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673 64! J 604 lAQ fi?2 75 m 823 s s 10 Wmfr I V J 871 ! . iiu 40 869 811 845 89 844 8§ 817 801 eCKGRD COLLGG6 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA 33733 Application for Admission Mr. Name Mii Permanent Address Middle Telephone (Name preferred to be called) City Present Address Telephone Zip Code area code number City Zip Code Until date I am applying as a Freshman □. If accepted I wish to enter: a) Fall Term beginning August 19 b) Spring Term beginning February 19 I am applying as a Transfer □. If accepted I wish to enter: a) Module I, September 19 c) Winter Term, January 19 e) Module IV, April 19 b) Module II, November 19 d) Module III, February 19 (see prospectus for modular calendar details) All students are expected to live on campus unless they are over 23 years of age or are married or living with relatives. I plan to live: on campus □, off campus □. High School(s) or Preparatory School(s) attended: Name. 19 to 19 Private □ Address. Name 19 to19 Private D Address. Date of Graduation. Your school Counselor . Month Year 5. To help the Admissions Committee get a more complete picture of you, please write one or two paragraphs telling us more about your interests, achievements, concerns, and goals. We are particularly interested in items not fully reflected in your school records. Use the space below or a separate sheet of paper. w . Figure 3 - - i -m i met a woman long ago heA haiA the black that black could go an.e you the teachen. o{ the heant? tofct, the antweAed no i met a woman acAott the. tea heA haiA the. gold that gold could be aAe you the. teacheA o£ thz heaAt? yeA, but not ion. thee, i met a man who lott hit mind in tome lott place i had to faind fallow me., the. wite man taid but he. walked behind I walked Into a hospital wheAe none wot tick and none wot well when at night the nuAtet le t I could not walk at all manning came, and then came noon dinneA time a tcalpcZ blade lay betide my tilveA tpoon tome giAlt wandeA by mistake into the mett that tcatpelt make one you the teacheAt oi my heaAt? we teach old heaxtt to bneak one mo fining i wake up alone the hotpiXal and the nuAtet, gone have i caAved enough, my loud? child, you one a bone i ate and ate and ate no, i did not miAt a plate, well, how much do thete tuppeAt cott? we ' ll take it out in hate i tpent my hatxed eveAy place on eveAy wonk, on eveAy lace someone gave me wiAhet and i wished fan. an embrace teveAal giAlt embraced me, then i wot embraced by men it my pattion pen ect? no-do it once again i wot handtome i wot ttfiong i knew the wondt o{ eveAy tong did my tinging pleat e you? no, the wondt you tang weAe wfiong who aj iX whom i addAett? who taket down what i con ett? one you the teacheAt o{ my heaAt? we teach old heantt to nett o teachext one my lettont done? i cannot do anotheA one they laughed and laughed and taid, welt child, one youn lettont done? one youn lettont done? one youn lettont done? Grant me, Lord, the right to continued discontent, to curse my work, not to answer letters, and to be a trial to my friends. Am I to swear to grow a better man if this cup is let to pass from me? We both of us know, Lord, that such vows, extracted under duress, are never kept. Do not blackmail me, Lord God, and do not try to make a saint of me; Amen. Arthur Koestler LIFE MUSEUM JtSIl Bioloqical Oddities r »nucJ PRESERVED VEGETABLEt ' ANIMAL FREAKS vMl I LU | ROCKSeMNEMLS WOOD CARVINGS ff OPEN THUR:FRl.,SAT.9 5 5UN0An« ftftQ Supported by Donations [|UwU John Crook, Saga Food Service Mgr •Jamie Minor, Assistant Manager Marv Paidosh, German and Area Studies m (left) J. Stanley Chesnut Humanities and Religion UNDER WHAT PILE OF Cloyd McLung, Librarian PAPERS DID I MISLAY MY YOUTH? — Lou Stouman Rll;-- 4 -. w HMUBtn rV U HHfifiBV ib J K Br KdUV " " " — r " " " Tfll Anne Murphy, Political Science Dan Cunningham Theatre and Dance J Rev. David B. Cozad, Chaplain (left) Richard A. Rhodes II Research Assoc, Physics o!l what abailpapei- Frederic R. White