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is our school. Let peace swell here, Let the rooms he full of contentment. Let love abide here. Love of one another, Love of mankind, Love of life itself, h| And love of God. Let us remember That as many hands build a house So many hearts make a schoo Bk From the School Creed of a school in CanadaDEDICATION in V r nanage Mr. Cason, this Annual is dedicated to you, a jack of all grades. You have manage teach us to drive a car; You have helped us to fead the Student Body; You have wor hard making our sports schedules just right for us; Ym iavf done all of this and much more. For this we dedicate this Annual,to yoifc Mr. Cason, with many, thanks!SCHOOL BOARD ADMINISTRATION School Board: Seated- John Ramos, Dick Snow, Jean Day. Standing- Chairman Leon Reese. Have McAtee, Glenn Rohde. Deputy Clerk Betty Fulleton School Secretary Janie Enright Marvin Slorz: Head Maintenance Trudy Wilson: Janitor Bus Driver Sharon Lilly: Janitor Bus Driver Lana Dodds, Darlyne Ramos: Chefs Blaine Ramos: Resource Room Carol Ramos: Resource RoomSTUDENT COUNCIL Front row 1. to r.: Joe Saylor, Angel Schuening, Sonia Snow, Connie Baker, Alena Brown, Fred Widman, Bruce Bechtel, Bink Ramos, Clary West, Fat Seifer, Arleta Reese, and advisor Mr. Cason. Back row above 1. to r.: Brett Conner, Rhonda Thompson, Dena Storz, Carrie Day, Janet Lilly, and Sherry Hesterlee. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Front row 1. to r.: Secretary; Rhonda Thompson, President; Dena Storz, Representative; Janet Lilly, Back row 1. to r.: Sgt.-at-Arms; Brett Conner, Vice-President; Carrie Day, Advisor; Mr. Cason, and Treasurer; Sherry Hesterlee.Quarterback Club Officers from I to r: Glenn Rhode, Kaye McAtee, Bill Fisher, Rich Cason. QUARTERBACK CLUB Some old friends shooting the breeze. We the annual staff would like to thank the Quarterback Club for all of the things they have done for us and the school. 8 Mr. Cason watches as Joe Ramos does his fireman imitation.SENIORS Class Motto: Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall. Class Colors: Blue, Gold White Class Flowers: Blue tipped carnation with a yellow rose 10David Iverson Todd Holeman Sherry HesterleeTHE LITTLE ONES Gary Brown '•r t Gary has a tender heart and a willing spirit to help everyone. He brings joy wherever he goes. Love Mom and Dad Rob Elkins The boy we figure most likely to succeed in life. He is intelligent and industrious. It has been a pleasure to have him as a son. Helen Patterson and Virgil Patterson Rion Brown Rion was a very active little kid. At the age of 9 mos he liked to spin the wheels on his match box cars. Then came a tike bike, big wheels, tricycle and pedal car. At 4 Vi he started on a bicycle and then to motorcycles and now it’s his car. How long can this go on? What’s next? His preoccupation with wheels may lead you to believe he will grow up to be a wheel - but maybe he’ll settle for auto mechanics or auto body or something related. Love Mom and Dad Carrie Day We have enjoyed watching you these last few years as you continually gave your personal best; whether it be in sports, school, school activities or work. You have filled our lives with so much pride and joy. We both know you will have