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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1955 volume:

6? ,, W, HM., V Luv, inf, W vm e X 5' n 3 . H ef, .W .3 f A 1 'X Q e Qui,-3 .QM VJ. I u, .Q , +25 V+. NY, ,' jf WE . :S .- , Q.: -3 ,Vw .4 T95 . ,fr I' , fill-,Gu ,IELH1 If Fu 'JE 55 3: wasgwfgi wifi! 1- rf, -'H mmf 4 44 . Q T v I . Y 4 .... ' , x . .-, ., 1 4 ' W Y V 4 lim" En, In-.P . . .f,1. 11- . 'X Lv 1v!',...v, 'pf ? -Q." M-V J' 'mu fa ' 3 ..'5,2'2Z ma' :q,,f5f,,5,,: J-Q .. T , 'L M F 1 1 , X 1 1 K ' N e 'f X - U f ' gp-lggji.-..xifs'efg X . - ! f ', 1 www- . v.g.fvw ' - A + 1: . Q. . Q - -1 rw. Q. ' 55 x I.. X 1 ,f f , X ' ' ,ff C' ef f " Q ifffwfifls 9122" . fxyi... K5 we X Q f 'f I ff., f rf t 5 YQSST- J' ' , , www.: K .L x-:YS l g 46, f fflsgkix. N: ' X 5 mm xx eQ....:i e- K ' 5 gm 3. 1 xy K isclfgxj Q :j Q My 'i gfg A .X 'X 1.55 -X: -. fg, . Ari' . Q xk-. . , 2 'lgfff ,, X L ,fW5'3Afm'm.. ' ' am. ' Z f x L i 1, ,. .,, N4-iff 'rf-,,,.., ,,,,,mWw UNF., ,X wi L s V ' I, . 1 I f X W r f Q .... , f Q A ,' " ' . .5 f, wg" Z. f L Y' 4 , 1., C, ' f- -V f ,VZ K t X Z-if' ' V 'MW 'L I J! ,",, ,. 'zf M ff ff ,yzpw , 'Crffy if H uw, , ,, Xgfyl filfvn, Iiwjfz, 4 , .,,g,f,'f ft , f ff ww-"fx, f ,, MW H V ' V ff? 4 A ,wif Y' je! ,I H , f 1 A ,M W-I f t tffffv f . ge 'Y ' 'The very texture of every endurzng ' ,V work of art must imbed the glowlng life of its own times and the embers of the past . ' ' r H CLR e 4 w'0fy,, ff,,'f.ff ,Wff M ,ff-A, V 4' Aff, Lx M - Fi '?ffi:fwef-J ' ff f ,ez ,, 12, v-,k 391 - , W,-,,'fy,, fr Z . ' V Y - .. '- l at , v ,.Tl4HJ ,gtg A-15.55 .,.,.., I. V , 'wk f' fl 1 . - K A fl 'f1gf.'11i'g'gv'r.'E5i,f,. 'V .N wV'4A::- fs ' - ? ef Q L-,f Hy 4, V ,f W we M f ff .5 ,, W P Z, ff nn 11 M 4 0 Tiff I ,V - f f f f - H. A -, 'ff ' f f , Z MJ f 7 :1 , ,. X ,. ,. , ,V .. Q .. . , ,, I 't.15..1,if.--'Lwa .-1'P.'W'3a:N2-f,42 -1 :Q . W -5.21-M X'-N Vw mw 'f ' , f V -'f'?ff"'w Lffff ' if 'f L. W - ff CWC ' ?Mfm 52 : 'glmifa f 5 f 4 i a . . 5 V fx Sym-f-,'SI'.'x" f:,,f,s2w 1, Y X. -'Q' .WTQ W 'L,if75W.' YE Y ' ffivfii -gil:-gghwfwiil'www " '-ff: . 'F' W 1 49 '- f ' Vvyw' A X""'l4, X?+,S1 ,2w -I N, xi-,Q NI- -'dxf ,Ni Ww w:-' -X 'X ,,.-A1 ,. 'A il ' " WK, 1 4 4142! f 1 ' W ':t ""f-'lhffh ' f, 4: -'-v 4 ' , w - Xfxsy: 1. Xiu X,x , X: - Qi? . .fpgis ff' " 'f '.1 Qnzmjf 7 H: 9. 1 fkxvt , J KQKQYQY25 1 'Q fp, 1 f is f fffffgiiz ., 45 f,,f ' ' gf, Q.Xx Q X 3 ,5535 N L V 34? , 1 X , 'ff ' 'Q RA ' 1 "Wil 'S . -' f E SENTED My ,Lil 9' , kts. ,X,.Q i ii. B Y -v.. H1 M H 1 113545,-, M ,M-zz' X244 4 A , Yviflr ss! - fzfff fa' - rf , - ' ff X ,F :.,u f V A, , .,. 4+.w3, 1.,1 f, f K. . THE CLASS OF i955 ,L fi JL! L . 25, -1. Q WX 1 kwa t 016' I 1 153:51 'f EDEN CENTRAL sc:-4001. , rf -My ff " E D E N N EW Y O R K 7 5, 4 f f ? fZfZ, fw 2 p w, :. -1 ,J fr? , : 0 fgsya-Y ,Jil A ,egg ' 1 ,X ,.5 f, 'w-f ' K 6? - ' Jw. 241, C42 2 f ,mac :Eval , nw 'ffffi QQ., ' 1 Q K I 24, K H ff' 'Af 1' Q ' 1 'L i '12ii5a'v 'F3h53'L? H :I H ,, , N4 ,.f, f I ' ' -'f'irZQsM,?kW -gmeyagf' " 15:5 fr ' fj fiQ?Fgfmgf,f,W, W .7 , , , 4.0 for ff f H-1 W 3 Lr-.iZ.T'5- 7"1f3l ' '5 U '- was Ny, 4. Ay ffm: Quay. R Wimflfi 4? , 5. ,, ls., , : V. .rf ' - , '- fi' 1 , LQ., 5f,f?'2i,f fi ..u...r..r,rr,, . H g h M, - we wezmrf 21 ff ,gf+y7T5 1, Z :T ART STUDIO 55 EDEN CENTRAL SCHOOL September, 1943 - june. 1955 For us, the "Class of 1955, " our beautiful school has been a busy art studio of life in which we, the amateur artists, during twelve happy years, have been painting in glowing colors a pic- ture of the future we are planning for ourselves. Around the gal- lery of our studio we have hung pictures to represent all the var- ious master artists who have inspired us in our work and the ma- terials which they have taught us to use. The cover of our "Embers" shows three final additions to the art gallery of our "Art Studio 55, " The three plaques indicate honors won for outstanding work in the three major fields of high school life: scholarship, activities, and athletics. Please open our book and look at the division pages which are the pictures in our gallery. There you will see the Ex Libris, a picture of the materials we are to use in our studio, the Title Page, a reminder of the high ideals of Eden Central in which we hold our studiog the Foreword, our plan which shows us all the thoughtful planning that has been done for our success as artists of education, the Administration, the great artists molding with plastic clay the lives of students, the Seniors, graduates painting the masterpiece, the rainbow of the future, the Grades, the simple representation of simple objects with pencil crayon or paint, the Classrooms, oppor- tunities where materials and aids are ready for the student to paint whatever his ability and ambition prompts him to accomplish, the Activities, pictures in the gallery of several of our activities which 1 any student may choose, and an unfinished picture on which a stu- dent has been Working in the studio, and Athletics, a picture of the Discus Thrower or Discobolus, to represent perfection in strength or skill . As you follow us through our book and note all the plans, the preparation, and the loving care that our master artists have taken to give us inspiration, ideals, and fundamentals, you must share with us our hopes and confidence that we shall paint, in some field of noble endeavor, what each of us may call a masterpiece. M Forzrwono X S 4 DEDI T10 MR . JOHN LUNDBE RG ,d.,.u. ,- X NCE there was a high school art teacher who longed to produce a great masterpiece, but he was too busy helping his students to realize their dreams, to work on his own masterpiece either in oils, clay, or marble . Though he never produced what the world calls a masterpiece, he sent out into the world boys and girls with a love in their hearts and eyes of art in all its beauty. They were his masterpiece. This man is Mr. john Lundberg, our busy art teacher, our friend, and our con- stant helper. To you, Mr. Lundberg, we, the class of 1955, dedicate our year- book, "Embers," A A " A ..AWQ , C01VI P L I NIE T 0F O C O 12 s f 5 ,, 4, ,.1.. 5 MUSICAL WHEELS DO IT REAL SCHMALTZYI DEAR LEE, TRON'S BEST HOW ABOUT THAT? CHEC K THAT! ON' D T DO IT! AND THERE YOU ARE! 9'-Q Sn' A-TTGGEESQ 1QE1Qf'fg5f25'fgg' HEY, THERE! THE BIG THREE! ini EX slx..u .,,. ng J' 1 1- 'wif f. - fi Iwi -2529.5 5: :- 6 ,,,.1f...fM....L-.......... T""'x As the master artlst molds the plastl clay, so does the master teacher mold the s plastic m1nd of youth by arous1ng xts cur1os ity and satisfying it afterwards." Q- if - i N, , .. X . - L, fi. ff ft X "-Fw-.3 5"'ENvf . . fs, 5 ' X to 5 X 1- X of if .- 5 X . was . ff f. fi I :Sf . , 75,77 34, ,ik , Q six -P.x:g3L':f- L A Rfk , so vw ' Q ww: A N' .5 Qs f 21' ' 1-455 Q64 fgigga ' K S f ' aj 1213-,l Q' 'Yi'-5' ' uh i' 1,51 'fffi 2: I '1 H' ,- ze---:P V 'K 'f. r-eg: , , - .x v-'f V fi Qty., " Y- . 1:4 M ! I is ,, -, wiv , , ,fy ,k , 1. iffy L, Jw A , X 1 x , 0 I If MQ, 35 , Q, zyzfw ,nyfyf ffffwgvz ay , V 1 f ff-mm 14, I ,,f, m fam? pf 1 Q Vw C2 ,, 'Z'71" A 015,-231' oz' -V ,yu ...gg f wr A mf . Www .,,, 5,1 V, f ' im: 4' fy ' R -,M ., , 'Lin f 'f 'Tf?ZKZ',j- 55, , Z i 'LJ A , . , Y . .1 ,, '13 fy Z 7 wi. S J E Us Y 01 62 if INIS RATION 'e'Q':vl 'N ,,1-2igg,3, 1,.,. . , . , . 'Q fi. 'fl' ",.L J' . 'M' '1 "f.Qw1..ffQi43., ,ff-' f N '- fr- ' Jr.-,wif-:E x - ' - 1.-wx is " 1, 21 '- '3"3'W3'5I " 1. PROPERTY DF ' G HISTORICH.: SGCIETY PRI CIPAL W f wig f -f'fa:faaf?!,f,' ,fr ' f ff! MRS . NORIviAN MOORE MR. EDWIN C. PECK X x mf, I I' " wx NXT' "I--.. PRINCIPAL 'S MESSAGE INCE the beginning of time, art has been one of the chief mediums by which mankind has expressed its feelings. Since the way we feel af- fects the way we act and live, art throughout the ages has had a tremendous influence on civiliza- tion. It affects both the artist and the person be- holding the work of art. The senior class of 1955 is to be congratulated upon using as its theme such an important aspect of the life of mankind. Edwin C . Peck ' Supervising Principal f X 25 A SATPRI IPL wrsff ,..,.-v-w"""' MR. DONALD I. ANDERSON ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE N pausing to formulate a bit of advice to you, A W AAAKA' departing seniors, I am reminded of a little philosophy as written by Henry Van Dyke: "Four things a man must learn to do If he would make his record true: To think without confusion clearlyg To love his fellow men sincerelyg To act with honest motives purelyg To trust in God and heaven securely." My advice to you would be to follow these four points as made by Henry Van Dyke and yours will be a happy and profitable future. j DOI1211d I. Anderson Assistant Principal 9 MRS . JAMES DUFFY 'K-I3-' B0 RD OF EDUC . ,NS x .. ,.,, . .. M, . ., ,,,. 111-if J' , , .wi . . H i Seated: Mr. Robert Brindley, Mrs. Doris Smith, Mis Rose Clark, Mr. John Weinar, Mr. Frank O'Day, Mr. Raymond Kirst. Standing: Mr. Donald J. Anderson, Mr. Edwin C. Peck, Mr. William Carroll. Absent: Mr. Herman Agle. S an amateur artist must have expert instruction and guidance before he produces his masterpiece, so our school must have great master artists to guide us and mold for us the plan for our school life, our design for living. This very necessary and important function belongs to our Board of Education. It is to Mr. Weinar, our president, and the other members of the Board of Education that we owe many of our privileges here in school They have provided us with a beautifully equipped building, fine teachers, excellent courses of study, and a large number of extracurricular activities. The Board has allowed us to go on field trips to illustrate and supple- ment our knowledge and understanding of our school courses. To insure our safety they instituted a course in driver education and provided for two classes of swimming each week at South Park, one for beginners and one for advanced students . The members gave their permission for the Student Council to allow the students to govem themselves and to allow us to prepare ourselves for the future by gaining experience in student govemment. We wish to express our thanks and appreciation for all the Board of Education has done for us, not only in the past year, but all dur- ing our years at Eden Central. The entire district is deeply grateful for the new grade school. Discussing plans for new grade school. Pres. . . Vice Pres. . Clerk . Treas. . Principal . . Ass't Principal Members . . S lO OFFICERS . . Mr. J. Weinar . . Miss R. Clark . . .Mrs. D. Smith . . Mr. R. Brindley . . Mr. E. Peck . .Mr. D. Anderson . . Mr. H. Agle Mr. R. Kirst Mr. F. O'Day mourns' ASSOCI no . ..... ,,,,,. , ,,,, T farwm-,,,, ,Va i Mr. Frank O'Day presides at the monthly meeting of the Parent Teachers' Association. HE Parent Teachers' Association, an or anization of master artists, has had an active and successful g - . I . -h 1 year molding friendship and good fellowship. Amembership drive was launched early in the sc oo year. Programs to acquaint the parents with the services of the school were presentedg a panel discussion of par- ents and educators on educational aims was held and several programs on travel and folk arts were offered. A well-attended Open House brought parents and teachers together on understanding terms . d d ce at this annual event delighted the committee. Parents expressed themselves as A recor atten an particularly concerned about their children's scholastic progress and stressed the importance in their esti ' ' ' ' ' h' h ld lower scholas- mation of a good basic curriculum. They opposed any extracurricular activity w ic wou tic standards. , . . . . ts The social event of the year was the gala Parent-Teachers Association dance and social. The receip l O h larshi fund also received the were used to purchase the flagpole for the new primary schoo . ur sc o p mone realized in the annual Parcel Post Sale . The Parent-Teachers' Association feels that friendship and Y understanding between parents and teachers is indispensable to the work of guiding and instructing the young. Discussing plans for new grade school. OFFICERS . . Mr. F. O'Day Pres...... lst Vice Pres. . . . Mrs. E. Murphy 2nd Vice Pres. . . Mrs. H. Schacher Rec. Sec. . . . Miss C. Collins . . Miss R. Boardman Cor. Sec . Treas. ...... . .Mr. R. Koubek Luncheon Hostess . . . . .Mrs. P. Geiger ll git Y 5 wi 'av R1 - . Q if 'f lf" f'.:j."jlr,'-'-.FI-V, Y First Row: Second Row Continued: Mr. Gerald Nelson--Health Mr. Richard Mazuca--History 8: English Mrs, Evelyn Brenneman--Sr. High Math. Mr. Richard Merglel--IUdUSUi-11 A115 Mrs. Dorothy Hannan--Jr. High English Mr. Norman Moore--Correctives Miss Jean Murphy--Jr. High Math. 8: Eng. Third Row: Miss Catherine Collins--Foreign Lang. Mr. Walter Downey--Music Mr. Benedict Varco--Science Mr. John Lundberg--Art Second Row: Mr. Alfred Gray--7th Grade Mrs. Audrey Greenwood--Librarian Mr. Parker Olney--Guidance Counselor Mrs. Lynda Semson--Home Economics Mrs. Gertrude Pierce--Sr. High English Mr. James Duffy--Sr. High Social Stud Mr. Gordon Christensen- -Jr. High Soc. Stud. Mr. Leo Foroscij--Jr. High Social Studies Mr. Daniel Hagen--Physical Ed. Mr. Edward Collard--Jr. High Science Mr. Albert Ball--Business Mr. Donald Lawless--English Mr. Edward Munger- -Agriculture Mrs. Madge Dash--Jr. High Math. Miss Elizabeth Witzleben--Commercial Miss Catherine Palmer--Physical Ed. Mrs. Gertrude Gangi--Music Mrs. Elsie Conklin--Home Economics Mr. Austin Pempsell--Industrial Arts Mr. William Dopheide--Speech Ther. ATIENT, ever prepared to give us extra instruction, always willing to chaperone our dances, sports, or other extracurricular activities, our faculty have shown they are willing to aid us . It is to them that we owe much gratitude for each successful year in school. The teachers, as the accomplished master artists of the world, instill us, the young amateur artists, who are just beginning our artistic careers, with a sense of responsibility that will serve us well in the world after we have left the protection of our school years . Often a special difficulty arises because students are unable to grasp fully the contents of a course. By staying after school hours to give these students that extra little hit of instruction they need, our teachers show their desire to see us make good. The faculty is always very willing to supervise or serve as advisors for our extracurricular activities . We, at Eden Central, feel that we are very fortunate to have a faculty that is so truly concerned and interested, not only in our work in class, but also in our activities outside of school . We want them to know that we deeply and sincerely appreciate all their efforts to mold our charac- ters and raise our ideals to a lofty standard. s 12 If r..s1..-5-.J ,S Jf' ll CHO0L FA ULTY First Row: Mrs. Elsie Karr--2nd Level Mrs. Doreen Blakely--3rd Level Mrs. Elizabeth Davidson- - Kindergarten Miss Virginia Firzmaurice--Kindergarten Mrs. Cleo Morgester- - lst Level Miss Ruth Boardman--4th Level Mrs. Joyce Smith--lst Level Mr. Donald I. Anderson--Ass't. Prin. Second Row: Miss Ethel Wilson--4th Level Miss Margaret Saunders--6th Level Miss Marion Mclntyre- -lst Level Mrs. Pearl Gould--6th Level Mrs. Helen Gertie--Kindergarten Second Row Continued: Thir Mr. Donald Haug--Art Miss Margaret Wrench-- lst Level Mr. Francis Griffin--6th Level d Row: Mrs. Evelyn Carpenter--Music Mrs. Naomi Hauth--4th Level Mrs. Alice Jeffe--lst Level Miss Valeria Poniatowski--3rd Level Mrs. Patricia Krempa--2nd Level Mrs. Helen Forsyth--2nd Level Mrs. Marjory Vollentine--lst Level Miss Dorcas Smith--Physical Ed. Miss Pauline Gressman--Nurse Mrs. Louise Lemmler--5th Level Mrs. Hollis Eisele--4th Level Miss Audrey Pack- - Kindergarten Mrs. lvah Rothe--3rd Level Mrs Mrs. Ruth Holden- -2nd Level Mrs. Mrs. Ivadel Walters--2nd Level . Marceline Stevens--5th Level Beatrice Wilson--5th Level Mrs. Muriel Lloyd--Remedial Reading l-IE destiny of our nation lies in the hands of those who teach its children, for it is the teachers who act as the artists sketching the characters and molding the personalities of the leaders of the world of tomor- row. The responsibility, the devotion to duty, and the confidence in the future are instilled in the children from their first year of school by their grade school teachers. The grade school faculty strive very diligently to instruct their students in reading, science, social studies, and mathematics, and encourage them to take a lively interest in the important events and happenings of the world around them. Art, music, sports, cre- ative hobbies--these talents and interests and many more are stressed and encouraged in the children to as- sist them in making themselves more versatile, well-rounded persons as they progress toward adulthood in their educations. Each teacher is able to take an active personal interest in the future of each of her pupils, since she has many meetings with the parents to discuss the children's aptitudes, capabilities and inter- ests . Through these methods the grade school faculty are very well prepared to equip the children under them with the essentials of a good education and to prepare them for their roles as the artists ofthe future. 13 ...,,...,i.,....a..c,...4 ...,..y..d...h.h..,. ,AA -.i,,,, CAFETERIA Mrs. Miller, Mrs. O'Bryant, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs, Shepker, Miss Capozzi, Mrs. Koepka, Mrs. Krohn HO hasn't waited impatiently for lunch period and a delicious hot lunch? Miss Theresa Capozzi and her efficient staff have been busy preparing various foods for students and faculty members, washing dishes, and filling salt and pepper shakers all year long. These are only a few of the things among the many tasks performed each day by these artists of the culinary skills . The seniors will not forget the willingness of the kitchen staff to help in the successful planning and serving of the Senior Fish Dinner. PROPERTY OF' HAMBURG aasroarcit socIETY . - -y, ,":grg:3nngi1y,aa1', 24 -FQ t" 'N , 5'1-aww-fw: -1-sfvsuw ' 'J' , 'N 'e-"1:x"5'?17i5, 'Q ' . ' , ' sr ' . . 