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 - Class of 1949

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W QZKX Www X XXX X A f f Lvl. f figlf 1 X 24 X J fx M ' ff K wx xg I 'xx A- K' V gh KW W I fl' W , f x LXMN X Nix. g f 1 xib ' N QVX2 'Z 2 f I N I if X rg Z sw 2 N7 1 C7 2 ff f :iv fm X f f ZS 1 V' if-VO W W! W If 'Jn' 1 ' ar my 41 NYMA WLX '23 df ,W ww ni f ,, re 'K-Lx Wd PRN Nikos' X ag ff We the Senlor Class of Eden Hlgh Qckool, dedicate this, the nineteen hundred and forty nlne edation of the Zephyr to Mrs Rutre Oneal She has been both patient and kind in administering to our educational needs Her abilities are far reaching, both 1n actual work and ef fect Besides being head of the social sclence and Eng lish departnents, she also takes time to coach cl ss plays, direct the publication of our school paper, and to supervise the making of our school yearbook In de dicating this edition of the Zephyr to her, we sincerely hope that we can convey our feeling of friendship, d miratlon, and respect to her D l ' . . . L1 J 1 . . ... I A I , . O . A - , .. 'Z 1 C LA Q an x O 1 E - . . . ,Xi ,X , ,,,f" Q N - " Y 1 i 'l x l' ' f 2 Z! if X f SW VA- hwfwy. V, ,, 1. A "--4 ...af E Ray Whetsel I L iavens Trustee Princloal jaw? BWJ. '-3651 AF. -AQQ 4 Hugh Curry Robert Troy Albert Martin "Q L Q 4+ Ruth Oneal Blsncne Dunham Muriel mics Ln llsh Commerclal Home Ec 'FTB f 'B Floyd Alford Inyllls C1lfiOTd Re 7th and 8th Musi va P'-I 'F' 5,5 4.9 25- 455 Veda Frost Ruth Ullmann Lois Humfleet lst and 2nd 3rd and 4th 5th and 6th , ffl 4 ' A dl, 'ifg I -at fi, Q, 6 4 ' .VVA ,Q s ,f' .3 A s,. V?9fs ' ' fm wA'fi X o ."'x Qpff n Q jg' . .' , , .' 'Q-1 . 'Kr 14- 'Q , 'QA Lvf "5-1 f 7 4- A .f .3 If . , ' Lv U It ,JD A N sys svx ,H L ,F f H ..... A 2 " 'f " 'J 4' 1 W. H. ed C NS th . efddd gfwtofuf It was a lovely spring morning of April 8th, 1960, as I sat in my beauty shop o Capital Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana I sat there thinking of eleven years ago and m Senior year in Eden High School A I sat wondering what had become of my nine schoolmates the shop door opened and I arose to face a young woman who was none other than my old schoolmate Susie Rash Susie told me she was a private nurse but worked most of her time taking care of her husband and 16 months old son We sat talking for a while and during the time we heard an ambulance go by with sirens screaming Susie and I rushed out of the shop and down the street to where a crowd was gathering Two cars had crashed together and several people were hurt As we were standing there watching I noticed a young lady questioning one of the uninjured passengers of the cars As I glanced more closely I dis- covered it to be another schoolmate Kay Oneal She soon finished and as she turned around I caught her attention She hurried over to us and told us she was the chief reporter for the Chicago Tr1bune It seemed she had gained her goal in life She said she was in Indianapolis covering a story for the Tribune when she heard of the wreck It seems that two of the people who were hurt in the wreck were fro Chicago We walked back down the street to my shop and Kay phoned her story of the wreck to Chicago We then decided we'd try to round up the other members of the 1949 graduating class and have a reunio Susie said she knew where Doris Alford was, only now her name was Ward She had married another schoolmate Gene KShortyl Ward in 1950 and was now the proud mother of three young boys She and Gene were living on a large farm near Eden and Susie proceded to call them It had been decided we'd meet at m home and Doris said if Effie would keep the boys she and Gene would be there She also said she would get in touch with Earl Garriott who was a veterinarian in Greenfield She said Earl was married and doing well in I them put a call through to Fortville where Virginia Bennett lived and in- vited her and her husband to our party She had married Gene Alfonte in June of 1950 and she was now the mother of a small boy and a five year old girl She said she and Gene had planned to come to Indianapolis to a show that night but they would gladly come to the party instead The last phone call went to Shelbyville where Carolyn Snider lived Carolyn was now Mrs Charles Monroe She was married in December of 1949 and had two s all girls She answered the telephone and was very much surprised to hear fro She said she and Charlie would be there if nothing stood in their way Susie, Kay and I then got on a bus and went uptown to one of the biggest Radio Technician Schools in Central America It was owned by Lester and Chester Bedell We entered the school and found Chester and Lester both working hard at their desks It seemed Chester was married and Lester was anticipating marriage in July They both said they would be there, so Kay, Susie and I left and each went to our separate home Each member of the class and their wives, husbands and fiancee were at my home at 7 30 Each member introduced their unknown members to the rest which in eluded my husband who no one knew but Virginia We had a wonderful time reminiscing of the days in Eden High School until 1 30 when everyone decided it was time to part But each member left with the feeling that the 'good old days in Eden High School' will never be forgotten By Kathryn Land I O .. s U 0 O Q O O O I O 0 O business. O - O O . , K e 0 O O 0 0 O 2 0 . " . O 2 0 I