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.5 2, ,p 4: , 44' 119. , , , Af. .. 'QZ . TF' gg-i -, life' I , a van A , ,vi K JW? gf 1 9, Jig. ,1 if ,, if . Q 'E 23 ' -,. , , jiri' W ,3 Tig " 4151 -51- ' 9 , We fl. V. ai ig' li ,--V 4 25,1 1' gi. ,.n Q. 71. V, . 1. I 71 'A . .1-,.,,. . Y Q Av, Rip . V .JH 1. 'iw .1 . :gl , . -. .cyl , .av if f A f 'f 4? . , 511. ,Z-fa' V., x, . 5' 3 ' ,ef e , Wg my an , 1 9:1 Y 1?-A J, . e, .' . ,X 'af ' ,. ,,. . pg, .Q .gg-P, fe, - bf- , .5 . my - ' ag. ag., , 'Z Y'-Any ,. :Ein ' 1 ing! 1 ,..,,,, . 'QM V ,J ,Q . . 1 V' ,, - 4, ' W Iv -- ' f -f, I - . ' r .. 1 1 ' 1 . w -x - :V 9' 1 . Yv- - F If " 1 1 Hr- v v , " ' 1 1 1 k 1 K A A , , I . , Q-.nf Q v 9' XA - L -' W 'Y .. V' ' . 4, 51 , . 5' , I 'f U 4 . ,u--V Q . - V' +4 4' A 4 A. , 'W I 6 :. . c 'gk v ,4 'r"'- ,342 , .' .5 ,, ' V iv - .- ' K - 5 .mv-.ff -J .-: ,- .9 ,. . ,-1 ' 1 -J .'.- N ' .x ' - embers '73 Eden Ceniral Senior High School Eden. N. Y. Volume 2 o no. 3 People J! Ili Q i' Q, 114 , ,rf .7 YA! X. Ix , Q, N t 1.5 fi' L Z f fi' K People A ihe doors open S Q-some ui, K .Q I. K "jr ' J f,,.f-eff g Q me L o.,o o I QQ oe we see people 43 K, x . 5 L. ix 5 AK' 1. Q- . N Wd ,M W! ., it . . i. .... ei' X ES We is gm foreign Q M 5 3: H? 5 hi, 5 i if aw , 555 x 5 ,, 5 I . , i X. 'Q ,,, X , , 4 5 s 1' , 1 is-h I 5 if :K Y. ff":'5??E?fis6if' :1f,,, , V ,,-v ff W W ,212 I1 V V .5 E . .9 fha 'l 4, 45,1 UWM W w wf ,fmEf?f"'f'E W , ,,..W,k h W wg K M 1w,,,,...,-M" """""w M SWR People of all lalenls some leachers. some sludenis. "'-n A L . .A A , M i Bui all I I I 1 Individuals 1? ,,f, ,f , ' as Q31 ! Q V A Jw? 1,1 f ,..-W Y Q , fl-1 .. 'Pt 65" ai ....-.-. 'wa 'W-aww During ihe gears we meei and work wiih ihem: of 2' E J, Share our common ialenis and goals And when 5 V 3 f 5 5 L f Q, H19 ' ' , .41. , 1 L? ' ' .Gmini v' M close f behind us We fi if 1 3 ihai Q we have gained . A, 221 from ihem. 4 L..... . ' En F ,, w. . s . ig E as UFMISQQ' f X 'N ' 1 NW 'if ., XA, , Q w -4 Q., 1n,,,1 3, 3' -.-X Q52 f? 5 ,,---' And iheg have gained from u . z I i . I I6 Table of Conienis Siudenf Life 20 Music 46 7 Sporis 58 Faculig 80 Jnderclassmen 98 Seniors I I4 l 3 Dear Mr. Gillespie, Thank you for being a good friend and advisor during lhe years. noi only lo ihe senior class buf lo all of us. How can we forgei your explanalion of "mixedupedness" or your felling us noi io worry when a small disasler occurred in Chem lab? You lenl your supporl noi only as coach of ihe volleyball leam. bul io the olher leams of ihe school as a speclaior. You organized ihe inlramural volleyball leams and made if possible for ihe senior boys lo use lhe gym on Monday nighis. When if came lo chaperoning speclaior busses or dances. we could always depend on you. Wiihoui your help. fhe iickei sales for "Carousel" wouIdn'+ have been so successful. We wish al ihis lime io iell you we lhink you're greai and we appreciaie allihai you've done for us. This is why we dedicale .Embers '73 io you. Mr. Gillespie. i ...i.-. ' a - H I8 19 no-as-1.-Q..-.-1.7. uw I ll! I' ' Siudeni Life ,,.,. wwf X if ' i 53 gli' 1 I e I -fsfzin ezilfl-215' 351 J. ,g gtw My 5.5, . Hu When I was in Argentina, I applied and woln the scholarship and that was for me so exciting. It would be so much more excit- ing if I knew that my destination in USA would be Eden. Eden is a little rural town, but it is also true that it is one of the best communities. I didn't talk to the people at the beginning because of the language problem. They didn't mind and came to talk with me, that made it so easy. School is one of the things most different and unusual. Any- way, it was and is still a big experience for me. l want to thank all the people who one way or another helped me and mostly my families and AFS who made it possible. Come and visit me sometime or write me. Hugo Colombetti Brown 1885 6 P. Rosario, Sta. Fe Republica Argentina s A I l 1 I5-ff , 1, -": 1' Z A ' . . ,,,j5g5gZ57,,15,, 1 - ' '22 2 K - . Lag ,,,, ...ma -,,i ,,,, ,,,.....,,.., . g.,g.......4..,,.... ,, , 5. I A Ex kkk.. s fw' af-fs. F "": rx , ii EVA I am now near the end of my AFS year here in Eden. It will be very difficult to say "good bye," but I will never forget this year and all my wonderful memories. They will stay in my mind forever. I am from a city in west Denmark. I graduated from my school in Denmark last sum- lmer and I wanted to travel. Then I heard from a girl that had been an AFS student in lthe United States. She got me interested, so I applied and in June I received the answer . . . l'd be spending the next year in Eden. I looked on the map. First I looked at Alaska and then Hawaii. I finally found it south of Buffalo, New York. Al had many thoughts about the year I would have in the USA. I was first afraid but now I see that I had nothing to be afraid of. I have made so many good friends and learned so much about America and myself. The things I have enioyed most was dancing in the play CAROUSEL where we were all together, teachers and students, trying to make the play the best Eden has ever made. Now I thank all my friends in school, my family, and the AFS chapter who made it all possible for me to have such a great year at Eden. Eva Konring JAGT VEG 75 6700 ESBJERG Denmark OYA "I don't know." This sentence can explain my most important problem in high school. I did not know English very well but I have now learned a lot of things about it. I don't have to answer questions by "I don't know" anymore. There are differences between Turkish educational systems and America's sys- tem. American youngsters are very lucky because they don't have to have I5 sub- iects in a year as we do. But the young people are very much alike. I like very much Eden and ECS and American people. When'l get back to Turkey, I will terribly miss all of you and little town but big farm Eden. I will never forget you. Oya Sari Kizlarpinari Cad No. I00!2I Kegioren-Ankara Turkey Eden's Foreign Ambassadors This summer I had the privilege of having an AFS experience in Belgium. I lived in a very small town called Joncret. The total population was about 450 people. Despite, or perhaps, because of my famiIy's inability to speak English, my trip was a great learning experience. Through the experiences with my "Parents" and friends, I learned a great deal about myself, my friends, home, community, and country. I was taught to appreciate the many opportunities and conveniences that I have, and to broaden my aspects on things that are available to me in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that my Belgium Summer made a large impression on my life and thoughts. There is so much that I can always think back on, so much to remember, and so much that I can never forget. I owe so much to AFS. I only hope that I can repay them for the great experience that was opened up for me. Sharlene Trumet Switzerland! . . . a dream come true! Who would have ever thought that I would be given the chance to spend an entire year in the maiestic Alps of Europe. I certainly engaged in a wide variety of experiences: I pitched hay, milked cows, fed pigs, skiied, hiked, cooked for a weekend camping trip for cub scouts, led the Neukemm's in the formation of a "kazoo band." I even prepared Thanksgiving dinner twice - once for the 24 people in my English class and then again for I2 members of my family! My life in Switzerland was an altogether new world for me. No words could possi- bly describe my intense feelings for being given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and become a part of another country and another people! Sue Heckman Sue Heckman and her Swiss sister 2 ii I t 4 i' C i K A 5 Special Recognition Dave Eckhardt, a two-year veteran of the Cross Country team, helped lead the team to its undefeated season. Not only did he break Eden's course record, but he broke the course records of Alden, Pioneer and Springville. He placed 2nd in both the Orchard Park and Lake Shore lnvitationals. When it came to the annual race at Chestnut Ridge, Dave won the Division 4 race and the ECIC Individual Championship Race. He placed 4th in the Sectional at Elma Meadows, 10th in the Western New York Race, also held at Elma Meadows, and 34th in the Intersection- als State Meet at Rochester. Being only a iunior, Dave and the Cross Country team have another successful year to look for- ward to. Dave Eckhardt Being a year-round athlete, Don Magee showed skills in foot- oall, basketball, and baseball. In baseball, Don received three varsity letters. He participated in the County of Erie Baseball Association, the American Amateur Athletic Baseball Association, the Buffalo Evening News Suburban League and the Divisional All-Star Teams. Three colleges showed interest in his baseball ability. Don received four Varsity letters in football. He was a nember of the Divisional All-Star team and the All-Western New York team, and set two school records this year. He gained ll66 yards and scored 92 points in seven games. Twenty one different schools contacted Don concerning his football ability. l-le plans to attend Syracuse University where he was offered a Full football scholarship. He will maior in Business Management :md minor in Communications. Don hopes to play professional Football. Don Magee National Merit Finalist This year, Andrew Leonard became a finalist for a National Merit Scholarship. His score on the qualifying test placed him 67th in the state. To become a finalist, Andy scored in the top percentage, becoming one of the two in the history of ECS. His college plans are to attend the University of Syracuse, maioring in landscaping. Lei-ters of Commendation This year five Eden seniors were awarded a Letter of Commen- dation for exceptional performance on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test!National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. These students scored iust below what is required to compete for a Merit Scholarship. They ranked among the top 579 of those who took the test. Having five Commended Students is really an honor for ECS. In the past, the number has rarely been more than three. When considering students for acceptance, colleges tend to take great interest in the scores on the PSATXNMSQT test, making it possible for Commended Students to be accepted at higher universities. This honor is iust one more stepping stone along their road to success. Andrew Leonard lleft to rightl P. Howles, B. Lasota, A. Leonard, E. Meyer, G. Ptak. lstandingj R. Kraft. 