7 is AL L.Lf"1'?'f1x'-1':"l' 'T' N. 3 ,.. W. 1 - , M J I 11- ' c Mr. Olney, J. Russ. HE door of the guidance office is never closedg it is always open t0 those students who wish to seek advice about their school work or their pla11S for the years ahead . Mr . Olney, our competent guidance counselor, has nev- er been too busy to help students decide whether to go to work or college, which college to attend, what career to follow, and what kind of job to seek. By his meeting with both parents and students to discuss the students' desires, his needs, and his capabilities, Mr . Olney has greatly aided us in shaping and molding our futures, much as a sculptor molds his clays . CLINIC Dr, Martin, F. Boyce, Miss Gressman, D. Ball, J. Shouldice. HE main purpose of our clinic is to guard the students of Eden Central against the many diseases present in our world today. The clinic has given polio immunization to children in the first, second, and third levels for the past two years. Our sports participants and cheer leaders are given thorough physical ex- aminations each year before they are per- mitted to participate in any sport. The credit for all these services must go to Miss Pauline Gressman, our capable nurse, and to Dr. Ronald Martin, our school physician. f I Q , Miss Schiller, K. Agle. HE many flashing white smiles seen around school are ample evidence of the excellentway Miss Schiller, our dental hygienist, has taken care of the students' teeth. Careful annual check-ups of every student by Miss Schiller have helped to keep our mouths in a healthy condition. By demonstrating to us the results of the proper care of our teeth, Miss Schiller has made many of us realize that besides being attractive, bright well-cared for teeth are also an asset to all of us, phys- ically, mentally, and socially. Healthy teeth made a definite contribution to a pleasing personality . CUSTODIANS Mr. Benkelman, Mr. Kaufman, Mr. Knoll. Ab- sent: Mr. Woyjeck, Mr. Horton, Mr. Shouldice. HE janitorial staff of Eden Central plays an important role in maintain- ing the appearance of the school building. The custodians are always in the build- ing after dances, movies, basketball games, and many other extracurricular activities, to prepare the school for the next day's classes. These after school activities necessitate irregular hours for 'the custodians. Too often we for- get to show appreciation for the workof the custodians who deserve much more for their efforts . The seniors remem- ber and are grateful to these friends. F1 BU DRIVER First Row: Mr. Storey, Mr. Mroz, Mr. Wierzba. Second Row: Mr. Winkleman, Mr. Wittmeyer, Mrs. Wible, Mr. Winter, Mr. Bauer. Absent: Mr. Wil- cox, Mr. Wittmeyer, Mr. Garlock. UR sincere thanks go to our faith- ful bus drivers. In their hands lies the responsibility for the safety and care of those who depend on bus service to get to school each morning. To be better pre pared to meet these responsibilities and to meet sudden emergencies, the bus drivers have been attending special night school classes conducted by Mr. Nelson. Several experts in the training of bus driv- ers were present at some of the classes. Mr. Orrnsby, Superintendent of Schools, is in charge of the training program. NM ,f 'i is .. , f" 12-' 211 . .ilu .'--.'.--. 1.-, -3 o --'. . ,- f 'X , ,, fl-F-5 Vf-.ix f r-'a .5'Q:3a:,i M -- r - is , ,v " ' , ' "N' f '- r- . ssrgvf ',g,...:,e.13 ,- ' I K D U L T E D WU C I K T :T .X , ,, 'V ,..V, X7 MR. FQRQSCH' DIRECTQR, AMERICANIZATION CLASS HE Adult Education advisory committee was formed this pastyearwith the following members: Mrs. Ivan Hammond, Mrs . Richard Polasik, Mr. Kenneth Savage, Mr . Joseph Kwilos, and Mr. Ralph LeFeVre . This group assisted in organizing classes, promoting campaigns, and in general, informing the public of the Eden Central Adult Education program. With Mr. Foroscij as director, they have completed their ninth successful year in our community. One of the projects undertaken by the committee was to send a member of the Americanization class to Albany to watch the State Govemment in action. Mrs . Alfrieda Looze, a German war bride residing in this community, was chosen to attend this session in Albany. Upon retuming, she spoke before many community groups telling of her experiences. All expenses were covered by the generous contributions of various community organizations . The apprenticeship training program was carried out this year with courses in methods and time measurement, mechanical drawing, and welding, sharing the limelight . Driving, typing, physical education, and home economics were included in this program . A total number of eighteen classes took part in this adult education program this being the lar est artici atio ' the r " 8 P P T1 111 organization's history. The art of arranging and executing the night school program is of extreme impor- tance to the entire community. ' l 9 4'- ' l sEw1NG CLASS WOODWORKING c1.Ass 16 al f.fz-A '7". 'L r Q Z 'Z 221125 743 .L 'Q f f? 2 ' L ' I, f . Af if f, , 12' V4 X . My f KJV, fin F342 , x nl I iff ,,,g1S?K 5, CLASS HI T0 NE bright September morning in 1942, K. Agle, S. Beehler, A. Bugenhagen, E ' Cheney, D- G2-llmall, D. Gould, E. Gould, E. Haier, M. Haven, James Miller, Joyce Miller, M. Phatiger, P- Rifle, II- Shep' ker, R. Smith, and C . Thompson joumeyed to school to begin their first great lesson in our art studio . First grade separated us into two groups and also brought us two new friends, J. Bauer andJ. Euler .h We soon began to understand fundamental numerical problems, and not only did we master them? but we folled over spelling and writing our names . Miss Boardman's little bell calling us at recess will never be for- gotten. In the next five years our grade school teachers sketched many things in our minds that were to help us in the future. P . Rice lived in Mexico a few months in 1945. She wrote to many of us and made US IHOIG interested in history . In fourth grade we presented a Thanksgiving play about the Pilgrims . Fifth grade proved to tum toward music. J. Bauer, S. Beehler, E . Cheney, M. Phatiger, and W . Schassar began Bflat clarinet lessons . Flute and drum lessons also began for K. Agle and H . Case respectively. Sixth grade brought great interest in science . Through the help of Mr. Collard, we obtained two hamsters . The mem- bers of the class took turns taking care of them. New friends, D. Adrion, H . Case, C . DeBoi, J. Dempsey V. DiMaria, W. Heisler, S. Hoag, J. Kasinski, D. Mehs, R. Nehring, N. Neifer, C . Richardson, W. Schassar, and B. Serena joined us in these primary grades . 1 Junior High was a new pattern for us. New additions in these three years to follow were C . Novick, S . Spence, L. Dayka, L. Pontius, R. Stevenson, J. Szmanda, W. Alfrets, B. Thiel, D. Pepper, M. Kobiolka, B. Blust, and A . Kuczka . Home Economics and Industrial Arts instilled useful pointers for future reference As 8th Graders, we learned sportsmanship in intramurals . Our first year in high school will always be re- membered . Joyce Miller was elected President of Junior High Student Council. We started our treasury with our first big dance . M. Phatiger, as our first cheerleader, made us very proud . Our Sophomore Hop, "Frost Time Festival" was very successful. N. Dell, Y. Fox, D. Krause, C. Ringer, G. Slaughenhaupt, D. Tronolone, and J. Wrobleski, our new class members, were soon part of the studio gang. We were proud to have a new comer, Joan Cassata, an attendant at the Junior Prom . The Prom was January 29, with J. Shepker as Queen and S. Beehler, C . Thompson, and M. Phatiger as the other attend- ants . The expected enthusiasm over the arrival of the class rings was greater than ever. During the year Donna Clancy joined our artists . Our last year has been one of progress . A new high goal, 53, 000, was established in our magazine sale . Fish dinners, dances, and various class projects were successful in obtaining our hard-eamed mon- ey, which made our Washington Trip and the printing of our "Embers" possible. The "Embers" staffs are to be congratulated for the many worried and hurried hours they spent on the yearbook . We are thankful for the devoted hours and sacrifices Mrs . Pierce has given us to make a suc- cessful year. As the memories of scenes here at E .C .S . pass through our minds, we are reminded that our hardest goal lies before us, as the unfinished masterpiece awaits the artist. Jeanne Shepker Class Historian f . .x::uau..a :fa-:f.gttQ.i.,,,f.a-a, .1. - ... 5- ' , fwfk-. 7 1. ' ' , WSJ 1 , ' .. wif PRESIDENT SECRETARY 1 5. 'ILLIAM HEISLER otball 2 Intramurals 4 Varsity Football 4 Band 1 4 Chorus 4 Dramatics Club -4, Am. Math. Asso- 'ation Award 3, Model .N . Delegate 3-4, mbers" Photo. Staff , Buffalo Council of m. Red Cross Rep. 3- , Orchestra 2-4 OLLEGE ENTRANCE lass Pres . 4, J.V. O y 1 E DALLAS MEHS COLLEGE ENTRANCE Class Pres . 2, Class Vice Pres. 4, Student Council 2-4, J.V .Foot- ball 2, Varsity Football 3-4, Dramatics Club Officer 3-4, Boys' State Rep. 3, National Honor Society 3-4, "Embers" Ad. and Photo . Staff 4, Model U .N. Delegate 3-4, Citizenship Conf.3 MRS. GERTRUDE PIERCE ADVISOR JEANNE SHEPKER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Band 1-4, Girls' State 3, Syracuse Citizenship Conference 3, Class Secretary 4, D.A .R. Award 4, Homeroom Pres. 1-3, Intramurals 1-4, Cheerleader 4, Student Council 1, National Honor Society 3-4, Prom Queen 3, Chorus 1-4 "if f 'EV E' I -T 'LVVf"'-5 f.f5"'5"" 7 . v A ' 2,151 :ri ff ' ,af -f4:?5'-A Q,",Ys.'R',7 1' . Q . 7 if . mafww f ri' .- X fa- RICHARD SMITH COLLEGE ENTRANCE Class Treasurer 1-4, Basketball Manager 1- 4, j.V. Basketball 2, Intramurals 1-4, "Em- bers" Advertising Staff 4, Dramatics Club 4, Chorus 4, Student Council 2, ClassProj- ects 1-4 19 Q f rv -. , fx 4 ,, ,,,,, . f ,I ' ' , Q 5 y Zf,4fLQ. ff VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER 55, . 2 r". if is A --,z-4' ,' ,, 4,- - 7541. V favs, DONNA ADRION HOME ECONOMICS Chorus 2-4, Intramurals 1-4, SpringConcert2-4, F .H .A . 4, "Embers" Typing Staff 4, Class Projects 1-4 0819? JANE BAUER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Band 1-4, Chorus 1-2, Homeroom Sec .- Treas . 2, Homeroom VicePres. 3, Model U.N. Dele- gate 3-4, National Honor Society 3 -4, Syra- cuse Citizenship Con- ference 3, "Embers" Ed- itor-in-chief 4, Class Projects 1-4 SUSAN BEEHLER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Band 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Student Council 1-2, Homeroom Pres. 2, Model U .N . Assembly 3-4, Prom Attendant3, Monitor 3-4, "Embers" Literary Staff 4, Intra- murals 1-4, Triple Trio 2-4, ClassProjects l-4 20 KATRINA AGLE COLLEGE ENTRANCE Band 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Triple Trio 2-4, "Em- bers" Photo . Editor 4, American Legion Essay Contest 2, ClassProj- ects 1-4, Dramatics Club 2-4, Operetta I, 3, Student Council 1-2, Music Festival 1-4, All State 1 WILLIAM ALFRETS INDUSTRIAL ARTS Transferred from Buffalo Technical High School in Sophomore Year. In- tramurals 1-3, Basket- ball 1, Band 1, Techni- cal High Swing Band 1, Class Projects 1-4 BARBARA BLUST COLLEGE ENTRANCE Intramurals 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Tower 2-4, Play Committee 2, 4, "Em- bers" Literary Editor 4, Class Projects 1-4 S f , ANN BUGENHAGEN AGRICULTURE Chorus 1, Intramurals 1'4, F .F .An 1"4y F.1-1.A. 1, F.F.A. Secretary 3, "Embers Advertising Staff 4, Class Projects 1-4 H JOAN CASSATA COLLEGE ENTRANCE Transferred from Grover Cleveland High School in 1 junior Year . Italian Club H 1,2, Chorus 3, junior Prom Attendant 3, Home - room Sec . -Treas . 3, School Play 3, Intramur- als 4, "Embers" Photo. and Literary Staffs 4, Class Projects 1-4 K9 DONNA CLANCY COMMERCIAL Transferred from Orchard Park Central School in junior Year. Chorus 4, Intramurals I -4, F .H .A . 3-4, F .H .A . VicePres. 4, Tower 3-4, Tower Production Manager 4, "Embers" Ad. and Typ- ing Staffs 4, Class Proj- ects 1-4 Q HAROLD CASE INDUSTRIAL ARTS j.V. Football 1, Band 1-4, jug Band 2, Intramurals l-3, Cho- rus 1,4, Pres. Mixed Chorus 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, j.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3,4, ClassProjects1-4 ESTHER CHENEY COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chorus 1-3, Operetta 1, 3, Intramurals 1-4, Stu- dent Referee 3-4, School Play 4, Tower 4, "Em- bers" Literary Staff 4, All-Star Hockey Team 4, Class Projects 1-4 LEONARD DAYKA AGRICULTURE F.F.A. I-4, F.F.A. Achievement Day 2-3, F .F .A . Reporter 2, F .F .A . Demonstration 2, F .F .A. Vice Pres. 4, "Embers" Ad.Staff 4, F .F .A. Basketball 4, Intramurals 1-2, Class Projects 1-4 21 'f'1:Yf!gQ,9h:-V' .. ,X W 5 fa 3, ,W MW Wm ff ' nafdiff ' 7, H u o U2 Cr.. o :Q D-1 S 5' nz: rr 'ze ii 0 DC Z CL. L5 I :J N3 My , ,"'. 2 2 lai r? Irrilwggfl ' 2f+5rg1.a.2.i f ' -1,'1 saf- CAROL DEBOI COMMERCIAL Chorus 1-4, Triplc Trl0 l-4, All High 1. All State 2-4. Library Staff 1 -4. Homcroom Sec .2. Opcrctta 1, 3, lntrumur- als 1.2. 4. "Embers" Typing Stuff-1. Tower Business Manager 4. Class Projects I-4 VlNCE NT DIMARLA AGRICULTURE Chorus 1, F .F .A .1-3. lntramurals 1-2, F.F.A. DemonsLration2, "Em- bers" Adverusing Staff 4. ClassProjects 1-4 juHN Human CU1.l..liCl:l liN'I'RANCli lntrumumls 1 -1, j.V. Frnrlllalll 2, ,I.fllL'k. 2. 4. 'l'cnn1:+ 4, Dl'AllllllllL'S Club Vxcc Pros.-1, Dance Conunittut-2, Class l'mjcClH 1 4 NANCY DB LL COMMERCIAL Transferred from South Park High School ln junlor Year. Mixed Chorus 3-4, Glrls'Cho- rus 2-3, "Bmbers"Clr- culatlon Sraf14, Fre- donia 3. F .H .A . 3. Clams Projects 1-4 JOHN oamssv COLLEGE ENTRANCE j.V. Football 1, Var- stty Football 2.4, j.V. Basketball 1-2, Varsity Baskctball3-4. Home- room and Class Pres . 3. Student Councrl Vice Pres . and Pres. 3. 4. Syracuse Ciuzenshxp Conference 3, Athlettc Counc1l2-4. Class Proj ects 1-4 W7 an STANLEY FARUGA COLLEGE ENTRANCE Intramurals 1-4. Busc- bull 3-4. Cross Country 3-4. Chess Club 3. Truck 4. "Embers" Ad. Staff 4. Student Court Buillff 4. Chorus 1. -8. Clws Projects 1-4 ,L M, I ' 4 - Z., ,. H. , J, . miiwaafa YVONNE FOX COMMERCIAL Intramurals 1-4, School Play 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Tower 3 -4, Student Council 3-4, "Embers" Typing Staff 4, Tower Co-Editor 4, Student Secretary 4, Class Projects 1-4 DONALD GOULD INDUSTRIAL ARTS Intramurals 1-3, Infor- mation Desk 1 -2, Mixed Chorus 4, "Embers" Cir- culation Staff 4, Class Projects 1-4 ELIZABETH HAIER HOME ECONOMICS Girls' Chorus 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, F .H .A . 1, Intramurals 1-4, "Em- bers" Circulation Staff 4, Orchestra I, Class Projects 1-4 DORIS GALLMAN COMMERCIAL Homeroom Treas. 1, Intramurals 1-4, "Em- bers" Typing Editor 4, Student Secretary 4, In- fonnation Desk 1, Class Projects 1-4 ELIZABETH GOULD COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chorus 1-4, Intramurals I -4, Information Desk 1, "EmberS" Ad. Staff 4, Triple Trio 4, Sports Ad . Committee 4, Play Make Up Committee 4, Twenty Questions Club 1, Class Projects 1-4 MARILYN HAVEN COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chorus 1, 3, 4, Operetta 1, DanceBand4, Triple Trio 4, "Embers" Art Staff 4, Information Desk I, Class Projects 1-4 23 SHIRLE Y HOAG COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chorus 1-4, Operetta 1, 3, Intramurals 1-4,Triple Trio 3-4, Class Sec. 1, Homeroom Vice Pres . 2, Homeroom Rres. 3, All State 4, "Embers"Photo. Staff 4, 4-H Nat. Trip to Ohio 4, Student Coun- cil 1, Class Projects 1-4 DAVID KRAUSE COLLEGE ENTRANCE Transferred from Ken- sington High School in Sophomore Year. Band 1 -4, All High 1, All State 2-4, J. V.Basketball 2-3, Varsity Basketball 4, Baseball 4, Music Festi- val 2 -4, Dance Band 3 -4, S .P .C .D . 3-4, Class Projects 1-4 ALFRED KUCZKA AGRICULTURE F .F .A. 1-3, 4-H 1-4, Monitor 2, Basketball3, Achievement Day 3, National Guard 4, Class Projects 1-4 JOSEPH KASINSKI INDUSTRIAL ARTS Intramurals 1-3, J.V Football 1-2, Stage Crew 2, Safety Patrol 2- 3, Chorus 4, "Embers" ArtStaff4, Class Proj- ects 1-4 MARY JANE KOBIOLKA COMMERCIAL Girls' Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 4, Intramurals 1-4, F .H .A. 1-2, "Em- bers" Typing and Circu- lation Staffs 4, Class Projects 1-4 f ?'f-if' f 'f WC- ,xii ,,,, .Q eq,.,,f.,f,,, sm ' 1, aww,-saw. "Emi,-5 ii? 4 ' Ezif3ac'fsYf':N,? . f " 1315 tif SFP? :sw gr . f- f fifrilff , v .:.wg,.,e- I, fa ,Ag 2 mf. .- 5-'15-Q-,-il yithgif -'Qgigsl , . -- JAMES MILLER COLLEGE ENTRANCE J.V. Football 1-2, Var- sity Football 3-4, Var- sity Football Capt. 4, Intramurals 1-4, Chorus 1,4, Track 2-3, Oper- etta 3, Student Court Public Defender 4, Class Projects 1-4 24 X if 'j+EWjQ'-igfgwiky... 1. 'iiaiEi'Z'r5Q.i5QCa.5ii53T4,1Qa1-,.'ems2 Mft gf my , li. TH' IOYCE MILLER ClassPres 1 Band 1-4, Intxamuralsl 4, "Em- ers" Circulation Staff 4, All High 1, Sports Band 1-3, Student Coun- cil 1-2, Chorus 1, Or- chestra 1, Student Coun- cil Pres . 1, Class Proj- ects 1-4 COMME RCIAL h NANCY NEIFER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chorus 1-2, F .H .A. 1, Student Council 1, In- tramurals 1-2, Home- room Vice Pres. 1, "Embers" Literary and Circulation Staffs 4, Music Festival 2, Class Projects 1-4 DAVID PALMBE RG COMMERCIAL Chorus 1, 4-H 1, Intra- murals 1-4, Tower 3-4, "Embers" Business Edi- tor 4, "Embers" Circu- lation Staff 4, Class Projects 1-4 ROBERT NEHRING ' 9 COLLEGE ENTRANCE , j.V. Football 1-2, Var- A ' sity Football 3-4, in- 3 tramurals 1-4, Student V, W Q ws Cotmcn 1-2, Tfackz-4, at ""' Chorus 1, "Embers" "" ,jf j Ad. Staff 4, Class Proj- "'77"f' ects 1-4 ' f fti ,,, . , I YV my , , Z' I , 3 ,1 , , ,, 2, i4.4J 4 11 M CAROL NOVICK HOME ECONOMICS F .H .A . VicePres. 1, F .H .A . Parliamentar- ian 4, Intramurals 3-4, Chorus 2-4, "Embers" Typing Staff 4, Class Projects 1-4 MARY LAINE PHATIGER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Cheerleader 1-4, Stu- dent Council 1-2, Class Vice Pres. 2, Intramur- als 1-4, Prom Attendant 3, "Embers" Ad. Editor 4, School Play 4, Moni- tor 2, Band 1-4, Chorus 1-2, All State 2, All County Chorus 1, Class Projects 1-4 25 Q an R Q 35 2- ' if '-,,- e y 3 COLLEGE ENTRANCE 5,35 w ',,' 2 qw LEE PONTIUS COLLEGE ENTRANCE j.V. Football 1-2, Var- sity Football 3-4, Intra- murals 1-4, Model U.N Delegate 3-4, "Embers" PHYLLIS RICE COMMERCIAL Chorus,1, 2, 4, Triple Trio 4, "Embers" Typ- ing Staff 4, Student Sec. 4, Class Projects 1-4 Ass't. Editor 4, Student Court Bailiff 4, Class Projects 1-4 CYNTHIA RICHARDSON COMMERCIAL Chorus 1, 2, 4, Triple Trio 4, Twenty Questions Club 1, Tower Art Staff 3-4, Tower Art Editor 4, "Embers" Art Editor 4, Class Projects 1-4 WILLIAM SCHASSAR A I - COLLEGE ENTRANCE jzjl, L f . I Band 1-4, Varsity Base- ball 1-4, j.V. Basket- gg tA'- , p ,V ball 2, Varsity Basket- Zl, YZ , , ball 3-4, VarsityFoot- 1,,, I ball 1-4, Homeroom Treas . 2-3, "Embers" 'I , Photo. and Ad. Staffs -5 A 4, Afmefrc Council 4, Chorus 4, Class Proj- BETTY SERENA GEORGE SLAUGHENHAUPT Intramurals 1,4, Girls' Chorus 3-4, Spring Con- cert 3-4, "Embers" Ad . and Circulation Staffs 4, Class Projects 1-4 26 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Intramurals 1-3, Safety Patrol 1, Stage Crew 2- 3, Mixed Chorus 4, "Em- bers" Circulation Staff 4, Class Projects 1-4 S H X I ,-". SUZANNE SPE NCE HOME ECONOMICS Intramurals 1-4, Cho- rus 2-4, Spring Concert 2-4, "Embers" Typing Staff 4, F .H.A . 