Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY)

 - Class of 1950

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Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1950 volume:

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H' v f ,1 .1 " ' tx 19 px 'X L . .- ., X :Jn -::r'..- fs'- f' ' ,'-. 13: , g'.L'f,!5'5gf..L!.5 -eq , , 3423.1-FEI'-. af .SSW 1, . ,.-. ,- - -4. f . rg-7' ., - ' 1-335 jf. , Sig..-3 L24 ,, ,1,1'-iv:-J 5-,wg 558151.-'Q 'al -' -, 1-Nt. ' 1 Q , pg: -P: h J. 2.-:yfaggw 1:53. . Q. , .- l 41,4 his , '16-x,,,':v. , 1 .ugis . 7,-,f,.,, -1.1'l1'?h-, If 4- N ,le -- 4' - ..-U .. . . ...nu ,gym 7, 1. 4 N - fi..-5g.:g5,y.fl,I.1 -Lg:-'5 , ..-..'g'icg,ffq,.-,,. V, "'X-nf-ff4"1.f- 2. .. 13' I J-.1,'i214'fi15niQG25iS, ' ' " ' ' -' ' ' ' ' ' 5111"-'fie.2:::-Q -IQ, . . ,4 4, L- if - , , '71 1 1 "-E1 ' xrx 1'?j!Ei::u' -0- -' fi,V"7fzr--V3:Qi'ii"f5.1 J ' JN ' A ' lk ,"Al"fQI'f'r' '2:'::"Lx.l::': .A.' 5,l':3'A. 1 4 - lm! ',"S'- - W:,?gE1, s g, I 'A V 5' , fZ"f' IF7y, x , ,-.. . 'IP 1 ', ' Q, K' :f.f-'bv R 161 b gilt! 1 K cv ' 'Wx ' 1' rp 4 ,nr.A,.' . Q X 1 argue 49 , 5 :I . fha' X AI' 'K Q K E r , X I 8 J Q. x -F 9 X I x '11 'W lug 3 , ' 1' , ,L ,. G fi: -.ir H Ehlaf. 15,1 ,f,,j2Egn1,k v V 1 I ' Qg,:?5:...+5.W5. . kyfg-:'113-,I-ww :-- ,af N' ' V' 4" J, . Y ,YW I ' I . ' -Hal'-'-'re,,-N " A YfQi16S.a1 hgw, N 1 E 1,,, 44 f J 1 , H ' . 1, .h 1: ,N N,,, gf", M f 7 y " ' Jr' Q ' i fi r AE." V'-5 ' .. ffff' fx' Q ' 1' 1.4, A R 5 2 --PROPERTY 10? A 'SNRTCEL -V Ds2EggH151TQo semorgz CLASS EDEN CENTQAL., SCHOOL. Eden , New Vow-I4 v H mm, .-: N , I A MESSAGE m 1. '-'Ma L:f'M-W ' " ' ' " rf-frv-we y f .r e 'Jw' rv .4 fv Mm ug lsfvvvf' SJ' ' """"" . W M .I ijiiliu? STAT: or N EW YORK I Exscurrve Cmwssn ALBANY THOMAS E.DEWEY Govwfon November 28, 1949 EM wm a? Mr. Douglas H. Hickling f e a p Ecu tor-in-chief, 1950 "Embers" Q u ijg v' Gowanda Sta te Road Eden, New York Dear Mr. Hickling: , , I am th happy to send warm greetings to e readers of the 1950 "Embers", with heart congratulations on the celebrati anniversary of the E Y on of the t den Central enth School. I congratulate you particularly upon the fine record you have made in the fi decade of the school's lif fact that your ra rst e as proved by the class has the second ' ting in New York on th Tests. Y highest e Iowa State Intelligen C6 our new principal, Mr. Edwin C. Peck, is, I am sure, proud that he has such a fine student body with which to work, and it 1 pleasure to send to him and t ' kindest regards s a o your student body and good wishes. Sincerely yours, TEDsHS files fl -'S s , FR M HE G0 ER on .a,NfE -f1,.wuww I W , I V..-,.-c, 'WIN 'fag - ' ,4,5l.L.,,-7 Q f X . I N'Aif?i.g3E To you, Mr. Ball, we dedicate the 1950 "Embers." In recalling the numerous times that you have helped us, we remember your sound advice concerning our many problems and take this opportunity to say that We are very grateful. 5 U V 'f fffkl L' 5 P .ff if-9? I Q va' Y Q .fan--, . "THE SUN DIALH The shadow by my finger cast, Divides the future from the pastg Before it, sleeps the unborn hour In darkness, and beyond thy powerg Behind its unreturning line The vanished hour, no longer thine, One hour alone is in thy hands, The "now', on which the shadow stands. Henry Van Dyke We, the class of 1950, present the theme of this edition of the Eden Central School "Embers" as "The Timekeeperl' who records all the golden moments of this glorious year which, to us, represents "one shining hour" in this half century of time. The Eternal Timekeeper, whether he has used a sun dial, an hour glass, a clock or a metronome, has piled up the time from 1900 to the halfway mark and is recording our fleeting moments with alarming rapidity and accuracy. Though at times we may wish to say, "Time, you old xiii' 'Q ' -3 ? ' 1. ,KU N Q . avmfxh-x V, V hx' K-N35-19' 1jR:f.,l: c 'hi-A 'ss 'I E4 ,, fi , ,Q ,sr " -1' ll - ' A fs . 9, X ..,a.. gipsy man! Will you not stay?" we know that his answer will always he the same, as he points an admonishing finger at us, "Since thou art not sure of a minute, throw not away L an hour." Let us then follow him as he records all the happy mo- ments, the firm friendships, the daily amusing incidents, the lessons learned, and our achievements before he raises ls his hand for the final stroke of the hour, and we realize the 'Q truth of these words: 'H A M fr, yx- t , "The Moving Finger writes, and, having writ, moves u Oni, 0 . ll. C, i The Rubalyat of Omar Khayyam f ,,,, . s dW d Fll 5'f'al - . g ' T -2' f fi sisff '14 5341335552 . - r r e e ff f . Q7 . o' f f? az. ' 'L A ' " , 6 I "-,Lf,'.4f!'- . . , 4-.., -tw . w . - .E ,.. , :j- I H , - j- ,., ,,1gy,.'If'f--,Lj.k,x - V- rw l' i u E ,. 5 1 2 J 5 u 31 H 2 -i +1 5 2 2 1 3 K S k 5 f ? E , 2 S i 2 Q Z 3 5 w ? 5 5 Q f 6 5 5 Q 3 :,-- 1-.--.f..1f,,J-.A.- A.,-,. .- . ..,-...-.,:...-- -1 f 1.-,Z-L-MY.. f--J:,-.-v.1.-- . ,nw -.,',.'--,.,. .--. 1. .v,.-. -, - V. ,:. ff- - . - , .-.L -.., ,.,-, ,- .. f, V J. . --v,..,,-f-,,..1,.,.m,... .,,,,,,,,,,, K . BMRD OF in elmo Mr. John Weinar, Mrs. Doris Smith, Mr. Robert Brindley, Mr. Caleb Hobbie, Mr. Robert Beehler, bliss Rose Clark, Mr. George Winter, Mr. Edwin Peck. OFFICERS OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION John Weinar Pl'9Sid6Y1F George Winter Vice President Mrs. Doris Smith Clerk Robert Brindley Treasurer To the Board of Education go the thanks of every Eden Central School student. These people, elected by our parents to operate our school, make possible the many advantages we are able to enjoy. Through their efforts we are provided with the most capable teachers and staff, the finest books, and necessary modern equipment This vear they have obtained, for our benefit, a guidance counsellor and a dental hygienist. Their interest in our welfare and their liberality have enabled us to have social hours assemblies and spectator buses to the ames. 7 E Because they feel that we need education in government, they have permitted us to haveastudent council ll 7 a owing us to govern ourselves, approving some ideas, discouraging others when they think it wise to do so. Their unselhsh, voluntary services make our school the smoothy functioning organization it is. These people, like the stage crew of a play, accomplishing much and expecting little credit, make the management of our school an ultimate success. 8 v . ff liil-lili T-TEACHERS ASSOCIATIO Another successful year of the Eden Parent Teachers, Association comes to a close and with it a better under- standin between the home and school. Thesgconscientious parents, interested in the welfare of their children, have met with the teachers, become acquainted with them and learned more of the clockwork of our school. This group, under Mr. .Iames C. Miller, president, have discussed pertinent subjects, attended various district, subdistrict and state council meetings and hearldminteresting talks which included an account of Alaska, present conditions in Germany and the Edu- cational e artment in Albany. Mr. Lyonl? the very affable program chairman, added to the interest ofthe organization with a membership drive party, a gala Christmas party, an Open House and the final banquet. Whenever possible, student partici- pation is encouraged, such as the Twenty Questions Program, presented by one of the school's active clubs. The monthly meetings, attended by one hundred or more, were enjoyed by parents and teachers alike. OFFICERS OF THE P.T.A. ,James Miller President George Lyon First Vice President Mrs. Koubeek Second Vice President Mrs. Crowe Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Blakely Recording Secretary Charles Pearson Treasurer Mr. Hagen, Mrs. Hagen, Mr. Llo d, Mr. Hannan, Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Hannan, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Peck, Miss Boardman, Miss Wilson. Mrs. O'Dell. Mrs. lgllakelv. Mrs. Morgester, Miss Wrench, Mrs. Pierce, Mr. Pearson. 9 'igfnrl rw-T Li l " ' . .,.d tL.-.... .,L. L .Lg UR PRINCIPAL' MESSAGE EDWI C. PECK TTL Principal MRS. HASTINGS Secretary ,-kk W I wish to congratulate the Embers Staff of the class of 1950, of Eden Central School for your splendid achieve- ment in producing this Yearbook. I also wish to congratulate tl1e class as a whole, for your cooperative attitude is reflected in your representatives that carried on this worthwhile project. In producing this Yearbook, you have demonstrated two qualities that are most essential to success in life. One of these is the capacity to work hard, and the other is the possession of human understanding. May all your efforts be crowned with the same success andtsatisfaction that have accompanied this venture. , "rf-11-. ' ' , .5 .,, .I , - , V. .SAW , ,.n,:':,-1: 2: u aw. f e'5 gxwi - . , h , .- ,A-,, ., ...J k 1 tg ' " l :sg w ,,. '54f1gii'-a2i3f'f'Lf f-- fir, My 'fgirfripff '1 3 ' ,Q.ggf.'f'4Q'54ag.,L'5gg iivgaegs-'9QsT:sL?11'1?+::'::iA f 'f?gLj:g.,.v itfrexssgvfww - 1 lw.'fl1i'f1 -if '- ffeffs' 4.4, , ,1.Qf,ir:,qav1 -.f.:f,'gf-as-Q 'gg' .f ..... ,A-MH I OUR ASSIST T PRINCIPAL DIINALD J. ANDERSIIN Assistant Principal MISS KASPEIIEK As the Assistant principal of Eden Central School, Mr. Anderson may be considered our chief timekeeper since he, with the assistance of his ver-y efficient secretary, Miss Kasperek, has charge of the attendance records, the approving of excuses, the granting of passes, and the keeping of registers. Another of his numerous duties is the supervision of the school bus system: the daily buses, the buses for field trips, the buses for games, and an especially spacious bus for that annual senior picnic. , Having a genuine interest in the welfare of the school, Mr. Anderson has proved himself to be a real friend to the high school students and to the teachers and students of those grades over which he has supervision. 11 ' 'Q -...s..,, .siii:111,qlL,-- up ., ,.v,s.Ii.1'.4JJ.4-L.1fi"1 .nw 1' -f-A-,...,.v... -.,.,.z,-W' I Arg INTERMEDIATE Miss Saunders Csixth gradej, Mrs. Lemm- ler Cfifth gradej, Mr. Collard fsixth gradel, Mrs. Gould ffifth gradej, Mrs. Lloyd fre- medial readingj. 0UR TEACHER GRADES Mrs. Davidson fkindergartenj, Mrs. Gerrie Ckindergartenj, Miss Wrench Cfirst gradej, Mrs. O'Dell fsecond gradej, Miss McIntyre fsecond gradej, Mrs. Morgester ffirst gradej GRADES Mrs. Rothe -Cthird gradej, Mr. Anderson Casst. principall, Mrs. Ten Hoopen ffourth gradej, Miss Boardman ffourth gradel, Mrs. Blakely Cthird gradej, Mrs. Hickling Qsubstitutel. V7 SPECIAL Mrs. Ross Qartj, Mr. Luders fagriculturel, Mr. Mergler Cinrlustrial artsj, Miss Kelley fhome economicsj, Mr. Stromgren finstrumental musicj, Mrs. Bosecli fvocal rnusicl. X -V AHHUI ,.,, , . . ,. .. .. - J. m,v-mvwmmmwf 0UR TEACHER E JUNIOR HIGH Mr. Foroscij fsocial studiesj, Mr. Allen CsociaI studiesj, Mrs. Hannan fEnglishj, Mr. Batorskl QEn lishl, Mrs. Dash Cmathematicsj, Mr. Spen- cer Isciencej. SENIOR HIGH Miss ,Collins Qlan uagesj, Mr. Robb Cmathematicsj, Mr. ID'Antonino Qsciencej, Mr. Peck fsupervising principalj. SENIOR HIGH Mrs. Jacobson fcommercialj, Mr. Ball fbusinessj, Mrs. Pierce Uinglishj, Mr. Lyon fhistoryj. SPECIAL Mr. Hagen fphysical educationl, Mr. Jenkins fguidancej, Miss Gressman Cnursej, Miss Kleinsang Cphysical educationj. Y ,SH NTAL HYGIENIST Because tooth decay is something which cannot be overlooked, our school has pro- vided us with a dental hygienist. Miss Schumacher has checked each student's teeth, cleaned them, explained the cor- rect method of caring for them and in- formed parents of any cavities. Through lVIiss Schumacher's efforts the necessity for proper care of teeth has been impressed upon every student's mind. Miss Schumacher, Kathy Euler. I .PROPERTY OF' sawtiaswsr-Sf21t0t'Ien.t, socnzrt 4 - -ir .L V , 3 'V cf. ew-6-,.--H-.....m.,,.L, V 'Vi' CLII The aim of our school clinic is to pro- mote good health and maintain safety in the school. Performing the many duties such as checking on absentees, adminis- tering to the students, immediate health needs, auditory tests, immunization clin- ics and physical examinations, is Miss Gressman, our competent school nurse. Aided by Dr. Martin, the school doctor, she has made us conscious of the neces- sity for good health. Miss Gressman de- serves commendation for a job well done. Miss Gressman., Dr. Marlin, Cynthia Smith, Donna Young, Barbara Pike GUIDANCE Looking back over our first year with Mr. Jenkins, our new full-time guidance counsellor, we are amazed at the large list of student problems whicl1 he has helped to solve. The seniors are especially grateful for the hours of his time spent in helping them to choose colleges best suited to them and helping them apply to the colleges of their choice. His services have also been valuable to the under- classmen who have needed help in choos- ing courses. Mr. Jenkins, C. Sessanna, B. Palmberg ' 14 .. . . ,,.,L...-a-.sig-A .n.-:14c..,.-:...,..s.u-N. Q . 'f1. ,eG'::'x"i ff- .4 t V ' ' 1-,f:1a.'w2..'