Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY)

 - Class of 1957

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Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1957 volume:

A a ee — ee ee a ae ti — aN a a a a a nt te el A — All roads lead to ee ee ns i ae Fa | 5 4 eRe rg a nS 4 ete Scie! + af biog meds a where we find i ah ok) errep aR re on pe en wes Va te SM Oe wh PB SS okt eke os Bae ae sn nee : he ies 4 = Ee - he put inne nm 1 i HF } ii i ii ie Tao OS TSE Pe wee { RY. os C.. NS Je | The Conung ae 4 ore a — nme ae ie eS meow’ ei eh b poy 16 ie on 4 c aS ‘ ele = Dit Ss mee, 5 ine) The Advised The Crowded The Athletic The Soctal Now at the CROSSROADS Dear Friends, On behalf of the Senior Class, I am proud to present this yearbook to you. I hope that you will gain as much enjoyment from viewing the yearbook as we, the staff, have had in preparing it. As we crossed the familiar roads to school each day, we anticipated a full academic life ever enriched with fellowship. Beginning in kindergarten we traveled the guided pathway of reading, writing, and arithmetic. As the years went by, our education broadened and new friendships were formed with the new students who joined our class. Upon entering senior high our reads separated. Some of us followed college entrance courses, some took business, and still others pursued agricultural or homemaking courses. As we stopped along the way, extra-curricular activities filled up any spare time we had. Now, as seniors, we stand at the CROSSROADS. Each one of us will be going his individual way. What- ever road we choose may we remember our Alma Mater and the sound principles of living taught us here. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all those people who have made this publication possible. Special recognition is due Mrs. Edna Trask, our patient adviser. Sincerely, Evelyn J. Minekime Editor-in-chief we pause to honor James Duffy ) In appreciation for your many years of excellent | service to Eden Central School, we, the Seniors of 1957, would like to dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Duffy. It has been your guidance, your philosophy of life, and your inspiration that have helped us re-establish | our lives and goals in times when we were led astray. Your continuous encouragement, your sincere regard for us, and your ever-present smile have been the step- ping stones to our success. a 13 Ha This year we experienced a new change To assist Mr. Peck in his duties, we | in administration. Mr. Peck, who has welcomed Mr. Colamonico, the new i been with the Eden School for many principal. He was graduated from St. {| years as principal, was promoted to the Bonaventure University and had many |) position of supervising principal. This years of experience as principal in the | change was necessitated by the ever-in- Hinsdale school system. creasing number of students, the com- plexity of building programs, and the 4 enormous responsibility of supervision. 15 and to acknowledge those BOARD OF EDUCATION Herman G. Agle President BOARD MEMBERS William J. Bos Raymond H. Kirst Rose A. Clark Frank J. O’Day Robert I. Bolton John N. Weinar Eden’s school board is composed of outstanding citizens who are devoting endless hours to the complex- ities of running an educational institution in a growing suburban community. This year the board is engaged in the problems of building the new annex to the Grover L. Preiss Elementary School. No matter how involved other problems may become, the Eden Central School Board is vitally and primarily concerned with providing the pupils of Eden with the most effective and modern methods of instruction. 16 who charted our paths PARENT—TEACHERS | ASSOCIA TION The Eden Parent-Teach- ers Association provides one of the most vital connecting links between the commu- nity and the school. Through this medium, the residents become increas- ingly aware of the progress, as well as the problems, of the school; and the school becomes vitally aware of the people’s desires for their children’s education. With these better understandings come better schools. ADULT EDUCATION Adult Education — pro- vides instruction as well as relaxation for the people of Eden. The facilities and in- struction of the school are readily available to all who care to take advantage of this opportunity. At the begining of our journey 18 wa Mr. Donald J. Anderson is principal of the Grover L. Priess Elementary School, a new structure of beauty which was completed only a few years ago. The building possesses its own cafeteria and other facilities for mak- ing it an independent organization. The latest equip- ment and lovely classrooms blend to make it an ideal atmosphere for the youngsters who are still in the beginning of their school years. Plans are already under way for the addition of 16 rooms to this modern structure because of the ever- increasing population of this community. It is expected that these added facilities will be ready in the fall of 1958 and will serve to help relieve the crowded situa- tion which exists in the high school. Everyone is looking forward to the fall of 1958 when all the grades can again be re-united and the high school have a building of its own. Miss Marlyn Mammoser, Secretary ; t ‘al V4 E 3 } rt ' AN al aml Ne . these gentle hands ew? VW hv ni (- A y wv ) | V t NP os ; ) Av A aad ig y MV 3 Sse» ‘a ih { na 110 " S S iain! sc RSS Soars mi y V § JV . rh,” YoN Ny ‘ f | . Ya bd er Un ‘ Wh 3 YiNS Lo 3 ¥ x Mrs. Carpenter, Music Teacher First Row: Miss Boardman, Miss Wilson, Mrs. Blakely, Mrs. Wilson, Miss Robinson, Mrs. Gould. Second Row: Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Stevens, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Young, Mrs. Hauth, Mrs. Wagner, Miss Saunders. © ELEMENTARY FACULTY First Row: Mrs. Holden, Miss Hannes, Miss Hyle, Mrs. Jessop. Second Row: Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Ten- | Hoppen, Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Krempa. First Row: Miss McIntyre, Mrs. Jeffe, Miss Wrench, Mrs. Wershoven. Second Row: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Henris, Miss Pack, Mrs. Gerrie. Mrs. Bradford, School Nurse 20 guided our jirst steps First Row: J. Aguilar, D. Blowers, W. Kappus, P. Manning, E. Landahl, K. Spencer, B. Cooper, R. Howell, J. Kraft. Second Row: L. Shanks, D. Randall, D. Bley, K. Lenahahn, C. Parke, R. Lasota, S. Gifford, F. Burke, J. Marsh. Third Row; C. Urso, W. Webb, T. Wolf, W. Webster, D. Bunch, L. Ball, J. Herman, J. Thompson, R. Donovan, T. Gregory, N. Price, A. Mooney, P. Stewart, K. Harper, C. Chapman. Fourth Row: J. Rossi, R. Bushen, F. Bates, R. Eckhardt, D. Harms, D. Fitzgibbons, K. Patton, B. Buehler, B. Ellis, J. Ptak, F. Korkus, M. Johnson, D. Pfohl, W. Shephard, B. Allen, M. Vacanti. Fifth Row: C. Nidell, R. Smith, B. Montgomery, L. Wysocki, L. Sheflin, D. HyDick, S. Cline, J. Messecar, D. Szal, D. Schreiner, A. Yager, T. Ashberry, J. Weller, M. Okneski, M. Smutz, J. Romano. KINDERGARTEN i —— First Row: C. Way, G. Urban, C. Edwards, R. Heichberger, K. Segebarth, J. Riley, W. Hauck, M. Dolan, B. White, H. O’Donnell. Second Row: J. Bull, P. Partridge, G. Reese, D. Hartley, D. Welsted, K. Holscher, J. Graf, M. Schmitt, B. Clark, S. Wittmeyer. Third Row: S. Marlis, S. Tompson, E. Baldwin, C. Meyer, B. Buchauer, E. Gurbacki, B. Weinar, J. Winkelman, G. Guinm, C. Koch, C. Skora, S. Reformat, S. Fox, L. Bigelow, C. Benson, P..Schosek. Fourth Row: H. Harris, C. Wigdor, R. Bell, L. Taggart, D. Finger, L. Spors, R. Kirst, H. Northrup, A. Kracht, R. Fazzio, R. Weller, B. Tasker, T. Martin, M. Kester, W. Henry, T. Magee, D. Wierzba. Fifth Row: J. Kielar, K. Dynarski, R. Haas, L. Wagner, T. Winters, L. Persinger, D. Burgio, M. Rockwood, K. Thomas, C. Swanlund, C. Krycia, P. Cawper, M. Cocina, D. Schichtel, W. Butler, M. Schiedel, V. Schrader. Q1 down unfammhar roads me a aye x pes ‘1 First Row: B. Miles, M. O’Dell, B. Mize, D. Nagy, I. Burdick, L. Dole, D. Lyndsley, K. Nobbs, R. Smith, J. Hawkins. Second Row: M. Bublyk, W..Eckhardt, G. Price, P. Williams, N. Lilga, P. Czosnyka, E. Thomas, S. Monochino, M. Leh- ner, H. Johnson, W. Thomas. Third Row: J. Mann, W. Persinger, D. Kuhn, R. Wear, G. Turnbull, B. Melker, E. Bruse- haber, C. Mahoney, D. Blatner, C. Bley, L. Urban, M. Milley, A. Filipiak, C. Leas, L. Thurber, D. Nagel, M. Whitney, B. Price, R. Chapman, C. Collura. Fourth Row: L. Licata, M. Schreiner, R. Aconfora, T. Colantino, C. Modica, R. Mertle, T. Webb, K. Lardo, J. Howard, E. Latona, C. Christopher, R. Meyerhoefer, R. Lalic, E. Errington, M. DeCapua, T. Nel- son B. Kriese, L. Parker, L. Gregory. Fifth Row: