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 - Class of 1954

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E 5 2 I i 5 fl 4 5 J S , ,,v,, V , f f,,, f, ffw 0- ?52'2?W7Wz'iW' M,W'MW'W9Md29lzZf27f?'4ff7 Yfnfi' 'HKXJ' , , 1 A A QV, .'wiif:"s.',, 'eff' '4 :ff A., 9 pw, f Hf' ,ff , ,V,, HMA 1' mwMiw'f313'-hnnww"f-amwvxxfvw M 7' 'MW-W' gy ' 34 , ' ' Wray., , , MM'w, ' ' ' 'f 'way if ' ff, s W ' , , L 1, , Z , ,, ,,f f ,ig,5,'fzf'w, , ' ' l , - kg 71, 3 , fn . H w W yff '41 fe V X45 f . ., 4 sf.--.. '75 .. Z fil e, Ti Sli DUN X 'hmm Sly , 4 'v:f45ifN5jb, V. 'INTL -HX JWKXL ZXVW x2SC?Y428lff-'.fJ'i1S , ,, ,,,, , , 89. r ,Ji,'-vw Vx ffl A. ,F A 1- wkqrxf i,.4-C at SUT-1 :kkhvff"f'PEm'.:x?f1KiI?ibflvnaniI.MH!E dWlI2mw-1vY.f7.,?ii,,mlEiHFf1 The door of opportunity stands open TO GH who knock. SLE! 'M ' A ' " ' ' W 5 V, EX UBRIS , -, ' 15:- .o I b V. Ji ijmpw wx 'f-"p ., HMw1 ffMini uf- Q. l1fj:f'9,fgM"1il 3 ' QE" A x g 5 .. -W oo oo ,J fi 4 , " r X , I ,1+9q,gf,, i" ' Tiff ' -X iff ' Z 'ffl ,.l' 5? W4 ' 1-ef' Ifff 4 5 U 'L A' 5' v gn ma V H Ziff Zig .L,. , ,- fy , , if , . + ' A W 'K""x" A , , , , -Qfzzevffwirfvlb K- V K I xx IJ .L , , :Mu -un i K UV' is 'V ' i 7 r L 5 rj, " fi x' W, 'ET -4 X Q' gi' X 1 2 2 12 Z5 55 2? 5 ai 5 7 Z f we mos? vvonderfui people in The worfd, the studermfs, X 1j?i1'9-gfiefi-im' ,fb .- sgaj' fg. ip, ,,,, .gd , , .A ,. A x K 'f ""'fF+7fP'-'1'?5??f2i:"'-i ,ffm EDEN YO A-'iwv 2 . 1 P i3s,211P+!-w.J1'5,"gl 2,1 1 sffffwfff., A' -1 A ::-1 r w-ui-wr ggi NEW Eden Cenfral School K ,f0F UMW WFS Q 0 Divisions Ex Libris .... Picture of School Title Page .... Table of Contents Dedication . . . Foreword . . . Administration . Seniors . . Grades . . Classrooms . . Activities . . . Athletics . . Snapshots . . Advertisements . ill.- 1 , ,Zi Pages . . 1 . . . . 2 . . 3 . . . 4 . 5 . .Lintels . . . . 7-16 . Thresholds . . . 17-27 . Passageways . . . . 29-48 . ."Open Sesame" . . . . 51-57 . . Corridors . . . . . .59-76 . Locks . . . . . .77-85 . . Keyholes . . . .... 28,49 50,58,76 . . 85-108 ! wg, ,gi f W . . , ....,,. - .,,V , X i ' , , I x A ' ' ' .1 2- "Q 'A -V 1' 'J ,. ,, ,,,,A f f u-.Q-.-g....4ur . 4, A,,, , ,gm ,, ,,5,,,,,N -V ,. Q 4 dv, K .- , ,, L' ,ings 1' fit' 'W , -'Exp twig. 1... idx f 1 , N, ifq"g5a3r!:7f',"5jjf , 7. ,vw :t ,,.-vermin if J .V fy -,'?w'rf 'ik'-QP yr, -uf' f g.. 1 .7ltis'yA,,.r' 1" " ' ' DEDIC TIO i ,,-553 fs' ' .b it X , 0512-1-3, 4 ,Lg ,i:iQff'ZQfgif5:s,a 1 jg 'X "' QU -fi. 1 - s f,i-+514 is if ,, wr 'N12?9m,Q'lj X, v W. L, 1.1! :iff-5 film sf:L'f'ff'-f'x'1'Af MR. DONALD ROBB N all sincerity and moved by a humble desire to show our ap- preciation for your zealous efforts in our behalf and in behalf of our ALMA MATER, we the seniors of 1954, dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Robb. Our respect and admiration for you as a teacher and as a person are a constant encouragement to us, as we prepare to meet the challenge that lies behind each closed door of the future. 5 , f 's , " 'q'z. ,5 -1 I-' in f fx " 1 xi. ' .': l:l'1l:s,,fii7i'i N 2 ' in g,. ,f. ns- te 1: ,1 , 4 ' +V' -E ui AM fi, , . A FOREWOR E the Senior Class of 1954, are proud to present our C I H Il "Embers built around the theme Doors." As we have progressed through the various portalsof knowl- edge, we have formed a story the component parts of which can be found in the pages you, the reader, are about to turn. As symbols of the doors we have conquered or will face, we have prepared the following art designs: onthe cover, steps leading to a door, with two seniors as a foreground, represent- ing the challenge of the future, Ex Libris, the door of oppor- tunity, the title page, a key about to open the door of challenge, Administration, the lintel over the open doorway of our principal's office, within which lies the supporting basis of our school system, Seniors, the last threshold, the open doorway through which seniors will pass for their last year, with the Capitol dome in the background, symbolic of the world in which they will soon face life, Grades, passageways of books leading students nearer to graduation, Classrooms, "Open Sesame," an open globe of doors directing us to the portals of knowledge, Activities, corridors leading to the doors of lead- ership and initiative, and Athletics, the locks of our lockers, to fix the trait of good sportsmanship in every student's character. When you turn these pages, you will see a graphic picture responsible for the building of such sterling character in all students that, upon graduation, they will be prepared to face the challenge behind the mysterious door of the future. 4 it ,.,1.,.m-,fi-1--:-'f-.-.az-W ...., A.,...-.... ,fgwfblfafw www-MW:-2425, f, W, A , Y S .3 Q AGRANGER Wm -- ill1 'A e ln , i The Administration of our school supports our educa- tional system in the some manner that the lintel ofa door supports the structure above it. D , i .4 Q. IVIINIS R H PROP:-:mv or HAHBURG HISTORICAL soon-:Ty M rr- 1 W I T' 'Mmm "Ln'7TT F if M ,, . ..l -, . .g Qs, - ,Hwy , ,I I ,,, wr, ' ww.. . Sf' B0 RD 0F EDUCATIO "'-tall' Left to right: Mr. John Weinar, Mrs. Doris Smith, Mr. Frank O'Day, Mr. Carl Chelius, Mr. Herman Agle, Miss Rose Clark, Mr. Edwin Peck. S we, the Seniors of l954, look through the portals of our past, we see the many advantages given to us by the Board of Education. Each year of our journey through school, we met a new door harder to open, and with a new goal for which to strive. Each door led us closer to the final goal, graduation from our Alma Mater. With the guidance of the Board of Education, we were able to pass through these doors with ease and are now nearer that goal. Their cooperation in class functions has enabled us to obtain funds for the "Embers" and our greatest thrill, the Washington trip. Fish Dinners and Class Movies are also dependent upon their cooperation. Their decision to provide annual Christmas and Halloween parties has given us much enjoyment. With the Board's consent we were able to take numerous trips to see such movies as "lvanhoe" and "The Robe". The Board of Education has provided free swinging doors that have allowed us to pass freely and proudly in- to the future. With sincere thought, we wish to thank the Board for all they have done. Left to righli Mr- 0'D2Y. MI- Seated: Miss Clark, Mrs. Smith. CUCUUS. MI- Agle. Miss Clark. Standing: Mr. Weinar, Mr. Peck. y J tbngmll' OFFICERS Pres. . . . Mr. J. Weinar V. Pres. . . . Miss R. Clark Clerk . . . . Mrs. D. Smith Treas. . . . Mr. R. Brrndley Principal . .Mr. E. Peck 8 . ,..,, ,... ,....vf.-H-we-if-'H-' --w...,.Y-. . Y.. .. , PAIIE T-TE CIIEIIS ASSIICIA I0 ,.f" A 'W 'XXX MEMBERS OF THE P.T.A. ON PARENTS' NIGHT CHE Parent Teachers' Association of Eden Central has been very successful in promoting greater understand- ing between the faculty and parents. Their monthly meetings have assisted very much in solving problems concerning our welfare and the welfare of our school. Discussions have been held on certain school and social subiects in which students sometimes participate, giving their opinions on the subject. Held once or twice a year is an Open House where parents have the chance to confer individually with teachers concerning their chil- dren's work at school . Cooperation is increased by this because parents and teachers reach a greater understand ing about the student's progress. This year, the Parent Teachers' Association has aided the seniors in raising money by a Parcel Post sale. Its success has been of great advantage to us and we wish to give those understanding parents and teachers our sincere gratitude . By its activities and encouragement, the P.T.A. has become a golden key which opens the heavy door to a successful future for each student. PARCEL POST SALE PARENTS' NIGHT Pres. . . Ist V. Pres. 2nd V. Pres , Treas. . . I . I .f Rec. Sec. . . Cor. Sec. . . OFFICERS . . Mr. F. O'Day . . .Mrs. M. Murphy . . .Mrs. D. Gearhart . . Miss E. Witzleben . . Miss R. Boardman . Mr. R. Koubek 9 ff Z, ..,V .: ,. ,iz .. gif . vi.. L' A J W., QS Q ,,,..-.3,Q PRI IPAL rv: rw X D. X N' X X X :gf'g.f3 :ss - -'iw Ruff? , :wg -Q 1. L: . sri. ' - 9' : 'wbexis'-5 'WN-:l'i.x . Xsaq:-if :,,p: --:Q-gn. QW fe XG. sem. ,X 55,3 .1 W5-ifzgldl,-v - sw :.s.4:.f g:::4q,.5-,',:,,:,f .f..,.!s,., Z 4 3 2 Z 5 2 Zi j . 6,7 1, A ing EDWIN C. PECK PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE UNDERSTAND that the theme of the T954 Eden Central School senior Yearbook is "Doors." This topic brings to my minda sermon that I once heard given by an eminent clergyman. It was entitled, "The Chal- lenge of the Open Door." This speaker pointed out that life is like a large castle to be explored. Upon graduation, Doors will open for you into new rooms of achievement. In fact, you will find that en- tering upon the tasks of each new day is like opening the Door into an unexplored room. lf you open these doors fearlessly, life will hold great adventures for you. Edwin C. Peck Supervising Principal 1 I0 '-Q-...K-ww,-vs-1-,.-er-f.mq.i1i - ff"""' - H 7 ,4,, tk., 4 nal 1 vs if ffm 4 r ff- DOROTHY KASPEREK 4 :nf-1 N. ,T l l , 1 M... .ms-,g..+.i....,. M... X. ASSISTA T PRI CIPAL df" MRS. DUFFY -wwf.-N.,-mf., .--i. li ,, A--Z" ills-ima 351'-"' . K I 1 ,K .4111 Wwe f MR. ANDERSON ASSISTANT PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE CYHIS Class of l954has already opened many doors to success, but I hope you keep it ever in mind that you are at the point in your lives where it will be your sole responsibility to open many of the doors in your future. I believe this class will accept all challenges that every graduate must face. Remember, the doorway to oppor- tunity is always open to those who have the ambition to knack on it. When you leave in June, your paths will lead to many, varied doors and pathways. My fondest wish For each of you is that you will help unlock doors and bar- riers of intolerance, hate and prejudice, thus making ours a better world in which to live. At this time it might be fitting to pause and give thanks that you live in a country where doorways are always open and you aren't hemmed in by iron curtains. Donald J. Anderson Assistant Principal ii FA LTY aiu... Seated, left to right: Rm. No. 126 Miss Margaret Wrench Miss Marilyn Horton 196 Mrs. Helen Gerrie 198 Mrs. Elizabeth Davidson 197 Miss Suzanne Bie 197 Miss Audrey Pack 198 Mr. Donald Anderson Off. Mrs. Patricia Krempa 107 Mrs. Ivah Rothe 102 Mrs. Louise Lemrnler 245 Mrs. Marceline Stevens 254 Mrs. Doreen Blakely 130 CHE child of today is the Youth of tomorrow. The grade school faculty is moulding the character of these youths, now in the process of maturing, preparing them for the doors leading to the responsi- bilities of high school. Throughout the year they are unfolding before the students new knowledge and laying the basis of truth and honor. Their personal interest in each student is illustrated by conferences with parents to discuss their children's progress and problems. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Evelyn Carpenter Mrs. Pearl Gould Miss Margaret Satmders Standing: Miss Allene Bss Miss Ethel Wilson Mrs. Mildred Erickson I2 Standing, left to right: Mrs. Joyce Smith Mrs. Alice Jeffe Mrs. Muriel Lloyd Miss Marion Mclntyre Mrs. Beatrice Wilson Mrs. Naomi Hauth Mr. Francis Griffin Miss Ruth Boardman Miss Valerie Poniatowski Miss Lottie l-Iojnacki Mrs. Theo Zdzinski Mrs. Cleo Morgester Mr. Harold Shephard Rm. No. 123 121 Off. 131 246 243 249 241 247 179 180 135 189 1lUF""" .,............i... -1 . , ' . . . ,. gg , vslgygku' - ' ft' Ai 4 ' V. ,-,fry FA ULTY xxx, 4 Seated, left to right: Mr. Robb--Sr. High Math Miss Witzleben--Secretarial Miss Collins- -Foreign Language Mrs. Gangi- - Music Mrs. Conklin- -Horne Economics Mrs. Dash- -Ir. High Math Mrs. Brenneman--Ir. High Math and English Mrs. Hannan- -Ir. High English Miss Palmer--Girls' Physical Education Mrs. Pierce--Sr. High English Mr. Davis--Jr. High Social Studies Mr. Duffy--Sr. High Social Studies - . - 1-my-ts A S AIX Seated, left to right: Miss Gressman--Nurse Mrs. Greenwood--Librarian Mrs. Bates--Math Standing: Mr. Mazuca--History Mr. Hagen--Phys. Ed. Mr. Nelson--Health Mr. Moore--Corrective I3 Standing, left to right: Mr. Ball--Business Mr. Hahn--Music Mr. Olney--Guidance Counsellor Mr. Walsh- -English Mr. Varco--Science Mr. Peck--Supervising Principal Mr. Munger--Agriculture Mr, Foroscij--Jr. High Social Studies Mr. Lundberg--Art Mr. Mergler--Industrial Arts Mr. Collard--Ir. High Science CHE two elements, intellectual and moral, comprising asound and bene- ficial education, have been conscientiously fostered by the Junior and Senior High School faculty. As we progressed through the corridors of higher education, subjects became in- creasingly difficult and we were more de- pendent upon them to set before us the ideals of honor and truth. The faculty staff specialists in their respective fields, have dedicated themselves to the American way and preparing us for the future. ff IWW I UP' CAL S' HE fo '35-w 5? uma I B GUIDANCE C ITH the aid of Mr. Olney, our new guid- ance counselor, students have decided what courses are suited to them. Booklets and pamphlets at the students' disposal have opened the doors of opportunities offered in colleges and different fields of work. With the advice of our counselor, students have made their decisions concerning future education. CLINIC Miss Gressrnan, James Mazur, Dr. Martin, Stephen Graovac. CHE portals ofthe clinic always stand open to admit all students and teachers needing advice on health problems. Physical examina- tiqns constitute only one of the many services found on the yearly agenda of our clinic. In its aim to insure the health of the students, it con- ducts diphtheria and small pox immunization clin- ics. With Miss Gressman as head, the clinic also combats our minor ailments and teaches good health habits. CAIETERIA Mrs. Nola, Mrs. Krohn, Mrs. Koeplm, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Shcplter, MIS. Miller, Mrs. O'Bryant. S a lintel supports a door, so the women of " our Cafeteria form the basis of good health. Mrs. lslola and her staff, including Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Koepka, Mrs. Sheplcer, Mrs. Krohn, Mrs. 0'l3ryant.and Mrs. Carpenter, each day serve well-balanced lunches. Besides this, they have willingly assisted in the preparation of fish din- ners, the school dances such as the Prom, Hop and Ball, and in ordering supplies for the senior stands. I , .3 twszlifl.. s - ,ww-,, , f-W Jinx, wc V EMQHEE! I F '41 T5 DENTAL HYGIENIST Miss Schiller, Richard Roeller. NCLUDED in the better health aimsof Eden Central, is the excellent work accomplished by our dental hygienist, Miss Schiller. During the year she checks each student's teeth, teaches proper care of teeth, and reports to parents any cavities or other mouth conditions that need at- tention. In this way she opens for us the doors to bright smiles and happiness. BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Mr, Garlock, Mr. Mroz, Mr. Mroz, Mr. Pericek, Mr. Bauer, Mr. Wittmeyer, Mr. Sessanna, Mr. Wilcox, Mrs. Wible, Mr. Winkleman, Mr. Wittmeyer. C'OR their safe transportation and ever patient smiles, we are indebted to our friendly bus drivers. These men in all kinds of weather, bring to school punctually, all those who depend upon this service. They have also willingly driven to field trips including "The Robe" and "lvanhoe" and all "away games" in the basketball and foot- ball seasons. CUSTODIANS Mr. Benkelman, Mr. Kaufman, Mr. Knoll. UR ianitorial staff is a very important port of our school, working diligently, to keep the building neat and clean. After basketball games, movies and fish din- ners they clean up the school. On evenings when dances or other class functions are taking place, it is their thoughtfulness that keeps the school doors open. The smiles and help of "Ma" Morris Cqn never be forgotten, so thanks to her also. , -.. Ax . , if . ,woe ,ggf7,'7-1""""',.,,.,,w,,I,d ' f-W--msn-N ww... AD LT EDTCATIO KNITTING CHE Adult Education Staff of Eden Central School is proud to proclaim the completion ofeight years of successful operation. Dur- ing those eight years, this program has expanded to include more fields of interest and is still growing. Under the direction of Mr. Leo J, Foroscii, the classes conducted four nights a week, provide hobbies as MR, FOROSCIJ DIRECTOR BUSINESS PRACTICES well as academic knowledge. Ce- ramics, Sewing, and Physical Edu- cation are illustrations of the many fields which the adult program in- cludes. Higher registration each year illustrates the growing interest in this program and shows the progress made in the movement of adults to further their education. WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION PHOTOGRAPHY I 7 I6 'N-4. ' A , X r , ,X If 1' 1' Standing before the lost threshold, we look back at all the thresholds we have crossed . f r K -, FN rfb '5 owl. fi? ,f,r I l err I Y l B GV'- Choo! entrolo- ..Z,., C ,ijx Q. ff' Ax .V I f f 5 K-. R- , 5 'V , lg Ir 'Q f V f - .,a.....,.