. .,'. " , f CAFETERIA From the cafeteria come the tantalizing odors of food being prepared by our com- petent staff, supervised by Mrs. Davis. Soups, hot main dishes, enticing salads and delectable desserts make up the delicious and nutritious lunches we students are able to enjoy because of their efforts. Preparing these meals, serving them in their courteous and friendly manner., and cleaning up afterward, these faithful workers deserve our thanks and apprecia- tion. .:-- ,wks . r',1'1"fti'nf ' ' r we f5A :f .l"? ' 5 , 1 , - . W 5321. ., .,A,,.3..5..Tvy YI ., D ',. 1 , - ! Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Nellis, Mrs. Shook, Miss Keller, Mrs. Miller. CU TODI Much of our appreciation goes to the maintenance men of our school. This efficient staff includes Harry Rice, Len Shouldice, Howard Kinn, William Knoll, and Richard Salazny, who contribute im- measurably toward keeping our buildings and grounds neat and attractive. It is with much patience that these men per- form their duties, often doing jobs not included in their daily schedule. Mr. Shouldice, Mr. Knoll B SDRIVERS Each day, our ten bus drivers consti- tute our first contact with school. Under the direction of Mr. Anderson, these drivers take us safely and punctually to and from school in all kinds of weather. Often the bus drivers are asked to drive for athletic events and field trips. Our courteous bus drivers are always ready and willing to cooperate for these special occasions. Mr. Sessanna, Mr. Benkleman, Mr. Schwantz Mr. Winkleman, Mr. Winter, Mr. Bower, Mr Wilcox, Mr. Wittmeyer, Mr. Wilcox. .-. -. ' ..- .. .. ,.. ' 4- 1"': .'..-,..!..' -2 ',, 5, H f21'i1Flf'? if ' f,.....................--,..,............- ..,.........-H 1 law..-,YF an ,. i , -'Liar-r l A ur U I . I . f. .FEP-Z. ,151 "iiifPT'f:filf'g 77.1-'4'52 21?-e:'f---V2 "ri ' . -it -1 4' 'fi-J. ' om rm fmt 5 3 I 3 Q MP- 0-HA 'Ur'-5. peck, s AQ. .I1f'Tr1'1 ,V ,e - . .C,,5.,. . ,, ,, Av-9,.w,,, ..1"' I ,C A 1 n , ,V,qf.l fl' X 1 A b- ' Q-ef ,pn 5 Irflf-zf,'1g,t-' fv' Mrs. Greenwood Mare. Pser-ce A I Q .., , . - Mxss Coumns' Home o. 1-'A Kxn fx -QL.-Q G-bfflf 1- -Hof-L'Du.-'.l fvfr-. Baiovsky ' 3 ., E' A :i'1w"'QwW ff 1 r ,, 5 ' sf V f , ' - fn . . 2 5 I , ,A A f if 6, X25 Q if " 'V 7 1 'V ,f -S+ W ' 5 fy ,w,,l.l,:qf.1 5, y 4 V, V f .. fu J' ,vi is gi :T ,fi . .L,n4 qM4.f: gf j . .W . , X A, 15 K p11,v,1M- g If I H f f, II : lr., 4. v ,tiff g f! I A f awww -3-1 ,A , 1 Q, :r,A'UJ,a:1,v55-Jigmly fx ...fi ,Z , A. , 'f 'K' U , , ' I V: N ' ' "A ,X CCLQ'eTeeNxa.. , Kxnd argon?-Cen ,-rf 'N' vu f f f f- aff 6 V+-1 A' r -U-'X u :J ,JH .-gl. . Q ., H1-Q4 Ngx- ,pl Y-gp.. If H . tl-.:,, .5 'E-'- j 3. ' vf.'. . ,."4l3r1?:.imrrJii 5 E F! J 1' L, , i , j .-v 1 'dll 1 I ,, U l 'M 51 4,gi,l.u W' 1-.lg , To you, Mrs. Pierce, we of the Senior Class express our appreciation. Your sincere interest in our affairs has endeared you to all of us. As we go out into the world, we will take with us the fond remembrances of the times when you solved our troubles, helped us in English, and prepared all kinds of surprises for us. 18 ' ,4-- 'j' ' ' .--.:,f,4-:sql-'wy5r!- r ' A! . , 1. 4, wf:a13wg " : I-fi Qisihfsz 511 '3 fiffb- 1, 3 -. .,,.,, J, yy?-3,5 , i Jzyk-"'3v's-57' i K' 1 1 f., U if-v'1f"'v,fl,-3. . .1 if ln' ,f -, ,Ak,3L,1,t,,,,45gA3h?1'lf ' " "Z. -.,g?Q2,rQ'.J" T' ' -1 V " -,,,cg.e" F-:'f.,11'f,. t x . , . . ,Y .,. , IRENE AGLE College Entrance Chorus 1-3, Operetta 4, Deca- donians 4, Music Festival 2-3, Class Secretary 4, Homeroom Representative 3, F.H.A. 2, Sports Club 3-4, Orchestra 2-4. Wwe '4'WlBHQ.,, JOYCE AGLE College Entrance Chorus 1-3, Operetta 1-4, Band 1-4, Orchestra 1-3, All-High 4, Homeroom Secretar 2, Home- room Treasurer 4, 'lyower Staff 1-2-4, Decadonians 4, Senior Play 4, Intramurals 3-4, Gradu- ation Speaker 1, Music Festi- val 1-4. '-,.,gPVW r. 5 . RICHARD ARNO DOLORES BACVAR Academic Vocational Basketball 1-3, Photography Club 1-2, Chess Club F. H. A. 2, Sports Club 1, Arts and Crafts Club 2, 1, Sports Club 1-3, Science Club 1-3, Football Game Club 1. Manager 2-3. ...U . . , .-:-,. ,..,,.,,.--.....-....-,L..v--. -1.-, ........' - LOUISE BASTEDO Academic Chorus 1-4, Operetta 2-4, Band 3-4, Sextet 3-4, Orchestra 4, All-State 2, 4, All-High 4, Music Festival 1-4, Sports Club 1-2, Decadonians 4, In- tramurals 4. MZ f - M BETTY M. BLESY it Vocational Chorus 4, Operetla 4, S orts Club 2, Photography Club 2, Library Staff 1, ijntramurals. CAROLE BAUER College Entrance Chorus 1-3, Operetta 1-3 Band 1-4, All-State 3, All- High 4, Music Festival 1-4, Homeroom Representative 1- 3, Homeroom President 2 Homeroom Vice President 1 Homeroom Secreta 3, Deca- donians 4, Senior Play 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3-4. 9 9 HAROLD BLEY Vocational Chorus 4, Operetta 4, All-High 4, All-State 4, Moni- tor 4, Homeroom Representative 1-2, Homeroom Vice President 3, Science Club 1, Decadonians 4, Twenty Questions Club 3-4, Class Vice President 4. -- " ala Q .-1,, : -,,. .',.-.. . ' . -0- 1 :AWP V' --1 1 i3:','i If-' 17-7 2.-".E..iET:GU,-:Asif ,., .:.'-'H '-' " 1, AV -.w.----.ff--f-w--.s-m,s--- PHYLLIS JANE BOSECK College Entrance Cheerleading 1-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Chorus 1-4, Band 1-4, Sextet 1-4, Music Festival 1-4, Operetta 2, 4, Dance Band 3-4, Orchestra 1, All-State 3-4, All-High 4, Class President 2, Assistant Editor Embers 4, Monitor 3, Senior Play 4, Homeroom Representa- tive 4, Tower StaH' 4, Deca- donians 4, Graduations Speaker 1,4. ESTELLE CASTLE Academic Chorus 1,l4, Operetta 2, 4, Music Festival 3, Orches- tra 2-4, Sports Club 3-4, Decadonians 4. PROPERTY os' 21 C ICAL socrsry f: , f. -jwixeylm, , BETTY JOAN BRITTING College Entrance Chorus 2, 4, Operetta 2, 4, Band 2-3, Orchestra 1-4, All- State 2-4, All-High 4, Music Festival 1-4, Tower Staff 1-3, F.H.A. Secretary 2, Sports Club 3-4, Decadonians 4, String Ensemble 1. ,f JAMES K. CROWE College Entrance Chorus 2, 4, Operetta 4, Monitor 3-4, Homeroom Representative 3, Class President 4, Embers Circu- lation Manager 4, Football 3-4, Basketball 1-4, Science Club 3-4, Sports Club 3, Decadonians 4, Ttven? Questions 3-4, Football Captain 4, Co-Cap- tam o Basketball 4, Athletic Council 3-4. -- - u, 1, is 4,7-,. 1 Q Q, , 4,11 " iz5:gf"fa,,. 7 i -2 rx ,v I 4 .-5 -5,10 fm ,, V4 rf .. c, 4 -.. . ,, ,V .. .g,Q',,'gi-,: 771 - 4 ,, A, , xc .,i-f ,. ,. V' ff 4 f,:.5'il!' .2 , 1,3 7' 7-l'ii'fl'g:Zll' A - I,-,IQ ,527 'fi I f , , fy '55152-'1:Z",:5,4?f 54 Xl' "1 'y'5gui'z?W5' 1192 ,-,'ff-'-v,'fQ11frJme-i',-99112,-15e.3w Q- 5 -4 tm pffiwfi-wf,'kf,'!'.ffwfavs-reizfsfa-X' ' in? ,X I+: 'f,a'37,i wg, 55, ,IAQ5555g,hff,:5iwf9er?s5k,g5,f4S?f, ls, , Q, 3 5.33 ,gygggkg f,,. x,,,q4f13,,fggfi rf'if3yg.5,.fQ1-gzzznx 31 ' ' ' ,f 'fs 65QQLf55P'f'f+K41?f35 ' , 1' ..-94' Effiiiiiyf AS?-Jw -, ' .. 'xwesisgaa as fm i t 2 , ' . 5 ' .1.'2-:Efr?2rI---sw V ,A ,U GG-1 f.'-ff-A ,- 1' V 1 ,5Y1,qf'-vp:-1--wr-ia-4 rw. r 4- f. 1+ f f , 5 .z T "1-tit '-4,I+Y"'f. 5, , -' - 'ff-Y' fv' .-tw ilifiiri-as -W " ' ' yffffyifvr ' 'obii-34fig?-A-.,.2:Mi,x?5f??M W' " ' Y" ,QQ .:5Qi?1:f1gr-:vim ,ff f' 7 4 ff fy ' , ':- -1,-G.,-1.-3-. -1-ff-:Q ,2 1 -ypg V-,fig -affaqs:-ez-Q-1-Q-42,2-rfH., 1 V .VV fr, 2' f, -. ' JD-.gwz-2357's -5. ifquq-,, ,f ' ' ' "if 'ffarzfxa . -434 -iss:-:2'1'H-Sz:-fe-fur ' ? f"f 21249, ' 7'?15l'Zf "'il5r!if?Vl'3:'??'-liiiitfgi 'S ' . ' JOSEPH CYRULIK Vocational Chorus 4, Sports Club 3, Pho- tography Club 2, Decadonians 4. !,-..- i2 x ff ,..- .--,-.-..,.-..--,-..,.--.3a,, - 1 ROBERT EMERICK Academic Track 2-4, Football 3-4, Bas- ketball 1-4, Science Club 3, Sports Club 1-3, Decadonians 4, Chess Club 2, Homeroom Secretary 1. I7 RGBEHT li". FEASLEY Vocational Chorus 4, Operetla 4, All-High 4, Hon1eroom Repre- sentative 2, 41, Homeroom President fl, Homeroom Vice President 2, Baskelball 1-4, Science Club 2, F.F.A. 1-4. Sports Club 1, Dccadonians 4, Twenty Ques Lions 3-4. SHIRLEY GOUDY Vocational Chorus 1-4, Operetta 2, Sextet 4, Homeroom Presi- dent 3, Homeroom Vice President 1, Homeroom Secretary 2, Class Treasurer 4, Tower Editor 4, F.H.A. 2, Sports Club 2, Decadonians 4, Senior Play 4, Junior Prom Queen 3, Commercial Club 3. -,,.-.-. -..rn im.-,-.1.i,..-,....:,-.-..-f-,X f L X X Q ..--.-N--.-..g..,.1 JOYCE' MARIE GREELEY College Entrance Chorus 1, 3-4, O eretta 3-4, Band 1-4, Music lgestival 1-4, Horneroom Vice President 3-4, Class Vice President 1, F.H.A. 2, Decadonians 4, School Sec retary 2. DOUGLAS HICKLING College Entrance Captain of Band 3-4, Empire Boys' State 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Homeroom Pres- ident 1, Homeroom Represent- ative 3-4, Chief Justice of Student Court 4, Graduation Speaker 1, 4, Band 1-4, Orches- tra 1-3, 0 eretta 2-3, Senior Play 4, Embers Editor-in- chief 4, Tower Literary Edi- tor 3-4, All-State 3-4, Nlusic Festival 1-4. :ri ' MARIETTZE' HORTON KNOLA INMAN C0 939 ntnmce Vocational Ch 2-4, O etta 2-3, Band 2-4, Homeroom b Secli'lel:Zl'Y 2, Hggeroom Treasurer 2, Tower Staff g::glis21'2' F'H'A' 2' 4' Sports Club 2-31 Llbfafy 4, Graduation S eaker 1, Senior Play 4, Language ' ' and Chess Clullis 2, Junior Rad i As 2, eca- 23 donians 4, Music Festival 2-4, Intra, ils 3-4. J , V, L, , .- .. I I Q -1- 4f'i'fw'5'7'ZZ"Cfff4iT I17'34'75" H , ..,A , V . , .-'V -I lid -- fx '. ' ' wp " ' 'YejQ'5:'1nWf'::'2f.v 1 fi-3?4'4ze-n--11. " J'-f". 1 U 2' 3' '4"-:'.."Pf,1v?-ZWMT 4 ' :' 1 F L P1'tf"'- "Fi--1 .,."?'.-.12 -Siu.-. :'l'1'3':.':' :if rfef' f" 4 s f . 2' , V - ,. 'rfl f 4.ffw.21,14g3-,W-Q23 -Sway Q 4 fn -1,205 - -, ., I . 5 MEM... ' C A A 1 . '-A AX-'ff 'Z-5321 ' -',gJs15'i:'lm 'il.f" ,LL 'QUQQ5 11 V "HN-Q, V ' 'gil'-'JI:'i.l7-' arf.. , ph- ,S AQ, J, QU, ,, I3 ., K5 gh- I, ,, , s. .-4 ,.-4 , ci , K. - . -..-.1 ..-..9..g,, -.3 . -. - fm, 1. ', Y, if. - f ' 4- ,1:.e,'-3, 4- 2 iivifw-5'r:'1:-Tl f-Y ' V 'E' 1 1a?1?'x.'f?'-Si? , ' erQ4'Ji5'-91r2fiT?'FrffP zzf,-fa-.12-"+E -ff fe 4 Q -.ff:,miwlb55EE3rf ,Xe 'WMP'-D111 -4':-'QJL -Q 'wi ,.. r.-,... .Q ,f.,f,,,..,g liikfll "3iN1'3E: 1. . .'5'eW'l-'93 Kiel. " Q -1-.if:5Q.ssiic"1l:fffl, -1 V X ' Z " l mf Y ' "Y,-"4-'-.".f'E5" ' 'Y " v"."',E?" 'fvJ"+"' f ' 1 2 ,fa-2'f"'fe A 'l -iff fi-All W: -Mfg, . wx, 1 -ff J' '- W 15-'. M2325 ,, , -ML., : Q, . ' ' - I , mf-9424" k,':?.--rj, 3 ,,, .41, , . A4 117 if f 25261 .ga Q , A-All .- f rf . 1, f ' ' M-',',2" V' sif' V 'f55'T" V F' ff-33 fffff -" N ' i 154' 'ic ' ':1W'5fn I' ' .14-:a5Z1',N -.-:aff +::P-f1'..,.,. 115119 ' ' .L ' MARY JAMESON A cademic Chorus 2-4, Operetta 3-4, Sex- tet 4, Music Festival 2-4, Sports Club 3, Dramatics Club 2, Intramurals 3-4. FRANK KNIGHT Academic H. +. --. ur, 171, wiv' fs 'JU l.-ve? ,mg 'UZYA 4 'fl ,ll--f ,aw-:1 .-bi M ...AM ,NW ' ..,'+Y' f- -.-,.-,..,,,: . ...T A , ,, JAMES KENNEDY Academic Chorus 1-4, Science Club 2-4 Class Vice President 1, Sports Club 1-4, Photography Club 2, Decadonians 4. ESTHER KROHN Vocational Homcroom Representative I, Track 4, Basketball l, Band Intramurals l-4, Chess Club l-4, Stage Crew 2, 4. 4, Towel- B ' M 4 F1-LA. 2 S 1-4, Music Festival 1-4, Homeroom Secretary usmess anager , , ports Club 2, Decadonians 4, Commercial Club 3. 9 NN: U .3--,---n,.nv.-M--L-,..-f 25? ""-. ram, D'-W. 9' MARY ANN KRAUSS College Entrance Chorus 1-2, Operetta 2, Home- room Vice President 2, Orches- tra 1-3, Music Festival 2-3, Decadonians 4, Intramurals 2-3, Ty ing Club 1, Arts and Crafts Club 2. PAUL LAING Academic Chorus 4, Operetta 4, Football 1-4, Monitor 2, Homeroom President 3, Homeroom Rep- resentative 1-2, Student Court Bailiff, Sports Council 2, Track 2-3, Embers Advertising Man- ager 4, Decadonians 4, Sports Club 1-2, Senior Play 4, 4H 1, Graduation Speaker 1, Class President 3. CHLOE LESTER MARY LOU MILLER Vocational College Entrance Chorus 1, Band 1-4, All-High 4, Music Festival Chorus 1-4, 0 eretta 1-4, Band 1-4, Music Festival 2.4, Majorette 2-4, Sports Club 3, Photography 1-4, Embers lfiterary Editor 4, Homeroom Re re Club 1, sentative 2, Homeroom Secretary 1, 3, Class Sec retary 3, Tower StaE 1-2, 4, Intramurals 3-4, Deca donlans 4, Graduation Speaker 1, 4, National Honol- Society 4. ..,,..... .ff- SARAH MORRIS MARVIN NAC-EL Academw Avwiemw Chorus 1-4, Operetta 1-4, Sex- Basketball 1 2, Stage Crew 1.3, tet 2-4, Band 1-4, Orchestra 4, , S orts Club. 1-4, Ceramics All-State 3-4, All-High 4, Mu- C ub 4. sic Festival 1-4, Decadonians 4, Sports Club 1, Rochester All-State 3, Library Staff 1-2, Boys' Chorus Accompanist 1-3, Girls' Chorus Accompanist 1-2. i I V , Ajf q ' , Ac "" "', , h f 'rf SHIRLEY ANN NEUMANN x BEVERLY PALMBERG ' College Entrance Vocational Chorus 1-2, 4, OPCFBUH 2- 4- MUSiC Festival 2-. 4- Chorus 2-4, O eretta 2-4, Tower Staff 4, F.H.A. 2, F-H-PL 2- SPGUS Club 3-4, DCC-?1d0H12lHS 4, Typing Commercial Cllub 3, Sports Club 1, 3, Decadonians Club 2, Intramurals 1-4. 4, Intramurals 1, 3. 26 , Y. .,,,- .,...,LQ g,..a.-,--.....-..,.,......,--., Ll T ' , Aman,- , , - -i f? , - ' 'sw P , : J , il x "1 f - 1-punish 1' 7? . Qgfm 1 , , .3 ' ,wkyii AM- .I fx if Am' A 1 71- Taq' ' I ,,,,g,g?gq.e-451iiff,2f 1 'w,f?.if5J, ' Q DOROTHY CLAIRE PARMELEE College Entrance Chorus 1-4, Operetta 1-4, Sex- tet 1-4, Band I-4, Band Ser- geant 2-4, All-State 1-2, 4, All- High 4, Music Festival 2-4, Homeroom Representative I-2, 1-2, Class Treasurer 3, Tower Staff 1, Embers Business Man- ager, Cheerleader 1-4, Senior Play 4, National Honor So- ciety 3-4, Graduation Speaker 4 BARBARA ROYCRAFT CHARLES RENSCHLER College Entrance Chorus 4, Operctta 4, Embers Photography Editor, Home- room Representative 4, Tower Staff 1, Science Club 1-4, Twenty Questions Club 3-4, Senior Play 4, Photography I-2, Decadonians 4. CARMELLA SESSANNA College Entrance Vocational Ch 1-4, O eretta I-2, 4, HOIIICFOOIH President 1, Tower Staff 4, F.H.A. 1, Sports Club 2, D d ' , Hocriielsoom Tgzasurer 3, Tower Staff 4, E1'IlbCfS Aft 4, Commercial Club 3, Intramurals 2. eca Omans Editor, Typing Club, 2, Intramurals 1-2, Decadon- ians 4, Sports Club 2-3. x..a-11-s.,-.....