Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL)

 - Class of 1979

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Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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If eckerd logos 113 ES " E3 " H " n r3 a o ■ ■ a ' ■1 Kl ■ a ■1 a ■a ' ■ zn B n ' ■i ' a n Ci ' n ' ■I ' c n ' m n n n. n a ' m,m ••-?s«« t ::j% ■ H, . ?» ' , ■r M V ■ " , f%-f M " i -ti « ' i- -y %■ V - m y m Wk . 1 f ■v: I- ■wn if .-i r ,« n- ■ " " M ' ) rI s pec i aLevent s stop day m CV % NEW COMMUNITY PROTECT so(m{ A LIVE j t|| PmE ' BAN[) goblin regatta hallc feeijg nce l ing n 3 f■ - f ;; ' § J ' h " J J • ■,f ' Z. ' THE ECKERD COLLEGE HIERARCHY PRESIDENT Leaps tall buildings with a single bound Is more powerful than a locomotive Is faster than a speeding bullet Walks on water Gives policy to God. PROVOST Leaps short buildings with a single bound Is more powerful than a switch engine Is just as fast as a speeding bullet Walks on water, if calm Talks to God. COLLEGIAL SECRETARY Leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable winds Is almost as powerful as a switch engine Is faster than a speeding BB Walks on water in indoor swimming pools Talks with God if special request is approved. PROFESSOR Barely clears campus ant hill Loses tug of war with a switch engine Can fire a speeding bullet Swims well Is occasionally addressed by God. STUDENT Makes high marks when trying to leap campus ant hills Is run over by locomotive Can sometimes handle a pencil without inflicting self-injury Talks to animals. WORK SCHOLAR Runs into buildings Recognizes locomotive 2 out of 3 times Freaks out at typewriters Drools when licking stamps Talks to Walls. BASEBALL PLAYER Falls over doorstep when trying to enter buildings Says " Look at the Choo Choo. " Wets himself with a water pistol Plays in mud puddles Mumbles to himself. JACK ECKERD, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Lifts buildings and walks under them Kicks locomotive off the tracks Catches speeding bullets with his teeth and eats them Freezes water with a single glance Because — HE IS GOD. - Peter Armacost, President [ r Richard Hallin, Provost Ruth Trigg, Registrar ¥ Ofelia Garcia, Dir., Admissions Jake Gardner, VP for Admin. Business Mgr. y " Betty Watkins, Dir., Financial Aid Earle Clifford, Exec. Asst. to Pres Adeline Kreutz, Secy, to Pres. Margorie Nincehelser, Admin. Asst. to Pres. Lee Brown, Exec. Secy, to Provost -J Dorothea Ashburn, Accountant, Bus. Affairs r ai.. Shirley Amedeo, Dir., Personnel Office Carol Lockamy, Cashier Don Guardiola, Stud. Loan Bookkeeper; Alexa Idoni, Student Accounts; Sue Connaily, Student Payroll Maddy Trangas (right), Exec. Secy, to Dean of Students; Gerry Oalman (sitting), Secy, to Dean of Res. Affairs Paul Herman, Dean of Res. Affairs Barry McDowell, Dir., Student Activ. Sara Kistler, Assoc. Dean of Res. Aff. Mark Smith, Dean of Students Bill Covert, Dir., Waterfront Kirk Stokes, Dir., Counseling Center Bill Buggies, Resident Director Susan Hopp, Resident Dir. ELS Molly Ransbury, Education Michael Sullivan, Classical