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- X, K v-. . V 1 1 L ,:'--. nw., V ,Ar 3' ,ZS QT, H 'NWN V ,K kin 'V 1' 1 '-' K".--,, 1. ' - 'fm .fx f ,,. V ' 4 , , Aa X. N 4 l iw Z q q1 .-A, -A11i YF? P -K-, l w Af' 4 e AV D i l!'e"4A" j 9, r Q if , 4 A V , is 3' UQ ff -35 bw 1 I ' , U 3 b Q 7 ' ,A l f ' , i S Q4 5 A5259 95 3 Lgfngivjm wpdg, Lx' M JM,ngh4UV"'-41 WVU W-maxim sw-WAAWI4 HW S xvwd 'Q 94 SUUWS-U'5S1...mU 4 k X33 Zi a ' A , 2 2 B 1 f + 4 V? ' V ei 1 Kl , 5 4 3 A , , 1 fa f0dmQ6i'4fQ,owm Q If ,MM ,V f C06 Wwgfgff U d r J a-E?,ffX0- imfjxqfyf- WM MMM 61M - WMM MQW 65.1 71 fQ,f.2-- . MVS S3WYYXGTNj M QQQQJVN QVVMQ, 'VQQLWPUVQJJUVQ QW W WB Swww-WV , L ov Q2 eww M ffffsf ffgyfy L W 'A' Eonvvs' 'zcommumnvscuoo wr Qs W, ., ,gg . , N I E . 'w+ 4 ! 'K 2 1-ff. . 'la' Wu , Ii f"?"'2 ff, vsii 1.,,7I!' , m y TT'-FT-Xi ,,4. a 9 f 4: Ms. J 347 E111 Q 'ff f 'iiib I ,f , J 'Q '3 f5'iQf,'i 1 .w 4 Q Elf' P' 1 5 V W f 1 .1 N' Y r. ! i- ' .-1' . NMA , MM V -un. ,g l A W 4' ML pf" 4:32, 5 i 1 . Q 1 j l . Y r w wmwms.aai 1 ff fix Qi ..- -, Jw Q . v. "' v I 1 1 i 1 N W. 77 1 x :fi DEDICATIGN 1983 The 1983 EDDY Staff is proud to take this moment in dedicating our 1983 yearbook to a most deserving individual. She' constantly shows her thusiasm and tion to her teachers and students. Rarel she seen smile years has Mass been volved with and Dr H e r warmth ness as a token of our thankfulness - LL.,,, EDDY 1983 TARRING THE SENIGRS m Ron Adreon Nancy Andrews Bruce Bennett Harold Brinegar Lavonne Cook Juanita Cooper Wayne Davis RV KM Glen Askeland Jim Beaver David Bedner ll ,i,:h.'mff Robin Dinkel Holly Dobson Karen VanDorin Teresa DeHamer Wade Dickerson Brent Feehan Alice Franklin Kevan VanDorin Cindy Elswick Scott Fee CLASS hm Am f X 14 J ff ,ff , ,Al 'I .- . k S XX' WW -Txg-Skx Q,-xx N Mqm ,V mu V71 X ' 5' .1 ,ff W Y 1. WM! Z1 N' 'f ' Z! 'ffl' W ' Sy f Y t W1 f ' ff ' OF 1983 0 2 Ivy, .L ? M LL ,- X r bl In 7-11 0954 WW' ,- 1 X K 1 ,fs A ix A QE? X W Pxf-M J i 7 'S W A kg' F' li 1, M E46 N if Jeff Fry Shelly Grimes Paul Haselhuhn Kent Johannes Keith Johnston David Groet Lynda Heckenberg Kathi Harrison Becky Johnston Becky Kenning Darin Krusemark Pat Larkin Tony Leahy Gary Kerr Joyce Klodt 3 -.., , D, . .y ex 'S 3, .-I A? me ,E Lisa McSparen Kevin Presley Christine Long Brian Lourens Rodney McG1othlen SENIGR PERSONALITIES Biggest Flirts-Robin Dinkel and Bill Bayer lAbsentl Best Dressed-Darin Krusemark and Rhonda Richards lAbsentl Most Bashful-Karen VanDorin and Jim Beaver Biggest Chatterbox-Cindy Elswick and J. D. Sinnif Peppiest-Holly Dobson and Clay Thomas Best All Around-Kathi Harrison and Gary Kerr SENIGR PERSON ALITIES Most Athletic-Kent Johannes and Dani Walker Most Musical-Paul Haselhuhn and Lavonne Cook Brainiest-Joyce Klodt and Eugene Karaba Most Outstanding Leader-Brent Feehan and Luann VanGenderen Most Likely to Succeed-Harold Brinegar and Nancy Andrews Class Clowns-Ron Adreon and Becky Stewart Becky Stewart Jim Sutton Clay Thomas Rhonda Richards Amy Roe Luann VanGenderen Brenda Vance Melinda Shafer J. D. Sinnif Brenda Smith Ek :lm 'UQ Deana Venator Dani Walker Mike Witt Kelly Worrall -Q Not pictured: Bill Bayer, Matt Clark, Eugene Karaba, Rodney Osterloh, James Piehl, Mike Wilson. The Senior Class this year has shown a great deal of leadership and respect toward EHS. The class of 1983 is very close and there isn't one member who would let you down and lend a helping hand. Congratulations to a great Class of '83 and thanks for the memories which will last in our minds through the rest of our lives. Bruce Feehan Student Body President SENIDR MEMORIES - PLANS - ADVICE Ron Adreon IPudgel-Athletics, College?, Be happy. Nancy Andrews fMunchkinj-Sports, Iowa, Don't give up. Glen Askeland KLinusl-Exciting, NMSU, Stick with it. Bill Bayer fBillyl-Fun, Work, Listen. Jim Beaver CBeavl-Exciting, College?, Go for it. David Bedner jDavel-Grade School, work, Stay with it. Bruce Bennett lBenj-Fun, Army, Don't quit. Harold Brinegar KHarryl-Saturdays, Iowa, Work hard. Matt Clark CMattl-Friends, IHCC, I-Iave fun. Lavonne Cook fCookiel-Spirit, IHCC, Go for it. Juanita Cooper lJuanil-Exciting, Marriage, Live. Wayne Davis fSliml-Friends, Army, Slow down. Teresa DeHamer QDutchJ-Friends, NMSU, Go for it. Wade Dickerson fSuedel-Friends, Evangelical College, Don't give up. Robin Dinkel lDinkl-Homecoming, Iowa, Life goes on. Holly Dobson fHolsI-Everything, Iowa Central CC, Yes you can. Karen VanDorin fKarj-Winning, IHCC, Dream. Kevan VanDorin CPokieJ-All Right, Work, Give it your best. Cindy Elswick ICidI-Prom, Iowa, Shoot for goals. Scott Fee QSquatl--Exciting, Work, Have fun. Brent Feehan CPresl-Jazz Band, Work, Plan ahead. Alice Franklin IFrankiei-Prom, Iowa, Do your best. Jeff Fry IFrenchj-Experience, Air Force, Enjoy school. Shelly Grimes CRochj-Fun Times, Work, Try hard. David Groet jDavel-Jazz Band, IHCC, Enjoy your years. Kathi Harrison Qldarril-Friends, NMSU, Be happy. Paul Haselhuhn CI'Iazel-Sports, Farm, Enjoy it. Lynda Heckenberg jI'Ieckell-Homecoming, Iowa, Be sincere. Kent Johannes fWildmanj-Sports, Marines, Do your best. Keith Johnston CAlbertl-Parties, Work, Party hardy. Becky Johnston CB. JJ-Softball, IHCC, Each day as it comes. Eugene Karaba fGenej-Exhiliarating, Wisconsin, Educa- tion is wonderful. Becky Kenning lMad Russianl-Crazy, Army, Enjoy yourself. Gary Kerr lSpecial KI-Athletics, Marines, Enjoy yourself. Joyce Klodt QJoycel-Competition, ISU, Donlt give up. Darin Krusemark IKrusei-Sports, Iowa, Go for it. Pat Larkin CLarkj-Athletics, IHCC, Stay cool. Brian Lourens KLawrencel-Blast, Marines, Get involved. Rodney McGlothlen IRodl-Different, Lincoln Tech, Enjoy. Rodney Osterloh CRodI-Exciting, Army, Work hard, have fun. Kevin Presley CPret2elj-Prom, IHCC, Enjoy. Rhonda Richards lRitzl-State wrestling, Jr. College, Grab the Gusto. Amy Roe lAmosl-State wrestling, Central College, Grrreatl Melinda Shafer CMell-Play parties, Colorado Universi- ty, Be Active. J. D. Sinnit IP. JJ-H. S. Rodeo, Rodeo, Make the best of it. Brenda Smith IBrenj-Wild, IHCC, Participate. Becky Stewart KStewl-Dingy, IHCC, Be wild. Jim Sutton CBuckj-Weekends, IHCC, Get involved. Clay Thomas CMilfl-Exciting, Baseball, Have Fun. Luann VanGenderen lLuLul-Fun, Work, Listen. Brenda Vance CBrenI-Fun, Work, Have fun. Deana Venator CDeanoj-Crazy, IHCC, Hang Loose! Dani Walker IWalkie Talkiej-Prom, Work, One day at a time. Mike Wilson lMikeyl-Fair, Work, Stay out of trouble. Mike Witt CTwittj-Plays, NMSU, I-Iave a good time. Kelly Worrall IKelI-State wrestling, Iowa, Go for it. EDDY 1983 STARRIN G I-IUST OF ERCLASSMEN Ce,S JUNIOR President Vice President "And that cloud looks like . . . " Powder Puff Champs Colette Cady Dana Schippers if Q 1 oiom HAVE A