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 - Class of 1967

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Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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m W ism ■■■■ . fBtiMBt$$ v ..{ . m «5£ H M I H BB9B. ■ %« J HH the word COLLEGE UNION HEALTH CENTER MUSIC CENTER " lijif ' ti Mf - . ' " mt t mmm . „ -iflr ■ ■ •■■ gm0jfo : ' « M X BI " ■»», " » -«— X -1 ? % TV v t sL I I - • the word n i: m i the word ' • ■$. ■■ + in the beginning was the word and the word was misspelled . . ,$r „ : ■■ ' " ' fl | ! B! n£| I - «§£ls » - 4» vs . 1-T these words are not to be read 1 J ■ Accreditation Doesn ' t Iaste Any Bex • n m no more shaggy-prophets ' staffs quivering against these walls broken now buried they sprout like dead men at our feet for some clusters of Jerusalem thorn for some a black and bitter bush with roots deep in too many autumns too many words and now the final cannibal feast we feed upon ourselves the first to go are those lend-lease minds from the leper isles as the prophets predicted: baptism becoming a requiem at first there was a time to sit and wait: a time to search the books behind the desk for funny words to chalk upon the door MNMHfl ft?r ' t M hut • ? ■ - ' ' " and motion was the mobile hung with paper suns which made us dizzy- when we tied it from the ceiling for the door was always open to the movements of the summer wind H !- r 5? .- ' ; w -:- fetti M -- . - jJSm ■r w . % 1 ■l " " " ' ! !!-% % % t8 5Bf and sometimes like salmons splashing about in a fish bowl thrashing their tails in the madcap illusion that they are working upstream we dream coming down finding sand between our toes again we poke at mangled morrisons with salted humiliation like golden-ager ahabs mounting dolphines at maximo marina s growth is ruthless its stone-splitting tendrils honest and without pardon impolite and painfully without excuse it twines like fingers around fingers leaning together for a while then pulling apart breaking for the sun WP i{ ;%w VWl we burn in bunches - i ■ f ft 1 ■ hurried like the heroes of deodorant commercials with fists-full of words to pop at side-walk gawkers we stumble past the senses ' sated refusal to budge tf A V •v.. yj W. £ ' Wi ' £- ' r v X m ■ ' " t i, i± A , y s. 1 wings sky-locked in motion must meet in mid-air or not at all since we have balanced here this long teach me to learn learn me to love 3 ? • s i ' II§ ;lP2§tt • " f B HHH ;• ' • ( ? . RL ? k w i| P Ws ' - f fa s l flr : fJ l[ fT l ' ' EST ' - : H B 4K ' " B1 1 ' J? , t 1 P . ' J shifting shades of pastel bundles of yellow hair gestapoed like gorillas behind bars of cheap aluminum those pop-top nannies protect them from themselves with quick-draw holsters full of pink violation slips " - ' M H KB ■vj| l x ■ mwmmm ■ ' - ' Mt mm v r " -, .• •• ■ I St3i llr - vY .. S • ■. •-:% |W£ CE r £ " " fr. : :;%- ; v .■■. ■Jh 3f -4% VJK tomorrow is the lily you hold in your hand only grownlover L 1 ■ s fSb y J%£1 Sj!», 9HBHIHI .- •? -; ' ' . MSI 1 SsSS Eft 1 , ' ■ ' .; where do dead gods go on Sunday morning? the lecture at eight a statement first rehearsed and later put on paper: the frog ' s monologue to the empty sky i HB Hi h i-Vv d u ■ ' - -; s H sandpaper against ice the fast-driven intellect hoping to make enough snow for sleigh and mittens in time for the summer soltice and seasonal recognition ■i ■1 111111 «M -.v.- ' --.5 no pictures of lovers clamped to walls of the artist ' s eye on color of the poet caressing a noun the musician ' s hand on unsure strings of the actor pushing past the self into the vibrant stance of other no pictures of the image being forced out of darkness no pictures of these lovers together with the sacred silence of creation f ■ ■ . if.