-,..-,...w,-ny ' - ,- MARJORIE SHOOK College Entrance Chorus 1-4, Operetta 1-4, Championship Girls' Tennis 4, Music Festival 2, Homeroom Representatives 1-4, Tower Staff 3-4, Graduation Speaker 1, 4, Senior Play 4, Decadon- ians 4, National Honor Soci- iety 3-4, Sports Club 1-2. ,if3LfW"w MOIRTIMER SULLIVAN College Entrance Senior Play 4, Visual Aids Club 4, January Graduate. ROBERT STENDER Academic Football Manager 1, Stage Crew 1-4, Sports Club 1-2, Basketball Manager 2, Photog- raphy Club 3, Ceramics Club 4. MARTIN SZAL Academic Staiige Crew 3, Homeroom Vice President 2, Chorus 1, .F.A. 1, 4-H 1, Sports Club 4, Basketball 2. L ELAINE TONDER Academic Chorus 1-2, Cheerleader 3-4, Sports Club 1-2, Monitor 4, Homeroom Representative 3, Homeroom Secretary 2, Home- room Treasurer 2, F.H.A. 2, Decadonians 4, Intramurals 1-3. JAMES WALKER Vocational Athlete of the Year 2, School Vice President 3, School Pres- ident 4,'Chorus 4, Operetta 4, Monitor 3-4. Track 2-4, Base- ball 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Foot- ball 3-4, F.F.A. 2-3, Sports Club 2. , , ,.g.-4-,,1M Q ,-, , . -U 4, , f,..:m:ci haw-4 4.4 ,gf-W g"3?j,Q'?m,'1-"if ., fn, . wife--1 ,,f's':n-J., ,1:3E'X., -tl-A wa n . ,-:.-- 'x . - A V' , ' ' --'f:'f".-f:' ivy-,jnf.,..g., ' ight Zin mzmnriam NANCY WARREN CHENEY February 14, 1952 - july 16, 1944 She laughs hecizuse eternity Blossohms for her with stars! Souls Fannie Stearns Davis 29 SEY5 ,VCLP 7437 zmov-'5 E.TonC56" gamer-Qu ' m Q '2 3,XL30.xK6f' 5 Crouse, Y3LQ,1n enq ou.-,ez Q. f3oSeCK, f 1NA.bMUC.f' 5-Greek: N i-Xovfofw S' A Xe. 3 ?QQ.S Q GY! ' Q. Suu-ev bk- Shook? P 6962-154 B Qdfgbefq Kcgt-KJ ' B.'RQ..,xmro.,QT'. 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A L wlgnw1-nv-1111-,1-.y..'1.--.. - U11 h. ,:.4,:,'n 14- 1 . 1 15, g,4,1.'V: '1vf3gglf51"'i'i'1'L'xvI.1''WAR I' 1 fr 1' 1 af "mf-'-?'5"3'-?"?4i514'AV-""A'-U "" ' , . 1..,Zs-'-1:-111 ..-"I" " " A Q.f.1,11 116.1 ..-,,'.11' I ,,,,,'1h-g.L,g1-,,1., ,.f,gqg.11:.'1::1-11 1-mf-,v - , .,1, A 1- -.:" -if '-,f "-if' 1' 5170.1 Xgwg--1-,.',',.I.'i:,:4.',-X. I-1 41" '7 ' 1' 1 -1s1.1f+.1.1f.-111'-Qf -:-ff.1':xH- f 1 ' Q 1,. . 1 5 '- 11,-1 -,11 1, . 1.e1...1-:-1,....L'4'1-'11l- 2.1.-1 1' ' ' I A , b 1-,,.,EI..1,,,3,1,?-55:31:M - 5 , 1 . ff ,ff 1, If 4' In ..,A.,, ,.1, 1 - , , , , 1,-Q' -ffl" 1 .L'Y -. g ,- ,,'H " ,fl 4-.Jr -- -11 55'11Q'.'--QW' fii ' Y ff A ny, --3.1111 g. , ' ?'-12fif.- 1 f,-:Z .1-'fy' ,.-.Mr "gi-,gy .'g',2 , '- :fu -.1-1,2 !1.'- ,. 1,1-, .4 W iq!- 6. --,-.-f..-sa-P -av,Y....,,, , ' U - , EW QEEGAMEN Flifth Row: Kath Anderson, arvin Cohoon. Fourth Row: Robert Hardy, Boblziy Dalmer, Margaret Lomison, inda Wil- lett, Sandra Nagel, Tim Brock- man, Royanne Lutes, Eddie Pew. Third Row: George Hid , David Geiger, Larry Knoll, Julie De Hart, Carol Nellis, Gloria Korkus, Maureen Line- han,, Susan Schassar, David Knoll, Eleanor Pew, Marilyn Potter, George Merchant, Paul Williams. Second Row: Henry Wielke, Barbara Russ, Mar- garet Eckhardt, Donna Par- tridge, Suzanne He , John Blatz, Ann Stevensjlgurdette Sheffield, Roland NeuEer, Rob- ert Bley, George Ellis, Fred Giessman, Cliiford Owen, Elaine Brusehaber, Clyde Blat- tenherger. First Row: Gerald Conklin, Dickie Laing, Jimmie Hooker, Ronie Lardo, Richard Agle, Donald Schacher, San- dra N ellis, Davy Low. 2 Q, Li FUth Row: Ronald Wright, Billy Voelz, James Skora, Margaret Papich. Fourth Row: Susan Barr, Ruth Cagwin Joyce Burrows, Richie Smith Sara Agle, Janet Rockwood, Richard Anger. Third Row: David Nagel, Joyce Richard- son, Ph llis Schmitt, Helen Brewer, Sharon Stanage, Rich- ard Hoo er. Second Row: Janet Winter, Judy Rockwood, Terry Kuppel, Glenn Mattison, Ka- thy Kwilos, Kathy Baradics, Susan Heiferman, Allen Har- vey. First Row: John Kraft, David Ellison, Minette Chand- ler, Arthur Jaworslii, Walter Mostek, William nser, Ar- thur Kraft, David Mingle, ,i Robert May, Gerald Ver Ha- ' ven. Around table: Robert W' Franz, Elaine Miller, Charles Collantino, Robert Burger, Ruth Bahr, Sharon Swartz, Zoe Waite, Robert Goodard, Norman Howland. The Kindergarten Class has had many fruitful accomplishments this year. The first project they undertook was a study of farm and home. At Christmas, they made presents for their fathers and mothers and even took a trip to the fire hall while learning about Bremen. Next, they built a post office of blocks for a play, and later on, they produced a circus in the autlitoriuin. On Valentineis Day, they made valentines which they gave to their friends. Their many achievements included printing their names, counting to ten, and gettirrg ready for reading. Their aim throughout the year was to learn to co-operate with their playmates and to get along in a democratic society. The highlight of the year came when the lainrlergarten rode the train from Eden to Hamburg. 32 --. . i , K P.-,-f-an-.sas-L-my-.,-I--........,f .,...,..- Eiiiiiii' Fourth Row: Gary Sullivan, James Potter, Robert Sza- mandra, James Schmitt, Lewis Yager, Lawrence Winlund, Miss Wrench, Douglas Mash- ke, Joseph Krzemien, David Williams, Allen Spaulding, Da- vid Stegmeier, Melvin Schroth Charles Rizzo, Edward Korkus, Ronald Kelle . Third Row: Judith Meyerhoefer, Marilyn Nagel, Nina Walther, Marion Roberts, Irene White, Joan Zynda, Carol Ann Meyers, Patricia Witheral, Maureen Twist, Sharon Romano, Norma Osterman, Carol Shero, Bar- bara Page. Second Row: Betty Ann Smith, Judith Shepker, Shirley Gattie, Theresa Pir- owski, Karen Williams, Anna Mae Maltby, Ma Walker, Jane Maltbie, Cynltiiia Smith Marjorie Maltby. First Row: Alan Mrgich, Mar Lutes, Ronald Zulick, Donaid Kelley John VerHagen, Gary Messer' Fourth Row: Gilbert Johnson Terry Engel, Roger Eckhardt, Kenneth Robb, Richard Chit- tenden, Benny Davis, Ray- mond Brand, George Machmer, Carl Cole, William Grill, Billy Ackerman, Dale Johnson. Third Row: Paula Schmidt, Sue Bauer, Susan Straker, Barbara Pike, Karen Cole, Patty Dell, Marjorie Guenther. Susy Hob- bie, Johann Kielar, Anna Ama- bile, Mary Batorski, Second Row: Alice Dickey,, Donna Young, Carol Altwater, Linda Hardy, Sandra Gertis, Ann Law, Patricia Gehl., Kathleen George, Elaine Crozier, Mary Spencer, Deanna Gehl. First Row: Buzzie Eisele, Harold Greeley, Jimm Agle, Richard Rudney, Wesiyey Guillaume, Douglas Giessman, Michael Merlino, Norman Steffen. ' ' work this ear. Throu hout the entire year the students learned about the home. Ellis fiii-lsitggddgfsl-giseiilgilf Seiiiiiilyaeiduilliieiroitudy of th! farm duringg the Spring and the Winter. At Easter time they learned about pets and how to become helpers in the community. Much excitement came to the first graders with every holiday when there were those special parties to prepare for. Their assembly programs were very successful and thoroughly en- ed. The members of this class are looking forward to next year when the crowded conditions now prevalent in the Qi-iaides will have been solved by the addition. Under the careful guidance of Mrs. Morgester and Miss Wrench the first graders have now completed their first step in their education. 33 I SEQ GMM F ifth Row: Diane Rice, Barbara ' Stab , Richard Maltbie, Ron- ald llichardson, Larry Neh- ring, Michael Raweur, David Campbell, Kent illis, Edith Schoepp, Linda Murray. Fourth Row: Donald Williams, Camille Merlino, Gerald Franz, Rich- ard Koubeck, Patricia Lutes, David Will, Elaine Matwij- kow, Jim Canny, Helaine Phatiger. Third Row:Donnette Grill, Irene Miller, Joan Tur- ton, David Walker, Arlene Kaczmarek, Mrs. O,Dell, Paul Kirst, Jose h DiMaria, Ronald ' Swartz, Klhren Straker. Sec- ' ond Row: Violet Keller, Myrtle ' Rawson, Carolyn Smith, Mi- chael Mrgich, John Schassar., Howard Gallman, Dawn Wil- liamson, Paul Zittel. First Row: John Schassar, Howard Blattenberger, Jacob Sheftln, Bonnie Ferris, Douglas Nel- son, Gerald Wysocki. Fourth Row: Joseph Enser, 'Miss Mclntyre, George Grao- vac, Charles Carpenter, Charles Cole, Gilbert Brockman, Rus- sell Fisher, James Bradley, Ronald Vondell, Jerry Geiger, Billy Agle. Third Row: Ernest Colantino, Dawn Davidson, Betty Crocker, Donna Allan- son, Sally Gregory, Marcia Brand, Roberta De Bon, Faith Lapp, Virginia Bolton, Lois Barnes, Lois Czechowski, Bron - wyn Baird, Cynthia Robb, Gary Burger. Second Row: Rowena Harvey, Georgia Chandler, Margaret Horton, Eileen Anderson, Kay Karr, Sally Critchley, Susan Cheney, Joanne Linehan. First Row: Billy Guenther, Anthony As- kew, David Helhert, Eric Benzir,BillyHa1nmond,Frank- lin Gerace, Richard Gier. Another year has hem completed and the second grade is ready to venture into the third. Memories of the year that was spent with Miss Mclntyre and Mrs. O'Dell will never be forgotten. Although it is not realized now they will always need all the basic things they learned in the three "R's.'7 Learnin to get along with other children and with themselves is an aim that the teachers have worked for. Learning as they dig about the community will' help to make them better citizens in the future. They also greatly enjoy making things to decorate their rooms. The Easter program which they gave was greatly enjoyed by all who saw it. So onward they go on their way to help make the school a better place. 34 -.1-.neun-.-..,4.-... as-4,--Q-Q.-sv Fourth Row: Walter Koch, Alton Rockwood, Paul Nei- dermeyr, Francis Miller, David Seiser, Bruce Palmberg, Danny O,Brien, Richard Sheffield., Phili Kuppel, Clarence Ka- der, Robert Kader, Mrs. Blake- ly. Third Rowg Lucille Z nda, Melaine Waltlier, Fay Dyavis, Judith Boehmer, Dale Canny, Joanne Hodgson, Elizabeth Gallman, Gertrude Batorski, Patricia Schmitt. Second Row: Linda Piller, Kathy Blatz, Norma Haeick, Jean Pfarner, Dorothy Hennessey, Gloria Thornes, Joyce W'inter,- Mary Owen, Bett Pew. First Row: Charles Roberts, Hugh Guil- laume, Jolm Stockner, Rob- ert Schiffman, Richard Conk- lin, Gar Nobbs, Robert Chia- vetla, lllobert Stromgren, Al- bert Condon, Kenneth Franz, David NIcGuire, Frederick Schmidt. f fl Third Row: Dennis Januszkie- wicz, Paul Densberger, Lois Nicholson, Richard Towns, John Gearhart, Richard Rob- erts, Edwin Peck, Diane Agle, Doroth Nagel, Lois Schacher, Gail lNPellis, Susan Altwater, Paul Weller, Nancy Morris, Nancy Hohbie, Richard Ver Hagen. Second Row: Shirley Halladay, Gail Merchant, Car- ol Anger, Gloria Harvey, Jean Hartley, Carol Maltby, Mrs. Rothe, Carolyn Kinsey, Joan Pfarner, Jud Bauer, Diary Ann Vara, Marilyn Lakely, Sharon Partridge. First Row: Neal Barnes, Robert Richard- son, Harve Chandler, John Bolton, Allan Bley, Robert Miller, Dale Ellison, Roger Zittel, Delbert Meyerhoefer. To the third grades, their year has been full of fun and learning. Under thecapable guidance of Mrs. Roth and Mrs. Blakely they have learned wonderful cooperation. Reading has been the major aim andithrough it their interest, skill and ability have been greatly increased. They have compared their mode of living to the children of different ages and dif- ferent countries. 