mme ro k,!lEAR,,, Barb Antolik ffm ' Chris Atchison V' Debbie Boggess f' QQ , ,, Joy Bolibaugh Chuck Bonnett Doug Brinegar Bob Burdock lAbsentl -1r"'?' James Clark Bryon Cundiff David Dalbey Mike Den Hartog Theresa Dobson Deb Edgren Scott Ellis Jim Elswick Tracy Emanuel Angela Fisher CLASS - J. 1 , ,f ff Exams. Vonda Ford Russ Gutch Harold Hynick Doug Johannes Brenda Bruch Carla Ferguson Diana Kerr James Klodt Chris Larkin Secretary Treasurer Just sitting and thinking. f' r " N -, 1--.zmwi l- Brenda Bruch??? . muqnwu 19 MORE JUNIORS This is acting? Joy Bolibaugh acting up a storm. Y i i swf' Oh, like fer sure man like you know. That's copaseticf' Tammy Leahy David Lobberecht Mark Lunsford Samantha Mart Shelly Richards Les McConnell Teresa Russell Jodi McNeese Allison Sarver Jeff Moore Tom Schultz Doug Morgan Susan Shultz i MORE AND MORE JU IGRS!!! fe Good Stuff, Maynard!!! X any mg'-ff 173' gary ffm 1' Kristy Stober Rob Teno Lisa Strasko Sandra VanZomeren Scott Sullivan Wayne Vefsteegh Joel Sutton PHY Walker John Sutton Preston Williams Lynn Wilson Sherrie Witt Shelly Wyatt azwwwufmmnmwu-un: w. an SOPI-IGMGRES 2 Joe Bay Mark Beaver Patti Belzer Dan Boggess Deb Bruch Sue Glenn-President Angie Harrison-Vice President Michelle Carter Kim Conn Trisha Daakey Mark Dalbey Larry DeHamer nn Margee Huff-Secretary Becky Grooms Treasurer Shelly DeMoney Alex Fagen Dan Edgren Smile Mike!! ..,, it---1,,wff- -' 151' - I ' - J. I A ff ' ' izz Viii Jeff Fox Justin Fry Barb Gard Study, Study, Study! Angie Glenn Cary Huffman Kelly Harris Eric Hugen Lori Hartman George Hynick Diana Harvey Kaye Jager Barb Hildebrand Mark Johnson Trudy Kerby Sheryl Long Julie Klodt David McDough John Piehl Diana Price Mike Randell Brian Raymie Ray Riley Monty Ransford Tracy Richards Mike Roberts -5 . Hi Susie Robus Scott Rurup ai: W1 5 Klint Sammons Teresa Soots David Kellog Robin Sutton Bruce Vance Ruth Wray Chris Shafer Doug Stober Linda Strasko Sara Taylor Debbie Witt Steve Wright Not picturedg Gary Harland, Mike Kirby, James Meredith F RESHME : EXCITING YEAR Stephanie Gardner- President iff Q 3 yyblk w it i is v . G' 5 ii L . 1 Becoming a Freshman is an exciting experience, you get to be involved with the high school more and you feel as though you belong. Right now you may feel as though you are at the bottom but pretty soon the time flies by Jackie Shultz - Vice President I Angie Aalsberg Brian Adams Shawn Allison Tony Atchison Rodney Bambrook Harold Barnes Rick Critchlow Tammy Cundiff Serena Donnelly Sonja Eklofe Daniel Fisher Jodi Fox Martina Roberts-Treasurer Tammy Elswick-Secretary 17 Jewel Glandon Cheryl Greer Lisa Grimes Lila Harnden David Hill John Hill Daphne Horton Jeff Howard Gary Hynick Todd Jager Wade Jager Sandy Johnsen Tim Johnson Jeff Johnston Trina Jones but 3 ze 'WZ rj w x Q. gl I, Q.. ' ' iw Q PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Kathy Ross Teri Sedore Mark Slack Missy Kelsey Amy Kerby Tammy Kerby Marvin Lunsford Kelly Osterloh lNot picturedl Phil Ray Bruce Raymie Vince Remmark Rob Riley Brent Roberts Debbie Robus Joe Roe 28 I Yvonne Karaba Roger Kelderman Criag Steele Chris Sutton Randy Veldhuizen Rusty Waller W f ' I t, tV'V - V17 whim Q wjfti, '1 n A -nf, f but if if 5535 .32 t tt t A tw , t fn- f ' if tttt t' W . tW,,tt t 1, I. , K FUTURE STARS GF E.I-I.S. The eighth grade this year had a lot to look forward to. They got to march for their first halftime show, march in parades, and participate in homecoming week. They were seen the first week of school trying to find their classes even after the second bellg but after the second week they had their schedules down and they were in the swing of things. Their eighth grade year will stay in their minds for a long time because of the ex- citement and all of the embarassing things that have happened to themg but before they know it they will be freshmen. Cory Bonnett-President Wendy Jackson-Vice President - " fi mv' V PHOTO Not Availobll Calvin Atchison Billy Barnes Steve Bay Steve Beenken Jamie Bennett Julie Berry Jody Blommers Alicia Brinegar Christine Cady Tina Cantrell Micki Cox Andy Davis Geneva Davis Kenny Emanuel Hiedi Fagen lAb Susan Fisher sentj , ,A WW, ., W , .,,.,, ,, Q new , Emir we Q : , IQ, 211: r' - i ,.:,,.,. ,-,, JRE: Q.. . :3,.fi:EE:Zi-. E ' mf-iW,.,'fgf. ,V R News My .f wx vi X 4 iir firl ' " nwiae 7- if .. .. Aw S ii. K - , , F fre W ff in.: A - . Q :via S, x ' M v W r . , Q Y. : . Q-vs' . . 3 ' r ff 5? M 5 ,,,, ' 1 ' - 4:1-aw , me H ' W gf Q e 2 Q I we , , 1 " A if 4 ' , K. f f we ,,,, '4 ' if rr, 4' f . 'Ui rr-f si . ,Qf.. mme W M r 1, , H H M 3 i, 'Q f We Q A Q AW K Sr V' EW M w' gf wr 'QR , . , Q we ' 5 r , , EV X L ....,, Y, LQ . L ,, ' . v-' X, 5 qw 4 f , mg M ww QA, rf if me f ig ,Q M rg, , 4 44, J 1 mg? Zig ' , gf: ,M . , 42,5 sv 4 V LLVLVVI Q rr New 1 ilikiiifliilfiiwlz:V.,1,w . ., .. rd, sf' Jill Fox Lara Greene Rose Haines Robbie Harvey Steve Heistand Mary Hynick Jim Jager Troy Jager Wi i 'R , 3 f F' F 1 fs X Yami 4 2 N 5 A A 4 6 1, if 'Zi 2'4" v- X '90 a 1 'W if W ,1,,,. 11 rfg A . V , ,QQ -' :'f-- 7. , V, r -. 0 rag e? err? e',ir, - Q f ' ag eye? E rffgfiffj ei Scott Johannes Joe Jones Randy Katko Mary Klodt Pat Lee Ted Lobberecht Paula Masters Mindy Mathias Brian McCrea Jimmy McCrea Danny McDonough Larry Miller Robin Morrissey Tim Pierson Misty Pilcher Joleen Randell Cindy Reed Mark Roberts Robbie Rouze Laura Sauter Lee Scully Pat Soots Martin Stewart Darin VanArkel Leanne VandeKieft Beth Walker Justin Williams Staci Williams Bob Witt Julie Woodruff Keith Waters BIGGER A D BETTER THINGS AHEAD Chris Aalsberg Travis Allison Kim Atchison Chris Bonnett Randy Cantrell Sara Cardwell Mike Connell Jodi Criswell Julie Darland Lyall Davis Brenda Denl-lartog Shawn Dickerson Holly Dinkel Scott Eklofe Buddy Fox Eric Francis Scott Greer Dawn Groet 34 Dana Rupe Greg Schippers Duane Grooms Tom Harnden Mike Hartman Tony Honbarger Brent Huffman Travis Katko David Kellogg Troy Lobberecht Lee Lukehart Dee McDonough Molly Morrissey Renee Noe LaDonna O'Sullivan Tiffany Pinney Tony Price Valerie Richards Pennie Scully Rodney Shafer Shawn Sheldon Ryan Shultz Bobby Tidball Mike Ullrick Tina VanArkel Sandra VandeKeift Annette VerSteegh Mark Verhulst Charles Wallace Kim Waller Shane Wolver Teresa Worrall 36 gag:-, A211 1 X' 1? ax f Q DD A 2 5 2 Q :L K DEQ? EDDY 1983 PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY THE FACULTY Q 59 1 J w in ,f A ,,.v,g ,, me Front Row: Shirley Locke, Alma Smith, Gladys Katko, Secretary, Daverne Witt, President Second Row: Richard Roberts, Charles Shafer, Curtis Jager, Dean Heckenberg, George Osing. "SCHOOL BOARD SETS POLICY it " 'L L r New board members are sworn in. THE ACADEMY PRESENTS A OSCAR TO THREE GREAT