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 - Class of 1947

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Eden Central School - Embers Yearbook (Eden, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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72151 as 5 , Q7 4 J PZ. 1 J nz Q -!e,J. sf' pw Ili! .- was ii Q av V- ', fgffg HB, RHI! ,ii Z M x s 03 ' 1 'aw it ,- SJR,Ipafwfifm-.Y?fA.fXl!n2u.f. . m Q na. JJ' in Q' 4w:ff,J:fMl5f4,'ifig3-JAHIE?'2nv','!WA,.1ls X A 1lul:m.mi'r maxim 1 ' " v 'wr-'-k r 4 vs , x 4 , u yn-9 . Q- A .V A ' ' '-51'-."",l5-u ,fy ,. .. . , . Q . 2. 2" A bfi WZ! , mi, THE SENIOR CLASS OF EDEN CENTRAL SCHGOL EDEN, NEW YORK S .-Ea? h - , ' ' 5 Y dlllll 'WIYIIUI f LE- ' ' 2? 1? , . 1 ' , EE' - !f ' - 1 ..-L-af.,-I , Exif- F I 2 J Presents THE 1947 EMBERS x9'sc'W 3 'J' Q A u 7. PROPERTY or- L HAMBURG Hrsroarcu. sammy mnxfcu.s11rraszuuai1eu11.raa Through the pages of the "Embers" we, the Class of '47, have presented to our friends glimpses of life at Eden Central School. With the realization that we are living at a time when we must, more than ever, think not only of our immediate surroundings but ofthe world at large, we have endeavored to highlight those funda- mental elements which we deem most essential in the building of worthwhile lives as well as in the building of a better world order. We hope that we have produced an "Embers" which will equal the high standards of previous years and will preserve, for the future, memories ofthe pleasant years spent at Eden Central School "Since wars begin in the minds of men it is in the minds of men that the de fense of peace must be constructed."- Preamble to U.N. Educational, Scien tific, and Cultural Organization. 1 s Q s , V- .,i. .f 1' 1 f- zz ' 1 DEDICATION .y I l l To you, Miss Phillips, we, the Class of 1947, dedicate the "Embers" in recognition of your quiet, efficient and faithful service to Eden Central School for these many years. . -- ., -X , , , f . , , i i- 3 X --q,wi,e',m,x. IBIIISIIIE UMLM li! IIE Guidance, carefully and thoughtfully given, is most necessary in our high school years when we are making choices and decisions that will aHect our individual futures. Our 'principal, assistant principal, deans and teachers out of their experience and training have endeavored to offer us this guidance. Likewise, as we in the future assume our duties as citizens, we must make wise decisions affecting the future of our nation and the world, guided by discern- ing leaders and upright statesmen. "J have but one lamp by wbzcb my feet are guided and that is the lamp o expefxence flknow of no way o yurigmg of the uture but by the past Patrick Henry s 41 s A Q' W .. ., fI:'.. .- --3125 -,wuwf-, ' Lf .H ' " .l:X..,: 'am-..,, .,,"'fg,- ,1-H., -.q-7, ' 'Uv Fir "1 ...f mf- ' ' .1 rl v l .., 11 Hp' .A .,I A ZW'-I 1 . I I P' 'M' MMM ,Ur - 4 -'lf 2, .L V., ,M - -. J, -, -Riffs SH f- 'viz W NX 'H " rr, ' 23" " ' HM 'ff y, ' 'n A V1-1.1.9-,, y, , P -Aawhgkwmim 2, I I ,1:"' 1' 5 7. 1.5 .- VAT, U A f 0 fl z ' f K 7 Af Mig! ? 1 . Zi' If f X as .X 5 ii T"+'v- -i+ ,?' lg 'QNX W N E 'ill 2 QJFQX 'D 7 'WW 'll fr! X, f N af ss S SQ XR "", 3 ff 2 -il: H ,fin xv 1 f , 4-4 i Y f CUR PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE As this nation faces its great task of building the foundations ofa new and lasting peace with the rest of the world, so we, in education, are faced with the challenge of building a worthy citizenry to perpetuate faith, understanding and confidence among the peoples of the world. I am sure that by skillful guidance and training in every field of endeavor, the youth of today will be able to light the paths of justice, of righteousness, of tolerance and of trust, for those of tomorrow, to such an exent that the whole world will be immunized against another of the world's greatest diseases-war. To gain this end every parent, student and administrator must work untiringly so that all may have a better chance of finding the illuminated goal of success. If you, the Sons and Daughters of Eden, are to meet this challenge, I urge you to carefully view the world through a telescope of enlightenment and be proud of the place you will occupy in the New World of tomorrow. .gf . S . 6 i v . OUR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL I I I I I Mr. Anderson, as the assistant principal of Eden Central School, has numerous duties and responsibilities. Among these are included the supervision of matters pertaining to our bus system-the daily bus runs, buses for field trips, and buses for games. Since it is in Mr. Anderson's office that the attendance records are kept, the approving of excuses, issuing of re-admittance passes and checking of registers must be taken care of by him. In the event of Mr. Leonard's absence, the general supervision of the school passes to our assistant principal. Over a period of years the students have found Mr. Anderson to be a real friend and have appreciated his genuine interest in their welfare. PROPERTY OF' HAMBURG HISTORICAL SOCIETY f --: 1 e fv?f4w?5?Lfff if ifujg., -T" -'g u 'ri 4- :f13'1I!lli",izf+.,f.fg- It. . Y , ..,. , , nt: NM, ,N PRIMARY Seated: Miss Widmer, Miss Schroeder, Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. Wander. Standing: Mrs. Gleason, Miss Nobbs, Miss Mclntyre, Mrs. Morgester. INTERMEDIATE Seated: Mrs. Boehmer, Mrs. Lemmler, Miss Saunders Mrs. Lloyd, Standing: Miss Wilson, Miss Skinner, Miss Boardman. SPECIAL Sealed: Miss Whitmore, Miss Aglc, Miss Gressman, Miss Olmsted Mr. Luders. Standing: Miss Finnigan, Mr. Chalmer, Mrs. Francisco, Mr. Stromgren, Mr. Mergler. Helen Schroeder . Mary Widmer . . . Cleo Morgester . . . Sylvia Thornton . . Marion Mclntyre . Gertrude Wander . . . Flora Gleason .... Jessie Nobbs . . . Ruth Boardman .. Ethel Wilson ..... Barbara Skinner . . Louise Lemmler . . Margaret Saunders Madge Dash ..... Muriel Lloyd ... Helen Agle ... Allison Arlen ... Bertram Ghalmer . Claire Finnigan .. Pauline Gressman Clifford Luders .. Richard Mergler . . Nancy Olmsted .. Paul Stromgren .. janet Whitmore . . OUR . . . Kindergarten . . . Kindergarten . . . . Grade IA .. Grade IB . . . . Grade 2A . . . . Grade QB . . . Grade BA .. Grade 3B . . . Grade 4A . . Grade 4B . . . . Grade 5A . . . Grade SB . . . Grade 6A . . Grade 6B . . . Remedial . Home Economics . . . . . . Agriculture Physical Education ........ Librarian . . . . . Nurse . . . . Agriculture . . . Industrial Arts Music Music Physical Education 8 v ' 1 .. 4'T5'17'57':7- nfl . I I .Mr K TEACHERS Alice Backer ..... Edward Collard Leo Foroscij ..... Harriet Phillips Robert Spencer .... Fred Bamberger . . . Albert Ball ....... Evelyn Brenneman . . . Lillian Childs ..... A. Harry Passow . . . 'E Social Studies, English Dean Mathematics Social Studies ...... English . . . Science French, German . . . . .. Business . Latin, English ,...... History of Boys, Science Gertrude Pierce . . . Dean of Girls, English Tinella Rice ..... ........... B usiness George Richmond . . . . . Mathematics Cele Hastings ...... . . . Secretary to Mr. Leonard Dorothy Kasperek . . . .....,.. Assistant Secretary Eleanor Hensel . . . . . . Secretary to Mr. Anderson s V 9 -4-ufimkx ., , .115 vpn: wr vm, f - H .g' .1-'f,w'l,',:t.',,'1',.:c . y '- - .....:w:,w.,:gx 4- 43 JUNIOR HIGH Mr. Spencer, Mr. Collard, Miss Phillips, Mr, Foroscij, Miss Backer. Seated: Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Pierce, Mr. Passow, Mr. Bamberger. Standing: Mr. Ball, Miss Childs, Mr. Richmond, Mrs. Brenneman, SECRETARIES Sealed: Miss Hensel, Mrs. Hastings. Standing: Miss Kaspcrek, 'Qliqw ,..f , K 'Q BOARD OF EDUCATION f 1'?g1gvwwm.,,f. :um L' -wiv , ,, warm, .M ,, ,,,L I PL .,r7 V 4 A , MZ , , . 11. ' 1 . 4- fy ffA.'.9,'V7'f . B. A. Leonard CSup. Prin,J, Robert Brindley tTreasurerj, Harry Rice QClerkj, Miss Rose Clark tPresidentJ, Elmer Agle, Robert Beehler, john Weinar, George Winter CNO Picturej. We, the students of Eden Central School, have benefited greatly from the unselfish service of the members of our Board of Educa- tion with Miss Rose Clark as president. They are constantly faced with the many problems of financial support, upkeep of school properties, employment of teachers and approval of school policies. All these problems they attempt to solve with our best interests and the larger interests of the community at heart. Without the help of the Board of Education, many of the activ- ities and privileges that we, as students, enjoy so much, would be denied us. We have been especially pleased by the introduction of football as one of our activities and by the beginning of the new track field which, we are certain, will be the finest in the area. For all these reasons we are grateful to the Board of Education. s 10 ...,......,--v l .f -wiwuraaa ffam qjlfrggmme. e J, .g ff 4 A yeast.. ,:'l4ii'4'.'f "sk ,-ww, , N., , x .. , .175 AN' .4 5 F 3 ,X 7 , f' 'U' ,aff " , Q, If it has 'to be done- D'm"e' time Nou-gfhic is --' Smile Asahi le Ehffdhted Mr' Winter Wig , HOYYIQ Again ESS-.cnerscy p ,4' WHAG has There if is! X X .As I was SGY 11 , T-QQCYILL lhg'--. Y' ll.. IIE.'ll" i!llEll.WIEIlI.!2lFJ' 'IIE Perseverance has been a necessity in attaining our goal of gradua- tion and will continue to be needed in the attainment of the goals of our future lives. Many problems in our school life have been solved through patience and perseverance and many of the world problems which seem insurmountable will also be solved if the nations of the world will be strong in their determination to work earnestly and unceasingly for lasting peace in the atomic age. "Qenius, that power which dazzles mortal eyes, is oft but perseverance in disguise."-Henry Willard s 12 ...f,.,,.-...1-w uf-1--'yi' Zxrfff fn,-. 'H-1, 4. L J r - 'fs- Q 'ff'.'- 1 ,., ,jab ,:.:-.,i:-. ,L Lv 4.-- -' . - '-.:'. .r A ,5- H.. Z .-br' HLSTURICAL SOCIETY URG ouR ADVISER i .-,g To you, Mrs. Pierce, we of the Senior Class wish to express our apprecia- tion forthe sincere interest which you have shown in our progress during your four years at Eden Central. As we leave our Alma Mater, we shall take with us many remembrances of the times when you turned a sympathetic ear to our troubles, spurred us on to greater efforts in your English classes, and gave surprise parties for our enjoyment. We hope that you will be proud of our future accomplishments. IN MEMORIAM Roziezt qzafzcix Diddez SEPTEMBER ll, 1928 JUNE 19, 1944 "The stars go down to rise upon some fairer shore, rgg And bright in Heavens jeweiled crown We .f ,. is They shine forevermqref' 1 ii i Q I ' tiri r , , I K 1, I i it 235. J W . X 'LE e 1 'E . . , K-11 ,,,, ,,-,-,- W- - Q 1 -Eff, my 'MN "" 1,77 at V ' I E ? Y, , Q at K X ' i fp r-: S M f V ,ji 'f Williani Rennagel i 4 Rita Brusehaber . "Bm" HISTORY OF TH E "Reef" College Entrance in Science Homemaking Course Valeclictorian C S 0 F I Salutatorian The evolution of our class began one bright September morning in the year 1935. Armed with pencils, tablets, and crayons, we were ready for the battle of readini, writin' and 'rithmetic. Often during the next two years when we were supposed to be readin', Luther would be writin'-a note to Bill Rice. One memorable day when our entire class, completely drenched, returned to the homeroom after having constructed miniature Boulder Dams in the creek near the old school, Miss O'Donald, our third grade teacher, showed frank disapproval by means of a stout ruler. Back in fourth grade, "Bev" Vellam and june Miller became firm friends, and Luther lost his girl, june, to "Lippy" and his new bike, in sixth grade the famous foursome of Bauer, Eckhardt, Brusehaber and Hickling came to our attention, at the same time that Hazel Shepker and Geraldine Thompson became insep- arable, in seventh grade Mr. Anderson constantly broke up the "gab fests" of Jennie Skora, Gloria Smith, and Louise Ptak. The teacher whom we remember for her friendly, helpful. ways is Miss Phillips, our eighth grade teacher. During this year the seniors gave a quiz program on which jack Stresing and joanne Bauer ably represented the class wit and wisdom. It was in our freshman year that Carl Shumway and Bob Turner drove us wild with their side- splitting cartoons, that Basil Kern began showing talent for acting, and that we discovered in our ,,..,. ,, .