26 IOW I: A. Leonard, M. Buehler. ROW 2: T. Erdle, D. Gorecki, B. Lasota, J. Iarnall, B. Clark. ROW li M. Mathwig, K. Van Note, W. Cavanagh, J. Dylon. ROW 2: D. Van Jote, N. Bell, R. Kraft. Regents Scholarship Winners ROW li K. Licata, P. Howles, S. Ilardo. ROW 2: L. Beil, P. Kasprzak, G. Ptak, P. Burke. This year's Senior class produced the largest number of Regents Scholarship winners ever. Of a class of 206 students we had 22 winners, 3 alternates and one nursing scholarship winner. ln order to receive this honor the students had to undergo a six hour examination, testing them on their ability in Mathematics, English, Science and History. They will now receive scholarships ranging from S100-upwards toward tuition at any University in New York State. If by any chance a scholarship winner is unable to accept his scholarship, an alternate will 'n turn receive it. A f I Bags' State T l -i Political parties. Rallies. Debates. Awareness. Productivity. Unity. Three hundred-twenty girls. An unforgettable experience. A week at Girls' State. We were divided into 2 political par- ties with the purpose of creating our own 5lst State. And we succeeded. lt was a government designed for us, by us. It was ours. We learned what government is really about. But it was more than a week of polit- ics. It was talking with people whose ideas were radically different from yours and working with girls from various back- grounds. lt was making new friends and recognizing the individuality of yourself and others. It was, finding unity in a group of strangers. It was an experience in living. Nancy Bell 28 Girls' State The week that l spent at Morrisville this summer proved to be a good one. I left for Boys' State with many doubts as to what it would be like. I soon found out. Our time was well planned for us. We were broken into two political parties and held city, county, and state conven- tions. These conventions sometimes turned into complete chaos. But, it was very interesting and I did gain some insight into the complexities of politics. lt was a very enioyable experience for me. We were given the opportunity td participate in many activities. They ranged from a band to a newspaper. There were also extensive athletic tourna- ments going on. l was rarely withou1 something to do. l met a lot of guys anq spent many unforgettable moments with them. Some good, some bad. l'm very thankful that l was given the opportunity to attend Boys' State. l know that I will always remember it. Thank yon. again. Mike Murphy l i l T Q What valve, did he say not to turn? Paul Krycia ,N x N I hope this helpsl Diane McWilliams Lake Shore Vocational The number of students traveling each day to Lake Shore for vocational training is expanding greatly. This year 70 iuniors and seniors were enrolled in the B.O.C.E.S. program. The expected number for next year is 85. Courses in Agricultural Mechanics, Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Cosmetology, Health Services, Machine Shop, Trade Elec- tricity, Food Service, Appliance Technology and Data Processing lOffice Machinesj were offered. Cosmetology and Auto Mechanics are the favorites. X S se xi!! Q .lb 2' - V g, .W V ft 3 :F A 1 if if A Well here goes nothing. Nelson Moore l ,, Y, Y, The Happenings Eden has been host to a Jr. High All- State, sports sectionals, night school and numerous other events, many of which have involved our own students. We have seen the History of Rock, Cat Balou, and the Orchard Park Swing Cho- rus, in addition to the regular assemblies, such as pep assemblies and award pres- entations. The dances have ranged from cheerleaders' annual Bonfires to Embers "Greaser" record hop to the Junior Prom and the Senior Ball. There have been senior basketball, boys hockey, sports nights and girls recreational basketball and swimming. In all, a lot has happened at ECS this year. Business students visit Bethlehem Steel Offices l 30 -- Bonfire '73. mbers' record hop. QE ' N S 'iii Jr 1 si J ' sim .,4 iw, 5 f 'N Q Night school first aid class. 'Q lf While all this was in the making, many incidents around the world were taking place and affecting all of our lives. The death of two Ex-Presidents, the shooting of Governor Wallace, the shootings at the Olympics, the Indian uprisings at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, the tragic death of baseball player, Roberto Cle- mente, and the beginnings of PEACE with the end of U.S. participation in Vietnam are iust some of the many incidents that have affected us all. ssr,r ,r r ,xv lt,s.w53X Nw L iihi 5 Q, :it 3 i , R ,Q i 1 Young musicians await tuning at Jr. High All-State. Carousel Some 900 people entered, the orchestra began, the curtain opened, and the amateur became professional as ECS presented "Carousel." Under the direction of Mr. Anthony Chiarilli, the musical involved 230 students on stage, in the pit, and behind the scenes, not to mention the many teachers who made it possi- ble. Who could believe a high school could enthrall an audience to bring tears to their eyes? Hours and hours of rehearsals and manual labor went into making all three performances such hits. Mr. Chairilli, Mr. Dow- ney, Mrs. Gangi, and Mr. Fidel should be congratulated along with the cast and other faculty members. Without them, none of this could have been possible. It will be a long, long time before the sounds of Rogers' and Hammerstein's "Carousel" is forgot- ten at Eden. 49 -ogg, V "I hope it comes offl" Mark Mohr. Blow High Blow Low at its finest ' h ii Heard but not usually seen - the orchestra. an X Iv N' . if - rg, is he Everyone loves a clown - Bob Maier. "Aw, you shouIdn'? have." Hugh Sauer and Jodie Burgio. "How dare you coll me "Old Sideburns!" Paul Seil 8 ,..,v-lu. if-J Mr Chianlll mes fo calm our bufferflies. Julie and Billy - Joyce Brusehcber ond Phil Magee. 5 E Q I Opening scens 1 Si She ain'1 heavy, she's my partner - L. Ostopczul and J. Smith 1 QQ ar ,. Q Q sf , f af Q K u 3 s 2 9 N.: 4, .1 pu. S I fig. "Frank, your hand is showing!" Mark Farrell and Frank Cocina. 5 Y sr 1- ' if Vi: , 'fhk : Q f? ' lr- : V ' fig . "l want to peek tool" Chorus waits for their cue. UH L' ks iii 45 X gg: 55 www I s :rx XP 5 .gi ,ai .sh 'sr - wk," Mrs. Jaques adds finishing touches fo the bearded lady - Jenny Sauer g u F r rxinjssukzfu 1. ' N' . T v' Wg V N. ig, S i 5.351 N gb Q N S ni 'Wu R 1 Student Council Under the dynamic leadership of president - Paul Seil, Stu- an dent Council once again took necessary steps to make school l more enioyable. One of the largest goals on the agenda was obtaining of our very own pop machine. After much ado, Stu- dent Council fulfilled its goal. Student Council presented the ' movie "Cat Balou" for a very enioyable assembly. They set up an exchange program with five other schools, enabling an exchange of ideas. The Council truly strived for more organiza- tion and greater fulfillment of students' needs. l Vicki Stebbins uses the new pop machine. Council meeting with Pres. Teddy Bear presiding. L , Eden students hold a mock presidential election sponsored by Student Council 'Q X X . .. - .,..-, NN, K , 4 , . Q.,'.v". . ,unh- , .,,,,.....'...d, -.-'..-- x,.,.-...-W-.. -,..- 4.2:- s,,.. .V ,.-.,.,. . '1 A J. Matie - I hope it's straight. D. Hill tunes up his cycle. FFA Many people in our school don't know we have a branch of the Future Farmers of America, even though it is a large and A very active group. FFA is an integral part of the ideas taught in the agriculture classes and can be useful to girls, too. Trips were made to the National Convention in Kansas City, the Canadian Royal Winter Fair and the State Convention in Syr- acuse. In addition, educational trips were made to Cornell Uni- versity and Alfred Ag and Tech., as well as to the Empirs Farm l Day and the State Fair. In competition, members won prizes. The FFA'ers have been busy around Eden, too, holding a snowmobile rally, raffling off a TV set and assisted the fire department in a pesticide safety survey. The officers help ready a sled for their snowmobile rally. fs ,- 37 Embers In past yearbooks, this page always said how the Embers broke this tradition and that tradition to make a better, more modern yearbook. We hope it is not nec- essary for us to tell you what we've done, but rather for you to see it. A yearbook is supposed to be a summary of the year's happenings put into pictures and words. We hope that is what this book will be for you. As Embers mem- bers we are proud to present Embers '73. 1, 4, 'lk Count the fingers when you're through - B. Siefke and D Purves nwnuusu r ? X Xi Editor Brad Lynch hard at work. .Si Q i 'ts 1 l 3 4 .1 R. S 'E rrrr r gi rrr 5, X rlr Gretchen Chambers, Assistant Editor, checks a story by Melanie Murphy. Dracle The Oracle staff consists of all the rambunctious writers of the school. This year they proudly presented six issues of the Oracle containing all the happenings of the school with such added attractions as baby pictures and the profile club. The Oracle staff had the honor of two editors this year Paul Seil, a senior, was S Ikzii - editor for the first semester and after his resignation Brad Lynch, 1 giilli jg a sophomore, stepped right into position. When speaking of the Oracle there is one name we can't overlook, Miss Klingenmeier, T is the one lady who really knows how to get the iob done right. "NO, we don't have a story on Peter Panl" Joyce Brusehaber. AFS This year the AFS was honored by having three foreign exchange students, Eva Konring, Oya Sari, and Hugo Colom- betti, as well as sending two students abroad. Sharlene Trumet visited Belgium for eight weeks during the summer, and Sue Heckman spent a year in Switzerland. In order to make this pos- sible, the AFS put on their chef hats and went to work on their annual pizza sole. Through this they grossed the lush sum of 52500. During the football season the AFS made being a spec- tator a lot more satisfying by selling cushions. A little later in the year the AFS ioined with the Oracle to sell candy. All this made it possible to bring the worm faces of Eva, Oya, and Hugo into our school. Beth Blackwell helps by cupping cheese. 