3A developed their study of Indians into a play and 3B did thesame vvith the Pilgrims. This helps them to better understand the different types of people in the world. They are certainly going to make a fine addition to the high school in a few years. They now feel that they are ready for the next important step in their education. Q AM Third Row: Robert Maltby, Carol Kasinski, June Mc- Mullen, Beverly Knoll, Mrs. Ten Hoopen, Janice Thornes. Second Row: Ronald Gier, Clifton Ellis, Rob- ert Fisher, William Straker, David Yager, David Gould. First Row: James Natwora, Robert Sheilin, David Morris, John Roeller, Wayne Richardson, Wayne Knoll, Paul Winter, James Kern. ' f """ ""'f-'ve' V- V 1 Fourth Row: David Smith, James Ferris, Paul Mod- ica, Paul Lauer, Maxine Harvey, Daniel Murra , Howard DeBoi, Robert La , Nancy Schmitt, Judy Sherman. Third Row: Carolldlliu el, Adriane Gneas, Daren Smith, Sandra Piller, Rfary Ann Maltby, Mary Agnes Whetzle, Beverly Ringer, Marie Nehring, Amelia Luna, John Crowe. Second Row: James I' urton, Lorraine .Dotzler, Judy Russ, Miss Boardman, Pegg Ebeling, Phyllis Miller, Richard Willett, Robert aiargo. First Row: Joseph Pirewski, Alvin Shaw, Robert Roberts, Willis Neifer, Charles Chiavetta, Robert Shauger. Third Row: Mrs. Hickling fsubstitutej, Ann Rawson, David Law, Herbert Jacobson, Melvin Gehl, Janice Cohoon, Kenneth Karr, Marvin Horton, Patricia Mietlinski, Marcia Huckle, Sharon O'Bry- ant, George Guenther, Billy Cheney, John Nieder- xneyr, Paul Shepker, James Matwijkow, Donald Wi liams, Marilyn Sheffield, Clifford Rockwood, Larry Johns, Donald Schreiber, James Bertsch, Jean Bley. Second Row: Cherie Gehl, Brenda Baird, Rhoda Gould, George Agle. First ,Row: Judy Gregory, Beverly Minekime, Sally Todd, Rebecca Gould, Barbara Finch, Jonell Cole, Paul Ten Hoopen. During the year the fourth graders have increased their knowledge and understanding of the peoples of different lands and countries of the world. International good will and friendship have been stressed to help children become more toler ant toward children of other races and customs. The organization of clubs in each room proved a most successful project. These Good Citizen Clubs placed accent on kindness, thoughtfulness and cooperation. The students worked hard to improve their behavior in the halls and cafeteria Throughout the year, the students derived keen pleasure from their science work. They discussed many new and in- teresting things about their world. x., . Third Row: J. Sparacio, R Zulick, R. Ruebeck, G. Nellie, J. Miller, E. Gattie, M. Rivas, R. Yeager, M. Ulizzi, R. Wil- liams, A. Schmitt, R. Schmitt, Mrs. Lemmler. Second Row: T. Gauthier, C. Owen, J Smith, B. Merchant, L. Kacz mereck, C. Phatiger, N. N ellis L. Ohlhues, D. Schumer, E Miller, E. Saar, D. Schasel S. Baradics. First Row: E Stegmeier, M. Smith, P. Spack, E. Minikime, M. J. Landahl, B. Pawlicki, D. Meyerhoefer Fourth Row: D. Bastedo, W. Deuble, D. Owen, J. Clawson, R. Peck, M. Catapano, W. Engelhardt, C. Crozier. Third Row: M. Knoll, E. Gehl, J. Horton, A. Norwig, Mrs. Gould, G. Johns, S. Jakiel, R. Lakely, C. Doolittle, R. Kader. Sec- ond Row: H. Carney, P. Case, J. Eisele, R. Benker, J. David- son, B. Feasley, J. DiMaria. First Row: A. Chiavetta, R. Gier., E. Martin, H. Kinsey, H. Enser, L. Law, T. Lewis. The fifth grade has had an exciting and interesting year, under the guidance of Mrs. Gould and Mrs. Lemmler. They studied the fight for the independence of the United States, so that they might better understand what the freedom that they now enjoy has cost their ancestors. The fifth graders also set up a grocery store in their classroom so that they could learn how to handle money and make change. To learn weights and measures they had the actual measurements such as pints, quarts, peeks, and bushels and actually poured materials from one container to another. While taking part in these projects the fifth graders showed an abundance of talents. With this knowledge in mind, these children will move up one more grade to continue in their quest for knowledge. . 37 . 'ff "W-'Q-w-ww'-s-w--ms-J----.-.-.... ' SENSE MAN Fourth Row: G. Zittel, H. Shef- field, D. Barr, F. Ulizzi, C. Yager, R. Olin, D. Bower, G. Papich, R. Kehe. Third Row: B. Howell, P. Carpenter, B. Baird, D. Dole, Mr. Collard, C. Steffen, W. Boehmer, T. Tab , N. Cotton. Second Row: J. gheney, D. Sherman, L Jacobson, P. Walterich, F. M. Krauss, P. Desmond. First Row: D. Partington, R. Knoll, J. Messer, J. Crary, W. Gau- thier, F. Dickey. , 2' Fourth Row: D. Cords, B. Gier, D. Cords, P. Kozma, A. Gin- gher, R. Colantino, F. Enzer, R. Chyreck, J- Reinhard. Third Row: R. Page, B. Sovereign, Miss Saunders, P. Robb, A. Kasinski, T. Suja, R. Oster- man, L. Cornell, C. Rothe. Second Row: R. Spack, D. O'Brien, P. Work, N. Nehring, J. Neumann, G. Anger, P. Landahl. First Row: J. Mat- wijkow, R. Salzman, R. Bolton, W. Terwilliger, F. Swartz, J. Haier, T. Miller, D. Strom- gren. This was one of the most meaningful and enjoyable years ol' our school life. We shall carry with us, into the Junior High, our theme of tolerance, cooperation, and better citizenship. We worked to improve our ability in language arts and reading, but we had fun too, with spelling bees and choral speaking. in arithmetic, we learned to solve the mysteries of fractions and long division, while social studies found us exploring ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as well as the Europe and Asia of today. In science, we introduced ourselves to such subjects as photography, weather and the changing earth. The terrarium we made helped us to understand scientific problems. . We shall not forget the plays we presented and the cxpcrience provided by art appreciation, music, and physical edu- cation. 38 L Fourth Row: L. Gilbert, R. Bednasz, J. Miller, V. Di- Maria, H. Case, R. Hartley, W. Heisler. Third Row: M. Burke, C. Sparacio, J. An- ger, J. Miller, M. L. Phati- ger, P. Rice, D. Adrion, N. Neifer, B. Norwig. Second Row: J. Maltby, C. Thomp- son, J. She ker, Mrs. Das , S. Hoag, Sixt, R. Gier. First Row: W. Shasser, B. F redericksen, D. Mehs, R. Smith, D. Palmberg, R. Morosey. ' ik! Fourth Row: E. Cherie , S. Beehler, R. Johns, R. Filler, W. Finch, G. Schreiber, D. Hedges, W. Burke, A. Gier. Third Row: R. Batorski, R. Nehring, A. Jacobson, S. Mc- Nlullern, Mr. Spencer, J. Eu- ler, B. Serena, G. Hauck, R. Thomas, R. Gallman. Sec- ond Row: M. Haven, E. Gould, R. Turton, C. DeBoi., A. Bug- enhagen, E. Haier, D. Gallinan, J. Bauer, J. Meyerhoefer. First Row: J. Clees, J. Demp- sey, D. Gould, J. Kasinski, P. Faruga. The seventh grade has been actively engaged in the various functions of our school. The girls have studied good groom- ing, made skirts and tried new recipes. The boys have made gifts of plastic, clay, metal, and wood. We have participated in intramurals, thus learning the values of sportsmanship. We have been active in band and orchestra, playing at games and marching in parades. We joined many of the clubs and participated in Junior High Student Council, thus not only receiving education but contributing to the welfare of the school. In addition we have written book reports, performed scientific experiments and solved problems, all to reach a higher level in education. . ...a...........,...,..-,....,..,......,,.,,,. , ij .Y .-.11-, - GMM Fourth Row: W. Gorman, R' Krycia, R. Roeller, G. Koepka, O. Moore, E. Towns, L. Lomison, R. Young, P. Arno, P. Sovereign, G. Lester. Third Row: D. Mashke, A. Blakely, M. Brusehaber, J. Creiner, Mrs. Hannan, J. A. Bird, G. Pinto, P. Edie, R. Gearhart, R. Zulick. Second Row: S. Lamb, N. Combs, M. Bogner, W. 'McGowan, D Looze, C. Carpenter, J. Ad. rion, T. Spaek. First Row' A. Bugenhagen, D. Crocker M. Bruns, F. Gehl, T. O'Brien 9 Fourth Row: R. Strawbrich, W. Bastedo, M. Shea, N. Nehring, W. Towns, J. Zulick, K. Timm, W. Euler, C. Smith. Third , Row: R. Lockhart, R. Young P. Vara, A. Pryor, J. Weinar, I. Schumer, L. Schmitt, R. , Houck, D. Timm, P. Parting- ton, S. Zydel, C. Ringer. Second Row: B. Suja, C. Zieg- elhofer, M. Miller., B. Zittel, P. Faruga, M. Schmidt, M. Eckhardt, B. Rothe. First Row: J. Law, R. Gardiner, C. Sehasel, J. Wetzler, W. Schus- ICF. We of the eighth grade have become aware of the spirit of the high school as indicated by the fervor of our activities. We have acquired a more serious attitude towards our studies and a keener desire for participation in extra-curricular affairs. We have accomplished much in our classes: we have gained an appreciation of the best in literatureg we have learned much of the history and geography of our countryg we have inastered the intricacies of math and science. The boys have gained much from their shop and art activities, the girls have found enjoyment in home economics. In addition to all this, we have eagerly followed the teams and have enjoyed our movies, dances, chorus, and intra- murals. We believe that we are ready for the ninth grade. 40 Fourth Row: F. Morris, D. Lockhardt, R. Beyer, D. Wil- liams, R. LeWare, J. LeFevre, E. Cheney, H. Hickling, W. McDaniels, J. Neifer. Third Row: G. Winter, S. Preischel, J. Burrows, F. Meitlinski, A. Szatkowski, B. Nellis, Mr. Allen, M. L. Gumtow, L. Mehs, N. Hegedus, K. Fintak, P. Engelhardt. Second Row: C. Hauck, K. Emerick, M. Smith, P. Crocker, J. Haag, R. Pinto, J. Mertle, M. L. Kern, C. Renschler, J. Gerace. First Row: K. Hering, S. Sammarco, J. Ridge, R. Terwilliger, R. Crocker, J. Vigrass, E. Huber, J. Cotten. Nillili GMM sg: '12 " r 1 i?iiLf?f.., .gf-grgfr.s.w .gee . s pl ' . 'V ,'f."X. ,., A., ,n,v. I' ' ,... V F ,I ,.,,. 1 ' 5' if VT P3 i h 1 Q., arf 1 ff .X I 4 ' , -, , ' f ., 1 , , I V' . 1 I Fourth Row: D. Heinrich, R. Crowe, N. Schlierf, D. Schumer, J. Schwantz, R, Vara, J. Cotten, D. Rice, P. Anderson,R. Kern, N. Chene , R. Bacvar. Third Row: A. growe, G. Kurugz, S. Wittme er, M. Kuntzman, J. McMulien, Mr. Batorski, T. Kaminski, M. J. Anger, E, Bugenhagen, P. Rebman, P. Hunter, B. McGuire, Second Row: L. Cataldo. J. Hoadley, B. Knoll, M. Winter, P. Bird, J. Faruga, D. Vargo, S. Miller, E. Dole, B. L. Rubeclc, First Row: R. Bugenhagen, E. Turnbull, E. Gates, N. Eck- hardt, D. Clawson, L. Kamin- ski, D. Palmberg, Larry Szal. The freshmen, the senior members of the junior high school, have a variety of potential vocations which are leading them on the road of high school education. Besides trying to understand the complexities of their new courses in algebra, science, and languages, the Freshmen are engaged in many extra-curricular activities. This active group of students is well represented in the sport, music and social life of the school. As their year has progressed, their studies have become a bit more difficult, their responsibilities somewhat greater, and their participation in school activities more enthusiastic, making it a very successful year. Under the leadership of their class officers, and with the able guidance of Mr. Batorski and Mr. Allen, the Freshmen are prepared for a successful future. ff' K f 55.53 3 M E95 1 I """e61 fn '4?'fz557s,fif,1,ff f ,Q H 5 "l,qi:,f1-P' ,,, .W 1' 'IF' L L In-ul f 11 1 ln' 1, 1 YV' Q Jiri' wg' J 'E lily I 1-. eym .wir !Hl I .f',fi?"i ?':..f1f"fi Q rllgiilplgggl J gl! 12 -3 T Km Hop , .. As sophomores, we have successfully attained the first step in our high school careers. With our first year of high school we were offered many op- portunities to prove our worth, both scholastically and in extra-curricular affairs. We have mastered geometry, the intricate systems of biology, woodworking and the correct way to type a business letter. From our class, came the school secretary, monitors and active members of the student council, we were well represented in band and chorus. Our lettermen in all sports will prove a valu- able asset to our teams in later years. Our "Pigskin Hop," depicting a football field, complete with goal posts, was a very gala occasion. We have enjoyed this year with Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Jacobson, and Mr. Ball, 9 f --F .:.r-i v-'iggfiz .sg K' ,J 1' ,,,- 4 , ' I4 ii.: .'. .nlwl ' ' ' R rr-A2255?ff:i1'4L4f:w' f ,, ,- .'1 ,,'w' . 'f'f,- fm, . ,gigs gf ,wil 1, . Higgs , ,gi'.iraw,. ,Wg- Vigfl- ' ' um Wig., 5-v' 2 v"i.:1wa . fflti'f"' .I -1' " v 4 - .J '-1' -. 'ML Q V.. Jr-VL . vu "vm,-'--fr,-7 fl 1. sw -as ,y 1 v ,ifff.,1,ff.f.. ' .- aff' f4?lF-!.:- .7 -5' - ' 'X +fv1??:f55..E,i5'-51 I ' . ,g.wss2.:::-Qf. gf ' me I - mf-.fwif-i- 24:54, ' ,. -4, , , .gi .359- ' llffcyg-1.1. ,,...f.5xL 2-'MV' " ,. ,f r fl '.: .I H' 'n:frs1l.sw:-es, :. is-4 ' 9- -'.-,37-,.Ls,.v.A.:.5. . .-,.q.s- 1 ' r- , 1' ,. -2 , 'igggggggeretfiizzzigg .if f ,.,: i"5f5:IE:-' 1' P ix -' - lv.'F'l' , f gh . ' ,nfl -1 .1 .. . 'uf fl " 2,1-qi 6, uw I gh.f,':L' ,, T . . 'Ii ff "" :I-an-1 1 in , X X as our advisers, and have great hopes for a most successful and productive Junior year. 4 Fifth Row: Allen Wollenberg, Raymond Dayka, Robert Sloma, John Strawbrich, Jan Jakiel, Dick Hornung, John Salewski, Raymond Shef- field, Herbert Bogner, Tony Lardo, Paul Wollenberg, Peter Suja, James Lonkey. Fourth Row: John McGuire, Joseph Thomas, Donald Brock- man, John Winter, Sam Catapano, James Cole James Gicr, Carl Chelius, Dick Stresing Edgar Preischel, Nelson Hicklin W'll' B , , g, 1 iam ett h , Marvin Shiffman. Third Row: Sylvia Gehl, Charlotte May, Rosemarie Wittmeyer, Marian Reed, Mary Ann Catalino, Margaret Sheriiiaed, Mrs. Jacobson, Mr. Ball, Mrs. Ross, Margaret Hammond, Josephine Haeick, Marlene Bruns, Sue Braymiller Irene Krycia Nancy Yeager. Second Row: Richard May, Jerry Shauger, Mary Anielski, Laverna Christian, Eleanor Richael, Nancy Castle, Jane Rice, Jo ce Papich, Marian Shaw, Alice Domin, Ronald Gehl, Gerald Schmittendorf. First Row: Robert Schumer, Roger Mashke, Kenneth Butts, Cllilford Pal- meter, Danny Agle, George Gates, Carl Bauer, James Murphy, Fred Haier, John Kozak. K X, ' awf,a.wwm-rf-' WMS tb will Fifth Row: Gerald Agle, Ernest Bower, George Landon, Paul Hammond, Richard Stahy, Lawrence Reisch, William Bird, Bruce Wein, Robert Slender, James Dempsey, Arthur Wagner. Fourth Row: Clayton Corah, Jean Wittme er, Alice Casper, William Nellis, Theodore Naber, Edwin Walker, Clyde Smith, Douglas Roycraft, Harold Young, George Skora, Edith Cheney, Barbara Bolton, William Euler. Third Row: Geraldine Dobeicz, Daphne Gilbert, Regina Wroblewski, Thelma Rice, Miss Collins, Mr. Robb, Nora Portman, Lois Blesy, Rita Gehl, Ce- celia Kaminski. Second Row: Rosemary Bullied, Margaret Cataldo, Mary Jane Bade, Shirley Howell, Constance Miller, Lucy Pinto, Jeanette Wittme er, Dorothy Delgado, Bett Lou Mammoser, Dorothy Lamb. First Row: Joyce Marie Eichler, Harold Haier, Daniel Turton, Lothrup Willis, James Mehs, Marvin Nagei Raymond Klein, Shirley Steffen. Under the sincere guidance of the class advisors, Miss Collins and Mr. Robb, the Juniors have had a successful year. ' Officers elected by our class were: George Landon, Jean Wittmeyer, Nora Portman and Edwin Walker. Recognition of our status as upper classmen came with the receiving of our class rings. The major highlight of the year was the annual Junior Prom, BALI HAI. The theme, a tropical island, complete with sandy shores, palm trees, exotic vegetation, and even a small lake! Queen of BALI HAI was Jeanette Witt- meyer. Preparation for the Senior year is steadily being accomplished by all active Juniors. Their funds were increased by sponsoring a JUNIOR CARNIVAL, there- fore displaying cooperation and unity within the class. 