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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1959 volume:

—— Ghote. PVP”) Aahe L 2asy THX, PE Lay On ort he nazyle), vio. iE PRE We Bache 2a 2 Ont fou Anouzeh, yigelila( ag!” | Howl AZicts Ae. WA Nd te. r . rr? n ral Sy 5 am ae a é HE S. S. EDEN CENTRAL ip PLT ‘i pore shritt In ba why The s® with Trace And Fagia ee eed FOREWORD We, the class of ’59, are about to i embark on the sea of life after 12 years | under continual guidance. Our course i has been plotted and carefully checked . by the expert helmsmen who have giv- i en us their undivided attention. Every effort has been exerted to make us mas- i ters of our ship, and now the time has N| come — we are at the helm — our des- | tiny is ours. DEDICATION To you, Mrs. Trask, we dedicate this EMBERS as a symbol of appreciation for your guidance throughout our high school years. As freshmen, we first experienced the senior high routine at Eden, which was also new to you. We can never forget your boundless enthusiasm, your wonder- ful sense of humor, and endless patience, as we toiled through English I, I, and III. We also wish to express our gratitude for your assistance with our yearbook. The memory of your effervescent per- sonality will remain with us long after our departure from Eden Central. EDWIN C. PECK Supervising Principal Mrs. Gleason Office Secretary we % € yee Hae . “ge ee be teee ” 4s ia edie tied te ee, pihieiekt adden Teer 8 3 hi seeercbeds ath-ath.ak Gee 8 Le ey ey ies petit ees 3 The wi, ee eee +7 - +9 44 e+e Sees sé 145042 " bey bs y I H4994455 is eh ahem he aS pein at ttt tee Fe th ed ge bbw asddicacy . ot te as ae + be Si bbb bdbcs “g A ¢ ve a Pt 9 + ora bebe o Rt OB he he PH absidicog «if Sig a io i ES Se See in Rb aed: An ever-expanding Eden Central demands more and more time, initiative and patience from the men who chart the course of our school. With the precision, knowledge and sensitivity as displayed by all excellent navigators, ‘““Admiral’” Peck works tirelessly to keep the ship on course from September until the moment the students put into port in June. Although school closes at 1600, the Admiral is still on deck far into the night whenever the going gets rough and every student, without realizing, has a smoother ride because of his guiding mind and hand. Many of the duties which fell on the shoulders of Mr. Peck, are now being managed diligently by Vice- Admiral Colamonico, who has been aboard for the past three years. His supervision of the high school has been assumed with the ability of a good officer and through cooperation of the various commands, Eden Central School is growing in strength, scholarship, ability and leadership. THOMAS J. COLAMONICO High School Principal Miss Gehl Office Secretary BOARD OF OPERATIONS Mr. Wysocki Mr. Kraemer Mr. Carroll Mr. Bolton Mrs. Smith Mr. Kirst Mr. Peck Mr. Weinar President, Mr. Bos Miss Looze FO Mrs. Smith Miss Moden ENGLISH Our native language is the tool basic to the achievement of all other knowledge, the means by which the daily business of our life is conducted, and the key to the best that has been thought and ex- perienced since the beginning of our civilization. In our study of English we attempt to achieve practical skill in the use of this too, a growing knowledge of the world of literature, and an increasing ap- preciation of the beauties of sound and structure that are a part of our linguistic heritage. Mrs. Trask Mrs. Sullivan Mr. West Mr. Meyer Mr. McCord 10 ie, a a8 | ya A Mr. Foroscij SOCIAL STUDIES In the age of atomic energy and of interplanetary missiles, there may be the danger that man will forget the civic virtues. Today our problems are as much social as they are scientific. It is the purpose of the Citizenship Education Department o f Eden Central School to take the student from the local com- munity on to the state and national scene, and finally to the world stage, teaching him as he goes along the tools, the knowl- edge, the attitudes and the understandings necessary to be a good ) citizen at all levels of social development. Mr. Schmatz | Mr. Fregelette Mr. Pacini Mrs. Dash Mrs. Brenrneman French and Latin are indispensable as an aid to the intelligent comprehension of the living world. Modern culture is a continuation of the cultures of Greece and Rome. Knowledge of past cultures is a tremendous asset in the development of a sound background for an understanding of concepts of democracy, justice, spiritual and individual liberty. The linguistic goal of foreign language is the devel- opment of the ability to think clearly and to com- municate thoughts. This aim is most important to an individual in his social relationships, in his vocation and in his role as a citizen. 12 Mrs. Martin MATHEMATICS Throughout our mathematics program, an attempt is made to develop a real understanding of basic mathematical concepts, principles, and skills, so that the students may deal intelligently with the prob- lems they meet in daily life. The more advanced courses of the senior high are such as to provide students with an adequate background for the suc- cessful continuation of mathematics and science courses in college. Mr. Edie LANGUAGES Mr. Calandra SCIENCE As a result of the recent emphasis on space trav- el, science education in high schools has increased greatly in importance. To meet this demand, the science department at Eden Central has added sev- eral advanced courses. Advanced Chemistry covers some college material for superior students, while Advanced Scignce is taught to the average student to give him afbetter concept of our world. ao = 2 @ INDUSTRIAL ARTS 13 Mr. Varco Mr. Bondi The practical techniques of everyday vocations are offered to our school’s students through our industrial arts department. Work in metal shop, wood shop, electrical shop and general shop, as well as photography and ceramics, is offered to those students who desire to start work immediately fol- lowing graduation. Thusly, the school serves all in their many and varied needs. Mr. Mergler Mr. Schmidt Mr. Lundburg ART Mrs. Boyer The art program is an attempt to expose the stu- Mr. Haug dent to a better appreciation of what goes into art in relation to everyday life. We do not attempt to ; nti make finished artists of those who take the course, eo aes o: Wi Ae but to show what is expected of them in the art oie ee ? AN field if they desire to go on—a foundation is laid for ae: ; that work. If it is to be used as a leisure pastime in i later life, a foundation is established. yyA nae oe t, ye at 21. COMMERCIAL The commercial department provides all courses € in the business field for students who wish to either a work after graduation or to further their education ‘in this field. These teachers work diligently to give re ine Re the students the best qualifications so that they may Y. ba 4 go into the world with an education that will enable Vv them to fulfill the requirements of the business world. Miss Witzleben rs Mr. Colvin . | {| iz EF it 3 x : xs oe MUSIC , ! From the junior high music classes, students gain a general knowledge of the fundamentals and history of music. The more advanced courses enable the musically inclined to train in this . field. In general, the students develop an appre- | ciation of music, which is basic for a well-round- | ed life. Mrs. Gangi Mz. Conklin Mr. Meacham HOME ECONOMICS ai { all . - i a Sy va tae | ape Bat i ' Rae ! “ vogue | ’ + te et; ge The homemaking department trains girls in the essential practices of managing a home and raising children. Through competent instruction they gain a proper knowledge of homemaking techniques, neces- sary for their future life as homemakers. 