History William Wilbur, History Howard Carter, Literature Nancy Carter, American Studies Keith Irwin Philosophy Leonard Meyer Vice-President, Development John Watson Director of Development Thea Snyder Record Keeper, Development Richard Hallin, Provost Dean of Faculty Alexa Idoni Student Accounts Bookkeeper Alan Bunch Controller Dorothea Ashburn Accountant, Business Affairs Pedro Trakas, Spanish Ruth Trigg, Registrar Peter Meinke, Literature Felix Rackow, Political Science MATHE NATI • r James MacDougall Psychology Ashby Johnson Religion and Philosophy ■ ' MM Richard Mathews, History William McKee, History V •■ ' It: k 1 1 k i k J Mary Bokhart Public Information f i, s Alan Carlsten Religion Speech Maddy Trangas Secy., Student Affairs Joan D ' Agostino, Chemistry r i Peter Armacost President Peter Hammerschmidt Economics 4 . ' St 1 3 co a — i u •- 3 CO w William Parsons, History Russian Sara Kistler Dean of Housing Paul Herman Dean of Residential Affairs y HrT p - Vivian Parsons, Russian Tim Gamelin International Politics William Roess, Biology Stephanie Schminke, Secy. Natural Science Karen Lucibello, Chemistry Stockroom Supervisor Peter Pav, Philosophy Jean Cobb Secy., Foundations Jack Williams Sociology Ken Keeton, German :;u Theodore Dembroski, Psychology Wilbur Block, Physics Linda Mignone Winter Term Coordinator Sheila Johnston Director, International Ed ., : i MmL -» S CO — V la ar 4 " if T m en CO O ' 53 CQ n O .2 c g ' 8 Q-8 - i 4 X fa Jake Gardner, Vice President for Administration James Carlson, Theater Arts Joan Barnett, Anthropology Quentin Gamelin Admissions Counselor 1 j 1 f 38 5$ 1 j J - - Burvin Pugh Claire Parachini Admissions Counselors Anna Fussell Career Services Frank Figueroa Spanish and Hispanic Studies Coor. International Students Admissions Melvin (Kirk) Stokes, Director Counseling Center Alphanese Roberts. Receptionist, Admissions Mollv Ransburv, Education Margaret R. Rigg Visual Arts Frank Shorn Education and Human Development Jim Crane, Visual Arts Shirley Smith, Music Sharon Covert Director of Career Services • . Tom West, Psychology -V ' a Sheila Hoover, Secy., Financial Aid Moses Stith Coordinator of Minority Student Admissions Brian DeHosse, ELS Student Advisor Rochelle Wechter, Director of ELS Burr Brundage, History Philip Siegel, Business Administration Jack Bazemore Director of Financial Aid Alice Collier, Assoc. Dean, Dorms and Special Programs Linda Leasure ELS Director of Admissions i Ofelia Garcia, Director of Admissions BLAKELEY Back row, L to R: Chuck Sims, Dan Condon, Carter Broome, Tom Pasternak, John DeBevoise. Dan DeBevoise, Chuck Gordon. Middle row: Boh Muelhauer. Ron Fomalont, Hansel Leavengood, Kerry Freedman. Joe " Skip " Westmoreland. Steve Almonte. Lee Morris. Andy Hanretty, Boh Heyman. Bottom row: Patrick Flanagan, Steve Greenwald. Frank Montoni, Vinnie Marchese, Ray Ahoyan, Katsuhiko Umetsu, David Huesman, Tom Ananthothai, Lenny Geiger. BEECHER From top, L to R: Karen Leder, Gwen Matschke, Brenda Bourne, Patty Webb, Tina Grayson, Lele Clark, Kris Schroeder, Merri Hankins, Liz Johnson, Jackie Moore, Vipke Thulin, Kim Wallace, Pam O ' Neal, Kim Savior, Wendy Young. DOUGLAS Front row, L to R: Lisa Schultz, Wendy Wubbena, Elena Kandilakis, Helen Clemmons. Back row: Jenny Phillips, Felicia Benson, Pam Siegel, Brenda Watsey, Bonnie Freeman, Felita James, Shelly Molther, Tania Joseph, Kathy Stults, Donna Mae, Jane Crosson. DALTON HOUSE DALTON For sale or lease: 18 luxurious rooms, all with picture windows, completely furnished with beds, dressers, chairs, and desks. Two spacious bathrooms with large showers (original showerheads extra). Completely air-conditioned, two phones, laundry facilities available. Owner entitled to the use of pool, tennis courts, library. Dining facilities within walking distance. Contact Dave " Arkansas " Scruggs (pictured here) or Paul Herman. (Good prices on Fox and Dendy, also.) HENDERSON Back row, L to R: Laura Thompson, Allison Tidwell, Zena Whitfield, Phyllis Wright. Middle row: Sue Sweeney, Sylvia