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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1985 volume:

IN MEMORY OF Kennia Orvis Gene Webber Born: July 11, 1968 Died: June 27, 1984 Born: Febuary 4, 1971 Died: June 27, 1984 This poem is dedicated to Kennia and Gene We see them in the purity of the clouds, And in the sheer brilliance of the stars. We hear them in the morning songs of birds And feel them in the gentle rains that fall. And so our grief slowly turns to joy Knowing Kennia and Gene are always near. -Carroll Ramos 2 Sponsored By: ButterCreek Eq. White Farm Eq. - Freeman 567-8572Sponsored By: Sherrel Chevrolet Hermiston, Oregon 567-6487 UtThe Graduates V Fred Widman and Sonia Snow These two pages sponsored by: The Gehrke Family and McCarty Ranches Scott McAtee and Evilyn AbercrombieDonald Miltenberger and Connie BakerB A C C A L P O T L U C K 6Sonia Camille Snow Sponsored by: T-Shirts Plus owned by: Mark Halvorsen managed by: Hal Moore Patsy Mae Seifer Fredrick Carl WidmanLorri Beacham Scott McAtee Connie Baker We are like trees. We must create new leaves, new directions In order to grow. And Boy! How we've grown! Freddie Widman Donald Miltenberger Pat and Patsy Seifer Evilyn Abercrombie Sponsored by: East Side Auto Parts 372 East Main Hermiston, Or. 97838 Phone 567-6941 Sonia Snow i m 10 Samuel Arias Robbie Campbell SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Sponsored by: Happy Joe's Hermiston, Oregon Shyest: Scott McAtee and Evilyn AbercrombieSENIOR TRIP Top: Sam Arias, Connie Baker, Lorri Beacham Bottom: Patsy Seifer, Evilyn Abercrombie, Sonia Snow, Fred Widman, Rob Campbell The Senior class of 1985 spent four days at Sun River near Bend, Oregon. We were accompanied by Brian Say, Trudie Wilson, Charlie Noble. During the four days we visited Crooked River Gorge, skiied Mt. Bachelor, swam, took bike rides, shopped at the local shopping mall, and watched many movies. The Echo High Ski Team Who's guilty Good Morning Fred Stuff it in there, Donald Sam and all his girlfriendsJUNIORS Ed 'Boomer' Lyons Robin Shelley Stacy Nordquist Kerry Thompson Jim Ramos Amy Widman Paul Ramos Marie YellowRobe Sponsored By: Diamond "R" Livestock Equipment Co. Inc. Garth Davis Mary Ann Pauline 14Class officers (1 to r)-Representative-Jodi Cady Sgt. at arms-Paul Ramos Secretary treasurer-Debbie Gehrlce Vice president-Kerry Thompson President-Mindy DavisCLASS OF ’86 Amy: "Cause I'm worth it. Marie and Missy: Practicing for the future! Take that picture and I'll . . . Paul and Kerry in trouble again?! Jim the Stud!SOPHOMORES Julie Brock Teresa Brown Tyler Bloom NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Ed Eickstaedt Terry Branch Perry Harmon Laura Kampe Tony Price Joe Saylor Angel Schuening Cheryl Shelley Sponsored By: Oregon Trail RanchesYou incompetent . . . i Sponsored By: Don Brown Family CLASS OFFICERS: (L to R) Top Row: Angel Schuen-ing (Pres.), Cheryl Shelley (Repr.), Bottom Row: Lisa Berry (Seer.), Amy Bea-cham (V-Pres.), Teresa Brown (Sgt. at Arms), Not Pictured: Julie Brock (Treas.) "Sure, easy job' CLASS OF ‘87’ Please don't hurt me. New recruit Get off the desk. Sponsored by: 20 Don Brown FamilyTracy Miltenberger Bill Rolfe FRESHMEN Brian Bell Delbert Gehrke Mark Montgomery Kathi Thompson Tim Neely Catherine Townsend Dan McCarty John O'Kane Ronnie West 22 The three raving beauties.Class Officers: Denene Baker, Treas.; Kathi Thompson, V-Pres.; Tracy Miltenberger, Sec.; John O'Kane, Sgt. at Arms; Dan McCarty, Rep.; Mark Montgomery, Pres. What are you lookin' at? Mr. Machoman himself!FRESHMEN CANDIDS "I can't get out!'' Bill gets help from Mr. Shannon V (iron flKi Sponsored by: Glenn and Joyce Rohde Echo, Oregon Look out behind you, Ronnie! Delbert studies his horoscope. Mark MontgomerySCOREBOARD FOOTBALL ECHO 60-0 Weston McEwen JV ECHO 14-0 Kahlotus, Washington ECHO 14-0 Wheeler ECHO 16-78 Arlington ECHO 8-40 lone ECHO 14-12 Dufur ECHO 32-14 Cascade Locks BOYS' BASKETBALL ECHO 26-59 Stanfield ECHO 39-74 Umatilla ECHO 29-78 Burbank ECHO 53-41 Monument ECHO 26-57 Riverside ECHO 49-50 Umatilla ECHO 47-70 Riverside ECHO 20-57 Helix ECHO 49-56 Dufur ECHO 45-68 Arlington ECHO 50-58 lone ECHO 57-44 Cascade Locks ECHO 30-92 Helix ECHO 63-68 Condon ECHO 43-82 Arlington ECHO 67-61 Wheeler ECHO 41-63 lone BASEBALL VOLLEYBALL ECHO vs lone ECHO vs Wheeler ECHO vs Helix ECHO vs Arlington ECHO vs lone ECHO vs Dufur ECHO vs Arlington ECHO vs Condon ECHO vs Helix ECHO vs Cascade Locks •Matches won GIRLS BASKETBALL ECHO 36-38 Stanfield ECHO 23-63 Umatilla ECHO 49-38 Burbank ECHO 28-34 Stanfield ECHO 31-42 Riverside ECHO 37-38 Stanfield ECHO 36-39 Riverside ECHO 33-21 Stanfield ECHO 46-44 Helix ECHO 40-31 Dufur ECHO 45-39 Arlington ECHO 43-31 lone ECHO 70-33 Cascade Locks ECHO 48-46 Helix ECHO 48-54 Condon ECHO 52-41 Wheeler ECHO 49-52 Arlington ECHO 53-38 lone ECHO 43-30 Dufur ECHO 34-53 Helix ECHO 2-3 Stanfield TRACK ECHO 3-8 Umatilla ECHO 2-8 Heppner ECHO 2-3 Stanfield ECHO 5-1 Pilot Rock Mindy Davis: High Jump, Long Jump, 100m., 200m ECHO 4-7 Pilot Rock Katherine Andrews: Shot Put, Discus, Javelin. ECHO 7-2 Weston McEwen Michelle Cook: Shot Put, Discus. ECHO 10-9 Riverside Lisa Berry: 400m., 800m., Long Jump. ECHO 8-10 Riverside ECHO 6-12 Umatilla ECHO 13-1 Heppner TENNIS ECHO 7-4 Heppner ECHO 13-3 Stanfield ECHO 12-2 Stanfield ECHO 3-1 Pilot Rock Girls' Singles ECHO 7-5 Weston McEwen 1st Missy Davis, 6-4 ECHO 0-11 Weston McEwen 2nd Jodi Cady, 3-4 ECHO 2-4 Riverside ECHO 3-4 Umatilla Boys6 Singles ECHO 6-8 Umatilla 1st Joe Saylor, 5-5 2nd Sam Arias, 3-2 3rd Mark Montgomery, 2-4 Girls' Doubles 1st Debbie Gehrke and Teresa Brown, 2-1 2nd Traci Miltenberger and Julie Brock, 3-1 3rd Amy Beacham and Cheryl Shelley, 0-3FOOTBALL Top row 1 to r; Rob Campbell , Devin Correa, Sam Arias, Paul Ramos, Fred Widman , Scott McAtee , Jim Ramos. Bottom row 1 to r; Dan McCarty, John O'Kane. Joe Saylor, Boomer Lyons, Tyler Bloom, Kerry Thompson, Tim Neely. 