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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1986 volume:

COUGARS ON THE PROWL DEDICATION ECHO QUARTERBACK CLUB £-s n, cs - The 85-86 Annual Staff of Echo High School would 1 ik -to cdaeai? The Couglfr o"the”E !o Quartejbacl Club. It is known that the Quarterback Club strives for excellence in sports but.vvhat i not widely understood is their view toward education. The Quarterback Club gives many scholarships and donations fpr ' the pursuit of a better education for the students of Echo. For this reason we say thanks and dedicate The Cougar to the men of the Echo Quarterback Club. 2SENIORSSENIORS Katherine Andrews Mary Baggerly Jodi Cady Michelle Cook Missy Davis Debbie Gehrke 4CLASS OF 1986 f Jim Ramos Robin Shelley Paul Ramos Class Motto Our dreams of today, And our achievements of yesterday Will be the realities of tomorrow. Class flower: Lavender Rose Class colors: Lavender and Silver Valedictorian: Mindy Davis Salutatorian: Debbie Gehrke These two pages sponsored by: Lyons Studio Ver Baere Studio 5WHEN WE WERE Katherine Andrews Class Motto: Our achievements of yesterday and Our dreams of today. Will be the realities of tomorrow Class Colors: Lavender and Silver Class Flower: Lavender rose Sponsored by: Vernon Cook Family Kerry Thompson Jodi CadyLITTLE Jim and Paul Ramos To Any Reader As from the house your mother sees You playing round the garden trees, So you may see, if you will look Through the windows of this book. Another child, far, far away. And in another garden, play. But knocking on the window, call That child to hear you. He intent Is all on his play-business bent. He does not hear; he will not look. Nor yet be lured out of this book For long ago, the truth to say. He has grown up and gone away. And it is but a child of air That lingers in the garden there. Devin Correa Robin Shelley Sponsored by: Diamond "R" Livestock Equipment Garth Davis Mary Ann Pauline 567-9602 Melissa and Mindy DavisSENIOR SUPERLATIVES 8 Devin Michelle brown nose Miss ReedJUNIORSJUNIORS Amy Beacham Lisa Berry Tyler Bloom Terry Branch Julie Brock Teresa Brown Pete Guerrero Justin Lewis Tony Price Joe Saylor Angel Schuening Cheryl Shelley Junior Class Officers: Tyler Bloom (Sgt.-at-Arms) Joe Saylor (President) Lisa Berry (Representative) Amy Beacham (Vice President) Teresa Brown (Secretary) Sponsored by: Carter Family 10CLASS OF “87” Am I Gorgeous or what? Hello! Did somebody say Party'? What are you looking at? Sponsored by: First Interstate Bank.CLASS OF “87” I just love school! Go ahead, make my day!! Sponsored by: Stanfield Hardware.SOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES Denene Baker Brian Bell Delbert Gehrke Dan McCarty Tracy Miltenberger Mark Montgomery Tim Neely John O'Kane Bill Rolfe Kathy Thompson Ronnie West Matt Wood Becky Walston not pictured John Elston CLASS OFFICERS: (1 to r) Denene Baker (Treas.), Tim Neely (Pres.), Matt Wood (V 14 Pres.), Tracy Miltenberger (Seer.), Billy Rolfe (Repr.), center-Ronnie West (Sgt. at Arms.)CLASS OF 88 15CLASS OF “88” 16 I thought I told you to stay away. What are you talking about?FRESHMENFRESHMAN Sara Andrews Todd Brown Tracy Bursell Pat Gaede Tina Gaede Brian Green Brandon Findley Charlotte Hamil Matt McConkey Tony Nordquist Brenda O'Kane Bitsy Schuening Jim Shelley Amy Schultz Kristen Wood Class officers top 1 to r: Tracy Bursell (vice-president), Tina Gaede (sgt.