PRCDUCERS if r 11 it . . .. ' va ... .f W ffa- rw mr' , , f ' 51 '10 2' lf 'i - l A i,- , ff-. ,titty r. fi, .. g ' . .515-4 - .. ,,,., ,aw .N I g fzf V -ff, ff' 9 ,aw-' Our principal, Steve B. Ward, has been at EHS for 5 years. He received his B.S., M.S., and Ed. S. from Upper lowa University and lowa State University. Mr. Ward's favorite TV program is M'A'S'H and his favorite song is Sunrise, Sunset. His hobbies are tennis and model railroading. Mr. Ward's favorite quote is, "A dreamer lives forever." x .mf- James Ira Ryan, the Superintendant of our schools, has been at EHS for 21 years. He acquired his B.A. from William Penn College and his MS, from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Mr. Ryan loves Chinese food and his favorite movie is "On Golden Pond". His hobby is his grandchildren and his favorite quote is, "This too shall pass." WM wr Wf l Dennis J. Hoyer, the Elementary Principal, received his degrees A.A., B.A., and M.A. from the University of Northern Iowa. His most likable food is Mex- ican and his favorite movie is "Raiders of the Lost Ark." He enjoys all sports, plants, and camping. His favorite quote, "Children learn what they live." JMU S 1 4f':'rSf5 Mr. John Sauer, has been at the Eddyville High School for seven years and has been the school counselor and 7th grade Career Education instructor. His extracurricuilar activities have been yearbook staff and assistant football coach. Mr. Sauer, had post high school training at Lea Col- lege and Northeast Missouri State University. He has BA. and M.A. Degrees. Some of Mr. Sauer's favorite things are: Food-pizza movie-Lawrence of Arabia, Tv program-NFL foot- ball, book-In Cold Blood, song-Bridge over Troubl- ed Waters, performer-Steve Martin and hob- bies-wood carving, juggling and reading. 7 44 ris i l -. l , s it 3 X f f r gis I ev- -f.. A SECRETARIES Shelly Van Dyk has been the high school secretary at E.H.S. for the last five years. She is the cheerleading sponsor for basketball and football. She likes to watch "Hill Street Blues" and her favorite song is "Endless Love". Shelly's favorite movie is "The Way We Were." Shelly's most enjoyed quote is, "l'm hurrying as fast as Ican." Nancy Rankin has been the Superintendent's secretary at E.H.S. for seven years. Nancy received her Secretarial Degree at the American Institute of Business. Her favorite movies include all science fiction. Her favorite quote is "Everything is permissable for me, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is per- missable for me, but I won't be mastered by anything." SCI-IDOL NURSE Sally Critchlow has been the school nurse at E.H.S. for the past 15- years. She has a 3 year degree in nursing. She likes to watch "Magnum P.lf' and her favorite movie is "On Golden Pond". Her favorite quote is, "Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road." C3 X Sa -Q. ug., PEOPLE EEDED EVERYDAY The cooks this year have done a very good job with the fig - -- meals, and we would like to thank them. They have put :" T N' a lot of time and effort into the meals that they fix for M ' i R A us, besides fixing lunch, they also fix breakfast for the people that can't get up early enough for a home 4 breakfast. '- f esiis T ' ..., - ' E ' rri ' '- . fa il if l tttls me it , e ' T sss "ts is x 1' '-'r 5 - , W Tlspvt ' 1 ' -. 'I yes 33 so Y Tritt' ' 'T The bus drivers this year were Eugene DenHartog, Warren Harding, Kevin Waggoner, Linda Grimes. Back row: Gary Landgrebe, Sharon Cantrell, John Rempe, Delbert Taylor, Bob Ellis. Not pictured-Connie Brooks. The bus drivers are greatly appreciated they drive in rain, sleet, snow, and ice which is a tremendous responsibility. There were some new drivers this year but it didn't take them long to learn their routes. TO SUIT YOUR TASTE s.Nl4-X fx , -55 f 'lf Kissed f X ,X Q 'gi fl 6 'b Q . . .W 32 ,iihf lg Y ,N i-L gy ,Xi f Shorty, Earl, Fred and Allan, the men who keep the school in shape ,,,.f"" W :g1Q V I4 ff, S li W. r -x ,, , er. l STUDENT I-IELPERS Conference Room Supervisor: Ron Adreon, Rhonda Richards, Mike Witt, Robin Dinkel, Jim Sutton, Amy Roe, Brenda Smith. ' Q 7 si' l Jil pf ii Parent Figures: Front row-Kent Johannes, Ron Adreon, Matt Clark, Becky Kenning, Pat Larkin. Back row-Wade Dickerson, Gary Kerr, Joyce Klodt. Office Help: Front-Luann Van Genderan, Alice Franklin, Ruth Wray, Dana Schippers, Back-Holly Dobson, Dani Walker. E GLISI-I TEACHERS Mrs, DeKraai teaches English l, Leap Reading, Advanced Composition, and Rocket Racket. Mrs. DeKraai has a B.S.E. in English from Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, Missouri. She enjoys raising her cats and dogs. Her favorite quoteg "lf you love something, set it free. lf it comes back to you, it's yours. lf it doesn't, it never was." Mr. Jim Lamb teaches 7th and 8th Grade English, 7th Grade Health, and 7th Grade Physical Educa- tion. He attended Wayne State in Nebraska and received a B.A.E. in Physical Education, Safety Education, and English. He enjoys being with his family and watching sports events. His favorite quote is, "There are a lot of things l am, wrong is not one of them." Ms. Sandra Sklavos teaches 10th Grade English, Speech, Drama, American Literature, English Literature, and Modern Literature. Ms. Sklavos has a B.A. from Parsons College. Her hobbies are reading and watching sports events. BUSINESS INSTRUCTCRS Jim DiJohn has been at EHS for 3 years teaching Accounting, Recordkeeping, Business Law, Business Math, and Data Processing, Mr. DiJohn is the Girls Basketball coach. He is also the P.A, announcer for the EHS sporting events fthe Voice of the Rocketsl, Mr. DiJohn graduated from William Penn College in 1980. His favorite quote isg "Whether you think' you can or think you can't-you're right." Kathy Fortune has been at EHS this past year. She teaches Office Practice, Shorthand, and Typing. She is the assistant coach in girls basketball and softball. Her favorite quote isg "Be yourself and don't be a fake." Jack Harrison has been at EHS for three years. He teaches Government, World History, Western Cultures, and 8th Grade History. Mr. Harrison also coaches Junior High Wrestling and is assistant coach in both Wrestling and Football. He has a B.A. from Westmar College. His hobbies are sports and playing cards. His favorite quote is "Never complain and never explain." 