-- H -■- : i ■ s • ■■• . night is kind to this pine tree hungry sandscape quiet as brick and water restless as a seagull tucked inside a shoe box to heal its broken wing • -•J. ' . ' | H ■■ ■■■ ' „■ " -•£ • • ' • ' " „ . ■ " " mmiigxZi jSF! " " " ' . too involved in the web to find the face of the spider pitched far past that place where words can supervise sitting still on the other side of the wind unraveled fists reach and touch noi pools of tender pavement % 53E«SFS r- c " ommmmmM m , , mmm - « -»• — " " L i " ■ i L.; fe3 teach us to care and not to care teach us to sit still even among these rocks . . % ■ 1 1 § ft ' : % 4 " 5W ?m ' J , ' y al anderson, photog; barbara dotson, photog; bill arnold, adsales; candace kingsbury, sec; char ideas; gordon slack, photog; James nolan, copy ed; jere lykins, photog; jerry cullum, copy advi: way, photog; ronnie byrd, gluer; sandy depietro, photog; sandy stinette, adsales; shelly whitm yearbook vol 4 florida presbyterian college, st. Petersburg, florida. palmroy, photog; lee fitzgerald, artie; robbie hatta s; susan heath, layout ed; tim spivey, photog; logos ■ . . «ssn ; mt • r % : -3 h im % A . William h. kadel, president L P% -C? L, »• j i letitia mae atcheson bernard alberts georgia alexander charles haddon alien Stephen biddle alien al anderson james d. anderson richard w. anderson james anderton anne loulse ballard davld kinne balsley lynn ellen barron keith w. irwin, philosophy linda ann barry vicki bartelet mary ellen bartlett Jeanne beattie wayne w. bennett toni bentler ellen bermingham linda birrel valerie jean bishop robert John blanc W karen buffum Charles burns frank caldwell J louise cate kenneth caudell Claudia cauthern george k. reid, biology sherry blomeley russell bloom michael boggs robert eldridge bouwman Stanley grant bower christi brandt ashby Johnson, core genie ila chitwood Joseph b. clarkson John William clay david e. cockcroft nancy breier dana brown michael Campbell susan cheaney katherine chinnis 1 ] 1 1 1 Ov M albert howard carter, humanities m hSBSB Jif kf f John derr janis dilgren sue dotson bettye lyn duley rod dunck James durrett ■ Hi I ■ II James r. harley, phys. ed. iNfS ' illiam c. wilbur, history lucinda fahl arthur farkas robert farquhar conli ferguson James ferguson lenore fiehler emily fitts lee fitzgerald randolph forlenza al ganzenhuber jay t. gilbert juliann golden James edmiston susan ehrhardt karen elam ■ H jeanette engle diane ernisse rick faerber ■ i ■-?•« T ACT c (-..- ' , a William a. koelsch, history nicky grant barbara gregory rothy gregory sarah e. groub kathy hagan gail hall John hammel John henry hankinson sheirazada hann dawn harlan kathie harper V- anne harris ian milne hart paul haviland barbara hazen suzanne heath brad hestir robert detweiler, literature :: M$- fred whit ;, comparative lit. 1 4 carolyn hippie yoko hoshino allison howard kathy howlett gary hurst Jonathan hutchinson Judith irwin janie Jackson robert a. jahnig linda jo Jennings jean Johnson george k. Jones carol jovin patricia justice michael scott keen karen kennedy richard c. king William king candace kingsbury cecile lahusen david landis frederick langhorst yvonne lefleur heidi lenz ted j. solomon, religion i : ' -. - michael littman gregory lyon Jennifer marvin michele maurer susan matthews dare macdonald bonnie macphail . peter meinke, literature eric mccloskey jane mcculley k. e. mcintyre doug mcleod Wallace mcleod windy meyer ed mickle Joyce miller anne m. e. milner Stephen minnick margaret mitchem mary g. moffat marcia montenegro James e. mooneyham jane moore marshall moorman sheryl morgan michael myers thomas myers 3 0f douglas s. snyder, sociology r. jk w J h ; m v • robert neal Clifford nelson linda nelson Janet newell marc o ' hair mike oreste paul j. haigh, physics » J " W ' Ji " mJs -. ? % , 7 " ' V ■ James parkes rodney o. paul William j. peterson bill pettibon dan pingel laurence poole edger potter nancy powell henry genz, french IS $n ken prest steve pritchard bill prowse m. susan pulley margaret pulliam I Janice k. rainey I karen rapp rejane genz, french 1 j® HE r y kamile rasheed torn ravenel halcyon reese richard reid martha ridge sally riggs sandra romig bill roper bob ross peggy ross sharon rowley willa runge barbara robinson marlene robinson f if ' peggy satterwhite 1 h i rsu Judith schwarz electra schweikert sylvia schwintzer cile sherrill harold e. show alter r-. J robert smith John snyder John c. haworth, registrar 4 -If 1 : - • - , L ; John h. jacobson, philosophy V±5 im sally snyder Stephen spring sharon stacy William stambaugh anthony staples susan Stephens lynda may Stevenson michael st. ivan James stocking philip stormant Joseph straley ronald stroud moffatt swaim vera tanner doug tatelman tim taylor kathryn tench ian thalheimer richard thiele William thomas calvin tratebas michael trehy jane tresca Judy vance John varn ]- •. boyd Johnson, dean of men marie shao, Chinese i -to i J r mi kv A . 