---m.1.,,v......,... Y K liz QF lf: K I If W. 2 ff ??"'o -9' .Qf , Mfgzfvrf ff-bmw? -1 1, X .4 .' -1. I , .r 14 ,,rr, l , ff as CLASS H1 TORY N the fall of 1941 a group of children entered anxiously, and yet warily into a doorway which has led to one of the greatest adventures in which they would ever participate--thirteen years of education. This group has grown into the graduating class of 1954. Though still having quite a few original members, we have gained and lost many others. Each year as we have passed through new doorways, into higher classes we have learned a great deal in many different fields. ln kindergarten, learning to cooperate in work and play was the main theme. A large factor in accom- plishing this achievement was our rhythm band, with Carol Ziegelhofer as a very competent conductor. From first to fifth grades we learned reading, writing, and arithmetic with games, songs, and plays intermingled. Sixth grade was a big year. Putting on a very successful play entitled "Snickerty Nick" was one of our many achievements. Because of its success, we had the pleasure of putting it on at Hamburg High School. This year also marked our graduation into Junior High School, a very exciting occasion for us all. Our entrance into the Junior High doorway was filled with so much spirit and ability to work together as a class that in our Freshman year, we originated the annual freshman dance. This gala event was entitled "Springtime Serenade." In our Sophomore year, we began to work seriously toward our objectives, the Washington trip, the "Em- bers", and other activities. Selling picture postcards of the school and sponsoring a very successful "Hop" entitled "Falltime Frolic" were our projects this year. Our Junior year, very busy with heavily-loaded schedules and many extra-curricular activities was also filled with class projects. We collected class dues, had a movie, and received our class rings. A big high- light of the year, was our Junior Prom with Barbara Zittel as queen and Beverly Rothe, Marion Miller, Marlyn Mammoser, and Cynthia Carpenter as her attendants. Since crossing the threshold of our Senior year, we have accomplished many things. After promoting a "Back to School Dance, " magazine subscriptions, and sale of fruitcakes, we heldfish dinners as class projects. The Washington Trip, Senior Ball and, of course, the "Embers" were the biggest achievements of this special year. That "Get Acquainted" dance with all its exhibition dancing .and lively music surely set the rapid pace of the senior year. Who can forget all the fun, hurry and worry of selling the school pictures, taking the pic- tures for the yearbook, preparing the school play, meeting the deadline on January 15th, and all the time re- citing the passage from "Macbeth," "Time and the hour runs through the roughest day." Or who can help re- membering John Zulick's frequent outburst, "So fair and foul a day I have not seen?" lt seems sad passing through the archways of our Senior year, perhaps never to enter again except in memory, but we are all looking ahead to the many varied doors of our future careers which we will undoubtedly enter and leave as anxiously and warily as when we first entered that one back in 1941. Anne Pryor Class Historian 18 V V "AQ l" i'1 1' . 1 Q 'xztti' :1. fWf:-'fb RICHARD ROE LLER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Class Pres. 2,4, Student Director of Band 3, Band I-4, Track I-4, Student Council 'I,2,4, Orches- tra I-2, Play 3, Class Projects I-4 CAROL ZIEGELHOFER BUSINESS Student Council I-3, Intramurals 3-4, Op- eretta 2, Octet 2, Cho- rus I-4, Class Sec. 4, Class Proiects I-4, Tri- ple-trio 2,4, All State 3,4, All High I,2, Tower I,2 E IOR MRS. GERTRUDE PIERCE ADVISOR PRESIDENT f SECRETARY ,gig ., , . ., :nw-Lmwmwmf T.-ti.. .uw 51 -' vm 151- jr'-f jj.-1 ' , " , . ' ,IH . .4 1, .1,-1-Mi :-' it., ' fe,,wg:' .1 ' f S., vi v ww- ,., rw, may 3 j,',- . 1 :maxim iw' 2 ,X 4,11 f, I9 W I 5 x VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER MARION MILLER BUSINESS Band Sec. 4, Orchestra l, Class Pres. l, Intra- murals l-4, Chorus I-4, All-High 2-3, Band l-4, "Embers" Typing Editor 4, Jr. Prom Attendant 3, Class Proiects l-4, Cheer- leading I-4, All State 2- 4, All State Sec.,4, Stu- dent Council Sec. 2 ARTH UR BLAKELY COLLEGE ENTRANCE Student Council I-3, Orchestra 3, Band I-4, Sports Band 2-4, Dance Band 3, Monitor 3, Class Treas. I,2,4, ,I,V, B05- ketball 2, Class Proiects I-4 19 SE IIIR JOAN ADRION HOMEMAKING Chorus I-4, Attendance Officer 4, Intramurals 2 3, Class Projects I-4 DOROT HY BATE S ART Attendance Officer 4, "Embers" Art Ed. , F.H.A. Pres. 3-4, In- tramurals I-4, Class Projects 3-4 MARION BOGNER BUSINESS Dramatics Club 3-4, Twirler 3-4, Intramur- als I-4, Chorus I-4, Class Projects I-4 MARJORIE BR USE HABER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Student Council 2, Intra- murals 3, Chorus I-3, Class Projects I-4. ...a., .. 4 W f mv, :pf . W f ' '4'Z:v, Av. -' ' . ails!! W, V- - 'iiziil S' 1 f ,pw f , 'A ,, , I Q Q f, X I iii , 12, I AMW ' Er g. ' C7 f . , ,W 4,3 1 if f C 1 , , , , fr Z! I pg., , 51,54 1 52:45 1. fl lv I r, swung., uf'-is PAUL ARNO INDUSTRIAL ARTS Football 'I-3, BGSICGYIIJGII Mgr. 2-3, Chorus 3, Intramurals 3-4, Track 2-3, Class Projects I-4 EUGE NE BLASZ AGRICULTURE Intramurals I-4, F.F.A. Basketball I-4, F.F.A. I-4, Class Projects I-4 MELVIN BRUNS COLLEGE ENTRANCE Intramurals I-3, Cross Country 3, Track 3, Safety Patrol 3, 4-H Club I, Class Projects I-4 ARTHUR BUGENHAGEN AGRICULTURE Cross Country 3, 4-H Club I-4, Track 3, Intramurals 1-4, F.F.A. 1-4, F.F.A. Basketball I-4, Class Projects I-4 A- A "" "s ,, -1 ..s""117rl:'731s I, 1 Q Y - V V ,j,,j:i:,. .jjj-'15 jnijjx ,,-' ' X-A nfs: fu' ' ,jf'v.f.J,,L1...f,'f.,gig ' ' Q ' . RW-.,-' sv Wm It 'ROBERT BUGGENHAGEN INDUSTRIAL ARTS Photography 3, F. F. A. I, Intramurals I-4 JOAN CHACHULA COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chorus 2-4, Band I-3, Orchestra I, Intra- murals 3-4, Operetta 2, Class Projects I-4, Cantata 3 NORBERT COGG INS AGRICULTURE F.F.A. I-3, Chorus 4, Track I-3, J.V. Bas- ketball 2, J.V. Foot- ball 2, Safety Patrol 3, Varsity Football 3-4, Baseball 2-4, Class Projects I-4, Varsity Basketball 4 MARY LOU DAUER BUSINESS Intramurals I-4, Library Staff 3, Dramatics Club 4, Chorus I, "Embers" Staff 4, Student Direc- tor of Play 4, Knitting Club 2, Tower 3-4, Bus. Manager of Tower 4, Bus Captain 2, Class Projects I-4 Y , I-. Y -.-.I.n-.w-mine, 61.- E IOR 'HV' 'IM' 'af I, , 4 f '-if wmv, Ab 4 A I 466 2I ,1 CYNTHIA CARPENTER COLLE GE E NTRANCE Prom Attendant 3, In- tramurals 3, Chorus I-4 Homeroom Officer I-3, Student Council I-2, Operetta 2, Dramatic Club 4, All High 3, All State 4, Class Projects I-4 MICHAEL COGGINS AGRICULTURE Safety Patrol 3, F.F.A. 2-4, Track 3, Monitor 3, J.V. Football 2, Class Projects 2-4, Var- sity Football 4 NANCY C OMBS COLLEGE ENTRANCE Homeroom Treas. 2, Intramurals I, Home- room Pres. 3, Student Council 3, Narrator, Christmas Program 3-4, Class Projects I-4, Chorus I-4, "Embers" Literary Staff MILDRED ECKHARDT HOMEMAKING Intramurals I-3, Cho- rus I-3, Class Projects I-4 PROPERTY OF HAIBURG HISTORICAL SOCIETY 19 E l0R WESLEY EULER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Student Council Pres. l,4, Track I-4, Foot- ball I-4, FootballCap- tain 2,4, Monitor 2,4, Basketball I-4, Bausch 8. Lomb Honorary Science Medal 4, Entered West- inghouse Science Talent Research 4 RICHARD GEARHART COLLEGE ENTRANCE J.V. Football I, Intra- murals I-4, Class Pro- jects I-4 WILLIAM GORMAN COLLEGE ENTRANCE Intramurals I-4, Band I- 2, Track 2-3, Baseball 4, Basketball I-2, Football I-4, All-Star in Basket-. ball 3, Volleyball 3, Class Projects I-4 HOWARD HERDLE COLLEGE ENTRANCE J.V. Basketball 2, Monitor 3, Varsity Bas- ketball 3, Intramurals 4, Class Projects 2-4 CAROL FOX COLLEGE ENTRANCE Homeroom Sec. 2, In- tramurals I-4, Basket- ball Shooting Contest3, Picture Chairman 4, National Honor Society 3-4, "Embers" Literary Ed. , Class Projects I-4 Citizenship Essay 4 ROBERT GERSPACHER INDUSTRIAL ARTS Came to Eden in 4th year Intramurals 4, Class Projects 4 ANN GRANGER BUSINESS Intramurals 2, Knitting Club 2, Chorus I-3, Tower 3-4, "Embers" Sldff 4, Operetta 2, Class Projects I-4 GRANT KOEPKA INDUSTRIAL ARTS J.V. Basketball I, Intramurals 2-4, Op- eretta I, Chorus 4, Class Projects I-4 -' 'T I' T ' a- . vivretwsll viii. , -I,-sw? ,Qgp ' I 1 ffnsetfrgg -' ' , 49' Ja SHIRLEY LAMB HOMEMAKING Student Council I-3, Chorus I-4, Intramurals I-4, F.H.A. I-3, Class Projects I-4 GARRA LESTER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Intramurals 3-4, Student Council 3, Lab. Assistant 2, Operetta 2, Play 3, Class Proiects I-4 DIANE LOOZE BUSINESS Intramurals I-4, Cheer- leading 2-4, Chorus I-2, Ring Committee I, Op- eretta 2, Class Projects I-4, "Embers" Typing Staff, Hamburg Clinic DONALD MASHKE COLLEGE ENTRANCE Intramurals I-4, Chorus 4, Track 4, Football 4, Class Proiects I-4 r' yvsitseriffezswitty,, I X an X 'wg J '22 119. wg 'ish 2 Qqwvu V- I ll' , , ' . ,rr T , , . I fy ',,- ' , 7 fr ' Q if ,J f .':ff,fwwW- , V mn.: 1: . K JOSEPH LAW COLLEGE ENTRANCE Varsity Football 4, Track 2-4, Class Pro- iects I-4 LAVERN LOMISON INDUSTRIAL ARTS Intramurals I-4, J.V. Football l, Band 2-4, Sports Band 2-4, "Em- bers" Staff 4, Class Proiects I-4 MARLYN MAMMOSER BUSINESS Jr. Prom Attendant, In- tramurals 3-4, Sec. Class 2-3, Sec. All State 4, Chorus I-4, Cheerleader 4, Class Projects I-4, Essay Contest Winner I, Sec.-Treas. Homeroom 2-3, "Embers" Stuff, Hamburg Clinic OWEN MOORE INDUSTRIAL ARTS Stage Crew 2-4, Intra- murals I-4, Track I-4, Chorus I, Football 2-4, Monitor 2-3, Class Projects I-4 STANLEY OBRE MSK I AGRICULTURE Intramurals 2-4, F.F.A. 3-4, Track 2-4, Cross Country 3, J.V. Foot- ball I-2, F.F.A. Dela- gate to county 4, Class Proiects I-4, Varsity Football 4 AN NE PRYOR COLLEGE ENTRANCE Sports Bancl I-2, Chorus I-4, Band I-2, Operet- ta 2, Orchestra I-4, All State I-4, Triple Trio 3- 4, Ensemble 2, Dramatic Club 4, Class Proiects I-4, Fredonia Music Fes- tival 3-4, Official'sClub CHARLES SCHASEL IN DUSTRIAL ARTS Intramurals I-2, J.V. Baseball 2, J.V. Foot- ball I, Varsity Baseball 3, Class Proiects I-4, Varsity Basketball 3-4 ELEAN OR SCH MITT HOMEMAKING Knitting Club 4, In- tramurals l,3, Chorus I-4, Class Projects I-4 WI ,, , 4avIaffff?','iNj L Z6 A 'fl K X V. '.,,, .:,. . V' ' I I li , '31 . me f if Q 5, I 5 ... x -1 f ' Rf'-2 ' I XI X Q 5 fs i 'A fs X 4 ,J E '19 AN NETTE PRE ISCHEL BUSINESS Intramurals I-4, Knit- ting Club 2, CO-Ed. Tower 4, Tower 3-4, Student Council Treas. 4, Homeroom Sec. I, Class Proiects I-4 BEVERLY ROTHE COLLEGE ENTRANCE Cheerleading l,2,4, Prom Attendant 3, In- tramurals I-4, All State 3, Chorus 2-4, Band I- 4, Radio Program 4, Class Proiects I-4, Op- eretta 2, Tower 4, Night School 4, Music Festival I-4, "Embers" Typing 4 MARGARET SCHMIDT BUSINESS Intramurals I-2, Chorus 3-4, F.H.A. 3, Class Proiects I-4 LILLIAN SCHREIBER HOMEMAKING Intramurals 3-4, Knit- ting Club, Chorus 3-4, Class Proiects 2-4 K A, H, m,,.,.....,..,.......-s ,, M .s.. ...T 4' .Tiki ' C1152 I'- 5 tirfml ,f w, - AQAVWG, I 'z '. in PIM iii' 19 E lllll LOIS SCHULTZ HOMEMAKING Library Staff I-4, F. H. A. 3-4, Chorus 2, Class Projects I-4 MARY SCHWANZ BUSINESS F.H.A. I-2, Tower 3- 4, Knitting Club 2, "Embersf' Staff 4, Class Projects I-4, Chorus 3-4, Intramurals I-4, Spring Concert 3 MICHAEL SIBIGA AGRICULTURE J.V. Football 2, Moni- tor 3-4, Track 2-3, F.F.A. 2-4, Varsity Football 3-4, Chorus 4, Varsity Baseball, Sec. F.F.A. 2, Class Projects 2-4 ROBERT SMOLINSKI AGRICULTURE Varsity Baseball I-4, F.F.A. I-4, Intramurals I, F.F.A. Basketball I-4, 4-H 2, Class Pro- jects I-4 vafjzgms I., 9,lm,.,,?,m,jgfm,,,s,:.gkwwZ, . gl U '.!,f5?SQYa. ', r I F"',',gT1L., , ,, ' W 1 s 0 tsfilsi JOAN SCHUMER COLLEGE ENTRANCE Intramurals I-4, Play 3, "Embers" Ass't. Ed, National Honor Society 3-4, 20 Questions I, Student Council I-4, Orchestra I, Chorus I- 4, Class Projects I-4, Music Festival 3, Of- ficiaI's Club 4 MICHAEL SHEA COLLEGE ENTRANCE Student Council 2-3, Basketball 2-4, Base- ball 2-4, Track 3-4, Class Projects I-4 CLIFFORD SMITH COLLEGE ENTRANCE Student Council 4, "Em- bers" Cir. Ed. , Monitor 3, V. Pres. Student Council 3, Track 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Varsity Football 2-4, Baseball 2-4, Ath- letic Council 3-4, Var- sity Basketball I-4, Class Projects I-4 TERRY SPACK HOMEMAKING Chorus I-3, F.H.A. I-4 F.H.A. Sec. 3, F.H.A. V. Pres.4, F.H.A. Pro- jects I-4, Intramurals I- 2, Cafeteria Work 4, Class Projects I-4, Library Staff 2, Ithaca F. H.A. Trip 3 I MARGARET SUPPLES BUSINESS Intramurals 2, Chorus 4, Class Projects I-4 ,f 4,,, E IOR F3 E DWARD TOWNS COLLEGE ENTRANCE J.V. Basketball 2, Cross Country 4, "Em- bers" Ad. Ed. 4, Var- sity Basketball 3-4, Chorus 4, Track I-4, Co-Captain Basketball 4, Judge 4, Class Pro- iects I-4 PHILIP VARA INDUSTRIAL ARTS J.V. Basketball 2, J.V. Football 3, Var- sity Basketball 3, Track I-2, Varsity Football 4, Class Proiects I-4 JOHN WETZLER INDUSTRIAL ARTS F. F. A. l,4, Drama 3, "Embers" Staff 4, Football 2-4, Chorus 3-4, Track 2-4, Class Projects I-4, Stage Crew 2 is W -4 ., ,, 1 CW fit, 'E -f - , ,.. . '5.ff4','ff, ff f . L-5145.-1.42, 2211. f. lf :4 .."k in fc s I 5' f l if ff 4 7 4 sl A J .tll I I I it '-r' S 1 y ssly I yr 2 . " A:.fl,' 'fin-l l? V A 5 H 3 f 3 ,I 4 fifri --at it V, Z.. ,,,: li rr s L - r'l' 12 4 Q 26 ALICE THOMPSON COLLEGE ENTRANCE Student Council I-2, Homeroom Pres. 2, Tri- ple Trio 4, Chorus I-4, Sports Band 2-3, Band 2-4, Fredonia Music Festival 2-4, Class Proiects l-4 WILLIAM TOWNS COLLEGE ENTRANCE Intramurals I-4, Moni- tor 4, Track I,3, Basket- ball Mgr. 4, "Embers" Staff 3-4, Photography Ed. "Embers" 4, Class Proiects l-4 JEAN WEINAR BUSINESS Student Council l, Intramurals 'I-4, Twirler 2-4, Octet 2, Maiorette 4, Chorus I-2, Triple Trio 2, Class Proiects I-4, Tower Staff l-2, Fredonia 3, "Embers" Typing Staff 4, Oper- etta 2 THOMAS WYLIE COLLEGE ENTRANCE Volleyball 3, Varsity Football 4, Track 3-4, Varsity Basketball 4, Chorus 4, Class Pro- iects 3-4 .-.-. xlwhhwfx., - , ' it in 7,5 tzifff f A 1, was v '2w.4'1:.., wtf! f' 1 ll v ' vYl'j'f, "f1, 9 "Zi Z3 :VJ .IW 5 .. -L' Ll hwk .74-Il .'lf ROBERT YOUNG BUSINESS Basketball I-3, Foot- ball I-2, Homeroom Treas. 3, "Embers" Bus Mgr. 4, Intramurals 4, Monitor 2-4, Class Proiects I-4, Chorus I-4, Student Council 2-3, Baseball I JOHN Zuucx BUSINESS Chorus I-4, Band l,3, 4, Dance Band, Intra- murals 4, Tower I-3, Ass't Ed. Tower 3, 20 Questions I, "Embers" Staff 4, Operetta 2, Class Proiects I-4, All High 2-4, Football Mgr. 3 E Illll i ra i I 5 f X MQ' f be if gi-, . Vw fu f .1 t'f7 4 .5 -'X Tetf I ,1' " X If RICHARD KRYCIA AGRICULTURE F.F.A. l-4, 4-HClub I-4, Class Proiects I-4 EDEN FOREVER Eden Forever, Hail, Hail, the gang's all here We will sing to you. For thy name to fightl We'II defend your standards We'II stick together In what e'er we do. For Maroon and White. - iq. 1, 1 . - - '. f'Zt'f"f, tsrfvrm,-gf xsgmwwsvwft.-LH 'li' il. It pi Jr ' ' ' ' I A 4,-1 M f '.gIm,sw,'Hj:gLf gttl1Lf'-W, f - " , ,., -. -1,4-. ,gt ,.yg. 11455, gm ,Q ,. -. ,, , 'E -W" ,A J9.'lf'J:A ,4:, -- .tri ' ""' " ' 'E' was BARBARA ZITTEL COLLEGE ENTRANCE Jr. Prom Queen, Class V. Pres. 2, Intramurals, Chorus l-4, "Embers" Ed.