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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1984 volume:

THE COUGAR EDITOR- Gary West ASSISTANT EDITOR- Tia Cady FINANCE MANAGER- Gina Fife ADVISOR- Jeanie Robson STAFF- John (Bink) Ramos, Pat Seifer, Vicky Walston, Andy Saylor, Fred Widman, Evilyn Abercrombie, Patsy Seifer, Alena Brown.DESIDERATA Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. Found in Old Saint Paul's Church, Baltimore; Dated 1692DEDICATION 3-1984 AnnuallStaff is dedica in iltsj in the Ecnofcommunity anl :hank-you for all that he has gfiv man who has womthe affection of many students heating this annual to Darrell Powers as a way of ig at our athletic events cheering us on to victory. 'really lov« the enthusiast you have expressed towards us and we want to show you our by giving fcu The Cougar. . Sincerely, The Annual StaffSCHOOL BOARD ADMINISTRATION L to R: Glenn Rhode, Donna Cook, Kaye McAtee, Jeff Spike. Seated L to R: Janet Wood, Dick Snow, (not pictured John Ramos). Principal Rich Cason 4 Business Manager Trudie Wilson Secretary Janie EnrightTEACHERS Mr. Shannon Mr. Noble Baldy and Savage Miss Robson Mr. Olson Miss Randall Miss Hawkins Mr. Say Miss Reed Mrs. Drtina 5STAFFSENIORS V Gina Marie Fife Donna Denise Jones Jamie Dawn Harvey David R. Lilly Malinda Hawkins David Michael McCarty 8CLASS OF 1984 Peter Andrew Montgomery Patrick Joseph Seifer Darin R. Welch John Brinker Ramos. Jr. Christopher James Wallace Cary Lee West Andrew M. Saylor Victoria Lee Walston Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find how far they can goA GLIMPSE OF YESTERYEAR Gary West Andy Saylor Tia Cady 10SENIOR TRIP Make way for Andy? Who wears short shorts? Can you find the class of '84? Do you suppose they have a vacancy?”BRUNCH BACCALAUREATE No Darin, this is how you cut your meat. Back row L to R; Chris Wallace. Mark Enright, Darin Welch, David Lilly, Andy Saylor, John Ramos Jr., Pat Seifer, Gary West, Peter Montgomery. Middle row L to R; Tresi Burcham, Tia Cady, Jamie Harvey. Front row L to R; Dee Dee Jones, Malinda Hawkins, Gina Fife, Vicky Walston.GRADUA ... m-, •« Back Row L. to R.: Bink Ramos, David McCarty, Mark Enright, Pat Seifer, Front Row L. to R.: Tia Cady, Gina Fife, Vicky Walston Co-Salutatorian: Jamie Harvey, Valedictorian Cary West. 14 12 Wonder Years Together: Bink Ramos, David McCarty, Pat Seifer, Dee Dee Jones, David Lilly, and Mark Enright.TION1984 David Lilly, Peter Montgomery, Darin Welch, Andy Saylor, and Gary West. Tresi Burcham, Dee Dee Jones, and Jamie Harvey. Tresi Burcham, and Co-Salutatorian: Andy Saylor. Mark and David at their best!SENIOR SUPERLATIVESWhat's that in your lip Shawn? JUNIORS L lo R Rep Rob Campbell. Sec. Eviiyn Abercrombie. Pres. Sonia Snow, Sgt. a! Arms Shawn Benadom, V. Pres. Patsy SeiferEvilyn Abercrombie Alena Brown Donald Miltenberger Abominable SoniaPROM Prom Court L to R- Queen Tia Cady, Escort Bink Ramos, Princess Vicky Walston, Escort Brad Edwards, Princess DeeDee Jones, Escort Wayne Jones. t -NtayVj :Ko Xmtor 3er or" roy , w n8M “ALL NIGHT LONG” Lisa and Rob take a break "Come on Brad we're not in the middle yet!"CLASS OF “85” If looks could kill . . . "Which way to the concession stand?" "Take that picture and I'll 22SOPHOMORES Katherine Andrews L to R- Tres. Boomer Lyons, Rep. Jodi Cady, Sgt.