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EE oonrai DEDICATION Cur memories cannot recall a time when all nations lived in harmony throughout the world. Threats of war and war itself are not new to our generation. Only through education can we hope to ohtain a free and lit- erate world with unity between nations and peace among men. Thus, we the Students of Ecorse High proudly ded- icate the E-corsair to education for democracy. Published by The Student Council EC0l'Hf' High School Ecorsc, Michigan 1 ,V Nxwifew ECORSE HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL ONE XXUVX NNJQNSMM , u W M M SCHQQL TWO MILLER SCHOOLX ,QQ M Mfg M1 SCHOOL THREE FUI? 9,1 , X-,XA 1 Q v Q1 fbi as "-,- Mr. Raymond Mcmxwtie Nlr. Clarence Nlead Secretary Treasurer ECORSE BOARD OF EDUCATION Nlr. Edward MLDIIIVQ' P ei' lent NMS' lylnfit- Rgiupp r NIL Dr. Robert Thomson Trustee Tl'llStC'6 'Yue Cxrv vcmic scnoots Ecmse. flllfhkgnn umm E, mm. Supennxemlenx Feorua sair Staff ry l,l95 'Z and 5 tudents s of the E-cor ts in again 'Yo the Member I Ecorse high School: to you for your effor O Congratulations making the E-corsair possible! lt is a pleasure to congratulate the members of the Senior Class uoon successfully reaching this milestone in your lives. Someone has truly said, "Each of us is a part of all that has gone before and of all that we have our- selves experiencedd' The experiences of your school life, with the lcnowledges and skills you have gained have become a part of you. As you proceed into wharf ever the future may hold, you will more and more treasure me-se school experiences. Your future is largely within yourselves. What you shall do and be is determined partly by outside irvumstances, out, more truly, by your own inner nd determination. Within yourselves, lie you will meetg and, within your- fortification which will c , iom2nt a rohlems h and equ ' e ate st p Strengt oblems u the gr lie the those DT selves, you to solve Sincerely, help Ralph Super int 43 rant hool5 E. B endent of Sc The Senior Class of 1952 and Annual Staff may be justly Proud of the E-Corsair. Unlike the pirates of old , you--- the E-Corsair--have left a trail of worthy accomplishments for those who follow. The friendship and the associations you form , the basic truths you learn, and the service you render help you inter- pret the true meaning of life. With increased knowledge, wisdom and understanding you are now more able to assume the responsibilities and grasp the opportunities which lie ahead. Richard D. Evans Administrative Assistant MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 1952 Well done. ECORSAIR staff! Congratulations. Class of l95'2l liest wishes for the future! l can foresee for each of you a reasonably bright future if. during your school days at Ecorse. you have learned the value ol' Hl'IAl.TH and of: E lficiencv C ourage O ptimism R eliubility S tamlurtls E flort Rose Dill Educational Consultant X r. XX1l'm1n XX mnnck Nlr. laul Stover Yisimingi 'llsclncr Iyliss '11-,-K-gn NIU.-plly Supcrint':mlcnt of 61,11 Military 1,4-zavel R, N, lillilnlings and Groumls Sclmol Nurse ' ' 5 XI . F: lx Yrglblc' Mrs, Irma Hicks Miss Esther Schwartz MIN Lorraine X amni 1 r rm . Sc 'rcturv SWF'-'tary Book keeper Secretary L ' Plnuineerinu' and Maintainence Staff Miss Marilyn Gnadt Secretary ECORSE HIGH SCHOOL 4165 Seventh S: Ewm29 M1 lu, Iohn E Davls Pnncupal THE E-CORSAIR has become n tradition in Ecorse High School Cora-airs of old were hardy souls who accepted conditions as they found them and made their own opportunities The Corsairs of Ecorse High School are known as E-Cox-:airs They are emblematic of the efforts of the students :Ln their various activities, symbolizing their hope of achievement and faith in themselves as stated in the motto ot the graduates this year "'1'hey can who think they can ' We honor the class of 1952 and our best wishes go with them as they continue their voyage QA Www X John Davis Principal , 'c ' an W-L-JICKUOD All'l- PfillCiDll Telephone Du. 1 - 7311 ln order that we may live happily in every social situation, we should make use of the gentle traits of l-Qindliness, co-operation and tact, VVithout these traits well developed, the student will be unable to cope successfully with the experiences which concern life. By working together and co- operating with each other we can develop these traits and therefore we will help to better the citizenship training in our school. Warren J n Dean oys As the clouds of war roll luglier over the international horizon. there is driven home to each of us the deep appreciation that we are Americans. Uppermost in all of our minds is the building of a better world. I V Each can do his best by being a good citizen himself and then by enllsflnil Others H1 a national army of good citizens. Today, perhaps as never before. America is in need of strong and brave young men and women. L great struggle. et the people of Ecorse High School contribute their part in this Minerva Hunter Dean ol' Girls 9 pf fffffif X, ,,9" -a"'7P' ff? 0' 4, tbmnnon 4. Li i ABC D wk db?2'5ZN J Z--""'l--7' ' i ff' Mr. Jerome Arfa Junior High English Social Studies Mr. john Bauer Senior High Science Physics-Chemistry Mrs. Florence Blair Remedial Classes English-Arithmetic Mr. Ralph Buckles Junior and Senior High Mechanical Drawing Mr. Arthur Buss Physical Education-Coachi aw rf ,xi A Miss Mary Button unior High and Elementary Ar Ml' Russel' Blades Mrs. Mildred Compton Industrial Arts - Wood Shop Commercial Mr. Howard Cosbey nior High English-Social Studies Mr. Donald Draper Urivers Education-Attendance Miss Blanche Elliott Senior High Social Studies Miss Lillian Evans Commercial Miss Helen Garlington Alunior High Music Appreciation 13 Mr. Francis Garter junior High Science Mathematics Mrs. Naoma Hillis Cafeteria Mr. Glen Hunt Senior High English Publicity hfliss Nlinerva Hunter Senior High Social Smilies Nlr VVi1I'l'Cllll2lCliSUIl Senior High Social Stinlies Bliss Helena xl essinun Biology w e ,., ci Mi' Stanley xlohnson junior High Science hlzitlieiiiutics Mrs. Phyllis Kzisler unior High Home Economic Family Living hir. hnlward Johnston Printing-Auto hleclizinics hliss Nlnriorie xlginson Nh' Calvin Knox I 14 Girls l hysicul lfilnczition Senior High Social bflllllCS Mr. Francis Lahadie Senior High Nluthematics lXlr. Hans Lznntzsch unior High Science - xI2iIl1CI11IlllCS Pliotogrzxphy new' Mass Xlurgrett Milner tlunior anal Senior High Art Nlr. George Ockstadt Athletic Director l'ln'sicul lfalucation Mr. Curl Peterson Connncrcinl Klr. slohn Rcialy Senior High lfnglish Nlr. Ralph lN'ICNZlllQIhlIOl1 Nh, lxlmlcy Rigg, Lollllllefclal Senior High English Yr 4,,,,,,,M . Miss Lydia Rizzo Librarian lN-Ir. George Ruehle Junior High Science-Nlatlieinzitics Senior High Family Living: Mr. VVillium Sahlotna Machine Shop Mr. George Santoro Latin and Spanish Nlr. Hen bert Saylor Band 16 Mr. Roy Sezlvitt Junior High English-Social Stud Mr. Franklin Sherman junior High Social Studies-Engl Miss Nlayme Sims Senior High Mathematics Miss Irene Souder nior High Science-Mathematics Mr. Charles Sweet Vocal Music Miss Inez Sutton iior High English-Social Studies f . Q Miss Caroline Tribby Home Economics-Science 32 Miss Iva Studebaker Mr. Omer Vogt Senior High English n ' - un' ui: ...N s.. ...s.,f',. ... .'...':Xt,,.' ... '..-ov' v-..'.'.' Miss Frances Waggener Commercial Mr William Weeber Home Economics 1 7 Senior High General Science lib' XQEKJQZQ ,4AQvzfc4vZ.4f ' X I ,Ely iz' Z ,C jf! VUQVLI W -lffffff! ' Gif' JHJJZX X fz24.a4!- afccfx- - 547-'W ' Jr! I fan!! ,ffZLf,f7n4 0L' Z 4,417 -ZAAZZ,-Zdeafzi j -fffV'1-5 fjfffz'-r,,y .,,ZrL?' if 11? .9-IL-'fzfJ..,-Qjiyiyif'-'zff2f" - p- I I, :ff-L . 'Xl i-fffllcff W A I a J l J xirzazf jp-CfrZ,f .,Zzu'.4.f' ' C-aa!! AJ if f ' Q A ,cuff 54,0-4,11 ff'v?2.,qZ.76f. 4,, 4,10-6,o?f.,f J -l'dA2ff.fJL4145-fz,.-J' adfvmdj -jpgbgl .JK-6.2441 aff--.valzf -2-2,ff,c4,4,f' .Milf Z2 3--gif" pb-1411.1 pfaefval ?4A-z.'JZLQ2,f"',1,,94g,f,,if,-.1?,,,,M,,f V , . V 1. 4 . -WM,Zf..644f:6x54?fp'-fffffl-44-1ifv'-67 I 1 v 5 U ' ,4,a1ZQ:4ff--few-0'.fv4'M14ff4 -?ff4-4.4! ca. 11.4 ,CVLWJ QL, CJ , , ' 'f fxvvff A ! .. ,-,cftgi f1f.f2fJ'Lf?6,.1Lf-1,L,- ,dL6:ffz,7- g7,g7..pc,' dgqrqf . in jf' J ,I . C6 f" if '7' ' , , f 1 ,f 'X 47"-7Q4f'1'f'- 644Lzx"",7, .9-SA! ' gf jazqplfck 46 gn 1911952 'SZIISZIQSZ' Presiderfl' hw? Seniors Vice - Pv-eside l D Sponsors R-LM W-sf 'LH fffffw Treasure Secrefavq VVe, the class of 1952. wish to express our deepest appreciation to our sponsors. Nliss Lillian Evans and Nlr Ralph hlcNaug1hton. in grateful acknowledge- ment of their undying faith and their constant and successful efforts to make student lilc both interest- ing.: and profitable. 