- e f- V - "a"'ay. , .- llc. , 'I 5- -5. ii ffiilj i-fgdim 15 midst Eden's own songbird, Hazel Roykouff. Can we ever forget Dot Schreiner, the pesky kid-sister, in the play "Alice's Blue Gown" or johnny Pentek, the old hypochondriac, in the play "A Close Shaveu? During our sophomore year we excelled in sell- ing bonds and stamps, and in junior year produced a spectacular prom called "Moonlight Mood," during which took place the crowning of our queen, Laurel Eckhardt. Didn't we win the pop and cookies in the poetry contest with last year's seniors? Donit you remember those humorous limericks about "Kassy" and Max? ln this, our last year, we are all approaching the realization of our dreams. Donna Knight is doing excellent work as editor-in-chief of "Embers," our veterans, Dick Szalasny and Bill Gumtow, are happy to be back to graduate with our class, and Xltfilliam Rennagel has again brought honor to our school by winning a trip to Washington and a scholarship in the recent science talent search. We shall always remember Mrs. Pierce for her capable leadership as Senior Adviser and Dean of Girls, and Mrs. Brenneman for her excellent work on "Embers" Soon the senior play, senior ball, regents, and graduation will be only pleasant memories as we, the Glass of 1947, step forth into the future, confident that our world of ideals built here today has laid a firm foundation for that greater world of tomorrow. joanne Bauer .70 ., College Entrance in Science and Mathematics President CLASS Betty C-ehl "Bets " Secretarial Course Secretary Mm? if " , by :V 7, My '- , nf' M, , ' x f . , 'f f Y ' , ijiff ,YQ , 4 V, , 5 W., - .T ,L Alf K ,W -, f , 1 f' wi' 23 fi ff , ff? if wfgj. ::,.wQI,2vi::, 'f : 'Lf .' "W ru ' V 35, VVVV g X V V 1 -,Avi-1 4,-2, ,V ,al wwf lkrk K I fi V, , 5, .. r ' a 'sr '- , if 'iw .L,eQt',',.L1f ' 1 3-f"" f, 'V , I rb.. VV,,, , ,,,r:r A,,,.3 ,A ,. B S 16 X...m.m,..,,i,,,,, E S F., -, john Pentek "jolJnnie" College Entrance in Mathematics Vice-President CFFICERS Beverly Vellam "Bev" Secretarial Course Treasurer fi X I ,X w -:,e:.:,f t,.,,q,. ... p Harry Bearsh HUPPYU College Entrance in Science President june Miller "Milt " Secretarial Course Vice-President HOMEROOM OFFICERS ' li, ' E , 5549 QA I Dot Schreiner A i- ,g g ' Edna Olin ' Q Secretarial Course ,igyly V A College Entrance in Science f ' Secretary Treasurer W j,',,jsY ' , , l' ' I ' 'X 17 Raymond Blatner HRW.. General Course nf, wif 4 A ,, ,wwgml I I. f f 4 .Lf -- f. A ,l , ., ,,. E I,,,, W 9 ,, v, ,.,,, ,435 , - ,U ' .r . ,,? g I-.50 , ' , . fzmkf l f E "" 5 ZW , X, , Wolfe, .Q-1 E fd, A , A7 C v . , V 'fm , QW: E gg 5 f , , ff 1 1 gh , yi? Ai ' . QJ15 if fj J K fe 7 f f ,,- , y 9 if z , ifk E 1 Q AV, 'VVV ff, 4, ' 5 Laurel Eckharclt ,',. 2 C Eclzxe ' ' College Entrance in Science ' f , . :,, no E W - , , 1 jane Cotten "Rusty" College Entrance in Art Marguerite Ehmlce "7lflargie" College Entrance in Arts 18 M ,,. f N K u-r..r..n,wm..-Q-1. .. -'-- - --xfft - - -- Helen Filipiak "Tiff: " I-lomemaking james Cassman "Elbows" Industrial Arts f -rss L 1 1,3 W 4, 0 4 it X X. gi? , ,ff , ., ,x , -. X, . . fp ,, V . .4 J, , 1- -55,44 f ' X 39 r' Q in 154 1, E, ,, Mfg 'Af '9""if,n If .n f ",' 19 Edward Forster "Big Ed" College Entrance in Arts B Willialxm Cumtow "Bill" College Entrance in Science , I x .I 7 ., .,,. ,, .. Tx .4-Q - N, It ' :L l H 'f Nw X 1, H fx ' 7 1 ii: i ' i wi vw Q , ee ,. V l i nv , :lf --ef-4, 1 X . , , , ,, ,Z ,.,. I , ' ezfgrf in V I .V 1 VVVZ Phyllis Hickling ' 'VVI 'N Richard Hill "Nick" fix! f?.5 "Pinecone" College Entrance in Science Industrial Arts jane Holsclier Homemaking .:,.. A 'J-.U 1 r. " I ,' 25, .3 '7 12944: , Q Y f- 33 W - 1, ., ,.,. . , f 5 4 if 3 , 41" 4 f , , 0 f gf f A-fy, S 3 1 . ff ,yi-:gm . : . , 11 0 2 ,," 1 , iw I 'fa , ,,. , ,J , , Basil Kern "Doc" janey Music DI fx. N I Q0 ' 'A' ' ' ' ff' ill?HHQEYHFEYFWTY1""l""""'i'i5'T'7 ' ' ' .+-wit -fi.: Ia ' 'U ,T H r 5 W M i. Donna Knight .. D.. College Entrance in Science 4 '. -4. hm-LQ Luther Landon "7Vickers" fPant5'5 little brotlnerj College Entrance in Science .. e.. .1-f.m-,...,.,,. , Q1 A im, A , zexfwggfv . ,C 2 K, , ,, ,V .pf wifi Ly ng: r Ewen 1 ', ' ffl' Jfvyif ,f - iw ig, zgQjexfeQ.,p Q,.M":wJ' f 'im WM, ft' 4 129532 '95 f' ' if 2-2231958 jvfgu, ,V fzmfg W ip: if 53,gg'5"Wf 2 W TW! ff If I 1 lyme Sw f M54 f f sp' 4 f ,f ,, X 1 , f 1' i f, , ,ff ww .- !:2.y4grff4Zf Q , ,ii, ,,,,.,, , - an " . ff ' ' ff V -iivlb, if in Zio' 1 ' f W -Ij:,f:1' 33' fi. y gsm , , 2 Z' ,f . ,W ,. 7 3, f " 'V . , ' ,fi M, M 1 I 1 f J7 J ' Hf ' , Lloyd Lamb "flu11ior" Agriculture Edmund Lasota " Ed " College Entrance in Engineering fm ,ffm PROPERTY OF HAMBURG HISTORICAL socrsrrr Rose Marie Preischel "Rosie" Secretarial Course joseph Regan NACE.. General Course ' 'v-w-awww: N- .-,-vwvva, ,hah ,Z Q f F. 'N , 'W 3 lll, as , , 4, VI 2 1 4 3' ff WWA' g A ,M , -f ,,,,, f f-f'3"t3.l fre Louise Ptak "Smilie" Secretarial Course William Rice "Will" Industrial Arts v.., .' ,V ' 1 L 9 I 4, , -vi A 1' if ff if if ' i if' kr -- . gi? w QQ f EX 03' , jill. I' 5 , g X v ,, 1 1 Y 4 ,. D i 4 t . 4 Hazel Roykoufl "Di11ip1eS" College Entrance in Music Hazel Shepker "3'lazzie" College Entrance in Science Q f....ten.-4,.. ... A 'AT 415, . 1 ' . , f f , ff ' - 2 1 Qi ,, ' ' wi, f w i I i Q Q V '..-ui...-Q5-Ll,,, Qi C .. , 1:1 i. 1 ,- V2.4-AW i 23 ra. Richard Szalasny "Dick " General Course Carl Shumway "Wee" College Entrance in Mathematics 4? "4iwh5v- P-- QV Jennie Skora "Jeanne" Secretarial Course jack Stresing "Stretch" College Entrance in Mathematics wxmw-N.,-WMU ' .4 Y 7af,q3f:'i.:. ,f V+, ll,f'il'5 vi' wgefllif' , A ,652 ,3gq,i:,?24stg'g H+ .,-WW, .yi W 1- 9 ....,- L Gloria Smith "Birdie" Secretarial Course Geraldine Thompson "Qcrry" College'Entrance in Science and Language for W-MW-ef ee-4 V W if , .,., no , so , . ,Q Q- ,W ,. Marguerite Timm "5Warge" College Entrance in Arts B Robert Tonder "Big Bob" College Entrance in Engineering X U, f, 4. U +5 1 1 2 'V5fUM'lrarnvQ 9 i I 5 E, f David Turnbull "Ozzie" College Entrance in Science Chester Zych " Chet " Industrial Arts fl? 'Yoixacl' QL. ta. e. We o mmbull' e'n3bQl' A P R4 Bills Yfofsxer- 1 ' WI I T110 9030: N S 1. Qai- e3g5g...Q+ XO 5 cxi1CUUJ Thanks to the co-operation of Mrs. Brenneman, our adviser, the assistance of Mrs. Pierce, the helpful suggestions of Mr. Anderson and the diligent work of the Editorial Staff with Donna Knight as editor- in-chief and Bill Rennagel as assistant editor, the "Embers', was planned and completed. Sseaggswil s vvlol 069 26 QM. QL. I 'Ls CXM Qtniinllllgi' C QW' ' R' YAQAD F . WV' . 3. W 'uviak' S vi Vt THE The responsibility of selling our annual was the task of the members of the Cir- culation Staff. Headed by Rita Bruse- haber, they did their work well. Seated: P. Hickling, j. Bauer, W. Rennegal, D. Knight, Mrs. Brenne- man, B. Vellam, j. Miller. Standing: Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Pierce. EDITORIAL STAFF Throughout our annual appear informal shots of life at Eden Central School. These were made possible by the Photography Staff under the leadership of john Pentek. Jfiw. up EMBERS Jennie Skora and her staff of six girls neatly and accurately typed all the final copies of the identification and write- ups. if-,xy--.1ug,.-Q.. it X W .Y W, ., F... As-. t . . ,'Q,,i. tggwim.,-,ex S , e li BAC f7f1Iil',,g: M eh' C rs' Rice ' S . mith- 'fglqfvlfku R Prcisph I 3 f L. pta r it YP I " Offn NG 1 J' Slfo fa STAFF v ?5v m v ' f ' X g5y 'S? l f, 'Q - " tif 5: am- V s 2 ,, Q 0 ' Vu "JS " x Sealed: L. Eckhardt, Mrs. Francisco, j. Cotten, G. Thompson, M. Tggijimm Ehmke. Standing: C. Shumway, H. Roykouff, H. Shepker. lfMWl' ART STAFF The financial success of the annual de- pends largely upon the advertisements. These were obtained by Bill Rice and his staff from Eden, Hamburg, and Buffalo.. ' : :' wf wriffe tfww we: -F t, .- vi?-a'l'.1+ i ' 'Y H :ig,51,g',3g,fLyj', v., . iwmas ft.a.2t..1 f .Spar .Sy ed: L The theme of an annual cannot be effectively carried out without the assistance of a good art staff. Under the supervision of Mrs. Francisco, the Art Staff, headed by jane Cotten, is certainly worthy of commendation for work well done. Glltfldq-. limb, D . andonr bS:,rviIwr AD ern, Hi Bzlrsiiccl 'I' Holsche C R. Tender. STAFF fe k' ?QQ gggi ' ,. " 'V ' 1 1. il 9 an Q f '4 1 'R 'F Q , oo ,Z M 5 'HJ' 1 f of 'xy ' . L 4' '5 L'-' .' Q 1 ' 4, ' - .mu ,4i:1' A f - , J' 4. , , 1 J- ,. 142, .. J . 1 5 5 :sv . ' 1' kiwi Just us' three Relaxatnon our Wi!Ky . 1' ook W nl f ,ph ,v,A 1,,,1q".,, ,,,, v. -4 4:-V. an, f- W W 'Q Q S Z a jf f . 2 ' gd f of ,M f hx 5 SA, ovtost , fx, , 5' 1 4.7-Q 1133 45? , , ff ,W 1" , 'fQf4LQ'7? Snow -Fun THE O ,hh 0 . Cghtl Sh Wt l44,,k'h G-ot "ln-of okbles, Et, cueQkiEg CQMPLIMENTS OF Can H: be Friendship? , Be-Avo or Eoucmvror-4 X K wn4-+.,.-.W KW--,,,,,. .1 M .- - f He killed time .Muni 13 G-ro wing Pains Our movie hero X f I W Y f I I Thirgf TIe,ds2'hu'N V J W The pe:-cussion Sectkon 7' gilfp CQMPLIMENTS THE Tens-sees' Ass ocrfvrron Three o'C.lock. at 13.513 Tha-45,5 3 fu-HWY Che. Y if Y" , , ,,,,.,-Y, --- I Q9 f X Wine-C can we call it? 5 W1IIBlEIIElII.M.N. IFIIIE Tolerance, that open-mindedness which brings with it a respect forthe rights, privileges and beliefs of other individuals, is a natural outgrowth of friendly association with those who may differ from us in race, nationality, color and creed. Our public school has offered an opportunity for us to practice tolerance as we mingled with students of differing backgrounds and learned to give consid- eration to all. This same regard we must strive to carry over to world relationships. "Each man can learn soriietbing rom his neighbor, at least be can learn to have patience with bam to live and let line."-Charles Kingsley s 30 ' ,f H H ,'f'A"'? B .QD "nga sLl?Y1MLQi6L'mYmffiZ:W.Avuwv W3 1. 'J' . .-,-1.,,.. . - . ,. ,ffl I. ,fd . 4..,,..'-- .- . -, H.,,...-5. , ...,. w ,P .2 , 1 I .1 -ng, -1 -- , -Qf,a-- i.i--- ' ffl fig,-1 E-TLXT ?' 5 1 'T Dog!! 1 qi FRUA - i .,...1-0 ff, wg .. - r .W-N.. .. , , ..,..,..,.,.,,., -. f 3 4. Tron! Row: W. Hull, l. Catalino, H. Krycia, R. Haag. Second Row: I. Harms CPres.D, O. Dickey, R. Butts, R. Abagnale, D. Hunt, j. Hastings. ffbird Row: j. Coodbrand, P. Hegedus, M. Hager, D, Horton CSec.-Treas.D, D. Cataldo, H. juengling. 7ourtb Row: D. Hager, D. Krohn, R. Bantle, B. Emerick, B. Hooker, j. Mergler. Tijtb Row: Mr, Bamberger, J. C-endone, F. Mezen CVice-Pres.j, D. Kauderer, R. Groulx. JUNIORS Ordering rings with the numerals 1948 made us realize that graduation would soon be upon us in one short year and that we must work hard to be ready for that occasion. Through the efforts of the committee chairmen, the assistance of our class advisers, Mrs. Brenneman and Mr. Bamberger, and the co-operation of the whole class, the junior Prom held on St. Valentinels Day and called "Sweetheart Serenadefl was a great success. We also participated whole-heartedly in all the school activities and feel that we are well-prepared to venture forth into our senior year. Tirst Row: M. Pentek CPres.D, M. Morlock CSec.j, M. Young, N, Taber, L. Swieczkowski. Second Row: L. Sheffield A. Zych, R. Wrobleski, E. Palmberg, 1. Brusehaber, L. Rockwood. Third Row: Mrs. Brenneman, A. Schreiber, C Morris, H. Van Note, D. Webster, j. Weinar, j. Brusehaber. Fourth Row: M. Smigielski, K. W'ynn, C. Serena CTreas.J R, Thompson QVicc-Presb, C. Brockman, W, Winter. f lorvp f . ., .X . frrf-cfm: .'