Guitar Inst. c ato William Waters, Music Arthur Skinner, Visual Arts Nancy Carter, American Studies Donald Fouse Music Margaret Rigg Visual Arts Special Friend Small 0fi i ■s - i " V, Don Cunningham Theatre Sterling Watson Creative Writing Richard DelGreco Theatre Coordinator Carlton Humphrey, Theatre Claire Stiles, Leisure and Recreation Tom West, Psychology Rev. David Cozad, Chaplain George Lofquist, Mathematics Robert Meacham, Mathematics k ,11 ... Wilbur Block, Physics Sheila Hanes, Biology Richard Neithemer, Chemistry; Reggie Hudsori, Chemistry Billy Maddox Mathematics John Furgeson, Biology Harry Ellis, Physics Frederic White, Classics Alan Carlsten, Religion Speech Julie Empric, Literature William Wilbur, History Douglas Taylor, Philosophy Keith Irwin, Philosophy Dorothy Rowlinson, Secy., Letters Coll. Stan Chesnut, Humanities Peter Hammerschmidt, Economics Claude Sutcliffe, Political Science Bill Winston, Sociology Philip Siegel, Business Admin. Tom Oberhoffer, Economics Jim McDougall, Psychology Eugene Lebrenz, Economics Bart Tebbs, Management Parsons, History and Russian Stud.; Hendrick Surrie, Anthropology; Gil Johnston, Religion; Pedro Trakas, Spanish CO m par ' a.tive cfflE eSi Dudley Degroot, Anthropology Mary Paidosh, German, and Lilly, Special Asst. to the Pres. Shirley West Art Coordinator David Henderson Readers ' Service Librarian ' ' mmmmfmmmmim Bev Taber Executive Sec. to VP for Administration Rachael Cockey Sec, Comparative Cultures Coll. Stephanie Schminke Sec, Natural Sciences Coll. Louise Hammer! Payroll Asst. Linda Branum Sec, Bookkeeper to Controller Penny DeLacqueseaux Sec, Creative Arts Coll. Pat Bouwman Coordinator, Writing Center Keith Benton Director, Development Services Charles Hoffman Director, Alumni Relations Special Programs: Caria Seamans, Sec; Cheryl Gold, Coordinator, Special and Sum- mer Programs; Bonnie Hawke, PEL Coordinator; Betty Voos, Receptionist Sec; Peg Bergenstjerna, Sec. Sheila Grating Placement Coordinator, Career Services Sharon Covert Director, Career Services i Dan Vale Career Counselor Moses Stith Director, Afro-American Support Services Eva Carlon Sec. to Head Librarian ' .V. Joanne Lofquist Technical Services Librarian C. H. McClung, Reference, Serials; Margaret Thornton, Asst. Librarian Jimmy Hall, Printer; Jeff Welsh, Printer ' s Helper Charles Gibb Director, Purchasing and Bookstore Betty Ray, Director, Public Information; Susan Gigilotti, Sec. Academy for Prof. Development; Mary Bokhart, Sec, Public Info. Judith Ward Director, ASPEC Betty Simpson, Sec, Development Office; Sally Caldwell Thea Snyder, Record Keeper, Development. Ed Stevens Asst. to President and Director of Planning Unice Gage Operator Lynn Lostutter Operator Dutch Blauvelt Admissions Counselor Admissions: Jan Stroud, Counselor; Cindy Astle, Sec. to Director; Alphanese Roberts, Receptionist; Bervin Pugh, Counselor; Betty Lowry, Sec; Sandy Jost, Sec, Financial Aid. Manny Tavares Admissions Counselor Elanor Pugh Sec. to Registrar Clyde McKenney Asst. to Registrar International Ed.: Sally Miller, Coordinator, Semester