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To the Eckerd College Community, Here it is, the ' 88 Logos! UJe hope you haue as much fun flipping through the pages as me had producing it. UJe would like to apologize for any seniors, dorms, clubs, organizations, or sports that we may haue ouerlooked. Though the man power and money was lacking, we did the best we could . UJe had a great time working on this year ' s yearbook. Hie are looking forward to next year ' s. uJe now haue one year ' s experience behind us. Haue a great summer! Thanks, ' 88 yearbook Staff Others who haue contributed to the making of this book: Lisa UJeauer Mark Murphy Kief Morris Tina Rlligood Joanne Kindred Mindy Gawle Siluina Manrique Stacey UJraga Ester Owusu Triton Tribune J ' 88 yearbook staff 122 Todd Flatt " Oh don ' t tuorry, III haue those pages done in time. m ca T3 C DO w Rshton Lackey I haue to do it again? " " Yearbook. Smearbook. Let s go shopping! " are you at my door? ly 8 HM! " on BEM0GRAT " Don ' t tell me you cut that picture Chris! I i I THE I I CLASS I I OF I 1988 | i. i AND MORE PARTYING last WiH atrt Roses One dark rose in a wild garden grew Vith none but red, and red, and red; And because its clothes vere a darker hue. Found no connection in that bed; So knowing of directions only two, Let fall the petals from its head : A rose is a rose when a rose is dead. Anonymous Never allow school to interfere with your eductation. Mark Twain Kyle Amon 1, Max R. Bricka, being of waterlogged mind and windblown hair leave : Rescue 2 ' s engines to Murray , the problems at the V.F. to Jen, my timing light to Brad, an everlasting ski trip to Watch B, and a tremendous college tab to rny parents. But most of all, I leave my love for Stacey for all to see, envy, and enjoy, forever. Max R. Bricka You can ' t always get what you want, You can ' t always get what you want, You can ' t always get what you want, But if you try sometimes, You just might find, You just might find, You get what you need. Rolling Stones Stefano Carissimo To Cling-Free, I leave sole control of Clint Don ' t forget the " traditional " CB ' s, and Cling, you haven ' t seen the last of m ! ! To the rest of Blakley House, I leave you Howie. Steve Frew I, Charlotte Kondracki, being of sound mind and " boogieing " body here to bequeath the following : To the Surf and Paully , I leave my backrubs. To the girls of Knox (and Lisa), I leave my favorite pastimes : dancing and sunning. To Larry , I leave my Miami music : I ' ll miss my dancing buddy, Champ! And to my friends, I thank you for the best memories of my life, best of luck always. Charlotte Kondracki To Dr. Re ynolds, I leave my invertebrate collecton, complete with scar patterns, as well as immeasurable thanks for all the help, knowledge, and guidance you ' ve given unselfishly . To Dr. Ferguson, I leave gratefulness for all I ' ve learned. To Drs. Roess, Trexler, and Haines, don ' t worry , I won ' t leave biology . To Dr. Jennings, I leave ALOHA! To Doc Rock, I leave BUGS! To Bill Covert and Lynn Russell, I leave best wishes. To Nadine, I leave shells with holes and the " Bellows " (here ' s to the future). To Valeed, Chris, Andy , Bob, and Rich, I leave years of cardiovascular health. . . . To Jeannie, I leave dresses and high heels. To Jim K., Karen M., Ted B., Howard R., and Mary D., I leave every ounce of fortune the future can hold for you. To Kim B., Dr. Johnston, Megurn, and Irie-san: Arigate gozaimashita. To Eckerd College, I leave unwillingly ! Shana Smith I TV T To my brother Mark, I leave my ability to show up to class six times and still get a ' B " without classnotes. To Mark and Dave, I leave all the entering freshmen girls of ' 88 and ' 89. To rising Junior and Senior males, I leave Jen, Michelle, Sandy , and Tracy : Are they as innocent as they lead you to believe?!? To Jen and Michelle, I leave my room, Ibsen 24. And most importantly , I leave my car to Mark! Good Luck! Laura Ringley Nov what?! Let ' s get the hell outta here! Andrea, Melissa (and James) : I love you all! ! A child stands motionless, He holds a bottle in his hands, There ' s a ship in the bottle, He stares at it with eyes that do no t blink, He wonders where a tiny ship can sail to if it is held prisoner in a bottle. Fifty years from now you will find out, Captain Martin, for the sea (large as it is) is only another bottle. Richard Brautigan Joellyn M. Ferguson . . . but those who hope in the Lord will i renew their strength. They will soar on wongs like eagles; they will run and not grow weary ; they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40 :31 Melinda Nykamp Being of sound mind and body , I, Jeanie Connell bequeath my estate to the following recipients : To Tammy Vredwoogd (my loving roommate), I leave rny hamster " Retard " , my replenishing envelopes, and all the food in my refridgerator. To Tom Vest, I leave all of rny books, (they ' re all from your class!) To Katy Townsend, I leave my pictures of " Mister Wonderful " . To Fred Savage (my love), I leave a case of Copenhagen, whatever food Tammy doesn ' t eat, and my little Escort, and all the fishing tackle I own. Jeanie Connell To Skip Bradley , I leave my Elvis posters, Jason postcard, and Death handkerchief. To Chase Smith, I leave enough car wax for him to wax his car every Saturday morning. To Rob Rodgers, I leave a clue. To Rich McNair, I leave my radio and shirts that he already has. Russ Newman My Eyes rs blind, but I can see, The snowflakes glisten on the trees, The sun no longer sets me free, I feel the snowflakes freezing me. . . Dreams that have shattered, May not have muttered, Take another point of view. Eric " Buzz " Yaskot I, Doris Bazzini, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following : To Brian , I leave a chicken sandwhich with cheese and heavy mayo, all of the Disney movies, Face Without A Name, the keys to my Datsun which he drives more than me anyway , a year ' s supply of shampoo, future summers without $80 phone bills, a gaseous cerebrum, 2- hour love sessions 4 times a day , a lifetime of being babied, all my love and memories of the past 3 years. Fletch lines ( " He ain ' t doing no singin " with the Tabernacle Choir " ), Stellazzini, dock, Springsteen, Cowboy, the shore, CCC, state b-ball, BK runs, naked pizza parties, " Like Multiple " , " Did you go to the Springsteen concert? " , The T.I.T., guitar- lessons, and " Rutgers " . To Clare, I leave a third of the royalties from the " Psych Lab " song when it hits the charts, a " rollodex " full of memories, congestion-free days, a yellow-bellied sap sucker, a 1 6-minute breath, The Snyder Self-Monitoring Scale, a hand to smell, a squeaky door that wakes you up at 6 :00 am, Fletch dialogue ( " Got the whole fist in there Doc? " ), all the memories of being senior r commies, a new exercise ball for Little Girl, a data-less year ahead, She-Man reruns, all of my love and the best of luck in the future ss Mrs. Clare Kirchrnan. To Susie, I leave a guide to get you through the French Metro while you sleep, a hoarse voice to sound like the " Boss " , a bottle of Tylenol for putting up with me for 3 years, a boat to sail back to the Don Cesar, the book that I ' d like to write together on " How To Get Your Man Back " , and a big hug for all we ' ve been through together. To Maria (Ree), I leave a special calling card number that dials anywhere in the world