'ei ',1'p,+twm-it Allain, Leonard "Lenny" College Course. Activities' B-iskethall Football, Track. Ambition: Dentistry. Baxter. Patricia "Pat" Commerical Course. Activities: Choir, Mujorette, ,Teenz1ge, Recreation lluslcetbull, Annu:1l Staff, Ticlcet Seller. Ambition: To nmrry Don Chevilo and make it :1 success. "In your golden chain of friendship con- sider me zz link." Anggiohllo Lena Lee Lonnnerrial Course Activities. C horr, Teenage. Aml lt,rn. Iyplst. "Kr't'v"f'tlf"e is frwined throuffh efforts 'llutii' Bayles, Thomas "T.B." College Course. Activities: Art. Ambition: Artist, "Try." Bull, Jim ' '1finnmore"' General Course. Activities: Teenwffe Ambition' Machinist. "lo thmc own self be true. Bertusejour, Janet C'om1nerci:1l Course. Actisities' 'l'L'0U'l0'L' lhsketlmll Choir Ambition' Housewife " lic the host whatever you are. Bztllheim, Clifford "Spook" College Course. Activities: Bird and Biology Club,Foot- hull. Varsity Cluh, Choir, Band, Annual Staff, Spanish Club. Ambition: Funeral Director. "Ile who lingers gets caught in the end.' Birdsongz. Ossie Commerical Course. Activities: G.A,A. Ambition: To be a good stenographer. "She comes, she goes, yet nobody knows. Bond, Frederick College Course. Spanish-Latin Club. llran lt nm, Anna Lee "Chicken" College Activities: Student Council, Runner-up for Homecoming queen. Ambition: clan. "NIal4e haste slowly." Brant, Betty "lS:u'nie" College Course. .Xvtixitic-sz Student Council, .-Xunuiil Stull, Hand, Choir, G.A.A.. Spanish-l.:nin Club, Teenage Recreation lizisketball. Ambition: To graduate from Nliehignn State College. 'WV:iit till I finish my letter." Brown, Allen .M-tiviries: Lzuln Limo, Ambition: Plizirinmzist. "Take lite as it comes." To be Il lneclienl techni- :wtotlent Council. Bulko, joseph "slot-y" General Course. Activities: National Honor Society, Football, Rowing, Recreation linsketbzill, Track. Ambition: To stay away from work as long us possible. "Ile who yields the right of wny lives to drive another day." Course. Caldwell, james ",limmy" College Course, Avtivitis-S2 Annual Staff, Teenage, Sp:inisl1Club. Ambition: Auto lllechanie, "lf you do something do it right." Carter, Gloria "Jezebel" Commercial Course. Aeivities: O.B.E, of Ambition: To go to business Q A ' V' V school. A ii T "Honor and shame from no condition rise." Chambers, Marion General Course. Activities: E-teens. Ambition: Typist. as i eve 'ou Activities- lqklflllllltlll liurkellmll, Track, Band. .-Xinbition: T0 study Phurmncy. "Good things come to those who :ize- patient. Damron, ,lean "llot Rod" College Course. Activities: G.A.A., Majorettc, Choir National Honor Society, Spanish-Latin Club, Annual Staff, Teenage, Student Council, Recreation Basketball. Ambition: To Live a Life and Love it "Hey girls! I got the car tonight!" Cook, Shirley "Cookie" College Course. Actiiities: Spanish-Latin Club, Annual Staff, Library Science. Ambition: To become a successful law- -er. 5 "Verbum sapienti sat. " Davenport. Clifford. College Course. Qrane, lnez "Iney" College Course. Activities: Cheerleader, Choir, Spanish Club, Biology Club, G. A. A.. Annual Staff, Teenage. Ambition: To be a judgef Mrs. that is J . " Sow friendship, reap love." Davis, Rufus. 1 1 i 'Fuzz ' General Course. Activities: Drawing, Mechanical DrawinUClub Ambition: Draftsman. Crittenden, Norma "Chicken" Commercial Course. Activities' O B li Ambition. l"o live longer. "Iran clown a Bull in the English Channel " llulllcld lovce UUH5 C1cncr.ilCouisc. Xctivitivs' Tecnqnfe Ambition: Woinenk AH- p,,r,.C A.aLUll, IJULIIBC "Popcorn" Gcneral course. Activities: Girls Ensemble. Ambition: To be successful in liiig "My heart is in the service." Ford, Ruby Commercial Course. Activities: Student Council, National Honor Society, Teenage, Girls' Recrea tion, Choir, O.B.E.,O.G.A. I Ambition: To become an airline hostess without going to college for two years. "The person who makes a dream come true hasn't been asleep. " Elem, lrene General Course. Ambition: "To be a Dietitian." Fought, Nancy Mae "Legs" Commercial Course, .-Xt-tiiities: Choir, Majorette, Librztry Club, Annual Stuff, Teenage, Student Council. U.G.A., Hurlzfln Clull. "Iam whatl am." x Elem, Nathaniel College Course. Activities: Football, Track, Recreation Basketball, Choir. Ambition: Engineer. "Little talkers, little doers." Fowlkes, Th urston General Course. Activities: Football. Track. "Nothing saying." Ellison. Luetta "Lew" Commercial Course. Activities: Student Council, Ambition: To he an artist. "To keep what l'ie got and get all that I can." Freemark, Kenneth "j.a.cko'l College Course. ACtivitieSZBa11cl, Tennis, Bird and Biology Club. Spanishvlnitin Club, Annual Staff, Teenage. Ambition: To be at successful cngincc. "lf you clon't like what the teacheis are saying turn a deaf ear." I' l'lCl'SUIl, LICILYUUC College Course. Activities: G.A.A., Spanish Club, Library Science Club. Ambition: To be an elementary school teacher. Gibson, john College Course. Activities: Track, Basketball, Recreation Basketball. Ambition: To be a success. Garza, Daniel "Chico Commercial Course. -Xctivities' Football Basketball Baseball. Ambition: To be a cop. Giddens, Charles. "Chill Will" General Course. Activities: Football, Ambition: Professional football. "Live and let live". Gaudy, Thelma ' 'T.C." Commercial Course. Activities: O.G.A. Ambition: Stenographer. ' 'Better late than never.' ' Combos, Lillian "Lill" Commercial Course. Activities: O.G.A,, National Honor Society. Choir, Teenage, Rec- reation Baseball and Basketball. Ambition: To be a secretary. "She holds a place in all our hearts." Gibson George. General Course Activities. Track, Football, Basketball. Gordy, Margaret "Margie" Commercial Course. Activities: O.G.A. Student Council. Ambition: Stenographer. "Do it today for tomorrow never comes. General Course. Activities: Trnclt,Camera Cluh, Spanish Club. "I hope l will not be one of Truman's troopers." Holland, Jon College Course. Activities: Cheerleader, Choir, Band, Spanish Club, Bird and Biology Club, Annual Staff, Teenage, Recreation Basketball. Ambition: To be a Teacher. "Never shift your mouth into high gear until you're sure your brain is turning 0VeI". Hall, Shirley College Course. Activities: G.A.A,, Spanish-Latin Club, Cheerleader. Ambition: Nurse and jet flier. "Work conquers everything. " Hollingsworth, Joyce Commercial Course. Activities: Girls Ensemble, Student Council, National Honor Society, Annual Staff, O.G.A. Ambition: To love, honor and cherish. "I choose to make my name, not to inherit it." Hanasack, james "B..l." College Course. Activities- Football, Rowing, Bird and Biology Club, Student Council, Choir, Annual Staff, Teenage. Ambition: Dentistry. "Once a king always a king." Huffman, Alfreda Freda College Course. Activities: Spanish Club, G.A.A., Student Council. Ambition: Social worker. Hinton, Mack College Course.. Activities: Band, 'frack Ambition: Businessman. "Prepare thyself for things to come. " Hunter, Don Don College Course. Activities: AnnualStaff, Teenage, Choir. "If you can't take it with you, don't go." Y Jackson, Herbert General Course. Ambition: To be a musician: Jones, Donald "Deacon" College Course. Activities: Student Council, Basketball, Baseball, Latin Club, Teenage, Annual Staff, Choir, Biology Club. Ambition: Pharmacist. jedlowski, Dolores Commercial Course. Activities: Bird Club, Choir, Library Science Teenage, O.B.A. "Oh Well, there is always tomorrow." Jordan, Arnold College Course. Activities: Track, Spanish Club, Recreation Basketball. Ambition: "To be the object of every woman's devotion." jenkins, Gloria General Course. Activities: Choir. Ambition: Beautician. ' 'Nice gifts come in small packages." judge, Patrick "Red" College Course. Activities: liaintl, Choir, Rowing. Football, lratk, Varsity Lluh, Ambition: To be a 'success in something just once. "God helps those who help themselves." Johnson, Roberta College Course. Activities: Spanish-Latin Club Ambition. To get married. "Vain glory bears flowers and not seed" Kirby, Mary Commercial Course. Activities: Choir. Library Science, - l Student Council, Teenage, Bird Club, "1 O.B.E. ' K v f Q21 H "Live and Let Live. ' , - . 