F rl 11 kay Onozl keno Dorl ltord President Susie Rash V1ce :resident Colors - Gold and Black Swan 65444 Kathryn Land ecxetary Motto---- -- - Green but Growlng Carolyn Snider Treasurer Virginia Bennett Chester Bedell 9 1421 1 fl Q 'O K m' .ZL9kx"QFExQ Xgxqlanafk Semin S DORIS ALFORD Glee Club 1 Glee Club Pianist 2,3,4 Dramatics 3,4 Sunshine Society 2,3,4 Annual Staff Editor-in-Chief 4 Orchestra 1 Quartette 3 Class President 4 Class Vice-President 1 Class Treasurer 2,3 County Music Festival 1,3 State Music Festival 4 VIRGINIA BENNETT Glee Club 1,2,3,1. ' Dramatics 2 3 4 Sunshine Society 2,3,4 Annual Staff Extra Curricular Editor 4 Class Secretary l County Musical Festival 1 KATHRYN LAND Glee Club l,2,3,4 Dramatics 3,4 Sunshine Society 2,3,4 Annual Staff Literary Editor 4 Class Secretary 2,4 County Music Festival 1,3 State Music Festival 4 Paper Staff High School Reporter 4 EARL GARRIOTT Basketball 3,4 Baseball 3 4 Dramatics 3,4 Annual Staff Sports Editor 4 Paper Staff Reporter 4 CHESTER BEDELL Glee Club 1,4 Dramatics 4 Basketball l,2,3 Annual Staff Circulation Manager 4 SUSIE RASH Glee Club 3,4 Dramatics 3,4 Sunshine Society 2,3,4 Annual Staff Extra Curricular Editor 4 Class President 3 Class Vice-President 4 Class Treasurer l Cheer Leader 2 Paper Staff High School Reporter 4 CAROLYN SNIDER Glee Club 2,3,4 Dramatics 2,3,4 Sunshine Society 2,3,4 Annual Staff Typist 4 Class Treasurer 4 Class Secretary 3 County Music Festival 3 State Music Festival 4 Cheerleader 3 LESTER BEDELL Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Dramatics 3 4 Annual Staff Art Editor GENE WARD Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,3,4 Glee Club 1 Dramatics 3,4 Annual Staff Advertising Manager 4 Class President 1 2 Class Vice President 3 KAY ONEAL Glee Club 3 Dramatics 3,4 Sunshine Society 2,3,4 Annual Staff Composing Editor 4 Orchestra l Paper Staff Reporter 4 Q 5-z" D3 1 9 Y 4 9 , , CD - Q 4 XXX -7 i 'nk Q 'f 1 ,X ' U' 0 10 B 1 F1 ,EN 9 12777719 omQmwCQ poem In H377 we started up we, the Senior Class, We've worked together, and had much fun And now, we're here at last. Now, it won't be very long Till we'll all go our ways, And if we ever chance to meet, We'll talk of NThe good old days.n There were only four of us When we started in, But we've come and gone and come again Until there are now ten. We have always worked together, And our teachers have been swell, I don't believe there's another class That has gotten along so well. We've always looked forward to 49 The years have flown so fast, It's very hard to realize That this year is our last Sept an ar Nov Apr Sept Oct c Dec an Apr Apr May Sept c Oc Nov Dec an an Feb Mar May May May i D 2 7 ! 7 1945 1946 1946 1946 1947 1947 1947 1947 1947 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 Now that we have reached the top, We really would like to express, Our gratitude to our nAlma Mater Good Old E H S By Doris Alford SOCIAL CALENDAR Started in high school Class party at Greenfield saw nwilson Class party at Pendleton rollerskating Class party at Vlrginia Bennetts' Received class sweaters Opened noon concession stand Ordered class rings Sponsored Carnival Received class rings Class party at Indianapolis ice skating Class play nWhere's Grandma U Won stunt for Class Night Junior and Senior New York Trip Freshmen initiation Ordered class pins and com encement announcements Received name cards Class play WA Ready Made Family ' Class party at Indianapolis rollerskating Received class pins Received announcements Class party at Virginia Bennetts' Basketball Banquet Baccalaureate Commencement Junior and Senior Chicago Trip Q XE fax sf fx D 4 I ll ll . 8, . J . 23, - .U M . 6, - . . 7, ' . . 22, . . 17 . . 7, . O t. 22, . . 4, . J . 23 - . . 9, . 0 , 0 9-15 . . 20 . O t. 7, . t. 28 . . 9, . Nov. 13, 1948 Senior Day at Butler. . IO -- . J . 5, J . 20 . 9, u 14, 1 Y I ' 49 " ' 1, . 4, . . 9 y ' ,f Z H Li. 4 'Ti ' 4 97 - I .31 s- 'T 4 9 C 0 X-Q SK U-pt.-G- 'W3e K ogxqxllfbaq 66444 7061! We the Class of 1949, of Eden High School, Hancock Colmty, Indiana, being of sound mind and disposing memory hereby declare this to be outlast will and testament, hereby revoking an and all wills by us heretofore made. ITEM lst: We direct all our petty expenses, debts and excess merchandise to be duly paid and accepted by the class of 1950. ITEM 2nd: We will to our loyal faculty, all x marked test papers, com- positio s, and written assignments and all records of below B grades. ITEM Brd: We bequeath to the general fund all excess money of our class fund after all just debts and expenses are paid. . ITEM 4th: We will to our beloved schoolmates the new stage curtain and also the following personal possessions: DORIS ALFORD, will my typing ability to Herbert Curry VIRGINIA BENNETT, will my small figure to Joyce Lykins CH STER BEDELL, will my mechanical ability to James Dunlavy SUSIE RASH, will my curly hair to Glorine Olive CAROLYN SNIDER, will my Sunshine Society job as president to some in- telligent girl EARL GARRIOTT, will m skating ability to Larry Jackson KATHRYN LAND, will my talkativeness to Jo Springer LESTER BEDELL, will my worries of art editor of 1949 annual to Bill Every KAY ONEAL, will my freckles to Ruth Holliday GENE WARD, will my basketball tricks to future members of Eden Flyer varsity ITEM Sth we do hereby nc inate and appoint the Clase of 1950, Executor of this, our last will and testament, and if for any reason, they should re- fuse to accept said responsibility, or for any reason fail to fully andfinally settle our requests, then we appoint the faculty of Eden High School, Executor of this, our last will and testament IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, WE, THE CLASS OF 1949, Of Eden High School, Hgnggck County, Indiana, have hereunto signed ournames tothis our last will and tes tament on this 4th day of May, 1949 W 951, "'-'L Umm 5 EMMI- 69"'a9L ,Qual M ,,,.,..,.1Z' f , ,ana 212 Signed, sealed, declared and published by said tesator, the Class of 1949, as and for their last willand testament, in our presence, who at their request, in their presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses there oi this 4th day of May, 1949 Cgill-f"" gQgFiEED QE We Q, 1, . 