-in-chief, National Honor Society 3-4, American Jr. Red Cross Delegate 4, Syracuse Citizenship Conference 3-4, Student Council l- 3, Class Pres. 3, Empire Girls State 3 ROBERT ZULICK BUSINESS Dramatics Club 3-4, Class Projects I-4, Ad- vertising Mgr. for Play 4, Class Announcer 4, Orchestra I, "Embers" Staff 4, Band I-4, Cross Country 4, Sports Band I-3 ,ff 1 -v - wk ' , ,-ew, 5 , , l 6 : 4 fr I " KXMVM N ,. A' V J 4, OH! RATS! 1 A PERFLC1 FRIENDSHIP NIOR CLASS .iz , Elf.. ,iv ' 1325 . ,, y, 5 1, fu- :A ' ' WI, A:f,".imw5 , J iii' ,p ' 'TK s - auf' 5 ,Z ' 2, M V ' ,., , . M2 . - ...M ,,,, r First Row: Neifer, I. B. Blust, I. Miller, J. Bauer, M. Haven, E. Gould, M. Phatiger, S. Beehler, A. Bugenhagen, J. Cassata, S. Hoag, N. Shepker, D. Clancy, K. Agle. Second Row: E. Cheney, E. Haier, J. Szmanda, B. Thiel, S. Spence, D. Gallman, P Rice, C. DeBoi, Y. Fox, C. Novick, D. Adrion, N. Dell, M. Kobiolka, C. Thompson. Third Row: Mrs. Brenneman, W. Schas- sar, C. Ringer, D. Krause, D. Gould, R. Smith, G. Slaughenhaupt, D. Tronolone, J. Kasinski, I. Maltby, P. Faruga, D, Mehs, D. Pepper, Mr. Duffy. Fourth Row: J. Wagner, D. Palmberg, W. Eckel, L. Wible, L. Dayka, I. Dempsey, A. Kuczka, B. Fred- ericksen, I. Miller, W. l-leisler, I. Euler, L. Pontius, R. Nehring, R. Stevenson, J. Wrobelski, Mr. Robb. D. Tronolone, V. Pres., J. Dempsey, Pres., R. Smith, Treas., C. Thompson, Sec. CHE Junior Class began the year s activ- ities by electing class officers. They l were as follows: John Dempsey, president, Daniel Tronolone, vice presidentp Carol Thompson, secretary, Richard Smith, treas- urer. Even before Christmas, plans for the Junior Prom were discussed and committees appointed. The Prom took place on January 29, with Jeanne Sheplcer as queen and Sue Beehler, Mary Laine Phatiger, Carol Thomp- son, and Joan Cassata as attendants. Recent- ly, the usual excitement arose over the ar- rival of the class rings, the happiest happen- ing of the junior year. Throughout the year members of the Jun- S ior Class have been active in student govern- ment, sports, and music. 30 :xi Y T ' . - . ,. -1 "left V . . -rf .,1. ' , wr? .ie-iz ' . : , ,f.1:r. t" ' r.'1v,"'1 Ji, 1 .512 1 Q vfH'121 "f :i- , i fif Q 1 fn:-.-Exif.,-lt. 't w-512. .1 Y -ist:-f i ti- r :- ,wMf l," ' ' ' , U if i e 011110 our CLASS First Row: G. Andres, L. Burger, F. Kraus, D. Sherman, A. Kasinski, A. May, I. Brzezicki, P. Robb, C. Fischer, N. Nehring, S, Clancy, M. Schreiber, Y. Pineau, R. Mostek. Second Row: O. Gearman, J. Cheney, B. Howell, K. Edwards, B. Stresing, J Sievers, M. Albert, P. Bauer, P. Landahl, M. Blasz, J. Wright, L. Nostra, M. Kozak, P. Work, I. Neumann. Third Row: Mr. Walsh, W. Goss, J. Clark, F. Dickey, D. Anderson, R. Knoll, R. Salzman, I. Haier, F. Swartz, P. Smith, I. Crary, R. Bolton, P. Carpenter, R. Page, D. Gaylord, P. Russo, J. Messer, Mr. Ball. Fourth Row: Mr. Lundberg, J. Buzak, T. Miller, R. Chy- reck, B. Gier, R. Kehe, G. Papich, D. Bower, H. Case, A. Gingher, G. Zittel, I. Slaughenhaupt, H. Sheffield, W. Burke, D. Dole, J. Reinhard, R. Monin. G. Zittel, Pres., R. Kehe, V. Pres., N. Cotten, Sec., R. Knoll, Treas. CHE Sophomore Class which successfully K crossed the threshold of Senior High, 0 has diligently worked to maintain a high scholastic average and participate in school events. Chorus, cheerleading and athletics are accredited to the list of activities in which members have taken part. The Hop "Autumn Festival," which proved to be a gala and successful affair, is f if they maintain this ability to work together, there is little doubt that this class will be one of the best groups to graduate from Eden Central. The Sophomores wish to express their ap- preciation to Mr. Walsh, Mr. Boll, Mr. Lundberg, and Mr. Olney for their guidance throughout the year. We if .... ,..., ,....... ,..,,,. , ,L ' x an example of the class's ability to cooperate. FRE HMA CLASS 5... First Row: I. Stang, H. Enser, G. Schwanz, G. White, E. Martin, W. Brenneman, R. Zulick, C. Rothe, D. Wagner, R. Lakely. T. Lewis. Second Row: S. Spack, R. Thiel, P. Sovereign, S. Piechocki, A. Burger, S. Warren, E. Gehl, L. Kazmarek, N. Nellis, E, Thrasher, P. Hammond, A. Eckel, L, Ohlhues, P. Rose. Third Row: L. Zells, J. Smith, C. Scharf, R. Benker, B. Radziwon, A Dole, L. Slaughenhaupt, M. Landahl, K. Lore, B. Feasley, I. Blasz, I. DiMaria, P. Case, I. Horton, B. Pawlicki, M. Piechocki, G. Anderson, C. Owen, M. Knoll, P. Walterick. Fourth Row: D. King, W. Engelhardt, C. Phatiger, E. Saar, E. Minekime, P. Colvin, R. Kader, K. Link, D. Schumer, H. Reid, I. Eisele, E. Witkowska, B. Merchant, M. Shamblem, B. Preston, G. Anger, I. Miller, G. Nellis. Fifth Row: L. Law, B. Pontius, R. Kaufman, A. Sch,ritchfield, M. Rivas, E. Fuller, R. Geiger, A. Schmitt, G. Johns, R, Hoelscher, D. Barrett, G. Vereerstraeten, D. Owen, M. Smith, A. Preischel, E. Stegmeir. Sixth Row: A. Chiavetta, L. Preischel, S. Jakiel, N. Preischel, R. Peck, J. Clees, W.Finch, J. Klein, T. Taby, W. Terwilliger, E. Schmittendorf, R. Beyer, G. Micelli, M. O'Day, R. Williams. G. Nellis, Pres., R. Beyer, V. Pres., C. Phatiger, Sec.-Treas. CYHE Freshmen can boast of a year of oc- complishment. They have acquitted them- selves creditably in more difficult subjects, have ' had a large representation in the Junior Varsity teams in football and basketball, and they have provided strong competition in the track team. Freshmen advisors comment favorably on the spirit of enthusiasm and good will which makes itself felt in loyal support of school activities and class proiects. Mrs. Conklin, Miss Witzleben, Miss Collins, and Mr. Davis are guiding the Freshmen in plan- 5 ning their annual dance near the climax of the year. Committees anticipate the best Freshman dance in Eden's history. 32 gy SWF fi , . ' ' ' ,. ,. H- "- ,- , , . t,.-,,ga,f,'.'f,.Q''lsia Q ,W 1 , .t . . tl.,.1.w' 1. is 1, f ' .A -I, -W-3,4 t. Lev?-11 '- K A t - ' .ft ,..s4..t.. J. ss- 1 .x . EIGHTH GRADE 'r -4,-i .m" .---- --fa ,nm ss.. First Row, left to right: A. Sessanna, B. Knoll, S. Connors, S. O'Bryant, M. Whetzle, J. Cole, I. Bley, C. Sibiga, A. Fraser, R. Rerniszewski, B. Finch, M. Huckle, R. Gould, R. Gould. Second Row: J. Gregory, B. Minekime, M. Filipiak, K. Smith, S. Todd, C. Gehl, B. Baird, J. Haist, S. Piller, C. Kuppel, M. Nehring, P. Miller, I. Cohoon, J. Sherman, B. Ringer, Peggy Ebel- ing. Third Row, left to right: W. Cheney, G. Guenther, R. Williams, A. Schaefer, D. Law, W. Neifer, D. Schasel, L. Johns, R. Stickney, T. Watson, R. Schmitt, D. Smith, W. Burhardt, H. Jans, J. Crowe, P. Shepker, R. Willett, R. Rubeck, J. Turton, H. DeBois. Fourth Row, left to right: Mrs. Hannan, Mrs. Bates, P. Modica. I. Ferris, J. Beechner, J. Brendl, D. Powell, R. Good- brand, L. Wilson, R. Yager, G. Agle, J. Bertsch, A. Shaw, D. Gould, C. Chiavetta, I, Clawson, P. Spence, D. Williams, R. Roberts, Mr. Mazuca. First Row: S. Piller, D. Schasel, R. Schmitt, K. Smith. Second Row: J. Crowe, C. Gehl, R. Gould, G. Agle. S the doors of this year close, members of the eighth grade under the guidance of Mrs. Hannan, Mr. Mazuca and Mrs. Bates, find themselves about to venture another step along the corridor of education. They can look back upon a year of scholastic achievement in varied fields. Art, home economics, music, mathematics, English and science have helped students decide what course in high school they wish to pursue. Extra-curricular activities en- riched the year as students eagerly participated in, music and intramurals. In addition to this Full schedule, they also enthusiastically attended social and sport events, supporting the teams and other classes. 33 .N . , .. W. . . yn ,yfwzm ' ' "' ,,,3g+ajg:,,,:,:sfk . f , . , ifw.,f,,n+- . N, , -r.s':2.rf.wr::- e ,, , , . ' E E TH GRADE MWQ qw First Row, left to right, kneeling: R. Hamilton, R. Zittel, D. Ellison, B. Palmberg, R. Condon, R. Sallak, H. Beck, M. Horton. Second Row: K. Franz, A. Gerspacher, R. Sheilin, E. Marvin, C. Bianchi, I. Watson, J. Bolton, R. Miller, R. Kaczmarczyk, B. Holeshous, J. Stockner, N. Barnes, R. Chiavetta, F. Schmidt. Third Row: A. Gnias, N. Morris, B. Terhune, F. Davis, D. Agle, M. Walther, L. Schacher, M. Maltby, B. Baksa, S. Halladay, K. Williams, D. Canny, J. Stevenson, B. Joseph. Fourth Row, standing: B. Pew, M. Owen, J. Thornes, K. Watson, I. Bauer, P, O'Day, C, Maltby, D. Nagel, J. Thornes, C. Eckhardt, C. Anger, J. Hodgson, J. Winter, S. Partridge, K. Vadino, C. Penney, V. Schramm, N. Haeick, I. Stressing, C. Heichberger. Fifth Row: R. Fisher, W. Koch, D. Allen, I. Natwora, H. Guillaume, R. Roberts, D. Hennessey, J. Hartley, C. Hammond, I. McMullen, G. Batorski, C. Geiger, L. Zynda, L. Nicholson, L. Piller, G. Merchant, I. Slaugenhaupt, E. Gallman, C. Sauberan, W. Dennis, E. Hummel, R. Gier, D. Hughes. Sixth Row: W, Gerspacher, D. Januszkiewicz, Mr. Collard, I. Roeller, W. Knoll C. Rockwood, C. Ellis, D. Valois, P. Weller, M. Koehler, D. Yager, W. Straker, M. Benson, E. Peck, P..Winter, D. Murray, J. Gearhart, M. Looney, C. Vara, P. Herdle, G. Rockwood, D. Morris, D. Loeflce, W, Richardson, R. Swatling, R. Fuller, Mrs. Dash, Mr. Foroscij, D. Seiser, R. Maltby, J, Niedermeyr. First Row: C. Sauberan, L. Piller, C. Anger P. O'Day, G. Merchant. Second Row: F. I Davis, C. Geiger, C. Hammond, C. Vara, J. Gearhart. CYHE largest seventh grade in Eden's history under the leadership of Mrs. Dash, Mr. Collard, and Mr. Foroscii, took their places in Junior High this year. l2O students were enrolled, making this class outstanding in numbers as well as abilities. They began their Junior High course eagerly an- ticipating exploits in shop, homemaking, art, and photography. Many of them participated in band and orchestra, as well as in the choruses. Special proiects, however, did not occupy all of theirtime, for mathematics, science, social studies, and Eng- lish kept them busy at their desks. Gym classes and 1.-4. health added to the day's activities, all doing their 5 part to help these students to open another door of education. 34 . .ig L.+f3+ " fts :ltr . K S " 1 J-fif1"J.,Jii'i' ' ,2f2ii79'itl -l" ii'f5,"'i'ii!5'i1'f2: .. . .. "1 ' J awk. 5, 0 h r it id ' w Eli EDI TE LE EE QW? Seated: K. Straker, M. Brand, I. Turton, A. Kaczrnarek, B. Ferris, S. Preston. Standing: M. Vara, L. Arnold, D. McGuire, P. Neidermeyr, L. Murray, S. Cheney, L. Barnes,D. Will, R. Schiffman, R. Richardson, J. Canny, D. Mallaber, D. Nelson, A. Shamblen, R. Maltbie, F. Cerace, G. Stresing, D. Campbell. Standing, Last Row: C. Cole, P. Kuppel, Mr. Griffin. C R. Griffin's students enioyed a big adventure in crafts this year. Woodworking, painting, plaster cast- ing, and paper sculpturing proved an especially worthy study for the entire class in Room 241. The re- markable spirit of good will and mutual helpfulness that prevails here will enable these students to meet with greater ease those problems that lie behind that ominous door of Junior High School. lNCE graduation is the goal of this year's work, the students in Miss Saunders' class, Room 240, have worked diligently, through committees and proiects, to illustrate the knowledge they have acquired in their various basic subiects in their extensive preparations for the opening of that all-important and massive door to that "Magic Land" called Junior High School. First Row: D. Walker, I. Enser, G. Kelly, E. Benzin, P. Kirst, D. O'Day, G. Graovac, E. Scritchfield. Second Row: G. Wysocki, P. Zittel, I. Schassar, P. Meyer, I. Franz, V. Zells, J. Mackey, K. Tanner. Third Row: M. Horton, K. Euler, G. Bolton, C. Robb, P. Lutes, B. Staby, H. Phatiger, C. Merlino, A. Reid, D. Davidson, M. Lakely. Fourth Row: B. Davis, R. Thrasher, D. Kiec, R. Towns, L. Blowers, R. Richardson, Miss Saunders. A?" mai.. 35 3. X X.. ,..,, ,.'Q,,wg.f N A , V -,, , swf 1 TER EDIATE LE ,rn ,. 1-1 .ra-.zsrsgff B15 ,4- .,L1f1f' . rirst Row: D. Schneider, T. Bridges, J. Zittel, A. Askew, R. Kader. Second Row: M. Rayeur, R. Swartz, B. Sessions, D. Allanson, I. Preston. Third Row: R. Koubek, W. Agle, G. Pfitzinger, R. Watson, B. Carpenter. Fourth Row: D. Rice, D. Williams, G. Franz, J. Dauer, A. Filipiak. Fifth Row: S. Weiner, I. Bradley, N. Blenk, G. Brockman. Standing: W. Grenther, C. Kader, B. Baird, E. Anderson, E. Schoepp, Mrs. Gould. C E, in Room 242, Mrs. Gould's class, are having a delightful year studying the Ancient Mediterranean World in social studies. Besides using cut paper, chalk, or crayons to illustrate the work in a monas- tery, a castle, and a tournament, we have made book reports, folders, and Christmas pictures, entered the Christmas contest, and enjoyed such movies as "How To Catch a Cold," "Water Cycle," and "Nomads of the Desert." N Mrs. Wilson's class, Room 243, we are concentrating on vocabulary, selecting the correct meaning of a word as it is used in a sentence. Our new social studies books are so interesting that we are constantly on the alert for historical pictures for the bulletin board and for specimens of fungi, wasps' nests, corn smut, and different tree leaves for science exhibits. We hope to visit the Museum of Natural Science soon. First Row: R. Eckhardt, P. Filipiak, L. Moran,-D. Nagel, B. omitn, W. Hammond. Second Row: C. Ellison, J. Wilson, R. Rome, J. Fox, M. Roberts, K. Willis. Third Row: M. Montgomery, P. Smith, S. Straker, D. Chyreck, P. Jordan, J. Verl-lagen, Fourth Row: B. Pike, R. Ward, P. Witherel, M. Batorski, W. Ackerman, D. Wright. Fifth Row: G. Machmer, S. Romano, J. Zynda, S. Mallaber G. Bogardus, Mrs. Wilson. Mwga D M A WV Q .tg , 3 s k . wwfffr 2 rrr- A A n K.. 'f I V 'V ,fig I "xt, 4, 36 g M M I TE LE EE g 'R 'Sr A Tfti'-J sift f' T 2 ie w tif' qw ' I-.1f,!'hll im g? 'S . 'if ' J - MY , . --,. .V . 1 Lvli sv . a s f 4 . r i f ge. P X . ,. X 4 . , 7"' 42. 'X First Row: G. Messer, S. Gertis, M. Eisele, C. Cole, L. Hardy, M. Walker. Second Row: M. McNeil, D. Gehl, P. Gehl, K. Williams, S. Hobbie, G. Johnson. Third Row: M. Lutes, I. Hammond, I. Potter, B. Page, W. Guillaume, R. Chittenden, I. Partridge. Fourth Row: Mrs. Lemmler, M. Spencer, D. Young, K. Robb, R. Hale, I. Agle, I. Kielar, M. Guenther, P. Benson, K. Cole. C RS. Lemmler's students, in room 245, had a most fascinating year. The boys of the class learned of many new places through their hobby of stamp collecting. During the latter part of the lunch hour, the boys could usually be found in a huddle over some newr stamp. Both boys and girls proved their originality by constructing dioramas in connection with English, reading, and social studies. They also took excursions to many places of interest provided us in this area. N connection with science the pupils of room 254, with Mrs. Stevens their teacher, went on a hike to the woods. They gathered plants and dirt for their class terrarium and enjoyed a profitable day, seeing many of the wonders they had read about. They enioyed science experiments with pulle , made clever model air- planes and tried making flour and salt maps showing the landform regions of Unite States. First Row: C. Rizzo. I. Maltbie, M. Maltby, A. Dickey. Second Row: R. Scritchfield, D. Kelly, R. Kelly, D. Williams, E. Colantino, C. Colvin, S. Bauer, A. Law, A. Zells, R. Szmanda. Third Row, Standing: I. Rogers, L. Nehring, R. Vondell, Mrs. Stevens. C. Shero J. Shepker, I. White, A. Maltby, R. Knapp, R. Zulick, T. Burgess. Ev I .f -'S if ' .,,,-.. M 37 ' A 77:433- fm. ff-MQW, ,.,.,,.,,, I: V . I T RTVIEDIATE LE EL lt. -, l 1f2 f 1 R . t 2 f. I .A ' . . N j 4.4 jf an f is , T , fy 4, ' 1 3 Q. ' pf ,, sv ? y f W , ip .1 W? ff i QQ f Qin Z 53 ' 5, I, , , 4 f if D ,, 1, ,ja Q I I 'Z yi M 1, f Wa. O First Row: P. Gerace, P. Price, B. Russ, D. Partridge, R. Datu-ner, C. Mroz, Susan Schassar, R. Richardson. Second Row: N. Mohney, C. Eye, S. Rodgers, L. Willett, R. Wright. Third Row: M. Potter, E. Brusehaber, R. Lutes, K. Anderson, R. Cagwin. Standing: S. Heffernan, D. Schacher, K. Terhune, D. Hilfiker, L. Kiec, S. Mann, S. Romandi, C. Cabral, Miss Wilson, P. Mathien, Z. Waite, D. Geiger. CHE keynote of this year's work in 246 was the fostering of friendship. Under the leadership of Miss Wilson, students organized a "Pen Pal" club that proved as useful as it was enjoyable. They brought the Colonial and Pioneer periods of history to life by means of dramatizations presented by committees for everyone's enioy- ment. They learned about many of the famous men and women who made our country great and resolved, through good citizenship, to carry on the heritage these great Americans gave us. GREAT interest in boats has led students in Miss Boardman's class, Room 247, to an appreciation of what the early explorers and colonists did toward the development of our great country. In imagination they sailed, as explorers, to this new land, and on a map of North America pinned the flags of the countries which claimed territory here. As a further venture they made scrapbooks of samples of work completed in each of the subjects, each child contributing to make a true book of adventure. First Row: K. Frisbie, M. Demerley, H. Clancy, P. Rogers, D. Morris, R. Bryant, R. Hooper. Second Row: G. Hidy, W. Bischof, R. Kaczrnarazyk, F. Giessman, R. Mertle, R. Lardo, L. Knoll, R. Bruce, B. Schaefer, O. Darling, G. Verhagen, R. Milleran, B. Buciur. Third Row: R. Lore, T. Schrnittendorf, E. Holehouse, S. Nellis, W. Place, Miss Boardman, R. Braman. X 1 1 f ,Q , , if , E A - 'ff XXX is .3X.'2,3f' s ' f 'Q 'f,'A,,J",f Qff'jyA . ff fwffffm 0 ff iffw ..., ' fgifwffgfigqlf' w e 4 fn, ' 'N , l t Al ' 1 " J ll aw r 2- V ' V Q , ' gg, 'Qt , s,,ggfgff1 , 1 at 1 ' ' T t- fl gr, lo-V ,vw my if f Ji ' ,. , ff y3L,:pj,k,5a'aL' 'Nm ., 38 , . t , -V .M , , ,...n............ .ws V X fi EDI TE LE mf R P Schreiner A Stevens I Winter P Kaczmarczyk I Kraft G Price R. Powell, G, Korkus, C. Colanrino, M. Merlino. First ow: . , . , . , . , . , . , Second Row: S. Weller, M. Anderson, R. Brand. Third Row: R. Hardy, M. Eckhardt, I. Pembleton, J. Schmitt, D. Giessman, N. ' " ' - ' R N ffe Steffan, E. Taft, D. Stegrneier, L. Yaeger, L. Nelson, I. Richardson, C. Fillprak. Fourth Row. Mrs. Hauth, G. Whrte, . eu r. Reader: D. Ellison. " OW that we are upstairs this year, we have decided that our main aim will be to learn to act and behave ' I like grown-up boys and girls." With this worthy goal in mind, the students in Room 249, Mrs. Hauth s h B ff I class, attacked their main problem of gaining more knowledge of Early American Times by visiting t e u a o Historical Building and accumulating much useful information. They are planning a trip to General Mills to see flour milled and to Fairmont Foods to see the processing of milk and the making of cheese. HOBBY show, autobiographies, and the production ofa class magazine by Mrs . Zdzinski 's class, in Room 250, Shel ed the students learn the value of democratic group action . As individuals and as a group, students en- deavore toattain greater achievement and responsibility. ln reading they gained a better understanding ofthe b d c e of readin materialsavailable while improving the basic ski l ls . They learned to express themselves in roa s op g written and oral work through the presentation of original plays, such as the Thanksgiving play, given in assembly, and talks following research work. P S h idt J Rockwood C Nellis Second Row- R Webber A Bonafede S. Agle. Third Row: M. Lomison, W. Enser, FirstRow: . cm ,. , . . . . , . , A. Meyer. Fourth Row: P. McNell, M. Papich, W. Voelz. First Side Row: S. Russell, D. Nagel, S. Swartz, L. Snider, A. Kraft, I. Skora, N. Cooper. Second Side Row: G. Merchant, R. Agle, D. Skura, Mrs. Zdzrnskr, I. Walker, S. Henry. I. Hooker. ,iii--fn V.-u-.., ,.. ., M. fsifglgurvfng ,ijfjij --.. ,. , ug: 4..- ei 1 PRIMARY LE i Seated: M. Anderson, S. Eckhardt, J. Webb, L. Gehl, L. Frisbie, N. Serena, G. Haag, R. Smith, C. Blenk, A. Iaworski, E. Rock- wood, R. Harper. Standing: R. Clark, E. Slaughenhaupt, Mrs. Rothe, J. Hardy, M. Mackey, D. Pfarner, R. Cagwin, S. Beeler, M. Greenwood, M. Smith, L. Smith, W, Fuge, C. Schroeter, T. Shepker, R. Gumtow, K. Penny, M. Will, L. Agle. CT RS. Rothe's class, in Room lO2, is stressing the three R's, putting great emphasis on reading. With the help of Mrs. Lloyd, the special reading teacher, the stuclerits are progressing quite satisfactorily. Their social studies units help them to recognize their dependence upon other people, plants, and animals, and to understand and appreciate the value of their homes, farms, and work. A trip to the zoo completes their enioy- ment of their studies. C ANY exciting activities have developed from the hard work on reading done by students inn Mrs. Blakely's class, in Room l30. They have enjoyed papering their room with new words learned this year, inviting parents to "Open House," taking field trips, pre aring a magic act for the Thanksgiving program, making Christmas gifts for parents, having parties, and cliecorating their room with plants, especially the blue African violet. First Row: P. Williams, G. Ellis, E. Pew, R. Anger. Second Row: H. Greeley, M. Cohoon, A. Haist, D. Knoll, B. Sheffield, D. Shamblen. Third Row: R. Franz, R. Laing, E. Korkus, H. Brewer, D. Rogers, T. Kuppel, Mrs. Blakely, J. Bertsch. 5 Sail ' if f 4 f il ' y 'f f y 25,1353 wit' ,NME-yy fi L , . :A H., fi ,y A wi 40 7 I. l l nan. ...iii -- ...- --, First Row: M. Crowe, D. Thompson, R. Haist, R. Snider, P. Kirsr. Second Row: T. O'Day, T. Taylor, D. Schaefer, R. Benziri, P. Gurley, D. Pike. Third Row: R. Minekirne, J. Howles, M. Howell, L. O'Bryanr, B. Baird, S. Engel. Standing: M. Agle,P. Greene, D. Goss, L. Benson, G. Brendl, P. Keeler, Miss Poniatowski, G. Segebarth, I. Gould, R. Rietler, G. Darling, D. Sallak, G. Allen. ANEL discussions and quizzes organized by the students, under the guidance of Miss Poniatowski, in Room 179, teach students to become independent workers who learn to listen and to evaluate the work of the class. Through an enlarged outside reading program, a study of other peoples, and a varied language arts pro- gram, they develop into secure individuals who face the next door of lite with confidence in themselves and so- ciety . INCE reading is the cornerstone of all the other work, students in Miss Hojnacki's class, Room l8O, correlate their activities, writing, spelling, social studies, and art work around it. ln social studies we have pre- pared a special library corner for enriching our background before going into a discussion of these topics: Indians, early settlers, Eskimos, Holland, China, transportation, and communication. In science we follow Nature's seasonal patterns, followed by our spring and fall walks to the woods and a visit to the zoo. First Row: V. Franz, P. Engstrom. Second Row: B. Willis, I. Bianchi, H. Reeverts, I. Herdle, B. Munger, I. Place, S. Gary, N. Scritchfield, I. Rogers, D. Alonso, S. Thorton. Third Row: I. Thomas, D. Beck, K. Clawson, L. Ver Hagen, D. Bolduc, W. Meyer, Miss Hojnacki, D. Graovac, J. Miller, L. Camp, R. Scritchfield, I. Russell, P. Scharf, P. Gerrity. X .Maxx PRIM RY LE E- t . First Row: D. Franklin, W. Koch, R. Barry, G. Ebensole, D. Yager, Mrs. Erickson, W. Flint, J. Robem, M. Chittenden, A. Nagel. Second Raw: L. Miller, K. Jackson, B. Page, T. Beeler, C. Webber, J. Price, P. Gnias, V. Mallaber, J. Cook, M. Wright. Third Row: I. Seggio, D. Shamblen, C. Hale, N. Witt, M. Spaulding, D. Dahmer, C. Filipiak, G. Allen. Fourth Row: D. Ball, L. Ehmke E. Radigan, C. Bryant, J. Bauer, R. Huckle, A. Wolf. Y using books from their own classroom library, boys and girls in Mrs. Erickson's class. Room lO5, have become more appreciative of services rendered by the commqnity and its helpers. Many of these helpers they have studied in detail. As a culminating activity for the mail unit, they visited the Buffalo Post Office where they saw the things they had learned in class put into actual operation. The feeling of independence and security which these children have gained has made this year a very happy and satisfying one. TRIP to the Buffalo Post Office by Mrs. Krempa and her students in Room l07 made a stimulating climax to the intensified reading program which has given much pleasure and satisfaction to every child. Choos- ing their own books from the classroom library has been an enriching and truly satisfying experience which has brought a sense of adventure and independence into the lives of the children and helped them to correlate ex- periences met in books with experiences in daily living. They feel that this year has been a very profitable and progressive one. First Row: L. Slaughenhaupt, K. Condon, R. Enser, M. Jordan, R. King, T. Winter, N. Greenwood, R. Hinkle, D. Walker, R. Welker Second Row: W. Graves, M. Harris, R. Winter, L. Schroeder, T. Bates, D. Price, S. Blattenberger, D. Lilgs, H. Harris, P. Cole, G. Heichberger. Third Row: W. B. Bianchi, A. Eggleston, D. Tornaski, D. Hopkins, W. Drost, P. Haag, T. Z.ulick, D. Bolduc, T. Reb- man, H. Smith, I. Cook, S. Willett, B. Filipiak, Mrs. Krempa. WW. 2 ' H W0 54, 1? Ln 1 "fu 2 7 5 -s W 'f' fi W r i F 7 2 , 4 rf.-: 'I f W 4 . e.. mr 4. ,I iii1fPRIMARY LE EL ' hr 11 y WI,- First Row: T. Cowper, B. Johnson, C. Wilson, G. Cheney, R. Agle, G. Pederson. Second Row: K. Pillar, L. Hilfiker, S. Skura, N. Smith, K. Phatiger, J. Wysocki, N. Carpenter, S. Nobbs, K. Sievers. Third Row: T. Duesenbury, T. Neuffer, B. DeBuhr, I. Horton, G. Greiner, L. Meyer, L. Ehmpke, M. Koubek, B. Kuppel, J. Walters, M. Agle, I. Eckhardt, A. Spaulding, P, Twist, I. Rosenburger, D. Minier, Mrs. Smith, I. Robotaille. LL of the experiences in the activities of Mrs. Smith's class in Room 123 have centered around the theme of reading. At the rimary level of learning, only a firm foundation in that most important subject will furnish the keys to open the doors through which all children must pass to reach successfully any of those higher levels of learning. After reading about several kinds of animals, the children were delighted to see some of these animals when they took a trip to the zoo. CWHIS year we have intensified our reading program in Miss Mc1ntyre's class, Room 131. Our aim has been to open the doors of learning by stimulating the child to a greater interest in reading. To enrich this program, we have purchased many new library books. Since our greatest emphasis has been on reading, the children have become independent readers, experiencing great satisfaction in being able to select and read the books chosen by them from their own classroom library. For other proiects of this group, please read the write- up for Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Krempa, and Mrs. Erickson since these four teachers had the some aims and accom- plishments. First Row: G. Gallman, D. Ebeling, N. Gier, W. Polonkiewicz, M. Brown. Second Row: M. Sheflin, E. Pew, G. Gennitti, G. Shoul- dioe, W. Clancy, I. Conrad. Third Row: L. Persinger, D. Bonefede, D. Kester, R. Heichberger, P. Schreiner, D. Nellis. Fourth Row: R. Pew, I. White, D. Willet, H. Bugenhagen, A. Rivas. Fifth Row: Miss Llamar, Miss Mclntyre. 3 'Y y - .---,,-.r ,......,,... - r, 43 Nu PRI ARY LE ELT 7' - ff. if, ,, -Mgwfvwx, .. , ' ., , aa. .1 ,Q lviff f7"l'i Y' :Wifi7Y77f'?ff-Yff'-iii ' 4 M523 f-f-M' 5" w i fu fw7f' -f xt 1' 3153, ,Q ' " ,Q . , gt, 5,4323 0. 5, , ,, , .,,-.4 4 .,,, ,,,, , -Q ,,,f,f' gl 52, fgx,Q1,-192Y:t9"i3fj'g 1. 15-igf2,.1jr,y .. sf Y ,. YW? ai r ,S E L 37 First Row: S. Ellis. I. Smith, F. Riefler, D. Harper, H. Maltbie, C. Haskins. Second Row: S. Graovac, B. Clancy, R. Buczynski, I. Maltby, D. Lardo, C. Willet. Third Row: C. Haas, D. Bogardus, F. Rausch, B. Nidell, E. Covert, A. Miller. Fourth Row: L. Stef- fen, S. Clark, E. I. Blowers, H. Osterstuck, D. Smith, R. Custer. Fifth Row: V. Hauck, P. Sibiga, D. Holscher, W. Utsiuger, E. Grodem, L. White. Standing: Mrs. Ieffe, I. Mazur. CHE class in Room l2l, under Mrs. Jeffe's supervision, has been busily happy this year developing new interests and making new friends. Learning to read and to work together with other boys and girls has been a joyful experience. Though they have liked all of the parties and festivities, the one they enioyed most was the making of all the Christmas decorations and gifts. They have learned to be courteous to each other, to do good deeds, and to be kind to their pets and other animals. OW busy the boys and girls in Miss Wrench's class in Room l26 have been this yearl Besides working eagerly to improve their reading, they did good work in spelling, arithmetic, and art. The social studies program centered around four big units: the school, the home and family, the community, and holidays. ln science they studied plants, trees and leaves, and brought in specimens for several exhibits. At Christmas time they learned to work together by putting on a toy show. Later in the year they took a trip to a nearby farm. First Row: C. Laing, B. Willis, S. Lomison, B. Gnias, D. Pfitzinger, P. Shipmen, B. Pericak, G. Mroz, T. Cocina. Second Row: I. Wittmeyer, T. Mergler, P. Howard, S. Schue, Miss Wrench. Third Row: B. Plenz, I. Schaefer, B. Fisher, C. Fitzgibbons. Fourth Row: J. Scritchfield, E. Machmer, K. Kappus, R. Witt. Fifth Row: D. Hammond, T. Will, H. Miller, F. Porter. Sixth Row: T. Hinkle, D. Mann, C. Reeverts, P. Lilga. Seventh Row: W. Hammond, G. Rice, I. Walsh. Q-M-fav-so i 3 , ".1M:f.,, f V . .,,igg.gg, V 1 3? , 4, li Win .-:Mya V. -Q., , , , , "E v ' ' 2,371 'N .r sr , f I WI. Q a , , Q ' . , ...Q 4:- I ,ff f at . ,. .ifff ., . . 44 ...nc In l PRIMARY LE EL Home 9 I , , ,, Wi, i M f V' ' i mvefg, fgaf E in ,H S fff72"ff. if , .apt f Q A " Q, 5 f',,,3-Qi " ' ar' n. .yi 7 I I ' New ,. I r , ,-4' v, , yjynb A 65? A M3757 ' lr .wir ' 5 ' H fl F51 11 0 ' ' li iw , ' Q-lt "f-54. f' " 9, 1 -w ' , f '. 'v .. 1 v , ,, ' " W., 1 Q, - vfqtg, 1' L ,,,,. , ' Y' f W. , ,, ,fy ,X , ,, ,A new I ,fy f .f,,,!y0, VV I My W , ,QV . X "C y , iff' W ' .., 7,5-g'i ,,y,,f , .A " 1- 3-'finifitfl-Li , V 'i-1 , - 1 Q. -1: 1-1 Sitting on the floor: P. Straker, B. Gurley, J. Greene. fi. Hutka, S. Laing, K. Mangus, B. Fox, E. Smith, F. Leonard, A. Ruch. Sitting at the table: I. Schmittendorf, A. Niedermeyr, D. Gehl, G. Webb. Standing: R. Schreiner, V. Olney, L. Heffernan, G. Eye, M. Sallman, B. Soule, W. Gaylord, I. Piechocki, R. Schummer, P. Fuge, L. Scheetz, R. Smith, M. Ptak, K. Romano, E. Frisbie, D. Hamilton, J. Hodge, I. Karen, Mrs. Morgester. T the beginning of the school year activities in Room l35, Nlrs. Morgester's class, begin with a school unit. The second unit concerns what Farmers are doing in October and in the spring. The home unit continues throughout the winter. A unit on community helpers will conclude the year's social studies. We have stressed reading all the year and want to finish three primers and first readers, besides already having finished three pre-primers. From orange crates we have built our own library where boys and girls like to sit to look at books. LTHOUGH the children in Miss Ess's class derived much pleasure in preparing for Open House, the most enioyable day was "Cowboy Day" when all the students in Room I94 came to school in cowboy attire, each carrying his Finest holster and gun. Children were pleased when one of their classmates, Lorraine Kader, won second prize in the coloring contest sponsored by the "Tower. " The picture to be colored was of Santa Claus and his sleigh. Left to right, Seated: L. Schosek, R, Haskins, B. Penny, P. Klodzinski, L. Renschler. I. Winter, G. Smith, D. Thurber. Left to right, Standing: L. Kader, K. Hughler, I. Pryll, C. Osterstuck, A. Schmidt, I. Rubeck, C. Brewer, M. Morris, E. Bishop, R. Preischel, D, Bames, N. Camp, M. White. At Piano: Miss Ess. M .... -. t 45 SNS x SSE . ,, f 7 ' ke! ef... ,, v ,, ,L J. .iwsfffilgi r PRIMARY LE ELM X,-dv Seated: L. Carpenter, F. Dailey, D. Gagwin, K. Bruce, T. Balcerek, M. Buczynski, D. Brusehaber, D. Cramer, B. Howles, I. Aber, M. Allen, L. Sheffield, D. Dusenbury, B. Baird, C. Cramer, M. Malin, S. Eisele, D. Cork, C. Witheral, B. Mansfield. Standing: N. Jams, E. Davidson, E. Schoonover, G. Cook, D. Kuppel, D. Dryer, L. Guenther, A. Rizzo, E. Braeges, B. Montogornery, N. Thomas, L. Ehmke, I. DeMuth, C. Newman, Miss Horton. C ISS Horton's class in Room l96 was very busy this year learning to read, write, and count. For our part of the Thanksgiving program we recited a poem, sang a song, and formed a turkey with colored paper. Our Christmas activities included making presents for our mothers and fathers and decorating our room with paper chains, pictures, and a big Christmas tree. ln the spring we talked about animals and then visited the ZOO . UR varied activities during this year have shown the members of Mr. Shephard's class that cooperationand team work are helpful and necessary to bring happiness into our daily lives. Working with a group teach- es the individual cooperation and the value of sharing information. Our field trips taught us how other people help us every clay. We have tried to improve our reading and other subiects and to learn about our community Seated: D. Mattison, C. Kasinski, V. Horn, J. Rotolo, J. Sheflin, V. Osterstuck, Howard Gallman. Standing: D. DeCarlo, R. Shef- field, A. Spack, R. Fisher, P. Kelly, M. DeCar1o. W. Kaye, J. DiMaria, Mr. Shepherd. 