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Text from Pages 1 - 126 of the 1969 volume:

. ' q 9 . .. A 4 4 ,. by 17 M 0' 0+ XIVUAQAW M f ,JW A 0? ' X 5' K5 NP, QC MV X fx 'E?Q 0' C9 QW ' Y V Q fo ...O 0 C X -A , , X I 0? A - V C -SIE .ii 0' W' a"f f ce ' C l 06 U , rf A ' Lvl' A , I h W 1 V4 2,5 r. do I 4 F .S of . JN 7? 9210!-v , P P . 4 4 1 -60 44 "3 536, qi LI! GQ-YT , V 99 fr- -tvll V yf A59 ew I4 x Q U' 11,47 , . h 487. -1 'A Wggmaww , . A fxvoodgwi f4 , 4 Qr Gum Qi zgifgf My ff 21 Q EQ Wfx N pw ef 5 WWW? MAB.: W Q 4. I.. . Hin . 4 2 .M J l 1 as A ..' , - ,, ' Q S-' " "- r.' .' '-'-. . vu. vu 5 ,fund q1"'f:?hL' :L 3" 4 . 4' i -1. . 5 Q' E . . a NsO,x?' Q N V A , . . . . . Q 'QXQQ 55 . , ,Ai i . A V 4 ,JV 1 ,- QF w-Q' 12 5 'Qtf' 9' 4 f Co fin! ' ibn' j , Q! A U PM My ' sf' Y .. u' WR. PP Jf I M 1 ,f C. A 1 ' J, , 0' . ' .Qi Y lj-1 1 f, .Q YYNQYX QLQVQQG'-I-fdyml jf,?'f ,V Q I L x -f'A 'WN t . ' ' CC V53 W k Vw is s ' 1' N ,W df 'A A.,-,hi . ,L Q 9 f ' -Q .3 ' "M . 3:"'.4 QQJH3, M S 'Wi e.,-gf EDEN CENTRAL EDEN, NEW YOPJ6 Klix A X - A liz Q f Q -,,,..- f 4-R x, mxxv so ,qn"j, MLWMMMWMWM IMAGES : Fwgmeniz pfclwdvup along tlwfwog, builabfawwslaufg awww f1ep1eseuGn9Maw'sweaMvo6fknowledga A Qmw wwmuwwgwvwggwwmwzvpwawwmwwmaw w..,e4wcema.waamawm0gw? Rmembwdag echoes Du665'S Uougldzw, wamowuvflwfww wwabaQ,3w5fMLbQ5w,uw:ufw.Q. TABLE OF OONTENIQ ADMINIQIPNION FACUIJY UNDEPU-AQQMEN MUSIC OPJGANFZNTONQ QPOPIQ QE-NIOIZQ STUDENT LIFE M. 1 We, the' senior class of 1969, dedi- cate this yearbook to you, Mrs. Gangi. You have given your time so generously and unsparingly to the music depart- ment and the students of this school. Because of this you have earned the highest respect of not only the student body, but of your fellow faculty mem- bers as well. It is apparent that you have added great joy to our school lives. fThe chorus even goes to 6th period hum- minglj Seriously, though, your untiring devotion to music has greatly enriched our lives. For this we are forever grate- ful. DEDICAUON witis st st awe .-Now, PQOPM. 0 O m,ALQw1bofw'wuwwsd1wfm . 51111591 dugg Dfv.G"0w DIQITZICJ' PRINCIPAL Many of us have not had the opportunity to know you, Dr. Crell, this is your first year at Eden. Those of us who have met you know the time has been all too short. Your life has been interesting and varied. From Polaski, Pennsylvania where you were raised, to the University of Pittsburgh where you earned your Masters and Doctorate degrees in 1957 and 1963, to Oak Park, Illinois, to the American School ofthe International School of the Hague, Netherlands. Your life and travels are enviable. You say that Eden is different from the Hague school, since the students and teachers were al- ways changing at the Hague. No traditions were built up. It is different in Eden, but we hope you will find the change pleasant. We wish you the best for the future. On student power, one of the pressing issues of today, you say that it does have a place in the high school. "I feel that there is an area, a realm, where the students ought to be involved. This role should be pretty well spelled out so students and administrators understand it. Students ought to raise pertinent questions from time to time and ask for consideration of mat tersfi We leave, having spent too little time with you. Again, we wish you continuing success at Eden. SECRE'I'AHIES: Mrs. Everett, Mrs. Debuhr A i ' s MRS. l.0RET'l'0 PRINCIPAL Walking into your office, we found you both busy and friendly. Soon, Mr. Fregelette, we came up with an interesting interview. The natural place to begin was with your education. You attended North Collins Central School, received your Bachelors and lVlaster's degrees from Canisius College, and did graduate work in Administration at U.B. You were then certified as a Secondary School Principal and Su- perintendent of Schools. We find that you played basketball, baseball, and soccer in high school and continued playing soccer with the US. Army in Germany. But there was always your goal: "to find a vocation in which I could work with people. Once l became involved in education . . ., I did wish to become a principal." We questioned ourselves as to why you have gained such unquali- fied respect from the student body. Perhaps it is because you worked in the ranks, so to speak: a social studies teacher, AVA advisor, Junior High School Principal, and now principal of ECS. Perhaps it is be- cause you have a way of making us feel at ease in your presence. What- ever the reason, we are confident that you will continue to be a suc- cessful administrator. We asked your opinion of hippies. Your reply was: "The hippies . . . are . . . a product of today's society. Hopefully this will serve as a warning . . . of the need to turn from a society dominated by material wealth and double standards and re-establish high ethical values." We thank you. lVlr. Fregelette, for giving us your time and experi- ence during the past few years. few AQQI PQJNCIPAL Greetings and farewell, Mr. Frauenhofer, from the Class of '69. To those of us who have gotten to know you personally, we remember the smile or frown extended as we entered your office. With the formal atmosphere of your work we sit and earnestly speak to you about our problems and yours. Tracing through your history, we find a path of diligent work. You earned your Masters degree at SUNYAB in 1962. Up to that time you had been studying at Canisius College. We also understand that you taught Physical Education at a public school in Buffalo tno wonder you eateh us so easily at our malicious playj. When asked your personal goal, you replied, "to become the best admin- istrator possiblef, We wish you continuing success. With thoughts of the important current issues, we asked you for your opinion of Black Power. Your answer: "Black Power? Yes. Black violence? No. Equal rights for all, and special rights for none." Leaving your office we say farewell, and encourage underclassmen to approach you, for you are amiable and anxious to eommunieate with the student body. 'Bu h iiz Nlr.'l'i:-kllardt. Mrs. N11-Newly. Hr. l'mI!, ECJAED OF EDUCGTION Our Board of Eduvation is trvading new ground, merry vrvw moving along at a rapid pace, has main- getting muddv feet on the wav, and solidifving -tained an Q-lficierlt 01llll'i1llOI1tll svstmn in thc' sm-hool dreams into reality with the ronstruction ol' tlw new diSTfil'l- Thr lJ0Hfd l12lS kept Efl1'HlS IC?-Cllt'VS llllppfk school. lVlr. Bos, board presidvnt, by keeping his lJl1l2lSl0l,llffSll1d0IllS, woire still Borvdofliidurulion. Mr. Nalin-ss, Mr. Savage: Dr. Grell MF- Fifvy- MTA PTHTL MF- H05- if Q S 'fs 0 U Miss KliIlgl'IllIll?i4?F. Mr. Fraucnlmfnfr X? i g I . Wcfll have a hot lime- in ilu- old town tonight. Dick Smilh, ,ludy Striebich, Mr. 124-urgm-r, Dr. Grcll. Mr. Frvgx-lc'II1' I0 Ffdm-n's Chowder and Marvhing Suviuty V f aw , , , 1' ggtvfl . - V, aswwmwu Qtatistics gmbkwwapples fl1awflw5diJfSO gwlwagof Depaai'nenbl1eadf'smwtu1g . . . I.. X . . I W K L Li! XEQZ- 5 ,Q AX , v ww -.ff A N. wif .JV 11 f' -5 ' .1 .X " A X 4, . - , X ff . , , iw K, y AX fa A 4 'zz 2 ,I ' kv-,N '. 5 KN V - A rf 4 v f' .- .s ...Q wt 1 . ., wQ,Jf..uL ,...-nu., ,g , I , ,rifw VV, ,,.,,,.,, Q- ,,,,,,,., W., ,ww-.,,W.m...,,M.W,wwfMwWM.,,M.,A,, Let's see . . . P4-lor gets a minus fbr sh-cping through class . . . - MRS. CUNNINGHAM Gordon Smith and MR. GEORGER You are getting sleepy . . . - MR. MRHA the crowd pleaser - MR. CASTIGLIA now . . . back up two morc steps - MRS. MCBRIDE Q IM. I2 GUIDANCE These loyal, behind-the-scenes people certainly don't get what they deserve. They slave long hours over college reeornnienda- tions, schedules, and report cards. ln addi- tion, they serve as the backbone ofaeadeni- ie progress at Eden. The Frantic Four in- clude lVlr. Frawley, lVlr. Alex, Mr. Flzinigan and lVlr. Sanders. We love them all, even il it does take an act on Congress to get a schedule Changed. ,loan ne Nlroz hy? to right: Mr. Flanigun: Miss Srhreiner: lVlr. Fruwley: Mr. Alex. Mr, Alex, Mr. Fruwley K. A 1 A . E 3 A ll 1 :Q as "5 s i 2 5 Qi xl kg, - S , l f is i i ' A ,S a . 435 . in I . K s,-.AL J' .. I3 The glories of' the Renaissance and the inspired mastery ofthe eubists have nothing over the Eden art department. The-se arti'ul dodgers draw pleasure from their studies, taking pains to Carefully control great line, eolor and form. The qualities whieh make their art eternal are beautifully portrayed in the yearly snow-sculptures, created on the south side ofthe school building. And re- member ceramics classes, no matter what you are making, it's going to turn out to he an ashtravlll Mr. Downey: Mrs. Gangi Mrs. Wolslagle: Mr. llaug MUSIC Again this year the musie department, unique almost to the point ol' being oft'-heat, has steered a straight ehorus lor musieal perl'eetion..Three ofthe most eminent musi- eologists banded together and, prestol viola! we have ze pride of ze Eden Conservatory ot Musie. From Tubby Tuba to Harry the Harpsieord, we have the finest. And the heat goes on . . . and on . . . and on . . . INDU Sawing wood - Buzz The Industrial Arts Department keeps it- self busy during the year hy teaching young Craftsmen the basics of handling wood, and metal, printing, and photography. Although funds are often low las attested to hy Mr. Mergleris new photographic novel The Prints and the Pauperl, enthusiasm often gushes up lean this spirit be accused of shop-liftingfpj. Just as a last question, who is this industrious Arthur? IM to right: Mr. Knauer, Mr. Mergler, Mr. Marchuska, Mr. Findeisen, Mr. Rice. left to right: Mr. llageng Miss Palmerg Miss Andersong lVlr. Sturm. Hlio to your room, Slanleylii - Mr. Liyingston at-....M,. .., . , ,, we - -. y -n lb PHYSICAL While the aeademieans are keeping our minds in lair shape, the physieal education flfizz Edt people are keeping our weak little bodies in good eondition good as ean be expeetedj. The rigorous program designed to physieally lit us. often unfortunately, leaves us physieally lat. From Frantie Foot- hall to Basketball Bul'l'oonery to llorrihle Hockey. gym is one of the most enjoyed elasses. lt is liked almost as mueh as lunch. LANGUAGE Sprerfheri Sie Deutsch? Weill, neither does our language department. However, we are fhow you say een ze lCnglish?j mueh profi- eient in Freneh, Spanish, and Latin. For- eign languages provide a hasis for interna- tional understanding, and we ean even un- derstand some ol' the nuts running around this eountry. So, language teaehers, a fond "Yale, adios, and au reyoirlm goes out to you. lzjq to right: Mr. Nlasieyyiez: Nlr. Liyingston: Nlrs. Wyman: Dr. Gibson ef? Ir Faraee. W-Q-..,.,. 'Ya want a hot tip lor the stock market. kid?" - Mr. Dully . Miss Smith Who says our bookkeeping classes ap- prentice at Buffalo Raceway? There is some doubt to that, but can be sure they acquire proficiency at Eden for wherever they will go. Do our secretaries-in-training practice running around desks with the cross coun- try team? Again, there is some doubt. All seriousness aside, however. the business de- partment gives its students the essentials they will need lor competition in the tough business world. Hats off to those who keep the backbone ol' our economy growing. fright. Seated: Mr. llutty. Mr. Castiglia. Hr. llamann: Standing: Mr. Sappelt. Nh: llonoyan. HISTORY Through the ages, Man has proved to be the niost heartless creature on earth. Count- less counts. kings and other tyrants have reigned torrents ol' agonies on helpless subjects. This chronicle of events is what we study, with the idea that history repeats it- self. We eanit wait. Nevertheless, the his- tory department gives us the present of the past in a most palatable form, even though it tastes at times like cod-liver oil. So. social sciences dept., from history and geography to humanities. we salute you. Youwe really got it coming. lej lo right: Mr. Carlin. fVIiss Witzlehen. Nlr. Colvin. Mr. Dzimian, Mrs. Pasternak lep to right: Mr. Bell: Mrs. Minnighg Mrs. Bra-nm-man: Mr. Burnside-g Mr. Georger. What does the word Hmathematicsi' bring to mind? Dull, sleepy afternoons late in spring when the teacher drones on, spew- ing forth long strings of numbers? Exciting winter mornings in trigonometry? Long nights spent poring over pages of plain ge- ometry? It is acceptable to sleep through class with the rhythm of sleeping logs flogarithm, that isj, but some students actu- ally do study math, contrary to popular opinion. We leave you, O Math Depart- ment, to vour numbers. 