Maier, Julie Pinette, Mary Jane George, Brenda Copeland, Emalee Derenthal, Lynette Freeman, Audrey Seligsohn, Sunshine. Front row: B.J. Sheffield, Melanie Rich, Liz Rodriguez, Carolyn Sharpless, Sunshine ' s puppy, Joyce Earl. HUBBARD Top row, L to R: Jay Linville, Jeff Morganthaler, David Davidson, Rodney Drummer. Middle row: John De Cosmo, Robert Smith, Richard Argudo, Clarence Knight, David Hopkins, Jesse Sharpe, Ivan Delgado, James McCrary, Jack Thorley, Tom Kuerner, Stan Hunter, Raul DeLa Fuente, Paul Rivera. Bottom row: Nick Tsourakis, George Kachikis, Czar, David Ward, Jerry Jones, Jeff Berger, Chuck Georgio, Mark Chofey, Steve Wheeler, Charlie Rober, Tom Carey. HIASSEN Back L to R: Mac McKnight, Bob Tebbs, Randy Hembree, Ghassan Al-Saleh, Ron Westmoreland, Lott Brooks, Mark Squires, Dan Thornhill, Archie Todd. Front L to R: KK Shayan, John Rayner, Mark DeMaio, Pat Moran, Rick Bernstein, Mike Carothers, Dave Whited, David Moore. KIRBY Back L to R: Robin Humphries, Rhonda Cormier, Pam Mishey, Iris Bacon, Karen Price, Evelyn Dillard. Middle row: Robin Mastry, Jane Biere, Glenda Wallin, Terri Jannace, Lisa Greenberg, Carol Cinotti, Lois Upchurch, Jennifer Englehard, Sarah Tebbs. Front row: Dotty Schafer, Laura Manger, Missy Speert, Leslie Tessier, Laurie Baldwin, Kammy McLoughlin. This year the Eckerd College Soccer team had its toughest schedule in its history with more games played during the season than ever before. This was one reason for their disappointing 5-11-1 record. Another reason was an inconsistent defense due to injuries and inexperienced players. Despite the poor record, the team came on strong towards the end of the season and shut out its last two opponents, St. Leo and Stetson, 2-0 each. There was a big improvement in the defense, especially in Bill Luciani, a newcomer to the soccer field. According to first year Head Coach Dutch Blauvelt, Luciani really dominated the field towards the end of the season. Also, Dick Freda made second team All-state and Mark Caprio got honorable mention All-state. Both of these players should be back next season. Because of the strong showing at the end of the season and some of his recruiting efforts for next year, Coach Blauvelt has decided to stay on as coach for at least one more year. He feels that he will be able to give Eckerd a winning team. « jmm« - -i- $Z i Front Row (1 to r): Mark Larson, Bill Luciani, Bruce Fink, Mark Caprio, Tim O ' Sullivan, Scott Kirby, Randy Kwist, Asst. Coach Steve McAllister. Back Row: Head Coach Dutch Blauvelt, Dennis Burton, Jorge Martinez, Dick Freda, Marcos Lima, Momodou Camara, Gary Gillespie, Tom Marzilli, Mike Allen, Tad Stripling, Mark Hoadley i SaS " ■ ' : wm ?$ - Front (1. to r.): Randy Kwist, Jay Malamphy, Vinnie Marchese, Mike Kirkwood, Skip Westmoreland, Mickey Hanewich, Joe Celeste, Kerry Freedman. Back: Asst. Coach Stan Saleski, Tom Marzilli, Head Coach John Mayotte, Ray Bresnahan, Larry Teague, Jeff Mirro, Gary Nutter, Tom Michaels, Steve " Bones " Balboni, Tom Pasternak, Steve Almonte, Toby Waterson, Asst. Coach Bill Mathews, Asst. Coach Brian Sabean. It looks like another great year for the Eckerd College Baseball team. By the time this yearbook has come out, I am sure we will have found just how well they have done. During the fall exhibition season, the varsity squad had a record of 19-1. This should indicate the kind of regular season the Tritons will have. The new head coach for this season and, hopefully, many seasons to come is John Mayotte. He replaced Bill Livesey who is now a scout for the New York Yankees. Coach Mayotte has got a tough act to follow because ever since Livesey came to this college in 1972, the Eckerd Baseball team has been a winner. But Coach Mayotte feels no pressure. He believes that pressure is within the person and one can only do his best. Bill Mathews, one of the assistant coaches, is very optimistic about the season as is Joe " Skip " Westmoreland, one of the team co-captains. They ' re both sure that the team will win with Mayotte, and Bill