alot of accomplishments and personal happiness in your future. Love Mom and Dad Dean Gehrke Todd Holeman You are a gentle, caring and super neat kid. We wish you the best of everything in your futre. Love you Dad and Mom 12 Dee IversonJustin Harvey The past 17 years with you have meant more to me than you can imagine. For instance: Food- $15,000.00, Clothing-$9,000.00, Shelter- $20,000.00 not to mention all the I.O.U.’S. P.S. We accept all major credit cards! Love Mom and Dad Sherry Heaterlee It has been a pleasure, and a trial, to see you go from a little tomboy to a combination tomboy and little girl and finally develop into a lovely young lady. I wish you to be as successful in your adult life as you have been in school. All our love Mom and Dad David Iverson Janet Lilly We’ve watched you grow from a tiny tot to a striking young lady, ready to reach out on your own, seeking new challenges and accomplishments. Through the years we’ve all grown together. You’ve shown us your capabilities, your weaknesses, and your warm caring spirit. We love you for that. Let your faith be a stepping-stone in every decision life brings your way. We are very proud of you. Love-n-kisses Dad and Mom Martin Martinez We expect from you the best. As we did from the beginning and throughout your life. Do you remember? Sometimes you needed a small push from us and always the result had been your best answer. You have our love, and combined with your striving will. Success in life will be an easy task for you. Love Mom and Dad Dena Store It’s been a pleasure and a treat to have you at my feet. It makes me sad to think that you’ll he gone, but good luck and you always know I'll be here. - ‘ I ove Dad You are all we could have asked for. We praise God that he let us he a part of your life. We are proud of you and love you very much. I ove Mom and Dad 13 Rhonda ThompsonSENIOR SUPERLATIVES CLASS CLOWNS: Gary Brown and Dena Storz. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: I to r Martin Martinez, Carrie Day and Dean Gehrke. MOST ATHLETIC: Justin Harvey and Janet Lilly. MOST UNIQUE: Dee Iverson and David Iverson. LEAST LIKELY MOST LIKELY: Rion Brown. SHYEST: Sherry Hesterlee and Todd Holeman. MOST OPINIONATED: Rob Elkins and Rhonda Thompson. 14The girls prepare for a big day of skiing! Todd hypnotizes the ball. Sherry learns the two-step in ra- “What did you put in my milk? quetball! 15 Sleeping Beauty awakes! Dean is so tired, he can’t even stick his tongue out right.HOMECOMING Which one is the Dummy? Andy and Dean try juggling plywood. Sophomores doing the “Cougar Beat.” Seniors win the 1981 Noise Parade. 16 The Senior Princesses and their Escorts. Queen Sherry Hesterlee and Escort Justin Harvey. Freshman Princess Alena Brown and Escort Shane Correa. Sophomore Princess Tia Cady and Escort Dick Baker. Junior Princess Cindi Walston and Escort Brian Hatley.Arleta sticks to the job. Gary aims for Dena’s head. Who said decorating wasn’t fun? The 1981 Homecoming Court. Thanks to Mrs. McCoard and Mr. Ver Baere for the cake and pictures. Juniors pretending they understand electronics 17SPIRIT WEEK 1981 “The Mob' Will the real cutie please step forward? U Carol Burnett eat your heart out. Winners of Spirit Week are the Seniors. 