14' Tracy Pratt. Mrs. Brenneman Mr. Burnside, and friends. E use E 5 ,S iii 'ei i 3? ffl ENGLISH This is the English D+-partment what learns us our grammar. Wflwn we was littlf- kids, we was ungrammared and not too cul- tured. Now, wvire all grannnared up, but still not too 1-ultured. We- has these good folks to thank for our eduvation. We are- greatly indohtvd to these good-educated people. Now wo really know how to speak and write good. dl Nlr, Fidel. Don lllialmian '. thats the niwvsl thing that any hotly has vwr said to ine-.M lfjh lo right: Soalvrl: Mr lx1lBI'1dP Mrs f llllllltlgllfilll N11 Klmgn nrnrn r Sl nnding, Mr Hunt: Mr. Mvfjortig N 1 Wir Nlrlii Nh au its ' llow did I I into I 'VII Iatquts 5 'I havg,5QQEAm ,, 'W 'L Y Y 5 Mrs. Conklin. Miss liald 'fl t v ' p M ,X Miss flri-ssin-in ll r lk! i V - WML- ' K A' ' 1 J U oilw lt 'o mics teaches the fundamen- A it ' alsgpfsurx' va in the modern world. V571-can to ' 3? ny ,rxfally grasp the full scope of what f I foes Q hchind those closed home ec. doors i fi il' f 1 ttlll 't 'f " nt tot h t onc f V A L yt, -ia in in sure tu xi .. u Whgrfgwd-u1d.Ed1.n be without tht, im-31, nf' t g is pure: the fine arts ol cooking. clean- uable services of the Special Services De- partment? Stuck in the middle ol' a history test with a sudden attack ofa rare tropical disease the instant need for a life-giving Su- cret is felt. Special Services tin the form of lVliss Cressmanl to the rescue! It is only this faithful effort that has kept our school healthy. D ED. To the screams of "Get a horsclu tht Driver Education Department rolls out onto the roads of Eden. Young road-hogs and tail-gators are quickly stifled. Helpful hints for drivers are given. such as "LSD in the gas tank is a "high" octane mixture." tgflft UW tl ce fills M tttlii ,,,,f- and washing dishes will he to girls for generations to come at Nlr. Harhison. Nlr. Hollins With the Words "Eden or bustln on flow- ing banners, and to the cheers of thousands. the bus-drivers roll out of sehool eaeh morn- ing. The convoy separates after Sehool Street, each driver taking his machine down a different path, to pick up the knowledge- hu ngry masses huddled hy their houses.'l'he prisoners are taken back to the sehool, where the drivers are left to their own devie- es until afternoon. The loyal gang piles into the bus garage, where jovialitv reigns until it is time to take the war-weary soldiers home again. my-'ff' t,4- 1 X as , QA :vm tv K . :sf .K r ,fi " 5. , 15 ly Mr, Vincent, john Winters Mrs. Shepker i i 4 left lo riglil. bottom to top: How l: Mr. Sehmitt. Mr. Wilttneverg Row IZ: Mrs. l.y neh. Mrs, Has Mrs. M4-reliant. Mrs. Wihle. Nlrs. Gruppo: Row IS: Mrs, llillingltani. Mrs. Henk:-hnan. Mr. P: vsek. Nlr. Frazier. Mr. Merlle. Nlr, Perison. Mr. Wittina-yer: lion 1: Mr. fllroz. Nlr. Suida. Mi Thomas. Nlrs. Egner. Nlrs. liruselmlrer. Nlr. Winters. Nlr. lirusehaber. CAF-E QIZXFF r People travel from the Seven Continents land from Hanihurgl to taste the gourrnets delights produeed bv the Eden lialieteria Staff. These courageous cooks pore over their hot ovens and pans for hours preparing their fare for Consump- tion and projection at noon. Whatever can be said about their food, all agree that it is truly unique. lefl tn right: Seated: Mrs. Nlohney: Mrs. Sykes: Hrs. YanNote: Mrs. Wilt-ov: Standing: N' Hookerg Mrs. Elyg Mrs. Kautnian. Unbdwawtsl fifuwtlwt. . . well!" Wluj oanftwaeabmvfiwpicaiofabies, foo? "Loobout!TlwundmdassmmvawawoUfing!' HA. tv , ,ja , , ,ffl . , . -, ., , A ' o- K' , i 5 1. . W . so Q .fry ,M .V ,fu K A 'li Q A, if l i I ,. t 0 A 5 w is . .- E ' 1 '11 W '," ':"1 4 l Fe: I T . Jn. is MB 4 ' 4 I g I 1 .Y ' f Q J A00 Entering the high school as a new exper 1 , g ' V , ence, the Class of 773 has proved to live up i -J af ", 1 ' V , , Q A Edenis tradition as being ambitious ehil , A ' 'g - ji l 5 dren. With Mr. Brennan as their great adv r - sor, they are on the track to greater learnin , H 6' A ' - and cooperation as a class. When searehinl 1 no 'T - ' for outstanding characteristics, we can no ,' J' if, 1 I ' p . , 9 '-5 ' 4' inate the, eighth grade as the most rambun H p Ee, J ' h J ,,a.' tious class at ECS. i is I 2 - JM 2 .V D V "1 t K ,. y 4"' ' , 'y ', -a+ l LB ? i Ea: . f J ff E : f Y, .fi h Q 1 ? 1 B g 4 , . i ii' . af M ' , n , , gf , AA I Al I X A l . v- 'i J Q ' ' X . .cv if w 'Rf ,av :ni V rxl I., ' L ivv ,J 2 M x,. d Q . :J ' ll "f.ff Q . ,-. 2 E2 I ' -' f , - ,W 4 2, f,,. W f Eau: cn. iw 1 gg . : 1-'W - 'W-f. gi' . :sta iiae . It .""":1 - ' . ' 'iz Bea - f . .V Q 4 ' fi 2 'J M A kggrg lii L' A ,fi if i - .. Q Y I 3 . ff' W J Ami! i L '7 gk 1 62" Y J ..'-- ::.f. left to right, mp to bottom: Row 1: Murphy, M., pres., Erdle, T,, vice pres., Magee, P., sec-., Magee, D., treas., Aber, T., Adams, T., Agle, J., Row 2: Anderson, K., Andrze-jew: D., Arendt, D., Baird, D., Balone, C., Barrett, J., Bauer, M., Row 3: Beil, L., Beil, S., Bell, N., Bergman, B., Bock, C., Burgio, J., Brovkman, S., How 4: Brown, B., Brown. Brown, J., Bruno, L., Brusehaber, J., Buehler, M., Burdick, R., How 5: Burke, P., Butler, S., Cavanagh, W., Carnall, J., Chambers, M., Chapman, S., Clark, B., Row 0: Cline, Cocina, F., Colligan, D., Cooper, L., Cyeon, C., Darnley, 'l'., Davis, C., Bow 7: Domin, H., Dylon, J., Eblirlg, D., Ehling, R., Eckhardt, K., Edwards, L., Eggen, J., How 8: Eis J., Embree, D., Enser, D., Everitt, C., Farrell, M., Feldmever, D., Feller, G., Row 9: Eiloek, J., Foil, D., Ford, D., Fralick, J., Fraser, D., Eraser, W., Frauenholifr, L., Row Freitag, l., Gier, J., Cier, W., Gorevki, D,, Graves, N., Cray, K., Grazier, M., Row ll: Greene, J., Crobe, G., Hall, D., Harns, P., Harris, C., Hatfield, C., Hauvk, R., Row Haug, D., Hess, D., Hess, P., Higgins, Nl., Howard, P., Howles, P., Humphrey, 24 OF- '72 "And here, we- have the most important component ol' soil, dirtf, lff lo right: top to bottom: Bow 1: lafallo, J.: Row 2: Ilardo, Jacobs, S.: Jost, R.: Kaminski, J.: Kaszuliowski, M.: Kvtolss-n. D.: Kiclar, K.: Kliplic-l K.: Klomlzinski, R.: Kolb, D.: Kraft, B.: Kruger, J.: Kruger, K.: Row 3: Krycia, S.: Kumm, K.: Lampkff, M.: Lt-onard, A.: Lcsttrr. C.: Licata, K.: Lilga F.: Loom-, D.: Ludcra, L.: Lynch, M.: Mace, N.: Row 4: Mainprizo, S.: Makowsky, S.: Manley, D.: May, D.: Mayer, L.: Mathwig, M.: McMillan, J. McWilliams, D.: Meyer, E.: Mozart, L.: Moore, N.: Morano, D.: Row 5: Morris, D.: Mroz, T.: Mundy, M.: Nirlcll, E.: Ostapczuk, L.: Paciorek, C.: Pow R.: Piskor, J.: Polasik, J.: Pratt, G.: Purves, D.: Ray, M.: Row 6: Hubmann, M.: Reinhard, J.: Richter, A.: Riley, M.: Romano, D,: Rothaug, K.: Roza S.: Ruhat-li, R.: Rupp. J.: Russell, D.: Santiago, J.: Sauer, H.: Bow 7: Sauer J.: Sauntlf-rs. J.: Svhmitt, R.: Svhostrk, L.: Stfhrf-inc-r, J.: Shunk. E.: Shunk W.: Sc-hush-r, L.: Scott, D.: Svssanna, B.: Shvppard, S.: Sicfkt-, B.: Row 8: Smith, D.: Smith. D.: Smith, K.: Smith, M.: Spain-1-, D.: Stebbins, V.: Stool B.: Ste-nd:-r, D.: Stewart. J.: Stiller, K.: Stinnvt, R.: Striebich, T.: Row 9: Suida, K.: Tasker, D.: T1-laak, A.: Tennant, B.: Thomas, B.: Thomas, C. '9 5 Thomas, ll.: Thompson, L.: Thuman, D.: Toellncr, M.: Tojck, R.: TFUITIPI, S.: Row 10: VanNote, D.: Vt-r. M.: Wannenwctsvh. L.: Whitley, M.: White- : D.: Whitney, K.: Wilson, S.: Winn, P.: Wright, S.: Yetter, D.: Zon, S.: Zwack, A. f 'M Q V, . ,V WA nj. YA, -I 1 A 3 ,Q ' x x I Ai ff ii ' " ' JM 4 A aa:-'J . ' ki K--ffv li fl rg J .. . 1 ..., A i 1 lu J . . A ' 'L . r...:.. M 7 H" '..:...4 ax , A M 'a 1 M f , kr A Nix LV Q--xx . V ,V A .La :U ,. , . 4 ZH, D 2 J, ,. L .K 1 'Q . , J .mam , . :LJ .1 .ft ,J I It L.: a.. .a Ax at K- f ell, ' ' df' J u , . ig I Y tr V . ,ffjgn yy .R A A 7.1 V . fly. ,. . . lv ' A A hi' 'A f 1 A 'fl' xv :-,,f K, 'Q M I j 4 . -' s , A 'T 'V 5 'jk , - if ff i' :fa t A 1 K '+ L fit I, ' f u :'..r A ff : 'li mf: -.2 'st . - S g ,am 'i X 'av gh' B gg ' V 'lm' 57 ' l gfi ' .. : : : . . .sf it :.i .f J QJJ1 iii? "J I5fN7l7'3 1 L .'l."'lfi ' ,f- , . .. wa I v ' 1 K J. 1- , 3 ,. 'M eg: Q 5, ,. , ,, .. . . , . 'V . 1 fn ..A, . - x -,, .. J' M, 1 if J 42? ij J. 2 t .425 1 ta 'M .. .- ,am ' X: " x -11 41:4 W ':" 5 mi. A3 iigik IAA A 1 r D all ww 1349 an 14 ' -4 QW an ' , Ag Freshmen at work Dave Duerrmger, Marcia Os- w g 5 trander . QM V A A A A - - H.: P' The class of '72 is accredited as iw' .W , . .1 P being the largest class presently at ECS, ' V"' ' ' and by the uproar in the downstairs K 1 halls they have made their presence known. The primary activity of the it ' f : - , t. .K RQ .. u class is promoting freshman sports in .A 2 'f p Lf . Wukp preparation for junior varsity. Being li W - .- freshmen the are ex ected to assume P Y P Tx more responsibility and under the guid- s 1 . 9 ' i ance of Mr. Vandenberg they are taking V ' 5' X .,. ', V, A A . MA JV 4 X 4, 9 on this task. Have fun! .. Wh I 4 .K p my L ,UL ice IA. it T V APA midi efet .. if if 1 dp .vt Lnfl cf 4 .. l ai, ,tts , t .1 Q pw lx D lil t ' .vm 'W 1 .. "' " 1 VZ? ' I , VA .I i ,p,,t 'Q t It 0 l ' ,ga lf arises? y p. eerp atnsyy t 4 A, fl , if ii . if if if it M i 4 I 2 11, .ff 'rim ' T s if t A , .v . k . gp? i j. L W K -.3 .fa 1.5 ,h.- P - 1 tl? U. Milk' .2 .mt .1 f. WW is lej? to right, top to bottom: Almendinger, S., pres., Streibich, T., vice pres., Putnam, C., sec., Brennan, B., treas., Anderson, D., Baker, B., Balone, A., Barrett, A., Bow 2: Batorski, T., Bauer, K., Beljan, P., Bellittiere, J., Bettinger, D., Blatner, J., Blasdell, T., Blasz, R., Row 3: Blencowe, J., Boardway, M., Bray, R., Brehm, D., Brown, G.: Brown, T., Burke, P., Burns, G., Row 4: Burrows, K., Butler, J., Castle, M., Chapple, W., Clark, R., Clark, R., Clifford, M., Collura, V., Row 5: Corbin, L., Crawford, M.: Cunningham, D., Deaner, H., DeBuhr, C., Delio, V., Dei, J., Donovan, W., Row 5: Duda, E., Dueringer, D., Dunn, T., Dynarkski, D., Dzubella, D., Eckhardt, D., Eckhardt, J., Eckhardt, N., Row 6: Embree, M., Engle, C., Erdle, W., Errington, W., Firey, C., Fitch, C., Fitzgibbons, P., Found, P., Row 7: Freer, N., Freitag, H., Friedrich, T., Gar- lock, T., Gaylord, T., Geiger, D., Genco, D., Graovac, P., Bow 8: Green, J., Gregory, R., Griffin, J., Gunsauley, J., Gunsauley, T., Gurbacki, C., Gurbacki, S., Hall, D., Hat- field D ' Hendrickson G ' Hennessy M ' Herkev P ' Bow 9' Hess P ' Hesse R ' Hill J ' Hill L ' Holehouse ,l ' Holchouse J ' H ler D ' Hutchin s T Janiga, M.: lazembak, D., Jemiolo, J., Kaszubowski, J., Row 10: Kasmierczak, C., Kelly, R., Kemp, K., Ketcham, M., Kijek, S., Klein, L., Klipfel, P., Kordrupel, D., Kordrupel, R: 1 Koren, P., Kraft, G., Kranz, K., Row ll: Krencik, N., Krycia, D., Kwilos, K., Kwilos, K., Laing, D., Lamb, T., Lassak, D., Latona, K., Lore-nzi, T., Lovett, D., Lovett, T. 26 Cl-ASQ OF '72 . y t X .fm .f f it? MR. VMDENBERGH M wi, 'A T fy 'if 5 ak V A I J' A and Rf-uaAA Ja? R 4 1 R -.. f , ' .., K A wa Q QA l A QQ Q 6 ra iw P TJ 'A A 'Q ' 'i' f A 'A R' V F A 4 ' . n . A vii 'Q f I A . PDQ P55112 L 'ii'il'f, .. , if W- ,Y X S L- K X 1 sh- ,K . A J, 4 ' ' . N ,. A i ,I , , ,g Q. fm . v A . L ' E . Ai X ' . Q, , . if 5 1.4.4 .4 f ,iii v ' A . 1 Q ' ' 5 CHQ 5 Q it Q .. ,K ,L .. J , . .- . Q , -V. N' -sr' " L . W - 5. ta L .eff Gob . T I R X-if K be Q in H is ' i T A Sf! ,L 'fa 'G " A 'J if . , ,tg f y ,. V 11 AP. .mv dl 'A I we 1 ie: ff . . xs Cl: ,,L' is X . ki, M . Yr N gt , V 9. 7 iq Tm J NB ir.. ' K ' V 5-R' 5' v z- , ,x J ' . J ' 'R A , 'ii Wi 1 Q 'Q RST? A ' Mi :gauge ii P Jf,.a.mv , Ur, ? '.-Q. .rf .Y - Ejj.. Wren -Q nw I H to right, top to bottom: Row 1: Lunger, T., Lynch, A., Lyndslcy, R., Maglott, S., Mainprize, J., Malaszek, D., Row 2: Manning, K., Merchant, R., Messmer, C., Metz, ., Meyer, A., Meyer, F., Row 3: Miller, R., Minard, D., Minekime, C., Mohney, D., Muka, J., Nagel, P., Noecker, L., Nowak, K., Olddenburg, D., Ostrander, M., Ov- 'hoff, M., Pacini, C., Row 4: Parmclee, E., Perez, D., Perison, S., Petroff, L., Polasik, A., Price, J., Price, L., Reed, S., Ressing, W., Rosenthal, B., Rosenthal, W., Sager, ., Row 5: Santiago, L., Saunders, W., Schaefer, R., Scherer, R., Schlierf, M., Schmitt, G., Schosek, T., Schreiner, R., Schummer, L., Scott, L., Scott, S., Sendor, R., Row : Sessanna, T., Shanks, D., Sheffield, C., Sherman, R., Sickau, J., Siefke, H., Sion, P., Skora, E., Smith, L., Snyder, M., Sroda, W., Stauber, R., Row 7: Stevens, J., Ste- art, M., Stiles, C., Stiller, J., Szal, A., Szal, J., Szal, K., Thiel, F., Thomas, T., Todd, R., Tojek, P., Trumet, C., Row 8: VanLeaven, L., VanWie, D., Vice, J., Volo, A., Wal- -r, N., Warner, K., Way, K., Weber, F., Whiteside, W., Wieczerzynski, K., Wierzba, T., Willebrandt, J., Row 9: Winter, D., Wittmeyer, M. . .., i 'P 'aiu J 1 J , Q A - tw or " - X. 1 1 ' b 6 ,Q J in , A , . af, r 1' er' 'f iff ff" 'f"7'l ' .T -' gl 5 i, "A 'S . A 'xgji , 'J . fi 'mf "f . 33-fi , , 41 A f h, , of- xm. h h,-2.3 . J an , 1 3, . l Q ii iii A " , if, . T V4 mf I A V ,. 1 ' A i Div ii ,. ' C J W J D ' . A if .A gi f N4 if r. aw., ,I 'jill K '52 nf, A NW: .xx 3 f, 'ly 1 ' LL ,Z A , ,. f ,J .7 ff' A 'A f . B' f' - 'B 1 13 ' f f f " ' Xi, if l i X ,V f A - A 'Z ' fx' A921615 fi - , wi-Q! 4,1 J. . A 6 X. , ,. w A 9 ll 6 , Q. Q yi L 2. 