feels that he will also do a lot for the program. The players who should do well for the team this year are Steve " Bones " Balboni, Skip, Randy Kwist, Vinnie Marchese, and pitcher Kerry Freedman. In 1977, Balboni lead the nation and broke records with his 26 home runs and 77 RBI ' s. Freedman was an Ail-American in ' 77 with a 12-2 pitching record. Balboni and Joe Lefebvre, a dual purpose pitcher and outfielder who was drafted in the 3rd round by the Yankees in June ' 77, also made Ail-American. - I iW Uf» « »■ " Clockwise from bottom center: Michael Blankenship, Kathy " Duck " Boynton, Laurie Nevin, Ann McKinnon, Scooter Montgomery, Will Moore, Tammy Spruill, Candy Irvine, LeeAnn Carpenter, Toni Brown, Firooz Nasehi, Arvut Soponadon, Martin Glasser, Glenn Craig, Dennis Burton, Yoshi Ota, Alan Whitehouse, Sharon Lindsley, Tom Nusbickel, Melinda Collin, Vickie Macintosh, Liam Mullholland. SCOTT MORRIS Seated, left to right: Nancy Timm, John Garcia, Randi Mearves, Robin McBurney, Billy Queen, Carla Seamans, Jan Wiley, Janet Coursey. Standing, Left to right: Esther Aguilar, Bill Warren, Karl Kauffman, Yuhei Sakurada. Left to right: Janine Ley, Cobbie Palm, Ben Merrill, Youichi Otutake, Rick Kelley, Todd Swenson, Raoul DeLa Fuente, Mary Judah, Murat Koray, Betsy Bancroft, Stephen Pacholok, Lindy Britt, Angie Prentise, David Dick, Debbie Reynolds, Tad Cole. ICHTON HOUSE LEIGHTON Back, L to R: Pam Gilbert, Sherry McRoberts, Martha ter Horst, Lance Lubin, Sarah Dees, Mark Boutin, Richard Akin, Shelagh Geoghegan, Doug Boynton. Front, L to R: David Berlin, Eddie Entreken, God the Bubs, Jake Musgrove, Pam Pierce, Julie Smith, Ralph Marino, Dale Collins, Paul Geise, Stacy Roberts, Jamie Serino, Layla, Pat Ryerson, David Hicks, Adrienne Darner, Diane Richardson. Side show: Keith Allen, Jonathan Keeton. OBERG This year was the first full year of inter-collegiate competition for the Eckerd College Women ' s Volleyball team. This is due to the efforts of Coach Claire Stiles, Assistant Professor of Physical Education here at Eckerd. Coach Stiles is a real promoter of women ' s athletics. But this is her first year at Eckerd College, so she has a long way to go yet. Although the volleyball team had only a 3-18 record this year, Coach Stiles is looking forward to next year where the young players of this year will have some experience behind them. She will also have new players from her first recruiting attempt. The outstanding players for this year were sophomore Cathy Stults, the team captain and leader in points scored, sophomore Lisa Shultz, the best setter for the team, senior Doreen Robertson, freshman Barbara Raden, and freshman Elena Kandilakis. The main weakness this year was lack of experience, but the team as a whole improved a great deal over the season. Front row, L to R: Cathy Stults, Diane Richardson, Liz Rodriguez. Melanie Rich, Tina Grayson. Back row: Felecia Benson, Randi Meares, Karen Price, Cindy Jasniecki. Lorie Clark, Pam O ' Neal. This year ' s Women ' s Basketball team at Eckerd College was in the same situation as the Women ' s Volleyball team. Again, it was inexperience that was the main weakness although height was also a big weakness. Claire Stile ' s was again at the head coaching spot, and she had honestly predicted a losing season. But this is no reason to boo the Eckerd women because they were enthusiastic and hard-working despite the overwhelming competition. The team ' s main strength was speed, but that didn ' t help much against their highly skilled and experienced opponents. Once again next year should prove to be a bit more exciting and competitive. Coach Stiles is also recruiting for Women ' s Basketball, and she should improve women ' s sports at Eckerd substantially. The Eckerd College Basketball team was an exciting team to watch. Although they struggled early in the season, losing some close games, they stormed back later with a 6 game winning streak. The team ' s strong points were their quickness and versatility which made up for the fact that they