18JUNIORS 1983 Class Officers 1. to r. Pres. Arleta Reese, Rep. Bruce Bech- Another day in U.S. History, tel, Treas. Cindi Walston, Sec. JoAnna Lilly, not pictured V. Pres. Dale McCoard, and Sgt. at Arms Brian Hatley Dick Baker Bruce Bechtel Kim Blankenship Kevin Brown 20 Brian Hatley Melany Hixson Wayne Jones JoAnna Lilly 21 Jim Seeger Cindi Walston Rich Widman Yvonne WilliamsWeird string?!?!?” A look of intrigue. This flower just buzzed! 22From Court A conversation break. PROM 1982Uncle Justin What a cheerleader Undercover Cook 24 BUG OFF?6Carol Baggerly Tresi Burcham Tia Cady Mark Enright Jamie Harvey Dee Dee Jones David Lilly Jesse Fife Bink Ramos Andy Saylor Pat Seifer 27 Vicky Walston Gary WestYour Highness, I present . . . 28 Now, how do I get out of here? Brrr, Who used all the hot water! Britt Brooks helpful advice?!?ENDLESS LOVE Sweethearts Queen Tia Cady, escort Brett Conner The 1982 Sweethearts Court consisted of- Queen Tia Cady, escort Brett Conner; Princess Rhonda Thompson, escort Mr. Thompson; Princess Cindy Walston, escort Boh Hatley; Princess Connie Baker, escort Jeff Lathrop Mrs. Margeret Saylor provided the theme cake. 2930 Alright, I won’t give a math assignment.FRESHMEN Class Officers: back row seated; Sec. Evilyn Abercrombie; front row I. to r. V. Pres. Patsy Seifer, Treas. Donald Miltenberger, Rep. Fred Widman, Pres. Alena Brown. Evilyn Abercrombie Alena Brown Stephen Fife Lupe Martinez 32My broker is E. F. Hutten, and E. F. Hutten says . . . 33 Freshmen Sweethearts Mighty MiteSADIE HAWKINS Mr. VanDrimmelen Supervises The boys hard at work!?! You call these chaperones! Putting up streamers Could somebody hold the ladder? Brian Vicky take a rest Cindy Bob enjoy the dance Relaxing after a hard day 34 A QUEST FOR VICTORY 36SCOREBOARD FOOTBALL Echo 26-40 lone VOLLEYBALI Echo 46-20 Dufur Echo Echo Echo Echo 12-31 12-18 83-18 12-54 Condon Cascade Locks Wheeler Arlington Echo Echo Echo Echo •MATCH •MATCH •MATCH MATCH Stanfield Helix Stanfield Weston-McEwen Echo MATCH Pilot Rock Echo •MATCH Umatilla Echo •MATCH Umapine Umpaine Echo •MATCH Echo •MATCH Helix Echo MATCH Weston-McEwen BOYS BASKETBALL Echo MATCH Pilot Rock Echo •MATCH Umatilla Echo 55-37 Umapine Echo •MATCH Pilot Rock Echo 52-47 Wheeler Echo MATCH W eston - M c E we n Echo 27-47 Helix Echo MATCH Pilot Rock Echo 43-45 Cascade Locks Echo 48-31 lone Echo 37-56 Arlington Echo 75-78 Umapine Echo 38-59 Helix Echo 78-85 Condon Echo 45-44 lone Echo 47-64 Arlington Echo 53-42 Dufur GIRLS BASKETBALL Echo 62-21 Wheeler Echo 40-42 Helix Echo 50-35 Cascade Locks Echo 41-33 lone Echo 41-29 Arlington Echo 38-37 Helix Echo 32-28 Condon BASEBALL Echo 54-36 lone Echo 28-31 Arlington Echo 1-5 Riverside Echo 33-41 37-40 Dufur Dufur Echo 1-12 Pilot Rock Echo 45-34 Condon Echo 8-5 Umatilla Echo 14-3 Umatilla Echo 5-13 Riverside Echo 1-12 5-6 Weston-McEwen Echo 3-6 Stanfield Echo 1-5 Pilot Rock TRACW Echo 1-12 Pilot Rock Echo 8-5 Umatilla Echo 13-8 Riverside Pat Seifer: 400 m. 300 m. hurdles Echo 0-7 Riverside Arleta Reese: 400 m. 200 m. run Echo 6-11 Weston-McEwen Tia Cady: 800 m. run Echo 2-10 Stanfield Carrie Day: Discus Javelin Echo 13-8 Stanfield Rich Widman: Discus Shot Put Arleta Reese placed 2nd in state in both the 400 m. the 200 m. run. TENNIS Bruce