Year Abroad; Gayle Taylor, Coordinator, Winter term Exchange; Sheila Johnston, Director; Marge Lathrop, Asst. David Davidson Admissions Counselor Eric Stromberg Post Office Gil Vaillancourt, Full time Clerk; Jim Heisler, Supervisor; Jack Kyland, Asst. Director, Data Processing Part time Clerk. Sharon Conwessor Key Punch Operator, Data Processing Ron Warfield, Director, SAGA; Jamie Minor, Cafeteria Manager ELS: Charles Taylor, Program Supervisor; Linda Leasure, Director, Admissions; Evelyn Boykins, Receptionist; Barbara Hanna, Sec; Brian DeHosse, Student Ad- visor; Susan McFalls, Program Supervisor; Judy Price, Director. Maintenance: Willie Norton, Delores McCrody, Joe Cobb, Bernice Thompson, OIlie Moare, Gloria Williams, Edith Vinson, Thelma Powell, Rayman Stephens, Isiali Brown, Tyler Johnson, Lafayette Fikes, Carlton Kilpatrich and Edith Simpkins. Security: Jim Wilcox, Geo Wilcox, Rich Haipenny, Ken W Ed Mann, Chief. Artie Underhil! Security Guard Ginny Haigh Administrative Coordinator, Physical Plant { ■ ' X ... » N, ' ««■• Clarence " Nick " Cable, Mechanic; Bob Strzelecki, Super- visor, Grounds Maintenance; Carl " Dutch " Sankel; Clarence Nichols, Electrician. Judy McKenney — Sec, Behavioral Sciences Chris De John — Grounds Maintenance d©rinns DANTE — (bottom to top) Mark Bready, Tim Storm, Gus Papadopoulos, Clyde Bearss, Roger Romano, Chuck Waxberg, Matt Pickens, Dave Brazano, Doug Hood, Jim Hogan, Bill Schmidt, Dave Whited, Tim LeMieux, Kraig Johnson, Mark Huffman, Bob Smith, Bo Garcia, Brett Binns, Lars Olson, Dave Hopkins. ■».,.J BERKLEY — Mary Eraser, Andrea Noyes, Becky Coster, Donrna Silverman, Dee Dee Shives, John Fleming, Kris Clear, Robin McBar- ney, Jana Wofford, Angela Prentice, Sally Knapp, Lori Matossian, Debbie Clements, Claudia Allen, Joe 0)ea, Roberto LIuch, Pat Hays, Rich McBride, Marta Steiger, David Speal, Tim Hadden, Mark Piper, Jim Jennings, John DeCosmo. IBSEN — Kim Marin, Monie McClain, Rolan Peak, Jim Overdorf, Steve Crestol, Tony Marino, Dave " Ark " Scruggs, Jackson, Steve Thompson, Rick Bowen, John Poole, Gary Allen, Mindy, Jorge Martinez, Dave Huesman, Mike Allen, Cindy Clymer, Joan Matthews, Linda Sue Taylor, Jo Anne Guglietti, Suzanne Wanta, Karen Home, Nancy Mercado ' s arms, Linny Smyth, Mary Distler, Dot Smith, Mork, Jerry Collum, Kathy Carmody, Virginia Goe, Richard Barrero. Right — Ghassan Al Saleh COPLEY — (on roof) David Roth, Chris Paine, Melody Cass, Anita Baas, Andy Blair, Joe Grassano, Howie Rose, Eric Waiiens, Marianne Tail, Wanda Chalker, Sherry Sniderman, Pauie Pfeiffer, Pam O ' Neal, Martha Hurley, Al Zeigler, Kathy Olejniczak, Shirley Sawai, George Sirigos, Hansel Leavengood, Mary Manley, B. J. Walsh, Mike Petrillo, Sabrina Atwood, David Seems. W Jf ' KENNEDY — Stephen " Radar " Boyd, Randy Kwist, Rudi Pingwald, Greg Williams, John Panazo, George Scheld, John McCausland, Jim Workman, Mitch Pubis, Bill Vickers, Jack Pooley, Tim O ' Sullivan, Leo Dumas, Brad Bolton, Mard Malone, Nick Palantzas, Phil Adams, Mike Gilmartin, Mark Gaprio, Shawn Butler. I| Ml WILSON — Stan Slaats, Martha Walters, Denise