59 , ,, u-f n V, - , 6' V 3 ,,4r'T+ 'f Yu rm " Egfr: lt ra'-.. u?3l"5' 4 46 DERG RTE LEVEL .fl ,mv . . - u 3 dia? Ai FE Standing: T. McNell, C. Serena, W.Dar1ing, D. Gagwin, K. Barrett, B. Korkus. Back Row: Mrs. Davidson, D. Minier, R. Natwora, R. Shurnway, G. Carpenter, C. Dryer, L. Johnson, B. Munger, L. Stevenson, D. Van Note, D. Geiger, K. Kauffman, M. Knoll, E. Ostrander, E. Baldwin, M. L. Radziwon. Front Row: R. Walker, M. Kordrupel, R. Mainprize, K. Ball, S. Minekirne, I. Baisch, I. Brusehaber, R. Lomison, E. Cooper, W. Hann, L. Maltbie, R. Blowers, R. Spencer, A. Cole, L. Yager. OOM I97 is under the supervision of Mrs. Davidson and Miss Bie. In the kindergarten each child learns to get along with other children and to work and play in a group. Tri s to the woods, fire station, the zoo, and the Post Office enriched our knowledge of the community in which we live. Proiects such as baking cookies, making vegetable soup, and churning butter provide not only fun but also experience in following directions and taking our turns in a group. LOCK building, cla modeling, woodworking, easel painting, puzzles, games, clramatizations, and dra- matic play in the dolll corner are enioyable parts of our daily program which give us many opportunities to face and solve problems. The kindergarten year is a most important one for the child as he develops skills which are necessary for his success in first grade. Front: D. Enser, D. Mize, S. Ries, C. Custer, G. Parmalee, E. Kirst, L. Skura, S. Bates, S. Snider, I. Bryant, J. Bischof, B. Miles. Center: K. Kraft, P. Karen, D. Nelson, C. Buchauer, M. Jackson, J. Wieizba, L. Way, G. Eckhardt, T. Radigan, K. Segebarth, S. McNee1y, S. Close, J. Bube, B. Agle, J. Schacher, D. Critoph, D. Aber, P. Fox, R. Andres. Standing: W. Middendorf, D. Gear- hart, D. Lyndbsey, K. Kuhn, Miss Bie, G. Tasker, I. Gurbacki, S. Dylong. ...A ......... L.-. .,.. x A ...A KI DERGARTE L Q-Ye, . ,U .. 4 4 3 at Seated: S. Barry, D. Miller, P. Whitman, D. Gentile. Standing, First Row: J. Eckhardt, S. Gehl, M. Clawson, E. Kranz, T. Ziegel- hofer, K. Knapp, W. Bonafede. Second Row: R. Law, D. Thompson, E. Hughes, M. Sholtez, R. Kromer, R. Bullied, W. Page, J. Filipiak, J. Salzman, J. Shouldice, S. Van Vechten, E. Walters, W. Frisbie, L. Stevens, L. Russ, W, Bley, M. Varecka, R, Moran, C. Ludera, G. Benkelrnan, Mrs. Gerrie, OOM T98 is under the supervision of Mrs. Gerrie and Miss Pack. The kindergarten is a place to make new Friends, to learn to get along with each other and to be ourselves, depending and relying on our own abilities. Through stories, music, dramatic play, creative activities and art work we spent many happy hours together this year. We became acquainted with our big school and visited the Post Office, fire station and the zooll Together we enioyed the experience of making vegetable soup, applesauce, butter, and baking Christmas coo ies. E especially liked working with stick puppets at Halloween and Thanksgiving time. At Christmas time we mode presents For our parents and found ioy in celebrating Christmas together. Valentine Day, Easter, and our Mother's Day tea gave us more opportunities to share our fun and work with each other. Through the many varied experiences we had this year we are now better adiusted and equipped to meet the new situations of our next year in school. Sitting on the floor: Miss Pack, D. Bauer, M. Schiedel, J. Moroz, A. Messmer, R. Grimm, D. Hale, J. Gerrity, V. Kirst, C. Filipiak, K. Harrigan, J. Walker, C. Gomalski, A. Seggio. Sitting at table: R. Tillotson, V. Holland, W. Schosek, M. Kraft, J. Hardy, J. Manley, J. Hardy, J. Turnbull. Standing: S. Greenwood, S. Seibert, M. Jordan, B. Middendorf, T. Fleming, C. Coughlin, C. Eck- hardt, I, Mayer, G. Decker, A. Wittmeyer, J. Hall, S. Schassar, F. Hutchinson. Q,-,J Nm 48 -1- If- AP IUST PALS! .EW "A PERFECT COUPLE" . -uv ' G15 X 455 OUR PRIZE OFFICERS! UNFORGETTABLE EVENING! 713 . Exe' ,W X g aku.:-,, 3 , Y ' e ,,,, 1. I g f z Si gfvi ' ' 0 f my , , ,N 1 . 'P' s, 1 4 V, ft' , If J! THE GOOD OLD DAYS! OUR HEROES! THE EAST EDEN KILLER! Ls, A " ' ' ' - , ff , 'E , ,.'Qg,. 5 E 4, v 4f.- , 0 49 P.T.A. EVERYBODY' S PAL ' if ' 7 5 if .A,f,ff J ff-IL' f f,Q','i , V . , , , 4 ,fa ,KY 7, , yffp 13051 'g 7, ,. mmf. f M, , JW - V- ? 7122 ww, f ,fy -f finffw 1 ,K fff: V .,, , ,V EEEE E g EE E If O 'QQ f- ,4 f , E , , 42240777252 COME ON! , ,,, ,,.,1,, f ?:',Qf'Qjff, 1. bf? , 5 'sr32'w 2-V4 f vgmfi ,. OW-3 43-5289 ,, tap H5 4 ze , -...41 ,M-1-1 A , I mpg, .. , f ,J , i?, 1 , :A ff Vffgf 2 1 f I QQ ff if f f f f s 1 V7 1 ff? E 2 wv L. 5 if X W 2 V' 2' ., f , fr f , WZQZA - i f T ,,.,, ., ,, ' , V W i:fm ,g: ,f :nw x A ? , ,I 1 6- A , , , ,,.,,,, fm. ' 1 ,f 49 ' W ' J' f fm' , f "NOW LISTEN TO MEI BUSY AS A BEE! 50 ',,,..-- --" '- .. I, l l S5 uwamb.. , en, 1: gf, k Au Jawa- I, W,-if 52135 :L ' r K Mag IKE the password "Open Sesame" of Ali Baba, the Classrooms open the doors of knowledge to all the treasures of the world. DW BATES LASSROOM SC ENCE First Row: A. Pryor, N. Combs, C. Fox, I. SCUUIHCI. M. Shea, C. Smith, T. Wylie, Second Row: R. Gear- hart, W. Euler, Mr. Varco, D. Mashke, H. Herdle. B. Rothe, B. Zittel, A. Blakely, E. Towns. 6' . ITHIN the portals ot science depart- ments such as ours, lies the basis of all scientific achievement today. Chemistry, physics, and biology, the constituents of our curriculum in that field, Form both an inter- esting and necessary course in cr world so cle- pendent upon scientitic development. Among the highlights in chemistry this year were field trips to the Kendall Refining Company in Pennsylvania and a laboratory in Buffalo. LA GUAGE First Row: I. Dempsey, S. Lamb, J. Chachula. Second Row: J. Miller, J. Schumer, R. Stevenson. Third Row: W. Gorman, N. Combs, G. Vereerstraeten. Fourth Row: J, Euler, K. Edwards, C. Fox, A. Thompson. Standing: Miss Collins. N today's turbulent world, the basis of cooperation among nations is language. Forming our language curriculum at Eden Central are Latin, the basis of all language, and French, the modern language of diplo- macy. Under the direction of Miss Collins, these classes provide doors to world under- standing For today's students, tomorrow's adults. HESTORY First Row: J. Bauer, E. Gould, D. Clancy, B. Blust, M, I. Kobiolka, B. Thiel. Second Row: W. Heisler, D. Gallman, M. Haven, R. Zulick, R, Buggenhagen, Third Row: Y. Fox, C. Richardson, A. Thompson, W. Schassar, C. Thompson. Standing: Mr. Duffy. OOPERATION and understanding among iQ nations are important steps toward the attainment of peace. ln order to promote this understanding, knowledge of the past and present eras of foreign nations must be secured and applied to the present problems 'Facing the world. Under Mr. Dufty's direc- tion, students in citizenship education learn fundamentals that will help them open the doors ot peace when they become tomorrow's adults. fr ...cl CLASSR00lVl STUDY HALL First Table: E. Stegmeier, E. Fuller, L. Preischel. Second Table: D. Owen, R. Zulick, W. Terwilliger, R. Nehring. Third Table: G. Schwanz, E. Thrasher, E, White, B. Fredrickson. Fourth Table: I. Cassata, B. Blust, C. Novick, R. Geiger. Fifth Table: I. Szmamda, R. Dayka, S. Hoag. ECAUSE proper study habits play an im- portant port in the successful achieve- ment of a course, the school provides study halls in which a student may complete his homework assignments. Under the supervi- sion of various teachers, study halls held in the Library, Cafeteria, and other classrooms, form a quiet atmosphere in which students may concentrate on their work or read quietly from the large assortment of books in our li- brary. CORRECTIVES First Row: D. Kieck, R. Schiffman, I. Canny, D. Campbell. CHE value of training to the body cannot be over emphasized. ln order that all may have some form of gym, fhgge Unable to participate in Physical Education build better bodies through gymnastics and exercise. Under the leadership of Mr. Moore, these students develop physical fitness to maximum capacity. MATHEMATICS First Row: M. Shea, D. Mashke, W. Euler. Second Row: E. Towns, A. Blakely, C. Fox. Third Row: C. Smith, M. Bruns, W. Gorman. Standing: Mr. Robb. ROADENING the ability of students to reason out problems intelligently and logically, is the chief purpose of Mathematics As the complexities of the course increase from its fundamental course, Elementary Alge- bra, students go deeper into the science of measuring and interpreting properties of dif- ferent functions. This year, through the co- operation of Mr. Robb, students also have the opportunity to study the fundamental princi- ples of slide rule. CLASSR00 AGRICULTURE First Row: M. Sibiga, N. Coggins. Second Row: A. Bugenhagen, I. Wetzler, D. Pepper, A. Bugenhagen, E. Blasz, R. Krycia. Standing: Mr. Manger. CWHE maintenance of successful farms and training of competent farmers in this area are studied and discussed in Agriculture To stimulate active interest in modern scien- tific farming, field trips are taken to various dairies, farms and colleges. The use of modern machinery, with emphasis on its sel- ection, and care, is also an important part of the course taught by Mr. Munger. HOME ECONOMlCS Seated: E. Schmitt, M. Eckhardt, P. Faruga, I. Adrion. Standing: Mrs. Conklin, O. Gearman, L. Schreiber. OMEMAKING has as its goal individ- ual development and preparation for family lite through home and class proiects. These are in the fields of personal relations, food, housing, health, clothing, child care and the use of time, energy and money. This year the principal's dinner was one of the highlights of the homemaking Ill group. They also enjoyed a trip to Cornell Univer- sity during "Farm and Home Week." PHYSICAL EDUCATION First Circle: K. Agle, W. Towns, I. Miller, A. Blakely, Second Row: W. Alfrets, C. Richardson, C. Ringer, A, Bugenhagen, D. Mehs, J. Cassata, D. Tronolone, D. Gallman, PERATING on the assumption that a healthy body opens the door to a healthy mind, Eden Central offers a diversified pro- gram in physical education. Under the super- vision of Miss Palmer and Mr. Hagen, students learn the fundamentals of team as well as in- dividual sports, while enioying the pleasure derived from playing together. Good sports- manship and the ability to work as a group are the results of this class. if ,Z J. 572 xfr 5 'fFf"f Ti . , A M T...- 'f i viii' .I 54 'lv r " 752- F 1- ' Z- .4 'vw ' , . 45. 1-as ' ' W' 1, s I, 1+ 1 'ku 1 , . 4-."-I wyzcf- M3111 3 .l 'T' I- . R .I ' A '- Glam gf it vi-,Q 11 r I Q If Hg , 1 v 1, ' H 1 it V' s CLASSRO . F J I .--- rl-I.. . , -i "" T : ir 4 ' - . - ' ,, A X, F H m . .......,. W.- gk V, K V I :S urely mann I . 5 R an I A- wr' .. Vi T . -iiifll 5 Q. ..-..4 ' .se I A A Ai! I I 5 ja . ,555 1:3145 'IQ' ',',: Q 'E '...' j t ' 'f :tr ik, N- 1 If ' Q-?,-r ' . ar p- gf ur gl, ,. Q' " ' x gf 1 ,. I 2 r 1 is 4. ' . st 5 953- " ' t . Q . 1 5 ' - N 'A A A+ x t . K 4 i Q - Q A :,,'.Iv.: . - - rs 1 i 1 . .L A 'T El R .1 ' xi. c . I it X A rs- - -L' 2. . I s- . ' , .X gl 1 ,K ba qxiglffhaal X Q. .1 I X ' R . I U gf . 5-6 15' s, 'S W . R . is .. . X . f ti 5 f ...,4..-.-.qs-..-i..-W-..' ...U- I 9 55 0 INDUSTRIAL ART First Row: E. Blasz, L. Borowski. Second Row: E. Schmittendorf, R. Slaughenhaupt, M. Supples. D. Bates. Third Row: R. Strawbrich, M. Schmidt, L. Nostro, C. Fisher, Mr. Mergler, T. Spack, M. Bruse- haber, N. Dell, W. Alfrets. ENERAL shop, woodworking, ceramics and photography comprise the course of Industrial Arts. Mr. Mergler, the instructor of this course, helps develop in students the ability to work skillfully with clay, wood, leather, electricity, and textiles and pro- duces from them useful and decorative arti- cles. Beautiful pottery and lamps are a- mong the finished products that result from the students' skillful endeavors. PHOTOGRAPHY R, Gerspacher, Mr. Mergler, M. Bogner, K. Agle, L. Schreiber. COR every man a hobby" is an aphorism often employed when reference is given to photography. Through this class, students obtain sufficient knowledge for an enioyable hobby or the fundamentals necessary for fur- ther study in its field. Directed by Mr. Mer- gler, the students devote their time to the study of various cameras, their uses and care, the development of negatives, and the prop- er way to take a picture. RUSINESS First Row: M. Miller, M. Mammoser, C. Ziegelhofer, A. Preischel. Second Row: M. Dauer, A. Granger, M. Schwanz. Third Row: R. Young, I. Weinar. Stand- ing: Mr. Ball. CHE goal of the business department is to train better citizens to face what lies behind the massive doors of business. Through Business Math, Law and Management, students learn fundamental principles upon which busi- ness is based. Mr. Ball has taught the stu- dents the advantages of swiftness while stres- sing the importance of neatness. Many iobs await the student who successfully completes this course. CLASSR00lVl WMMERCIAL Firsc Rows D. Palmberg, J. Miller, M. I. Kobiolka, D. Gailman, Second Row: R. Zulick, D. Clancy, D. Looze, Y. Fox. Standing: C. Richardson, Miss Witzle- ben, QTFIE clicking of typewriters within the secretarial room signifies the speed, accuracy and neatness stressed in business. Under Miss Witzleben's instruction, typing, shorthand and secretarial skills are practiced to aid students in the knowledge necessary for successful endeavors in the secretarial field. Acting as secretaries to designated teachers provides students with helpful ex- perience for their future in the business world. MUSIC A. Thompson, P. Hammond, B. Feaslev. D. Sherman, Mrs. Gangi. HYTHM, chords, octaves, and keys are terms explained and used by students venturing into the music course. Funda- mentals of the minor and major scales, trans- position of melodies, ancl melody writing are included as part of the class. With Mrs. Gangi as instructor, this course lays basis of music for those who wish to study further in- to its field, or provides sufficient knowledge for students wishing to make it a hobby. HEALTH First Row: M, Phatiger, I. Shepker, N. Niefer. Second Row: B. Thiel, C. Novick, C. Thompson, J. Cassata, C. DeBoi. Third Row: M. Kobioika, D. Adrian, C. Richardson, I. Miller, I. Szmanda. Fourth Row: E. Gould, E. Haier, I. Bauer, M. Haven, P. Rice. Fifth Row: A. Bugenhagen, D. Gailman, B. Serena. SixLh Row: S. Hoag, D. Clancy, S. Beehler. CPROPER health habits, family relations and teenage problems form the basis of our health classes. With the supervision of Mr. Nelson, the juniors engage in class discussions concerning present problems of the average teenager and derive help from the information relating to dating and going steady. Studies of the anatomy, diseases, and emergency first aid are also part of the year's curriculum. Together, these compo- nent parts of health teach students the value of both physical and mental health. ,- ..... ef: gs.-4 'N fee 1 y CLASSRO Q 'NIV 57 0 DRIVER EDUCATIO First Row: J. Dempsey, D. Gould, Mr. Nelson. R. Nehring, D. Anderson, I. Cassata, S. Spence, P. Faruga. Second Row: J. Miller, J. Slaugenhaupt, D. Adrion, A. Thompson. CHE purpose of the drivers' education class is to lessen the number of teen- age accidents due to reckless and careless driving. Through this course, students learn the proper and the safe driving habits which will result in a lower teenage acci- dent rate on the public highways. Directed by Mr. Nelson, students have the opportun- ity to practice what they learn in class in a driver training car provided by the school. ART APPRECIATION First Row: A. Kasinski, M, Knoll, N. Burgess. Second Row: R. Mostek, I. Neuman, I. Brzezicki, A. Burger, R. Kader. Third Row: W. Finch, B. Gier, I. Clark, A. Scritchfield, R. Monin, R. Chyrek. S a student crosses the threshold of art appreciation, he develops the ability to understand the fundamentals it represents. Through the study of art design and ap- preciation, he learns to develop his artistic abilities. With this as a basis, students have a foundation with which to pursue Fu- ture studies in thatfield. Included in this course is the making of artistic posters and decorations for campaigns, holidays, and school activities. ENGLI H First Row: A. Bugenhagen, P. Faruga, N. Coggins, T. Wylie, R. Zulick. Second Row: M. Bruns, I. Schumer, A. Blakely, M. Coggins, S. Obremski. Third Row: M. Shea, N. Combs, M. Sibiga, R. Krycia, R. Smal- inski. Seated: S. Lamb, Standing: I. Chachula, R. Roeller, Mrs. Pierce. NGLISH provides a fundamental basis ,for successful achievement in all sub- jects. In its broad Field is included the study of vocabulary, literature, and verbal fundamentals. Students derive from the course taught by Mr. Walsh, Mrs. Brenne- man, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Hannan, and Mr. Mazuca, the ability to organize their thoughts clearly and accurately in essay as well as oral form. Through the study of literature, students learn to appreciate its value and derive a better vocabulary from its contents. AP 1'Y"'T LUNCH TINIE? GET THAT BALL! LAUGH AND THE WORLD LAUGHS WITH YOU ! MORE PUNCH, PLEASE! S THAT'S OUR MAN! 58 :ji KL nggx fiss- BEFORE THE PROM! MW ' , -f- f:z5 'HWS' wk' - A H , i1,WS3wE4-A , f ".-fpw.fi-' f 'isdn' Y M t,figggWy,5Qp'f-f?.f ' V .',,',s.j,"1'1gj1"1,-ggi A Q f f I , V I, If A 5 , g ,V ff, I ,, E lLtM,f,,,w1 L , .., ., , f V JM , ,V V , , , , ,, ii ? , ., , r F3 54 f ri , ,. , 'X f 4 r ' ' . A ORRIDORS, leading to the doors of f' W 4 various activities, echo the hurrying ,. footsteps and lilting laughter of happy I u students. ' Q" 'f Ill wg ss1-.