5 5 r we f YW- 5 wijkwl M geyffllgf ,i f Ron Welsch has been teaching at EHS for 10 years. He teaches History and Woodworking, he also coaches Baseball and assistant Football. Mr. Welsch received his B.A. from Iowa State University and William Penn College. His favorite food is steak and his hobby is hunting, SPANISH Dan Keller has been a teacher at EHS for seven years and he teaches Spanish, 7th Grade Social Studies, Behavioral Science, and Contem- porary Problems. He also sponsors the Spanish Club. Mr. Keller has a B.A. in Spanish and Social Work from the University of Northern Iowa and 30 hours in Counseling from Northeast Missouri State. His hobbies are fishing, outdoor work, and reading. His favorite quote isp "Love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself." MATH TEACHERS Mr. Hensley has been at EHS for the past 16 years. He teaches 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math, General Math, and Con- sumer Math. He is also Athletic Director and the Girls' Track Coach. Mr. Hensley graduated from William Penn College and has taken hours from Drake and NMSU. His favorite food is pecan pie and his hobbies are sports, hunting, and fishing. His favorite quote isg "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Sharma Parlett has been at EHS for the past 10 years. This year she teaches Pre-Algebra, Computer Programming, and Elementary Learning Disabilities. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite quote is: "The best way to handle stress is to create stress." Jim Dose is in his first year at EHS. He teaches Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra ll, and Trigonometry. Mr. Dose is also the Boys' Basketball Coach, Assistant Track coach, and Junior High Football Coach. He is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and now enjoys golf as a pastime. His favorite quote: "Don't talk about doing it, just do it!!!" TEACHERS GF SCIENCE Mr. Greene received his B.A. degree at the University of Northern lowa and he has done work toward his M.A. at Northeast Missouri State. He teaches Chemistry, Advanced Biology, and Physical Science. He coaches softball and is the photography sponsor. His favorite movie was "Doctor Zhivago". His most en- joyed quote is "Find something to do or check out." High School Biology and 8th Grade Physical Science are the courses taught by Mr. Epperly. He received his B.S. degree at the University of Dubuque and his graduate work at eastern Illinois and the University of Alabama. He has taught at EHS for 14 years. He en- joys "MASH" with Alan Alda. His favorite movie is "Long Hot Summer." ... if www mn 5 I I W, gp m -.',1,,,i. 2:f""f'wiv V n Mr. Conrad is in his second year at EHS. While teaching Elementary P.E. and 7th Grade Science he coaches the varsity football team, boys track, and junior varsity basketball. His most favored movie is "The Outlaw Josie Wales". Mr. Conrad's favorite saying is "They say all great men are dying and I don't feel so good myself." VGCAL MUSIC Mr. Adam is in his second year of work at EHS. He graduated from St. Ambrose College in Davenport. His activities outside of school include farmwork and other outdoor activities. This year he also took on the task of directing the school drama productions. J- if M Accompianists-Nancy Andrews and Lynda Heckenberg 2 Paul Navara has been a band director at EHS for four years. He directs the 6th Grade Band and the J.V. Band. He has a B.A. from Luther College. Mr. Navara enjoys eating pickled turkey gizzards and watching Dan Rather give the news. His hobbies are motorcycling, golf, and ten- nis. His favorite quote: "I am easy to please as long as I have things my way." Dulane Aaberg has been teaching at EHS for one year. He teaches 7th Grade Band and Varsity Band. He also directs the Pep Bands and the Jazz Band. Mr. Aaberg has a BM degree from the University of lowa. His favorite food is Chinese, his favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz, and his favorite performer is the Berlin Philharmonic. Mr. Aaberg's hobbies are hiking and running. ,MX SHOP AND AGRICULTURE Donald Kent has been at EHS for 20 years teaching Vocational Agriculture, Metals and Welding, and other shop classes. He also sponsors the EHS Chapter of the Future Farmers of America. Mr. 'Kent got his college training at Simpson College, l.S.U., Wisconsin State, and the University of Missouri. His favorite quote is: "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." Robert Michael has been at EHS for seven years. He teaches most of the ln- dustrial Education classes. Mr. Michael went to college at Northeast Missouri State. He has a B.S. in Industrial Education. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, skiing, and sailing. Below Joe Loftus was a student teacher at EHS. He was helping Mr. Michael with his classes. 1 5 t 5 S I S K - ' lg. Q t, wr f ' - "M 5,-fs ff-iii, :p, ,,.f,,, 5, -..t' sn gwvsws. f if W' W'l"fx tam Lf, 5 I an ...K l ' , A ART P.E. Mr. Jim Nockels teaches 8th Grade through 12th Grade Art classes. He received his B.A. from the University of Northern lowa, He enjoys carving, fishing, and traveling. His favorite quote is, "Many things in life are like a kiss, you get out of them what you put into themf, Mr. Michael Tiller teaches Kindergarten through 6th Grade Art and 8th Grade Art. He is also working with Peer Counseling and is a Study Hall Supervisor. Mr. Tiller has a BA. from Northern Iowa University. He enjoys fixing things. His favorite quote is "So little done-So much to do " Bahasa.. Mr. Keith Fick teaches 7th Grade through 12th Grade Physical Education. He attended NMSU and received a B,A. from Buena Vista College. He enjoys hunting, golf, and being with his fami- ly. His favorite quote is, "It will feel better when it stops hurting." HOME ECCNOMICS f Ms. Betty Hibbs has been at EHS for 13 years. She acquired a B.S. degree from Iowa State University. Her extracurricular ac- tivities include Adult Education and Junior Class sponsor. 7' Q X SSP vim.-.V .r H, --fee, o, ,iii .ir Y . , l l Mrs. White hard at workg but still smiling. . f 7 f few . f Z' LIBRARY i ,, A ,f N ,,,f 4 H., " 4' - Q ff F., . .sf A " K Mrs. Hibbs is always busy at work. . - . . . in . . 