40 'S r 5 W5 5 AVA Aside from helping teachers in operating the equipment, the AVA Club produced visual tapes, slides, audiotapes, etc., of its library. The AVA was responsible for the sound amplification in the "Carousel" production, announced all the basketball games, and taped choral and band concerts and videotaped a basket- ball game. They also video taped the "America" series for use Bob Bull and Mr. Pingitore watch a videotape. "So you want a proiector, huh?" Skip Clark. X it .' r -,,.,,...s...m-:1,.f,,.....,, .., . in eighth grade social studies. Jack Kolb tapes a basketball game. Xia 55 Why do these things always happen to us? M. Par- ysek, M. Reisch 42 GAA Every year, there are more and more sports offered to girls. This year, both coed extramural swimming and tennis were offered in addition to the regular sports. Because of the expansion of girls sports, there are more and more girls becoming GAA members. GAA sponsored two Sports Nights offering badminton, volleyball, ping pong, and swim- ming. In May, they held their annual sports banquet honoring outstanding girl athletes for achievements throughout the year. 4' 'H is "" Miss Palmer, GAA advisor, looks on at a meeting. Model U.N. anxiously awaits Paul's home movies. The Chess Club is not an official club with officers, but rather a chess gathering. The members just get together when they have time and hold tournaments. Mr. VapDenberg :ssists and provides books for reference. In future years ECS may form an official Chess ..lub. fd Should l move it or shouldn't l. J. Taylor, J. Pratt and Mr. VanDenbergh Model UN This year the Model UN went to Rosary Hill College on March 31st to meet with other schools and have a Model UN session. Under the advisorship of Mr. Duffy the Model UN went into bat- tle fighting to resolve world problems as they would if they were members of the United Nations. This year Eden represented Den- mark. When looking at our Model UN we may be looking at the future representatives of the United States. 1, ,,A. All ,,,, J , If I move this rook, then the king will be open - Andrew Leonard. FHA Even though there were fewer mem- bers this year, the FHA'ers managed to keep things going under the direction of Miss Bald and their president Debbie Arendt. Besides showing cartoons for the little kids, and babysitting on Openhouse Night, they held a Halloween party and a teacher's tea. Each FHA'er worked on personal proiects as well as afghans and the costumes for the production "Car- ousel." The annual trip to Grossingers was made on April ll-13. F .. Qs nf-1 54, ' , :-9' 'if ' , . Maybe the needIe's broken again - Debbie Arendt National Honor Qooietg Twenty-three iuniors and eleven seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society at evening ceremonies in Decem- ber. Under the advisorship of Mr. Ham- ann and the presidency of Marvin Mathwig, the Society operated the coat- check facility at auditorium affairs. ln June they visited Toronto. 44 ire-,, .,: as , - LQ 'T 2 xhxe W in i x - 4twffs ,W ' ' 1 2 rl-Si? if l ., c..., Y . bmi--gf., . ....., .... s-1 A K scvss ut We've got the bobbin ing now what? A gg L"'w, few F Ruth Parysek counts the money. The 35 members of the Future Teach- ers of America raised money by raffles, bake sales, and selling jewelry. With the profits they bought a photo-copier and slidemaker for the library. They took two trips to Stratford to see 1, is the Shakespearean plays, King Lear and Goldsmith - She Stoops to Conquer. - . 5 They also took a trip to the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester. FTA members discuss money making proiects. - ,bib b , i . 'S SS .5 "What was that you wanted?" J. Reinhard, M. Buehler, M. Grozier, D. Fraser, M. Ver and customer. Varsitg Club The Varsity Club cured the hunger pains of the football and basketball fans by selling various refreshments. The profits went 13 towards the awards given at the Fall and Spring Sports ban- quets. Varsity Club members hard at work. 46 Music 5C Wind Ensemble The Wind Ensemble, composed of some 70 musicians, really came alive, presenting three concerts in the ECS auditorium. Under the direction of Mr. Walter Downey they entertained both young and old by performing such con- temporary and classical pieces as "Selec- tions from Hair," "American Overture," and "Marriage of Figaro." Taking time out from their practicing, the Wind Ensemble members sold oranges and grapefruit to give their treasury a boost for a tour to Massachusetts. Mr. Downey and the Wind Ensemble are truly a great part of ECS. The band fruit is finally here I s,., 4' , A il .. 1 Y ...Ms Hz, , ff'-+3 BWI' uma: ?4 v guna: asm, ' 2.329 12 "Let's hear that A again," Mr. Downey. Mark Chambers ROW I: R. Jost, L. Bock, N. Bell, N. Downey, C. Phillips, J. Messmer, M. Gord Parysek, J. Smith, G. Stromecki, K. Szal, J. Eisele, S. Eckhardt, P. Savage. ROW zak, S. Yingling, B. Clark, D. Frigelette, S. Congilosi, R. Pfleuger, M. Chambersl Ptok, W. Ray, W. Laing, R. Strawbrich, K. Rockwood, J. Nedimeyer, R. Parysekl l 2 Z 4 Y Q J 1 1 2 Q among others. The Wind Ensemble saxophone section. k, S. Maggs, A. Richter. ROW 2: D. VanNote, M. Baisch, M. Found, J. Parysek, J. Burau, C. VanNote, A. Miller, M. Connors, C. Parysek, M. Griffin, M. G. Kilgore, S. Trumet, B. Siefke, C. Collard, A. Sterling, K. Klipfel, J. Fonit, W. Porter, T. Hoover, H. Laing, T. Ricotta, B. Newton, R. Stinnett, P. Blosz, R. Walc- Leas, N. Graves. ROW 4: M. Bowen, M. Lynch, D. Clark, A. Rolo, D. Siefke, S. Frauenhofer, D. Meyer, S. Hill, S. Farrell. D. Eckharat, J- FO'-md: J- RUPP, J' Erdley, M. Nedimeyer, R. Sauer, W. Terwilliger, M. Found. Sgmphonic Band The Symphonic Band serves as a stepping stone for those wishing to become a part of the more select Wind Ensemble. The band consists mainly of underclassmen who are gaining the experience and training needed to play more advanced music. In fact, the Symphonic Band could be compared to a J.V. team where athletes learn teamwork and polish. This year the band had a new director, Mr. John Maguda. They met twice a week to rehearse and prepare for concerts. The Symphonic Band contains many fine talents and it has shown in their performances. I "ls that two um's and a pa or one um and two pa's?" Kevin Rockwood. 5 .ww 1' Taking a breathalator test? Buddy Hesse Jr-J' ' L v - + if Uv. ,.. . -s. . 'dx f t KK 1 .V A sf., 1 MTH' . . ' se 58 'U-' . ' . A Kazoo it's not. Marcia Bowen ROW 'la C. Phillips, A. Klein, K. Canny, D. Callahan, N. Blatner, S. Brenner, W. Walker, S. Eckhardt, M. Saunders. ROW 2: M. Baisch, C. Collard, M Bowen M Founc J. Parysek, J. Bureau, C. Schlierf, S. Stevens, L. Rockwood, M. Connors, M. Garlock, C. Parysek, C. Van Note, A. Miller, M. Preischel, K. Christian, K Szal A Roza li Walczak. ROW 3: D. Clark. D. Sliefke, S. Frauenhofer, K. Winters, D. Mumm, D. Connors, Mr. Maguda, W. Porter, H. Laing, J. Foit, M. Edwards, S. Yinglmg T Hoovel W. Newton, D. Paulus, R. Parysek, W. Terwilliger, R. Pfleuger, R. Sauer, S. Erdley, M. Nedimyer, M. Found. ROW 4: D. Overdorf, C. Ptak, S. Schanks M Nieffer Kazubowski, D. Meyer, S. Hill, S. Farrell, B. Szal, J. Found, W. Ray, W. Laing, B. Strawbrich, E. Minekime, E. Hesse, K. Rockwood, J. Nedimeyer D Fregelette Winters, S. Congilosi. Q.. Early morning rehearsal. P. Blasz and D. Eckhardt. Stage Band With so many students wanting to play 1 the Stage Band, it was necessary to orm a second band, directed by Mr. ohn Maguda. This stage band consists nainly of freshmen and sophomores, who are willing to come at seven o'clock 'hursday mornings to rehearse. They eren't given much of a chance to per- rm this year, but this will surely change the coming years. Stage Band A Do you think 8:00 A.M. is early, imagine starting school at 7:00? The members of the Stage Band arrived every Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 A.M. to fill the halls with the sound of music. They performed at every concert and at the annual "Thank-You Ball" given in honor of those who support the bands throughout the year. They performed such well-known pieces as MISTY, FUNKY SHUFFLE, and SHAM-ROCK. Under the direction of Mr. Downey the Stage Band proved you don't need Lawrence Welk to be good. ROW l: R. Walczak, K. Szal, D. Van Note, S. Trumet, P. Savage, G. Stromecki. ROW 2: D. Eckhardt, B. Laing, J. Ptak, H. Sauer, J. Rupp, J. Found, P. Magee, G. Kilgore. ROW 3: S. Yingling, B. Newton, B. Walc- zak, B. Stinnett, P. Blasz. OW I: K. Christian, W. Terwilliger, A. Roza, S. Eckhardt, S. Erdley. ROW 2: Mr. Maguda, K. Rockwood, J. nit, M. Murphy, J. Nedimyer, H. Laing, D. Paulus, B. Porter, P. Magee. ROW 3: R. Strawbrich, B. Clark, E. linekime, B. Laing, S. Congilosi. ROW I: D. Smith, K. Van Note, C. Schlierf, C. Knoll, C. Sheppard, M. Found, R. Dueringer, B. Sturm, N. Clark, L. Sanford, S. Shanks, C. Maggs, D. Overdorf, Sterlace, M. Edwards, N. Gallager, C. Cole, C. Braener, A. Dipasqua, D. Paulus, H. Cyrulik, L. Ludera, S. Hill, Mrs. Gangi. ROW 2: B. Noecker, D. Cyrulik, J. Dynarsl P. Maren, A. Nedimeyer, K. Dynarski, B. Blackwell, C. Van Note, J. Malaszek, V. Stebbins, L. Cooper, B. Norman, P. Kernen, S. Ludwig, M. Preischel, S. Krycia,! Kaminski, K. Kruger, Mr. Burke, C. Ward, D. Zahm. ROW 3: D. Reed, M. Found, F. Soverign, L. Miranda, K. Kernan, C. Green, M. Marsh, K. Laing, H. Sauer, D. Gorecl C. Warner, T. Hering, L. Santiago, D. Folts, J. Kish, D. Bonczar, J. Burgio, G. Curtis. ROW 4: L.Bruno, M. Wierzbic, S. Makowsky, M. Knoll, L. Sheffield, S. Schrader, Wierzbic, C. Van Note, L. Rockwood, K. Penfold, D. Green, M. Bowen, D. Bettinger, G. Chambers, J. Agle, L. Schnieder, G. Hill, C. Mann, N. Downey, C. Hoffman, Kaminski, I. Freitag, G. Welshons, L. Thompson, M. Mundy. Girls Chorus Under the direction of Mrs. Gangi Girls Chorus was very successful. Songs sung by the girls ranged from Christmas Dinner to The Summer Knows. They also participated in competition singing Grade 5 music. They also participated in the successful Christmas and Spring Concerts. Mrs. Gangi once again succeeded in put- ting a song in everyone's heart. i Minnie and Winnie? Anne Nedimeyer, Cindy Shephard, and Robin Dueringer. 