1 IXIDCI, J Llllllb "joe" College Course. Activities: Choir. Teenage, Student Council, Bzmtl, Football . Ambition: 'Ix1ll3CZl major in the Air l' orce. "W'lio tlun it?' ' Lang, Jesse General Course. Leigh, lrene General Course. Ambition: To be successful in life and a tlressmaker. Activities: Spanish Club. Ambition: To be a store manager. Lowrey, Eugene Lawson, john College Course. College Course. Activities: Football,Track, Camera Club, Recreation Basketball Photography Club, Teenage, Band. Spanish Club, Adult Scout Leader. Ambition: To be a success in life with or without the benefit of money "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." Activities: Football, Track, Basketball. lyiargitztn. john "Smily" College Course. Activities: Baseball, Basketball Fnutllitll National llonor Society. Layos, Helene Commercial Course. Activities. Annual Staff, National Honor Society, O.G.A., Teenage, Horizon Club, Library Science, Bird and Biology Club, G.A.A. Ambition: To love and be loved. Brown eyes that are never blue. Marten, Katherine Kathy C ommerctal Course Activities: O.G.A., Teenage, Malorette, Recreation Basketball, Annual Staff Choir, Ticker Seller. Ambition: To become a private secretary "Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe." McCoy, Fayne Commercial Course. Activities: liird and Biology Club, 'l een.i,,e, Horizon Club, 0 G A I ibrary Science. Annu:il Staff. G.A.A. "Her heart is with an alumni." Mitchell, Leon General Course. Activities: Track, Boys' Ensemble. E ' Ambition: Tailor. T "To he like a tree and die at the top." 1 i I 'eil lt Meliinney, Elmer "Mac beneral Course. Xctiritivs' Football Track Base- ball. Ambition: llrofessional Football. Nlouday. ,loan "lie Bop" College Course. r Activities: Spanish-Latin Club, Library Science. Teenage. fllioir. Ambition: To be Successful in lift-, "Th:1t's real cool." McKinney, Vera "Pumpkin" College Course. Activities: Spanish Club. Ambition: To be a teacher. 1 "To err is human, to forgive divine." Moore, ,lovce "Quivers" Commercial Course. Activities: G.A.A., U.G.A., l.ihi'ary Suiurice, Bird and liiology Club, Annual Staff, Horizon Club, Teenage, llainbow Girl, Recreational liziseball and Basket- ball. Ambition: 'lin be an umlcrtzikefs spouse. "Bly heart is fixed." MCNQ-ilage, Eugene "Mac" College Course, Activities: Bird and Biology Club, Varsity Club, Tennis Recreation liasketball, Band, Student Council, Spanish Club, N. A S. S, , Annual Staff. Ambition: To graduate from Vassar. "They say that all gennii are dead, but I am alive." Peggie, Andrew General Course. Activities: Recreation Baseball. Ambition:To see the world. Live today, tomorrow it might cost too much." Powell, Gary College Course. Activities : Choir, Teenage, Football, Recreation Basketball and Base- ball. "Don't do today what you can do to- morrow." Prusky, Virginia Redwine, Alfred "Cherokee" College Course. Activities: Band, Football, Basketball. Track. Ambition: Doctor. "He who knows and knows that he knows is wise so follow him." "jenny" Commercial Course. Activities: O.G.A., O.B.E., Teenage, Recreational Basketball and Baseball, Annual Staff. Ambition: To be a good wife and mother. "A mind of my own and a voice to express it." Radei, Shirley Resst, Anthony "Tony" General Course Activities: Baseball, liaskvtbztll, Recreation Baseball. Ambition: Cabinetmaker. "I'll always turn my back on girls and walk backwards." "Shirl" General Course. Activities: Teenage. Ambition: To be a model wite and mother. "l.aus,fh and the world laughs with you." Renaud, Robert "Duffy" General Course. Activities: Baseball, Football, Varsity Club. Ambition: Sergeant. Marine Corp. "To stay away from any woman wli i has something old, something nt-xx, - something borrowed, :mtl soinethinfr blue " Reddick, William "Billy" General Course. Activities: Football, Track, Recreation Baseball and Basketball. Varsity Club, Fl Teen. Ambition: Re Successful. 'Friends are made not born." Richardson, Ralph "Chrusher" Commercial Course. Activities. Tennis, Teenage, Choir Ambition: To be a success in life. Ixids are cheaper by the dozen. Roberts, Lernine 1 COYYllYICfkl ll Course Al'llVlllOK' FCCHZVC Choir .'hH1l1llIlll"l, Tylwlat. "Being small has its IlllVZlI'lI2l,i','U5.H Seymour Marilyn "Lyn" General Course. Activities: Teenage, Choir, Student Council, Annual Staff. Ambition: To get a good job and lead a good life. "Better late than never." Ayr' Sanfilippo. Joseph .loe General Course. Activities: Student Council. Shepherd, Lharlee "Lhuek" Collefte Cuure .hkllllllfm lrmtlmll, lraek, Retrea- tinn Baseball and Basketball. -llnluition' Fnffireer A good naman in hard to find. hehallhorn Basil Vommereial Cnurxe Aetnitles Choir O B E Teenafve Ambition. Be .1 success. "XVork faeinatea me I can sit and look at It for hours. Smith Lan renee Rabbit C ollehe Course. Activities: Track, Football, Student Council, Recreation Basketball. Ambition: Areliileet. "No great thing was ever done by great effort. A great thing can only be done by a great man, and he does it without effort." Sehm iueh jerry Rollv loly Lollege Lourae hLllVllltS X usity Llub Bird and iioloffy Llub Feenage Land Choir Spanish Latin Club Recre mon Basketball -Xnnual Staff 'hl'l1lJlIl0l"l To f'fr'idu'lte from College or to make my first U1Ill10l'1 three years .lfter high school graduation. gimth, Rlehard Smitty Comrnerctallmuree Xetnitiu Band Bird and Biology Club, Choir, Drum Major, Teenage, Student Council Annual qtaff Recreation llaakttlmll. Steele. Geneva Lollege Course. Activities. hpanish Club, G.A.A. Annual htaff. Ambition' To be successful. Taylor, Joyce General Course Ambition: Seamstress. Stein, Margaret "Honey ' ' College Course. Activities: National Honor Society, Student Council, G.A.A., Bird and Biology Club, Spanish -Latin Club, Annual Staff, Recreation Baseball :ind Basketball, Band, Choir,Teenage. Ambition: Roller Derby Skater. Townsend, Anna " Ie:unniu" General Course. xlctixities. Choir, Teenage, Annual staff. Ambition: To be a good wife and mother. "Life is like '1 s uinffs account you get out ulmt you put in. Stewart, Arenia "lr:-no" General Course. Ambition: To lead a happy and useful life "N4m nr ncxcr," Trueman, Lee General Course. Activities: Reereationliasketball. "You weigh your gold with a scale, You weigh your friend with your heart." htrouu. Lawrence "l,m-ry" GeneralCourse. Activities: Track, Basketball, Football, zxgagxx. lx. ,-X S, - .-A Ambition: Physical Ecl. Instructor. "Do unto others as you want others to rio unto you." Vincent, Barbara "Bobby" College Course. Activities: Choir, AnnualStaff,Teenage Ambition: To become a dancer and a scientist or a newspaper woman. "By George, by No ge " Vukovich, Anne "Vuk" Commercial Course. Activities: Choir, Teenage, O.G.A., 0,B.E., Recreation Basketball, and Baseball, National Honor Society, Annal Staff. Ambition: To be a Secretary. Reddick, William "Billy" Generalffourse. Activities: Football, Track, Recreation Baseball and Basketball Varsity Club, li Tet-n. Ambition: He Successful. "Friends are made not born." Walker, Betty College Course. Activities: G.A.A. , Choir, Spanish Club. Ambition: To be a nurse. "Less talk and more work." Williams, Felton ' ' NVash" College Course. Activities: Spanish. Ambition: Teacher. "Failure comes from the inside first, it's there, if we only knew it: and you can win, though you face the worst, if you feel that you are going to do it." XVhit-e, Donald College Course. Activitiestliasketball, Civil Air Patrol. Ambition: To own an airplane and workshop. "Hold your head up but look where you're going. " Younts, Eleanor Commercial Course. Activities. O. G. A. Ambition: Ministry in the balvation Army. " Promotion upward comes when we learn demotion inside." Not pictured: Giddens, Curtis General and College Courses. Activities: Trade school. 33 Helene Layos -Joyce Hollingsworth Valedictory Salutatory cfs 6 Q, 3544? 45- 0 69 Oo sy r Class History 99 Class Prophecy Glftaton ro . 4. 'ZQUPQW ' , WW' Q Q9 Class Will ig rs iv 34 Wow ,- S J ffx Q Freshmen 1f""' QJM, Soglwomonfgs MQ Juniors WU NAL-bf- " d i. lil ef Juniors V PrQ5tclen1' Deon 'B ack ner, JCL JC. We, the junior class, sincerely dedicate this sec- tion to our sponsors whose guiding hands have help- I Km ed us overcome many obstacles which have often 'RA confronted us. It is due to their understanding co-operation that we believe that we can make our class as successful as the class of 1952. Nm Francis Labaclie, Mrs. Vlildved Com 'fun l Trelsuvev lf'v '1" f Gloria Fowler ,Y Q 5 f U ' an E-J u tt-, , nk J' -if -5-ecve.'lavr1 ,,""'......