1 's's f rep .. . Mrs. Karen White, the librarian, holds a B.S. in Psychology and Library Science from NMSU. She also received an M.A. in Guidance Counseling from NMSU. Mrs, White enjoys rifle shooting, sewing, reading, and cooking. Her favorite quote is "Strive not so much to prove yourself but to improve yourself." SPECIAL TEACHERS Mrs. Simmons teaches tutoring and special education to junior and senior high school students. She also teaches 7th Grade Art. She has been at E.H.S. for nineteen years. She at- tended Drury College and Kansas University. She has attained her M.A. and B.S.S. degrees. Her favorite movie is "On Golden Pond." Mr. O'Malia has been at E.H.S. for five years. He teaches Consumer Economics and Learning Disabilities. He earned his AA. and B.A. at the University of Northern Iowa. He enjoys the Johnny Carson show and jazz music. His favorite movie is "Return ofthe Pink Panther." af if ,-sw , A 15221, ,, ,V My, -YM X Y. ' A AFX' , P A1 ,,, ,R ij, 31 . JSM ,,,,, fm ' f in Q 1: wx wi EDDY 1983 REENPLAY BY E I-I S ACTIVITIES M., Q , ,,4 Row One, J. D. Sinnif, Doug Brinegar, Brent Feehan, Deana Venator, Becky Stewart. Row Two, John Sutton, Daphne Horton, Sara Taylor, Mark Johnson, Mr. Ward, Kathy Ross, Kaye Jager, Missy Kelsey, Rob Teno. Row Oneg Robin Morrissey, Joleen Randell, Susan Fisher, Molly Morrissey. Row Two, Duane Grooms, Mr. Ward, Mark VerHulst. :"' lki.k ',,' ,ig A for, g:.,' ,. ,I 35' 43' af Q W. - xi ' ff ,, ,, - rf fl f ,P Z4 HZ K K fs, i ,fair w ,W,T,,grf in wigxi m y M A .. ,, , ,, I , D, . , YEARBGGK STAFF Row Oneg Jeff Fox, John Sutton, David Groet, Darin Krusemark, Doug Brinegar, Joel Sutton. Row Two, Lori Hartman, Ruth Wray, Brenda Smith, Amy Roe, Carla Ferguson, Shelly Richards, Sara Taylor. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 1982-83 Greenhands are: Row one: Rick Critchlow, Phil Ray, Wade Jager, Mark Dalbey. Row Two: Doug Stober, Brent Roberts, Ray Riley. Row Three: Randy Veldhuizen, Gary Hynick. r f g,,,.v5,s res? 5 rra' in-S' RAe"" 1?-F5 Row one: Klint Sammons, Bob Burdock, Scott Fee, Doug Brinegar, Pat Larkin, Mike DenHartog, Paul Haselhuhn, Larry DeHamer. Row Two: Chris Larkin, Rod McGlothlen, J. D. Sinnif, Tom Schultz, Kent Johannes, Rob Teno, Joe Bay. Row Three: James Klodt, Kevin VanDorin, Kevin Presley, Julie Klodt, Diana Harvey, Mike Roberts. Row four: James Clark, Dan Edgren, Sam VanDyk, James Meredith, Mike Randell, George Hynick, Wayne VerSteegh. 60 ,ff"W 5 I - A -.J ' 2 , , EDDYVILLE .r-1 VZAZ i ev i 2 Qf Y : 1 .Q ? W ROCKET L V i L W I , 5 . ag Q RQWDIES Q w., ROCKET RACKET Front Row: Stephanie Gardner, Jodi Fox, Molly Morrissey, Jackie Shultz, Angie Aalsburg, Randy Veldhuizen, Duane Grooms, Second Row: Mrs. DeKraai lsponsorl, John Sutton lphotographerl, Patty Belzer lsecretaryl, Holly Dobson leditorl, Shelly Wyatt lassistant editorl, Robin Dinkel, Bruce Bennett, Jeff Fry. Back Row: Barb Antolik, Ally Sarver, Trisha Daakey, Chuck Bonnett, Brenda Smith, Theresa Dobson, Sheryl Long. ' SPANISH CLUB Q 4 l gb U X . --'E' xx U -, Q l 'P l '..'ll X l L T is i W T X f A A is iiiiis T l Z F g""""Q5 'T' we l it trs ri -W W- 3' 'KX - ' :" 5 l V x,.., ZI: eil? l '-'1:' M :" all ff Na Row one: Mr. Keller lsponsorl, Shelly Wyatt lfund raiserl, Jeff Fry lpresidentl, Joel Sutton ltreasurerl, Scott Sullivan lsecretaryl, Kristy Stober lvice presidentl, Joyce Klodt lforeign exchangel. Row two: Barb Gard, Diana Price, Trisha Daakey, Brenda Bruch, Gary Kerr, Barb Antolik, Ally Sarver, Sam Mart. Row Three: Trudy Kerby, Barb Hildebrand, Sandy Vanlomeren, Tammy Leahy, Angie Fisher, Jeff Howard, Daniel Fisher. Row Four: Patty Belzer, Kim Conn, Pat Walker, Harold Brinegar, Deb Edgren, Angie Harrison, Eugene Karaba, Ray Riley. Row five: Jim Beaver, Glen Askeland, Mike Randell, Kaye Jager,Sara Taylor, Amy Kerby, Teri Sedore, Diana Harvey.Row Six: Sam VanDyk, Billy Bayer, Lori Hartman, Daphne Horton, Tammy Cundiff, Tammy Kerby, Melinda Shafer, Lynn Wilson, all l l.. .. f 5' 4. EHS FALL PLAY CHARACTERS MARY CALL .... ............... .... L I SA STRASKO DEVOLA . . . .... PATTY BELZER ROMEY ....... .... J OHN SUTTON IMA DEAN .... . DANA SCHIPPERS KISER PEASE . . . . . DOUG BRINEGAR GOLDIE PEASE ..,... . ...... HOLLY DOBSON MISS CONNELL .......... . MELINDA SHAFER MISS OLIVE CONNELL .... .THERESA DOBSON MISS BREATHITT .... . .... CARLA FERGUSON GAITHER GRAYBEL .... ..... M ONTY RANSFORD ALMA GRAYBEL ..... ..... T RACEY RICHARDS LACEY ARDWELL .... ...... S USIE ROBUS CHRISSY .......... ......... J ODI FOX LEALA ..... . . LINDA STRASKO SAMMY ...... . . . CHRIS SUTTON HANNA JO . . . .... TAMI ELSWICK BOBBI JO ..... . . .JACKIE SHULTZ PREACHER . . . PAUL HASELHUHN GUESTS ANGIE AALSBERG LISA GRIMES TAMMY KERBY SHERRIE WITT SQUARE DANCERS NANCY ANDREWS CLAY THOMAS LAVONNE COOK KENT JOHANNES SUSAN SHULTZ BRIAN LOURENS KRISTY STOBER J. D. SINNIF PRODUCTION STAFF SET CONSTRUCTION Mr, Adom Joy Bolibough Mike DenHorrog Monry Ronsford MAKE-UP Angie Aolsberg Noncy Andrews Sereno Donnelly Shelly Richords Debbie Robus Allison Sorver STAGE MANAGER Luonn VonGenderen BOX OFFICE Beck Grooms Lynn Wilson RUNNING CREW WHERE THE LILIES BLOOMH USHERS Barb Antolik Colette Cady Shelly Wyatt Deb Edgren Tracey Emanuel LIGHT CREW Rob Teno Joel Sutton Mike Witt PROGRAMS Holly Dobson POSTER DESIGN Luann Vangenderen Joy Bolibough Mike DenHorrog Kevin Presley Tom Schultz ll"Y"tfi ni T ff ,Q S- -961 ff X' X V . ! ,W X 7 If "xr-LV y Ali x Dani Walker David Bedner Amy Roe Ron Adreon X.. M we ffm 'W ' 1, . ,,,mY,ii:,f 'Q .' ' . .J ar - 1 E i , Q' 1' 2 N. , . I . nf 1 R, . . Lynda Heckenberg Paul Haselhuhn 5 ' :uw X wi' Y 5 , gi N -qrgzgx, .- f ' Q ' ,J 3 1 if ,f N 5 5 S in X 1 .,.. D, Rhonda Richards J. D. Sinnif Nancy Andrews Darin Krusemark Deana Venator , Kent Johannes , V V d"". i -I K 54 1 1.-., k. V,.,V, I e . f '44 " . ' ,Q I U . o I my 1 'fb' K 55: L ,yyy "M L ' . 135 I , I we 14 Kathy Harnson David Groet LYNDA HOMECOMING HECKENBERG QUEEN IST RUNNER-UP 2ND RUNNER-UP fffwln-'K KATHI HARRISON DANI WALKER ' NNW """' P ' W Y ' ' YNYN' QW:- ' '11 Y, , -4 I-IOMECCDMING ACTIVITIES E 2 I w1m H' ,wwmm-.pw ff'L- w---f--mw..v-mwM--- -W,fm,,I-W. W., , . , . ,-.,, . - ls 1 ,N I This year homecoming was a great event-zany in every way. All the students participated in activities such as the Almost- Anything-Goes-Day, Dress-Up Day, Crazy Day, Black and Gold Day, and Etc. Etc. And then finally to end the week the parade and the football game. Once again this year the yearbook staff is honored to record such a memorable event. ,.-as QHQXQM may J' ,xg SPEECH CONTESTANTS This year's speech contestants have done very well. Seven groups received division I ratings and 3 groups received division II ratings. Those receiving division I ratings and participated in state contest are: DUET ACTING: Patti Belzer, Lynn Wilson READER'S THEATRE: Holly Dobson, Serena Donnelly, Jodi Fox, Dana Schippers, Linda Strasko. SOLO MIME: Serena Donnelly, Daphne Horton. GROUP MIME: Dana Schippers, Susan Shultz, Lisa Strasko, Tracy Richards, Susie Robus, Linda Strasko, Sara Taylor. ONE-ACT PLAYS: Melinda Shafer, Robin Dinkel, Nancy An- drews, Holly Dobson, Lynn Wilson, Carla Ferguson, Patti Belzer, Theresa Dobson. ifffff mm 71 A.