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O -544, fs rw 5 kv Q, ar.. , . G "1 ' J. 1 , f kiln" . , ,. Lv 5,-,tk-.f x ' 1 ,v , 1' 1 H 1 ' n 'P ' -, 4, ' fra. , Y M . ,r Y 'I A .sQz1lf1:?f1 7 ' f' -L, QL-r 11, 'H 452, ., iq, .A - s .QW ff, , "Lf .ww ' -i ff? I-N . 'Jr-, Q 1 ff :. ,gf 1' 952.3 4-11, ' 'pf ff" .4 H '. ' r ,. . Q! .5 N, 1 rj"-. I fm . 'S J "He 54' ' ,, Z' V'-1 ' ' :Fm , ,mf ' 5 F2--V . .Qjlffii 1-Quai' 'v A k sf, 1 j ' fp? , . 1. 'fi' 1 9 .4 g ES' - 45 ,I In 1 ,: , :.,:.Vi' .. ef' '4 1. Y Wa, zz 1 R rf"-L . . -- .ry-rg . f, V - gs Q A, 1-vga f-- 'WLTWIE4' 7' ' " Ms 'lrw'-l , - . nv V' 5'fmZ?mg.f-M,-a,nm.2-K ' -' -'H ll .. Eden Ceniral r J A 1968 I J 7 FACULTY 1 7 37 oRGANlzAnoN9 SPORTS as Music 73 85 UNDERCLASSMEN SENIORS The task of dedicating a yearbook is one which is met with enthusiasm by the members of the outgoing class. This dedication gives the seniors a chance to express their sincere gratitude to one member of the faculty. During our years as high school students we have enjoyed the able guidance of many fine faculty members, but one man seems to stand out in the minds of an overwhelming majority of the Class of 1968. This man made room in his busy life to help anyone who needed his assistance and to advise the Varsity Club. He gave up time on Saturdays to sell refreshments at football games. He is an organizer, an adviser and ever faithful supporter of all student functions at E.C.S. Devotion is the key to being a good coach. A coach is not doing his job unless he really loves the game and the people involved in that game. The members of three athletic squads all received the benefits of this man's ability. Mr. Sturm has this devotion and dedication. Therefore, this year, we, the Class of 1968, dedicate our Embers to Mr. Edward Sturm. l v l v The year 1968 marks an important event for th graduating class. It represents the culmination c thirteen years of educational experience at Ede Central School. What goals and aspirations you see as individuals will be something, perhaps, totally dii ferent from the classes that went before you. On important thing you should know, and be assured or is that your school has prepared you in the best wa possible, for the challenge you are going to mee Meeting this challenge, however, is up to you. This class holds a particular sentiment to m since we started at Eden Central School the sam year and I have kept a close account of you throug the years. The purpose of the Year Book is to provide yo with a record of your high school experiences whic you can refer to in your later years. Your high schoc memories, for the most part, are pleasant ones, an can often serve as an inspiration for you to achiev greater things in your future. Your yearbook stai made an outstanding effort to provide you with ju: such a record. May I take this opportunity to congratulate th class of 1968 and wish you success in whatever e1 deavors you pursue. Mr. Donald D, Fregelette Principal 7, , Y, I I I it if Seniors, I want to congratulate you on your attainments at Eden Central School. Graduation will mean, in many cases, the completion of your formal education, and you will enter specific vocations. Some of you, however, ex- pect to enter institutions of higher learning. A good foundation upon which to build your future has been given to you by your dedicated teachers. You have secured a well-balanced program of general education unsurpassed in secondary schools throughout the United States. Your own initiative and foresight will determine how successful you will be in putting your knowledge to use. Eden graduates before you have made good Citizens, and many have made names for themselves in the business world. I feel that each of you has the capability and the opportunity to do the same. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and may you find the time to visit us often in the coming years. Chris G. Frauenhofer Assistant Principal M rs. Loretto, Secretary .-o""' Q, I taser 1. Q 'V Mr. Frauenhofer- Assistant Principal lx..-Z. Dfw-A X Top Clockwise: Mr. M. Firey, Mr. W. Bos, tV.P.J Mr. L. Eckhardt, Mr. K. Savage, Mrs. J. McNeely, Mr. G. Natross, Mr. J. Walsh tTreas.D, Mrs. R. Metz, Mr. D. Pratt, Mr. D. Ander- son, CActing Dist. Prin.J. 'sa From left: Mr. W. Lynch fPresidentJ, Mr. W. Carroll CAtty.j, Mr. J. Walsh fTreas.J, Mrs, R. Metz Q Clerkl. From left? Mr. D. Pratt, Mr. D. Anderson CActing Prin. of Dist.J, Board of Education The School Board is the governing and planning body of our school system. They are presently working on the details of the new senior high school, which will soon be under construction. The School Board is now concerned with the selection of a new district principal to replace Acting District Principal Donald Anderson. Parent-Teachers Association Through the P.T.A., parents are given a chance to further aid their school district. This year the Parent-Teacher's Associa- tion sponsored the open house, the book fair, nights at the Studio Arena Theater, the collection for U.N.I.C.E.F., the Peter Piper Players, and the G.L.P. Christmas Program. Eden has a right to feel proud of having such an active and worthwhile Parent-Teacher's Association. Officers: Mrs. Wagner, Mr. Brei ner, Mrs. Brenner, Mr. Putnam, Mrs. Putnam, Mrs, Pratt, Mrs. Phillipf Mr. Wagner, Mrs. Willi Mr. Willis, Absent: Mr. Pratt, Mr. Phillips. gm English, since it is our na- tive tongue, ought to be spoken flawlessly and under- stood thoroughly. At E.C.S., the English department is taken most seriously. Litera- tture enables students to con- ltinue the expansion and development of their knowl- edge as well as stimulating the ability to learn. Seated: Miss Cbllins, Mrs. Wagner, Miss Klingenmeierg Mr. Hunt. Standing: Mr. Mrha, Mr. Brennan, Mr, Mc ord, . Fidel, Mr. Jacques, 'Miss Dillenbenakkf , ' , f 'A C A fi iii 5-fi' H -aixgifjv O . H ' --" f - ' xr HJ j V , 1.1, -I 1 , C.fiix,75 L Uv? L, ' "fl X i In order to understand the history being made today, it is necessary to look back and observe what was done in the past. Under the general title of "history" we find the var- ied subjects of Social Studies, World History, American History, Russian History, and Economics. Current events, as well as past histori- cal events, play an important part in the curriculum. Hisforg 8 Seated: Mr. Hamann, Mr. Castiglia, Mr. Sappelt, Mr. Duffy. Standing: Mr. Vanden bergh, Mr. Donovan, Mr. Pacini. Mathematics The study of Mathematics is a means to develop organized thinking and obtain neces- sary data through various concepts. The courses of business arithmetic, algebra, geome- try, and trigonometry offered at Eden not only stress high school math material, but encour- age students to further their education to the college level. For this reason a new program, Math 12, was Created for seniors. Taught by Mr. Georger, this course delves into calculus presented in college. Let us not forget the dedi- cated teachers who prepare students for the demand in this complex age for basic math- ematical knowledge. Science Seated: Mr. Gillespie, Mr. Wilcox. Standing: Mr. Narraway, Miss DeMuro, Mr. Varco, Mr. Keats, Mr. Case. Seated: Mrs. Minnigh, Mrs. Brenneman. Standing: Mr. Bell. Mr. Georger, Mr. Burnside With today's great surge in world prog- ress. we must maintain an open mind for new and expanded technical scientific knowledge. Following this train of thought, we salute a relatively new staff of science teachers. From general science, health, and biology, to physics and chemistry, students attempt to gain knowledge and express in- terest while enjoying their work. Labora- tory work, which is required for biology, physics, and chemistry, helps the students to actually view and work with the material they study. This lab work may range from the dissection of worms and frogs to the formation of dangerous chlorine gas. It is certain that all science students receive ex- panded knowledge as well as satisfaction from their science course. Since foreign languages have been taught in high schools, there has been a noticeable de- crease in language barriers throughout the world. The Language Department at E.C.S. offers sequences in French, Latin, and Span- ish. These electives, skillfully taught by Mr. Masiewicz, Mr. Reed, Miss Lombard, and Dr. Gibson, continue to familiarize the students not only with the foreign language itself, but with the cultural and geographic aspects of the lands where the language is spoken. A special language lab, equipped with microphones and earphones, helps to further the students' rela- tionship with their foreign language. Left to right: Miss Lombard, Mr. Masiewicz, Dr. Gibson, Mr. Flanigan Eden offers several business courses such as business math, secretarial practice, business typing, shorthand, and office practice in which a business student may major. Under the supervision of excellent teachers, students are prepared for jobs after gradua- tion. However, they may wish to improve their skills by entering a business college. Business students are always in great demand. B us 'n e Seated: Miss Witzleben, Mrs. Pasternak, Mr. Dzimian. Standing: Mr. Carlin, Mr. Colvin. Physical Educalion Physical fitness is not an easy state to attain and remain in. As Miss Palmer, Miss Anderson, Mr. Sturm, and Mr. Hagen will tell you, there are several ways to keep fit without really trying. The extensive intramural program offered at Eden in- cludes sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, bad- minton, tennis, and ping pong. All sports offer organized competition and hours of fun. Participation in these sports proves that our generation wishes to continue the fitness pro- gram started by our late President Kennedy. Seated: Mr. Hagen, Miss Palmer. Standing: Mr. Sturm, Miss Anderson. One of the widest and most promising fields open to boys at Eden comes under the heading of "Industrial Arts". Shop work for those who are creatively inclined is espe- cially popular at Eden. Through the print, metal, graphic, and wood shops, the boys who are planning to enter an industrial vo- cation acquire manual training. Industrial Arts Left to right: Mr. Marchuska, Mr. Knauer, Mr. Mergler, Mr. Pingitore, Mr. Findeisen, Mr. Rice. Ari At E.C.S., there is extensive interest in the art of using the hands as a means of self-expression. The entire student body, as well as the faculty, takes pride in the Art Department under the supervision of Mr. Haug and Miss Pfeil. It takes a certain amount of talent, imagination, and patience to be a successful art student. A variety of courses are available here. Basic Drawing, Painting 81 Drawing, and Ceramics I 81 II not only train the art student to develop his talent, but also acquaint him with the art history and important facts concerning his course. Mr. Haug and Miss Pfeil perform an immensely difficult job as they attempt to mold each student's understand- ing, appreciation, and interpretation, while helping to instill an individual style in each. As we view the student art displays, including drawings in pencil, chalk, charcoal, and conti-crayon, paintings in water color, tempra, and oil, and ceramic Hmasterpiecesw, we cannot help but think that these two people are ingenious as well as indispensable. Miss Pfeil, Mr. Haug. Eden Central School boasts of one of the best Music staffs in the entire New York State teaching system. Under the competent leadership of these three individuals, Eden has accomplished feats which no other school in the area has dared to match. We owe the students' active participation in band, chorus, and orchestra to Mr. Downey, Mrs. Gangi, and Mr. Meacham. Not only are the excellent concerts, which they direct, anticipated and appreciated by the Eden community, but they are also recognized in County and State competition. Left to right: Mr. Meacham, Mrs. Gangi, and Mr. Downey This past year has brought special recognition to all three of the music instructors. Mrs. Gangi was elected Secretary of the Music Teachers in our district. Mr. Meacham appeared as guest solo violinist with the Cheektowaga Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Dow- ney conducted All-State Band, and he and our own Eden Band were nominated for the First Chair of America, a national yearbook of world acclaim. Music Left to right: Miss Gressman, Mrs. Greenwood, Mr. Pingitore. Few students ever realize the full im- portance of a good guidance depart- ment. In addition to putting together hundreds of schedules each year, Mr. Frawley, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Flanigan, and Mr. Alex are given the task of advising students on future careers and colleges. The guidance office has in its posses- sion numerous booklets containing infor- mation about colleges throughout the United States as well as New York State. It is through this literature and the guid- ance counselors' aid that Eden students prepare themselves for the future. Though they do not often receive recog- nition, these are the dedicated people who have a tremendous hand in shaping tomorrow by guiding tomorrow's citi- zens. Secretaries: Miss Thiel, Mrs. Schiedel. Special Services Miss Gressman. our school nurse. Mrs. Green- wood, our librarian. and Mr. Pingitore. the A.V.A. director. aid our school with their services. Miss Gressman. not only will come to your rescue with a Sucret in time of need. but aids in administration of vaccines and inoculations. Mrs. Greenwood. librarian. keeps peace and quiet in the library. Her efficiency is exemplified by the fact that the Eden Library is one of the most well stocked libraries in Western New York. with l4.5O0 volumes. Mr. Pingitore. the head of the A.V.A.. runs a very tight ship in the .