1 ■ B mi 1 v- m . m - M A - v ? Wih ■w- dudley degroot, sociology freshmen not pictured: sherman armstrong, richard del greco, warren Jeffrey earl, James erlandson, margaret fisher, frank fogel, celia goodson, marion gordon, katherine grady, david haynes, bernadette hill, ann kabrich, marylee lander, craig edwin learned, rose-marie annette mador, James d. reeves, John richards, barbara robertson, Sharon rock, david russ, david scates, rebecca Simmons, tyra somers, scott tyler, elain walton. , e r.¥«J ? m t 1t-l» " -J- $$l$0 3j, 1 henry vorus george wagner Janet walker ann Washington gerald watkins sterling watson robert webb James Jeffrey weir kathleen weisel herbert west margaret wharton shelley whitman susan widmayer arthur s. wilson david wise susan I. witchey skip wright sara young susan young beth zachert m wilhelm angermeier, psychology sophomore class stan m. e. alien mary altomare William anderson cheryl anonsen stu atcheson jeanne austin jill azarenock donna baird gordon batstone brenda bevan james black linda blanton roxie blish robert a. hall, french vaughn bolton marien bradsher judy brenneisen james broderick kay bungard nancy burgess torn caddel kitty callan randolph campbell david capus kathy carlson linda carroll Christine carrow elizabeth cheney i lfjJIL J yO$ |3 j F IS 1 1 m A pan I cheney john clarke mary caton marvin demons linda cox Jeffrey cramer caryn crowe John criswell kTs A - A H deanna hunt, ranay beckham, upward bound edward i. Stevens, psychology carol currier margaret davis jk Sidney e. disher, german .f| 4 M robert o. dean sherry dicks paul dieffenbach debbie donahoe robin anne duffy John eckert karen dodd chip dodson lina evans dana everett It 0ns. 3» ;f robert hodgell, art gerald green paul eric greene Judy grisso (SI judy foss don foster lonni ann fredman ofelia garcia susan garcia aline gaston aurie gomon pat gonyo lyman goodnight mrs. mcguirk, health center ronnie lee gross dint gruenberg linda hahn : obert c. meacham, mathematics torn Hamilton linda harrison michael haseman glen hedrick sharyn henry sally herbert 1- J Wilbur f. block, physics burr c. brundage, history otis h. shao, political science pam hopkins ruth horn kathy howey tonya hucks alexander hunter mike hunter cathy irwin ernest jacksor sherry jacksoi ' HPQVHHil V arf jjflHfciTiff Jn james r. carlson, drama $ f ' V carl jacobson sally joerger lynne Johnson patricia Johnson ' ' IX marilyn jones vincent kane william marcus kates hngh kauder H terry kersey kathy king sandy kingsbury paul klein patricia knous robert alan koch Joan komar betsy lagana david landis mary law greg lee steve leeper N- Y robert Johnson susan Johnson torn Johnson kathy jones o William taylor, admissions A " : mary patz, langage office A I ' P P . 1 george mccoy lindsay mcfadyen george mcguire richard mclarty - i m kay montgomery r 1 I: " ■ 1 V-- Id i :: Steven w. morgan William w. moss diana moyer Caroline mueller mary jane lewis larry lindberg pete livers david wesley lowe lele maloney melissa marrow +: mary frances mcleod jim meier darrell miller george mintz charlotte montague m H bob Stewart, director public relations margaret rigg, art m I emma convoy, president s secretary ma ' A vf: $ V tf ■m ■«■•.