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MARVIN G. COHOON West Church St. , EDEN, N. Y. PPI LP IPP Or rrr ee ae I, te: dil tt . enti we } si ; Hatin nnmnetalin: ie : We = S 3 8 a ZA a = a Administration Grades Departments Organtxations Sports Senztors Foreword As the last door of E. C. S. closes behind us, we, the Senior Class, present to you our Embers. It is our sincere hope that within these pages you will find a permanent record of the living spirit of E. C. S. We Honor He steps before us, his baton poised in anticipation, his smile encouraging those before him. All eyes rest confidently upon him as he stands keenly perceptive to the potential and significance of those before him. The baton swiftly lowers, the strains mount into a ringing crescendo. But his enthusiastic direction reaches far beyond the musical pages before him. He is directing the lives of all of us at E.C.S. It has been his fine direction, sparkling with optimism, for which we, the Class of 1961, are sincerely grateful. In the hope that he will continue to encourage future students at E.C.S. for many years, we dedicate to Mr. Walter Downey, our 1961 Embers. Mr. Walter Downey ON kee Edwin C. Peck, Supervising Principal Mrs. Nidell, Mrs. Webster, Secretaries Greetings Embers ’61 The administration of Eden Central School takes this opportunity to bring greetings not only to the staff of the 1961 Embers, but also to the entire Senior Class. The function of a high school yearbook is twofold: It yields experience to the members of the staff in writ- ing, compiling, and editing a rather extensive publica- tion. This type of experience is often used profitably in later life. The other purpose of a yearbook is to furnish a medium within which pleasant high school experiences can be recorded and referred to in later years. Your high school memories are, for the most part, pleasant ones and often can be used as an inspiration toward the accomplishment of greater achievements in the future. The yearbook staffs at Eden Central School in the past have set a high standard in their publications. I am certain that this achievement of the Class of 1961 will be no exception. EDWIN C. PECK District Principal Thomas J. Colamonico, High School Principal The miracle of America has been fashioned within the framework of democracy. Now the democratic faith, as the very basis of our life, is challenged as never be- fore. More of us must reflect clearly on the meaning of democracy and the reason it is worthy of loyalty and sacrifice. I stand in the hope and prayer that our students, who will be the citizens of tomorrow, are being educated to accept this obligation of preserving our great democra- tic way of life. The Class of 1961 has demonstrated great potential and we look forward to a brilliant role in its contribution to the security of our great nation. THOMAS J. COLAMONICO High School Principal Miss Smith, Secretary Diane Colvin, Clerk Raymond H. Kirst, President Alexander Wysocki, Vice President Edwin C. Peck William Bos Fredrick Kreamer Robert Bolton Anthony Pericak Herman G. Agle Eden P.TA. James F. Walsh, President The Eden Parent-Teacher Association provides, be- tween our parents and our teachers, a uniting force which continually strives to better Eden’s educational system. Under the guidance of this program, parents become aware of the progress as well as the problems of Eden Central. Under the excellent leadership of James F. Walsh, the 1961 P.T.A. has experienced a varied and satisfying year. ve ge Mr. Nelson 10 Because of the rapid changes in social-economic con- ditions and the phenominal development of higher edu- cation, students today are faced with a bewildering com- plexity of choice. They are more dependent, therefore, on adequate outside help. The major responsibility for this help falls on the school, and the guidance depart- ment in the school is responsible for initiating and carry- ing on this work. The phrase “guidance services” represents a coordi- nated program of guidance designed to assist each pupil reach his personal, social, educational, and vocational objectives. Counselors, however, do not solve problems for the student, but help him decide for himself where he wants to go, what he wants to do, and how he can best accomplish his purpose. Counseling is mainly a one-to-one relationship but even though guidance be given in groups, the focus of guidance is always the in- dividual, not the problem. Therefore, although different techniques are used, counselors as teachers are con- cerned with assisting each pupil gain the optimum growth and development of his personality. Miss Gilbert assess —. BOSE Standing: Mr. Pacini, Mr. Hamann, Mr. Gur- backi, Mr. Carlin. Seated: Mr. Duffy, Mr. | Gray, Mr. Frawley, Mr. Foroscij. Standing: Mr. Colvin, Mr. Ball. Seated: Miss Gilbert, Miss Witzleben. Standing: Mr. Griffin, Mr. Sutkowski, Mr. Bondi. Seated: Mr. Varco, Mr. Fekete, Mr. Pulvino, Mr. Collard. Standing: Mr. McCord, Mr. West, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Meyer, Mrs. Trask. Seated: Mrs. Hudson, Miss Saunders, Miss Koch, Mrs. Maves. aculty Standing: Miss Davis, Mr. Georger. Seated: Mrs. Gould, Mrs. Dash, Mrs. Brenneman. Standing: Mr. Woods, Mr. Tweedle. Seated: Mr. Knauer, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Murgler. Standing: Mr. Sturm, Mr. Hagen. Seated: Mrs. Ganey, Mr. Weiss, Miss Palmer. Mrs. Conklin, Mr. Findeisen, Miss Bald. 13 WHAT IS A TEACHER? Somewhere between the sternness of a parent, and the comradeship of a friend is that mysterious creature we call a teacher. A teacher may come in all shapes and sizes and may be male or female. But they all have one thing in common—a glori- ous twinkle in their eyes! They may be found anywhere, and they’re al- ways preparing for, sitting through, participating in, or recuperating from the teaching of hard- working students. A teacher is not only a teacher, but also—an artist designing next month’s calendar, a doctor or Standing: Mr. Calandra. Seated: Mr. Flannigan. Mr. Gibson, BGS. Mr. Downey, Mrs. Gangi, Mr. Conklin, Mr. Meacham. nurse prescribing necessary treatment to a suf- terer of the common slipping-of-grades diet, and above all, a spare shoulder to cry on during a time of need. Nobody else is so early to rise and so late home at night. Nobody else has so much fun with such a large “family” of boys and girls. Their true reward is the deep, sincere, respect of their past, present, and future students and the community. When they look around them at the skills they've taught, and the youth they’ve built, there is an inner voice from somewhere that says, “Well Done!” Sead “le - F.