Bechtel Rion Brown: 13 wins 2 losses Boys Team: District Champs Janet Lilly: 16 wins 3 losses Girls Team: 3rd in District Martin Martinez: 16 wins 3 losses 4 members of this year’s team went to State. Teresa Correa: 2 wins 10 losses 37FOOTBALL 1981 SENIOR: JUSTIN HARVEY HEAD COACH: MR. CLARKE NOT PICTURED SENIOR: TODD HOLEMAN SENIOR: MARTIN MARTINEZ ASST. COACH. MR. CORREA 38 FRONT ROW L TO R: Shawn Benadom, Scott McAtee, Fred Widman, Donald Miltemberger, Justin Harvey, Mark Enright, Dick Baker, Andy Saylor BACK ROW L TO R: Cary Brown, Martin Martinez, David McCarty, Pat Seifer, Shane Correa, Bruce Bechtel, Brian Hatley, Rich Widman, Coach Mike Clarke.Shane takes a rest Nice Tackle What a game “Let me through!” A helping hand. GO YOU COUGARS Cheerleaders playing football? 39• H cc po VOLLEYBALL 1981 From L to R: Carrie Hay, Carol Baggerly, Janet Lilly, Patsy Seifer, Sonia Snow, Shannon Ruth, Coach Debbie Hawkins-Bottom Row: Teresa Correa, Connie Baker, Sherry Hesterlee, Tia Cady, Jamie Harvey 40 From L to R: Coach Debbie Hawkins, Carol Baggerly, Dena Storz, Vicky Walston, Alena Brown, Sonia Snow-Bottom Row: Connie Baker, Lorri Beacham, Patsy Seifer, Sherry Hesterlee. Lupe Martinez41 Congratulations to the Cougars for doing so well during the season and at Sub-District. Patsy in actionA striking pose. Our spiritual leaders. VARSITY A look of anticipation. Varsity Cheerleaders: 1. to r. (top) Tia Cady, Teresa Correa; (middle) Head Cheerleader Janet Lilly, Carol Baggerly, Vicky Walston; (bottom) Sherry Hesterlee “I need a little R R!' 42DRILL TEAM 1. to r. Janet Lilly, Sherry Hesterlee, Tia Cady, Jamie Harvey, Advisor Lana Dodds, Carol Baggerly, Connie Baker, Teresa Correa, Lori Beacham, Vicky Walston “How did I get into this?” The Drill Team in action. A routine to turn everyone “Upside-down”. 43BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL “82” From Row L to R: Rink Ramos, Gary West, Mark Enright, Fred Widman, Back Row L to R: Coach VanDrimmelen, Bruce Bechtel, Andy Saylor, Rich Widman, Pat Seifer, Gary Brown, David Lilly, Dean Gehrke, Scott McAtee, Dick Baker, Asst. Coach Ed Fisher.Scott displays his perfect shooting form No pictures please Bruce does a layin CANDIDS • Si Darn, not enough arch Fred goes for the dunk! Should I pass it or shoot? Rich in actionGIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL “82” Front Row L to R: Tresi Burcham, Connie Baker, Jamie Harvey, Teresa Correa, Back Row L to R: Coach Debbie Hawkins, Patsy Seifer, Carrie Day, Janet Lilly, Arleta Reese, Alena Brown, Dena Storz, Sonia Snow, Tia Cady, Asst. Coach Stacey SnowArleta lets one loose. Help! What do I do? I'» I ■■ am Teresa goes for two. Arleta outjumps an opponent. Connie displays her dribbling skills. i i Airborne Alena. What form!!! 47TRACK 1982 District: Arleta placed 1st in the 400 meter run 2nd in the 200 meter run Carried placed 3rd in the discus Fat placed 5th in the 300 meter hurdles 6th in the 400 meter run Tia placed 6th in the 800 meter run State: Arleta placed 2nd in the 200 meter run 2nd in the 400 meter run From L to R: Coach Hartman, Tia Cady, Carrie Day, Arleta Reese, Rich Widman, Pat Seifer. Not Pictured: David Iverson, Jim Seeger 48 Stretching out before the meet Carrie in actionRunners take your mark. Get set. GO! Pat tends to a sore leg muscle Some of the track stars take a rest Pat jumps the hurdle with ease No competitionBASEBALL Front row 1 to r: Manager Jon Dodds, Mark Enright, Donald Miltenberger, Shawn Benadom, Dick Baker, and Bink Ramos. Back row 1 to r: Scott McAtee, David Lilly, Brett Connor, Shane Correa, Fred Widman, Justin Harvey, Andy Saylor, and Coach Clark. Brett gives him the curve ball. Shawn tries for another homer. 