-at-Arms Michelle Cook, Vice Pres. Missy Davis, Sec. Mindy Davis Seated Pres. Debbie Gehrke. Mary Baggerly Jodi Cady Mindy Davis Missy Davis Debbie Gehrke Ed Boomer' Lyons Stacy Nordquist 24Robin Shelley. escort Kerry Thompson The '1984' Sweethearts CourtShawn, Oh, Yippie Skippie." Cheryl, am I that ugly? 29 Mindy, I didn't mean it! "This is great!”SOPHOMORE CANDIDSFRESHMEN Terry Branch Julie Brock Teresa Brown Teresa Cady Dorene Doore Lee Gaede Tony Price Joe Saylor 30"Now there's the girl for me." Kevin Shaughnessy Cheryl Shelley Angel Schuening "Excuse you.'" "But I don't Jike this station.',' Waiting in line for Mr. Wonderful. Taking tests is so fun."'SADIE HAWKINS “1BANK BANG! 33The five finalists running for Miss Teen Echo. Eat your heart out, Fonzie, 'Miss Reed, Don't make me stick them on my nose." You wait, I'll graduate someday. I can't believe I passed my test. want to rctfcf a dim' book?COACHES PAGE Coach Stacey Say; girls J.V. Basketball Coach Mike Clarke; boys varsity Baseball Coach Brian Say; J.V. Basketball, Jr. High Basketball, Tennis Coach Debbie Hawkins; girls varsity Volleyball, Basketball Coach Harold Shannon; Football, Track Coach Ethel Lee; Jr. High girls Volleyball, Basketball Coach Jeff Swanson; boys varsity Basketball Coach Tom Enright; Jr. High boys Football, Baseball Coach Lisa Reed; J.V. Volleyball, Jr. High Track 36SCOREBOARD Football Echo 38-6 North Powder Echo 0-46 Cove Echo 50-14 Wheeler County Echo 44-8 Arlington Echo 42-14 lone Echo 62-16 Dufur Echo 28-0 Condon Echo 40-6 Cascade Locks Echo 14-20 North Powder Volleyball Echo ♦MATCH North Powder Echo ♦MATCH Pilot Rock Echo ♦MATCH Stanfield Echo MATCH Cove Echo ♦MATCH Wheeler County Echo MATCH Stanfield Echo ♦MATCH Arlington Echo ♦MATCH Helix Echo ♦MATCH Umatilla Echo ♦MATCH lone Echo MATCH Dufur Echo ♦MATCH Arlington Echo MATCH Condon Echo ♦MATCH lone Echo ♦MATCH Cascade Locks Echo ♦MATCH Helix DISTRICT Echo ♦MATCH Cascade Locks Echo MATCH Condon Girls Basketball Echo 53-30 Cascade Locks Echo 47-44 Helix Echo 45-53 Condon Echo 57-25 lone Echo 26-33 Dufur Echo 66-41 Arlington Echo 32-40 Helix Echo 64-38 lone Echo 55-52 Arlington Echo DISTRICT 64-28 Wheeler County Echo 32-47 Dufur Boys Basketball Echo 50-48 Cascade Locks Echo 70-63 Helix Echo 73-56 Condon Echo 55-46 lone Echo 72P60 Dufur Echo 82-50 Arlington Echo 54-64 Helix Echo 72-65 lone Echo 64-66 Arlington Echo 83-64 Wheeler County DISTRICT Echo 52-53 Wheeler County Echo 47-49 Helix Track Lisa Berry - 100m 200m 400m. long jump Amy Widman - Shot Put Discus Javelin Michelle Cook - Shot Put Discus Javelin Katherine Andrews - Shot Put Discus Javelin High hurdles Mindy Davis - 100m 200m long jump High jump - 2nd at District in High jump Pat Seifer - Shot Put Discus 800m. - 2nd at District in 800m. Baseball Echo 9-12 Umatilla Echo 16-6 Stanfield Echo 3-13 8-6 DeSales Echo 2-1 Stanfield Echo ♦FORFEIT Pilot Rock Echo 0-12 Weston-McEwen Echo 11-13 6-13 Riverside Echo ♦FORFEIT Umatilla Echo 6-5 7-4 Heppner Echo 5-6 4-11 Stanfield Echo 13-14 Pilot Rock Echo 0-5 2-12 Weston-McEwen Echo 5-12 Riverside Echo 2-12 5-6 Umatilla Echo 3-8 Heppner Tennis Edward Martinez - 0 wins 2 losses Debbie Gehrke - 2 wins 5 losses Missy Davis - 2 wins 1 loss David Lilly - 6 wins 8 losses Teresa