indiana SHIRLEY SALES 8 SERVICE 237 South Pendleton Avenue Pendleton Indlana NAY'S JEWELRY IO South State Street Greenf1eld Indiana SPRINGERS RESTAURANT Home Fade Pies k Meals Open Zh Hours 19 North State Greenfleld Indlana JOHN S BENTLEY Oliver E Massey Harris Greenfleld Ind1ana Compllments of MAXWELL INC Maxwell Indlana IlIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIll IIIIIIIIIlIlIIIIlll Beard Shirley, Prop. IIIiHIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 51 HUBBARD R REGER Compliments Of AUTO BODY R AUTO SALES Phone LA83 W E Hubbard Opie Reger lhl9 Main Street Anderson Indiana Compliments of RASH'S GULF SERVICE Eden Indiana GUY L REEVES E SON LUMBER CO Lumber Hardware Building Material and Appliances Wllkinson Indiana VIRGINIA'S NUT SHOP Phone 9670 1215 Maln Street Anderson Ind1ana Compliments of FOREST GREENHOUSE Greenfield Indiana WILLOW BRANCH BARBER SHOP Willow Branch Indlana KENDALL GARAGE Parts Weldlng Magneto Service General Repa1r Phone 19 l Willow ranch Indiana Compliments of STIVER'S Maxwell Indlana Compliments of BAITY'S GROCERIES Maxwell Ind1ana QUONSET BUILDINGS Jlm Souder Mile North of Riley Park MOONS GARAGE Pure Oils R Gas Tlres Batterles k Accessories Maxwell Indlana WILBUR C MOON T R I O JAM S R WOODS JR , ROBERT F REEVES GREENFIELD CLEANERS MB AND MRS FULTON KENNETH WATTS BASH MACHINE SHOP J L ALLEN, D N GRIER, ANDIS SHOE STORE PAUL ALLEN, D D S BYRON DEKINE D BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE R J RITTER, oP'r HUGH F MINGLE, ET P A o N s ' s E c T N . . M.D. . . . , n.D.s. . . M. . R. . D.D.s. . . . , .D.s. . . . . v . 52

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Eden High School - Zephyr Yearbook (Greenfield, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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