26 Senior Rob Campbell ( 24); 2nd team All Conference Senior Scott McAtee ( 50); 1st team All Conference defen- offensive defensive line. sive linebacker. Honorable mention center. • Co-Captains These pages sponsored by: Hermiston Athletic; Ramos Brothers Ranch Inc.BMV • • 0 Junior Devin Correa ( 33); 1st team All Conference defensive back. Honorable mention running back. Junior Kerry Thompson ( 11)VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Back row L to R: Assistant Coach Cindy Lenhart, Mindy Davis, (co-captain) Sonia Snow, Michelle Cook, Amy Widman, Lorri Beacham, Katherine Andrews, Coach Jan Ramos. Front row L to R: Patsy Seifer, Marie YellowRobe, Missy Davis, Robin Shelley, Jodi Cady, (co-captain) Connie Baker. J.V. VOLLEYBALL Back row L to R: Assistant Coach Cindy Lenhart, Angel Schuening, (co-captain) Debbie Gehrke, Catherine Townsend, Teresa Brown, (co-captain) Mary Baggerly, Lisa Berry, Coach Jan Ramos, Manager Amy Beacham. Back row L to R: Cheryl Shelley, Julie Brock, Tracy Miltenberger, Denene Baker. 28 Sponsored By: Vernon Cook FamilyConnie Baker 2nd team All-Conference "Where's the water? Mary's at the net and ready. Patsy sets the ball. Lorri sets up the play. Michelle Cook Honorable Mention All-Conference Jodi Cady 1st team All-Conference "Hi Mom' Sponsored By: Candy Connection 520 West Hemlock 567-0445 29BOYS’ BASKETBALL 1 to r; Tim Neely, Devin Correa, Sam Arias, Tyler Bloom, Fred Widman, Joe Saylor, Matt Wood, Delbert Gehrke, Ronnie West. Not pictured: Jim Ramos, Paul Ramos, Boomer Lyons, Scott McAtee. Tyler Bloom ( 42) powers to the basket 30 This page sponsored by: John Madison Echo, ORDelbert Gehrke ( 40) puts up a shot Devin Correa ( 24). Honorable Mention All-Conference Joe Saylor ( 20). Honorable Mention All-Confer ence Sponsored by: The McAtee's Echo, ORGIRLS’ BASKETBALL Top row (1-r) Patsy Seifer Katherine Andrews Lorri Beacham Sonia Snow Mindy Davis Head Coach - Brian Say Bottom row (1-r) Missy Davis Amy Beacham Connie Baker Jodi Cady Not pictured-Lisa Berry Assistant Coach - Harold Shannon Connie Baker Mindy Davis with basketball. Katherine Andrews in background. Missy Davis with basketball. Amy Beacham in background. Sponsored By: Andrews Ranches Echo, OregonPatsy Seifer 15 Sponsored By: Dick Shirley Snow Echo, Oregon 33CHEERLEADERS Top: J.V. Cheerleaders; Cheryl Shelley, Angel Schuening. Varsity: L to R: Lorri Beacham, Sonia Snow (head cheerleader), Mindy Davis. Bottom: Debbie Gehrke.BASEBALL Back row 1 to r: Manager Randy Neely, Coach Clarke, Rob Campbell, Donald Miltenberger, and Fred Widman. Front row, 1 to r: Tim Neely, Boomer Lyons, Tyler Bloom, Joe Saylor. Devin Correa. Kerry Thompson, Paul Ramos and Matt Wood. Junior Devin Correa Senior Rob Campbell Senior Fred Widman Freshman Tim Neely Junior Paul Ramos Sponsored by: Hermiston Herald 35BIG SKY CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Sophomore Lisa Berry; Juniors Mindy Davis, Katherine Andrews, Michelle Cook and Coach Harold Shannon petitor in both the long jump and high Katherine Andrews: District competitor in the dis-cus and shot put State competitor in the shot put Mindy long jumps for a place in the Dis trict track meet This page sponsored by: The Quarterback ClubTENNIS 1985 Front Row L to R: Coach Say, Missy Davis, Debbie Gehrke, Amy Beacham and Jodi Cady; Middle Row L to R: Teresa Brown and Tracy Miltenberger; Back Row L to R: Joe Saylor, Sam Arias, Cheryl Shelley and Julie Brock. Senior Sam Arias Junior Debbie Gehrke Sponsored By: Inland Empire Bank 101 East Main Hermiston, Ore. 567-2291 Junior Jodi Cady Junior Missy DavisCOACHES Mike Clarke - Baseball 38 Jan Ramos - Volleyball (head) Sponsored by: Spike Ranches Inc. Echo, Oregon 97826 (503) 376-8480Queen Lorri Becham, escort Tom Kingston PROM Princess Sonia Snow, escort Shane Correa Princess Connie Baker, escort Brian Craig Donald Miltenberger and Becky Blakeley Rich McGraw and Evilyn Abercrombie Fred Widman and Shirlan Bailey“ONE MORE Teresa Brown and Travis Coffey Amy Beacham and Scott Davis Attendants: Tess Beacham and Theresa Berry Pictures provided by: Ver Baere Joe Saylor and Timmie Bailey Cake provided by: Margaret Saylor These Pages Sponsored By: 60 Minute Photo Hermiston Plaza 567-0076 41 Rob Campbell and Lisa BerrySWEETHEARTS 1985 Senior Princess, Evilyn Abercrombie; Junior Queen, Amy Widman; Sophomore Princess, Teresa Brown, Freshmen Princess, Denene Baker Attendant; Amy Beacham Attendant: Angel Schuening V These two pages sponsored by: Bob's OK Tire Store Hermiston, Ore. and D. M. Carroll Trucking Hermiston, Ore. 567-5767“YOU’RE THE INSPIRATION” Dennis Trotter and Angel Schuening Jim Ramos and Jodi Cady Scott Wells and Amy Widman Rob Campbell and Lisa Berry 43 Mindy Davis and Kerry ThompsonHOMECOMING Amy Beacham and Sam Arias Kerry Thompson and Mindy Davis These Two Pages Sponsored By: Payless Drug 567-7803 60 Minute Photo 567-0076 44 Hermiston PlazaSophomore Princess Cheryl Shelley, escort Sam Arias Freshman Princess Tracy Miltenberger, escort Scott McAtee 45AWARDS NIGHT Mr. Jamieson hands out music awards Mr. Shannon hands out awards to the Big Sky Champion Girls Track Team Best Farewell to Sam from the Quarterback Club Senior Boy Athlete: Fred Widman 46 Sonia Snow is awarded for best seamstress Sponsored By: Oregon College of BeautySamuel Amaury Arias Arzeno came to the United States in August, 1984 through the AFS program (American Field Service). He is from tne Dominican Republic which is located South of Cuba. He returned to his home July, 1985. 3 This page is sponsored by Samuel's host family: The Widman'sSPIRIT WEEK Sponsored By: Stanfield Hardware 449-3213 Cheryl Shelley Teresa Brown; Queen Nerd Jodi: "Narly" The Class of "88" Stacy NordquistCARNIVAL 449-3341 Junior Body SplashCANDIDS "This party in sot fun at all" 2 STUDENT COUNCIL AND OFFICERS Top row: Mark Montgomery, Bill Rolfe, Joe Saylor, Rob Campbell, Fred Widman, Mindy Davis, Evilyn Abercrombie, Lorri Beacham. Middle row: Kathy Thompson, Debbie Gehrke, Lisa Berry, Missy Davis, Jodi Cady, Angel Schuening. Front row: Tracy Bursell, Bitsy Schuening, Theresa Berry, and Tess Beacham. Student Body Officers: Advisor, Mr. Cason; Secretary, Jodi Cady; Sgt. at Arms, Joe Saylor; President, Fred Widman; Vice President, Rob