-X.V.A. room. All of the equipment in his charge is well cared for and efficiently operated. Gu 'd a n ee Left to right: Mr. Alex, Mr. Frawley, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Iflanigan .vsnu...,N X I3 Home Economics Mrs. Conklin, Mrs. Horton, Miss Bald The Home Economics department of E.C.S. is commended for its efficiency in giving girls training in various fields of personal and family home life. Increasing the students' skill in sewing, cooking, and instruction in the basics of child care is only a part of the knowledge gained from our splendid home economic teaching staff. Driver Educaiion Mr. Collins Driver Education has grown in importance in the past few years. Driver education is.a purely elective course. It is mainly limited to seniors and some juniors. The students learn many important skills from Mr. Collins, the Driver Education teacher. They learn driving skills and driver safety, both of which are very important on the highways of today and tomorrow. iii gs-,W N A ' k l9f.I.'.1..., - . . "All work and no play .... It looks pretty amusing for a history book! W, A 4 our smiling professor i s,No , r,, L g::.x4n1f1'vx?' irir I Q 1, V- ' , Ay. '.,,, T 1 l ' U fir W W "Well, it tastes like . . .um. .well sort of like . . .uh Transporiaiion Row l: A. Perison, R. Mertle, H. Parysek, H. Winter, B. Frazier, G. Winters.Row 2: Mrs. Gruppl, Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Dillingham. Mr. Vincent Transportation Supervisor I6 Cafeleria Qlaff ff' .4v' f Q . I ' Mrs. Kolb, Mrs. Hooker, Mrs. Ely, Mrs. Sikes, Mrs. Kauffman, Mrs. Wilcox I u- wil L41 i 4 Row 1: S. Gifford, F. Korkus, B. Maggs, R. Donovan. Row 2: Mr. Georger, Parmelee, D- Baker, C. LCHS, P- Ellwood, K- O'C0nn0r, S. Brown. Row 4: advisor, C. Murphy fsecretaryl S. Surgenor Cpresidentl Row 3: M. Senders, R. Soule, R4 Smith, J- Barton, D- Ch2imbCl'S, M- Lindsey, G- Ellwood, GA Ehfha Sen 'o r H ' g "The itsy bitsy spider Went the garden spout . . Y' Madame President -Y if 'W V ' C t,Q8T,.-is P NN H , In f""s.,xk fm K ,vs s 2? 2, ,uv ,na- E. , i iw 1: J. Eggen, A. Yager, J. Gurbacki, S. Spring. Row 2: J. Ptak fvice-presi- Shouldice, K. Mardino, D. LaRose, S. Wieczerzynski. Row 4: B. Kelly, C. ntJ, S. Brown ftreasurerl Row 3: J. Eggen, K. Segebarth, H. Stokely, B. Lindsey, D. Price, J. Sisti, G. Grimm, P. Hatch, L. Penedo, K. Conklin. Hudeni Council Student Council is the student governing body at E.C.S., made of of representa- tives from each senior high homeroom and every school organization, Council tries to provide a voice for Eden's students and govern the student body with administrative guidance. Council acts as the coordinator of all school activities and functions. It is a means for students to improve, from within, school spirit and school activities. Student Council tries to make the school environment a two lane highway rather than a one-way street by presenting programs aimed at involving all the students. Student Court, a Council Newsletter, the Peace Corps Program, and greater involve- ment in District 5114 of the State Council are among the achievements of this year's Senior High Student Council. I9 I : v ary ex gf -sw W . Row 1: P, Hatch. Row 2: D. Stresing, S. Spring, R. Marrano, J, Penedo, H. Stokley, P. Hatch. Row 4: D. Price, J, Soule, S Cocina. Row 3: D. Chambers, B. Price, J. Eggen, J. Parmelee, L, Brown, R, Ketcham, M. O'Malley, C, Lindsey, J. Barton. Our Senior Class Council is made up of two representatives from each senior homeroom. Along with our advisor, Mr. Duffy, we discuss money making activities and other interests of the senior class. Preparing for the Senior Ball and the yearbook are our main interests. The Senior Class Council represents the Senior Class and has worked hard to better the Class of ,68. Senior Class Council Junior High iudeni Council The Junior High Student Council is a legislative body composed of members elected by the Junior High students. Its purpose is to assure relations between the students and administration. Through such projects as bake sales, dances, and assemblies, the members acquire the leadership experience necessary for future endeavors. Under the experienced guid- ance of Mr. Castiglia and leadership of President Mark Buehler, the Council has been a success this year. Ann. Row 1: T. Lorenzi, S. Spencer, M. Buehler, J. Vice, Mr. Castiglia, advisor. Row 2: R. Bock, K. Szal, L. Price, W. Cowper. W. Erdle. Row 3: D. Krencik, J. Leyda, J. Blowers, G. Smith, C. Pacini, M. Wilson, S. Murphy. if J , , ,x fiiggpfgpifggil fx 'Z -I , 3 . S. ,...-' Row I: P. Hatch, M. O'Malley, B. Kauffman, J. Gurbacki, S. Spring, L. Bock, S. Brown, M. Warner, B. Minekime, D. Sauer, S. Rivard, J. Sosti, D. Chambers D. Stresing, N. Price. Row 2: C. Brown, L. Koepka, C. Middendorf, J. Roden- L, Bos. bach, B. Miles, J. Barton, J. Cocina. Row 3: C. Leas, J. Kordrupel, M. Seibert, Monitors The purpose of the Monitor Staff is to maintain order in the school, working in conjunction with the newly-formed Student Court system. Student offenders are subject to punishment according to the severity of the violation. As always, this year's staff has done an outstanding job. "He went that-a-way." Jim Cocina l Seated: J. Wilde, P. Hecker, C. Modica, P. Roza, S. Campbell, Standing: R. Donovan, C. Swanland, J. Ebling, Model UN Yorkers The Yorkers are the junior members of the New York State Historical Association. Besides guiding parents at open house, the Yorkers are also in charge of the school's American flag. Composed of junior high students, the Yorkers travel to some historic city to visit, explore, and learn more about various sights in New York State. Mr. Foroscij, advisor to the group, said this year's plans include a trip to the Adirondack Mountains, Row I: N. Eckhardt, R. Higgins, R. Hess, T. Lunger. N. Higgins. D. VanVVie. Row ll: D. Bel- tinger. J. Willabrant. S. Beverly, P. Critoph. D. Huggler. J. Fckhurdt. D. Anderson. Row Ill: A. Polasik, P. Found, C. Crossan. Row IV: H. Siefke. Campbell. K. Gaylord, R. Crawford. J. Herman, J. Greene, C. Enser, L. Smith. Row I: D. Chambers, L. Koepka, N. Lilga, B. Kauffman, Mr. Hamman. Blatner, B. Maggs, S. Surgenor. Row 3: D. Stresing, C. Leas, S. Brown, Row 2: H. Stokely, B. Marrano, B. Price, S. Spring, L. Adrion, D. C. Lindsey, G. Ellwood, B. Dunn, B. Minekime, W. Eckhardt, S. Agle. National Honor Society As the competition among people for jobs and education grows, more and more emphasis is being put on grades. A student with a high scholastic average has a much better chance of getting the college and job of his choice. The National Honor Society is organized to give recognition to those students who have outstand- ing character, leadership, scholarship and service. These students have worked hard for both their school and community. They have accomplished these standards and are prepared to meet others in the future. Once inducted into the N.H.S., the members are as- signed certain duties. They operate under the special honor pass system, manage the information desk in the main foyer, tape books for the blind, act as a guide to visitors, present induction assemblies and usher at concerts. Living up to their pledge they are "loyal at all times" and "maintain and encourage high standards." 24 1 T ti'iii ,rf Our Groovy Leader!Dave Chambers National Junior Honor Society The National Junior Honor Society has been a part of Eden for the past four years. This organization was formed to honor students in the junior high who have above average marks and leadership abilities. Many of these students go on to be tapped for the N.H.S. in high school. During the course of the year, the National Junior Honor Society sponsors bake sales and serves Eden in any way it can. Its members should feel proud to be a part of an organization which adds so much to Eden. Row l: B. Sager, D. Cunningham, C. McMillan, F. Lorenzi, M. Illardo, S. Murphy, S. Blatner. Row 2: J. Stevens, R. Kordrupel, A. Volo, W. Erdle, D. Dueringer, N. Higgins, J. Drummer, G. Gurley, P. Leas. Row 3: B. Cowper, F. Meyer, S. Campbell, G. Frietag, B. Hess, M. Ostrander, A. Sauer, M. Maier, R. Bock, M. Buehler, T. Lorenzi, N. Eckhardt. Row 4: C. DeBuhr, D. Huggler. E. Kwilos, C. Enser, J. Farrel, M. McWil- liams, R. Minekime, S. Kuhn, C. Carroll, C. John, K. Mathwig, R. Lester, P. Found, S. Spencer. ,ef Wg! fe. A.F.S. Since 1958, the American Field Service organization has served Eden and its students. With the help of funds raised by the annual A.F.S. Pizza Sale and other money-raising activities, one Eden student each year has been able to take part in the foreign exchange program. Through this program, the student has had the experience of actually living with a foreign family for one summer and sharing the family life of people in another country. Last year Douglas Price was able to spend his summer in Austria. A.F.S. has also brought at least one foreign exchange student to Eden each year. Through knowing and speaking to these students, the pupils at Eden have built a better understanding of foreign cultures and ideas. Also, by spending one full school year with an Eden family, these foreign students have come to know a small number of Americans in their everyday lives. This school year, we were privileged to have Maria Penedo, commonly known as "Lolo" to all, visit us from Brazil. Lolo was the "daughter" of Dr. and Mrs. Surgenor. Through participating in A.F.S., students are given the opportunity to learn more about world cultures and to further the efforts toward world peace. Lolo and Nancy Lilga-Pizza selling. .sk nf 5 A -A as fi nf-1 A Q 2 xg. Nya--X. Q ,, 4.-.1--..M f"'?Z1.f"f 'gil w.'Qlx.xfSf'!'9iQ"X 2 K Qui . 5 2 e Q Q . fvli-f N mm W, x Qu. Row l: L. Koepka, R. Donovan, J. Rodenbach, D. Price, L. Penedo, Dr. Gibson, S. Surgenor, S. Spring. Row 2: T. Striebich, B. Donovan, J. Andrzejewski, J. Acanfora, D. LaRose, J. Eggen, W. Ressing, J. Blatner, M. Ilardo, C. Stiles, S Schosek, J. Price, D. Brown, J. Stevens, S. Selover. Row 3: L. Parker, P. Rosa, B Rubach, J. Rupp, M. Spring, K. Kirst, C. Bley, N. Lilga, E. Chambers, M. Tar- aszkiewicz, D. Carballo, L. Lancaster, P. Manning, J. Ebling, J. Price, L. Price. Row 4: B. Erdle, M. Lambrix, C. Johns, M. Mayer, C. Middendorll S. Gifford, M. Wilson, C. Goerke, S. Toellner, C. Edwards, M. LaRose, C. Putnam, B Shouldice. Row 5: K. Segebarth, N. Walters, F. Lorenzi, S. Spencer, T. Lynch, E. O'Day, C. Pacini, L. Parmelee, T. Pratt, C. Kranz, C. Fitch, M. VanNote, S Blatner. Row 6: J. Vice, D. Long, T. Sendors, S. Schneider, G. Vice, Harms, M. Sendor, J. Striebich, C. Murphy, M. Cocina, M. Agle, R. Parmelee, J. Eggen, N. Price, P. Hutchings, D. Lynch, C. Stresing, F. Korkus, L. Price, M. Warner, T. Lorenzi. Row 7: C. McCord, L. Gurley, P. Erdle, P. Lambrix, K. Downey, G. Smith, C. Carroll, J. Wilde, B. Buehler, J. Farrell, C. Thomas, L. Bos, M. Kester, E. Ader, A. Yager, C. Gifford, L. Schunk, K. Finger, R. Found, M. Riklic, L Hutchings, D. O'Ma.l1ey. Row 8: F. Wagner, P. Hecker, M. Schmidt, S. Gurley, M. O'Malley, P. Lorenzi, G. Grimm, S. Campbell, J. Sisti, L. Bock, P. Ellwood, C. Lindsey, R. Ketcham, S. Agle, D. Stresing, S. Brown, E. Brusehaber, N Toellner, K. O'Connor, M. Lindsey, C. Springer, M. Schiedel, S. Campell, B. Kauffman. Lolo in ihe U. 9. A. I came from Brasil, country of beauty and happiness. My city Vitorio, is an island and my house is situated on a beach where l swim all year, including the winter. Our climate is always warm anc full of gaiety and love. I had never seen snow before and when l first saw it I thought I was dreaming. I sat watching the flakez falling: some were big . . . some were small . . . but how much peace and beauty they brought to us . . . Skiing has been one more won- derful experience where I have enjoyed myself. I'm personally, as my friends know me, always happy and ready for fun. I like dances, sports, and having lots of friends. Ilm roman- tic too, and I like to listen to music, to play the piano and guitar to write or read poems and to appreciate wonderful and unex- pected nature. And I like to study, trying to learn a little bit, or if possible everything about everything. Because the more we learn, the more we discover new things to learn about. Life is full of interesting and wonderful things and I try to live intensely every minute of my life, apprehending the best I can, to search for my goal. Following my wish to learn always more, I came to this small and lovely town of Eden. Though our countries have much in common, I found some different customs, systems and ideas. But I did not have any trouble adapting myself to my new life. And this happened because of . . . the Surgenor family that gave me love and understanding, making me feel as if I was in my own home - . all teachers that helped me gave knowledge - . . all U16 boys HUF girls that have been very good friends. One thing that I appreciate in Eden is the love that everybody has for music. It is amazing how almost every single person playz a musical instrument. Singing and playing piano in Chorus, taking part in intramuralf after school, participating in many clubs and activities, including Student Council and Embers Staff, and principally, being a cheer- leader, I understood much better the American School system anc I had a wonderful time. All of you gave me the most exciting and interesting year. Sc I just say, with much love, Thank you very much! I'll never forget you! Lolo . . ...,. K K. k Doug Price in Austria The American Field Service, through its ex- change programs, offers one of the most reward- ing opportunities to a student in our times. One can only realize the full value of such an experi- ence by looking back upon what he has learned and been exposed to. I am very proud to be an A.F.S. student and also very proud to have been able to play an active part in promoting interna- tional understanding. iQ . 