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Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Q 'J N Q QfCn,,gx-, 1.. .,x,,S'gQ' 3-V4 545--Y-S 1947 BE EU SENIOR CLASS OF IQ47 EDDYSTONE HIGH SCHOOL EDDYSTONE PA 3 PUBLISHED BY THE W1Sh1ng to show our slncere ctppre c1at1on and deepest grC1t1tude the class ot 1947 respectfully dedlcotes fh1S year book to Mr Krmes CI person whose un tmng SSTVICG cmd sympcrthehc under standmg have made hun ci trustworthy fnend 4 IN IVIHVIUHIAM Lawrence I Rockett dled as the result of a sW1mm1ng acc1dent on August 8 1945 when frrends as a happy go lucky fellow was actlve rn athletrcs The Class of Forty seven W1ll al ways remember therr fnend and classmate Larry Rockett 7 Y' , I , Q he was sixteen. Larry, known to his many tim MR. WALDIE Supervising Principal MR. ERB Asst. Supervising Principal You have all heard about the bear who Wanted to go over the mountam to see what he could see And when he got there all he saw was the other Slde of the mountam Maybe there was a certam satrstactron 1n sahsfymg lh1S longmg It so the trlp was Worthwhrle But are We too p one to d1rect our energ1es to the greener grass on the other Slde of the fence Wh1le all the Whrle We are negtectmg the grass unde foot that could be 1mproved Fmcl your work and your happme m your own back yard and you Wxll by hard Work develop ltuatlon that Wrll b mg peaceful surroundmgs and happy successful hves CONRAD WALDIE 0554? . , . I . . . . , .i . T . . . . SS. I .I I S. . S . Y. . , . if A .""'f . W ll 0 ,L , V 5 Q, J WL ff: 57 G ff . 'N E Y . is Mrss Burn Mus1c M1ss Chcxmberlcnn Mr Charlton Molhe M1ss Connelly Home Economlcs mcxhcs Mechonlcol bory Typmng Drowrng 'Siu T Mr Grexser Mcxchlne Mr K1mes Wood M1ssLc1them Math Mr Marlon SOC1C1l Shop Shop emcxhcs Stud1es Sclence 49" Mrs Roberts Engllsh Mr Rosse Mecham M Snulh Er1gl1sh MISS Sorokcx History col Drcxwmg Cxvrcs Hlstory CIVICS 5. 3 Dr Gallo Doctor M1ss Drlscoll Nurse I 1 I 5. Miss Dolbow-French, Spanish, Latin 4717 Miss McGillen Typ ing Stenography Miss Taylor Geog raphy V 0 . 4-sn, Mr. Doran-English, Mr. Fryer - Physical Mrs. Goodman - So! Miss Graham - Phy Band Education cial Studies sical Education 43- Mis Mitchell Book M Rankin Physical Mr Rarick Scince Rawlings Math ep ng Ot 1 Education Geog ematics Practice Mr Wheelahan Electric Shop Miss Iames-Oltice raphy Science Miss Wilde Art Mr Yorke History Miss Young English Ind Art 'nl' Miss Abrainchuk - Ollice if '-mmf' 'fl1q..4 W 2 1 g,. -2 A. 6- ' way 2 P ' W -3 9' 5' 5 . , v'-. 'W I u 3 , f ag, 1 3 if if 24 4? 2 fr wggi, f ' as sf i H ,2Q,2. g A, wi Q sg Us :iv 'ff ?ffQ Y? li , AMN. 'Klf V 5 I 1-fi ,V Z A T' iff: i um u i ig. Q I 3 A Q-'AK 1 41' QQ' luv X -V ' x ww T 15 " 3 V ref L Q tax- wg 2 I N wi Tl 1 Q ' Q C, Q 5' I I W SE IUHS We the Sen1ors would l1ke at th1s trme to express our thanks to our parents the faculty and anyone who helped us 1n any Way durlng our days 1n Eddystone H1gh School Under the gu1clance of our class ofhcers and our adv1sers MISS Connelly M1ss Mltchell MISS Wllde Mr Ktrnes and Mr Rosse We have enjoyed many soclal affcnrs together Among these were the Iun1or Sen1or Prom the Lantern Dance the Spmt of Sprmg Dance and the Card Party As We pass through the portals to our new phase of hfe We shall always rernem ber our happy days together 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - ' 1 1 , . I - ANISTON MARY 1248 12th Street Eddystone ACADLlJllC ur 1 e oy an lun i hore 0 L lutur chool av Elair tice K na Col 'l Activities Cirfrl ri F l Hr' C S ciety 2 C Sccrftary 2 e ui Z Cllll. onitr ii Lb BARTOW CLAIRE LORRAINE 1418 Brookside Avenue Linwood COMMERCIAL Tootie like horthana ani y an to be a aooi ecrcta y in thf near lu ure prove at homework a arf te la llolorr an J Carol ctivities Glee Club 3 Becror 2 Monitor l BEARD LILLIAN ELLEN 205 Seneca Street Lester VOCATIONAL Shorty a happy-go-lucky gal, wants to be a hairdresser . . , ilcer Tex Bene-ke, Gregory Peck and 950 Club . , lavorite churis re Rita, Ginny and Shirley ct'vities: Glef, Cliil l BLYTHE, GRACE ESTELL No. 9 Second St. Upland COMMERClAL Crm-Q lilaezt Vaurihn Monroe lim llOlLl111!'g' fiif- irinrinzi an' the iztoviffg to lw a Meno- firfrrhf-r is lie! luture aiiilntior. , . . Eunice, loannfy and Nettie- fxrf- hr-r butt gala: Activities: Beacon, l -our w,.,......u L ...ts lt- - -w 352. ' Y ARNOLD ROBERT LEON 716 Ashland Ave Eddvstone ACAl El'lC Plaa ow Uoper Chi lol ah S i Cl ne t ra laxo f' i t o ks iilfe to b we its Activities 3 BAILEY IOHN TAYLOR 7 West Seventh St Marcus Hook VOCATIONAL J i o ing a or o H ry la C a perl to be in Hollywood in t e near teiturf want to take Bill Al ini Lou along with hirri ivities B ir l 3 Or e ' a BARNETT WXLLIAM MICHAEL 7 West Eighth St Marcus Hook VOCATIOINAL Ea.s Xt a happy-go-lucky tel' ow , . , always clowning . . . enjoys dancing, Spike lanes, and Baseball . , , future ambitio 'r to be a prolesslonal baseball plays, Lou lohn and Al ar., his best ,als Activities: Baseball, 35 Bake- ball, 3 Activities: Track, 2 BAZIS. GEORGE THOMAS 205 Spruce St. Colwyn VOCATlONAl. Joni fell uw- l aint the Chap- llf P3331 H114 hobby i' :VIV- ini iuorgffy by lmtinig the mils tame 11121 out like' 1110111615 . travel: writ. lqiarili lcff, and Etlllilrl BRANCATI LOUIS PHILLIP 11 W Second St Marcus Hook VOCATIONAL Brown halred brown eyed Ntckel IS alway seen w1th Al Iohn and B111 Would hke to be a Merchant Seaman mg to the movtes ts h1s favortte hobby Achvltxes Swtmrnmg I CHAFFEE STEWART DIX 1005 Anderson Avenue Tramer VOCATIONAL Dont gtve me a hard ttme says Stew hts future ambt tlon IS to be a machtntst ltkes football and Gang Busters also Blondes Actlvxtles Track 3 Football 2 COALE MILLARD PRESTON I9 Rldge Road Tramer VOCATIONAL Iumor llkes to collect coms as a hobby Why he hkes home work we dont know best pals are Tom Carl and Matteo he returned from the Army and came to our school 1n h1s Senlor year COFFIN ALBERT AVERY 125 Whxte Avenue Lmwood VOCATIONAL Al ltke the rest of the cass does not approve of homework hobby IS playmg h1s trum e best pals are Matteo Honchen and D1 Russo Achvltles Band 3 Student Gov ernment I 'Wu- MW si BURRIS BERNICE VIRGINIA 1045 Yates Avenue Marcus Hook COMMERCIAL Beantes pet hobbles are tall' mg and thmkrng mostly of the near future can be seen around school Wtth Nettte Ioanne and Grace hopes to become a pr1vate secretary Actlvxtxes Trx H1 I Beacon I CAVALLO DELFINA ANN 1106 E llth Street Eddystone COMMERCIAL Dol who IS a mere 5 ft 1 the qu1et member of the class pleasant smlle IS 1n store for everyone she meets Annte IS her best pal most of her ttme ts dtvtded between sports and homework ACIIVIIIES Hockey 3 Basketball 3 Tr1I-I1 2 Morutor I Beacon 2 Honor Soclety 2 Glee Club 2 CORCORAN LORETTA MARIE 1035 Lexper Avenue Eddystone COMMERCIAL Corkys ambttron IS to grad uate her pet aytng IS What dtd you say that was Mlss Young? enloys her Engltsh classes favorite mov1e actor IS Guy Madl on Actxvltxes Sof ball Z Ba ket ba Z WW CORSO MARIA ELIZABETH 913 Savxlle Avenue Eddystone COMMERCIAL Marles brtght eyes and pleas ant smlle add much to her w1n nmg personal1ty her future ambxtton IS to become a secre tary travels around w1th Glorta, Florence and Marge ACIIVIIIES Glee Club, 2, Beacon, 2 Momtor, l ' 'I f S I , 1 I , I I . . I ' '- I I I I '.., go- ' ' ' ' . ' . .I-5. I I-A .V I ' . I 1. W: I"f A V, ,, - ' If - I . I ' . : .. I I V V ' ' ' ' ' - A I ... A V . 