- i - — Standing: Mr. Haug. Seated: Mr. Lundberg, Miss Palisano. Facu gzentst Mrs. Weichmann Speech Therapist Mrs. Canfield Mathematics With the recent era of space accomplishments, mathematics has gained a new importance. Eden, in keeping up with the times, has advanced its math courses. One of the greatest improvements is the ad- vanced course, starting in eighth grade and con- tinuing through high school. This allows students especially gifted in mathematical ability to take one-half year of college math when a senior. This year about 25 students are taking Math 11. This course consists of a full year of combined intermediate algebra and trigonometry. The stu- dents will then take one Regents exam at the end of the year. 16 Language In this age of amazing and far-reaching scien- tific achievements, we perhaps lose sight of man’s very definite need to communicate with others. Whether this is done through one’s native tongue or through a language acquired in the classroom, the problem remains the same. The gaps between countries, culture, and peo- ple must be bridged in order for the advancement of any field of learning to be of value. This must be effected by a fuller appreciation of the language arts and a more diligent study of modern and classical languages. Muszc Music constantly surrounds us in our modern day living. Through the years it has encouraged several students to join glee clubs and ensembles. Their foundation for appreciating music was laid during their high school years in school. With un- limited opportunities almost everyone may learn to play an instrument or to develop his voice for the enjoyment of others. Commercial Under the guidance of the teachers in the Com- mercial Department of Eden Central School, the students, through actual practice on modern office equipment, will fulfill the requirements needed to go out in the business world after graduation and seek employment in the commercial fields or fur- ther their education in this field. Speed, accuracy, neatness, and a knowledge of the basic principles of business are constantly being stressed by the teachers. Sczence Science influences almost every aspect of our lives, from food to furniture. For this reason it is presently being stressed in schools to better pre- pare us for the challenging world of inventions. Also, for students who plan and desire to procure a higher education, high school science will be their stepping stone to infinite and fascinating ad- ventures. Soczal Studzes As the Seniors close the doors on the high school life, they can glance in retrospect at their years of education in the field of citizenship. They have progressed from the study of the home, to the community, from there to the state and na- tional scenes, and finally to the study of the inter- national setting. Using the social sciences such as geography, sociology, government, economics, and history, they have come to wider knowledge and deeper understanding of their responsibilities in citizenship in the field of social activity. Ly Agriculture Science is an important factor in the lives of the farmers of today. Thus, the agricultural de- partment trains our future farmers in the proper methods of present day farming. Through clubs and activities, as the F.F.A., the students who have chosen this course as their vocation, apply the knowledge that they have gained in the class- room. Through the efforts of their teacher, they gain a good foundation to become the future farmers of America. Englash Our native language is the basis for our entire education, and the means of expressing our- selves. Each and everyone of us must be able to speak his language fluently and correctly. The English department has worked efficiently in de- veloping this ability in the student. It has worked to instill in the student, an appreciation and en- joyment of classical and modern literature, in the hope that this appreciation will someday be an aid to self betterment. 18 Reading Laboratory Aisle: C. Wilson, P. Gnias, M. Greenwood, R. Huber, T. Colamon- ico, R. Ball, G. Ellis, C. Haenal. Cen- ter: J. Rosenberger, Mrs. Casler, J. Zynda, J. Bowers, J. Agle, J. Eck- hardt, S. Willet, C. Owens, S. Nellis, G. Wahlstrom, Dr. Hegman. Industrial Arts The industrial arts program of our school teaches a wide area of skills, including general shop, metal and wood-working, and photography. This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to prepare themselves for careers in our highly mechanized world of today. ee — ee Home Economics The function of Eden’s homemaking depart- ment is to adequately provide students with a well-rounded and informative knowledge of effi- cient home management using excellent facilities and modern equipment. Today home economic students. are prepared to meet the challenge of our modern living. Driver Educatwn In Driver Education the students learn the fundamentals of safe driving. Since the popula- tion is increasing more and more, it necessitates the need for more competent and safe drivers; and through Driver Education we know that they will carry on the good driving habits they have been taught and continue to drive carefully and intelligently. 19 Art The art department strives to establish in the student an appreciation of the fine arts, and a cultural foundation for everyday life. Students’ abilities are allowed to progress under the eyes of the staff, and are given every opportunity to establish themselves in a particular field. Health and Physical Education Health and physical education are closely re- lated. In health we learn how to maintain a strong body and to develop our bodies so we will be strong and wholesome adults. At the same time it teaches us to be good sportsmen and to understand certain fundamentals of a variety of sports. Through these two classes, health and physical education, we learn to develop healthy bodies and minds for the coming events of our adult lives. Custodians M. Walter G. Kaufman A. Kleinschmidt L. Mammoser A. Christian C. Niles M. Horton S. Wojheck N. Harris E. Britling J. Durnin 20 Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Towns, Mrs. Shepker, Mrs. Kauffman, Mrs. Sykes, Mrs. Wittmeyer, Mrs. O’Bry- ant, Mrs. Willet. Bus Drivers Back Row: R. Bauer, G. Win- ter, D. Benkelman, S. Wierzba, J. Merchant, J. Canny, D. Wible, J. Winter, T. Mroz, O. Dillingham, C. Wittmeyer, A. Perison, W. Baldwin, C. Ben- kelman, E. Winkelman, D. Brushehaber. Front Row: L. Furman, E. Grugipo, D. Win- ter, D. Willet, T. Wierjba, K. Wittmeyer, M. Wilcox. ee Py oman eiac e tints, Ri re Elaine Holehouse J[.V. Cheerleaders Alternates: Deanna Gehl, Carol Nel- Marjorie Agle, Captain; Kathy