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'iw fy T' JW' '9 .A in 1 M Q ,YA I in gi 1 xv., "I'."q.'.' Q O 1 O. 'hi C :':i:Q!nl.1 cq, g.'f f 41111 A nn-..- ,...,.......- . is-Q-, x-SN "Ulm-up-. an 'V 3 ,..,a Gt' I . l o hp' , xv 'N-f , . 1. M I .MW ,rv 'a- S . EK ,W Fu- ' ft? ' rf D K I ' e 1.0 ' Q 5 ' A W' 1 . ..E .E Q f ' i 4 4 5 ' lv V 1 if fs:-, v '23 . , . . '. N ,,.,' ', . , .'.. 7. Q?'14,,g?'f ii I "M-1' vp... -is A4 .. .,. S 5. 5.5 f 5 15. 552 x f ' ' ... H u '7g,.i, af'-'Q 235.11 , v aa . . .. ' , '- -xl ' " . ,,.' ig."-49242, fi, -. .,.gjfjpfH- 1... 1.7 I Q, . , . - Q., . 3, 1 .. W., 1. I? .5-im x,i:?v?vLY I 64 , gf , , an ...WIT ,gnafa -WR, -- 2 9 X 3 In '.w6 ,3mr Aq.. ,mm .iq V., ., , WP N -' W., .. 5 452' I lr V w: wx --- -.- '952 VBR , . 4 .3 K '1 - 'Wx x 1 1 x 1 2.4 U 1' ,QQ , ,- 5 . ski- -s 1 .4 Yep' N4 l x S 5 i I 3 I .-1 4 1 4 fx MS' lj I ,.' 'Z' J QQ r f: ' 2- I , - 2779 3 . . in we-+41 a . -"' ,. -Q. - " -A I. A ff, G!--. I . 'HX fQ....1 NZ. A W 1, .- Q. is .1 4. I I fmt , . 6 f ,Q 'v am, fg,,,g1 -g - -AQ fd. W ii? fag - 'in '-Www ! I ' . lnllV1U""1??-'tm ..,.,,,,,t :,,j -.-. 4 Ill-3 15 I. .. F I .f LA! 95 A . I 'QM 4 w'k .,i w if' emu 4 g mki' ' f"iK'1W f-Ms: , W N I u Q l .5.., s -f-4 3:5 1 N i 1 2 1 r f A 6 W 5 ,. . . my Wgp . Qi N v' ae 1 M Q' in 'a 9 sw l J Ugg: wi' 1 ' 0 4- -fu' aft ' ,K Q' qi! l 5' V 4 " A I .I .A A S 0 .H 8 3 T IS- OW Qecbcu iion gcuuae your of euoi ion, iniere5i une! guiclunce naue il'L5l9il'2J ua io ine Aigner iningfi of GEL, unc! oecuurie you Lowe larouiclecl uri wiin ci!! ine necefmiiieri of ofiuing do inui we may ooiuin our eefucuiion, we cleelicuie ufiin c!ee,9e5f Ave unc! eriieem, pafgnfd and OUP QUCLFCAHHJ ine i953 echiion of ine Macon, io you, our lgurenifi, uncl, io you, our Qjuarckunri n emoriam WE fondly recall Jack Gross who left school when he was in the tenth grade, to enlist in the U.S. Army. He served as Private First Class for a period of thirteen months. On January l5, i952 he was sent to Korea to fight for his country. He spent six long months in combat. On July 2, l952- A tragedy struck- Jack Gross lost his life . Jack was well- known and liked by all of his fellow classmates. The Class of Fifty-Three will always remember theirclassmate, Jack Gross fofhis friendliness and his great courage. 10 X IX' T ! If-,f"xff"Nf"' 'sw-"'N,.r-3X,fr"XX-5 f5Q,1-w if 3 Ae 1953 eacon ,gyfaecia A X -.1 2 XS Cilclclyafone .!v69A SCAOOA glcldgafone, penndggfania X bij x.. - Harry Ward Beecher, a noted minister and renowned speaker, once defined "Educa- tion" as the "knowledge of how to use the whole of oneself. Many men use one or two faculties out of the score with which they are endowed. A man is educated who knows how to make a tool of every faculty--how to open it, how to keep it sharp, and how to apply it to all practical purposes." Although the writer has long since passed on, these words are still true as the day they were first uttered. Many things that we are able to do we fail to accomplish be- cause we are not resourceful enough to adapt our knowledge to the thing at hand. Other times we are too indolent to apply our training to channels needed. They say the hardest iob we mortals have is "to think." Many people could easily vary their type of workif they would only be willing to think. Therefore, in the years after you have left the doors of the Eddystone High School, many times, your happiness will depend on how much time you give to the task of using the many faculties God has given you. Keep what you have learnedp and happiness, friendship, and success will be yours. -Wilmer R. Fryer 12 RoclmanSmith,.lr. isour newly appointed Junior High School principal. When he was a member of the fac- ulty, he was noted for his highly developed sense of hu- mor. This trait stillprevails. However, Mr. Smith can be stern and serious. All these faculties have gained for him respect and esteem from the student body of Eddystone .lu- nior High School. Minivan! CA ie! ng in eer Mr. Horace F. Erb, has For many yearsbeenfiissistant SupervisingljrincipalatEdd- ystone High School. The Faculty and students alilce admire him for his untiring efforts and ability to help with all problems no matter how insignificant they may be. We, as Seniors, would like to expressour thanks to Mr. Erb, for making our years in school happy ones. ? gdmenfary rinayaa Dorothy Taylor The Elementary School of Eddystone Borough is now under the supervision of Miss Dorothy Taylor. Miss Taylor taught kin- dergarten for I6 years before assuming her dutiesas Principal. She attained her Bachelor of Science degree in Education at West Chester State Teachers College. She expects to do some post graduate work at Temple University. ucafionaf irecfor Henry L. Rosse-Director of Vocational and Industrial Arts Education has gone to many schools to prepare for this po- sition. His duties atEddystone High School are to administerand su- pervise programs ofVocational, Industrial Arts, and Trade Exten- sion Education. Many a vocational student has found that a recommen- dation from Mr. Rosse is highly profitable in the process of se- curing a position. s Sfivof Mfr s Left to right: William Hewlingsg Mrs. Etta Miller, Presidentg Leroy Cassidy, Vice-President H. Earl Wentzel, Secretaryg Joseph Mitchell, Treasurer. The 1953 Senior Class express their thanks to five of Eddystone's most prominentcitizens, who have devoted themselves to the welfare of our alma-mater. This untiring organization has started each individual senior along the road of learning, by supplying them with the facilities for bettering and furthering their education for future success in life. We, as Sen- iors, appreciate your efforts. Class of 1953 15 Jacr, Bixby 89- lag 'T Franklin Bratton 'HQ gr, Driver Education Instramental Instruction Geography Albert Griescr Vocational -Machine JUQ ? Ruth Chamberlain Home Economics 715 Louise D'Alonza Tfping, Shorthand English Wilmer Kimes Vocational-Wood Geneva Dolbow Foreign La nguages La uretta Lawrence Social Studies W' Harry Charlton Mechanical Drawing Mathematics av-- any Margaret Graham Girls' Athletic Director Hockey, Swimming Dominic Marion Science, Social Studies snare I , --- Y 'fusvvvy Ann McGil1en Shorthand, Typewriting Bookkeeping Office Practice A . I Kathryn Mitchell 57418343 ii? Margaret Oppenlander Librarian Qix 'i X M William R3I'lkil'1 Harry Rarick Physical Education Biology, Chemistry Director of Athletics Physics Rhoda Roberts Aldoria Scalan Ef1g1iSh English, Mathematics .X it '.'i. . if Ja mes Ra wlings Mathematics Eugene Soltner English Physical Education f J?- Irene Pileski Social Studies Pennsylvania History Civics C 1 i Y' H.. X 'D L. 're-Q. B. K ' ' L A Q .I H .aff 'nr 1' f' fic-x Q y..-W P Edwnrcl Wheelahan VOCilIlOl'ld1'E1eCU'lC K 1' vnu, A ,Fr "-::.."'e ,iwx I Alice N, Wilde Dorothy E. Wilmer Arr Music -. Ties. . 1' E . . 'Rv Q' -... K l : 5 X I 1 l 4 joseph York Evelyn Young Ellcn Driscoll Dr. Joseph Galia lmjusu-131 Ang, History English, Dramntics School Nurse School Doctor Thorn Helen Abramchuck Esther Wilson Matron Secretary Secretary f ' 1-X Rv, . ik? p '51 ! f.. EDUS ,HL . ti i lDA MAE BARBER ACADEMIC MARCUS HOOK "Ida," who is usually eating, likes friendly poeple and school, particu- larly Chemistry and English, Shecan be heard saying "So What", She de- tests homework and snobbish people, Hopes to be a "school-marm" some- day. Activities: Science Club 2g Glee Club 2, 3, ACapella Choir 2, 3, Mon- itor 3g Double Quartet 3, Girls' En- semble 4g Dramatic Club 2, Social Dancing 4, RUTH BARROWCLOUGH COMMERCIAL FELTONVILLE "Rudy" dislikes people to be late, She is always on time to be with Pep, A good dancer, Rudy appreciates good music, would like to be a lawyer's secretary someday, "How about thatl " is her favorite saying, Ac tivities: Monitor 3,4g Basketball 3,4g Hockey 3,45 Beacon 3,4, Glee Club IgScience Club I. 1, . I X. G GILBERT BARDSLEY ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE "Bull" enjoys his girlfriends, and likes to sleep late, Always finds time to ride in Bill W's car and talk at John- son's. His pet peeve is a wise guy, He thinks he has the making of a movie star and is always yelling "Got any gum ?'Activiries: Science Club 2, Football 4, Monitor 4, Chefs Club 4, Dramatic Club 3, DAVID BARTOW VOCATIONAL LINWOOD "Dave" a second Bob Feller, hopes to follow in Feller's footsteps, He claims that he dislikes girls, but he certainly enjoys dancing. Like everyone else, he dislikes homework, Heard saying "Here now" quite often, Activities: Baseball 2,45 Basketball 2,3g Glee Club 3,4. ELIZABETH BARNETT COMMERCIAL MARCUS HOOK "Reds" who spends most of her time with Benny, is an avid football fan. She likes to curl up with a good book. English teachers and school disturb her. Heard saying "ls that so, " She would like to be a housewife some day. Activities: Beacon 4, Monitor- 35 4, ALICE JANE BAXTER ACADEMIC TRAINER A. I. dislikes to do dishes, yet wants to get married someday, Spendsa lot of time riding in the "Chevie", She likes being with Donald, Heard say- ing "Your smart. " She wants to be a Physical Therepist, Activities: Mon- itor 2, 3,45 Science Club 2,45 Social Dancing 4, 5 i E ik DORIS SHIRLEY BAXTER COMMERCIAL UPLAND Shirl likes the Navy, skating, and convertibles. Her dislikes consist of homework, and old cars. Shirl can be found reading, drawing, and listening to music on her radio. Ambition: to get married in a year or so. Pet peeve: stuck up or conceited people. Shirl can be heard saying: "Good Lord. "Ac- tivities: Monitor 3, ACapella Choir 3:Glee Club 4, SocialDan- cing 4. DORIS BLIZZARD ACADEMIC UPLAND "Stormy" likes boys. sports, pop- ular music, andMr. Rarick. Dis- likes ignorant people. Stormy's pa stime is being with a Fence. Ambition: to travel. Can be heard sa y i n g , "It's different." Ac- tivities, Dramatic Club 2, 4,Band 2, 3, 4, Jr. Honor Society ZQCISSS Treasurer 3, Science Club 4, Monitor 3,4, Student Council 4, Jr, -Sr. Prom Committee 3, 4. 9 1 .......,-- LOIS BEACI-IAM COMMERCIAL LINWOOD "R ebe l" can be found skating, boating, or driving. Her dislikes are conceited people and hockey. She enjoys being with Sammie, Bettie, and Lena. Lois's ambition is being a housewife. Pet peeve: Homework and Miss Pileski. Can be heard saying, "Hey you! " Ac- tivities: Science Club 2, 3, Moni- tor 4, Art Club 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Beacon 4. KENNETH C. BROWN VOCATIONAL TRAINER Brownie likes eating, and church singing. He dislikes g i r ls , danc- ing, and homework. Can be found sleeping and listening to cowboy songs. Aims to enter the uphol- stering business. Pet peeve of Kenn is work, Brownie can be heard saying: "What a messl" en iorzi .ffrffff-fx ,, , W, W - 'L I -'lk Q' I ' O NORMAN BECK ACADEMIC CHESTER TOWNSHIP Norm likes sleeping, sports, girls, and driving a car. However, he can not standhomework. Pas- times, going out, sports, eating. Norm's ambition is to work at Du- Pont's. Petpe e ve: snobbish peo- ple. Can be heard sa ying, " Yeah" . Activities: Beacon 4, Monitor 3, F ootba ll 3, 4, Class officer 2, Track 3, Student Council 4, A- Capella 3, 4, Glee Club 4. LELA BRUSH COMMERCIAL UPLAND "Lee", a cute senior, includes among her likes, Clothes, Marty and Ginny's "hot-r0d. " She dis- likes homework. Spends most of her time writing to Marty. Lee's ambition is to be a private sec- retary. Her pet-peeve is jealous people. Can often be heard say - ing, "Honest to Gosh". Activi- ties, Monitor 3, 4, Beacon 3, 4, Science Club President 4. 9 ' Q ZJJS 6. 's ,,Q..trw'5'ii1 A NORMAN HARRY BURBAGE COMMERCIAL LINWOOD Norm, Who can usually be heard saying, "Thats pretty cool," likes girls, dancing, movies and sports, but doesn't like home - work. Norm can often be found dancing, going to the movies, and driving around in his car. Norm's a mbition is toonedayown his own business. His pet peeve is in- considerate people and unnecess- ary noise. Activities: Band 3,49 Beacon 45 Basketball 25 Glee Club 4g Chefs Club 4, RONALD F. CAMPBELL VOCATIONAL LESTER Crash, who can usually be heard saying, "Your on the ball, your bouncingvg likes girls, but dis- likes game wardens. Crash's pas- times are gunning. fishing, and boa ting. Crash's pet peeve is ignorant people. 