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 DEDICATION the Echo School District. Over the years his work in the Quarterback Club has led to the start of Little League Baseball and Pee Wee Basketball programs. He is the ever ready announcer for Cougar football and for years a basketball game could not start without him to Tun the scoreboard. Kaye, your years of dedication to the school board have given Echo a quality of education not to be surpassed. «-. • Thank you, • The 86-87 Annual StaffTHE SKY IS THE LIMIT 2SENIORS CLASS MOTTO: Don’t go where the path leads, Rather go where there is no path And leave a trail. CLASS COLORS: Burgandy and Dusty Rose CLASS FLOWER: Orchid m Years attended E.H.S.: Amy Beacham- 13 years Lisa Berry- 13 Years Tyler Bloom- 5 years Terry Branch- 11 years Julie Brock- 8 years Teresa Brown- 12 years Pete Guerrero- 3 years Robert Price- 1 year Tony Price- 13 years Joe Saylor- 13 years Cheryl Shelley- 9 years Top. L to R: Amy Lynn Beacham Lisa Lee Berry Tyler Eugene Bloom Bottom. L to R: Terry Vinson Branch Julie Lynn Brock Teresa Brown CLASS OFFICERS: President- Lisa Berry Vice President- Terry Branch Representative- Cheryl Shelley Secretary- Julie Brock Sgt-at-arms- Tyler Bloom 4CLASS OF 87 Best Friends Top. L to R: Marco Peter Guerrero Robert Sterling Price William Anthony Price Middle. L to R. Joseph Lyle Saylor Cheryl Lee Shelley Julie Brock and Cheryl Shelley Bottom R: Lisa Berry and Amy BeachamBABY PICTURE'SENIOR SUPERLATIVE Top left; The senior class voted most likely to succeed. Top middle: Julie Brock and Robert Price, class crazies. Top right: Amy Beacham and Joe Saylor, orneriest in class. Middle: Tyler Bloom and Tony Price, voted most unique. Bottom left: Teresa Brown and Terry Br nch voted the friendliest. Bottom right: Lisa Berry and Cheryl Shelley most fashionable dressers. 7NOTHING'S GOING TO STOP US NOW Wearing Dusty Rose and Burgundy gowns, the tradition-breaking Seniors took a step toward a challenge-life. Commencement exercises were held on May 24, 1987, on the school patio in front of family and friends. Tyler Bloom, Valedictorian, and Amy Beacham, Salutatorian, both gave speeches that inspired everyone. Terry Branch read a prayer that improved one’s outlook on life. After the diplomas were received, the candlelighting ceremony was held. We wish them all good luck in the future.HERE'S TO YOUR MEMORY Pete Guerrero was born on Oct. 2, 1967, in Moses Lake, WA. Pete lived here in 1984 and then moved back to Echo again in 1985. He was involved in a variety of things around Echo including: football, basketball, baseball, and was a member of the Echo Fire Department. On November 29, 1986, Pete’s life was taken in a car accident near Hermiston, OR. This loss affected everyone he knew. Pete had a way of loving everything he came in contact with. His love for little children was great; he enjoyed being with them and teaching them. Pete will always be remembered and missed by all who knew and loved him. This page is dedicated in memory of Pete. 10JUNIORS Denene Baker Brian Bell Jon Elston Delbert Gehrke Dan McCarthy Tracy Miltenberger Tim Neely Bill Rolfe Billy is heading for trouble v 12 Top 1 to r: Brian Bell. Sgt. at Arms; Jon Elston. Pres.; Dan McCarty. Rep.; Tim Neely. Vice Pres.; Bill Rolfe. Sec.; Denene Baker. Treas.13PROM 87 Top right: Princess Lisa Berry, escort Greg Stanley; Princess Amy Bea-cham. escort Todd Krout; Princess Julie Brock, escort Fred Webb; Princess Cheryl Shelley, escort Rob Price; and