were not real big and had no super jumpers. According to Head Coach Jim Harley, Eckerd basketball has the best nonscholarship players in the south. He said that there was no real hero on the team because everyone played his role and came through when he had to. But he did expect Tim Broeseker to make all conference as he did last year. One other aspect of the team Coach Harley mentioned was that he had a fun team and a good group of fine men. Bill Perkins, starting center for Eckerd, said that he gets along well with Harley. He also said that the coach has done a good job, is not closed-minded, and is always open for suggestions from the players. Sitting (1. to r.): Carlos Singleton, Terry Butterfield, Gregg Welsh, Jeff Morganthaler, Vern Hair. Standing: Head Coach Jim Harley, Trainer Lee Landers, Phil Adams, Bill Perkins, Tim Broeseker, Brad Bolton, Al Braithwaite, David Ward, Andy Harshman, Asst. Coach Paul O ' Halloran. X o - . Qj — r " «-tf5 - 0) ffl a cS m a « 2 S r £ p £ S — r — ' = •- ,X 2 t; os CO 0 s -s -e s M ffi fe u 13 I 0) ; X «j =Q — 5 co -§ -g CQ B-D3 m 5 Ol o Q — s a -a fl - -u ca „ 173 .2 c t3 " 3 j3 £ OS n jg m oi CO „ 2 c " 3 01 CO " N -y» £ O « c3 « ■- oc - a w a a 5 CO; „ CO 3J , rjn M ccj oi l. O 03 « X ■ W rr o 02 55 .S-Oh £ ft £ 03 t - C bo 3 V ? n " hJ o .s S cu -.- c b s a £ « S o bE j « X 3 -go 5 " 3 - tf 03 X -0Q ft -O " O r o - CQ m o •- .2 2 « g g e J3 " £ " C S JaS -C ft til fi h W i) S 03 C 2 °3 » " h O CO IH 03 W - w „ o " C - SS-S to .5 «-. ■- Jcc2Q S (§ " I = ti £ 8 I— I r- -J S.S s £ 3f, CO .2 o a -g en W ca - ™ T3 oj C CO ' V £ 03 • " U ■ O .3 o o " - E +J 03 m X fry m • i ' .Vn 5i| i •ill? ' 1 B B I ■ A i Ba — 3B 1 ■ «■■■ ■ mi Makes mef Lfa etrer r z- DANTE Left to Right: John Machado, Richard Barrero, Charlie Kendall, Lars Olson, Bob Francis, Tom Whitemore, Clyde Bearss, Tyler Godshall, Yoshi Hotta, Bill Schmidt. Steve Thompson, Pete Trout, Tim Storm, Guillermo Garcia, Tryg Jackson. DARWIN Front row: Lisa Hoffman, Donna Ampol, Paula Catanzarite, Stephanie Swift, Maureen Cassidy, Diane-Michele Prindeville. Middle row: Thela Sullivan, Ed Guadagno, Olivia Wakeman, Peter Khoury, Abbas Hassanzadegan, Shelly Schrider, Richard " Nick " Nicholosi, Jerry Collom. Back row: David McGinn, Elaine " E " Ellis, Chuck Waxberg, Mark Chandler, David Conyers, Mitch Mooneyham, Roger Mallery, Paul Gabriel, Leah Knox, Bill Rubino f BENEDICT Bottom, L. to R.: Jan Hajducko, Gertrude Smalls, Geri Overstreet, Pamela Cotton. First row: Carol Rosin, Becca Smith. Lori Richman, Kathy Warner, Donna Nawrocki, Lia Barth, Marcia Murto, Michele Ogilvie, Pam Kennedy. Second row: Esther Robinson, Mirella Martinez. Petie Baxter, Kathy Vandenberg, Debbie Hughes, Ivonne Lopez. Zully Yidi, Thanh Nha ' Phi Vo. KENNEDY Front row. L. to R.: Mitch Rubin. Wayne Diz, Nasser Farhid, Chris Soto, Mike Buda, Dave Rogello, Rick Essman, Randy Kwist. Hack row: Brett Binns, Rashid Almazroui, Leo Dumas. Mark Malone, Abdulla Alamri. Roberto Lluch, George Scheld, Brad Bolton, Scott Flexer. Tim O ' Sullivan, Matt Pickens, Lee Weixelbaum. Mike Gilmartin. And Honorable Mention to: Phil Adams, Todd Baker, Bill Vickers, Ed Boyle, Mark Caprio. J • » l I j$§3g yr V W li ■M (K IBSEN From bottom left to ?: Sally Thomas, Jesse Johnstone, Mindi Merz, Sue Pesta, Pete Kane, Edi Wild, Mike Mann, Peter Conlon, Akira Tanaka, Larry Smith, Syd Johnson, David " Boze " Naylor, Frank Martinez, Bill Burns, Tim Carroll, David Wilhoyte, Gail Sleepless, Steve Smith, Julie Gable, Patricia Monroy, Minou Mehrassa, Cheryl Chambers, Shadow, Pupsy, Alexander. BERKELEY Top, L to R: Barbara Mowry, Toni Bacconi, Melody Cass, Pete Morales, Gigi Masterman, Becky Coster, Rodney Chamberlain, Michael Pallard, David Owens, Lori Matossian, Gregg Leritz. Bottom: Andrea Noyes, Kathy Roberts, Sharon Payne, Jean Crum, Cindy Johnson, Gabrielle Aldrich, Farzan Yazdanparas, Joe Grusano, Jeff Roess, Anne Hradesky, Nadir Radji, Joe Ojea. JAMES Top, L to R: Tom Reid, John Puryear III, Andy Harshman, David Graham, W.T., Mark Newton, Dan Chesnut. Bottom: Dan Billard, Pete Hopkins, Al Sidlowski, Tim Broeseker, Mark Marotto, Dennis Mulligan, Steve Vespia, Mike Mann, Ed Prevatte, Jeff Smowton, Reid Isenhart, Rick Speidel, Tom Marion. MURPHY ' S LAW If anything can go wrong, it will. Corollaries: 1. Nothing is as easy as it looks. 