'III : bt I I 'SSM l l - ll, , . I ' 1 -f E: 1 'Sl I -'Z bt, . . . I if I 5 , ' DEVENEY FLORENCE ALICE 1425 Yates Avenue Lmwood COMMERCIAL Punchy ltkes to dance to the muslc ot Tony Caruso IS always w1ll1na to talk about Reds H1 Chtck IE he p saymg Betty Loretta an Shlrley are her bes 11,11 DU BOIS DORIS ANN 1214 East Nmth Street Eddystone COMMERCIAL Acttve red headed ID would llke to be a ecretary rn the near future Herm rnalr her heart skrp a beat hobby ts dancrng usually seen around w1th Loretta Bette ana Ianet Actrvxhes Basketball 2 Cheer leadtng 3 Dramatrc Cub 3 Beacon 3 Honor Socrety 2 Mor 1 rl Trl H1 l GOODCHILD PHYLLIS EVA 243 Lexmgion Avenue Eddystone COMMERCIAL Goody ts a pet1te blonde wtth green eyes ltkes typtng basketball anol Benny drsap proves wholeheartedly ol hor Work arn 1t1on to housewrle Actxvxtres Basketball 2 Soltball l HALL MARIORIE RUTH 1197 E Eleventh St Eddystone COMMERCIAL Margre a pretty blonae about ta hopes to ecore rv secretary her heart beat 1 Oe can usually be tostna Wtth Bette Dorls and Loretta Actxvxtxes Dramatrc Club 3 Glee Club 3 Student Government l Beacon 2 Monltor l Ain- 17' CURL ENOS ALBERT 22 Maple St Marcus Hook ACADEMIC Curly ts a qurte a laolys man luture amb1t1on IS to be a radro techmctan tavo 1te O1 chestra IS Stan Kenton av or1te port IS football wwrtglfl CURRY ROBERT BERNARD 807 Eddystone Ave Eddystone ACADEMIC Bob 1s 5 IOV4 tall ha black harr and hazel eyes pe sal mg 18 You btrd best pals are Ente Obra and Iesse Actlvxtles Football I Basketball 9 Track 3 DANDREA LOUIS GEORGE 1442 Summxt St Lmwood COMMERCIAL Lou has a pet saymg rn Whtch he tells the teacher I gotta rnalfr the 245 bus best pals are Chas Don Harry and Charles DRYDEN WILLIAM E 2 Cedar St Marcus Hook ACADEMIC Gooney a nrce lookmg fellow travels wtth Gus less Ferg and Mary pet saytng IS Lend me your homework favorlte subject IS study p91'1Od Actxvxtxes Track 3 Football 3 Dramatlc Club l Momtor l Beacon l ERB SAMUEL DOWNIE 1114 East llth St Eddystone VOCATIONAI. Sam IS a blushxng young lad although he IS athletlc IS sentlmental at ttmes peclally when a certa1n g1rl IS around Actlvltles Class Pre1dent 3 Football 3 Basketball 2 Bea con 2 EVANS IOHN REESE 1570 Huddell Ave Lmwood VOCATIOINAI. lack IS our chlet sco Cher that IS also h1s worst hablt and hobby only ambltton IS to graduate best pals are Al M1ke and Rocco ACIlVlIl9S Baseball 3 Basketball 2 Class Olhcer 2 Football l Monltor l M-PLT' FELKER IOHN WILLIAM 567 Sande Ave Essmgton VOCATIOINAL lohn Was a member ot the Vo cattonal Industrial group ur 1ng h1s stay at Edaystone hls pet hobby was carrytng on a feud wxth B1ll Pryar FERGUSON WILLIAM SHARP 30 Church St Upland ACADEMIC Ferg would l1ke to be a sclen 11I1C farmer ln the near future hkes gunmng and a certaln blonde travels W1th Bxll Gus and less Actxvxtxes Sc1ence Club l Mon 1tor l Beacon l it vw-...M A-..,,-Q HARDING CATHLEEN ESTHER 1325 Savzlle Avenue Eddystone ACADEMIC Cathy would l1ke to stop chew ma gum as a hobby could b that she would hke to rmpress Co ny by dolng so pet say a S a'a churns are V May Lame and Peg Act1v1t1es Drarmatrc Club 2 Glee Club 2 Momtor 2 Beacon 2 HEFTON MARY DOLORES 10 Erghth Street Upland ACADEMIC Mary a qulet g1rl can usually b found tn the aud1tor1um at noon W1th Flo Dons and Helen tavortte movxe actor IS Gregory Peck future ambl hon ts to be a telephone oper CI Actnvxhes Momtor 1 Beacon l HOLOBOVICH VIOLET B 731 Ashland Avenue Eddystone ACADEMIC Vxolet would llke o be a med lcal techmc1an pet saylng IS Yea pals are Cathy Peggy Elatne and Mary s e ls a pretty blonde W1th blue e es and 5 2 all l1kes to ead and wrrte poems ACIIVIIIES Dramatrc Club Student Government l Honor Socxety 2 Monltor 2 Glee Club 2 Beacon 2 SCIGHCG Club Z IVERS KATHRYN ANNE 1305 E Nmth Street Eddystone ACADEMIC K1tty wxth the pretty blue eyes can be found almost every mght at the slcatlng rrnk pet say mg IS Oh you re cute' Won der ll she could be relerrmg to A9 luture ambltlon IS to be a buyer of womens clothes Actxvltxes Band 9 Glee Club 3 Monrtor 3 Dramatlc Club 2 Hockey 2 Tf1H1 1 Beacon 2 Basketball l KING DOLOHES ANN 94 Center Avenue Essmgton fx I Y If lr C1 horb 'Gt o n Dolore D LOPACHUK OLGA 919 Townsend Street Chester ACPI El'lC Oggle 19 G lsr lox ni gtrl CI brovn bf: :rt d1sl1lces hor 1 ork 1 e asketboll Of n on clonclng Activities Hoclc 1 l Glee Cl b 2 Mon1tor 2 Eco or 2 Ba t a l Studen Goxern en' MAC FADYEN SHIRLEY 425 Pontiac Street Lester COMMFRCIAL Shirl seems rather GHXIOUS to graduate and tam l.le eory , can usually lr , Q, .vzh Flon.: B Y, l.'l and Flu' fo'.'ori.e SLlbjeCt l-' Oliwe YC T.i"z MALLALIEU. DOLORES MAE 2 Ormond Street Linwood COl.llfflfRClAlT Mal 11s planmng to rn-'vf::.e fi lzcm f,x:e,a.er , , :.er l1,-r1.e . -L- lect it Lzliortlzcrni 1. 1, ..ll.':. are fo'in onfl tal" "a'l" J Hg ,. .znfz Activities: Beacon, 2, Glee Club 2 'rr FORTUNA ALFRED DOMINIC 212 Market St Marcus Hoolf JCC AT 0 I UCI Lou FU C1 and orune tc FRIEL PAUL VINCENT 1253 East 12th St Eddystonv. ACAl El C nce t a tl E ll J 4 Bob arf olso brunette ying We l Ble You Activities Footl ull l D urnatir lub 2 Glen Club B C1 on GARZIA IOHN RALPH 1013 Yates Ave Marcus Hool VOCATIO JAL :fb refers . z King o- Trio . , , erifie: interest in brunettes ani football he want: ' Join th: Ar ' . , ': pr b or y vor.. . t".f T My cz. or l Anqelo ' ,li llirrz, civities: Glee Chl, l, I nt GOFF. OBRA ELMER R.D. No. 1 Chester Plaza Chest. ACAlJllMlC Qbro can be loxnfl reoflir 'lr-eo! ltterottxre 1:x:l. cg Surf,-, mon . . , curl: appreciate lt' l :urly nfnr . , trf1'.'ff..' with Cu: Bob and Srnltty. Activities: Cvlee Clxl 3: Dvizrtf tic Club, 23 Football, l, Trowk, HERON IACK GEORGE 641 Iunsen Ave Es mgt VOCATIONAL Magor in the near future wc, ll ike to be a Carpenter ax orite hobby is boating ICG skating and shop trav with Bob Iohn and Fred HOFFKIN FRED HERMA -I 209 Soude Ave Essmjto VOCATIONAL Fred is a quiet person favorite sport is Baseball hobby is boating would like to be a mechanical engineer usually is found with Bruce lack or Bud IMBUHGIA IOHN THOMAS 004 Market St Marcus Hook VOCATIONAI. Sikes likes football collect ing pictures 1 his hobby hopes to make money in the fu ture can be seen walking around school with Ianet Actlvxhes Football 3 Ba ket ba 3 KAFFES GUS ANDREW 420 Edgmont Ave Cue ACADEMIC Gus has a secret desire of win- ing money on horses and then etiring , . . favorite radio pro- 'rram is the "Lone Ranger" . . . fnjoys collecting records and lancing, Xctivities: Dramatic Club, 5 3asketball, lg Monitor, 2 "H-we AB! 3 MANN RUTH PRISCILLA 705 Saville Avenue Eddystone ACADEMIC Bangs is currently seen day dreaming about her hearthrob King listening to Vaughn Monroe swimming and men are favorite pastimes a glamorous 5 8 she intends to be a model Achvxhes Dramatic Club 3 Glee Club 2 Beacon I MARKS FRANCES MARIE 1450 Brooksxde Avenue Lmwood COMMERCIAL Fran would l1ke to be a good secretary her best friends are Dolores Stella and Claire likes to collect records Actwnhes Beacon 2 Basketball 1 MARTIN HITA CATHARINE 1014 Elsmore Street Chester COMMERCIAL Bit can usually be found with Ginny Lil and Shlrl l1keS swimming Vaughn Monroe and Irishman future ambition is to go to California MASSEY JANE ALBERTA 123 Harvey Avenue Lmwood COMMERCIAL Feathers hails from Linwood . , . enjoys roller skating and Bing Crosby's Town Hall . . . pet saying ' "Do you really mean it? . . . her hearthrob is Eddie. l MATTEO DOLORES MARIA 1410 E Thirteenth St Eddystone COMMERCIAL Diz wants to be a nurse loves dancing and dislikes home work pals around with Ann Betty and Ellen Activities Band 3 MCGRAINER IEANNE LUCILLE 1200 East Ninth Street Eddystone COMMERCIAL Blondie who came to us her Senior year is a nice ad ditlon to Eclclystone likes dancing basketball typing and Sam future ambition is to become or model Activities Glee Club I lockey 1 Basketball I Beaconl WWW MCGUIRE IOANNE PHYLLIS 27 Spruce Street Marcus Hook COMMERCIAL Io likes eating and dancing . . . you can be sure of a good laugh anytime while talking t er . . . Nettie Grace and Ber- nice are her best pals. Activities. Tri-Hi l- Dramatic Club l- Beacon 2, MCKNIFF. CLARA AGNES 211 Concord Avenue Eddystone COMMERCIAL Shorty would like to be a housewife in the near future , . , She is willing to talk about Franny at any time . . . best pals are Ioanne, Phyllis and Franny. Activities: Basketball, 25 Beacon, Z5 Band, 3. A ,W mi nn! ' i ts it .V fi 5 'I . 