1 lf V. 1 In Austria, I spent ten weeks with the Gasser family. Our 30-room Alpine home was more than able to accommodate my seven brothers and sis- ters comfortably. Because of this extra room, dur- ing the summer months several rooms were rented to tourists visiting our scenic area of the Austrian Alps. The Austrian Alps towered above our small town of St. Jakob in the Defreggen Valley of East Tyrol. The mountains offered a new-found source of recreation and enjoyment in moun- tain climbing. I-Iaving never before had the chance to climb even a small mountain, it was certainly a challenge and an experience to remember each of the ten mountains I climbed while abroad. Among these mountains was third-highest mountain in Austria, Grossvene- diger-altitude 12,050 feet. In Cortina, Italy, I did some rugged rock-climbing on the 4'Cinque Torri' in the Dolomiten Range. Traveling through Northern Italy several times and seeing the fast-changing landscapes of the Mediterranean region in southern Europe gave me a very real picture of the various ways in which this region of Europe not only differs from but also resembles areas of our own country. A three-day visit to Venice offered an opportunity to see one of the truly different cities of the world and a chance to learn a little about the cultures of Northern Italy. I have found many lasting friendships through A.F.S. and hope that any future student from Eden having the same opportunity will take ad- vantage of it and enjoy his experiences as I have. GirI's Athletic Association y The Girl's Athletic Awards Club is composed C i enthusiastic and energetic girls who have earned i sufficient amount of credits from intramural activ ties. With the goal of good sportsmanship and at preciation of athletics in mind, G.A.A. has tackle! another year of projects and activities. After-schoc activities in intramurals were organized by our hart working team advised by Miss Palmer, with credi due to president Cheryl Bley. By selling Eden sweai shirts, organizing game nights, and other project the G.A.A. gained funds to pay for the climax c their school athletic year-the annual G.A.A. Bar quet. There, celebrated girl athletes and seniors wer congratulated with honors and trophies for a suc cessful year. l Row l: J. Ziegelhofer, L. Ball, C. Bley, Miss Palmer. Row 2: L. VanVechten, B. Saunders, J. Acanfora, C. Schosck, D. Radigan, C. Way. Row 3: A. Meyer, M. Schiedel, P. Erdle, J. Bos, K. Murphy, J. Senders, C. Middendorf. Row 4: P. Manning, S. Tocllner, C. Edwards, L. Young, P. Hcckcr, P. Ellwood, L. Koepka, M. McWilliams. Row 5: L. Schunk, J. Wilde, B. Kauffman, S. Surenor, S. Brown, P. Hatch, D. Stresing, S. Spring, K. Harms. School spirit is an element that every school should have, but it cannot be learned or studied. In order to be effective, a feeling of pride in E.C.S. must be born within every student. The Pep Club promotes this school spirit as they cheer our basketball and football teams to victory at both home and away games. Whether we win or lose, they give both our players and the opposing team a sample of what Eden thinks of its athleteseThey're the greatest! Pep Club Row l: S. Toellner, M. Warner, J. Wilde. Row 2: L. Parker, C. Edwards. Row 3: L. Paciorek, P. Spors, P. Hecker, Miss Palmer, R. Lasota, D. Gorecki. 30 v-lx -1 M Row 1: H. Stokely, J. Striebich, L. Penedo. K. Harms, L. Bock. S. Brown, M. Schiedel. S. Toellner, P. Ellwood, B. Marrano. Row 2: D. Price, Mr. Pucini, Mr. Sturm, Z. Soule, V.P., B. Kelly. pres.. D. Sauer, sec.. J. Cocina, treas. B. Shepherd. D. Lorenzi. Row 3: R. Donovan. B. Miles, D. Chambers, P. Hatch. R. Dunn. M. Res- Varsiig Club sing, P. Conklin, D. Finger, M. Roza, G. Grimm, R. Munro, W. Eckhardt, D. Lynch. Row 4: M. O'Mallcy, R. Duerringer. G. Prieschel, J. Putnam, M. Rivard. D. Cole. J. Rogowski. G. Ehr- hart. G. Edwards. C. Modica, G. Ellvvood. Period Monitors The Varsity Club is an organization comprised of people who have proved their excellence in the field of athletics. To become a member of the Var- sity Club, it is necessary to earn a Varsity letter or l membership on the highly competitive cheerleading squad. A Varsity letter is awarded to an athlete who participates in enough meets, matches, or games to prove his ability and astuity. The Varsity Club is becoming more and more active and will soon be considered a large motivating force in student activities. Row 1: J. Barton, D. Finger, S. Harms. Row 2: P. Lor- enzi, G. Smith, R. Holehouse, J. Eggen. Row 3: G. Kaluza, J. Soule, R. Brushabcr, R. Donovan, J. Cocina. Row 4: J. Putnam. R. Weaver. D. Cole, J. Ptak. P. Hatch. Library staff .....:."' fy, fi," Lvyf xi, Row l: S. Faso, M. Fessel, G. Embree, M. Ilardo, K. Hallowell. Row 2: P. Hecker, L. Parker, C. Christopher, N. Thomas, Mrs. Greenwood, V. Delito, L. Spors, N. Higgins, P. Spors, A. Kirst, M. Gier Tower staff This year's Tower staff has tried diligently to steer the monthly newspaper, the Tower, out of the rocks and into calm waters. For the past few years, the general student attitude toward the Tower has been one of indifference. However, under the guid- ance of Editor Gordon Smith and Feature Editor Ellyn Brusehaber, the popularity and circulation of the Tower has more than doubled. A particular col- umn entitled "Speaking Out" was especially con- troversial as it invited anonymous persons to view their opinions on anything in the school whether they be positive or negative. By printing articles which interest the entire stu- dent body, the Tower staff has achieved a successful, respectable, and reliable reputation. Row l: G. Smith, A. Brenner, A. Sauer, T. Pratt, C. McCord. Row 2: J. Ferrel, B. Brown, M. Grazier, E. Brusehaber. Row 3: C. Middcndorf, M. Maier, C. Gifford, S. Gifford, C. Siefke. Row 4: C. Swanlund, J. Sisti, G. Lootens, B. Shepard, Gordon Smith fliditorl 32 al A. V. A. Because of the increasing need for audi-visual aids, it is necessary to understand the correct operation of the equipment. For this purpose, the A.V.A. Club was formed in 1956. With the guidance of Mr. Pingitore, the members are taught to operate the equipment and then to aid the teachers in using it throughout the school year. New equipment purchased this year includes a White copier, alias "The Chicken Heart." T54 E.. W wa ,Nr Row l: M. Sendor fPres,7. P. Lens. P. Hecker fSec.D. L. Licata. Row 2: C. Leas, H. Stokely. J. Ehling. Row 3: R. Uhlman. S. Campbell, K. Dobaj. Row 4: W. Shephard, A. Blencowe. Row 5: W. Huuck, K. Segebarth, K. O'Connor. Row 6: J. Cucina, M. O'Mullcy. B. Kelly lg QNSWRE A M F IPA sazvfx ...N-,,, .7 Senior F. H. A. The purpose of Future Homemakers of America is to improve and promote personal, family, and community relationships. With such a goal, this year's F.H.A. under the supervision of Miss Bald in the Junior High group, and Mrs. Conklin in the Senior High group, has aimed high for a successful year. The F.H.A. performed many services for E.C.S. and the Eden community, with president Linda Shanks presiding. F.H.A. girls generously donated their time to help serve at all school banquets and teas. Each year cards or gifts are sent to St. George's Nursing Home and to the needy during holiday seasons. Their motto: "Toward new horizons." Row l: M. Fessel, J. Eggen, D. Bergan. Row 2: C. Dzubella, C. Lasota, L. Shanks, L. Rylowicz, L. Lovett. Row 3: A. Kirst, P. Cowper, J. Green. Junior F. H. A. 55 J Row 1: D. Bettinger, D. Anderson, L. Griffin. Row 2: K. Way, A. Polasik, L. Scott, P. Tojek, N. Higgins, D. Dzubella. Row 3: P. Found, B. Hesse, C. Steffen, T. Lovett, D. Cagwin, D. Lussik, P. Burke, D. Huggler. Row 4: J. Eckhardt, J. Blowers, T. Dunn, Miss Bald fadvisorl, D. Kuncio, D. Lovett, S. Kuncio, M. McWilliams, D. Cunningham. wwf Row 1: R. Janiga, M. Janicki, J. Duda. Row 2: J. Ebling, J. Sion, S. G- Mejia, J. Herman, J- Zwack, R. Brusehaber, L. Janiga. wi Cork, B. Wierzba, Mr. Findeisen, J. Hatfield, R. Meyer, R. Yetter, C. Wagner, THSJWF, G. KCSIH, E- BOGCJO, D- Blasz. J. Blasz. Row 3: J. Anderson, R. Smith, C. Meyer, J. Buckhart, B. Henry, F. F. A. . Jim Hatfield-prize-winning conservation exhibit at Erie County Fair. B. Kappus with his ribbonwinner. 35 ,J J, . Row 1: P. Hatch, R. Holehouse, Lu fthe Editorl, L. Penedo, T. Lorenzi, C. Lindsey, Miss Pfeil, Mr. McCord, The Snowman, B. Ball, M. O'Malley. Row ku' Q- Godwin, L. Hutchings, R. Ketcham, C. Siefke, D. Stresing. Row 3: J. Barton, P. Hatch, S. Brown, S. Agle, G. Lootens, E. Brusehaber. 2: M. Dryer, J. Parmelee, D. Price, Louie fassistant editorl, L. Koepka, L. "Gee, it looks great . . .but it's upside down!!" Louie Gould Embers Siaff As you can see for yourself, this year's Embers is the best that Eden has ever published. We owe this success to the undying enthusiasm and willingness to work of this year's senior staff. Editor-in-Chief, Lu Licata, worked side by side with Assistant Editor, Louie Gould. They not only made sure that the deadlines were met, but they continue to earn the admiration of anyone who opens the 1968 Embers. Our advisors, Mr. McCord and Miss Pfeil, unselfishly gave their time and patience to further the efforts of the Class of '68's big project. Other seniors who accepted and carried out big responsibilities were Photography Editor, Sue Brown, Copy Editor, Ellyn Brusehaberg Sports Editor, Paul Conklin, and Business Editor, Byron Ball. Since cooperation of the staff is the determining factor of a good yearbook, we owe our gratitude to the entire staff. Of course there were times when headaches seemed to prevail in the small environment of the Embers room, but they are all forgotten as we page through the result of our labor: Embers '68! "Again?" Lu Licata and Miss Pfeil ll 3 Nada.- g. nv' v 'Q 51 if , , , . . , ,. , ,Q,.. . 1. , . . . i S, V, ff' - 4 V, x xx 2 ,, . 1 ., 55 L J ' K - I . . 0 111 A ' E' 'D "7 feiffva . . A - 9 : 3 1. t fl X' 1 F ' fx . r 'f-sr - ' W i . , fx if 3? 32 5 '49 Wa 'XS e+ W 9. , if wr as 4 -mfg , 3 . wg, V . ,. 313 ,Q .x wa 3, Afykgf 1 . ,V Q I R, K , L 0' .f Q. .. UVM? Q 4.- 1 Q L 5 . ' x , , f ,, . -fl f N ,Q L,..j'f" . ki , JM A Wai K 10' -1 if ff. f . e , ' . ,g ,W . - , ,. , .4 'fl Q , 5. XB ,.. My Kb I ,X W 4, , , .- X " 3 1 w , , . ,- , -, f , -,1 4 ,fy .f , - ' V 5- " H Q 'V' -' rf ' gkwyf ig: ,iff X . 41 5 5 O W 4 V . . Q L, i V ' y ' M J A A .J .1 ' ,. lm 1. X ' ,-Q' k ' t ,!.g,w. , V 4 'N ., I y xy .ll , , A V Y R S P -. f ,ew . Q i s- x fy K ,Vs , ' 'J ' , M ' 2 ' . Q - M?-1 f' Q , 1 g f - W t A , if .. y X t 5 K S x ' if .K I ix.. - 2. . K X K 'X K . gay: VW , V L EK K,--y f . . f K - ' . fs " -51 Nt 1 4, W" , 'wr . Vaflizf .gb ' 'K .2 K , il ' . 1 ., A - ,,1. Q f -- 1-f -- , . .1 ,.,, 3 , Em . Lx.,.. , ,L., .Q , . ,,,. . K KLL . k,.., , ,.. ,i..,pw, , ..k, Q, fn, 5? k .,. N., '--- W 1-AA ,1- S i Y . Vg , K Q. A 2 Q . i . i .'kfxgk. 5 K I K kg -5, fi' X , TN kgfiri In km gi Q .rkr ga,-3,,.,q J. A K r . , X f R f iw 1 1, rf-' 1. 2' . . 1 . . ,.. + Q Hi Q1 . . . 09, H as ,W Z .W-wwf - ww Y. 5? rig " K f J 5565 5. .1 m if . -Q- 'X ' K .,. .. "Say, Mark, that looks like the way he taped my knee last week, before . . Ron Donovan, Mark Rivard, and injured Captain Paul Conklin Y P P' v i 1 Z 5 fn , 'Q NK an-ww , 1 ' , We I4 , A , I1 ' A P ,,'k ' V ,M . ..-of ' We Iwi, L , If ' X - , ga i ' ' V l K, f, kejavz QP' I V ff A :fs Jli i A, . l X , a fme in iiiaie f , a V, L. A or ' Q . , ial,,, ' A I ' 5 " e"- ' H ,A , , ' V . e Zip Soule on defense with Dave Cole close-by. rl i f Coaches Farace, Roof, and Pacini .F Rr-M0295 ,g., j ? B 0 . Captain Paul Conklin-tackle Doug PriC6vhalfbaCk if fipik 5 -ggi .b2 yi, f gi- Q5 Q y y ...r V , - 1 i 1 i ii i ,fl mf W5 V3 ' T 12. fa ' . aw ',M"' ' "mb f B .2 .. 'T z "SS: if 4 f Row 1: G. Grimm, G. Edwards, R. Cornell, R. Decker, R. Green, hardt, D. Szal, M. McCord, R. Munro, D. Price. Row 3: J. D. Finger, R. Mertle, J. Soule, L. Croft, R. Donovan. Row 2: M. Putnam, S. Rivard, G. Preischel, D. Cole, W. Kelly, M. Rivard, Roza, P. Petruczak, M. Whitney, G. Wannenwetsch, T. Eck- P. Conklin fCaptainD, M. O'Malley, P. Hatch This year's squad started off the season with a big win over Lake Shore-the first in five years, followed by a tie with Cheektowaga. The Raiders followed with defeat in four consecutive games, hampered by injuries, but bounced back with a victory over Gowanda in the second-last game. In their final contest, the team looked strong against first-place Alden, losing it in the last few minutes. Seniors on the Raider team were: Captain Paul Conklin, Zip Soule, Doug Price, Bill Kelly, Pete Hatch, Mike O'Malley, Gary Edwards, Mark Rivard, Dave Cole, Larry Croft, and Bob Munro. Members of the Varsity and J .V. squads selected Paul Conklin as "Most Valuable Linemanl' and Zip Soule, "Most Valuable Back? 40 , wow. 113 s Bob MunrofGuard Mike o'Ma11ey-tackle QP2l2'E5EhLguZ3g: Bill Ke11yMquanefbaCk Larry Croft-halfback "T QUERS x 9 r 3-1, 'acl - QV.. ff 9.33 L17 'bc " Q .. s PMULW3 A PS 1? L 'L f I xii ' eff MM J :T Y - , ' . -.