B. Cooper, D. Cooper, R. Dole, M. Polonkiewicz, S$. Agle, J. Mainprize, ot Herky, J. Parmelee, C. Kittinger, J. Dishman, R. Meyer, L. Benedict, J. Moravec, S. McFarland, L. Geiger, D. Grant, B. Minekime, M. Dryer, D. Brown, L. Adrion, L. Young. FIRST GRADE 22 First Row: C. Way, D. Harris, G. Ehrhart, S. Korkus, R. Yetter, R. Mundaniohl,-W. Goodbrand, M. Freer, K. Kirst, C. Eckrote. Second Row: D. Turnbull, G. Scheets, G. Franklin, R. Sickau, L. Koepka, H. Stokely, J. Lamb, A. Kuppel, L. Lucas, R. Hughey, J. Kordrupel, J. Ludeco, G. Edwards. Third Row: B. Baird, D. Leonard, M. Vijicich, M. Lambrix, D. Price, L. Godwin, E. Beljan, D. Kral, D. Jazembak, L. Heim, R. Timm, L. Richardson, J. Lancaster, J. White, K. Kelly, L. Reese, L. Russell, M. Remiszewski, M. Wagner, L. Romandi. Fourth Row: K. Wells, P. Wick, J. Wagner, H. Haskins, D. Graf, L. Gray, W. Delio, M. Ryan, G. Kester, M. O’Malley, C. Lomison, D. Bennett, D. Vasbinder, J. Soule, G. Preis- chel, D. Engel, T. Serena, R. Wittmeyer, B. Belleisle, C. Gray. Fifth Row: D. Stamp, M. Polonkewicz, S. Bugbee, P. Sealy, K. Harms, F. Sibiga, M. Willet, C. Nagel, K. Nacke, G. Bean, E. Cook, R. Cornell, J. Benkelman, B. Kauffman, L. Tay- lor, K. Pike, R. Munro, D. Stressing, B. Ball, C. Wickline, M. Frith. through unknown valleys se e ; : ap ; ’ + te | a. x ra a ee a . % ——— WON First Row: S. Schummer, D. Lamoreaux, J. Wysocki, L. Simpson, B. O’Dell, C. Bunch, W. Heichberger, P. Schosek. Sec- ond Row: H. Freer, G. Skora, R. Bianchi, C. Mohney, D. Laing, J. Vasbinder, B. Way, S. Eckrote, L. Penny. Third Row: J. Eckhardt, D. Lyndsley, M. Vacanti, B. Campbell, R..Dahmer, J. DeCopua, C. Monachino, S. Bork, G. Landahl, J. Leonard, 8S. McNeily, D. Friedrich, L. Harriger, W. Schacher. Fourth Row: M. Miller, W. Bonafede, R. Szal, B. Agle, B. Hecker, J. Hawkins, K. Agle, M. VanNote, D. Miller, C. Refermat, S. Kielar, R. Law, V. Ptak, R. Blowers. Fifth Row: J. Sisti, J. Thomas, C. Deinhardt, A. Cole, D. Todd, J. Beeman, G. Decker, B. Munger, G. Richter, W. Darling, M. Greiner, | G. Mazzette, C. Kester, R. Natwora. SECOND GRADE First Row: M. Lenahan, W. Wolf, R. Howland, K. Mayer, L. Schaefer, L. Howell, E. Blackwell, G. Boardway, J. Salzler. | Second Row: K. Kraft, J. Johnson, A. Filipiak, M. Fitzgibbons, D. Trippe, E. Woods, N. Sickau, D. Sterlace, S. Pederson. Third Row: T. Schneider, J. Cowper, R. Gertis, R. Clark, H. Bruno, M. Mundaniohl, D. Taggart, B. Franklin, C. Ludera, | C. Young, K. Kracht, D. Graves, S. Bailey, R. Winter. Fourth Row: T. Hilfiker, D. Conklin, L. Turnbull, W. Moulthrop, P. Graf, -D. Karstedt, A. Bugenhagen, E. Riefler, R. Bauer, J. Quasny, M. Smith, C. Shumway, L. Blencowe, M. Herman. Fifth Row: M. Thompson, C. Meyer, P. Pericak, S. Manning, P. Rosenberger, L. Minard, J. Dube, K. Ketterer, J. Brenne- man, R. Errington, M. Milley, P. Mazur, D. Grewschow, E. Johnson. 23 ' over many obstacles First Row: L. Renschler, R. Haskins, G. Newberry, C. Harris, D. Gentili, L. Way, R. Welker, D. Lamb, B. Clancy, oh Berry. Second Row: J. Mroz, R. Bullied, L. Meader, L. Belleisle, D. Nelson, D. Thurber, M. Radziwon, S. Pacini, T. La- moreaux, D. Barnes, D. Godwin. Third Row: T. Schiedel, J. Collura, M. Ptak, J. Bischof, T. Bettinger, C. Thornton, J. Filipiak, T. Radigan, J. Salzman, B. Korkus, C. Serena, L. Yager, J. Walker, E. Cooper, J. Mayer, T. McNell, M. Cowper, A. Stewart. Fourth Row: A. Schmidt, C. Bewer, P. Fox, R. Madden, D. VanNote, E. Ostrander, J. Shouldice, F. DeCapua, L. Beal, S. McNeely, R. Grove, D. Thompson, L. Sickau, J. Schacher, J. Schaeffer, D. Persinger, J. Rubeck, T. Zigelhof er, M. Jackson. Fifth Row: J. Wilfong, R. Prieschel, D. Woodworth, L. Deihl, L. Sheffield, G. Cook, G. Smith, a Cagwin, E. Smith, E. Walters, M. Jordan, R. Robertson, D. Kuppel, D. Gray, J. Winters, L. Greuschow, P. Straker, E. Machmer, R. Spencer. THIRD GRADE First Row: K. Phol, J. Rockwood, J. Driscoll, L. Skura, J. Hardy, L. Johnson, D. Aber, W. Schosek, J. Brusehaber. Sec- ond Row: D. Privitera, R. Edwards, B. Spencer, E. Baldwin, K. Ball, L. Leonard, K. Bailey, M. Kraft, K. Kraft. Third Row: L. Richards, D. Mize, J. Hardy, G. Eckhardt, D. Found, D. Enser, D. Higby, B. Spencer, D. Geiger, D. Hale, M. Sholtoz, S. Minekime, J. Turnbull, S. Gehl, W. Bley. Fourth Row: R. Mainprize, E. Kranz, C. Dryer, 8S. Greenwood, B. Miles, C. Eckhardt, M. Ptak, S. Seibert, C. Graf, S. Schasser, M. Kordrupel, K. Barrett, L. Stevens, S. Schue, C. Buchauer. Fifth Row: J. Baisch, C. Witherel, S. VanVechten, M. Knoll, W. Middendorf, R. Shumway, B. Benz, E. Stonemetz, K. Kauffman, G. Carpenter, B. Middendorf, S. Close, K. Segebarth,, C. Coughlin, G. Pichardson, S. Gurley. 24 ever upward First Row: K. Smith, R. Dole, C. Fitzgibbons, E. Covert, C. Haas, W. Lamoreaux, D. Lardo, E. Bishop, S. Laing, J. Wick, W. Utsinger, G. Webb, J. Schmittendorf, F. Winter, G. Patton, W. Bianchi. Second Row: V. Hauck, J. Brown, R. Yetter, M. Harris, F. Riefler, K. Ryan, D. Mann, P. Brodzinski, M. Blackwell, L. Schosek, B. Gnias, B. Walczyk, K. Kappus, S. | Clark, D. Bogardus, M. Gallman. Third Row: D. Meyerhoefer, B. Filipiak, J. Tebo, W. Gaylord, M. Brown, M. Smith, E. ) Blowers, B. Gurley, P. Huber, E. Becker, J. DeMuth, B. Penny, B. Cline, B. Plenz, T. Will, S. Rogerson, K. Miller. Fourth Row: L. Guenther, C. Haskins, J. Mazur, D. Holscher, G. Greuschow, W. Soule, P. Howard, W. Montgomery, B. Pericak, D. Hammond, G. Rice, P. Klodzinski, J. Gleason, R. Schreiner, W. Hammond, D. Bates, D. Cagwin, C. Saunders, H. Harris. FOURTH GRADE ert First Row: W. Mansfield, L. Steffen, S. Eisele, P. Lilga, B. Baird, L. Scheetz, D. Salzler, J. Berry, J. Taylor, T. Cowper, J. Wittmeyer, D. Gehl, R. Yetter, J. Winkey, W. Howles, S. Henry, F. Leonard. Second Row: J. Hutka, R. Smith, K. John- son, G. Mroz, S. Graovac, M. Morris, T. Finger, B. Willis, J. Greene, D. Cork, R. Schummer, 8S. Bos, D. Brusehaber, J. Walsh, H. Miller, D. Shamblen; N. Thomas. Third Row: D. Harper, S. Lomison, M. Allen, C. Laing, M. Shako, P. Sibiga, G. Cheney, N. Jans, R. Mergler, E. Campbell, R. Kliber, J. Blaszkiewicz, C. Willet, S. Hawkins, J. Aber, L. Griewisch, A. | Niedermeyr. Fourth Row: L. Carpenter, H. Stewart, T. Cocina, S. Messecar, L. Ehmke, G. Eye, A. Rizzo, D. Dryer, M. Care, K. Romano, S. Ellis, S. Newman, M. Petak, K. Hughey, S. Hawkins, B. Nidell, B. Fox. Q5 26 until we reached RED MIEN. So — Ate. ap PRR First Row: D. Storey, T. Vasbinder, G. Pederson, D. Tomaska, B. Page, J. Price, K. Phatiger, R. Licata, M. Wright, C. Filipiak, S. Nobbs, J. Woods, R. Stokely, J. Wysocki. Second Row: R. Agle, E. Pew, D. Lilga, P. Deinhardt, L. MacLeud, L. Hilfiker, K. Jackson, P. Gnias, J. Walker, W. Polonkiewicz, R. Harper, R. Enser, N. Carpenter, C. Bailey. Third Row: M. Persinger, G. Shouldice, J. White, J. Agle, C. Mroz, A. Nagel, D. Bolduc, L. Ehmke, S. Harriger, M. Koubek, M. Mey- er, C. Wilson, W. DeBuhr, S. Willett. Fourth Row: D. Nellis, W. Koch, D. Yager, L. Ehmke, J. Walters, P. Haag, J. Ros- enberger, L. Found, N. Greenwood, L. Meyer, M. Agle, M. Jordan, J. Higby, G. Greiner. FIFTH GRADE First ios A. Wolf, L. Miller, L. Hanny, R. Heichberger, S. Skura, E. Sista, D. Bali, M. Sheflin, J. Mazzetti, N. Smith, R. Pew, D. Price, P. Hartz, J. Michel, R. Welker. Second Row: N. Gier, D: Franklin, E. Radigan, G. Allen, T. Winter, J. Con- rad, D. Cline, P. Cole, S. Meader, D. Dahmer, L. Schroeder, R. King, J. Bauer, T. Bailey, V. Bublyk. Third Row: E. John- son, W. Graves, W. Kuppel, R. Barry, D. Walker, K. Sievers, D. Hoffman, G. Gallman, A. Bates, K. Condon, W. Clancy, J. Horton, P. Scharf, K. Piller, A. Rivas. Fourth Row: P. Schreiner, T. Neuffer, T. Rebmann, K. Shako, M. Brown, J. Eck- hardt, P. Twist, W. Flint, L. Persinger, D. Willett, J. Watson, D. Bonafede, M. Chittenden, H. Bugenhagen. 4.100 pl 5 | A eae rows: s e, .