52 , Q 1 i Mixed Chorus 5. , ' hm "" Despite continuous talking and clowning around, this yeor's J li' Mixed Chorus had a successful year under the direction of Mrs. T' Gangi. The songs ranged from Blessed They by Brahms to Speak fl iii- Softly Love. They had successful Christmas and Spring Concerts and participated in the school musical Carousel. They went to K s Pioneer Central to participate in competition where they sang S Nav-Iii' Grade 6 music, which is the most difficult music. Once again Mrs. Gangi had done a great iob. LV 1 as Trying for perfection - C. Collard and Diane Clark. "Last weekend? . . . Well, let's see . . . " Dawn Fincour, Barb Sturm, Bruce Mack A. - . . .. . .. .- -1 -..,ns 1 n , . sf ,gl ROW 1: L. Schneider, C. VanNote, C. Sheppard, P. Bailey, R. Dueringer, V. Stebbins, L. Cooper, M. Marsh, L. Miranda, L. Brind'Amour, M. Gurley, K. Burke, E. Bugenhagen, B. Mack, H. Laing, E. Krempa, V. Adams, D. Callahan, J. Sauer, S. Dehlinger, D. Dehlinger, S. Eckhardt, C. Phillips, D. Bonczar, L. Charles, A. DiPasqua, M. Brind'Amour, D. Paulus, I. Freitag, Mrs. Gangi. ROW 2: D. Zahm, T. Herring, K. Laing, M. Abagnale, E. Krempa, M. Lorenzi, D. Kolb, J. Brusehaber, J. Greene, S. Maggs, W. Laing, D. Paulus, B. Bray, D. Smutz, B. Blackwell, M. Murphy, K. Oleniacz, L. Ludera, D. VanWie, C. LaRose, E. Eckhardt, H. Cyrulik, G. Curtis, S. Dunn, K. Kruger, M. Burke. ROW 3: C. Warner, J. Agle, C. Hill, D. Cyrulik, R. Sauer, D. Smith, K. VanNote, D. VanNote, M. Connors, G. Hammond, B. Sturm, D. Stephens, H. Columbetti, R. Folts, T. Warner, B. Lynch, D. Romano, S. Krycia, M. Ford, S. Stevens, G. Chambers, D. Clark, E. Santiago, J. Burgio, J. Burau, K. Lamb, S. Hill, C. Collard. ROW 4: M. Knoll, R. Wurst, L. Sheffield, S. Schrader, D. Gorecki, M. Oyer, K. Licata, A. Richter, B. Conklin, G. Nagle, J. Smith, M. Buehler, K. Rockwood, P. Magee, D. Tasker, H. Sauer, S. Trumet, L. Beil, A. Batorski, J. Kaminski, M. Baisch, A. Raza, A. Miller, G. Welshans, C. Mann, N. Downey, J. Kaminski. Drchestra The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. James Diehl, is not yet comparable to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, but it has come a long way. These students meet five times a week to practice and prepare themselves for a concert. The orchestra presented two successful concerts this year, bringing the sounds of "Roman Carnival" and "Oklahoma" to the ECS auditorium. Many of the orchestra members also contributed greatly to the "Carousel" orchestra. The orchestra rounded off the year with an annual picnic at Letchworth Park. Mr. Diehl leads the group. Magic fingers. Richard Folts and his cello. .r E K. Cofhy Maggs Rob Maier tunes up. ROW I: D. Romano, P. Bailey, J. Messmer, C. Phillips, G. Curfis, N. Downey, R. Folfs, D. Taskerl. ROW 2: E. Eckhardl, S. Sfephens, R. Muka, J. Moulfhrop, G. Kilgore, S. Trumer, M. Baisch, A. Richter, S. Maggs, M. Garlock, A. Miller, C. Van Note, P. Kihl, C. Maggs. ROW 3: D. Gorecki, D. Leas, M. Found, R. Sauer, B. Laing, B. Newton, P. Blasz, J. Found, J. Rupp, H. Laing, J. Nedimyer. ROW 4: D. Meyer, S. Hill, S. Farrell, D. Eckhardf, H. Sauer, M. Whitley, L. Brind'Amour. All State "Eden was fortunate to have 21 stu- dents participating in All State groups this year. The musicians for these groups are chosen on recommendation by their past performances. This year, the All State Chorus was held at Gowanda where they sang Schubert's "Mass in G minor." The band went to Bath, N.Y., and was directed by Mr. Donald Mat- tran. Cathy Maggs was chosen to repre- sent Eden at the Jr. High All State Orchestra. v L ll lY' .-...-',3.'. .. .,..... , --.. BAND Richter. CHORUS - ROW I: T. Herring, I. Freitag, J. Agle L Brand Amour ROW 2 D Zahm S Maggs G Hammond H Sauer M Buehler 56 E 5 3 i s I l 5 E.fil.l. El.' l.f 1-...ll HORUS - ROW I: P. Magee, G. Hammond, E. Krempa, B. Conklin. ROW 2: D. Smith, C. Warner, M. urke, K. Kruger, S. Krycia, B. Lynch. ROW 3: J. Sauer, D. Gorecki, M. Buehler, J. Smith. All County Chorus Eden was well represented in the All County groups. The band was conducted by composer Vaclav Nelybel. For the first time in years, Eden had members in All- County Orchestra. They played "The Meister Singers of Niirnberg" and "Kare- Iia Suite for Orchestra." The chorus lent their support in Mozart's "Missa Brevis." These groups performed at Grand Island on March 24th. Those in the Jr. High groups played at Kleinhans on March 18. , I I l I l B l 1 I 1 , l l 3 pl c BAND - CLOCKWISE: C. Van Note, M. Bowen, M. Found, D. Van Note. ORCHESTRA - CLOCKWISE: H. Sauer, L. Maggs, E. Eckhardt, M. Found. rooms D1 VISION IV U N E A T E ,NW " C H A M P f EDEN CRC SSCU UNTR Y ghd If 'ww Qporis ' S L 1 'W 1001-9 5 it hmm' Q.-J. n' ' ...asf 59 Aa. Varsity Football The Varsity football team ended the season with a 6-2 record, clinching second place in the Division. The team's only obstacle in taking the Division title was the heartbreak- ing loss against Springville. This is the best ECS record since the undefeated season in 1969. The team had many outstanding players, five of which made the All-Star Team - Don Magee, Phil Magee, Warren Debiew, Mike Murphy and Frank Cocina. Other out- standing players were Bob Lindquist and Bob Stinnett. This years team was iust another feather each for the caps of Coaches Pacini and Keats. I "if 1 ' ' - - A Q .gf ' 'A X Fearless Leaders - Coaches Pacini and Keats. ,,.., ,F ,. ..i,. ,,,. 1,-,,-,.,.. , -K . ,H F gs . iist gyyg pg wizfffitb H pl kr. frv, A: 5 ' .. an I 1 ' ,' iv.i? '11 C, E t 'fs X'-r A , M 3, ,... .,.,,.. . ,,,. ., 'if' fir-"r' - -T .' ' ' 'difli iuilllllifif' 417 l " ' 5" ' L , , Wsww 3 W ,nw l J V ,:,"'v7- ,V Zv i,-4 ., . -,, ' .f,i. ' ' - 1. , ,A Mlm' ,-,.,,.1,,g,, .,,f,,H,s ,f, .,s, A - . . . 1 Fr rl Y I g ,,, -,, rg .1. ' IH W H5 - e 5 . A g B. Linquist kicks off. Harpo studies the action. Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Cheektowaga Starpoint Gowanda Springville Roy-Hart Alden Lake Shore Pioneer ' . Pacini's football machine in action. 60 .4-ann-n.u....,.., Mg - .L . .. ii' m. -'W 4. 5 l . 0 J ' 'V 0 ,N X 1 L A I ' 44 4 ' M ff lr 1751 , 1 ni" S4 A 2' D. Magee charges for the lst down. f' Q9 , g ,,,, J Lxh ,Ll M y ...M , it s way through. 1 Coach Pacini checks out a Raider iniury. S 54- , . R a , ,N J fi? Tlx . . .52-'ik , I A Svhq 1 J. lafallo - I go: an J-lfffllf-l'i J J , . . ,, it A Vrzzr ' 1 ' . - ' 4 'Ahv 'M - . , A 1, we R .TX 4Y'vtf"'f 'e e J ' in uv'-9. 1 i .Z 6 A fl, ' LF- . 'gg'-.77Q' V AA f ll J f J, , 9 T, U .. -.f ,J 5, .Q J M. 43. - A A, Q., .N ,, . ,nv 'Lk N If in Vi L l 5 . il-si' 'l1'e . 'lf' . J T . eeeee .D J ' l l ,e' J l J ' J Kas waits to get in on the action. The latest style - P. Hess. ' ld? 5 fc Ia fi fi . ummm ' p 1 s U INDIRS SA Ins sis 22 1' YQ? 4 ' ' gm.. ,j,f,gU ffqrjjv ,,,, K. f . H... .,vs, -'- ,WA-. -77, .14,,,- ,,. , . .. R x Jw. . - , ha, 4 V, , , , , , , K , - . '14, Y..- ff .- f 'V . ROW 1: M. Nedimyer, M. Kaszubowski, M. Buehler, L. Edwards, R. Walczak, R. Garlock. ROW 2: P. Howles, D. Weidner, G. Thomas, F. Cocina, P. Magee, T. Bennett, K. Karstedt, D. Antos. ROW 3: M. Murphy, J. Smith, J. Santiago, M. Toellner, E. Schunk, M. Clark, M. Ver, M. Schwippert, W. Debiew, D. Magee, J. lafallo. ROW 4: M. Firey, P. Hess, A. Lahrs, R. Lindquist, D. Scott, M. Congilosi, R. Stinnett. JV Football The J.V. team completed the season with a 0 win 7 loss record. A big reason for such a lopsided season is that the freshman team was "moved up" and combined with the J.V.'s. Many of the players were out for the first time. The defensive team was highlighted by some outstanding playing by Eric Lindquist, Mark Agle, Rick Kirst, and Buddy Hesse. Bill Porter, Mark Griffin, and Gordon Karstedt made their mark on the offen- sive team. lniuries were predominant throughout the season as Ray Pfleuger, Ernie Mann, and several others were forced to watch from the sidelines. Eden 14 Cheektowaga 20 Eden 0 Gowanda 22 Eden O Springville 40 Eden O Roy-Hart 6 Eden 6 Alden 34 Eden 0 Lakeshore I l Eden 0 Frontier 21 Tim Johnson breaks away from his opponent. Mark Griffin avoids a tackle in a practice game. Q Doug Drew rushes to help Eric Lindquist it X. fy 52+ Q www.. ax we 'ss Sie awaits SSW . we B f tssv , v 'HF . ,. .21 s--- -"' 5 s in Do I have to? J.V. and Varsity practice. Tony Miniri struggles for a first down. ROW I: B. Page, D. Snyder, R. Kirst, A. Knoll, J. Winter, M. Connors, J. Polasik, A. Miranda, K. Sturm, M. Balus, M. Schouldice, J. Nedimeyer, M. Herkey, J. Kirst F Darling. ROW 2: D. Crowe, D. Weidner, D. Sessanna, B. Wilde, M. Montez, A. St. George, B. Humphrey, D. Drew, W. Porter, B. Hesse, S. Howard, J. Kolb, P. Hess D Partridge, A. Miniri, R. Henry, J. Schreiner, R. Schwantz, F. Markowicz, E. Mann, F. Vidal, R. Pfleuger. ROW 3: T. Johnson, M. Griffin, J. Dipasqua, J. Szal, R. Walczak K. Morano, K. Mead, D. Stephens, M. Agle, G. Karstedt, M. Wright, B. Heintz, D. Porter, R. Kumm, K. Christian, R. Strawbrich, E. Lindquist, E. Minekime, T. Alexander MISSING: S. Schwartz. E. Andy Leonard makes a chip shot. 