43 .0-1-I 'eff si. ,,, , age, L s. ' 5 ,4 all A ..., : ,iff ,,:,:5iQ'f,?772.f-"' ,, an Nw, 14 .qfrff ...',.i:gz'ur.f.i'at, it F- ' E - ' BR ' hr? om Mmenjfs O LS. EQND fgf row. Sherman, 14411-relkfne, 5157-edu, f7Q,,gf-I 55-fzfhmn, C3,.a.f,yL 2fv0' fov-7 f7!f"-n""""'7d, Ja-Cribs-:nf 511-f' , Kra.uSs , Schuf-nf-r I 51.vefe,,7,,, of O 57700: Oleflefj , f-4Q..I'7Tr7J 51,1-prr,,ff7 jghngi jf' 'NOW Rwffck-1 , Mefchmnf S,,',,v 01, ,D - lkffrv. S74-horn rem , ' J I '71 G-1-A-fD7f3f'r, ggi , Defe- Qelnhqkof 9 i I?e",, -Wi-f ---2--i---7---V---U , Sgffbfrgfeh QA. 9 f -T ' Q.Qv'ru2. Q Q59-'vit' L- -Hcnvvwe,-Y-Q'-uvx and '-7" 'T Q XNflQJ:..Q-,HJ QENZSSTS 6 and fic if A si? , P 5 9 .fm w 'ml 9 A aw vp, V, is Q. ' J.. -ff, ? 4' 1, -:MJ . ' L ' 4, A ,,," W 1 , A .' '?1w:a'1ze1+- "' " , ,,Yf?23??:f?W 1 Q M ?f 53, E.i4?l,l 1' ' ' ' -21-'?:J." fi .f,C::j2fi,'-'fir 3,1f?"" uf A ff .' -f 1 Af J' lag? A ' gf ' f aw z -,Z 1, ff:3ww,,4mfi'1g,4 1. gp,:ff2cfx1 'Q -X ff' Lwfw.m'2',,y -fi Ti' 2 gas 3 ' ' 1 'N ' ' .wc.fL.2'5Mf.:'.Lp:4'9+'af1ffmw1w'iw2wifzggqfw ff,-Lv2'w,':'fv1. W- ,. ny,g1e:g.e35g13yfcaZ1f,'f 414' 15113 5946.-1, fv3M4fgy'4ff.4v,f': f5f'ffff -GL'-fv',',gx:5z-256,54 fsyl-41.2 . 4-f Wtzfeifm94-Aw:raffi,a,7,,6?f',1A27iixfi-.fffw-I' -51 .-xf'ff,'?1Q12.fmf'134?4 v --'fffM:z+,wZf'wxgf QM' ftwrlhxf . , .1iffw,A,mw:fmfm'.w-wfaww,ff,1f'.mv. fwnrf'WW.Wf--f'1w1mmm.:wisWzsffzh. 4 ffmyf '54.s5Mrfg!'a.112yff,eq,.z-e:,'?1,-fif-2ff1v,1apf,Qf:jw3f,,"f,fm215A+?-,-,L-,-.f,1-345,2-wg:'iwiwinfvigff U ,, S. -ffffw-..+w.L.Ma46w.4.U' maiagmsfcffif.-.Lmeagrein-.Q QQ ,QQWD Q., vR9Q.x-czs..CQQ, , . -s W. 'X xp Qm W5 Ci Q Quik, Ki, n n OL.. . Dog, . A i , x 1. joe f C.o't.t.0Y1 .,s .. 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The various courses offered, such as short- hand, t ping, bookkeeping, and business law provide the student with the opportunities he needs to procure a position in the business world. Many of our business students are prepared to take positions immediately upon graduation from Eden Central School. Third Row: J. Mur hy, R. Stressing, C. Bauer, M. L. Miller, E. Tonder. giizcond Row: D. Brockman, E. Rich- ael, J. Haeick, L. Willis. First Row: B. Roycraft, P. Boseck, N. Portman. RT The high school art classes have this year begun work under the new syllabus which allows for a greater degree of individual interpretation, regardless of sub- ject matter and general theme. Two courses, general and basic art are taught. We have worked with water colors, tempera, charcoal and actual textures. Other than class problems, we have enjoyed working on bulle- tin boards, doing murals and other projects for seasonal decoration, and helping with properties for assembly programs. S First Row: J. cyruuk, R. Emerick, M. Sherman, R. Crocker. Second Row: M. Nagel, B. Roycraft, G. Lau- don, E. Huber. Third Row: J. Vigrass, J. Eichler, S. Howell, J. Cotten. Standing: Mrs. Ross. HOME ECO 0MIC I The object of our high school course in homekeeping is to prepare the student for a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life. Instruction is given in consumer education, grooming, interior decoration, budgeting, boy and girl relationships, famil relationships, and child care and development as well as courses in foods, nutrition and clothing construction. Home projects give the students a.chance to apply at home what they learn in school. This course may be taken as an elective or as a full vocational program. E Miss Hayes, B. Bles , C. Lester, D. Bacvar, K. Inman, Miss Ke ley, D. Gilbert. 46 .., ,...e.h.e..,,...,.......,, f' l . ,J xp , ...s--..--st-Q--mv-ve AGRIC LTURE Preparation for a future in agriculture! For some boys this will mean working the farm with Dad, for others, working in related agriculture occupations, for still others, two to four years in agriculture colleges. The boys have a variet of interest and the course of studies is varied to meet their needs. Emphasis is placed on farm-analysis, buying a farm and father-son part- nerships. Second Row: G. Agle, R. Feasley, E. Bower, Mr. Luders, D. Turton, H. Haier. First Row: A. lvagner, J. Walker, J. Dempsey, W. Bird, H. Bley. i y CIE CE Science today lays an immense part in all of our lives. It is througlii the fundamentals of general science, and the continuation into biology., physics, and chemis- try that we have learned to associate the more myster- ious things in life with our own lives and environment. Field trips have assisted us in connecting our learning with actual happenings. The studying of science has given us a more vivid realization of the future. ' Standing: M. Sullivan, R. Feasley, B. Wein, D. Roy- craft, C. Renschler, E. Forster, J. Crowe, W. Euler, L. Willis, B. Roycraft, P. Hammond, W. Nellis, M. Shook, O. Wittek, D. Parmelee, R. Emerick, D. Stab , P. Laing, L. Reisch. Seated: R. Olin, M. A. Krauss, Castle, B. Bolton, M. L. Miller, A. Casper, I. Agle, J, Agle, S. Neumann, M. Horton, B. Britting. 47 THEM TIC Mathematics is a science that treats of the measuring, relations, and the properties of qualities and magni- tudes. In Eden Central we have tried to teach the above facts to the students that they may use them in their everyday life now and in the future. Our main purpose is to teach the students to think logically from the very simple fundamentals to the more complex. Third Row: H. Haier, B. Bolton, B. Wein, Mr. Robb, R. Staby. Second Row: E. Tonder, W. Euler, T. Naber, R. Emerick. First Row: L. Willis, D. Thompson. ....,,,,,,,u-.- 5331 LANGUAGES The language classes are an integral part of any high school curriculum. E. C. S. has its share of Latin and French and, although the stead plugging in the first and second classes is tedious, all agree the third year classes are worth itl The height of enjoyment is reached when the language student is able to translate Guy de Maupassant and Cicero. Miss Collins, E. Castle, M. L. Miller, B. Wein, M. A. Krauss, C. Bauer, J. Crowe, R. Staby, J. Agle. A WT' A .QM 9 - .-:af-,-,...., V E.GLI H Daily English classes in Eden Central School an primarily planned to assist the student .in preparing to express himself in Huent and effective oral ant written English. The aspects covered are vocabulary, s elling, composition and appreciation of literature Flor added enjoyment the courselincludes choral speaking, poetry, and drama. English classes enjoy providing entertainment for several community org. anizations, and using movies and recordings ln classes to broaden our education. Standin : Mrs. Pierce, M. Sullivan, C. Renschler, 1 Laing, Walker, M. Szal, J. Crowe. First Row:I Tonder, M. Shook, S. Neumann, D. Bacvar, I Inman. Second Row: D. Parrnelee, P. Boseck, I. Agl. B. Blesy, J. Agle, B. Roycraft. Third Row: R. Emericl C. Bauer, E. Castle, C. Lester, M. Horton. Y n A 3 i 0CIAL TUDIE History is the door to the past. Through it we pass in search of a knowledge of those who have one be- fore us striving to find reasons for present Say cus- toms, boundaries, governments and ossessions. Cur- rent events are also stressed in our ell-nsses, giving the student an understanding of what will he the history of tomorrow. Debates, map study, and oral reports add variety to the interest of these classes. .l. Crowe, B. Blesy, E. Tonder, P. Laing, R. Stender, C. Renschler, M. Szal, E. Forster, M. Jameson, C. Lester, D. Bacvar, S. Morris, K. Inman, D. Hickling, Mr. Lyon. .-,....,. . ' ' Hffmv.. I DU TRIAL ART The Industrial Arts shop is the setting for scenes of bustling activity. In addition to giving students a broad studty of the materials, organization, tools, pro- cesses, pro ucts, jobs, and human problems of industry developed through the planning and construction of projects of interest to pupils., discussions, observa Lions, and readings relating to industry, Mr. Mergler finds time to repair school equipment, make stage properties and paint the scenery or set the stage for assemblies. Clockwise: P. Laing, D. Rice, Mr. Bove, L. Szal, P. Belote, R. Cehl, E., Gates, R. Bacvar, F. Morris, G. Gates, D. Clawson, D. Lockhart, N. Schlierf, G. Winter, M. Szal, A. Spack, G. Schmittendorf, E. Preishel, Mr. Mergler. PHY ICAL EIIUCATIO The schedule of these classes is governed mainly by .the weather. Brisk fall days encourage tennis and soc- cer while blustering winter winds confine activities, such as basketball and tumbling, to the gymnasium. Warm spring brings dancing, track and softball. The thrills that come with a job well done, a new skill mastered, social poise, and body co-ordination are but a few of the results which tend to make a healthier, happier individual. Standing: K. Inman, I. Haeick, B. Britting, Miss Kleinsang, D. Lester, S. Neumann, D. Gilbert, M. A. Krauss, B. Roycraft. Seated: L Agle, B. Blesy, S. Morris. A. Casper, L. Bastedo, M. Jameson, D. Parmelee, M. Horton. J. Agle, M. L. Miller, E. Cheney. 49 HI TIIRY 0F IVI IC The music classes this year are placing a new empha- sis upon music as an approach to a deeper enjoyment of daily life and as a career. Whether a student takes har- mony, history of music, rudiments, or lessons on an instrument, he will find that he has acquired not only a greater ap reciation and knowledge of the subject but also the Feeling that music is a necessary part of a complete education. Mrs. Boseck. S. Morris. D. Hicklinq, R. Terwilliger, L. Bastedo, G. Skora, M. Shaw, J. Papich, P. Boseck. xg ,W I I C ompl i merits. of m..,w,.-V, wmv- and JUNIORS x .- :,:: Fw 'X ci .y-45- 'fx 3,2235 sg: AV," 119 ' V'v +f5',1+-fm ' ' "5 ,K A Q-, .ja 5,7 gy W 3 4 . xfmfzia, I A , I Egwzvii ag f QQ, Q -. XXX? ff 2 ,f X427 f ff X f fjf, dw 9 i gf ff g f? fi We A M, X jljjffffzfff I ,,,, 5 -,v ,. jQ4f,,,,f!,,, ,4- J, ffff 1-if 11 . Q49 5923 '3 Whm W, A . W! W, 0- 1 dw- wcifh' Af , ' '2 ffm 12 2 , .. M 'W-'f-M,1,fQ . 4"' ., , f 274, 4 4 'HU K", " ' 0 my, 'mf' V. if iw 2' f' V. , f 1 -, -',::- -f J 2115-f1Q'z6,gp-Lf f - 1 X fwf 750295 1 X1 f ff f f f W Oy, fi WW4 f , 1 ff f , ff .HV young l Q, w,J.'d'e.lc, QCLA, aww . Q' Uosuqf- Q- Q5-:Rue Q.X-LJITT?-ki S'G0'-'dxf , Clzrk-au . 3'fG',reeX'2x5 P Llwx 3 E-T'-'ndef' -S -XU'-Uief' ,I QM-CWQJQVW sgkmgfiwkawf We M x6 QDQATN WW? fwf- GMD. Q, smxv. cp. Saw--WefNd"+ wg EA, xmkTw'm4T'-on efijwwv WW Q 'Q ,..,,A,,,.,.,:.Q.w..n.-.. I J 15 7, 5 7. 1 -4 E ,5 3,1 L8 i . 1 1 1 5 y. ef if Zz . 2 V I r 5 2 ? 4 1 Yll!'A0fMG"a'6'I!3s:H?1M5,Y'i 'D' .'.'.1.. 1. " rg-'. ' G- 1 """af' . , f"C'.Q-X"76.'H.f'fEH.!Ji"i1','Tb'IFl!i'A:m."'MA1z'-7:25' LTLIEk1iF1.2PE L1!illVIfC4YJ1ACLWin,3"'f'!5.LiT"'x A515555 '51 '55 P' Ili' 115'-i11.7?"P:aL!0lFL1L'ElH5:7Z11uTIYifi'l'l67E'9.i'1l.'DlS First ROW! J- Agle,,D- Parmelce, K. Sixt, S. Morris, J. Wi ttmeyer. Second Row: P. Boseck, B. Fredericksen, R. Zulick, R: Hartley, H. Haier. Tlurd Four A. Blakely, R. Vara, B. Nellis, B. Rothe, R. Klein, A. Wollenberg, J. Cole, R. Ter- wnlligver, Partirigton, W-. lNell1s. Fourth Row: A. Pryor, K. Emerick, B. McGuire, R. Roeller, R. Johns, W. Gorman, NZ Hlckllng, R. Rern.Back Row:L. Basledo, M. Sherman, A. Casper. WM 4 ,, giaf fi f 4, l y Without our band at Eden Central School, we would lack that certain ',',i l vivacity that makes life move along more rhythmically. As a result of pri- nt' 'B' vate practlce, lessons, group practice and the enthusiastic direction of Mr. Strorngren, the Band has. rounded out Qlflfffg 't'l 'lid the year with good musical entertam- 'fgzlgg' o if ment for all. Among the Bandfs many 'l3f1fEgf,j activities this year, were the Sunday lffiy afternoon concert in February, an as- 52 sembly at Springville, the fair, the con- cert for the orphans in Jamestown, the F314 QSWDUU X, A514323 fig J First Row: B. Bolton, J. Greeley, C. Bauer, B. Wein, M. Shaw. Second R : P. W Il b U, N, P M H C. Lester, E. Krohn, Third Row: N. Cheney, J. Bauer, S. Beehler, M. Milli-abr, J. ShZpli2r,eJ-BMiller??'lll?:?ra Sotli-Egg: . Q brieh, M. Phatiger, C. Ziegelhofer. Fourth Row: G. Skora, R. Terwilliger, E. Bower, J. Hoadley, M. L., llliller J Strawbrich, H. Hickling. Back Row: G. Landon, R. Staby, D. Hickling, M. Cataldo, Mr. Stromgren. 5 ' Tb HO0L BA D r many parades, the concert for the Crippled Childreu,s Camp, and the sna py march formations at the foot- hallpgames. The Band is also proud of the order of its ranks since it is similar to a military band in arrangement. These are the higher officers: Douglas Hickling-Captain, and Marian Shaw . and Sally Morris-Lieutenants. In the four years that Mr. Stromgren has been directing the Band, it has improved greatly in popularity, size, and accom- plishments. o ,A Mwnxfeo ,Z Q4 Milla Q QRUS an M rs. N. Boseck Fourth Row: L. Mehs, J. Burrows, P. Rebman, F. Mcillinski, IW. L. Gumtow,' K. Finlak, J. Schumer, E. Schmitt, J. Greiner, M. Brus- ehaber, P. Edie. Tlzirvl Row: L. Cataldo, P. Crocker, D. Vargo, A. Jacobson, C. Ren- schler, A. Crowe, C. Richard- son, P. Hunter, S. Beehler, J. llertsch, C. Pinto, Mrs. Boseck. Set-onrl Row: B. Suja, P. Rice, M. Schmidt, B. Ziltel, Wv. lVLCGl'JXVl1fl., E. Gould, D. Loozc, N. Niefer. J. Bauer, E. Chene . First Row: C. Thompson, Cehl. T. Spaack, J. Gerace, 'D. Crocker, N. Combs, M. L. Kern, M. Bogner, S. Lamb, S. Hoag, D. Gallman. ' . - v .V -M.