% Tee (ah PES ron ¢ as Loch l 7) oe , € “ er h wine : nM hat ge ; ae lea Nn y si i ) Q py Lr cS ; WV ¢ pc = First Row: V. Olson, W. Riggs, A. Haist, G. Darling, D. Pike, G. Ellis, J. Leair, C. Care, L. Benson, D. Goss. M. ‘Bnith i. Korkus, M. Jaruazewski. Second Row: R. Riefler, C. Blenk, D. Sallak, D. Shamblen, S. Engel, M. Blackwell, M. Cohoon, {ZA€, L. Gaylord, P. Kirst, R. Franz, H. Greeley, P. Engstrom, B. Baird. Third Row: D. Shaefer, G. Allen, M. Howell, L. Gehl, .5 P. Greene, G. Brendl, T. Kuppel, J. Howles, L. Schieber, R. Minekime, R. Benzin, R. Smith, H. Brewer. Fourth Row: G.”, Segebarth, M. Agle, L. VerHagen, P. Gurley, J. Gould, T. Brockman, L. O’Bryant, T. O’Day, T. Colamonico, E. Rock-( A 7 + zvood, J. Mey echneker, M. Mgskey. es : Tag S . : Aone GRADE«. First Row: A. Jaworski, R. Clark, J. Herdle, J. Hardy, D. Salzler, R. Howland, D. Graovac, V. Franz, E. Christopher, G. Haag, D. Knoll, E. Pew. Second Row: D. Bolduc, J. Russell, J. Bianchi, J. Thomas, D. Pfarner, M. Persinger, B. Willis, J Meyerhoefer, P. Schmidt, W. Meader, R. Kaczmarezyk, D. Thompson, N. Serena, D. Beck. Third Row: S. Wood, S. Eck- hardt, S. Thornton, R. Cagwin, R. Gumtow, M. Anderson, K. Crabtree, V. Johnson, P. Williams, B. Munger, M. Hughes, S. Gray, R. Haist, J. Webb. Fourth Row: M. Will, J. Bertsch, B. Beeman, T. Blaskiewicz, R. Hooper, K. Penny, R. Laing, B. Sheffield, T. Shepker, H. Wielkie, D. Kester, R. Lapp, M. Greenwood, L. Agle. Here P. Kaczmarczyk, O. Darling, D. Stegmeier, C. Owen, R. Millerin, N. Steffen, T. Schmittendorf, H. Gallman, M. Maltby, G. Miller, J. Schmitt, C. Nellis, L. Knoll, F. Geissman, R. Brand, R. Sheffield, J. Rogers, H. Clancy, J. Gimlin, C. Colantino, R. Bonafede, R. Hardy, R. Harriger, M. Demerley, K. Anderson, J. Carter, C. Fi- lipiak, R. Cagwin, N. Cooper, E. Brusehaber, M. .Clements, B. Bates, M. Eckhardt, S. Agle, C. Eye, C. Cabral, J. Burrows, M. Anderson, W. Enser, B. Dahmer, J. Jagow, J. Brodzinski, R. Agle, J. Blowers, W. Bischof, W. Ham- mond, R. Decapua, D. Geissman, N. Mohney, S. Henry, G. Korkus, R. Lutes, S. Nellis, P. Mathien, S. Mann, S. Heffernan, N. Maren, L. Kiec, P. Lomison, P. McNell SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: President: Albert Meyer Vice-President: Sara Agle Secretary: Carol Nellis Treasurer: Patricia Price 28 our roads widened M. Merlino, G. Merchant, N. Howland, C. Mroz, D. Hilfiker, P. Meyer, G. Hidy, A. Kraft, C. Jessop, R. Lardo, A. Meyer, J. Hooker, R. Lore, J. Jensen, C. Hill, D. Morris, J. Kraft, P. Price, W. Rogerson, D. Spencer, 5S. Schassar, D. Partridge, M. Potter, S. Weller, S. Swartz, P. Re- miszewski, A. Stevens, L. Willett, S. Romandi, J. Rockwood, J. Richardson, J. Winter, Z. Waite, G. Young, R. Wright, D. Skura, J. Walker, D. Schacher, J. Riszko, J. VerHagen, N. Weller, J. Skora, P. Sauberan, W. Voelz, B. Schaef- er, K. Terhune, G. Price, W. Woodworth, R. Neuffer, L. Yager, L. Nelson, J. Russell, R. Hanny, E. Taft, R. Mertle Absent: C. Divens, L. Lapp, D. Ricci 29 As we C. Rizzo, K. Tanner, R. Ward, G. Shamblen, R. Zulick, J. Ver- Hagen, J. Quasny, D. Wilson, A. Zells, R. Rome, S. Romano, LP. Witheral, J. Zynda, M. Twist, J. Wilson, K. Williams, K. Straker, C. Shero, D. Williamson, I. White, J. Shepker, B. Smith, D. Young, S. Tebo, M. Walker, M. Spencer, R. Chittenden, W. Guillaume, R, Eckhardt, R. Campbell, R. Ball. E. Furman, G. Engel, C. Cole, W, Ackerman, C. Gaylord, C. Colvin, E. Colantino, D. Chyreck, G. Bogardus, D. Bugbee, J. Agle, W. Bos, S. Eisele, P. Benson, K. Cole. M. Guenther, S. Ash, J. Adams, S. Bauer, M. Batorski EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: President: James Agle Vice-President: Harvey Persinger Secretary: Joan Zynda Treasurer: Linda Hardy pro re ressed M. Bastian, P. Gehl, E. Bates, P. Filipiak, D. Gehl, M. Colamonico, A. Dickey, J. Fox, J. Hammond, J. Potter, G. Machmer, B. Rich, D. Johnson, F. Harriger, N. Lalic, R. Johnson, R. Hale, J. Partridge, D. Kelly, R. Kelly, M. McNell, J. Messer, H. Persinger, G. Johnson, C. Meyer, S. Straker, B. Pike, J. Kielar, P. Jordan, A. Law, M. Montgomery, G. Imburgia, M. Mundaniohl, B. Page, M. Lutes, M. Harwood, L. Hardy, B. North- rup, R. Huber, L. Lamoreaux, J. Meyerhoefer, V. Mundaniohl, J. Miller, C. Madden, R. Vondell, E. Walczyk, L. Nehring, K. Willis, J. Robinson, S. Weinar, D. Williams, D. Patton Absent: S. Diehl, S. Gertis high school J. Dauer, 'T. Sroda, D. Januszkie- wicz, F. Schichtel, D. Kiec, D. Kelly, G. Kelly, G. Graovac, J. Enser, J. Kern, C. Smith, R. Kad- er, A. Filipiak, C. Kader, R. Kaczmarezyk, W. Guenther, G. Franz, G. Wysocki, A. Kaczmarek, D. Decapua, J. Hodgson, L. Barnes, S. Gregory, B. Baska, K. Euler, J. Franz, A. Gusakov, B. Ferris, M. Horton, M. Holehouse, D. Hennessey, P. Preischel, P. Neidermeyr, W. Richardson, C. Rockwood, J. Neidermeyr, D. Wil- liams, R. Koubek, P. Kuppel, J. Persinger, D. O’Day, G. Pfitz- inger, D. Meyerhoefer, R. Maltby, R. Richardson, J. Mackey, J. Roeller, P. Meyer, R. Lisowski, N. Overhoff, P. Kirst, D. Nelson, P. Lutes, H. Phatiger, S. Preston, A. Reid, C. Merlino, D. Rice, N. Miller, M. Lakely, G. Haag FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: President: Paul Meyer Vice-President: George Graovac Secretary: Bronwyn Baird Treasurer: Eileen Anderson | R. Towns, H. Wilson, A. Schlierf, : R. Carney, N. Schmitt, D. Smo- linski, D. Will, J. Sauberan, D. Walker, R. Swartz, J. Schasser, 'D. Schneider, L. Smith, M. Wro- | bleski, M. Vara, P. Sterlace, J. Turton, J. Winter, G. Thornes, K. ) Thiel, M. Rayeur, J. Cassata, E. ‘Benzin, D. Adams, P. Zittel, V. Bolton, B. Maren, P. Curle, Zynda, J. Zells, B. Baird, E. An- | derson, N. Blenk, J. Culp, M. ) Brand, S. Cheney, D. Yager, C. Cole, G. Brockman, L. Blowers, R. Andres, W. Agle, J. Artmeier, J. Bradley, C. Carpenter, C. Bi- anchi, J. Stockner, A. Askew, J. Canny, N. Barnes, T. Bridges, J. Thornes, R. Tebo, V. Schramm, L. Furman, D. Campbell, J. Preston, N. Morris, C. Maltby, M. Owens A EL LLL LOLA Absent: S. Kuzara, R. Lucas, B. Scott, A. Shamblen new friendships T. Peck, W. Straker, E. Schmitt, D. Preischel, D. Winkelman, G. Rockwood, P. Weller, C. Vara, R. Sallak, R. Zittel, C. Schmitz, F. Schmidt, R. Sheflin, S. Watson, L. Schacher A. Wrobleski, M. Sheffield, J. Smith, K. Williams, L. Piller, S. Ventrone, B. Stang, R. Zwack, C. Penny, J. Pfarner, K. Vadino, P. Pew, J. Pfarner, W. Koch, M. Looney, L. Kwilos, P. Mostek, D. Morris, D. Loefke, D. Hughes, R. -Langendorfer, M. Horton, A. Hoelscher, W. Jones, R. Miller SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: President: John Gearhart Vice-President: Allan Bley Secretary: Lois Schacher Treasurer: Fay Davis G. Nobbs, E. May, M. Mont- gomery, G. Nellis, S. Johnson, C. Mammoser, G. Merchant, S. Partridge, J. Kwilos, D. Kaminski, L. Northrup, C. Heichberger, L. Lamoreaux, R. Ash, J. Gearhart, M. Benson, C. Ellis, L. Haag, R. Becker, H. Guillaume W. Gerspacher, R. Geiger, W. Burkhardt, A. Bley, H. Beck, D. Allen, J. Bolton, R. Chiavetta, P. Brodzinski, A. Condon, R. Hamil- ton, K. Franz, A. Gerspacher, C. Geiger, D. Agle, C. Daly, C. Ham- mond, A. Gnias, D. Canny, 5. Halladay, F. Davis, C. Eckhardt, J. Bauer, G. Batorski, M. Blowers, N. Haeick, E. Gallman Absent: J. Hartley, P. Herdle, R. Almendinger be i Joyful moments It Flies Oh You Flirt S,, “em “. oP, sy ty - +- 4 CN Venn G eT mw BF Prt rig Seat es A +e ns - % ae What a Face! Lookin’ for Somethin’? You Don’t Say! » Bashfully Smart Cute, eh? LHE SILLY SOPHOMORES Swing High Piller memories Country girl ae , ,. What have we here THE JOLLY JUNIORS As we approached R. Harpster, F. Lisowski, J. Ferris, G. Agle, D. Gould, J. Jessop, J. Bertsch, L. Johns, K. Blust, J. Crowe, A. Schaefer, C. Chiavetta, H. Jans, G. Haenel, R. Kramer G. Guenther, W. Cheney, G. Mam- moser, P. Miller, J. Gregory, R Gould, C. Gehl, J. Haist, R. Gould, P. Spence, A. Shaw, J. Schmitz, D. Smith, W. Neifer, P. Modica, R. Stickney, D. Williams, R. Wil- liams, R. Willett, P. Shepker JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President: Brenda Baird Vice-President: Richard Willett Secretary: Rebecca Gould Treasurer: Marie Filipiak | our goal T. Mroz, J. Turton, E. Pepper, D. Schasel, A. Sessanna, D. Stark, M. Nehring, J. Sherman, B. Minekime, S. Todd, J. Smith, J. Ormsby, J. Bley, J. Cole, B. Finch, C. Sibiga i i ; x ae - } + kL Ne Si » A L 7 o ’ vu — g | S = , j . : Wa ; [+4 h A A L } ie nm d L | j } E. Saar, S. O’Bryant, J. Cohoon, A. Fraser, J. Becker, B. Ringer, C. Kuppel, M. Filipiak, B. Pres- ton, C. Culp, P. Mietlinski, K. Smith, N. Badina, P. Burgio, D. Law, E. Grebel, S. Piller, H. DeBoi, R. Yager, D. Barrett Absent: R. Schmitt, M. Winter, G. Castle, B. Baird, D. Fox we reviewed CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION Citizenship Education is the name given to all of those courses which borrow their subject matter from the social studies for the purpose of creating a course of study where primary aim is to prepare students for intelligent participation as a citizen in our democracy. Teachers: Mr. Duffy, Mr. Christensen, Mr. Pacini, Mr. Foroscij 40 ENGLISH It has been said that the mark of an educated man is his speech. We of the Eng- lish Department agree, but add other criteria in the form of good writing and good reading. It is our hope that, in addition to well spoken students with the proper tools for self-expres- sion, good vocabulary and writing ability, we can help develop an interest in read- ing good literature that will last throughout life. Teachers: Miss Moden, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Trask, Mrs. Hannan, Mrs. Ham- mond, Mr. Fregelette, Mr. Gray