in less than a minute for all yo ur international loves, my partridge family records (any you don ' t already have), a farm house with no electricity, " Vhat is this a convention center? " , my little brother, and all my love and thanks - Italian sisters forever. To Tracey, I leave all my " Cars " tapes, a weekend getaway ticket to Mexico, a golf cart that can ' t be moved without a key , all the men at Cowboy , and a special thanks for my first tampon. To Dawn, I leave a jaccuzzi so that we won ' t have to go from hotel to hotel, sunbathing on Jeff ' s ledge freshman year, a hug for all the great advice you ' ve given me, and lots of love and luck in the future. To Michelle, I leave a grass skirt for our 1 year reunion, 6 dozen Halloween pumpkins, the real story about Heartbreak Ridge, and the best of luck in the future. To Carla, I leave all our freshman bus rides together for 9 :30 mass at Blessed Trinity . To Todd, I leave a set of earplugs to wear whenever I have man problems, a debate-less year ahead, and a " girder " to support your future. To Susan, I leave all our 70 ' s golden oldies - " Halfbreed " , " Gypsies Tramps and Thieves " , " Seasons in the Sun " , " Billy Don ' t Be A Hero " , a Stevie Nicks album collection, " Stand Back, Stand Back " , The Best of Suzanne Vega, take the skinheads bowling, a heartfelt thanks for letting me listen to your song - The Veil is fantastic. I ' ll miss you so much next year. To Margaret, I leave the other third of the royalties for the " Psych Lab " song , a tank top to wear to the PL, a big bulge of happiness in the future, an eyebrow - pubic (private) hair detector, the ability to deal with a panic situation, you can ' t tell morn in degrees , a new telephone because I ' ve worn yours out, the ability to dodge falling boards in a BRA, and all my love always - maybe we ' ll end up at Rutgers together, or at least in New Jersey. To Jeff, I leave a suitcase so he can be packed and out of here in two hours. To Professor Jeff Howard, I leave twelve handwritten test booklets, a subscription to Self-Monitors of America Magazine, and all my love and thanks to you for helping me to understand the " Amino Acids " of Psychology . To Professor Mark Davis, I leave a lifetime supply of Media Graphs (the beauty of research), shares in the Nestle ' s chocolate manufacturing company, 1500 more lollipops, and most of all thanks for all your help and support. Your classes taught me so much , and I don ' t think I ' 11 ever forget what I ' ve learned in them. It ' s great to be able to laugh and learn at the same time. To Kim Kirby, I leave flexible grip control, fun and memories of freshman year , a free ticket to sneak into the pool , a catapult , a new " Emotions " tape, and all my love to the greatest friend ever. To my family , I leave all my love and thanks for making me what I am. I love you all ! ! Doris Bazzini Thanks to my parents for making everything possible. All my love. To Mike, thanks for being the best hubby in the world, my love forever ; and Karen remember all the good times. Catalina W at son To the EC inmates, I, Mary Dermody , leave long nights in the lab, all-nighters writing a paper or putting together a " well-kept " journal, swamping in Marine Invertebrates, lost meal cards, seminar, r oaches in the bathroom, spiders in the bathroom, no toilet paper in the bathroom, obscene notes on message boards , finals, midterms, and any other tests, flu epidemics , the Munch Mobile , Sunday lunches in Saga, buying $1 50 worth of books each semester, dorm furniture, making new friends, parties , singing B-52 ' s on the John, the London Victory Club, shopping at Albertson ' s in your pajamas, cruising dorm drive for no reason, real mail in your boxes and having fun in a semi-retarded kinda way ! ! ! P.S. I would leave the memories, but I ' m taking them with me! ! Mary Dermody I, Margaret Racaniello, leave to these looney -tunes the following: To Greg, I leave " Mind if I watch the A-Tearn?! " , Ronald Reagan at Sid Vicious, Lamp Man, a Peanuts coloring book, " some people may think it ' s immoral... " , Lurch, Vide World of Spurts subscription, homemade rnatzoh ball soup, 130 m p h minimum, canned Campbell ' s wonton soup for an emergency , all the time we spent agonizing over RA interviews, a speedometer that stops at 85 mph, sexual hour and revolutionary hour, dirty dishes at the Keys, " We ' ll be O.K. as long as we don ' t go near the bed " , puppet strings, CUN-HAI, danks and head butts, Scott ' s sheets, aerodynamic, anal lips, farting on command, bathing Blotto in the Scott House tub, a lifesize Rambo doll for you 9 J and Blotto, " We Ye going to study Spanish " , Figueroa ' s torture methods, the Munchmobile record, a fight with 2 homosexuals if you don ' t play the Village People, the masturbatory and sodomistic representative of our club, rights to the word " dude " , " Little Guitars " , " growing up " together, a special bond, all that we gained from being best friends, my everlasting love for always being there, understanding and knowing me so well, accepting and loving me unconditionally , the Good Love... To Clare, I leave a microphone for singing " You Light of My Life " , " I ' m gonna f — you up the butt! " , 3 hours of sleep during Autumn Term, the Pub every Tuesday , Thursday , Friday, and Saturday night, " my, how, you ' ve grown " , a virgin to sacrifice at the S+M club, " Now there ' s my favorite R.A. " , a how-to book for cleaning your refrigerator, Morticia, cod Todd, MacDougall ' s vocabulary , rights to the word " refreshing " , grilled cheese and french fries, the human tampon, the trap, 2 tales of 2 cities (it ' s still stupid), gravy for your macaroni, " that ' s a good idea, " B.B. + R.C., " you don ' t have to hold the handle " , a tape recording of all your jokes so you can laugh yourself silly , " he ' s really intelligent " , meditating in Morris House, Oprah Hour, Kahlua, " get out of town " , page 218, Macaroni and cheese, our predictions for the future, From Cow Back to Human, Blimpo No Snacko!, No Fat Chicks!, " You have a beautiful crotch " , Todd 7, Kitty and Kenny Kirchman, being the first one to " tie the knot " , a lifetime friend, all the happiness in the world... To Ellen, I leave " Congr adulations on your engagement " , the Kiwi fruit from August to May , an " I Hate Boys Club " bumper sticker for the Shupenmobile, the Big C, the honor of being the member of our club who ' s been kicked out the most, lesbian dreams and pranks, " Next time we will all get kinky together " , a ride to the BK drive-thru twice in 10 minutes, " I transferred " , a regular spoon for eating an omelette or stromboli, " Does he live in our dorm? " . Rock (I ' m not small everywhere!), Thing, " That 103 degree fever is all from nerves " , the paper we used to figure our chances of making RA, " Breasties " , Grouper Shuper, maxi-pads that read " I want you! " one week, a Margarita-Elena party, ten different versions of " Let ' s go to bed " , a plane ticket to Germany and a razor for when you return, a walk to the seawall with a hetrosexual male with great teeth, enough laughter and faith for a lifetime. To Kristen, I leave a bet you ' re guaranteed to win, all the points you want every Saturday night, " Take me to Denny ' s and I ' ll be your best friend! " , a car without payments due, rice cakes, the man with no popo, Gomez, the room