50Mass Confusion Fred Slides In Contemplating Strategy Go For It Tagged 51TENNIS Back Row, 1 to r: Martin Martinez, Bruce Bechtel, Rion Brown, Coach VanDrimmelen. Front Row: Missy Davis, Janet Lilly, Teresa Correa. Rion concentrates?! Missy makes her move. Martin uses strategy. 52Mr. Clarke: H.S. Football, H.S. Baseball, Jr. High Basketball Mr. Enright: Jr. High Baseball, Jr. High Football Miss Hawkins: H.S. Volleyball, H.S. Girls Basketball COACHES’ PAGE ASST. COACHES: Mr. Fisher: H.S. Boys Basketball; Mr. Correa: H.S. Football; Mr. Wulk: H.S. Baseball; Miss Snow: H.S. Girls Basketball; Miss Ramos: H.S. Volleyball Miss Lee: Jr. High Girls Basketball, Jr. High Volleyball Mr. Hartman: H.S. Track - Arleta gets the first snip! Mr. Pomeroy: Jr. High Track Mr. Van Drimmelen: H.S. Boys Basketball, H.S. Tennis 53CANDIDS Justin poses for the camera. 54 Relaxing after a hard day on the range. Carrie models her P.J.’s. Howdy, Pardner. What’s that you’re growing, Rhonda?ANNUAL Left to right: Martin Martinez, Gary West, Wayne Jones, Andy Saylor, Bink Ramos, Rhonda Thompson, Sherry Hesterlee, Carrie Day, Dena Storz, Rion Brown, Dean Gehrke. NEWSPAPER Left to right: Justin Harvey, Dick Baker, Shane Correa, Dee Dee Jones, Vicky Walston, Cindi Ruth, Shannon Ruth, Sherry Hesterlee, David Iverson, JoAnna Lilly, Margaret Saylor, Melany Hixson. 56Front Row: Joe Saylor, Kevin Shaughnessy, Mark Montgomery, Teresa Berry, Missy Davis, Julie Brock, Edward Martinez, Second Row: Connie Baker, Cheryl Shelley, Teresa Cady, Denene Walston. Back Row: Paul Ramos, Rob Elkins, Melanv Hixson, Bruce Bechtel, Arleta Reese, Patsy Seifer, Sonia Snow, Lorrie Beacham, Katherine Andrews. Peter Montgomery, Teresa Correa, Director; Mr. Perry. BAND C H 0 R U S Singing at the Christmas concert. Nice clothes, nice sounds. Quality, not quantity. From left to right: Alena Brown, Peter Montgomery, Lorrie Beacham, Cindi Walston, Director; Mr. Perry. 57NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Back Row 1 to r: Gary West, Miss Robson (advisor), Bruce Bechtel, Jamie Harvey, Miss Edgerton (advisor), Andy Saylor. Front Row 1 to r: Sherry Hesterlee, Arleta Reese, Carrie Day. Rhonda Thompson. c o M P U T E R 1st Row 1 to r: Martin Martinez, Edward Martinez, Joe Saylor, Terry Branch, Rhonda Thompson. 2nd Row I to r: Carrie Day, Gary West, Peter Montgomery, Stacy Nordquist, Justin Lewis, Tyler Bloom, •“d Row 1 to r: Mr. Hartman (advisor), Rion Brown, David Lilly, Arleta Reese. Bruce Bechtel.CAST: Klwood I . Dowd Pat Seifer Myrtle Mae Simmons-Lorri Beat-ham Lyman Sanderson. M.D.-Bink Kamos Ruth Kelley-Sherry Hesterlee •Judge Omar Oaffney-Andy Saylor E.J. Ix fgren-David Iverson Veta Louise Simmons-Carrie Day William Chumley. M.D.