-'f-- H' g Q' 1 Desanlca Pavlovicln, .2 - iii- i v , are Q , X if L 'Q 'lf' -l J X 'S , ,M x l "2 i M3 X ., ir gi fi ai, ri 7 llivu , A W' ,- vw , Qi ' a ag' Q 'Q tiff I jpg, 'f ixifwfml 'fZ1T'V'I? I xl 6,21 .1 rr it .r, if i if ff ,. ll R ix ' Jug 5.3K 4 Akers. Denver Bax ter, Ronald Buckner. Dean Carroll Gerald Clem, Colley Corus, lieu-rli' Derden, VVillianr Fowler, Gloria Cayclos. Joanne Uiilden, Irene Giclden, Pauline Halcomb, Lawrence Harbin, Barbara Hernandez, Sabina Hultquist, john johnson. Lillie jordan, ,loella King, Ellis Luna. lzlia Martin. Rose May, -lo-Anne Messineo, Frvrrices Miller. Donald Nloore. Howard al he Q- as Ur M, ae, ,y VE." ,.'. .J Moore. Kenneth lNlo,rgan, Lois Pattenaude, Vallerie Pavlovich Deszmka Peguese, Dorothy Radar, Shirley Redwine, Audrey' Ridgel, Victor Sacltenheim, Lynn Scheck. Ronald Serbin, Helen Shesko, Marlene Slovenske, ,lean Smith, Rosemary Steffes, Arthur Stokes, jonnie Mae Sfvwarti Eugene Swart. Oaikley Tandley, Viola Thomas, Beverly Tucker, Ruby Varza. Mike YVarren. Robert VV Cstrrdalt, Mauricg Sophomores not pictured: Andrews, William Bercheny, Margaret Boyer, Felicia Chambers, Pearl Dalton, Ronald Dent, Charlotte Ditto, Ralph Fleming, Rosaland Floyd, Gary Foreman, David George, Melvin Gordon, Thomas Hawkins, Vivian Horner, Eugene Martinez, Ramon McKeith, Beverly Meinke, Lyle Norman, Nancy Robinson, Jannie Russell, June Stafford, Sharon Thomas, Phvllis Thurman, Lorenzo Vandenberg, George Veyant, Jerry Washington, Rebecca Welch, Ronald Wendle, Virginia si' :QE Zanoni Bob Y x ,X - i gg. 5 I-as Tw N i Hs L 39 "-S d'g,j7.1n-n-on juniors not pictured Altmeyer, Marlene Bell, Richard Bradley. Robert Brillhart, Eugene Cushing, David Edwards, Eleanor lflhe, john Flanigan, Ann Frierson, Fred Fricrson, Rena hlae Gzunbrcll, XVillie Garrett, Savzinnzih Gyuran, Richard Harrison, Andrew Hinson, Clyde jones. Elaine King, Clara Kuziol. ,loc Lane, XVilliam l.Illl,L1llIIlilIl, Barbara Leigh, lrene Mason, Robert Mitchell, Leon Ogden, Lutisha Olsen, Edwin Patrick, Dorothy Randolph, john Ruana, Betty Sanfilippo, Dominic Schwartz. Shirley Smith, Manfred Tennon, ,Ierline Tuskes, Barbara Underwood, Betty Vickers, Lurine Vorves, Nick Waly, Neethy Wright, Ethclrine Wright. Iola Soph om ores . President Clarks Jackson Vice President Joanne Long i ,i e s ' . . f' X I I . v V 4 .4 e , I f' is ""'N 'S '--- ww Q .36 H: F-fr 7, v We, the class of 1954, wish to express our heartiest thanks to our sponsors, Miss Rizzo and Mr. Knox, for our successful Freshman and Sophomore years. We know that under their superh leadership our J unior and Senior years will he equally successful. It has been a pleasure to serve under them. not a task. Nr: Calvin Knox Miss Lydia R izzo Q ,ln S ,Treasurer 9 .2253 Gow Fw' P 0 .er 'V : 5 f i 5' , -- X, f Scerafiary 40 4,5 ,- -D f'Qil7auline Colaianni"j ,vm ax rag K -an i. 2 - Unnlsv .. ,X r - L aae C l A Str WJ f' ir 551 ' 'IM N , I i ' di ' ' Ex S: ' K av-:ig RWM Adams. Paul Armour, Edward Balogh, Anthony Barnett, Melvin Barone, ,loseph Barone, Joseph Bemis, John Benham, Delores Berger, Carol Berkey, Delores Berwick, Geraldine BCUFY. Alice Black, Jerry Boyer, Felicia ' Buckner, Gcne Bulko, Carolyn Bush, Roland Campo, Leonard Chiparo, Rosie Clark, Frank Claxton, 'Gene Cline, Marlene Cocroft, Annie Colaianni, Pauline 41 M51 W' ,qw ffl N, it 1. me X ty Z 4 'Q , .,,, i Q 1 ,fs lily, 4- '. 1 3' 1, Q: . . 1111- " .n ' 'sf i, Q-X , W ' , , T.-,s v Q A J. f X ' 'S 51 3 I YV 'V 5,-ia... '... rig- Rs: i f . i . , 'W Q31 i f f fe f' A, ,f, -A X J iw- 1 -it f:,,mSmf Bi 9- 'O em-. in if-. A ' , W A :W - ' : , QI 'WHY' , w lr . . X rl, 5? Q xr mr F ' rililif' fi ,. 1, N , - ,Mg ,Y , , ,eil ,I r W gllim GQ " in l 1 4 1 Q lr? 'R M 'Z' , .- , u 4 54 xfkf' Collins, james Craighead, Guy Duffield. Dorothv Edmonds. Warner Evans, Dann Ford, Frank Ford, Gary Ford, Jack Ford, Wilma Frierson, Peter - Gepes, Marianna Gevercer, Emele Gohlston, William Grimes, Robert Hampton, Joseph Hegeman, Garnett Hicks, Charles Hopkins, Oscar Hughes, Edward Jackson, Charles jenkins. Theodore Jewell, Freddie Jones, Roosevelt jordan, Shirley 42 S H! , YQ 1- , , 14 f--- ' .,,. -1 .1- 40" 4 L , AQ., . l Q in 4' Y 'GD Val! . wif .. 354, A iid? 1 wr 3 r 5 xx ,, T, 12:35 , are ' 1 ,Q 1 .9 , .2 2.5! 5- ','.. 1 1 if . 'fin Ji' Lang. Don LaBelle. Gale Lee, Roscoe Long, Jeanne Lovett, Charlestine Lunsford, Barabara Margitan. George Mason, Shirley Matoras, Harriet McFadden, Catherine Nlontroy, James Nlontroy, john Morris. Audrey Morris, Xvilliam Pakaski, Elizabeth Patten, Fred Payton, Charles Perham, Marvin Prusky, Marlene Reiriz, Josephine Richards. David Rinaldi, Anthony Ronders, Delores Rose, Kenneth 43 .9 Q, ir gear? ex BW , , ,. Vx x is ig ' L vg- .- H' ,Ds 'J ., sf,t...f fwwgayssxgzflfel. , 1, f J,,kL,. ,, V JZ, . ,tw I fl p.. . he ,N v ,,.,,. ,,, , w 5 , K , fs ,V ig X ' l 2,5 f 4? 5 'F i , ,.,,' all 3,1 K S ' - '-1:' Iggy lu an af 2 'l 5 1 m Q5 r 4 ff ,pl sr W! iq 'asia e I 1242 sw Q' H. rw 'vt we mba x Y ,W W1 Ps-v .LM Egg 3- 'ir ,- ' Q , .rg-'W-' Vr aqz A . 1 K I Rush, Eula Salas, Isabel Samu, Louis . Sanders, Jewell Schallhorn, Ronald Sipos, Helen Smith. Carolyn Spino, Richard Stoner, James Stroud, Olivia Thomas. Patricia Thomas, Isaac Thurman, Lorenzo Vanderberg, George Veyont, Jerry Wallen, Robert Whitten, Joyce Williarns, Janis Williams, Johnnie Wilson, Betty Wineinger, Margie Whirserr, Willie Wozniak, Delores 44 Que 1 ...QQ Freshmen. , Y V , fix v .W Yi-. . L-g Preswdevfl' G enh Nea. XAAIX vuq on BBMNCIWS Vuce-'Press 17 l a ini ""' CFD, 6 f1Q'i'5 h h 1 Y Veg!-. Mass C Secvefar NC fi?-7 Qin C avolyn Jilemaln. Tre-,asu rer- Eddie Revo-sz , X f . X' ' ff. -,fn ' 7 fg .f is f'-gf. , L f , . ' 4 It f . , amffgmvg Ar it 5. BOTTOM ROVV: B. Moore, P. Berkev. M. Isaacs0n,LI. SLimler,R, Heidi' L, Anlznns, R. Baker, G. Ghist, R. lwulmlonzado, M. Pavlovicll, R. Scott, D. Anton. A. Hulwer, M. Allain, G. Vinson. SECOND ROW: W. Copija, N. Lewis, G. lirurlacr, C. Wiatson, lVl. Alwerl, B. Collins, G. Boyer. S. Carr, C. Dixon, V. Spicr, R. Nicholson. Nl, Guthrie, P. Nixon. THIRD ROW: Mr. Vogt, M. Caseholt. F. Hassom. ,l. Thorton, VV. Yekin, R. I-lickson, C. Taylor. B. Slicr crll. D. Vllillinms, l'. Wvright, R. ,IO21j'liDT,C, VVilIlill1S,L.BI'l'illlI. FOURTH ROKR 2 Miss Trilnby, F. VVrig1l1t, R. Stevenson, G. Armstrong. YV. Patrick, V. lffclly. Y. Rc-clcliclx, VV. Steele, B. Nloorc. O. VVillialns, VVilliums. P. Belew, Xl. Miller. D Kcrrick. ,l. Xx'lllllllllS, D. Shears.. if 1696 to 'fx'- f" 'f . 1- 2- Z..- A l, iii- i qi: i l A-nv fx' in ,- 1 I i 2 . '01, . 1 ,l7.Drakc.,. l'4u'tipilo. l' Comm. ll Nlznson, L. Burris. lf. Revesz, M. Arnold. G. Davis, liuycr, R. Norton. li. linker, l.. Bemis. D. Curry, Ll. liurks, l'. rl-l1Ull1!lS, lgiiign-. lt. Lznrter. S. Uri-cn. IJ, Cushing. sl. Hayle-s. SECOND ROXV: ll. XX'cmll. ll. lizirtuli, li. Stein, l,. Monk, ll. Humplircy, l.. l-lziwlxins, S. Easley, L, Horner. R. l':il:izul:i. li. Gyiiitnn. R. l'ic:ti'zmgelo. l-l. rlirevino. D. VVinnicl4i, ll llupucy. lf. Nluiilzi, IS. Porter, xl. lXlcUumc-I. li. Lange, xl. jones, E. Kentris, T lfzismm. l'. lirzidlty. 'l'HlRD RONY: N. Mitra, ll. Clordy, -I. Yun Czumeyt Xl. Rumlcz. S. Xlurclli, S lN'lcmlc', KI. Hummun, L. Talley, ul. Dzunrmm, VN Cllmiiii. N. l.zu1stiu, li. xlulmson, lf. Rmuleis. R. lllgillilll, K. lNlinium, R. Huutari .X. Selma-iilgliici. R. l.mctt. li. Rnffcr, R. RlllSll'f'. Bliss Trilnlwy. FOFRTH ROXY: Nlr. Yugi. l.. Uinrrctt, rl' Mitqllcll. lf. XX'llll1ll1lS, Nl. Kennedy, li. Scllaul v XX, Tlimnzns. .I lgmms, li Huriipirm, tl l5c:n'c1'. Y Cosmo. M. Smith. ,l. Nlourc, la. X ziugglm, M. lXlcmre-, .tl Giililciis, sl. rlVlIUlllI1S, li. Smart, 'lf Rogers. R. Broclis. lfllf'l'H ROXX I Piitlunort li XX 'Q K ' - -, 2. vzillxcr, lf. Lililikscziles, Dlfliilkscziles, C.Gl1:nn. K. Xxliblllllgflbll, lf. llrznmlisum. F. lNl::sun. 'lf Uurnell, li. Anlams, S. Lupere, Y. Rulwlwim, .-Xfllzmylor Nl. Xlcinlxcii, l.. Pratt, H Kfrtytlli, R. Colman, U. Stone, N. lizilllnt QQ ,-.