Queen Teresa Brown, escort Lared Whitby. Middle right: Miss Staebler queens Teresa Brown. Bottom left: Tyler Bloom and Jennifer Watson. On a cold windy night in April, 1987, the Helix-Echo Prom was held at the Eagle’s Lodge in Pendleton. This was the first year that Echo has combined with another school. Full Tilt Audio provided the music and light show. The juniors did a fantastic job with the decorations and put on a prom the seniors will always remember.Top left: Julie Brock and Fred Webb. Top right: Rob Price and Cheryl Shelley. Bottom right: Leslie Benson and Joe Saylor. Bottom left: Darin Welch and Bitsy Schuening. Middle left: Lisa Berry, Greg Stanley, Todd Krout. and Amy Beacham.Top left: "Whew, what a smell!" Matt Wood grimaces as he passes the men’s room. Top right: Dan smiles at an undisclosed joke. Dan and the rest of the Junior boys held dominion over the catwalk during noon. Middle left: "Finger lickin’ good!" Tracy takes a moment to adjust her braces. Above: Tim and John try their hand at picking up girls in the catwalk. This was a common occurence during lunch hour. Right: "Wow, that sun is bright." Denene Baker looks away from the window after being blinded by a sun ray. 16Sara Andrews Todd Brown Tracy Bursell Dean Carithers Pat Gaede Tina Gaede Grady Green Charlotte Hamil Bitsy Schuening Amy Schultz Jim Shelley Kristin Wood SOPHOMORES Above: Charlotte Hamil breaking into government secrets. Right: Top: Jim Shelley. Sgt.-at-arms; Dean Carithers. Vice President. Bottom: Tracy Bursell. 18 Secretary; Bitsy Schuening. President; Sara Andrews. Treasurer.Top left: Bitsy Schuening is possessed. Top right: Sara Andrews trying to look busy. Center right: Todd Brown: the sucker swallower. Bottom right: Pat Baede stuffing her face. Left bottom: "Hi. ya'all." 19SWEETHEARTS '37WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME? On February 14, 1987, the sophomores put on the biggest Sweethearts dance in Echo High history with 30 couples attending. After playing their last Big Sky Conference basketball game, the couples came and danced the night away to all of the latest music, including the theme “Will You Still Love Me?” During the evening, Senior Julie Brock was crowned queen, while Deena Johns, Tracy Bursell, and Tess Beacham were the princesses. VerBaere Studios provided the pictures and Full Tilt Audio played the exciting music. Trudie and Ron Wilson, Dean Fouquette, and Lisa Reed were the chaperones for this memorable event.A GLIMPSE OF THE SOPHOMORES A LOOK AT THE EVERYDAY Top Right: I’m getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy .. . Jim Shelley sits in English class trying to hypnotize himself. It has apparently worked. Middle Left: Is this really necessary? Grady Green’s eyes start to play tricks on him when he thinks of all his homework. He is now in a trance Middle Right: Thank goodness Mondays only come once a week. Amy Shultz looks horrified in Miss Reed’s Comm. II class. English assignments on Mondays don’t go over very well. Lower Right: Relaxing after a hard day of work. Matt McConkey takes a break after finishing his assignments.FRESHMEN Philip Hofbauer Dan McConkey Christy Medlock Sandi Perkins Class Officers; Top 1 to r: Tess Beacham (Rep.). Cheryl Bloom (Pres.). Tara Aiken (Vice Pres.). Theresa Berry (Sec.), Nancy Alford (Sgt.-at-arms), Dan McConkey (TresCLASS OF 'VO Upper left: Tess Beacham is very excited about Biology. Right: Cheryl Bloom smiles for the camera. Middle: Kevin Brock »nd Joe Culp horse around in Comm. Lower left: Philip Hofbauer is always ready ior Comm. Lower right: Sandi Perkins takes a break in class. 