adjacent to mine ten years from now in the maternity ward, a nickname, a 6 foot tall well-built Linguini to share an incredible and special life with. To Melody , I leave " I ' m selfish and controlling! " , a presentation of the B-B-B-Big M-M-M-Money , Big Oral, the title of muscle control coordinator, a daily supply of bread and water, an eight inch Jolly Joe, " It ' s been since - " , " Ooh, aah, what a feeling, go man go - touchdown! ! " 10 To Howard, I leave " Magina came down from New Jersey . . . " , a Big V with a bald beaver, Valentine ' s dance freshman year and revisited senior year, a picture of you when you were bald, " You ' re too beautiful for a name like Magina. " , withdrawal symptoms from a day without gossip, " Vhen ire your parents coming? I need a free meal. " , and a night with " I ' m an exhibitionist and I ' m free " if you show her your vision. To Susan, I leave Hanna and Savannah, Phyllis ' jello jam, " Will you do mine too? " , a breastical ornamentation and a nostical oralmentation, Cousin It, " no shoes, no shaving, and no jewlery " , a fork, " even Larry " , earrings from America, a bra that ' s awesome for flashing, your own BK chain in Australia. To Mary D., I leave the numbers 1911, 1912, and my Petunia Margo Rose. To Mary Z., ! leave euthanasia - go, go, go!, the Vuss Patrol Fan Club presidency , a lifetime worth of gossip till dawn. To Becky , I leave Sade at the Keys, long talks on lazy days, sunshine. To Harold, I leave free driving lessons, my vision and my appetite, a couple pairs of Calvin Klein underwear, shorts that don ' t glow in the dark, hours of " do " , strawberry , a late night swim, a smile, a wonderful life. . . To Tina, I leave Oprah is our idol, " Vill you give me a hug? " , The Never-Ending Diet. . . To Mark Smith, I leave my appreciation of your perverted humor, good advice, insight, and Kahlua. To Tom Vest, I leave 1 6 counts, Clinical and Counseling pop quizzes, and thanks for my favorite class - Gestalt Psychology . To Professor MacDougall, I leave a Budweiser belt buckle, Michael Jackson gloves, DD, rights to the word " parsimonious " , every source file that caused me weeks of agony . Margaret Racaniello To Doris Bazzini, I leave the Stellazzini Alliance, the dock, the fort, and the platform, naked pizza, a lifetime time supply of Farina, Disney Vorld, Space Mountain ' s favorite passenger - P.V., Late Night with Frank Cannon, 101 Dalmations, a Springsteen concert together, summer vacations, city excursions and boardwalk nights. All my gratitude and appreciation for not only being my love, . . . but also my friend. To Todd Stewart, I leave a sudden trip to Tampa, an eight-pack of diet Coke, a good laugh about the Bugg, and a Jackson Browne cassette To Rich Dean, I leave Autumn term afternoon which we slept through, a road trip to Tallahassee, a car fire in the ashtray , first song of the second side of Bruce ' s seventh album. To Mark Richardson, I leave free laundry service for a year, a Cobra and a phone to " phone home " , Morris Day songs, late night food hunts with hardly any cash, and the book : Ten Easy Vays to Stop Snoring or At Least So Your Rommate Can ' t Hear, by Dr .Bobby Lowondo. Brian Stella Friends, laughter, parties, and places, there i; much I wish to remember about Eckerd College To my dorm, Berkeley House, I leave the room inventories and two unopened rolls of contac paper. To Steve Matz, I leave my water guns and { alarm clock. j j c fijTt ' P6 7 To Eric, I must •admit that his fish was the l biggest. To my special friend, Carla Corrina Cosio, I leave a year ' s supply of Saga donuts and jogging at the crack of dawn. To Mary Zimnick, I leave my phone number. To Caroline Crosby, I leave my suntan lotion and beach bag. To my dear friends, Val-lerry and Polly morph, I leave memories of the beach, Jimmy Buffett, cheeseburgers, Meyers, late night study parties, the three stooges, the Monkees, Chicago, Atlanta, Alma, London, diet Coke, and all my love. Ve ' ll always be more than Christmas card friends. Goodbye Eckerd College! ! ! Sara Leah Valker I, Tracey Merithew, being of sound mind and body (I think) bequeath the following: To ALL my friends, I leave " thanks " for your friendship and all the fun times. To Carla Cosio, I leave my car, bunk beds, and Larry ' s Ice Cream. To Sue " 0 " Kilner, I leave beach sand, The Old Vorld Cheese Shop, and " T. Lou " . To Doris " Bazz " , I leave a bottle of rum, black boots, and a certain golfcart. To Val Cerny , I leave my sense of humor. To Kim McBride, I leave my " tan " . To Gretchen Fajaro, I leave my Spanish grammar book, and my high tops. To Paul Braham, I leave a BK chicken sandwich, and Donna ' s car keys. To Hap Johnson, I leave all my JCP notes that he missed in class. To Matt S., I leave my French book (and no, it doesn ' t have all the answers). To all the students who I tutored in Spanish, I leave all my notes and lots of luck - Lonnie, Mike, Chris, etc. . Finally, to all my friends, I leave a sad goodbye and a supply of stamps and stationary. Please keep in touch, this is not the end but the beginning. Tracey Merithew I, Chris Brinales, being of not totally sound mind and body , leave my stereo and albums to my ex-roomie Donna Totani, not really! ! Psych! ! I want to say to all my friends thanks for the memories and good times, you know who you an. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did here at the Eckerd College country club for the past four years. This has been one of the best times of my life and I thank you all for it. Now remember to keep in touch always, and who will be the first to go down in marriage?!? Remember me in the freezing cold in Chicago and come visit soon. Good luck to you all!!!! I also want to say thanks to my parents for giving me this opportunity to attend such a wonderful college, I love you both and thank you so much for everything!! I also leave, for all the people who love the seawall, the hooks on the palms trees for your hammock. Enjoy! ! Last but not least : One slip and down the hole we fall, It seems to take no time at all, A momentary lapse of reason, that binds a life for a life, The one regret, you ' ll never forget, there ' ll be no sleep here tonight. Pink Floyd May Thursday night KEGS live forever, Oberg! ! Chris Brinales I, Clare Marie Todd, being of psychologically over-stimulated mind and stimulating body , to all of my friends, whom I hate to leave and who have helped me to make it through Eckerd, I leave you love, happiness, and the wish that you will all ohase after your dreams. Through the past four years I have lived through much with different people, to them I leave the following memories. With these memories I hope that we can always maintain that love and happiness that we all shared at Eckerd College. To Melody , the director and the planner, 1 leave, " Melha Toast " , " So Happy Together " , " Jolene " , " Big Oral " , " Go get me a chocolate icecream, Mel! " , flip-flops. I also want to leave you with the wish that you will suceed in all you endeavors - don ' t ever give up! To Ellen, Elle - Belle, I leave, instant ice tea and coffee, smelling poop, " You guys " , " 20 seconds is all that ' s necessary! " , I also leave you with a friendship that you can always count on. Thank you for always inspiring me and for being such a good friend. Oh yea, if ve stole all of your dirty laundry , what would you