2. Everything takes longer than you think. 3. If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong. 4. If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which a procedure can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way will promptly develop. 5. Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse. 6. Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first. 7. Every solution breeds new problems. 8. It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. 9. Nature always sides with the hidden flaw. 10. Mother nature is a bitch. p-Tfe Mfc ' ' ■ ' : « ' : k: : ' i4 yQ, ' ■ ■. p , ' ; ,- ' f : .? ' ■ .•• i «f ; : iy ' - , .V ' tv --. " ' ' . " r , ; r : " , " . .;-.■• ' -(.•.•£ V . " -, " ' - vr • ,}V ' YijV -U ' ' i 1 ir 1 V fer ■ w 1 AM L ' • t| fr - - C Vv 2 -- ' h di: ' 0 dry - 64 mm : ■ . " - c. " " . TlKs LJ IHJuJy JJLMuuuu TfViKCdLLmru Cjla IAJ16 tfZAAux fU$4 f, nu r- )fUjli LtrtNL, " HaAAJjJ: oCJMl A:f-%XxM J gAy tr jAM tPn, ££, 2 L ± 78 y£ -£ % }, aL..jl s. c ' «— r W r«, r op ccs off " m 7%Uu jj2Li £ Yi i t Tjuffl- ' fpJ M. Sylvia, nice. up, nhoys (Ji d 4 " i ttAAabrnA I ( fr vo - 4W JtMb u»dJ J T " 1 B v a gJOvflrvJJdul £ .vXaa-O • Chitc — £ tfttr — l U c m !■■■■■■■ e0SHD catece 1 ■ - a» 4 G ,H6 . t flfefe Hl p ► 9 Prarl : - ' We ' %Ui " c -m- LI - l J gMebc a tb TKcrd-isr - l-r ssM er c( jJLaJL A QfUnnCX. TVYuLoTl SXs s cLx .V »1 ' M I 1 L B5 Bv . 1 M » ! J ■ ■ ' wvl CfyMfy iJy j uJ ti lam V Couxv N J £ w em Wos l ' filiUgrfr ? " 0 c? C lun, ShuJUi e S,ryia i t t Wo j W£ . (£+J?4-(9 mr Lathy DaHn m f u c Xj - S AmIA Fffl. G°tk T miM fjut itxQu. 34th STREET SOUTH (Skyway) u « o u Id T5 .2 Si •- s Z Z O AB M £ ' 6 £ .2 M e) an 3Z e 4 9 VS-j8jjo3 I S S? £ 8 , -= 08 " S , , £ ! t •= «j 5?t = " % £ = " B l " S " £ I I E X 5 = I I i OU b j- 4 g b a; s a s a y, u J! IP- .2 x c J St o I iu 98 o w as c w O0 CM CC s c ' — — NUM stratio stratio i cu cc CD " C cu E x i cu " co cu 5 cu co 3 E £ cu c $«:§:§ — w §- 5 £ £ -D T3 bi 03 3 =a - CO o £ £ s •- -C H H p p - CO - — -a ? ' cO o 1 1 u " 3 § o m a, W ■u o CO E ° W T| Telepho Theater THIMB t. CU -i £ y fa c cu cu CO 73 r ■7. CU Cu CO CO cu i-t x r. i- i- x - x i- n x i- i- m i- i- i- i i- s -h « : i- , — 1 — I . — I H-l -HrtH-HiMr. I,— lOl— CM— ' . - cu — i « m a -i a t a « i i-xiri-cn — ■ x -r — ' ' •« c e e e e 3 2 c cu ' P £ — 2 c.E =8 iffi-.Ex S xx.EIx E£ fc nj • t£ E c -•08 CO . C 3ji u co 7i xt co h 3 z 7 -; 2 t: £ 15 T3 i— IX cu co X3 ' co . 2 ¥ 2.2 S - j3 cj- jg cu c g o ;g • - cu JO • r co 3 5 - ' -£ 2- — cb j cs c-Si :i : csii, c» I, " u " U L t t. " U U i. 1. " " H ' JS §15 eJS 03 . i 02 =a3.x •£-- ' ■ +f " O " 3 cu — OJ ! ft? r — ! 2 " O e -EW-g °- CU a - E 3 E bt co v x JS U E — c it CT: co " a Kn- 1 CU 5 3 3 J3 E ■Bcj ires ?gium enter )llege Servic f Stuc " ' 5t 2 a; 5 co 3 3 co 2 — c co " co—— ai O J w jjj cu 3 " C fcxi CD l £ £-£ i CO llrio U CC o oj W C D irning Resour ters Collegiui irketing Pre E «- ' - cu q CU .— je P 3 " ' co •- " 3 « if w co E 2 •— jh f " ' 3 3 U - 1 - fa £ 3- S CO tu 2 en ■3 f. " co cu ' " cO CO M siness Mai siness Of ' f ' i nterbury S reer Per z ■f. CD CU CU .2 urch Relat t ' t ' eehouse i mparative ?ative Arts stodial Sei ta Process velopment glish Lang Organizai — d Service undations alth Servic ernational ernational ta -a -2 u ■ a: JESCCECOCuE CU 1)mi C «2I2XOO (J L! CJ OUOOOQCSE £l. blXfpHMM 3 £ ,y o ■ ' ■S E CC ' o a .5 3 js CQ -3 5 " ° - ■ i— 2 ™ xx22ZxxCh5-0hChChShC-x2:; ( CU cu Janine ley Ads Sales Petie Baxter Layout Ralph Marino Editor Jonathan Keeton Art Richard Barrero Asst. to Editor, Sports Mark Squires Photography Mark Wolfe Photography also Julie Smith - Treasurer, Asst. to Editor Steve Forman - Photography cover design by Jonathan Keeton lettering by Margaret R. Rigg Some