'ai i W 0 Golf The Eden golf team finished the season with a fantastic record of 8 wins and only I loss. The team proved once a mediocre team, not always o mediocre team. Andy Leonard showed his "Seniority" by being top golfer for 3 of the matches. Junior Brad Lynch secured a school record in the second match with a 56 for I2 holes, only to be beaten by Bill Donnelly in the seventh match with a 55 for 12. Juniors Tony Joy and Mark Garlock and Sophomores Keith Rice and Eric Krempa rounded out the team with some very important strokes. Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden l OV2 8V2 I 2V2 'l 'l V2 9V2 North Collins Depew Gowanda North Collins Depew 7V2 9V2 5 V2 6V2 8 V2 Roni putts one in - Keith Rice Another Jack Nicholas - Eric Krempa ,.- Sig, ,.-Y .1 W' si t. f I ATR ' M Nfasf , K . X Eden I 3 Gowcmda 5 Eden I I V2 North Collins 6V2 Eden I 2 Depew 6 Eden I 5 Gowanda 3 Mr. America - Brad Lynch EW I: E. Krempa, A. Leonard, A. Joy. ROW 2: W. Donnelly, B. Lynch, K. Rice, M. Garlock. MISSING: I think I con, I think I can - Anthony Joy h ac Hunt. J N . L i 5 3 N. Coaches Georger and Sturm anxiously await the finish. ,Sw if Ns' .P 1 + mu .5 Q J. Kwilos beats out K. Reinhardt in the finish. !'!"1i 4 Ov What did you do then? J. Sappelt and J. Lorenz 6 QQ I hope we stop and eat. - B. Ressing Bdb Burdick 1 ROW I: R. Agle, T. Hoover, T. Bermingham, D. Kraft, J. Sappelt, G. Higgins, K. Reinhardt, R. Kruger, J. Kaminski, R. Kraft, B. Ressing, Mgr. ROW 2: Coach Sturm, D. Eckhardt, J. Kwilos, J. Lorenzi, B. Clark, J. Kruger, J. Fitzgibbon, B. Burdick, G. Hammond, R. Maier, Coach Georger. Hoover gives it his all. - ., 5. I P Eden 20 Eden I5 Eden 22 Eden 25 Eden 27 den I9 den 24 Gowanda 39 Depew 49 Pioneer 35 Cleveland Hill 34 Alden 28 Springville 39 Cheektowaga 33 Orchard Park Inv. 3rd place Divisionals Ist place Lake Shore Inv. 2nd place Sectionals 4th place l . I did notl - J. Kruger. I gl' 4 . K A ,.., ' f -ww .. M . T. Bermingham Cross Countrg Once more our illustrious Cross Country team has completed a season reigning in the Ist position. Led by iunior Dave Eckhardt, our boys in maroon were successful in giving the slip to all seven schools of Division IV individually, and then beating them altogether to end up with a I4-O record. Although not many fans showed up to cheer them on, the guys did a fantastic iob. The most exciting of the meets was against undefeated Springville. The guys started slowly, but finished the race with Dave Eckhardt first, John Kruger second, and Jerry Kwilos third, winning the meet to the surprise of Springville team. Next year the team will be without veterans John Kruger, Bob Burdick, Barry Clark, and lst year member Bob Kraft, but freshmen Rick Kruger and Keith Reinhard will close the gap with their experience. N W .Q if . . 5 , .... W... L K . 9 N Q is Iwi m X sv N2 MPN. ,two fl- , , M, I ' .I p- its Y! :c s I' I ,QI K 4 .Sie-iw. ss M.. ,... . V f .. N E.: tjsxyt 4 .eef ii'i ' . . ' ,. ,, V .7 in K ' SV ..w4.,. 5 kkk.L l Y .cii is si.,s - I I . is y 51 g . ccic 5 I I S ,true-sw A -.-f . ...sax af- I ' I - f . , , . A ' , 1' I gg i'l. They're chasing me - J. Fitzgubbon. , . se g . is K AV.. -'ei s- Pez.-' 1 ' rw -': is B fiiiigs- .- 'ic " I e1,. 1, N ff ga ,s-- 4 W,',, kk., 4 ,,'- . .A ., .s i A - Q L .fi g . Qs-s if' 'fi ' 53 W' . i mil' - - ., ' ylgz T - aw., it , -3.5. VN. - ' w x .iq -wi 9 f bfi c - . I - 1., ,pw .qigl . 1 ng a Determination - D. Eckhardt. E f -1....,,,, .M f 2 N mA 3 .. rf A xii N Vg K X 5 ,lg K . 1 . x ' ..... is ff ff .... W1 Ballet at its finest - Pat Burke. Vollegball The volleyball team ended its season with a favorable 10 win-4 loss record. Jim Carnall exhibited second year skill in having a high number of spikes, while Pat Burke seconded this with his ability to spike either left or right handed. Adapt- ing the Japanese set, first year member Ted Lorenzi topped the team in this area. Mark Farrell, Tom Erdle, and Randy Cag- win rounded out the first team. Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden 15,15 15,15 15,13,15 12,12 10,13 16,15,15 15,15 15,15 15,15 15,8,15 13,12 15,15 16,4,16 11,4 Pioneer 1 ,4 Will. S. 9,4 Clarence 12,15,1C Cleve. Hill 15,15 Lackawana 15,15 Iroquois 14,13,d Orchard Park 7,10 Pioneer 2,3 Will. S. 8,11 Clarence 3,15,12 Lackawana 15,15 Iroquois 5,1 Orchard Park 14,15,4 Cleve. Hill 15,15 Mark Farrell goes up for a spike. u ROW 1: B. Schreiner, S. Farrell, T. Erdle, P. Burke, M. Farrell, J. Carnall, M. Mathwig, T. Lorenzi. ROW 2: T. Crowe, L. Rogers, D. Habermehl, J. Saunders, E. Forster, J. Ptak, R. Cagwin, A. Sterling, J. McMillan. "One more strike and I can break 80l" Mark Garlock. den den den den den den den den .iq-.,.m , "I think he . . Iroquois Gowanda Cleveland Hill Cheektowaga Gowanda Iroquois Cheektowaga Cleveland Hill Bowling V 75 Although the members of the bowling team maintained high averages through- out the season, they weren't high enough to beat other teams. Allen Telaak had g . M High Average of I62 and Mike Bowen "e' I had High Single and Two Game Totals of 223 and 379. Their best match was against Cleveland Hill when the team ,,. ' . i',, T averaged 164 pins per bowler. . no wait. . . yes . . . a strike!" 2 3 2 I 3 3 3 2 .41 ,. llfi ROW I: G. Stromecki, M. Garlock, A. Telaak, B. Haag. ROW 2: E. Nidell, B. Donnelly, J. Eisle, J. Miller, M Bowen, Coach Seivert. Varsitg Basketball Although the Varsity team ended its Division IV season in fifth place, they showed much teamwork and a never ending will to win. Led by co-captains Jim Carnall and Mike Murphy, the team picked up school records in field goals per game, average points per game, field goal percentage, and blocked shots. Pat Burke compiled the most points and rebounds of the season while Jim Carnall put his height to work in blocking shots and assists. Eden finished fourth in the Christmas tournament after a 5 point loss to Lackawana and a heartbreaking I point loss to Hamburg. . 4 , ,L,,, . 1, gvff llli b K W at , fi fini l ., -' . l l is ,,V, V , . ... ,ww Marc Toellner dribbles to an opening. ROW l: D. Nova - manager, D. Fregelette, G. Erdle, A. Lahrs, W. DeBiew, M. Murphy, B. Lindquist, E. Sturm - manager. ROW 2: Coach Sturm, l.. Edwards, B. Walczak, P. Burke, J. Carnall, M. Toellner, D. Habermehl. k Al Lahrs wins the toss. ...Nm A mad scramble for the ball is 5 Teamwork in action. "Come on Pat, make the basketl" Jim Carnall and Pat Burke. 2 Q 3 s jf 4 ,uv Y. 'Er' Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden 97 92 57 58 77 68 56 64 70 41 48 60 70 66 70 67 72 30 4 if 5 3 Carnall shoots another two points North Collins North Collins Lackawana Hamburg Grand Island Gowanda Alden Springville Cleve. Hill Grand Island Alden Depew Springville Gowanda Pioneer Depew Cleve. Hill Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden .- North Collins North Collins Grand Island Gowanda Alden Springville Pioneer Cleveland Hill Grand Island Alden Depew Springville Gowanda Pioneer Depew Cleveland Hill 70 Kevin Sturm looks on. J.V. Basketball The Junior Varsity team completed another outstanding season with a I4 win-2 loss record. Co-captains Randy Cagwin and Mark Mohr led in rebounding and scoring game after game. The scores of many of the games were very close with the winning baskets coming in the final seconds of play. Probably the finest and most exciting victory came in the last game of the season with a triple overtime victory against Cleveland Hill. This was Coach Castiglia's lOlst victory in J.V. basketball. , , . , ,V ,,, Scott 0'Conner blocks an opponent's shot. ROW I: R. Wright, P. Pfleuger, K. Sturm, M. Shouldice, E. Lindquist, E. Mann, R. Porter, J. Sappelt. ROW 2: J. Foit, Manager, C. Szal, S. O'Conner, M. Mohr, E. Forster, K. Rockwood, R. Cagwin, L. Rogers, K. Rice, Coacl Castiglia. i 2- 11m Johnson iumps it WWC up. if X. Freshman Basketball This year's freshman team learned many skills which will aid them in future playing. Gordy Karstedt and Mark Griffin hit the boards many times as they led the team in points. Kirt Christian, Tom Alexander, and Alan Knoll added talents in rebounding and assists and helped to develop a full court press. A 6 S of an iisii iffsgeen QQE4, at QE BE 0 -'Ya' I U ROW 1: S. Farrell, A. St. George, D. Crowe, P. Habermehl, R. walczak, A. Knoll, A. Miranda, D. Porter. Paul Habermehl recovers the ball. ROW 2: B. Henry - manager, J. Swartz, T. Johnson, T. Alexander, K. Christian, G. Karstedt, M. Griffin, B. Strawbrich, S. Erdley, Coach Burnside. Eden 36 Frontier 47 Eden 43 Gowanda 38 Eden 38 Depew 48 Eden 51 North Collins 24 Eden 44 Lake Shore 64 Eden 48 Pioneer 38 Eden 32 Lake Shore 51 R Eden 42 Springville 49 ' Sv Eden 61 Gowanda 44 Eden 42 Depew 46 Eden 49 North Collins 34 Eden 44 Pioneer 23 Eden 33 Frontier 44 Eden 43 Springville 56 e .ik Wrestling 'is-H ,, This year's wrestling team felt the loss of some of its more experienced members as it ended its season with a 3-9-l record. Tom Bermingham was number one wrestler for Eden's team with a record of 13 wins and 7 losses, and took a fourth place in the l sectionals were Steve Davisg 4th, Buddy Hesseg 3rd, Phil Howlesp 4th, and Pete Hessp 3rd. Coach Kazmarski also spent time teach- ing future wrestlers from the Middle School with hopes of a championship in the next few years. An Eden wrestler tries to escape from a forthcoming pin. W Teammates cheer fellow wrestler on to victory. 72 ,7 , ,,..m1 AAY4, '11 Got yal - Dove Kraft 1 EDEN K TEAM - ROW I: P. Kiel, G. Thomas, D. Kraft, T. Bermingham, S. Davis, T. iraser. ROW 2: M. Clark - Manager, P. Hess, S. Howard, D. Kraft, P. Howles, 3. Hesse, Coach Kaszmarski. . 'f 5 Q .54--1 -.ly Scott Howard gets ready for the attack. Elf P 4 1' 'gs U H x K X? K V V Eden I5 Orchard Park Eden 21 Olean Eden l 5 Lakeshore Eden 24 Alden Eden 30 Grand Island Eden 24 Depew Eden l 8 East Aurora Eden l 2 Iroquois Eden l 7 Cheektowaga Eden 30 Cleve. Hill Eden 20 Gowanda Eden 30 W. Seneca W Eden 6 Pioneer Q T I fs . is ., 1 .K .