wear? To Margaret, Marge, Short Shit, etc., I leave, " going to town " , " Oooohhhrnmrn " , " Thursday Pub nights " , " Who ' s going to bet me $50 I ' ll get a 4.0 this semester? " , " grilled cheeses, french fries, and pie a la mode " , " What can we bet? " , " Party Favors " , " This is the year of the wuss " . Thanks for being the best friends that anyone could ask for. You ra the sweetest and a very special person in my life. Thank you for helping me to grow so much in such a short amount of time. Thank you always for your honesty and never stretching the truth. To Becky, the Beckster, I leave, " It ' s five ' til five let ' s go to dinner " , " Take the money and run! " , Tom Petty ' s " American Girl " . Thanks for all your support and love. You have been a great friend and of course, a great roommate. I ' ll never forget the trip the the Keys, when we jammed to " American Girl " , " Excitable Boy " , and got sick of " Take the money and run! " . It was great! See you in Altanta! To Janice, Niece, I leave, Droopy, Pink, Webster ' s dictionary , a year ' s supply of hairspray . You in terrific friend and were a great roommate. Thanks for putting up with me! Ve had such a great time! Remember the Sid Vicious and Halloween parties and how ve would all get dressed up together? That was fun! Stay away from strawberry daquiris and visit me a lot in Atlanta! To Doris, Jeannie, Bazz, Boris, I leave, " bulge of happiness " , " I ' m sorry " , " sympathy " , " I feel a lot less congested Tom " , " Say it Doris, Thy His is a woman! ' " . I don ' t think that the psych lab would have been half as fun without you! I know that my senior year wouldn ' t have been, you big fat emotional tart, you. To Greg, I leave, " Are those shorts from the kidney? " , " Did you wash them yet? " . You ' re the kind of friend everyone hopes to have — a lot of fun and always caring. Thanks for being such a good friend. To Susan McGuzin, I leave, " Will ya gimme a hug, will ya gimme a hug? " , " 70 ' s songs " , " Beecher Bee Gees Bash " , " She ' s a brick house! " . You ' re the greatest! Thanks for all the good times! I love you Guzin! To Jeff, I leave a rolodex. Thanks for being a terrific friend and for being my partying pal! c Fu Tr ' C£ V To Kristen, I leave , " You guys " , " Days of our lives " , " Yea, " Bachelor Party ' was great " , Heave you duties as president of our local wuss partrol chapter — stomp on them! It was so much fun at school with you! (and that ' s the queerest sentence). Til miss you next year. To Paul, I leave, " If they ask you my nickname, lie " , " You all are a waste of sperm " , " Eel " Thank you for giving me your last name! I love you! To BT, I leave, " Next time we will get kinky together " , " BT is so intelligent. " To the Keys gang, I leave, " Margaret and Greg do the dishes! " Let ' s do it again soon! To Jeff Moreno, I leave you with the thanks for being my favorite person to debate with! It was lots of fun. To Mary Z., thank you for all the fun we had at 4 :00 in the morning discussing things when I had tests to study for. It was worth it! Also, it was fun sharing about high school experiences and memories. Thanks for being my friend. To Andy Haines, Thank you for being such a big influence on my involvement in ECOS and FISA. You really taught me a lot and I appreci- ate it. I also loved all the fun we had joking around and at FISA conventions. To Professor MacDougall, thank you for challenging me and for being flexible when we needed it. To Professor Tom Vest, I leave you with " Cogitate " , 4 hours, PMR, and pop-quizzes. Thank you also for being a great influence on me. I really have learned a lot. To Professor Jeff Howard, 1 leave you with those dreaded cartoons and the dog that did " non-student doggings. " Thanks for being a great professor. I feel that you and your classes were very influential and helped me in 1 4 exploration of my future goals. To Mark Smith, I leave, " Yes, I know, today is Thursday . " Thanks for all your help and guidance. It is really appreciated! To my favorite cousin, Sandi, Thanks for being terrific! It was fun going to college together! If you ' re passing through Atlanta on your way home - stop over to visit next year! To Mary and Howard, you guys ire the greatest. Thanks for all the fun times! To Margaret and Ellen, since we started here together from the beginning here ire some special memories that could not be left out : " Yup, yup, I see what you mean, yup, yup! " , " Is that a quote " (the Quote book), " Pour more back of it in " , " I can tell just by the way he sings that he ' s blind " , " I wish the HMO lady would say something? " , " Do any of the good people go to class? " I am going to miss you guys very, very much. From here on we will go on our seperate ways but we will always be together in spirit and love. These ire the important things. Love, Clare Todd (Future Clare Kirchman) I, Tony Merritt, being of concurrent mind and tall body do hereby leave: my kitten IBM Interface to Mark Fishman, my semantics to Ed Gallizzi for his realization, and my other " Good ' •■• ' ' holly Moses " resting tablet to " The Meach " . Robert " Tbny " Merritt To future Newtonites, I leave the reigns of the Newton Around the World Party . To Tluszcz, I leave one article of Kimmie ' s lingerie. To Rosenberg, I leave .... flexing. To Malek (Rasta Raja), I leave memories of the Big H at the Harp. Chris Basley I , Ellen Shupe, leave the following. To Margaret, I leave, a perspective student (what ' s her name?), a soup spoon and a polaroid, a rubber tree in case you get lucky , aperfect night to walk to the se wall, underwear hanging from the salad bar, a train and a towing service, twice through B.K., and one of the infamous bets. To Clare, I leave, a bathroom stall in the Holiday Inn lobby , a racoon (should I be scared?), a Kleenex ( r you dying?), peppermint patties in a locked treasure chest, and Cremora at 4 :00 am in Rich ' s room. To Howard, I leave, a polyester John in downtown St. Pete, a get-well present straight from St. Anthony ' s dumpster, and a cheese and wine party with Dr. Schooley. To Paul, Greg Margaret, I leave a midget in a trenchcoat - " not all of me is small. " To Melody (the delightful treat) and Clare, I leave a team pumping and free footballs from 7 - 11. To Howard and Scott, I leave a 1 985 U2 concert and a lady with electrodes on her chest. To Gina T., I leave, a free weekend in my bed with the " mammoth. " To John, I leave, a Smith-Corona so you can improve your " typing " skills, the big C, a telephone, and writing privelages for a book entitled Everyday Excuses for the Layperson. To the Queen, I leave, a long muscles new wardrobe and do, and the ability to recognize a good exam. To Kristen, I leave, rice cakes and a night of two of my favorites: " Dirty Dancing " and Journey . To Tim, Clare, Howard, and Mary, I leave, a stray shopping cart in the Berkeley Square parking lot. To Zeus, I leave, " Strobe Light, " Rufus, and a pastic funnel in your gas tank. To Joni, I leave, a treasure hunt that takes you to a killer dog car lot in Clearwater, a hat-chasing expedition, and a couple of thorough searches through my room, (incidentally, do you need a haircut?) Ellen Shupe I, David Trieloff, leave the following. To Mongo, I leave, the two things he wants most: Meow Mix and his own missile. To Al, I leave, Minoxidil and a jar of Vaseline tor the two things he needs most. To Shag, I leave, a customized golf cart for the Physical Plant. Stephanie gets what she wrote a check for. To Lexi, I leave, my one sweater. To Skip, I leave, my films (including " Snuff, " " Animal, " and " Lolita " ). Finally to Liz, I leave, my you-know-what, under lock and key . David Trieloff I, Sylvia Anna Golden, being of confused mind and overworked body leave the following messages. To Bhat-wana, I leave, Sunwatsen, and whatever other names come to mind, the round bed, Kase and the baby boom, and most importantly, everything sexual. To Git (mit eine Brust), I leave, my thanks for the best times, the drunken German conversa- tions, Sybolic Logic, and the survey of my scrappy body . To Terrence, I leave, these following thoughts: Chinese dinner, Godiva chocolates, Spring Balls, and Duckie. " You ' re Heaven on Earth . . . and that ' s an understatement. I love y ou ! " To Louigi, I leave, Tet ti Zeet! To Mom and Dad, I leave, TMJ, all my love and thanks, and a monsterous medical and school bill. Sylvia Golden ■ 7 . 