Campbell; Treasurer, Debbie Gehrke.HONOR SOCIETY COMPUTER CLUBBAND CHOR US Front row 1 to r: Teresa Brown, Julie Brock, Cheryl Shelley, Angel Schuening, Cheryl Bloom. Middle Row: Mark Montgomery, Tara Aiken, Pat Gaede, Mr. Jamieson. Back row: Joe Saylor, Paul Ramos. Front row Widman. to r: Teresa Brown, Julie Brock. Back row: Michelle Cook, Marie YellowRobe, Jodi Cady, Cheryl Shelley, Amy 54 Sponsored By: Buttercreek Salon We're a Cut Above' 567-2911ANNUAL NEWSPAPER Annual; top row 1 to r: Sam Arias, Kerry Thompson, Fred Widman. second row 1 to r: Lorri Beacham, Missy Davis, Evilyn Abercrombie, Connie Baker, third row 1 to r: Marie YellowRobe, Mrs. Lenhart (advisor), bottom row 1 to r: Katherine Andrews, Amy Widman. Newspaper; top row 1 to r; Patsy Seifer, Rob Campbell, bottom row 1 to r: Joe Saylor, Debbie Gehrke, Miss Edgerton (advisor), Mindy Davis, Jim Ramos. Sponsored By: Kopacz Nursery Ray and Sherry Hermiston, OR 567-3278GRADE SCHOOL Top Row Fourth Grade L to R: Sean Aiken, Ray Frederickson, Brad Miltenberger, Aaron Thompson, Shelli Irwin, Sally Schultz, Malia Brown, Matt Powell, Jeremy Meyers, Brett Lyons. Second Row Fifth Grade L to R: Shelley Emert, Tanya Welch, Dean West, Vernon Hyke, Steve Nelson, J.J. Simmonds, Jim Be-van, Paul Wilson, Derra Piel. Bottom Row Sixth Grade L to R: Shanna Fullerton, Monica Faro, Christa Brown, Don Culp, John Hofbauer, Bobby Findley, Cory Welch, Randy Neely, Michele Norton, Suzanne McCarty, Andi Wilson. Top Row Kindergarten L to R: Morgan Fife, Lindsay Middleton, Jennifer Rollins, Mindy Sollinger, Crystal Bevan, Ben Campbell. Kico Villalobos, Branden Bence, Greg Ames, Jeremy Martin, Elizabeth Brown, Kelly Browning, Casey Seeger, Jarvis Buck. Second Row First Grade L to R: Mark Wynhoff, Molly Tindall, Dana Garcia, Brian Faro, Craig Emert, Stephanie Ford, Jeremy Ashbeck, Brenda Jones, Stephanie Bishop, Travis Newman, Jamie Harvill, Katrina Fullerton, Sara Erickson, Misty Hyke, Ryan O'Kane, Julie McKenzie, Aaron Middleton. Third Row Second Grade L to R: Melissa Wilson, August Olson, Johanna Powell, Nichole Baker, Ginger Marsh, Tammy Rolfe, Mary Jane McCarty, Kim Browning, Richard Evans, Jerad Ashbeck, Doug Wood, Casey Schultz, Richard Ames, Scott Brown, Jane Jones, Russell Findley. Fourth Row Third Grade L to R: Bobby Culp, Curtis Bevan, Jeremy O Kane, Jesse Hyke, Chuck Lydall, Paula Bell, Robin Neely, Danny Perkins, Matt Hofbauer, John Moreno, Nathan Thompson, Erica McConkey, absent - Phillip Allen.8TH GRADE Sara Andrews Pat Gaede Matt McConkey Amy Shultz Tina Gaede Brian Green Brenda O'Kane Bitsy Schuening Class officers; L to R: Sara Andrews, Treas.; Brenda O'Kane, Sgt. at Arms; Kristin Wood, Secretary; Todd Brown, Vice Pres.; Bitsy Shuening, Representative Class Pres. Tracy Bursell 'Let's be real!'' D-D-D Doritos "Say What?" "Do it - AND DIE!" Sponsored By Clark's Family Fun Barn and Aqua Slide Minature Golf, Arcade, Snack Bar, Water Slide 1300 Shannon Highway, Hermiston, Oregon Milk-It does a body good! 7TH GRADE 60 |Tara Aiken Nancy Alford Toss Beacham ■n Cheryl