Pha- lis, Varsity. tiger, Judy Price, Ann Haist, Linda Karen Penny, Janice Wysocki: J.V. Agle, Marcia Lindsey. Machmer. A Football Message From Mr. Pacini: When we opened our season in September, one of our jobs was to find suitable replacements for the men who had graduated from our 1959 squad. After our first game with Alden, Mr. Weiss and I felt that we had to make adjustments in order to field a good team. In the Alden game, our players did not play the type of ball of which they were capable. Eden’s team proved this in the following game when trounced by Sweet Home for their first loss. Our second loss was to Iroquois and luckily it was a non-division game. Once again we did not play the type of ball of which we were capable. Row One: C. Kelly, M. Crowe, G. Price, D. Sallak, J. Quasny, R. Minekime, R. Ben- zin, C. Owen, Mr. Weiss. Row Two: J. Jakow, R. Hardy, J. Partridge, C. Jessop, J. Bianchi, T. Engle, W. Bos, R. Agle, M. Anderson, Mr. Pacini. Row Three: T. Shep- ker, R. Neuffer, R. Eckhardt, C. Care, L. Nehring, R. Vondell, D. Yaeger. Row Four: D. Williams, R. Ball, W. Guillaume, D. Schiedel, C. Colvin, D. Schacher, G. After the Iroquois game, Mr. Weiss and I realized that in order to have a winning season, we would have to work hard. The results of hard practice gave us a winning sea- son and the Championship team. This could not have been accom- plished without the efforts of every member of the squad and the coach- ing staff. Mr. Weiss made it possible for us to have the best line in Division III. Mr. Pulvino and Mr. Gurbacki did a tremendous job in scouting our op- ponents. If you add these things up, a hard working team, a good assistant coaching ‘staff, and a wonderful stu- dent body, the results produce a Championship Team. Charles Pacini Varsity Football sacl a The Eden Raiders met stiff competition this last season and ended with a won-lost record of ts The team lacked sufficient experience and had to take a back seat in their try for division honors. They did, however, gain valuable bas- ketball skills and are ex- pected to turn the tables in next season’s campaign. Co- captains Bob Ball and John x Hammond, along with Al Zells and Clyde Colvin were “ the only seniors on Coach ,, Schmidt’s young but spirited team. They lost a great many games, but there was never a moment when the team lacked fine fighting spirit. Although the team often found themselves coming up with the lower score, they learned the value of good sportsmanship. 26 Standing: Mr. Schmidt, coach; B. Hardy, W. Enser, G. Price, A. Zells, T. Scherm, C. Colvin, R. Ball, D. Schacher, L. Yager, M. Blackwell, J. Ham- mond, C. Care. Kneeling: J. De Muth, D. Gehl, J. Schmittendorf. v4 4 TV. Football Row One: M. Marak, N. Carpenter, D. Nellis, R. Cadwin, D. Walker, J. Detwiler, D. Graovac. Row Two: Mr. Pulvino, D. Rich, R. Enser, L. Conklin, M. Argersinger, R. Haag, T. O’Day, J. Herdle, T. Colamonico, R. Heichberger, Mr. Gerbacki. Row Three: R. Reifler, F. Geissman, G. Greiner, L. Schroeder, B. Rich, D. Yaeger, M. Brown, D. Salzler. Row Four: T. Rebman, T. Neuffer, W. Flint, J. Higby, G. Haag. This year’s team, comprised mainly of freshmen, had a difficult season as far as the won-lost column is concerned. The team lacked depth, especially in the line where six out of the possible seven positions were filled by inexperienced personel. Mike Merak was the lone sophomore on the forward wall and was outstanding on offense and defense. Outstanding freshmen on the line were Larry Schroeder and Glen Griener, The back field had more veterans from last year’s team than did the line. The individuals that were the greatest asset to the team, mainly due to their versatility, were Ray Cagwin, Daniel Graovac, and Gary Haag. Although the record isn’t very commendable, the experience gained by the en- tire team should be a great asset to next year’s squad. The schools played by this year’s J.V. squad were: Alden Sweet Home Iroquois Lake Shore Cheektowaga Sloan Gowanda 28 as, J. V. Basketball Standing: D. Ball, M. Crowe, L. Schroeder, L. Ehmke, T. Neuffer, T. Zulick, G. Griener, W. Flint, P. Twist, M. Cohoon, B. Munger, T. O’Day, T. C olamonico, L. Conklin. Front: W. Walsh, N. Serena, Coach Sturm, D. Meyerhoefer. This year’s Junior Var- sity basketball team showed their determination and enthusiasm throughout the season. Their hard fighting spirit gave them nine victories this year. These boys gained the skill and experience which will enable them to be varsity champions in the future. 29 ‘ Cross Country Row One: C. Bailey, W. Walsh, G. Shouldice, M. Howell, L. Ehmke, N. Serena, D. Ball, J. Bauer. Row Two: Coach Sturm, D. Giessman, B. Rich, C. Gaylord, W. Ackerman, H. Wielkie, R. Chittenden. Row Three: M. Cohoon, H. Persinger, D. Walsh, J. Potter, J. Agle, B. Munger. The 1960 Eden Central Cross-Coun- try team was a mixture of the old and young. Seven seniors, seven freshmen, one junior, and four sophomores made up the squad. Only seven of the runners had had any previous cross-country experience. The raiders, who compete in Division II, dropped their opening meet to cham- pion Iroquois 16 to 46. They then bounced back to defeat East Aurora 20 to 42 and Lake Shore 27 to 32. Lancaster then edged the Maroon and White 22 to 33. Eden won their last dual meet of the season defeating Clarence 22 to 39. This 3 won, 2 lost record placed Eden third in Division II standings. Eden finished third in their division in the Third Annual Buffalo State Invita- tional Meet. The team received a trophy and Lane Ehmke was awarded a medal. The highlight of the season came in the last meet of the season when the Raiders defeated Cheektowaga for their 6th con- secutive Section VI Class A Champion- ship. Receiving Varsity letters were seniors James Agle, Harvey Persinger, James Potter, and Bruce Rich; sophomores Wil- liam Walsh and Henry Wielkie; freshmen Charles Bailey and Lane Ehmke. ee a ‘ s % 4 a kerry? Oe sche S oe Row Four: W. Clancy, C. Owen, R. Bonafede, R. Minekime, D. Nellis, R. Lardo, J. Szalasny, T. Shepker, R. Schriner, R. Cagwin, J. Higby, G. Shouldice, R. Gawron, R. Haag, J. Skura. Row Three: G. Haag, D. Schiedel, T. Engel, J. Over- The Wrestling Team in the second year of compe- tition, scored their first win in the history of the school by defeating Alden 34-13. The “Raiders” picked up five more wins and a tie i during the season coming out with a record of 6 wins, 1 tie and 8 losses. Their most impressive victory was the second vic- tory over Alden when the team ran up a score of 60 to 0. This is a perfect score—very seldom seen in wrestling. Seniors: Dean Wilson, Terry Engle, Larry