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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1974 volume:

Cougar “74” What is past, I know What is for to come, I know not...Superintendent Each year at this time we look back over the past school year to relive our victories and defeats in activities, the successes and failures in class work and the happy associations with our classmates. The school year of 1973-74 will long be remembered for our victories in Football, Basketball, Track, and girls Track. Echo was second in Big Sky Football, Champions of Big Sky in Basketball, and second in the State fBf tournament. The girls were Big Sky Champions in Track and the Tennis Team lost only 2 dual meets. It is my sincere wish that all the Seniors who will leave Echo School go on winning throughout their lives. Thomas Chapman Superintendent Faculty Mrs. Kathryn Wood English Mr. Terry Harrison Business Commercial Mrs. Florence Zander Librarian Mrs. Ellen Drtina Home Economics Mrs. Helen Watson Art Mr. Gordon Proctor Science Mr. Rich Cason P. E. Driver's Ed. Miss Deniece Matthews History Math Genevieve Sprute Spanish 3Faculty Mr. Art Watson Basic Math Mrs. Dorothy Graham Secretary Mrs. Marlene Trottier Asst. Librarian i Miss Ethel Lee P. E., Sociology Staff Mrs. Evelyn Lilly Head Cook Glen Cochran Custodian Mrs. Clarice Smoot Band Mrs. Meredith Boyer Asst. Cook Harold Zander CustodianEditorial Page Front row: Norma Campbell, Phil Bondurant, Karen Meyers, Jo Lynn Lilly; Back row: Georgia Seifcr, Wayne Ottum, Scott Madison, Ed Fisher, Jane Simpson, and Cindy Power. In looking through the 1973-74 annual I hope that you see the past year’s events as accurately as you remember them. I know that the annual staff and I do. Many thanks to Karen Meyers, my assistant editor. Karen's consistant work never failed me. Also, thanks to the annual staff, for their diligent work, Mrs. Wood for her help and the advice she gave throughout the year. I would like to give special kudos to Mrs. Nellie Madison, who donated valuable pictures which greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the annual. I would also like to thank Mr. Terry Harrison for the pictures he took at basketball games. Thank you, Editor 5Awards Charles Berry Top Junior High Athlete Jeff Spike - Top All Around Athlete Verlen Bromell - Top Track Field Event Most Improved Musician - Jolynn Lilly Most Valuable Musicians Phil Bondurant, Mike Browning Toni Martin - Journalism Award Sherman Reese, Denise Snow - Drama Award Wayne Ottum - All Conference Back Mark Bowman - All Conference End Curtis Sampson - All Conference Lineman Top Scholars Sherman Reese Phil Bondurant Terri Fisher Jane Simpson (not pictured) Mark Bowman, Jeff Spike - All State Team Joe Correa - Second All State TeamThe mind is restless, turbulent, strong and unyielding, as difficult to subdue as the wind. —Bhagavad GitaRichard James Baggerly Dean Mark Bowman Sharon Lynn Bailey Love of learning is the key to knowledge Phillip Dewayne Bondurant Joseph Edward Correa Michael Glenn BrowningToni Jo Martin Teresa Marie Fisher Today is the stepping stone for tomorrow