15 Mrs. Conklin Miss Bald DRIVER EDUCATION Mr. Ruggles Since the nation’s highways have become likely places for accidents, it is the purpose of this de- partment to educate beginners in safe driving habits with the hope that they will continue to drive intelligently and carefully as adults. Mr. Munger 16 AGRICULTURE Today’s farming methods are becoming more highly mechanized and therefore require special training. The agriculture department trains our future farmers through practical application as well as through the regular classes. Thus they gain a good foundation for their chosen voca- tion. } } | Mr. Sturm HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION These two departments combined have the task of providing ade- quate recreation and training to enable each student to develop and maintain a healthy body. In physical education, games and ex- ercise build strong bodies and promote good sportsmanship as well as provide diversion from studies. The health classes give students a basic knowledge of how the body works and how to care for it. Miss Palmer Mr. Hagen Mr. Weiss Miss Callahan | 17 Mrs. Greenwood Librarian Mr. Gray Seventh Grade Teacher r Mrs. Fone Dental Hygienist Mrs. Mergler Assistant Librarian Miss Gressman School Nurse Mrs. Conway » Social Case Director Mrs. Canfield Speech Therapist Miss Smith Secretary Mr. Nelson Guidance Counselor net l rn ES ei iti ili Ore : SENIOR ADVISORS Rg Rag S Sk NSO Mrs. Brenneman Miss Witzleben TOP HONOR STUDENTS PAUL J. MOSTEK Paul College Entrance ALLAN F. BLEY Freddie College Entrance LOIS E. SCHACHER Lois College Entrance ROGER A. ZITTEL Zit College Entrance AASE B. CHRISTENSEN Sys College Entrance PAUL D. HERDLE Paul College Entrance JEAN M. PFARNER Jeannie Commercial JOAN F. PFARNER Joannie Commercial MYRON C. LOONEY Lex College Entrance EDWIN CAPECK, JR: Ted College Entrance JOHN M. BOLTON King College Entrance SANDRA L. VENTRONE Sandy College Entrance DOROTHY J. KAMINSKI Dottie Commercial ALBERT B. CONDON Cecil College Entrance ADRIANNE J. GNIAS Ann Commercial ELIZABETH J. GALLMAN az Home Economics JOHN H. GEARHART John College Entrance DENNIS A. HUGHES Dennis Industrial Arts mst LAWRENCE J. HAAG, JR. Larry College Entrance CAROL A. MAMMOSER ‘Topsy BRIAN R. HOLEHOUSE Commercial House College Entrance : . | DAVID L. ALLEN Dave College Entrance RICHARD G. ASH Flash College Entrance BARBARA A. STANG Doll College Entrance DIANE K. AGLE Diane College Entrance WILLIAM S. STRAKER Bil Commercial CAROL H. HEICHBERGER Heichie Commercial WALTER E. KOCH Walt College Entrance MARVIN M. HORTON Marv Industrial Arts CAROL A. MALTBY Dimples Home Economics CAROL J. ECKHARDT Carol College Entrance Rocky Agriculture ROBERT C. MALTBY Bob Industrial Arts Qo neues meer gee PHILIP J. BRODZINSKI Phil Industrial Arts AUDRY A. WROBLESKI Audry Commercial BRUCE P. PETRO Bruce Industrial Arts ARTHUR J. GERSPACHER Buddy College Entrance DONALD E. WINKELMAN Winks Agriculture ROSEMARIE C. ZWACK Rosie College Entrance GAIL M. NELLIS Nellie Commercial PAUL M. WELLER Mel College Entrance CAROL R. GEIGER Geige Commercial INGRID S. FETH Ingy Commercial FREDERICK G. SCHMIDT Fred Industrial Arts | CAROLE M. PENNY Blondie Commercial GUY J. BLODGETT Blodge College Entrance SONJA J. JOHNSON Sonny Commercial FAY, J. DAVIS Faysie College Entrance GARY H. NOBBS Nobbsy College Entrance CYNTHIA J. HAMMOND Cynth College Entrance HERBERT W. BECK Herb College Entrance nue KATHERINE B. VADINO Kathy Industrial Arts | EUGENE J. MAY Gene Agriculture DAVID H. MORRIS Dave Industrial Arts NORMA J. HAEICK Speedy Home Economics KENNETH J. FRANZ Ken Industr ial Arts | RICHARD M. BENSON Dick Industrial Arts CLIFTON S. ELLIS Cliff Industrial Arts BETTY A. PEW Rocky Home Economics ROGER A. BECKER Rog Industrial Arts JUDY R. BAUER Judy College Entrance CHARLES J. VARA Chuck College Entrance SHARON M. PARTRIDGE Birdie Commercial and Art «habe vies ; ait Bis RONALD M. GEIGER Ronnie Agriculture | DENNIS L. JANUSZKIEWICZ Dennis Industrial Arts REED V. SALLAK Vaclav College Entrance GERTRUDE A. BATORSKI Gert Commercial JUDITH A. KWILOS Judy College Entrance WILLIAM F. GERSPACHER Gersh College Entrance CAROL J. DALY Carol Commercial WILLIAM JONES Bill College Entrance ROBERT E. SHEFLIN Bob Industrial Arts HUGH T. GUILLAUME Hughlie College Entrance MARJORIE A. MONTGOMERY Marge Commercial ROBERT L. CHIAVETTA Bob Industrial Arts Cynthia Hammond Carol Eckhardt NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY New Senior Members Judy Bauer Hugh Guillaume Edwin C. Peck, Jr. Reed Sallak Roger Zittel Junior Members William Agle Eileen Anderson Bronwyn Baird Virginia Bolton Dennis O’Day Anastasia Gusakov Barbara Maren Helaine Phatiger Mildred Wrobleski Gerald Wysocki Paul Mostek EMBERS STAFF Seated; Lois Schacher, co-editor, Gail Nellis, typing editor, Carol Daly, business manager, Fay Davis, circulation editor, Carol Eck- hardt, layout editor. Standing; Cynthia Hammond, co-editor, Robert Maltby, photography editor, Charles Vara, advertising editor, Mr. McCord, advisor. Absent; Mrs. Trask, advisor. SS: . ll COMMANDERS First Row; G. Wysocki, J. Zittel, K. Thiel, J. Schassar, L. Rader, Scott, M. Vara. Third Row; D. Will, R. Textor, C. Rockwood, J. Turton. Second Row; L. Smith, R. Prizel, M. Wrobleski, D. Williams, M. Rayeur, R. Towns, D. Yager, R. Richardson, R. Swartz, D. Smolinski, D. Walker, P. Zittel, D. Schneider, B. W. Richardson, R. VerHagen, H. Wilson. First Row; D. Bowers, B. Baird, A. Askew, G. Bianchi, M. Row; J. Artmeier, E. Benzin, J. Cassata, G. Brockman, J. Brad. Brand, D. Allanson. Second Row; L. Barnes, T. Bridges, K. ley, R. Andres, J. Canny, W. Carpenter. Bloom, V. Bolton, N. Blenk, E. Anderson, B. Bowers. Third 36 SE Scene First Row; P. Lutes, H. Phatiger, C. Merlino, B. Maren, A. Meyerhoefer, J. Persinger, D. O’Day, P. Niedermyer, P. Preischel, Orr. Second Row; F. Overhoff, R. Maloney, R. Lisowski, J. G. Pfitsinger, J. Niedermyer, P. Kirst, R. Koubek. Mackey, P. Meyer, D. Nelson, G. Milligan. Third Row: D. First Row; S$. Cheney, A. Gusakov, M. Horton, M. Holehouse, J. Enser, G. Graovac, C. Cole, L. Furman, J. Dauer, C. Girard, | K. Euler. Second Row; J. Franz, B. Ferris, G. Kelly, O. Daven- W. Guenther, R. Kader. port, E. Juliano, J. Hodgson, S. Gregory. Third Row; C. Kader, ) 37 LIEUTENANTS First Row; B. Smith, B. Sessanna, C. Shero, B. Page, P. Senders, Row; J. Partridge, C. Rizzo, Z. Pineau, T. Sroda, B. Rich, B. J. Shepker, M. Spencer. Second Row; L. Petro, J. Springer, Pike, G. Shamblen, H. Persinger, J. Potter. S. Romano, D. Schwanz, J. Quasny, R. Rome, S. Stang. Third First Row; J. Wilson, I. White, A. Zells, D. Young, M. Walker. D. Wilson, J. Trask. Third Row; S. Weinar, J. VerHagen, R. Second Row; J. Zynda, K. Williams, M. Twist, P. Witherel, Ward, K. Willis, D. Williams, K. Tanner, B. Burnett. 