Castillo, Evelyn Cardona, Pam Neff, Lou Reyes, Jan Cannon, Miriam MacDonald, Pam Nelson, Lorrie Nevin, Cindy Walther, Ali Leeds, Caren Chappell, Jane Pacholok, Nadia Ivanov, Helen Clemmons, Pam Siegel, Peggy Kennedy, Selena Roe, Ana Ulloa, Tammy Underwood, Jayne DeFillips, Denise Bernier, Gloria Roberts, Marti Mansfield, Sunny Castaldo, Meda Hatcher, Mirna Ramos; (above right) Brenda King. HIASSEN — Bill Rubino, Tom Marlon, Marty Couch (Pillsbury Dough Boy), Rick Speldil, Peter Melnke, Ghengis Khan, Todd Swen- son, Larry Teague, Nick NIcolosi, Fred Fochtman, Louis O ' Conner, Mike Mann, Rick Bernstein, Rodney Chamberlain, Mike Palley, Ed Guadagno, Jeff Mitchell, Kay Shayan. Editors Note: This Is a dorm picture. We requested originality and do not feel It Is In our place to stifle creativity. i f«i -• ■ » ' »»«•, i«L - 4 . t5!: j«3 ' s i ' - i HENDERSON — Debbie Del Nero, Rockefeller Sarria, Wendy Young, Laurie Petruff, Eileen Gillen, Lorna Carroll: Raine Surmiak, Ram Moll, Suzanne Lewis, Olivia Wakeman, Ikuyo Higashimoto, Debbie Thompson, Patti O ' Brien. OBERG — Ann Terrill, David Smith, Stan Hunter, Mark Boutin, Steve Pacholok, John " Shakey " Baker, Adrienne Darner, Becky Oalmann, Leeann Carpenter, Joe Chepetsky, Carl Kaufman, Doug Boynton, Buck Cecil, Bill Kelly, Ron Webster, Jesse Johnstone, John Mines, Joyce Earl, Margot Johnstone, Andy Anderson, Ann MacKinnon, Jaye " Jay-bird " Nesbitt, Julie Pinette, Debbi Hill, Katrina Van Duyne, Kim L. Travis, Tim Havens, Bill Dvi yer, Yehei Sakurada. MORRIStown — (same as above) %J i.; - ' • »» ' ? -■ % ' iC ' tt i ' k rT ' ' ' V ' ' A V. f ««r ' ' ' :. !, ' l ' ' ' ' V ' ?4 «3fe ' . ' ! ' ' ' NEWTON — Doug Swanson, Paul Draegger, Lou Morganthaler, Barbara Bergan, Red Closson, David Smith, " Pitch " , Vicki Miller, Tom Keating, Sharon Liggett, Bob Levai, Allison Smyth. i -fW FREEMAN will be BACK!! 5, ,-« .V ' DALTON — Toshiko Sakurai Yuko Koshizaki, Deane Schloesser, Felicia Benson, Kathy Pearson, Tina Grayson, Althea Pugh, Maristella Pierathoni, Carlotta Woodson, Lora Smith, Andrea Gumming, Kimberly Krapf, Lorie Glark, Darlene Esler, Kim Saylor, Tlianh-Nha Vo, Patricia Brady, Robin Goffer, Dyeanna Dye, Sue Goleman, BY e «( v — 5 » ' ' .M k , - :4 " " .»jfc -» ' KIRBY — Donna Davis, Julie Mikula, Elena Kandilakis, Max, Sylvia Maier, Jane Bierre, Iris Baeon, Leah Knox, Robin Humphries, Karen Price, Liz Rodriguez, Emalee Derenthal, Kathy Stults, Allison Hertzburger, Pam Kennedy, Cindy Jasnieki, Tammy Sprill, Jackie Moore, Melanie Rich, Jodie DiMaria, Linda Jacot, Laura Nagy, Sue Sweeney, Cathy Smith, Lisa Greenburg, Sarah Tebbs, Laura Manger, Mary Jane George, Mary Booraem, Trami Vo. JAMES — Paul Montoni, Andy Harshman, Peter Jamele, Peter Hopkins, Tom Reid, Steve Vespia, Scott Aemisegger, Cliff Rubin, James Hawkins, Bob Streit, Peter Rovezz, Falo Becerra, Rick Sayre, David Solomon, Eric Crawford, David Paul, Mark Marotto, Mark Hoadley, Mustang Rodriguez, Dan Billard, Jeff Smouton. KNOX — Jim Phillips, Doug Tvetin, Don Fisher, Don Hyde, Warren Merlino, Terry Butterfield, Bill Kluge, Jeff Mirro, Breft Ramsey. isaiSojiS ' ir i.