-s.....,a,.m-m.-.-.,-sm-.-.-..q., s- r. Fourth Row: B. Palmberg Boseck, M. L. Miller Third Row: S. Neumann C. Ma , R. F easle J. Waller, L. Reiscii G. Landon, P. Hammond torj. First Row: M. Shaw N. Castle, M. A. Krauss P. Sherman, G. Doheitz B. Blesy, I. Krycia, M. Bruns, J. Eichler, A. Domin. Among the musical organizations at E.C.S. of which we are very proud, are the mixed and junior choruses. These groups, directed by Mrs. Boseck, are important because they train young voices to appreciate good music by blend- ing together in harmony. Several very fine performances, the music at the Thanks ivin ro ram, the Christmas and Easter a eants and the condensed g g p g 77 If 77 P ' g ' roductions of "Carmen and Martha, have been the result of their work. P JUNIOR ll0R J few? X. s. coudy, D. Parmelee, Pf C. Corah, P. Laing, Morris, L. Bastedo, R. Wittmeyer, Second Row: S. Morris Caccompanistj, J. Papich, B. L. Mam- moser, M. Jameson, E. Cheney, J. Cyrulik, J. Crowe, C. Renschler, D. Agle, M. Hammond, M. Shook, E. Castle, E. Ri- cheal, Mrs. Boseck Cdirec- 9 9 1 M. A. Catalino, J. Haeick, XX' N " f First Row: B. Brittin , W. Bird, F. Gehl, Koepka, P. Sovereign, D. Bastedo, L. Bastedo. Sec- ond Row: P. Hunter, E. J. Bugenhagen, J. Schumer, D. Barr, L. Jacobson, B. Bolton, B. Wein, R. Vara, K. Sixt, J. Cra , A. Pryor K. Emerick. Third Row: D. Sherman, E. Mine- kime, B. Pawlicki, . Merchant, T. Suja, . 'GUS ZH! iQ" n?U9'7 D' S539 K2 H2 . 513, Fig? als Hickling, J. Hoadley . Landon, A. Casper, . Sherman, M. Zulick, S. Morris. Back Row: Mr. Stromgren, I. Agle, S. Hoag, J. Anger. QRQ ESYM The orchestra, consisting of about forty-five members, is under the able direction of Mr. Stromgren. This group played ad- mirably for assemblies, the Spring Concert, the Fredonia Music Festival and the Senior graduation. Several members of this group played in the Sectional All-State Orchestra, as well as, in the Erie County All-High Orchestra. BOY' CHOR S This year, the bo s in the Boys' Chorus learned to sing in three arts: Soprano, Tenor and Bass. They all enjoyed this Because if enabled them to sing composi- tions written for three voices. The boys took part in the Spring Concert and the Operetta. Third Row: P. Sovereign, G. Koepka, C. Corah, L. Lomison, E. Towns, O. Moore, J. Zulick, P. Arno. Second Row: J. Papich Caccompanistj, T. O'Brien, D. Palmberg, B. Heisler, G. Lester, R. Kr cia, P. Parting- ton, S. Z del, J. Wetzler, Mrs. Bosech. First Row: A. Gier, W. Finch, R. Filler, D. Hedges. 0CTET The Octet is comprised of eight high school girls who have unusually fine voices. These girls provide entertainment in the communit b singing at various clubs. Such an activity occurred, when the members of this group participated in the minstrel show sponsored by the Rotary Club. The Octet is in special demand at our school assemblies, and it is there where they are most appreciated. Seated: Mrs. Boseck Cdirectorl, J. Papich, M. Shaw, L. Bastedo, Standing: D. Parmelee, S. Goudy, E. Cheney, M. Jameson, S. Morris. .y' '-1-wvvs-...,.. -vi-..m.s-... SENS E MII STUDENT C0 CII. Standing: J. Crowe, R Feasley, C. Renschler, M Shook, G. Landon, P Boseck, R. S taby, N Yeager, D. Hicklin , I man, J. Cole, W. Nellis 3 Shaw, N. Hickling, C Braymiller. The student council has functioned in its usual democratic way being the representative body of E.C.S. Mr. Peck gave valuable advice to help make it the smooth running organization it is. Its main accomplishment is the passage of the act allowing students free time after lunch. SIIIMNI' CMM Our school constitution, like any other, has certain laws by which thcsludents must abide. Those failing to do so are brought be- fore the student court, which, operating like that of our own government, provides for witnesses, a judge, a jury and a chance to plead innocent or guilty. Those found guilty are given just punishments. B. Klein, D. Hickling fchiefjuslieej, P. Laing, fbailiffj. 56 JR. IIIGII TUDE T C0 CII. The Junior High Student Council has been formed under Mr. Mr. Batorski's guidance. Its president is Ann Crowe. Standing: E. Turnbull, D. Hegedus, R. Young, N. Chene , H. Hickling, R. Roeller, S. Sammarco, M. Bruns, A. Blakely. Siand- ing, Second Row: C. Ziegelhofer, S. Preischel, M. Winters, E. J. Bugenhagen, J. Brusehaber, Ml.. Phatiger, R. Fuller, B. McGuire, A. Pr or, J. Dempse , L. Cataldo, M. Shea, J. Bauer, J. Brzizecki, M. Miller, B. Zittel, Schumer, J. Miller, N. Combs., B. Schasser, R. Smith, Third Row, Seated: F. Gehl, N. Neifer, S. Lamb, D. Melis, A. Crowe, C. Smith, D. Sixt, D. Gallman., C. Thompson. ,V W.. . f 'CN Krycia, J. Jakiel, M. Sher- c. Smith. Seated. N. Port: , man, J. Wittmeyer, W. W Euler, J. Walker, M. i Bauer, Front: J. Papich, R. Klein, M. J. Bade, M. Cataldo, H. Haier, S. NX , F ma- .e-....w.m...1fvwv.....g.-s-.us-.-.f-'- NATl NAL WWE Sll llll D. Parmelee, P. Boseck, M. Shook, Mr. Peck, D. Hickling, C. Bauer, Mrs. Pierce. Two Students are elected yearly from each class to maintain order in the halls. Monitors enforce rules and regulations set up h the Student Council. Students not obeying these rulyes are given a ticket which sum- mons them to Student Court. This year the members of the National Honor Society, under the capable guid- ance of Mrs. Pierce, have worked together, undertaking many worthy projects in order to serve our school. By their many services they have characterized the qualities required by the society-those of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. N. H. S. INITIATION M0 ITOR Tllzird Row. H. Ble , C. Smith, T. Lardo, R. stahy. second Row: J. Walker, E. louder, E. Walker. First Row: G. Schmit tendorf, J. Wittmeyer, A. Domin, J. Crowe. B. L. Mam moser, G Landon. W. Euler, T Naher, H. Haier. llll SENIGR PRE E T WDRUM 0F DEATH" MRS. G. ROSS D. Hickling, Sullivan, P. Laing, S. Goudy, C. Renschler, M. Horton C Bauer D. Parmelee. The senior class of 1950 did an unusually fine job on their play "Drums of Death." The three act mystery, laid in the most festooned everglades of Florida, was held in brisk tempo by the cast and stage crew who kept every minute packed with spine tingling event and weird settings. Mrs. Ross, the director, and Mr. Mergler, property director, worked with the seniors and gave the necessary help to produce the ultimate product which was a really fine performance. ' D. Hickling, P. Laing, C. Renschler, S. Goudy, P. Boseck WWE SME? Third Row: N. Cheney, J. Wittmeyer, G. Kaminski. B. Roycraft, M. Shook, E, Cheney, M. Sherman, R. Wrobleski, G. Doheicz, J. Mehs. Second Row: B. Palmberg, M. Shaw, C. Bauer, J. Agle, M. Horton J. Papich, M. L. Miller, B. Mammoser, J. Eichler M. Cataldo. First Row: C. Sessanna, J. Smith fsports editorj, S. Goudy Ceditorl, L. Willis, G. Landon Cart editorj, J. Bade fsocial editorj, D. Hickling fliterary editorj. This year's "Tower,', edited by Shirley Goudy, has been a monthly edition eagerly awaited bg the student boidly Jack's s orts write-u s, Geor e's art work, Doug's fiashes, and the many other articles have ma e it a pralsewor y d P P pro uctlon. THE DECAINDNIAN f aw-, fm-" .ww fin ' , , g I KA , , . , , , f .y ,Q init, ,i - - h ' J g . f ' 1 - Q Third Row: J. Greeley, S. Goudy, C. Sessana, H. Haier, C. Renschler, YV. Nellis, G. Agle, H. Blev, E. Forster, B. Emericlc, R. Feasley, J. Kennedy, J. Melms, L. Willis Agle, M. A. Krauss Morris, S. Neumann. - ond Row: G. Landon, Nellis, B. Marnmoser M Miller, B. Palmberg Roycrafl, M. Shook, Krolm, D. Parmelee, Bauer. J. Agle, M. Horton R. Staby, B. YVein, O Wiuek, C. Smiih Walker. First Row: B Bollvn, A. Casper, J Willilleycr, N. Portman, J. Crowe, P. Laing, Mr. Lyon, B. Britting, P. Boseck, R. Gehl. T. Rice, D. Lamb. ,I. , S. Sec NV , . , B. E. C. 1 ,E. The Decadonians is the name given to the official public speaking club in our school. By following the advice of Mr. Lyon, the Decadonians learn to speak clearly and pleasingly before the student body. 59 MDD RNARRRS STAFF ART AND PHDTDGRAPIIY The informal snaps throughout the book were taken by Charles Renschler and his staff. Managing always to have their cameras at the right time, they have captured the happy moments we will long remember. The attractive art work which has presented our theme throughout the book was done by Barbara Roycraft and her staff. Standing: P1 Laing, C. Bauer, P. Boseck, M. L. Miller, J. Crowe. Seated: D. Parmelee, R. Emeriek, B. Roycraft, B. Palmberg, C. Renschler, J. Greeley. '-A-an...-.--.f...,...,.,,.,, J LITERARY AND TYPING Pictures are of little value without a word or two of explanation or recognition, a reminder of the play, that important game, or that class. Our Literary Staff, guided by Douglas Hick- ling, the editor, Phyllis Boseck, the assistant editor, and Mary Lou Miller, the literary edi- tor, have worked conscientiously and harmon- iously, writing, rewriting, editing, correcting and searching for the "right word" to make the picture complete. Aided by the efficient Typing Staff, they have made our "Timekeeper', a priceless store of memories. D. Hickling, C. Sessanna, C. Bauer, S. Neumann, M. Horton, S. Goudy, E. Castle, M. L. Miller, B. Britting, E. Krohn, J. Agle, L. Agle, B. Roycraft, M. A. Krauss, B. Palmherg. ADVERTISING AND CIRCULATIDN While Dorothy Parmelee, our business man- ager, plannedmoney raising campaigns, such as movies and the sale of banners, stationery, candy, and magazines, the Advertising Staff under thc leadership of Paul Laing, solicited advertising which helps to make our "Time- keeper" a financial success. James Crowe with his Circulation Staff, planned "Embers Day," sold subscriptions, kept records of all money and distributed the yearbooks. This staff has earned admiration for a job well done. Third Row: C. Renschler, R. Emerick, J. Walker, M Szal, D. Hickling, F. Knight, J. Kennedy. Second Row B. Britting, M. A. Krauss., E. Castle, D. Parmelee, M Jameson, E. Krohn I. Agle, S. Morris, B. Roycraft P. Boseck, B. Palmberg, C. Lester, B. Blesy, S. Neu: mann. Front Row: J. Greeley., M. Shook, S. Goudy, P. Laing, J. Crowe, M. Horton, J. Agle, M. L. Miller C. Bauer. I 1 DOUGLAS I-IICKLING Editor-in-chief B7 THE 19 0 . lf 11, ai ..EMBERS,, A . hq, ' , 1. V 1 2 Y' A , A' , 1 1, 'ty v,,f4 W -if JG739, ,Muff J wff 1" U " if f ' Z,41f " 4, fr, f M ffv, 4, f 1 fx , r ,i 1 -r 1 i ,J 2 , 12? 1 wil f W I A W I rr I' 5..f1.wf'-f ft .- - ,. .. 4, A,,.t..5,. .- sf 5 'SF -f I ,A f f fx 1 x f f . if ' J Q V Y Q' it L t ft f 1 lf: f 'M1"Lt4,., 1 I r If A' 2 I M ,. if 1 '43, W.. A ' ' idk 1 6 W Mft: , ' ,X ,gf nf'f.j?Ju..w ,VX w f 'Sr mf , 4? 'g3'i"'1itf iv XYZ f-E PHY LLIS BOSECK Assistant Editor MARY LOU MILLER Literary Editor JAMES CROWE V Circulation Manager ,,f.,-my-W-S-,,v.,-.w ... . A .,..,,5N.l.,+ .' ,two J , A mszwu-.+' V- 1- V fe" K 1 'V' Q A AS4m.'x,-L'f"f"'1,'!'fHi'1-, H: T-ef'-' - ' is ft A mm www.: MRS. PIERCE Adviser CHARLES REN SLHLER photography Editor DOROTHY PARMELEE Business Manager BARBARA ROYCRAFT Art Editor PAUL LAING Advertising Manager ,st , ER MIC It is the purpose of the Ceramics Club to offer the beginner a field for creating things of actual beauty and value. Working in clay and shaping and building objects with the hands is a prac- tical outlet Lfor those who feel a need for self- expression. Using raw materials, this group, under Mr. Mergler's careful guidance, builds, bakes, and glazes its own products. Clockwise in foregrtunzl: M. Sherman R. Stender, C. Miller, E. Walker, Mr. Mergler, J. Eichler. Standing: P. Cotten, M. Nagel, L. Pinto, J. McGuire. f -K-.-,Vex-1-.1-an-sw. , x ATHLETIC C0 Cll. All of the schoolis athletic affairs are under the keen supervision of the Athletic Council. The encouragement of participation in sports A is one of its many duties. It also buys new equip- ment for our teams and sees that their finances are in order. Each year the council awards school letters to the outstanding players and plans a sports banquet in their honor. The im- portance of good scholarship, as well as good sportsmanship, is stressed. Stamiin : Mr. Ball, Mr. Hagen, Mr. Batorski, J. WaUcer, C. Smith, J. Crowe, G. Schmittendorf. Seated: Mr. Peck, Mr. Anderson, Miss Kleinsang. VIS AL AID The visual Aids Club is a new addition to our school life. Formed by Mr. F oroscij, this club Hnds itself in great demand. The elub's most important function is to operate the various motion picture projectors in the school. We remember well the several members of this club running the movies in our classrooms, at our assemblies, and at our class movies. As this group is primarily of Jr. High boys, it will be very interesting to watch it grow. V. DiMaria, Mr. Foroscij, J. LeFevre, R. Harms, J. Gier, D. Brockman, F. Morris. l 1 ..