4 i - .1 KAY IESS WILLIAM 37 Maple St Marcus Hook ACADEMIC less who is best known by his Pals as Lemons is a happy go li kv fe ow future ambition o marry a debufante and re favorite sport is base ba Activities Ba ketball 3 Base ball 3 Monitor 2 LEWIS PAUL EUGENE 3 Spruce Street Marcus Hook VOCATIONAL This quiet but efficient chap was always helping to manage some sports activity I-its hobby 1 YMCA work and stamp collecting Activities Glee Club l Football Manager 2 Basketball Manager l Baseball Manager l Science Club l LEWONIS HUBERT IOSEPH 105 West Mowry St Chester VOCATIONAL Cap always has a cheerful grin on his face . , . when not LUBERTI, ROCCO 1520 Huddle Ave, Linwoozl VOCATIONAL Rock has brown hair and brown eyes . , . prefers blondes . . likes football, Sammy Kaye, and Math . . . ambition is to be an automobile mechanic. MANTEGNA ANGELO IACK 402 Market St Marcus Hoot VOCATIOI AL Lope was one of hose a ict 'P boys who will b e ed by his shop instructor M Crieser MARVEL PAUL RAYMOND IR 18 Seneca St Essmgtoi VOCATIONAL Paul hopes to become a ma chinist in the future favori e subiect is Math h cute laugh is outstanding likes to eat and sleep MASTRO MIKE IOSEPH 200 Market St Marcus Hook VOCATIONAL Mike wants to be a plumb favorite radio Dogram i Gangbusters pet saying 1 Simplified travels with Cy Bill and Al Activities Football 2 Baske b l MAURER BRUCE EUGENE 8 Center Ave. Essington VOCATIONAL oal Cracker, e woman hater, can be found flying around the school on a motorcycle . . . favorite pals are Tommy, Bill and Fred . , . favorite subject is Science. MW' I I I I I L an MURRAY ANN PATRICA R D No 1 Boothwyn ACADEMIC Pat can always be found with Frances Iane and Rose Mary future ambition is to work likes redheads reading and Van Iohnson does not ap prove of homework PORTERFIELD PEGGY RUTH 1237 E 12th Street Eddystone ACADEMIC Peg short as she may be has a hobby of flirting with hand some men best pals are Cathy Mary and Elaine favorite saying is Skata Activities Tri I-Ii l Dramatic Club 3 Cheerleading 1 Honor Society 2 Glee Club 3 Beacon 2 Monitor Z Student Govern ment l PRENDERGAST BLANCHE 1318 Saville Avenue Eddystone ACADEMIC Pretty blonde haired Penny would like to go to college in the near future likes hockey POD and Alan Ladd can be found with her three best pals Cathy Vi and Elaine Activities Hockey 3 Basketball 3 Softball 3 Dramatic Club 3 Tri I-I1 2 Glee Club 1 Beacon Z Student Government 2 RUBINO NETTIE M. 101 White Street Linwood COMMERCIAL Nettie, captain of our Cheer Leaders, is a happy-go-lucky gal . . . likes basketball, Gene Kelly and Tex Beneke A , . future ambi- tion is to be a housewife, Activities: Cheerleader, 35 Dra- matic Club, 2, Tri-Hi, I, Beacon, 1. l SACHAROK FLORENCE IUDITH 3409 West Thxrd Street Tramer COMMERCIAL Elossy would lrke to be a ec retary hkes to chew gum also l1kes shorthand Harry Iames and Vmce three best pals are Glor1a Loretta and Dons Actlvltres Basketball l Student Government l MOHllOf 2 SHARKEY LORETTA MARIE 764 Suvxlle Avenue Eddystone COMMERCIAL Retts IS a redhead Wllh blue eyes best chums are Bette Dor1s and Ianet favonte say lng IS you clown future amb1t1on 1S to be a good secre tary Actxvxtxes Hockey 3 Basketball 3 Glee Club 3 Softball 3 Bea con Lgqsji.. VN BUG sv-"""s'S'JX SHIELDS BETTE ANN 1015 Toll Street Eddystone COMMERCIAL Bette is a redhead and a very good dancer future amb1t1on IS to be a secretary favorlte sub1ect IS shorthand Actxvltxes Cheerleadlng 2 Hoc key l Beacon 2 Tr1I-I1 1 Bas ketball l SIMMONS DORIS LORRAINE 15 Fourth Street Upland COMMERCIAL Brown hatred blue eyed Dot wants a Job as housewrfe hobby IS chewmg gum pe saymg IS Ieepers chun are Gladys Mary and Bunny Actxvrtres Beacon l Wi.. 1,-ur '-ww-f MIRON NICHOLAS IOHN 303 Green St Marcus Hook VOCATIOINAL Altho,1ah emmg to be a shy auy lwtcks lavortte sublect and hobbv IS a1ls pet SGYIUQ 15 Sam thrng luture arnb1t1on a ca er n the held of av ION Act1v1t1es Swrrnmlng 3 MONTGOMERY WM GILBERT 308 Carre Ave Essmgton VOCATIONAL G11 IS one of the ma1or1ty ol the students who does not ap prove of homework Would llke to be a machlnlst best churn are Mrron Lewanas and Lehman MURRAY EDWARD IOSEPH 1232 E Eleventh St Eddystone COMMERCIAL Murrs lavorlte pastlmes are eatmg and fl1rt1ng Iuture am b1t1on IS to retlre Betty Grable makes h1s heart sklp a beat Actxvrtles yummmg Manager 3 Beacon l NUTTALL ROBERT 6 West Chelton Road Parks1de VOCATIONAI. Bobs pet saytng IS Scorcher prefers gym to any other suble t future arnbltlon IS 1o1n the U S Blue-1ackets travels mth Carl Tony and Ro K PALITA ANTHONY FRANK 1012 Yates Ave Marcus Hook VOCATIONAL Tony is a mechanic at h art dislikes homework 1 e Mary who makes hls tempera ture rise enloys dancing to the music of I-larry larnes usually found in the company o Gish Bob and Carl Activities Glee Club I PAWULACK IOHN 3312 W Thlrd St Trainer VOCATIONAL Iohn IS a redhead hi t ree chums are Tony Carl and Itch he likes Harry Iames Ingrid Bergman and football future ambition is to be a millionaire Achvmes Track I PEZZINO CARL ALBERT 22 W Third St Marcus Hook VOCATIONAL Carl is interested in photog raphy and football futur ambition is to 1o1n the Navy pals around with Tony Gish and ohn does not approve of homework My ROCHON EDMUND I 1020 Toll St. Eddystone VOCATIONAL Ed likes blondes and track . . . future ambition is to get up in the world ..,. hobby is listen- ing to the radio . . . pals around with Paul Mike and Mantegna. Activities: Basketball Manager, lg Track 2. I""'H'-n....,, ,man 45" L"f Iw MAAQJIIF Lvdf SIROLA G RIA ELAINE 1311 E Ninth Street Eddystone COMMERCIAL Glor likes to ride horseback maybe thats Why she IS al ways saying Youll be sorry Floss Lou and Maria are her best pals Actlvxtles Glee Club 3 Tr11'I1 l Beacon 2 Basketball l SMOGO FRANCES MAGDELINE 335 Semole Street Lester COMMERCIAL Franny pals around with Ann Doris and lane future arnbl tion is to be a office worker has a pleasant soft voice to greet you TATASCIORE ANN MARY 1110 E Eleventh Street Eddystone COMMERCIAL A nie s 5 l with Jet black hair next to painting she likes Alfred and lack hopes to be an Interior Decorator with her ability she is sure to be a su cess Actzvihes Hockey 3 Basketball 3 Glee Club 3 Tri H1 2 Beacon 2 I-Ionor Society 2 TAYLOR IANET MADELINE 1230 E. 12th Street Eddystone COMMERCIAL Ianet is that cute blonde you see darting around school look- ing for Sikes . , , future ambition is to be a secretary . . . favorite orchestra is Tex Beneke. Activities: Cheerleading 2- Bea- con 2. V... .,.,,,-,---.. .. , . . TENARO ESTELLA IOANNE ' HOU-ISON PAUL MAIOR 1510 Huddle Avenue Lmwood 'lg 112 E Chelfon Road Pafkslde COMMERCIAL vocAT1oNAL Brown haired brown eyed Pa1l ha blon har wtth blue Stel l1kes redheads and basket OYG mvbmon lg to become ba can always be heard fr a o doe not aoprove of Saying Im embarrassed torn o k at a ltke to bowl favortte subyect IS typ1ng Tmplg Wlfh Fl' 'l Ed Gnd Achvxtxes Basketball 2 Softball Fffmk 2 Momtor l TRIMBLE HELEN MABEL ROSS IOHN DOWMAN 240 Lex1ngton Ave Eddystone 807 Green St Marcus Hook ACADEMIC VOCATIONAL lack can be seen Wllh Frttz Mac and lack 1n the near fu ture would llke to be a bell hop pet say1ng IS I dont belleve you Act1v1t1es Track Team l Basket ball Manager l Cute and qu1et Helen lrkes to read for relaxatlon future amb1t1on IS to be a nurse best chums are Ann Phyll1s and Mary Achvxtxes Glee Club 2 Mom tor l Basketball l I0 East Maple Ave Tramer 22 Upland Ave Upland COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL Brown eyed Cal l1kes roller Chuck prefers brunettes skat1ng Vaughn Monroe and the hrs mam amb1t1on IS to w1n an 950 Club pals around wrth argument from Mrss Young Stella Dolores and lean er l drdnt do 1t IS hrs pet say1ng favonte subyect IS off1ce pracuce travels Wllh Don Harry Achvzhes Glee Club l Softball Charles and Lou 1 Beacon l ACLIVILIGS Track 3 Monttor l is.. ROTH FRANK IOSEPH WALKER FRANCES 1:1.A1N1: 118 S TWSCSATIONAL COIWYU 122 White iEeADEM1C Linwood Blond hatr and green eyes add Tandeleos heartbeat 1s Fred ESU to Oli Sleelpy hem? popular her best pals are Olga Mary emmlg e girl? He IS Of and PSQQY sporty dresser mont Gvmi Ou mg Of Ou Elame hopes to become a nurse tc b YO: O Of Lou font Cher grcducmon bmore a yer lb ts uture am 2 Dramat1c Club 3 Glee Club Achvmes Football 2 Beacon 1 Momtor 2 Achvxhes Basketball 2 Hockey 1 I I I - - ,- he 6' , . D- r I - L X ' , 3'.,,SAA'-T1 .Br 1 u".' ' ,.' ,::1lr... :S A 4 --1 ff ' 4 Q l .ew r ll , , ' s I . ,i V, I I l N xxx X 1 . , Z- ,esta 1 1 , 1 t 1 I r g ,V n v " , I ' , . L l 1 . ' ' 't E E ' V3 Q t TYSON, CAROL ANNA ' J -, 'I L- A ROSTRON, CHARLES HENRY . - " gs, 4 , . .. . .