4, Class Projects 1-4 JANET SZMANDA COMMERCIAL Intramurals 1-4, Mixed Chorus 2-4, Girls'Cho- rus 2-4, Store Clerk 4, F .H .A. 1, "Embers" Ad . Staff 4, Class Proj- ects 1-4 CAROL THOMPSON COLLEGE ENTRANCE Octet 1, Triple Trio 3- 4, Cheerleader 2-4, Cho- rus 1-4, Ensemble 1-4, Class Sec.2-3, Student Council 1-2,Intramurals 1-4, Prom Attendant 3, "Embers" Photo. Staff 4, Operetta 1-3, Music Festival 2-4, Class Projects 1-4 f X RONALD STEVENSON COLLEGE ENTIUXNCE Intramurals 1-4, j.V. Football 2, Varsity Foot- ball 3-4, Homeroom Pres. 2, Chorus 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Chief Monitor 4, Dramatics Club 4, Track 4, "Em- bers" Photo. Staff 4, Class Projects 1-4 'ED' BESSIE THIE L HOME ECONOMICS Chorus 3-4, Intramurals 1, Spring Concert 3-4, "Embers" Circulation Staff 4, Class Projects 1-4 DANIEL TRONOLJONE COLLEGE ENTRANCE Transferred from Bishop Fallon High School in Sophomore Year. j.V. f' if ,M QW nd? XM ,f 44,4 f If . f ' fr, Z i Aa, ., 58, ,wa 55 FQ .Q Football 2, J .V . Basket- ,4,.,. ball 2, Varsity Baseball 2-4, Vice Pres. jtmior Class 3, Monitor 4, "Embers" Ad. and Lit. Staffs, Class Projects 1 -4 27 MWF' v"' gi"I il-'L-, S,:v.Zif,' Lxifff' Falk f'iHxl.r-5 4'-':kv.2,' ' ' 'ff 2 4. -win! ,K 4 Yep, ', - . '-'HECS-1 ,ju v' - 1 - -. , 1' CLR' 41-2 2, " in 'lair L .--':,.. -' . .N I ., M 1. 1 1,V1,..,LA ?pgQ'?5,r ,,r4 ,r' 5w.n37,zgu,. ,1 ,lt A A ,. - i Mi1'2111,a:3?1-1,. " ' JOSEPH WROBLESKI AGRICULTURE F.F.A. 1-4, F .F.A. Achievement Day 1-4, F .F .A. Sec. 2, F.F.A. Pres. 4, Intramurals 1, Student Council 2, National Honor Society 3-4, "Embers" Ad. Staff 4, Student Court 4, Red Cross Bloodmobile 4, Class Projects 1-4 N ME 0RIAlVI WILLIAM H. HAHN March 2, 1914--March 21, 1954 s 28 M... w..u..m..4u.f... ff f ' My lu, 1 , . , f My ' ,X als? -mn- f Tizvii 1431+ . W 1- xr: 1 I A 415, R is . - . " 'Wxxxfgiii-f?g'4iS',.egN - Mx .Q s - w ' 'Y' "L New is if--u k--W X, , ,N X.,,., .sk fFfi5S, -X -Q-N ' X. .egg Y NX F3 Q ' R 3 M in A V KN 6 ' gs , ,i V Mwefgqk- wx xx X Q , X iz' x , WEE fs X22 QNX fb Q Mix AQ xx 11 M .,,x s s NQKNGQQ vm--X . ig Nh New sggssafb 1' Sgjfk fp. a . X. h ' 'Arts and Sc1 ences are not cast 1n A a mold, but are formed and perfected by - V degrees. ' ' axfsfhs ss e C gf 'fi " Y K - Q .Q L, W 'Q-Ik.. K X- xx. Y 4, 1 'Q ? W ' 'R' If - , v f LR e s A 5 7.4 TY, , , :iw f-xg .I . M CLASS OF 19 First Row: P.Work, B.Stresing, M.Edwards, W. Goss, J. Neuman, J.Messer, B.Howel1, M.Kozak J Wright Second Row- N Cotten P. Landahl, I. Sievers, L.Burger, M.Blasz, Mr. Lawless, Mr. Ball, Mr. Lundberg, F. Krauss, Y.Pineau, N.Nehrin , D.Sh h g erman. T irdRow: G.Andres, A.Kas1nsk1, A,May. J.Mohoney, P. Smith, J.Crary, R.Sa1zman, T.Mi11er, J.C1ark, R. Monin, F.Dickey, J.Brzezicki. Fourth Row: s.P k F.s ' ' ' ar , wartz, P.Carpenter, R. Bolton, B. Grer, R.Chy1'eck, G. Papich, D.Do1e, E.SChm1tter1d0rf, G. Miceli. D. Gaylord, D. Bower. rf f I :milf ' , 'ifffkeie Q , " W rw. W. ,, , l jk, 1? J. Messer. G. Zittel, R. Kehe. HE Junior Class started off their year with the election of officers . They were as follows: President, Robert Keheg Vice President, George Zittelg Secretary and Treasurer, james Messer. Through excellent class co-operation, they have carried out many successful activities, such as movies, and the highlight of the year, 1955, the junior Prom, "Wonder- land Fantasy The class has participated in all of the ex- tracurricular activities with as much enthusiasm as has been shown in their subjects . If the enthusiasm and co -operation of the class continue, these artists will meet the responsi- bilities of Weir senior year and later life with the initiative and spirit which has kept our nation strong. The Juniors are thankful to Mr. Ball, Mr. Lundberg, and Mr. Lawless for their advice throughout the year. 30 ,.vf-4..24m-egg..-........g ..,. ,. ,..V ..,.4 . . ,. . rp -f First Row: S.Spack, G. Price, P.Rose, R. Thiel, B.Pawlicki, K. Lore, E.Martin, G.Castle, B.Feasley, I.Smith, M.Landah1, G.B1asz, C Kapier, P.Case, G.Anderson. Second Row: E.Witkowska, N.Bianchi, M. Knoll, B.Radziwon, D.Brennan, C.Owen, I.Eisele, Mrs.Bren- neman, Mr. Duffy, Miss Murphy, D. Schumer, R. Banker, C.Scharf, P.Bauer, M. Albert, H. Reid, B.Merchant. Third Row: T.Haskell, S.C1ancy, I.Stang, L.Oh1hues, P.Sovereign, C.Rothe, D.Wagner, N.Sea1y, M.Shamb1en, E.Thrasher, H.Camey, C.Phatiger. Fourth Row: J. Horton, E.Saar, B.Ne11is, D.Rogers, C.Jensen, G.Schwanz, B.Brenneman, T.Lewis, M.Smith, B. Pontius, L.Law, R.Lake1y, S Warren, P.i-Iammond, L.Kaczmarek, C.Borneman, E.Gehl, R. Wittmeyer, Fifth Row: E.Stegmeier, R.Zu1ick, R. Kaufman, A.Schmitt, R. Geiger, A. Chiavetta, R. Williams, R.Hoe1scher, D.Barrett, H. Sheffield, S.Jakie1, N.Preische1, G. Johns, B.Enge1hardt, M. O'Day, R. Beyer. R. Peck. B.Pontius, P. Hammond, R. Kaufman, G.Ne1lis. HE artists of tomorrow are in the Sophomore Class of Eden Central School. They have various talents, inter- ests, and activities--clever artists, fine musicians, future homemakers, budding craftsmen, potential scientists and young businessmen. But the Sophomores' interests did not lie only in their studies. They have also made their marks in athletics as was seen by the many Sophomore partici- pants in basketball, baseball, football, cheerleading and track . 'I'heir Sophomore Hop, "Autumn Silhouette" united the class in many pleasant hours of preparation. Wherever there is worthwhile activity, one can find the Sophomores. The class wish to thank their advisors, Mrs . Brenneman, Miss Murphy, and Mr. Duffy, the master artists, who helped them to sketch such a pleasant scene of this year. 31 .- CLASS 0F 19 First Row: J. Gregory, K. Smith, J. Russ, B.Minekime, J. Haisr. Second Row: G. Mammoser, W.Cheney, E. Pepper, G. Guenther, E. Supples M.Filipiak, M.Ebe1ing, P.Miet1inski, A.Dole, B.Preston, J. Sherman, P.Mi11er, S.Todd, F.Luczak, R. Williams, A.Mammoser, D. Schasel, Third Row: C.Geh1, M.Nehring, M.Piechocki, B.Ringer, M.Huck1e, J.Cohoon, Mrs. Conklin, Mr. Christensen, Miss Collins, Miss Witzleben, M. Kaminski, M. Tomaka, R. Kader, D. Stark, C. Kuppel, B. Knoll, S.Pi1ler. Fourth Row: K. Blust, R. Stickney, L. Schaefer, J. Turton, R.Wi11ert, R. Gould, R. Gould, A.Sessanna, A.Weiss, L.Morey, W.Burkhardt, F.Lisowski, W.Stang. Fifth Row: L.O1ewine, S Piechocki, C.Rothe, W.Neifer, S.O'Bryant, P. Shepker, L.Johns, R.Williams, R. Schmitt, C.Chiavetta, H. Jans, I.Clawson, A.Fraser, C Sibiga, B.Finch, D. Smith, P.Modica, J.Meyers. Sixth Row: J.Cole, M.Blowers, I.B1ey, D.Roberts, D.Powel1, J.Brend1, W.Iones, R. Goodbrand, D. King, J. Ferris, I.Smo1inski, H.DeBoi, P. Spence, I.Martynowicz, N.Badina, D.Gou1d, A.Shaw, L.Wi1son, I.Be1'tSCh, R. Yager. L. Wilson, G. Agle, B. Minekime. men this year. Latin has been introduced for the first time into the ninth grade program. The boys and girls have been represented in athletic and music organizations. Class spirit prompted them to choose the fabulous unicorn as the class mascot. These unicoms, designed and made by the students themselves, were wom as the Freshmen insignia. At the first project of their high school career, the Freshman dance, each committee readily and eagerly leamed the tech- niques and arts to organize asuccessful dance. 'I'he success of the'dance proved their efforts were notin vain. Under the guidance of Mrs . Conklin, Mr. Christensen, Miss Witzleben, and Miss Collins, the Freshmen have enjoyed a busy year. and are looking forward to their SoPh0m0'e Year ' 32 , ,, t.. DIFFICULT curriculum is being followed by the Fresh- IGHTH GRADE Q S l 3 l nfl I I f4,:,,43z , First Row: K. Franz, F.Schmidt, R. Sheflin, A.Gerspacher, R.Mi11er, C.Bianchi. Second Row: G.Nobbs, J.Bo1ton, R.Chiavetta, A. Condon, R.Zitte1, B.Ho1ehouse,C.Herchberger, S.Partridge, C.Maltby, B.Pew, I.Pfarner, J.Bauer, M. Owen, C.Sauberon, M.Horton, R.Sallak, A.B1ey, D.A11en, H.Beck, W.Knoll. Third Row: J.Stresing, P. O'Day, E.Gal1man, C.Penny, J.Pfarner, B.Joseph, K. Vadino, Mrs. Semson, Mr. Mazuca, Mrs. Hannan, V. Schramm, Lslaughenhaupt, G.Merchant, N.Haieck, A.Gnias, D.Nagel, L. Zynda. Fourth Row: D.E1lison, L.Nicholson, H. Guillaume, D. januszkiewicz, W.Gerspacher, C.Hammond, G.Nel1is, D. Huges, I.Natwora, I.St0ckr1er R.Ma1tby, C.Vara, D.Canny. Fifth Row: J.Hartley, N.Morris, B.Baksa, M.Sheffie1d, B. Terhune, N.Imburgia, K. Williams, L.Pi11er, C.Geiger, S.I-lalladay, F. Davis, I. Hodgson, M.Walther, L.Schacher, D. Agle, D.Morris, R. Gier, W.Richardson, G. Rockwood. Sixth Row: D.Loefke, D.Yager, R. Fisher, M.Koeh1er, G.Batorski, P.We1ler, P.l-Ierdle, P.Winrer, C.Ellis, 1.McMu11en, M.Montgomery, E. Hurnrnel, W. Koch, W.Stra1-ter, M.Looney. J.Gearhart, M.Benson, D.Va1ois, E.Peck. R. Zittel, J.Gearhart, K. Williams. HREE homerooms under the supervision of Mrs . Hannan, Mrs . Semson, and Mr. Mazuca were used for an unusually large eighth grade this year. The students of each homeroom elected their class officers and so prepared themselves as the graduating class of 1959 by uniting on various appeal drives and supporting school functions . Their further-enriched school curriculum has made it easier for the students to decide their future courses of study. Many of the boys were among the members of our junior Varsity sports squads, even though they couldn't participate in inter- school games. The girls were numerous in their support of the F .H .A. Club. Their main objective was to seek further changes in the Student Council Constitution so that more eighth graders could attend senior high school functions. if .,.-.,, 33 ' '-H'-'-'www-..M..i.....a M V V xx M.. E G R . BME , .X W ,., .,.,. First Row: N. Barnes, G. Wysocki, J. Schassar, G. Suesing. Second Row: D. Nelson, J. Franz, R. Swartz, F. Gerace, W. Guenther, A. Filipiak R.Kaczmarczyk, B.Pa1mberg, J. Mackey, S.Weinar, A.Askew, D, Will, R. Kader, E.Benzin, R.Richardson, P.Zitte1, R.Richardson, I. Kern, J. Enser. Third Row: B.Baird, C. Merlino, M. Holehouse, G. Thornes, M.Lake1y, J. Zells, M. Horton, E.Anderson, Mrs. Dash, Mr. Dyk- stra, Mr. Gray, Mr. Collard, K. Straker, S.Cheney, J.Turton, J. Franz, S.Preston, M.Brand, B.Ferris. Fourth Row: G. Kelly, D.Walker D. Williamson, T.Bridges, S.Gregory, J.Zittel, A.Reid, J.Winter, Mr. Foroscij, K.Tanner, D. McGuire, J. Preston, P. Meyer, P.Kirst, J.Campbe11, D.Al1aI1SOD. Fifth Row: G. Bolton, L.Barnes, D. Schneider, K. Euler, M.Vara, D.Rice, E.Schoepp, J.Persinger, H. Wilson, D. Williams, P.Lutes, J.'1'hornes E Scritchfield I Niederme W C , . , . yr, . arpenter, D.O'Day, J.Bradley, G. Gravoac, L.Blowers D Camp- bell, G.Brockman Sixth Row- G Pfitzin er N Ble k H h . . . g , . n , .P atiger, P.Kuppe1, A. Kaczmarczyk, B.Staby, R. Schiffman, Llloeller, K. Reed, R. Roberts, J,Duinin, R.K b ou ek, C.Rockwood, M.Rayeur, A.Shamb1en, C.Cole, J.Dauer, P.Niedermeyr, R. Thrasher, R. Towns. First Row: I. Kem, E. Anderson, D.Wi11, J. Wysocki. Second Row: H. Phatiger, L. Blowers, M. V ' ' ara, J.Zel1s. Third Row: D.O Day, G. Graovac, C.Cole, R. Towns. Fourth Row: B.Baird, F.Gerace, P.Zitte1. Y looking at any striking design or picture, we will find that it is composed of many small parts carefully fitted to- gether to form the finished picture. The seventh grade pupils have entered upon a project which will, under the direction of Mr. A . Gray, L .Foroscij, M .Dash, E .Col1ard, take them six years to fashion. English, social studies, music, gym, homemaking, shop, math, science, and art must all be completed to produce the beautiful effect of the pattern of life and education. This work, however, has not ruled out ex- tracurricular activity for the seventh graders . Band, chorus, and intramurals were only a few of the many activities in which they participated . By creating a balance between studies and activities, they have leamed earlyin life the value of a well-rounded school program. 'S- 34 X . .... . . r in EDI TE LEVE QA First Row: E.Co1antino, D.Iohnson, R.Zu1ick, A.Ze11s, R. Kelly, R. Hanny, D. Kelly. Second Row: M.Ma1tbie, A.Law, J.Shepker, C. Madden, C.Shey, I.White, V.Mundanioh1, A.Dickey. Third Row: Mr. Griffin, D.Wi11iarns, G.Shamb1en, T.Enge1, C.Co1vin, D. Mashke, D.Brennen, I.Rogers, L. Nehring, R.V0l1del1. HE students in Mr. Griffin's room, 241, have enjoyed an adventurous year in academic and handicraft work. "Pretend trips" to faraway lands have helped them to better understand the people of those places In science, the class actually built a fire with flint and stone. Experiences in woodworking, painting, and paper sculpturing added to their knowledge of art. Each passing day with its new adventures better prepared them to meet the requirements for a successful life in Junior High School . RS . GOULD'S class, in Room 242, has carried on many interesting activities during the year. The art classes have furnished much enjoyment for all, namely, the making of three dimensional pictures, Thanksgiving faces with paper, and spatter paint Halloween work. Very good work has been done in our reg- ular class subjects too. Since September, one boy has moved away and a new girl has entered the class. She was born in Germany, and she has told the group many interesting things about her life in Europe . First Row: G.Messer, M.Eisele, F.l-Iarriger, J.Agle, G.Iohnson, I.Partridge, M.McNel1, C.Cole, H.Persinger. Second Row: N.Wa1ther, K.Wi11iams, M. Bastian, S. Gertis, D.Young, B.Page, M.Wa1ker, S.So1omon, P.Geh1, M.Harwood, M. Lutes, M.Spencer, L.Hardy, D. Gehl. Third Row: I.Kie1ar, M.Guenther, K.Co1e, C.Meyers, H.Bornetnann, I. Hammond, R.Chittenden, R.Ba11, J.Potter, R. Hale, W. Guillaume, M. Twist, G.Irnburgia, P.Benson, Mrs. Gould. in , ...f,,,,, N ' 35 ff 1 TERMEDIATE gms W 1 A First Row: J.VerHagen, L.Moran, P. Smith, D.Wright, F.Read, D.Smo1inski, C.Gay1ord, G.Bogardus, C.E11ison, D.Bugbee. Second Row: P.Fi1ipiak, S.Bauer, M.Mor1tgomery, M. Nagel, M.Roberts, S.Romano, S.Straker, J.Fox, M.Batorski, B.Smith. Third Row: W. Bos, W.Hammond, Miss Saunders, C.Rizzo, R. Rome, J.Wi1son, W. Ackerman, R.SC1'itChfie1d, R.Eckhardt, G. Machmer, D.Chyreck, K. Willis, B. Pike, J.Zyr1da, R.Ward, P.Withere1. NTEREST in Miss Saunder's room, 240, was motivated by correlating our class work and our art projects . Cartoon drawings was one of the students' favorite mediums . In social studies the pupils have been very busy leaming about the Ancient World, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Responsibilities were sharedby individuals and groups, thus developing initiative and leadership in the students . Everybody has worked hard and studied diligently in the hope of graduating in June from the Elementary School into the junior High . UR year with Mrs. Lemmler, in Room 245, has been an exciting and busy one. We have learned many more facts about the vast United States and its many possessions . Our visits to nearby plants have nelped us to better understand the importance of an education and the workings of the intricate machines . Although our class has lived in an overcrowded room, we have still been able to carry on many projects . Our dioramas formed an interesting exhibit for our parents to View on Open House Night. First Row: R. Dahmer, D.Sl-aura, S.Henry, E.Brusehaber, P. Price, P. Gerace, B.Russ, D. Partridge, P,Smo1inski, C.Mroz, G. Merchant. Second Row: R. Lures, C.Eye, M.Potter, K.Anderson, N. Mohney, L.Wi11ett, C.Cabra1, S. Heffernan, R.Richardson, R. Cagwin, D. Spen- cer, S.Schassar. Third Row: J.Wa1ker, Mrs, Lemmler, P.Math.ien, S.Romandi, D,Geiger, Z.Waite, J.Burr0WS. Llensen, D.Schacher, K. Terhune, S.Mann, P.Remiszewski, A.Stevens, R. Bruce, W. Bischoff, Miss Quetschenback, R. Wright. M' " lv 36 f ' X ERMEDI TE LE EE 441 .V Q' ' 1. QS. , - au First Row: G. Price C.Owen I Kraft D Stegmeier N Steffen C Colantino P Kaczmarcz k D Ell' .' '- '- -- .. ,.Pb1, . R.1f'owe11. M.Merhno, G.Korkus, J.Winter, S.Weller, R.Harriger, P. Schreiner, C.Filipiak,yS.Nel1is,EEliuEclihasd-tl Etilzlsoiiecsngrigdv, Third Row: R. Hardy, H.Ga11man, P.Rogers,R.Mil1erin, D.l-Kale, R,Mert1e. L,K,-1011, E51-aft. Lschmm Mrs Stgvellls L YL el D ' Geissman, R.Neuffer, T.Schmirtendorf, F.Giessman. ' ' ' ' g ' ' N Mrs . Stevens' room attention has centered on citizenship education ----- leaming the factors which have made our country powerful, and learning of the role we play as citizens. Films were shown of men who contributed to our count 'S ro ress---Daniel Boone, Thomas efferson, Lewis and Clark. At Thanks ivin ry p g. . . . g students of Room 254 took part in a tableau depicting the "Origin of Thanksgiving." Many of our students showed an increased interest in school activities b 'oinin Bo s' Choir, Girls' Chorus and band. Y J 8 Y IFTH grade social studies was very intriguing to most of us in Mrs. Wilson's room, 243, because we leamed more about the history of our country. While studying about the Pilgrims, we presented a play entitled "jonathan's Thanksgiving" at an assembly for the intermediate grades . We had so much ftuiprac- ticing that we were sorry when it was over. One of our projects was making envelopes to keep our report cards clean. Our class has also taken a trip to the Ford Plant to watch cars being assembled. First Row: W. Enser, R.Kaczmarczyk, A,Kraft, R.Webber, I.Skora, A.Bonafede, B.Schaefer, R. Bryant, M. Anderson. Second Row: G. Hidy, R, Hooper, A,Meyer,H.Clancy, M.Denierley, M.Lomison, P. Schmidt, K.Frisbie, M.Papich, G. Ver Hagen, O.Darling, W,Voe1Z, Third Row: R.Lardo, R.Ag1e, I.B1owers, J. Hooker, Mrs.Wilson, R. Lore, I.Rockwood, D. Nagel, D.Morris, I.Russell, C.Ne1lis, S.Agle, P.McNel1, M. Kapler, N.Cooper, S. Swartz. ,TEEWV 42 y 37 2 1 TER DIME First Row: J. Hardy, R.Minekime, G.Brend1, T.O'Day, W Gregory N Serena R Benzin M Howell Second Row- Miss Boardma B . , . , . . . H. - Baird, J. Gould, M.Persinger, L.O'Bryant, M.Ag1e, P. Greene, J. Howells, P.Kirst, M.Anderson, M. Crowe, R.Cagwir1. Third Row: D. Kester, M.Wi11, S. Engel, R. Riefler, G.A11en, D.Sa1lak, L.Benson, D. Goss, D. Pike, G. Darling, M. Blackwell, G.Segebarth. LL the students have shown an interest this year in "How Things Began." Through books, pictures, and discus ' h ' ' ' ' ' sion, we ave studied about the beginning of our country, Colonial days, early farming, and the growth of large cities in the United States . These and oth b ' er eginnings of world importance have held our in- terest th' . W ' ' ' ' ' is year e, in Miss Boardman s room, 247, have written stories about these events and have per- formed experiments such as making electro magnets and showing how liquids rise into a plant's leaves. N interest in the meaning of citizenship has been developed, in Mrs. Eisele's room through our studies of our country's early days and its early settlers. We the miniature artists of Room 250 h , , ave con- centrated on leaming to express ourselves with riddles and stories both orally and in writing stimulatin v I g our interest in reading while broadening our abilities with basic e d' k'll ' r a ing s 1 s. Weekly trips to our school li- bra int d d ' ' ry ro uce us to the many things we can discover through books. First Row: P. Keeler, V. Franz, J.Herd1e, M.Ringer, J. Russell, D.Thompson. Second Row: D. Schaefer, J. Bianchi, L.VerHagen, R. Smith, S.Eckhardt, N.Scritchfie1d, C.B1enk, S.Gray, L.Ag1e. Third Row: Mrs. Eisele, S.Thomton, H.Wie1kie, M.Cohoon, K. Pen- ny. I.Bertsch, A.Haist, R.Laing, B.Sheffield. 