1, . 1, . 1, . I9 1, A . 1, . 1, , 1, . I, W' ' ' -' If CIT ip - fi ,fs CKiEZ7 Zlfribigiiffff ,7 Z 5 HH qs fxxi if iq Wupwplaq Four members of the 1949 graduating class started to school together on Sept- ember l3, 1937 They were Kay Oneal, Susie Rash, Virginia Bennett, and Eugene Ward Others who enrolled with these four were Mary Lou Crist, Juene Hunt, Ray mend Hunt, Virginia Roberts, Charles Schmidt and Jerry Surber During the year and Eugene missed the second semester because of illness Our second year, five new members enrolled and John Wechsler came back Th new members were Doris Alford, Virginia Glass, Keith Main, Donna Rum ell and Jack Randolph John, Virginia and Juene left us during the year and so we were 'four teen ' Mrs Mary Mohr was our teacher during the first and second grades and now we look back and appreciate her genuine love for children that manifested itself in her kindness and patience Upon entering the third grade there were two new members added to the class, Freddie Jones and Evelyn Foust Virginia Glass came back during the year and Keith Main moved away Mrs Hildred Lane was our teacher On September 9, 1940 we entered theiburth grade with Miss Esther Cook as ur enrolled, making our class enrollment fifteen When we entered Mrs Humfleet's rodm on September 8, 1941, only eight of that fifteen was present Mary Lou Crist left during the year but was replaced by Robert Remsburg Leaving us still eight members Our sixth year we added Flossie Mason, Dallas Marshall, Donna Sparks, Kathryn Land, Marilyn Delay, Chester and Lester Bedell to our class and that made our enrollment fourteen September 17, 1943, we went upstairs as beginning seventh graders Jack Randolph left us during the summer, so when Carolyn Snider came in December and Dallas left in February our seventh grade ended with thirteen At the beginning of our eight year Beverly Gahiemer, Bill Huffman, Keith Clevenger and F1qpdHcC0rk1g were added to our list But Bill left us in November and Donna Sparks, and Donna Ru mell left in March which left us with only thirteen Carolyn and Keith left during the summer We started our high school years with eleven in the class, Doris Alford, Virginia Bennett, Chester Bedell, Kathryn Land, Lester Bedell, Kay Oneal, Susie Rash, Anna Reynolds, Eugene Ward, Henry and Betty Gregg Henry and Betty left in October and left us with only nine students We started our Sophomore year on August 30, 1946 Carolyn Snider came back and that made ten of us beginning aut Donald Farnu and Barbara Ferguson upped our total to twelve We lost three members before our Junior year began Barbara and Donald moved and Anna decided o marriage Earl Garriott entered to make four boys and six girls our total during the remainder of our high school days September 3, 1948 we started our final year as Seniors The ten members who have come up the long path are Doris Alford, Virginia Bennett, Kathryn Land, Susie Rash, Kay Oneal, Carolyn Snider, Chester Bedell, Lester Bedell, Earl Garriott and Eugene Hard Our twelve years have been enjoyable as well as educational and we hate to say good bye By Virginia Mae Bennett e B o teacher. Lloyd Staley, Donna Rummell, Jack Randolph, Cophine Holden and Bob Baker if fi X ff! M 5 Z mf fall NX 1' 23 k NN X97 7 X Q! ' g i .2 X ,WRT Kfwf X15 X? ma f-53 Xrf' cj' 7 WA i f u vm 125, IQ 5 I' cwwues I 5'?5fg5f J! rf g 43 Qxxx Y XX wff l 4,, X 1 AW? 'WQEFQIB . f -as 1 -V 1'. -a 1-"vc , ...H 'Q x how 3: larry Adkins, Ponnie Clive, Lois Bcnnftl, Herbert ff. 9 'G' 'K .K gl ,,2,: x A 5. President : F7 w -q res en S I id t I I1 3 Q- lresident Was - 1 in Curry, Vetha Kinnamun " A' "m Row 9: Ruth Holliday bobert Baker, kill Every, Uptty Iy- ': , .'4s, Andy Naroska. Vice esident 0 1 c 6 C Q " IQILJI nar0an'nennft nn PopL, Crr Q any r Wenny F JUF' J lter rf Fir' f 1 fkpr n PP Xice rresldent ' fe nnp Snvic Jvq S r n e Tqne Barrett an er uoxe 11 .ox barfbhc+ AWK Al SIX' U VN, Caro? Narfnz C V 9 EXYC' 11 'ohm torn 1 Oh UE 1 't Qf C 7 1Ch8TC TCT T1 .1 I Not shown Roberta Miller Vice 1T0S1d8Ut f'X Xa L I xW ' X1 X .XL i dfiifl OYSQQEQEQQLNXX kv NM N Z! ru men scum amuse' xx N lxiii 5,3-F NS-Q 'if' P 7'-'rin N-WS E: Mug! tg mn wax., X -1' " Nagle 1 'gf' M E in f 7.-. E W5 E'-' W , 55 ' 1-1 9 SEER' 1 'Ewa 135, A Q 571 2 R. f' ff 1-.HJ + IL ,gr ,fi vi" xufw' Q- NXJQJAC QQ? f! Q5'N7i,fP 'dd!i!!ff,fff X .f ' 1 -':7lf1.,' Z 5 X if 1 Wh,-4 ff is 2' I M ' QQQ4 ,lf ,,L,,-- , si Ein" .1 ' - ' EW, I 'gi - f lavgrux X X Ne x -Hiys V V "VF: Q 45' L 5X..Llxl 'H' -I I 5 - jkx X ,fljfllfilwi x l X I 2 ' 4,7 S v V ' XXV 'XXX ' -Q f . q, N XG N 415 Aliik, x X . ' X ' 4f25 :1QQ,MA TwQX3Q Y 4x .gif P,-"Ti-.sin Y- . r , ' .. - K N Q 51' 'fa-gf K ' T-gs' N- X Y'-q.G ,f- N - if Ti-si-2 Q? 5 X W " X' h""fa M23 A Q Mg Af-xx f X- H' ,Eff - 1 V'?vL'.,XM W-Xxffww - X ' ,Lf Y.