Nehr- hoff, D. Williams, L. Nehring, D. Graovac, D. Wilson. Row Two: R. Heichberger, M. Sykes, R. Enser, Coac h Weiss, J. Herdle, W. Bennett. Row One: P. Kaczmarczyk, M. Arger- singer, D. Dzubella, R. Miller, L. Fisk. ing, and Dave Williams, handicapped by the lack of experience, continually came through with impres- sive wins, establishing themselves as the “back- bone” of the ’60-’61 Team. Junior: Jim Overholf; Sophomores: Malcom Sykes, Jim Herdle, Dan Graovac, Ray Cagwin, Roger Haag; Freshmen: Ron Enser and Dick Heichberger, along with close contenders Paul Kaczmarezk, Dick Mine- kime, Tom Shepker, and Jim Skora, all plan to re- turn next year. = Sw ee ace Ax 2 Atigk 3 ad op Ay oer) Ge ete ts a oe ar - Ore oO r= += S 3 aS, fe) 6 5 Standing . Munger, J. Hammond, W. B. Bos. 33 Top to Bottom (L. to R.) Row One: D. Giessman, R. Zwack, F. Giessman, R. Laing, R. Eckhardt, G. Engle, C. Jessop. Row Two: D. Kester, T. Schmittendorf, R. Neuffer, B. Rich, R. Chittenden, L. Nehring, T. Shepker, R. Vondell, D. Williams. Row Three: N. Serena, C. Colvin, A. Kraft, Mr. Hagen, J. Kraft, J. Agle, W. Walsh. Row Four: D. Pfarner, H. Persinger, C. Colantino. Over the years the Cin- dermen of E.C.S. have completed an impressive record of 85 wins, 11 loss- es, and 2 ties. Many indi- ) vidual conference and sec- tional records are held by ” ) the alumni of maroon and i white. Through the contin- ued support of the student body and faculty, we know that-our team will continue to bring honor to our school. . ake Shore 41% Eden 7614 Gowanda 35% Eden 81% Holland ay Eden 91 ) Sloan a8 | Eden 91 | Alden 631% Eden 63% | Cheektowaga 29 Eden 88 | Section VI“A” tied for first place. 34 Cindermen 35 Standing: D. Thompson, G. Bogardus, W. Guillaume, R. Ball, D. Schacher, J. Quasny, J. Jagow. Seated: G. Price, W. Woodworth, Mr. Pacini, J. Partridge, R. Hardy. The fighting nine of Eden are finally coming up to their potential. They broke the ice last season by defeating Sloan, and ex- pect to repeat the victory again this year. Coach Pa- cini believes that the ex- cellent speed and ability his team acquired last sea- son will make a champion- ship team. This year Coach Pacini has an experienced team led by the five sen- iors, James Partridge, George Bogardus, Wesley Guillaume, Robert Ball, and James Quasny. We an- ticipate a fine spirited and victorious baseball team this spring. 36 Row One: T. Neuffer, R. Stokley. Row Two: M. Anderson, D. Sallak, Coach Hunt, T. O’Day, R. Benzin. Row Three: L. Parysek, J. Parysek, C. Kelly, R. Riefler, C. Care, D. Finger, L. Yager, B. Rich, M. Blackwell. We look to the Eden J. V. Baseball team for the experience and skill to make a winning Varsity team. In doing so, we sometimes overlook the fine games these boys play and the effort they make to have a championship J. V. team. This year we are confident that Eden will boast of a spirited and victorious J. V. team as well as a successful Varsity team. 38 Intramurals Baseball 39 4529 ERIS Volleyball og « Row Three: J. Potter, T. Neuf- fer, T. Shepker, Mr. Sturm, Mr. Hagen, Mr. Pacini, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Pulvino, J. Jagow, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Colamonico, Miss Palmer, Mr. Weiss, Miss Pali- sano, M. Harwood, J. Agle. Row One: D. Gehl. eee eee - MARVIN G. COHOON West Church St. EDEN, N. Y. ee ee eee ee ph SR NE eR eee ee ee ees Row Three: J. Kielar, A. Ste- vens, K. Williams, S. Gertis, P. Kirst, M. Twist, M. Guen- ther, L. Benson, P. Benson, J. Rockwood, M. Harwood, M. Montgomery, J. Zynda, G. Korkus, S. Hokenson. Row Two: M. Bastain, J. Wilson, C. Nellis, E. Blodgett, S. Mann, M. Walker. Row One: D. Young, M. Potter, B. A. Smith, K. Kwilos, E. Bruse- haber, and D. Gehl. Athletic Council pe ee oe sige Top to bottom (L. to R.): J. Johnson, W. Wolf, G. Board- way, L. Bujulsh, L. Franz, J. Leonard, R. Dahmer, D. Jen- nings, K. Kraft, S. Schummer, M. Milley, L. Barrett, J. Deck- er, K. Seeger, J. Brenneman, C. Shumway, S. Putnam, D. Taggert, R. Szal, W. Moul- throp, S. Bailey, G. Landahl, M. Smith, C. Shumway, D. Winkey, M. Dodge, E. Black- well, J. Hawkins, J. Quasny, B. Bauer, V. Ptak, M. Thomp- son. Top to hotom (L. to R.): D. Friedrick, H. Freer, B. Odell, D. Tennant, S. Pheasant, J. Manley, B. Franklin, J. Dzubella, L. Collins, R. Toy, L. Turnbull, C. Mohney, R. Howland, J. DeCapus, R. Bianchi, E. Woods, D. Lynds- ley, G. Belone, P. Shosek, H. Collins, L. Dunn, R. Gertis, D. Conklin, W. Jackson, J. Budzin- ski, B. Way, D. Greuschow, R. Jerozal, C. Mey- er, H. Marsh. PITS Top to bottom (L. to R.): C. Van Dusen, K. Winn, W. Schacher, R. Nagel, T. Schnei- der, J. Brown, D. Gearhart, D. Kardstet, D. Laing, C. Mona- chino, S. Boch, C. Schutrum, J. Beeman, L. Hedges, D. Todd, P. Rosenberger, A. Bu- genhagen, S. McNeely, V. Ta- kas, A. Cole, J. Echardt, L. Person, L. Blencowe, C. Lu- ders, P. Bellittero, S. Haag, B. Agle, J. Mardino, V. Blenck, J. Thomas, L. Bowen, J. Nich- ols. 43 Top to bottom (L. to R.): K. Watson, R. Prei- shel, R. Toy, D. Miller, B. Hecker, S. Manning, E. Johnson, W. Bonelede, L. Penny, R. Nat- worc, L. Minard, D. Tomasik, L. Belleisle, R. Winters, P. Graf, K. Kracht, C. Deinhart, B. Ressing, R. Blowers, G. Wagner, D. Graves, J. Urban, G. Richter, M. Greiner, B. Munger, G. Decker, C. Kester, L. Sickau, J. Dube, K. Ketterer. ——— Circle, clockwise: K. Kauff- man, S. McNeely, T. Matic, J. Happ, R. Polser, T. McNell, D. Higby, R. Kromer, R. McDon- ald, E. Kieffer, E. Kranz, M. Jackson, M. Kraft, S. Leyda, S. Jenny, E. Hughes, E. Mach- Met Gaesecrena wi GULLCY AEDS! Van Vechten. Center, top: M. McAllister, K. Kraft, L. John- son. Bottom: D. Juhl, L. Hin- kle, R. Haskins. Circle, clockwise: R. Shum- way, M. Ptak, W. Middendorf, M. Sholtez, M. Sholteg, S. Schue, K. Segebarth, M. Radz- iwon, A. Petruczek, T. Rad- igan, S. Minekime, D. Privi- tera, K. Pfohl, J. Mroz, W. Schosek, B. Miles, D. Nelson, J. Schaucher, J. Schaefer, B. Middendorf, J. Schouldice, S. Seibert. Center, top: J. Salz- man, F. Pryll, R. Roseman. Bottom: T. Schiedel, G. Rich- ardson, D. Mize. Circle, clockwise: E. Smith, G. Smith, L. Sheffield, E. Ostrand- er, B. Korkus, R. Grove, R. Pulser, F. DeCapua, L. Lisk, A. Lorenzi, A. Messmer, D. Thurber, J. Filipiak, D. Gray, J. Wilfong, J. Heckman, P. Koren, M. Kordrupel, R. Rob- ertson. Center, top: M. Ptak, B. Clancy, J. Collura. Bottom: V. Zhybaj, J. Mayer, L. Tib- bets. Seventh Grade Top, center: W. Drost, G. Car- penter, D. Fox, S: Greenwood, D. Detwiller, C. Eckhardt, S. Close, D. Found, M. Cowper, Cy iDryer, it Conklin, ,C: Coughlin, R. Edwards, J. Gris- col, D. Enser, J. Forti, C. Duf- fok, C. Graf, L. Greuschow, D. Geiger. Top: M. Downey, D. Gentili, G. Eckhardt, D. Critoph. Bottom: E. Cooper, C. Ellwood, S. Gehl. cme. Top, center: R. Walters, D. Woodworth, L. Smith, C. With- eral, A. Springer, L. Way, B. Spencer, A. Stewart, R. Gilbert, J. Walker, D. Tibbetts, B. Spencer, D. Thompson, L. Stevens, P. Straker, E. Walters, E. Roney. Top: P. Webster, D. Van Note, I. Turnbull. Bottom: R. Welker, T. Ziegelhofer, L. Kader. Top, center: D. Cagwin, J. Rubeck, K. Bailey, J. Baisch, F. Bowers, E. Biehl, K. Barrett, B. Bullied, S. Barry, W. Bley, J. Brusehaber, G. Boedo, J. Dzubella, L. Renschler, T. Bed- enger, J. Anetrini, K. Ball, C. Bowen, B. Benz, C. Buchauer, D. Belsito. Top: R. Loefful, J. Bischof, D. Brown. Bottom: C. Brewer, D. Aber, B. Benton. Top to bottom (L. to R.): R. Yetter, L. Steffan, J. Cooper, R. Pew, K. Johnson, H. Miller, R. Yetter, A. Becerril, J. Ridge, S. Clark, B. Filipiak, C. Saun- ders, P. Sibiga, G. Greuschow, M. Ptak, J. Hatch, S. Ellis, C. Willet, P. Howard, G. Penn, R. Schreiner, W. Montgomery, M. Mullet, H. Stewart. Ezghth Top to bottom (L. to R.): J. Schmittendorf, M. Bellettiere, L. Schosek, C. Jenny, B. Ez- inger, R. Budzynski, F. Winter, Be Heinrich) =B:)-WalczkV- Hauck, B. Gurley, S. Laing, R. Person, D. Meyerhoefer, D. Dryer, D. Lardo, W. Gaylord, C. Fitzgibbons, D. Smith, C. Newman, D. Cagwin, P. Kiod- zinski, T. Siakan, L. Judd, M. Gallman. Top to bottom (L. to R.): C. Sikes, D. Clark, E. Bishop, J. Mazur, T. Cocina, F. Riefler, B. Howles, D. Mann, B. Mans- field, S. Eisele, K. Kappas, B. Cline, J. Greene, R. Daven- port, W. Bianchi, S. Graovac, L. Griewisch, D. Cork, S. Mes- sacar, J. DeMuth, T. Mergler, K. Hughey, G. Rice, W. Soule, K. Smith, R. Dole. | | | | | | G rade Top to bottom (L. to R.): J. Burdick, G. Mroz, F. Leonard, S. Lomison, J. Winkey, F. Sen- ders, N. Thomas, D. Bruseha- ber, B. Baird, D. Salzler, D. Gehl, B. Wolf, J. Breihl, D. Pfitzinger, J. Hutka, D. Rich, T. Finger, G. Allen, S. Bos, B. Willis, N. Trask, R. Smith, R. Schummer, C. Heffernan, A. Rizzo, K. Romano, M. Care, L. Carpenter, B. Heck- man, L. Ehmke. Top to bottom (L. to R.): J. Wittmeyer, S. Argersinger, D. LLuhman, H. Blackwell, L. Guenther, G. Watson, J. Aber, P. Lilga, B. Thompson, L. Scheetz, S. Henry, D. Bing- man, S. Hawkins, A. Neide- myer, J. Koren, M. Kelly, D. Harper, P. Huber, A. Walsh, T. Will, W. Hammond, G. Cheney, D. Hammond, B. Per- icak, B. Fox, G. Eye, V. Riv- ard. Top to bottom (L. to R.): K. Ryan, C. Urban, M. Morris, B. Plenz, D. Shamblem, P. Brod- zinski, J. Burgio, M. Harris, B. Gnias, J. Cooper, G. Webb, P. Gantz, J. Camberg, C. Has- kins, E. Blowers, M. Smith, R. Newgent, B. Penny, B. Nidell, D. Duffek, H. Harris, J. Dili- vio, E. Becker, D. Bogardus, R. Duffek. b , i Os fCte 1 Top to bottom (L. to R.): T. Bailey, W. DeBuhr, M. Brown, M. Chittenden, R. Berry, R. ] Gawron, P. Bednasz, M. Agle, E. Bowen, K. Condon, D. Franklin, P. Deinhardt, N. Gier, J. } Agle, D. Ball, P. Christian, W. Carpenter, W. Clancy, D. Cline, P. Cole, D. Damer, J. Bauer, | P. Gnias, C. Bailey, B. Bennett, M. Argersinger, C. Brown, R. Haag, N. Bugenhagen, C. Al- len, D. Beck, R. Enser, R. Heichberger, R. Agle, J. Conrad, D. Dzubella. ‘a Top to bottom (L. to R.): D. Shreiner, J. Szalasny, G. Shouldice, H. Schmitt, L. Schroeder, G. 4) Wittmeyer, T. Redford, M. Smith, C. Wesolowski, K. Phatiger, C. Striebich, H. Zhybaj, J. Ros- H enberger, D. Price, C. Porter, M. Piller, M. Persinger, R. Stokely, J. Woods, E. Sessanna, J. | Price, M. Sheflin, E. Radigan, W. Polonkiewicz, M. Pheasant, S. Skura, N. Smith, E. Sisti, S. t Nobbs. 48 Top to bottom (L. to R.): W. Koch, E. Ellis, W. Flint, J. Detwiler, P. Klinczar, D. Nellis, T. Neuffer, G. Gallman, L. Ehmke, Z. Gusakov, B. Johnson, J. Krycia, M. Koubek, A. Nagel, M. Mroz, N. Greenwood, P. Haag, W. Graves, R. King, L. McCloud, L. Meyer, J. Merendino, M. Morz, M. Koubek, L. Miller, G. Heichberger, L. Hanny, K. Jackson, M. Meyer, J. Mazzetti, M. Hokenson, D. Juhl, R. Miller, C. Filipiak, R. Licata, D. Martin. Top to bottom (L. to R.): T. Zulick, P. Twist, L. Greiner, D. Yager, S. Willett, J. Walters, J. Shrzypek, J. Hall, W. Walsh, D. Besser, G. Figel, L. Found, M. Walsh, D. Walder, J. Eck- hardt, L. Ehmke, D. Willett, P. Klinzer, A. Wolf, D. Tomaska, J. Wysocki, P. Engstrem, K. Winter, N. Thiel, ©. Wilson, A. Pepeta, J. Walker, P. Klinczar, R. Zandi,.R. Welker. 49 ™ Top to Bottom (L. to R.). Row One: Ga Garew Ge Bienk, ol. Benson al. Gaylord, J. Bianchi, R. Cagwin, F. Fintak, D. Figel. Row Two: F. Giess- man, R. Bonafede, R. Benzin, J. Aber, L. Agle, M. Anderson, J. Col- lard. Row Three: M. Blackwell, R. Bauer, J. Bertsch, R. Clark, T. Cola- monico, S. Engel. Row Four: J. Hol- lander, D. Franz, B. Beeman, E. Blodgett, L. Conklin. Row Five: M. Cohoon, M. Agle, S. Eckhardt, H. Clancy. Row Six: E. Pew, G. Dresch- ler, D. Clark. Row Seven: E. Chris- topher. Tenth Top to Bottom (L. to R.). Row One: T. Shepker. Row Two: J. Parysek, E. Korkus. Row Three: R. Kramer, B. Mertle, L. Preischel. Row Four: M. Marak, R. Minekime, B. Munger, D. Pike. Row Five: J. Meyerhoefer, J. Maloney, R. Smith, J. Panek, D. Rychlik. Row Six: D. Pfarner, G. Segebarth, G. Schwanz, P. Mueh- bauer, D. Sallak, L. Parysek. Row Seven: M. Ryan, K. Penny, A. Mih- alo, L. O’Bryant, P. Kirst, T. O’Day, M. Merlino. 50 Top to Bottom (L. to R.). Row One: D. Knoll, D. Mazzetti, A. Law, A. Gleason, M. Howell, J. Gould, D. Kester. Row Two: M. Lindsey, R. Kelly, C. MHaenel, R. Haag, H. Greeley, D. Graovac, G. Haag. Row Three: D. Partridge, R. Haag, S. Gray, V. Johnson, M. Greenwood, L. Gehl, M. Persinger, R. Haist, J. Howles, A. Haist, J. Herdle. Row Five: J. Meyerhoefer, A. Jawarski, D. Franz, P. Green. Row Six: L. Kester, M. Hughes, R. Howland. Row Seven: E. Grieble. enhsay Grade Top to Bottom (L. to R.). Row One: J. Walker. Row Two: E. Penn, B. Rich. Row Three: B. Willis, D. Shamblen, R. Zwack, D. Finger. Row Four: J. Russell, P. Williams, D. Thompson, P. Mazue, J. Thomas. Row Five: B. Schwanz, T. Stang, S. Lawton, M. Sikes, N. Serena. Row Six: G. Schwenk, D. Schaefer, S. Wood, W. Rogerson, S. Weller, M. L. Will. Row Seven: S. Strauss, S. E. Rockwood, S. Wierzba, J. Rivard, D. Salzler, P. Rogowski. ’ po ’ Autographs fA = ‘ j fh j Fe. : 2 ‘ a ‘ j : e ; : ‘ f ; a5 ee ar™ : ee” j 5 i " ‘. }Y i ' ; ; : ve be Oy, nee “. a ; e al Si ; ; A: 4 A, ee COX } ra a — ee yg? K 2 im Cai. 2 ve Ot a j ay 3 " C Autographs eee ETSI Eleventh Top to bottom (L. to R.): J. Overhoff, R. Neuffer, J. Riszko, T. Schmittendorf, R. Meyer, G. Merchant, D. Ricci, D. Phil- lips, D. Morris, M. Papich, P. Mathien, C. Mroz, S. Roman- di; C. Owen, C. Prizel, J. Rockwood, M. Potter, C. Nel- lis, S. Nellis, L. Willett, L. Nelson, N. Mohney, J. Russell, P. Remiszewski, P. Price. Top