13 fl ' A Gil fb4f'r-r le. 1 l fo V ,Cx ,C Q' ,, X sa L Lx? W if , Q , 5 ' ff X 5 Lf A AJ , A ' ,. f .A iff to right, mp to bottom: How 1: Buehler, M., pros., Stevens, J., vice pres., Senders, J., soo., Murphy, S., treas., Row 2: Adams, H., Alexander, N., Alincndingvr, J., An- derson, C., Anderson, J., Andolina, J., Andrzejewski, K., Baile-y, K., Baird, C., Baisoh, S., Bauer, D., Bell, R., Row 3: Bollf-isle, N., Bergan, P., Bergan, P., Bi-rgrnun, D., Bishop, B., Blackwell, C., Blanirk, C., Blasz, J., Blatner, M., Bl:-nk, L., Bock, B., Bowers, P., Bowser, R., Row 4-: Brenner, A., Brohin. M., Britt, M., Brown, B.: Brown, D., Brown. P., Cagwin, D., Campbell. S., Canfield, E., Canton. C., Carballo, M,, Carnall, R., How 5: Carroll, C., Chentfant, C., Clark, L., Cucina, J., Cornell, R., Cowpvr. Wg Critoph, P., Crossan. C.: Curtis, D., Davis. W., Decker. K., De-lio. D., Row 6: Downey. T., Dudu. J.: Ebling, J., Edmunds. C.: lidwurds. C.: Eggen. J-Z EHllJI'1'l'. C., Ensr-r, C., Farrell. .l-L Feller, L., Filovk. J.: Finger, K.: Franklin. D., Cvige-r. M., General, L., Gifford, C., Cillettv, D., Cnias. D.: Cori-vki. D., Crazier, M., Crcifri. J., Gregori. R., CLASS Grieble. D., Curley, C. lfffl to right, top to bottom: Bow l: Haag, C., Hammond. C., Hzinny, C., Higgins, N., Hoc'lsm'h4-r, D., Holehousc. P., Howlm-s. D.: llardo. M., Jacobs. M., Jani:-ki. M., John- son, L., John, C., Row 2: Kaszuliowski, R.,Kett1-rcr, K., Kindli-y, C., Kish, D., Knoll, J., Kolb, H., Kornacki, M., Kornavki. V., Kuhn, S., Kuncio. C., Kunvio, D., Kwilos, E., Row 3: Lahrs, D., Lasola. C., Latona, J., Lawniczak, D., Loaf., P., Lelito, C., Lester, H., Lcyda, J., Licala, S.: LoBiani'o, J., Lohur, A., Lonlwy. M. fyxl-4+ X g. T ' f T' F Q N, m ,, .,. Q, , , ., . , f- ' ef' i'lii if , .2 -f J' .3 ' fi f Agn ' li fb.. A lZl4.A 2 1 ' 4 f.,, f H , Q , mu., V I " Qs ., A 4 2 , .'- I ' ' .. in l' . ,,:, A fi " E J ,jf J .fi . ly ' li .ii .... .F .NH A li R i n 'K - i n ii EW l . J , 0 i rp S A . L J x I ,,.i,, i . 43. If .y t ... .. 5... 1. or , V ,. ii 1 li 'T 'LiE:L ..f-lg, A 1 ff it .. A 1 . IIE I 5- s tt 1 .H V V H 1, ,K 4 ,Q FV 1 ,V V ' L21: , 'L i i 1 1 S ,ttt .,. L . ts , l ' A , V ,,.. . ii J, . ,, A ii LLVVV " 1 . , . ' 'T ese tlti e' ... 2 l ' ? ' V .V s ., . , 1 i , . ,VV AVA,: 5 V VVVZ VAA: :AA V Q V - V , 1 ,S l 1.4 AQ 1 1' N M, ,' I ' an ., wi V -.h5 , "'A j , 5 z C L V-X: Q S s seee ' ' f 1 ' ' , , ts . . J 1 f L 1 l l f ... ,.... .. 1 ' , I I .ii i z D EX. 'f i -:A' l 'T ' Q' , V- i x' A , 11' F i . ff S esas sf . Q or , z S 1 3 3. . .,LV VV . . 1,fL V V, - VV VV ':,- VA VVVV V. .. VV .. ,VVV VVV V VV.V V. X V Q .VIV V VV ,VVV V V . 8 .. , V V . V . fi . OF- '71 W X T TW a. -. -. ,-. .. 1 ".. ee' -- .S me Q9 li Q5 J y? 3 1 W is " --S , tp" , .aw ew ' - i f ,:.:. .T 'ii ,ww , . 'M f , , fi" ' f . . .... . . . X, ,, N... f f . --f A lej? to right, top to bottom: Row 1: Lorenzi, F., Lootens, C., Lovett, 1., Lynch, T., Macc, L., Maggs, D., Maglott, H., Maier M., Mammoser, D., Marsh, S., Masters, C., Mathwig, K., Row 2: Matie, D., Mazzetti,1., McCord, C., McMillan, C., McWil liams, M., Miller, M., Miller, R., Minekime, R., Mital, 1., Mohney, D., Mohr, C., Moore, F., Row 3, Mroz, B., Mroz, 1. Mumm, R., O1Day, E., Paciorek, L., Papich, W., Parysek, L., Parysek, P., Penfold, N., Pericak, R., Perison, P., Pew, G. Row 4: Pew, 1., Pfitzinger, P., Pratt, M., Preischel, R., Price, 1., Price, L., Prior, 1., Purves, T., Radigan, D., Richards, M. Robson, L., Rola, E., Roza, D., Row 5: Rychlik, M., Rylowicz, L., Sauer, A., Schichtel, G., Schiedel, D., Schmitt, D., Scho sek, P., Schrader, K., Schreiner, 1., Shephard, R., Sion, D., Smith, 1., Row 6: Smith, 1., Smutz, P., Soule, R., Spencer, S. Spors, P., Steffen, C., Stender, M., Strong, B., Surgenor,1,, Swieczkowski, R., Tennant, R., Thomas, K., Row 7: Thomas N., Uhlman, R., Urso M., Urso, M., VanLeaven, L., VanLeaven, L., Vice, G., Wagner, C., Wagner, F., Welker, R., Wells S., White, R., Row 8: Wierzba, P., Wilson, M., Woods, H. Monkey see, monkey do. - Melissa Maier, Brenda Brennan, Mary MR' FLANIGAN and Ilardo JOE LQBIANCO The class of 171 is a group of energet- ic students who make up the majority of the 1V teams and participate in senior high organizations. The class led by "1ake', Buehler and guided by Mr. Flanigan are headed for two more glori- ous years at ECS. Contrary to popular opinion, these budding individuals are not "wise foolsfl As the proverbial saying goes, "don,t let a single, sober sophomore in!" .1 gunna'-v-11 iw! - ff. CLAQQ or: 'vo f Under the guidance of Mr. Sappelt and the foresight of the seniors, the class of '70 made a great deal of money on the Calender Sale. Other money-making projects of the class include the Christmas Dance and the Junior Prom. The jun- iors claim superiority to '69, but just let them try to beat us on the Magazine Sale! W is 4 MR. SAPPELT Christmas Dance len to right: top to bottom: Row 1: Eckhardt, T., pres.: Parrlwlcc, B., vice pres.: Spring. M., sw.: Murphy, K., lrcas.: Acanfora, J.: Adams, N.: Aglo, M.: All:-n, M.: Almon- dingvr, J.: Andolina, P.: Anetrini, D.: Argersinger. D.: Bow 2: Baily, M.: Baisch, H.: Baker, D.: Batorski. J.: Bell, R.: Benkelman, T.: Benson. C.: Br-ttingcr. S.: Blasz, D.: Blaine-r, S.: Blcncow, A.: Boedo, E.: Bos, J.: Brown, A.: Row 3: Brusehabcr, L.: Brusehaher, R.: Buchhardt, B.: Burgio, D.: Burke, C.: Burke, L.: Butler. W.: Care, S.: Catal- do, C.: Cavanagh, B.: Row 4: Chehfant, B.: Clifford. P.: Com-ina. M.: Collura, C.: Condon, C.: Conklin, K.: Conklin, K.: Corbin, J.: Cowper. P.: Cylka. D.: Dalrymplc, B.: Delio, C, 'Q A . at . Vit ' ' . ' K " 'V' 1 ' , .Emu K . . T Q s' i i ' i ,.f. t T M , . A g c. ..,... , A. ng' Q. 4 V J .X . . 6 I - bq. f . , ggi, A D T1 fp Q 4' . f il X U, V ' fill E: B . ' , rt, ,al je Q ' ' 1 "' . T ,,,,, ,. , T . N A N ll' f , :W dr li .rf ill I f K Q' t if f g . . 30 Paul-a A.. nn.. 'L . J. ,f J V- 2 ' D ,M . it' An .. J K A R 4 z if B A if .4-. A B N - W , M i .- Vrrk k::., is: " I 13 x I . VV A i 1 ' ' . Sli -'A ii J.. E,? 5 54-C :j "X C, ,' ' , . K' . . " ' A7 - . ' t J 'Y ' A. P 1 wwf 1 1' . J L .V L, Y ., if. 1 . Z . . ., A ,Vf . , ,A .K A' A , .A ' i . , A J - . 'T Jn i od 5 J . L 'T . . L H- ' "f ,, K J , 1. Q . V J JJ J? 5 L3 kj ggi, ,K P i'ff"4 1 K" . I. - a M Af ' I -fr . 'V 51:1 ii ,, , K J J 2 '14, ' ul? g ' Q 9' '. , f R .. ' f fV'4 I vm-My L7 1 T Kffi . J , vi rw fi ' B Ito right, top to bottom: Row 1: Domin, L., Doyle, B., Ebert, J., Embrec-, G., Erdle P ' Faso, S ' Fountl, R ' Franklin, D ' Fullmer A , ll:-nvo M ' Centili R ' Foretki ,.. -, -, -. J-Y ,-if toll, ,Row 2: Graves, P., Green, R., Harms. D., Harms, S., Hatfield, J., H th' " ' L: H 'k W: H " J' " ' " ' x ' 'x ' a away, , aut , . et lxer. l .. Hendr1r,kson,L., Herman, J., Holt house, J., Hooxtr. J., Row Hubert, J., Hughey. P., Jacobs. J., Jemiolo, T., Jerozal, R., Kaluza, H., Kemp, K., Kester. B., Kester, K., Kish, A., Knoll, J., Kolb J ' Row 4' Korkus F ' Krencik D ' 'le, E., Lambrix, P., LaRose. D., Lelito, C., Leyda, S., Lonkey, J., Lorcnzi, D., Lovett, L., Ludwig, D., Magee T., Row 5' Maggs K ,iMginpri7e .R.,Mani1-viiN ' Marte, Donough, P., McLaughlin, J., McMillan, G., Mejia, G., Merchant, K., Me-yur, L., Most:-k J , Middendorf P , Row 6i Mm? H , Munro B lllivkolson ll ' lIl0Fmd J ' 5 - f v -1- - 1, - 7 - 4 v bv - ' nv Connor, G., O Malley, D., Owen, R., Oyer, G., Palmerton, J., Parysek, S., Pederson W: Penfield L: Row 7: Pheasant Price J: Ptak J ' Reinhard P ' Renn N h d R R' h ii ar s, ., IC ter, D., Rizzo, M., Rockwood, M., Radigan, D., Roza, P., Row 8: Rilbaxih, B., Ruiip, J., Russell, J., Saliler: C., Sziurirlers is i,Seheet7 ' Bc'heet7, herm, M., Schosek, C.: Svhreiner, F., Schreiner, R., Seihert, M., Row 9: Shouldicc, B., Skura, R., Smith. M,, Smith. P.: Smoot, B., Snezith,il..., Snors, Li, Stewart, P.: leblth, J.. Thomas, S., 'lhurber, M., Vacanti, C., Row IO: WanNote, M., YanVeohtan, L., Ver, C., Wannenwetsvh, C., Way, C., Webster, J., Webster, W., Weiss. M ' iitney, C., Wieczerzynski, Winn, L., Row ll: Winter, T., Yager, R., Ziegelhofer, J. -v --v flin-J 3I There . . . six times sm en is forty-thrrfrf, - Gail 0'Connor fr .A I s l 32 "I just played it off thv top of my hvadlu - Sharon Murphy, Robin Parnwlvv, Kathy Murphy "Sure doesnlt taste likf- tomato juicvlw - Georgia Smith, Sue- Spencer X' -'Q Just look what Plymouth is up to now! - Roger Brusehaber, Mr. Findeisen 'www ,aw .Dowwjsu is gowu Und: gewds candg Dm, Re, Mb, Fw, Goff, La, TD, Dulv! Thats wdmwcawogvswtiounbegmbalism '? In right. lmlmm io top: lion 1: Spencer. S.: Spring. NI.: lirown. B.: Brenner, A.: Fox. S.: Sauer. A.: Rim-liter. A.: Found. R.: Row2:Iil1anil l I I l SI 1 tlmlg. K.: hunger. T.: fiowper. VII.: Surgenor. .l.1 lllaekwell: Ii.: liuehler. B.: MlLIiIl'l1IItPTI'.Ii.2ZIl'gIt'IllllIkIil'l4..I-1 DNIIGITSIQI. D.: SZHI. Ill I'l4 Ixll IH I 0 I 4 5 lion fl: Farrell, ,l.: Blatner. S.: Janiga. Il.: 'l'i'nnainI, II.: lleaner. H.: W7illlllt'llWt'IH4'Il. l..:tLril't1n. l..: Metz. K.: I'Illcl1at1er. H.: l'ii'kl11i1lI I I illoicl 5 Bom BAND This year, lVlr. Downey and his traveling musicians toured the outback of Australia, charging two dollars admission to each eon- cert. However, the clever musicians let cows play their instruments while they swam and played in the surf. The natives, naive as they were, didnlt know the differ- enee. Which only goes to prove once again that a herd in the band is worth two in the Bush. Seriously though, there are many words to say about our band. Some of the best high school musicians in New York State belong to the group. Their hard work and beautiful music are unique in l'iden's history, even if the trombone players have to keep time by tapping out the music with their feet. Toni Iiekliarilt. Rick Munnn. Ilanclx Ilotk mg rw.4.f-.N . 'xx . if E . 4.1 .K , if F5 N , his? ff-N ff Q se S News .yy I wg, , , , FW X Ev 279 1.4 ff in nv Q 1 N I , 0 589 E, 35 5 1 gf a ' I ' , , , if ,JS ,,,W V K Ab V- L 2 , if I 5: , . ,V A S f 5, 'A' 'Fit :iff , K Q V pi 5 ,b W, W h ,Q H 5 1 1 'X b h . 1. is 'lx 0 gf. ,mes ,, 3 .. t 3 ,, h 1, -Tm , . ' hw 1. -5 'i,L'q' ' b gh L' " f N-1 imi -i "TH a i , M 'AF - W , ,,f' fi' x t,Wg:?. . A ,fmt , Q, M A ,fgifql-- f -fa f' 5 A . ' f --2-P. ' A I f 5 ' E Nm' g v . Q 1 f . if 'F M . g 'SQ f i3 , , f gf, 6 Q W - : ' 'lf' 5, M W A "" ' 4:-11 U1 Z bi V2 ' , Q , : 2 Y , aff! 1 ' ? J Z A A L 5 ?f fi J " jv., I ,V J, 1, D lej? to right, bottom L0 top: How 1: Mroz, J., Soule, R., Blatner, M., Bell, N., Jost, R., Stebbins, V., Richter, A., Row 2: Schummer, L., Blatner, J.: Blasdell, T., Mathwig, M., Graves, N., Almendinger, J., Chambers M., Lunger, T., Polasik, J., Parysek, L., Kraft, G., Metz, K., Row 3: VanNote, D., Batorski, T., Lynch, M., Steele, B., Deane-r. H., Wannenwetsch, L., Griffin, L., Eckhardt, J., Dynarski, D., Eisele, J., Andrzewewski, K., Brown, J., Parysek, S., Parysek, P., Freitag, H., Piskor, J., McMillan, J., Stinnett, R., Clark, B., Saunders, W., Row 4: Siefke, B., Gicr, W., Trumct, S,, Almcndinger, S.,Sl1eflield, C., Mr. Downey, Beljan, P., Henry, M., Clark, B.: Kruger, J., Kliplifl, P., Krycia, D., Trumct. G., Frauenhofer, L., Munro, J., Rupp, J., Petroff, L., Baisch, H., Leonard, A. Composed of Eighth and Ninth Graders, the concert band prepares students for high- er musical stations, such as WKBW, WYSL, and WGR. Giving forth a concerted effort, the group gropes for musical mast- ery. Thanks to Mr. Downey, the bunch of budding Bernsteins bring beautiful bravo- worthy music to our ears. gglmfmwxnq Nancy Graves, Julie Almendinger, Mark Chambers, Tom Lunger, Jane Polasik. QOCIEIY The Eden Folk Society, under the guid- ance of those infamous folks, Mr. Ceorger. Miss Cummins, and Mrs. Cunningham fthe late Miss Dillenbeckj, produce some of the finest folkery Eden has ever seen. outside of the Irish Sewer Workers Clee Club and Amalgamated Marching Band and Choral Society of Greater Metropolitan New York City QISWCC 81 AMBCSCMNYCJ. The Eden Earthenware Society falias Jug Bandj, a subsidiary of the Folk Society, also per- form their musie with perfection. Their con- summate skill is matched only by their fine instruments. The Hootenanny, as usual, was a smashing success. The Society's musical season is being directed and produced by Sally Fox, also known as "Salad.'l Donetle Corecki and Mr. Ceorger Standing. bottom In mp: Miss Cummins: Smith. G.: Cline. S.: Vanlxaven. l,.: M1-Williams Nl Kunvio. C.: Yager. A.: Campbell. S.: Campbell. D.: Nlr. Ceorger: Seated. MH In right. lmltonz lo lop: Row lt Seibert. M.: Rom 2: flora-vki. ll.: l,ovetl. l,.: Row 3: Found. R.: Wells, S.: liyllxa Row-1: Sehrader. K.: Dohaj. li.: l,aniliriK. P.: Row 5: Hatfield. D.: lLoerke.1I.: Rows 6: Smiti I Nlrs. Cunningham. Steve Cline . Y, , ., l i left Lo right, bottom L0 top: Row l: Paeiorelc, L., Kolb, H., Feller, L., Smith, M., Thomas, N., Carballo, M., Rubaeh, B., Shanks, L., Randall, D., Rizzo, M., Curley, G., Mur- phy, S., Senders, J., Shouldice, B., Gorecki, D., Lovett, L., Carballo, D., Lovett, D., Eggen, J., Mrs. Gangi, Row 2: Bishop, B., Smith, P,, Brown, D., Lorenzi, F., Hubert, J., Edwards, C., Penfold, N., LaRose, M., Senders, M., General, L., Moore, P., Lautensehlager, S., Rupp, J., McCord, C., Cocina, M., Corbin, J., Hendrickson, C., Stevens, J., Haag, C., Lamke, P., Row 3: DeBuhr, C., Dynarski, K., Bull, J., Weiss, M., Kwilos, E., Parysek, L., Parmelee, R., Agle, M., Lambrix, P., Pratt, M., Cagwin, D., Blcy, D., Toellner, S., Burke, F., Lyneh, D., Kirst, A., Doyle, B., Hutchings, P., Streibich, J., Murphy, K., Mroz, J., Robson, L., Cavanagh, B., Warner, M., Merchant, K., Row 4: Roza, P., 0,Day, E., Mroz, B., Hatfield, C., Price, N., Sehiedel, D., Mainprize, R., Gifford, C., Ludwig, D., Burke, C., Carroll, K., Wlagner, F., Ver, C., McWilliams, M., Cri- toph, P., Moore, E., Richards, M., Kester, M., Schreiner, F., VanVechtan, L., VanNote, M., Kuncio, C., Kuncio, D., Schneider, S., Lonkey, J., Thomas, I., Heeker, P ' l Gl2l.Q ' CHORUS len to right, bottom to top: Row li Segebarth, K., Carbal Active Chorus members D., Price, J., Cylka, J., Wittmeyer, S., Canfield, E., Magg D., Hall, D., Maggs, K., Buehler, M., Donovan, W., Stri