the various choses SCIENCE General Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry form the nucleus of our sci- ence course. The first is re- quired, the next three selec- tive. The students with a science major open for themselves four years of interesting study. Teachers: Mr. Varco, Mr. Collard, Mr. Schebeci MATHEMATICS Through arithmetic, we are taught the basic con- cepts and fundamental facts. In Geometry, Alge- bra, and Trigonometry em- phasis is placed on the funt- tional use of principles and application. Through our program we learn to appre- ciate the permanent and universal importance of mathematics. Teachers: Mrs. Brenne- man, Mrs. Dash, Mr. Hunt- er of routes ny i i COMMERCIAL To meet the ever-press- ing need for better trained personnel in the business world, the Commercial De- partment has instituted a complete business curricu- lum. The program ranges from a personal typing class to the intricate procedures of secretarial practice and broadening even into the field of business law. This provides a chance for the high school student to ac- cept a position immediately upon graduation. Teachers: Miss Witzle- ben, Mr. Ball, Mr. Bernard LANGUAGES Universities and industry today are urging the need for a stronger liberal arts training of potential lead- ers. The study of foreign languages is an essential core in this broad cultural background. Teachers: Miss Collins, Mrs. Brenneman AGRICULTURE The work in agriculture is divided between the | classroom, the farm shop and the practical applica- tion of the practices studied on the farm home where the student in vocational agri- culture carries out his farm- ing program. Today’s larger farms, which are becoming more highly mechanized, require operators who are not only well informed on the latest farming methods, but who are skilled equipment oper- ) ators and mechanics who which were offered to us | | can maintain their farm equipment and design and build labor saving devices. Teacher: Mr. Munger INDUSTRIAL ARTS This course includes gen- eral shop, metal and wood- working, photography and ceramics which teach our students practical applied knowledge. A printing pro- gram is being incorporated into this field and will be fully integrated into the program next year. Teachers: Mr. Mergler, Mr. Gassman so that we mught HOME ECONOMICS The renovation of the homemaking department this year has presented an excellent opportunity to study the selection and care of kitchen equipment. Two all-purpose rooms, when completed, will present an attractive, convenient set- ting for activities in cloth- ing construction, nursing, foods, housing manage- ment, and family relations. Teachers: Mrs. Funch, Mrs. Conklin HEALTH AND DRIVER EDUCATION Careful driving habits and highway safety are stressed in the driver edu- cation program with the aim of bringing better driv- ers to our world of tomor- row. In the health classes, the students are led into an interpretation of their own teen-age problems and learn the importance of personal hygiene, matters that make for both better physical and mental health. Teachers: Mr. Nelson, Mr. Sturm travel the right road MUSIC In our regular music courses, students are taught the fundamentals of music, the history of music and musicians, the how and why of singing and other relative material. However, prob- ably the most fundamental and valuable asset to be de- rived from the courses is a true appreciation of music —one of the greater arts of this world. Teachers: Mrs. Gangi, Mrs. Munro, Mr. Downey ART The ability to express ideas through pictures is developed by the art de- partment. Students are taught the fundamentals of painting and designing and they begin to develop and cultivate their artistic abilities. Teachers: Mr. Lundberg, Mr. Haug From all directions GUIDANCE DIRECTOR John Maiden, our new guidance direc- tor, is a vital part of Eden Central School. To his office come the problems of class scheduling, selecting of vocations, chang- ing of schedules, providing means of help for the failing student or the one not working to capacity, and the ever-im- portant personal problems of our youth. With untiring effort he faces these many challenges and strives to know each stu- dent personally as well as though he or she were his own daughter or son. Well- thought out suggestions by this man have helped many of our young people to re- gain confidence in themselves and start them again on the right path. Mr. John Maiden Mrs. Beulah Canfield SPEECH THERAPIST Mrs. Canfield, a charming new person- ality on the Eden staff, has won the confi- dence of many young people—kindergar- ten through 12th grade—and has formed the basis for her opportunity to work with them in their speech handicaps. A devoted and conscientious worker, she spends her limited time in our school try- ing to help as many as she can. It is not only her aim to aid those who are referred to her by teachers, but she also seeks out those who need assistance by conducting surveys throughout the school in class- rooms. PSYCHOLOGIST Hugh Shoop, who, along with Mrs. Canfield, works in other schools besides Eden, is forever busy with tests and indi- vidual interviews trying to help us find solutions to our deeper problems. Work- ing with Mr. Maiden, he helps to analyze individuals to search out their best abil- ities, their greatest aptitudes, and their potential vocational choices. He also serves as a friend, whom we can trust, in searching out our emotional problems which might hinder us in some manner. 46 Mr. Hugh Shoop we gained assistance om one ; ag i é 4 om) Ps Mrs. Smith Board Secretary WW: BUS DRIVERS: First Row: Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Witt- meyer, Mr. Willett. Second Row: Mr. Winter, Mrs. Wible, Mr. Wittmeyer, Mr. Howell. Third Row: Mr. Wittmeyer, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Winkelman, Mr. Mroz, Mr: Wittmeyer, Mr. Bauer. Missing: Mrs. Pfarner, Mr. Pericak. Mrs. Kraft Office Secretary | | Sal | I oe le . Mrs. Gleason Miss Gressman Offiee Secretary School Nurse Miss Simpson 3 ; Dental Hygienist 47 Miss Looze Board Secretary Along the way Robert Maltby, Captain CROSS-COUNTRY Athletics have always played a vital part in Eden Central School throughout the years. Though at times we reveled in glory, some years: we found ourselves not too successful in some sports. The 1956-57 Cross-Country team, un- der the fine supervision of Mr. James Gassman, and captained by Bob Maltby, has lavished Eden with honor and glory throughout this section. They captured their Division III title, won high honors in the East Aurora Invitational Meet and topped all contenders in Section VI, Class A, meet in Buffalo. The boys had an ex- cellent chance for state championship, but this hope was shattered when this contest was cancelled. Eden’s co-captain, Chuck Vara, was outstanding and established a record as one of the area’s best harriers. However, it was the fine running of all members that made victory possible, for, although Chuck was usually first for Eden, he would be immediately followed by the re- mainder of the team, with few opponents ever breaking the steady line of Eden harriers. Since our team was nearly all Sophomores, we are looking forward to many more records, the only dimming light being the fact that we lost Chuck,in January when his family moved. The outstanding personality traits of the Gassmanites were the spirit of team- work, sportsmanship, and congeniality for all. These, combined with a true love for the sport, still remain and these are the ingredients of another fine team for 1957- 58. Charles Vara, Co-captain Kenneth Franz Pg — Ae hs ne as ial First Row: R. Richardson, K. Franz, A. Gerspacher. Second Row: C. Vara, W. Gerspacher, R. Maltby. Third Row: L. Haag, D. Hughes, R. Towns, M. Horton, C. Rockwood, J. Mackey. Coach: J. Gassman. Marvin Horton Dennis Hughes we stopped to VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front to Rear: B. Minekime, C. Wilson, P. Colvin, J. Haist, C. Phatiger Edward Martin a Donald Wagner This year Eden welcomed Coach Paci- ni, a fine football mentor who came here with a wonderful record. Although the won-lost column did not tally in our fa- vor, Mr. Pacini succeeded in instilling the basic football ideals into his team and held sportsmanship as the greatest goal. We feel that another season or two will show the results of this year’s fine work. Coaches Gray and Pacini William Engelhardt Michael O’Day ( ‘ ao J | y ' h A Nip i i " a Pans 21 Way WAAARAAIAIIAARANAAM AOS First Row: T. Sroda, D. Law, T. Peck, L. Furman, B. Pontius, R. Peck, J. Crowe, G. Agle, W. Engelhardt, C. Ellis, Mr. Pacini. Second Row: Mr. Gray, W. Agle, G. Grao- vac, R. Zittel, D. Williams, G. Haenel, M. Looney, F. Schichtel, D. Wagner, D. O’Day, P. Kuppel. Third Row: J. Gearhart, R. Becker, P. Herdle, M. O’Day, P. Shepker, W. Brenneman, E. Martin, R. Williams, J. Jessop, P. Zittel. Fourth Row: D. Williams, M. Rayeur, P. Carpenter, R. Sallak, R. Willett, D. Morris, M. Benson, A. Shamblen, D. Meyerhoefer. Fifth Row: D. Allen, W. Cheney, D. Morris, D. Nehring, J. Hooker. Robert. Williams Bruce Pontius De, trees Rm Pegs 53 ee oes endear iahe bi her se ea: ee Pet pe pe Upeatete eo Cashel 5 i estates ven ‘ Cite ‘ : Se igh ES RO Shee We pause to honor, on this page, the Seniors who played their last year of high school football. Although some of these did not always see action on first squad, . . poe . 