Pamela Lee McAtee Lisa Lee Hatley Gregory Allen McCordWayne Hobart Ottum Karen Sue Meyers Cynthia Marie Power Loretta Mae Schultze Sherman J. Reese Curtis Allan SampsonMary Jane Simpson Jeffry Carl Spike Another book was opened, which is the book of life Pres. Sherman Reese, V.P. Mike Browning, Sec. Denise Snow, Treas. Terri Fisher, Sgt. at Arms Joe Correa, Representative Jeff Spike.Are These The Seniors?Those Crazy Seniors 12 Years Together 14It is not enough to know, we must also apply; It is not enough to will, we must also do — Goethe JuniorsJuniors Carol Berry Verlin Bromel] John Cohn Darla Cook Cheryl Dalebou Bobby Dick Bruce Garcia Jonnie Haines Jackie Hale Patty Dumler Tyra Hayden Judy Hoffnagle Jo Lynn Lilly Scott Madison Wade Michols Junior Class Officers: Pres. Scott Madison, V. Pres. Jackie Hale, Sec. Jo Lynn Lilly, Treas. Norma Campbell, Sgt. at Arms Bobby Dick, Rep. Wade Nichols. Ernie Seifer Crystal Sever- Mike Dick Norma Campb! 16 Not pictured: Becky Collier Cathy Harju18And let your best be for your friend. If he must know the ebb of your tide let him know its flood also. For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live. — The ProphetSophomores Kathy Baggerly Brad Collier Dave Correa Eddie Fisher Curtis Harju Mark Hayden Debra Lilly Kathy Power Garth Price Sunnie Roberts Georgia Seifer David Watson Sophomore class officers: Pres. Brad Collier, V. Pres. Eddie Fisher, Sec. Georgia Seifer, Treas. Patty Watson, Sgt. at Arms Curtis Harju, Rep. Kathy Power.Freshmen James Alley Bonnie Berry Frances Bromell Debbie Garcia Becky Getchell Jimmy Haines Ricky Hale Mike Martin Nita Nichols Ed Pedro Natalie Rohde Not pictured: Sandy Sampson Rich Snow Freshman class officers: Pres. Ricky Hale, V. Pres. Rich Snow, Sec. Becky Getchell, Treas. Nita Nichols, Sgt. at Arms Mike Martin, Rep. Bonnie Berry. 2122Winning is not everything. And it is far better to play the game squarely and lose than to win at the sacrifice of an ideal. — Andrew Latham Smith AthleticsFootball Front row: Jim Baggcrly, Jim Dillon, Mark Bowman, Joe Correa, Jeff Spike, Wayne Ottum, Mike Browning, Curt Sampson; second row: Jim Haines, Eddie Fisher, Rick Hale, John Cohn, Wade Nichols, Sherman Reese; back row: Coach Mr. Proctor, David Correa, Brad Collier, Rich Snow, Scott Madison, Assistant Coach Mr. Wolsbom. Seniors Front row: Wayne Ottum, Jim Dillon, Jeff Spike, Curtis Sampson; second row: Jim Baggerly, Joe Correa, Sherman Reese, Mark Bowman, Mike Browning.Big, Tough, and Rough ECHO 6 66 48 28 28 52 62 42 Huntington Cascade Locks lone Du fur Culver Stanfield Arlington Wheeler 25Varsity Basketball Front row: Curtis Sampson, Wayne Ottum, Jim Dillon, Verlin Bromell, Phil Bondurant. Second row: Mike Dick, Jeff Spike, Scott Madison, Joe Correa, Sherman Reese, Mark Bowman, Eddie Fisher, Jim Baggcrly, Coach Rich Cason. Junior Varsity Front row: Mike Martin, Rick Hale, Mark Hayden, Jim Haines, Verlin Bromell. Second row: Mike Dick, Ernie Seifer, Bill Sather, Eddie Fisher, Scott Madison, Rich Snow, John Cohn, Wade Nichols, Coach Tom Wolsborn.Invincible Cougars 27On To State LEAGUE GAMES Echo 72 lone 86 lone 85 Umapine 81 Umapine 61 Helix 83 Helix 85 lone 110 Umapine 89 Helix 98 Du fur 81 Culver 76 Imbler 50 Powers Overall record. 