- -- 2 .. ' .mkfl A 1 to ,V 1 i ' rr. - ' A V K Q I 1 s ' 1 V: " . I . K '- .. -1 I 'O '- .wwf .fl 'H Q 1' I il H Y' ,HY V ' l I' 1 -V -W . . . . S, l SAVITSKI MARION WILLIAM 1247 E Eleventh St Eddystone VOCATIONAL Mar1on one of our dxscharged satlors seems very 1nterested ln school h1s future amb1t1on IS to get marrled travels w1th loe Danny and B111 SHADE EDWARD LEE 22 Center Ave Tramer VOCATIONAL Ed l1kes to collect coms and bu1ld a1rplanes best churns are Pryor Chaffee and W1ll1am future arnbxtlon IS to travel ltkes football and blondes ACIIVIIIGS Football Manager 2 SIMPERS FRANK SETH 24 Rxdge Road Lmwood VOCATIONAL Crash a handsome lad hkes blondes pals are Carl Gene and Charlle llk6S mus1c by Benny Goodman future am b1t1on IS to 1o1n the A1r Corps Actlvxtles Track 2 Baseball 1 SMITH ELBERT HOFFMAN 23 Mann St Upland ACADEMIC Sm1tty Wants to be an actor IS very fond of brunette homework does not agree w1th hlm prefers horse back r1d1ng and Harry Iames ACIIVIIIES Dramatrc Club MOHIIOT, 2, Track, 2, Class Treas urer, l 'W 43' 4 1' WHALEY DOLORES CLAIRE 94 Center Ave Essxngton COMMERCIAL Reds spends most of her t1me skatmg pet say1ng IS Natch 1 travels w1tl'1 Dolores L1la and Dot has red hatr and green eyes Actxvxtles MOHIIOF 1 WILLIAMS DORIS 3424 West Fourth St Traxner ACADEMIC Dots future amb1t1on IS to be a nurse three best pals are Florence Mary and Glorla favor1te subyect IS typmg Achvxtues Monltor 2 WILLIAMS VIRGINIA ANNE 1545 Chxchester Ave Lmwood VOCATIONAL Grnny has brown hcnr and green eyes en1oys typlng sw1mm1ng and Vaughn Monroe usually found w1th L11 R1tcc Betty and Ioe ACIIVIIIGS Hockey 2 WITTIG ROSEMARY 1364 Market St Linwood COMMERCIAL Rosemary l1kes blondes her dog Lady 1S her prlde and oy can always be seen w1th ane th1nks Alan Ladd IS tops WOLFE DOROTHY ELIZABETH 214 White Ave Lmwood COMMERCIAL Redheads appeal most to Bet ,' she can be found a ounl an J tlrne wrth Flos Str ley ard Gmny er pet aylna Chlck WRIGHT DOROTHY CATHERINE 174 Edgemont Road Essmgton COMMERCIAL Dots1e came from Chester rn her semor year as a hobby she dances she travels w1th Delores Llla and Delores lxkes to llsten to Ian Auguste Mxserlou SULLENBERGER GENE ARNOLD 162 Ridge Road Lmwood VOCATIONAL Handsome Gene llkes to hunt as cr hobby could 1t be lor ammals or redheads? would Ilke to travel 1n the near future best pals are Carl Frank and Don TULLAI FRED THEODORE 29 Center Ave Essmgtor VOCATIONAL Two a handsome 6 blond hkes football and a certatn bru nette would l1ke to 1o1n the Marxnes alter graduahon hobby IS alrplane makmg Actxvxtles Football 3 Track 2 Beacon, 1 'iw-.Qi 155 HN-iv, RK ra. 'Q- I 3 1 L J SPANGLER CARL IAMES 1334 Engle St Chester Vf CAT OIIAL Q o ly C or fl f' no '1 r Actlvxtles STROHL ROBERT BRUCE Lexmgton Ave Eddystone VOCATIONAL r obably one of e bo, IU the Cass rx 54 has brown eyes l1 ht b own halr swlm l lavorlte sport a lnce to be a carpenter EUMMERS CHARLES ALLEN 'JJ Langley Ave Trqmey COMMERCIAL a a cute lad from te llke bookkeepm JYIWI What are you can be found Wlth Lou a J r ct1v1t1es Monltor l WILLIAMSON HARRY SYDNOR IIZI Upland St Chester COVIMRCIAL b d pen e 1 you tn a aood nnood to dance to the muslc a e also llkes to Act1v1t1es S-IJIYFIFIIIIQ 3 Student Jo errr en' I Baseball, l Dra fl 'fl Club l Beacon l Mon YOUNG DAVIS WILLIAM 8 W 5th Street Marcus Hook VOCATIOMAL 1ny w h unny e could always be lomd ln the current athletlc GCIIVIIY A tour e er athlete ht llF'I'Cl lltc Vernon ACIIVIIISS Football Q Ba r ll C1 0 FI FERRY MARION MARTHA 50 Maple Ave Tramer COMMERCIAL Mar1on pals around w1th Mane Dotty and Vester hkee to cook read and draw up fash IODS Actxvxtxes Glee Club l HEANEY EARLE GEORGE 809 Green St Marcus Hook VOCATIONAL Earle pal around wtth lack Iohn and Obra favorlte bru nette 1 Glorla beet year 1n ACIIVIIIGS Football ee Club 2 KUEHN DONALD GORDON 128 Harvey Ave Lxnwood COMMERCIAL Duck hae brown hatr and hazel eyes l1ke baseball and typ mg dtsllkes ho newark ambltlon 19 to be a ba helor Actxvxhes Ba eball 2 MATTEO WILLIAM L 1410 East 13th St Eddystone VOCATIONAL Mu tcal Matt want t be a Army Mu lclan pal around w1th Bruce Anaelo and Cole hlce brunette Spllce lone aml Iune Haver Achvxtxes Band 3 Q!"- METZER ROBERT HARRY 25 Maple St Marcus Hook ACADEMIC o travel wlth I B rm u l1ke Le Brown anrl th Klna Cole Trlo e a che Il ar ture c xvxtxes ra lc Dram 1 C ub l PARKES VERRIEL LOWELL 39 Mam St Upland COWMERCIAI e r1rl prole rrherrl u 1 llkf ea' ce C earl year rourcl an be een w h Charl e Lou and Ro tr n REDDING DANIEL CHARLES 12 E llth St Eddystorf VOCATIONAL Smce blue eyed Danny ha re urnecl to u from the Ma me all thc alrl are har py hobby lalktnq II Q a lar mv tn horns Work for othfr proplf T' , it his S ' Smil , 5 x ' - . , . 4 we l tt , 4:3 ,. ,Qs l' I key" A ' : I , ,, Lake! ta N 3, B,1:.b ll, 3, Travla, l 4 f Q lf z l Q 1 to 1 1 V I A ,Mm , A S ' B b , ss ' ogsps, ill .fl A I h - G :S . . , ' rs ,ES e I ' I - - ' J ' . . . woulnl like school was the second grade. to be 4 fl Sl in lllq UC mt ' " : , lg Gl- , ,, A t : T C , lg , trflo ' ' Cl . ' 1 lv I 4 - A V,r 'r A ,ns 3 .azz , , I D , ' S 3 . wo l' ' 2 to . lm, .r : all ' rr' ....c -:,.'fltr ' ' Q C E i , ' is Q . ' ' 18 . . tr 5, F. . S L? ' N t 51 4:1 , A ri, - 45 ' xx ' - x ' ' is , ' 'I Tl .111 , , I 3l', ez: BEST LOOKING BEST DRESSED MOST DEPENDABLE Mary Aniston and Gloria Sirola and Delfinq CQVQ110 and Frank Simpers Frank Simpers Samuel Erb WHUS BEST NATURED MOST BASHFUL Ioanne McGu1re and Mary Helton and lack Evans Alfred Fortuna CUTEST BEST ARTISTS MOST MUSICAL Charles Summers Robert Taylor Iohn Baxley Lillian Beard and Ann Tcrtasciore and Kcxthrynllvers and fo -fu Q xg ga, ,f , I 2 f a QT' 1? 5, if I .min f,4Y?:"' z , I 1 ."'.,, 5 V .55 if lf, n ,Fi ff, ,f-f"" ,V I 1 x ' jf 59 Y -as X. f , E A, X 1' sf f 1, . ff Q44 fo iw? , ,fig K , X If 23, L s...-J' Y Elected to offices by their Iunior Classmates Vice-President Iohn Menchini- Sec- retary Peggy Booth and Treasurer Emmit Wheeler proved their ability to perform their respective duties under the leadership of President Cornelius Dacy. The Class of 48 sponsored their first recording dance of the year in October. There followed several after basketball game dances and The Wearing of the Green dance on March 7. The ever-successful Iunior-Senior Prom was held in the gym on April 25 where dreamy-eyed dancing couples glided to the sweet tunes of Bill Iacona and his Diplo- To say adieu and to wish the graduating class good luck the lunior Class played host at the annual farewell weinie roast dance and swimming party in the latter part of May. The class advisors are Miss Eva Soroka Miss Evelyn S. Young Miss H. Mary Burn Miss Ann McGillen Mr. Wilmer Fryer and Mr. Edward Wheelahan. 28 , , , , mats in a beautiful "April ShoWers" setting. . , , , MISS SOROKA ll-A FIISI Row P Evnng L Comfort G Bmg near P Booth R B1ngnear M A n tonml C Dacey I Ersek I Brezza Second Row W D1Russo N Chxetfo R Answorth M Battlstone M1ss Soroka F Bothmer K Elhs I Barratt I Car dle Thlrd Row C Dundee V Castagna W Boyce D Brown A Austm E Blanche Ashworth E Brogan E Covmgton T DAm1co B F1rst Row D Green I Howard Betty Laws R Gold M1ss Young D Kolodx B Husted A Lanklord I Huk Second Row H Hayes P Guerrlerx A Getz I Hook C Honcheu P Gray I Irvme I Kerr I Herbus I Glass L Empht D Iones R lmburgla 11C MISS MCGILLEN CUIIO R Parker F Prlce I Pyett T Plerce M Montella D Mattote Second Row M1ss McG1llen R Paden N Morphet R Moore M Mxles W Mat thews I Maler C Lorenz C Lehman S Powell Thlrd Row B Nearey I Morgan C Mc Clam R Newsome C Lamb H Newell F Navlckas I Naugle L Pulos I MenlCh1H1 L Lumewskx 11 D MISS BURN Fxrst Row M Tarbutton S Zakorchemmy D Ray E Wheeler G S1lvestr1 M1ss Burn D Symons I Wood E Young M Whaley A Venut1 Second Row R Reese H Scott W Tabor W Wrllrams E Schoenberger I War rmgton W Young G Tobm C Walker Thxrd Row G Stahrner I Sgav1cch1o D Webster R Savage D Swexgart I - I - . - - ' , , , . , , . 1 , ' , . ' , . . I . . , , I . ' 'l . : . , . , . ll- : ' I ' 1 I I I ' I ' I ' I ' First Row: W. Pryer, M, Murtaugh, B. Pas- I ' I ' I 1 ' - I ' . I ' I ' I I I ' I ' I ' I : . , . , . 1 - I - I 'I I . , . . . , . , . - The Sophomore Class is very proud of its accomplishments. As a group they ponsored three dances: the Hobo Hop the Soph Hop and the Bunny Hop. They are doubly proud of the achievements ol the individual members of the cla' lor the Sophs are outstanding in scholarship athletics music and dramatics. Excelling scholastically is Maida Morgan an all A student. First prize in an American Legion Auxiliary essay contest Was won by a Sophomore Garry Knox. Tho wise and able advisors for the Class of Forty-Nine are Mr. Rarick Miss Chambe-lain Mr. Smith and Miss Taylor. The class officers are: President Ioe Getz- Vice-Presidont lack Laird- Secretary Gene Montgomery- Treasurer Earl Wentzel. 