25SADIE HAWKINS On September 27, 1986, the freshmen put on a well-attended Sadie’s. Mr. Jamieson was Marryin' and Divorcin' Sam and Mrs. Lenhart was the photographer, (top left) Tracy Miltenberger and Terry Branch (top right) Tess Beacham and Dan McCarty (in back) Julie Brock and Fred Webb (bottom left) Cheryl Shelley and Joe Saylor (bottom right) Teresa Brown and Matt Wood. 26CANDID Top left: Cheryl enjoys a tasty morsel. Top right: You want me to type what? Center left: The wicked witch of the west. Center right: Make my day! Bottom left: Lunchtime entertainment. Bottom right: Party time! 2728 Top left: I don’t believe you said that. Tyler Bloom groans inwardly at an off-the-wall joke. Top right: Oh my gosh! Kristin Wood is astonished by the antics of the annual class. Middle left: What a stud! Kevin Brock declares himself King of the Studs. As always, he is ignored. Middle right: Watch out! Jon Elston tries his hand at the drums. Bottom: What’s this mean? Tara Aiken discovers a new word in the dictionary. Finding mystery words for the newspaper is a common task for her.SPIRIT WEEK Tyler Bloom and Julie Brock Philip HofbauerThis years spirit week consisted of Hawaiian day (Seniors). Cowboy day (Juniors). Sweats day (Sophomores). Baby day (Freshmen). And Dress Up day (Junior High). Top Left: Dan McCarty smiles for the camera on Hawaiian day. Top Right: Joe Saylor and Tyler Bloom help out the cheerleaders at the bon fire. Middle Left: Pete Guerrero. Julie Brock, and Cheryl Shelley take a break on sweats day. Middle Right: Cheryl Bloom hangs loose on Hawaiian day. Bottom: Tyler Bloom dreams of the beach; Amy Beacham taking it easy. 31HOMECOMING at voo a c’ cS Top Left: Senior princess Teresa Brown and senior escort Terry Branch. Top Right: Homecoming court-senior. Teresa Brown; sophomore. Bitsy Schuening; Freshman. Theresa Barry; senior, Lisa Berry; junior. Becky Walston; Queen Senior. Amy Beacham. Bottom Left: Senior princess Lisa Berry and senior escort Joe Saylor. Bottom Middle: Sophomore princess Bitsy Schuening and senior escort Pete Guerrero. Bottom Right: Senior Queen Amy Beacham and senior escort Tyler Bloom. 32HOMECOMING HtfiVCX f YOOil c vex 1116 Top left: Homecoming Queen. Amy Beacham and escort Tim Neely. Top right: senior princess. Teresa Brown and escort Matt Wood, junior princess Becky Walston and escort John Rand, freshman princess Theresa Berry and escort Dean Carithers. Queen Amy Beacham and escort Tim Neely, sophomore princess Bitsy Schuening and escort Darin Welch. Senior princess Lisa Berry and escort Philip Hofbauer. Middle: just enjoying the dance. Bottom left: freshman princess Theresa Berry and escort Dean Carithers. Bottom right: Tess Beacham and escort Dan McCarty. 33Standing: Kristin Wood. Secretary: Joe Saylor. Vice President; Amy Beacham, President: Bill Rolfe, Sgt.-at-Arms; and Mr. Say. Advisor. Standing: Cheryl Shelley. Bitsy Schuening. Joe Saylor. Amy Beacham. Dan McCarty. Delbert Gehrke. and Advisor Mr. Say. Kneeling: Suzanne McCarty. Lisa Berry, Kristin Wood. Tess Beacham. and Cheryl Bloom. Not pictured: Tracy Bursell. Bobby Findley. Paul Wilson, and Jeff Graham.I j i i .. OUR STUDENT LEADERS The Student government is involved in many activities throughout the school year. They put on Homecoming and set up all events involving the student body. Any petitions or grievances by the students are taken up with the student council. The student council is the stepping stone between the administration and the student body. HONOR SOCIETY ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Back row: Tim Neely. Dan McCarty. Joe Saylor, Tyler Bloom, Delbert Gehrke, and Matt Wood. Front row: Amy Beacham and Advisor Miss Reed. The sophomores inducted into the Honor Society were Kristin Wood and Bitsy Schuening. 