Brown Julie Brock - 1 win 2 losses Amy Beacham Teresa Cady - 4 wins 3 losses Missy Davis Jodi Cady - 12 wins 1 loss Jamie Harvey Tia Cady - 9 wins 3 losses Andy Saylor John Ramos Jr. - 14 wins 2 losses - 2nd at DistrictFOOTBALL BIG SKY CONFERENCE CHAMPS! Back row L to R: John (Bink) Ramos, David McCarty, Chris Wallace, Edmund (Boomer) Lyons, Pat Seifer, Fred Widman, Rob Campbell, Andy Saylor, Joe Saylor, and Head Coach Harold Shannon. Front row L to R: Devin Correa, Jim Ramos, Kevin Shaughnessy, Paul Ramos, Kerry Thompson, Stacey Nordquist, and Shawn Benadom (not pictured Assistant Coach Brian Say). Fred Widman ( 13): 1st team all conference offensive defensive end. Chris Wallce ( 90): Senior defensive end. Shawn Benadom ( 49): Junior running back. Andy Saylor ( 14): All conference 2nd team running back; 1st team linebacker.John (Bink) Ramos ( 22): 1st team quarterback. Cougar Offensive 39VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Back row L to R: Assistant Coach Lisa Reed, Katherine Andrews, Lorri Beacham, Amy Widman, Michelle Cook, Sonia Snow, Mindy Davis, Coach Debbie Hawkins. Front row L to R: (co-captain) Tia Cady, Missy Davis, Jamie Harvey, Jodi Cady, Connie Baker, (cocaptain) Patsy Seifer. J.V. VOLLEYBALL 40 Back row L to R: Coach Debbie Hawkins, Lupe Martinez, Marie Vellowrobe, (co-captain) Mary Baggerly, (co-captain) Debbie Gehrke, Teresa Brown, Robin Shelley, Coach Lisa Reed. Front row L to R. Cheryl Shelley, Teresa Cady, Amy Beacham, Lisa Berry, Angel Schuening, Julie Brock.Tia Cady 1st team All-Conference Amy's show of brilliance Connie puts up a fight at the net Patsy Seifer 1st team All-Conference Katherine hustles for the ball Jamie set's up the play Jodi's form of setting the ball Sonia sky's over the netVARSITY BASKETBALL Back row L to R: Coach Brian Say, Scott McAtee, Fred Widman, David Lilly, Pat Seifer, Andy Saylor, Chris Wallace, Coach Jeff Swanson. Front row L to R: John (Bink) Ramos, Paul Ramos, Gary West, Jim Ramos, Devin Correa. J. V. BASKETBALL L to R: Coach Brian Say, Terry Branch, Stacy Nordquist, Paul Ramos, Ed (Boomer) Lyons, Devin Correa, Jim Ramos, Coach Jeff Swanson. Not pictured: Chris Wallace, Donald Miltenberger, Joe Saylor. Senior Guard Andy Saylor, 1st Team Junior Forward Fred Widman, Honorable Mention Senior Center David Lilly, Honorable Mention Senior Forward Pat Seifer, 1st Team, AA-A-B All StarGIRLS BASKETBALL Ju?Ckjr°r t0 Assistant Coach Stacey Say, Angel Schuening, (co-captain) Tresi Burcham, Patsy Seifer, Sonia Snow, Kathrine Andrews Mindy Davis, Marie Yellowrobe, Coach Debbie Hawkins. Front row L to R- Teresa Cady, Jodi Cady, Connie Baker, (co-captain) Tia Cady! Lisa Berry, Missy Davis, Amy Beacham.SPRING SPORTSBASEBALL Top row: L to R: Paul Ramos, Boomer Lyons, Kerry Thompson, Tyler Bloom, Scott McAtee, Rob Campbell, John Ramos Jr.: Front row: L to R: Coach Clarke, Joe Saylor, Kevin Shaughnessy, Jim Ramos, Shawn Benadom, Devin Correa.TRACK 48TENNIS Front Row L to R; Tia Cady, Amy Beacham, Teresa Cady, Jodi Cady, Missy Davis, Debbie Gehrke, Julie Brock, Edward Martinez. Back Row L to R; Teresa Brown, Jamie Harvey, Andy Saylor, Bink Ramos, Coach Brian Say, David Lilly. Jodi lunges for the ball. Tia cheers Jamie's shot. 49 Missy goes for the lob.STUDENT BODY OFFICERS L lo R: Bink Ramos-Sgt. at Arms, Tia Cady-Sec., Gary West-Pres., Pat Seifer-V. Pres., Lorri Beacham-Treas. Front row L to R: Peter Montgomery, Bill Rolfe, Cheryl Shelley, Kevin Shaughnessy. Second Row L to R: Andy Saylor, Sonia Snow, Amy Beacham. Third Row L to R: Jodi Cady, Debbie Gehrke, Lisa Berry. Back Row L to R: Pat Seifer, Tia Cady, Gary West, Lorri Beacham. 