30 s , , JS, , , . Musicaliy, Iohn McDermott is tops. r I I I I fi I I I I I f L 10A First Row S Cobourn B Davidson A Adams E Curry Mr Rarick W Clark S Crouthers O Andrews I Atchison Second Row I Baker I Coe T Corcoran M Cronshaw D Corcoran I Battistone D Davis B Corso I Battis H Baxter B CQSSldY M Babcock D Bossler I Crowder R Burns I Bruce Third Row H Coffin L Anderson E Crompton I Carroll I Cash R Bax ter A Aminto I Domenas F Blizzard E Carpmeti 10 B-MISS CHAMBERLAIN Kneeling Left to Right M Harris M Ham ilton D Hoehing M Hoffman D For 1no First Row Miss Chamberlain E Edwards W Ersek B Ebert I Laird I Getz D Forlmo H Koantz D Embert P Ianes M Korch Second Row C Fallan M Forte W Lewis W T Lewis W Lamb G Knox L Hoag I Imburgia S Gore A Kennedy B Frieze Third Row B Hughes G Forte E Ebrlght W Ferrell T Hoapes E Hoodenpyle G Gray I Kasinuk A Ferry S Gray IUC MR SMITH F1rstRow B Mixon D Pierce M Macconi G Montgomery M Morgan Mr Smith B Lennenbaugh I McCallerty Meyers A Pitts Second Row E Rostron K McElwee M McKn1lf I Passwater E McGu1rk D Long L Mingoia L Paden E Lellar F McCrea D Martin G Mickey B Miller M Pugh V Marvel C Reese Third Row I Manerchia R Mullaney T Quinn L Needles A McKn1ft T Re vello I McKee B Pierce R Palermo T McGovern M Rivas I McDermott 10-D First Row: G. Robinson, H. Whaley, A Schlossnagle, G. Tierney, D. Warmer M. Simmons, P. Yeaman, H. Reside, E Wood, I. Wilkinson, S. Wolte, I. Shaw Second Row: W. Stahmer, K. Werner, D West, R. Stilley, B. Thomas, P. Stefano- wicz, N. Shade, B. Valentine, B. Van- dever, M. Walsh, C. Smith, M. Beside W. Szeblewicz, I. Whiting, L. Shapiro Third Row: H. Will, P. Sgavicchio, L. Spence, H. Wright, E. Short, W. Stinson S. Ward, E. Saroga, C. Sitaras, H Shank, E. Wentzel, I, Woods. A02 7 -it 'ima 9 A HOME ROOM Flrst Row M Amba M Clark B Bradley I Anlba A Emplet Mr Rankin G Curry C Conrad H Bauba M Crow I Crowder Second Row R Coale D DAndreamatteo B DeForrest E Brabson M Cornehus M Engel B Batholf V Elhs T DeFor rest D Brxstow H Anlba L Andrews I Ersek B Brown Thlrd Row I Ember! I Blank W Burns R Evans H Arment W Blllldlng R Domalewskl S Blessley W Ashbrldge D Dello Buono F Brush R Dxsler 9 B-HOME ROOM F1rst Row B Ferguson l Hampton M Kmg A Kosmuk I Iones D Marlon B Grech B Greenman L Haas I Hxll D H1gg1ns Second Row K Ferry R Howat D Iacob son I Hodnett I Fnel D Heavlow I Ferrell B Goslm E Klng S Hatton ple E Garrett C Krupa I Getz Tlurd Row P Komar H Hlnes I Hullmgs worth R Hager W Kxlgore B Fxrth I Ioseph L Hxtchens A Gurecky R Iclckson I Frcnm F1rst Row McKn1il M Pxetzsch F Nus baum Lloyd I McCullough M Doran Marvel S Lord L Love A MISCO McKn1ll Second Row C Poole W Mahler B Lar r1more M Lowthert M Love S m weaver L MGllGl19U C Lmk R Manko R Neil B Parrls I Passwater I Por ter P McFarland I Porter Thlrd Row I Lovell R McGhee A Lan cxanese D Prxce L McDonald E OByrne F ONe11l I Nevedonskx L McCl1ntock I Mathews I Matteo : . ' , . , . : . 1 - , I 1 - . 1 - 1 - I 1 I ' I ' I I ' I - 1 - A 1 - I 1 - 1 M. Horne, P. Korch, C. Gicker, W. Knip- : . , . ' , . ' - 9-C ' 1 M. ' , . ' , . - , E. . - . r ' , R. ' . 9-D-MR. RAWLINGS First Row: A. Ruebeck, I. Smith, E. Richard- son, N, Savage, Mr. Rawlings, M. Stemple, E. Yaglinski, E. Williams, D. Yates. Second Row: I. Sampson, R. Rudolf, W. Triplett, D. Stevens, A. Zimmerman, E. Wojs, D. Warren, H. White, V. Queens! bury, M. VanSciver, P. Simons, O. Wat- son, H. Trimble, D. Warren. Third Row: L. VanDevelde, G. Receveur, A. Sakorock, C. White, H. Rowles, L. Rowles, S. Ruth, R. Ware E. Walsh, H. Wright 8TH GRADE First Row N Lipschutz R Thomson M Howarth R Embert M Pulos G Good child M McVaugh M Comfort L Sirola D Kochan L Whitig Second Row M Mann M Hoffman R Anthony B Karlunas E Wright C Harris R Powell L Gallagher E Pow ell B Chak I Pugh P Zimath Miss Dolbow Third Row G Cook M Doughty A Zam betis W Moliken R Zacary I Anis ton C Smith I Restucci R Hickman G Will R Lynch W Ebert 7TH GRADE First Row I Howat W Maitland R Mat teo R Shields G Whaley D Gelnack Wood R Gallagher Second Row I Wilkinson P Walsh K Queensbury G Domalewskl F D1Pla cido W Karlunas D Fagin B Smith Stella Latocha B Miller Idalie Trimble Third Row I Armold D Crowder G Mel vin M Abrams M Bailey I Gaskill M Maragoudakis D Regenbogen R Gratham M A Stinson S DeMarco S Hoffman M Montgomery R Min nick D Wojs P Cook Fourth Row I Urey V Searfass M Taylor C Rowles R Taylor A Subashi F McGrainer I Bradley R Neibert A Gregas C McCafferty H Pugh I Knorr M Bacon . ' : , ' , . , . , - 1 - 1 ' ' : . , . , . , - , . , - I ' I ' I ' ' , - , - . - . ' 5 - , - , - ' 1 - 4 - I - ' ' : . , . ' , . - D. Wo1s, B. Passwater, W. Strohl, I. I . ' ' , . , . I - I .1 - l ' , - , - . - , , - , . ' : . , . , . - , - - , - . ' I ' 1 - ' , . , . . - , . , . l, . ' if 625 f fy K -2? hi, , 5, ,, 2 J, . ,, f ' nv , 2 an , I 5 X !4 I 4, .fr-1"l"" uf' ,mm -vw " I an M1 W aw, H ,, de' as-ri xii W ww AUTIV1T1g5 35 iii 3f""-'sua if egg ? sadism? t 'K-fagm uf, M6 M 2 Egeggfikiggivgi J Wfiaw fe gi 53152 ,dd . 'ig-REE.-Asgyd - V Z: vga 5 V. MA A .. ,l g x I 4, - -...af . 'J - : vw, S' .L nu WP., cw 'gg' V ,, ' . an Kg - " 'Q . L-agfiisf' " -5 . i 4:2 Q MF' ' -- .. 1' -,, P" 55. 5 ,- 1 1. . xT',Q 44' 'G 'tin ' V -i ,v 'f H 35490 ' eg ji' . , u th 9 Q Q .f Q V' gf :f'i: , g ,.:,z sfg.f3 Mzmsi il -Tif-NSJWJ R, lq,:,,Q .Af3A: a tff- it v 'A N 1 f - 'ani-. '2" ,H,- Q' ff? 'fl 45 STAFF Edrtor 1n Ch1ef V1olet Holobovxch Assrstant Echtor Peggy Porterheld Art Echtor Ann Tatasc1ore ACl1V1lY Edrtor Mar1or1e Hall Sports Edrtors Blanche Prendergast Gus Kaffes Class Ed1tor Delhna Cavallo Photograph Ed1tor Mary Amston Ass1stant Photography Edltor V1nCe Fuel Bus1ness Manager Ioanne MCGUIIS Iumor Class Edxtor Ruth Gold We the class of 1947 W1Sh to express our deepest apprec1auon to Mxss Mc G1ll1n for her generos1ty 1n supervlslng the busmess end of our Beacon M1ss McG1l11n has been w1th the that one of the reasons Why It has al Ways been CI success 1S because of her earnest and eH1c1ent efforts Once agaln we say Thanks MIS MCGIIIIH for cz job Well done' s . . Beacon since 1939 and We are sure . I .. I .S . . NATIONAL HUNOB scum A 7 0 0 SENIOR HONOR SOOIETY As a reward for possessing the qualities of Leadership Scholarship Character and Servlce Iuniors and Senlors are elected to the National Senior Honor Society a new duty this year This IS the supervision of the rnonltor system They also have charge of the Honor Roll Until the election this year the society cons1sted entirely ot girls The officers are as follows President Violet Holobovich Vice President Delfma Cavallo Secretory Treasurer Ann Tatasc1ore The other members are Doris DuBois Mary Aniston and Peggy Porterheld There were eleven Seniors and six Iuniors elected to the Society in March The officers for the coming year are Pres1dent Donald Iones Vice President Fehx Navickas Secretary Treasurer Betty Husted 38 ,,.-K g I . 7 'O S T it v T x A ill V 1 I -L.. , x Under the guidance of Miss Dolbow, the Senior Honor Society has undertaken IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Organlzed last year the Iunror Honor Socrety seeks to grve recogmtron to those 1nd1v1duals who ach1eve the requlrernen s of Leadershrp Scholarshlp Character and Serv1ce Sponsored by M1ss Dolbow the othcers are Presrdent Wllharn Young Vxce Presldent Betty Husted Secretary Treasurer Ioyce Pyett Other members are Donald Iones and Iohn Memchrnr Those elected th1s year are Patsy Yeaman Barbara Davrd son Betty Mxller Lrla Grxggs Malda Morgan Maman Cronshaw Earl Wentzel and Garry Knox MONITORS The Morutor System Whlch was formed under the Natronal Honor Socrety con s1sts of volunteers from the Semor H1gh School under the d1rect1on of M1ss Dolbow e ma1n purpose of th1s organ1zat1on IS to rncnntam order on the school grounds Th1s Job of maxntarmng order rn the halls was part1cularly Well done The rnon1tors can be 1dent1l1ed by the red Momtor badge wh1ch 1S worn Wh1le on duty 39 . - . . . 1 . 1 . . . . L . . l. 1 I I . , . 1 , ' 1 1 ' 1 - . , - 1 1 1 1 1 , . M vm., 101,-.W A " '-roximfzici-' fx' -' ' wr o ul 'cr af- or x A Q tm S5 r x g To tom oi O cruhc L oaucn Condic Lnqh' Qfrvzcn- t 1 4 1 'ff5+zf'5',. W Vi1:E?:':?1:'f- ., 11 , f -!':'1Z'5,'gQ'fLQs 321 fx ' ,rgt:ZI:f!:,4If:1:?5gg::A , A m ' yQg5ftef:4f.f'2755w,,ff .555 ' ' JJ , , f:?1fSrf1,f"If7f:fi55f?3 J' -fgfg-Z:f,g.l:g,g-Lgffvigf, -' " 'IIW4 .,fff:1ff1ffffff'iafffiA'' ' f. . -.fix-, , f ff Ifggfftg'tglffiiififizlf'-'.f f, W ' ' , ff ff,-Q ..Q ffu'fm,,.. - Q , . ' -ff5ffSf52:'f:i. ffgYff:'55,- !6,'ZJ'g'y,f .174 ff , ff,-545:45 :1f':','f:f':f Jfrfafb I if 1414 ' 1"ffpfffQ.ff wpwwf.. Q '. fliggff-,., '::2fjf51ff,-" 5 7 ffisigfsif X A-W pr ffiffwf ' 1'-i' f ' 37 1.45, ff' f , 1. 4 fx nf , 4l2x23:a.g'i,?f4,fbQj 3 A f a ,f S. ' ' f . I few" 19,1 ' .' S 'F 1 6 .14 944053 if .fir ,' " "'. 4'l,A ', V7 ' X '- .imffifiksfif "pf ' .,'p.:v- ,h?':gg5f,'f.gf, I . ,fi :F gffsxgfg k ,if nf 54.11 -:ij ' .yy , 'cg zlgfpf -,gl . ljfiffg ' x 1, H . 'O 5? I 'f ff' ' 4, f 51 Pf ,fa , 5 , 1 I J H' I 1, . , ,, X f, -. J f .. ff 2: wTfmg.14, :Ip ff f M if ' ' -1, W! , , "Wg, I 'Wiff' , "Z, , N. ' I gn, , , 4 Je' f it Q N 2 ,- S. Ti x v'-' flwf fflulf g,:x1'Iif?xf,'f1i0d in two um or 3-roqxurtlsz this yvfxr if 1: l Xlwv.-1 ,n cm ymruuon with Ihw Bays Uff-. Vfluf: TMA ff-VTOYI41 'I .' .fx zu- -'1,!"1 .11 Tvhxp' 9 m Gongun 'Emu wth QM- Bray? Ch-ff 5 " fb 1: fd: '," If 1 1': Nh Doran BOYS' GLEE CLUB F1 Q . ' ' Cf: 1,11 rf.,-::1:Q'::, UI ZELK Boys CIN: Cul' on xxnpxosz- , xx f xv, 1? Tin. Groxzg, K5 '.".'r'y popular, und uzmdsbrfxwndubly . 