hich, T., Hennessy, M., Shanks, L., Randall, D., Masters, f Rodenhaeh, J., Lovett, L., LaR0se, D., Mrs. Gangi, Row Adams, N., Wilson, M., Cocina, M., Spring, M., Rizzo, N Lanka, J., 0,Malley, D., Hess, P., Swieczkowski, R., Shefli L., Maglott, S., Buehler, M., Smith, R., Graves, P li 38 at .stQ,,,,,, . A t f t Of chorus, we cannot exclude these sing- , ing swingers who make up Eden's vocal . body. Some of the world's greatest songsters and songstresses have never heard of Eden, .. k...V Q I l 52 Q . i l Choral gathering but thatis beside the point - Eden has its own virtuosos. The mixed and girls' groups annually take part in the NYSSMA Compe- tition and always come up with lyrical lau- rels. Under the strict direction of Mrs. Gangi, the singers tune their voices to perfection, running through their pieces with ease. "Now: chin up, back straight, and throat open . . fi MIXED CHORUS hephard, W., Sendvrs, M., l,aRose. M., Edwards. C., wieczkowski, D., Bull, J., Lautenschlager, S., Chambers, E., ow 3: Acanfora, J., Warner, M., Blackwell, C., Pratt, M., 'Connor, K., Springer, C., Lambrix, P., Rupp, ,I., Dvlio, D., uenther, T., Lynch, A., Lovett, J., Brown, T., Hoza. D., leller, R., Munro, B., Perves, T., Eckhardt, N., Murphy, C., irmelee, R., Hutchings, P., Doyle, B., Gifford, S., Schnei- der, S., Roza, P., Kaczmarczyk, A., Svlierm. M., How 4: Bley, D., Lynch, D., Burke, P., Fox, S., Found. P., Hacker. P., Kester, M., Bos, J., Gorecki, Cv., Manley, N., Dueringer, R., Masters, J., Herman, J., Blank, C., Winn, L., Kindley, C., Herman, J., Gaylord, K., Smith, G., Yager, A., Owen, R., Campbell, S., Curley, S., Gifford, C., Toellner, S., Burke, F.: Price, N., Stricbich, J. 0120-I The orchestra, after many internal upheavels and saggings, has now staggered to its feet and begun to play. Mr. Wojtowitz, a violinist bowing in from Fredonia, is be- ginning his first year of teaching at Eden. Mr. Wojtowitz has done a notable job so far, holding the "forte', and scaling the heights of musical mastery. We offer our sincere en- couragement. As the Class of '69 slowly sinks into the West, the orchestra mounts its horse and rides off to that Magical Musical Land where all great musicians go. was -. ...E Mr. Wojtowitz len to right. bottom to top: Row l: 'llaslu-r, D.: Mohney. D.: Row 2: Muka. J.: Ilartlo. S.: Polasik. A.: Cunningham, D.: Romano. D.: Firey, C.: Row 3: Pratt, C.: Russell. D.: Kraft. R.: Hesse. R.: Found. P.: Brown, B.: How -1-1 Henry. M.: Carlock, T.: Smith. H.: Hennessy, M.: Row 5: Maier, M.: Gifford. S.: Spencer, S.: Middt-ndorf. C.: Blackwell. C.: Row 6 lstandingj: Graves, P.: Baiscli, H.: Weller. R.: Henry. M.: Brown. T.: Herman. J.: Corccki, C.: Care, S.: Downey. 'l'.: ller- man. J.: Cline, S. S+-ihert, M.: Found, li.: Gif- lord, C.: Farrell, ,l. 9 ' fy 7 my Eff s E ,A S ? 3 4l Outstanding band and chorus members are chosen each year for participation in the l All-County Music Festival. After an ex- l hausting two days of practice, the tired but Well-orchestrated musicians performed in l concert at Akron Central School, which will l never be the same. len to right, bottom to top: Row l: Chambers, F., llcaner. H., Griffin. l.., Spencer, S., Blatner, Schummcr. l,., Row 2: Downey, T., Weller, R., VanNole. D., Palmerlon, J., Care, S., Blatner. ALL OOUNW BAND OOUNIY C!-ICIZUQ left to right, bottom to top: Row 1: Doyle, B., Burke, F., Smith, R., Lynch, D., Lambrix, P., Row 2: Hutchings, P., Maggs, Kg Can- field, E., Carballo, D., Herman, J., Row 3: Gorecki, G., Striebich, J., Masters, J., Herman, J., 0'Connor, K., Shephard, W. I lwlv?. . .pUww? I-lowfnzwofvgowfaslwwup . . . A01Liw6avow?. . .allfopposedf C? . 0 0 IQH la right, bottom to lap: Rom l: Prull. NI.. sw.: Sn-gvllartll. K.. pros.: Slwulfiiw-. Ii.. vim- prvs.: Plak. .l.. Ire-us.: Row Z: Khil. M.: Rodenbavh. ,I,: J I Bean. I..: Henkf.-r. P.: Hutrhings. P.: Korkus. R.: I arlrwlc-1-. H.:.IfxI1x1sm1. NI.: Slvu'l1s..I.:lIylkzl..I.: RuwfiifQiI'fln'lI.S.:.I0hn.lI.1SCHISP. M.: 5pf'I11'r'r. S.: Smith. R.: TIIOIHRS. K-L Yagelf. AJ Gur- ley. S.: Ya11Ym'l1Iv1l. L.: Buvhlvr. NI.: SlrivlJi4'l1..I.: IVIIUIIIIUF. K.: IWl1I'PIIf.II.I Alrne-miingvr. J.: Huw 4: Mr. GQ-org:-r: Shephard, W.: Ilonuvan, R.: Limisvy. M.: Downey. T.: Putnam. J.: Mash-rs. I.: Ifc-klumlt. T.: Mvllurci. NI.: Grimm. C.: Iluwnvy. K.: We-llc-r. H.: Cuwper. W.: Wilson. IVI.: Lorvnzi. F.: Aglch. IVI.: Rupp, ,I. I wanna be ai prinrtvss whun I grow up . . 'I Y IA-n I,I'Il'I', Kris SQFQLCIJQITIII 44 "If you think that we're eewrora men eruoewr oourvcn. AND June-ee Our distinguished governing body, well . . . representative body, has begun to take a more active role in, if not the school, at least the world. The Council voted to adopt a foster child, donating a regular amount to feed, clothe, and shelter the child through a national agency. The child keeps up a corre- spondence with his Nparentsfl Other than this, the council had to take decisive steps on such pressing issues as dances and car washes. Many events were approved just in time to prevent interclass warfare. Student Court brought justice to the halls of Eden, as wrong-doers were taken before the bench to make their pleas. Crimes of evil and in- justice were punished in accordance with the powers allotted to the Court. "Write an original song using your offense as the themefl is a typical sentence, bringing in- stant reform to the criminal student. More power to you, Student Council and Student Court! to call one more monitor meeting . . Kris begebarth, Barb Shouldice l lzjfl In nghl. bottom lo 111,11 Kms I: Prive. J.: lmuzef, IJ.: Almvndi 1-r. S.1Tl'IlllilIlf. B.gB1-II, Ng lirklmrdl, Kg Rom 2: Kraft, Hg Mag P.: BFUIIIILIII, B4 Smith, l,.g Vim-. ,l.g Schrvinvr. J.: IIUI4-lmllsc, JUNIO I-HGH EN ng, IJQ Row 3: l,orenzi, T.g Magee, IJ.g l'arnu-lee, L.g Walters, Ng jger, J.: SlFlt'lll4'll, 'lil 'JOUN Cl L The junior high student eouneil is a group of en- thusiastic eighth and ninth graders under the gentle guidance of Mr. Donovan. President Lorenzi has often been recognized for his pledging of the flag at junior high assemblies and for attempts to keep order at 4-lass and council meetings. Junior high student eouneil can be looked upon as a kind of training ground for future senior high council members. These people will, in the future, be called upon to make sueh important decisions as when and where bakesales will be held or whether one day would be better than the next lor a dress-up day. Work hard in junior high: youlll need all your training in a few vears. lop lo lmttonzg rt. 0011111111: calumng rl: lfhling, J., lim-1-d. ll., Dobaj. K.: 0'fIo11nor, K., Domin, l..g Sm-gebarth, Kg lfl: llauuk. W.: Nivholson, lVl.g Whi l AVA Mr. Pingitore and his magieal band of' loyal, hard- working audio-videophiles eontinue to provide Eden with the finest in light and sound. This organization, as tightly knit as the CIA, controls many of the behind-the-seenes operations at Eden. 'l'hey provide lighting and sound for assemblies, specialize in morning announcements, and bring us those ever popular educational movies ldonat you just love it when during that dull physics movie, the projector breaks down and everybody applauds'?j After all, where would our school be without the eyes, ears, and recently videotape recorder, the AVA supplies us with? Marshall MeLuhan would be proud. "What do you mean, you lost the projm-tor!" Mr. Pmgitorn ney. fl.: Shephard, W.: Campbell, I'll'1'lil'I'., I. Mr. Mergler. Ed Flipiak, Jim Ludera 48 len to right, bottom to top: Row 1: Higgins, Ng Eggen J R0w2 Cvlka J LaR0se D Lorenzi P Hecker P AIldI'7lJf wskl K Wilson M Ru hach, B., Row 3: Cf-nco. P., Middendorf, C., Baisch, S Farrell J Carroll C Finger K Malnprlze R Richards M Reed C Warnnr M Coci na. l-2 Row 4: Roza, P., Cyer, C.: Thomas, Kg Smutz M Swandlund C Wilde J Ebling ,l Yager A I mis D ORACLE - -2 4 ,o tl.. ',-' ',. , Miss Klingenmier has rescued last yearns Tower fhow notorious the very namelj from the depths of oblivion. She revived it and renamed it the Oracle, student newspaper of Eden Central School. Miss K. and her eo-slavedriver, Peggy Hieker, have managed to keep the Oracle coming out regularly, with high- class material. How do they do it? A large, well- organized statin helps. The writers turn out articles that make one think Eden has an entire generation of Pulitzer prize winners in its midst. Cynics can mutter that the paper wonit last, and maybe it won't, but the perseverance of women prevails. 50 YO Icp to right, bottom lo top: Row 1: Kruger, K., Frauenhofer, L., Crossan, C., Row 2: Krycia, 5.3 Gaylord, Kg Hesse, R., Found, Pg Critoph, P.g Crawford, M.: Freitag, H. Pam Critoph, Connie Crossan It seems only fitting that some time and space he donated to that fabulous factory of factual fun, the Yorkers. Relax one moment and recall those famous ancestors that devoted their lives to making New York State that which it is today. The Yorkers take excursions around the slate and study the many and varied historical facts relating to New York. Their brains are full of New York facts. ln truth, they are packed with "Excelsiorl" "Oh sav can you see' E fitflwe 'Wav lep to right, bottom to lop: How 1: Blasz, J., Kijek, S., Mammoser, D., Schmitt, G., Blasz, R., Cier, J., Row 2: Duda, E., Kappus, W., Mejia. G., Row 3: Mr. Findeisen, Sion, D., Janicki, M., Kaszubowski, R., Bergman, D., Winter, D., Anflolina, P., Seott, S., Sendor, R., Clark, H., Row 4: Franklin, G., Duda, J., Herman, J., Hatfield, J., Henry, W., Herman, J., Buehhardt. R., Meyer, C., Brusehaber, R., Ebling, J., Anderson, J., Perison, P., Nowak, K. Among numerous exelamatory exhortations from Mr. Fin- deisen, the FFA swings into action. This organization is eer- tainly one of the most well-traveled clubs in sehool. Various members ofthe group traveled to Kansas City as part of the New York State Judging Team. The clubialso visited an auc- tion in Toronto, a major eastern produce market. The high point of their year has always been their participation in the Erie County Fair. Here most ofthe boys make a fine showing of the projects they work on during the year. To what do these men ofthe soil owe their great versatility? One theory holds that these brave lads, dedicated and true, are definitely not COWartls in regards to their duties. Roger Brusehaber. Charlie Meyer, Richard Janiga. Peter Andolina 'WI' ,. as Sl x , . ! -.f vw ff - N in f' J ff' 2 5- -..,, N az '5' 3 Q- , xii ' .- I ,...v "What do you mean we're having chicken soup for luni h'7 Jim Herman X K Aw tome on . . . have a heartl - Diane Colligan, Diane MlWlllldmS left to right, bottom to top: Row lt Higgins, N.: Lovett, L.: Row 2: Errington, E.: Shanks L Row 3: Overholif, M.: Lovett, T.: LaSota, C.: Stuart, P.: Rylowicz, L.: Row 4: Johnson, M.: Htss L.: Lovett, D.: Smith. P.: Dzubella, lf.: Df'Buhr, C.: Kirst. A.: Green, J. The Future Homemakers of America are a hard- working crew following every order in Mrs. Conk- lin's strenuous program. The FHA eases many orga- nizations, pangs of hunger by providing them with delicious teas and banquets. The future homemakers continue, no matter how overworked they become with baking cookies, arranging flowers, suggesting Jumroia My menus and sponsoring donut sales. One of their most widely acclaimed activities is the annual Burn-Off: a cooking contest for the male members ofthe faculty lBurn, baby, burnll. The organization expresses its appreciation of this yearis president by saying "We Lovettlw len to right. bottom to top: Row 1: Humphrey, N.: Brown, B.: Brown, J.: May, D.: Row 2: Miss Bald: Schosek, L.: Foil, D.: Bauer, M.: Aber, 'l'.: Row 3: Burgio, J.: Greene, J.: Stebbins, V.: Culligan, D.: Row 4: Smith, D.: VanNote, D.: Smith, M.: Wannenwetsch, L.: Feldmeyer, D.: Arendt D.: ,la- cobs, S.: 'Fru mn1, K.: Frauenhofer, L.: McWilliams, D.: Krycia, S.: Lynch, M.: Gier, W. len to right. bottom to wp: Row lzllarballo. D.g Brown, D.q l,allosc, lJ.g Flrdle, P4 Gifford, C.g Kappus, W.: lVlumm. Kg Nicholson. lVl.g Eclxhardt. R.: Kaluli C Iilat lx well. C.: Vavanti. C.. Itiliost-. Mg Kraft, .l.2 Stevens. .l.: llow 2: Mi-Cord, ll.: Striebich. J.g Bley. D.g Hol'l'man, lVl.: Yllll0lllilS. K.: Shcpliard. W.: Bos. J.: 515 in S4 ire cr. R.: Lori-nzi. l'.g Donovan. Hg Striehich, .l.g Smith. li.: Svilu-rt. Nl.: Mlll4lQ'Illlllflv.l1.l Doyle. B.: Lynch. D.: Roch-11lnu'll..l.: Row 3: wllllIllt'yBI'. R.: 54' 1 Q l'm R.: Downey. 'l'.g l'e-rii-ak. ll.: Engle. D.: Szal. D.: lihrhart. 12.3 Brown, C.: Putnam, .lg Ptak. .l.: Henry. Wg Sauer. ll: Lintlsey. M.: EIy.J.1 Fingt I Attentive monitor - Donna Brown sf Q ii fi i 5 MON H0729 The monitors, a symbol ofthe power structure in Edenis halls, are a group of senior high students cho- sen by the Student Council. Their duties include maintaining a semblence of order in the halls, pass- ing out tickets and keeping tabs on lost andfor roam- ing students during lunch. In the gloomy wilds ofthe halls of Eden, these are the only sentinels of order. except for an occasional lost teacher. "What passfi - ,loanniv Krall. Daughn Bley Ji . .. L., The A.F.S. president is always on her toes. - Jan Rodenhach NWEIZICAN FUEL! f l 1-mr z t ! xy! "P-I-Z-Z-A, pizza time is here . . . itil. l ri + p f F V vb , ff f ,, 54 Js 6 i., .3 ,,,5 . 