- f :si 3' . if ffafgfrtg r i' ,a Vi 56 5 ,53 V ., , sig if A A. GRA NGER ilVlTIli .............4,.,'.fi.,.,..,..,,, .,,, f f 'J ENIBER MRS . GERT RUDE PIERCE ADVISOR BARBARA ZITTEL JOAN SCHUMER EDITORfI.N-CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITOR EDWARD TOWNS CAROL FOX ROBERT YOUNG ADVERTISING EDITOR LITERARY EDITOR BUSINESS EDITOR A I. I 3 w,a:r551fbiQ,g, Wk - S""' . -L" -f ,I ' 7 W 4 M QM K X, ,, , 1 y I AIUAI L ,,.,,I, -L .ggi X Q3 .15 - 'wt ' M f, 1,.M.,42 -f CLIFFORD SMITH DOROTHY BATES MARION MILLER WILLIAM TOWNS CIRCULATION EDITOR ART EDITOR 60 TYPING EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Y' ww Za . V: 113591 , , ff 4. 7 E BERS STAFF "EM.BERS" EDITORS ADVERTISING STAFF -F .r pf- ,,,,, f1fL,.F . f 5 WMU V, ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF BUSINESS AND CIRCULATION STAFF TYPING STAFF LITERARY STAFF 61 ACTI ITIE F.H.A. Seated: P. Bauer, P. Faruga, C. Fischer, G. Anger, R. Kader. Standing: A. Dole, L. Schultz, B. With- kowski, D. Clancy, M. Albert, A. Eckel, S. Clancy, S. Piechocki, N. Burgess, B. Soverign, S. Warren, E. Thrasher, J. DiMaria, M. Piechocki, S. Spack, Mrs. Conklin. C-'HE Junior High School as well as the Senior High School now has a group be- longing to the Future Homemakers of America Members work toget-her on school, home, and community projects which contribute to better family living. They help needy children and families in their own and other countries. Individual leadership is developed as they sponsor classes in knitting, food, serving and various kinds of recreational activities. 441 Seated: R. Watson, I. Preston, J. Dauer, A. Shaw, K. Willis. Standing: D. Mashke, R. Roberts, P. Smith, E. Colintino, L. Nehring, R. Swartz. Instruc- tor: Mr. Munger. C-N"HlS 4-H Club is organized for boys from the fifth through the eighth grades who do not have an opportunity to belong to a Club in their own community. The boys car- ry on projects in dairying, poultry raising, home gardening, vegetable growing, pheas- ant rearing and farm shop. AFETY PATROL First Row: I. Buzak, D. Wagner, R. Monin, R. Rubeck, R. Goodbrand, T. Watson, D. Powell, P. Smith, J. Bertsch, Mr. Nelson. DEN'S Safety Patrol is a means through 1 which traffic safety education can be extended beyond the classroom. Sponsored by the American Automobile Association, this group instructs, directs, and controls members of the student body in crossing high- ways and streets near the school. Selected on the basis of leadership and reliability, members of this organization, under Mr. Nel- son's guidance, protect pupils against street hazards so common to school students. Wmww 'bil 62 A s its l ll 5 F CW -.V ff s -r- I ' .' f'ii'f'2"'iii' 7151 IE First Row: A. Bugenhagen, M. Sibiga, D. Pepper, J. Haier, R. Salzman. SecondRow: R. Geiger, N. Cog- gins, A. Schmitt, J. Stang, A. Chiavetta, A. Bugen- hagen, V. Weiss. Third Row: Mr. Munger, E. Fuller, T. Preischel, J. Wrobleski, L. Dayka, N, Preischel, R. Hoelscher. Fourth Row: J. Clees, T. Taby, J. Wetzler, M. Coggins, L. Borowski, J. Klein, R. Smolinski, G. Miceli. EE.A. CHE Future Farmers of America is a Na- tional organization for boys enrolled in vocational agriculture in high school. The purpose of the organization is best expressed by their motto: "Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve." Officers of the club for this year are: Mich- ael Sibiga, president, Daniel Pepper, vice president, Ann Bugenhagen, secretary, John Haier, treasurer, Ronald Salzman, reporter, Robert Geiger, sentinel. LIBRARY STAEE First Row: A. Thompson, L. Kaczmarek, J. Cohoon, C. Penny, L. Davis, E. Thrasher, G. Anger. Second Row: Mrs. Greenwood, J. Hartly, I. Blasz, R. Thiel, M. Landahl, G. Merchant, J. Slaughenhaupt, S. Holiday, K. Smith, M. Blowers, S. O'Bryant, L. Schultz, D. Agle, J. Bauer. NDER the direction of Mrs. Greenwood, the library staff performs many duties throughout the year. Among these are the checking of books in and out, keeping the library neat and clean and placing books on the shelves. This efficient group adds much to our library attractiveness. STAGE CREW Mr. Mergler, J. Clark, G. Guenther, C. Schasel, R. Slaughenhaupt, O. Moore, R. Strawbrich. CWHE work of the Stage Crew behind the stage is an important part of all suc- cessful theatrical and musical programs en- joyed at Eden Central. With Mr. Mergler's supervision, this organization of boys inter- ested in the mechanical side of productions, provides proper lighting and sound, makes the stage background and takes care of the curtains. Throughout the year they are ready to give a helping hand whenever called upon. ACTI ITIE HIGH CHO0L ROUND-UP First Row: J. Pfarner, J. Pfarner, N. Imburgia, A. Bley. Second Row: C. Richardson, M. Sheffield, P. Imburgia, D. Brennan. ECAUSE every student is an important member of the school, we do not wish to leave any of them out of our yearbook, the "Embers. " Therefore, to include those absent on the day their class picture was taken, we present this picture of the high school student round-up. WLC CLUB First Row: B. Zittel, G. Lester. Second Row: H. Herdle R. Gearhart. Standing Mr. Duffy. NEW addition to Eden's long list of extra-curricular activities is the WECS Club. This organization consisting of mem- bers of the citizenship education class, un- der the direction of Mr. Duffy, each morn- ing edits local, national and international news and announces their bulletins over the P.A. system. The club's achievement has been as informative to the student body as it has been enjoyable. ATHLETIC COUNCIL Seated: Mr. Peck. Standing, First Row: Mr. Anderson, Mr. Shepherd, Clifford Smith, Edward Schmittendorf, Wesley Euler, Mr. Walsh. Standing, Second Row: Mr. Mazuca, Mr, Hagen, Mr. Nelson, John Dempsey. EPRESENTATIVES from each class, physical education instructors, the Student Council president and both principals meet once a month to discuss sports activities of the year. This organization, the Athletic Council, has among its duties, the responsi- bility of forming training rules, collecting money for equipment and giving awards to outstanding athletes. The highlight of the year is the annual sports dinner at which all athletes are honored. W 4? ffifif ,jaw ' . Af J af '16 7 4 4. 34, , , wi N, ff! f l Q 4 A 4 gf' hi my vi , , , 1 'A 44' -54'1f?34q ISE -C 5,-1 .- '.:..a..up,.,-.e,..,.f.-..:.:araf :roi ar -'10 V, 'ia ug, i ' ' if 5.114 T' '--:2.!'l"'Vf-. ' . ' H I X -,m- fl , ' , .1 1- ,W ,','-1' "Ji '-lan", - , . I , . ,I +. P .om .5 .Lv-I pf.. . we ..,, ..,,,.,,,, WLM J, , .N 'L 'R g .ali :Q Nagy, ,st ACTIVITIE GRADE SCHOOL ROUND- P First Row: M. Persinger. G- While. M- Pheasant- M- Persinger, A. Stewart. Second Row: H. Wilson. P- Remiszewski, J. Persinger, M. Holehouse. D' SPCUCBY- ECAUSE the grade students were very cooperative in buying the "Embers" produced by the senior class, we felt that each of them should be present in the year- book. Those grade students who were unable to have their pictures taken with their re- spective classes are present in this picture. TWINS First Row: R. Duffek, D. Duffek, A. Kraft, J. Kraft, G. Smith, E. Smith, J. Cook, J. Cook. Second Row: I. Preston, S. Preston, R. Gould, R. Gould, C. Kader, R, Kader, E. Haier, I. Haier, J. Pfamer, J. Pfarner. ITHIN the portals of Eden Central lie many outstanding features. We are proud to announce, as a very unusual Feature ten pairs of twins. Because this is so very exceptional and because it is something to be extremely proud of, we have given them special notice in our "Embers. " Moreover, we proudly announce that the Juniors are a- mong the classes containing twins, for the Haier twins are among its members. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Left desk: I. Zulick, R. Roeller, M. Bogner, L. Schreiber, M. Suppies, E. Schmitt, T. Spack. Right desk: L. Lomison, R. Slaughenhaupt, C. Schasei, G. Lester, R. Gerspacher, Mr. Mergler. COR those students interested in photog- graphy as a hobby, a Photography Club has been initiated. The achievements of the club in the field of cameras, their uses and the development of pictures, are largely due to Mr. Mergler, whose excellent knowledge in the photography field is well known. Through this club, these hobbyists go more deeply into the field of p'..,rography and de- rive enioyment as well as knowledge from its meetings. I N , f ,ggi , , .Q -...Na ,Ng EIOR BA D l -5 it First Row: P. O' Day, R. Koubeck. Second Row: R. Zulick, M. Miller, I. Bauer, S. Beehler, W. Carpenter, R. Zittel, L. Johns. Third Row: J. Shepker, F. Swartz, R. Strawbrich, P. Herdle, B. Minekime, P. Miller, W. Agle, I. Wysocki, D. Williams, C. Vara, W, Brenneman, J, Mohney. Fourth Row: D. Bower, T. Peck, E. Martin, L. Lomison, B. Feasley, J. Cohoon, J. Cole, W. Koch, M. Rayeur, R. Swartz, R. Chiavetta. C. Kader. Standing: Mr. Hahn, W. I-Ieisler. BAND DIRECTOR, MR. HAHN CHE Senior Band program has been of great im- Y portance this year. The director, Mr. Hahn, worked arduously with the Band to prepare them for various programs they presented during the year. The result of this diligent preparation was evident as each program became a great success. Being host to All State, promoting the Christmas Pro- gram and concluding the year with the annual Spring Concert were a few of the highlights on the Senior Band agenda. ln addition to this program , the band has provided enioyable entertainment for the student body through informal assemblies which they organized from time to time throughout the year. 66 g gi E IOR BA D 4, , ,R , ai E , tv , X 9 First Row: K. Agle, I. Crary. Second Row: D. Agle, W. Cheney, D. Schumer, W. Schasser, M. Phatiger, B. Fredrickson, J. Miller Third Row: I. Reinhard, A. Schmitt, R. Roeller, R. Kehe, J. Zuiick, R. Schmidt, B. Roche, A. Blakely. Fourth Row: R. Peck D Dole, P. Hammond, D. Krause, H. Case, J. Schmidt, D. O'Day, G. Agle. BAND OFFICERS: J. Zulick, Pres., M. Miller, Sec. Treas., R. Kehe, V. Pres., J. Messer, Student Director. CHE Senior Band program centered around the purpose ot giving members proper back- ground in music. To promote this, the Band learned to play various types of songs including both classic and non-classic. ln connection with their study of non-classic music, the band partici pants, under the direction of Mr. Hahn, have learned many popular melodies. Such songs as "Dragnet," "Blue Tango," and "Rags to Riches" were especially enjoyed by the band and the stu- dent body. The continual practice of these songs and many others made the annual trip to Fredonia very successful. Many participants from the Eden Band received "A" and "B" awards as results of their endeavors. 67 IRLS'-MIXED Cllllll .Q V E . .X V1 fc .. -1 ...v f T most worthwhile extra-curricular activity ofthe school is Girls' Chorus. Through this organization, girls in Freshmen through Senior years have an opportunity to obtain voice training if they wish to continue in the music field, and receive pleasure from the group singing. Throughout the year specific stu- dents accompany the chorus at the piano. Three singing sections soprano, sec- ond soprano and alto combine with and Form the enjoyable harmonious sounds heard every Monday and Wednesday as they meet. Included in the year's en- deavors were the Fredonia Trip, the Spring Concert, and the Operetta. Meeting once a week under the expert guidance of Mrs. Gangi, the Mixed Chorus has given many hours of pleasure to the parents, friends of students and the community as well as the participating members of the chorus. Selected participants of the chorus were chosen For the operetta, "Jerry of Jericho Road" and the remainder of the chorus sang for accompaniment. The Spring Concert also was part of their year's agenda. The Mixed Chorus looks back with fond memories on some of its most enjoyable songs including, "Hello Young Lovers," "All Through the Night," "Sleighride, " and "Cindy." .S MRS. GANGI l . s Q51 3 , ,... N. x ,t X l0R'GRADE H0 UE , ,,, , , W W,wwM-Wu-,w an T is in the grades that students interested in music receive the experience of ensemble singing that prepares them for participation in the high school choruses. Under the skillful and competent direction of Mrs. Carpenter, this spirited and melodious organization has become an excellent and most enjoy- able singing group. While learning to appreciate good music and blend their voices in harmony, the group participated in and presented various programs. Their most outstanding and beautiful offering of the year was the Christmas program which instilled in each person present, the true spirit and value of Christmas. As grade school chorus members become more advanced in their music knowledge, they graduate into the Junior High Chorus. Under the direction of Mrs. Carpenter, this group has worked earnestly in preparation for the time when they will become members of Senior High Choruses. The organization's most eagerly met challenge of the year was the learning of three-part harmony. It was successfully mastered by the end of the year. The organization also presented several programs throughout the year. Among the' presentations which we enioyed were the Christmas Pageant and the Spring Concert. g " Xrfit fe v 4 ln' I ,, 1 rw 7. Amen 3 ,.. 69 i, x f X I TEIIIVIEDIATE-.IU I First Row: P. O'Day, R. Koubek, D. Allanson, K. Williams, B. Baird, N. Walther. Second Row: W. Agle, I. Wysocki, C. Cole, G. Graovac, C. Kader, I. Agle, G. Machmer, D. Williams, D. Walker, E. Anderson, P. Witherall, M. Rayeur. Third Row: Mr. Hahn, J. Bradley, S. Weinar, E. Colantino, R. Hale, J. Partridge, R. Eckhardt, G. Bogardus, L. Murray, R. Ball, W. Carpenter, I. Schmitt, D. O'Day, I. Schasser, R. Swartz, W. Guenther, R. Kader. Fourth Row: M. Eisle, J. Hammond, B. Staby, I. Preston, C. Hammond, B. Page, M. Twist. CHE Intermediate Band again this year took its pedestal amongst the well known activities this school en- courages. Composed of members from the Fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, these students, forming the youngest experienced band group of the school, do their part in making the music department flourish. Under the competent leadership of Mr. Hahn, the members are looking forward to their days in the Senior Band. EGINNING musicians in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades have the opportunity to show their musical skills in the Junior Band. This band, like the Senior Band, maintains a yearly program. lt participates in the annual Spring Concert and some of its members also partake in the Fredonia Contest. Soon these young musicians will compose the Senior Band of tomorrow. First Row: J. Bradley, G. Phitzinger, R. Laing, P. Williams, G. Price, M. Eckhardt, K. Anderson, J. Kielar, J. Maltbie, B. Smith, C Cabral. Second Row: L. Moran, R. Zulick, E. Taft, M. Cahoon, T. Brockman, T. Engel, G. Stressing, K. Robb, R. Agle, D. Rogers H. Greeley, G. Merchant, R. Mertle, R. Bryant, M. Vara, M. Lomison, D. Schacker, C. Bruse, W. Place. Third Row: I. Turton, S. Swartz, C. Robb, M, Lakelv, R. Hooper, P. Smith, Mr. Halm, P. Benson, J. Walker, L. Hardy, W. Voelz, P. Rogers, J. Hooker, TRIO PORT BA D 'E' alas Z W, First Row: N. Cotten, B. Baird, P. Hammond, D. Sherman, L. Nicholson, A. Pryor, M. Montgomery, J. Bauer, D. Gehl, L. Slaughen- haupt. Second Row: E. Minekime, R. Gould, B. Merchant, S. O'Bryant, I. Haist, M. Blowers, L. Blowers, S. I-lalladay, M. Walther, C. Eckhardt, D. Will. Standing: P. Colvin, M. O'Day, Mrs. Gangi. CHE Orchestra, under the skillful direction of Mrs. Gangi, has had a most successful year. We crossed a threshold of music, more difficult than many of us had encountered previously. lt presented a challenge which we readily accepted. The members have played in the Fredonia Music Festival, Annual Spring Concert and at the Graduation Exercises. As a result of this year's experiences, we hope to have acquired that skill necessary to enter a more difficult doorway of music . CHE members of this activity, lower left, under the direction of Mrs. Gangi, have derived much pleasure from working together and as a result of their efforts, have provided many enioyable melodies for the stu- dent body and other local organizations. As the athletes enter the football field or the basketball court, they are cheered on to victory by the viva- cious playing of the Sports Band. Under the competent directorship of James Messer, they play such snappy and peppy marches as the "Notre Dame Victory March" and "Indiana, " The Sports Band plays an important role in building up the crowd's enthusiasm. S. Beehler, A. Thompson, K. Agle, C. Carpenter, D. Sher- man, C. DeBoi, A. Pryor, C. Ziegelhofer, C. Thompson, MIS- Garlgi- SPORTS BAND ,3 llfqtllw Nix. A ' f' ' ,. A A Q K, , I i q . I A , ,I jx ' , V ,Qty V r ,v ff: A gf- g f fig r ki . .. , .. . ,L r er . fr Q- ff if y tt st l. A , . gingzz 'K F' y, ng , .. .. xwvdq T ""'iT"'2i ff. iff-ef F If ' ' r A -irfr l.