2 t vs oe their faithfulness and spirit are symbolic 3 a gta i cae c:. . ‘ », eg ee of the players who do their best at all ¢ ot ge : times and are not discouraged through 3% Ss ate aa ras es lack of glory. En lee ° : ao ee - A ; os ke Le Ce es Ra wcies oss BAKER wes stores Ss ie kee ee oe a oe William Brenneman Robert Peck bith Seated aoe st 4 reece — Ron Beyer Dick Willett 52 Glenn Nellis aa NO) SS C Bese Stas B i] OS eg QY E 5 ¥ 7 ig = am + Oo Hh ° = S$ a. 8 oO S i " a. S a Be % HS Paul Spence Se beaee ‘ Bob Peck 4p, BS r2le The Maroon Raiders fin- ished a fairly successful season this year, defeated chiefly by the strong Sloan, Iroquois fives. The team scored heavily against their opponents and displayed fighting spirit and drive that should set an excellent example for next year’s squad. BASKETBALL First Row: Mr. Nelson, R. Geiger, R. Beyer, R. Peck, G. Agle, G. Nellis, M. O’Day. Second Row: H. Persinger, J. Crowe, R. Zulick, R. Yager, P. Spence, R. Willett, W. Cheney. Sent pier Sy a AS . 4 Ve ae melee esha tees} aie Bob Geiger 53 brought to us JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: W. Agle, M. Rayeur, M. Benson, J. Jessop, W. Carpenter, T. Sroda, C. ma. —. . Bianchi. Second Row: R. Zittel, D. O’Day, G. Graovac, R. Sallak. 7 Despite a somewhat unsuccessful season the JV foot- - ball team showed evidences of the spark and vitality necessary for a good varsity team. As we watched the boys in action, we realized that size was no determining cal factor in the team spirit. Pint-sized Jerry Wysocki showed just as much enthusiasm as big Mike Rayeur, and Roger Zittel served admirably as the team captain. Coach Sturm r t ‘Sk. =214 bs delds80A2 First Row: P. Zittel, D. Will, P. Brodzinski, R. Zittel, C. Bianchi, R. Chiavetta, A. Askew, G. Wysocki. Second Row: Coach Christensen, R. Sallak, D. O’Day, J. Bradley, W. Agle, J. Cassata, D. Meyerhoefer, J. Roeller, W. Carpenter, G. Graovac, Coach Sturm. Third Row: L. Blowers, D. Williams, P. Weller, R. Becker, M. Benson, M. Rayeur, J. Jessop, A. Shamblen, T. Sroda, G. Brockman, P. Kuppel. 54 First Row: Managers: P. Zittel and H. Beck. Second Row: W. Gerspacher, W. Agle, D. O’Day, R. Maltby, J. Stockner, R. Sallak, R. Zittel, R. Lucas. Third Row: T. Peck, R. Ash, R. Towns, J. Gearhart, M. Rayeur, C. Ellis, J. Dauer, G. Blodgett, J. Burgio, G. Graovac, Coach Christensen. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL A definite advantage of this year’s JV basketball team was its height. Although the boys did not exercise this advantage quite to its full capacity, we hope they will improve their skill during the coming years. Regardless of the fact that they met with some defeat, they fought with courage and stamina. This spirit of determination should prove most beneficial to a better varsity team in the future years. 55 : Saas i P = a, ae throu lay participation HONOR JACKETS | First Row: B. Gier, R. Salzman, P. Landahl, R. Knoll, N. Cotten, R. Bolton, G. Papich. Second Row: D. Gaylord, E. Schmittendorf, G. Zittel, D. Dole, J. Rinehardt, T. Dacey, R. Page. GIRLS’ AWARDS First Row: C. Sibiga, J. Haist, E. Minekime, J. First Row: S. Gehl, C. Eckhardt, B. Minekime, M. Sherman, N. Nellis. Second Row: P. Hammond, J. Filipiak. Second Row: B. Feasley, J. Eisele, C. Cole, E. Gehl, B. Baird, J. Bley, 56 Kuppel, K. Lore, B. Pawlicki. TENNIS , ; - " 4 we First Row: D. Wagner, R. Williams, R. Zittel, R Peck. . Kramer, Mr. Varco. Second Row: D. King, M. Looney, M. O’Day, T. Eden’s hope for victory BOWLING on the tennis courts this spring hinges on the poten- tial power of a relatively new team which started to show great progress last year under the able direc- tion of Mr. Varco. Ted Peck and Roger Zittel proved themselves very able con- tenders as a doubles team and Eden is looking forward to even greater strength from this combination. Another field of inter- school competition was added to Eden’s curriculum this year with the forma- | tion of a bowling team. Dick Wittmeyer distin- | guished himself with many C. Rockwood, R. Wittmeyer, R. Geiger, R. Lakely, M. Smith. good tallies. 57 in athletic activity BASEBALL Last year’s JV baseball team, pictured at the left, will form the nucleus of this spring’s nine. Many of the outstanding stars of the 56 season — Knoll, Gaylord, and Dole — graduated, but some of the present seniors are distinguished veterans. Bob Geiger shows potential power as.a pitcher with Len Law as the other half of the battery. First Row: L. Haag, C. Schmitz, G. Nobbs, K. Blust, R. Willett, R. Sallak, R. Geiger, C. Bianchi, J. Stockner, R. Williams, A. Gerspacher. Second Row: W. Jones, N. Badina, W. Burkhardt, D. Morris, C. Ellis, D. Williams, W. Downey, W. Straker, D. Winkel- man, H. Guillaume, R. Ash, Mr. Christensen. | TRACK Eden’s track team dis- tinguished themselves last year with an excellent rec- | ord. George Zittel competed at West Point in a state meet, a coveted honor for an outstanding athlete. Several veterans from last year will be reporting this spring for what we hope to be another successful season. First Row: W. Gerspacher, H. DeBois, P. Modica, J. Jessop, J. Kern. Second Row: H. Beck, J. Roeller, M. Horton, R. Maltby, B. Pontuis, R. Harpster. Third Row: G. Nellis, G. Agle, D. Barrett, R. Yager, R. Beyer. 58 GIRLS’ INTRAMURALS SENIOR BASKETBALL: First Row: B. Feasley, P. Hammond, K. Lore. Second Row: E. Minekime, N. Nellis, J. Eisele, E. Gehl. ATHLETIC COUNCIL: First Row: R. Harpster, Miss Palmer, J. Bauer, B. Minekime, J. Crowe. Second Row: Mr. Sturm, Mr. Pa- cini, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Hagen, Mr. Gassman, Mr. Gray, Mr. Chris- tensen, Mr. Colamonico, Mr. Peck, M. O’Day, M. Looney. GYM TEACHERS: First Row: Mrs. Rothe, Miss Smith, Miss Palmer. Second Row: Mr. Hagen, Mr. Sturm, Mr. Moore, Mr. Schebeci. We also learned ene ee ete err First Row: M. Eisele, J. Walker, P. Remiszewski, B. Page, C. Eckhardt, B. Minekime, C. Cole, K. Williams, B. Baird, B. Feasley, J. Agle, R. Agle, W. Voelz, L. O’Bryant. Second Row: R. Ward, P. Miller, R. Swartz, J. Hooker, R. Ball, P. Kirst, D. Schumer, J. Schmitt, R. Campbell, G. Machmer, J. Partridge, R. Hale, D. Schacher, S. Gertis, The Music Association of Eden Central School throughout the years has led a countless number of students toward a greater appreciation of the musical world. Several bands, choruses, an orchestra, and an ensemble include some of the opportunities for Eden Central School students to increase their musical aptitudes. A competent staff of experi- enced teachers helps make this possible. This year the Music Department staged an operetta under the direction of Mrs. Gangi with the assistance of Miss Moden. This achievement was proof of the commendable job being done by the Music Department. A highlight of the band activities was a trip to Cornell University to play for the Cornell- Dartmouth football game. The band has also had several very successful concerts in which the increasing excellence of the band was noted by all. 60 a of the satisfachon | . P 5 to ie 4 ¢ rf mm L. Hardy. Third Row: J. Cohoon, C. Kader, E. Henris, R. Kader, J. Roeller, W. Agle, P. Herdle, R. Schmitt, A. Schmitt, G. Graovac, N. Morris, D. Allen, W. Cheney, C. Vara, R. Zittel. Fourth Row: R. Peck, J. Ormsby, D. Januszkiewicz, L. Johns, G. Agle, R. Yager, E. Peck, G. Johns, M. Rayeur, J. Jessop, W. Koch, E. Martin, D. Agle, J. Cole, J. Turton. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS President: Robert Peck Vice-President: George Agle Secretary: Beverly Minekime Treasurer: Carol Eckhardt Librarians: Elaine Henris Judy Ormsby (not shown) Set-Up: James Hooker Roy Ward (not shown) Instructor: Mr. W. Downey 61 First Row: M. Mackey, D. Lilga, M. Howell, R. Haist, J. Howles, M. Agle, P. Kirst, R. Dahmer, G. Merchant, C. Mroz, S. Henry, M. Koubek, L. O’Bryant, D. Walker, K. Jackson, B. Page. Second Row: J. Quasny, E. Brusehaber, G. Bogardus, S. Swartz, M. Lomison, J. Walker, J. Thornes, P. Remiszewski, W. Voelz, C. Eye, S. Engel, R. Riefler, L. Ehmke, D. Yager. Third Row: J. Agle, J. Hooker, B. Page, K. Williams, D. Schacher, S. Gertis, M. Eckhardt, J. Partridge, R. Ward, S. Agle, L. Hardy, J. Franz, B. Smith, L. Found, R. Agle. Fourth Row: C. Care, C. Cole, R. Hale, G. Machmer, J. Schmitt, D. Allen, Ro Campbell, D. Januszkiewicz, J. Roeller, M. Guenther, C. Kader, R. Kader, R. Ball, R. Swartz. TRAINING BAND ORCHESTRA a ne First Row: R. Licata, S. Thornton, P. Williams, P. Green, J. Carter, G. Darling, R. Lapp, W. Riggs, J. Bertsch, M. Walker, M. Meyers, D. Schaffer, D. Salzler. Second Row: B. Baird, G. Brendle, G. Smith, T. Colamonico, G. Wysocki, D. Wilson, N. Lalic, D. Will, P. Mathien. D. Gos, S. Mann, V. Johnson, J. Agle, M. Persinger, J. Walters, D. Hilfiker, P. Price. Third Row: C. Cabral, P. Filipiak, R. Neuffer, A. Stevens, D. Pike, J. Rosenburger, A. Filipiak, R. Gould, S. O’Bryant, R. Gould, J. Burrows, L. Kiec, M. Will, C. Hammond, M. Colamonico, C. Nellis, B. Rich, M. Harwood. 62 be derived First Row: S. Partridge, C. Mammoser, V. Shramm, J. Zells, B. Pawlicki, J. Kwilos, B. Stang, M. Brand, R. Tebo, S. Ven- trone, N. Czerwins ki, R. Zwack, J. Turton, K. Vadino, S. Spack, P. Sterlace, P. Metlinski, D. Hennessey. Second Row: M. Nehring, B. Ringer, D. Schneider, K. Euler, T. Bridges, E. Anderson, J. Eisele, P. Colvin, C. Wilson, M. Vara, L. North- rup, J. Hartley, M. Filipiak, C. Gehl, S. Todd, J. Horton, D. Kaminski. Third Row: B. Merchant, N. Blenk, M. Sheffield, A. Wrobleski, P. Curle, P. Lutes, H. Phatiger, K. Williams, B. Terhune, C. Scharf, R. Benker, J. Haist, D. Rice, B. Radzi- won, A. Gnais, G. Merchant, P. Burgio. Fourth Row: J. Smith, M. Montgomery, S. Watson, J. Bley, C. Daly, V. Bolton, P. Hammond, S. Warren, C. Geiger, B. Maren, S. Halladay, F. Davis, E. Saar, C. Phatiger, B. Preston, D. Stark, A. Sessana, G. Nellis. At Piano: B. Baird. GIRLS CHORUS TRIPLE TRIO First Row: J. Horton, B. Merchant, R. Benker, B. B. Radziwon. Second Row: F. Davis, J. Bley, J. Ormsby, S. Watson, P. Hammond. At Piano: Mrs. Gangi. 63 from good music ee oe ee PERM EASES eee eee 7 3 eae License ened Fg te ae He alienate me te me ROPE LEG EME DA Re ata Sebweooeeescuees - 2eGligiadaaad i ttt ned First Row: G. Young, R. Hardy, P. Sauberon, G. Price, R. Thiel, J. Bauer, P. Rose, P. Miller, B. Preston, P. Case, K. Lore, P. Metlinski, S. Spack, A. Zells, G. VerHagen. Second Row: B. Pawlicki, P. Colvin, J. Smith, P. Burgio, J. Sherman, J. Hartley, J. Cohoon, S. O’Bryant, E. Minekime, D. Schumer, S. Patridge, G. Merchant, J. Horton, 64 MIXED CHORUS A tet tty Se ee ed 8 ns ottetenencacs ee Se ee Cp ah ae, ; ‘ ‘ 4 : eB: = f =: - S: ‘ . — . ten cesnesipenniipen tonal seventies gsi mE ch ATTA 8 i RR EAN aR someon a ars J. Eisele, S. Ventrone. Third Row: J. Becker, B. Radziwon, A. Fraser, E. Saar, R. Ben- ker, K. Franz, D. Morris, D. Will, W. Hammond, P. Zittel, J. Jessop, N. Nellis, J. Haist, M. Nehring, B. Merchant. Fourth Row: R. Gould, L. Schacher, S. Warren, E. Gehl, T. Lewis, A. Bley, M. Horton, W. Brenneman, J. Bertsch, W. Gerspacker, H. Beck, W. Carpenter, J. Bley, C. Daly, R. Gould, C. Hammond. At Piano: P. Hammond. 65 Throu gh our OWN services FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Seated at table: C. Schmitz, E. Pepper, R. Witt- meyer, A. Schmitt, R. Schmitt, R. Geiger, F. Schich- tel, G. Kelly, J. Kern, G. Haag, D. Schassar, G. Franz, E. May. Standing: J. Preston, T. Mroz, D. | Winkelman, P. Niedermeyr, G. Rockwood, A. ) Shaw, M. Benson, M. Winter, D. Fox, L. Haag, L. | Kwilos, H. Jans, J. Artmeier, A. Hoelscher. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row: K. Smith, J. Meyerhoefer, J. Fox, M. Colamonico, D. Kaminski, A. Dickey. Second Row: B. Pew, M. Owens, C. Mammoser, M. Huber, K. Vadino, M. Young. Third Row: P. Filipiak, D. Wil- liamson, B. Baksa, M. Filipiak, D. Canny, P. Jor- dan, B. Witkowski, C. Shero, J. Adams. Fourth Row: A. Law, C. Kuppel, C. Sibiga, R. Rome, J. Ormsby, M. Blowers, S. Romano, J. Cahoon, J. Zynda. 4-H CLUB First Row: W. Bianchi, D. Graovac, K. Willis, J. Skora, W. Voelz, J. Thomas, J. Bianchi. Second Row: N. Weller, S. Greeley, K. Terhune, D. John- son, R. Vondell, R. Kelly, L. Yager, D. Kester, J. Meyerhoefer, W. Meader. 66 we benefited BOOK STORE C. Phatiger, L. Kaczmarek, J. Sherman AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS First Row: J. Schasser, J. Mackey, W. Cheney, H. Beck, D. Morris, J. Sauberan, N. Weller. Second Row: J. Zittel, C. Merlino, P. Lutes, D. Allen, H. Wilson, D. Hughes, A. Bley, R. Vondell, Mr. Collard. Third Row: D. Preischel, R. Koubek, J. Persinger, R. Stickney, J. Niedermeyr, C. Rockwood, W. Straker, M. Benson, R. Towns. LIBRARY STAFF First Row: B. Baksa, Jean Hartley, J. Bauer. Second Row: J. Horton, Mrs. Greenwood, L. Schacher, Mrs. Vellum, B. Merchant. 67 by encouraging DRAMATICS Miss Heather Moden, a drama specialist, joined our teaching staff this year and brought new life to our stage productions. A new class in Drama was intro- duced, and under her guid- ance, two one-act plays were presented in January and a three-act play in the spring. Miss Moden also helped with the directing of the operetta, “The Red Mill.” Miss Moden, N. Sealy, R. Zwack, J. Haist, C. Wilson, N. Czerwin- ski, F. Lisowski. First Row: R. Zwack, C. Eckhardt, C. Wilson, J. Zells, L. Northrup, N. Czerwinski. Second Row: P. Lutes, D. Schneider, N. Sealy, B. Maren, Miss Moden, P. Curle, M. Shamblen, S. O’Bryant, C. Merlino. Third Row: V. Bolton, J. Roeller, H. Guillaume, S. Jakiel, F. Lisowski, W. Brenneman, C. Jensen, A. Bley, R. Harpster. 68 our fellow E. Minekime Editor-in-chief | R. Kaufman Business manager W. Brenneman i Photography editor S. Jakiel Lay-out editor travelers PUBLICATIONS EMBERS— The Embers this year has been dedi- cated to the theme of “‘Crossroads’’—a momentary pause in our lives when we must decide which road we are to choose. We have tried this year to present something new in the yearbook idea and hope that you will enjoy it for many years to come. Many long hours have been spent in the publication of this book—in its planning, lay-out, literary work, pho- tography and subscriptions. We wish to thank all those who have worked untiringly for this publication even though space prohibits individual recognition. i N. Nellis Typing editor R. Peck Circulation manager TOW ER— Eden Central School’s The Tower newspaper—has traveled a rather rocky path this year due to lack of student in- terest. However, we wish to recognize Lucy Kaczmarek and her editors for try- ing to keep the newspaper alive. 69 P. Hammond Associate editor ”“ J. Eisele Literary editor C. Scharf Advertising editor L. Kaczmarek Tower editor T hese classmates paved STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council is not only the governing student body in Eden Central School but also the spokes- man for the students in working with the adminis- tration on any and all prob- lems. Both groups have been constructively aided through this voice of the people. Glenn Nellis has done a splendid job as presi- dent, and has been ably assisted by John Crowe, vice-president, and Diane Agle, secretary. First Row: C. Eckhardt. A. Fraser, S. Watson, B. Feasley. Second Row: P. Zittel, W. Cheney, C. Bianchi, A. Gerspacher. Third Row: W. Gerspacher, L. Furman, R. Towns, D. Barrett, E. Martin, L. Law, D. Williams. First Row: J. Potter, B. Feasley, J. Crowe, G. Nellis, D. Agle, B. Minekime, M. Ander- son, D. Gehl. Second Row: R. Zittel, B. Baird, W. Brenneman, R. Geiger, R. Peck, G. Agle, J. Gearhart, C. Hammond, P. Curle, H. Phatiger, P. Meyer. MONITORS The monitors, a branch of student government, aid in solving the traffic prob- lem created when several hundred students start in all directions when passing between classes. They com- pare in duties to the cop on the corner and have the responsibilities, honor and authorities of such persons. STUDENT “ie STUDENT COURT . Student Court, with Judge Bill Brenneman, At- torneys Peck and Engel- ) hardt, and Secretary Col- vin, deal out justice to stu- dents who have disobeyed the self-imposed student laws set forth by the Coun- cil. Offenders are few, but the court has been a very influential factor in keeping law and order in our school. ow! 2. Peck, W. Brenneman, W. Engelhardt, P. Colvin and unidentified student. | : } ] we SAFETY PATROL As faithful as the Pony Express riders of yester- years, these young lads of the Safety Patrol brave wind, rain, snow, sleet and blizzards to help safeguard the lives of our young people on their way to school. Yet they do this with little