-Q TAGE CREW The stage crew in our school has the task of seeing that all stage properties are ready at the right time in all of our school's theatrical productions. Theirs is the task of regulating the lights and making sound effects to fit into the plot of the play. These boys work closely with the industrial arts department, under Mr. Mergler's watchful guidance, and so are able to learn the proper techniques needed in their work. J R. Cehl, Mr. Mergler, M. Szal, R. Stender, C. Chelius. TWIRLER Each year the twirlers have become increasingly more skillful in their routines until no parade in which the band participates would he com- plete without the white-booted artists. The twirlers, devoting many hours of faithful serv- ice to maintain rigid practice, have acquired a prestige of their own. At each of the home basketball games the nine girls have thrilled the spectators by performing their routines at the half of the big game. All agree that the remarkable synchronization is seldom matched elsewhere. Second Row:' S. Gehl, B. Nellis, C. Lester, J. Wittmeyer, F. Mietlinski. First Row: M. Anielski, J. Papich, L. Cataldo, K. Emerick. 63 20 QUE T10 Among the other active clubs at E.C.S., is our "animal, vegetable and mineral" organiza- tion or better known as the 20 Questions Club. Under the guidance of Mr. Lyon, they not only enjoy themselves, but also have provided good entertainment for the whole student body by sponsoring an assembly program with Jim Crowe doing a swell job as emcee. Seated: D. Agle, R. Feasley, Mr. L on, J. Crowe, H., Bley, D. Butts,,F. Haier. Standing: Willis, C. Bauer W. Euler, G. Agle, C. Renschler, R. Mashke, R. Schu- mer. . , 1- , r ' ..m.-.-.......vsw--... ,s..g-,-Q--as-.1 ,-, I F. H. . The present Eden Chapter of the Future Home- makers of America was organized two years ago. Its members have tried to carry out the ideals of the national organization by helping the school, community, and self. This year, the members have held movies, and a skating party, have given Christmas baskets to the less fortunate, and have honored students for effort in their work. K. Inman, R. Gehl, Kuntzman, T. Rice, L. Blesy, D. Lamb, R. Bullied, Miss Kelley. lisa 3 11 ai if J :iii 4 fgxslrztk '-f'1 1 ai: V. , h if jf, f, Mlflil , M ' "ff -ae.:- 0: ffm., l f ll. F. A. During the past year the Future Farmers of America have staged many successful projects. Several members attended the national con- vention while other activities included the banquet for the fathers and sons, the speaking contest, the initiation of new members and the basketball games. This chapter entered several contests, including dairy management, and dairy judging. Seeds were sold and two new projects were started, the pig project and the purchase of a pair of clippers for renting to farmers. Seated: J. Kozak, G. Agle Creporterj, H-. Bley Ctreas.J, R. Feasley CPres.D, H. Haier fVice Pres.j, F. Haier fsecj, R. Fox. Starulingq W. Bettcher, J. Niefer, L. Kaminski, R. Schumer, D. Schumer fsentinell, D. Turton, J. Salewski, Mr. Luders, J. Schwantz, R. May, R. Dayka, G. Sargeant, J. Lonkey. flll "To make the best better"-that is the motto of the 4H. This club elects its own officers, practices parliamentary procedure and decides on its yearly program. Each boy's goal is to exhibit a project at the county fair, in the hope of winning a blue ribbon. The judging of vege- tables, poultry and cattle is practiced regularly. This year's older group co-operativel.y pur- chased a purebred Duroc-Jersey gilt. Third Row: R. Gallman, J. Miller, J. Zulick, Mr. Lu- ders, P. Kozman, J. Euler, J. Dempsey. Second Row: R. Salzman, W. Schasser, C. Ringer, D- Cords, R- Bolton, F. Swartz. Seated: A. Bugenhagen, R. Krycia, A. Blakely, B. Gier, R. Thomas, R. Gardiner. 64 f K i P' LIBRARY TAF F After coming to our school library in January, Mrs. Greenwood organized the Library Staff. This club serves the purpose of helping out the librarian in the library. They check books, stamp magazines, keep the shelves in order, and perform the many other tasks that must be done in a'library. This group is composed mainly of Jr. High students. M. Anielski, P. Crocker, P. Rebman, Mrs. Luders, L. Christian, J. Gerace. CIE CE This club, composed of senior high boys, meet to further their education in the Held of science Experimenting in the field of chemistry, aiding in the functioning of the laboratory, acting as guides on field trips, and adding to their gen- eral knowledge of science, these boys feel that their year in this club has greatly benefited them. Their field trips included journeys to General Mills, Republic Steel, and the police laboratory. Praise is due them for a job done well. P. Cotten, C. Renschler, J. Kennedy, J. Crowe, D. Thompson, Mr. D'Antonino, L. Willis, L. Reisch, C. Chelius, O. Wittek, J. Smith, P. Laing, P. Hammond. 65A 1 ART CLB Meeting once a week, the Poster Club does just as its name suggests. This club makes signs for school organizations to advertise their activities These eighth grade girls spent much of their time in learning and practicing new lettering types which are an essential in all poster work. The Make-up Crew has the job of applying make-up to characters in our school's theatrical productions. Make-up Crew, Standin : B. Roycraft, C. Miller, G. Landon, J. Eichler, L. Pinto. Poster Club, seated: M. Sherman, F. Gehl, W. McGowan, T. Spack. Standing: Mrs. Ross. ' -., -ff-nf-v....m..V..i ,, 1 ,-W 1-ffmm.-.1.4-,f.-,..-.. - camp nmanti OF the. sW9l,iN'lR COUNCIL EC 3. LIFE 5 I Con Owen 'UNH-ek Course-K Ev.ec,vTme.'-2 BMW. E. FJQQK- X. Nix-s-5QKCL .S.uJe..XKer W. Euxef- N. SY-qw cv'e.i.uKa.'k'i0 'NS kxJ.EuXex' ' YQ- X-Cgnigrg, v f sf +1 1 :Haw-1, '3LQH.o1Q, 'D -5- CL 'Vim !Nk.4-ye.r'K'.-n ip-Lau-.Q Q f5o,.,,Qx, phgose i C J f ff - " " --V- , fs' 1 ,I , .4 A V , 1 I 3' KV" . X57 l"v'f5'12-'f1w- 'lsfffhf fi .Y wllffiwz , .. 'X'4m'WvL.. 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X -.1 -I.: , ' www. fs.-2-1m.4,- Y , - , ,. f Qgxqgixgzi img, if K sf., - rf:-?L'l3SZi?E -" ' f:L"7l' X' if 'W P rar N 'WP or .4-2-aff... .1 -ff: 1 3 :sf- i file? 9+ fi?-'xq N 3 .- . ig ' A " . xr. :wt 2, . ' Y B :X f 9' .iff X 'i-Q. 1. , . , if f t HMC11l.'1'JF11F1 cu co cv cn on co D D 5 B I5 5 ,Ci E F' I" 2 I-U cn cn 2 P: Q .. F., 5 3 Us E A: E. Pj ,... Q.. O cn B D cn :S D E UQ : 0 ,... 4 CV I:-' li lllll cw c Qo,5ni'o.ZM.. g -V. .l--W..-.sm-frf M., , , . 3 . . ,. .,.-:,..,-.....-mr. ., W,,,,.,,,,, VARSITY FO0TBALL After many hours of pre-season practice and training, Coach Ba torski came up with a championship caliber team. The maroon raiders were composed of many Hne players, stars in their own right, and played as a well-balanced unit. With a heavy line and a light experienced backfield, our team did a line job in representing our school. Having set the highest pace in the history of the school, with four games won and many conversions scored, we leave these records in the hope that next year,s team will break them. Tlzzrrl Row: H. Bogner, W. llirfl, E. Forster, O. Willek, R. Slaby, P. Laing, ' J. Walker. Second Row: C. Chelius, R. Terwilliger, C. Smith, W. Euler, H' ,Youngs Wflllwr, R- Sloma, J. Thomas, A. Wagner. First Row: J. -laklelv D' rl-lT0U1PS0Y1, C. Schmittendorf, Mr. Batorski, J. Crowe, J- 68 Brzeziclci, R. Klein. f' L Eden Eden Eden Eden E den Eden Eden Eden Eden E den Eden Eden Eden E den Eden Eden Eden E den ,.-Q-,sm.ea1-f,w,'-,a-z-..f-.,.1-am-- VARSITY BASHllAlil, SCHEDULE A Angola Holland Springville North Collins Woodlawn Orchard Park St. Mary's Springville Blasdell Clarence Holland Orchard Park North Collins Angola Woodlawn Blasdell Clarence St. Maryls This year's basketball team posted the usual good record with twelve wins and six losses. Paeed by the two Walkers, Crowe, Schmittendorf, Wittek and Thompson, Eden took second place in the league, losing out to Woodlawn hy only one point in an over- time period. Although our team was defeated a few times, we feel that they weren't defeated, because they never let down in spirit and were known for their gentlemanly conduct on the Floor. Bob Feasley, Dick Arno, and Bob Emerick, who will be lost by the team 'through graduation, provided the team with some of its depth of ability, for which it is well known. The fans witnessed an unusual amount of overtime periods with Eden usually coming through in the pinch. They also witnessed one of Edenls most accurately shooting teams, having such shots as Jim Walkerls pivot shot, Jim Crowe's long set shot, Schmittendorfs drive in and lay-up, and Ed Walker's one handed push shot. Worth special mentioning is the whole team's foul shooting record of 83Z and 7675 in some games. We're sure Coach Ball was pleased with his team's achieve- ments, and we are all looking forward to just as good a season next year. Third Row: R. Arno, C. Smith, W. Bird, O. Wittek, P. Hammond, W. Euler, Second Row: C. Chelius Cmanagerl, W. Nellis, D. Thompson, E. Walker, R. Feasley, R. Emerick, C. Smith fmanagerl. First Row: G. Sehmittendorf, J. Crowe, Mr. Ball, J. Walker, H. Young. "x -w,-.T-.a:.f.-.,-..t.,n. . WN' - ,' . . FO0TBALL Third Row: J. Ridge, H. Hickling, J. Schwantz, W. Euler, N. Cheney. Second Row: J. Thomas, C. Chelius, R. Sloma, J. LeFevre, R. Beyer. First Row: S. Sammarco, R. Terwilliger, R. Klein, R. Crowe, D. Mashke. The jayvee football players practiced every night with the varsity and had a regularly scheduled season of six games. We can be sure that many of the future varsity stars will come from this group. J. V. BASKETBALL Second Row: H. Hickling Cmanagerj, A. Wollenberg, J. Cole, J. Strawbrich, Mr. Batorski Ccoachj, P. Wollenberg, R. Sloma, J. LeFevre, D. Rice. First Row: R. Klein, N. Hickling, J. Winter, R. Beyer, G. Winter, S. Sammarco. Through the undying ef- forts of Coach Batorski and of all the players, the jayvee basketball team had an- other successful season. They have won a good number of their games and have provided the fans with a few thrillers before the varsity games began. Mr. Batorski usually sub- stituted freely in order to give all of the players 8 chance to get exper1eI1C0 under pressure. All of the jayvees responded well t0 this method, and showed the fans that next yearS X varsity coach will have V much material with which to work. 70 ,xv .ah 4. - . VAR ITY RA ERALL Second Row: Nlr. Hagen, G. Schmittendorf, E. Walker, J. Walker, B. Bird, R. Terwilliger, D. Thompson J Brvezxcki Ftrs! Row D Staby N. Cheney, C. Smith, R. Mashke, R. Klein, D. Stressing. The baseball team showed strong hitting power this year, besides some improved Heldinff ability under the capable coaching of Mr. Batorski. Displaying much "pep" and spirit on the field, they have certainly achieved their goal of 'food sportsmanship. VAR ITY TRACK Second Row: J. Wahcer, J. Salewski, O. Wittek, R1 Hornung, J. Strawbrich, C. Smith, Mr. Baforski coach First Raw C Hermg manager C. Chelius, R. Emerick, W. Euler, E. Walker, R. Kern. Running, high jumping, hurdling, discus throwing, broad jumping are chal- lenges that were put before the Eden Track stars. The boys met this challenge head on by practicing be- fore the season started, for many long hours, and by training and keeping in shape. They had meets with such schools as Orchard Park,'Gowanda, and Sloan, and all made a good showing in these activities. These boys have learned through these meetings that the only way to success is through supreme effort. 71 ' X. , L, . IRLS' AND BOY ' I TRAMURAL G. Sargent, R. May, G. Agle, A. Lardo, R. Staby, R. Sheffield, D. Hick- ling, I-I. Haier, R. Mashke, L. Willis, G. Landon, J. Lon- key. The physical education department in our school sponsors an extensive intramural program for the girls and those boys who do not take part in varsity sports. The playoff for the championship was among the top four basketball teams, the "Red Arrows," "Bulldogs," "Invaders," and the "Wheels." A badminton tournament was staged in which a trophy was presented to the winning boy and the winning girl. In addition another trophy was presented to the winning girl in the tennis tournament. , y U Left to Right: T. Rice, M. 'l. Baflei M. Reed, M. Amel- ski, J. WittmL?Bf, S. Howell, R. lil' lied, D. Lamb, L- Pinto, C. Miller, E- Castle, M. Krauss, G. Dobeicz, B. L- Mammoser, M. Cataldo, MiSS Kleinsang, N. Port- man, S. Neumann, L. Christian, B- Blesy, L. Bastedo, B. Britting, I. Agle, N. Yeager, D- Del' gado, J. Wittmeyeri R. Wrobleski, C. Lester, aM- -lame' son, M. Hammond, .l. Papichi B- Palm' berg, B- ROYCWR' I. Krycia. 'vs-.... ..g,.... 45 ,- , ..,f,.,, .J - Q., ...... . Nw.-x 1'I N " 1-..v.0-vfanamsg--urn-um swf CHEEELEADEEE By accompanying the football and basketball teams this year, ten cheerleaders, complete with new uniforms, added' pep and support to the teams participating. The Junior Cheerleaders consisting of two freshmen, two sophomores, and one junior supported the Junior Varisty. Five varsity cheerleaders composed of two juniorsand three seniors under the leadership of the seniors and Miss Kleinsang. have perfected many new cheers to enliven the cheering section. Second Row: D. Parmclee, E. Ton- der, P. Bosek. First Row: M. Calaldo, Aglc, M. ,I. Hade Cheerleader Cap- tains: D, Parmclee E. Tonder, P. Bos- eck. iz? N. Yeager, P. Hun- ter, A. Crowe, M. Shaw, D. Delgado. 73 f X-Rmb T' ' if : J H .mm . 