1 E. - Q A s!'iij. I X - rv K Y' ff' j. f JOHN CALDWELL VOCATIONAL ESSINGTON Cog, likes boating, fishing and working with wood. He dislikes homework, and can usually be seen working or boating. Cog's ambition is to become a wood patternmaker . Hehasnopet peeve, but can usually be heard saying, "There's no time like the present." LORETTA CLARK COMMERCIAL MARCUS HOOK Larrie, likes boys, baseball and movies, she dislikes homework and catty girls. Larrie can usually be found r e a din g sport maga- zines, skating, swimming or playing softball. Her ambition is tojoin the Air Force and later get married. Larrie's pet peeves are Mr. Rarick and Mr. Weber, she can usually be heard saying, You don't know do you." Activities: Monitor 35 Science Club 2. - 4.. ,, CONNIE CALISE COMMERCIAL TRAINER Connie likes dogs, double dates and talking to the girls from Trainer. She dislikes noisy peo- ple. Connie can usually be seen reading or talking to the girls. Her ambition is to be a model or a secretary. Activities: Hall Monitor 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3g Beacon 4. FRANCES CLEGG COMMERCIAL CHESTER Fran, likes to listen to the Mills Bros. sing, driv e her car and d an c i ng . Likes to be with her friends, most of all Ed. Dislikes are giddy silly girls and boys that show-off. Pastimes are driving, doing homework, dancing and be- ing with Ed. Her ambition is to be a good wife and own her own home. Pet peeve is being bored. She can be heard saying, "What a school!" Activities: Beacon 4g Glee Club 2g Social Dancing 4g M o n i t o r 3: Prom Decorating Committee 35 Art Club 4. 'X K IIELENA COALE HOME ECONOMICS TRAINER "Lena" likes "joe R. ", dancin g, swimming, and snow, She dislikes school, homework, andhockey, She spends mostof her time with "Joe R, " and the neighbors, Herambition is to Le a housewife and a hair dresser. Miss Pileski and conceited people are her pet peeves. "Howabout that"? is her favorite saying. Activities are: Monitor Q33 Q43 Art Club Q43 Beacon Q43 Knitting Club Q43. WILLIAM E, CONNER VOCATIONAL MACHINE SHOP PROSPECT PARK William, otherwise known as "Speed" likes all kinds of sports, reading, and drive -in -movies, His pastime is spent hunting, fishing, listening to records and a "Carj', He dislikes spellingtests and "Wise Guys". His ambition is 10 be a mechanical engineer. Getting up early is his pet peeve, He is always saying, "Well, what are you going to do!" Activitiesare: Baseball Q33 Bas- ketball Q33 English Play Q43, If if 'if' 1 Ti ss, I EAN COB OTS ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE "1eanie's" ambition is to be a lab technician and sing "Cry" at Yvonne's wedding. She likes being with Ted, good music, Miss Graham, ice cream, and food, She dislikes first period swimming and lazy people, Her past- times are listening to Pat's jokes, going to the movies, gabbing on the phone, and playing the piano, She can be heard saying, "You know it, " Pet Peeve is "Swimming" Activities are: Hi Q Q33 Q43 Student Council Q43 Jr. Class SecretaryQ33 Honor Society Q23 Q33 Q43 Jr. Honor Society TreasurerQ2 Senior Honor Society Vice President Q43 Hockey Q23 Q33 Q43 Basketball Q23 Q33 Q43 SoftballQ23 Beacon Literary Q33 Q43 Monitor Q33 Q43 Beacon Assistant Editor-in -chief Q43 Prom Decorating Committee Q33 Jr, Sr, FarewellC0m- mittee Q33, BARBARA ANN CONRAD COMMERCIAL COURSE LESTER "Babs" likes horseback riding and swimming. She dislikes two faced people, Her pastime is spent with her boy friend "Ed Her ambition is to be a bookkeeper. She is always found saying, "Who knows?" Activities are: Beacon Representative Q23 Co-recrea- tional Swimming Q43 Square, Com- mercial Courseg Dancing Q43 a nd Social Dancing Q43. r 15 enior ,X IOHN COLLINS VOCATIONAL UPLAND John, whose nickname is "Johnny Boy", likes delicious food and sleep. His dislikes are Mr, Rankin and Mr. Charlton, Staying after school for Mr, Rankin is his pet peeve, He spends most of his time on the corner of 8th and Church streets, His ambition is to graduate and work inSusqueha1ma." "Abi " Get out of here! " is his favorite saying. JOE CONWAY VOCATIONAL ELECTRIC SHOP COLWYN Joe, otherwise knovsm as " Goup ", likes girls the best. He dislikes spell- ing tests. In his pastime he is either sleeping, fishing, or hunting. His am- bition is to be an electric engineer. "What's the scoop?" is his favorite saying, 'Mae fits . ' 5 4, 5 -ses ir' 1 W 51,13 .L T M' SHIRLEY CROMPTON COMMERCIAL TRAINER Shirley's ambition is to become a sec- retary. She likes nice boys, and dis- likes conceited show offs. Shirley's pastimes are going to dances, parties, and being with Trainer girls. Favorite saying is "Well, touch you. " Her fav- orite teacher is Miss D'Alonzo. Pet peeve is getting up early on Saturdays. Activities: Science Club 4gBeacon 4g Social Dancing 4. JOHN D'AMICO VOCATIONAL-WOOD LINWOOD D'Amic's ambition is to work at Sun Oil. He likes Shirley and sports. Dis- likes are homework and getting up in the morning. Pastimes are playing pool and Shirley. D'Amic's favorite saying is "Yea. " Pet peeve is empty gas tanks. Activities: Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4g Class President 2, 3. I? ' eva-fl"-t . 'UA '31 .V ',f 3 'N 0 DONALD CROWDER VOCATIONAL WOOD EDDYSTONE Buddy's ambition is to become a mill- ionaire. He likes ice cream, girls, and everything that goes with them. Dislikes are school and teachers. Pas- times are weight-lifting and being at the "Shack. " Buddy's favorite saying is "Don't know do you. " His pet peeves are Lela Brush and Patsy Martin. Ac- tivities: Football 3, 4g Track 2, 3gBas- ketball 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY DENNY COMMERCIAL UPLAND Shirley's ambition is to graduate and get a job. She likes Jerry, television, and movies. Dislikes conceited peo- ple. Her pastime is driving a car. "Ladybug's" favorite saying is "Shame on You. " Pet peeve is getting up early. Activities: Monitor 3, 45 Beacon Busi- ness Staff 45 Prom decorating com- mittee 3, 4. -55 vs" A I. ',,. 1. 4 I t DONALD CURRY ACADEMIC ASTON MILLS "Donald's" ambition is to join the navy and see the world. He likes food, swimming, and baseball. Don dislikes school. Pastimes are hunting and fish- ing. His favorite saying is "MostIgnor- ant. " Pet peeve is English class. GEORGE DCPAULO VOCATIONAL-ELECTRIC MARCUS HOOK "Duke's" ambition is to workin heaven fSun Oily. He likes girls, sports, and Dawn. His dislikes are work and school. Pastimes are sleeping and being at Dawn's house. DUKE'S Favorite saying is "Really is," and his pet peeve is "Rankin, " Activities: Baseball 3, 4. U ,gh MARY ANN Dt-:SANTO COMMERCIAL MARCUS HOOK "Gus, " one of the Senior's best dress- ed girls, is always smiling and excla- iming "You're funnyl" Her favorite pastimes are listening to records and playing cards. To graduate and get a good job are her ambitions. Activities: Beacon 4g Hockey Manager 4g Hall Monitor 3, 4gBasketball 43 Prom Dec- orating Committee 3. DOROTHY DIANE DURRETT COMMERCIAL ESSINGTON "Dottie," a talented pianist, enjoys being with Jerry, riding in a Pontiac, playing the piano, and watching tele- vision. Dislikes all homework. ln the near future, she wants to marry the man who owns that Pontiac. Dot's favorite saying is "Holy Cowl " Activities: Band 2, Monitor 3, Beacon 4, Co-Captain Color Guard 4. ' ' y3'+1.iv,!,L H35 f 3 ly ' ' gg K 1 A V. . . . I FRANCIS JOSEPH DOUGHTERY ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE "Doc, " one of the quiet Seniors likes being with the gang at Herm's and Johnson's and sports, his pet peeves are teachers who give too much home- work. His ambition is to get rich quickly. Activities: Football 3, 4g Swimming 2, 3,4g chef-S Club 45 Sci- ence Club 4g Intermural Sports 4. RHODA EASTBURN COMMERCIAL UPLAND Our class secretary, "Rho" likes eat- ing, footballgames, and boys fespec- ially boysy. She dislikes boring assem- blies and "know-it-all's" . "You talk!" is Rhoda's favorite expression. To get a wellpayingjob is her ambition. Ac- tivities: Cheerleader 3,4, Class Sec- retary 2, 45 Science Club 2, 3,45 Sci- ence Club Secretary 3, 43 Beacon Re- presentative 2, 35 Beacon 3, 4: Monitor I eniord it 'X 45. as . i SHIRLEY DOYLE COMMERCIAL UPLAND "Shirl" likes cheerleading and John. She dislikes conceited people and gett- ing up early. She may often be heard to remark, "Jelly Beanl " Shirley's fa- vorite pastime is riding in a '46 Hud- son. Her ambitions are to become a housewife or join the Waves. Activ- ities: Cheerleading 3, 4g Beacon 4. LOISANN EMBERT COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "Lois" would love to spend all her night 3, 45 Basketball Manager 3, 4g Softball Manager 3, 4, Prom Decorating Com- mittee 3. at parties, dances, and the skating rink. Having a good time with Ginny and Le- la is her favorite pastime. Her pet an- noyance is snobbish people. This cute Senior's ambition is to graduate and get married. Activities: Hockey 35 Cheer- leader 4, fp, 2 -au . -ag,a....1- - .. .- JUS' 1: N , ls, fr 5 K CHARLES EPLER VOCATIONAL UPLAND "Epp" likes Ma r i o n 's corney jokes, butdislikes Rankin and his homework. Spendsmostof his time hunting and fixing the Doo- dle-bug. Ambition is to be a first class painter. Pet peeve is Mrs. R ober t ' s smile. Can often be heard Sayiflg "Gonna miss you a- round here." BETTY EWING COMMERCIAL MARCUS HOOK "Bet" likes to be with Laura, Mary, and Kate. Dislikes gym class and gum. Pastimes-kidding around. Ambition is to get a job, and get married. Pet peeve is, people who think they know it all. Usually says "Oh George." , . air - ALICE ERSEK COMMERCIAL UPLAND "Al" likes dancing, music and talking to Howie. But dislikes h o nie wo r k . Spends most ofher time going to the movies. Am- bition is to get married and raise a family. Pet peeve - going to school. Usually heard saying, "I don't care. " Activities: Beacon 4, Monitor 45 Glee Club 4. ROLAND FARIES VOCATIONAL MARCUS HOOK " F re nc h i e " spends most of his time hunting and fishing. Likes girls, good food and sports. Dis- 'Z A 6. xi ' an-, X I wtittfiii Esrersttxo vocariomt uPi.aND " Wi l lie" includes ice crean , candy, and girls as his likes, while he dislikes teachers and homework. His pastimes are hunt- ing, fishing and sleeping. Am- bition is to become a million- aire. Pet peeve is Ranktn's zips. Usua lla can be heard saying, "Die, will ya?" WILLIAM E. FAWCETT Jr. VOCATIONAL GREEN RIDGE "Spigat" likes sleeping, eating, and loa fing with 1. R. Dislikes R a n kin. Spends his time horse- back riding and reading. Am- bition is to be an electrical engi- neer. Is always saying, "Ain't got none." Activities: Track 4g Baseball 4, likes wise guys. Ambitionis to be an electricalengineer. Pet peeve is Rankin. He can often be heard saying, "Yup". RONALD RAY FENSTERMACI-IER ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE Moose likes partiesg dislikes home- work and tests. If Moose is not at Herm's he can be found at Johnson's. Someday he hopes to sport Doris around in a black convertible Cadillac. His pet peeve: gossiping girls. Activities: Football 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3,45 Swim- ming 25 Jr. Red Cross Representative 35 Monitor 35 Basketball Manager 35 Science Club 25 Intramural Horseshoes 45 Beacon Sports Editor 4. GENE GUTI-IAN VOCATIONAL ESSINGTON Guff just loves days off and enjoys sleeping just as well. However, his main dislikes include homework and Math. If Guff isn't sitting at the cor- ner at 2nd and Bartram he can be found flying or hunting. Guff wants to make his living by being a commercial pi- lot. His pet peeve: Rankin's zips-a common thing around Eddystone High School. Can be heard saying "Quit leeching me! " ANTHONY LAWRENCE FIORELLI VOCATIONAL MARCUS HOOK Fe-Fe's main likes are girls and sports. For his pastime he indulges in his var- ious hobbies most of which are "hot- rods." Someday Fe-Fe will become a competent electrician. He dislikes hearing someone say, "I won't say it on the grounds it might incriminate me. " Fe-Fe himself can be heard say- ing, "So what!" MARGUERITE HEFTON COMMERCIAL UPLAND Margie's likes include parties, school, snowy weather, swimming, and long walks. She abhors conceited people. Margie hopes to get rich quick. In the meantime though, she can be seen reading, or talking on the telephone. Her pet peeves: being kept after class or staying in at night. Margie can be heard saying: "lt's differentl" Activ- ities: Monitor 3,45 Softball 2, 35 Glee eniom 5 ? .IOYCE C. GREEN COMMERCIAL MARCUS HOOK If Joycie does not join the Waves she intends to become a housewife for Frank. Joycie can be found dancing, waiting for letters from Frank or driv- ing her '48 Studebaker. Shejustcan't stand conceited people and dislikes homework. Her pet peeve: an empty gas tank. When you hear "You know?" you can be sure that Joycie is around. Activities: Monitor 45 Beacon 4. LOIS JEAN HERGERT ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE Loie Jean likes sports and music. She dislikes snobbish people. If Loie Jean isn't riding in her car, she is taking part in some sport. Someday Loie Jean is going to be a Lab worker. She can be heard saying "See ya all." Activ- ities: Hockey 2, 3,45Basketball2, 3, 45 Club 3, 45 Science Club 2, 35Beacon 45 Student Activities Fund 45 Stagecraft Club 4. 