recognition or glory, satis- fied with the fact that they are doing a wonderful duty for our citizenry. ; . , Ahi First Row: W. Ackerman, C. Colvin, M. McNell, G. Messer, J. VerHagen. Second Row: J. Hammond, R. Chittenden, J. Potter, W. Guenther, D. Johnson, R. Johnson. GOVERNMENT a smoother trail 71 C. Jensen W. Brenneman SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP These members of Eden’s chapter of the National Honor Society were chosen because they best upheld the Society’s goals of Scholarship, Leadership, Char- acter, and Service. This Society is respon- sible for all service drives such as Red Cross, March of Dimes, and Veterans’ Benefits. The officers of the National Honor Society are: Phylliss Hammond, President; Robert Peck, Vice-President: Patricia Colvin, Treasurer; and Elaine Henris, Secretary. Their able advisor is Mrs. Brenneman. CHARACTER SERVICE Eden National Honor Si ociety 42 P. Colvin P. Hammond E. Henris E. Minekime : We fondly remember— WARD TERWILLIGER JAMES MILLER who were Jormerly members of our class 73 74 Now GLENN R. NELLIS Glenn—a quiet tongue shows a wise head—Glenn was elected president of the Student Council for this year, the highest honor given to any member of the senior class. Therefore, we wish to salute him for the outstanding achievement and the excellent manner in which he has accepted the responsibility. ALBERT J. SMITH—a member of the senior class but no picture available. Jack . .. what he wants to get out of school is himself. CLASS OFFICERS President: Robert J. Geiger Vice-President: Evelyn J. Minekime Secretary: Rosella I. Thiel Treasurer: Julia M. Blasz The CROSSROADS J ROBERT J. GEIGER ROSELLA I. THIEL Gitch—the guy with the everlasting smile Rosie—better I be small and shine than big and cast a shadow a OT EVELYN J. MINEKIME JULIA M. BLASZ Ev—capable leader with a friendly smile Julie—quiet but effective in her ways 75 ie GORDON W. JOHNS NINA J. BIANCHI Gordie—plays a mellow sax Nina—take life seriously, and what’s it worth ‘JOHN J.STANG ¢ KATHLEEN A. LORE John—a guy who gets along with everyone Kathy—too nice to be forgotten we must make CAROLYN L. SCHARF Carol—an innocent looking case of dynamite PATRICIA M. COLVIN Pat—absence makes the heart grow fonder 77 to. POR Peete POR d scree eee ee R¢ Coz—like the wise old bird, often seen but seldom heard WILLIAM E. BRENNEMAN Bill—behind a quiet manner lies a quiet heart our final | RONALD H. JAGOW Aer «JUDY R. EISELE Ron—pleasing personality and oh, so nice Judy—variety is the spice of life RICHARD D. ZULICK NATHALIE J. CZERWINSKI Caesar—don’t do today what can be put off ‘til Nat—quiet, but beware i tomorrow 78 decision 4 F 4 ‘“ ae : | ANTHONY F. CHIAVETTA NANCY L. NELLIS Tony—Bar-B-Q incorporated Nan—never a dull moment — GEORGE CASTLE ELAINE C. HENRIS George—always around but never conspicuous ‘Laine—her kingdom for a horse 79 as to STANLEY B. JAKIEL BETTY R. MERCHANT Stan—Charlotte, Charlotte, wherefore art thou Betty—Mrs. Gangi’s right arm Charlotte | q H | . RUTH F. BENKER THOMAS N. LEWIS a Ruthie—a cute bundle of fun Louie—his ambition is to get ambitious someday 80 the road GEORGE M. SCHWANZ George—a real live wire YANCY L. SEALY Nancy—a likeable scatterbrain . dat Sa ! oe Ae OS ae SP ES Rise tis - — —— rs ft ' Py es Ew eee ce Lop KE + fag Ps PO eer rn = ‘ey oe. eta et MF eg aes gif pea, a Lest DED oe! ‘ ‘eo SAR. po +a, ky res mu Nake Sing Fae | ont - an - {Fe ' 1 DOLORES A. SCHUMER Dee—likes to mix business with pleasure WILLIAM E. ENGELHARDT Schnook—very conscientious worker 81 I ye shall follow. EUGENE P. STEGMEIER Gene—serious and gay, he goes his way CHARLOTTE M. JENSEN Char—99 99 100% scholar 82 2a one oe JUDITH C. HORTON Judy—sews a fine seam BARBARA A. RADZIWON Barbie—my life is one great love through our lives : A CHARLAINE PHATIGER SANDRA J. SPACK Char—a friend to brighten up the day, not too sol- Sandy—unpredictable but very nice emn, not too gay EDWARD H. MARTIN BARBARA M. PAWLICKI Big Ed—shy, but, oh my Barbie—What can I do; it’s my major We have been led SHIRLEYANN E. WARREN Shirl—I believe in laughing j PHYLLIS A. HAMMOND Ham—absent-minded professor PRR tReang i 84 PATRICIA A. ROSE Satch—quiet like a bull in a china shop ROBERT W. LAKELY Bob—-says little but thinks much et but now LUCY L. KACZMAREK Lucy—genuine journalist at heart PHYLLIS J. WALTERICK Boots—always smiling, always gay 85 LEONARD J. LAW Zeke—ambition and I are not friends )) ELAINE M. GEHL Elaine—a cute little redhead in eratitude DONALD G. KING JUDITH E. SMITH Rex—a quiet boy, a nice friend Judy—good example is the best sermon wa L ELIZABETH A. WITKOWSKI RICHARD J. WITTMEYER Betty—I live on the sunny side of the street Rich—the man with the green thumb 86 ROBERT M. PECK Elmer—blue-eyed romeo ROSEMARIE E. KADER Rosie—V'll hitch my wagon to a star CAROL L. WILSON Carol—how ‘bout that smile o ‘8 : Y a JA ) Vv ' V V | Nj 7 1] MAYLON M. SMITH Bongo—life is just one long riot 87 lead MARY JO LANDAHL Jo—loud noises come in small packages o. oh DONAL | Don—not so noisy but far from glum 88 NORBERT A. PREISCHEL Norb—quiet as a church mouse MARSHA A. SHAMBLEN Mush—a regular occupant of the business depart- ment ROBERT S. WILLIAMS Willy—there’s a Ford in his future GAIL L. PRICE Gail—even dynamite comes in small packages 89 JOAN H. FRASER Joanie—frequently crosses the border BRUCE E. PONTIUS Poncho—the green little chemist on the road : RONALD W. BEYER CAROLINE A. DRISCOLL Big Ron—the great master mind Honey—calm, cool, cute, and collected MICHAEL J. O’DAY Prie—am eieygomee 0’ Toole—Mr. Ivy League 90 é JoANN G. DiMARIA Jo—love and marriage BARBARA A. FEASLEY Feas—an explosive little tidbit 91 4 ALLEN J. SCHMITT Al—good looking trumpet player DENNIS J. MEYERHOEFER Denny—building is his future Mileen Saar Eileen—life of the party Cozy Couple Two late birds YEARBOOK PATRONS Briggs Pharmacy, Hamburg, N. Y. Hamburg Radio and TV Atlas Men’s Store Seider’s Liquor Store Hamburg Shopping Center Pearl’s Dress Shop Sentor Memortes After the ball was over Acute case Smile a-while Stareyes The Three Bares The Country Girl 93 Losing face? Bowl ’em over Sour grapes? MARY DEMERLEY DON SCHACHER PE OOD ISON a et SUZANNE. HENRY Congratulations ) | to the Class of 1957 | = from the Seventh Grade WESLEY ROGERSON NO ,000,000,000 COMPLEMENTS OF THE 8TH GRADE | eo Ty 2 GUZZLE 95 GUZZ KENTUCKIAN Hicie HN Mr. G89 " i HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Mrs. Conklin Mrs. Trask a Mrs. Greenwood Compliments of RANDALL INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of NOBBS TRACTOR AND FARM SUPPLY CORP. Eden, N. Y. Eden 4014 Ford Tractors and Equipment Se e Mr. Munger My 7M iv V Ir. Christensen Mr. Fregelette Mrs. Funch Mr. Pacini (). wre yi GG Ae 5 7 Umer In HAMBURG rr HABERER’S for Swept-Wing Dodge and “1960” new Plymouth Compliments of WITTMEYER HOTEL East Eden Eden, N. Y. 97 BRAY MILLER’S BOWLING LANES 39 Buffalo Street Hamburg, N. Y. Good Food and Refreshments Fine Place to Bring the Family Phone EM 9837 Compliments of the CLASS OF 1960 Compliments of HARRIGER’S BAKERY Shopping Center Hamburg, N. Y. STEFFAN-KORST Compliments of Chevrolet ROBERT MAIER Sales and Service Eden, N. Y. Hamburg New York W eiss-Herraro Eden Valley Nursing Home Owned and operated by Mr. Mrs. Howard E. Jagow The Weiss-Ferraro Eden Valley Nursing Home, located on the North Boston Road, affords a one floor completely fire proof protection building. Its homey atmosphere is enjoyed by many patients accustomed to similar surroundings in years gone by. All standards of the Erie County and New York State Health Laws are strictly adhered to and one can be assured of receiving the best care expected. .MAR Ki , my ETAIL AGLE’S FARM MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables “We Grow Our Own” Gowanda State Road Eden 4290 Photographs THE HEART OF YOUR YEARBOOK - TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTAND- ING YEARBOOK IS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT AN OUTSTANDING A 7 CHI PHOTOGRAPHER. Your Official Yearbook Photographer 100 BEST WISHES to the Graduating Class of 1957 from your EDEN CENTRAL SCHOOL + PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION HOWELL CHEVROLET Chevrolet Sales and Service Towing Service Eden, New York Telephone 3511 Compliments of Compliments of CRISP’S FLORIST AND GREENHOUSES ROTARY CLUB Phone 4015 GERALD HAAG East Eden Road Compliments of Eden, N. Y. Electrical — Plumbing — Heating Appliances — Freezers EDEN BOWLING CENTER Whirlpool Laundry Equipment and Norge Appliances 102 Compliments of Klein's Barber Shop Compliments of EDWARD M. MILLER Plumbing and Heating N. Main Street Phone: Eden 3279 Compliments of HOWELL'S