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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1981 volume:

COUGARS 1980-81 Andrea Jones EDITOR Rhana Hixson BUSINESS EDITOR John Harsh LAYOUT EDITOR Janet Lilly COPY EDITOR ANNUAL ADVISOR: Miss RobsonTHEME The Sun rises ... The beginning day of school The sun at Zenith ... The beginning of High School The sun sets ... Graduation day 2DEDICATION niimi nib r,i This Annual is dedicated to all of you out there who are the invisible supporters of Echo High School. This Annual is dedicated to all the parents, boardmembers, and teachers. To the cake bakers, the chauffeurs, and the trees of money. To the spd spectators who sat through enumerous, yet exciting games- The tick buyers, those people for the new school, and those special people throughout all the years have supported and believed that Echo could lj ' eep and maintain a school with a good and lasting reputation. This Annual is dedicated to you: the Public — with love. I | II iiia illl II JTEACHERS Miss Edgerton Miss Lee Mr. Moody Mr. Noble Mr. Perry Mr. Pomeroy Miss Robson 1 9 8 0 1 9 8 1 Mr. Weimer 4 Mrs. DrtinaSCHOOL BOARD L. to R.: Lanny West, Jean Day, Dick Snow, Kay McAtee, Glen Rohde, John Ramos, Leon Reese. 5Head Custodian: Llyod Roberts Custodian: Sharon Lilly ? Custodian: Roy Abrahams Cooks: Lana Dodds, Mary Widman, Vicki Fox Burl Wattenburger Office Aide: Dianne Faro Resource Room: Carol Ramos Resource Room: Rlaine Ramos 6STUDENT COUNCIL Back row: Bink Ramos, Shane Correa, Rob McAtee, Bruce Bechtel, Gary West, Yvonne Williams. Middle row: Dena Storz, Teresa Correa, Janet Lilly, Sherry Hesterlee, Jan Ramos, Launa Cook, Carrie Day, Melany Hixson. Front row: Sonia Snow, Marie Yellowrobe, Patsy Seifer, Mindy Davis, Stacey Snow. Not pictured: Rich W’idman. 7 Officers: left to right: President; Joe Ramos, Treasurer; Bruce Bechtel, Vice- President; Carrie Day, Representative; Launa Cook, Secretary; Stacey Snow, Sgt.-at-Arms; Rob McAtee.SENIORS Class Flower: Red Rose Class Colors: Blue Gold. Class Motto: Today we’re pushing clouds, tomorrow we’ll try mountains. Anja Gammelin Laima Cook Tony Correa 8 John Harsh Rhana HixsonRhana Hixson R0b McAtee 10 NOT PICTURED: John Harsh and Dean Olson.Class ClownCANDIDS 4 “Muscle Man” . . make that woman! Is the game that boring Dena? “Whew”, moving chairs is hard work! Is that Rich or Orphan Annie? Andy actually studying? 12What are you doing??? An unforgettable Day!! Justin didn’t clean his tray. Try it. 13 Anja at her best.15 From L to R Jamie Harvey, Bruce Bechtel, Shannon Ruth, Brian Hatley, Dena Store, John Harsh, Stacey Snow, Joe Ramos, Launa Cook, Tony Correa, Jan Ramos, Rob McAtee.JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: L to R, Sgt.-at-Arms Justin Harvey, Sec. Janet Lilly, Rep. Sherry Hesterlee, Pres. Dena Storz, Vice-Pres. Carrie Day, Treas. Rhonda Thompson. NOT PICTURED Todd Holeman Gary Brown Rion Brown Carrie Day Rob Elkins Dean Gehrke Justin Harvey Sherry Hesterlee 161980-81 “I’ll change my own diaper mom!” 17 Todd Patterson Dena Storz Rhonda Thompson18 Will it ever be done on time?PROM 1981 Prom Court.SOPHOMORES ('lass Officers; l eft to Right, Cindi Walston, Tres.