--- - -V QW 2 . w,..,emmw. E-fd --X 4 -19- 3 f - va . Tirst Row: j. Smith fVice-Pres., Room 2315, D. Thompson. Second Row: R. Groulx, L. Yager, M. Zittel, T. Palmberg CTreas., Room 2302, M. Hill, Mrs. Francisco. Third Row: B. Rice, A. Winter, C. Schwippert, C. Neifer fSec., Room 2305, R. Hornberger, H. Kaufman. Fourth Row: I. Hensel QPres., Room 2305, j. Morlock, H. Schumer tSec.-Treas., Room 2315, M. Wcinar, j. Landon. Tiltb Row: S. Saar, S. Shumway 6Pres., Room 2313, B. Parmelcc. SOPHOMORES We sophomores, with Mrs. Francisco, Mrs. Rice, and Miss Childs as advisers, this year proved ourselves to be up-and- coming in several extracurricular activities. Last fall, the Sophomore Hop, "Dogpatch jamboreef' with its informal atmosphere, brought a grand time to all in attendance. ln january we presented an assembly play, "Complications Plus," written by several members of our class. Of course, everyone knows, too, how active we have been in the choruses, band, orchestra, athletics and clubs. Next year will Gnd us back at our studies as active and progressive as ever. TirsIRou1: M. 1. Bailey CTreas.j, j. Hering, P. Cotten. Second Row: E. Close CPres.J, H. Butts, j. Ehmke, B. Feasley, R. C-earhart. Third Row: J. Andrew, M. E. Brindley, W. Ensign, B. Francisco, j. C-ehl. Fourth Row: D. Casper, E. Preischel, L. Reed, M. jameson. Tiitb Row: E. Guggemos, R. Euler CVice-Presb, R. Bullied CSec.D. Standing: Mrs. Rice, Miss Childs. If u lm L. ' 1 .l ' 'E P. jx .-X-. 6.19 1 , gn ' fi. ja: tin 'T Q- . g ' ' i . 'ffm-44 nl' xx-Mn - :M-sm .wl..5JF2" Tirst Row: R. Arno, E. Forester, R. Feasley. Second Row: F. Knight, j. Van Slyke, j. Agle, S. Goudy CVice-Presb, P. Hammond. Third Row: H. Bley, B. jenman, D. Bacvar, P. Bragg. fourth Row: W. Mueller CTreas.j, M. DeRush, A. Cendone, M. januszkiewicz, l. Agle. Tijtb Row: D. Hiclcling lPres.7, R. Emerick CSec.J, M. Horton, K. lnman, B. Britting, B. Blesy, C. Benker, Sixth Rom: j. Kennedy, G. Burrows, R. Lewis, M. Krause, E. Castle, C. Bower. Seventh Row: R. Enser, L. Feldmeyer, G. Steffon, W. Koepka. Standing: Mr. Mergler. We, the senior members of the junior High School, feel that we have now taken a big step toward our goal of graduation from high school. Trying to understand the complexities of our new courses in algebra, science, and language kept us activities. You will Hnd us well represented in the sport, music and social life of the school. Under the leadership of our class officers, and with the able guidance of Mr. Ball and Mr. Mergler, we have had a good year. busily engaged but still left time for participation in outside fFirst Row: E. Anielski, S. Neumann. Second Row: C. Spors, E. Krohn, B. Palmberg, D. Parmelee,vMr, Ball. Third Row: A. Laco, P. Laing, T. Portman, R. Reinke CSec.J, M. Szatkowski, E. Tonder. TFourtb Rom: B. Lees CVice-Pres.H, B. Roycraff fPres.9, L. Reisch, P. Turnbull, C. Renschler, W. Van Slyke. Tijlb Row: M. L. Miller 4Treas.j, M. Shookf C. Lester, B. Southworth, M. Weiss, R. Wierzba. Sixth Row: S. Morris, M, Lonkey, G. Winter, E. Zittel. Standing: j. Looze, W. Jost, B. Newkirk, M. Nagel, B. Stemler, M. Szal. Il I 5' JIIH I. ....... er 34- app... 1 i 26,2 22 i f. -up g i. , in, .. -5 ' me-ln' ill' ll' ""' 'I .,...... ,....,- 1 ,,,,. g Tirst Row: R. Looze, M. j. Bade tTreas.D, B. Bolton, L. Willis, R. Bullied, M. Cataldo CSec.J, L. Blesy. Second Row: R. Klein, I. Bragg, R. Gehl, L. Knoll, A. Casper, S. Howell, H. Haier. Third Row: W. Euler CPres.j, D. Lamb, C. Dranger, G. Agle, E. Cheney CVice-Pres.j, C. Corah. Tourth Row: j. DiLong, F. Matthews, C. Landon, E. Bower. EIGHTH GRADE Under the able direction of Miss Phillips and Mr. Spencer, class officers did their work well, and we were ably represented we of the eighth grade had a successful year. Our studies in the student government by our senators and representa- became a bit more difficult, our responsibilities somewhat tives. Although our year in the eighth grade has been pleasant, greater and our participation in the social hours, clubs, book- we, nevertheless, look forward with anticipation to being week activities and intramural games more enthusiastic. Our referred to as freshmen. Tirst Row: N. Portman CTreas.j, j. Llrso, R. Green, E. Schulz, E. Timm, A. Reinard. Second Row :'H. Young, j. Mehs, D. Turton, R. Terwilliger, R. Schasel, L. Schmitt. Third Row: R, Pryor, G. Skora CVice-Pres.j, D. Roycraft, C. Schmitt, S. Pinto, fourth Row: C. Miller, S. Steffen, R. Staby CPres.D, F. Reinke, W. Nellis. Fifth Row: j. Wittmeyer fSec.l, L. Pinto, T. Rice, C. Vara, j. Wittmeyer, O. Wittek. Standing: Miss Backer and Mr. Spencer. I gl-if 1 . ,,,..- Q S . 35 f-'.,,.f':g'4L +94-ig" Aiflwz' .:g.1.i-ya wg-..'. ' v 12 N l 1' -.sei er - . 5. ..,,..' ,,.:.f.-r.L...:,: api. egg 3'-V' lj?" 1.,. Q 'in QL i - . . if 2 ... Tron! Row: H. Bogner, D. Brockman, K. Butts, j. Cole, j. C-ier, R. Gehl. Second Row: D. Monahan, C. Bauer, D Agle, N. Hickling CTreas.j, l. Krycia. Tbird Row: F. Haier, M. Hammond, S. Catapano CVice-Pres.J, D. Butts, M. Bruns CPres.J Tonrfh Row: j. Haieck, S. C-ehl, R. Harms, N. Timm, W. Bettcher. Tiftb Row: S. Braymiller CSec.D C. Chelius, R. Sloma, C. Ptak, W. McMullen. Sixth Row: B. Gallman, D. Cvoodbrand, R. Dargitz. Standing: Mr. Foroscij -Q, i SEVENTH GRADE The experience of being a part of the high school has been an enjoyable one for us seventh graders, for it has brought us many new experiences, among which were the social hours, the intramurals, home economics for the girls and industrial arts for the boys. We are grateful to Mr. Collard and Mr. Foroscij, who guided us so well, and to our senators and representatives, who spoke for us in the student government. Vlfe hope that our successors will be as happy in the seventh grade as we have been. Trnnr Row: R. Shaver, R. Mashke, R. Schumer, j. jakiel, j. Winter. Second Row: N. Wild, S. Taber, M. Reed, C. Spurck, H. Hickman, j. Rice. Third Row: B. Manley, N. Pfeil, j. Papich CTreas.D, j. Lonkey, P. Suja. Tourtb Row: C. Palmctcr, j. Strawhrich, R. Stresing, M. Catalino, M. Sherman. Fifth Row: C. Schroen, R. Kelsey, N. Yeager CSec.J, A. Kelly, R. Sheffield. Sixth Row: A. Lardo, j. Thomas, R. Hornung. Standing: C. Schmittendorf QPres.j, Mr. Collard. We 36 ....w......,.,........ q '. - w'effl'.14:iiiJ1 A---wuaqm ..., , .AM WVU. ,.-,- . - r Quud Sczfzss? Laboramt Hard Way G-Qing home -N35-wa.-t'S u.? , Doc? E555 The .iif Wx - Bug Wi fTlnr'EQ Rogbuegf Ga Q I er 7 1 ,Q -My ' , ,af ff ' 1 arbing at the bottom From-t Pagei Pantek 2 ,,,' ' r.,' ' ,V I nv a. JZOm'.u -rs or 'me Srveenv Assoum-:oN V X X ,if- ...f- 1.3 ,,.... -u : A , V' . ir k',f- Y ..- I.: .4 X A if af .1 x 1, 4 55 ' , . lt. ..ggf":.-' . -f ' . . . f.."" ""W' "W J If - , .. ,,ax.,,. --,, aww, .Y Tirst Row: K. Emerick, L. Cataldo, j. Cerace, C. Hauck, D. Andrews, H. Herbst, W. Bantle, R. Bacvar, N. Eckhardt, K. Hering, 1. Cotten. Second Row: M. L. Kern, L. Mehs, M. L. Gumtow, M. Van Slyke, E. Boehmer, N. Cheney, H. Hickling, j. Alff, P. Englehardt, R. Kern, E. Cheney, A. Mascari, R. Crocker. Third Row: S. Miller, B. Knoll, E, Hauck, A. Szatkowski, V. Morris, E. Parise, j. McMullen, E. Bugenhagen, H. Bragg, J. Cotten, D. Rice, j. Alff, Miss Saunders. HXU4 Successful completion of the sixth grade means promotion to the junior High School, therefore, the pupils ofthe sixth grade worked diligently throughout the year looking forward to this big event in their lives. They were busy learning about all the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Pupils were GRADE helped in acquiring more effective habits and abilities in the use of English. In arithmetic there were problems similar to those which will be met in everyday life. Responsibilities were shared by individuals and groups, thus developing initiative and leadership. All in all, this has been a most satisfactory year. Tirst Row: P. Privitera, W. Paul, L. Szal. Second Row: F. Mietlinski, R. Vara, W. McDaniel, E. Whetzle, P. Crocker. Third Row: C. Winter, j. Goodbrand, S. Griewisch, j. Reinard, P. Yacger, B. Nellis, H. Yaeger, R. Terwilliger. Tourtb Row: D. Schumer, M. Winter, j. Micciche, D. Palmberg, j. Burrows, 1. Sammarco, E. Huber. Tiftls Row: E. Turnbull, N. Reinard, F. Morris, j. Blake, j. Faruga, j. Curnew. Standing: C-. Gcrace, D. Vargo, Mrs. Dash, j. Ridge, M. Stadelmyer. L: , Z' " can 41.- 50 S'-"' f . ms .F ..a.,...waw..,u. . 1.""N,,k , , , . ,. ,,,, 4 ,NXAN , --,, 1 T, f9itfi'r' .'a:.2.tf1+f1' if ' . 2 1' -.H Aux. i .' ' ' - if .,g,g,.3., fb , f V - '?0i'i?-iff-'fi.'El-Tl,,-"' I ,f , . ..,., .. .4 .....t.-................- .. new i..., ,..a 'w .EEE At Board: E. Towns. first Row: S. Lamb, P. Arno, C. Koepka. Second Rom: C. Ellis, R. Rouller, j.Wierzbic, E. Kryman. ffbird Row: N. Combs, C. Carpenter, W. Gorman, A. Bugenhagen. 'Tointb Row: F. Cehl, M. Brusehaber, D. Crocker. fFiftb Row: D. Looze, j. jenkins, C. Lester, D. Manley. Sixth Row: P. Edie, M. Bruns, R. Mascari, R. Young, R. Krycia. Sevenlb Row: j. Southworth, Miss Skinner, C. Kryman. FIFTH GRADE The fifth graders stayed close to home in their studies, for they concerned themselves with the United States and its possessions. They were amazed at the many things there were to be learned about their own country-the outstanding events and people in its history, the organization of its national and state government, the great value of its natural resources and the importance of its possessions. Christmas time found the pupils busy molding figurines for gifts and Easter brought with it the Fifth graders' presentation of an appropriate assem- bly program. The year was climaxed by a delightful trip to the museum and zoo in Buffalo. Standing: R. Strawbriche, D. Mashke, W. Schuster, -I. Wetzler, M. Miller, -I. Weinar, R, Young, W. Towns, P. Partington, W. Euler, D. Timm, K. Timm, N. Nehring, Mrs, Lemmler, B. Zittel, R. Hauck, C., Pinto, A. Pryor, l. Zulick, B. Suja. Seated: M. Shea, C. Smith, R. Reinard, M. Novelli, M. Schmidt, E, Schmitt, P. Faruga, P. Vara, S. Zydel, M. Eckhardt, C. Ziegelhofer. V f 1 iii ' iii 5:5111 f 3 , in g. 2 51.1- ,.. .,.vs Q Q. -vs, -'Z .- .... 251fQi2'5l:'ssTf, A 1 sea- Q 5 - .,- ..- .,o- ,,- . f .av 1 f. ,- At Qlohez E. Haier. First Row: A. jacobson, j. Kelly, j. Kasinski, P. Faruga, D. Gould, G. Meyerhofer. Second Row: j. Bauer, E. Kryman, S. Beehler, A. Bugenhagen, G. Hauck. Third Row: M. Haven, D. Callman, B. Serena, R. Thomas, R. Gallman. Tourth Row: E. Cheney, R. Filler, S. McMullen, R. Turtin, A. Cvier, F. Baranyi. Tiftb Row: E. Gould, j. Euler, R. johns, D. Bantle, R. Batorski. Sixth Row: W. Burke, P. Taber, R. Nehring, C. Clees, Miss Boardman. FOURTH GRADE Contests have been featured by the fourth graders this year. There have been contests to secure the greatest number of neat papers, contests on arithmetic speed drills, and contests to improve personal manners and inspire proper behavior. With a view toward acquainting the fourth graders with people of other lands, Norway, Greece and Egypt were studied. The pupils of grade 4A derived keen pleasure from writing original poems for Mr. Leonard in reply to one read to them by him. For the entertainment ofthe grade school, 4B presented a timely Thanksgiving play about the Pilgrims. J! front: H. Case, P. Rice, C. Thompson. Tirsl Row: D. Mehs, S. Hoag, R. Fisher, j. Schulz, B. Fredericksen. Second Row: j. Olson, C. Sparacio, M. Phatiger, K. Sixt, j. Miller. ffbird Row: V. DiMaria, j. Bertsch, C. Van Slyke, XV. Finch, M. Burke. Standing: Miss Wilson, j. Shepker, R. Smith. Seated: R. Cvier, D. Bragg, W. Schasser, D. Palmberg, F. Micciehe, L. Shero, j. Miller. . fl- Sssv0 . ..j.--..-- .-.f ' ,gi ,1 .... ......,X "9.J3..3F?4:'f,,,Q',fjf-.5 . .Til ' ' - ' ,.e 4i'i3.t,'ef 4 'F n fx ' .ff .,wg.Lg', .V We :V JJ, - T , 4 . - ,,.,A ,s,.,,.,, W-, .-..., .....,-...a-.., X : . 