Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY)

 - Class of 1960

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Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

Page 6, 1960 Edition, Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY) online yearbook collectionPage 7, 1960 Edition, Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY) online yearbook collection
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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1960 volume:

V eg a gs an at ae Gib Ne Mo Qwy oh (O sete Nhu s ni VN ay ATP CTPA TD ( PX ks ay 19 m ry) e my who ara, i ( ‘ parte Dee HN ek AAS Si 0) ono} { | orc 4 oe OA Bb O-% ‘ XN rn CG i O rnvol nur) SMo4 PMMOTY o WIG Ae Sond ei Oa ae, bra PD Ne vat te, QA RAD we {O f C} OSA C Nos nk 4 Bas S VON Ge PEEP E OVO Problem 1. Are the two triangles similar? EDEN CENTRAL SCHOOL HIBRERY For Ambitious Students Date Due Og For Students Who Need Extra Help A " P,TZA, " LETTHR TO ALL PARENTS I like to see it lap the miles, And lick the valleys up, And stop to feed itself at tanks} . . 1 EMILY DICKINSON ‘ INS GASEVOMEIRE THROW THIS» IN. He re back (11 Lh Les ae : aw i Aadlin, Pry , Cur denier. eect pnt sey opted a yale 7 V HERE WERE THE MONITORS ? cexesacinen ceomiomente i = " = ¢ : sae IS HE THAT ATTRACTIVE ? W any ia a ak QZ TY] a - t- S Z : Q (a'4 = O vi 2 us : x F s 3 yy = kK kr Oo 1) us x s te 4 smart! Dont GET Our Cross-Country [EAM TcHasop Crane HERE COMES WarRREN. Our GHAMPIONS | was A BIG MAN YESTERDAY Won 6 Lost Our Varsity CoacH Putvino Coacu Nicosia THe BocsHevik BaLLet mea Deavty Don C'meRE : You TAKE IT THEN— C'MON SNAKE, LET’S CHA,CHA.CHA, THAT'S A HECK OF A PLACE FOR A FOOTBALL So! saip. LisTEN You Wuere is HE ? =. SN STAY AWAY FROM HER sEE ! FLYING FORTRESS AND THEN CAME THE SLOAN Game. Carrain [KE ONE OF THE BUNCH. WyY'D YA STOP THE music? cecnamccte HALLOWEEN, aa WHAT, ME WORRY ? H ENRY RADIATES CHARM FP is ek ee e Z Ww i = Lu z g a € O Plovemben 1959 Movember PELL : " 4 LAL KLoze.. Chace pnrtaidernt, And Five pitlou yreacescteme Aerv0ecee Aefler tee [te thw Jamtrnbey the t0ell, thie 2 Liiday Le 1322. CW., Wie oe, “Me Maal Bb Pare a tL a a Megidimge , Ae tuscerk CLrismeoraedk out Rrowece. Wee sale : eZ) LAL a CRA AOR SD ae eee Marryin) OAM Big WHEELES 7 THE PERPETUAL BATTLE IT Now PRONOUNCE YOu. 3) ‘GIRLS CHoRUS y b ae € CHorus O = LI aa! a4 2 z = = ’ Bovs Mixep CHorus Mrs. GANG! Mr Conk ye Me Mec ay) Wy ae iN THE Koo. KLAN NolSEMAKERS Miss Pacmer GF SA Rue6ces’ RouGu Riders iRes JS MusH! ONE Lost Bus! sites aaa te aang os . ww iotremapioaaa ODEN ea i ie re uL, Pramas bu tne peti tn. none the aacly saleac ava threats Pai hangin teen ta he tating rt Cuctomary. Atlationctiga : ve teveniig ateendamndl thei release Lom , Bey ght The sdemeor ja HERE COMES DANTA CLAUS PAU yy To KISS WHOSE B A TIME FOR SHARING WERE YOUNG AGAIN ! ! Mr. Hauc Miss Patisano Junece Nick” : THE BASKETS UP THERE. i a at SATANS aN SEVENTH Wu fu i oe S Y S z a 5 -— SixtTH Grade ANGELS ? Ltarw , O7utrw Aecided rere mend de Lace Leageis Love , ARAL (fC Lew tutte Qe Leaege ; Louwne Aaycar, agp, Procksrnaw , Age, And la Clrria, led Lp tan). Ce rtacal, the dthtetie) Crime proviara honor fachete pov Lie lirsty Clit 35 FLooR WALKERS Glory Boys i Coacn ScHmiot UNDERARM THE BRAINS DickS FAMOUS JUMP Pic LeTreemeN Junior FLooRWALKERS Bile it ISH? Pony FORGET THE BEAUTY MARK JHE S7ARt FIN MATHEMaTICS VARCOS CYANIDE Pour Mr Bono! Mr. Cotcaro THis SCIENCE IS MaTH 7? “iy leat ures Seley MR. Suey ee HAG ARN Mir. FRAWLE Y ANb THE BLUE IS WATER SOclAL STUDIES Ie reinuey io. THIS 1S GOOD. le reatsatzern came Ihab or em ee ae Oi mew a2 Ata Mork LEED LLP LADLELY, a ty the Lyecteonent AW FEU Yoorte | os epee fcatded Athlete GPE bien tae y LctLe Lepolacir AP THEA LAY ZLOCEPIENL , Lhe kibrard was Crowded ith Larvridt Jiudlinty. Lreegy Cane ane LPC AL LH fyi ott thn widy habits Of the aipe atventye, prt . SY SxS et Q Vad J ot EY eres THEY HOPE THEY CAN PLAY! Snow JOCKEYS BLoou, SWEAT, AND BROKEN BONES. oe ASS OKIPPERS yi apa! RN artis tg ae Bs white te nit st thas iy Say wSErS es SO ia ew Be Boa Be ee CENSORS AS Rd Ri ans Si 9H oe ‘ M Nie la 2 SS Cae LY. pa i” ul Mers.Goutp Mes. HUDSON Miss SAUNDERS Mes. DasH 46 Me GuReBAcki Mr SutKowski Mr Byron TASTES SO Goo T TRIED $0-0-0 HARD ! " Tit TAKE Him i wie | OUSE AND SPOUSE WitHouT DENNIS ? Dear Assy Bur Uiiee al Ay cee Dee eNe : Ano DonaLtp Uuck SAID.... PRarchy (FO frowned Wweth tee 4 eopermesr’. Dur Lalerits (7) were 4 . Chay, TEAL), DAD IA) PALL Ate! re fpabachal; AeA? Oreght pee Atudirdt LEASON NELSON ir. (ie, Geoecer CANFIELD Irs . Conway Mrs OS 0 Z 7 4 Lu 6 oa uw v oa { = 3 Q Pe I : | y WELL SHOOT EM 47 DA oh y I CANT COME TONIGHT ! WELL NOW, LET ME SEE... Jr. Wives 4 FutTuRE FARMERS Wives Portia, |OVERS | ANGUAGES Mrs. CONKLIN Home Ec. CONTRABAND 7? Rut THE Fooo |S AWFUL Hy ee Miss WITZLEBEN GEE TEACH, [ TRIED! Business Mir. Finobeisen fir. MERGLER App SALT AND PEPPER Srie FIVE MINUTES spec tac AOR Ul OREER REMNANTS Apart 1960 thy ) ADL aAA ay ADA AA1Ma“ NN ft ieanr dice , 0 bag, Melacree! yi, bitten linderoow and Sartara Varer, trall lve toohe; Anak flor tek ANG Ott Chick) ELIE SE ie ova pre OPED: Sse jo tin. Coor !2sut (1 oJ VWeE REMEMBER — WITH MOST PLEASANT PIEMORIES Mrs. TIARTIN Mr. Muncer ANTHONY FILIPIAK aR alata ahaa Ct mata Gf yc InNpbivibUAL work National Honor Society r : | : § Our VALEDICTORIAN MAKE A GOOD STUDENT. ] AND CLASSROOM PARTICIPATION ; 6 CAUGHT IN THE Aca a eas ae Go rie! OINK -OINK So TI'Lt SMeON THE TABiEs 62 Im sorry, Mike oS On TAA Man |! Tt sel! OH NO, NOT Mes Cx: ¥ 8) { (Y }— n " 4 as 5 @) - L { te fe N [ HES GREAT SS ARES SST ATP OY HAIL SOS OIRO DUDA ELEC GS SARE sith Rt I a ss : uw 6 m O S lug (a fa@ va bibles 0 Athioet | Wade La new 4 4 Lumrwy De Withutie Qacoriatisw tauaole guite 2:64 tnthicecacm at ae a i baa EOE SE CUE Ne Bu atl , of Lourat, himayeh thirteen aire. Diol thie ia the err of ours Emltre, we mourn. ee Op ee WL be — Suv terior) Uae of 1%60 JAMES Brapiey CHARLES CARPENTER Cares Core Bardonclov dnocke Pau Litter JOANNE Hopeson WiLL iam Acte ANTHONY Askew ) Kill Georce CRaovac ; Wittiam GueNTHER chhke Loch | Koc Eiteen ANpbERSON resesemame Mary Ann VARA Deveert MeveRHOEFER