38 Class of 1961 q 3 Ly ee ie fe First Row; W. Mostek, S. Hokenson, B. May, J. Kielar, J. Third Row; R. Kelly, R. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Kern, L. Meyerhoefer, T. Martin, M. Montgomery. Second Row; D. Nehring, J. Hammond, W. Guillaume, P. Kuppel, C. Meyer, Kestor, M. Lutes, G. Johnson, P. Marrano, F. Harriger, M. D. Kelly, R. Kaczmarczyk. McNell, G. Machmer, M. Harwood, P. Jordan, C. Lisowski. f FAL First Row; D. Adams, P. Benson, D. Bugbee, M. Guenther, Third Row; E. Colantino, W. Clark, C. Colvin, R. Ball, R. J. Agle, K. Cole, W. Bos, M. Batorski. Second Row; M. Cola- Eckhardt, E. Furman, R. Chittenden, C. Gaylord, C. Cole, E. monico, J. Fox, M. Eisele, M. Bastian, S. Gertis, S. Ash, S. Engel, W. Ackerman, D. Chyreck, G. Bogardus. Bauer, P. Christian, D. Gehl, P. Filipiak, P. Gehl, A. Dickie. 39 ENSIGNS First Row; J. Skora, S. Weller, S. Schassar, D. Spencer, S. Zwack. Third Row; J. Schmitt, D. Schiedel, R. Zulick, L. Yager, Swartz, S. Sobczynski, M. Thiel, P. Sessanna. Second Row; R. J. Walker, E. Taft, R. Vondell, J. Schreiber, P. Schwartz, T. Zwack, D. Sitarek, L. Willett, D. Skura, W. Woodworth, Z. Schmittendorf, W. Voelz, D. Schwanz, R. Terhune. Waite, D. Stegmeier, M. Merlino, P. Sauberan, A. Stevens, R. First Row; S. Lindsey, P. Kaczmarczyk, R. Kelly, M. Maltby, R. May, P. McNell, S. Mann. Third Row; D. Hilfiker, R. K. Kwilos, G. Korkus, A. Kobiolka, N. Howland, M. Anderson, Lardo, C. Jessop, W. Bishoff, R. Kramer, J. Jensen, R. Lore, C. Adams. Second Row; R. Lutes, M. Lomison, G. Hardy, N. J. Hooker, C. Kelly, J. Jagow, C. Colantino. Maren, E. Holehouse, A. Kraft, J. Kraft, P. Mathien, L. Kiec, 40 Class of 1962 First Row; P. Price, C. Mroz, J. Haag, D. Partridge, J. Bowers, Price. Third Row; G. Merchant, J. Richardson, C. Prizel, A. J. Russell, W. Rogerson, D. Pottle. Second Row; C. Cabral, Meyer, J. Riszko, R. Neuffer, J. Overhoff, D. Morris, S. Schacher, M. Potter, C. Nellis, N. Mohney, C. Owen, S. Romandi, D. P. Meyer, J. Rockwood, L. Nelson, B. Schaefer, R. Mertle. Ricci, R. Milliron, M. Papich, S. Nellis, P. Remiszewski, G. First Row; W. Enser, M. Eckhardt, N. Clancy, R. Cagwin, R. haber. Third Row; ills Burrows, H. Gallman, R. Agle, W. Ham- Harriger, M. Demerley, S. Heffernan, M. Clements. Second Row; mond, F. Giessman, D. Giessman, R. Hanny, R. Ham, R. Haag, A. Bonefede, C. Chase, R. Dahmer, H. Adams, C. Filipiak, J. Brodzinski, S. Agle. J. Carter, R. Hardy, C. Eye, K. Anderson, S. Henry, E. Bruse- 41 First Row; M. Mackey, A. Jaworski, M. Persinger, M. Howell, M. Jaruszuski. Third Row; D. Pfarner, T. Kuppel, B. Munger, J. Meyerhoefer, E. Pew, R. Howland, M. Lindsay. Second Row; V. Johnson, L. Juliano, V. Olson, E. Korkus, R. Laing, C. D. Knoll, M. Marak, D. Kester, P. Kirst, J. Howles, D. Maz- Kasinski, K. Penny, J. Meyerhoefer, L. O’Bryant, T. O’Day, zetti, M. Hughes, R. Minekime, R. Kaczmarezyk, G. Moore, W. Meader. Sig, PSNR ATR EH aren ES First Row; M. Agle, H. Brewer, D. Beck, D. Clark, R. Clark, T. Colomonico, M. Anderson, L. Agle, M. Cohoon, R. Cagwin, E. Christopher, R. Christopher. Second Row; G. Brendel, B. TT. Blaskiewicz, C. Care, L. Benson, J. Bianchi, J. Bertsch, B. Baird, G. Allen, R. Benzin, T. Brockman, C. Blenk, M. Crowe, Beeman, E. Blodgett. 42 | Class of 1963 Stee cel pe Saas First Row; C. Ferguson, G. Haag, V. Franz, P. Gurley, J. Gray, J. Collard, A. Heckman, P. Engstrom, L. Gehl. Third Herdle, R. Herkey, J. Ferguson, E. Grieble. Second Row; S. Row; S, Engel, J. Gould, D. Finger, H. Greely, R. Hooper, Eckhardt, P. Green, D. Graovac, R. Haist, M. Greenwood, S. G. Ellis, D. Figel, R. Franz, J. DiMaria, L. Gaylord, A. Haist. Be A ee adcd Ra oso I First Row; J. Thomas, J. Segebarth, D. Salzler, P. Schmidt, T. Thompson, D. Shamblen, E. Rader, H. Wielkie, T. Shepker, M. Sikes, E. Rockwood, P. Rogowski, N. Serena, J. Webb. B. Sheffield, D. Pike, B. Rich, D. Sallak, W. Riggs, M. Smith, Second Row; R. Smith, J. Russell, S. Wood, M. Will, S. Thorton, L. Schieber. R. Riefler, B. Willes, D. Schaefer, L. VerHagen. Third at WARRANT OFFICERS First Row; G. Allen, C. Filipiak, R. Heichberger, V. Bublyk, singer, P. Gnias, D. Franklin, J. Bauer, W. Bennett. Third D. Cline, N. Carpenter, R. Harper, M. Hokenson, M. J. Bel- Row; W. Graves, E. Bowen, M. Agle, N. Greenwood, G. Greiner, littiere. Second Row; D. Ball, C. Bailey, R. Agle, G. Heich- L. Found, W. Flint, A. Haag, M. Chittenden, M. Brown, J. berger, L. Hilfiker, T. Bailey, J. White, J. Horton, M. Arger- Agle, J. Higby, R. Barry. First Row; S. Styn, R. Welker, A. Wolf, R. Stokey, E. Sisti, W. De Buhr, M. Jordan, M. J. Koubek, P. Christian, J. Eck- E. Giles, R. Miller. Second Row; N. Gier, R. Enser, D. Dahmer, hardt, L. Ehmke, W. Koch, P. Cole, L. Ehmke, R. Licata, P. Deinhardt, G. Figel, H. Bugenhagen, K. Condon, W. Kuppel, B. Newberry. W. Clancy, G. Pedersen. Third Row; E. Johnson, J. Krycia, 44 Class of 1964 — — LS o— ] Paina First Row; M. Pheasant, D. Price, M. Persinger, D. Hoffman, F. Giles, L. McLead, J. Conrad. Third Row; M. Meyer, Z. S. Nobbs, L. Hanny, L. Miller. Second Row; B. Page, D. Gusakov, P. Schreiner, A. Nagel, T. Neuffer, D. Willett, D. Lilga, D. Harris, J. Mazzetti, K. Jackson, A. Rivas, S. Meader, Nellis, L. Meyer, J. Detweiller, C. Mroz, G. Gallman. ; First Row; S. Skura, D. Tomaka, E. Radigan, T. Winter, E. M. Walsh, J. Shouldice, T. Rebman, J. Walters, D. Yager, T. Pew, W. Polonkiewicz, J. Wysocki. Second Row; N. Smith, J. Zulick, J. Rosenberger, P. Twist, C. Striebeck, K. Piller, D. White, K. Phatiger, C. Wilson, L. Schroeder, K. Sievers, M. Walker. Sheflin, S. Willet, J. Price, H. Zhybaj, J. Walker. Third ery RS Ria Bose First Row; Mr. Lindberg, K. Ryan, E. Becker, P. Sibiga, H. Meyerhofer. Third. Row; B. Nidell, A. Rader, G. Grenshow, Harris, A. Becerril, S. Bogerson, R. Brodzinski, B. Gnias, D. D. Bogardus, D. Duffek, B. Soule, M. Gallman, M. Mallet, R. Mann. Second Row; K. Kappus, R. Yetter, J. Berry, G. Webb, Sagolia, S. Ellis, N. Jans, H. Hammond, C. Haskins, D. Cagwin, L. White, M. Morris, B. Penny, J. Dilidio, P. Howard, B. B. Cline. Gurley, B. Plenz, C. Fitzgibbons, E. Blowers, N. Smith, D. First Row; W. Gaylord, D. Shamblen, K. Smith, D. Lardo, D. R. Cycon, L. Guenther, B. Utsinger, D. Moore, T. Will. Third Lechman, S. Clark, F. Winter, C. Jenning, L. Schosek, Mr. Row; R. Pew, H. Miller, V. Hauck, R. Duffek, D. Holister, Sutkowski. Second Row; E. Bishop, B. Walczak, R. Yetter, R. P. Klozinski, D. Hammond, R. Schreiner, G. Rice, D. Bing- Dole, W. Bianchi, K. Johnson, J. Mazur, T. Simon, L. Rice, man, C. Neuman, A. Walsh, J. Camber, C. Willet, B. Filipiak. 