1-s Q8 Swimming 2,35 Softball 25 Cheer- leader 2, 3, 45 Captain ofCheerleaders 45 Sports Editor ofBeacon 45 Treasurer of Senior Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 Sophomore Class Treasurer Monitor 3,45 Science Club 45 Prom Committee 35Jr. -Sr. Farewell Com- mittee 35 Honor Society 3, 4. Nui! ' 1' '- S- I ""?l-N EDUS NANCY I-IESTER COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "Nan" likes Wacky, parties, and Eng- lish class. She dislikes two faced girls and Shorthand. Her pastimes include watching football practice and eating. Her ambition is to become a private secretary. Her pet peeve is people call- ing her Nanny. "Nan" can usually be heard saying "That there ain't right". Activities: Hockey 4g Basketball 3, 4g Monitor 3, 4gBeacon 3, 4gPl'O1'1'l Decor- ating Committee 3g Glee Club 4. WILLIAM ROY HUGHES ACADEMIC CHESTER "Jim", likes girls and cars. Among his dislikes are homework and police. Can often be seen car racing. His ambition is to own the hottest rod around. Pet peeve are guys who are afraid to race. Favorite saying, "Dumbkoff". VIRGINIA ELAYNE I-IICKS COMMERCIAL BOOTHWYN "Snooks", as we call her likes boys, cars, Jimmy and talkative people. She dislikes homework a n d ignorant peo - ple. She spends her pastimes horseback riding and ice skating. Her pet peeve is an empty gas tank. Favorite saying is "Isn't that hilarious". A c tivities: Cheerleading 2g Majorette 4g Monitor 35 Science Club 45 Beacon 4: Stage- craft 4, Prom Committee 4g Dramatic Club 4. MARY l-IUTTON COMMERCIAL BOOTHWYN Mary likes movies and Harry. Dislikes snobby people. She spends most of her time with Harry. Ambition is to get married. Mary's pet peeve is doing dishes. Can often be heard saying, "You know". Activities: Beacon 4. IF".-T' - f' BARBARA LOIS HILLARD COMMERCIAL UPLAND "Babs", likes popular music, housework and dislikes catty girls, homework and ignorant people. Among her many pas- times she enjoys most, skating, dancing and Joe S. Ambition is to graduate. Pet peeve, wise guys. Can often be heard saying, "I ain't crazy". A c t i v i t i e s g Beacon 4g Monitor 3. JOHNS PAUL ACADEMIC GREEN RIDGE "Paul", enjoys girls and cars but dis- likes homework and staying after sch- ool. Can often be found hunting. Am- bition is to become an Engineer. Ac- tivities: Science Club 3g Monitor 4g Chef's Club 4: Intramural Basketball 4 jan- '-.,. HAROLD IOHNSON VOCATIONAL UPLAND "Reds", looking over his stay at E. H. S. , finds he had too much homework, too few days off, and too many Ran- kins "zips". Most of his time is spent hunting and standing on the corner. At present his only ambition is to gradu- HIS, BARBARA MARIE KORAB COMMERCIAL TRAINER "Bunny", who believes thatvseeing is believing," likes "Ben", sociable peo- ple, dancing and music. Most of her time is spent driving, listening to the radio, and da nc ing with "Speed. " "Bunny" wants to remain single and travel. Activities, Science Club 2, 31 Monitor 5, Art 3, B e a c o n 4 , Social Dancing 4, Prom Decorating Commit- tee 3. X- F 9 . RICHARD JONES VOC ATIONAL EDDYSTONE l-low does "Dick", whose likes, pas- times, and ambitions all include girls, find any time for football and basket- ball? l-Ie can be found at his girls' house, playing sports, or "mak- ing money?". "Dick", who c an be heard saying "Joe Ganza" to his many friends, wants to test-drive new cars and be with lots of girls. Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. ANN KORCH COMMERCIAL TRAINER "Anchor", who doesn'tlike homework or loud people, finds pleasure inread- ing, listening to the radio, and family relation. Her many friends can hear her saying, "No kidding" .After graduation, "Anchor" wants to travel Activities: Beacon 4, Monitor 3, enior I JEAN EILEEN KERR ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE "Eileen", who dislikes boys who say, "Your hair comes out of a bottle", can be found with "Bill" and the twins or else eating and watching sports. "Blon- die's" favorite saying is, "So what! Don't know do you?" In the future Ei- leen wants to become a naval nurse. Activities: Science Club 4,Intramura1 Basketball 4, Vo11eyBall 4, Monitor 3, WILLIAM LAIRD VOCATIONAL UPLAND Could "Boogie's" dislike of people that disagree with him be his reason for dis - liking teachers? Among his likes are shrimp, steak, and "Susie". Boogie, who can be heard around school say- ing, "One more round Joe", wants to become a football coach, a sports ann- ouncer, ora comedian. Football 2, 3, 4, Vice president 3, President 4, Prom Decorating Committee 3, 4, Dance sf Committee 45112 Sr. Farewell Com- mittee 3. CLUB x ,323 FRANCES AGNES LATOCHA COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "Franny", our humorous senior, likes, parties, Tommy, and popular music. She dislikes c o n c e i t e d people. Her p a s t i m e s include, driving her mer - cury, b ein g with Tommy and her friends. Her one ambition is to travel. Pet-peeve is an empty gas tank. "Fan- ny" can often be heard saying, "Boy did I laugh" Activitieszlr. -Sr. Fare- well 35 Hockey 3,45 Prom Decorating 35 Monitor 3, 45 Beacon literary staff 3, 45 Beacon Editor in Chief 45 Knitt- ing 45 Science Club 2, 35 DanceCom- mittee 4. ROBERT MAHLER VOCATIONAL ESSINGTON "Bob", as we all know, is a goodlooking senior who enjoys goodtimes. His likes include hunting, driving, and eating. He has no special dislikes. His one am- bition is to get rich. Spends most of his spare time driving around in new cars. Can often be heard sa y ing , "Nary a chance". Ivy' Q ' Q ' "iff: 1' ts' , It 4.. . N 1 L., Tl-'P' GUS LOTSIS ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE "Gttssie", is a popular guy who has many friends. He likes Sports, Eating, and Sleeping. He dislikes homework and teachers. He adds as his pastimes standing down on the shack corner 9th and Saville. His ambition is to be a millionaire. His pet-peeve is the Up- land girls. Can often be heard saying, "Anything you say is right". Activities: Science Club 25Monitor 45Cheff Club 45 Shop 4. JEAN MARKER COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "Jeanne" is a cute senior wlto spends most ofher time talking on the phone. Her likes include Sports, dancing, and boys. Ambition is, to make alot of mon- ey. Pet-peeve is gossipers. Can often HAROLD JACKSON LOVE ACADEMIC CHESTER "Jack" likes eating and lots of sleep, butdislikes homework. Spends his pas- times eating, sleeping, and playing sports. Ambition is to go to college. Pet-peeve is smart people. Can often be heard saying, "See you soon". Ac- tivities5 Monitor 35 Cheff Club 4. PATRICIA ANN MARTIN COMMERCIAL UPLAND "Pat", likes driving, good times, and talking with interesting people. Dis- likes boys who are smart. Pastimes are driving, playing records, and being with Jobo. Ambition is to be an Airline Hostess. Pet-peeve is people who like themselves. Can often be heard saying, "That would be different". Activities: Beacon 45 Monitor 3, 45 Student Council 45 Art 4. be heard saying, "Reallyl" Activities: B e a c o n 45 Captain ofColorguards 45 Monitor 3. fn.. gun ...sf LAURA MASLIN COMMERCIAL MARCUS HOOK "Laura" enjoys as her pastimes, joking, talking and chewing gum. Her Pet-peeve is loud talking and rude people. After graduation she wants to become a house wife for a certain fellow. She dislikes gum che wers who chew like cows. She likes t a k i ng part in A rt class. Laura's favorite saying is "Oh- No" HARRIET MC NICHOLAS COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "Harriet" has only one ambition, that is to own a kennel full of dogs People who stare is her pet-peeve. Her dislikes consist of T, V, Soap operas, and people who are always finding fault. Dogs and good books are among Harriet's likes. Activities: Beacon 4g Hoc- key manager 4. RONALD RICHARD MATTEO COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "Duke" finds time for girls, par- ties, football, and good times, but has a dislike for moody peo- ple. Pastimes include visiting Johnson's and Le1a's house. His only pet peeve is shaving. To be- come the owner of a formal clothing center is "Dukes" am- bition. "Got any smokes?" is one of his regular sayings. Activities: Football 4g Beacon 4. DORIS .IOAN MEAD COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "Joanie" , adds Sports, hillbilly music, and Ed as her likes. Her only dislike is snobbish people. "Joanie" spends a great deal of time playing Sports, dancing and being with her friends. Her main ambition is to own a home of her own and drive an " Olds" . Joanie's pe t - pe e v e is people who criti- cize. Favorite saying is, "You think your kiddinI" Activities: Hockey 2, 3, 4gSOftba112gBaSk6t- eniord 'Chaz SHIRLEY MC CLAIN COMMERCIAL MARCUS HOOK "Shirl" likes movies but dislikes homework. To be a secretary is her main ambition. Shirlcan us- ually be found at the drugstore or at the movies. Her favorite say- ing is"Yeah". Activities: Beacon 43 Basketball. ASHER MELSON VOCATIONAL ESSINGTON "Mashers has a like for girls but ball 2, 3, 45 Swimming 2g Cheer- leading 2, 3g Monitor 3, 4,Beacon 49 Prom Decorating Committee 3' 4- a strong dislike for homework. To join the Navy is the ambition lurking in Mashers mind at the present time. His pastimes are spent by being with girls, and sleeping. "You don't say", is his favorite saying. 5. 4 x -., 1 Y -.,-f. . sr li.. . , J .J L La ZQUS RICHARD MILLER VOCATIONAL CHESTER, PA "Dick", likes "hot rod". His main dis- likes are book reports, MikeDriscoll and this halfday stuff. Cars and girls are Dick's pastimes. His ambition is to own a new car agency. Pet peeveg homework in shop. LOIS IOSEPHINE MONTELLA COMMERCIAL CLASS MARCUS HOOK, PA. "Loie", is a cute girl who has much fun dancing, having good-times, and especially being with Vito. She does not like unsociable people and getting up early. You usually see Lois riding around in cars. Her ambition is to be- come a beautician. Lois's favorite say- ing is, "Yeahl". Activities: Hockey 2, 3, 4, Monitor 3, 4gBeacon 4, Student Funds gg Prom Decorating Committee 3. LORRAINE MONTIETH COMMERCIAL CHESTER, PA. "Rainy", who likes reading, horseback riding, and dancing, spends most of her time with Bob Bobic. Her ambition is to become a secretary. Her one and only dislike is tardiness. Rainy's fav- orite saying is "Really", Activities: Hockey 4, Basketball 4g Beacon 4. REECE MOORE VOCATIONAL, WOOD SHOP MARCUS Hook, PA. Reece's pastimes are being a fireman and sorts. He dislikes anything that has to do with schooland getting out of bed in the morning. He likes girls and danc- ing. Reece would like to be a carpen- ter. He can usually be found saying, Mohr you doll", .Z isles .IOHN MONTELLA VOCATIONAL, ELECTRIC SHOP MARCUS HOOK, PA. "Dee", who likes girls and dislikes tea - chers also has as his pastimes, sports. His pet peeve is being razzed. Dee can be heard saying, "Not again Gee". He hopes to achieve a reputation of a first-class electrician. EDWIN T. MURRAY VOCATIONAL, MACHINE SHOP COLWYN, PA. Edwin, around school is known as "S q u ir r e l . " His pastimes are sports, sleeping, playing cards with the boys, and girls. He dislikes Health Class. Squirrel's ambition is to work on boats. Pet peeve is the busting by the boys. His favorite saying is "Uh-huh". - .'s.",s, 1 - 4 C --4 ,Y...v .s.