-at-arms). Matt McConkey (secretary). Bottom 1 to r: Bitsy Schuening (representative), Tony Nordquist (president) Sponsored by: Downs SupplyCLASS OF 89 Smile pretty I'm not gonna try it, you try it Wow man! Sponsored by: Coast to Coast Bitsy looking sexy 19 Ain't nothin' but a hound dog20 Lean, mean, football machineFOOTBALL 85 Top row 1 to r: Head coach Harold Shannon, Devin Correa, Paul Ramos, Boomer Lyons, Kerry Thompson, Stacy Nordquist, Assistant coach Brian Say. Bottom row I to r: Tim Neely, Dan McCarty, Joe Saylor, Tyler Bloom, Pete Guerrero, Justin Lewis, Tony Nordquist, Brandon Findley. Scoreboard Echo 14-12 Echo 32-12 Echo Forfeit Echo 29-6 Echo 30-14 Echo 68-0 Echo 48-16 Echo 0-46 Echo 6-30 league games play off game Dufur Culver Wheeler North Powder Arlington lone Dufur Condon North Powder All Conference Team First team defensive linemen: Stacy Nordquist First team defensive linebacker: Paul Ramos First team defensive back: Devin Correa First team offensive runningback: Devin Correa First team offensive end: Jim Ramos Honorable mention: Kerry Thompson Jim Ramos These pages sponsored by: Earl and Elsea Ferguson West Flying ServiceVOLLEYBALL Top row 1 to r: Katherine Andrews, Missy Davis, Marie YellowRobe, Debbie Gehrke, Michelle Cook (Co-captain). Second row 1 to r: Teresa Brown, Robin Shelley. Bottom row 1 to r: Mindy Davis (Co-captain), Tracy Miltenberger, Cheryl Shelley, Julie Brock, Jodi Cady (Captain), Amy Widman. V A R S I T Y 1985 V.B. Scoreboard ♦Echo vs Stanfield ♦Echo vs Umatilla ♦Echo vs Cascade Locks Umatilla Tourn. Echo 3rd place ♦Echo vs Helix ♦Echo vs Culver Echo vs lone Echo vs Wheeler Co. ♦Echo vs Stanfield ♦Echo vs Helix ♦Echo vs lone Echo vs Arlington ♦Echo vs Dufur ♦Echo vs Condon ♦♦Echo vs Condon J 0 V Wins ♦♦District Playoffs Sponsored by: Ramos Brothers Cougars on the Prowl Top row 1 to r: Amy Beacham, Tracy Bursell, Lisa Berry (Captain), Bitsy Schuening, Kristin Wood. Second row 1 to r: Sara Andrews, Amy Shultz. Bottom row 1 to r: Denene Baker, Tracy Miltenberger, Cheryl Shelley, Julie Brock.COUGARS 1 to r; Jodi Cady (1st Team All Conference), spiking- Amy Widman, Katherine Andrews, Missy Davis, Marie YellowRobe (Honorable Mention All Conference), Mindy Davis (1st Team All Conference). Senior Robin Shelley Michelle Cook- Second Team All Conference Sponsored By: The Widman Family Senior Debbie Gehrke 25SPIRIT WEEK • Grrrr. . . These pages sponsored by: Happy Joe s Hermiston, Oregon 567-2010 The new age umpire. Debbie G. looks upset. 2627 Katherine A.HOMECOMING Princesses and their escorts from 1 to r: Julie Brock and escort Chris Ries, Michelle Cook and escort Randy Hullinger, Queen Debbie Gehrke and escort David Thompson, Katherine Andrews and escort Boomer Lyons, and Brenda O'Kane and escort Dan McCarty Sophomore Princess Kathy Thompson and escort Andy Johnston These pages sponsored by: 60 Minute Photo Hermiston Plaza Senior football player Devin Correa crowns Queen Debbie Gehrkeu FOREVER Devin Correa with date Michelle Seibel Robin Shelley pays her way in Kerry Thompson and Mindy Davis enjoy the dance The Homecoming football game was played against the Dufur Rangers on Friday, October 25th. The Cougars won, 48-16. At half time, Senior Princess Debbie Gehrke was crowned Queen. Other members of the court included Senior Princess Michelle Cook, Senior Princess Katherine Andrews, Junior Princess Julie Brock, Sophomore Princess Kathy Thompson, and Freshmen Princess Brenda O'Kane. The music for the dance was provided by Dancarama from the Tri Cities and pictures provided by Ver Baere Photography in Pendleton. 