46 —= A ce 8 Class of 1965 E » First Row; S. Laing, S. Eisele, J. Schmittendorf, F. Riefler, Miss Saunders, S. Henry, W. Mansfield, C. Sikes, M. McCluskey. Second Row; D. Harper, L. Grieswisch, B. Thompson, D. Cork, J. DeMuth, A. Neidermeyer, S. Haukins, K. Hughey, C. Saun- ders, S. Messecai, L. Scheetz, J. Blaskiewicz, R. Davenport, S. First Row; Mr. Griffin, M. Harris, F. Leonard, J. Winkey, J. Salzer, D. Gehl, J. Burdick, J. Wittmeyer, B. Baird, Mrs. Gould. Second Row; L. Steffen, P. Lilga, M. Blackwell, R. Smith, B. Willis, N. Thomas, D. Pfitzinger, S$. Bos, T. Cowper, J. Senders, Graovac, A. Arhersinger. Third Row; D. Clark, J. Greene, T. Cocina, G. Cheney, G. Eye, H. Stewart, P. Loeffel, B. Pericak, D. Dryer, W. Montgomery, J. Gleason, R. Mergler, C. Laing, B. Heckman, B. Howles. M. Allen, N. Trask, D. Brusehaber, G. Mroz, S. Lomison. Third Row; P. Williams, R. Schummer, M. Kelly, M. Ptak, L. Ehmke, L. Carpenter, K. Romano, M. Care, B. Fox, A. Rizzo, L. Hefferman, A. Hutka, J. Aber, B. Riggs, T. Finger. 47 DONALD J. ANDERSON Elementary Principal The Elementary School now houses grades one through five, a move made necessary by the expanding enrollment. The recent addition to the building gave facilities for music, library, and art classes, as well as additional gym work. It is hoped that in the next few years the sixth grade will also be included in this group, providing more space for the high school and ‘better organizing the students in their age group. 48 EDEN |ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Mrs. Kraft Mrs. Duffy Secretaries HELMSMEN First Row; Miss Wrench, Miss Walsh, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. De- Muth, Mrs. Hilliker, Mrs. Wible, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Wer- shoven, Second Row; Miss Boardman, Mrs. Rothe, Miss Wilson, Miss Myer, Mrs. Hammond, Miss Smith, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Jeffe, Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Jessop, Mrs. Brockman, Mrs. Wag- ner, Mrs. Ten Hoopen. First Row; Mrs. Holden, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Gerrie, Mrs. Pack, Mrs. Carpenter, Miss Randall, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Anderson, Davenport, Miss Bogacz. Second Row; Mrs. Krempa, Miss Miss Stamman, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Hauth. First Row; L. Skura, D. Aber, V. Zhybaj, J. Driscoll, J. Rock- wood, A. Sobczynski, D. Nelson, D. Barnes, R. Welker, R. Prie- schel, D. Thurber, J. Walker, S. Gehl, D. Gentili, D. Godwin, W. Bley, T. Ziegelhofer, D. Critoph, B. Malvin. Second Row; B. Clancy, J. Collura, A. Schmidt, J. Bischof, J. Conklin, T. Radi- gan, E. Hughes, R. Grove, S. Jenny, J. Filipiak, L. Yager, S. Pacini, C. Thornton, G. Anetrini, E. Cooper, T. Schiedel, R. Bullied, L. Renschler, A. Messmer, T. Bettinger. Third Row; —— Saseses 7 = My 8 a a 8 8 % a SESS aN pers s tee a saterares See se First Row; A. Riederer, J. Greenwood, C. Brewer, D. Privitera, W. Schosek, M. Kraft, D. Brown, L. Johnson, G. Richardson, L. Styn, K. Kraft, J. Mroz, M. Jackson, J. Brusehaber, K. Pfahl, R. Haskins, J. Turnbull, M. White. Second Row; B. Korkus, P. Fox, L. Meader, P. Webster, C. Serena, R. Polser, F. Bowers, R. McDonald, M. Ptak, D. Found, R. Edwards, A. Petruczek, R. Mainprize, R. Spencer, K. Ball, G. MacGregor, M. Downey, S. Barry, B. Spencer. Third Row; G. Eckhardt, D. Higby, E. Kranz, 51 D. VanNote, D. Gray, G. Tasker, E. Smith, R. Loeffel, G. Dolan, S. Gurley, B. Spencer, D. Thompson, C. Eckhardt, J. Haap, C. Dryer, L. Stevens, M. Kardrupel, J. Schacher, C. Witherel, L. Hinkle, G. Smith, G. Hull, J. Winter. Fourth Row; P. Straker, L. Way, A. Springer, D. Detwiler, L. Greuschow, R. Robertson, G. Cook, E. Dosher, S. VanVechlen, M. Jordon, K. Reeb, S. Schue, D. Kuppel, E. Machmer, T. Matie, D. Woodworth, M. Radziwon, T. McNell, J. Wilfong, R. Roseman. S. Schassar, R. Kromer, B. Miles, M. Cowper, D. Geiger, K. Bar- rett, J. Heckman, S$. McNeely, K. Bailey, A. Stewart, C. Buch- auer, J. Salzman, E. Ostrander, N. Joseph, D. Enser, S. Mine- kime. Fourth Row; K. Segebarth, W. Middendorf, M. Knoll, G. Carpenter, C. Graf, M. Sholtez, S. Seibert, $. Greenwood, W. Walters, E. Walters, D. Cagwin, B. Benz, K. Kaufman, J. Baisch, K. Bowen, R. Shumway, S. Close, B. Middendorf, J. Shouldice. BY, % 4S N ka PETTY OFFICERS 2 c—Fourth Grade 2s aks: peeriva ct a eeay ats eat +h Rh Seat Be yet Sagan te ‘| F beet bee! S282 Stesad parses. siete Caneat pee ogre it ee piaetet bere Gite 3 First Row; S. Pederson, L. Dunn, C. Bunch, R. Dahmer, W. Schacher, L. Turnbull, B. O’Dell, S. Bailey, J. Leonard, D. Fried- rich, H. Freer, M. Smith, C. VanDusen, C. Schieber, C. Mohney, M. Fitzgibbons, J. Cowper, G. Balone, K. Kraft. Second Row; L. Harriger, R. Clark, K. Dosher, D. Winkey, J. Manley, R. Szal, S. Bock, S. Kielar, D. Taggart, L. Bowan, P. Pericak, B. Way, C. Shumway, V. Ptak, J. Thomas, T. Hilficker, R. Winter, L. Howell, J. Eckhardt, C. Monachino. Third Row; C. Meyer, D. Laing, L. Harivel, J. Hawkins, K. Agle, L. Barrett, A. Nicholson, S. Manning, L. Sickau, G. Richter, L. Minard, C. Kester, D. Todd, D. Persinger, E. Riefler, J. Beeman, D. Tomasik, B. Agle, R. Jerosal, J. Quasny, S. McNeely. First Row; J. Johnson, D. Jennings, $. Schummer, R. Gertis, B. Franklin, D. Graves, G. Landahl, C. White, J. DeCapua, J. Ro- gowski, H. Marsh, R. Howland, S. Pheasant, E. Blackwell, E. Woods, G. Boardway, B. Wolf, P. Schosek. Second Row; T. Schneider, M. Herman, D. Conklin, D. Karstedt, P. Graf, C. Ludera, W. Moulthrop, G. Small, C. Deinhardt, B. Bauer, V. Blanck, D. Miller, R. Blowers, D. Greuschow, L. Blencowe, L. Belleisle, K. Kracht, G. Wagner. Third Row; M. Thompson, B. Hecker, A. Cole, A. Bugenhagen, J. Loder, J. Brenneman, E. Johnson, M. Greiner, G. Decker, K. Seeger, K. Ketterer, M. Mil- ley, B. Munger, P. Rosenberger, D. Gearhart, J. Gill, R. Law, L. Henrie, Vs Takas, Co Shutxum: 52 ae seroma eects nrc tants Saini PETTY OFFICERS 3 c—Third Grade ——— we, IGlCr TP ee Se a First Row; A. Nagel, H. Stokely, B. Price, M. Lehner, B. Miles, S. Benforado, D. Vogel, J. Lancaster, I. Burdick, D. Condon, L. Anderson, T. Roberts, M. Bublyk, N. Lilga, L. Licata, M. Wagner, D. Price, B. Baird. Second Row; L. Goodwin, D. Kuhn, L. Russell, L. Richardson, W. Heichberger, D. Nagy, C. Bley, L. Romandi, J. Mazzetti, A. Kuppel, R. Wear, D. Graf, N. Sickau, L. Parker, J. Wysocki, M. Lenahan, K. Lardo, L. Styn, L. Simp- son. Third Row; D. Stamp, D. Trippe, E. Brusehaber, P. Conk- i } ; First Row; K. Nobbs, G. Price, W. Eckhardt, C. Gray, G. Frank- lin, L. Thurber, D. Kral, T. Serena, H. Haskins, M. Ryan, G. Turnbull, M. Lambrix, R. Yetter, K. Wells, L. Dole, J. Pheasant. Second Row; K. Kelley, D. Harris, D. Gerheart, G. Scheetz,™D. Jazembak, D. Williams, L. Gregory, M. Arnold, R. Smith, R. Meyerhoefer, B. Simon, R. Sickau, E. Thomas, G. Prieschel, C. Christopher, R. Timm. Third