- Y 2 - L 'MN 'X Xe, A 'P F i if ' if X q Q, ' L f , M"4?"'?Q'lfY: g'l" N H, fr' ,af ff? figifi . 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N. . .. ' ' , Fzoz' 1: JC i.gje'-r. "lUl'g1gL ., lsr., ,Jf!"Y,F Lise, k1er.:i'.' Zfze :f?.f:z'ry li' 1. 1 ,U 5251 Y, 3 ' ., , . . 1 4 4 , v- - V ., Q -" ' x , - ,1 K 'L ' " r.. .:. :.1.r.. 1 -'63 A me 51' 1-1.1 ?fC31if?B:,. qi ' V -Q J. A v- . ' , 'Z ' if! -hc-'xng J ,rg . I1Crn.s R Gr in Q , 5 nv 5, 1 1 , Lg fn L. ' V 1 Xu --I V' . Y ' - 'Z v'. "7- ' . ..' 'f 7vv P, . W 'J,.. 'W - , V. .K .. w,.eC ff' '. J ...,r'c,,, :.1.,. ,45- f 1 5 t ..., ,Vai '7 " 4 x' .I g bmg, Cfjwf ,l'.1w, Q,"- Fiji- , F'c:'Y!,f fpntfi lf, ' . ' -' fu - 1 v 34' 2 .4 F A 'ix Jacklfjr. cylfl 1. , . - 1, Y ' "" 5 .V 7 2,01-I: I-iflv. 1.65, .-1:.:,"rrf, ,'ru,-1...- ,?'U..- K---'U ff' - 6 v - -,-' W .' .. ' f ' . 51' '- .erre-,R 1-1:::.'r1,, , , . ? r "' 4 N, f NJ 'X , , 1 ' J T 1, .L.- '. 9 .1 :f,'.- ,1 1'l'I', sw'-Q1-. Q A I - - S' 9 " . , . , . . . . , "' 3' I ' '4- 3 - gg Ecu-'51 fax- , :.u, .'1r,fj.'.:gv,e-, Eff z,ff'jc-A, 'mf' ' Qavis, Piifzlzmri Jager., Linif: ' 1: sc .. r 7 , 1 ' ' X X K. x . 4 L' b A , .A - ., , 6 ii . IC., gf I-il-pr., 1,-14 imp vif- '-iff I-im' 'M' , vi f fly, f,fAy1-gg, Hifi' .2 Liflxzry, L .JNU5 FC' ' Q 9' ,, . 5 9- V I-.cv .1 'f' "A: 'fin-, X!!-'Ziff' Eff:-'1...Qz.f-, Var, '21"1:. fx -P , -- Q g,,G,ffy. ww:-. ' 1,114-H. fr x,, Qs-it ' H A , K A ,. A A v. ., IJ 1'-Q 'rf-r,:,fj ' . ' . , "' V nov: J: :,Lr.1,. .H..e..? , 1, 15- I-'Ii ' Rag' t' 5 v4 V ' IL: Qnjr. -"TIT --f'f'V'7- 'H' ' n fs 4 N K 1 4 I A 1. 2-Q-, 2: rw. ii:.1.k-ff, 'riff Vivf- ifff' -flii fs' -'W ' ?.eyml is 1XEI'l!,f.' mrfjr. -'Hip' Yfr FCHL' . n ' RX LE . ' A V Q 3 lv 1. 1, ' -A lr i 2 A-r - tx- A , , ,"?7 1, I . . !' x ' - ' " --' - 1- - . . . . . ,. , 9' " . -. w A-71 W g1.11,z'f: 1111, r' . 5 ' 4 . Q 4 "' ' L x ' - -- x f . , . , A h Y A Q H U , Q' Q W J f f '-V 4-f L EX 2: Quiy mrznctx, LQ,-'K iz., ,: . ...gli 1 . L 1 - - "f L ,.. . , -- - . , , :,,hw .. . 3, , 11,115 515- 4 uc., Q .-xfhsh-. X - F R , x 'D s ' N 'f V A V ' 4. v 1 I' T 1 Po F 4--1 f krr LI due VAX' rfzf' 1 v- lb kwr 'W BFI P mx.: . Clff' L K 1 u LG gyr- AY, fx fx QA W 5 Avo' amz! Eff- Wu.: X ri wr r A-5, aux? 4 5 'ba fret h L fm L. A hm 1 Lx xx ge 1 Van A 1- L V ar ene 1 e ax T r Pttf- ,r n,cr cu. lurk r Nr:-1, VV H Nc 4 r' cr xox. Nelnn4 rr x "' UU-1e,,ne en F. FTE AC. Ure IN-ft fuk I' Pod i , Jare neavel MINI our new 4 A G ax emxy Beverly P rf- rc- c ff: PI1 R 1 Tomry V-ar Iyne JL w sy Palfer, Iverfuel A1.Jev PM Nartn Dar Im uvy, an 'ean "'re.re,c1I' .Jer r' r, 'ona an 'ne t ic Fowyer Row Hxi lg walker Lot hcwr' Shirley Reeves lic! e.L .may Row 3 Richarc Dux' mi, Linda Bax-nam er-Md T tus .Judy De -Icf Vichael One.J arbare .wider inoa 'ee Murphy nober Qrepcrg , 1118112 LOu5lf'- cu 1 a' cle Langicrd, Inu, Ei 1-Abe tepharfe here, rerrvth .rennpohl Pnure nnexrurg, Hcn lu ucllirgx-cor rolyr naeey, umx Pavmef, 1-rue Lee leqch E' Pcrmd 1,103 Darre 1 clley N t shown illian' Iiyso R -lm Rox 3 Francis Jackson, Diana haqler, kenneth Jones, Deanna Lloyu, Dennis hnverm, Yargie Ctaley, Michael Tice, Mar-ylin Bowyer, Wil' ia:- .Y s , W v v 5 . - L v . -y t V , D 11. 'c kv f i Aiwl' Trennepohl f fy 1: my -miner, film: Eptffir, i.'nf"r Evil!-" , l 1 .QT -I' pn? .f::', f'J'L! ffs EClfEY1, Isrg, In v 1 , . 51.4 2. ' - ' .. " Q -I rl P - - 'A ' jple. Q xg Q 2 11 'I ,H 7, :f"gx I. , ' 1 '.,- ' N ., s ,U 9. -H-' V C ' hui 'ici re-1 ,. 'ffyn ,'j'f'v-. , ' x . ' ' nz , a - ,Q I . 0 ' ' ' ' . . , N11 Q ' f' .2 L 1- Kc if f zz fs "1 As, 'lf-' A 'yr-ff, Iffq ff-J, . W NC NJA ,lftflryy 1, 1 'gs 53 ., .flint ghrrl I'. P E-' . .J 5 'e . . 2 , . 4.-A, ' ' V ' 5 ,, . Pr I: '..'i21i'f' Iv. Ezcff, : ,-f f EHFT3, , ',sfr'c,f, im l:ff-Ty. , Q! , - . .E f 1 H Lfu 12513,-, 5 .nl fu?-.4,1h-L311 iy. V 4' J' -iw, is lf: Q 1' U ir I ' -z .1 .62 'ffqxl' , E-cw '1 ,ir,x.ey, Jcjfve' Elrtxry, H' J Q J zxfilelu, JL,:,icr E,flQjm-y. Q' iv , - ' ' 'I D- ' - " ' , , ' -' 0' " ' -5 ' '. ' 5 ,f Z 5, ,A .f " Fr: 'ist : fltjffjf -'uf-s . O I ' . N sg :Az 1,'rx'e-I1 Eray fatriffia lprriswr.. i AA ' ! .. r ' 1-. " ' gi ' W . . v , if - Y' ' f A I , . . , -- Y , N. ' Q, , , " How 3: honda uczzkfs, Hilton fuz'x'cfns, 1'ft,:1c.'1 ..a:ru,u,.L1I..v r xztuf-,3.n. -- ' .- X A A. 1 N f' llama Riagg - K ' ' X . xv , 7- r T 3 V ' 0 " , ' X' : Hit' Llfcri, bl .wc'rQf'n1:, .' rclyz, '. : "js, hah' rt . '. W7 ' ' Y: , X: ' Ibflord, John ', g :.Q. 1 ' - n I n 2+ W X H w I C - xx., I ov: : . . ' , NEI' ,. ' 'uf ,H V .A , , .. ,, ... 'E .F .. V1 J 'A,' . . J-, -L 'I . J ., . 11 ' I4 j X Q fi T H ' Q A Y . ' 1 ., . Ifv' P5115- , I' fit- I 5 he I 'C Dj, , 1' r :la - A x FX , F I , is l ' x , , .al ' L . 'J 'Q 'r , .: 1 ' -5, ,L X W . . , A . , - . W . .-. , 1. ' ' v - , ' If ' 1 ' . , , , , . H .'L. A ,L , I I . N 4 A A , A M . .. ,. , , K ' v Q : B n , 1 - L 7 ' I x 'Z ,, x, it l I , Q T I v ,-j V: h x .xl - A 3 , f x ' 'X rx " ... V F.": I-,x'i'. N L. 'Q' 11 1' L1 S .- , lv., . AJ . K.: L- - 51 fd ,lub -1 VI , "F , , l L. Q Brr '-fs x -xg ' . 5. . , ,gg - 5 1, Ia , ' , ,, x . . J ,fm gh, Xxx.. l ., v., , 5 4 XL uf' 1 -sw K .