-Ak.. ...,w ff? ffl, ' 1 -. -5, 122- 3 4. ks JT ' ' A 1A 4 , v 4 sf mn fi Mark Rivard-tackle Dave Cole-end Gary Edwards-end Zi? S0U1CNfUllb3Ck gi-vfv SAA -Q - MQ If Jim Putnam NN 3 53 . 5 ' ' Q -'Q ifsid 'fSiM ' 8 Q ' I : fi :F Q, Q A: li A 2 N f .V ' fi' ' , K 5 ,-,Qsif " 5- Big N. , 'X , g S 4' R I 1 ' My ygrvhwwr , 5 ff ,i H XR LA LS' -X n K -- -2, .Y x gf J 1. avi -kr T :Ii N ,+- ' X21-ik fm"'ml 'M' ww fR...x?fi'f A-Jn E Akh, L ,., , .wg at 1-A, Q vnE1'Mf,f mf ft" 1' Q A I Q f If 7' Abiwrw-,-H,' lQh+ W 54,52 W-1. X V . ,. . . , . . ' ' yn' uf: L' Wh ' f f ',. - 5 ,Y .. fi 1' , i ffl ka-xyn ' . . it . Q13 . .Y A L ,- ig rwmgil K. v , r 5 K I - I fi. .W 'kw,f'f'1.' N " ,AL x i 'LPN W .. A if .. 1 'Q . 'Q -'C . - a T ' ,s K . . 4 vt? 2 an G 11 Mr xt! " 4 X "How am I doing now, coach?" H 'MQW Mike Roza "Maybe they'll put you in a few minutes for the last quarter." Mike O'Malley 8L J.F.K Doctor 0 H 'o 'f if W ii.-1 1' ji f ZQVNS aff- Row l: W. Erdle, K. Burke, J. Almendinger, R. Pericak, R. Jerozal, W. Sneath, J. Palmerton R Schreiner G Embree J Hatfield G Borowiak Thomas. D. Lorenzi, D. Hubbard, G. McMillan, H. Baisch, R. Senders. Row 3: J. Hoover, T McGee J Jacobs J Herman L Winn D Hub Row 2: D. Argersinger, P. Huey, B. Gentili, J. Holehouse, M. Genco, L. bard, J. Mills, J. Ebert P Clifford The J.V. Football team is comprised of sophomores who are in the proc- ess of preparing for their varsity years of competition. This year the J.V.'s had an especially important job. They were given the task of preparing the varsity squad for the weekly tests of strength. However, the J.V.'s did have a successful season as far as improving themselves. Several sophomores gained varsity experience this year. Other members of the J.V. squad practiced against varsity players at their respective positions and learned new techniques. All this, along with the constant patience of the J.V. participants, will lead to far better varsity squads in the future. 44 reshman Football The Freshman Football team is designed for the express purpose of learning the basics of football. These young men will carry on the tradition of Eden football. Coach Farace had an exceptionally fine crop nf freshmen this year. This team stressed a potent offence led by Mike Toellner, Stuart Marsh, and Lenny Price. Dedication is the key :o a great football team. Coach Farace had the iedication that was needed. Eden already owes much to Mr. Farace and :he Freshman team. We hope that the Fresh- nan team will continue to be a symbol of ath- etic prowess at Eden. iv E. IV l . Row l: P. D. Roza. Partridge, Lobiancu. Bowers, P. Leas, M. Miller, G. Edwards, M. Buehler, P Schosek. Row 2: P. Bergan, M. Stender. R. Mumm, S. Licata, D. Howles. Row 3: J. Lovett, R. Minekime, D. Mohney. E. Rola. M. R. Preischel. Row 4: M. Britt, N. Belleisle, M. Toellner, S. Marsh, A. Lobur, L. Price, J. .i M .....,. .5-' . f D.. 9, g H f if s"ff' TT if iiiiiiii ii wil -X 45 y iv W L .- if l 3' u . rg I 'L ...SX . 417 ., J , 'lf' wayne Eckhardi Mike Ressing Don Sauer-our record breaker! Bob Dunn 4 iwqiiw, . I , f 1 ff.. X .ffl rr r .ff f ' ':" f iw if - "9 '1 ' , , ir, . ' + M-an A K -, K E' 'U l 55 .1 .,rA . if, V ' -. 4 F' -. .s 1 J John Main rize 'C . rrr ' J .. ' 5 ...sr , . S Grover Ellw00d 'X-s..5y.,...,5 i G- as , ,, K W A :V . f-,. .,,' " ' ew' w- - . 2,5 v iny l W .1 .W -..M H V V 8 " . in . A X ,,f'Q. John Kordrupel may 'rr' ,r ffm: V gs., ' 1 '- L- A 'nw S Asst' 'HF g Y' f Jim Cocma Dave Chambers .'i, . M w .i . .. . gg . 5ci.1. , ,f . rv " . fi. . , I 'L 'gg ' fl ' ' - W. "es . -f "f"'i ' ' A . W ' ' 1 Y, V , "X" l Q, HA, 'L 1 2 gy I , J, Y 7 s " X N' . . as L 1 ii J I , I x.. ' ' I . , . - i A Q , n -is fl f 1' J ' ig L45 . 5 I Q1 LA. 4 1 , t u J A . . ' rx , K X. B I . if i N , w ' f .1 . ' BIN7- 5 A is .. 'iv U s' Q' pail 1 --: j F , ' . A - Y idle 'Q Ml , ,. S . N if ,W ji? 51 . , V l 1 'fl f f-N ., . . Q5,f-.1 J, l"'ilJ F 7 I, .-- . . . . . -D ,E 4- .. 7 n . f C l f N A f :MMM T-D'9f Q L' Q Z "r' ffl 'fi lig 4 3' VX: 2 ' l i Row l: B. Miles, J. Kordrupel, J. Mainprize, M. Ressing, D. Sauer, D. Chambers, J. Cocina, E. Krycia, G. Ellwood. Row 2: B. Saunders, J. Ludera, B. Shephard, B. Henry, W. Eckhardt, J. Rogowski, R. Bell, D. Krycia. Row 3: D. Franklin, D. Curtis, R. Bell, T. Wolf, B. Cowper, T. Downey, Mr. Sturm. Coach Sturm Taking a watermelon break . . . N .Nt SR-fra.. I M Nw mamma "Hey, you forgot the vodkall' Dave Krycia, Bobbie Marrano, Bill Shephard. This year's team was led by co-captains Dave Cham- bers and Don Sauer. Don has set records on every course in Division III. Both Dave and Don finished in the top ten at the Sectionals to qualify for the intersectional team in section VI. The team's top runners were Jim Cocina, Grover Ell- wood, Michael Ressing, and John Mainprize. All the members of the team put out a tremendous effort through- out the entire season. This year's J .V. team won a trophy at the Buffalo State Intersectionals for third place. Thanks to the dedication and devotion of Coach Sturm, along with the undying effort of the team mem- bers, Eden had a cross country team to be proud of again this year. Jim Cocina 1, 3 ,V ,, . I . ft T A Qu. ww 'Yu ' .sf I, lf: .K ffg-', 13:5 ' 'f' Q6 I 2 ,f"'.9'Q f fT'1fC"'4fb:'f' . . . . ,. N I W L' ii . - .Qp .fhisf .- af' . Q--, Q' J, Z6-z.. -fit z,,gw,'L',, l I A 4-ff' 'A ,' it .iyhx " I , . iv:'fiL"5fa' f' Y. ' U-iW..' fr.. 'A at ,+ A"-f'f""".'3i?f9' we 1 f?'e'2?s:+fz1-ff . I , , K .f:'4ia,,,.n: TM 1 S. fi, f1i'm'l'Ji 3' 'f'4'a 'Vi' '-511 Li i QIUL i'- Ili. , f' 'gr am yyyy J. -.mm . BE . NI ag Row l: K. Harms, L. Bock Varsiig Fooiball Cheerleaders 48 . 5 , 4 W I x N X 1 5 f , ,ffs ,I yxl, Junior Varsiig Fooiball Cheerleaders gnnvm--Q-Q-.9-'q ., , ,ef Jr F' ' XNW YZ? . Q-,J 1 'Y' 7' .XR . K. ,ff I,-I Row l: M. Agle, R. Parmclee, M. Grazier P, Erdle. Row 2: C. Middendorf, S. Murphy, K. Murphy. K 5 ,M . 'Tw ' fi . , if . is N i?j my - H. "i .Q 5 . .s"L"lll. .fill 4 .5 ...T ,, 5 'i . -be .2-nf Q N X 3 Q . TW W. f- an W, 1 V' 3 aw A . if ....i','g4f ' , . f . z W rt 'isf.,, ral, 'i ' Q 1 1 T ' if 50 --wr Row l: P. Lorenzi, M. Lindsey, G. Kaluza, K. Downey. Row 2: J. Masters, G. Ehrhart, T. Ashbery, R. Dueringer, Mr. Hunt. Golf The Eden golf team finished the 1967 season with a rec- ord-breaking one win, seven loss record. The lone victory was the first recorded by an Eden golf team. The All-Junior team looks forward to a winning season next year, despite the remarks made by our fine rookie coach, Mr. Hunt. We would like to thank Mr. Hunt for his "tremendous effort" and encour- agement throughout the year, and we sincerely hope to bring him a finer record next year. THE GOLF TEAM rv-""f Top to Bottom: D. Sauer, B. Ball, G. Grimm, M. Whitney, B. Kappus, K, Wittmeyer, Mr. Vanden- berg. Bowling Team The members of the bowling team are picked from those boys who carry the highest average in the intramural pro- gram. This year's team made an improve- ment over last year's records and ended the season by capturing fifth place in sec- tional competition. 5l Row 1: D. Finger, Mr. Sturm. Row 2: J. Soulc, R. Ducrringcr. Rivxuxi. J. Rogowski. Prcischel, J. Putnam. D, Cole, W. Kelly. J. M:xs1crs,G. Ehrhz1rl.'I'. Lorenzi. G. Kuluzn. G. Varsiig Baskeiball ' Y Zip Souls' Tom Lorenzi Dave Cole Bill Kelly Jim Rogowski f 5 "'-muh fs? fl i K ,N if g if 'NA .M A f 1 xiii-Egg, ' ww li, "T Gary Kaluza in -A N"3Qh',, ww, , Jeff Masters Row 1: D. Van Wie, T. Striebich, B. Smith.Row 2: W. Thurber, Coach Castig!ia.Row 3: R. Woodworth, G. Wannanwetch, J. Holehouse, T. Green, P. Hughey, R. Hubbard, B. Smoot, T. Eckhardt, H. Harris, B. Gentile, G. Mejia. Junior Varsiig Baskefball Q' W il' si! My An undefeated season!!! Mr. C with a great J.V. team! W. Thurber 'arsilg 1 raskelball Cheerleaders Clockwise: B. Marrano, Capt. M. Scheidel, D. Lynch, S. Toellner, H. Stokely, L. Penedo, J. Striebich, L. Bock. Top to Bottom: C. Middendorf, P. Erdle, C. Murphy, M. Agle, R. Parmelee, M. Grazier, F. Lorenzi, G. O'Connor. Row 1: M. Buehler, C. Blanck, J. Andolin0.Row 2: R. Bock, Mr. Burnside M. Partridge, S. Marsh, T. Lynch. Row 3: N. Belisle, B. Erdle. B. Delio, N Alexander. T. Lorenzi. M. Toellncr, A. Lobur. Row 4: B. Pericak. C. Kind- ley. T. Downey. Freshman Basketball J- V- Basketball Cheerleaders W gud' WM Row l: P. Conklin. Co-captain, B. Donovan. G. Kwilos, Co-captain R, Prieschel, D. Lorenzi A. Blencowe, E. Lunduhl, R. Jerozul. Row 2: Mr. Roof. W. Cowncr. J. Hermann, K. Kemp: R. Finlak, L. Winn. ' ,. "A" Team Wresiling Mr. Roof an .vow -- gpm!! ...I , ...,. .., P """'W I r If W.. ...... -., nn n Q xl nl ,..,...a--nv"""' n I as ,. , Y . 'wrap-M... tv -:g I f :z t- 5. -. .. H 'S U QW' 1 ni. I ,, .".7 5" "- T t 1 i "N-n... V Keith Kemp goes for another two points. The fearless "mat men" of Eden underwent another grueling season as they bat- tled for third place in Division 3. The team consisted largely of underclassmen all of whom made fine efforts, but it was Senior Gary Kwilos, weight class 103, who placed third out of thirteen boys in the class A sectionals. 1' ami. - f ,Wg ' f, W, 9. a , , - K, , , ,,,,.t,,, W Y , 1 . wa... . --it ,N , .V , I . MN is, The start of six long minutes . . . Paul Conklin 46"""' 59 B Team Wresiling 111-----' W ' mg IU Row 1: M. Rom. R. Sandor, K. Mnggs. G. Emhree. G. Engle, J. Hutficld.Row 2: Mr, Rnnf, D. Argcrsingcr, J. Lutonn. G. Edwards. P. Schnsck. K. Burke. C. Benson. Row l: J. Scndors. J. Stexens. S. J Mur hv, Row 7: C McMillan. S. 3 P 1 .. . Spencer Row 3: D. Schicdcl. 60 Wresiling Cheerleaders !f.......... 'Jie'-N Q . 1 9 I ..... 4 I 2 l 1 xi 1 xx' s 3 A in f ,T -r Q 5 . Z is Q gi" aff ' 5 : I 1 - 'i xm xiii 31 . WV - I 1 A my 'ik 2 A 'gr . 'x M Sf I M 1 'l if 571 ' f. f fm' , . 1 ff i K J, . 1 ,L J A f . 1fL M A s , le 1 , Charlene Pacini at GlenwooclNN O-, 1 Q' . 0 ' Y l "If there was only snow in Brazil!" Lolo Apfes Sklefs V - V E- O'DaY, C- Pacini Ski in g "A frosty morning on the slopes and the challenge of the hills." lllxigliili ' Y gl , ie N QQ all f l ,T, 1 s l ir, J '1 an 4.f'4a, A Q .ggflwa-fl ' ",, Q r. - I 5 ' J' MJ .Refi 1' W .1 Y s 3 1 9 af' rl RA? A g...-. L K l 1 I Work-Study Program rig t - rp e4e..a.i5if58r48syi fi .. ef P 'X i r W "' , A George Detwiler The Vocational Industrial Cooperative Program is de- signed to provide an opportunity for interested students to enter a semi-skilled or skilled trade. Sixteen year old or older co-ed juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in the V.I.C. Program. To' provide this opportunity, the schools arrange a half-day school program with the other half-day set aside for "on the job" supervised work. This training is provided , 'N Harry Wagner ff ' fr .5 A... . w...nf" ii i . Russ Delio by the employer who hires, supervises, and trains the stu- dent to meet the job requirements. Applicants are ac- cepted according to their interests and aptitudes. A high school diploma is granted on completion of academic and cooperative studies. Each student in the Work-Study Pro- gram is aided in every way to realize his or her maximum capacity both in school and on the job. I g H ' 5.9 J- -3 if . L . ,,, ,t 4 3 1 'li .Qi i' -i .K 4 , 1 1. J ff' Q w. .. . .Q i L .J : W 2 1 gf ls .. 2' ,E fr at 5 A I s F! 7 . M 5 .a ,. , 5 s it 3 K Row I: R. Found.Row 2: N, Lilga. S. Surgenor, S. Spencer. M. Spring. well, ll. Buehler. C. Middendorf, S. Spring, H. Freitag. J. Cylka, J. Ptak, H, Stokcly. S. Fox, B. Brown. A. Brenner, S. Sauer. Row 3: E. Chambers. J. Zieglehofcr. C. liley. S. Care. Row 4: B. Price, J. Parmelee. L. Adrion, R. Gentili, C. Lindsey, C. Springer, W. Cowper, J. Surgenor, C. Black- R, Janiga. J. Putnam, B. Buchauer, T. lickhardt. B. Marrano, R, Bock, Symphonic Band Officers: J. Soule, B. Buehler, B. Kauffman, S. Spring, E, Chambers, L Koepka, N. Lilga. i . V fll 64 Symphonic Composed of the older, more experienced mus cians, the Symphonic Band at Eden has really been 0 the go this year. While acting as the Pep Band at fool ball games and marching in holiday parades in th community, the band has managed to give many enten taining evening concerts and school assemblies. Unde the direction of Mr. Downey, the Symphonic Band ha ' ' ' 'ffififw fi -7 f-s....ma. 1 D. Blatner, T. Downey, S. Gifford, P. Hatch, L. Parker, R. Mumm, D. Tennant, R. Shepherd, Mr. Downey, R. Munro, J. Hatfield, P. Pfitz- Price, M. Allen, P. Leas, G. Wannenwetch, J. Mills, K. Downey, A. inger, H. Baisch, J. Palmerton, W. Henry, J. Soulej B. Kauffman, R. Yager, D. Szal, L. Koepka, Row 5: S. Blatner, J. Farrel, K. Mathwig, R. Weller, M. O'Malley, J. Sisti, M. Seibert, P. Graves, M. Henry Band irned and received an A rating in the VI-plus itegory for three years. It is through his superb lat the Symphonic Band has attained its high degree J excellence in listening pleasure. Mr. Downey gives s whole heart to his music, his bands, and his stu- ents. Concert Band Officers: B. Cowper, R. Bock, S. Spencer, T. Downey Mr. Downey 65 .S3'1 V 4 '-:N 1. , . , Row 1: K. Andl'ZCjCWSki, J. Eggell, B. lBishop, D. LaRose, J. Stevens, D. Carballo, L. Lovett, M. Smith, L. Shanks, D. Goodlin, J. Rupp, C. Murphy, G. Gurley, H. Kolb, K. Fennel, D. Kuncio, Mrs. Gangi. Row 2: K. Decker, L. Ball, D. Randall, D. Swiecz- kowski, C. Hendrickson, E. Wingels, M. Cocina, F. BUFk6, 7J. Acanfora, J. Senders, J. Bull, P. Moore, P. Cowper, B. Lambrix, N. Thomas, S. Wittmeyer, J. Rodenbach, P. Smith, D. Gorecki. Row 3: P. Lamke, M. Rizzo, iCf'M'zEifP. Hatch, M. Penedo, R. Parmelee, J. Striebich, K. Schrader, C. Edwards, la. Kirst, L. Parysek, C. Crossan, BL Mroz, F. Moore, E. Kwilos, S. Gurley, K. O'Connor, P. Hutchings, J. Hubert, B. Rubach. Row 4: C, Ver, P. Roza, D. Lynch, T. Pratt, M. McWilliams, C. Carroll, S.Toellner, M. Kester, E. Brusehaber, M. Agle, P. Critoph, S. Brown, K. Harms, G. Smith, S. Schreiner, C. Kuncio, D. Scheidel, B. Doyle, N. Penfold, K. Kester. 