35Top: Denene Baker, Bitsy Schuening. Julie Brock. Bottom: Tracy Bursell. Amy Schultz, Jon Elston. Joe Saylor. Tim Neely, Cheryl Bloom. Tina Gaede. With back turned: Mr. Jamieson, director. Center right picture, top: Matt McConkey, Philip Hofbauer, Jon Elston, Grady Green. Bottom: Mr. Jamieson. Joe Culp. Cheryl Bloom. Tara Aiken. The 1986-87 Echo High Band was small in number. but great in sound. Under the direction of Mr. Jamieson, they performed at the spring and winter concerts, the district basketball tournament, and on their tour in Portland. They also helped get the crowd excited at the football and basketball games. 36Seated: Tara Aiken, Kristin Wood. Cheryl Shelley, Terry Branch, Teresa Brown, Joe Saylor. Sandi Perkins, Tess Beacham, and Theresa Berry. Standing: advisors, Mrs. Lenhart $ind Miss Edgerton. THE PUBLICATION PEOPLE The 1986-87 student publications class was always kept busy with their duties of producing a fine annual and newspaper. Whether they were covering the latest news at E.H.S. or hurrying to meet their deadline for the annual, there was never a dull moment. The look on Teresa's (annual editor) and Joe's (newspaper editor) face shows the agonizing frustration that occurs whenever a deadline comes up. 37HIGHLIGHTS BRIDGES WE HAVE CROSSED A LOOK AT OUR YEAR E.H.S. crossed many bridges in the 86-87 school year. Some led to dispair, some to challenges, and some to success. The football team didn’t begin very well but they went out with a bang when they lost the playoff game against Cove. While the boys fought hard to gain a good season, the girl’s volleyball team never got fired up. Just before the basketball season was about to begin, Pete Guerrero died and the school was left in shock. Again the boy’s basketball team fired up and went to district only for their chance to end in dispair. The girls fought hard but didn't get going. The spring sports went quite well with Lisa Berry going to state in track and Joe Saylor in tennis. All in all, the bridges were sturdy and we made it through. 38Or E rLS I FAVORITES OF 86 87 1. Favorite Food: Pizza 2. Favorite Drink: Coke 3. Favorite Color: Blue 4. Favorite Car: Mustang 5. Favorite T.V. Shows: M.A.S.H. Moonlighting 6. Favorite Movie: Top Gun 7. Favorite Sports: Basketball and leyball 39CHEERLEADERS The 86-87 high school cheerleading squad consisted of Lisa Berry (senior). Amy Beacham (senior). Julie Brock (senior), and Bitsy Schuening (sophomore). Lisa and Amy have both been cheerleaders for two years, while this was Julie’s and Bitsy’s first year. Some things they have done this year as a squad were going door-to-door handing out invitations to the basketball games, and attending a cheerleading camp at Portland University. The cheerleader’s support towards our sports teams has been greatly appreciated. Top left: Lisa Berry- Head Cheerleader Top right: Julie Brock. Amy Beacham, Lisa Berry. Bitsy Schuening. Bottom right: The cheerleaders do a stunt for the crowd. 