38 f ' X ER EDIATE LE E 5 vim Bi THANKSEIVIHE iii v 56 ,i , - l ij E , 5, ii 15 ,, if , If , I FirstRow: R. Scritchfield, T.Brockman, P. Scharf, P.Williams, L.Camp, B.Willis. Second Row: S.Beeler, M. Smith, L. Frisbie, P. Engstrom, H. Brewer, V.Johnson, E.Pew, Mrs. Hauth. Third Row: L.Smith, E.Korkus, T.Shepker, D.Shamb1en, G.Ellis, R.Gumtow, B.Munger, H. Greeley. Y joumeying in our imaginations to cities across the country, we spent many enjoyable hours and increased our knowledge of the history and geography of our country . Making notebooks on music data helped us un- derstand our music studies. Our reading activities in Mrs .Hauth's room, 249, have been furthered this year by much library Workg so we are well prepared to advance in our studies next year. Through our art classes we have gained a sense of design and an introduction to different mediums . MERICA and famous men and women who have made our country great have been concentrated on this year in Miss Wilson's room, 246 . The children enjoyed learning about the colonial and pioneer periods . Through pencil and crayon illustrations, murals were made on the history of travel, automobiles, and air- planes. Art projects added spice and color to the year's work. There were correlations with social studies, and seasonal activities. Daily story periods fostered a love of books and reading. First Row: D.Harper, A.Iaworski, G. Haag, D. Knoll, K.Clawson, D.Beck, E.Slaughenhaupt, M.Mackey. Second Row: D.Pfarner, M. Hughes, E.Rockwood, D.Salz1er, D. Alonso, I.Webb, D.Graovac, D.Bo1duc. Third Row: J.Thornas, L.Geh1, M.Greenwood, S.Wood, T.Kuppe1, R. Haist, Miss Wilson, L.Gay1ord, D.Rogers, R. Franz. fsj' x'f.w flili ,fa 39 PR ARY LE i LY First Row: L. Ehrnke, N. Carpenter, C. Bailey, G. Pedersen, R.Ag1e, W. DeBuhr, G. Allen, D. Storey. Second Row: I. Walker, K. Phatiger, N.Smith, R. Licata,L.I-Iilfiker, P. Gnias, K. Jackson, J. Price, B.Page, J.Wysocki, N.Witt, S.Nobbs. Third Row: M. Koubek, C.Mroz, I.Roherts, M.Agle, C.Ha1e, G. Greiner, T.Neuffer, Mrs. Blakely, I.ROSCDbCl'gC1', L.Ehmke, J.Ag1e, J.Wa1ters, L.Meyer, W. Flint, W. Koch. XPRESSION has been the primary aim in Mrs. Blakely's room. To help us accomplish this aim, we stressed the language arts . just as art is a means of expression, language is a means of progress . Growth in personality results when proper conditions are provided for the stimulation of language . Our program in Room 180 tried to develop skills in the various aspects of expression . Thus, we had an enriched program of reading, writing, thinking, taking field trips, acting and doing. ISS BROWN'S room has had a large reading project this year . Incorrelation with reading activities, we studied such varied topics as the Pilgrims, Washingtorfs Birthday, and the Dutch people, to buildarich basic reading vocabulary. Along with this, Room 130 leamed multiplication and many of the measures used every day. Whenever possible, we have tried to correlate our art and music activities, since we know that art is a way to develop our minds, as well as a means of expression. First Row: D. Price, H.Bugenhagen, H. Harris, D.Li1ga, D. Read, R.Enser. Second Row: M. Pheasant, L.Schofield, A.Rivas, MissBrown, L.l-lanny, D.Tomaska, R.Pew, K. Condon, B.Filipiak. Third Row: W.Drast, J. Conrad, D.Willet, P.Hagg, N. Greenwood, D. Nellis, M. Jordon, P.Schreiner, L.Persinger, L.Schroeder. i . ,, t 'f' .wa A' 5' if, wi , yi' if 3 Q .,,, f Z: ,M ., ,, I I ,K mv! if , V 1 , ' 5 rf "1" - -'Ky 5 ,, ,7 ,:-A . . i'l"?9j: c WX fs qf 03 Pib'?7',,. W ffm gg use 1 r . l:T?Z12rf'fg?fff132:5fa -f ,f i-T313 '12 V 'W it refill?-Q5'g152'4E'i"" 'if 953' antiwar tl't "sewer ar -' t ., ,, .i f is 3.1M-A ZQg3g.w.,f, ,L .if ,fb-L19n? 4 ,4 40 ll 1 ARY LE EL -vnlixnu 111334151637 35 H 'lmusosami 5153 54 ss se ws szsssugm .3165 fr rf an. Second Row: C. First Row: C.Bryant, W.Bianchi, T.Beeler, I. Horton, R. King, T.Winter, D.Dahmer, R.Welker, W.Kuppel, E.Radig h nh t M Wri ht D Shamblen G Heichberger G Cheney S Willett, J.Wick, S.Smolinski, S.Blatten- Wilson, M.Persinger, L.S1aug e aup . . g , . . . , . , . berger. Third Row: G.Eberso1e, D.Yager, T.Zulick,P.Twist, L.MacLead, W.Graves, T.Rebmann, D.Walker, S.1-Iarriger, 1.Loeffel, R. Barry, H. Srnith, Miss Poniatowski. UCI-I em hasis was placed upon a more integrated program this year in language arts in Miss Poniatow- P ski's room. This program was designed to fit each child's level of maturity. Through this course of study and enriching experiences in other subjects, individual needs were more fully met. It was our hope in h ll. Above all, our Room 179, to help each child find success in his accomplishments no matter ow sma goal was to better prepare the children for group living and good citizenship . E are primarily concerned this year in Mrs. Rothe's room, 102, with enabling each pupil to build the power to read with adequate understanding and make good use of ideas gained from reading. As art develops an interest in expression, reading is used to provide a wide variety of worthwhile materials . The pupil is taught techniques which enable him to identify syllables and use the sounds associated with them. This provides the child with the skills required for effective study of other school subjects . h P'lle T Dusenbur W Clancy N Gier D Huckle Second Row: First Row: G.Shou1dice, E.Pew, D. Franklin, M.Solomon, K. Smit , K. 1 r, . y, . , . . . . D.Ebeling, S.Skura, E.Johnson, G.Ginnitti, R.H6iCl1b6IgEI, I.Bauer, L.Miller, D.Ball, C.Filipiak, M. Chittenden, T.Cowper. ThirdRow M.Brown, G.Gal1man, D,Minier, A. Nagel, C.Webber, Mrs. Rothe, D.Bonafede, F.Boice, I.White, l.Olewine, D.Bolduc,1.Eckhardt, M Sheflin, K.Sievers, E.Hu1se. -.anna-M-W.,-f, 41 PRIMARY LE W fjjMy""' , V f ,L ' 3 1 , W. gl V 4,0 4 ,rg 5237114 g Q dQ.,A iv 1. , - A . , ark-1, f -- .ff . ' , a .' "i r J '7 5' W' " Ag .N . Y ' -I f 1,1 ,- 7: ' . f . " 1-4 2 it 5 at i Q 'f 'rf 5 :fr 3 - - . vm'-,,,5,:.': ' 1 n , ,Q 4 amqw .. ' ,, ef - I 4 .mga ' ,gk ' I ',- + '. f if ' - I ' ' I' ' A . Y, ? My K I 4 X . ' ' 1 fy K i FZ: -f if v P 'Q , , A I N ' , 4, , ,Q , 4 A "' . , 1' 44,1 al am , - , me M Y, K6 :L Q 1 4 -4 t 7 7 5 'Z if Z ' M N 2 1- W 4 1' - 5, "1 H "" ffl . W L ,if l.g?g.4f' I ' ll , f l i z ,A ,f First Row: R.Buczyski, F. Riefler, S.Graovac, D.Lardo, G.Webb, M.Ma1in, D, Harper, W.Utsinger, P.Sibiga, R.Witt, M.Brown. Second Row: C.Saunders, B.Plenz, B.Fisher, E.Frisbie, G. Greuchow, E.Covert, V.Hauck, G.Cook, E.Bishop, C.Fitzgibbons, C.I-iaas, S.C1ark, J.Greeue, M.Harris, Third Row: P.K10dZinski, Mrs. Forsyth, K.Romano, R.Custer, G. Rice, C.Kap1er, K. Hughey, W.Gay1ord, S.Haw- kins, M.Gal1man, B.Gur1ey, B.Soule, P.l-Ioward. L.Sheffie1d, N.Ians, Mrs. Karr, J.Mazur, D.Kuppe1. OOM 196 has had a very successful year under the direction of Mrs. Karr and Mrs. Forsyth. We have improved our reading skills and leamed to write our names . We especially enjoyed the units on thelives of the Indians and the seasons. The completion of the new school especially pleased us because we are one of the groups who are housed in it. The architecture of the new building is another added attraction of this year. Altogether we have spent an enjoyable and profitable year in our room. MPHASIS has been placed on the fine arts this year in Mrs. Holden's class, Room 105 . Many of us are good readers and read many library books. We also leamed poems and songs, and how to write stories and letters. At Halloween there was the animation of putting on a play entitled "The Shadow Show At Christmas we made a book of songs and poems, with original illustrations, for our mothers. We exchanged gifts and made glittery painted pine cones and pinwheel decorations for our Christmas tree. First Row: I.Walsh, A.Pridgeon, D. Salzler, T.Wi1l, M.B1ackwell, R.Merg1er, J.Wittmeyer, D.Geh1, D.Brusehaber, N.Thomas. Second ROW: B.Wil1is. I.Aber, I.Hutka, L.Guenther, B.Baird, E.Bornemann, D. Pfitzinger, C.Laing, S.Lornison, D.Dusenbury, A.Niedermeyr, R. Smith. Third Row: M.A1len, L.Carpenter, R. Schummer, G.Mroz, L.Heffernan, B.Fox, G.Eye, D. Dryer, A.Rizzo, M.Ptak, L.Ehm- ke, B.Pericak, Mrs. Holden, B.Riggs. ww-1w.w.,,.,.,,mw,,,,, Xjx, -5-is. fhtyqx' g 4 2 h 9 42 A A 'iii'i't14RIMARY LE EL A 4g l ' ff: al " f PM , ff, 'l me Lf' fr ' I , ' ,V 5' A f,if1,Mg: , If . I ,MV . .W 1, , , QV., V , J 'W He'fkQ1f,i'W ff 4 ,f . , , . Q 1 "'. f ' 1 i' , 2 2 a tj" 25' 777 WZ17. Nl- V fn at V ' . MfgQ7vy M ft , , fd ,f at A . . . .-M, , ,' 5 N' ' f 'wer 1-f ' , mkff ,, ' "f'f"9' V 77424 Q 'Cr' V I ' fo W First Row: M.Morris, P.Suaker, R.Do1e, K. Kappus, J.Schaefer, I.Collura, J. Hodge, D.Thurber, Second Row: C.Brewer, L.Schosek, I, ff C W'11 I Mrs Krem a, S.E1lis. Third Row: W.Montgomery, R. Mosher, J, Pryll, E.Blowers, N.Carnp, B.Penny, l-l. Miller, L.Ste en, , 1 e , . p Winter, D. Bogardus, R. Robertson, D.Ho1scher, K. Johnson, R.Loeffe1, I.Rubeck. ARD work has been stressed this year in our reading activities . We have been doing many exciting things such as' group work, social reading, and library book work. Excitement and planning for our part in the Halloween Assembly program began early in the year. We decided to be ghosts and recited "The Goblin At Christmas time Mrs . Krempa helped us make decorations for our tree in Room 107 . We have enjoyed art activities for all the seasons. Our culminating activity for the year was a trip to the zoo. OOD reading has been stressed in Mrs . Walter's room, and we have worked hard toward higher reading ' ' ' l h k t goals so that we may be better pupils when we enter the higher levels of learning. Our c ass as ep busy reading library books to further their experiences needed for reading. Mr. Haug, the grade school art instructor, helped us make snow pictures with tempera paints and sparkling glitter. Working and playing to- gether in Room 194 has proved a profitable lesson in citizenship. We expect to take a big trip to climax our year. First Row: Mrs. Walters, D.Cork, B.I-Iowles, I.Schmitter1dorf, S.Henry, F.Winter, S.Eise1e, B.Mansfield. Second Row: I.K0rer1, K. d C ' C W'thera1, J. De- Bruce, B.Gnias, D.Mann, L.Scheetz, M.Jetr, S.Schue, F.Leonard. Third Row: S.Bos, W.l-larnmon , D. agwin, . 1 Muth, H.Stewart, B.Nide11, K. Gallagher, C.Newman, T.Cocina, R. Schreiner. iw,,,,1.--, , 43 PR A RY LE r r First Row: D. Minier, R. Preischel, D.Barnes, L. Read, C.Cough1in, D. Persinger. Second Row: P. Peek, C. Custer, R. Haskins, M.l3uczyn- ski, L,Reusch1er, L.Kader, A. Schmidt, Mrs. Jeffe. Third Row: J.Scritchfie1d, D.Gray, E.Smith, M. Knoll, R. Madden, G. Snuth, A. Stewart, B. Korkus. HIS year Mrs . jeffe's class in Room 189, studied our country and learned about Mexico, our neighboring country to the south. The Chrismias season was probably the most joyful time of the whole school year for us. We enjoyed our beautiful room decorations and especially the lovely art Work and paintings on the windows and in the halls. We learned many winter safety rules and practices . Our reading activities were not neglected . We are looking forward to another year of study and pleasure . EADINESS in Miss McIntyre's room, 131, has been our program for all avenues of learning. Interestwas first aroused in reading and numbers by the use of charts, pictures, stories and concrete objects, andin language arts by movies, records and stories . After certain basic skills were acquired, a formal program was begun . The children were eager to tell of their experiences during our daily "Show and Tell Time ." Block building, painting, games, puzzles, and playing in our doll corner were part of our daily program. First Row: B.B1owers, B.Bu11ied, J. Walker, D.Cagwin. Second Row: S.Pheasant, L.Johnson, B.Munger, Miss Schmitt, D.Lynds1ey, J. Manley, J. Bryant, D.Oh1hues, J.Dube, L. Skura. Third Row: L. Greuschow, W.Bonafede, Miss McIntyre, D.Todd. "Q, f , qw f.,V g, vQ,, 1 ff.f, ww: f , Q 1 gif 90 if if 5 ff , 1 if an fL,.,ff,g2 xg First Row: I.Wi1fong, I. Salzman, D.VanNote, J.Shouldice, I. Hardy, M.Krafr, S.Siebert, Mrs, Morgester, T.Ziege1hofer. Second Row: R. Welker, W.Schoseck, K.Kauffman, L.Mosher, K.Reeb, C.Monachino, C.Thornton. Third Row: K.Segebarth, P.Whitman, R. Spencer h L S M.Kordrupe1, C.Graf, S,Schassar, E.Wa1ters, I.Turnbu1l, B, Spencer, S,Van Vec ten, . tevens. URING the year Mrs . Morgester's class, in Room 135, has finished several important projects. The . . . . th children have helped to keep the room decorated for Christmas and other special holidays, by doing e decorations and art work themselves. Three times during the year we have a big birthday party with refresh- . . . . . 1 ments. By the close of the year every child has received a cake with a candle . An activity we are eager y anticipating is our trip to a dairy to find out how milk is prepared for us to drink. HROUGH the happy experiences of Dick, jane, and Sally in our new basic reading series, the childrenin Mrs . Smith's class, Room 123, are learning to be strong enthusiastic readers . Working together with our classmates is a very important factor in good school adjustment. We like to think of our class as a big school family, learning to be thoughtful and considerate. Many experiences, such as trips to the post of- th hil ear . fice, fire hall, and a dairy farm, have helped to make this a wor w e y First Row: S.Barry, S.Si11ence, D.Aber, S.Geh1, M.Mundaniohl, F.Schwarb, B.C1ancy, 1.Brusehaber, M.Jackson. Second Row: W, Midd ndorf I.Fi1i iak, D.Critoph, K.Barrett, K.Bal1, E.Ba1dwin, S. Greenwood, J.Cotton, J.Baisch. Third Row: D,Geiger, Qgck- C P hardt, G. Edkhardt, C.Buchauer, D.Enser, C.Dryer,E.Cooper, S.Close, Mrs. Smith, M.Jordon, T.Flem1ng. 133.-1 45 W It PRI ARY LE J t n , .IJHU First Row: J,Bischof, R. Natwora, L.Yager, W.Frisbie, D. Miller. Second Row: C.VanDusen, C.Ludera, M.C1awson, Mrs. Vo1lentine,B. Agle, E.Breese, K,Pfoh1, I.Eckhardt. Third Row: M.Ptak, L.Way, W.Darling, P.Fox, P. Koren, M.Sho1tez, D. Hale, G. Decker, D. Lamb, A.Cole, C.Serena. ITTLE artists in Room 121 carried on an extensive reading program at the beginning of this year . With the help of Mrs. Vollentine, they read their pre -primers and their first primer . Concerned with the art of speaking, much emphasis was put on phonics . The group leamed to count and write numbers and to become familiar with number facts . We kept a record of the days that passed, on a callendar on the board, and each day wrote a bit of news on the board. Our aquarium consists of fish and several snails . CTIVITIES in Room 126 centered around the subject of reading this year. It is an exciting experience . With the help ofMiss Wrench, they leamed to read and to do new things in art. Finding various scien- tific articles with their classmates had led to an ever-changing science corner. Many unusual items and specimens have been brought in and interesting experiments watched. The social studies program centered around four big units: the school, the home and family, community helpers, and holidays . First Row: R. Kromer, T.McNe11, I.Mroz, D. Mize, R.Roseman, D. Nelson. Second Row: R. Mainprize, E. Kranz, E. Ostrander, L.Russ, K. Kraft, I. Hardy, S.Minek1me, E.Iohnson, R. Moran. Third Row: D. Higby, G.Parma1ee, B.Miies, B.Middendorf, S.McNee1y, M. Ptak, Miss Wrench, B.Benz. I.Schacher, B.Spencer, S.Gur1ey, M.Radziwon. fr.-f 'Qtr , LGA yy F, yn tm ,- nf? 4 6 . i i DERG RTE LE EL 44 'll First Row: C.Ricketts, J. Johnson, I.Benkleman. M.Vacanti, S.Eckrote, J,Salzer, E.Thornas, R.Gerris, K. Kraft, L.Schaeffer, G.Board- way. Second Row: B.O'De11, D. Friedrich, M.VanNote, P. Smith, R. Clark, B.Bauer, C.Mohney, I.Cast1e, R. Wierzba, M.Dusenbury,J. Mainprize, T.l-Iilfiker. Third Row: G. Richter, K. Ketterer, M.Greiner, C.Kester, R. Smith, S.Manning, B.Page, I.SteVeI1S, Mrs. David- son, D.Greuschow, L.Barrett, Miss Fitzmaurice, V. Ptak, A.Ginnitti, D. Laing, M.Herrnan, G. Bean. RS . DAVIDSON'S and Miss Fitzmaurice's kindergarten in Room 197, this year, has undertaken many activities that have developed the background and interests of the children so they will be prepared for the increased responsibilities of the higher arts . To accomplish this, we feel the children should have an abundance of concepts which are real and varied. These concepts are developed through stories and pic- tures, constructive activities, and field trips, to increase their knowledge of the world around them. AINTING, clay modeling, and paper sculpture all enriched our kindergarten program . In our room we built a model "Mayflower" and an Indian tepee . This prompted us to learn the story of the Pilgrims and of the Indians who formerly inhabited this country. During the Christmas season we visited Santa Claus in Buffalo . For many of the children this was the first trip to the city. They were curious about everything from the boats on Lake Erie to riding in an elevator at a department store. First Row: P.Schosek, S.Orr, D.McCa11, T.Buczynski, M. O'Donne11, W.De1io, E.B1ackwell, R.Jerozal, A.Fi1ipiak. Second Row: K. Rose, G. Skora, C.Car1son, S.Boch, M. Skrzypek, D.Brown, F.Sibiga, A.Gurbacki, B.Frank1in. Third Row: P.Wittmeyer, E.Riefler, S. Kielar, K.Ag1e, Miss Fitzmaurice, I.Loder, I.Weiss, P.Rosenberg, Mrs. Davidson, C.Wittmeyer. B.Way, K. Kracht. H S,-Q, ,gl MVN a. fel eff. f,.:ss!l! xii , seg, i a 4 4 s,sW?Qff 5 a J ' 1 3 , , 4,4 V .... ,.,.. Mj""'7j - , ,.., T . it . A + 1 ' gg. L. - 1' .I , "" ,fr K E 1' "N lim H FHM. 47 ff X KI DERGARTE 95 -hw! It First Row: J. Wysocki, D. Hall, W. Moulthrop. W.Wolf, I,Cowper, L. Krause, R. Mundaniohl, B. Fleming, R.Dahn1er. Second Row: L. Tum- bnll, I. Thomas, H. Freer, M.Fitzgibbons, R.Winrer, C.Shumway, A.l-lodge. Third Row: I.Leonard, M.Smith, D. Hall, L.Minard, S. Schummer, T.Strawbinger, L.B1encowe, D. Graves, S.Pedersen, D. Hathaway, I.Hawkins. Fourth Row: J.Brenneman, Mrs. Gerrie, P. Pericak, R.Thuman, R.Corne11, Miss Pack, L. Harriger, R.Sza1, A. Russell, S.Schreiner, P.Ho1ehouse. HERE are many arts developed in a child's kindergarten yearg one of the most important of these is the art of living together harmoniously. These little people here have the opportunity of working and playing together, sharing old and new experiences, and co-operating with each other , thereby preparing themselves for future experiences. Since kindergarten means a child'S garden, that goal is what Mrs . Gerrie and Miss Pack, in Room 198, are trying to attain through the growth of happy well-adjusted children . TORIES, poems, rhythms, music, and the care of plants and pets were included in our program . We have taken many excursions which include taking a train ride to Buffalo and seeing Santa Claus . We dec- orated our room with the appropriate decorations for each holiday . For Christmas, Mother's Day, and Fath- er's Day, we made useful gifts for our parents. At Christmas time, especially, we learned to share our fun and work together. These experiences together have taught us to meet any future situations without fear. Seated on Floor: T.Schneider, G.Price, W.Schacher R.Lawniczak, P. Graff, N.Wierzba, C.Reformat, L.Penny, P.Mazur, T.Co1an- tino, R. Dole, W.l-Ieichberger, G.Kester. Seated at Table: P.Kaleta, C.Nage1, M.Schoefie1d, T.Heim. Standing: K.Mayer, Miss Pack, A.Bugenhagen, S.McNee1y, Mrs. Gerrie, K. Kuhn, D. DiMarco, F. Spaulding, C.Meyer, I.Fialkiewicz, R. Webber, E.Wright, B.Horrigan. synergy- ne.. . rr .,, , S ki G: N Q IQ X ' ,A wp 44 W1 4 ' Q ii' :Q f, M 's r r 'J bi IQQMV , ,iz X I 'N ' i F"'x is 48 ,r,,,,,,,,,-..,....,.,w..,-... V , ,-: .'I'T,,.'H.. -r rs- + his erin,-at . -- ,.. If -eggs is ix iii' XN NEMO RY Or WARD TERWILUGER 111-111011 26,1958 - NOVEMBER 15, 19511 , - FOREVER REIVIEMBERED BY CLASS OF I95 7 ,g1,,Tg'1:',t 3 , ,, , " Aa,i5fu1ii5Z'?'l"'f1,f':k- LQ . 