-Arleta Reese. V. Pres.-Shane Correa. President-Rich Widman. Rep.-JoAnna Lilly, Tres. Brian Hatley Bob Hatley Melany Hixson 20 Practicing for her future profession Shannon Ruth Cindi WalstonBruce Betchel Teresa Correa Shannon looks enthused Wayne needs a haircut! Wayne Jones JoAnna Lilly Arleta Reese Rich W’idman I know I have sexy legs 21SWEET- HEART DANCE 22LOST IN LOVE 23 Queen: Cindi Walston, escort. Bob Hatley. Princess’s:Vicky Walston, escort, Brian Hatley. Stacey Snow, escort, Larwrence Pedro.FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: arms: David McCarty, Secretary: Andy Saylor, President: Bink Ramos, Vice-Pres.: Pat Siefer, Representative: Gary West. Dee Dee Jones David Lilly Mark Enright Kim Hanson Bobby Dempsey Carol Baggerly Jessica Ballard Tressi Burcbam Tia Cady 2425SADIE HAWKINS Where is your swim-suit Jamie? “I moved all of this straw!” I’m Dee-Dee Travolta.” 26SPIRIT WEEK Our Student Council members are “kiddies” at heart. “Here Sherry, we’ll share your tie! She plays for Dallas! Below: Rob from Ob! 27SPORTSSCOREBOARD 1 Basketball (Boys) League: Echo 80-34 Umapine Echo 67-52 Wheeler Echo 49-59 Helix Echo 80-62 Cascade Locks Echo 65-67 lone Echo 74-84 Arlington Echo 66-43 Umapine Echo 49-46 Helix Echo 58-72 Condon Echo 50-59 lone Echo 51-74 Arlington Echo 58-47 Dufur Volleyball Opponent Match Winners Stanfield Echo Umapine Echo ; Helix Echo Weston-McEwen Echo Pilot Rock Echo Umatilla Echo Riverside Echo Stanfield Echo Umapine Echo Helix Echo Weston-McEwen Echo Pilot Rock Echo Umatilla Echo Riverside Echo East Sub-District Echo 1st District Echo 1st 1 State Quarter Finals Enterprise Track Dean Gerhke 300 hurdles, 400 m dash Rich Widman Discus, Shotput Pat Seifer 400 m, 200 m dash, shotput Arleta Reese 200 m dash, 400 m Carrie Day Discus, Javelin Launa Cook Javelin, Sixth at State in Discus, and STATE CHAMPION in the shotput with a put of 38 feet. Football Echo 8-24 Powder Valley Echo 32-38 Dufur Echo 14-34 Condon Echo 32-6 Cascade Locks Echo 46-0 Wheeler Echo 22-62 Arlington Echo 42-72 lone Baseball Echo vs. Pilot Rock Echo vs. Umatilla Echo V8. Umatilla Echo vs. Riverside Echo vs. Weston-McEwen Echo vs. Weston-McEwen Echo vs. Stanfield Echo VS. Pilot Rock Echo vs. Pilot Rock Echo vs. Umatilla Echo vs. Riverside j Echo vs. Riverside Echo vs. Weston-McEwen Echo vs. Stanfield Echo vs. Stanfield Denotes wins ] Basketball (Girls) League: Echo 37-26 Wheeler Echo 35-40 Helix Echo 76-24 Cascade Locks Echo 51-32 lone Echo 37-29 Arlington Echo 30-28 Helix Echo 36-24 Condon Echo 48-26 lone Echo 36-32 Arlington Echo 41-38 Dufur District: Echo 46-27 Dufur Echo 43-34 Condon State: Echo 49-43 Elkton Echo 40-33 North Powder STATE “B” CHAMPIONS!!!! Tennis David Lilly 2nd Singles Bruce Bechtel 3rdSingles Teresa Correa 2nd Singles Anja Gammelin 3rd Singles Martin Martinez placed 3rd at District. 1st 1 Singles 1 Janet Lilly qualified for the State I Tournament by placing 2nd at District. 