-Cary West Betty Chumley-Dena Storz Duane Wilson-Peter Montgomery Mrs. Chauvenet-Melany Hixson Miss Johnson-Dena Storz HARVEY 1 to r standing: Bink Ramos, Sherry Hesterlee, Carrie Day, Dena Storz, Gary West, Lorri Beacham, Peter Montgomery, David Iverson, Andy Saylor. Seated: Pat Seifer, Melany Hixson.AWARDS NIGHT Miss Hawkins presents Basketball awards. Mr. Clarke handing out Baseball awards. Lori gets the award for best driver. 60 Mr. Hartman misses his beard.p E E W E E 1st How: Dan McCarty, Clay Wegner, Brandon Findley, Heather Hartsook, Sandy Perkins, Monica Faro, Coach: Bink Kamos. 2nd Row: Coach Bruce Bechtel, Matt McConkey, Bobby Findley, Tony Nordquist, Brenda O’Kane, Lisa Cady, Coach Patsy Seifer. 3rd How: Coach Andy Saylor, Pat Gaede, Todd Brown, Jim Shelley, Dan McConkey, Theresa Berry, Jessica Shaughnessy, Marta Harvill. 4th Row: Coach Fred Widman, Suzanne McCarty, Ronnie West, Brett Wegner, Nicky Vandecar, Jon Dodds, Larry Lewis, Tracy Bursell. Whoops!!! Way to dribble. Top Row: Tina Gaede, Melissa Wilson, Andi Wilson. 2nd Row: Cheryl Bloom, Christa Brown, Myha Campbell, Michelle Norton, Erica McConkey. 62 Stuff it! Traci drives on through.Head Water Boys. Oh, leave me ALONE!! Jr. High Cheerleaders. The monster who ate Tokyo.8TH GRADE Class Officers: back row 1. to r. Fres. Paul Ramos, Sgt. at Arms Jim Ramos. V. Pres. Devin Correa; front row 1. to r. Sec. Amy Widman, Rep. Marie Yellowrobe. Treas. Mary Baggerly. Katherine Andrews Michelle Cook Bert Naugher You Betcha Artist at work. Bill Simmons 64Darin Burcham Mindy Davis Robin Bothum Missy Davis Devin Correa Tammy Snodgrass Kerry Thompson Amy Widman Debbie Gehrke Robin Shelly Marie Yellowrobe 657TH GRADE Class Officers 1. to r. V. Pres. Terry Branch, Sec. Amy Beacham, Rep. Angel Schuening, Treas. Cheryl Shelley, Pres. Joe Saylor Amy Beacham Lisa Berry Tyler Bloom Terry Branch 55 Shakespeare eat your heart out. Who is that masked man? Hi there.Edward Martinez Tony Price Joe Saylor Angel Schuening Kevin Shaughnessy 67This years Football team did fairly well during their season and their coach was quite pleased with them. They had a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. went through the whole season undefeated. Miss I ee said that she was proud of all of her players. B A S K E T B A L L H I G H Boys Basketball had a lot of young players this year and they ended up with more losses than wins. Their record was 4 wins and 10 losses. Better Luck next year guys. s p o R T S Miss Lee was proud of her Basketball team also. They walked away with a 15 wins and 12 losses record. B A S E B A L L 68 NO RECORD AVAILABLE NO RECORD AVAILABLESIXTH GRADE Front row (left to right), Ronald West, Brian Simmons, Tim Snodgrass, Dan McCarty, Middle row (left to right), Denene Baker, Becky Walston, Jon Dodds, David Hixson, Julie Clarke, Tracy Miltenberger, Patrica Gaede, Back row (left to right), Rosa Elva Madrigal, Delbert Gehrke, Bill Rolfe, Mathew Wood. Mark Montgomery, Scott Davis, Brian Bell, Kathi Thompson, Teacher: Mr. Clarke, Not Pictured (Raquel Gonzalez, John O’Kane). FIFTH GRADE Front row (left to right), Tony Nordquist, Brandon Findley, Todd Brown, Middle row (left to right), Tina Gaede, Jim Shelley, Amy Shultz, Heather Hartsook, Kristin Wood, Delta Martinez, Back row (left to right), William Young, Mathew McConkey, Betsy Schuening, Lisa Cady, Sara Andrews, Brenda O’Kane, Teacher: Mrs. Phillips, Not Pictured (Tracy Bursell, Brett Wegner). 