1 1 r ...xg -,'o1f:f.s: '.-.'I:1':l1 va-ry cy pocxlszxg event of ilu: smxson thi: Cla-ff Ciub ffxhzbmtod Q xfcrmftl mpvr- r .xx ni clk musmc The -group also pumcipctfsd in the 1n1pr0szsrvQ K. any A Q f-QW. v N. " i wir' X: M ff.. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 'lhhifk Wim 7Y1iK 5,1-11.111, 4 'hullllj' L- Th- rr1f1ul-,-r- 4 Mg-.fs lizimia' fill f' Vflxgr : v::-'dufwfi to ':..-'X 1411! 'hfwf fwrniziv .V -ix:-'1 Y 'f 11.1.1 Mf,mi'ryxIi'11"H,n ':'-141:21 TH' f'.1:'f:" . ':AifIIHC1U'f.C"1':' I. --iwavd V-'UIQ 111' 'll' 711. 1-fffizrq 'Er i1,I,Qx-fir ' wif if, 1'-ffurpwrm H gll, v: Amit, Mary A11.:fr'1x fn' Pr-mufifrnt, Veziw Hn-lo Sf-fxvhzry'-Trm-,1:.,1:A1. The' hzm wrxz. Hn- 'un vvvut. Qhf- Amman! Sy rm 1-.1:'-1 ,,.u11 1.11211 T,:1,- rmr:-. :.z1'if fy.. 'X ,X A+, fm HC! my .L- rr .,.x.v3r,, M ii BAND Our band was somewhat small this year. but evidently size is not a hinder, ing factor For all agree, we think, that our band performed capabiy and suc- ceeded in their attempts to foster school spirit and impart the cultural advantages ol good music, At athletic contests and pep rallies, the band was a necessary participant-an incentive to school spirit hardly with equal After football season, the study oi more serious music began and was Cul- miriatzed when the band appeared in the Spring Concert Their selections were dit- lgcrrilt, worthwhile, and very wwll por- formed In addition to the regular band, a dance band was formed. This new organ- ization periormed at plays and should prove to be an asset to the scl'ioo1's social program in years to come. Mr. Doran will sorely miss the seniors who will graduate this year, The seniors are Kitty Ivers, Clara MCKnili, Dolores Matteo, William Matteo, Iohn Bailey, and Albert Collin. va- ,V kr XR ai , i 7, I f 4 flier one -Q it M' U Antik. I. , f il' ,f f A if :Ziff ' " ,Ala . if ,.. 1 P - 1, ,.3" . -uv' . U +P' ,f ri- -N NW r AMWM DRAMATIC CLUB The Eddystone L1ghthouse Players end the1r ea on Wlth a sat1st1ed feel 1ng due to thelr success thls year The Annual Play Contest was not presented because of the lack of d1 rectors but a Dramatlc Festwal and Dance took xts place The Lxghthouse Players rn cooperahon Wllh the Enghsh Department pre sented two plays The Vallant and Everythlng N1ce M1ss Young dlrected The Val1ant a tragedy whrle Everylhmg Nlce a comedy was dlrected by Mtss Dolbow A dance was sponsored by the Club at the begmmng of the year and added greatly to the feehng that the year was very successful The ofhcers of the Dramahc Club are Elbert Smxth Presldent Vxolet Holobovrch Vrce Pres1dent Mary Amston Secretary and Wxlham Young Treasurer 42 S S ' , . u . 11 u . . 11 . . , . u . 11 . n . . 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club formed in September for the purpose of teaching its members how to charge books and take care of the desk. They also read the new books and are then able to discuss them with other club members. After such discussing, they are qualified to recommend them to other fellow students. . . The officers of the Library are: Kitty Ivers, Presidentg Blanche Prendergast, Vice-Presidentg and Mary Iane Walsh, Secretary-Treasurer. SCIENCE CLUB With the return of Mr RGI'1Ck the Science Club actively in the school activities during the past two years It Was mainly for e them a chance to apply the knowledge which they have 1n the class room to their everyday lives This club has proved that there are a number of opportunities offered in the fields of stamp and co1n collections photography biology and chemistry Under Mr Raricks supervi ion and direction the s ience club has been functioning very successfully 43 , . N the purpose of stimulating scientific research .among th . It gives ,qw-' :Q 1 ' ,4 1 2' I J ,yo- , , I if L f KY 'ami -W I p 'S Q S .5'k A E Db V U ,L WW, aff? '92 wu.J,A Aw v,- ., ... ., .X - , , . , .. Y.- . .... -- ,,, SPUHTS ??iz'5iff3f33gWfff31'3E?g?ifE25 ifF 'W ' J" 1-3 ., -5-3 'B ,,-3 ,. A, , 'i1Q1i'f'E"fiif55iffT?22Qif53'i? W fs-w?Wfs-W M Ft"1":. AVG trf iffy. LPI tr? vt' , 31" '-"' , WS V. , , , 1. 2. , Q s,,x ,v' ' I3 ' rw" 1.,- '- ' 6,0 ' ' Q, .1 V 5 xi ' -f .-T P- - ' -,ft ' - 'W' ,.':, 1zQ 1 Q, -" ' 15m nl? , - -, Y- , - - . '. 'n-G - , , ' ' Q, . -z ,cf f . xg , . ' A '- ,"?' ' . ' 1 ,""T' 'K . ' .r"T?'t. 5 t ..r!",? 4 A ,X ., , J " . ,1 , ' - ' . - Y ' ag . ng:-'53 ' ag ' f -, ji, . -'ig ' , 1, 515' ' if , 7 ,ve ,n u bf ,A I 3 Q ffl- , . . Q.. swag ,,-4--. s9,,'::f3,.f, 5 jgvyfign TA 4 ,M .- ,Q : A - Q , I 4 M ' . . f' 'L ' 1 P' " f: x ' 'M ' 1 .LJ '- - ' f 1 " 1 f1ff'i1Laf , 1 +'-fcffbwb 1 M 1 . ff! 1 , ' " f K 'mb' ,t '7,, ' ' " A v, 27 ' 'S . . ' . , M I . ,Q . - 5 ,- - V : .t .- ,, - g, 3,1 . .. -' - , 4 . f- 1 1, . 1., 'w w ii. h 4, rg? Q V. kj, V. 1 ,J-337, ,JT .. -4 7. 'Y' I 4 . l Q-g ,, 14 T Q, V . :N . V4 W ' me! ' ' .',,w- 7 if, I "" ' :.,, .', A ,fp " ., I ,,' 1. 'V ' ' KA ' ,x -. 'U" . I ' .1 '-"' " V. . "-' 3' if LI. 1 ' 1 - 4- .' ' tvlifbpn. .f ' -..... -:,- uJ...4.. 'L' i ,. - ...M Eddystone The Football he leadmg he Clmtock The Tr1plett Eddystone Eddystone Eddystone Eddystone IR HIGH FOOTBALL-1946 Rldley Townshlp Darby Smedley Swarthmore Yeadon team was composed of few players who had any experrence ln Iumor Hrgh In fact the entrre startmg eleven was lost from last year s team team played good ball cons1der1ng the obstacles rn thexr path Probably the factor 1n the poor season was the lack ot reserves usual startmg lmeup was ONe11l Hager Powell Receveur Trrrnble Mc Rowles Zrrnath Restucc1 Schaffer and Dellabuono lollowrng also saw conslderable act1on Ashbrrdge Hrtchens Brush Ersek McMaster Gregas DAndrea and Nevadomsk 46 U J 2 QA " . I , .I .. . MU ' '.. .. U ., .... H13 ...O ..,.. U20 .O ,,,l2 Eddystone U Glen Nor , 33 ...,l9 T . . . . - FOOTBALL Eddystone ended the 1946 football season with only one victory. The line was heavy and the backtield capable, but they did not seem able to coord- inate. The Stoners always showed a first quarter spark, but it soon died down if they were halted. In only one game did the team show their true ability to score, but in this case they were defeated bythe opposition. Starting their season at Collingdale, the Stoners were beaten convincingly. Downingtown was the next foe, in a game which proved to be both exciting and heartbreaking. Next Glen-Nor, journeyed to our field and carried home a victory. Undeiected by three straight losses, the Stoners rose to their great- est height for the season, defeating Darby in an upset game. In a high scoring game, Eddystone was outscored by Clifton Heights. A powerful Chester squad beat Coach Marion's boys in a game in which the Stoners held off Chester until the final quarter. Prospect Park, our next foe, capitalized on a blocked kick and an intercepted pass to pull through to victory. Ridley Park, having one of the greatest seasons, ran rough shod over Eddystone. Winding up the season with Ridley Township in the Annual Turkey Day game, the Stoners proved to be easy prey for the Raiders. The final outcome found the Raiders holding the victory and the Stoners holding the "Oil Can." Here's wishing the Stoners greater success next season. FOOTBALL SCORES Game Eddystone Opponent Collingdale . . . . . . U 2U Downingtown . . . . . 6 7 Glen-Nor ..... . . 6 Z0 Darby .......... . . . 7 0 Clifton Heights .... . . . 18 3l Chester ......... . . 5 31 Prospect Park . . . . . 6 14 Ridley Park ...... .. U 33 Ridley Township . . . . . U 33 - - ' 1 A- 1' . f - . .sf ,J fn Sifigfrla - cf "if "if Glen Nor Lansdowne Darby SCORES fIAYVEEl Nether Provldence Cllflon Hexghts Ridley Townshlp Colllngdclle R1dley Park 8 Sharon Hill .. . . , . 