Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1948 volume:

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F . 7 MORIES have a way of embellishing our lives by reappearing now and then. Though tempered by time, the incidents remain as cherished as they ever were. The memories, however, are not always as clear as we would like them to beg therefore, media., such as diaries and their like, are utilized to preserve and crystalize the happenings and events we want so to remember. We Seniors fegl that ,our last year at Eden Central School has been such a happy and an interesting one that it merits being recorded in an official form, so, we have chosen our School Annual, "The Embers" in which to re- cord this past year. We could aptly substitute the title "Growing Up and Liking It" for the title "The Embers" because this past year has been just that---growing up and liking it. Perhaps, this is a rather small way of expressing the amount of apprecia- tion we feel, but, although the growing up has been attributed to Nature's laws,, it has been Mrs. Pierce, our Senior adviser, and all our other teachers who have shown us how to like it. We want you to like our book. It is the finished product of many hours of work, hours of work which we enjoyed and we sincerely hope that this enjoy- ment is reflected in the following pages. Mary Lou Pentek, Editor 4 MR. GEURGE RIGIIMUND .R.. RICHMOND has been with us for four years, and, in that time, he has proved himself as good a friend and teacher as one will ever find. In recognition and appreciation for all the kindnesses you have extended to us, Mr. Richmond, we, the Class of 1948, dedi- cate our "Embers" to you. 5 AWIDMIIIINISIIFRAYIWJIIUN ,. L, ,-, -.-.Q -aiu. ,A--., .. -ara-4 ' 5If1'?Ef1s???512?11:-L-ef ... , . ,,.. . . .- ,1.,,-f.-.y:, -5 -441.333 Urfiv-., V,------rfb. 1 .. . ' .4'.w- L-'Via'-ex-.'C'y--:,:x' "Wig:-I.-173,11 ' x. ' Tia ,hy-'U Q .lt-N.. Lrqfi' Q: '55,- Y' -":tfg1P7:?iR25s1y: . . ,, v ,,.g.-,:.-315. 5,1:vF14,y5,.:,- -5t,- 1,,...4 . ' in--'57"l,g"-if,1zgv .,', .' . .4 - .,. X. v,--3-visa-'13-f-,. '-1 ' Egg-:lx ,'I'1p'-'.:-':'.-, , ' v,-..f-,-g.f-:.:- -- " ir ff?-f.:'1:f: -x -, . MT. f .1 W , -.fy .1 .. h- ,.,. b .- r.., ',,.' ., .Wy 'v x - . ' '!:'-4 Y , 54- V ,V :fax N,,...:-,-t.. -.,- - Um O I ' 46' L MR. 8. A. LEUNARD HE Class of 1948 is to be congratulated on the fine work it has done, not only as students, but in the development of social responsibilities. The latent abilities you possess have great possibilities, if permitted to extend themselves. The development of the atomic bomb has proven that when the need is great enough, human progress is unlimited. With this as a premise, I challenge each of you to pressure yourself to the very limit of your ability in the search for success. My faith in you is strong and I do hope that you will carry on in a manner exemplifying the training you received at the Eden Central School. Good Luck, J- , 8 Om Adm: mage A aff M-RNMX 4 s MR. DUIIALD AND FRSUN OMETIMES we get so accustomed to the things happening all around us that we never stop to ask "How did they happen?" Take school, for instance--or better, still, take the buses because few of us would be in school if there were not someone to pick us up each morning and drive us home each night. Have you ever won- dered who plans for our transportation and who keeps those buses on schedule whether we are going to school or on some field trip? Supervising transportation is just one of the many jobs of our able assistant principal, Mr. Ander- son. He also schedules times for basketball games, sees that an accurate account of attendance is kept of all the pupils in the school, and immediately supervises the work in the lower grades. Because Mr. Anderson executes all these duties with so much understanding and kindness, we wish to express our appreciation. He has indeed proved himself a friend to everyone concerned with Eden Central School. 9 l A Wim - ' Ze Left to Right: Mrs. Lemmler, Miss Boardman, Mr. Collard, Miss Saund- ers, Miss Wilson, Mrs. Gould 0 Seated Left to Right: Miss Nobbs, Mrs. McGraw, Miss Schroeder, Mrs. Morgester, Mrs. Gleason, Miss Mc- Intyre, Mrs. Blakely, Miss Wrench Left to Right Around the Table: Mrs. Francisco, Miss Harper, Mr. Mergler, Mr. Luders, Miss Kelley, Miss Gressman, Mr. Hagen, Miss Olmsted, Mr. Stromgren, Mrs. Merg- ler W eacieu Left to Right: Mr. Buchauer, Mrs. Dash, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Spencer, Miss Phillips, Mr. Foroscij Pa TRIBUTE T0 T EACIIERJ' We need your patience to tone down our vigorg We need your smile and friendship every dayg We need your faith to help us win our battles, We need you there beside us all the way. You need us too, because you are the artist While we, the plastic clay, bring you releaseg Though each is incomplete without the other, Together, We might mold a masterpiece. Forgive us then, if in our clumsy effort To snatch some crumbs of joy ere we depart, We, in our thoughtless eagerness and hurry Have wounded any kindly, loving heart. To you: our teachers, friends, and advisers, We make our plea to have you love us still. Your trust, your faith, your patient understanding Will all our lives with pleasant memories fill. "Class of '48" ' ll W Left to Right: Mr Bamberger M Richmond, Mrs. Pierce Mrs Rice Mrs. Brenneman Miss Childs M ssow, Mr. Ball gawzdafg ' Seated Dons Smith fClerkl, George Winter, john Weinar Caleb Hobbie. Standing: Robert Brindlcy QTreasurerJ fVlCC Presldentl, Robert Beehler fPresidentD, Rose Clark, B. A. Leonard. ECAUSE of their many kindnesses and because of their unselfish at- titude, we wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to each member of Eden Central School's Board of Education. Their responsibilities are both varied and numerous. Firstly, they must assume the status of "in loco parentis" over a large family of ap- proximately 860 students, 41 faculty members, 4 janitors, and 9 bus dri- vers. To this large group of people they must offer their guidance and assistance. Over this varied group they must keep a vigilance to deter- mine and satisfy their wants and needs. And last but not least, they must direct this same group into channels of harmony and contentment. Their specific duties are the choosing and hiring of new teachers, the controlling of the school's finances, the approving of the purchase of school equipment and supplies, and the setting of the dates of the school dances, plays, and activities. These are by no means the extent of their many duties. In view of the above-mentioned impressive list of duties, it is with humility that we say thank you for all you have done for the school, for the community, and for the students. 12 Mfs- Cele Hastings Miss Dorothy Kasperek eazetwziea O matter how deep in Work Mrs. and a smile. Their contribution to Hastings and Miss Kasperek are, they Eden School is as immeasurable as always find time for a cheery Word our appreciation of their fine work 1S P-' asf' O3 v j 5 2 4 an o uv C 3 " -1. 5 z r -4 -u a ..,,,,,i "f V' W' isri C m 2 ' gn , uv I :- 5 2 1- 0 A 1 m - I 3 o O 2 In -1 -4 SNK NIIUIUDJIQRS .al- - v. n9l x 1 -N L. -au V w X 4 .nun-ugywou 7 ,,1.,.l. 'g igyf .' 4 1 1, X 'B . im 0' 1 V' wg .ff ,-.1 ." .1 1'?.'n5-igffifl , . qw 54 .jf V-' va- "- . in t . 51"-x 1,-..- . ,fi ,. . '1i.i--- ., ' . 'A " L. 'i ,Ar f"v.,: :rf - A 'Rf 15: f 6,5 -PL ,A-A luv' uqvuuganrzru 1 mv: : First Row: D. Horton, O. Dickey, A. Zych, M. Young, H Krycia, R. Bantle, G. Serena, B. Emerick. Second Row Mr. Leonard, R. Butts, M. Morlock, A. Schreiber, M. Hager, D. Hager, D. Hunt, R. Groulx, J. Bley, Mr. Anderson. Third Row: Mrs. Pierce, J. Harms,E, Palmberg, D. Kaud - erer, J. Hastings, J. Gendone, D. Krohn,'L. Roll, A. Zydel ezddd T ALL began in the old Eden High School on September 3, 1935 when Mrs. Morgester, our primary and First Grade teacher, enrolled twenty pupilsg the boys outnumbering the girls seven to thirteen. Some highlights in the mem- ories of our first year at school are: the bird house contest in which we all worked diligently, John Hasting's absence of a month with pneu- monia, and Dwight Webster's being chosen cheerleader for our grade. Fourth Grade memories are especially clear to our minds. It was that year that our class was held on the stage in the Town Hall, with Miss Boardman as our teacher, and it was that same year that we first rode on the school buses. Ruth Butts, our Assistant Editor, joined our class in October. In 1940 we moved into the new school. Were we ever proud! Our school enrollment soared because of centralization. Naturally, the num- ber of students in our class increased because of this. How happy we were to welcome these new members. During our first year at our new school we proudly presented that wonderful play, "How Boots Befooled the King." The vision of Byron Hooker as king, Harriet Juengling as queen, and Donald Hunt as Boots still fills us with de- light. Our Sixth Grade graduation on June 12, 1942 concluded the first part of our education with a total of fifty-nine pupils. G. Morris, J. Mergler, L. Rockwood, E. Fuller, Miss Harp, er. Fourth Row: R. Haag, L. Swieczkowski, B, Hooker, W. Winter, D. Webster, D. Cataldo, H. Juengling,M, L, Pentek, R. Abagnale, P. Hegedus, G. Hunter, R1 Wrohleski, I. Catalino, D. Conway, J. Brusehaber, E. Cotten, F. Mezen. Wm June 22, 1945 brought us our Ninth Grade graduation which represented us as sailors on Life's sea. As Sophomores we proudly intro- duced "Candy Castle," Eden's first sophomore hop. The following year we produced "Sweet- heart Serenade" with Mary Lou Pentek as our queen, escorted by David Krohn. ln April of last year we received our class rings which seemed to have the magical powers of giving us the real feeling of being Seniors. Then came the happy busy Senior ear in dear old 204. What a merry time we iiad as we conducted our magazine contest, sold book covers, produced our senior play on November 25th, prepared our Christmas pageant, collect- ed and organized "The Embers" and "The Tower," and took part in "The Mikado." We pay special tribute to Mary Lou, our editor of "Embers" and "The Tower." to James Harms, chairman of the advertising staff, to Rosemary and John, our faithful atten- dance officers, to the members of "Who's Who," to the members of the National Honor- ary Society, and to the class officers and home- room officers. After the Senior Ball, our picnic, and Re- gents, we shall pass through the gateway of graduation, but the haunting memory of "Eden Forever" will linger always in our hearts. Dorothy Horton, Historian Om can Wm W - - THEY FINISHED ONE JOB AND NOW HAVE FINISHED ANOTHER CLIFFORD BROCKMAN "Cliff" ELMER COTTEN "Elm" Course: Industrial Arts Course: Art "As merry as the day is long." "Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy." A HOWARD STRESING "StreS" Course: Agriculture "Greater men than I have livedg but I can't believe it. RICHARD THOMPSON "Dick' Course: Indnstrial Arts "Though I am young, I scorn to flit, on the Wings of bor- rowed Wit." 66444 DONALD HUNT "Don" MARILYN HAGER Course: College Entrance Vice-President "A pretty girl is like a melody." Course: College Entrance President "There is no substitute for talent." ,mg-1 V L, .,. ., P .f':' 1.9 -, ,iffifvesf--by mv.: K qw 22213 ROBERT GRDULX "Bob' ' Course: Business Treasurer MARIE MORLGCK "Mimi" Course: Business Secretary "Sweet, studious, and sociable" "By the work, one tells the Workman." 