1st 1 Singles  John Harsh Tony Correa 30 Front L to R: Dick Baker, Martin Martinez, Andy Saylor, David McCarty, Bruce Bectchel, Bink Ramos, John Harsh, Mark Enright Back Row L to R: Brian Hatley, Rob McAtee, Shane Correa, Gary Brown, Joe Ramos, Pat Siefer, Rich Widman, Coaches: Mr. Noble, Mr. Clarke Dog pile! POW! Should I, or shouldn’t I? The chase is on!Front: Carrie Day, Tia Cady, Jamie Harvey, Jan Ramos, Back: Shannon Ruth, Carol Bag-gerky, Janet Lilly, Stacey Snow, Launa Cook, Coach: Debbie HawkinsFront: Tia Cady, Dee Dee Jones, Teresa Correa, Cindy Walston, Back: Carol Baggerly, Vicky Walston, Jo Anna Lilly, Shannon Ruth Coach: Debbie HawkinsVARSITY CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Teresa Correa, Jamie Harvey, JoAnna Lilly, Sherry Hesterlee, Janet Lilly, Stacey Snow. Cougar: Jamie Harvey, Teresa Correa Cougar fans get ROW DIE!!!!! BOTTOM TO TOP: Janet Lilly, JoAnna Lilly, Sherry Hesterlee. Head: Stacey Snow It must have been an exciting game. 34 You Gotta Get On Down.J.V. CHEERLEADERS Drill Team Members: Front to back: Me-lany Hixson, Anja Gammelin, Tia Cady, Carol Baggerly, Teresa Correa, Rhonda Thompson, JoAnna Lilly, Sherry Hester-lee, Janet Lilly, Not Pictured: Stacey Snow, Jamie Harvey, and Margaret Saylor. 35SWISH! Shane shoots for two! VARSITY 36 Watch Fat stuff it! EVERYONE moves out of Brett’s way! BOYS Varsity: left to right: Bink Ramos, Boh Hatley, Justin Harvey, Bruce Bechtel, Rob McAtee, Joe Ramos, Pat Seifer, Shane Correa, Brett Conner, Andy Saylor, Dick Baker. Front: Head Coach: Mr. Stockard, Asst. Coach: Mr. Clark.BASKETBALL J.V.: left to right: Coach: Mr. Clark, I)ick Baker, Mark Enright, David Lilly, Brian Hatley, John Harsh, Bob Hatley. . , , . , , . David gets down on defense! Rich hits em with his best shot! j.v. 37 Dean attempts a foulshot. The J.V. really HUSTLE!GIRLS BASKETBALL Easy does it I)r. Days fancy moves Laima Rebound Cook Final seconds Get that rebound We’re 1!L to R: Coach Debbie Hawkins, Carrie Day, Launa Cook, Arleta Reese, Janet Lilly, Dena Storz, Stacey Snow. Jan Ramos, Front Row: Tia Cady, Jamie Harvey, Tressi Burcham, Tereasa Correa. “Get out of my way!” STATE CHAMPS 39Back Row-Mr. Hartman, Rich Widman, Pat Seifer, Dean Gehrke. Front Row-Arleta Reese, Carrie Day, Launa Cook. Arleta shows her strength. Pat pours on power for the shot pu. Launa catches a mini-flying saucer. Track team on R and R. 40I Hob Elkins goes for the hurdle. pSenior Joe Kamos Home Run” From L to R: Coach Clarke, John Harsh, Bruce Bechtel, Brett Conner, Shane Correa, Joe Ramos, Pat Seifer, Andy Saylor, Mark Enright, Gary Brown, Rob McAtee, Bink Ramos, Dick Baker, Jesse Fife, Justin Harvey, Stats: Jan Ramos Batboy: Jon Dodds. Senior Rob McAtee Jesse waits for the ball. ‘‘Go get’em 42Justin flies into third base. You can’t catch me Don’t duck just hit the ball! The pitcher pitches Don’t swing before the ball leaves the pitchers hand! “Come on guys, throw the ball to me.” 43Standing-Anja (iammelin, Bruce Bechtel, Martin Martinez, David Lilly. Sitting-Janet Lilly, Teresa CorreaCoach Hall: Tennis. Coach Lee: Jr. High Track, Jr. High Girl’s Basketball and Volleyball. Coach Noble: High School Football. Coach Enright: Jr. High Football and Jr. High Baseball. Coach Clark: J.V. Basketball, Asst. Var Coach Hawkins: H.S. Volleyball, and sity basketball, and H.S. Baseball. H.S. Girl’s Basketball. Coach Stocker: Varsity Basketball. COACHES PAGE Coach Hartman: Jr. High Boy’s Basketball, and H.S. Track. 