15 r TOGETHERNESS - ■ LS2Sr k ( ' . ;» !- .-i 17 Joellyn M. Ferguson Humanities Maurice B. McKay Humanities » w Tracey A. Merithew International Studies 9, Paul K. Branam Psychology Gina L. Tollini Literature Religion first they tett uou you can ' t place. Then they tett somebody else. Oh, but sooner space. Go ahead with your Bitty Joanna M. Braddock Human Resources Helen M. Ott Human Resources Psychology Mayuree Dorndeelers Management ■ steep atone in a strange you you. can ' t steep with or tater uou steep in uour own tije, teave me atone. Joet Katina Thomas International Business • - 1 Sanford R. Topkin Political Science . .. ' ■- ■■■ « Susan L. Kilner Management Spencer B. Cook Communications ; aV v, - Allen D. Conner Management Karen T. Kennedy Biology Frederick J. Nolan, Jr. Economics jfaf ShB ' ' jwl Richard K. Meaders Management aim Sheila Diebe! Computer Science Terry L. McHale Computer Science Cindy L. Ketterling Psychology V $ ft I Richard R. Scallion Biology yip » Cheryl L. Eisele Psychology Human Resouces After EC: marry Jan Paul Nagel (class of ' 84), settle in St. Pete w him and Hook (my cat). h Mahmoud A. Msawel Management If " 8 ' 1 1 " ;fc» i1 Kelly R. Carter Human Resources Ait i|our Cif e is channel 13. Sesame Street. What does it mean? Bittu Joet Kathleen Curd Management Thierry G. Genoyer Management Rebecca J. Nelson Sociology " ) ft F D Jeffrey O. Moreno Economics .Is James D. Campbell Philosophy Kyle K. Amon Mk KI Creative Writing Alicia M. Highleyman Sociology Doris G. Bazzini Psychology ■itr Scott A. Bellefleur Management ■ " » »r » David Bamford Management k . . fcf fe» Mary B. Church . y • Psychology • Brett R. Rahall History Susan Casey Visual Arts Karl J. Sieg History Elisa L. Brancato Literature Stefano Carissimo International Business r Roger J. Reid, Jr. Management Elizabeth A. Braun Philosophy ' J -«Ai- ' Ss?s ' Kathy J. Hartmann German Michael L. Coe Management T Sheila E. Gibbons Sociology Paul J. Cunha Management Catalina E. Watson Biology German Kent A. Skrivan Management V $ $ Donna M. Foote Human Resources Todd S. Bechtel Human Resources Caroline Crosby Human Resources William G. Logan Political Science " Charlott M. Kondracki March 18 Human Resources Favorite song: " Push It " , Favorite saying: S.M.L.T. Pastimes: dancing, sunning, socializing Things: the beach, flowers, balloons, Jeanie C. Connell Human Resources Patricia A. Black Music cookies, sunsets, children After EC: possibly child- ren ' s activities for a cruiseline - eventually a preschool or Kindergarten teacher Brian Stella Russian frfajfr Jennifer L. Bushey Economics Terence W. Grantges Computer Science Annelise Skofteland Economics , Michelle D. Dalton Human Resources Kenneth R. Smith, Jr. Management Ellen Shupe B-day December 1 1 Biology After EC: teaching in Japan for 1 year, and then med school. token " -Sat f James A. Brennan Management Bradlea - Lynn Bovenkerk Human Resources David P. Trieloff Economics Political Science Stephanie K. Ionedes Human Resources " Where ' s the sauce ?!? " T Clare Marie Todd Psychology James L. Hathaway Religion Jill L. Dube Psychology Human Resources James D. Heaton International Studies $ Q Carolyn J. Eliades Management Todd W. Donovan Music y Susan Kaye Harrison Music Mary Ellen Dermody Biology yy " J LD Robert Enne History Valerie L. Cerny Literature Michael A. Gross Management Jennifer A. Black Management $ $ $ $ Joni M. " Boo " Smith B-day June 25 Mathematics Human Resources Things I will miss most about EC: the caring and helping people, they ' ve helped me through the hell of times. I hope I did the same for a few of them. After EC: teaching (high school math and health education in a corporation). Timothy S. McDonald Sociology Natalie R. Everett Human Resources free at Cast. Free at Cast. Thank oc£ atmicphtu I ' m Jree at Cast. Tlartin Lather ICinaJr Robert A. Merrit Computer Science ' y a N V $ $ $ $ $ $ Rita B. Harcrow Public Relations " Known for falling down at least twice a week. " After EC: an MBA of Masters in Communications from any school that will let me in. Edward F. Kalpakian Chemistry Sylvia A. Golden German Philosophy Richard B. McNair Management Maria Giangrasso International Business Chris M. Basley Human Resources So long Folks! It ' s been fun! Remember: Floyd, Collins, Bosox, and Basley ' s Beantown Bar and Bungalo. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Jeffery A. Thomas American Studies Rebecca A. Stacey A. Joseph Larry Kevin C. Brandstadter Johnson Smith Reilly Biology Chemistry Creative Writing Creative Writing Janet Lynn Kelley S. Victoria E. Marcia Sue James M. Douglas Carrick Perez Helton Ellenburg Biology Biology Chemistry Creative Writing Creative Writing Melissa L. Kub Biology Mona Ousta Biology Lisa Marie Fritz Biology Michelle R. Voisin Biology Jean M. Stewart Biology Sara Leah Susan M. Walker Johannes Communications Creative Writing Mark A. Lynda M. Richardson Lucas Communications Creative Writinj Scott A. Rivinius Economics Kate Johnson Economics Lori J. Sheila M. David A. Barbara E. Tatlock Diebel Cook Hoff Biology Computer Science Creative Writing Economics Lisa M. Robert D. David M. Dennis J. Cigdem Hellyar Williams Neff Lehane Palaz Biology Biology Computer Science Creative Writing Economics ft $ $ $ Brian Greene Economics Michael E. Little Management Adam L. Greene Human Resources Beverly Ann Bourne Literature Peter J. Byrne Management Michelle M. Stephen M. Wendy C. Pauline B. Michelle E. Smith Frew Foote Melton Harrison Economics Human Resources Humanities Literature Management John G. Carole D. Carl E. Holly J. Frank J. Bolster Fell Alvenius Harrington Furfaro Economics Human Resources International Business Literature Management William M. Lisa S. Cristine E. Julia C. Michael P. Lane Maurer Pomykala Allen Hein Biopsychology Human Resource International Business Literature Management Todd M. Gray Anthropology Kurt M. Lynn P. Jacono Human Resouces Susan K. TaChaka D. Ray International Business Holli H. Anthropology Charity T. Karcher Russian Cheryl E. Andrian E. Langford Management Robert D. Springer Reed Heflin Diamond Holder French Human Resources International Business Management Management Jean M. Sandra H. George I. Scott G. Christopher Bauer Vrablic Alberts Hill Home German Human Resources International Business Management Management History Karl