22 wins , 4 losses 47 47 47 59 60 73 53 66 59 80 Dist. 74 Dist. 70 State 60 State 28Baseball Front row: Mark Hayden, Curt Sampson, Wade Nichols, Jim Haines, Rick Hale; back row: Ernie Seifer, Wayne Ottum, Scott Madison, Jeff Spike, Rich Snow, Mark Bowman, Coach Terry Harrison. 29Girls’ Volleyball Volleyball A, Miss Lee, Georgia Scifer, Loretta Shultz, Norma Campbell, Carol Berry, Jackie Hale, Denise Snow, Cindy Powers, Pam McAtee, Lori Wilson, Natalie Rohde, Terri Fisher. Volleyball B, Miss Lee, Jolynn Lilly, Georgia Seifer, Debbie Lilly, Toni Martin, Kathy Powers, Crystal Severe, Cheryl Dalebout, Bonnie Berry, Nita Nichols, Patty Watson, Tyra Hayden.Girls’ Basketball Seated: Sandy Sampson, Nita Nichols, Bonnie Berry, Kathy Baggerly, Pam Me A tee, Lori Wilson; back row: Jonnic Haines, Natalie Rohde, Sharon Baily, Tyra Hayden, Georgia Seifer, Terri Fisher, Sunnie Roberts, Patty Dumler, Coach Miss Lee. 31Track Front row: Wade Nichols, Jeff Spike, David Watson, Rick Hale, Vcrlcn Bromell; back row: Coach Mr. Proctor, Curtis Sampson, Scott Madison, Ed Fisher, Rich Snow, Brad Collier, and Ed Pedro. 32Girls’ Track Front row: Carol Berry, Jo Lynn Lilly, Jackie Hale, Nita Nichols; Second row: Crystal Severe, Patty Watson, Bonnie Berry; Back row: Natalie Rhode, Toni Martin, Julie Horn, Sharon Baily, Coach Miss Lee. 33Tennis Left to right: Pam Me A tee, Becky Collier, Karen Meyers, Toni Martin, Coach Miss Lee, Natalie Rohde, Nita Nichols. Left to right: Verlen Bromell, Wade Nichols, Brad Collier, Curt Sampson, John Cohn, Coach Miss Lee, Phil Bondurant,Tennis BOYS’ SINGLES First - Phil Bondurant Second - Verlen Bromell BOYS’ DOUBLES First - John Cohn and Brad Collier Second - Mark Bowman and Curt Sampson GIRLS' SINGLES First - Becky Collier Second - Toni Martin GIRLS' DOUBLES First - Karen Meyers and Pam McAtee Second - Nita Nichols and Natalie Rhode 35Cheerleaders Ix»ft to right: Jackie Hale, Cindy Power, Terri Fisher, Denise Snow. J.V. Cheerleaders 36 Left to right: Natalie Rohde, Nita Nichols, Kathy Power.I've never been able to make it as a group. I have a hard time making my mind and when I get all together I seem to go all to pieces. I'd like to gather myself together and talk about it but I keep walking out in single file Maybe I'm just doomed to split up and go my way. — John HartfordStudent Government v t n ■mt -— v.» j fei ' Asi Left to right: Cindy Power Sec., Brad Collier Sgt. at Arms, Scott Madison V. P., Jane Simpson Pres., Carol BerryTreas. 38National Honor Society Left to right: Terri Fisher, Norma Campbell, Sherman Reese, Becky Collier, Phil Bondurant, Carol Berry, Jo Lynn Lilly. Cougar Tracks Staff New Honor Society Members Front to back: Toni Martin, Jane Simpson, Wayne Ottum, Jeff Spike, Scott Madison, Denise Snow, Eddie Fisher. Front row: Ernie Seifer, Toni Martin; back row: Jane Simpson, Georgia Seifer, Darla Cook.Band Center row left to right: Toni Martin, Debbie Lilly, Lorilee Cook, Darla Cook, Mary Pedro; Second row: Mike Browning, Richard Alford, Terri