Row; L. Koepka, S. Spring, C. 53 lin, R. Acanfora, R. Dunn, C. Lindsey, M. Schreiner, D. Ben- nett, L. Geiger, D. Sresing, D. Brown, M. Willett, R. Ketcham, G. Edwards, C. Lomison, D. Cooper, L. Bock, L. Adrion. Fourth Row; J. Benkleman, M. Vujicich, S$. Bugbee, W. Cork, L. Schae- fer, J. Kordrupel, J. Mainprize, W. Kelly, K. Pike, J. Dishman, R. Meyer, J. Mazzetti, C. Baker, B. Kauffman, L. Janiga, R. Munro, B. Ball, B. Minekime, J. Parmelee, K. Harms. Modica, P. Czosnyka, D. Bingman, G. Kester, M. Frith, J. How- ard, M. Dryer, S. Agle, J. Yetter, T. Webb, T. Nelson, J. Wagner, G. Grieble, J. Soule, S. Brown. Fourth Row; M. Polankiewicz, M. Polankiewicz, P. Sealy, W. Delio, D. Grant, L. Silva, R. Cor- nell, D. Cole, R. Thuman, L. Benedict, F. Sibiga, L. Dietsch, J. Cataldo, D. Herkey, T. Colantino, M. O'Malley, W. Swartz. NY First Row; R. Heichberger, M. Johnson, J. Marsh, K. Segebarth, L. Shanks, T. Wolf, E. Landahl, D. Miller, A. Campbell, W. Webb, W. Kappus, W. Hauck, P. Cowper, G. Sehutrum, C. Chapman, M. Jennings, K. Lenahan. Second Row; J. Herman, H. Petruczok, D. Randall, D. Bley, S. Schreiner, B. Ellis, D. Lyndsley, C. Meyer, R. Jerozal, R. Bell, T. Hull, P. Partridge, C. Collura, M. O'Dell, B. Allen, W. Persinger, A. Mooney. Third First Row; J. Kraft, C. Mansfield, C. Edwards, K. Dunn, P. White, P. Schoseck, T. Gregory, C. Benson, K. Spencer, K. Hol- scher, R. Donovan, T. Muka, J. Haskins, C. Nagel, R. Fasota, C. Way. Second Row; C. Roseman, D. Hartley, J. Striebich, T. Magee, J. Graf, R. Chapman, M. Senders, P. Manning, C. Spring- er, W. Thomas, L. Sagola, S. Mazur, R. Janiga, B. Belleisle, E. Baldwin, W. Shephard, L. Lancaster. Third Row; E. Kramer, H. 54 SEAMEN-—Second Grade T. Ashbery, S. Cline, L. Persinger, D. Chapman, S. Marlis, B. Weinar, S. Sherman, P. Cowper. Fourth Row; W. Henry, G. Erhart, L. Wysocki, K. Thomas, J. Mann, L. Gray, J. Messecar, K. Loder, D. Schreiner, G. Polser, J. Selover, D. Reeb, D. Martin, S. Cornell, D. Szal, S. Monachino, M. Whitney, M. Rockwood, J. Headley. S. Fox, J. Ludera, M. Okneski, S. Gurley, L. Taggart, R. Weller, B. Montgomery, N. Price, D. Turnbull, D. Bunch, F. Thomp- son. Fourth Row; B. Melker, L. Tomasik, W. Goodbrand, R. Mertle, A. Kracht, T. Bonafede, R. Wittmeyer, K. Kozaczka, P. Bley, E. Cook, V. Schrader, J. Kielar, S. Thompson, L. Heim, H. Johnson, M. Milley, C. Swanlund, S. Gifford. Si’ a First Row; D. Bunch, D. Baker, L. Brusehaber, L. Domin, J. Almendinger, D. Brown, P. Arnold, J. Russell, A. Sharpe, E. Bittinger, M. Thurber, D. Enser, J. Ziegelhoefer, J. Mecca, R. Frith, W. Pedersen, C. Way, P. Smith, J. Price. Second Row; R. Mecca, K. Guffy, M. Rizzo, M. Agle, W. Sparacio, M. Soby, P. Erdle, K. Merchant, M. Taggart, D. Richter, D. Mohney, K. Cygan, A. Kaczmarczyk, D. Hammond, C. Reeb, K. Russell, R. Found, K. Schroeder, P. VanDusen. Third Row; H. Baisch, A. Kirst iow. Lx Price,.|- Price; GiVice, D. Witt, W. Papich, C. Rader, D. Delio, S. Wells, C. Anderson, J. Heba, M. Spring, G. Grieble, J. Sickau, B. Rubach, M. Figel, L. Dalaba, C. Condon, C. Romyak. Second Row; G. Bogardus, P. Andolina, M. Bailey, S. Harms, D. Gearhart, C. Whitney, J. Palmerton, P. Schosek, D. Anetrini, J. Rupp, T. Eckhardt, R. Lyndsley, L. Meyer, J. Mez- zitti, L. Bos, S. Phesant, J. Pew, T. Kuska, J. Aguilar. Third Row; N. Belliesle, R. Small, K. Conklin, G. Wannenewetsch, J. Blencowe, L. Harris, M. Dishman, W. Persinger, J. Mills, C. Hanny, J. Dryer, D. Blowers, K. Geiger, P. Lambrix, P. DeCaro, P. Graves, J. Benforado, R. Gentili, M. VanNote, P. Petruczok, S. Blatner, L. Hubert, M. Dolan. Fourth Row; R. Sholtez, C. Stresing, R. Mainprize, L. Burke, G. Delio, T. Dalaba, C. Vacanti, G. Messmer, W. Benedict, D. Argersinger, D. Burgio, R. Pericak, M. Seibert, T. Wolff, D. Ludwig, R. Brusehaber, D. O’Malley, P. Hecter, L. VanVechten, R. Parmelee. Lonkey, R. Owen, F. Schreiner, B. Munto, K. Wagner, G. Rice, J. Anderson, K. Conklin, S. Bettinger, J. Heasley, M. Allen, B. Saunders, D. Schiedel, D. Loder, R. Silva, I. DeCapua. Fourth Row; B, Caranagh, R. Skura, R. Yager, R. Howell, R. Kelly, Cc. Middendorf, J. Kolb, D. Harms, T. Winter, D. Tomasik, S. Care, G. Wiezbic, K. Ketterer, R. Hinkle, D. Minard, B. Kester, F. Marsh, T. Benkelman. SEAMAN RECRUITS—Kindergarten First Row; P. Bergan, G. Edwards, K. Kwilos, D. Garza, M. Sharpe, D. Schmitt, T. Nelson, A. Richardson, R. Bock, W. Rogers, M. Lonkey, M. Aguilar, T. Mills, J. Knoll, J. Skura, L. Paciorek, R. Wilson, M. Riley, C. Lasota, D. Price. Second Row; M. Schirk, J. Cocina, D. Cagwin, K. Arnold, K. Mathwig, L. Lamb, K. Kozaczka, D. Bettinger, B. Cowper, J. Ebling, D. Head- ley, C. Crossan, D. Stamp, W. Timm, G. Setlock, S. Kuhn, D. Melker, M. Weinar, B. Jordan, G. Schwanz, S. Kijek. Third Row; First Row; S. Roberts, J. Webb, R. Minekime, S. Spencer. Second Row; D. Anderson, K. Spencer, S$. March, B. Mroz, P. Herkey, J. Walsh, L. Wiles, K. Finger, M. Stewart, J. Mainprize. Third Row; D. Oldenburg, P. Stresing, P. Guffy, J. Nedimeyer, C. Gif- ford, M. Brinkman, P. Leas, J. Senders, C. Steffen, L. Rossi. Fourth Row; W. Burnett, J. Almendinger, R. Shephard, M. Schlierf, D. Decker, A. Balone, P: Pfitzinger, C. Stiles, W. Bald- win, C. Yingling. Fifth Row; P. Fitzgibbons, C. Harivel, N. Hig- gins, L. Mace, J. Duda, J. Hoffman, H. Kolb, M. Ketcham, S. N. Dishman, B. Gehrke, K. Kwilos, M. Wilson, E. Gluszek, J. Gersvik, S$. Selover, B. Dalaba, K. Thomas, M. Geiger, G. Plonc- zak, R. Bell, J. Butler, D. Wagner, M. Castle, R. Swieczkowski, M. Grazier, L. Jordan, L. Smith, B. Crawford, J. Smith. Fourth Row; L. Price, J. Andolina, J. Legas, T. Garlock, C. Traub, P. Burke, G. Schutrum, F. Lorenzi, K. Schrader, F. Wagner, P. Parysek, D. Campbell, S. McFarland, A. Sauer, J. Hurley, J. Lovetl, D. Matie, D. Dole, J. Styn, M. Hawkins, D. Dynarski. Walsh, S. Sherwood, W. Schosek. Sixth Row; R. Bowen, L. Friedrick, C. McCord, S$. Weir, C. Blackwell. Standing; L. Blenk, E. Matthews, G. Hammond, R. Preischel, M. Buehler, C. Blanck, L. Johnson, P. Holehouse, D. Eckhardt, N. Dustman, D. Rum- berger, D. Russell, B. Bishop, R. Welker, K. Kickbush, W. Rosenthal, T. Guenther, R. Mumm, K. Way, R. Gregory, S. Cor- nell, D. Gercd, G. Pew, J. Mroz, C. Steadman, K. Webster, M. Stender, M. Partridge, M. Blatner, P. Critoph, P. Smutz, K. Bailey, D. Weller, L. Santeago, J. Farrell. 2 Emma | ABSENTEES . First Row; D. Brice, D. Harrison, T. Hoehstra, B. Wallace, L. Nagel, B. Franklin, M. Sendor, M. Jenny, F. Freer, J. Hensel, D. Bass, J. Striebich, §. Marsh, R. Jeffrey. Second Row; J. Batorski, Brandt, J. Herman. Fourth Row; A. Lorenzi, S. McJarland, F. J. Bley, D. Genco, D. Wiles, J. Acanfora, T. Griewisch, D. Pfohl, Jackson, J. Sisti, P. Bellittiere, A. Filipiak, J. Shaffer, M. Ptak, L. Cooper, S. Sheflin, N. Manley, L. Jeffrey, J. Russel, P. Bianchi, Miss Silvaroli, D. Tibbetts, J. Rubeck, J. Arnold, H. Bonefede, C. R. White. Third Row; R. Bianchi, S. Dolan, R. Eckhardt, R. Juhl, D. Juhl, L. Penny, D. Gearhart. Walczyk, L. Tibbetts, M. Remiszwski, D. Lyndsley, T. Wallace, R. } is WA ah) 1% tl : | First Row; G. Drechsler, S. Cooper, L. Sroda, D. Farrell, D. Bonefede, J. Wittmeyer, K. Straker, D. Dustman, S. Pres- | Juhl. Second Row; J. Ridge, R. King, G. Wittmeyer, T. ton, P. Kuppel, G. Haag, A. Law, S. Straker, J. Thiel, N. ) Piskadlo, J. Cooper, J. Woods, J. Cooper. Third Row; A. Steffen. 