2, 'ig f E a - f . ' 3 'Q' 1 Without a song, the day would never end. This is the 2 philosophy of Mrs. Gangi and her choral groups as they practice soprano, soprano II, tenor, alto, and bass parts during the fifth period everyday. The quality of the two choral groups at Eden speaks for itself as the concert applause echoes throughout the auditorium. Mrs. Gangi, the director of both girls and mixed choruses, strives for perfection as she prepares the students to give their max- imum performance of harmonious melodies for the com- munity's enjoyment. Both groups are involved in competition, singing highly rated music at Fredonia. Re- ceiving an "A" rating has become a matter of tradition. The girls and mixed choruses never fail to astound us with their fantastic tone and reputation as outstanding vocal groups. 6.11 Girls Choru Mixed Chorus Row 1: B. Price, S. Surgenor, K. Cummins, J. Corbin, D. Randall, E. Wingels, B. Maggs, L. Lovett, C. Bley, B. Marrano, J. Cylka, S. Spring, J. Hubert, K. Fennel, G. Delio, R. Swieczkowski, J. Lovett, G. Ellwood, J. Eggen, M. O'Malley, J. Sisti, Mrs. Gangi. Row 2: L. Koepka, P. Hatch, J. Gurbacki, D. Lynch, D. Swieczkowski, L. Ball, M. Penedo, J. Lonkey, T. Guenther, E. Canfield, M. Meier, P. Hutchings, J. Roden- bach, B. Clark, D. Blatner, M. Senders, M. LaRose, N. Manley, M. Lambrix, D. Price, D. Chambers. Row 3: P. Roza, M. Rizzo, T. Pratt, C. Gifford, S. Toellner, J. Striebich, A. Yager, N. Price, K. Downey, M. VanNote, M. Sherm, D. O'Malley, J. Parmelee, K. O'Connor, C. Goerke, C. Middendorf, D. Roza, G. Gorecki, B. Munro, K. Maggs, B. Weller, T. Muka. Row 4: B. Kauffman, L. Bock, D. Herkey, M. Kester, C. Lindsey, S. Brown, L. Sheflin, J. Herman, M. Buehler, R. Smith, S. Gurley, S. Schneider, S. Spencer, R. Owens, S. Fox, K. Harms, J. Herman, L. Wynn, C. Blanck, J. Rog0WSki, T. Perves, P. Graves. S. Gurley and S. Schreiner , . V! ,J Q! sim- iiis new .......... ...W .... .... . . . .... . . ,..., -. f.i,..i,,m,. . J..-. . Shin En Row 1: T. Muka, B. Hesse, C. Gifford, J. Muka, M Maier, J. Herman, S. Cline, R. Smith. Row 2: B Maggs, A. Polasik, D. Cunningham, P. Burke, D Mohney, L. Sheflin, P. Found, M. Hennessey, J. Her- man. Row 3: R. Found, S. Spencer, S. Surgenor, E Chambers, S. Care, S. Spring, C. Middendorf, B Kauffman, S. Gifford, T. Downey. Row 4: Mr. Mea cham, M. O'Mal1ey, M. Seibert, T. Garlock, T. Brown G. Gorecki. 68 2 N All Qiaie Band All-Conference Band Row 1: S. Spring, E. Chambers, I.. Koepka, Row 2: T. Downey, B, Found, B. Kauff- man, R, Weller. All-Counlg Band g L fs . .,, .3 Q! . . 'fi T: Row 1: H, Deaner, S. Spring, E. Chambers, L. Koepka, S. Surgenor. Row 2: S. Spencer, B. Found, B. Kauffman, R. Weller, A. Yuger. Row 3: R, Bock, J. Palmerton, P, Pfitzinger, T. Downey, M. Henry, K. Metz. 69 Folk Qocieig Row l: S. Spencer, B. Brown, A. Brenner, A. Sauer, M. Blat- ner, R. Soule', J. Mroz. Row 2: L. Adrion, J. Farrel, K. Math- wig, B. Shepard, T. Lunger, J. Almendinger, J. Surgenor, B. Cowper, C. Blackwell, P. Parysek, H. Frietag, C. Andrewszi, L. Griffin, H. Deaner. Row 3: T. Blasdell, J. Blatner, L. Concert Band P Schummer, B. Saunders, G. Kraft, R. Bock, T. Downey, R Mumm, K. Metz, J. Hoover, P. Leas, J. Munro, D. Roza, D Dynarski, J. Eckhardt. Row 4: B. Tennant, C. Sheffield. S Licata, T. Batorski, D. Van Wie, P. Ptitzinger, W. Henry , R Weller, D. Krycia, P. Klipfel, G. Trumet, M. Henry, P. Beljan Row 1: J. Ziegelhofer, L. Lovett, S. Fox, S. Toellner, C. Edwards, L. Godwin. Row 2: M. Seibert, C. Reed A. Yager, J. Bos. Row 3: Miss Dillenbeck, D. Goreeki D. Richter, P. Roza, P. Hecker, K. Dobaj, R. Smith J. Lonkey, F. Burke, Mr. Georger. Row 4: M. Kester, S. Campbell, G. Smith, R. Found, M. Penedo, C. Mid- dendorf, L. Ketelson, J. Sisti, P. Lumbrix. Row 5: J Ebling, J. Cylca, M. Senders. I J ft All Couni Chorus VU J X 1 1 ,, isp ..., wikis? .. Q. QR! Row lz B. Maggs. Row 2: L. Penedo, M. LaR0se, K. O'Connor. J. Striebich, C. Lindsey, S. Gurlcy, L. Shanks. Row J: J. Heiniun. N. Manley. J. Sisti. L. Sheflin. D. Price, J. Eggen. All Qfaie Chorus B M J R d nbach, S. Gurley, J. Parmclee. P. Hutchings. Row Row 1: J. Eggen, S. Brown. Row 2: . aggs, . 0 e 3: B. Munro, J. Herman, L. Sheflin. .1. if S-1 72 Student Court Judges "Vilma-me WBE!Forum .. , 'N ' 1.-f-Q Row l: K. Hzirms, M. Sen- ders, B. Muggs. J. Barton. B. Shouldice. Row 2: K. Downey, W. Eckhurdt. J. Ptzik, D. Finger. D. Baker. P. Hecker The student court judges are the foundation of the student court system. They hear cases of various stu- dent offenders brought to triul by monitors. Follow- ing the hearings, they weigh the evidence presented to them fairly and sentence the offenders with just pun- ishments. This court system has proven to be effective in cutting down the num- ber of "would-be delin- quentsf' Seated: J. Eggen, Spring. Broun, Sur- genor. Standing: P. Hutch, D. Price. The WBEN Forum is made up of seniors who tape a radio program one-half hour in length for the public. They are confronted with a topic and give their candid opinions on the subject. This year's topic discussed was "When I grow up... " l K x . ,K A xx . 'x X U x ,x . , K ,X X K g - x X xg 1 q K X I I ix Class of 1972 Row l: K. Metz, T. Schosek, R. Miller, T. Lunger, C. Pacini'Row 2: W. Chzippele, V. Collura, G. Rowenian, A. Meyers, D. Moh- ney, Row 3: J. Price, D. Perez, A. Barrett, K. Manning, C. De- Buhr, Row 4: K. Szal, M. Boardway, L. Scott, H. Deaner, M. Ostrander, L. Necker, S. Beverly, E. Parmelee, B. Rosenthal, K. Burrows, R. Schaefer, R. Bosinski Row 5: G. Harrington, T. Lovett, C. Minekine, W. Ressing, J. Muka, L. Corban, M. Schlief, B. Sager, D. Canpbell, J. Bellittiere, S. Reed Row 6: D. Lovett, J. Blatner, L. Schummer, A. Polasik, T. Brown, P. Burke, F. Meyer, P. Beljan, J. Munro, B. Baker Row 7: J. Blencowe, V. Dellio, D. Anderson, R. Merchant, T. Blasdell, S. Maglott, T. Mills, B. Saunders, T. Blowers, T. Batorski Row 8: D. Bettinger, S. Barrett, C. Putnam, J. Mainprize, R. Bray, M. Crawford, S. Agos, A. Lynch Row 9: L. Santiago, R. Ludwig, M. Clifford, D. Oldenburg, D. Price, T. Striebich, L. Petroff, M. Delmont, R. Blakeslee, R. Schreiner. l ml f . .. fi at .at 'Q . 25" 4 . J ifllrfzswi ' 'life , t , ,, ..:fv,.2. , .Q , - v 'E' I ,A Mc f i " :jim . ,i u fa .ml ff ki 1 . 4? A- 1 1 -,. . iw" "qs, ,.'U'2:""':-A: 1" W hz 31 - -' 1 ' .r-S,-." 5 sf STI: .I . 'A , A. . pg.,-3. . gf ':,.i.f-B V Q,-+1 -his :P gg C s . X is ' -J t, 1 fit. 4-. , 'M fl 01" VI ,4- . I, J." fs ' 'pu ' . - 1-'11 . Pt-A "1 - q W .H 'iff 44 WJ- . -' xl- x an .,". .. . .,, .""',. .A ..,a at 'v f 4.4 ,. .XG f land- 6" TSP A .s Row l: G. Kraft, D. Dynurski, J. Drummer, J. Gier, G. Hendrickson Row 2: L. Hill, C. Kazmierczak, D. Jzizembak, T. Dunn, R. Higgins Row 3: K. Latona, M. Embree, R. Lampke, L. Klein, M. Hennessey, B Erdle, D. Dueringer. Row 4: D. Laing, D. Kordrupel. N. Eckhardt, K Kwilos, M. Henry, S. Kijek. Row 5: T. Lorenzi, H. Freitag, N. Freer, C Firey, C. Gurbacki, L. Griffin, M. Ketcham, J. Kaszubowski, N. Kren- elk, M. Fitzgibbons, K. Krenz. Row 6: D. Huggler, C. Fitch, D. Lassak T. Friedrich, D. Genco. T. Hutchings, C. Engle, C. Eppolitn, B. Dono- van. M. Janiga, P. Graovac. Row 7: P. Found, B. Hesse, J. Eckhart, T Gurlock. K. Kemp, J. Green, P. Klipfel. P. Dryer, D. Hatfield. Row 8 R. Kelly, K. Kwilos. J. Kuhn, B. Sroda, P. Koren, S. Gurbacki. K Gaylord. D. Krycia, P. Herkey, T. Lamb. Row l: A. Szal, B. Wierzba, E. Skora, D. Winter, B. Williams. Row 2: K. Way, A. Volo, D. Shanks, J. Stiller. P. Tojek, L. Smith, T. Thomas. Row 3: D. VanWie. J. Vice, B. Stresing. D. Cunningham, B. Brennan, C. Shamblen. Row 4: J. Jemiolo, P. Hesse, J. Walsh, S. Scott, J. Stevens, R. Todd, R. Wagner, J. Siekau, N. Walters. Row 5: G. Burns, R. Sher- man, M. Stewart, P. Fitzgibbons, H. Siefke, G. Trumet, C. Sheffield, T. Sessanna, R. Stauber. 75 1. - p. 1 Class of 1971 Row 1: R. Mumm, D. Haag, M. Wilson, C. McCord, J. Mitail, H. Woods, C. McMillan, S. Murphy, P. Wicrzbu, L. Rylowicz, L. Johnson. Row 2: M. Maier, B. Mroz, D. Harrison, D. Matic, M. Miller, J. Willett, F. Lorenzi, G. Eclmans, J. Mroz, D. Maggs. Row 3: F. Moore, S. Wierzba, K, Mathwig, L. General, M. Lonkey, L. Mace, H. Maglott, T. Lynch, S. Mush. Row 4: D. Minard, J. Lobianca, M. McWilliams, C. Masters, R. Miller, R. Minekime, J. Lovett, D. Mohney, G. Messmer. Y Row l: M. Stender, D. Weller, J. Surgenor, L. VanLeaven, J. Steven K. Thomas. Row 2: N. Thomas, S. Wells. Row 3: W. Wcsp, P. Stresin R. Soule, S. Spencer, R. Tennant, P. Smutz, F. Wagner, G. Smith, ll Uhlman. 76 Row 1: L. Parysek, J. Pew, P. Leas, M. Partrige, R. Preischel, G. Gurley, H. Kolb, D. Kish, P. Pierson, D Holscher. Row 2: N. Penfold, J. Knoll, J. Senders, J. Schreiner, D. Schmitt, G. Lelito, L. Petroczak, G Setluck, A. Lobur, M. Kornacki. Row 3. C. Lasota, N. Higgins, M. Grazier. M. Rychlik, E. O'Day, E. Kwilos K. Shrader, A. Sauer. M. Ilardo, C. John, D. Kuncio, C. Kunicio, P. Lamke. Row 4: T. Pratt, E. Role, B Papich, M. Janicki, L. Paciurek, M. Richards, D. Scheidel, R. Kazubowski, J. Leyda, R, Gregory, G. Pew Row 5: G. Hammond, D. Roza, D. Greible, M. Jacobs, J. Prior, L. Price, J. Latona, R. Lester, J. Green L. Robinson. Row 6: T. Guenther, W. Rosenthal, C. Kindley, R. Periciak, C. Hanny, D. Howles, S. Kuhn G. Shosek, T. Purves, S. Licata. i. Welker, J. Smith. S. Seloxer. R. Shephard. Vice, R. White. M. Toellner. D. Sion. B. rong. P. C, Steffen. Row 4: L. VanLeaven, R. Nieczkowski. P. Spors. Row 1: G. Engel, K. Bailey, M. Brehm, J. Blasz, B. Culper, B. Bock, D. Crossan, M. Blatner, D. Brown, J. Andolina, R. Cornell, M. Buehler, L. Curtis, J. Cocina, D. Delio, M. Figel, J. Dryer, N. Belleisle. Row 2: J. Eggen, Domin, A. Brenner, C. Gifford, G. Chentfant, K. Decker, L. Blenk. Row J. Almendinger, P. Bcrgan, P. Bowwers, D. Bauer, J. Farrell, K. Carroll, K. 4: D. Bergman, C. Blanck, T. Downey, N. Alexander, D. Gillette, C. Enser, Finger, S. Campbell, G. Embree, J. Ebling, Row 3: D. Gorecki, L. Fellen, G. Edwards, D. Franklin, R. Bell, J. Anderson, S. Baisch, B. Brown, D. E. Canfield, M. Carhallo, K. Andrzejewski, S. Faso, B. Bishop, J. Filock, C. Cagwin, S. Baird, G. Hammond, D. Gnais, J. Blowers. 77 Row lz W. Hauck, M. Rizzo, P. Reinhardt, M. Sherm, J. Rupp, C. Hendrickson, J. Hubert, J. Price, P. Schosek. Row 2: B. Rich ards, S. Purysek, N. Wren, P. Roza, B. Kester, D. O'Malley, C. Saunders, R. Parmelee, F. Korkus, A. Kaczmarczyk. Row 3: H Kaluza, K. Kemp, R. Oyer, L. Penfold, R. Jerosal, J. Hoover, J Knoll, S. Schneider. Row 4: K. Kester, F. Schreiner, M. Rock! wood, D. Richter, R. Owen,l S. Harmxsxj D. Radigan, J. Kolb, P. Graves. Row 5: R. Howell, D. Gentili, H. Harris, J. Palmerton, P. Petruczak, C. Sulzler, H. Harms. Row 6: P. HugflEL4VR?HLih- hard, R. Green, J. Ptak, J. Holehouse, B. KornackiQ.. HLITBHWQLB J. Hatfield, G. Gorecki. Yrrrr Row l: J. Acanfora, R. Bell, M. Bailey, N. Becker. D. Burgio, D. Argersinger, R. Adams. Row 2: M. Agle, L. Brusehaber, J. Bos, S. Blatncr tinger, J. Almendinger. Row 3: P. Andolino, D. Baker, S. Bogardus, H. Baisch, W. Sporacio, A. Blencowe, D. Blowers. Row 4: R. Barrett, J. Balorski, M. Allen, R. Brusehaber, J. Benkleman. Row 5: G. Borowiak, C. Benson, C. Mohr, D. M, W x ., is i Qu, t is' 540, . Row l: P. Smith, M. Smith P. Stewart'C. Wayi Row 2: S. Cataldo M. Weiss L. S ors J. 'ow l' 2 Ensga E Fumgsni: PTT, R031 3 lg LSROE' Webster, M. Urso. Row 3: L. Sneath. B. Shouldice, S. Thomas, M. Spring. Row 4: S. Wieczer- Blilggltilliiormrle Eoioxuetfngiw :M'erC?1iiI1?'M' zynski, W. Thomas, D. Cylka, C. Stresing, C. Whitney. ocina, L. Meyer, M. Detwiler. Row 5: K. Dunn, B. avanaugh, J. McLaughlin, K. Maggs. Row 6: G. O'Con- Jr, S. Leyda, P. Cowper, G. Mejia. Row 7: B. Doyle, P. artz. P. Moore, P. Erdle. Row 8: C. Mansfield, N. an ley, P. Lambrix, K. Conklin, Row 9: R. Mainprize, Middendorf, K. Murphy, J. Lonkey. Row 10: J. Mos- k, D. Franklin, D. Ludwig, R. Found, A. Fullmer. Row : G. Delio, G. Embr e G. MacMillan, M. Genco, B. unro. Row I2 T. Fili ia J. Mills, J. Norman, P. Clif- rd, M. Nickleson. Row 13: B. Dalrymple, S. Cornell, K. mklin, S. Care, C. Collura, J. Ebert. Row 14: T. Eck- irdt. L. Burke,QV,2l2utlef, K. Burke, C. Mahoney. .kk ... wi , f q i i . . , . ,.,..fS:'f1' ' "?ff'- ... S Class of I 970 Row l: J. Striebich, M. Thurber, T. Wolf. Row 2: L. Wierzba, R. Yager, M. Seibert, L. VanNote. Row 3: R. Buchardt, C. Ver, G. Wannenwetsch, L. VanVechten, W. Webster, C. Burke, R. Wingels. Row 4: L. Wierzba, R. Schreiner, B. Smoot, S. Wierzba, T. Winter. is L S aim tivfli. ' Q. M 552 Row l: K. Segebarth, C. Skorz1,J. Pheasant. Row 2: H. Petruemk, L. Shanks, D. Randall P. Sehosek. Row 3: M. Seheidel, C. Springer, N, Priee, R. Pollard. S. Schreiner. Row 4: M. Senders, J. Rudenhneh, C. Reed, L. Sehunk, R. Smith. Row 5: V, Sehrader, J. Seggio, W. Shephard. L. Sheflin. Row 6: D. Sauer, S. Rivard. M. Raza. G. Stauber. E, Ryehlik Row 7: J. Ptak, J. Putnuni. G. Smith, G. Preisehel. M. Smulz. Row l: R, Walsh. F. Thonipson, S. Toellner, D. Stirling, D. Wier7ha. J. Striebieh. Row 2: S. Wittmeyer, D. Swieezkowski, S. Thompson, D. Edmonds, M. Tarasz- kiewiez, J. Wilde. ,, sl "- ' , GT f . " , h K ' .f 3 -Q. :S 'Q wi vw "9-1...