Fisher, Marvin Seifer, Cathy Carlson, Chris Ramos, Darren Cook, Sandy Sampson, Gordon Hoffnagle, Sunnie Roberts, Darla Power, Norma Campbell, Jo Lynn Lilly; Back row: Mrs. Smoot, David Bondurant, Mike Holland, Mike Martin, Jackie Hale, Rick Hale, Scott Madison, Denise Snow, Lisa Snow, Betsy Reese, Natalie Rohde, Donald Sampson, Nita Nichols, Phil Bondurant. Pep Band Front Row: Mrs. Smoot, Pam McAtee, Mike Browning, Toni Martin, Rick Hale, Mike Martin, Nita Nichols, Natalie Rohde; second row: Loretta Schultze, Marvin Seifer, Gordon Hoffnagle, Mike Holland, Donald Sampson, Debbie Lilly, Lorilee Cook, Norma Campbell, Jo Lynn Lilly; back row: Richard Alford, David Bondurant, Cathy Carlson, Lisa Snow, Chris Ramos, Betsy Reese, Darla Power, Judy Browning. 40Band In The Round 41Girls’ Athletic Association Front row: Cindy Power, Denise Snow, Kathv Power, Carol Berry; Second row: Toni Martin, Debbie Lilly, Crystal Severe, Cheryl Dalebout, Norma Campbell, Jackie Hale, Tyra Hayden; Third row: Natalie Rhode, Bonnie Berry, Nita Nichols, Patty Watson, Georgia Seifer, Jo Lynn Lilly, Beck)’ Collier, Lori Wilson; Fourth row: Miss Lee, Loretta Schultze, Judy Hoffnagle, Patty Dumler, Jonnie Haines, Kathy Baggerly; Back row: Sharon Baily, Pam McAtee, Terri Fisher, Karen Meyers. 42Lettermen’s Club Front row: Jeff Spike, Jim Baggerly, Joe Correa, Jim Dillon, Curt Sampson, Greg McCoard, Mark Bowman; Second row: John Cohn, Brad Collier, Wade Nichols, Phil Bondurant, Mark Hayden, Wayne Ottum; Back row: David Correa, Ed Fisher, Mike Dick, Scott Madison, Sherman Reese, and Mike Browning. 43Dances Homecoming Princesses Lori Wilson, Nita Nichols, ieen Terri Fisher, Princesses Denise Snow, and Jo Lynn Lilly. Sadie Hawkin’s 44 Sweetheart Princesses Carol Berry, Patty Watson, Queen Denise Snow, and Princess Bonnie Berry. Escorts are Scott Madison, Bill Brandt, Randy Stevens, Phil Bondurant.Prom Princess Pam McAtee, Escort Mike Browning, Princess Karen Meyers, Escort Jon Roberts, Princess Sharon Bailey, Escort Mark Bowman, C ieen Toni Martin, Escort Bobby Dick.Spring Plays The cast: Ed Fisher, Becky Collier, Crystal Severe, Verlen Bromell, Toni Martin, Georgia Seifer, Carol Berry, Debie Lilly, Sunnie Roberts, John Cohn, Wayne Ottum, Norma Campbell, Denise Snow, Scott Madison, Sherman Reese, Terri Fisher, Karen Meyers. P.T.A. plays The cast: Sharon Baily, Mark Bowman, Jim Baggerly, Terri Fisher, Karen Meyers, Sherman Reese, Denise Snow, Curtis Sampson.In Memory of Gerald L. McCord September 15, 1960 to January 14,1974 Who was a member of the eighth grade class. Dedicating this to him represents our small share in keeping his memory alive.First Grade Front row: Kevin Hubbard, Stacy Nordquist, Lori Beacham, Timmy Ottmar, Tony Anderson, Connie Baker, Jeff Longhorn; second row: Sonia Snow, Patty Lilly, Patsy Seifer, Jed Hummel, Miss Elrod. Kindergarten 48 Front row: Jim Ramos, Wally Blakely, Derek Stephens, Paul Ramos, Kathryn Andrews, Michele Cook, Heather Campbell, Mrs. Ogawa.Third Grade Front row: Dick Baker, Wayne Jones, Brian Hatley, Bob Hatley; second row: Tina Bowman, Teresa Blakely, Joellon Bondurant, Tammi