-sv , . - - - - - 1 K, Row L: ' 'rj ' ,QU ' y v 'L P4 ' 1 .ui 1 . A na! 4 6- , sy cr : If , :. . QV- E fy f cllvilmes Mrs Hutre Cneel Faculty Jorns Alford nd ter ln Lhnei Lwrolyn nider Typln hdrtor 0116? EMTPCMIMMHM Edl1OT Chester Beeell Clrculdticn Ldzfor Advisor ray Lweal Omro ine Lditcr f1fUPND line 11t6IqTV F' lcr Vilplflx Pernett lXtId LUITICU LD ldltcr e Ter eeell Art ncwtor fenc are E rl G rziott hdverin lf lu overt Edltor We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Clas of 195C for helpin u i the prodlctlon of th1S ye r's leyhyr we sincerely wish them luck in the comnng years SM!! Qft tc Rnght Pay Creql Y tkrxn land Joyce Ivkln urn Pepe, P1 Rut'e Ore Luzl G8T11Otf, I rh re Pen ue t Je Fa f u J under 4ne 1N or f 1 fm 5 every aux KF or w 1 ll J rlrecxa cd we0'J AGNES MARTYN.. HENRY TURNER . . BOB MARTYN .... MARITEE MARTYN... ..... GRACIE MARTYN. LYDIA MARTYN.. SAMMIE TURNER. DORIS TURNER.. BEGONIA WASHIN NICODEMUS PIPE READY MADE FAMILY ...a widow.... .. ... ....a widower....... ... .............Agnes's son.. .... .....Agnes's ll year old daughter..... .. ... ........... a neurotic... ..... .... .....Henry's son..... . . ...... ....Henry's daughter.... GTPN.... . ...... colored maid.. colored servant .... . . .. SYNOPSIS . . .AATHRYN LAND ....EUGENE WARD ...EARL GARRIOTT ..CAROLYN SNIDER .Agnes's older daughter ...... .... ..VlRGINIA BENNETT ......SUSIE RASH ...LESTER BEDELL ...DORIS ALFORD .......KAY ONEAL ..CRESTER BEDELL Agnes Martyn, a widow, meets an old sweethear , genry Turner, a widower. They become engaged without knowing of eack other's children. The children hear of the engagement and not feeling very happy about it, plan to upset the matrimonial apyle-cart. Bob has fits Narilee talks baby-talk. and Gracie plays the role of a holy-terror while Aunt Lydia mourns over her poor, dead brother, Horatio. Sammie Turner becomes a kleptomaniac and Doris havinf ha an operation harps on her incision. Begonia, the colored maid and Nicooemus Pipp, the colored servant add to the fun. Swim 77544 K is ll i t 1 d t97QfiQimmQJfk 'TOO MANY REUITIVES "' fl QW W Q -eil so SYNOPSIS Harry and Mabel Savage are a pair of newlyweds deliriously in love with each other Harry writes poetic stories, which no editor seems to appreciate, and lives on an allowance from his Uncle Otto The money which provides this allowance really belongs to Harry, his father had left it to him when he died, appointing Uncle Otto in his will to be custodian of the family funds Now, Uncle Otto is a sour old w man hater, very much against the idea of Harry's ever marrying, therefore the young love birds have had to keepjt a secret from him Mabel's Aunt Ermintrude, on the other hand, is all in favor of marriage, thinks it a great institution and thoroughly approves of the young couple The fun begins when both Uncle Otto and Aunt Ermintrude arrive unexpectedly at the Savages' tiny apartment Mabel and Harry have told them two different stories and have to keep them from comparing notes This is made a little easier by the fact that both Aunt Ermintrude and Uncle Otto are very hard of hearing' Other characters are Mabel's sister Gracie and her bashful beau, Jasper Wilkins Gracie is trying to wangle a proposal from Jasper, but the latter is one of the shyest youths on record and simply won't pop the question, their scenes together will prove hilariously funny Then there are Officer Longfellow I Butterfield, a poetic policeman, an Smokey McGee, a desperate criminal who wanders into the Savages' apartment in his flight from the Law It's all good clean fun, and it comes as close being a really 'sure-firen play as any we know of HARRY SAVAGE MABEL SAVAGE MRS DONNELLY GRACIE EVANS JASPER WILKINS ERMINTRUDE EVANS OTTO B SAVAGE SMOKEY McGEE OFFICER BUTTERFIELD Q, CAST a young writer recent bride their landlady Habel's sister her bashful beau Mabe1's aunt Harry's uncle a desperate criminal a poetic policeman X2 ANDY MAROSKA RUTH HGLLIDAY BETTY LYKINS LOIS BENNETT HERBERT CURRY VETHA KINNAMAN LARRY ADKINS BILL EVERY ROBERT BAKER a. 5 . to Ifff IIII. :fin ffff' LUCY ........ ..::fff.. 'fi ..... amid .... .ffm ..:::.PONNIE ouvn X Q Q 'f xx lvll I A! 5 IC ,H 99 N sec' YE amor! cvs L FAT ARMS 4' 1-Q52 l'1Eyl 'E f.,..1 EN BANNE HUUH H1400 I 5UE f ?0 Sl .X D- ALN, MfTEHH Merle Walker CLQICDIAL V17 3 TIEHARIAN hugh Elqbury Ronald Boden, Mrc Rpt? Onewl Front Row Jo Sprlnger bet ty lvklns, Julla SPP1Hg9T Bernice Earnard Iva bgrogkg Bb DRIVEHD Floyd Alford, Charles Clark, Chaika COOKS Oneal, Herbert Bundy, Gvorge balker H fx rx . , ' in K,,x , A J M 5 f 3 N k, 4. if My E?2?WWW+ wwwwr+f 3' v- q? 5 rmg?'r '5'V"A r , 3 V dv 2 I AXX . , if Ae ' A ' Nrf' 1 Sire 5 1 kt WF, A - w . A k, , rr S: 1 Jr , 1 -. 1 . ww' f- r . . 56 f . ' : 7 . - 4, V . 1 Q l 0 R u , . 