Ricuarp Kousex HELAINe PuaticeR Cart Lao. avait DALLY GREGORY Joun Dauer Rut Prizee Rogert Kaper Dennis ODay Guthrie Len James Mackey FS Ceraro Wysock! ne Michaee Raveur 7 Joan Franz Bonnie Ferris Davin WALKER louse SMITH Kowcse Freperick OverHorr Ppodl. BARBARA laren DousLas Nevson Sart Loup i , i ® ’ is a 5 , —, é ” % J 7 ° % Jé ‘ : as ‘ “eaten oe, 4 3 ; : : : ; : aaa : , BE a. y ’ omen P| . ee . i f f CLARENCE KabER oo = —— Dartene ScHNeiwer Joun Niepermeye Subtle YoAr Donato SmoniNsKt Ropert Kaczmarczyk Pau PreiscHEL — Luere Raber hook Ginrbsadl | Aeeiw .! Tanya Brioces ue a Geraro Haas : : Anastasia Gusakov Larry Biowers Lum Barpara Bowers RicHard MALONEY Le JoHN ArtmElER pee . sy . ] Pe | 4 f } f F Camitce Merino RoBeRT Anores Ormus Davenport ’ 78 Beeehen Scort Rae JuLiano RicHARD Lisowsk| : Leck 79 i ACA CSAS tt CN AT rn ee RO NN ORIENT a : : HIGH Hopes wt SN Tvost my PLATE! 80 DauLiIne KiRST Oe eR ee, SO eR ee a ee ae eae MEP New ab Mime ee ee ee th oe Be ee a iW - i) S my Le “9 es = a O 5 = n 5 - i = mt i a lw ile = lu ¥ — lw 5 A = = uJ ut s Cy Xs I 3 eS 8 | lu 7 Oo = q Zz id 2 CB 6 3 2 a I 3 | SNAPSHOTS 82 De -— ..... Be a Ee er R 4 Boys A Ay” AN Dh O RE RUBBISH pene : a Meine a oy { dy oD 84 KEN’S DAIRY YOUR LOCAL DAIRY EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 HOWELL CHEVROLET CHEVROLET SALES SERVICES TOWING SERVICE EDEN, N. Y. PHONE XX2-3511 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1960 PEOPLE’S BANK OF HAMBURG 43 MAIN STREET HAMBURG, NEW YORK MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM BOD. 1G. PAUL RIEFLER, INC. HAMBURG, NEW YORK PHONE EM 3260 MANUFACTURERS OF CONCRETE MASONRY UNITS EDEN OFFICE BUFFALO, NEW YORK MARINE TRUST COMPANY OF WESTERN NEW YORK EDEN 1.G.A. SUPER MARKET MAIN AND PLEASANT AVE. GROCERIES, MEATS, BEER WE DELIVER XX2-9877 HOLDEN MOTOR SALES, INC. MERCURY — EDSEL — LINCOLN SALES SERVICE HAMBURG, N. Y. PHONE EM 1480 VIC SCHRADER-—TIRE SERVICE RECAPPING — REPAIRING VULCANIZING NEW TIRES ROAD SERVICE EM 6009 XX2-4306 CENTRAL SERVICE TEXACO COMPLIMENTS OF ST. GEORGE NURSING HOME STATION NOBBS TRACTOR IMPLEMENT CLEAN, QUIET, HOMELIKE ATMOSPHERE ROAD SERVICE, SNOW PLOWING CORP. N. MAIN STREET EDEN, NEW YORK MINOR REPAIRS, TIRES, BATTERIES EM 8150 FA 7665 MAIN STREET EDEN, NEW YORK PHONE XX2-9880 BILL PRICE SHON Seba FORD TRACTORS EQUIPMENT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’60 MARINE TRUST CO. OF WESTERN NEW YORK EDEN OFFICE JACK M. SMITH, INSURANCE ACROSS FROM THE SCHOOL XX2-3566 BUFFALO, NEW YORK eae brmigarh ss EDEN MEMORIAL STUDIO ENGEL SIGNS FRANK N. WINTER, INC. HENRY WEAR GOWANDA STATE ROAD GENERAL INSURANCE HEMLOCK STREET eae ROSWELL MAIN EDEN, NEW YORK EDEN, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF W. A. HILLWIG—F. L. BOYER OPTOMETRISTS EDEN LIQUOR STORE 89 BUFFALO STREET, HAMBURG JIM SALZER, PROP. PHONE XX2-4622 EDEN GARAGE WITTMEYER HOTEL VAIL’S MEN’S BOYS’ WEAR 100% MOBILGAS, OIL SERVICE SPECIALIST IN DINNERS PARTIES SELF-SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIR FISH, CHICKEN, SHRIMP NEW — CONVENIENT — TIME SAVING EDEN, NEW YORK