1---5 . A iq14?5fl,Q7LLR- , ,VN .A, 1, :..vV1V..,v,, '.!V1e'3'J"1:GfF-' 'sm'-V ,- 'Hf-:Vl-M 1:1 :rw'Rr21'fnL',":fw'f1-' ' , Omi :ments QP thc, SQPHQMQQES ATHLETI CS , VV ,sf ' N , ,. 3 V "hx '. . E21 , N :WM 7 f V" X , J H-g,i.'? ,' , V -' fi: i f V 'K 45:2-BWV' :gn f'f::f?3i'?f V-FQ' ' V' lel72"5"' I sz ,A ff - 'ff' 'wwe ,fm V, - , V V f 2, cm y.2,g:,,g 1,41 .gf :VV ' .1 ., ., 35,1 ,, . ' : , H-11: ,V . . Vi 1, ,A1sfzf,,fy,M 0, 4-351.1 . . . , 'f 'V WMM I ,f . f- 1 'af 4, - , fu .1 ' V V . ,, ,Vx Lf' 5- Q-'cf-o.wDv1dn 9. X.oo.XXen'0erc5 13. Lqqng J. Qqreelegj Q,'QQ,,.,-,..,glQe. ' f-'x-Sx-V.c...y.- BV'i3NeSx5 Q.LQsTer L-.Y50.S"T2do 3.60961 BQSQLH X ,Wifi Alz. ,A 'I E ' A 2 QW J 52aa , V V V ffwwmpwn fwumf W ' Ik 1 ' an 522 " 'fb " 1 1 4 I '4 ., , L-'wmv f file., -f Xlo WVXOfNvxS 101221. .. 1-Qzrfzi ' 4273: Q.-' "'-.1 ' if 'lfxgiifl W 34,1 V ' f, A' A ' f 21 vi Vf 'a, 1 5 A 'A' af 4 , .Ks I , , L , I fwfr- vw a 14- - .421 ., - J- ,- 4",""f I - - 13 35.1 1595772 '1 I ' jf V sf ... 0 , M f fs , . V ffyv xx, if X X' X . f 'M 5 ,j 355 J. ' f f Aw V U 7 -' 1 26 sv, I Q 1 ff? :fx 251 5 4? vw- Vx V S. YB:-a.x5w-.llle,r' E'k-U0-XYQAH' G- iACJ:f1M'YTe:-dor-K- X Q - 'gi-rv-. fkqw. YVLNA, L5-La-Af K SQSQA 5 . Q I ' 3 x if , , A V W V464 2 If ,fy Q. . Q 7 1, 'fm f V --My g, ..a,: ' f ' ' 5' if , f, V ,.Vv4,-.Vw-4. V. ,WV .. 1 , f f Q f , f 2 . ,, '. '-. ,. , W A V' ' " ,3 72,1 V , LL, ,, cg j ' f 'V "H f' . "f"25a-V A , V225 Q qfkflff 5 Mfg ,,V fVf??Q,aW f f f 4 . fx M , M, , , K Q 7 Xf f , ' ' V, V igifffgi f 1 , f f ff f f . f N' ff , f ffm fffdg VJV , VK, Kg Q f ' f fry , 1, f ,V 1, 4 V Q 'Q ,f f X ,V V 6 fffyffai If ff 1 W5WVf7y6fSf'V2gN ff, f yi' V 3119 , , , f f ff 4 V ' 4 yf Nfmf wi Uersffi TV?-Qfboxx 'Pwwnwff M-ax-M 'D'9ex'3'LdQ N'W'L1Qf .. J K ,. - V Q -rw-, B Q ff f Arhvi' M 4 W ' . . 1 . , ., J ' gala V A I ,,,,AAl 11..,g15ge,,-,:.f,',,.g, g '- 1 2 Compliments of B K GF GCWANDA EDEN BRANCH Eden, New York 75 -..:-fMAuv- , . sw 1. . W. ,. V -,1 - Aw, fff :fi ,v w . 'j'5,g.g3--' A vi +4-:ig rijfix, -1, , Y Wf' ,bfi 1 ' '. ll 5 31,-1+-' H7 :uL.gf-5-wt f 'v'+,e5,fg, V: , -' 'E + wen yy . V L , Niki 4-1.-.4m.n-aiu lu... ' :gf " Compliments of FRANK N. WINTER Insurance Agency EDEN, N. Y. It will pay you, to pay us, to pay you IT'S GRADUATION TIME . . . . time for The Peoples Bank to extend CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to All of you graduates of Eden High School. You'11 always be most welcome at this friendly bank, and we would certainly appreciate the opportunity to serve your banking needs during the bright future that lies ahead of you. THE PEOPLES BANK HAMBURG, NEW YORK Established 1891 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System 76 Compliments of HUGH MONAGHAN, M. D. HAMBURG, N. Y. Compliments of ALLAN R. ABBOTT, D.D.S. and RICHARD S. ABBGTT, D.D.S HAMBURG, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1950 GROVER L. PRIESS, M.D. RONALD E. MARTIN, M.D. ' EDEN, N. Y. Best Wishes from RICHARD H. THORNBURY, M.D NORTH COLLINS, N. Y. X 77 ' .sz ii-i1.f,. i",ysg'fi?Q?51-fyxi' X , "mmf W. A. HILLWIG F. L. BAYER, Associate Optometrists 89 BUFFALO ST. HAMBURG, N. Y. Compliments of E. J. GUILLAUME, D.D S EDEN, NEW YORK Phone 148 Compliments of JAMES V, FREGELETTE, D.D.S. Q, Phone 44 MAIN STREET NORTH COLLINS Compliments of Compliments of FRANKLIN MEYER, M. D. D- A' Tm-OU EDEN, N2 Y. Veterinarian HAMBURG, NEW YORK MONELL'S it EDEN DRUG STORE QQ?-f' Prescriptions ,O Cosmetics - - - School Supplies -t if? The REXAI-L Sf0l'e Eden 76 ,, Congratulations to the Class of 50 78 5 'T ' 1, aj-,il-if ,. .P 1' awww- 4 , ,mga , . wk.. 1 Pierce Sc Cash INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Fire Homes Life Farms Accident and Health Business Property Liability Rents Theft Property Supervision Bonds Income Property 20 BUFFALO STREET HAMBURG, N. Y. Phone: Emerson S1576 WWW, , D04 K" " 79 .. 1 2 r " r ' wil.: if ' 7' J vm-' J X :An r 1 , -Q.q.............,-.... Compliments of BOB'S Choice Meats EDEN, NEW' YORK MARKET and Dairy Producls PHONE 309 EDWIN F. HORTON Acetylene Cutting Acetylene Sc Electric Welding Hemlock St. at West Ave. EDDIE'S AUTO SERVICE General Auto Repair Road Service and Collision W'ork Frontier Gas, Oil and Accessories EDEN N. Y' Phone 336 Main St. Eden, N. Y. BRIGGS PHARMACY BLUEBIRD Drug Products you prefer at Prices you like 19 Buffalo St. Hamburg, N. Y. LAUNDRY 8a CLEANERS Dry Cleaning - Rug Cleaning Laundry - Hat Cleaning 373 Pleasant Avenue Hamburg, N. Y. Phone: Ern. 5393 lfklilliam H. Sipprell - Sherwood B. Sipprell - Raymond F. Sipprell SIPPRELL BROS, INC. - REALTORS 3 38 MAIN ST. HAMBURG PHONE: EM. 1592 s 80 .. ... .-,. .r.-r-f-wa-qw fm- . wp-wmvf..- ,.., .wi w--N--W J .. fe .ff 4-H ' V V H V -'I 1' qzffru. l '1 nz' f. -:nv f ,Rf 151- v f'W3":'f-..-ae. , I f'1g.Lg-.1g.15f,1g-'Z N Z e.-5'w-va ff MAN .Y f X X l ' Q X 11 if . I ...Y .--Qi, if fm . . ' 2" ""' .f,:' f"0" 4 v-A ' . ,...,1.,.j4'W" f M We , I 1 MARTIN'S FAST DRY CLEANING SERVICE CALL EMERSON 2100 OUR PATRONS BOTANY YARN SHOP HAMBURG Clifford Case Mr. and Mrs. Martin Castle I. O. O. F. jr. Lodge Wittmeyer's Hotel If it's a prescription take it to MILLAR BROS. PHARMACY 71 Main Street HAMBURG, N. Y. In Business for Your Health BRUCE'S BARBER SHOP 85 Main Street HAMBURG HAMBURG AMILO DRESS SHOP RADIO.TELEVISION Dresses - Millinery - Hosiery SALES 8: SERVICE Lingerie - Children's Clothes 162 Buffalo St. Hamburg, N. Y. Gifts Phone: Em. 3012 Phone: Em' 1205 Stan Mashke 1 Buffalo st. Hamburg, N. Y ELAINE'S DRESS SHOP HAMBURG, N. Y. Distinctive Wearing Apparel YOUNG'S DRUG STORE jack Marks, Prop. Phone: Em. 5252 52 Main St. Hamburg, N. Y. --A- w ww-T-. -'fi-'Qf f ' '-T 1 - - ' E ...af X- -- r sag.:-1,.1:'i'1V3 i.'.,1Z'?E?1,f.. :iv -fic' - 1. 73" 525' W- -,,-J -5.-,, . E 5.14121 wvfvsiw-LFs,1?gfiw2U,:1,-' aw- ,, H E, MW ,. . ,, Compliments of the HAMBURG DAIRY J. L. Gaylord, Prop. Em. 2603 NYE'S SPORTING GOODS 19 East min sr. Em. 1011 HAMBURG, N. Y. LLOYD'S Quality Groceries and Meats At Reasonable Prices Buffalo St. at Highland Ave. R Phone Em. 3591 HAMBURG, N. YQ The Village Printing House Printers of the HAMBURG SUN 59 Main Street Hamburg, N. Y All types of Commercial Printing 1246 - Phones - 1247 HAMBURG OIL COMPANY Richfield Distributors S. Lake St. and Pierce Ave. Jim Logel, Prop. Em. 9857 He Profits Most Who Buys The Belt QUINBY DAIRY, INC. HAMBURG, N. Y. BRAYMILLER'S ALLEYS 39 Buffalo street Hamburg, N. Y. Phone Em. 9837 SHANKS Sc HENNING, INC. HAMBURG, NEW YORK Em. 1242 DeSoto Plymouth Open Tuesday and Saturday Evenings Hamburgs Busiest Corner Iv' , Interior and Exterior Painting Paper Hanging Home Repairs and Remodeling JAMES C. MILLER Phone Eden 43-F-15 Congratulations to .the CLASS OF 1950 RENSCHLERJS SNACK BAR Congratulations Seniors! CRISP FLONVER SHOP AND GREENHOUSES New Jerusalem Road EDEN, NEW YORK Nationally Advertised Clothing Furnishings and Shoes for Men and Boys MOORE'S MEN'S WEAR HAMBURG, N, Y, 20 Buffalo St. Phone Em. 4632 HANIBURG, N. Y. Liao A. DRYER EDWIN J. RIOORE Q BULLDOZING EXCAVATING M. L. SCHAWEL Phone: Eden 300 Hemlock Road Custom G'l'l.7ldI'7Zg Eden, N. Y. GRIT GRAVEL CINDERS FEED COAL FERTILIZER SHAVINGS HAY 83 ' 1 ' I , . A 3.5-.Lf :1fswm.'1'f. f v new-'rj ' " .-...m....Q.,..,.... KEN'S DAIRY and ICE CREAM BAR Phone 356 Eden, New York Congratulations ami Best Wishes JOHN N. WEINAR and EDWARD M. WEINAR Motorola Radios Ottawa Manure Loaders FRANK SWARTZ' SON MCCORMICK-DEERING FARM IMPLEMENTS Sales and Service SISSON HIGHWAY Phone 87 EDEN, NEW YORK 85 ' "- -L'f4i"-l'K'IYgg,Trif-fllf'fs-fi?F161ff D' fxf. 65Eiz.':'uyRH?a,,:, 1 1 W 1 ,S if vm-11-,:..:. '.--u,11- , . , - , 1, ' vi i9"'F?'3'abZ'yff. "12:2w,i:5- iff. fx-.V H ' 1. 4 ' S... :V "2:g54Jl?1,,1..5g-,rainy v-i1:a"fL'. fi -.-.X-fc, '- V N! wisfesbi Jw cf . K 1. 1................... l Compliments of HESS BROTHERS HAMBURG, NEW YORK ZAHM'S 5c to 31.00 Store 37 Main Street HAMBURG NEW YORK DALZIEL'S Hat and Dress Shop 35 MAIN STREET Dress - Sport - Play Shoes R. J. EMERLING 67 Main St. Hamburg, N. Y. Phone 421 Congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1950 DEMERLEY'S ROSE FUNERAL CHAPEL 207 MAIN ST. HAMBURG, N. Y. Ambulance . . . Sick Room Equipment N ASHEK'S SERVICE STATION Accessories - Gas - Oil Battery Charging - Tires - Tubes Phone 27-R EDEN, N. Y. 1 I Compliments of HARRY A. CASKEY FUNERAL SERVICE -A A L' :ATT , ft A. . Y NOBBS 81 WILLIAMS I Cars - Trucks - Tractors NOBBS 8: WILLIAMS EDEN, N. Y MAIN BOWLING ACADEMY Air-Conditioned 10. New Brunswick Alleys Dining Room and Bm' 77 MAIN STREET Phone 208 ANGOLA, N. Y. 87 .r..:Si,rf.4m 1fu::31: Iwi' Qkmfl-"1iF.Hf.. f 4, Q 'X U,ia,,f , , mm., , Q l X. , f '.',55g,,,,.. U 5 1 r N W Wm '1 L ...w..M................. gi- -',- Congratulations FLOYD L. LAING FUEL and FEED SERVICE Congratulations to the Class' of '50 HARMEL'S BAKERY EDEN BRANCH Phone 249 Compliments of SIMON NIEDERMEYR Case Farm Machinery Phone 35 EDEN. N. Y. KAISERQFRAZER CARS Compliments of Compliments Of JAY G. PALMERTON and ELTON C. PALMERTON KRAFT Real Estate - Insurance Trucking Lines Telephone 104 EDEN, N. Y. I 88 f".1 '1 "k"' ' V . v ..., .z.. . . . .. . U, qw, .,f5,4i:5HA 1 'x Compliments W EDEN FREE LIBRARY Compliments of Compliments EDEN BEAUTY NOOK Of Donna Kraft VELLAM'S GROCERY Compliments of PAGE-HARMS OIL CO. Distributors of Gulf Petroleum Products EDEN, NEW YORK iff lx 89 f ,img-mt-fgf,'.-.'4-Af ffm-i,q.fa. gm . N "K N Q m x v ,.:w.4,.,J , ,, 1 .4,.-'.3M.....u.4.,.K.L.:.,,21..L. BRAYMILLER'S VEGETABLE MARKET EDEN MOTOR SALES H. S. Hooxzn Phone 129 DE SOTO - Fluid Drive - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service . ,.m....f..,. Compliments of VALLEY CLEANERS AND TAILORS Phone 98 ., Main Street Eden, N 90 ff! . W ' DODGE PLYM OUT W. G. HABERER 8: SON, In Dependable Used Cars Phone 240 266 BUFFALO ST. HAMBURG, N HAMBURG MUTUAL AGENCY FQ N. RANDALL Palace Theater Building Phone 892 HAMBURG, N. , -f BM E Z. '11 1., -:L ' "RA iff! "H .,mQ'.:3,?C-L-1.a -5:-,. Sill.-Sz... C 11 '-Q. -1 'Mem' ., f . I , , S H . ,, . w c, ,, -, . , I MW. ....,r.,-. .. E. Compliments of FRANK O'CONNOR SPORTING GOODS CO. The Store with a Future Complete Line of Sporting Goods p Baseball - Softball - Football - Basketball - Trophies - Jackets - Sorority Sweaters 890 MAIN STREET Phone: GRant 3620 BUFFALO 2, N. Y. Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1950 KEN'S BARBER SHOP KEN VARIAN, Proprietor Compliments of SEACON'S EDEN, N. Y. THE BRIGHT SPOT 36 Main Street HAMBURG, N. Y. Emeroy Harrington, Prop. Compliments of KARL STENDER PHOTOGRAPHER HILL GARAGE, INC. 505 Pierce Avenue HAMBURG, NEW YORK Hudson Cars International Trucks Bolens Garden Tractors Silver King Tractors Auto-Lite Batteries EDEN GARAGE General Auto Repair Phone 26 Eden, N. Y Dunlop Tires and Tubes . V, ,W 'ti-,gif R r 1 V , , friiitwf ED ROSE SPORTING GOODS GARDNER DEBO Western New York's Largest Sports Store Specialists in College and School Equipment 51-53 EAST GENESEE STREET BUFFALO, NEW YORK Hearty Congratulations to the Seniors of '50 SMITH AND KOCH HARDWARE Electrical Appliances-Plumbing and Heating Sheet Metal Work Phone 37 EDEN, NEW YORK 93 , , ,..a..,...,, ,.,, W ,,,: l ., ,V- 1- , Y wir ,,,v'fg '. 'fr V ,' i . x - . rl- F: X w .3 s' Arm, f..-I, . ' 4 V, ,4 , . 1 W., ,1. .,,, . , . A V, Complimentai of KAZOO COMPANY, INC. EDEN, N. Y. THE MAIN DINER THE EDEN MINIATURE 24 Hour Service A Picture of Our Town's' Meals Sandwiches Activities EDEN, N. Y. Phone: 2363 Res. 220 Compliments Of THE EDEN PRESS EDEN SWISS CHEESE FACTORY FRED RUPP Sc SON, PROPRIETORS s 94 - - V- 'U W f f N Compliments of PAUL C. RIEFLER Concrete and Celocrete, Building Blocks Building Supplies Em. 3260 HAMBURG, NEW YORK When you Want to be remembered for your GIFTS, remember to buy your gifts at KRONENBERGS INC. Everything for the Home Since 1848 MAIN and BUFFALO STREETS HAMBURG, NEW YORK 95 , , ,..-.,. ,,1,.- ..., ., r. iq. do x, 1,:"vQ11fe.g.if Fij f V sm w5,'Run,:,E4iE:.wa.i2igZ',,m,:mmf f 451'9,zifE.g.Ek--pZ.13:-2. 'I - ' i ar.. .f ,,, . X f , ' 4 "1-M ' "J "'M..LL: "f'-'Li.k.,JfJ.LI... ' ' ' " 6 C? .-.--, . 1 f Q - 1 M 1 Qi to-SI C, X PACKERSOF FANCYFRUITSANDVEGETABLES EDEN, N. Y. Wolcott, N. Y. SCHREIBER 8: WINKLEMAN TOP so1L DELIVERIES HAAG'S GARAGE East Eden, N. Y. East Eden, N. Y. Eden 295-F-6 Eden 295-F-2 Porcelain Electrical Store Fronts ...... Advertising ENGEL SIGNS Neon Displays EDEN, N. Y. Phone: Eden 116-F-ll IVAN NAGLE LUMBER and MILL WORK Phone 99 EDEN, N. Y. s 96 ff , . 1 . . ,- ,,.. 3.f-.am .- . 4' 2: -, ifiM4.'?:CL??:71!f1'Tl' , .. . - .' ...Q J, q -as-9 Qs .. - '- -. " 5 1' 4 1 Jf ilrl " 'ef iff " -V V-4 1 Member JCE SHELDON of Empire State Well Drillers Association Well Driller A Water Wells for Homes - Farms - Industry Em. 1747 Residence 177 Sheldon Rd. Qoff Abbott Rd. near S. Western Blvd.j ORCHARD PARK RFD No. 3 FRANK P. KICK ATHLETIC GOODS, INC. Compliments of Always Kick fof Qualify MACK'S ELECTRIC SHOP' TROPHIES Tony Martin and Ed "Buckets" Hirsch GEORGE MACHMER 166 Mulberry Street Buffalo. N. Y. Maple Avenue Eden, N. Y Compliments of BERNARD LOOZE PLASTERING CONTRACTOR Compliments of HENRY O. STENDER FUNERAL HOME EDEN, NEW YORK E . M, ' ' .1 ng -1:-1 ,M .1 ifaniimia 1 97 'lik l fi V? emwff - ers", ' 1' -2- sr2-.fi-'1gvi.X1"ff.f'.' 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