Stephens, Debbie Wilson, Teresa Correa, Brenda Cook; back row: Chris Lake, Joanna Lilly, Arleta Reese, Dynnette Trottier, Mr. Wolsborn, Shannon Ruth, Danette Lickliter, Angela Hummell, Margaret Saylor, Melany Milliken. Second Grade Front row: Bink Ramos, Scott McAtee, Gary West, Mark Enright; second row: Dana Lickliter, Sara Bondurant, Stephenie Hubbard, Malinda Hawkins, Dee-Dee Jones, Debbie Dunham, Tia Cady; back row: Robin Rockwell, Jody Dalebout, David Lilly, Gina Fife, Pat Seifer, Mrs. Harrison, Carol Baggerly, David McCarty, Andy Saylor. 49Fifth Grade Front row: Dale McCoard, Kevin Fife, Tony Correa, Damon Horn, David Witherlte, Bill Hoffnagle, Robbie McAtec; second row: Valerie Thompson, Andrea Jones, Theresa Cook, Launa Cook, Mrs. Watson, Stacy Snow, Lisa Horn, Rhana Milliken, Jan Ramos. Fourth Grade 50 Front row: Kim Stephens, Hector Cano, David Bailey, Robert Garza, Todd Holeman, Mark Correa, Janet Lilly; back row: Jeff Sprute, Carrie Day, Mr. Enright, Susan Carlson, Rhonda Thompson, Trent Fife.Sixth Grade Front row: Tony Ashbeck, Laurence Pedro, Todd Rohde, Lonnie Ruth, Mike Bailey, Greg McAtee, Ted Harju, Eddie Longhorn, Joseph Bailey; Mrs. Sprute, Judy Browning, Jolenc Meadows, Lorri Olson. Junior High Cheerleaders Cindy Dillon, Darla Power, Lisa Snow, Chris Ramos Junior High Officers Charles Berry V. P., Kent Madison Pres., Lyle Nichols Sec., Wayne Hatley Treas., Donald Sampson Sgt. at Arms. 51Eighth Grade Front row: Greg Cook, Willie Cano, Wayne Hatley'; second row: Kent Madison, Charles Berry, Martin Seifer, Jeffrey Holland, Lance Horn, Gordon Hoffnagle, Jerry Ruth; back row: Lyle Nichols, Mr. Cason, Ix rilee Cook, Brenda Price, Darla Power, Betsy Reese, Lisa Snow, Darby Day, Richard Alford. Seventh Grade 52 Front row: Don Sampson, Darren Cook, Larry Holeman, Brett Rohde, Mike Holland, David Bondurant, Phil Severe; back row: Chris Ramos, Susie Power, Tracy Horn, Alvin Roberts, Kathy Carlson, Nancy Day, Rose Haines, Mr. Cason.Junior High Basketball Back row: Mike Holland, Wayne Hatley, Coach Tom Enright, Larry Holeman, Brett Rhode, Gordon Hoffnagle, Jeff Holland. Front row: Tony Ashbeck, Darren Cook, Greg Cook, Phillip Severe, Todd Rhode. Starting Five Donald Sampson, Coach Tom Enright, Lyle Nichols, Kent Madison, Charles Berry, Marvin Seifer.Junior High Football Front row: Lonnie Ruth, David Bondurant, Larry Holcman, Todd Rohde, Tony Ashbeck; second row: Mr. Enright, Gordon Hoffnagle, Charles Berry, Mike Holland, Donald Sampson, Brett Rohde; back row: Marvin Seifer, Wayne Hatley, Lyle Nichols, Kent Madison, Jeff Holland, Willie Cano, Greg Cook. Baseball Front row . Larry Holeman, Todd Rohde, Donald Sampson, Ted Harju, Mike Holland, Darren Cook; Back row: Coach Enright, Lyle Nichols, Kent Madison, Marvin Seifer, Jeff Holland, Charles Berry, and Brett Rohde.Junior High Boys’ Track Front row: Mike Holland, Wayne Hatley, Donald Sampson, Todd Rohde, Phil Severe, Darren Cook; Back row: Coach Proctor, Brett Rohde, Gordon Hoffnagle, Jeff Holland, Charles Berry, Alvin Roberts, Marvin Seifer, Kent Madison, Lyle Nichols. Girls’ Track Front row: Chris Ramos, Susie Power, Nancy Day, Cathy