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1215? ' .e 1 x A L '19 f . le . ,LX mf. , ' 'P Q Ja ., kr X s J - Ami- V w H . af V rv 1 8 'Z Y' it' em Aix .Q gf , 49 is 4- ? 5 sip f GQ ',wJf'- ff X 5: 19 Il f ,A I Q 'J !'n rf z T' -3 34 if 1 mm -so-......, "NA .. ,Qs 'mmm K 3 if X 'xg 9 Q 5 s S 2? in 2 V o iv ' Q X -v-nnutu. sl ' Q., g it N, vt W' 1 5, ,. QM ,rwa if div t M' Q ,Kris ,0"hQ,Qfi , . v 2 , ' . Q Q Q 4 k' I Sa ' K' K fi Q55 -px X x -r 7Q QS ,L 1' Foreword Dear Friends : When we enter school, we could be compared to glowing embers. which when supplied with the correct elements will grow and burst into flame. The glow. that the embers already possess, is that which is given by our parents and experiences at home, for it is there that we get the basic foundation upon which to build our further education. Through our years of school, a day never goes by but what some goal has been reached and a new one sought after, never a day without new challenges. Some of the glowing embers will meet these challenges, conquer them, and burn on, increasing in brightness. Others will flicker and die out.- The degree of our success, although influenced greatly by our parents, teachers and friends, depends upon the character and attitude of the individual. It is up to the individual to use the elements of Service, Scholarship, Leadership, and Character that our parents and teachers place before us, in a way that will add to the brightness of his embers. Through the picture story furnished by this yearbook, we hope that you will be able to see the progress of each student and to what extent he has used the elements of education. In closing I would like to express my appreciation and give recognition, in particular to our advisor, Mr. John R. Barry, who has been our constant guide through this undertaking and to the members of the Class of ,56, who have made the presentation of this yearbook possible. Sincerely Yours NANCY E. COTTEN Editor-in-Chief 2 Contents EMBERS for SERVICE ENIBERS for SEIVIORS EMBERS for FOLLOWERS EMBERS for SCHOLARSHIP EMBERS for LEADERSHIP EMBERS for CHARACTER EMBERS for the YOUNG in HEART EW OCCASIONS TEACH NEW DUTIES, TIME MAKES ANCIENT GOOD UNCOUTH, HEY MUST UPWARD STILL AND ONWARD WHO WOULD KEEP ABREAST OF TRUTH. O, BEFORE US GLEAM THE CAMPFIRES, WE OURSELVES MUST PILGRIMS BE, AUNCH OUR MAYFLOWER AND STEER BOLDLY THROUGH THE DESPERATE WINTER SEA. OR ATTEMPT THE FUTURE'S PORTALS WITH THE PAST'S BLOOD RUSTED KEY. 4 Dedication S+G+V:T Mrs. Evelyn Brenneman A SCHOLARLY ATTITUDE PLUS A GENUINE INTEREST IN STUDENTS PLUS VERSATILITY . . . DIVIDED BY KINDNESS EQUALS A TEACHER . . . A LADY WORTHY OF IMITATION. AS A SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER OF MATH- EMATICS . . . THIS LADY PERSONIFIES THE ABOVE MENTIONED QUALI- TIES IN HER DAILY TEACHING . . . AS AN ADVISOR TO THE CLASS OF '57, THE JUNIOR RED CROSS, AND THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . SHE LEADS THE STUDENT ALONG PATHWAYS OF IDEAS AND ACCOMPLISH- MENTS. BECAUSE YOU ARE . . . A LADY WORTHY OF IMITATION . . . WE, THE CLASS OF '56. DO HEREBY DEDICATE OUR EMBERS TO YOU, MRS. EVELYN BRENNEMAN. 5 A Letter to Mg Parents Eden Central School Eden, New York March 17, 1956 Dear Mother and Father, ltls a great day for the Irish-this March 17, but live been thinking that June 27, my graduation day, will be a great day for both of you. It seems only yesterday that I was starting school-and here l am just about to graduate. 1 feel l have the best parents in the world, and I owe both of you so much. You were-and still are-my best teachers. l cannot remember a day but what you have been doing and giving just to help me. Though l often fail to tell you and sometimes fail to act in a way that youlll know-I do lastingly appreciate all the things-both great and small-you have done to help me. As 1 stand to receive my diploma on ,lune 27, I'll be thinking about you. 1 hope I'll wear well in the years to come, and bring you many bits of lasting happiness and pride in my achievements. Mother and father, l thankyou for all you've done for me and I am proud of you. Your lovingi l fThis page is sponsored by OUR 7th YEAR HOMERUOMSJ 6 Left to Right: Mr. William J. Bos, Mr. Herman C. Agle. President: Mr. Frank 0'Day, Mr. Robert l. Bolton, Miss Rose A. Clark, Mr. John N. Wf-inar, Mr. Raymond Kirst, Mr. Robert Brindley, Treasurer. Leaders in the community, elected by voters, compose our Board of Education- the policy making body of our school. Initiative and leadership are characteristics of our Board. As a functioning unit, our Board of Education is comparable to the directors of a corporation. The Board and the Principals chart the educational journey for today and tomorrow. They can rightly be called our "First Citizens." Mrs. Smith, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Peck Our Board of Education OFFICERS President ,....... ....... M r. Herman G. Agle Clerk ,,.......... ....... M rs. Doris B. Smith Treasurer ....,,, ......, M r. Robert Brindley 8 Parent Teachers' Association The P.T.A. experimented with a new type of program this year, designed to meet the need for closer cooperation between parents and teachers. Small depart- mental or grade meetings were held throughout the year. At each of these meetings. members of the faculty presented a short explanation of the purposes and problems of a part of the curriculum. A question and answer period followed. These meetings. involving research and study on the part of individual teachers. covered every phase of the curriculum from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. Many of the school co-curricular activities were also explained so that parents could better understand why these activities were a part of school life. Parents and teachers have cooperated in this yearis program. The P.T.A. is to he commended for its excellent planning of a yearls program keenly aware of the thought, '4The direction in which education starts a child will determine his futuref' Officers for the year 1955-56 are: President, Mr. Herbert Baischg Ist Vice-president, Mrs. Cameron Bairdg 2nd Vice-president, Mrs. Paul Geigerg Recording Secretary, Mrs. Naomi Hauthg Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Arthur Bleyg Treasurer, Mr. Gordon Christenseng Luncheon Hostess, Mrs. Richard Buchauer. DISPLAY OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MATERIALS Though you see our office staff here from left to right: MISS MARLYN E. MAMMOSER MRS. EMILY CLEASON Daily me see them as 'cjust rightw- efficient, patient, and kind. Our Principal As a manaber of things, ideas, and people, our principal daily makes decisions. This ability to make decisions plus his scholarly attributes. research mindedness. sense of humor, and abiding con- cern for the welfare of all students characterizes - MR. EDWIN E. PECK-as a man who wears well. We can justly be proud of him. ,lg 4 . . ., -,J H ' - .nw 1, .-Lffcg ,, , 1 g 1 3 5 Q 5 is .1i:..VV. 5. J "" . 5 21? i 2 E fi ? 1 53 W Af Kr E Hi: .Quia Q .Q V 42, gl fijk' 5 ' 527Nfj':v. 7. ' .. m X. . gays: :X W , -dwg .. - M x 5 E. 4? y Q, . . 1 af fx I' 3 2 is fy ln . 4 Q M 5 Q fFAf 5. 57 .rig 3 4 ig I 5 gtg fi F gy Q Q : f i Q H 5 F? U r Guidance As guidance counselor, Mr. Olney has direct contact with each student's program of studies. His joint meetings with the parents of a student and the student himself can result in the best possible program of studies. leading to college or to a position with opportunities for advancement. Here in the photograph. you see Robert l, Bolton and Mr. Olney studying a college catalog. Our School Personnel Checks-Plans and Safeguards Physical-lVlental Development of Future Citizens Dental Miss Schiller, our dental hygienist, checks our teeth. The dental check-up and cleaning of teeth reveal any needed dental repair work. Since healthy teeth and a white smile contribute to a pleasing personality, the Senior in the chair, Ronald F. Salzman, is getting that final check hefore the Senior trip to Washington. Speech Therapg Speech therapy in our school is under the direction of Dr. Dopheide, who works with individual students. Stuttering, stammering, and lisping are some of the speech problems that are recognized and treated. All teachers are sensitive to any change in the speech patterns of children and these children. if the need exists. receive proper training to lead them to better speech habits. Phgsical Education For the benefit of students unable to par- ticipate in strenuous activities, Mr. Moore teaches corrective classes in physical educa- tion. Both Miss Palmer and Mr. Hagen teach physical education classes. All three of these teachers are involved in planning and super- vising numerous seasonal intramural activities offered to all students. Medical Clinic Our clinic's main purpose is to safeguard the health of students. This year polio shots have been given, and all juniors have received a tetanus booster shot. Those who partici- pate in sports and cheerleading receive a medical examination before participation is allowed. Physical examinations are given to all students. Here in the photograph Dr. Ronald Martin is doing a check-up on Ber- nard C. Cier as Miss Cressman records the facts. Mr. Leo F oroscij, Dir. ADVISORY COMMITTEE Mr. Ralph La Fevre Mr. .Ioseph Kwilos Mr. Kenneth Savage Mrs. Eleanor Hammond Mrs. Barbara Palasik Mrs. Robert Spencer Mrs. Cleo Morgester Mr. Leo Foroscij, chairman Adult Education 1955-56 PROGRAM CLASSES TEACHERS Gym for Men .Oil Painting Ind. Arts Gov't for Aliens Eng. for Foreign Born Typing Sewing Parliamentary Procedure Ceramics Welding Photography Methods-Time Study Badminton Auto Driving Farm Problems Flower Arranging Richard Mazuca Donald Haug Richard Mergler John R. Barry Audrey Greenwood Irene Koubek Edith Oberg Elizabeth Rothe Richard Mergler Edwin C. Horton Richard Mergler Robert Kreitner Albert J. Ball Gerald Nelson Edward Munger Mae Becker Mr. Mergler Is Showing The Best Photograph NIGHT Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Wednesday By Schedule Monday i Q05 ,L 1-4 8 Q'Xn'l!V!7 X 2 X V' X X W. dm A5 W , 4 , ff Q 5 I. 'iff-,. 56 H ,gi 75322 - 5' --' I 5 ff: HQ, I W' 55 '1?1-is-E5 , , t, A 1 . lg! .jj N I -U fi 6.00 .0 .1 i QQ! 00 its - ,. E133 hy f f 21- ' A ' rl' fu 1,3 "A 2 ,f k X f-"'7'-x.v 31335 ,Roger Marvin S9-fYU:.0'L Eiga., c.'T'fv1'k'uhg . . .j-q5g,.5Lo l Q A RONALD L. KNOLL "Rona . . . quiet . . . well liked . . . proficient Senior Class president . . competent basketball player. ROBERT N. KEHE "Boba . . . scholarly . . . sincere . . . class leader . . . versatile . . . a gentle- man. Senior Class Officers President ............. ....... R onald L. Knoll Vice-President ........ ...... R obert N. Kehe Secretary .......... .......... N ancy E. Cotten 0 f Treasurer ...... ........ B arbara M. Howell of 1956 1956 NANCY E. COTTEN "Nunn . . . popular . . . vivacious . . . competent in all endeavors . . . delight- ful Junior Prom Queen . . . teller of tall tales. BARBARA M. HOWELL "Barb" . . . personality plus . . . pro- ficient in sports . . . efficient class treas- urer . . . studious. GLORIA R. ANDRES Efficient . . . Tower Staff . . . white bucks . . . willing worker . . . congenial. ROBERT I. BOLTON "Babu . . . happy . . . energetic . . . enjoys a good argument . . . studious . . . staunch class member. PATRICIA A. BAUER "Pat" . . . fun-loving . . . sincere . . . works hard . . . basketball player of ILOIC. CLARENCE A. BORNEMANN, JR. Droll . . . close-order drill expert . . . causes ripples of laughter . . . speech- maker . . . friendly. MARY JANE BLASZ All business . . . a ready worker . . . neat . . . friendly . . . speaks the spoken word softly. DAVID R. BOWER "Dave,, . . . quiet . . . reliable . . . studious . . . picture-snapper . . . always courteous. ' 18 JULIE A. BRZEZICKI "Breezie" . . . artistic . . . entertain- ing . . . sunny disposition . . . dramatic . . . sparkling. RICHARD E. CHYRECK "Dick,, . . . quiet . . . easy going . . . helpful and friendly . . . likes cars. FLORENCE L. BURGER Louise . . . blond, good naturea' . . . likes to converse . . . systematic work habits. JOHN L. CRARY, JR. Friendly . . . jovial . . . musically in- clined . . . ready for laughs . . . cour- teous. PAUL E. CARPENTER Chess player . . . carefree ways . . math student . . . likes to frolic . good-natured. THOMAS D. DACEY "Tom" . . . pleasant . . . works hard polite . an asset to our basket ball team. FRANKLIN F. DICKEY A "Frank', . . . science minded . . . lik- able . . . studious . . . center of attrac- tion in Mrs. B's classes. DAVID D. GAYLORD "Cizz,' . . . outspoken . . . liked by all . . . courteous . . . neat . . . works hard. DAVID E. DOLE "Davey . . . well liked . . . sharp dresser . . . photographer . . . loves baseball. BERNARD C. CIER "Bernie,, . . . well-liked . . . conscien- tious . . . Embers photographer . . laughs last . . . wears well. IVIILDRED K. EDWARDS "Kay,, . . . work is her play . . . peppy cheerleader . . . laughter, inc. always . . . a real friend. WILLIAM H. GOSS "Bill,, . . . quiet . . . studious . . . always calm . . . radio minded-liked b zz. I y a zo THERESA M. HASKELL "Cerry,' . . . peppy . . . likes to give speeches . . . works hard . . . dreams to please. FLORA MAY KRAUSS "Flora" . . . well liked . . . neat as a pin . . . hard worker . . . pleasant. ANTOINETTE KASINSKI "Toni', . . . tranquil . . . neat . . . polite . . . happy-go-lucky . . . excels in kitchen arts. PATRICIA A. LANDAHL "Pain . . . enjoys excitement and fun . . . talkative . . . friendly . . . sports enthusiast. MARY A. KOZAK "Monia', . . . blushing . . . gay . . . vivacious . . . hard worker . . . a friend to all. ALICE M. MAY Energetic and likable . . . very neat . . . giggles personified . . . top notch basketball player. 2 I JAMES S. MESSER ufimn . . . amicable . . . energetic . . a friend to all . . . a true jazz enthusiast JAMES E. MOHNEY if ' 37 ' lim . . . energetic . . . manager de- luxe . . . loves a debate . . . music mind- ed . . . droll humor. GEORGE L. MICELI "Sam,, . . . mad about motors likable . . . creator of new expressions ROGER J. MONIN "Happy-go-lucky . . . cheerful . . artistic . . . polite . . . dependable . . . wears well. THOMAS E. MILLER "Tommy,' . . . works hard . . . quiet yet fun-loving . . . most dependable . . . keen sense of duty. NORMA J. NEHRING Demure . . . pleasant . . . neat . . . capable secretary . . fcourteous. JEANETTE L. NEUMANN Math minded . . . enjoys books . . serene . . . sincere . . . pleasant . . likafble. YVONNE H. PINEAU Lwely . . . enjoys basketball . . Heal . . . szncere . . pleasant. GSB H. ROBERT PACE ob" . . . sincere . . . money getter personified. . . friendly . . . polite. Sir HAZEL A. REID were . . . smart dresser . . . silent pleasant . . . very hard worker. SANDRA L. PARK "Sandy,' . . . amicable . . . neat . . . worries . . . works diligently . . . cour teous. JAMES E. REINHARD Star athlete . . . happy . . . tops in manners . . . works diligently . . . wears well. 23 CHARLES A. RINGER "Chuck', . . . rugged . . . silent . . . mechanically minded . . . polite . . tries hard. DEBARA A. SHERMAN "Debbie" . . . happy . . . composed . . . sports minded . . . lover of fine music. RONALD F. SALZMAN "Ron', . . . calm and collected . . . tops in F.F.A. activities . . . likes pho- tography . . . polite and sincere. JUDY M. SIEVERS Neat and orderly . . . modest . . . sincere . . . hard worker . . . enjoys fun. EDWARD J. SCHMITTENDORF "Edu . . . easy going . . . likable . . . quiet . . . athlete of note . . . wears well. PHILLIP F. SMITH "Phil,, . . . quiet . . . likable . . . sin- cere . . . likes art . . . courteous. 24 FRANCIS R. SWARTZ "Fran" . . . spirited . . . neat . . . pleasant . . . interested in photography . . . skier of note. .IUDITH A. WRIGHT nludyv . . . skilled as a dancer . . . Tower editor . . . petite . . . friendly . . . courteous. The Heritage No matter what my birth may be, No matter where my lot is east, I am the heir in equity Of all the precious Past. The art, the science, and the lore Of all the ages long since dust, The wisdom of the world in store Are mine, all mine in trust. The beauty of the living earth, The power of the golden sun, The Present, whatsoe'er my birth, I share with every one. -Abbie Farwell Bro As much as any man am I Mine are the minutes as they fly To save or throw away. And mine the Future to bequeath- Unto the generations newg I help to shape it with my breath Mine as I think or do. Present and Past my heritage, The future laid in my controlg No matter what my name or age, I am a Master-soul! wn i l l i 66 99 PATRICIA E. WORK Pat ...gay...demure. twirler of note . . . pleasant. GEORGE F. ZITTEL "Zit', . . . sincere . . . courteous . . . admired by all students . . . tops in sports and leadership. The owner of the working dayg MNEQUR UU A'.,,,,4.pa.v-s-N--uf, -?A.l,l.d7v .-Jak win nx- 1193 E QW' Caf. 2195 ww BW Ywn aww -grow VVQVV N6 Qu vi .1- 1 5 V 1 '1 First Row: Phyllis Walterick, Rosella Thiel, Barbara Pawlicki, Kathleen Lore. Priscilla Case, Patricia Rose, Grace Anderson, Betty Witkoski, Gail Price, Barbara Preston, Joanne Di Maria, Mary Jo Landahl. Second Row: Evelyn Minekime, Carolyn Scharf, Ruth Benker, Nancy Nellis, Elaine Heneus, Don Wagner, George Castle, Mrs. E. Brenneman, Mrs. E. Hoffman, John Slang, Rosemarie Kader, Nancy Sealy, Marsha Shamblen, Lucy Kaczmareck, Althea Burger. Third Row: Sandra Spack, Judy Horton, Julia Blasz, Joan Fraser, Patricia Colvin, Nina Biancki, Judy Eisele, Dolores Schumer, Rosemarie Mostek, Betty Merchant. Fourth Row: Charlotte Jensen, Phyllis Hammond, Barbara Radziwon, Charlaine Phatiger, Eileen Saar, Shirley Warren, Elaine Gelil, Thomas Lewis, Edward Martin, David Law, Maylon Smith, George Schwanz. Dennis Myer- hoffer, Allen Schmitt, Ronald Koffman, Bruce Pontius. Fifth Row: Ronald Beyer, Gordon Johns, Stanley Jakiel, Norbert Preischel, Eugene Stelgmier, William Brenneman, George Papich, Anthony Cltiavetta, Robert Williams, Glenn Nellis, Richard Whitmyer, Bob Zulick, Donald King, Robert Geiger, Mike 0,Day, Robert Peck. First Row P Colvin, Mrs. Brenneman, E. Mine- klme P Hammond Second Row: R. Peck. OFFICERS President ,........... ......................,..,,.... Vice-President ..,.,.. ......... Secretary ......... Treasurer, ...... , Advisor .,,....., y Class of l957 28 ' Evelyn Minekime .Robert Peck ,.......Patricia Colvin ...........,....Phyll1s Hammond ' ..,.... Mrs. Evelyn Brenneman OFFICERS President ., ......,,,,.v.........,, ....... G eorge Agle Vice President .,....... ,,,,,,,, P aul Shepker Secretary Treasurer ,AA..,w ....,.,.,,,w4,,,,,,,...., P hyllis Miller Advzsor .....,..... ........ M iss Elizabeth Witzleben First Row: Phyllis Miller, Rosalie Remiszewski, Sandra Piller, Donna Stark, Beverly Ringer, Cherie Gehl. Carol Kuppel, Marie Filipiak, Sally Todd, Beverly Minekime, Patricia Mietlinski, Loreen Slaughenhaupt, Karen Smith. .lndy Gregory. Gordon Mammoser. Second Row: Walter Burkhardt, Albert Schaefer, Richard Willet, Raymond Kramer, llerman Jans, Paul Shepker, Miss Witzleben, Mr. Duffy, Mrs. Conklin, David Law, John Crowe, Rodney Williams, Raymond Harpster, George Guenther. Thomas Mroz. Third Row: James Turton, Edward Pepper, William Cheney. Donald Schasel, Bernice Serena. Rhoda Gould, Brenda Baird, Rebecca Gould. ,lean Ilaist, Sharon O'Brynt, Ann Fraser, ,If-an Smith, Alice Sessanna, Marie Nehring, Mary ,lane Kaminski. Fourth Row: David Smith, Howard DeBoi, Paul Modica, Kevin Blust. Robert Stickney, Francis Luczak, Larry Olewine, Charles Chiavetta, Willis Neifer. Jean Bley, ,lone-ll Cole, Judy Ormsby, ,loan Smith, Barbara Finch, Clara Sibiga, William Steng. Fifth Row: Robert Yager, George Agle, Alvin Shaw, James Smolinski, james Ferris, Donald Williams, Jerome Schmitz. Donald Fox, Anthony Weiss, Ronald Schmitt, Ronald Goodbrand, Larry Johns, -Martin Winter, Paul Spence, David Gould. Row One: Miss Elizabeth Wltzleben Ceorge Agle, Phyllis Miller. Row Two Paul Shepker Class of 1958 First Row: Keneth Franz, Katherine Vadino, Sandra Ventrone, Virginia Schramm, Judy Kwilos, Carole Penny, Jean Pfarner, Judy Bauer, Barbara Stang, Rosemarie Zwack, Dorothy Hennesy, Carol Heichburger, Charlotte Sauberan, Mary Owen, Joan Pfarner, Betty Pew, Robert Sheflin. Arthur Gerspacher. Second Row:Audrey Wroblewski, Lois Nicholson, Ann Dacey, Linda Piller, Carol Geiger, Jean Hartley, Rita Tebo, Mr. Gassman, Mr. Christensen, Mrs. Trask, Miss Collins, Nina lmburgia, Kathleen Williams, Betty Richards, Lucille Zynda, Reed Sallak, Robert Chiavetta, David Allen. Third Row: Ronald Langendorfer, Ronald Geiger, Carl Bianchi, Roger Zittel, Albert Condon, Gary Nobbs, John Bolton, Gail Merchant, Judy Slaugenhaupt, Sharon Partridge, Carol Mammoser, Carole Maltby, Carol Eckhardt, Norma Haage, Dorothy Kaminski, Charles Schmitz, Fred Schmidt, Eugene May. Fourth Row: Lawrence Haag, Dennis Hughes, David Morris, Paul Herdel, Donald Loefke, Peter lmburgia, James Natwara, Marvin Horton, Robert Maltby, Charles Vara, William Gerspacher, Hebert Beck, Paul Mostek, John Stackner, Carol Daly, Lios Schacher, Melanie Walther, Donald Winkelman, Albert Hoelscher, John Armbruster, Nancy Morris, Bonnie Terhune, Dale Canny, Gail Nellis, Cynthia Hammond, Faye Davis, Shirley Halladay, Adrianne Gnias, Dorothy Nagle, Marilyn Sheffield. Fifth Row: Edwin Peck, Richard Benson, John Gearhardt, David Yager, Cliffton Ellis, Gilles Iassiville, Eugene Schmitt, Michael Koehler, Diane Agle, Leonard Kwiles, Dennis Januszkiewicz, Gertrude Batorski, Gordon Rock- wood, Hugh Giullaume, Allan Bley, Dale Preischel, Paul Weller, Waiter Koch, Joseph Guadagno, Myron Looney, William Straker, Richard Ash. First Row: J. Gearhardt, R. Zittel, F. Davis. Second Row: Mr. Christensen. A Class of 1959 30 OFFICERS President ,.......... ,.,...........i..... ......... R