to bottom (L. to R.): J. Jensen, J. Hooker, C. Jessop, C. Kelly, L. Knoll, A. Kraft, J. Kraft, J. Jagow, R. Lardo, N Howland, L. Kiec, G. Korkus, K. Kwilos, E. Holehouse, K. Hooper, P. McNell, M. Lomin- son, S. Mann, N. Maren, M. Maltby, S. Hefferman, R. Lutes, S. Henry, R. Hardy, S. Lysek, S. Lindsey, P. Kaczmar- czyk, N. Haenel. Top to bottom (L. to R.): R. Vondell, L. Yager, D. Schwanz, D. Schacher, J. Frampton, D. Skura, Z. Waite, B. Schaefer, K. Willis, P. Sessanna, A. Ste- vens, W. Penn, R. Zwack, D. Stegmeier, K. Terhune, D. Schiedel, D. Spencer, J. Skora, D. Sitarek, Sobczynski, J. Witt- meyer, P. Dylong, S. Swartz, M. Thiel, S. Schassar, R. Ven- tura. Top to bottom (L. to R.): D. Geissman, R. Agle, W. Bisch- of, J. Haag, R. Dahmer, S. Blasz, C. Colantino, G. Price, W. Enser, D. Dustman, M. Eckhardt, J. Carter, S. Agle, C. Cabral Kk.» Elya) Coe Byes M: Anderson, C. Filipiak, J. Bow- ers, E. Brusehaber, D. Fuller, K. Anderson, M. Demerly, M. Clements, S. Cooper, A. Ad- ams, R. Cagwin. : ' 2 a te eee tc] for? ane feet Sant are cop SA = D tee: a — Yea Sos Soe a Se — 2 } i | t {S j +) | Vai i | i | a } Nk — a = . = Fo : v4 a ra MLA Cre ae ato eee pie te none Cen ee ero i- S (4 ; ens, tee gf Pm Tes p ; f nnn oul D et PB- A PPA-3- ge t oFZ, S, a ar eee ee EP 2p et et MT, P a Les 5G Pe le REO ea Fig FOIA SRT RR ER) Top to Bottom (L. to R.): D. Williams, J. Quasny, W. Enser, J. Hooker, L. Schroeder, H. Persinger, B. Rich, P. Witherel, M. Koubek, G. Wahlstrom, C. Baily, T. Colamonico, S. Laing, Mr. Varco, advisor; K. Anderson, B. Spencer, L. Carpenter, M. Lutes, J. Potter, president; D. Schacher, vice president; D. Pike, secretary; M. Bastian, treasurer. Letter from the White House to National Association of Student Councils upon the commencement of their national convention. National Association of Student Councils Our American traditions of democracy must be continu- ally revitalized through constructive and purposeful action on the part of all our citizens. By encouraging boys and girls to take an active part in the conduct of their schools, the student councils are preparing them for their mature roles in the life of the national community. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER 58 Monztors Row One: J. Springer, K. Penny, W. Woodworth, J. Schiedel, D. Morris, C. Care, D. Williams, R. Lardo, B. Munger, M. Lutes. Row Two: S. Mann, G. Ely, J. Kielar, A. McAllister, P. Witherel, J. Shepker, K. Phatiger, S. Engel, M. Spencer. Row Three: J. Bauer. Each day there are hun- dreds of students traveling through Eden’s halls. This traffic needs regulation just as motor vehicles do; con- sequently, the monitors hold a very important position. Offenders of the laws re- garding behavior in the halls are brought to trial before a jury and are tried. The mon- itors and the court are both regulated by the Student Council. 59 Top to Bottom (L. to R.). Row One: R. Ward, A. Zells, B. Fox, G. Merchant, L. Gaylord, M. Graves, N. Car- penter, L. Carpenter, R. Shummer, P. Williams, R. Hardy, R. Rich. Row Two: B. Pike, C. Meyer, D. Pike, P. Mathian, P. Kirst, L. Found, M. Chittenden, R. Rome, B. Sessanna, M. Agle, P. Witherel, M. Eckhardt. Row Three: L. Agle, J. Carter, S. Hokenson, R. Lutes, K. Mzxed Chorus President Roy Ward Vice President Sarah Agle Secretary Linda Willett Treasurer Linda Agle Phatiger, S. Gray, K. Piller, M. Papich, C. Cabral, M. Potter, D. Partridge, L. Meyer. Row Four: L. Willett, S. Engel, D. Franz, D. Shaefer, K. Penny, N. Mohney, P. Remiszewski, M. Agle, D. Young, I. White, K. Jack- son. Row Five: R. Clark, J. Rivard, M. Clements, G. Heichberger, M. Hokenson, H. Zhybaj, R. Licata, E. Sisti, P. Price, J. Schmittendorf, Mrs. Gangi. Gzrls Chorus President Donna Young Vice President Linda Willett Secretary Royann Lutes Treasurer Margaret Lomison Top to Bottom (L. to R.). Row One: B. Sessanna, R. Partridge, P. Christian, K. Piller, M. Lomison. Row Rome, N. Maren, M. Lutes, P. Witherel, M. Chittenden, Four: M. Hokenson, G. Heichberger, M. Clements, S. P. Kirst, P. Mathian, K. Cole, C. Meyer, B. Pike. Row Hawkins, I. White, D. Young, M. Lindsey, G. Korkus, Two: M. Papich, K. Phatiger, A. Rizzo, B. Heckman, A. Niedermeyer, J. Krycia. Row Five: Mrs. Gangi, di- S. Gray, M. J. Koubek, R. Lutes, S. Hokenson, M. Agle, rector; J. White, J. Wysocki, P. Price, A. Dickey, E. J. Carter, M. Eckhart. Row Three: C. Porter, M. Cola- Sisti, J. Winkey, D. Luhman, J. Rivard, J. Walker, D. monico, J. Agle, L. Willett, K. Penny, L. Meyer, D. Salzler. Chorus Activetzes The year 1960-61 has been an extremely busy and fruitful one for the two high school choruses. In the spring of 1960 the Buffalo Symphonette gave a concert at Eden Central School. The mixed chorus joined with the Symphonette and presented several numbers. The experience of singing with a professional group provided in- spiration for further intensive work on the part of the choral ensemble. During the month of May both choral groups journeyed to Fredonia and competed in the music contests. In November the choruses combined efforts with the drama department and presented the operetta “Mississippi Melody.” Each member of both choruses had an active part in the production, and many of the cast members were chosen from the choral groups. The fo llowing March the choruses joined with the Senior Band and presented the annual spring concert. The groups sang separately and also sang several numbers with the band accompanying them. The first week-end in May brought the State Music Festival to Eden and members of both choral groups volunteered their services. They became room chairmen, stage chairmen, ushers, pages and all-round helpers to both the judges and the music educators who came to Eden to judge and to be judged. Both the girls’ chorus and the mixed chorus, lus several vocal soloists, performed at this local contest. : P P Mrs. Gangi Top to bottom (L. to R.) Row One: W. Flint, P. Remiszewski, M. Ptak. Row Two: R. Ward, L. O’Bryant, A. Stevens. Row Three: L. Found, B. Smith, C. Mroz. Row Four: D. Schacher, D. Agle, G. Machmer. Row Five: B. Rich, J. Agle, G. Peterson. Row Six: C. Cole, G. Bogardus, J. Partridge. Row Seven: C. Care, B. Dahmer, M. Ptak. Row Eight: R. Stokely, R. Minekime, G. Allen. Top to bottom (L. to R.) Row One: C. Eye, R. Haist, K. Williams, D. Hammond, J. Herdle. Row Two: P. Williams, M. Care, S. Engle, N. Mohney. Row Three: L. Ehmke, K. Jackson, T. Martin, E. Blodgett, S. Gertis. Row Four: M. Eisele, P. Twist, R. Kromer, D. Pike. Row Five: R. Enser, W. Soule, D. Ball, J. Aber. Row Six: W. Middendorf, S. Eisele, D. Salzler, M. Howell. Row Seven: B. Gnias, A. McAllister, R. Ball, D..Yager. Row Eight: D. Liga, G. Eye, W. Bley, T. Ziegelhoeffer. Mixed Ensemble Row One: H. Zhybaj, J. Carter, R. Rome, L. Willet, M. Chitten- den, I. White, P. Price. Row Two: M. Clements, S. Hoken- son, Mrs. Gangi, G. Sessanna, E. Sisti, J. Walker. Row Three: L. Meyer, K. Penny, R. Hardy, P. Williams, G. Carpenter, G. Merchant, B. Fox, L. Gaylord, A. Zells, N. Carpenter, R. Clark, C. Cabral, J. Rivard. String Quartet M. L. Meyer, B. Baird, C. Heffernan, J. Higby. Orchestra Row One: M. Ptak, P. Remi- szewski, G. Pederson, G. Mer- chant, S. Agle. Row Two: B. Cline, T. Will, C. Heffernan, E. Kieffer, C. Ellwood. Row Three: Mr. Meacham, BB. Lilga, S. Engel, P. Williams, J. Higby, L. Ehmke, R. Roy, C. Cole, M. Howell, L. Found, G. Eye, M. Will, B. Willis. Row Four: C. Shumway, W. Moulthrop, B. Baird, R. Licata, A. Petruczok, J. Carter, B. Fox, M. L. Meyer, H. Zhybaj, R. Leonard, D. Clark, V. Ptak, M. Smith. Dance Band Standing: J. Partridge, M. Ei- sele, R. Minekime, G. Mach- mer, B. Rich, C. Cole, T. Mar- tin. Sitting: R. Agle, J. Agle, S. Henry. | Junwr Band Row One: D. Gentili, R. Walk- er, B. Gnias, J. Aber, J. Win- key, P. Lilga, D. Enser, M. McAllister, J. Mroz, T. Fried- rich, D. Winkey. Row Two: S. Henry, S. Eisele, J. Decker, J. Walker, D. Lilga, Mr. Conklin, R. Spencer, L. Guenther, D. Rich, D. Luhman, R. Stokley. Row Three: D. Gehl, E. Blod- gett, M. Ptak, G. Eye, W. Graves, D. Hammon, M. Care, D. Yager, W. Flint, P. Twist, L. Ehmkee, L. Shroeder, W. Soule, J. Eckhardt, K. Kauff- man, R. Agle, D. Salzler. Row Four: J. Baisch, J. Hutka, D. Geiger, M. Shouldice, W. Mid- dendorf, S. Clese, G. Allen, R. Enser, D. Cline, R. Dole, D. Ball, B. Middendorf, G. Rich- ter, G. Pederson, W. V. De- Muth, M. Ptak, C. Eckhardt, J. Price, J. Wilfong. 65 Junior lack val Top to bottom (L. to R.). Row One: C. Mroz, L. Emhke, A. Rizzo, R. Howard, D. New- man, P. Christian, E. Blowers, H. Miller, S. Fitzgibbons, B. Johnson, M. Persinger, T. Co- cina, C. Willet. Row Two: L Steffan, J. Hutka, D. Juhl, G: Hiechberger, S. Skura, M. Greenwood, L. Emhke, Miss Bald, B. Penny, K. Piller, R. Pew. Row Three: D. Shamblen, B. Harris, A. Becerril, S. Lomi- son, A. Besserel, P. Gnias, D. i i ine VAVA , S ; Sentor Iediaks ZAl. Top to bottom (L. to R.). Row One: A. Mihalo, C. Wesolow- ski, P. Rogowski, J. Adams, L. Kester, C. Shero, M. Clements. Row Two: M. Ryan, D. Par- tridge, H. Clancy, S. Schassar, V. Franz, S. Lysek, Mrs. Conk- lin, M. Smith. Row Three: P. Greene, E. Pew, J. Meyer- hoefer. abel. “Al Top to bottom (L. to R.). Row One: H. Bugenhagen, C. Hae- nel, W. Mostek, L. VerHagen, H. Schmitt, J. Haag, A. John- son, L. Knoll, D. Kester, J. Jen- sen. Row Two: D. Knoll, P. Sessanna, H. Gree ley, L. Petro, S. Blasz, R. Kelley, R. Muehl- bauer. Row Three: G. Witt- meyer, R. Vondell, D. Steg- meier, J. Wittmeyer, C. Rizzo, R. May. Bookstore J. Rockwood, P. Morrano, J. Kielar Library Staff Top to bottom (L. to R.). Row One: Mrs. Greenwood, P. Greene, P. Engstrom, T. Stang, D. Martin, S. Strauss, M. Downey, J. Scucher, M. J. Bellettiere, Miss Ferris. Row Two: S. Greenwood, C. Cabral, E. Brusehaber, C. New- man. 67 og 7 os weet EZ. Audi Visual Aids Top to bottom (L. to R.). Row One: R. Chit- tenden, J. Hooker, R. Ward, R. Laing, H. Per- singer, G. Machmer, D. Morris, J. Quasny, B. Willis, Mr. Fregelette, Advisor. Row Two: A. Zells, J. Meyerhoefer, R. Ball. Row Three: N. Serena, J. Aber, P. Filipiak, J. Shepker. Junwr Ked Cross Top to bottom (L. to R.). Row One: G. Allen; N. Maren, M. Agle, R. Ward, L. Gaylord, D. Morris. Row Two: S. Bauer, J. Collard, Miss Gressman, R. Yetter. Boys State J. Partridge Candidates fOr ALES: S. Henry, R. Lutes, G. Wahl- strom, R. Lardo, E. Bruse- haber. Salesmen Standing: B. Bos, M. Eisele, T. Martin, G. Bogardus, J. Wil- son. Seated: M. Bastian, P. Gleason, S. Hokenson, B. Smith, D. Young. SRS + —- Sa %: ae 5 ¥ ¥ Pe ce Harvey Persinger Marjorie Guenther ; James Quasn Vice President Q y President National Monika Bastian Honor Soczety Jacquelin Fox Mary Walker Patricia Benson Mary Jo Colamonico Secretary Donna Young Karen Williams 70 James Potter Treasurer — Regents Scholarshep Waenners Wesley Guillaume William Bos Michael Eisele ds Miss Witzleben Mrs. Brenneman Top to Bottom (L. to R.) Row One: K. Cole, C. Cole, W. Guillaume, H. Persinger, P. Benson. Row Two: D. Young, J. Zynda, M. Bastian, J. Fox, M. Walker. oie oO oD HS be q ios] Ay DN oO iss} = Vice-President Mary Jo Colamonico . Treasurer Donna Young Secretary Harvey Persinger President SUE BAUER Suzer Clyde CLYDE COLVIN 74 KAREN WILLIAMS Karen THOMAS MARTIN Tom KAREN COLE Karen Peo ee e™ JAMES POTTER Peter ROBERT BALL Bob PATRICIA GEHL Tesa BARBARA PIKE Barb a) JAMES QUASNY Quas ie) PATRICIA SENDERS Pat ALICE DICKEY Al ROY WARD Moon Caps BONITA SESSANNA Bubbles JOANNE SPRINGER E geiiayhe Me GEORGE BOGARDUS One Clique LAWRENCE PETRO Larry MARY SPENCER Muffy ERNEST COLANTINO PAUL MORANO Ernie MAUREEN TWIST Twister WAHLSTROM Gerd WILLIAM Bill : h, GEORGE MACHMRBR” oe Moocho, i- MARJORIE GUENTHER Marge DAVID WILLIAMS Dave ey WD y : { 7 ‘ r . ; 4 c i 4 a | q ) V | j Mf} MAMBMAGLEL “GY YL YW aNrA Jipy) ) } J. od | al yy MA 4 1 a F (| L ; LAI a i i fi ] | AA z 3 ir” | Aouy . ppl y, : JUDITH MEYERHOFER rhe Judy 7 ie ly ” BETTYANN SMITH Smiffer CHARLES RIZZO Chuck ae, GAIL ELY Pe JOAN ZYNDA Sis cee oe oe le Joan MICHAEL EISELE Boozy CAROL MEYER JACQUELIN Carl CARL COLE WILLIAM ACKERMAN Judy JUDITH ADAMS Kae ae RS. in Se DEAN WILSON Harley ALVIN ZELLS MARY BATORSKI Charlie CHARLES GAYLORD Monika MONIKA BASTIAN JOHANN KIELAR Jo-Jo = Q a4 jan ma O ) fa jaa Q © (a WESLEY GUILLAUME Bubba JOHN HAMMOND John jj YODITH SHEPKERY , ao Ay Shep w PATRICIA BENSON Benny LAWRENCE NEHRING Larry Sherry SOPHIE STANG Babe SHARON ROMANO CORRE ORES. 4, oa Z. O Fp) é Ss i=) Z, jaa} —] =| IRENE WHITE BEATRICE MAY Peaches DONALD CHYRECK DAVID WALSH RITA ROME Rita EDWARD FURMAN a4 aa fe Nn eal mM a a Z © Q SANDRA GERTIS Sandy MERNA HARWOOD Berna ET RET DE rt RE oF STRIATE oF wie GARY SHAMBLEM Gary DAVID SCHWANZ Dave ANN McALLISTER Micki PATRICIA WITHERAL Patty Lynne TERRY ENGEL Terry ROBERT WILLIAMS Hot Rod SUSAN ASH DEANNA GEHL De a CAROL SHERO Carol PATRICIA GLEASON Patty BRUCE RICH Bruce ROSE MARY HUBER MARY LUTES Lucy WALTER MOSTEK by [a4 za = eo) @ Z e) = Zz S 4 = Walt ce 8 8 2 AY PATRICIA FILIPIAK JOHN WITTMEYER MARY WALKER Mary SANDRA HOKENSON Sandy SHIRLEY PRESTON Shirl es MARY KOWALEWSKI Mary KAREN STRAKER Karen CHRISTINE LISOWSKI Chris SUSAN STRAKER JANE WILSON Dede Z aa al Z : = O al o = oa MARILYN LAKELY LORRAINE SRODA Lorry Michael C. McNell Mike INTERNATIONAL BEAUTIES CHOW TIME ART TALENT? Embers