Carlson, Cathy Olsen; Second row: Jonita Morrison, Darby Day, Betsy Reese, Lisa Snow, Lorilec Cook, Coach Miss Lee.257 SOUTH MAIN STREET SMITTYfS PANCAKE HOUSE and RESTAURANT PANCAKES - STEAKS - CHICKEN SEAFOOD 180 N. BARNHART ROAD phone: 276-4831 PENDLETON THE DESIRE OF KNOWLEDGE , LIKE THE THIRST OF RICHES, INCREASES EVER WITH THE ACQUISITION OF IT, -STERNE Pendleton Grain Growers PfNDlfTON • HKRMSTOM • A TWIN A L. A. MOORE FURNITURE SUPER DISCOUNTS ON FURNITURE. FURNISHERS OF HOMES OREGON PENDLETON OREGON MOUNTAIN MACHINERY COMPANY AIRPORT ROAD PENDLETON. OREGON 97801 ALLIS CHALMERS, FREEMAN BALERS KIRSHMAN GRAIN DRILLS CHARLES HOEFT P.O. BOX 610 manager 503-276-6222 1475 N. 1st STARRETTS DECOR CENTER phone: 567-3121 HERMISTON OREGON 1000 N. FIRST HERMISTON OREGON COAST TO COAST 350 S. MAIN, PENDLETON HARDWARE, SPORTING GOODS, HOUSEWARES AND TOYSPENDLETON AUTO DEALERS ASSN. COMRIE OLDS CADILLAC EASTERN OREGON MOTORS ARROW CHEVROLET KEITH FARLEY CHRY-PLYM. INC. OYLEARHOWARD MOTORS WINTER MOTORS MARBRO DATSON JOE SMITH TOYOTA Sears RAMOS UNION 76 DUTCH RAMOS ECHO OREGON MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY 1100 SOUTHGATE, PENDLETON,OREGON PHONE 276-1531 SMI TTY'S everybody's favorite BURNHAM'S THE PLACE TO SHOP HERMISTON OREGON GOOD LUCK,GRADUATES FROM ECHO VARIETY STORE RUTH CARLSON, OWNER CARDS, SPORTING GOODS SUNDRIES 376-8113 OPEN 8a.M.-9p.M. 57TIRI DOCTORS Phone 567-6174 R-B's Firestone COMPLETE CAR CENTER ALIGNMENTS. BRAKES. TUNE-UPS Bob Rebman 2121 n. ist st. Ron White hermiston. Oregon MACHINERY CO. PENDLETON MUSIC HOUSE eastern Oregon's music center 112s. MAIN PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON OREGON WATSON S TEMPLE MOTOR HOTEL PENDLETON. OREGON 97801 HERM ISTOn's HEADQUARTERS FOR FINE JEWELRY AND WATCHES 138 E. MAIN BE OUR GUEST TRUE WESTERN HOSPITALITY Wide Scale of Rates from budget Plan to Luxury Rooms HERMISTON OREGON FARMORE SERVICE CENTER BOX 1307 AIRPORT ROAD phonei 276-3160 IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT SALES phone: 276-2020 PENDLETON OREGON WENDELL ■•WHITEY” M. WILLIS Phone 276-4611 manager HILLS FURNITURE AND MANUFACTURING CO. AIRPORT ROAD PENDLETON,OREGON COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS SEWING FABRICS-CUSTOM DRAPERIES 58Ijaynesj ■ business] ■machines 1 INC. 332 S. MAIN PENDLETON, OREGON PHONE 276-6441 FURNITURE TYPEWRITERS CALCULATORS CASH REGISTERS COPY MACHINES ADDING MACHINES DICTATING EQUIPMENT JERRY HAINES OWNER RICHARD WELLMAN OWNER - MANAGER c 106 s.e. 1st. PENDLETON OREGON phone: 276-2921 riNO COAST COAST TO COAST 2 18 E. MAIN HERMISTON, OREGON THE LINE SHACK SUNDAE PALACE AND RESTAURANT 344 S. MAIN STREET DOWNTOWN PENDLETON 276-0349 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. PENDLETON OREGON Th Sion MOORE RIPLEY DRUG, Inc. Prescription Druggists 131 MAIN STREET HERMISTON, OREGON 97838 £ £ftft HEVR0LET Safe - £ ioice SHERRELL CHEVROLET INC. 3rd and main PHIL SHERRELL RICH SHERRELL HERMISTON OREGON WILCOX FURNITURE HERMISTON OREGON 59BERG BROTHERS FEED, SEEDS, FERTILIZERS, HARDWARE IRRIGATION SYSTEMS, FARM MACHINERY 145 SOUTH FIRST PLACE phone 567-6432 