-.,,, :.,r MABEL EVA MYERS COMMERCIAL MARCUS HOOK "Babe" lists her likes as sports, music and boys. Has no special dislikes. Spends pastimes dancing and talking on the telephone. Her a inbition is to become a sec- retary. Petpeeve are people who lie. She can often be heard say- ing, "You know!" Activities: In- termural Basketball 45 Monitorzg Beacon 4. EVELYN PHILLIPS COMMERCIAL CHESTER "Ev" likes Tommy, but dislikes conceited people. Pastimes skat- ing and listening to music. Am- bition is to be a secretary. Her pet peeve is getting up in the m or ning . She can usually be heard saying, "Your crazy. " Ac- tivities: Monitor 45 Beacon 4. ,f' BETTY LOU NIC HOLSON COMMERCIAL UPLAND "Lu" is a dependable senior who likes to talk, go to football games and listen to hillbilly music. Spends most of her time eating steak and talking to people. Am- bition is to be a private secretary. Her fa vori te saying is, "Thats funny." Activities: Beacon 3,45 Monitor 3, 45 Majorette 3, 45 Stu- dent Council 45 Science Club 25 Honor Society 2, 35 Prom Decor- atingCom mittee 35 Dramatic Club 45 Art Club 4. WILLIAM THOMAS PIKE COMMERCIAL CHESTER "Rebel's" ambition is to own B. J. Prices' when the Army is through with him. He can always be seen driving his green Ford or working at Prices'. Reb's pet say- enior ELVA MAE PATTERSON COMMERCIAL UPLAND A cute girl is "Dink", who likes food, football, and Jimmy. Dis- likes conceited people. Pastimes are spent by listening to music and watching T. V. Ambition is to become a private secretary. Pet peeve is people who know every- thing. Usually saying, "See me care." Activities: Science Club 35 Monitor 25 Softball 25 Beacon 4. RUTH PORTER ACADEMIC LINWOOD "R uthie" likes hillbilly m u sic , kidding around, and double dat- ing when AliceJane is included. Pastimes working at Farmers and collecting photos. Her ambition ing is"l-Iey lady," and arguing is his pet peeve. Activities: Monitor 3,45 Beacon 45 Glee Club 2,35 ACapella 3. 4. K' is to work in the lab at Sun Oil. She dislikes homework. Ruthie's pet peeve is teachers who embar- rass you. Activities: Beacon 4g B as k e tball 35 Softball 25 Glee Club 45 Monitor 35Girls' Ensem- ble 4. , 81.1.3 aff JOHN SAMUEL POWELL VOCATIONAL EDDYSTONE "Wacky" is active in sports. Spends most of his time with Nancy. Favorite Saying is "Just a little bit, " Wacky doesn't like stuck -up girls and his only am- bition is "to do nothing, " Activi - ries: Swimming 3: Football 2, 3, 45Basketba1l2, 3,45 Track2, 3,45 Science Club 25 A Cappella 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3,4. LOUISE QUINTIN COMMERCIAL UPLAND Quinny likes s k a t i n g , motor - cycles, and Carmen. She dislikes gossipy girls, and conceited boys, Can be found eating and talking on the phone, Quinny hopes to be a foreign correspondent. Her pet peeve: people who say a lot about nothing, She can be heard saying: "What is it with you?" Activities: Beacon 2, 3,45 Hockey 25 Monitor 314: Dramatic Club 35 A Cap- pella 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35Junior- MICHAEL PURSH VOCATIONAL UPLAND "Mike" dislikes getting up early in the morning, especially to go to school, Likes football, hunt- ing, and girls, Spends most of his time sleeping and eating, His ambition is to get a good job, Favorite saying "Is that right." Activities: Track 3,4, SHIRLEY RESTUCCI COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE Blondie likes boys, riding around, and good music, Dislikes home- work, and bossy people. Shirley can be found playing her accor- dian. She hopes to be a nurse. Pet peeve: Getting up in the morning. Can be found saying: Don't worry about it. Activities: Beacon 45 Student Council 45 Art 3,45 Monitor 35 Square Dancing 45 Prom Decorating Committee 3, Senior Farewell 35 Social Dancing 4. 5. ,ap , 4 A V. V- f-g-,nf-s.Qf.4-me-45,5 :yi SHIRLEY PYLANT COMMERCIAL VILLIAGE GREEN Tex likes horses and Tom. Her main dislike is school. If Tex isn't riding horses she can be found in the movies with Tom, Her ambition: To join the Waves and getmarried. She hates to get up in the morning. Activities: Hockey 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Soft -. ball 2, 3,45 Swimming45 Monitor 35 Beacon45 Band 2, 3,45 Science Club I, Tex can be heard saying: "I'm a devil, aren't I?" MARY RICHARDSON COMMERCIAL UPLAND Slim likes Johnny, spaghetti, and eating. She dislikes homework and snooty people, Mary hopes to go in the Navy. Can be found say- ing: Ain't you got no raisins, huh? Activities: Hockey 3. .J t, GEORGE FRANCIS ROCKETT ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE Jorge, as his friends know him, likes inoney, food, sports and girls but dis- likes homework. Jorge spends his free time throwing the bull with the boys on Johnson's Corner. His ambition is to make a quick million and get married. His favorite saying is, "Is that offic- ial". His pet peeve is being teased. Activities: Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4, Monitor 4, Sen- ior Class Treasurer 4g Beacon 4. JOHN HENRY RUSSEL VOCATIONAL EDDYSTONE Russ, who can often be heard saying, "Quit-it" likes girls and money. He has no special dislikes. His one ambition is to retire at21. His petpeeve is being teased. Activities: Football 45 Track 3, 4, Swimming 3, 4. as ,, Y ,W rf" 4, A it l ROBERT RAUGHTON VOCATIONAL RIDLEY PARK Robert, better known as Bob can be heard saying "How about that". Bob likes b a s k e tb all, girls, fishing and lunch hour, but dislikes English and homework. Bob spendshis leisure time eating, sleeping and being with girls. His pet peeve is going to school. ROBERT F. RUSSEL ACADEMIC FELTONVILLE Robert better known as Russ, can usually be seen on his motorcycle or talking to girls. He dislikes swimming classes. His ambition is to be an engineer. His pet peeve is school. Can often be heard saying, "You Clown". Activities:Mon- itor 3, Science Club 2, Dramatic Club 3'4- e ., 1 'R 5 of' I enior l' 1 X JACK RUEBECK VOCATIONAL MARCUS HOOK Jack or Rueb likes baseball, and bas- ketball, dislikes razzing. Rueb's pas- times are sports, hobbies and home- work. His ambition is to advance in a machine trade and get the most out of his education. Rueb's pet peeve is being teased. Activities: Honor Society 2. ANN SANDERSON COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE Ann likes being with Jimmy, playing in sports and singing. She can usually be heard saying, "Quick in a hurry". Ann's ambition is to graduate and get a good job. Activities: Hockey 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Beacon 4gMonitor 32 Basketball 2g Glee Club 4. ZJJ5' I ALBERT SAPNAGIS ACADEMIC UPLAND Abbie likes chemistry and experi- mentsg dislikes English. Basket- ball and baseball are his spare time hobbies. Abbie's ambition is to be a television repair man. Staying after school is his pet peeve. "A penny saved is a penny earned," is his favorite saying. LAWRENCE ALVIN JOSEPH SCHEIDLY COMMERCIAL ESSINGTON Money, food, sleep, and girls are "Reds" special likes. He dislikes homework, and some teachers. Pastimes of his are movie-going, Eddystorie , and smoking. Pet peeve: Girls that smoke. Red aims to be a certified public account- ant. How Ya Doing? is his fav- orite saying. s x 'sum x4 fx t ia- . I f 1 3 I' IOSEPH M. SCHEIDLY VOCATIONAL ESSINGTON Females areJoe's favorite likings. JOHN SAVOY ACADEMIC FELTONVILLE " D o n" likes Hot Rods, dislikes Mike Driscoll. His favorite pas- times are cars and girls. Pet peeve is s c h o ol. After graduation his ambition is to own a speed shop. When you overhear someone jok- ingly saying, "Kill himl ", you can be sure that it's Don. CAROLE LYNN SCHREFFLER COMMERCIAL GREEN RIDGE Carol likes her weekends, and dis- likes English. Going out with Bob and dancing are her pastimes. Conceited people peeve her. A He has no special dislikes. Joe can be found sleeping and eating. When he graduates he intends to join the navy. Pet peeve: Stay- ing after school. He is recognized around school by his "Huh?" PATRICIA ANNE SEIVERD COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "Fuzz" has sports, singing, and life in general as her likes. Being called Patsy and English are her dislikes. Pastime is having a good time with Yvonne, Jean, and Mary Ann. Ambition is to be a good housewife, but first make a trip to California in a Black Cadillac Convertible with her friends. Can's stand show-offsandsniobbisli peo- ple. Favorite saying: Honest to John. Activities: Band: Kindergar- ten to 12. Co-captain Band 4: Softball 1, 2, Basketball r,2. 3. 4: Hockey 1.2, 3,4g Glee Club 1, 4: Swimming 1, 2g Monitor 3, 4g Bea- con-Representative 1,25 Volley- ball 4g Beacon Staff 4. good paying job with easy work is what she would like to have. Her favorite saying is, "Think you're smart, huh?" X X. awp? I BRUCE SHAW VOCATIONAL LENNOX PARK Bruce" likes cars and girls. He dislikes work and school. When- ever he isn' t with Skinner you will find him talking to girls. Bruce's ambition is tobea carpenter. His favorite saying is "Hi sarge". YVONNE STEVENS ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE "Yvonne" likes movies, Dixie- land music, money, Pat's Jeff. Shirley's"brains", and Mrs. Law- rence. Gabbing with Pat, collect- ing anything, and going to the movies are a fewof her many pas- times. After graduation Yvonne w ould like to be a buyer for a large department s tor e . Activ- ities: Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Sec- retary Honor Society 2, 3,45 Hi- Q 3,45 Student Council 45 Hall Monitor 3, 45Beacon 3, 4:Beacon Art Editor 4: Dramatics 3.4. 1 4 ft:', 5. 'if is-5 R '1 eniord , S ALBERT SKINNER VOCATIONAL MARCUS HOOK "Bert", who makes everyone laugh, likes girls and dancing. His ambition is to be a carpenter and he can always be found say- ing "Hi babe" to his many girl fr lends . Albert's pastimes are driving his car and just plain loaf- ing. DORIS STRAEHLE COMMERCIAL CHESTER PLAZA "Smoky" likes spaghetti, hill- billy music and dancing. She dis- likes conceited people. Roller skating and listening to the radio are her pastimes. Smoky's pet peeve is getting out of bed in the mor n ing . She can usually be heard saying "huh?" Activities: Monitor 3: Beacon 4. GEORGE SOPHOCLES ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE "Sock" likes pretty girls, popular music, and money. He dislikes homework and liver. Weightlift- ing and being with his friends are his favorite pastimes. "Sock's" ambition is to gradua te from col- lege and get rich. His favorite saying is, "Hello, baby!" Ac- tivities: Football 45 Swimming 3, 45 Track 4: Science Club 2, 35 ChefClub 45 Beacon 45 Band I, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 25Dramatic Club 3: Hall Monitor 35 County Band 25 Intermural Basketball, tennis, and horseshoes 4. RICHARD STROHL VOCATIONAL EDDYSTONE 'Dick" likes girls, all girls ex- cept sweater girls. and hunting. H i s favorite pastimesa re sleep- ing. walking, and talking. Tobe- come a machinist is his one am- bition. Activities: none. 5115 I HERBERT NEAL TAYLOR VOCATIONAL EDDYSTONE "Neal" is a humorous guy Wh0 Sp6HClS most of his time hanging aroundjohn- son's corner. He dislikes Health and the Upland girls. His likes are Sports, eating and sleeping. His one ambition is to get out of school this year. Pet peeve is failures on his report. Can oftenbe heard saying, Nary a chance. Activities: Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2. EDWARD H. WALSH ACADEMIC EDDYSTONE "Eddy" as he is known to all his friends, is an all-around athlete. Can either be found downJoan's house or loafing with the rest of his buddies. "Eddie's" likes are, Sports, Ioan, and Miss Young. He dislikes arguments and homework. Pas- times are playing Sports, and sleeping. Ambition is to go to college. Can often be heard saying, "Tell-Us", Activities: Footballz, 3,4gBasketball2, 3, 4gBase- ball 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4g Shop 4. LUCILLE JOYCE VAUGHN COMMERCIAL UPLAND " L u c il le " a dependable senior who likes school, eating, and good music, dislikes snobs and getting up early. Her pastimes include going to the movies and watching T. V. Ambition is to be- come a private secretary. Activities: Majorette 2, 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Bea- con 4g Monitor 3, 4, Student Council 4. RUSSEL WALKER DRAFTING COLWYN "Limey" as we know him, likes SQIS, and sleep. Dislikes classes and School. Among his pastimes, he includes, fish- ing, bowling, and playing golf. Am- bition is to become an Engineer. Can often be heard saying, Hi-Dad. Pet peeve is school that starts early. MQ! l Q A f .,.. 