-!: ' !!-j5f«!Ua -Jjj£3Sw: , ■ S - ' i ST -3 ♦•is 1 HUBBARD — (1st line of H) Duane Jackson, Juan Desloge, Frank Mar- tinez, Billy Burns, Dicky Freda, Bill Perkins, Todd Baker; (bar of H) David Roegells, Dan Ttiornhiill, Marsfiall Flynn; (above) David " Town " Ward; (2nd line of H) Kazno Suzuki, George Root, Ricfiard McAliley, Mark Vickers, Rick Hibbs, Jesse Sharpe, Keitfi McLachlan. :p ' 4» : ' um . J I i V-«c- DARWIN — (back to front) Klaus Kraft, Mac McKnight, Bob Francis, Bill Pugti, Sonny Monroe, Bob " Spike " Beldini, Karl Braun, " Hi- Mike " Hanahan, Ross Lenkenau, Kattiryn Codo, Loretta " Purple " Williams, Randy " Beep " Hembree, Donald " Duck " Paul, Beth " Spud " Sugden, Paula " Beep " Catanzarite, D. J. Jo Schlike, Terry " Buck " Buchanan, Dan " the man " Chestnut, Kristi Wolf, Wendy Thrower, Lydia Falcon, Felita James. LEIGHTON — Ed Burkey, Jean Marie McDonnell, Billy Queen, Doug Boynton, Scoff Dunn, Richard Mitchell, Sophia Couper, Allyson Porter, Dave Dick, Al Wietecki, Sharon Lindsley. Mike Simmons, Debbie Ingolin, Jim Forrester, Ada Asenjo, Susan Hyde, Barbara Foster, Cobble Palm, Lady, Jeff True, Rick Kelley. SCOTT — Mark " Stagfife " Kashdan, Audrey Seligsohn and Sunshine, Julie Pinefte, Deborah Hill, Jose Rodriguez, Elaine Griquita, John Singleton, Byron Brown, Steve Doris, Joanne Griquita, Bill Dwyer, BENEDICT — " Benedict crossing Frenchman ' s Creek " B. J. Sheffield, Merri Hankins, Pam Cotton, Anne Ksiazek, Debbie Hughes, Lisa Trentalange, Jennifer Anthony, Georgia Lundberg, Michele Ogilvie, Mary Judah, Jana Ettienne, Lia Barth, Anna Lorenzo, Kelly Medei, Ivonne Lopez, Patricia Monroy, Donna Nawrocki, Lisa Pope. Carolyn Vonzabern, Jan Hajdecko, Katie Bosner. BLAKELY — Rick Sequerth, John Perillo, Kerry Freedman, Louie Pasternak, Jay Malamphy, Spike Heyman, Katsuhiko Umetsu, Jim Smitli, Ken Leob, Joe LaFond, Chuck Skinner, Carter Broome, Steve Almonte, Greg DiBona, Mike Lindberg, Tommy Ananthothai, Duncan Guda, Andy Henretty, Tom Michaels, Will Moore, Dan DeBevoise, David Kurau. • Tr m FREEMAN — " We ' re back " — Shahriar Rabbair, Kevin Dembinski, Reid Isenhart, Ted Maurelli, Tony Alvarez, Steve Kleckowski, Bob Dietz, Mike Buffi, Pete Bofiatcfi, Mike Wingate, Jim Brennan, Larry Anglada, Mark Wenzel, Tony Solazzo, EHi Welsfi, Martin Schmitz, Jofin Pettito, Fernando Martinez. Si women s pNp NE.5T 7E f . C ■ A. U - " .S ' " -V, " ■ j Jt i v j7 r . " 1 ' % ' JSs I h i» y ' r 1- " " ; ;;; ■■ ■ MEN ' S BASKETBALL — Greg Welsh, Dennis Cox, Al Braithwaite, Brad Bolton, Pete Anton, Pete Bohatch, Keith McLatchlan, Head Coach Harley, Rick Sequeth, Vern Hair, Lee Weixelbaum, Terry Butterfield, Bill Perkins, Bob Kumpfbeck, Dale Layer, Mike Wingate, Asst. Coach Thornton. 