o ger Zlttel Vice-President .....,,v..., .,.,.... J ohn Gearhardt Secretary-Treasurer ...... .....,................. F aye Davis Advisor ,,,i,.,........,.,.. ....... M r. Gordon Christensen First Row: Gerald Wysocki, Douglas Nelson, Paul Zittel, Marilyn Lakely, Suzanne Cheney, Margaret Horton, Jo Ann Zells, Joyce Winter, Joan Turton, Joan Zittel, Susan Tc-bo, Maryellen Holehouse, Gloria Ann Thornes, Robert Kaczmarczyk, Gerald Franz, John Schasser. Second Row: James Kern, Paul Kirst, Marsha Mundaniohl. Sally Gregory, Anthony Filipiak. Tanya Bridges, Mary Ann Vara, Mr. Collard, Mrs. Hannan, Mr. Mazuca, Lois Barnes, Shirley Preston, Clarence Kader, Audrey Reid, Katherine Euler, Robert Kader. Third Row: Linda Wick, Bonnie Ferris. Ronald Swartz, Bronwyn Baird, Nancy Miller, Marcia Brand, Donna Allanson, Joan Franz, Janice Thornes, Neal Barnes. James Anny, William Guenther, David Walker, John Sauberan, Tony Askew. Fourth Row: James Preston, David Will, Ronald Richardson, David Adams, Patil Meyer, Camille Merlino, James Mackey, David Lowrance, Joseph Enser, Dennis Dacey, Darlene Schneider, Nancy Blenk, John Artmeier, Eric Benzin, William Carpenter, Girard Kelly, James Bradley, Patricia Lutes, Virginia Bolton, Helaine Phatiger, Penelope Curle. Joanne Hodgson, John Roeller, Dennis O'Day, Henry Wilson. Fifth Row: Leslie Furman, Paul Niedermeyer, Alan Shamblen, John Dauer, Philip Kuppel, David Campbell, Riley Thrasher, George Graovac. Jolm Persinger, Barbara Staby, Delbert Meyerhoefer, John Niedermeyer, Gilbert Brockman, Arlene Kaczmarek, Donald Williams, William Agle, Daniel Kiec, Larry Hallberg, Clifford Rockwood, Richard Towns. HE MARKS-NOT THAT YOU WON OR LOST- . Eughth Grade PLAYED THE GAME. -RICE 31 First Row: George Bogardus, William Bos, Gilbert Johnson, Ronald Zulick, James Agle, Rose Mary Huber, Jacqueline Fox, Alice Dickey, Lola Newberry, Mary Walker, Virginia Mundianohl, Carol Madden, Thomas Skinner, Michael Eisele, Alvin Zells, Lee Hallberg. Second Row: Robert Ball, Richard Hale, George Machmer, Irene White, Patricia Filipiak, Judith Shepker, Sue Bauer, Mr. Foroscij, Mrs. Dash, Mr. Fregellette, Mr. Gray, Mary Lutz, Patricia Gehl, Barbara Page, Monika Bastian, Donna Young, Merna Harwood. Third Row: Dale Johnson, Ronald Kelly, Vernon Newbury, William Ackermann, Ray Ward, John Ver Hagen, Clyde Colvin, Richard Hanny, Gary Shamblen, Carl Cole, Charles Gaylord, Gary Messer, Ernest Colantino, Judy Meyerhoeffer, Harvey Persinger, David Bugbee, Donald Kelly, Betty Ann Smith, Deanna Gehl, Frank Harriger. Fourth Row: Richard Chittenden, Franklin Olewine, Kenneth Tanner, William Ackerman, Johann Kielar, Emily Bates, Gisela Heim, Susan Ash, Mary Batorski, Sharon Romano, Ann Law, James Potter, Roger Eckhardt, Charles Rizzo, Bruce Rich, Wesley Giullaume, Robert Campbell, James Partridge, Nina Walther, Marion Montgomery, Karen Williams, Patricia Jordan, Susan Straker, Gail Imburgia, Karen Straker, Linda Hardy, Judith Adams, Dawn Williamson, Marjorie Maltby, Carol Shero, Marilyn Nagel, Edward Fuhrman, George Engel. Fifth Row: Ronald Vondell, Carol Meyer, Herbert Borneman, Karen Cole, James Robinson, Maureen Twist, Marjorie Guenther, William Hammond, Kent Willis, David Williams, Joan Zynda, Patricia Witherel, Rita Mae Rome, John Hammond, Barbara Pike, Larry Nehring, Patricia Benson, James Rogers. THE GAME IS MORE THAN THE PLAYER . . AND THE SHIP IS Seventh Grade MORE THAN THE CREW! -KIPLING 32 English The ultimate goal of all high school English courses is a student able to comprehend what he reads and proficient in expressing himself both in written and oral activities. Where science ends, poetry begins-thus, David E. Dole stands alone as he gives his interpretation of the poetry being studied by the class. language The world grows smaller through advances in trans- portation and communication-and wise is the student who. takes Latin, French, or Spanish. Dur- ing a free period, there is opportunity for indi- vidual instruction or faster progress in the language being studied. Jeanette L. Neuman, Miss Collins, and Debora A. Sherman pause in their reading about far-away France for this photograph. Business While Gloria R. Andres is attaching the stencil, Alice M. May is busy getting another one ready. Flora May Krauss has located "that letter" in the file. Competent, skilled, courteous, able to get along with others-our girls are ready for the business world. Too, no teacher could get through the year without the help of these, and other girls, in the realm of "please Ditto and run '100' copies for mef, Mathematics The small classes in algebra, geometery, and trig- onometry, affording ample opportunity for indi- vidual attention, teach students to be accurate and to reason well. Neither Ronald L. Knoll nor Judith A. Wright would show a face for this photographg they will get the correct answer before the bell rings! Health Mental and physical health, common problems of high school students, and family relationships are some of the topics in health courses. Whenever possible, theory and practice are combined .as demonstrated in this photograph. Mr. Nelson is demonstrating artificial respiration on George L. Miceli as Manuel Rivas and Anthony Chiavetta ob- serve the technique. Home Economics Marica Brand and Mrs. Funch are making that final check of the pattern. Gloriann Thornes, Bonnie Ferris, Janice Thornes. and Mary Vara not only learn sewing, but also learn through practice how to prepare foods and meats. Problems rela- tive to housing, child care, clothing, and personal relations are also only a few of the many phases of the course. Science In this age of science, students too can take courses in general science, biology, physics, and chemistry. The laboratory work, in addition to regular class instruction, afford students opportuni- ties to combine the theory and practical phases of the course. David R. Bower and David E. Dole keep a sharp eye on George F. Zittel as he works on that chemistry experiment. You can tell by Mr. Varcois smile that the experiment will be a success. Agriculture The application of science to farming is one of the goals of classes in agriculture. Joseph Gun- dagno, Gordon Rockwood, and Mr. Munger are listening to Althea Burger's analysis of the best seeds to use. Field trips and various testing pro- grams are also part of courses leading to better farming. Driver Education With Gordon Johns as the driver and Mr. Nelson as a passenger, Robert Williams, Glenn Nellis, and Robert Geiger stand by for this photograph. These students are but a few of the many who are learn- ing how to drive safely. Hand-in-hand with em- phasis on safety is equal emphasis on courtesy. Students alternate between classes and actual driv- ing lessons. Historg Even though the debate may never be settled, in history class one can get the facts relative to the question, "Do times make the man, or does the man make the times?,' ln history courses, students learn about the past to better live the future. To become the best type of American, students study American history, but learn also that the problems of other countries are oftentimes our problems as well. Robert N. Kehe is all eyes as Mr. Duffy points out the trouble spot on the map. Music Most students. though they may not admit it, would like to know more about music. Too often, students picture the musical life of our school as the band. orchestra. or various choral groups giv- ing public performances. Behind all the playing are the classes teaching students the theory. Here at Eden, students have many opportunities to develop their musical skills. Mrs. Gangi is explaining a musical bit that will, no doubt, help James E. Mohney next year at Fredonia. Commercial Commercial students can learn typing, secretarial practice. shorthand, and transcription. Speed. ex- actness, and a knowledge of the basic principles of business are stressed by Miss Witzleben. The stu- dents in this photograph were so attentive to their work that we didnit get their names. Librarg Almost dailygand certainly every period of the day-the room of most activity is our school li- brary. We have a school library second to none and the students use its resources of books, maga- zines, pamphlets, and reference material. H. Robert Page and Nancy E. Cotten are checking some ma- terial, for a program sponsored by the National Honor Society, of which both are members. Art Reynolds, the painter, once said, "A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughtsf' Here you see the students using their talents to create. Mr. Lundberg not only teaches art, but he is al- ways busy helping students get out posters for the lnevitable dances, dinners, and school parties. Industrial Arts Mr. Mergler is keeping an eye on his young work- ers: James Mackey, Dennis Dacey, and James Bradley as they cut a piece of peg board at a 600 angle on the miter box. Courses in general shop, metal, and woodworking teach students to create and construct. Certainly care of tools and safe work practices are by-products of these courses combining theory with actual doing. Correctives Though physical fitness for all is the aim of the Eden Central Physical Education Department, not all students can take part in the regular gym classes. Thus, corrective classes are conducted by Mr. Moore. ln these classes. students perform exer- cises and those activities which they are capable of doing. Phgsical Education Our gym is never idle, for Edenis Physical Educa- tion Department has developed a progfram of sports designed to gain physical fitness for all. ln physical education classes. students learn the art of co- ordination, plus rules of good sportsmanship, and the value of team effort. Elsewhere in this Embers, there are two pages of ink drawings about our Intramural Program of sports for all students. Photography One of the most popular courses in school is pho- tography taught by Mr. Mergler. While most stu- dents will use what they have learned as a hobby, some plan to make a career of photography. A school-owned camera and a complete dark room plus other "camera-hug" equipment is available for the use of class members. E LSR 5 + ,ck lv' Me qXg9 E n ggi'-LEE SEI-qlxlo fp OIL S mmm 5 as 5352: C' PLT? pro' s Q, "' ,LA.'uZKA0 v"-A-"" he vii. e I 3699 59 Y 4 k Mildred K. Edwards Literary Editor Roger J. Monin Art Editor H. Robert Page Advertising Editor Barbara M. Howell Assistant Editor Embers Staff Nancy E. Cotton Editor-In-Chief Mr. John R. Barry Faculty Advisor Judy M. Sievers Typing Editor Bernard C. Gier Photography Editor James S. Messer Business Editor James E. Mohney Circulation Editor 42 LITERARY STAFF .Iudith A. Wright Gloria R. Andreas Mary Jane Blasz . ART STAFF Julie A. Brzezicki Phillip F. Smith ADVERTISING STAFF Robert N. Kehe Robert I. Bolton Patricia A. Landahl David D. Gaylord Embers Staff Members CIRGULATTION STAFF Thomas E. Miller George F. Zittel Ronald L. Knoll James T. Reinhard .Iohn L. Crary Paul E. Carpenter Clarence A. Borneman, Jr. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Ronald F. Salzman David E. Dole ADVISOR Mr. John R. Barry TYPING STAFF Mary A. Kozak Alice M. May Norma J. Nehring Flora May Krauss BUSINESS STAFF Francis R. Swartz Florence L. Burger ADVERTISING STAFF Sandra L. Park Debara A. Sherman Hazel A. Reid Thomas D. Dacey Franklin F. Dickey Bernard C. Gier Photography Thomas E. Miller Ronald F. Salzman Assistant to Mr. Barry Photography For willingness to do more than was required, for attention to detail, for thoroughness in every task, for sensible reactions to construc- tive criticism, and for kindly humor-these three Seniors deserve our respect for their contributions to' the production of this Embers. WW' Www VM 1 fp" Lis , 'f Q x ew gxxx H. ., , 2 Q K 5' i n 5 , M if ,X A ,S 1 Si., f ff 5 2 I X K' 3 ,HW i,'x "f ' f , 1- F: 2 fx A .V , N. W X I W 5 M , Aa S X I 2 xv K 1,5 R ,, w' 1. x V+ E--I .K ,, .4,XK 4 ,gky V infra .. 3M'Qs'Zi'?7 H' 15 A Q im, A 1 2 ,vi 5? if .rf A E, . X -wx , xii' WA' X fat: .. 'fl Sf 'Sm 5 l l-Q, , v ix In . . -' I - X . + M- - . . . . y f.. A , ' K 7 . X A T' ' q L Q Rfi . ' if ' f ag 1 M . . . - ...W , . 133 .. MQ, 4 .X .. . MM... . Q ...,.. QW.. .. .- . . . f - L- 1- 1' - 5: ff 2... .f?52f1 fYQv:z?5aEfri22i-P 1 - K F 'T - - r - . v:QfQ,-Mi.. Kw.M.1.f..ff', X. - . X ww. .2 5 ww..-'.w 7 ff...-,wmeff 2-if-mr.-f: f - if-Y-. my .ww M . ...sw ff - -- may -Mvff-N - 7 15 -ff Q + - W vs 5 1: . eg Z K Q' .irq K? V :fi 3 A vi Ea? b M f . ' ' Q . - -xii 'W ' K 51 LS f-Q f fm. f af . . . . . ai -H .1 as . . Q. .. " 'A 'xl ff "'- N V' . if f - , s Q x f. li ff- 't' z fr . .1 A if M R W. Q. 7 .A ,ix . .- 'dv .. , '- ,g . ' ask ,, L 1 1 N 1' . W' X N . . . 'K xx K+ Ref.. X' luv. N. gt Si . sh. -, X . , J 4 . f . f - awk 5 1. 5 ' . 5 f f ff 3 f Q Q . .ff , .www .YE 1 2 ' . 6, HU la .1 K 3 if S2 - 'J f .. I ...1Q:,... Ar as wi R X .1 QF... . 5 Q? 5 .f :- .5 .3 .ug 'f 5. Mfg ng. , ll 5 LL .sw F Q Vi s H 1 wx 2 "' Q- I W x ' x '99 W JK 1 X :wg . W' xg A, .ga 15 +? Girls' Chorus x as . uf, ll ll gg M :,1- M 1 I , . 'L ,fi - l g wr W V I W f. f' 1 0 i ' I ' 315 'FQ h . . J ll 'gd' 4 t li q U Wu if ff 75 11 Nl' al 1. 35 A ..., 1., , , , .1 i E 5 -, ggiifgwf ! H A N Q X 1 il 1 K x 6 Q ..,.,..,..Q..... . WM. ,Lnf W,-W,w,..L.,W . VI fig Ez. I 'fgani 1 251. ry 'wc Qs ,af V fi 1' ME X' n W 3 3 H , 3 , Q QE' 5 2 K fu if . 1 A ff .4 1 X .. 2 Q s E X First Row: Cordon Christensen, Catherine Palmer, Dorcas Smith, Austin Pempsell, John Crowe. Second Row: Gerald Nelson, George Zittel, Myron Looney, Edward Schmitten- dorf, Richard Mazuca, Daniel Hagen, Benedict Varco, Alfred Gray, Ronald Kaufman, Bruce Pontius, Paul Ryan, Edwin Peck. Students, physical education instructors, student council president, principals, and coaches meet regularly to discuss and plan for better things for all phases of athletics. High- lights of the year are the awarding of school letters hon- oring those who participated in sports, and the annual sports banquet. Athletic Council James Smolinski, Treasurer, Ronald Schmitt, Secretary: Ronald Salzman, President: Allen Schmitt, Vice-president: Anthony Chiavetta, Reporter: Edward Pepper, Sentinel, Supplementing the regular agriculture courses at Eden is a branch of the Future Farmers of Amer- ica. The E.F.A.,s chief aim is to unite those stu- dents, who are interested in farming as their future occupation. The members work with Mr. Munger on projects in connection with new farming meth- ods. F. F. A. First Row: Larry Blowers, James Preston, Henry Wilson, Gilbert Brockman, Ronald Richardson, .lcrry Franz. Sec- ond Row: Clifford Rockwood, Riley Thrasher, Richard Towns, Mr. Nelson, Roger Monin, Phillip Smith, Phillip Kuppel. With a record of never having had an accident, our school safety patrol, under the direction of Mr. Nelson, has maintained a high quality of leader- ship. This group instructs and directs the students in crossing streets and highways at or near the school. Safetg Patrol First Row: Bruce Munger, David Nagel, Gilbert Johnson, Wilbert Voelz, llenry Wielkie. Second Row: ,lohn Thomas, Edward Dacey, Peter Curley, James Skora, James Meyer- hoefer, Norman Serena, Daniel Graovac. Third Row: David Yeager, James Pemble-ton. Fourth Row: Kent Willis, Edward Walczyk, Daniel Morris, Mr. Numger. Membership in the 4-H is open to any boy in the fifth through twelfth grade. Under Mr. Munger's supervision, these boys participate in various activ- ities such as dairying, home gardening, poultry raising. vegetable growing. or other projects. 4-H Sealed: Paul Herdle, Ronald Schmitt, Clarence Kader, Paul Kirsl, James Messer. Richard Znlick. Brenda Baird, Standing: Robert Kehe. James Mohney, Allen Schmitt, Robert Yager. George Agle, Robert Peck. lt is always a musical treat to hear Robert Kehe direct the dance band. Under Mr. Downey's super- vision, the band has learned to play both classical and popular tunes. A smart appearance and music that pleases makes our dance band "tops" with the student body. Dance Band First Row: C. Vadino, D. Hennessey, J. Zells, J. Winter, C. Heichberger. M. Owen, A. Reed. Second Row: M. Fili- piak, C. Mammoser, D. Kaminski, J. Kwilos, C. Maltby, J. DiMaria, C. Sibiga. Third Row: P. Bauer, B. Witkow- ska, M. L. Albert, M. Bnchannan, A. Cians. C. Kuppel, Mrs. Funck. Fourth Row: Mrs. Conklin, J. Ormsby, S. Warren, R. Mostek, A. Burger, R. Kader. The Future Homemakers of America has two groups at Eden, a senior high group and a junior high group. both directed by Mrs. Conklin. These groups work together in an effort to help commun- ity, home, and school. F.tt A. Y iii 6 'NF' i Audio-Visual Aids First Row: Mr. Pempsell, Joan Zittel, Linda Pillar, Ca- mille Merlino, Patricia Lutes, Mr. Collard. Second Row: Dennis Januskiewisz, Michael Koehler, Robert Stickney, William Straker, Myron Looney, Richard Towns, Paul Weller, Paul Zittel, David Allen, Edward Hummel, Allen Bley, Richard Willet, Herbert Beck, Paul Herdle, William Cheney. A new and needed organization in our school this year, is the audio-visual aids group, for students in grades 8 through 12. These students, under the supervision of Mr. Pempsell and Mr. Collard, op- erate projectors, keep track of films, and aid teach- ers in the audio-visual room. Librarg Staff David D. Gaylord, Defense Attorneyg Flora May Krauss, Secretary, Ronald F. Salzman, Judge, Thomas Lewis, Offenderg James E. Mohney, District Attorney. Student Court was established to enable students to learn courtroom procedure and also gain more actual practice in student government. A judge, prosecuting and defense attorneys, plus a jury are chosen from the student body. Those found guilty end up in detention. Student Court First Row: Judy Bauer, Betty Merchant, Melanie Walthers, Lois Schacher, Shirley Holliday, Mrs. Vellam, Judy Slaughenhaupt. Second Row: Gail Merchant, Lois Nichol- son, Jean Hartley, Mrs. Greenwood, Judy Horton, Carole Penny. Without the library staff, our library would be out of business. Mrs. Greenwood trains these girls to help others in selecting books, to check books in and out, and to do all those tasks so necessary for an efficient library. Stage Crew First Row: Mr. Mergler, Rose Marie Kader, Robert Stick- ney, Cordon Johns, James Bertsch. Behind the success of our school plays, concerts, and stage presentations are our stage crew, under the supervision of Mr. Mergler. Lighting, sound ef- fects, operating curtainsjbuilding sets are just a few of the necessary things to be done for the suc- cess of any stage production. Monitors First Row: William Gerspacher, Donald Williams, Marsha Shamblen, Eewartl PPPPCT- Ronald Schmidt. Second Row: Robert Peck, Clifton Ellis, Bernard Gier, Robert Bolton, James Reinhardt, Robert Yager. The movement of a large student body between classes is orderly done at Eden due to the work of our monitors. On the job many times daily, they make a contribution to our school life that most of us do not appreciate. Violations can mean a summons to student court. J. H. C, Mrs. Brenneman, Advisor, Julie Brzezicki, Robert Page, William Brenneman, Barbara Feasley. The story of our Junior Red Cross Council, under the direction of Mrs. Brenneman, really needs no telling. This is a group that works for others. The annual membership campaign plus various projects during the year keeps the council busy. One might say that 'Service before selfv is their motto. SPELLING BEE COMPETITION STARTS Thirty-four pupils of grades 6-8 are competing in Eden's annual spelling bee sponsored by the Buf- falo Evening News for the following awards: School awards: each sc- hool champion will receive a Webster's. Collegiate Dictionary with a special bookplate engraved with the winner's name and the official spelling bee em- blem plus a. Paperi Mate pen. The second best sp- eller in school willze- ceive a certificate of merit with the 'name of the pupil and school. ,County awards: First prize will Je a week'long expense'pa- Ld trip to Washington with ln adult escort and a Ze- with S D . gmt. tuper e uxe Trane LAKE SHORE HOST TO MUSICIANS NEXT MONTH John Crary Gordon Johns, Robert Peck, Elaine Henri, ?aul Herdle, James Mohney, Lnd Robert Kehe U1 travel so Lake Shore topartici- nate in Senior A11-State Band on March 18. March 11,1 the following students will also go to Lake Shore for an All-High neet: Elementary Band: Rich. ard Agle: Linda CNBryant: Donald Shacherg Jim Hook- erg and Jeff walker. Junior Band: Roger Zit- tel: Gerald Wysockig .Ray dard: Mike Rayeurg Ted Peck: Robert Kader: ence Kaderg Nancy Morris: James Agleg Richard Kou- beckg Robert Campbell: and George Graovac. Senior Band: John Crary James Mohney: Elaine Hen- ris, Bill Cheney: Paul Herdle: and Bob Kehe. Cal .J ' S:S T EDEN CENTRAL SCHOOL EDEN N Y VOLUME XIII NO6 Miss Elizabeth Witzleben, Advisor Judith Wright, Editor uuu1CB, etc. Twirp week is climaxed with a dance known as the HTwirp Twirl.n The boy is invited by the girl. The date is made when the girl presents the boy with a Twlrp Twirl Tag. Any boy who refuses to accept an invitation is reported to the Twirp Twirl Committee. All expenses of the dance usually taken care of by t.e boy are,that night the responsibility of the girl. I TC-ONTESNTS Alumni 7.' Club News ll- Editorials 2 Inqui ring Reporter 8 Just Picture 5 Pr1nc1pal's Message 1+ Sports 6 Uncle Louie 7 who . 5 Ln lr an a :E SQ ro Is 15 .B m. LS le ad is in DB Lucy Kaczmarek, funior Editor l Mrs. Edna Trask, Advisor I-Yi uucsJ.'5u UL yuU.L..1.u.a.u,y lb? the play, and Carol Geiger and John Gearhart will be EEI0fUUE7fIII'GPT0'T?E HIIISHEU AUGUST I The remodeling at the south-east wing ls more or less completed. On Feb- ruary 22. the partitionbl- tween rooms 131 and 132 was torn down to enlarge room 131. It will not be long be- fore the scaffolds in the auditorium will be taken down. This will make a room for projection and audio-visual aids. Mr. Edwin Peck principal said thattweniy'-five per- cent of the work is com- pleted,-and it is expected to have the remodeling finished by the first of August. FEHIQILA RY 1951: olesoTDHEB Io In use 882.2 o' ,I ' V F' l V' V' Q? films I QLD oo.. Ask yourself .this ques- Jsb ,o5?b QE tion: Which subject 1 s f,!a' 'lvxgfv gif fAXX classified as the lowest in . 