2 -asa if WJ: Fi First Row: L. Jacobson, R. Olin. Second Row: W. Kinsey, H. Sheffield, G. Yager. ffbird Row: C. Steffen, F. Dickey, E. Schmittendorf, W. Boehmer. Tourtb Row: D. Dole, R. Knoll, P. Carpenter, G. Papich. Tijtb Row: D. Bower, K. Caldwell, R. Kehe. Sixtb Row: j. Crary, G. Zittel. Around Table: R. Bolton, B. Dzierzanowski, D. McDaniel, D, Alff, B. Howell, C. Heinrich, N. Cotten, j. Cheney, D. Sherman, M. Reinard D. Barr. At Desk: D, Partington, E. Dzierzanowski, B. Baird, Mrs. Gleason, M. Bowles, D. Manley, D. Partington. THIRD GRADE Food, clothing, and shelter, the three essentials of life, emphasis given to the children of Alaska and China. This received the special attention of the third graders. The pupils introduction to the children of other lands helped to make the were shown how the struggle for these essentials influenced third graders understand how much alike are the children of the lives of primitive as well as present-day peoples. A portion the whole world and how they play, work and live. The year of the year was given over to a study of foreign children with finished in a lighter vein with a gay circus feature. Row next to board Uront to lmckj: A. Ott, R. Colantino, C. Reinard, C. Schmitt, D. Zittel. Second Row: T. Taby, R. Osterman, 1. Haier, D. Downing, K. Schmitt. Third Row: J. Reinhard, F. Enser, C. Betker, D. Owen, A. Kasinski, G. Ellis. Tourtb Row: F. Swart, W. Terwilliger, B. Sovereign, B. Gier, E. Spors. Tijtb Row: j. Neumann, R. Salzman, F. Sieracki, R. Spack. Sixth Row: C. Manley B. Wild, Robert Page, Miss Nobbs 41 ,.,. , ...X ,w ' ' ,ju g --..... Aa... 4 s ff 1 9 l ' .ix i h X 'J. I V 1. 1,-re. ,. A F Tirst Row: R. Lakely, R. C-ier, 1. Miller, W. Englehardt, D, Burgess. Second Row: R. Benker, P. Case, M. Kryman, R. Olson, J, Horton, J. Davidson, G. johns, G. Castle, D. Myerhofer. fTlJird Row: R. Rubeck, M, Catapano, B. Feasley, L. Ohlhues, C. Fisher, A, Schmitt, P. Hammond, C. Phatiger, E. Minekime, R. O'Hara, M. Smith, S. jakiel. Standing: T. Lewis, H. Kinsey, R. Gier, J. Eisele, L. Kaczmarek, E. Cehl, Miss Mclntyre. SECOND This year the second graders took imaginary trips to faraway lands and visited, among others, the children of England, Holland and Switzerland. Then, looking back into the history of their own country, they learned about the Indians and the Pilgrims. An entertaining and educational project was the making of simple toys, dancing dolls and boats operated by GRADE magnets. At Christmas time the pupils had an opportunity to show their talents on the stage, for the assembly program was their responsibility. Throughout the year, book appreciation was developed through the children's own reading and the stories read to them by their teachers. 'Holding Tlag: R. Williams. Tirst Rom: B. Pawlick, K. Manley, E, Stcgmeier, D. Schasel, Mrs. Wander. Second Row: H. Enser, j. Haskins, S. Warren, B. Merchant, D. Schumer, E. Martin, J. Sparacio, W. Merchant. Third Row: K. Schmitt, C. Nellis, J. DiMaria, Tourtb Row: E. Saar, M. Koch, N. Nellis, R. Yager. fFij!b Row: R. Schmitt, H, Carney, E. Ott, R. Goodbrand. Sixth Row: C. Owen, R. Zulick, S. Chemon. A if I if! 1' C 0 R .-Q M... ...s . .-fsww, fav. , ,, .3 4 , . ,F W ,,,,..,... V 1 . , , g,zqa,,,..,i i, ,Qm:233i,Wgt',iy'"WZ,?r'Qfvii7'fH . Y.. we ,t:....g1.. 'g -1 Q . -, ,V -.,: .. A X - VQSQILALI' ."1,,Z,' ' ' , 'W' ' . M """' MLW g iron! Row: D. O'Hara, C. Bertsch, j. Bley, M. Horton, E. Callman. Second Row: S. O'Bryant, C. jenkins, C. Cohoon, H. jacobson, G. Guenther, C. Drackenhurg, Mrs. Morgester. ffbird Row: j. French, P. Shcpker, M. Gehl, R. Could, R. Fisher, j. Hodgson. Tonrtb Row: L. johns, j. Enser, M. Benson, R. Could, C. Rockwood, D. Gould. 7ijtb Row: B. Finch, C-. Agle, W. Cheney, j. Cole, R. Donovan, M. Sheffield. Sixth Row: j. Kern, B. Baird, C. Gchl, B. Minekinie, C. Ellis, Cv. Spunt Broadening horizons to include not only reading, writing and without hesitation have made this year's work especially number work but also an appreciation of the services rendered absorbing. Both groups made their own Christmas decorations. by community helpers such as the postman, fireman and milk- This spring IA gave an enjoyable assembly program, and IB man has been the task of the first grade. The thrills that come exhibited an attractive bulletin board display for St. Valen- from being able to read by oneself, to print neatly and count tine's Day. Indeed, the first grade got off to a fine start. Tirst Row: Mrs. Thornton, W. Richardson, D. Smith, F. Schmidt, P. Winter, C. Rockwood. Second Row: S. Novelli, R. Shcflin, j.Roeller, P. Mietlinski, S. Piller. l7hird Row: 'R. Willet, I. Reinard, j. Turton, R. Vargo, W. Straker. Tourtb Row: D. Williams, j. Natwora, M. Whetyle, A. Luna. Tijtb Row: C. Vara, M. Nehring, R. Maltby, j. Sherman. Sixth Row: N. Schmidt, j. McMullen, P. Miller. East Row: D. Yager, C. Kuppel, P. Modica. It-:nazi .' ff7jYf'fff" 4" ' , .fu-us' sf' il ff ....., A......o,,-...ii -M'-M-A .-,nf 4' ' A .-- - ll LPN. fFir5t Row: H. Roome, B. Dargitz, L. Schacher, S. Schmitt, B. Crocker. Second Row: -I. Pfarner, K. Kinsey, C. Merchant, D. Morris, N. Haeick, j, Bauer, G. Nobbs, M. Lakely, S. Halladay. ffhird Row: N. Morris, R. Ott, j. Boehmer, S, Kwilos, M. Vara. fourth Rom: R. Zittel, G. Nellis, j. Pfarner, B. Miller, B. Los. fFijtb Row: A. Bley, j. Bolton, S. Weinar, R. Towns, P. Cheman, P. Schmitt. Sixth Row: M. Owen, j. Spurck, C, Maltby, L. Zynda, P. Burgess, S. Castle. Seventh Row: j. Gearhart, N, Hobbie, j, jenkins. Eighth Row: C. Kasinski, G. Drachenberg, j. Sheflin, R. Fuller, R. Ruegei, M. Reinard, Miss Schroeder, Miss Widmer, B. Rice. KINDERGARTEN The boys and girls of the kindergarten have enjoyed their knowledge ofthe world about them. Especially enjoyable have introduction to school life. Many of them, for the first time, been the annual circus and the home life unit which gave the have had the opportunity of playing and working with children children the opportunity of preparing and, best of all, consum- outside of their own family units. Through activities suited to ing their own vegetable soup. Now all are anxious to take the their age, they have begun to acquire necessary skills and a next step for which this year has so well prepared them. On the Floor: P, Kuppcl, C. Hammond, H. Callman, j. DiMaria, D. Agle, j. Betkcr. Q11 Chairs: C-. Czarcinski, D. Meyerhocfer, L. Kwilos, j. Claclwin, C. Eckhardt, L, Piller, K, Schiedel, C. Mammoser, j. Kwilos, j. Kwilos. Stnmiinijz J. Winter, P. Schulz, B. Palmberg, C.. Kelly, D. Winkleman, P. Preischel. O 7 I .. ,au 1 -: 1 44 ,,:a...p,4....-.4-.Q . , ,.,..,..-,.. 1 ,gswwaauyfsaww-1..:,..-.ff..f..--.'. ,--ww Y - I The executives Qealgy, now... gy ff wrfrwyw M ..,K,,,W , ,V .MM 1. w' AW 1,2 X , -I Q ,lf-M Q' 2 L ,Q A L-JIYVGUP ,Cb Busy beeS Dgyff bqther us That? 'bhatf ! s Y , 4, 7 i ' , Aw' E ' , Milf Do we me on -ehgf? Hey! 45 ,f X l Ill-.Milk .Mlllnllli Ill! hill?-I 1 'r i Knowledge we gained in the classrooms as we studied languages, science, mathematics, and other subjects in our curriculum, but after graduation our search for knowledge must continue if we are to be well informed and capable of carrying our share of responsi- bility in the community and the world. We shall always be able to find sources of knowledge at our disposal if only we are willing to read, to observe,to listen and to participate in discussion with others. "Tram contemplation one may become wise, but knowledge comes only from study."-A. Edward Newton. . VT ,f - iljg, 1 Q .45 .-'Af ' 1 ' Q' 'l f' 'Q 'lj .iff fi sf ' 'a 'Zn , 5 12:21 . . A5 , , .af .Rl 46 - 7 'H ff'-"-" NM- "'-f H - '--- -Hn - W -4 -- f--- V.-..M. . ,, 5 ir, Q i e "-'- to queer f , -,o.1- 'Hr' ' ' Ji ,', ' ,A .iflhl-'i"' N ' ,V .. - '- ' . f. xi r -4- gw N QI -.:...' "'-55' ffj +f1-1,n'fgf-'grajfivr'-ffiip' lj' ',",.f,, riwaifa : Wf-skf:H3s2.'.hiv2i?n2'fif '-fwggf L -, X Tw ,KAY ,-Li--'-' ig Kgs- W W E- 7 Z W if Mgw Qi, , f 7 xx , 42X N i W Q X , Y I O' Standing: j. Miller, C. Smith, H. Roykouff, B. Gehl, R. Preischel, B. Vellam, Miss Whitmore. Kneeling flejt lo rigbtj: Tirst Row: C. Bauer, B, Palmberg, B. jenman, C. Benker, S. Neumann, C. Sessanna. Second Row: D, Parmelee, j. Agle, M. E. Highway, K. Inman, B. Britting, P. Turnbull. ffbifd Row: A. Laco, E, Krohn, D. Bacvar. vs., ,Q ' .-'R nimli 'IL All "' 7 PHYSICAL EDUCATION The physical education program, which strives to keep the students in the best physical condition by encouraging the development of good posture, muscular coordination and agility and by correcting certain physical deficiencies, has had a full schedule of year around activities. Comprising the curriculum are such sports as soccer, golf. archery, volleyball, basketball and baseball plus apparatus work, network and calisthenics. All of these activities, besides developing physical fitness, emphasize the importance of a sense of fair play. BUSINESS ..1, ART "Your natural abilities are like natural plants that need pruning by study." Similarly, in art courses students learn to develop their artistic abilities by studying fundamentals of design and represen- tation. Working in the art room, one uses an infinite variety of media such as water color, oil paints, charcoal, colored ink, tempera, frescol and sketcho oil crayons. Wfith this background, talented students have a foundation for any future studies they may pursue. Left to right: L. Reed, M. Hill, j. Gendone, M. Ehmke, j. Cotten Mrs. Francisco, P. Hegedus, M. Zittel, D. Bacvar. I ,,' -' w llilpnmx Tron! Row: B. Britting, T. Palmbcrg. Second Row: E. Preischel, M. Hager, j. Mergler, R. Bantle. Third Row: j. Hering, H. Schumer, E. Anielski, R. Groulx. fourth Row: M. Horton, L. Yager, j. Hastings, j, Morlock. Tiftb Row: M. j. Bailey. Standing: Mrs. Rice. The commercial world-of today requires speed and exactitude and a knowledge of the basic principles of business. Typing, business arithmetic, shorthand, bookkeeping, business law, transcription and secretarial practice courses prepare the students 'to accept position in business by teaching them the skills and giving them the training necessary for success. Today there are many oppor- tunities open for graduates of business courses who have proved themselves capable, efficient and willing to accept responsibility. 48 -+ fig -:I .....,,, Ski LANGUAGE "Wie geht es Ihnen'?", "Quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui?", "Agricola arat", and the students are on their way to acquiring a new language. Through this pursuit they hope to attain an understand- ing of the sources of their own language and an appreciation of the art, literature and customs of other peoples. This year German was added to the curriculum to take its place along with French and Latin, thereby giving students a wider choice to Ht individual needs. first Row: C. Schwippert, L. Reed, H. Roykouff. Second Row: P. Rendell, J. Mergler, R. Abagnale. Third Row: D. Hager, F. Mezen, G. Morris. Tunrth Row: j, Gassman. Standing: Mr. Bambergcr. M. Nagle, j. Kennedy, C. Steffen, R. Hill, C. Renschler, j. Regan, Mr. Ross, C. Winter, R. Stender, Mr. Mergler, j. Goodbrand, R. Wicrzba, E. Zittel, J. Looze, M. Lonkey, M. Szatkowski, R. Tonder, R. Szalasny, W, Mueller, F. Knight, C. Burrows, R. Reinke, H. Bearsh. j ,..f-Y' ':"",..1:'- Y Qpsfhr A l .......-. ..