-arri7?q Sa l':f:-,gl-QL A Pina r'3f.,'T",,w5?'fg'Tq.Jf' 4-. In '-ewzv-"i'r'L'zim'f-A LA S'-T'54 ..... :.1g .H9fa-J :b a V, 4: . M555 wf 17. , Row lr C. Swanlund. Row 2: R. Weller, D. Wierzha, M. Whit B. Taslcer. Row 3: B. Jemiolo. L. Young, J. Thomas, A. Ya Row 4: D. Szal, J. Wierzha, L. Wysocki. Class of I 969 Row 1: M. Johnson, D. Goodlin, K. Harper, C. Edwards, E. Chambers, M Hennessy, B. Belleisle, J. Kraft, K. Holscher, J. Cylka, C. Nidell, L. Lancas- ter, M. Gier, L. Bowser, K. Hallowell. Row 2: G. Detwiler, B. Heichberger, D. Britt, J. Ludera. R. Janiga, T. Muka, R. Hughey. D. Hartley, B. Bu chauer, J. Marsh, W. Kappus, K. Downey, G. Kaluza. Row 3: D. Fitzgib- bons, M. Hoffman, A. Meyer, D. Bley, K. Mardino, K. Bull, S. Gifford, F. Burke, C. Goerke, M. LaRose, K. Dynarski, L. Perison, P. Manning, K Nowak, B. Clark, J. Heinrich, R. Lasota, T. Bonafede. Row 4: E. Errington C. Dzubella, A. Kirst, C. Krycia, S. Fox, M. Kester, L. Ketelson, E. Ader D. Lynch, K. O'Connor, M. Miller, P. Hutchings, M. Cocina, B. Buehler S. Gurley, D. Carballo. Row 5: L. Persinger, R. Mertle, R. Fitch, R. Eck- hardt, E. Gurbacki, G. Grimm, C. Meyer, R. Kirst, J. Ely, J. Romano, R Fintak, J. Herman, E. Filipiak, G. Grieble, P. Lorenzi. Row 6: S. Cline, M McCord, D. Finger, D. Hubbard, M. Lindsey, C. Brown, J. Masters, G Ehrhart, T. Ashbury, R. Dueringer, J. Messecar, A. Brehm, W. Henry, R Decker, D. Engle, D. Blasz. v The Duke ........ The Girl .... The Queen ........, . . . The King ............ . Audrey Yager and Dick Smith Ri THE CAST t, ............BruceMunro . . Carol Goerke . Audrey Yager . . . .Dick Smith The Young Opponent .... ........ C arl Leas A Woman With a Dog ........ Georgia Smith The Young Queen .,.......,. The Father ........... .... . Nancy Adams Wayne Pedersen Gorky ....,... . . . Kevin Downey The Mother . . . ..,. Linda Keopka The Silent Boy The Foreman . . . . . .... Ken Maggs . . . .Chuck Benson Jamie ......... . , . George Spelvin The HCave Dwellersu. directed by Mr. George Fidel, was presented on December l 8: 3, 1967. The play, in two acts and ten scenes, happens within the span of a.few days. The stage is the abandoned theatre on the lower East Side of New York in the midst ot a slum-clearing project. 82 5 rl-T. 332 J it Q M 6, X xx l fl 'x 0 IJ Qu. 0 f G47 x J t f ' w -W 'xg-rr, Mfr f ..,,-5, "g-51? r -.X .. Q. l ' Bruce Munro 9- ,fi 1755 . 11 :V 1 W' ' 'H - a im g 1 . l I l 4 f' t 1 .. 49 il f,, ,-,. 'Y' iii - , nn ' 1 Cave Dwellers-." The arrival of the bear B kgrou d usic . . . by Sally Surgenor and Nancy L Ouisianding Students if ? ,ww J 1 for the Cheektowaga Symphony. 1!""" I Don Sauer, a junior, broke four Cross Country records, and came in first in the ECIC Divisional Meet. P J? 7, Kris Segebarth, a junior, was elected secretary of District XIV, New York State Association of Student Councils. Seniors Barbara Kauffman, Carl Leas, and Sally Surgenor competed in "It's Academic" against Nichols and Lafayette High School, and finished in second place. This is a new program on WBEN-TV. 84 Dick Smith, John Herman, and Tom Muka auditioned and were accepted This page is dedicated to those Eden Central students who have excelled in different extra-cur- ricular activities. i cttca .af l Q7 1'- II 4 'f' Carl Swanlund, a junior, became an Eagle Scout. the highest rank in Boy Scouts. Rex and Ron Bell, brothers, are two of the top ten ski jumpers in New York State, and are members of the Glenwood Acres Ski Team. L I-j LL The Class of 1968 WlShCS to dedlcate these tober 1950 August 1963 pages in memoriam to Michael Lehner. Oc- QQ' M1ChHC1 Lehner .. N.. .-.ms - ,fins ,-1: 1 Q as N - Class Officers X-di Peter Hatch-President. . ."Pete". . .give him an inch, he'll takeamile . ."Snatch". . .there are two sides to this fellow Pam's little 'nib' brother . . ,a born leader . . .come blow your --'-ww-f horn. . . Susan Spring-Vice-President "Sue" , . , AFS president. . . Carousel Queen . . . worrywart . , . NHS. . . sweet, studious, and sociable. . .cher- Deborah Stresing-Secretary. . ."Deb". . .art is her ambition . . ,possesses natural charm . . .second to none ish is the word we use to describe. . . an accom- plished french horn player . . . ""---.Q-ann Roberta Marrano-Treasurer . . . "Bobbie" . . , approaches everything with enthusiasm runs on cheerfulness trying hard to gain weight -- ' K K is llichard Aeanfora. . . "Rick" . . . Have car, will travel . . . "Why that traitorousn . . . "Class of 68's A-l man . . , "I hate it to death!". . , Never n homeroom . . . wed 'L Laurie Anderson . . :"Laurie" . . , her, a pedia- trician? . . . "Fiekle Laurie" , . . guard your se- :rets . , , she'll do anything to get the lav pass Sandra Agle . .. "Sandi" loves to develop film in the dark room . ,. brown-eyed girl . . . where the boys are . . . "Are you serious?" wwe' Linda Adrion . . . "Lin" , . , NHS . . . Another Benny Goodman serene and sincere drives cars and lawnmowers . . , 'inn -if I, iifilsgf ' s ref Q Q I 1 Judy Barton "Jude" "Like belongs to those who live it" . . . blondes have more fun . . . Byron Ball . , . "Byron" . . . Works with leather a can of paint is her weapon crafts . , . our business editor . . . always a grin . . . likes girls but won't admit it 89 John Batorski . . . "John" . . . reserved . . . waits to be called on in class. . .a hard worker. . . his homeroom is his hangout James Benkleman . . . "Nerve" . . . floats home . . , "Gentleman Jim" .. . you only live thrice . . . always on the go . . . Traction master 90 Howard Bauer . . . "Howie" . . , stalls for time . . . O.M.F.N.-Our Man From Northside . . . majors in study halls . . . infectious smile Mark RivardA"Am I the coolest, or what?" Erwin Beljan . . . "Erwin" . . . sauer kraut and weiners . . , N.H.S .... bowls a great game . . . a slow but sure walker mm 'Qi Donna Bennett . . . "Donna" . . . lives for gym- -or is it Jim? . . . "Hey, Linda, can I borrow your mirror?" business is the course she chose to follow . . . "but I love Oreos . . . " S 'ss.... 5 lharon Beverly. . ."Sherry". . .upswept hair- los are her weakness . . .a transfer from Lake ihore . . .engaged to Dave . . . . ,aww Ia, 2515-. Sheryl Bley "Cheryl" G.A.A. pres- dent the only way to learn is by doing . .active in 4-H . ..plays alto and contra-base zlarinets. . . Donald Bingman "Butch" lead foot . . ."Fling". . .saves no tires. . ."If studying is the cause of death, I'll live forever!" Donna Blatner . . ."Donna" . . .soft spoken . . .NHS. . .Peter Pan . . .they don't come any nicer . . .math wiz . . .plays alto-clarinet -GTR . . Lynne Bock . . ."Lynne . . . rather a cheer- leader than a spectator . . .likes Italian boys . . .a Peanuts fan. . . Russell Bosinski . . ."Russ" . . .likes wild par- ties . . .if his eyes were the ocean, you could drown . . . Mister speed . . . there's mischief in this man. . . pm rw, i e C " sz W W, ,.,,, M ., up-'...-' William Bosinski . . . "Bill" . . . likes wild music . . . Life reels on four wheels . . . as fair-haired as they come. . . study halls are for sleeping . . . Russ's brother?? . . . Traction Master Sandra Brown . . . "Sandy" ... one of the Metrecal for lunch bunch "Better to do than wish it done" , . . life's a ball at Pfluger's Frosty Freeze . . . lives on the slopes in winter , . . football cheerleader '?.""'7' ,, Q.. ,, M I 92 Donna Brown Donna would rather laugh than talk Me, a scatterbrain? softball lover. . . only her hairdresser knows for sure . . , going with Darrell ti Susan Brown "Sue" spends her spare time in the darkroom . . . N.H.S. . . . Embers' girl with the camera . . . Student Council treas- urer . . . any relation to Charlie? Mary Bublyk . ., "Mary" . . . one of the night crew at Cease's. . . you'l1 find her in the lav . . . work with no play will never do . .. has a re- mark for everything Ellyn Brusehaber "Ellyn" she put our Embers into so many words 2 rabbits, 6 rabbits, 15 rabbits . . . quiet?-better look again! . . . Mr. Sappelt's delicate delinquent . . . "What do you want me to put under your sen- ior picture?" Kathy Cummins gp Q t. l ames Cocina . . . "Rice" . , . the record-break- ig runner . . . one of Lester's boys . . . call the i.V.A. room if you want him wavy, black air .pleas-"' , David Chambers "Dave" . .. president of N,H,S, . , . Is anybody ever going to catch him? . . . silent mastermind , . , a wolf in disguise Carmella Christopher. . . "Carm" . , , into any- thing and everything. . . "Do you want to know a secret?" ,. , an eternal Girl Scout , . , so you want to be a nurse, huh? sg' sl QQ ...,1r"' David Cole . . . "Cousy" . . , traffic light in the halls . .. "Stretch" . . . easy come-easy go . ,. everybody loves this clown an all-around Deborah Condon . . . "Debby" . , . always rid- ing horseback a talented artist "Who cares what they say?" ,. . interested in animal husbandry Ei, , athlete , . . makes a good looking girl 'wi' 'A 'IE I we Y 4 EM' 2 Paul Conklin . ,, Paul .Ha wieked wrestler , . . Who's wcuring his ring now'?'?'? . , . Embers' sports editor he s no qlllllxl' football team captain C K s L 1 1 Q W"'xf ,-',,. .. ,.,. pf -' " Darlene Cooper. . . "Dar" . . . a friend to all. . . Luther C00Pef - - A "LOU" - - - fllP'l0P lal0P - A - never misses 3 game , I , happy-g0-luCky fl'lCIlClly Lou . . . BI Bells, WC really Cafe . .. 3 "Smiley" . . . never say die liflll? devil f' Lmda Koepka Kirsten Creely . . . "Kris" . . . a late comer with a new smile . . . "I left my heart in San Francis- Walter Cork . . . "Wally" . . . the man with the co" . . . to know her is to love her younger girl in mind . , . A'Giddyap, horse!" . .. hits the back seat first fl-CJR! f fi W, we ,W it 5 13, Kathleen Cummins "Kathy" shy and Gail Dockstader "Gail" invented the retiring . . . destined for all-star basketball . , . SULDCY Sm2lSl'l in V0llCyb21ll . A . 6b0Hy locks . . . 94 enjoys an ,M "I'm 1101 Sure!" shy smile . , . future plans include nursing ag. x"lllilr arla Dryer , , , "Marla" , , . 'Tm all puckered Patricia Dusing , , . "Pat" . . . the "Dairy Wayne Eckhardt . . . "Wayne" Spanish ut!" , , , better late than never . , , Shares a Queen" . . . has it bad for "Castles" . . .a sailor's smarty . . . track man . . . "He who talks least ross Country letter . . . a perfect oval-shaped life is the only life for me is liked best" . . . Walther League president ace golf's his game, skiing's his hobby "1.a-T' A Gary Edwards . . . "Gary" . . . an avid tea drinker. . . "Letls have a banana partylu . . . a tough football player. . .paves his way to suc- Grover Ellwood . , . "Grove" . . . sound effects man . . . Fungiodo . . . one of Miss D's favorites . , . N.H.S .... El Rey de Dados . . . always has cess something up his sleeve . . . cross country run- ner W sr t at r if af M 5' M i ll. W 'i ," V ,,,,,. ,,, , V 4 - ., 'I Zi' i 25 , ,',,i , ' . L I , , , -:,tt ' V' " . ' 2 - ' Ad Grover speaks FW' " " "D" " 'l""' MW? '.Klr1p-f Patricia Ellwood . 4 . "Pati' '... a peppy cheer- leader . . 4 "Live a little-at Dairy Queen!" . . . Streisand?-no. it's Patil , . . a smooth dancer . . . mom works in the library C? ......w--9' Gary Franklin 'AGary" a devil in dis- guise . . . "Hey, you- --get offa' my cloud". . . . an animal in gym class Marshall Freer "Jess" hangs around with the college erowd'?'?7. . . one of El Pineho's boys. , . takes orders from a blonde. . . "Boots" 'vm Us 3 ' s. Q 'xa- XXX Margaret Fessel , . . "Marge" . , . a true home- Ann Filipiak . . . "Ann" , . . bookstore staff maker . .. F.H.A. member . . . "Small in sta- member . . . Art's sister? . . . sweet as sugar ture, but big in heart" . ,. nickname her HoW'S Bill IheSe dz1yS7l'7 "Friendly" Laura Gillette . . . "Laurie" . . . believes in ONLY having FUN out of school huge blue eyes. . . quiet until you get to know her. ,. Your Host's hostess with the mostest ma. ' 1 'Sass' Hn hulls ol hh-. Linda Godwin "Linda" pizzeria . charter member of the 8 o'cloek Lav Club A'Ralph is watching" , , . prefers Hamburg 4 gif wx,- w X 2 nary Lou Gould -'Louie' Lu's right Catherine Gray 'fCathy" Oh, those land . , . the charm of a little girl "Talk Hamburg b0Y5! - -- quletilfnot really b0t' ppy-the world is sad enough!" . , . "there's toms UP77 time for work and a time for play" at Jane Gurbacki . . . "Jane" .. . "What did you get on your test?" N.H.S. a ca- reer-minded girl "Yeah, team!" . . . Doro- thy's friend fi QUT? 