4 r WILLIAM WARD VOCATIONAL MARCUS HOOK A cute senior is "Wardie", who likes Sports, movies, and eating. Dislikes girls, and English Class. Spends most of his time sleeping, eating, and talk- ing. His pet peeve is School and girls. Ambition is to be a Sports Writer. ls often heard saying "Sure why llOt". Activities: Basketball 45 Baseball 4. GEORGE BURT WHITE VOCATIONAL CHESTER "Burt" likes girls, sports, and hunting. D is lik e s classes of any kind. Spends most ofhis time participating in Sports, and being with his friends. Wants to be a machinest. Pet peeve is gas nloney. Can often be heard saying, Hey-Cat. Activities: Football 3, 4, Basketball 1, 4, Track 3. is fill' 75. ug. K It , A. '.,.,s . MARY ANN WILL COMMERCIAL COURSE EDDYSTONE, PA. Mary Ann can be seen driving around in a Ford with M. G. C. She likes Rocky, drive-in movies, and telling tall tales, dislikes gabby people and hoagies. Her ambitions are: money and matrimony, Pet Peeves: clicks and constant com- plaints. Her favorite saying is "Charge". Activities: Beacon 4, Hockey 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Sci- ence Club 2, Student Council 4. MARGUERITE E. ZIMATH COMMERCIAL EDDYSTONE "ZEKE" can be seen driving around in a "Mercury", She likes George, Sports, and English Class: dislikes two-faced girls, and wise guys. "Leke's" ambition is owning a fur coat and getting married. Pet- peeve is people that use profane language. "How very Rare" is her favorite saying. Activities: Glee Club 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3,4, Prom De- corating Committee 3. AGNES WILLIAMS COMMERCIAL COURSE TRAINER, PA. "Aggie's" ambition is to become a secretary. Her pastimes are danc- ing, movies, and sports. She likes C h a r lie and dislikes unsociable people. Aggie's Pet Peeve is, "staying after school, and her fav- orite sa ying is "That's Clever". Activities: Basketball 2, Student Council 4, Art 3, Beacon 4, Science Club 4, Social Dancing 4, Inter- Mural Basketball 4. enior it B- ELEANOR WRIGHT COMMERCIAL COURSE TRAINER, PA. Eleanor enjoys dancing, sleeping, money, hoagies, Shorthand. Likes C u r r y, dislikes flighty people. Eleanor's ambitions aregmarry Cur- ry, beastenographer, make lots of money and have expensive clothes. Her Pet Peevegfavoritisms and pre- judices amongst teachers. Activi- ties: Basketball 2, Swimming 2, 3, Beacon 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, Colorguard 2. GEORGE JOHN ZIZMONT ACEDAMIC UPLAND "Ziz" , who spends much of his time fishing and gunning, also a great interestin Sports. His one and only dislikes is classes in school. He has one a mbition', like many of his other friends, "to be a millionaire" and a Pet Peeve of Uno-money". "Ziz's" favorite saying is "Hey- Girl". Activities: Football 2, 3. 4, Basketball 3. :SONS srl -.... . 40 1 4. se" CZ... 'MJ M ,SZMOF CEM 0 1953 I lib I Donald Ainsworth leave my locker to Bob Whirlow I We Robert Andrews and Norman Burbage leave and hope the school can I I I struggle along without us Patsy Aulisa leave all my things to John Gatta Catherine Bachle, leave my figure to my sister "Mickey". I , Carl Baker, leave mywillingnesstogive teachers a hard time to Tom Jones. , Bob Baker, leave. Ida Mae Barber, leave my place in the Glee Club to Shirley Booth. Gil Bardsley, leave my football socks to Charles Higler Betty Barnett, leave Gene Soltner to Shirley Smith. - i I O! e ' f ' , l l I l l I, , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ruth Barrowclough, leave my basketball ability to Nancy Rogers. Dave Bartow, leave my parking spot to someone who has a Cadillac. Alice Baxter, leave my troubles to Betty Allen. Shirley Baxter, leave all my stolen lunches to the people who ate them. I , Lois Beacham, leave. Norman Beck, leave my curly hair to Jack Stinson. Doris Blizzard, leave my weight to Janice Harvey. Kenneth Brown, leave. Lela Brush, leave my ability to get along with Matteo to Violet Schaffer. John Caldwell, leave with the rest of the class. Connie Calise, leave the care of my brother, Joe, to Joan Wentzel . Crash Campbell, leave my ability to get out of class early to pretty boy Shoop. Loretta Clark, leave my ability to get along with Mr. Smith to any junior who wants it. Frances Clegg, leave to raise my own football team in hopes thatEddystone will someday beat Ridley Township. Helena Coale, leave my extra lunch periods to my sister Sybil. Jean Cobots, leave my ability to sell candy and peddle pencilsto the new Honor Society members. John Collins, leave my seat in Home Ec. to anyone who wants it. I I , Bill Conners, leave. Barbara Conrad, leave my ability to getalong with Mr . Rarick to Doro Fisher. Joe Conway, will my sports ability to Edgar Trout. Shirley Crompton, leave the broken water pipes to the next senior class. Don Crowder, leave my energy and good looks to anyone who wants them I , Don Curry, leave. John D'Amico, leave and take Shirley Doyle with me. Shirley Denny, leave my brother David to take care of June. George DePaulo, leave my ability to bum pennies to Phil Patrone. I , MGVY DSSCIHYO, leave myability to gettoschoolontimeto MarieWilIiams. Francis Doughtery, leave my math ability to Bob Whirlow. Shirley Doyle, leave my height to Barbara Rinehart. L 5+ 5 :T ' ti ,, ' I 3, ..- 5 F Dorothy Durrett leave my height to Nancy Rodgers Rhoda Eastburn leave my ability to play basketball to Barbara Lucas Lois Ann Embert leave my ability to get along with Miss Young to Phyllis Croop Charles Epler leave my good marks to Vince Bartholf Alice Ersek leave my ability to come to school to Shirley Weaver William Easterling leave my brains to Jerry Shoop Betty Ewing, leave my ability to get to school on time to Ed McClure. I ,Roland Faries, leave my abilityas an electrical wizzard and position among heroes to Chester McGee. , William Fawcett, leave my extra tooth to Frank Waley. Ronald Fenstermacher, leave my football locker to anyone who can stand strong smells. ll 1 . ' ll n I la 0 0 . 0 lr I 2 gf . ' .. ' .- i I, .. . I . l I l lv I y I l li Anthony Fiorelli, leave. Joyce Green, leave my ability to get bus tickets on time to Kitty Olson. Gene Guthan, do not leave anything because l may not leave. Marguerite Hefton, leave my sister Theresa to anyone who wants her. Lois Jean Hergert, leave my chewing gum in Mr. Rarick's room to anyone who can afford it. Nancy Hester, leave my daily walk from the second floor to the Home Economics room to the kid with the big Feet, Jane Hergert, Barbara Hillarcl, leave my brother Dean, to the girls at Eddystone High School. Jim Hughes, leave with the rest of the boys. Mary Alice Hutton, leave my seat in History class to Joan Basht. Paul Johns, leave my books to George Covey if he thinks he can carry them . Harold Johnson, leave my loafing ability to Harry Porter. Dick Jones, leave my ability to play Football to Champ Powell. Eileen Kerr, leave my natural blond hair to Ruth Gartside. Barbara Korab, leave Mr. Erb and our 3:l5 dates. Anna Korch, leave my absenteeism to Larry Drennen. Frances Latocha, leave my sense of humor to Frances Lynch. Gus Lotsis, leave. Jack Love, leave with the Class of 53. Robert Mahler, leave my ability in wooclshop to Henry Billbrough. Jean Marker, leave. Patsy Martin, leave my sports ability to Marie Walsh. Laura Maslin, leave my ability to do art to Hazel Ruebeck. Ronald Matteo, leave after 14 years. Shirley McClain, leave with the Class of 53. Harriet McNicholas, leave my quietness to Marie Walsh. Joan Mead, leave my ability to play center half on the Hockey team to Bessie Walsh. Asher Melson, leave Henry Billbrough to the eight grade girls. Richard Miller, leave my car keys to Mr. Fryer. Lorraine Montieth, leave my ability to flirt to Peggy Rivas. John Montella, leave my girlfriend to Chester McGee. Lois Montella, leave my ability to get to classes late to Pam Silva. Reese Moore, will leave my brains to Kerry Dodson. AZ Z f . 4 YY4,.1-l i 'I-,W , f g. ff' Ed Murray will my ability to get along so will with Mr Greuser to John Houch Mabel Myers leave my ability to dance to Kay McCracken Bett Nicholson leave my 'best wishes to the undergraduates Evelyn Phillips, leave all the things I lost to the people who found them Tom Pike leave to continue working at B J s Ruth Porter leave my giggles to Kitty Olson John Powell leave my athletic ability to John Gada Michael Pursh, leave and if I forgot anything give it to David Denny. Shirley Plyant, leave my arguments with Miss McGillen to Ann McGlin. Louise Quinton, leave my 3:15 dates with Mr. Erb to the person who est deserves them. Shirley Restucci, leave all my sweaters to my sister Jean. Mary Richardson, leave my ability to think to Peggy Kelly and may heaven help her, she'll need it. George Rockett, leave my ability to play quarterback to Bill Gross. Robert Roughton, will a place in Mr. Rankin's gym class to anybody who wants a zip collection. Jack Rueback, will my work in machine shop to Charles Fehl . John Russell, leave my ability to act to anyone who wants it. Ann Sanderson, leave my nephew, Jimmie Ashton, for all the girls. Albert Sapnagis, will myiunior harmonica to Thomas Hadalow so he can find out how Miss Young's temper is. John Savoy, leave my ability to owna fastcar to my girl and Mike Driscoll. Joe Scheidley, leave school. Reds the Riot, leave my manager iob to the wee Ronnie Nash. Carole Schreffler, leave my seaton the school bus to anyonewho wants it. Pat Seiverd, leave my courage to play goalie to anyone who has enough nerve . Burce Shaw, leave. Albert Skinner, leave my build and physique to John Gatta. George Sophocles, leave my curly hair to Mr. Weber. Yvonne Stevens, leave swimming class gladly. Doris Strahle, leave my running for the bus in the morning to anyone who wants it. Richard Strohl leave my blanket club route to Gene Trimble. Neal Taylor, leave my ability to dance to Alan Johnson. Lucille Vaughn, leave, I hope. Russell Walker, leave by the back door. Ed Walsh, leave my football uniform to John Gatta. Bill Ward, leave my basketball trunks to Bill Catalatch. Burt White, leave my ability to catch passes to Albert. Mary Ann Will! Agnes Williams, leave my swimming classes to my sisters Marie and Ann. Eleanor Wright, gladly leave what's left. Marguerite Zimath, leave my seat in English class unwillingly. George Zizmont, leave and I am glad of it. S 'l 4:1 e,.,v. l T""'T'TI",'T.. I' fn 4 gf ' Q fb . . ' .'U Q Q ' . .3 0 T . '1 Ui Os 3 . F Q 4 . ' - O . K . u V' . CD Q "9 D . . 5' . ' 'U - U 0 ', 0 . ' Q UI Ui 4 . 