57 SERVICE STAFF CUSTODIANS BUS DRIVERS 58 CAFETERIA STAFF STUDENT COUNCIL — 4 se (Sor 8 . tide guns SE RE OEY COUNCIL MEMBERS—Roger Zittel. First Row; M. Bastian, W. Agle, C. Heich- berger, Mr. Varco, A. Christensen, R. Heichberger, H. Phatiger. Second Row; M. Rayeur, P. Herdle, R. Laing, A. Bley, H. Wilson, D. Allen, J. Hammond, J. Gearhart. Third Row; D. Hilfiker, R. Minekime, M. Potter, P. Gehl, P. Agle, A Kraft, J. Potter. Absent; C. Hammond. 60 LEE EIEE | STUDENT GOVERNMENT BODIES MONITORS The Student Council is the representative student governing body in Eden Central School as well as the spokesman for the stu- dents in working with the administration to solve problems. A Student Court | and monitor system are ; regulated by the Council. | These organizations offer | firsthand knowledge of the processes of a government } by the people. Standing; W. Gerspacher, J. Neidermeyr, J. Gearhart, D. Williams, P. Lutes, P. Witheral, J. Keilar, K. Franz, J. Hooker, P. Merrano, S. Cheney. Kneeling; R. Sallak, D. Wilson. STUDENT COURT Standing; P. Mostek, J. Gearhart, H. Guillaume, G. Blodgett. Seated; L. Schacher, D. Agle, A. Bley, A. Gusakov. | 61 DRAMATICS Miss Moden, advisor AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS Mr. Collard, advisor F.H.A. Miss Bald, Mrs. Conklin, advisors Ba mee) nt HOMEM Ag b AS G KE ‘ ‘ OF AMERICA J « a « F.F.A. Mr. Munger, advisor FRENCH CLUB Mr. Calandra, advisor LIBRARY STAFF Mrs. Greenwood, Mrs. Mergler, advisors | 4-H q Mr. Munger, advisor SCHOLARSHIPS Seated; R. Sallak, L. Schacher, C. Eckhardt, A. Bley. Standing; P. Mostek, E. Peck, H. Guillaume. This year we were honored by having seven senior students win New York State Regents Scholarships. They have worked hard through the years and have received one of the greatest rewards. With these scholarships they will be able to enter any college of their choice in New York State. These people, with their talents and knowledge, will soon be leading our country in their chosen field. Paul Mostek was winner of the engineering scholarship, and Lois Schacher of the nursing scholarship. Judy Bauer, also a senior stu- dent, was the winner of the homemaking award from our school. 64 MIXED CHORUS First Row; S. Cheney, C. Adams, S. Ventrone, P. Gehl, M. Agle, D. Schaefer, G. Allen, A. Zells, G. Price, S. Nellis, B. Page, M. Colamonico, M. Brand, C. Heichberger, Mrs. Gertrude Gangi. Second Row; M. Clements, N. Mohney, J. Adams, L. Willet, M. Vara, G. Merchant, L. Gaylord, P. Zittel, L. VerHagen, F. Papich, J. Kwilos, D. Allanson, C. Cabral, E. Blodgett, J. Price. Third Row; B. Bowers, A. Gnias, S. Mann, M. Lutes, J. Franz, J. Roel- ler, W. Carpenter, J. Kern, R. Rich, H. Beck, J. Kielar, J. Carter, L. Agle, S. Hokenson, R. Prizel. Fourth Row; P. Witheral, C. Merlino, F. Davis, L. Schacher, D. Will, G. Graovac, H. Wilson, L. Blowers, L. Furman, C. Care, A. Bley, M. Horton, L. Benson, R. Rome, P. Lutes, H. Phatiger. The music department affords one of the best means the school system has for furthering good rela- tions between the school and the community. Public performances by music pupils have long been a main standard by which the whole school is judged. The mixed chorus of E.C.S. has amply fulfilled its part in public performances of the past year. 66 GIRLS CHORUS e Br. 7% BP .@ « First Row; A. Dickey, C. Adams, R. Zwack, D. Young, M. Cola- Vara, A. Gnias, L. Kiec, T. Bridges, R. Huber, P. Jordan, J. monico, S. Ventrone, M. Horton, B. Stang, P. Gehl, S. Cheney, Kielar, A. Wrobleski, M. Harwood, S. Hokenson, P. Witheral, C. Heichberger, P. Price, Mrs. Gangi. Second Row; N. Mohney, J. Zynda, M. Lutes, B. Bowers, J. Carter. Fourth Row; S. Part- J. Meyerhoefer, D. Allanson, J. Adams, S. Weller, C. Nellis, B. ridge, J. Franz, C. Merlino, L. Nelson, P. Lutes, F. Davis, M. Sessanna, R. Lutes, K. Kwilos, M. Papich, K. Straker, C. Cabral, J wist;) B: )Pike, -C. Meyer, C. Daly, C. Hammond, K. Cole, R. J. Russell, M. Clements, H. Brand. Third Row; S. Mann, M. Rome, S. Romano, G. Nellis, P. Matheen. OFFICERS The choruses, under the direction of . j Mrs. Gangi, play an important part in President Fay Davis SD Ca) os ; ‘ ‘ : the music activities at Eden Central. | Vice-president Carol Daly ee : aeast ’ : : The Girls’ Chorus received a “B” rat- Secretary Gail Nellis : ; ; : ] . ing at the Fredonia Music Festival last Treasurer Mary Jo Colamonico spring singing grade four music, while the Mixed Chorus received a “C”’ rat- ing on their first trip. The choral ar- rangements for the high school pro- ) duction of Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” | were sung by the Mixed Chorus. Both | choruses participated in the annual P.T.A. Christmas program. 67 SENIOR First Row; Mr. Downey, B. Gnias, D. Lilga, K. Jackson, ney, R. Swartz, R. Agle, D. Pike, M. Guenther, P. Herdle, M. Howell, C. Mroz, R. Haist. Second Row; P. Remizew- B. Agle. Fourth Row; C. Cole, R. Ward, R. Ball, D. Allen, ski, B. Page, B. Baird, R. Minekime, C. Eye, K. Williams, C. Care, B. Rich, G. Pfitzinger, E. Peck. T. Martin, D. Yager. Third Row; G. Bogardus, J. Quas- Without a director any band would be unable fect ratings by achieving these qualities, but to obtain the high qualities of precision, cor- has also given to his students the gift of music rect instrumentation, and balance. Eden Cen- appreciation and a deep respect for both the tral’s band director, Mr. Walter Downey, has masters as well as composers of modern musi- not only guided his group of students to per- cal craftsmanship. 68 First Row; S. Engle, L. Ehmke, C. Eckhardt, M. Ptak, J. . : if ; i i. ie . 4 ty Batt ™ a 2 sa SEY : = sagen Mackmer, Fourth Row; M. Rayuer, P. Kirst, R. Textor, R. Ver- W. . Aber, S. Eislie, R. Stokley. Second Row; M. Care, M. Eis- lie, B. Smith, A. Stevens, L. O’Bryant, S. Henry, A. Haist, J. Howles. Third Row; R. Zittel, C. Vara, C. Kader, G. Flint; J. Agile, J. Partridge, L. Found. hagen, D. Agle, R. Koubek, D. Schacher, R. Kader. Woodwind, brass and percussion are the three main sections of our band. The most difh- cult portion of any musical work is that which contains the concurrent and continuous runs. The members of the woodwind section have worked diligently to perfect their portion in our efforts to provide Eden Central School 69 with a grade. VI, A, band. The brass section, which announces many entrances into a musi- cal composition, and the precussion section, which provides the rhythm and tempo, work together to provide balance with the reed in- struments. DANCE BAND First Row; R. Textor, G. Machmer, P. Kirst, C. Kader, J. Agle. Second Row; R. VerHagen, C. Cole, C. Vara, R. Zittel, P. Herdle, D. Allen, B. Page. ORCHESTRA First Row; T. Will, D. Salzer, W. Riggs, S. Thornton, M. Will, A. Rizzo, B. Baird, R. Lacata, B. Cline. Second Row; T. Blaskewiecz, W. Gaylord, H. Zhyboy, J. Higby, J. Burrows, Mr. Meacham, Director, D. Figel, L. Gaylord, D. Shaeffer, J. Ferguson, B. Willis, T. Cola- monico. 