-.. , - 9 l . a i4'.: E . I INDUSTRIAL ARTS The mechanical world of today offers a wide selection of opportun- ities for those who are interested in industrial arts. General shop, woodworking, metal working and mechanical drawing have helped to develop greater skills in working with the tools of the workshop. During the year, these boys have constructed many useful articles for the home, worked with plastics, made electric doorbells, and refinished furniture. The success of their workmanship will fit them to take their places in the industrial world. SCIENCE Beginning with general science and progressing through biology, physics and finally chemistry, the students have learned to associate the mysteries of science with their everyday lives. The importance of science in the world today cannot be overestimated, for there is no doubt that the next few years will bring developments in science which will affect the lives of everyone. Therefore, as time goes on, the present hard working students will surely come to appreciate their science courses more and more. 49 . -.,-., 1 1, I , . ..-qw--,-, ,:.ss,,.,'... -. f 1- f 4-g., ?t.- 4 , Tron! Table: D. Turnbull, j. Bauer, W. Rennagel, Mr. Pasgow, L, Eckhardt, W. Gumtow. Rear Table: E. Olin, P. Hickling, D. Knight, L. Landon, gl. Stresing, R. Bunnell, H. Shepker, G. Thompson, R, Blatner, E. Forster, E. Lasota, H. Bearsh. .. -QA, 'Q V' T: -- . .Q ENGLISH The field of English is so broad and all-inclusive that success in this subject many times means success in other subjects where the ability to read, write and speak correctly is important. Through English courses the students are taught to organize their thoughts and express them clearly and accurately either in oral or written work, to evaluate literature and appreciate that which is worth- Tron! Row: H. Shepker, C. Shumway, E. Forster. Second Row: R. Blatner, E. Lasota, D. Turnbull. ffbird Row: L. Ptak, W. Cumtow, P. Hickling, M. Ehmke. Tourtb Row: D. Knight, E. Olin, L. Eckhardt, SOCIAL STUDIES while. No matter upon what vocation the students enter, their English studies will be invaluable. Standing: Mr. Richmond, j. Regan, j. Hastings, P. Rendell. Tron! Row -I. Bley, B. Hooker. Second Row: J. Weinar, -I. Mergler, D. Cataldo, H gluengling, L. Swieczkowski. Third Row: j. Harms, D. Webster, R Bantle, L. Landon, M. L. Pentek. Fourth Row: D. Krohn, D. Hager, W. Hull, M. Timm. Fifth Row: D. Conway, W. Rennagel. j. Cotten. 'Filth Row: C. Zych, H. Bearsh, 1. Regan, L. Landon, bl Stresing. Standing: Mrs. Pierce, j. Bauer. I MATHE MATICS The complexities of mathematics courses soon make the students realize that there is no short cut to these frequently puzzling subjects. The intricate designs of plane geometry, solid geometry and tirigonometry are as numerous as the X and Y combinations of elementary, advanced and intermediate algebra. Still, in spite of difficulties, all these subjects do give training in orderly, accurate thinking and produce sound mental habits besides preparing the students for specialized fields where a good mathematical jback ground is necessary. Today's challenge to the youth of America can be met only by an understanding of the experiences and achievements of those who have preceded them. By studying American and World history, they learn to appreciate their own surroundings and to understand the problems of people in other eras and other countries. This year the history classes were enlivened by class discussions,weekly news- papers, projects and debating sessions, all aimed at the develop- ment of an informed citizenry of the future. 50 S first Rowjroni board: H. Schumer, C. Schwippert, S.Shumway, S. Saar, Second Row: R. Rendell, 'H. Kaufman. 1. Gassman, D- Thompson. W. lost, M. Weinar Third Row: R, Page, E. Brindley, j. Hcring, C. Neifer. M. Turnbull, T. Palmbergffourtb Rowzj. Landon. M. Bailey, W. Ensign, B. Francisco, R. Hornberger, R, Bullied, R. R. Cearhart. Standing: j. Smith. I 1 if ef. J w A' ', Ili, f . '-S ' H Ji, rn "I ,., 'fi e 3 ' 5 Cl 5 I I . If , I ,I Q.. v ,I s j'lI,ln.fI v-v-w-'-r--v--N-vf---..,--.-....--..-,-..-,-., ,.... f 2' T", ' I Tirst Row: H. Filipiak. Second Row: R. Brusehaber, D. Horton, j. Cotten, j. Holscher. Standing: M. Ehmke, Miss Agle. J -lg: ll I 454- 51541 Xi. s IZ o Z ITI I'l1 o o ZZ o S o th vfseassig 04000550 'U'-?E:'E5:wU' Wm 9 mmm If-23:52 575 agua--5-E1 P-mowing in :za '-r 9i5o.39-53,57 wma-v5S'mE,g. n"3 3333 33'n5.mO' W 'D3'D:3T:'9tQ 'V Q--'Ura -im x-,., m'9J-v-i--rOC- raeaafea 3'e6'D:rU3.3m UE.s:W5'-i"D:r' 2-wzariffo Beast-.-se sr-a,7,':"O..,g f'og3'-"'5"' -1-1.--UIFDNO an fb -'30 000-2 ,uri -ii-+S'-J--U3.5-GQO ...F-,".'ZJ',X-Krona Dt.:-Q QT' N'-'Cru Emu, mfg::9,"...:: ahgxlllp-Us-V'f"g Eg-3852.--: m --FD De-+ GANG-O37 3' D -tm gg G-1,-,, oc.: '2sf'DgO-n'5-hm O Q RQQQ. ?En'Fl.g3i:"D wm9i,g:-2-72 g.2Ea+:g5.kfum Nfbfb PKQO-ammgeggh C3-.f"' AGRICULTURE Situated in the region of prosperous farming, the boys have had ample opportunity to study agriculture thoroughly. This year the agricultural classes studied the theory of crop production and farm management as they applied these principles to actual circum- stances and demonstrations. Outside activities included the Father and Son Banquet, and a trip to the Niagara Falls power plant. Benefiting from these practical applications, the boys have gained additional experience on the road to successful farming. Nfii gf! Tron! Row: Mr. Arlen, R. Feasley, W. Feasley, H. Bley, W. Mueller, j. Brusehaber, P. Cotten, L. Lamb. Back Row: H. VanNote, j. Andrews, K. Wynn, A. Zydel, L, Rockwood, C. Zych, T. Portman, j. Brusehaber, Mr. Luders, G. Serena. Sealed: R. Mashke, K. Inman, S. Neumann, Miss Finnigan, 1. Lonkey, D. Hickling. Standing: B. jenman, S. Goudy, P. Bragg, P. Turnbull, E, Krohn, j. Papich, R. Staby, J. Rice, P. Hegedus, W. Nellis, D. LIBRARY "Books are Bridges," the theme of this year's bookweek, brought forth book reports, book characterizations, posters and illustrations from books. ln the spacious library one may delve into gigantic dictionaries, instructive encyclopedias, current magazines and newspapers, and enrich one's vocabulary. Our patient librarian, Miss Finnigan, has all the answers to our equivocal questions, and it was under her guidance that the library staff succeeded in its year's activities. Schreiner. 4ll'!4l2il!l.. lIl5lIl.!2'MIl!4l2li.3 C0-operation involves a working together with others to achieve certain aims. In our musical activities, students working together form the orchestra, band or chorus, in sports, they form teams, in other instances, they form clubs. All of these activities encourage the participants to work forthe good ofthe group as a whole rather than with selfish motives predominant. There can be no doubt that one of the greatest factors in achieving understanding between nations is a willingness on the part of all to co-operate. "Society is no comfort to one not sociable." S -William Shakespeare 50 H ,---------f.--T -,..,,-. , ,,,.,,, , um- Y. Hu' -1 'frff ' - V-1Wt7Q7F3"iF't-25" ' ' ,Mi , 5 ,fsw,t.,.:, , , ' ' ' a'i1."3l f l N W K 151 r,-"!f'.-..7,4' 4 'Sh " .,' .',-. ',, .,' ,L,',.- l l-fg' '-f:.,- V-H: -'fllvx ,,.'r'.-. , U., , !,,,n.Q,7,"'1 ' Q4 '. ,','z1 .4-33.-Zff1.ja.,5'. ,l 1fr3!,g'g.1'H ww ff 1 M..?,.yl, -4. ,. 5l,v2'M:ffI,,vf,l x '4 'L""QaZ'vv,1' "UW V.."L.."31 ,131-'T' l f A . ., , ' , " ' , qq1f'.',1'-H55f',!-14, . .5-v lb-gh.. S S i 'I ,r5fg,1..'x.. . I, i:':i1sWE1g'2w-.Lv P? fx , - IJ ,:,-13,-.. -lE,14i', 'wk J, Sr 009 I wg.- -4". " 1, ,, r u..".-1'r:'j.' M ' q!'l'.. I lv V... 'J 1 1 4 . ,L . uf. , 5:"'iJ '.f IJ: I 1 -.-,,.:.,, 1- ,. '-1... 'U' , v .... Af J N V b 1 L , .w 655 Y ' K xx Q X fs f I N -4 1 L f '1 N I-if F9 .. . P5 -,g.-fl L I . ' 41 A 29 H5355 'Higgs -.z......- ----- ..-- - tw.--... R J L ja :i i AA 2 '42-., if X' J Ki. 'E 4' Kun fl 2,5 :T-f X 1 lv Xu u. .1 1 ' L. ?" ' ' f A: 'K vc: ' . -I" 2 'in 'pf .,-1 ll' N Eg ny- ' ff - ,,..,: ' v - '-' 1' Q I 4' "- ,' -A I J L. X - V i - , A N' b A ' 5.2 -,"'1:: 'if M. W'einar tSec.b, I. Stresing IPres.J, H. juengling fVice-Presl STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Student government is not new in Eden Central School as every graduate knows. This year, however, brought a reorgan- ization which culminated in the formation of the Student Association. Because of the untiring efforts and outstanding leadership of Mrs. Gertrude Pierce, Dean of Girls, and Mr. A. Harry Passow, Dean of Boys, our new association got off to a healthy start. First, there were nominations of officers, followed by campaign speeches and, finally, the elections. The task of drawing up a constitution was accomplished by 1..-Ww.a..v...,... 'T ...,vf.y.w-v..w-w-.-- at Seated: M. Bruns, H. juengling, M. Weinar, M. L. Pentek, S. Shumway, I. Hensel. Standing: Mrs. Pierce, G. Schmittendorf, H. Bearsh, D. Hickling, QI. Harms, j. Strcsing, VU. Euler, D. Staby, Mr. Passow. SENATE the officers' working together with the advisers. The consti- tution was then approved by all the classes and adopted by the student Association. According to the provisions of the constitution we have two lawmaking bodies: the Senate, made up of the presidents of the homerooms, and the House of Representatives, made up of students elected by homerooms on the basis of one representative to ten students. We all hope that the years to come will find student government in Eden Central School as successful as it has been this year. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Seated at Lfirst 1Ti1ble, cloclemise from Iarlber end: M. Weinar, H. Krycia, D. Lamb, B. Boltom, S. Gchl, M. Sherman, E. Brindley, H. RoykoufT, j. Urso, j. Mehs, H. Young. Sealed at Second Table: H. vluengling, D. Parmelee, P. Laing, C. Bauer, W. Van Slykc, M. Shook XV. McMullen, C. Bauer. First Row, Standing: -I. Stresing, Mr. Passow, Mrs. Pierce, R. Stresing, R. Feasley, H. Bley, P. Hammond, C. Brock- man, D. Webster. Second Row, Slmidiiigz j. Cvassman, XV. Cumtow, D. Hunt, j. Regan, D. Thompson, E. Forster, B. Parmelec, D. Kauderer. i 4 F - t, ,c f Wil' Af'-,, 1 'P ,E '-Sl f .ff .t ... l 1tlr',:'1'YQ?liififf-F7-1' L' f . f ' 1'. ' . y , , , ,,,.,....Q-i First Row: A, Schreiber, L. Landon, E. Lasota, R. Blatner, Mr. Richmond, B. Vellam, j. Miller, D. Knight, R. Toncler, B. Kern, R. Hill, Second Row: W. Hull, R, Bantle, O. Dickey, R. Abagnale, H. Roykouff, D. Cataldo, M. Timm, Skora, C. Smith, L. Ptak, E, Palmberg. Third Row: M. A. Smigielski, R. Haag, R. Bunncll, D. Schreiner, H. Filipiak, P. Hickling, H. VanNotc, E. Forster, L. Lamb, D. Turnbull, H. Bearsh, j. Brusehaber, B. Hooker, D, Kauderer, 1. Strcsing, L. Rockwood, A. Zydel, D. Krohn, j. Hastings, j. Brusehaber, K. Wynn. MONITORS The monitor system is an effort on the part of the Student Association to bring about student control of hall traffic. The monitor staff consists of a volunteer group of juniors and seniors stationed at intervals throughout the building. It is their duty to see that noise is kept at a minimum and that pupils keep to the right and refrain from running. Mr. Richmond is the faculty adviser, james Bley, the captain, with Luther Landon and Harry Bearsh as lieutenants. BUS CAPTAINS The bus captains are chosen because of their dependability by Mr. Anderson with recommendations from the bus drivers. They strive to bring about order and co-operation on the bus trips, help the smaller children on and off the buses, fill out bus reports, take attendance and assist the drivers in every possible way. Much credit should be given the bus captains for their efforts in assuring pleasant, safe transportation for all. Standing: L. Ptak, L. Eckhardt, R. Wrobleski, L. Cataldo, H, Krycia, R. Abagnale, H. juengling, Mr. Anderson. Kneeling: M. Ehmke, H. Filipiak, I. Skora, A. Winter, M. Turnbull, ull' . .. 'N 7273: ' "-e,.f,f--...a...+M..