40 1VOLLEYBALL V Top row 1 to r: Manager-Tina Gaede, Cheryl Bloom, Denene Baker, Julie Brock, Amy Schultz, Teresa Brown, Bitsy Schuening, Tracy Miltenberger, Tracy Bursell, J.V. coach- Stacy Fisher, Varsity coach- Glenda Staebler. Bottom row 1 to r: Kristin Wood. Cheryl Shelley, Lisa Berry, Amy Beacham, Sandi Perkins, Theresa Berry. Tess Beacham. i ! Julie Brock is ready to block the ball.Upper left: Teresa Brown spikes the ball as Tracy Mil-tenberger and Lisa Berry are ready to pick up the next play. Upper right: Lisa is prepared for the return of Bitsy’s serve. Lower left: Airborn Bitsy sets the ball for Theresa Berry to spike. Lower left: Cheryl Shelley spikes the ball as Julie Brock goes up for the block.FOOTBALL Standing 1 to r: manager Jeff Graham. Head Coach Terry Graham. Jon Elston. Philip Hofbauer. Tyler Bloom. Pete Guerrero. Joe Saylor. Asst. Coach Ed Schumacher. Kneeling 1 to r: Matt Wood. Brandon Findley. Jim Shelley. Tim Neely. Dean Carithers. Dan McCarty. Bill Rolfe. Not Pictured: Terry Branch. Grady Green. Echo 28 North Powder 38 Echo 34 Prairie City 42 Echo 16 Condon 58 Echo 20 Lyle WA 48 Echo 56 Culver 12 Echo 35 Arlington 0 Echo 53 lone 14 Echo 34 Dufur 0 Echo 14 Cove 20 Playoff game All Conference First team defensive linebacker: Joe Saylor First team offensive running back: Dan McCarty Second team center: Tyler Bloom Second team quarterback: Joe Saylor Second team offensive end: Matt Wood Honorable mention defensive linebacker: Dan McCarty Honorable mention defensive backs: Tim Neely. Dean Carithers 44 Coach Graham Coach SchumacherTop left: Matt Wood kicks the extra point. Top center: senior Joe Saylor. Top right: senior Tyler Bloom. Middle row left: senior Pete Guerrero. Center: senior Terry Branch. Middle row right: sophomore Dean Carithers. Left: Dan McCarty runs the ball in the state quarterfinals. 45Tess Beacham, Lisa Berry, Pat Gaede. Bitsy Schuening, Tracy Miltenberger. Theresa Berry. Amy Beacham, Sandi Perkins. reaches for the ball. If the shot is blocked. Echo will be one step closer. Right: The power pass. Freshman Theresa Berry goes for the pass which could result in 2 points for the Cougars. 46A Frustrating Season The 86-87 season was a very frustrating one for the young Echo team, who finished 3-17. But no matter how hard the season was, the inexperienced Cougars fought hard against the older, more experienced teams. The pictures on these two pages don't begin to show the hard work and dedication of this small in height, but great in might team. Top Left: The face of frustration. Senior Lisa Berry turns to run back down the court. The Echo Cougars played a hard game against the Arlington Honkers. Top Right: The spirit of determination. Junior Tracy Miltenberger fights for the ball. The Cougar defense set up this situation that allowed Tracy to steal the ball. Bottom Left: Sophomore Bitsy Schuening looks for that one great pass. When the connection is made the Cougs will score. Bottom Right: Catch that ball. Senior Amy Beacham receives a pass. If this play is completed the Cougars may come out ahead. 47From I to r: Assistant coach Mark Leach. Tim Neely. Dean Carithers, Ron West. Philip Hofbauer. Tyler Bloom. Joe Saylor. Delbert Gehrke. Robert Price. Dan McCarty. Manager Paul Wilson, and Head Coach Dean Fouquette. 