-.....f V ew I Q X xii N Q x v. K -is Q X! if N , w l if .55 .Y '18 .Q B TEAM - ROW 1: M. McLaughlin, B. Embree G McGlbbon J Winter ROW 2: D. Weidner, M. Hainacki, K. Mead, E Mlneklme Eden 57 Pioneer 38 Eden 53 Depew 42 Eden 49 Springville 45 Eden 74 Dunkirk 21 Eden 39 Pioneer 56 Eden 45 Alden 50 Eden 40 Cheektowaga 55 ' ' Eden 40 Iroquois 55 m m E Eden 25 Cleve. Hill 70 Eden 51 V2 Depew 43V2 With a year of experience under their Eden 43 Springville 52 belts, the Swimming team showed great Eden 33 Pioneer 61 improvement. After hundreds of practice Eden 48 Alden 47 laps, the team was able to beat four vet- Eden 43 Cheektowaga 52 eran schools before falling to defeat. As Eden 37 Iroquois 58 the season wore on, our swimmers lost a Eden 26 Cleve. Hill 69 meet by a first place and won a meet by 1 point. Seniors Jack Saunders, Bill Schreiner, Jeff Rupp, Dennis Stender, and Betty Brown will be missed next year, but the underclassmen show great potential. The swimmers psyching up. An Eden diver in pike position. 1 1 1 1 at 1 roorsi i ..... 4 ssllss I s'rssi. gAag,g 1 V.gl g V VV gy 11 V.,. . llir - I 'ifi If -1' Lv , , .g, rsnrs I . S sly so I A . 1 ,,,. .fg1fi:' 1 ,"l' .1,- 1 , f A I I I Qstii .ri '-, I iiti lirrr, 1 1,11 I 'i" ..11 I rr..11. 'ff ...I11 'W - 4.1rs 1 err iiii 1 I ,Q 111 s1,1 ssi ii' s srri f I 1 ROW 1: L. Brind'Amour, B. Bray, D. Paulus, A. Belasik, M. Connors, R. Volker, E. Krempa, Coach Farace ROW 2: D. Lennon, G. Nagel, M. Schwippert, B. Page, J. Pratt, T. Warner, J. Nedimyer, J. Saunders, B Smith, Manager. ROW 3: B. Schreiner, L. Schosek, J. Rupp, R. Kirst, J. Knoll, D. Castricone, J. Fitzgibbon, J Fritsch, D. Stender. MISSING: B. Brown. .New 1 are right, who took my waterwings? lst stage of ihe medley relay 515, Q ...... , 1-...-lunar. Betfy Brown fakes off! Cheerleaders The Cheerleaders of our school practice and work as hard as many of our athletes. A new squad was added to the already existing J.V. and Varsity squads. The White squad was formed to cheer for volleyball, swimming, wrestling, and track. During their never-ending poster making, the girls found enough time to hold a bonfire dance and sell stationery with hopes of attending cheerleading camp this summer. ROW I: S. Hoinacki, C. Phillips, D. Paulus. ROW 2: M. Saunders, D. Callahan, M. Murphy, E. Eckhardt, E. Cole. 76 . rf ...fi "ii 4 sf' as . r . QW. 4 M 1 1. VVVLL ,ff it Cheerleaders at an assembly. CLOCKWISE: C. Collard, D. VanWie, B. Sturm, A. Klein. T.. ,,.f,,,,.. 3 M . - me - .- 1 P .,, Q. 3 ., if - . X asf. "R-A-I-D-E-R-S" Robin Dueringer. iQl ll i if A - ,mzmuwzw 'W mum: Klein and Dawn VanWie watch cpprehen- ROW I. K. Eckhurdf, A. DiPasqua, D. Looze, C. Warner. ROW 2: M. Reisch, R. Dueringer, P. Bailey Schreiner. 'V Many moods of cheerleaders. Intramurals Girls weren't the only ones swinging the sticks this year. When the boys took over the gym, they also took over hockey. Floor hockey brought out a little Gil Perreault in all of them as they tried to hit the little disc into the big net guarded by a guy wearing enough pad- ding to deflect a gunshot. Meanwhile, the girls went all out to reduce the flab and release their aggres- siveness in sports such,as tennis, basket- ball, swimming and softball. Lorraine Ludera slams one. Jane Polasik breaks through. i....L.....+,,.. .,,, PS we Concentration - Debbie Romano gk' ' ' wxii R Mg X aw , 4 N lux' N. . Q-M- -5. 'S a .X 5 'f kxgk NNWW ...- Nfl'--M...,, 'N-+-.N . ,,,...:..-f 2 .fifi LLLL r 1' :.. g Mm-M :W . - al a , w L L R L . fm - S' L .5 L'x1. W f i LM Q . 3 . --""" ww. mm.. s.. gg QQ" K N Help, my fingers are sfuckl X- f rr '- V me - 'WH V ' U 4' Q , g if - fi f iw wanna' 4 2 g , . ix' . l ' ll ,lf l W y S' 3 s b 'Q if 3 1 qi ' J q uw Xu 5 1 5 ,,.,i,, LV . , lp, r' i See it's like this . . . J. lafallo and M. Farrell .- -L... 9 P l can iump higher lhan youl X ,vii - mAv,0QnXx "--+-r-....,.....,,' as . Cleaning up the remains after a hard malch. L. Ludera, L. Cline, L. Sovereign ali V. u W-...N .,... ...W MN... .4 1 79 ....T.... 8 1 2 we-,, Faculig 49 ii? ' 'e 1 1 , 1 '-xi' ..,i,. , - r , ug 'VA 4. f f 1 X, A " ,.,..! , 'f f 5 L H 1 E A 4, I ' if Q iua:"- h Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Metz, Mr. Walsh Dr. Benson, Mr. Kasprzyk, Mr. Blackwell, Mr. Maier, Mr. Nattrass. 1 The Board of Ed ucation This is a time of challenge within the board that had to be settled in tha courts. The Board of Education operate: under the presidency of Mr. Myles R Firey and vice-presidency of Mr. Charlef Brind'Amour. Besides normal functionf the Board had the added iob of appoint ing a new superintendent. At the Decem ber 18, 1972 meeting, they appointee Dr. Kenneth Christner superintenden which took effect February 15, 197 3. Dr. Christner, Mr. Firey, Mr. Brind'Amour, Mr. Lorenzi Dr. Christner Dr. Scheller District Principals A freshman counts the long years until he will be a senior . . . A senior dreams of a successful career in his chosen area of future endeavor . . . A teacher attempts to prepare students for rigorous college-level thinking . . . Today, each of these indi- viduals is looking toward tomorrow's world. In life, the pupil is his most important teacher, he can select the thoughts he will think in all his countless thousands of unsu- pervised moments . . . Great benefits to humanity do not always come from people with extraordinary ability, but often from people with ordinary ability and extraordinary effort, and selections of thoughts. My associations with the Eden schools are iust beginning, sen- iors' associations within the Eden schools are coming to a suc- cessful conclusion. Good luck to each of you. Kenneth W. Christner For the first five-and-a-half months of school, Eden had an interim superintendent, Dr. John Scheller. Dr. Scheller took over when Dr. Grell resigned to accept a position in the Netherlands. He made it possible for the Board of Education to take extra time and care in appointing a new superintendent. On February 15, Dr. Kenneth Christner became the new superintendent. Principals Mr. Fregelette and Mr. Ludwig once again ioined forces in an attempt to provide us with an enioyable year. If it were not for their congratulations or the way they worked with student groups, it was the warmth of their smiles which helped make the year a pleasant one. r,,. ,-., ' xii? .Hg ls ik i 51 'iiviuiii Mr. Donald Fregelette, Principal 'nw . N ,f X li M. mf" Mr. Paul Ludwig, Assistant Principal IN Where would we be without the witty sayings of Miss K., the always accurate computations of Mr. Georger, Mr. Chiarilli's vaudeville experiences, the sweet sound of Mr. Downey's clari- net, and the unbelievable tact of Mr. Jerris and Mr. Collins? This year more than ever the faculty showed they were "for the stu- dents." The faculty members gave their time as chaperones and advisors, making it possible for the students to have dances, sports spectator busses and clubs. Can you imagine being taught by computers? You could not ask questions or have something repeated. School would start at 8:00 a.m. and end at 2:35 p.m. with no extra activities. This all shows that it is the faculty who help make all the extras possible. it Vb1l.L.1:.g3.-1 ,. 1:11 :J ' 9 ,-.' 531231: .,o 4 ,n:,, qv. .'1,n. 5' , gl 'n,'n s , 9 Q s, , . fx" Q t . S 'ns :vel N' .fo , v. -.J 's , . QQ.. Q, , z- I " -' .zu 0 g ' u .V Q Q 90 v 'u 0 I' :::: ' ,: . .fra W 7? fe ' -' ' M o v Ot o in vu, J., ue 1 n . 9 ' o 7 l .1223 . gitb' ':o" . . Q' , 1 4, 'wuz' ., Ai, O sz' -ww - Mr. C. Pacini Facultg lk : mf wk, iff? N. Ns," M55-4 scsi' .P Mr. J. Hamann and Mr. P. VanDenberg Social Studies . K Mr. D. Farace , , T. xl Mr. J. Duffy and Mr. E. Sappelt Science Mr. J. Keats Mr. W. Case - M 7 "'Q ff H Q 4 ii' MM A M ia: 1 Q, 13:32-I ' Mr. P. Bies uni" r. R. Schumacher and Mrs. P. Tanner 2. In Q' 'lg , x I 1 3 Mr. C. J. Gillespie Mr. B. Vorco 5 s 2 f 5 f E I -... L ,, Mr. R. Burnside m "' Maih Qzz 5 Mr. A. George, Mrs. E. Brenneman YMMI- WWW E3 rug' .y is X L1 Cf Mrs. H. Minnigh Mrs. C. Budney c 1 I .kin an K 2' sm K iiisi 7 in M M M .l .1 is """' English N6 'X ,K31 was Mr. G. Fidel Mrs. M. Jacques 'H Yin . V- 4 X8 f ,, N4 if 1 . Miss A. Klingenmeier Mr. A. Chiarilli Mr. M. Hunt 'fuel' Mr. P. Mrho-ond Mrs. D. Cunningham Mr. R. McCord 41 'M' Mr. W. Downey and Mr. J. Maguda V Mr. J. Diehl Home Ec Miss D. Bald Music Mrs. M. Parmelee Mr. D. Haug l. 31: ,,..,.:: "" - I-::E. I Q Q. K .W K 7 S .. 5 r .fr 1 . Haig . 1, .5 , N , iii'-i jj? .1 , ,,,.,,.. 1 Z, ,J , 3- , ,L.. A-V 1 ,. " - r fs Language 1 J f fr . -2 3... .. , ,,., ,. 2 E A ' - Mr. J. Masiewicz sip Mr. C. Yale Mrs. K. Warren 90 Business 1 4' . ,.., Yi u -.1-1-M.. ......-f .. Mr. S. Dzumuon Mr. T. Carlin Miss E. Witzleben Mrs. D. Pasfernok 91 Ind usfrial AHS 1 ,,-- -. 1 e 1.5, np , ,,, , 2 " I 4 V 3 I' 'si f,17,2?i1i.m H L ez ,- fffafi 2 F . f 92 Mr. F. Riefler Mr. G. Seivert Mr. R. Mergler 'W A f H f f W 'fe-Mr A qw a 'L' I W, an Aw fig X' Mr. Hagen, department head wid Mr. R. Knauer 1 Miss C. Palmer ii Wi iii? HWLS 115333 Former district principal, Dr. Grell Mr. P. Kaczmcrski Miss K. Kelkenberg Phgsical Ed ucaiion Mr. E. Sturm . 5 93 qaalinui- Guidance 'Hu ,,y,,,ff Mr. B. Frclwley M Mr. J. Findeisen Mr. J. Flcnigon Driver Ed Mr. P. Collins Special Services e e .ze .f i,.,,eii. Mrs. J. Wagner Mrs. A. Greenwood and C. Bell Mrs. B. Coney Mr. A. Pingifore 355' 'f'f.:- '1:"' A J.. WLi5 -P Mrs. A. Putnam 1' V- f7' Y' ' 96 L..,... ,, Y W ,, ,W ,,,,, Obnoxious kids waiting to board bus. Two of the many secretaries - Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Oleniacz Yak Jerry Flynn 4 515. an-uns v i 'Rik Nonteaching Stall' Although not really "behind the scenes," the nonteaching staff is a part of the school's machinery that's often overlooked. Who keeps track of files for several thou- sand students and ex-students? Whose dulcet tones greet you when you phone the school? Who's responsible for thousands of bits of correspondence at E.C.S? Who sees that meetings aren't forgotten? Have you ever walked to school when winter's wind sets fire to your lungs? Or walked home when the day has beaten you until you iust want to collapse? What would you do if tomorrow you rushed your famished self into the cafeteria only to find that no one showed up at work in the kitchen? Who replaces the burnt out light bulbs, regulates the heating, and cleans after us? Yes, we would be lost without our secretaries, cafeteria staff and custodians. Fixing the score? 