-,..., .. .. f ' -'ff' -..,.,.,,,. .I F . . felt to rigbt: E. Palmberg, A. Kelly, S. Gehl, M. Miller, R. Shaver, E. Krohn, j. Brusehaber, P. Boseck, C. Lester, F. Reinke, C. Bauer, H. Hickling, M. Shaw, D, Roycraft, B, Parmelee, D. Kauderer, B. Gehl, C. Shumway, N. Cheney, W. Hull, D. Parmelee, J. Brusehaber, R. Cearhart, R. Staby, j. Agle, R. Kern, W. Euler, H. juengling, H. SENIOR The Band played at the beginning and the end of many assemblies this year and presented an entire assembly in JUNIOR The junior Band is composed of students from the fourth grade up who are learning how to play musical instruments. An Left to right: R. Strawbfich, E. Kryman, Mr. Stromgren, F. Baranyi, V. DiMaria, M. L. Kern, R. Green, W. Bantle, R. Terwilliger, j. Haier, H. Herbst, E. Schulz, N. Hickling, F. Haier, R. Terwilliger, B Parise, A. Zydel, Mr. Stromgren, R. Bantle, -I. Landon, R. Butts, B Hooker, C. Benker, L. Rockwood, j. Cotten, D. Hunt, R. Page, D Hickling. BAND December. With the North Collins Band, they gave in March a concert sponsored by the Eden-North Collins Rotary Club. BAND assembly for the elementary grades was presented by the junior Band in February. Cheney, R. Kern, W. Euler, H. Herbst, R. johns, M. Bogner A. Jacobson, A. Bugenhagen, R. Zulick, W. Gorman, H. Case R Strawbrich, B. Nellis, j. Bauer, A. Bugenhagen, E. Bower, G. Skora, Shultz, J, Cotten, L. Lomison, j. Schultz. P. Partington, H. Hickling, R. Cearhart, C-. Lester, R. Staby, N, 4 f fax x ""-"nw" 'Y 'S -nm.-A vw-Y-A .11-ff!-1-w ' Tirst Row: K. Wynn, M. Hill, M. I.. Miller, M. I. Bailey, C. L. Benker, O. Dickey, j. Cotten, -I. Agle, C. Bauer, B. Parise, Miss Olmsted. Second Row: j. Mergler, L. Swieczkowski, B. jenman, S. Morris, S. Shumway, C.. Thompson, P. Boseck, B. Francisco, M. Weinar, M. E. Brindley, D. Parmelee, R. Butts, -I. Bauer. ffbird Row: j. Llrso, W. Van Slyke, M. A. Smigielski, H. Shepker, P. Hickling, R. Brusehaber, M. Shook, L. Eckhardt, H. Roykouff, M. Timm, M. Zittel. Tourtb Row: B. Euler, F. Matthews, B. Hooker, B. Kern, E. Forster, B. Parmelee, A. Zydel, I. Regan, C. Morris, G. Serena, D. Webster. SENIOR MIXED CHORUS In November, ten members of the Mixed Chorus represented Eden at Jamestown in a chorus composed of singers from JUNIOR MIXE The boys of the junior Chorus sang two Christmas carols, one of them with the Boys' Chorus, before the Christmas play. Tirst Row: M. Cataldo, R. Bullied, I, Papish, N. Wild, C. Palmeter, R. Cehl, S. Taber, S. Steffen, Miss Olmsted. Second Row: M. Ham, mond, D. Monahan, M. Bruns, D. Lamb, R. Wilson, D. Butts, S. Cvehl, J. Rice, M. Reed. ffbifd Row: I. Krycia, L. Pinto, N. Portman, many high schools in western New York. Mixed Chorus members were characters in f'The Pirates of Penzancef' D CHORUS r Students from the junior Chorus took part in "The Pirates of Penzancel' in March. J. Llrso, J. jakiel, N. Yeager, j. Wittmeyer, P. Sherman, A. Kelly, M Shaw. Tourtb Row: S. Braymiller, R. Cvehl, C. Miller, DI. Haeick, T Rice, E. Cheney, A. Casper, j. Wittmeyer. 57 X X , ' ' 'K . 1 ftt,2f:5.i.?r S '5 f Leif to right: j. Landon, P. Boseck, Rockwood, j. C-ehl, Mr. Stromgren L. Landon, M. Timm, H. Hickling habcr, D, Parmclce, H. Herbst, E. C. Bauer, C. Shumway, j. Bauer, P. Hickling, H. Roykouff, R. Page, ORCH Many of the assembly programs durin th b B. Hooker, j, Aglc, B. Britting, L. , D. Hunt, L. Eckhardt, R. Butts, , D. Casper, B. Parmele, j. Bruse- Schultz, B. Parise, H. juengling, B. Gehl, D. Kaudercr, A. Zydel, D. Hickling, ESTRA g e year were egun tion played in the operetta, the Easter Pageant, and e nd ended with music played by the orchestra. This organiza- Spring Concert. STRING ENSEMBLE The String Ensemble played dinner music at the Father and Son Banquet given at the Masonic Temple in North Collins in December, and carols before the evening performance of the Christmas play. BRASS QUARTET Students who heard Christmas carols resounding through the halls of the school in December dis- covered that the music was coming from the instruments of the Brass Quartet. , Mr Stfomgrcn, D. r iz Butts I TWC" A "" i ' . 1 tnielctnr Mromgren, L L vm-am X Egkhardli ' B. Bfitting, ' 1'ltll7l'. .t xi Timmy j, Cchli ffll lo ' vt. N 'ispcfi APL' 58 endow. D. Hu K Q v of ...v--am... mf B- H00ker, B f-" - 5 - V . lf 5' " 1 1 . . . W ,Q ,. ,I I . ,...,......,......g--. Many 'fThe First Ruin: P. Turnbull, S. Neumann, M. Hill, M. L. Miller, D, Horton, C. Bcnker, j. Cottun, bl. Aglc, C. Bauer, B. Parisc, E. Anielski, Miss Olmsted. Second Row: B. Palmberg, S. Morris, E. Castle, j. Van Slykc, R. blenmnn, M. -I. Bailey, M. Krause, L. Recd, j. Agle, M. jameson, E. Krohn, j. Bauer. .Third Row: A. Schreiber, B. Lees, B. Roycraft, S. Gaucly, S. Shumway, C. Thompson, P. Boscck, B. Francisco, M. Xllfeinar, E. Brinclley, D. Parmclcc, R. Butts. Toiirlln Row: L. Swiccz- kowski, W. Van Slykc, M, A, Smigielski, H, Shepkcr, P. Hiclcling, R. Bruschaber, M. Shook, L. Eckharclt, H. Roykouff, M. Timm, M. CHORUS , Chorus. Like all the other musical organizations, this Zitcll, E. Tondcr. GIRLS' of the characters in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta one enjoyed singing in the Spring Concert. GIRLS' SEPTET The Septet sang at meetings of the Eden-North Collins Rotary Club, the Up-to-Date Club, the Lions' Club, and the Parent-Teacher Association Pirates of Penzance," were members of the Girls' BOYS' GLEE CLUB During one assembly program, ,the curtain opened to reveal the Boys' Chorus singing songs in an olcl-time barber-shop. Preceding the Christmas play this group sang two carols. and at an assembly, 4-l l ,fe si Butts P ' 155 Olm ..-.-f U, . f . B Sfcd, . n b tm, I urs J Oseck 5 Shumx B. Parise D pan ff Io right- M wipe... G 5efena'K.WynF, ter S Marg , - Oxmswd , . mv Y , I - 'blf ' ia. on i " .Mass A -Udleit ' new B Lei! to H9 n Bjiern, Dmmmf, 1. M. W . i . jcnm - 1,Reg3 1 Rcnnagci, Cinar. Zin, RA G Morris, Ompanml W. is.. Euler- ACC 59 X . X Front Rowrj. Regan, D. Krohn, gl. Cassman, R. Bantle, B. Rice, D. Webster. Second Rom: L. Landon, R. Thompson, H. Bearsh, j. Landon, C, Zych, FI. Harms, I, Stresing, Third Row: R. Reinke, A. j. Ball, -I. Mergler. SENIOR BASKETBALL This year under the expert coaching of f'Bert" Ball, the varsity Springville, although Eden did lose 34 to 36 in the overtime. A won eleven and lost five league games. The most thrilling game high scoring record was set by Harry Bearsh with 204 points of the season proved to be the play-off for first place with in nineteen games. 4 WE PIOME THEY XVE AXVAY THEY Springville ....... Orchard Park Dk Cvowanda ....... North Collins Woodlawn . .. ... Lancaster? . Angola .... Blasdell ...... . . West Seneca X Non-league games 31 Springville .. Orchard Park Cowandax .. North Collins Woodlawn .. Lancasterx . Angola .... Blasdell ..... West Seneca Ebenezer . . . 4 l A W 'E Q1 K M . . - .' 'leg ' J. Y. , ifqigw - ' Q' izlefl fi-L, i If l V 2. .l 'r x . -A ,J 'ij .1 , ATYASVNV' , ', I ,rm . 3154 - ,, 5,951-1:-1' Q if i i V , Ugqv -5. .. X ,, ..s,a.,,1:...fa-Vs.-i........-H. .. Y A f f '53-Q H.. "K s...... . 'W flu 1 SS Left to right: D. Knight lcaptainl, H. vlucngling, M. Weiiiar, D. Parme- lee, S, Sliumway, B. Parise, M. Bailey, P. Boscck, S, Saar, R. Ahagnalc. CHEERLEADERS Sis! Boom! Bah! These and many more sounds emanated five alternated. The cheerleaders appreciated the co-operation from this year's squad of ten cheerleaders under the leader- of the student body with their efforts. ship of their captain. During football season two groups of Mr. Arlen led his freshmen and sophomore boys through an Senior Varsity material. Several members who have shown active season. This year's junior Varsity feels that it has well outstanding abilities are anxiously anticipating promotion to fulfilled one of its purposes, that of uncovering prospective next year's first team. ".-I-" 1 fs- a?:":. r HN N 'P . f is ' " Tirst Row: B. Fcasley, C. Schwippcrt, B. Feasley, M. Szal. Second Row: R. Rendell, P. Hammond, R. Arno, B. Parmelce, W. Ensign, H, Kaufman, R. Page. ffbird Row: R. Rcinke, Mr. Arlen, j. Hastings. 61 ff Spring weather brought an enthuslastlc response to the call team Great enthuslasm all out co operatlon and good sports for baseball players Wlth last year s team as a nucleus and manshlp were the keynotes m makmg this a successful season some addltxonal recrults, Coach Luders selected a promrsmg 'Lf' wt X ,fry I Q z , fx ? , f F O W 2 I 5,4 2 9 'Q-s ,, 4 1 7 r I ' x 1, 'Q , . ,, X , ?-'-.W-..f ------W T----rv U- - -- . ,. , rm 5? Na..-q-ww'-.m,..MxN H- ,.. ,W f' Tits! Row: Mr. Chalmer, R. Stender, C. Landon, F. Mezen, B. Hooker, R. Bantlc, D. Webster, P. Laing, B. Parmelee, C. Morris, j. Euler, Mr. Leonard, G. Serena, J. Hastings, j. Gendone, R. Page, R. Tonder. Second Row: gl. Regan, D. Krohn, E.- Palmberg, R. Rendell, W. Rice, D. Kauderer, A. Zydel, j. Landon, j. Harms, C. Zych, j. Stresing, L. Landon, j. Goodbrand, Mr. Anderson, FOOT BALL This year football made its appearance at Eden Central, Chalmerls team having a total of three games won and three Despite inexperience, the squad showed a willingness to learn games lost. We have reason to expect even greater success and a good fighting spirit. The season ended with Coach from our next yearls team. CAUGHT OFF SIDELINES ' 1 'i 7531" A-'fs-551. 5"y,:- .-QL , " A gfslif??' If . J' i l L . " R 'amz st. -J-R, . CW gig... fig? Q . " .I ' W 191. . f, , f., -fHX"f3"5?' -7 -.:,.'w:.,,H,r 4,957-YSWRH-fs a ' W M SVR f"' 'i iw? 'R ' L' 'ii mai AM .. A L .. i."i,5 .stt Q a.. . F72 A 'pf ' H 4 ' , Q , V, -' f 1.-. ' ,,- A . . .. ' 5 2 , . 99 f ',, ', Qt . if L - f " Ea .HW 'A X f La,-aa n a r GD - 2 hav as when L l ' ' - , ag if 63 r vw ,7- 1 . "w-...,q,,uw Q!.,Sl-fy '4""v-'Q-,,,,, t K , :lf , 1.j..1i,Qfi'- W F 1 4 I 3 af , ,, V 1 ' L ' ' A ' jf?Q:.r-'Z' -, , 'frfflf-'gy X AAA Q A-V .15 qv' 3 .M , V X 52' I W . 1-ff f+'.?.,3:fw ' ' , " M 4 "ind f'- ,uf 2 - .gmfg .- - ,, ' 144 - 2, ' 2 X' , - - ,W Q13 - I ,,,p4,ff Q ,,, I - - 2,wQ+Mf' " f ' , ' I ,fvafyifffffm '53, , f 1 V4 wr w , , , , 1 '45 ,f iq, i, .,,, ,,, ,W ' A ' ' , fa f :gg ' 1 . 'V .f,iM46,f,4 7 f , D 'fy , f 3' 4534 U, Wg' 5 ,Q-Z6 ,Y j - 49 ji i af? Q! A ' ' J fn , e-52' X K . ff7f1g.3?1'Q 4: Q ' fi is ' ' R+ W W . 'f 2 Qff 2, ' : , , '1 If 1 WW e7v:'f"H-275' 1 9 ,L Q Sivan? x ff . filer- 'Af VW k1w g:5,1 1 f ' fu' mf'-7" . ini 7-'f r ' 1 1 Q , -. ' Q-. K Q-Q75- y if ,f gkkg .,W ,ii x eg -E ,s g -M993 ' ' , R 1 , if 6 9' 'w i Q,-5 ff! ---Q, 19' 'I f 13, -. .. X, 1 -I '51 ' - L1 L 1 .tp 5 S 1 ., Mg, 5,1 EJ. fm A gk , A X Agwix 1 , ,eg ' jg V v -V H: L2 X X f x I A 4 1 Yi? it . I J Tri? Y ga gurf-.-W ew ' 'E L. kk 'ii 1' ' V Q .,:.g5.,. x A. , xr , V ,Q ,1,, i..!,v,5 if1?.,,A uv 1, V t 1 xvf 'VX ' , 'i ' Ljflp, nj f L. .Ml ' 'f' J' , gg 1 , 4"i "1 . . , , I H W It ,.: .Ji Q 2 A 1 gf, Lf , f. ., , A .. Q '- ,fswf V 4 A ' ' Q ' ' 4 1, 1 Q2 .,-,f"f' ' " 0 WK "fN,wwf4r,, q ,, 2 . , .1461 - -' ""ff'5 -ff -. ' ' YWWQAQW wwMzw wwwfqa fwfa.4f, 4 " X X' . " L ,, 'j . ' A ' Y psi, -3- ,, ,,,,,,,,,, - -Vyffg , 1 ',. ,ff x -wma gxmx j Hi 4 ' 'J wg. 