441 ' j ' , WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL — Althea Pugh, Kathy Oleniczak, Tina Grayson, Felicia Benson, Kathy Stults, Leie Clarl-;, Coach Mary Ann Giacchino, Darlene Esler, Elena Kandilakis, Derry Hutt, Angela Prentice, Kim Deehan. r 2 W HOME OF THE ECKERD TRITONt NCAA DiJ Re9on»U ' 73 ' 7475 ' 76 ' 77 NCAA DiyJ National; 77 $;iS 9yvW ?w5 MEN ' S BASEBALL — Steve Almonte, Jeff Mirro, Tom Marzilli, Randy Kwist, Kerry Freedman, David Paul, Mike Quinlan, Mickey Hanewich, Joe Celeste, Ed Guadagno, Larry league, Scott Rhem, Jay Malaphy, Jerry Melillo, Coach Jotin Mayotte, Asst. Coach Bill Mathews, John Small, Jim Wentzell, Gary Nutter, Phil Adams, Pete Hopkins, Tom Michaels, Tom Pasternak, Steve Delia Bella, Fred Fochtman, Chuck Paiua. SOCCER TEAM — Back row — Head Coach Dutch Blauvelt, Asst. Coach Steve McAllister, Pat Diemert, Jim Hicl ey, Mike Petrillo, Tony Cammarata, Rudy Ferraro, Greg Williams, Marcos Lima, Goalie Coach Jim DiNobile, Middle row — Tom Keating, Ted McCarron, Doug Tveten, Pat Hays, Stan Urguhart, Shahrier Rahbari, Mark Caprio, Ellie Welch, Front row — Shawn Butler, Nick Palantzas, Tim O ' Sullivan, Dickie Freda, Marty Couch, Dan Biliard. g WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL — Kathy Stults, Kathy Golden, Sigrid Bredenberg, Linda Smyth, Kathy Olejniczak, Debbie Clements, Kim Deehan, Darlene Esler, Julie Mikula, Elana Kandilakis, Derry Hutt, Coach Claire Stiles. fc m s iM . — -i - l- ■■5 ,,. ,.„.y ' ..,„■,„•„„.?•• cu c d doi ' P •[9 „,.,„.,. „„. „ „„,„ 6? , 9 U ' Ln ,,„„ ll.U cc.ilLui ., L,JeS., a fittfr ™y of 00 M We uon ) r.„,c.nLr o,.r .fane,: ue uc. ) re..u:J,er o„r pi-ofeiiori: we won I remeinhei- our achieiemenli; but we It atwaiji remember llie cfiiip unci tile real timei in 2Jreeman MonJ. trvuiLi c ' Ci ' ju ck JL Champion the right to be ijourielf, dare to be different and to iet your own ftatterm live your own life and follow your own star. HU ' d( ii Jaiii.n Smile and the world imilei with you. Cry ana cry alone. ' „, In. Ua,f U .....uJ.,. yM „ «y „„. „„ , of .€,., - J a U and , 2 ecu, (a.) an egg and 1 2 in a Jay and , 2 — Oken U. (ong uoJJ it laL a .nonLg u,il , a uooJe,. (eg to LicL a(i iL seeds o.,l of u did pi.hL . a.s i-r ' Jfft ' . , UOi O. Ai " DL cares of iL n.on.eni are L ri,,,,(es on iL tide of c ,ie.e,nenl and ,o,.e.- ' W. S. je.ons " Qonna Lee,, on striding unlif J read mg luglusl gronndr JdctcuJ. C 4rU 0-! 4nd iomv of you are harmonics to iL notes J fJay. " Jf Sleu art " J Lute to see a friend efo down in flames without a Song. So Jm waiting L, iL doorway tLugl. J wiff not finger iong.- janis Jan z» - 7 . -s«- ij Y ' .: v 0, COHOLIC A: -i-A (Hi iLi-L ) ■VL ,u.,„L- of,,co,,( ' e .nlering en cLalor u a Rousn,, rcuJon, rariJJc .nil, f,arc,..,cter 10. Qivcn iLrc are V (Lors. com,n,lc l ,c ,,roLUilL, iLl 9 ' J ralLr com,n,le iL , ,oLU( ' lt of »,y getting to tlie Lad, tl,is semeiter! " UU! a jj ftt ' .w J jT y ' ,idi.:. JiuoL .y K ' L.u: t ni JJ u IJo.. call DJ4JS a UgetIF! c:. U- . ' ,)1cjl h " £.e,- one is igno.anL on(,j on JifPrcnl SuLjech. " liW l o . " J lo.ul, of Jas. - . yj.y, , cS .- e " C duJLMiU UUUJi JlAx y 1 d„f 2)fSca,te. YTl rxA iM L S . " -f luM j:)a..:x j .u y ,. ithj H c z-c wt •ft; i- ■ v-j V.iii£; ' T: ' •— ji aiSi 3i J M Aj)i 7 QUAY Li is dj M uvu .yo ( x k.J iM. ' i A ..