18 ROSEMARY ABAGNALE "Roe' Course: Secretarial "The breath of life." JAMES BLEY "Jim" Course: College Entrance "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." RONALD BAN TLE "Ronnie" Course: College Entrance "Bid me discourse, I will en- chant thine ear." JAMES BRUSEHABER "Jim" Course: Agriculture "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." 19 RUTH BUTTS " Butsy' ' Course: College Entrance "I am ever merry when I hear sweet music." JOSEPH BRUSEHABER "Ice" Course: Agriculture "Life to me is a puzzle and a laugh." IDA CATALIN O Course: Business "Her smile is the sweetest that ever was seen." 20 DOLORES CATALDO "Dot" Course: College Entrance "Like a magnet--attractive." DAVID CONWAY "Dave" Course: College Entrance "And still the wonder grew, how one so small, could such mischief do." BERNARD EMERICK "Bernie" Course: College Entrance "Great men are sincere." OLIVE DICKEY "Ollie" Course: College Entrance "Ask and learn." EDWARD FULLER "Eddie" Course: Business "The very pink of courtesy." 21 RUTH HAAG "Ruthie" Course: Secretarial "We love her for herself alone." JOSEPH GENDONE "Ioe' ' Course: Art "Variety is the very spice of life." 4.4.1, h......-fm, X, W9 X L, Q DAVID JAMES HARMS "RaStuS" Course: College Entrance "How happy the life, unembarras- sed by scholarly cares." 22 DONALD HAGER "Don' Course: College Entrance "All Wisdom's armory this man could wield." fasiggq - IOHN HASTINGS "Johnnie" Course: College Entrance "The mirror of courtesy." BYRON HOOKER "Snatch" Course: College Entrance ' 'The world knows nothing of its greatest men." PATRICIA HEGEDUS "Pat' Course: Fine Arts "She loves art in a seemly Wayg with an earnest heart and a capital 'A'." DOROTHY HORTON "Dort' ' Course: Home Economics "Good things come in small packages." 23 GRETA HUNTER "Gret' ' Course: Fine Arts "A smile for the girlsg a wink for the boys." WILLIS HULL "Bill,' Course: College Entrance "A dream Bill is to us, of teachers he's oblivious." +V' HARRIET IUENGLING "Essen Course: College Entrance "The joy of youth and health her eyes display." DAVID KAUDERER "Doc" Course: General "Study, study, go away. Little Davy Wa.nts to play." 24 DAVID KROHN "Barney' Course: College Entrance "David, perhaps could be a saint. But he is what he is, and not what he a.in't." HELEN KRYCIA Course: Business "Her air her manners all 7 7 who saw admired." FRANCIS MEZEN "Squeaky" Course: College Entrance "Unhampered by ljje's cares." ' 25 JOSEPH MERJGLER "Buck Course: College Entrance "I agree with no ma.n's opiniong I have some of my oum." GEORGE MORRIS Course: Industrial Arts "That which I am, I amg and that is all." C. ELLSWORTH PALMBERG "Bud" Course: College Entrance "Whatever he did, vias done with so much ease, In him alone, 'twas natural to please." l LEROY ROCKWOOD "I-Buckle" Course: Agriculture "Don't let that serious look fool you." 26 MARY LOU PENTEK "Lou" Course: College Entrance "Naughty, but nice." LYNN ROLL Course: Industrial Arts "They say miracles are past." GLEN SERENA Course: Agriculture "Every inch a rn ANNETTA SCHREIBER "Dimp1es Course: College Entrance "Laugh, a.nd the World laughs with you." ,I LOUISE SHEFFIE LD "Lou' Course: Business "Quietness and confidence shall be your strength." 27 an!! w .-.Q Hifi if -1,2 .,Xa.u. ,t . .SX if SHIRLEY SHUMWAY "Shummie" Course: College Entrance "Small, but so is a stick of dyna- mite." LUCILLE SWIECZKOWSKI "Blondie" Course: College Entrance "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low." DWIGHT WEBSTER "Bis" Course: College Entrance "Mischief, thou art afoot." 28 HAROLD VAN NOTE "Harry Course: Agriculture "A mind at peace with all gt ROSE WROBLESKI "Rosie" - Course: Business A "Homekeeping hearts are happiest. ' ' WILBUR WHVTER "Wi1ly' ' Course: Industrial Arts "Solemn a.nd studious was he " ANTOINETTE ZYCH "Toni" Course: Business "The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it." 29 MARILYN YOUNG "Lynn Course: Business "A laugh forewarns her coming." . X .W,,,,,.. ALEXANDER ZYDEL "Alex" Course: Agriculture "Music, my rarnpart and my only one." 442 7046: Left to Right: L. Swieczkowski, D. Webster, R. Abagnale, D. Hager, M. Morlock, B. Hooker, M. Hager. TTR? in N N . , kr. ,r . .4 4, , uf , " 4 A L . . ,M 30 .ah SENIORS AT HOME "8RRRR."' MEASURING uP CHECK IN DIPLOMAS PLEASE READY-SET- THE WALKING MAN V, Q qu. , .T xpriy' -Eff, mg-5. ' JOIN THE NAVY AND SEE JOHN SLEEPING BEAUTY ALL AGGOUNTED FOR OMPLIMENTS OF THE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION EOF E.C.S OUR SENIORS CL DONNEZ-NOUS LA PAROLE .' .3 Q.. r xx -.N,51f a oN'G :Kgs 152' AHfTHAT SMILE HE FELL TWO SLEEPY PEOPLE aw DATE NOBI 8 VERBUN Ei -tx -A f Ast, . Q. vw., ' mx ,gl L W4e+,4wMwiksw53 4 li Z., mf' -n jj, ff: 'au 31. ,fff AE: u ' ' 'V 25 " 'M A 1715 ' --' Hamm. V' :X-.rg Q P M, A L 8,1 51 PLEASE MORE TYPINB FIVE FARMERS OUR SENIORS wif' HBQ Ove FOTOGEENIC HUSTLE BUSTLE BIG VHEEL TIME T0 SET UP JOE VE ARE WORKING FIND I 1? TOOT-TOOT SL GAIN PAW. BOOKKEEPING, REMEMBER ? FRIENDSHIP CIRCIIL A TIUN STAFF IZE. and efficiency evidently do not go hand in hand on the upward scaleg for, though quite small, this staff, headed by Marilyn Hager, has proved itself exception- ally efficient in the obtaining of orders, in keeping the finances straight, a.nd finally in the distribution of the yearbook. Left to Right: M. Hager, L. Roll, D. Horton. FDITURIAL STAFF THOUGH pictures tell the story quite well, they do not quite complete the story. Write-ups are necessary a.nd it was these write-ups that the editorial staff concerned itself with. This staff also had the respon- sibility of laying out the plans for the book. Miss Harper and Mrs. Pierce lent their as- sistance to this group. Seated: M. L. Pentek, R. Butts, M. Morlock, R. Abag- nale, M. Young, A. Zych, L. Swieczkowski, R. Wrobleski, A. Schreiber, R. Haag. Standing .' L. Sheffield, Miss' Harper, H. Krycia. AD VFRTISING STAFF E like to think of our Yearbook as our very own, but yet it belongs partly to the businessmen who purchased space in the books for adsg consequently, we owe our financial success largely to them. The staff, led by Mrs. Brenneman and James Harms, has performed an excellent job. Seated: D. Kauderer, H. Juengling, D. Cataldo, Mrs Brenneman. Standing: D. Conway, J. Harms. Staff P00 TUGRAPIIY STIFF FUTURE years, as we look through our old "Annuals," the snaps of us taken informally with our own circle of friends will make us relive the happy moments in our school days. Joseph Mergler, with his ever-ready camera, saw to it that we had plenty of these snaps. Left to Right: J. Mergler, L. Rockwood, A. Zydel, B. Hooker, R. Reinke. ART STAFF NE of the objects of a yearbook .theme is to confine the artwork. With Mrs. Francisco as faculty adviser and Patricia Hegedus as art editor, our theme of "Gypsy Caravan" was carried out very nicely. The Art Staff is to be commended for their very laudable efforts. Left to Right: Mrs. Francisco, E. Cotten, J. Gendone, D. Webster, P. Hegedus. Standing : G. Hunter. A 35 TYPIN6 STAFF NDER the guidance of Mrs. Rice, this staff took care of the typing of all the necessary copy. Theirs was a big job for it came so near the deadline date. This test of speed proved their true ability as typists. Seated: A. Zych, M. Morlock, R. Abagnale, R. Wrob leski. Standing: H. Krycia, L. Sheffield, M. Young Mrs. Rice, R. Haag. ' P I I I ' , "fe-J'-5?-e A HMM, LMA, A A- -A VF- . M-wi,-ew-qgu... KM ,555 J i M . ,., qi.. 1 , Ef,?e:?.::.3g7!g,.e f,,kk . , ,L VX ms dx 'Q 5 ' sim -,tif f .mi ea . - t t - 3- '11 , - I' 'i-Vmjqgfsxw 2' ' k,'.L I., ,,.. . -" 1T"l Seated: R. Butts, D. Webster, A. Schreiber, P. Hegedus, L. Roll. Standing: O. Dickey, D. Conway, J. Goodbrand, E. Cotten, D. Horton, J. Brusehaber. .lou Qfaedgm Seated: M. Morlock, D. Kauderer, L. Roll, D. Conway, R. Abagnale, D. Cataldo, R. Butts, B. Hooker. Standing: J. Brusehaber, M. L. Pentek, O. Dickey, D. Horton, D. Webster, J. Goodbrand, A. Schreiber, P. Hegedus, E. Cotten, J. Brusehaber. For the first time at Eden a melodrama Hilton's play, "Lost Horizon." All the work was presented when the Seniors, under the and worries were rewarded on opening direction of Mrs. Francisco, staged James 36 night by the applause as the final curtain fell ROVING CAM ERA WORKING HARD GHEMHONEVDRK A GOOD BOOK STEADY TWO GLIGKS BEAKY LUNCH R051-4 .. .. ? ZHZO-!2H,!1'2Q2f HYTTHEBIRDY I4 20 IG. DAILY PLANS APPLICATIONS MAKE .ITPRETTY flGllE3MUlDlES 1, .- - .,, .,.'. ..,, -...,, A,-W--i ,,, ..,,,...,., M,.,....,,,,. I 3i.,.,..,. A 5i952E??4iH:+k?f:.fv .11--WW:-"-1? wwf f L- .. uv,- .. , -ffwibjyfw Ly '- ' " f f 1-'L 11 ,55 '15, ' Ny: -'alwffll 9 Pj' 'Q.5+fg- Wah .- A- ..- -.,, . ., ' .: V, ... f-.- . ' .. 4. .,?'- ... 4 . ., .fax '-K g,:,x1-. -...yur ,I ' ' f v ,IW , ' -.H -W' 3QE?ft'X5:Sf3'n " "'-P -r29s ff?4Q"i'4,5,A.11 V .. rv " eww 1 -f- A--- 1 J. .. . .f5e?1f751Qr,,,g1' .'r,,-.F .. l J... ,s,q?-'45 V . mv J X in Hwy , is r ' 1 X1lRg,1':' Mu. , v W... In .f...H -n. 1. .,.. "'-'.1 x .l',.1,.'.. ..'-,.-, rn w.. -.f - r ',,,..,.,-1 1 ,, 1" ul. , -,.'.,..x, 4 .' 5, .. lx ,.x. 1 :..M. 1' ' f ' '9bfIX.- 'FJ " 'vw . A... ' 'L . ., ?'f11,y-H: D545 xx, .,...A.g,. ' f f U .f 'v f .:' ' ..1l,45j:.f:aq.., .fv' f-,"r',:'1-J ' - ' I -. IH 3' , , " 'Xu x.. X fwxfr,-1, 53.11, . - ,.,f..,,,. .., , "if'?'.4!1'Ep14,'fggffxffyfffgfif-14815 1 .V L' .r f ,..w . P 1 Mm' z ,:, .,: I .H , I f HU: . .. wr,,'D.j 1 . - I J " . 1' " J , - .. 1, , p,... ,, 1 '2.'v-'-'QI'-..w 44.1-.'. fp.-M -. - c faux 1 -1. T .- .iQ".f...z' ' w f . "av ' X- fl . ..7 ' ' gf.-' Q -.-"4-'i.'1 , :-.1-"5 U:-X! ' ' ,. I '4 l,fv.w.,'J.3..'.,x, ,. Ai:.'1, . xwlw. HQ, .4 I. ' -. S. W- .5 3: .Q U . I f 7511---"f 0.11 -gifs., " 'aim ,..-9' ' F ,,,,-r ,. . ,JM ,, M. .UW . M was -A I . ,li . ,,- Hgam, W . . Gia 55,7 "ivy Ml-.-' 1" .' 'V . 1431, . f , . '.i.5x5'i'Ji'-f-i"n7f" 1'--'-f ua '..' '-"'- 'G . ..-'HQ'K-Ml..-'L15'-..'y,.'. fn-3, -yn " "4 ., 3 , , 15.13,-V ,. , 'f'..g',.rg'.,ey',f-px. V,1.1,--,H,--..'w:g,-,1.1'o. .ff-A . '1"",' , ,J my ,-aryv'fm'13ggi!--,",,,--P .N 'v-- f ' IN- .'. .A N - H H, .. ,SM-v ,- S. -UZ, I U . , ...K 4, ...iv I. 1 J All QF A1 i -' f - X ,"-,, ---If n., .. , .",.,j.'- '. . . . L11 1.45 1152" ' 7 -Lfwrfr 'iz' ' -'.'f-... ." '--"- ',1f',n-- 1' PDQ'-"L:f"a'r 5' -uh' 'A-fr'-1' A A .:' ' - -, ' .lc .. M, I: .'.u,.--V IK- - .. ,1,l1..V. -I , I, Yl'5,:...1'v :.,,:.la-'H,',,'.ulV.' .,-41 V W. . V. . . ,X .' lf.',u,fyl..f'f1J.v:4'.,Y-V - J ,L A - 5- , ' 'IU 1.1-fl, ,1,l. .L,,f.I ., 4 U ,,I,+J ..1.: ,,F,NU, . wh . . Lf! Eff. . .n . !'f"?t J-if QI. K .A .I :gp N f K 1 .V xl: -14'.. s W fx, 4,-EJ., vp .1- .nwy ' ' f.-.1 k-V' - ' .41 1 'll T ., .. Wm .- , '.: . .,. .1 . . .ml " . .,g.'.:. " "i,...' .1..- . . 1. I .- Q--Az.. ':-- ffy . ' - 'f,. 5, V .. .y.'-.Xp-' 1 ...hu -1 I. ".. -7 I - 3... 1 ' .La ' ' A ., I M Hn.. -' 'Mtv ., -1 -, ., '... .,,-... I A ., .. I-'ws X.. arf-' ---.,.p. .P I-.1 ,f .. .. . y. , . . .",... ., ,. -'.1.'.- , "' :'v ". 'l A X . .."Ql' '. 5 I. 1,4 .M gy:-11 ' . .-'M ' . -1 1 3 fry. -1 1. 4... . 'ly - 1' A ' - 1. -'31 . .- .. .. I ,, A .x .. I,.., -., I.y.....U.,r.N,. .V ,WH A , 1, I . I " 1-l:'.1.'.-L-.L N -. .' :-"u,"c.,'17- V.-gy .f.,, L .. ' ' "R ,:',?."J-'-Tiff-. f. f.rw1 Vg.. -.4 .g.,y.Q mln 1-1. H..-, v rx , .. .. , f f 1 ' u, "w.r'1. I, s . , A1 .5-1.1, .I I I lvl I ' x .,.-'r wyvx.. -1-.A - v.-ra ' 14 , ,N 5 1, . 1. - " :SQA U'.'A- I' , ,...g-flqfg, fl Y", " W.,-" six.. -.ff..f5agf',,. ., .