'Q'-vt? Pamela Haag . . . "Pam" . . , What a giggle! . . . Patricia Haag . . . "Pat" . . . her heart belongs leaves for Lake Shore at noon everyday to Jerry .. . Pam's twin? born an optimist Pat's twin? . . . anything goes . . . mom drives . , . a mysterious allergy bus 7 if Barb Kauffman 4' WJ ff-t 5 9 Diane Harris "Diane" , , , Danny's girl . . . Kathryn Harms . . . "Kathy" . . . talk much. V - - -if you only knewy . - D loves to argue . - - a move over cars+Diane's driving! , . , 8th period touch of E,S,P, , , , a peg Pgoka? , l , lgd Us in is one big Excedrin headache , . . mischievous cheering during the fall football season f - I i is ms- 11, fi 1-Al" ...ttf ii Deborah Herkey "Debby" .. . a frequent Pamela Hatch . . . "Pam" . . . never a dull mo- ment . . . "What a weekend!" . . . Peter's twin? visitor to Feasley's . . , a note writer s e . . . "hatched" on Christmas day . . . belongs to enjoys being a girl . . . talkative Duane 98 Ronald Holehouse . . . "Ron" . . , the only hu- Gerald Hice . . . "Gerry" . . . easy to get along with . . . "What goes on at the roller rink?" , . . man with a horse laugh . ., puts his two Cents cart pusher at Loblaws . . . loves to tease girls in on everything . . . "Ralph" . . . comedy is king . . , "l could be wrong, but I doubt it" . . . nine brothers and sisters just like you? Linda Hutchings . . . "Lin" . . . walks in a daze Patricia Iafallo . . . "Pat" . . . a dark beauty . . . . . , "Do it right or don't do it" . . . ambitious enjoys basketball . . . worksin the bookstore. . . Pam's alter ego . . . mysterious doesn't have bones in her toes? . . . transfer from Frontier ing oseph Ilardo. . . "Joe", . . Firebird . . . "Smile, Bafbafa Kauffman - - - "Barb" - . . HlWayS Smil- 0u're Qn radar!" A A , "Tunis" H I A gas Pumper lllg . . . when tl"lC red, red fOblIl COITICS bob, bobbin' ... N,H.S .... she has wit to lend ... The trombone section's feminine note I Kevin Kelly . .. "Kevin" . . . singer . .. tries to William Kelly - -- "Bill" - - - "Sink ii, Billln - ,- make it to school at least once a week . . . sur- When the CHVS away, llle mice will PlaY --' rounded by girls at the lunch table ,, , helps hard to beat . , , actually studies in study halls! keep shop in the bookstore 99 ,' Tifiiviiii i 7 Gary Kester . . . "Gary" . . . the ice cream man . . . more often seen than heard . . . acci- dent-prone . . . drives a big truck 'Uhr' il?-v-V Linda Koepka . . . "I.in' '... always has a book in front of her N.H,S, Homecoming Queen ... does all things equally well ,.. sax player . . . wild weekends Edward Krycia ,.. "Ed" . . , a terrific runner . . . a scientist at heart . . . "Crazy legs" , . , stays awake seventh period Russell Ketcham . . . "Russ" . ,. leads a life of wine. women, and song . . , one for the road , . . blue jeans "Who wants to buy a dollar's worth of magazines?" , . , superb on the slopes my John Kordrupel "John K" a frat man . . . only speaks when spoken to . , , "Big Bad John" . , . not an cnemy in the world Kathleen Kirst "Kathy" girl with the cheshire cat grin . . . a prospective nurse 4 , , ski enthusiast , . , baby of the family , . . driver ed's her favorite class. taught by her favorite teach- er Ny, Sandra Korkus . . . "Sandie' '... dig those sun- glasses . . . "A blonde with a grin and the devil within" a natural born flirt "What a duck" heads her vocabulary Judy Barton Di me Kuhn Diane still works it Lea- se s th it s impossible' owns her own ' " -fx ff , ggsszffzwv' ff . We Michael Lamhrix . . . "Mike" . . . hitchhiker. ,. Lester's little pet . , . love those weekend patr- tieslll . . . you won't soon forget his blue eyes . . . chokes on milk N"""" Plul Kwilos Pau curly blonde hair drives his own big car with fins slaves away at Bells has his own way with words vw "Q f Viv-PM flfi. a wef "1 '11 '-'Wa t t ty, . t L " --.. ,H-494 Kathleen Lardo . . . "Kathy" , . . hates to have her picture taken . . . can't sit still when music is playing she wondered why Mr. Collins had his own brake in the driver ed car . . . al- ways in the lav IOI 'Q"""Y Elaine Latona . . . "Elaine" . . . irresistible charm . . . going with Gordie . . . gum-cracker . . . "Mr. Rice, what's for lunch?" Carl Leas . . . "Rudi" , . . women are his weak- ness. . , N.H.S .... "If you can't join 'em, beat 'em another of the A.V.A. gang . .. math smarty Carol Lindsey . . . "Carol" . . . who says beau- ty's only skin deep? band clarinetist N.H.S. "Flash" her heart is like her golden hair . , Philip Lawniczak .. . "Phil" . . . fast typist . .. even his initials spell PAL. . . conscientious. . . favors Immaculata to Eden News LuAnn Licata . . . "Lu' . . . our Embers Chief . . . always in a hurry. . . "Water-Lu" . . .swings a mean paint brush . . . lives for weekends . . . "You FORGOT you had gym today?-a likely story!" . . . "Love me-love my army jacket" "You'd better inhale Nancy Lilga . . , "Nancy" . ,. loves to babysit . . . flute tooter . . . N.H.S .... "Curiosity never killed any cat" . . . born to argue, , .gaiuldto rian Daine Harris and Pa ,,..0--u- 'D-as tri - H' M f f -- .- - 1-M,t1,,,,,,.,,:m V 'im 2119 Lf . ,, .5 .W W . Daniel McLaughlin "Dan" Debby's twin? "Cy" loves to play in clay works at Schwartz's ,. If ,l"' 'lil' ,i b H V V A fi, ,. and g 'I -A V John Mainprize "John" History's his favorite . . . cross country runner, . . likes coun- try and western music Kevin Mayer . . . "Kev" . , . can't wait til 2:49 . . . only goes to school when he wants to land that's not very often? . . . devil may care I04 Gerald Mazzetti . . . "Jerry" . . . strong and si- lent ,. . looks like Ben Casey . , . a helmet and a black jacket , - 1 swat i ' avi, 4? 1 i ssftm , Jean Mazzetti . , , "Jean" . . . full of sweet indif- ference . ,. office worker . . . a friend through thick and thin . . , beautiful hair ' if A f y ""'m'i af- 1 V Q-, 'Nfl' y,,:se1f,i S Mary Jean Wagner Robert Meyer . . . "Bob" ... who can't sleep? Angeline Mihalo . . . "Angie" . , , the worlds .. . an Ag major "Big Bad Bob" most reckless driver . . , always smiling about "School's not a bad place to visit but I wouldn't something . . . works at Charlaps . . . "Yeah! want to live there" 5310015 OUIV' lx' ,,,...,,. i . . "Brian" . . . muscles of steel . .. Betty Minekine ... "Betty" ,. . enjoys most on t e cross country team . . . his bark is worse athletic activities. . . "minnie" . . .a good laugh than his bite . . . "Where all think alike, no one never hurt anybody . . . N.H.S. . . . 4-H camp thinks very much." recreation counselor ifs: g::::: gf x M, Eff ' ff. I A J "' ' 5, ' :ir , r my t Y H ....-- 'Mft wmv. Carl Modica . . . "Carl" . . . happiness is a his- tory book . . . only man at E.C.S. with a pink sports jacket, pipe, and beret .. . "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers" . . . ambitious and destined for success . . . our friendly sports re- porter and baseball pitcher Robert Munro ,. . "Bob" . ,. has a comment for everything . ,. plays tuba in band . . . can't escape teachers-even at home . . . "If I ruled the world . . , " . , . on the football team ,4n-lu. Mr, Duffy, and Carl Modica U-sul lathy Nobbs , . . "Kathy" . . . cracks her gum Dennis Nowak , . . "Dennis ccrtunly not .. "I don't know as I did." . , . her daddy sells a menace.. .quiet, but hears everything ir actors. . . "Good things don't always come in shy . . . haste makes waste ig packages" . . . she can't say "no" if Michael O'Malley "Mike" when Irish Gregory Oyer "Greg" a man of few eyes are bloodshot . . . works hard after school Words . . . gullible Greg . . , non-conformist . , . . . . "Moon" . . . drummer boy . . . football hero "I don't know what you mean!" ,. .spends his Saturday mornings watching car- toons Linda Parker . . . "Lin" . . . laughs a lot . . . has the younger man in mind . . . "Who cares what they think?" . . . sax player , . . motor mouth SQUA- Maria Heloisa Penedo . . . "Lolo" . . . Sal's Bra- zilian sister. . . a bubbling personality . . , "This is good, no?" Are there more like you at home, fair maiden? . . . mixed chorus Liberace . . , the only cheerleader with an accent Mary Ann Polonkiewicz . . . "Mary', . . . lives for weekends . . . Marge's twin? . . . wants desperately to gain at least 10 pounds . , . a perfectionist Joel Denise Parmelee . .. Jody . .. likes only the best . . , the ear piercer . . . the bot- tom half . . . climbs the stairs daily just to see Grendel's mother "Good morning, it's Monday!" Margaret Polonkiewicz . .. "Marge" . . . fash- ion-conscious dresser. . . Mary's twin? . . . "Oh, never mind!" longest name in the senior class Mmyfffn 'M Q we ' ,p I 1, I , 1 , 1 'eim,e.s,'i,,, 'KWell, maybe some people like slide rules!!! Lai Kathleen Pike . . . "Kathy" . . . an Alaskan traveler . . . likes gin Crummyh , . , "Tell me what I should do!" . . . she'll be your friend for life . . . you should see her at the bowling alleys! "Some day my prince will come . . derson viary Remiszewski . . . "Mary" . . . individual- st . . . deep thinker . . . writes imaginative poe- ry . . . a Latin major rb Price and Carol Lindsey Douglas Price "Doug" has pleasant memories of Austria. . . "Character isa victory, not a gift" - and he sure is a character! . . . a devills grin . . . writes comical adventure stories , . . baritone band boy with a bow tie . . . football star Mark Rivard "Mark" thrives on sar- casm . . . reminds you of a big loveable teddy bear . . . practical joker . . . our boy at Bells Barbara Price , . . "Barb" . . . never wears the same thing twice . . . "Versatility" is the word . . . the longest hair ever . . . N.H.S .... artistic . . , plays clarinet in band . . . she's sat in front of Doug in every class since first grade Michael Ressing . . . 'lMike" . . . track and cross country man . . . The Mouse that Roared . . . loves pepperoni . . . bound for Oswego Linda Romandi . . . "Linda" . . . Denny's girl wedding bells for sure! never a cross word . . . takes her business work seriously I K,..,,, ,f I07 "Of course I'ni sticking to my diet, Miss Palmer!" L Mary Schreiner "Mary" . .. shy, but friendly . . . always takes the jobs nobody else wants . .. silence is golden . .. as sensible as they come Ellyn Brusehaber William Schwartz . . . "Bill" . . . quiet with hid- den wit . . . a sports car expert . . . fearless hunter Carol Siefke . . . "Carol" . . . so you want to be a doctor, huh?. . . when in doubt, do the friend- liest thing . . , 27 Dans! . .. "My sister Sharon ,- Jews Penny Sealy . . . "Penny" . . . the belle of Main Street's IGA . . . "Wiener" . . . an acute case of senioritis . . . a brunette today, a redhead to- morrow! John Sisti "John" Oh, those 12-letter words. . . a future politician . . . alias Mr. Barry . .. enjoys writing, folksinging, and acting . .. What's so special about Genesseo'?! cw-f Michael Sendor . . . "Mick" . . . bombs around in his gray VW . . . the quiet strength of an ox A.V.A. president skiis and plays the guitar well .MW .. ,, www ild Ronald Smith . . . "Ron" ,,. active F.F.A. James Soule . . . "Zip" . . . always stops at rail- member , . . rides the bus only when he has to road crossings these days . . . don't call him . . . always willing to help , . , tries hard and is "Jim" . .. lady's man ,. , slides a mean trom- rewarded bone , . , an athlete both indoors and out 452 0 fe Y--E-vt' -'ff' Heather Stokely . . . "Heather" . . . NHS ..4A Sara Surgenor. . . "Sally". , .thinks 85 is failing Ernest Thomas , . . "Ernie" . . , innocent Ernie? :an't stay away from peanutbutter and banami . , . Madame President . . . Elmira Key winner . . . Mr. Mrha's pet peeve . . . constantly smilin' Sandwichesy U V "D0n'I rain on my parade!" . . . . , . "A woman has to be twice as good asa man . . , nervy , . . born to raise F . . . "Amen" a Flutist . . . Go! Fight! Win. teaml to go half as far" . . , Calvin M. Robert Thuman . ,. 'ABoh" . . . few attempt to tangle with him , . . there's only one girl for him .,. take me for a sleigh ride . ,. put a nickel in the Comet and away we go! -wnftiir Linda Thurber. . . "Linda', . . .a pro bowler. . . goes to school only when there's nothing better to do a business major cari't hold a straight face for long . . . engaged to Bob Randall Wear "Ran" won't settle for less than a Cadillac . . . tough tennis match . . . plays football in the rain . . . invented the funny walk Richard Weaver. . . "Rich" . . , tattletale moni- tor . . , "let me see your passl' . . . both gets and receives tickets . . . would rather go to Im- maculata Ronald Timm uROnva a fugitive from M317 Wagner UMUYN Pixie Conformity . I D future businessman 4 s . corny Mother's watching!" . . .a smile is worth a thou jgkgs , h , English is nreference sand words . . . heaven scent . . . "No I m not Harry's twin i s f Zip Soule and Skip Ehrhart Charles Williams . . . "Chick'l . . . first one out A when the bell rings . . . "There's nothing like a Kathleen Wells . . . "Kathy" . . . Diane's girl- dame!" . . . an innocent victim of circumstance friend . . . talkative . . . Larry's steady. . . not as fwith a sore nosel . . . joker. . , Master of Trac quiet as she appears tion 'NWNHWQP Evelyn Wingels . . . "Evelyn" , , , saves her Kenneth Wittmeyer . . . "Ken" . . . "Face!" . . . voice for chorus . .. a business course comes zooms around on his ski-doo don't let his easy for her . . . typing award winner . . . de- size fool you . ., Pat's brother? pendable 'Q'-'CD' Patricia Wittmeyer . . . "Patty" . . . Are you Paul Wojtaszczyk . . . "Paul" . . . can always be sure you're 18? . . . a working girl . . . unpredict- found in homeroom . . . one of the parking lot ible. . .a day dreamer, . , sits on ice cream?. . gang . . . never complains . . . unruly hair Ken's sister? Uh- Q39- James Wysocki "Jim" shar "Socki" . . . Traction master . . , small - oh well, so was Napoleon! p Car June Yetter "June" a basketball and Short and volleyball enthusiast . . . studious? . . . "Thank goodness it's Friday!" . . , rings, rings, rings . . . profound views on life Richard Yetter , . . "Dick" . . , Ag, is his favor- Lawrence Croft . . . "Lar" , . , rules were made Leonard Jatllgd Len worksin the cafe ite class . .. "Nobody kn0WS IhC trouble l'Ve to be broken . . . a capable football player . . . teria . . . farming enthusiast doesnt know seen" . . , takes his afternoon nap in 81h period If you ever need a friend , . , doesn't know how how to carry a book home can t find his way to play, but teach him and he'll win back to study hall from thc library ,..,, X rr: . , Thomas Lorenzi , , , "Tom" . . , has a hard time Gregory Price . . . "Greg" . . . 