■ill J nuu, no! ,„,.,. ,„ 3 Uie ji 5fA ' IL sX Nw Ci (lJ « - ' -A ij - J , i -fl» 5 ,. r ' ut ' i il " " ' , I " ( ' " •■ " ' • " ' - ' • ' " " " ' " " ' " ■ " " ' " ( ' " " ■J- ' i u— ' ' A. J -j ' ' ' ' - i ' ZTp.4c y . (I 3 ic- tt-eyc ■J JLive dangerouSiL rrouMy J JiefLv dJlML a Mc o 1: : V " ' i Av ' . i i M- " DL impoi-fant llunc, is lliii to L Mr ul an mo.nenl lo uurifu J,at u.e a.: or Ju.l u. .oJJ Lu,„u: 3 n Lin on ll,in,,s lU ..cite ■ - iL.f ,u,stri.s or foLter or L .9 ' ,,, Hit trijin to cfet Li, Lin ' ,f„iit an J .) ,j Jn a u.or(J fj( of ,nJung anJ J,o..e. i Uo yLAi JouK. V a - A Uc: ' it ( trr Ac CU J.,t PUU.S ... .,,,.,,1,1 U...n iL L.,,in., I.,r L J iL Sl.;„,.,l, I,..- iL L,„l .» ,.-. —j,„ls„n B.-,n,n ;: ;t T ca pyc . va " ' r V-: c i S.A M. — Laura Marlin, Angela Prentice, Kathy Pearson, Peggy Kennedy, Melinda Miller, Olivia Wakeman, Rodney Chamberlain, Ed Kroll, Mary Judah, Jane DePhillips, AInneda Hatcher, Kay Shayan, Michael Simmons, Gary Yingst, Robert Smith. clubsS opganizations PRESIDENTS TASK FORCE — Jan Hajducko, Marcia Murto, Gary Yingst, Pam O ' Neal, Jan Cannon, Sherry Sniderman, David Huesman, Mac McKnight, Helen Clemmons, David Cahoone, Marti Mansfield, Donna Nawrocki, Dr. Armacost, Peter Tront, Jose Ojea, Mark Caprio, Dan DeBeviose, Pam Siegal, B. J. Sheffield, Debbie Hughes, Reid Isenhart. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE — Mac McKnight, Dir.; Richard Akin, Mark Boutin, Dan Ciiestnut, Gary Alien. STUDENT COURT — Mike Gilmartin, Debbie DeiNero, Marsha Murto, Mickey Hanewich, Mark Maione — Chief Justice, Debbie Hughes, Jesse Sharpe, Randy Kwist. ECOS EXECUTIVE OFFICERS THAT WERE — Bill Warren ex- Financial Affairs Director, David Graham Ex-SAB Director. ECOS EXECUTIVE OFFICERS — Bob Deitz, Pres.; Dave " Ark " Scruggs, Dir. of External Affairs; Raid Isenhart, Dir. of Human Resources: Dave Whiited, Dir. of Financial Affairs; Mac McKnigfit, Dir. of Academic Affairs; Gus Papadopoulos, Cfiairperson of the Legislative Council; Caren Chappell, Sec. X T ' CHESS CLUB — Dan Chestnut. Robert Dietz Mac McKnight Sonny Monroe Richard Cashman Gus Papadopoulos Bill Rubino Mike Simmons TRITON SAILING ASSOCIATION — Steve Smith, Jesse Johnstone, Charlie Fraser. COLLEGE BOWL SOCIETY — Richard Barrero, Steve Thompson, John Poole, Virginia Coe, Gary Allen, Kim Marin, Andy Bryan, Hugh Kearney, David Murto, Jerome Hanley, John Phillips, David Speal, Terry Butterfield, Richard Cashman, Bill Kluge, Andy Wait- man, Paul Merlino, Jan Hajducko, Cliff Rubin, Warr en Merlino, Kathy Olejniczak, David Graham, Rick Bernstein, Jackie Moore, Gus Papadopoulos, Marty Couch, Robert Dietz. FOLK DANCING — Huldah Bredenberg, Richard Bredenberg, Becca Smith, Chuck Waxburg, Monie McClain, Chris Paine, Shirley Sawaii, Kevin Wilkins, Melinda Miller. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL — Caren Chappell, John Poole, Kim Krapf, Ruth Redman, Tony Solazzo, Warren Merlino, Mark Boutin, David Speal, Matt Pickens, Dan Chestnut, Pam Kennedy, Lou Reyes, Cliff Rubin, Kelly Medei, Margaret Everett, Richard McAliley, Jaye Nesbitt, Gus Papadopoulas. RESCUE TEAM — Rolan Peak, Tom Reid, Rick Bowen, Mike Allen, Bob Smith, Lynn Russell, Doug Cobden, Liz Sanders, Doug McVey, Bill Kluge, Tyrone Brown, Rich McBride, Peter Johnke, Bill Covert, Steve Boyd, Adele Platania, Larry Anglada, Steve Patton. THE W9MENS CENTER PfcZ USE ro fl HEmP-T«Sr, V?BI BIOLOGY CLUB — front to back: Steve Smith, Cindy Jasniecl i, Phyllis Wright, Joyce Mitchell, Sheila Walters, Jesse Johnstone, David Smith, Will Moore, Al Ziegler, Dr. Hanes, Dr. Ferguson, Al Sidlowski, Tanya latum. Ivan Delgado, David Hicks, Nadia Ivanov, Joe Chepetsky, Ann Terrill, Myrna Ramos, Dave Outrum, Hansel Leavengood, Dennis Cox, Carlotta Woodson, Jamie Serine, Gary Lloyd, Susan Ebbinghouse, Jim Ray, Violet Assaid, Alan Whitehouse, Dr. Roess, Steve Forman. WECR — Dr. Carlsten, David Owens Station Manager. V ' f CHEERLEADERS — Ann Ksiazek, Jeff Smoton, Pam Kennedy, Nadia Ivanov, Reid Isenhart, Gary Lloyd, Brenda King, Laura Manger, Mark Wenzel, Katie Bosner. R.A. ' s — front to back — Peter Trent, Tha Na Vo, Terry Butterfield, Bill Ruggles, Susan Hopp, Clyde Bearss, Merri Hankins, Paul Her- man, Dan Billard, Tim O ' Sullivan, Dave ' Ark ' Scruggs, Reid Isenhart, Tony Bacouni, Bill Warren, Sara Kistler, Jan Cannon, Kathy Stults, Sharon Liggett, Wendy Young, Eric Wallens, Marcia Murto, Ann Terrill, Doug Boynton, Duane Jackson, Angle Prentice, Abbas Rakhsiiani, David Owens, Todd Swenson, Libardo Ochoa. YEARBOOK — Donna Silverman, Layout Ed.; Virginia Goe, Asst. Ed., Layout; Kim Marin, Business; Tim Storm, Pliotograpliy; Paula Catanzarite, Photo.; Brett Moore, Photo.; Louis O ' Conner, Photo.; Richard Barrero, Co-Editor, Photography; Dee Dee Shives, Art; Kathy Olejniczal , Layout; Gary Allen, Business Manager; David Roth, Photo. Jana Wofford, Photo.; Kathy Garmody, Go-Ed., Layout; Allison Hertzberger, Photo. Steve Forman: Photography Acknowledgements Maria Baquero Doug Boynton John Fleming Mike Gilmartin Reid Isenhart Sara Kistler B. J. Sheffield Development Office Dr. Wayne Guida and Natural Sciences Coll. for use of the Physics Darkroom Dr. John Eckert and Creative Arts for use of the Art Center Darkroom Kandee Altis, Graphic Art lJ,-nlh, h Uhs " , x " Cla itij h iCamtiJ " Tcnmunicalio,, JS iL nan.e of iL game ( 2 mU ' {Oh ' JjoMV JuL h uUrcr. " ' :■; (m(. farlLr f iff see iL J IreeS Uosson.iny ' tlu marUe t fecminq in llie inn the iea bietihin into iuaves „ fittfe fartU fel us rise c. fillfe l.i L: " ■■ eo..r Se( ' ' X A Congratulations Class of 79 SFS L St. Petersburg Federal Savings Loan Association RAMADA INN Just a Few Blocks North of the College US 19 South at 36th Ave. South 3600 Thirty Fourth Street South Marine Supply Nautical Boutique The Dock Box A Hisn ' Her Marine DEWAYNE AND LYNN GRISSOM 4521 34th St. South St. Petersburg, FL 33711 (813) 864-4109 Peter, A part of me will always be with you, and a part of you will always be with me. That much is certain no matter what else happens. Love, Jana To the only living boy in New York: Hey, let it shine, like it shines on me. Love You, Bee A mon petit chou, muchas gracias por los mementos que me has dado. D.i.B. John, You ' re very special. Love, J. % y

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