P. Vicki R. John S. William J. William J. Bendixen Weber Conzelman Cashman Evoy History Human Resources International Business Management Management Leslie C. Heather Dawn Hanz E. Craig K. Murray C. Burmood Schwab Albani Carmichael Jones History Human Resources International Business Management Management Linda J. Toni - Ann Stephen P. Brant Pomianowski Danielson Human ResourcesHuman Resources Management Douglas J. Bellini Management Philip S. Ding Management Denise I. Madeleine I Colette Cathy G. Lynne E. Margolis Chamberlain Iwanski Marvin Allen Human Resource Religious Studi es International Studies Management Management Human Resouces Political Science Todd A. Carlos E. Patrick G. Diane L. Quinn K. Hunter Tamayo Hall Mennella Jennings Management Management Political Science Psychology Theater Michael P. Eric T. Debra A. Philipe Lillian B. Kort Larson Plamowski Paul McCord Management Management Political Science Psychology Theater Gregory J. Cesarz Management Joseph J. Beaulac Management Todd E. Copeland Political Science Douglas C. Ashton Psychology Robert Scott Preston Theater Steven J. Todd B. Laura Beth Olga Robin R. Carbone Stewart Ringley Athanasiou Meador Management Management Political Science Psychology Theater Christopher J Edward J. Roger W. Dianne M. Eric J. Lamarca Anderson Burgess Laurence Campbell Management Management Political Science Sociology Sociology James C. Edward A. Michael S. Willem A. Carl W. Jenkins Berry Pandolfo Van de Weerd, Jr. Cleaver Management Biology Political Science Psychology Physics Economics Marine Science Management Computer Science John C. Peppe Management Shana Smith Marine Science Susan M. O ' Keefe Political Science Stacy L. Moffatt Sociology Anna L. Tonna Music Christopher P James M. Robert E. Scott W. Todd E. Carter Krest Bade Kezman Wathen Management Marine Science Psychology Sociology Music Ron S. Paula F. Saudia E. Dawn Koren Karen E. Mattson Houhoulis Gajadhar Smith Eubanks Management Marine Science Psychology Sociology Visual Arts Brett B. Barbara L. Olga David S. Yolanda E. Kennedy ' Billygoat Barb " Athanasiou Graham Burke Management Jenkins Psychology Humanistic Psychology Eliasib Mathematics " Finally ! " Religious Studies Collene A. Ortiz Karcher Management Visual Arts Peter Z Julia Nancy N. Patricia L. Mary E. Kubiak Ligon Nichols Miller Wood Management Philosophy Psychology Sociology Visual Arts LEISURE TIME 50 LEISURE TimE 51 4 PRESENTING THE CLASS OF ' 88 (Qo mo t 7!b Scott Kezman No! No! Not Santa Claus! Wendy Foote Oh, this is the life! Gina Tollini Hey, Good-Looking! Elizabeth Hightower Ed Anderson John Peppe " Could you keep it down, I ' m on the phone here? " Richard McNair " » 4 is David Neff i - -)u " i « John Peppe His Intellectual Side Heather Dawn Schawb " Ooh, this blanket feels pretty good! " 53 Shana Smith Sherrie Rouce What ' s going on over there? AS i9? 54 Doug Campbell Pick-a-boo I ■ ' Peter Kubiak Mother ' s wig and sister ' s dress. What ' s next? J? Shana Smith I love the ocean! - „ 4 - Robert Merrit Watch the birdie! « 4, 6 -W " » ? • Russ Newman ■1 Clint Ferrara Love that watermelon! David Neff Ride ' era cowboy! Pete Kubiak Jim Heaton Terrorized by his new toy Brett Rahall Lederhosen are the best! ™- m B • • 1 Jr ■ Kim Smith Huh? Chris Brinales What an innocent child. What happened? Jeff Moreno Catch that duck! Kate Johnson Yah! Sheila Gibbons It ' s for you, Daddy. John Peppe Soccer ' s my game Joe Bianconi Where ' s your hair, Joe? ri Paul Cunha ! 4 Daniel Oman — m Saudia Gajadhar Karen Haines Giddy-up! ! Love those blue denim boots! Sylvia Golden Who are these girls? Terry Grantges " Do you think the pros will sign me next year? " Bo and Cindy Ennis " Mom, she ' s touching me! 5C Jim Heaton Young Artist Wendy Foote Richard Scallion My toe! My toe! I I Rose Russ in their earlier days. 9 r Liz Braun I ' m going. I ' m really gonna leave. I mean it. You ' ll never see me again. Bye. Here I go. 4 , » ■ Rebecca Nelson Wow! Check that dude out! Todd Copeland You look so cute, Todd. 57 Michael Gross Hey! This one ' s empty! Quinn Jennngs Such a serious girl Scott Bellefleur It ' s Tubby Time! Russ Newman Asleep, finally. Doug Campbell You wanted a picture, and you got it! i Michelle Voisen How could you do this, Mom? e Michelle Voisen Smile! Rita Harcrow Join me for lunch? Charlotte Kondracki I ' m not ready for the ball yet! ey, u gh! Kelley Carrick Mirror, mirror on the wall 59 Richard Scallion Caught with his pants down! a oV- Michelle Dalton Plenty of room to roll. l» " I 60 | g| Toni Ann Pomianowski Queen for a day Ed Kalpakian Looking for a free ride! Chris Lamarca How about putting some water in this pool? Chris Carter Caught in the act! Chria Carter I want my cake! Cindy Ketterling Happy with Santa ' s presents ■t ■ A STAR IS BORN — Kate Johnson, daughter of Frank Johnson, Jacksonville Sales., was born February 24. Toni Ann Pomianowski Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! Shana Smith Splish, splash! I wa taking a bath. 111 1 1? ' Eliasib Ortiz Let me out! Tracey Ann Merrithew and friend 61 ' - ; w - Fred Nolan Can we take him home? m tf Russ Newman Sure, I ' ll pose for a picture. ; t : » Jeannie Connell How about a swim? Michelle Voisen Merry Christmas! , :- «Ck ;iS Jennifer Black Help me! I ' m stuck! 62 f Sylvia Golden Lorraine Tonna Richard McNair Richard McNair A James Dean look alike? Christin Pomykala Watch out for the . . . tree! ! Howard Ennia ' What do you mean it ' s supper time already? £% r- Howard Rutherford " Come on in Howie! " Donna Foote Paul Cunha and brothers Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub Richard McNair Margaret Racaniello gj Gotcha! T Qt ttt I W ■•■■■- iUitdn. » -%. " . ° v u rtt; c 64 I fi ° K V frl Kathleen Gallagher Fun in the sun. er °n p a niil e ! V Chris Basley Cindy Ketterling I LOVE the beach. « Ed Kalpakian Are you going to push me, or are we going to sit here all day? Chris Basley - Raw! W G ' S0 v o° Michael Gross Holly Mather Smile! £j " m " ,r , Mil Todd Wathen Hey, Babe. What ya doin ' ? Diane Mennella Any requests? Diane Mennella Leave me alone. vie « . ■ • t» ' 10 1 j-flP e ' -Bo ' ° ,o ' I - a o« ,jje» Vt 1 «cj Chris Carter Russ Newman Sure, I ' ll pose for a picture. Kathy Hartman ' 72 Graduation at last! |qj Kelley Carrick I think I can stuff a little more in my mouth. Dear Karen, Congratulations ! ! ! You have reached the half way point of your career. We are so proud of you. We love you very much. Remember we are always a phone call away. Love, Mom, Dad, Donald p.s. Dad wants to know if he can borrow a $20. Best Wishes to the Eckerd College Class of ' 88. Especially to Steven Carbone from the " Carbone " family and all his supporters ! From Andonu, Mai V- ' x w . -. rt- — « --■■ Loving and sincere wish- es for your future. May the Rainbow of Good Luck, much happiness and great success follow you throughout your life. We are very proud of you, and love you very much. Toni, you are a dream come true. Go for it ! ! ! Love, Mom Willy To our son who has realized his parent ' s hopes and made them very proud. We wish him enduring love, hard work and good health. David Trieloff The B-day boy 7 " 2la 67 68 To Sylvia, You ' re my favorite (and only) sister (even though you really are adopted, you know). Good luck at law school. I know you can do it! Deine Leibe Schwester, Bhat-wanna Dear Clare, You made it! Finally, huh? Congrats. Thanks