48 Senior Tyler Bloom ( 54) hustles to recapture a stray ball.Junior Dan McCarty ( 32) takes a jump-shot while Delbert Gehrke ( 40) waits for a rebound. This game was dedicated to the memor of Pete Guerrero. who left the team at a great loss. Senior Joe Saylor ( 20) takes a shot at the District Play-offs. The game was lost, despite the tireless efforts of Echo. Delbert set up the offense, then passed it to Tyler Bloom ( 54) who made the shot. Junior Tim Neely ( 10) set up the defense. He was unable to take the ball, and Wheeler scored another two points.TRACK 1997 Only three athletes made up the '87 high school track team. Two of which were newcomers; Tyler Bloom (senior) and Theresa Berry (freshman). This has been Lisa Berry’s fourth year in track. All three of them did very well in each of their events. Theresa Berry: long jump, 300 hurdles. 400 meters. Tyler Bloom: Javelin. Shot Put. 1500 meters. 5th Big Sky Conference 5th District 7 A 2nd Big Sky Conference 4th District 7A 2nd Big Sky Conference 2nd Big Sky Conference 5th District 7 A 5th Big Sky Conference 7th District 7A 5th Big Sky Conference Lisa Berry: 800 meters. Big Sky Conference Champion (meet record of 2:35) 2nd District 7A State qualified. Lisa was also selected to in an international track meet this June. She leaves for China June 21st. Pictured above: top right; Coach Graham, Theresa Berry. Tyler Bloom. Lisa Berry Middle Left; Lisa Berry. Middle Right; Theresa Berry. Bottom Right; Tyler BloomTENNIS ZT The 87’ high school tennis team may have been very small, but it went very far. Joe Saylor, the only member, madfe it to state, under the coaching of Brian Say. On May 21st Joe travled to Beaverton, Oregon for the State playoffs. There he met some very stiff competition and lost his first match. Overall Joe’s record was 7 wins and 7 losses. 51BASEBALL Top right- The team standing: Coach Tim Pearson. Scott Boyd. Manager J.J. Simmonds, Grady Green. Matt Wood. Dan McConkey: seated: Matt McConkey, Brandon Findley. Joe Saylor. Tim Neely. Tyler Bloom, Dean Carithers. Tony Nordquist. Jim Shelley, Kevin Brock. Top left: Tim Neely prepares for the pitch. Tim spent most of his time coaching and pitching. He was picked to the CBC first team. Above; Brandon Findley watches a hot grounder. Brandon, not who. started on first. Middle: Kevin Brock surveys the situation. Kevin mainly played second base. Middle far right: Grady Green watches as he knocks the ball. This was only Grady’s second year of experience but luckily he was not too "Green” to start at third base. Far right: Dean Carithers delivers a curve ball. Dean usually pitched but he did see some time at shortstop. Right: Matt "Nomad" Wood swings away. Matt received his nickname because he played many different positions, including catcher, pitcher, shortstop, and left field. 528TH GRADE Christa Brown Roxanne Burgess Robert Dennison Monica Faro Bobby Findley Shanna Fullerton Armilda Guerrero John Hofbauer Suzanne McCarty Randy Neely Michele Norton Andi Wilson7TH GRADE Jim Bevan Don Culp Shelley Emert Jeff Graham Rick Morton Derra Piel J.J. Simmonds Paul Wilson Opposite page - 8th Grade Class Officers Top I to r: Bobby Findley. Pres.; John Hofbauer. V-Pres; Randy Neely. Sgt.-at-arms; Bottom I to r: Andi Wilson. Sec.; Monica Faro. Treas.; Suzanne McCarty. Rep. 7th Class Officers Top I to r: Jeff Graham. Pres.; Paul Wilson. V-Pres; Bottom I to r. Shelly Emert. sec.; Derra Piel. Sgt.