'hh A- 'GP' f A . .. , .4-4 , s-f l I , sell? s V is Q, li ,xi 1, , 9 3 in hh 4 5 224. J ' W W ,- 'fn ,, ,,,,. ,,.. , ,S V K fd, ' A VM, Q, 'asm x ,ni srrt 1 rsir, - H 'iq V ' ,g:,,?Ql1 ,a3,. ,lj Dy ,,, 4 Maybe if I got the mefhanics class down here . . . I Q . e s l 'ff " ii, f Q Sugar and spice and whatever else is around. 1 ' ' PV Z5N Xkff'b -N Htl ' 4 W 1 Xl f l 2 Underclassmen . N' "Q -fi. : Y. Q pa M T V 47, .NMN ROW 1: N. Taylor, C. Garcia, L. Donovar ROW 2: M. Stevenson, M. Price, G. Perkins, A Wilde, Mrs. Eidson. ROW 3: C. Schwardtzigure IL., ,,,,.-. ' W , ROW 1: P. Isaac, R. Plecker, M. Pries. ROW 2: D. Stevenson, P. Hartzell, P. Dale, R. Bulden, L. Laurent, D. Mrowczynski, L. Royce, J. Haskell. MISSING: Mr. Jusiak. 100 J. Battaglia, M. Pag 'dui l. Hartzell, Y. Wichtowski, T. Lisiak. ROW 4: Zybert, B. Ells, D. Royce, T. Gearin. G. B.0.C.E.9 The Board of Cooperative Educational Services provides special education classes for handicap- ped children. Our school provides classes for iun- ior high students. Students come from three area school districts for these classes. B.O.C.E.S. stu- dents are offered singing, art, and physical edu- cation classes as electives. These students won't be going to college, therefore it is not necessary to teach them college prep. courses. They are helped in picking a vocation which they can enter upon graduation. K. Hughes .,. i 5. s M-MA ..... . -KMMNNKEM is XR, V .... . 1, wi iff.-f K-w T ?,,,, t i ROW I: G. Hornberger, R. Morrissey, G. Pierce, E. Talbot, C. Alessi. ROW 2: Mr: Simmons, B. Morrissey. 101 Freshmen The Class of '76, the newest addition to the high school, brought enthusiasm and spirit to the rear of the auditorium. The class sponsored the annual turkey raffle as their first real money making proiect. Under the supervision of Mr. Schumacher, the class had a very successful year. C. Bowser B. Bull K. Burke K. Canny R. Canton S. Carbeck K. Christian K. Ciambar- ,V A N. Clark T. Clark V. Clark E. Cole B. Colligan D. Connors C. Critoph G. Crossan shs M- wing . J sllrs M. Evenhouse .. lk- F I zz- f Q . K. eas ey ., . an V. B7 L ky ik .::. .- .. . ztz' , K., P- fel-ff ress . 2 .C V. Fintak .4 M C FI it f ' --'. , Eli 2553 3 is ' Q 'i .1 . ynn i . M N ga M- fo-md . i eliiai 2 3 sf 55 B 1-2rrf J- Ffimh i 'i" f f P. Hobefmehl ...,. . Q lli K. Hennessy A '1". E G. Higgins ' N ... 5 -vs.. sau '.. fgz- , ..f., ,ws 0 - me 102 -1 . 0 P. Agle R. Agle T. Alexander B. Amidori J. Andre L. Ashelmen C. Bell C. Beil S. Bermingham E. Bernard C. Bleyl ' P. Bittenger J. Bos C. Braeuner R. Bray B. Brehm S. Brenner L. Brind'Amour M. Bowen M. Bowers 'li T? Www Some day I'lI be a seniorl - R. Agle iz D. Crowe D. Curry F. Darling J. DiPasqua T. Dole A, R. Donovan if D. Drew E. Dynarski D. Edbauer M. Edwards , M. Egner B. Embree C. Enser S. Erdley M. Evenhouse T. Felt I don'1 believe if - I got my dime backl - J. Frilsch R. Finfok R. Henry C. Flynn T. Hering ' D. Folts M. Herkey M. Found P. Hess C. Franklin L. Houck S. Frauenhofer S. Howard G. Friedman B. Humphrey D. Gorski C. Jacobs J. Gray T. Johnson M. Griffin A. Kaminski A. Grobe K. Kominski M. Gurley J. Kappus J. Hammond G. Karstedl L. Harms P. Kernen P. Haug J. Koszubowski B. Heintz B. Keslen W. Kesler J. Kirsl A. Klein A. Knoll A 1 C. Knoll R. Kornocki R. Kruger L. Lester J. Looze S. Ludwig M. Lyndsley S. MacDonald N.. . 1 B. Mock ' C. Maggs W J. Malaszek P. Mcren He really said that lo you? - D. Prueh 103 x' - X F. Markiewicz M. Mathwig G. Matwijkow K. McGee G. McKibbin K. Mead D. Meyer T. Milligan E. Minekime A. Miranda M. Montes C. Morano J. Moulthrop A. Nedimeyer M. Neifer P. Novakowski M. O'ConneIl J. Olszewski D. Overdorf R. Page U E. Bugenhaden S. Duda J. Hornberger E. Jankowski C. Knowles D. Lardo A. Lilga B. Norman S. Pulk M. Rola T. Schmitt R. Skora B. Smith F L. Stevens B. Strawbridge M. Sturm C. Ward T. Warner ' C. Westmiller D. Willet 104 v...,,7., Y Y W-, K. Parysek D. Paulus G. Penfold D. Penrod R. Perison E. Petroff B. Pfohl J. Polasik T. Porter S. Powley J. Pratt M. Preischal D. Prueft C. Ptak B. Radigan C. Raduluff B. Ranny D. Reed K. Reinhard L. Rockwood Q...-,iff OFFICERS - S. Haword, D. Connors, M. Bowen, V. Clark. Advisor: Mr. Schumacher C. Sager A. St. George L. Sanford C. Sargent A. Schaffer K. Schaffer C. Schlierf L. Schotten G. Schreiber J. Schwert D. Sessanna T. Sessanna J. Sexton S. Shanks C. Slaughenhaupt R. Smith D. Snyder R. Sobczynski F. Sovereign K. Spencer D. Sponholz M. Stanley S. Steele D. Sterlace f. Stressing B. Swanson S. Swartz C. Swieczkowski B. Szal C. Taylor K. Telaak S. Terwilliger D. Thomas J. Thomas K. Toeffer V. Vacco C. VanNote D. Vara S. Vice F. Vidal D. Volo R. Walczak D. Walker W. Walker L. Wierzba S. Wierzbic D. Willet L. Williams l've heard that story beforel - V. Clark D. D. Winter G. Winter K. Yingling D. Zahm D. Zielinski S. Zulawski R. Zydel Canfield Sophomores The Class of '75 once again had a successful year. The sopho- mores "lighted their fire" with a candle sale. They also made their presence known in the pep assemblies where they pro- OFFICERS-B. Lynch S Hill G Huggler Mrs Jaques Advisor J Merhno ceeded to win the spirit stick a couple of times. 106 M. Agle 5. Baird M. Baisch M. Balus S. Barkyoumb P. Barrett M. Batorski A. Belasik R. Bell G. Bellitiere E. Berghorn D. Benkelman B. Bernard V. Bettcher V. Biddlecom N. Blatner D. Bonczar M. Bowers M. Bowser J. Burau B. Bauer B. Bettinger M. Brind'Amour D. Castricone W.. Burrows R. Cagwin D. Callahan J. Canfield W. Carnall G. Chambers D. Clark M. Clark C. Collard B. Conklin M. Connors R. Corbin R. Crabtree P. Crespo D. Cyrulik S. Davis R. Domin D. Drew K. Dugan G. Dunn R. Dunn J. Dynarski E. Eckhardt S. Hill R. Hoelscher S. Hoinacki T. Hoover G. Hornberger L. Hornberger G. Huggler E. Kaminski J. Kaminski S. Eckhardi M. Farnharm B. Ferguson M. Fintak T. Fraser K. Friedman D. Gage J. Gallagher L. Gamble P. Garlock T. Gates C. Green D. Green R. Harms D. Hartman N. Hesse -1. . M ...,1... .Pf- mil. Only 50 more pagesl - C. Green, C. May, C. Lampman Give me a breakl - C. Hoffman i D. Klein J. Kolb M. Kornacki K. Krycia J. Kwilos H. Laing W. Laing K. Lomb L. Lampke C. Lampman C. LaRose M. Lasota R. Lennon J. Lilga E. Lindquisi M. Lorenzi B. Lynch M. Malaszek R. Mammoser M. Ford 'WEN x"" 107 I if 4 r Kester Kirst Kish Mann Matwiikow May Miller Milligan Miniri Miranda Mohler Moran Mora no M. Mraz . Muka D. Mumm J. Munich M. Murphy J. Nedimeyer . Noecker 3 T. Ebling E. Forster J. Hill J. Kelly . Krempa . Kumm . May . Notley . O'Conr '1" F. Roeder J. Smith J. Stiles 2, Pi Typical study hall at E.C.S. F fir l Q gi s A Y '35 F . 3 Q 5 iii- lll" 1 i "ii N' ' ' . .. S 5 3, -- .WD ' '-- 5' 5 ... f i vi , ? Q 'E - f f.,. ,E . if . . is 1,4 5 " Ej ""':1".. - L. i-:.1 '.f , l f ' - .,.. ,.., X 1 :,. it wi. Q 'N l tis E , 1 99 pu-Ms i rj 5 1 E -. 3 3 i if J E" i Q ' D. Nova K. Oleniacz C. Parysek D. Paulus R. Pfleuger C. Phillips D. Pope R. Porter L. Powley S. Ptak S. Ranny K. Reinagle K. Rice T. Ricotta J. Robson K. Rockwood D. Roeder L. Rogers L. Romandi E. Roseman D. Rosenthal A. Roza J. Sappelt K. Sargent R. Sauer M. Saunders J. Scheetz C. Schmitt M. Shouldice J. Schreiner S. Schuster D. Siefke K. Sion G. Skora B. Smith K. Staby L. Stenzel D. Stephens P. Stiller K. Sturm J. Taravella S. Taylor C. VanNote D. Vara R. Volker L. Warner C. Weiss You couldn't get the English either, huh?" - Gary Huggler and Kevin Sturm. J. Wells D. White T. Wierzba B. Wilde D. Williams M. Wright R. Wright R. Wurst J. Szal J. Young S. Zulawski K. Szal R. Telaak K. Velott J. White G. Willet "l got this one at Penney's" - Kris Staby and Gretchen Chambers. Juniors The Class of '74 made a change in the tradition of spon- soring a Christmas Dance. ln its place it presented, very suc- cessfully, "The Dance of the Season." The class also found out who had the "sweet teeth" through a candy sale. The class closed their iunior year with a very impressive prom. The Class of '74 is looking forward to becoming next year's sen- iors. M. Bloom L. Bock M. Bowen K. Bowser L. Brockman D. Brusehabei L. Carballo S. Carnall L. Charles B. Clark M. Clark R. Clark T. Coghlan J. Crossan T. Crowe J. Cummins G. Curtis H. Cyrulik J. Davis W. Debiew Do you mind sitting down? - Bob Garlock and Bob Lind- quist. ll0 S. Abplanalp V. Adams M. Abagnale B. Annarino P. Bailey A. Batorski C. Benkelman T. Bennett T. Bermingham E. Bickel B. Blackwell L. Bloom D. Dehlinger A. DiPasqua W. Donnelly N. Downey M. Druzbik R. Dueringer S. Dunn S. Dunn D. Durett S. Dynarski K. Ebert D. Eckhardt M. Eckhardt D. Egner P. Errington E. ferrie i .M .. . B' A., ,WM 5'9'1gvaL..,.1 " ,Ns Give me my ring or I'll hold my breath. H li D. Fineour M. Firey T. Flynn J. Found D. Fregelehe M. Garlock B. Gawron S. Genco B. Haag C. Haag D. Habermehl G. Hammond J. Harper L. Harlman C. Heinlz C. Hill D. Hoelscher M. Hoinacki J. Holler S. Hornberger L. Houck A. Hughey J. Jost A. Joy K. Loeber S. Maggs D. Magloff B. Maier P. Manning C. Markiewicz M. Marsh J. Martin J. Mafwikow J. Messmer J. Miller M. Miniri S. Mohney H. Monroe G. Nagel M. Nedimeyer Kaminski Karsfedl Kasprzak Kaszubowski Keller Kemp Kemp Kernen Kilgore Knoll Knoll Knoll Kornacki Krencik Kwilos Laing Lampman Leas Lennon Lilga Junior Class Advisor - Mr. Collins, OFFICERS - A. Lahrs, L. Schneider, R. Garlock R. Lindquist This has to be perfect or nothing. - L. Carballo Mi -Sweet A W. Newton M. Olszewski S. Paul K. Penfold B. Perez S. Pheasant W. Plenz N. Pociask R. Polasik J. Powley D. Provost P. Pye S. Randall P. Reed M. Reisch B. Ressing S. Rice W. Rogers K. Rosenthal D. VanWie A. Sager E. Santiago P. Savage C. Schaffer L. Scherer L. Schneider K. Schosek L. Schosek S. Schrader M. Schwanz M. Schwippert B. Schealy L. Scheffield C. Schephard B. Simmons R. Sion D. Skora P. Smith D. Smutz B. Springer R. Steinmetz