1 ., A"9 T - A, ,.,A , In I Eiga 56 xx 'X ' A X " P4 ' Fi A 1 1 'S W: ' L . . J QHQILTEE 55412121 The Slogan of QI liste Sunshine Society for 1943-19419 ie 'Service Above Self'--I M one, But I am Che. I can not sig Ill Y-lil, But I ann, B' aomegfthings. what I can do, I ought Leo do. And with cam help 1 will do im. ht row: Carolyn Sider, Preeidentg MII Pope, Vice-Pralidentg hay Treuurer, Joyce lqkina, Cor Secretary, Jonny Rayner Recording Secretory Sharon Snider, lhry Hays, Barbara Hhetsel, Audrey Fillm 2nd row hrs Di, or, Carol Martin, lah, 711' Bennett, Ponnie O1iQ Jil Sprihgtr, Jeanne hnider, May illllnder, Sul Holliday his row Lois Dennett, Betty Lykil-a, num Holliday, Jxme Snidnr, Kathryn Land vetha Kinnaman, Dario Alford lot chown: Roberta Hiller and Barbara Bennett MUS-IC LLASS lst row Betty Lykins, Ruth Jiollioay June Snider, Doris Alford, lxenist, Chester Bedell hathryn Lino Vetha Klllilllfll, Carolyn Snider, Audrey '- Znd row Carol Vartln, Lois Bennett Susie Rash, Virginia Bennett Joyce Lykins, enny Rayner, Julia Spxing-ez, Clifford, Instructox 3rc1 row Sharon Snider Sue Holliday, Mary Alexander, Mary Hays Jeanne Snider Barbara Wxetsel, Ann Pope Not shown Roberta Miller and Barbara Benr 4275 bn-'W STATE CHCHUS--Four girls were chosen by Miss the Music Instructor to represent our school at the Shi! Choral Festival held Pt Indianapolis, October 22 1948 They were Carolyn Snider, Doris Alford, lhihryn Land, Joyce Lykina, Miss Clifford, Instructor fi xp? OFFICE ECRCE-Doris Alford, Carolvn Snioer, Virginia Bennett, and Mr Havens, Prine pal . 3 . 2 . : . - . . 'Y P . . , Q ,rw .I V i - 4 gl Q 1 U ' N, i ' 4 . I 5 .XJ V , .1-'f A ' : . , , I- Y , y v . U . . I . 'Q . : , Y Y . , , - 1, -- , : f V I f I 1- " 3 1 avi?-.'A ' ' ?'if7- ' . ,SV fgg . ff ft, - H fr " e ,935 . - Q. . - - 4.1 -- 1 U., , , 1 - 'Q f Y " f , -A l, , F x - g' ' 'P' V S. " x Q " T. , , , ' f 1' L S. y g f? ' , ' . H. 12-I 11: 'f 1 , , kfff 5 'K ' fxjrj, . .A fwwi .r I -A , ,HUF .I H , , K k - - X af-'sl' C' ' 4 f. I 'L 4 ........ .... s - . l . . ' , . . N7 RHYTHM BAND is composed of the cnildren of the prim ary room ar d e un er the directior of Yi a f'liffO1'd the Music teacher, and Hrs Frost, U18 ,ri-L-H-!'y tea cher Row 1 Ronald ry Raymer, Nemuel Ray Albea Sera '1 Titu Pill Trennepohl, Judy Biker Mi ha 1 ' n Colliagv ood, Sandy E ll llbf-a der , c e meal, 1150858-X' ard OUA , rell Jaaklcy, Panricia Langford Marilyn Eouyel, Don- na Van Duyn Parolyn Baaey, Diane rlasle Judy De Ho'f Row 3 Rea Vartin Ronald Lloyd, Yatricia Bow yer Mary Jean 'lrennepohl Barbara Ann Snicl ar Michaal Ti ce Row L Daniel Dunlavy, Russell Ehzgene Van Dlqn, Linda Murphy, Phillip Walker, Kenneth Elnry, Richard Dunlavy Sand ra honnenberg , tephanie Ilene 4 eanna Lloyd, Donnie Havers Jar Row 1 Diane Hasler, Viche el Om-al Lircc LPTUF G Judy Baker, Barbara nur .mide-ry and-T Eronnppberg' Deanna Lloyd, Picks.: Tice Row 4 Rea Vartin, 'lane douglas U6-Riel DUI 1 avv Mary Jean Trennepohl, Ru se 1 LM 9139 Var DW-'YU Dm' ng Van Duyn, 1atr'c a Bowyer, Sff0phlBiO Lane The lst 1' 2nd grader: dres ed in Qpanish costl-me E, sang an uarcec bet eer ct of L e enior me X :lx Jury pave tticr' I e Hmm :no Br cts Q en or Iles BATOI HOU! 5 n girls from let grade to 7th grade They were trained under the di rection of Mr: Frost Row 1 Francie Jackson, Gerald Titus, Linda Bar nard, Michael Qaenl, Dennis havens Row 2 Mary Ann Davie, Carolyn Dnmlavy, Shirley Apple, Ann Moore, Ruth Ann wah, plapbearers -10811 Adams and La rolyn Narvoll Lind J k Charlotte Snider, Glendora Bri 8 ac Bm rendin J y oaka, Judy Jacklay 6' udy 'U RW3 Larry Wisenun , Ronda Combs, Donna Sue Apple, Patricia hu-vg11 Bug,- T , ly McCord Phylna rick Cafolyl Yemerlq, Marjorie Jones rum U-f01'd Barbara Swartz Nancy Bennett N Titus Rua ww Martin Judy Bak Donna v Nemudl lay Albgg ' er' m was corrpoaed of bc s B. d mf ' . F' A STEJSEKENIT Bow yy!! 3Uf'f"y 15,5-17' 40 ' 'fa ff Z IJ r,... div, Mm' I lx Wx T Nr' Q "rf"1T""' 6 Alllll. HIGH SCHOOL COACH JUNIOR HIGH COACH Mr Fvvens Mr A110 d STLDLNT MANACERS fi 4' -nr dig Walter Alford HIGH SCHOOL Darrell h1ChFTdQ JUNIOR HIGH YELL LEADERS Fern Iinnaman Sherry Hunt Ruth Holliday Ann Pope JUNIOR HIGH HICH SCLUOL . .- . ' r . , , I x . 25 K ,f , if . I x 7252 a ,,'f" A It . . I I I I CD ,N ,, ,, , C, C L V x . , A Ow ', . X- X T ' ,. 1? "X 5 9' ' x WJ?5x . h .V !.O ij! Xvgrfx ' hx filf v4 1 X1 "w X' Xxf W' A 5 -, ON N'N- 'S' 1 f -f ' I , . bn . Y 1 1 X C O 552 . , -LC Q First Row Lester Bedell Larry Adkins Second Row Bob Perkins, Hbhortgn ward, Herbert Curry, Dlck Haymer, Bob Reger Thlrd Row Earl Garriott, Andy Maroska Bill Every, Larry Jackson, Tom C'Neal, Coach nPooH Havens BASEBALL SCHEDULE OPIONENTS THF Wilkinson T Fortville H Nt Comfort H Charlottesville T Wllkinson H to Wilkinson and gave them a 'shellackingn in the first game of the season Shorty w our leading pitcher with Freshman Ton O'heal working the rellef ro l As in basketball, most of the boys are young and show much promise for the future bembers of the team who graduate are 'Shortyn Ward, Lester Be dell, and Earl Garriott Mr Havens, who is serving his second year as princnpal and coach, i planning an elght or ten game achedule in baseball next fall 1f he can find he competition nGood Luck, Flyers' I : , . . : , .D WE JY - 13 2 - 7 l . . - 14 5 - 5 7 ' - 14 17 Interest in baseball picked up c nsiderably last fall when the boys went n u as A q A - 0 l . 0 1 l 'I ' . ' S f Q. f V 'll f,- GD SB vi 74 'T U- fgczceetcfaff mm Front How: Jay Filson, Jim Barrett, James Dunlavy, Larry Adkins, Rob heger. Middle Row: Bob Perkins, Tom Oneal, Orville Bell, Shorty Hard, Herb Curry, Richard Parker. x fx J. Puck Row: Earl Garriott, Bill Every, Andy Maroska, Bob Baker, Larry Jackson, Dick Rayner. Throufnout the season our Flyers lookei grofressively ret'er. rofh the irst uni seroni teams have the earmnrks of a qood basketball tear more Any. H?ile the first team was winninf seven ind losing eleven, the ueouni reap vor six and lost ten. In spite of the short number of wins, our Loan al :yi zis- jlayei Q lot of fifht end went noun stubbornly. Unly two Lupe ere cat from the entire sonar anl next yefr's team will be loaded with revukfrf and boys wit' one and two yefrs of experience. U0ur times a'ccminH. SCHLDULE OF l94?