52SPIRIT WEEKHOMECOMING Peter and Dee Dee boogie. Gary: 'Dang, my leg itches.' 54Jill: 'Andy would you please get off my foot?" Clarence and Carol sway to the music. Princess Tia Cady, Queen Tresi Burcham, Princess Carol Baggerly, Princess Lorri Beacham, Princess Mindy Davis, Princess Lisa BerryCHEERLEADERS L to R-Lorri Beacham, Sonia Snow, Debbie Gehrke, (Head) Tia Cady, Connie Baker, Teresa Cady. 56NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row L to R- Mindy Davis, Gary West, Andy Saylor. Back Row L to R- Peter Montgomery, Lorri Beacham, Missy Davis, Debbie Gehrke, Jamie Harvey. COMPUTER CLUB 57 Front Row L to R- Todd Brown, Pat Gaede. Middle Row L to R- Tony Nordquist, Mark Montgomery, Brian Bell, Bill Rolfe, Tim Neely, Terry Branch. Back Row L to R- Joe Saylor, Kevin Shaughnessy, Boomer Lyons, Peter Montgomery (President), Stacy Nordquist, Donald Miltenberger.ANNUAL STAFF Front Row L to R- Vicky Walston, Tia Cady, Evilyn Abercrombie, Patsy Seifer, Gina Fife. Back Row L to R- Andy Saylor, Bink Ramos, Gary West, Fred Widman, Pat Seifer. NEWSPAPER STAFF Front Row L to R- Amy Widman, Rob Campbell. Second Row L to R- Fred Widman, Missy Davis, Mindy Davis. Third Row L to R- Jodi Cady, Debbie Gehrke, Devin Correa. Back Row L to R- Dee Dee Jones, Gina Fife, Tia Cady, Jamie Harvey, Jim Ramos. 58BAND CHORUS Back row L to R: Pat Gaede, Mark Montgomery, Edward Martinez, Peter Montgomery, Paul Ramos, Jim Ramos, Kevin Shaughnessy, Joe Saylor, Terry Branch, Tony Price. Middle row L to R: Teresa Cady, Julie Brock, Teresa Brown, Cheryl Shelley, Lisa Berry, Robin Shelley. Front row L to R: Angel Schuening, Amy Beacham, Mary Baggerly. Back row L to R: Peter Montgomery, Joel Hopkins, Joe Saylor, Lorri Beacham, Lisa McMasters, Middle row L to R: Robin Shelley, Cheryl Shelley, Amy Beacham, Teresa Cady, Mary Baggerly, Angel Schuening, Front row: Gary West. L to R: Peter Montgomery, Michelle Cook. Mary Baggerly. Robin Shelley, Marie Vellowrobe, Miss Randall, Katherine Andrews.DRAMACARNIVAL8TH GRADE Pat Gaede Mark Montgomery Delbert Gehrke Dan McCarty Tim Neely John O'Kane Tracy Miltenberger Bill Rolfe 64Dixie Toney Kathy Thompson Ronnie West Matt Wood 'Is science really necessary?” Tim actually working?! Bosom Buddies ■ 'See Ma, no cavities. 657TH GRADE Todd displays his l.Q. Camera Hounds Brandon being himself Secretary, Bitsy Schuening-Representative, Kristin Wood-President, Jim Shelley-Vice President. Friends Forever Bubble blowing buddies 66Todd Brown Sara Andrews Tina Gacde Delta Martinez Bitsy Schuening Brenda O'Kane Lisa Cady Brandon Findley Tony Nordquist Mathew McConkey Kristin Wood Ken PlunkettJR. HIGH SPORTS Back Row L to R; Coach Enright, Front Row L to R; Ronnie West Mgr, Tim Neely, Scott Davis, Matt Wood, Bill Rolfe, Matt McCon-key, Dan McCarty, Kneeling L to R; Dan McConkey. Philip Hofbauer, Jim Shelley, Tony Nordquist. L to R; Coach Say, Matt Wood, Bill Rolfe, Delbert Gehrke, Scott Davis, Dan McCarty, Tim Neely, Ronnie West, Kevin Brock, Tony Nordquist, Dan McConkey, Todd Brown. Manager Matt McConkey. Back Row L to R; Coach Enright. Second Row L to R; Jessica Shaughnessy, Sandy Perkins. Jim Shelley, Matt Wood, Scott Davis, Third Row L to R; Brandon Findley, Tim Neely. Dan McConkey. Gene Webber, Front Row L to R; Mark Montgomery. Kevin Brock, Larry Kampe, Todd Brown. 