'gg f ' S fmgfx Mt: 1 . f ' W fn ' ' 1 -X d - 0 PLIMEN-fs ,Z,. ,, W ,, THE JUNIORS 14 gf 1' V X, .gig'P'f'ayyw'f-11 :Q :Eff . A u- .. THE TOWER This year under Mrs. Francisco's supervision, the "Tower" made its bi-monthly appearance. New features have been added with the hope of increasing the appeal to the student body. Staff scenes include joe racking his brain for "literary enterprises," no less, Bill with his nose for news grinding out Tirst Row for: the floorjz D. Horton, R. Butts, M. Wiess, C. Sessanna. Second Row: R. Wrobleski, T. Palmberg, R. M. Pricschel, j. Holscher, A. Schrieber, R. Haag, Third Row: M. Hager, D. Cataldo, j. Van Slyke, G. Thompson, H. Shepker, L. Yager, Miss Agl-3, Jn front: Rita Brusehaber. F.H.A. 1 The Future Homemakers of America is a national organiza- tion to which any girl who has had one year of homemaking may belong. This, the first year of the organization here at Eden Central, has been one of activity and service to the school. We are looking forward to the continued success of our organization. X Seated, front: R. Brusehabcr, M. Pentek, dl. Landon, W. Hull, P. Hegedus. First Row: M. Zittel, j. Hering, P. Hickling, L. Eckhardt, H. Roylcouff, L. Ptak, G. Smith, Skora, j. Agle, D. Kauderer, M. Miller, E. Brindley, j. Cendone. Second Row: N. Wild, G. Landon, H. juengling, G. Schmittendorf, R. Shaver, j. Miller, B. Vellam, D. Knight, M. Sherman, M. Hammond, B. Britting, M. Reed. Standing: P. Boseck, D. Parmelee, S. Shumway, B, jenman, S. Goudy, M. Bacle, M. Hill, R. Preischel, Mrs. Francisco, B. Gehl, L. Reed, M. Bailey, Mr. Horton, B. Francisco, M. Timm. the "Nosey Newseru column, "Mush" faithfully getting his sports' write-up in, Rita trying to remember to add the financial column and not the corresponding room numbers, and lastly, Mary Lou pouring out her soul in an editorial 'for the enlightenment of all. we tif' Seated: K. Wynn, L. Rockwood, L. Lamb, A. Zydel, H. VanN0tQ C. Zych, Andrews. Standing: C. Serena, j. Brusehaber, T. Portman, XV. Feaslcy, R. Feaslcy, N. Bley, XV. Mueller, Mr. Arlen, P. Cotten, Mr. Luclers. F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America had a successful year under the leadership of Mr. Luders and Mr. Arlen. The annual Father and Son Banquet, held in the fall of '46, added interest to the year's program. Additional activities were the initiation of new members, participation in judging Contest at the county fair, and the local speaking contest, wmmffmvrwe-W ,N l C 4 wig, CLUBS AT E.C.S St:1geCrew Art and Crafts Make-up Club Language Club Science Club W Dramatic Club Stamp Club 66 . ,l,., ,, ,I--N-VT WNW- wr. W-Yfvi. V Y . - e i 14+ vw w-. A The club program was initiated at Eden Central to furnish constructive activity in an informal atmosphere. The clubs are sufficient in number and kind so that each student can lind one or two in which he has a genuine interest and from which he can derive benelit. K fi nl f JN -f ,C A gall' A57 .1 4-H Club Q X V IB l 4 fi L . , ' , ' 4 Q ' V , i I ii r -'Ut Q 41 uw? lj ,T u m J N! "' ? "2 it in 2 xl. - ,-'- . iid.. Typing Club Chess Club X' .wax Sports Club Pliotogruplly Club Verse SPClll-Qlllg Club Game Club iiii T Seated at table: Mr. Staby Ctreas.j, Mrs. Page Csecond viceapresj, Mrs. Francisco Crecording secj, Mrs. Anderson Ccorresponding sec.j, Mr. Leonard Csup. prin.j, Mr. Hobbie Cpresj, Mrs. Boehmer Cflrst vice- pres.j, no picture. v-'f'X sf'5 3':?-' r 'S i ' . , Ts. lC'. V ji'-iii N I 'UW E. juengling, M. Nellis, D. Stcnder, C. Zittel, H. Miller, j. VanSlykc, E. Keller, D. Butts, T. Portman, R. Ncwkirk. PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION This year brought the organization of a Parent-Teacher Association afhliated with the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. The purpose of this organization is to create a better understanding between the home and the school with the best interests of the children always in mind. were H ,A .4' . CAFETERIA Thanks to the members of the cafeteria staff under the efiicient management of Miss Cordula Zittel, tempting main dishes, fruit salads and desserts have been served to the hungry students of Eden Central School. Besides preparing and serving the food, the staff had the rather tedious task of washing and drying the dishes. T --1"""' "-' . ,,.'ff7'Tl.Aa T Tv-'TWT 'firffrh a-., '.e"pY"'f. -s ,fish CLINIC For the maintenance of our physical well-being the clinic has attempted to provide the best possible service under the capable supervision of Miss Gressman, our school nurse. Her duties also include check-up on absentees and the teaching of health classes. Dr. Martin gave the physical examinations this year. , , ,ig R Bauer, S. Wittmcyer, M. Sessanna, 1. Vacanti, R. Crocker, I, Winter, M. Wilcox, E. Winkleman, I. Wilcox. RQUND UP There are always some who because of absence or unavoid- able circumstances are not included in any picture. These are they. ' ,, H- '- Q.-'1v:'itf5wlwt'?!""" R. Benkcr, P. Hammond, C. Phatigcr, E. Burgess, Dr. Martin, B. Feasley, Miss Cressman, j. Shepkcr. BUS DRIVERS The bus drivers with their cheery smiles and patience have been an essential part of the bus system at Eden Central. They drove the buses over the routes in all kinds of weather taking the students to and from school, on Iield trips, and to athletic events. j. Schumer, C. Wein, R. julik, D. Adrion, P. Belotc, W, Kim 'm , .,fx'!ff4?ny ' ' xy 1 Q xml f M ,. K x.,.,,,...1.gm 1, few 1 1 'X if ' f- Q 'Q . 543 ff vf , 2 22331 'Z K.. , ' "L"'W5 ' qfrff Y RQ .X .- 7 , 5, ,f ,. , , ww--. 6 nu , ff , Q 21 ' f 1 M , ,Z 'f" ' f 5if"" -' "':r" , gsm-fff'42'f ,0::+-af W H ,X f V fi HW - 31 .:f3'.ivL,7?Kf-pf" ,.f 'wwf ff f , , f 5' 1, W... QQQJ4 vm, V f, f f fn ' Sw 2 ffglgzg, gf , J r.,jL1y7,if V 2 , ,I . ' L, iw' n f ' 5151. 'X - f Qhfffvf-"ff-' ' MVK f " 7 " QA "W ,rw-avffi. mf 'f wg .. x .f 1 ,f Wa wjyf,y,c5y:QVy I an ..kX, . 5 V 3, . lg, , , ff"3'a M -42 Wx' , v - I . 3 , Xxx--E. fx.. :w.,,,. ff , .mn . , . 'i AD INDEX .... .... .... PAGE Alessi, J. ........ .... 7 6 Baker,Dr.H.V. 98 Balfour Co. ........ .... 8 8 Blue Bird Laundry .... .... 7 2 Bobis Market ......... .... 1 01 Boston Feed and Coal .... .... 7 2 Boston Valley Motors .... .... 7 2 Braymiller, Bowling .... .... 7 5 Braymiller's Stand . . . . . . . 90 Bronwyn Theater .............. 97 Buffalo Trotting Association ..... 91 Haberer and Son . . . Hamburg Air Park . . Hamburg, Bank of . . Hamburg Mutual . . Hamburg Publishing PACE 98 .. ...80 .. ...97 .. ...95 ...102 Harris Seeds ....... . . .100 Hill Garage ... ... 76 Hiller, S. ..... . Hillwig, W. A. .... . Holden Motor Sales 73 .. ...103 ...96 Holt, B. ............. . . . 96 Horton, Edwin F. . . . Howell, Elmott .... Howell's Chevrolet . jr. Lodge ....... Kazoo ....... Ken's Dairy . . . Knoche, R. F. . . Kronenberg's .... j. Kruse and Co. Laing, Floyd ...... Landon, Ida ....... Lattimer's Shoe Store 81 76 .. ...94 85 83 811 82 84 97 88 ., ...84 ...89 Buntekiel, j. .............. . . . 99 Bus Drivers ...... . . .102 Case's ............... .... 7 7 Caskey Funeral Home .... .... 9 9 Castiglia Jewelry .... .... 8 2 Central Service .... .... 7 7 Chelius ........... .... 8 3 Come-Join-Us Class . . . . . . . 94 Community Market .... .... 7 3 Crisp's Greenhouses . . . . . . . 83 Demmerly's Store . . . . . . . 89 Dot's Beauty Shop . . . . . . . 89 D. 8: R. Furnishings . . . . . . . 97 Eden Beauty Nook ... .... 81 Eden Free Library . . . . . . . 81 Lindholm and Gaise ... . .. 77 Lions' Club .......... ... 95 Lone Oak Service .... . . . 99 Luther, Dr. ........ . . .103 M. 81 M. Service ...... 89 Main Bowling Academy 99 Mansfield Green House .... . . .100 Martin, Dr. ............ 95 Martin Service .... ... 95 Master Craft Tire ..., . . . 76 Miller Bros. ........ .. . 73 Eden Garage ......... .... 1 01 Eden Home Appliance . . . . . . . 77 Eden Iv1iniature ....... .... ' 74 Eden Motor Sales . . . . . . . 95 Eden Swiss Cheese .... ..,. 8 0 Emerling, R. C, ..... .... 9 8 Engle Signs .......... .... 8 5 Eschborn Motor Sales .... .... 1 00 Feasley's Dairy ....... .... 1 04 First Baptist Church . . . . . . . 95 Fregelette, j. V. .... .... 7 6 Gehl, Ed. ........ .... 8 0 Gehl, Wilbur .... .... 8 3 Gil's Shoes .......... .... 9 9 Gowanda, Bank of .... .... 8 6 Guenther, George .... .... 8 9 Miller Department . Monell's Drug Store Moore's Men's Wear Muehlbaur Motors . Music House .... Nagle, Ivan .... Nagle's ......... Neal-Clark-Neal . . . 71 .. ...88 ...94 ...78 .. ...94 82 88 75 . 90 Nobbs 81 Williams .. North Collins, Corp. Nye's Sporting Goods Olney and Carpenter Page and Harms Palace Theater . . . Palmerton, jay . . . Pearson, Charles . ,. Peoples Bank ..,... Pierce and Frantz .. Piller, 1. C. ..... . Priess, Dr. Quinby .... Reinke's ....,... Renschler's ...... Richardson Milling . RieHer Buick ..... Riefler, Paul C. ... Roeller, Wm. Rose, Ed. ......... . Rose Funeral Home . Schawel, M. ...... . Schreiner's Florist .. Sheff Studio ....... Sinclair ......... Smith and Koch Stapell, William .... , PAGE .. ...93 77 ...94 88 .. ...91 96 84 ...103 ...102 .. ...103 82 .95 96 91 80 .. ...72 81 85 .....100 79 .. ...96 97 .. ...77 ...100 74 75 ...........,101 St. john's Evangelical Church .... 81 St. Mary's Church . St, Paul's Church .. Stresing, Charles . . . Sturm's ......... Swartz, Frank Szal ......,.. Van Note, P. Vellam, B. .... Weinar Bros. .... Weller's Garage .... XVillet, George . . . Winter, Frank XVolfe and Dole .... Yale Cleaners .... Zahm's ...... 84 ...100 73 76 73 .....101 .....103 88 79 98 72 87 85 74 ...101 Conzpl1'ments of George WilIe+ Boston Feed and Coal Used Furniture Bought and Sold Phone 841 Boston, New York CHAS. DECKER, JR., Prop. , i n Y .,.' Y A , e'ee ' Y o o , fa ott ,,tV A ,, 5 , , , , lVAi 15, I , , z I 2 li m oooo all vi ,, ., Www ' M W , m y n N H ..s,r.,w,V V Richardson Milling Co. Inc. RDEN SEEDS FDR MARKET GARDENERS FEED - : - EERTILIZERS GA ELDUR -z- 35l Union Street, Hamburg, New York Telephone Hamburg 191 "Down by the Tracks" Blue Bird Congratulations and Best Wishes Laundry and Cleaners Boston Valley Motors DRY CLEANING Rue CLEANING , t n New York LAUNDRY HAT CLEANING Phone 871 Bos O , 373 Pleasant Avenue, Hamburg, N. Y. I Phone 808 72 ,-, Af 1' 'veg H il'5 a Prescription, Take it to Millar Bros. Pharmacy S. Hiller 79 Main Street Hamburg, N. Y. 'Un Bu5ines5 for your Health" MOTOROLA RADIOS OTTAWA MANURE LOADERS Frank Swartz ancl Son MCCORMICK-DEERINC FARM IMPLEMENTS Sales a11dService SISSON HIGHWAY PHONE 87 EDEN, NEW YORK Compliments of Charles Stresing Couzplimeuts of Community Market Green Street Eden, New York The Eden lv1inia+ure "JI Picture of Our Towrrs Activities" Hugh Gales Oil Co., Inc. Distributors of SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Phone Hamburg 162 Hamburg, New York Metered Delivery Service Compliments of Yale Cleaners Hamburg, New York phone 416 S 74 4 e W""'7f5ffrxW' rf , XM Y' 1 Whig f ,fw,.-ug. ,-,ne nf, ,zinc- Compliments of Braymiller's Bowling Alley fHearty Congratulations to tlne Seniors of I-17 Smilh ancl Koch Hardware ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - : - -: - PLUMBING AND HEATING SHEET METAL WORK Phone 36 Eden, New York Compliments of Nageles' Barbecue MILTON A. TANNER A -75 James V. FregeleHe, D.D.S. Telephone -14 Main Street North Collins, New York Joseph C. Alessi INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE BROKER Compliments of S+urm's HOME MADE lCE CREAM Phone 45 P. O. Box 404 Main Street North Collins, N. Y. Phone Hamburg 1064 101 Main Street Hill Garage I CHESTER C. DAETSCH, Prop. Compliments of Elmo'r+ C. Howell 713 - Phones - 47 Pierce Avenue Hamburg, New York COlllPllIIlCHlS of Mastercraft Tire Corp. 5 Nr 76 .. North Collins Co-op. G.L.F. Service, Inc. FERTILIZER .:. FAMILY FooD .:. FEED .:. SEEDS .:. FARM SUPPLIES Compliments of Lincll1olm and Gaise Eden Home Appliance and Furniture Co. J I Appliances jewelry Turniture ewe ers Corner Main and Pleasant 61 Buffalo Street Hamburg, New York Phone 323 Eden New York Compiiments of Cofzgratulations Case's Schreiner's' Florists Hemlock Road Eden 7-W OLD VIRGINIA RESTAURANT Phone Eden 313 HOWELL AND KIELAR, Props. Phone 314 Central Service Main and Green Streets Eden, N. Y. TEXACO GASOLINE HAVOLINE OIL 121 L,.,.,.-,,,,,,.,.,-l. f LTL-.... ,-IQ.. Q WZ- ""'TQ"v- .I - . Q- z I " ,I :J-5 1 ifrzzluxl Qood Luck to you - Class of '47 - frOH1 The Store Where You Can Purchase NATIONALLY ADVERTISED CLGTHING AND FURNISHINGS for Men and Boys Moore's Men Wear '20 Buffalo Street Hamburg, New York Compliments of Eclipse Me'ral Manufacfuring Co. EDEN, New YORK S 78 X Congratulations and Best 'Wishes John N. Weiner Edward M. Weinar Ed Rose Spor+ing Goods WESTERN NEW YORICS LARGEST SPORTS STORE Specialists in College and Scloool Equipment W GARDNER M. DEBO, General Manager 51-53 East Genesee Street Buffalo, New York 79 B t'W'be -C1.f194v Edward Gehl es 15 S mo 'Welding -:- -f- RepairSerm'Ce Main Street Eden, New York M' C' SNYDER' president BOB CHATLEY, Wlanager Ken's Dairy Grade A Raw, Pasteurized Milk and Cream Phone 13 F12 Eden, New York ff ik T295 j - -. 