-l9A9 .i. Comfort-I 43 3? Nineveh-T AF gl 'ilkinson-T .r.' 27 AO NcCordsville-f AL LQ Maxwell-'F 33 43 'llaarlotiesvlll ,33 Kennerd-E 3L 30 'Ferlottesvi2TenI 37 LQ KcCordsville-T 49 37 Qalnut Grove H ec Sf Charlottesville 16 30 Yaldron-T 37 EQ Fishers-U 43 3? Voxvflf-Y 51 rl Walnut Grove-T 55 47 Fisnere-T 39 P0 Wilkinson-U 23 35 Fortviiif 34 QQ County and Qcetion ' Pournwpt 4 A SHOR'I'!" HARD .af ANDY MAROSKA BILL EVERY X YEA 4 FLYERSV TheF1yvra BIB PERKINS of the poet season were a LRF, JACPCON 7011118 Wi WPI BBTIPW Although winning only seven ganna, thy shoved a fighting spirit at all time and season Q high howl t the casing A ' one regular T' ourcaptain evaat anount 'lf' DICK RAYMER 11W of uxpsrionee that they have behind than they ahouln be a definite throat to the county and sectional titlo next yearX1fe'1!."6 praud of TON ONEAI our 'team so mor! paver to'em " S 5 . LARRY Anxms umm. CURRY Congratulations to these boys for their excellent basketball record of the season, and the winning f the County Champion ship Row l Paul Jones Jr , Bill Hatfield, Junlor Albee Bill Jones, Cleo Kemerly Row 2 Richard Boden, Floyd Snider, Kenny Pope, Larry Parker Row 3 Ro ald Boden, Bud Holliday, Melvin Jackley, Hugh Elsbury, Richard Rite, Mr Floyd Alford, Coach 7454 and S6154 eczm 7mm These boys are small mighty They played only two games They beat Ingalls by wide margin and lost to Wilkinson in 1 close flght Row 1 Robert Kinnaman Gene Holliday Row 2 Don Hasler, Carl Martin, Ronald Jones, Nemuel Ray Albee, Rich ard Elsbury Row 3 Carolyn Dunlavy lYell Leaderl, Bruce Filson, Robert Field, James Reynolds, David Bartlow, Charlotte Sni der lYell Leaderj Q l N! xx kkjh Z x! i N.. Xl Yi X lttoq XX fr Q-jf? Lang 9' zttciqx XX D -5? QQ G' 3 J ffvxf fgpfik 46,0 if QQ eip, F J qi Pbagigffpvy X f do QS f Wx? 7 W -FX 4 1 Q 4 Z Z ga nfl Z X xi Xwx JJ o ve tlitng f E , if f Q' ii KN yr '- f Q? . V' 5 4 V' ff ,V Jvfx fn? b V , mf 'fri . A 'I "" VL 'WV ,f x N . X 5 ' KJ ' , K W, ,M X 5 XM ? ' ,Mff 2 . xg ' 'Q ? ,fj u fav, f M06 J 7 X 1' .7 'ff A 1 IV X ff'ff2? f 'X J Y V ff' e l , 4 ,9 Z f. , 1 1 X6 A , 4'-,fffx M J gr. 12 C 1 fl V!! 9 -X X .4f'V X ff f YK X ,xmixgiix X -J RX I If , ix w X X W3 9 X . O , fr .. l X J X E .N . . W P WILLIAMS STORE SPENCER PUBLISHING CO THE GREENFIELD REPORTER GOOD SHOES DRY GOODS NOTIONS ONLY DAILY IN HANCOCK CO M N'S FURNISHINGS ECT THE WEEKLY REPUBLICAN EDITOR AND PUBLISHER DALE B SPENCER Fortville Iddiana Greenfield Indiana FOR THE BEST COMPLIMENTS JOB PRINTING THE FORTVILLE TRIBUNE Fortville Indiana Greenfield Indiana With the co ing of May 7, 1949, comes the close of another pleasant and successful school year The students themselves are to be co pli mented in the part they have played in helping the year to be a good one It is important that a sense of pride in their school be developed among the student body Students who are proud of their school will continu ally strive to make it better The school and the church is the vital life of any small community and should be preserved as carefully as one preserves his health One booster can do more good then ten knockers Therefore, we hope that all our students will be boosters Our c mmun ity should be proud of our school although it is small The importan t thing is not size, but the attitudes toward life developed here A L Havens, Principal UGUTHIERIS INC n SUMMER KINDERGARTEN EDEN SCHOOL OUT FITTERS FOR MEN AND BOYS EIGHT WEEKS TERM FOOTWEAR Fon ENTIRE FAMILY May 9 June 30 ENROLL YOUR cH1Ln NOW GREENFIELD INDIANA Veda Frost IN O SEE SEARS ROEBUCKS W Kxf 0 F? w' .ANo QW jYmmmQJfJK WITH CCMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF '49 F.H.POPE AND SON GENERAL STCRE COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES AND MFATS HARDWARE AND NUTIONS EDEN INDIANA if 1 E-'XLS Qu! W f , P X9 ' ry xi' T-A Q COMPLIHENTS OF WILLOW BRANCH STATE BANK THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK BRANCH INDIANA ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN HANCOCK coUN'r! MEMBER F.D.I.C. FOMVILLE INDIANA Cgff f75x f A - lmzlzznslzm N ..........---- DD -' .-... 4? i 2:45 AW W f e F Q9 M-.:. 'WN0 QQ oMQmmfQ CCMPLIMENTS OF LY N AM FUNERAL HDME ALLDREDGE TRACTOR SALes mc PHCNE 92 and 695 Greenfield India-na pqw P333 nmnnonu ons EQUIPMENT MCT SERVICE at Mun su-get 1 GNIE 725 8118. A Q5 "K , - ,X ' xx I, Qi-1,,--""? Rf . ,fr S 1 W f QFQK XmAZImGQFX?'l'E5 I A CCMPLIMENTS OF THOMAS DRUG STORE FORTVILLE LUNBER COPIPANY '46 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE TO THOSE WHO BUILD RATTS INPLENENT SALES JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE CROSLEY FIRESTONE APPLIANCES TIRES HIGHWAY 67 PHONE 30214 NOBLE RATTS FRANCES RATTS HIGHWAY 67 FURNITURE C0 LOCATED AT McCORDSVILLE INDIANA SHOP WHERE QUALITY IS HIGHER THAN PRICE NE FEATURE FINE FURNITURE CARPETS FLOOR COVERINGS AND EVERYTHING FOR THE HCME STORE OPEN EVERY EVENING TILL 9 P M TERMS IF DESIRED Lf! 14 74 Cjfxk XOYQQQQ li FEED SEED GRAIN CHRISTIAN QUALITY CHEVROLET GDFFS QUALITY HARKET GREENFIELD BANKING CO if 5, ? Q? X611 f fx f- Jx.J I I O Q g g WILLUJ BRANCH FEED AND GRAIN CQIIPANY RA CCMPLETE FEED FOR EVERY NEEDN CIFFIC HONE 9 R 1 WILLOW BRANCH INDIANA PHONE 21, HOUR WHECKER SERVICE ARTS - SALES ' EAST MAIN STREET GREENFIELD, INDIANA HOME DRESSED MEATS PHONE 117 GREENFIELD NDIANA CCMPLIMENTS QF C GREENFIELD INDIANA XX 1 'K ni '-K Y ,X Q DD ' f g . if W CE MAXWELL GRAIN C0 RITZ CIGAR STORE A AND P GROCE RY THE CITIZENS BANK Nm Cifffrf.