MEADS THRIFTWAY HERM1STON OREGON HOME OF RED CARPET SERVICE HERMISTON OREGON ITTTiTTTFFFTTl AUTO PARTS RETAIL-WHOLESALE Original Replacement Parts . BATTERIES . BEARINGS • BRAKES • CARBURETORS PARTS • FAN BELTS HOSES • FILTERS ELEMENTS • FUEL PUMPS. ETC. • IGNITION . MAGNETOS PARTS SHOCK ABSORBERS . SPARKPLUGS WIRE 8. CABLE - PISTON NURLIZER INAPAl YOUR NAPA JOBBER IS A GOOO MAN TO KNOW "II W« Ooo t H»v. If. W« C n G«t If HERMISTON HEALTH FOODS COMPLETE LINE OF HEALTH FOODS DIETETIC NATURAL VITAMINS MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED phone 567-6844 20 W. HERMISTON AVE, 567-5569 n BOB'S O.K, TIRE STORE phone: 567-3141 1215 N. 1st HERMISTON, OREGON BIG SCOOP SUNDAE PALACE RESTAURANT BIG SCOOP ICE CREAM EXOTIC SUNDAES SANDWICHES ORDERS TO GO 508 E, MAIN 567-3908 RADIO 2® Sales 6 Servic Gkcfomcisi OUK A AND W DRIVE-IN "home of the burger family,11 130 HERMISTON AVE, phone: 567-8127 LEETS T.V. MOTOROLA-ZEN ITH phone: 567-8412 200 s,w. 1 1th HERMISTON,OREGON OWNER: w, LEE DYER 60PENDLETON 276-2524 I ONE 422-7147 LA GRANDE 963-8285 STEFANI ATHLETIC SUPPLY "the house that good sports built11 ART AND JERRY STEFANI I ONE OREGON HOME PHONE 422-7147 ED SHEETS CLOTHING FOR THE FAMILY HERMISTON OREGON JIMMY S FLOWER SHOP HERMISTON OREGON MARSH S-M ENS AND BOYS WEAR PENDLETON OREGON JC PENNEY WE KNOW WHAT YOU RE LOOKING FOR PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE PENDLETON OREGON ViGmarfs Rowers ZIGMAN S FLOWER SHOP 138 SOUTHEAST COURT Pld«Rim«L TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON AIRPORT -JUNCTION 276-6341 HERM ISTON BUTTERCREEK HWY 567-8327 61GENE'S WEST SIDE BARBER SHOP phone: 567-5871 170 W. HERMISTON, HERMISTON, ORE OPEN 7 AM. - 11 PM. 7 DAYS A WEEK COMPETITIVE PRICES USDA CHOICE MEATS NEW BRAND GROCERIES FRESH PRODUCE PICNIC SUPPLIES HERMISTON, OREGON HERMISTON OREGON TUM-A-LUM LUMBER COMPANY | au iiwds or »uiu)mc mathul - Ortfm 97888 BOX 82 KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 325 n. 1st phone 567-8091 HERMISTON OREGON 62United States National Bank of Oregon US BANK for nil youi moneys worth ' 204 MAIN STREET F. C. WOOD CO. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 201 W. HIGHLAND phone 567-6387 HERM ISTON LARRY'S CLIP JOINT OREGON HERMISTON, OREGON THE HERMISTON HERALD NEWSPAPER SERVING THE GREATER WEST END WITH IN-DEPTH NEWS PICTURES, AND ADVERTISING. 134 MAIN STREET 158 MAIN STREET HERMISTON HERMISTON OREGON FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OREGON "we'd like to get to know you" HERMISTON DRUG 256 S. MAIN 276-5211 YOUR FAMILY DRUG STORE PENDLETON OREGON HERMISTON OREGON INLAND EMPIRE BANK HUB OF EASTERN OREGON 101 MAIN —HERMI STON 567-6444 JOHNSTON'S FOR FLOWERS and CRAFTS FOR THE GREATEST FLORAL SELECTION IN EASTERN OREGON PHONES 567-8181 HERM ISTON OREGON 63ECHO FRANCES SPIKE BRICKS SUPPLIES OREGON DEL AND SARAH'S CAFE ECHO OREGON BERRY'S AMERICAN SERVICE ECHO EARL- PULLAR 376-8186 AMERICAN OIL- PRODUCTS OREGON ECHO OREGON WE GREATLY ACKNOWLEDGE DONATIONS FROM: MR. and MRS. JOHN MADISON THE EAST OREGONIAN COLLEGE OF BEAUTY 64

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