1 14. L, 'X T 'J' Q,L1'.THl5?Zlf" V ETA , I.. ,. fi F2-."H3.,-2' H ' - ' , f' 1 ',"fi-g-','f'ff14x'9'- ,15H,,.fg.: -,-3 ,, A ,, ny. ' -f,fT.'F1 1' 1 Lrggw ' P I 'x . W ' 4 J-H' .f-'zmg' ,LE ,fy ff ' ,, , ,1 f iff? 5-nav Q ,, ,.,,, M, A fy W 7 ,,',' " , 3 f :J ' OUR DORIEI T HOLD THAT Pose: V ,," 4.:'fy.c,LJf "SNOOPERVISOR" HEY, DON T LET ME FALL! COME ON! NOT ME! v Il THE BOYS .,.f T1 , f' L X My ., .-I ,,.' f Q ', 1 DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT! HEY CYNI MMM--PIZZA! 50 Ff.2.iQ4ia'?i5f 1 4 A --L ,5 f f w -5 'V -'-2-fu wb. fw- '. , , 2, fy ,.',:f,, ,, fwssS?:.f2svl' -w- 'f V -rr fi. ' WWM- "Raphael paints wisdomg Handel sings itg Phidias carves ity Shakespeare writes it: all men seek it." g ROOMS x' .- - ., .g:yy4,c,,,wm5mQL.,ngftfq+ , . 3'f'P"-W'+"-w'---1---ff-w,.......,.- v.......fwns--.ww K ' xX 1? '. -N ,,,.f ' V . A , N -4.5 5w '5 GQ?S,Qabg5gE2" zt 323f..1s1iufEi u. p . . , ' ,mf 4 w COMMERCIAL Standing: Miss Witzleben. First Row: F. Krauss. Second Row: N.Cotten, G. Andres. Third Row: L, Burger, N.Nehring. NDER the expert guidance of Miss Witzleben, students learn typing, sec- retarial practice, shorthand, and transcrip- tion. Commercial students are required to learn speed, exactness, and a knowl- edge of the basic principles of business . Today there are opporttuiities open to graduates of the Edenbusiness course who have proved themselves efficient, capa- ble, and willing to accept responsibility. We find them working in the surrounding areas of Hamburg and Buffalo . Many work in our hometown, Eden. . , ,3,,,.',?.,.::,N,,,g lr, :t v-d,,ef4.,fqg: , . H '- ,1g?!Y:'fFgg'-rlmfi'-1 ,N 'V V ' ,-'mf ,. ,, ,,,, . , A Ln , -1+ -A ,A L A-.W 1 - 4 J' u.",'1' 5 X '.ii'2.w1n.' 5 , 'VJ 5, 5-5 3.-.:,5.an,ir,., Standing: C.Thompson, E.Cheney, K.Ag1e, M- Phatiger, V.DiMaria, R. Smith, I.Shepker. First Row: W. Schassar, J.Cassata, D. Gould, H. C256- Second Row: E. Gould, D.Trono1one, 1. Miller-L Euler, A.Kuczka. Third Row: S.Faruga, D- Krause, R.Nehring, W.A1frets, R,Srevenson. F01-'Ffh Row: S.Beeh1er, B.Serena, A.Bugenhag6l1. 1- sz" manda, J.Wrob1eski. Fifth Row: B.B1ust, N.Ne1fer, S.I-Ioag, L.Dayka. HROUGHOUT our six years ofEI1g1iSh we have been aided and guided by these molders of our literary tastes and COITCCI English background: Mr. Mazuca, MIS . Hannan, Miss Murphy, Mr. Lawless, and Mrs . Pierce . Besides our constant drill in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, we have learned to speak correctly, write flu- ently, think logically, and to appreciate the great masterpieces of literature, the classics . Through this appreciation, we attain a high standard of cultural living. , ,,., ,- Ng , A Rx 52 LANGUAGE First Row: M.Phatiger, B.B1ust, D.Bower. Second ROW: S.Beeh1er, I. Bauer, J. Messer. Standing: Miss Collins, P. Carpenter, J. Crary. ANGUAGES are important, not only in many professions but also in bringing about understanding among nations . In the language courses at Eden Central, the students, under Miss Collins's guidance, learn not only French and Latin but also study the civilizations of France and the Roman Empire. To give her students a better glimpse of the foods and cultures of other lands, Miss Collins has taken them to dinner at several of the famous foreign restaurants in Buffalo. ,E S, ,. . ... All Y I-. fri-'wlrfrf J.. , f , '1 4 ' l Vw X R .Mfg , Q , ., ,rs , 15? ' fr. ' 'F '- w : dl Standing: Mr. Duffy. First Row: M. Kozak, F. Krauss,A. May. Second Row: H. Reid, R.Sa1zrnan. I.Sievers, D. Krause. I.Buzak, I. Clark. Third Row: F. Swartz, C. Thompson, P.Work, T.Mil1er, C.Bornemann. KNOWLEDGE of the history, culture and problems of both the United States and other countries of the world is necessary in this age we live in. Mr. Duffy, through his history courses, shows his students how the American heritage of freedom has come about. We al so study modem-day problems and happenings . Five E .C .S . students who attended the U .N . Conference, on April 2, at State Teachers' College were as follows: jane Bauer, Sue Beehler, William Heisler, Dallas Mehs, and Lee Pontius . MUSIC Seated: I. Horton, I.Cohoon, B.Radziwon, B.Mer- chant. G. Johns. Standing: Mrs. Gangi, I.Mol1ney, J. Haist, L. Slaughenhaupt. OR the first time we have two grade school vocal music groups, the Girls' Chorus and the Boys' Choir with emphasis on good musicianship . The choruses, di- rectedby Mrs . Carpenter and Mrs . Gangi, produced the Spring Concert. The band and orchestra, directed by Mr . Downey, produced the Band Concert and a music assembly in a neighboring school . With election of officers and special rehearsal periods, we hope to bring about good musicianship of which we may be proud. ,.a.u.-..4M.......... .... MA.. .r,............. .,.., . ............'....,...c...,, , 3 S BUSINESS First Row: P. Rice, C. Richardson, Y, Fox, M. Kobiolka. HE Business Department aims to pre- pare people to be better citizens in a rapidly changingworld . This challenge is met through general and specific business courses such as bookkeeping and busine ss management which are taught by Mr . Ball, an ideal business man. Stress is laid on the three "R's, " as well as accuracy, neatness, and speed in business prac- tices and principles. Business students graduate with an understanding, skill, and ability to get along well with others so as to be a credit to themselves and their parents . .-gf of AGRICULTURE Mr. Munger, A. Chiavetta, A.Schmitt, R.Witte- meyer, A.Shaw, R. Geiger. HE Agriculture Department's aim, un- der the managementof Mr. Munger, is to develop a student who is acquainted with the advances in scientific farming. Dur- ing the past year, classes visited Weck- erle Dairy and Danahy Packing Company in Buffalo to study the marketing of farm produce. The annual trip to Comell made it possible for the students to see the educational facilities available in the field of agriculture. The milk testing and other similar programs aid the pupil in producing a higher quality dairy product on his home farm. , , YVQQWM1 ,fe First Row: R. Smith, J.Shepker, L. Pontius, M.Ph3f iger. Second Row: Mr. Varco, E. Gould. J.DemPSeY- HEMISTRY, physics, and biology constitute the science courses undef the instruction of Mr . Varco . Along with the instruction period, in which the students learn the basis of their subject, the classes have an additional period for laboratory work. By working by them- selves, the students become acquainted with the practical part of science which is necessary in college or in jobs relat- ing to science . Besides being interest- ing, science is useful in an atomic world like ours, where it is constantly at work . DRIVER EDUCATl0N First Row: B. Gier, M. Phatiger, W. Schassar, N. Cotten. Second Row: W.l-leisler, L.Dayka, C.DeBoi, E. Cheney, L.Burger, I. Bauer, S.Beeh1er,Mr.Nelson. INCE skillful driving is a true art, driv- er education has become a necessary part of our school curriculum. With Mr. Nelson in charge, each driver education class is taught not only the essentials of proper driving, but also that courtesy on the road is an important qualification for a good driver. Alternating class periods and actual driving practice gives each student ample driving experience and makes it possible for him to acquire low- er insurance rates . H , ,1:.j,.4 ' i First Row: C. Penny, J. Pfarner, Mr. Nelson. Second Row: D. Agle, H. Guillaume, W. Gerspacher, D. Allen, A.Bley, J.Bolton, C.Hammond, C.Eckhardt. HE health classes at Eden fill the need of the students for discussion of their mental and physical health. Under the direction of Mr. Nelson, the Juniors discussed the more common problems of teen-agers . A study of family relations and good health habits constituted the health classes . First aid, studies of dis- eases, their causes and cures, and anat- omy were also included in the classes '?0"M he J ,t,,V T ft. during the year. Through these classes, , " I be VHP, p p students are taught the value of both ' ' " Evl, t an A physical and mental health. Q57 ,ff Jl. l f,ff t t ff lb M- 'iii , MATHEMATICS Seated: L.Pontius, R. Nehring, I.Eu1er, R. Smith, Mrs. Brenneman. Standing: N.Neifer, K.Ag1e, S. Faruga, R. Stevenson, W.Heisler, W.Schassar, D. Tronolone. NE of the more complex and useful arts is that of mathematics. At Eden, the students are put through rigor ous training to master the complexities of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. This year we were most fortunate in having Mrs . Brenneman as instructor. Through these branches of mathematics, students acquire an abilityto reason in- telligently, aiding them in the future . For these reasons, mathematics occu- pies a well-deserved niche in the school curriculum . l HOME ECONOMlCS C.Novick, S.Spence, D. Adrion, B.Thie1, Mrs. Conklin, E.Haier. HE home economics course, tmder the instruction of Mrs . Conklin, pre- pares girls for the future . The girls study food and learn to prepare meats, vege- tables, and desserts. They also study housing, personal relations, clothing, child care, and first aid. As a means of furthering their education, the class went on various field trips, including one to the canning factory. They have planned and bought all the food for one week for a family of four. A new class, Marriage and Family Relations, was or- ganized this year. This class included both boys and girls . 55 fly PHOTOGRAPHY P. Smith, R.Monin, 1.Cassata, Mr. Mergler. HOTOGRAPHY, as both a career and an avocation, is increasing in popular ity and artistry. The photography class under the direction of Mr, Mergler, stud- ies the various types ofcameras, proper film development, and special tech- niques in the enlarging of all arts which prepare them for a future in photography The future in photography is an ever in- creasing, open field. Photography is an interesting and vivid career. J.Kasinski, Mr. Mergler, J.Stang, R. Kader- EARNING to be true artists and crafts - men in the fullest sense of the word- this is the aim and goal of the lndustrlal Arts classes and their instructors. MT - Mergler and Mr. Pempsell . This courSe instills principles of tasteful design and good art in the amateur artists . Mechan- ical drawing, metal and woodworking and general shop allow the students to con- struct useful, attractive articles int.heir studies . These students will he well- fitted for their places in the world as in- dustrial craftsmen and artists . nEiW 39515. , rr' T ? STUDY HALL N a well-balanced school program, at least one period a day is devoted to a study hall . These study halls are de- signed to allow students to prepare for their next day's lessons while still in school. A study hall also gives the student an opportunity to do a little ex- tra studying during school with as few outside interruptions as possible. Most of the study halls are held in the cafe- teria and in the library, where ample space is available to arrange one's materials in order to work more effi- ciently. These study halls are super- vised by teachers during their free periods . I . ,v.-, ,ti -.. 1.1 w w vm W' utr. v ' I-9' aim 0 ,git . u . I.Brzezicki, Mr. Lundberg, A.Burger, R. Kader. HE innate ability to create exists in everyoneg but as one grows older, one begins to feel his limitations and this ability is smothered. Art classes are an attempt to revive this ability. Mr. Lund- berg's art classes have made many new drawings and paintings this year and per- formed a service to the school by making posters for dances, dinners, and parties. The beautiful Christmas windows were a credit to the basic art and advanced art classes, and the lobby, to the eighth grade classes . PHYSICAL EDUCATION N keepi.ngwith the policy "a sound mind in a sound body," the Physical Educa- tion Department has set up a well -balanced program of sports designed to encourage physical fitness for all. Tennis, field hockey, volleyball, and basketball--there is a sport to interest everyone . In physi- cal education classes, students practice and leam the art of co-ordination. Miss Palmer, Miss Smith, and Mr . Hagen in- struct the students in those sports which they will enjoy for many years . It is through their fine efforts that the students of Eden Central are kept in good physical condition. ,.r..te.,.n,a..i,......,........,..,mr,......-.,,i.,., -:gifs-1.4 .. N -km CORRECTIVES OnF1oor: E.Benzin, K.Terhu1'1e. Standing: W. Brenneman, 1.Wa1ker, Mr. Moore, W.Gui11aume. HE art ofphysical fitness for all is the aim of the Eden Central Physical Ed- ucation Department, but we realize that everyone cannot take part in the regular students' gym classes. For the benefit of those students who are unable to par- ticipate in strenuous activities, a cor- rectives class has been formed under the leadership of Mr. Moore . The class mem- bers perform exercises and those activities which are suited to their capabilities . A R 0 U N D CHX0 UR I 1,1 , LOVER5?? AND THEN I SAID . , LADY WRESTLERS! "LITTLE DALLY" CI-IEMIST??? SWEET FRIENDSHIP HARK, DOI HEAR A TRUMPET? WHO DONE IN? 4 , L OUR EDIT ORS 'L U9 RUSH HOUR . . . 58 "?1:ffF3fs.ifiEFi Af . . ' , in , K N S L 5, g f fm' i ' ix wh Y x 33 Y . EQQXQ mx . Viva x X? SW' Na if ,V vx N, N ag? -Dj ,, N - 0 x wr k D , . 3 , NATIONAL HONOD some ' fa , ,I , W ' hyg , 'W Qf! f ,ff f W , 4 '41 .ffl ,ff Q f a ,, , 'gif V ' J., f 7,. ,, V. fgy f f, , ,ff X, ,, ,-1 ,A ,ww W, ',?"!f ' -fm f H., , Q, v. 7 ' 3 ,y Wg: ,fff L, -af7f,Z,f , Av ,,, 4 fiftj -:Q ff fy 1,1 ,Z ,' ,.,,, ,4 0 1, ,, We 1 ! X of ' 7.7 ,V Y l L, MQ 45 f H ' ' ' 5, , , X gf?" M 2, ! 'A ' 'J 4 W g 5 J' ,ix ! if I3 -51 "Y Z V 's . ., x wa. , ..... -2 , ' iw , - F33 , 1. K Y t :fa . f L ' E., Y V, if A W!! ' ff, ' rf , W X. aww af f 7224 ,,, f f 4, , ':,f : 14,1 . ,xv 7, ' Qf, , ,,, , ,my ,,, ,A+ M ,. 1, 7 7 11. i f ,fmfgfsfz- 5 1 1, 2 'C T ,. , A f -v Wg? 7 L, .4 f f f aw, A E44 -my , , f 1 ' q , "I C f "The true artist sees beauty infill the varied activities of 11f6. Qi. 52 , , ,fm f,, HZ by U I f ' , ,,, , ,Q 74' , i fi? 44, 4 af W ji' I J 1 , 6 ff 4 1, 55,3 WV, ,f 1 ,sag 7711 I W ,, Ml , QM, ,,,, xy.W 1 '-Zo, 1 ,z7,MaE,":' ff, ., 4:-.f '1 my, ,V 1 .J , '02 , pffgi , gfpr f 1921 , .fggxf 4,54 N, es , , W7 4 vm , -Q,-1 . wg ,5g??,,1fz, Shiv, W .- ' ,gg ,,. , ..,, , , f 3 J, , ' ' if ,Ig ' ,, ' - t ,,aa a EQ 'M ' " " ff fiff' 1 ar V' 1 ,ff ,kk, gfhxiq 'x if , , . 1 - 1 x ' f-:iff wr- - , f ' 45.11, M- ' ffff - 1 , an 'A t at at A, , ,Q , f 'f - , ,x vc.. X L E ' Y Em A ,.p , . f':-"LI 42.1 f'-:IJ lim-'Y - - 'wx 1 -, , 1., if .f--, -: 1 MA- ,, . Wi ?, 1' 4 L2 V 7 iq , ' f f f . Zff e I , , 45 EIVIBER DORIS GALLMAN TYPING EDITOR A " "' - ,I ' - -ra, ' X , 4 I 4 4 f 4 ff , f' ff!! ff 74-W , f f fy, ww' 21? I IAKXCH f CYNTHIA RICHARDSON ART EDITOR -P211 LEE PON TIU S MRS, GERTRUDE PIERCE AD VISOR ISII ' SNIEE Q2 I 'Q"' 2 I JANE BAUER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF , 'I fr. I . I ,ff ' -. - , "., I 'I zi- Y I I wwf, , -I 1 -pf-gg-..-mewffw - 4 I, ,I,,II,I-2 3 I ,I W.:-1.54.91-51: -V ,. .I IH. ,,,.,,,f ,V 4,gif,w,1 f"f 'E -4, If I 1,4 pf! ' ' -I .,w,-D532 2 wg, . - I I fue. , BARBARA BLUST LITERARY EDITOR -I Q 1. ,iw , , w I '14 X 4352 EQ - I .-,'l- W A ,I I f.,,.-' I , , , .0 , ,4 7 .f ,4k':,g41ZV..3Wg,.q KATRINA AGLE PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR . .I ,. FEI?-wa ',.f,:,l"fE'1ii':"5 ,- ' . I 3-5---i-f1,+IIi::.?f,-M .- f . A N - - ' -4- , - ,Y -- :- 1' - ,- 'X A 9' . , I... , . s,.q.z-I xi I I N. .,.-' . - 5 fi 655255 I - . : -1 I tg - , . ' MARY LAINE PHATIGER ADVERTISING EDITOR -' 4 I ffisf wwf I , iw, ,V 4v4. I I I ,, gg kg VNXKI-suy I V i Wy , AA I .224 I I If ' Icgffwi Kg I ' IQ 23 I+, V2 Q5 V ffm gf ,Q ,A - M ,- Af M5239 1,,Q ---- I I iff? i , , . fr.-'ff 1,1 h--'-v f 'ff , AZ zu Z.-In'diy-'I-Hifi",-:rf I JOYCE MILLER ASSISTANT EDITOR CIRCULATION EDITOR 60 DAVID PALMBERG BUSINESS EDITOR , , - ,I-I f-1'I'ZN , , I I if if Q, 3 Q , I 3 I ..A.. E BERS S AWS x , ff: XJ ,Q ' J I K 1 X A1 ' " W 4' ,- , 3 fl if N, i 3'-f 'Y r Y I 9 s N' L, V H vdi !,42fff"' if ' "EMBERS" EDITORS TYPING STAFF -Q ,Q . ylyQlK mv av is-It LITERARY STAFF BUSINESS AND CIRCULATION STAFFS ff . , K I ' V M ' , Q fm , Y A k,, I W.- .V A l , V ADVERTISING STAFF ART AND PHOTOGP.APH'i' 5fw.mfs 61 E IOR BA h k C Kader R Swartz IMesser Third Row- D Bower F First Row: B.Ba1rd, D.Al1anson. Second Row: J.Bauer, S.Beeh1er, J.S ep er, . , . . . . . -u - . - Swartz E.Martin E Peck, M.Rayeu1', R. Chiavetta, J. Miller, M. Phatiger, B.Feas1ey, C.Eckhardt. Fourth Row: B.M1nek1me, I.C0l100I1, I.Co1e: W. Koch,'D.'Januszkiewiz, P.Mi11er, D.Do1e, D. Krause. R,Page, H.Case, P. Hammond. 'Wd ' BAND DIRECTOR Mr. Downey, D. Bower HE Senior Band has always been one of the V more important organizations at Eden. The band members, under thedirection of Mr. Dow- ney, have spent long hours diligently perfecting the various numbers which they presented before the student body and the townspeople at their many concerts and performances throughout the school year. Their brilliant performances at the Christmas Concert and at the annual Spring Con- cert delighted all who attended. Several members of the band were fortunate enough to be chosen to represent Eden at the All State Music Festival. The student body has also greatly appreciated the entertainment the band has provided for them by arranging several music assemblies from time to time during the year. Their fine performaces dur- ing half time at the home games during football season demonstrated how much the band actually does to encourage school spirit among the student body . , L. , :ring Bti? TK! l TTTE IOR AN ...f..., -. , ,., - ...,..r.,..,,r.,,,.,...,,,.......-..-.