-,N vm,-1 ww 7 LW, K. X, ,,,, ,v 1 Sz rw? F741 WL! H31 v, n 'Q 1 . . .7 WW! ,W A f , 2 ' fx 'Q K , vii Lf ,V g , ' L. , . , -iv ALf1w EZZ L, 3 VV 1' w,.,M 'm..n1 ,Q g' fm , !...fn L bf ww, w-N , .k:,,,, 5 gg EDDY x ' TRACK CORDED BY EHS CDEPARTMENT 3 25554 me f it 9 R 1 'E ww mf. Q' . Q gn fi' EDDYVILLE VARSITY BAND UPERFDRMING JAZZ 1983" .1 A L - ' , Saxophones: Kaye Jager, Sherrie Witt, Nancy Andrews, Linda Strasko, Kristy Stober, and Paul Haselhuhn Trombones: Cory Bonnett, Doug Stober, Carla Ferguson and Jim Beaver. Trumpets: Darin Krusemark, Tom Schultz, Kevin Presley, I-larold Hynick, and Angie Harrison. Percussion: Mark Beaver, David Groet, Shelly Carter, and Melinda Shafer. Guitars: Brent Feehan and Wade Dickerson. Piano: Lynda Heckenberg Manager: Lynn Wilson Director: Mr. Aaberg i ,,,, PEP BAND T a Row one: Melinda Shafer, Becky Grooms, Mark Beaver, Brent Feehan, Deb Witt, Angie Glenn, Mike Randell, Tracy Richards, Angie Harrison. Row two: Chuck Bonnett, Margee Huff, Sue Glenn, Lori Hartman, Susie Robus, Ruth Wray, Kaye Jager, Sara Taylor. Row three: Doug Stober, Jim Beaver, Harold Brinegar, Darin Krusemark, Deb Bruch, Shelly DeMoney, Patti Belzer, Linda Strasko. Row four: Harold Hynick, Brenda Smith, Pat Walker, John Sutton, Tracey Emanuel, Becky Stewart, Kathi Harrison. Row five: Robert Stocker, Julie Klodt, Sherrie Witt, Lynn Wilson, Joyce Klodt, Garry Kerr. Row six: Monty Ransford, Mike Roberts, Dan Edgren, Kevin Presley, Mr. Aaberg. " - "'lf34"i Y J 3 fill- i ' Ll " 'J fu l if ., "" k.'j -sf i igiw ril ' K , ,i iii I glagg i y X , , g. 5 , ...E f e 1-'L ' ,. V: V I, i ng' -Inq gi- Q r :N S s12f2f5ifg.r:sm ' ' ' 5. ' S fi. ' 1 -- 1 1 .. . - . JUNIOR VARSITY BAND Row one: Jill Fox, Jodi Fox, Martina Roberts, Jackie Shultz, Jewel Glandon, Kathy Ross. Row two: Serena Donnelly, Trina Jones, Alisa Brinegar, Julie Woodruff, Lara Greene, Mary Hynick, Laura Sauter. Row three: Shelly Stouwie, Heidi Fagen, Lisa Grimes, Cindy Reed, Tina Cantrell, Robin Morrissey, Missy Kelsey, Roger Kelderman, Brian Adams, Jimmy Mccrea, Christine Cady. Row four: Julie Berry, Randy Katko, Joleen Randell, Joe Roe, Gary Hynick, Tammy Elswick, Troy Jager, Joe Jones, Leann VandeKieft, Ted Lobberecht, Brian McCrea, Steve Bay, Cory Bonnett, Mary Klodt. Row five: Mr. Navara, Andy Davis, Mark Roberts, Kenny Emanuel, Scott Johannes, Angie Aalsberg, Sandy Johnson, Jim Jager, Debbie Robus, Stephanie Gardner. The J.V. Band had a very busy year. They started the year with a halftime show for their hometown. They also marched in three parades, Octoberfest, William Penn's Homecoming, l and Eddyville's Homecoming. THE SCJUND GF MUSIC 3 i ll ii 2 Row one: Dana Rupe, LaDonna O'Sullivan, Dawn Groet, Renee Noe, Holly Dinkel, Sara Cardwell. Row two: Tony Price, Eric Francis, Tiffany Pinney, Valerie Richards, Brenda Denl-lartog, Lyle Davis, Brent Goodwin, Mike Hartman, Troy Lobberecht, Kim Atchison, Molly Morrissey. Row three: Travis Katko, Ryan Shultz, Chris Bonnett, Bobby Tidball, Shawn Dickerson, Randy Cantrell, Duane Grooms. Row four: Scott Greer, Kim Waller, Sandy VandeKieft, Mark Verhulst, Greg Schippers, Mr. Aaberg. THE E.H.S. VARSITY CHGIR SINGS IN HARMONY ri Front row L-R: Holly Dobson, Sue Glenn, Margee Huff, Tracy Richards, Deb Witt, Dana Schippers, Barb Antolik, Chris Atchinson, Lynn Wilson, Angie Glenn, Becky Grooms and Carla Ferguson Second row L-R: Director, Rich Adam, Teresa Soots, Kaye Jager, Sara Taylor, Angie Harrison, Susan Schultz, Harold Brinegar, Mike Roberts, Mike Randall, Doug Stober, Lynda Heckenberg, Nancy Andrews, Linda Strasko, Shelly Carter, and Becky Johnson Third row L-R: Kathi Harrison, Patti Belzer, Kristy Stober, Diana Kerr, Brian Cundiff, Mile Wilson, Kent Johannes, Paul Haselhuhn, Clay Thomas, Rhonda Richards, Jodi Vance, Joy Bolibaugh, Lavonne Cook, Shelley DeMoney, Sherrie Witt, Cindy Elswick Fourth row L-R: Teresa DeHamer, Sandy Van Zomeron, Lisa Strasko, Deb Edgren, Dani Walker, Doug Johannes, Mark Beaver, Brent Feehan, J. D. Sinnif, Robin Dinkel, Susie Robus, Shelly Richards, Allison Sarver, Tracey Emanuel, Brenda Smith, and Teresa Dobson , . . A , .i ., , . K ,. .. ,W ,,.,,,,,,,,,i Q .Tile l 'af t 'Y gi ' Q vi WRX J' 5 Q Q! i "NIP ' ,- 5 lv is SWING CHOIR all The 1982-83 Swing Choir under the direction of Mr. Adam. First row-Lavonne Cook, Kent Johannes. Second row-Robin Dinkle, Brian Cundiff, Mr. Adam, Lisa Strasko, Clay Thomas. Third row-Susan Shultz, Paul Haelhuhn, Theresa Dobson, Susie Robus, Kaye Jager, Holly Dobson, Kristy Stober, J. D, Sinniff. Fourth row-Joy Bolibaugh, Mark Beaver, Nancy Andrews, Michael Randall. Fifth row--Cindy Elswick, Harold Brinegar. I-mg l TRIPLE TRIG N X Oxy X 'JM I -1 rm RQ Wm , .4 W, xx ey: T QR x XX . xx I s, Q X f rs Sgr NXT The Triple Trio is made up of nine select girls from the Varsity Choir. The 1982-83 Triple Trio was directed by Mr. Adams, lfrontl First row-Shelly Carter, Becky Grooms, Tracy Richards, Second row-Holly Dobson, Linda Strasko, Angie Harrison, Third row-Lynn Wilson, Carla Ferguson, Diana Kerr. T. M li. 451 M First row, left to right-David Ames, Rob Rouze, Jimmy McCrea, Bobby Witt, Troy Jager, Chris Sutton, Laura Sauter, Robin Morrissey, Julie Woodruff, Micki Cox, Misty Pilcher, Wendy Jackson, Laura Greene, Jill Fox, Trina Jones. Second row, Larry Miller, Darin VanArkel, Pat Soots, Rob Riley, Jodi Fox, Martina Roberts, Cheryl Greer, Jewel Glanden, Cindy Reed, Christine Cady, Alisa Brinegar, Tina Cantrell, Rose l-lanes, Susan Fisher, Jody Blommers, Shelly Stowie, Tammy Elswick, Joleen Randell, Third row: Mr. Adam, Jamie Bennett, Scott Johannes, Brian Adams, Steve Bay, Tony Atchinson, Randy Veldhuiezan, Daphne Horton, Serena Donally, Angie Aalsburg, Jackie Shultz, Kathy Ross, Stephanie Gardner, Tammy Cundiff, Hiedi Fagen, Leanne Vandekieft, Tammy Kerby, Amy Kerby. 83 SEVENTH GRADE CI-IGIR ff' we WW Greg rests his vocal chords. Sara studies the music. 6 , ,i I I W V Q , , 3 e fr lf, R , , , if A5 r "' va' First row: Kim Atchison, Scott Greer, Val Richards, Dana Rupe, LaDonna O'Sullivan, Molly Morrissey, Sara Cardwell, Brenda Denl-lartog, Dawn Groet, Sandy VanDekieft. Second row: Theresa Worrall, Julie Darland, Duane Grooms, Mark Verl-lulst, Shane Wolvers, Greg Schippers, Renee Noe, Dee McDonough, Mr. Adam. Third row: Bobby Tidball, Rodney Shafer, Kim Waller, Eric Francis, Charles Wallace, Tony Price, Mike Connell, Holly Dinkel, Scott Eklofe, Tiffany Pinney. 84 , .,.,. EDDY 1983 STUNTS ERFCRMED EHS IC SQUADS T"-M XX-41" -. , , 35,3 4, Km T' T 2 'Xi-Q. A,,,,,,, Z l E rs . N kmllmggwlnz 7 Hwmwl l E 1 l 3 ',f' 3 l l 1 Y' 1 i 1 lad iis 1, , T 5 A 1 , ,H I or L , , J - Q' J Ml so ,, vig :xk ,. Q Y ' I , ll W ' ' ' Y . 