Staff Copy co-editors: P. Filipiak, R. Eckhardt; Circulation editor: J. Kielar; Layout editor: S: Bauer; Photography co-editors: D. M. Walker; Co-editors: P. Benson, K. Cole; Business editor: Williams and M. Lutes. Others who assisted greatly were: Lay-out assistants: K. Williams, J. Shepker, M. Spencer, W. Bos. Typing assistants: B. Sessana, B. May, S. Ramono, R. Rome. Sales assistants: J. Hammond, H. Persinger, L. Sroda, J. Adams, S. Straker, M. Lakely, C. Lisowski, C. Meyer, J. Zynda, S. Stang, K. Mr. McCord, Advisor Straker, M. Bastian, M. Guenther, G. Bogardus, A. Dickey, M. Twist, B. A. Smith, S. Hokenson, A. Mc- Allister, R. Huber. Photography assistants: P. Witherel, J. Springer. CUTEST COUPLE Dean Wilson—Joanne Springer MOST ATHLETIC Jane Wilson—Larry Nehring MOST POPULAR Mary Jo Colamonico—James Quasny MOST STUDIOUS Harvey Persinger—Karen Cole MOST QUIET Thomas Martin—Mary Batorski MOST OUTSTANDING FRIENDLIEST Judy Shepker—James Partridge BEST DRESSED Sue Bauer—John Hammond a BEST LOOKING Marion Montgomery—Clyde Colvin WITTIEST Robert Williams—Patricia Gleason MOST DIGNIFIED William Bos—Merna Harwood James Potter—Patricia Benson Senior Wall Ackerman, W. leaves his well-worn teachers Adams, J. leaves her American History notes to C. Adams Agle, J. leaves a dead cat Ash, S. leaves her History book Ball, R. leaves the senior girls to the junior boys Batorski, M. leaves her silence Bauer, S. leaves her hula skirt to a junior dame Bastian, M. leaves a bankrupt Student Council treasury Benson, P. leaves her unpaid EMBERS’ bills to the junior class Bogardus, G. leaves his Nixon pin Bos, W. leaves his “contempt” Chittenden, R. leaves a blown-out tire Chyreck, D. leaves a lonely male space in Office Practice II Colamonico, M. leaves her out-of-town boyfriends Colantino, E. leaves a slightly used 6 cylinder engine Cole, C. leaves his rotten sweat socks Cole, K. leaves her first last initials to the New York Central Colvin, C. leaves his moldy sweat socks to Tom Scherm Dickey, A. leaves her Trig book Eckhardt, R. leaves the school Eisle, M. leaves to the jr. boys the High School girls; no rings Ely, G. leaves her gymnastic inability Engel, T. leaves one slightly used MG-TD sportscar Filipiak, P. leaves the copy co-editor blues Fox, J. leaves L. Nehring, ’cause he’ll still be around Furman, E. leaves his absentee report Gaylord, C. leaves his moldy T shirts Gehl, D. leaves her whole Ward (robe) Gehl, P. leaves her bow and arrow Gertis, S. leaves her red plaid gym shorts to Miss Palmer Gleason, P. leaves a janitor cart to Lynn Nelson Guenther, M. leaves a 4 way mirror to Richard S. Laing II Guillaume, W. leaves his hook shot Hammond, J. leaves the Senior girls’ sex appeal Harwood, M. wills a Will Hokenson, S. leaves one of Mr. Duffy’s stale jokes Huber, R. leaves her rejected English papers Johnson, D. leaves his sister Kester, D. leaves a cow and milking machine Kielar, J. leaves the ‘“‘book-store blues” Kowalewski, M. leaves her favorite room—222 Lakely, M. leaves her study halls Lisowski, C. leaves her old Business Law tests Lutes, M. leaves her foreign diplomatic relationships McAllister, A. leaves her exercise booklet McNell, M. leaves a well-used driver’s license 96 eos se L2- a Machmer, G. leaves his abundance of dirty jokes Marranno, P. leaves an old glove Martin, T. leaves his laugh May, B. leaves her gym clothes Meyer, C. leaves to go to her patients Meyerhoefer, J. leaves her dirty sneakers Montgomery, M. leaves her used cheerleading uniform Mostek, W. leaves his farm Nehring, L. leaves his wrestling mat Partridge, J. leaves to Don Schacher the key to room 414 in the Hotel Jamestown Persinger, W. leaves his class office Petro, L. leaves his shop saw Pike, B. leaves 4” of her height to anyone who wants it Potter, J. leaves his lawn mower to a junior lad Preston, S. leaves her black jacket Quasny, J. leaves the Senior cigarettes to the junior girls Rich, B. leaves a chewed piece of gum Rizzo, C. leaves space Romano, S. leaves for the next senior girls the ability to get along better with their boys Rome, R. leaves her big mouth Schwanz, D. leaves Tina Brown’s sweaters Senders, P. leaves a plain old shovel Sessana, B. leaves an armadillo purse Shamblen, G. leaves a speeding ticket Shepker, J. ( leave a peace pipe and a stolen tomahawk for the junior Spencer, M. if girls in charge of foreign affairs Shero, C. leaves her American History book Smith, B. leaves her cool, casual manner Springer, J. leaves her empty seat at the boys’ lunch table Sroda, L. ieaves some of her wiggle Straker, K. leaves her bowling average Straker, S. leaves the lace from her roller skates Twist, M. leaves a box of powder for locker-room fights Walker, M. leaves her old French tests Ward, R. leaves his broken oboe reeds to the junior class White, I. leaves her left sneaker Williams, D. leaves some of his muscles Williams, K. leaves the Senior spirit of interior decoration at the cafeteria tables Williams, R. leaves his matchless drive for high scholastic achievement Wilson, D. leaves his parking space on Tice Road Wilson, J. leaves locker 13 which she has had for 2 years Witheral P. leaves the key to the EMBERS room to juniors Wittmeyer, J. leaves himself Young, D. leaves her own Monroe Doctrine; hands off policy Zells, A. leaves the million dollars he wishes he had Zynda, J. leaves her Chemistry | Wahlstrom, G. leaves her blonde hair The entire Senior Class leaves its red zip wrappers. 97 ALMA MATER Eden Forever We will sing to you. We'll defend your standards In what e’re we do. Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here, For thy name to fight. We'll stick together for maroon and white. I ratetee This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of lit graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone meth« Le ee le a ey Fey ey By ue ee | “a 4.4 dina, rie, 5. a ego, a Oe aay Serer w A+4 ie ye een, palery. “ Shik en a a =). Soh sehr 4 ay ere ee ees 4A ney my NN eg Fl Aooha =item or een Po! ear hae, ” Le Led eA oie Oe ao ee ae teary = Mee «al, = b, A ay ha : i ie " —? oy a 3 ; ; - fi AT yh ? ‘ a : ahaa - P - ‘it. Bi nc Lee 4a. : - : ‘“ Neil : SA % : — - : a : Hy eis Pe eT Carers ‘ ; . : ‘ . ae 9 : f ROW elec doelon 5 z AA LN 2 x mi : ee Nor Ty hla me ze ‘ oat ae a alg 40 bua he eta eee as Gr RAwWE Lp ia er os oe “She eA vas 4 . Pi 4 « roe aT eae rh thd Ms —— ih ee whe 7D ; Arle hi MS A RA . i ee tk oe ae ; Lava : al z S . tore Os . 4) Me Lk ee at any ok cee | (inte i . P Luis 4 - oie oe . 5 Pee aayely easel Py = en PAM LLL Lig SP a4 : : : fe; BS RL wr (Sul, ee tarp gris 5 : : 3 Fats 5 : ww a

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