FRIDAY SATURDAY EVENINGS HAMBURG PLAZA OPEN 9 P.M. THURS. FRI. NAGLE LUMBER COMPANY CHARLES GOULD LUMBER AND MILL WORK REFUSE REMOVAL PHONE XX2-3922 EDEN, NEW YORK SANITATION SERVICE 86 a a a ee ee ee Ce ee EDEN SWISS CHEESE FACTORY COMPLIMENTS OF DRAUDT BROTHERS SWISS-DAIRY MANUFACTURERS OF RANDALL AGENCY LUMBERTERIA INC. LIMBURGER-BRICK EDEN, NEW YORK ee : EDEN, NEW YORK DO IT YOURSELF-—-OR WE DO IT FOR YOU EDEN’S FAMOUS CHEESE EVANS STREET INSURANCE REAL ESTATE HAMBURG HAROLD’S MARKET COMPLIMENTS OF CHOICE MEATS PALMERTON AGENCY XX2-3100 EDEN, NEW YORK EDEN, NEW YORK INSURANCE REAL ESTATE CONGRATULATIONS FROM EDEN VALLEY NURSING HOME COMPLIMENTS OF VALLEY CLEANERS NORTH BOSTON ROAD PAGE HARMS OIL COMPANY, INC. EDEN, NEW YORK MAIN STREET EDEN, NEW YORK EDEN, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 60 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF SPENCER BROTHERS MILLER KNOLL DAVID C. LAING CONSTRUCTION CO. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’60 CONGRATULATIONS FROM ELAINE’S BEAUTY SALON RICHARDSON MILLING “WHERE WOMEN IN THE KNOW GO” FARM AND GARDEN CENTER MAIN STREET EDEN, NEW YORK HAMBURG, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF ECLIPSE WILLIAMS FORD MOTOR SALES METAL MANUFACTURING CO. INC. EDEN, NEW YORK EDEN, NEW YORK KAZOO COMPANY INC. EDEN, NEW YORK This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Yi 87 No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. COMPLIMENTS OF DUDLEY GAYLORD EDEN LUMBER PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO. HESS BROTHERS, FLORIST LATTIMER’S SHOE STORE CASTIGLIA’S JEWELRY MUSIC CENTER HAAG’S GARAGE ia ho tographs ... The Heart of Your Yearbook... priceless school memories : live in photography by Varden. PHERS YEARBOOK DIVISION 28 South Union Street « Rochester 7, New York HAAG’S STORE, EAST EDEN COMPLIMENTS OF JOSEPHINE’S BEAUTY SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF MINEKIME CONSTRUCTION BECKES OPTICAL | COMPLIMENTS OF CAROL ANN SHOP 88 COMPLIMENTS OF ENDICOTT JOHNSON DR. AND MRS. E. J. GUILLAUME ROELLER’S HOTEL DEMERLEY’S RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS KNOCHE BUICK-CADILLAC JULIUS DOLE, JR. tei si ye der?” sia ee tee : eee eee RE wie (hire 'a 2 waiting, ote, ALA —s Pee - pas la a pee VD) Lf Thee J Lenk Wh apes Ta AUNLI AME me | y Curva | hy y Wa t Ms Wy (ed, ey, ma [eran eystonennetons erermer’ ore oye aupens apes s’ a she Tet appellee suet elovelitel slave tne loans iatewnl nae salepeis}s! Beep Tees aes sifeessea rye: sherttesconas re Brie rectet iit 5 ne’ “ sefeneriare Si Tsebaiany eaneyeeia pene een Satay aepeony nn peiaianeevnseuane ele sete svecarececoneeceenee's Per tenyt . Foye resins Beebe atin ela pipet ary mies aie oto wel euepeceine gare ) feat et tetra Se eat ent eh ene Sees my rf 3 Tost i tbosaberereteneye “ieee shee “th on treve! “ Mi tials eee, a tas et hater ae Tea ane alessoaieent ee atta cot STecaye ole pede Chess Sa ELT ST Ty ake taes siiet sesessyorie eT ed por He ort Let ry esUagorapatneevatesens sae 08 eee df ++ Soo ed - Bite St ‘ene ne it te eae ha wate a gras fa ef 4 ae