'J left to right, bottom to top: Bow 1: Price, J., Lvneh, M., Eggen, J., Price, D., Fraunhoi L., Tennant, B., Minekime, C., Sehriener, J., Hig ins, M., Agle, J,, Striehich, T., Sendq J., Stevens, J., Almendinger, J., Kordrupel, Bgiiccata, C., Sehriener. J., Ressing, J Erdle, B., Brown, B., Kordru el, D., Bell, N., Eckhardt, K., Krvcia, P., Almendinger, Humphrev, N., Row 2: Carbailo, M., Vice, J., Hill, J., Higgins, N., McCord, C., Snier, Geiger, M., Putmam, C., Firev, C., Romano, D., Brown, ., Andrzejewski, K., SC rad K., Kwilos, E., Masters, C., Eggan, J., Lorenzi. F., Dylon, J., General, L., Mainprize, E 5 len to right, bottom to top: Bow 1: Dr. Gibson, Khil, M., Cucina, M., sec., l denbaeh, J., pres., Masters, J., vice pres., Seinse, M., Bean, E., Row 2: Cond C.: Price. J., Carhello, D., Cylka, J., Enser, D., Whitmey'er, S., Domin, Shouldiee, B., Wren, N., Shanks, L., Spring, M., Clark, B., Lamhrix, P., K1 J., Bubach, B., Saunders, B., Rizzo, M., Se imidt, M., Rupp, J., Swieczkows D., Acanfora, J., Hess, L., Vicanti, C., Reinhardt, P., Price, J., Lancaster, Wit-rzba, D., SPgE'bZiI'Ih, K., LaRose, D., Schosek, C., Row 3: Scherm, . Weiss, M., Warner, M., Doyle, B., Murphy, C., Blatner, S., Striehich, J., O,C nor, K., Burke, F., Toellner, S., Sendcrs, M., Kester, K., Fullmen, A.: Hari The goal of the AFS is to increase international understanding and correspondence. Through various fund-raising activities, our chapter has earned money each ear to brin exchan e students to Eden. The . y . ng u g . izza saeis e in e a ,an even no o emisse p l h ld th f ll t tt b d at any cost. Some ofthe more exhibitory members of the student body take part in the Annual Talent Show, always a surprising presentation. The end product of all this work is the exchange students who come to Eden each year. 1969 saw the Terrific Trio hailing from Afganistan, Brazil, and England des- cend upon ECS. The organization must surely thank Dr. Gibson for his capable advising fhe's lucky not to have cracked uplj. Jan Rodenbach, able and energet- ic president, has kept the society on its toes. d P Balsfh S Hatfield D rue L Kll Rl P larrol f Fmgtr K Senor Gibson i,,, p p I anyemhten L lVl1ddendorfl NanNote M Erdlf P Hulur P lau left to right, bottom to top: Row 1: Sauer, J., Mezen, L., Brockman, S., Grohe, G., Row 2: Lovett, T., Delio, V., Rylowicz, L., Thomas, N., Corecki, D., How 3: Kumm, K., Blenk, L., Everett, C., Ernbree, G., Kirst, A., Thomas, T., Mrs. Greenwood, Haag, C., Howard, P, lej? to right, bottom to top: Row l: Eckhardt, N., Mathwig, M., Kraft, R., Row 2: Buehler, M., Mr. Georgerg Meyer, F., Row 3: Meyer, E., Clark, B., Klipfel, P., Whiteside, W. lLlB STAFF The library staff, suffering from Information Overload, has made a valiant attempt at keeping up with all the printed matter being spewed out by the publishing houses these days. Catalogu- ing, sorting, and filing the books and cards takes up their time. Making up and sending out over- due notices at random is their favorite entertain- ment. Mrs. Creenwood, running a tight ship, keeps our library land our mindsj clean and healthy by providing good reading. The math club was originated with the intent to stimulate creativity in mathematics. The members ofthe set enjoy playing mathematical games fsuch as Wffn Proolj, making human computers, and Working on projects. Their num- bers include only junior high students, but their minds are on a totally different plane. The group might be called the Mathematical Tinkers, or the M.T. Set. "Now to be a teacher . . fi Icp to right, Seated: Sauer, J., Kirst, A., Mrs. Greenwood, Blenk, Ll., Standing: Brockman, S.: Lovett, T Delio, V., Kumm, K., Corecki, ll., Everett, C., Howard, P., Thomas, N., Rylowicz, L., Mezen, L. 'efi to rzght, lmllonz to lop: Row 1: Minekime, C., Ball, L., Acanfora, J., Striebich, J., How 2: liegelhofcr, J., Schosek, C, Chambers, E., Miss Palmer, Row 3: Manning, P., Edwards, C., Toellner, S., Hoza, P., Row 4: Schneider, S., Saunders, B., Red, S., Schiedel, M., Hecker, P., Vliddcndorl, C., Wilde, J., Schunk, L., How 5: Richter, D., VanVechtan, L., Bos, J.: Ver, C, Young, L., McWilliams, M. - The Future Teachers of America is an organiza- tion open to all students interested in going on to work in school as a teacher, teacher's aid, nurse, li- brarian, or administrator tif you can possibly con- ceive that anyone in his right mind would want to be one of thosej. Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Green- wood, the group is constantly thinking of clever ways to aid and abet our already overworked faculty. Among the more active orgaaizations, we find the GAA, otherwise known as the Girls Athletic Awards Association. The GAA has had a real Ball fliinda, that isj this year, as President. The club sponsors fan- tastic functions, such as sports nights and Annual Sports Banquets. The club continues to participate in school activities even though there has been some re- cent discussion as to whether or not it was violating the civil rights law by discriminating against boys in its membership. l . . 4. . . , - V - V V- Isp to right, bottom to mp: Row I: Mr. Hamann, Buehler, B., sec., Lindsey, M., pres., Masters, J., vice pres., Striebich, J., treas., Murphy, C., LaRose, M. Shanks, L., Rupp, J., Row 2: Yager. A., Found, R., Middendorf, C., Doyle, B., Smith, R., Lynch, D., Roza, P., O'Malley, D., Gifford, S., Bull, J., Meyer, A., Par melee. R., Agle, M., Spring, M., LaRose, D., Row 3: Schunk, L., Ketelsen, L., Wannanwetch, G., Dueringer, R., Putnam, J., Ptak, J., Eckhardt, T., Ptak, J. Swanlund, C., Lorenzi, P., Gentili, R., Kappus, W., Downey, K., Erdle, P., Lambrix, P., Blatner, S., Hecker, P. NATIONAL HONOR: QOCIEIY "For all reasons celebrate excellence." The Eden Chapter of the National Honor Society has long been the epitome of virtue and intelligence "Scrub-a-dub-dub" - Mr. Hamann at Eden. The society, placing special emphasis on W . Q ll' W Q--it f .. ,If school service, scholarship, character, and leader- ship, participates in several fitting events fsuch as being measured for robesj. The District 14 Confer- ence of Honor Societies, held in Cheektowaga, saw a strong Eden turnout. Also in order were an annual field trip to 'Ibronto, several coat checks, a bake sale and a car wash. Under the able leadership of Mr. Hamann and his trusty sidekick Mark Lindsey, the NHS has gone forward with great courage into the snowstorm of life. when "I move. . . I second . . . I protest . . .M -Jim Putnam, Mark Lindsey, Steve Cline rw.. ..,, I ,f W A M, "tw Ng, on. 'M '11 NAITONAL JUNIOR I-IONOIZ QOCIEIV W.. . The National Junior Honor Soeiety is exactly what the name desvrihes: an honorary society for members V of the junior high school. The organization has em- barked upon an aetive program. This year began with the society varryiug on a crusade to the St. George Nursing Home in beautiful downtown Eden. h TTEZ g . The organization also eonstruets the bulletin board h in the main hall. We vertainly look forward to seeing Q f these bright, young students in the Senior High Na- tional Honor Society. VIN in .V .sfwwwmwvv ww Typi1'al parlitnneiitary provedure: 4-wiwliotlv talking at onu left to right. lmltonz lo lolz: lion l: llun-ringer. D.: Hennessy. Nl.: Leonard. A.: Bell. N.: Tennant. H.: Yolo. .-X.: lilalner. .l.: liotliaug. K.: Mane. N.: lit-ssing. WZ: Ewffllfh- W-1 Emil... T.. Rm, 2: Klm1,.up,.L R-1 Limm- K.: gf-lm-im-r, J.: Scott. L.: Buehler. M.: Aqle. J.: Rosenuin. G.: Howles. P.: Ktisniiervzak. tl.: llylon. ,l.: Evkliardt. N.: Sager, B.: Goreeki. ll.: Cunningliaun. ll.: lilasdell. 'l'.: Looie. D: Row 3: Kliptel. P.: Meyer. Eglixleyer. F.: Hesse. li.: Found. l'.: Ostrander. M.: ll:-l'lul1r.ll.: Huggler. D.: Richter. A.: Lorenzi, T.: Brennan. li.: YanNote-. D.: Freitag. H.: Manning, K.: Cavanaugh. W.: Sit,-like. B.: Kraft. H. ret? QPR Pat Manning. Anne Meyer, ,los Bull EMEEIZQ '69 Esoteric, Morbid, Belligerent, Erratic, Hotten, and Suggestive. What does that spell? EIVIBIQHS tgadll The Embers Room, for to use its CIA cover name, the Student Activities Roomj has seen excitement this year such as has never come to pass for been allowedl in the halls of Eden. The staff has its own dining-room set up, complete with silverware and other oddments. There was a private refrigerator, food was hung out the window in the frigid Eden air. Posters of W. C. Fields and that notorious pub- lisher Ralph Cinzberg adorn the wall. Recreation was provided by frequent volleyball tournaments tin the room itselfj, and the light fixtures often suffered dire eonse- quences. The element of mystery and fear was introduced by the Desk-That-Ate-The-'I'ypewriter. In between all these chaotic happenings, the staff even found a little time to slap together a yearbook. 0 L0 right, bottom L0 top: Row I: IIIILIIIIINTS. Ii., Schosek, P., llarballo, IJ., Manning, P., Bull, I., Row Vlefford, Nl., Smith, G. Donovan, R., Row 3: Bu:-hler, B,, Curley, S., Meyer, A., O,Connor, K. "Gee, I wish I knew where the -y put that negative." Mr Met ord V Why d0n7t you pivk on some-one your own sizeiw Eden's new rrrector set. Jr. FHA party The Thinker - John Plak AtMetesewmssbwigl1bE's. "Yowcawl1aw2secondA . . . zwtlwvmwl VAIZQUY FO Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Lake Shore JFK Grand Island Cheektowaga Depew Springville Alden Gowanda XE T H --i ..,,... U ,..k 1 K ' M .. .. xV,,,. .. N i h x ..,, A 1 -f ' ,,Wf"""" mmf U 5 0 , 52 si 64, a as 20 B4 92 . f ' ....i i J si Eli 'ie fl l is l 'E F 31 Q5 ,75 .92 81 5393551 . ,L 71 53 so 41 ' aes- lep lo right, bottom to top: Row 1: McGee, D.: Roza, S.: Gaylord, K., Row 2: Jerozal, R., Embree, C., Sneath, L., Marsh, J., McGee, T., Thomas, W., Lorenzi, D., Al- mendinger, J., Senise, M., Mertle, R., Donovan, R., Row 3: Green, R., Toellner, M.g Batorski, J., Hatfield, J., McMillan, G., Schreiner, R., Hoover, J., Cenco, M., Holehousc, J,g Row 4: Clifford, P.: Argcrsingcr, D.g Palme-rton, J.: Petruczok, P.: Jacobs. J.g Burke, K.: Wannewetsch, G., McCord. Mg Ptak, J., Row 5: Finger, D., Eckhardt, T.: Szal. D., Preischel, C., Rivard. 5.1 Buchhardt. R.: Putnam, J., Wynn, L.: Grimm, G. The Varsity finished second in Division HI as they completed a fine 5-3 season. The Raiders held first place until the final week of the season. Eden's tough defense was led by Dan Finger, Scott Rivard, and Jim Putnam. Gary Preischel and Putnam combined for a top flight passing X team. Finger and Rivard also anchored a strong F offensive line. Joe Marsh was an under-rated player on de- fense. Foreign exchange kicker Mauri Senise gave the Raiders the most consistent kicking game in the Conference, as he kicked sixteen straight extra points and a field goal. Coaches Pacini and Keats can be proud of this yearis accomplishments, while the strong junior 1 P af squad shows great promise for next year. 66 CH 2, 6 VAIZQUY LL left to right: Toellner, SQ Roza, P.: Middendorf, CQ Parmqlfe R Erdlz I 'Vlurplix K Sehleclel M If you happened to go to a football game, you must have noticed an effervescent flook that up in your F Kc W1 group of girls dressed in maroon and white. These were our Varsity cheerleaders, dedicated to the proposition that the Eden Raiders have been, and always will be, the greatest. Naturally, our cheerlead- ers were also the greatest. DEIZQ realm init QE.. 1+ The Raiders JV football team tried hard this year. With a record of only one win and one tie, what can we say? However, the members of the squad now have the experi- ence and training to play Varsity. Our con- dolences to the coaches, Mr. Roof and Mr. Farace. But, seriously, we expect that many members of this year's JV team will go on to give Eden a fine football season next year. ' Eden Lakeshore f rw- 2 Eden JFK Eden Grand Island Eden Cheektowaga Eden Depew vw Y Eden Springville Ky it Eden Gowanda Eden Alden lefi to right, bottom to top: Row 1: Partridge, M., Licata, S., Row 2: Purves, T., Mumm, R., Buehler, M., Leas, P., Andolina, J., Price, L., Engle, D., Row 3: Murphy, M. - Manager, Preischel, R., Sherman, R., Edwards, C., Kry- cia, D., Lynch, T., Alexander, N., Marsh, S., Burke, P. - Manager, Row 4: Mace, L., Roza, D., Mohney, D., Sho- sek, P., Jacobs, M., Howles, D., Minekime, R., Slender, M., LoBianco, J. 'J M L.. J X5 Y lej? to rght, bottom to top: Row 1: Lorenzi, F., Murphy, S., Grazier, M., Row 2: Stevens, J., Row 3: Schiedel, D., Almendinger, J., Spencer, S., Row 4-: McCord, C. 68 . 9 The freshman football coaches, Mr. O7Connell and Mr. Zandi, achieved their goal this year by teaching the basics of foot- ball to the young men who will carry on the somewhat erratic record of the Eden Raid- ers. Through hard work, the team acquired the makings of a great JV squad. Although their season was not too successful, just wait, all you other teams out there, just wait. Eden Lakeshore Eden Hamburg Eden Gowanda Eden Frontier Eden Springville i f e ' 'fa t ,Id I F Q5 n y ,i 5 Q x .,,e,, ga: ,,,, , "W . .MM W, iff We Help! Help! There's girls back there! f, - 'R' a Z A 21' ., ffm-M H 'e 4... ,, 'W fyv Qf,1Qi' 1' Q . i .,, .v ' f- . Q fr' N- ' ....-ffMu'Mff""""'2' E A "7 j Q0 5, iF! M i, A Al, Z., ur cross country team enjoys the scenery , ' L1 ,, ff--1f'g' H I ,gmr-Mia2pf."yN?, may .f N .. wx. 