4:9 9 If li l I- E 1 l' . I5uo'Ej?HEsQgiigisfiiigof -"- '--, I C A'1'g" ,Jef WANTEE7 4 fbo Q 135 rrffz XY' A S 5 EM BL IE 5 LETS HAVE The applause at the October 13 an evoro 'At this 'exclusive y anvil featured a Dutch team whot sry student in the audience froi stage. Their performances, wi sllls- aging, dancing, and imitations, ughter, Uwowl That was one of the best First Row: Sharon O'Bryant, Judy Wright, Lucy Kaczmarek, .ludith Ormsby, Elaine Henris, Mary ,lane Blasz. Sefoml Row: Judy Bauer, Allan Bley, Stanley Jakiel, Edwin Peck, .lr.. Charlotte Jensen. Michael wed for a long time. The S' Koehler, John Bolton. her organization should put Tina. First Row: Yvonne Pineau, Gloria Andres, Elaine Gehl, Alice May, an l Flora May Krauss, Mary ,lane Blasz. Seronri Row: ,ludith Shepksr, ,lo- M hann Kielar, Gisela H:-im, Mary Ann Kozak, Lois Nicholson, Julia Blasz, P- 7 I Mary Jo Landahl. TOWER .. ybo I November 1955 C It Vol. XIII, No. 3 51 hi BS W 50 Editorss J, Wright 5 it L. Kaczmarek U 31 Adv, Ed. K, Smith Y it Art Ed. L. Nicholson C Bus. Mgr, J. Sievers Prod, Mgr. G. Andres Advisers: Mrs, E. Trask Miss E. Witzleben Published monthly by The Journalism Club v ,dc Eden Central School it y Eden, New York b , ll' H 5' 'T Member nf the U '1' Empire State Scholastic 1 and the r i Western New York t y 6 Press Association ability of our fighters-zgggg-ego like the boys of Eden, E- o Student Council President .,......... Vice-President ......A.. ,A,,,,,,,,.4,, G lenn Nellis Secretary .,.,....,.. Treasurer ........ Advisor ........ OFFICERS ........George Zittel ,.....Beverly Minekime .....,.Patricia Colvin Varco One big project for the Student Council was to print Student Association cards which were given to all students in grades 7-12. The Student Council attended a con- ference at Orchard Park. This conference, held semi-annually, helps the representa- tives plan for a better, more efficient council. As in the past, the Student Council has held Friday night dances, and again this year will hold Twirp Twirl. "Midway Magic" was the name of the carnival the Student Council sponsored this year. It was a big project for the Student Council and it was very successful. First Row: Roger Zittel, Helaine Phatiger, Brenda Baird, Ronald Knoll, Eve- lyn Minekime, James Messer, Carol Eckhardt. Second Row: Gary Messer, Wil- liam Agle, Robert Page, Robert Geiger, Robert Peck, George Agle, Myron Looney, John Crowe, Ronald Zulick. 56 ku :UNM rwnqghfuwmxy Q lily? Qs- -'FT' ' Q- 4.41 TYFN Nggf Cx gifts National Honor Societg The National H 9 1 ar' ship, leadership, and service as its goals. The following seniors are members- Nanc - Y E. Cotten, Robert N. Kehe, Barbara M. Howell, James S. Messer, and H. Robert Page. Collections for the Community Chest and March of Dimes have been s on d p sore by this year's organization. Preparations -are under way for the annual installation assembly during which a formal initiation service will be c d t d Th onor Society, sponsored by Mrs. Brenneman has character schol r. 5 . . ' 'f"'fHtv.t'g s 4 - - '. -4 "' 2 f 1 .1.- ., I ' 4. 43 4 I . - . ' . - --1 if ' '.'.,. ' . '-Ad' L".' - " 1. uf: 'qilsd ,. f'..-'J ' 4' '.l- ",,. ." ' tq-x, fbrngw Q 3 LL. ,N-,',:.-J.:..' .--f:.'- -.., , . . 01.33. ,gf . .. , -. . ..,--,,,., -'-f':.l. .i 1 3 ,1-4 - ..: ,-f'.,..:-: into ' I .f'vf.--'.'. 4.- .- . . :-1. , '.'.. ',.' 'Q-.gi -r' . I.f1"' -"H-:ilu A,-'1g,'2",,l .- ' la..-147 .. 1 - A 71.0 ..n.:.,,.i 'ffm- 'serv 1. N 1 ' ,, . 14 3 fg.., '.. X I. --.W Q--few - 4- - 1 f' F : '-,1L,, A' v f,f.sef '-..f.f e -,aw . E I - y - : . U Z W... : . G . -1, .sm on uc e . e names of the new senior members to be tapped are: David R Bower Ronald L Kn ll d . . . 0 , an Judith A. Wright. :vw O-. 'TE 'ae Zs W2 D5 E! O 'N4 FU n 9. 76 F on El U' 5 W 3 : O 2 1 ? .. F ns '1 CD I 5 fb 5 N P at Q. Q 5. D rf UD Q 'W Q I R.. :J D s nz -1 cn 5' S' Q.. na 5 rn U7 fn Q Q U, fl! ru .F F: FU O U' on -1 .- 'U sz: UQ F' H lata .57 'T'u.ao S XOGOPLIMEMTS 5 if I fix ff? 1:72 gan, fi-'BXQQY elowle NAM H E Q "SHS" ""1'r" j Q, fa Q, 1 S Lined' YYU2. 'Kev 590' meeyil' X - r Varsity Football First Row: Coach Mazuca, Robert Wagner, Robert Peck, Edward J. Schmittendorf, Robert Wil- liams, George F. Zittel, Robert N. Kehe, .lames T. Reinhard, Robert I. Bolton, Manager. Second Row: Myron Looney, Joseph Cuadagno, Michael O'Day, Leslie Furman, Clifton Ellis, George Agle, John Crowe, John Gearhart. Third Row: Bernard Gier, Manual Rivas, Maylon Smith, Leonard Law, Bruce Pontius, William Englehardt, Franklin F. Dickey, Paul A. Carpenter. The final score fades as time goes by-,and those who remember-recall how the game was played. To lose-and lose again-and still keep on trying demands sacrifice and stout hearts. Our coach and team are to be commended for their constant plug- ging. Each has gained something for the future only in terms how much was given. We are proud of having had Robert N. Kehe selected as an ALL-LEAGUE GUARD by both The Buffalo Evening News and the Courier-Express. Robert Peck, Bruce Pontius, and James T. Reinhard received honorable mention on the ALL-LEAGUE team. We are proud of you. COACH MAZUCA Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Maryvale 23 Iroquois 39 Sloan 26 Clarence 35 Pine Hill 0 Griffith Institute 33 Lake Shore Central 6 CO-CAPTAINS ZITTEL AND KEHE Varsity Basketball First Row: James S. Messer, Manager. Second Row: Ronald L. Knoll, Glenn Nellis, Michael 0'Day, James T. Reinhard, Thomas D. Dacey. Third Row: Donald Barrett, Edward ,l. Schmitten- dorf, David D. Gaylord, Gerald Nelson, Robert Peck, Ronald Beyer, George F. Zittel. ln a schedule of 16 games, Eden won 11 and lost 5, finishing in third place in the league. Coach Nelson developed an offensive attack that might be called a five-man weave or a pass-and-go style of play. A combination of man for man and zone defense proved very effective. New school scoring records for a 16 game schedule were estab- lished by James Reinhard, 263 pointsg Edward Schmittendorf, 254 points, and by the team as a whole with 84-1 points. ,lames Reinhard and Edward Schmittendorf were scoring threats in every game, while Robert Peck and George Zittel were valu- able as rugged rebound artists. Ronald Knoll and Thomas Dacey, both excellent team players, excelled in set-up plays. COACH NELSON CAPT. SCHMITTENDORF Eden 51 West Seneca Eden 35 Holland Eden 60 North Collins Eden 51 Pine Hill Eden 34- Sloan Eden 55 Springville Eden 55 Iroquois Eden 42 Lakeshore Eden 62 Holland Eden 33 North Collins Eden 53 West Seneca Eden 53 Pine Hill Eden 61 Sloan Eden 74 Springville Eden 50 Iroquois Eden 72 Lakeshore League Games 61 Varsitg Baseball First Row: Larry Olewine, Daniel Tronolone, Cwpt.g Ronald Knoll, Maylon Smith, Leonard Law, Robert Geiger, Thomas Wiley. Second Row: Paul Herdle J.V. Manager: John Gearhart, I.V. Managerg Peter Faruga, Ronald Beyers, David Gaylord, James Smolinski, David Krause, Reed Sallak, Bat Hoyg Robert Page, Mzmagerg Mr. Mazuca, Coach. The Raiders were the only club to give Sloan, the league champions, a couple of scares. Both games were decided by only 3 runs. Lack of batting power was the big difficulty. However, this club was composed of underclassmen who will return next year. From this aggregation, Eden lost its shortstop and one pitcher. Ronald Beyer and James Smolinski had the highest batting averages, .276 and 267. Robert Geiger was the most effective pitcher winning two games. COACH MAZUCA 1955 BASEBALL SCORES 62 Eden 6 Pine Hill Eden Holland Eden North Collins Eden Clarence Eden Sloan Eden Griffith Institute Eden Pine Hill Eden Holland Eden Clarence Eden Sloan Eden Griffith Institute Eden North Collins Varsity Track ,.... , X- A jg Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden First Row: George Zittel, John Dempsey. Second Row: John Euler, Ronald Goodbrand, George Papich, Clarence Borneman, Bruce Pontius, Stanley Faruga, Allen Schmitt, Manuel Rivas, David Krauss, Robert Nehring, Ronald Salzman. Third Row: Edward Schmittendorf, James Miller, Stanley Jakiel, Robert Yager, James Bertsch, Donald Barrett, Glenn Nellis, Bernard Gier, Lyndon Wilson, Robert Peck. For a winning track team, you need boys with determination to win, willingness to learn and practice daily, plus a coach with the know-how of track and field events. Eden Central School has the above combination as evidenced by the scores listed below. Co-captains George Zittel and John Dempsey led their team to a third suc- cessive victory in the E.C.I.C. Division III track meet. An individual champion in the point-scoring columns was George Zittel with a season's total of ninety-two points. To the boys and to their Coach, Mr. Hagen-Congratulations. COACH HAGEN 68 21 3 Soan 26W 69 Pine Hill 35 76 Holland 27 67 Springville 37 5516 Lake Shore 53W Cleveland Hill 20 53 Clarence 51 23 5f6 East Aurora 61 U3 Lancaster 21 5f6 E.C.I.C. CHAMPIONSHIP Division III Won 1953-54--55 N.Y.S.P.H.S. Section VI Meet Sixth Place 63 J. V. Football-Basketball First Row: Mansur Benson, Edward Martin, co-captaing William Brenneman, co-captaing John Roeller, Paul Herdle, Richard Willett, Roger Zittel. Second Row: Mr. Alfred Gray, coach, An- thony Chiavetta, Roswell Brown, Riley Thrasher, Paul Spence, Ronald Schmidt, Donald Williams, David Morris. Third Row: William Carpenter, manager, Wayne Knoll, Kevin Blust, Paul Shep- ker, James Turton, Mr. Paul Ryan, coach, Gilbert Brockman, managerg Rodney Williams, John Stocker, Albert Smith, Donald Loefke, Walter Burkhardt. First Row: John Stockner, Robert Stickney, manager, William Cheney, manager: Roger Zittel. Second Row: John Crowe, Larry Olewine, Dick Willet, Robert Maltby. Third Row: Kevin Blust, John Cearhart, George Agle, Captaing Coach Christensen, Robert Yeager, Cliftan Ellis, Donald Williams. 64 Cross Countrg Champions First Row: Marvin Horton, Reed Sallack, Charles Carpenter, Paul Zittel, Kenneth Franz, Ronald Langendorfer, Herbert Beck, Thomas Lewis. Second Row: Edwin Peck, ,lames Bertsch, Stanley Jakiel, Myron Looney, Thomas Dacey, Edward Hummel, John Gearhart, Paul Spence. Third Row: William Brenneman, Larry Olewine, Raymond Harpster, John Crary, William Gerspacker, Michael Koehler, Gilles Sasseville, Mr. Pempsell, Teacher, Robert Maltby, Student. Speed and endurance are only two of the many qualities a boy needs to run the required two and one half miles as a member of our cross country team. The photo group above is a picture of champions, for our boys are Section Vl Sectional Cham- pions-and the trophy symbolical of this championship is in our trophy case. ln the East Aurora Invitational Cross Country race, Eden placed sixth in the numbers of teams participating, placed second in its own particular league, and tied with West Seneca in the divisional championship. Charles Vara, who qualified to run in the lntersectional Cross Country race at Bear Mt. State Park, finished 77th in a field of 98 runners. Our school is proud of the admirable record made by our team-and equally proud of Coach Pempsell. COACH PEMPSELL, ROBERT MALTBY, CAPTAIN ' 65 . 