-.1 . E r ilsf. r M 3 5' , B' r... . r.t . , s ii 'i se? , . , , .. ... T . -qgf-nfs., . ,, Q- . ,ms fI" r '.., . , . 4. A, - 'ah ' ,,., - . 4 ' " ' ' f " 2 ge. , 1 , X , 'X ,ii if 1 ,,M,.E ti.. ,f ,J rdf wg to vi ng, W , X I p e ,S vt 3 ' Ag A 1-Ir f I' Y 'X 5 i g 95 ,Q Qgfit i' f , ' if I f, fs if gg' p ,K if gy . wi ff v . 'X 4 I f " 1 i i ff ? fs! ff" f' ill L If ,- 4, Q f ff 3' , ,Y , 5.4314 3 ' ' 2 - ' .,L.fJ ,I -if UQMZQL- 'V ..' V ana 1 I k w L: s,,' 'f -f , ...qv ,W I . Q, f- f y f , , 5.5 , .,.,,..., , . l -'+ Q, ' f ffs 250 X Qi 71 ip W- . ,, . I ' fl' 13,-iq: : ,vi ?'G,,z1fge,Y:.Qf,1mz,.,'-If.- . ' " , ' 1 -it He fissile P' it ,- r NA I0 AL H0 OR First Row: J. Schumer, Mrs. Pierce, C. Fox, J. Brzezicki, L. Cataldo, M. Winter, F. Gehl, B. Zittel, P. Rebman. Second Row: K Hering, E. Cheney, Mr. Peck, C. Smith, J. LeFevre, S. Sammarco. 'Q 1, Ulf, ,g, in Qtr, 5 T f HARACTER, scholarship, leadership, and service constitute the ideals of the National Honor Society sponsored by Mrs. Pierce and Mr. Peck. Present members of the ETA CHAPTER of Eden include: Clifford Smith, president, Barbara Zittel, vice-president, Joan Schumer, secretary, Carol Fox, treas- I urer. Faye Gehl, the fifth member tapped last year, now resides in Colorado. These workers have con- ducted the various fund-raising campaigns for Junior Red Cross, Community Chest, and March of Dimes. They will have complete charge of the installation of new members soon to be tapped in the annual candle-lighting ceremony. Since "Embers" will not be seen by students before the induction ceremony occurs, we shall now divulge names of new members: Arthur Blakely, Marion Miller, Beverly Rothe, Edward Towns, and Carol Ziegelhofer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY TEA ill.- 72 J T0 llll .,,,.,..1-v It x'f U---w .n Seated: I. Wright, P. Faruga, I. Neuman, P. Work, K. Smith, J. Sherman, B. Rothe, L. Nicholson. Standing: Miss Witzleben, B. Blust, A. Kasinski, G. Schwanz, M. Koehler, D. Clancy, C. Richardson, E. Hummel, M. Dauer, A. Preischel, M. Schwanz, W. Neifer, M. Blowers, L. Kaczmarek, S. O'Bryant, C. Lore. CHE "Tower," Eden's bi-monthly newspaper, Features in each issue an interesting account of the happenings around Eden Central. Supervised by Miss Witzleben and co-edited by Annette Preis- chel and Judith Wright, the paper includes a message from Mr. Peck, current school and sportsnews, and columns including "Just Picture" and "Who. " The Journalism Club, producer of the paper, meets every Wednesday to prepare for the coming issue. The impatient anticipation for every issue and the eagerness with which it is read from cover to cover proves the enjoyment derived from it by both the grade and high school student body. TOWER OFFICERS: Seated: K. Smith, Grade Editor, M. Dauer Bus. Mgr., M. Schwanz, Typing Mgr. Standing: J. Wright, Co MISS WITZLEBEN, ADVISOR Editor, L. Kaczmarek, Adv. Mgr., A. Preischel, Co-Editor. it I . Q., 'fx Y ,X 1 ,I 73 i. . 1 1 1 ' . ,. My . 1 fifjfw .lfjfffw wvld 4' 1 , - " fefrwvffw Hcrffffi 'N-Qs-.. ' -' V , fffff ' f f fd 1 fff f' ff ff! S ,ff WV X f ,C ft 1 nf ff 'yi f f , ff, L , I 1 if Pjygfjfi' """ F ' I , y, ,, . ,Lv W., -4 ,-, , V, , , xy 4 y 1 . DE T COUNCW First Row: B. Howell, N. Cotton. Second Row: G. Nellis, G. Zittel, I. Schumer, R. Roeller. Third Row: D. Nagel, G. D. Mehs, I. Dempsey. Fourth Row: W, Euler, G. Johns, R. Strawbrich, Mr. Peck. Fifth Row: Mr. Varco. I. Messer. Anderson EMOCRACY is the princi le upon which the government of the United States is based and it is also the basis upon which our Stu ent Council is run. With the dynamic leadership of Wesley Euler, the Student Council has accomplished much this year. During the basketball season, student council discussed the topic of school spirit. To promote this, lively announcements were made. The council also bought the teams' and cheerleaders' tickets to the Senior Fish Dinner at which the players were honored. One of the more important projects was the setting up ofa detention hall for third-degree offenders. The enforcement department, the monitors, has been looked into and the Council is working to make it operate capably. A special investigating committee and teacher's cooperation combine to help control the monitors while on duty. Any monitor found guilty of disobeying any rule is subject to be tried, not by the Student Court, but by the Student Council itself. Student Council is continually working for the betterment of the entire school. Those above-mentioned are only a few of the things accomplished this year but more are continually being attained. First Row: B. Young, E. Fuller, S. Beehler, P. Zells, F. Swartz. Second Row: G. Papich, R. Strawbrich, M. Sibiga, W. Tovms, A. Ginger, W. Heisler, M. O'Day. H4 A, . e . , .a...,, ,y,,6?,,,1, ,, 1 M 15,27 y Q . T S T E-f frenz-wrvfv. , yy i L ,V , Vs ,., . , S N yy , Yr T 'o , K .25 4' ' ' fy 11 gn A IZ' n . . , Q ,pn .. at 'f -I ' lr- ,,,1" QL ' ' A i .. ,W J' I f P fl ,V 3 A 74 M. Phariger, Stenographerg M. Shea, Bailiffg E. Towns, Judge 334' RETT -1- M X , , ,, .M y.,f,....MwZa:-nut J. Miller, C. DeBoi, C. Phatiger, A. Gingher, N. Cotten, D. Anderson, J. Zulick, C. Ziegelhofer, G. Koepka. CHE combined high school choruses, under the direction of Mrs. Gangi, presented in March, a most en- ioyable operetta entitled "Jerry of Jericho Road." This amusing two-act production starred Carol Ziegel- hofer as Jerry with John Zulick playing her lover, John Drayton . The participating choruses besides accom- panying the operetta with several enioyable melodies, also added to its contents by performing several unique dances which added to the color of the program. The operetta will provide pleasant memories both for those who attended the finished program and those who worked untiringly to produce it. UR Dramatics Club, under the direction of Mr. Lewis Fischer, presented a three-act comedy drama en- titled, "Almost Eighteen." The Play centered around Eddie Barry played by Robert Zulick with Cynthia Carpenter and Dallas Mehs as his mother and father. Behind the scenes Student Director, Mary Lou Dauer, Stage Manager, William Heisler and Property and Make-up Girl, Mary Laine Phatiger worked diligently to make the stage scenes a success. The play, presented on December third and fifth, was well received on both evenings. We hope that the cooperative participation of students, making this year's- play a success, will provide inspiration for the coming year's Dramatics Club. J. Cassata, A. Pryor, R. Zulick, R. Peck, L. Wible, C. Carpenter, D. Mehs, P. Faruga. W1 M J 75 UNIOR , THE MORNING AFTER! ! fn, , - ,,,:,, . ALLAH, GREAT WHITE KING9 Q 'x OUR ROYALTY .... , , ---- .. R ,.,, :-.,. N R -i .-. A, ,, xf ,-.1sl 1 - 4: N - 'V' .3-ff -- sh,-r ,lggb f- if N 1' ' ' "" , ., 'Qf,.gfieQf4 X fy., "DIG THAT POSEH SHOOT EM HIGH! J1GGERsx Q IT'S A RAID!! 76 F, is Q95 fx' t tvs t K RAN Q Q irix xii X 5 I . . l x Q . 1 I 'P-It : X . E f Q 'X .1 4, 4 , I Q 6 1 i xmbssr ' 1. no 'tNiL .,g.., . , hwy X ' - - 'f-raw -N- 1 . A Tr d Q,:,7....., . ,'1 g . H . tu 1 . WX, . we 1 wx ,N QM' - -.-tgfs Vw-M. ' 1 . gt- "'fy-3,4 ,gf G-'sc , , . 5, ,- Q i Q 4 , A Q - Q Q l t , X . gx i xx J I x F R ix ,xx 2 I V 'VJ 1 R 'We' S X Q 'i H iQ T Q l S the locks on our lockers protect our property from un- worthy peopleg so do athletics and good sportsmanship lock our minds against unworthy thoughts, words, and deeds. f ,'v K i .. h t imp 9 I Z' fl fs E t t E I 2 I Z i t K' ,L 6 i VAR ITY FOOTBA Q5 cf' l 755- 6 . ' l W12' r , l. 36 E37 .1.,l3-56.250 41 Q35 ' l ii pri - 5 ' ' U5 F-44g3'5's'43 lf, MG! 5. ei..si451 2. . -X "37F-42-1--.3 lv-' 4 ., 1' f , - ru-n 3 ff ...fn if. 5. First Row: F. Dickey, P. Vara, J. Wetzler, J. Maltby, D. Mehs, S. Obremski, R. Stevenson, N. Coggins, I. Wagner, W. Schassar, T. Wylie. Second Row: Mr. Mazuca. J. Law, D. Mashke, J. Euler, R. Suawbrich, W. Heisler, R. Kehe, C. Smith, O. Moore, W. Euler, M. Sibiga, R. Nehring, B. Gier, L. Pontius, B. Fredrickson, I. Miller, Mr. Walsh. CYHOSE who saw our Varsity in action were more and more impressed by their effort and im- provement with each game. With no apologies to offer, we admit a very unsuccessful sea- son on the school records this year but all in all, we are proud of the team's spirit throughout the season and extend our heartiest congratulations to the coach, Mr. Mazuca. To him and the Varsity members goes credit for a top-rate team in sportsmanship if not in scores. CAPTAIN, WES EULER COACH, MR, MAZUCA Eden Eden Eden L! Eden Eden . 7? i ' 'f , Eden W ' I2 13 6 6 O 6 Cleveland Hill Springville East Aurora Medina Frontier s Lakeshore 78 Amar-'r ITY BA KETB LL ,. T' nr 1 ' p px. ,AV , ,W ' f- 3 1 ig . ,, I N M- 1,94 I , ' .. ,fr ' W n I Y' ,V ' 1,4 ,gg .fa f 'fx f ' ?7w 702 l x '27 7, 7 W ,I 1 1 ' 1, 3 Q 3 I I 6 ,-43' ,ix xr I ,I , 1 54f First Row: C. Smith, E. Towns. Second Row: J. Reinhart, C. Schasel, D. Tronolone, T. Wylie, W. Schassar. Third Row: R. Smith, Mr. Nelson, H. Case, I. Dempsey, M. Shea, W. Finch, B. Gier. CROM November until early March, the gym is constantly ringing with cheers, shouts, and yells of contestants and spectators. The occasions for which such exuberance of school spirit was demonstrated were the Varsity Basketball games. imbued with an unusually high, fighting spirit, the Raiders racked up high scores in every game. Well coached by Mr. Nelson, the team has demonstrated the expert team cooperation and good sportsmanship for which Eden is noted. COACH,NR.NH5ON Eden Eden 'Eden Eden 'Eden 'Eden 'Eden 'Eden 'Eden Eden 'Eden Eden 'League Mommy. 4 .2 3.2 1AllIII'!Iiiii:i:j7::2::2L'n7NNN5 4.- 25-34 40-56 42-50 45-52 47-42 57-40 51-48 58-41 73-42 52-61 50-39 54-62 games Lancaster Clrchard Park SpHngvHle Sloan hAaryvale HoHand North Collins Lake Shore SpdngvHle Sloan Maryvale Lancaner CO-CAPTAINS: C. SMITH, E, TOWNS V R ITY BA EB LL - ' 'V CY .V K' . - e V ,V , ,..,. V V V V . V Wil -iv' ' V - ' 71.572 V A V V Wifi '1 it ,,L,, V,.j, ' f? , E A1 V 7 F.. V V. VV , .V V r. . V ' AAVL j' ' A ,.,. f afjlniggig .V ,V "'m"" 'Cuff if -W'i't'i'I'f 4 'V 1" -i' " ' A A " "ii ' f' VV, 'V f M V f f A' VV K .' -WT? 'C ' I I "-.V ' V- ' ' V 'M -f. """"" E 'if' ' V 'VV .?' '4 . " 1' " W- i V fly' V 2, 7,2 5 h 4:'if,.f' v4wffes1Vff"'g,f Vw , ' . , y - ,wlqfxl If V-V,V , V .ff .ff VE V V7 . . , ., V V, -, V- V f 7 E 5' X . r 4 V, f- , V My V1 3 i a- :V I 7 I 4 I .A ,K I f gs , V, Ak, , I .,V.,f, ,A A ,V .Z , ,ll A I V V . - Qs V 1 f V Q - . -ff " 4 Q f 4 .sh-9 . - I .awp ,. ,f E f M , - . V ' . V , 1, , 1 ' - .V Q 45 , A K " .1 Vff' . . -QV4 ' 1.4 H , ,V E V, .s - 2 'fe ff V. , 'VV-' .5 V .JI in .5 V W ' - In - P I My W 6 3 N 7 Q .9 ,j - . ,f Q L A sl y. 2:1 A . VY V 4. Q s , ' in I .' VV 9 'C' 'L' fi if ' V,: 3 1 l l i 5 if V2 g , A If 4 4 7' V Q ,?,4i:. 3.h 5. A V, Q 1 V :Vp + '. . V 39.-1. ff zff' 91 3V A ,QW in-I . ' I: I 1' X :' I-' V v 'Q ii' 'V ' 47 mf ' ' Z f " ,-W' uV . ' ' W 3 XLS J 26- ii 7' -1 . f V 9 . , V gf , V. ,. - ' V, ' . , ' - " - QV V ' ' "4' 4 V ' fVf.V 1 V- VV ' V' r , . nwrvif - VV N ,V.L H ,l I gf , Vg,"-.5 ' 2 ' .C ..,, L f , -V - Y IV :Va Va,-F' in-' V - ' . f zrez M2 'N Vw' Le -4. f , 1 5 f: - V V , if., as lfwf f V ' - s ','- A, , mi We QV . 1 I P3 -2-,f -- V V r V f ff V. - " - -' V - -- V. wr, 5, .df , . , ,ew V E, x x . A ,V V V: ., if "" fftmh .4 it V, Q, E .2 ggi! S 5 3 3 ' Z l l 1, , y, '- f -,'-, VV I Q , V , A - V V' V i V A . V . V 1 - .V ' V- 1- - .1 iv -V'V , w az Y lb -. I MV 7 ,f,Q,3 ,. .,. ..V. s.. 1 ,, s . I A , 4 KJ, ,jk ,, . W g I V, ,V,A V A l I .,:',..,. In M , . A ,... A ci V V- , V .,. I., yn 3,9 4 .-i ' . J V' .V ' 'Vo ' , ' 4 V. 1---is VV , to .rw .. . . V 'Zin ff .. . . . . .. - f VV V - 'A ' VI NR Q I .X WV . , A W X W- Q A ,.,, . A 1, a .V I , I , y,V.:v,,., .... V 'JV , .s M X I 1 5 '- .V ' . ' A -J' " I V5 - ' gn. 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Gates, M. Shea, R. Beyer, C. Smith, P. Engelhart, I. LeFevere, W. Finch, R. Smolinski, M. Sibiga, M. Sullivan, Mr. Batorski. " ATTER up" and the Eden nine were out again, ready to fight for their school's glory. Coached by Mr. Batorski, the team showed strong hitting power as they enthusiastically fought each game to the last out of the ninth inning. Though not a very successful season as the team won 6 and lost 7, the Raiders looked forward to every game with renewed enthusiasm and spirit. Robert 5trawbrich's star pitching and the cooperation and teamwork displayed by the en- tire team increased the fighting spirit with which the Raiders faced each game. Though the team lost Ralph Beyer, Michael Sullivan, John LeFevre and others by graduation, the remainder of the team plus new members entering the field will form a group of nin did to produce the victorious team for which Eden is noted. Eden 7 CAPTAIN, JOHN LEFEVRE Eden Eden Eden Eden l-l0 V- ,,, ,, Eden I' ' V Eden l-l3 5, I Eden V'3+ Q-V 7 Eden , Eden 'QL Eden V Eden f Eden 7 Gowanda North Collins Gowanda Lakeshore Frontier Orchard Park Frontier Holland North Collins Lakeshore Holland Orchard Park Springville 80 e that will strive as this group COACH, MR. BATORS KI TRACK Q, .1 4, ., 547' , 4 C4-ii' First Row: N. Cheney, I. Law, D. Dole, A. Schaffer, I. Vigrass, T. Wylie, I. Cotten, D. Schumer, T. Miller. Second Row: Mr. Hagen, E. Gates, C. Smith, W. Euler, D. Roeller, I. Wetlzer, W. Gorman, M. Sibiga, D. Hedges, I. Maltby, J, Euler, P. Arno. Third Row: A. Gingher, O. Moore, E. Towns, G. Papich, I. Le Fevre, M, Shea, R. Nehring. C HAT are the values derived from track? Every aspiring athlete should know that training improves the nervous and muscular control so that coordination of the mind and body ap- proaches the optimum. lt also increases efficiency and range of adiustments of the vital organs of the body. The social values derived from participation are of an everlasting value and satis- faction-. The season of T953 saw the cindermen of Eden Central enjoy a perfect season in dual meets. Besides this distinction, they won the Erie County interscholastic conference, Division ll track championship, and placed fifth in the New York State Physical High School Athletic Associa- tion Sectional Meet. Congratulations go to this team for so successful a season. Eden 76-37 Lake Shore CO-CAPTAINS: I. COTTON. CCACH, NIR. HAGEN Springviue D. SCHUNIER. Eden 63-31 Frontier E g Eden 72-32 Depew -'rf 't g , 93 V Eden 85-T9 Cleveland Hill 1 ., -if if nz.. Eclc CHAMPIONSHIP tif' N - sl e f, lrrsnr lre' 7 Eden 46-29 Lake Shore 5 2 g 27 Springville EN, 7 A ,S ,3 66 3 21 Depew 'f 9 Cleveland Hill i' Qs jg y ii SECTIONAL vi CHAMPIONSHIP ' sg 1 + 12- Eden finished fifth out of twenty-two. . Q iw. H vs w if xl 81 X--M ri.-..,..,..-.,,,.,.,..,,,,n Z, -A , J.V. ll00TB LL- BA KETBAL MLK ,, 44-igafaigynt . Q f . 8 1. was a .JP-to i First Row: G. Nellis R. Kaufman, E. Martin, D. Barret, E. Fuller, L. Law, W. Brenneman, B. Pontius, T. Lewis. Second Row: R. Page, M. Reevis, J. 'Miller, D. Anderson, W. Mallabar, W. Englehart, P. Carpenter, G. Vereerstraeten, R. Williams. Third Row: R. Beyer, G. Mecelli, W. Terwilliger, E. Schmittendorf, Co-Captain: A. Gingher, R. Peck, M. O'Day, Captain: G. Papich, G. Zittel, R. Monin. ECOGNITION and pride are taken in our J.V. Football squad. Though not a winning team, their en thusiasm and sportsmanship displayed at every game, revealed the abilities they contain that will open doors of success before them. Under their competent coach, Mr. Davis, the team learned the fundamentals necessary to make a victorious Varsity squad. the CWHE pattern of play in basketball demands speed, skill, and deception. The knowledge and spirit of this pattern, acquired by our J.V. team, under Coach Walsh's supervision, is training them to take over the Varsity program next year and in other years to come. Though fighting was hard in each game, the team was always acknowledged by the opponents as "tops" in fair play and spirit. lt is the high standard of sportsman- ship that has made this team so popular among other teams as well as the student body. First Row: Co-Captains: E. Schmittendorf, G. Zittel. Second Row: D. Owen, R. Knoll, R. Geiger, E. Fuller, A. Schmitt. Third Row: Mr. Walsh, G. Nellis, D. Dole, R. Kehe, R. Beyer, D. Krauss, F. Swartz, T. Miller, T. Lewis. l .Stuff PIM 4 , .iwinqffzg Qi,l8l,fl42 is, f . E T I 1 1 4 ' x H, 3l Nll2 Ri! ns! -X a13'lrXlil'x3A t 5, ..,-.