L. Stender S. Stephens . A. Sterling G. Stromecki J. Struck B. Sturm K. Swartz J. Taylor D. Velott D. Volker H. Volo R. Walter R. Way K. Webster G. Welshans K. Whitney R. Whitney D. Willet D. Willet K. Winter M. Winter M. Woods D. Yingling I didn't think school could be so much fun. - R. Dueringer 0 -Q-.W 5 Wiz suse 9 How many more? - P. Smith, L. Schnieder, D. VanWie D. Antos V. Buchhardt J. Dylon R. Garlock J. Hoelscher B. Jerozal M. Kiiek E. Krempa L. Lampke R. Lindquist J. Lorenzi M. McLaughlin S. Moore M. Oyer L. Popson W. Ray W. Terwilliger S. Yingling R. Mammoser 4 ww:-rf-,,., M f Q.: L . Seniors 'H QE During our years at ECS, we had our doubts, but we finally made it. The Class of '73 became the "big kids." Under the supervision of advisors Mr. Duffy and Mr. 3 Gillespie, the Class of '73 had record high magazine sales of S9,600. We followed 2 gb this event with a very successful annual spaghetti supper. Throughout the years '73 has played a maior role in everything from sports to the musical, "Carousel," The Class of '73 closed their school years with an exciting sen- ior ball and the traditional senior day. I don't believe it - N. Graves ' 3 . f if 1 . Debra Arendt Daniel Baird Cynthia Balone 1' ff' 'g,,,,,,. Joseph Barrett Linda Beil Nancy Bell Sit-down strike - B. Brown w e . , . X 1 ,aw Martin Bergmann Visions - D. Romano, K. Rothaug, J. Carnall Robin Bergman Lynn Biddlecom Eric Bickel William Biddlecom 5 n n t 2 . nln i I didn't know you could do it like that - E. Meyer. Steven Brockman Elizabeth Brown Janet Brown John Blasz Cynthia Bock 7 Lois Bruno Joyce Brusehaber Matthew Buehler Robert Bull The Dating Game a Ia Spanish - D. VanNote, D. Kolb, Jodie Burglo Mary Burke Patrick Burke , gsm? and M. Ray. So this is what an associate Y 43""a' James Carnall Wende Cavanagh Mark Chambers Barry Clark E gg., Jerry Pick 4 Conceniration - J. Kominski. Lindo Cline 5- SIWEPPUVCL Diane Colligan Hugo Colombefii Lindo Cooper Colleen Cycon Elizabeth Darling Timothy Darnley Lawrence Dole Howard Domin Julia Dylon Deborah Ebling Ronald Ebling Kathy Eckhardt Lane Edwards "The Thinker" - D. Gorecki. Look at all the people! - K. Eckhordt 'X 5' AQ 1' 'Hits' Vicki Stebbins James Eisele Dena Embree Donald Enser Q-NW Q27 Mark Farrell W? A. . .,B. . .,C. . .,-P.Magee. George Feller W Debra Foit Douglas Ford Joan Fralick Dennis Fraser Wende Fraser Lynn Frauenhofer Ingrid Freifag Nora Gallagher John Gier Wendy Gier Deborah Gorecki Nancy Graves N... L, ...-an "The Ar!isf" - D. Looze. Michael Grazier Jeanne Greene Ya, Ya, go on! - J. McMillan. Gary Grobe Daria Grzedzinski Paul Harms 6 Jane Polasik Cynthia Hatfield Raymond Hauck Denise Haug Dave Hess Peter Hess Maureen Higgins Philip Howles Joseph Iafallo 1157 . ' L Annehe Hoffman Peggy Howard Mona Lisa - K. VanNofe. Solitary Man - G. Lester. Samuel llardo Susan Jacobs Cynlhia Jaworski L, Ruth Jost Jolene Kaminski I 2. 1 ,f 53. X frf f -N J Z- 1 . j A K J l Paul Seil N, - iii: '3 11114 ,gf :iig- 5'-'x?+ + . 'l,Qiixk,fy,+++ Peter Kasprazak 7 13 1... , qzy.-M'-x 'iA"M':xm 'S '54 W 'vw " X s . Kp! 3 3 1 1 Nm xi Q Q bgailtftnmm x - ' vt Q-+ QQ. 4 'r 'mwA'0" We 'FQ' + + uj'J'3"lf7-911' Michael Kaszubowski 'S Mary Ellen Knoll The Wet Look - K. Wurst. Douglas Kraft David Ketelsen Y A A ' 2 Katherine Klipfel Donna Kolb Eva Konring Robert Kraft Susan Krycia Kim Kumm Surprise - N. Bell Janice Kwilos Lynn LaDucc John Kruger Kathleen Kruger Paul Krycia Working hard - D. Andrzeiewski 4 H04 ' "Gee, Julie, fhat's not Marilyn Lampke Barbara Lasota Leo Lawniczak Gregory Lester Oya Sari - Turkey's contribution to the U.S.A. ,mi .wan in 1 at e rr J' leb I I ' Qf V,V 2 E what I got!" J. Dylon and M. Mathwig Karmel Licata Fay Lilga Deborah Looze F ,, rw Theodore Lorenzi Lorraine Ludera Marla Lynch Our leader T. Erdle. Donald Magee Philip Maaee Susan Mainprize Jql sqm, aocllv' f X Susan Makowsky Christine Mann Marvin Mathwig "I'm making you an offer . . . " + S. Ilardo John McMillan Cheryl McNally Diane McWilliams Edward Meyer ' 'San Nelson Moore Donato Morano Thaddeus Mroz Susan Muehlbauer uf? Maureen Mundy Michael Murphy Eric Nidell Lidia Oslapczuk fa' .4-Ihr VERDE ul .I X -swu- Vw Constance Paciorek ww., 'WV The Gibson Look - B. Clark. .. .K ..kLk: .. M Maria Parson TT' Judith Pnrysek Marcia Parysek Rufh Porysek Jane Polasik Glenn Praii Jerald Pick "Take it easy on the Chow Mein." - C. Bock, M. Smith. Doris Purveg Michael Ray Marcia Rebmonn U , mama, "asdfiklp" - R. Rubach 'Nh pm Jeffrey Reinhard Karen Ricotta Allison Richter Eden's Guru - M. Ray Deborah Romano Katrina Rothaug Steven Roza Raymond Rubach Ponytails and leather iackets - L. Thompson and F. Cocinc 'M 1 1 Jeffrey Rupp David Russell M'-HV' . . ai-nl Oya Sari pin. Hugh Sauer, Jr. Jennifer Sauer s-dx ---f , Bi. Joseph Santiago Is she for real? - J. Brown and D. Looze I hope it works. - T. Mroz and M. Kaszubowski John Saunders Gary Schmifi William Schreiner Janet Schreiner l 5 'WDW Edwin Schunk Lawrence Schuster David Scott qv'-'ff' 'Q'--m All smiles - C. Warner Paul Seil Bradley Sessanna Susan Sheppard gf? Susan Shred D. Romano relaxes while studying. we W-9' 'SHN' Barbara Siefke Deborah Smith Donna Smith i Jerome Smith Kathleen Smith Melinda Smith ,Qvlfl an gy L 2' elssff Donald Spence Vicki Stebbins Brian Steele The phone booth - S. Krycio. QW-f"' f i -my A ,I-. -1 ,, f ieiwvfiwf' , , , 5-fzwyli-f ," ' p Q V' f f i ' -, , l l M-A j' if ,fi 4' i 'f' A ijt 'f i Yummy, yummy - Put Burke. I still don't get it - J. Schreiner and T. Mroz. ie...-1 Jack Stevens Keith Stiller Robert Stinnett Timothy Striebich 1,931 -91 Kenneth Suida David Tasker Allan Telaak Dig my chick. - A. Richter, R. Todd. Catherine Thomas Cynthia Thomas Laurie Thompson in I .,ni 2 That's not what I got - Seniors in Photography. 'K' Marc Toellner Sharlene Trumet Tom Turnbull Diane Van Note O 135 W 'Qi K Kathryn VanNote Michael Ver Kim Vice Robert Walczak L. Ostapczuk and J. Smith at dancing practice gn I if i' flT1iLg1g:Fi.? ' I iii' ' H 'O '-1' r 15fgrz'F2Zf ,S ' I . 'Q s , 1, , ' V V tg I rx 2,3 - f , ' A- S 'J fl it l It Colleen Warner Mark Whitley N .Ql, wifi, 45: V 1 5 ii J f -sg, L - ii LE ww-,Y ,ky , ...H A top level meeting Wayne Wierzbc Marie Wierzbic Donald Witimeyer Our V.P. - Joyce Agle T. Lorenzi and P. Seil XS' .fg',,, W Kevin Wurst One in o mass - L. Cooper Robert Burdick 7 Joyce Agle Joyce Brown Senior Closs Advisor Mr. Duffy W. .1 5, Frank Cocino L. Thompson, S. Shepard, J. Agley Senior Class Council meeting ' ,,..4..,-, nog, , C-- , . ..., .. ....-..... .IA , -VW -L f A ' , V :Mi V 1 1d Mark Toellner if Thomas Erdle Andrew Leonard CLASS OFFICERS T. Erdle - President J. Agle - V. President D. Romano - Secretary R. Jost - Treasurer -, W Dennis Stender in d-le yonder who? uuer electricians get on hour? - Hugh X vunnnoon olvlanon Q A STUDIOS, INC GREEN TURTLE PROCLAMATION I remember as a child the fun and laughter of iust being alive the ioy af seeing things for the first time the secret clubs, idiotic games and our own death defying feats of courage then l remember times of ignorance, selfishness and stupidity and I wonder if I've really changed The time of graduating from one life to another grows near ln my mind I hope for many new eniayable friends and experiences butlwonderiflcanliveup tothetypeofmanlhopetobe, if l can do the things l dream, andiflcantrulyriseoutofconformity This is the green turtle proclamation we the class at 73 ' hold in our hands and minds the answers to the puzzle of the world the time is fast approaching either use your minds and climb or sink into the green turtle shell of conformity Pete Hess 140 'IM I 4. darkened halls my footsteps echo th,en fade away empty rooms they beckon me reminding me suddenly I have much to say and no time to say it the time is at hand to leave farewell r -+ Pete Hess 8 ,xx for ,W .,,ne UA 5 s 5 U Nu, it M 44 Mr. McCord Being Embers Members has been a great experience for us all, thanks to you, M McCord. We'lI never forget the times you looked at what we had done and then starte pacing the room. What did we do wrong this time? One doesn't realize what it takes t make a yearbook until they try it, and you, Mr. McCord always had patience, eve when we came to you with stupid questions. We'II always remember you as Mr. M. wh had more dancing steps when entering a room than Carter 'has pills. Thank you, M McCord, for helping us present Embers '73, Diane Van Note - Editor-in-chief Wende Cavanagh - Photography Editor Ruth Jost - Layout Editor Barb Siefke - Copy Editor Sue Krycia - Sports Editor Debbie Smith - Business Editor STAFF: Kathy Klipfel Barb Losota Doris Purves 'Wu Relax Mr. McCord, those I6 pages we lost will turn up someplace. va - 0 X . " - '11 ' . ' . ,- I 4' . v- -.f' V , ., fl ' , " , . . ill, , I , , , .55 H h ' Y, , ?,,,,. . . , - W b ,. ' - 55,445 , , , ,A .,. . . N f. gg: y J - - W. , - . , +- f 'jiif' M. , , -'- 1. 'Q ' - . . , I I 1: , A . .. . , ' I Q -. ,,, A ' . P . . 1 - ng., ' ' i "'. ' .. 4 L , ' af, , . .,. 1 :y S , t 4. 4 'a . if A N ' f F2 Q Q AH- "' ' 4 , .- vw, L! '.' ., ,. Y., ' , f. JQWY QM ! 539 X Vg S3 x1W?jQ'v'QSWfZN X3 M60 Q, X X xi WWQWQ W Q A ...A , ,6?QNw6?f3dM 4 . R PSV 4 OD 'CQ' X " 3 N K' xx 525. ya' my X X' .5 m E V A ff Ni Y XX X 3 525 N is Q A-. Qi 5 QS xy it Ria? X Y' V V5 " N Q X X15 ik Q-W' S QR W'f"7' vm ,gb R Q-Q n.N L Em ,QQLTJ it H I Q - MAN XX N Q W Q S 3 ie xi X if EW Q52 Q Qi . h My - , .W NK, , 5411 ggiw 3 fx- ik, ix sw 1, gssa Wffig Q-if xjw if dw 'Rag lXwXQw 5XQQXRQYW g fi Q' , Xrflx 3-X W 'Q N X1-xii, N 3 1 ff-32 A Q '-JV aww "K iff, AQ X E, , gf 29X 2 X 1.5 5 5 35 xF?gW,.., . 52, X2 C9 Qi 1f xxx if all 22 xx iY Q -W 'M .NL 'Lf Q1 A A QR365 Q3 T 29 V fw-Xb I 1 , X QM aj -wg., I 43 A A Vw X ,W - - YE 1 J Q S?Kf Q?w,?fq,xO ff W 'f K., ivy- - Q ' 2,7 654 ZLK R ,, - ff gg CC' N' V E ,jiiri acl' gk' Z 1' 3 h A 'D S--K:-6-Stk C,?L?-it 3142, ff,4,fa, M7-Zfg 3 , 4-4.- xx lzflifff'-iafl 1 .ia7f"':f .. :f ' - 1 ',- ' , . ,W - - . f A ' ' 1 j -- 5- ' ' '..

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