-at-arms. 55Top I to r: Andi Wilson and Christa Brown hang around in the office. J.J. is hard at work on his report. Bobby: “Take that picture and I’ll ...” Middle I to r: Paul: “Can I help you?” Junior High Cheerleaders I to r: Michele Norton. Tanya Welch with Andi Wilson on her shoulders. Armilda Guerrero. Bottom I to r: Shelly Emert stares off into space. Anna Zacharias reaches for a pencil.Standing I to r: Suzanne McCarty. Rocky Burgess. Shanna Fullerton, and Monica Faro. Kneeling I to r: Malia Brown. Andi Wilson. Armilda Guerrero. Michele Norton. Derra Piel. and Christa Brown. Coach Cindy Lenhart. Top I to r: John Hofbauer, Bobby Findley. Randy Neely. Middle I to r: Jeff Graham. J.J. Simmonds. Jim Bevan. and Rick Morton. Bottom I to r: Matt Powel. Brian Graham. Larry Harala. Brad Miltenberger. and Willy Boyd. 57MIGHTY KITTENS 5 P R T S Basketball Top I to r: Randy Neely. John Hofbauer. Bobby Findley. Cory Welch. Larry Halarah, J.J. Simmons, Brian Graham. Jeff Graham. Coach Rich Cason. Paul Wilson. Jim Bevan. Rick Morton, and Willy Boyd. Track Standing I to r: Suzanne McCarty. Christa Brown. Coach Lisa Reed. Michele Norton, Tanya Welch. Brian Graham, and Randy Neely. Baseball Standing I to r: J.J. Simmons. John Hofbauer. Bobby Findley. Randy Neely. Larry Halarah. Coach Rich Cason. Sitting I to r: Richard Kelly. Jim Bevan. Rick Morton. Willy Boyd. Matt Powel. Jeff Graham, and Brad Miltenberger.Sharon Lilly-Custodian The Cooks-Fritz Ramos and Jesse McAtee Peggy Powell-Custodian Ron Miller-Maintenance Pat Wood-Head Maintenance Burl Wattenburger-Bus Driver Jan Harala-Bus Driver 60B 0 A k D A D M 1 M I T R T O N Top picture: The school board-Standing I to r: Jerry Ashbeck, Janet Wood. Seated I to r: Clark Lewis. Arnie Neely. Donna Cook, Jane McCarty. Not pictured. Jeff Spike. Clockwise: Secretary Jane Enright. Jane (Janie) has been our faithful secretrary now for 11 years. Superintendent Ed Schumacher. In only his second year. Mr. Schumacher has initiated many improvements that can be seen in and around the school Athletic Director Rich Cason. Mr. Cason in his 18th year at E.H.S. has done everything from being Principal to Driver’s Ed. teacher. Business Manager Trudie Wilson. After six years at E.H.S. Trudie still keeps that budget balanced. 62.H.S. COUGAR 1986-87MEMORIES 3T Here's what some students and teachers remember most about the ’86-'87 school year. Teresa Brown: When Regina was going to school here. Tony Price: Lack of justice. Julie Brock: Prom night with Fred Webb. Terry Branch: Pete Guerrero’s death. Cheryl Shelley: Having fun! Rob Price: The basketball season. Jon Elston: North Powder football game. Matt Wood: Teresa Brown. Delbert Gehrke: I try not to. Brian Bell. Fighting with Miss Reed. Ronnie West and Bill Rolfe: State Football. Sean Carlisle: Track. Bitsy Schuening: Cheerleading. Sara Andrews: Dissecting the frog in biology. Amy Shultz: When I dropped the music papers at the Christmas concert. Kristin Wood: The annual trip. Philip Hofbauer: Having a hard time in algebra and biology. Dean Carithers: My first day at school. Sandi Perkins, Tess Beacham, Theresa Berry, and Tim Neely: The bus wreck on Ladd Canyon coming home from North Powder. Mrs. Lenhart: Being pregnant. Mr. Pomeroy: How nice the students have been. Miss Reed: When Dean and I announced our engagement at a pep assembly. Mr. Graham: Football. Amy, Tyler, Joe, and Lisa: The April Fools joke. 65A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR Dear Students: I really hope that you will enjoy this annual and treasure the memories shared with friends of the past year. The annual staff would like to think that we put out the best annual Echo has ever had. Even though we were inexperienced we had a great deal of motivation that made this a successful annual. Sincerely, Teresa Brown Editor THANK YOU We would like to thank Ver Baere Studios for all the dance pictures that he gave to us. Next we would