-.+.1j.,-- gy.. .- -'. -U -' '.-3.-. 7 , M:.f,f57 I-Ur"fff"-i"l"a '.f .-'-,LM C'-1: '-muff.-w',15 , . -2 ., -. h Hg ein' 151- ' '. ff Q, 'n .".x'v, 1 ""y' A In ',--N. A WA nd". '5-44,-.1 I -.,- .-, -.f-, .. V -, J.- , MV... -. ff . Q..f1j..z'- . f,7.',.. 7, , , .-FPL-rg ,r,1:v,,. , " . '-fu A fs. "Z1."'1-'AI . H QT, ,il-,-I-xv-'.,, v- Lk 1,-a I D, .. - "-r5',"11l ' ., -f W . - -.- . . , f- -.."1.,, -."' .'-,. First Row: E. Preischel, D. Rach wal, T. Palmberg, L. Reed, J Landon. Second Row: S. Saar, C Schwippert, M. Zittel, E. Seacon way, J. Smith, G. Neifer, D Thompson, W. Vigrass, O. Sears W Fourth Row: M. Weinar, A J Winter, B. Rice, L. Yager, J Weinar, R. Rendell. Standing Mrs. Brenneman. l Standing: M. E. Brindley, Mr Ball. First Row: M. j. Bailey, R Groulx, J. Andrews, B. Feasley Second Row: R. Gearhart, H Butts. Third Row: R. Bullied, E Guggemos, E. Close, A. Eichler P. Cotten, R. Miller. Fourth Row B. Francisco, E. Anielski, J. Gehl I. Henscl. Fifth Row: J. Hering, M. Hill, M. jameson, D. Gasper J. Euler. Sixth Row: W. Ensign NTO forty weeks of school the Junior Class Earl Close, their ever-faithful actor, ap- has crowded much learning, studying, fun, and peared in the spring operetta, "The Mikado," happiness. They feel proud, both as a class in the role of Poo-Bah. The Juniors do not a.nd as individuals, of what they have accom- feel that they are being at all partial when plished in the year 1947-48. theysay that Earl stole the show. Their Junior prom, "Fiesta," proved to be Their homeroom presidents, namely, a successful affair. Their many days of plan- Mary Ellen Brindley and Marcia Weinar, rep- ning and working were climaxed on the night of resented their class well. January 30th when Shirley Saar was crowned queen of the Junior Class. A good percentage of the Junior Class elected to take the new course, psychology Byrd Parmelee successfully campaigned and sociology, and they are anxiously looking for the office of vice-president of the Student forward to the second year of this course. Council a.nd has fulfilled his duties with great promise of future executive ability. 40 H. Schumer. Third Row: S. Shum- S First Row: I. Agle, D. Bacvar, P. Boseck, M. L. Miller, M. Horton, B. Blesy, K. Inman. Second Row: B. Lees, C. Bauer, A. Gendone, S. Goudy, E. Krohn, C. Lester. Third . Row: R. Emerick, P. Laing, P. Hammond, F. Knight. Fourth Row: H. Bley, R. Feasley, J. Cyrulik. Fifth Row: R. Arno, E. F orster, J. Kennedy, W. Canfield. Standing: M. A. Krauss, F. Now- ak, E. Castle, J. Greeley, P. Bragg, B. Britting, C. L. Benker, D. 1 Hickling, Miss Childs, Mrs. Rice. HE Sophomores this year have worked hard and unselfishly to attain the record held by the preceding Sophomores of other years. They have participated in many of the school activities a.nd have worked hard to make these activities valuable to themselves and to others. The main event of the year was their hop which proved to be a gala and a successful af- fair. Next year, as Juniors, they expect to hav even a bigger and better da.nce. 6 First Row: L. Bastedo, G. Steffen Second Row: D. Parmelee, E Tonder, B. Roycraft, M. Shook Row: C. Sessanna, B. Palmberg S. Neumann, M. Szal, J. Walker Row: S. Morris, C. Renschler, R Reinke, Mrs. Francisco. They have star players on both the basket- ball teams and also on the football and baseball teams. Those not on the teams were right in there cheering and were faithful in attending all of the games. A very kind gesture on the part of the Soph- omores was the adoption of a war orphan. This class has been very greatful to Mrs. Francisco, Miss Childs, a.nd Mrs. Rice for their guidance throughout the year. M. Nagel, R. Newkirk. Third L. Reisch, R. Stender. Fourth 7 First Row: B. L. Mammoser, R. Wrobleski, J. Wittmeyer, S. Steff- en, G. Dobiecz, L. Work, H. Kulik. Second Row: T. Naber, N. Coyle, N. Portman, J. Wittmeyer, S. Moore, J. Eichler, P. Turnbull, R. Terwilliger, R. Pryor. Third Row: H. Young, R. Schasel, A. Reinard, W. Nellis, E. Walker, O. Wittek, L. Willis, G. Skora, L. Pinto. Fourth Row: R. Staby, J. Urso, M. Szatkowski, B. Gallman, L. Schmitt, F. Reinke, T. Rice. Fifth Row: D. Roycraft, D. Turton, S. Pinto. Standing: Mr. Mergler. HQEIN the Ninth Graders were down in the lower grades, it seemed as though they would never pass into the high school, but such has not been the case. Although 1951 seems a long way off, they know from past experience that it will be here before they know it. lt will be here before they have done all the interesting things they have wanted to do, or have learned all the things they will need to know when they graduate from the safe, secure school days in- to the caravan of life. Realizing how short four years can be, they are doing their best to get the most out of their First Row: M. J. Bade, C. Dran- ger, H. Haier, R. Klein. Second Row: L. Blesy, J. Bragg, M. Cataldo, W. Euler, B. Hojnacki, R. Looze. Third Row: B. Bolton. E. Cheney, A. Casper, G. Agle, S. Howell, R. Green. Fourth Row: E. Bower, B. Wein, C. Wynn, E. Garneret, C. Kaminski, J. Mehs. Fifth Row: P. Carr, C. Corah, W. Koepka, R. Schaffer, A. Wagner, J. Preischel, R. Bullied, R. Gehl, B. Coventry, C. Miller. Standing: G. Landon, Mr. Buchauer. I Freshman year here at Eden. After their school work is over, they have found time for some extra-curricular activities. Most of them be- long to various clubs, and all of them enjoy the social hours held each month. Their class officers were elected early in the fall, and have done a.n excellent job of repf resenting the class. They are as follows: presidents, Richard Staby and George Landong vice-president Mary Jane Badeg secretaries, Edith Cheney, Nora Portrnang treasurers, Mar- garet Cataldo, Jean Wittmeyer. 4944 First Row: M. Hammond, F. Haier, D. Brockman, D. Agle. Second Row: C. Chelius, S. Ca- tapano, J. Jakiel, J. Gier, N. Hick- ling. Third Row: M. Bruns, W. Bettcher, R. Gehl, D. Butts. Fourth Row: J. Salewski, J. Cole, M. Anielski, S. Gehl. Fifth Row: J. Haeick, R. Dargitz, H. Bogner. Sixth Row: W. McCon- nell, K. Butts, S. Braymiller, R. Harms. HIE! Eighth Grade is right in the middle of Junior High, with one year separating them from the lower grades and with one year to go before they reach Senior High. Apparently, with this idea in mind, they have been deter- mined to make this transitional year a very busy one and also a very important one. Their long list of activities is evidence of this fact. During the past year they have participated in oral discussions in their English a.nd Social First Row: R. Mashke, J. Rice M. Shaw, P. Sherman, N. Yeager Wein. Second Row: C. Palmeter I. Krycia, D. Monahan, J. Papich Standing : Mr. Spencer. Studies classes. The interchange of ideas has brought out clearly to them the many differen- ces in opinions a.nd the necessity of respecting opinions that differ from their ovsm. They have conducted homeroom meetings according to the rules of parliamentary procedure. In science, they have performed all kinds of experiments which have brought new meanings to everyday life. Those who took part in the intramural games of soccer, volleyball, and basketball represented the Eighth Grade well. M. Reed, E. Richael. Third Row. G. Schmittendorf, J. Winter, D. Stresing, N. Wild, J. Lonkey, J. Shauger. Fourth Row: R. Schum- er, R. Sheffield, B. Sloma, J. Thomas, M. Shiffman, B. Shaver. Fifth Row: J. Strawbrich, B. McMullen, T. Lardo, C. Ptak. First Row: E. Huber, M. Stadel- meyer, D. Palmberg, R. Terwilliger, L. Szal, J. Ridge, S. Sammarco, E. Turnbull. Second Row: B. L. Rubeck, B. McGuire, C. Renschler, M. Winter, P. Privitera, P. Crock- er, N. Hegedus, J. Burrows, F. , Mietlinski, P. Yeager, B. Nellis, D. Vargo, J. Faruga, E. Whetzle, G. Gerace. Third Row: F. Morris, J. Haag, D. Schumer, N. Reinard, G. Winter, R. Schulz, H. Yager, J. Blake, W. McDaniel, A. Spack, R. Vara, W. Paul. HE members of the Seventh Grade have be come Well-adjusted to high school life. Early in the fall of the year, with the other Junior High grades, the Seventh Grade became quite active in citizenship training. The Christmas party of the Seventh Grade was a howling success crowned by the surprise visit of Santa Claus a.nd, of course, the festiv- ities that accompany the visit. The Seventh Graders have participated in the various fund-raising campaigns and brought honor to the grade through the size of the con- tributions. The highlight of these campaigns came when the grade contributed its share to- At Table: P. Hunter, V. Morris K. Emerick, J. Cotten. First Row J. Gcrace, R. Work, C. Hauck taldo, K. Hering, H. Herbst, N Eckhardt, M. L. Kem, J. Vigrass Third Row: P. Englehardt, N Cheney, R. Crocker, L. Mehs, R Kern, S. Miller, R. Clawson, M L. Gumtow, H. Hickling,W. Bantle E. Hauck. Standing: Mr. Foroscij. Ward representation in the EMBERS. Academically, the grade has done a great deal of very good work. Ioel Cotten became second best speller in the elementary division of the Buffalo Evening News Spelling Bee. Pat- ricia Yeager a.nd Hans Herbst placed first in their respective groups in the Seventh Grade Americanization Contest. Trips to various institutions, the bank, and the Buffalo Museum were made to great advan- tage. In all, the year spelled success for the Sev- enth Grade. Second Row: R. Bacvar, L. Ca- E. Cheney. Fourth Row: D. Rice, E. Boehmer, E. Bugenhagen, H. Bragg, A. Szatkowski, R. Kessel, J. McMullen, J. Cotten, M. Anger, Sea ted: A. Bugengagen, A. Blake- ly, G. Koepka, D. Mashke, J Wa ner M. Bruns G Lester N. 8 1 , - 1 Combs, B. I-Iorrigan, W. McGowan J. Wierzbic, J. Adrion. Standing R. Gearhart, L. Lomison, P. Arno, R. Krycia, E. Kryman, W. Gor man, R. Roeller, F. Gehl, G. Kry man, C. Balliet, P. Edie, D. Crock er, T. Spack, G. Ellis, M. Bruse haber, M. Bogner, R. Young, E. Towns, P. Sovereign, D. Manley, D. Looze, C. Carpenter, Mrs Hickling, Substitute. aw! ITH a backward glance over the past year, the Sixth Grade feels that it has been both an in- teresting one and also an informative one. Their study of science has not been a pro- cess of naming insects, birds, and rocks, but, more important, it has been the means of rid- ding themselves of many fears and superstitions. It has also shown them how the discoveries of science makes the world a healthier place in which to live. Their English classes have resulted in a greater desire to do as much leisure-time read- ing as possible. The delight in reading myths, fairy tales, and legends has been brought to First Row: R. Strawbrich, W. Towns, M. Schmidt, A. Pryor, E. Schmitt, J. Schumer, R. Young, J. Zulich, R. Hauck, M. Miller, M. Novelli. Second Row: Mr. Col- lard, C. Schasel, R. Gardiner, R. Horrigan, M. Shea, J. Law, S. Zydel, M. Eckhardt, P. Partington, P. Vara, D. Timm, R. Reinard, B. Suja, C. Ringer, W. Euler, W. Schuster, C. Smith. Third Row: R. Zulich, N. Nehring, J. Wetzler, P. Faruga, C. Ziegelhofer, G. Pinto, ' J. Weinar, B. Zittel. their attention. And, lastly, the study of English has strengthened the students' ability of expres- sion. Their Social Studies have made them more aware of the world around them and have provid- ed them with interesting geographical and social knowledge of the world. All that they have learned in mathematics will equip them to meet future everyday mathe- matical problems as well as those of today. To complement these studies, there have been extra-curricular activities, such as assem- bly programs and field trips. Group on Left: R. Smith, J. Schulz, D. Palmbcrg, J. Miller, H. Case, R. Fisher, J. Mallaber, C. Thompson, D. Bragg, J. Anger, B. F redericksen, B. Norwig, C. Spar- acio, R. Hartley, J. Shepker, V. DiMaria, D. Mehs. Chorus, First Row: R. Gier, W. Schassar, P. Rice, Second Row: D. Grace, D. Adrion, S. Hoag. Third Row: J. Miller, F. Schad. Fourth Row: M. L. Phatiger, L. Shero. Fifth Row: M. Burke, J. Bertsch, R. Bednasz. At Right: K. Sixt, Mrs. Lemmler. HE members of the Fifth Grade unanimously feel that 1947-48 has been an outstanding year in their school careers. Interest in both their stud- ies and activities, happiness in their surroundings, contentment won through a feeling of achievement, and the satisfying feeling of learning have all had a part in making Fifth Grade so meaningful. The Fifth Graders entered wholeheartedly in- to the musical program of the school. A large percentage of this grade undertook to learn how to play some musical instrument with the idea in mind that someday the will be prepared to play in the Senior Band. When tickets were sold for First Row: A. Gier, S. McMullen the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Concert, the Fifth Graders' response was impressive. The Christmas grade assembly was provided for by the Fifth Grade. This program was both reverent and colorful, reverent because of its theme and colorful because of its costumes and setting. Then too, the fun that they all had at their Christmas parties will long be remembered. Under the direction of their homeroom teach- ers, namely, Mrs. Lemmler and Mrs. Gould, the Fifth Graders have progressed academically and socially. 