vee y roe tie) FMiateplen isserstese Es hestoe ae serra ee at Faye be ee one tase 90008 | este ce tbvvio ei teelean msers cintotensitinels shireles Sen sorect 7 bs 5 a ma escressinrcbereepierete cherie i teeta arg 7 Res nt naa So Saved pe reas Le desLsedtees Crist . mee : eae ehsdintiad : : star hvioveiey Hy ane oie een eh Fes ue © sapageosne hee . peeeriene Sebthattelabededer ” Peigrsctaai nhesernes he Teel spores ste are oa = Sti iae bene fi fH : eat if ; ; canis fo " es x ; c 5 ayes eto eee sabesrrs te 5 tliat ats Percents ee art : sereartatsteserereye tt Seite : 3 i i iia Seite a eae Bis pase 2 +3 o eee ataseoger ee ot 5 5 ; Reser et atetniesersteis inves CERT ansaess H ? diaries i = . i saesreresneitie z abicar XS: sjolosaeeinisiarannneiog ttleoceiel eh pervert ; =; ty, ‘ : : Hee ee hecrieiserepbecierocinels = bis eats Seuteiegicstopsasieeseeiree : Persia vaTpunaneTunnepsoien sieeapicnne jtaregin ben 16100 70 : ™ “3 ates : x Seemedattt cs seh : soba Sricennre pete nemecss ole i ss ee et eicomrreier any nae baie rite aapereuela dee ael we abyeg epg) pede te Ea : } ratatoeee t te i B34 : - She f of U ot aes " i ab Ta Nehive roe Re simjatesstousy dame aioe . i ; a eee . 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Mewasrvorase sjentiagieetsyo™ setensyte see atieusisiesoiatemyemneneapennse jem nege tT aah epeed ase onep ete : sey Sesto se rbceenii ratte : C4} : aay 1 py sank ens Ratt Sites: Le dar Seadaa tear rege 24 iamaveiesnie es fer tt THAT ed a c ; ones ¢ Fer e Test iytpessenoicyer sme ge es " see ate paeerererorcreetomeiity La Plaats pete et aie 4 oh nie - ; : oe ae Te, a rerreel coir eer at ear ne ny ve ie . “ r rejatare tenia tose tate iS 4 Stee i af iapesebe) een i ” " 4 3; . fans Tinie ; veg ! yer fine : : : f z Sante cote alaetrtehe ot Pete ee eter ere enews oe Rea stones eaenane on . ‘ Siete so scib : : ‘ : aeiene hansen amines: 3 pater eet i wseciadsgultersjerebeseres seve aviaie Fizopesdangoss 1006; ui@ soo reds ouanireasyone ierwgereieie! 3:5 Verse. ; i “¢ yabibLesiegayeh ae actre-ecegutbosere: -reeoys fasre b s ioe envabpery 3040 0e% h a ‘ Sslaupcea eetesttits atop ap aan stireeonrsaneyene aye rel eer eh SUS S) i pase eh " r sitettsbasacsieapey shee estaenateies ily tenres “ye : , om : : Fs ; pat gee - ; 3h Pope ercat Tene” lsuetet ee Saal se ianasciantegsspiusbanecs-ovetetslp esayosstrss stom eratsjonrser veueses S007 fonopenaiste’ Hoge oss lownebe oveitrs seueaas beens weetvisses-eeben rentavenge stsserosoujog jetenslareekiien ye sivteleee mesal Vedsetyegeneisemelseetnsitee = bistereste ies scare asennad eats ete aha leased artery eiteleicen it Peri ee yeate sh tibe Abeoaie oT fa : fi Rinne rate ce fg! Hy ¥ shi 5 ‘ wie . Tooke 4 ; Sate! ote 4 re - ‘ig st ip Tewern abremesersst . Tyag onl tabeg fabs etic Fever bens pane aovetetvelotelenrenss sve euseneyenauneent os faethe Led Earned 3 bere gt Poieraoeattetre) 5 ae ay oo ofitee S Sev mvabeneveneinye panryner rhe ives apucauerassis vane 4h Qe Seater ita eucer sie ; Tala haves etenenepe rane whe S048 el Senet ince Teen's gieyeere®

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