'S My ,. . ,M V, K , . .auf , ng. K, V, f M1132--40 L X -f 1 , 1. p,g,j2i1'g,i'f' f -71,444 'Y-U":"' SHAW Ok, you guys e Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden 70 J . F. K. Cowanda Grand ls. Alden Cheektowaga Springville N i 3 A gg, " Q, ,nl f .vb . , :wg ks., L, yg 'gtg .4- X. 'W- K' V Ui?" ,sv .xi ' uf -- a,5,k. ., . ' ,egg N. wg, XJ e N. Y-513355 -vw-u-, .ff-" 5 ,. .4 rleading practice K ' 4' ' - - '14 'r "" ' 'fra' . la -axismnqg, -vvsmggf , -sv fe- ,, ,,'1j, , . , ,.. ,Z 'f Win' ' ' 11: .Q B a .L Q www! f Milf- I -.-L y 1 It Q 0 n :MIK-f 51' ' 1 Khin' titular - .,,..,l.,1 . 'IHLLWIIUV "' , fave. A., 1,'E,1',"- ' NC 'L ..,.. ,MWF rem". 1 if-'aw - v---' , f f - riff if, , ""-'Y L so J' - v i V , ,g,., if' 1 if Q 1 hr V, we l Q I ' t sr: tv 25 , .1-1 E 4' N ' - an l ! W :at Y ,, Q , psi.. T- :wi ' f x. ,fe nil a 'fr ' LQ 'W' :Irs IW f 1,4-ff 1:-All W lej? to right, bottom to top: Row 1: Bell, R., Mr. Ceorgerg Coach Sturm, Allen, M., Row 2: Wolf, T., Vollo, A., Clark, R., Bowers, P., Donovan, W4 Maglott, S.: Row 3: Bell, R., Brown, C., Brown, T., Klipfcl, P., Shephard, W., Row 4: Curtis, D.g Thurber, M., Ludera, J., Sauer, D., Richards, R., Eckhardt, N. Once again, that marvelous machine of matchless muscle, the cross country team, led by Don Sauer, moved into the mara- thons. Coach Sturm's astute coaching, Mr. Georgerls hours spent calculating the shor- test distance between two points, Fat Al- bertls falias Mike Allen'sl morning practice sessions, and a mud bath in the woods to ini- tiate freshmen, all contribute to make the spirit of the '69 cross country team high. This spirit followed them into the meets and . . . even out of the meets. . . Congratulations Don, you ol' . . . 'Q lef lo right. bottom to lop: Row lt Ehrhart. G.: Masters. J.: Thompson, F.: Lorenzi, Pg lluer- inger. ll.: Nlr. llunt: Hou ZZ: Lindsex. M.: Kaluza. G. I ..-,x QT' A 0 'f' . . ,V . A, i 'lil - if fi ' ASE i594 2 Z i 3 11 llande Dueringvr. Skip Ehrhart. Fred Thompson 72 in ,. .kVk, ki. in ik, .. PE'l'l-I LORENZI Golf at Eden reaehed a new high this year our all-senior golf team came in with a final 3 record. A special note of appreciation goes Coach Hunt, who greatly inspired the tea during their golfing careers at Eden. Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden 1 916 7 1410 7 7 6 8h 4 Springville Grand lsland Depew East Aurora Springville Depew Grand Island East Aurora 85 11 316 11 11 2 910 14 lejfl In flgllf. lmrrnm In mp: lion l: Llllltlillll. li.: PI'l'lSt'llt'l. R.: Rom, M.: Ron 2: Farrvll. Nl.: Burke-. P.: Svhosvk. P.: Lorenzi. D.: Maggs. K.: l'dw ds 1 R ws 5 VL n l Flill. ll.: Umpu XX Hllllx Edvn Edvn Edvn Emlen Edvn Eden lfdvn lfdvn Edvn Edvn Edvn Eden lfmlvn an lx.: LoBm1n-u. .l.: H1 unan. .l. RICK PRI'IlSlIHl-QL N G Q Q 1 1 , Holland 7 Depvw l 1 Springville 18 'zz' Frontier Cleveland Hill Alden Pioneer Gowanda Lakeshore East Aurora Grand lsland Cheektowaga Cleveland 5 X wm3W,ff4up Hum 'J' sf. lo rzlglzl IIUHIIIII tu top Row l lxorn u lu B Emlnu I M lglllll H I uIiQ.1ulcw..l.: H1-rlwy. P.fl,lQ'IlI'0.ll.1S1'lIU5l'li. P.: Row 2: Wliilvsitlv, Wi.: Latona. K.: llonox 1 a ' ' I it ' N G 1 1 1 1 Hwrostling fre-si linl, n. a form ol' sport in which this oppo- nvnts wrvstle, or struggle- hand to hand attm-inpting to throw or fort-v Q-in-lt otha-r to tho ground without striking blows." So mul-li lor Mr. Funkis untl Mr. Wagmillis opinion. Edt-n's wrt-stling team, thc- Mouning Mauling Mannion, fought thvir way through thc suason with thc tvriairity of a grapv-vim-. Tlivir participation in this sport at Ed:-n will give them valua- blv 1-xporivnce for llunilv life. IM N A RGERSIMLICR J IA, 5 '3' A Q 1. Qin ! .M ' 9 . X RQ 'Q Q T S -3 ii Y. ii' 5 2. if 4 Showing tremendous team work and en- thusiasm, the Eden Raiders dribbled their Way into our hearts and pocketbooks, giving the school an unparalleled playing record. Along with the record, school spirits also rose to a new high this year, as attendance at games shot up. Skip Ehrhart, Wick Thur- ber, Cary Preisehel, Jim Putnam, Cary "Mouse7' Kaluza, Rande "Coach" Duer- inger and Tom Eckhardt were some of the outstanding players this year. Eden 50 Holland 48 Eden 65 Depew 60 Eden North Collins Eden Alden Eden JFK Eden Cowanda Eden Cheektowaga Eden Holland Eden Depew Eden North Collins Eden Alden Eden JFK Eden Cowanda Eden Cheektowaga lcjq to right, bottom to lop: Row 1: managers, Finger, D., Allen, M., Row 2: Kaluza, C.g Centil R Thurber, M., Marsh, J., Row 3: Eakhardt. T.: Mr. Sturm: Smoot. B., Row 4: Ehrhart, fig Holehous J Crm-n, R.g Dueringer, R4 Row 5: Brown, C., Putnam, J.g Masters, J.g Preischel, C., Hughey GARY KALUZA lrlie Brown! Besides looking to their mothers, it is the varsity Cheerleaders that the men in maroon and white look to for moral support While playing. The girls, also known as thc "court jestersf' faithfully nourish the minds and bodies of the players, bringing food, drink and gaioty to the games. ln ease you haven't noticed, they also produce those Works of art seen in the hallways which propagandize coming attractions. Their duties also in- clude planning for pep rallies, providing entertainment for the spectators on the busses, and of course, wildly flaying their arms and legs about cheering. 'Vl.g Parmclee, R., Roza, P., Row 3: Erdle, CT PAT H HQ? M STU MARSH A v. . I ' fn' ' " Vu "Crm, practice isn't this hard! f' - rrh' Z YWM ' 5 " " " f,' ' 'Q n 5 , r b -4 M , RANDY BUCK -"- A ,f f - A ' ff ' + AA V' if " .Q , ,Q 1, A , ,L , I.. 31, 92 Vllyrrg H V J 'V A -r L,, , ., M' 2 , The trouble shooters A .X,-: 1 IQH to righl. bottom to lop: Row l: Kappus. W.: Prim-. li.: Row 2: Whitney, C.: Thompson. F.: Row 3: Mr. YanDenberghg Sauer, U.: SllI'2i1lf'F, V.: Grimm, G.: Lorenzi, T. BOWLING To the strains of Mr. VanDenbergh "Get your minds out ofthe gutterlw the bowling team struck again, as they came in with a fair record this year. Having no time to spare, they quickly trounced their oppo- nents. Spending all their time hanging around the alleys, the bowlers found plenty of time to perfect their forms. They also got some bowling practice in. Eden Cheektowaga Eden Cleveland Hill Eden East Aurora Eden Springville Eden Cowanda Eden Cheektowaga Eden Cleveland Hill Eden East Aurora Eden Springville Eden Cowanda 82 BILL KAPPUS "Right up my alleyfl Fred Thompson K X. .Q wise si. 'S'-f"4.. picnic tabby TMJ sai1LibcouMw'bbedow, bub'6Q'sseu1oaswadfoJ UMGMQOGM I2.evnembwv!Qeadofwfissf1eileAssomeoweu:m5 sfwsecowis! RONALD DONOVAN: "Ronl' . . . friend of all . . , the coaches love him . . . our illustrious Pres. for two years. BONNIE BUEHLER: "Tough Tahitin . . . NHS Secretary . . . flour child . , . Senior Class Secre- tary. ELLEN CHAMBERS: "Ell'7 . . . "Can I go to in- tramurals?" . . . Ist clarinet . . . the blond bomb . . . Class Treasurer. CLASS ADVISORS: Mr. Duffy and Mr. Colvin land Snoopyj WILLIAM KAPPUS: "Bill,' . . . senior class V . . . Mr. Ag . . . talent for getting things done , semi-noisy thrmer. Tl-IE QPIIZU' OF '6 P ,EN ADER: "do I have to?" . . . "what do I t to go to college fm?" . . . .less . . . history is favorite. IPJKEQ AGAIN THOMAS ASHBERY: "grate" at golf. , , historis Cal complainer . . . uheyi' nowlu . . . skier extraor dinaire. . . . ANoAe,mN...AND... THEODORE BONAFEDE: "Ted" motor- cycles . . . you gotta have heart . . . doesn't believe in going steady. UGHN BLEY: friendly . . . before-breakfast ts at the fair . . . "Baby lim yours!" . .. lghn is like the sunrise, LINDA BALL: "Lin". . .golf pro. . .CAA Pres. . . . she only shows her friends how to open the bookstore door. ELIZABETH BEAN: . . . talks funny . . . flirtatious . . . friendly and considerate . . . we thank AFS . . . the perfect Elizabethan. ART BREHM: "Pierre" lSee My Little Chivku- deelg one of the Lake Shore Vlpis . . . one would almost think he was studious. F I . . , l n . , ,, " ,, -- L e f I DANIEL BRITT: "Dan" . . . Dan wun't wear ull' CHARLES BROWN: nllllilflllfv . . . "don'l give SQUIOF lfhifll . . . D-mule . . . llippvr loser . . . want to buy a me that . . You're ai good Charlie Brown, manl 7 , . . . . . . Stores empties in his locker . , . great skier es . 'um Jer . P I I I " . CDO!-VIN, WH! I BRIAN BIICHALERZ lives for skiing . , . one of the cream of the vrop . , . "Say wanna hear a good jokr-?'i JULIELYN BULL: "Jos" . . . Chorus . . . weighs 100 lbs. and is on a die!! . . .pretty smile. . . Em- bers layout editor. FAITH BVRKE: beautiful voice . . , sheis all for DEBORAH CARBALLOQ "Deb" A . l Shining BARBARA CLARK: "B0bbie', . . . believes i hope and Charity . . . she finally gets to play field brighl personality , , , "Guess what!" , , , ngyf-r doing a good deed every day . . . rings, on her fir hoekey and . . . wins at serabble in Spanish. g6fS and - - . mr I work STEVEN CLINE: "Steve', . . . the reluctant folk- MARGARET COCINA: "Marge" , . . secretary singer. . . the Mad Pipettc Squirter. . . anti. . . treasurer of AFS . . . Liz's American sister . . "Surely you jest" . . . bf-witching smile. OWEDOIF... .IO ANN CYLKA: strawberry blond . . . has a "voice" in everything . . . enthusiastic sports spec- tator, w..w J -L DAVID DARNLEY: "lVI0le,' lives in the nursels office . . . finally got his new glasses . . . great conversationalist. ILLIAM DARNLEY: "Bill" . . . infevtiuus per- RICHARD DECKER: "Rich" . . . majors in mid- iality . . . majors in study hall . . . "Oh where night art. . .orangejuice is the perfect mixer. . . WILLIAM DELIO: "Bill" . . . always a wise re ve you been Billy boy, Billy boy." spirit of '69, mark . . . future barber. . . voted for Pat Paulsen s H KEVIN DUWNEY: "Kiev" . . . what a cardl . . . even though he was on his back. he still could laugh . ambition: vet. RANDE DUERINGER: put the coach in lady's man . . . Cleveland . . . hates to dance quiet, quieter . . . quietest. if CAROL DZUBELLA: French Donut Shoppe . . . wild week,-ends . . . good dIiver?l . . . lives on a "g00d"iroad. DEBORAH EDMUNDS: "Deb" . . . basketball pro , . . freckles . . . likes fat boys . . . active in class affairs. CRYSTAL EDWARDS: "Crys7' . . . Hwhat? again? . . . folk society . . . chorus . . . sold kisses at the D.Q. 'Tl-IE NEL O PEI E KATHLEEN DYNARSKI: "Kz1thy', . . . quie than u chapel . . .good in math . . . nicely plus . professional babysitter. RANDALL ECKHARDT: "Randy". . .sknor . . . auvident prom' . . . "hi, handsomow . , . l eoursl-ii . . . uintiinatefi :Ct-IOOLCP :ONALUVI ' ' Z ORGE EHRHART: "Skip" . . . super-golfbr . sunburned . . . "G:-orgv of the jungle" . . . sher . baskvtball pru. TH ERRINGTON: "Edits" . . . secretary of I . . . Wallatri' throw-rl . . . hall' smiln - half n . . . Mary ,lolmsonas altar ago. BETTY ELLIS: msnletology . . . always octopif-fl . . . in the' swing ol' things . . . "when you walk through a storm ke-ep your head up high." JOHN ELY: DLAF . . . has lunch leltovcrs Ihr supper . . . party. Party! PARTY! . . , sparkling baby hluc eyes . . . "I hold the world in my hand." DONALD ENGLE: "DONT . . "whom can I flirt with next?'7 . . . a wolf in sheepis clothing . . . has a big heart. EDMUND FILIPIAK: "Ed" . . . AVA . . skiduo-man . . . ready with an alternate plan . . who said "Math FiIipiak?" DANIEL FINGER: "Dan". . . "Choo-Choo". . . "Bristles" . . . the Fickle Finger of Fate . . . ECS submarine manufacturer. ROBERT FINTAKZ "Bob". . .good wrestler. . . RICHARD FITCH: "DiCk,' . . . paper airplane DEBORAH FITZGIBBONS: "Deb7'. . .beauti "Cheetah" . . . Jack Kemp anti-fan . . . husiness- artist . . . protester . . . If the shoe fitch, wear it hair . . . extremely friendly to everyone . . . go man . . . "Sun Godf, . . . "time will one day end itf, business student who minds her own. " ,QlP1,YOUQEE... MARILYN CIER: "Gym isn't my sportll, . . Marilyn the librarilyn . . . wateh out when those Giers get going! Dan Stirling, Marc Khil, Mr. Case SUSAN CIFFORD: "Sue", . .gets lost in Qunggn. CAROL GOERKE: "Miss Adequate Wiring" . . . GEOFFREY CRIEBLE: "Geoff" . . tration . . . left part of herself in Israel , , , deep only adequate? . . dramatics. . . lovely voice. . . . going to college at Aspen . . . Mr. Nehru. thinker . . . lost a car. "Eyes" . . . always a sweet smile. math genius . . . reads into the Times. li i X lGENE GURBACKI: "Euge" . . . fails reading J . . . 'Tlinkeri' . , . science and math gcnius . "skidooer." SHAWNA GURLEY: nobody can hold a candlc to her . . . music mistrcss . . . plays harpsicortl . . . "Hi, Mr. Brusehaberlv KAREN HARPER good swimmer fantastit seamstress . . hates Frrnth 1 brothcrl . . working Hur Utopia 12,3 Acadffmik: - S. Gifford, P. Lorenzi, M. Lindsey and Narrator Van Miller. ' FFS Tl-UQ WAY NE HEINRICHZ likes Elvis . . . mysterious per- iality . . . appcars to be shy . . . bcautitul smiles , good in gym, though shc won't admit it. . . . ACTUALLY lVlARGARE'l' HENNESSY: likcs Hamburg guys . . . stages 21 sit-in every morning . . . T'lVlargu . . . hippie philosophy. DONALD HARTLEY Boots slctps through English with Miss lYJll.lE'HbPtlx Don . . . Bible scholar . . . jo w 7 JOHN HERMAIN ffl vour Holi leaks vffrsatilft musician wrcstlcs alligators I' P A 'K 1 N. ,g4wI.3'?:'QfiQS4?gTf+' i15I:2.'1""-sf-2 X i f Amrwfrtititiafff LINDA HESS: "Lin" . . . comes from Illinois. . . PK . . . "thou keeps thy honor brightl' . . . spins out of the parking lot. PAMELA HUTCHINCS: "Pam" . . . has wild birthday parties . . . loves to tickle people . . . deals backwards . . . chorus Pres. MARY HOFFMAN: "Mzigle,' . . . ambition: to be a cheerleader . . . kneesocks . . . beautiful big eyes . . . terrific dancer. THE BARBARA JEMIOLOZ "Barh', . . . over the river and through the woods . . , v-e-r-y interesting . . . "lend me ten thousand eyes." RICHARD JANIGAZ "DiCkl' . . . would like to major in chem lah . . . 