46 A. Jacobson, G. Meyerhoefer, F. Baranyi, D. Gould, R. Johns, R. 1 Turton. Second Row: D. Gallman, R. Nehring, M. Haven, E. Kryman, , S. Beehler, J. Clees, P. Faruga, R. Gallman. Third Row: C.De Boi, B. Burke, J. Bauer, E. Gould, D. Bantle, A. Bugenhagen, R. Filler. Fourth Row: R. Batorski, B. Serena, C. Richardson, G. Hauck, ' R. Thomas, W. Bastedo, J. Kas- inski. Standing: E. Haier, E. Cheney, Mrs. Gould, substitute. 7 First Row: K. Caldwell, G. Zittel, J. Crary, F. M. Krauss. Second Row: D. Manley, G. Papich, P. Carpenter, R. Knoll, P. Waltrich, V. Bunce, L. Jacobson, D. Sherman. Third Row: J. Cheney, R. Bolton, C. Steffen, B. Baird, D. Partington, R. Olin, D. Partington, B. Howell, C. Heinrich. Fourth Row: M. Bowles, R. Kehe, E. Dzierzanowski, W. Boehmer, M. Reinard, Miss Boardman, D. Barr, J. Messer, N. Cotten, F. Dickey, W. Kinsey, D. Dole, F. Ulizzi, D. Bower, G. Yager, H. Shehield, B. Dzierzan- owski. ITH the helpful assistance of their teach- ers, namely, Miss Wilson and Miss Boardman, the Fourth Grade has accomplished a great deal. During the year they have increased their knowledge and understanding of the peoples of different lands and countries of the world. This is a wonderful thing since the children, through such knowledge, are able to rid them- selves of many prejudices towards others dif- ferent from themselves, and, as a consequence, become more tolerant citizens thantheg would be otherwise. They have also learned ow to mer, Substitute. First Row: N. Nehring, R. Page, P. Work, T. W. Mallaber, E. Spots, A. Kasinski. Fourth Row: T. Suja, B. Sov- erign, R. Colantino, J. Haier, R. Spack, W. Terwilliger. Fifth Row: B. Wild, C. Schmitt, D. Owen, C. Betker, R. Osterman. ard, A. Ott, G. Ellis. become better citizens in school and in the community. The meaning of Americanism has been stressed and also what behavior is ex- pected of real American boys and girls. One of the highlights of the year was learn- ing how to read and to understand all kinds of maps. The students certainly enjoyed this phase of their work. At one of the assemblies, one of the Fourth Grade classes presented the play "The Golden Goose," a presentation which delighted allwho saw it. 47 Standing: F. Swartz, Mrs. Boeh- Taby. Second Row: A. Norwig, R. Salzman, J. Reinhard, D. Zittel, K. Schmitt, B. Gier. Third Row: J. Neumann, G. Anger, C. Manley, Sixth Row: W. Deuble, C. Reinfu First Row: B. Feasley, P. Hor- rigan, R. Zulick, J. Davidson, S. Cheman, E. Minekime, R.Williams. Second Row: S. Warren, M. Kryman, J. Young, E. Saar, J. Eisele. Third Row: C. Owen, T. Lewis, J. Horton, R. Benker, L. Law. Fourth Row: K. Schmitt, E. Gehl, L. Ohlhues, J. Smith, E. Ott, J. Clawson, K. Manley. Fifth Row: P. Hammond, N. Nellis, C. Doolittle, B. Merchant, M. Kessel, C. Phatiger. Standing: G. Johns, R. Gier, Mrs. Blakely, R. Schmitt, B. Pawlicki, D. Schasel. Front: P. Spack, G. Nellis. First W Row: M. Smith, J. Sparacio, E. Martin, E. Stegmeier, H. Carney, J. Di Maria, M. Knoll, P. Case, D. Schumer. Second Row: Miss Nobbs, R. Gier, R. Lakely, D. Bastedo, J. Miller, G. Fisher, W. Englehardt, R. Rubeck, M. Rivas, S. Jakiel, J. Newkirk, M. Ulizzi, R. Yager, D. Meyerhoefer, A. Schmitt. ' AST year the children learned a little bit about the far North and about the Eskimos who live there. In Third Grade too, their studies carry them to the Northlands about which they learn even more than ever. When the children were inliindergarten and in First and Second Grades, they learned howto paint and to color in pictures. ln Third Grade, a new experience awaits them as they attempt to make freehand drawings. Here too the children learn how to multiply for the first time. How they wish they could make real ice cream cones increase in number the way they multiply the imaginary ones in school. It is in Third Grade too that the children are first introduced to science and health. ln science they learn all about fish and about the rivers and lakes in which the fish Live. In their health class, they learn that it is more fun to be healthy than to be sick and how really easy it is to keep in good condition. Their parents at home help them in this too. son, B. Knoll, J. Mallaber, P. First Row: D. Law, M. Benson, A. Rawson, E. Gallman, C. Ellis, P. Shepker. Second Row: W. Knoll, D. Williams, H. Jacobson, C. Vara, J. Kern, P. Modica. Third Row: C. Rockwood, S. O'Bryant, N. Barnes, D. Gould. Fourth Row.- J. Drachenberg, J. Bley, G. Guen- ther, J. Enser, Fifth Row: J. Cohoon, P. TenHoopen. Sixth Row: J. Neidermeyer, B. Baird. Standing: W. Cheney, K. Karr, Mrs. Gleason. Around Table: L. Johns, M. Sheflield, J. Bertsch, J. Cole, R. Gould, R. Gould, B. Minekime, C. Gehl, M. Gehl, P. Mietlinski. ECOND Grade is fun too. The children have learned something about life around them while in Kindergarten and in the First Grade, but there is still much to learn. It seems to the children as though they never will have time to find out all the things they want to know. Previous to Second Grade they had heard about people who live far away in distant lands, and this past year they were anxious to find out if the little boys and girls in foreign lands live in houses similar to theirs, go to schools like theirs, and playithe same games as they dog so Reader: K. Smith. Front Row D. Horrigan, S. Novelli, C. Kup pel, R. Schauger, M. A. Whetzle S. Piller, J. Roeller, J. Matwijkow R. Willett. Second Row: R. Vargo F. Schmidt, Miss McIntyre, A Luna, J. A. Newkirk, P. Miller, P. Winter. Third Row: D. Smith, J. Turton, A. Rockwood, R. Maltby, D. Yager, I. Reinard, B. Ringer, M. Nehring, H. De Boi, R. Sheflin, J. Natwora, W. Straker, W. Richard- 1 Stanage. as part of their lessons they learned all about the India.ns, the Eskimos, and the Dutch. What they learned, answered many of their questions, and also made them aware and appreciative of other ways of living besides their own. Besides the knowledge they gained from their social studies, they also increased their arithmetical, spelling, and writing abilities. Music and art were two of their favorite sub- jects. Yes, Second Grade is indeed both inter,- esting and fun. 1 l Seated in Front: Mrs. Morgester. First Row: B. Pew, H. Gallman, J. Winter, R. Los, G. Nobbs, J. DiMaria, G. Drachenburg, P. Kup- pel, J. Hodgson. Second Row: M. Reinard, R. Fuller, P. Schulz, R. Ott, K. Blatz, V. Schramn, P. Cheman, N. Haeick, C. Roberts. Third Row: G. Kelly, L. Zynda, R. Sheliield, G. Batorski, S. Schmitt, C. Kasinski, L. Piller, P. Schmitt, D. Januszkiewicz, R. Schifiman, B. Palmberg, D. Mc- Guire. Fourth Row: J. Newkirk, P. Niedermeyer, R. Donovan, D. Morris, V. Keller, D. Mallaber, J. Stockner. INDERGARTEN is over, and with it the first thrill of getting acquainted and of learning how to do things for the first time. But new thrills, new experiences, a.nd new learnings are in store for our children in the First Grade. Here they will learn how to read a.nd print. These new a ilities will open up new fields of interest for them as they read about animals and people a.nd learn how they get their food a.nd how they build their homes and live togeth- Sr. Miss Wrench. Reading: L. Schach- er. First Row: J. Pfamer, M. Vara, J. Bolton, S. Weinar, B. Crocker, M. Owen. Second Row: D. Agle, H. Chandler, J. Boehmer, Mackey, P. Weller, J. Hartley, . Nagel, J. Gearhart. Third Row: N. Morris, C. Maltby, J. Pfarner, M. Lal-rely, C. Anger, M. Dargitz, G. Nellis. Fourth Row: S. Hal- laday, R. Miller, J. Bauer, K. Schiedel, R. Zittel, R. Towns, R. Richardson. Fifth Row: D. Meyer- hoefer, S. Altwater, P. Young, A. Bley, D. Wein. Sixth Row: C. Eckhardt, N. Hobbie, C. Ham- mond, G. Merchant. J. D New a.nd interesting things are going on around us all the time and it is these things that the First Graders want to know about. One day, one of the children mentioned visiting the post office, and wanted to know how her aunt in New York City receives a letter mailed in Eden. The other children were interested too, so, they decided to learn all about the post office a.nd how mail is sent from one place to another. It was lots of fun, and they learned much about transportation, about governmental agencies, and about life itself. First Row: P. Schmidt, M. Stock- ner, D. Kelly, R. Kelly, M. Raw- son, D. Giessman, A. Dickey, J. Zittel, P. Zittel. Second Row: D. Stegmeier, B. Agle, R. Koubek, B. Baird, K. Karr, D. Davidson, E. Anderson, L. Czechowski, C. Mer- lino. Third Row: R. Swartz, C. Ott, B. Staby, D. Rice, D. Will, V. Bolton, G. Graovac, P. Kirst, L. Bames. Fourth Row: D. Allan- son, C. Carpenter, D. Mashke, C. Smith, E. Benzin, W. Kaleta, B. Guenther, R. Brand, K. Willis, M. Brand. Standing: J. Geiger, K.' Straker, Mrs. McGraw, Miss Schroeder, K. Piller. VERYTHENG must have a beginning, and in formal education this begirming is most likely to occur in our Kindergarten. For most of the children, school is a new experience. Many have older brothers and sisters in school. For these children it will be easier, for from their brothers and sisters they have heard about school, and to them it is no longer the frightening UNKNOWN. For many, who know of Schoolonly through their imaginary games, kindergarten will be some- thing entirely new and different. To all, it will be either a frightening or a pleasant experi- 1 Left to Right: Miss Schroeder, T ' Askew, R. Gier, L, Nehring, J Gawron, J. Bradley, M. A. Schmitt N . Schmitt, J. Turton, D. Williams C. Burnett, J. Haag, B. Andres, J son, M. Rayeur, Mrs. McGraw, L Balliet, C. Cataldo, F. Gerace, E kirk, S. Cheney, G. Wysocki, M Horton, B. Hammond, T. Novelli G. Chandler. g ence according to how the subject has been in- troduced at home and how well they fit into the school situation. Before this time, the children have had little contact with others of their own age. Their first need, therefore, is to learn how to get along with others. ln Kindergarten they learn how to play together and to work together, to share things with others, and to help each other through difficulties. Kindergarten helps children in many ways, but, if the child learned big these four things, it would be well worth- W 'le. Shefiin, J. Schreiber, R. Richard- Colantino, M. Mygich, V. New: 1 7544: Seated Left to Right: G. Thompson, Mr. Ludbrs, C. Pierce, H. Spittler. iff ww AMEN THE"vo:cE" INSULT ME f H4 I+' 5 PIXIES SKIN OE EP ROWNG CAMERA 52 ROVING C AMERA WHEELS CANDLE-LIGHT BWINE MORE WHEELS -fmii' PURITY PLUS N0 HOMEWORK? CLEAN SWEEP EE PEQKIN' THREEISA CROWD ENTER CHECKMATE "POP" EASTER BUNNY .Y 1 IHILASSJIES , I r x 4 h A .,'...,..,,' 1 . 