- SLAAJ X-',sA.a-Z A. 5 AL099. fs J 644- - .4 GRADE LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT RCW: R. Gohlston, C. Hussey, E. Gcpes, L. Easley, B. Thornton, C. I-Iuher, J. Boyd. J. VVineiger, C. Overalls, P. Johnson, R. Cook, R. Armstrong, C. Kennedy, F. Seay, C. Kennedy, P. Hardeman, V. Brewer, J. Travis, S. Scarf. SECOND ROXV: R . IVIiller. D. Lee, I. Davis, C. NIcCvien, J. I-Iorn, R. Goodell, K. Coshy,F.Sz1nlilippo, J. Grnnnss, B. Balcom, C. Kirkland, R. Cavanaugh, V. INIorris, R. Orgreck, B. Lewis, J. Gamhrell. E. Hernamlez, VV. Perkins. THIRD IlcyxvlJ.RIgIliCl1I1Ll!'Q,',:x.ST1ONV, M. Burkhart, R. White, S. Fleshman. J. Scott, J. Sykes, J. Kernzxn. J. NIoore, J. Tuskes, S. Younts, R. Powell, XV. Clark, C. Lackey, P. Nelson. E. Bryson. N. Jackson. H. Bomar. POURTI-I ROVV: XV. Nunn, B. Pongraez, R. Sykes, B. Krem, J. Prisza, A. Aguire, H. Deroanc, J. Kozizxl, D. Pusino. E. Gomes, J. Puulitch, If. Nears, B. Crain. B. Coney, XV. Penilmerton, Yinson. R. Stahl, R. Gaunly. I"Ilf'I4I'I I-IOXVZ R. IY'Izsssey, E. Hamlin, R. Fleming, A. Brach, D. hIcCoy, IQ. Vflritesicle. J. Shirley, S. Cheek. F. ikforris, R. Singer, C. VValker, Y. Kaigler, C. Rznnlolpli, J. Felton, R. Poole, B. Jonlon, J. Peguese. GRADE B LICPT TO RIGHT FRONT ROXV: F. Brant. R.I.nug1lnn.m, J. Kalman, J. Reyolcls. hi. Cocklin, T. Edmund, E. Peoples, D. Gehhardt, P. Schneider, E. Stephen, A. IX'Iorelli, L. VVright, P. Courtney. SECOND ROVVC NI. Smith, C. K. Patrick, INI. XVilliznns, J. Hzlrtsell B. Glenn. D. Buckskin, IVI. Loitan. L. Crawford, J. Smith, J. Smith, D. Claxton S. I-Iowarcl, A. Stephens. L. Harris. r 1 . THIRD ROVV: P. Schuff, D. Kelly, S. Lawson, E. VVatkins, T. Lyons. D. Richardson, B. Adams. E. Jackson, S. Tohias. L. Leigh, C. Lung, P. Paul, IW. Salas J. IVIaley. FOURTH ROYV: L. Contreras, R. Peutts, P. Mottley, L. Patrenauale R. Robinson, D. Bellman, NI. Williams. C. Dayton, IMI. Eason S. Jenkins, C. Jameson M. Muniz, L. Hernandez, S. Harrison. FIFTH ROXV: E. Adams, D. Onlen. C. Maldanado, J.Deal,F. Jackson, B. J. Pearson, IVI. Beaver, B. Lowrey, D. Ingram. T. IVIcFadclen, T. Bodner, J. Danoyich. A. Brovsluw, L. Stewart. u v 7 .vi JV' S 4. A c-fri, ,ji . GRADE 8B LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW: M.Renaud, A.Avila, R.McKinney, J. Bobo, C. Scales, H. Gaydos, D. Grandison, V. Hawkins, A. Farkas, M. Purifoy E. Pietrangelo, E. Whitwell, G. Swart, C. Scaggs, L. Chambers. SECOND ROVV: G. Smith, B. Warren, J. King, C. Nichalas, J. Leonard J. Gordy, C. Whitten, H. Davis, P. Harrison, J. Nelson, J. Maley, M. Norman A. Reves, G. Fowler. 1 v 1 THIRD ROVV: J. Morris, C. Motley, L. Barber, L. Ingram, J. Wise, M.Torango, J. King, J. Younts. S. Green, E. Williams, M. Moran, S.Thompson, E. Skinner, G. Adams. T. Judge. FOURTH ROW: A. Fech, D. VVoocls, J. Hoffman, M. Barber, M. Dillbeck, F. Dalton, J. Naska,l J. Booth, K. Begg, T. Branham, B. Busher. R.VVales, P.Brown, R. Max. G. Beausejour. FIFTH ROVV: P. Ford. D. Irving, E. Landers, K. Adams, J. Ross, M. Ciemereli, L. Perry, B.Clarli, F. Oatlcy, J. Keller, H. Simmons. GRADE 7A LEFT TO RIGHT: M. J. Kelley, D. Maldonado, V. Keezer, J. Sliulca, V. Wallen, J. Huber, E. Rightenburg, T. Knerly, C. Westerdale, D. Grandlson, I. R cl , E. P HY- QEEQQNDCEQWZ S. Brown, B. Compton, B. Barbosa, B. McCoy, M. Ho- tham, D. McKinney, N. Burris, R. Tucker, C. Garton, J. Ellington, J. Russell. C. K' . D , TITJTJQD ROWg 1. Contreras, N. Belisle, M. Burris, G. Hicks, R. Akers, A, Dolcini, B, Newton, D. John, A. Hileman, G. Sykes, B. Comerzan, D. Mc- Neii'igERTH RQW5 S, Plaza, I, Zimmer, D. Miller, S. Chapman, C. Miller. V. Hagworth, K. Grandison, L. Johnson, W. Cr0uSC. N. COVHS- M- Sllbo- H' Allen . . FIFTH ROW: L. Shivel, R. Prusky, L. Armstongr, J. Ford, S. Crust. CJ. Gibbink, L. Heard, G. Dixon, G. Hellwig, J. Steffes, H. Lawrence. I ,WA iff f .Y - if. - 1 , 41. . fN.:1za.,. - LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW: R. Vasquez, H. Bryant, .I- Abercrombre J. Tabaka, R. Craven, M. Balcom, G. Girard, J. Burse, R. Drouilard, M. Wine- inger, B. Hammer, W. Worley, W. Scaggs, B. Caldwell, J. Nickolson, B. Hertza A. Deloreto, S. Perkins, A. Whitefield, K. Sackenheim, V. Fejes. SECOND ROVV: S. Eddlcman, J. Sampson, P. Hootman, T. Allain, B. Stahl H. Thomsen, J. VVarren, G. Hoak, P. Luputz, M. Cassidy, R. Dombroski, D. La- Pere, G. Forney, J. Trammell, R. Roberts, C. leffery, S. Barbosa, E. Kovachs. THIRD ROW: M. Subotich, D. Gombos, J. Molnar, J. Rice, A. Cruz, E. Keezer, C. Susewitz. Y. Callahan, R. Foster, G. Thomsen, E. Meadows J. Pelihos B. Holbrook, J. Wilcmmx, S. Duprey, E. Perkins, D. Belisle, L. Isaacson. FOURTH ROW: S Marth, VV. Michaelis C. Milisor, Y. Maldonado, M. Vas- quez, L. hlartinez, IW. Yekins. R. Lackey, K. Kekich. Spence, K. Monk, K. Nliller. FIFTH ROVV: A. Clark, R. VVinslow. K. Corns, C. Morris, L. Hersey, D. C1-rroway. R. Sponseller. 1 I GRADE 7B JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR wi ' Qi The junior High Choir was organized with the intention of gaining the students'i terest in music. In the future it is planned that over and above the general 8th grae chorus there will be a select girls' and boys' glee club. The members of these grou will have as their aim perfection in choral singing. J R l Z ATIUNA HO OK S Cll-L'l'Y ATIONA ,, HO OR SOCIETY Sponsor,Miss Blanche Elliott Thc Ecorse Chapter of the National Honor Som tlesires to attain the goals of the national organizai lt seeks stimulation for the students in the Ecorse l School to reconize those outstanding elements of charaf scholarship, leadership. anal service which are the contri ing factors for successful living. NllCllll3L'IS ol National Honor Society are electctl hy the faculty from the upper third ol the Senior and JL class. The proiects of the local chapter lor this year include the observance of a National Honor Society VX anil an Honor Asst-tnlvly to rcconize all Honor Roll stutlents. The officers for the year 1951-1952 are: Presi -lost-ph liulltoq Vice-l'resiilent,Alohn hlargzitangSecretarv-treasurer,l,illian Clomhos. V , 1 1 A I 7 ' The niemhcrs ol the local chf-pter are pictured lroin left to right: Nlarlenc bheslto, lnez Crane. Donalal XX lute, lovce Hollingsworth, Donald -lones. Allrenla Ilullman, ,lean Uanmron, xlohn hrlargitan. hliss Blanche hlllott, .lU5CPll ullto,lVlargaret Stein, llclene Layos, Ruhy Fortl, Ann Vultovich, and Lillian Goinhos. OR st ARSITY CLUB .2' .1,'--'. X'q'2:afQ'Q The Varsity Cluh was first lorinetl in the xq":" 19205 and later reorganized in 1949, lts purpose is to promote sportsmanship :intl to create school spirit inthe school. Boys ezirn- ' 5121 varsity li in football, husltethzlll, lunge- hall, tennis, antl track are eligihle for ineniher- V Y s np. A R S l T fs earning a letter in Ll inziiur sport or 'o letters in il minor Sport :ire eliggihle :is Ji ile inemher in the National Athletic Scliolgir- U ship Society ol Secondary Schools. :Xt the time this annual was going: to press the lollowing hoys were prospective inemhers: 1 ry Floyd, john Hulttiuist, Tom Veyzint. "r,1il Cosgro, Rntly Nlziltlonzulo, .lziclt Klon- i'oy,,l:1mCS lVIontroy,loe l'.1rtipilo,:iiitl lfiltlie Revesz. TOP ROVV: Sponsor, lXfIr.C,1eorg.5e Ockstult, Secretary. Eugene lNlcNeilz1ge, Dun VVhite Clifford Ballheim. Sl COND ROVV: John Nfzirggitziri, .Nssistziiit-'lirezisiirer Bob Grimes joeliulko Mike Vwrga. THll D ROVU: Treasurer lhit tlutlge,l'rcsi- tltnt K erry Qclnnaucli N ice-l resitlent. Holi xenzititl. FRONT: Dain iizlrzn. QQMGMM, 53 SE ICR HIGH BAN The Senior High Band which includes the marching band has a membership of sixty. Richard Smith is the drum major, and the majorettes are Nancy Fought, Barbara Luns- ford, Helen Serbin Sl-zender. Betty and hlilanne Slien- The marching football games and Ecorse - Romulus includethe Mernor- ment Mimi Pavlovich, and Milannc Ruano is in charge of uniforms, der is the band librarian. band performed at all four home made a trip to Romulus for the game. Other annual activites ial Day parade and Commence- The concert band presented at least three assembly concerts and two evening concerts to which the parents andpublic were ins rted 'if rf' h . V. I i Nlr. Herbert Saylor. Director JU IOR HIGH BA i ?