-. nan ohlfest shoppie Osgood John paine rod palmateer pam pardee kathy parmelee pat parmer spencer parramore martha parsons pablo perhacs ann perryman betty petro thomas phillips martha pope george raftelis charles ranson kenneth e. keeton, german terri rash emmett redding james m. reed William h. rice ■ ianna rios H sherry robey H iohn rodrigues | ron romeis ■ aura root H mw V " ■■ 1 x. - f sharon rudd ■ ' eugene saffen F Ti carol schneider Mm f - m larry schulz w n lynn sensabaugh John servo marti siegel ann smith rf " 4km barry smith fran smith lynn smith W 9 t SM ralph spainhour m. m mary friend Stewart " V - Atauife bettie stopinski t | james o. black, literatufc f ; I tim spivey david stone linda syer A l V. gary tapp ramiro tello charlene thiess susan thompson arine tiedeman mary todd robert tomasello Claudia toy henry travers merrie van loy bettie van overbeke birgit van zonneveld bishop pike, guest lecturer mrs. tallon, music x jbBiw WW Fa HjKr :. si| ■ ' k S ™ « f«f . ! carol verdery barbara Wallace carol wanamaker leslie webb larry wilmot david wilt pat wolfe John wolin helen wilder don Williams kitty Williams robert wooton eden yount marilyn ziegler jean anderson MM jane arbuckle bill arnold £5 i 1 ! R T V Ah denny bade russ bailey leah barnhart j | : " . . ■HI junior class marigene arnold Jk jo beetle Julie bell kathryn belt ernest bentley carol bowden bob boyle Stanley boynton donald buffaloe marin burch albany ruhland, social sciences secretary dorothy Johnson, library mr. keefer, language lab s w jana sue carter sharon carveth aniel a. zaret, russian jay cowan gail cowden dave cozad A v I A nick dale ann dalstrom harry davis sandy de pietro ibby dickson robert doren ■■§■ l r - dark bouwman, sociology bob clingman bill cooley diane copple dell Crawford jerry cullum jack cushman barbara dotson harriett downing Mrtda dumas rod elkins ann finkernagel a ll i William g. thomson, classics mac fite chris frost John fry carol gentry i robert j. gould, music leland d. graber, mathematics pat hackney margi hamlett terry hartsook charlotte hawley sharon hayes valerie hewitt jean hill John hindman mike hinckley kit hirshberg gloria hoi lis bettie hord butch howard barbara Johnson richard Johnson jo-la Johnston danny karr carol kennedy darryl kinne „A:-° ■ . 1 gale manning betty mansfield gabriele mazza robert b. macdonald robert mackichan dent mcgough elizabeth mckeen charles macneill robert meacham John middleton ola jane miller tink miller richard mills mike lamb pixie randy loney ernie mahaffey ' illiam waters, music s2 » w X V edward b. mclean, political science F r James moore paulette morley sharon motes rod moyer willy neal ■ichard neithamer, chemistry joe f. lowe, phys. ed. 1 jane owens patricia papps ' in V 5f «» V s . f 0 Tfc , W% ;| [V 5) sue payne jay pittner barbara poister roger poole don pooley John porter dan preston ann price bucky rees suzanne sellers avis rhodes William seman waiter sager gerry sandweiss anna schmidt jack senterfitt susan-anne shannon mary lu shepherd cheryl Sherman thom shuman alan w. carlsten, religion harry singletary bebe smith alyce spohn sandy stinette Charles stripling moira sullivan dwight tawney gail thiele sarah thomson ruth underwood • w helen smythe, humanities secretary ' 0Hm John satterfield, music f. • eleanor pugh, dr. west s secretary marie webb, campus volunteer emil kauder, economics rod westall don whitcomb margaret whitworth Charles Wilson fred wilson mike wilson david withers James wood edith wright nancy young senior class bonnie acker meredith adams V I joan allison pat altenbernd jim armstrong polly armstrong george atkinson kristi ayers jackie ballou anne brownlee dita Christie daniel chandler margaret dough langley collins Sharon cramer richard dabbs susan banks peggy barry andy beckenbach leila blair elizabeth bonner skip dale pam dolhver margaret davis david eachus nancy dawson don dewhurst mary dickson susan easterberg don eichelberger beverly fant david fenner robert ferguson lloyd fleck sandra fletcher o henry flug Janice forrester ronald geisman A Mia. golden beth grohman suzanne harding (mrs. whitlock) William a. herbert penny hodge susan hughes Clyde hull ' " ' J Joanne Johnson dinah Joyce nickie kauder michael kaufold j. velma keen jo ann king mike leach tim lightfield mary-dean lee ormond loomis At sharon lott kris ludwigsen kathy markey ryan maxwell jack mcguire david mckee michele meares beth messer vicki millard carol moore mark moulthrop valerie murdock Stephen myers robert nay darryl neill alice nelson H bill ray david nichols