4 HOCKEY The Eddystone hockey team started off the season thts year by tytng Glen Nor and Lansdowne then met defeat tn a heart breaklng game at Darby Next the Ston erettes defeated Nether Provrdence but desp1te the1r h1gh hopes and hard work lost to Sharon H111 and Cltlton Herghts Determ1ned to wm the rest of the games the team scored two stralght trlumphs over Rldley Townshtp and Co1l1ngdale However they lost the1r final game to the undefeated Rldley Park team The team s record of 3 wlns 2 t1es and 4 defeats IS hardly a true mdrcatton of ab111ty for the cahbre of the op posing teams was h1gh Seven senlors Captam Loretta Sharkey Penny Prendergast Delhna Cavallo Ann Tatasclore Elatne Walker Mary AH1SlOn and Bette Shrelds have put away the1r hockey stzcks the last txme for Eddystone Hrgh All ol the gtrls apprec1ate the efforts of M1ss Graham our l1ne coach SCORES IVARSITYD Opponent Opp Eddystone Glen Nor Lansdowne Darby Nether Provxdence Sharon H111 Chlton Herghts Rldley Township Collmgdale Rldley Park 4 GIRLS BASKETBALL Startmg the season off wrth a bang the Stonerettes basketball team defeated Medla on the1r opponents court But the tall grrls from Darby overwhelmed the home team the score bemg 32 12 In a qulck comeback the lassres defeated Glen Nor and Nether Prov1dence and scored easy vrctorres over Chester Rrdley Townshrp Chfton Helghts Upper Chrchester and Rxdley Park runn1ng the w1nn1ng streak to erght games rn a row Collmgdale proved to be the streak breaker tnumphrng over Eddy stone rn a hard fought game Then Coach Graham rece1ved a letter 1nv1t1ng the team to play Upper Darby rn a prelrmlnary game at the KIWGIIIS Tournament Eddystone trrumphed agaln 1n a thr11l1ng hard fought game 29 28 Leav1ng the team th1s year w1ll be co captams Loretta Sharkey a forward and Penny Prendergast a guard both of whom have done excellent jobs rn leadlng the1r team to vlctory Also leavlng w1ll be two of the regular guards Delflna Cavallo and Stella Tenaro who deserve much credxt for the1r performances throughout the season forwards Ann Tatasc1ore Ieanne McGra1ner and Loretta Corcoran a f1ne group of players and our manager K1tty Ivers Blame Walker Cathleen Harchng Phyll1s Goodchrld Clara McKn1ff and Olga Lobachuk have served the team capably throughout the season M1ss Graham though her task was d1ff1cult was well rewarded for her hard work by the envlable record the g1r1s establ1shed th1s year Opponent Medra Darby Glen Nor Nether Provxdence Chester Rrdley Township Upper Chxchester Rldley Park Colllngdale Upper Darby wiv Opponent Iayvee Media Darby Glen Nor Nether Prov1dence Chester Rrdley Townsh1p Cllfton Hexghls Upper Chrchester Rrdley Park Collmgdale 51 Varsity I ' ..,....,....,. 25 27 32 12 - ......,.... 36 39 ' .. 19 46 12 31 ' ' ..., 25 37 Clifton Heights ..... 24 36 ' 15 35 ' 18 37 ' ...,,.... 38 22 28 29 M- . 7' f-4 ' ,.,.... .. 14 32 32 33 - ....,...... 17 31 ' .. 35 38 8 15 ' ' ' .... 16 29 ' ' ...., 18 44 ' .. 29 45 ' .,..., , 18 30 ' .....,... 27 29 y X , - .- -Hwy Vi. F" . "'f.,ii BOYS BASKETBALL Opponents Eddystono Collrngdcxle Nether Provldence Marple Newtown Sharon H111 Darby Rldley Park Swarthmore . . . . . . Glen-Nor , , ..,. .. .. Prospect Park ,. ,.,.. .. Ridley Township . Ridley Pork . . Swarthmore . Medic , , Glen-Nor . .J Prospect Pork -F .J Ridley Township Darby KIWANXS Marple-Newtown . Upper Darby . , 52 BOYS' BASKETBALL Winning but four games, including the Kiwanis, the Eddystone lads, despite the record shown, had a fine but inexperienced team. The team as a whole was too small for its rangy oncoming opponents. What our boys lacked in height, they made up in fight. But inexpcrience was again the main factor. This quintet, which featured the fast breaking Bill Barnett and the plays oi lanky Iesse Kay, often worried the opposition. Entering the Kiwanis as a dark horse, Eddystone hit the full stride by turning back a highly talented Marple-Newtown team. Eddystone was de- feated early in the season by the same quintet. In the quarter-finals Eddystone bowed to Upper Darby in a hard fought contest. Several Sophomores broke into the starting line-up in this season's cam- paign. Among the outstanding were Earl Wentzel, Ioe Cash, and Iack Laird. With such promising material, and under the able leadership of Coach Wilmer Fryer, the team's outlook for the coming season will be much brighter. xlsuff' 53 CHEERLEADERS Once again our cheerleaders, capably led by Captain Nettie Rubino and Co-Captain Doris DuBois, have completed a very successful season. All agree that they were both capable and attractive. Their new blue sweaters and white pleated skirts seldom escaped attention. Along with their other activities, the cheerleaders sponsored a dance which was a success socially and financially. The senior girls were rewarded for their efforts by being invited to the Annual Athletic Banquet. We are proud of them, for their enthusiasm and support never wavered, even in the face of defeat. 54 SWIMMING Thls season saw Eddystone wrth a new swrmmmg coach Mr Marron Through hrs efforts the squad prachced d111gently so they could come through Wlth a w1nn1ng team The aqua men showed great strength at t1mes but tal tered on the brrnk ot vrctory When the team IS more expenenced we expect them to come through wrth a more rmpressrve record Heres wxshmg them the best of luck SEASON RECORD CID CII Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar Home Home Away Home Home West Chester Norrrstown Upper Darby Wllmmgton Coatesv1lle Un1vers1ty of Pennsylvama Dlstrlct Meet Reglonal Meet Eddystone Eddystone Eddystone Eddystone Eddystone 55 I . 6 . , . .,.. . .42 I . 23 ' . ,,., , ,... .45 Ian. 27 Away Pottstown ..,,.. . . .,.,, 51 Eddystone . 6 . . . . . , 32 . 11 ' ' ..,... ., . 42 . 20 ' . , , . . 47 . 22 ' ' ' ' ' . 1 ' TRACK Coaches Wilmer Fryer and Ioseph Yorke have done a grand job in their 1947 campaign, but we believe that there are even better things to come in their 1948 campaign. We say this because the boys are getting that old fight back again, and they will do the impossible in order to win. The boys respon- sible for this lift in morale are Bill Dryden, Charles Rostron, Fred Tullai, Ed Rochon, Stuart Chaffee, and Bob Curry. These boys are all Seniors. Other fellows who have gone all out for the team are Carl Dundee, Herb Newell, Bill Boyce, George Tobin, Nick Chieffo, Donald Ioncs, and Iohn Naugle. Coaches Fryer and Yorke will get their winning team from these Iuniors and Sophomores. TRACK SCHEDULE April 9 Darby April Collingdale April Ridley Township April Penn Relays April Penn Relays April Ridley Park May Swarthmore May Norristown Interscholastic May Lansdowne Collingdale May District Championship Upper Rarby May Springfield May St Iames Ox fin 56 16 .22 . . ' 25 ' 26 .30 . 7 10 ' ' 14 , .' 17 . . , .- 21 . . 27 . - Q' A A ' . N ng A:7j'.,5Af,L '41 5J,t,.,,:1Jl .4g,gi,a?, ,., 7 QQ- . ' BASEBALL The 1nt1e1d shapes up well w1th Kay the lead1ng cand1date at hrst base Wentzel and Wallace a e hghtmg for the second base 1ob B111 Barnett out standlng last year W111 lead the team 1n the held and at bat A former sub st1tute Donald Kuehn th1s years lead1ng thlrd baseman Ashworth IS tho lead1ng outhelder Wlth the other two pos1t1ons very much open The only weak spot w11l be our p1tch1ng Wh1ch IS untr1ed s1nce both our veteran p1tchers graduated last year The team IS dolng 1ts best to duphcate the record of last years team Wh1ch won the Suburban 2 4 League Champ1onsh1p Thus tar they have won all the games 1n Wh1ch they part1c1pated BASEBALL SCHEDULE Apr11 Aprll Aprll Apr11 Apr11 Apr11 May May May May May May May May MM Upper Ch1chester Glen Nor Medra Lansdowne Prospect Park Z Collmgdale Darby Glen Nor Medla 1 Lansdowne l Chester Prospect Park Collmgdale Darby Hom Away Home Away Home Home Away Home Away Home Home Away Away Home 57 ' 7 ' . . e '14 ' ., ,. , . , '17 A .. , . April 21 Chester ...,., ,.,.,... , .Away '24 . ,. ' 8 ' ,. . . 1 .... , 5 - , , 8 ' .,... . ,, ,. A 2 .. .....,..., 19 ,.,,. .. ., 22 ' A . ., 26 . , . . CAMPUS QUIZ Eddystone was fortunate enough to be chosen to enter the Campus Qurz a radlo program 1n wh1ch two schools compete Prospect Park Hrgh School was our opponents The wxnmng team recelves a luke Box for the school Our team carne through w1th honors and won the luke Box that IS now stand1ng rn the gym naslum of Eddystone Hlgh School Other prlzes were grven to the 1nd1v1duals who part1c1pated The above prcture IS ot the three ma1n contestants Patr1c1a Yeaman as vxtal were thetr alternates Robert Arnold a Senror Ma1da Morgan a Soph omore and Betty Laws a Jumor Representmg the cheerleaders were captam Nettle Rubtno and co captam Dorrs DuBo1s Seated rn the mrddle 15 the rep resentat1ve of WFIL Mr Walter Butterworth 'Nr . . . I . . I G sophomoreg Donald Iones, a juniorg and Violet Holobovich, a senior. Equally 58 PATRON LIST Mrs Iohn Abrams A Frrend Clara Anderson Mr and Mrs Iohn T Balley Mrs George Barber Mr and Mrs Clarence T Bartow Mr and Mrs Francls R Bayly Mr and Mrs Cyrll Beard M1ss Catherlne Betz Mr and Mrs Everett R Blythe Mr and Mrs W1llard Bowker Iames I Callahan Mrs Ioseph Cernada Mr and Mrs Stewart D Chaffee Mr and Mrs W1ll1am A Cofhn Mr Ioseph Connell M1ss Ruth Cornwall Catherrne Konegan 39 and and and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs oe McClary