Photographs by: Keith Henty Keith Karasic David Ord THIMBLERIG Sally Thomas Special Thanks to: John Garcia Greg Lawson Peter Meinke John Sanders various sundry others My supermarket is bigger than your supermarket That ' s what America ' s all about. Nowhere am I happier, nowhere am I more myself. In the supermarket, there you feel free. Listen: the carts roll on their oiled wheels, the cash register sings to the Sound of Music, the bagboys are unbearably polite I Everywhere there are lies, but in the supermarket we speak truth. The sallow young man by the corn starch bumps my cart, I tell him, There are always two brothers. One is hardworking, serious. The other is a natural athlete, he seduces Priscilla Warren whom the older brother loves, and then abandons her. Yes cries the sallow young man, my god yes! Everywhere there are lies, I lie to my classes, 1 say, Eat this poem. Eat that poem. Good for you. I say, Sonnets have more vitamins than villanelles, I give green stamps for the most vivid images. But in the supermarket truth blows you over like a clearance sale. I meet Mrs. Pepitone by the frozen fish, dark circles under her eyes. I tell her, If we had met 16 years earlier in the dairy section perhaps, everything would have been different. Yes! Mrs. Pepitone cracks a Morton pie in her bare hands, lust floods the aisles, a tidal wave, everyone staring at everyone else with total abandon; Mr. Karakis has grabbed the bakery girl by the buns! Outside, the lies continue. We lie in curch, we say Buy Jesus and you get Mary free. If you have faith you can eat pork, dollar a chop. We give plaid stamps for the purest souls. I meet Sue Morgan by the family-sized maxi-pads. Or is it mini-pads?- Or is it mopeds? In the supermarket everything sounds like everything else. I tell her, You can see azaleas even in the dark, the white ones glow like the eyes of angles. I tell her, Azaleas are the soul of the South, you kill all azaleas Jimmy Carter will shrivel up like a truffle. Yes, she exclaims, Hallelujah! And still the lies pile up on the sidewalk, they ' re storming the automatic doors. Mr. Hanratty the manager throws himself in front of the electronic beam, he knows this means he will be sterile forever, but the store comes first: the lies retreat to the First National Bank where they meet no resistance. Meanwhile, in the supermarket I am praising truth-in-advertising laws, I am trying to figure the exact price per ounce, the precise percentage of calcium propionate. And for you, my tenderest darling, to whom I always return laden with groceries, I bring Spaghetti-O ' s and chocolate kisses, I tip whole shelves into my cart, the bagboys turn pale at my approach, they do isometric excercises. But I know this excess is unnecessary, I say, My friends, think Small, use the 8-item line, who needs more than 8 items? All you really need is civility, honesty, courage, and 5 loaves of whole wheatberry bread. Listen friends, Life is no rip-off, the oranges are full of juice, their coloring the best we can do, why do you think we live so long? So long! My dear friends, the supermarket is open. Let us begin. Peter Meinke » " • ' . ■ :. ' - V . ' " . " % : . V 7. ' MAfllNf SUPPLY NAUTICAL UOUTIQUf toDOCK BOX -Ja A His n ' Her Marine DEWAYNE AND LYNN GRISSOM Kl ' J «5?i 341 H ST SOUTH ST PETERSBURG. H 3371 I (31 3)364. 4109 Complements of the OYSTER BAR Whether you ' re getting aB.A. OM.B.A. . OraPKD. We can reserve a room EA.S.T Sheraton understands about graduations and helps make the weekend easier. With beautiful facili- ties. Comfortable beds. Delicious food. - And a great staff to help you at any time, fr s — j For reservations call 800-325-3535. « sgl Sheraton-St. Pete Marina Tennis Club 6800 34th Street South St. Petersburg, Florida Phone: 867-1151 W 0 BOOKSTORE T CLASS RINGS SPORTS CLOTHING RECORDS EC JEWELRY BACK PACKS ► STATIONARY I MAIL ORDERS FILLED nzx ViiSa EViaria NEW YORK Slices Sicilian Regular Fresh Dough Made Daily on Premises Hot Cold Italian Subs Beer and Wine Next to Kash