-SS Wil C WHERE FRIENDS MEET MAGA NES ICE CREAM ANDY ENDLETON COMPLIMENTS or 112 WEST MAIN REENFIELD BEST WISHES OF GREENFIELD INDIANA f fa- I K DD I 1- I ff C----ff if 'X W Q K 0 ff? tfifpiww F k9frK:iq5All5UJXi-K GED. NQCARTY AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL HCME PHONE 7M Fortville Indiana FISHERS C OZY RE STURANT A GOCD PLACE TO MEET YCIIR FRIENDS AND EAT 1 MILE EAST OF GREENFIELD ON U S 1,0 HOUSE DRY Goovs READY TO WEAR NOTIONS PIECE GOODS HOUIS AND SHOES Pdlt Ind LEARY 8 SERVICE STUDEBAKER MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE CARS AND TRUCKS TRACTCRS AND FARM MACHINERY PARTS IN STCIIK PARTS IN STOCK 901 Ea t Mai G nf 1 ld Indi fi CL Z'S , Phone 241 en e on, iana I 8 Il T86 6 EDB Q A lg- 5 'xx f Qf i Q 3 ' 1 - XX ff 5 W f I P 0 'F k 'T O Cq xg-AQmw5Q I DIAHCNDS JEWELRY WATCHES FINE WATCH REPAIRING 209 SOUTH MAIN Fortville Indiana KYLE HUDSON 1 SON RODY'S DEPT. STORE SHOES - DRY GOODS - RUBBER FOOTWEAR MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT RODY S WEST SIDE SQUARE GREENFIELD INDIANA KINDER S GARAGE WHOLESALE DCDGE TRUCKS PLYMOUTH RETAIL FACTORY APPROVED PARTS SALES 8: SERVICE 111 117 E Main G nfi ld Indi wlmmson Fesn 8. 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ARC at ACLTYLLNE WELDING , ,.., 92 Bl CD cn C 0 IO ' B y ,f ,, RAPID SHOE REPAIR WEAR U WELL SHOES Shining, Dyeing, Suede Cleaned Pollshes, and Laces 103 West Main reen n Phone 269 lah Comple e Here Furnishings Phone 84 Greenfleld Indiana L TIRES CRAIG'S SERVICE STATION 110 S Pendleton Avenue Pendleton, Indiana ACCESSORIES COMPLETE MOTOR OVERHAUL BARRETT'S ICE HOUSE Phone 22 Pendleton Indiana Phone RIHM' MARKET Groceries, Meats, Vegetables WE THANE OUR MANY EDEN FRIENDS FOR THEIR IATHONAGE Greenfield Indiana STANDARD H ATING AND PLUMBING CONPANY 15 W Main Phone 211 Greenfield Indiana COMPLIMENTS DR K C DAWSON Greenfield Indiana PRITCHARD Q RAFERT INC. Grains-Feeds-Seeds 44 Pendleton ' C' I A 0 A . ,, , G field, I d. . FI-JIDECEY I I CELEENFIELD STLRE IHC. R. F. 4 ley ' . .L C .. , . 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I ,J . , J ' F-4 o D Q. . . n FJ, 5 COMPLIMENTS CCMPLIMENTS OF OF WAYNE FEED STORE WILLOW BEAUTY SALON Phone 25 2 rings Greenfield Indiana Willowbranch Indlana mm s COMPL T DOUGHERTHUS BAKERY OPEN DAILY '7 a m --lOp m EXCEPT SUNDAY DR B J DEAKYNE Greenfield Hill Top-East on LO Fortville Indiana Knighestown lll E Maln BONNIE BEE RESTAURANT CGMPL To NHOMECOOKINGN STEELES STORE FORTVILLE PRODUCE CO CO PLIMENTS CASH BUY OF POULTRY AND EGGS OF WHOLESALE AND RETAIL POULTRY BAITY GENERAL STORE AND-FUL-O-PEP FEED Phone Maxwell Maxwell Indiana Fortville Indlana COMPLIMLNFS PENDLETON LUMBEH CQIJANY Millwork SMITHS SIGNS Phone 31 Greenfield Indlana Pendleton Indiana Lumber, Building Suprlit S PENDLETON FUEL Q SUPPLY CO. DELBERT L, REEVES Coal Stokers SAND Q GRAVEL Plumblng Peerless Supplies Furnaces WE DELIVER PLANT AT EDEN Phone 25 Phone Pendleton Indiana Greenfleld 40102 WILLIAM RING 8 SONS CORNER COTTAGE ALLIS CHALMERS Q NEW IDEA NONE SUCH FOOD Open 10 a m 10 p FARM EQUIPMENT Closed Sundays Phone 36 Pendl ton Indiana Pendleton, Ind one 2 FWLHAL HOME MARATHON SERVICE wie 3 Pnone I5 Pend tw Indiana Wllkinson Indiana IIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIINIIIININIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll --D A ' ll ll o u"' Om! e . Ph 3 5 lvwn, I-, ,MV Afm, ' '-Y , AmbaJ-nLe UITVICE Day or Nlhht wash Grease Wax lyfif Aj ' - le fi ' IRVING MATERIALS INC Ready Mixed Concrete Sand and Gravel Depot Street Phone 655 Greerfield Indiana SEE THE BIG PICTURES WEIL THEATER Greenfield Indiana CQTLDENTDOF PENDLETON HARDWARE APPLIANCES GLIDDEN PAINTS THE BEST IN HARDMARE W State Street Pendleton Indiana FORTVILLE GRAIN COMPANY GRAIN COAL FLOUR FEED SALT PARTS SALES SERVICE J I CASE NEW IDEr FARM IMPIENENTS Phone 26 COMPLIFENT OF MARK DEMAREE Ford Dealer Phone 845 West Maln 56 Greenfield Indiana POPE IMPLEMENT COMPANY MAGNETO SERVICE-WISCONSIN Phone 716 810 East Main Greenfield Indlana NORTH STATE TEXACO HAYNIE 8 MAXWELL Your Texaco Dealer Greenfield Indiana FORTVILLE HARDWARE CO General Hardware Fencing Paints Phone 2LlJ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIII'IIIIIII AT THE PARTS - CASE - SERVICE lIIHIHIIIIIII IlIIIIIIIIIIlIIlIIIIIIIlIIlIlIIIIII 0-1 I COMPLIMENTS NICK DAWSON PRICE BARBER SHOP For+vi11e Indiana COMPLILENTS GREENFIELD ICE CREAM CO Greenfleld, Ind Phone 301 CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE EQUIPMENT TO BUY NO WORK TO DO 236 Depot Street Greenfield Indiana BYRNE'S PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE BARBER SHOP Call for Appointment Fortville Indiana PERFECTION BODY SHOP Phone 74402 1102 dest Maln Greenfleld Indiana HOWARD HOLT BUICK OLDS PONTIAC GMC TRUCKS Sales and Service Phone 96 Greenfleld Indiana GOODMAN'S DEPARTMENT 7 W Main STORE Greenfueld, Indlana Greenfleld Indlana IIIIIIIII'IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII llllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ' 0 Phone 148 an IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IlIlIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

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