7 5 , 3 L 5--fdi Ne- fl 'S Q 5 V is A. i ' If ge. , , Welsch, absent-Darin Krusemark ', + r OPPONENT I ROCKETS -I THEM Pella Christian 1 2 Blakesburg 10 2 Sigouney 7 5 Moravia 12 0 Pleasantville 7 5 1 11 Centerville 5 10 2 7 Colfax 7 3 0 1 Monroe 4 3 21 5 Prairie City 12 1 11 0 Martinsdale St. Mary 5 1 I Blakesburg 2 6 Lynnville Sully 8 0 1 2 Ottumwa 3 4 Keokuk Stritch 3 1 I Twin Cedars 6 10 2 North Mahaska 4 3 3 5 South East Warren 8 7 Wayne Corydon 5 4 Martinsdale St, Mary 9 5 Bedford 7 2 Woodward Granger 7 2 STATE Westwood of Sloan 6 7 v - 'K Front row l-r, Russ Gutch, Clay Thomas, Tim Taylor, Doug Richards, Rich Thomas, Russ Bayer, Dan Adreon, Doug Osing, Back row l r Asst Coach-Roger Barnard, David Dalbey, Scott Sullivan, Ron Aclreon, Pat Walker, Kent Johannes, Harold Brinegar, Richard Taylor Coach Ron RGCKETS TO STATE TGUR AMENT If " " ,,,, , . 4,17 M' 'll f 4 Y X ,l v ' 4-, sa 11' s 12" I ' 77" f f ,2"l1..w ' , 4 i"f' ! f 5 f fi ' ff! iv ! K QW wi 1 , f' 5- G N , lx I ff r +1 wifi? lil T we H' , 13--1. ,fm f , ,shy 'V ,A if df!! -.-J, fflf fl 'ff if ' iff T . . l +1 Ik , 1 mlm b 'Ti mv , f' 1 ,if : f'C,,,n, T W, ffl V 'li Q I I be , .., , ,W , , Z Q- an Y , i. , , K F, SL .V ,, . , me wr Kimi ,f' V E , I ' n jf., N , ' 3 5 gm '. -' : A 5 5 . , -. -L. VV ff' - V, f 4 JV VA..-mfa, , 1 . A i Q v 4 v -. ' " ,WJ NNN H- . gg in 63 W kk KM Q V ".ffwr:+f mi if S i M " V- ' ... N' """f' -- 2 2+ ..- , -XV .. "fs ...M i X a f I L- :VA -K AVVA .... LLL. . .F-ff' A as i V ...uf JW .. , C. ',, . ,,s L R ,Q A ' fs , ' s x ' RENEW f V . - V ' ' is ' . f . N H ..- VV ' Q L if ' N' ' Q i q , .- N . I M.- Msf' ' R' ' if "' if . TN- ,af QA V, l, gh"-"V . RP 'wif ,4 41 fx , 'H 1 J in K 5 M 1 1 " f . ' -1 i K , 1 I .K 3 , . 5 Ik 4' ' KF' Q: 5: f V' 1 bl L ll . 'L t az. f . : V Q ' ,- - V ,gk K 1 iii i I, 5, V :EV ,Q Vgqgi , R V is K Q F, 1 . f Q - 5 ' ' , K A R , 4 "-,f s- -,Q - V ,, 1 - V: -, - - Q- fe 1' ' v K rw ' ' ez:-41" 1 Z, is i f ll ' x t V s , la x - R 5 ii :s,'x1f-?-I QW, '-Q 'sf 1 '9'LE'-'i,V:.,- 15" "" 4- ' - V ' ,lm . 1- 3".:'f,"'f 'K-is--62.51. f , K si' , C .1 g ' ,. L -, S L :is sv f'I' f , f " j r-f 1 X . -. ' 1 nfl 3 W L- 5F 'ink Zi -N lgrufis' 5 if' -. ii so ' : V il " in .. -' 1' 5 r2?7f.Vf i A2351 -Q -sf " . is -.-Vk' -f??7f-sf1R V3'k5 H ii 1 fn 'Y-V' 1. :iw .wi - ...- im-all-L 1? ' 7 - . V. Vi, W u - 1 ,fifv lw-ss '---- 5 "- Mi . Vg. J -ff-sg -f i'L'w X ,i 73, ,krr , ,J ,V is , ,R V1 . Ns ,Lisp I .g - K s .... ,Q Q . .L . :V ,753 X A K A ,Q-V I ,, Q , if A 5 5 an sf I R 1 V - M , M i l , Front row l-r, David Dalbey, Pat Walker, Richard Taylor, Preston Williams, Russ i Scott Sullivan, Mike Roberts, Mike Randall, Coach-Ron Welsch www-N Q l , U V, K Jil, JH , 1x6 -VL, ' - , E " .. Gutch, Bill Bayer, Back row I-r, Doug Stober, Mark Johnson, r" i ll U! ix .J V, llll, fl' l il Va , , illlll gi ill , Xi. I V, t N R silly ' I U l ,X Q Null ,lui .A , if X - '- , ff! E 38 R I . l :Q A if-N 4 l Il V M 3+- ' -1. Lf i ill RV, ,fa -, i 'N' Z' .ix l if 9 l an W ' i Coach Greene Coach Fortune Front row: JC Bolibaugh, Rut W r a y , C a r l , Ferguson, De Edgren, Kaye Jage Deb Bruch. Bac row: Tracy Richard Allison Sarver, Linc Strasko, Sara Taylc Dana Schipper: Margee Huff. GIRLS WCRK I-IARD G TI-IROU I-I Tl-IE FALL K 1- ,,,,, ,,,g M L , LL ' , 6, V E , A A "L' Q' M 4- L , L W X 1. L , f , K '. A K K " ,-41 2 8 ,fy 'Lv' I 7 W , R l L A.'L ' L ,LL, .L B Liii' L L A ' ' L, "ff f '- , I '-" lfflffl I ff- , ' , ., A , ..,, , , , :':-ijffi:-,W L,L,,z, ,,-,52w1,: ,. V,,. he ,f1,,fLf7'ii5 ,TT . C, A .- . Q Practice makes perfect. iw ,L fl , ,L if in ng? H -we R R -. . If LL , "" L K ,, , ,W A .fu cr W a .- U ff. ,f-0 E liar 1 ,z ir w vw. ., .mf , Hi. f V, - V A , L 1 V in L ' 1 ,WE Front row: Cindy Elswick, Vonda Ford, Sara Taylor, Deb Bruch, Kaye Jager, Rhonda Richards, Dani Walker. Second row: Becky Johnston, DeAnna Brooks, Deanndrea Katko, Kelly Worrall, Lisa Strasko, Brenda Bruch, Brenda Smith. VARSITY FOGTBALL GULD! 83' HUT' Row one: Paul Haselhuhn, Ron Adreon, Pat Larkin, J. D. Sinnif, Russell Gutch Gary Kerr Row two Clay Thomas Kent Johannes Darin Krusemark, Scott Sullivan, Preston Williams, Harold Brinegar, Rodney McGlothlen Row three David Dalbey Doug Johannes Scott Ellis Harold Hynick, Brian Lourens. The varsity football team consisting of 31 players, had an overall record of 3-6. They were seen after school practicing for their games that a lot of people came to see. Although all their games didn't turn out as they planned, our guys and coaches can at least say they gave it their best shot. Through the season, the team did have a few rough times at practice and games, but they pull- ed through just like any other group or organiza- tion would do. With hard work and determination our guys learned the meaning of teamwork. 1.4.x .Nw -A Q, . A Ki, i,:,,: Q. fm. S , , , . .lg -M. :, . qs' 5 .Q - Q 1 in A . , 2: 5- -v,Q'?w 2 w ---1-----""' ' 1 ' Q xi , W , x i""""'M , V - A ' 5 .L - f F. ' A 'A L XL b " ' W f ' , ,,,,, ' - .953 , H , L . , ' il " ' ' '- K X I " ff wk 5' ' 'Vi K bikx Q X gm Q. : ,,,Z.i 52 , sg-qty Aix! , A, X f Q K ,swf f- wi L ,L,.,,Kk,g,,,,,.. . 1982 ROCKET FOOTBALL V . 1 W A -'mm -' Q . .KW -. - KKK, ,V :O "V, Q, K -f.'5Q,:N,.,,...1 ,g, ,O . K ..,.: .ul k,....,J J,. ,J I . .. x- ,V ,, , ,,4, , ,, . .. ,. .. . . ,,,, . ., .. ,. 'f"?"ff' 5 gf' M.. K' ,, gm -ffm:--'7r,1z:'A:. """:L:,.::.L.:7:..L..,,. n n, ix , ,,...w....w.,, , .,.,.,.,.,.. ,K MK ,,,, , ff 'fi f wr. ,"':Eif1ikvwmf"' ifzwfii-K fs: , e-M1-,'I".: , of 'Wff' K ' ' ' wif? -, f, ., Hiffz- 5' A ,,O42,, QI, K I "Lf ' . ' V 5 .KKK KK -- -, W- 1. gf. gg K . , , , M 1 Y 0 , V, ,,,,X,K,W,W. , TM: KKK K ,, K IK Wg K ,O 4-,f,, W ,S Jig , " ,Qi Wk ykf: V f g -X 1 if 5 rl-3 4 15419 O O 1 . O if . M , , I Kgs? A g ,,., , I E ,Q f y 4 T K ' 'fig' M . O J K A. EL,5 K V, 4 K K O K 1 K K KKK O KK , kkE,,7: A a A V ,1O H' K "L f ifi vi 'L ,,,. A , -, -' n O OOQ Q K KK 1. 5 ,, .K if-1 -KKK , +0-Q.. .KK 3 . , .-:. , K , KK K if ,,, ,, F K mei ky, 'W . K O .K A Vg Q -- --.. WKKK 'Q X W ,-K KKK KK A KK , KK Kj'-Ki? KKL j ' 52 fi: Ky' ,,ji.!gigKg , "h, 5.-fl' 'ff' ,ggi 5, - K X .K x.kk . :TS K ff i ' H K ' K KV f, i KK 'K KK ,K .. K, K 4 2,5 K T KKK 5 O . . A - L " V fn Swv" S Q- - ' ' rig . A . Z 5 gs A ,Q -- , . fa M- E ,K , Skis ff ' wr ffm! 'li T it Exif ' 3 X.,,, L 4 f at Kf ,:Hb,:!5f 'W M K, H ' VVO- af 1 EDDYVILLE F DOTBALL 7TH, STH, AND JUNIDR VARSITY one: Jeff Fry, Bruce Raymie, Rick Critchlow, Harold Barnes, Wade Jager. Row two: Scott Ellis, Brian Adams, Mike Roberts, Mike Randall Osterloh, Mark Johnson. Row three: David Dalbey, David McDonough, Doug Johannes, Doug Stober, Joe Roe. Row one: Bob Witt, Pat Lee, Scott Johannes, Jim Jager, Brian McCrea, Cory Bonnett. Row two: Jim McCrea, Rob Harvey, Randy Katko Dan McDonough, Mark Roberts, Steve Beenken. Row three: Jammie Bennett, Bill Barnes, Calvin Atchison. Row one: Lyle Davis, Eric Francis, Shawn Sheldon, Travis Katko, Mark VerHulst, Buzz Aalsberg, Travis Allison, Ryan Schultz. Row two Mike Connell, Randy Cantrell, Shane Wolver, Brent Huffman, Charles Wallace, Scott Eklofe, Rodney Shafer, Troy Lobberecht, Greg Schippers Row three: Duane Grooms, Chris Bonnett, Mike Hartman, Bobby Tidball, Tony Price, Shawn Dickerson, Tom Harnden, Lee Lukehart. -.