4-H delegate . . . quiet but observant. KAREN HOLSCHER: peace! . . . 12 oiclock hi . . . band around her head, bells around her nec f ff 1' p0 ,j ,, YI r if -fm J J f " 1 QA i,f3,,N, 44 JY' mtv lv if i v' oi , ng ffl Vi :lc IS? Q 2 5 vs if gf V P4 , PAINT .4 if 2 .Q , - ff 'E -51 -ff, 442 l. m u 2 iff ' va V R Q 2 . 'lf I LC' to if fi ii rf ' X df fi ig.. ' 4.6" 2 MARY JOHNSON: McCarthy and O,Dwyer in 'T . . . begs to differ . . . can't serve a ping-pong ba ARYANN KESTER: Never serious . . . con- mt talker. . .dark eves , . .S nsors senior hav- , P0 . les . . . sits gracefully LINDA KETELSEN: "Lin" . . . looks forward to secretarial practice and long weekends . . . beauti- ful hair. BY-NUMBER Q19 -Il JRERT KIRST: "Bob" . . . Kirst is foiled again . hard worker , , . sounds of silence . . . "Seek d ye shall findf, GARY KNOLL: Hjakel' . . . proud to be sixteen . . . no man is a mountain, but some are knolls. 4 MARC KHIL: are you going out for "cross coun- tryfw . . . teaeh us how to open a lock, Marr' . . . quiet but very friendly. 'Wt YYf."'T ANITA KIRST: library staffer . , . just ean't see gym . . . has a sweet tooth . . . chorus member. BARRY KURNACKI: speed typist . . . unique . . . quiet, but . . . e'Barny," . . . likely storyl . . . wrestles . . . a Scrambler? if CAROL KRYCIA: future nurse . . . to be contin- LUIS LANCASTER: DLAF . . . one ofthe cream ucd . . . "it is not cnough to speak, but to speak of the crop . . . dying for a party . . . dignified true" . . . dedicated. chaos. ii MARY LARUSE: "Michele" . . . Girl's State. . . A + Frenvh student . . . lriend of all . . . working to better herself. SUSAN LAl TENSCHLAGER: "Su:-M. . .enemy PETER LORENZI: "Pete" "Cr:-asei' i at if is t'N1 iv 'S W n BUT ITJUQT DOEQN ROBERT LASOTA: "Bob" . . . perpetual smile . . . laughs at dirty jokes . . . maybe he is . . .avid . . . tries. . . . Bovis of none . . . loves hayrides . . . perpetual 'incw Slate. . . Big time corporation chemist. . ."lype- kidf' writcrn . . . talks into a waste-basket. JAMES LKDERA: 'Jimi' . . . cross Vountry I . , . volleyball expert . . . always liked physics , quiet. 'P DEBRA LYNCH: "Deb,' . . ."What a flirt!" . . . IVIICHAEI. IVIQCORD: "Mike" . . . "mc thinks I "Who says the world's flat?" . . . lost her nerxe S66 my father" . . . "Paris" . . . Martfs American . . , plays tht' field . . , "How queerlv brother. TFINMYL CHARLES MAI-IONEY: "lVlilw" . . . always later for homearoom . . . great stfnst- ol' humor . . . races cars. A .tlftt PATRICIA MANNING: "Pain . . . afraid of the dark . . . builds Boeing 7075 in her basement . . . takes everything in. LIFTON MANSFIELD: "cuff" . . . can Mm- IQXTHLEEN MARDW01 "Katia" - - - hard JOSEPH MARSH2 "Swamp" ' Q - H5h"eI'II - - ' ,O 200 word Compositions in 20 minulps I . A worker . . . homemaker . . . her second home is grvat deillnsc football playa-r . . . "Will you tt-ach orks at garage after school. The SCCUC- me howiw 5 r i A2 ' KN. ,l " -.1 f, 'f '- ' X ,f f in Eden. JEFFREY MASTERS: "jeff, . . . brain . . . star- gazer . . . soft-spoken Uhian gentleman . . . ski- Master . . . perfect pitch . . . golf. JAMES MESSECAR: "Jim'7 . . . out to the Legion parking lot after chem lah . . . "Malioious? How's that?" - CHARLES MEYER: "Charlie,' . . . so y0u're the one who broke the dishwasher? . . . "Monkey ANNE MEYER: cheats at S anish serahblf? . . Manf' p . . , Embers Ed . . . who said Pocahantas eouldn't be our chief? . . . Ad-Meyer. SHIRLEY MAZUR: incessant talker . . . "Sher7' . . . co-operative . . . Cosmetology is alive and well "DID YOU Q4 RALPH MERTLE: Wllurtle" . . . always late 1 photography . . . neat locker. . . plays Romeo . likes Spanish. i SHARON MIRANDA: "Can I have a piece gLlII'l?l, . . . makes aswell frog. . . Sherry? . . .l tle red-haired girl. 'Q DUE STEVEN NAGEL: "Steven . . . pumps gas after school . . . follows in the old family tradition. , nfl ,, TODAY? I ' ' Y M-'W ' f-H , .A X' Q!! CHRISTINE NOWAK: "Chris" . . . never eats lunch . . .HI don't knoww . . . "readers digesti' l . . . actions speak louder than words. lgfi -- OMAS MUKA: "Tom', , . . talented violinist 2 H . Cheektowaga Symphony! . . . Intelligence Inc. . mathemagician. . .URA PERISON: goes places . . . mum's the 'J KAREN OICONNOR: AVA . . . her old car is dead . . . Embers sports editorg she's all game . . extraordinary singer. HELEN PETRUCZOK: "Hel" watch out when she gets mad . . . future cosmetologist. LEROY PERSINGER: Future astronomer . . hairy . . . Leroy-King . . . soft-spoken. rd . . . congenial . . . LP . . . does she hold the Ord? t NV' 'wav . DEBORAH PFHOL: "Deb" . . . one of the JUDITH PHEASANT: "Judy', . . . likes guys in GARY PREISCHEL: "Fuzzy". . . thejolly qt Ceaseis generation . . . bubbling with happiness the service. . .catch her with salt. . .culinary art- terback . . . Mr. Athletic . . . Big "J," . . . li . . . "I don't give a d--nl" ist. "O," A NEW RECORD IN Dan Finger makes a sub. 1 NANCY PRICE: this price is right . . . an invalu- able personality . . . pretty. 4 ",v4le JOHN PTAK: "Juan', . . . formerly quiet . . . JAMES PUTNAM: "Jim7'. . .has the ability, and DEBORAH RANDALL: "Debi, . . . Chorus . Hippy Dippy Weather Man . . . likes thunder the ambition is mounting . . . Cheshire cat smile Only her dentist knows for sure. . . "A kingdc storms . . . only male Student Council officer. . . . loves to be tickled. for my horsef, s..,., NDICE REED: "Candy" . . . a great future in SCOTT RIVARD: smart enough to argue with Mr. JAN RODENBACH: schtick AFS chairwo lical technology . . .square dancer . . . Candy's Duffy . . . politically motivated . . . follow the yel- man . . . sparkling eyes and a lovely soprano voice et and sour you . . . low VW. Seniors campaign for Nixon, Humphrey, and Wallace. JOSEPH ROMANO: "Joe" . . . "Fish" hes a nice boy" . . . hot rod in a V.W.? . . . lost Sun days, no Mondays. QENIOIZ MAGAZINE I IHAEL ROZA: "Mi.ke',. . .whatis the name of DONALD SAUER: "Don" . . . track star . . . nu- MARGIE SCHIEDELZ "Marge pool shark ' gym team? . . . "Hey, did I tell you the one mero Cinco en el estado . . . tries hard in typing. V . .ChCCflC2iClCf- . -IOVCS everyone artist it? . . . Baseball catcher in the rye. daydreamer. MARGARET SCHMITT: breaks adding machines . . . ten top salesman . . . walking joke book . . . her Dad drives a magic' bus . . . gymnast. SISAN SCHREINER: "Sue". . . poor loser . . . lof weightl . . . "groovy" . . . wants to be back at camp . . . innocent? LOIS SCHYNK: "Lo" . . . extremely studious . . skidoo . . . shes out to get her M.D. PAMELA SCHOSEKZ "Pam" . . . defiant . . . Embers business editor . . . Brayn1iller's right hand girl . . . hard worker. "PLEASE N QENE1 VICTOR SCHRADER: "View . . . Schrader Tir of school easily . . . Ski Doomaster . . . great for ball fan. JOSEPH SECCIO: "J0e', . . . 2 years, 9 rr ' or just 9 months . . . driving in Pennsylvania . . Merchant of Venice. KRISTEN SEGEBARTH: "Kris" . . . our pretty SC. pres. . . . born a Republican . . . Bali Hai . . . "I pledge allegiance." RY SEN DERS: "the queen has mme". . .dra- ist extraordinaire . . .has tht- song ofa lark . . . aatile dresser. MAURI SENISE: Brazil nut . . . we want Mauri . . . Mission Impossible for the girls . . . Latin lover . . . soccer to me! VI-NLE THE QENIO PASS ' LINDA SHANKS: "Lin" N.H.S. F.H.A.'er . . . one of the chorus Crowd . . . conge- nial . . . honesty is her polivy. LOWELL SHEFLIN: "Lyle" . . . hairy . . . little Triumph . , . "What you talk?" . . . ex Latin mas- ter. LLIAM SHEPHARD: "Shep" . . . cross coun- . . . our man in AVA . . . runs to sehool in the 'ning . . . argues anything . . . great historian. CAROL SKURAZ quiet?. . .vutt-. . .Mr. C0lvin's pet . . . "Frailty is thy name. wonian?', . . . drives the car crazv. GORDON SMITH: majors in dissent . . .always a button on his shirt. . . "This is true. . . . ."As it were." 1'?"ii"!'1"R W-,gf f :"FQL 1 g -, 37 -A -3 ' 'fi' 5:11 fi A '52 l'f13'-ii'r,'i2"ri,'5iK7i'53i7 Q i l " ws. 1. -LW :ivy rQ,.gyf'j3sf or Q - 1 , f.g.e"'- -1 .. E f , K Mg, 6 r y H 9 rf. 1 - W 1 i, 3 V. K. X MHA ' Q A A t A TA t - + 1. ll if . '- l l VV. 4, V' V ,A - .-,,., ' 1 ' i f 'X 'J .,. L- .-rfhi 2 is -f 4. , it 'err' RICHARD SMITH: "Dick', . . . Classical Gas re- MICHAEL SMUTZ: 'Tm sureli' . . . Salinger ex- Simi visited , , , drives it hot Rambler . . . George Fi- pert. . ."Really?". . .esoteric jokes tlook that up del's theatrical prodigy. in your Funk Kc Wagnallsfj ' 'AND II-IE LEAVES GEORGE STAUBER: "Cocoa Beani' . . . swinger incognito . . . period monitor . . . silence is strength . . . one more time . . . intelligent. JUDITH STRIEBICH: "Jude" . . . "Lets not be CARL SWANLUND: quiet and dignified . . . fu- catty, girlsli' . . . her dad doesn't trust her with the ture social scientist . . . automobile fan . . . Eagle family car , , , "Hey, Jude!" scout . . . goes his own way. DANIEL STIRLING: "Dan', . . . Tiki and watch . . . photography expert. . . Scot-Irish. . . wasn't l Abraham Lincoln tall? i l DIANE SWEICZKOWSKI: "Di" . . . alw happy and giggling. . .bit ofademon . . ,hopes be a dental hygienist . . . an alto. Mt' K. . 4 ,. - ,,-'., .. ga 'wife eww. 71- 2'-at-'ft .-t 'w ' 'EEMHE ' at Miter: -M-wwf-?f.f' -fr4m,+0g2-Avfw, 't.'f, W' YUM. ,V - :M-A 5 ,tl W tj'-H6 :faq -,gn 1,4 4 , x.. .f ,, .t WF' . , , p,,, 4 ,,,..,g4, V . gf . My 15.4 1, . -.,..5f,f4gt,,., 5.2.5151 , - - fy' :A Lf 1 . ' f"'V4 if ,gy , yr A, ,gg , Jx C 1 e 'X X X ,V Y :Ext ...M ' ' ,ff 5 . n 'A ix 0, X- z .M 4, ' vw' " li 5 , ,M ,- f . W si' ,V g y ' , 1 x 3 "LN 'L ,yr ,, 1 h I l w , I lll gr'-145 a ' A 1 1 i A A g xg 2. Q nw. E Vi ' . A ' S,E-:g3E,1'ag- 1 ' I... ,A ,V , ,sh 5. .' . ,fn i '5' 3,.5t.3,,Htf,LF uh 5 -. New if ,. 2 A .22 4 t in 5 ' 'Eiga y ' f',.'r1'-- '. J ' . ' wil':e??5., -"V ' ' FA-rf:T3"'g5?fgf!f2i1.'1e'T 3' iQYK3t.5Kvf1?.iTa1'22f5T2?a 5'-iv. ': ,. ,.i,,,a.,5'?w .J rf ,ff haw' fv,1.t:w., .52 7?-mu .f rn.,-.., A v, V gF?.'.1.s15'ia-i..'fx ' 3: 9"'1k14' 'Wai' WW rl21'6f'w 95 A 'Wi2wEi,fQ-it ?f5cu.ft?4?,:,.,i,f.s- 3:1 ",:.,i:4Lgf.3. -Q" 4. V , 7 5 ire' ' ff' iff A 5 WL "fmt" 9i2.i'f-5? 'f .5'7'.ivf"Z3i'-f5" 4"'? ' . 345 52 4. ' 4 3 ' ,A 'gg , ,hh 5 e out. DENNIS SZAL: plays a wild sax . . . "you got a wise mouth" . . . "talk is cheapw . . . you can hear his laughter a mile away. FCATAPJE ALLEN THIEL: "Al" . . . Hamburg transfer . . . can always find him on a motorbike . . . curly hair . . . would make a good Santa Claus. KATHLEEN THOMAS: "Kathy" . . . "I'm sure!" . . . never satisfied . . . "tall and tan and young and lovelyi, . . . it's looking well. WAYNE THOMAS: enjoys hay-rides . . . hits trees . . . unborn star . . . feetball . . . Thomas Wayne? , . . smiler. EDERICK THOMPSON: "Fred" . SONYA THOMPSON: "Jeri,,. . .photogenic. . . SANDRA TOELLNER: "Sandy". , .cheerleader ormn . . . "Gus" . . . perfectionist skier . . old l.C.S. girl. . ."walk on the wild side". . .sin- . . . seventeen, a beauty queen . . . gets an A in ll1S18.SllC golfer . . , friendly Fred. cerely ours. Athletics. MARYANN WARNER: "Sweet Sarcasm" . . . good in geometry . . . there comes a time in the life of every . . . sneaky. JOSEPH WIERZBICZ "Joel, . . . Nbrevity is the soul of wit" . . . opens his mouth only to eat and breathe . . . friendly but a little shy. SUSAN WITTMEYER: "Sue" . . . "Rudgy" . . . future nurse . . . life of any party . , . member of MARK WHITNEY: "Money? . . .I can't even pay lor my carl" . . , suggested for mature audiences. JENNIFER WILDE: "Ginger', . . . "Oh yeah!" . . . judo . . . active in Church . . . "The times are wild." . . . C.A.A. LEON WYSOCKI: "Leo" . . . loves his 'Twang . . . What goes on when your parents are away. . . . when there are English tests he's not all there. Elite Historians Inc. M I fuhfwg T4 DARLENE WIERZRA: blond, blond hair . horselover . . . one ol' the Wierzba Generation . shutterbug . . . green sneaker. ROBERT WITTIVIEYER: "Bob" "Sta WITT' , . .comes from the Northside. . ."I g work that night." LINDA YOUNG: Ed . . . gets in good with z gym practiee teacher . . . bells . . . always ti.r4 TSY GENCO: look for her at Braymillefs . . . uncxvused . . . personality with a smile s ppcrf' wife .vhf-WS! OBERT HEICHBERGER: "Heich" . . . eckles . . . short man with a big . . . for him it's mting season all year 'round. 'RYAN TASKER: has an Achilles heel . . . sur on at ICA . . . a tisket and Taskerv LINDA GRAY: one of the homemaking girls . . . shades of gray . . . quiet and gray-ceful. f ,wk W ,V . MARION MILLER: Miss Dillenbeck's helper. . . Business major . . . "I'll tease your hair!" . . a smile and a giggle. ROBERT WELLER: "Bohn . . . a bass found in chorus and band . . . Inside Out . . . sleeps Lhru English . . . band pres. GARY GRIMMZ "C, Cf' . . . football player that never played . . . a Spaniard in the works . . . Mau- ri's American hrother . . . "Ski" ROYALE POLLARD: dramatist . . . Canada is alive and well in North America . . . Humphrey forever AUDREY YAGER: "Eat, drink and be merryn . . . she and Dennis for a nice sax duo . . . Inside Out. GEORGE DETWILER: wants to be a vet . . . '55 Chevy? . . . I8 all year long . . . tough. MARK LINDSEY: NHS pres. . . . "One more the- orem!" . . . golf. . . conservative . . . tennis pro . . . gets 800's on his math Achievement Tests. CAROL SPRINGER: blonds really have more fun . . , goes for older guys . . . Christmas Carol . . . her clarinet goes doodle-doodle-doodle-det. ROLAND HUGHEY: who called him "baby?" . , one of the Frat . . . hangs his VW on fire hydrant WILLIAM HENRY: Good-Will . . . T.A. . . . 