'Whats a hair holdingon to ringsin gym class. . . "Dear Petu- Cut?" ... Mr. Nice Guy ... That s right nia" . . , when in doubt, fake it 4 . . "Grease" . . , -Barb, Doug. and I are triplets hates to rides a cycle . . . basketball player be tied down C m r h 9en'ors Merry Burau Ann Nagel lvy Lee Burdick Ron Ongley Robert Dunn Gary Penn John Eggen Arthur Filipiak David Grant Clifford Juhl Daniel Lelito George Lobur Rebecca Meyerhocfer Il2 James Rogowski Gary Scheetz Frank Sibiga Gary Skora Eugene Thompson Harry Wagner John Zwack GirI's and Bog's Siaie Three hundred-twenty girls from all over New York joined hands one week in Albany for an experience which can never be duplicated. We were chosen by our schools to represent the local American Legion Auxiliaries in a mythical state . . our very own. We were taught politics by politicians. We struggled through an exhausting schedule of lectures, forums, and debates, learn- ing that politics is not the unintelligible mess we thought. We set up our own government, held our own rallies and elections, lived and breathed poli- tics. We enjoyed illegal midnight or later 'then sessions" where we shared ideas, argued convic- tions, and discussed our schools, parents, and, naturally, boys. Girls State was our Utopia . a perfect land where enthusiasm never faltered, everyone was equal, government was perfect, and where the idealism of youth was transformed into a short- lasting, yet never dying. reality. -Sal Surgenor Government and politics play a great role in the shaping of todays world. Boys State '67 made me realize the complexity and importance of a good, efficient government. By actually participat- ing in the development of a mythical 5lst state. I learned the responsibilities and functions of the state and local governments. from the governor to the town councilman. We set up our own parties. held Caucuses and conventions, elected our representatives to the assembly and Senate, and made laws, Boys State '67 was not all politics. however. There was a vigorous schedule of athletics, as well as a "little" against the rules goofing around at our leisure. There were no girls around, and by the time a week was over, we were eager to leave. It was truly a unique experience, from which I will reap the benefits in the future. -Grove Ellwood Senior Class Advisors New joke book for Mr. Duffy. Mr Duffy and Mr Colvm This year, as in the past, Eden has proved quite successful in its magazine drive. Thanks to all of the seniors, especially these ten, we were able to have a Senior Ball, a Senior Class Day, and an outstanding yearbook. Selling subscriptions door to door was no easy job and the true spirit of '68 was evident as this year's seniors sold over 56,000 worth of magazines. Jim Lancaster as the top salesmen sold S280 worth. Russ Ketcham ran a close second with 5279. 'IenTop Salesman Row l: N. Lilga, D. Price, J. Eggen, J. Lancaster, B. Kauffman, R. Ketcham. Row 2: D. Mangus. S. Agle, E. Hruschaber. R. Holehouse. Ten Top Seniors Row 1: B. Maggs, B. Kauffman, C. Lindsey, J. Gurbacki, N. Lilga,Row 2: L. Koepka, C. Leas, S. Spring, D. Chambers, S. Surgenor. II4 These ten seniors have worked hard throughout their high school years to distinguish themselves as intellectual individuals. Besides maintaining 'iA', averages all ten participate in after school activities and are members of the National Honor Society. Their academic achievements have brought and will continue to bring them recog- nition and satisfaction in the future. Congratulations and much success to these people. New York Slate Regents Scholarship Winners Row 1: Sara Surgenor, Joel Parmelee, Carol Lindsey. Row 2: Munro, John Eggen, Phillip Lawniczak, David Chambers, Susan Laurie Anderson, Donna Blatner, Kathy Lardo, Nancy Lilga, Brown, John Sisli, Row 4: Brian Miles, Edward Krycia, Wil- Barbara Maggs. Row 3: Carl Leas, Barbara Kauffman, Robert liflm Kelly, Grover Ellwood- Mlchliel RCSSWQ, Robert DUHH- This year, Eden Central received twelve Regents Scholarships with ten alternate scholarships. Each fall, seniors who are planning to go on to higher education take the Exam, which was given on October 3, 1967. One hundred seven seniors took the test this year, which makes 13076 of the senior class receiving scholarships. Eden Central is indeed proud of this achievement. Most Studious: Barbara Maggs, Carl Leas Quietest: Mary Remiszewski, Dennis Nowak T?- at.. ., F583 S stars .e: ,Z l- Q Individualist: Carl Moc uv , K. W, X 3 ! saw' K lg, ajax wx M- f 0' -,X X. mx ,4 , x 1 W 5 Best Dressed: Grover Ellwood, Barbara Price ' 5 KA -xv ' N, X on Most Popular: Peter Hatch, Lolo Penedo w Friendliest: David Cole, Pamela Hate ! 1 xqjv .L X Q Most Dignified: John n, Joel Parmelee 'sten Creeley Hall ol' Fame Wittiest: Ronald Holehouse. Judith Barton dost Likely to Succeed: William ielly, Sara Surgenor Most Athletic: James Soule, Sandra Brown ,,.gunIll"- . 4 J--:. tw.. g f , ' '-w'3,f -'D Best Looking: Carol Lindsey, Charles Williams .if- L. Koepka, S. Agle, M. Dryer, L. Licata, D. Stresing, P. Ellwood, S. Spring, L. Gould, C. Lindsey, H. Stokely, M. Burau, B. Price, S. Agle. Junior Prom Queen fir 3? 1 May 6, 1967 Queen Sue Spring and her court. and Couri Stale Council Member The class of 1968 is proud to have as a member, John ggen, who has proved himself outstanding in state and strict councils. Jack was Vice-President of District 14 in ie New York State Association of Student Councils dur- g 1966-67, and is currently President of District 14 in the .Y.S.A.S.C. and Vice-President of the New York State ssociation of Student Councils. District 14 is one of 19 Districts in the New York State ssociation of Student Councils. Its purpose in the District and State is to co-ordinate l student council functions within New York. They spon- rr varied and regional social, cultural, and academic pro- cts to further the concept of "Total Immersion ducationf' Every year is started off by giving a helping hand to cal S.C. Presidents by providing Student Council Lead- ship Workshops at three State Universities in the sum- ertime. These week-long sessions provide the impetus for valuable exchange of ideas between the high school lead- 's. Jack, as President of District and Vice-President of the ate, acts as a resource and reference for schools through- it New York State in establishing and broadening the alm of student government. 4 'RTA ,... o all c 5 cc Q lYR.Txs I v S -5 .Cl Q llvt ?R'J,-ll EQ! 5 Q. ' z l 2 . e l iff, l pl l96lsX" l E i 5 s E 5 z E John Eggen wwW"'i"'x 'TL . .,:B-.f:-1 Q ..',. ,Q Y .,.l. lgi ri' Q A 'R .Qs W L x- 4' 2 ysiiq, A 1 'a . , tiff' ,,, i yt Q a . . , Jan Rodenbach g t ' t tat ls this what happens when you cross a football player with a fashion 7 modcli I 20 WW l 'K . X Q A " an if K- 'ffj 4. N 1. 1 .M . N, v s 1- .L , 4,5 1- L:., ' 'L i:L ff' 9, 5 w ,Q-. 1 .J , i I "It's Wahoo Lu and the YAHOOS! 'UK' ,dk- juan- English is my BESTsubject!! Tom Benkleman Donna Bennett Carol Lindsey U...-4' This is physical fitness? 44' Q Mimk' Mr. Mrha fWork and The Maul 1 :gg "La la,,' from Robin Rah Rah-R. Parmelee Willa. ' , .,LL, .I M Pxwl. 'U X -.5 fy i , ,x F 3 ' FSE?-fear W' g gg B k J ' P l azoo a oe S a Did you ever have the feeling you were being watched? Sandie Korkus f rr s e AX Ar ll q-'vw-o.g..i 'Sf X gf K? ' Arlene Kaczmarczyk . My ,Q L X .f f .wif Tx, ,,,,,,,M 1' Wiuv--my ,Wm X X Q s if' P. Q ww X A Y , W, ., "Show me the way to go home, I'm tired and I wanna go to bed!!!" Jack Willett '-N. f 'E el S l25 l "YWIll"'L - if S "And then he said . . ." K. Nidell, R. Pollard 3 2 4 .' "Come again?" Jess Freer "For the next course I'll have filet mignon and . . . " D. Herkey -'i-1- , , ,I . Xu f Align L5- .. A V ' . -ef f 2 ' A+, g gig -,'kk, , 1 5 l e-1 :L fi e,:1-' M Qi , 5' ,. ,Bef 'ia 35-K M4 I 'Q' l Bob Munro Ivy Burdick and Mr. Haug M? All it takes is concentration" "What are you, weird?" Merry Burau Judy Barton S. s "Ah, to be home on the couch!" Skip Ehrhart "Bouncey, bouncey ba1ly" Donna Brown and Elaine Latona rm "I Was A Teenage Monster" by Marge Schiedel v. VYXQ Before . . . 1 N. X , R 1-, 'l,,,. ti M I rr ,M N 'Q ' A-. 1 Don't look now, but there's a fly in your cup! Mr. Pingitore . . . and after! V ual H. . sw ka .Wh-H.. ,.--' X 1 l29 ,,, ls Lat' Q That's the breaks. Fran Korkus M' ' "Nice set of toes . . . 'nassaui 1 in xr' S ai 'nv K 1 1 n A In A-ISA S-3,11-N, A-.-., hvvf r ff' x of' X X M235 F Q. n M . ., I A - rx , 2 in t , 4 my I F ' 1...-'W so 'i Vkfisgksmitw . ..,. 5 H U L " - A " x 4' 'L sc-' -grfbgg ,fu-H: .. -4 . V L 4 . 'fx Q- 5 -ff' ' .2 - , ' r- , NT: K ,..f' 1 Q.:"Q ,Aaig ' - 3 QW' . ' L 54 ,, ' r 'f o' N ' ff' .,, " f' W - FT Q A' .W ? ,:.Qx'14't wh..-.,-2. 'KT' ' 7' . , fm- W. , Q ,f '-'-- .4-' ,, ,gk 'K rg I . N " A .111 ' ' ' -yi,-, .M 5, X' ,fx W, 'K '5q',.M ' . .. ',fW.f:' A A -'M If 4 Q ' -1..- fjif, "Where's the lifeguard?-she's drowning!" Barb Kauffman and Sharon Murphy Coach Castiglia and Richard Green UNOW, 15,5 See - - - if I add Some HCI - - Bobble Marrano E l 1 5 i tr i V 1 nk we Phkl' I l i, V' , 'K' K y- ,X I l l l -4 f 've -' ,,.- 1 .. , "' 'f' , ix-,..,w,,jVwf, , I 1 T Drowning practice-Sue Schneider 3 ,W "lad ei c"i"' Mg - F . Af' aj? "Oh, my nails have been so brittle lately!" Gary Kaluza "Candy Canes and Holly" I l J-. Q1 Bottoms up!" Kris Segebarth and Ron Donovan "Moo-o-on-Cheryl Bley :K 41 LJ- I33 I l Q if 1 r LS i, ig-S' R ! Me and my shadowvB, Marrano. L: x ,, -X ks 3 2 ? 1 X, I 5' 'f"' wvzr' Q .J 5 1 s ': S K p 4 , V , ' 0 Q ' 'Ii , f i .Q , f 4 ff I ' f ' f M ,,,k z . 1 . i h JL' xxx .T . I I I ' Lk f '34 Dream on, Doug!-D. Price 84 D. Enser S' and 91 W was 9 7'?'fiQW 3 5 , Who me?-Miss America-A, Yaeger i Ti 1 IC! "And to think I married this guy?" Magician at Junior High assembly The Eden Swinging Society . . . V . ii, ,gferg You what??" Mr. McCord I tg . Dear Mr. McCord and Miss Pfeil, This is your page. You deserve it. Oh, sure, we know . . . You can never find anything in the room. You can never find anything in the right envelope. You can never find us. You always think we'll be invaded by field mice, but we have somehow managed to survive. Our art work seems to leave the authorities cold. We always are in need of a "sharp picture" for some layout. We do every tri-pak at least three times before it satisfies everyone. Lolo's negatives seem to disappear just when you're ready to do them. You can't stand the 'gnoise' '... Are you the one that broke the radio? You always want to know what kind of party we have planned for 4th period. We'll never make a deadline. But we love you for putting up with us. Thank you both for all your time, and most of all, for your patience. Love, The Embers Staff 1968 Miss Pfeil JK-. , .1 j3.V.VVg, Agp-yfsefs-53, f,.--.1 . Q, . H , ,. ,. ,V 4 , , A . ,J - , . ,, , . .,V V, V. ,, , ,3- -up wr y N --.:.1-V-V V "1 V:V.fu vm -, V V' , Vu' M, .-Nw. , nw. ,,4. , .., VV- 5 , -,.f 4- -az. . my -W' ,..- Q- . , .VV -5 aw MW V , V. V- V, .- M-'-: , 'V V, . :A -1, lf ' Vg-V ,, , 1 , azz -f' V 'J '-ww m ,, ,...- -V Q-g , ,- 1 ey ,Q S j " ' 1.313 f, .- f . 1'-3. 'Vg , v -- - 'V ' tv - g,,5fVf V ,gg-V M, Vylvvi gl a5:1,4:i"V '- . YV : J .J 4. .213-:5',VGVV3,fN-1 . - . . , - V N k V N A V .K . .- 12:45 - K ' ' ' ' ' 5 QL: ' '2,,1,,, ' . V' , ' V - fr f ' 35 sr K, . 0 .If . v s ,QV .- MAL V.: V ' V, - , . . f- N " , ' ., R, V ' Q - , . we mi. f , A V A - ,V ., .V 'Vex - . 2.-f' rf. .a ' f"- ., ' . rf: 5 . - 5,3 -vi,h,V , 4 .,... A QL , ,,5,,,wV4w K. ,trxh X gf, -1- U ,..L,, fv - - ,yr 3, V. , ., - V,L x,- Ia .. 4. V. f , -.,- ., J' 1, + V A o ,Q i W ,I 4 Y ,hx is I ,. ,hfLV ,w.,,, new W, ,,.W, ,QV,.x,y. Vf,V,,,,, H A 4. - V,-K, .K- ""ff'T ' Nz? f'2f1:f:e.1'-'. . -Vf:V1.?.-':'i'fT-VA ' - f f V ' V 1" ' ' " 'ix 13,0 , ' B .ff 1 A .tw wsf V . . A . v . Q , . . . ,, . V Q -I f -.M . .. ..- ,, -- -., - H f Q M: ' x " Viw, '-ff" Q., V' 1. wg .Walk I .ff , lv ,inf , is V5 ""2..,.f1 Q. '1.:b.-."'T'.S1"Ff ' f -" . . ' ' 'E .' - wlvf ' 3 if sa.. y . i L H, f . ' iff :- T ' M. X .. f f ng 53,11 ,ESQ ,ps K f X 5.. 2. .nw W 425 X- . W' .. 'T ME' ..:"""'P"'i .,. mf 1 N . k ., W ' 4 a-as . ,.Qkg,m ' V- . 9511 1 . I1-:..-'iriwzw . - M 1 ' - U""f'+X - ' I ,W , .mv 1 w , ' A 5 W' af' K 5 ' . , -qu.. ,. -i .Lx Mk , A . .F . j L ..,.. , . K ' Q05 3 4 W. 's n,,,,W1f" .. 1 r eikf I F' ,Wa ' 'Q Q.. ,,... dw' it. ,gh . v ' 1 v. "f s 'sb 'N 'sz , .5 -in , ww... , -f , Q - we ' A t, . y 'K ...fat - Q P. .4 .1 ,f l. .f ,' uf N -A ., ' nu I 4 6 Qty Q fe R' . s I ev .,. M. , . "T39'w1 fu ,,,. . K -'W ' ' Tx K ' .. ' af 'af 5. . . - I K fy 41.05 'Q 3 a 'ff' . Q "1 4 t' .. . Qf.. ' ,A . , Q - 1 'EM Q. A af Q2 HQ, , ...I 1 1 , 'Y sr ZA. .

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