Karry 867-8971 FULL LINE MEN WOMEN ' S TENNIS APPAREL RACQUETS, TENNIS ACCESSORIES Student Discounts on Racquet Restringing 24 Hour Service Private and Croup Lessons Available From J im Barrancotto Resident Tennis Pro •GET AQUAINTED SPECIAL With Purchase of a New Racquet We will string it at 50% off ATISLADELSOL on the Bayway Take 54th Ave. toward the beach, 1 2 mile VISA MASTER CHARGE accepted 864-2379 Career Personal Counseling Center at Eckerd College HOWARD JOHNSON ' S MOTOR LODGE Across the Street from the School We Cater to Students Parents 10% Discount to Parents (Tell ' em Yearbook Sent Yd) Synod of Florida, Presbyterian Church in the U.S. 3501 54th. Ave. S Phone 867-3171 Congratulations " WORLD FAMOUS " I Class of ' 78! SFS L St.Petersburg Federal Savings Loan Association Restaurants and Gardens 5001 Duhme Road Madiera Beach Phone: 393-3496 923 McMullen Booth Road Clearwater Phone: 726-4734 Complete Dinners From $4.35 Open at Noon 365 Days a Year Enjoy Dining Amid Old World Elegance and Splendor Complements of Eckerd Drugs L05 INN Just a Few Blocks North of the College US 19 South at 36th Ave. South 3600 Thirty Fourth St. So. We Make Our Own Bay Village Shopping Center 22 Street and 62nd Avenue South Telephone 864-1164 Ice Cream Men, Women, and Children of all ages . . . Don ' t Miss this Golden Opportunity A Fabulous Restaurant Terrific Bar Hamburger Haven Fresh Seafood Palace Steak-Lover ' s Paradise Soda Fountain ALL IN ONE!!! DAY Anytime NIGHT SUN: Bar-B-Que Chicken and Ribs $3.95 Noon - 9 PM WED: Rock Shrimp Special $4.95 4 -7 PM FRI: Fish Fry. All you can eat $3.95 Prices include Parker ' s 18-ft. Salad Boat! SUN: Dixiland 5-piece Band 8 PM -Midnight MON: 50 ' s Night TUES: Ladies Night THUR: Carribean Night DISCO: Mon-Sat 10 PM -1AM HAPPY HOUR 4:30-6:30 Every Day All cocktails TWO-for-ONE 6800 - 34th Street South «... .i. , ln " M Sheraton-St. Pete near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Banquet Facilities • Phone 867-1 151 0) u 01 Ut jQ Q1 oil Oil E z o o Q Q o ■o 6 1 o 6 ,1 6 6 Z o O -o e or T3 CO Q ' i E o ■0 " i Je Q Q o z o -o Q. Q Ill WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. As you probably know, the 1978 " LOGOS " was the first yearbook in many years for Eckerd College. (You know now, anyway.) With very few members of an already sparse staff working very hard, we barely made the deadlines for each section. Ralph Marino, the dedicated senior with an idea, and myself, the aspiring freshman with a little initiative, got it together with a little help from our friends — Petie Baxter, Jonathan Keeton, Julie Smith and Janine Ley, Mark Wolfe, Mark Squires, and others who submitted their photos, ideas, and labor. We hope you liked the yearbook ' s size and somewhat " free style " format. We thought a bit of change of pace would be nice. I suppose having a yearbook is itself a change of pace for Eckerd College. This supplement is an attempt to bring you some of the main events that happened in the spring after our last deadline for the main yearbook. Because of the limited yearbook budget, the size of the supplement had to also be limited and some events and things had to be left out. I apologize to anyone who may have been missed in the pages of the supplement (or the yearbook itself). Although I have put this supplement together by myself (Did I say freshman with initiative or sheer determination?), I would like to thank Steve Foreman for his photographic assistance and, also, Karen Leder and Tim Storm for their photos. It ' s been hectic, but I enjoyed it and will be doing it again next year. Please Helpl! I need you ' re assistance and support. Now, you can all join in with me and say, " Thanks, Ralph, for a wonderful yearbook. " Thank You for your support! Your Supplement Editor, Richard Barrero t iSf 33Lj G€K6RD fZ p couecefl v m v ttmt0 ' • v ' " • ■ ' 673 64! W b .■ ■ 631 j 604 19 fi23 M em 75 Wt 823 8 7f I 40 869 B11 44 8 10 J V J m y 1 89 , 893 8 17 801 . ■ :h m , t m ' fJ

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