68Back Row L to R( Delta Martinez, Lisa Cady, Julie Clarke, Tracy Miltenberger, Tracy Bursell, Kathy Thompson, Bitsy Schuen-ing. Coach Lee, Middle Row L to R. Jessica Shaughnessy, Tess Bea-cham, Theresa Berry, Sandy Perkins, Brenda O'Kane, Sara Andrews, Phyllis Sears, Amy Shultz. Front Row L to R, Rebecca Robbins, Marta Harvill, Roxanne Robbins, Nancy Alford, Tina Gaede, Kristin Wood. Manager Dixie Toney. Back Row L to R; Jessica Shaughnessy, Tess Beacham, Theresa Berry, Julie Clarke, Lisa Cady, Tracy Miltenberger, Bitsy Schuening. Middle Row L to R; Coach Lee, Phullis Scars, Sandy Perkins, Sara Andrews, Marta Harvill, Front Row L to R; Delta Martinez, Pat Gaede, Manager Sandra Sears.JR. HIGH CANDIDS She loves the camera. Use fingers when all else fails. 70"Okay kids, this is how it is. Come on Bitsy, Smile. 71ADVERTISERS Ashbeck's Bechtel's Charlotte Berry Bob's OK Tires The Bon Brass Unicorn Don Brown Farms Brown's Burnham's Burn's Mortuary Caldwell's Rich Cason Glenn Cochran Correa Ranch Eagle Ranch Echo Golf Course Echo Styling Enright's Field and Court Athletics Graham's Greenhorn Sam Haines Happy Joe's Pizza Parlor Hatfield's Bob Hawkins Debbie Hawkins Hermiston Auto Parts Hermiston Drug Hermiston Herald Hermiston Sentry Inland Empire Bank Jim's Hair Center KOHU Markle Truck Line McAtee's Methodist Church Mode O'Day Montgomery's Moore and Ripley Drug Oregon Trail Ranches P.G.G. Pendleton Athletic J. C. Penney Pioneer Implement Polly's Put-ons Quarterback Club Joe Ramos John Ramos Leon Reese P. J. Rhode Ranch Rolston's Ron's Sew and Vac Schroth Ins. Snow's Stage Gulch Ranch Stanfield Drug Stanfield Hardware Steve's Empire Tum-A-Lum Watson's Jewelry West's Flying Service Widman-Hill Arabians Wilson's Wood's Western Worldo %il rAt -i.« v£f- C' V' —t • - cw- •iWr»L t ‘a ir'2," « -n A- T '—, - .. - -%-v « . -. -- ; -w «Ac—'■ - - - - — . . , . — m - - •-—■■•»- »T%» - r - • ' r- - I -'C, . NJ J= ♦u’, «- “3- V i-v. »•» - vV ‘ •' '- — " -'»—■ »•« »«« Q»i — - - - HMMlU’N —„ . if IB ■ ■ :+ • " »«£■ : «» •".♦'F-V ♦ » }«: S.«-- v » yfy»ty •»■ u ■«—■- - : - • -C'-r;' p. v- ? r - « • !% • v ' T •'P ' Z 3 T rja cflf- abT C | “-• ;r-" ■• , - . - r t - I . -.'-ir»-- W — 6' .-----r '■ ■ .- -v’ - -. ■- Jt - '- ■ • M » .. •. Jfr •- V -- A» EvS "-♦;i- '• '- •'-'. « 9C . . M •+ T • »■- • !’• -"■ -» ., . ' L . .'; % — . vc. - •- • r g ’■m ipNS' tsw wu •»— »-i.. k» v -'■ v.-.-' .%• '- — a •-• .• y - itf. -" ' i «fc --rr r- i ». -- ■ ;-5£ -« ; v :.- i -v Siw- ‘u- - -a. |y '■« - -— - - trigg- . - - ■ . • ■ • - -■ A-Jt’-v • —.: € W8 S ar' ■’ ■■ '" "V '£''» -4S3I- -‘ '-Z — '’'Ti ' - --; ••“ f . ' IsiX ” 1 » - ' ir • •» '- - ■•. — »— ?+» ■ = - j r ■ ,n J .v- - --:•!■? w-» -■•• r —,•.-■r t-■ . r- .- » . 4i -. ft r “» -c-c - • . - . - » , ..•■ 1. 'I i ?»' raF - - -. •v.— •v • ,4 • •'. • ' ' ■ , . V « »” - • -- . ■----- 7 '- -

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