FLORIST Compliments of PALMERTON AGENCY Fden, N. Y. INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Jay G. Palmerton Elton C. Palmerton Compliments of DAVID C. LAING FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service West Church Street Fden, New York RICHARDSON MILLING CO., INC. “Down by the Tracks Since 1901” Telephones: EM 3511 — Enterprise 9175 Feeds — Seeds — Fertilizers Lawn and Garden Supphes — Everything for Your Pets Wild Bird Feed by Audubon Hamburg, N. Y. The Rexall Store Eden 3301 MONELL’S EDEN DRUG STORE Compliments Prescriptions of COSMETICS — SCHOOL SUPPLIES HALLMARK GREETING CARDS ROELLER’S HOTEL GIFTS AND TOYS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY AND CARDS Compliments of PAGE—-HARMS OIL COMPANY Compliments of FRANK N. WINTER, INC. Eden, New York “Tt will pay you to pay us, to pay you.” Main and Roswell Eden, New York Compliments of LAING'S MILL VIC SCHRADER TIRE SERVICE eis Recapping — Vulcanizing — Repairing Road Service Phone EM 6009 E. Eden, New York CU J. WINEGAR SONS, INC. Paints — Glass — Housewares JAMES C. MILLER Hardware Decorating Stewart F, Eisele, Prop. 2465 Seneca St. Phone: TR 0094 Buffalo, N. Y. New York Compliments of EDWARD M. WEINAR AND JOHN N. WEINAR GUENTHER’S RED WHITE Complete Food Market Phone 3311 Compliments of Eden Office THE MARINE TRUST COMPANY of Western New York Eden, New York Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of MILLER AND KNOLL Congratulations to the Class of 1957 SETLOCK’S TYPEWRITER SALES — RENTALS — REPAIRS 2048 Union Road, Gardenville West Seneca 24 New York HEARTY CONGRA LFULATIONS SOUP AE SENIORS Offa, from SMITH AND KOCH HARDWARE Electrical Appliances kK Kk Plumbing and Heating kkk Sheet Metal Work Phone 3222 Fden, New York Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1957 LARRY OGNIBENE Eden, New York Insurance Compliments of WEST-HERR MO TORS, INC. THE TOWN SHOP Largest Ford Dealer in Hamburg Eden, N. Y. EM 5640 Hamburg, N. Y. YARN — CARDS — GIFTS Compliments of E. J. BIEGER EDEN LIQUOR STORE Plumbing and Heating “Headquarters for Wine and Liquor” Parker Road Hamburg, N. Y. Main Street Eden, N. Y. EM 1721 Eden 4622 THE BEAUTY MARK Is the Mark of Beauty 32 Main St. Hamburg Ph. EM 9873 Compliments of Mae Haley — Owner and Operator ENGEL SIGNS Marjorie Berry — Operator Specialists in the Beauty Field for the Discriminating Woman Compliments of CENTRAL SERVICE Prop. Chuck Burdick McFARLAND’S LIQUOR STORE 47 Buffalo Street Lubricating Minor Repairs Car Wash Wheel Balancing Hamburg, N. Y. 109 BEAUTIFYING YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Aluminum: Windows Doors Compliments of Awnings Railings EDWIN A. MINEKIME Aluminum Produc ts Company of Eden Gowanda State Road Ph. EM 3679 R. M. Holehouse, Prop. Phone: Eden 4234 Compliments of EDWIN F. HORTON MARGARET ANN’S BEAUTY SHOP Acetylene Cutting Acetylene and Electric Welding Main Street, Eden, N. Y. Hemlock St. (Cor. West Avenue) Ph. Eden 4618 Closed Wednesday Eden, New York OLNEY CARPENTER, INC. Packers of Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Fden, N. Y. SWISS — DAIRY — LIMBURGER CONGRATULATIONS BRICK AHOMT is 0 Eden’s Famous Cheese CLASS OF 1957 EDEN SWISS CHEESE FACTORY JACK M. SMITH, Insurance Eden, N. Y. Above the postoffice Phone 3566 Lester F. Rupp Ph. Eden 3344 110 SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY EMERLING’S SHOE STORE 15 Main Street Hamburg, N. Y. Phone EM 1636 Free Parking in Rear of Store HAROLD’S MARKET Choice Meats Eden, N. Y. Phone 4414 ANN R. SCHARF Secretarial, Bookkeeping Service Notary Public Sisson Highway Eden, N. Y. Phone EM 2115 Our 31st Year of Dependable Service HESS BROTHERS, FLORISTS Deliveries to the Lake Shore and All Surrounding Towns Phone EM 3355 28 Main Street Hamburg, N. Y. Agency Established 1864 JACOB HAUCK SON Dependable Insurance 8 Main Street (Near Buffalo St.) Hamburg, N. Y. Compliments of VARA’S DRY CLEANING 53 Clark Street Hamburg, New York KELSEY’S HAMBURG FOOD MARKET 226 Lake Street Hamburg, N. Y. Phone EM 1013 FOGELSANGER FUNERAL HOME Donald M. Demmerly 250 Long Ave. at Lake Street Hamburg, N.Y. CASTIGLIA JEWELRY AND MUSIC CENTER Diamonds — Watches — Silverware Musical Instruments and Supplies Repairs 8 Buffalo Street Ph. EM 4583 Hamburg, New York HAMBURG APPLIANCE COMPANY General Electric Appliances ‘Television 57 Buffalo Street Ph. EM 5284 Hamburg, New York Harvey Cole Walter Zimmerman CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 757 FOR EVERYTHING IN SPORTS DICK FISCHER STORES 699 Main St. Thruway Plaza Buffalo, N. Y. Harlem and Walden 44 Main St. Pa Alseoe ‘Tonawanda, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Real Estate VILLAGE AND COUNTRY HOMES NAGLE LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND MILL WORK Sipprell Bros., Inc. Phone 3722 Eden, N. Y. 318 Buffalo St. Phone Hamburg, N. Y. EM 1592 EDEN FOOD TOWN MARKET Main and Pleasant Groceries, Meats, Beer, Pop, Fruits and Vegetables We Deliver Phone Eden 8887 EDEN FLOOR COVERING N. Main St., Eden, New York Phone Eden 3868 VALSPAR PAINT WALLPAPER FORMICA COUNTER TOPS WALL TO WALL CARPETING AND RUGS LINOLEUM, WALL COVERINGS ASPHALT FLOORING PLASTIC AND STEEL TUBING Compliments of E. H. BLEY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1957 L. A. MONROE, INC. General Contractor 269 Hinman Avenue Phone RI 7338 CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduating Class of 1957 We extend our very best wishes for your success in the coming years. THE PEOPLES BANK OF HAMBURG 43 Main Street Hamburg, New York Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ATT ORS Compliments of KEN’S DAIRY AND DAIRY BAR SS Compliments of YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER Ss. S. WILLIAMS Compliments E. M. STOREY, JEWELER Jewelry — Watches — Repairs Phone 4552 Guaranteed Phone UN 3338 UN 3886 SPORTING GOODS AL DEKDEBRUN Hobby Craft Falls Blvd. Plaza Niagara Falls Blvd. Sheridan Dr. Complete Musical Service HICKEY’S MUSIC STORE 330 E. State Street Ithaca’ N.Y. PETER PAN BEAUTY SALON 910 E. Eden Road 114 Miles from Main Street, Hamburg Lustrous Permanents Individually Styled to Your Personality — $7.50 up For Appointment — Call EM 5314 COUNTRY SAUSAGE KITCHEN Home of delicious home-made sausage NONE BETTER Sisson Highway Eden, Nieiz W. A. Hillwig F. L. Boyer Optometrists 89 Buffalo St. Hamburg, N. Y. NORTH COLLINS LUMBER COMPANY “Everything for Building” North Collins, N. Y. Phispe2 Compliments of ECLIPSE Metal Manufacturing Company Eden, N. Y. hy EM 2470 Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF ’57 FEASLEY’S DAIRY Mr. and Mrs. Feasley Bill and Bob HAROLD W. HALE Licensed Broker REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE 4() Main Street Hamburg, New York BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF ’57 FRANK SW ARTZ SON Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer EDEN MOTOR SALES, INC. DeSoto - Plymouth Phone: Eden 3820 Main’ Street Eden, New York Gibson Greeting Cards Photo Finishing School Supplies Cosmetics NORTHSIDE PHARMACY Pauline R. Renschler, Ph.G. Garra D. Lester, Ph.G. Reliable Prescription Department N. Main Street Phone Eden 4811 Eden, New York BONDELOW-VAIL “Always first with the latest” MEN’S AND BOYS’ WEAR We rent formals for all occasions Hamburg Shopping Center Ph. EM 1714 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 ELAINE’S BEAUTY SALON Phone: Eden 4300 Main Street Eden, New York The Finest in Beauty Care for the Discriminating Woman Permanents that Satisfy — Artistic Hair Styling 119 COMPLIMENTS OF os RICH ICE CREAM COMPANY HOLDEN MOTOR SALES, INC. LINCOLN - MERCURY Sales and Service a Buffalo Street at North Street Hamburg, New York 120 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho-, graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. iPS) Yee MC th ror: Ly APs BG of “4 { f, ae C } — 4% A : a aie diss fe aa Vorod fur. is Crap AV Ae ta’, ) eg AIA, ZAI ah tA Lik rs j O eae he La t oe Let 1X cof bé KX ae a oe Ube, hry Bee he te ee oun ou phasuunt ter ma FON’ wy Mane ee roe yee 700 ee hogs) we wil | | Auda nares , el i : CY best wvrigf | MP et co hy.s: Hy mi tee We Sea a a pale, Hage sips orth ; ips ee er Le Let Q fan Pr tAas evs Ee Some lathe We. come). Wo wt Paley 1 forget tat pre o tra 0 sural Kid cn and YOU, mae | albany lt mot poo Kor fre wld bre poe os Ge Leg oss | iat PuOt Anpae. Uot we fins ale sovenfh | thre. onahing Pans fer mou Year, Lut Hi wn 4urt Mort Lure we wll Gros, Me. ORT GET tee. Brod Lief 294i, M2000. MHOWL Modo ok (y, 6.8) verano fy) E ry re r J ge hens, mar M, ; : oy VLE Y, LZ | pas pa MS. ; z' ; R pe al A. } AX. j VON es o = —

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