-...t.,uf..s.-.M ...aa-.-.,..i. .' -"1 . ...ms 4.2- ff' . v4 L Q' -..Q 1 EW l UNTRY T IRLER First Row: Mr. Shepard, W. Richardson, W. Knoll, M. Smith, R. Knoll, R. Zulick, R. Gier, D. Schasel. Second Row: C. Ringer, I Buzak, D. Gaylord, E. Towns, M. Shea, L. Wilson, D. Dole, P. Faruga. EITHER rain nor muddy fields can stop the Eden Cross Country team. lndependent of the weather, the Raiders practiced rigidly for each meet in which they participated. As a comparatively new member of our sports program, this sport has become more popular each year. Although defeat reigned over victory, the boys, with Mr. Shephard as coach, displayed unusually high spirit and a high standard of sportsmanship in every race. CWHROUGH the T953-54 football and basketball seasons, spectators at all home games have enioyed the privilege of watching our twirlers in action. Their smart uniforms and glittering, whirling batons are symbols of the enthusiastic school spirit held in such high esteem at Eden. The twirlers devoted many hours of practice each week to preparing their routines, which besides entertaining the spectators, led the team along the road to victory. P. Case, S. Piller, N. Nellis, E. Gehl, E, Saar, P. Mietlinski, G. Anderson. Center: M. Bogner, Head Majorette. 2 F1 11 g as ff X , f W 1 ,fa Vw, A A ff ,, ' f T' 7 ,A fhfff Us ,, MJ f ,W A ! .,1. , , 5,,-,na-W, 1- f ,A ,Lin ,un Wmkww " 'WW ,L QM W ,, .A . 4.5. X' ,L M I . A' . , r X ,.q.,. 7- Q", """"""', I, . I ' V." I, ' ' , 'f- ,f,',,' ,W 7 J" ,f Q' , f 2 f, "' -f f , " .f mg f Q. ,, .sw 'Q W V. A A". ff W H1 'ff ' "' ,.L,' ff '14 ',, , of Wifaefw' , .ff f.. f ,,W,"1".f1f,f6,4..,fs-.A ,., X 5, ,, , - ,fffmif . rf, 404 -1, fe..,,.,, W 7, , 1' f'7""4 fn., '1ff177f2Qw.g ,ff ,, .f v. f7' pm f f pf m,f""' 4..,w,:f ff' f,vi,n,fn6f..: f,QA?l',2,4 ,...,,..,: , , W X54 fmx 9-'N 1? ' V -, f F3147 gV""qfgn'f7,if7Q 1. X if X' +'vf',f,f'Q'f'i' , ,V , , O l shy? T , f f ww 1- 1 X 1 if-Q 4 ,, , X .,,. ,.,A V X 1 BOYS' VOLLEYBALL BOYS' BASKETBALL CHE intramural program at Eden Central continues to grow each year in both boys' and girls' activities. Such activities as Soccer, Touch Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Field Hock- ey, Tennis, and Softball are included in this diversified program. Members of this activity some- times referee the intramural games. This promotes the learning of the game rules and fair play. The intramural program is considered to be an integral part of the total educational process of all individuals. lt provides experience that will aid in the development and improvement of co- ordination of mind and body. GIRLS' HOCKEY GIRLS' BASKETBALL lf, , , 4 7 H f-V H WV , , f V V, ,,,, 147,-lxgppllw-MA, I 1 QW '., 47 L . V, ,V i'Li-V.. 'LV yn., g . 1-ri T ",,.i, A I ff""fj':':,,-e ' ' +' ' - if 1, ' r , '31 7 V f' -if ,T I, ,. If I I . f-,. I MA' nQx,,,,. - f ' f, f, f ,- ,ff f,,.,,f4.irf ff ,, 84 y ,.vl.- . . v.. h i i C HEEHLE DEH 'iii D. Looze, Captain, M. Mammoser, C. Thompson, M. Miller, M. Phatiger. CWHROUGH the door of athletics one can see the cheerleaders working to perfect cheers and arrange pep assemblies. This promotes good sportsmanship and encourages enthusiasm throughout the student body. This year we were fortunate to have two alternate cheerleaders, Beverly Rothe and Pat Landahl, to lend their services. The varsity cheerleaders attended a conference at Hamburg where they exchanged ideas on different subiects and decided to apply certain ones to our school. lt was through this confer- ence that the cheerleaders learned the real meaning of sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Left: Louise Burger, Middle: P. Colvin, Co-captains, N. Cotton and B. Howell. Right: C. Phaniger. l l 2 t l 4 s 1 5 1 , A... ,..,......f-.-Q. 8 5 CN O ,Ig ff I 5 ,iv I ,.-,,, - ,,.. I ' , I f 1' ' Q :-.f. :' X 'ff' vfw STEADY TWOSOME! REAL FRIENDS! I IEANIEII .jk . .,4, , fc 4 'f ,f 1 'E I ,A N WONDER WHO WON! I I SMITH and KOCH HARDWARE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - PLUMBING AND HEATING SHEET METAL WORK PHONE 3222 I I S I SURE SHOT SMITH! I ISN'T HE A DOLL? f 22' Q .ELL : K4 .I X BABY FACE SMITH! ! x 1 is A 1? A X STINKY! I 86 BAKIIFGO ANA GOWANDA, NEW YORK EDEN, NEW YORK MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I A IVVE ...vm I I 87 f fT'v'I1I".5 I I . I ' - . ' W' ,gg ., si-H ' ' I ' . - 1-1 A ' I'i',rX?,3X'f1E'IfQT? GMM ' " ' I - V A 'A v- :ms In' , --I ,Q "32- - .1-.1441-1-4 I I GRATULATIONS TO BEST WISHES AND LOTS OF LUCK TO CON CLASS OF "54" THE SENIORS OF I954 GRACE ANDERSON FEASLW5 DAIRY INTERIOR DECORATOR PHONE EDEN 3318 PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST COMPLIMENTS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE THE HAMBURG SUN WILSON S HAMBURG NEW YORK C MPLIMENTS F COMPLIMENTS OF O O HAMBURG PLAZA PHARMACY FORBUSH LUMBER COMPANY FREE PARKING D A HAMBURG NEWYORK AILY830 M TO I0 30P M AGENCY ESTABLISHED 1864 ROSE FUNERAL CHAPEL JACOB HAUCK 8- SON 207 MAIN STREET HAMBURG N Y DEPENDABLE INSURANCE 8 MAIN ST I NEAR BUFFALO ST J FRED HAUCK TELEPHONE FM 5050 GEORGE S DYGERT EM 4I74 4175 C F STEFFEN AMBULANCE SICK ROOM EQUIPMENT OF SUNDAY AND HOLIDAY 9 A. M. TO IO P.M. I I : 5 . . Mn. JoHN ZULICK, su. 6 "BAND OF THE FUTURE" CGMPLIMENTS OF EDWARD Nl. WEINAR and JOHN N. WEINAR F F . 89 f"V",s'fsN L .,: i.r,:-Fa., xi fx . ' Y ECLIPSE METAL PRIIDUCTS INC COUNTRY SAUSAGE KITCHEN O 8. SMO U WE EEN 0TTS IVIUTURS INC M RSO 463 - RAILLIE LUNIRER C0 INC CASTIGLIA JEWELRY and MUSIC CENTER DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVERWARE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES REPAI R6 PHONE EM 4583 8BU ALO ST HAMBURG N Y CO 5 OF 9 I OLD EAS:-u NCURED KED HAMS 40 G 9 9 0 KAISER SALES SERVICE vv YS CSMEYEEN4HAMGEOR O PLI ENTS E O, I J M BA E 90 ,QQ -II X J! ! NOBBS 81 WILLIAMS HOWARD AND SI EDEN, N. Y. PAUL C. RIEFLER FUEL STEEL BUILDING MATERIALS HAMBURG, N. Y. CONCRETE BLOCKS TRANSIT - MIX CONCRETE CELOCRETE BLOCKS BUILD WITH RIEFLER MATERIALS if HEAT WITH RIEFLER FUELS I 91 I IFBI3EZm5Lf,IfE?I WW ,. ,Fiery . H Q X ful A ' -Il:-Efyl I. Y A !"', ,w 5t ',1s ' J ,,,,'f,,. ff: ,fy gfgl 51 21 '-fLw',zq,': .' -ii mmm 9 .Em ,1 V.: 5757514 7 9" 21 HST.. Jli1zl17'L'fiE1- .zmggwnucln vnu...- EDEN IVIEIVIIIIIIAL STUDIO MONUMENTS f MARKERS DEALERS OF SELECT BARRE GRANITE BARRE GUILD CERTIFICATE SHOP AND SHOWROOM ON HEMLOCK STREET BACKED BY OVER 20 YEARS' EXPERIENCE EDEN 4532 HENRY WEAR EDEN, N. Y OL EY CARPE TER, I C. PACKERS OF FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES EDEN, N. Y. 5 92 Kwwuw-Mmm T U ,,,W,,,, , f . A-I., if . - 5, 1 1 A up nj I, A, A ' WM, A , - , ,gmiugf ,,g.,.,.e, xi 1-1, -.-- -1,' ,, ,.14pg4..4w.-.L.......4f.v,., . , .. ,h.'J' .4 ' . f . . 1 '-1--:kv - 1- ' 1' H' -'--' - '- COMP LIMENTS OF , PAGE and HAIIIVIS RIEFLER BUICK INC. CADILLAC BUICK SERVICE SALES USED CARS - ALL MAKES 252 MAIN STREET HAMBURG, NEW YORK HAMBURG EM. 4343 xii! ' A , ' , V f www: M ' , ,,. ' v W , S 129' 7' Iii , 'xy 0-paw X M f l ,, f E A RENSCHLEIFS SNACK EAR HOWELL CHEVROLET CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE L TOWING SERVICE s EDEN, NEW YORK TELEPHONE 3511 94 . in COMP LIME NTS of FRANK N. WINTER, INC. EDEN, NEW YORK "lT WILL PAY YOU TO PAY US TO PAY YOU MAIN AND ROSWELL EDEN, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF DA ID C. LAING FUNERAL IIOIVIE AMBULANCE SERVICE DAVID C LAING Lic. Manager WEST CHURCH STREET EDEN, NEW YORK 95 , I '1.1T1ui," fx. f 1 . "ldv ,':,,.'w I V 1 I I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE B. 8. J. POLLUTRO, INC. CLASS OF "54" WHOLESALE GROCERS AND IMPORTERS COFFEE POT JESSIE KNIGHT aoa MAIN STREET BUFFALO 2, N. Y. M NT F PHONE: EDEN 4240 TOOLS--DIES CO PUME S O EDEN LIQUOR STORE EDEN TOOL AND DIE CO. INC. HEMLGCK ROAD "HEADQUARTERS FOR WINE AND LIQUOR" EDEN, N. Y. MAIN ST. EDEN, N. Y FRANK RETTIG, SR. FRANK RETTIO, JR. EDEN 4622 PHONE: EDEN 4234 EDWIN F. HORTON ACETYLENE CUTTING ACETYLENE AND ELECTRIC WELDING HEMLOCK ST. COR. WEST AVE. EDEN, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAM E. CARROLL COMPLIMENTS OF EDEN MOTOR SALES INC. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. 8. MRS. S. MASHKE ,...., . - awww--ww---W-., I. , ,. I., K' ' . ' 'ZIP V I .... ,L 3,3 1' COMPLIMENTS OF WITTNIEYERS HOTEL COMP LIMENTS OF EDEN SWISS CHEESE EACTIIRY EDEN, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF HARIILITS MARKET CHOICE MEATS AND DAIRY PRODUCTS PHONE 4414 20 BUFFALO STREET IVIO0RE'S IVIEN'S WEAR NATIONALLY ADVERTISED CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS, SHOES AND RUBBER FOOTWEAR FOR MEN AND BOYS. HAMBURG, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS or i RANDALL AGENCY . GENERAL INSURANCE 'DEN - 3764 MAIN sr., EDEN, N. Y. A FFF-AA - V97 ,a2wiT4"f' ' f H. I. ,. A , 4r:+1:..f"' f' - I RV CARDS GIFTS c: M M N s OF O PL' E T THE LITTLE SHOP 59 BUFFALO STREET ELAlNE'S EAU SAL N B TY O HAMBURG, N. Y. EM. 5064 COMPLIMENTS OF HAUCK'S GARAGE cLOcKw1sE CLEANERS COMPLETE COLLISION SERVICE HAMBURG, N. Y. RES. DERBY 4279 BUFFALO 4, N. Y. EM. 1315 HENRY HAUCR, PROP. CL. 9421 OPEN ER1DAY's TILL 9 P. M. COMPUMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS LA1NG's MILL CRITOPH BROS. LANDSCAPERS EDEN NEW YORK EOGELSANGER FUNERAL HOME INC. D. M. DEMMERLY JELJH . 5 ' AMBULANCE SERVICE cONvALEscEN1 EQUIPMENT Q A ' HAMBURG, N. Y. EM- 1366 "'S""?TI"p,. ...A .a,..,..1Aa.R,,....4,.E::.....g 1 . W gf .1:, 1 ffbifkg , 1 YPA' 'X 1 M Qi MILLER R KNOLL DEPARTMENT STORE EDEN, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF DEMERLEY'S DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR YOU CAN'T BEAT A PONTIAC ESCHBORN MOTOR SALES INC. HAMBURG, N. Y. HAAG'S GARAGE GENERAL RE PAIRING PHONE 4326 E. EDEN, N. Y VALLEY CLEANERS COMPLIMENTS OF QUALITY DRY CLEANING EDEN VALLEY P LASTERING PHONE FOR PICKUP EDEN 3737 AND DELIVERY W. A. HILLWIG OPTOMETRIST E. L. BOYER, ASSOCIATE 89 BQUFFALO sr. HAMBURG, N. Y. SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY EMERLING'S SHOE STORE 67 MAIN sr. HAMBURG, N.Y. EM I636 ,-ip", , 'Z .Y ,,,,,,.,..,.......,,.,.....,... ,R-.W-..,.A., -N . F- , R , -Q: , , A, fixffilf- ,' -:fi -Hp -f " A vzvzw- - .,. ,xIf"' ' ' A ' ...............,,....4.-......E..F.-I ,..- , . , - 1, 358,17 VIC SHRADER TIRE SERVICE - RECAPPING - VULCANIZING - REPAIRING GOODYEAR - PENNSYLVANIA PHONE EDEN - 4445 E. EDEN, NEW YORK OUR FUTURE RESTS WITH OUR YOUNG PEOPLE AND WE HAVE EVERY CONFIDENCE THAT THEY WILL LIVE UP TO OUR HOPES AND EXPECTATIONS. THE PEOPLES BANK TAKES THIS OPPOR- TUNITY TO EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54 WITH AN INVITA- TION TO USE THE FRIENDLY SERVICES OF THE PEOPLES BANK TO HELP YOU PROGRESS IN MONEY MATTERS. THE PEOPLE BANK HAMBURG, NEW YORK ESTABLISHED 1891 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I OO M A unbixa--J..NL AA 4- ' 'I W-A . - 'fm I ' f 'LII COMPLIMENTS CAROL - ANN SHOP OF LADIES READY TO WEAR HAMBUR . . . YELLAM-SGROCERY G' N Y EM 2278 PHONE EDEN 4245 THE REXALL STORE EDEN 8882 MONELL'S EDEN DRUG STORE SIMON NIEDERMEYR PRESCRIPTIONS J. I. CASE FARM MACHINERY COSMETICS ....... .. .SCHOOL SUPPLIES "IT COSTS LESS TO FARM WITH CASE." HALLMARK GREETING CARDS AGENCY FOR KAISER-FRAZER GIFTS AND TOYS REPRESENTATIVE GOWANDA STATE ROAD EDEN, N. Y. MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY 3. CARDS COMPLIMENTS WILLIAM J. MECONNELL JEWELER QF WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING HAMBURG, N. Y. DUDLEY A. GAYLORD AND ROBERT E. MAIER 32 MAIN ST. EM. II50 COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES MEN'S 3. BOYS' SHOP ARROW SHIRTS - BOTANY SPORTSWEAR HAMBURG DAIRY LEE HATS J. L. GAYLORD, PROP. 230 BUFFALO ST. HAMBURG, N. Y EM. 2603 EMERSON 2331 I IOI .. ..-.H ,,..,...........-..---.f . 1 . .1 419. I--...E-...H I ,E ':-QSM-?.,'-.'n'3 , V . ' ,a,E,f5,. 5. , ' 5, :R wr an . - ' . . Sf' 'TEKPY " g- - . . ,..............C...3.zu.E..-.f.n,z..Ix.-.r..'v 11 wh :uf aug . I.-5 .--. qi3i,z:,:1 I. li ni COMPLIMENTS FROM MQEARLANITS LIOUOR STORE 47 BUFFALO STREET HAMBURG TORO POWER MOWERS ROTOTILLERS SIMPLICITY GARDEN TRACTORS EATON EQUIPMENT CORP. 23 LAKE ST HAMBURG, N Y HAMBURG LUMBER and BUILDERS SUPPLY EVANS STREET " HAMBURG, N Y R L DRAUDT PRES PHONE H P DRAUDT TREAS EMERSON - 5180 KAZOO COMPANY, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF PALMERTON AGENCY I INSURANCE REAL ESTATE I EDEN N Y S JAY G. PALMERTON ELTON C. PALMERTON 'I 4... A ..., .,... ,- 'ff'-1-'W----A - 1.,,,.gu W - Q. I , .I , ,, LA- ,-mug , , , pr, sig Ac , la! I ff t..- , EW w H!! 5,5 fri, .41 QW'- E SUCH POISE! FOND MEMORIES! - ., .. 1 f. ,l j ff NX, Vg 'f ff Q 4 f W F f ff ly , 4 " 'uf f fm 4 fm ? wwf f. fag f Q4 , 1 f , , 2 W sf., ? .,.AV V ,E mi 4- 4 'PH ' H eg Y l'v? '61 f. L 'AP' COMPLIMENTS OF C RPI! TER BRO THAT'S THE WAY ED! EDEN N. Y. EDEN 4160 CAROL AND WES? ?? I""" dbh OUR GAL, CINDY! , F, THE MOTHERLY TYPE! J Q- i CALORIES , CA LORIES ! I F . u if 5 K M L BENNY'S BOO, BOO!! 103 N HAMBURG APPLIANCE COMPANY GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES TELEVISION 57 BUFFALO STREET PHONE EM. 5284 HAMBURG, N. Y. HARVEY COLE WALTER ZIMMERMAN STEVES RED X1 WHITE STORE FULL LINE GROCERIES--CHOICE MEATS STURGEON POINT ROAD DERBY, N . Y DERBY 4817 W 81 E MEG. CO., INC. 251 SENECA STREET BUFFALO 4 N Y "THE WAX FACTORY YEAR ROUND' EMPLOYMENT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS I6 I8 YEARS OLD PHONE: MO. 3600 COMPLIMENTS OF RICHARDSON MILLING COMPANY, INC. FEED--SEEDS--FERTILIZERS HAMBURG, N Y GEO. CUENTHER'S RED 81 WHITE COMPLETE FOOD MARKET s PHONE EDEN 33II I04 '5FE'1III'W7vf 1? I .- .,,, .T4.i ii.1?, , , 1, ,Af-,,-m.:f2'f I' ' fm f ,Q - I . 'r H Y Vw 'VAN NAGLE COMPLIMENTS LUMBER AND MILL WORK OF PHONE 3722 DR. OROVER L. PRIEss AND EDEN, N' Y. DR. RONALD E. MARTIN IF IT'S A PRESCRIPTION TAKE IT TO MILLAR BROS. PHARMACY 71 MAIN STREET HAMBURG, N.Y. IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH NAGEL'S BARBECUE PROP. L. D. CICARELL BOWLING ALLEYS REFRESHME NTS ERIE ROAD ANGOLA, N. Y. ' EM. 4747 CONGRATULATIONS 505 PIERCE AVENUE JOHN E. RITASS, D. D. S. HAMBURG' NEW YORK . 24 HOUR SERVICE , A , N. Y. 60 CLARK ST H MBURG BOLENS TRACTORS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS HUDSON CARS COMPLIMENTS OF CLOCKWISE CLEANERS HAMBURG, N. Y. EM. I3I5 OPEN FRIDAYS TILL 9 P. M. .4-V WEINAR'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE INC. MCDOUGALL-BUTLER PAINTS ACROSS FROM THE SHOPPING CENTER I64 BUFFALO STREET EM. 3770 I05 Nw- --- 4.1 ...IIIIR-.v :f-E., .Y ,5,,,v,,n1E., Mm 45 - ,wif W, , f' ,f-:pf-,Q,:.yv,A f.,,:+. - 4- 2 755 f yn Q: 2 , 4, f H ff Ax 44 ff f ,ffw,, 1, -f -,I ff,f,w,1- aim 1 .fx - 1- :fx Z," ' Q. 'K 'fn 593 ff ,i ff gf? L -2 ,ff 5:2535-3 2:2 JW ', e ,If - ' H, zffyw ?'--: Q, wp ' A if -if if Z 12 f f Eff 75' j --sy :f .- ffl yy? ny, "1 " KEN" FACE KEN YAGER COMPLIMENTS KENS DAIRY DAIRY RAR EN NEW YORK PHONE EDEN 4556 X I, I, ,fy ,, V, , , I ,,,!,,7M' I f,-I I if V,, . M' ' -,f f ', , J' MA I I HELP YOU? GRANT AT WORK!! TWO SHAKES PLEASE ED , ff I f 'XX X ff pf fy! f Aff? ' I ff 4 ff ff ff f ff? X f , fff f M, ' Aj f ff f 4 I f F' lk A 5 V ff I ik...-An .v gf ,. V ., COMPLIMENTS OF BRAYMILLER' BOWLING ALLEYS COMPLIMENTS OF SZAUS F0011 MARKET QUALITY FOOD MAIN STREET EDEN N Y COMPLIME NTS OF AMHERST HEATI G CORP. DEALERS AND INSTALLERS IN GAS OIL AND COAL FURNACES AND BOILERS B. J, COGGINS 1667 SENECA ST PH. FAIRVIEW 7108 BUFFALO N Y S 5 ESMF! 1 L fix' ' 55 "1 n' 4' ' V Y " Tav'AfivnrHfq , fp..-AA. ,F , N , f vu-S.-A 1,. . ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, sf' PUZZLED' I I "SANDY" L 2 CONSULTATIONS! I I COMPLIMENTS OF PIERCE and CASH INSURANCE: FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AND HEALTH, LIABILITY, THEFT, AND BONDS REAL ESTATE: HOMES,VFARMS, BUSINESS PROPERTY, RENTS, PROPERTY SUPER- VISION, AND INCOME PROPERTY 20 BUFFALO STREET, HAMBURG, N. Y. PHONE EM. 5680 1 YV "THE LAST Bow" ' 5 ua--q f, K I 08 'rn r printiffd- S010 Pfoduce f ' f'w -Mr '-.fizmevkfzgigiigifffrx ' Y- No othfr printing Hr fie authonzec1,gg,ggq erhod. . A - Q, V WTI , .Q ' ,,it..Y:A.!4' ' " .. :MY I 'mf'-'Egg' , 1' is bqgk printed by Velvatonc, a special pibcess of lithographic I x -4 Wlm, 1- V .mMW5 ,ww Q . PROPERTY OF HAMBURG H1s'roz a1a:AL SOCIETI Mn, 114 yr 7,,w,fv4fgf,,. Q 50499 4f1"W7la Awww , -MM , I ,mm ww, Q mg My fiy!?1 Aw, wvff 134443: ff! 'iii awk 'Vraf 6913 ..f...,..V 55 him ,W-1 K! 3 , auf oy, 4. H89 555

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