--.,.. First Row: R.Koubeck, K.Ag1e, J.Crary. Second Row: P.Herd1e, R. Schmitt, G.Iolms, P. Kirst, F.Gerace, J.Zulick, R. Kader. Third Row: D.Ag1e, W.Cheney, D.Schumer, G.Wysocki, C.Vara, R.Z.irte1, L.Iohns, J.Moh.ney, A.Schmitt, R. Kehe. Fourth Row: J.Niede1-meyr, R. Peck, I.Tu1't0n, W.l-Ieisler, R. Hale, w,Carpenter, D. O'Day, I.Schmitt, R. Yager, G.Ag1e. HE band, however, does not exist merely to provide entertainment for the student body at assemblies, concerts, and games. The main purpose of the band is to teach its members the value of a good musical education, and give a good basic background in music to those students who will continue to pursue their studies of music after they have graduated from Eden Central. Mr. Downey has spent many hours instructing the band members in the fundamentals of music. The band has studied carefully and leamed to perform vari- ous types of musical compositions, both classical and semi-classical pieces. To add a little bit of fun to the band program, the members also studied several of the more recent popular melodies. Their diligent hours of preparation paid off for themg for the members of the Senior Band were able to turn in a fine performance at the New York State Music Festival at Fredonia. BAND OFFICERS Seated on floor: K. Agle, W.Cheney, B.Feasley, R. Swartz. Back Row: J. Shepker, R. Page, R. Kehe, D. Krause, S.Beeh1er, R. Koubeck. 63 .JFKSQY -ferafigqw, ' , ll'ILj',fT:F .N 1.-.-.. . 1-,rt-fa, GIRL '- umm 53 Mrs. Gangi GAIN this year, the Girls' Chorus turned in an outstanding record The girls spent several enjoyable music periods with Mrs. Gangi singing such melodies as "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and "April in Portuga1." Rehearsals for their concerts consumed quite a bit of time, but it was well worth the effort for the audience enjoyed the girls' per- formances . The chorus has learned to read three -part music and sev- eral of the girls had an opportunity to do solo Work. This year the cho rus attended the New York State Musical Festival at Fredonia. IXED Chorus, directed by Mrs. Gangi, has provided much enjoy- ment for the students at Eden . With the addition of a music peri od, the Mixed Chorus has had more time and a better opportunity to re hearse the songs they performed at the Christmas Concert and the an- nual Spring Concert. Besides practicing for these events, they also sing purely for the joy of singing. Folk songs, semi-classical, and popular songs are sung with enthusiasm by the members of Mixed Cho rus at their twice-weekly meetings . QM WV' 64 our - Gun 9 N -' 'M r' as!!-fr fax 593' 'V' f: 1" .a V- r . 1, if -4 r y W M 'fr ' i,-, -I 1 . ' f - .i, , :' 1- "" " . ,129--Q-'A'T rr- ' c Qc-1 -sir N V' X '- W QL? 1 aff HVHK: f N VV.. sag C1 I B r V ! L -1 'W I-IIS year Mrs. Carpenter organized the Boys' Choir, a chorus specif- ically for the boys in the grade school. The boys met regularly to smdy the fundamentals of group singing and to perform those songs which will enrich their musical knowledge and teach them a real enjoyment of various types of music that they may wish to rmdertake at Eden. The boys took part in several concerts during the year and turned in admirable performances . The Boys' Choir is a newly organized group, but it is able to display an enviable record for this year. IRLS' Grade Chorus was organized to give the girls in the grades a chance to participate in a musical activity. The girls met regularly with Mrs. Carpenter and practiced a variety of music and worked to rnas- ter part singing. Their efforts were well appreciated by all who heard them sing at their marry performances throughout the year. These begin- 1-M52 wi ning music classes are very necessary and important since it is in these MIS. Carpenter' D.Huck1e classes that the children's voices are trained for more advanced work in singing . 3 65 ,rf X RU - HE Junior High Chorus belongs to an intermediate music group . It has advanced beyond the Grade Chorus, but its members are not yet ready for the more difficult music of the Senior High Choruses . These boys and girls and their director, Mrs. Carpenter, have shown by their brilliant performances at the Christmas and Spring Concerts that they will take a back seat to no one. Besides hard and faithful practice for their concerts, the junior Chorus members spent much time learning the basic elements of music . The junior High Chorus de- serves its reputation as a fine musical group. INCE there is a high interest in music at Eden this year, Mrs. Gangi selected two groups of girls for ad- vanced work in music. These groups of nine girls each,comprise the two Triple Trios at Eden. The girls have done outstanding work in their musical studies at school, singing at the Christmas Concert, Spring Con- cert, and performing grade five and six music at the Fredonia Music Festival. The Triple Trios have appeared at the Eastem Star, the Rotary, and other community ftmctions First Row: K.Edwards, J. Haist, B. M61'ChaDI. E- Minekime. 560' First Row: P.Rice, C. DeBoi, N.Cotten, C. Thompson. Second ond Row: A.Burger, C.Richardson, M. Haven, E. Gould, S.Park. Row: S.Beeh1er, P. Hammond, D.Sherman, S. Hoag, K.Ag1e. Seated at piano: Mrs. Gangi. Seated at piano: Mrs. Gangi. oo Q X 'H F' RA - TR INING BAND 3 , 2 3 V rm, F , First Row: N.Cotten, E.Minekime, R. Gould, S.O'Bryant, J.Haist. Second Row: P.Hammond, C.Eckhardt, M. Roberts, L.S1augenhaupt, B.Baird, D.A11anson, K.Ag1e, I.Crary, P.O'Day, R. Kader, R.Schmitt, M. Montgomery, D.Va1ois. Third Row: D.Sherman, B.Merchant, L.Pi11er, D.Wi11, B.Feas1ey, G.Iohns, B.Minekirne, D.Bower, E.Peck, D.Ag1e, W.Cheney, R. Peck, M. O'Day, P.Co1vin. Fourth Row: D. Dole, I.Messer, D. Krause, G.Wysocki, C.Vara, R.Zitte1, I.Schrnitt, W.Carpenter, W.Heis1er. HE Eden Cennal orchestra continued to advance in the realm of orchestral music . Because of the popular- ity of the band, the orchestra has had to take a back seat . I.n the past few years, however, there has been a marked increase in school orchestras . This organization, besides playing at various assemblies during the year, performed at the Spring Concert and the Music Contest at Fredonia, at which they played very well. We are very proud of these fine musicians and their conductor, Mr. Downey. HE purpose of our Training Band is to give the younger students a chance to perform in a musical organiza- tion. Here they leam rehearsal procedures, group co-operation, and acquire the technique of performing in an organized musical unit to prepare for Senior Ba.nd. One of their public appearances was a trip with Mr. Dow- ney, the director, to the Farnham School to play at a grade school assembly . The students in Training Band are practicing diligently while waiting to move to the Senior Band. First Row: M.Lornison, K.Wi11iarns, K. Anderson, N.Wa1thers, M.Eckhardt. Second Row: M.Vara, D.Schacher, R.Ward, P.Witheral, R. Eckhardt, M. Crowe, M.Lake1y, C.Co1e, R.Ba11, F. Schmitt, G.Macharr1er, R.Ag1e, N.Morris. Third Row: R.Bruce, R.Mert1e, R.Bryant, I.Schassar, G. Merchant, C.Gabre1, L. Moran, D. Hughes. G.Bogardus, R. Laing, E.Co1anrino, J. Partridge, S.Swartz, R. Hooper, G. Pfirzinger J.Ag1e, R. Hale, I. Hooker, W.Voe1z. Fourth Row: B.Staby, I.Wa1ker, M.Eis1e, P.Benson, J,Niedermeyr, B.Page, M. Twist. 67 SAFETY PATROL First Row: M.Rivas, M. Horton, D.Loefke. Second Row: W.Kno11, B.Ho1ehouse, A.Kuczka. Third Row: R.Stickney, R.Wi11et, E.I-Iumrnel, G.Nobbs. Standing: P. Smith, R. Monin. HE safety patrol, under Mr. Nelson's leadership, instructs and directs the members of the student body in crossing the streets and highways at or near the school. It assists teachers and parents in the instruction of school children about safe practices in the use of streets and highways at all times and places . This group al so develops leadership . The mem- bers of the safety patrol are a carefully screened group chosen with their parents' consent. The safety patrol is happy to report that it has never had an accident. ,, Ja, HIGHS W' - P First Row: P. Irnburgia, R. Kramer, J. Faubert, J. Di' Maria, P.Wa1terick. Second Row: P.Co1vin, W- Agle. J. Schmitz, R. Page, D. Law, E. Minekime. Third Row: G. Vereerstraeten, R. Kehe, A. Gingher, G.Nel1is, R. Knoll, G.Ag1e, G.Zitte1, C.Eckhardt. I. Cheney. NE of the purposes of our yearbook, the "Embers, " is to presenta sketch of every class . We do not want to forget those high school students who were not in school to have their pictures taken with the other members of their classes . We have, therefore, taken this picture of those students in the high school round -up . CHESS CLUB Kneeling: J. Mackey, G.Wysocki, J.Schassar, R. Roberts, C.Rockwood, R. Thrasher. Seated: J. Kem P.Zit'te1, M.Benson, J.Niedermeyr, S.Jakiel, W. Heisler. Standing: D.Wa1ker, D. O'Day, D. Loefke P. Kuppel, B.Staby, D.Wi11iamson, Mr.Co1lard, N. Bames,S.Weinar, R.Towns, W.Brenneman, I. Per- singer, R. Richardson, E.Schoepp, D. Schneider, I. Preston, D.Wi11iams, I.Ze1ls, I.R0e1le1'. HE Chess Club is one of the newer activities at Eden, but it continues to grow in popularity every year. Mem- bership in this club is open to a.ny ofthe boys or girls in the junior and Senior High School . The only requirements for members are that they have a lively in- terest in the game of chess and know how or be willing to learn to play the game . At their meetings, Mr . Collard teaches the club members various courses of play to increase their knowledge and skill in chess. X X if N 'C' fsgf-,Vt . Q -p -Ri' LJ N I n n A all Q A ' oUND-UP First Row: S.l.aing, E. Hughes, P. Sealy, W.Bley, B. Noon B.Bianchi H.Bruno S.Bai1e W Gunzelman I I I yn u . Second Row: D. Hammond, W.Woodworth, G.Carpen- ter, R.Clark, P. Sauberon, D.Woodworth, A.Messmer. Third Row: R.Lapp, E.I-lolehouse, P.Jordan, W.Riggs, M. Wilson, I. Richardson, A. Spaulding. INCE each student, regardless of how large or small he may be, is an im- portant part of the school, we feel that he should not be omitted from the yearbook. Therefore, we have taken this picture of all those grade school students who for various reasons were unable to be pres- ent when the pictures of their respective classes were taken. RAILRCAD CLUB First Row: B.Palmberg, D.McGuire, S.Weinar, R. Swartz, I. Franz, W.Cheney, D. Gould. Second Row: H. DeBoi, I-I.Ians, J.Niedermeyr, W.Burkhart, K. Tanner, N.Badina, Mr. Christensen, R. Kramer, R. Roberts. LASHING lights! Smoke filled airl The sound of a whistle! Trains speed- ing along the tracks! These are sights familiar to the members of the Railroad Club, a new organization under the guidance of Mr . Christensen. This group, which is not only educational, but also very enter- taining, has learned to assemble engines and cars themselves and lay track . They set up an industrial landscape and then began working with HO gauge . The club'5 officers are David Gould and William Cheney. 1.-r,...a..m..f..w-t,,..Y,r .Q W.. ,.,....u 1.-. ..W...,ff- -.--,M , gggrywn ATHLETIC COUNCIL First Row: G. Zittel, Mr.Ne1son, Mr.Mazuca, W. Schasser, R. Beyer. SecondRow: Mr.Anderson,Mr. Pempsell, D.Gal1man, Miss Palmer, Miss Smith, Mr.l-lagen. HEN there is a need to further ath- letics by making training rules or raising money for uniforms and equip- ment, the Athletic Council is ready to help. This energetic group, composedof students, physical educaiion ins1Iuctors, the student council president, bothprin- cipals, and the various coaches, meets whenever problems arise important enough to discuss. Highlights of the year are the awarding of school letters to honor those participating in sports, and the annual sports banquet. i L- .,,, ,,.,, L 69 I gi ,,,, 6 , A nga... ....---'N 4-H First Row: M. Benson, E.Hummel, R. Vondell. Sec- ond Row: F. Read, K.Wil1is, D. Kelly, D.Nage1, J. Kern, L.Nehring, J. Preston. Third Row: G.Bogardus, N.Barnes, R. Hanny, W.Cook, J.Canny. D. Johnson. NE of the few clubs organized ex- clusively for younger members is the 4-H. In our school, membership in the 4-H is available to any of the boys in the fifth grade through the high school. These boys are supervised in their activities by Mr. Munger and have the opportunity to participate in any of the various activities offered to them by the 4-H club. They may become interested in dairying, home gardening, poultry raising, vegetable growing, or any one of many more such worthwhile projects . -we .,M..... ,M-,.. ,nw -L W: First Row: A. Schmitt, R. Geiger, Mr.Munger. 1- Wrobleski, L.Dayka, L.Wi1son, R. Schmitt. Second Row: L.Morey, H.Jans, W.Jones, G. Miceli. A- Mammoser, F.Luczak, R.Wittmeyer, T.Mroz. A- W6iSS. J.Smo1inski, G. Castle,,J. Schmitz, R.Hoe1- scher, R. Salzman, W.Stang, E.Pepper, A.Shaw, A. Chiavetta. UPPLEMENTING the regular agricul- ture courses at Eden is abranch of the Future Farmers of America. The F.F.A. ' s chief aim is to unite those students, who are interested in farming as their future occupation. The members workwithMr . Munger on projects in connection with new farming methods . This year's offi- cers are: president, joseph Wrobleskig vice president, Leonard Daykag secre- tary, Robert Geigerg treasurer, Allan Schmitt: reporter, Lyndon Wilsong sen- tjnel, Ronald Schmitt . S. P. C. D. First Row: D. Krause, R. Page. Second Row: W. Heisler, I.Messer, D. Dole, H.Case. HE S .P .C .D . is a new organization composed of the drum section of the Senior Band. The formal name of this en- semble is The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Drummers. The name may be misleading, but the members of the S .P .C .D . are really serious about this new musical group . The S.P. C.D. helped to stimulate enthusiasm and school spirit among the students by performing at pep rallies and sports affairs . Afonner stu- dent at Eden, BrentBaird, is the S.P.C.D. 's only honorary member . X -., ,.,, . Q. qw I I I First Row: M. Filipiak, M.Owen, C.Sauberon, I. Russ, C.l-Ieichberger, C.Ma1tby. Second Row: Mrs. Conklin, S.Spence, C.Novick, A.Burger, D.C1an- cy, I.DiMaria, R. Kader. Third Row: D.Canny, M. Tornaka, A.Dole, E. Supples, D.Adrion, M.Blowers, C.Kuppel. I.Cohoon, K. Smith, B.Pew, l-l.Camey. Fourth Row: N.Imburgia, M. Montgomery, J.Mc- Mullen, K.Willlarns, C.Geiger, K.Vadino, A. Gnias, I.Suesing, B.Baksa, B.Witkowska, P.Bauer, S.Clancy, M.Albert, I.Meyer, D. Nagel. HE Future Homemalcers of America, a national organization, has abranch in Eden. There are two separate clubs, a senior high group and a junior high group, directed by Mrs. Conklin. How- ever, they work together as one group in helping the community, home, and School . They leam sewing and knitting, and study the values and preparations of various foods . They collect clothing for needy families both home and abroad . By their different recreational activities, they learn to live and work together as a group . -QQ n 3' DANCE BAND 'st Row M Haven I Schmitt A Schmitt R Kehe Fu : . , . . . . - . J.Zulick, R.Schmitt. Second Row: G.Ag1e, R. Yager, D. Krause, I.Messer, R. Peck. DEN'S dance band, this year, gave its members an advanced background inmusic . Under the direction of Mr . Dow- ney, the band leamed to play both classic and non-classic songs as well as com- mercial jazz . The dance band members , besides deriving much pleasure from working together, have provided many enjoyable melodies for the student body . This year, under Robert Kehe's leader- ship, the band played at our Christmas program and for some of the dances after the basketball games . A LIBRARY STAFF First Row: E.Thrasher, C.DeBoi, I.Cohoon, I.Wright K. Smith. Second Row: Mrs. Greenwood, B.Thie1, S.Spence, G.Merchant, I.Slaugenhaupt, J. Hartley, J. Horton. NDER the guidance of Mrs. Green- wood, the school library staff helps the library to function properly . The staff, whose members are girls in the seventh through twelfth grades, helps the younger children to select suitable books . Checking books in and out, placing the returned ones on the shelves, and keep- ing the library neat, are only a few of the duties belonging to this staff . We are taking t.his opportunity to thank the staff for the fine job they have done in the library this year. H ii Z! AMERICAN Qs ff? fo my gm c senves me WORLD CHARTER SENIRRS First Row: J. Shepker, C.Thompson, E.Gou1d, M. Phatiger. SecondRow: R. Smith, K.Ag1e, D. Gould, E. Haier. Third Row: E.Cheney, I. Miller, P.Rice, I. Miller, D.Ga1lman, A.Bugenhagen, S.Beeh1er, M. Haven. S we look back through the scenes, we find that there are sixteen of us who have been together during our thirteen years of school. We began by learning our A, B, C's and then ventured into new problems of Spelling, reading and arith- metic . There were the usual sieges of the chicken pox and mumps too . Now that we have finally reached our climax as seniors and are looking forward to graduation, we are starting to sketch in our future, hoping as all artists do, that it will be a masterpiece . - ., Wy, . , ,2 : QQ -. 57 ' gg R if r H2229 ' . U fi " H ,K 1 ,ff fx ,,,y' 1.51 'af . ,f,, Z rg, 5 5 K W 1 n Q f, yur 1 . ii T- n ht,, ,Q , JL .-t' ' 3,3 Sf WFS ' e n t I I it v R. Page. N.Cotten, S.Beeh1er, Mrs. Pierce. W. Heisler. HE Junior Red Cross Council, SPOU' sored by Mrs . Pierce, made a reC0rd h1gh collection of 3103 in the November Enrollment Drive . Representatives Sue Beehler, Bill Heisler, and BobPage Spent three days in August at the Red Cross Training Center at Camp Forty Acres . These three and Nancy Cotten have attended the monthly meetings at the Buffalo Chap- ter House . Other highlights included Bill Heisler's magic shows at Veterans' Hos- pital and Bob Page's membership talk at North Collins School. lam xx PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB H.Case, Mr. Mergler, J.Cassata, P.WaIterich, I. Kasinski. CLUB has been organized for those students interested in furthering their knowledge of photography . Under the lead- ership of Mr. Mergler, the members learn the different types and uses of cameras, and how to develop pictures . Frequently they are seen taking pictures at our school activities and snapping surprise shots dur- ing school hours . Through this club, the members also learn how to acquire orig- inal angle-shot techniques, and they en- joy a hobby that may develop into a li.fe's occupation . H to ji 'me NR 'X if f t ' T f' ,E sf-vw , ,, , .. ..,.,...