29One big Happy fa'mily! Tyler getting into the groove. Sponsored by: Roemarks Mens Wear 201 E. Main, Hermiston 567-3831 Mindy and Kerry dancing the night away.WINTERBOYS BASKETBALL I to r: Jim Ramos, Paul Ramos, Devin Correa, Tyler, Bloom Boomer Lyons, Joe Saylor, Stacy Nordquist, Matt Wood, Tim Neely ECHO 33 Dufur 36 ECHO 46 Helix 82 ECHO 55 Arlington 73 ECHO 71 lone 45 ECHO 45 Cascade Locks 47 ECHO 56 Helix 64 ECHO 45 Condom 65 ECHO 63 Arlington 50 ECHO 52 Wheeler CO. 28 ECHO 67 lone 45 Second team All-Conference Devin Correa Honorable mention Jim Ramos Sponsored by: Spike Ranches Echo Oregon Senior Boomer LyonsCOUGAR POWER Junior Tyler Bloom Senior Paul Ramos Junior Joe Saylor Honorary members of the Cougar Fan Club Coach Kleigal discusses strategy with sophomore Tim Neely Senior Devin Correa Sponsored by: Professional Touch Hermiston, OregonGIRLS BASKETBALL From 1 to r: Coach Brian Say, Missy Davis, Lisa Berry, District All Star Second Team Mindy Davis, District All Star First Team Katherine Andrews, Bitsy Schuening, Marie YellowRobe, Pat Gaede, Second Team District and State All Star Jodi Cady, and Amy Beacham SCOREBOARD Echo 39-35 Echo 43-35 Echo 51-61 Echo 40-36 Echo 52-09 Echo 40-57 Echo 37-36 Echo 34-28 Echo 38-27 Echo 43-26 Echo 39-24 Echo 44-41 •Echo 35-31 •Echo 26-44 •Echo 32-34 •State Playoffs Helix Dufur Arlington lone Cascade Locks Helix Condon Arlington Wheeler lone Condon Dufur Dayville Saint Paul Arlington Sponsored by: Buttercreek Salon "We're A Cut Above" 567-2911 341985-86SWEETHEARTS From 1 to r: Freshmen princess, Sara Andrews; Junior princess, Lisa Berry; Senior princess, Marie YellowRobe; and Sophomore princess Beckv Walston. 3 THIS COULD BE THE NIGHT 36 On February 15, 1986, the sophomore class held a fantastic Sweethearts Ball. Midway through the dance, Marie YellowRobe was crowned queen. The pictures on these two pages are compliments of VerBaere Studio.Amy Widman and John Cimmiyotti Randy Hullinger, Joel Mitchell, Michelle Cook and Marie Yellow-Robe Sponsored By: Bob s O.K. Tires Ladd Wiidanen and Lisa Berry Theresa Berry and Tim Neely Paul Ramos and Bitsy SchueningCHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders: Top row; Lisa Berry, Mindy Davis, and Cheryl Shelley Bottom row; Amy Beacham, Mary Baggerly, and Debbie Gehrke. J.V. Cheerleaders in dark uniforms. Debbie Gehrke has been one of the most spirited students at Echo High School. Debbie has been a cheerleader for five straight years. As a senior of Echo High, Debbie was nominated head cheerleader for the 1985-86 school year. Head Cheerleader, Senior Debbie Gehrke. Sponsored by: The Gehrke FamilySPRINGTRACK Back row 1 to r: Justin Lewis, Boomer Lyons, Mr. Shannon. Front row 1 to r: Mindy Davis, Lisa Berry, Katherine Andrews. Not pictured: Michelle Cook. (Below) Michelle Cook gives the discus a toss. 40 Boomer Lyons practices the shot put.Back row 1 to r: Teresa Brown, Missy Davis, Debbie Gehrke, Tracy Miltenberger, Jodi Cady. Front row 1 to r: Amy Beacham, Joe Saylor, Julie Brock. Debbie Gehrke concentrates on a forehand. (Left) Joe Saylor follows through on a backhand. tit These pages sponsored by: Financial Planners Equity Corporation Enrights Quick ServiceBASEBALL 1 to r: Tim Neely, Kerry Thompson, Jim Shelley, Matt Wood, Tyli Manager Paul Wilson, Coach Tim Pearson. ler Bloom, Bill Rolfe, Paul Ramos, Devin Correa, Jim Ramos, Kneeling 1 to r: Devin Correa - 1st team Jim Ramos - 1st team Paul Ramos - 2nd team Tim Neely - 2nd team Sponsored by: John Madison Pitcher Paul Ramos Season Record 8-12 League Record 7-11COACHES Tim Pearson- Baseball Cindy Lenhart- Volleyball (asst) Harold Shannon- Football (Head), Track Sponsored by: Hermiston Herald Connie Klegil- Boys B-Ball F O O T B A L L SPORTS 1 Sponsored by: Kay McAtee Echo 1 to r: Kerry (Mr. Hustle), Brandon (Most Improved), Boomer (Most Inspirational), Devin (MVP). Top 1 to r: Jodi, Michelle, Mindy (MVP's), bottom 1 to r: Teresa (Most Improved), Debbie (Most Inspirational). 