-Gs? The Junior High Band has 'forty-two members from the seventh and eighth grades. Players in this organization have had from one semester to two years playing experience. The beginning band has thirty members in the seventh and eighth grades. Both groups participated in a Christmas concert and a parents' night concert on January 10. BEGINNING BAN SENIOR UHUIK NOONTIME CHOIR E34 JUNIOR CHOIR 31o1,oGY CLUB haf v 1 The Biology Club was started in the spring of 1930. The object ofthe club is to work for the preservation of wild life. Both clubs are under the sponsorship of Miss Helena Jessman The Bird Club, organized in 1937, contains twenty-five members. Their main 3 I R D C I, U B goal is to maintain a broader view on bird life and nature. I fl' H a 57 -1 H2 a .B. E. O. G. A. Members of . the Order of Gregg Artists' Club must be able to write an accurate and artistic style of shorthand and must qualify for the O. G. A. Certificate in the Annual Gregg Contest. Membership in the Order of Business Efficiency is limited to advanced bookkeeping stud who have solved an advanced bookkeeping problem accurately and neatl ' keeping Contest. ents y, in the Annual Book- ' .1 5: , The Camera Club is the organization responsible for the pictures in the annual. It operates out of a well equipped darkroom which is headquarters for the membership. The picture being all imporant, the members make as many of them as they have time CI ,l J B towork out. The purpose of the Library Science Club is to render library service to the school. The social highlight of the year is the Christmas party, when the members decorate the li- brary's Christmas tree. LIBR RY SCIENCE CLUB 59 The Teen-Age Club was organized in January, 1944. Since the group he- came so large it was necessary to form two clubs, one for the younger set--the Teenette Club, and one for the older set--the Hi-Teen Club. This was done in Sep- tember, 1949. Officers are elected annually, and a planning committee formulates the program for the year. These Clubs are sponsored by the Ecorse Department of Recreation which is under the direction of Mr. William XVeeber. TEE ETTE CLUl SPANISH-LATIN CLUB R DIO CLUB This group of students meets each day during the second period. Learning the fundamentals of radio is the overall objective, and this goal is achieved by each student making a crystal set and one tube set . Some of the more advanced students learn to make minor re- pairs on radios they bring from home. The Spanish-Latin Club of Ecorse High School is organized principally to increase the interest of the students in other languages besides English. We feel that a knowledge of how other people live. move, and think will help us in understanding them. L EYE AND E R 61 CLUB The Eye and Ear Club is a group of students who are interested in the organization , maintenance, and op- erational end of the equipment used in bringing recordings, as well as, pic- tures into the classroom. STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Reidy Mr. Riggs Advisors President, james I-lanasaclr. Vice-President, Richard Smith Secretary, Ruby Ford fabsentl Treasurer, Nancy Fought Sergeant at Arms, Lawrence Smith The Student Council is a service organization which attempts to bridge the gap between faculty and students. Its duties are many and various. Its objective is school betterment. This year the Student Council has had a new duty added-- sponsoring the annual. Assisted by the Camera Club and the Printing classes, the Ecorse Student Council is now responsible for the publication and financing of the E-corsair. .. Q DH 1 62 8 FIRST TEAM gs l LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROXV 3 Elmer Mc Kinney ,Charles X Giddens , Leonard Allain . MIDDLE ROVV: Milton Crarhead. ' XJ s BOTTOM ROVV: Lee Pratt, john Lawson, E Bill lNIorris , Rohert Renaud , Mike Varga, n' Roosevelt Jones. Bucky hloorc, John Gibson. D -I T T R Q, 5 . Robert Renaud and Milton Craighead read for a play. Gibson makes a spectacular catch. lla l u NNN W A 4 I' 1 tx fs Fcorse 12 River Rouge 0 Fcorse 7 VVyzmdotte 22 Ecorse 0 W'ayne 7 Ecorse 6 L1 rtcoln l'ark 6 Ecorse 12 lVlelvimlale I3 Ecorse 37 Lowery 20 Ecorse 13 Dearborn 12 Ecorse 7 Romulus 13 Ecorse 12 Trenton 7 VRITY TEM LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROW: Ass't coach Ralph Buckles, Coach George Ockstadt, Charles Giddens. Co-captain Pat Judge, Bob Grimes, Clifford Ballheim, Roosevelt Jones, john Lawson, ,loc Barone, xlol1nGibson, Eddie Hughes, Ass't coachArthur Buss. MIDDLE ROVV: Manager joe Partipilio, joe Bulko. Bill Morris, Charles Payton, Bob Renaud, Butch Cosgro, Gary Powell, George Margitan, Gary Ford, Lee Pratt, Julius Beaver, Manager Earl Clinlxscales. BUTTOM ROVV: Manager Eddie Ravesz, jack Montroy, Don Kerman, Mike Varga, Willie Vklhitsctt. jini Montroy. Milton Craighead. Elmer McKinney. Co-captain Leonard Allain, Roy Cohen, Edward Morelli. -1,-1-1-'OIL !""" 5 .il-' JM' I -- it ff The Varsity Football Team completed a very successful season. Of the nine games played, against four class A schools and four class B schools, four games were won, four were lost, and one was tied. In mo ot the games Ecorse lacked one touchdown of being the winning team and one gafre was lost by one point. The team has the satisfaction of knowing they played good football the entire season and established the best record since 1942. 65 JUNIOR HIGH 1woo'1'1aALL The Junior high football team played a schedule of six games, winning three, losing, two and tving, one. Many of the boys who participated on this squad during the l95l season will be ready to take a place on the varsity squad during the coming season. Ecorse 6 River Rouge 5 Ecorsc Ecorse 49 Mclvinclale 0 Ecorse Ecorse 35 Melvindale 0 Ecorse 3 Lincoln Parlifl 0 Melvindale 20 0 Wyanclotte 15 "Guess Who and When" VARSITY BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROXV: Coach George Ruehle, Rooseveltjones, Lynn Sackenheim Willy' Gambrell, Bob Grimes, Frank Ford, Don VVl1ite, ,lolm Margitan. Maurice VVesterdale. BOTTOM ROW: Manager Charles jackson, Willie NVhittsctt. Bob Zanoni, Leonard Allaxn Gary Ford, Ken Moore, Don Mllier. Manager Bob Powell. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL -V ff' XJ ' ,Ca X 1 x - . r Leonard Allain Guard Frank Ford Center N '55 I . I! , 5' f E A . , V Lawrence Stroud Q. 1 Guard Q 3 f' 1' john Margitau Dun YVhire Forward Forward , J JU IOR VARSITY The 1950-51 junior Varsity Basketball Squad completed a very successful season. Of fifteen games played, they were defeated twice. They ended the season as Champions with Dearborn and River Rouge tied for second place. This distinguished team was the first in Ecorse High's history to win the junior League Championship. With four boys from last year's championship team, the 1951-52 prospects looked good. They are hoping to live up to the record established by last year's team. When the annual went to press, they had won all but one of their games. rank Fwd muckinu 3 point of the Opposing team john Margitun tipping ball to fellow team-inure N . rw?-'ul -,-in VARSITY BAS EBALL George R uehlc Babeball Coagh 'il'- 'E- ' a Q Season's Ecorse 1 Dearborn 2 Ecorse 2 River Rouge 4 Ecorsc Ecorse 7 Melvindale 13 Ecorse licorse I Lincoln Park 17 Ecorse Ecorbc 5 Lowrey 4 Ecorse Ecorse 4 Romulus 8 Ecorsc Ecorse 5 Dearborn 7 Ecorse Record 4 Melvindale 5 2 River Rouge l 0 Lowrcy 14 6 Lincoln Park 6 Romulus 4 1 Ford Trade 5 w..,4.w f-:L uf. .Kg W A l :vim . fr-11 VAR ITY TRACK l,liF'l' TU RIGHT: BACK ROVV:Coz1ch Arthur Buss e Kuziol, ,luck Tlmrnzrs, Leon Mitchell, XVarren Carter iosevelt jones, Condi George Oclistanlt. MIDDLE ROVVZ xlol1nGihs0n, Co-Captain Marlin Forc- in, Arnold slorrlcn. xlohn Lawson, Nathaniel Elem, Larry Und, Aron Claxton. BOTTOM ROXV: Maiiagcr john Van Conyon, XVillie hitsett, Lawcrcncc Smith, Co-Captain Charles Sheppard, ner hlc Kinney, lNliltonCraiQl1ezul, Henry XVhitsett. C3vg3 v V' 32- ' :fi-u. VVinncr's of thc S80 rclny. Richard Hznnincr finishing the one niilc relay at Nlt. l'lc:1s- Zlllt. 71 '2. s.-1.