1 -. '. . . I-.'l-9 ,' w vu.-'.5?x1..-3 H- 'M lipfxpg- ,. , rw v xmas l 1. ' 1 --' . ,. , . I - f- , L . , av ' ?fQHsK.,l W N " , uf -. -5: 1 f 1 fig' .' 1 ii'-,En 1. ,- H' ,v I-' '37 ml' F iq ' 1 . , V .' , A 4 , 4:9 ' W' , ,ff 'G -- ',3'E"'J-f.?':N3af,E,m,'1f32fg?Q , . .sf . -- -wx ug , ?,.,',Qg.':A. ,pg - Y,-3-F' ,Q A,S5gY.- . - .- 4- H., 1. - .- .,"f9'? w'+2.Tf.44 ' -T a:',5g,.:m'l A my 'JIM , me Q 4- 1 .-op. . fa-.4-'.7,'fQ5f?3W,i "I-Wff,-' VY,-.A ' Q-59" .u x.-.V'l5, w PEEDIER means of mod- ern transportation have brought peoples of various nations . closer together than ever be- fore. A knowledge of the language and customs of more than one's own country is now a requirement because of the close unity of the world of to- day. Our language department is able to meet this require- ment by offering its students the opportunity to study either French or German, or both if desired. First Row: B. Parmelee, J. Smith, H. Butts. Second Row: R. Miller, G. Hunter D. Cataldo, B. Hooker. Third Row: H Juengling, J. Landon, J. Harms, E. Close. Fourth Row: M. Jameson, M. L. Pentek O. Dickey. Standing: G. Thompson, Mr Bamberger. E study English so that we may be able to express our thoughts and ideas in a clear, crystal manner and al- so that we may acquire a love and understanding of the world's best literature. Under the helpful supervision of our English teachers, we have learned when to use who and whom, and more important, to spell. Shakespeare has be- come exciting because we rn- learned to reason it out. Seated: I. Hensel, H. Schumer, E. Gug- gemos, J. Morlock, E. Anielski, E.Preischel, S. Shumway, J. Palmberg, M. Weinar, J. Gehl, P. Cotten. Standing: Mrs. Pierce, J. Hering, B. Rice, R. Groulx, M. Winter, L. Yager, M. J. Bailey, W. Vigrass, J. Andrew, W. Feasley, M. E. Brindley, S. Saar, B. Francisco, M. Hill. OUR Social Studies courses we study local, state, country, and world social conditions and governments, consequently, we do not only appreciate and understand our ovsm form of government and our own social life and customs, but also those of other countries. With such knowledge, we are better prepared to take our place in the world as understanding and useful citizens. Standing, front: A. Eichler, M. Young First Row: R. Wrobleski, G. Hunter, R Groulx. Second Row.' H. Krycia, R. Haag L. Swieczkowski, A. Zych, L. Sheffield, E Fuller. Third Row: I. Catalino, A. Schreib er, R. Bantle, D. Hunt, F. Mezen, R Abagnale, B. Rice. Fourth Row: D Kauderer, H. Juengling, B. Tonder, D Thompson, C. Brockrnan, P. Hegedus Miss Childs. GAIN this year manyof the students found themselves faced with the complexities of higher mathematics. They had the choice of studying plane geometry, intermediate algebra, advanced algebra, trigonometry, and solid ge- ometry. Year by year the math students learn many new methods with which to solve seemingly insoluble situations in mathematics. At Board: E. Tonder, D. Kauderer, Mr. Richmond. Seated: E. Forster, D. Parme- lee, E. Guggemos, D. Hickling, R. Feasley, R. Arno, C. Renschler, P. Laing, H. Van Note, P. Hegedus, G. Morris, P. Boseck, J. Greeley, W. Vigrass, M. Schook, B. Roycroft, B. Lees. H I .T O new half- year courses, namely, Sociology and Psychology, were offer- ed during the year 1947-48 to advanced Juniors and Sen- iors. With Mr. Passow and Mr. Richmond as teachers, these classes made several interesting field trips to the Gowanda State Hospital, the Civil Court, Erie County Jail, the Morgue, and the Meyer Memorial Hospital of which the last four are located in Buffalo. Standing: Mr. Passow, Mr. Richmond, O. Dickey. First Row: A. Schreiber, S. Saar, M. L. Pentek, M. E. Brindley, J. Harms, M. Hill. Second Row: B. Francisco, G. Thompson, L. ,Swieczl-rowski. H' R. Passow, where are the keys? Do we have any barium chloride?" These are familiar questions one often hears in the chemistry laboratory where we carry out interesting experiments. What we learn in our science classes prepares us for fu- ture positions in the field of science, and also gives us right now an understanding and appreciation of the every- day things of life. Seated: J. Weinar, J. Harms, B. Emerick. Standing at left: J. Bley, E. Palmberg, D. Hager. On Right, First Row: R. Rendall, D. Cataldo, H. Juengling, M. Hager, G. Thompson. Second Row: D. Webster, D. Hunt, L. Swieczkowski, D. Conway, B. Hooker, Mr. Passow. Third Row: J. Hastings, R. Tonder, J. Sprissler, J. Mergler. 57 UR Art courses take in- to consideration the techniques and skills of the field of art, art for the sake of art itself, and art in everyday life. Beauty and art surround us every- where and the art courses aim to make the students aware of this fact, consequently, life as- sumes a deeper significance through means of e realiza- tion and appreciation of the beauty around about us. Back Row: M. Hill, D. Rachwal, Mrs. F rancisco, B. Rice, A. Winter, G. Landon, E. Walker, E. Cotten, J. Eichler. Seated: R. Reinke, C. Miller, L. Pinto, S. Howell, L. Reed, P. Hegedus, M. Zittel, G. Hunter, R. Ncwkirk. AgIV boys have studied crop production, marketing, and farm management. An all-day marketing tour was held in Sep- tember. Ag II students have concen- trated on poultry feeding, di- seases, and breeds. The boys culled several hundred pullets for farmers. The largest Ag I group ever to enroll at Eden has worked on dairy feeding, milk testing, and calf rearing. Standing: D. Turton, H. Haier, C. Wynn, B. Coventry, j. Urso, G. Agle, E. Bower, L. Schmitt, R. Schaffer, Mr. Luders. Seated: R. Green, F. Matthews, P. Carr. ECAUSE of the necessity of capable, efficient managers in the world of tomorrow, the commer- cial course prepares the students to assume these positions. Short- hand, business arithmetic, typing, business law, bookkeeping, and transcription and secretarial prac tice are the subjects which the Bus iness Department offers to its stu dents. Both theory and practical knowledge of the business field are gleaned by the students who study the Commercial Course. First Row : L. Bastedo, R. Amo, E. Krohn, M. Szal. Second Row: P. Bragg, C. Ses- sanna, D. Hickling, R. Terwilligcr. Third Row: D. Bacvar, S. Goudy, F. Nowak, K. Inman. Fourth Row: B. Palmberg, J. Cyrulik, E. Cotten, J. Kennedy. Fifth Row.' H. Young, C. Bauer. Standing: Mrs. Rice. OME Economics is a living subject--one that is ever grow- ing and changing to meet the stu- dent as new theories, new ideas, and new materials are developed. The subjects treated range from foods and nutritition to refinish- ing furniture and making draper- ies and from family relationship to child care, but all are designed to help make our students hap- pier, healthy family members. Seated: J. Gehl, L. Yager, P. Bragg, C. Lester, D. Horton, B. Blesy, K. Inman. Standing: Miss Kelley, Mrs. East, A. Winter, R. Miller, A. Gendone, D. Bacvar, B. Rice. HEN the day seems long and discouraging, we are able to forget our "troubles" with a little exercise and play in our spacious gymnasium. Under the guidance of Mrs. Mergler a.nd Mr. Hagen, our physical education teachers, we participate in apparatus work, tumbling, and calisthen- ics. After a good workout in the gym and after a good cleans- ing shower, we return to our classes with renewed energy. First Row: M. Hager, M. Young, M. Morlock, R. Haag. Second Row: R. Abag- nale, D. Cataldo, H. Juengling, A. Zych, A. Schreiber. Third Row: R. Wrobleski O. Dickey, L. Swieczkowski, L. Sheffield. Fourth Row: P. Hegedus, G. Hxmter, H. Krycia, I. Catalina, D. Horton. Standing : Mrs. Mergler. 1 RE is always much activ- ity and enthusiam to be found in the Industrial Arts Depart- ment. Among the many things learned by the boys are the use of typical and important industrial tools, production methods, handicrafts, utilization of salvaged materials, the story of materials from source to completed object, and the more important methods employ- ed in industry. J. Walker, W. Koepka, F. Knight, R. Newkirk, J. Kennedy, D. Thompson, T. Naber, P. Cotten, R. Reinke, Mr. Mergler, R. Gearhart, G. Steffen, R. Groulx, R. Bullied, G. Winter, R. Stender, M. Nagel, M. Lonkey, R. Groulx, M. Szatkowski. MUIVIIWIIITIVIIUIE S . . .wr .. - f 3"fffQrgQ,.. ' ' ,,.,g.. -.Ig.,-'K--L '1-'g,fp,'.i5:3,:I.. . ' IEE" 'giY"'?l"vZ0.vs . . ,..-4-'-1.-"' - .N . ff.'..'g,!"-'?.'1-'f"r-'LW fr' ' .M - . , . .. .. .. ... 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Thompson. r system of school government has under- gone its third successful year of democratic prac- tices. Through the representatives of each class, our students' ideas have been fairly presented. Our able leaders, James Harms, president, Byrd Parmelee, vice-president, Joyce Greeley, secretaryg and Marie Morlock, treasurer, have done a commendable job. The Association is composed of two parts: the senate and the house of representatives. Together these groups work g i. At the table: J. Cotten, J. Papich. First Row: M. Winter, B. Boehmer, H. Herbst. Second Row: L. Willis, P. Yeager, R. Klein, R. Stresing, J. Ridge, G. Slcora. Third Row: A. Szatkow- ski, A. Casper, B. Bolton, S. Braymiller, G. Agle. Standing: Mrs. Dash, G. Schmittendorf, W. McMullen, P. Englehardt, R. Terwilliger, H. Young, F. Haier, Mr. Foroscij. in harmony to achieve the best results. This governing body has assisted in the or- ganization of clubs, the publication of the hand- books, a.nd the arrangement of social hours. It has also established a ftmd to be used to pur- chase records for the social hours. Perhaps. its greatest contribution is the part it plays in helping to keep order and concord in our school All the fulfillments of this organization bring us that much closer to a. more perfect school. Zafdaml Www Sade! Left to Right: B. Hooker, D. Hager, Miss Childs, R. Abagnale, H. Juengling, M. L. Pentek. .AST year a National Honor So- ciety charter was granted to Eden Central School. Students ranking in the top third of their class scholas- tically and possessing a fine char- acter, qualities of leadership, and the desire to serve are eligible to belong. The number of students is limited to 1596 of the Senior Class and 103 ofthe Junior Class. Eden School is indeed fortunate to be a member of such an organization. BUS CAPTAIN! i Left to Right: L. Swieczkowski, A. Zydel, B. Blesy, P. Tumbull, B. Bolton, M. jameson, R. Newkirk, C. Ptak, N. Timm. N important group in our school is the organization of bus captains. Twice daily they take their places at the buses to make sure that order is maintained by seeing that the small children line up properly and that there is 'no pushing or crowding. Such order - liness assures greater safety for the younger children. These young people look upon the bus captains as their true friends, and so they are. First Row: P. Boseck, C. Bauer, M. Shaw, C. Lester, E. Schultz, D. Parmelee, H. Herbst, H. Jueng- ling. Second Row: J.Greeley,R. Shaver, B. Wein, R. Bantle, R. Terwilliger, B. Hooker, C. Pierce D. Hunt. Third Row: M. Horton, E. Krohn, D. Roycraft, R. Kern, G. Skora, N. Hickling, H Haier. Fourth Row: R. Klein, R. Green, B. Nellis, S. Morris, J. Brusehaber, D. Kauderer, J Landon, N. Cheney, W. Euler, W. Nellis, R. Staby, A. Zydel, L. Rochwood, J. Strawbrich, M. Miller J. Brusehaber, H. Hickling, B. Parmelee. Standing: C. Benker, B. Britting, D. Hickling, J. Cotten R. Schultz, G. Landon, Mr. Stromgren. SGNIUR BAND E Band, composed of about sixty mem- bers, spent a very busy and active year. The highlight of the year was the purchasing of new band uniforms. ln order to help meet this expense, the members sponsored several projects, such as selling Christmas cards, providing the music at last summer's parades and band concerts, and presenting the Fredonia State Teachers' Band. This organization also played at the ball games, at the opening of the Eden Valley Bridge, and at many of our high school assemblies. SENIUR MIXED CIIURUS HIS year's calendar of activities for the mixed chorus has been a full one. The All- State Concert at Medina was their first public appearance of the year, followed by the par- ticipation at school in the Christmas pageant. For the enjoyment of the community and for the students, they proudly presented the op- eretta, "The Mikado." Again to the same group they offered an outstanding program at the annual Spring Concert. All who heard the chorus have heartily agreed that they well earned their reputation of successful singers. First Row: Miss Olmsted, E. Seacon, M. Horton, M. L. Miller, M. Hill, M. Zittel, D. Horton, D. Rachwal, S. Goudy, D. Parmelee, C. L. Benker. Second Row: B. Parmelee, G. Landon, J. Mergler, G. Morris, D. Webster, R. Goulx, R. Bantle, B. Hooker, C. Pierce, A. Zydel, L. Rockwood, J. Lan- don, L. Roll. Third Row: E. Cheney, B. Roycraft, F. Nowak, E. Castle, O. Dickey, M. Krauss, C. Bauer, B. Francisco, M. E. Brindley, R. Miller, N. Coyle, M. Shook. Fourth Row: B. Lees, M. J. Bailey, M. Weinar, S. Morris, L. Bastedo, S. Newman, G. Thompson, S. Shumway, S. Sweicz- kowski, P. Boseck. 64 First Row: B. Wein, R. Shaver, D. Roycraft, W. Blakey, J. Zulick, E. Schultz, H. Herbst, H. Haier, R. Terwilliger. Second Row: R. Zulick, J. Bauer, A. Bugenhagen, R. Newkirk, R. johns, R. Gehl R. Kern, G. Skora. Third Row: R. Strawbrich, V. DiMaria, E. Kryman, L. Lomison, W. Nellis, W. Euler, N. Cheney, R. Staby, R. Green, R. Klein, A. Bugenhagen, J. Strawbrich, H. Hickling. Standing: R. Schultz, H. Case, J. Cotten, G. Landon, Mr. Stromgren, 2 JUNIUR BAND RING this past year on every Wednes- day and Friday, one could hear muffled but spirited sounds coming from the auditorium where this energetic group of Junior High stu- dents were practicing. These students are working hard to achieve in future years, the title which the Senior Band now holds. This year the Junior Band has provided the grade assemblies with music at the begin- ning and end of each program. They attended the Marine Band Concert in Buffalo, a trip which proved to be an inspiring one to each member. JUNIUR GIRL S' CIIURUS ECAUSE this group finds so much pleas- ure in singing, they reflect their pleasure in whatever musical programs they present. They are enthusiastic and always eager to sing whenever possible. With Miss Olmsted asdirector, theylsang at our Thanksgiving play, "The Courts 'p of Miles Standish." All during the year they worked diligently on two- and three-part mus- ical selections which they presented at the Spring Concert. This chorus will indeed be well prepared to participate in the major musical produc- tions when their turn arrives. First Row: S. Morris, accompanistg B. L. Rubeck, L. Cataldo, P. Hunter, M. L. Kern, K. Emericlg, P. Privitera, C. Renschler, J. Gerace. Second Row: J. Faruga, L. Mehs, M. Winter, V. Morris, B. Nellis, M. Anielski, E. Whetzle, Miss Olmsted. Third Row: G. Gerace, F. Meitlinski, M. Hammond, P. Yeager, M. L. Gumtow, E. Boehmer, J. Burrows, P. Crocker. 65 Accompanist: S. Morris. First Row: J. Mergler, L. Rockwood, G. Morris, A. Zydel, J. Ridge, S. Sammarco, L. Szal, D. Schumer, F. Morris, H. Yager. Second Row: Miss Olmsted, W. McDaniel, C. Pierce, D. Webster, J. Landon, J. Blake. Third Row: J. Kennedy, B. Hooker, R. Groulx, B. Parme- lee, L. Roll, G. Landon, R. Bantle. BUYS' GLF! CLUB HIS club is made up of Junior High boys and Senior High boys who come together once a week for rehearsal. They have sung a wide variety of songs--from Negro spirituals, folk songs, art songs, and sea chanteys to "Dry Bones." The Boys' Chorus played an impor- tant part in our production of "The Mikado." From this group a Boys' Quartet was formed. They have entertained at the Lions' Club, Up-to-Date Club, Eden on the Air, and at many other community affairs. URCIIESTRA HE competent musicians of our orches- "The Mikado," and the Senior Graduation. At tra are under the able direction of Mr. Strom- our assemblies their harmonious notes are gren. This group has played at many events sometimes heard. Their sweet music contri- of the season, such as the Spring Concert. butes much to our school life. First Row: R. Butts, B. Britting, J. Gehl, E. J. Bugenhagan, L. Cataldo, M. Anielski, M. A. Kraus, K. Emerick, D. Gaspar. Second Row: P. Engle- hardt, P. Sovereign, G. Koepka, J. Schumer, E. Castle, E. Richael, M. Shea, D. Manley. Third Row: N. Cotten, D. Sherman, F. Dickey, B. Wild, R. Turtin, H. Herbst, M. Shaw, B. Wein, N. Cheney, W. Euler, H. Hickling, H. Haier, R. Terwilliger. Standing: I. Agle, Mr. Stromgren. 66 First Row: S. Shumway, M. Cataldo. Second Row: D. Parmelee, M. J. Bailey, C. L. Benker. Third Row: M. Weinar, R. Abagvnle, H. Juengling Ccaptainj, S. Saar, P. Boseck. Q. , CHEERLEADERS f. GR.R.R! 'Fightt Our ten peppy cheerleaders have done awonderful job this year through the cooperation of the student body. They were present at every game to boost the morale of JUNIUR CIIEFRL PAPERS F EVER there was an enthusiastic group of students, this was it. A new organization this year, they are now such a part of the school that we cannot imagine ever being with- out them. At every Freshman basketball game they were present to lead the cheering, and what a wonderful response they received. May they enjoy continued success. both the players and the spectators, and what a pretty picture they made in their white a.nd maroon uniforms. Their school spirit and en- thusiasm are hard to beat. TWIRL FRS HAT a treat it has been to watch the pro gress of this group. On the night of their de- but which took place at one of the first basket- ball games of the season, the girls were awee bit stage frightened. However, by the time of the last game, they had won much confidence, poise, and variety in their routines. Left to Right: E. Cheney, J. Papich, P. Hunter, L. Cataldo, First Row: C. Lester, M. J. Bade, J. Wittmeyer. Second Row M. Shaw. M. Hill, B. Nellis, A. Schreiber, F. Mietlinski. 1 First Row: E. Walker, R. Bantle, D. Hager, B. Feasley, F. Mezen. Second Row: D. Webster, B. Parmelee, H. Spittler, J. Walker, J. Landon, W. Ensign, J. Harms, B. Stender Cmanagerj. Third Row: W. Vigrass, D. Thompson, Mr. Ball Ccoachj. SFIIIUR BASKETBALL HE Varsity players got off to a good start N THE Spring, just as soon as the ground under the able leadership of Mr. Ball. All dur- is hard enough, our baseball team begins to ing the season, the team displayed much enthu- warm up for the season. The players, imder siasm, and what is more important, a.n excel- the leadership of Mr. Luders, demonstrate lent sense of sportsmanship. The final reck- that they know the true meaning of good sports oning for the year showed our team to be in manship and cooperation. It may be safely fourth place after winning four league games said that America's favorite game is also one and losing six. of Eden's favorite games. BASEBALL Kneeling: B. Parmelee, R. Pryor, P. Hammond, D. Webster, B. Hooker, M. Lonkey, G. Schmittendorf, H. VanNote. Standing: R. Tonder, Mr. Mergler fcoachl, D. Thompson, D. Kauderer, J. Landon, j. Harms, R. Reinke, B. Emerick, E. Palmberg, F. Mezen, Mr. Luders Qcoachl. 68 Top Row, Standing: Mr. Ball, B. Vigrass, D. Webster, E. Walker, B. Dargitz, P. Laing, J. Walker, J. Landon, B. Parmelee, B. Tonder, B. Stender fmanagerj, P. Hammond, D. Kauderer, G. Morris, J. Gendone, E. Palmberg, B. Euler, B. Pryer, O. Wittek, Coach Hagen. Second Row, Sitting: C. Schwippert, D. Staby, C. Chelius, R. Terwilliger, G. Serena QCaptainJ, B. Emerick, J. Harms, B. Hooker, F. Mezen, H. VanNote. Third Row, Floor: G. Schmittendorf, R. Kern, R. Schasel, R. Looze, R. Klein, D. Brockman, H. Young, J. Gier Cmanagerl, B. Nellis, B. Shaver. F00 THAN. OOTBALL and the Fall of the year are synonymous. On the calendar of sport events for the year, this sport leads the parade. Mr. Hagen, new to Eden this year, was the coach of our team. We are saddened by the thought that fourteen members of the team will leave us this year because of graduation. To next year's team, we say, "Good luck." E Junior Varsity, under the direction of Mr. Anderson, had a very successful season, Winning seven league games and losing three. The boys on the Junior Varsity obtained much valuable experience this past year, and they are all eagerly looking forward to next year's season when t ey will try for the Senior Var- sity. We have faith in their ability to make it. JAYHVFF BASKETBALL In Center: R. Schasel. Standing: Mr. Anderson, F. Knight QMgr.D, H. Young, B. Emerick, B. Feasley, D. Staby, D. Arno, P. Hammond, B. Pryor, O. Wittek, R. Terwilliger, M. Szatkowski, M. Szal, M. Nagel, B. Nellis, F. Reinke fAsst. Mgr.j FRFSIIMAN TEAM First Row: G. Winter, R. Klein, G. Schmittendorf, F. Morris, J. Gier. Second Row: Coach Hagen, J. Strawbrich, A. Lardo, R. Terwilliger, J. Cole, H. Young, R. Pryor. OMETHING new has been added to the will graduate to the Senior Varsity team. Dur school, and that something new is our Fresh- ing the season, they played twelve games, win- man Basketball team, coached by Mr. Hagen. ning four out of the twelve. This team is looking to the future when they A SPORTING GOOD TIME vo GOMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION A SPORTING GOOD TIME I I j. Seated: M. Hill, J. Gendone, J. Hering, R. Abagnale, L. Sheffield, H. Krycia, M. Morlock, M. L. Pentek. Standing: E. Fuller, N. Cheney, Mrs. Rice, A. Eichler, J. Euler, J. Hastings, E. Brindley, J. Mergler, M. Stadel- meyer, G. Landon, N. Wild, R. Wrobleski, I. Catalino, R. Haag, A. Zych, D. Hickling, C. Benker, M. Shook, B. Britting, A. Scheiber, M. Young, M. J. Bade, M. Reed, V. Morris, M. Hammond, J. Papich, L. Cataldo. T0 WER STAFF ll TOWER," the school newspaper added and an Eden Tattler edited by Ellen Brindley. to its features a monthly survey on various sub- jects taken by Marie Morlock, a lovelorn depart- All in all, "The Tower" has had a. suc- ment, an unlimited number of poems submitted chiefly by Richard Bullied and Marilyn Young, cessful year, and not enough thanks can be given to Mrs. Rice, our adviser. Cl UBS CLUB for everybody and everybody in a club is the aim of the club program