70 ELEMENTARY BAND First Row; D. Winkey, M. Jackson, Mr. Conklin, Director, J. Brusehaber, R. Dahmer. Second Row; T. Ziegelhoffer, M. Downey, J. Mroz, W. Bley, D. Gentili, D. Gehl, S$. Henry, R. Welker, D. Salzler, R. Dole, W. Schacher, G. Richardson, T. Schneider, R. Gertis. Third Row; C. Schuf- fum, D. Enser, B. Spenser, R. Kromer, P. Lilga, R. Enser, R. Spenser, D. Ball, K. Smith, G. Richter, J, Salzman, L. Yager, D. Geiger, C. Serena. Fourth Row; D. Harper, D. Found, C. Eckhardt, L. Guenther, L. Miller, W. Midden- dorf, E. Hughes, P. Straker, J. Baisch, D. Kup- ple, J. Herdle, G. Pederson, P. Periack, G. Webb. Fifth Row; J. Wilfong, W. Middendorf, J. De- Muth, S. Close, M. Sholtez, J. Camberg, B. Riggs, D. Cagwin, K. Kaulman, M. Smith, M. Allen, M. Knoll, D. Dahmer, D. Meyerhoeffer. Sixth Row; G. Allen, D. Schroeder, G. Eye, E. Walters, K. Romano, D. Hammond, P. Twist, T. Zulick, R. Cagwin, J. Eckhardt, B. Montgom- ery, G. Cheney, M. Crowe, J. Walker. cin IT IS INCREASINGLY EVIDENT THAT PARTICIPATION IN A WELL ROUNDED PHYSICAL TRAINING AND SPORTS PROGRAM INTEGRATED WITH ACADEMIC AND SPIRITUAL ELEMENTS IS HIGHLY DESIRABLE IN A YOUTH'S TRAINING. DIFFERENT SPORTS CAN BE INCREASINGLY EFFECTIVE IN DEVELOPING MANY SPLENDED QUALITIES, AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE WELL BEING OF THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE NATION. IT IS HOPED THIS V-5 SPORTS SERIES WILL CONTINUE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE GENERAL WELFARE OF OUR YOUTH. T. J. HAMILTON REAR ADMIRAL, USN (RET. ) DIRECTOR OF ATHETICS f First Row; H. Persinger, A. Gerspacher, W. Gerspacher, R. singer, manager, G. Graovac, K. Franz, R. Richardson, J. Potter, Maltby, M. Horton, C. Vara, R. Towns. Second Row; J. Per- Mr. Lindberg, coach, J. Mackey, H. Wilson. CROSS COUNTRY For the past four years, the names of six Eden harriers—Marv Horton, Chuck Vara, Art Gerspach- er, Ken Franz, Bill Gerspacher, and Bob Maltby— have continuously made history in the cross-country world. These runners worked as a unit, encourag- ing themselves and their fellow runners as they bent their efforts toward victory. Now these six | are graduating, but they have instilled the spirit Eden 15 Lake Shore 48 that led them to honor into the younger members Eden 15 Maryvale 50 | and Eden is looking forward to more years of ac- Eden 15 East Aurora 50 . complishment. Eden 18 Iroquois 45 Perhaps the greatest honor this group brought to Pacimeo Lancaster 32 ) Eden was the establishing of a New York State Eden 24 Springville 35 public high school record by winning the sectionals four straight years, and permanently capturing a coveted trophy for this honor. They registered three perfect scores throughout the season as the Eden harriers crossed the finish line in continuous suc- | cession. At the Invitational Meet at East Aurora they again added to their annual laurels by placing third against stiff competition from the entire West- ern New York area, including the 25 schools, and | 246 runners, with a 13:31.2 time. | Marv Horton showed marked progress this past | year by breaking the school record at the Iroquois | meet with a 13:31.2 time. Marv had been running é| about third in previous years, but by his own initia- ' tive, he set a faster pace for himself and led the | pack this year in nearly every meet. 73 FOOTBALL The 1958 edition of the Eden Central High football team will be remembered long for the extremes it encompassed in moving into the sec- tional playoff. Coach Pacini’s fine qualities were clearly shown in the good sportsmanship, team spirit, and basic football exhibited by each player on every play. The boys who played their final games of high school football are singularly honored on these pages. Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden 24 = ) 27 13 Paul Herdle Sloan Cheektowaga Iroquois Salamanca Lake Shore Alden Springville Clifton Ellis Edwin Peck = (en SY ys 26 33 Carl Bianchi % BX ° ae 1) ; 7 First Row; J. Hammond, C. Bianchi, R. Sallak, J. Partridge, D. Wilson, J. Schassar, P. Zittel, R. Brand. Second Row; A. Sham- blen, B. Rich, L. Nehring, J. Bradley, E. Peck, M. Rayeur, G. Brockman, C. Ellis, D. Williams, W. Bos. Third Row; D. Meyer- hoefer, R. Eckhardt, P. Herdle, R. Zittel, C. Carpenter, C. Girard, D. O'Day, C. Colvin, W. Hammond, W. Agle, D. Will, D. Morris. David Morris Roger Zittel Reed Sallak The season of 1958-1959 held great promise for the Eden Basketball fans, and the team did not fail to display their power and skill. We were accredited as the tallest team in the county, and our height proved to be of outstanding ad- vantage in our zone defense and on the rebounds. Every game provided thrilling viewing as the cagers piled point after point, but several times the opposition succeeded in accomplishing the same feat. Our team was said to have depth as the second string showed much promise. Eden won glory in its Division III ECIC standing, encountering its main difficul- ties with the highly rated Sloan five quin- cet: North Collins Alden Holland Iroquois Cheektowaga Sweethome North Collins Alden Sloan Holland Cheektowaga 33 44 36 “s¥4) 49 | 35 44 48 45 69 Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden 52 56 69 65 ae, 4] 76 50 30 70 81 Kneeling; R. Zittel, J. Gearhart, J. Persinger, G. Blodgett, H. Beck. Standing; Coach Schmidt, E. Peck, R. Ash, R. Towns, D. O'Day, G. Brockman, W. Agle, R. Maltby, R. Sallak. TRACK Once again our track men at E.CS. broke the ribbon, winning the Division. III title in 1958. We are very proud of them and hope that this year’s team will give a repeat performance. Scheduled to compose this year’s squad were: First Row; J. Mackey, C. Vara, K. Franz. Second Row; H. Beck, M. Horton, A. Condon, D. Will, R. Maltby, D. Meyerhoefer, J. Roeller. Third Row; G. Graovac, W. Agle, T. Sroda, C. Girard, L. Nehring, D. Yager, E. Peck, R. Towns, L. Fur- man, J. Persinger, W. Gerspacher, J. Kern. TENNIS The tennis team is under the direction of Mr. Schi- beci. Candidates for this year include the group pic- tured at the right. First Row; C. Cole, H. Wilson, R. Ward, R. Zittel, P. Zittel. Sec- ond Row; E. Peck, J. Bradley, D. O’Day, P. Kirst, R. VerHagen, BASEBALL Under the leadership of Mr. Pacini and Mr. Sturm, our baseball team has improved greatly. With this knowledge in mind, we are hoping for another suc- cessful year. First Row; A. Zells, J. Agle, P. Marrano, R. Sal- lak, P. Herdle, R. Chittenden, J. Partridge, J. Potter, J. Quasney, D. Wilson. Second Row; Mr. Pacini, M. McNell, T. Engel, W. Guillaume, B. Rich, C. Girard, G. Brockman, L. Haag, H. Guil- Jaume; RR. Ball Desmolinski,, Ga Colvinesls Askew, Mr. Sturm. Miss Callahan