-11. VARSITY TENNIS I . F l LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROW: Robert Bradley, Manfred Smith Kenneth Rose, MIDDLE ROW: Coach Hans Lantzsch, John Bemis, Tom Veyant, Garnett Hegg-man, BOTTOM ROW: Gary Floyd, Kenneth Freemark, Eugene McNeilage' Good sportsmanship displayed by Kenneth Freemark and Tom Veyant mi. ni . Eugene McNeilage serving a fast on THE ECORSE BOAT CLUB -.2-rf'--1 '- , we ,Y i- if 'Q ' L WHY! '1TlT'Us 0 0 o o o 0 Q Q ' 3 4 4 1 4 1 1 1 Q A m CLA.:-J Ezxr-QW xA,.,,J.1 755' . lfeorse High School Senior Eight Crew. 1951 was the tenth vezrr of rowing for the Eeorse Boat Club. The record set by the hoys of the Red and XVhite has never been Ctlllhllifil in this country. Our hovs have won more trophies, created hetter sportsmanship and achieved greater honor than :my other high school in the United States. XVe were the first and only sehool to win the international high school eight-oured champion- ship race which is held annually :tt St. Catherines, Ontario. Canada, We have never been defeated in Midwest eight-oured championship ruee and have vet to suller deleut in hands ol' Culver hlilitary Aezrdernv, an strong rowing power in the rniddle west. with vvhoin we have had inutehes since 19-12. LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROW: Pat Judge, Jim Hanasack, Butch Cosgro, Don Ker- milsioTToix1 Row: Mike vafga. Joe Bulko, Bill Morris- x.uJ- 4-5 SENIOR CHEERLE DERS All cheerleaders are chosen by the student council according to their abil- l ity and grade. The Senior Cheerleaders cheerat varsity games. They are: Captain jun Holland, janis Wvilliarns, Francis hlessineo, XVilmu Ford, Shirley Hall, loyce Moore, lnez Crane. Carol Berger. CH EERLEADERS JU IOR CHEERLE DERS The Junior Cheerleaders cheer at reserve games and are members of classes lrom the seventh to the tenth grades. They are: Beverly Moore, Merna Sue Easely, Phyllis Johnson, Patricia Berkey, and Captain Ramona Pietrang- elo. THE GIRL ATHLETIC ASSGCIATIO W? .J 1 i The Girls' Athletic Asgoqiaran has been the main source of recreation for girls at Ecorse High School for many years . In the Association a girl partici- pant is able to cam her school lerrer by playim: lvuselwll. lwslwlbnll, and volley - lm WL? WH .NY The officers and Miss Marjorie Janson, whoisthe new Directress of the Asso - ciation. talkover coming events. The of- ficers are Z President , Margaret Stein 5 Vice-president. Betty VValkerq Secretary, Geneva Steele: and Treasurer, Helene Layos. GIRLS' RECREATIGN Through the efforts of Mrs. Mohler and Mr. Wecber the Girls' Recreation has continued to be popular and well liked by both participants and spectators. The year of 1951 saw the Sims' Basketball team and Letwin's Baseball team winning respective championships. Both teams were captained by Margaret is 4' 1, . rea 5 X76 ffl cg' Cl.: :fx Ckgghpnmnon I., V VV U bt I Q f E? " VV qjhv ,H ,AAAA-n al 0? , ' , D GA'Balogka 29x Senior Attendant Anna Lee Branham Homecommg Queen and Her Court Queen junior Attendant Desanka Pavlovich Senlor Helene Layos Sophomore Attendant Freshman Attend 1nt Eula Rush Florence Conn This year's Homecoming game was highlighted by a Homecoming Queen. This is the first time in the history of Ecorse High School a queen has been chosen. She was picked by the student body of the school and reigned over the Trenton-Ecorse game. Lovely Helene Layoswas chosen as queen and her beautiful attendents were Anna Lee Branhznm, Desanku Pavlovich, Florence Conn, and Eula Rush. D Q I View of Ecorse High Scho0l's football stadium under V lights. I 1 I 79 " fl! DBLYIUK l'liUlVl Don Bari and his orchestra provided a var- iety of music for the guests' dancing pleasure. Top talents from Monte Carlo Studios were exhibited during intermission. Last hut not least, refreshments were served hy two uuderclassmen who were dressed in Oriental costume. -JFS As soon as the seniors' guests stepped up- on the sacred bridge. they entered into the mysterious land of the Orient. The decora- tion on the stage was a giant Buddha of Kamakura ln the center of the dance floor was a small Chinese boat, which we named Ming Toy, floating in a stream at the foot of a towering pagoda. Accents ofOriental symbols were shown by murals, large yellow dragons, and japanese mulberry trees. Chi- nese landscaping formed a border for the dance floor. Gaily colored lanterns hanging from the ceiling and band stand gave the finishing touch to the scene. sis, VN 6 80 174 Jw.. asf. ' and estament We, the members of the Senior Class of 1952, do hereby publish and declare this tg be our last will and testament, hereby declaring null and void any previous wills or nromises of whatsoever nature to anyone collectively or singly, in every way end in every resnect denying any former agreements made. First we hereby direct that 211 our outstanding debt must be paid before Bny other bequest under this will shall be made. To Mr. Ralph Brant, our superintendent, and to Mr. John Davis, our principal, our deepest appreciation for their understanding and patience during our stay at Ecorse High School. To our sponsors, Miss Lillian Evans and Mr. Ralph McNHughton, our heartfelt thanks for their guidance and interest in all our class activities. To our teachers, we leave not only our gratitude, but our sincere wishes that the classes to follow will give them more ease Rnd peace of mind. Leonard Allnin wills his athletic ability to Willie Gsmbrell. Lens Angiolillo wills her ability to be nlump and not considered fat to Elia Luna. James Bell wills his levis to Eugene Brillhnrt. Clifford Fallheim wills his bend Ability to Edwin Pietrengelo. Pat Bexter wills her 212 inch waist line to Marlene Altmeyer. Thomas Beyles and Rufus Dnvis will their artistic ability to Anthony Bnlogh. Janet Beausejour wills her ability to get along with Miss Evans to Marlene Cline. Ossie Birdsong wills her Business English marks to Pauline Giddens Frederick Bond wills his motorcycle to Kenneth Moore. Anna Lee Brenham wills her initiative confonmities and her discretion to Daisy Shears Betty Brent wills her ability to drive her fHther's car to Beverly Corns. Allen Brown wills his taps to Milton Creighesd. Joseph Bulko wills his cowboy boots to Mike Verge. James Caldwell wills his sturdy walk to Ronald Sheck. Gloria Carter wills to Barbers Herdeman this phrase Wlt is better to be seen then hePrd.u Marion Chambers wills her ability to be husky to Ethelrine Wright. Leroy Childress wills his nickname B.B. to Ellis King. Shirley Cook wills her diploma to Jeannie Johnson. Inez Crane wills her glasses to Barbara Harbin so she can keep four eyes on Jim instead of just two. Norma Crittenden wills her sweet disposition to Iola Wright. Jean Damron wills a ticket un North and a fishing license to anyone who thinks she can catch a man like Jean did. Clifford Davenport and Felton Williams will their studious manner to Richard Bell. Joyce Duffield wills her ambition to Join the Air Force to anyone who wants it. Louise Eaton wills Audrey Redwine a box of candy to stay sweet for Willard and all the boys. Irene Elem wills her height to Birdie Mae Moore. Nathaniel Elem, Elmer McKinney. Charles Shenherd, and Henry Whitsett will their track ability to the coming track team. Luetta Ellison wills her ability to type 100 words a minute with no errors to Ann Flanigan. Ruby Ford wills her sociability to Joyce Adams and Dorothy Atkinson. Nancy Fought with tears in her eyes wills her majorette uniform to her successor. But remember it isn't the upholstery, it's the furniture that counts. Thurston Fowlkes wills his ability to go with three girls at the same time to anyone who thinks he can stand the strain. Kenneth Freemark wills his ability to do favors willingly to Joe Koziol. Gertrude Frierson wills her ability to skin school without being caught to Alma Mills. 