F M 1 ' " f oraH becky novak david pugh W : M y. sharon pennock nancy polk laura price vernon richard harold robinson rufus sessions richard shivar scotty smathers m ■ suzanne snyder karen steward cindy strode phil taylor priscilla tello jed watters earl whitlock julia whitman joe Williamson rosemary wright H SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED: cathy alston, William boaz, torn buchwald, harold christen- son, john dawson, james francis, Stephanie gordon, harriette grissom, jim hall, jane henderson, ken jones, barbara kaylor, linda lash, anne murphy, Stephen myers, robert neal, elaine olson, laura pomeroy, sandra reid, calvin sayers, martin Schu- mann, betsy walker, mary ellen warren. JUNIORS NOT PICTURED: carol ann bailey, joylynn barron, Constance bogue, anita briggs, carolyn buie, John callahan, keith campagna, jana sue carter, torn childers, connie davis, james donnelly, bruce emery, kirn farmer, marilyn godley, chuck harwood, susan hopkins, janice hunter, robert Johnson, pat justice, carol kincaid, dennis lathem, jere lykens, patricia lyons, richard mclarty, Jonathan marden, gail maston, robert myers, tim myers, torn myers, lucy ann pace, jim schietinger, Jill severson, donald Sherman, gordon slack, sherman smith, sharon suarez, leah white, ed wilson, erla zwingle. SENIORS NOT PICTURED: beverly armstrong, scott burr, robert dimming, rick gelinas, michael godley, charlotte hawley, dee houchins, peter kehde, maurice macdonald, frederick macfawn, betty raich, geraldine topaz, barbara vanderhoek. . ' • • ■ ■ paw . SSKfi H B ■■- H , . i ' , | I .= « %£V.--;,- 1 . Hi ■a - sr rii ■ ' -. ' ' . teiMJ ■ „i . . • . • .• ■ . illlp? ' iis mmBp mmm • ' -+ ■ SxtfJl 1 ■? Y : -, - 1 H ' gjH - ' ? " - . " 1 ® m - H 1 • ; H , - - - ! • rr . 1 1 « 06 H • ,.M ' advertising n ■ JF ■ i FLORIST GREENHOUSES 2200 LAKEVIEW AVE: S. St. Petersburg, Fla. m,. ■ U: - Tiree locations to serve you — 5 1675 5th Ave. No. 862-6742 3 155 3rd Street No. 862-3212 10691 Gulf Blvd. Treasure Island 360-7174 JV ' J X ctf £ nd Traditional Clothing jot Centlemen 300 CENTRAL AVENUE Lakewood Phillips 66 Howard Palmer will take good care of your car. Call 867-9049 or stop by, 2 590 34th St. South — Just two miles from the campus ■ -LBL!«J LR JO I CHEESE 30 ' POG 3D » WITH CHEESE 30 k -v;0N 1 CHEESE 50 MORRISON ' S FOOD SERVICE FLORIDA PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE EDUCATION TODAY Is The KEY OF HOPE For PEACE and PROGRESS TOMORROW A m« Oi Out 2 W ?mjuvUa«C PtocUtt GENERAL ft ELECTRIC This is Your First Federal There ' s no other like it. First Federal of St. Petersburg provides a SAFE place for your savings, backed by the resources of " One of America ' s Largest. " We have the money to finance your home and, under certain circumstances, your college education. Come to one of six offices located in shopping and business centers. You ' re always welcome. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS. AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ST. PETERSBURG (m THE PRESCRIPTION SHOP St. Petersburg, Florida S ±? 534 CENTRAL AVENUE TELEPHONE 862-1 141 666 SIXTH STREET SOUTH MEDICAL SQUARE TELEPHONE 894-4163 Prescriptions Called For And Delivered CE YYATTERS REGISTERECUJ EWELERS h rife U INC - Diamonds -bEMS OiLVER- Watches China • Crystal 434 Central Avenue Or Central Plaza CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK OF ST. PETERSBURG ARTIST SUPPLIES ' fine las LUMBER CO. 1400 CENTRAL AVENUE Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW FEELING! TTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Next step to success Graduation marks an achievement to be proud of . . . and marks, too, a time to plan the next step toward your goal in life. Whatever the goal, there ' ll come a time when cash on hand can help you make a big stride forward. Prepare now . . . start now to save regularly, so you ' ll have money when you want it. E F SAVINGS S LOAN ufS$9Z g? ti3 ni MAIN OFFICE: Central at 19th St., St. Petersburg M SEMINOLE BRANCH: 7405 Seminole Blvd. (Alt. 19) MINUTE » » CLEANERS FAST SHIRT SERVICE It ' s the service that counts ONE STOP