at Eden Central. The diversity of activities offered in the program allows for the diversity of tastes among the student body. The gamut of clubs covers the complexities of photography and the intricacies of homemaking to the pleasures of dancing. Each and every student is able to find his niche in one of the many clubs sponsored by the school. There are many objectives underlying the club program. Primarily, there is the idea that a person is marked by the way he devotes his leisure time. Realizing that this is a max- im, the school strives to inculcate within the student the desire and inclination to adopt some worthwhile hobby or interest that he may en- joy now and later in his life. On par with this idea is also the fact that the person who does know how to use his lei- sure time to advantage is usually a well-ad- justed person. In turn, a well-adjusted person will most likely make a happy and useful citi- zen. Since the world really needs and require good citizens and since our schools attempt to inspire good citizenship qualities, the clubs have a definite place in the school curriculum. Secondly, the clubs exist for their sheer enjoyment they offer and for variation from the regular routine of school. The students' happy reactions to the clubs bear testimony to this fact. Since the clubs meet on Mondays a.nd Tues- days in the Junior High, and on Wednesdays a.nd Thursdays in the Senior High, the student has the opportunity of electing two activities. In this Way, he may pursue more than just one of his favorite interests. Mr. Ball organized our club program in the Senior High, and Mrs. Dash in the Junior High. Each club is supervised by a faculty member, a.nd, in many cases, headed by a president chosen by the members. On the next few pages, We have recorded some glimpses of the various club activities at Eden Central School. F.F.A. F.lI.A. LIBRARY STAFF' 4 X3 I "1" f f l f 7" ' i X Y T QQ ' j 1 K ' K ' . 5 xii W JUNIUR HUMF E6 C103 4-H CLUB 73 - 1 5 P xt 3,.Af' SENIUR SCIENCE CLUB JUNIUR SCIENCE CLUB PIIUTUCRAPIIY Cl UB Ga. ,lf SENIUR ARTS JUNIUR ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB AND CRAFTS CLUB '74 ' GIRLS' SPURTS CLUB BUYS' SPURTS CLUB DRJMATICS CLUB A'-c ,f 13 Y f ,ph -5' Ve qc Iyf fgpfq Q K 1 CAM ES CLUB DANCING CL UB '75 X 2, 3 - 1 q K M V+. Q.. r y I ff ' f CHRISTMAS AT EDEN .HRISTMAS at Eden was a beautiful and wonderful event. Classroom decorations, gay- lg trimmed trees both in the classrooms and in e hallways, nature's own work of frosted win- dows, and an abundant amount of snow all pro- vided the proper yuletide background. From Kindergarten to the Twelfth Grade, plans for MAKE-UP CREW TAGE make-up may be looked upon as a branch of applied art. Mrs. Francisco and her assistants treat it as such, and, in doing so, contribute to our productions an artistic re- sult which is truly appreciated. first Row.' L. Reed, D. Rachwal, C. Miller, P. Hegedus, G. Hunter. Back Row: Mrs. Francisco, G. Landon, F. Nowak, M. A. Krauss, R. Reinke, J. Gendone, E. Castle, M. Zittel, L. Pinto. Christmas parties Were made far in advance - Our "Christmas Pageant," an annual produc tion, was given in a true spirit of reverence. This was presented to the student body a.nd to the community. Altogether, it was indeed a Merry Christmas at Eden. STAGE CREW HE stage crew are concerned with the scenery, furniture, properties, and lighting effects. Mr. Mergler and his assistants spend much time taking care of these ne- cessities, and always o a very commen- dable job whenever called upon. Standing on Hoot: F. Matthews, S. Pinto, Mr. Mergler, M. Szatkowski, M. Nagel. On ladders: J. Walker, R. Reinke, B. Stender. OOMPLIMENTS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS AF TEH HOURS O r 1 L.'Q. .h. 1 T ous BUDDIES HAPPY COUPLE THE CORONA TION DEBUT OPEN HOUSE AT RTGHMOND s AFTER THE DANC E "FRONT PAGE" a"Fl. A s H RUUIID -UP Table I : H. Phatiger, P. Desmond, W. Merchant, S. Lamb, H. Kinsey, K. Kinsey, D. Lavery, R. Parker. Table II: J. Lavery, R. Olson, J. Olson, F. Enser, J. Niedermeyer, B. Feasley, M. Cooke, M, Horton, G. Agle, M. Catapano, J. Matwijkow, I-l.'Enser. Table III: J. Reinhard, N. Timm, K. Timm, J. Cumew, J. Euler. PARENT- TEACHER ISSUCIA TIUII 1 1 Seated, First Row: Mr. Leonard, Mrs. Engerhardt, Mrs. Nellis, Mr. Nellis, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Hobbie, Mrs. Rhyther Mrs. Willett Mr. Willett, Mrs. Flint, Mr. Ball, Mrs. Ball Mr. Passow.'Second Row: Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Cheney, Mrs? Chelius, Mrs. Hickling, Mrs. McGuire, Miss Saunders, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Peirce, Mrs. Gearhardt, Mrs ,URING the second year of its existence, the Eden Parent-Teachers Association has en- deavored to broaden the scope of its activities. In order to enhance the community cultural life, it presented a series of four programs which included a singer, a three-act play, a symphony, and a quartette. Its contribution to the social life of Eden was its well-attended party held in '78 Blakely, Miss Boardman. Third Row: Mrs. D. Anderson, Miss Childs, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Leonard, Mrs. Gehl, Mrs. H. Anderson. Fourth Row: Mr. Boehxner, Mrs. Boehmer, Mrs. Staby, Mr. Staby, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Miller. Standing: Mrs. Page, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. E. Juengling, Mrs. Blcy, Mrs. A. Juengling. February. This rollicking gatheri proved to be an excellent opportunity for teac ers and parents to become acquainted on a socialbasis. Its contribution to education was the sponsoring of a series of lectures on the child and child psychology. Dr. Margaret Quayle Dr. Arnold Gross, and Mrs. Robert Parke, ali of Buffalo, led the discussions. Cl. IIIIC HEN in need of medical attention, our school nurse, Miss Gressman, and our school doctor, Dr. Marten, are always on hand. Annual physical examinations, re- ports to the parents concern- ing these examinations, in- noculations, and everyday supervision of the students' health are just a few of their ma.ny duties and responsibil- ities. Left to Right: J. Bolton, Dr. Martin, Miss Gressman, S. Altwater, J. Mackey A Bley, C. Hammond, C. Kinsey. Left to Right, Standing: Messrs. Irving Wilcox, John Winter, Charles Benkleman, Richard Szalasny, Raymond Bauer, Edmund Winkleman, Milford Wilcox, Sylvester Wxttmeyer, Michael Sessanna. CAFETFRIA faculty and the en- tire student bod 'oins to Y J - gether in a hearty thank-you to the cafeteria staff for the balanced, but yet economical meals served to them each day. Mrs. Flint, our dietic- ian, and her staff have done a really grand job for which we are thankful. BUS DRIVERS UR bus drivers are our first contact with school in the morning and our last in the afternoon. Not only do they, however, transport us daily to and from school in all kinds of climatic condi- tions, but also they drive us whenever we have field trips. Left to Right: Miss Zittel, Miss Keller, Mrs. Flint, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Nellls 79 MISS WINIFRED HARPER ND so, our book closes, just as it begins, with a word of H er for Without her thanks. This time it is thanks to Miss arp , , , rvi ' and this book would never have opened. It was her supe sion unending efforts that made this book what it is. This past year was Miss Harper's first at Eden and in this one year she has gained the friendship of all of us. We Seniors who have had a much better opportunity to know her, have found, her fun to work and to be With. It would be natural for us to be proud of this book, and we f this ride for hope that you, Miss Harper, shall share some o p it is very much your book, also. 80 Baker, H. v. .... . Balfour Company . . Bank of Gowanda .... Bank of Hamburg .... Bank of North Collins . . . Biehler's Restaurant ..... Biey, E. H. ............ . . Bluebird Laundry 8: Cleaners . Bob's Market .......... . . lton W E a.nd Son Bo , . . ....... . . Braymi1ler's Vegetable Market. . . . . Bright Spot ............. . . Bronwyn Theater ........ . . Buffalo Trotting Association . . . . Bimtekiel, Joseph ....... Bus Drivers ......... Case Farm Machinery .... Case's ............. Caskey's Funeral Service . . . Castiglia Jewelry ...... Castle, Albert ....... Central Service ...... Chazen, Joseph ....... Classes of '51, '52, '53 . . . Coffee Pot ......... Community Market . . . Crisp's Greenhouse . . . Dot's Beauty Shop ..... DER ............ Earl's Refreshment Stand .... . . Ecli se Metal Mf . Co p h g ...... Eden Biz Men's Bowling League Eden Free Library ......... . . Eden Garage ............ . . Eden Gas 8: Fuel Co. . . . . Eden Jr. Lodge ........ Eden Miniature ..... '. . . Eden Monumental Service. . . Eden Motor Sales ....... Eden Press . . . ....... . Eden Central Student Assoc. .' . . . Eden Swiss Cheese ...... Elaine's Dress Shop ..... Emerling, R. J ..... Engel Signs ....... Eschborn Motor Sales. . . Feasley's Dairy ....... First Baptist Church ..... Fogelsanger Funeral Home . . . . . Fregelette, James ....... Froehley Funeral Home . . . Garden of Eden ...... Gates Oil Co ....... Gehl, Edward . . . Gil's Shoe Store ...... Guenther, George ...... Haberer, W. G. a.nd Son . . . Hackemer, Edward J .... Hamburg Airpark ..... Hamburg Music House .... Hamburg Mutual Agency . . Hamburg Radio ...... Hamburg Sun ...... Hess Bros. . . . Hill Garage ..... Hillwig, W. A. .... . Holden Motor Sales . . . Holt, Bernhart H .... Horton, Edwin F. . . Howell Chevrolet . . Hunt, Horace . . . Junior Class .... Kazoo Co ....... Ken's Barber Shop . . Kern's Dry Cleaning . . . Klein, Chas. J. 5 Sons . . Kraft Trucking Lines. . . Kronenberg's Inc. . . . Kruse's ........ Laing, Floyd ...... Lattimer's Shoe Store . . Lietz, John ....... L1ndholm's ...... Lion's Club of Eden . . Luther, W. C. ..... . Main Bowling Academy . . Mansfield's Greenhouses . Marie Beauty Shop ..... Martin's Dry Cleaners . . . Matteson's ....... Meyer, Franklin . . . Millar Bros. .... . Miller, Edward M. . . . Mi1ler's Dept. Store . . Miner Motor Corp.. . . Moore's Men's Wear. . Nagle, Ivan ....... Nagle's Barbecue .... Nashek's Service Station . . Neal-Clark-Neal ..... Nobbs 8: Williams . . . North Collins Coop. . Olney and Carpenter . . Page-Harms Oil Co. . . Palace Theater .... Palmerton, Jay G. . . Pearson, Charles L. . . Peoples' Bank ....... Pierce 8: Frantz ..... Priess, G. L. 8: Martin, R. E Quinby's Dairy ....... Ramsdell, Wm. 8: Son . . . Renschler's ....... Richardson Milling Co. . Riefler-Buick Inc .... Riefler, Paul C .... Roeller, Wm. .... . Rose Funeral Chapel . Rose Sporting Goods . . Rowe Funeral Home . . Schawel, M. L. .... . Schrader, Vic ...... Schreiber 8: Winkelman . . Sheffield, Earl 8: Harold . . Sipprell Bros., Inc. . . . . Smith and Koch Hardware Sophomore Class ...... Spaeth, Walter ...... Sport's Press . . . St. Mary's Church . . St. Paul's Church . . Sturm's.x ....... Swartz, Frank ..... Swartz, Fra.nk 8: Son .... Szal, Caesar P. ..... . Szal, Delicatessen ..... Teachers' Association of E Uhrich, Francis ...... Valley Cleaners 8: Tailors Van Note's Service Station. Vellam's Grocery ..... Weinar, John 8: Edward . . Wel1er's Service Garage . . Willet, George ...... Winter, Frank N. . . . Wolfe-Dole .... - Y. 8: G. Service . . Zahm's ...... BRAYMIlLER'S VEGETABlE MARKET BLUEBIWD Laundry and Cleaners Dry Cleaning Rug Cleaning Laundry Hat Cleaning 373 Pleasant Avenue, Hamburg, N. Y. Knowledge ls Wealth Bank of Hamburgh Hamburg, New York Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Federal Reserve Bank Phone 808 Funeral Designs Wedding Bouquets Plants Cut Flowers Corsages Compliments of Crisp's Flower Shop and Greenhouse New Jerusalem Road Eden 83 F23 Eden,New York Harry A. Caskey FUNERAL SERVICE 82 PHGE-HHHIHS Ull CUHIPHHU GULF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS GULF Eden, New York GULF Compliments of HAMBURG MUSIC HOUSE Phone - Hamburg 1202 Hill Garage CHESTER G. DAETSCH, Prop. 713 - Phones - 47 Pierce Avenue Hamburg, New York Compliments of Eden . Swiss Cheese Mlller's Fac+ory Deparfmeni' S'l'ore FRED RUPP, Proprietor Y and G SERVICE General Auto Repair Towing and Collision Work Frontier Gas, Oil and Accessories Phone 336 Main St., Eden, N. Y. Ivan Nagle Lumber and Mill Work Eden, New York Phone 99 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '48 May Your Success and Good Luck Continue IHUURFS HIEITS UIEHR Nationally Advertised Clothing - Furnishings - Shoes For Men and Boys 20 Buffalo,Street, Hamburg, New York Phone 888-W COMPLIMENTS Congratulations of Case's Earl and Harold OLD VIRGINIA RESTAURANT SHEFFIELD Phone Eden 313 Hauling of Refuse 84 ' Compliments of Bronwyn Thea+re and Bronwyn Coffee Shop North Collins, New York Edward Gehl Welding Repair Service Main Street Eden, New York Ed Hose Sporting Bonds WESTERN NEW YORK'S LARGEST SPORTS STORE Specialists in College and School Equipment 51 - 53 East Genesee Street Buffalo, New York In Hamburg It's BIELHLER'S For Good Food and Homemade Ice Cream IBS. CHAZEN 12 E. Main Street Hamburg, New York Suits and Coats Made to Order X-Ray Shoe Fitting LATTIMER'S SHUE STURE 6 Main Street Hamburg, New York Compliments of I. I. CASE Farm Machinery MAIN BUWLING ACADEMY Air - Conditioned 10 New Brunswick Alleys Dining Room and Bar 77 Main Street Phone 208 Angola, New York Congratulations Compliments of to the Seniors of 1948 FRANKLIN MEYER, M. D. from THE BANK UF NURTN CULLINS Congratulations on Your Graduation novo L. uma. 5 To L00 STORE Fuel and Feed Service , ' 37 Main Street Hamburg, N. Y. Phone 35 Eden, New York CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES IUHN N. WEINAR EDWARD M. WEINAR CASTIGLIA JEWELRY DRESS SPORT PLAY Diamonds - Watches - Silverware SHOES Musical Instruments and Supplies are R. 1. EMERLING "Our Specialty" ' Watch - Jewelry Repair ' ' 67 Main Street Hamburg, New York 80 Lake Street Phone 1489 Hamburg, N. Y. PH ONE 42 1 87 - Compliments of Compliments of D8rR FIOOI' COVGYEHQS Eden Free Library Home Furnishings 60 - 64 Main Street Hamburg, New York Compliments of THE BRIGHT SPOT DAIRY S+urm's BAR 36 Main Street Joseph A. Wolf, Prop. Hamburg, New York HOME MADE ICE CREAM Emeroy Harrington, Prop. Phone Hamburg 1064 101 Main Street WALTER SPAETH Phone: Hamburg 1481 LINDHOLM'S Signs JEWELERS and Truck Lettering Of All Kinds 61 Buffalo St., Hamburg, N. Y. cfo Community Market Congratulations to Th Ed M' ' + e en Ima ure The Class of 1948 "A Picture of Our Town's Activities" HAMBURG AIRPARK, INC , Hamburg, New 'York 88 Compliments of WM. RUELLER Compliments of THE EDEN PRESS I. KRUSE 81 CUMPANY "Shop at a Friendly Store" WULFE - DULE Oldsmobile HOUGHTON Sz DAKE, Props. Dry Goods, Notions--School Supplies 207 Lake treet Hamburg' New York Lake and Union Streets, Hamburg, New York phone 524 Compliments of Compliments of KEN'S BARBER SHOP CHARLES L. PEARSON Porcelain Electrical Store Fronts Advertising ENGEL SIGNS Eden, New York Compliments of BOB'S MARKET Choice Meats and Dairy Products NEON DISPLAYS Phone Eden 116 F11 89 SPURTS' PRESS S Publishers of "High School Sports Catalogue" Clifford Case - Editors - Barbara Koch Copies are still available , , for the resume of the past SOUTHERN LAKE SHORE ERIE COUNTY BASKETBALL CONFERENCE Compliments of fum JR. LUDGE Nu. 14 MANSFlEI.D'S GREENHUQUSES Newton Road - Hamburg, New York Buy Where the Flowers Grow Phone 200 FLORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY Compliments of IAMES V. FREGELETTE, D. D. S. P h o n e 4 4 Main Street North Collins, N. Y Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF IUSEPH F. BUNTEKIEL NAGLE'S BARBECUE IUSTICE OF PEACE MILTON A. TANNER "For clean sport and fair play" HOWE LL AND KIE LAR' props' Daily Deliveries to Eden, Buffalo, and Phone 3 1 4 Nearby Towns CENTRAL SERVICE HESS BROS., FLURISTS Main and Green Streets Eden, N. Y. Phones: Hamburg 694, 695. Night 1207-I 28 Main Street Hamburg, New York 'I'EXACO GASOLINE HAVOLINE OIL 91 MOTOROLA RADIOS OTTAWA MANURE LOADERS FHHHH SLUHHTZ HHIJ SUN SALES and SERVICE SISSON HIGHWAY Phone 8.7 EDEN, NEW YORK Compliments of ST. PAUL'Si EV. LUTHERAN CHURCH VAN NOTE'S SERVICE STATION Sinclair Gas and Oil EDEN VALLEY' NEW YORK Buffalo and Union Sts. Hamburg, N. Y. EDWIN F. HURTIIN Acetylene Cutting Compliments of Acetylene and Electric Welding GREEN STREET EDENNEWYORK Hemlock Street cor. West Avenue Eden, New York 92 HULDEH IIIUTUR SHLES, IHC. BUFFALO AVENUE AT NORTH STREET HAMBURG, NEW YORK LES. HOLDEN: Res. Phone, 1574-I TELEPI-IONES: 1480-1113 RUSE FUNERAL CHAPEL ALBERT I. CASTLE East Eden, New York BLUE COAL 7 6 20 Mainstreet HAMBURG 121 Coke - Lime - Gravel Ambulance Sick Room Equipment slag for Driveways L Phone Eden 295-F-3 ST. MARY! CIIURCII East Eden, New York Rev. Alexander Iankowski, Pastor Compliments of your ALLIS-CHALMERS DEALER WMS. J. KLEIN 8 SUN! North Boston, New York Phone - BOSTON 5369 '93 Compliments of .mv c. PALMERTUII 'R' u""""6 Real Estate 81 Mortgage Loans PHONE 461 GENERAL INSURANCE LAKE STREET HAMBURG, N. Y. Telephone 104 EDEN, NEW YORK EDWARD M. MILLER HAMBURG MUTUAL AGENCY Plumbing and Heating Contractor F. N. RANDALL REPAIR SERVICE Palace Theater Building NORTH MAIN STREET EDEN, N. Y. Phone 89 2 HAMBURG, NEW YORK Phone EDEN 279 94 MEATS choice cuts GEURGE GUFIITIIFR EDEN, NEW YORK PIERCE 6 FRJIITZ Insurance and Real Estate 20 Buffalo Street HAMBURG, NEW YORK VIC SCHRADGR -YWIRFIUFR 6 Tire Service Recapping WIMKFIMAII Repairing Vulcanizing Top Soil Wholesale -- Retail Bulldozing New Tires Excavating GOODYEAR PENNSYLVANIA Free Road Service Phone Eden 345F21 East Eden Road I EDEN, NEW YORK Slag, Cinders For Delivery, Phone Eden 295F2 or Buffalo - Bedford 5330 RFIISCIIL EWS FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLE STAND AND SNACK BAR GEURGF WING? Compliments of VALLEY CLEANERS 6 TAILGRS U d F it B ght d S ld Phone 98 in St t EDEN, NEW YORK DR. II. 'Y. BAKER V t ri i 370 HAMBURG, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS or YFLLAMT GRUCGRY COMPLIMEN TS T O F SUMMER TIME SOPHOMORES POSIN' HO'HUM KNGLA 8: YOUNG' 8' INN OCENT OUR' CHUCK PEG O MY HEART HON EY- HELLO PEEP-50" LCAF IN JUST -WE T W O DOWN'8s'UNDE R FF' THAT 's OUR- GIRL we ALL Mass WINKIE WHO DAT 7 PHUL C. RIEHEH 2:' If J Farm and Inaustriu Buildings ,lf BUxLD1NG MATERIALS TRENC HING SERVIC E '5fff:'E5I5E:e2Qf 1'j"sff: ':'.A ' ' W as Q35 P h o n e 6 7 6 Else 'EV jj OUR VERY BEST WISHES are extended to the graduates of Eden Central School. Your suc- cessful completion of the three year course will go far towards preparing you for your careers. The Peoples Bank takes this op- portunity to extend I-IEARTY CONGRATULATIONS and to tell you that we will be glad to serve you at any time. THE PEUPlES BHHH HAMBURG, NEW YORK Established 1891 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 98 HAMBURG NEW YORK mann n. QQIIHAIEEON Conunete Insurance and Real Estate Service 513 NORTH MAIN STREET EDEN, NEW YORK Phone 90 or 310 99 DOT'S BEAUTY SIIG? UERIIIIART H. HGH' Eyebrow Arching Treatments A1101-ney-at-1aw Permanents Manicuring l - l EDEN OFFICE BUFFALO OFFICE Shampooing and Flnger Wavzng Mi R d 803Whit B ildi MAIN STREET EDEN 113 an Ca e u ng RICIIARDSUN MINING 60. Garden Seeds For Market Gardeners Flour Feed Fertilizers 351 Union St. Telephone HAMBURG, N. Y. HAMBURG 191 "Down by the tracks" HHZUU CU., IHC. If it's a Prescription, Take it to MILLAR URUS. PHARMACY 79 Main Street HAMBURG, N. Y. "In Business for Your Health !! GARDEN UF GD FII MAIN STREET EDEN NEW YORK JOSEPH SEACON, Prop. 100 6 - PONTIAC - 8 Sales - Service - Parts FSCIIBURNT MDTUR SALES Hamburg, New York Hamburg 752 W. E. BULTUN AND SUN GENERAL MERCHANDISE Radios and Tubes NORTH COLLINS, NEW YORK I HOWE LL Q cnevnourr MATTESUWS ANGoLA's FRIENDLY STORE Compliments of FEIS! EWS DAIRY FACTORY SYSTEM SHOE SERVICE Main near Pleasant, EDEN Fishing Tackle Men's Dress and Work Shoes Baby Shoes That Doctors Recommend Sneakers and Rubber Footwear For The Family 101 PIANOS - RADIOS - COMBINATIONS - TELEVISION Your Home is the Place to Enjoy Them Terms and Prices to Suit Everybody PIANOS - Kimball, Lester Gulbransen, Cable, Weaver, Sottmer, Janssen., Minevox 50 MODELS - 5365. - 5995. S25 to S50 S15 to S30 DOWN MONTHLY RADIO COMBINATIONS - Zenith, Stromberg-Carlson, Motorola, Freed-Eismann, Ansley, GeneralElectric TELEVISION - Stromberg-Carlson, Motorola,GeneralElectric Ben Neal and Olin Neal attended Eden High 1891 - 1895 HEHL-IILHHH-HEHL When you want to be remembered for your GIFTS, remember to buy your gifts at . . WNENQHHY5, INC "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" . . Since 1848 . MAIN AND BUFFALO STREETS HAMBURG, NEW YORK 102 FROM THE CLHSSES UF '51-'52-'53 Hugh Ga+es Oil Co., Inc. Distributors of SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Phone HAMBURG 162 HAMBURG, NEW YORK Metered Delivery Service W. A. HILL WIG O P T O M E T R I S T PHONE 556 89 Buffalo Street Hamburg, New York ULIIEY 6 CARPENTER INC. CANNED AND FROZEN FOODS Eden, New York Wolcott, New York 104 SIHITH HHH HUGH HHRDUIHHE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PLUMBING AND HEATING SHEET METAL WORK Phone 36 EDEN, NEW YORK L. 6. surouk can ram ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Class Rings and Pins Commencement Armouncements Diplomas Personal Cards Medals Trophies Club Insignias Represented by ROBERT TURNBULL 14 Waldemer Way Lakewood, New York Congratulations to the Class of 1948 F R O M T H E BUS DRIVERS 105 ENJOY YOUR HOME-- Have your RUWF Flllfkll HUMF BASE M ENT NORTON L. ROWE, Licensed Manager WATERPROOFED See --- "The Concrete Man" NORTH COLLINS, NEW YORK For CONCRETE WORK Ambulance Service so wana J. IIACKEM an 23 Hawkins Avemue HAMBURG, N. Y. MWINE FAST DRY C LEANING SERVICE Phone . .... Hamburg 617 106 COMPLIMENTS OF BMW U? EUWANUA ebay akdwca EDEN, NEW YORK 107 UR. W. C. LUTHER os'rEoPA'rHIc PHYSICIAN PHOTOGRAPHS I Thi Y b k by FRA-NEI! I. Ulfkffff PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER U i St t HAMBURG, N 5 Buffalo Street HAMBURG, N Y HAMBURG 714 GRUVER L PRIESL M. D. AND RUIMLD E. MARTIM M. D. HAMBURG RADIU AND TEL E VISIUII Sales and Service 9 Buffalo St t HAMBURG, N Y Ph ne - H mburg 1081 COMPLIMENTS OF EDEII GAS AND FUEL 00. 108 WElLER'S SERVICE GARAGE SOUTH WESTERN BOULEVARD PHONE 225 ANGOLA, NEW YORK SERVICE AND SALES PONTIAC CARS--G.M.C.TRUCKS--JOHN DEERE TRACTORSANDMACHINERY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '48 HUHHCE HUNT INSURANCE EDEN, NEW YORK Phone 68-I Auto - Lite Batteries Compliments of EDEII GARAGE CAESAR P. SZAL ' GENERAL AUTO REPAIR Authorized Queen-O Distributor phone 26 EDENNEWYORK Dunlop Tires and Tubes 109 I A ' - ' Mk.. . E A RIEFL ER BUICK, INC. 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Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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