-X! LI .. L.. LM L I W I First Row: Mr. Mergler, Mr. Pempsell, R. Stickney, B.Gier, H.Case. Second Row: R. Zulick, 1.C1ark, G. Guenther, W.Stegmeier, G.Schwanz, R. Lakely, J. Slaugenhaupt. XPERT behind-the-scene help is es- sential to a successful stage show . The boys on the stage crew, under Mr. Mergler's supervision, have aptly filled this need at Eden. They have given in- valuable assistance at all concerts, plays, and other stage performances . By operating the curtains, lighting, and sound effects, the stage crew has actually been learning a great deal about the technical part of stage productions, while at the same time, they are providing a valuable service to the school. SPORTS ADVERTISING COMMITTEE First Row: K.Edwards, B.Feasley, S.Beehler, M. Phatiger. Second Row: I.Messer, E.Gould, D. Krause, D. Bower, S.Todd, A. Fraser, P.Mil1er. HE Sports Advertising Committee is a newly formed organization under the jurisdiction of the Student Council . The committee tries to increase the attend- ance at sports events throughout the school year by giving publicity to the schedules through drawings and armouncernents over the P .A . system. This volunteer group of students spent several activity periods in the art room, supervised by Mr. Lund- berg, drawing posters publicizing the games for that particular week . SPIIRTS BAND First Row: P. Herdle, R.Schmitt, J. Schmitt, E. Peck. Second Row: D. Allanson, R. Koubeck, E.Manin,M. Rayeur, J.Crary. Third Row: G.Wysocki, W.Ag1e, C. Vara, R. Zittel, A. Schmitt, R. Kehe. Fourthllow: D.Ag1e, B.Feas1ey, P. Miller, D. Dole, H.Case, R. Page. Fifth Row: G. Graovac, Llviohney. I.Nied- errneyr, R. Peck. HE Sports Band is one of the main reasons for the school spirit atEden. At any home football or basketball game, the band is not only seen, but heard. The members of the Sports Band, directed by Mr. Downey, do more than their share to encourage the team. Their lively ver- sions of popular school and college songs have won much praise from the student body and made them a popular musical organization at Eden. At pep rallies, the band is ever willing to oblige with just one more rousing song. v, ps V I C L1 5411.554 EP? Isis G STUDENT COU Advisor, Mr. Varcog Secretary, E.Minekime: P1'cSident, J. First Row: F. Dickey, P. Modica, C. Phatiger, S.Beeh1er, Dernpseyg Treasurer, P.Colvin: Vice President, G. Zittel. R. Stevenson. Second Row: D. Schasel, R. Thiel, D. Tronolone. Third Row: R. Goodbrand, R. Geiger, G. Papich, J. Reinhard. HE monitor system is operated by the Student Council to bring about order in the halls . Two monitors are elected by the freshmen through the senior classes. These boys and girls are on duty in the halls between classes to enforce the hall rules. Those students who are found breaking any of these rules are issued tickets to appear at Student Court. Regular meetings are held to deal with problems and suggestions for making this system more efficient in keeping the halls free from confusion. MPHASIS on student government at Eden has resulted in a Student Council which is continually rowiu in S 8 experience. Student Court, the monitor system, and the Sports Advertising Committee are all responsible to Student Council. One of the main aims of Student Council was to purchase a sign for the outside of the scho to publicize the schedule of school events . They accomplished this by sponsoring dances and a variety show. The council also organized dances after the home basketball games. First Row: W. Heisler. P.C01vin. Mr. Varco. J.Dempsey, G. Wysocki, E.Minekime, G.Zitte1, Y. Fox. Second Row: R. Stevenson, R. Page, R. Knoll, B.Baird, G.Nellis, G.Ag1e, R.Kehe, N.Ne1lis, D.Mehs, C.Eckhardt, B.Baird. ol -an I-Q 1-q 5147 fm. wa ,A 3 , , . 62 ,' f 2 ,J X32 4 fm URW XJN 74 X c 1 , 4 l 1- a V, ,. .V vate ff 17 l J.Wrob1esl-ci, L.Pontius. N.Cotten, D.Mehs, M.Phatiger, OFFICERS: D. Mehs, Lwrobleski, M. Phatiger, I.Mi1ler. J.MiLler. TUDENT Court was established to enable students at Eden to learn the proper procedure in a courtroom and to give them an even greater measure of student government. A judge, prosecuting and defense at ' ' ' ' ' h rt. The ac- torney, and a jury, chosen from the student body help to provide a realistic attitude in t e cou cused offenders are allowed to present witnesses on their behalf before the case is decided by the jury. Those found guilty are assign ed to detention hall or report to assist certain teachers. N these days when the danger of an atomic attack is an ever-present possibility, it is essential that every- one should lcnow the procedure in the event of an attack. Air raid drills are held each year to familiarize the student body with the rules to be followed in the event of such an attack. Through these drills, students learn . . . . h. ld the value of being able to follow directions . At a given signal, they proceed to their assigned posts, s ie their faces with their arms, and wait for an all- clear signal. 75 li' asus.: gpg:-M d' Y L H0 011 , l D.Mehs, B.Rothe, M.Mi11er, C.Ziegelhofer, J.Wrobleski, B.Zitte1, I.Bauer, C.Srnith, E.Towns, C.Fox, J. Schumer, Y. Fox, Mr Peck I.Shepker, A.B1ake1y, Mrs. Pierce. HE National Honor Society, sponsored by Mrs. Pierce, has as its main ideals: character, scholarship leadership, and service. Those seniors who enjoy the coveted honor of membership in this highly selec tive group are as follows: jane Bauer, Yvonne Fox, Dallas Mehs, Jeanne Shepker, and joseph Wrobleski These busy members have conducted all the fund- raising campaigns for Community Chest and March of Dimes, have distributed and collected bags for Good Will Industries, and helped with other projects. They are preparing the installation assembly during which the beautiful candle-lighting service will be conducted. At that time three more seniors will be tapped. Since "Embers" will not be seen by students before the assembly, we may divulge names of new members to be tapped: john Dempsey, Doris Gallman, and Mary Laine Phatiger. Y. Fox, Secretary: J.Bauer, Vice Presidentg D.Mehs, Liaison Officerg Mrs. Pierceg J.Wrob1eski, Pr 'd - h ,l y,,,c , ,, K . - ,.,, f f f 6 X 'Van V! ? 1 ,, 44, f I' , ,fha 4 07 la ? v ZZ ,Q fy W M K CSI ent, I.S epker, Treasurer 76 ff fi A' . , , , , V, ,,.,, .,.,,VV,,, 7 ,Wy X, 7, ,W ,V M. W F rN4t,,.,..,,.s...............-,- H Seated: D.Va1ois, L.Kaczmarek, Y.Fox, Miss Witzleben, I.Wright, C.DeBoi, M. Koehler, C.Richardson. Standing: L,Nich015on W Neifer, B.B1ust, D.C1ancy, J.Cohoon, S.O'Bryam, K.Sn1ith, E.Geh1, N.Sea1y, N.Bianchi, J. Meyer, A.Condon, M.Landah1, C, Ifuppel E.Cheney, D.Palrnberg, S.Beeh1er. nts at school. The "Tow- HE staff ofthe "Tower, " Eden's monthly newspaper, sketches a picture of the eve er" reports news and sports events of interest to the students and facultyg the "Who" and "just Picture" col- umns highlight the latest happenings of the students and a special column features Eden's alumni. Under co- " ff has taken several field editors, Yvonne Fox and Judy Wright, and advisor, Miss Witzleben, the "Tower sta trips including a trip to the annual Press Conference at St. Bonaventure College at Olean. For some of the re- . . . . d h' lc ha led to a decision to continue journalism as a lifetime career. The student body prove porters, t is wot s their respect for the "Tower" last fall by responding to the need for reporters, thus enabling the "Tower" to con- tinue being printed for the enjoyment of all. TOWER PRODUCTION STAFF ahl, E.Geh1. MISS WITZLEBEN, ADVISOR Seated: D.Clancy, W.Neifer. Standing: M.Land ,A J-"Q . 1. 2 ' 4 A H 14 iff ' 1,9 .5 ' 1 f A ':.w:v,',, J . ' T, f 77 Q is D R A M A T IC C 7 s f 1 5 i 4 ! 5 f i 1 5 5 9 First Row: I.Euler, K.Agle, W.Heis1er, E.Cheney, M.Phatiger, D. Mehs. Second Row: R. Stevenson, G.Papich, W.Brenneman. Absent: Yvonne Fox. LL the world's a stage, " said Shakespeare. This famous quotation certainly does apply to the Dramatics Club in our school. Membership in the club is open to students who are aspiring amateur actors. Presi- dent Dallas Mehs and the club members have spent a truly interesting year, thoroughly enjoying themselves while learning first-hand information about the technicalities of putting on a successful stage play. This year the members have concentrated their efforts in producing a hilarious three-act comedy, "Books and Crooks, " as the annual school play. The office of Principal Amold Q. Henley of Alexander Hamilton High School becomes a hiding place for two notorious bank robbers, the "Prof" and his accomplice, Francis. The discovery that Principal Henley and the "Prof" are exact doubles sets off a hilarious chain of events that keeps everybody in the school thoroughly con- fused and mystified. Mr. Lewis Fischer, the director, and the cast really brought the play to life and provided much merriment for the audience by their antics on the stage . , gif K iiwvv 78 tA.X 44 , Mn 14 if fx N5 fslsgsmrzlil ' O fx li Q wffmwaxsga, A gg . K' V W ,..-W , fwskffmaix an 5 'N .N K , Mfwl " gaigiwgas E X K Sh ff , 3 'ag f ISQSEIRHM X f M , '-"' A ZA-ki 4'ff?1MVw 3 f fggggggg 3 .:., Q w.e.'1n-1? LAXX -fu--N f r J A.,-4, 1- ' Nausea P F - susan v 4 E ' A it K .kkk ki K5 kk 5 bv- v ff I fe w if 3 W' w Q i H 5, E , W 3? E ' 4 XX J 'V f - E , if i x xx XV X XX 4 A ,,, , ..,f,?2,, ,f I . - 1 if MAGIC? ??? ' . L OFFICERS " DAVE' P "WHAT NOW" , if '47 ,br I OUR TYPIST CHOMP IT! "SAM" MAX AND IOHN PHOTOGRAPHERS? ?'?? ,. 5 . Q i Jil Mite! "' f, k. P . K -L: ,fl pl I E 17 VA Xfilxl gflrlil ,f aux wx-X5 f 4 W X L X ,,,,. , E -3 A. W migwiyr l Y ' 'J I 'pf- E 1 ,E Af O 4 . ,I :in COME ON' RICH'-RD' TIME IT , cm M102-as 79 f AROUN 5 Q, ,V . 'Qff-fx,y, -'.ug:,E1's:,,,: ,w, L L , , L:L5m?,f:z, V: fm? ffl ,-.,. 1 ,Mig Vg f --5 ., ..A,:4. , ,W .J ' 'X f, fx , 9 L 'Lf by , ,,,,.,' rgyfkk it L Wf ' 4 L Rig. QQ 1 uw.. iw L,L,1 VVS A RACE' THE CHIPS ARE DowN LEAVE IT ALONE l Q '?f"'g 5 'V 'buvu , ,Z , ,, L . 3, , 4, ,4' .',5', I K 2 ..1E3 V f 4. SEEING IS BELIEVING. STEADY TWOSOME ,ws f -M LET'S TRY IT ANYWAY. 3 i LY' A AWN, ,f 2 4 .5 -fn , ,,,,.,. W., Q 2 94 L 4' 7 V EC! X ,l f3fff7Q'L V V- L L X WORKWGW? MUscLEs "CHEN' 31 EL f35?I'iZ-,'vg"f5k ,Q ff, ' , ,Wo "'f 'f" ' 'V ' . Q WEE :gr vi 11219, -riff' I E L L L L M L X 'Elm s' ' ' , -'E , wwf ,.,,' ,fy-7. ll 1 Qfff ' , f f ? ,, nf if ' SL 1 E , I 4' I X ! I M 770 i fi I f f , " y',1 g1Lii,w1, cf' f ,, , 1 .-1-4 1-,f , . 7 L , wg-, r L L - 'Z f ' f 'm,344,'f ff L -ff f i . 1' "UNCLE WALT" L ., ,.L,, , L, ff f :L 2 wi we L 2 , E , fy ' ff WHOSE TURNM? 1DoN'T BELIEVE IT, 80 --.uu..q,LE:efw-----Af-- , 7,Hf71r,, nf ,L I ,Q g:1,fgf L N. Q Q X-T . K fx x wx ' N 5 Y-X"im"5"1J1+Y 'xx-' flxwg- x ., vw., , ...a fyfgw . n - T5 - " 13,11 Q ,xx .53 A l x .Q yi 1, . ' ' XRS 9 'N43 X - .ifiilwl A ,.N',.. ff .qs xm. 5 . . X. .XR . X .. ,.. K f A X .x ..+. Q- fly' 'fihw for he who plays the game straight if f X R and hard, wins even when he loses. x ,N N X - Ebii 1 .. .N .NL .Ai . 'SQ .- WS. Q. R . QQ 5 N. . .g.. Nw . Y M . 1 xt "Make an art of the game thou playest, X I 1 KMA' i X i 4 0 wax .V Y. , x , L' yas Q N 1 'V X xx f f, 0 f?f' ,-5 ,. 2 4 J x 1 VAR ITY ro 2 'ff 'Gigi Standing: Mr.Mazuca, P. Herdle, I.Gearhart, M.Looney. Kneeling: W.Schassar, J.Mi1ler. First Row: D.Mehs, R.Nehring, F.Dickey, B.Pontius, G.Zitte1, J. Dempsey, R. Stevenson. Second Row: R. Kehe, M.Rivas, W.Engelhart, R. Peck, R.Wi11iams, E.Schrnitnendorf, G. Agle. Third Row: G. Papich, J. Reinhard, B. Gier, R.Goodbrand, D. Powell, W.l-Ieisler, L.Pontius. FTER a losing streak that began with a defeat by East Aurora at the season's start, the Eden "Raiders" regained their composure and ended the season on a happier note. The football team, composed mainly of veterans and sophomores, was frustrated in its efforts to achieve victory in the early part of the season but the boys and their coach, Mr. Mazuca, never lost their fight. The boys were amply rewarded for their efforts when the team defeated Lake Shore 6 to 0 in the closing game of the season. John Dempsey was chosen for the all league team, and Robert Nehring and Robert Kehe gained honorable mention on the same team. Although the team will be losing several members this year, among them co-captains james Miller and William Schassar, there is great promise for a better team next year. Many excellent players will be promoted from the J. V. foot- ball team to the varsity squad next season. COACH, MR. MAZUCA Co-captains: I. Miller. W-5ChaSS3T- Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden East Aurora Cleveland Hill Sloan Clarence Springville Lake Shore 82 X ITY BA KETBALL iilii. First Row: J.Messer, W.Schassar, D.Tr0nOl0r1e, D. Krause, F.Swartz, R. Knoll, R. Smith. Second Row: W.Enge1harr, H,Case, J,Reinhard Mr.Nelson, G. Zirtel, E.Schmitrendorf, R. Beyer. ' EA team"' "Let's go, E.C.S.l" The Eden gymnasium echoes with these and many similar shouts from t at Eden, December through early March during basketball season. Since basketball is an important spor the whole student body is very proud of the boys on the team and takes an active interest in all the games. The team has earned the respect of everyone, for, although they did not win every game, the boys kept up their courage and put everything they had into each game. Although this year's team was lacking in height and experience, the boys possessed a tremendous amount of fighting spirit. They more than made up for their lack of size by employing a fast breaking offense. De- spite several defeats in league games in the first half of the season, Coach Nelson and the team members re- der of the schedule. At the halfway mark, the addition of several promising mained optimistic for the remain j.V. players strengthened the team. CAPTAIN, I. DEMPSEY COACH, MR. NELSON Eden 36 Lakeshore in fs ' ' 'Eden 33 Clarence 'Eden 39 Sloan 'Eden 38 Springville Eden 39 East Aurora 'Eden 26 Pine Hill 'Eden 47 North Collins 'Eden 57 Holland 'Eden 32 Clarence 'Eden 29 Sloan ' x A. 'League games wi , , my 83 ARSITY BA A E First Row: G. Schwanz, T.Wylie, D. Tronolone, E.Fu1ler, N.Coggins, C.Schase1, D.Wagner, R. Geiger, W. Schassar. Second Row' J. Reinhard. L.Law, S. Faruga, F. Swartz, R. Knoll, C.Smit.h, R. Beyer, M.Slbiga, R. Strawbrich, M. Shea, D. Dole, D. Gaylord, M.Rivas, T.Lewis, R.Sallak, Mr. Mazuca. AD weather and a full schedule forced the Eden baseball team to look for experience rather than victories . Though the team did not finish with a good average, the maroon and white will have many veterans retum- ing to help improve its record next season. After opening the season with two victories over Pine Hill and the team's arch rival, North Collins, the Eden Raiders suddenly went into a tailspin. Under a grueling schedule of playing daily, the club, lacking hitting support, was not able to gain another victory until the last game on their schedule against Springville. The highlight of the season came in the last game on a rain-drenched play ing field at Springville. Captain Mike Shea hit a bases-loaded home run which enabled the team to gain an 8 to 7 victory over their opponents. The boys aren't discouraged by a poor season but have great hopes for a much-improved season in the spring. COACH, MR . MAZUCA V y ,mv if f f v-"W 'V viff ,. 5J.?e T A Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Pine Hill North Collins Sloan Gowanda Springville Pine Hill Clarence Holland Holland Clarence Sloan Springville f xl lr, am 4 ' inf 1 . V. V, I ,. VM VV V Vi, VV A V -, .vff f ' f f - Y Y, - W V rg X In 5 'a , f fu' ffvpf af. I ' ' f"fLv'ffz4'w5f4" ' E f ff , 2 ' 'V g 'A,fffQ'fi'ff-vv5V7f,iq' , "fi, , , ,M aww ,,,f,,-my, ff ff? V V 1 'fV,5V"l.,lffifffgiff', North Collins A fi' T E fi A f .wV2ly,aggf V ,w V ,, .wa.e.4M,1, , '1.,wVV?5gflgg' H, I 1 " fy Vw pwvf' 1 X Lf, V ,V VVV . Rh V, :MQ -Mkeff' 'f ' , H -w ' S . 7721 . A W . 'gf .I YQ. f ' 9 T R C ond Row: W.'l' Miller, R. Nehring, G. Papich, M.Sibiga. First Row: W.Eu1er, M.Smith, I.Buzak, R.Zulick, D.Schasel, R. Beyer, I. Dempsey, I.Law, C. owns, D. Mashke, G.Zittel, E,Schmittendorf, R.Roeller, F.Dickey, T.Wy1ie, E. B ! Smith, I.Clees, A. Gir1gher,F. Swartz, Sec- Towns, N.Coggins, O.Moore, M.Shea, J. track team faithfully practicing NE of the more common sights here at Eden every spring is that of the their high jumping, pole vaulting, or broad jumping on the field behind tice has enabled the team to defeat a great many of their opponents in inter- l kn the student body at Eden as are some and their coach, Mr. Hagen, haven't allowed themselves to be discouraged by that fact. They have achieved the enviable record of having won fourteen Consecutive dual track meets in the last two seasons of their inter- school track competition . The team members have every reason to believe that their winning streak will be ' ' ' d ' r ciated till another season of track competition. The fine work the boys have one is app e team is perhaps not so wel own to continued through s and enjoyed by everyone in the school. G. Zittel Eden 89 112 Sloan Eden 58 213 Springville Eden '71 Pine Hill Eden 59 213 Clarence Eden 82 Holland E,C,l,C. CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION III Eden Springville Clarence Pine Hill Holland Sloan i n 7 85 14 112 45 113 33 35 213 22 4-2 113 29 18113 17112 17 113 7 112 the school. This diligent prac- school track meets. The track of the other sports, but the boys COACH, MR . HAGEN r f ,-NR Rl ' Ze 'Gia 1' ig 'z wi' fr ze 'J55i:Qi,....! !,,,.,. 'frm ,x 1 f in :mv ., 44 MASK-1,-,.,. , M-A, . ...GE . ".-sma,m,r..1,- ., ..-.a..., .,..,.,. A lr. . El ,gl -X.. if-V ,. ..iooT LL-B In Front: R. Yager. Standing: Mr.Hagen, E.Peck, G.Schwa11Z, Mr. Gray. First Row: E.Humme1, E.Martin, R. Schmitt, R.Beyer, W. Burkhardt, R.Wi11iams, R. Page, D.Schase1. Second Row: A.Chiavetta, W.Brennernan, J.Turton, R. Geiger, A.Schrnitt, P. Shepker, D. Wagner, T. Lewis. Third Row: P. Spence, R. Knoll, D.Barrett, D.Wi1liams, K.Blust, S.Iakiel, M.O'Day. UR j.V. football team certainly deserves a great deal of credit . Though they didn't Win a game all sea- son, the boys had the pep and loyalty that kept them fighting every second of each game they played. Each team member demonstrated the co-operation and good sportsmanship which are so necessary to build a truly good team . The boys and their coaches, Mr. Gray and Mr. Hagen, are offering no excuses for the poor record this season, but are putting all their efforts into developing a good winning team for next season . HIS year the j.V. basketball team has experienced one of the best seasons it has every had. The boys, coached by Mr. Christensen, fought hard to wir1 each game. The team furnished plenty of thrills in each game and Won many cheers from the spectators. The fighting spirit, loyalty, and good sportsmanship dis- played by the boys enabled them to take defeat with good grace and to triumph over their victories . Eden can certainly be proud of the boys on the j.V. basketball team this year and in the years to come as well . First Row: R.Sa11ak, D.Schase1, K Blust L.O1ewine, W Chene L.Law A.S h - . . y. , m'tt, R.K f , , ' . Agle' Djanett. P-Spence. Rlzuuck' Mlxchr. t . I c 1 au man R Stickney. Second Row. R. Yager, G. is ensen, R.Ge1ger, G.Ne111s, J.Bertsch, D. Gaylord, R. Peck, E125 if and " ,A 86 MX - 4 .- Ea - " fy 7x"'I'5V'-"fi A ' S 9 ' ' , f , . l i i . E ...A. .t.! En v ., t I . ' l " iff l 5 dt. t. W ff WW L w ii "J" k J. IQ ,, ,,f '59 f-t, ze' f gi, W . 