0 ' Q 3 N4 . O J m 0 2' , 3' 0 2 Q 3 'U' U- vu I 'v Ml!! 1 1 1 l l I - - ri , , I 1 is .fi ' 1 Ronald Matteo BV N H Joh I . John Potcxetgen ancy ester Virg? Ammo - jecm me Hfck Lots S Jam Hughes Mabel Myers Anthony Fuorel In Frances Latocha X we Robj5kBxX'L1OKA No, Snirjgog Beck oo' 61-my Lawrence Schiedly Rhoda Eastburn r"'f Edward Walsh BY-Vfboge Thofha - Kwon eg Jean Cobots M S P,lce Ngorofwl Dun Ury DE Santo vw N cg- W 'ffm v .4 I ,d L 'W A f x 6 N 4 Ronald Fenstermacher Betty Nicholson V 1 Y' ...1 , .y- . ... -ri N XX wwe john C3 Syevens win" Buli Connor Connie Calise Bob Mahler Joan Mead Jo M A" Re Ury ADUUTEC if Pre-Game Antics -4 Lunch hour Recreation Time on their hands Y. amerochfied Whot's burning? unior Clfkf 0 A6215 Left to Right, Junior Class Officers: President, John Wood, Vice-President, Robert Clarkg Secretary, Her- bert Davisg Treasurer, Mary Allen. .ww , ... 4 s rea Dian cfm omega Freshman Class Officers: President, William Gross, Vice -President, Joseph Sul1ivan,Secretary, Joanlwle- gill, Treasurer, Joanne Schmidt. S 5 lx 52,0 omore C ada icerd Sophomore Class Officers: President, Harry Redding, Vice-President, Eugene Roclrett, Secretary, Virginia Pielag Treasurer, Henry Belay. .llii ourifi fd - ..-..,,,,,..-rp.-. .....- -- -rf.. f.. aww.. - V... V Ak .. ' - --. T .. H l .N ll-.A Firsr Row, L. ro R.: P. Barr, D Davis, H. Wrighr, B. Baker, M lV1ll1ul'1lS,lXl. Dawson, J.Bar.icai.1 M. Budgick, P. V. Ripcr,M. Bach lc. Second Row, L. to R.: Mrs Hoak, F. Beale, Wm. Catalutcli M. Allen, S. Boorh, J. Wright, M Blaier, J. Baglione, J. Beggs, B Convey. Third Row, L. to R.: T Andrews, J. Ashton, C. Andrews, V. Bartholf, T. Baresick, R Craw lex. 11-5 First Row, Left to Righrg M. Friel, B. Garrett, C. Emplii, li. Dippel, S. lshenvood, J. Johnson, D. Fish- es, S. Koornig, S. Dulin, P Grace. Second Rrrwg N, Yaglinski, G. Wood, P. Ferguson, P. Higgins R. E sek, M. Kell , R. Garrside, D. Denny, C. Davis, C. Green. Miss D'Alorizo. Third Row: B. Wiley, T. Federia, C. Fchl, G. Walrcr, J. Gorman, J. Wood, R Fagan, H. Davis. ll-6 lsr. Row, L. tok :J. Miller, E. Po re, C. Locke, N. McWilliams, K. Olson, C. McColl-wngh, L. Mc- Cracken, M. McKenna, D. Morri- son, F. Lynch, Mr. Rawlings. 2nd Row, L. ro R.: E. Nickle, J. Moore, D. Machet e, F. Morrison, J. Lane, E, Oscilonski, L. Moli- ken, V. Oxner, G. Miller, A. Mc- Glirin. 5rd Row, L. ro R.: G. Mc- Keown, R. Jackson, H. Morris, I. Harlan, H. Harvey, P. Magura, R. Kaiser, R. Nash. 4lhRow, L. to R.: C. McGhee, R. Joycc, C. Homem- rowski, R. Harris, C. Higlcr. ll-Q3 First Row, Left to Right: E. Smith, D. Shereba, P. Theis, P. Rivas, B. Tull, N. Rogers, T. Robinson, H. Schoen, L. Sterling, B. Rinehart. Second Row, L. to R.: A. Rich- mond, D. Rivas, E. Trout, J. Ton- dreau, E. Stuglinsky, H. Russell, W. Powell, P. Patrone, W.Shanko, Mr, Bixby. Third Row, L. toR.: H. Schlipt, W. Shaffer, R. Pugh, R. Perko, A. Tridente,I. Rowles, O. Ramos, H. Sharkey. Top Row, L. to R.:V. Smith, G. Shapiro, D. Satterfield, G. Trimble. I0-.14 Left to Right, FirstRow: A. Covey, M. DePaulo, E. Fallon, S. Dhim tri, C. Duncan, E. Dulin, A. Buckalew, B. Charles, A. Allison Second Row: Miss Young, B. Arm strong, A. DeNight, S. Fisher, M. Emplit, P. Croop, S. Coale, T. Dodson, F. Arcomone, C. Carter. Third Row: H. Bilbrough, L. Camp- bell, E. Arscott, W. Donnely, F. Burke, E. Biddle, F. Barseich, I. Calise. Fourth Row: G. Dodd, J. Dorrun, R. Abrams, R. Booth, R. Brooks. I0-Z? Ist. Row, L. to R.:I. Irvin, B. Lu- cas, E. Kennan, E. McPherson, S. Hubert, E. Johnson, F. Hudlow,M. Greek,K. Henderson,C. Karlunas. 2nd Row, L. to R.: C. Matthews, A. Montella, J. Harvey, P. Ken- non, B. Kisner,A. Morris,B. King, J. Laughead, M. Jensen, Mr. Harry Charlton. 3rd Row, L. to R.: G. Hamrick, R. Gray, A. Johnson, R. Ersek, T. Julien, I. Hauck, T. Jones, R. Frampron,J. Gatta. 4th Row, L. to R.: N. Horn, R. Jones, F. Griffith, N. Focht, F. Gresmer, A. Gargia. 'un-.. . r .-V 1 W ff' 'q ,arg ' E 1 'J' - 1 K 1- ' 1 4 w' f ' o 231' 9' YM' H 1, l 4 A L- A 5 -4 .. Q ' ' 1 A I -if' Fi. .494 3 ,. " 5 . Xgf -Y. in fs ' S Q. 3 1: 1 Q1 is 5. x ' si " ' ' 1 ' . 4 XT Q '5-0 f mmm M X ,-Q - ' f-ix.. Q 1 K ,255 , 2:1 I V xy N 2 , 5-v.?f,z T -L XV! SCA 1 E' A, X , ,xx g lk' , kgyv I ky X Fun Q 94 I Yj Y W 4 issue.. ., - ... . - -Y , . Q.. . . gg- .L lr gl if ' ' R '-- 'Y i ? X Q 1 .NA 9-Z? Ist Row, LefttoRight:E. Jones, D. Garten, C. I-leckert, T. Hefton,C. Gelnack, M. Johnson, M. Evans, P. Kuehn, B. Gresmer, D. Field, 2nd Row: C. Pontillo, D. Jones, D. Kocsis, H. Moore, D. Megill, D. Poliskey, W. Mooney, F. Kerr, I. Eaves, P. Ellis, G. Patterson, M. Rankin. 3rd Row: G. Matteo, E. Jacobs,C. McCarthy,R. Kaufman, J. Keeley, D. Marion, W. Lintus, J. McWilliams, W. Moore. Top Row: R. Knight, D. Nimey, E. Merkel, E. Laub, R. Miles, L. Krewson, E. Mellor, E. Marler, I. Kerestus, H. Porter. 9.5 ISI. Row, L. to R.: D. Nickle, P. Nickle, S. Maccaroni, B. Sadoc- zky, S. Mysel, B. I. Litterall, J. Porter, P. Merrill, B. Miely, I. Megill. 2nd Row, L. to R.: A. Mansfield, C. Myers, M. Morris, C. Shull, A. Scott, J. Lipcius, R. Paul, B. Martz, Mrs. Rhoda Roberts. 3rd Row, L. to R.:R. Sch- appell, R. Sakers, R. Savage, J. Stickley, M. Scheivert, L. Sear- fass, R. Stewart, C. Schreffler. 4th Row, L. to R.: E. Swingle, C. Smith, S. Sabot, P. Russo, P. Reynolds, F. Scruggs, R. Savoy, J. Richardson. 9-QD First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Bratton, F. Wright, N. Young, C. Sharkey, W. Syfrit, I. Wentzel, E. Redding. S. Woodel, J. Stenger, P. Shepard,J. Venuti. Second Row, Left toRight:C. Renfroe, S. Smith, C. Wright, R. Wallace, B. Weid- ner, D. Trimble, G. Walker, J. Schmidt. J. Whittaker, F. Wiley. Third Row, Left toRight: E. Vitale, J. Zadorzany, V. Sharp1ess,J. Ruby, G. Wood, D. Ware, S. White, N. Vandergrift, I. Walsh. Fourth Row, Left to Right: N. Williams, J. Walsh, I. Tinker, D. Treadway, C. Walters, J. Ware, C. Toy, G. Webster, F. Williams. 4' 1 li "1"- .te A. 2' ina ridco I .S1Aoo! WMFJQ The Mecxsle Epidemic of i953 kept Miss Driscoll very busy listing students who thought they only had o rash. Very few classes were immune. fA Qmle FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT:B. Strohl, L. Lipcuis, N. Sterling, A. Uleary, J. Hergert, R. Bryan, R. Cassidy, B. Shanko, A. Salv- ucci, A. Misco. SECOND ROW: E. Lucas, M. Zimath, T. Alexander, A. Dunlap, F. Thompson, I. Phillips, F. Buffington, S. Ulrich, Mrs. Scanlan. THIRD ROW: C, Dhimitri, R. J0r1es,J. Strader, I. Gray, I. Gaskell, M. Schwartz, K. Delaney, C. Hollingworth, N. Powell. STANDING: E. Corcoran, P.Cobots, L. Smedley, L. Arm- strong, W. Moyer, J. Harris, S. Greenwood, B. Baxter. 7fA grade SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Arnold, F. Davis, R. Bonier, B. Peters, P. Carpinetti, A. Stewart, R,A, Sabot, D. Titerance, C. Campbell, R. Thomson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Oppenlander, H. Robinson, B. Redding, A. Lotsis, I. Herman, D. Higler, A, Bourdakis, W. Baker, I. Gissi, S. Latocha. THIRD ROW J. Belinsky, E. Ashton, C. Ferguson, C. Sal vador, W, Mcvaughl, W. Wood, F. Uleary .. H Q Z l , K - L. Y '1- X I ' x gootlaf ..Q Q, I 'I-.-U. QD f' 195' -.way-- -. L, 5" 4 ' Q ' amifg FIRST ROW, L. TO R.: H. Reading: E. Manerchia: R. Whlrlow: R. Fagan: D. Matteo. SECOND ROW: N. Beck: R. Fenstermacherg W. Laird: D. Crowder: R. Jones: G. Zlzmont: G. Rockett: I. D'Amico: E. Walsh. THIRD ROW: D. Marion, head coach: G. Bardsley: I. Russell: B. White: D. Almswotth: F. Dougherty: G. Sophocles: I. Powell: R. Nash. FOURTH ROW: R. Clark: H. Davis: G. Shapiro: O. Ramos: W. Klelnert: Biddle: W. Catalutch: I. Yorke, backfleld coach. FIFTH ROW: N. Horn: C. Fehl: I. Ashton: E. Rockett: W. Powell: W. Shanko: I . Olintck. x , iffil' Ai, NY V f-I .Q m M, , A! ,. ,..U wsevmlfl 'vp-sf-af At: Nr." i -' 'N-'Q' - 3.257-'I S'-... ' 5- Esau .Iv 'T mrdify sy FRONT ROW: Patricia Seiverd. SITTING: Jean Cobots, Nancy I-Iester, Ioan Wright, L Lois Montella, Frances Lathocha, Ann Sanderson. STANDING: Lois Hergert, Mary OC Ann Will, Shirley Pylant, Marie Walsh, Margaret Graham, Marguerite Zimath, Joan Mead, Joan Johnson, and Mary DeSanto, "",w -4' r- '1 , . . - Vt' -1. if-' -2 Q JA' A A' ,pf gk L. , I I , '54, ..f,-'- in "r, . ff1ff.,'-jf I . - FRONT ROW- Patricia Seiverd, SITTING Parriilra Silva, Clara McCullough, Sophie Dhimitri, jean Restucci, Barhara Lucas, Marie McKenna. STAND- Iiiwckcv Coach Captain ING: IlarrietMcNickoIs, Shirley Koernig, Barbara Rinehart, MargaretGraham, f Lorraine Moliken, Bessie Lee Walsh, LaVernc Sterling. MISS GIZAIIAM MARGUERITE ZIMATII x ,- -gf Y, V.-1,,,. -1 - I ,..!,.. f" .o'4r.J , , '- "' ' ,, r" I' . -IL- ,, .yocky 4 ' P . Seiverd J . Cobofs A. Sanderson J.Mecd M.A.Will 4 1 . n 1 F. Lctochcl L. Hergerf I 953 L. Montellc R. Bcrrowclough S. Plycnt L. Monfeith N. Hester 1 v . Z?aaLelLaf Uaraify LEFT TORIGHT: R. Fenstermacher, Managerg P. Patrons, Guard: I D'Ami.co Guard Gene Rockett, Guardg Mr. Soltner, Assistant Coach: R. Clark Forward, E. W lsh , ' a , Cen- ter-N Taylor Forward I Powell G d , . , : . , uar gl. Bixby, Coach: M. Shapiro, Forward, G, Rockett, Guard: W. Ward, Guard: H. Davis, Managerg W. Powell, M anager. 58 . U ealfl f f' H. Redding, R. Whirlow, P. Young, J. Olinick, R. Morris, I. Calise, E. Biddle, J. Minutola, O. Ramos W. Shanko. 59 ir A Z?a5LefLa! i IQA b. I K' 1' , -- -- - . I , M , rl .0 , A. . as J M, .V Y 'V r J' '- N-rw r-,..N - W- , Q.-,-f Y' "7HfKr5- E --gg we .v V ,, .v-..- ' amifg - T 5'1"-Ili' - - :f ' ' 'ki'- f'li! -.--+-ini .. . r I ' 1 -..p ms rr .. LEFT ROW: N. Hester, Scorekecper: I. Mead, I. Wright, P. Seiverd. CENTER ROW: Miss Chamberlain, Coach I. Cobots. RIGHT ROW: R. Eastburn, Timerg L. Hergert, E. Kerr, M. Zimath. 60 1 in . , Zan! FIRST ROW: S. Pylant, M. Bachle, S. Dhimitri, I. Restucci, B. Walsh. SECOND ROW: P. Silva. THIRD ROW: Miss Chamberlain, M. McKenna, B. Lucas. FOURTH ROW: C. Bachle. FIFTH ROW: H. Schoen, B. Rinehart, E. Oscilow- ski, L. Moliken, Mrs. Hoak. 61 jjrac ' r ' f' W FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Komar, N. Beck, I. Revello, I. Urey, I. Newman. SECOND ROW: I. Howat, H. Redding, A. Manerchia, R. Fenstermacher, D. Crowder, R. Fraim, D. Konegan. STANDING: R. Shields. I. Russel, E. Chiapetti, J. Powell, R. Imburgia, Mr. Fryer Qcoachj A. Sabashi, R. Clark, M. Pursh, I. Wood, H. Davis, C. Rowles. ..in- . . l 1952 M. Pursh, R. Fensfermacher, Pole Vaulf W. Komar, N. Beck J. Powell, J. Russell, D. Crowder, Javelin Throw pole vault Sho? put 62 Z?...eL..f I9 2 X KNEELING-R. Clark, C. Campbell, W. Connor, J. Newman, I. Harris, R. Jones. STANDING-J. Wood, I. Ashton I. Urey, H. Morris, E. Walsh, D. Konegan, D. Bartow, G. Shoop, Mr. Fryer, Coach. fra .ginhgaf I9 2 dakis, D. Schliff, M. McKenna, Miss Graham, Coach. 63 SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT-B. Walsh, L. Moliken, P. Silva, C. McCullough, B. Lucas, MJ. DePaolo, KNEELING- L. TO R.-I.Sh0op,K. Henderson, H. Schone, P. Sheppard, B. Charles. STANDING-L. TO R,-M. Pylant, C. Bour- Q .. dint F3 i ' X -5' .5 Li' S 'qi' 1,00 x CO .rs- 1- jootlaf FRONT RO'V, LEFT TO RIGHT--S. Mellor, L. Krewson, W. Gross, D. Marion, I. Gruff, I. Poleck, I. Philips. SECOND ROW, L. TO R.-W. Mooney, B. Jones. L. Armstrong, E. Marler, I. Walsh, J. Sullivan, F. Kerr, A. Dunlap. THIRD ROW, L. TO R. E. Soltner, A. Faverio, T. Halverson, M. Shievert, C. Hobbs, C. Toy, C. Dhimitri, L. Searfuss. FOURTH ROW, L. TO R.-T. Anderson, T. Alexander, R. Achuff, E. Bolden, E. Lucas, J. Welsh, P. Cobots, N. Powell. unior .sioorfd My Zgaalfefgaf FIRST ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT-E. Lucas QGJ, F. Buffington QGJ, R. Hostutter fFj, T. Corcoran QQ, L. Armstrong CFJ C. Dhimitri QFQ, B, Woods QFJ, F. Ueary QGJ, A. Lotsis fGj. SECOND ROW-L. TO R.-B. McVaughl fManager3, L Smedley QFQ, P. Cobots CGJ, B. Stuart QGJ, B. Coppock KGJ, E. Barricliff QGJ, E. Bolden QGJ, I. Walsh QGQ, E. Cor coran QCQ. THIRD ROW-L. TO R. -G. Soltner fCoachj, T. Halverson QFQ, M. Brandt QGJ, B. GrossfFj, D, Marion IFJ I. Snider QCD, D. Ware QCJ, E. Mellor QFQ, L. Krewson CFQ, T. Alexander QCJ. 64 Y 5 pa Q, 'van F . LATOCHA Editor-in-Chief SITTING, LEFT TO RIG!