-vi V25 vezmwi me 4352? J an was www' gan M li emu, V: A. ., A-of .eggs ,A ., . . , A , .M A , x --it SQ, . ,, - - if ,, H, Q who i.,, Sim.. Q6 .lf.s1f:,,'f ' ' " . . .5gs5i:,,:,j,.AflA ,-:,.' Y ,s , ' , 1 , . I K. K M I 31 A ,K 5125 ,gif g ' A- -is .sz , g - , A 1 : ' 5 ' g ' . A , Qi .A - , gm, 2 . ,c me-M ,., f, fl ,.. ,, K, S, 4 f W, . if A.. . ,Y - A ""m""'M"'. 5-A A , 1 -- .J ' ' Li' A ' .. . Q' A A ,,-, ,, S" ' 1 " fl-"L, i' . ' 'A' V .- .1 '.I'bf,f ' . ' '- Tffslf. A- kikk Afff mii - .R ' A ix I ,5 ' - ,-A 'U.5,,,u ,gl ,, .' I A ' 71 . 'T A- fi-H .. ' - " " ' ' :fl 'iv fa , i' ft' M t sf Q 'A 55,5 A -A Q s- , j. 4- KA-fi fx.. mr, K ' Fl W F . i 'TQ ' A li- . A 5 l. B L A we A A . . Q... A A. 1 l 3 Wk A EMM S 5, ,fy A, 55, , gi X le Y X, pi W1 mum: P S X 3 Y l Q' 'fe X 'fi' S3 i' 3, if Jf' N pu s ,, . ,ZW 8, S wifi S Q N fs f ,, 1. ,V ,. 1 Q -' .fe . rw-,..wA - e it 4 1? .A , 4 - -. S- . A" -A SA- ..- ' , . . , A . ..-r A. .. Sn.. HNGW I TRODUCING, THE WRESTLERSH ff-'11 i'.- ' Q 'l - A 43595 - iigff, fi 5 fs it Ai R Q- i K K 2 ' 1 'wh - , -' , ,K ' i S , ., K K . ,, K , . ,, - 'K 'Q X C . y ihxv 3.95 ,J yi? , fy y me Q to ' ' X i, rms 139 W r , ft , Starring, matmaidsg Cheryl Greer, Tammy Elswick, Debbie Bruch, and Sue Ann Glenn, middle row, David Bedner, Harold Barnes, Bruce Bennett, Jeff Fox, Eric Hugen, Rob Riley, third row, Coach Lamb, Scott Ellis, Phil Ray, Russ Gutch, Pat Larkin, Jeff Moore, and Jeff Fry. "Pat Larkin locks up" wi. ,,., Rob Riley flattens his man. Coach Lamb and Coach Harrison watch a match closely. iyllsvll Pat is ready to shoot out! Bruce Bennett is anxious to get started! if' ' OUR J .V. WRESTLERS We is From left to right Bruce Vance, Justin Fry, Mark Johnson, John Hill, Ray Riley, Coach Harrison A , District Qualifiers Sr. 1 19-Bruce Bennett Fr. 126-Harold Barnes JUNIGR HIGH WRESTLERS C PI""s C First Row: Duane Grooms, Lyall Davis, Rodney Shafer, Pat Soots, Mike Hartman, Greg Schippers, Chris Bonnett, Scott Greer, Cory Bonnett, Second Row: Billy Barnes, Brent Goodwin, Shawn Dickerson, Charles Wallace, Jamie Bennett, Darin VanArkel, Rob Harvey, Coach Harrison, Third Row: Buzz Aalsberg, Pat Lee, Dan McDonough, Ted Lobberecht, Steve Beenken, Justin Williams, Cal Atchison, Mark Roberts, Randy Katko. 'Jw 33 Bruce Bennett-119 Sr. 1983 Sectional Champ District Champ State Qualifier VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL 59 W 5 in S K. W pr H1 Row one: Brenda Smith, lmanagerl, Mr. Dose, lcoachl, Sherrie Witt, lmanagerl. Row two: Kent Johannes, Clay Thomas, Glen Askeland, Tom S h I . . . c u tz, Pat Walker, David Dalbey, Scott Sullivan, Rob Teno, Bryan Cundiff, Paul Haselhuhn, Gary Kerr, Jim Beaver, lmanagerl. JUNIOR VARSITY BUYS BASKETBALL Row one: Sam VanDyk, fmanagerl, Vince Remmark, Brent Roberts, Brian Adams, Gary Hynick, Mike Randall, Todd Jager. Row two: Tracey Emanual, imanagerl, Mike Roberts, Wade Jager, Dan Edgren, Roger Kelderman, Mark Beaver, Coach Conrad. N I 0 Coach Conrad VARSITY BASKETBALL 1 P w Row one-Mr. DiJohn, Head coach, Nancy Andrews, Dani Walker, Deanna Venator, Melinda Shafer, Miss Fortune, Assistant coach, Row two-Diane Kerr, manager, Sara Taylor, Brenda Bruch, Carla Ferguson, Lisa Strasko, Deb Edgren, Kaye Jager, Kristy Stober, Lavonne Cook, manager. ffgs g i g, ,nf ' " it-'r 4 "H ,'. . ' 'H-A, Pi ' if-v ' . J .rf , W ' Ci X 'rf E , Q ,. f, J .V. BASKETBALL ae' Row one: Sara Taylor, Patti Belzer, Linda Strasko, Tracy Richards, Susie Robus, Ruth Wray, Margee Huff, Kaye Jager. Row two: Daphne Horton, Kathy Ross, Deb Robus, Missy Kelsey, Trudy Kerby, Serena Donnelly, Sandy Johnsen, Jewel Glandon, Tammy Cundiff, Stephanie Gardner, Jodi Fox, Martina Roberts, Lori Hartman, fmanagerl. , 1 . -If 'www ,, 1 4 'M f f wfr-1 . ., 1 '--- 1 " ' Jn' - V ' 'V--1-, if 415 r, -v . ' . ' 96 ff:r,,.rrf-rf:,f-:Wy .W , ,. rf f::.,,vi-,z Mg: J f ' V Z1 , , Q 5 ' ' Q 94 1 5 . . it I X. t ..,,.., , ,,, AA, ,7 it .. ,Sgr ,yy . ,V , f ' ,V W ,S . , . 1 ,,,.,,, V I , V, s,,, ,, S3 V ' -' 5.1 , ,f , " "' , ' JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row one: Theresa Worrall, Dana Rupe, Val Richards, Lara Greene, Robin Morrissey, Julie Woodruff, Molly Morrissey, Wendy Jackson. Row two: Renee Noe, Sara Cardwell, Laura Sauter, Dee McDonough, Alisa Brinegar, Joleen Randall, Rose Haines, Susan Fisher, Holly Dinkel, Dawn Groet, Tina Cantrell. Row three: Brenda DenHartog, Cindy Reed, Kim Atchison, Tiffany Pinney, Staci Williams, Jill Fox, Mary Hynick, Mindy Mathias, Sandy VanDeKieft, Annette VerSteegh, LeAnn VanDeKieft. 1 1 1 1 . il l l Row one: Greg Schippers, Shane Wolvers, Brent Huffman, Scott Greer, Bob Witt, Troy Lobberecht, Mike Connell. Row two: Scott Eklofe, Charles l Wallace, Buddy Fox, Lyall Davis, Travis Katko, Robbie Harvey, Shawn Sheldon. Row three: Pat Lee, Jim Jager, Randy Katko, Joe Jones, Mark Roberts, Brian McCrea, Scott Johannes, Jim McCrea. HSHAKEDOW " Amy Roe, Holly Dobson, Kathi Harrison, Theresa DeHamer, Lynda Heckenberg, Robin Dinkel, Nancy Andrews. lNot pictured Colette Cadyl i Z Q "Future Varsity Cheerleaders hard at work." 'X W' f ip. X X ff--ff ilk 'Xm x UWRESTLI G CHEERLEADERS" Senior Captain Senior Captain Front Row: Amy Roe, Rhonda Richards. Second Row: Debbie Witt, Kelly Worrall, Susan Shultz, Robin Dinkel. Senior Captain 104 i .W-W l Senior Junior Sophomore 'I 5. Top to Bottom, Captain, Teresa DeHamer, Lynda Heckenberg, Holly Dobson, Shelly Richards, Dana Schippers. "BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS" Front, Shelly DeMoney, Becky Grooms, lCaptainl Jackie Shultz, Back, Shelly Carter, Angie Aalsburg. my 107 108 STUDENTS ATEHS MW Working hard????? fs-fiiw S K A , if , s f' I , ,W ,W -fm ,..,-wr Hi 'fby ,Q ,g .1762 , , ' ' xy 4. 5 2 , 'E Nl'fi"lf U J..-V, ,f ,pv- ,,..4-'J MQ 'ii 3 3 my ir is i is ir! x xi, - Q 5 ,ty ,. Ak 8 'z A 1. Q , This year's EDDY Staff worked many long and hard hours to bring you precious memories of this school year. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. So in conclusion we the staff would like to thank the students, administration, and faculty for your photosg without you this book would not be a success. THE 1983 EDDY STAFF - Q asia X Q A P iq , , ,I , . m 4 '- I . :- . . . -11 , . K wi Q. x 1 1 ITN l ms ,Y A- 7132A X L 1 , 1 If , 4. . I . ik: Vi- ri, 'mfg v i . .: is . FQ ., f ff w, 'ha ,SL 7 , 1- 2 f P 1 , 's .L ,, .V 'A '11 5 Q 1 4 -4 1 v H .N Ls, , . ii I 1. , IQ., 4 :X-fx---vw-1-ff"r-"v-'M"' -'H' ' ' ' ' " A "' ' 4 Vx- 1 --11-'-:-vf -- -- -F-r' ". ,TV ' , ' A N , 4 'T :T '!..-W 1 X X

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