for all the friendship and support you have given me. Without you it would not have been the same. You ' ve opened up and shared your life and your love. I wish you and Paul all the happi- ness in the world. Good luck and God bless. Love, Sandi Dear Chris, Do you know what a pain you have been? Barely worth the trouble, let me tell you! But I really needed help, and you are a real sucker for needy people (like myself). Good luck with your life. I will definitely miss you. Congratulations! Sonya Susie, We are proud of you. CONGRATULATIONS ! ! Mom Dad Dawn, Congratulations! We miss you. You were a cool RA; we could doany- thing we wanted, and you were always there to help. Say " hi " to Rick. Sandi, Sonya, Stace To all my bestest friends in the world, can you believe we are finally graduating?!? It ' s been a long four years, but we made it through with the help of each other. It ' s been a blast, and let ' s not do it again. I love you all and thanks for everything! I ' ll miss you all dear and much and come visit me soon in the Windy City. Love, Chris Brinales p.s. Thanks Mom Hendricks To Margaret, Don ' t present your body parts too much while at law school. Watch out for Jane ' s lists! Good luck in the future. Sandi (Clare ' s cool Cuz) Donna, We wish you all the best that life can bring in your future, work, and personal life. Love, Mom, Dad, Linda Sly Dog, Esst meine Scheize! Thanks for teaching me this little German phrase; it ' s come in handy. I wish you and Terry the following: lots of $, lots of love, lots of success (and even more $). If I know you, you ' ll have it all (in excess). I love ya, Bernhardt To anyone who has been carting Chris Brinales ' sorry ass all over Florida the past four years: Thank - you ! ! ! To Loni, Kathy, Elise, Karen, Steph, and Bradlea: You are my closest friends in the world. And don ' t forget, no matter where we are, we will get together for our weddings. HAH ! ! ! Love you all, Chris B. To the class of ' 88, CONGRATULATIONS ! ! from the yearbook staff To TV, Congratulations and good luck in the future. Thanks for everyting; you taught me a lot about life and myself. I hope to see you again. Gina, We pray God ' s blessings are upon you as you as you continue your edu- cation. You have used God ' s gifts to you wise- ly. Your quest for knowledge will be well rewarded. You continue to make us very proud. Love Mom, Dad, Gregg Dear Chris, Our wish is for your health, happiness and peace where ever you go and always remember you are in our hearts forever. Love, Mom and Dad Wishing you every hap- piness and good luck for the future. Love, Mom, Dad, Louise, Lori, Chuck, Cathy and Courtney, Randy, Billy A graduation wish and congratulations to the Greatest Daughter on Earth: Our only Wish is that you have stretched your mind half as much as you have stretched our pockets. With much admiration, Your Loving Parents Whatever you do, we wish you luck. Where ever you go, we wish you joy. And whatever happens, we wish you success. No one deserves it more than you. Love, Mom Dad Brian, I wish that someday you ' ll have a child who will bring to your life even half the joy and pride that you have brought to mine. Love, Mom Dear Diana, Congratulations - and all the best Today, Tomorrow and Forever ! Love Always, Mom, Dad, " Sis " and Higgins Jo ' Ct SL£ — , QSsVQ en«- J new. Ovf. (Set 7 Congratulations Chris: We are all so proud of you and your achieve- ments. May your future be bright, full of happi- ness and may all your dreams come true ! Much love, Dad, Mom Jim We wish for you a Future filled with laughter, love, good health, and every success. Love, Mom and Dad You were born great in ' 68. By ' 78 you ' d proved first rate. Now it ' s ' 88 and you graduate. For ' 98 we all can ' t wait ! Look out world here comes Shana Banana ! ! ! Much love, Mom, Dad, and Chelsea To Sandy, we tip our hat, in Eckerd classes he did sat. He ' s earned his degree, he ' s proud as can be, and what do you think of that? Congratulations ! Dad, Mom, Marc Sue Keep looking up ! Luke 21:28 69 To Cristin Eve, None of us Knows what is ahead . . . The import- ant thing is to use today wisely and well, and face tomorrow eagerly and cheerfully and with the certainty that we shall be equal to what it brings. from Channing Pollock Love, Mom Dad 3Wi W jCpvc avuL h£ k Oi$fas JO UML ml fowt. ok uouv patk Xo (L fukLyt. byiofik and $ucc 5$fu.l Uoll voUl aXwdu: ht MD y »jPad Co qg £ i 1 u LlJa ws C }r ( sJ ror . L Our Johhs hfcokirts 7 Our first College Grad- uate: We are so proud. Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, Astrid Christian Eddie, Congratulations on your graduation. You have truly worked diligently to assure that this moment will come. This is an excellant achieve- ment, and we are so very proud of you. We wish you much success in your future endeavors. God Bless you, and may your good fortune touch the lives and hearts of others. Love, Your Family fom £ Da ve BJ ±y ' iC L 7L 7 -f d May this beguiled and charmed composure turn into a snarling, fearsome combatant, legal mind. We wish you a future full of joy and happi- ness just as you have given to us. We are so proud of you. Dear Kathy Congratulations ! We love you ! Dad Mom liana, May you find the ultimate wave. Mom, Dad Dailah Remember to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Go Big John ! Yea ! Love, Hiller Family Dickson Family Card Family Dear Chris: We ' re so proud of you !! You have a wonderful future ahead of you ! All Our Love ! Mom, Hendricks Joe Lorraine, We are grateful for the wonderful years we had together and proud to have a daughter like you. May all your moments in life be filled with sur- prises and joy. Love, Daddy Mom Cindy Ketterling Congratulations ! Remember ! The answers to all the Great Question of Life, The Universe and everything is 42 Love Dad and Mom May all your future days be filled with happiness ! Love ya, Mom Dad To Charlotte Kondracki: Congratulations on your graduation, and we wish you all the success and happiness you deserve in life. Love - Dad Carol My wish for my son, Richard Scallion: I ' m thankful for your years at Eckerd and proud of your accomplishments there. My hope for you is that, along with the head knowledge, you will have the compassionate heart that will be needed to serve well as a medical doctor. May God strengthen you for the years ahead. Love ya, Mom Q Liebe Enkeltochter Sylvia, Ich wunche dir alles gute aus Weiter feme. Deine Oma r yjfo aZ M y ld- i ) To Charlotte, Your Grandmother wish- es you every happiness and success in your future endeavors. Bless you always, Grams Kondracki We thought and thought for the greatest wish ever something original, spectacular or funny - but our wish is simple. We wish Richard success in his work, health, wealth and happiness - and no more car acci- dents! Congratulations from his very proud Mom, Dad sister. 