and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Dan1el Lopachuk M1lton Mallall1eu Carmm F Marks Iacob Mart1n Chfton N Massey Thomas R Matteo S S MCCaHerty Alex McClary Ir EdWardI McG1nley M McGra1ner Harry McKane R F M1ll1s Mar1e Murphy Harry N1ess1ng and Mrs Verrrel E Parkes Mrs Mr and Mrs Robert Curry Fred Cushman Mr and Mrs Albert Clark S Ann Deans Mr and Mrs W Deveney Mr and Mrs Frank D1Plac1do Charles Dougherty and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs W1ll1am H Draper Mrchael Dr1scoll W1ll1am Dryden Iohn DuBo1s Frank Durham Clarence Elllott and Mrs R L Queensberry and Mrs Dan1el C Reddmg Vernon A Reed Ehzabeth Rodgers and Mrs Paul M Rolhson Thomas Ross and Mrs Lours Rose Mary Rubmo Hedw1g A Sacharok Sara Schoenberger Helen Sharkey Mrs Helen Sharkey and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs George Sh1elds and Mrs Chester S Erb and Mrs Iohn R Evans Iohn Felker and Mrs Charles Ferguson Sad1e Ferguson and Mrs Ph1ll1p Fortuna and Mrs Iames V Frlel Denny Charles Garehan and Mrs Charles Gaha and Mrs I Gal1a Mrs Mrs and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Paul S1mmons E T Sunpers Ioseph Slrola Elbert Sm1th Sh1rley Sm1th and Mrs Frank G Startzel and Mrs Edgar Strohl and Mrs Iohn Sullenberger Mary Taylor Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Garehan Ir Charles Garehan R A Gates C M GIIGS P Gold Lesl1e Goodchrld and Mrs Anthony Tenaro Harrlet Thorn and Mrs Harold Tr1mble r Fred Tullal Sr and Mrs Earl Tyson M1ckey Vernon Mrs Mrs Pearl Goudy George M Gray Ph1l1p Hart W1ll1am Hewhngs Dan1el E H111 Lewls I H111 Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Ola Holm Mr and Mrs Mrs Katherlne Houpt Helen Imburgra Mrs Laura Irwm M1ss Ethel T Iames Mr W1ll1am R Iohnson Mr and Mrs I Kohan Ben Hoover Mrs Bessle Mae Walker Mr and Mrs Iohn W Ware M1ss Pearle Ware and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Edwln Wltllg Mrs r and and Anna R Mr and Mr and Mr and 62 M Warrlngton W1ll1am Weaver W Weekes Ir Iohn W1ll1ams Mrs Iohn W1tt1g Mrs Arthur Wolfe Wood Mrs W1ll1am S Wooster Mrs Iohn T Wr1ght Mrs Iarnes L Young ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' . . . ' Mr. . ' . . Mr. . ' . . ' . Mr. . . , r . . ' Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. . , . . . . I . . ' Mr. . . ' . Mr. . . ' . Mr. . . Mr. ' ' ' Mr. . ' . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' . ' . . , r. Mr. . . . . Mr. . . ' . . ' ' Mr. Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' . , Ir. . ' Mr. . ' ' . ' . Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. and Mrs. E. Schoenberger Mr. . . Mr. . ' . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. I . . r . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Dr. . . ' . Mr. . , . Mr. . Mr. . . ' Dr. . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' M . ', . Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' ' ' . . ' ' ' Mr. . . ' , . ' . ' Mr. . ' ' . . ' . ' Mr. . . , . Mr. . ' ' . ' M . . ' ' ' Mr. . DOMINICS TAILOR SHOP Clecmmg Pre ng Repoxrmg 1562 HUDDELL AVENUE stef 5 7 Lmwc-od 14 E mah STREET HARRY S SACHS Marcus I-Iock P BOOTHWYN and LINWOQD LINDSAY S DRUG STORE Phone 51717 5 916 TREAT YOURSELF TO T1-IE BEST D1u1 8319 TWINS BEAUTY SHOPPE 1310 1310112 E 9th STREET Eddystone P IN EDDYSTONE AND CHESTER ITS LEWIS HOPKINS 6 WILLIAMSON OI' INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 603 WELSH STREET Chester Pc Telephones 8125 8126 THE ONLY DAILY NEWSPAPER INTERESTED PRIMARILY IN THE ACTIVITIES OE DELAWARE COUNTY 'IE1rst of A11 the Home News Comp11me-nts A FRIEND , Y ggi A . . Che. -108 ' , PQ ' I First Class Shoe Ftebuitdmg , U, f 1 - - -9 I . , Q. of HENRY S MARKET Ou ht, IIGGI Irodu e Oro Er Ted Eood A PIONEER FOOD STORI 1584 CHICHESTER AVENUE Lmv ood P We Dehver P on I I o Ie EDDYSTONE GIRLS CLUB P1one Che ter 5 I353 MYERS MOTORS New 6 Used Cars Repcurs Towmg Ch1C116SICI Ave and Huddell St Lmwood Del Co Pa Ccmphmem I Mr 6 Mrs Harry Holobow1cz COTHDIIITIGVIIS A F R I E N D WEINBERG S PoR BLTHR THINC S For Sern o VI Your Commumty CALI ALEX MCCLARY and SONS Dletmloutor of DIAMOND ICE BLUE COAL FUEL OIL Also O11 Burners Phone Medlo 2777 Che ter 2 H572 Standard Pennant Company Big Run Po Ieffor on Countx Ifonufacturer of ILLI AND CIILNILLI AI ARDQ ALSO SWEATLRS I G ,Y J 3 , D C , AQ EC, CoH1p'1h1Q-mx o.5 5 I ,. I II- . I I , o. , . I Y il X, J',.1 L , 1 S , A ' fl O 7 U a I I I . 1 C: I. ' - ,. ' ' J of . 7 C A , I . , J. 5, 1' 7 , ,. , . ,I C. 1 "j 3 . Yu I THE YARDSTICK 8 10 E 6th STREET Chester PO YARDGOODS NOTIONS TRIMMINGS KNITTING YARNS Chester s Fashlon Corner BETTER THINGS FOR LESS THE EEST ENTERTAINMENT THE EDDY THEATRE An Atmosphere of Quxet and Comfort IOHN DEANS PHARMACIST 9th AND SAVILLE AVENUE Eddystone PO Chester 2 9243 AETNA BOTTLING CO EDDYSTONE PA YOUR FLORIST T H O M A S 1007 EDGMONT AVENUE Phone 4305 Chester M A R K S WELCOME HOME JOB WELL DONE IN EATON MARKET MARCUS HOOK ANDREW F SEAGRAVES ' ' SPEARE BROTHERS ROBERT J SOOK COMPANY E t bl h d 2 anu acfurcng ewe er CLASS AND COLLEGE RINGS CHARMS MEDALS PINS WITH YEAR GUARDS SORORITY AND FRATERNITY PINS TROPHIES PROM FAVORS For Quahty at a Reasonable Prlce BUY DIRECT mom THE MANUFACTURER 711-At in Rayon IM Nmerzca THE AMERICAN VISCOSE CORPORATION Is the Largest Producer of Rayon m the Uruted States IT OPERATES SEVEN PLANTS AND PRODUCES RAYON YARN AND STAPLE FIBER BY BOTH VISCOSE AND ACETATE PROCESSES AMERICAN VISIIUSE IIIJHPIJHATIIIN ni , s a is e 190 1001 Chestnut Street Victory Bldg. Philadelphia o o 0 o N A T I O N A L CHURCH GOODS SUPPLY COMPANY 821 823 ARCH STREET PhI1c1deIphIc1 Pc: ROSARIES MEDALS PICTURES ALTAR APPOINTMENTS Chester 5 2012 I.IN'WOOD CLEANERS IOS SCARELLI Prop 1576 Chichester Avenue Lmwood ADELES BEAUTY SALON ALL TYPES OF PERMANENT WAVES 80 UPLAND AVENUE Upland Pc Chester 2 4495 Chester 2 7710 Pcmtmg cmd Pcperhangmg Wall Scrcrpmg 1408 13th Street Eddystone Pa CHICHESTER ELECTRIC SALES CO GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES RECORDS RADIOS 1609 CHICHESTER AVENUE Lmwood Pa Chester 52169 A W STALEY IR Your Athlehc Equlpment ReCO1'1d1I1OI'1GI'S TRIANGLE R E N O V A T O R S ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT SERVICE 15th G CROSBY STREETS Chester Pc: Comphments A FRIEND ' ' , Pc - RELIGIOUS GIFTS .IAMES T- DAVIS A of WERTZ MOTCDR COACHES 24 EAST NINTH STREET f FRIEND Us HOOK C0l'l'll0Al'FlQI'l z'5 0 a THE BEAUTY BOX GET A WAVE BY AN EX WAVE IEAN A RAGAN 1003 TOLL STREET Eddystone Pa Chester 2 6505 Comphments of COOKIES SUB SHOP 1415-llth STREET Eddystone Pa W I N N FUEL AND LUMBER COMPANY Marcus Hook Cheiifef R E A V E Y S For Subs and Steak Sandwlches CORNER oi RIDGE ROAD and MARKET Lmwood P Comphments of A F R I E N D LONGTIN S RESTAURANT 100 EAST 10th STREET Marcus Hook Pa LANCASTER CO FARMERS MARKET 19 W 7th STREET fat Bndgel VISIT OUR POULTRY STANDS Foods Drrect from the Farm Home Made Pres Bread and Cakes Phone 2 9775 Market Days Wed G Sat MALIZIA BROS CURB MARKET FRUIT AND PRODUCE Wholesale Retall CHESTER PIKE AT EDDYSTONE Chester 2 9426 Free Delrvery WEBBS GARAGE 9th AND HAYES STREET Chester 8488 M A R L O W S Sc 10c and 25c Store Marcus Hook Pa Chester 6143 Plck up 61 Dellvery Servlce A L L A N S AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE Rachators Cleaned Repa1red Re cored Saville Ave and Chester Pxke Eddystone Pa A THOMAS Prop TONY D AMICO SANITARY BARBER SHOP 1573 BOOTHWYN ROAD Lmwood Pa IONES PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST 1582 CHICHESTER AVENUE Lmwood Pa SAVILLE MARKET 902 SAVILLE AVENUE Eddystone Pa Meats Grocerres Frosted Foods IOSEPH CAL Prop Phone 5 7 6 M THORNGATE D R E S S E S 6 WEST TENTH STREET Marcus Hook Pa BEDNOR S MARKET CHESTER PIKE AND SAVILLE AVENUE Eddystone Pa Chester 2 9156 ' , a. Chester, Pa. 22 EAST 10th STREET -1 2 I STOTTEWS RIALTO LUNCH A GRAND PLACE TO BUY CLOTHING for the family FURNISHINGS for the home Chester, Pc. 3rd AND MARKET 553 EAST Sth STREET Chester A. I. ANISTON UOIYII9 llnenlzf 0 fddlptone MANUFACTURING EUIVIPANY EDDYSTONE PENNSYLVANIA MITCHELL 6 NESS SPORTING GOODS STORE 1312 Arch Street Phlladelphla Pennsvlvama Philcldelphicfs Oldest auxinqrzlphs I Q 5 h Fi YJ x li fi w v .1 ,ag R. 1: - A if N sh 2: EZ - E . Q.: Q, ci" D- M ifi' .W

Suggestions in the Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) collection:

Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Eddystone High School - Beacon Yearbook (Eddystone, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 71

1947, pg 71

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