44AWARDS B A S K E T B A L L Girls — Because there were only 8 girls on the team, they all received T-shirts for their hard work and outstanding play during the season. Boys — Devin (MVP and Best Offense), Tyler (Most Improved), Jim (Best Defense). State- Mindy-6th high jump Michelle-5th Discus Katherine-4th Shot Put Justin-5th 200 meters Lisa-Worst Pushup Award Jim (MVP), Devin (Most Inspirational), Paul (Most Improved). Sponsored by: Andrews Ranches Echo 45PROM 1986 Princess Marie YellowRobe and escort Joel Mitchell Princess Jodi Cady and escort Boomer Lyons 46TROPICAL PARADISE Terry Branch and Julie Brock Lesslie Benson and Joe Saylor These two pages sponsored by: 47ON TO STATE Seen above is just an example of the spirit generated by the fans for the teams which competed in the various state tournaments. Whether it was the football team playing North Powder in the chilly November air or the girls basketball team competing in the hot Baker gym to the track team competing on the sunny track in Springfield, the fans were there to cheer on the Cougars and lend their support. 48 Sponsored by: Oregon College of BeautyThe Seniors relaxing in Seattle on their way to Expo 86. Debbie Gehrke - typical tourist Sponsored by: Ethel Lee Boomer Lyons giving Robin, Jodi, and Mary his famous body slam. 49GRADUATION On May 30,1986 the class of 1986 graduated from Echo High School. After the processional (Jr. Hi Band) and the Invocation (Rev. Bates), Debbie Gehrke, Salutatorian, gave a speech about the memories of their school days. Then the entire class sang "I Sing the Body Electric." Mindy Davis, Valedictorian, spoke on the future dreams of her classmates. Superintendent Ed Schumacher was guest speaker. Scholarships and diplomas were then awarded to the deserving seniors. After the traditionally emotional candlelighting ceremonies, the class of 86 was congratulated by all their family and friends. Good luck to all! Sponsored by: Jims f air Center Class of 1986 Valedictorian: Mindy Davis Salutatorian: Debbie GehrkeORGANIZATIONSBAND AND CHOIR mf Back row: Brandon Finley, Jon Elston, Boomer Lyons. Pete Guerrero, Justin Lewis. Middle row: Michelle Cook, Mary Bagger ly, Jodi Cady, Robin Shelley. Front row: Marie YellowRobe, Amy Widman, Cheryl Shelley, Tracy Miltenberger, Julie Brock, Bitsy Schuening, Dcncne Baker, Teresa Brown and Tim Neely. Sponsored by: East Side Auto Parts The Echo High School Band at State!HONOR SOCIETY From Left to Right: Tyler Bloom, Melissa Davis, Debbie Gehrke, Amy Beacham, and Jodi Cady. Not pictured: Mindy Davis. WELCOME TO THE HONOR SOCIETY: Dan McCarty, Delbert Gehrke, and Matt Wood!ANNUAL From 1 to r: Julie Brock, Boomer Lyons, Terry Branch, Michelle Cook, Marie YellowRobe. Not picture: Amy Widman Editor-in-chief: Missy Davis 54 Sponsored by: Sherrel Cherrolet Hermiston, OR Phone 567-6485 Artist: Teresa BrownEditor-in-chief: Mindy Davis COUGAR TRACKS 85-86 Sponsored by: Jli Randy's Empire Market 225 Main Stanfield "For fast, friendly, full service shopping" Back row 1 to r: Lisa Berry, Tony Price, Cheryl Shelley, Julie Brock, Boomer Lyons, Amy Beacham, Kerry Thompson, Teresa Brown. Front row 1 to r: Jodi Cady (sport editor), Joe Saylor (sport editor), Marie YellowRobe, Debbie Gehrke (social editor), Mindy Davis (editor-in-chief), Amy Widman. NEWSPAPERs T U D E N T C 0 U N C 1 L s T U D E N T B O D Y 56 Top row 1 to r: Mary Baggerly, Joe Saylor, Paul Ramos, Amy Widman, Jodi Cady, Mindy Davis, Debbie Gehrke, Amy Beacham, Advisor Mr. Cason. Bottom row 1 to r: Cory Welch, Missy Davis, Philip Hofbauer, Lisa Berry, Suzanne McCarty, Theresa Berry. Not pictured: Tim Neely, Bill Rolfe, Tony Nordquist, Bitsy Schuening. 1 to r: Missy Davis (Sec.) Amy Widman (Treas.) Mindy Davis (Pres.) Debbie Gehrke (V-Pres.) Paul Ramos (Sgt.