45EXIT Top-Andi Jones, Middle-Jan Kamos, Sherry Hesterlee, Bottom-John Harsh, Dean Olson, Todd Holeman. A N N U A L Top-John Harsh, Rob Elkins, Dean Gehrke. Hob McAtee (Bobert), Second Row-Wayne Jones, Janet Lilly, Todd Holeman, Khana Hixson, Melany Hixson, JoAnna Lilly, Bottom Row-Dena Storz, Carrie Day, Andi Jones, Sherry Hesterlee, Shannon Ruth, Gary Brown.CHOIR L. to H. Mr. Perry. Peter Montgomery. Carol Gaggerly. Meiany Hixson. Shannon Ruth. Not Shown Yvonne Williams. BAND Standing: Mr. Perry. Carol Baggeriy. Rhana Hixson, Rion Brown, Cindi Walston. Rich Widman. Meiany Hixson. Bruce Bechtel. Teresa Correa. Arleta Reese. Carrie Day. Launa Cook. Kneeling: Peter Montgomery. Lupe Martinez. Lori Beacham. Connie Baker. Patsy Seifer. Sonia Snow. Alena Brown. Sitting: Katherine Andrew's. Mary Baggeriy. Missy Davis. Robin Shelly. Not Shown Dan Elkins. 46Back Row L to R: JoAnna Lilly, Crystal Sisler, Rhonda Thompson, Sherry Hesterlee, Janet Lilly, David Lilly, Dena Store, Carol Baggerly, Fred Widman, Sonia Snow. Jan Ramos, and Stacey Snow. Middle Row L to R: Carrie Day, Anja Gammelin, Missy Davis, Mindy Davis, Michelle Cook, Debbie Gehrke. Robin Shelly, Robin Bothom, Amy Widman, and Teresa Correa. Front Row L to R: Marie Yellow robe, Tresi Burcham, Jim Ramos, Tia Cady, and Connie Baker, Not pictured: Advisors Lana Dodds and Diane Faro PEP CLUB Our off duty pep club! Pep Club congratulates Girls State Basketball Champs! Cougars, Cougars, Go Go Go .HONOR SOCIETY Top row-Bruce Bechtel, Arleta Reese, Sherry Hesterlee, Janet Lilly, Rhonda Thompson, Carrie Day. Seated-Jan Ramos, Andi Jones, Rhana Hixson. COMPUTER CLUB 50 Top row-Peter Montgomery, Rich Widman, Mr. Hartman, Dena Storz, Martin Martinez, Gary Brown. Bottom Row-Rhana Hixson, Dawn Harvill, Jerry Lepez, Patti Lilly, Gary West, Rhonda Thompson.DRAMA Bink the hit man. The detectives discuss a new angle. 51 We’re as American as Sarah-I ee.THE BEST OF TIMES 52JR. HIGHSENIOR BREAKFAST BACCALAUREATE The Seniors enjoy their reception. The proud parents.AWARDS NIGHT Auf Wiedersehn Anja. Launa Cook is awarded OUTSTANDING ATHLETE!!! The Girls Basketball team remembers the past year. The Cheerleaders for 1981-82. Rob McAtee is awarded BEST DEFENSE!!! The Track team get their awards.GRADUATION Justin and Carrie lead the Seniors in. Tony Correa and Launa Cook. Rob McAtee and Jan Ramos. CLASS OF 1981 S8 Rhana Hixson. Joe Ramos and Stacey Snow. Dean Olson and Andi Jones. John Harsh and Anja Gammelin.The candle is passed down. TODAY WE ARE PUSHING CLOUDS, TOMORROW WE’LL TRY MOUNTAINS Twelve Years Together: Rob McAtee, Jan Ramos. Dean Olson, Stacey Snow, Tony Correa. 