1955 CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS Won by Eden Cleveland Hill Lost by Eden West Seneca Won by Eden Williamsville Won by Eden Springville Lost by Eden Frontier Hamburg 6 IE- f Acme Au. - ,..-ff Aim? n4h,Le,,,f lzffawafq XIWE Home S!0nh?'f.5lX 4? gh ' 514f.iiZgg::?:if5Ii. 1b1'fZf6f?i,:L1i .1 F I ! j I ,,-' who luv Pune Fone " vc II AJa,Te-1 -from Chfna, X Where 13' CV6I'ybnC? 5, 5 2 f?U'l" A4 I Qi- I 7 88 1 I A ToL'd7 9 " ' N 0 :Bowl 0 Rama. U ' NN " 1- A wh47 do ' jf 1 0 WX fm M X X J f fx ,Y E Q' F 5. !l N H A .Sure 5501- " H .1.ouTd :lo WLLL 'JT 714 LALL bgck wffbe nat " 55+ eden mmf sem W Goff fiiilw Pjzgfx ff:?NX f:?9ND G in . .. - .- O E9 4 lf ff' ,, A' 1 " ff!! X H Rugjeclness M I If 5llf'n7F'I5'M qoqjf' on The T045 " I , rim f l? Z ' K, 5, ' N ...,.. X .-3: WCTWT NNN gi cadqyu' LJ bk H Twenfy Thousand Leagues " A rnad beLow 1110 Concre'fh." z 511 44'ffLe " xox vQwf-X5 fy" ,Fw-f-H - Q Z Barbara Feasley, Barbara Howell Co-Captain, Nancy Colten Co-Captain, Pat Colvin, Charlaine Phaliger. Carol Echardt, Cherie Gehl, Brenda Baird, Jean Haist, Beverly Minekime Captain. 68 ,l l X l k 1 Dedication Program To the Grover l. Priess Elementarg School Sunday, January 8, 1956 THE BOARD OF EDUCATION of EDEN CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 1 of the Towns of Eden. Evans, North Collins, Boston and Concord Herman G. Agle Robert I. Bolton Frank J. O'Day John N. Weinar Williarn J. Bos Rose A. Clark Raymond H. Kirst OFFICERS President ,,,,A, V,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..r,...,.... H erman G. Agle Clerk ,7A,., .,.,.,...... D oris B. Smith Treasurer .,,...... Robert G. Brindley DEDICATION PROGRAM Organ Selections C,.,.....,...............,.. Mrs. Evelyn Carpenter Star Spangled Banner .............................. Audience Invocation .,.,........... .,............ R ev. Warren Hilfiker Selections ..............,........... Elementary School Chorus Presentation of Building Mr. Frederick C.Backus will give the keys to Mr. Herman G. Agle who will accept the building. Acceptance of building ............................ Herman G. Agle Acknowledgement ............................ Dr. Grover L. Priess Organ Selections Unveiling of Portrait .,,......r............,..... Richard L. Priess Dedicatory Address ..... Hon. Charles S. Desmond Associate Justice of the Appellate Division Benediction ..,... ................,..... R ev. Norman R. George Organ Selections .......................... Mrs. Evelyn Carpenter Portrait was presented to the school by Richard L. Priess, son of Dr. Grover L. Priess. is , Lggkgaig W 'Xi -.1 w -M aw - K - - 5 mm m Wiifiw- x W ,. :M , Y Q 2 f 'E7-qigys-b vii 5 if Rfk Q V' 'gg bw K In X 'VL A Agia X M ,.., L, -.Q ..:L?g1Wm,...4,:H W 5 sz xg , x 345 f S., Sf, u tn , M3 K :sg L, . I A yr- MSF- YY: Wi. L. 55, I 1. Y ' si , 52 '35 af' tw? W ' 'X 'Q X ' i-'27 Z . K .. , . . f -1:51321 V N, .... SQ 2 ,fm X . 35 . ,.-, 5 , . .. I f mf -pg, ax 2 L X f in ' V 'A f W - MNQNM rw . :5f:S?E?f,3Qjg . f yen . T wb r A V: .Y gf? sam? , X, . nf X. 5 Q2 is Q f QQ' gps n J' 1 is ,MH an ,S L, r. Q i WE TT :-:. 'X T Q. X ' wwwvgv in , :,ff 11512 '---1 X - : . .. ' 1 5 5 5 l V , ,LZA ,, , , , 3 . 5 ws: W -- H i sk 'ET - 252112, f 53: vf--V Qi 1 :-.: Q: VZ X Q 0 Q U g 0 p Q 5 D 1 3 L: 3 Giizagf. 3' ,gf K -fwfi.-Q. X .-my 3? x 5 s '41 E V 6 sf Q, -ti' Wi Kifsh. . I+ k W am we v 4 in , , A 'SL 5 . 5 5 . S f Nw' WI "BW 4 . 5 af gg? . K I iq- S A ,A ,Sk fa ,, V 4, 1 f ' -- I' ' 1 E IIA , 'L my " ' QSM Q aww --qfb ' if 2' - .W FL K , .,, Q 3 j A 9 A za .WM f ' V 5' 1 - - H , IW- K K A gg ,, fa nz: M' gf f y is-ilF ,f:5M- .X,,'k f, aa K ww gf? if fx gf ff me rag: liinfvfiskg if. EA M ag- ,, Qgislksgz-gg, 3-Wm ' . gvilsx 5 'L'h 7 Y wgity 1. km Q M , W YQ M N 'gf-iff 'Qzlififgs U S X.. 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My Mg. 5 5, M MQ M r ' fi! -9 f x 49.3 ' XF' 5 F ' iii 'V A ,z fr 4 ' fx ,Q 3 .'1- , Q 5 ,- fi gyzi, 1, 1 gg Fwy Q2 W li J' W? , ak Awww-ww E m ' . ,1,.,.., Q M 5:1-W . 'ALA IV , f ,AV.. f T , " 1t. 5? qw I k,,f.kk 35, :.f aw- M y . Z, W? 1 mgkhy ' Y ' X , M' , f ' A E . Y L Q W. , is 2 H I ggi..-SH! '- m , .i:,,: I N. . , X .qmgf-. " iw rw Wi xv K, yvgx, Eg. :i,,,,,,,.. .L M ..,,,A W, W mil gr ' ' f 11: Q I ig 3 44" Jw .V X' ff Z ,WW Q af H? I s fx 9 h .iEl,H" 3 A.: 1.4 ig 9 ' ,M ,., , ,W iw..-M 3 f 5 Wyse KY' ,J J Y QF in-....fAm. 1 4 Q-B, f VW . wg W W Q , Q ,f Q2 gf fp 2 f an W if' - 2 Q K ,?f1 V s V, N 4' fx? ' 03.5 ' X I mi nl W ,ij V in,-iq' 5 an A I I .4 K , -N. xv, A 4 ,' S 4 Q... , S ig In or si it 3 'ff , Y 4 X Q sv f Q X ' 4 . EY , , A e' fm. K f- K :M . 0 M,,,,, . ix ,M 1, , .,w.,..i?fa ,,,W.+2L' .2 i N.,Q br Msx X, . xifii M .fix 1 I X ,.. aff? it 5 if , -25, ,g 2 , Q Q . . 1 11E2Ii1:1f'as mi 5 gh Q ffal 5.1 ' ,, .- 3 .. U 6,5 4 K f 53 1 - It JJ, .fx fm 5. 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M ' ,I .hgagi 4 F 1' if .. I 5 Qi .Q E, ifwifw Gil f has Q v. 2'4- in R H, , 5 ..,. W fi' 3 Y , K . . fr b VL , xii L1-fgax 'A ' ' f 4 W mu-an n- I :uf l it :if ks E ar 3 g f ,K-W' .. 3. ' A mwig-M3 Q1 , .. 5 is K v Q -24. I f W W A S ,Q ' X 3 'QQ f . ,, W' W f 'TS x Wf ' WW My 'W 'WM x -H-++Q f' W ' sgm 1 9. , M sk f - , - 'K . , ,' ,, f N its M vi 7 ,. N. gg AV 5 X V 1 Q ff -x W vw ,ug "Lap , 2112- ' A- A,,,J,f ., I' .M- if' X. QMS , W, - fk f '- M-A.Q.,fYf ',... 2' if di ze X' S x 5 1 ' 5 . if y Q4'g i Alimgaiigig Mm, ...mm Hrs! Huw: Donalil Lilga, Ln-my Nlavlawul, Call llf'il'llllCI'gLl'I', Dulurvs Tmnaska, Us-ralcl Slmiilslive-, Larry S1-lmfif-lil. Svronzl Row: Sharon llarrige-r, Marie Wriglil, Ps-gggy llaag. Margaret Pi-rsingvr, Donna. Bolilnv. Nanvy llre-f-nwuml, Kallilevn Dam-y, Fuzanm- Willvl. Tliirrl Row: Ronald lfnsc-r, Waller Pmrlolllxir-wirz, Philip -SClll'l'ill1'l', Duane Yager. Donald Nellie, Larry S1'llI'0Q'1lf'I'. lllivliavl jurmlan. Ifclwaril Pew, ,lolln llorton. Mrs. 'l'urne'r. Intermediate level Firxl Rum: Rivliaril Slokely, .lanivv Wysocki. Katlilainv Pliatiglvr. ,lllllllll Prim-. Palrivia Unias llawiil Slurvy. Sf'!'UIHI Row: fiunnie llalv. .lane Aglf-. Susan Nulrlvs, Lynn l'ilnnlu', Ruse .Mlm-l l.i rata. Kallllvr-n ,laL'ksun. Mary Alam- Kouln-k. ,lr-an Wallwr. Third Row: Be-ily Page, Lois llillikf-r Linda lNle'y'1'i'. Jllllllll Walters. ,lnclitll RUS6l1lN'I'gIPf, Marsha Agla-. lilirisliin- Mraz, Lunna l"nun1l Mary Lmlise Ney:-r. l"u1lrlli Row: Runalml Mile. llffurgv P:'1l1'rseii, Ne-al liax'pm'iilr'r, Rlflllill llarper, Vililliaxn Ii,PBllllI', William Kiwh. Glenn fifClllQ'lA. .lann-s lligby. Lane lilnnkv, Mr. Ryan 34 l JL 4-ni 5: 9' 5 -v 4 4 kgs , as s muslim: A ,wx Ilwx X, 3,35 !Qs?i x: k :is me -lk 1 ka 2 - E' N 1 X xi , ,fu .ss +3 va? ww AN' w ' ,Wim Q , . .K -3 ,. W x ed' .., M . f. -X', 1 ' Y iw, 8 5 ,eil gy an 39' x ,X ,- , I v 4 Q , 1 - W Jr ' si L Sf an QR www 'Wye - A cgjgfgfgigaik, , .qgggg f f K Us ,. xv pf. ,es if J' if 2 x 'if u af in H W, 3. 'QQ Q x , :gi :,, . , Qi .. :R 1x 8 as I .fi ' W1 i S sg 3.555 N ie m,., 13 e .A - if 5 we 1 E Wg. 75 ,ww w 4 vi-hw -W 'ff - kimff fps A5 nf ," gifs ig? .fx Q1 . ::m...,,,, fi -f aw -- f X an xx 93335 M , Q -H Q? I, ,E MQ ,f M , was A Q - in N mmm 1 A mf! ,.kkkk ,K A, . ., ,A Z K H ,Ly A -N - 4.33 A V . Vi ,ds , . , 1 -, .W-,,A,,. .-1,1 -- NM- QQ ' X e Ni 3 , , .- -V W., -A , Z-J--m,,L . ,- - Tx-,. ,L.. Rf- A if . x g-Sw...-.4 ,A . 5 g - -Ei lxg is- V- xg .,.jAji A.-5 f -1,-1, i- X - Wm. A if wi' , ,Wx W 5 x ..g 1 H9 ,L.b 3' 1, ay: -.iw M -- 5. 'Hhs Q s . K WW , K A ..W...,,.. .,, 1-f 'ii' . bq K 3 ,g Ka 5 as uf K 'ft. '- ' ., h K .W .-S px Q if awk as ,L ,Hi rw :MQW Vfigsx ' , ?w ' .Af if QLSNQEA E ii ' Qs? .li X with sfsxx.iie.s!5.f'?5 Sk 4.: aff- ' 39 MF- W..M,,, i ' Q, , ,Q ., .S 636 . x 5 Intermediate level S DRIVERS ymond S. Bauer :holas Benker eodore Mroz thony Pericak lores Wible eodore Wierzba First Row: Michael Merlino, Charles Colantino, Robert Hardy, George Hidy, John Kraft, Gerald Ver Hagen. Second Row: Sandra Weller, Gloria Korkus, Mary Louise Demerley, Sharon Swartz, Helen Clancy, Ruth Harriger, Beth Bates. Third Row: Douglas Giessman, Lynne Nelson, Mar- garet Eckhardt, Sandra Nellis, Janet Winter, Roland Neuffer, Joyce Richardson, Lewis Yager. Fourth Row: Miss Robinson. School Personnel Other Than Teachers CUSTODIANS CAFETERIA WORKERS George F. Allein-Superintendent of Buildings 81 Theresa A. Capozzi-Cafeteria Manager Grounds Helen Kinn-Elementary Building Morris Horton-4Elementary Building George Kaufman-Main Building Joseph Linkowski-Main Building Leo Mammoser-Main Building Catherine Law-A-Elementary Building Ruth Schmittendorf-Elementary Building Charlotte Wittmeyer-Elementary Building Edith Koepka-Main Building lford B. Wilcox-Mechanic Katherine Modica-Elementary Building Matilda Krohn--Main Building nald J. Willett Bertha S. Morris-Main Building Hilda Miller--Main Building mund Winkelman Clifford Niles-Elementary Building Natalia O'Bryant-Main Building in P. Winter ryton Wittmeyer Roy Niles-Elementary Building Harry A. Rice-Main Building, Head Custodian Thelma Shepkerglilementary Building vester Wittmeyer Stephen WoyjeckMMain Building nott Howell OFFICE SECRETARIES BOARD OF EDUCATION EMPLOYEES Emily MCD. Gleas0niSecretary, Main Building Doris B. Smith-Board Clerk 81 Purchasing Agent! Marlyn Mammnser-Secretary, Main Building Main Building Mary J. Buffy-Secretary, Elementary Building Diane C. Looze-Assistant to Board Clerk-Main Vera Vellam--Typistg Library, Main Building Building 90 Senior Activities GLORIA R. ANDRES Business Course Chorus lg Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Tower Staff 3g Embers Literary Staff 33 Student Sec- retary 43 Tower Staff Production Manager' 4. PATRICIA A. BAUER Homemaking Course Immaculata Academy I3 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Hockey 23 Secretary of F.H.A. 23 Tennis 2, 3g Volleyball 2, 3, 4g F.H.A. 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 4g Class Projects 4. MARY JANE BLASZ Business Course Intramurals 1, 43 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 4g Class Projects 2, 3, 4g Tower Typ- ing Staff 3g Embers Literary Staff 43 Secretary, Athletic Council 4g Tower Production Staff 43 Veterans' Day Program 4. ROBERT I. BOLTON College 'Entrance Course Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 4g Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4g Assistant Manager Football 2g Homeroom President 2g Manager Varsity Football 2g Monitors Associa- tion3 Embers Staff 4g Manager Var- sity Football 4. CLARENCE A. BORNEMANN JR. Academic Course Ambridge High School 13 Hamburg High School 23 J. V. Basketball 23 Cross Country 33 J. V. Basketball Capt. 