-lT:I. Mead, N. Hester, F. Latocha, R. Fenstermacher, L. I. Hergert. STANDING: M. A. Will, E.Wright, B. Rinehart, Y. Stevens. QGCOII Ogfefafy Editor-in-Chief . . F. Latocha Photography Editor . . J. Mead Class Editor ...... N. Hester Sports Editors . R. Fenstermacher . . . . . . . . . .L.. Hergert Chief Typist ..... M. A. Will Managing Editor ..... E. Wright Art Editors . Y. Stevens, B. Rinehart FIRST ROW, SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: M.A. Will, E. Wright, I. Mead, N. Hester, F. Latbcha, R. Fenstermncher, LJ. Hergert, B. Rinehart, Y. Stevens. SECOND ROW: F. Clegg, A. Williams, S. Pylant, A. Ersek, D. Ainsworth, M. Walsh. C. Locke, C. McCullough, G. Rockett, D. Morrison. THIRD ROW: I. Johnson, D. Shereba, M. McKenna, K. McCraken, I. Cobots. I. Miller. 68 eacon udinead .ga Business Manager .... L. Montella Assistant Business Manager . . H. Schone Advertising Manager ..... T. Pike Assistant Advertising Manager R. Eastburn Circulation Manager .... P. Seiverd Assistant Circulation Manager . . . . . . . . . R. Barrowclough ,. -bw-....-...+--N raw. Q' L. . LOIS MONTELLA Business Manager BUSINESS MANAGERS SITTING, LEFT T0 RIGHT: T. Pike, L. Montella, P, Seiverd, R. Barrowclough. STANDING: H. Sch- oen, R. Eastburn. -Q, , Q. LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING: E. Patterson, S. Doyle, H. Schoen, R. Easrburn, T. Pike, L. Montella, P. Seiverd, R Barrowclough, N. Burbage, L. Montieth. SECOND ROW: L. Beacham, C. Calise, M. De Santo, V. Hicks, I. Lane L. Moliken, D. Durrett, M. Hutton, V. Oxner, I. Marker, P. Martin, S. Denney. THIRD ROW: B. Bametr, D Srrahle, S. McClain, E. Poore, M. Myers, L. Brush, I. Green, M. Rivas, S. Crompton, E. Phillips, H. Coale, M Hefton, N. Rogers. 69 Q4-.-g . ...M ,N if . .S BMJ S2 Kneeling: H. Russel, J. Miller. Bottom Row: F. Bratton fDirectorJ, K. Campbell, N. Burbage, Wm. Rhodes, J. Harris, L. Smedly, G. Covey, J. I-lergert, D. Titerence. Second Row: F. Hudlow, K. Delaney, R. Turner, R. Higler, R. Bryan, J. Wentzel, E. Lucas, G. Hamrick, D. Paden fDrum Majorj. Third Row: T. Alexander, R. Hestulter, P. Theis, B. Baxter, A. Hess, E. Redding, B. Shanko, L. Armstrong, Top Row: W. Moyer, A. Alli- son, S. Pylant, M. A. Syfriet, R. Brooks, E. Atscott. aforeffea all Mal' 5 5 coz.. Q' Eleanor Oscilowski, LaVerne Ster ling, Phyllis Croop, DorisBlizzard Patsy Se iver d , Kathleen Olson, Betty Nicholson, Virginia Hicks. 70 June Lane, Dorothy Durrett, Bar bara Rinehart, Jean Marker, Lor aine Moliken. N enior FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. J. Hergert, A, Sanderson, SECOND ROW, L, TO R,: S, Doyle, L, Embert, J, Restucci, P, Silva, I. Wright, M, Walsh, R, Eastburn, S, Dhimitri, B, Lucas, K. McCracken. I. Tondreau, THIRD ROW. I, TO R,: R, Chamberlain. H, Rarick fsponsorsj, 64 281040 6011? Much credit is due these girls who gave their time and effort to improve the cheering on the sidelines and to spur our players on to win. Seniors on the squad are Lois Jean Hergert lCaptainl, Ann Sanderson Qco-captainl, Shirley Doyle, Rhoda Eastburn, and Lois Ann Embert. Junior High Cheerleaders did their share in helping to spur the Junior High Football Team to an almost unbeaten season. - i W I 'ug unior FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J, Schmidt, S, Ulrich, C. Wright, R, Sabot, S, Sharkey, E, Redding, SECOND ROW, L, TO R.: H, Rarick, M. Schwartz, C, Myers, B, Widner, R, A, Wallace, J, Gray, J, Wentzel, R, Chamberlain, ga. Cf.: I 4 ... 3 W S f fd , 'I vu... . 2 U :'1-L: :f is I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Hoak, Director:P. Barr: M. Allen: N. Rodgers: A. Sanderson: I. Powell: N. Horn: N R. Porter:H. Wright: B. Rinehart: S. Baxter. SECOND ROW: I. Baglione: R, Ersek: D. Davis: B. Cataluch: B. Clark I. Barber: M. Zimath:D. Morrison. THIRD ROW: H. Russel: I. Irwin: E. Ocilowski: Kurpa: D. Denny: P. Seiferd: V. Piela. BACK ROW: N. McWilliams: D. Bartow: I. Kennish: A. Cover. DMA gndemgd .33 rag, ,., -.If 5 it 0 Y ' ,lf IYQ-'Q' ' ' FIRST ROW-L. Wildrick: M. Blaier: P. Barr: R. Porter: A. Sanderson: S. Koemig: M. Allen: P. Van Riper: L. Ster- ling: N. Rodgers. SECOND ROW-I. Baglione: R. Ersek: D. Davis: I. Barber: C. Bachle: D. Morrison: I. Mi11er:H. Russell: E. Poore. THIRD ROW-B. King: I. Peters: S. Neal: G. Rogers: I. Shoap: A. Covey: I. Irwin. BACK ROW: J. Restuccig MarieRichardxon:N. McWilliams: C. Duncan: V. Piela, Mrs. I-Ioak, Director. IST ROW, L. to R, -L. Brush, A. Baxter, E. Barnett, F. Latocha, R. Eastburn, S. Denny, L. Hergert, N. Hester, I. Cobots. 2ND ROW, L. to R.-L. Beacham, I. Green, E. Patterson, B. Conrad, E. Wright, M. Myers, R. Barrowclough, Y. Stevens, F. Clegg. 3RD ROW, L. to R.-I. Mead, P. Martin, S. Restucci, B. Nicholson, D. Blizzard, L. Vaughn. 4TH ROW, L. to R.-G. Rockett, I. Savoy, G. Bardsley. .jvlaff Woniford The Monitors have clone an excellent job of keeping our halls in an orderly fashion for the student body. They ore composed of senior and junior students. These groups previously work inde- pendently, but ore now under the direction of the Student Council . IST ROW, L. to R.- S. Koemig, M. McKenna, S. Dulin, L. Sterling, L. Moliken, B. Reinhart, M. Dawson, H. Wright, I. Baracaia. 2ND ROW, L. to R.- P. Theis, S. Booth, E. Oscilowski, P. Van Riper. M. Allen. I. L 'hs KV W, -' q v I nf 1 4 L, yfwxw :ag ft-I, . ' ' "' .,, Q Biz. CTT - , ir. ' .. AY .-J' ,. L 0- Y ' Q' 9 '-e.,""- -7 "",,,' Si I+' eff- . .fs M 3'4- ' f 1 2 ' ' . A .M f , SEATED: L. Montella. M.A. Will, L.I. I-lergert, B. Nicholson. I. Cobots, Y. Stevens, E. Wright, N. Hester. STANDING: Miss Dolbow, H. Davis, O. Ramos, R. Clarke, B. Rinehart, E. Oscelowski, D. Blizzard, S, Booth, The purpose of the National Honor Soc- iety is to pay tribute to those possessing a large degree of scholarship, leadership, char- acter, and service. Each year, the Faculty Honor Society choose a select group of pupils from the Iun- ior and Senior classes to share its glory. The members of the Honor Society this semester undertook the task of supporting the formation of a Student Council in Eddystone High School. Under the able direction of our competent sponsor Miss F. Geneva Dolbow, the install- ation services are one of the memorable occasions of the school year. I JYA- Q For the third consecutive year, a team of four Eddystone High School students com- peted for the s 1, ooo. oo prize given annually by Scotts Hi-Q--a contest to determine the attentiveness and knowledge of the partici- pants. onor ociefg SITTING: Barbara Tarr. STANDING: Yvonne Stevens, Miss Dolbow, Sponsor, Jean Cobots, Barbara Rinehart. SEATED: A. Williams, D. Blizzard, L. Hergert, Y. Stevens-Secretary, I. Cobots-President, C. Clark-Vice Presi dent, M. Will-Treasurer, E. Wright, S. Booth. STANDING:R. Fenstermacher, G. Sophocles, I. Scheidly, N. Beck G. Shapiro, B. Rinehart, M. McKenna, S. Dulin. -.,..., r' sgzwlenf Counci Under the auspices of the Honor Society and their adviser--Miss Dolbow--a student council was formed this year in order to help the students help themselves. During the year, campaigns and elections for repre- sentativeswere held, improvement committees were formed and our Constitution was written. To make all the students aware of Student Council, the Coun- cil sponsored two successful "Tag Days, " a dance, a radio show,and "Students Day," All of this has been made possible through the cooperation of the entire school. SEATED:S. Dhimitri, E. Manerchia, A. Stewart. I. Gizzi. I. Gaskell, E. Lucas, H. Redding, E. Pietras. STAND ING: W. Syfrit, P. Kuehn, E. Keenan, P. Silva, I. Ware, Miss Dolbow, D. Marion, D. Hillard, A. Johnson, S Mysel. Qnaf 7142.4 Zu: J fe :aff Z2 c?1fff4fmf,7fQ4A. ?Qi! wfffi nd, mezfyfgxaf m!ma4fZ45, zz!!! WYJJHZJIQ 'zdzjz fan aim' fnavfjz 0144- mia-fy flezzfed, zfav-yan, aamfgcufy dnl aarfz afmzbrzktfzazffbx. """ WQ44. a f.95'..D7 il lgafrond GHC! pafl'0I'l0:5626 E Miss Helen Abramchuk, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Andrews, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. William Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Arscott, A.V.G., Mr. Ben Axton, Miss Betty Bachle, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bachle, Carl Baker, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Balin, George and Bessie Barber, Bill and Loretta Barnett, Dorothy Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Barrowclough, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bartow, Mr. Stephen Basht, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Baus, Miss Helen Baxter, R.N., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Baxter, Sr., Mildred Beacham, Rev. and Mrs. Zenas Bean Mr. and Mrs. Berger, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bixby, Mr. Edwin 5.5. Black, Miss Doris Blizzard, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Blizzard, Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bloschock, Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Boeckem, Charles D. Books, Mary A. Boudwin, Mr. Franklin C. Bratton, C. Brooks, Mr. Benny Brown, Mr. and Mrs. H. Brush, Louis Brush, John C. and Helen E. Bullock, Elwyn M. Burbage, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Burbage, Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Calise, Mr. Paul Carnes, Charles Carpenter, Miss Bette Catalutch, Miss Ruth E. Chamberlin, Mr. and Mrs. David Cluelow, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. David Cluelow, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. M.P. Coale, Sr., Little Butch Coale, Mrs. Mary Collins, Bill Conner and Lois Ann Embert, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Conner, Mr. F. Alfred Cook, Mr. and Mrs. B. Covey, Dan Cupid, Mr. Thomas C. Daliessio, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Davis, Mr. and Mrs. George Davis, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Denny, Miss Antoinette De Palma, Miss Angie De Santo, Miss Bessie De Santo, Mary A. De Santo, Miss Mary C. De Santo, Mr. and Mrs. Patsy De Santo, Mrs. Rose De Santo, Miss Rose De Santo, Miss Anne Devlin, Mrs. Nellie Dickson, Miss Jo Di Benedetto Miss F. Geneva Dolbow, Mr. and Mrs. William Draper, Michael Driscoll, Jr., Miss Winnie Dublino, Mr. and Mrs. Mason Durrett, Earl and Joyce, Rose Eastburn, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Eschenbach, Jackie and David Fallin, Mr. and Mrs. John Fallin, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Faries, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy P. Fenstermacher, Mrs. Sarah Ferguson, Mr. Joseph J. Firlein, Miss Jean Fortuna, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Frees, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Flory, Mr. and Mrs. James V. Friel, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer R. Fryer, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gotta, George W. Gicker, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Giles, Mr. Bill Graham, Mr. George M. Gray, Olive and Sam Green, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Guthan, Sr., Mr. John A. Graff, Mr. Bernard F. Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Hamrick, Mr. and Mrs. James Haney, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hayburn, 77 p6ltl'0l'l5 GHC! patl'0lle66e6 Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Haymaker, Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Hefton, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hergert, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hester, Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hinderhofer, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Hocky Hoffman and daughter, Margaret E. Hoffman, Mr. Joseph Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. H. Norman Horn, Mr. James Howat, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hutton, Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr :William and Mrs. William C. Ingriam, Mr. Jimmy Jacono, John and Shirley, and Mrs. W.R. Johns, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson, George Washington Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Johnson, R. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Joyce, Mr. T.J. Keller, and Mrs. William D. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Kerr, Mr. Bill Kilby, . W.G. Kimes, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kowski, Mrs. S. Ladoczky, Mrs. Ester Lamey, Gladys and Opy Langrell, Mr. Morris La Rue, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Latocha, Rev. and Mrs. F.D. Lawrence, Mr. Stuart N. Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Levandoski, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Lilly, Sr., Lois and Sammy, Mr. and Mrs. William Macklem, Mrs. Frances Maher, Mr. and Mrs. A. Manerchia Mr. and Mrs. Albert Marker, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Jose' Martinho, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Massarelli, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Matteo, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. John Mead, Mr. and Mrs. T. Albert McCallister, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McClain, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. David McCray, Sr., Mrs. V. McLaughlin and son Vince, Mr. and Mrs. Walker McWilliams, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Melville and Milton, Jr., Miss Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. Jacob Miller, Mr. Eugene Moffett, Jacob Moliken, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Monteith, Miss Grace and Jo Montella, Mr. Joe R. Montella, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Montella, Mr. Neil Montella, Mr. and Mrs. George Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Delroy Morgan, Miss Maida Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Morris, Miss Anne Mortimer, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer, Sophie Muzyk, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Myers, Mr. ancl Mrs. Roland Myers, Mr. and Mrs. William O'Donnell, Miss Kitty Olson, Mr. and Mrs. JohnO'Neal, Mrs. Margaret H. Oppenlander, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Osborn, Miss Vida Jane Oxner, Mr. and Mrs. David F. Paden, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Palita, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Mr. William H. Parker, Patsy, Peggy and Conrad, Mrs. Ruth Patterson, Mr. William Patterson, Mr. Ralph Paul, Mrs. Carrie Phillips, Miss Evelyn M. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pietras, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Pike, 78 p6lll'0l'I.5 0116! pdfI'0I'l25626 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Price, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Proth, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rankin, Mavis Reeves, Mrs. D0f0l'l'1Y Reilly, Mrs. l.W. Reist, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Renzi, Mr. and Mrs. James Restucci, Mr. A.E. Rittenhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H. Roberts and Son, Mr. and Mrs. Ingham S. Roberts, Mrs. Fred Robinson, Harry R. Rodger, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Rosse', Sonny Roth, H. Rothberg, Mr. and Mrs. James Rowey, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Rowlands, Mr. and Mrs. E. Ruebeck, Mrs . Raymond H. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. A. Salvucci, Danny Scavicchio, Mrs. Mrs. Mr . Mr . J. Scheidly, Mr. J.M. Scheidly, Thomas J. Scheidly, Frank Schoen, Mrs. Katherine Scruggs, Mr. and Mrs. David C. Seiverd, and Mrs. David N. Seiverd, Mr. and Mrs. William P. Seiverd, Claude Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shaler and Daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shanko, Miss Betty Shapiro, Mr. and Mrs. John Shereba, Mr. Mr. Rev. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Chester Shull, Mr. and Mrs. H. Sipple, and Mrs. Albert Smith, Miss Elizabeth Smith, Mr. E. Soltner, and Mrs. Michael Sophocles, Miss June Stenger, and Mrs. Clifton E. Sterling and Family, James Strader Ill, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Strader, Earl Straehle, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Strohl, Sr., Edward Stulginsky, Mrs. Kathryn Swanland, Henry Sydlowski, Jule Tabak, Miss Dorothy M. Taylor, Herbert Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, Richard and Fay Taylor, Mrs. Harriet Thorn, Mr. Howard Tice, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr . and Mrs . Mr . and Mrs Mr . Mr . Angelo Turturici, Mrs. Nicholas Tymchak, Samuel L. Vaughn, Vito and Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Walsh James Warrington, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Watson, Mr. J. Webber, Jack Weeks, Mr. K. Ralph Werner '49, Mr. Ed. Wheelahan, Walter Willard, Mrs. Mae Williams, Guy Wilson, Ralph A. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Wimbrow, Anna and Jack Wood, George Wright, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wright, and Mrs. Joseph G. Yorke, Miss Evelyn S. Young, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Young, Madoro A. Young, Mr. and Mrs. L.P. Zimmerman, I0-B Homeroom Class, l2-2 Vocational, I2-2 Vocational Boys' English, BUSINESS PATRONS De Marcantonio Bros., Kennedy and Shields, McGinley's Store, Mary's Cleaners 79 PPP 1 Q X mqukv CllNPlNING PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS 9th and Saville Avenue Edclystone, Pennsylvania Chester 2-2405 IHUHS 6N dIHS ill S1NlWlIdWIlCl Diamonds-Watches-Cameras cu A Si Iver Chino There's u NEW 'x MYERS IE X Y in your future c A x s I I u c K s CHICHESTER AVE. AND HUDDELL ST. LINWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA TELEPHONES CHESTER 5-1353 AND 5-3557 BILL THOMAS FLORIST 1007 Edgmont Avenue Chester, Pa. UNITED JOBBERS INC. 9th 8. Lamokin Street Chester, Pa. DELAWARE COUNTY HOME EQUIPMENT CO Corner of Chester Pike 8. Saville Avenue Eddystone , Pa. Compliments Of FRANKLIN BOTTLING WORKS Eddystone , Pa . SENIOR SECTION 12-C Winner of P.T.A. Membership for 1952-1953 JOH NSON 'S Eleventh Street Eddystone , Pa. Sandwiches-Sundoes-Sodas Phone---Chester 2-9815 IIIIBIIII J. SIIIIII IIIIIIIPA I Established l902 MANUFACTURING JEWELER Class and College Rings--Charms--Medals Pins With Year Guards Sorority and Fraternity Pins Trophies--Prom Favors For Quality at a Reasonable Price Buy Direct From the Manufacturer IOOI Chestnut Street Victory Building Philadelphia, Pa. SCOTT'S PRINTING Compliments of 314 East 9th Street WILSHAR LUMBER COMPANY, INC Eddystone, Pa. Essington, Pennsylvania PIERCE'S MARKET Compliments Of Aston Mills EDDYSTONE GIRLS CLUB Valleylarook 9I75 Compliments Of the EDGMONT BEEF COMPANY Phone---Chester 2-9739 BRIGGS SPORTING GOODS 627 Welsh Street Chester, Pa. RUDY'S MARKET fine food since I932 Call Us On Your Brake Problems EDDYSTONE BRAKE AND PARTS 9I4 Simpson Street Essington Eddystone, Pa. Phone---Chester 3-3642 . SAVILLE MARKET Comlgzmenls 902 Saville Avenue TALLEY'S FLOWERS Ecldystone, Pa. Phone Chester 2-2034 AN N 'S MAR KET Groceries-Meats-Vegetables Sub Sandwiches-Ice Cream-Frozen Foods Chester 2-8642 907 Saville Avenue Ecldystone, P WALSH'S Dry Cleaning, Pressing 8. Tailoring I254 I2th Street Ecldystone , Pa. Always Drink AETNA SO DAS JO CASTAG NA BEAUTY SHOP 248 Market Street Marcus Hook, Pa. Phone Chester 5-34I6 Compliments of EDDYSTONE Remnant Mill EDDY'S DELICATESSEN 2nd 8. Carrie Avenue Essington, Pa. Phone---Tinicum 3-9595 C.L. MORRIS INC. Marcus Hook, Pa. Auto Repairs At A Price You Can Bear MlLLER'S GARAGE Robert Miller, Prop. 716 West Tenth St. Chester, Pa. Phone 2-4622 LI NDSAY'S DRUG STORE Corner of Huddell 8. Chichester Avenue Chester 2-9940 Linwood, Pa. DICK AND Aus Phone-Chester 5-I7I7 Prescription Service Call for and Deliver BARBER SHOP l0th 8. Saville Ave . Eclclystone, Pa. LEONARD'S 1200 East 9th Street Eddystone, Pa. Meats - Groceries Free Delivery Chester 2-9782 Compliments GORDON'S LADIES APPAREL Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania J. Wayne Hamilton l009 Edgmont Avenue Chester, Pa. Chester. 3-3061 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SALTZMAN SPORTING GOODS 40 East lOth Street Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania Phone Chester 5-3227 PEEWEE'S NEW AIR CONDITIONED DINER 24 Hour Service 90 Chester Pike Eddystone, Pa. Chester 2-9563 TERMINAL RESTAURANT 2nd and Market Streets Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania COLONIAL HOTEL Edmund C. Witomski and Charles S. Witomski Dancing Weekends Industrial Highway and Bartram Avenue Essington, Pennsylvania Ph LEON'S MARKET l0l7 Saville Avenue Eddystone, Pa. Groceries-Meats-Frozen Foods one-Chester 3-3913 Free Delivery Planning a trip? An outing? Going lo a convention? . , , N E P ---I.. Ee l ii '-:fl IQ! rg A Chartered Southern Penn Bus takes you when you want to go . . . safely - com- fortably - inexpensively. It's pleasant to travel in a group without confusion or delays . . . no traffic headaches, no parking expense. For information call chester ztasei SUUTNERN PENNSYLVANIA BUS CU. fewuzy defame face ffl? Compliments Of EDDYSTONE MAN UFACTURING COMPANY Prescriptions--Hallmark Greeting Cards Sick Room Supplies Norris Exquisite Candies HERBERT J. DAVIS 12th and Edgmont Avenue Chester, Pennsylvania Phone : 21229 HENRY'S WALLPAPERS 614 Welsh Street Chester, Pa. Paperhangers 81 Painters Supplies Chester 3-5469 In Chester and Eddystone, It's .... LEWIS, HOPKINS and WILLIAMSON for Insurance--Real Estate 603 Welsh Street Chester 3-8125 3-8126 JOHNNY'S BEEFBURGERS 525 Edgmont Avenue Chester, Pa. Breakfast--Lunch--Fountain Service JAC K'S RESTAURANT Always Open 23 West 2nd Street Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania MARCUS HOOK FLORISTS 915 Market Street Marcus Hook, Pa. Phone--Chester 5-3281 WEINBERG 'S MARK'S In Marcus Hook, Pa. Established 1919 Phone Chester 5-2219 yi, rn,-ifgs , ,sig B I , ,. r r ,N Y .A-. HAPPVS IIA DY SHIRE 0 WHEHS u P I B. J. Price CHESTER ROSE BRAND MCGINLEY Esso SERVICENTER PORK PRoDucrs-LAMa AND veAL 2nd 8, Engte 5,,ee, H26 Engle Street Chester, pc. Chester, Pa- J. McGinley Phone Chester 3-6212 Chester 2-1033 Chester 3-6213 H . Morrisson Props . Phone--Chester 2-9597 Compliments To PATSY SEIVERD Compliments of EDDYSTONE GIRLS CLUB Air Conditioned Offices Phone--Chester 4-4316 DR. M.H. SALTZ Dental Surgeon 6I6 Edgmont Avenue Chester, Pa. No Appointment Needed 9 to 8 Daily Compliments Of THE DIANE SHOPPE 28 East I0th Street Marcus Hook, Pa. Chester 5-2906 DR. BENSON OZER OPTOMETRIST 946 Market Street Marcus Hook, Pa. LAURA'S BEAUTY SALON 935 Market Street Marcus Hook, Pa. Phone -Chester 5-3473 Television-Radios Refrigerators-Washing Machines GENERAL APPLIANCE CENTER Sales and Service Ch. 5-I875 STERN'S Men's Furnishings Shoes For The Entire Family 932 Market St. Marcus Hook, Pa. 939-941 Market Street Marcus Hook Bring Your Next Prescription to BORLAND'S PHARMACY MAI LMAN'S Marcus Hook , Pa . Prescription Specialist Raymond M. Borland, Jr., Reg. Ph. Upland Ave. 8. Eighth Street Phone: 3-8967 Upland, Pa. KELLY'S RESTAURANT l0th Street Marcus Hook, Pa. TWIN OAKS LUMBER CO. 3344 Market Street Twin Oaks, Chester, Pa. Chester 5-3466 MICHAEL'S CREDIT JEWELERS Diamonds-Watches-Jewelry-Records 944 Market Street Marcus Hook, Pa. Free Delivery QUAKER FOOD MARKET Finest Quality Meats 942 Market Street Marcus Hook, Pa. Phone 5-2534 MIilIHill8i ESS Sporting Goods T312 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments Of V.F.W. Compliments of The Ladies Auxiliary Of Andrews Matteo Pvt. Edward N. Hunter Post No. 7949 Eddystone, Pa Burbage Pike SCHEIDLY The Commercial "Five" Photography For The T953 Beacon BY BALIBAN STUDIOS C I- F T935 Church Lane omp :ments o UTHE I PC. Compliments Pllll l. MUWHEY Club Merchandise Route 83 8. Pork Road, R.D. l Spring City, Pa. Royersford 279 sgnkrmafion pgade .AJJP855 QLIQAOHQ Sgr: .Jgere ,OL "' TL1 YEARIOOKS nclw' C, gumvv I 71.2, ,vw MYERSANDCO INC YOPIKA KANSAS

Suggestions in the Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) collection:

Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 34

1953, pg 34

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