like to thank Miss Staebler for all of her Prom pictures she contributed: they were greatly appreciated. Also a thanks to the Hermiston Herald for the Education Fair pictures. And last, but definitely not least a special thanks to Mrs. Lenhart for all her time and effort put into this annual. THE SKY IS THE LIMITYOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER Choycc (jHT gU c Ci o O - JOVCC"OMOI NT I.Kmo. OM tTIII • «0( •- IT 4IT r +. r7JLc o CM » o 567-6457 SCHROTH INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 4 11 Maim Sliuol Hormlston, Oregon 97836 503) 587-5523 SERVES YOU FIRST Bob and Vickie Smith Owners total Coast toGoasi 218 East Mam Hermiston. Oregon 97838 (503) 567-6816 Roe Gardner ROEMARK'S MENS WEAR 201 E MAIN 567-3831 Hermiston. OR 97838 Join with us to make a brighter future for all of Eastern Oregon DON J. BROWN FARMS STAR ROUTE 376-8474 ECHO. OREGON 97826 ECHO HOTEL. RESTAURANT LOUNGE MAIN ST ECHO 376-834 PldNtEROGmiMOT U.S. BANK P.O BOX 726 HERMISTON. OREGON 97838 Member F.D.I.C JIM COREY OWNER JIM’S HAIR CENTER Styling For The Whole Family 145 W MAIN-STANFIELD. OR 97875 (503) 449-3716 LORI BAKER MNGR-OPERATOR CITY OF ECHO GOLF COURSE P.O. BOX 9 ECHO. OR 97875 VICKIE KOEHNE PA Owner 854 S Hwy. 395 Hermiston. Oregon 97838 Phone 567 5969 Echo Mercantile Main St. Echo Echo Or 97826 Movie rental, fishing supply, gifts, merchants R TS-n-pieq HOWARD ROBBINS (503) 587-3512 e s Rt 2 Box 2360 Home Phone 276-6396 Hermiston-McNary Hwy. Hermiston. OR 97838 MEAD'S FOODS INC MEAD'S THRIFTWAY 567-6488 305 SW 11TH HERMISTON. OREGON 97838 BOX 209 Spike Ranches P.O Box 8 Echo Jeff Cindy Spike 376-8480 CHEVROLET HERMISTON. OREGON 97838 MYRICK CHRYSLER-DODGE 125 N FIRST ST.. HERMISTON. OR 97838 567-6567 Oci e HERMISTON DRUG. INC. (503) 567-3072 567-6211 P.O. Box 149. Hermiston. Or. 97826The Wood Family Box 5 Echo. Or. 97826 376-8517 HAPPY JOE’S PIZZA ICE CREAM PARLOR REGULAR CRUST OR PAN PIZZA • SANDWICHES ICE CREAM • SALAD BAR • PASTA Call Ahead Foe Quick Home Dekvery 567-2010 Of Pick-Up HOME PIZZA DELIVERY 1240 N 1ST HERMISTON PENDLETON GRAIN GROWERS. INC. Echo Grocery 201 Mam Si Echo Jerry Leanne Gaunt 376-8123 Carol Edgerton Senior Advisor class of "87" Shorylo A P.O. BOX 10 HERMISTON. OREGON 97838 Arctic Circle 755 Highway 395 So 567-7897 Think of us for quality and good tasting food MULL TIM SHOP INC Hermiston Plaza Hwy 395 South P.O Box 133 • Hermiston. OR 97838 • 503 567-7880 BOB'S TIRES.- DRAKES 1 FRONT-END ALIGNMENT SERVICE TRUCKS AVAILABLE PASSENGER • TRUCK • FARM TIRES - BATTERIES - SHOCK ABSORBERS WHEELS-NEW USED TIRE ROUNDING BALANCING ROBERT KNIGHT. OWNER 567-3141 567-6813 QfPl ■ ■n W Mail . • CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Good Luck in the Future Your friends at HERMISTON ELECTRONICS Will Clark John Knudsen The Echo Annual Staff would like to give a special thanks to the sponsors for their generous contribution to our yearbook. We couldn’t produce this without your support. Thanks again. Arlene’s Hallmark Shop Beacham Family Elmer Pat Berry Bonnie Berry Mildred Berry The Carters Rich Cason Dedies Hair Center Dyer Family Tom Janie Enright Ford Family Graham Family Pete Guerrero Hermiston Auto Parts Hermiston Glass Cindy Lenhart Sharon Lilly McCarty Family McDonalds Middleton Family Oregon Trails Kennels Perkins Family Taco Time Ve Old Swap Shop 68

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Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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