'Make good use of it, llma.W Dan Garza wills his new be-boo suit to Ronald Baxter. Thelma Gaudy wills her shorthand ability to Jean Lawson. George Gibson and Julius Kiser will their ability to pass their physical examinations to anyone who wants to go. John Gibson wills his ability to be seen but not heard to Howard Moore. Charles Giddens wills his ability to sleep with his eyes open in classes to Paul Adams Curtis Giddens wills his Cadillac tc Nicky Vorves. Lillian Gombos wills her Kleenex to any of the Juniors who may need one in an emergency. Margaret Gordy wills her ability to get the car to Charlestin Lovett. Marvin Graves wills his ability to roam the halls for five periods a day without 591151115 caught to anyone who may need it. Shirley Hall wills her ability to keep Quiet to Lelia McAllister. James Hanasack wills his manly oosture to Bill Morris. Mack Finton wills his skating ability to anyone who can use it. Jon Holland wills his tallness to Lynn Sackenheim. Joyce Hollingsworth wills her natural swing to Jean Slovenske. Alfreda Huffman wills her natural walk to Eleanor Edwards. Donald Hunter wills his ability on how to drive to Dominic Sanfilippo. Herbert Jackson wills his ability to get along with the girls to John Elbe. Dolores Jedlowski wills her levis to Ruby Tucker. Gloria Jenkins wills her ability to get tall to Willie Lee Steele. Roberta Johnson wills her papers she has outlined in Miss Elliott's civics class to Shirley Jordan. Donald Jones wills his father's Ford to Dan Mason. Just to cruise around in. Arnold Jordan wills his tenor voice to Manfred Smith. Patrick Judge wills his rowing ability to Tommy Rauser. Mary Kirby wills her glasses to Shirley Schwartz. Jesse Lang wills his ability to get along with the girls to Guy Craighead. John Lawson wills his long legs to Victor Ridgel. Helene Layos wills the natural reddish tint in her hair to Sharon Stafford. It seems that Sharon's method is only temporary. Irene Leigh wills her pleasant disposition to Lutisha Ogden. Eugene Lcwrey wills his amitious nature to Colley Clem. John Margitan wills his charming ways to David Richards. Katherine Marian wills her ability to read her shorthand notes in class without sighs of boredom to Marlene Shesko. Fayne McCoy wills her ability to go steady with one boy for three years to Pat Bach who seems to be looking for someone new all the time. Vera McKinney wills her ability to type to Irene Giddens. EUg8H6 MCNeilage wills his girlish laugh to Ronald Schallhorn. Leon Mitchell wills his ability to get along with Miss Elliott to Bobby Warren. Joan Monday wills her graceful walk to Bell Thomas. Joyce Moore wills her cheerleading skirt and sweater to Ramona Pietrangelo, hope she can use it next year. Andrew Peggie wills his scotish accent to Denver Akers. Garry Powell and Lawrence Smith will their ability to get younger girls to Frank Clark Jenny Prusky wills her presidency to the boys underground club to any girl who thinks she can handle it. Shirley Radar wills her ability to outline all the time in civics and still pass to any junior that needs it. William Roddick wills his sports ability to drink nothing stronger than cokes to Alex Taylor. Anthony Reest wills his baseball ability to George Margitan. Robert Renaud wills his man about town nickname to Danny Evans. Ralph Richardson wills his ability not to get a brush hair cut to Oakley Swart. Lerraine Roberts wills her salesmanship to Elaine Jones. Joe Sanfilippo wills his quiet nature to David Cushing. Basil Schallhorn wills his hot rod driving to Dean Buckner. Jerry Schmauch wills his physique to Arthur Steffes. Marilyn Seymour wills her angora sweater to Desanka Pavlovich. Richard Smith wills his strutting in the band to anyone who would like it. Geneva Steele wills her ability to at least look intelligent in Mr. Bauer's classes to anyone who needs it. Irene Stewart wills her southern accent to Josephine Reiriz. Lawrence Stroud wills his ability to get along with Mr. Jackson to Melvin George. Joyce Taylor wills her ability to get along with her cousins to Annie Shepard. Anna Townsend wills her ability to sit in Mr. Jackson's office sixth period when she's to be on hall monitor duty to Barbara Laughman. , Lee Trueman wills his ability to get along with Mr. Vogt to anyone who needs it. Barbara Vincent wills her height to JoAnne May. Anne Vukovich wills her gossip column to Joanne Gaydos. Betty Walker wills her pleasing personality to Gloria Fowler. Donald White wills his boasting ways Cwhich he doesn't havel to Steve Danovich. Eleanor Younts wills her sweaters to Barbara Tuskes. We hereby diredsthat the Junior Class of Ecorse High School shall be the executors of this our last will and testamentg that they serve with nominal bond and that any residue left in our estate after graduation shall excheat to Ecorse High School to be used for insecure, indigent, and indolent seniors of later years. JV f'- 4 i' ef ,I S 4 ' 1"-', '. , ls g.. wcgux i: C A .1 53-5q'5F1 GIA Seniors Never Dielqh AM Luc his Ncilzxgc ' U SE 1011 TOT 'Q . . klildv Y V ,,A,,. ,...- . f w , . fum, 1' j -Q R 'r ' S ' x . I x H 2 ml. , 11513.53 sw: NBA- E16 5 X 1.. ,M ' ,ffl A. I I0 Y 1 :Q I. x 1 4 'xl I . luvcc Nloorc X " X . I Barbara Vmceut ' ' Q -Z -' --f . 1 ' ll. v X . W H A . X x "qs, Ig-It y L ,' .A 5, Nancy Fought :md lilIjIL'IK' XT: Nvilnuc Jean Dumron and Y' U, 'if Wg - joan Nlonday S- 'X m 1 I1 'QM we Hollingsw " Jenny Prusky In Ralph Richardson nrilyn Scym N ,lim Hunusack 1 , ' bf 4. x . ,K w a ' X ' 1 -' 'R -f J . I i gf:-V 'Q !,.g,z,vJ , I X' . ' 9 Y K Y 1 Q f a , ,H a xx ff' QA l jf 'u1!"3 :3 - ,La M V v Z ky: ' -174 'lair P541 f-'E lk, K , ,Rm 'Wy I '11-7 lu. L "' LEE' ,, if Q 5 K M g 5- 15 -1 Mzxrgzxrct Stein Nancy Fought Helen Lnyos jerry Schmauch Amman Townsend xl! 5. fl! f a 18 ,I l J Q5-'S' ani ' Q v xi- 'dz 'N E l JV Helene and ,lim XX s 5' " Q l 33 1 Q 5 l 1 X K akifl vu ,V , haf, X X I I Sharon and Tink - 4 0 ' XS 5 x s 'I Dan and Delores ' E, xl, l'auline and Bob N 'N ' I' ' 1 C ' 'f Jean and August ' I' , 'I I s S Fayne and Dave Flo and Garv Mary and jim Shirley and Bob Anna am l nf 41144 .- 1 6? ' Q -we-,L ' 'QW ,. . I. ' 1 kk ' i d" . 'li' 2 my lv , . vi! six' n1n001 aff if K N I n ' -,L w if' gf ' 5 A , ' . ai X X W 'V f Li, K il 'I I f 5 ,. , ,4 3 W Sha-'K' 50 "' "' REEK un- f C N " F-.---. D-'I' Q1 Ecovse Lake -,ead irq " 111.1 ,Ai ,W ,, A I. -, ' W v Yellow Tea Rose Senior Class motto: f' f M, I-aff! 2 ii' 61 Class Colors---Blue and Gold dry oAMRoN 90 35' Lo-Editors-in-Chief Don jones Helene Layos The E-Corsair comes to you from many helping hands. No other school project involves so many departments and so many people. We're proud of the E-corsair because "we" made it. And who are "we"? VVell. There is the Photography Club directed by Mr. Lantzsch. This club made all our pictures except those of the fac- ulty and seniors. They were always ready to help. Then, the printing classes under Mr. Johnston are respon- sible for every printed word in this book. The Art Department with Miss Margrett Milner's always helpful guidance assisted our Art Editors, jean and Anthony, in making our posters and decorating our pages. Mr. Peterson's Commercial Department did our typing. while Miss Rizzo in the library helped our research. And "we" are also the staff members who toiled long hours over a borrowed table in 207 where this was conceived. VVe wish to thank Mr. Hunt for originating our title which we think is clever- -The E-corsair--River Pilot. And then we must thank all the teachers for without their help and indulgence. this annual would have been impossible. VVe also want to thank Mr. Reidy and Mr. Riggs for their excellent sponsorship. And finally there is you who k have purchased this boo '. Marvin Graves, Photography Editor ,lean Damron,Co-art Editor Anthony Balogh, Co-art Editor Anne Vukovich, Chief Copy VVriter Anna Lee Branham, Chief Proof Reader Jenny Prusky, Faculty Editor jon Holland, Feature Editor Clifford Ballheim, Co-Urganization Editor .loyce Moore, Co-organization Editor Kenneth Fteemark, Boys' Sports Editor Margaret Stein, Girls' Sports Editor- Sharon Stafford,Snapshot Editor. Bob Zanoniplunior Editor. 91 ,io .lim Caldwell, Snapshot Editor Eugene Mc Neilage. Co-sales Manager, Fayne McCoy, Co-sales Manager jim Hanasack, Co-advertising Edtior Jerry Schmauchg Co-advertising Editor Joyce Hollingsworth, Senior Co-editor Shirley Cook, junior Editor Carol Berger, Sophomore Editor Naomi Lanstra.Freshman Editor Lillian Combos, Co-,lunior High Editor Geneva Steele, Co-junior High Editor Marlene Prusky,Sophomore Editor. Eleanor Ronders,Freshman Editor. Chris's Lunch Underill Insuance Agency 4064 W. Jefferson Phone:Wa.8-9841 4060 W- JCffC1'S0n Ph0HC1Dl1-1-3200 Vollmerhausen Bakery F Compliments of Varsity Club 4002 W. Jefferson Phone:Wa.8-2333 pl i.,., "Best Wishes to the Class of '52" GREAT LAKES STEEL CORPORATION Ecorse Hudson Sales Jean's Cafe I 3965 W. jefferson Phone:Du.1-9289 i -1031 W. Jefferson Phone:Du.1-9704 Compliments of Bird and Biology Clubs l , Sims Mens 86 Boys Wear - 4078 VV. Jeffrsrson l'l1zmeZDu.l-2107 -yi: , Modern Collet 8: Machine Co. 401 Salliotte Phone: Du.1-3200 Seavitte Pharmacy Jglkfgfgqyn PllrfY1CIl.Jnl.l'U242 Compliments of Ecorse Department Store ...I ln Goodell Hardware Co. Compliments of ' Gilbert's Department Store 4041 VV. Jefferson Phone:Du.1-1632 . l -I-Q L0veland's Pharmacy :W-. 4' 5555:--521' Y, ' x j I ull" ao 4030 W. Jefferson Phonezxvaa-5es'7s 9' ! f Y L 21" :av I

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