7 fr, Q, by First Row: R.Zulick, S.Faruga, I.Clawson. Second Row: J.Smolinski, L.O1ewine, E.Stegrneier. Third Row: R. Gier, P.Winter, W. Staug. Standing: Mr. Pempsell. Absent: J.Ba11, M. Smith. WO and one half miles of woods, roads, mud, and ever-present weather conditions are onlya few of the many obstacles the cross country team must endure . Our record-setting team this year coached by Mr. Pempsell has shown a uemendous amount of school spirit and good sportsmanship . john Ball, a new member of the team from England, set a new record for the course . The varsity squad promises to be even better next year for most of the veterans will retum and excellent material will be moving up from the 1.V. squad. HE j.V. cross country, coached by Mr. Pempsell, is one of the newer additions to Eden's long line of ath- letic activities . This sport is identical to the varsity cross country except that it allows younger boys to participate, and it prepares them for the stiff competition of the varsity squad. 1.V. cross country is not very well known at Eden, but the fine performances given by the boys and their loyalty and school spirit are gaining recognition, attention, and the place they deserve in Eden's long line of sports . Seated: J.Bradley, W. Knoll, M.I-lorton, I.Schassar. Standing: E.Scritchfield, J.Roe11er, Mr. Pernpsell, R.Ma1tby, C.Rockwood. was if 87 t ,,t, X TW an - 1 TRS Ag First Row: P.Mietlinski, M. Owen, E.Saar, N.Imburgia. Second Row: E. Gehl, S. Piller, N.Nellis. HIRLING batonsl Sparkling maroon and white uniforms! These are common sights to the spectators at many of the school sports events when the twirlers are performing with the band . The girls' dazzling performances are always enthusiastically received with much applause from everyone who views their twirling . Each week the girls in Twirling Club devote much time to perfecting their various routines . This work is plainly evident in the high quality of the girls' many performances . The school can certainly be proud of these talented twirlers and of the enjoyment they have provided for everyone . VARIED schedule of sports to interest everyone was the goal of the intramural program. Girls' intramu- rals, under the direction of Miss Palmer and Miss Smith, included field hockey, basketball, and volley- ball . Bowling was an addition to both the girls' and boys' program this year . Inter-school playdays brought teams from area schools to compete against our girls . These playdays encouraged the students to engage in friendly competition. Mr. Hagen and Mr. Moore, the boys' directors, arranged a schedule for the junior and senior high boys which included football, baseball, and basketball . GIRLS' INTRAMURAL5 BOYS' INTRAMURALS 88 K MX lil,-xl , . 1. , i CHEEHL A EHS CX . ff' First Row: N. Cotten, B. Howell. Second Row: J. Shepker, P.Landah1. Third Row: M, Phatiger, " N maroon and white array, don't they look fine!" These words, taken from a school song, might best de- scribe our cheerleaders as they are seen at the games encouraging the boys by their peppy cheers. The girls are constantly striving to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship among the student body. Var- sity Captain Mary Laine Phatiger, 1. V. Captain Pat Colvin, and the other cheerleaders spent much time each week practicing old routines and developing new ones to be used at the football, basketball, and baseball games . Their enthusiastic cheering at the pep rallies has boosted school spirit and has helped to give the team the feeling that the whole school is really behind them. This year the cheerleaders, with the help of their instructors, Miss Palmer and Miss Smith, attempted something new by sponsoring a cheerleading clinic at Eden. Cheerleaders from approximately thirty-five schools in Western New York participated in the clinic to discuss such topics as promoting school spirit, sportsmanship, and training rules . The clinic was a success, with cheerleaders participating from schools as far away as Jamestown and Lockport. This clinic demonstrated that the cheerleaders are eager for advice which will enable them to improve their routines. First Row: B.Minekime. Second Row: B.Baird, P.Colvin. Third Row: C.Phatiger. xr W., vvvfr 'QA ,4 "5M,,,w' f X Q MPLIM NT 0F THE CARE TO DANCE? FAREWELL HUG WHOOPS, WHEN WE WERE YOUNG! ,M f X 4 My ,W .,4,, , J 1 ff 4 2 f , A -, , ,lb 2 jf ,777 f fy JI 1 :ZZ ., :V ' ,, , f 3 '72 f " fly X 1, 1 1 410 ,,,f,:y', fr ,V X 3 Q M ,K ff EE "THE GIRLS" f f' ,W'w:f'mf,:c WWI f qi 'ZZ ' ,. WL if , , fm ' , f f V fJ1f,21Zg4,,yXK , , gy? 'I JVM, ,QQ f f , fifiggyffiggjig, ffff af ,V f M21 '53 fi X yffff f QZ W f ? 1. , f A nc, A f X ff 0 V' Q0f M mf f , 1 , , f 6, f N, M , 4,f 'lfyffn' K fff fffff J iw ff ' Qf M W4 i, E 1 I , "?:3f5fFJ. 443421-,Zqzc,!:',24 . 4 ff ',.- ,Z "Vx3"115 .r V' ' gggfwiaiffilg 31-rf 4: V11-f ' - '.v,':"fJ:,?' -cf!" , 4 Af ,wif 'Q-1Mf5f?"5f ??eYz::y. ,,, M130-, f,fffj5, .mf-.'-5, ,cfP2,f"n,2Q,f f -.-Q.-- .Mm .ww if , 7.Tz?A,,4,, I 4 fx 5 ew J, .pf Q. HEY JOE 3 ,-!7gj,fy"4'gS'.4.A ,A 054 - X ,H - X .N , " fa. ffl N X 4? 'Q , f iff , . .,. V. Mm 1' if S, 2 ' 1 .. . , . . A ' 55 .311-. If ' -V 1-A ' iv 'ff ff ::" -, if if f f 'J' j' ff if X 41 ' if 1' fl if Y f ' . f I ban! ' 2 f ' f . 1 .,... A Quai Q' f .AH ,, , 7 f , K ' "-' gg ., U ' , sg- . , 1, ' ,KZ Ly, , 9 I All 5 , iz if v ag :W 5 ,ef ' If 1 of , 5. .Z ff? 4' gi Q v ,. ,5 we 'f 1 7, I .quiz 1. ff as Kgs " U 'SV ly' ns :Ar ' r ' 'W fu Q X 1 f Q f fa Q V1 9-Z, 1 4 W s . 1, . wif 'fi ' it f. if flf fs 4,2 1' 4 ,0 f 4 S ,1 i MRS. CLEO P. MORGESTER FTER having given nearly a lifetime of service to the public schools in New York State, Mrs. Cleo P. Morgester, a first grade teacher at Eden Central School, is retiring as of july 1, 1955. From 1903 through 1909 Mrs . Morgester taught in the rural schools in the Springville area. From 1922 through 1955 she very capably served as a first grade teacher in the Eden system. Mrs. Morgester has given most generously and unselfishly of her time and energy to the cause of public education in America, and to the development of better citizens for these United States. It is this sort of unfailing service that has been the backbone of the communities of our country since the tum of the century. The people of the Eden area owe Mrs . Morgester a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. Edwin C. Peck Supervising Principal E, the members of the Class of 1955, are deeply grateful for the lessons, friendship and patience that Mrs. Morgester taught us away back there in the first grade, twelve years ago. Surely no person whom we shall ever meet in the future can ever surpass the skill of her master artistry in molding the lives of young children. The Class of 1955 and Mrs. Pierce, Class Advisor 91 , . , ' -"1 Zia.-!3'w .' nf ".ff!f?7' In:5" " f 1 "if '27 'RIliEI" If-?"'S-.,4 I' -- 4- N . N . I. ,fz:,pf5Q- hw y ,1gg:.3.,,:J.. .,,,f f - ... .L -- 2 Q14 sw-.n 'sf ' , ' COMPLIMENTS OF BANK OF GOWANDA GOWANDA NEW YORK EDEN NEW YORK MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I I S 92 . ,........4...... 5, ,, "-.EIL SL I: EIIIIAISWFS'-Q15 . ,'v 'I ' CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I955 X NOBBS AND -i w WILLIAMS, INC. -I . X-xx-F.: rj. I and N. AND W. TRACTOR SUPPLY CORP. PAUL RIEFLER, INC. FUEL STEEL BUILDING MATERIALS HAMBURG, N.Y. CONCRETE BLOCKS TRANSIT - MIX CONCRETE CELOCRETE BLOCKS BUILD WITH RIEFLER MATERIALS 4 HEAT WITH RIEFLER FUELS ,-,...,.i. ,....-.. ...nf . 93 , I CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF I955 FROM THE CLASS OF 1958 THE NEW GRADE SCHOOL DESIGNED by architects Backus, Crane, and Love, and built by Fleisher Engineering and Construction Company of Buffalo, our new grade school is a tribute to the foresight and friendly interest of the Board of Education in planning for the education of the children of the Eden Central School District. MMV f, 'V 94 CASTIGLIA .IEWELRY and MUSIC CENTER DIAMONDS - wATcHEs - SILVERWARE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS N u IE REP ms a BUFFALO STREET PHONE EM 45 3 U G E COMPLIMEN s OF ECLIPSE METAL PRODUCTS, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF RICHARDSON MILLING COMPANY, INC. FEED--SEEDS--FERTILIZERS HAMBURG, N Y GEO. GUENTHER'S RED 81 WHITE COMPLETE FOOD MARKET PHONE E EN 3311 , 42,5551 2 1 ., . . .- 4-I 'I All L x ,,',. f" ' 275 1. , . - S . HL. . 'P.I: .-V-Rn" ,R . S , .W ,. . , L 69. I I ,NL :f,.,. I -',"-',K"'- . I , 3 fzfr,-cf:'.E,,I E441 , . I Ep --4 A-!1',E. I' u.,:A1Ig1 ev' E, - ' , Q .45-Isl , if E .-,Ig Y -2 ,CA ...,, ,Y-A 1,1 EM. 4747 BEST WISHES AND LOTS OF LUCK TO HILL GARAGE, INC- 505 PIERCE AVENUE THE SENIORS OF I955 HAMBURG, NEW YORK BOLENS TRACTORS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS HUDSON CARS PHONE: 4015 OERARD HAAG PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF COMMUNITY SERVICE EAST EDEN ROAD EDEN, N. Y. THE HAMBURG SUN ELECTRICAL - PLUMBING - APPLIANCES - FREEZERS HAMBURG NEW YORK O. E. a. HALLICRAFTER TELEVISION ' WHIRLPOOL LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT COMPLIMENTS OF VALLEY CLEANERS QUALITY DRY CLEANING EDEN VALLEY PLASTERING PHONE FOR PICKUP EDEN 3737 AND DELIVERY AGENCY ESTABLISHED I864 HAAG S GARAGE JACOB HAUCK 8- SON DEPENDABLE INSURANCE GENERAL REPAIRING 8 MAIN ST INEAR BUFFALO ST J PHONE 4326 E EDEN N Y FRED HAUCK TELEPHONE s GEORGES DYGERT EM 4174-4175 C F STEFFEN . , . . X, IC... L.S,I ,.,I MAD CHEMISTS 'l'7fl P I .. FI A - qu Kp kuh 5 ,Ih I I ,II I 'f I Q LL, SMITH BROTHERS IUST US TWO 3 , ' I HEAVE HO! LITTLE BITTY BUDDIES! STUDYING ? ? AND THERE YOU ARE . . . 16 YEARS AGO HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF '55 FROM SMITH and KOCH HARDWARE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - PLUMBING AND HEATING SHEET METAL WORK PHONE 3222 97 .. . Li' . TIES, . fu A 1- ' ESISEW-v Q.--JL, -HQ - ' - ' Hr.-H In. Gi Hi f '-wp-M , H -, ' ., : 1. --I . .. W I ,Ad rm. . -fi s. .-g..L-- Y L VIC SCHRADER TIRE SERVICE - RECAPPING VULCANIZING REPAIRING ROAD SERVICE PHONE EM 6009 E EDEN NEW YORK THE BEST YEARS OF LIFE ARE JUST AHEAD FOR YOU GRADU ATES FOR MANY THEY WILL MARK THE BEGINNING OF LONG AND SUCCESSFUL CAREERS, FOR OTHERS THERE WILL BE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR THE TIME NOTHING AC THE PEOPLES BANK HAS SERVED MANY GRADUATES DURING ITS LONG YEARS OF SERVICE TO ERIE COUNTY AND AS WE EXTEND OUR VERY BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS WE SINCERELY HOPE THAT YOU WILL LET US HELP YOU, JUST AS WE HAVE HELPED OTHERS BE FORE YOU THE PEOPLES BANK Hamburg, New York EsfabIIsI1ed I89I Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Iruurance Corporahon COMPLISHED - IT'S ENTIRELY UP TO INDIVIDUAL. - 98 X --.T.E,,,--r,L,,,.rM,, X 4. if pw EDEN MEMORIAL STUDIO MON UMENTS ' MARKERS "BUY DIRECT FROM A MANUFACTURER AND SAVE" SHOP AND SHOWROOM ON HEMLOCK STREET BACKED BY OVER 20 YEARS' EXPERIENCE EDEN 4532 HENRY WEAR EDEN, N. Y. OLNEY 81 CARPENTER, INC. WOLCOTT, NEW YORK EDEN, NEW YORK BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CUISS OF 1955 FROM THE EIGHTH GRADE 99 If QW 03.4-"I " " I f!If.,I-ff" . . ' . - ,Q , ,I-.aV.,p,,,J,,,g.,...g-WI-1h,'A - . b , I VW, . ? W., A. ., I A- 'II' COMPLIMENTS FROM McFARLAND'S LIQUOR STORE 47 BUFFALO STREET HAMBURG TORO - WHIRLWIND POWER MOWERS SIMPLICITY GARDEN TRACTORS IRRIGATION SYSTEMS EATON EQUIPMENT CORP. LARGEST LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTION IN WESTERN NEW YORK 23 LAKE ST HAMBURG N Y COMPLIMENTS OF KAZOO COMPANY INC EDEN N Y INSURANCE JAY G PALMERTON COMPLIMENTS OF PALMERTON AGENCY EDEN N Y REAL ESTATE ELTON C PALMERTON ' I o u f o I n a 1 a u 0 8 . 100 ,g., I. , .,.,M.......I..g. V, ,,,,,,,,, E E M COMPLIMENTS OF CAROL-ANN SHOP LADIES READY TO WEAR HAMBURG, N. Y. EM. 2278 ROELLER'S HOTEL PHONE EDEN 4245 THE REXALL STORE EDEN 8882 MONELL'S EDEN DRUG STORE SIMON NIEDERMEYR PRESCRIPTIONS J. I. CASE FARM MACHINERY "IT COSTS LESS TO FARM WITH CASE." AGENCY FOR KAISER-FRAZER COSMETICS .......... SCHOOL SUPPLIES HALLMARK GREETING CARDS REPRESENTATIVE GOWANDA STATE ROAD GIFTS AND TOYS EDEN, N. Y. MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY 8- CARDS WILLIAM J. McCONNELL COMPLIMENTS JEWELER or WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING DUDLEY A. GAYLORD AND ROBERT E. MAIER HAMBURG, N- Y- 32 MAIN sr. EM- H50 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS or HAMBURG DAIRY J. L. GAYLORD, PROP. EM. 2603 GARDEN OF EDEN S,-KIA' 'A " ,-,J .I ' 101 V w"1e?f"WgFf-V :sf 'FEV VV'f1ff-21'1'- ,, ,.,,n 1, fu-Zu -. ,Q-fV:.a.,, '-Q V ,1 , ,vm '. f "KVf.1.zV-wwf V ' COMPLIMENTS OF MILLER AND KNOLL CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1955 , ,V V, ,,.,,..,V,,,,,,4,V,7,W V f ' ,X 'gp ,,,fff""f!?:'TR'x MlLLER'S STORE, 1945 MILLER S STORE 1955 JOYCE I PHYLLIS 1 L if 0 yi 'QW VW if Wa t , A "W W my Vadim-22 jf? f QW Wqifw LOIS 1 1 I V V 72 V A1 " fa V f VV ff A , if 5 - .39 A , T A - - ff ' V AVVA ' V , If , . 4, ,V 1 y T 'Q . A 45,5 , 2 " ' .13 5 M W 1 I 4 V 'ff-4 , V 'f g 1 V - "Y , , ff VV ik , aw- -- f., , M" w:L1" 1 Z 042' 'W' 'few 'Lf " ,V M - L, , M' L 1V .....f ? M V VV LMW' " U" . - wg V, 535.9 5, aiu V ,K . -V ,, V m f 14 j' , ,1.,,. ,ji A, ' 5 H - , .M ' gg, .V , , Wm M WA A57 , f ' a T' 1' ' mf Vfisiwi ' '2 ' " 1 l,71f?1'ffW' ,. W, M - ' ' ' ' V VV III, wif ,, :za " ' V' f ,, V, ':f,g,"aSVf,V'fgfg ' V U If V, f f pg, I, !jjy,53,Vj1 7 V , 49,5 ,Iii 'U4gffi,f5'jZ:aff+g ,- ' V " " ' ff ,jf Qfyy f' fjg,Qf'?" ,V V V VV 0 f,.i"X aff ,f Vx, " z , , S sg, If , ,MV 5" , ff Q77 gfW3f?i'f7f ' .mu . -LQ..,,Qf,...4n5...L..:" :T 1,2 7... COMPLIMEN TS OF FRANK N. WINTER, INC. EDEN, NEW YORK "IT WILL PAY YOU, TO PAY US, TO PAY YOU." MAIN AND Roswsu. EDEN, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF DAVID C. LAING FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE DAVID C. LAING Lic. Manager WEST CHURCH STREET EDEN, NEW YORK 103 .FTC if E 'H ' - I Q 1 .I ,XZ -fZIx,,f'a1'n',, ., ,.5 ,g,g,,,,.1g1gN--1ff541'i1fEf A COMPLIMENTS OF PAGE and HARMS RIEFLER BUICK INC CADILLAC BUICK SERVICE SALES USED CARS ALL MAKES 252 MAIN STREET HAMBURG NEW YORK HAMBURG EM 4343 A,.-,. ,,,,, . ,..,. ., 104 COMPLIMENTS OF LAING'S MILL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 MOORE'S MEN'S WEAR CLOTHING - FURNISHINGS - SHOES RUBBER FOOTWEAR FOR MEN AND BOYS 20 BUFFALO STREET HAMBURG, N. Y COMPLIMENTS OF HAROLD'S MARKET CHOICE MEATS AND DAIRY PRODUCTS EDEN, NEw YORK PHONE 4414 COMPLIMENTS OF EDEN SWISS CHEESE FACTORY 105 4-5753 l. I l I ' E'i422WsasEYmwf:f1 I 'X M ...,,-MV. , , ,,...- M, , , ,,,,,N .4,A , , ,:,,,,., , I - wwe . .3 .Newt .-.vviffff ' 4 -II.,-wa Wy 54. ,If , , .. k - I A. 4, H.-. .. w,.EAm..lL , . 23: , . , . V I Im? 'ISSN' . 'V .'I'3'W"'I,5' I- I COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS EDEN BOWLING CENTER OF PROP. FRANK J. RETTIG, SR. MR. AND MRS. MAURICE MEHS EDEN 4644 EDEN 4033 EDEN PRODUCTS CORP. SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY METAL STAMPINGS EMERLING'S SHOE STORE STAIR AND PORCH RAILINGS FARM TOOLING AND DESIGN 67 MAIN ST. HAMBURG, N.Y. WELDING FABRICATING EM. I636 COMPLIMEN TS CARPENTER BROTHERS COMPLIMENTS LATTIMER S SHOE STORE COMPLIMEN TS ROTARY CLUB COMPLIMENTS PHATIGER S OF OF OF OF K. X , ..,......., HKEN FACE 'KENH YAGER COMPLIMENTS OF KEN'S DAIRY , ',- 1 and E DAIRY BAR Q M E,gx,z,i ac' I . 'TEX' NPHYL.. EDEN, NEW YORK PHONE EDEN 4556 'cms colas, PLEASE- HARD AT WORK, , . 1' '. -? aw gag 1 Misa. ww :Q 1.44. l ' I ' ' 5- 'M-.:'4.f1-flf' COMPLIMEN TS OF EDWARD M. WEINAR and .IOHN N. WEINAR BARBER HEATING EQUIPMENT GAS COAL O INSTALLATIONS REPAIRS SHADAGEE ROAD DIAL EDEN N Y FR 2606 - , ...V,,,.,, , -. , I . I 108 X A, I.I,I I.4, I J.,.I...mW,T,,,?X . I-E-if RENSCHLER'S SNACK BAR HOWELL CHEVRCLET CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE TOWING SERVICE EDEN, NEW YORK TELEPHONE 3511 109 -I , ' IffRI":4'UP' I f , V iifzvaiv ,.Ii.QEgzgf,:"'f' Wf- ., I.,f?,, . , ,, , , .wx :,,I25E",-A. . F25 ' V ' N .I , Y- 2 .L ,:-..- 3, I A A I 'Tyla I 'Q COMPLIMENTS OF ELAINE'S BEAUTY SALON IVAN NAGLE LUMBER AND MILL WORK PHONE 3722 EDEN, N. Y. TOWLE STERLING SOLD EXCLUSIVELY AT CARSONS CARSONS COMPLIMENTS OF EDEN LIQUOR STORE JEWELERS FOR 3 GENERATIONS "HEADQUARTERS FOR WINE AND I BUFFALO STREET PHONE CORNER OF MAIN EM. 1999 MAIN ST- E EDEN 4622 LIQUOR" DEN, N.Y. PHONE EDEN 4234 CARDS EDWIN F HORTON ACETYLENE CUTTING ACETYLENE AND ELECTRIC WELDING HEMLOCK ST COR WEST AVE EDEN N Y THE LITTLE SHOP 59 BUFFALO STREET HAMBURG NEW YORK EM 5064 GIFTS COMPLIMENTS OF EDEN MOTOR SALES INC CLOCKWISE CLEANERS ONE HOUR CLEANING NO EXTRA CHARGE HAMBURG N Y 5 BUFFALO STREET OPEN FRIDAYS TILL 9 P I O 0 I I I . . . I I I S ' .M. I I I 110 W, ,.r...-...,+.,.kL:.., .,.. . X I A If , it CONGRATULATIONS FROM ST. GEORGE NURSING HOME Pifit if nw 'inf'-:lil 3 lg. E LEASANT grounds surrounding the Eden St. George Nursing Home lend a quiet, healthful at- mosphere for those living at the home. A spacious recreation room, cheerfully done in grey and red, accentuated by a large fireplace, is available to the patients to entertain themselves with television, radio, and books 7' a Ass Y 1' ,,5+'i'1,455MQ!,, ,wg W1 XIX if W Q i K- up Q: -sg, , , 5 s i r l try-gl . ' ' 5' an '. A -41. 4. A E l , 4 'IE U lqrxi Q 5 +5.35 WI, I it ,ww fl as A nl' .afvljylf p li A wr-Q lim I t ' QQ 'S -' ,5"'1 , 4 5, .gl Q If 5 l . ' ,?'i'luli l ' " A 9 ' 4, A , .,s.. 1 1 it 190 mx E S ,gf ci I 'E y A 'Q' 1 ff, is, 14 tfsfigy f This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographic printing, Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No 111 other printing iirm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. .' Q - lv ' t Jr R nwm,,,.,,5 ,, 5 fM,mw,,,m7 iw l wzmww E fi ?lHl jg, ,, , IIE. 1 7 A M -' ' v z' P f 5' W '5 , f V ,W-fh , ,.,U.,a,,, ,, ,,,,M, f f ff f f f f H - , . i n ff-rw www ...am '.1fa,, ' 'Z' .' b LW, , M W , M ww f 1 EDE FOREVER Farewell, Dear Eden Central, Your staff and students dearg In busy, happy service, I've loved you many a year. God bless and keep you always, With standards high and trueg Though new fields call me elsewhere, I'1'1 cherish years with you. Gertrude M. Pierce 1943- 1955 Jiri 1 .lf Ev 4 - g-2-+ 4,14 nf Q 112 vQ SQL- 4 x9XBl 9HiY ,L 11-Md.'l'Y9il1un!'1""SZ Us MQW" 1951 5 RIM 4-dwfllk 'X rt Y ' U- x si w.. lm? '. , 5. ,' , 1. "'l , I , , 1 .. r' 5 , X 1 . W , . ' , v X. vi V .1 8 Y .Jud-4 I 5! Xl 1 I ,li ll I I I I f4 i ,I 4 . v 7 Y ...1. , Wx ff A Y eu DJ H o co ro cf. Oli' V-ii 540: ,go O-FZ gr-1 our une 5 if T ' I I TI I to STUDENT RECEIPT FOR YEARBOOK This is your receipt and when your payments are completed, will entitle you to your "Keller Quality" yearbook, If If df V ff' ll lf! ,f 4 ""'7fh. , ' 'V' fl Name of Year B '. ' 'I 1.4 J E 1 '7 I fa- 5' QULAQ-,147 5 ,444 Name of Student , Amount Lil... No....i.., Each uf the npucen punchwl Form No. 9 out nn thus Recmpt eqnuln .. . . Q , Q I mmiwiam:s w.'fw4::fx-fm-nv www-fffff f- - . -,f-rn' 1' rr v "rf ' :' I, f f f I V 1 V1 V7 T I ,

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