5 -was ' - 14,4 Eden Renschler's Swiss Cheese FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Fa crory FRED Rupp, Proprietor Hamburg, New York 1 80 rw--M--an mmm 1 Hamburg Airpark Inc. Edwin F. Horton I J4cetyle11eCutti11g1 Eden Free Library Jlcetyleue and Electric' Welding Hemlock Street cor. West Avenue Eden, New York, E c:Ao1LLAC-Bu1eK SERVICESALES Riefler-Buick 'Used Cars - All Makes 252 Main Street, Hamburg, New York HAMBURG 343 BUEEALO-TRIANGLE 1100 S+. JCITHIS EVangeIiCaI Compliments of d an Eden Beauty Nook Reformed Lutheran East Church Street Church Eden, New York Eden, New York Phone 95 ' W 81 Wpkn' I R. F. Knoche 8: Son Serving Hamburg Since 1910 Builders' Supplies Tuels Treernan Stoker Hamburg Music House Dealer for Selmer, Buescher and Leecly Instruments Records -- Sheet Music - Radios - Musical Supplies Corner Clark and Buffalo Streets Phone 1202 Hamburg, New York Castiglia Jewelry and Music Center DIAMONDS - WATCHES - COSTUME JEWELRY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES "Our Specialty" 'Watch - jewelry - Clock - Nusicalflustrimients Repair 80 Lake Street Phone 1489 Hamburg, N. Y i. CARL PILLER Hamburq Music House S se ,,,I 1 Congratulations on D'our Graduation C. H. Chelius FLOOR SANDING REMODELING Wilber+ Gehl Contractor and Builder Eden, New York EDEN 334-J RooFs A SPECIALTY Kazoo Co., Inc. Eden, New York Wedding Bouquets Funeral Designs Cut Flowers Corsages Plants Crisp's Flower Shop and Greenhouse New jerusalem Road Eden as F23 Eden, New York 83 ia "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" ...SINCE 1848 . .. If you want to be remembered for your GIFTS, l'Cl1'16'1lII76t'fOI7Hy your gifts at . . . Kronenbe-rg's Inc. MAIN AND BUFFALO STREETS HAMBURG, NEW YGRK Compliments of Jay G. Palmerton Real Estate 62 Wlortgage Loans GENERAL INSURANCE Telephone 104 Eden, New York S+. Mary's Church East Eden, New York REV. ALEXANDER IANKOWSKI, Pastor Compliment? of Ida C. Landon Compliments of Eden Jr. Lodge No. I4 Porcelain 5I9CffiCf1I Store flironts Advertising Engel Signs Eden, New York NEON DISPLAYS Phone Eden 116 E11 Wolfe-Dole GLDSMOBILE 207 Lake Street Hamburg, New York Phone 524 Paul C. Riefler STRANS-STEEL FARM AND INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS BUILDING MATERIALS TRENCI-IING SERVICE Phone 676 Hamburg, New York Mm UQUONSET 40" 40 feet wideg length as desired, in 20-foot extensions. 12-x-12-foot roller doors, four windows and Ventilating louvers in end-section. UQUONSET MULTlPLE" Supplied in any desired dimen- sions, with extensions of 20 feet in length and 20 feet 6 inches in width. Useful for any industrial purpose. fi Z"Y no f ' ff " , Y: r If-QW - :ffl UQUONSET 24" For garaging or sheltering vehicles. Supplied with front roller doors or open front. 24 feet wideg length as de- sired, in extensions of 12 feet. .f-w1,,,,'A.".'.f , MSL , ,K X V., . rf ,y '44 uf-1 ' 'T ' Compliments of 1 Bank of Gowanda EDEN BRANCH EDEN, NEW YORK 'M 86 .,,J , nu' Congratulations on your Qraduntion FRANK N. WINTER COMPLETE INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE SERVICE 513 NORTH MAIN STREET EDEN, NEWQYQRK PHONE 90 OR 310 - 87 Congratulations on your Qraaluation Floyd L. Laing FUEL AND FEED SERVICE Phone 35 Eden, New York Compliments of VelIam's Grocery Olney 81 Carpenter, lnc. Canned and Trozen Toods Eden, New Dforle . . Wolcott, New Dlorle L. G. Balfour Company ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Class Rings and Pins Commencement Announcements Diplomas -:- Personal Cards Medals -1- Trophies -:- Club Insignia Represented by ROBERT TURNBLILL Q Atlantic Avenue, Lakewood, New York Conzplimenls of Miller's Department Store Ivan Nagle l LLIMBER AND MILL WORK Eden, New York Phone 99 88 ,o,,,-,.Me.,..-,,.-e,-e. 3 X-RAY SHOE FITTING LaH'imer's Shoe S+ore 6 Main Street Hamburg, New York Demerly's Sfore Main and Church Streets EDEN, NEW YGRK Compliments of Joseph F. Bunfekiel JUSTICE OF PEACE "Tor Clean sport and fair play" MEATS Choice Cuts George Guenther EDEN, NEW Yom M 8: M Service S+a'rion Gulflex Lubrication Do+'s Beauty Shop Eyebrow Arching Treatments Washing and Slmomzmg Permanents -:- Manicurinv "Let us care for your Car and . . . , ' Shampoolng and Finger Wavxxug your car will care for you." Main Street Eden 113 Phfme 731 Depot and Green Street Neal-Clark-Neal HAVE SOLD MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF MERCHANDISE TO SATISFIED CUSTOMERS IMMEDIATE 223322, DELIVERY 1 3?2E "1f, A 1 . TERMS T0 PLEASE Qulbransen - Le5ter - 29-714176 71flei551zer - Zenith - Kimball - Sobmer 'Weaver - 21-LTu19e Treedeiserrzfzifzrz - Cf1b7e - jarzsseu - Sfdff Stromberg-Carlson - Q. E. Bue5CIJerI3r111d Ynstrumeuls .- Saxopbones - Trumpets - flccordious BEN NEAL and OLIN NEAI- attended Eden High School- 1891 to 1895 NEAL-CLARK-NEAL 682 Main Street BUFFALO, N. Y. BQAYMILL ans FRESH VEGETABLEJ 014 M X V' 1 V 4 90 I 4 -......... ,. V1 Qi E' 1. 1 ' 1 -2- '1 -10.1. , ' ' -. , .HUT k 1 Compliments of Buffalo TroH'ing Associa+ion j. j. DuNN1GAN, President Page-Harms Oil Company Distributors of GULF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Phone 103 Eden, New York GULF GULF -,,e,.., ,,,WY-W f, P 9 1 S - ' ' ' - In a hurry for dry cleaning - - - ? CHU HAMBURG 617 Mar+in Service Co. DRY CLEANERS DYERS LALINDERERS SOUTH PARK AT LECION DRIVE HAMBURG, N. Y. PICK UP AND DELIVERY IN EDEN AREA ON TLIESDAYS AND FRIDAYS Let us make your garments water repellent v1s1T ouR NEW DRY CLEANING PLANT - - - ALWAYS WELCOME Drive in-Save ISCZ, Plenty of parking space SAMEDAY DRY CLEANING SERVICE N L ' I ' 92 wwrnwwww Vkew W I I5 EDEN 3 E 1 N O PH , .-.....-A.v..f...-.--...,...,..........,,w-4--v . k ,V-fm, 4- 11- "'vI3!?H'IK'V'-1"X- 1 4? .V rfivgf L34 , A11 ff wg '..+- N ,.:,, :M Af 1 . Howsu. cnsvnousr p Muehlbauer Motors MONELIJS EDEN DRUG STORE 4 CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH DEALER Sales and Service LEON MONEY-L, pl?-C New and Used Wlotor Cars G. MUEI-ILBAUER 233 Lake Street Hamburg, New York PHONE 1492 The Rexall Store Compliments of Phone 76 Eden, New York L Come-Join-Us-Class Nye's Sporting Goods East Main Street ' Hamburg, New York Complete Line of Sporting goods Athletic Equipment Httllflllg LlHLlTlSl7l1'!Q Equipment PHONE 32 we , ' .E ' .ALW55-J ' 1" 4 S 56 94 ,- """"""""""""T,,TTI'17T"iTfLT'i'ff,'i"T' N 9' :rm ' t ' -'1Q'eu-'gif E ,+L - 1- A if am W 5 , A., 5. 2. :'s I f Eden Mo+or Sales H. S. HOOKER PHONE 129 DE SOTO-ffF1uid Driuej PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Firs+ Bap+is+ Church EDEN, NEW YORK h Compliments of "U-folding fast the faitbfu1word."- Titus 1 19 Lions' Club Grover L. Priess, M.D. and Ronald E. Mariin, M.D. Hamburg Mufual Agency F. N. RANDALL Palace Theater Building Phone 892 Hamburg, New York r ' .. A 95 2x14 . ff - ' 1 'iiiif T4 Ig7g1i,j1:::'jTA" STL" "A"""'e-.5 , . . V 4 " -' ' fffk'Qg-.i i-., ,. 5-Lf! . . 3? . 2 1 wt ' ' V Y L LU 3 I f 135 it we vw. 1, f1Q,,, " "4-. 5' "i'l':L,K.f113-1' ' Co111pli1r1ent5 of Rose FuneralChapel Palace Theahe 207 Main Street Hamburg 1216 l HAMBURG, NEW YQRK Jluzlmlmzce 1- Sick Room EL'flllD11161Il GEo,j.B1EH1-ER Holden Mo+or Sales Buflalo Avenue at North Street Hamburg, New York Les. HOLDEN: Res. Phone, 1574-j Telephones: 1480-1113 COlIQ1'l1llllt1ll'O1l5l1'O11l Bernarf H, . . Jlttorney-at-law Qulnby Dairy EDEN OFFICE BuFFALo OFFICE Main Road 803 White Building M 96 1 "ffl,-'f.p,1 P ', X tt1 dp Com liments o Compliments of P f D 81 R Floor C0Ve"in95 Bronwyn Coffee Shop Bronwyn Theatre and ome Furnlshlngs The Theater Wlade for Qood Entertainment 60-64 Main Street Hamburg, New York North Collins New York M. L. Schawel COAL AND FEED Hemlock Road Phone 300 Eden, New York fKnowledge Us 'Wealth J. K'-use 8 Company Bank of Hamburgh "Shop at a Triendly Store" Hamburg' New York Houcwron 84 DAKE, Props. Member Tederal Deposit insurance Corp. DU, goods Notions ,- 5619001 Supplies Tedgml Resewe Bank Lake and Union Streets Hamburg, N. Y. k ' 97 J "ff'ff" T,1ifTTTf f' 'A , Y , . . V - .' 'rw -V .r:w',3.4i,ggvf,r-- 3 5, 115,52 L ' -. Y , ' ' N f 'vw'1215153-.?'f9?Hrif9i1JQ-., - , , g fl1A,,u' N Weller"s Service Garage South Western Boulevard Phone 225 Angola, New York Service and Sales PONTIAC CARS - G.M.C. TRUCKS - JOHN DEERE TRACTORS AND MACHINERY DRESS -1- SPORT -:- PLAY S H 0 E S R. J. Emerling . . B ker 67 Main Street Hamburg, New York Dr. H V a PHONE 421 ' VETERINARIAN Phone 370 Hamburg, New York W. G. Haberer and Son Dodge - Plymouth Dodge "job-Rated" Trucks 226 Buffalo Street Hamburg, New York 98 P at Q t f Main Bowling Academy Air-Conrlitionecl 10 New Brunswick Alleys DINING ROOM AND BAR 77 Main Street Phone C208 Angola, New York Compliments of Harry A. Caskey FUNERAL SERVICE Compliments of Lone Oak Motor Service "Acorn today-a sturdy oak tomorrow" I 6il's FACTORY SYSTEM SHOE SERVICE Complete line of Shoe findings and water proofing. Also complete line of fishing tackle, rods and reels. Open: 8 :OO a. m. to 6:30 p. m. Wednesday: Until noon Saturday: 8 :OO a. m. to 8 :3O p. m. 'X Compliments of C01'VlPZf14'l91'lfS of Harris Seeds Wm. Roeller 1519 Clinton Street CLINTUN-BAILEY MARKET Wo. 3500 Buffalo 6, New York To the Seniors of EDEN CENTRAL Mansfield's Greenhouses We OW fO'Wfr'ff'ffO"S We found .it ia great pieasure doing the Newton Road - Hamburg, New York photography for Buy 'Where the Tlowers Qroiu T H E E M B E R S PHONE 200 The Sheff Sfudio WE DELIVER 17 East Union Street Hamburg, N. Y. Complime11t5 of S+. Paul's Ev. Lu+heran Church 6-PONTIAC-8 SALES-SERVICE-PARTS EDEN VALLEY NEW YURK Eschborn Mo+or Sales 1 Hamburg, New York Hamburg 752 'W 1' tink . , ,,. . . V ui ' we ni .gi ' r 'F Jw 2 it Ei F. A Q . Y .ez ,inf ,.,E 51.5-:gif-,.t5 59-t :Jig .-A, ,Y P-4 C C U53 Q. 3 E i 2 5 it f ! ., fe? .ti Compliments of William H. S+apelling LIQUOR STORE 53 Main Street Hamburg, New York Reinke's Grocery EDEN VALLEY, NEW YORK Zahm's Complimerzts of 5 To 1.00 STORE I I Szal S Dehca-'iessen 37 Main Street Hamburg, New York Auto-Elite Batteries Eden Garage GENERAL Auro REPAIR Phone 26 Eden, New York Dunlop Tires and Tubes Compliments of Bob's Market .Choice Wleats and 'Dairy Products -Q'TfTf'T'T7fQ EASE., "" ""' Rx, A A I I' " Qsffi V I .i uw! ,If ,-II,fsIL.f,',iEw ,, gi ,K Y 9 R I -I ' ' wzwfg ag, +f,!Il'f 3jqj'qitW.. ly, . ILM, ,- ,M 1 ...E ,J iii -'fvtihi ,, I 23: Q . 3-If I I I ' 5' ' 'K "Si'f"i.iI 'l'i5g . , , vF J? Aii1ii iZPQ It ' ' I J- wg", '- fag- ,X'7'I-"'.ni1I, :nv .9511-1..3.I.'5.-". JI '- A ,- J., ,If ,, f tvs, ,514-I: 4 B 1 N- f I., 'JI , Lfti' II-:ul I O ' ' 'MNMZ-I , I ', I . . LOOK TO THE FUTURE Wlalze Regular Deposits in an Jlccount at The Peoples Bank of Hamburg A FRIENDLY BANK PRINTING PUBLISHING Hamburg Publishing Co. PUBLISHERS OF THE ERIE COUNTY INDEPENDENT Phone 48 HAMBURG NEW YORK Congratulations to tloe Class of 1947 FROM THE Bus Drivers 5 if W. A. Hillwig . OPTOMETRIST Puerce 8: Fran+z Unsurance and Real Estate 20 Buffalo Street Phone 5 56 HAMBURG, NEW YQRK 89 Buffalo Street Hamburg, New York Dr. W. C. Lufher OSTEOPATIC PHYSICIAN 198 Union Street Hamburg, N- Y' Compliments of Charles L. Pearson Van No+e's Service S+a+ion Sinclair Qas and Oil Buffalo and Union Sts. Hamburg, N. Y. 103 A' ' B MW, . -r 'ff ' Y - - -' ., A rg -.4 ',,,-P? .r . :. ' , ef " ,umffgg'?,.r..fg'xi33g., 1 7, L- 'AHB Y' +f - ,- 3 , 2 Q "i5?W4. Best 'Wishes to the Cla55 of '47 GUESS Daily Deliveries to Eden, Buffalo, and Nearby Towns Hess Bros. Florists WHO? Phones : Hamburg 694, 695. Night 1207-J 28 Main Street Hamburg, New York AUTOGRAPHS V 1 S 1 U 4 """"""""":"t?' f--W--- fi. 1 fN.vjg,'rii' L . 'J 1. 5 FWE1, 641 xkk Q ir!-M yin! ,fd W . 'jv .' I ' Q. -,A R ,wwf-V Q11 1 'Y WP! ,Q X , wi 5' 3,'i2,u." 1jf v , Eh ,' 1 V. ' QW, ' . .2 1' ML I I 4 z Q, 1 1 U" .Y I f V1 ' 4. L -flgfv. :gif a Mu 'V-' gif sf' WV: -' 4, I-5. . W xx, Mrk..-w if-ffr! 'X' sbp Sgirfvg, g , VQZ' ' .QS w, ilk' K x 7, 5 5 z 5 5 a A 2 5 5

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