59Connie Baker 8th grade class officers; Pres. Patsy Seifer, V. Pres. Donald Miltenberger, Sec. Connie Baker, Sgt. at Arms Fred Widman, Rep. Sonia Snow Lorri Beacham Alena Brown Patricia Lilly 60 Heriberto Lepez8TH GRADE Peter Montgomery Donald Miltenburger Scott McAtee Sonia Snow Looks like Sonia is finally growing up. Fred Widman 61 7TH GRADE Jodi Cady Michelle Cook Mindy Davis Kevin Bursell 62Debbie Gehrke Bert Naugher Stacey Nordquist Jim Ramos Raul Ramos Robin Shelly Billy Simmons Karry Thompson Marie Yellowrobe Amy Widman CLASS OFFICERS: From Left; Jodi Cady; Marie Yellowrobe; Mindy Davis; Karry Thompson; Mary Baggerly; Paul Ramos. 636TH GRADE Front Row L. to R.: Traci Gaede, Terry Branch. Middle Row I,, to R.: Teresa Cady, Amy Beacham, Cheryl Shelley, Angel Schuening, Julie Brock, Frank Castellanos. Back Row L. to R.: Edward Martinez, Joe Saylor, Lisa Berry, Teresa Brown, Tony Lepez. Mr. Clarke.4TH AND 5TH GRADE Front Row L. to R.: Delta Martinez, Tony Nordquist, Jim Shelley, Middle Row L. to R.: Sherry Friesen, Tracy Bursell, Lisa Cady, Bitsy Schuening, Sara Andrews, Kristin Wood. Back Row L. to R.: Brett Wegner, Jose Lepez, Bill Young, Raquel Gonzalez, Todd Brown, Heather Hartsook, Mr. Enright. Front Row L. to R.: Ronnie West, Brian Semmons, Nino Castellanos, Tim Snodgrass, Dan McCarty. Middle Row L. to R.: Brennas Moody, Kathi Thompson, Melissa Fife, Tracy Milterberger, Becky Walston, Mollie Bothum, Denene Baker, Scott Davis. Delbert Gehrke, David Hixson, Matt Wodd, Brian Bell, Jon Dodds. Mark Montgomery, Bill Rolfe, Tom Elkins, Mrs. Phillips. 65KINDERGARTEN AND 1ST GRADE Front Row L. to R.: Sam Potter, Seth Roberts, Malia Brown, Sean Aiken, Bobby Culp. Back Row L. to R.: Mrs. Rollins, Travis Ash, Stash Campbell, Brad Miltenberger. Front Row L. to R.: Dean West, Dallas Osborne, Paul Wilson Middle Row L. to R.: Mark James. Shelley Emert, Derra Piel.Staci O’Brian, Lana Tolman, Travis Simmons. Back Row L. to R.: Demetrius Granados, Jimmie Beavens, Brian Greer, Eric Gaede. David Martinez, Joe Navarro, Mrs. Fenton.2ND GRADE AND 3RD GRADE Front Row L. to R.: Don Culp, Suzanne McCarty, Monica Faro, Shanna Fullerton, Michele Norton, Erik Rogers, Back Row L. to R.: Arnaldo Lepez, April Kauppila, Meha Campbell, Joe Hixson, Steve Nelson, Andi Wilson, Mrs. Hampton. Front Row L. to R.: Kevin Brock, Joe Culp, Row Sitting L. to R.: Josh Morales, Tess Beacham. Juana Lepez, Kristi O’Brian, Christa Brown, Marta Harvill. Back Row L. to R.: Cruz Castellanos, Clay Wegner, Teresa Berry, Nicki Vandecar, Tara Aiken, Troy Simmons, Mrs. Ray and Dena Storz.Advertisements Cliff Williams West Flying Service Widmans Rich Cason Williams 1870 P.G.G. Flower Shack Standfeild Hardware Quarterback Club Shopeteria The Day Family Holly’s Shoes Power’s Grocery Ver Baere Hatfields Stanfield Drug Columbia River Pant Co. Mode O Day McDonalds Inland Empire Paulines Laughlin’s Napa Echo Tavern The Bechtels Watsons Jewelry Dairy Queen Frank Correa Wilcox Furn. City of Echo Turn a Lum Girl Next Door T-Shirts Echo Merc. Jack and Jean Correa Kaye McAtee The Reese Family

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