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Track 3, 4g Intramurals 43 Varsity Baseball 4. DAVID R. BOWER College Entrance Course Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Sports Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 23 Sports Advertising Club 33 Dramatics Club 43 Embers Staff 4. JULIE A. BRZEZICKI College Entrance Course St. Mary's Seminary lg Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Intra- murals 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Homeroom Treasurer 33 Junior Prom Attendant 33 Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative 3, 43 Sports Advertising Com- mittee 33 Bowling Tournament 43 Clinic 43 Dramatics Club 43 Embers Art Staff 43 Girls' Chorus Sec. 43 Lunch Committee-43 Mixed Chorus Treas. 43 Publicity Co-chairman, School Play 4. FLORENCE L. BURGER Business Course Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Decoration Comm., Freshman Dance 1g Homeroom Secretary3 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 J. V. Cheerleader 1, 23 Homeroom ,Vice- Pres. 23 Decoration Comm., Junior Prom .33 Homeroom Treasurer 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Embers! Business Staff 4. PAUL E. CARPENTER College Entrance Course Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 J. V. Foot- ball 1, 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Var- sity Foothall 4. RICHARD E. CHYRECK Industrial Arts Course Mixed Chorus 13 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Football-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Intramural Baseball 33 Embers Staff 43 Intramural Soccer 4. NANCY E. COTTEN College Entrance Course Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 J. V. Cheer- leading 13 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Triple Trio 1, 2, 33 J. V. Cheer- leading, Co-Captain 23 Operetta 23 Se- cretary of Class 2, 3, 43 Secretary of Student Council 23 All-High Orchestra 3g All-State Chorus 33 S. V. Cheeer- leading 33 Girls' Chorus, Pres. 3g .Iunior Prom Queen 33 President of Homeroom 3g All High Chorus 43 Bus- iness Manager-Magazine' Drive 43 S. V. Cheerleading Co-Captain 43 D.A.R. Contestant 43 Double Sextet 4g Em- bers Editor 43 Girls' Chorus-Vice- President 43 Mixed Chorus-President 43 Secretary of N.H.S. 43 National Honor Society 43 Selected as Eden's D.A.R. Award Winner 4. JOHN L. CRARY JR. College Entrance Course All-High Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra- murals I, 2, 43 Music Contests 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Sectional All- State Band 1, 2, 33 All-State Band 3, 4g Boys' Chorus 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Embers Staff 4. THOMAS D. DACEY General Business Course Father Baker High School l, 23 .Lack- awanna High School 33 Varsity Base- ball 43 Varsity Basketball 43 Boys' Chorus 43 Varsity Football 4g Embers Staff 4g Mixed Chorus 43 School Play 4. FRANKLIN F. DICKEY College Entrance Course J. V. Football 15 Varsity Football 2, 35 Track 2. DAVID E. DOLE College Entrance Course Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 45 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Cross Country 1, 25 Intramurals 1, 3, 45 Student Council Rep. 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Safety Patrol 15 Sports Band 1, 2, 3, 45 S.P.C.D. 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Track 1, 25 Junior Varsity Basketball 25 Embers Staff 4. MILDRED K. EDWARDS College Entrance Course Unbridge High School 15 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Sports Advertising Comm. 35 Home- room Vice-President 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Junior Prom Attendant 35 Triple Trio tNo. 23 35 Cheerleading lAlter- natej 45 Embers Literary Editor 45 Senior Announcement Comm. Chair- man 45 Class Projects 2, 3, 4. DAVID D. GAYLORD College Entrance Course North Collins Central School 15 Var- sity Baseball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Cross- Country 25 Class Projects 2, 3, 45 In- tramurals 2, 45 J. V. Basketball 35 Embers Staff 45 Varsity Basketball 45 Varsity Club 45 Student Court Attor- ney 4. BERNARD C. GIER Industrial Arts Course .l.V. Football 15 Safety Patrol 15 Stage Crew 1, 2, 35 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Treas. 2, 35 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball Man. 25 Track 3, 45 Embers Photography Editor 45 Monitor 45 Varsity Club 4. WILLIAM H. GOSS Industrial Arts Course Intramurals 1,'25 Radio Club 35 Class Projects 45 Embers, Photography Staff 4. THERESA M. HASKELL Home Economics Course Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Decora- tion Committee 35 F.H.A. Banquetg Tower Staff 35 Embers Staff 4. BARBARA M. HOWELL College Entrance Course Accompanist for Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Accompanist for Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Cheerleading 1, 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Co-captain cheerleading 25 Student Council Rep. 25 Attendant at Junior Prom 35 Girls' Chorus 35 Rep. at Empire Girls' State 35 Secretary to Girls' Chorus 35 Treas. of Nat. ,Honor Society 3, 45 Co-captain cheerleading 45 Class Treas. 45 EmbersaAssistant Editor 45 Girls' Chorus 45 Tower Staff 4. ANTOINETTE KASINSKI Home Economics Course Basketball 1, 2, 35 Dance Decoration Committee 15 Girls' Chorus 15 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Archery 25 Operetta 25 Tower Staff 35 Class Projects 45 Embers Staff 4. ROBERT N. KEHE College Entrance Course Band I, 2, 3, 45 .l.V. Basketball 1, 25 Class President I, 35 Dance Band 1, 3, 45 J.V. Football 15 J.V. Football Captain 15 Sectional All-State Band 1, 25 Sports Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Vice-President 2, 35 Class Vice-Presi- dent 2, 45 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 All-County Band 3, 45 Basketball In- tramurals 3, 45 Basketball Intramurals Captain 3, 45 Basketball Intramurals All Star Team 3, 45 Bowling Intramur- als 3, 45 Dance Band Leader 3, 45 Em- pire Boys' State 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Scholarship Trophy Award 35 Student Council Rep. 35 All Star Football Team of E.C.I.C., Div. 3, 45 Band President 45 Embers Ad- vertising Staff 45 Varsity Football Co- Captain 45 N.H.S. President 45 Vend- ing Committee 4. RONALD L. KNOLL Mathematics Course .l.V. Basketball 1, 25 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Vice-President- 15 Varsity Cross Country I, 25 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Embers Staff 45 Sen- ior Class President 45 Varsity Club 45 Veterans' Day Program 45 Student Council Rep- 3, 4. MARY ANN KOZAK Business Course Chorus 1, 2, 35 Class Projects l, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 45 Tower Staff 3, 45 Embers Staff 45 Student Secretary 4. FLORA MAY KRAUSS Commercial Course Bus Captain 13 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Sec. Treas. 13 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Li- brary Staff lg Tower Staff 3, 43 Bowl- ing Substitute 43 Embers Typing Staff 4g Intramural Basketball Capt. 43 Stu- dent Court Secretary 43 Student Secre- tary' 4. PATRICIA A. LANDAHL College Entrance Course Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 43 J.V. Cheerleading 23 Varsity Cheerleading 33 Junior Prom Attendant 33 Bowling Tournament 43 Clinic 4g Dramatics Club 4g Embers Staff 4g Publicity Co-Chairman- School Play 43 Varsity Club 4. ALICE M. MAY Commercial Course Chorus 1, 2, 33 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3g Operetta 23 Graduation Attendant 33 Intramural Basketball Capt. 2, 33 Intramural Vol- leyball Capt. 33 Tower Typist 33 Em- bers Staff 43 Tower Staff 43 Student Secretary. JAMES S. MESSER College Entrance Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball Manager 13 J.V. Basketball Manager 13 Class Treasurer 1, 33 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 J.V. Football Manager 13 Varsity Football Manager3 Student Council 2, 4g All High. Band 33 Dance Band 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Em- bers Business Editor 4. GEORGE L. MICELI Industrial Arts Course F.F.A. 1, 23 J. V. Football 1, 23 In- tramurals 1, 2. THOMAS E. MILLER Mathematics Course Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 43 J. V. Basketball Manager 23 Embers Staff 43 Manager, Magazine Drive 4. JAMES E. MOHNEY College Entrance Course Attica High School 13 Band 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 All-High Band 3, 4g All State Chorus 33 Class Pro- jects 3, 43 All State Band 43 Captain, Magazine Drive 43 Embers Circulation Editor 4. jects 3, 43 All State Band 43 Captain, Magazine Drive 43 Embers Circulation Editor 4. ROGER J. MONIN Art Course Class Art Work, Projects 1, 23 J. V. Basketball 13 Intramural Volley ball 13 J. V. Football 2g Intramural Base- ball 23 Bowling 3, 43 Won lst and 2nd prize in the Poppy Poster Contest 33 Class Projects 43 Designed Year- book Cover 43 Embers Art Editor 4. NORMA J. NEHRING Business Course Chorus 1, 2, 43 Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Secretary 4. JEANETTE L. NEUMANN College Entrance Course Class Projects 1, 2, 43 Girls' Chorus 13 Library Staff 1,' 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Tower Staff 1, 23 Operetta 23 Embers Staff 4. ROBERT PAGE College Entrance Course Band 1, 2, 4g Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4g S.P.C.D. 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball Asst. Mgr. 2, 3g Home- room Pres. 2, 33 J.V. Football 2, 3g Band Treasurer 33 Boys' Chorus 3g J.V. Basketball 33 J.R.C. Council 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3g Nat. Honor Society 3, 4g Student Council Rep 3, 4g Em- bers Advertising Editor .43 Varsity Baseball Manager 4. SANDRA L. PARK College Entrance Course Randolph Central School 1, 23 Class Projects 3, 43 Embers Staff 4g Girls' Chorus 33 Intramural Basketball 33 Junior Prom Attendant 33 Triple Trio 33 Member of American Junior Bowl- ing Congress 4g Mixed Chorus 4. YVONNE H. PINEAU Home Economics Course Mixed Chorus 1, 33 Voce Chorus 1, 23 Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Operetta 23 Class Projects 1, 43 Embers Staff 43 Tower Staff 4. HAZEL A. REID College Entrance Course Girls' Chorus 1, 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 43 Class Projects 43 Embers Staff 4. JAMES T. REINHARD College Entrance Course Band 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Monitor 3, 4, Embers Staff 4, Varsity Club 4. CHARLES RINGER College Entrance Course Cross Country 1, Intramurals 1, 4, Bowling 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Track 2, Class Projects 4. RONALD F. SALZMAN Agricultural Course Band 1, 2, Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Winner Erie County 4-H Trip to New York City 1, Winner State F.F.A. Trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma 2, Safety Patrol 2, Homeroom Treas. 