Bloom Kevin Brock Joe Culp Marta Harvill Sandi Perkins Sponsored By: Echo Cafe Echo, Oregon i The Three Stooges "Oh, Hold Me Back!!" Class Officers top row: Theresa Berry, President; Middle row: Tess Beacham, Rep; Sandi Perkins, Sgt. at Arms; Bottom row: Philip Hof-bauer, V-Pres; Nancy Alford, Secretary Crunch -n- Munch "Go ahead, make my day . . . Class Treasurer: Cheryl Bloom "Cheese" Sponsored By: Verbaere Studios 276-7567 440 SW 1st Pendleton, Or. 97801 "Hey, what can I say?" 61JR HIGH SPORTS FOOTBALL Top L to R: Philip Hofbauer, Cory Welch, Jim Shelley, Matt McConkey Bottom: Tony Nordquist, Brandon Findley, Bobby Findley, Joe Culp, Dan McConkey, John Hofbauer. Coach Mr. Clarke. VOLLEYBALL Top L to R: Sara Andrews Amy Schultz, Bitsy Schuenine, Tracy Bursell, Pat Gaede, Kristin Wood, Cheryl Bloom, Tara Aikens I ma Gaedc. Bottom: Brenda O'kane, Theresa Berry, Sandy Perkins, Nancy Alford, Tess Beacham, Monica Faro, Christa Brown! Michele Norton, Andy Wilson, Suzane McCarty. Coach Miss Lee. SPONSORED BY: SPERRY NEW HOLLANDGIRLS BASKETBALL Top Row, L to R: Tanya Welch (manager), Tracy Bursell, Bitsy Schuening, Christa Brown, Michele Norton. Tess Beacham (scorekeeper). Middle Row: Sara Andrews, Theresa Berry, Sandy Perkins, Suzanne McCarty, Wendy Paris, Pat Gaede, Bottom Row: Tina Gaede, Andy Wilson, Tara Aiken, Mr. Clarke (Coach) BOYS BASKETBALL Top Row: L to R: Matt McConkey (manager), Philip Hofbauer, Kevin Brock, Bottom Row: John Hof-bauer, Bobby Findley, Cory Welch, Todd Brown, Tony Nordquist, Randy Neely, Mr. Noble (Coach) TRACK L to R: Philip Hofbauer, Randy Neely, Miss Reed (Coach), Bitsy Schuening, Theresa Berry. SPONSORED BY: ECHO HILLS GOLF COURSE 63PEEWEE Top Row L to R: Jeremy Myers, Jess Hyke, Bobby Finley, Matt Hofbauer, Jeremy O'Kane, Donnie Culp. Second Row L to R: Jimmy Bevans, Danny Perkins, Malia Brown, Curtis Bevans, Robin Neely, Nathan Thompson, Dean West. Third Row L to R: Paula Bell, Vernon Hyke, Erica McConkey, Brett Lyons, Stevie Nelson. Bottom Row L to R: Paul Wilson, Aron Thompson, Raymond Frederickson, Marc Campbell, Shelly Irwin, Bobby Culp, Brad Miltenberger.SCHOOL BOARD ADMINIST ei Mr. Verle Bechtel, Superintendent. Mr. Rich Cason, Principal. Mrs. Janie Enright. Secretary. Mrs. Trudie Wilson. Deputy Clerk. The Greenhorn Drive In Clayton and Carol Horn 170 N. Main 65 Stanfield 449-3700 Back Row L to R: Jeff Spike, Kaye McAtee, Janet Wood, Donna Cook. Front Row L to R: Dick Snow, Arnie Neely.66 TEACHERS Lisa Reed Ethel Lee Charlie Noble Brian Say Ellen Drtina Carol Edgerton "Naughty Naughty"STAFFADVERTISERS The Echo Annual Staff would like to thank those people who have made this yearbook possible through their support and contributions. Avon-Robin Seaman Baggerly's Baker's Burns Mortuary Rich Cason Mike and Britt Clarke Carol Edgerton Enright's F H Computer Field and Court Athletic Hector Shoes Hermiston Electric Plumbing Supply Marsh Meyers Pioneer Implement Mr. Mrs. Storz The Washboard Wilson's$ jut ■ 1 } ■1HBB ¥ 4 'Hr ,v 

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