71 Dear Kelley, We would like to congratulate you and express our appricia- tion for the many years of hard work and dedication you have en- dured. We are extremely proud of your accom- plishments and of you as a person. All our Love, Mom Dad Michelle: our wish for you is love, happiness and all that you seek. May your future be all that you want it to be. Thank you for being our daughter and sister. You are loved ! Mom, Dad, Chris Holly: Your parents couldn ' t be prouder or happier and more appreciative of having you for a daughter. You truly are an asset and inspiration to today ' s generation. Congratulations, we wish you all the best in all your professional and personal endeavors. With all our love, Mom and Dad Success is not a matter of luck or of genius. Success depends on adequate preparation and indomitable deter- mination. We all are extremely proud of you Tracy Ann Merrithew ! Love Mother, Jami Sue, Shawn Jim Dear Scott, We wish you success and joy in pursuit of your degree. Love, Mom, Dad, Jim Good Health and Good Fortune to the Class of ' 88 Jean and Leslie Carter God ' s blessings to all 1988 graduates. from Mr + Mrs Gerald Karcher Way to go Janner ! Love, Mom, Pops, Scimps, Sweetest, Aunt Bearsie, Libbers, Francers, and Neakers Go for it, Quinn ! Love, Mom Dad Congratulations ! Kimberley Smith Four years of memories ! A lifetime of opportun- ities! We ' re proud of you! Love, Your Family To Rita Bea Best wishes and good luck in your future life. We love you Mom Dad Charlotte - I couldn ' t be happier for you or prouder of you - Love ya, Mom Dear Junior: We knew you could and you did. We are proud of you. Congratulations! With Love Mamita Papita We wish the Class of ' 88 Health, Wealth and Happiness For the Future Bob and Marie Bade 7? Clint 1 at- Caution fust VUxity. L) S Xr- o u o 0 j L. © n ci r at u I (XT iohS ood Lock - i nrhs brnahn GoLDeAy JUfo QAJL- qM o JLL fk 6b AajA £ € — - jj u6 fflouff Jt ft wA ' jb fin A moA r f AJt tyh — icXZ rus£r tS 7 J r CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988 I ! 8 I i ECKERD I r % COLLEGE GETTING INTO THE GROOVE if r " 1 " The Eckerd experience?! " s A G A f 4ili s; . 78 f Hold, on to 16 as Cong as you- can. Changes come around real soon to make us women and, men. John Cougar TleUencamp MENOFECKERD 79 f Sooner or later it comes down to fate, I might as well be the one. Only the good die young. Billy Joel In the silence, I think of you. I send a message, I hope it gets through. INXS 80 When, you find, your set J itv the thick of it, help your self to a bit of what is alt around you. fieattes 81 32 II Once in awhile you can get shown the light and the strangest of places, if you look at it right. The Great ful Dead TOGA PARTY Changes in lattitudes, changes in attitudes, nothing feels like the same. With all of my running and all of my cunning, if I couldn ' t laugh. I just would go insane. Jimmy Buffett 1 PUNCH PARTY 83 The world is full of compromise, the infinite red tape but the music ' s got the magic it ' s your one chance to escape, so turn me on- turn me up - it ' s your turn to dream, a little magic power makes it better than it seems. Triumph 84 X have a dream. Jtartin Lather King, 1r. 85 f K N O X Desert sky, dream beneath the desert sky, the rivers run, but soon run dry, we need new dreams tonight. U2 AROUND (i WORLD IN 80 DAYS Dougja s G ° ' e aP Darwin H DORMS 8c CLUSTERS | t) ° n c sp® X ?c 4 ' ■i q 35 £ Ibsen l ?. » Freeman A r % + £ Delta Bennedict No one there will be really watching us. Why dont we do it in the road. Beatles 88 HEAVEN HELL PARTY B E R K E L E Y :. ! • 89 c o p L E Y Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your dreams come true. Aerosmith 90 f I B S E N Life is like a merry -go-round, painted horses rid in up and down. Bad Company 91 92 T IRISH BASH 93 V ' , ° D A L T O N don ' t want to damn you, I just want to make you high. If you could see your way to me Come on and let me try. Let me lake you home tonight. Boston HOMELY COMING 95 L E I G H T O N NITE KAPPA wjH p,. JELLO JAM m All your life you ' ve been waiting for your chance where you ' ll fit into the plan but you ' re the master of your own testing so give and take the best that you can. Triumph 99 I A A S N w t%, 100 X get bg with a little help from ?ng friends. X get high- with a tittle help from mg friends. Gonna trg with a little a help from mg friends. Beatles BULLSHIT BALLET 101 V £ L 102 103 TWO OF A KIND w " «? ITS 105 plM ! | | CLUBS | I AND 1 I ORGANIZATIONS 1 3 i i 5 ' . - 108 T E N E C 1 10 COLLEGE REPUBLICANS NEXT ECOS YEAR ' S OFFICERS Ken Jones Uice President Allison Pate President Kief Morris Academic Affairs John Aine Finance Director 1 1 1 i g g $ g I ON THE 1 | ECKERD | i i I SCENE... I g g g g g g IS g g g g BgS 113 uoy d den B yra HOMELY 114 ■■ ,..; J Greg Mandel - the winner Ge e ' chter COMING Sonya Golden fffi Cliff Hulsart S MEN ECK ERD JELLO 120 » w SHOW I ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft $ ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft sa ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft I ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft - SOCCER 122 • 9 123 PATRON PAGE The 1988 Logos staff would like to thank the following people for their time and contributions, for they made the yearbook what it is. tit ttf Cigdem Akkan Lula Mae Anderson Bill Joann Athanasiou Robert Marie Bade Clifford Jo-Ann Basley Ann Beaulac Lynn Bellefleur Richard Marjorie Black Mathias Bourgeois Thomas Doris Branam James Barbara Braun John Brennan, Sr. Anthony L. Bryant Sally Burnham Dorothy Campbell Renate Campbell Joseph Mary Carbone George Martha Carrick Leslie Joan Carter Kathleen Cervenka Janet Colburn Edward Olivia Connell Clare Conzelman Charles Janice Crank Fernando Rachel Cunha Mr. Mrs. Thomas Dalton Luther Sherry Davis Richard Jean Dewis Frederick Cecilia Dimpfel Mr. Mrs. Ernest Dube Richard Patricia Dunbar Howard Sandra Lee Ennis III Mr. Mrs. R. J. Eubanks William Camille Flores Thomas Martha Foote David Bibi Gajadhar Wesley Ann Gallagher Edward Gavillan Mary Giangrasso John Patricia Gibbons Jack Erika Golden David Carol Grantges Lauren Greene Charles Dorothy Gross Donald Use Harcrow Robert Margo Hartman James Hathaway Dale Jane Heaton Tom Pat Hellyar James Hightower, Jr. C. Richard Bessie Hill Walter Martha Hiller Sandra Holtzclaw Edith Isadore Hoppenfield Peter Victoria Jennings Frank Norma Johnson Gwendola Jones Edward Norma Kalpakian Gerald Carol Karcher Donald Elizabeth Kennedy Walter Rose Dora Ketterling William Elizabeth Kezman Arthur Kubiak Joseph Norene Lamarca N. Diane Leatherman James Randall Light John Avira Mallary Norman Marjorie Mather Peggy McAllister John Camelia Mennella Lawrence Carole Merrit Anita Tracey Merrithew Alan Linda Neff John Nancy Nelson Mark Norstein Judy Oman Sabina Ortiz Frank Betty Pelligrino John Janet Peppe William Pike Ronald Ann Pomykala Sam Lorraine Rahall Roger Carol Reid Robert Eleanor Rounce Phyllis Scallion Ronald Mary Schroeder Norman Sandi Schwab Jane Singleton Albert Deborah Smith Garland Evelyn Smith Jerry Julia Springer Angela Stewart James Paula Thomas Jerry Carol Tollini Edward Peggy Tonna Robert Justine Topkin Paul Maxine Trieloff Richard Jane Van Tassel Harold Maxine Voisin John Veryl Wathan Mildred Weiner Barbara Wolff A Phone (813) 866-3788 Ron Petsch President 4275 34th Street South • St. Petersburg, Florida 33711 Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Circuit Training Personalized Programs WE COVER ALL YOUR VITAMIN AND SUPPLEMENT NEEDS Future Equipment Eagle by Cybex Paramount Aerobics • (Klafsun) Tanning Salon • 25,000 lbs. of Free Weights 5.000 sqare feet workout area HOURS Monday-Friday 6:30 a.m -10 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. In 1988, we will be opening a new location in northeast St. Petersburg with over 1 1,000 sq. ft. of workout area.

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