3, Track 3, 4, Winner Erie County 4-H Trip to Cincinatti, Ohio 3, Embers Staff 4, F.F.A. President 4, Student Court Judge 4, Winner Erie County 4-H Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana 4. EDWARD J. SCHMITTENDORF Industrial Arts Course Scottsville High School 1, Athletic Council, 2, 4, Chorus 2, J.V. Basket- ball Captain 2, J.V. Football 2, 'Track 2, Chorus, Vice-President 3, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Class Projects 4, Embers Staff 4, Varsity Basketball Capt. 4. DEBARA A. SHERMAN College Entrance Course Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, Bowling 4, Dramatic Club 4, Sextette 4. JUDY M. SIEVERS Commercial C nurse Class Projects 1,'2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Attendant 3, Embers Typing Editor 4, Student Se- cretary 4, Tower Business Manager 4. PHILLIP F. SMITH Industrial Arts Course Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, School Play 3, Class Projects 4. FRANCIS SWARTZ JR. Business Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Bus Captain 1, Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, In- formation Desk 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: J.V. Basketball 1, 2, Music Fes- tival 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Band 1, 2, Var- sity Baseball 1, 2, Homeroom Presi- dent 2, Monitor 2, Track 2, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Embers Business Staff, Intra- mural Football Captain 4, Intramural Soccer Captain 4. PATRICIA E. ' WORK Home Economics Course Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Projects 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance-Decorating Committee 1, 2, Operetta 2, Tower 2, 3, Variety Show 2, 3, Baton Instructor 3, 4, Em- bers Staff 4. JUDITH A. WRIGHT College Entrance Course Chorus 1, 3, 4, Library Staff 1, 3: Tower Grade Editor 1, Co-Editor Tower 2, 3, Variety Show 2, 3, Class Projects 4, Embers Staff 4, Senior Editor Tower 4. GEORGE F. ZITTEL College Entrance Course J.V. Basketball 1, 2, Chorus 1, 3, Class Projects 1, 4, J.V. Football 1, Student Council 1, 2, Class President 2, J.V. Football Captain 2, Track 2, Athletic Council 3, 4, Co-Captain Track 3, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Var- sity Football 3, Student Council Vice- President 3, Co-Captain Varsity Foot- ball 4, Embers Staff 4, Student Coun- cil President 4, Varsity Track 4. VALLEY CLEANERS QUALITY DRY CLEANING COMPLIMENTS OF CARPENTER BROTHERS CENTRAL SERVICE PROP. cHucK sunolcic Lubricating Min-or Repairs Car Wash Wheel Balancing Phone: 4015 GERARD HAAG EAST EDEN ROAD EDEN, N. Y Electrical - Plumbing - Heating - Appliances - Freezers - Hallicrafter and Sylvania TV Whirlpool Laundry Equipment and Norge Appliances TOWLE STERLING SOLD EXCLUSIVELY AT CARSONS CLOCKWISE CLEANERS CARSQNS ONE HOUR CLEANING NO EXTRA CHARGE JEWELERS FOR THREE GEN ERATIONS HAMBURG' N' Y' 1 sumuo smear PHONE 5 Buffalo Smal comin or MAIN EM. 1999 OPM' "'l""Ys 'Til' 9 P' M- COMPLIMENTS OF HAMBURG DAIRY J. L. GAYLORD, PROP, EM. 2603 AGENCY ESTABLISHED I864 DEPENDABLE INSURANCE JACOB HAUCK Gm SON 8 MAIN ST. INEAR BUFFALO STJ Telephone: EM 4174-4175 CAROL-ANN SHOP LADIES READY TO WEAR HAAG'S GARAGE GENERAL RERAIRING HAMBURG, N. Y. EM. 2278 PHONE 4326 E' EDEN' N Y COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF or DUDLEY A. GAYLORD and ROELLER'S HOTEL ROBERT E. MAIER WILLIAM J. McCONNELL JEWELER IVAN NAGLE WATCI-I AND CLOCK LUMBER AND MILL WORK REPAIRING Phone 3722 HAMBURG, N. Y. EDEN' N- Y- 32 MAIN ST. EM. II50 PI-IONE: EDEN 4234 EDWIN F. HORTON ACETYLENE CUTTING COMPLIMENTS OF EDEN LIQUOR STORE "HEADQUARTERS FOR WINE ACETYLENE AND ELECTRIC AND LIQUORH WELDING MAIN sr. EDEN N Y H:MLocK sr. con. wssr AVE. EDEN, N. Y. EDEN 4622 VIC SCHRADER TIRE SERVICE RECAPPING-VULCANIZINGV REPAIRING ROAD SERVICE PHONE EM. 6009 E EDEN, NEW YORK RIEFLER BUICK INC. SERVICE - SALES 252 MAIN STREET HAMBURG, NEW YORK HAMBURG EM 4343 97 COMPLIMENTS OF PALMERTON AGENCY INSURANCE REAL ESTATE JAY G. PALMERTON ELTON C. PALMERTON CASTIGLIA JEWELRY AND MUSIC CENTER DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' SILVERWARE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES REPAIRS 8 BUFFALO STREET PHONE: EM. 4583 HAMBURG, NEW YORK GUENTHEITS RED G1 WHITE COMPLETE FOOD MARKET SZAL'S QUALITY FOOD STORE 98 COMPLIMENTS OF THE TOWN SHOP EDEN, N. Y. YARN - CARDS - GIFTS COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES C. MILLER DECORATING SERVICE JOHN G. SPENGLER ELM DRIVE FARM REGISTERED I-IOLSTEIN CATTLE COMPLIMENTS FROM McFARlAND'S LIQUOR STORE 47 BUFFALO STREET HAMBURG Nashek's Service Station GAS ' OIL ' ACCESSORIES GOODYEAR TIRES 8. TUBES BATTERY CHARGING IGNITION PARTS NORTH MAIN STREET EDEN, NEW YORK HaroId's Men's and Boys' Wear 7 BUFFALO ST, HAMBURG, N. Y Phone EM. 3571 HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED CLOTHES, SHOES FOR MEN AND BOYS COMPLIMENTS LAING'S MILL CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduating Class of T956 We extend our very best wishes for your success in the coming years. THE PEOPLES BANK OF HAMBURG 43 MAIN STREET HAMBURG, NEW YORK Member: Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF Szal Brothers Construction Phone: Eden 4633 or 4485 Eden, New York I I COMPLIMENTS OF PAGE and HARMS Howell Chevrolet CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE TOWING SERVICE EDEN, NEW YORK TELEPHONE 3511 101 COMPLIMENTS OF ENGEL SIGNS CONGRATULATIONS To The GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956 LARRY OGNIBENE CONGRATULATIONS NEWTONE FURNITURE CO., INC 215 Buffalo Street HAMBURG, NEW YORK Phone: EM-6076 Eden Motor Sales, Inc. De Soto-Plymouth Phone' Eden 3820 MAIN ST EDEN N Y I02 i CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 ELAINE'S BEAUTY SALON Phone: Eden 4300 MAIN STREET EDEN, NEW YORK The Finest in Beauty Care for the Discriminating Woman Permanents that Satisfy -Artistic Hair Styling COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARD M. MILLER Plumbing and Heating North Main Street Eden 3279 Eden New York ED CHENEY'S NURSERY ORNAMENTAL EVERGREENS ' RHODODENDRONS AZALEAS ROTOTILLERS GENERATORS TORO - WHIRLWIND POWER MOWERS SIMPLICITY GARDEN TRACTORS PUMPS EATON EQUIPMENT CORP. LARGEST LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTOR IN WESTERN NEW YORK 23 LAKE ST. HAMBURG, N. Y. W I 'I03 E -r 5,-Rf. COMPLIMENTS OF - "KEN" FACE "KEN" YAGER KEN'S DAIRY AND Hnxf' "PHYL" EDEN, NEW YORK D B PHONE EDEN 4556 "ONE COKE, PI.EASE" HARD AT WORK! 104 COMPLIMENTS OF FRANK N. WINTER, INC. EDEN, NEW YORK "IT WILL PAY YOU, TO PAY US, TO PAY YOU." MAIN AND ROSWELL EDEN, NEW YORK PHONE FRONTIER 2696 S. W. GARAGE EXPERT SERVICE ON ALL CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS TIRES - BATTERIES TEXACO SERVICE SOL WELLER, Owner ROUTE 20 EDEN N Y 105 hi l COMPLIMENTS OF MILLER AND KNOLL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 COMPLIMENTS A DAVID c. LAING FUNERAL HOME I A West Church Street Ambulance Service David C. Laing, Lic. Manager I , BEST WISHES to the SENIORS from THE CLASS OF '59 Eden, New York T06 BEST WISHES to CLASS OF '56 O FRANK SWARTZ 'SON YOUR FRIENDLY INTERNATIONAL HARVEST E R DEALER 'I07 I Besf Wishes to THE CLASS OF '56 THE COFFEE POT For Each Senior ' Good Heolth ' A LONG LIFE ' And Your Fondest Dreoms ' Moy Eoch Come True John R. Barry, Adv. coMPuMENTs SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY OF EMER'-'NG 5 SHOE 57035 MARGARET ANN's BEAUTY snov MAIN ST. HAMBURG, N. Y. Main Sf, EM. 1636 EDEN, N. Y. Phone: Eden 4618 Closed Wed. SWISS DAIRY LIMBURGER The Rexoll Store Eden 33OI BRICK MONEll'S EDEN DRUG STORE Ederfg Fqmgug PRESCRIPTIONS C H E E S E cosMETIcs ..... scHooL suPPuEs EDEN SWISS CHEESE FACTORY EDEN, NEW YORK LESTER F. RUPP Phone: Eden 3344 HALLMARK GREETING CARDS GIFTS AND TOYS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY 8. CARDS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 FEASLEY'S DAIRY W. CHURCH ST. EDEN, N. Y. L.-. COMPLIMENTS of MR. 81 MRS. FRANK SWARTI May you achieve success in whatever you do. 109 COMPLIMENTS OF EDEN OFFICE THE MARINE TRUST COMPANY OF WESTERN NEW YORK EDEN, N. Y. MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1 0 EDEN FLOOR COVERING N. MAIN ST., EDEN, NEW YORK PHONE, EDEN 3868 VALSPAR PAINT WALLPAPER FORMICA COUNTER TOPS WALL TO WALL CARPETING 84 RUGS LINOLEUM, WALL COVERINGS AND ASPHALT FLOORING PLASTIC 81 STEEL TILING Gibson Greeting Cords Photo Finishing School Suppl ies Cosmetics NORTHSIDE PHARMACY GARRA D. LESTER, PH. G. Reliable Prescription Deportment Phone: Eden 4811 NORTH MAIN STREET EDEN, NEW YORK III COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARD M. WEINAR JOHN N. WEINAR CONGRATULATIONS FROM .ST. GEORGE NURSING HOME PLEASANT grounds surrounding the Eden St. George Nursing Home lend a quiet, healthful atmosphere for those living at the home. A spacious recreation room, cheerfully done in grey and red, accentuated by a large fireplace, is available to the patients to entertain themselves with television, radio, and books. EDEN NEW YORK 112 fx htfv , UU-L una-Clary HIL ull. Y lsovwm Umamwwxox! ' w.e.'wL ammx. Xwvu. xQ,+aH.x Lx-wwbux Ms- Pl ' G? SLB. LNQSAWN., M C23 M 'S Q 'Q msxxmxbf W-w..5Lf:5N. wgwxw I cm M F if N12 nglqz- coLLfsuAre mss ' 1 E. rl, u +- Knasus ,Cnty . Q 1-wrt Sven bhyxxuxblkx-1331 KLYC-'UQ.xJ-11303 K icxfwjfsx-ox:-1. . ' V 'A kkia. if: V A :K ' X:1f,lsk , V, X 4 v , ,V J this 1' 5 ' my I ' "Q ' I QRS M ' N0 ag ' if -jf . np' Spa 'W , s . ,K it Rf? 5 H Mgt' L ,J W wtf fly rw - .4 . I' LQ A If , , I x Q , C."'+f"k'Mf 67 'vial 3' 1 V 'srl' , , lfff, ff, 5 if ka- H 'Ai iw f - Mfg-If 9 Jw lt,-,A i 9-A-u:A2?4f:z-,,,,.. xx K I Q'r7f9V A 4 X . VV" U1 4 h if 41 , ' 1 .. "fig-,v',, 3 fe- m Li 'Tw fi' 4 ,e 13231 Nj i fQ..:f ,, ax: up +I.. A ,W 'G 5 'Msg tiff. kywk .K V i , , Yr wg W ' - . , -R sfkwglsv ,ag M ggior Afyawh K Q fy ati! A , fwi, k -vm :gy 'f -K f"5.!ff'1l"fe3x. A , 1 44 4 .w - a fx Q3 w f f H '-,A 4R51 A,4 - . ,V 5 Q -Q In .Ayn gr. x f L 1 fi i Y ,ip , I f if M 1 A kv k , ,,.,a4, ,sf 9 1 H, . - Y f?F"'f '56 gf' 1 ' . A 1 A ,Q f Q 'fx ' W ' Us , 'Q Qu ' ' L- 7 'f ., , A ' 5 ., , ,Q aiu, , ,TE , 1 ., 1 iff, ' . Q ' i' ' M , I 'Q' - 1 . . 3, L .'.. 1 E? i' f . " 'I . .. I w , ff: 9 4 Qi wif M Q'-E. I ,.,..-ww igff' as ffiqtv f W afq- 'ilafif i' . . 4, Wm vt .. 4- wk W mf f M L . iw Zu, ,Fw , -,1 14 E ' L -M. f if , 9 F. f ' If A 'il X , 1 f 4 'fi in 57 ' Fmxd I. if N U , Qi' ,QITA P Xffa ., W V M 5, Q1 Q 1 ' A T '74 4 1 ,ug hal Q 1 V4 -r , A k L w-f if ei S , ig, A' ,, -4. fy S, if A . f l .MA 1 f, ff' K , fAQM1,A,. t 9, Ka is 9 F Y 5. 'Y , ui uf, , , M -w N H., ,A sf f4'f fx ,HW 'Aa M MYK4 .ff 8?

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