DRIVE-IN OPEN 6 DAYS — 7 A.M. TIL 9 P.M. — DRIVE-IN LOCATIONS — 2000 Central Avenue 2300 — 9th Street North 720 — 4th Street North 2223— 9th Street South 1640 — 5th Avenue South 3320— 22nd Ave. So. 1426 Pasadena Ave. So. 1401 22nd Street So. 6111 10th Street No. KENNETH E. HENSLEY SKYWAY TEXACO 2220— 34th Street South (U.S. 19) St. Petersburg, Florida Phone 867-4340 or 867-4510 COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE the largest and most modern privately owned TEXACO Service Station in the South-Eastern United States KEYS INDUSTRIES, INC, CONCRETE READY-MIX MASONRY PRODUCTS CONCRETE BLOCK INDUSTRIES, INC Recognized Quality and Service 20 ELEVENTH ST., SO. ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. PHONES: Office 862-5175 Plant 862-1657 Congratulations to the graduating class BROTHERS ST. PETERSBURG ' S GREAT STORE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK An Affiliate of Union Trust National Bank on Central Avenue at 31st Street Member F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve System You meet the nicest people at j Tj NATIONAL BANK A Taste Delight Bell Bakeries, Inc. St. Petersburg, Fla. ONTGOMERY WARD OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE yr iQSL k UOoAJU. : 1st AVE. N. AT CENTRAL PLAZA PHONE 898.2171 DAILY 9:30-9 P.M. SUN. 1-6 P.M. tjk $ggS £Z- SOFT WATER £t PeterAuty Jlcrija YOUR PROFESSIONAL LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANER FIRST IN ... 48 HOUR SERVICE AT YOUR COLLEGE STORE STUDENT LINEN RENTAL ECONOMICAL YEARLY RATES I SHERATON | ffltfa K- faH Qtfzv " A Touch of Elegance in St. Petersburg " salutes our learned neighbors The Faculty and Students of FLORIDA PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE Stuart W. Lindquist, Gen. Mgr. 6800 34th St. So. — Phone 867-1151 S H Green Stamps Wrecker Service fSHELL ' j Wheel Balancing and Front End Alignment [SHELL} - FREE PICK UP DELIVERY - HEINZEN SHELL SERVICE Lubrication— Auto Repairs— Goodyear Tires Batteries— Motor Tune-Up Brake Service 1800— 34th Street South Phone 867-6288 Open 24 Hours 1755— 9th Street South Phone 898-8412 Open 7 a.m.— 1 1 p.m. ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA " FLORIDA ' S FINEST FINISHING " RO MO PHOTO LAB QUALITY SERVICE LOOK FOR THE DOUBLE DIAMOND WHERE YOU LEAVE YOUR FILM Florida Presbyterian College Bookstore y ■ FOR 35 YEARS !GN OF GOOD BAN1 l!IJ!l:U.I FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP F.D.I.C. and FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ASK ABOUT THESE SERVICES □ Bank By Mail □ Checking Accounts □ Savings Accounts [H Trust Department □ Loans On Securities □ Commercial Loans □ Installment Loans □ Home Improvement Loans □ Curb Teller □ Travelers Checks □ Christmas Club □ Free Parking STAN ' S BARBER SHOP Hair Cut to Your Satisfaction Just 5 minutes walk from the campus. WANTED: Crew to explore a new world! Vast unknown territory, rich potential. Some space travel. Ingenuity, adaptability essential. Challenging opportunity for skilled workers, rapid advancement. Adventurous high school and college graduates are eligible. The new world? A small solar planet named Earth. Not visible to the unimaginative, but many can see it now. And— it ' s exciting! The new world will be colonized by 90% of all the scientists known to history . . . and by technicians, specialists, teachers, writers, and many we can ' t name— because half the jobs there, ten years from now, do not even exist today! How can you qualify for the expedition? Acquire skills needed for today ' s jobs— in college, technical, or special school. Then keep up with the knowledge explosion by continuing education— in graduate seminars, adult education and TV courses, on-the-job or armed services training. When you ' re set to take off, you ' ll go a long, long way. Bon voyag e! FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION ELECTRIC COMPANY

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Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Eckerd College - Logos Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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