-at-Arms) Sponsored by: Clark's Family Fun Barn Hermiston, ORADMINISTRATIONBOARD ADMINISTRATION School Board: 1 to r: Jeff Spike, Kay McAtee, Janet Wood, Donna Cook (Chairman), Dick Snow, Arnie Neely. Not pictured Jane McCarty. Rich Cason - Athletic Director Elaine Ramos-Resource Carol Edgerton-Library David Pomeroy-Social Studies Carroll Ramos-Resource Ethel Lee-Counselor Al Olson-Shop Ellen Drtina-Home Ec. Jim Jamieson-Music Lisa Reed-English Cindy Lenhart-English Harold Shannon-Math Sponsored by: KURTS at Decorative Service Carpets-Draperies Walla Walla, WA 59STAFF 4 The Cooks: Fritz Ramos and Jessie McAtee Peggy Miller - Custodian Burl Wattenburger - Bus Driver 60 ft « Sponsored by: Kurt's Decorative Service Carpets-Draperies Walla Walla, WA. Ron Miller - MaintenanceJR. HIGH8TH GRADE Tara Aiken Nancy Alford Tess Beacham Theresa Berry Cheryl Bloom Kevin Brock Joe Culp Philip Hofbauer Dan McConkey Sandi Perkins Class Officers: Top row, Philip Hofbauer. Second row 1 to r: Theresa Berry, Tess Beacham. Third row 1 to r: Cheryl Bloom, Kevin Brock, Tara Aiken.7TH GRADE Armilda Guerrero: Ca't I ever get any privacy? Class Officers: Top to bottom; Cory Welch, Suzanne McCarty, Randy Neely, John Hofbauer, Bobby Findley. Christa Brown Monica Faro Bobby Findley Shanna Fullerton Armilda Guerrero John Hofbauer Vince Jeppson Suzanne McCarty Randy Neely Michele Norton Cory Welch Andi WilsonJB HIGH CANDIDSJR HIGH SPORTS Top 1 to r: Dan McConkey, Philip Hofbauer, Kevin Brock. Middle 1 to r: Coach Tim Pearson, Randy Neely, Bobby Findley, Cory Welch, John Hofbauer, Vince Jeppson. Bottom 1 to r: Jimmy Bevins, Rich Morton, Paul Wilson, Steve Nelson, Shawn Goldenstein, JJ Simmonds, Vernon Hyke. Top 1 to r: Tanya Welch, Cheryl Bloom, Tara Aiken, Theresa Berry, Shanna Fullerton. Middle 1 to r: Sandi Perkins, Tess Beacham, Suzanne McCarty. Bottom 1 to r: Michele Norton, Andi Wilson, Monica Faro, Christa Brown. Sponsored by: Dutch and Carroll Ramos Echo, Or. 65JR HIGH SPORTS 1 to r: Coach Carrie Swanson, Suzanne McCarty, Christa Brown, Sandi Perkins, Theresa Berry, Tanya Welch, Tess Bea-cham, Karzetta Sisco; Center: Michele Norton, Andi Wilson. G I R L S Top row 1 to r: John Hofbauer, Kevin Brock, Philip Hofbauer, Cory Welch, Randy Neely, Bottom row 1 to r: Armilda Guerrero (Stats), Jimmy Bevins, JJ Simons, Joe Culp, Bobby Findley, Cheryl Bloom (Stats). B O Y S B A S K E T B A L L Top Row 1 to r: Tanya Welch,1 Cory Welch, Philip Hofbauer, Theresa Berry, Sandi Perkins (Manager), Bottom row 1 to r: JJ Simons, Rick Morton, Molly Hardiman, Jimmy Bevins, Paul Wilson. Sponsored by: Burns Mortuary T R A C K 66ADS The Echo Annual Staff would like to thank those people who have made this yearbook possible through their support and contributions. The Baggerly Family The Beacham Family The Berry Family The Cason Family The Clarke Family Dedie's Hair Center The Drtina Family Carol Edgerton The Enright Family Eye Wear Botique Happy Notions HBH Enterprise Hermiston Class Jostens The Lenhart Family The Madar Family Moore and Ripley Drug The Perkins Family The Rohde Family The Schumacher Family Taco Time The Wilson Family 67FROM THE EDITOR Dear Students: Hear is your book. I hope each time you open it the year comes alive. The yearbook staff and myself have tried to put the year down in pictures and print. I also hope you have a sense of pride for all your accomplishments of the year and that they have been captured here on the preceding pages. When you open your book, remember the year with a smile and a laugh. Sincerely, 'fyuMo s jOjuma Melissa K. Davis Editor THANK YOU I would like to thank Ver Baere Studio for the dance photos that he took and sent down for us to use. I would also like to thank The Hermiston Herald for the sport photos that they let us use. The last thanks goes to a special person who without all her help the yearbook would not be. Thanks Mrs. Lenhart! 68

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