Advisor Kneeling; M. Cohoon, B. Munger, Coach Lind- berg, G. Allen, Standing; M. Anderson, J. Quas- ney, J. Potter, C. Colvin, C. Cole, J. Hammond, L. Nehring, R. Ball, M. McWell, R.,Agle,,R-— Hardy. , Be Od, Fs ee, AA | ) - j ' YO Liv V | 2 . Aw JV. BASKETBALL The J.V. basketball team worked as diligently as any team might. With them the important point of view was that of learning the rules, the skills, the sportsmanship, and the team work that goes into the making of a true basketball team. These boys played hard, learned well, and improved steadily. We have great hope for them as our future varsity. JUNIOR VARSITY SPORTS JV. CHEERLEADERS M. Montgomery, M. Bastian, D. Gehl, P. Gehl, M. Eckhardt, E. Holehouse. Continued practice is required to produce an effec- tive and well coordinated cheering squad. Our J.V. cheerleaders have worked to fulfill these qualities, and have achieved one of the most outstanding J.V. cheer- ing squads in many years. The girls are all willing to work together, and each is willing to attempt some- thing new, for the good of the entire squad. They will make an outstanding group of cheerleaders for the years to come. JV. FOOTBALL Rough, tough, and determined was our J.V. football team for 1958. They could run as fast, hit as hard, and play as steadily as any team in the county. They were determined to win, but often there is something other than determination needed in a J].V. team. They are learning at an early age the drive, the skill, and the experience necessary to produce an effective football team, and will be ready to join with our varsity, and work to be champions. First Row; W. Woodworth, R. Agle, J. VerHagen, P. Marrano, A. Zells, G. Price, M. Anderson, R. Hardy, D. Stegmeier, A. Meyer, J. Walker. Second Row; T. Engel, G. Machmer, E. Taft, D. Williams, J. Partridge, D. Wilson, J. Hammond, C. Colvin, J. Schmidt, R. Johnson, D. Schacher, W. Bischof, C. Jessop, T. Col- amonico. ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Athletic Council presides over the sports department in Eden Central. They are a group of teachers who coach or teach sports and student representa- tives who participate in these sports. This group has worked hard to provide ample opportunity for sports activities in Eden Central School. VARSITY CLUB This year we have started a new Var- sity Club, a group of students who have won awards for playing E.C.I.C. sports or cheerleading. This group was organ- ized to work under the Athletic Council so decisions can be made to please all. 82 GIRLS’ AWARD CLUB Girls, too, have an opportunity to take part in sports at Eden. They participate in intramurals after school to earn points which determine whether they win awards or not. This group is com- posed of those girls who have won awards for their fine job in upholding the girls’ sports section at E.C.S. BO ee GOLD PATRONS HOWELL CHEVROLET Chevrolet Sales and Service Compliments of Kens Dairy Kenneth Yager Towing Service Eden, New York Phone 4414 Congratulations to The Graduating Class of 1959 Marine Trust Company of Western The Peoples Bank of Hamburg New York — Eden Office 43 Main St. Hamburg, N. Y. ButtalovNew York Member Federal Reserve System, Re Deis MILLER KNOLL WILL-Buffalo, Inc. Leelee for Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 Laboratory Apparatus VARDEN STUDIOS, INC. Official Yearbook Photographers “The Heart of Your Yearbook” 86 I SILVER PATRONS Eden I.G.A. Supermarket Main and Pleasant Ave. Groceries, Meats, Beer, Fruits, Vegetables We Deliver Phone Eden 8887 Best Wishes to the Seniors Feasley’ Dairy Olney Carpenter, Inc. Packers of Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Eden, New York Nagle Lumber Company Lumber and Mill Work Phone 3722 Eden, New York Northside Pharmacy P.R. Renschler, Ph.G. G.D. Lesterm, Ph.G. N. Main Street—Phone Eden 4811, Eden, N. ¥; Greeting Cards, Photo Finishing, Cosmetics Compliments to the Senior Class of 1959 George Guenther Supervisor Compliments of $.W. Garage Route 20 Eden, New York W. A. Hillwig — F. L. Boyer Optometrists 89 Buffalo Street, Hamburg, N. Y. Vails Men’s Boys’ Wear, Inc. “Always first with the latest” Hamburg Shopping Center EM 1714 “Best wishes to the Class of 1959” 87 Compliments of Your Friendly Ford Dealer Williams Ford Motor Sales, Inc. Harold’s Market Choice Meats Eden, New York Floyd L. Laing Feed - Coal - Mason Supplies Eden, New York Congratulations to the Class of 1959 Elaine’s Beauty Salon “Where Women in the Know Go” Main Street, Eden, New York - Phone 4300 Compliments of Page-Harms Oil Company, Inc. Compliments of Nobbs Tractor Implement, Inc. Eden, New York Phone Eden 4014 Ford Tracto rs and Equipment Ray Bill Barber Shop Congratulations to the Class of 1959 Ray Klein Bill Nellis Hamburg Appliance Co. 57 Buffalo St., Hamburg, N. Y. G.E. Appliances Phone EM 5284 Harvey Cole Walter Zimmerman ‘‘Jagow’s’’ Eden Valley Nursing Home North Boston Road, Eden, New York Phone Eden 3583 SILVER PATRONS Real Estate Village and Country Homes Sipprell Bros., Inc. 38 Main St. Phone EM 1582 M L Service Hamburg, N. Y. Eden Floor Covering N. Main St., Eden, N.Y., Phone Eden 3868 Valspar Paint, Wallpaper, Formica Counter ‘Tops Wall to Wall Carpeting and Rugs Braymiller’s Vegetable Market Home of Garden Fresh Vegetables Direct from the Grower Phone EM 2356 Gowanda State Road Hamburg, N. Y. Eden Valley Growers, Inc. Growers - Packers - Shippers Fresh Fruits Vegetables Eden 4721 EM 6155 Compliments of Eclipse Metal Manufacturing Co. Eden, New York Compliments of Palmerton Agency Eden, New York Insurance and Real Estate Jay G. Palmerton Elton C. Palmerton Central Service Texaco Station Road Service, Snow Plowing Minor Repairs, Tires, Batteries Phone Eden 8808 Charles J. Burdick D.A. Tillou Veterinarian 39 Clark St. Hamburg, N. Y. Congratulations From Richardson Milling Co., Inc. Farm and Garden Center Hamburg, New York —— — = 7 a Eden Swiss Cheese Factory Phone Eden 2244 Eden, N. Y. Swiss - Dairy Manufacturers of Limburger - Brick Eden’s Famous Cheese George H. Agle’s Sons Elmer F. Agle Herman G. Agle Market Gardeners | Agle’s Farm Market Homegrown Fruit and Vegetables Gowanda State Road Fden, N. Y. PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Howard Cooper Mr. Benedict Varco Mr. Martin O’Flanagan Mrs. George L. Agle Castiglia’s Jewelry and Music Center Mr. Mrs. Herman Schacher , J. Eckhardt and Co. Mr. Mrs. William Gearhart Compliments of Josephine’s Beauty Shop | Compliments of Carol Ann Shop | Compliments of Hess Brothers’ Florists Compliments of Aluminum Products Co. of Eden Flowers by Randy Emerling’s Shoe Store Hagg’s Store | : | This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- || graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. email Schnee i et Cink eg ly MESON SE Salers ace eet ag I NR Reece inn a Al wn war im $5 AE a BS es ad ers LK ise ers tia 2 { : ‘ ' ' { va r 7 ois Wise 1m ‘ Md £ M x . ¢ duh i £ L 5 My i i ry } 1 q od ’

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