69FOURTH GRADE Front row (left to right), Karzetta Sisco, Nancy Alford, Sandra Perkins, Tara Aiken, Jessica Shaugh-nessy, Tess Beacham. Back row (left to right), Joe Lawrence, Kevin Brock, Clay Wegner. Theresa Berry, Nichole Case, Cheryl Bloom. Lee Daniels, Troy Simmons, Daniel McConkey. Not Pictured (Marta Harvill). Teacher: Mr. Enright. THIRD GRADE Front row (left to right). Myha Cambell, Erik Rogers, Joseph Hixson. Middle row (left to right). Suzanne McCarty, Andi Wilson, Christa Brown, Michelle Norton. Back row (left to right), Bobby Findley. Lorena Navarette,Shanna Fullerton. Don Culp. Not Pictured (Monica Faro). Teacher: Mrs. Ray.FIRST GRADE (Left to right). Teacher: Mrs. Fenton, Malia Brown, Bradly Miltenberger, Sean Aiken, Stash Cambell, Jeromy Meyers, Sally Schultz, Bobby Culp, Not Pictured, (Sam Potter). SECOND GRADE Front row (left to right), Derra Piel, Dean West, Brandi Botherton, Paul Wilson, Jimmie Bevan, Travis Simmons, Demetrius Granados, Back row (left to right), Shelley Kmert, Dani Hayden, David Martinez, Maria Madrigal, Brian Greer, Steven Nelson, Mark James. Not Pictured, (Molly Hardiman), Teacher: Mrs. Hampton.KINDERGARTEN Standing: Mrs. Rollins, Paula Bell, Michael Moreno, Tony Bursell, Jorge Martinez, Jeremy O’Kane. Sitting: John Kestler, Curt Bevan, Bobby Dodds, Danny Perkins, Seth Roberts. Kneeling: Erica McConkey, Blanca Madrigal, Steve Sather. KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION I i I :BACCALAUREATE Martin Martini and Rhonda Thompson ( arrit Day and Justin Harvey Rion Brown and Sherry Hesterlee Dean Gehrke and Dena Storz Todd Holeman and Roh Klkins David Iverson SR. BREAKFAST ° GRADUATION The GRADUATING CLASS OF 1982: back row I to r; Gary Brown, Janet Lilly, Dean Gehrke, Dena Storz, Rion Brown, Sherry Hesterlee. Rob Klkins, Todd Holeman, front row I to r; Justin Harvey, Cindi Ruth, Martin Martinez, Rhonda Thompson, David Iverson, Dee Iverson, Carrie Day. CLASS MOTTO: “Success is getting up one more time than you fall.” CLASS FLOWERS: Blue tipped carnation with a yellow rose. CLASS COLORS: Blue, Gold, and White. Valedictorian Carrie Day Salutatorian Rhonda ThompsonADVERTISERS We would like to thank the following advertisers for their generous donations. Without them this annual would not be possible. Almost New Shop Bob Hale Bob’s O.K. Burns Mortuary Butter Creek Equip. Carol Edgerton City of Echo Class of 1982 Cochran’s Dairy Queen Day’s Desert Lanes Dr. Early Dunning Ray of Ore. Eagle Ranch East Oregonian Echo Cafe Echo Tavern Edna’s Game Room Freddies Girl Next Door Greenhorn Harley Swain Hatfields Harris Pine Hermiston Herald Holly’s Huston Meat Co. Inland Empire Jack Correa Jim’s Barbershop Jessie Ashbeck Kaye McAtee Markle McDonalds Mode O’ Day Moore Ripley Oregon Trail Ranch Pay less Pend. Bottling Powers Grocery Rich Cason Rohrman Ford R.S. Electric Schrooth Seifers Shopeteria Stage Gulch Ranch Stanfield Drug Stanfield Hardware Steves Empire Taco Time Ver Baere Verle Bechtel Walchli’s Watson’s Jewelery West’s Flying Service Williams 1870 Woods Western World Zigmans’ Flowers

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