706 . . . Saturday night At The Barn . . . Billy's get a goat. WHEIZEWEIZEYOUWHEN Tl-IEQHUITEIZJCUCICED? DONALD CHAPMAN THOMAS COLANTINO SALLY FOX DAVID HASTIE JACKQUELINE HILL GARY KALUZA JOANNE KRAFT EDWARD LANDAHL BONNIE NASSOIY EUGENE NASSOIY CATHY NIDELL GARY PENN EUGENE RYCHLIK MARTHA TARASZKIEWICZ DAVID WIERZBA DENNIS WIERZBA Honor Souetv keeps Eden Llean Judy Strlebich 1 A-fm, .XX slxx JM -- . 'W'-Mr The senior class council is that cou- rageous groupof people that coordi- nates '69,s activities. lt consists of the class officers and two representatives from each homeroom. Some of their plans include sponsoring dances, a movie and the annual spaghetti dinner. Whether it be choosing announcement cards or figuring out how to make more money, the council deserves the grati- tude of' all seniors. GIRLS' AND BOYS' The most rewarding experience of' my life was in New Paltz, New York. Girls from all parts of the state turned a quiet college into chaos. We found no free time to plan campaigns. At ll:00 lights were to be out. But at 11:03 they usually went back on and we met in rooms and even shower lines to make signs and rehearse speeches. But most important, l came home with new ideas about our government and the privi- lege of being an American. Mary Lalfose When l came to Boys' State, l already had a few ideas about what it would be like, but they were soon shattered. lt was easy to become ac- quainted with my 36 new "brothers" We devel- oped a sense of pride in our new "town,, and "party.', We had six days of learning the "do,s'7 and "don7ts" of politics. There was time for all- night bull sessions, unauthorized frisbee con- tests and a few minor riots. Boys' State did a lot for me. l only hope others will find their experiences as rewarding. Peter Lorenzi QQ. CLAQQ COUN Cl L ers, M., Lynch, D., Brown, C., Ptak, J., Buehler, B. len to right, bottom zo top: Row l: Kapptm, W., Rodenbach, J., Thompson, F., Henry, W., Masters, J., Row 2: Gifford, S., Cocina, M., Wittmeyer, R., Chambers, E., Row 3: Donovan, Yager, A., Send- 10 TOP QENIO .fa l bottom to top. left mlunzn: umm: Lindsey. M.: Kesler. Hutchings. P. Yager. A.: Schmitt. M.: liirst. A.: St-hiedel. Nl.: right rol- M.: Nlertle. R.: Bley. ll.: :Xbse-nl: Striebivh. J.: Gent-o. P.: len to rilghl. ballanz to mp: Row l: Schunk. l..: Chambers. E.: Masters. J.: I 1 EN Row 2: Gifford. S.: Lorenzi. P.: Ptak. J.: Nl:-yer. .-X.: Standing: Lindsey. Nl.: Buehler. B.: Absent: Smith. C.: Cline. S. PAQ. WINNERS Q to right, bottom to tap: How l: Chambers, E.: llillord, S.: Meyer. A.: Buehler, li.: Bull, J.: Goerke. : Row 2: Smith. G. Lindsey, M.: Lorenzi, P.: Buohauer, B.: Donovan. R.: Row fl: Putnam, J.: Ptak, J.: essecar, J.: Brown, C.: Row 4: Smith, R.: Shephard, W.: Muka, T.: Britt. D.: Persinger, L, T"'l" . . l Academically, these ten people are the most knowledgeable in the class of 1969. lBy looks on their faves, you can tell what that meansll They are erammed with the knowledge of generations, and it has even done some of them a little good. The eleven top salesmen, fast operators and smooth-talkers all. managed to eonniye huge sums of money out of innocent by- standers and house-owners as they made the Class of 1969's magazine drive the most profitable in Edeifs history. The Regents Scholarship winners have distinguished themselves by performing their verbal and mathematical acrobatics before the judges in Albany. Such intellec- tual aehieyement eannot go unnoticed and it is therefore fitting and proper that we hereby notice it. I09 FAME MOSTN1-ILEHO Judy Striebieh, Jim Putnam MOST PIZOMIQING BUSINESS STUDENTS Jane Heinrich, Bob Fintak BEST DPESSED Kathy Thomas, Gary Kaluza FPJENDUEST Jan Rodenbach, Ron Donovan INDIVIDUAUST Sally Fox, Gordon Smith EEST LOOKING Ellen Ader, Gary Preischel AL MOST MUQICALLY INCUNED Audrey Yager, Bob Weller MOST POPUI-A121 Kris Segebarth, Gary Grimm QUIETEST Kathy Dynarski, Bob Kirst MOST STUDIOUS Sue Gifford, Carl Swanlund MOST UICELYTO SUOCEE-D Anne Meyer, John Ptak Magle Hoffman, Mike Roza vmw awww, but not tw 'FwmH1.wguidauwo66iwwHwnow-wisfewbswuumg pow, dassdkoolowas madQ5w5owaNLw." Karen Holseher, Carol Cataldo. Liz An English Powwow UZ BEAN - EN The year I have spent here will be the most memorable of mv life. When I think of the wonderful opportunities I have had I wonder if it can really be true. I've found out for the first time what it is actually like to belong to a large, close family. The Coei- nas took me in and made me one of them. I love the little town of Eden, beeause the people are so friendly. I have had so much fun at school and made many good friends I t ki Q. 2 shall keep for the rest of my life. In your school, you have many more elubs, groups and sports than we do. I have enjoyed taking part in other school activi- ties. which I would not have been able to do in my eountry, because the schools are so different. I even had the honor of being eap- tain of a volleyball intramurals team, playing field hockey for the school, and being on the worst girl's basketball intramu- ral team. Thank you all very mueh. I hope you en- joyed me being here as much as I did. I'll al- ways remember E.C.S. and my wonderful year here He bit mel He bit mel" Y ' SX' -I . A 31, 5 H . p f- .R -- gs . YV xr .WM - 3 if l I I szsrzsuf T. ,gzgy-gg ,,,,,f,4i1: I- ,- . . ypfwnf ,y --,- , 11,, ii I is Y 1 , 1 it Q ff sf is 2 ai. iblllllnauu ASLI' I "Dear Mom and Dad . . MARC K!-HL - A IQTZXN I came from Afghanistan my village, lVIohmndera, is located in the East ofthe country near Khyber pass on the border with Pakistan. There are a number of small mountains to the south and the Kabul River is running to the east in the north of Mohrnndera. Our climate is very nice dur- ing fall, winter, and spring, but in the sum- mer it gets hot. Many people go to the cold places during,the summer-time. When I came to the United States, I had some flilliiculties with the language, but the year was full ofjoy. It was the McCord lami- ly that helped in many ways and, after a short time, I felt as ifl were at home with my own family. The most exciting thing for me was going to school with girls. At first I thought I was in a dream because in my country thc girls and boys-can not get to- gcther. To all the teachers, the students and all the people in Ifden who helped me in my one year stay, I sincerely say. thank you very much. I will never forget you. , ,,, 'Q ,X 1, :ff A I a ...lt ...I -I, f V' 'i ii J "It's snow use " - Marc, Marge Schiedel Il' " 7 MIM!!! Z Q l l The International ,let Set lvl if W It , A 2 y me "I could sell tons of this stulf back home! II4 IW-rum QENIQE - BIZZZIL Since the time I was a little boy starting the High School in Brazil, I dreamt about going overseas. One day the AFS made that dream turn into reality, giving mc the op- portunity to come to the U.S.A. for one year. When I arrived in the USA., I was wor- ried about adapting myself to the new lan- guage and the new customs. But the Crimmis, my American family, helped me very much and I could solve all my prob- lems. I think that the teaching methods here are excellent, and the teachers are very nice. The students are friendly and it was not dif- ficult to make many friends. One thing I really admire about this school is the students7 interest in sports. Most of the students play several kinds of sports, and the ones who do not play, at least come to the games to support the teams. I like all kinds of sports, and soccer is my favorite. I could not play soccer here, but I enjoyed being the kicker for our football team. It took me a short while to become a football fan. This year has been different and full of new experiences. I am sure that the knowl- edge I have acquired this year will be im- mensely useful for me in the future. I thank you for everything. I will always remember vou. "And than she said . . .- Jw, if I could only figure- out how lu use this stupid abavus - Mrs. Moh- y, Pat llughr-y. QL: S 'SR nam.. lf that photographer wusnil looking. lid slap Your fave! - Mike Snwll-r. ,lvll lic-l Iunuzi Glenda Eiiibrev. Fxcedrin headache 369: a lost cunlavt In-ns. rl W nf- 'i , ,, S 315 L' - .W -y 1 X .. Lb' J My Q if: P .0 .fi .P IEEFSVQ ,g .3 Ei ii i. Il5 .,. 1 J f dl - X., ml X .wf-air' va. 'lah N-Nl.. . 5 You 1' ...,..-- i "There Now as soon as Mr. Hang walks in here he's glued to the f'l00rY,, - Darlene Wierz- ba, Fran Korkus, Marion Miller II6 "And here 's where wx' plave the bomb and as our heroes slowlv fade NWA'wz"""""ffn:v4afm:w4...,,,.. Sl1l'lSCt . . . 'ow Jones Industrials is down 3X8 and astronomer ioking up - Phil Graves, Linda Domin stock is vu--'K "I wonder if Mr. Fidel will change my lines tonight?" - Dick Smith "How can I read with so much yelling for quiet?" - Cindy Gifford fri V Y f . f-V . ,. . u . ., WW, , . ,Z 2 Z fi" a-ls' . I i 252--TY2a::X1im351:3i,.:111.0 -my:ars:3?iL,111wm::4::xi .,... wi.,-,K ,W f 1-N-, - - g -A ,nw Junior class indoctrination session 40 ,,,.,.----AM u Beautiful Dreamer Kon Bailey I I 8 L.. "Nm l'm building a fire, stupid." - B4-tty Brown bac, l didnt know it w n v Deb Huggler turn"' "Pete" Braymiller's Garden Mart Braymiller's Mart Business Office Central Service Eden Bells l.G.A. Eden Floor Covering, Inc. Eden Liquor Store Eden Swiss Cheese Factory Elaineis Hair Stylist Haag's Garage Haagis General Store Harold's Market Howell-Smutz Chevrolet lnc. Miller's Store Northside Pharmacy, lnc. Randall Agency Ray Lee Barber Shop Vic Schrader Tire Service lnc. Robert M. Weller, Contractor Williams Ford Sales Inc. Winegaris lrrigation Systems The Aders Mrs. Cameron Baird Mr. and Mrs. Robert l. Bolton, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Bromley, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown The Richard Brusehaber Family The Ben Buehler Family Miss Kathleen H. Bull Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bull Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carballo T. Carballo Mr. Wilbur Case Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. The Edmund A friend Mrs. Gangi Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cocina Joseph Cocina Stanley Dombroski Carl Dueringer S. Dzimian Guy Fitch Filipiak Family Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. PAH-ZONQ and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. w lyesl Fred Could Robert D. Grazier Paul Grimm George Guenther, Jr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. F. C. Gu and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. rley, Sr. William Hardcastle Harry Huggler Walter J. Jordan Mrs. Donald ,Ioy The John Kappus Family Mr. and Mrs. Hia-hard Keely Charles Larkin II f Mr. and Mrs. Lootens Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lund Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mace The Manning Family Mr. John Masiewiez The MeCords Mr. and Mrs. William C. McGee Mrs. Frank Meyer, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Hohert F. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. William Mumm Mr. and Mrs. Harold O7Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Miehael Oleksa George Papieh Mr. and Mrs. Clark C. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hiefler Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sauer Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Willard Schosek Mr. and Mrs. John Segebarth Mrs. Shepker Mr. and Mrs. John Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith, Jr. Clayton Squier Mr. Donald Staley Mr. and Mrs. Sir Laurenee J. Stevens Sturd 81 Holding Co. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. joseph Wilger Douglas Surgeoner 1 Mary Lou Svhl 1 SueSh d , 5 -f 'ii 1 ix -, 'V 4 I "v,.,x .W f 2 f - Ji . GZ A A ev' - A al 2 'Yi w Q ne' i fwfw, . , ffl- T 5.. ,E 5? 'ff' .W ,. rp, + xg, fm. M f- Y, N' A' " -' L -Q - . , A . x 1 1 4 ' iiliivh-Q" -. t x - -I r iff 4 ' .f 4 f ,... W . ml'-, 6 gi, ,L . 1 'I .as I .4- 1 .A +A .- I w . , 4 'f1s- f , w. g ' - 1? '::' . n 4 NS, . ,lg . I , h . Nik 0, - .1,....'-C 'mummy' L , 'ima-.f. 4. ., finu- r . . , K .1 .-W: uf.,-1: .Manx ,. www- ' - , 'V .. .J -,,-' M-.Lk M : ,,:, Av" ' 'wi' kg: : " V1 'f f A ' - - .3 ,WW fi , I U D 1 L , . ., , o JVM ff - '-. z, . , f , . Au!-.' .-.my , . .M ,, .Mi ,ww , i x I F: 'X , ' .-.fx . 'x N r' rf. - '-'. . 5 ., I f- 5 INVA I-V 3 4 . - V fx A, ' .. 'x,', ' , ' 5 - 2 0 - v M f XM bui X ay! lf X NN 1 , ' ,,fg X no X KXAX A' X K R mx ,R f W E AWN 1 4 t' If Lb X i xN Q I Q -',J fn - . . -A-- 5g ::,fv 5 'r., 1 g --'V 3, -H : 2,1 -. if X A fkflf' ,'1.' LV fn Q ' ' K A, , fffw yn I Z 0 lug! Pj -k F, ,f:A.'1" ., , - , . ' if ' ' 'N i Y ff! Ly'

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